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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 24

    As a girl growing up I got away with everything because I had the look. I was spoiled. Then life took its turn and by the time I reached college I was too tall, too heavy, tits too small, and no one spoiled me. I took science classes for pre med but after my second chemistry class I changed career and ended up with a degree in Sociology. I was five ten, 160 pounds, A tits, big legs and ass, a far cry from my little girl life.

    I tried getting an internship but ended up working as a waitress at a bar and grill in the cool part of town, but living in the poor part of town. One of my coworkers suggested we share expenses and we rented a second story unit in a fourplex. We worked four to eleven, made little money, she has a better body, titswise anyways, but my face is prettier so I make more tips.

    Sex life zero. She is drying off and drops the towel to dry her legs and those tits caught my eye. I sit on the toilet seat and ask her to come to me and I suck on her tits. Her naked pussy is at eye level, get her permission and pushed my face into her pussy and dart my tongue in and out of her pussy. We go to my room and her legs open up and I eat her, her pussy smell driving me I crawl on her, suck her tits, go back down and finish her off.

    We don't talk about what we do, we both eat pussy, we both suck tits, we both grope and grab, we both finger, but we don't kiss. We are not queer. What we do is mutual masturbation, I masturbate her and she masturbates me. If a dick walked into my life I would spread for him in a NY minute, but dicks don't knock on my door. Sure there's Mexicans, but I would rather eat pussy than fuck a Mexican.

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    Straight Male / 49

    About 25 years ago when I (man 34) was divorced for about a year.
    I traveled home by train after a job interview, which was succesful.

    Although it was Friday afternoon, it was quiet in the train and, although there was plenty of room in the train, an older, somewhat chubby woman of (I estimate) 60 came sitting in front of me at a stop at the next station. Soon there was an animated conversation, in which I had heard her life story within half an hour. The woman was a widow and traveled home from her daughter's visit. I was a bit more reserved, but half an hour later the widow managed to find out that I was a newly divorced man, etc., etc. The conversations were so pleasant that I had already arrived at the station where I had to get out before I realized it . The widow found it very annoying that I had to get out and asked me if I wanted to travel with her to her house. On a whim I agreed because there was a very good feeling between us. The widow got out with me because I had to buy an additional ticket (that is how long ago it was)

    To shorten a long story, I went to her house with her, where she first prepared a delicious dinner for us. The widow talked unceasingly, she had a lot to tell and I listened mainly. At one point she was gone for a moment and when she came back she was dressed in a bathrobe and asked me to take a shower. Then she took me to her bedroom and there we had a great night. When we woke up late in the morning, the widow confessed to me that it is really not her habit to pick up an unknown man, but she had done it now because she felt so good with me. She was a little embarrassed, but I reassured her there was no need for shame because I felt the same way.

    After a fantastic weekend I had to go back home. I have been so stupid not to ask for her telephone number and not to note her address. A pity for the widow and a pity for me, despite the large age difference, I would have liked to have see her for a while.

    I sometimes traveled to the station around the same time on Friday, but after three times I realized that this was a pointless action. It must have been that we could mean something to each other for such a short time and I still have warm feelings about it.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    I have been an exhibitionist my whole life. I honestly don't know of a time when I didn't do it. I try to keep it sneaky and often pretend to be unaware that I'm exposing myself. This is an addiction when I was younger a therapist/councilor told my parents and I that I will eventually out grow it , that I'm sexually confused. They brought me to the ( doctor ) because there were so many people telling them that I exposed myself and had sex with men, and other students on a regular basis.
    Year's later I'm happily married and I still do it. He of course has no idea. I literally invent new ways to do it. I have had sex with other men and women so many times that I lost count. Every day my addiction seems to escalate , but I can't stop. I have a friend who is nice enough to let me do my thing while he hides and makes sure I'm safe. He is very encouraging and helpful. He keeps my special clothes for me so that my husband doesn't find out. Lately my exhibitionism has turned into sex almost every time I have done it. I know what I'm doing is wrong on so many levels. I'm the worst possible wife any man could have and I'm sorry.

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    Straight Male / 25

    So this happened last month. I live by myself in a rented house and next door is a family of 3 old mon and dad both in their 60s and their loser daughter who is 40 and still lives with them. Ill call her j, shes a big girl lol probably 5'9 and easily 230 pounds a real fat ass also not cute but she does have nice blonde hair.

    So i get home from work on a sat and shes in her front yard, i say hello and we start talking (we have spoken several times before so we are familiar with each other) and she tells me her parents are gone for the day and blah blah blah i notice shes drinking something so i ask what it is and she lights up like "oh my special daiquiri or some shit the asks if i want one, of course i do its like a million degrees why not.

    She invites me in and proceeds to whip up some drinks i hammer mine done and get a nice buzz and ask for another which she gets. At this point she sits down next to me and starts touching my leg and chest and laughing at every dumb thing i say like im the most interesting man in the world, i slowly start to realize shes super horny and hitting on my like crazy. So i start to think well maybe a blowjob or something so next time she puts her hand on my chest i slide it down to my cock.

    She looks at me and goes omg what are u doing and i was like oh my bad ill leave as i get up she says no no sit back down she leans in and starts kissing me like crazy which im not very happy about because shes fat and ugly but oh well im buzzing. Next thing i know shes blowing me like a porn star gagging spit all that i reach down her ahorts and start fingering her fat pussy which makes her cum immediately,

    Now she says she wants to fuck but im like no i dont have any condoms so she says well put it up my butt im like ehhhh ok she goes to her room and comes back with a butt plug and lube. She gets naked (not a pretty sight) and hets doggy style and i lube the plug and stick it in for a minute or so then she says im ready. So i slide my dick in her big fat ass and start banging away she going crazy rubbing her clit and cumming back to back so finally i feel myself getting ready to nut and i pull her hair as im blowing my load up her asshole it felt amazing. Unfortunately as i slide my dick out and huge blob of shit falls out and lands on the ground LOL i started cracking up but she was horrified. I told her no worries its cool and got outta there asap.

    Ive gotten 2 bjs from her since then and i intend to use her as a cumdump for the rest of the summer. But my dick will never go in any hole except her mouth from now on.

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    Lesbian Female / 27

    We were headed to a party for my girlfriend's birthday; I was running late. I quickly jumped into the shower, and put on a blouse and a pair of jeans and a blouse (no panties) and headed out to meet her.

    Throughout the party, she (21) kept touching and stroking me. I kept avoiding her advances as I didn't want her to know I didn't have panties on. She was frustrated and I could tell she was angry. It was a deadly silent ride home. She didn't say a word to me.

    We got back to my place and asked me what's up with me. I told her I wasn't in the mood and went to get changed. We got into a huge argument; she started to leave and I apologized. I kissed her, asked her not to leave. We kissed, had foreplay, and she started taking off my top. She started unbuttoning my jeans. I stopped her. She started getting upset and asked me what the hell is going on with me. I knew how she felt about me not wearing panties. I made up excuse after excuse and then she caught on.. in a stern voice, she told me to take my jeans off and warned me that I'd better have panties on underneath my jeans. I was flustered, caught; my heart stated pouring.

    I stood there, froze. I was excited and scared at the same time. I knew what was coming. She repeated herself, telling me that she wasn't going to ask a third time. I started to break as tears began to flow. I apologized. She grabbed my arm and escorted me to the bedroom. She told me to get on the bard and said to me "don't you dare move" before going into the master bath. I sat there excited, ashamed snd scared at the same time.

    After a few seconds, she came back into the bedroom. As soon as I saw the hairbrush I became mess. I sobbed, apologized, reach out to her. She was cold. She said get up and pulled me up, sat on the bed before bending me over. She started spanking me with the hairbrush. OMG those things are awful. Even with jeans on, hurt like hell. The more I moved and thrashed around, the harder she delivered the strokes. It was an out-of-body experience it hurt like a bitch but I orgasmed!. By the time she was done, which seems like an eternity, I had orgasmed several times. When she told me to get up, her jeans were wet with my cum.

    She made me apologize. Took my jeans off and stroked my blistering butt as I hugged her and sobbed. She told me how she hats to do that to me but she didn't mind reminding me of the consequences of my behaviour sometimes. She told me that if I wanted to be a slut, all I had to do was ask her. She told me to get the strap on out. She wore it. Made me suck, lick and deep throat it. That night she fucked the daylights out of me. It became the most intense night I ever had orgasm wise.

    I never told her but I read her diary, I read how much it excited her the first time she spanked me and how much I longed for it. I never told her I didn't wear panties on purpose that night because it was to have been my birthday present to her: to allow her to enjoy that experience of spanking me a second time.

    Love to all!

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    Straight Female / 20

    So I started texting my best friend whoâs over at New York. He was with his friend (whom has a crush on me) at the time to see a concert. We were texting most of the time and heâs very funny. Heâs very handsome and strong, itâs a shame his girlfriend or ex at the time treats him bad.

    When he got home, we took a small ride around his area. He took us into a private place, where no one can see us, it was a dark but visible. We relaxed, listened to some music, and then we were talked for a bit. He was a bit bummed about his ex, since she kept bothering him when he was going to New York.

    So I was honest with him, that sheâs a hoe, he deserves better, and that he is hot. It made him slightly better and he said âawe you tooâ. Saying I was gorgeous, and that he really meant it. I then blushed, and said âthank youâ and then started talking about how many guys only wanna be nice to me because they wanna smash.

    He then mentioned that whenever I wear tights, he canât help but to look. He even said he had dreams about fucking me. I was a little surprised, but kind of turned on.
    So I asked him what he did.

    He said that I was completely naked in his room. And that I blowed him, he picked me up and started thrusting into my pussy and that I was moaning. He then put me on the bed and started fucking me missionary and them cummed inside me.

    I was pretty surprised by what he said since heâs my friend and never saw him that way.

    I look down and I see that he already has a hard on. It was huge and fat, it was like 7-8 inches.

    Knowing he had a rough day, I took my shirt off revealing my breast in a white bra. He was shocked, I told him to shut up and unhook me. Then he was red, and when the bra came off I told him you can feel em and suck em. He did just that, started sucking them and massaging.

    I then got down and unzipped his pants. His dong quickly lest his trousers, it was standing straight up to the ceiling. So I grabbed it, and started licking itâs juices. He then put his hand on my rear and started feeling it. I then started blowing him, he started to finger me anally and said this is the best night and that if I could speak in my native tongue. He then gave me a slap on the rear that sounded like a snap from a fire.

    I told him to push his seat a little back and that I was going to do something special for him.

    I then got on him in his driver seat and teased his cock by rubbing my camel toe. So I then lowered my tights and panties and let him fuck my pussy. He in awe and moans and then he embraced me in his arms as he started to leave his marking by hammering it. Every time I spoke in my native language he kept going harder and faster.

    I then told him to stop and told him that he can cum inside me but only anal. So he did and wow did it hurt. Remember his cock is fat, almost like a soda bottle. And so he thrust and smacked and I screamed because of the pain. He then came inside and it was a lot, some dripped on the seat and well that was it. He drove me home, his dream came true and we still hang out, I send him mostly pics of me in my panties and I only give him blow jobs. It was still nice having some of his cum inside me as I slept.

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    Straight Male / 39

    When I was a student, I had a room in the house of a widow - she was almost sixty - who was looking for company and someone to look after. She didnât ask much for the rent, so I accepted it.

    She lived in a suburb of the city where I studied.
    I had no clue and advertisement didnât mention it and I couldnât hear it on the phone, but when I went to her house for the first time, the door was opened by a large black woman. As much as I was surprised that she was a black woman, she was as much surprised that I was a white young man.

    The first few days we were both a bit shy, but later we got used to each other and I relaxed more and more. She was a very nice woman and cooked very tasty meals. We had a lot of talks and I found out she was 14 years alone and she would be sixty in a few months (then) and she had therefore the need of some company.

    The black widow also relaxed and she didn't care if I walked into the bathroom while she was there. I mainly did it because she had huge tits that I dreamed of. She knew I was looking at them and at the glance of her eyes I saw she was amused.

    How it happened, don't ask me, because I don't remember, but one night when we said goodnight, I went with her to her bedroom and was playing in her bed with those huge tits from my black landlady. And of course we had sex, we were both a little nervous and shy, but it felt good for both.

    And it also got better and better after we found out that we were excited because the opposite of both of us. And my black landlady had to get used to my youthful enthusiasm. For example, she wasnât used to pleasing each other with tongue and mouth and protested when I asked her to trim her large gray bush (but she did). But she felt very flattered when I took her several times in succession.

    I stayed with her for six years and when I graduated and had to go back to your parents, there were many tears from her. I too felt sad.

    It is my only experience with a black woman because when I was back in my hometown I met the (white) girl of my dreams.

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    Straight Male / 42

    I have been reading these posts for quite sometime. I love them!

    I was wondering when I would get the chance to share something other than me F#ing my 24 yo GF. Which I never posted because i figured was not worthy.

    I was driving back from Columbus and stopped at Dallas Pike. I was looking for Jill's. A strip joint. I ended up at Fritz the Cat adult store. There is a "Cinema" there. Paid the $10 cover and went in. There was a guy in there in the back (it's a small room). I sat down while the porn was playing and i got up and went to where he was sitting. I started rubbing my self and took my cock out. My heart was pounding. He reached over and started stroking me. For some reason I grabbed his junk and he pulled his shorts off. I grabbed his cock and started stroking. It was short but thick and lots of precum. Another 2 guys walked in and we backed off. One guy left so we waited. The other guy was in front so finally I pulled it back out and the guy next to me got his knees and started sucking. A few minutes into it I was trying to be quiet and tell him I'm about to cum. And I did. He took it all and cleaned me off. He got up and I ran out of there quick. I can't believe that just happened. I was horny and just went in on a whim. Cant believe it happened, but glad i did. I did end up getting to Jill's and while the dancer didn't make it because of car trouble, I ended up winning $50 in their 'casino'. Good times, and I will always stop there every time i go through there.

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    Straight Male / 38

    Iâve lost my virginity to my (then future) mother-in-law (52)when I was 16.
    She wanted to "save" her daughter for marriage but was probably well aware that a 16-year-old young man could not restrain himself. During a stayover weekend at my girlfriend's house my (then future) mother-in-law came to my bedroom - I had to sleep separately - I lost my virginity but won many hot nights with her; she was a widow by the way. My stayovers increased because of it.

    When I married my girlfriend after a few years, I knew exactly how to make a woman happy in bed, my (then future) mother-in-law had taken care of that.

    By the way, after I got married my mother-in-law stopped having sex with me, I thought that was strange but she never wanted to tell me why she didn't want to do that anymore. May have had something to do with her faith.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I've been with my girlfriend for a few years but my family and parents still have no clue I'm bi. My dad and mom are quite traditional and they will not accept this. Since I had broken up with my last boyfriend, they have been rushing me to "meet someone".

    Just so they'd stop asking, I lied to them and told them I'm dating my best friend, Zack. I know Zack's had a crush on me for the longest time but I had friendzoned him. He also knew about my current girlfriend.

    Everything was fine a year until when Zack ran into my brother at the gas station. He called me after their interaction extremely confused so I had to come clean. He was nice about it and even joked about it.

    Last month, when my brother got married, Zack & I were invited as a couple. Out of nowhere, he told me that he didn't want to be my "fake boyfriend" anymore. He wanted me to be his "real girlfriend" or he would tell my family everything and about my girlfriend. He told me that he wanted to have sex "like a real couple." I was shocked. I did not want to cheat on my girlfriend but had no choice.

    So, right there in his car, outside his house, in his driveway, in the middle of the night. I let Zack have me.

    His personality changed and he became mean and aggressive, a side of him I hadn't seen before. He pulled out his already hard cock from his jeans and told me to "make it wet so I can fuck you real good." That made me feel dirty and ashamed.

    I put my mouth on Zack and started to suck on his thick, uncut dick. I swirled my tongue and went deep a lot hoping that he'd cum sooner and I wouldn't actually have to have sex him. And I sure still got it! He shot his load into my mouth and throat after several minutes of intense work. My last dick before that had been years ago.

    But Zack wasn't finished, he was just as hard as before. I had made sure to suck everything out and even gave it a good lick. He then told me to hop on and ride him. I took my shorts and panties off and did what he said. I was very tight as expected and his size made it even more challenging.

    As I was riding him, Zack was mauling my breasts and pinching my nipples. This made me wet very quickly. After a while, he started groaning again and I knew he was close. I told him that I wasn't on birth control and that he needed to pull out. But it too late because he already came. I felt a hot load filling me up inside and I could feel it slowly oozing out.

    Afterwards, he drove me home where I took a shower to get his gross jizz out of me before going to the pharmacy to get my Plan B.

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