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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Posted by Anonymous

    When performing oral sex on a woman and you have never heard her scream she either has no vocal chords or you are doing it wrong. Let me tell you what works. While eating her pussy, of course lick the clit; however, to get the maximum effect, insert two fingers and press against the top part of the wall. You will feel a soft mushy area known as the "g spot". While eating, move your fingers in the "come to me" motion over that spot. The whole finger will not be rubbing it but the finger tips will. When she comes she will pull your hair out so you might want to tie her hands or shave your head first.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    We have been married twenty years and are in our early fifties, but are still sexually very active, and when my wife is away with relations for a few nights, I masturbate in bed when I wake up each morning,,usually jerkijg off into a pair of her panties.
    In the evenings, however, I sit and watch a series of videos we have made of us together. In the first, she slowly undresses in front of the camera, starting by removing the wide french knickers she often wears to arouse me, though she takes them off under her skirt, and does not let me see her pussy. Then she opens her shirt and removes her bra, letting her floppy tits, with her big, dark nipples, hang out. Having taken off everything else, she puts her hand under her skirt, fingers herself for a bit, and then lets it fall to the ground, revealing her thick, dark hairy bush hair. She stands with her legs wide apart, and opens the prominent lips of her cunt, showing her big clitoris, which she starts rubbing.
    In the next series, we both start off naked, and I kneel in front of her and start licking my wife's cunt, eventually pushing her back onto a deep armchair, when I suck her clit and make her have an orgasm. Then I masturbate onto her bush and wide open snatch, watching my cum trickle down.
    Next, there are shots of her sucking my cock and making me cum into her mouth, while a little later I masturbate between her big, saggy tits.
    Finally, I fuck her doggy style, until we both lie exhausted on the floor, with cum trickling out of her cunt. and my cock soft and floppy.
    The other evening, when my neighbour asked me what I did when my wife was away, I invited him and his wife in and showed them the videos. We sat on a wide settee with the wife in the middle, and in no time we both had our hands up her skirt, while she jerked us off as we all watched my wife and me having our private sex. When she came home, I told her about this episode, and after initial embarrassment, now all four of us have sex parties together.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    about 5 yrs ago i had my first time with my boyfreind , i was staying at his house, we thought his parents were out and i had the best sex for a 1st timer . we did oral , he ate me , i give him a blow job , we took it up the ass he fucked me doggie style, i was screaming with excitement. when we FINALLY finished,there was a pack of condoms lying at the end of his bed. his dad had been watching all along and he hit the roof!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a married 41 year old male that met a waitress at a family restaurant during my lunch hour eating alone. We started talking and she seemed very attracted to me. She was 18, gorgeous, and I couldn't believe that she would be attracted to a guy that was old enough to be her father! I sort of "wigged out" and lost it. I gave her a fake name, and talked about the ficticious company that I worked for --and of course told her that I was single. I finally went for it and asked her out on a date (during a week that my wife was out of town)and she accepted. We went to a late movie and later ended up in the back of my van. We stated holding hands and necking. Things got pretty intense. I could tell she really trusted me and thought I was a nice single guy -- this made me all the more horny and feeling naughty. She stopped me and said that whe wasn't "on anything". This made me even more horny, the thought that I could be spewing my spunk in this beautiful young thing if I said the right thing. I told her that I unfortunately had to have a vasectomy for medical reasons so she didn't have anything to worry about (a complete lie). I just completetly "exploded" up inside of her. After this date, I haven't been back to the restaurant or seen her since.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i know that your first time hurts, but does the pain go away after a few minutes? meaning that you do get to enjoy your first time instead of having pure pain the whole time? im sorry, I am just confused..

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm confessing this as a warning to just where addictive drugs can take you.
    i'v been a good girl all my life. Sure i went to parties and stuff but I was always careful not to let things get out of control. Anyway it took just one time with crack cocaine and i was addicted. Addicted means your out of control from your desperation. It means i had to have it and i would do anything to get it.
    This church deacons daughter ended up at a guys college fraternity house. I let them srtip me naked and put me tummy down over a chair that was on top of a coffee table. They tied my hands and legs to the legs of the chair.
    The only sex i ever had before was some heavy petting with my boyfriend but i was told by those who counted that i got pussy fucked that night 22 times, ass fucked 6 times and that i sucked 11 different dicks.
    I went to school with some of those guys. They were guys that i would never have given a second look at and they knew it. They're the ones who fucked me the hardest. They're the ones who nearly gagged me by putting their dicks so far into my mouth.
    My reward was a tootsie roll pop dipped in cocaine and then pushed into my anus, that's how i got my high. They kept me like that for 2 and half hours more with people walking in and staring at me. I'm telling you, it's not worth it, what you become.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ok I really need help because I've given hand twice b4, and I totally thot I was good at it even tho niehter of the guys came...but o well. So now my new bf says fine if ur not gonna blo me give me hand but u better be good at it. and im like kk haha of course i am. and even if i dont end up giving him one can someone describe to me exactly how i should give a hand job? like all i did was sort of squeeze the penis going up it then down it and im sure thats wrong

    this would be SO MUCH HELP please dont make fun of me

    Kand ii

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I work part time in the seniors housing, doing cleaning and minor repairs. I meet a lot of women there, and as I got to know them, I also got to lay a lot of them, Not
    all the gals were great to look at, but where can you
    get a part time job where your paid to clean and get tips for laying some of the tenannts
    america is a great country

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    Posted by Anonymous

    In college, I had a few short-term relationships that were sexually thrilling, but emotionally unsatisfying. When I met "Todd", I decided to be chaste until we married, i.e. a born again virgin. This was difficult because we both had been very sexually active before we started dating. The next two years we faced many temptations, including a late fall camping trip when a unexpected snowstorn forced us to zip our sleeping bags together for warmth. We joked about the old Puritan custom of bundling courting couples, but it was a very stressful night.

    When we got engaged, the pressure increased. We aren't fundamentalists or anything, so its not like there was this big religious issue. Even my mom suggested that we have sex once to make sure that we were compatible. But we made it to our wedding day chaste.

    Our reception ended at 1 AM and we stayed up afterwards talking to our closest loved ones until it was time to leave for the airport at six. By 8 AM, we were on our way to the Caribbean. On the plane, we snuggled and planned how we would make love as soon as we checked into the hotel room.

    However, once we arrived in Jamaica, we learned that our luggage was missing. After several hours at the airport, we were told it would be sent the next day. Sadly that meant our sex plans were on hold. Todd is allergic to latex so he can't use condoms. My brand new diaphragm and spermicide were in my lost suitcase.

    We spent the night holding each other and making promises. The next day, our luggage arrived and I was ready to consummate our marriage. But Todd felt that we needed to stick to our itinerary since we only had three days left. We took a tour and ate lunch. Then we went sun bathing. Bad idea. Todd got burned. Badly. He couldn't even stand me touching his hand, let alone his chest or other body parts.

    By the last day, Todd was peeling, but feeling better. But I got my period 2 days early. We went home without having made love.

    Back at home, the next week were busy moving from our two apartments into a townhouse. At night we were too exhausted to do more than eat pizza, Chinese, or KFC and fall asleep in front of the tv.

    After we finished, Todd went out to return the moving truck while I ran some errands. I decided to ensure a romantic evening. I ordered a takeout dinner from our favorite restaurant. I made a bath with rose petals and laid my sexiest negligee on the bed. I was just about to light candles when I got a phone call. Todd had gotten into a car accident and injured his back.

    The next couple months, we couldn't have sex under the doctor's orders. However, he's been given the go ahead, especially if I am on top. But my husband doesn't seem interested. If I started touching him more sexually than a hug or quick kiss, he moves away or starts talking about something serious.

    I don't think it is normal to go 4 months without consumating the marriage. Todd's not a virgin and from our few close calls, I know that he's going to be a good lover. I just can't figure out what's holding him back.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    A while ago I was having sex with this guy and all of a sudden I had to throw up during it.. so I had to stand up.. still naked... and just let my stomach out.. at least it was into a basket, but still some of it got right on the bed where I was laying so I had to sit in my red vomit. He didnt care though and we continued after I brushed my teeth : )

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