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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    This happened the summer I was 16 years old:

    I was alone at home, nude, reclined serenely on my bed. I was sensuously fondling and exploring my growing breasts. I ran my fingers gently through the golden and brunette brown wavy hairs of my bulging mom's pubis. I also brushed my long golden and brunette hair slightly away from my eyes. I wanted to get a better taste and view of my self.

    I plunged my pointer and middle finger of my right hand far into my vag. I then brought the wet fragranced fingers to my mouth. I tasted myself.

    I did taste sweet.

    My realized my slender athletic adolescent body was gradually transforming. I could now see the womanly curves of my hips. My breasts had just recently perfectly ballooned in size. They were now bigger, firm, and close friends told me very attractive.

    Relaxing on the bed I felt my hard aroused nipples. I saw how my protruding nipples pointed at the ceiling as I took excited breaths. I loved having them sucked. Friends--two boys and even two girls--had individually experimented and sucked my nipples before. I wanted a threesome someday so both my nipples were sucked in unison. But that day in my bed delicious feelings of pleasure coursed throughout my body. I quietly masturbated myself with my fingers.

    I moaned in delight. I felt enjoyable pleasures from my pussy while I softly squeezed and tickled my breasts.

    As I gazed at my body I experienced my own incredibly joyous sensations. I pressed my fingers against my pussy. I pleasured around my protruded little nub of my very excited clitoris.

    I wanted my clit sucked again.

    A close female friend at my school in band had actually done that for me before. It was just supposed to be a private experiment. She played the trumpet. On that occasion her humming and tonguing made me leap with orgasms, me cumming again and again. That was my first time with anyone. I was 13.

    Anyhow, back to that sweet 16 summer day....

    My slender fingers delicately felt and explored my nether regions.

    I carnally spread my already bent legs further apart.

    I spread myself unashamed wide open.

    My pussy was dripping.


    I know I completely looked that day like a porn scene in real life. My very pink pussy lips were spread wide open, my vaginal tunnel clearly hoping to be filled with a delicious spurt of creamy savory cum.

    My body was desperate. I'd been on birth control for months.

    I needed another cock in me so bad.

    I could smell my arousal. The mucous scents of my musk swirled in the air. I fucked my fingers and softly opened myself further, my pussy lips like delicate pink lovely wet petals awaiting further instructions.

    My body felt completely aroused, my female pleasure juices dripping even into my butt. I didn't worry. I would love having some of my juices used when a cock got rammed in my ass later. Fingering around my firm clit and just touching myself in that region of my body gave me intensely delightful feelings of pleasure.

    I was so wet from excitement.

    I needed a cock in me so bad.

    Any cock.

    I listened as the door to my family's front door opened.

    I'd told him to just cum in.

    He called my name.

    I had been excitedly hoping and waiting.

    He was my new neighbor classmate friend, my handsome fun crush from down the street. I had told him to come in. I would be waiting.

    He quickly undressed.

    I told him not yet.

    I needed to suck it first.

    Bring it to me.

    With me still on my back on my bed I opened my mouth. My lips and tongue eagerly awaited his commands.

    He lowered his cock into my envying mouth. His beautiful dick slid perfectly down my throat. I didn't care. I wanted it. I sucked his dick into me. I loved his dick. I swirled my tongue and tasted every inch of his love. My lips pumped and sucked. I sucked and sucked, hoping the tasty cream I badly needed and wanted to taste shot out of his balls.

    He was ready to explode his ejaculate down my throat.

    Not yet I begged him.

    He lowered himself toward my other awaiting desire. I was completely ready.

    I moaned in more ecstasy as his gorgeous dick went slithering smoothly right into my dripping wet tight vagina. It's like my pussy sucked his dick in. My dripping wet pussy throbbed. It consumed his cock, where my engorged excited pussy wouldn't let it go. My pussy hung on to his dick like a love clamp.

    I felt my clitoris moving, tingling, and pumping as he made his rhythmic thrusts with his delicious cock.

    I couldn't even hold out.

    Immediately lightning bolts of pleasure filled my body as I exploded in a tremendous unbelievable orgasm. I arched my back hoping to get every burst of pleasure and juices from his throbbing dick as he simultaneously orgasmed too.

    My breasts heaved with delightful excitement. We both let out loud cries of pleasure. We both spasmed together as the intense feelings coursed lovingly together in both of us. I grabbed his beautiful ass. He gently bit into my neck and we passionately kissed as we each dug our fingers into each other simultaneously as well. It was a union of bodies I had never experienced like that with sex before.

    I could feel his spurts of love cum fill me. I couldn't stop moaning. Our bodies fit so well together. I could feel our hearts beating, his panting chest pressed against my sex-swollen breasts. I had never felt so filled with immense pleasure.

    That summer was the year of my nudism. With my friends I would skinny dip and romp about always nude, sucking dicks and licking even pussies. I tried everything, even anal sex that summer. It was my summer of teen sexual hedonism. It really was one crazy fucked up summer! If people like it I could share lots of other wild true stories!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I've had this attraction to young boys for awhile now and find myself masturbating while fantasizing about sucking their smooth cocks. I would never do anything with a minor but if there's any 18+ boys in Barberton that need sucked off let me know

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    Straight Female / 19

    Hello my name is Stacey . My confession is that I purposely got naked and was masturbating while laying on my stomach. I did it purposely because I knew that the men that were remodeling my parents bathroom were about to walk in the room. I let them touch me and have sex with me. Even though they were not wearing any protection.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    My husband has a job with a large multinational oil company and when we were in our early 20s we were stationed in South America. My husband's job kept him at the office most of the day and he lunched with office personnel or with clients or consultants and I had the day to myself. I made friends with a couple of the wives and a couple of the wives of the American Embassy and we passed the time. At four we got together for cards, at five we started drinking and by seven we were pretty much wasted. The maids made dinner and when our husband's got home we were passed out and asleep. We went months without having sex, but they didn't go a week without having sex, if it wasn't a secretary it was at the whore house. My husband caught a disease and I told him if he got close to me I would cut his dick off. I was 27 years old.

    All the husbands caught stuff, the whores had stuff and they spent a lot of time at the whore houses. We didn't have whores all we had was each other. Getting sexy with another wife or one of the wives from the embassy didn't sound like a good idea. Then one of the ladies met this man who taught tennis. He was in his thirties, in very good shape and when he got behind us to teach us the swing he dug his dick up our ass. We liked it and we talked about it and none of us learned how to swing. One of the ladies from the embassy was the first to go, she asked him to her house for private lessons and she said she sucked his dick for an hour, in the end he fucked her. We listened intently, none of us had ever been fucked by a local man, she said his dick was totally uncut and he had a long thick foreskin that hung out and that once his dick got hard she was willing to suck him.

    My turn came along, pushed and shoved into it by the other ladies, I grossed out at his dick, I had never seen a dick like that, I would not suck his dick and I had to close my eyes and give myself on all fours, I wasn't going to look at that dick when it struck. That night I sucked my husband dry, if he was still diseased I didn't check, I just sucked him dry. Fortunately the stuff they gave him was cured with the antibiotics because I swallowed it all. I told my husband that I needed him to get on with his business and fuck me, I wanted his dick in me. He was surprised but he complied. I swore never again to let a horrid dick like that man had get close to me, it might as well have been a rhinoceros with that dick.

    I told my husband that personally I didn't care if he went to the whores, but I did care if he was going to fuck me with whore crud on his dick so he had to make sure he had the doctor check him out and confirm to me that he wasn't loaded with some whore's crud, and I asked him what he saw in those whores? That man was grotesque I could only imagine what those whore pussies looked like. He gave me something about the mystery of it, shit I told him about the tennis man.

    We agreed that he would stick to fucking the secretary and I would only fuck some expat and no locals. I didn't hang around any expat men so I started sucking with one of the girls from the embassy. Once, all it took was once for me to taste her pussy and I wanted her pussy all the time. She was a bit of a lesbo herself married to this assistant consul and she liked getting naked and she and I became best friends, fucking the afternoons away before meeting with the other ladies to play cards. The thing for me was this, I had never sucked pussy before and she liked it so we spent all afternoon naked in my room, with the TV on loud so the maids couldn't hear, sucking pussy and tits and fucking with some artifacts that we had put together.

    After two years we were transferred back into the home office and my whole life had to go straight. My husband didn't have the money or the time to find some secretary and I didn't find a girl I liked so we had to go back to fucking each other. As soon as we were transferred to Europe I found a girl I liked, but he had to resort to whores, the English ladies just didn't got for this secretary fucking some US Expat, not someone of his rank anyways. But I met this English lady and she was well, just up my alley, I liked her from the beginning. She lived in our block and her husband worked overseas on rotation and that left us a whole month to just suck tits and pussy to our hearts content. When her husband caught on she divorced him.

    My husband and I are back at the home office, we are older and we have more money. I find some secretary type for my husband and he lets me find some secretary type for me. I take it up the ass once in a while, sort of to let him know it is still his, but I never let him have my girl. I don't care about the girls he picks up as long as he doesn't bring them home and the same old rule applies, keep his wick clean, I am not going to suck down some whore's crud.

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    Straight Male / 52

    This happened years ago when I was 48. I relocated to the south and connected with this gal Judy, who was 52. She was a bold one when it came to sex. On our 1st date she pulled out my cock and gave me head. I asked her if she was into swapping. She said, "NO". I thought to myself too bad because my 1st wife did.

    In the early stages of our dating while over her house Linda, which Judy introduced me as being her best friend stopped by. She was the same age as Judy but had tits that wanted to get out of that top. I couldn't help to keep my eyes off Linda's cleavage and Linda noticed.

    Several months later, Judy asked me if I could check Lind's car out. Went to where Linda lived and repaired her car. "I want to thank you Jon", she said. She wrapped her arms around me and gave me tongue in moth kiss. I felt her huge breasts against me and had to slip my hand under her top. "Can I see that dick Jon, Judy said you was endowed", asked Linda. She undid my pants and let my heart throbbing cock out. " Oh yeah baby, I like", answered Linda.

    We went upstairs and fucked all afternoon. Linda told me what we did wasn't right because Judy was her best friend and didn't want to spoil the great friendship they have. "She don't need to know', I told Linda. "We can be secret lovers".

    So for the next 14yrs. I was in a love tri-angle. Until I met this gal 20 yrs. younger. Her and I go to NSA clubs.

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    Straight Male / 54

    The one that almost got away

    I've enjoyed having sex with 8 " fuck-buddies " , during my lifetime ( and I'm not done...yet ). There was always a clear understanding between us , just here to enjoy the sex and nothing else . Whenever one would meet their " Knight in shiny armor " , I would step back out . No-one gets hurt , and this has been going on for most of the last 30 yrs .

    Has anyone ever seen one ( or met one ) , that becomes one of your hearts most desired and you want them so bad ?

    Her name is Taryn , and I never wanted a woman so bad before . She was perfect in everyway possible , for me . I first laid eyes upon her when I was meeting with one of fuck-buddies , she was riding along to drop her off at a nearby motel . You know the feeling you get when you first see the one that makes you want her NOW . " who's your friend ? " , I asked . She told me her name , I then walked over and said " hello " and shooked her hand . I got that look from her that showed she was interested too , but a bit shy at the time too . " would you like to join us ? " , I joked . She blushed a bit , and chuckled " no...not today " . " not today ? " , that told me maybe at another time .

    I found out later , my fuck-buddy informed me that she told Taryn about us . Taryn was going thru some troubled marriage issues . She suspected that her husband was cheating on her ( and he was ) , and she just got dumped by another cheating boyfriend . When most women would swear off all men by now , Taryn was determine to find a guy that would just simply treat her right . I was hoping that " guy " would be me . My fuck-buddy also informed me that Taryn wanted to see how our fuck-session would turn-out , before she decided to take a chance with me . We fucked for over 8 hrs. that day , nothing left not-ventured into . I fucked that day to impress Taryn .

    It wasn't long afterwards , that I got a surprise text from her ( my fuck-buddy asked me first if it was ok to share my number with her ) . We started texting each other everyday , even when I worked the graveyard shift . She confided with me about her troubled marriage , her past fuck-buddies , her long desire to be simply treated right . I always let the women decide the pace of any relationship we might get into . I told Taryn that anytime you really feel the need to get some " special " attention , just say the word and I'll be there for her .

    Taryn has her own little business as a house-maid for hire . Most of her customers are retired and/or of poor health and can't keep the normal house-cleaning chores done . Taryn is a good hard-working woman , very physically strong . Sometimes she would tease me with a text , that she is all alone in one customer house and the thoughts about getting naked and do her job that way . That always got me started , instant hard-on .

    This went on for a few weeks , then one hot summer day , the text that I was longing for finally came thru . She sent a pic of her , totally nude , with the message " do you like this ? " . Taryn stands about 5-10 , 150lbs , full-figured , nice ass , and a big rack ( what I like most about any woman ). I quickly texted her back showing my already rock-hard cock , " do you like this ? " . She told me to meet her at a customer house ( not far from me )and she was alone there . It took me about 5 minutes to get there , and I noticed that they had a nice in-ground pool too . She met me at the door , already fully dressed again ( damn ) . After we sat and talked a bit ( this was our first actual visit together ) , she continued to clean the house . Everytime she bent over ( and her ass was always aiming right back at me , to enjoy the view ) , I wanted to take her right there . Whenever I tried to get close to her , she kept her distance from me ( playing hard-to-get ). The house was getting hot inside , as I was beginning to sweat and I noticed she was too . My thoughts turned to the inviting pool outside . " let's cool-off and go swimming " , I offered . She surprised me with " ok...I'll get my swimsuit on ". " you pack a swimsuit with you on your jobs ? " , I asked . She chuckled and replied " only when the customer has a pool ". Most would let her enjoy a swim , and I'm thinking some old-guy was really enjoying watching her get all wet ( oh well , WE all need to get some ...somehow ).

    I don't always pack a swimsuit with me , and I reminded her of that . I was wearing my usual summer cut-offs and tank-top . When she went to change into her swimsuit , she told me to take-off whatever I wish and meet her in the pool . I kicked off my shoes , tore off the tank-top , removed my cut-offs and threw-off my underwear and zipped up my cut-offs back on . I tested the water , perfect . I quickly slid into the deep-end of the pool and swam a bit , waiting for Taryn . Then she finally showed up , standing there posing like Raquel Welch did in her movie of 10 million B.C. ( if any of you remember that one , she looked hot in her leather bikini ). I was almost love structed by just looking at her .

    When she finally tested the water and decided to jump in , I just leaned back on the pool wall and watched her swim about . She would tempt me by swimming close and took a dive , with her ass humped up ( like a whale going down ) . And when she resurfaced , she was right in front of me , her big rack would be thrusted up and forward . I guess I was too mesmerized by her voluptuous body , that I completely forgot why I was there for . No other woman has ever got me to be hypnotized by just watching them swim about . She finally got my attention by splashing water into my face , " are you going to swim , or just watch me ? " she quipped . I quickly pushed myself off from the pool wall and launched myself like a torp**o right at her . She knew the " game " was on now , as she tried to play more of her hard-to-get game . I chased her all around the pool , when she finally made a mistake , and I trapped her into a corner in the deep-end ( 8ft deep ) . She knew what was going to happen next , as I closed in on her . " just treat me right...please " , she begged . My lust for her quickly changed for love now . I didn't want to just fuck her ( like the other losers did ), I really wanted our first time to be special . She kept herself afloat by resting her arms on the pool edge . My hands slowly slid-up her waving legs ( as she treaded water ) , she felt slippery from the suntan-lotion she applied on . When I got one hand to reach her swimsuit covered pussy , I actually acted like a teenager on his first time and I began to feel afraid . But , as I looked into her eyes , she smiled at me . I knew then , that this was going to be a very special time for us . I leaned into her and wrapped my arms around her waist . When I kissed her for the first time , it felt liked we should of done this a long time ago . She let me slip my tongue in and she greeted it with much enjoyment . She wrapped her arms around my upper body , as we both slowly sank into the deep-end . Our kissing became more intense , and my erection was nearly throbbing and aching to get out ( and she knew it too ). We were underwater for about 30 seconds , as we decided we better take this action to the shallow-end of the pool . She swam underwater in front of me and I couldn't help but thinking how the anal was going to be like later , what a beautiful ass . She surfaced near the pool steps and spun around , with her legs spread wide open . That was an invite that I never turn-down . My mouth clamped onto her swimsuit covered pussy , like a scene from " JAWS " . Her hands quickly planted behind my head , pressing my face deep into her . I finally had to come up for air , as I breached and threw myself onto her . As quickly I got a breath of air , I again attacked her like a shark . This time my wide-open " JAWS "mouth found one big boob . She thrusted her breasts up towards me as I sucked one wet-swimsuit covered boob , then the taste of chlorine water hit me ( yuck ). She never tried to stop me from doing whatever I wished to do . I removed her bikini top and enjoyed sucking each one of her huge breasts , sucking one and fondling the other , switching back and forth . She finally decided to join in on the fun , as she reached down and groped my hard cock thru my cut-offs . I took one hand and worked around her backside and slid down inside her bikini bottom , grabbing her bare ass . She moaned with pleasure as I worked a finger up in her ass .

    As anyone should know , water is not the best lubricant for fucking , specially if women are dry inside . To my surprise , she was not dry . I never did anal without any kind of lubricant ( and I prefer olive-oil for's the best ). As I kept working her ass with one finger , she really got turned on when I managed to work 2 finger into her perfect ass ( 2 fingers just simply tells me that she can take my 9inch long , 2inch thick cock ). " let's save that for later ", she said under heavy breathing . " make love to me now " , she said , with her still heavy breathing . As I gazed into her eyes , I could tell that it was LOVE that she was longing for , not lust . We kissed some more , and I managed to remove her bikini bottom . She moaned again with pleasure when my hand slowly massaged her pussy , slipping one finger in . I was about to slip a 2nd finger into her amazingly moist pussy , when she pushed me back a bit and " not here ...the neighbors might catch us " she said . I really didn't care about being caught by any nosey neighbors ( been there before ). " let's go inside " , as she wormed her away from under me . I was still in awe , when I saw her naked big firm ass walk away from me . " come-on " she said to me , with her gleaming love-starved eyes . I was still in my cut-offs , when she turned and faced me in the livingroom . She liked our kissing as she quickly greeted me again . Feeling her huge rack pressing against my bare chest was almost all I could stand . Then she took charge of the action and dropped down onto her knees . " guess I better get you hard " she spoked while unzipping my cut-offs . When she pulled down my wet cut-offs and my already rock-hard cock sprung out , she leaned back with a surprise look on her face . " damn , I usually have to suck it first ", she said . " I'm not like the others " , I replied . And I added , " if you had to suck them off to get them hard ...then there must be something wrong with them ". She just looked up at me with more gleam in her eyes , almost watery ( like she was about to cry ). I just looked back down at her , as I gently placed my hands on both sides of her head , " but , I'm not against any blow-job " . " but , we should lay-out any ground rules first " I said . " ground-rules ? " she asked , but never taken her eyes off of my hard cock ( like she was speaking to it ). " you know there anything you want or not want to do ? " . " DAMN , just fuck me now...I'm ok with anything " , she spoke demandingly . She didn't want to waste anymore time with idle chit-chat , as she took my cock completely into her mouth and her hands reached around and grabbed my ass and pulled me closer . Most women will want to go slower at first , just teasing with my cock with their tongues , most women are not like Taryn tho . She started sucking my whole cock , like she never had one this big before ( and I never acted like I got the " BIG " one ). She amazed me by allowing me to deep-throat her , as she kept pressing me deeper into her throat with every thrust . " I'm about to cum want me to pull-out ? " as I spoke with my heavy breathing now . Most women ( again ) , don't like to swallow . But ( again ) , most women are not like Taryn . She strained to look-up at me with my whole cock still deep into her mouth , and she gently shook her head " no " . Damn , this was going to be good , I finally met the woman of my dreams . She swallowed every bit of my cum with delight , when I shot a load into her throat . Her swallowing action caused me to stay hard still . When I couldn't give her anymore , she let me out , while she pleasingly wiped off any cum that might have leaked out around her lips .

    We fucked in every position I could think of : missionary , "69" , anal , tit-fucking ( did those " big " girls several times ), rear-entry fucking ...and never had to ask for " permission " first ( most of my fuck-buddies had " limits " , so I always had to ask first...I hated that ). I do remember noticing the clock when we got started , it was close to noon . It was close to 5pm when she had to get home and start dinner for her worthless husband . I made the same offer to her as I did all of my fuck-buddies , " you call me , and I'll come running " . But , it was also understood that she wasn't looking for a reason to leave her marriage . She still wanted it to work-out ( and was hoping that he would confess his " sins " ) , she would forgive him .

    We still ( at this writing ) see each other , just not as much as we use to . Her husband is paying more attentions to her needs and is trying to " buy " her back from me ( bought her new Harley , fixing up the house , going on more vacations , letting her go to concerts and sporting events ).

    She keeps " stringing " me along with " if I ever decide to leave him , it would be with you " . I wish...I really do .

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I was sitting waiting for my world literature class to start. A classmate I knew handed me a paper sack. He told me to look inside.

    Inside the sack was a packaged penis vibrator.

    I asked him what's that for?

    He said it was a gift. If I wanted it.

    I said thanks! I liked toys!

    As I closed the bag he grabbed the sack. He said there was only one condition. He had to see me use it. On myself. One time.

    I laughed and told him keep dreaming.

    So I'm in our class. I couldn't even concentrate. It drove me crazy. It made me totally frustrated!

    I wanted that vibrator!

    After class I went up to my classmate with the vibrator.

    I said okay. What do I have to do?

    He said we go to his dorm nearby.

    He didn't have to explain any more. I had three hours to kill until my next class. I was in.

    We walked really fast. I look back now and realize how serious I was at getting the toy! We barely talked as we walked to the dorms.

    We put a "Studying Don't Disturb" sign taped to the door. We both knew all the tricks, even putting a doorstop wedge under the door.

    I said let's get this party started. The packaging holding the vibrator was too tough to open. We scrounged around looking for scissors. Once out, my friend put in the batteries.

    He fired it up. It sounded great! It looked expensive. He handed it to me.

    I slathered way to much of my hand cleaner all over the vibrator; then, I used some toilet paper to wipe it clean.

    I took off my tennis shoes. I removed my leggings. He moved a chair over to observe me on a bed.

    I put the dildo in my mouth to wet it. It tasted yucky, like new. I didn't care. I knew it would taste better soon.

    I got comfortable.

    This might sound unusual but I really didn't care if he watched. I'd been having orgasms since kindergarten.

    I looked over. He held his cock through his clothes. He looked like a little innocent boy. I could tell he wanted to masturbate too.

    I typically masturbate nude. Sometimes I will leave on my socks. I like to play with my breasts when I pleasure myself. I'm also a slow masturbator. I love watching free porn on my iPhone when I pleasure. It takes me maybe 20 or even 30 minutes to hit my first orgasm. I don't like to rush.

    That morning in his dorm things were just not feeling right for me. I was too out of my element. I was worried his roommates might walk in. He called them to make sure they wouldn't walk in while I warmed myself up by reaching into my leggings and fingering myself.

    I realized I needed something to take me over the top.

    I knew he wouldn't mind.

    I told him to please get naked for me.

    I wanted him to stroke his penis.

    I needed entertainment.

    I undressed so I was nude too. He looked so cute undressed! He had a cute body!

    One thing I learned is for me I prefer normal size vibrators. I have friends who want the monster size, but for me I just like it natural size. The one I used that day was a little bigger than my two I had. It kind of made it different! Interesting!

    I dreamed in my head the guy is getting turned on about me. I don't know why. It just made me especially horny that morning!

    I got turned on when he started jerking off. It was funny because I could tell he was trying not to cum. I started doing everything I could to turn him on--only it turned me on too!!! I used my fingers and the vibrator in myself like I do normally.

    He shot his load. It went all over his stomach.

    I think I set a new orgasm speed record for myself! I hadn't had an orgasm that fast regularly since elementary school! I had my first orgasm in like ten minutes!

    It was funny to see him use toilet paper to wipe up the cum. His ejaculate was all smeared in his body hair.

    I fired off like seven more orgasms. For me each new orgasm usually builds from the previous one. After eight total I felt great!

    I talked with him a bit and stuffed my new toy in my backpack. I thanked him for doing business!

    I do feel bad because later he tried the same game with another toy, but I just wanted to play with someone else. But it is a happy memory of my freshman college year. :)

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I was sixteen. My older sister moved back home from her state university for the summer. My sister brought a dorm roommate girl friend to live at our home too. My sister got a job as a lifeguard at a summer camp that summer, leaving me alone a lot with her university friend. Her friend and I would usually do kind of normal girl friend things. We'd watch tv or go to the matinee movies or library. We'd jog together or go to our local community swimming pool. It was funny for me because I noticed all the lifeguards at the pool would always stare at me sister's roommate. She'd wear a really small bikini, and she had really pronounced boobs. Most people at the swimming pool were a group of moms in usually conservative swimsuits, and lots of children. I'd swim and then dry off on a beach towel next to my new older friend. We'd just talk girl talk. Nothing really remarkable. On morning my parents were at work. My sisters roommate suggested French braiding my hair. We did that for each other sometimes, same with painting each other's nails. I still don't know why. As my sister's friend brushed my hair happened to say how nice it felt. She braided my hair. After my sister's friend started massaging my neck and shoulders. It felt super relaxing. I told her I could be massaged all day. She asked me if I'd ever had a massage. I explained no, I didn't even know how those massages really work. She took one of her blankets and put it on the floor of my bedroom. She also grabbed some other things. She told me to undress because she was going to use massage oil. It would make any clothes I wore all oily and messy. I thought it was really strange but I followed her instructions. I tested on my belly with a towel rolled up by my ankles to support my feet. She put a beach towel over me forbprivacy and warmth. This girl was like a pro at massages. She knew exactly how to relax my body, caressing me lovingly with massage oil. It was all very professional.

    It shows how ignorant I was. I asked her why was she barely massaging my butt. She said breast,butt, and private areas are generally only massaged in more intimate massages with lovers. I told her she could massage my butt. I was okay with that. I purred like a kitten, even moaning it felt so nice! She had me turn over. She massages my front everywhere except my boobs and girl area. It was like heaven! She commented how normally boobs don't get massaged. She kind of went around my boobs. I took some of the oil on my skin and under the beach towel spread oil on my boobs to just get the sensation of what a boob massage would be like. My sister's friend saw me using my hands and said if I wanted and it's not offensive she could massage my boobs too. Please do! I was really curious to feel what oiled hands innmy boobs would feel like. It felt glorious! She explained to me how one massages boobs, such as never massaging usually down, and using fingers to kneed the pectoral muscles. I was moaning more it felt so nice! I told her what else can she do so I learn everything about massaging. I can see now why she laughed. She told me about "happy endings" I'd been masturbating since I was in kindergarten, like every day. I think I was just a very sexual young person. I told my sister's friend to just do it kind of like for a second so I could feel like with her doing it. OMG!!!! It felt soooooo arousing!!! She oiled my clit and ran her fingers between my labias. I got immediately super wet. It was something about another person doing it that felt so nice. She used both her hands, one playing with my clit area, her other hand inserting a couple fingers in my vag. I imagined this is what sex with a boy must feel like! I remember I covered my eyes getting so turned on. I told her WOW!!! Now I understand why people live sex! We laughed seeing me getting super excited. I could tell it was going to happen. If she kept going I was going to have a major orgasm. I told her don't stop. By then who had survived trauma to know who to reach out think it's fantastic the Church lets missionaries communicate more now. It might have helped me to just talk to other Church members because everyone in this world deserves to be heard.I started playing with my boobs. (I routinely like touching my brests and nipples when I masturbate. I told her to not stop like fifty times! I told her it can't get any better. All of a sudden she stopped. I was feeling really bewildered and frustrated. Why did she stop? I was getting ready to O. My sister's roommate said there is something even more enjoyablebbutbits kind of personal. I'd never experienced oral sex. She said she would do it in me. Just get ready because it feels different. She took off her tee shirt and sports bra so she didn't get oil on her clothes. I just remember that memory of her big smile andbigbfirm boobs pointed at me right before she went down in me! All of a sudden I felt her tongue and soft lips. I was in heaven!!! Just soft slurping and making these strange sounds. My entire body was shaking it felt so nice! Then she did the killer move on me: She started this soft hum. It's like her lips I felt vibrating!!! It was to impossible. I couldn't keep my butt on the ground it wa so powerful. I blasted out the most incredible andbintense orgsm in my life!!! My entire body went ape shit. I was moaning so loud our neighbors probably five houses down the street probably heard me. My clitoris felt like it was on fire as my sister's friend as her lips and tongue humming at all the pleasure centers. I afterwards couldn't even move. My friend and I couldn't stop laughin, I remember I fanned myself with my hands trying to cool down!!! My sister's roommate reached up and just held on to my breasts with her hands. It felt just completely comforting. I could barely talk. It's like my body was drained.

    After a while she got up. I watched as she removed the shorts and panties she had on. I wondered what she was doing. She looked exactly like a centerfold girl. It just felt so strange seeing her standing naked rightbon too of me, her shaved very pink pussy just feet away. I wasn't sure what she wanted me to do. She grabbed my wrists and began to pull me up to get up. I was feeling disappointed. I wanted to enjoy some more pleasure. That's when she took another blanket, set it where I'd been resting and lied down head up, her head resting on the blanket. She told me come to her. I was confused momentary until she told me to sit on her face. She wanted to munch on my pussy. For a minute I was like you got to be kidding. Me??? Letting an older girl now do that too? But then I felt the complete wetness and horniness in my bag. I stuffed my clit and pussy into her mouth like it was no tomorrow. I could feel my oiled ass brushing against her perfect tits. I was ready to explode again just living the experience. She started tonguing and humming on me. I was getting ready to shoot off like a rocket again. But then I felt her hands grabbing my trembling butt cheeks. All of a sudden I felt her delicate girl fingers slowly walking massaging me to my pussy. Then all of a sudden while one of her hands was finger-playing my pussy, her other hand was teasing my oiled butthole. I couldn't help it. I just arched back and had an even more intense orgasm than the one just a few minutes earlier!!! I kept thinking this much pleasure can't be possible. She later reached up with her hands to hold me by my boobs to hold me from falling over. I was totally covered in oil but now also getting drenched with sweat. I felt so embarrassed because my pussy was just dripping and smelling the most musky sexual smell I'd ever emitted. My roommate just kept holding me by tits, ass, and pussy as I kept deliriously cumming over and over on her humming mouth and feeling the delightful licks of her long slender slithering tongue. I was literally going sex crazy. I final couldn't cum anymore. I crashed into her loving arms. We tongued and did the swettest sloppiest love kisses. I could taste my strong pussy juices all iver her face as we lovingly embraced and held each other. I had to at times just press on my totally aroused exposed little clit love bud, my pussy just still trembling with passion. I had never had sex with anyone before. I kept wondering how would I ever sexually too this experience. We kissed and nibbled on each other for what felt a long time. I didn't antbto ever let go. Then she said it was her turn. I'd never masturbated a girl before. She liked it more with little finger swirls. I put oil on my hands and started going all over my lover friend. It was so fun. I actually fingered her too!!! Finally she was making all these cute girlie sounds. It really surprised me. She told me to lay with my head on the improvised blanket pillow. I was kind of like trembling still from the numerous orgasm spasms. She put her pussy right into my mouth!!! I held her beautiful oiled boobs as I hummed and went wild plunging and putting my tongue into her lady parts!!! I used my aroused mouth lips and tongue to devour her pussy. I felt her body building up, her body spasming and convulsing, her vag and other delicate sensitive parts just ready to explode like a love volcano. Apparently she couldn't help it either. Her loud sex moans I'm sure also carried a long distance down our street as well! (I'm sure some of my neighbors must have wondered!) We had massages, sex, and made love and cuddled for nearly six hours!!! We both jumped in our hallway bathroom bathtub shower to wash ourselves off of all our massage oils and juices. We finished showering and cleaning up right before my dad got home! I didn't know intimacy to that level could occur. Whenever my parents and sister were gone my sister's friend and I would go back to our summer meet ups. That was the wildest summer!!!! Thank you for reading about what I did on my summer vacation!!!

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    Straight Male / 53

    I got my first sex when I was 13, with one of the girls next door. We grew up together, went to school together, and Jenny hit puberty at about 11 or so, she had B cups by then, at 12 she had C's. By the time I fucked her at her being 13 (she's several months older than I) she had what I assumed were pretty big C cups if not D's. Her younger sister and I would peek in on her in the bathroom and in her room, I got to see her naked since she was 10 or so. The sister would play doctor with me even though she was younger by a year. Jenny started having sex with this 18 year old boy about a week after her 13th birthday. Eventually; it was common knowledge of everyone that she was getting fucked. Her mom was very strict and would have given her a whipping plus not let her out of the house for a year or more. I was alone with Jenny in her house when I announced I wanted to have sex with her and she refused. I told her I would tell her mother about the older boy. She was resolute at first, then when I marched off to her mother coming in the door, she grabbed me and said OK. We couldn't then as her mom was home.

    The next day after school I tried to strip her naked but instead she just took off her panties and barely pulled up her skirt as she bent over. I guided my cock into my first piece of pussy. I fucked her, came inside her and she freaked out. Evidently the other boy pulled out the first time and used rubbers after that. She wasn't on any kind of birth control. She threw a fit along with throwing me and my softening dick out the door. I made her fuck me several times a week for about three months. Sometimes if lucky, I'd find a gas station with a rubber machine in the toilet, if not I'd pull out. She sucked me once but never took a load in her mouth from me, though I know she did from other boys. The first boy dumped her and she was dating and fucking other boys. Eventually she thought she was in love with this one guy and wouldn't allow me to have sex any longer. Her sister wouldn't play doctor anymore as she knew what I was doing to her sister, but she did give me her and my first complete blowjob. I got a few from her. Eventually I wanted more pussy and Jenny totally refused, even though I knew she'd been with 4 guys all at the same time that weekend. I tried to lift her skirt and pull her panties down anyway and just fuck her but she resisted. I finally told her mom that she'd been fucking for several months and had a lot of boys doing it to her. Then I told that she let 4 boys do it to her all Saturday night.

    Jenny did get a bare ass whipping with a switch, I could hear her crying and screaming, and only I was allowed to come over and she couldn't go out. Needless to say, I didn't get to fuck her because she was so mad. When I was old enough to drive I dated Jenny's sister and we finally fucked. I did get her cherry, got the hat trick, mouth much earlier, finally her pussy and her ass. Her body was a near duplicate of her sister. She and I were together through college and a year or so after. Then I moved out of the country.

    I was reminded of all this when I went back to the town where I grew up, and there was a waitress at the diner, it was Jenny. I got to see her and her sister again. No fucking, and quite frankly wouldn't want to, we've all put on too much weight these days, and though her sister looks very pretty still Jenny seems to have had a very hard life and it shows.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I am not gay, seriously. I got caught up in this thing with this guy and I suck his cock. He is a big man, maybe 6' 4", 240 to 260 pounds, black, around 50 and he played football in the Big Ten. I don't have enough experience to say whether his cock is huge, big, normal for a black man. He is bigger than me, my wiener beside his in addition to being white is small. He has big hands, and he humps hard but I tell myself I can take it.

    It all got started when I met him at a conference for heavy equipment sales. I am an engineer in sales and I work for a world leader in heavy equipment. He on the other hand works for a large customer of ours. We went out for drinks that night and we found ourselves at this one watering hole and he put his arm around my shoulders and got close and he just came out and told me that he wanted to see me sucking on his black cock. Like I said he played football and he is big and he is strong and he had his arm around my shoulder and I couldn't get away and he told me he was going to take me back to his room at the hotel so that I could suck on his big black cock. On the way out of the bar he ran his hand across my ass so that the other boys in there would know that I was his for the night.

    We got in a cab and went back to the hotel and we went up to his room and he said he wanted me to show him why the black man should always be on top. He got undressed and got to my shirt and started to unbutton it he wanted us naked grabbing my cock as soon as I pushed down my pants, he sucked me hard taking my whole cock in his mouth, he ran his hands all over my ass, he swung his black cock at me and told me to get started, suck him raw, suck him hard, show him that he was the man, show him what a white sissy I was. He was getting some white pussy that night and he wanted it to be good white pussy and for that he needed me to suck his cock.

    Sure he was putting on as show for me, but what wasn't a show was his big black cock, his cock was too big for my hand and I felt like I was sucking on a horse cock, his cock head was so big. As I sucked, or tried to suck, I hadn't figured out that what I needed to do was jerk him and run my mouth up and down his shaft, but I was sucking or trying to suck and he told me that he couldn't wait to get his cock up my white ass. There were no kind words, he was all about being black and how he fucked white boys and white boys sucked his cock.

    After a few minutes my jaw hurt and he pushed me back on the bed and sucked my cock, unlike me he had experience and he sucked me for real and ran his index finger up my ass while he did it. He used his finger in my ass and he got me to shoot everything I had and he lapped it up, sucking and licking what had missed his mouth. He was hard, his cock was too big, he told me that he liked raw ass, it made his boy know that he was being fucked by the man, no matter what I had heard he was going to get it in, so turn over and he pulled my hips up to him and shoved the pillow under me and laid his body down on my mine and ran his hard cock up and down my crack to get me hot.

    He grabbed me hard, held me down and got his cock centered on my ass and told me to relax my asshole and he shoved and shoved and his big black cock split me open and he ran it all the way in. He loved it, I could tell through the tears in my eyes that he was loving every minute of it, he got to the point that he didn't say a word, he just fucked me until he let his cum go and he slipped his cock out of my ass. We laid on that bed in his hotel for a long time, more than an hour and he told me stories of the white kids he fucked in college, sent them home with their white asses fucked by a black man. Nice college football kids with their cheerleader girlfriends and he fucked their white asses and they sucked his black cock, just like he had fucked me and I had sucked his cock.

    Turns out that he is a real nice guy, he uses lots of lube now but the first time he had to fuck me raw, tradition he said. Lots of lube helps the medicine go down, I grab his cock in my hand and I feel like I have Hercules by the balls, I love his cock, his cock is meaty and thick and his bulbous head gets shinny and when I feel him poking my mouth I know it is time to turn over and let him get on. I know his movements now, when he is fucking for fun, when he is fucking to get my attention, when he is fucking to get off, I can tell when he is fucking to cum. We get together every time I call on his company, his company now is part of my territory. We go down to the part of town where a white man with a black man isn't so rare, what's rare is a black man that big with white man my size, there must be lots of comments under the breath of what that black man can do. Little do they know what he can do, and that I am built to take it and I do. Well maybe I am a little gay, but only with him.

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