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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 24

    I first fucked with my maths teacher when I was 14 years old. It was on the floor of the school gymnasium. Later that evening, I fucked her at home. She's my mother. She first gave mm a blowjob when I was 8. I had a dry cum. When I was 10, I spanked off in her mouth. I'm 22 now. Dad doesn't know that I fuck mum. He goes to the pub almost every night of the week, so mum and I can fuck a lot. Mum had my baby when I was 15. Dad believes that He's the father.

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    Straight Female / 34

    Divorce sex. After my divorce I went to see my cousin in Roatan. Her husband is a bore, a buffoon, a heavy handed loud mouth, a dirty, asshole fucker. She laughed her head off, he fucked me a new asshole. I needed that, a little sore but I needed it. He fucked the rest of me too. I owe her, one day I will have something to loan her.

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    Straight Male / 29

    I met a new girlfriend after a month we started having sex, after some groping we got naked she went down on me and said I was too clean beneath my fore skin she it didn't smell like a dick and was not natural, I was told I should wash with water only not soap, private parts should smell like private parts,

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    Gay Male / 42

    I was showering upstairs and upon finishing, I stepped out of the shower, and my Grandfatherâs German Shepherd Rex trotted in. As I reached for the towel, Rex poked his wet nose onto my arse and slid his tongue along my crack, startling me. I swung around and said âRex, out!â but he ignored my command and I hopped back into the shower and quickly soaped and rinsed my arse. As I stepped out and grabbed the towel, Rex came around behind and licked my crack again. Exasperated, I placed the towel back on the rack and grabbed Rex by his collar to lead him out. Rex pulled back and as I let go of his collar, he nudged with his nose at my crack and started licking again, this time much more vigorously. As I was about to push him away, I felt a pleasurable tingling in the back of my legs and arse and my cock stiffened in response to Rexâs licking.

    I walked over to the vanity, bent over to rest my arms on it and immediately Rexâs tongue found my arsehole. I liked the feel of his smooth wet tongue licking vigorously so I leaned forward more, spreading my legs wider to allow Rex better access. As Rex continued his licking, my cock was rock hard and my nipples hardened as I played with them.

    While Rex was licking my arsehole, I did not hear my Grandfather coming up the stairs. I heard a sound and I opened my eyes and looked and saw my Grandfather standing in the doorway undoing his belt and he yelled, saying âWhat the fuck are you doing?â and Rex got startled and ran out of the bathroom. My Grandfather grabbed my arm and started belting my arse saying âWhat do you think you are doing spreading your c**t for the dog, you dirty boy?â and he kept belting my arse saying other things like âHow long have you been Rexâs bitch?â I was crying and yelling that it was the first time Rex ever tried that and he said âDonât lie to me boy â I was watching you enjoying itâ

    Then he told me to get in down in the bathtub and get on all fours with my arse facing the tap. He went and got a piece of hose and attached it to the tap and he said, âHave to clean that dirty c**t outâ and he kept shoving the hose up my arse and didn't stop until he gave me a full enema and he said âOk, your c**t is ready nowâ. He then dragged me downstairs to the sunroom and asked me, âHow many times has Rex been licking your arse? Has he used your arse boy?â I kept saying it was the first time just then and after a few minutes of this, he slapped my face and said âTell me the truth boy!â and I said it was true!

    He said he did not believe me and said that liars are punished and that he was going to find out what really was happening. He made me lie face down on the exercise bench and said âStay thereâ. When he came back, he had some rope with him and he tied my hands under the bench, tied me by the waist down and then he said, âStop wriggling your legs boyâ. He then tied my legs to the bench legs and said, âGood, your legs are spread and your c**t is ready for Rex just like upstairsâ. He then called Rex and said, âOk boy, now weâre going to find out what youâve really been doingâ. He then got underneath the exercise bench so that he was looking up to see what Rex was doing. Rex started licking my arse and during it, my cock got hard again and my Grandfather said âSeems you like having Rex licking your c**t boyâ.

    Rex kept licking my arse for about 10 minutes and my Grandfather was commenting a lot, saying âRex, just what have you been doing with this bitch?â and then suddenly Rex mounted me and started jabbing with his cock looking for my hole. My Grandfather said, âWell boy, it looks like Rex wants to fuck your c**tâ and he reached up and started pinching and twisting my nipples and saying âGood boy Rex, find the c**t and fuck it good for meâ

    Then Rex rammed his cock full force up my arse and it hurt like hell and I yelled out. He was grabbing on quite tight and fucking me really hard and probably about a minute later, I had such a mind-blowing orgasm that I nearly passed out. My Grandfather twisted my nipples really hard and said âGo for it Rex, r**e the bitch hard â the boy needs your cock up his c**tâ. He also said that I was a dirty boy for having Rex lick my arse and that I was a bitch that enjoyed being fucked.

    At one point Rex fell off because I kept moving my arse for even though the first orgasm felt great, the fucking was painful and I was saying make it stop only to hear Grandfather say âthis is your punishmentâ. So when Rex fell off, my Grandfather got up from underneath and he slapped my face and said âStop mucking around boy, youâre getting fuckedâ. So Rex tried mounting again and because he was really aroused by that point, his knot was fully swollen and he kept fucking me harder trying to force the knot through. Then Rex did a very hard thrust and as he forced his knot through I screamed as it was so painful and then my Grandfather twisted my nipple again and with his other hand squeezed my balls hard and he was moaning and saying over and over, âoh god, oh god, best hot fuck everâ.

    Then I could feel Rex cumming in me and I said âHe's pissing in meâ. My Grandfather laughed and said âNo, Rex is cumming which means he's very happy fucking youâ. I could feel Rexâs knot throbbing against my prostate and suddenly I started moaning as I felt another orgasm coming on more powerful than the first one. Then I saw my Grandfather come up and he was watching my face and I went bright red. He held up my face and said âYou shouldn't have lied to me boy. Your c**t is hot for Rex's cock and I was right you are a dirty boy and I can see and hear you enjoying it like a dog's bitchâ.

    Then Rex turned and my arse felt like it was being twisted as he stood arse to arse with me with his tail swishing across my back. I orgasmed again due to his twisting and my Grandfather said âNow we wait for Rex to finish with your arseâ. He then looked underneath again and said âBoy, your cock is still hard as anything so seems this wasn't much of a punishment for you after allâ. Rex stayed knotted to me for under an hour and during it, my Grandfather lying underneath started squeezing my balls on and off, saying that I was a dirty bitch for getting fucked by Rex.

    After Rex pulled out, I was untied and he said go and have a quick shower and come back right away. When I came back down, he said âBoy, Rex is going to fuck you every day from now on. You got anything to say about that?â and I said no, not again and he slapped my face and said Rex has a bitch to fuck now and youâre his bitch so stop whining.

    He also said that I would be sucking Rex's cock the next morning as well and that I'd be doing that every morning. About a month later, he got a second German Shepherd which he named King for he said he wanted to watch me getting fucked and sucking dog cock at the same time morning and night. It wasnât until 4 months later though that my Grandfather also started fucking me and only because his friends who watched for the first time 4 months later then told him he should.

    A few years later, my Grandfather said that he knew I wasn't lying at the time about Rex licking me that first time. But he said that when he saw me bending over, eyes closed with a dreamy look on my face and Rex was licking my arsehole and my erection being visible, he said he was so turned on by watching that he suddenly thought there and then that this was an opportunity to pretend being angry so he could "punish me".

    He said he had no idea if Rex would actually fuck me but he said he was hoping that Rex would be horny enough to take the bait and fuck my arse if he tied me down and let Rex lick my arse. He said he was so excited when Rex mounted me as he hoped for that to happen. He said he was so turned on by seeing me being fucked by Rex that he actually cummed in his pants when Rex forced his knot up my arse.


    As my Grandfather always had his friends over on Saturday afternoons as they were all best friends since primary school and one Saturday he said that instead of waiting till later at night, I was to come down to the sunroom naked about half an hour after they arrived.

    After they arrived, having prepared myself, I started going down the stairs feeling very excited and shaky at the idea of several men watching me with Rex and King so when I walked into the sunroom, I had a full on hard on. His friends all stared at me and said what was I walking around starkers for, not to mention having a hard cock too?

    Then, as previously instructed by my Grandfather, I went over to the small divan seat and straddled it on all fours lengthwise so that the men could see my body easily from both ends. Then my Grandfather opened the screen door and both dogs came in and Rex started licking my arse and his friends said holy fuck what's he doing mate?

    And my Grandfather said, watch and you will see what my grandson has been doing for some time now. And within a few minutes Rex mounted and started fucking me and the men started talking all at once saying fucking hot and asking questions. Meanwhile my Grandfather guided King around to my face so that I could bring Kingâs cock to my mouth and start sucking him, he told the story of how it all began. Once I had Kingâs cock in my mouth, one of the men said fucking hell, that cockhound bitch loves taking dog cock both of his c**ts!

    The men said why hadnât they been shown this sooner and they asked my Grandfather how was it fucking me he said that he hadnât done so yet. He said he was keen on keeping me exclusively fucked by dogs and the men said that is a fucking hot idea but it would be a shame not to use his c**t. So they said, mate, we gotta watch you fuck him and then weâre all gonna have to fuck the bitch too. Then Grandfather and his friends undressed and played with themselves, commenting on what a cockhound I was among other things.

    After Rex pulled out of me, they waited until King finished cumming in my mouth and then I was lifted onto the table lying on my back and 2 of the men held my legs up and apart. One of the men said well we missed out on watching the bitchâs first dog fuck but at least weâll see his Grandad fucking him first time. Then at that, my Grandfather rammed his cock hard in my arse and while he was fucking me, one of the men started squeezing my balls hard and my Grandfather said keep squeezing it makes his c**t go tighter! After Grandfather cummed in my arse he came around and put his cock in my mouth for me to suck on while the next man fucked me. After the second man fucked me, he also came around and put his cock in my mouth and so it was done with all the men.

    Afterwards, I lay across two men on the couch with me sucking on a manâs cock while the other man was repeatedly fingering my arse. Some of the men said weâll bring our dogs tomorrow and see if theyâll fuck him too and my Grandfather said yeah that will be good as Iâd like to see more dogs fucking him. The men said weâll ask around and see if we canât get more dogs to use the cockhound and some more men too.


    At a session a Man brought along his St Bernard Dog and he asked my Grandfather, âwill your bitch be able to service my Dogâs cock properly as he has a large cock and a knot the size of a gr**efruit.â My Grandfather said, âDonât worry mate â our bitch loves spreading both of his c**ts for Dogs. Heâll service your Dogâs cock and all the other Dogs here today. But weâll tie the cockhound down so your Dog wonât have any problems using his c**t.â

    So I was tied down to the âfucking benchâ a bench specifically made for me to be accessible to Dogs, and the St Bernard started licking my arse. After a few minutes he mounted and I yelped as he rammed his long, thick cock in, stretching my hole and going deep inside my arse. I kept yelping with each thrust of his cock and his Master said, âfucking hot how the bitch takes Dog cock â canât wait to see the knotting.â

    My Grandfather said, âMate, if you get underneath and start squeezing his balls hard, that tightens his c**t which your Dog will enjoy when he knotsâ However, he preferred to watch from where he was and asked if someone else would do the squeezing so one of my Grandfatherâs friends started squeezing my balls. Soon I felt the knot pressing on my hole as the Dog started pushing harder and my Grandfather said, âhere comes the best bit mateâ.

    As his knot banged against my hole,I could feel that it was quite large and then two men on either side spread my cheeks and the Dogâs Master said, âwhen will the fucking bitch take the knot?â My Grandfather said, âDonât worry mate â heâs still fucking away and when heâs ready, heâll take the c**tâ. After repeated slamming, I felt my hole stretching and then suddenly with one shove, he forced his knot straight through and my balls were squeezed hard. Then with a loud pop his knot was in and I screamed due to the extreme pain. My Grandfather said âmate, gimme a high five!â And the owner said, âyour bitch did it, love how it screamed for the knot!â

    The Dogâs cock and knot felt painful inside and I felt him throbbing while cumming inside me. As I felt the sensation of nearing orgasm I started moaning. As I started orgasming, I suddenly felt like I was also urinating and it was mindblowingly painful and orgasmic at the same time. Then my Grandfather yelled out, âthe bitch is cumming!â and his hand grabbed around my cock. Then after I finished cumming, my Grandfather pulled my head up and brought his hand to my mouth and said âdrink your first load of cum, bitchâ and he poured the cum he caught and I licked his palm clean. My Grandfather said to the Dogâs owner âyour Dog is the best â he made the bitch cum for the first time being fucked by a dog!â

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    Gay Male / 54

    The following happened once, I have not had the opportunity to do it again. I was traveling on business, calling on customers in Europe and one of my stops was Madrid. At the hotel that night I decided to ask for a good place to eat and the concierge suggested this restaurant a couple of blocks away. As anyone who has been in Madrid knows, dinner starts late there.

    I got the restaurant around nine and was sitting alone in an almost empty restaurant and this man who was at the bar came over and asked me if he could join. Like me he was there on business and staying at the same hotel. Like me he had been sent there by the concierge. We ate dinner, the service was slow and they kept peddling the wine, we talked and got to know each other, complained about the hardships of traveling. We stayed longer than I had planned, the place started to fill up around ten and by eleven they were pushing us to get going.

    We left the restaurant, the evening by then was nice and the people were out so we decided to walk and get to know the area. We ended up at this small bar getting a nightcap. The place was crowded and we were up against the bar standing a couple of inches apart. A young guy came up and started a conversation asking us to buy him a drink. He told us he had a friend and pointed across the room and said his friend wanted a drink too so he called him over. They invited us to a party and we went with them. We walked several blocks and ended up at this small apartment in a walk up block, a one bedroom. They asked us for money, we agreed on fifty bucks and they got down to give us blow jobs. It was past midnight, the boys were good and they did what we wanted as long as we kept on paying and we ended up naked on the bed fucking away.

    I generally didn't get involved and stayed clean on trips, you can get rolled pretty bad or worse, but there were two of us and as long as we kept paying the boys kept doing what we wanted. It was a party all right, they were young and had Viagra and stayed up and hard and we took a couple of pills ourselves and we fucked until the sun came up.

    We left the boys and waked back to the hotel, tired and complaining about allowing ourselves to be drawn in like that, but we had fun. We took care of our business that day and agreed to meet for a drink at the bar in the hotel around eight and see where we would go to dinner. That night we had dinner at a small restaurant and went back to the hotel to party together in his room. We got naked, started off in 69 and decided who would top and we got down to some very sensual sex. Compared to the night before with the boys we were quite tame, lots of kissing and touching, lots of sucking and jerking, and when it came time to have sex we gave into it like we had been lovers for years. We fell asleep and didn't wake up until very late in the day, enjoyed the morning together and had room service up in the room.

    Sex on the road is always a hit or miss thing, finding a boy to come up, paying him for his service, and feeling like all you did was jack off. The Madrid boys were different, yes we paid, but doing it together made it a lot more fun. And getting together the next night for some grownup fun capped it off.

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    Straight Female / 51

    I'm a 51 yr old housewife slut who must have something inside her pussy most of the name is Sandra some call me Sandy,i have been married to Kevin for 28 yrs we have 2 grown kids. I'm into porn made some early in I stay horny because of my active ovaries,my wet pussy stains my panties daily. Last night me and Bob went out to the club to dance,drink,and get primed for hot sex when we get home. As we danced and had drink's mine was a shot of tequila. After the 3rd shot as Bob was talking i was taken to the dance floor and my body started to get hot,my nipples were hard and tingly as we rubbed bodies dancing I became very horny,this black guy who I'm dancing with pulled me to his mouth and I shoved my tongue deep into his mouth,as his tongue was thick and hot as we kissed,he Led me to the men's restroom. He pulled me inside where there was about 10 guys,my mind I'm losing it,as he led me to a stall others said that they are next,my body is hot before we entered the stall they undressed me and grabbed me,i found a black dick in my face so I opened my mouth and swallowed about 8" as he got erect as he was about to cum,he stopped and say on the commode and made me straddle him,as I lowered my pussy down on his big10"dick. I let go and plop I buried that big black dick deep into my womb,as I began to cum ,I felt hands on my back and felt something cold and wet in my rectum I felt my ass being split apart as I got a 2nd big dick inside of me. I about passed out as they fucked me to a coma,i felt both dicks pump sperm deep inside my guts and up my uterus. The next one,then two,then 3and 4 fucked me and made me swallow their cum. After about a hour my husband Bob came into the restroom and found me being fucked by 2 guys said that I had had enough made them stop and took me home see me @@@@@@@@6013411649

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    Straight Male / 55

    read so many i****t stories about young teens wanting to have sex with their mom. most of them seem not to be experience with sex. just young hormones kicking in so they have this lust for their moms.most of them will masturbate to their mom's panties. well none of those things happen with me. you see i was 45, my mother was 65 before we fucked. it was by accident that it happen. we went to her girl friend birthday party. we all was drinking , i noticed that mom was getting a little tipsy. she was really having fun and letting her hair down , even asking me to slow dance with her. needless to say she even roll her hips in a slow grinding position. fortunately know one was paying any attention to us dancing . so at midnight the party ended. we went home she was still feeling good and acting very happy. she insisted that we have a night cap before she went to bed. she went to her bedroom , i went to the guess bedroom. around 3 am i woke up to go to the bathroom as i reach for the door mom came out of the bathroom still woolly and stumble into me i reached and grabbed her around the waist she pressed against my chest and we kissed long hard and nasty.we went back to her bed and we made passion ed love.later on that morning she asked if we done anything last night so i asked if she didn't remember anything last night, she said she din't so i took her hand led her to her room and this time she would remember. it has been very good every since.

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    Straight Female / 33

    Divorced mom of a boy who is 11. He likes to play ball and his coach told me he was about to cut him from the team. The coach is overweight, mildly attractive, and married with 4 kids. I sucked him and even let him fuck me to keep my son on the team.

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    Straight Female / 50

    I'm Patti a 50 yr old housewife who loves to send nude photos of myself to strangers showing my big floppy titties and shaved pussy@@6013411649. See me put my vibrator inside my pussy

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    Straight Male / 42

    My wife has big tits. I like to let men fuck her. Pull her up on the edge of the bad, stand up and fuck her hard. Watching her tits bounce while she gets it is my joy in life. Some guys cum in her some cum on her either way those tits are awesome.

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