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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 24

    Right now I am so horny! I woke and I am in almost dire need for sex, I know when I am around people today my stupid fears and guilt will kick in and I will just suffer in silence, but right now more than anything, I want someone here with me. Not a friend or lover, just someone to do every dirty little thing I've ever dreamed of, then they would be gone so my puritan conscience would not have to face what I did.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I'm married to a very attractive woman and have two kids. My wife satisfies my sexual urges as much as she can but I have a secret that I have kept hidden since we got married. The truth is I like cross dressers, trannies, and lady boys.

    When I was a teenager I had a sexual encounter with my best friend Jamie. Two horny teens and only the sexual urge to cum almost daily. We would take turns jerking off on each others young and very hard cocks. We would advance to oral sex within a few months afterwards.

    We both got a girlfriend at some point but no matter, we would meet and enjoy each others throbbing cocks many more times even as we got older. By our early twenties our lives took us to live in other States, eventually losing contact. I met the girl I would marry and try to live the straight lifestyle. I got a job with a large company, I would end up traveling a lot and making good money doing it.

    I was in Chicago on business and after work I stopped for a drink at a bar on the way back to my hotel. A voice behind me asked if I had a light, I turned expecting to see a guy standing there but it was a tranny. Easy to tell, even though "she" was very attractive regardless.

    Her name was "Bobbie" with a lot of makeup, large breasts and eyes that seemed to look into my soul. We moved to a table at her request and began to talk, drink and smoke. Bobbie had long red dagger like nails, her matching red lipstick coated the filter of her cigarette.

    She tapped my wedding ring with one of those long nails and smiled. Bobbie asked me directly if I was getting taken care of at home? There was no doubt where the conversation was going and I told her, not completely. Bobbie smiled and those eyes looked deep into my soul.

    Bobbie finished her drink and got up, extending her hand to me. I asked where we were going and she laughed. I guess we both knew we were going to my hotel. We started making out as soon as the door closed behind us. Her tongue pushed deep into my mouth and nothing gets my cock tingling as a hot kiss does.

    We undressed, well I did. Bobbie took off her skirt, blouse, and bra, leaving her panties, stockings, and heels on. I was stark naked and Bobbie took me to bed and began to suck my cock with hunger.

    I was steel hard within moments, Bobbie's lipstick coated my throbbing cock. Then it was my turn, she pulled away and waited for me to make my move. I pulled her panties down and out popped her rather large cock, she was damn near fully erect.

    Bobbie spread her legs and stroked her cock a few times until she pulled my mouth onto the head of her cock. She moaned with pleasure as I took the head of her thick cock into my mouth now. I instantly thought of my youth and my best friend, it had been years since I had a cock in my mouth. I had almost forgot the erotic feeling of the warm pulsating flesh in my mouth.

    Just as I began to taste the salty fluid Bobbie pushed me away. She told me it was too soon to cum. She reached into her purse and tossed me a condom. She asked if I wanted it doggy or missionary, I told her doggy. Bobbie smiled and got onto her fours quickly.

    I spread her stocking legs apart and slipped the condom on my raging hard on. I knelt behind her and put the head of my cock to her hole and pushed. It took a moment before I could open her hole to get my cock inside, slowly pushing deeper until I was balls deep.

    We didn't fuck long, within a few minutes I was already to blow my load inside of her hole and she seemed to know. Bobbie leaned forward and my throbbing cock popped out. She turned over and pulled the condom off and tossed it to the floor.

    She lay on her back and looked up at me as she stroked her semi hard cock. I knelt between her stocking legs and began to stroke my pulsating cock on top of hers. I began to moan and curse as my orgasm was getting close.

    About that time Bobbie moaned and closed her eyes, a thick stream of cum shot upwards and some of it dripping off my cock. That was all I needed to set me off, I fisted my cock and released a torrent of my own cum all over her hand as she milked her cock dry.

    From that night on whenever I went to Chicago I called Bobbie to stop by my hotel room. When I was in other places I had either a tranny, cross dresser, or lady boy to entertain my sexual desires for cock.

    I have been doing this for several years now. Sometimes I try not to do these things but I'm not able to control my desire for this type of sex. I love women, my wife, but I also love a good hard throbbing cock as well...........................

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    Straight Female / 20

    Been kind of a slut this holiday season. Went back home, saw all my high school friends and fucked 6 of them. Not in one night but through out these past 2 weeks. Also let one of my cousins fuck me, don't know why just happened. Plus I think he told his brother cause he's been hanging around me with full of innuendos. Don't know whats happened to me just feel horny all the time and want a dick in me. If I continue like this might have to call up some friends to help me out. my pussy is out of control. first thing i'll do when i get back to school is get a pregnancy test.

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    Straight Male / 25

    I went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, for those of you who don't know we have a really big sports community. Back during 2007-2009 I lived with 3 other guys, lets call them Ben,Jamal and Sean,in a 5 bedroom house. We lived right by the stadium, so we would always have big pregame things and there was always a huge crowd of people out during home games. Every year they have a "Parent's Day", where badger parents are supposed to come to the games.

    So, I believe it was 2008, I was sick as shit this saturday. We had all gotten really drunk the night before, and I already had a cold so I just ended up selling my ticket to the game to one of our mutual buddies, lets call him Brian. He was planning on coming to pick it up early in the morning.

    Meanwhile, Ben's parents and his two younger, still college age, sisters show up. His parents are in their late 40s I'm guessing. My roommates, and Ben's parents are all pregaming and I'm feeling a little better, so I'm in the kitchen trying to eat something while they get drunk. As it turns out the mom isn't really a big football fan, but they got the ticket so she's going to just go with everyone else. Brian shows up with his buddy to pick up the ticket, and get's introduced to everyone and has a couple beers.

    The buddy get's to talking about how he's pissed he didn't get season tickets and can't find one. So the mom offer's to give him her ticket,she tells her husband they can go and have fun and she'll just go shopping or maybe just stay here and sleep a little. Her family is cool with it, so they end up leaving with Brian and his buddy to walk to the game. She stays at our house with me,Jamal and Sean, all of us are black.

    At this point the mom keeps on drinking with Jamal and Sean. She asks us do we smoke weed, we say yeah and roll a blunt.After this,I go back to my room and lay down and play some video games. At some point, I want to smoke another blunt with them and realize that none of them are in the kitchen. So I figure they're in their rooms. I go to Seans door to ask him to play some Halo and smoke, no answer. Same with Jamals. So I'm, like well maybe they left to go get food, so I text them like, "where are you guys at?" and then go back to my room. I get a text from Sean like five minutes later that says, "beating Ben's mom shit up". So I kind of laugh it off, and ask them did they go to get food, and to bring me something back if they did.

    Then I hear Sean calling me from in the house, so I get up. It's coming from our spare bedroom. As I get up to the room, I can hear springs just creaking. I open the door and there lays Ben's mom, asshole naked, getting DP'd by my roommates. I'm like Holy Fuck. And she's moaning saying she loves being stuffed with black cock and how she wants all her holes full to the brim. I'm like, well I'm sick, I don't wanna get you sick.

    I politely close the door, get dressed, and get the fuck out of the house. I end up going to my female friends house to smoke a blunt with her, and I tell her the story. Long story short, they fucked ben's mom, took pictures and all kinds of shit.She was into some really freaky shit. She actually started regularly showing up at our house, under the guise of visiting her son, to fuck my roommates. Ben eventually found out after about a year of them reaming his mom every other weekend, but he was pissed at her more than Jamal and Sean.

    He found out because she came up one weekend and thinking he wasn't going to be there all weekend, and he showed up back at the house mid-coitus.

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    Straight Male / 33

    My friend and co-worker, Ben, was dating Bonnie, a small girl just barely five feet tall, At one point I began to
    ask about her just out of politeness, Ben would say, "Great, terrific" etc, Then he took me aside and told me that Bonnie was greatly addicted to cock and cock sucking. At first I though he was joking but soon enough realized he was serious and I said, "That sounds great" whereby he said, "Not really. She can't do without it and if I hold off she'll reach for some strange cock, I'm sure. After a while it gets to be too much."

    The time came when Ben asked me if I wanted to experience Bonnie and that she had asked about me. I laughed and said, "Not really." It turned out, all serious. However, I dated mostly women who are close to six feet tall since I'm 6'4" and equally large down below. Bonnie and I met, however, for dinner and she started in almost immediately, flirting at first then seriously asking for sex.

    At her place, she proceeded to give me a blow job that defies description and I wondered how Ben could grow weary of it. However, when I came close to orgasm, she could tell and held back. She licked, munched, sucked on my cock like that for over an hour, stopping sometimes to enjoy looking at it and jerking it with full strokes using both hands. I told her, finally, to let me come. She did but insisted on having as much in her mouth as possible when I unloaded.

    It felt awesome to have her actually suck me hard as I came. After a few dates, I realized we had not fucked once and she said, "Benny kept asking me that and the oral is my thing. I said, "Unless there is something physically wrong I want to fuck your vagina." She said that I was "too big" for her and made excuses. Finally, she relented and we started to fuck. As it turned out, because of the shape of her pussy, there were loud pussy farts that made loud noises, embarrassing her. I told her the sound turned me on and made me hotter (the truth) and no one had ever told her that.

    After that, fucking became part of our sex sessions together and I found positions where her smallness actually made all of it hotter. After that, Ben would ask me how was Bonnie and I would honestly answer, "The best." This left him puzzled.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Ever since I turned 18 I had a thing for older men. There was something about them that always turned me on. I was reluctant to ever approach one or express my desires about having sex with someone older so I mostly kept quiet about it or joked about it with my friends.

    I started to get really tired of just fantasizing about being with an older man so I got on tinder to see what I could find. Eventually I found someone who was visiting for a few days and I figured I could make a dream come true.

    He was about 30 years old. Tall and lean. Has a beard that I adored and wanted to feel in between my thighs immediately. I went to his hotel room and I was extremely nervous. He had me undress almost as soon as I walked in the door and led me to his bed. He kissed and bit me everywhere and finally laid his tongue on my clit and I was in awe. Iâve faked a lot of orgasms since I only typically hooked up with college guys and theyâve all been shitty and never even attempted to eat me out. I wish I could begin to describe how I felt with his tongue on me. I was a sweaty and shaking mess by the time I finally came but he didnât stop. He kept going and asked if âdaddy was doing a good jobâ and I almost had another orgasm just by his words. It felt like a lifetime that he was in between my thighs and it was the first time I didnât have to initially fake an orgasm.

    Sorry Iâm not going into much detail I just really needed to let it out somewhere. I feel like if I told my friends about it theyâd judge me so much. But I think I might start turning to more mature guys (possibly girls) for sexual pleasure.

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    Straight Female / 42

    I'm a waitress and work late hours so I take the long schedule buses that come in only one per hour. Usually, I'm not alone at he bus stop. Not long ago a young couple was waiting at the bus stop, seemingly unaware of my presence, or just didn't give a shit. They were open mouth necking, each had a hand on the other's crotch, rubbing and humping each other with abandon.

    The bus finally came and I went to the back of the bus, as usual. They were two rows ahead of me and they began fucking shortly after the bus pulled out. They were just feet away from me and I was fairly sure the bus driver could see them. I figured he probably saw stuff like that a lot on his late run.

    She rode the fellow crazily. I got so hot that I stuck my hand under my skirt let my fingers have a real work-out until I came. I think I beat the young couple to it. If there had been a man back there with us I would have jumped him. It's amazing how infectious it was to watch them.

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    Straight Male / 39

    My confession is that I know it's really sick and distrusting but I love to lick women's assholes. I've been this way since I've been in high school and there was this drunk girl at a party and i took advantage of her and licked her Pusey and asshole. Since then I've been addictedz nowadays when my wife falls asleep on her side...she's a deep sleeper especially when she's been drinking... I like to go deep undercover and lick her asshole while I masturbate. And I have even taken pics of her asshole.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    My wife caught me cheating on her with some young girl from work and she gave my dick a shot with a syringe that has made it loose all feeling completly and it shrank from eight inches long down to less than two inches in less than five minutes.Along with losing lenght my poor dick also got thinner and is now big around as a baby carrot.It is so small and lifeless that I am unable to be brought to any type of orgasm at all and am now so sorry and miserable and regret doing such a horrible thing to my wife.She is satisfied with the end reesult and now has taken complete control of the house and everything in it which includes me,,her poor feminised submissive sissy husband . she has taken me frim being a strong take charge man and ruined me by turning me into a submissive male who is unable to take control of anything kind of male who does exactly as his wife says without hesitation or remark making sure she is happy at all times.One time he tried to express his view on a matter and she had him stripped totally naked andd lying on her knees just beginning his first spanking in a matter of seconds.She paddled him good and hard and didnt stop until he wasnt able to sit for a week..He also had wet himself and was crying like a little girl.Now she says what she is thinking and her poor lost feminine husband listens to every word then agrees completly with her and avoids being paddled again.When he was crying and acting like a 10 year old little girl and his daughter saw him and lost all respect for him.Now she walks around in front of him naked,,has him acting like he is her sissy maid .He paints her nail,,dresses her and even wipes her pussy with a soft cloth after she has been playing with herself.She cant understand but thinks it is funny how she can touch and play with her sexy body and her Daddy will watch every thing she does but his cock doesnt even stir a little bit

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    Straight Female / 40

    After reading all the messed up stuff on here I don't feel ashamed to admit that I am a highschool math teacher and had sex with a former student of mine this past summer while he was home on summer break from college while my husband took our kids on a fishing trip. We had sex for basically two days straight in all parts of the house including in the pool at about midnight. Ive never really enjoyed performing oral sex on guys but his dick was so nice and got sooo hard for the firdt time I really enjoyed doing it to him. It was the best weekend I have ever had. Omg it makes me so hot and bothered just writing this. For being so young and inexperienced he really knew how to take his time and let me orgasm unlike my husband. He is so cute I seriously couldn't get enough of him.

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