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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 49

    I have friend that I have known for over 37 yrs. We got really drunk at a bachelor party. On the way home he said the movies we watched made him horny. He then asked if I would go to a hotel with and jerk off. I was like, screw the hotel and found a seluded spot. We jerked off a litt6 and asked if could suck my cock. I was wasn't sure at first but I let him. I stopped him because I wanted to try sucking his cock. It was so silky smooth and I found I liked it. I could tell he was going to cum, then he kept saying it, thinking I would no continue to suck his cock. He came in my mouth and I found I liked it. Since then he and gave each blowjobs over the years. I haven't sucked his cock in a years but I still think about it and would blow him again at any chance. He's now divorced. And I am still mareied6. Wife doesn't know about it at all, probably would not understand. I see nothing wrong with enjoying sex even with another guy

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    My bedroom window looks down into my neighbours bedroom and I have a perfect view of his bed and always watch him jerk off and fuck his girlfriend. He looks like he has a big cock from my view. His girlfriend is also very hot. Tiny petite little red head. She can deep throat him pretty good. Sometimes my friends watch with me and we all jerk off together at the window. Sometimes when I finish first Iâll cum on one of the other dicks then give them a blowjob.

    The best time was when I could see him and another guy in there together watching his girlfriend or some girl dance for them. That was really hot. I fantasize about testing him a video of him and his gf one night and him being cool with it an inviting me over.

    Iâve always loved watching people. It definitely goes back to being a kid and spying on my mom with the guys sheâs being home from the bar. I loved spying and seeing her being used by these strangers. One time she had three guys over at once and they just took turns fucking her I loved it. When I was 16 me and my friend found videos on her laptop of her with many many men. We must have watched all the videos Jay night jerking off together. The hottest video I found was my mom and her conworkernon their knees surrounded by cocks all pissing on them and they were swallowingnit and gurgling it. Thatâs always gets me so ready to cum imagine my mom with a mouthful of piss. Iâm 18 now and my gf is 15 and Iâm getting her into lots of things. I really like watching her suck two dicks at once. She likes it too. Iâd love to work our way up to like 20 that would be super hot. Sheâs into it too, she lost her virginity at 13 to two 25 year old guys at the same time. I get so hard thinking of that. I went on a cruise when I was 14 and ended up sucking off two kids my age while an older man watched and jerked off. I also watched him and a girl my age have sex in a private hot tub. After he came in her he got me to eat his cum out of her while he rubbed his cock against my ass

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    Straight Female / 19

    I really should stop smoking so much. Instead of paying for my weed, I just suck my dealerâs big black dick every time.

    Itâs starting to become a ritual now: I meet him at the park every other day, suck his dick til he cums, then I get my weed.

    He tried to offer me a whole ounce of I let him fuck me. I told him no because that dick will split me in half.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    No shy retiring girl, I got fucked the first time when I was 15 it was the same guy I sucked off the next day. Now at 19 I've been with 22 guys. Last weekend I was drunk at a party, a bunch of us girls took off our tops, some took off their bottoms too and were totally nude. As more drinks were consumed, and I got very drunk, I took a dare and put my face between a girls legs and started licking her pussy, eating her to 3 orgasms. Then she had me down on the floor pushing up my skirt, pulling down my panties and started licking me. I went the rest of the night with no panties on, no shoes, no top just my mini skirt and not really caring who saw my brown hair below or my ass. Guys were fingering me, kissing me, and even fingering my butt. The girl I had sex with took me in a dance and we danced real slow, she had her hands all over me. We were kissing on the dance floor, and after I ate her once more. She asked for a date and we went out two nights later. She paid for the meal and the movie, and we were back at her place. The thing is after she left the party, I ate two more girls, and I really liked doing it. I like tasting other girls pussies and want more of it. I've make love to the first girl 3 times now. I'd never done anything until that party but I knew from the first taste of her I wanted more.

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    Straight Male / 45


    I met this beautiful long haired permed redhead at the pet shop. What a knockout she wore these wire rimmed glasses ANDREA is her name, a tall woman with long legs and a sexy hot small ass. I had to have her. She in her early twenties.We talked a lot when I came in and asked her out. She accepted and we went out this weekend for a few drinks and got to know each other a little better. We danced and listened to music having a good time. I held ANDREA tightly to me as we slow danced. She smelled so sexy.Outside as we were leaving we locked lips together sticking my tongue down her throat as if I was readying her for my 7'' cock but not tonight she said as she was having a heavy menstrual period.But next date I will be ready for you. I told ANDREA to wear something dressy as I was taking her out to a nice place for dinner.I picked her up as she lives with her mom. She was wearing a tight zebra short dress with fishnets and matching 5''zebra high heels. SHE looked great with that long red permed hair flowing to her waist. As we were driving I noticed ANDREA kept tugging at her fishnets.I took a little detour to my place and told ANDREA that I had something to solve her fishnet situation. I gave her a black zebra waist cincher with 6 garters to hold her fishnets in place. She loved it.We had dinner and some wine then we went back to my place for some good loving. As I helped ANDREA out of her dress I could not wait to have her.Next off came her bra showing her pink nippled small breasts then her black thong finally seeing her firey red hot bush . She undid my pants releasing my 7'' hard cock, taking it in her mouth licking and sucking me. I had her lay on the bed getting between her thighs kissing my way up to her glorious red haired mound licking and inhaling her sweet pussy. Her clit was so excited as I ate her. Now it was time to get inside her .She was tight as I eased my cock in her c**t little by little finally getting it all in and began pumping her real good.ANDREA loved the way I was doing her.Now I flipped her over wanting to see that hot little ass as I slipped in her from behind loving that beautiful long red hair of her's
    I felt ANDREA cumming soon having a good orgasm.We were far from done as ANDREA mounted me riding my 7'' cock like no tomorrow. Boy does she like to fuck.Finally I shot my load deep inside her tight pussy.ANDREA is a very hot and sexy woman who I enjoy fucking. She is my first redhead and a true redhead at that.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22


    My mom and I are real close we look very similar about 5'8 tall with long luscious legs and long shoulder length blond hair. Great toned tanned bodies with full breasts,mom's a natural 36DD and mine a full 34D. We dress very much alike love showing off our beautiful long legs.We also are very horny women who love having sex.Mom is 39 years old and I'm 22 years old. People say that we look like sisters.
    One evening as we were getting ready to go out for the night I asked my mom if she had an extra black seamed nylon as mine had a run in one she gave me a new pair as she always buys the best nylons. As I was in mom's bedroom I noticed that mom had a very sexy outfit on her bed as she was putting on her makeup to look super sexy. On her bed was a leopard 6 strap garterbelt matching bra and thong nude stockings with black welts and seams with a short leopard skirt to go with her 5'' leopard high heeled pumps and a low cut tan top to show her cleavage with a leopard ascot. I said mom looks like you're gonna get laid tonight. She said DARLENE I'm going for the big one tonight and then some more.
    My outfit was equally as sexy as I had a black 6 strap garterbelt to go with my black seamed nylons,black low cut bra, black thong to wear under my black leather mini skirt and low cut black top wih my 5'' high heeled black knee hi boots. I wore a black choker that said salope on it.As I began to leave I said that I hope mom that you have a good night. She said that she sure will.
    I drove to go meet my stud of a lover at this night spot horny as hell. We arrived about the same time so we proceded to go in and we ordered a couple of drinks waiting for our other lover. After about 15 minutes my stud says that here she is here as she texted him as I looked at the door for her to enter. I was shocked as my mom came in
    and approached us at the bar. Being totally surprised by this my mom said what are you doing here and I replied this is my stud in which my mom said to RON that you been fucking both of us for some time not knowing that we are mother and daughter. He said that he never knew. After talking awhile, RON asked if we were gonna still get together as I looked at DARLENE I said I didn't dress this way for nothing I want that huge cock, how about you DARLENE. I'M horny as hell. Well lets go then as we finished our drinks and drove to RON'S place.
    We went inside and we all kissed and went into the master bedroom undressing and got on the bed wanting RON'S massive 9'' inch cock to now share.I could not believe that mom and I were together with RON. As mom removed her thong I could see that she has a very fluffy blond haired bush. Mine was blond also but in a landing strip shape.We were sucking and stroking our prized stud readying for his 2 horny sexy women. RON undid our bras releasing our full
    excited breasts he kissed and sucked on our nipples before asking who was first.Mom was first to take that huge cock as she got on hands and knees waiting to be ravished by his monster as I layed in front of mom with my legs wide open and wet as mom pulled me closer as she expertly licked and devoured my pussy in which I throughly enjoyed as mom was being fucked orgasming intensely as I was.Now it was my turn as I licked RON'S pulsating cock with my mom's juices all over it. It tasted delicious.My first woman.As I got on all fours mom slid under me so I could eat her blond bush as I was now being fucked hard. Shortly RON was ready for his first cum,he had us lay next to each other face to face as he started unloading a large load of cum on our faces and lips as we kissed with his cum in our mouths savoring his tasty seed.
    We were both fucked a few more times each fulfilling our sexual desires with RON'S large thick cock satisfying our urges. Mom and I shared RON many more times and we became closer than ever. We just could not get enough of his huge tool as he knew how to really use it. Mom and I slept a lot together when we weren't with RON. Mom taught me a lot of tricks being in bed with her.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    My husband and I dated for about a year before we got married. Both of us were virgins and we decided we would wait until marriage to have sex. However, we had no idea that what would happen on our wedding night would change our perceptions and how we conducted our sex life.
    Both of us met through a couple we knew. I was real good friends with E and my husband was good friends with J before we met. We got introduced when E and J got married and quickly fell in love with each other. We kept things pure between each other because we wanted it to be special and intense. Waiting actually turned us both on more and more.
    One night, my husband-to-be came to me to confess he watched porn. I wasn't shocked or offended, but he said he saw something I needed to see. He showed me a live sex chat room and navigated to a page. What I saw suprised me. Our good friends E and J were on the screen, live, completely naked, and having sex with another man and woman with them. E was eating out the other woman and J was sucking another guy's cock. We had no idea that either of them was bisexual or that they were swingers. After some debate we decided to bring it up to E and J that we had discovered their secret life. After we talked, they opened up to us and shared about their swinger lifestyle. It fascinated us. I had never really thought people did this before. And it gave me an idea.
    I talked with my husband-to-be and shared my idea. I wanted to take E and J with us on our honeymoon (they were going to be our best man and maid-of-honor) and that we would have sex with them for the whole week and wait before we had sex with each other for the first time. He agreed and liked the idea. We brought it up with E and J and agreed to the plan.
    We got married 6 years ago and our wedding night and honeymoon was one of the best weeks of our lives. The night of our wedding I lost my virginity to J while my husband lost his to E next to me. We watched each other have sex with both E and J. I experienced my first lesbian sex and my husband his first gay sex. We watched each other but agreed that we would not even touch each other until the honeymoon was over. When we returned, I had sex with my husband for the first time and it was explosive and incredible. I had watched him make love to my two good friends and he watched me do the same. We desired each other so much more after sharing another couple.
    We continue to do this today. Sometimes we will share with E and J, but we also have had sex with other couples. We never have sex with singles nor do we have sex with another couple unless both of us are there. And we also never have sex with each other when we fuck other couples. It makes the sex with each other so much more incredible afterwards! We swing whenever we travel which is about 4-7 times a year. Otherwise we just share each other. I love my man and I love our sex life!

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    Lesbian Female / 48

    I have been married to my wife for seven years. We met at a get together for older 'ladies' put on by the Oakland LGBT community, a mixer to meet lesbians later in life. I had several short term relationships and I was tired of the problems dealing with girls who were mostly broke, some on drugs, all with head trips, I just wanted to meet someone who was more my age and willing to make a relationship work. She was looking forward to retiring at 50 after 30 years of working for the State of California and I was eligible to retire from the force at 55.

    We got along, tried living together, got our roles to match, neither one of us was really one or the other, we are both pretty fluid when it comes to the dominant role, but I guess being the cop and I was still working so I wore it on my sleeve, she took on the role of the supporting spouse. We got married after being together for a couple of years and we went on a Honeymoon cruise in the Mediterranean.

    On board we ended up at a table with this couple, also mid fifties, she recently retired and we found that we had a complete laundry list of similar issues. She hated being put into the wife role and he became a lot more dominant now that she was home without work. We found ourselves split fifty fifty at the table, the two wives complaining about the two husbands. We explored the whole topic of us being gay in California, which I find that women ask a whole lot of questions about, mainly do you not ever want a penis? No, pussy is fine. We are lesbians. Well then the follow up questions, if you both have pussies what do you do, like seriously how do you fuck, we talked about that and she told us how he had sex with her, blow by blow between sips of wine.

    I am exaggerating a bit, but that is what this woman was asking me, if a man isn't tooling you with his dick, how do you have sex. She wanted answers, deep answers, and while my wife went off talking with her husband I was giving this woman lesbian lesson number one. You want pussy, want pussy in the most horrible way and you don't want dick. Why I kissed her I don't know she was begging for a kiss, so I kissed her, first soft and then took her into my arms and really kissed her to let her know I loved kissing women. Well it wasn't one kiss, breaking off the kiss was by kissing her a dozen times letting her see that when a lesbian wants a woman she wants a woman.

    To take everything into perspective here, being a woman cop I had to suck my fair share of dicks along the way. Way too many dicks, black dicks, fat men dicks, gay queer cop dicks. I sucked my way up. I gave my pussy up too. I found girl cops who liked having their pussies eaten by a girl cop, but if you want to move up you have to suck your fair share of dicks. So when she asked me if I had sucked a dick I told her yes, I sucked dick. She told me she never ate pussy. Fair is fair, I kissed her again and said I wanted to take her back to my cabin and eat her pussy and let her eat pussy.

    We got together with my wife and her husband who were drinking wine at the bar and I told them that we were going to go have fun and we would be back later. I wanted her bad, like I had not wanted someone for a long time. I ate her, not just love making but eating her out right, like a cop, I wanted her to feel me like she felt a dick, except I was using my mouth. My wife told me later that night that I was trying to prove something, I guess I was. We hadn't quite gotten to wife swapping but it is what we talked about the next day. We would swap wives, my wife would find out what it was like to sleep with a dick and his wife would find out what it was to sleep with a pussy. Fifty somethings wife swapping on a cruise.

    We spent four days swapping wives, his wife went along and became more and more sure of herself and expressed her curiosity and confessed to her curiosity and we had a chance to try whatever came to my mind. My wife gave in, she says, they were far more intellectually compatible and her report about having sex was that she had tried it but she was not that interested. His wife was the opposite, she had found something she really liked.

    This is the third year that we are going somewhere together, this year we are going skiing in Idaho, the same rules apply, the wives trade places down to the most minute domestic things and my wife look forward to it as much as I do.

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    Straight Female / 21

    My B/F and I play withe each other's genitals while watching TV and movies in theaters. We do it to the point of orgasm. He can get at lease three big O's out of me before I start pushing his hand away while I am quivering. He's hung nicely and I an barely touch my finger tips with my thumb while I'm pulling him off. We dress appropriately for our movie trysts. I am bare under my skirt and my legs shaved nicely with my pussy and surrounding area.

    He loves feeling my bare skin, while I pull him off. Wow, doing myself now while I write this and remember.

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    Gay Male / 49

    After I left home and before I went to college I got a job working at a motel as the overnight front desk clerk. The old man that came in to do the books stayed a couple of hours and left and I had the rest of the night alone for myself. I got to talking with the old man and told him it was really pretty boring until around six when some guests checked out and he brought me these magazines and told me that they would help me pass the time.

    They were all Hustler magazines, and well used. He sat beside me and showed me the best pictures, describing the women and telling me about what he did in his youth. I didn't pay that much attention to it, but while we were flipping through the magazine he grabbed me and told me that I was young and I could get a real hard on. He stayed long after the normal time he went home as we looked through magazine after magazine together, reaching out to touch me to see if I was hard, telling me that I was supposed to get hard, real hard, all that T&A and I wasn't hard?

    He left the magazines with me and asked several times if I was less lonely now that I had some pretty girls to stay up all night with. Hint, hint, stay up as he grabbed me and held me telling me to let lose, enjoy what I had before I got old, never let a good hard on go to waste. I don't know why I just let him hold my dick like that, he didn't want to let go and I didn't want him to let go so I stood there while he held and got my dick into a hard on telling me that is what he meant, get hard, stay hard and fuck the next bitch that walked in the door.

    He unzipped my pants and holding my dick in his hand said it was a beaut, lots of guys he knew would give their left nut for a dick like that, I should be proud of it, nice and hard like that, a dick like that could have any pussy it wanted. I told him that I had never been with a girl, he laughed while he grabbed and manipulated my dick in his hand. The place was dead quiet, the front doors were locked, and he pulled me by my dick over to the little stool behind the front desk and he had me get on the stool and he sucked my dick. He would stop from time to time, grabbing my dick with his hand telling me that I had a dick, a dick like that wasn't something to pass up, and he would start sucking again until he hit the trigger and it was time to cum.

    "Oh God boy, this is what I want" he said. He ran his hand over my face and said he better go before he did something really stupid. I stayed behind still feeling his mouth on my dick, I tried looking at a couple of the Hustler magazines but I just couldn't get into them. The next night when he came it he said hello, ran his hand on my face and asked me I had slept OK and he went to work closing the books for the day, not speaking much leaving me to myself at the front desk. After he was done he came out and said he had to talk to me and that thing that happened last night had to stay tight, he grabbed me once and ran his hand over my face and said he had to go.

    It was like that night after night, he did his job and he would leave, patting my face or grabbing my crotch or butt before leaving. My day off came up and I told him I was off and he said he what did I want him to do, so it was my day off. I got the hear look boy answer, he didn't want to get in trouble, sure he liked me, but I was trouble and I had to understand that, he couldn't afford to lose his job because his military pension wasn't enough.

    I spent the day at home, I had his address and looked it up and I got in my car and drove over there. He lived in this duplex in a not so nice part of town and I knocked on the door and he let me in but he told me I had to go. After a long state down he told me I was trouble, blue lightning trouble, he kept touching my pants and I got hard and he told me that is what I was trouble as he hit my hard dick in my pants. He took my hand and put it on his dick in his pants and he asked if that is what I wanted, if I didn't like girls did I like guys, because liking guys was blue lightning trouble.

    We took our clothes off and he held my naked dick in his hand and sat on the bed and sucked me while he ran his hands up and down my legs and hips and asked me if for sure I was doing it for the first time. He pushed himself up on the bed and held his dick in his hand and said it was time for me to show him I was into it all the way and I sucked his dick. I was into it all the way, I sucked him and held his dick in my hand and he held my head with his fingers through my hair. We lay down side by side and we made out for a while grabbing our dicks until he got hot enough and he put me on my stomach and put a pillow under my hips and said I may not like it, he used some stuff he had beside the bed and ran his finger all the way in my ass and then got on and ran his dick all the way in my ass.

    After we got dressed he told me I had to leave, he couldn't afford the trouble. He told me to watch myself, I was only going to get in trouble, if the cops caught on what we had just done was against the law, go find a girl to fuck but not to get caught up in that. He quit he job at the motel and I never saw him again. But all these years later I remember him, he was my first in so many more ways shining a light on what I really liked. I threw those old Hustlers away, I had an uneventful couple of years at college and moved on into a purchasing job for a company downtown. I was older and recognized the signs better and got along with a vendor's rep and we sucked dick together until he decided it was time to take it up another notch. After our first sex I told him about the old man back at the motel, and how he said I was nothing but blue lightening trouble and blue lightning became my nickname after that and that's the name of my truck.

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