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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 28

    I fucked up and got stuck on transsexual porn. These 'women" look so hot and they all have these big dicks it just doesn't seem gay because they look the way they do. I started browsing TS escort adds always a bit to nervous to call any of them. Saw one who was amazing. A beautiful black women. So pretty, great body add said she had a ten inch cock and I dialed. No answer. She called back a few minutes later. He obvious manish voice started to turn me off but her pictures had me hooked. I made arrangements and showed up at her hotel with $300 for an hour. She guided me to her room. Let me in and it wasn't the girl in the add. It was a big black guy with tits. i said oh sorry but he grabbed me and pulled me into the room. He just took my money and said get on the bed. I told him it was a mistake he laughed and pushed me down and opened my pants and sucked on my dick. Then he pulled his out and it was the one thing he wasn't lying about he was about ten inches and thick. I tried to get into the thing, sucking on his tits but he kept trying to make me suck his dick and eventually I did. He let me suck him for a long time then rolled me over, put on a condom, grabbed some lube and fucked my ass. I mean I wanted an encounter like this but I expected her to suck me and me to fuck her not this way. He fucked me pretty hard and it was uncomfortable and painful and he finally came. I washed up and got out of their. Buyer beware you make think you're meeting a beauty but you may end up with a beast.

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    Straight Male / 34

    My wife is a nice looking woman. A good women who happens to be open about sex and who loves sex. Some years ago she accidentally started fucking other men. It wasn't planned, a guy basically seduced her in my presence and with my consent ended up fucking her. She enjoyed the casualness of it and fucked him many more times and slowly we evolved to where she fucks whoever she wants whenever she wants. Sometimes she lets the guys know that I know and that I am good with it. Most often she pretends she is cheating as that seems to work best. Especially with men who get off on being with a married woman. I know when she's horny for some strange cock because she'll dress a little sexier, wear her make-up with a little more precision and will be acting flirty and horny and will do things like drop to a squat in the kitchen and tease me with her mouth.

    Recently she stepped into new territory. She and I were supposed to meet my supervisor at his place to go out. I got stuck at work. She went to pick him up alone and she was in that mood. She had know this guy for years and never thought about being with him until she was alone with him. He invited her in for a drink. She was looking very sexy as we had planned to find a guy for her after we dropped my supervisor off but now she was alone with him and feeling horny. She told me later that she lay back on his coach with her drink and really showed off her legs. He certainly noticed. He also noticed when she asked for a second drink then walked around his apartment ending up in his bedroom. She sat on his bed and kicked off her shoes. She said that he was nervous but that he was also hard so she indicated for him to come over. He did. Without a word, she unzipped him, took out his dick and started sucking.

    She said that she spent a long time just slowly sucking him then stood up and took off her dress and then he was on her. He took off her bra and panties and sucked her tits, put his dick back in her mouth, ate her pussy, fingered her and fucked her. She said later that once he got going he was a great fuck.

    When I met her later I knew right away that they had fucked. She said she was sorry and hopped it wasn't crossing the line. I said it was ok as long as he thinks she was just cheating which she never said anything about one way or the other. She asked if she could fuck him again and I said sure.

    They've been having an affair. I know when they are getting together and can always tell how uncomfortable he is on those days because of how he acts around me and how tense he is when the three of us get together. She tells me that when I in the men's room or out of sight she will grab his cock or he rubs her ass or tits. She gave him head once when I had to go to the car to get something. Made him come in minutes. I walked back in and saw her smile and his nervousness and knew something had happened. I know most men would freak if their wife was fucking their boss but I get a kick out of it.

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    Straight Male / 22

    I have an FWB (friend with benefits) let's call her Brittany, she is 26, black, and always craving cock.
    We met online at 1st and talked quite a bit, then decided to meet in person.
    The very night we met, she hopped into bed with me right away, which I was surprised by but not bothered by.

    First thing she did when we got to the bed was deepthroat me, she said she'd been looking forward to that for a while. I will never forget the feel of my cock going down her throat that 1st time, it was amazing. Then we missionary fucked and some other things for quite a while after that, until we passed out in each others arms, exhausted.

    She hung out at my place for the full following weekend, and stayed naked for most of that time, we had a lot of fun together.

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    Straight Female / 35

    I'm a young professional, who loves her job. Even though it can be time consuming and stressful at times. So I had been single for several months. Mostly by choice. But I'm also a smaller bbw, and sometimes it can be difficult to find someone into women with a little bit a meat on them. I live in a condo building, mostly with people like me, young professionals. For the most part everyone is friendly to each other. We may not know each other's names, but we know each other by sight and will exchange a few words. Several months ago a young black guy moved into the building and like everyone else, if I saw him I would politely say hello. For about a month this went on until he tried to open the conversation up to a little more. That was fine, I'm a friendly girl, I'll chat with everyone. This went on for a little bit until he started flirting with me. And we're not talking about subtle flirting, it was pretty direct. Now this wasn't the first guy in the building to do this, there was an older married guy who did it for a while. So I just ignored it. But after a while, if was kind of getting on my nerves. He wasn't a bad looking guy, but I just wasn't interested in starting anything up with anyone in the building. So for the next bit I either ignored him, or just tried to avoid him outright. But that wasn't always possible.

    One Friday night, after what seemed like a long, stressful week, I was on my way home and I decided to stop and pick up a six pack of beer. I was pulling into the parking for the building, and guess who was behind me. I thought to myself, "oh great, just what I need right now." lol. Since my parking spot in further away from the elevators, I thought if I stall long enough, I wouldn't run into him. It didn't work. I get to the elevators and he's waiting for me. It started with a simple hello, then he noticed my six pack. He asked me if I was having a party. I said, "Yep. Me, myself and I with a quiet Friday night." He then started with the line, "if's terrible that a beautiful woman like you would have to spend a Friday night alone. That I need someone who would make me feel special." Before I had the chance to reply, the elevator stopped on the main floor. It was someone making a food delivery, and it just so happens to be to my floor to one of my neighbors. So the ride the rest of the way up was quiet. He happens to live on the floor above mine. As we are going up I start having odd thoughts, "is he going to keep bugging me for ever? He's right it does suck being alone on a Friday night. But I'm not really interested in him or getting involved with anyone in the building." So the elevator stops, the delivery guy gets off the elevator and I don't. The doors are closing and he says to me, "aren't you getting off?" And what I said next completely surprised even me. I said, "No. You're right a girl like me shouldn't be alone on a Friday night. And besides, you've been making it pretty obvious for a while that you want a piece of me so why not." A huge smile comes over his face; and I got this quick bouchy feel in my stomach. I couldn't believe I just said I'd have sex with him. It wasn't the first time I've hooked up with someone, but there was usually something there.

    We get into his place, I put my things down. And I'm walking around. He offered me a drink, but I said no. I was looking at the view from his place. It faces a different direction then mind so it was kind of nice. As I'm looking, he came up from behind a started rubbing my butt, with a couple slaps. I was nervous, I couldn't believe I was actually going through with this. Was I going to fuck this guy to get him to stop hitting on me all the time. He slowly started to rub my back. Which felt amazing. And slowly undid my bra. As he worked his was to unbuttoning my blouse, and he started to play with my breast. It was then I realized that my boobs were hanging out for the whole city to see. But we were 10 floors up with no buidling that high facing it. But it was kind of hot to think for a second that if anyone did see me, they knew I was about to get laid. lol. I turned towards him, and he already had his shit off. We started kissing, and slowly he moved me towards the bedroom. I was beginning to relax a bit, and thought, this isn't going to be to bad. We made it into the bedroom and I sat on his bed. He then pushed me back and started to take my pants off. That's when if hit me. I hadn't been with another guy in so long that I hadn't shaved down there in a while. It seems most men now prefer it. I thought, this sucks. But I was surprised, he was actually happy, a natural girl. And before I can get any sense of relief about being natural down there, he had his head between my legs. And with that, any doubt I had about the reason why I was having sex with him were gone. lol. And he was pretty good at it. After a few minutes I sat up to help him take his pants off, it came to me, this is the first time I've ever seen a black guys cock in person. Meaning this is the first time I've ever had a bbc. I went to give him a a bj, but he told me to hold on a sec. I laid back, he went across the room, came back and I realized he had a condom on. He grabbed my legs, rubbed my pussy a little and went right in. I let out a pretty loud moan I though. lol. With in a could thrust I orgasmed. Usually I don't have one that quickly from intercourse. We went missionary for a bit, before he turned me over for doggie. I had at least 2 orgasms, maybe 3. It was hard to tell. I ended up spending the night. I finally got to give him that bj. And my stress, completely

    The next day, I get back to my place, first thing I did was call my bff. She had tried to call me, but I was to busy. So she asked me, where were you. I was so excited, "I was getting my first bbc." lol. So this didn't turn out to be a one time thing either. We hooked up several times. Including one time late at night that I was talking to him online and I ran up for a quickly in my night shirt. When I came back down, I ran into my neighbor, who's around my age and I consider a friend. I've babysit he son from time to time. A few days later I told her what was going on. Only to find out she had hooked up with him a few months before I did. I wasn't to upset, well not at all.

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    Straight Female / 41

    Mort and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and no more than a week after he called and said he had invited a work-mate, Fred, to dinner. Fred was ushered in, a shortish man who is only an inch or so taller than me. I am 5'4", We had a nice conversation at dinner as it turned out that Fred has an infectious sense of humor. I took all the dishes into the kitchen and loaded them into the washer then returned to the dining room to find Mort and Fred with their pants off, wanking.

    "Is this a joke?" I asked. Mort said, "Hell no, honey, Fred started talking about all the ways he would fuck you if we agreed to let him and it got me hot as hell so I pulled my Johnson out for a ride and seeing me, he followed suit." Most turned to Fred and said, "repeat what you told me, Fred." Fred started a highly erotic story about fucking me and I felt myself growing wet down below.

    I could not believe this was happening but after 20 years of mostly boring sex I decided to play along. I watched Fred closely since I had never seen his tool before. He was at least 30% larger than Mort all around and Mort started egging me on to "give Fred some fun." in short order, Fred slid his unit into my vagina and pumped away, regaling us with fuck stories and jokes while he fucked me. Mort asked, "like it, honey?" He also confessed that after seeing Fred's size in the men's room all he could think about was watching him stuff me with it.

    The revelation finally came forth when Mort went down on us while Fred fucked me. He licked and sucked our genitals like a hungry little boy. It became obvious to me and answered a lot of questions about my bland sex life with Mort as I realized that he was bisexual and heavily leaning into men.

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    Straight Female / 42

    Widowed at 34 years of age and dearly loving him, I decided I would never marry again. What I had not counted on was the enormous amount of sex in the media and in our society and how it influences our society. As the years passed I became more lonely and sexually frustrated. I tried the personals and found that quite bad since the chances of meeting someone compatible are poor.

    When I turned 40 it was a psychological hit on me and, thankfully, I still have a few girlfriends from school and can talk about it. One of them, Ginny, is a schoolteacher and told me about David, the cutest senior boy in one of her classes. She told me where he worked part time, the supermarket produce department. I had noticed him already and always had a nice chat with him before leaving the store. I had once remarked about the little plastic bow tie the store provided for him and a week later brought in a real bow tie for him.

    My reason for inviting him for dinner was innocent enough and I had no design on David. After all, I knew I was actually older than his mother. After dinner, he had tears in his eyes and told me the wonderful meal reminded him of past times at home. We were in the kitchen washing dishes and he hugged me. It was warm and friendly but he did not let go when it seemed the time to do so, but I could feel him warming up and his penis erecting.

    David apologized and said, "I'm a virgin and being close to you effects me all over." I told him that surprised me and he said that he was ashamed of having a girl see his erect penis. I asked him to take it out and show it to me so that he at least went that far. He took it out and it became erect. His penis was about nine inches in length and thick. It looked almost like it did not belong to an 18 year old boy. We continued talking and I took it in my hands and caressed it to remove any feeling of shyness in him. What I had also not counted on was becoming so horny for David's large cock. I did, so I took him upstairs to take care of his virginity.

    I got a hand-mirror so that he could see his immense cock entering my wet vagina close up. It made me become hornier and after just a few strokes, David came into me. It was his first orgasm with a woman. I knew I was at a safe time of the month so I moved my hips and he remained erect after coming, eventually coming inside me again. I explained that he could not come in me like that all the time and he said he knew that.

    David now comes to see me often and we fuck to our heart's content, He will soon leave for college in another city but we plan to see each other for a time, until his lifestyle changes by meeting a girl his age. I have a lot to tall Ginny but will probably not confide in her for a while yet.

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    Straight Male / 28

    I went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, for those of you who don't know we have a really big sports community. Back during 2007-2009 I lived with 3 other guys, lets call them Ben,Jamal and Sean,in a 5 bedroom house. We lived right by the stadium, so we would always have big pregame things and there was always a huge crowd of people out during home games. Every year they have a "Parent's Day", where badger parents are supposed to come to the games.

    So, I believe it was 2008, I was sick as shit this saturday. We had all gotten really drunk the night before, and I already had a cold so I just ended up selling my ticket to the game to one of our mutual buddies, lets call him Brian. He was planning on coming to pick it up early in the morning.

    Meanwhile, Ben's parents and his two younger, still college age, sisters show up. His parents are in their late 40s I'm guessing. My roommates, and Ben's parents are all pregaming and I'm feeling a little better, so I'm in the kitchen trying to eat something while they get drunk. As it turns out the mom isn't really a big football fan, but they got the ticket so she's going to just go with everyone else. Brian shows up with his buddy to pick up the ticket, and get's introduced to everyone and has a couple beers.

    The buddy get's to talking about how he's pissed he didn't get season tickets and can't find one. So the mom offer's to give him her ticket,she tells her husband they can go and have fun and she'll just go shopping or maybe just stay here and sleep a little. Her family is cool with it, so they end up leaving with Brian and his buddy to walk to the game. She stays at our house with me,Jamal and Sean, all of us are black.

    At this point the mom keeps on drinking with Jamal and Sean. She asks us do we smoke weed, we say yeah and roll a blunt.After this,I go back to my room and lay down and play some video games. At some point, I want to smoke another blunt with them and realize that none of them are in the kitchen. So I figure they're in their rooms. I go to Seans door to ask him to play some Halo and smoke, no answer. Same with Jamals. So I'm, like well maybe they left to go get food, so I text them like, "where are you guys at?" and then go back to my room. I get a text from Sean like five minutes later that says, "beating Ben's mom shit up". So I kind of laugh it off, and ask them did they go to get food, and to bring me something back if they did.

    Then I hear Sean calling me from in the house, so I get up. It's coming from our spare bedroom. As I get up to the room, I can hear springs just creaking. I open the door and there lays Ben's mom, asshole naked, getting DP'd by my roommates. I'm like Holy Fuck. And she's moaning saying she loves being stuffed with black cock and how she wants all her holes full to the brim. I'm like, well I'm sick, I don't wanna get you sick.

    I politely close the door, get dressed, and get the fuck out of the house. I end up going to my female friends house to smoke a blunt with her, and I tell her the story. Long story short, they fucked ben's mom, took pictures and all kinds of shit.She was into some really freaky shit. She actually started regularly showing up at our house, under the guise of visiting her son, to fuck my roommates. Ben eventually found out after about a year of them reaming his mom every other weekend, but he was pissed at her more than Jamal and Sean.

    He found out because she came up one weekend and thinking he wasn't going to be there all weekend, and he showed up back at the house mid-coitus.

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    Straight Male / 31

    A few years ago I had business in Paris and went to the bar downstairs in my hotel. I had no idea but it was a hang-out for gays and lesbians, with few confused stragglers like me who wandered in. I saw a hot blonde, I mean, smokin' but soon enough found she was with another girl...or so I thought. They turned out to be trannies and the taller, blonde, was fluent in English, sort of. The little one who did not speak English kept talking to the blonde and the blonde translated.

    The little brunette one told the blonde that she wanted to have sex with me and that she fancied me in a big way. I had zero experience with any person with a penis but the more we talked (with the little one chattering in French a mile a minute) the more comfortable I felt. They took out their penises under the table and asked me to fondle them, which I did. Both were smaller then mine (but bone hard) and I am not anything to brag about but when erect it can look impressive if not awesome. We ended up in my room and they immediately stripped.

    I learned a lot about sex where I had the idea that I was "checked out." They were both playful although I never found their jokes funny, perhaps due to translation. We did it so many times that they slept over with me and we continued in the A,M. The little one kept coming back minutes after she came. They also knew how to give oral bliss in ways I could not have imagined.

    It seems to have been a one time deal but a good one. I never even met another tranny after that although I made the effort. They offered to fly to my city but I don't live in Europe and I;m not rolling in money. At least, it was memorable, and I found out that was a bit more of a sexual liberal than I thought.

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    Straight Male / 40

    Her name is Diane, she was married to my brother. Diane was a brunette 5'2" sexy bitch. She had the looks and with her various high heels and a bit of makeup had guys hitting on her quite often.

    My brother passed away, several years ago, Diane and I always kept in touch, she called me when she got remarried a few years later. I was on the opposite coast and hadn't seen Diane or her new husband until this past 4th of July at my family's home.

    Diane was now 50yo and other than a few lines and only a few extra pounds, she looked as fuckable as always. Diane was at the house when I arrived. She wore her summer high heel sandals and those lips and nails painted red as always.

    She introduced me to her husband Allen, a guy a few years older than Diane. I had to admit that I was a bit shocked when I met him. He seemed nice, but no way was he Diane's type of guy. Allen was very out of shape, a large belly and he dressed in a worn out t-shirt, paint stained short, and deck shoes that needed to be trashed long ago. My brother was a good looking guy and kept himself in shape, and would never go out looking like he shopped at second hand thrift shops. However after a few hours of conversation with Allen, I realized what the attraction was for Diane....Money! Allen wasn't rich but he had made a few good investments and was doing pretty well.

    The sky was getting dark and some of the guests and family began to pull out their boxes and bags of fireworks, some legal, some not so legal. I decided I would go to the bathroom and get another beer before all hell broke lose out in the large backyard.

    Just as I started to close the bathroom door, I heard a female voice, the door wouldn't close any further. I opened it up to see Diane standing there. Before I could say anything she put her hand on my chest and pushed me backwards, closing the door and locking it behind me.

    Diane turned and came at me, her hands around my neck quickly. She smiled and said something about wanting to do this all day. She kissed me suddenly, I mean a kiss like two lovers share between them. Diane pushed her tongue into my mouth, bringing her little body against mine before I could blink.

    Now I'm not going to lie and say the idea of banging the shit out of Diane hadn't ever crossed my mind years ago, even when she was married to my brother. But honestly I never thought I would even have her tongue down my throat, much less having sex with her.

    I returned the kiss a few seconds later. My arms going around Diane, pulling her against me tightly. Oh man kissing Diane was like pouring gasoline onto jet fuel, our lips locked together and my cock just got harder by the second.

    Suddenly a rapid pops outside the window made us both jump. The firecrackers were starting off in the backyard already. We pulled away, both of us breathing hard. Diane's red lipstick was gone, but I had an idea where it went. Diane found a washcloth and damn near took the skin off my mouth getting the red color off.

    We went outside a few minutes later, thankfully it was now dark. My fucking erection hadn't gone down much. Diane walked away and sat down next to Allen, I hung out with my sister and her kids a few feet away.

    Within the hour the air was thick with smoke and the last firecrackers and various fountains were spent. People made their way into the house and headed home from there. Diane asked where I was staying while in town and I told her about the Hotel just a few miles from the house. Diane smiled, kissed me goodnight on the lips, Allen right there to see it. Obviously it was just a quick peck, nothing like earlier in the bathroom.

    It was just passed midnight, I had showered and dived into bed about 30mins earlier. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I put my jeans on, no shirt and peeked through peephole in the door. I saw a thick mane of curly hair, I didn't need to see the face to know who it was now standing there.

    I opened the door and Diane spun around on her heels, she smiled at me and came at me before I could say anything. When the door slammed closed, our mouths were sealed together, my cock rising to attention quickly. Those long red nails raked my neck and shoulders as I damn near stuck my tongue into her throat, pretty much what she was doing to me.

    She had another blouse on, I could smell the scent of soap on her skin. We basically fell into the bed and it was on! Clothes came off and we sucked, licked, and whatever we could do with our mouths.

    Diane guided me onto my back, my cock waving like a flagpole. She pushed me down and straddled my waist quickly. She rubbed the head of my cock into her wet pussy, Diane was soaking wet. She lowered her hips on my hard cock and began to ride the hell out of me. She moaned and came quickly, those red nails dug into my bare chest and I damn near screamed with painful pleasure myself!

    She got her wind and rode my cock two more times, I felt her wetness running down my thighs and she dug those nails into me and climaxed once more. By now I was ready, being ridden is fine, just not the way I want to cum. I flipped Diane onto her back, spread those mature legs and pushed my throbbing cock all the way to the hilt.

    She cried out, those damn nails clawed my shoulders but I didn't care. I was ready to blast my load into Diane regardless. I slam fucked Diane, pulling out to the tip and then ramming it all the way into her drenched pussy. Our hips slapping together in a sexual rhythm, I was grunting like an animal. Diane's head lulled from side to side on the mattress, those nails had a death grip on me.

    Diane moaned loudly, that was all I needed to hear. I blasted my hot load into her pussy, not stopping until every drop was inside of her. I collapsed on top of her, her hard nipples pressed into my bare chest. She caressed my neck, her hand running through my hair, those nails felt wonderful now against my scalp.

    We kissed again for a few minutes, my cock was starting to respond to her hungry mouth once again. Diane felt it too, she said she had to get home. I rolled off the bed and went to the bathroom to get her a towel. Diane was just pulling up her panties when I came out with the towel in hand. She just smiled and said she would take me home with her. She put on her skirt and slipped into those sexy heels of hers. She kissed me quickly but deeply at the door, she was out the door a moment later.

    Back home in LA now and Diane has text me everyday since. Some of her text messages turn into sext messages, she wants to come out and see me. I have to admit I would love it if she did, I'm more than ready to have another go with her....................

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    Straight Male / 31

    My ex wife and I were sex partners, doing it a lot and almost everywhere. She always talked about marrying into big time money and married me because she did not want to stop our sexual stuff after we graduated from college. We never thought that we were fucking too much and in marriage, which surprised me, we were just as hot.

    After five years she quit teaching and went to work at a lounge in the most expensive hotel in town. She confessed that while still young and hot looking she had time to meet "big money" so I did not argue with her. It was her life after all.

    Soon, she divorced me and began to see a fellow that resembled a tiny toad but his father was worth several hundred millions. She married him, A year went by and she showed up, so starved for my cock that she begged for it and I gave it to her, in spades. She now shows up several times a week for our hot sex and I enjoy it so I don't judge the scene. I don't know if she is fucking the little toad she married after me but she brings her searing, steaming crotch and mouth to me and I enjoy it. Of late, she had been leaving clusters of 100 dollar bills here and there.

    I am ever so glad for my open mind.

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