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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 55

    The first time I remember having a sexual encounter I was probably about eight years old. We went to visit friends that lived on a farm. The 15 or 16-year-old daughter, Linda, and I went exploring. We ended up in a barn. We climbed up in the hayloft and she asked me âdo you want to touch itâ. I didnât know what she was talking about but I went along with it because I didnât want to look stupid. I said âsureâ. She was wearing a dress and she lifted the skirt part of it up and took off her panties. She took my hands and put it on her pussy and showed me how to rub it. I can still remember how her swollen pussy lips felt in my hand. I rubbed it for a while and didnât know what else to do. She just leaned back against a bale of hay and hiked her legs up in a squatting position and told me to keep rubbing. About that time I freaked out and ran out of the barn. I told my parents that she wanted to be my girlfriend because I didnât know what else to say. They kept me away from her after that. Later on as I got older I really regretted not going for it but I was just too young to know what to do. As a teenager, I would jack off thinking about her when I got older.

    My next sexual experience happened when I was probably about nine. A friend of mineâs older brother, Dave started hanging out at my house. I think he was probably about 14 or 15.I was always left unsupervised. We would play in the garage. At some point, I donât really know well, he asked me if I wanted him to suck my dick. By this time I was old enough to know what that meant and so I said yes. We climbed in the back of a closet in the garage and he gave me a blowjob. I donât remember ejaculating, I think I was too young still. Dave started coming over to the house on a regular basis and I really liked having my dick sucked in so I really enjoyed it. Of course he was always wanting me to suck his dick and I really didnât want to. He had gone through puberty and his dick was a pretty good size and I was kind of freaked about it but after getting head for several weeks I finally agreed to suck his dick in return. I remember putting it in my mouth for the first time. It was so big I ended up gagging on it and couldnât finish. Iâm sure he would have shot his load in my mouth which would have really freaked me out anyway. I donât remember why that ended up stopping but it did at some point.

    I guess getting my dick sucked it by Dave openned me up to being horny most of the time and I was getting older. I introduced my little brother to blowjobs and we would suck each others dicks pretty regularly. I was always mostly on the receiving end but by this point I had to where I enjoyed sucking dick myself. Once he hit puberty his cock wasnât now a really nice size I am I would enjoy sucking him off and he really liked getting his dick sucked regularly since he was a horny teenager. Soon as we got older, sometimes I would just suck him off and let him shoot his load in my mouth and I would just jack off later.
    Donât give me wrong, I like pussy and have a great sex life with my wife but I guess getting my dick sucked at an early age and me sucking Daveâs dick back when I was nine years old, openned me up to the enjoyment of sucking a hard cock.

    After my wife and I got married, I talked her into sucking my brothers dick. After that, we would have threesomes together and she would suck off both of us and we would spit roast her. Sometimes if my wife wasnât in the mood for threesome sex I would wait until she went to sleep and then I would get up, go in the other room and give my brother a blowjob and then sneak back to bed. She never knew.

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    Straight Female / 52

    I've been married since I was 37. I settled. My husband is a nice guy. I'd turned down several other men who were interested in marriage with me because I wasn't ready then found myself older and a little desperate and settled on the first good man who showed interest. I'd been a party girl in my twenties and my thirties were filled with casual sex the I just married the first guy who showed interest at that point in my life. Five years ago, feeling trapped and miserable, I had an affair with a man I never would have fucked in my twenties or thirties. He was a contractor and I was the proverbial lonely housewife. He showed me a lot of attention and I spread my legs for him. I thought I was in love. Then his wife found out. We had been sharing emails and he was stupid enough to leave his email open. That was a disaster. I lied and lied to my husband that it was a misunderstanding. His wife made my life miserable and her husband turned into a love struck puppy who was basically stalking me. I convinced myself that it was just a mid-life crisis and that my husband was the right man and we settle back into our normal life although he's never got over his belief that I had an affair.

    Along the way I worked a few jobs, started working out and got a breast lift. All of a sudden I was looking really attractive, a lot of men were showing attention and I was back to feeling miserable and lonely occasionally having passionless sex with my husband, a man with an average libido, average cock, no bedroom skills and a desire for me which seems to have culminated in his need to cum in me once every six weeks or so. I started avoiding sex and just getting myself off with my fantasies and a little porn occasionally. Our infrequent sex stretched to every 8 weeks or so then 10 weeks or so. He wanted more. I started drinking wine, lots of wine, so I could get through the sex with him.

    I know this sounds terrible but it's what my marriage was. It's not any different from many women. Some might argue most women who've been married for a decade or more. My husband loves me to this day for reasons I don't understand. I show no love to him, no passion and I stopped having sex with him two years ago. It's just how it is. I plan to initiate a divorce once our children are out of school.

    In the meantime, I engaged in another affair with a man I met through work. A man who I had to travel with and wait in a car with a few times. We got stuck waiting in his car for about two hours once just talking and by the time we moved on my pussy was soaked and I needed to cum hard. He had gotten to me. He wasn't trying to turn me on he just did. He's a very good looking man my age, smart and funny and very sexy. I finagled a few more occasions to be alone with him and started dropping hints. Started talking about sex, my husband not doing it for me, talked about having sex in cars a lot as a kid. He talked about how impossible it would be to have sex the the little suv we were in. I said nah we could put the seat back, I could lay back, pull up my top, pop off my bra. I stretched back sticking my tits way out simulating this and he took in an eyeful and started dropping hints about wanting to see them. He was noticeably hard. I asked if I could touch him. He said yes. I rubbed his cock through his pants until he was moaning. I played with his cock for about fifteen minutes until we had to go. I almost rubbed myself to get off. I so wanted to just dry hump his cock to get off and was hoping he'd actually fuck me then and there but he mostly just relaxed enjoying me rubbing him. But just before we got out of the car he kissed me deeply and felt up one of my tits, his hand firmly massaging it, hmm felt so good.

    That evening I slipped into the showed and got myself off three times. I was horny all the time thinking of him.

    The next time we were alone he wasn't saying anything. I told him I wanted to have sex with him, to have an affair. He turned me down. He is married. he felt terribly guilty about what had happened before. I was crushed. I didn't want to let it go. I explained that all I wanted was sex and that his wife would never find out, that I would be very careful. He said he couldn't and that was that.

    Until six months later when he had to stop by my house when I was home alone. I gave it one more shot. I showed him around the house, ending in my bedroom. I dropped hints about how I ended in the bedroom just in case. He brushed it off and we went downstairs. I was so disappointed but I sat on a love seat and had him join me. I'd worn a top that really showed off my tits because I knew he liked them. I kept letting my breast next to his hand scr**e against it, or would lean forward pressing against it. He never moved his hand so I knew he liked it. He made a joke about giving it a squeeze. I said I wish you would and he did. He sat there rubbing and squeezing like I had done to his cock that time in the car. I was really enjoying it. I reached over and rubbed his cock and stroked it through his pants. He was rock hard. He took off my top, expertly unfastened my bra, and attacked my tits, he loved them. I kept playing with his dick. He tried to rub my pussy through my pants. At first I didn't let him but I finally gave in. He made me cum three times just by rubbing me until I pushed his hand away. I tried to get him to fuck me but he resisted. He was happy at what we did but sex would be too much he said. he ended up leaving with a still hard cock. I couldn't understand how he was able to do that.

    Two more sessions like that and I was resigned to the fact that he'd never actually fuck me. On the third time though, he unbuttoned my pants and stripped me. The he went to eat me out. No man had eaten me out since I was single. I resisted his effort, I felt self conscious about it. I just wanted his dick inside me not that. I'd never been with a man who did more than make me feel uncomfortable getting oral and just wasn't into it. But he kept trying and eventually I let my legs relax and he spread me and kissed his way up my thighs to my pussy and then stopped. He was looking me over, taking in my pussy. He used his fingers to spread open my lips while he examined it closely. I felt like I was being inspected but the he started licking, and sucking and he was amazing. He did things to my clit and things with his fingers no man had ever done. He made me cum so many times I lost count. When I was done I could hardly breath. Then to my shock he rolled me onto the floor, pulled out his cock and fucked me doggie style. I was shocked he was actually fucking me. It was a great fuck, he started slow then worked up to a fast hard ball slapping fuck that made me cum hard one more time before he finished inside me. I was worried about pregnancy but it was ok.

    Again we got together. He ate me out again and used his fingers so well I was like a wanton slut gyrating my pussy on his socked fingers and hand making myself cum over and over. When I recovered I got aggressive and pulled his cock out. I wanted to suck him off so bad. He had given me such good oral I really needed to return the favor. I had never been much on giving head. I never got into it beyond getting a guy hard enough to fuck. I wasn't into it enough to do the work needed to make a man cum from it. Early on I found out how much work it takes and it wasn't an interest of mine.

    Well this time I wanted to really pleasure this guy. I settled in and low and behold he was uncircumcised. I've never seen a guy outside of a picture or porn who was. I was a little taken aback having never thought I'd like an uncut dick but here it was in my face attached to a man I desperately wanted to please. Now it was my turn to inspect and examine. I stopped and looked at it, moved it around taking it in from all angles then slowly played with the skin which ended up just rolling down exposing his head after which it looked just like any other cock. It was nice and long and thick and so fucking hard. I licked and sucked then sucked like I've never sucked before. I tried, I really tried to make him cum. My poor jaw was hurting and I was running out of steam. It felt like he was going to cum a few times but then he just relaxed like the orgasm hadn't taken which is a feeling I know only too well. To be so close then lose it is the story of my marriage. I kept going trying but then he slid two fingers inside me and began massaging the inside of my pussy. I was dripping again and cumming so hard I had to stop sucking. He rolled me around and on top of him to kiss and I just reached back, grabbed his dick and slid it into me. Fuck it I though I'm going to make him cum one way or the other. I rocked back and forth on his cock until he began thrusting in time with me and now he was into it, moaning and moaning (I love when a man moans) and finally he came, fuck I felt so much satisfaction when he started grunting and cumming.

    We cuddled afterward and that was the last time we fucked. I started getting real feelings and he was a mess with guilt and as luck would have it, six months went by before I was alone with him again. I tried a few tricks to get him going but he insisted he couldn't. The guilt was always too much for him. I never felt any guilt whatsoever but he did. I didn't understand it figuring he could fuck me whenever he wanted and it wouldn't affect his marriage at all but he still was done. I hated it and was depressed over it but eventually saw that it's what he needed. A few months ago, alone with him again, I behaved and guess what. He didn't. He was dropping signals that he was interested but this time I resisted. He was never all in so I figured if I got aggressive and fucked him he'd disappear again. I let it go. I still would love to fuck him every chance I could but that's it. He's happy with his wife and I'm unhappy with my husband who I haven't had sex with in two years now. I am hoping to meet another man I can see on the side to get me to my divorce which yeah sounds terrible. The problem is this guy was one of a kind. No man has pushed my buttons like he did.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    My girlfriend and I have a very open sexual relationship. She is already bi and we have invited other girls that she has picked over to fool around. We have been discussing having another man over and she has asked me more than once if I will do stuff with the guy. Her perspective is that If she's willing to go down on another woman, why can't I be willing to go down on another man.

    Anyway, I think that I'm going to do it. I know I said bi-sexual male, but this will be my first time.

    So, ladies...or men. What is it like sucking a dick? I get to have some say in who it will be. Should I go young or older; big or little dick. should I asked them to groom themselves first etc etc etc.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I have my bou friend and we work on same office. We had christmas party and me and my bf went together. When we reached the venue, everyone was drunk so we grabbed a couple of drinks and were enjoying our night. Then i went to dance floor and while i was dancing there was this one girl from other deparment of my office who was drunk but was being near to me. And at one point she tried to kiss me and then i ignored her. After the party, we along with some of our colleagues went to club and then we were all drunk and the girl was there at club as well. She was hitting on me since no one knows about my bf and my relation so i decided to just get along with it. I always wanted to have threesome or have some girl lick my pussy but I had never shared this with my bf. So i decided to talk to him and he agreed since he dint want to disappoint me.
    So we three decided to head over home. On way to the place, the girl tried to kiss me but i dint want that instead i flashed her my pussy and showed her way to itðð. She then tried to touch it and gently massage my pussy. When we reached home, bf went to freshen up and the slutty bitch and I were in room. I was horny as fuck so i undress myself and her as well and then gave her my pussy to eat it out. She really liked my pussy i guess so she was licking like she didn't have one in a while. I really felt good and was grinding her face onto my pussy and arse. Then my bf came inside the room and seeing us at that position he simply undressed himself and began to suck my titties. I am busty girl and my bf liked my titties more than any thing.
    As I was all wet, so my bf put his dick inside me and started to stroke me deep and hard. I was moaning with all pleasure and seeing that the girl was arousing and fingering herself. I grabbed her tities and sucked it while my bf was pounding me with his straight thick dick. After some time, my bf came and then i told him to lick her and he did as I said.
    I sat on her face when my bf licked her. I love facesitting so I was rubbing my pussy on her face and she was asking for more of it. My bf knew i am squirter so he told me to give my pussy juice to both of them. So i lie on bed and both of them were eating my pussing... One was fingering me and other was touching my clit with tongue. And after some time, i squirted like never before.
    My bf dnt take all of the squirt most of the time. But the girl licked me until i was clean.
    So i thgought of returning the favor, then i fingered her pussy and clit and did her until she came.
    My bf had already fell asleep by then but i was still horny so we went to the living room and i put her on couch and then face fuck her until she couldn't breath more and then squirted again.
    After that we went to sleep. The next morning, when my bf and I woke up, the girl had already left. We never saw her at the office but i got to know she was working in some other branch of our office and had came for some client meetings and attended the party.

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    Straight Male / 40

    So I am a 40 year old man who likes to wear women's clothes in public. The is almost no way without a ton of makeup and a few dozen razor blades that I could ever pass as a woman so I don't try to. I generally will wear women's jeans, tops, & shoes. Nothing too outrageous, but if you look it is obvious that I am wearing women's clothes. Today I was dressed in these amazing cropped skinny cargos with a back zipper at the cuff. Also a woman's 3/4 sleeve black ribbed crew neck sweater and a pair of side zip white quilted high tops.

    I went to a Cirilla's across town which is a toy/lingerie store and started looking at the woman's lingerie. The woman working there asked me if I need help and for the first time ever, I said yes. She asked if I knew what I was looking for and if it was for myself. I told her I am not sure what I want but it is for me. We started going over some things and she pulled a few pieces and invited me to try them on. On our way to the dressing room, she asked me if this was for a special occasion . I told her no, that I was a closet dresser and my wife wanted nothing to do with this side of me. We started talking about that and then her life as a sub. We literally spent about 45 minutes just talking. She was so interesting and nice. Finally the phone rang so she went one way and I went the other to the dressing room. After trying on 6 or 7 items I narrowed it down to two. I brought those out and asked her which she thought I should get. She actually asked me to try them on for her. I enjoy exhibitionism as well so I jumped at the chance. I went back to the dressing room and put on this little black chemise. I called her over and was standing there in lingerie and my own black satin panties for the first time ever in front of somebody else. She said she liked in but wanted me to try on the pink one. She started to leave and I told her she has already seen everything so she might as well stay. I tried the pink one on. She came over and adjusted the straps for me and told me she loved it and I should definitely get that one. I got dressed and we both walked to the front of the store and I bought the pink one. I still have butterflys in my stomach and this was 4 days ago.

    I plan on going back to try on some more and am already planning my wardrobe. I may wear black seamless sheer pantyhose with a thong, a pair of black leggings with a sweater with lacy sleeves and a really cute pair of t-strap flats. Or maybe some slacks with with 2" heeled mary janes and a wrap around striped blouse with a lace cami underneath. Or instead of slacks, white jeggings that totally show panty lines and are nearly sheer - they leave nothing to the imagination. There is just too much to choose from! I know I want to be more feminine than I was the other day. I feel safe there and would eventually like to wear a skirt or dress in public for my first time ever.

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    Straight Female / 25

    Is there such a thing as a weekend lesbian. I am asking because for the last several months my best friend and I have been getting together on weekends. We work and live on opposite sides of town now so we talk all week and rush to get together on the weekend. And oh does it feel so good to wrap my arms around her.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I have a boyfriend against the advise of just about everyone. The main complaint is that I am number 51, I am not the only one. Of course I am 23 and in love. We went on a long weekend to Aruba. In Aruba we meet this woman who was traveling with her daughter. My boyfriend takes the girl up to our room and has sex with her. She is legal in Aruba but she wasn't experienced in any way. Imagine how naïve this girl was? The mother gets angry of course, my boyfriend tells the mother to grow up, he tells the girl that she is just about the best he's had and tells me that is what he likes, nice, young, firm and hot.

    The next morning we are having breakfast and the woman and the girl come down. He immediately walks over to the girl and asks her to come sit with us. She doesn't know whether to go with her mother or follow my boyfriend so I get up and tell him to leave her alone and to come back and sit down. He does and he brings the girl is with him, leaving her mother standing there by herself. So I ask the mother to join us. We go snorkeling and he has the girl come with us, we go sit by the pool and the girl sits by the pool, he takes her up to the room for a nap. When I get up to the room the bed is a mess and their clothes are on the floor and they are naked on the bed.

    Now this is my confession. I like naked girls, I have always liked naked girls. From the time I was nine and ten I liked naked girls. I crawled on the bed and opened her legs and ate her and after a couple of minutes she let me. I was once this girl, young and firm and hot and my boyfriend took me and had sex with me and then let his girlfriend have sex with me. I love having sex with a girl, especially after she has had sex with him. I like young and firm and hot. That is why we go to Aruba.

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    Straight Female / 32

    My husband and I have a group of married friends with a lot in common. Our age, kids, and financial statis is similar. We get together for hangouts often. The kids usually play away from the adults so we drink booze and have conversation. The guys suggested we start menâs night out and ladies night out. The wives were against this idea but we all agreed to give it a try. The guys did it several times. We spied them to make sure they were innocent enough. The men basically went to a sports bar, get drunk, watch sports, and tell big stories. We decided to give a ladies night out a try. We went to a dance lounge on ladies night. Plenty of men are willing to dance with us. I had only had any kind of sex with my husband. After a couple of drinks I really started enjoying the men feeling and groping my body. After another drink I danced some more. This guy put his hand up my skirt on the dance floor and I almost orgasmed. He took me outside to his truck and we had sex like 2 high school kids. My friends were offended because of what I did. A couple of months later we had another ladies night out. I promised to control myself. I was chosen as the designated driver. I still enjoyed having my body groped but I didnât have sex with anyone. I thought one of our friends was going to have sex but we decided she was to drunk to know what she was doing so we left for our homes. I took the drunkest friend home last. I had to go get her husband to help me get her inside their home. We kept quiet to not awake the kids. We put her in bed. He asked about our night out and I explained how we enjoyed it. Her husband asked if I behaved like last time. I knew then she must have told him. He came on to me and I didnât resist. We had sex on a play mate in the play room. I found out what my friend had been getting all these years. He is well endowed and very sexually talented. I had never had that many orgasms during sex with my husband. I had never been sore after sex before that night. I donât know if my lady friends found out what I did that night but we havenât had any more ladies night out. I decided I must have over enjoyed ladies night out and my friends decided it was better to not have anymore. My husband either doesnât know how I behaved or isnât offended by what I did.

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    Straight Male / 31

    I love having sex with women and love all about them; including their bitchiness. But I have always loved the feel of cum.

    So when I was younger I had a roommate in college who was gay and on a drunken night he asked me if he could suck my dick. I was totally fine with it and he gave me a good sucking. When I was about to cum he asked me to cum on his dick to which I also had no problem. As I finished my self off and started cumming on his dick, he just rubbed my cum all over his dick and masturbated with it. I remember as it was yesterday the feeling of seeing him rub all my cum on his dick and getting very excited and hard and making him cum hard. I asked him if next time he could cum on my dick cause i wanted to see how if felt like.

    Skip a few weeks and I was coming back to our apartment from football practice. My roommate was in bed with this guy whom i've never seen before and they were kissing, touching, rubbing them selves and playing with their cocks. This for some reason turned me on and got an instant hard on. I undressed and wrapped a towel and went to his bedroom via the connecting bathroom. I was gonna tell him i was gonna take a shower, but really wanted to see all of this up close. As I entered the room and about to say i was gonna take a shower, I saw that both of their dicks were rubbing against each other. I was so turned on that i just said can i watch? and, to my surprise the other guy said join us! with that said I walked right up to the bed and my room mate grabbed towel and took it off. He grabbed my hard dick and pulling from it drew me in. So here i was in a triangle formation with my roommate and his friend rubbing their dicks on mine. I have to tell you that all of this was new to me, but got me very excited and horny. I wanted to cum so bad, but I held it as i didn't want to seem to eager or over excited. My room mate asked me if I wanted to feel cum on my dick, and I said yes. He laid me down on the bed and got between my legs and stroked his dick with mine. His friend was to the side trying to get in the action when I hear him moan and lets a fucking huge load of cum spurt from his cock and covers both my room mates and my dick in hot cum. All our dicks are very slippery now with cum and just makes it more intense and not even 30 seconds and I feel my room mate cumming on my dick while still rubbing both of us. seeing and feeling all this cum on my cock is to much for me so I start cumming myself. My room mate is still rubbing on my hard dick lathered in cum and his friend has started to suck both or dicks and licking cum.

    So that is how my fetish started. Now, I go to some places where men Jerk of in the company of other men and I always ask them to cum on my cock. The feel of warm cum on my cock is something i Love.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    After a lot of denial I came to accept my daughter is a slut. My wife and I had lots of "meet my new boyfriend" moments since she hit puberty and it seems she's always looking for something ahe can't find in them.

    Now, don't expect me to write "I think she's looking for bigger cocks than they have", or "I want to do her". I'm not that kind of parent. My confession is about her boyfrinds and how I decided they'd have to "pay" to date her. Needless to say, a lot more guys went in and out of her life after I applied this "policy".

    But not Josh (not his real name). At 23, he's doing well in college and they both want to marry. Josh is a nice guy and knew what I meant when I told him I "charged" to date my daughter. He never rejected my methods and seems to enjoy the friendship we started.

    The first time my daughter brought him to dinner, I asked him to go buy some beer with me so we could talk about his intentions with her. We went to the store and I took a little shortcut on our way back. It was an old dirt road that crossed a large forest area. I stopped there and started telling him how I'd charge him to date her.

    "Josh, do you intend to make her suck on your little dick? Don't act surprised, we all do it. But do you want her to do it?". He was out of words. "Sir, these are things that all couples do sometimes", he managed to say between one facial spasm and another. "Josh, I know you'll have her suck as much as I know you'll want to fuck her pussy. We're all grown-ups here. Maybe, just maybe you'll want to fuck her ass - it's natural. But it has a price, Josh, a price you'll have to pay to me if you want to fuck my daughter".

    & quot;What is it, sir?", he asked almost crying. "Now Josh, hear me well and hear me good because I won't repeat my terms. If you want to kiss her, you'll have to jerk me off; if you want to fuck her mouth, you'll have to jerk and suck me off; if you want to fuck her pussy, you'll have to swallow my cum. Now, if you want to fuck her ass, you'll have to let me fuck your ass. Those are my terms to gain my approval to make my daughter your slut. Take it or I'll take you back to my home just to say goodbye to her".

    He thought for a few minutes. "I kissed and will kiss her again today, so... I'll jerk you off, sir". I was glad and amazed that he'd be so cool with it. "Ok, Josh, but... Sooner or later you'll want to do more with her and so I prefer to do it all with you right now." I was as hard as a rock when he reached for my cock. I took it off my pants and it sprung to life. "I want you to jerk me exactly how you want her to jerk you, come on".

    I didn't need to ask him to suck me, he just wrapped his mouth around my cock. "Is it the way you want her to do it, Josh?"; he mumbled "yes". "Get out of the car, take your clothes off and lean against the car with your back to me." His cock was hard when he took his pants off. "Here's where I'll fuck you the way I want, Josh." Lubbed my cock and his ass and started to push it in. He screamed every time I went a little further in. "C'mon, Josh, give it to me! Make me feel like your man and stop being so uptight. Let me all in, faggot!" He tried, but even then my cock was too big and hard for him. The tightness of his ass made me cum rivers inside him and I really enjoyed his screams every time my cock twitched and squirtrled inside him.

    We got back home. "Sorry we took so long, the supermarket was packed, I told my wife. "Sweetie (I looked at my daughter), I just want to say that I think Josh will be a very good boyfriend. We had a really hard talk and he understood there's a price he's willing to pay to date you." My daughter and wife laughed, thinking it was a joke. Josh and I knew it wasn't. "I'll pay it anytime I'll need, sir, it'll be my pleasure"

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