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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 36

    I have been married with a good (mostly) sex life for 15 years. I want to cheat and haven't, though my husband has. Instead I have several younger guys to whom I give handjobs. I am still pretty young looking though I don't like about my age, and I have kept a very nice body for my husband and for me. I get naked except for my panties and the young guys strip and I jack them off. No oral, no sex, they can rub my boobs and my butt but that's all. When they are about to cum, I pull my panties down and let them cum on my hairy pussy and the crotch of my panties. I then pull them up, get dressed and go the rest of the day with cum all over me. At work I can smell it on me and I'm sure others can too. My husband isn't home yet when I get home so I take a shower and clean up. He wouldn't be caught dead doing a load of laundry so my cum soaked panties go unnoticed. I enjoy it and it's sort of my way of getting even without actually having sex. I really like the feel of a guy shooting off in my hand, I like the smell of it and love young mens bodies.

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    Straight Female / 26

    My b/f and I, quite frankly, fuck like wild monkeys when we get going. Usually, we do it in his bedroom. Not long ago, we had a wild session and after were both lying flat on our backs recovering, breathing hard. Nic noticed that we had not drawn the curtain on our large bedroom window. We saw a couple watching us from the next floor up of the building next to us. It was clear that they could see our entire bedroom from their vantage point.

    They were middle aged but quite attractive and fit. The man gave us a "thumbs up" signal and I flushed tomato red in my face. Nic said, "Oh, they look like they've seen it all anyway." From our limited vantage point we could see nothing but them and only if they stood near their window. Nic did not live in that residence long so he did not know them.

    The man held up his index finger, a signal we both took as "wait a minute" then he returned in a bathrobe and standing right near the glass, he opened it, revealing an impressively sized, hard cock. The woman with him started caressing it then she went down on it and he took her head and began to fuck it. We could see that she took most of it in, which turned Nic on, as I could see it. The couple put on a little sex show for us, ending up in doggy position next to the glass.

    She disappeared and came back with a cardboard and held it against their window, It had
    their phone number on it. Nic and I have never done anything like this before but we plan to call them and see how far it goes. I already know I want Nic to watch that handsome older man plowing me. I strongly suspect it will turn him on. He's mentioned it before.

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    Straight Male / 46

    I was 23 and I had enrolled for a Master's program at SMU in Dallas. I rented a duplex close enough from campus to walk and moved in. Those were the days when you had to take your clothes to the laundromat, which was a couple of blocks away.

    Next door to me lived a 40 something school counselor. She was divorced and invited me over to eat, she offered to get my laundry done when she went and did hers (she had a car, and I walked to the laundromat). She came over one afternoon and started to criticize the mess, she started picking up, washed the dishes, and got back to the bathroom. She went back next door and came back with bathroom cleaning supplies and she scrubbed and cleaned the tub, toilet, sink, the baseboards, she mopped the floor and when she was done she told me that I was a typical pig guy who would shit in a hole rather than clean.

    She didn't need a key as I left the door unlocked, she vacuumed, she ordered things around, she cleaned the bathroom, she cleaned out the refrigerator, she changed the bed, don't get in her way, she was cleaning because I was a man pig and my mother hadn't taught me.

    Evening meal was at six. Be there, do not make any other plans. Use your knife and fork, don't cut with your fork, sit down because she served and picked up, I was a man and I was there to be waited on.

    The day I fucked her, it was after dinner and she excused herself and went back to her room and came out in a skirt and she sat in front of me, she opened her legs, I could see up to God's country, no panties, nothing but pussy. She leaned back in the chair, opened her legs and pulled up the skirt and said 'come and make me happy'.

    She sucked my dick, she fucked on her back, and wanted to get fucked like a bitch in heat. She had me use this thin liquid on her butt hole and gently massage her, she told me if I wanted to I could give her a good poke. She loved having her butt hole touched and rubbed and poked. Get on her knees, bent over and would get a bitch in heat fucking position and have me use her little bottle of liquid to play with her butt hole while she had her pussy full of dick.

    If she was indisposed because of women's issues, she had her mouth and her hands, and het tits. No reason why I should suffer, give her a mouthful of cum and she was just as happy as getting a pussy full of cum. She was from California and ended up in Dallas via her marriage, and worked at a Junior High as a school counselor. I often wondered what she told the boys and girls.

    I never dated during my Master's program, I didn't cook, I didn't clean, I didn't do laundry. I laid on my back and she sat on my face and I got all the pussy I could eat. I got blow jobs watching TV, she liked being naked on the bed and sucking my dick while I ate her pussy. And she liked to have her butt hole fingered. She asked for it, but I just never could get to the point of fucking her butt hole.

    Oh and she had breasts. She was big naturally, and her breasts were held in by her bra. She would take off her bra, and while I sat on her couch, she would lean over me with those amazing melons, and let me suck her nipples. She was a woman with full awareness of her body, shameless in sex, loved being a bitch in heat, she was good cook, and she fawned over me. I never did understand why her dentist husband got divorced to marry his receptionist. No girl could have been better than what I had.

    But there was 20 years difference in our ages. After I graduated I reluctantly moved to Pittsburg for a job. One day I got an envelope, a large 8 X 11 envelope with a do not bend label. Inside was a black and white crotch shot of her pussy, with a lipstick kiss and her handwriting telling me that she missed me. I missed her too. I never got the royal treatment again and my wife never believed that a woman would willingly have her butt hole touched and fingered. Her loss I'm sure.

    I didn't keep up with her. Her name was Madeline by the way.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I am a 56 white male and today I contacted an anonymous man on CL offering to suck his cock.

    A man that is 2 years older than me, but I told him I had a kinky request.
    You see for the past few days I've been watching women and yes men who allow men to piss in their mouth.

    I told him I'd suck his beautiful fat cock if he'd piss in my mouth first and from the numerous back and forth emails that were sent he is eagerly willing to do it tonight in a safe place he knows of.

    His request is for me to strip down to a pair of lace panties and I plan on working my hand into his briefs and playing with his cock until he's ready then kneel down then cock my head back slightly and open my mouth as he begins filling my mouth with nasty piss.

    I know it's pathetic but I can't help myself.
    I may post an update if all goes as planned.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I guess I'm bi. My bestie, Ellie, and I have been eating each other out since we were 14. We've known each other since kindergarten. What this is about, Uncle Billy, who is not really my uncle but acts like he is related. He's dad's boyhood friend and they fish and hunt together. Ellie and I love going down on each other but we can't 69 very well because we lose concentration.

    Ellie tells me that she would bet uncle Billy and dad are doing more than hunting and fishing in their camp tent. I suppose she's right. However, around the house, Uncle Billy ignores all and often walks around in underwear with his penis hanging out. Even Ellie has seen it and said he has a world class cock and to let her know if I finally get nailed by it...that she would get on line.

    Ellie is sexually wide open and says she has even done her two cousins, who are brother and sister. She was the one that started our sexual lives together, not that I am complaining. At one point she offered herself to Uncle Billy and he just laughed and said, "Maybe later when you grow up." This really pissed her off. She kept bothering him, bordering on harassment and Uncle Billy asked why has she targeted him and she said
    "I saw your cock and want it in me."

    I could tell that what she said had an impact on Billy. He went to dad and told him what was going on. Dad said, "Oh, I know all about her, just fuck her." Later, I heard Ellie and Billy talking in the toilet and he said to Ellie, "If you tell anybody I will deny it.
    I mean it." "Why the hell would I?" she said. Ellie came to me and told me they were going to fuck and could they use my bedroom?" I said, o.k. but I wanted to watch, hidden.

    I got into my closet and they came in. I saw most of it and when Billy took out his tool and it was as stiff as a Louisville slugger, Ellie said, "Wait, that's too big. How did you get so big?" He ignored her, fingered and licked her then slowly started to slide in.

    I was masturbating like crazy in the closet, watching her as they changed positions and she got on top. I was shocked when his entire hard penis disappeared into her. They fucked for about 25 minutes, long after, while masturbating in the closet, I had two orgasms in a row, then he pulled out of Ellie and came on her little breast buds. After he left, the whole game had changed and now I too was hot for Uncle Billy's cock. I came out of the closet and jumped on Ellie, who had not cooled off from fucking Uncle Billy. We did it all and for longer than 25 minutes.

    We ended up in a scissor, rubbing our clits together until we both came a number of times.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    I'm overweight and nearly six feet tall so I don't get asked out much. My room-mate and sometime lover, Nancy, is hot, bi and always out. Recently, she was being picked up by her date and he brought along a 6'3" fellow with an evil-eye, as I call it, who was dropping them off at a restaurant. When they left, I clicked the front door lock open and sat there. Then, "evil-eye" returned and locked the front door. He tore off all his clothes and you could hang your coat on his cock, so I took my panties off.

    We fucked for two hours in every possible configuration, even ones that fatties like me are not supposed to be able to do. Then the phone call came and Nancy was ready to be picked up at her date's apartment where she also probably got fucked blind.

    Evil eye left, saying, "I'll be back soon." He did. I'm amazed.

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    Straight Female / 29

    A group of us six girls from the office were at our regular lunch place when a man that looked like a rough longshoreman came up, looked at us and asked to talk to me. I got up and followed him to the door and just outside. He said (perhaps not the exact words) You've kept up your figure and quite frankly, I would like to fuck your asshole and I will pay you a lot for it.

    I looked him over and felt comfortable but responded, "I'm not a whore or prostitute" where he rejoined immediately, "No one is calling you that. A quick trip up your asshole in a nearby alley and I pay you $250. I had been butt-fucked before, many times, in fact, so I said, $350 and you have your quick asshole."

    He handed me the money and we walked two doors down and ducked inside a building doorway that was unlocked. I pulled down my panties and raised my skirt to give him access. Then, he opened his trousers and out popped a humongous cock. I took the money out and said, "No way, are you fucking nuts?" He took out a tube of some ointment and said,
    This is magic. Trust me. If you feel any pain I will instantly pull it out and you keep the money.

    It seemed believable so I allowed it and he was right. The tree-trunk-sized cock slid up my asshole with a large slurp and he proceeded to hump it in and out until he came--- shooting a series of pulses into me stomach, as it felt. My asshole felt hungry for more. It must have been the lube stuff but it felt hot. He said, "You want it again, don't you?" I said, "Yeah, I do." He said, just gimme a minute or two. Then, he started feeling me up, felt my tits, rubbed my clit and inserted two fingers into my vagina. My asshole was twitching and begging for the bulbous cock.

    He then slipped it in again and fucked me until my eyes felt like they were going to fall out of my head. He came again, then, after breathing normally, he pulled out of me with a cork-popping sound and tucked it into his pants. I went back to the table with $350 I did not have 15 minutes before. The girls asked what happened and I said, "Oh, just a friend of my husband's who owed him some money. The next round is on me."

    That's not the end of the story. This is: My asshole was left hungering for more of the giant pole and each day I hoped and prayed the guy would return. He never did. I then went looking for a dildo around the same size and the ointment he used. It took me a time but now I slam it home lubed up with the magic ointment. It's not the same but will have to do.

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    Straight Male / 43

    I pay a single, new mother who is 19 to let me feed from her breast milk. She said she will keep her milk in and not let it dry up. The baby is weened so I get both of her big tits to empty twice a day. I pay her and when I want she jacks me off. I do insist that she is totally naked when I breast feed and she has agreed. She had a beautiful body with totally black hair on her bush and on her head. It keeps her in her apartment, and gets me what I want. I've had one nursing relationship prior to this and when my ex had our kids she did keep milking for several months for me. I love having these huge tits to suck on and taste the sweet mommy milk while I get my rocks off.

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    Straight Male / 20

    I cooked biscuits and gravy for my neighbor and I this morning. She is a BBW with a gorgeous face named Tina. My biscuits and gravy were plain but I jerked off into hers so hers was extra creamy. I had a boner watching her eat my cum drizzled creation.... I invited her to dinner, gonna shoot as many loads into it as I can before 5, gotta go!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Following my divorce I found myself working overtime to keep from going home at night. At work one of our managers is gay and one night he invited me to join him and his partner for dinner. The dinner was a fun time, and the conversation flowed, so we followed by going to one of their favorite watering holes. They had a large group of friends there, mostly men in our age group and I found myself in a long conversation with this retired policeman.

    We ended up talking outside and he invited me over to his place so we could get to know each other better. By then it was eleven p.m. and I felt it necessary to let him know that I wasn't gay. He laughed, and he asked me if I thought he looked gay. A 60 year old, heavy set man with a beard, he put his arm around my shoulder and guided me to his car and said we would pick my car up later.

    At his place he offered me a drink, he turned on the TV to the Late Show and he sat across from me and we talked about life and about my divorce. I opened up to him and we talked for a long time. I had finished my drink and he walked over and told me that what I needed was some human comfort, to let him hug me. I thought it would be uncomfortable, two men our age, both heavy set, hugging like that. His hug was warm and he held my head, and he whispered that what I needed right then was some loving, to let myself go, to experiment, to find out, because he had something that no man could resist.

    As uncomfortable as I felt right then, he convinced me to got to his room, he told me he had been married once, but found that there was something more comforting about sharing with a man, and he wanted to be that man for me. His arm was around my shoulder hugging me against him. In his room he invited me to undress, he said it was easier to have fun if we were both naked, but that I shouldn't be surprised, that some men have it and others want it, at least that was his experience.

    H e stood naked in front of me, a big man, hairy chest with a large belly, and this thing, this thing he called Mike. I felt small beside him. I always thought I was normal, I guess I am, but Mike was abnormal, he said that on the force they said he was always armed with a hog leg. He laughed, and came over and grabbed my penis and didn't let go. He held it in his hand, he worked my penis in his hand, he put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him, he whispered in my ear if I wanted to get to know Mike better.

    We were standing there, in front of the bed, he had his hand on my penis and I had my hand on Mike. I had never been in that situation before, it felt good holding Mike in my hand, his arm still around my shoulder he pulled me closer and kissed my mouth and told me that by end of the night we would be making out like a couple of crazed teenagers.

    He laid back on the bed and told me to get on beside him, to take Mike in my hand and help Mike rise to the occasion, that there was nothing better that Mike liked, that a sweet set of lips. Holding Mike in my hands, because I was stroking him with both hands when I put my lips on Mike. I immediately got a charge through my body, I puckered up, and let myself taste Mike's sweet taste, got my mouth all around Mike's big head and started to do what I had always dreamt would be done to me. I hardly noticed that he had my penis in his hand and he was stroking me while I was on my knees stroking and kissing and licking and sucking on Mike.

    Somehow, I don't know when, I found myself on my side and he was on his side, and I was sucking and stroking on Mike and he was sucking and stroking on me. Mike was powerful, how else can I phrase it. It was impossible to ignore Mike, when he was massaging my shoulders and kissing me, when he asked me to get on crouch on my knees and he stood over me and Mike was there, dominating the room, and I could not resist, I took Mike in my hand and sucked, kissed, licked Mike, from his head, down his shaft, to his balls, I tasted Mike's pre cum, I felt Mike grow in my hand, and my head couldn't move and Mike gave up his charge, in my mouth, on my face, and down my chest.

    Later that night, when I was more relaxed I got my chance to unload, and his mouth was there to take as much as he could. The next morning, we showered in his overly large shower with two shower heads, he said built like that to accommodate two men, with enough room to pay careful attention to Mike, and for Mike to pay careful attention to his guest, if his guest was of the mind to have Mike show his appreciation.

    I wasn't ready for Mike, not like that, I begged off. He told me Mike was patient, no man could resist him for long, and before I knew it Mike was going to be my special friend, exploring where no man had gone before. Mike was there for me when I needed him, he was everything that was promised, and more. I never would have thought that I would look forward to being pulled over by a cop.

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