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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 18

    I'm a pretty big girl, with really big boobs I don't shave down below like most girls do because I'm blonde down there and I think that's pretty special so it seems my boyfriend liked it that way. He had me do everything sexual he wanted, and after about 6 months he was done with me. He was my first. The first BJ, sex, anal, between my boobs, swallowing, stripping and doing it in front of windows, outside in parks etc. Then he was just through. I went to a bar that I didn't belong in, and let three guys take turns with on the parking lot with me laying on the backseat and the door open they all took turns. They all came back to my place with me and I sucked and got fucked all night. One left around 2am and this morning the other two came away and both did it in my ass. My breath smells of sperm, I have it in my hair (both on my head and below) it's dripping out of my vag and out of my ass, it's all over the sheets. Only 1 guy in 16 years and now after one night I've had 4 total. I had a ton of fun, I actually orgasmed from the sex, unlike with my boyfriend. I'm a big girl slut and I like it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I have a serious question and would like your help to better understand my issues. All

    my life, starting at about 8 years old (I'm 59 now) I have been turned on by BDSM, even before I knew what it was, I was having
    fantasies about being tied up, humiliated and punished.

    When I reached puberty these things started sexually exciting me. I also started fetish crossdressing at this time. Even though I
    had sisters and access to their things, I gravitated towards my mother and grandmother's garments. Even though I had
    access to their hose, panties, slips, dresses and shoes, I was drawn to control briefs, girdles, matronly swimsuits and swimcaps
    with a chin strap. Now it has been over 50 years and I still am a BDSM submissive, I like to take kinky sexual risks, I still like
    humiliation and I still am turned on by the same fetish items.

    One other thing. In my late teens I started to exclusively be attracted to older, plumper
    women about 10-20 years older than me. In
    my teens and 20's I was attracted to women in their 30s & 40s. The age of the women progressed as I grew older and now that I'm
    in my late 50s, I am turned on by women in their 60s & 70s.

    I have never met anyone who admitted liking the same things I like. Am I unusual in respect to my fetishes and taste in women?
    Also, what are some possible reasons I have been this way over 50 years?

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    Short story. I was eighteen driving to my first semester in college in the Appalachians. I had my grandmother's old Buick and It was full of clothes, tennis racket, guitar and other freshman junk. Along the way I stopped at a Denny's to eat. I sat alone in a booth.

    A man came over, he said he was driving through and saw that I was eating alone and maybe I needed company. He talked a lot and got me to talk a lot and talked about guys a lot. He told me about his worst hard on when he was in the Army. He told me that he used to get hard ons in school. That one day he and a friend had compared hard ons. He asked me if it was the same with me, if I ever had sword fight with a friend. He told me that all that talk was giving him a hard on.

    He got up and went to the bathroom and when he came back he told me to mover over and sat beside me. He talked to me with his mouth very close, he said that all that hard on talk made him feel like he needed some company. He put his hand on my leg and asked for the bill and he paid. While the waitress took the bill away he put his hand on my lap and asked me if I wanted to experience the best hard on of my life because he was ready.

    To say I was confused and I didn't know what to do is the least of it. We sat there for a while with his hand in my lap feeling me. I got a hard on while he was doing it. He asked me to unzip my pants so he could hold my naked dick. He told me that he wanted to give me the treat of my life, that he bet I had never had a real blow job. He put his arm around my shoulders and we got up and he walked out of the Denny's into the parking lot, he showed me his car and told me that we would come back for mine a bit later.

    Sitting in his car, he reached down and put his face in my lap and asked me if I lied that. He backed out and put the car in gear and held his hand in my lap and we drove to this motel an exit down. In the room he sat on the bed and lowered my pants and gave me a long blow job. He undressed and had me give him a blow job. We sucked each other and he got close to me and started to make love to me, kissing me and running his hands all over me, grabbing my dick now and then and rubbing his dick against me. He told me that I was the boy and he was the man and I knew what that meant.

    I sucked him hard. He used this Vaseline stuff on me and told me to lay on my back that he liked kissing when he fucked. I let him open my legs, he told me to hold on to my dick and he slipped his dick all the way in. When he was in he would lean over and kiss me, and stand back up and fuck me, and lean over and kiss me. All my dreams of fucking some girl in college and that afternoon I was the girl getting fucked in the motel room. After he finished he told me to get to the bathroom and wash myself, that was one of the problems with boy fucking, you always have to wash off afterwards. While I wiped myself he washed his dick in the sink. He told me to sit on the toilet and he washed his dick and gave it to me to suck to make sure he was clean. Then he told me to stand, he sat on the toilet and he told me to bend over, he washed my ass and then licked me for a while. He told me that there was nothing better than sucking a just fucked ass.

    An hour later he had taken me back to the Denny's and I got in my car and he wished me good luck in college and to remember, go both ways, its good to fuck a girl, but once in a while it is good to get ahold of hard on. I have never been successful at picking up a guy at a public place. Seems that the only place to get my hands on a hard on is to go down to this gay bar and grill and hang around and hope to get lucky. I am known there, and the guys know that I am looking for a fuck for the night. I don't know if I am lucky or they are lucky. But that is where I go when I need to suck on a hard on.

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    Straight Female / 22

    I was r**ed in college by four sex crazed girls. It was supoused to be a girls get together party that turned into lesbian sex. I was surprised they had invited me because I hardly knew any of them personally. They were all sharing rent in a house near to the univescity. After a few laughs and drinks, two of them began sexually seducing me asking me if I had ever had group sex with other girls. I was lost for words when one of them grabbed my breast and slipped her hand under my skirt right up to my pussy. "Better than doing it with a guy" and began slipping them off with her girl friends pinning me against the back of the sofa. Nothing I could against their tight grip or getting my legs forced apart. Seemed like all of them craved for a piece of me and got orally r**ed, anally penetrated with a vibrator with a face smeered in pussy juice. Remember one of them sitting on my face moving her hips while holding my head telling me to suck harder. Never forget the taste and smell of her crotch. Worked over for something like and hour constantly thinking about my boy friend finding out. Video taping me was their insurance of forcing me to keep quiet, which was something I wouldn't have done anyway. Just thinking what they would with it horrified me and still does.

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    Straight Male / 47

    I married my 3rd wife 18 months ago. She is sexy and 12 years younger than me. We met at a party and had sex on our first date. She had been married twice before also so I knew she had lots of guys before me. We never discussed cheating or such but we are both aware of what goes on in this open sex world.

    Four months ago I realized she was having sex with her boss who is black. Actually she was having sex with him long before we met. No, she did not tell me, but I did not ask either. I did know her boss was black. Her salary might have given me a clue because secretaries normally don't get paid that much.

    Well, how I found out was one day after work I was horny and wanted sex and I often go down on her before intercourse. Well, I went down on her and Oh my, she was soaking wet with his cum and she locked her legs over my shoulders so I could not pull up. I heard her say, Oh, yeah, baby, take it all. The taste was unmistakable although I had never really tasted it before. I don;t know why but somehow as she was saying, yeah, eat it baby, I was getting more and more aroused by the second. Suddenly, I had a huge climax and came all over the bed.

    She had a huge climax also and she let me up. She said, you liked that didn't you? I did not answer but I said, your boss did you, didn't he? She then told me that she had been having sex with him for over 2 years. She asked, does that bother you? I thought for a minute and finally said, no, not really but I kind of wished you had told me.

    Well, now it was out in the open. The next step was to bring him home! She told me she had invited him over and we would have some drinks, smoke a little grass and see what happens. The whole idea had me strangely aroused. I like him. He is in his late 30's, nice looking, well educated, married and a smart businessman. Well, as the evening progressed I watched as he felt my wife's boobs and kissed her in front of me. My wife had her hand in his crotch and soon she unzipped him revealing a very nice 8 " cock. I could not help staring at it. I was so high. My wife did not say anything but she pulled me down and guided my face into his crotch.

    As a totally straight man I was being talked into sucking his cock. And suck I did and he held my head so he would give me his load and I had to swallow it all. My wife was so pleased at what I did and told me she had wanted me to do that for a long time.

    Since that night we have had several more "parties" and of course it has taken my a lot further down the road to fagsville. This would never have been a choice for me but events and coaxing, along with natural arousal has delivered me to a world I truly enjoy.


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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I was at my apartment in my bed. My boyfriend nocked on the door so I came and let him in. We spoke and did normal couple things and ate lunch. A little bit after, he got what I call âcuriousâ ;) as I climbed into bed getting ready to watch a movie with him, he started kissing me. He escalated quickly and tied my hands to the bed. He whispered in my ear âare you ready for this?â. At this point I was extremely horny. He ripped my shirt off and my pants, leaving my panties on. Next he tied my legs, pulled apart to the either side of the bed. He began to tease me. He gently stroked my panties, where my clit was tucked away underneath. He began to slowly stroke my thighs. Then, he pulled my pain toes down, slowly and carefully, and began to suck my pussy. The feeling I had in that moment was unreal. It felt so good. Next he grabbed his fingers and began to finger me. I was moaning aggressively and I became so wet. While fingering me, he grapped his spare hand and started feeling my boobs. He looked up and started sucking in my nipples - one hand still fingering my pussy. It felt good, really good. Since he tied me up, I couldnât stop him. So he just kept going for who knows how long. He wa sin control, just how I liked it. Shortly after he finished fingering me, he grabbed his dick and started inserting it slowly, every moan I let out, he was get faster. It was like I was dreaming. I was so wet, cumming all over his dick.

    Ladies, if you find a boyfriend like this, cherish him.

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    Straight Female / 33

    I am a 33 year old pediatric nurse. I work for a physician's group practice. I am married and have one child, a girl.

    A nurse that works with me is my friend. She has introduced me to woman on woman sex. We do it to have fun, but the truth is that I really enjoy it. Sex play with her is far more satisfying than sex with my husband. She says the same thing. We used to primarily have genital stimulation, massage, penetration with toys, but now we perform oral sex and we have breast play, which is surprisingly satisfying and good. She is 36, married and has two kids, boys.

    We have used videos to expand our horizons, but it is difficult to find true videos of women like ourselves that are still in the discovery stage. And we don't really care for any of the BDSM stuff.

    We have Wednesday afternoons off, and that is the day we go to lunch and go to her house and play around. I am quite comfortable now, getting nude with her and delivering myself to her. She takes the lead, but once I am all hot I take the lead at times. She got started in college and has always enjoyed having a girlfriend. She is my first girlfriend and girl sex partner.

    We have started kissing and embracing as part of foreplay. It is intimate and it was hard to do, but a few minutes of intimate kissing really gets me in the mood.

    That is where we are.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    I went to a small college, three thousand kids. At college I met this girl. She and I became friends and in our sophomore year we moved off campus. By and by we met this guy, he was a guy on the never get out of college track, but he got our number and he needed a place to live, cheap, and he convinced us to let him live with us. I moved in with my roommate and he moved in to my room. We had the on suite bath, and he had the hall bath.

    He walked around naked, between his room and the bath. Right in front of us. He came into the kitchen, got his coffee, stood there naked while we had small talk. One day, he got a boner talking to us. We got uncomfortable. He had a boner and he told us that probably meant that one of us was in heat. He chose me, he needed relief and he chose me. All I had on was a nightgown, he got my panties off. I managed to get on my stomach, but he kneed my legs open and got on my back and slipped his boner in me. Slipped it in and did his thing and he came fully in me. Being on my stomach didn't help.

    After that morning it was open season on me. Day after day, some morning sex before getting ready to go to class, some afternoon sex after class and some nighttime sex with me sleeping with him all night. It didn't stop. It went on, week after week, day after day, and month after month.

    One of those nights, I had exams the next morning so I told him he had to leave me alone. I went into my bedroom to study. He was left alone with my roommate. She says that he started by looking at her funny. Checking her out. Following her. She told him to stop, she wasn't his girlfriend. He grabbed her in the kitchen where there isn't much room to escape, he kissed her hard on the mouth and got his hand down her back and started to feel her butt crack with his finger. He poked her to make her push up close into his arms. He got her hard against the counter and she had to open her legs for him to hold her tighter and he kept on kissing her, until she had her legs wrapped around him. She says she knew she was in trouble, he took her top off and pulled her down off the counter and took her to his room and had sex with her.

    That he cheated on me he cheated on me. That it was my roommate should not have mattered, but it did. She had been left out, and now she wasn't. We were second semester sophomores and we had a guy who went after us and made us tremble until he caught us and we had sex with him. Just touching us made us tremble. Sometimes he would touch us in our crotch area, just reach down and touch us. Our legs trembled, it wasn't voluntary. Sometimes he had us touch him in the crotch area, so we knew what was coming to us. It was a wild time, he now had sex with us in our room, and sometimes he didn't leave and insisted on sleeping with us.

    Our sex life in college was not normal. Not many girls did it together, we did it together almost every time. Time and money was running out for him, and he had to graduate and we had a wake the day he left us. We had another year and half to go. We could not, and did not, allow another boyfriend into our lives. We got closer and started sleeping embraced, started to cup each other's breasts and fannies and eventually started to have sex. Sex between us was to fill a void in our life. It was an intense year, we had been having sex with him, so having sex together wasn't that strange to us.

    Long after we finished college and we were out and about we did not find boyfriends. We just never got interested. We went to Colorado one summer break, we are both teachers now, and we met up with our college boyfriend and his wife. It was weird. The feelings were definitely there. We were in heat for him. But his wife was there and she talked like she knew about our rooming situation in college and it was a pleasure to meet us. That is the last time we saw him. It is just us two lonely birds now, finding love in each other's arms. Sometimes we can't get enough, sometimes we struggle, it is hard to get satisfied. Sometimes we miss our college days. But most of the time we are quite content, being roommates and all that goes on when you sleep together.

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    Straight Female / 21

    I witnessed a guy getting a birthday spanking for his birthday. He was the only one that didn't know what his friends were planning to do. I never thought they were going to pull his pants and underwear and paddle his butt red with his dick hanging out underneath him. There were 15 girls in the party getting turned on watching his dick blow up into a full boner. It was swingging from side to side with every smack of the paddle and girls squatting for a better look. I still remember him held up in the air, with his pants and undies around his ankles and girls having a party looking at his dick. A nice big juicy one that you couldn't miss.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 42

    My 18 year old daughter and I make love all the time. It started a few years ago in winter when she came to my bed wanting warmth during a powerfully cold night. It was so natural and felt so wonderful we made a habit of it. We used to do it only at night but now go for it when we are alone in the house.

    I recently became engaged to my second man, a bright, open man. I told him and he said it was not a new thing to him to hear and he was fine with it. Down the line, maybe we can enjoy a threesome. I know that men go nuts for mother-daughter scenarios. That's all I have to report here, at this time.

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