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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 30

    I've been told my dick is amazing!

    I first figured it out during my 8th grade year. Girls were fascinated by it. In the beginning I was fucking thrilled that chicks wanted to even talk to me so I would show it to however wanted. By the end of 8th grade I figured it out. I should be getting something out of this other than going home to jerk off and dreaming of one of the girls touching it or more.

    Over that summer I began asking "what's in it for me"? Sometimes it was money or they would feel me up or agree to show me their assets. If I was lucky it was a handjob.

    9th grade was totally different. These were high school chicks and they wanted dick. I got so many blowjobs that year. The girls were simply amazed at my cumshots too. On a good day I could hit my own face if I wasn't careful.

    Blowjobs led to pussy. Pussy led to Ass. By the time I was graduating I had fucked so many girls every which way you can think of. Girls were bringing their sisters than probably didn't have a hair on their pussy yet to see.

    One time I was over at this chicks house and she wanted to fucking get down. Her little sister was home and I said only if she comes in and watches and takes of her top. She brought her in and I fucked the older one while lil sis watched and I fondled her itty bitty tits.

    This helped me get by thru college. Mostly I'd just fucked girls for free. I never fucked a dude or been fucked by one...been asked all the time but didn't do it. However, they paid to see it, more to touch it, more for a handjob and way more if they wanted to suck it.

    I still think chicks give better head and they look normal doing it. Dudes look funny sucking dick. Especially when it comes to swallowing. It just seems to come natural to girls.

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    Straight Male / 38

    This happened while I was working on my Masters degree. I rented the bottom apartment of this split level duplex. The lady that lived upstairs was in her mid thirties and she was an administrator at the Methodist church. She was always well dressed, hair and nails and stuff while as college folk I was always in jeans and sport shirts. One day she asked me if I could help her unclog her kitchen sink. I was never good at any of that and I really didn't know what to do other than pour Drano down the sink. After a while she told me I was useless and she would have to call her father to come over and do it.

    The only thing that came out of that was that we were now on speaking terms. She asked me to come to dinner, she intended to make a roast and she wanted me to come. She said she didn't drink but if I wanted to I should bring some beer or wine so I took a couple of cans of beer with me when I went upstairs. She set the table, china and everything.

    After dinner, after she had cleaned up she used the line about taking her shoes off and getting comfortable and she wanted to hear more about my childhood days and all my girlfriends. Sitting on the couch across from me with her legs tucked up under her dress she asked question after question about my prom dates and whether I had gotten fresh with the girl or if the girl had been the one to get fresh with me. I skipped around but admitted that we had gone to a friend's house whose parents were away for that weekend and we had gotten fresh together. She got down on the floor up beside the chair I was sitting in and she asked me to tell her what my dates breasts looked like, what I felt when I had taken her panties off, what I felt when I first inserted my penis in her. If I thought it was her first time.

    She told me that girls felt different when a penis split them open, to believe her that the feeling of a penis going in was something a girl never forgot, especially when they were young like that and it was her first time. Crazy how scared they were and crazy how much they wanted to get it over with. She went on to tell me about her first time when she was a junior in high school with this guy she had a crush on and how when he was done with her he was more scared than she was. I knew that feeling, that is how I had felt that night after prom.

    Without me noticing she had pulled her self up closer and she moved her hand up my thigh and put her hand over my penis. She said it had been a long time since she had broken up with her husband and she assured me that she wasn't an old church lady, she wanted us to be close friends. On her knees now, she undid my belt buckle and undid the button on my jeans and pulled my zipper down slowly and took my penis out in her hand and laid her mouth on me and she sucked me with a hunger I had never felt before. She spoke as she sucked and kissed and licked, I was hard in a second and she kept her small hand around my penis telling me that she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter.

    She said she wanted to get so wet that she might as well have peed herself, not to fuck her and not ruin it by losing control of myself, to make her wait until she was screaming for it. She worked to get my shoes off and pull off my pants and underwear and was wild on my penis, she took off her panties under her dress and gave them to me to feel how wet she was. She asked to be fucked, but to fuck her but not cum, to save it for later, just fuck her a little, she crawled over to the couch and hugged a cushion after throwing her dress over her back and asked to be fucked slowly, make her feel every little bit of it. I was going to fast, that was the trouble, she wanted it to go in slowly and come out slowly, very slowly so she could feel it all and then she stood up and said no more, that was enough, no more pussy for me just tits.

    She got completely undressed and kneeled again on the floor in front of me and cupped her breasts and told me I could suck on each one for one minute, no more. While I sucked she reached down to pull on my penis, she told me to take my shirt off, she leaned over and sucked on my nipple. She could feel that I was loosing my erection so she got down and sucked on me some more and said she was going to let me get her but she wanted to feel me get her hard, not to be nice, but I failed the minute I inserted my penis in her I came and came. Maybe it is my imagination but I want to believe that I had never released so much cum before.

    I laid back on the floor looking at the ceiling and she sat beside me and told me I was pretty sorry for cumming so soon, she had thought I could go twice as long and that is one of the reasons that girls get frustrated with guys, the tease and tease and then they fuck it all away and leave the girl unsatisfied. She stood up and got over my face with one foot on either side of her head and asked me I could see the cum coming out of her pussy which I couldn't and she claimed it was because I was a sorry guy with not enough to cum and she lowered herself slowly until she was crouching over my face and asked me again if I could see the cum coming out of her hole. She took my head in her hand and let herself fall fully on my face and told me that it was now my turn and to finish what I had started. She did cum, falling forward off my face.

    I lived downstairs to her for the two years I was in grad school, and I had dinner with her and I spent myself with her, she claimed it took her a long time to get back to normal after having been left without for five years since her husband had left her for some other woman she didn't want to mention. There was never anything romantic about it, from time to time she would ask me if I had met some young girl I wanted to marry. She confessed to me that when she was younger she wanted the family and stuff but now she was glad she was beyond that, she had found her zen when it came to sex, often and with a guy that can keep up. It wasn't romantic at all but after all these years I remember her more than any other girl I had as a girlfriend before I got married. No matter how many times I have asked my wife to stand over me and lower herself onto my face she has never done it saying it is just gross, why would I want to see that?

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    Straight Female / 40

    My husband has a low sperm count and it was improbable, though not impossible, to get me pregnant. We'd been trying for about two years without success and I was starting to get desperate. One weekend went to a family reunion with alot of my husband's family members I'd never met, nor probably would again. We traveled out of state to get there and since it was on my ovulation week, I made sure that my husband and I made love in our hotel before going to the party.

    When we were there I met my husband's look alike first cousin that he hadn't seen since boyhood. There were probably 50 or so family members there, so things were a bit hectic, and I was able to spend some time with the cousin. We actually hit it off and I found that he had just suffered a break-up from a long term relationship. I then had a wicked thought of using him to get pregnant since he looked so much like my husband.

    It took some doing but at the end I ended up seducing him in a small bedroom in the house. The sex was quick but intense I have have admit that I had a rather powerful orgasm moments after he entered me. I suppose it was from all the exciting leading up to this and the thought that I could very well get pregnant this time. As he was inside of me I thought of my husband and how we'd made love prior to coming, so if I did get pregnant he wouldn't suspect anything. And as far as the cousin who was on top of me thrusting with all of his might, I told him I was on the pill, so he wouldn't suspect anything. Plus, we'd never see him again, I was sure of that.

    After he came inside me we got dressed and returned to the party.

    The next day we did the same thing and in the same small bedroom with the danger of us being discovered, and he came inside of me in short order, though I didn't orgasm this time.

    On the third and last day we did it one last time and after he came inside me he confessed to me that this has really begun his healing process for losing his girlfriend to another man. He thanked me for doing this for him as we got dressed to rejoin the party. As I walked around talking to the other people afterwards, I couldn't help but put my hand onto my belly where my husband's cousin's sperm was swimming around deep inside of me.

    Later that night I made sure to make love to my husband just to make sure his sperm was in the mix.

    And yes, I did get pregnant and to this day my husband calls our daughter our miracle baby.

    Will I ever tell anyone about this? Except for this confession, no I never will.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    I grew up poor, housing assistance, food stamps, four to a room. I witnessed masturbation, i****t, violation. I went hungry and was sick most of the time. I ran away and got picked up a couple of days later by a doctor and his wife. They applied and became my foster parents, I went to nice school with rich kids, I had my own bedroom, my own bathroom, got well, my teeth were fixed, I went to college.

    What I like is watching people have sex, I get very hot if she is abused, I don't like guys, but I like getting fucked. My roommate is my girlfriend and we slap our boobs and spank each other with an old school paddle we bought in Atlanta. My foster parents are desperate for me to get married. I have a job in corporate insurance, my girlfriend works with me and we troll for guys and throw them out after they get their job done. We are not public with our relationship, we have a reputation of treating guys like shit.

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    Straight Male / 19

    For three years I've been fucking a woman. The same women, the only woman I've ever had to opportunity to fuck. She is a neighbor, is 30 years older than me and her husband knows about it and encourages it. He likes her to fuck other guys. My first sex was in her, after 20 other men including her husband had fucked her all night. He talked to her and after a few beers I got the courage to go into the bedroom and take my turn. I was last, and he left me with her for the night. She was lying there wearing only stockings and a garter belt to hold them up. Her brown pussy hair was matted with cum, she had cum on her B cups, on her face in the hair on her head. Cum was pooled below her pussy between her legs, and it was all over her pussy inside and out. She was beautiful, I had always thought so, very thin, very fit, and her small dark nipples were rock hard. She told me to take off my clothes, all the others had left and her husband left with one of his friends. I stripped and despite how used she was at that time, despite the mess I wanted pussy. I'd seen my moms pussy, tits and ass before but not like this. I got between her legs and easily slipped into her. She told me she was very sore and for me to let her move, she asked me to gently suck her nipples while we did it. I shot in a very short time and she said that was ok, we'd do it again and again and I would last longer.

    Afterwards I kissed her and she kissed me back inserting a tongue from a mouth that tasted of cum. She got up and took me to the shower and I helped wash her and clean her out, I couldn't believe the amount of cum that was coming out of her, that is when I noticed she had cum leaking out of her asshole also. I paid particular attention to washing her ass and asshole, and she noticed. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her there when we went back to bed. All clean and fresh, she changed the sheets and covers. I asked about her husband and she explained that they were swingers, and he liked her getting fucked by others.

    In the 3 years I've fucked her a lot, just she and I, and a few times participated as the last in her and her husbands gangbangs. A few times her husband would watch us, and I would watch them. She loved making me lick her after she'd been fucked by 1 or more guys. I did it to keep fucking her.

    I'd never had the opportunity to fuck other girls, or perhaps didn't explore it since I had a steady fuck. That changed in the last few weeks. I was casually dating this girl, not really dating just hanging out. She didn't really appeal to me because, and this is bad I know, she is fat. I've never been attracted to fat women. We hung out as friendds, and would go out to eat, movies etc. I could tell she thought we were dating. Talk with her turned to sex, she said she was a virgin, she is 17, and all I said was that I was not. I didn't explain anything further. Last night she was in the shower, and I had to pee. She said to come in anyway, and as I was standing peeing she was staring at my cock, and I was staring at a bald pussy that was tiny. For some reason this big body with such tiny pussy lips was very appealing. I held her towel as she got out of the shower and proceeded to dry her, spening time on her ass, her massive tits, and then kneeling down to dry between her legs, she lifted one leg up on the toilet seat and after drying her off with her moaning to my rubbing her, I licked her pussy. She melted.

    We went to her bed, I realized I'd not put my cock back in my pants, and as I took off my pants I got between her legs, spread those tiny outer lips on that big body, and licked her hymen. I never thought I'd see one and now I was about to break one. She got very wet, I moved between her big, fat thighs and sucked her big tits and nipples. I moved up, kissed her long and hard and as I inserted my tongue in her mouth I pushed my cock into her pussy and felt the resistance break as she did a little gasp. I came inside that tiny virgin pussy. After two days and several fucks, blowjobs (cumming in her mouth and making her swallow it all) I told her tonight I'm taking her ass. She said no, she is afraid and I told her it's happening.

    I still want to fuck the older woman, I can do all kinds of things with her, but I like being the only one who has ever fucked this fat girl.

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    Straight Male / 48

    When I was 18 I was suddenly made redundant, as the company went bust at that age you think it is the end of the world, which of course it isn't. So there I was 18, redundant, and having to register unemployed not an ideal situation. I played football for my local pub side and after one match we were all in the pub, and the landlord put a sign up on the wall asking if anyone would be interested in going to Benidorm on a pub holiday, I didn't know what that meant so I asked him and he explained if he could get 21 names or more he could get a cut price holiday for those interested, saving a good 40% of the price. I asked him much and I thought I could go, as I had my redundancy money so I could afford it.

    So the holiday was booked, it turned out that there were 27 of us, made up of mostly couples and women from the women's club, and men's darts team. So the day came for us all to set off to sunny Benidorm, we congregated at the pub, to be picked up by bus to take us all to the airport. One of the women from the women's group came over to me and said I hope your going to behave yourself I replied of course I will and she yeah ok I will be keeping an eye on you.

    So off we all went to sunny Spain and when we got to the hotel there had been a cock up as somehow three of us single guys including me were booked into a two bed room, it took a while to sort out, but I ended up in a single room, which didn't bother me, as I was only interested in getting pissed all the time I was there, and lying by the pool all day.

    On the second day the woman who had chided me before we left was sunbathing on a lounger next to me, and she asked me if I could rub sun lotion into her back, so I duly obliged, she said to me you have nice strong hands, and that she liked how I rubbed the sun lotion into her skin. I knew this woman quite well as her son played football with me back home, and she was a seamstress and she used to alter my trousers if my mum asked her to.

    It was on one such occasion that I first noticed this woman's ample cleavage which I naturally would have liked to have felt and sucked, so seeing her in a bikini and rubbing sun lotion into her made me a wee bit hot under the collar, and I ended up getting a hardon, I of course tried to hide it, once I had done rubbing the sun lotion into this woman's back, she said let me do the same for you, so roll over, I was reluctant to because I had a hardon, but I tried to turn so she could not see the bulge in my trunks, but to no avail, she caught sight of it, and looked at me and said aha so you have got a stiffy eh, and just rubbed her hand over it, I nearly came in my trunks, and I think she sort of knew this.

    She then whispered in my ear that if she was giving me a hardon then I needed to at least let her see it, so she told me to take her to my room, which I thought she was joking about, but no she was serious, so I said ok and away we went, once we got inside my room she pushed me onto my bed and then straddled me , I tried to protest by saying I knew her husband and if he found out he would kill me, she answered who's going to tell You, me ?

    So she rubbed my cock through my trunks, it was instantly hard and throbbing , she pulled my trunks down and at that I reached up and felt her tits and then took her bikini top off and there in front of me were two of the most glorious tits I had ever seen, I felt them sucked them played with her nipples until Finally she got off me and took her bikini bottoms off to reveal her glorious hairy fanny, I nearly shot my load at that, and I think she knew, she then said to me this is on account and slid her sopping wet fanny over my throbbing hard shaft I pumped her for about 10 minutes but I couldn't hold back any longer and I just exploded my spunk deep inside her soaking fanny.

    I continued to shag her in my room for the rest of the holiday and have continued to shag her ever since when it was possible, she is undoubtably one of the sexiest women I have ever met

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I joined a Corvette club. One of the other guys there has a model just like mine and we have been comparing and helping each other. We clean them up together and go to our monthly car get together. He is my age and divorced and I am divorced and we have had lunch a few times and he came right out and told me that he got divorced because his wife found out that he messed around and got together with guys. We talked about this for a long time and he told me he had been getting together with guys since he was in his teens, sex with guys was much better for him. He pressed me and I confessed to my two times, once when I was in the ninth grade with a boy at school and once when I was in college with this Mexican delivery driver when I was working at this mattress store while I was in college.

    Telling him brought back the memories, more about getting together in college, my ninth grade thing had been mutual masturbation and sucking but my college thing had been pretty involved. He asked me if I wanted to get reacquainted with my gay side, because there was no doubt that I had one, he wasn't Mexican, he was more redneck than anything else but he liked getting it on.

    We went to his place and he got naked right off the bat and told me to get naked, he sucked my cock right off the bat and insisted that we hold each other's cocks in our hands and say hello. After the pleasantries he found his favorite web site and projected it onto the television and we sat down holding our cocks and we traded off getting down and sucking each other for a minute or two while we watched the action on screen. He went and got some lube and asked me stand up and bend over and he lubed up my hole and he asked me again how long it had been since I had been fucked. 20 to 52 made over thirty years. He said he would make it thirty strokes, one for each year and he stood behind me and he gently counted out the strokes while the television was showing much more hard core action.

    When he reached thirty, he went for it and quickly came.

    It was all mechanical, it didn't offend me and I liked the feeling of him fucking me. I liked sucking on his cock and mutually masturbating each other, it was just natural. I liked getting it, he had some butt plugs that we used when we were jerking off and sharing blow jobs. We started to travel to other car shows and we shared a hotel room and after a day on the road and a long day showing off the car we took we got back to the room and had sex. But all the time we had sex it was just that, it was like an out of body experience. My memories of when I was in college were much different, I wanted to be with him, I enjoyed the after glow with him, with my new fuck buddy it was all about getting settled afterwards, but the conversations were just the end of the conversation we were having before we had sex.

    I did get back into having sex with a guy, but I never developed a feeling for it. I could take it or leave it. I never wanted to be close, just get the action out of the way and ejaculate and it was over. Right now, and I ask myself this, would I like to get together with someone and enjoy being with them, or is it ok to just get it off with a guy? Frankly I feel the same as when I masturbate. And frankly I miss my wife.

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    Straight Female / 29

    I'm a 29 year old female and have been engaged for 2 years to my fiancee for 2 years this November I started a new job around 6 months ago in accounts for a large recycling company to save some extra money for the wedding and other expenses my old job was just not covering.

    I'v been working for this company for around 5 months now and have met many of the employees that work on site, There is one guy named Jack who is around 22 who works in the sales department and he is always on our floor chatting to a this one girl after the closing hours when management called it a day. One day this girl never came back to work she just phoned into the office and quit, The following week Jack asked me If I had seen the other girl recently and broke the news to him she quit her position, well to cut the story down me and this guy had been talking after hours at work for the last month or so and a couple of weeks ago he asked me what I had planned the weekend. I told him I have kids and would be busy, and when I asked him what he had planned, he told me he was going to a Rave in town at this club, he told me I should go with him and I polity declined... I told him I could not just drop what I was doing and I was too old to be going to a Rave and anyway I was in relationship and just would have felt right.

    The following Friday morning he asked me again If I wanted to go out into town, I still told him no but when he left my office I texted my mum and asked her If she would look after the kids while I had a evening out, My other half was working in IT and half way down the country and decided to hell with it and see what a Rave was like, So Jack turns up again later that evening in the office and asked me If I changed my mind. I told him to his surprise I had been interested in going to one and would meet him in town.

    My mum picked up the kids and left I went up stairs to pick out something to wear. I had not had a night out in ages and never had anything to wear to a Rave! not like I would even know people wore to them, So I googled it and has it turned out I never had any Rave or hardcore fashion to wear to one and decided to dig out an old black mini skirt which had not seen the light of day in years a pair of over knee boots and this lace top.

    I meet Jack in town and we went into the club and had been drinking and dancing and sat in the seating section talking for ages, When he asked me if I wanted another drink, we had drank many and I need the toilet and told him I would meet him at the bar after. I finished up in toilet's and made my way to the bar and I could not find him, the place was massive with 3 floors so I decided to head to the second floor seating section we had been sat at and still no sign of him.

    I decided I would go out onto the dance floor and dance, and within minutes I felt this guy dancing behind me near the balconies over looking the first floor, I didn't think much of it as this place was crowned then I felt his hands brush passed my ass and onto my hips I didn't really see who him was I gave this guy a quick glance but being so dark with laser lights hitting all over the wall the place it hard to see.

    I danced with this guy and I felt his hand keep sliding down from my hips and over my skirt and to my outer legs, I kept moving his hands back to my hips every time him tried it out, then I felt him grinding behind me and could feel his dick on my bottom and this guy was hung, I didn't stop the guy dancing with me has I stared over the balcony and that's when I noticed Jack at the bar on his Phone and the guy I was dancing with had his hands back on the outsides of my thighs riding my skirt up It felt good and I felt has if I had lost my mind, I had my hands behind me feeling around his groin until he moved me hand to his dick and that's when I started to unzip him.

    He had his other hand running up my inner thigh until he reached my pussy and started to rub me through my thong, I was getting so wet and very excited and I remember me biting my lips hard while he was trying to push me forward over the balcony railing. I had his cock in my hand while my other hand was pushing my thong to the one side and then he proceed to fuck me for a couple of minutes it was so slow probably because of the amount of drinks I had then I felt him cum he then pulled out quickly and he walked away and I never did get a good look at this guy. I never met back up with Jack and still no even sure I plan too tell my fiancee, But I enjoy the night out and needed it.

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    Straight Male / 48

    My last two years of Primary School saw our headmaster replaced by a Headmistress, Mrs Shepherd, she always wore short skirts and heels and her blouse was also open a few buttons and you could see her cleavage, but at that early adolescent age it was just a giggle when she bent down and you could see her knickers, she always had bare legs.

    I subsequently left Primary School to go to High School, I was a good football player particularly Goal Keeping, which I excelled at. I trained very very hard building up my body and muscles, I was very fit for my age. When I was 17 my sister came home from school and told me Mrs Shepard wanted to see me about the school football team, which I learned later didn't have someone to run it, so it was arranged that I would go and see her after school closed for the day when I was free.

    So a couple of days later after I had been training, I went to my old school to see Mrs Shepherd about the footie team, I was wearing my shorts and training top, bare legs & trainers, and I went into my old school, I saw Mrs Carr the School caretaker, ( and she commented on my muscly legs ), on the way to the Headmistresses office. I knocked and was bade entry, and I went in and she looked up and said ' Be with you in a minute ' so I went and sat down, and I quickly realised that I could see her legs and it looked like she wasn't wearing any panties, now she def had nice sexy legs, and an ample pair of tits, which I could appreciate for the first time, since I had been a wee bit too young to do so when I was in the school.

    Once she had finished what she had been doing she came out from behind the desk and sat opposite me crossing her sexy legs as she did so, I'm not really sure if it was deliberate or not , but she had my full attention and my cock was becoming very interested. She explained why she had asked my younger sister to go and see her, because she had heard of my exploits on the football pitch, and she thought that maybe I could help train the school football team, and wanted to know my thoughts on the idea and if I would be interested, she explained that the P E Teacher from my old High School Miss Ballinger had been doing it but she wasn't always available.

    Now just let me put it out there before I get further into this Miss Ballinger, was a shag and I mean a shag what a body she had, and I along with most of the Hetro teenage guys at the High School would have shagged her at the drop of a hat, and then some, so the thought of helping her to run the team as you can imagine made me quite horny, add that to the sexy legs display in front of me, I was a tad more than hot under the collar.

    Mrs Shepherd then said do you want a coffee , so I said yes thanks, so she got up and went to the smaller office adjacent to her main office, and invited me to go with her. Once the coffee was made and she told me what days and times that the team trained, and if I was available , which I was, the subject got changed to when she first arrived at the school, and the fact that me and my classmates ( the boys that is ) were always appearing to be looking at her legs, which she put down to pubescence and I suppose she was right because at that age boys are only just starting to find out what their cock is for instead of just peeing, and that girls were acting funny in front of them. She said it is very different now because your all grown up, and had became a young man, she then said and I cant take my eyes of your legs now as they are very muscly and masculine, which made me blush abit.

    Thinking I could extricate myself from my bashful position I said to her that I didn't know if that was true but when it came to sexy legs she beat me hands down, cos I thought she had legs to die for, which was the wrong thing to say ( I say wrong because I should have thought about what I was going to say )because she just gave a laugh and said to me I was wondering if you were going to say something because all you have done is look at my legs since you came in, and now I know what your thinking. She said I'm quite flattered seeing as she was nearly 40, she then came and sat beside me and put her hand on my bare thigh and my cock nearly did a back flip, next thing I knew her tounge was down my throat, and she was hauling my top off, so I just tried to do the same at the same time trying to feel her lovely tits, she led me over to this screen and there was a bed there, she said sometimes I have to stay here over night as I have a lot to do.

    It didn't take long for us both to become naked I nearly shot my load before I even got started seeing her in the nude , her ample tits and hairy fanny and legs to die for, my throbbing dick nearly exploded. She was good though and helped me to try and control things a little bit even though I came in her quite quickly, she smoked and had a fag after that, she said to don't worry I will soon have you hard again and this time you will be a lot longer and enjoy it more.

    We started at it again and she was on top of me moaning like fuck when the caretaker Mrs Carr came in, and she stopped and just said Oh I thought both of you had left and turned and left, only to return 5 minutes later asking if she could join in, so she joined us and she had some body on her too I hadn't really noticed it before under her overalls, I proceeded to eat her and finger her and suck her tits and both of them were tonguing each other and fingering each other too, I came twice more once in each of them, before it seemed it was the best thing to do,to call it a night. I continued to train the footie team and shag both Mrs shepherd and Mrs Carr and Miss Ballinger, as it turned out, as she used to give me a lift in her car. I continued to shag the three of them for quite a while, until Mrs Shepherd was promoted to a bigger school and Mrs Carr left too, Miss Ballinger got married as well but I'm not complaing , I still see the three of them from time to time, and I often think back to those sexy times.

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    Straight Male / 50

    It's Saturday night I'm out having a few beers at the local listening to some music and in walks a group of people with name tags coming from their 10yr. high school reunion and I recognize this one woman.Her name was ALYSSA.I asked her if her mom was CINDY. She said it was and how do I know her. I said we used to work together.I always wanted to get in her pants but she was a faithful wife.Now I'm talking to her sexy 28yr. old daughter. Eyeing her up.This woman looked so fine dark hair, blue eyes about 5'4'' tall nice legs wearing short white shorts, a low cut top showing off her ample breasts, standing in high heeled strappy sandals. Real sexy.I asked her where was her boyfriend was and said that they broke up some time ago.This was my cue to get working on her. I figured that I couldn't get her mom so why try getting her daughter.ALYSSA and I started making small talk and having a few drinks together breaking the ice and feeling comfortable in each others company. We went outside to be alone and started kissing getting her hot. She said that she was so horny and wanted to have sex.ALYSSA said that we could go to her house as everyone was away at their summer cottage til tomorrow afternoon. Once we got inside we wasted no time as we went up to her bedroom undressed each other kissing madly. My beautiful hot ,sexy woman wanted my cock now sucking it and getting it to grow to it's full size 7''.I laid ALYSSA down and licked her juicy well trimmed dark haired pussy getting her ready for my hard cock as I slid it in her tight c**t sliding in and out kissing her and telling her how good she felt. She said that my cock felt wonderful in her. We fucked for some time in multiple positions. We both came during our session. After an extended time we fell asleep. Waking later that morning and going at it again. I was balls deep in ALYSSA pumping her real good until she a door opened and she looked out the window.Her mom[CINDY] came home early. We had to scramble now to get me out. Her mom would kill me if she knew that I was fucking her daughter.I got out as her mom decided to do laundry downstairs. What a close call.I didn't get ALSSA'S phone number but remembered that she worked at this hotel managing the front end.I had to have her again. So I paid her a visit the one afternoon. She told her assistant to hold all calls as we went to her office and locked the door attacking each other finishing were we left off with her giving me a good blow job and taking her skirt and panties off as she laid on her desk. We fucked with me finally filling her pussy up with a nice hot load of my cum.As we dressed I made sure to get her number and made a date for Saturday to go on my boat on the lake. I had ALYSSA to relax and she undressed to work on her all over tan. We went out all summer fucking her like there was no tomorrow. She loves sex. Now that summer has come to an end we have taken up to going to her hotel with her getting us a weekend room to continue our love affair.It seems that ALYSSA just wants to be loved and paid attention to in which I sure do enjoying her 34B pert tits and sweet little ass.

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