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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I often cruise truck stops on the evenings that my wife works. The last time that I scored a dick. I stopped at a rest stop to take a pee, and there was a truck driver standing around the outside of the building.

    I struck up a conversation with this guy, he was an older man about my age but nowhere in as good shape as me. I look like a much younger man that works out regularly. Quite good looking as well. But a cocksucker...

    We chatted about his routine, and other bull sh*t, till I got the nerve to bring up his lack of sex. Yes, that is a problem with this job, he said. I was ready to run if need be, and just blurted out, . I'd suck his cock if he wanted no strings attached, no charge just a blow-and-go.

    He readily accepted so I followed him to his truck, he layed in the back and had his trousers off pretty quickly. I stroked his cock but I didn't like it as much as some other's because it wasn't cricumzied.

    I put my mouth and started sucking it anyway, any dick is better than no dick. To my surprise he got a hard on almost instantly, and to my pleasure much thicker than I had expected. He had a thick head and fat cock that tapered as it got down to the bottom.

    I slurped on it and swallowed it whole, I pushed my head down hard on it and once I got past the fat area then it would like,,, bang in the rest of the way on its own. Im sucking and slurping on the dick while caressing his ball's. Yeah, he was into it and started pumping his manhood into my face.

    I sucked his fat dick for about 15 min and he started working my throat like he owned it. Busting a nut in my mouth.... I loved it.

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    Straight Male / 28

    We were having a party one day small gathering we invited a family friends and she brought her nephew mark and his girlfriend. Weâre dtarted drinking early around 3pm and by the time it was 11pm everyone was drunk I saw mom wasnât doing so well and she looked drunk, I walked her upstairs to her room I took her shoes off and was going to put them away in her walk in closet I was in the dark and I heard someone or something open the door. I was still in the closet phone on silent and I watched as someone turned their phone on to observe my unconscious mom I saw it was mark and he lifted the blankets off mom. I stood by as I watched him finger play with my mom, it got me sort of hard and I continued to let him do as he pleased. I saw as he unbuttoned he pants and lowered them to her knees. He began to smell her vaginal area and rub his fingers up and down her slit. I heard moans coming from her unconscious body and they got louder as he got more into it, I watched as he climbed up over her and inserted his member in and out of her with deep thrust repeatedly. Mark started grunting loud and I knew he was about to bust but I did not expect him to bust in her âcreampieâ as you will and it made me bust as well. I soaked my pants so much more than I have before. I waited until he left and turned my light on to see the finished product, she was creamed inside and the aroma from both of them got me hard again. I climbed up on top of her and placed my cock inside her it took me about 5 minutes before I busted like a waterfall. After which I crawled down between her legs and ate her out both cream tasted so good. I canât wait until I get another chance . I have a few pics of mark and mom fucking from spy cam her panties as well if you guys want to see leave a comment

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    Straight Female / 38

    I like reading about women who do sex for money. I worked in a brothel for two years, starting when I was 32, a late starter you might say. Before this I'd done some massage parlor work doing a happy ending hand job, watching the men spurting out their semen. This seemed OK to me and finally I decided to do more sexual things, for more money of course.

    I had no family in the big city and was always a loner you might say, so I wasn't worried about being found out and being disgraced as a prostitute.

    The brothel specialized in blow jobs, calling it happy french. I had to do this as part of the service, and I accepted, although I'd never before gone all the way sucking a cock to completion.

    The manageress brought a client into the office and watched me suck this guy off, a freebie for a regular and he orgasmed in my mouth. I had no particular reaction to this, easily swallowing his ejaculate.

    I said "I can do this" and the manageress said,"OK you got the job."

    And that started my brothel career which lasted two years.

    I can't say how many cocks I sucked or how many men have fucked me. I've tried to figure it out but it's too much of a blur.

    Most men could climax twice in the hour so I would give them the blow job then let them fuck me. I liked most of the guys so I swallowed a fair bit. Only when I had a bad vibe about them would I let them cream all over my breasts and make them wear a condom. I'd had a IUD fitted so I allowed a lot of my customers to finish inside me. Didn't bother me in the slightest, in fact I found it quite satisfying.

    I left when my mortgage had shrunk to a more manageable level. Now I limit myself to three men. One insists on paying,a married man,and the other two have it for free. One of them is single but is happy with this arrangement, roughly two fuck sessions a week as he is a workaholic with little free time.

    I know this makes me sound a bit of a sad freak but I am a contented person who loves sex and being alone when I'm not fucking.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    Hi Iâm a married guy with a great looking slim wife which we regularly fuck but I hold a terrible secret from her

    If only my wife knew I use large butt plugs and dildos
    If only she knew I swallow my own cum
    If only she knew I had my ass eaten and fingered by a older married guy once
    If only she knew I sucked a big cock a few years ago
    If only she knew I long to be fucked by well hung guy while sucking another and swallowing load

    I know this isnât right and I feel guilty over it .

    I have on so many occasions during sex almost let out this secret to her but stop myself at the last minute as I know this would end our marriage

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    Lesbian Female / 26

    I'm a gold star lesbian. I've never really been with a man, and I am in a super loving happy relationship with a wonderful woman who I totally adore.

    Recently, I was in a situation where I was groped by a strange man in an elevator. I didn't stop him, or try and move away I just let it happen. He grabbed and squeezed my ass and my inner thigh and I just let him. I don't know why, and I felt a thrill from it.

    After that, I've intentionally put myself in situations to invite being touched and groped and stuff. Doesn't always happen of course, but I keep 'escalating' I guess is the word. More revealing clothes, rougher places I go. Furthest so far was just last week, I went to a very low end part of town, rough club. I was grabbed a lot, at one point my top was even pulled down exposing my boobs and I was roughly fingered, and came from it.

    I don't really want this, but it's like this urge this addiction to keep doing these things.

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    Straight Female / 45

    My husband wanted to give me a gang-bang, train type sexual pleasure experience for my birthday. Having males under the age of 25. He wanted to see if I can take ten cocks. My son wanted to see that too. So we told our son to find another nine guys around his age.

    On my birthday, we set up a mattress on the garage floor. There I laid backed sucking my husbands cock and my son fucking my pussy while the others waited their turn. My husband stepped away for me to suck my son's cock while another cock drop his load in me. Then he stood at my side stroking his cock while the next guy fucked my c**t. He went to my mouth and put that cock in it. By that time I set a time limit how long their cocks could be in me so others have a chance.

    I told the guys to pretend I'm their mother into lots of fucking and to shoot their seed all over me. I wanted a cum bath.

    After they all left, my son and husband gave me a double penetration till I had a good orgasm It was a good birthday present. My husband and son placed a crown on my head and called me "Queen Slut of this house!"

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    Straight Male / 54

    The Neighbor

    You just never know when any of our sex-fantasies will ever come true .

    Her name is Jena , lives next door to me and is still married , at this writing . The family has lived next door to me for almost 10 years now . We've been good friends , always helping each other in any hour of need .

    Her husband is a good hard-working man , and loves to hunt . He always has a Labrador-retriever in training .

    Jena is a very full-figured , attractive woman ( the kind that most of us guys around here dream about fucking her ) , big breasted , nice firm and plump ass . She was a stay-at-home mom , raising 2 kids , tending to the dogs , doing yard-work ( because her husband was allergic to cut-grass ) , and anything else that most stay-at-home moms would do .

    It never seemed to me that she was being sex-starved , always thought her husband was treating her needs ( like any other guy would ) . Her and I would tease and flirt , right in front of her husband and kids ( nothing nasty ). This went on for years .

    Then one nite , the teasing and flirting stopped .

    They had a golden Labrador-retriever , that was always aggressive towards me , always barking and carrying on like I was a total stranger to him...every damn day was like this . Jena would come out and got the dog to calm down , we would tease and flirt as usual . Her husband made a dog-house for the dog and Jena would push it around , so as to mow the lawn . One day , she pushed it next to our backyard fence and left it there for the nite . Her husband was very proud about the dog , always bragging about him .

    That nite , the dog did something that neither of us would dream about . Apparently , a stray cat has accidently wandered into their backyard and the collared ( and tied with a rope ) dog took chase of it . The cat leaped over the fence and the dog was still in hot pursuit . The dog used the dog-house as a ramp to aid himself to leap over the fence . The bad idea , included that the rope wasn't long enough to allow him to land on the other side . He wound up hanging himself , this all happened while I was at work that nite . When I got home in the early morning , just at sunrise , I saw the dog...dead .

    I figured as to what happened , and cut him loose ...covered him with an old blanket and caught her husband , who was normally leaving for his day-shift job at that time . He took it hard , as we both tried to investigate as to what really happened . " why is the dog-house near the fence ? " he asked Jena . I could see the sad and shame look on her face as I decided to let them discuss it privately .

    A few days has gone by , and I haven't seen Jena during that time . I was getting off work early one nite , when I heard someone sobbing next door , outside ( when I got out of my truck ) . It was Jena , she was blaming herself for what happened to the dog . " you ok ? " I asked , standing at the 4ft tall cyclone fence between us . She slowly walked over to me and I can see that she been crying for awhile . I offered a listening ear and she kept crying " it's all my fault " . " No ...It was those damn stray cats...we have lease laws for our dogs , but the damn cats can wander all over town...damn-it " I added .

    Jena just needed to have someone tell her that it wasn't all her fault , because her husband wasn't doing it...he remained pissed about the loss of his " hunting-buddy " . She motioned to me for a hug , and I gave her one .

    As I said before , Jena is a very attractive woman...full-figured , big boobs , large and firm ass...and strong . Our hug went on for awhile and I found myself wanting to take advantage of it ( yeah yeah , I'm a bad boy ), as my hands began to slowly crept down her backside . When my hands were close to touching her ass , she suddenly pried herself from our hug and stepped back a bit . I thought here comes the bad part , she didn't like my advances in her hour of need and all I could do for her , was to cop a feel of her ass . I was waiting for her to tell me that I'll probably burn-in-hell for this .

    To my surprise , she wiped her crying eyes dry , and stepped towards me ...and pulled me close to her and kissed me...full on the mouth , that quickly turned opened-mouth ...our tongues engaging . My arms wrapped around her , pulling her close to me...feeling her huge rack pressing against me . Then we heard their front door open and her daughter began saying " MOM , where are you ? "

    Another few days went by , before I saw Jena again . I was just enjoying a day-off and had the windows open for some fresh air and had my favorite tunes cranked-up . I like to try to stay in-shape and I exercise on my " Total-Gym " whenever I get some alone time . " So , this is what you do all day " , it was Jena , watching me thru the open window . I invited her in .

    That was the beginning of a beautiful day . Her husband gone for work ( and wouldn't be home till late that nite ) , her kids with their grandparents ( getting spoiled for the day ), and no dog to take care of ( those were her words , not mine ). As soon as I closed the door behind me , she spun around and kissed me ...just like we did that nite .

    " He don't do shit everynite , always complaining about the damn job ...eats dinner , watches some tv , till he falls asleep...I wake him up and tell him to go to bed...and that's it...every damn nite " , she tells me . " I just want to fuck...don't you ? " , she asks me . " Damn , Jena...thought you would never ask " .

    It wasn't long , that we were in my bedroom . We both started peeling our own clothes off as we walked down the hallway to my bedroom . There is nothing more inviting than a sex-starved woman . I was already deep into her and humping , when I had to add " you got to let me fuck these big juggs of yours "( as I opened my mouth wide and took a real mouthful of one of them ) , she giggled as I sucked on I was trying to draw milk from it . Then I added too , while my hands reached around her waist and grabbed 2 handfuls of her plump ass " and I want to fuck that big beautiful ass of yours too "..." thought you would never ask " , she smiled and said .

    We are still neighbors , and Jena is trying to still make her marriage work-out . She tells me that her husband has gotten a better job and he pays more attention to her needs now . I told her that anytime you need some " special " attention , my house is always open to her .

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    My family was staying at a state park campground in Folsom Lake, California. I was walking up the circle of campsites from the lake to where my family was camped. It was a really hot dry 100 degree plus summer day. I was dripping with sweat.

    As I walked past a campsite, an older man asked me if i could help him move a long folding table.

    I said sure. I picked up one end of the table. He picked up the other end. We moved the table closer to his big fancy tourist bus RV.

    The man asked me my name. I told him. He thanked me for helping him. He asked where I was from and stuff. At the time I was living in an RV traveling with my parents for nearly four weeks. I was feeling crazy inside. I was always being cooped up so close with my parents. There was no privacy at all.

    The man asked if I wanted a beer.

    I told him I was only 18.

    He said he wouldn't tell anyone.

    I told him sure, but could I drink it in his RV because I didn't want my parents accidentally seeing me?

    He said sure.

    Inside his RV was like heaven. He even had air conditioning! I was ready to have sex just for that! It was like a house. It was fancier than some people's homes. I was blown away at how nice it was. It was no little Ford Winnebago like my family's RV. I remember had a radio that played current popular songs like Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Adele, and Maroon 5. I was surprised he liked songs I liked.

    He told me to sit down. He opened his refrigerator and took out two bottles of beer. He gave one to me.

    We talked about ourselves as we drank beer. I hadn't had a beer in weeks. I told him how I was normally a community college student. He said he was a retired aviation engineer. He said his RV was his house. He said his goal was to visit all 49 states.

    He asked me about boyfriends.

    I told him I was single. It was frustrating because traveling with my parents it wasn't always easy.

    He asked me what kind of guy do I like.

    I said I prefer guys with with some facial hair. They need to be polite and respectful. I'd never go with anyone that beats a woman. They need to have a fun personality. They have to be smart. Definitely college oriented like me. They have to be sweet and loving. They also have to be good in bed. I said stuff like that. I don't think I said it in the exact words and order but it was stuff like that.

    It made me laugh.

    The man said I described him!

    He said he was widowed. He told me he and his wife never had kids. He said he always wanted children but his wife had medical issues. It's like I got really sad for him.

    He and I talked about different things. We each started on a second beer.

    He asked me just all kinds of questions. I realized he was a really nice man. He saw I was tan (I was in my bikini and sandals) and asked me how I stay in shape. I run every day.

    He said he ran too. He showed me a pictures of a race in LA or southern CA somewhere. He took off his tee shirt. He definitely had a runner's body. I told him he was in really great shape. He was.

    We opened beers #3. I used his bathroom. When I sat back down we talked more about running.

    After the third beer he handed me a fourth. I started drinking it but told him I better slow it down or my parents will know. I told him it was nice to get out of the heat. He suggested we go lay on his bed. I wanted to stretch out too.

    I took off my sandals and relaxed on his big bed next to him. It was so relaxing and comfortable. I felt a buzz from the beers. I felt really relaxed. He rubbed my shoulders and neck. It felt nice to feel masculine hands. I'd never been with an older man. I hadn't even been with anyone for weeks touching me. He offered to massage my back. It felt so nice. He untied my bikini top. I lifted myself slightly so he could pull my top out of the way. He massaged me. It felt so relaxing. He told me to turn over.

    I wasn't sure what to do. I had my top off. I just decided to turn over. He started massaging my boobs. I could feel my heart beating. It felt so nice feeling his hands. He massaged the rest of the front of me and my head too. I felt totally relaxed. Then he ran his hand into my bikini shorts. I felt him untie one side of my bottoms. It just felt so pleasurable. He finally took off my bottoms too. We kissed as he kept fingering and pleasuring me. He did slow circles around my clit, teasing me. I kept moving my hips to get his finger. He put on a condom and we did missionary. I wrapped my legs around his back. I masturbated my clit as he did his thing. He came right away. I kept masturbating. Then he went down on me. It was his lips humming. I hadn't had a nice orgasm like that in months!

    We had sex two more times together before my parents had us move to Oroville Lake campground. He drove up there for two more days together. We still keep in touch on Facebook.

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    Straight Male / 37

    My wife and I have and understanding. She was a slut when we met and I loved her that way. I never wanted her to change and she didn't want to change either. I guess that's one of reasons we are still in love probably more now then when we first me. She loves wearing sexy revealing clothes and and we have driven numerous times down the interstate with her either topless or with a button up top and buttons undone. We drive up next to semi's and she gives the drivers a show. Her tits are fantastic not too large or too small and the perfect shape that makes guys want to suck them or put their dicks between them and fuck them.

    We have gone to clubs with her wearing tops that barely covers her tits and she dances with all the guys and she winds up getting felt up on the dance floor. We have a van that we use just for when we go out and she usually will wind up getting fucked in the back of it by one or two guys but have seen her do a couple gang bangs as well.

    I would have to say she has pretty much done just about anything involving sex. There are just a few things she does not like and don't do like her being dominated or anything involving pain. There is one thing I really want her to do and she does too. It's just finding the right people. We want to group sex with a couple or more she males. We want them to have a very feminine body, good looks and a nice size dick. I would love seeing her being fucked by them and she has said that she would like to see me sucking their dicks keeping them hard for her. I told her if they are feminine enough I could probably do this for her so we want to try it.

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    Straight Female / 21

    No one know what happed to me in high school because I never could bring myself to talk about it. I'm sure I wasn't the only female sexually m****ted in bathrooms that kept quite about it. Even reporting would have been useless because school staff viewed it as normal teen behaviour. I was just one more girl sexually groped and didn't want to be the laughing stock of the whole school. Going to the bathroom during break turned into bigest mistake. Halls were empty, everyone was at the cafetiria and basically became a target. When I walked out of the cubicule I was stunned to see four boys and two girls. When they began harrassing me I knew nothing good was going to cum out of it. They were all seniors, I was 15 years old scared and intimidated. When they lifted up my skirt,took my panties off and shoved their hands between my legs I didn't even scream. I just stood there with my legs forced apart feeling fingers sliding into my pussy, telling me to shut up. I remember the girl pushing up my blouse and bra up to my neck making comments about my small brests. I remember after they gang fingered me snd sucked on my breasts, they all stormed out of the bathroom. I still go to the same school and never saud a word about it. It happend and the only thing I could do was just to not say anything and try to forget.

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