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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 45

    This is kind of wild. At least for me and I donât imagine I can ever tell this to anyone I know so Iâm posting it here.

    We had a neighborhood BBQ and it was getting kind of late. Some of the neighbors left. My husband, myself and a couple other were in the hot tub. My husband got out to go play horseshoes and left me in there with the young guy from down the street. Heâs probably late 20âs, Iâm mid 40âs.

    He started flirting with me and I felt like I probably should get out of there but didnât right away. He was talking about how he only dates women older than him, etc. I told him I needed to get out. He said stay for just a couple more minutes, Iâll give you a foot rub. Before I could say anything he grabbed my foot and began rubbing it.

    He placed my foot right in his crotch and I could feel his erection. I didnât say anything but in my head was going through all the scenarios of how I was going to get out. I was shocked when he stopped rubbing my foot and began using it to rub his penis through his shorts. I just sat there frozen. He said let me see your tits. I told him no way. He said come on a Iâll show you mine and he pulled his shorts down. I kept rubbing him with my foot.

    He slid over next to me and put my hand on his penis. I stroked him and he undid my top. I sat there topless jerking him off for what felt like a long time. Then one of the others came around the corner and I quickly slid down to hide my boobs. He started ejaculating right at that moment. I quickly scooped up my top floating around and put it back on.
    I know the neighbor walking around suspected something because he kept looking over. So I got out real quick.

    By the time I got dried off and changed only the couple from right next door weâre still around.

    It was one crazy night and hardly seems real.

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    Straight Male / 50

    Apparently I fucked up, but it's ok, I like the outcome.

    I dated a younger girl for a few weeks that I met at work. Nice enough girl, but Brianne was only into the money I found out. We only fucked twice during our relationship and her method of thanking me for an expensive date or present was a killer blowjob. After a little while, we both knew it wasn't working and Brianne found some other sugar daddy.

    The problem, well I had met her mother while we were dating, and when Brianne left, I needed a date for the convention for my job and her mom, Julie agreed to take her place so I wouldn't be alone. We traveled to Atlanta, attended the convention and while there, ended up hooking up.

    I'm not going into details, but Julie is a very adventurous lover, open to exploration and willing to do almost anything to please me, and I do the same for her.

    Since we returned, Brianne has major issues with the fact. She's basically started fights every time Julie and I are together.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I want to fuck my brothers 52 year old wife. She knows it and she will see this. Please don't be mad or ashamed. I'm ashamed and scared to talk to you and tell you. I know you know it's me and I know it turns you on to think of me fucking you. I will do anything you tell me to K.
    I would evenn do a threesome with you and my brother. I'll suck his dick if you make me. I won't ever tell if you let me fuck you. Please just one time. I love you and won't hurt you. Please don't hurt me. I saw you and it was so hot. I can't help it your so sexy what I saw you doing. Purple dildo smells so good too. You knew too and it turns you on.

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    Straight Male / 48

    When my wife is sober, our sex life is pretty vanilla -- some kissing, cuddling, touching, a little oral and then it's usually missionary or her on top. But if she has been drinking, her inhibitions quickly go away, and if she is drunk (which happens after just a couple of drinks), she becomes very slutty, and in particular wants anal sex, something she never wants when she is sober. It's like having sex with two different people. When she is sober, I can't go anywhere near her anus, but when she is drunk, she talks dirty and makes it clear her ass is up for grabs. I can use my fingers back there, a toy and finally my cock. She tells me how good it feels, which she never says when we have sober sex. Of course, the next day, she is a bit sore back there, and says never again. But the next time we do a around of drinks, she wants my cock in her ass and will cum easily that way. The problem is that I am really turned on when she is my anal-slut-wife and want to do it more often, but always have to wait until she is drunk.

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    Straight Male / 50

    Well, it started out harmlessly enough.

    When my wife lost interest in sex, I amped up my masturbation. Soon I had a routine going: she would fall asleep, and I would head for some sex stories or porn to get myself off. One night, I found myself reading sex stories in bed while she snored away beside me. I had a raging hard-on, and I tried to wake her up and get her interested, but she sleepily brushed me off and said she was too tire.

    With a sigh, I went back to my story and stroked my dick discreetly beneath the covers. Usually, I got up and went to the bathroom to finish up. That night was hot, however, and although I kept myself covered up with a sheet, the wife kicked off her covers as she slept, exposing her slender body to my eyes. I kept looking over at her, remembering how much she liked to fuck and suck when she was younger.

    Pretty soon, the Kindle sex story was tossed aside. My left hand stroked my cock openly while my right hand caressed my wife's tits and stomach. Her tank top and panties let me see a lot, but soon I wanted to feel as well as imagine what was there, so I slipped my hands up and pinched her nipples, bunching her shirt up over her tits to leave them exposed. Then I dipped my hand into her panties and found her clit, circling it slowly while I rubbed my leaking cock. That gave me a thrill, and she snored right through the whole thing. Pretty soon, I was dipping my middle finger and then two fingers into her lubricated pussy, imagining I was lying on top of her, fucking her happily like the old days. Soon enough, I exploded all over my T-shirt and got out of bed to change.

    A couple of nights later, I did the same thing, but I came prepared with a small towel. When I got close to exploding, I shifted myself onto my side and spurted cum onto her flat, sexy belly, my fingers buried in her pussy once more. Like a gentleman--creeper or not--I cleaned her up and fell asleep quickly.

    The next time I started to jerk off beside her, I must have nudged her leg or something. She tossed and turned a little bit, then threw her leg over me and shifted her shoulders away, still deeply asleep. I held my breath until her breathing settled down and then reached between her legs to grab my cock where it lay along the back of her thigh. With my free hand, I laid the hand towel right over her pussy and quickly stroked myself to an amazing orgasm. Afterwards, I lay snuggled up beside her while my cock wilted, so close to where I wanted to be.

    After a few more nights, I realized that I could lift her leg over me without disturbing her slumber. Unless I really nudged her hard, I could move her anywhere and move on the bed myself without waking her up. I had zero self-control and things progressed rapidly. With my hand towel close by, I would stroke myself and finger her pussy, then lift her leg up and over me and pretend to fuck her. Some times she didn't even stir if I pulled her shirt up and sucked her nipples as I came.

    Well, you can guess where this is headed, right? One night, she wore loose sleep shorts instead of tight panties. I pushed them aside to finger her pussy, and when I lifted her leg over my hips and scooted into position, my cock brushed the soft pubic hair along her opening. I stuck my thumb out and let it trace her lips, dipping inside and spreading her moisture all over. As I humped my hand, my thumb split her open and her pussy seemed to suck it inside. When I paused to spread her juices on my cock, my hand wrapped fully around the shaft and it fell back into position between her slick labia. I felt the heat and the wetness and my last barrier crumbled. Careful not to push too hard or too far, I masturbated myself while the head of my cock was inside her. At the last possible second, I twitched the towel into place and came like I hadn't in years!

    That was it for me. I became a full-on sleep-creeping m****ter. Almost every night when my wife was asleep, I would nudge her into position and use her body for my pleasure. I never got on top of her, but if she lay on her side, I would find a way to pull her panties or shorts out of the way and fuck her just a little bit. If she was on her back, I would lift her leg over me and spoon up into her. As long as I didn't push too deep, she slept like a rock through the whole thing.

    I know how wrong it was, and I know that I rationalized my actions by saying she wasn't interested, but I was desperate for her body! The only thing I didn't ever do was cum inside her--that would have left too much evidence. As it was, I was careful to clean up our combined juices and keep her from suspecting. After about six months, I tapered off, knowing that I would get caught eventually and fuck up my marriage and my life. Still, those orgasms were the best I've had in years...

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    Straight Male / 50

    Much as at times I would like to, I can't unsee those images.

    It was something of a shock when the call came from the school principal. It was a Catholic high school (yeah, I know...cliche', but it is true) and the dare had gone out for several girls to take risque photos of themselves. Those pictures had made their way quickly around the social circles, and now several students--including my girlfriend's daughter, who I will just say was 'still-in-high-school-age'--had been identified, their phones confiscated, and their parents notified. The boys who had 'shared' the pictures were in real trouble, but the girls who participated were to be disciplined too.

    Naturally, my girlfriend was upset and disappointed, and as I was more electronically proficient, she asked me to download everything from her daughter's phone so she could see what the damage was. As soon as I ran across them, I knew exactly what/when/where and that previous weekend her daughter's best friend spent the night. Dressed in matching tube-tops and pajama shorts, there were several dozen pictures in her bedroom of both girls in various stages of, and virtually complete, undress. As respectful as I have always been of her daughter, I'd be lying if I said she didn't catch my interest on a primal aroused the more risque the pictures they took of each other.

    Soon enough everything was downloaded and returned to her mother to address. But since there was a sexual, voyeuristic line that I had already crossed, I felt virtually unable to stop myself from doing what came next. Before I could even think to stop I was in the utility room downstairs, pawing through the laundry hamper. Sure enough, rolled up in a ball at the bottom of the pile were the very same pajama shorts from the sleepover and photo shoot a few days earlier. Unfolding them I found a lovely stain in the gusset, still relatively 'fresh'. Bringing them to my nose I inhaled deeply--the musk of her teenage sexual arousal being more intoxicating than I could ever have imagined.

    I never acted on anything, nor did I ever tell anyone...but I certainly saw her daughter in a different way after that. And I did take her pajama shorts and stash them away for myself, as well. Her daughter is off in her first year of college now, but I will admit on several occasions when I am by myself I will retrieve them from their hiding place and treat myself to some taboo aroma therapy while the theater of my mind recalls those pictures of her and her best friend that I will never be able to unsee.

    I sometimes wish I had people I could share this experience with who would understand.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 54

    After 38 years of marriage, about 10 years ago my husband died. I was 16 when he got me pregnant, he was 22. We got married and had more kids, and had a great sex life. I had let one of my older cousins have sex with me twice before I met my husband, he never knew it. I lied and told him I was a virgin, and used the bicycle seat excuse for my hymen being broken. All through our marriage I did whatever he wanted sexually, no matter how kinky and I enjoyed it. Later in our marriage he started sharing me, not just with other couple, usually sex with the women and only oral on the men.

    I liked it, I liked the younger ones, and some were quite big and well endowed and I really wanted to have sex with them but that wasn't to be. It took me a year after he passed, but I let the 18 year old who mowed the lawn fuck me. I seduced him, taking my time, letting him accidentally catch me naked but eventually I got him in bed. He wasn't the last. I brought over the next year over 20 young men to my bed and to my sex. However; Todd, the current one, is huge. Very well endowed, with a cock that is as thick as a beer or soda can but is 11 inches long. Seriously; I cannot take all of him in my vagina. After much lube and coaxing we did get it in my well used butt, and he can sink it all the way home there. I love him in my way, I know it can't be, it can't last but I've never even seen anyone with this big a cock before, nor would I have thought I could take it. Since I started seeing men and boys I've now had 33 total cocks in me. I see one woman who was part of a couple we used to see, she is divorced and we have sex together now. She has remarked on my vagina and how relaxed and open it's become. I don't tell her about Todd. I have one other male I see and he actually stopped coming around, I know it's because I am so loose now and he didn't think I was with anyone else.

    I'm addicted to Todds cock, I'm now addicted to BIG COCKS, and want to find more of them.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I'm a fat girl, always have been. Not very attractive but I am a natural blonde with blonde hair on my cooch so I keep it grown in. That gets me some guys. I started having sex with hand jobs and blow jobs to boys when I was 13 and it got me the attention I craved. Guys would buy me ice cream, sodas and stuff, it was like going on a date almost. At 14 I was drinking with 4 older boys 19 and 18, and they told me to get naked and I was giving them handjobs. At some point they held me down one guy with a huge cock got between my legs and fucked me. Right there in front of the other guys. They all were taking off their clothes, the boy on top of me was telling them how tight I was and how good it felt, I was starting to cry. He finished and the next boy got on top of me, I looked and the other two were lined up. Boys lined up to fuck me. I knew then what a whore I was. The boy who took my virginity was showing the others his cock and laughing at the blood on it from breaking me. I laid there and took the fuckings, 8 in all. Bleeding, leaking, the boys made me go to the bathroom and leave the door open. I had to pee and poo in front of them, they were laughing telling each other how nasty I was. Then they made me clean up the pool of cum with some blood mixed in it with some toilet paper, but not before one boy shoved my face in it and told me to kiss it first. The first boy wouldn't let me have my panties back. He'd wiped some of my blood from his cock on it and said it was a souvenir of his first virgin c**t.

    After that, I was an "anybodys". Anybody who wanted to fuck me, they did. I've had as many as 10 guys lined up to take their turn fucking me. I've never had a real boyfriend. One boy even made me have sex with his 14 year old brother to get him laid for his first time. I had to let him fuck me in my mouth, in front and in my butt. Over the night in the motel he came 5 times. This past weekend, in a motel room with the door open to the parking lot, I have to lean my butt over the edge of the bed, on my belly and take all the guys that night in my butt. I'm still not right back there, my bowel movements are terrible. I'm a fat girl, natural blonde, a slut the other girls wouldn't talk to or have over to their house, every knows, even my parents. My mom has made me take the pill since my third time getting pregnant. She made me put the first one for adoption, and I had two miscarriages, I think from so many guys fucking me while I was pregnant.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I want to be r**ed again. The first time I was r**ed I didnât like it because it was real...probably. But now my pussy cannot help but get wet at the thought of a stranger shoving his dick in my ass and being double penetrated by another in my young pussy with dick being shoved down my throat and being recorded and exposed. Something about that makes me finger my pussy like how I am doing right now. But itâs crazy because only when I am horny I think of things like being in a gang bang, or dp, lesbian sex (Iâm straight) with double ended dildos, family breeding, i****t, r**e, young girls and boys(ones that arenât old enough for this website), exposing myself such as pictures, videos and being fucked and recorded & I even want to be a sex slave for a white family and let every male in the family use my ass and pussy whenever they pleased, showing me off too their friends and letting them fuck me too. Itâs simple when Iâm horny I want to be a whore a young black slut begging to be fucked, used, exposed and sold.

    Iâm so horny right now.

    @@ATLDreamers on Kik.

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    Straight Male / 22

    Last fall my stepdad, and my moms ex husband passed away. I was his only kind of relative, so I cleaned out his house to settle his affairs. When I was going through stuff, I found a bunch of dvds and pictures of my mom. She was probably in her late 20s. Lots of nude pictures of her, and on the dvds were home movies of her. On some she was with as many as five guys. I watched her suck cock, fuck, and dildo herself. She is always very prim and proper so these surprised and stunned me. I cannot stop watching them though. My favorite one she is being used by three hung black guys. She is a tiny woman, 5 foot, little boobs, but a nice ass, and hairy red bush. She obviously loved being fucked by these guys, saying unbelievably naughty things. Watching the videos get me rock hard, heâll even thinking about it gets me hard. I have not told anyone I know, but did show a few of her pics online to strangers. I love their comments.

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