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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 41

    When I was 15 a friend convinced me to experiment with him. There were a few times we jerked and sucked each other, but it never went beyond that. At almost 42 I still have never done anything else with another guy, even though Iâve always really wanted to.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    My live-in lover is Tonya, a lesbian, an Alpha who pays all the bills and insists on it although I have a good job. We lived together since she seduced me when I was 18. I never had experience with a woman before. She's in her early 30's and a bit masculine but well grounded and horny for my body all the time. We go at it before dinner almost every day. She loves tribbing me than going down on me until I come. We make lots of sex noises.

    Not long ago, we got a new neighbor, Jim, in the next apartment. He's splendid looking, manly, and smiles a lot, which I like. One day we were particularly noisy and Tonya went to his apartment, knocked on the door and asked if he could hear us. He said, "Just like you were here in my place." As it turned out, Tonya invited him over to watch us and relieve her of the anxiety of being overheard. She planned to just allow it once or twice. At first I thought it was weird and I was not sure I wanted Jim to see me being fucked hard by a tough lesbian. I did not fight it, however, and before it was over, Jim had taken his impressive cock out and began to wank.

    Tonya saw this and stopped with me to watch him. She said she had never seen a fully erect penis before and could she watch him? He just grunted and kept going while Tonya surprised me by getting on her elbows and knees to point her naked crotch his way. He said, "Great, good, just hold it like that," Then he came on the hand towel on the bathroom door. Tonya rushed to see him spill his stuff. I, myself, did not have much experience with men before taking up with Tonya but it was not as fascinating to me as it was to Tonya.

    After Jim came, Tonya jumped on me with renewed vigor and she humped me until she came. Now I'm a bit puzzled because all I can think about is Jim slamming his cock into me. I'm going to tell Tonya and hope she's curious enough to want to watch it. That's how I'm going to approach it, not like I want it but to ask Tonya if she'd like to see him slamming it into me. I hope it works. I think it will.

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    Straight Female / 52

    My name is Wilma and I have to tell someone this, I need to. If my daughter ever found out, I don't know what would happen, but I just have to tell some one. I am now a very old lady and want to set the record straight as to why I have done these things. It started all back in 1989 after my son-in-law was hurt in a bad car accident. He had hit his head and his eyes were swollen shut and he had a very large cut on his forehead. He had spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital and was recently released to be at home. It is a day I will never forget. My daughter Sharon had asked me to go over to their house and check in on him while she was at work. Since he was unable to see with his eyes swollen closed from the accident, she said that I would need to make sure to check and see if he needed any pain medication and that he was comfortable and all right. I waited until my husband James had gone off to run his route at work, and I called my daughter's house to see If there was an answer. It just rang and rang before I got their answering machine. I decided I had better go check on Gary since there was no answer. It was only a short drive, a couple of miles, so I just went in my smock dress, as it didn't take me long to get there and I was not going out in public. I both knocked on the door and rang the doorbell, but there was still no answer. I was starting to get a little bit of concern that he was all right. I used my key to unlock the door and I went inside. I called for Gary, but I didn't get any answer. I checked around the house and found him asleep in the bedroom. He was laying there completely unclothed and his penis was exposed where I could see it. I stood there for a minute looking at it and found myself wishing that my husband James' penis was that large. I could feed myself getting excited in a woman's way that I should not have, but I still stood there admiring the size of his penis. I took the bed covers and moved them up over his private area and then I tried waking him up. When he awoke, he was very groggy, but since the recent accident, I assumed it was from his injuries. I told him that his wife Sharon had asked me to check in on him, and if there was anything he needed or I could do while I was there. He said that his head was hurting and asked if I could get his some of his medication in the kitchen. After giving him two of the pain pills, he said that I needed to write when he took them down on the sheet in the kitchen to keep track of when he could take the next ones. I went into the kitchen to write it down on the log sheet when I saw that my daughter Sharon had just given to of them about an hour previously before she left for work. I became somewhat concerned that he may have taken too many, so I called the pharmacy listed on the bottle about it. They told me that all I needed to do was to just keep an check on him every thirty minutes or so, and that he would probably be just fine and sleep the effects off. Since I was going to be at their house a few hours, I decided to do some of their laundry and the dishes. I checked on Gary every fifteen to twenty minutes just to be safe. He was really affected by those pills because he was thinking that I was Sharon and did not realize who I was. The second time I checked on him after doing the dishes, I found that the bed covers were off and his penis was exposed again. This time though, he had a very large erection and I could not help but stand there and look at it and think about how my daughter Sharon must enjoy it. I had gotten very excited and could feel my vagina tingling. I could not help myself as I lifted my smock and started touching my vagina through my underwear. After a few minutes, Gary made a noise and rolled onto his stomach. I realized what I was doing and started to feel ashamed that I had let myself go that far, even though Gary did not know what was happening. I went over to the bed and tried to wake Gary and get him to roll back onto his back. He woke up after a minute and was very disoriented and, once again, thinking that I was Sharon. I almost screamed when he suddenly slipped his hand up under my smock and started rubbing my vagina! I stood there for a few seconds staring at his erection and then I pushed his had away and said that He needed to go back to sleep. He moved his hand back up under my smock and this time moved my underwear to the side and slid his finger into my vagina. My husband James had not touched me in several years which made it feel so wonderful that my knees got weak and I lost my balance and fell over on the bed onto Gary. Before I could regain my balance, Gary had one hand rubbing my breast, and the other hand rubbing my vagina. I knew i had to get out of the bed, but I had not felt sensations like these in a very long time. As I rolled off of being on top of Gary, he rolled on top of me continuing to rub my vagina. I had a quick orgasm and moaned out loud as he did not stop. He then asked if that felt good and if I wanted more. I told him that we should not be in this position, but he asked why cant a husband satisfy his wife? He had not realized that I was not his wife Sharon, and was still massaging my vagina and had now started mouthing one of my breasts. Thoughts raced through my mind about how this was not right and how this was a sin, but as I had my second orgasm, I closed my eyes and forgot about all of those things. I reached between Gary's legs and started rubbing his erection. I could not believe that it had gotten harder and bigger. As I massaged his penis, he suddenly moved up and I felt the head of his penis enter my vagina! It felt so fantastically wonderful that I must have blacked out because the next thing I remember is that he was all the way up inside of me and moving it in and out. I groaned so loud and orgasmed so hard on his penis I think that I might have blacked out again because I suddenly realized that I was meeting his downward thrusts with equal upward thrusts of my hips, taking as much of his penis inside of me as I could. I knew this was all wrong for me to do, but I could not help myself, and I did not want it to stop now. It took almost 30 minutes, the whole time I was moaning and groaning in pleasure, but I felt Gary start thrusting harder and deeper. Lord help me, i thought, and I could not his penis any deeper even though he was pushing in as much as he could fit in. He made one final and deep push. He stretched my vagina, and as he let out a moan, I felt him start orgasming into it. I could feel my own wonderful orgasm as my vagina contacted tightly around his enormous penis. I could not believe that I was experiencing what my daughter has any time that she wants. As we both finished our orgasms with each other, Gary's body became less tense. His large penis was still all the way up inside of me and filling my vagina. He then leaned over and whispered into my ear that was the best sex and feeling he had ever had, WILMA! Oh can you imagine the shock and horror as I realized that Gary knew it was me the whole time! I had another orgasm right there on his penis again! Gary whispered you should come back tomorrow and take care of me again, Wilma. After I left to go back home, I thought a lot about it, until the next day, when I went back and had Gary satisfy my neglect vagina again. I have continued to have sex with Gary many times, more times after my husband James passed away. I have never regretted the fantastic feelings it gives me as a woman, but I do regret not telling my daughter Sharon. I may give more confessions about myself and my son-in-law Gary, but for now, my therapist suggested that I tell people anonymously and see if that will help clear my conscience.

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    Straight Male / 43

    This story is set over several years, it doesnât happen often but occasionally my wife lets herself go after a few drinks and then myself and my friend lee gets to have a bit of fun with her.
    It started a few years back, me and lee would often have lads nights in, we would drink loads, smoke weed and take ecstasy, usually in the early hours we would start to get horny, so we would usually watch porn and talk about past sexual experiences and fantasies. It was on one of these nights I told lee the story of when me and my wife were at a party drunk, at the end of the night we decided to stay at our friends, before we went to bed there had been lots of sexual flirting between us, our hosts and another friend Darren. Due to lack of space Darren shared a room with us to while our hosts were upstairs. I was drunk and horny so I warned Darren he may get a sex show jokingly. So we laid in bed it was quiet, our hosts were upstairs having noisy sex, so I thought Iâd try my luck, I must admit I was surprised how responsive my wife was, we kind of forgot Darren was in the room, it was when I was licking and fingering her than Darren came and sat next to us saying he couldnât see much, I took his hand, put it between her legs and said âfeel how wet she isâ my wife didnât pull away instead she moaned as he slid to fingers inside her. That made me rock hard to I told him to suck her nipples while I f**ked her. I teased her with my c*ck, I looked up to see Darren sliding his c*ck in my wifeâs mouth and she was loving it. After that night my wife would fantasise about sucking another guy as we had sex....
    Lees eyes lit up as I was telling him what happened, I knew he had a soft spot for my wife, we share the same taste in women and sexual kfantasies, we are both suckers for a curvy woman with a big ass and nice boobs. I think due to us being high as f*ck we probably spent another 3hrs taking about my wife and what we would like to do to her.
    After that night I began to introduce the idea of her sucking off lee as we had sex and it was about 7months later that we first got to have a bit of fun. It was New Yearâs Eve, me and lee had been out early and returned to his, my wife had been out with friends and agreed to meet me at lees before midnight, she turned up about 11.30 and looked stunning in a short black dress with a zip running all the way down the front. We had a few drinks saw in the new year then things got flirty. Me and lee were egging her on saying she wouldnât dare to sit between us, to my surprise she played along and joined us on the sofa, I began kissing her, then dared her to kiss lee, I watched as they kissed passionately and got very turned on. Next we dared her to unzip her dress, she was a bit shy so I asked her to kiss lee again, as she did I unzipped her, I released one of her boobs and began biting and sucking her nipple, they finished kissing and lee couldnât wait to release her other boob, I kissed her as lee helped himself to her body, she began moaning so I thought she must be very wet, as I kissed her I slid my hand up her thigh, as my hand got between her legs lees hand was already there I got so hard at this point and said I wanted to taste her. I slid down between her legs and licked her as I watched lee take out his cock and feed it to my wife, he held her head gently and was slowly pushing it in her mouth. After that we swapped positions and I thought it was going great, but for some reason my wife wanted to stop and called an end to it. Myself and lee respected her wishes and that was that.
    After that night nothing really happened for ages until lee had a party one night at his, late in the evening me and lee went to his man cave to make a joint while the party carried on downstairs, a short while later my tipsy wife entered the room. She had a low cut top on showing plenty of cleavage in her new bra, lee commented how great her boobs looked and she pulled her top down and said âlike my new bra?â In a flash we both had her boobs out, making her nipples stiff. My cock was hard in an instant and I asked if sheâd suck it, she dropped to her knees and began giving me one of the best bjâs sheâd ever given. Lee watched and wanted a piece of the action so offered her his too, she took it and sucked us both for about 5 mins. Obviously the party was going on downstairs so once again she stopped and left us with two hard c*cks.
    The last time something happened was the best, once again we were all drunk after a party, we had ended up at ours, I was nearly falling asleep on the sofa when my wife mentioned she had a bad back, I heard lee suggest we give her a massage, we persuaded her to go to our spare room where we have a massage table set up (sheâs a beauty therapist) she stripped to her bra and French knickers and laid face down on the bed, she told lee where the massage oil was and I watched as he covered her in oil. He started on her back but couldnât keep his hands off her ass, I stood in the doorway watching him squeezing her ass cheeks, I was getting very hard watching so joined in. I took the top half so I could get a good view of him groping her ass and the insides of her legs. This carried on for a while, I was turned on, lee was turned on, my wife didnât take much persuading to turn over and remove her bra so I knew she was too. We stood each side of her covering her boobs in oil, giving them a good squeeze, I slid my hand down her body and slipped it inside her panties, she was so wet, I took lees hand and put in her panties, she let out a moan as he pushed his fingers inside her. I watched her enjoying his fingers as I stripped off, I stood beside her and she began sucking me off, lee had removed her panties and was bringing her to orgasm rubbing her and fingering her, before she came I wanted to lick her I opened her legs and buried my tongue inside her. It was quite dark in the room so as I licked I wasnât sure what lee was doing, I dared her to suck his c*ck, lee replied that she already was. That made me horny as f*ck so I stood the other side of the table and let her suck us both alternatively. Lee then went down on her as she sucked me, she had a very loud orgasm very soon after, with that, lee stood up dragged her to the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide, I watched him tease her with his c*ck, rubbing it over her wet pussy, she was loving it, wiggling her hips moaning in pleasure, I watched as he teased her further by just pushing the tip in and out, she was still sucking me off, I thought she was going to come again. She was moaning louder and louder with lee teasing her I told my wife I wanted to hear her tell lee to f*ck her, it went silent for a second then she said âoh f*ck lee give me all of that big co*kâ with that he pushed it all in slowly taking her breath away, I watched as he gave my wife a slow but hard f*ck, needless to say she came again on his c*ck. after she came he pulled out and told me to f*ck her used stretched wet p*ssy, it felt amazing giving it to her, I must admit I didnât last long, filling that used p*ssy up. I then sat back in a chair and watched her suck him off, just as he was about to come she slid his c*ck between her boobs and he shot his load all over her. What a night!!
    Me and lee still regularly talk about that night, I still often w*nk over it, i expect lee does too and we often discuss our fantasies about what we would to to her. Lee would like me to hold her hands behind her back as he lifts her skirt and eats her pu**y then I hold her hands above her head as sheâs on her back as he f*cks her hard. Iâd love her to dress in a school uniform and watch her give him a lap dance which ends up with her riding him. Who knows if anything else will happen, guess we will just have to wait for the right time and circumstances to happen

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    Straight Male / 21

    I spent a week at my cousin's home in Florida. It had been three years I hadn't seen him and it would be the first time I would get to meat his wife. She turned out to be just a year older than me. She was everything a guy could ask for in a women, perky breasts, nicelly rounded butt and knock out legs. The type of girl you just can't stop looking and having dirty thoughts about her. It was a fun weekend and realized I would be spending the rest of the week with her while my cousin worked. Over herd her, from my room, saying good bye to my cousin that Monday mourning as he drove away in his car. I was still in bed when she came into my room, dropped her skimpy little night dress on the floor and sat on the edge of my bed. She was completely naked telling me her husband would never know, as she slid her hand up my leg and grabbed my dick through the sheets. I could feel my dick hardening in her hand and her breasts in my face as she leand over me guiding her hard nipple into my mouth. I was stunned when she climbed on my face, pressed her wet pussy over my mouth and told me to suck it. Even when I felt guilty I couldn't resist the sweet taste of her pussy and ended up sucking her all the way to an orgasm. We had steamy hot sex for about an hour and gave me the best blow job I ever had. I still remember her lips rapted around my dick telling me to cum in her mouths swallowing every drop of my sperm. I had never felt so throbbing hard as she sucked like it was the last dick in the world. It was something we should't have done, but heat of the passion was unstoppable.

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    Straight Male / 31

    I love my wife! She gets too tired sometimes that when she takes a sleeping pill to go to sleep, she says I can do whatever I want to her because she's too tired and knows I have needs.

    Needless to say I go crazy. The first thing I did was fuck her pussy and cum on her face. I have never shot a bigger load in my life! She looks so hot with all that cum on her face...

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    Straight Female / 32

    After 12 years of marriage, I keep in shape and try to keep the sex life happening with my husband. I do all the stuff he wants. For the last 3 years I have stopped wearing panties, except during my periods, at his request. He likes me in dresses and skirts when we go out in public, even if just to the grocery store or mall. He doesn't want me wearing panties and if the wind catches my skirt or dress, so be it. He likes me to sit somewhere in public and let him see and take pictures up my skirt without any panties on. He has had me grow my hair back in, he says it looks better when peeked upon. He has me intentionally flash some single men when I or we are out and he stands back and watches their interest. I actually find it all very exciting and so does he. We are still keeping things going very well in the sex department.

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    Straight Female / 19

    So I'm doing the math and feel like such a slut. One of my girlfriends started this and I've carried it through. I have two boyfriends that I have sex with, plus an occasional guy if he's cute and nice, and then my boss. Between the three main guys I get fucked an average of 3 times a day, sometimes more, sometimes less but I figure it averages to 3 times a day. Dan is 10 inches long, the other two are 8 inches. So I base it on an 8 inch cock.

    3 times a day for the last 2 years. That is 2190 times in the last two years.
    I figure it at about 40 strokes a minute an average fucking of 20 minutes x 8 inches == 6400 inches of cock or 533 feet of cock each time I've had sex.
    Multiply that times 2190 times over the last 2 years and that's 1,167,270 feet == 221 miles of cock in only the last 2 years and that's not including some of the extra guys and a couple of groups of guys I've done it with.

    I'm a slut, I don't feel good about it but I love the constant sex and have no plans to change. Oh by the way, the guys all know I fuck others so I'm not sneaking around.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    Going back to being a kid growing up I sucked my neighbor. He was a bit older, and I was his cocksucker. I sucked his cock a lot. Getting a bit older he had me lay on the bed and he got on my back and ran his cock along my crack and poke against my hole. When he would lay on me and rub himself in my crack I got hard and usually ejaculated into the bed and he ejaculated on my back. One day he got me into position and made penetration and he pushed it in until it wouldn't go in any more. He liked that, I loved that. I wanted him to fuck me, I would do anything to get fucked.

    Cocksucking was of course a given. He sucked me from time to time, but it was mostly me. He started kissing me before he fucked me and he fucked me a whole lot. I liked it all, and we went at it all the way until he graduated from high school. He went off to college but when he came back I was no longer of interest to him and he told me I needed to find another guy in school. They guy I found was another neighbor. A guy I cut the lawn for.

    When I went to college I went along with what everyone expected, I met a girl when I was a senior and we got married while she was a junior. She was the church girl, the homemaker girl, the girl who wanted to have kids.

    I am now getting close to getting my AARP card, and I discovered the pleasures of the flesh again with a banker that I met at a fundraiser. I always knew that I was total bottom and he is a high strung Alpha. He does triathlons and runs marathons, I am better at socializing. In any event, I am back to those days when I was a kid. He likes to fuck a lot, and like getting fucked a lot. I am a cocksucker. He gets hard and more than once I have wrapped my lips around his cock and let him ejaculate. When I was a kid I never ate semen, but I do now.

    What goes around comes around. My wife has her church and grandkids and I spend a lot of time taking care of business.

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    Straight Female / 35

    I have a brother that is eight years younger than me and is autistic. He is non-verbal and almost unnaturally strong.
    Just after I was married, he came to visit so my parents could take a vacation alone for the first time in decades.
    One evening, while my husband was at work late, I was taking a shower when my brother came into the bathroom and started watching me. I didn't notice him until I started to get out of the shower.
    He grabbed me suddenly and forced me to bend over the sink and r**ed me.
    When he was done, he started crying and all I could think to do was hold him and comfort him.
    He is so strong that I don't want him to do that to anyone else, so when he wants, I let him fuck me. I don't want him to impregnate me so i either give him oral or if that's not enough. He sodomizes me.
    I've been allowing my younger brother to fuck me for several years just to make sure he doesn't endanger anyone else.

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