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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 20

    When I was 15 my brother was 13. He had a bunch of his friends staying over. They were supposed to be sleeping in tents in the backyard but it rained and they ended up in our basement which was also where my room was. My friend was staying over with me. We spied on the guys which was easy considering the condition of our basement. They ended up doing gay stuff like they all had to show each other's dicks and take turns holding them and a few of them jerked off while the rest watched. I know it was kid stuff and I had done stuff with girls under the similar circumstances at that age but me and my friend died watching those guys jerk off and remembering it later when they were acting so tough lol.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    At 26 my husband and I attended our first swinger party. We mostly watched. Saw lots of people having all forms of sex and quite a bit of women having sex with other women which appeared to be done more for the entertainment of the men although the women involved did seem into it. My husband exposed and sucked on my breasts and I gave my him a blow job in the midst of a group of people. There was so much going on I don't think anyone even noticed but it was exciting.

    We had fun and started attending more. Mostly watching and fooling around with each other at first we finally started fucking each other in full view of everyone else. So exciting but we were ready for more. At least I was. A lot of talk and a few more parties where we fucked each other then one night I'm nude on all fours taking mu husband's dick and next thing I knew a man with a large dick had replaced my husband at his invitation. My husband watched this stranger fuck me senseless for half an hour. He confessed later how much much it turned him on seeing me cum with another guy and seeing the guy cum from fucking me. He decided he was ready to fuck other women as well.

    Next party, I was very open to being with other men. I flirted, talked with guys and ended up blowing a single guy and swallowing his cum when he came while my husband watched. Then I ended up on a bed with first one guy who fucked me and came, and a second who fucked me forever but always stopped himself from cumming. My husband was having trouble landing a woman though, he didn't really know how to break the ice.

    The next party after I had sucked a bunch of dicks and fucked a guy, I started looking for a nice couple we could swap with. Finally found a nice older couple, the husband seemed cool and the wife was an outgoing big dominating type of girl who ended up making my husband cum with a blow job in about two minutes. Then she dragged him to a bed and I went off with her husband. I had a nice round of sex with him and my husband later came back all smiles having been ravaged his wife and cum a second time time while fucking her which is unusual for him in a short period of time.

    So we finally had settled in. We'd go to parties once every month or two. I always manged to suck a few dicks and get laid three or four times. My husband got more confident and started having sex with at least one woman most of the time. When he didn't find one himself, I'd suck and fuck him right in the middle of a pile of people and he'd get to eat pussy or have his dick sucked or simply end up fucking someone else as things progressed.

    Now all that time, I never was attracted to the women. Some would touch me when we were both on the same bed, a few massaged my breasts, a few rubbed my pussy and a few even fingered me but I was very passive about it just allowing them to do it to go along with the flow. I always stayed focused on whichever guy I was with. I just never had the desire to fuck another woman.

    Until one night at a very small gathering, there were more women than men there. There were six guys and eight women and once the sex started I found myself without a partner. I figured we'd all be swapping and I'd get my chance so I just relaxed. The other woman who didn't have a partner came over and joined me. Everyone else was taking off their clothes and getting to it and we were chatting. She was telling me how pretty I was and how much she liked my body and all of a sudden she was undressing me. I was thinking oh maybe I'll let her do a little. Well a little turned into a lot and there was no switching going on. We were together, I was horny, she was aggressive and her touch was so different from a man's I started enjoying her, touching her, growing curious about her body. We were deep kissing and she was an amazing kisser, her fingers exploring me made me so wet, her hands firm and soft at the same time, she knew my clit as well as I did making cum within seconds of her first touch. Before long she was eating me out masterfully then there it was, her pussy, my mouth and my turn to please her. I started out faking it to please her and ended up lustfully sucking on her labia and her clit and tongue fucking her. I loved it. I couldn't stop licking and sucking her. I loved the the taste, the aroma, the silky wetness, exploring her with my fingers. I spent the whole time with her, no men for me that night. My husband was shocked and I found that I was bi-sexual in that I enjoy having sex with women.

    Since then, I've been with countless women, some in passing doing what women used to do to me, simply touching and caressing or just eating out women who like that but don't eat pussy themselves or full blown sex with women as lusty for pussy as I am. My husband has allowed me to get with women on my own at times and it's expanded my sexual horizons and pleasures tenfold. So now when people on the lifestyle ask if I'm bi I proudly say yes I am. I still love dick, don't get me wrong but I love pussy too and there's plenty of each to go around lol.

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    Straight Male / 28

    A while back my best friend's g/f invited him to dinner for Thanksgiving. Ned talked
    his girl, Connie, to also invite me since I was living away from home while in college. I was happy to accept and took a bottle of wine along. When I showed up, Connie was in the kitchen helping her mom, Allie. I could smell the roasting turkey and I can tell you as a student, I was not eating well at all at the time.

    From my understanding, Allie was in her early 50's, a widow who worked as an administrative assistant to the president of a small company. Her hair was snow white and formerly blonde. She and I took an immediate liking to each other and found a lot of mutually interesting things to chat about. In the following weeks, I learned that Allie was engaged to her boss. She was also strongly coming on to me, which puzzled me.

    One day after my last class, invited by Allie for dinner at her place, she greeted me at the door in a T-shirt and pair of worn Jeans that she said were Connie's. However, they not only fit her like a glove but showed what was really and amazing figure. Watching her walk in and out of the kitchen, I began to chub up. She noticed my glances and stopped and said, "Do you like what you see?" I mumbled a hesitant affirmative.

    After dinner that day I helped her clean up and before long we grabbed each other, started necking and she gave me long and deep French kisses. I recall doing Allie doggy from behind looking at her white hair and being amazed by her tight body. She loved to fuck and my youthful strength and stamina made the match perfect. Allie was beyond menstruation and on hormones. I could come into her all I wanted and did.

    Eventually, Ned and Connie found out about us but did not indicate discomfort. They sometimes found us in bed together. Soon enough, I discovered that Allie's boss was in his 70's and their sex life was nonexistent. The affair with me lasted just a couple of years and serves me today with a treasure trove of great sexual memories.

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    Straight Male / 46

    After a lot of online chatting and emails, I met with a gangbang queen and her husband this past weekend. He and I took turns fucking her on Friday night both of us licking her used pussy. I have always wanted to relish in a creampie with a wife and her husbands sperm. Sounds gross I know, but I had an old girlfriend who fucked around and when I was in my 20s I was going down on her and I tasted sperm. She'd gotten fucked at work at lunch and even though it was 6 hours later, she hadn't cleaned up good enough. I didn't like it but it always stayed with me. So this time I got to do it and watch him do the same when I filled her up. She was a beauty, naturally blonde hair, 48 years old with an incredible body, beautiful ass, great legs, and a pussy that really didn't feel that used at all. She's had over 200 cocks fuck her starting with her first at 15.

    They invited me to play her husbands role at an arranged 12 man gangbang the next night. He wouldn't be there, I went in his place and got the privilege of going first and last, and having her asshole in the middle. She fucked for 3 hours, and with 12 guys plus me she took 19 loads in her pussy, 1 of mine in her asshole, and 5 in her mouth. I got to make the rules, and I didn't allow her to clean up at all. At the end of the night she and I stayed in the motel together, spreading towels across the giant sperm pool that was between her legs and spread out across the bed. It was pouring out of her, I was kissing her sperm tasting mouth, and licking her sperm laden pussy, even licked some of mine coming from her ass. All the guys were tested and clear, so I felt safe. She loved a man who would lick her used and dirty like that. For my reward I got the BJ of my life, and the next morning 2 rounds of anal sex again with her. Took her home all fresh and showered and let her husband look at all the pictures I took. I wish my ex would have done this, I think we'd still be together if she'd been more adventurous in bed.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    After we were married, eight years ago, my husband, Jon, and I moved into a building known to have a lot of airline people, mostly the younger, attractive ones. We both formerly worked for airlines and have a lot in common. Some of the people here are far out. We were quickly approached, for example, by a good looking couple, Nan and Ted, that wanted mixed sex with us. At first, we declined.

    After some time they seemed regular and we decided to party with them. That was before they both found out that Jon has an exceptional tool. In fact, he posted it on Craigslist once to see a reaction and people began to steal the photo and use it for their own ads, apparently not realizing that at one point their proper equipment will have to be seen.

    Ted, as it turned out, was strongly bisexual and all he wanted was to suck Jon off. Nan loves to suck cock herself so they both worked on Jon while I sat there, naked with nothing to do but watch and wank. We soon moved on to others but this is to tell you that finding the right couple to fuck with is far more difficult than you can imagine. Age is not as important to us as attractiveness and hygiene. Both are hard to find.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I like loose used pussy. I've finally got my wifes pussy loose enough. She won't fuck others for me to take her sloppy seconds, so it took me 2 years but I can now get a 1 liter Aquafina bottle in her pussy and I fuck her with it everyday for 20 minutes. I know have the loose, used pussy I want. When I want tight stuff I fuck her ass.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 44

    Okay, not sure where to start here. During my younger years, I was an alcoholic slut. I had a situation that turned me around and I got help. I met my husband during this time. But my confession is a recent issue.

    I am a pastors wife. I had been faithful and sober for several years until recently. I was getting lonely, and started reading stories and watching porn online. Then I found craigslist and started talking to a few guys locally. I met up with one, and started seeing him regularly. One of our first meetings, he took me to a local gloryhole, and I fell in love with the idea. I was very quickly moving back into my old ways, and loving it, but also really trying to not fully go back to my lifestyle.

    My husband recently was gone for two weeks for a regional retreat. I stayed home. One weekend, the kids went to stay with my in-laws. I went out with my friend. We live in a suburb of a big city, so he took me to a club on the opposite side of the city from our suburb. I was dressed fairly slutty, and he was watching me dance with several different guys. One of them managed to get me to try a drink. I was reluctant to try, but he kept bugging me about it, until I finally did. Pretty soon one of the other guys got me to try a drink as well. It wasn't long before I was drinking whatever they put in front of me. My friend was just smiling the whole time, watching as I was getting sluttier and sluttier.

    At this point, I had to get up and go to the bathroom. I was having a hard time walking, so one of the guys offered to help make sure I could get there. Once there, he moved inside with me. As I sat in the stall peeing, he stood in front of me and pulled his cock out, grabbing me by the hair and pulling me down on him. Of course, I didn't try to stop him. He was pushing deep into my throat and I was gagging a bit. Once I was done peeing, he pulled me up and switched places with me, sitting on the toilet and making me straddle him. He quickly slipped on a condom and pulled me down on his cock. We fucked for a couple of minutes like that, but then I pulled up off him, slid his condom off and slid back down on him. It didn't take him long to cum after that.

    We went back out, and I tried to dance a couple times, but I was getting very wasted and horny as fuck. We were sitting down again. I was in between two of the guys I was dancing with, touching and kissing both of them. They very easily convinced me to go outside with them.We headed out the door, and back into a little alley behind the bar. They had made an agreement between them already, that one would watch for anyone while the other fucked me, then they would switch. So, the first one took me back, forcing me to my knees and making me suck his cock. After a bit, he pulled me up, turned me to face that wall, slightly bending me over. He pulled my dress up around my waist and pulled my panties to the side and started fucking me deep and hard. As he started to get close, I started begging him to cum inside me.

    Once he was done, the other guy came over. He pulled me up on to something (I'm not really sure what) and spread my legs. As he pushed into me, he pulled the top of my dress down as well, exposing my tits. As he was fucking me, I looked over and saw some people walking by the alley. When a couple of them looked back, I smiled, raised my fingers to my mouth, and seductively (though probably very drunkenly) started sucking on my fingers as I watched them watch me. They started heading back towards us, just as the guy fucking me started to cum.

    These two guys had me on my hands and knees, spit-roasting me. At some point, I must have passed out from the booze and the orgasms (which used to happen to me a lot when I was younger) and woke up to a totally different guy as he was cumming in my pussy. By this time my friend came back out. He cleaned me up and took me home, where he fucked me deep and hard, telling me what a dirty slut I was, pulling my hair back and slapping my ass, until he too filled me with cum. I slept almost the whole next day.

    I can't believe I let this happen to myself again. I can't believe I allowed myself to start drinking again. And now I want nothing more than to do the whole thing over again, and again...

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    Straight Male / 53

    its 1982, and my good buddy Dave is leaving for basic training. i decide to send him off with a bang, so i arrange for my stepsister to party with us. Angelina is my sex slut, an orgasmic submissive fuck and will do anything i tell her to do. she tells me she is excited to finally get fucked by 2 guys at once.

    all 3 of us are at my place drinking. i put a fuck tape in the vcr, 2 guys fucking 1 girl. Angelina is an unusually tall Thai beauty with long legs, tan skin, big 36 D tits, big round ass, long black hair and a sparsely pubed pussy. she's wearing a tiny miniskirt and short crop top which barely contains her huge tits. as the movie plays, she sits between us on the couch, stroking both our cocks. i've pushed her top up and her monumental brown tits are exposed, with their large areolas and inverted nipples that she likes having nibbled and sucked. she leans over to Dave and takes his sizable dick in her mouth. she is now kinda on her side and i slide my hand up the back of her smooth thigh to play with her pussy. she's not wearing any panties, just like i asked. i stick a finger into her tight little pussy spreading it open, in and out, feeling her get wet. she's slurping on Dave's dick, licking it then taking it all the way into her mouth. of my 3 stepsisters, she's the only one who can deep throat and who really knows how to suck a cock.

    i push her onto the floor on her knees in front of Dave and get behind her, flip her little skirt up to her waist, showing off her big round smooth ass. her hair is trailing down her back, she looks so fucking hot and sexy i take a moment to take it in and admire what i'm about to fuck. Dave grins at me and we clink our beer bottles together over her back as she's sucking him, toasting to his future in the Navy. i take both my hands, spread her pussy open and slide my hard cock into her warm wet pussy in one stroke. awww gawdamn she feels sooo fucking good...!she's so excited her pussy starts spasming around my pussy, it feels like she's milking it with her hand, it tightens from the bottom of my cock to the top, i don't even need to pump it in and out. i stay that way, buried deep in her for a few minutes, getting closer to cumming, running my hands over her smooth ass, grabbing her hips, then her tits as she grinds and milks my cock with that magic Thai pussy. it feels so good i can't control myself and shoot a load into her. "hey!" Dave says. "i thought we weren't gonna cum in her". "sorry. couldn't help myself". i pull out and watch my cum ooze out of her freshly fucked pussy. i sit back on the couch and watch her suck Dave off. he pulls her hair and starts to face fuck her, ramming his large cock deep into her mouth and throat. she looks at me with a mouthful of cock, looking so sexy hot, reaching for my limp dick which starts to get hard again when she takes it in her hand. "shit im gonna cum!" Dave cums, she keeps his dick in her mouth and i watch her throat convulse as she swallows his cum in 3 big gulps. she frees him, wiping her chin and smiles at us both, then takes a swig of her beer. mmm, she looks so fucking good, on her knees, topless, big brown tits out, cum glazed lips, she's so fucking hot i love love love fucking her.

    i tell her to go get a blanket and spread it on the floor so we have plenty of room to fuck her. she comes back, spreads the blanket on the floor and lies down on her back, legs spread, playing with her wet pussy. Dave jumps on her and sticks his big dick in her. he's got to work it in. she grabs her legs behind her knees, spreads them and pulls them up. they get a rhythm going, he's doing her missionary. i move over to her face and she starts to suck me off, my balls bouncing off her cheeks and chin. she sucks cock really good, her tongue darting and flicking my cock. "'cum in my mouth, Richard", she says. i straddle her chest, put my cock between her huge jugs, squeeze them together and titty fuck her. fuck that feels so good, so smooth, her soft gigantic tits envelope my cock and balls,she licks and sucks the head of my dick when i stroke my cock up to her mouth. Daves really giving it to her, i can hear him grunting and groaning, her pussy is making sloppy sucking sounds as he pounds his big meat in and out of her, she's got her eyes rolled back and he goes "eeeeyah oh gar aahh!", she's bucking against him, whimpering with my cock in her mouth,swirling her tongue around the head, flicking the spot right under it. i can tell her c**t is spasming around his cock in orgasm and he's cumming too. he fill her pussy with his hot cum, pounding into her hard, then lies still for moment, breathing hard before rolling off of her. she looks up at me, i lean forward on my hands, she opens her mouth wide and i start to fuck her face. i feel her smooth tits on the insides of my thighs, she reaches up and strokes my balls,laying on her back, legs spread, freshly fucked. i have a hard time getting my nut, so i scramble down to her pussy and slide in to her hot creampied pussy, so wet, so warm...oh fuck, it feels so good i slow down and give her a nice screw, tongue kissing her, squeezing her big tits, licking them, sucking them, running my hands all over her smooth tan body, squeezing her big round smooth ass, burying my face in her soft fragrant hair while i also bury my cock in her hot pussy. Dave's big cock has loosened her up but she still feels oh so fucking good, i can feel my nut cumming on, i kiss her as i shoot my second load of the night in her, her legs up around my shoulders, her smooth calves against my cheeks, her long legs over my shoulders, her thighs rubbing against my chest. she's got her eyes closed, she's sighing and her pussy does that spasming grip thing she does when she cums, she's cumming again, i push my cock as deep as i can into her and fill her pussy with more cum. that's three loads so far, and before the night was through, there were many more. Dave and i took turns just fucking her all night.

    so that's my confession: i creampied my stepsister with my friend.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 40

    im a married lady here in uk and im in an open relationship as hubbys a cd and love going to have sex with other men , as i always need sex so much . if anyone wants to chat more with me
    on this , im linda and im at femlady@@mail.**m

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I made a list and there were 342 men and women in the last eight years.
    i suppose most would say I'm a sex addict but the truth is that I just don't see the
    reason to say no. I allure both men and women with a hot body. My face is o.k. but not
    up to model standards. Some tell me I project sex lust. Maybe so. My only fear is STD
    but I take precautions. Probably men do a higher number. I do not know.

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