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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 42

    I love surprising my wife with other guys. I especially love tying her up and blindfolding her then letting men in to suck and fuck and she never gets to see them She has no idea who it was she just had sex with. She knows that most of the guys are strangers to her but she also knows that I sneak in men she knows occasionally for the extra thrill. She often wonders if she's fucked a guy or not when we're at parties and gatherings. I've let a few guys she works with come over the fuck her and a few close friends. Even a few married guys she be pissed out if she knew but she has no idea. So far none of these guys has said anything or let on. There's a few I've let come over again and again. They love fucking her, she loves getting fucked and I love watching. Plus not know whose she's fucked or not fucked is a big turn on for us. I love whispering in her ear that there's a guy in the room who has fucked her and she has no idea who it is.

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    Straight Female / 23

    I work in a bank as a cashier in the midlands, I always dress well for work and love my perfume, I have a female manager, which is a rare breed in banking as there are not that many in the UK.
    She around 40, I would say very attractive, dresses really nice and single, never seen a ring on her finger!
    She is always friendly to her staff and has asked me out on a girls night out on a few occasions but I have always refused and I had no idea she was ac-dc!
    So anyway we were coming to the end of another thrilling day! I was cashing up, she passed me and asked me again, she earns at least twice as much as me and I could never afford to go out to the places she does, after all I drive a 6 year old car and she has new BMW M5, shows the difference in pay doesn't it!

    She asked and again I refused saying I really couldn't afford to go to the places she does, which was true, I assumed she was just being friendly by asking me and never read anything into it, but I did ask the other staff if she had asked them out and they all said no, calling me the managers pet!

    A couple of weeks went by and she asked me into her office, going in I was a little worried at what I may or may not have done so I said nothing, I sat down and she asked me again, at least this time I could put the record straight, I said I really couldn't afford to go to the places she might and usually I'd settle at home with a cheap bottle of wine in I felt the need! I didn't usually go out, I didn't even have a boyfriend!

    I thought what the hell, lets get it out of her system, half an hour later I knocked on her door and said I would go out that night but I needed to go home and get a shower and changed, Wonderful she said, i'll come round to yours and pick you up around seven then!
    Getting home that night I grabbed a quick bite to eat, had a shower and pick out the nicest skirt I had, got ut some new stockings and susi belt and my best perfume, £25 from the local pharmacy!

    At 19.10 she knocked on my door, are you ready and wow why don't you dress like that for work!

    I asked her where we were going and she said it would be a surprise, ok I'll just enjoy the ride then!
    We went to the tuxedo princess, a night club on a ship! I'd never been there before so I was curious to have a look round, it was really nice but very expensive! and you could really tell you were on a ship! she said not to worry about how much drinks were cause she was paying for them all night, I began to feel like I had been bought to tell the truth!
    We met up with some of her friends and we drank and danced the night away and I started to feel a little more comfortable with the situation, this was her treat after all so why should I worry? I would never have gone there!

    We drank and danced away the night and I got a little drunk, along with everyone else! I think it was about 11 and things were starting to really step up a gear in there, more people and the music got louder I'm sure, I needed to to sit down and she joined me, I thanked her for a wonderful night out and she replied, don't mention it and by the way would you like to come back with me and we can have a drink and a chat? I thought why not, and with that she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips, I thought that was nice so I kissed her back, she said just a min, I'll use the loo and we can go, it's getting a little too noisy now!

    She called taxi and said she would return in the morning to pick up her car, and we got into the taxi and left.
    I had had a great night out, it hadn't cost me a penny and I'd had good company and danced most of the night, she held my hand in the back of the taxi and said come her honey, I lent over and she gave a very, what I can only describe as a lovers kiss, I must admit I did enjoy it and she said Mmmmmm! broke away saying we were there.

    I was feeling rather good, I ain't kissed a girl before apart from the peck on a cheek! it sort of made me feel all warm and safe!

    Going in she said sit down honey, what would you like to drink and put the TV on if you want, it was a little lat for that so I said I would have a whiskey, coming right up, we both sat on her couch, she had what could only be described as a palace compared to my council flat and her sofa was so big and soft, she said she had a great time and asked if I did, yes I had a wonderful time I said, I noticed her eyes looking me up and down too, Oh no you couldn't come into work she said, you'll be fending of all the men! well it would make a welcome change I said! we had a couple more drinks and she said, did you like it when I kissed you? I didn't really know what to say, I knew I did and I knew she knew I did, I did yes, would you like to do it again?

    I think at that point I knew where it was going, I said to her, do you want to kiss me again, Oh yes I do if you don't mind, she moved right next to me and her lips slowly touched mine, I put down my drink to avoid dropping it, her kiss started to get more passionate and her arm went around my shoulder, I remember thinking should I be enjoying this!!!!! But any thoughts of stopping were soon washed away, my body was telling me to give in, I was hugely turned on by her, she stared kissing my neck and I couldn't help it, I gave myself to the moment, she worked her way down unbuttoning my blouse and pushing it off my shoulders and within seconds, my bra was undone.

    She removed my bra and I was trebling with passion, never before had I thought of going with a girl and now all I wanted to do was give my self over to her!
    She kissed and licked my beasts, I could feel myself lubricating too, the whole moment was electrifying, I lay there as she worked he way down my body, kissing and licking all the way, I had my hands on her head unconsciously pushing her down towards my pussy as I was swept up with all consuming pleasure.

    Feeling her hands on the top of my legs she started kissing my thigh, one kiss at a time working up my leg, I couldn't help it, I naturally lifted up one leg putting my foot on the sofa with the other on the floor, she wasted no time in stroking my pussy, making me raise my hips, I felt one finger hook around my panties and felt her on my pussy, I came right there on the spot!

    She got up, took my hand saying come on, lets take this into the bedroom sweetheart, I followed her into her room, we sat on the edge bed, I was already topless. we kissed for a few seconds and she started to get undressed, I followed suit and we lay on top of the bed naked, her kissing started again, very passionately, she played with my breasts, kissing and licking them working her down, my hand was stroking her back, her tongue was in my pubic hair, I felt her gently part my legs, I offered no resistance at all as my legs almost voluntarily opened for her, she licked my open pussy putting her tongue inside me, she moved herself over the top of me so her pussy was directly above me.

    I could smell her sex scent, it was overpowering and intoxicating, while she licked and tongued, I gently touch another pussy other than my own, she was wet, her scent filled the room, I started to motion her downwards towards me, when she was close I moved my head up and tasted another girls pussy, one lick then another, then another until I had contact with her all the time, I put my tongue inside her moving it in and out, all of a sudden I had a huge squirting orgasm, she never moved away from me!

    I continued licking her until she said she was coming, she moaned and I felt her juices splash on my face, she tasted nice, I licked my lips and then put my tongue back inside her.

    We had oral sex for what seemed ages, each of us coming again and again, I opened my mouth when she came and swallowed another girls cum for the first time.

    After maybe two hours, we got into bed, cuddled into each other and went to sleep, she was up before me and made me coffee, she said thank you for a wonderful night of sex, I said I really enjoyed it but it was my first time with another girl, I then said totally out of character for me, could we do it again sometime! we certainly can she said, we became lovers and I gave up my council flat soon after that and moved in with her, I think maybe that night I was like a lamb to the slaughter and was set up all the way, I never imagined for one moment I would end up in bed with her giving her an orgasm and swallowing it! but I'm pleased it happened.

    I moved on to find a job in another bank as to not make it too obvious, but I think everyone knew, I was straight, now I'm a bisexual, cause I still like men too and the good thing is, she see's my point of view, and we bring men back and we let them make love to by them, then make love to each other tasting there cum.

    WE have the very best of both worlds.

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    Straight Female / 36

    Last week,the police brought my 15 year old daughter home, because she was caught in a car giving a 17'year old a blowjob. I was furious and gave her the riot act!
    What's my confession? Here it is at 5:30 am and I am just getting in the house from sucking my own boyfriend's dick!
    From 9:30 last night, all we were doing was just driving around and me sucking his dick while he fingered me.
    I feel so ashamed at screaming at her like that.

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    Straight Male / 45

    My brother was married to Diane, a petite bombshell in heels. I admit even when I was married I would fantasize about fucking Diane. My brother passed away years later, Diane would remarry two years later.

    She married for money, no doubt about it. My brother was good looking and fit, the guy Diane married couldn't run 10 yards if his life depended on it and he wasn't worried about impressing any woman.

    Diane would call me sometimes, the topic would turn to sex. She would say her husband was so lame in bed she had no desire to be with him sexually. I told Diane that she got what she paid for, she didn't like that and the conversation ended quickly.

    A few weeks went by and Diane showed up in my office unexpectedly. The weather was warm and Diane walked in wearing this summer dress and strappy white sandals. The only makeup Diane ever needed to wear was lipstick, a red color that she had worn ever since she had started dating my brother.

    She wanted to take me to lunch, she wanted to discuss something with me. I guess she got over the remark I had made a few weeks earlier on the phone. I told her I would meet her around the corner at the little cafe that was popular during nice weather. I showed up about thirty minutes later, Diane had a table nearest a row of manicured bushes towards the back.

    She stood up and greeted me, she was wearing those big sun glasses the female movie stars like to wear. We talked for a minute than ordered our food. Small talk at first and then the subject of her husband came up and how she was now avoiding sleeping in the same bed with him.

    I asked Diane why she didn't find someone to sleep with on the side, not that I was offering myself up to her. Diane said guys could make things sticky, I knew how she meant it. I knew a few married guys with a fuck buddy on the side, some people tend to get possessive.

    Diane continued on and looked at me from behind those big sun glasses. I don't know why I was so surprised when Diane asked me to take care of her sexual needs. I guess she could trust me and I wasn't going to get "sticky" with her.

    Now I wasn't really with anyone at the time and honestly I always wanted to know what Diane was like in bed. Since my brother was married to her for many years, I knew two things about Diane and that she could be a dominant bitch! I had seen her in action a few times with my brother, not something I would put up with to be honest. There was no doubt who wore the heels and pants in the family.

    I told Diane I would think it over, I could see her expression change even behind those bug eye sun glasses. She finished her meal quickly, leaned over and kissed me almost on the mouth as she stood up. Diane told me I should really think about it, she turned and I watched her walk through the cafe, her high heels clicking on the concrete with each step and she vanished around the corner. I wiped my mouth off, the linen napkin turning red from Diane's lipstick. I finished wiping my mouth off in the restroom before going back to the office.

    I thought about Diane for the rest of the day when I had a moment. Part of me wanted to let her squirm a few days but Diane wasn't that kind of woman to wait for anyone. I texted her that evening from home, telling her to give me a day and time to meet. She texted me right back, the following evening at my house at 9pm, I agreed.

    Diane showed up a few minutes early the next evening. I opened the door and there was no doubt why she was there. She had more makeup on, her lips glistened with fresh red lipstick I'm sure she put on before she got out of her car. Diane wore a little black dress with very high heels.

    We sat on the sofa and I poured her a Seven&Seven, I knew what Diane liked from years ago being married to my brother. She sat very close to me, her perfume was very alluring I have to admit. Her green eyes seemed to look right through me as we made small talk. She extended her hand towards me, allowing me to take her hand into mine. Same Diane, long red nails as she always wore in the past.

    No sense wasting anymore time, I pulled Diane towards me and kissed her. Diane opened her mouth and almost swallowed my tonsils. We kissed like lovers in heat, our mouths locked together in a kiss that made my cock jump to attention quickly. Soon we were both breathing hard and it was time to take it to the bedroom.

    As soon as we hit the bed I understood what my brother had told me about Diane being a dominant bitch in many ways. She got on top of me instantly, rubbing her body against me and making sure I was worked up to her liking.

    We transitioned during foreplay, her on top and then me. She kissed me, even bit me sometimes and making sure those long red nails got there fair share of my skin also. My cock was steel hard and I grabbed by the hips and Diane slipped out of my grasp, she got me onto my back and began to ride my cock.

    Her red nails clawed my chest as she climaxed several times in rapid succession. Now it was my turn and I flipped Diane over to get her on her fours. Diane wasn't having any of that I can tell you. She lay on her back and I could fuck her missionary all I wanted, but she wasn't going for the submissive position one bit.

    I fucked her feverishly, she came again hard. I grabbed her petite body and flipped her onto her fours. Diane shocked me when she called me a fucking asshole! That pissed me off and I rammed my cock into her right to the hilt. She hated it but her body sold her out, she came all over my cock a few moments later.

    I finished up inside of her in the missionary position, my hands around her ankles. I spread her sexy legs wide apart and thrust my hard cock into her until I couldn't hold back another minute. Just looking at her face, I knew she could feel me shooting my cum into her pussy. I kept fucking Diane until the last drops were spent.

    Diane pulled me down on her and as I lay there half on top of her she kissed me again, my cock was too spent to react to her hot mouth this time. We lay there for a bit and then she said she needed to get home. She slithered out of bed and grabbed her clothes quickly and into the bathroom.

    Diane left my house with her lipstick all but gone, her high heels in her hand. I don't know what she looked like when she got back home but if Diane walked in looking like that I'm sure her husband would know someone fucked his wife.

    The next day I got a text from Diane thanking and giving me hell for the way I fucked her on her fours. I told her if she wanted me to fuck her, that was going to be part of the deal and I haven't heard another word from her since..............

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    Straight Male / 26

    a hooker rode my cock and I cummed inside her slutty pussy hole.

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    Straight Male / 40

    This is not so much a confession but since my wife's death 6 months ago I would like to talk about it, it all started at school, I was staying on, I was 17, and there had been this teacher for whom I had liking for, she was gorgeous and her make up was always impeccably done, she was a brunette always well dressed and presented, I wouldn't go as far to say I had a crush on her, that was for kids younger than me, thats the way I think anyway!
    So there I am in class one day and she is teaching math's and I made point of getting certain things wrong, so she would have to talk to me afterwards! I never saw a ring on her finger so I knew she was not married, if she had of been it would have over before it began.

    So she saw through my little plan eventually and asked me why I always got the simplest equations wrong, I was a little nervous to tell her what I really thought but I figured right there and then would be good,we were alone in the classroom, I told her I was really attracted to her and would like a night out with her, and she was a little taken back by it and said it would be impossible as I was only 17, couldn't drink and she never went out with students! and could get into a lot of trouble if she did.

    It didn't really matter, the seed was planted with her, I never knew what direction it was going to take and she never gave me any looks but I knew she was thinking about it, one day she asked me to stay behind saying my work was not up to scratch, I thought bollocks, she really means it I'm doing really shit! and this is how she is paying me back for speaking what I thought!

    Nothing could have been further from the truth, she asked me, do you really find me that attractive, I said I did and would really like to take her out, after all I was at the age where I could legally have sex but a year under the legal drinking age! she explained she wanted too see me but her job made things difficult in the extreme, she said I was frank about wanting to see her and she appreciated that, I went on my merry way feeling I had really accomplished something and she said she would work something out later.

    I went home that night on cloud nine, and to tell you the truth I did wank off that night! I had done many times and just the thought of her really!
    She came up with a plan alright, she asked the headmaster if it was ok to stay behind for an hour each night to help me with my math's and use one of the rooms adjacent to the school hall instead of a classroom, he agreed but it was what I thought a dangerous plan in my mind.

    So it all started, she told me to stay behind and go to the room to the left of the school hall after school, I did and met her there, we talked about what we liked and she asked me if it was just a crush I had with her, no i said I genuinely wanted to talk her out and be with her, we set out some ground rules around school, like I shouldn't gave her any special attention or looks and keep that until after school, she did however admit she was attracted to me also, that was a huge bonus for me.

    A week went by and we just talked, every now and then a cleaner would not on the door but that stopped when they realized the room was being used, we kissed for the first time, it was heavenly to me, I was swept away by her scent which was always nice, I tried to touch her and for a couple of weeks she stopped me, she said later it was to see if I would just give up and stop going! she wanted to see if my feelings were real, yes they were real alright, this was no passing crush for her, then eventually I went to touch her breasts, she never stopped, they were wonderful, I played with them as we kissed, and I got hard! so hard it was uncomfortable! and she laughed saying eventually she would do something about it.

    When that day came I'm not sure if I was ready for it! Sure I wanted to touch her but when she reached down and and felt my cock through my trousers I nearly hit the roof! again she laughed but I soon calmed down, I put my hand up her skirt touching her thighs working my way up until my finger brushed against he crotch, I couldn't resist it as I first used one finger and then all of them, I stoked her pussy through her underwear while she played with me, unfortunately making me cum! so I had to go home with cum soaked underwear! but i had the scent of her pussy on my hand!

    One day we were kissing and she had taken off her underwear! reaching up her skirt to find her pussy bare, that wonderful mound of pubic hair, I played and stroked it for what seemed ages and eventually put a finger inside her, it was wonderful as I felt her pussy around my finger gripping it and got another one in her, moving them slowly in and out, in a matter of minutes she came as I felt my whole hand get wet with her cum, we stopped as she had already made me cum, she said we had taken it as far as we could and would I like to come over to her house, oh boy would I, I said yes and she said she would pick me later on at a prearranged spot just out of town where my friends did not go!

    I went and she turned up as arranged and we went back to her house which was an hour out of town! didn't know she lived so far away but I was pleased she did.

    I'll never forget that first visit, I was two days under 18, we went in and she asked me if I would like a coffee or tea, I said tea would be nice and we sat down on her couch, needless to say the tea never got drunk! we talked and kissed and touched until she said hold on a min, got up and said come on, lets go upstairs to my bedroom.

    It was the first time I saw her naked, holly shit she was lovely, perfectly formed figure, absolutely drop dead gorgeous, we sat on the bed, we both knew why we were there so we did not waste any time, no one could walk in on us and no one outside wondering what may be going on in there!
    She played with me until I hard while I stroked and inserted my fingers inside her, she rolled on her back pulling me gently over the top of her, I was between her legs with my cock inches from her pussy, I moved closer so my cock was touching her, putting it in between her lips, I could resist any longer, I slowly pushed up into her feeling her pussy grab onto me, I started making love to her slowly and she matched my rhythm, that first time I came quicker than I wanted too! I said I was coming and she wrapped her legs round me and said "go on them, inside me" so i did, she came all my me too, and for what seemed like ages, my cock throbbed away inside her dispensing my juice in her, afterwards we lay there just looking at each other.

    She said now that I've given you what you want I won't see you again after today, she admitted later she was testing me! oh no I said, I want you for good I said, I want you to be mine, she said Mmmmmmmmm we'll see then.

    I did, I wanted her in my life, I left school a year later wit some great qualifications, including math's! and I saw her most every night,

    I was 19 when I asked her to marry me, she was 29, she said yes almost straight away, I can't say how happy I was, I moved in with her, met her parents, they were great about it, and a year later we got married, we had two kids, a boy and a girl, life was was wonderful, I had the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen and then I got the call no one wanted to get, she said I better get home as soon as possible from work she had something to tell me, she had bone cancer.

    I was devastated, mortified, we talked and I promised she would be ok, the doctors knew what they were doing, she died two months later and the bottom fell out of my world, god knows how I held it together for the kids, I don't know but our friends said I looked like a zombie most of the time, I couldn't talk about it for ages then one day I opened up, all my grief came out in what seemed one go, I was at her parents with the kids, I sat there crying and shaking until there was no more to come out.

    She gave us two wonderful children and I have my memories and thoughts, no one can take them, I married the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen and shared my life with her for a short time, that can't be bad and her legacy lives on in our children.

    It's not a very good story judging by most on here, but I feel better for telling it, make of it what you will.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    In my mid twenties I was offered a job in the human resources department as a clerk. It paid more than my job as an admin assistant so I took it. I maneuvered around in human resources and I found a talent for recruiting and I was assigned to recruiting non professional staff. Behind the scenes I was the girl that the head man was seeing on the side. It was very quiet, very careful.

    He needed an assistant in his department to help out his Executive Secretary because she had been given more duties. He asked me to find a girl who wanted to work part time. I had met a girl several months before at a party for a mutual friend of ours and I called her and asked her to stop by and I felt my instincts were right, she was finishing her degree and she was working part time in sales and an office jobs with regular hours that paid more was up her alley. The truth is that I remembered her because I liked her from the day we met and always felt that she was good people for the company, but she was getting a professional degree so I didn't pursue anything with her.

    When I presented her to our boss he looked at her resume and told me that she was good for the moment but as soon as she got her degree she was going to leave for a better job. She was a good find but not a long term prospect for him. It happened that later that night he came to see me and I was still upset that he had turned her down and that night I wasn't a very happy girl. I begged him to hire her for me, I would look after her and after she got a degree I would find a spot for her in the company, but to let me have her. He agreed but he told me she was on my shoulders and I had to look after her and make her a keeper, if she left he was going to be upset with me.

    When I offered her the job I was so disappointed because she said she would take it but she wasn't enthusiastic. But I had asked for her and now I had to do something. She worked well with the Executive Assistant and she got her work done on time, she was a good fit. I asked her to lunch several times but she was always in a hurry and one night I cried about it with my boss. He told me I was a fool for letting my sentiments get in the way of business. It took me a while before I got what he had just said and I asked him if his sentiments for me had gotten in the way of business. But he said I was different, I was not just a sentiment.

    Several days later at the office he asked me if I was still hurt because my find wasn't paying attention to me. I told him I was, and he bent over and kissed me which was the first time he kissed me at the office and told me that he would see what he could do. He called us in and told us that he had a project and he wanted us both to work on it, he was planning an executive retreat and he needed a nice place, quiet and somewhat out of the way and he wanted us to find a place and get back to him with suggestions. If we didn't see it he didn't want to hear about it.

    So for the next several weeks we went and saw a bunch of restaurants and hotels and clubs. We were at this club and her hand brushed against mine and my heart raced and I grabbed her hand for just a second. After the sales lady left to get some papers she turned to me and told me that since she had gone to work with us I was after her and she was not one of those girls, she didn't sleep with girls full time or part time. I must have looked bad because she immediately told me not to feel so bad, I had to have been rejected before.

    In the car as we drove back to the office I told her that I was sorry, I didn't know what had overcome me, I had never felt anything like that before, it is just that since I had met her at that party I wanted her to be my friend. She repeated that she wasn't interested in any form of a relationship with another girl. To prove to her that I wasn't interested either I told her that I was in a relationship with a man and she drug out of me that I was in a relationship with our boss. From the moment I told her my life ended, I got sick at the stomach and asked her to swear to me that she would never tell.

    She didn't tell, but from that day on she and I had this special relationship. She didn't mind so much being around me and on more than one occasion she stood so close to me that our shoulders rubbed and when she said hello or goodbye she rubbed my cheek with hers. At the last hotel we went to she got bored with the catering manager who was taking us around and she took me by the hand and we left. In the car she turned to me and she put her hand over my hands which were on my lap and asked me if that is what I wanted, for her to be affectionate with me. I didn't answer to she demanded that I answer, did I or did I not want her to be affectionate with me? If I said yes to kiss her if I said no then she was going to quit her job and move on.

    I was 27 years old and she was 23 that afternoon. I did kiss her and I confessed to our boss that I had kissed her and he was all over me to explain to him why I was doing that. I didn't know why and I still don't know why I need to be close with her, but I need to be close with her. She graduated with her degree in Finance and I found her a job in the Accounting department, a boring job in the Accounting department. I continue to spend time with him, which I look forward to, but I can no longer give him my undivided attention. Somehow, when I get home I am looking for someone else now, someone younger closer to my age, who works in Accounting.

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    Straight Male / 48

    My wife worked Nightshift at a biscuit factory, I worked in the local colliery 3 shifts, and when she was nightshift and I was backshift or dayshift, I would lie on the sofa watching night before going to bed, wearing just a pair of shorts and a vest top, sometimes I would be naked, as I sleep in the nude. This particular night was a Monday and I was on a public holiday and a rest day and I had decided to paint the ceiling and the walls of the living room, it needed done, and I had been putting it off, so I thought as I was off for a couple of days I would get it done, once it was done I cleaned up, then had a bite to eat with my wife, before she went to work.

    Once my Mrs was away to work, I ran a bath to clean away the paint on my hair and face etc, and while I was in the bath my Mother In Law arrived to see my Mrs, she had fallen out with my Father In Law and was rather worse the wear with alcohol, only she never announced she had arrived, and I was still in the bath unaware that she was there.

    I finished having a bath and drained it away and went through the house to our living room, I never noticed my Mother In Law, laying there across the sofa, and I proceeded to go to the coffee table to light up a ciggy, and sit and watch TV. I was starkers but I thought I was the only one l in the house, I had no reason to think otherwise, I took a ciggy out the packet and lit it, and my Mother In Law sat up and asked if she could have one, I nearly shat myself with fright, and then it suddenly dawned on me that I was bollock naked, and I tried to cover myself up.

    My mother in Law just laughed at my embarrassment, as I tried to quickly wrap a towel round me, she then said why did you do that ? Ive got four kids and you aint got anything I havnt seen before, but if I might say so Ive not seen a cock as big as yours. I was shocked because she is very straight laced, and to hear her talk like that was a shock to say the least.

    I said to her I'm going to go and put some clothes on and she said to me Why ? I replied because I'm naked, and she said so what, pointless now and anyway I'm quite enjoying this, as its not often I get to see a young stud naked, TBH I was taken aback because she is normally quite conservative maybe even prudish, with what she wears, so this was a bit of an eyeopener, and I thought ah is this the Ice Maiden beginning to melt ?

    I made her a cup of coffee, and sat down still naked, and she started on about my Father In Law being a pig, and she got drunk because of it and then asked if she could stay and sleep in the spare bedroom. I said that was fine, so she took her coat off and when she went to sit down her skirt came up revealing a nice sexy pair of legs, which I got a real eyeful off, I wasn't prepared for that.

    Now I'm not sure if she knew I had seen more than I was supposed to, if she did she never mentioned it, so she was sitting there yaking on about my Father In law, and how he was a c**t. She suddenly said to me well tell me what do you think of my legs ? and promptly pulled up her skirt, I think I mumbled something like they were nice, and that my Father in Law was a lucky sod, she then said well hes not getting in between them again that's for sure.

    I said that I was off to bed as it was getting late, so away I went, my mother in Law followed once she had been to the loo, and popped her head in and said goodnight, and to go to sleep and leave my manhood alone, I said something like Yes Matron, but can I dream about your legs, thinking I was being a smart arse, she laughed and came into the room and lifted her skirt and said well have a good look then, if that's what I wanted to do, and I'm going to dream about your cock then, she then turned to leave but said to me how big is it hard ? I said I dunno as I have never been vain enough to measure it, she said well its easily the biggest cock that Ive seen, and that she would like to see it hard.

    Thi s was accompanied by a sexy laugh, and she left and went to the spare room, I thought OMG she is going to be red faced in the morning, and then I thought what will I tell my Mrs when she comes home, I knew I couldn't tell her what her mum had said to me, next thing the door opened and my Mother in Law said to me I wont get the chance again , so could I get a hardon so she could see how big my cock was erect, come on I've not been able to keep my eyes off it so its the least you could do.

    But I just thought it was the drink talking, as I didnt really think she would have said that to me sober, so I said to her for that to happen she would have to be naked, thinking she will think twice about it, but oh no not her she said to me right if thats what it takes I will and started to strip off, and it wasnt long til she was starkers and I got to say she had a great pair of tits and I told her so and a dark hairy bush, she then came over to me grabbed my hand and lead me through to her room, I didnt need asked twice.

    I was soon rock solid and and she was blowing it like a trumpet, meanwhile I was fingering her and eating her too, she came two or three times and then demanded that I mount her and ride her hard, so I obliged, she told me not to get off as she had been sterlised so I could come in her, which I did, she said that she had never had so much spunk spurted up deep inside her luscioius fanny, I shagged her three times that night, and I continued to do so for a good few years on a regular basis, sadly my Mrs pased away with cancer, but my Mother in law continued to comfort me, and she still does, she has a great body for a 74 year old, everyone thinks shes 15 years younger than she is

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Me and my girlfriend always ran to her house after school because we knew we had almost two hours before her mom and dad got home from work.They worked at the same place and always worked the same shift so you could set a watch by them . We were naked and having fun as soon as her bedroom door closed and got kind of wild but she refused to suck my cock , I told her she could either suck my cock voluntarily or I would force her to .The next day we got naked in her room as usual and I told her I was serious about what I said the day before and she said NO I AM NOT SUCKING YOUR COCK and before she could react I grabbed her ,pushed her face down on her bed and tied her hands behind her back then slid her on the floor on her knees. I told her that she had a choice and now I was going to enjoy forcing her to suck me off and told her not to bite me because if she did I would force her to suck a group of guys off everyday ,she would become addicted to sucking cock and swallowing their cum that she would suck cock anywhere when the craving got to be too bad. Well that worked,,she didn't bite me and I really got off on forcing her to blow me . She would be mad at me for awhile but told no one and still let me fuck her afterwards and she clearly hated sucking my cock and had to be forced but after a week she was definatly getting better at it . About a month went by and she calls me one night and tells me I need to come over right away so I sprint right on over.Her dad answers the door and invites me in ,I sit on the couch and her mom walks in and tells me they had set up a nanny cam in Taras room to catch her doing drugs and were so relieved to find out that she doesn't get high at all but to our surprise we saw this and she hit play on the DVD player and her dad grabbed me and twisted my arms behind my back and the three of us watched me forcing their daughter to suck me off and swallow my cum .As we watched the third or fourth time her mom went to the kitchen and returned with a towel and a bowl of crushed ice. She pulled my pants and underwear down and used the towel to hold the crushed ice on my dick and balls and less than a minute later they had shrank and were tiny now.She reached in her pocket and showed me what she said was a chastity device . She put it on me and locked it securely then explained that every day I was to come over at 7 oclock and would suck her husbands cock as punishment for what I was and for what I did to their daughter .If I didn't come over they would take the vides to the police but as long as I did what I was told I was safe and once a week the chastity device could come off and I would be allowed to jack off . hed Dad let go of my arms and walked in front of me and took his pants and undies off and his wife told me to suck his cock or go to jail for r**e. They had me dead to rights and I knew there was no way I would stay out of jail and knew what would happen to me so I just dropped to my knees and took his huge cock in my mouth and sucked on it till he exploded in my mouth . I had no idea what to do so it took quite awhile to suck him off but eventually I did it.. He started breathing hard and his wife told me that I was going to be a good little cock sucker and to swallow every drop like a good little bitch . After it was done I looked to my right and realized that Tara had came in the room and had watched the entire thing , and was smiling . She helped me up and get dressed and told her parents she was walking me home that she would be back in a few minutes and her mom laughed and told her they trusted me .

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    I had sex with this girl I've been dating a while now. She is super attractive, incredible body with the best legs and ass imaginable. Legs and ass are my thing. I'm not a boob man, but nice legs and a nice round butt do me in. She is brunette with long hair past her shoulders, she is a hard body without being a gym rat. I finally got her to have sex last night and while I'm not the guy with the biggest cock on the block it's not small either. It's just under 2 inches thick, and is 7 inches long. I was going down on her, she was wet as possible, and I went to stick a finger in her pussy and there was this gaping hole. I mean gaping open. Her pussy was opened enough that it took three fingers to get any friction against the walls of her wet pussy. I put my cock in and didn't even feel it. Eventually as she relaxed and with my weight on top of her, I could feel it enough to cum.

    She is perfect, incredible, I love talking to her too, it's not just her face and her body. We really get along, but crap. . . how does a pussy get that stretched out so that it stays that way? I mean I fucked a girl that had 2 kids and her pussy wasn't gaping open. What the hell can cause that, but I don't want to fuck someone where I can't even feel her pussy. She gives great head, don't know about ass fucking yet, but I can't go on just getting BJ's, I need to fuck.

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