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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    I got served with papers for divorce. My wife of 15 years decided that she was better off without me than with me. The divorce was not amicable and in the end the lawyers came out best, we had to sell our home to split the equity, she got her car and I got my truck and we went our separate ways. I was depressed.

    A friend of mine from work suggested that I go to counseling or get into a group like Al Anon, something for men who had been dumped and left broker than they were when they first got married. I went to the church which had a divorced men's group and a divorced women's group. I got nothing out of it so I quit.

    I decided that I would do the stupid thing and I bought a Harley. I took a map and came out with a route that would take me up the Appalachians, packed some gear, got some money out of savings, took a six week leave of absence from work and in late May I took off. I ran into a couple of guys who were riding much like I was, just riding the Blue Ridge Parkway and I hooked up with them. We stopped to get something to eat and we took a while talking and we all agreed that women weren't worth it, pussy or no pussy. We laughed.

    Along about sunset, we did not ride at night, we stopped and checked into the local motel got unpacked and went down to the local choke and puke for dinner. Nothing but locals, mostly of the farming kind, but a couple who obviously worked in town. We minded our own business and went back to the motel. I got a cigar out of my pack and went outside and sat on my bike for a smoke. I was approached by one of the fellows I was riding with and he asked if I was serious, if I had given up women. Well I should have caught where he was going but I missed it and said yes and he said well come on then, lets have some fun.

    Two red neck cowboys on Harleys suggested that we have a round robin and suck each other off, first one to suck the other one dry won the right to ride point the next day. Come on and get your pants off and start sucking, make believe that your a half starved calf and that dick is a tit, suck it hard and long and see if you get to ride point. At the moment I almost walked out but I stayed and I got the one that came outside looking for me and we got into a three way hookup sucking and slurping and grabbing and laughing and milking the all mighty cock until baby Joe got Mike to blow and we all laughed and then we got down to serious business sucking for pleasure.

    The three of us rode for two and half weeks until we got to where they peeled off to Ohio and I kept going north. It was a guy away from home thing, if truth be told they were going home to pussy and that is where we were different, I was going home to an empty house. I got the feeling and I hooked up with a couple of rednecks who drove trucks for a living and muck like my friends on the ride, you suck cock for fun and go home for pussy. Except I sucked cock for fun, when I went home there was no pussy. Still, all in all, I learned to like sucking cock and getting my cock sucked and getting a load off your mind down a white boy's throat makes things better. The only thing better is a load of cock down your throat because if truth be told having a big boy give up his load down your throat is a lot better than eating pussy.

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    Straight Female / 23

    I am in graduate school I found myself in a bed with my best friend and her boyfriend. It was a small full size bed and he was on the edge and we were trapped against the wall. After he woke up and went to piss he came back to bed and split us up and got in between both of us. My friend got up to go piss and he took the opportunity and got on me and in a flat second he had me screwed and was holding my face with his hands while he pumped. She caught us.

    In any event it wasn't the only time, even if it was the first time, he screwed us both after that. Sometimes he slept with us, but a lot of the times he kept us in bed and slept outside the bedroom on the couch like a guard dog. We got into the habit of it and we were both open to him and he screwed and screwed, a lot of times more than once a day. He got tired of it and told us that we had to take a rest and see what we should do.

    After a long discussion he told me that it was nice but I had to go. It wasn't my first breakup but it is the worst. I am still not over him, and if he asked me back I am sure I would go.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    After I got my degree in Construction Science I took a job working for the Utility company and part of my job that first year was going out and inspecting the installations. On the one hand it wasn't an office job but on the other it meant that I was gone all week, sleeping in small towns, eating at diners or a Denny's if they had one, and driving for hours in the company pickup truck. Sometimes I had a second guy with me and sometimes I went alone and just called on the local maintenance man and went out to the installation with him.

    But what I want to confess to is that on this one trip I was with another guy, a new electrical engineer and he was on his first trip to see an installation. He talked a whole lot so the drive wasn't that bad, we got to the motel and checked in and dropped our gear off and then went to the local office and introduced ourselves to the manager there. We agreed on a time to meet the next morning, we accepted his invitation to dinner at the local choke and puke and we were back at the motel by eight. We went to our rooms and agreed to meet at six thirty the next morning and get a bite before going over to the office to meet up with the manager.

    I was in my underwear watching the television when he knocked on the door. I held my pants in front of me and asked him what he wanted and he said he wanted to come in, watch some television he didn't like being alone in the room. I put my pants back on and we found a channel we both agreed on, I laid back on the bed I had picked to sleep on and he laid back on the other bed. We watched for a while in silence, and then just like that he sat up on the side of the bed and said he wanted to ask me something. He was direct, no introduction or anything, he just said that he wanted to suck my cock. He said he liked doing that, it didn't make me gay or anything to let him and it was better than beating off by myself.

    The silence as they say was deafening. He sat and looked at me, I could not answer. He stood up I thought to leave but he didn't leave, he took off his pants and his underwear and laid back on the bed and started to masturbate until he got hard. Once he was hard he pulled on his cock, asking me if I wanted to come over and help him, asking me to let him suck my cock and he would let me suck his cock. It was the most bizarre thing to happen to me. Until he got up and with his hard cock in his hand he came over to my bed and stood close to me and offered me his cock. He said he wanted to suck my cock he wanted me to suck his cock. In a second he had his hand on my cock, grabbing me hard with his hand, I couldn't control myself and I was hard too, not as hard as he was but hard enough that he grabbed me with his full hand.

    He had laid beside me by then and was jerking and pulling my pants off until I held my hips up and he took my pants and underwear off and with my cock out he took it with his hand and started to suck me. He got me to move down the bed a bit and got over me and started to hit my face with his hard cock until I opened my mouth and sucked him and he went on and sucked me. The whole thing was bizarre but once I was into it, it followed its own path. I had sucked a fellow classmate back when we were in the seventh grade but this was different we were both in our early twenties and our cocks were full grown and hard and big at the moment. He got off of me and got himself lined up with me and got on me rubbing his cock against mine and put his hand up under my undershirt and grabbed my chest with his hand and said he wanted to kiss.

    Well everything up to that moment was sort of like not intimate but kissing was intimate and he humped me rubbing his dick against mine and asked if I wanted to turn over. Once on my stomach he got serious and with his hand under me grabbing and stroking me he got me into position and using his spit he punched his cock into me until he was all the way in. He was deliberate and he kept talking to me and all I could do was stay on my knees, my thighs hurt from holding myself up but I kept myself in position until he finished with an "Oh that's good" comment.

    He didn't stay the night in my room. For the next several weeks he asked to be assigned to go out to the installations with me and we followed the same routine, after dinner he came to my room and where you could rent adult movies we watched gay porn while we had sex. I am not sure that this isn't just a case of getting hot about something, an aberration in behavior. I can't see myself out with him or any other guy for that matter on a date or anything like that.

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    Straight Male / 40

    I get laid as much as I want too. Not because I'm fit or have a huge dick or am a model. I just be myself and for the most part...people like to get laid.

    Anyway, during my 20's I would go dancing a couple times a week. One night when I wasn't even really interested in getting laid I ended up on the floor and was next to this couple. The dude catches my eye balling his chick and says something rude. I just shrugged my shoulders and went to another spot on the floor.

    When that song ended I walked towards the restrooms. 30 seconds later that chick was following me and grabbed my hand and led me to a dark area. we proceeded to kiss and feel each other up. I got hard quick in those days. She was in a skirt and pulled it up and pulled her panties to the side and said you got 2 minutes.

    Later I ended up on the dance floor again and they guy looked my way again. I just smiled knowing I just fucked your girlfriend.

    I ended up going home with a different girl. I told her about the entire thing which turned her on. That was my only experience with two chicks on the same day.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I discovered my nipples by accident. I spent a lot of time with a male classmate and he teased me all the time, he liked to see me in skirts and liked to see cleavage. I got my butt smacked a couple of times and I got hugged too tight at other times. I got kissed by mistake, got called on the carpet for going out with a guy he didn't approve of, he gave me money and helped me fix my car, he asked me to fix him a home cooked dinner for his birthday.

    We were watching a football game on television at another classmate's house, we were sitting on the floor and he pulled me over to sit in his arms, I breathed in deep and sat up against him. He put his arms up under by breasts, and then he just cupped them. I turned on him so he took his hands off, I tried to move away but he held me tight and I had to lean back on his chest. His hands went immediately to my breasts again and he started to feel me up. As he did he found my nipples and thru my blouse he started to pinch them and turn them in his fingers. I started to get feelings down there, closing my thighs tight, he tweaked my nipples and kissed my neck and I had an orgasm.

    Everyone turned to me when I went off and asked what was going on with us. I hadn't recovered and he turned my face up and kissed me and said we were going steady. My first orgasm in his arms was from nipple play. I found out that I have extremely sensitive nipples and any amount of play, kissing or caressing my nipples gets me going so fast that nothing seemes to please me except having an orgasm. With my girl friends at school we talked about it, at that time we were all inexperienced beyond second base and I was the first to have an orgasm with a guy. Time taught me that my clit was very sensitive and he could give me a couple of orgasms before he actually had sex with me. For all my sensitivity to nipple and clitoral stimulation, actual penetration doesn't give me an orgasm, I get this incredible feeling of fullness and satisfaction instead. Both are great, one without the other is just not that great, but both when we have sex feels the best.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I was recently reflecting on how our sex life has evolved over 25 years. We married young â in our early 20âs. We had known each other for years and dated off an on. While dating, we messed around a little, but stopped short of sex. When we got married, I was aware that I had had significantly more experience than my wife, but I had no idea what the future held. Once married, we enjoyed a ânormalâ sex life. A year later we moved across the country for a job. During the drive, my wife mentioned that she wished she had more sexual experiences, particularly what it would have been like to be with other guys. I was not sure how to respond, but later than night I told her I understood and that if the opportunity arose, she should feel free to have those experiences and I would support her as long as we talked about things.

    About three months later she mentioned that a guy at her work had been flirting with her and she was attracted to him. She was also working out with two girls from her office every day and was attracted to one of them. I reassured her I was okay with whatever she wanted to do. Two weeks later the girls went out drinking on a Friday and had a little more than they should have. Her female crush, who was married, invited her to stay with them because we lived on the other side of town. They lived in a one-bedroom apartment, so there was only one bed. My wife was offered the couch, or she could sleep with them...and she chose the bed. As she tells the story, it started with the girl playfully spooning her, but escalated to the two ladies kissing and touching each other while the husband played with himself. Quickly the other woman was between my wifeâs legs. During this, my wife reached over and began to jack-off the husband. My wife returned the favor to her friend and had her first taste of pussy. When she had finished her friend, she thought about moving on to the husband, but it wasnât clear if that was okay. Instead they all went to sleep. She told me this story the next day and I was happy for her, but she was disappointed that the husband did not fuck her.

    A few weeks later I came home from work to hear the shower running in our second bathroom, which was odd. Ten minutes later a male came out and said he had been working in the area and had an event nearby that night and my wife had given him a key and told him he could use our shower. Turns out this was true, but there was more she had not told me. They had been out to lunch a few times and âmade outâ in his truck, which included her sucking his dick and let him cum in her mouth, which she had not allowed me to do. I was a little irritated that she had not told me or take my cum. At the same time, I thought it was kind of hot that she was a little slut and we keeping things from me.

    A few months later we moved across the country again. This time to a large metropolitan area where she took the commuter rail to work every day while I worked in a suburb. She worked at a large accounting firm that had weekly happy hours at nearby bars, so she made friends quickly. One of those new friends was Jen, who was about my wifeâs age, but with large natural breasts. One night the topic turned to sex and my wife began to talk about her new experiences. Jen asked about a threesome and my wife responded that was next on her list.

    The next week Jen invited my wife to another bar away from the company happy hour. Jen provided no details, but my wife told me not to expect her home that night. Sure enough, I would not see my wife for the next 36 hours. This is the first time I knew my wife was having sex with someone else and the anticipation was killing me. I wanted her to walk through the doors and give me every detail. I must have jacked-off at least three times that night. Instead of coming home, we met halfway at a restaurant, where she told me the details. The two girls played with each other first, while Steve watched and played with himself. While Jen was sitting on my wifeâs face, Steve decided to lick my wifeâs pussy, which âdrove her crazy.â My wife told me Steve had the biggest penis she had every seen...âmuch bigger than mine.â She also mentioned that when she sucked his dick, he pulled out and came all over her face with a âmuch bigger load than I ever had.â I was hard as a rock, but my wife had led me to a public place where she knew nothing could happen. She allowed me to jack-off while looking at her tits, but this time I would have to clean up after myself. This was the beginning of our roles changing in our marriage. She was now in control and I was becoming submissive....and I liked it.
    She finished the rest of the story, which involved multiple sessions of sex over the next 12 hours. She and Jen performed oral on each other several times. They sucked Steve together and individually, but only Jen fucked Steve. My wife was not ready for that yet.

    Jen and my wife had several threesomes with Steve. After one of the threesomes, Steve took my wife down the elevator and to the train station. As she said goodbye, he kissed her and told her he wanted her by herself next time. She normally showered at Steveâs, but this time she let him cum on her tits so I could smell in when she got home. Instead of having sex, she told me to jack myself off while I smelled his cum on her. I gladly did as she said, not realizing I was now a cuckold and Steve was her bull.

    A few days later she and Steve went out on a date. She was concerned about being seen alone, so Steve drove to our house and picked her up and they went to a different area of town. I jacked off watching her get in the car with him. Two days later she same home. She blew him in the car before they went to the restaurant because she could not wait. They held hands and kissed during dinner and then headed back to his apartment. This time I did not get all of the details, but they had sex several times, but she mentioned her favorite part was when he lifted her up on his bathroom counter and licked her pussy to multiple orgasms, something I could ânever do.â She also mentioned she loved to get on her knees and look up in his eyes while she sucked his âhugeâ penis.

    During our time in this area, she continued to see Steve and even went out of town with him a few times. She refused to call me while she was with Steve and stopped giving me details. I continued to support her and was even sexually aroused at the thought of my wife having a boyfriend doing things with him that she withheld from me. Eventually we moved again and my wife continued to have sexual experiences, but they were limited to one-off experiences with other men and women.
    Then we had a child and everything stopped. It was all good for about five years, but eventually I brought up the subject as my fantasies involved my wife with other people. My wife stated she was not interested, but I could do whatever I wanted. Another few years went by, but now I had the internet to search to find out what was next. I began to fantasize and watch videos of serving my wife and her bull, including sucking his cock. At first, I did not think I would enjoy it, but at some point I became obsessed with cock. Around this time my wife mentioned that she had recently fucked Steve a few times when they both attended the wedding of a former co-worker. I was hurt she didnât tell me, but even more turned-on that she kept it secret. Steve had also made a video of the two of them together. My wife has a copy, but to this day has not let me watch it. She did, however, show me a picture of his penis. It was impressive.
    Another few years of dormancy went by until one day I was on knees with a cock in front of me. We were on vacation and while using the restroom a well-endowed man caught my looking at his cock. It at least eight inches and a huge mushroom head. He asked if I liked it and I pretended not to know what he was talking about. However, my hard cock said differently. He then locked the restroom door, grabbed the back of my head and pushed me to my knees. I hesitated, but it was clear he was in control and deep down this is what I wanted, although I wanted my wife there to see it. I had practiced on my wifeâs dildos and watched training videos, so I knew what to do. I took him into my mouth and within a few minutes he came down my throat. I had graduated to cocksucker.

    That brings us to today. Soon there will be no children in the house and my wife has communicated her interest in having more experiences, as well as having me âfluffâ her lovers and eventually seeing me being fucked by one of her lovers. She has purchased a butt-plug, which I am wearing now, as well as a series of dildos that increase in size so I am prepared for the moment. I didnât know when this all started that eventually I would be a submissive, cock-sucking, bottom submissive sissy for my wife, but I would not trade it for anything.

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    Straight Male / 45

    I love girls who are cock teases. I'm so turned on by it and yet most guys hate that. I like finding a girl who never gets naked for me but has no problem making me strip just because she wants to. I used to live with a girl who knew about this and stopped letting me fuck her. She would get me hard and I would get above her so she could use my dick like a dildo. She would rub herself with the head of my dick until she got off and then we where done. She would not let me jerk off but every half hour or so she would get me hard then go back to sleep. Sometimes that's the only sex we had for a month or so, even if I begged her. If I begged her, I would have to go down on her till she got off, then tell me how good it felt but that was all. I wish I could find a girl like this again.

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    Straight Male / 49

    About 15 years ago when my wife and I were exploring the swinger lifestyle, we did a lot of soft swapping but she took a long time to get up the courage to actually fuck another guy. Lots of watching and touching but no oral and no sex. She finally agreed to a threesome at a party. Now we had been having sex with each other at parties for a few years where were watched by others so this was pretty exciting t0 me her having sex with me and another guy in front of other people. During the fun she was on top of the other guy and enjoying herself no question. I was getting head from her when I moved around to see her getting fucked from behind while I played with her tits. Just as I moved around some other guy with a big hard condom covered dick walked right up and forced his cock into my wife's already full pussy. He had to really push hard to get in which made his dick bend then snap straight after he slid in. The two guys fucked her and she was moaning and cumming loving it. The stranger guy fucked fast and hard for about five minutes or so then shuddered when he came. He finished, waited then slipped out and away tapping my shoulder in appreciation. My wife went back to riding the single dick and I watched and rubbed her body until he came. I fucked her myself after. Later on the way home she was excited that I was horny enough to fuck her when another guy was already in her. All these years later and she has no idea this guy just fucked her like that. She never really got beyond soft swapping and watching and being watched. Every so often she mentioned the time me and another guy fucked her and I go along. It's one of those things that I would have had to say something right at the beginning after I didn't I'm stuck with the lie forever.

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    Straight Male / 48

    I worked as a driver taking disabled and infirm people shopping and to appointments etc, the ages ranged from 50 to 75, the vast majority were female, and believe me these females could be quite bawdy and suggestive no shrinking violets among this lot. One lady in particular had a touch of arthritis in her hands, and sometimes they could be quite painful for her, and I would more often than not have to put her coat on her and fasten it up, she was quite well endowed up top if you know what I mean.

    One morning it was cold wet and windy, and she had an appointment and also had shopping to do, her name is Agnes and she was 70 at the time, she also had a walking stick as her right hip was needing replaced. When I turned up at her flat I rang the security bell and buzzer and she answered, I told her it was me and she let me in, she was al but ready, just her coat to put on.

    So I took her coat off the peg and went to the living room with it as she was sitting down, and as I approached her I noticed that a couple of buttons had come undone on her blouse revealing her ample cleavage, I mentioned to her that her buttons were loose and she said if you can see my tits they're just the same as every other women's tits, I was a bit taken aback as she was always very polite spoken. I just said fine but you need to get your coat on as its cold, wet & windy.

    I proceeded to put her coat on her and zip up the zipper but it got jammed and I had to free it off, it took me a few minutes pulling and pushing it to get it free, once I managed that I then had to pull the zipper up, as I did so I inadvertently brushed her boobs with my hand, I apologised immediately, she wasn't too bothered as she said don't worry about it as its been quite a while since a man has touched my tits and it was quite nice, so I just said ok and helped her out the flat to the 8 seater, and got her into her seat, I reached over and got her seat belt and pulled it over her, as I did so I had to pull it over her chest, and she grabbed my hand and forced it down onto her boobs, apologising saying she was trying to help.

    So off we went I took her to the clinic and then to the shops, on the way back she suddenly asked me if I was married ? To which I replied no I'm a widower, she said oh dear sorry I didn't know I just said it was nothing to worry about, we arrived shortly after at her flat, and I got her inside then went back and got her bags and did the usual by putting them in the kitchen, I then made sure she was ok, and she said my zipper has jammed again, so I had a look, it was the same as before, and mindful of what went on to start with I was a bit more careful this time.

    I left shortly afterwards and went to my next client, and got on with the usual routine, when it came to finishing time I parked up the 8 seater and did the usual checked to see if anything had been dropped or left behind from the days clients, everything looked ok and I was just about to lock up the motor for the night when I noticed something white just peering up from the door compartment, and on closer inspection I found that it was a medicine prescription bag, and it belonged to Agnes, it had obviously fallen out of her bag when she got out at her flat.

    I took it into reception as is the procedure, usually a manager will deal with these things, but there was no one about, so the receptionist asked me if I could take it to her, which we are not supposed to do, but as there was no one about and it was medication I decide that Agnes would be needing it so I agreed, and off I went , it was on my way home to be fair so no big deal really.

    When I arrived at Agnes's flat I went through the normal procedure and she let me in, I explained about the medication bag on the intercom and that's why I was there just in case she was alarmed, so in I went, Agnes had changed her top and trousers and had on a sort of sweat shirt and a skirt, revealing her bare legs, the top didn't do much to hide her boobs either, she was very thankful and insisted that I had a cup of tea and a biscuit, it seemed a bit churlish to refuse, so I said ok.

    So she made me a cuppa and we started chatting about our day and things like that, and she suddenly said to me good job you havent got a wife to go home to as I would be in bother, and we both laughed at this, she then said to me and don't worry about your hands touching my tits earlier as she knew it wasn't deliberate, she also said to be honest I quite liked it, and went a bit coy.

    I just didn't know what to say at that, so I said I'm just glad I didn't get a slap for it, she replied why would I want to do that ? As I said I quite liked it. The other thing I noticed was she had pulled her skirt up a bit revealing a bit of her thighs and I have to admit she had nice legs even for and older woman, She noticed me looking at them and said to me ah so you appreciate a pair of female legs, I just said of course, but I don't like skinny legs they do nothing for me.

    She then stood up and said I need to go to the loo and away she went, when she came back she had taken her sweat shirt off and put on a robe, saying to me that she felt a wee bit warm, the problem was I could quite clearly see a substantial part of her boobs, I tried to not look but it was hard not to when she was talking to me, she then made a remark about how well built I was and that some lucky woman was going to pin me down, I just laughed because I don't consider myself to be good looking and at 58 I'm not really been looking for anyone.

    So I said to Agnes your a saucy one are you not ? she replied I might be getting on a bit but I've still got a twinkle in my eye, and I laughed at that, she said and so have you as Ive saw you looking at my legs and my boobs, and I'm quite flattered, she then said to me that as she quite liked me touching her boobs that I can again if I wanted to, in fact I want you to as you have made me quite horny.

    I didn't know what to say to be honest, but I saw the way she looked at me, so I said I wouldn't mind seeing them never mind touching them, at that she said well here you are and got up and came over to me and stuck her bare tits in my face, I dunno what came over me as my reaction was to put my hands up her skirt and caress her soft thighs, she just moaned when I done this, suddenly she said come here and took my hand and lead me to her bedroom when we got there she dropped her robe to the floor revealing her ample tits, she then grabbed my crotch and said its about time these were emptied.

    She then pulled the zipper down on my trousers and pulled my ever hardening cock out of my pants and started playing with it, so I took my jacket and T shirt off revealing my hairy chest and she went wild hauled my trousers and pants down so I pulled her skirt down and then her pants revealing a nice hairy bush which I like, and that was that both of us naked my cock stiff as a board throbbing like feck, we quickly got on to the bed and started caressing each others bodies I finger fucked her and then mounted her taking it slowly to start with, building it up over the next hour until I could hold back no more and I shot my thick hot spunk deep inside her soaking wet pussy.

    I stayed there that night, shagging her a further 3 times coming in her each time, after I nipped home for a change of clothes, I no longer do the job because of my relationship with Agnes, as it would compromise my position and the companies, I'm still shagging Agnes she's a really sexy woman for 71 although she does look like she's in her late 50's she knows how to treat a cock I can tell you that, so don't think because women are old they cant keep a man happy because they can, I should know

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    Lesbian Female / 25

    I went to an all girl school from the seventh grade until I graduated, Catholic girl's school. I was involved in sports, played soccer and volley ball, I was in the choir and I was also involved with various outreach programs for the city poor. My parents are very well to do and most of the girls in the school came from well to do parents. I finished school and after a couple of tries ended up at a small religious school in Lubbock Texas. I didn't know the cowboy culture and I didn't know that either you put out or you got out, I didn't know what a pickup was or how to wear boots, I didn't know what being hogtied meant, I didn't understand what sucking up meant, I didn't know what getting a new asshole meant. I got a new asshole bent over the tailgate of a pickup truck.

    I never told anyone, I never saw him again, I never went close to a pickup again, every time I wiped I touched myself gently with my finger, touching all around my button. It doesn't hurt anymore but I still tenderly touch my button. I graduated with my degree in Music and went back home to try and get a job teaching at a school. The only place that took me was at my old high school as an assistant teaching music seventh and eighth graders. I saw all these happy girls and I remember being happy and I wondered how many of them would get their little button holes fucked by some dirt bag man in a pick up. I dreamt about them getting bent over, the cowboy I dreamt of was the spitting image of the cowboy that cleaned the floors at the college I went to, with tobacco spit drooling out of his mouth, uneducated pushing a mop. I wanted to scream at them that their world was going to come to an end, but I kept my mouth shut and continued to touch myself after wiping.

    My parents retired and moved to a vacation home that they had built in Maine. I stayed and lived in a garage apartment of some friends of my parents. I had my job and once in a while I talked to my landlords. I started to masturbate. I found some literature on line about masturbation and I ordered site unseen a vibrator and used it to masturbate. If I had an orgasm I felt guilty, if I didn't I just masturbated until I got tired and went to sleep. I ran out of batteries so often that I would by the large battery pack at the supermarket. I tested the vibrator on my button hole and liked it, not so much in my front hole, yes a lot on my clit, it made me have an orgasm but it also hurt, painful but in a way that I didn't want to stop.

    My landlady had to let the repairman in to fix the toilet and she found the vibrator on the bathroom sink where I had washed it and left it. When I got home she came up to the apartment and held the vibrator out and told me that she didn't approve of such things or of such girls and I had to move out. Move out by the weekend, take my things and get out, and she never imagined that I would be one of those girls. She didn't return my vibrator. I had no choice and I packed my things up in boxes and a friend from school, a fellow teacher let me camp out in her apartment. I suddenly lost my job too, I was just fired no explanation given.

    I lost my paycheck and I was embarrassed to ask my parents for money. I got a job working the cash register at the Walgreens and I could barely get by as long as I didn't pay rent. I went to the foodbank to get food to help out with my friend. One evening my friend talked to me and told me that she had been told that it didn't look right for her to let me live there. I was an embarrassment to the school and if she wanted to stay working there she needed to ask me to leave. She didn't know what the embarrassment was so I emptied out with her, told her about the vibrator and that is why I was kicked out of my apartment, but I also told her about Lubbock. She had a hard time believing that you could be bent over a tailgate like that but after telling her several times in detail she finally believed me.

    After talking with her she decided that she would resign and she would get a job elsewhere. We both ended up with low paying jobs and barely making it, we depended a lot on the food bank and we talked a lot about Lubbock. One night she asked if she could touch my button. I decided to bend over the kitchen table and let her see just how easy it is for a man to give you a new asshole if he has you bent over like that. She touched while we talked, she touched further down and put her finger in my vagina, I asked her touch my clit and as soon as she did I slammed my legs together. I opened them again, grabbing hard onto the table and she touched me and started to rub me. I was encouraging her, giving her directions, I asked her to rub my button again, to push her finger in. She fingered my vagina first and then she fingered my button with her finger in up to her knuckle, I held on to the table while she fingered me. I confessed to her that when I was bent over in Lubbock I had first been fucked in my vagina and then he had asked if I wanted a new asshole and when he started I said yes and that is how I got a new asshole in Lubbock. It is just that I felt so bad about it that I didn't let him see me again.

    After she was done I asked her to bend over the table so I could show her how good it felt. I started with her button, which was a dark brown and pushed my finger in a little, I fingered her vagina and got rough with her and then I played with her clit like she had done with me. I kept asking her if she liked it and she kept saying yes, I got the urge to kiss her and stuck my tongue in her vagina and then licked her button while I fingered her. We really got carried away and we move onto the bed where I ate her missionary style. After her orgasm we laid side by side for a while and then made out. I had read a lot of literature and I played with her breasts, pinching her nipples and nibbling hard on them, feeling her up and fingering her, going from her mouth to her vagina and back to her mouth, I got myself so worked up that I had to work my clit to have an orgasm and drop on top of her.

    We had sex many times after that, we had our low paying jobs, we stayed away from our high school and anyone that went there, we talked about how the girls were going to leave and put out and suck up and bend over for some guy, we bought a couple of vibrators and a couple of male phallic penises and we used them, more the vibrators than the penises, and we found new ways to have sex, but always no matter what we were doing I asked her to use a vibrator to fuck my button while I used my fingers to play with my clit. The bed never got made, the apartment was always a mess, we ate and had sex, we had sex and we ate, we barely got our laundry done, we didn't much talk to anyone else, we mostly just had sex. We developed a rule that for every year that you spent suppressed at that girl's school we would spend two years having sex to get over it. We have ten years of sex ahead of us, and we intended to make them count.

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