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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Posted by Anonymous

    She had been watching me for some time. She sat alone by a column drinking beer, and
    caught my eyes a couple of times, lifting her glass to me. She was dressed in a short skirt
    and tight top, had dark, curly hair, and was not very tall. Her clothes accentuated her
    rounded body, and her skirt rode up to reveal the top of her stay-up pantyhose. A woman in
    her thirties on the lookout.
    I was sitting by the bar, ready to be selected. I lifted my glass and nodded to her. The
    music was loud. She put her hands to her red mouth and mouthed, "dance?" and I finished
    my beer and rose. She came into my arms, almost sliding into place, and I felt soft breasts
    brush my stomach and a deliberate pressure against my groin. My hand slipped behind her
    back and found a soft stripe of flesh between the top and the lining.
    She pulled my head down. -Alone?
    I nodded.
    -Great! She looked at me with frank eyes. -Me too.
    I smiled at her and stroked her across the small of her back. She answered immediately.
    We danced for maybe ten minutes, and then she led me to her table.
    -Want a beer?
    -Yes please, I said. I watched her butt as she wriggled her way to the bar, and observed her
    breasts sway on her way back. She put the glass in front of me and sat on the barstool, not
    bothering to keep her legs together. Like I said, stay-ups, and black panties.
    -Going any place later? She asked.
    -Nothing planned.
    She looked directly at me. -My place, then?
    I like sincerity. -Fine with me.
    -I fancy you, she said.
    -Great, I said. -I'd love to go to bed with you.
    She laughed. -Done with the foreplay, then.
    I looked wonderingly at her. -The lengths they go to, just to get laid!
    She put out her hand. -Rita.
    -All right.

    We had to walk to catch a bus. She put my hand around her waist to let me feel the rhythm
    of her walk. At the bus stop she crossed her legs. -I've got to pee. Then she lifted her head
    for a kiss. I complied.
    -Hope you're not tired, she said. -I'm on good form tonight.
    -Me too, I said, happy I had gone easy on the drink. -And I'm not in a hurry. I stroked her
    bottom and pressed against her.
    -My bladder is full, she said and winked. -The bus driver better hurry.
    It was only a matter of minutes. We sat at the back, far from the five or six other
    passengers. I put my hand on her thigh, and she leaned her breasts against me and pulled
    my face down.
    -Further up, she whispered.
    My hand slid under her hemline. She wriggled, opening her legs as far as the narrow skirt
    -You make me wet, she said. -Feel it?
    I felt dampness between her legs, warm fabric against my fingers.
    -Fancy me?
    I replied by putting her hand on my groin.
    We got off, and she pulled on her skirt and adjusted her bra. Squeezed her legs and smiled
    at me before we walked to her door.
    Inside we stood looking at each other. She had a cheeky smile and glowing eyes. I smiled
    back and let her show me in.
    -I have to pee, she said. -Want to come?
    -Oh yes, I love watching girls pee.
    Huge smile. -We'll have fun tonight. Come on!
    Rita stood in front of the toilet, looking at herself in the full-length mirror, legs trembling. -I
    can hardly wait! She hitched her skirt up and wriggled her panties down. Her dark triangle
    was short and trimmed. She sat down, stretching her panties as she spread her legs, and
    looked at me. I stroked her thigh, slid my hand down and rubbed the top of her slit. She
    moaned as the stream hit the bowl.
    -Enough, she said, and pressed her legs together. -It's going to be a long night.
    She rose, pulled up her panties and smoothed her skirt down. -Slightly relieved, she smiled.
    -I guess you liked that. Anything to drink, Tom? Tea, perhaps? Or Coke? There is probably
    some beer somewhere too.
    -Tea would be fine.
    She reached for the tin on top of the shelf. I stood behind her, stroking her hips, touching the
    soft skin of her waist, tracing her panty line down her round bottom. She stuck her butt out
    and leaned on the counter. I lifted her skirt and touched her between her legs. -You forgot to
    wipe, I said.
    She sighed and spread her legs. I rubbed the wet nylon, and she shivered. Then she turned
    and kissed me wetly. -Take me, then!
    I pulled her panties off, bent my legs and entered her, with her back to the counter. She
    pressed her breasts against me and came, trembling. I felt the heat as she released a
    spurt. Small drops fell to the floor.
    -God, I needed that, she said. -Let's have tea.
    I buttoned my fly, and she filled the pot and got two mugs. -Take this, and I'll change into
    something different.
    I settled on the sofa after putting a CD on. Rita returned from the bedroom, dressed in
    stretch jeans and an even shorter halter top, barely containing full breasts in a lace bra.
    Matching panties showed above the low jeans waistline. She sat down beside me.
    -You're not in a hurry, Tom?
    -Oh no.
    She drank her tea. Her belly was soft and round; her pocket-less jeans accentuated her
    shape. We looked at each other, and then she laughed and straddled me. -Hold me, she
    said. I put my hands on her butt, caressing the smooth surface and the hint of a panty line.
    -I'm so horny I'm nearly wetting myself, she grinned.
    -Never mind. Wet pants are really sexy.
    -Oh Tom, I almost did it!
    -Have some more tea, I said.
    She emptied her mug. -I love having a full bladder, she said. -It makes me soooo hot.
    -Keep talking, I said, putting my hand underneath her.
    She pressed down and looked me in the eyes. -I just want to let go in my jeans, Tom. I can't
    hold it anymore. And I'm all hot for you. God, I'm beginning to dribble. I'm - ooh -
    Suddenly my hand felt warm. -God, I'm peeing my jeans, she moaned. Her crotch was wet.
    She stood up, squeezing her legs. The dark spot grew a little. -Come to the bathroom, she
    Her bottom wriggled as she walked in front of me, wet stain showing. In front of the big
    mirror she squatted and unbuttoned my jeans. She took me in her mouth: -Want to come
    while I pee myself?
    I nodded. Her crotch grew dark and I had trouble keeping upright.
    I pulled her zip down and slid my hands into her wet panties. Supporting her with my arm I
    rubbed her to orgasm, and she peed in bursts.
    Then I helped her undress, and she helped me. She wasn't done yet, so I made her sit with
    her back to the wall, legs drawn up and apart. -Pee on the floor, I said.
    The golden stream arched from her sex, and I knelt in front of her and lowered my mouth to
    the source.

    After showering we found that it was still only eleven-thirty. -There is a pub just around the
    corner, she said. -Like a drink?
    -Suits me.
    She dressed in red Capri pants and t-shirt, nothing else. Butt and belly strained the fabric
    and there were soft movements under the t-shirt. -OK like this? She asked and turned
    -Come on, she said, and took my hand.
    There was plenty of room in the corner, and we sat down with our pints. Rita put her hand
    on mine. -Think I'm too naughty?
    -Oh no. Exactly after my taste.
    -Well, you just did that, right? She winked at me.
    -I'm still thirsty, I replied.
    -I love that. Not everybody is as enthusiastic as you.
    -Well, I don't get the chance too often. Most girls are too careful.
    -While I just want to let go. I've been like that for as long as I can remember. Ever since I
    was a little girl. Before I knew what sex was I had orgasms peeing my panties. I held on as
    long as I could, clutching my fanny, squeezing my legs, and when the pee started flowing I
    was in heaven. I loved peeing while somebody was watching, too, so when I got older the
    boys I knew used to buy me cokes until I was bursting, and then I took them behind the
    bushes where they jerked off while I was squatting. Afterwards I went home and
    She drank, smiling over her memories.
    -So that's the way to do it, give Rita enough to drink and keep her away from the loo.
    -Another pint?
    -Love to.
    We sat in silence for a while.
    -Have to pee, she said.
    -Don't go yet.
    More beer.
    -Tom, she said with glazed eyes, -I really have to pee now. She pressed her legs together
    and wriggled her bottom. -My bladder is totally full. She stroked her belly.
    I put my hand on hers and felt the hardness. -Hold on, I said. -We're going for a walk.
    She licked her lips and looked at me. Her breasts rose and fell. Holding my glance she lifted
    her glass and emptied it.
    Outside she was shifting her weight from foot to foot while she held her belly. -Come on, I
    said, -around the block before we go back to your apartment.
    Holding seemed easier when walking. Her butt was even more prominent, her belly hard,
    her nipples were erect under the t-shirt. Her hand slid further down to cover her fanny.
    -Tom, I'm going to pee myself, she whimpered. -I can't hold on.
    We approached a couple of benches behind some shrubbery. I led her in and sat down.
    She stood trembling in front of me, both hands firmly between her legs.
    -I'm peeing my pants!
    But still she held on, lifting her foot, bending her back, standing cross-legged, trembling
    from agony and excitement. -I'm wetting myself!
    She wriggled and moaned. Suddenly she stiffened, and a dark blossom grew around her
    hands. -Wet myself, she whispered. -Couldn't help it!
    -Sit here, I pointed beside me.
    She sat down carefully, knees locked together, moaning. -It's coming!
    -Let go, I said.
    She bit her lip, and I heard the sound of peeing. -God, Tom, I'm horny. Touch me!
    She lifted her bottom and I felt her wet seat. I rubbed her, and she peed again. -Come on
    home and fuck me, she pleaded. She rose unsteadily, revealing a big stain on her bottom.
    -God, I've peed my pants. What if somebody notices?
    -Let them see, I said. -It's incredibly sexy.
    -You're right, she said. -Who cares?
    She took my arm and walked alongside me, hips swaying next to mine. A couple of guys
    eyed her; she looked defiantly back and wriggled her bottom. She leaned over and
    whispered, -I'm still dripping. And there's more to come.
    She stopped, still wriggling. -Tell you something?
    -I've got rubber sheets.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My brother Tom is ten years older than me. When he was in college, and I was only 9 years old, he came home.
    I always looked up to him because he was a good student and never got into trouble. I found out later that Tom had many problems i didnt knnow about.
    This one summer, i will never forget... I liked it really, it was the most thrilling summer of my life.

    My parents had a dinner party to go to and left Tom to baby-sit me. I was glad because we always hang out in his room. I love Tom's room, especially when he's in it. When I was little i liked it because it was so grown-up and i felt like i was as old as my brother being in it. So, Tom had just gotten a new laptop computer for college and he wanted to show me how it worked. Being as fancinated as I was at age 9, i sat down beside him on his bed and we started to play games. After a while, Tom told me that we could go and see anything we wanted on the internet. I wanted to see little bunnies (i was a 9 year old girl, can u blame me?) and so Tom went online. After a while of browsing the internet, a porn window pops up. I was facinated!!! Tom immediatly closed the window and ignored it. But i insisted on seeing more stuff like that!
    so he obeyed me and typed in more stuff for us to see. we watched lesbians sucking eachother's tits and we watched big fat hairy guys sticking their dicks in eachother's asses. we then watched more of guys and girls together, with the guys thrusting their dicks into the girls. It was fabulous!
    after two hours of this wonderful experience, Tom told me it was time to go to bed. I didn't want to, claiming i wasnt tired and so Tom asked me if i wanted to try some of this stuff i saw out in real life. i said sure!
    so Tom jumped on top of me and started taking off all of my clothes. he took off all of his clothes and started to put his dick in my pussy. i was excited and this went on for about an hour and then i went to bed. i was lucky i hadnt had my period yet because i didnt get pregnant. we have been doing this ever since! i enjoy it soo much and Tom is a great sex partner.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a 41 year old woman, and this happened last summer.
    My husband and me have a small pool in our backyard, and our back yard has 5 foot hedges around it.
    I had noticed our neigbors boy sometimes when I was out sunning or working in the yard.
    Last July my husband was in Australia for a two week training conferance. I was working, pulling weeds, etc.
    Alan, the neighbor boy, saw me sweating and brought over 2 sodas. We chatted about nothing in general, and about his leaving for college.
    He asked about swimming, to cool off from the heat. I said it was okay.
    I watched as he pulled off his t-shirt. God, what a firm chest and muscles.
    He slowly peeled down his baggy shorts- he had his trunks on under them.
    I watched him swim around for awhile, then got in and joined him.
    We laughed and splashed water at each other. I took him close to me and kissed him deeply. He responded by unhooking my top and sucking my nipple. I was ready to cum right then!
    I told him to sit on the deck edge, and proceeded to slowly suck his penis. I was surprised at how long it was!
    I pulled myself up, slid off the bottom of my suit, pushed him back, and climbed on him.He filled me!
    I rocked back and forth as he thrusted. I had 3 good orgasms before he came.
    We then got back in the pool and held each other for awhile.
    Sadly, I only got to be with him one other time. I will always remember that afternoon.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    To begin, i'm going to tell you something that will make my confession easier to understand. My mom is an ex-hooker (luckily w/o any diseases) and she taught me a lot about men. Well, my boyfriend and I were in my room one night when my mom was out and we decided that it was time we finally screwed. We had been dating for, like, 8 months. We turned on some loud music so the neighbors couldn't hear us (I tend to be quite vocal during sex and I live in an apartment w/ really thin walls.) Obviously, I didn't hear my her come home and my mom walked in my room to yell at me to turn the music down and she came face to face with the two of us, in a very compromising position. She yelled over the music, "Candi, I hope you're using a condom!" (we were) and left. Later that night when my b/f went home, my mom confronted me and asked what positions I'd used, if I performed felatio, and who came first. She also said that I was "damn loud." She's kind of a nympho, my mom, and it's a good thing too. Anyone else's mom would have shit in her pants if they caught their daughter that way.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My husband wont give me oral sex. So im seeing somone i met on the internet and he eats me so good. Just thinking about it makes me hot.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My best friend goes out with my sister. They came over to my house to party with me & my girlfriend.
    After a while, we turned out the lights. We were all wrestling around in the dark.
    I think I had sex with my sister!
    After we finished, she said "oh brother..."!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ron, my best guy friend in the whole worl was at my house one day to talk. We were in my bedroom and he asked me about my first orgasm. I just stared at him and laughed. Ron you do have a sick mind i told him. He asked me again. I said " well i dont know if i have ever even had one ya know? " Lol well anyway he just looked at me and smiled. We talked some more about school when he then asked me have i ver had sex. " no. I am a virgin. " " well i am not. " he said.
    "ok....." Thats when he touched my breasts .
    I jumped up. " WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"
    well.... i just thought you and i .... since... ya know? "
    " no i dont know! you are my best friend how could you?"
    " well i have liked you for a long long time!!"
    " well ok."
    "really? OK!" So I laid next to him and we sat there still talking when he said do you wanna have sex or not?
    I said no not now and so he just held me. Thats when he put his hand up my shirt and sqeezed my breasts hard. I didnt say anything and he stuck his toungein my mouth and I about choked.
    Thats when he undid my pants.
    " I said no... i dont want to have sex Ron!!"
    " COME ON! every one in school asked why we arent. I told them i would lay you tonie! THEY GET WHAT THEY WANT!"
    I started to cry and tried oushing him away. STOP!
    He threw my hands behind my head and started to lick my stomach. That when he held me in my privates and stuck his finger in me.
    " feels great huh?"
    ' no!"
    well oh well he said and he just kept on doing i when he was dont he said " ok now lets get back to studying.
    I hadnt told anyone except for my best friend and i think she told my mother but since this site is anonymous i can post it right?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a 24 year old female.
    I was turned on to anal sex by a boyfriend when I was 15,
    and have enjoyed it ever since.
    Most men I go to bed with hint about my back door. It blows their mind when I's so receptive to it.
    I'd much prefer hot anal to regular sex.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My older Sister Shanelle had come home from college for a week to spend the vacation tme with her boyfriend Mark and stay up at her cottage and she asked if I would like to come.... I said yes because I felt special being the younger sister asked to stay with her. We got to the cottage.. ( which I have never been to yet ) i walk out to see the view of the lake and there hot tub outside. Mark pulls up behind us in his blue chevey and we go inside. My sister and I bond for about two days and then she says that she is going to visit her best friend Lily for a day or so and she would be back. Leaving me and Mark at the cottage. She said that since i was 16 i was old enough not to mess around with her boyfriend. I smiled. I would never do that to my sister.
    Well the morning she left and Mark and I played cards and watched television. Night time came and she calls. " Sarah, I will be back tomorrow evening. Lily and I are shopping tomorrow for moms birthday. "
    " ok bye"

    That night I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and thought Mike was asleep because I hadnt heard from him in a while. So I usually sleep in just a t-shirt and no panties. I rushed in and began brushing my teeth. When the door opens and he comes in with his toothbrush. He didnt notice I had no panties and began brushing his teeth. I just scooted over so he wouldnt see and trying to act natural started to brush mine. Then he dropped his toothe brush and bent down to pickit up and he sure notcied then. Because he quickly stood up and acted like he hadnt noticed but it was pretty obvious because he was not good at hiding his.... uh yea....
    I thought he would leave but I didnt want to pass him so I waited for him to leave first. He didnt. He was stalling I knew it!!!
    " Um..... Mike.. can you leave i wan t to take a shower. "
    " Really? Cause I wanted to take a shower to. "
    " Well ok.... i will go first. "
    " Or we could go togethr. "

    How was i to say no to a 20 year old sophmore in college??

    " um..... are you sure? what about my sister?"
    " shes not here and no one will know. "
    " ok." I started the shower and he finished brushing his teeth. He slipped of his jeans. I looks as i could see his package through his boxers. He said now you take off an article of clotheing.
    " thats not fair. I only have a tshirt on. You have all your clothes on."
    "ok/" So he took off his shirt and sox. He was in his boxers and he slipped them off. i was amazed to se he was pretty big. Being he was quite a small guy. So I slipped off my shirt and he just looked at me as i blushed. i got into the shower and he followed me helping me in. As I got in the floor of the shower was wet and i slipped he caught me and pulled me to him.
    " Sarah you are a beautiful girl. More beautiful then Shanelle. "
    I just smiled and stood there while he stroked the back of my thighs with his penis,
    I had to admit. Mark was hott and all the girls in my class used to have a crush on hinm when he was a senior and we were in 8th grade. Then knew my sister had him. I was enjoying this. Thats when he turned me around and stroked my breasts with his hands and I rubbed his chest. He kssed me and soon we were outside in the hot tub making love to eachother. My sister came home the next day and never knew a thing.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    We were eighteen, shy and innocent; had been summer friends for ten years. Both families having cabins by the small lake, we just had to be together. There were more young people around that we met, became friends, drifted apart. But Kate was something special. And that summer something changed.

    It was the annual midsummer feast, everybody gathering in the clearing by the bay, barbecuing, playing games, children dipping their toes. My family had arrived that afternoon, my little sister seeking her best friend, and I hoped Kate was there. She was.

    Brown hair parted in the middle, green eyes, her body a little rounder than last year. Dressed in a white blouse and Levi's jeans, barefoot in sandals. There was something in the air the instant we met.

    Oh the innocence.

    This is in a country where the concept of "dating" is totally unknown; it's perfectly normal and accepted for a boy and a girl to be together informally, I could drop in on her anytime, we could go for a walk, we could slip off somewhere with no fear of retribution. Maybe because of that we felt that we had all the time in the world, there was no need to rush anything.

    We talked, summing up the past year, I watched the way she brushed her hair back behind her ear, followed the movement of her lips, noticed the curves of her hips in the worn jeans, saw the hint of straps under her blouse. She had no boyfriend, and I had no girlfriend. Pause.

    "Let's walk," she said.

    She led through the trees, to another undisturbed bay. It was way past midnight, but still light. The smaller children had gone to bed, and the grown-ups relaxed with lake-chilled beer. I watched her bottom as she walked, brushing past the bushes, jumping fallen branches. We sat on the boulders in our special place, silent.

    "W ant to bathe?" I wondered.

    "I didn't bring a ..." She smiled at me. "Stupid answer. Of course I will."

    She rose, still smiling. Unbuttoned her blouse ever so slowly. Kicked off her sandals, unzipped her jeans, folding her clothes neatly. She wore white cotton panties and kept her bra on. I'd seen girls in magazines, undressed in all kinds of underwear, but this was the sexiest sight I'd seen. We stepped gingerly down to the water, shivering as it rose to our knees and above. I watched her thighs slip into the water, watched the white cotton turn dark and then disappear. Holding our breath we submerged, swimming outwards with slow strokes. I imagined her body gliding through the water. I took the opportunity to relieve myself, enjoying the warmth. I imagined her doing the same, letting go in the water. After some minutes we turned back and climbed onto the rocks again. The air was still warm; we sat down to dry.

    "Oh, I forgot to pee," she said, smiling coyly.

    "Well, you're wet already," I blurted out, "so just go in your panties."

    "Okay," she said, spreading her legs slightly, letting it flow through the white cotton and down the rocks. I had to adjust myself to keep from spraining my briefs.

    "Let's go back," she said. "I'm thirsty."

    She stood up, turned her back to me, and removed her underwear before putting her jeans and blouse on. I could see her nipples through the fabric, and the thought of her naked in her jeans turned me on immensely.

    About five AM, clutching cold beers by the dying fire, our hands met and held.

    The next day we met in the bay again, finding our way to the boulders. She wore a flowery dress, bra straps showing. Shyly we embraced and kissed, then sat down to drink Cokes and talk.

    "You made me pee my panties last night," she said, stroking my arm.

    "I didn't have to persuade you," I answered.

    "Well, I just wanted to do it. Did you mind?"

    "Oh no! It was the most sexy thing you've ever done."


    "Yes. It was - like we belong together. Doing private things in front of each other."

    She squeezed my arm. "Can I watch you pee?"

    I rose and unzipped my shorts. She stared as I sprayed the bushes, sitting with legs apart, giving me a glimpse of her panties under her dress. She wet her lips.

    "Now you," I said, zipping up.

    Slowly she got to her feet, dress waving. Her breath made her breasts heave. She brushed her hair back with that familiar gesture and looked at me. "Shall I pee for you?"

    I nodded.

    She touched the hem of her dress, coyly. Her eyes had a different expression. She lifted her dress a couple of inches, showing a tiny bit of white panty. Then she pulled the dress above her navel, giving me a flash view before dropping the hem again. "You sure you want to see?" She said teasingly.

    "Come on, Kate, show me again!"

    She lifted her dress once more, this time letting me see her panties and the bare belly above them. She turned around, showing me her lovely butt before dropping the dress again. Facing me, she reached up under her dress, pulled her panties down to mid-thigh, and squatted. The golden stream burst from her dark bush, running over the rocks under her. She let the stream dwindle, and then rose and pulled her panties back up. "Oops," she said, "the last drops went in my panties."

    I embraced her and kissed her.

    Some days later we went to the bay again, putting our towels down on the grass fifty yards from the water. She wore her swimsuit under her dress, so there was no need for tricky maneuvers to undress. The swimsuit was dark blue and fit incredibly tight on her shapely body. Last summer the fabric had been hanging loosely on her chest.

    After lying still for a while she rose on her elbows and looked at me. "I have to pee," she said, crossing her legs for emphasis.

    "Just go in the water," I said.

    "I don't feel like bathing yet."

    I pointed to the bushes. "Back there, then."

    "Too far," she said lazily. "Watch this."

    She sat up, removing the towel from under her. Sitting spread-legged on the grass she let go in her swimsuit, turning the color of her crotch into shining black with a hissing sound. "There," she said, "didn't that feel good!"

    I lay on my stomach to avoid embarrassment. She kissed my neck and whispered: "One day I'll pee in your lap."

    She turned nineteen in August. There was a party, of course, featuring everybody. I put on my best jeans and even buttoned my shirt all the way up. Kate was stunning. The Levi's girl was transformed into a lady, with her hair set up, a halter-top, and a tiny miniskirt over tan tights. We ate and drank, danced, and owned the world. Late in the evening she held me, eyes shining, while she moved from foot to foot. "Martin. Come with me."

    "Where to?"

    "You know, when a girl's got to go..." She squeezed her legs together. "And I've got a present for you."

    "But it's your..."

    "Shhh. Come on."

    Walking on high heels in the woods didn't seem easy, especially as she appeared to need a bathroom quite soon. Well out of sight of the others she stopped. "Sit there. No, take your jeans off first."

    I did as I was told. She sat on my lap, straddling me, giving me a full view of her white panties through the tights under the short skirt. I held her butt, and she kissed me.

    "Look at me," she said. "No, down there. I told you I was going to do this."

    To my amazement she began peeing, flooding her underwear and wetting her skirt. She took my hand and put it on herself, letting me feel the hot flow. The stream ran over my thighs. She put a hand in my briefs and grabbed me. "Some day I'll sleep with you. But until then..."

    Walking back, my eyes were fixed to the wet crescent on her butt.

    The last Saturday of the holiday we went for a long walk. We camped by a stream, unrolling blankets and sleeping bags, building a fire, making tea. I had a couple of cans of beer in my sack as well. The night was hot. Kate sat on a log by the fire, having changed from jeans to black leggings, sipping beer. On the way she had stopped to pee a couple of times, just squatting in front of me, grinning at my interest. She emptied the can, flattened it, and put it back in my sack. She rubbed her belly.

    "My bladder is full," she said. "Do you want to sleep with me?"

    I held her and nodded. She pressed her body against mine.

    "I want you in me," she said. "God, I'm nearly wetting myself. Undress me!"

    I pulled the sweater over her head, taking care to touch her breasts and soft armpits. Then I took hold of the elastic waistband of her leggings and pulled them down, feeling the curves of her hips. She wriggled her butt to aid me. Standing in bra and panties she smiled at me, both innocent and daring. I knelt down and kissed her belly while stroking the soft insides of her thighs. She moaned and held my head. I slid my hand up, cupping her sex, feeling warm wetness against my palm. She shivered.

    "Come, " she said, pulling me down on the blankets, removing my clothes. I lay beside her, stroking her belly, kissing her breasts, slipping my hand inside her panties.

    She peed, a strong, short stream, warming my hand. I nearly came on the spot. I knelt between her legs, fascinated by the wet circle in her crotch. I touched it, pressing the wet fabric against her sex, prompting another spurt. Slowly I removed her panties, exposing her dark bush and her moist slit. Pressing softly on her belly made her pee again, in a beautiful golden arch. I couldn't wait any longer and entered her.

    Afterwards we lay on the soaked blankets, caressing, kissing. After getting her breath back she straddled me, wet bush tickling my stomach. "Tell you something?" She said.

    "Yes, Kate?"

    "We're moving."

    " ;Oh. Where?"

    "Two blocks from you. This autumn we'll be schoolmates!"

    With that, she lifted her butt, looked down on herself, and peed all over me.


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