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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 18

    My confession is kind of lame, but I'm addicted to masturbation. It's the about the only thing in my life I find fun to do. School is boring, my family is boring and I don't have many friends. So, I masturbate. ALL. THE. TIME. I will masturbate in bed before I get up and get dressed for school. I will day dream about masturbating when I'm in class, thinking about what I will do and what porn I want to watch when I get home. If I can't make it thru the school day, I will nip into the school bathroom and rub out a quickie there. When I get home, and if I don't have any chores or after-school activity, I will lock my bedroom door, take off my clothes, open up mp my computer, find some favorite porn and will masturbate, sometimes for hours. Once on a Saturday, when I was home alone, I masturbated for 4 hours straight. I fell asleep, naked, with my hand between my legs. I woke up just as my parents came home.

    I usually just rub myself with my fingers. But I also like variety, so I will use my hairbrush handle to fuck myself and I have a homemade dildo I use in my ass. I like to watch all kinds of porn, but mostly enjoy watching how other females masturbate, the more unusual, the better.

    Sometimes I try to skip a day or two without any masturbation. But it's hard. Like I said, I will do it many times a day -- usually 5-6 times -- and I cum so many times, I always lose count. I get such a nice high off of masturbating. I feel a little guilty when I cum, and think that's enough. But 20 minutes later, I'm already beginning to think about starting again, so I can feel my heart start to race and get that nice feeling in my clit and pussy and ass. That's why I say I'm addicted to it.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 35

    I was a shy, straight and somewhat petite little white girl in an abusive relationship with a man about 5 years ago. I moved to a new job site and started working with a super tall and extremely busty dominant black woman my age. She is the mother hen type so when I told her of the abuse she went into full protective mode and invited me to come live with her rent free to get away from my ex. I quickly agreed. I had never felt so protected and cared for before in my life. She quickly became my best friend and a person I greatly respected and looked up to. Even idolized as someone i wish I were. I wanted to please her any way I could. Non sexually I mean as I was straight and I had no clue as to what was to come.

    As I mentioned, my gf has really large boobs. So large, I had never seen any that big before. And at 6 feet tall she was a very intimidating presence to both men and women. Men and women stared at her boobs all the time and she was not bothered by it but used it to her advantage to get what she wanted. I caught myself staring at them as well. Then quickly turning away and blushing as she caught me doing it yet again. It wasn't like I was turned on by them. That would come later. It was I couldn't help myself not noticing them.

    One day, she caught me staring one time to often and started to use that against me. First, she started hugging me all the time and for no reason at all. it didn't matter if others were present or how much I wiggled and squirmed to escape her embrace. I HATED these hugs on so many levels. I wasn't gay so I wasn't getting excited by having her boobs smothering. Because of the height difference my head was often crushed into her boobs to the point of suffocation. It was embarrassing when she did it in front of others and because of the abuse I really didn't like being touched at all and this was sort of making me really uncomfortable.

    But she said to me she is a affectionate type of person and I just had better get use to it if I was going to live with her. Also, I put up with it because I wanted to please her the best I could. So I ignored my feelings and how uncomfortable it made me feel and let her hug me. Then a funny thing happened. I started to look forward and actually enjoy the hugging. It had been years since any one touched me in an affectionate way and my body started to unwillingly on my part, respond to her hugs. I found myself getting short of breath and goose bumps popping out along my arms, neck and shoulders. Not to mention my nipples getting hard and a warm, moist, fuzzy feeling in my groin I hadn't felt in years.

    Sheila, my gf, noticed my bodies reaction and began to do more things to me. First she started throwing me on the bed and straddling me. Tickling me so much I was crying with laughter. I wiggled and squirmed to escape and I noticed how my struggles seemed to turn her on by the way her heavy chest would heave above me. How her breath became short and by the hungry look in her eye as she held me down beneath her. The more I struggled, the more clearly excited she got. And I found myself unwantedly getting excited by her excitement. It wasn't long before all pretense of tickling me gradually faded into her pinning me down and grinding on me between my legs. With our clothes on. Often I was crying and begging her to stop. Not really because of what she was doing but because of how excited what she was doing was making me. Quit a few times I was on the verge of an orgasm when she finally stopped and I couldn't admit to myself that she was making me like that.

    Soon, she was pinning me against the wall and fondling me or on the couch under her and leaving hickies and bite marks on my neck that I was hard pressed to hide from my new bf. She would sneak up behind me as I did the dishes. Sometimes just wearing a robe and nothing else. Then bend me forward over the sink with her heavy breasts pressed into my back and neck. Her arms around my waist and her lips whispering, "Thank You" into my ear as she gently nibbled on a lobe. Then just stopping and leaving me there. Each time that she did this her hands went higher up my body until they were cupping my breasts and pulling on my thick, excited nipples as if she were trying to milk me. Her lips lingered on my neck and bit and sucked the delicate skin until obvious marks were left there for all to see. When she stopped and left. I would crumple to the floor out of excitement. Then when I regained my feet, I would scamper off to the bedroom and masturbate to a huge orgasm as I thought of her doing even more to me. Then I would cry myself to sleep for what I had jut done to myself. She was marking me as hers. She knew by now she could have me any time she wanted but she wanted more.She wanted me to submit to her fully by me asking her for it. Which I just could not bring myself to do.

    She was doing more and more to me as time went on. "Nonchalantly" or "accidentally" Exposing her heavy breasts to me. Barging in on me when I was in the tub. Forcing kisses on the lips from me and laughing at me when I tried not to kiss her back. Which the site of them now greatly excited me despite myself. Often I found myself underneath her or pinned against something as she fondled and caressed my reluctant my mind but oh so willing body into submission.She was training me to obey her as well. First she would nicely ask me to do some chores for her. Which I gladly did. Then she began to tell me to do them. Next she was ordering me to do them and finally I was expected to do them without being told. I knew that when she came home I was to have the bath running and her robe and slippers ready in the bathroom for her. I knew just from a look when she wanted her feet or shoulders rubbed. Sometimes, as I rubbed her shoulders she would tell me to rub lower on her chest or the sides of her breasts. She was lactating at the time and her breasts were always full and sore. Then grab my hand and pull it lower down her front dangerously close to her swollen nipple and order me to rub. I wanted to please her so bad for all she did, I reluctantly did these things and more even though I felt like I was being treated like a slave at times. I just put up with it as thats my nature and she did so much for me. She was my best friend and protector. I had no where else to live.

    One night in her SUV, without thinking I began to fondle and play with her breasts above her t-shirt on my own. it was the first time I had ever done this without her making me do it. Something in me just finally relaxed and let go and I submitted to what she wanted from me. We played in the car for awhile. After helping me get out of her t-shirt and bra, her breasts are way to big and heavy for my little hands to do that a lone. Mostly she just let me explore her body on my own and I just followed her reactions to what I was doing and I did.

    Before it went too far she drove us home and bedded me. She ordered me to strip for her as she sat laying nude on the bed playing with herself. I was so shy and blushing as I did but thrilled she wanted to see me. She ordered me to come to her and when I did, she dragged me down onto the bed between her legs and had me lay on top of her. She wrapped her thick, powerful thighs around my body so I knew there was no escape and we just kissed and kissed a long time like that until I was able to relax and stop shaking out of fear.

    As she grew more and more excited, her primal side took over and it was with no effort at all she quickly reversed our positions so I was underneath her and felt her full weight pressing me into the mattress. She slid down and pried my legs open as her face dove into my drenched pussy. It wasn't long at all before her expert tongue had me fighting back and then surrendering to her my huge orgasm. I did not want to cum for her! I wanted to keep that small part of my identity from her. I thought if I didn't cum for her I wasn't really a lesbian then and didn't really enjoy it that much. She ripped that first orgasm from me with such ease it was like I wasn't even trying not to cum.

    But now that I knew how it felt my greedy pussy wanted more! I had been teased and in denial so long one orgasm just wouldn't do. Amazingly, I found myself putting my hands on her head in an attempt to urge her on to keep licking me. And she did. To a point. I was about to explode again when she drew her dark skin, glistening in the soft light from my juices coating her face. A sight I will never forget. I had never been so wet in my life! She looked at me and said, "If you want to get off again you have to eat me first."

    God , I was so afraid of doing that for so many reasons. But in my extreme excitement and desire to please, I felt myself gently nodding my head yes before I could think too much. Just as quickly she scooted up and straddled my tummy and placed her hands over my wrists as she pinned me down beneath her. Her huge breasts dangling over me and rubbing into my body as she started to slide up and down my torso. As she became more and more excited, I could feel her wetness leak out and smear on to my tummy and chest.

    Then she scooted up some more,placed her shins on my wrists and lowered her big pussy onto my reluctant and scared face. Her pussy covered my face from my chin to my nose. Just giving me enough room to breath between her coarse pubic hairs covering the rest of my face. Later, I saw that her pubes had left little scratches on my tummy from the grinding and even more on my face. I had no idea what to do. So I just lay there and concentrated on breathing. I do know however that her taste and smell was intoxicating and I could feel my clit getting hard from it.

    As I lay there, she began to slowly grind on my face. Her speed gradually picked up along with the force she pushed down with until I could feel her large hooded clit poking me on my lips and face. It was so thrilling when I realized it was her clit poking me and I felt my own excitement grow. My excitement grew For her excitement and what I came to realize later, how she was using me for her pleasure and nothing else mattered. For some reason this greatly excited me. Then she stopped.

    I felt her pussy sort of flower open and she pushed down on my face really hard. The next moment I knew my mouth was filling with a torrid of warm sticky but sweet fluid. My face was covered by her pussy so it had no where to go but for me to swallow it if I were to breath. When I did, it set off my own orgasm. At the time I had no idea what I was swallowing. I had never heard of gushing/squirting. Not like this any way. This was more like a slow running river than a squirt. But even though I didn't know what she was doing my pussy most of from the huge orgasm I had from just swallowing it.

    There was a lot. At least three mouthfuls and she was shaking so hard and pushing down on my mouth so hard I thought one of us would be injured. She finally rolled off of me and curled up in a ball next to me shaking and quivering uncontrollably for several minutes. When I finally stopped gagging I reached over and hugged her tight from behind until she stopped and we both fell asleep.

    She told me later that had never happened before. The gushing like that and she really didn't know it was going to happen. She said it just felt so good. When she felt she was going to cum a urge to push her pussy down and open came over her and she just released everything. It was very scary for her to as she felt like it would never stop and her heart was beating so fast and she couldn't catch her breath and couldn't stop shaking. She also said she felt so weak and drained after and we learned to have water near by afterwards. But felt amazing she said.

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    Straight Female / 27

    My mother and I love having a coffee chat once in a while where we both "let it all hang out." One morning
    I confessed to her that, years ago, I had sex with Ron, the next door neighbor who was a very good looking, ripped young man in his mid-20's. He resembled the young porn star, Peter North, and was hung like him, Mom laughed and said, "keep sitting for a minute." Puzzled, I listened and she said, "He also nailed me and your sister and aunt, even your granny. He dipped his big cock into every woman in our family, from what I understand.

    D umbfounded, I did not know how to respond. I finally said, "Well, he did not spill as much sperm as Peter North always did, anyway." Duh!

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Back in college I met and dated Ted, a real dreamboat of a guy. We started sex almost on the first date but by our third date we were already roaming around for a place to park and sex it up. We thought of my dorm room and knew we could sneak him in but I had a roommate, Nancy, an outed lesbian, who hardly ever left our room in the evenings. Nancy was plain looking, masculine leaning, beyond being androgynous, she walked and talked like a boy.

    After Ted and I had been together for a couple of months he blurted out, "We must get a place to fuck, this dark street a and parking lot deal is not working for me." I agreed, so I finally told Nancy that we needed to have the room once in a while. Nancy said she understood and wanted to think about it. A few days later she said she would let us have the room and go to the library in the dorm if she could have me. There was some bewildering conversation and Nancy said she yearned for me from day one, so that's where she's at.

    I told Ted about it and the bottom line was that he wanted me in a bed, so if he could watch us he would be less jealous and not have his imagination go wild on him. In the end, Nancy wanted me so much that she said, "The whole fucking college can watch as long as I can eat you out." It ended up with my allowing Nancy access to my body so that Ted and I could fuck.

    What eventually happened was completely unexpected. Nancy, who was also a Tom-buy in bed, loved tribbing me, that is rubbing our clits together, while completely in charge. As top-man, this began to cause Ted to have major boners. In time, he began to take his thick cock out and stroke it while watching Nancy doing me. Nancy would see this while she was fucking me in some way. Then she started to watch, with our permission, Ted fucking me. At some point Nancy shockingly said, "I want to try that." Although she never thought of it before, although my Ted was her first cock, she took Ted on like an old whore. She had done many dildos and strap-ons before that but I could see that she was really enjoying his cock, so much so that I felt pangs of jealousy. She rode Ted like a rodeo champion.

    In time, we had fantastic threesomes and Nancy came to realize she was more of a bisexual woman than lesbian. The best part of it, we bonded with her and liked her a lot, even outside of our bedroom.

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    Straight Female / 42

    My husband and I are aware that our son and daughter, who are close in age, have been sexually involved. We have heard them and once walked in on them. We've had long talks with them and they claim they know what they are doing. They continue even with our talks and warnings about possible pregnancy. We finally decided to just try to see that they use birth control. Like my husband says, "Once they started fucking, there is no stopping them."

    We feel guilty about our children but we are bewildered and go over how we could possibly have instigated this. We blame Internet porn, especially the new wave of INCEST porn where all kinds of family members engage. Most people don't realize its fantasy sex and believe it's true. I doubt there is much of that going on but then, I have no idea. I only know it's going on in my own home.

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    Straight Male / 29

    As it happened my confession is mine to tell

    I was a fresh 16, and seeing a girl of my own age, i was very dominant at that age and required sports fan sluts to satisfy my sexual appetite

    Sahara was her name and on that day we skipped part of school to practice oral fun back at her place, it quickly lead to one of my marathon fuck sessions,,,

    So there was a break in play when i had to re fit a condom and Sarah was face down on the bed and i was standing behind her when i saw i the wall mirror Sarah's mother beck in the doorway watching and visably touching herself

    For whatever reason i jumped on sarha and whacked a pillow case over head then proceeded to fuck her in every position i could to show off to her mother who was now at the end of the bed in a front row seat to watch me hammer away,,,, and i hammered Sahara so hard, trying to prove to beck i was worth the fuck lol

    I never did get to fuck that milf but i enjoyed putting on the show

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    Straight Male / 34

    This evening my wife and I did some yard work, with me mowing the lawn and my wife weeding and clipping hedges. We both worked up a bit of a sweat. When we got inside we stripped and I took all our clothes to the washer. She called after me and threw her sweaty panties in my direction. Then she ran off to the shower. I smelled her tiny bikini cut panties and the mis of her sweat and musky wildflower c**t was something else. Of all the pussy I've had hers is the wildest smell-wise but it's unmistakably hers and I wish she was a little more comfortable with it. I love it, but I guess that's my job as her man.

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    Straight Female / 33

    Me and Cheryl went on a Caribbean cruise, 12 nights, and she picked up a guy who was over twenty years older than her, so I had to stay away from the cabin in the afternoon so they could have sex. He was on holiday with his wife, and Cheryl said his wife gave them permission to have holiday sex.

    Two American black guys chatted me up one afternoon when I was sitting around on my own. They seemed nice and were 20 something. One had really dark skin and wore glasses, the other was a bit lighter and a bit chubby.

    They asked if I had ever had black cock and I said no, never ever [ I'm not American ].They said they were here for some white pussy and I had a funny cute accent. They said I could choose one of them, which one did I fancy, and I said I can't pick, you decide. Then they said I could have both if I wanted, we could all have a good time in their cabin.

    I had a bit of a dizzy moment as I thought about it, then I said yes, why not, I'm only here for fun.

    I went back to my cabin. Cheryl was naked with her man on her bed. I said 'Don't mind me, I'm just here to get my cap and some cream.' I told them I was meeting two black guys for sex in their cabin. The guy said, 'Lucky you.'

    I freshened up in the bathroom, inserted my protection, and said on the way out 'Goodbye, carry on.'

    When I got to their cabin they were waiting for me, in their undies. Holy shit, I have never seen such big cocks bulging out. They dropped their undies, such thick brown rods of meat.

    I did the porn thing I'd seen, a girl kneeling and sucking two cocks at once. I could do the heads but not much more. I stripped off and got them to blow their horny cum in my mouth and over my face. I didn't clean up, just laid back and opened up to let them fuck me.

    The size of that thing going in was indescribable, it seemed to touch every spot in there. I'd put some cream in their before but still I had to get him to take it easy. Sometimes you have sex and it feels like your whole body is hot and tingling like mad. This was the best.

    He fucked me for like 15 minutes, I'm sure he blew inside me, but when he softened and rolled off the second guy, the chubby one,couldn't wait, and got on top quickly and slid his cock, big and fat same as his friend, right in, smooth as you like. And fucked me hard, he was a bit more energetic.

    I was orgasming, can't say how many times, felt like one never ending one.

    Also can't say how long I was there, was hours for sure. I cleaned up so they could do some clit sucking and pussy licking. We did some 69's. Then we finished with another fuck each and it was dark outside. So fast the time .

    Another day we had one more time together, then a couple of one on one sessions after that, but the first time was the biggest thrill for me. All too soon the cruise was over. I got an email since then from one of them but I haven't answered.

    On the last night I had dinner with Cheryl and her man and his wife. It was true, she didn't care. 'We have an open marriage' she said, so maybe she was fucking some one too.


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    Gay Male / 20

    I got fucked in the living room, me dressed in my small bra, the panties he pulled off me matched the bra, a matching garter belt and stocking held up with garters, my face and hair perfectly made up. I sucked him and he fucked me with his 2 and 1/2 inch thick cock. He loves fucking me, he pays for this apartment and my clothes, I dress full time now and started taking hormones. The best is when this married mad, follows me upstairs, staring and my gaping asshole leaking his cum, knowing he can't take his eyes off my legs and ass and knowing he is going to get more of them both when we get to the bedroom.

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    Straight Female / 19

    My father bought me a new bicycle for my journey's to and from college. During the colder Spring months we've just had, I wore trousers. Recently with the warmer weather I wanted to wear skirts, but the seat wasn't correct for me, so I had my father alter it
    Riding out to college six weeks ago wearing a knee length flowing skirt, I hit a pot hole in the road and a number of things happened. Firstly the seat moved upwards, I was forced up and then landed on the narrow pointed end of the seat. My skirt had flipped up at the at back and as I landed back onto the seat, it inserted straight through my knickers and on up into my pussy. My skirt flopped back down and to all intents and purposes as I moved forwards, nothing had changed.
    Fully seated in a way with my pussy impaled on the bicycle seat, lots of cars drove past me. And not wanting to show any them my predicament, I carried on pedaling. In doing so I began to fuck myself on the seat.
    I swear I genuinely was going to alter what had happened further up the road, where I knew it cut by some waste ground. But the more I pedaled, the more it began to feel amazing. By the time I reached the waste ground, I was very nearly having an orgasm. Using the road as a kind of vibrating system, I free wheeled for a short distance pushing my pussy harder onto the seat, and had the most wonderful of climaxes.
    Stopping and lifting off the seat. I let myself calm down and was going to adjust the seat. But I figured what the hell, I wanted to try it our again. Propping the bicycle up, I quickly removed my knickers and then sat back onto the bike, knowing the seat would slide straight up into my wet pussy.
    Knowing it was going to happen, I was able to move myself so it inserted further into me by pushing down on the rear of the seat. Then I set off for college. It was such a thrilling ride in every sense, not only feeling the seat fucking my hole, but also cycling past people walking and in their cars whilst having sex with my bike.
    Reaching the college gates, I'd just recovered from yet another orgasm when a friend of mine stopped me. She said I looked flushed, to which I replied "You would if you'd just cycled up that hill". I made out I'd come to college the longer way round, not wanting to tell her my seat was still very firmly inserted up my dripping pussy.
    These last six weeks I've cycled every day, and every day I've had some fun along the way. Either having the seat massage my clit, having it so it fucks my pussy, or like last week, I let my arsehole take the pointed end. It hurt at first, but I soon got past that and enjoyed a very very exhilarating ride back from college. I even begun to ride my bicycle for fun around the country lanes where I live.
    If it wasn't for that pothole I would never have discovered just how horny a bike ride could be. Now I thank the local council every day, for being so poor in their road maintenance.

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