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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 40

    I am blessed with a very attractive sweetheart of a wife for 20 years now. By nature because of her upbringing by highly conservative parents she is shy and conservative herself. I will admit I am addicted to the girl. She checks off all the boxes I ever had for what I want my wife to look like. I want people to see her naked so I talked her into becoming s nudist. I wouldn't say I make her stay naked but I do insist that she always be naked as much as possible. She was upfront with me she would not fuck anyone. My gawd I swear swingers came from behind trees hitting on her and I. She held her ground and will not fuck around, she said she has no need of it so I let that fantasy go. Over the weekend my buddy and his wife stopped by. My wife answered the door naked which she never does and let them in as I was naked as well.

    I watched my buddy checking out her ass, tits and body all morning. Half hour into the visit he goes to the bathroom and comes back naked himself. I guess his wife felt out of place and took her clothes off shortly after. Just being naked does not make me horny it was him watching my wife. I told him I was going to feel his wife's very big tits and green lighted him to do the same with my wife if he wanted. I held those huge tits which she didn't bat an eye about me doing. I knew not to push it any farther than that. I so wanted to suck on those big aureola's like any guy would want to.

    After they left I was so worked up I had to get fucked and my pretty wife never denies me. I got carried away and came as close to r****g a person and beat her shaved c**t up pretty bad. I was saying the most vile things I have ever said to her. She said you do know there is a person behind this don't you and nearly started crying. I then tongue fucked her ass hole and made her suck my face clean. I'm not small and pounded her cervix as hard as I could I was so out of it. I watched her griminess in pain and kept hitting it. Then she said go ahead and wreck it if that's what you want. That made me come back down to earth and withdrew from her. She got up and got dressed for work and hasn't made mention of it and neither have I. I regret it and know I don't deserve this girl. Believe me, know need to flame me I knew I screwed up and I'm lower than whale shit.

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    Straight Female / 38

    Married 38 fem here. 2 kids, grown had them when I was 15 and 16. I am and always have been sub to my husband. There are ways to gauge his mood at the end of a day and find out if I'm going to have a nice dinner and make love, or just bend over and get fucked. He got home after work tonight, and just said it "Take off your panties, bend over the dresser and pull up your skirt". I took them off, letting him see as much of my hairy pussy and marked ass as he wanted. I bent over the dresser and waited. If he spread a little baby lotion on my ass I knew I'd be getting very hard and rough anal sex, if not, there was a good possibility I'd just get fucked from behind in my pussy. As he stuck it in my pussy, he said "lube it up good". I knew that he was going to cum in my ass using my own juice as lubricant. It was rough, hard and fast. He jammed 8 inches into my backside all in one full, pound. You couldn't even call it a stroke. He grabbed my hips and started pounding, grunting with each forward thrust. I too was grunting it was so hard pushing into my bowels. I had no time to get used to the invasion, I was just getting fucked.

    My mouth, my pussy and my ass are all cum dumps for his cock and sperm. He rammed it in and out of me, holding onto my hips to drive it further into my ass on each stroke. Facing the mirror so he could see my face, I pretended it hurt me very much. I even begged him to make love to me and stop hurting me, reminding him I'm his wife, not some bar whore. The good part is that it only takes a few minutes for him to dump in me. The dirtier he talks the faster he cums. This evening I was a "no good whore, a slut, an ass slut, cumdump and a lot more" Knowing it would make it go faster, I asked for him to fuck my ass over and over again, I begged him to dump his cum in my dirty hole. After he was done, I cleaned his cock with my mouth as I always do. I went to the toilet, turned around backwards so he could watch as I let his sperm flow out of me, and pushed out the rest. He laughed at it, called me a cumdump, ass-fucked bitch.

    When I was only 16 and pregnant, about to pop and NOT with his child, in fact we'd never had sex; he said he'd marry me. About to deliver my second child by different fathers, I wasn't even sure who the father was this time. His condition was that I do whatever he wants, sexually, financially, around the house, how I dress. He wanted control over me in all ways, for all time. I accepted. I was 7 and 1/2 months pregnant when he married me, making me wear a white wedding dress with my big belly showing to all. He purposely parked at the far end of the parking lot at City Hall so more people would see me pregnant and wearing white. The humiliation started that day. That night, our wedding night he did it in my ass, for my first time. I found out much later he'd had a girlfriend who would only let him fuck her ass and mouth in fear of getting pregnant. I had sex with over 30 guys by the time I got pregnant the first time at 15. I got it for the first time from 4 guys who shared me an entire afternoon before I was allowed to limp home. In all that I'd not ever taken it up my butt. So I gave it to my husband on our wedding night. He buttfucked me twice and fucked my pussy once that night. Now I'm still doing whatever he wants, dress the way he wants and have a good life.

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    Straight Female / 18

    the door was open. he was on the edge of the bed. it was just hanging there. i knew i shouldn't, but i did. his big knob felt so nice between my lips. i chickened out.

    i want it so bad now. i shouldn't want my dad's cock, but i do.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I wish I could go back and Un-Fuck my life. My 1st wife was probably the best woman I've ever had. But like a dumbass, I wanted her to settle down when we got married, and I thought I'd settle down later. She stayed home waiting for my drunken cheating ass, and I did what ever I wanted. But when I WAS home, the sex was the best I've ever had. Before or since. She was pretty wild before we met. Fucked and sucked every guy she met. But looked like an angel. There was nothing I could suggest that she wasn't up for. She gave the absolute BEST Head, hands down. She always swallowed. Or if I gave her a facial, she used my cock to scr**e it off of her face, and then licked it off of my cock and came up and gave me cum kisses, with her mouth full of cum. She left me eat my cream pies, she licked my ass, I licked hers, it didn't matter. I think if I had suggested a 3sum, she would have definitely done it. MFM, and FMF. But she got tired of my Bullshit, and divorced me. I met a few women, but no one like her. Eventually married a girl who was also a big time cocksucker. Thought I'd found a replacement for my ex. WRONG. She has become a complete bore. Seldom ever have sex now, and when we do, it's pitiful. Refuses to swallow, even though she gulped down every other guys cum before we met. Moral of the story, Take care of what you have. A really good woman is hard to find.

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    Straight Female / 38

    My daughter's boyfriend is a good guy, he usually comes to our house and spends some time talking with us, a few days ago they were in my daughter's room and I passed by and I heard him say to her '' you're my toy, my doll my slave '' I peeked a bit and saw that he moved his finger from side to side in front of my daughter was who was in her knees and underwear, and I could hear her saying '' yes master '', I stayed watching until the door opened a little and he saw me and I froze ... he smiled and told my daughter to repeat what he had said what she did, then the he said '' go to your bed and sleep '' and she got up and moved onto the bed, he looked at me and said '' go to your room and not remember anything '' I was nervous and did what he told me, After that, the days have continued normally although I feel really turned on when I remember that, yesterday he told me that he was practicing hypnosis and that he would like to practice in me, to be honest. I have not given any response but if I am feel like saying yes, hypnosis is not real right? I'm not sure anymore, thank you for taking your time reading and sorry for my bad english, I felt I need it to tell anyone about this.

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    Straight Female / 53

    I’m a 53 year old female brunette with big breast slight tummy and according to my husband a great ass. Well my husband and I had toyed with the idea of a threesum but had never actually got to the point where we were gonna do it.

    I was laying in the tub after a shower and was masterbating with the shower nozzle across my clit. When my husband and his black friend ( a man he’s known for 15 years) walks in on me and look down at me, both men smile and my husband grabs my wrist as Taylor grabs my ankles and pick me up! I say to them “ my pussy is in a lot of trouble isn’t it “ my husband says wife “ your so fucked “
    I ask “ guys can I at least get ate out?”
    My husband says wife your mouth is mine, your pussy belongs to Taylor “

    In the bed I start servicing my husbands 8 inch cock enjoying his juicy meat to my surprise my husband gets off faster than normal and leaves me to Taylor. He starts kissing my inner thighs and the outside of my crotch as I whimper and hump the barren air. He smiled and says “ your a horney little bitch aren’t you? “ I grab his hair an burying his face into my crotch.

    I jump his face as his younger works me over he inserts a finger into my now wet pussy and says “ woman I’ve been wanting to fuck you for years” smiling face to face with him I say “ you can wait a few minutes while I suck your cock can’t you”

    He smiles and lays back as I get between his legs and grab his meat I gasp “ damn it’s huge” and it was 12 inches long and 3 inches thick I say “ baby I can’t handle that “ he grabs me by my hair and says” bitch suck it” I lick his cock up an down and en circle his big head before engulfing it into my mouth i was so into his meaty cock I found my self sucking him hard he cried out baby I’m cumming as I felt him pulsate as he unloads in my mouth cum all over me he flips me up an puts my knees in my chest I reach down and guide him into my wet hole I whimper as he penetrates my pussy I beg him “ fuck me hard”

    He starts pumping and says “damn woman your tight” “thanks” issuers wrapping my legs around his waist he whispers “ “girl I’ve been wanting to fuck your pussy since I first saw you” I smile snd ask “ was it worth the wait?” He grins as he pushes all 12 inches into me” yes “ I say to him “ fuck me stud fuck me good”

    He starts pile driving my crotch and soon he increases his pace as I feel him swell and exsplode in side me smiling he ask “ was that your 1st bbc cock “ “ yes “ it wasn’t my last

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    Straight Male / 47

    Between the ages of 15 and 16 I had a good friend who was 18. He had his own apartment paid for by his mother. Almost every day I would find myself in his apartment talking about things and just whatever. The thing is, early on in our friendship we started talking about beating off and cuming. It seemed just natural. I know he dated girls and trust me, I had sex with females always on my mind. I even was able to use his apartment a couple times to screw some girl while he stayed in his bedroom. I liked girls, but, I also liked our male relationship.

    After our initial talk of beating off and how good cuming felt, the next step was to compare it. We laid side by side on our backs and masturbated and shot our loads. His was definitely higher and there was more of it. His cock sticking up was also longer than mine. I actually felt inferior to him at that moment and got a little depressed. He noticed my depression and asked me about it. I told him I didn't want to talk about it. He kept insisting and finally I broke down and told him how his performance and size bothered me. He laughed it off and told me that none of that has anything to do with anything. I just shrugged it off.

    The next day I was still back at his place. He was my friend and he was interesting. One thing led to another and we were back in his bed, side by side pant less. This time he suggested we make each other hard and he reached for my soft dick and it immediately responded. It felt quite nice. I put my hand over and touched him. It felt different than touching my own. It reacted almost immediately to my touch. I knew I had seen it the day before but this time with it in my hand it looked quite different. The feel was something else too. It was nothing like touching myself. He started stroking my cock. I hadn't agreed to that in the beginning but I wasn't stopping him. I shifted more to my side and he did the same. I started stroking him in return. We played with each other like that for at least 15 minutes before I announced my coming explosion and I do mean explosion. I cum like crazy and it felt completely different that any time I had ever done it myself or even when I had intercourse. Just a totally different feeling. When I finally stopped cuming I opened my eyes and seen I had shot cum all over him. It was certainly more than I had ever released before. Ever. I picked up the speed on my stroking of him. Worked the head because I know it felt good to me. He stated cuming and I watched every bit escape his cock. Most of it hit me and the amount that hit my bare skin felt warm. It was nice. This time it didn't look to be more than I produced but he was still longer.

    We continued our meet up for almost a year until he enlisted in the military to get away from his dominating mother. Before that time came we went from masturbating each other to sucking each other. From there to swallowing each others cum when someone came. After a time and some finger ass play we ended up fucking each other's asses and we would cum deep inside each other. We had cock fights and did just about anything we could think of with our cocks.

    After he left there was no more contact with him. I went back to playing with girls only. Never even thought about being with another guy. Well, not for years any way. That as of late has been changing. Now, after 40 years of happy
    and fulfilling marriage and being 67 years old, it is coming back to me. Suddenly even though my wife is a goddess still when it comes to sex and meeting any desires I have, my thoughts seem to wonder back to those early guy times of adventure. I have begun to miss my old buddy or more like miss our adventures together. I am now thinking that I would enjoy giving a man a handjob and watching him cum or sucking on a guy and swallowing his load. Even getting ass fucked by a guy and vice versa has entered back into my thoughts. They are hard to shake.

    I would never act on my feelings now because of my wife being so special but still, the feelings are there. I can't tell my wife of my feeling because I know her well and she would blame herself for my thoughts and it has nothing to do with her. If I masturbate today it is with the fantasy of being with a guy though.

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    Lesbian Female / 29

    My name is Marie, my mother's insistence. I grew up as a girl until I got to puberty and then I started to feel differently. I was bathed in testosterone and puberty got me narrow hips, broader shoulders, small breasts and male facial features and a desire for girls in my class. I was also athletic and played on various sports, some of the girls were aggressive and also had male traits and I suffered thru pussy sweats all day long. I fall for a senior girl who played basketball and softball, not that she was so big it is that she is tall like five foot ten and masculine and aggressive and stuff and she likes tough girls. I didn't realize that I had an oversized clitoris until I was with her and her clit stood out when it was hard.

    In college I go for girls who are athletic, I go out with a girl on a swimming scholarship, she has broad shoulders, heavy chest but really not protruding tits, firm legs and ass and she has a hard clit and she likes to fuck. I love fucking with her and we fuck whenever we can. Like my first girlfriend from high school she is dominant and I like that. I like having my clit sucked, my clit ground against hers, I like being the one with my legs spread around her. And I like having her force my face in her c**t. It gets worse and I flunk out.

    I get a job as a bartender at this bar, it's quiet and mostly it is beer but once in a while wine. No mixed drinks for the crowd. The night time bartender who is my boss says that if it wasn't for my pussy I would be a guy. After close one night when we are setting up he reached under me and grabs my pussy from behind slamming me up against the bar, he shoves me until I can't move and I have my pants pulled down and he fucks me and I have to lean forward for his dick. He's the man, he is hard and I fuck him and I suck his dick and clean up the place and get pregnant.

    I am 29 and I am working a bar in a downtown hotel and a lady starts to talk to me, she is a lawyer and she says she likes what she sees, she writes her room number down on the back of the coaster, I write back that I have a daughter I have to go home to, she writes too bad. I make a call to my mother and tell her I have to work late and go back and pocket the coaster and tell her I get off at eleven. Her legs are long, she runs marathons, her tits are hard up against her chest, she face is square like mine, her clit is hard and she fucks me. It has been a long time for me and I really get into it and I get held down and she kneels over my face and teases me with her c**t, until she lowers herself on my face and mouth.

    I can't help it, I am a sucker for a woman with balls. But I have to go home, I can't stay, I have a daughter at home. I live with my mother and I can't stay out all night.

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    Straight Male / 54

    Ever since we were married, all I've had to do is tell the wife what I want sexually, and she is more than willing to oblige my desires. She hates anal, but does not deny my wants, she assumes the position and I bury my cock deep in her ass.

    I see so many "I'm not getting any" posts so I thought I'd say, some of us are still getting it.

    BTW: I make sure she gets her's too. She's a kinky bitch and I love to hear her scream her orgasms and beg me to stop. I'm not saying I'm the greatest lover; I enjoy finishing her off with a vibe until she cannot stand the orgasms any longer.

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    Straight Female / 36

    When my now husband and I were first dating, we were not yet in an exclusive relationship. He wasn't seeing anyone else, but I was dating a few guys and sleeping with three of them as well as with him. He knew it, it was no secret and nothing was expected. I did try to keep clean whenever going on a date with one guy, make sure that if I'd made it with another guy that day (even if an evening date, and got it that morning on waking up with another date) I'd make sure to clean myself inside and out.

    One of the guys I was fucking was a guy I worked with. Before he and I left work we went to a secluded area of the parking garage and I bent over the hood of the car, he pulled up my dress and down my panties and I let him get what he wanted before he went home since we weren't going to see each other outside of work for a couple of days. Upon getting home my new guy (the one who I married) was waiting. It was a surprise, but he got done early and waited for me. He had some carry out food, and we ate in my house, and without any cleanup he took me into the bedroom and started stripping me. I kept saying I needed to go to the bathroom, really meaning I needed to clean my pussy as the other guy had cum in me only about 2 hours earlier. Tom, my husband, didn't get it. he kept going. We were both naked, I tried to get into the bath to clean up but he insisted. He loved to go down on me and he was the best I've ever had for oral. He loved doing it too, he would lick me for hours if I let him. I tried to pull up his head when he headed south, and finally told him that I needed to go clean up before he got a "surprise". He looked hurt, even though he shouldn't be, he knew the situation. Then he moved my hand from his chin and continued down. He licked me clean inside and out, and for some reason it gave me the best orgasm ever. I think just knowing that a man would clean me with his tongue, knowing another guys cum was inside me, was so dirty in my mind, and such a turn on I couldn't get over it. I was actually thanking him during it. After 3 incredibly dirty orgasms, he came up to my face and we kissed while entered me. He shot inside me (I very very rarely cum from intercourse) and went down again. As he was cleaning me, I came again, then he asked me to get on top of his mouth so he could clean it all out of me, his and the rest. I did it and after found myself doing anything he wanted, including letting him fuck my ass which he (and others) had been after for quite a while. I let him fuck my virgin ass.

    Ever since, I stopped cleaning up after fucking other guys and would immediately head to his house or have him meet me at mine. Our code was that I needed "help cleaning". He knew that meant I'd gotten fucked and had sperm inside and all over my pussy. Once when drunk I was out with these two guys, both of whom I'd fucked regularly individually, and they along with two other guys they knew took me to an apartment and took turns fucking me. I got 6 loads in my pussy and 3 in my mouth before the end of the night. I wouldn't let anyone but Tom fuck my ass though. Tom was at my place and asked if I need help cleaning. I told him that I had gotten taken multiple times by 4 guys and that if he didn't want to I understood. I also understood that if he didn't want to have sex after I cleaned myself up and that if he didn't want to see me anymore I understood. I admitted that I'd done it with three guy (on my very first time having sex) and had on several occasions done it with two guys but never this. Before I could finish my explanation and was by then crying thinking I'd lose him because I got drunk and let guys gangbang me, he had me naked. All he said was that I had to lay across his lap and take my punishment first. I got a very hard spanking first with his hand then a hairbrush, mixed with him playing with my pussy. He fucked me and I came during it, then he went down on me. While fucking me and while eating me, he started pulling and pinching my nipples so hard I was crying. He said it was part of the punshment for sluts like me. After about 20 minutes going down on me he rolled on his back and told me to "give the rest to him". I straddled his face.

    Tom asked me to marry him a few months later, I was still dating and fucking 2 guys besides him. I immediately called everything off. Tom still eats me after he shoots inside me, I love it and when he kissed me and fucks me after I call him spermbreath. I tell him how dirty he is and remind him that in our early days he ate the cum of at least 8 different guys. He shoots like a rocket inside me with my calling him names. sometimes I do things that I know I shouldn't, I always have to lay naked across his lap and get a spanking, sometimes now I lay on the bed naked and get his belt. We love each other and I have a dirty sperm eater as a husband.

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