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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    I had my first sex at 15. I fucked my male friend in his ass. He asked for it and I gave it. After that he let me do it a few times, and a few times I didn't give him a choice. I needed to cum and I used his ass to do it. Then after a couple of years I found a girl who would let me fuck her and I stopped fucking my friend. I had a few girls in the interim years, and after college got married, got a job where I traveled and had kids. My old friend, the one I used to fuck in his ass was now totally gay but not out of the closet. In my travels I'd frequent whores, or bar sluts, sometimes when not able to find a willing girl, or one not so willing, I would resort to gay guys. I would try in clubs, adult porn stores, video arcades etc. I could always get a guy who was willing to suck my cock or take it up his ass. I even found a few friends in other cities that I visited a lot, who I would stay with and fuck in their ass and mouth like the guy was my wife.

    All the while I continued very happily fucking my wife and the occasional bimbo. I love a womans pussy, love eating them, fucking them, kissing them. I do make it mandatory that any woman I fuck more than just a one time thing, must take it up her ass. I love anal sex, in males or females. To me fucking a butt is fucking a butt. The big difference is that I don't kiss guys, just fuck them. I do anything with women, but with men I let them suck me or I fuck them. Very rarely, early in my traveling days I tried sucking, but never let one cum in my mouth, and never would allow a guy to kiss me, except in a few circumstances where the guy was very convincingly dressed like a woman. That changed about a month ago. I met Tom and while I've see bigger cocks, his was 9" long and modestly thick, nothing gigantic though. However; it was the most beautiful cock I'd ever seen. I don't know why and can't explain it but I sucked it and he was the first to cum in my mouth. He is a fantastic fuck, and loves getting fucked, he sucks really well also. He was the second guy I fucked in the city where I live with my wife and kids. The first a drunken one off, Tom is one I've kept seeing over and over again. I finally let him try to fuck me, it was difficult and slightly painful, but when he had about 4 inches into me, I looked him in the eye and wrapped my legs around his ass and jerked him all the way inside me. He held still for me to get used to it and I started squeezing my ass muscles and realized I could massage his cock inside me. He shot off without moving his cock at all. I got my first cumload in my ass without actually getting fucked. Much to my surprise, while he was cumming I pulled his head to mine and let him tongue kiss me. It felt wonderful. I could feel every rope of his cum shooting, just as it had done in my mouth many times. He recouped, and gave me a proper fucking for over 20 minutes and shot again.

    I wish I wouldn't have missed this feeling for so long. I plan to make up for it though. I love getting fucked in the ass, and I love fucking asses. Not I'm completely anal, and completely bi !

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    Straight Female / 18

    I'm 4'6" tall, long dark hair, big 36dd breasts, hairy muffer and a big bottom, statistics 36dd 30 38. My friends say i'm pretty but I don't see it. I would be happy submitting to a bastard of a man as long as he loved me. I sit at home rubbing my clit night after night fantasing about rough sex. I know I shouldn't but I can't help myself. Another theme is masterbating in a shop window whilst a group of men cum on the glass. Another is to be forced to take a strangers cock bareback doggy style being impaled as he pulls my hair and smack my bum. Got to go dads just come home. xxxxxxxxx

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    Straight Female / 22

    This fall my family went in a hiking trip. My dad invited his good old friend Mike to the trip since they both enjoy fishing. My mom also invited some of her friends. A few of us went hiking and of course some people got off track and stayed behind. I stopped by to gaze and take a few pictures of myself on the views. I turn around and everyone is gone but I see mike behind me a good block away. I decide to wait for him because it was starting to get a little dark. We walked back and began to chat but suddenly got lost again. We decide to sit on a near bench to call someone but we lost signal and Mikes phone was dead. I was wearing pretty provocative clothing. A tight black crop trip and a mini skirt with sandals. I notice mike begins to sit closer to me and closer. He keeps gazing at my body and I start to feel weird. I notice his penis gets enlarged under his shorts. He asks me about my sex life and my boyfriend. Idk why but I start getting pretty horny. He leans and we start making out super sensual. We were both really horny at the momement. I start moaning as the makeout gets more intense and I sit on top of mike and omg I feel his penis come in contact with my vagina. Mike is 57 and Iâm 22. He slides a finder down my clit and all my juices were out so he slides another one and moves lower and lower and penetrates me with two fingers in my whole. I start screaming like a wild creature and pull my breast out. Mike couldnât take it anymore and got nude then I got nude as well. Few seconds later were fucking pretty hard and intense. Iâm riding him in the middle of the woods fully nude. I keep fucking mike so good and hard. The chemistry was so fucking delicious that we lost track of time. We got dressed and walked back but we both knew it wasnât over. We made a second stop near our destination and mike open my legs and starts fucking me again. He came inside me and I got real dirty. I told my parents I wanted to go to sleep so i could shower. At night we sneaked off and had sex again. Long story short I fucked this man 5-6 times in a period of 12 hours without no one noticing. Good think Iâm on birth control because he came inside me every time. Iâll never tell my boyfriend this but Mikes penis and my vagina had an outstanding wet experience

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    Straight Male / 33

    I constantly fantasize about my gf getting fucked by a bunch of black cocks just thinking of her getting filled in every hole gets me so fucking hard and how much I know shed love it letting them all pump her with cum one after another

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    Straight Female / 42

    I can't recall how it happened but my son, Tony, grew up with Jim, a fellow who is simply a knock-out to look at. He is masculine and has a heart and brain. He was there to help carry my husband's coffin at his funeral a few years ago and eventually, Tony told Jim that I needed sexual relief. I have no idea how he knew it because I never told him but there it was.

    Eventually, we were together at my home for dinner and Jim started making love to me. I just let it all happen even if Tony was watching. It has now happened a number of times and Tony is sometimes on the side watching. I know he masturbates later but I also know that while I am fucking his friend, it will never happen with Tony.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I call myself a bi-sexual male because of how my sexual interest have changed over the years. All through my teens and young adulthood I saw my self strictly as a heterosexual male. I did have the occasional gay fantasy, but I simply thought it was normal for most guys and that they just never spoke of it.
    I can pinpoint the two situations that triggered my interest in cock. The first was when I was 12. I had a paper route and one of my customers was a male shut in. To this day I don't know why because he certainly seemed normal health wise. Because he was a shut in I would have to knock on his door to hand him his paper. The first few times it was no big deal. Then he started opening the door in his robe. About two or three weeks later he was still answering in his robe, but he was leaving it open and he was always naked underneath. He must have noticed my shock the first time he did it. He had the biggest cock I had ever seen anywhere. I mean it was abnormally large. I thought maybe that's why he's a shut in. Maybe he's got some horrible condition that caused his dick to get that big. Hey what you want? I was only 12. Every month I would have to collect his bill. I would go inside and he would be sitting on his chair with his robe open and that huge cock staring right at me. He never made any attempt to cover up.
    The next incident was with a buddy of mine. We were 15 maybe 16. He was telling me about his latest girlfriend and how she complained about his cock being so big it actually hurt her. I laughed out loud and said yeah right. That's when he pulled it out and asked if I thought it was big. Big? It was fucking huge. His was as big if not bigger than my paper route customer.
    As time went on and I started having gay fantasies they always revolved around huge cocks. Every once in a while I would have a fantasy about my paper route customer. He would be sitting there in his chair with his robe open and his huge cock standing at attention. He would ask me to hand him his check book from the counter. Just as I went to give it to him he would grab his drink and ask me to put it on his side table. I would have to lean across his chair to set it down. As I brought my hand back I accidentally brushed it across the top of his cock. That's when he would look up at me and say, "Have you been wanting to feel that since you saw it? I saw the look on your face the first time you looked at it." With that he would guide my hand to his cock. He places my hand on his cock and tells me to stroke it. I stroke him for a few minutes and then get frightened and pull my hand back. He laughs and says, "You liked that didn't you?" I even had a few fantasies about my buddy.
    I moved on, got married, had a couple of kids, but never got those images and fantasies of huge cock completely out of my mind. After several years of marriage my wife left me for another man. No boohooing on my part. Believe me the woman did me a huge favor. She was a nightmare to live with.
    After being on my own again after so many years, I let myself freely fantasize about men and big dicks. I actually started buying gay magazines. Sneaking out in the middle of the night to visit the adult book stores was almost as exciting as masturbating to them. I finally convinced myself I had to suck cock for real just to see if I liked it as much as my fantasies said I did.
    I started visiting the local gay spots. The first time a guy went home with me and I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth, I knew all my fantasies were right. I really liked it.
    That was over twenty years ago. I am married again and live as a heterosexual man. When the opportunity presents itself I still secretly engage in gay activities. My second wife cheats on me to, but not for the same reasons as my first. I think. She has never wanted to leave me for another man. She did have a two year affair and when he tried to get her to leave me, she dumped him. I think she just likes the attention. The reason I am ok with her cheating, even though she thinks I don't know, is I understand the desire for cock. Who am I to deprive her?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Don't get me wrong, I like sex. However, I love sucking tits the most. It's all I ever think about. Sure fucking is fun, but I always have an urge to suck some sexy tits. I will give up sex if it meant I could suck all the tits I want. Okay, maybe not that drastic, but that's how much I love it. Big, small, doesn't matter. It's even hotter when she gets herself off or makes me rub her to orgasm while sucking her tits.

    I know it's weird to admit. I don't know why I am like this, but I just can't help it.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    Well, here goes. I am a waitress in a popular diner since old Fred, the cook/owner, is good. My face is average and o save time an money my sister cuts my hair into a short boy's style. What I know I have is shapely T&A and have had it for a good ten years so I began to get hit on early.

    Fred is now around 51 but hung. He is not a handsome guy but rugged looking. I know men are intimidated because all his has to do is to give loud customers "he stare" and they shut right up. I'm sort of addicted to Fred's fucking, not just his hard, thick cock but what he does with it. He started fucking me the first week I started work. We have a long day and two male waiters and three females. They have all fucked me. Fred knows I put out but the only proviso is that I don't do it during work hours or with customers. He is the exception of course, and fucks me often during the day sometimes when he is very when his wife is having her period.

    One of the other girls, Belle, screws around like I do but she made the mistake of Fred's taboo, no customers. He does not know about it and I hope he never finds out because she eats me out so well I almost pass out. In earlier times, I would have been called a "slut" but now, frankly, so many are fucking that names like that are silly. Today, a sex encounter with a co-worker here, is like taking a cigarette break used to me. Today no one here smokes but they certainly fuck a lot.

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    Straight Female / 44

    Even after over 15 years of marriage you don't completely know the person you're married to. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it can actually bring excitement back in to your relationship.
    We have a pretty close group of friends and acquaintances. Like any social group, some people get along while others don't.
    There is a guy John, that is notorious for picking up different women all the time. Especially married women. He and my Husband Kris aren't friends but they've never had a quarrel either.
    Although he hit on most of us regularly, it still came as a surprise when one day my best friend Sarah confessed that she had gotten drunk one night. Her husband left her at the club with her friends to go to a cigar bar with his friends. She was pissed, (this was a regular occursnce), so when John came on to her that night, she went back to his house and fucked him. Her husband still doesn't know, but in my opinion her husband is an asshole anyway. Even though he's friends with Kris.
    So after making Kris promise, promise, promise, promise he would never tell Mike (Sarah's husband), I told him. I thought Kris was going to have some nasty things to say, but instead he seemed more interested in me. Asking is if he'd ever tried anything with me. So I came clean about how John hits on me and had tried to kiss me a couple times. Kris got really turned on by it all, bringing it in to the bedroom.
    Finally after a couple weeks, Kris got up the nerve to ask me if I'd ever have sex with John. At first I thought there was no way. But he is attractive and there is no chance of him getting attached. So I began to consider it. Kris was serious, he
    wanted me to think about it.
    One evening we were all at the club again. One of our favorite hang outs. As usual, Mike wanted to take of and go hang out with just the boys. This time I told Kris to go ahead and go with them. Which he occasionally did anyway, just not all the time like Mike. As soon as the husbands were gone John began heavily flirting with Sarah, Sandy (another friend) and myself. I told Sarah I wanted a chance to be naughty too. She asked if she should tell John I needed a ride home? And with that I found myself in John's car heading to my house, doubting and thinking of all the ways I was going to blow him off when we got there. Only I didn't.
    I invited him in for a drink that never got poured.
    We began kissing as soon as we got in the front door. He immediately lifted my shirt off and undid my bra like a pro. He told me that he had been dying to play with "these
    delicious boobies" as he kissed and sucked on my nipples. He kept
    commenting on how beautiful they are
    and he how much he loves my big nipples and tan lines.
    I began having second thoughts and started to pull away, but John expertly told me that I deserved this and I just needed to relax. I let him unbotton my jeans and slide his hand in to my panties. He had me on the edge of cumming then stopped to lay me down and peel the rest of my clothes off. He dove in between my legs face first and gave me oral like I e never experienced before. I came three times. I pulled his pants off and was surprised to see that he is actually pretty small. But I was too horny to really care at that moment and went down on him. He didn't let me stay down there too long, before he pulled me up. Before I could even finishing thinking, OK we're really doing this, he had a rubber on and inserted
    himself in to me. At first I was in a state of delirium, I couldn't believe this was happening. I came out of the sheer thrill. I hadn't
    experienced this feeling since
    before I was married.
    Somewhere along the way, John rolled me over on to my stomach and whispered that he wanted to do butt stuff.
    I was taken aback and must have began to ramble, because he asked me if I had ever done that before.
    The truth is, not since I was a teenager.
    He just ignored my rambling, and rubbed lube between my cheeks. (Lube which he coincidentally had in his pants pocket along with his rubbers). I just lay there as he inserted his finger in my butthole. He pulled his condom off and I let him fuck me in the ass. He reached around and played with my clit as he did me from behind, bringing me to orgasm one final time as I felt him unload in my ass.
    We just lay there panting for a while. He was massaging my boobs.
    We heard a car door.
    I don't know why I panicked, but I said Shit that's my husband.
    John started running around full speed gathering his clothes up, I went in to the bathroom and washed up and just put on a robe.
    I was coming out of the bedroom as John was leaving and he ran in to Kris coming in.
    Kris said, Oh! Why are you here.
    John just said, I just gave the Mrs. A ride home and made sure she got in safe.
    Then he bolted out the door.
    Kris came in and just looked at me knowingly, with a smirk on his face.
    He looked over toward the corner of the bedroom and said, Your guest forgot a sock.
    Then he looked at me and said, Did you?
    I opened up my robe and flashed him. He didn't even ask anymore questions. We had sex for hours.
    After that night, every time we go somewhere and see John, It makes Kris super horny.
    Kris later showed me this site and talked me in to posting this story.
    At first I was reluctant, because I've seen some of the judgmental stuff posted here. Also because I didn't want people to find out because of what they might think. But like Kris pointed out, everybody knows I had a fling with John. They just think that Kris doesn't know.

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    Straight Female / 19

    I let this guy from my work fuck me in a cheap motel after the Christmas party. He is married, 42 yrs old, 4 kids, and he wants to take me to a hotel party new years eve and fuck me more. I've let him fuck me 2 evenings this week, after work, in the same cheap motel. I don't want to fuck a married man, I attribute the first time to being so drunk and he is very good looking with a super tight body despite his age. I've always had an attraction to him for some reason, he's as old as my Dad though. Once we got naked at the motel, I wasn't sure about doing it. Not sure I could, he has a really big one. I mean soft it was about 8 or 9 inches long, and a couple of inches thick. I've only let 2 boyfriends fuck me and they had nothing like this. I also had 1 one night stand who was a little bigger than my boyfriend at the time but not like Tom from the office. I was actually afraid of Toms cock. When sucked he got probably over 10 inches long and was about as thick around as a soda can is.

    He had thought in advance and brought some lube. I had no idea why he stopped at the store, I told him I was on birth control he didn't need a condom. With lube, and about 20 minutes he was inside me and slowly fucking me. I shuddered and came within 5 minutes of that, and did so again 3 times the last was at the same time I felt his sperm shooting inside me. He went another time before we left the motel.

    I'm addicted to his huge, but married cock. I don't know what to do. I've only cum occasionally from having sex, I usually have to do it myself, but he licks me down there and I orgasm so fast, and his cock is unlike anything I've ever felt. I've never seen a guy who could cum that much too, it just pours out of me. When he's in me I feel totally full to the max, and when he's out of me, all I can think about is being so empty and wanting him to fill me again. This huge thing that scared me is now all I think about.

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