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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 35

    I once bought home made products from a cute schoolgirl about 15 yrs old in my locality to help out as she was going door to door , i was in my car and asked to buy one package . I handed her a 500 note but since I was her first customer she did not have change, neither did i . That's when she shockingly offered to give me a hand job to keep the change and before I knew it there she was in my car with my hard cock in her nubile hands , she jerked it hard and long and before I knew what was going on my hands were groping and squeezing her nubile perky tits , she made me cum so hard in her hands and I was still in a shock as she walked on. I feel so guilty , am I a p***o?

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 41

    I have had sex with either the bride or groom, or both, for every wedding I have ever attended. In my younger days it was fairly easy to get with the bride, one last fling before going straight or make a wild memory to look back on. My favorite was to get it from the groom the day of, and the closer to the vows, the better it was too.

    Usually if I could get with both of them, then a 3some after, sometimes during, the honeymoon was possible. I still join in occasionally with couples I've gave each their last fling.

    I'm married, my husband doesn't know about my passion for cheating.

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    Straight Female / 25

    A while back I posted a confession about my boyfriend fron college who I fucked so long and so often that I flunked out of school. Then I ran into him recently while I had my kids at the store and I haven't been able to stop thinking about his cock ever since. I fought the urge to go looking for him for as long as I could because of the part of me thwt knew he wasn't good for me but in the end I couldn't stop myself.

    I remembered Zack's old cell phone number and tried calling it and he still had the same number. Be answered and the first question he asked me was which hole I wanted it in first. I couldn't speak when he asked me that and after a few seconds he laughed and have me the address to a hotel in the city and a room number and hung up. I had just dropped off my kids at school so I had all day but I broke traffic laws driving over there. The room was on one of the top floors.

    When I knocked on the door I was shaking so hard that I could hardly stand. He opened the door, looking just like he had imetollege. He pulled me inside the suite and kissed me harder than I've been kissed in years. I was still trembling but not with nerves anymore, instead with desire. He pulled my head back by my hair and said "Now get your ass naked". His stern words were all I needed and I literally tore my shirt I pulled it off so hard and fast.

    I was naked but he was still fully clothed but all he did at first was chide me for throwing my clothes everywhere. He told me to fold them and not make a mess. He picked up my pants and took my phone out of my pocket and threw them to me. I don't have a screen lock on my phone so when I finished folding Zack was sitting on the bed looking at my phone. He patted a spot on the bed betweeen his legs and told me to sit. I sat against him and he immediately cupped my crotch. He bit my ear and whispered that he'd be deep inside me soon.

    But he surprised me first by saying "tell me about your family". He started swiping through pics of my husband and my kids. I felt extremely awkward sitting there naked about to get fucked and being told to talk about my family but I did. As I told him he rubbed my pussy. When I was finished Zack took the battery out of my phone. He put thr battery in his pocket and threw the phone on the trash can and told me to forget about my life for today. I couldn't object because I wanted to forget about my life and I knew I wouldn't be thinking about anything once I started riding his cock.

    I begged him to show me his big beautiful cock and he pushed me off and stripped. Once we were both naked I immediately became the insecure teenager I had been when we met. I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth and it was immediately a steel rod. I sucked him and licked his balls, rubbed my face in his pubic hair. I got my mouth so wet that drool gushed down over his balls because I remembered he liked his blowjobs sloppy. I choked and drooled for him, rubbing my spit into my boobs so he could slip his cock between them when he was done with my mouth.

    When he jammed his soaking wet cock in my c**t he did it bareback. I wasn't in my right mind so right then I didn't care even though I'm married. He didn't cum on me though. He saved his load for my face. There was so much cum it was in my nose and my hair and all over my shoulders. He said he had been saving that load for me. Then he took a pic of me with his own phone.

    I told Zack I wanted him to fuck my ass. He responded that I needed to get him hard again. I choked on his erection in my desperation to get him hard again. He pulled my hair and said he was happy to have his little slut back. Then I laid down with my butt on the edge of the bed and my feet in the air and he rammed his cock into my ass. While he sodomized me he went back and forth between slapping me, shoving his fingers in my moutb, and choking me. My head was throbbing and I couldn't breathe but I loved how Zack was using me.

    I felt his cum spray deep in my ass, coating my insides, and then he pulled out and fed me his cock. Knowing that I was sucking a dick that had just been deep in my asshole only made me hornier. Then I rimmed his asshole as he lay on the bed recovering. It was just like college again, finding different ways to satisfy Zack as I remained naked and aroused all day. Guzzling down the mini bar helped too.

    I lost track of time as Zack fucked me in a million different ways. I had so many true orgasms and I got myself so drunk that I passed out repeatedly. At one point I woke up and couldn't open my eyes because the lids were crusted shut with cum. I cleaned them and found that Zack wasn't there. When I saw the clock and the light behind the curtains I realized it was 11:00 the next morning.

    I hadnt picked my kids up from school the day before and no one including my husband knew where I was. I looked down at my naked, cum covered body, at my red and puffy crotch and felt the pain in my ass and realized that I was a stupid whore.

    I went and got my phone out of the trash can but Zack still had the battery. My clothes were still folded but when I went to pick them up there was a note on top of them. It said "I had to go out to take care of some business. I rented some porn for you to watch while I'm gone. If you're not there when I return you'll never see me again."

    The thought of Zack disappearing again was devastating and again I was the insecure teenage freshman needing someone make her feel secure. I couldn't lose Zack again. So I sat down on the bed and flipped on the porn.

    Zack came back hours later to find me in bad, still filthy from the previous day's sex. I'd masturbated and slept but I had gone all day without eating. He ordered room service and while we waited he pulled a green rubber dildo out of a bag and told me to start lubing it up.

    Neither of us slept that night. I used the dildo and his real cock in tandem, taking turns but also stuffing them both inside me at once. I'd never been stretched that far outside of childbirth before. Zack was my lover and my guide and also my master. He told me he owned my slutty ass and there wasn't any doubt anymore when he shoved me in the shower and pissed all over my body. I drank it and licked it off the floor and walls because I would do anything for Zack. He recorded our watersports play on his phone.

    He made me take a shower and push the shampoo and conditioner bottles up my pussy and ass. He threw the dildo at me and I carried it in my mouth like a dog back to the bed. I took the bottles out and rode the dildo up my ass while I gagged myself on Zack's cock. He choked me with his hands and slapped my face and squeezed my tits while I degraded myself. I fell asleep that night in the 69 position with Zack and my face in his pubes.

    The next morning he broke out the cocaine and the pills. I didn't know what the pills were but I remember swallowing them along with a slimy wad of spit from Zack's mouth. I don't remember much of that day after thay, though Zack did text me the video later.

    The next time I became aware I was lying in the bathroom with vomit in the toilet and the green dildo halfway deep in my ass. There was an untouched line if coke on the sink. I snorted it without even thinking and staggered out into the room. It was empty and Zack's stuff was gone. I found my phone with the battery back in it. I had 49 missed text messages and 21 missed phone calls from my husband wondering where I was, panicking eventually.

    There were also a long string of texts from Zack's number. Every messsage was attached to a photo or a video of me being a depraved whore with a man who isn't my husband. I was stil naked and sore and covered in cum and sweat and urine and my mouth tasted like vomit. And then I noticed the last message from Zack. This was attached to a picture of my daughter and said "You set a great example for little girls everywhere, especially yours. Way to go MOM".

    Za ck had disappeared again, much like he had almost a decade ago. Except this time he left me pregnant. I had that taken care of but I couldn't take care of the missing persons report my husband had filed since I'd been gone nearly 72 hours. The cops were insistent on knowing where I'd been and in a fit of honesty I told them the truth:that I'd been in a hotel getting my brains screwed out. I know that I'm a worthless whore so why lie?

    My husband kicked me out of the house and because he's the regional manager at the chain store I work at he had me fired. I'm unemployed and living in a shelter because my husband is holding the money hostage. I'm using a computer at the public library to tell this story.

    I tried calling Zack but he deactivated the phone number he had been using. The last thing I got from him was that picture of my daughter and the message that I'm a whore and a terrible mother.

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    Straight Male / 19

    I thought that I was going to have to classify myself as bi after this latest encounter. I met a guy at school. He's a grad student and about 5 years older than I am. I've never had anything to do with guy/guy sex before except for the prepubescent "you show me yours, I'll show you mine" thing with guys and girls. After knowing each other for a few weeks we started seeing each other for coffee and croissants in the morning, occasionally lunch. Then we would hang out at his apartment and have some drinks. So a few days ago, we were there, stoned, drunk and he asked me if I minded people like him. Thinking he meant gay, I said no. I wasn't gay but wasn't afraid or phobic about gays either, I liked hanging with him. He corrected me saying he was transgender. I knew what that meant, but didn't that usually mean the guy is living as a girl? Then he explained transman to me and I realized; this is someone who was born a woman and feels like a man. I asked a few questions, and we talked about other things, and in the course of conversation I found that she always had very small boobs, never more than a very small A cup at most. Then hormones decreased those she didn't need surgery. Down below she never had it, it was very expensive and she/he didn't find the end results anything that she wanted to try. So, this was a mildly hairy, titless woman who had a pussy between her legs evidently.

    In talking more, about my experiences, he/she knew that I'd been laid by a few girls, but not a big time Casanova or anything. On her part, she knew she felt like a male since she was around 10 or so. At 16 she went on a date and after three dates he r**ed her on the fourth. That was the only actual sex she'd had until she went lesbian. She wasn't content being a butch lesbian so, off to the docs she went.

    Long story, sorry. I let her suck me off and I asked if she wanted me to "suck" her too. She didn't, but I insisted that since I was naked she, excuse me - HE, should be also. It took some convincing, and promising not to touch her top like it was a flat girl, I commented that I loved when a woman would suck my nipples and pinch them real hard. With that she reached out with both hands and pinched both my nipples twisting as she did so. It hurt so good and I started coming hard again. He commented that he knew my secret now and rubbed my cock again. I got him naked and he had almost 3 inches of clit sticking out from between the pussy lips. His legs, and pussy were very hairy, but that clit was sticking above it all. I got on the my knees on the floor with him on the couch, spread his legs and started bobbing up and down on that clit meat. He/she came twice and thanked me for it, I guess she'd not had an orgasm with anyone in a long time. The pussy was super wet and when I went back to sucking I inserted a finger in the tightest pussy I'd ever felt. One finger had to be pushed in meeting with some resistance.

    He didn't like my invasion of his vagina, but he liked my tongue and mouth. Then after a third orgasm he asked me to fuck him. I stayed on my knees, brought his pussy close to the edge of the couch seat and plunged in. I couldn't last long and apologized but since I was looking at a man that I was fucking, I forgot about it and shot off inside his pussy. He got panicky and was really losing it. Evidently even with hormones, it's extremely unlikely but possible that HE could get pregnant. I stood him up and sucked all I could out of him. We went to the shower and I washed it all out. In the shower, rubbing his hairy legs and c**t against my cock he kissed me. THAT felt weird, kissing a guy, but having "HIS" pussy up against me. Back we went, this time into his bedroom. I laid down on the bed on my belly, and he laid on top of me. Reaching under me to pinch my nipples, and nibble on my ear and neck he started pushing in/out. He was basically fucking me in the ass with his clit. I let him put some lube on it and on my ass and he actually probably got about 2 inches of the thing in me. I could barely feel it and it felt good to him so I let him fuck me. He came, then rolled off me. I leaned over and kissed him telling him that if you're gonna fuck a guy you should give him a kiss too. He laughed and I got on top of him and fucked him again, blowing my load in his mouth this time. Then he took me to dinner, and back at his place after he fucked me again, I made him do a first. I rolled him over on his belly and I fucked his asshole. He resisted, even screamed for me not to do it, but I did it anyway.

    We've been fucking each other several times a day since we started. It's weird, and I feel gay about it, but it is the tightest pussy I've ever found.

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    Straight Male / 37

    This is long overdue. I have a sex addiction and love sex so much that I can somehow only stay faithful with a partner if she is having regular sex with me. I do feel love, but I can have sex without romantic emotions. I love it so much that if I dont have sex daily I need to look at sex or read about it or recall some of the sexual experiences I have had. When I am in a relarionship I love the person so much, but I sometimes think I wont mind sharing and swapping,her just to keep having sex regularly and so I can have more sex since I would have more partners.

    I have had at least 5 three-somes with women and one with a female and another male. I enjoy sex so much that I cannot sleep if i dont cum. I even paid morr than 50 escorts to have sex with me, some multiple times.
    I love sex and I dont want to stop loving it or having it, I just want to be safer in my sexual habits. I am also very kinky and would try everything at least once.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37


    I am a happily married man. I love my wife. She's actually really attractive. We have a good sex life. She let's me do pretty much whatever I want.

    Lately though, I want nothing more than to suck a fat dick and swallow a huge load. Even loads. I love the taste of my cum. I just want someone else's cum. I want someone with a bigger dick than mine. I cant stop thinking about it.

    When I was a teenager I sucked my best friends dick, but I didn't finish. I chickened out and he never and me try again. I still think back and loved having him in my mouth. I wish so much I would have taken his load.

    I'm not gay, but I'm sure I'm bi. I love fucking my wife, and I absolutely love the taste of her pussy and her ass hole. I just need a cock.

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    Straight Male / 53

    I found my girlfriend's college-age daughter on a professional 'soft core' porn website.

    I've known her for a long time, know what she looks like for/during all sorts of emotions, and know what her birthmark looks like.

    Wow. And there she is. A handful of 'sets' of pictures, too. It's not her 'name', but there is NO doubt that it is 'her'.

    I have spent the last several weeks searching the vast corners of the internet trying to find if there are any other sets/shoots/photos on-line, but it appears that she has only done modeling for this particular site.

    Her mom does not know, and I do not intend to tell her...nor do I intend to tell her daughter that I know.

    But I have downloaded every single picture I could find of her, and I have masturbated countless times to them. I know it's wrong. I don't care. These photos have unleashed all sorts of sexual fantasies that I never knew even existed.

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    Straight Male / 22

    I have a friend who is kind of a dick. You know how you sometimes have that one friend that you hang out with because he's part of the group but you don't really like him? Well this is that guy. He's arrogant, thinks he's smarter than everyone else and more attractive than everyone else.

    Well, anyway, recently I was on vacation with a groups of friends that included this guy and his current girlfriend. He has a lot of girlfriends. He gets bored of them and cheats on them. I recently broke up with a long-term girlfriend myself. Anyway, one night on this vacation my friend and most of the rest of the group went out and a few of us stayed back at the villa we were staying in. Everyone else had gone to bed and I found myself sitting out on the terrace talking to my friend's girlfriend. She's absolutely stunning - a petite brunette with beautiful tanned skin, long, silky hair, pert tits and a tight little ass. We had both had quite a lot of wine and she started talking about how she knew my friend had a reputation with girls and she thought he had probably cheated on her and she shouldn't let him treat her like that.

    I don't know how I had the nerve, but I said something like "well, you know, if you think he's cheated on you then you could just cheat on him" and I looked at her in a way that was supposed to make it clear that I meant she could cheat on him with me. And...

    It totally worked! She leaned over and kissed me. She came to my room with me and sucked my dick and I ate her pussy. Then I fucked her hard doggy style until I blew my load in her pussy.

    My asshole friend has absolutely no fucking clue that I pounded his girl and came in her.

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    Gay Male / 29

    I'm a proud meth junkie and p**ophile. Little boys age 0 to 10 years old are the ones that really makes me feel like I'm a sick fucker but I can't change what turns me on. Picturing a tight little boy ass wrapped around my cock makes me certain I'm doing the right thing! I've been trying to remember what it felt like to not be attracted to them but all I can picture and crave is a nice tight little boy's ass!

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    Straight Male / 47

    I just visited an adult video store. I am married to a bitch. Two of her kids have moved out, she treats our child like ahit. I cannot have a conversation with her, as ita ALWAYS INTERRUPTED with bossy bullshit.

    I would entertain an affair but I'm older now.

    I just need to move on. I miss sex and caring.

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