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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Posted by Anonymous

    my penis got stuck in a car door and i cried so bad. i went to the docter and insted of just fixing it like regular, they gave me a major penis enlargement, it is cool now, with all the ladies.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    tell me the weirdest sexual thing you have ever done with a person, post, thanks

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I spent all day Saturday working in the yard, and working up a sweat.
    I filled my tub with bath oils and called my boyfriend. We had a little phone sex, just enough to tease. I told him my door's unlocked, come over and I'll give him a show.
    45 minutes later, I got out of the bath, and went to my bedroom. Todd, my boyfriend, wasn't there.
    I laid on the bed, and again rubbed my pussy. I picked up a silk scarf, and gently rubbed my nipples with it.
    I got out my trusty vibe, and maxxed out the buzz level.
    My pussy was getting hot, and really wet. I fingered my clit while pushing the vibe into my pussy. I could feel my orgasm swelling, I was close to cumming.
    Just then, Todd opened the closet door. He had been watching me!
    He was standing there, stoking his dick. I told him to keep going, I want to watch too.
    He kept stoking, and I kept buzzing. He told me, "I'm going to cum!"
    He squirted on my chin and neck, and I came like never before.
    We laid there for a bit, and I told him next time, I stand in the closet!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Does anyone want to hear how my night ended?

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    Posted by Anonymous there we were laying on the bed our lips pressed together and our hands becoming braver by the minute.
    Our lips were pressed together in what seemed like a kiss that lasted forever. Her tongue was the first to press through my lips and enter my mouth. It was so soft and delicate, I pushed my tongue into her mouth and the kiss continued. My hands moved from her breasts down to her panties. I slowly rubbed her through her panties for a while. I could feel how wet she was getting and with every second that went by I wanted to push my fingers inside of her.
    I could not wait any longer, I had wanted this for too long and was too excited. I sliped my tongue from her mouth to her neck. My kisses were soft and warm on her smooth skin. I moved down her neck and to the top of her chest. I pushed her shirt up and over her head and noticed how amazing her breasts looked. I moved back down and started to kiss her nipples. My tongue danced all over her breast while my fingers pushed through her panties and into her for the first time. I knew what I wanted to do next. She was really gettting excited and was starting to moan more and more. She finally placed her hands on my shoulders and started to push me down. I kissed her stomach and let my tongue come out and slide down to the top of her panties. I slid her panties off and was now sitting on the bed looking down at her naked body. My hands slid up her thighs and entered inside of her again. At the same moment I let my body fall on top of her. My tongue starting at her stomach and working its way down to where it has been dying to go. I will not lie to you......I have spent many nights masterbating and tasting myself....wondering what it would be like to have another girl......but it was more incredible than I had thought. Once my tongue entered her I could not stop. I dont know if it was the excitment, her voice telling me how good it felt or me realizing this is what I have wanted to do for a long time. But I could not stop, I licked her for what seemed like an hour...............

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm in a local college. I came home from school yesterday, and took a hot shower.
    I laid on the bed and started rubbing my pussy with my left hand while squeezing my boobs with the right.
    It felt soooo good, I reached into the drawer and got my vibrator out. I buzzed my clit until I came. Then I fucked myself with the vibrator until I came again.
    It was a nice afternoon!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    when i was still going out with my boyfriend, he would sometimes finger me and i couldnt complain because he was the first one to do that to me... but he was SO bad at it! the one time i was finally getting close to an orgasm, he started really HURTING me! and the whole time he was saying something like "take it", i mean seriously, it was a fucking FINGER! that talking thing kind of ruined the whole mood and i just sort of "faked" something. and to think, he had the nerve to ask, " are you there YET??" how do other people think about guys or girls talking to them during lovemaking?

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    Posted by Anonymous there we were at our hotel laying in bed and touching ourselves. I think that was the longest and most erotic silence I have ever had in my life. Neither one of us said a word, we just layed in our bed staring at each other and masterbating. We were both moaning and getting hotter by the moment. I was dying for her to get up and walk over to me, I wanted to go to her but I was still a little nervous. The silence finally broke and she asked me if it felt good. I told her yes it feels very good. She got a smile in her eye and asked me to tell her exactly what I was doing. So I rolled over on to my back and started to slowly rub my clit with one hand while the other was slowly stroking my breast. I was on my back looking up at the ceiling and telling her. I could hear her start to moan loader and she said to tell her more. I was starting to get more brave and started to tell her what my fingers were doing. I was so hot and getting myself close to orgasm and she finally said to me "would you like to kiss again" Oh my god, just her saying that made me feel so incrdible. I told her yes and we both sat up on our beds. She walked over to me and I stood up to meet her. We stood there for a couple minutes just looking into each others eyes and each of our hands were slowly stoking each others arms. Then all of a sudden our lips came together and met. I had to be the most amazing kiss I have ever had. Within minutes we both fell to the bed and our hands started to explore each others bodies. I bravly started with her stomach, it felt so good!! My hand slowly moved up to her breast. I was laying there thinking of how long I have wanted this and now it is happening. Her breast felt so good in my hands and her touch on me was incredible..................... until tomorrow xoxo

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Me and my girlfriend were cruisin' on the highway over to her crib, and we start talking about sex and shit like that.So, she asks me if I ever did it in a car. I replied yes to pretty much every question, and to her surprise, these answers seemed to upset her enough not to want to try it. So I thought!! She starts unzipping my pants and goin' to town on old Reggie that to my surprise, I scoop her up while I'm behind the wheel and we go at it!! It was even better than I had remembered and I realized why... I love my girlfriend more than life itself!! PS-she reads these confessions religiously and I know she'll know who wrote this, so honey?, I love you...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I don't know if this is normal but it seemed very exciting at the time. I had gone to a a centre that helped in setting up business' with a friend. Both he and I are male. As my friend is not as educated as me he wanted me there to help with any form filling or help with questions. Anyway, we were led to a small office by a quite attractive middle-aged lady- about 42. I remember her as about 5 ft 5, slim, with short dark hair and beautiful green eyes. Considering she was supposed to help us she was not overly friendly and seemed to have no sense of humour and did not engage in small talk.

    Anyway, in the office was a small table with three chairs. My friend and I sat on one side of the table while she sat opposite us. It seemed my friend had no need for me and I seemed a spectator. But, i did notice that as she answered my friend's questions, I wanted to kiss her (to say the least). I regretted not coming to the interview alone and started fantasising what could have happened. All this occurred over a three or four minute period!

    Anyway, as my desperation increased (I am 31), I casually and purposefully moved my leg under the table towards hers. My ankle rested against hers for a second and I waited to see what would happen. It was very slightly touching and I could always claim it was by accident. She never moved her leg in the slightest. This aroused me and I started wondering whether she was aware of it and enjoyed it etc. Looking back on it this seems foolish but at the time my mouth was dry with excitement as I became more daring. I interrupted the questions a couple of times and as I did so I moved closer to the table while simultaneously moving my thigh forward so the inside of my left thigh was prssed against the outside of her left thigh. This was the crunch moment. If she moved her leg now, my little chaep thrill would be over. Amazingly, she kept it there for the remaining ten minutes we chatted. I could feel the warmth of her leg emanating against mine and throughout we both acted very casually. At one point, she actually pressed harder gainst my leg so we sat like old friends with my ankle behind her leg and hers behind mine though both thighs constantly pressed against each other.

    I remeber being so excited but limited in my actions. I couldn't dare do anything more but casually slide my thigh from time to time up and down while moving, appraently naturally, in my chair. All the time she acted normallu but seemed to keep maintaining eye contact with me though my friend asked most of the questions. This all lasted around twenty minutes. She gave us both a card should we ever require further information. I promised myself I had to go back - alone! I never did. I do wonder though, as a woman what she was feeling. It really excites me to think of her wanting me as I wanted her.

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