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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 30

    I love being married to my wife.

    Our early marriage was great, but our marriage has only gotten better over the years, which bucks the trend of marriages going downhill. There are times I will have sex with her, then once I am spent, she'll simply lay naked on my bed eagerly waiting until I get hard again, then we'll go another round.

    We are addicted to each other.

    I remember one night (during our early marriage) we were in the bath and I was rubbing her clit, she was moaning like crazy and kissing me a lot while I rubbed her, evidently my fingers on her clit really got her going.

    Her breathy moaning always gets me going to this day, it's one of my key turn ons.

    I once asked her just how much she craved me, her response was "you have no idea". She loves everything from a good hard fuck to slow & easy, as long as we are connecting in a deep (no pun intended) way, she's a happy woman, and I'm a happy man.

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    Straight Male / 40

    My brother passed away many years ago. He was married to Diane, a petite gal with a lovely face and a great body. Diane always wore just enough makeup, long red nails, and four inch heels to make up for her being 5'2" in height.

    A few years later Diane and I had a brief affair, which she initiated. I think she needed sex but wasn't ready to date just yet. Diane was a fucking animal in bed, she loved the top position but she gave as much as she got. Those long red nails of her's raked my back and shoulders, I could barely wear my dress shirt the next day after we had sex.

    We had sex about a dozen times, Diane would call me at work and asked if she could come over to my house that evening. Diane had four kids and they were old enough to know I was their dad's brother. I know she didn't want to deal with the questions that would pop up.

    Sometimes Diane would have a drink before we had sex, I noticed she was a bit more intense with a little alcohol, and I was a bit more rough with her when she was buzzed. Either way we both got what we wanted.

    The thing about Diane was the fact she was the ultimate kisser! Diane could get my cock rock hard kissing her. Most of the time she would be soaking wet after a good hot session of making out. I could feel those long nails pressed through my shirt at times, I knew my back was going to suffer the next day.

    Diane's calls began to taper off after six months. We were having sex 2-3 times a week, it became two, sometimes. Then once a week for a short time, the calls stopped all together soon after. Of course I would call her, I won't lie, I was addicted to Diane and her body. She had excuses the kids were keeping her busy.

    It was actually for the best, I got a job on the west coast a few months later. We talked often, sometimes we would talk about sex, she said she did miss it terribly, she sounded truthful. About six months later I got a call from Diane to tell me she was getting married.

    I was a bit shocked, Diane didn't really say she was even dating anyone. I had the idea she was seeing someone when the sex began to dwindle between us. I was sort of falling for her but honestly it wouldn't have worked out, I knew that deep down anyway.

    I returned for the 4th of July party that my family had every year. When I walked in my parents house, it was filled with friends and family. Suddenly I heard this female voice that I knew all too well, Diane pushed her way through the kitchen and gave me a kiss on the lips and a intense hug.

    It had been a few years since I had seen Diane, she was a bit older but she still wore those heels and those red lips and long nails were still her trademark look. After I got settled I made my way outside to the large backyard with a patio and pool. My folks had rented patio tables with umbrella's placed around the pool.

    Diane saw me and waved me over to her table. There was a guy sitting there with Diane, it was her husband. Diane introduced me, his name was Allen. He was a bit out of shape, he didn't dress to impress. He wore a t-shirt that was well worn, shorts that had some dried paint on the legs, and deck shoes that had seen better days.

    I was a bit surprised Diane would go with a guy like that, Diane always had to look good and she wanted everything to look good around her, including her men. After a bit of conversation I figured it out, Allen may not have had great looks but he had a great bank account.

    The party continued, we had a cookout and soon the sky began to get dark. People were going to their cars and returning with boxes of fireworks, some legal, some not so legal. I figured I would use the bathroom and be ready for the explosions to begin. I walked inside the house and most of the people were outside getting seated for the fireworks to start.

    The downstairs bathroom was occupied so I went upstairs. I was just closing the door behind me when suddenly the door was being pushed open towards me. I was just about to say something about me being there when I saw Diane's face. She pushed the door open and me backwards a little, closing the door quickly and locking it.

    She turned towards me and almost lunged into my arms. Her red lips found my mouth, her tongue forcing it's way in. Her arms went around my neck, we kissed like it was our last day on the earth. Diane's mouth was hungry, our tongues battled one another. God, the way she kissed me, my cock was already straining against my jeans to get at her again.

    I put my hand to her breast, she moaned within my mouth, I squeezed her breast harder. Those nails, I could feel them trying to claw me through my shirt. I pushed her against the sink, I wanted to fuck her desperately, no doubt Diane felt the same way. I pushed my hips against her so she could feel my hardness, she moaned again in my mouth.

    Suddenly a rapid succession of pops made us both jump, bring us back to our senses. A pack of firecrackers went off just below the window. Diane's red lipstick was gone, I knew exactly where to look for it. She was panting, I was breathing hard as well. She reached for my crotch and squeezed just enough to make me moan. We kissed again, and I knew there was no stopping now.

    I pulled away, spun Diane around, her hands gripped the sides of the sink. I lifted her sun dress and yanked her soaked panties down to her high heel sandals. She stepped out of them and spread those sexy legs. I unzipped my pants and I pushed my throbbing cock inside of her pussy with a single thrust.

    Diane cried out, thankfully more fireworks went off. Unless someone was outside they wouldn't hear her. I fucked Diane like a starving animal, I slammed my cock into her savagely, she kept saying oh my god over and over until my desire was too much to hold back. I flooded her with my cum, slamming my cock into Diane as I felt my cock spasm. I kept fucking Diane until the sensation of release had passed. I pulled out, my cock dripping cum, it ran down the inside of her thighs, down to her knees and we both were panting like dogs.

    Diane turned around put her hands to my face and kissed me again deeply, it's the only time I didn't get hard from her kiss. I was spent, she knew it, she said she needed more. I laughed as I grabbed a towel and handed it to her. I wiped off my cock and she put the towel between her legs.

    Diane told me to go, she would be out in a few minutes. As I started to leave she called my name and I turned to look at her. She repeated again what she had just said, about needing more.

    I smiled and closed the door, walking outside into the darkness. Fireworks were going off in the yard in every direction it seemed. At some point I caught a glimpse of Diane back at the table with her husband. They were on opposite sides, not talking. Once in a while I could see her looking over at me, she would smile.

    By 10:30 it was over, smoke filled the night air and friends and family started to file out and head home. I said my goodbye's and Diane appeared for a goodnight kiss and hug, her husband by her side. Diane kissed me lightly but she kissed me on the lips quickly, she had this grin, I assumed it was from what happened earlier.

    By 11:30 I had showered and was in bed at my hotel. I woke at some point, I thought I heard knocking on my door. I lay there a moment, the knocking started again. I looked at my watch, it was 1am. I put my jeans on with no shirt and looked through the peephole. It was Diane standing outside my door.

    I opened the door, she stood there with this fresh smile, lipstick, makeup, and her perfume just carried me away. She pushed her way in basically, that's when I noticed she was wearing a trench coat. She walked to the bed and opened the coat and let it slide off her shoulders onto the floor.

    She wore this black lingerie set, bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and heels. The heels and stockings may have a chance but the bra and panties were coming off as soon as I could get to them.

    Like always, we started to kiss, my cock renewed with desire for Diane. Those nails teased my neck and back. Diane pulled away and dropped to her knees, undid my jeans and began to suck my aching cock with hunger.

    When I could feel the sensation of cumming, I pulled away quickly. I got Diane to her feet, almost throwing her onto the bed. Those panties came off and I dived into her pussy with my mouth. She moaned and clawed my neck and back, she dug those heels into my thighs until I thought I would scream from the pain.

    Diane came three times and then she pushed me away. She was on her knees, pushing me onto the bed. She straddled me quickly, taking my hard cock and guiding it into her soaking wet pussy with her own hunger.

    I reached up and yanked her bra from her breasts as she began to ride my cock. Her nipples hard as stones as she rode to one orgasm after another. I pinched those nipples, she begged me not to stop, another orgasm followed, one more after that.

    I pushed her off my cock and she fell onto the bed, Diane was practically lifeless. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs in a rough manner and knelt between those stocking legs. I took hold of those sexy heels and pushed her legs backwards and inserted my cock deep into her pussy with a single thrust.

    Diane cried out, only a instant I thought about us being heard fucking, I didn't even care now if they did. I fucked Diane slowly and then slammed my hard cock into soaking wet pussy with passion. Her hands clawing my bare chest, those damn nails raking my skin, hurting like hell, and I was turned on at the same time by it.

    I blasted my load into Diane a few minutes later, pissed with myself that I couldn't hold out longer. I fucked her until the last drop of my cum was inside of her, I collapsed on top of her, those hard nipples against my bare chest. Already I was planning to fuck her again, just needed a few minutes, Diane lay there feasting on my lips, she wanted more too so I thought.

    A few minutes went by and she pulled away, sliding off the bed and gathering what clothes she had, if you lingerie clothing? The first time I ever saw Diane unsteady in her high heels, it made me smile knowing I could rock her body that good.

    She didn't bother to clean up, she put on her panties and bra, collecting the trench coat off the floor and putting it on. She didn't bother to check her lipstick, she knew it wasn't there and didn't even care now.

    Diane came to me, kissed me quickly and smiled. She turned on those heels and walked to the door. Another quick kiss, god I was ready for more already. I think she knew it, Diane said we would talk very soon, she turned and was out the door into the hallway. I stuck my head out and watched her walk away, a bit unsteady in those heels, I smiled and closed the door.

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    Gay Male / 29

    My first experience was working as helper in the garden department of Home Depot. The man responsible for it was a semi drifter named George who liked white boys. I found myself pushed back against the inventory staring at him with his snake in his hand. It was a snake, a black, thick spitting cobra snake. He called it a Billy club. He lived in this long term motel on the highway. He invited me over and would harass me the next day for not coming to see him. He would tell me that he was tired of beating off when there was a white boy he knew that wanted to swallow his black cock.

    The night I drove over my parents were out and I sat alone at the house and I wandered out. I drove over to the highway and passed the motel several times. I stopped and sat in the car for a long time. I finally got up the nerve and went and knocked on the door. He got it in my mouth first but had me get on the bed to get it in the ass. He was big and he worked it in. It was the first time I heard the expression boy pussy. I wasn't sore so much as I couldn't get the feeling out of my mind. I spent the night touching my asshole to see if it was still there. The next day at work he told me that I had to call him 'Mastah'.

    I dropped out of college in my junior year and joined the Coast Guard. It wasn't hard to fit in and I got along well with this career Machinist Mate. He liked young sailors and I liked Machinist Mates. He was white but he was proud of what he had. He said I told him about George to make him feel bad. I didn't, I just wanted him to know about George.

    I did my four years, I learned electronics and went to trade school and got some papers as an electrical tech. I stayed in California and tried Mexican and Korean, but I prefer black. I guess the Alabama country boy in me needs to be around southern blacks, I didn't get along well with blacks from California. I moved to Atlanta because of a friend I knew from the Coast Guard and he was well connected there and could introduce me to the right crowd. I definitely like black boys, but I can get along fine with a good old boy if I have to.

    George was one of a kind, a combination of an asshole and gentlemen, he always asked how I liked it.

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    Lesbian Female / 44

    I have discussed this with my psychologist and with a couple of my friends. My friends are horrified but my psychologist told me that what I experienced was not uncommon.

    I should say that I am 44, I am a lifelong lesbian, I am currently alone without someone in my life. I went to lunch with a retired man I worked with. He is in his early sixties and he took a package. We spent a long time and we talked about the company and friends and then about me. When we got to the parking lot he said that he wanted to kiss me, he hadn't kissed a woman in a long time and he wanted to kiss me. He didn't know about my sexual orientation as that is a secret to all but very few people. He grabbed my face and I moved and his first kiss fell on my cheek. He held my face tight and the second kiss fell on my mouth and he worked it until I opened my mouth and let him kiss me. When he told me that we were grownups and we should go have fun, that he needed someone to have sex with and we had always gotten along and I was single we could help each other out.

    Back at my house he got undressed and stood before me naked asking me to perform oral sex on him. I had never performed oral sex on a man or even touched a penis. I hear his say "just open your mouth, put my dick in your mouth and suck, suck it with all your heart, you are sucking on a man's dick, show him how much you want to suck his dick". I was still dressed sitting on the foot stool in the living room and he was naked, he squeezed my cheeks together and I sucked him. I fell into a rhythm while he talked to me telling me that he was going to fuck me and if I was good he would show me why queers like to take it up the ass. He was very descriptive asking me questions about how wet I was, if I could feel my panties in the crack of my ass, if my tits were hard, telling me to look up at him.

    I am 44 and 30 pounds too heavy but he liked my breasts and he told me that he never liked thin women, he undressed me in the living room, fortunately the dr**es were drawn because I was standing naked with him in the living room. He groped my breasts and felt me up with his hand testing to see how wet I was. He said the bedroom was for later, but that the living room was the perfect place for us to start being friends. He positioned me facing the easy chair with my hands on the armrests and he got behind me and started to insert his penis in me. At first it was slow, feeling around but then he got going with a rhythm. He slowed down and asked me if I wanted to be queer for him, if I had ever given my back cherry to anyone. I told him no and he said well it was his for the taking and he used my vagina to lubricate his fingers and lubricate me and I was a queer for him. In one afternoon, in an hour after I had lunch I had sex with a man, I gave oral sex to a man and I let a man have anal sex with me.

    I had several orgasms, the most intense when he was having anal sex with me and I was rubbing my clit. I lost control for a second and he had to pull out and then reinsert himself in me. He ejaculated in my ass. For the next several months he and I were lovers, he was free most evenings and he would come over to my house, either he had brought a take out meal or he fixed something and we had sex in the living room. During that entire time I didn't think about another woman, I kept the affair to myself. I finally broke down and told one of my close friends who is also a lesbian. She listened but felt that what I was doing was wrong, that he was taking advantage of me because I was lonely. I confessed the whole thing to her again along with another friend one night, I just told them everything. These were friends from a long time, women I went out with regularly, women with whom I had been intimate in earlier days.

    I called my psychologist and went to see her. Her take on it was to go for it, enjoy it, there was nothing wrong with it, men have sex to get off, enjoy the sex. And don't expect a whole lot of hugging or cuddling. He was there to have sex and if I liked it to continue with it. Give him what he wanted, a safe place to come and have sex with me. Yes he was there for one purpose, so what? As to anal sex a whole lot of women were enjoying anal sex and if he enjoyed mounting me like that and I was ok with it then give it to him. To think of myself as a 'piece of ass' and let him fuck me to his hearts content. If I never got bored with it so much the better.

    So that is where I am, I am in this very physical sex arrangement with my old coworker. I just hope he is enjoying it as much as I am.

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    Straight Female / 47

    I love sucking my husband's cock. I know, not very special for a sex confession. But I would do it several times a day, if I could. We are both in our late 60s, but even though some things have slowed down, he lets me suck him nearly daily. He only cums about half the time, but I don't care.

    Each night we lie in bed naked and kiss. Then he rolls on his side and I slide down and begin by kissing his limp cock. As he begins to stiffen, I slide it into my mouth. I love feeling his cockhead slide back and forth between my lips and into my throat. The sensation is both exciting and relaxing. We just lie side by side, me sucking and he moves his hips gently back and forth. Eventually, I can hear my husband begin to breath harder and when he moans, I know he is ready. When he releases his sperm, I swallow every drop. I love feeling the warm spurts of his cum in my mouth. It makes me swoon. If he doesn't cum I will gently suck him and rub my clit until I orgasm.

    My husband calls his cock my protein pacifier. He's right. It's like a pacifier, only it gets me wet and sexually aroused and relaxed all at the same time.

    When I was a teenager growing up in the 1960s and didn't have access to contraception, I would suck cock instead of sex. I always enjoyed it and always swallowed. The guys seemed to like that alot. But once I got married, I stopped doing it. Now, I'm retired and just taking things easy. Sucking my husband's cock has once again become my sexual joy....Every day!

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    Straight Male / 34

    Back in high school days I helped my neighbor to do things all the time. In return she give me blowjob and I fuck her. She was a little sweet chubby widow in her 70's. She always needed some kind of help around the house and she often called mom for my assistence. Mom though I am such a nice young man helping out an elderly lady.

    I know I won't get her pregnant so she was my fuck doll for years. I fuck her in almost all holes, except in the ass. One thing, she was crazy about me pounding her and because I was young I could do her several times on the row. I have leave so much of my cum in her pussy every time I finish fucking her.

    I still hear her saying thanks afterwards, it ended when she because serious ill and moved into a nursing home by her daughter.

    A woman to remember!

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    Straight Male / 34

    Back in high school days I helped my neighbor to do things all the time. In return she give me blowjob and I fuck her. She was a little sweet chubby widow in her 70's. She always needed some kind of help around the house and she often called mom for my assistence. Mom though I am such a nice young man helping out an elderly lady.

    I know I won't get her pregnant so she was my fuck doll for years. I fuck her in almost all holes, except in the ass. One thing, she was crazy about me pounding her and because I was young I could do her several times on the row. I have leave so much of my cum in her pussy every time I finish fucking her.

    I still hear her saying thanks afterwards, it ended when she because serious ill and moved into a nursing home by her daughter.

    A woman to remember!

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    I am married. He is 5 years younger than I am, and I don't even remember the first time we met or the first time he fucked me. I remember a young guy during a gangbang my then boyfriend had me doing. I had been fucked already in the bedroom at a cheap suite in an even cheaper motel by 5 guys, for a total of about 7 fucks. I'd gotten two loads in my mouth. I was 19 my boyfriend was 28, it wasn't the first time he sent in young guys to loose their virginity with me. Cum all over my pussy, my pubic hair, and dripping out of me, some still on my chin, the guy fucked me. I never asked his name, I rolled over on my stomach and just pulled up on my knees so he could insert and fuck. That's what a lot of the guys did. I have big boobs, and they all mauled them or gave me hickies on them.

    About a week later my boyfriend had him up again, and he brought some weed. My boyfriend stayed out on the couch smoking, and sent me and a high Jason (now my husband) into our bedroom so I could let him fuck me without dripping all over the place. He actually kissed me, not many boys ever kissed me, they said I'd sucked so many cocks it would make them cock suckers if they kissed me. But he did, he even asked how to play with my boobs and listened to what I liked. I'd been fucked by 73 guys by the time he fucked me, and another 19 added before my boyfriend dumped me about 6 months later when I was 20. Here was this 15 year old coming around wanting to "date" me. I let him have a few fucks, sucked him, even let him fuck my butt a few times. But I continued with older guys, and multiple guys. My normal Saturday or Friday night was to be picked up by 2 to 5 guys and taken out and fucked. I was a total slut, I'd even let a couple of boys bend me over for their dogs. Through it all, Jason kept coming around. Eventually he wore me down. We both went to college together, him "on time" me quite a bit late. I gave in to marrying him when he got me pregnant and unlike most of the guys who got me pregnant before, he wanted me to have the baby.

    I still tell him stories of the kinky shit I did and he cums even faster when he hears me talk about it while we're having sex. I got fucked for my first time when I was 12 by 3 older boys lying down in the church gym, during a summer bible study camp. I have plenty of stories to keep him going.

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    Straight Male / 38

    Went to a strip club. Left there horny af. A black guy about 45 sitting in his pick-up truck eyeing me. Not really sure what was up but he kept looking and looking. Felt my cock jump. Looking back at him he lowered his passenger window and leaned towards me. I looked at him, got in my car, looked back, got out, saw him starring at me. I walked over and went to the open window. There he's sitting, his pants around his knees, thick hard cock out, stroking and looking at me. I start thinking, he wants head. Shit, I start to walk away, stop, look at his cock. Never wanted cock but up close he's huge, has a big curve going with a thick shiny head and he showing off for me. I say fuck it, get into his car, my own cock is now throbbing hard. He slides off his pants the rest of the way and slides over pushing his cock at me. I touch it, feel how soft the skin is, squeeze it feeling how rock hard it is. I taste it a mix of skin, sweat and piss. I feel it throbbing in my mouth. I start to suck. My cock is painfully hard as I pleasure him in a parking lot. I hear voices, girls leaving work, laughter, I think they can see. He's breathing hard, lifting his ass off the seat, pushing his cock deeper into my throat. I'm like a man possessed, ignoring everything but his cock, he reaches under and squeezes my cock over and over, I'm sucking deep and steady, he's groaning, I feel wetness then spurts on my tongue. He's cumming, groaning and grinding, unleashing his load into my mouth. I swallow, kiss and suckle and get every last drop as his body relaxes. He pulls his pants up, says thanks and off I go with a raging dick and his cum in my belly. There are girls standing around near a car, they giggle as I walk past, one asks if I had fun. I say yes, get in my car and stroke my dick to their laughter. I drive off as the girls wave, find a quiet spot, get out and jerk off shooting my cum onto a dirt lot. After I cum I feel disgusted with myself but later I find myself thinking about that cock again and getting horny.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Yeah, it happens. I got a job at a country club during the summer working the grill as a waiter. There were usually four of us on duty, always two guys and two girls. There were regulars, semi regulars and guests. We got to the know the regulars really well, and we could almost order for them. I had this regular who always tipped me really well, he had just retired from being a commercial pilot and played golf three or four times a week. One afternoon I was down in the locker room and I was minding my own business taking a leak when he came up beside me and stood there himself. He looked over and said that I should be proud of it, with that I was sure to be able to get any girl on her back. He turned and showed me his, and told me that in his day he fucked more pussy than just about anyone he knew.

    It wasn't an accident, he found me in the bathroom a lot, and one day he bumped into me while I was standing at the urinal. Oops sorry, didn't see you there. He asked me to follow him, he wanted to show me a new driver he had bought. He gave it to me, got behind me to show me how to swing. He held me tight with his arms, long after the swing was over. The tips got bigger, a lot bigger. In cash, hundred dollar bills. He wouldn't let anyone else take care of him.

    One afternoon, it was around four o'clock, he said that he was going to go home and watch the ball game and it sure would be nice to have some company. He gave me his address and told me that the game started at seven and he wanted me there. I was sure of what he wanted, it was obvious to me, but I went anyway. Like a mouse about to be bit by a rattlesnake I went. He was happy to see me, offered me a beer, he had the pregame show on, he was dressed in shorts and a golf shirt and he showed me the house.

    As the game got started, as runs were scored or strikeouts happened he slapped my knee and thigh and when his team hit a home run he said he could kiss me and he did. He said I was a good boy and he wanted to score that night, we should both score and he grabbed my pants and told me he wanted to see that wonderful cock I had. He sucked me, watching with one eye the game and sucking at the same time. He said it was good cock, he remembered when his cock was that good. I was back on my back on the couch and he was kissing me and stroking me with his hand.

    He wanted me to get naked and stand in front of him while he played with, stroked and sucked me. He asked me to turn around and he ran his hands all over my behind, reaching around to stroke me. He kept getting me hard, and then letting me cool down, and hard again with his hands and his mouth. He got naked, he was in good shape more or less and his cock was respectable. He got hard when I sucked him and he told me that his cock had been in more pussy than he could remember, but pussy just got old after a while. Once he discovered cock, he couldn't go back.

    In the ninth inning, his team was ahead, after he had made me cum by stroking me and sucking me, he asked me to stand and bend over and put my hands on the coffee table. He took a wet towel and wiped my ass and put his mouth and tongue to me. He said he wanted to get me ready for the big end game. He let me hold his cock while he rubbed lotion all over me and fingered me. He stood up and said he was going to enjoy this, he always did and hoped I got pleasure out of it too. He got behind me and after a couple of minutes he was sliding his cock in me. I told him it felt good because it did. It felt good.

    He left me great tips, and helped me find a good car to buy before I went back to college the next semester. I went over to watch football when I was home in the fall, and he made sure I always had spending money.

    As of today I have never sucked another man, or much less let another man fuck me. It is not that I am against it, I just am not attracted to it. I am attracted to girls. Sometimes I get the need for them to touch me or finger me, but when you try to broach the subject they back off pretty fast. I have gotten one girl to let me touch and finger her ass, but not the other way. But I do like getting it on with him, I enjoy that. He is always glad when I go over to see him. He stays in pretty good shape for a 68 year old man.

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