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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Posted by Anonymous

    "...when my husband tried to pull his, still hard as a rock, cock slowly out of my pee hole...."

    Oops..., sorry that should have been the end of my story, I am getting ahead of myself.

    Let me start at the beginning and introduce myself! Hi, my name is Kate, and sex with my husband Mark has been pretty good. Considering that we have been married for a few years and one gets into a certain routine and things get a bit predictable. This does not mean that our sex got boring, as both of us made sure of that. We both love sex and we both like to experiment with each other. We have tried just about any position and in any orifice, possible.

    Sex toys, like different vibrators and dildos have been a part of our "Toy box" for a long time.

    It must have been about two years ago, when Mark mentioned a woman called "Ty" to me. I think he must have seen some pictures on the internet. He sounded very excited and started to be more interested and fascinated about my pee hole. I remember him saying that he wished his little finger would fit into the tiny hole.

    A couple of weeks later he surprised me with a couple of catheters, which I had never seen and did not know much about. He told me that he bought them over the internet. Mark explained to me that they were "Foley" catheters and what he had learned about them, again on the internet. There were two different sizes that he bought, one was a tiny one, probably about 4mm or less than 3/16 of an inch, the other one was thicker, around 8mm - 5/16". Both were sealed in sterile packaging and my hubby told me not to touch them, as it could lead to UTI (Urethral tract infection).

    I didn't really know what to expect, but I was getting all excited when Mark put some sterile latex gloves on and I had to sit far forward on the lounge with my legs spread wide, while he was sitting on the floor between them. When he had the small catheter unwrapped, he spread some K-Y jelly on it. With his hands in gloves, he reminded me a little of a gynecologist. "Here we go" he said and started to probe my little pee hole with the tip of the catheter. It did not take long before an inch or so was inserted and I had not felt any pain or other discomfort at all. I was probably much too excited and I could feel my clit was getting harder. This felt good and I told him to insert more, nice and slowly.

    As he slipped in more of the catheter, it felt good until suddenly I had the urge to pee.

    This did not worry me too much as we had done some peeing games before. My husband loves it when I squat over his face and give him a little dribble.

    Back to the catheter, which must have been in my pee hole 2 or 3 inches deep. When Mark kept on pushing the catheter ever so slightly, the urge to pee got stronger but he told me to relax and even push as if I wanted to pee. Suddenly something slipped through my little muscle, the sphincter as I learned later, the urge stopped but Mark had to kink the catheter as my pee was running out the other end.

    We kept the catheter in there for an hour or so, while I was drinking glasses of water. As my bladder filled, I really wanted to pee, but it was not up to me, I had to ask Mark to let some pee out, as he had the end of the catheter shut off.

    This feeling of depending on my hubby to let me pee, made me very horny and I just could not keep my fingers off my clit any longer. It only took a few short rubs of my clit and I climaxed like I had not done for months. You can imagine the turn-on for Mark and he came as soon as he touched his cock.

    This was our first experience with catheter play and we both loved it.

    The little catheter had slipped into my pee hole very easily, without pain, which is good, because I hate pain. My pee hole and my sphincter felt a little used next day but not uncomfortable. A few days later we just had to try the thicker catheter to see if it would also fit comfortably. Again plenty of K-Y jelly, keeping everything sterile, Mark started to insert the catheter and I could feel that this one was thicker. But this little stretching feeling was even more of a turn-on and when this one hit my sphincter muscle and opened it up, that's when I came, the first time without touching my clit.

    Mark knew that I had an orgasm and after giving him a quick mouth job, he had one of the biggest "cums" ever.

    I told my hubby how much I loved our newly found pee hole stretching games and I also told him that I wanted him to stretch my pee hole more. I wanted to feel his finger in there, all the way into my bladder.

    Over the next few weeks I had to be patient and Mark would use kinky things like my favorite toothbrush in my pee hole. The toothbrush had a very smooth handle, which tapered from nothing to about 3/8 inch at the other end near the brush. He cleaned it with some bleachy household cleaner and used plenty of K-Y before he started to insert it. This time I leaned forward and could see that only about half the handle was still visible outside when it hit my sphincter. It slid quite easily, but then Mark played me, by pulling it slightly out and back in through the sphincter, in - and - out, until I just could not stand it any longer and I came and I came, I lost track about how many times.

    It took a few more sessions and the toothbrush handle would slide all the way in without any problem or pain.

    Oh boy..., I loved this better than sex and wanted more of it. When I was on my own and I got horny just thinking about our new games I just had to lube up my little "pinky" finger and I slipped it into my pee hole easily and it felt more than fantastic. The only problem with my "Pinky" is that it is too short to reach right into my bladder. My other fingers are of course longer and thicker, but they would only fit in up to the second knuckle. I wished they would fit all the way in. That did not stop me from cuming, with a little help from my other hand on my clit.

    From now on, both of us were on the look-out for any gadgets that would fit my pee hole. At a supermarket we found some miniature candles, very slim, tapered and long. I was very excited and just touching the candles made me so horny and I could feel my pussy getting so wet, that I was afraid a dark patch would show on my jeans. We could not get home fast enough to see how far they would fit into my pee hole.

    Getting home and taking our clothes off happened in no time and I was already sitting in position in anticipation before Mark could even clean the candle and cut the little wick off. K-Y was ready and I was as horny as I had never been. There came the candle, ever so slowly worming its way into my waiting pee hole. Wow the feeling was out of this world and I could have cum there and then, but I forced myself to wait and enjoy.

    This time the tip of the candle that was furthest inside me was much thicker than our good old toothbrush and when it opened up my sphincter muscle, I think I just exploded, not knowing how many times I came or if it was one continues cuming or maybe I fainted. Never in my life had I ever encountered any climax like this, I was in heaven.

    According to Mark, who measured the candle when it came out of my pee hole, it was about 1/2 inch thick at the entrance to my hole. Wow, from that tiny hole we started off with, that was some stretching and it happened so easily and painless, with a lot of fun on the way.

    Mark was getting serious about this now and wanted to stick a finger into my pee hole and I could not wait for it to happen. My husband is fairly tall, over six feet and his fingers are not exactly tiny. Considerate as Mark is, he bought some Xylocaine, just to find out if that would numb my pee hole somewhat. I could hardly wait for our next session and his probing finger. A good wash of his fingers and cutting his fingernails very short came first. He smeared some Xylocaine on his middle finger instead of our trusted K-Y.

    When he started to probe, I had to lean forward again to watch his finger very slowly disappearing. I am not sure which one of us was more excited and hornier, both of our faces were glowing and when his finger passed through my sphincter and he wiggled his finger around the inside of that little ring muscle, we both could not wait any longer and we both came without touching my clit. My screams and noises must have woken the whole street, but who cares at that moment.

    Now that we knew how nicely his finger fitted, we made good use of of it over the next weeks. Even without Xylocaine, but K-Y, his finger would just slide in easily and he would just "finger-fuck" me, in and out, into my bladder and out rapidly, until I screamed having multiple orgasms, for him to stop. Never in my life did I know what multiple orgasms was all about. All my life I was never able to cum from intercourse, only with the help of either my finger or a vibrator on my clit. Now with my pee hole stretched to this size, I could lay on my back or even kneel on all fours and Mark could just finger-fuck my pee hole to orgasm. Sex took on a new meaning for me and my pour old vagina played a secondary role from now on.

    Soon I was able to fit two of my own fingers in, with a lot of lube, it felt more than fantastic and every time I felt horny, I would just insert them, wiggle my fingertips inside my bladder until I could feel my climax approaching, then my other hand would take care of my clit and bang I came.

    With my pee hole at this size, I was getting worried about Incontinence , as one hears so much from other women with normal sized pee holes. Strangely as it may sound, I have never ever leaked since we started the stretching and if anything my bladder control seems to be better and stronger than before. Perhaps the theory about the more you use a muscle, the more flexible and stronger it becomes, is true.

    Now having come this far, we were on the lookout for a thin vibrator that would fit into my pee hole. At that time I did not know what the feeling of having my sphincter vibrated would be like. Had I known then what I know now, I would have traveled the world to find one in a hurry. At our trusted friends at "", where we had bought some of our toys before, we found a product called "Triple Foreplay Combo Set". This little kit has two vibrating sticks as part of its contents, which looked like about 1/2 inch in diameter and 4 inches long. We ordered one of those and did not have to wait long at all before it arrived.

    The same night, we just had to try out what one of these little vibrator sticks would do for my pee hole. Mark measured the sticks and it turned out they were a bit thicker than 1/2 inch, probably 5/8 inch and 5 inches long. I grabbed one and it felt so nicely in my hand, I could feel myself getting all wet down below. A bit of a soapy wash for the stick and I was ready for it. First I inserted one of my own fingers into my pee hole, to get it ready and lubricated, then I told Mark to turn it on and see if it fits in.
    I was going to use a little hand mirror, so that I could see the vibrator slip in, but I put the mirror down and used both my hands instead to pull my pussy open as much as possible.
    The tingling vibrations felt really good at the entrance of my pee hole, and it felt better and better as Mark slowly pushed it further inside. The stick was about the same size as my husbands finger, but because of the vibrations it seemed to fit and slide even easier than his finger. As he approached the entrance to my bladder, the vibrations were shaking my sphincter and it just opened up without me having to push. What happened after the vibrator slipped into my sphincter is a little hard to recall, because I think I passed out from cumming soo hard. All I know is, I was cumming so many times that I lost count. Wow - what an experience, nothing in the world could feel better than this.

    After using the vibrating stick for a few sessions, my pee hole did not feel so stretched anymore and I loved that stretched sensation. Next time, while I was enjoying the vibrations, my hubby tried to put a finger in as well, but it was a bit tight. He removed the vibrator and smeared a generous helping of Xylocaine 5%, which we had also bought from "" onto two of his fingers and started inserting two fingers. While the sensations were "number", it still felt terrific and he had no problem inserting them, especially when I felt two fingers wiggling inside my bladder.

    Our next step , was, to put two vibrators in my pee hole, why not have double the fun? As you can see on the next picture it worked fine.
    I had the double vibrations, which drove me crazy, or should I say - from one orgasm to the next -, and I had my stretched feeling back.

    I am pretty sure that you can guess the next step in my pee hole stretching sessions.

    If you can fit two of these wonderful vibrating sticks, why not try another one.

    First we had to order some more, as our first "Triple Foreplay Combo Set" only had two of these.

    When they arrived a couple of days later, we could wait no longer, we had to try if it was possible to insert three. And - WOW - look at the picture, who would have thought that my tiny pee hole not so long ago, could take three of these little pleasure sticks. Pleasure is actually not the right word, the give me ecstasy times three.

    Guess what happened after we played with three of them for a few weeks? Can you guess? To say inserting four was a bit tight, is an understatement, we had to use Xylocaine for a couple of sessions, but it was worth the wait. I am sure that I fainted, as four times the vibrations was just too much to keep my sanity.

    After this session, I wanted nothing else but having my pee hole fucked. After having stretched it to this size, it is only natural for me and of course Mark to think of, what would it fee like, if his cock was fucking me in my pee hole?

    To insert a vibrator, which has a pointier tip is one thing, but inserting his cock is another. With other words, we just could not get it inside, it would start penetrating the entrance of my pee hole, then just slip out and end up in my vagina. His cock felt almost like an intruder in my vagina, since we had not used it for sex since we started stretching my pee hole. Having discovered how much more exciting and pleasurable our pee hole sex is, neither Mark nor I will go back to conventional vaginal sex.

    Back to our attempts of inserting Mark's cock into my pee hole.
    For his penis to slide right in, he has to point it upwards after the initial start, around my pelvic bone. Then after the first couple of inches are inside, he can point his cock as in normal vaginal penetration. After this procedure, the pleasure starts and I can feel him stretching my pee hole passage. I forgot to mention generous amounts of K-Y jelly, as the pee hole passage is not self lubricating like the vagina.
    Having his cock in my pee hole and stretching it, feels amazing to say it mildly and once his big cock head started touching my sphincter, it was pure ecstasy and I came before his cock was even in my bladder and my cumming triggered off Mark, who also came in a hurry inside my pee hole passage.
    That was our first experience with pee hole fucking.

    Next time we knew all the little tricks about the insertion and we did not loose much time with it. I had emptied my bladder before, actually Mark let all my pee run out when he did some finger stretching of my pee hole in preparation. If there is pee in my bladder, it washes all the K-Y jelly away and the passage irritates easily.

    I would sit on Mark's lap, facing him, he or I would point his cock towards my pee hole entrance and push a little forward. As it finds its way, I would lean back and let him slide upwards into me, then I would ride him when he is almost up to my sphincter.

    His cock does not slide backward and forward as in my vagina, it is probably too tight and the whole pee hole surrounding flesh moves when I ride him. Then comes the point where his cock head hits my sphincter and wants to get in. I do not really have to relax my sphincter or pretend I am peeing, Mark just pushes further and suddenly all hell breaks loose, he is inside my bladder. Even the best writer could not describe this mind blasting sensation, it is just out of this world. I don't have to mention, that we both came instantly! After my involuntary screaming and Mark's panting stopped, I noticed that his cock still felt rock hard filling my pee hole and still inside my sphincter. Usually his cock gets soft after he comes, this time it stayed hard, not that I minded this stretched feeling, I could have sat on his cock for the rest of my life.

    When my husband tried to pull his, still hard as a rock, cock slowly out of my pee hole, he told me and I could also feel, that it would not come out. Since the head of his cock was in my bladder, my sphincter, being a little ring muscle closed behind his head. This acted like a cock ring, which we had played with before, it restricted the blood flow in his penis and his head was probably bigger than when he put it in.

    He tried again and again to pull his cock out, but the head would not fit through my sphincter, it seemed he was pulling my insides out.

    Mark knew a little trick to delay ejaculation he had used in the past. He said, while still being inside me, lets talk about politics, which we did for about ten minutes, when suddenly I could feel his not-so-hard cock slipping back through my sphincter and out of my pee hole. ( Who said talking about politics was pointless?)

    This was my very own pee hole stretching story, my pee hole gets fucked regularly by Mark's cock or his fingers or bigger and bigger vibrators.

    I never ever look back and want normal vaginal sex. I have no regrets and no side effects. I can hear you thinking" with such a monstrous pee hole, doesn't she have to go and pee every ten minutes? Doesn't she have to get up in the middle of the night?"

    The answer is "NO", I can sleep all night without peeing in the bed and do not have to go for a pee more than three or four times a day, no more than any other woman with a "normal" sized pee hole.

    A word of caution, there are dangers of injury and I would recommend to anyone interested in this to be careful and take it slowly.

    From Kate, I am a woman with four fuckable holes, but only the newest fourth one gets used!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 19 year old male, and I'm interested in this 17 year old female she has a boyfriend and I am single, but I am good friends with her 19 year old boyfriend.
    And one night it was planed that we went out to the cinema to see a movie.
    So it came the night to see the movie, and Krystal (the 17 year old female) was dressed in this really tight little miny skirt and boob tube and Jayden (her boyfriend) was dressed just like a guy normaly dresses.
    So we went inside got the tickets and went in to sit down.
    It turned out I got to sit next to Krystal.
    Krystal and Jayden didn't watch much of the movie because they were half fucking each other and I was just watching them.
    I was getting a hard on and was trying to stop myself from jacking off.
    After the movie they went home and so did I.
    Then another week or so later Krystal and I bumped into each other at the local skate park.
    She came over to me alone and told me that she noticed that I had a hard on and asked if it was over her i said yes and she asked if I would like to go back to her place and see her in that outfit again so of course I said yes and walked back with her to her place.
    She put it on and I started to get a hard on again and she told me that I was turning her on with it.
    She slowly took her clothes off while I was watching I was more horny than ever before she sat there in her little black lacy thong I couldn't help but to take my clothes off as well once I had taken all my clothes off I pulled her thong off and pushed her on the bed so she was bending over the bed I gave it to her up the ass and she said it didn't do anything for her so I was feeling a little rejected so I layed on the bed to see what her reaction would be and she got her hands and started tugging on my dick then sucking on it and playing with my balls it felt so good I jammed my dick up her pussy and did it hard for a while then I finally cummed she licked up all the cum and I ate her out after that.
    The a couple days later Jayden told me he had dumped Krystal and that I could have her so I didn't have to go behind his back no more.
    So as I have always liked Krystal I took her to be my girlfriend.
    After we had sex a few times Jayden told me that we were no longer friends if I was to keep fucking Krystal and I need help weather or not to keep Krystal and have no best mate or to lose Krystal and have a best mate so guys/girls can you give me your opinion?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ladies, tell me: Can a man EVER compete with a vibrator?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was very sick a few years ago while living abroad. My mates drove me to hospital and I was diagnosed with a flu-like disorder. It left me weak as a kitten for two months. While I was in the hospital, I was supposed to void my bowels every day, but I didn't. As a result, I got constipated. A pretty nurse had to give me an enema. I don't know if it was the beautiful girl or the feel of the enema, but I got rock hard and as soon as I felt my bowels move, I shot jism everywhere. The nurse said not to worry. it was normal. Now I'd like to get my wife to give me one, but she won't.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a 19 year old female. One of my best friends told me one day that she and her bf were looking for a way to spice up their sex life. She said that her bf had suggested having a threesome and he wanted me to be the third person. She said that she would rather me do it than anyone else. I want to do it, but I don't want to fuck up our friendship. It sounds like it might be a lot of fun, but what if it makes things awkward between us afterwords? I love my friend and her boyfriend is a great guy, we are all very close. Should I say yes and bring us all that much closer to each other or will it end up ruining the friendship?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    For the last year or so, I've been fantasizing about breast feeding my husband.

    It started when my sister Katya had her first baby. Katya is the youngest of my 6 brothers and sisters. We all had out kids years ago at young ages but Katya didn't marry until she was 25 and then she & her hubby waited two years to get pregnant. We were just so excited when she finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy. When we visited her in the hospital after Braden was born, Katya surprised us by popping out her bare tit and nursing the baby. We started to leave, but she insisted we stay and talk.

    Afterwards, on the drive home, I notice my husband Jem had a hard-on. I assumed that it was from seeing Katya's breasts. Even before pregnancy, she had bigger ones that I did. Now they're like 38 DD. I teased him about it and he said that actually, it was the breastmilk more than the breasts. Jem was in Desert Storm when I had our daughter and the doctor said I can't have anymore babies so he never saw me nursing.

    Ever since then, I've wanted to provide rich, copious amounts of creamy human milk for my husband. Does anyone know how I can do this without getting pregnant again?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    A lot of women masturbate with tampons but I take it a step further. I stuff my pussy with tampons and then sit in the bathtube until the tampons swell up. The feeling of being stretched grows and grows as I finger my clit. My g-spot is pressed on by the swollen tampons. After I cum I have to pull them out one by one.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Okay Im a 13 year old girl, and Ive been going out with this guy for about 3 weeks now. At the beginning, I made it clear to him that I was NOT going to let him do anything, and I wasnt interested in sex, or anything like that. He said it was fine with him, and we've been getting along great.
    Then we were at my house, and my parents were gone out, so we were sitting in the den, (no entertainin guys in the bedroom while parents are out) watching a movie, and he had his arm around me. He lowered his hand and began like..touching me all over, and tryin to unbutton my top. Obviously, I pushed him away and yelled at him. He just got mad at me and said we've been going out for a month so I owe it to him!! I got really pissed then, and kicked him out of the house!
    Now hes told all his friends at school that I had sex with him, and fingered myself in front of him! And he got a picture of some naked girl and put my freakin face on them, and showed it to like 10 of his friends!! Its all around school that I had sex with him, and I have no idea what to do!! Itd be way embarassing talking to teachers about it...and Im not that close to my mom, (dad and mom divorced) so I dont know what to do! Only a few of my close friends believe me, other people are just like sssuuuuree!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 17 year old female. I'm still a virgin because i don't want to just give myself to the first dick my path happens to cross. But sometimes i want so badly to be with someone that any male i see starts to look attractive. I don't know what to do. It's like i'm horny but frigid. I'm not beautiful, but i'm not ugly. Why can i not find someone decent to ease my loneliness and find passion with? I'm not a flirty person, it's not in my nature. I'm down to earth and layed back. On the surface, my non existent love-life doesn't seem to bother me, but sometimes it nags me. What is wrong with me?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    my hubby and i have been through a lot this last year or so.i've tried hard to keep our relationship alive but things have been fallin apart for awhile now.
    we decided to have a break in spain and the moment we got to our hotel he hit the bar. within a few hours he was half pissed and i was put on ignore again.the next evening we hit the town with a couple we had just met and my hubby got so pissed he fell over outside the restaurant and twisted his ankle badly.back at the hotel he was in bed around midnight pissed and i was alone again. i was drinking with mandy and her hubby when i was hit upon by a young lad asking me if i was alone and fancied a drink.i brushed him off with a polite answer.later mandy and phil retired to bed and i stayed to finish my drink and text some friends back in england who knew my situation.
    whilst i was finishing off my drink this young lad came back with his friend and started chatting, they were part of a cycling race team and i started to njoy the chat with them.
    later i joined them in their room for a drink and i knew i was slighty drunk when i started kissing one of them on the sofa.whilst i was doing this his friend lifted my skirt and fingered me from behind. within a few minutes i was naked and had a young lad licking me between my legs.
    now i'm 36 with good boobs and a nice figure i have been told, but the feeling of a 19 year old between my legs licking me out was superb. no one apart from my hubby has seen me naked for years. matt one of the young lads parted my legs and humped me on the sofa, it was great...his friend stood watching. matt shot his load on my belly and within minutes his friend was kneeling in front of me finger fucking me.he stood and dropped his shorts showing a good size cock he started to fuck me but he was rougher, that i like.i came i'm sure.
    whilst all this was going on matt came back into the room with more friends of his and i think i ended up shagging 5 lads.
    later in the week i was approached by the coach of the cycle group who threatened to spill the beans to my husband. he was about 60 and small,wrinkly and wanted to join in or he'd tell. i sneaked away with matt one night and fucked matt again whilst the coach watched.after matt he wanted to mount me doggy style...i agreed but didn't enjoy it.
    no doubt you'll gather on the return home from our holiday i didn't stay with husband long !

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