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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 54

    This is the third part of my story where I get to fuck my step sister

    While my eyes were glued to the orgy before me I hadnât noticed that my step mum, Lisa had walked into the centre of the room and was now completely naked, squatting in the middle of a group of naked men. She had a swollen prick in each hand and was sitting on the face of another man who was licking and sucking at her labia lips, while on each side of her face stood two men with erect dicks, which she took in turns to suck and lick. It didnât take long for her to bring each of the men to a climax and turned to face each prick as it exploded onto her face or into her mouth.

    Meanwhile, she reached her own orgasm from having her clit excited and as soon as the man below her moved away, she got on her back and let another man mount her.

    As I watched the orgy I hadnât noticed that my step sister was still standing on the balcony with her back to the cabin, but two men had noticed and walked to join her, with their erect cocks swaying in front of them.

    I saw them talking quietly to her before encouraging her to take one cock in each hand, before leading her reluctantly back to the centre of the brightly lit room.

    As she was slowly led in, a half naked man picked up a wine glass and tapped it with a pencil, like a master of ceremonies about to make an announcement. At this signal, the room went silent, except for a couple who were in the middle of intercourse. Everyone waited patiently until they climaxed and pulled apart with a cheer from the watching party-goers.

    When Sophie reached the centre of the room, most of the guests formed a little circle around her while a few others sat watching from chairs or sofas.

    She was handed a shot glass which she drank in one go. One of the men unzipped the back of her dress and then pulled down the thin straps of her party dress until he could pull her top down to her waist to reveal a white lacy bra that covered a small pair of firm breasts. He then unhooked the bra and removed it to reveal her naked breasts with a pair of puffy pink nipples. A flush came to her throat as she was stripped and the drink began to course through her. Her dress was slowly pulled down until a flimsy pair of white knickers were revealed that barely covered her c**t lips.

    As she stood half naked an elderly woman stepped behind her and reaching around to the front of the young girl, rubbed a hand over the thin material that barely covered her pouting fanny. As the smooth white material rubbed against Sophie's bare skin, she gave a little moan of pleasure. The woman rubbed and fingered her more quickly, until the material became more transparent as some love juice came from the girls sensitive clit. The older woman moved her fingers from the outside of the material and slipped inside her panties and her fingers parted her beef curtains and worked their way up to her clit, where she continued exciting the sweet girl.

    As Sophie got more excited and started to push herself against the probing fingers, I saw the older woman carefully push a sharp painted fingernail through the thin wet material, tearing it like tissue paper and with her other hand pull the material apart, so that the watching crowd could see her fingers clearly buried deep in the girls soaking twat.

    While this was going on I was led forward to the front of the crowd and was handed a shot glass of clear liquid from a tray of about 40 glasses. As I drank it, I felt a warming sensation go through my body and my prick, which was still hard, felt as though it grew harder and my bell end went purple with engorged blood that pumped through it. I felt the urge to strip off my clothes and reveal my nakedness. Despite my natural shyness, I hurriedly pulled off my pyjamas as the crowd cheered and clapped as I stood in front of them, stark bollock naked stroking my long hard erection.

    By now Sophie, stood a couple of feet in front of me wearing just the tattered remains of her panties and was also handed another shot glass to drink. This had an immediate effect on her and as the liquid warmed her body it brought a flush to her face and neck. Her eyes widened and she took two steps to where I stood and without a word, fell to her knees in front of me and started to run her fingers along my swollen member. The crowd cheered and clapped as she wanked me expertly, before opening her mouth and slowly licked and sucked at my aching prick. Instinctively I put my hands on the back of her head and pushed and pulled her onto my shaft. It didn't take long for me to reach my first full orgasm and shoot my virgin spunk to the back of her throat. She pulled away as I ejaculated and a thick rope of milky fuck juice splashed onto her chin and lips before dribbling down between her breasts.

    She took my hand and led me to the double bed and lay on her back with her legs spread wide giving me a good look at the pink folds of her fanny. She put her hands between her legs and pulled her wet lips apart.

    âFuck me, you lovely boy. Give me all your spunkâ, she moaned as I moved towards her with my still hard prick swaying as I hurried to her inviting open c**t.

    The watching crowd followed me and urged me to fuck Sophie. I aimed my swollen member at the pink opening presented to me, dripping with pre cum and with one shove, penetrated the slippery folds. My animal instincts took over and I humped furiously at the parted fanny under me. I heard the watching crowd urging me on and Lisa stood by her daughters head lovingly stroking her damp hair.

    As I fucked her writhing body I felt my cock hitting the back of her womb before with a shudder I released a gush of spunk deep inside her. My cock didn't get limp and stayed rock hard as I carried on gyrating my hips and thrusting even though I had emptied my sack.

    Sophie wriggled out from under me and turned over over to present her arse. My swollen member slipped easily into the opening that was well lubricated by the cum that had dripped from her c**t and I humped her furiously doggy fashion as the crowd cheered.

    She whimpered softly as she felt her sphincter being stretched by my stiff cock and bucked and writhed as I pounded her arsehole, until I felt my ball sack tightening before I came with a cry of ecstasy.

    As I pulled out my stiff prick , leaving a dribble of cum, my dad pushed past me and aiming his prick pushed it into Sophie's stretched dripping arsehole.

    &aci rc;I've been waiting do this ever since I met your mum, you stuck up tartâ, he grunted as he pushed his cock slowly deep into her.

    âI'm sorry, I've made you waitâ, she sobbed as he pushed himself deeper, âpunish me. Stuff my are in front of everyone. Make me scream for your cumâ.

    &ac irc;I will, you bitch. I'll show you what your mum gets every nightâ he grunted as he worked his prick in and out of her stretched wrinkled pink hole and pulled hard on her hair, like riding a horse.

    At the same time, my uncle shuffled towards her mouth and fed his prick into Sophie's mouth.

    âSuck on this you little bitchâ, he murmured, as he forced his veiny prick to the back of her throat, making her gag.

    She was pounded for a couple of minutes, until both her relatives emptied their sacs into her holes.

    Before she had a chance to recover, two more men took their place and eventually she was surrounded by a group of excited men and I could just see her writhing naked body underneath a crowd of naked men who took their turn to penetrate every hole they could find or wanked over her if they couldnât wait their turn until nearly every man present fucked her in every way possible. Even some of the women joined in when they could get the chance amongst the writhing bodies.

    I had not been forgotten either and my cock was being put to good use by the women. The first woman who took me was the oldest in the room. As she sank to her knees, she took out her false teeth and put them onto a table before opening her mouth to take my length. Even though i was sexually excited, the thought of a toothless woman wrapping her lips around my shaft made me shudder, but i soon put my worry behind me as her lips formed a perfect seal around my veiny cock and i soon forgot I was being sucked off by someone old enough to be my grandmother and it didn't take long to fill her mouth with my thick man cream. The drink had kept my cock hard through the evening and all the women took it in turn to ride me. The drink also had the effect of me being attracted to even the ugliest and scrawniest or unattractive woman in the room. If they had a c**t I wanted to fuck it. Of course my ball sacks were empty after the third or fourth fuck, but my rod stayed hard, but the women didn't care about that, they just wanted to be ridden.

    Most of the evening was a blur and eventually I fell asleep with exhaustion in a corner of the carpeted floor of the cabin.

    My next recollection was waking in my own bed with a little box near my pillow. I opened it to find a small enamelled stick pin of a rooster, also known as a cock. I chuckled as I realised the significance of the badge.

    I had a quick shower as I smelt of sweat and had dried cum in my hair and most of my chest, stomach and genitals. I wondered how Sophie felt and looked this morning. My cock twitched as I recalled fucking her and watched her being gang banged.

    The rest of the voyage went pretty uneventfully and whenever we had family meals it was as though nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened, let alone an orgy although I found it awkward sitting around the table when everyone around that table and some of my fellow passengers had fucked each other a few hours ago.

    At the end of the voyage, my mum met me at the quayside and after hugging all my relatives, I was taken home.

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    Straight Male / 50

    Hello I am a divorced semi-retired white male 50 yrs old with a lot of time on his hands.I have not dated women for 10 years and spend most of my time reading,cooking,long walks,watching movies etc.Sexually I watch a lot of porn now that has gradually evolved from straight porn to movies I purchase from a local adult video store.As i find myself becoming more and more passive and lonely I have become increasingly fixated on cocks and wondering what it would be like to suck and pleasure them.

    A few years ago at a local park I saw a younger woman in her 30's s making out with a much older man probably in his late 60's or early 70's.She was a very pretty blonde and I was surprised to see her excitedly kissing a much older somewhat homely older guy with white hair.He was poorly dressed and chubby yet she was kissing him so deeply it was like she was in love with him.I wondered how she felt inside and it fascinated me.After awhile she sat back on the bench smoking a cigarette as he pushed his hand down her skirt and fingered her.They were not looking at me and I could observe she started shaking in orgasm.She came for a long time then slumped back and relaxed.I walked away with this strange desire to feel what she felt.For years I had the image of the two of them fooling around in my head as I jerked off.I would watch the gay porn and imagine I was feeling like her as I sucked a cock.

    One days few weeks ago I went to this park and sat down on a of the park were quite secluded and I was in one of those parts surrounded by trees.I started fantasizing about the young blonde and older man when I noticed an older man walking to wards the bench.I was surprised to see anyone here as I had been here many times and rarely seen anyone.He looked to be at least 70 and was balding with a big belly and glasses.He looked friendly and politely asked to sit down.I said sure go ahead.He sat for awhile quietly then pulled out a pack of cigarettes and offered me one.I had not smoked in years but suddenly craved one in my mouth.I took one and he lit me up.As I took a deep drag I felt this hot feeling inside of me and imagined I was that pretty blonde in my memories.I started feeling really horny and excited.As I smoked I noticed he was looking at me more and more.He asked me if I came here often and I said yes.He said "I hope you know this is a gay cruising area and men often come here to have sex".I did not realize that I said which was true as I rarely saw anyone in this part of the park.He smiled and said" Well I was hoping for a blowjob today".I did not know how to respond.Then I thought I will just tell him I only kiss men not have sex with them.I knew it was a strange thing to say and thought it might put him off.He was fairly homely and unattractive but this made me feel even hotter inside as he reminded me of the older man that day in the park with the woman.Unexpectedly he said"I love to kiss so why not"I realized there was no way out of this one.He moved close to me and kissed my mouth.It was a wet kiss and I felt my lips parting in response as his tongue slowly entered between my lips.He kissed slow and more and more deeply and I found I loved it.He took the lead and I responded.He took my hand and placed it on his hard throbbing cock which I could feel through his pants. I caressed it and stroked his hardness.He became excited and said "Oh baby unzip me."He said his name was Gordon and asked me to say I want your cock Gordon"I said it softly and unzipped him.He guided me down to my knees and I looked at his 5 inch hard cut cock with a big head on it leaking pre-cum.I thought it is not too big so should be easier to suck and since it was my 1st cock I may not gag on it.I slowly took the head of his cock in my mouth and kissed it.It felt so hard and sexy in my mouth like it was made to be there.I took most of it in my mouth and was surprised how easy that was and how natural it all felt.I heard him say "oh yes baby suck it real good"That spurred me on and I lovingly sucked it steadily.I wanted him and that cock so bad.I did not care anymore if he unloaded his sperm down my throat.I was too far gone to care.Now I knew what thst pretty blonde felt that day.I loved his cock and wanted him bad.I wanted him to be my man and do this many times.I wanted all of him in every way.I heard him grunting and moaning then his breathing quickened as he cried out and unloaded a his cum in my greedy mouth.I swallowed every last drop as he emptied his balls into me.I felt so many things that moment.Later after we lit cigarettes and sat back on the bench he said to me"I have been looking for someone like you for a long time"."Can you look after my cock regularly?" I smiled and nodded.I then left with him to spend the evening in his bed at his nearby small bungalow which faced the park.We spent the night kissing and talking.He masturbated me twice while we lay in bed.He was definitely the top.The 1st night he fucked me is another story.

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    Straight Male / 46

    I havenât been able to do it very much but thereâs something very arousing about sucking a hard dick. I have sucked my younger brothers dick when we were kids up until he was probably 18 or so. I also sucked a guys dick at The porno shop. He came into the booth where I was watching a movie and I sucked him off. He shot his load in my mouth it was great, I sucked out all of his sperm and spit it on the floor. With my brother, sometimes I was there and sometimes I would swallow it. As I think back on it now, I wish I had swallowed all of the cum. I donât know why itâs so arousing to me Iâm not romantically attracted to guys but I love sucking hard dicks. I have been trying to figure out how to be able to suck some more dick without taking too much of a risk. It would really be a turn on to suck off some young guys. Right now Iâm sitting at a skate park. I would love to blow a guy right now. Donât get me wrong, I love pussy. I love fucking my wife and eating her pussy and I love having my dick sucked. I just like sucking young dick and making them cum in my mouth.

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    Straight Male / 54

    This is the second part of the story that told you about having sex on a cruise on my 16th birthday

    Skip forward to a year and I found myself aboard a luxury cruise ship sailing from Southampton towards the mediterranean for a two week cruise.

    The weather got increasingly hotter and the days passed in sitting around the swimming pools or taking shore excursions.

    I soon found myself mixing with a group of teenagers who had been on cruises before and got up to all sorts of mischief, including getting into cabins and taking drink out of the mini bars. This was easy to do as the cabins were often left unlocked when the cabin maids cleaned and made the beds up. One of us would distract the cleaner while someone would nip in and take a drink out of the âfridge. This drink would then be tipped into a soft drinks bottle. Our parents must have wondered why we would be so mellow sometimes!

    The younger children had âkids clubsâ, supervised by ânanniesâ or kids entertainers, so we didnât see a lot of them during the day.

    Most of the boys and girls were a little older than me and with so much bare female flesh on display in tiny bikinis it didnât take long before lots of flirting going on.

    It was obvious the boys were getting very excited as in those days the fashion was to wear âbudgie smugglersâ and it was difficult to hide a semi erect penis, so we spent a lot of time in the toilets relieving ourselves.

    The girls were also quite aware of the boys attention and I often saw a damp patch appearing between their legs as they flirted with some of the older boys and would cover the fact by diving into the water. The effect of this was to make the ones with white bikinis was to make them more transparent and sometimes we would see their nipples or outline of their fannies against the semi transparent material.

    Back in the day, I was wasnât well built and didnât like being seen in just my swimming trunks, so often kept my tee shirt on and wore shorts instead and didnât use the pool. This often brought comments and teasing from the other boys and on one occasion this led to a memorable moment after about a week into the holiday.

    As usual after getting excited, I decided to go back to the cabin and wank there on my bed, but I didn't realised I was followed by three older boys, including one of my cousins.

    Before I had a chance to close the door, the three boys pushed in behind me.

    âW hat are you hiding. Turn âround and let us see what youâve got?â

    I ignored them and said, â Iâll be back shortly, Iâm just getting my sunglassesâ

    &aci rc;Why donât you go swimming like the rest of usâ I was asked.

    âI canât swim very wellâ, I lied.

    â Iâll bet itâs because heâs got a tiny cockâ, my cousin said. âLetâs have a look lads. Grab him.â Following a playful struggle they pulled my tee shirt off and then one of them said, âLets get his shorts off tooâ

    The other two boys grabbed my arms and held me as my cousin got hold of my shorts and tried to pull them down as I struggled furiously and went bright red trying to free myself before I was wrestled to the floor and was spread eagled. One boy sat on my left arm, while the other sat on my right arm and my cousin sat across the tops of my legs.

    The more I struggled the more tightly they held me until I got tired and let them lessen their grip on me. By this time, my cousin had managed to unbutton my shorts and pull them down leaving me completely naked.Despite my efforts to get free, I also found myself getting excited at being naked in front of strangers and had got a slight erection.

    âLook heâs got a semi. Are you queerâ, he asked âHold him boys while I see if he likes being wanked.â

    I immediately started to sob and struggle again as he grabbed my semi erect cock and pulled my foreskin back roughly until I was fully erect. As he pulled more furiously at my hardening prick I stopped struggling and began to enjoy the experience and relaxed. Meanwhile the two boys had pulled their own cocks out of their shorts and wanked as they watched me being handled. I turned my head and was glad to see that their cocks were not much bigger than mine when fully erect. My cousin had also pulled out his cock with his free hand was wanking furiously as he stroked my aching todger, until with a few more tugs at my erection, I found relief as my cock ejected a rope of spunk into the air and splashed thickly onto my stomach and filled my belly button with a pool of jism.

    All the boys whooped and laughed as my twitching cock leaked a sticky mess onto the cabin carpet. By now the other boys were about to cum and in turn ejaculated on my chest and shoulders.

    âDonât worry, weâre not gay. We arenât going to âbumâ you, weâre just having some funâ, they explained. âClean yourself up and come back to the pool when youâre readyâ, they laughed as they pulled on their clothes and left.

    This experience left me a little confused and I wondered why I enjoyed being wanked by the boys, but I never felt the urge to be wanked by a man again, although in later life, I did find threesomes quite enjoyable and I like to see another man fucking a woman with me.

    After getting dressed, I returned to the pool to join the others. After that incident, I became very friendly with the other boys and started hanging out with them more.

    One day I noticed that Paul (one of our group) always had a little metal enamel badge pinned to his tee shirt or shorts. It looked like a hen or cockerel. One day as we lay by the pool I asked him about it.
    He explained it was a birthday present he got on a voyage a couple of years ago and laughed but wouldn't tell me more.

    A few days later it was my birthday and I got heaps of presents from my my relatives on the ship and cards and presents from my mum and other friends who had not been able to come on the cruise. In the evening there was a big party where I got a cake made by the chef and a speech from the captain. All in all it was a birthday I wouldnât forget in a hurry. But on top of that were events to come that would make it even more memorable.

    It was very late when I went back to my cabin, but it didnât take me long to fall asleep as my dad had slipped me a couple of alcoholic drinks during the evening as a âspecial treatâ to celebrate my big day.

    After a couple of hours in bed, I was woken by the cabin door being opened and my dad shaking me awake.

    âPut your dressing gown on and follow meâ, he said, âthereâs another surprise waiting for youâ. I got out of bed slowly and followed him wearily out of the cabin and to a lift that took us to the upper decks of the ship. I then followed him until we arrived at the door of another cabin. It was obvious a party was in full swing as we stepped. The room was filled with smoke and the smell of alcohol. Tables were laden with food and opened bottles of drink and a couple of dozen people stood around with glasses of drink in their hands and music played loudly in the background.

    âI âve brought my son here for his special presentâ, he announced to the guests.

    Everyone clapped and crowded around me welcoming me to the party and a glass of alcohol was pressed into my hand and the music was turned down.

    I was led into the middle of the spacious cabin and saw people sat around on sofas or armchairs while a few perched on the large bed. The scene looked very familiar and then I realised it was the same (or similar) cabin I had seen in the film a year ago. Most of them also had cameras or videos around their necks.

    As I looked around I spotted my step mum Lisa and her daughter standing in the darkness outside the cabin by the balcony railings. As usual Lisa looked stunning and well dressed, but her daughter looked more glamorous, wearing a light floaty evening dress and with her hair in ringlets falling loosely down to her bare shoulders.

    The rest of the guests were a mixture of elderly couples and some young women with older âsugar daddiesâ.

    I was led to the middle of the room and the guests had their glasses filled and wished me a happy birthday. At that moment the cabin door opened and in stepped two more people. The first was a young girl I immediately recognised as one of the staff from the club where boys and girls up to the age of 11 would be taken by their parents to be entertained for the day. She was dressed in her smart white knee length uniform with buttons from top to bottom. She looked asian as most of the ship's crew were.

    The other person was also an asian looking middle aged man. He was a scruffy looking scrawny individual dressed in a grubby white uniform. The top three buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned and I could see a flat chest with some sparse black hair. The shirt was loosely tucked into his trousers which didnât fit him very well and hung low on his hips. They looked as though they would have fallen down if he didnât have a belt on. I did notice a large bulge in his trousers with a damp patch halfway down his left leg.

    They were both hustled into the centre of the room and some of the guests moved around to form a semi-circle around them and they were both handed a shot glass of clear liquid from a tray of about forty glasses, which they gulped down immediately. I had been forgotten by now and stood at the back of the room as the scene unfolded before me, slowly sipping the strong drink that made my head swim.

    An old woman pulled a bundle of notes wrapped in an elastic band and put it into the hand of the sailor who immediately stuffed it into his trouser pocket. She then stepped behind him.
    At the same time a pudgy man took a bundle of notes wrapped in a rubber band out of his pocket and gave it the girl. She put it into the pocket of her uniform as he stepped behind her.

    At this point some of the guests pointed their cameras at the group in anticipation of the unfolding events.

    First the woman reached around the sailor and ripped his shirt open sending the buttons flying around the room. As she pulled the shirt off it revealed a thin brown body and a middle aged paunch. Without his shirt the mans trousers slipped further down to reveal his bony hips. The woman started tugging at the top of his trousers and because they were so loose it didnât take much effort to pull them down slowly to reveal the top of a mass of black curly pubes. To get them down fully she reached around and undid the buckle of the belt and then grabbing his underwear and trousers together succeeded in pulling them down to the mans bony knees. As she did this a gasp went up from the guests as the mans erect prick sprang free. I think no one was expecting to see a scrawny specimen of a man sporting such a monster knob. As it sprung free of his trousers and slapped against his stomach a thin clear fluid of pre cum flew from his bell end and splashed against his hairy chest. I donât know how long it was but it reached almost to his chest and very thick with prominent veins that pulsed as it throbbed against his belly. A pair of enormous hairy bollocks hung between his thin legs.

    Cameras flashed as he stood there with a proud look spreading across his face. He knew he had something that probably nobody else in the room had. He slowly turned in a little circle so that everyone could get a closer look and take a photo. He then moved closer to the girl standing next to him knowing that she would be enjoying his thick hard meat very soon. The girl looked down at his throbbing dick and bit her lip as she wondered what she had let herself in for.

    Grabbing his dick he pulled back the foreskin to reveal more of the glistening purple helmet and beckoned the girl to touch it. She reached out a small trembling hand and rubbed her palm over his sticky bell end, which caused his thick tool to twitch and throb.

    The man standing behind the girl grabbed the top of the her uniform and pulled the material open without undoing the buttons and as each button popped off more of her was slowly revealed and it became obvious she was completely naked as the last button was torn off and her uniform was pulled open to show a smooth honey coloured skin. Her breasts were small and firm and her belly was slightly rounded and below that was a completely bald c**t that had a pair of lovely puffy lips that already glistened with moisture from arousal. As the last of the torn uniform was slipped off her shoulders, she covered her nakedness with her arms across her aroused nipples and a small hand tried to cover her pouting beef curtains.

    Two men stepped forward and with one on each side lifted her up and spreading her legs, lined up her twat with the head of the asian mans throbbing cock and slid her down the length of his waiting prick in one push. She threw her head back in a mixture of pain and pleasure as she felt his shaft move up her dripping love tunnel and push against her womb. She wrapped her arms around his neck. As the two men lifted her up and down flash bulbs went off capturing the scene before them and the sailor took over by grabbing her sweet arse cheeks and bounced her up and down his wet throbbing shaft.

    As he still had his trousers around his ankles, he shuffled forward until he reached the double bed and fell heavily onto the silk sheets pinning the girl under his thrusting hips. Without stopping he continued pounding her stretched c**t lips.

    Meanwhile, the guests had grabbed shot glasses from the tray and swigged them quickly. The liquid had an immediate effect and the watching men began to feverishly undress and expose their own erections whilst the women pulled down the tops of their evening dresses to expose their breasts which they rubbed in excitement or lifted the hems of their dresses and stuck their fingers into their dripping beef curtains in anticipation of being fucked later.

    As the orgy unfolded in front of me, I stood wide-eyed in a dark corner and pulled my own swelling member out and started to wank myself to a full erection.

    An elderly woman got up from her chair with the aid of a silver topped walking stick and as she reached the bed where the couple were fucking, knelt down to get a closer look between their legs. She put out a hand and lifted the sailors swinging balls and with the silver top of her stick rubbed it in the love juice that leaked from her asian girls juicy c**t. Once she had got it well moistened she pushed it into the wrinkled arse hole of the asian sailor. As he felt his sheriffs star being penetrated he tried to look around to see who was violating his entrance, but couldnât see the woman who knelt behind him.

    A laugh went up from the watching crowd and turned to a cheer as she slowly twisted and pushed the stick in further, until the whole silver top of the stick disappeared up his hole.
    As the sailor thrust his throbbing meat in and out of the sweet young girl, the more the stick went in and out of his shitter. Once it was in far enough the added excitement of being penetrated from behind made him more active and when he felt it caressing his prostate it brought him to an uncontrolled shuddering climax and he pulled out of the girl as a gush of a creamy spunk covered her thrashing body from her stomach up to her breasts.

    Another woman pushed forward as the sailor got to his feet and dropped to her knees and grabbed his still hard cock and with one hand fondling his sack she teased his tool before starting to swirl her tongue around his glans.

    A cheer and gasps came from the audience as she grabbed the thick meat and pulled it down to her lips. Because of the girth of his swollen member, she found it difficult to get the fat helmet past her pearly teeth at first, but the excited man grabbed the back of her head and pulled and pushed until the his helmet eventually popped past her teeth and to the back of her throat. The effort to get him into her mouth had made her gag and tears sprang from her eyes.

    As she bobbed her head back and forward along his length on her knees the old woman with walking stick approached her from behind and kneeling down inserted the smooth handle of the walking stick into the woman's beef curtains and slowly pushed it in and out. As she felt this violation, the girl tried to turn her head to see what was causing the sweet sensation between her legs, but as she was already impaled by the mans throbbing dick, she had to submit to the assault. More flash bulbs went off as the old woman pushed the stick in and out and grinned as she saw the woman pushing back in excitement. Then pulling the curved wood handle out the appreciative audience saw a sticky mess of juice on the silver knob before the old woman worked the stick into her bumhole to loosen her tight rear entrance in preparation for one of the men gathered around with their erect members ready to push a prick into her.

    Pushing himself to the front, my uncle shuffled forward on his knees and pushed his thick swollen prick quickly into her stretched shitter. The woman gasped as she felt his fat bell end push past her muscle and pop into her and he started pounding as his balls swung against her arse cheeks.

    By now the sailor was on the verge of another orgasm and with a gasp, emptied his full sack of jism into the back of the stretched mouth of the woman, who was unable to take all the cum that jetted out of him. As he withdrew his still hard penis, a gush of semen poured out of her painted lips and onto her sweet breasts and ran down to her c**t lips, before dripping onto the thick carpet.

    Some of the guests had been undressing whilst they watched and all the men had either taken all their clothes off or just their trousers, but all of them watched as they stroked their cocks to erection. Most of the women, however had undressed completely and fingered their twats or tweaked their breasts or taken hold of a mans prick and wanked it slowly.

    As soon as the sailor fell back onto the bed alongside the sweating woman covered in his sticky juices, the guests immediately leapt on the nearest person and soon the whole room was a mass of writhing bodies engaged in all sorts of sexual acts. Some men were penetrating one woman, or two women were pleasuring two men.

    The exhausted sailors prick was still solid, but he didnât get a chance to recover as a young woman and an elderly woman walked over. The older woman positioned herself facing him and slowly lowered herself until the length of his cock was buried deep in her womb. She bounced up and down crying out with each thrust as his prick slipped up her love tunnel. The other woman sat on his mouth and encouraged him to push his tongue between her slippery c**t lips and with one hand played with her swollen fanny and with the other reached forward to tweak and pull at the other woman's sagging breasts.

    The young girl wasnât given the chance to recover from her recent pounding either and she was pulled roughly off the bed and onto the floor where she was spread eagled by four men. Two men knelt by her head and she was forced to lick and suck on their cocks in turn while a third man pushed his thin long cock into her dripping c**t lips. As each man ejaculated another took his place until after five or six men had emptied their sacks into her mouth or onto her face and hair and she was left with the first man still pounding away at her swollen fanny, until with one last grunt he erupted deep into her womb and pulled out to spill the last drops of his thick spunk from his japs eye onto the girls swollen c**t lips.

    I looked over to where the sailor was now on top of a young girl guest and as she bucked and writhed with his cock buried deep in her fanny,a man positioned himself and spreading the sailors bum cheeks began to violate his wrinkled arsehole. The sailor cried out in surprise as he felt the man's meat begin to penetrate him. At the same time another man presented his erection to his mouth and pushed his throbbing cock between his lips and began thrusting. Almost at the same time, both the men ejaculated together and pumped their jism into his mouth and arse.
    As the sailor emptied his sack into the girl, he rolled over and lay exhausted by the girl on the cum soaked bed with his erection still pointing up and as hard as before.

    After they had performed sex acts for the crowd and with each other for about an hour, they were called over and told to get dressed. As they tried to get back into their shredded uniforms, another bundle of notes were put in their hands and they were unceremoniously ushered out of the cabin. (I found out later that members of a ships crew were often recruited for orgies to earn some extra money)

    The next part tells how I had my first fuck with my step sister

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    I'm a whore, a slut and always have been. My husband doesn't know it and I really tried after we got together to remain only for him. I've never been able to do it though. After the first BJ I gave, then after the first time I got fucked I have a love of sperm. I love mancum. I can't get enough. I like it in me, on me, in my mouth, my pussy anywhere. I even gave up my butt to a man when I was 17 just to get his sperm inside me. I did my first group fuck, can't really call it a gangbang since it was only three 15 year old boys when I was 14. They each fucked me or got sucked by me 3 times through an afternoon. Eventually I was getting gangbanged most weekends. The most was a Friday night through Sunday afternoon at a motel where 28 different guys came and went, most more than once. I just love cum.

    I met my husband at work, no I don't fuck people I work with, and he was very much the gentlemen. He took his time and I liked it but I wanted his cum. Since he didn't fuck for 5 dates I was going home after dates and calling up guys to come over and fuck. I'm a cumslut whore.

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    Straight Male / 51

    The Dirty Professor.

    At the outset I should tell you that being my age one is likely to have health issues. I am diabetic, taking two types of insulin and plenty of other medication.

    One major symptom of diabetes is ED or erectile dysfunction. Nowadays it takes me a lot longer to get aroused, and when I do it takes me longer to perform and shoot my load.

    If a woman has patience for the former, she is going to be rewarded with the latter in that I can keep it up longer.

    Now to my story. I am a biology professor, and at our institution about 2/3 of biology majors are female. This is particularly true in my field of microbiology, perhaps because of the good prospects for employment in health settings or research labs.

    There was one particular female student, Carla, that I developed a rapport with over the years. I met her in her first year for academic advising on what courses to take, etc.

    Carla was attractive enough and had a very cute face, with hazel eyes and brunette hair. But I could not really make out her body, as she tended to dress down with baggy sweat shirts and poor fitting jeans.

    As all horny professors do on the false premise of getting to know their students, I also checked her out on Facebook (which was still popular with students at the time).

    From the similar style of girls in Carla's photos, and also from the lack of guys, I began to make some inferences. With her interests in gay pride, it wasn't hard to come to the conclusion that Carla was lesbian.

    So I never really thought of Carla in a sexual way, as I realized that she would never have any interest in me.

    But by her fourth year honours program, things had begun to change for Carla. First off, she volunteered to work in my lab conducting bioassays on saliva for hormones like cortisol, etc. She was obviously thinking ahead to graduate school, both for the practical experience that she would gain in my lab, and also for the letter of reference that I would write for her graduate school application.

    Secondly, Carla also began to dress more femininly. Her jeans were more form fitting, and she even occasionally wore yoga pants. And she also wore brightly coloured blouses, unlike the dark sweatshirts she formerly wore. The blouses always had one or two extra buttons undone, to show a little cleavage (especially when she leaned over in front of me)

    This transition gradually happened over time, so I hadn't really noticed nor done the math in my head

    For you see, Carla had gotten off to a rocky start in my lab, and made a few missteps in the beginning. Perhaps she was worried that I would not write her a strong reference letter. But there were no critical problems in her performance, and if anything I could honestly say she improved over time.

    But Carla was probably a little over anxious about her grad school application, as all our honours students tend to be.

    One summer day we had a meeting in my office, and Carla came in wearing cut-off shorts (which was a first for her), with a white blouse tied off in a knot, and I couldn't help but notice that she was also braless.

    She laid back in her chair, with her legs spread out, without trying to be too obvious (but perhaps she was). I couldn't help but trace my eyes up her long legs, and wonder what was under her inviting shorts.

    Carla caught me looking, and gave me a wry smile. Then she untied her blouse and gave me a quick flash of her nubile titties, with just enough time to catch a glimpse of her puffy nipples.

    She asked me directly "Do you like what you see Professor"?

    I said that "I do!". But I also said that it was too risky to act upon it in my office, with the prying eyes in our department. I quickly made a call to a no-tell motel and booked us a room for that Saturday (I was also thinking ahead that I didn't want her to see my apartment, in case she was ever asked to describe it).

    The other reason I stalled is that I wanted to prepare ahead a bit. Frankly I was a little worried about my performance, given my ED problems.

    I went to a sex shop, and asked them for a toy that was guaranteed to get the job done, if you know what I mean. The clerk, who was a woman, gave me a We Vibe Rave, and said that it always did the trick for her and her girlfriends. It is a purple vibrator, that has an asymmetrical shape and a silent motor, so as not to break the mood.

    I waited in anticipation for Saturday to come. We arrived at the motel separately, under the cover of darkness (again I was worried about being seen together, and removing the potential for any deniability). Besides, we both could book out of there on our own time, if things did not work out.

    Like a cliche, Carla came dressed in a trench coat, and hardly had anything on underneath. When she removed her coat, I let out a little gasp, as she was wearing a sheer, teddy-style black negligee. It took only a few seconds before I wrapped her in my arms and we began to make out.

    As we were French kissing and passionately exploring each others' mouths with our tongues, Carla adeptly undid my belt buckle and unzipped my khakis. Then she pushed me backwards onto the bed, pulled off my pants, and then my shorts.

    Carla tried to mount me, but I knew that I couldn't perform that quickly. So I somewhat teasingly rolled her on her back, reached under her teddy, and pulled off her own panties.

    I began to massage her pussy with the flat of my hand, until she began to moan softly. Then I started to roll her clitty between my thumb and forefinger, which is my go-to move to get a woman aroused.

    Carla then whispered in my ear and asked me if she could call me "Daddy"? I said that I had no problem with it, and she could call me whatever the hell she wanted to.

    I next turned my attention to Carla's titties, as I pulled down her teddy top so I could begin to suckle on her luscious puffy nipples. I didn't realize it at the time, but it was probably Freudian of how it reminded me of a baby's bottle nipple.

    At this time I decided to introduce Carla to my gift for her. The store clerk had wrapped it in a nice gift bag. When Carla took the Rave out of the bag, there was that wry smile of her's again for she knew what it was for.

    I was thankful that the vibrator came already packed with its own battery, and the store clerk had thoughtfully included a tube of lubricant in the bag.

    Carla was excited to try her new toy out, so we hurriedly spread some lubricant onto a couple of my fingers. I in turn spread the lubricant onto Carla's pussy lips, and then explored deeper into her c**t to try to locate her g-spot.

    Carla whispered in my ear again that "Daddy you are getting me so wet". I turned on the Rave, and although it wasn't silent as advertised, it was the quietest vibrator that I have ever heard.

    I began to teasingly trace the vibrator up and down her inner thighs, and outer pussy lips as Carla squealed in delight. I then traced the vibrator in circles around her puffy nipples, causing her to bite her lower lip to stifle any moaning.

    I went down again on Carla's pussy and got a closer look as I started to tease her clit with the vibrator. Her pussy juices were already flowing, so she didn't need any further lubrication.

    I inserted the vibrator into Carla's pussy, at first partially and then more fully. Suddenly I had an epiphany, and realized why the vibrator had an asymmetrical shape. It was so you could work it around in the pussy, twisting it in order to edge various errogenous zones like the clit and g-spot.

    As I was discovering how to do this, Carla herself was realizing the effect, and began to have uncontrollable multiple orgasms. As long as I continued to twist the vibrator inside of her, there was no stopping the orgasms.

    From Carla's squirting pussy juices and her excessive sweating I was beginning to become concern that she might be starting to get dehydrated, so I stopped for a bit. I got her a glass of water from the bathroom to replenish her fluids.

    As soon as she recovered a bit, Carla begged me "Please Daddy don't stop; please DON'T stop!" So I kept continuing to use the vibrator on her until I thought she looked completely exhausted, and no sane person would think she could handle any more.

    Carla was mumbling incoherently by now and was hugging a pillow as the last wave of her orgasms subsided. Once she was mostly recovered, Carla then did something that was completely unexpected. She made a call on her cell phone.

    I was wondering to myself who the hell she was calling at this time, in this intimate moment. From the sound of the voice at the other end, I recognized it as being a woman, and from the snippets of the conversation that I caught I realized that it was her GIRLFRIEND.

    My hunch had been only partially correct. Apparently it turns out that Carla was not fully lesbian, but was actually bisexual. And she was inviting her girlfriend to come over to play with us.

    She told her girlfriend about this wonderful new toy that we had been playing with, or a "magic wand" as she called it. It didn't take much convincing before her girlfriend, Vanessa, was on her way.

    In what seen like forever to both Carla and I, Leah finally arrived. I could see why Carla had been so anxious. Vanessa was this cute little Ginger, who looked underage being freckled-face, petite, skinny, and flat-chested.

    Both Carla and Vanessa assured me that she was of legal age, but I still looked at her driver's license to confirm it.

    Once Vanessa had arrived, I may as well not been there, for Carla turned all her attention to Vanessa.

    Not that I am complaining, because I had front row seating to the greatest live sex show. There is something more intimate about how two women make love, which is probably why guys are so turned on by lesbian porn.

    I will not go into the graphic details of how Carla and Vanessa made love, because I could never do it justice. Suffice to say that Carla first used the magic wand on Vanessa, then Vanessa used it on Carla.

    The dog in me wanted to take photos and even video them in their lovemaking, but thankfully my better judgment made me realize that would ruin the mood.

    By the time that Carla and Vanessa were winding down their lovemaking, they suddenly realized that I had only been an observer and not an active participant.

    They turned their attention to me, and Carla asked "Daddy who do you want to fuck first, me or Vanessa?" Frankly I was more attracted to Vanessa giving her Lolita-like appearance, but I thought whoever I answered, might offend the other.

    Carla saw my struggle and whispered into my ear "Daddy why don't you fuck Vanessa first, so I can lick your cum out of her pussy".

    With that invitation, and all that I had seen that night, I suddenly became aware that I had the raging hard-on of a teenage boy (ED be damned).

    So I lifted up Vanessa's tiny body, and I mounted her on my stiff cock into her tight young pussy. I began to fuck her in the standing position, bouncing her lithe body up and down my hard cock. Suddenly realizing that I was fucking her "bare-back", my better sense got a hold of me, and I asked her if she was on birth-control. Both Vanessa and Carla echoed that they were both on the pill.

    With that anxiety out of the way, I continued to fuck Vanessa in the standing position, while Carla started to lick out her asshole. I was a little worried that Vanessa might not enjoy being fucked by a guy. But she seemed to really enjoy the dual attention, and we even came simultaneously with me shooting a hot load up into her pussy, while she gushed her pussy juices all over my cock.

    Then as promised, Carla laid Vanessa on her back on the bed and began to lick my cum out of her pussy. Guys, this is one of the most erotic things that I have ever seen. Although I was spent, I began to stroke my cock and was soon hard again.

    As I had been watching Carla lick out Vanessa's pussy, I realized that Carla's bare ass was fully exposed to me. So I started to insert my cock into her pussy from the rear to fuck her doggy-style, when suddenly Carla shouted out "Daddy fuck me in the anus!"

    So I obliged, but I had to thrust my cock into her asshole a little harder than I was anticipating, and Carla loudly groaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

    It soon became apparent that Carla liked it a little more rough, so I started to pull on her hair as I continued to pound away at her asshole, and she cried out "Fuck your dirty little whore, Daddy. FUCK ME!"

    Meanwhile, being left out of the action somewhat, Vanessa had repositioned herself under Carla 69-style so she could finger and lick her clitty.

    So here we were in a true threesome, with me pounding away at Carla's asshole, Vanessa fingering and licking Carla's clit, and Carla licking Vanessa's pussy as best as she could, given the awkward positioning.

    Both of the ladies came way before I did, and Carla was impressed that I could stay hard for so long (little did she know that it was my ED). Both Carla and Vanessa began to lick the shaft of my cock, even though it had just been in Carla's asshole.

    Every guy's dream is to have a dual blowjob, and this one certainly did the trick for me. Soon I was shooting my hot jizz all over both Carla's and Vanessa's sweet lovely faces.

    Carla did get into graduate school, but at our own institution. Now both she and Vanessa are living with me, so we have to keep it on the DL, but it is certainly worth all of the risk.

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    Straight Male / 54

    The taxi driver

    This is a short story that you might find exciting and tells you about my experience with a local taxi driver/neighbour. There is a twist at the end so keep reading.

    I'd moved to a little maisonette about twelve months ago after my wife of thirty years had died after a short Illness. My children had left home and the house and garden were beginning to get too much for me.

    So I found a one bedroom maisonette in the same area but quiet part of town and settled into a little routine.

    After working all my life I found the luxury of doing what I wanted when I wanted very relaxing, however there was one routine I couldn't, and didn't want to break and that was going to bed at 10 p.m to listen to the radio and getting up at 7 a.m , Summer or Winter.

    The rest of the time was spent watching the t.v, reading, going for walks, where I won!d meet other walkers who I chatted to or went to a local gym for a short work-out as I liked to keep reasonably fit and I think for my age was still in pretty good shape. It wasn't one of these modern gyms with loud music and the latest gadgets, but what I would call an old-fashioned gym with dumbbells and old weight lifting equipment. It wasn't supervised, so after you'd had a short induction, you would let yourself in on a key code.

    I'd also sold my 10 year old car as I now lived within walking distance to all the shops I needed, which also helped keep me fit. Anything further away I would take a bus or if I felt lazy, called for a taxi.

    Where I now lived was at the end of a cul-de-sac and like most modern estates, the houses were staggered so that you couldn't be seen inside by neighbours, unlike older streets where the houses were opposite and anyone with their lights on at night could be seen by passersby or nosy neighbours.

    The only house I had a clear view of was a couple of hundred feet away and the only window was the bathroom that had frosted glass. And the front door that had off- road parking. The occupants were a youngish couple with two school age kids between 7 & 10. Like me they had a pretty strict routine and by 7.30 they all piled into the family car, no doubt to drop the kids off to school and then to a train station or to drive to work.

    As I settled into my new life I started to get lazy with the housework and laundry and some days if I wasn't going anywhere I would stay in my pyjamas all day.

    One particular week I found I had no clean pyjamas so went to bed in the buff.

    In the morning when I woke with a semi as usual but forgot I had no clothes on and pulled the vertical blinds apart before opening the French windows that led onto the balcony. As I stepped out a cold blast of morning air reminded me I had no clothes on and I quickly stepped back into my bedroom in a panic.

    It then occurred to me that I couldn't be seen by any neighbours. As long as I put my glasses on and checked for passers by, I could stand there butt-naked, the thought of which made my cock stiffen. So peeking out between the blinds I stepped out and stood starkers on the balcony with my rock hard tool pushed between the railings.

    The urge to wank was too much and making sure nobody was approaching yanked at my uncut prick until before long a thick rope of jism erupted from my aching tool and splashed onto the grass under my balcony. I felt my knees buckle with the exertion and I stepped back into my bedroom and fell back exhausted on the bed. It had been many years since I'd had such an explosive orgasm.

    Sleeping naked became part of my routine and standing naked on the balcony also became part of it. I didn't wank every morning, but I would always have a semi which I sometimes satisfied, especially if I saw someone approaching. Then I would step back into the room just far enough not to be seen and then when they passed I would step out and wank to completion. It didn't matter whether it was a man or woman or what age. Just thinking I might be seen excited me.

    As I mentioned earlier the couple with the children also had a routine, until one week I noticed their car was gone and the woman was leaving earlier with the children and the man was leaving at different times each day.

    I soon found out that he'd lost his job and company car and left each day to look for work.

    Then a week or so later as I passed their house I noticed he had another car with a magnetic sign advertising a taxi company He'd signed on with a local taxi company and was renting the car to earn some money.

    Anyway it didn't take long for them to get back to their routine and on the dot of 7.30 they would all pile into the taxi.

    One morning without thinking I pulled the vertical blinds apart and putting on my glasses stepped onto the balcony with my semi hard tool swinging between my legs. Suddenly I was caught in the glare of car headlights. The taxi driver had started his car in readiness for work. My heart thumped as I jumped back into the room and hid behind the blinds. I peered through them and wondered if he'd seen me and worse still I hoped he didn't have his wife and kids with him !

    He didn't seem to have noticed anything as he got out of the car to wipe the windscreen before driving off. As he drove away I could see he was on his own.

    But this close call excited me more than I thought possible and I imagined him watching me standing naked on the balcony with a throbbing twitching cock and it didn't take long for me to rub myself to a shuddering eruption of jism against the French windows.

    I wondered what he would do if he caught a glimpse of me completely naked, so the next morning I got up five minutes early and waited for the neighbour to start his taxi and âaccident!yâ let him see me naked on the balcony.

    I peeked through the b!finds until I saw him come out of the house alone and start his taxi and switch on the dipped head!rights.Just at that moment I pulled the blinds apart and deliberate!y stood there in his full view pretending the curtains were jammed and waited to see what would happen!

    About a minute of fiddling with the âjammedâ blinds I was about to give up when he switched to full beam where the lights fell straight on me. The thought of being caught with my pants down gave me the biggest buzz I'd ever had and the orgasm that followed was the most intense I'd ever experienced.

    The next day I got up earlier to give myself time to get ready for him to leave, but I sat by the window for near!y an hour before realising he probably did shift work and it would be hit or miss getting him to see me naked again. But I didn't give up and after a couple of weeks I'd worked out rough!y what his shift pattern was and it didn't long before I was regularly putting on a show for him. Sometimes I would make him wait with his engine running before making an appearance.

    Of course I always pretended I didn't know he was watching and would casually walk past the window with a raging hard on or fiddle with my window box making sure he always had a good view of my erection bobbing ahead of me. I never wanked off to completion until he'd driven off as that was part of the excitement for me.

    This went on for about two months until there was a period of hot weather and my taxi driving neighbour started wearing shorts and a tight buttoned short sleeved shirt that showed off his toned body.

    His usual habit was to get straight into the car where he won!d sit and watch but that day he stood by the car and slowly unbuttoned the front of his shirt as he was watching me. Even from that distance I could see a bulge between his legs, but he quickly jumped into the car as someone walked around the corner.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm neither gay or bisexual but seeing a young straight man being excited by seeing me naked gave a thrill I'd never experienced before. Needless to say, my next orgasm was mind-blowing and I even stuck my index finger up my are, something I'd never done before.

    I didn't get another chance to expose myself again for another couple of days, but one morning I saw him come out of the house dressed as before. As I stepped out to put on my usual show he unbuttoned his shirt and making sure nobody was likely to catch him, pulled down his shorts to let his thick young cock spring out.

    He immediately started to stroke his length and pulled his loose foreskin over his purple helmet until throwing his head back ejaculated four or five ropes of jism onto the side window of his taxi.

    He then pulled a wad of tissues out of his back pocket and did his best to wipe off the sticky love juice that flowed down the glass, but gave up as it just smeared the white mess all the more.

    He realised his flaccid cock was still on show and quickly jumped back into his car and loosely buttoning his shirt drove off at speed.

    I just stood there in bewilderment at what I'd just seen and proceeded to give myself a mind-blowing hand job with two fingers rammed up my shitter.

    This was the only time he masturbayed for me for the rest of the year. And of course I didn't always get on the balcony to put on a show as sometimes it was just too cold or raining heavily.

    Now for the twist I promised.

    Most times the taxi had its lights on and engine running when I appeared and I imagined him playing with himself as he watched me, but this morning was different.

    It was another fine warm morning as I stepped out to show him my erect prick. As I stood there the car door opened and out stepped the drivers wife, dressed in a sort of raincoat tied shut with a knotted belt. She looked around nervously before undoing the belt and pulling her coat open to reveal herself completely naked apart from a pair of trainers!

    Although she'd had two kids she was still pretty trim and her boobs were still firm, with the pink nipples standing out with excitement. But what really took my breath away is she had a blue penis shaped dildo stuck between her shaven pussy lips.

    She looked around again, before lifting one foot onto the front wheel and grabbing the dildo started to frig herself quickly.

    The sight of this immediately gave me a hard on and I stepped up to the balcony railings so she could have a clear view me pulling at my old fella.

    Almost together we climaxed. Her knees buckled slightly as she orgasmed and as she pulled the dildo out a gush of fuck juice flowed down her legs and splashed on the ground between her legs in a small creamy puddle.

    I came as well and a spurt of thick white cream erupted from my japs eye, followed by a few more that plopped onto the grass under my balcony.

    The woman tossed the wet dido into the front seat as she spotted a dog walker coming round the corner and pulling her coat shut jumped into the car and sped off.

    As the man with the dog got to where the taxi had been moments before, his dog pulled at the lead until it was able to lick the mess on the floor. I couldn't hear what the man said, but he had a lot of trouble pulling the dog away. Lucky dog, I thought, I would have loved to lick that juice from the woman's crack myself.

    The woman never repeated her performance for me, but whenever I stepped naked onto the balcony, I always wondered which of them was behind the wheel.

    A few weeks later a âfor saleâ sign went up outside the house and has remained there ever since.

    I donât know if things picked up for the couple or the house was repossessed, but I hope the new neighbours might enjoy watching me too..

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    Straight Female / 23

    I have always loved my older uncle. When I was 13 uncle Bill got bad sick. My aunt had to work so it was summer and I didn't have school so she asked if I could stay over and help when she's working. Mom said sure and told me that men can become very horny even when they are sick. Just be careful.

    Well I can get horny to and on my third day without my aunt there I came into my uncle without my panties on. I took off his cover and as he was sleeping took off his clothes. I had a pan of water so if he woke up and said anything I can say I was given him a sponge bath. Got him totally naked and got up onto the bed straddling his dick.

    Well I thought he was still sleeping but he was aware of what I was doing. Kristen you don't want to have me cum inside that tiny little pussy of yours do you. You can get pregnant easy that way. Look inside my second shelf behind my socks and get a condom.

    She picked one not looking to see what kind. It was a ribbed one and brought it over to my bed and rolled it onto my dick. I'm about 7 inches when hard so I asked if she ever had sex before. Kristen said yes but never with one that big. I let her stay on top and it took her about 5 minutes just to get it inside her. Then she started fucking me and stopped almost right away. Said that thing has bumps. I said yes it is ribbed for extra pleasure. Well I have only had the smoth kind used on me. Told her to get busy and see how much she would enjoy it.

    20 minutes later she finally finished and so did I. Kristen said I'll never let anyone else fuck me without one of those.

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    Straight Male / 43

    The HR director where I work is very attractive. She's about 40, very pretty brunette with little round boobs and a really nice butt. I never even met her until recently then I spent some time with her on a project and we got along great. The I didn't see her again for awhile. My wife and I have an open marriage. We have sex with other people and I was of course hopeful about having sex with this woman but there was certainly no way to bring it up or make it happen.

    Wife and I were on vacation at Hedo II. We have been three times now. We're on the beach and who walks by? HR woman wearing nothing but a belly chain around her waist and sandals. She looked amazing. She did not appear to notice me. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. My wife laughed at me and said if you want her so bad go talk to her. I couldn't tell her that I knew her from work. That's one of the rules we try to stick too although my wife has occasionally seen guys she works with.

    I saw the woman a few more times. Pussy was shaved, small tattoo on her lower abdomen, perky boobs, really nice nipples. My wife wandered off with a guy she had already been with. I figured she was gone for awhile so I started thinking of just bumping into my work friend and seeing what would happen. Instead she was standing a little bit away, saw me looking at her, smiled then stopped dead when she recognized me. She actually put an arm over her tits and turned away and put her head down.

    I felt bad, went over and tried to make her comfortable. Told her I would never say anything to anyone, and that we were both there and that it's our own business and she seemed to relax. I went back and sat down. A little while later she came over, thanked me for being nice about it and was much more open. She stopped covering up at least and at one point she squatted down while talking and gave me an amazing view of her pussy. I don't know where her husband was or what or who he was doing but about twenty minutes later I was in his room with his wife and I was eating her out on the bed.

    While we had been talking on the beach I could tell wanted sex bad but was still nervous because we knew each other in the real world. I explained that my wife was off fucking and that there were no worries, she mentioned that she liked when we worked together because I was cute and made her laugh and as she talked, she squatted down and I looked right at her pussy. It was super smooth and her lips where a little thick and long and hung open just enough to expose her pussy hole. I couldn't take my eyes off and she made a joke about it. I made a joke asking if it tastes as good as it looks and she said let go find out.

    Then we were in her room, I ate her out, fingered her, played with her tits and ass and basically lived out my fantasy with her. We ended up fucking missionary with her knees up high spread wide. When she came, she grabbed my head and made out with me and kept french kissing me and whispered cum in me when I was close. Not one to disappoint I came in her then collapsed on top of her, she had to ask me to roll off so she could breath. We fucked a few more times that week. My wife knew I was fucking her but didn't know we were co-workers and I never even met her husband. I saw them together a few times but she just ignored me when he was around. Haven't seen her since we got back but when I do I plan on acting like I always did before. I told her no one would ever know and I'll hold to that.

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    Straight Male / 42

    I'm 42 my wife is 36. She is built for sex and loves it more than anyone I know. She a 5'7 blond weighs about 140 with nice b-cup tits, a thick waxed pussy and a meaty slappable ass. She sucks cock like a champ and loves swallowing cum. As you've probably guessed based on the nature of this site, my wife also fucks around with my encouragement and has since met over ten years ago. I've gotten to where I really love watching her with other guys. I like seeing her dominated and fucked hard. We used to do the swinger thing which was fun but now we've really been focused on meeting guys that turn her on who are very aggressive. Passive guys who want her to take the lead just don't meet what we're looking for.

    She gets with these two guys every so often. They are kind of a team. I met one on-line trying to set something up. He is the type of guy my wife likes. Young, muscular, big dick, said he loves fucking married white women and does so aggressively and from the way he was talking I believed him. When we first chatted he sent me a picture of his dick to show my wife and after about ten minutes he sent me this message "so are you going to ask me to fuck your bitch or not?" which sounds a little rude and pushy but that's the type of guy I was looking for. This guy ended up saying he teams up with a friend when he fucks married women. He sent a few pics and he was also my wife's type right down to a very big dick. So of course my wife was for it, I was for it and they were for it. The guy said that they don't use condoms. If we wanted to get together my wife and I had to be good with that. They offered to get tested as long as that meant they could fuck my wife multiple times to make it worth it. She agreed, they were good to go and we were off and running with these guys.

    We met for a couple drinks, they were all over her which was a little embarrassing but also exciting for me since we were in a public place. We didn't know anyone there but when a white woman you are with who is obviously your wife has two black guys putting their hands all over her in view of everyone it tends to draw stares. I had already booked the room and after about an hour of public teasing she got into their car with them and they all followed me. It was only a ten minute ride but when we got there her panties and bra wear gone and she was panting. On the elevator ride up, then were lifting her skirt showing off her pussy and sucking on her tits. The elevator smelled of pussy when we finally got off. I wondered at the time what the next user would think.

    Once in the room they lived up to their claims. They tossed her around, shoved their dicks down her throat, fucked her face, fucked her in every position you could think of. Barely a second went by when she didn't have a cock in her pussy and one in her face. She sucked like a champ and came like only she can. They had to keep moving her around the bed because she kept gushing making huge wet spots. At one point they had a tug of war with her. One gay yanked her to the side of the bed, rolled her over and fucked her from behind, the other one stuck his dick in her mouth, then pulled her off the other guy and lifted her off the mattress and fucked her harder than I thought was possible. She didn't seem to have any problems handling their bigger than average dicks.

    After a long bout of fucking one guy leaned why back while he was fucking her missionary and spurted inside her. The other guy let her suck him for awhile then he stroked himself until he started cumming at which point she sucked the cum right out of him. One of them dragged her into the shower with him where they cleaned up and fucked some more. The other guy sat with me resting and was laughing saying she has a fantastic pussy. Then he said "I hope your not tired we're just getting started." He wasn't lying. They fucked her on and off for hours, we all slept then they fucked her again in the morning. They both came in her pussy a few times and she swallowed multiple load and was finally worn out. After many sessions with these guys I found out they they both take Cialis before getting together which is how they can go so long. I think it's cheating but my wife doesn't complain.

    We've done a lot of other thinks beside just fucking those guys. One thing I love to do was an idea I got of some web site from another guy who talked about doing it with his wife. I loved the idea and tried it. I meet some men on line and set this up. Rented a room, dressed my wife in sexy lingerie that exposes her tits and pussy, put restraints on her wrists and ankles and attache straps to the bed and put a collar on her and a leash, blindfold her with a real quality BDSM blindfold I bought, and then put Bose noise making ear buds in her airs. These thing are expensive but while there on she can't here a thing anyone is saying. I made sure that she didn't cum at all for almost two weeks before this first night so that she'd be super horny and she was. Before turning on the noise makers I told her that I had arranged for a group of men to come to do with her whatever they wanted. I told her that I was going to hand her leash over to the first guy who showed up and then I was going to leave until she called me to come back. She was very nervous but really excited. When the first guy knocked, I took the leash, put the blindfold in place, turned on the noise and walked her to the door, let the guy in and handed him the leash. Then I sat down to watch. I wasn't really going to leave her alone but I wanted her to think she was. Five guys showed up. They fucked the hell out of her. They strapped her to the bed and make her suck their dicks, they all fucked her multiple times, fingered her, made her masturbate herself, one guy fucked her in the ass while another was already fucking her pussy (a first) and they kept yanking her from dick to dick with the leash. I got my own dick into her a few times myself. Each guy ended up cumming in her mouth (these guys all wore condoms) either pulling out, pulling off the condom and shoving it in her mouth, or they let her finish them off while they stroked. One guy, who was a big guy, pinned her head to the mattress with his huge hand, held her so she could move an stroked himself off right into her mouth, you could see thick globs of cum sliding down her tongue to her throat. Then he slid his cummy dick into her mouth to get cleaned up. When everyone was finished, I left with all but one who took her buds out of her ears and told her everyone was gone. Then he left. She called me a few minutes later. I waited for about five minutes then went in finding her laying on the bed spent and happy. She had no idea how many men she'd been with. She thought it was ten or more. I don't tell her I let her think whatever she wants.

    We have really gotten into this type of thing. Sometimes I just blindfold her up and put the ear buds in and let a stranger come fuck her. Just her and him. She has no idea who they guy is or what he looks like. When I first read about doing this, the guy had said that he lets guys he knows fuck his wife and then he tells her she fucked someone she knows but doesn't tell her who is was so she's always wondering which of her friends she's fucked. I like the idea of this but not sure how it would turn out or how to even make it happen. Our friends don't know we swing and none of them swing that we know of so close friends are out. I don't really have any single guy friends I'd trust to do this and keep it to themselves. I was thinking maybe a guy from my work or her work, maybe her boss or my boss. Sounds exciting but kind of porn movieish. Not sure how I could ever make that happen in real life. For now I think I'll stick to finding guys on-line or at swinger parties and things like that.

    We've tried this out a lot and each time it's a lot of fun.

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