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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 43

    I was in a cult from high school to my late 20s.

    I grew up in a fucked up family. Not sure who dad is, mom in and out of jail a few times a year and eventually ended up running away from home. Went to stay with my friend, Shawn, and his siblings and dad.

    2 older brothers and 2 younger sisters. They never talked about their mom and I never bothered to ask. Their Dad, Mark, owned a local restaurant and was the Christian type. He was crazy about it too. He believed he could talk to god or some crazy shit like that.

    As I later found out- Mark, and his family too, thinks that their sisters are old enough for sex. Since I slept in the boys room, I eventually noticed that my friend and his brother would be gone in the middle of the night sometimes.

    It didn't take long before it was confirmed that they were going to the girls bedroom. To fuck them. Something about the bible, something about mom being gone so the girls have to fill in. I was like "So your dad too?" and I was shocked, but not for long.

    I was living in a cult. And they told me I could join in their ritual. Apparently, there was a "roster". Who got to fuck which girl and when, all on a schedule by the week. They added me to it because I told them I believed in their "family church". Started with once per week with one of the girls, then once per week with each, and eventually 6 nights a week.

    We even went to the same high school, since there was, and still is, only one in town. Everyone including the girls, Sophia and Liz, were completely "normal" in every other way. Went to school, had friends, did sports and every thing normal. No one acted weird even at home. Just normal family things like dinner, watch tv, go to the park.

    Then, there was the crazy angry sermons Mark gave and the girls getting their young twats fucked raw almost every night.

    Can't lie to 'ya, my favorite was definitely Sophia. Smart girl, got good grades at school, ran cross country. A cute bubble butt and tight pussy to go with. I loved holding her small frame down on the bed and shoving my thick cock in and out of her. I was told not to worry about nutting in the girls since they were put on the pill. I loved pumping Sophia's tight hole and filling it up with my hot cum.

    Mary was Shawn's favorite. Whenever it was his turn with her, he would be gone for at least an hour and easily longer. Whatever he did, he would always come completely drenched in his sweat and pass out right away and snort like a pig. Every single time.

    Their only rules were no anal and no oral. And never both girls at the same time. That wasn't "Christian" acoording to Mark. One was always "allowed to rest." Porn was also banned around the house.

    My friend's brother later found a job and girlfriend so he moved out, which gave me more time on the nightly visits schedule.

    I did the same thing a couple years after that. Last I heard, Mark died in his sleep and my friend and his siblings sold the house immediately after the funeral. Some people said they moved away. I have never heard from any of them for years myself. Or anyone else in our town for the matter. This is a very small town. Like a thousand people small.

    I still drive past that house at least a couple times a week since it's on my way to the grocery store. I have only seen the same car in the driveway all the time but never anyone coming in or out of the house. It's a bit strange.

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    Straight Male / 53

    Iâm married to my third wife, together 32 years. I absolutely give her 90% of the credit. I am a totally kinky sex addict. Thankfully weâve been swingers the past 18 years so weâve both been able to enjoy other people sexually. But even with that Iâve cheated on her and both previous wives. Iâve never been âin loveâ with any of my hundreds of playmates. Wife number 1 was a great fuck but dumber than a box of rocks. Wife number 2 was a complete hottie blonde looks wise but a corpse in bed. Best thing to come out of that was her Latina co worker that picked up the trouble in my marriage and âconsoledâ me. That was in 1986 and she was the first woman to shave her pussy for me.....loved it and cannot do hairy bushes! Met number 3 in 1987. I was 31, she 23. She was and is my true soulmate. Loves me to eat her still spectacular 55 year old ass until she has convulsive multiple orgasms. Still though if I can hookup on the sly I will do it. Itâs not all about me. I love pleasuring a woman anyway they want. Iâm not hung but my 6â does not cum too quick. Iâll eat their pussy and asshole as long as they desire. My ladies always cum first. I have fucked women as much as 10 years older than myself and 32 years younger. The one 32 years younger was 21 and I was 53. Unfortunately she fell in love with me. Until she met me she never had multiple orgasms or had her asshole licked. She fucked up and texted me and my wife saw it. Talked and fucked my way back into wifeâs good graces. What else can I say. Iâm a sex addict.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    Here's an update on 45263

    I spent the next couple of days letting my wife know I was serious about being good with my best friend, her ex-bf, and her getting together while he visited. I got home early from work the day he arrived, he was already there, and I walked in on her giving him a bj. My mouth must have hit the floor, as I had not expected him to be there and definitely them not being into it yet, but I tried to be as cool as I could. She stopped and came over and gave me a big welcome home kiss. His cock was heavy on her breath and I tasted his cum as we kissed. I just about lost my load down the leg of my pants.

    I sat my work things down and hurried into the bathroom, as I usually do, but this time I had to jerk off along with my normal pee stop. By the time I got back, she had finished him off and was back to getting dinner ready. She stopped again and gave me a big kiss, this time his cum was very obviously in her mouth and she let me taste. She then went back to fixing dinner without a word further.

    My buddy was in the family room watching the evening news, and I came in and joined him. He was noticeably feeling a bit awkward, so I commented: "She still sucks like a pro doesn't she?" He smiled and I could see him easing as he told me: "She always did." We had a good time catching up, giving an occasional sexual comment about how she used to... or now she... All in all a very pleasant evening.

    It got time to turn in for the night and I showed him the guest room and let him settle in. Back in our room we prepared for bed. The wife put on a sheer black nightie that she almost never wears and climbed into be with me. She was reaching for my already hard cock when I suggested our guest may need an extra blanket or pillow. She just looked at me, then smiled. It was then I knew she was good to go. She got up and got a pillow out of our closet and headed for the guest room, she didn't even bother to take her robe.

    I was now laying in bed, my wife "taking a pillow" to her ex-bf. I jacked off all over her side of the bed, then got up and snuck out to the hall by the guest room. I stood in the hall stroking a while as I listened to them talk. Silence for a moment, then it was obvious they were getting down to business. I opened the door and stood in it still stroking. He had her up on the bed doggy style and was sliding in. He started fucking her so hard that her tits where slapping. She got him to stop and pulled her nightie off and tossed it. That's when she saw me in the doorway. She told me: "Don't just stand there, get in here and help."

    That's all it took. I slipped under her and she got my cock in her mouth, my friend went back to banging her and I started licking her clit, his cock, and his balls as he pounded it into her. He tensed up and started grunting and I knew he was cumming. His cock was throbbing like crazy and her c**t was tight around him. I licked clit and cock like crazy as he filled her. Then he slipped out. A lot of that cum fell out of her and onto my face, his cum wet cock hit me in the eyes, and I opened my mouth; he was still lightly pumping his hips and his cock slid right in my mouth. I sucked it in and swallowed. I don't know if he was even conscious that it wasn't still in my wife's c**t. He just kept rocking his hips and I kept sucking. His cum still dripping from my wife, was all over my face, neck and chest and somewhere in there I shot my load. She swallowed it down too.

    We spent much of the night together, we did move to our king sized bed shortly after that first round. I got to see and participate in my wife getting fucked by another guy (I love it!), and she got to see me suck cock, and her ex-bf in his first gay experience. Comment if you would like to here about the rest.

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    Straight Male / 38

    I suspected my wife was cheating on me with her boss for months. I got in from work before her and would have the kids tended to and could start my choirs. Some evening my wife would get home later than normal and wash clothes and take a bath. I realized I enjoyed her having sex with someone else. I would wank off to the thought of her having sex with someone else. One day when she came in late I told her I didnât have a problem with her cheating. She got In the bath and was crying. I went in the bathroom and she asked me how long had I new she had been cheating. I added a year to how long I suspected and she was surprised I knew from the start and why I didnât say anything. She became a much happier person knowing I wasnât heartbroken. She went through a time of disappointed at me for not being disturbed. If kids werenât around she would show me her creampie when she got home. I would even add my cum to his and the sex was best when we had the opportunity. The hot wet sex was always a quicky. She works at a bank and her lover is an loan officer. They close the bank a closing time and have sex in the supply room. I was shopping with her one night when she bought foam exercise mates to take to work. Even after two kids she has her college figure. Sex and exercise keeps her in shape. I may be a weirdo but I have no problem sharing her.

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    Straight Female / 33

    I cheated on my husband with his own brother while he was out of the country on a job assignment for 3 months. My brother in law is also married so we were both cheating but it just kinda happened.

    He used to come to the house once a week to help around the house with âmen choresâ my husband had actually asked him to do so.

    I was just feeling very lonely and apparently he was feeling lonely as well. We were talking in my living room and he kissed me, I donât know why but I just kissed him back and thats just how it all started.

    We started kissing all over each other, he just grabbed me and pulled my panties down. I admit I gave in too. He pushed his cock inside of me and it felt amazing, he started fucking me on top of the sofa, it turned into hard sex very quickly and to be honest I wanted it that way too.

    We had sex for like half an hour, I felt guilty, it felt bad but it felt so good as well. He finished inside of me and I loved it!

    We didnt know what to say so we didnât talk much that day. I didnât want to talk I didnât want to ruin it because it felt really good.

    We spoke over the phone the next day and thats when we admitted we shouldnât have done it but whats done is done. I told him maybe it was better if he didnât come back to the house if we were going to be alone. He agreed.

    My husband came back 2 weeks later. Of course my husband never found out and my brother in law and I never spoke about what happened again. Our relationship didnât get ruined though, I always had a good relationship with him and I wanted to keep it that way. Sometimes we both just look at each other in silence and Im pretty sure we both know what we are thinking.

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    Straight Male / 54

    I'm now 74 years old and I have a daughter who is 14 years younger than myself. A bit strange I grant you but here's what happened.

    I had just turned 12 and was new in the neighborhood. My parents had just bought a house and we moved in in June after school let out for the summer. Met a boy my age and grade living across the street and down three houses. We were best friends through Jr high.

    Next summer came turned 13 he was sent to his grandparents fram in Colorado for the summer to help as they were getting older. My parents both work so I spent a lot of time at his house with his sister age 9 and his mom. She was only 29 and small build. She started getting me aroused and ended up teaching me about sex. We would fuck every chance we had during that summer.

    8th grade was a wonderful year. Having been taught by Betty I became somewhat popular with the mature girls that normally would be dating high school boys. Graduation came early June and two days after Rogers dad Betty's husband was killed in a car accident. Betty sent Roger and Lori to the grandparents farm.

    I helped Betty pack up everything for a move. The last night before betty left we had one last fuck.

    Moving forward to my being 22 just about to return home from Vietnam 1 hour before boarding the plane I meet Roger. He just arrived for a tour in the Army. He was showing me pictures his mom Lori and the youngest Billie. He said he knew that I had sex with his mom before they moved. Mom won't admit it and clams she is his dad's. But they all four have red hair and Billie had brown. He also did blood typing in biology class in high school and no way is his dad the father. In later years recently I did a DNA and she is mine.

    Betty has asked me not to say anything. I told Betty I would keep it to myself until she's passed away. Roger and Lori both know.

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    Straight Female / 19

    I had never had sex with a black guy until college since I came from a small town in the South where pretty much everyone is white. But since then, I've had a newfound fetish for black guys.I do not currently have a bf and have no plans to get one.

    I have met a couple friends here who are also into black men so we would go to the bars near the ghetto on Friday nights and weekends. We would usually get blackout drunk and just pick up black guys. By now, I have a pretty solid booty call list of black men that I can just call up when I'm horny.

    If my racist dad finds out, he would disown me.

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    Straight Male / 20

    I was 15 and horny as shit. She was what is called online an SSBBW woman. Hairy pussy, weighed about 270lbs. Her husband had her in a leather mask with an opening at the mouth but she couldn't see anyone. She was in a sex swing and her hairy pussy and asshole were at crotch length and had been used by at least 8 men, several times each by that time. It was 11pm, the husband said I could have a turn and loose my virginity in her pussy. I had watched the last couple of guys go and I walked up naked, stuck my cock into her hairy, used, cum dripping pussy and rocked her back and forth on the swing. I stopped a few times and sucked on her nipples. Pink colored they almost disappeared stretched against some massive udders. After a short time I bucked, heaved, and pushed fully into her used pussy and shot my load of cream. Her husband played with her pussy and sucked her tits for her, and I got hard again. First he fucked her ass, then I took my second fuck in her wet pussy. She just moaned through the whole thing. As I got dressed to leave before he took off her mask/hood she asked if that was all and her husband responded it was over. She asked how many different cocks and how many fucks she'd gotten. He didn't want her to know that I'd seen her naked and had fucked her, being the "kid" from next door, so he delayed. As I walked out the back door I heard him say 11 cocks, 24 times.

    That's how I lost it and got my first, second, up to 30th piece of pussy. I also fucked her ass too and her mouth. About a year and a half later I was driving and got a girlfriend to fuck me.

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    Straight Male / 21

    Fat girls take it up the ass so easy

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    Straight Male / 23

    I dated this 36 year old divorced, no kids woman. She is fantastic, beautiful, incredible body, and wants a lot of sex. She has a very bushy pussy and after a couple of weeks I asked if I or she could shave it. That got a resounding "NO". So I didn't think much about it, then another month of super great sex went by, and I added fucking her asshole to the mix. She wanted it, it was my first time fucking a girl in the butt though. By the way . . . I LOVE IT. I asked again about shaving and she consented to trimming. But it was still very long and thick but shaped in a straight path the width of her pussy lips, going up her lower belly about 4 inches. I was still getting a mouthful of black pussy hair whenever I went down on her. I asked her to trim the length and she did it under protest. As I was going down on her, my eyes staring through the trimmed black bush, I saw something. Above her pussy, but under her very thick pussy hair is a tattoo. It says "Cum Whore".

    I asked her about it and she just said it was from when she was a teen, young, stupid and thought she was in love and got it done. Blessed with black, very thick, very full pussy hair she keeps in grown in so no one can see it. I got it out of her that in the town where she grew up, she was an "anybodys" meaning anybody could fuck her. She admitted that she loved cock since the first time she sucked on one until now. She admitted that the scar on her butt used to be a tattoo that said "buttfucked whore".

    I don't know what to think, she is a total knock out, hard to believe someone that beautiful and that great a body would need to fuck just anyone that came around, but she did. I really don't care, but I want her to shave her pussy totally so I can fuck the cum bucket. She says no and she's letting it grow back in. Now I'm in a challenge situation. I want to see it and want to know more about her young days.

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