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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ok look at the "sex" photo for section.... doesnt it look like two guys.... hmm I just realized that..

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hi! I need some good advice. I'm about to leave for college and I wonder if now is a good time to tell my parents (mom and stepdad, dad & stepmom) that I am a lesbian. Actually, I think that my stepmom suspects because she walked in on me and my girlfriend "Stephanie" once. We had just stopped kissing right before the door opened, so I think we looked pretty guilty. But "Maggie", my stepmom has never said anything to me about it. So maybe she doesn't know. But "Stephanie" has been out to her parents nearly this whole year and she wants everyone to know that we are together.

    I kinda want to tell my parents before I leave for college because then they'll have until Thanksgiving to get over it if they are upset. The only disadvantage I see is that my mom has been looking forward to "The Big Day" for so long. She can't wait to drive me to campus and help me move into the residence hall. I'm worried coming out will ruin it for her. "Stephanie" and I managed to get assigned to the same room so we are planning to move the beds together and all. We could do it after my parents leave, but that seems like lying. What should I do?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    anybody have some hot family sex stories? Have you done your mom or sister? brother?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Last weekend, I had the strangest experience in my entire sex-life and I am not sure what to think or do now. I met Sylvia at a friend's house during a party. She was pretty outgoing and very obviously sensual, so I talked with her a while and gulped as I asked her if she wanted to leave with me. She did, and we managed to have three wonderful sexual encounters after that ... all pretty normal male female ... well, very hot and energetic. On our fourth session, after a movie, we went to my place. Everything went as usual. Lots of foreplay, dirty words, and arousing sounds. Sylvia was very open to all kinds of positions and anal sex, too. Well, this time, after I was very aroused and beyond redemption, she suddenly flung me over on my back as I was eating her. She started to lick my nipples, and just kept going and going and I started to feel strange. I have never been homo-erotic or anti-gay, but I was starting to wonder if my sensations were not just too weird. I mentioned to her that it felt good but I may not be that kinky and that I am straight. She said, "Nipples are nipples, just let me show you how it feels!" So, I laid back and remained passive. It was amazing how she kept licking and sucking and how I kept getting more aroused. After what seemed like a long time and having droplets dripping out my member, she flipped me over on my stomach and told me not to move. She said I would be getting off in completely new ways if I cooperated. I had no idea what to expect, but Sylvia was far too beautiful and hot for me to resist and I was way too horny. I waited patiently but I was rather nervous. After waiting on the bed, in the dark, she started to stroke and fondle my entire backside. I felt a bit relieved that she was giving me a toungue massage and I then relaxed. Then, she shocked me by licking my buttocks over and over and then diving in on my asshole. I pulled away, feeling embarrased and again, wondering what the heck she was doing. She insisted I relax and let her do what turns her on if I wanted her to cum. She promised me I would make her cum like never before. She said I would not regret it. So she continued this and it did not feel bad at all. I thought it was over and that we would be continuing our great sex after this strange interlude, as she slithered up behind me and nuzzled in my neck. But I felt something cold and strange against my butt cheeks and I froze solid. I knew what that was. Slyvia had a strap-on. It was covered in something slippery. She grabbed my hard-on and inserted the rubbery thing into my ass very slowly, while moaning and breathing heavy. It blew my mind. I was trying to think of a way out. She said, "Its a very sensitive part of you and I am a woman who gets off on this more than you could imagine. Submit to me and make me cum!" She continued to say what a manly man I was to "take her" and how she was getting wet and going to come in, and around me. She told me about a bulb with fake come she would shoot when she came. As she proceeded thrusting and moaning, I just let it happen. She said I might come from her pentration or she would rub me into heaven and make us come together. It was a very intense orgasm. She moaned and screamed like no woman I have ever been with. I don't think I can resist seeing her again, but it does blow my mind to do this. I can't tell my friends about this. I thought I would confess and hope that the act can make more acceptable to me. If you saw Sylvia you would probably understand why I can't just end it because of this disturbing experience.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    my gf confessed to have spent an evening with an old gf of hers, a blonde lesbian who she hadn't seen in a few years...they met in a club and got pretty drunk. She then went to the blonde's flat where they had some more drinks,and she said that she passed out. She woke up tied to a chair, wearing only her hi heels and black stockings. The blonde said that she had dreamed for years about fucking her and that she had spiked the cocktails. My gf yelled to be untied, her hands were cuffed behind her back and her legs spread and tied with tape to the chair. The blonde took her panties off and stuffed them, soiled with her juice into my gf mouth and tied them with a bandana. I'm going to make you my sex slave bitch she said. She then took her leather belt and whipped my gf butt with it, making it shiny red while my gf screamed into her panty gag. After a dozen strokes she walked out and came back with a massive black strap on dildo, long and thick, but first she put some wooden clothes pins on my gf's nipples and laughed when she tried to yell. Slowly she started to insert the monster dildo into my gf vigin ass whilst she teased the tortured nipples of her large breasts. She fucked my gf in the ass and teased her clit until she came violently.The blonde then untied her legs and fucked her tight pussy on the couch, making her cum again. She then tied my gf back on the chair, but inserted 2 big vibros in her cunt and ass and turned them on max, took out the gag and forced her to suck the dildo clean...then spanked her ass as my gf choked on the dildo. She then untied my gf and told her to come back the next weekend for a threesome with 2 other dykes, or she would tell me about her lesbian slut behaviour. Needless to say I will force my gf to go and have her suck my cock as her blonde friend dildos her deflowered ass with her big hard fake cock, I dream of filming it and having my gf become a real sex slave for my depraved enjoyment,dressing her as a school girl and forcing her to suck dirty old cocks in parks or wanking young boys after school...nice!!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Well since we're on the subject I'll confess my little story. I don't feel that bad about it since I read somewhere that half of all teenage boys, at one time or another, had at least one same sex experience.

    I was about fourteen and my friend Bud was a year younger. He lived right behind us so we did a lot of things together like play hoops, football, camp out in my back yard, regualr boy stuff.

    Well I use to get really dry skin after I showered and so I would lotion myself pretty good whenever I got out of the shower. I'd have my mom or one of my sisters do my back since I couldn't reach it. Well I had gotten out of the shower when Bud showed up at my back door. My sister was getting ready to leave and no one else was home. So I asked Bud if he would lotion my back for me. Totally innocent request. Nothing implied at all. He goes ‘right now.' Looking perplexed I say ‘yeah.' He says ‘but your sister is still here' to which I reply ‘so what.' So he grabbed the lotion and rubbed the lotion on my back.

    So I started thinking about this later on and I wondered to myself if he had thought I was trying to do something sexual with him. I totally wasn't. Then I thought well if he thought I had and was totally against it his normal response would've been something like "hell no" or "what do you think I am? gay?" or "I'm not putting lotion on another dude." But it was none of those. It was "right now, but you're sister is here." So it got me thinking if he would do something sexual with me if it happened.

    So one night he's sleeping over and we're in my room. He has on a pair of sweat pants and that's it. I have on a shirt and some shorts. We started rough housing a little and he stands up and I'm still down on my knees. I'm in front of him so I wrap my arms around his legs intending to pick him up and throw him down during this rough housing time. But when I did that my face bumped up next to his crotch and I could feel his hard dick in his pants. So I stopped. He just stood there. I kind of ran my face over it to make sure it was what I thought it was. Then back again.

    So then I tried to undo the string to his sweat pants with my teeth. I was having a little bit of trouble so after a few tries I'd gently bite his dick through his pants to see if he was going to continue on with this. He never moved. After about a minute of trying to untie his pants he said let's play something else. Damn I was so close to sucking my first cock. It wasn't even something I had planned on until the lotion incident.

    We ended up playing this card game where I would deal out all the cards face up and who ever was dealt the ace of spades would be Ruler of all and the other guy had to do whatever the Ruler told him to do. Anything. Well Bud ended up with the card. So I told him "okay your majasty. I am yours. I will do ANYTHING you want." He got kind of nervous and tossed me the card. He said "you be the Ruler and I'll do anything you want." I told him that is fine but he would have to do anything I wanted and he said he would.

    Then I started getting nervous. You know when you start shaking and feel like you're all cold. I made him do a couple of stupid little things first like pick up all my shoes and put them in the closet and stack up all my CDs. My voice shaking the whole time. Then I went for it. I told him he has on too much clothes for the castle so he needs to remove his pants.

    When he stepped out of his pants he had on a pair of tightie whities. His rock hard six inch teen dick was very visable through his shorts. "Now what do you want your majesty?"

    "I want to make sure you aren't hiding any weapons. Turn around and pull down your underware. So he got up, turned around and pulled down his briefs to show me a cute little white ass. "Very well." "How do I know you don't have any weapons your Majasty?"

    "I will prove it to you. Disrobe the king except my underware" I ordered him. He did what he was told. When he took off my shorts my seven inch dick was as hard as his.

    We both swallowed hard. "You can look if you want to check me for weapons" I said. I stood up and he pulled down my boxers pretending to check for weapons in my shorts but after only looking for a brief second in my shorts his eyes focused on my cock and balls. "Very well" he said as he pulled my boxers up over my dick.

    "I don't trust you" I told him. "You may have weapons that I missed. I order you to remove your briefs and toss them on that chair." (C'mon we were both a couple of young boys with imaginations)

    He took them off and tossed them on my chair. Then he turned around with his hands on his hips proudly showing his rock hard cock at full attention with a patch of golden hair protecting it. "Remove the kind's boxers" I ordered. He did.

    At this point I quickly looked to make sure we had indeed locked my bedroom door because shit was about to get crazy.

    Then I grabbed my dick and told him I need to scan him with my special xray machine to make sure he wasn't hiding anything I couldn't see and order him to lay on the bed. I started rubbing my dick over his feet and legs and then I straddled his legs and then ran my dick up his thigh then across his own balls and dick. He was already leaking some precum so I rubbed my dick all over it. I spent a little more time there. When I started rubbing the tip of his dick with mine he reached down and put his hands on my thighs. I ordered him to put his hands behind his head and not to touch the king until told to do so.

    Then I moved myself upwards and ran my dick over his smooth belly then up to his chest. I ran my dick over his chin, cheeks, nose, eyes and forehead. When my dick was touching his forehead I lowered myself just enough so my balls were ot top of his lips. Then I lowered myself to where I was over his chest. I told him I needed to check inside his mouth. So he opened his mouth and I put my dick inside his mouth. I leaned over the top of him and was slowly humping his mouth. He had reached down and was stroking himself. I could feel myself about to cum so I pulled out and my dick made this pop sound when I pulled it out of his mouth because he was sucking so hard on it. I told him to put his hands back under his head.

    I told him I needed to check to make sure everything was alright with him. So I straddled his legs and lowered my mouth onto his dick. I so remember that blonde bush close to my nose then far then close then far as I worked on his shaft. I cupped his balls in one hand then would rub his belly and legs. I could tell he was enjoying it because he was breathing hard. He suggested we should check out each other so we positioned ourselves in sixty nne with me on the bottom. I could feel his mouth on me but I was trying to concentrate on his dick in my mouth. It wasn't exactly straight up and down as I had to bend his dick to get it into my mouth.

    As I'm sucking on his dick I'm looking up noticing his balls and his round shape ass. Then I ordered him to stop after a minute or so. I told him to turn over so I could check out his other side. He put a pillow underneath his dick and I started by his feet again and when I got to his ass I laid down on top of him and put my dick along the crack of his ass. Not in it just on top of it. Then I started humping on his ass. It felt great when my balls would touch his ass. Then I got inside his legs and he spread them and I continued rubbing myself on his ass. I thought about sticking my dick inside him but before I knew it I was shooting my cum up his back. I went faster and faster and pushed down harder on his butt.

    He rolled over and said my turn. I laid on the pillow and he bascially did the same thing to me. His dick in the crack of my ass rubbing on it hard. I tried to raise my ass up letting him know I was game if he wanted to stick it inside me but he made this humming noise and I could feel his warm cum on my back and neck. He contined to hump unil he was almost completely soft. I hadn't gone completely soft and after he was humping me I was actually started to get a second dick wind. But that was it. We got up and grabbed some old towels out of my closet and cleaned each other up.

    Next thing we know my mom is knocking on my door the next morning. Breakfast is ready. Nothing more ever happened between us. Nothing. He had left for like a two week vacation and when he got back they had sold their house and they ended up moving. I've been married for seven years now with a couple of kids but I had to confess that that was pretty wild and I don't know what made me do it but it was fun. I have no intentions of doing anything ‘gay' like that again but I don't regret it either.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My confession is that sometimes I get so horny that I would love to lick a guy's ass and suck on his toes and have him give it to me up my ass. But when I am not horny and think about those things I think to myself how sick that is. One, you know how bad an ass smells let alone taste? And I don't think I would suck my own toes so why would I want to suck on someone else's? Lastly you know how bad it would hurt to have a hung guy do you in your ass? But when my teenage boy hormones kick in, I would like to try all of that.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I went to a local bar 3 Friday's ago, and met a very nice looking woman. We chatted, danced, and had a fun night. We went to an all night diner for coffee, then ended up at her place.
    She is absolutely gorgeous! 24, waist long blonde hair, green eyes, and a model's body.
    We had some incredible sex - she wanted to try every position possible. She even wanted anal sex. She just blew my mind.
    We've kept in touch the past few weeks, and mostly just chatted on the phone. Both our schedules have been busy.
    Anyway, this past Saturday, I went back to the bar, and met an older, but attractive woman. Things went well, and she flat out told me that's she's not out looking for a date or relationship, she just wants a good fuck.I about choked on my beer.
    We went to her house, had two more drinks, then went into the bedroom. This woman was wild! She didn't hesitate to bring out lesbian porn videos, vibrators, and a large black cock shaped dildo.We had a great night of sex, but she kept reminding me of someone. The next morning, we got up and had coffee. On the counter, by the coffee pot, is a framed picture of her and a beatiful blonde girl. She looked really familiar. She said it was her daughter.
    It was the girl from the bar a couple of weeks ago!I was stunned!
    Then it hit why the mom was familiar... they both had the same expressions and rythm while we were screwing.
    I left the house, a bit confused, but now my question...
    Should I avoid both of them, keep in touch with the daghter, that I like, or what?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a very hot looking guy (Ladys man) I am 19 years old. Ok heres my confession

    My girl friend was out of town at the time. Her best friend Kelly came over to my house to ask me if i new where she was or when she would be back. I told her she went to her grandparents house for the weekend. and that she would be back on monday. I then asked her if she would like to come in and have somthing to drink. She came in and we both sat on the couch drinking a beer.Then i turned on the tv and there was a porno movie on. As i was about to switch the channel she said "Lets watch this" I couldnt argee so we just watch it!There were two woman have sex on the screen. I could see she was getting pretty horny and so was i.. But then i saw her stick her hand down her pants and she was rubbing her clit!
    I got so horny that i reached over and i unbuttend her pants and grabbed her and and started rubbing her clit with her hand! She was shocked but totally into it. So then she undid my pants and took out my 8" dick and start licking it and rubbing it! It felt so good. Then i pulled off her G-string.And i pulled down her pants and start to hump her really hard. She was moaning and i was looking at my dick going in and out this was the best sex i have ever had in my entire life!
    After a couple of hours of having sex. Kelly left.. She said she wouldnt tell if i didnt.
    SO I HAVE NEVER TOLD TO THIS DAY AND ME AND KELLY ARE STILL HAVEING GREAT SEX and my girlfriend doesnt no.. My girl friend is hot 2 so thats why i dont watn to dump her

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ok i always want to write about gay guys having sex is that normal?

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