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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 47

    Well I really did it. I can't say that I hadn't cheated on my husband of 25 years before. I did do a revenge fuck once I found out he was screwing some bimbo at his office. But that was a one time thing and I regretted it, he never knew about it, though his affair was something we talked through and I got over. My husband was my second sex partner the first was a college friend when I was 21. It didn't last, he just wanted a virgin to put in his book of conquests, and after he took that in as he termed it. . . all three holes, he was done with me. Then I met my husband. So I've only had 3 men inside me ever.

    He was out of town last week on business, and I stopped at a nearby hotel bar. I don't even know why I did that. I got tipsy, not really drunk, and let this one young man buy me drinks. He was waiting for his friends to come get him. They showed up and the hunkiest set of 3 guys all 22 or 23 years old was treating me like a queen. I was getting compliments galore, and I finally took the suggestion that we all go up to the one guys room.

    I not only cheated, I let three young studs take turns with me for over 2 hours that night. We repeated the following night, and two of the guys lived here in town and I've let them both fuck me since, together and separately, orally, anally, and vaginally.

    Now I am a total whore.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Years ago on the Forth of July I went to San Gregorio Beach in California. I'm a Christian man, but I like the nudist lifestyle and have gone to places like Baker Beach, Black Sands Beach, Lupin Lodge, Sequoians, and Laguna del Sol and when given the chance, I will return to those places with my wife. I'm married now, but was not then.
    I was struggling with a lot of sexual desires at the time and was hoping for a sexual encounter at the beach. I sat on the beach nude for awhile and walked over to one of the wooden coves (or whatever you call those wooden structured areas on that beach). Another nude man walked over to me and we started talking. I gave him a false name and I think his name was David. During our conversation he occasionally touched his cock. He told me he found me attractive and I said he did too. I wasn't sure if he was attractive or not honestly. I just wanted to try gay sex.
    He asked if I was clean and I said yes and I asked the same of him. He then started stroking my cock which I started to let get hard. He got on his knees and started sucking me. It felt strange but good. I have had sex with about 25 different women but never with a guy. A blow job given from a man is really good. He knew exactly how to make me feel good.
    I then sucked his cock for a bit. It was salty but thinking back on the experience I liked it.
    He led me over to his own little cove and I laid down on the beach towel he had as he started sucking me again. I rubbed his back and couldn't believe that I, a Christian, was letting another guy suck me. He then put on a condom with some lube and put his dick in me slowly starting to fuck me. I really liked it. I had a girlfriend finger me in the ass during sex before and I enjoyed it then, but this was intensely more pleasurable. I orgasmed a few times and the last time he was stroking my cock with his hand while his cock was fucking me and I shot cum all over. He handed me a towel and I cleaned myself up. He then offered me a condom (he had a few sizes with him) and I started fucking him. I felt amazing and I liked stroking his cock while I fucked his ass.
    While I was fucking him I looked around and saw two nude men walking our way and I panicked. I quickly pulled out, rushed over to grab my clothes and put them on, and then made my way up off the beach to my car.
    On the drive home I questioned myself if what I did was right. How could a Christian have gay sex.
    I had sex with a girl I knew the next day to "feel better." I had sex with three other girls until I met my wife and we had sex a few times before marriage. By no means was I living how I should have been.
    My wife doesn't know. No one but my female coworker knows about what I did years ago on that beach. However, from time to time, I do wish I could have sex with a guy again. The sex is more raw and uniquely pleasurable. I beat myself over what I did, but looking back on the experience I did enjoy it and really wish I could have sex with a guy again. It would have to be secret and a one time affair, but part of me is strongly considering it.

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    Straight Male / 32

    I dated my wife for about 2 and a half years before we got married. We met through a mutual friend in San Francisco shortly after she graduated from college. I originally came from Missouri and she and her mom came here from Hefei, China. My wife came for school and her mom came a year later to be with her.
    After the third date my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I had sex. We had been with other people before we met each other and agreed that there was no point in waiting. Unfortunately, the first night we had sex her mom had come home early and caught us in the middle of the act. They had a small apartment in the upper Sunset and I lived in San Mateo. I went up to SF each time to date my girlfriend and we were at their place when we decided to have sex for the first time. Her mom was upset and yelling at us in Mandarin. I quickly got dressed and left. I seriously thought our relationship was done at that point, but my girlfriend called me back the next day, apologized for her mom's freakout and wanted to meet up again.
    We kept having sex most nights that we met up and decided to have sex at my place in San Mateo, but after two months we got a bit too wild and had sex at her place again and were caught... again. Honestly we should have seen that coming. My girlfriend and mom argued in Mandarin while I tried to grab my clothes across the room. Her mom saw all of me in the process even though I tried my best to cover myself. Later my girlfriend explained that she and her mom argued about her having sex. She said she was old enough to make her own decisions and her mom eventually gave in and accepted us having sex, but said that we can't have sex at their place.
    Later that week my girlfriend began traveling for her new job at one of the major tech companies in the Peninsula. She travels 2-3 times or more per month with many of her trips lasting from 4 days to a week each domestically and internationally. She left for a week long trip and the next day her mom texted me in Mandarin. I had to translate it as I barely spoke any Mandarin. Her mom can barely speak more than a sentence or two in English (I mostly rely on my wife to translate). She was asking me to come over to their place.
    After work I headed their apartment. She greeted me at the door in a silky robe. She let me in and I asked if everything was okay and hoped she understood. She took off her robe to reveal a very sexy transparent nighty. She had no underwear on and I could see her shaved pussy. Her daughter had shaved hers, but didn't realize her mom had done the same. I was taken aback and started stammering asking "What?" and "Why?"
    She said in broken English that "You fuck my daughter. You and I fuck." I asked "What about your husband?" Her husband was still back in China working and they video chatted a few times a week. She shook her head and said "no worry. You and I fuck." She came close to me and placed her hand over my jeans on my cock and smiled. I paused and hesitated, but her mom was very attractive. She was in her 50s, but still looked amazing and was thin and had small breasts like her daughter. I gave in and took off my shirt as she unbuckled my pants and slid them off with my underwear. She grabbed my cock and started sucking. After she sucked me for awhile we kissed and then got on the bed. I didn't have any protection and she was the first women I ever fucked without a condom. We fucked every night that week until my girlfriend came back. She had no clue what happened.
    Her mom and I made it a habit to have sex almost everytime my girlfriend went on a business trip. I actually had more sex with her mom and prefered her over my girlfriend who I saw very little of due to her job. The language barrier was challenging at times, but never was an issue when her mom and I took off our clothes and fucked.
    I proposed and within 6 months after we got married. The only time I ever met my wife's dad was during the wedding. It felt awkward, but he had no idea the affair I was having with his wife. After we got married, my wife and I got a larger apartment in Redwood City and her mom moved in with us. My wife kept traveling and I was able to start working from home more often which gave my mother-in-law and I more time to be intimate.
    Last year my wife got pregnant but had a miscarriage. It was hard for her and we have decided to hold off trying to have kids for awhile. I'm still having an affair with her mom six years into our marriage. One of these days we might get found out and I don't know what I'll do. I consider myself lucky though to have fairly regular sex with my beautiful mother-in-law. Part of me wishes I could have married her, but part of me still loves my wife. I will keep on having this affair until we decide to stop or get found out.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I am a "straight" married male and to all that I present to but secretly, I have sucked my friend's cock more than a dozen times or more. I tried with another guy, but I wasn't as into as with my friend and didn't get off. The guy I blew did. I just sucking and jerking off my friend's cock. The first time was great, he keep saying he was going to cum as if I would stop, I didn't and let him cum in my mouth. After that it was bkowjibs for the both of us for a while over the course if years. I really want to suck his cock again. I loved the smooth skin, his secnt, and having him cum in my mouth.

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    Straight Male / 33

    A few years back I was in a relationship for 2 years and the sex was shit. I started channeling Craigslist for escorts. After a few days I was like why pay for something I can get from a woman besides my girlfriend if I put in effort.

    I was always turned on by TS porn, so decided to look at TS Escorts on Craigslist. After a couple days of this I kept going back to the same ad. I decided to call her.

    I met her twice and the sex was fucking incredible. Sexy little bottom TS and never had a woman who liked anal before, so that was a plus too.

    After that I called a different one and that was only for a blowjob. Definitely not as interested in her as I was with TS Allanna, my first experience with a TS.

    The next few years after that I dated a few different natural women and had sex with them. Never encountered any TS again.

    So the past month or two I have been on Reddit daily checking out hot TS and CD girls. Not porn star ones but regular every day ones. I am only into totally feminine, female looking CD or TS girls who are strictly bottoms. Unfortunately Craigslist took down their personals or I would most likely have fucked another one by now.

    Worst part is I have been in a long term relationship for about 3 years now and the sex is actually beyond great. We just do not have it as often as I would like so I find myself intrigued by these women again. I cannot explain the infatuation or why it is such a hit experience.

    I just am obsessed with sexy, slutty, TS and CD women who look and play the part of a feminine female in sexy outfits, smooth shaved bodies and tight asses, long hair and just God.. some of them are so fucking hot. If I had the chance I would definitely secretly fuck one on the regular.

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    Straight Male / 29


    Recently I interviewed for this job as a assistant associate.My interviewer,boss was this knockout black female about 45 years old with long legs,large full breasts,green eyes, and shoulder length black hair held in a bun with a shapely ass.She made me hard trying to conceal my huge cock.I'M well hung about 9'' when fully erect. MS. WILLIAMS probably noticed this as well.MS. WILLIAMS did hire me and gave a description on my duties saying that I would be her right hand man doing many duties.There is some traveling that comes with the job. But I didn't mind.MS. WILLIAMS dresses very professional and sexy wearing stiletto high heels. At times I could see the welts of her nylons as her skirt rode up her thighs.As we work very closely.
    MS. WILLIAMS told me that in 2 weeks that we would be going to LAS VEGAS for a convention and meetings and to make reservations for the week.She works out daily to keep her body well toned. One day as we worked later MS.WILLIAMS changed into her workout attire.The phone rang as MS. WILLIAMS was ready to leave,she lost thaught leaving her dress clothes and bag. Shortly she called me and asked if I could bring them down the elevator for her. What perfect moment to see what MS.WILLIAMS likes to wear under her clothes. A 38D bra,nylon stockings,garterbelt,size 6 suit with size 10 high heels and a real sexy thong that smelled with such an aroma of her pussy. It was mind blowing.She thanked me and I said it no problem. Now being so excited I got on the internet looking to buy MS. WILLIMS some sexy lingerie and outfit for our trip.I bought a red bra matching garterbelt,thong to go with a red leather mini skirt and red 5''stilettos with an ankle cuff strap.Also adding black nylons with red seams.
    Our day was here as I picked up MS. WILLIAMS at her place helping her with her luggage. She was dressed incredibly sexy with her long black hair flowing freely and her wearing a short black leather skirt,5'' high heeled knee high black boots with black seamed stockings. Never before did I see her wear seamed nylons.So sexy and hot.I got so hard seeing her dressed this way.We got to our seats on the plane she looked so sexy and I began getting hard. MS. WILLIAMS noticed this and she said let me massage you as she rubbed me though my pants.I began my own massaging of her sliding my hand up her gorgeous legs to her damp thong slipping one finger then another in her hot c**t,sliding in and out working her up. Then I asked if she would like to join the mile high club. She said yes. Itold her to go to the plane's lavatory and ready herself taking off her skirt as I would be there in a few minutes.I went in and she undid my trousers releasing my huge now fully hard cock.MS.WILLIAMS said that I was really big and I said that I was big for her.She told me that I could call her by her first name GWEN when we are alone.I started easing my boner in GWEN one inch at a time as she took it all in loving my thick,long hard cock as I pumped her she began orgasming as I shot my load deep inside her.We got back to our seats and kissed saying that we would only need one room now for our stay.
    When we got to our room we attacked each other finishing what we started earlier fucking and exploring each others bodies.We took a short nap before getting clened up and dressed for dinner .I gave GWEN her gifts which she really liked and put on as she dressed up. She looked so hot as I knew she would. After dinner and a couple of drinks we returned to our room for some more hot sex with me undressing her and getting her bra off sucking and fucking her large tits before getting between her juicy legs licking and sucking on her clit enjoying her as her juices began to flow. GWEN was sucking and stroking my large cock readying me for a good cumming .She opened her mouth as I unloaded what I had left in me with her savoring my cum.We now were spent as we fell asleep to get some rest for a busy day tomorrow with meetings and I sure a lot of fucking.GWEN and I fucked all week in multiple positions satisfying each other. One night I even fucked her beautiful black ass as I cme deep inside her butt.There was some free time as we made our way down to the pool for a few drinks. GWEN wore this very skimpy bathing suit which barely covered her most intimate parts a top which barely covered her nipples and aerolaes and a little triangle covering her crotch with G-string running up between ass cheeks. She drew a lot of looks in which she likes showing off her sexy,hot and toned body.Our trip came to an end as went back to reality calling her MS. WILLIAMS again at work.I had a great week as she did also.

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    Straight Male / 45

    Married for 18 years into an unusual marriage. My wife, Trish, had been a "friend with benefits" for years and we were close so decided to marry in title only. The deal we had was that we would tell each other about our sexual adventures. In some cases, the idea of being married was an odd come-on to both men and women.

    Sometimes Trish and I would confess to each other, get real hot and drop everything to fuck. We know that none of our friends, our age, are doing it as often as Trish and I. Who can explain? It's great.

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    Straight Female / 35

    I'm a female attorney, married, and still with a solid practice earning a lot of money. My husband, Patrick, is an artist who both sculpts and paints and actually earns more money they I do. We have always afforded maids and Patrick always insists on hiring them. We don't talk about it but I know Patrick is fucking the maids. Sometimes they don't last very long and that might have to do with his sexual needs.

    Recently, he did not know I had interviewed one, Barbie, before he saw her and he immediately offered her a job. After a couple of weeks, I left for work, had some breakfast at I-HOP and went beck home. I walked in on Patrick doing Barbs doggy style. She stepped away from the bed, came over and went right down on me as I lifted my skirt, a surprise Barbs and I had planned. I'm not really bi-but frankly enjoyed it this time.

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    Straight Female / 27

    Let me begin by saying I know this is totally horrible and wrong. Since this morning nothing ever happened again, if anything now things are slightly awkward.
    I recently moved in with my boyfriends parents. His mother leaves early for work as does my boyfriend. Due to conflicting schedules we have not had much time for sex lately. If we are lucky maybe once or twice a month.
    I am always ridiculously horny and have a high sex drive, I always have. That is just who I am. So this one particular morning I was craving it so badly. I laid in bed playing with myself for awhile before going downstairs for breakfast. Still in my shorts and a tank I went down to eat.
    My boyfriends father was on the couch watching television. I am not going to lie, I am far from perfect but have a cute face, perfect ass and C cup tits.
    After I ate I got up and asked when his father was leaving for work, he said in a few hours. I sat down and was watching tv with him. I was still beyond unsatisfied from the lack of sex and made a quick and foolish decision.
    I got a little closer to his father and said I had a headache, my mind already was made up and I laid my head on his lap. I asked if they had any Tylenol as I knew they did not, so when he had said no I asked if he could rub my head.
    As he did I seductively told him how good it felt, nuzzling my head around his lap. He is much older and has been married to my boyfriends mother forever, so I knew if I kept moving my head around his lap he would eventually get excited.
    When he did I said hm I guess we both feel good huh? And let out a sigh. He said he was sorry, which I replied there is no need to be sorry. Can you keep rubbing my head please. It is helping.
    A few moments passed and I said fuck it, I need a release, so I raised my head up and replaced it with my hand on his lap, looking dead in his eyes and said thank you, but I know something that will help me even more. I grabbed him and squeezed playfully.
    Immediately he said what are you doing? That is not really a good idea, do you have any idea and before he could finish I slid my hand under his pajama pants and was stroking him. I said I have a good idea, just relax, I leaned down and started giving him a mean blowjob. Pretty sure he had not had one in quite some time. I looked up and said do you want me to stop? He gently pushed my head back down and I really went to work.
    He told me he was as going to cum after only a couple minutes so I stopped and said you better not. I jumped up, slid my shorts down and got on top of him before he could even realize what happened. I guided him inside me and started riding him ferociously.
    Within seconds his hands were all over my ass, I lifted my shirt up and leaned forward to press my tits against his face and told him to suck my nipples.
    He was not as big as my boyfriend but his width was undeniably wider. I came so hard, so many times, I did my have an orgasm but it was what I needed. I told him I wanted him to get on top so I got off and on my knees and within minutes he said he was going to cum. I said no no no not yet, but it was too much for him I guess. He said again I am going to cum, not being on the pill I said fine, pull out, I turned around and told him to cum on my face. He did and it was great, I cleaned him up with my mouth for a few seconds and told him not to worry.
    No one would ever find out, I went upstairs, showered and by the time I came back down he went to work. We never talked about it again but every morning I see him looking at me, I just know I can not allow myself to do such a thing again.
    It would rip their family apart and I do not have that in me. I was selfish and in a brief moment of not thinking clearly and putting my needs ahead of what is right I took advantage of a situation I knew i could.

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    Straight Male / 50

    When I was in my early 20's my mums friend Eleanor phoned her and asked for help, as her washing machine and had sprung a leek, and she was having trouble trying to pull it out of its slot under the worktop. My mum asked me where my dad was and I said he went away out somewhere with my uncle, but I didn't know where ? So she said could you go and help Eleanor pull out her washing machine as it was needing repaired, and she wasn't strong enough to pull it out, so reluctantly ( because I really couldn't be bothered ) I went to my mums friends house.

    When I got there Eleanor motioned through the window for me to go to the kitchen door, so I did and she opened the door, she thanked me for coming to help her, and she showed me what the problem was, her machine had sprung a leek somewhere, and had been oozing water out onto the floor, so she had switched it off.

    I said to her ok I will try and get it out for you, she said I will try and help, so we got to grips with it and eventually we pulled it out into the kitchen, I uncoupled the hose and allowed the water that remained to run into a pail.

    Eleanor then opened the washing machine door, and took the wet clothes out an placed them all on the worktop, she then looked at me and said your jeans and top are sodden, I could put them in the tumble drier for a short while til they are dry, I thought ok fine , then it dawned on me that I wasn't wearing any boxers, and I said to her it doesn't matter, I can go home and my mum can dry them. Eleanor was really taken aback, she said ' I'm not sending you home like that, your mum will give me a hard time, your clothes are wringing, so I will dry them.

    I wasn't prepared for this and I knew I would be embarrassed, because I was commando style, but Eleanor would not take no for answer, I couldn't tell her I would be completely naked. In the end she grabbed my T shirt just pulled it up over my head, then she said 'come on the quicker I can get these dried the quicker you can get off home, and proceeded to take my jeans off, so I just said ok, dreading what was about to come next.

    Once my jeans were off and I was a bit red faced Eleanor said to me I didn't know you were ' commando 'and laughed, and put my t shirt and jeans in the drier, she then said to me I should do the same as mine are wet too and took off her jeans and jumper, she had on a bra and pink pants, but her pants were wet and I could clearly see the dark triangle of her hairy bush through her wet pants, this lead me to start getting a hardon, and she noticed this, she came over beside me and gently patted my cock with her hand, and it sprang to life.

    So there I was red faced naked and with a hardon, Eleanor just looked at my stiff cock and then said to me well what are we going to do with this ? and pointed to my cock. Then she suddenly grabbed my cock and said come with me, and lead me up the stairs to her bedroom, once we got there she turned to me and gave a sexy laugh, and took my hand and placed it on her right tit, I needed no second invitation, I undid her bra and chucked it on the floor then I pulled her panties down and she kicked them off.

    Eleanor then whispered to me come on over to the bed and once we got there, she laid on her back opened her thighs and I finger fucked her making orgasm very quickly after which I ate her for a good 20 minutes where she orgasmed a few more times I eventually mounted her shoving my throbbing cock deep inside her sodden fanny, I shagged her very slowly to start with and then increased the intensity , she was moaning and screaming profanities telling me to fill her full of thick hot spunk, which I eventually did , I was ball deep when I spurted my load into her, after half an hour she got me hard again and I shagged her and ate her for more than an hour once again spurting my load deep inside her wet aching fanny.

    Eleanor was married and I had to get away before her hubby came home from work which I did as my clothes were now dry, I continued to shag Eleanor at every opportunity, she was a one off the best that I have ever bedded, I've emptied enough spunk into her to populate all of the planets never mind earth twice over, once though when she was drunk she found out her hubby had slept with a woman but didn't know who, this didn't phase her because she knew that she had been getting shagged royaly by me, so she had no complaints, but she told her hubby she had had an extra marital experience too, he asked if he knew who it was and she said yeah it was Annie's son, I e me.

    She told me, he started laughing when she asked him if he had slept with somebody, ( not because he thought that I was an idiot, but and heres the shock )because he told her that it was MY MUM that he had been shagging.

    Eleanor had been out one night, and before she went out she said to me ' meet me at the street end about 10 pm because her hubby had told her that he was going to be staying at his pals because they were going out to the footie and a drink afterwards, and he wouldn't be able to drive home.

    So I met her as arranged, and we went to her home, when we arrived thinking nothing off it we just went right upstairs to her bedroom, and when we went into her room there was her hubby ball deep in MY MUM pumping a load into her. I wasn't shocked because I knew he had been boning my mum, but I didn't know what to do, my mum though was horrified, but I quickly said to her that I knew about her and him, and that I wouldn't tell my dad, because I knew he was shagging the woman from his work, she obviously knew judging by the lack of surprise from her when I said this.

    You would think that that was that after walking in on this, but no because Eleanor said to her hubby, ' well I'm having my bit of fun too, so if you don't mind we will just join you, I can tell you its a surreal experience getting laid and watching your mum also getting laid beside you.

    I have to say though that I had never paid much attention to my mum up until then, but seeing her naked she had a great body, her tits were quite big she had great legs and a hairy muff, and seeing both her and Eleanor naked I think my cock grew a bit because it was throbbing like hell and was as stiff as a board. My mum said to me I didn't know your cock was that big its certainly a lot bigger than your dads, I said to her I didn't realise that you were so sexy and that she had a great body, she said to me at least you appreciate it your dad doesn't, he just wants to get on and shoot his load and go to sleep, so the woman from his work is doing me a favour.

    After that night which changed me sexually for ever, my mum started calling me ' Big boy ' I would imagine me shagging her and filling her with my cock and spunk and I would wank myself off thinking about doing it to her, I even fantasised about having both her and Eleanor together, one day though my mum had been out with her friend Jean for a few drinks and a game of bingo, so when she came home she was a bit tipsy, I dunno where my dad was but he didn't come home that night, and I'm glad he didn't, and here's why.

    My mum was wearing a knee length skirt which buttoned up the front, she went to the toilet and had obviously unbuttoned some of the buttons so she could go. When she came back she sat down opposite me and her skirt parted revealing her legs, I of course couldn't not see her legs, but she didn't notice to start with, instead she kept saying to me well Big Boy what have you been up to ? while Ive been out with my friends, I hope you've not been watching porno films, because theres no need for you to do that, not with the cock that you have.

    She then caught me looking at her legs and she said naughty naughty looking at your mums legs and then she laughed by this time I'm getting a hardon, suddenly she said to me ' how I wish that you could put your throbbing cock in me ' ' do you know how often I have laid in bed finger fucking myself fantasing that its your cock that's filling me ' So because she had said that I said to her ' Well I'm as bad as you because I have been wanking myself silly fantasing about shagging you and also in a threesome with Eleanor '.

    Once I had said that I thought she was gonna go mad but no she came over to me and rubbed my crotch my semi went full blast and she just looked at me and said fuck it come on and we went upstairs to bed, yes some people will be disgusted and will be shouting you i****tuous b******d others will not as for my part I lost all inhibitions the night that I became part of a foursome with my mum seeing somebody shag her and shag her well is a game changer.

    But that night when she took me to bed and I saw once again the great body she had I nearly came before I got on her, but managed to control myself until I eventually emptied my balls in her, she was moaning and screaming and bucking like there was no tomorrow, she had multiple orgasms that night I shagged her 3 time coming in her every time, I knew she had slept with someone else who was called Jimmy before she had slept with Eleanors Hubby, I asked her about this while I was boning her, and she said yes she had but it was only because she was in need of cock as my dad had not been servicing her for a good while.

    Eleanors hubby has continued to shag my mum, I have continued to shag Eleanor, and I also continued to shag my mum and my dad is now shacked up with the woman from his work.

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