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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 18

    Kinda been wanting to get this out for a while. Can't tell any of my bffs. So here goes.
    This past Saturday was my 3rd year in a row I did a special kind of Christmas party. You'll probably hate me. Was a party at a retirement place. If any guys wanna chat I'll be on chatiw. Look 4 partysara

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    Straight Female / 18

    I am 17 and have a 21 year old boyfriend. We've been having sex for almost 3 months. I was lying on my stomach in bed a few weeks ago with him and he was in and out of me having sex. I like it from behind. Then with no warning, nothing, he just shoved it into my butt. I've never had anal and never wanted it. I tried to shake him off but he held me down and kept doing it. It hurt so bad that I couldn't stand it. He finished pretty quickly and pulled out. He was actually laughing that he'd gotten me in my butt. The pain was still with me, but I had to go to the toilet and I got up. He smacked me very hard on one cheek leaving his hand print on my backside. He wouldn't let me leave and did it to me two more times that night before he finally let me go. The only times he let me leave the bed was after his second time shooting inside me I went to the toilet because I squirted a bit of poo out on the bed mixed with his sperm. He kept telling me it was better than my vagina as it was tighter and he didn't have to use a condom most of the month. The other time was after the toilet and he told me to go into the kitchen totally naked and fix some food. He has no curtains in there and several of his neighbors saw me naked. Then I had to go back for his third time.

    I didn't answer him for a few days but when I did he said he was sorry. Since then he has only stuck it inside my butt and hasn't done anything to my vagina except use his fingers and sometimes his tongue. I've had anal sex at least 25 times since that first day. He tells all his friends, girls and guys that I do it anally now. They look at me like I'm a total slut.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I want to suck and fuck a hot black guy with a big cock. That's such a hot fantasy of mine. Get a mouth full of black cock....

    Then get an assfull of black cock. Ohh god. Then taste the load after being fucked really good.

    I want my gf to watch while i please a bbc

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    Straight Male / 50

    My late wife worked in a hospital laundry, it closed down though and she was transferred to another hospital laundry. This meant travelling so I had to take her as she couldn't drive, while she was there she began an affair with a porter, which I obviously did not know about. She kept this well hidden, simply because it all happened on the night shift, when there were less staff about.

    I was late picking her up one day because there had been a road accident and the traffic had tailed back, when I got to the laundry the women who took over from her and her colleagues had started their shift, my wife had gone by this time, but I did not know at the time, as I waited in the laundry reception area for her to come out.

    Eventually I got up and went to the laundry dept to see what was holding her up,and when I went in there were three women working away, and they all stopped and looked over to see who had came in. One of them asked me what are you in here for and I replied I'm here to pick up ' N '. The woman then said to me ' oh she left ages ago, her fella picked her up ' I thought she had made a mistake as I replied ' are you sure ? ' the woman then said ' aye that's what she said, that her fella was coming for her '.

    One of the woman came over to where I was and put the kettle on, and as she bent over, I could see right down her tunic as the top couple of buttons were undone, revealing a very nice pair of tits when she stood up I quickly looked away, she then went and sat down on a chair crossing a very nice sexy pair of legs that I could not help but noticing, or stop looking at. She caught me bang to rights staring at her legs, my immediate thoughts were ' I'd like to ride her ' so she wriggled her butt a little bit and her tunic rode up a bit further revealing more of her sexy thighs, this got my dick stirring, she just looked at me and gave me a what I can only describe as a come to bed smile.

    She then stood up and said to me would you like a cuppa as I'm making one, so me being eager to see if I could catch a glimpse of her tits and thighs, said ' yeah why not' So she made me a cuppa, then she asked me my name and I said it's ' T ' she said I'm Eleanor and ' I wont bite you know ' so we chatted some small talk, but I thought ' she knows I want to screw the arse of her ' once we finished our cuppa she said ' nice meeting you, but I have to get back to work.

    After that any time I picked ' N ' up Eleanor would surely appear, and I would get an eyeful while my wife was getting changed, this happened quite often, and then at the Xmas night out she came and sat on my knee while my wife was up dancing with this guy ( the porter )yes Eleanor was quite tipsy and she put her hand under her bum and rubbed my crotch where I was sitting with a nice semi and she said ' did ' N ' tell you that I'm a widow 'I replied ' no she hasn't ' she said well I am and I'm missing this ' and she stroked my semi hard cock ' and I know you fancy me 'so just let me know when you can come and give me a bit of this '

    I wasn't shocked I kinda liked it but didn't really know what to say or do, so I just said ' yeah that would be great ' and the night went on until it was time to go home, as I wasn't drinking because I was working in the morning, I had brought my car when we went there, ' N ' said could you drop Eleanor off on the way home 'so I said ' yeah why not 'so we dropped her off at her home on the way back.

    Unknown to me things had gotten a bit hairy at my wife's work, as her affair with the porter was unveiled by his wife, and my wife got herself a job at another hospital, to get away from it all, as I said I knew nothing about this at the time, my wife asked me if I could go and pick up her payline from the laundry as she didn't have time since she was too far away now at her new job. So I agreed not thinking much about it really, so when I arrived sexy Eleanor was there and she came right up to me and planted a smacker right on my lips, and whispered in my ear now you know where I stay, you could come round and introduce your cock to me, then she said because ' N ' can't object after what she's done' I just looked at her and said ' what you on about ? '.

    She replied 'ask your wife 'so I went home and I didn't really know what to do, my wife said to me 'I've got a few days off and I'm wanting to go and see 'Kay ' for a few days ( Kay was my late wife's auntie, who she was close to ) so I said do I have a choice ? she said not really because you told me that you couldn't get time off which was true. While she was away I found out about her affair with the porter at her former place of work, I was more pissed off than angry though, because I knew I wanted to shag Eleanor, but I had resisted because I didn't want to cheat on my wife, but on finding out this I decided yes Eleanor has made it plain shes wanting laid, so why don't I just go ahead and shag her.

    Because I knew where Eleanor stayed I thought I cant just turn up maybe I should go to the laundry and see her first, so off I went, but traffic was heavy and again I was late getting there, as I knew she didn't know I was coming I knew she would have gotten the bus, so I decided to head home, and away I went, as I approached the hospital bus stop I noticed Eleanor standing there so I stopped and asked her if she wanted a lift, she didn't need asking twice and she got in my car, as she got in though I saw her sexy legs as she tried to sit down, she noticed me leering at them and she saucily pulled her skirt up a bit further.

    I of course was instantly horny, and I said I was going to come over to yours later but I thought I better check it was ok so I went to the laundry but you had left, so I was returning home and I spied you at the bus stop, she said ' well you are not going home your coming to mine, and that's where we went.

    Eleanor was as sexy and good looking as I ever came across before, we just went right upstairs to bed once we got to hers, I stripped her naked nearly came in my pants when I saw her body, she got me naked and my cock was brick hard, she said no need for foreplay I'm soaking just mount me and shag me hard Iv'e been aching for this for ages. So I proceeded to do as she asked me to, pumping my thick hot spunk deep into her soaking wet hairy fanny, I shagged her three more times as I stayed over night, she had one of the sexiest bodies I have ever seen, and the sex with her was magical. I continued to shag her for a good few years after that too, my wife continued her liasson with her porter friend.

    Sadly my wife developed a very virile type of cancer and the doctors couldn't save her, I was still shagging Eleanor when she passed away, we both knew about each other by then, so it was that little bit easier when she passed away, Eleanor is now with a toyboy it was more or less just lust with the both of us, I still see her now and again though, where we get together for a ' top up' as she calls it

    sadly though she developed a very virile strain of cancer and the doctors couldn't save her

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    Straight Female / 28

    Hello, My name is, lets say Christine, I met the most wonderful guy when I was 19, he was good looking, very fit and we enjoyed sex together, we were married a year later when I was 20 and life was wonderful, we had a new home on a very exclusive estate and our neighbors were excellent.
    for the first 3 years our sex life was unbelievable, every night were would be making love it was wonderful, then around 3 years later he came in from work, there was nothing different about him, we sat down to eat watch a little TV then we went to bed, only this time he said he was very tired and all he wanted to do was go to sleep, OK I thought, you work hard you get tired so have a good nights sleep.

    This happened the following night too but i thought no more about it, I asked if everything was OK at work and he said yes it was fine so I thought he will have a few nights sleep and we will be back to making love again, how wrong I was.
    This continued night after night until he didn't even say anything anymore, he would just turn his back on me and go to sleep, I tried to get to the bottom of it after about two weeks but he said everything was fine with us and not to worry, which is exactly what I was doing.

    Another few weeks went by and nothing, by this time he wouldn't even give me a kiss as he left in the morning, I racked my brain trying to think was there anything I had done and he is not telling me! am I really to blame, so that night I decided to have it out with him.

    I wanted to talk but he didn't, this had been going on now for nearly two months by this time, I asked him straight out if there was another woman and he said absolutely not, he was happily married, although he was not acting like it by this time, he said he just did not fancy sex all the time, this was a joke cause he had not touched me in two months! which I pointed out to him! I asked if I was not attractive anymore to which he answered no, I was the most attractive woman when he married me and still am, this was making no sense at all.

    I was really getting nowhere with it so I gave up, it was upsetting me a great deal too, I sort of excepted the fact that he loved me but was mot going to show it in bed, in fact he he forced celibacy on me and i was not ready for that yet.

    Over the coming months I tried everything I could, bought sexy underwear and perfume, but it was all no good and by this time he had moved into our spare room to sleep saying he slept better there, I was at the end of my tether, I lost my temper and slammed the living room door so hard I thought I'd broke it! I stormed off upstairs and cried myself to sleep.

    The next day after he had gone to work, my neighbor came over and said she heard shouting and was everything OK, I said yes hiding my feelings saying he had over spent and I had lost my cool!

    Another 4 years went by of this enforced celibacy, by this time I kinda got used to it, I loved my husband and respected my wedding vows, although he was acting unreasonably I saw no reason why I should.

    At this time our neighbor asked us both out for the night, we had not been pout with them for such a long time so I said yes for the both of us, that was a mistake cause he wanted nothing to do with going out and said all he wanted to do was stay in, that was it I had enough, I said I was going out whether he liked it or not and I deserve a night out, after all we used to that in another life!

    He said OK go out with them then if it made me happy! I stormed out of the living room and went and had a shower, got out some clothes, did my make up, got dressed and went out without even saying a word to him thinking two can play at this game.

    WE had a wonderful time and I forgot how I missed it, I'll call my neighbor Karen from now on it's easier! Karen's hubby went to the loo leaving us and she asked me if everything was OK, no I said in no uncertain terms and she asked what was wrong.

    I couldn't really help myself, It all came out and she just sat there listening, she couldn't quite comprehend what I was saying at first then she said, you mean he just went off sex, just like that! Yes i said and he has not touched me since in bed, in fact he now sleeps in the spare bedroom, the look of shock on her face was overwhelming, she still couldn't get what I was saying to her until it finally sank in and hour later!

    Oh my god she said, how on earth can you live like that you poor thing, I don't know was the reply and I burst into tears.

    Her husband was wondering what was going on so I said I would tell him later on, we were supposed to be enjoying a night out, which we did from that point on.

    We got back around 01.30 by taxi, the lights in my place were all out and he must have gone to bed, I had a great night out, just what I needed, we went in and her husband poured us a drink and said, OK this is later why were you crying earlier, and i did say I would tell him later.

    I blurted it out that my husband had gone totally off sex and had not touched me in years, although I was not yet ready to go celibate he was enforcing it on me and had tried everything I could to inject some sort of spark in him, he sat there and listened in the end just saying Jesus!

    He said I was an extremely attractive woman and why on earth was he acting like this, I don't know and by this point I didn't care.

    I didn't want there sympathy, all I wanted was resume a normal sex life! I looked at them and said, for gods sake am I an alien or something!

    They kindly offered me a bed for the night saying it could sort of weird going back in there now but I did try to call him and say where I was but there was no answer, I went to bed that night feeling better that I had at least told someone!

    I went back home the next morning before he went to work and he asked me where I had been all night, well if you had answered the phone you would have known I had spent the night next door cause I was feeling very tired and they offered me a bed for the night! he was totally unconcerned saying oh, Ok, then he left!

    I spent more and more time with Karen after that, we chatted, we laughed and life felt sort of normal cause all that had left my house a long time ago, we were sitting on her couch one day and she said have you ever thought of taking a lover, are you serious I said, Oh yes I'm serious alright she said, but I'm married I said, are you she replied, at that point what she was saying made sense sort off, your married in name alone at the moment she said unless your situation has changed, no unfortunately it hadn't I said.

    I left to make the tea thinking about what she had said and it still kinda made sense but my conciseness wouldn't let me, I was married for better and for worse, only trouble is the worst was winning leaving me feeling empty inside.

    The next day she came over to my place, she asked if I had thought about what she said, oh yes i thought about it but how could I, oh very easily she said, I would if this was happening to me, this is mental torture he is putting you through and it's abuse, I never thought about quite in those terms before but she was right, I started to tear up, I was cracking, I could help myself anymore, I sat down on the sofa and broke my heart, I help onto her and cried into her shoulder.
    Come on she said cheer up, this isn't the end of the world, for me it was though, I didn't know what to do or where to go but salvation was at hand, and it was called Karen!

    Come on upstairs she said lets wash your face, your really very beautiful you know, we went up there and I sorted myself out, she came over tapped me on the shoulder and said she gad a surprise for me, I turned around and she kissed me on the lips! I don't swear but fuck me!

    We stayed like that for I'd say 15 seconds and she backed away and said you finish up in there I'll wait here for you, I turned around to dry my hands properly and I noticed a tissue that had fell on the floor, I picked it up and got the shock of my life, it was wet with cum! I sniffed it to be sure, Oh yes it was that alright, my blood was boiling, he had the nerve to masturbate while he wanted nothing to do with me! on a scale to 10 my temper was at 15!

    I threw it in the waste basket, walked out of the bathroom, gave Karen a smile and kissed her right back! this time she was surprised and said what was that for! for being there sweetheart I said, oh you have never seen my bedroom have you, this is it and led her there by the hand, this is where he doesn't want to be armorer I said!

    We looked at each other and we started getting closer together, we started kissing again, passionately this time, we made our way to bed and sat on the corner of it, we hugged and kissed each other, I felt her hand go inside my blouse,I didn't care, I let her, I was hungry for the attention, I ran my hand up and down her body, not really knowing what I was supposed to be doing! I had never been with another girl before, that was changing though rapidly, before to long we were in my bed, kissing and hugging, she had taken off her panties and was naked but I still had mine on as she felt for them giving a little tug, I took the hint raising up off the bed allowing her to remove them.

    I let her take the lead, it was wonderful, we kissed each other, she licked and kissed my breasts sucking my nipples, I did the same thing with her, I figured what turned me on would with her and thank god i was right!

    Her hand reached down between my legs, I was so willing to open my legs for her they just fell apart! her fingers explored my vagina as I gave her free reign, before too long she went between my legs licking and kissing my pussy making me cum, spraying it all over the bed! We ended up in the 69 position with her on top of me, she had her tongue inside me driving me absolutely insane as I came again and again, it was my turn though to give her some pleasure, I had never seen another vagina except mine close up, hers was gorgeous and shaven, I gingerly gave her a brief lick, followed by another and another, before too long my tongue was inside her and she was having an orgasm.

    I felt her juice spray into my mouth as she came, in fact we both came together I think! I swallowed her come or as much as I could anyway.

    We stayed there for at least 4 hours! making each other cum again and again! I needed it, needed to release all the pent up emotion that had been building up plus i liked making love with her too, that was the first time but it wouldn't be the last.

    We became lovers, she admitted she was bisexual the second time we did it, I didn't care, I new it anyway by then, my second surprise came when we were caught by her husband in bed! and he joined us! I had not had a man for years before that but I didn't mind him joining us!

    He caressed my body as we touched each other and made love, I found myself underneath her again and felt something touch me, it was her husband stroking me between my legs, I let him, even raising my hips towards him!
    He took the hint as I felt his cock slowly push inside me, I came all over him straight away!
    A few moments later I felt him swell up then pump his sperm deep inside me.

    He made love to me as I kissed and licked his wife's vagina making her come as he made me, we swapped all night, he would come in me then her.

    I left my husband very soon after that, or should I say he left me as we divorced on the grounds of cruelty which he contested but lost.

    I have a sex life now with those two, it is wonderful to feel wanted again and we are discussing getting rid of our two houses and getting one so we can all live there!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I wasnât feeling very well today so I went to get a massage at a new place. It seemed very posh at first but as soon as The Massuse came in she had my towel off. She was a cute petite Asian woman in her late 30s from what I could tell.

    Her hands were all over my ass and balls from the get go and she wasnât shy at all. Iâm very well hung and Iâm sure she noticed.

    When I finally flipped over I was sporting a very big hard on. She then made eye contact with me and started stroking my face while she began to jerk me off.

    Her slim warm hands felt sooo good on my aching cock. She clearly hadnât had much experience with a member my size but with a little coaching I had her milking me just the way I like.

    I quietly whispered asking if it was allright for me to feel her ass. She nodded and I started cupping her tight firm ass and rubbing her tits through her blouse.

    It wasnât long before I came and she laughed and cooed as I shot a huge load all over her arms and the table.

    She then ran off to get a hot towel and I heard her and another massuse giggling outside the door.

    My time was long up but she came back and spent another twenty minutes rubbing me down and cleaning me up with a hot towel.

    While she was doing that the other massasue peeked in and started checking me out. My massuse told me after she left that she wants me to make an appointment with her as well.

    My massuse hugged me and made sure that I knew her shedule before I left. Hehe I think Iâll be bringing condoms next time just in case.

    Godamn I love my life. ð

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    My true story starts with my meeting my virginal wife to be when she was 16 and I was 17. I was not a virgin having just finished with my first sexual intercourse and deflowering another 16 year old with the most amazing pair of tits I've still not seen bettered. After fucking her and being shocked at how badly she bled and how much she orgasmed that first time then realising that she wanted marriage and I certainly didn't I dumped her very cruelly after only six months. Those six months had us fucking every night even when she was on her periods and I was afraid she was trying to conceive and trap me.

    My new g/f besides being a virgin was also so strictly raised and absolutely innocent that it took me several weeks before she would even hold my cock! Soon however she was thrashing wildly as I finger fucked her and she was comfortable wanking me off into a handkerchief. A couple of more dates and a few drinks I'd had a friend purchase for me inside her she was panting with sexual needs of which of course I took full advantage. The oral contraceptive was only just becoming available back then and as with my first conquest virgins had to broken in bare back as we ignorant youth thought pregnancy wasn't possible in that first fuck. I must have been lucky as neither of my virgins became pregnant. Anyway Ann took to sex and fucking better than ducks take to water and even better than my first Patricia had. I was in heaven and without realising it we both fell in love. After just short of a year of meeting we became engaged to be married. Our fucking was so fantastic and we just couldn't get enough of each other so it came as a complete shock when Ann sat me down to 'confess'. My first thought was she was up the duff. No she wasn't pregnant though but what she the recited was so much more shocking than that. Calmly she said that needed to experience other cocks now that she'd discovered just how much she enjoyed sex! If I didn't want this then she was going to break off our engagement. Wow. My reaction however was equally shocking as my cock had become painfully hard upon hearing my betrothed tell of her plans and I acceded immediately to her demands. That's good she told me as she really,really loved me and this would be just sex. She'd already made a date for the very next night with some guy from her office. Her office incidentally comprised of 30+ males and she was the only female in this so testosterone charged office and her still quite innocent too.

    Her first date had me sitting at home alone in my room nursing another massive stiffy. And it wasn't until the following night I got to see her for all 'the news'. Ann told me that her date Dan had driven her to quiet lovers make out spot. She and him had then kissed and groped each other quickly discarding each other's clothes in the process 'till he'd pulled her to straddle him and impale herself on his married cock. She assured me he wasn't massyjust a little thicker than me and that she had orgasmed immediately she bottomed out on him. He continued to fuck my fiancé through several other climaxes before unloading into her his hot man seed, which she said had the effect of setting her off again so violently that she gouged his back and drew blood. Oh and by the way Ann had already established that Dan who was 54 years old had a vasectomy as he already three children with his wife! Ann said there and then that she was going to see her doctor and start on the pill as she loved the feeling of a bare cock and squirting deep within her of some hot manseed. From now on that was the only way she wanted to fuck!

    Wow, and wow again. My so recently innocent and virgin girl was now a cock loving slut after less than a year! Even as surprising was my reaction. My cock was painfully extra painfully hard and ready for bursting. I wasn't angry but I was sexually more aroused than ever before. It didn't take us minutes before Ann was riding me cowgirl and coming multiple times as I unsuccessfully fought back my impending ejaculation. Ann and I did get married and she fucked a number of her married and much older colleagues, colleagues older than our own fathers in fact and I was soon enjoying sloppy seconds soon after one her latest fucks.

    We still love each so dearly and swung with numerous couples and singles for well over thirty years in a fabulous and open relationship. Ann was enjoyed by well over a hundred different cocks and I too enjoyed many lovers.
    Only illness has slowed down my beloved and even though much of adventures are seen as risky neither of caught any STD's probably as all of our lovers were married.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I cheated on my husband several times with another guy. Did it because after three years of mariage sex became a boaring. I had been thinking of having and out of mariage affair for long time. I need a guy that would give me a good thrashing and do dirty things to me. Kept thinking about all the time I had siiting at home while my husband was at work. To make things more tempting, there was a guy I used to bump into in the supermarket that had the hots for me. He was always flirting with me and hinting about sex. The guy seemed like a real pervert, always inviting to his place and that's just what I needed. Thought my husband would never know and one day accepted his invitation. We both knew we were going to have sex and that made it even more arousing. I remember my nipples getting hard as he slowly ztripped me naked, layed me over the kitchen counter and burried his face on my wet pussy. I could feel the coldness of the granite counter on my bare back and his hot tongue wedged between my pussy lips with my legs held up in the air. He was in heaven and couldn't open my legs wide enough for him. He just kept licking me and telling me how good I tasted, while slapping my butt and slightly pushing his wet finger in my butt hole. I loved his rough way of treating me and at the same time letting me know that he was charge. It was after sucking his dick that he bent me over the back of his sofa tha he pushed his dick into my ass. I remember the head of his dick spreading my butt hole and then sliding all the way in. It was the first time getting butt fucked and felt like I breaking up inside. Never knew that I would have such a good oegasm that way. I remember him holding4 my wrists together behind my back, legs danggling off the floor and my tits swingging with every throast of his dick. The most erotic part was feeling the gushes of his worm sperm spreading inside of me. Don't even remember how many orgasms I had, but that night I had to faked them in bed with my husband. I now play the ino1cent with my husband and dirty whore with my pervert lover.

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    Straight Male / 45

    I have been having a on and off affair with my ex sister in law. She got remarried after my brother passed away a few years ago. Her name is Janice and she is a petite sexy bitch and she is just a bitch too!

    Very opinionated on everything and it always has to be her way or nothing! She came onto me the very first time and regardless of her shit personality, she fucks like a whore in heat on a Saturday night.

    Now I don't claim to have the biggest cock, about seven inches and fairly thick. But what I do have is one hell of an explosive orgasm. When I'm fucking a woman and she wants me to pull out before I cum, the first squirt usually nails them in the face. The second and third squirt usually drenches their breasts, anything after that usually coats their tummies in my thick cum. With Janice, she is fixed and cumming inside of her is not a problem.

    A few weeks ago Janice called to say she was pissed about some recent Facebook postings on a political page. I never discuss my political beliefs with friends or family, for obvious reasons. So she was trolling my page and didn't like what I had posted.

    So Janice tells me she needs to stand back from our situation, the phone goes dead. Not a problem, it's not like she was the only sex partner I had at the time. A few weeks went by and Janice called, wanting to get together. I was still pissed with her attitude and almost said no. The sex was great and I admit I was missing Janice in my bed.

    She arrived that night and I could tell she was still upset with me, she wasn't her loving self as she always was before. I remember her saying she liked to fuck me because she knew I was safe. So I realized Janice was horny and she wanted to fuck.

    She barely sucked my cock, she always loved sucking me and getting me hard. She jumped on top and rode me until she climaxed three times. Now I was pissed and I wasn't going to let Janice have her way and go home.

    I flipped Janice on her back and pushed my cock into her soaking wet pussy. I fucked Janice with anger and I grabbed her ankles tightly and spread her short legs apart as wide as I could get them, ramming my cock into her feverishly.

    I felt my orgasm building rapidly and I knew I was going to cum any moment. When I crossed the point of no return, instead of pumping my hot cum into her pussy, I pulled my hard cock out of Janice and began to stroke my pulsating cock.

    I erupted as I always do. The first squirt hit Janice dead in the face! Janice screamed out and the second squirt found her open mouth. She threw up her hands, turned her face to the side in the pillow. I kept jerking my cock, shooting my cum on the palms of her hands and onto her bare tummy.

    She called me every name in the book and struggled to get out of my bed. She got out of the bed and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door and locking it. I got up and found my smokes and lit one up as I heard the water in the shower come on.

    Janice took her shower and came out of the bathroom a short time later, grabbing her clothes and dressing in seconds. She didn't say anything to me, not even looking at me. Janice was out the front door within minutes.

    Haven't heard a word from Janice in weeks. I guess I pissed away a good thing but I really don't care under the circumstances. I admit if Janice were to call me I would be thrilled...

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 38

    I spanked my 24 year old wife last night. Really hard, I used my hand, then a ping pong paddle. She spent a bloody fortune and knew she wasn't supposed to do it. I got so mad, I told her to get out, or strip in front of me and lay over my lap. She got totally quite and stripped. Her ass got very red, she was definitely feeling my hand spanking and her ass cheeks were really red, and very warm to the touch. I made her go downstairs and bring up a paddle and assume her position again. By the end of 20 hard hits on each cheek she was crying and screaming at each swat. She had big red bruises coming out on her ass. After I was done she was still crying, and with no prompting from me she got on her knees on the floor, got between my legs and pulled my cock out of my pants and sucked me to completion. She almost never does that as she hates the taste of sperm, and I don't blame her. She always sucks me hard or I blow on her face or tits but this time it was totally in her mouth and she swallowed it all. She took me by the hand, still not having said anything her whimpering stemming, and in the bedroom she took off my clothes, went to the bathroom and got some lotion. She rubbed it on her asshole, and spread open her butt cheeks for me to fuck her. I had great anal, with her wincing in pain as I pushed into her bruised ass cheeks sometimes.

    This morning, she brought breakfast to me in bed, offered her ass again (she knows how much I love anal sex) and has been totally subservient to me since her spanking. I almost apologized when I saw how bruised and bloody her ass was but forgot all about it as I was pumping her beautiful ass full of cum this morning. I never thought she'd react this way.

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