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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 42

    My wife has a guy friend that I knew wanted to fuck her. She always denied it but I know secretly she liked the attention he was giving her.

    One night after too much to drink, Stacy wanted to go home. Brian, her friend was really eager to give her a ride. He said he was going anyway.
    I saw opportunity, so I took it. Stacy was more than content to let Brian take her home. I stayed for another hour or so and then headed home too.

    I drove by the house and Brianâs car was still there, so I parked in the driveway of a vacant house down the street and walked home. I went in the back door and could immediately hear Stacy going, Oh Oh Oh Oh. It was getting faster, I knew they were fucking. I followed the trail of Stacyâs clothes to the bedroom, where I could peek around the corner in the door.

    Stacy was bent over the dresser and Brian was screwing ger doggy style from behind. I watched for what felt like an hour before Stacy started cumming hard. Brian pulled out and rubbed his cock between her big round ass cheeks and then he spooged all over her back and ass.

    I left and went down the street to my car. I sat there for a half hour before driving by my house, but his car was still there, so I went back and waited a little longer. This time when I got home, he was gone. I went in and to the bedroom. Stacyâs clothes were all piled up in the room now. She was laying in bed nude, which she doesnât usually do. I climbed in and asked why she was naked. Stacy said because she had been waiting for me. We fucked like rabbits that night.

    It was a week before Stacy finally admitted to me what happened that night. I confessed too. She continued to fuck Brian for a year or so, but he never knew that I knew.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    My b/f Tommy is 18 and his mom, Nan, had him when she was only 15 so she is in her early 30s and could pass for my own sister. He told me from day one that they had been into sex with each other since he was 13 but that did not bother me because I had a long time bisexual affair with my own sister, Penny, who is 16.

    Tommy's mom, Nan, liked me from the start and invited me to be with Tommy and her any time. I did it and it was wonderful. She started teaching me stuff right away and one of her favorite things was to lick and suck me and Tommy while we fucked until he or I came. I could not get enough of it and begged for more as soon as Tommy could get hard again. Nan sucked my clit while Tommy fucked me, then she licked Tommy's balls and took them both into her mouth and sucked on them. He almost came into me that way. We could sometimes feel her tongue flicking between Tommy's hard, driving cock and the inside of my pussy.

    However, Nan talked me into eating her and Tommy out while they fucked, as well, so I did. I loved it but not as much as when she was doing it to me and Tommy.

    We talked Penny into joining us and I noticed that she and Tommy really struck it off and fucked for long periods of time. She was on the pill and Tommy would come into her, stay hard and keep fucking. Nan ate them out often while they fucked but she could do it only for so long. I replaced her but they outlasted me as well. They just fucked on and on while Nan and I got it on and watched them while we fucked.

    Soon enough Nan and I realized we were not getting fucked enough so she got her toys out, including a mammoth pink dildo that Nan took in up to it's hilt. The toys only did so much. Nan did tell me to be patient while she rubbed her clit on mine until we both came. She was right. Tommy returned from his Penny feast and started fucking me and Nan again. Our parties always lasted for at least two hours.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    I went to the right law school and met the right people so unlike some lawyers I started earning good money from the start. I was a very active gym member and prided myself with a good body for a woman my age. After my husband died, I sold our house and moved into an upscale condo building in town. In time I got to know some residents and noticed an extremely good looking young couple who parked their car next to mine. We were cordial to each other for a couple of years, then one New Years's Eve, I ran into the wife, Terry, while parking my car. She asked me up for a cup of coffee so I went along. Before that we just shared brief greetings with each other.

    Upstairs, instead of coffee we had liquors. I had a buzz on when Terry started telling me intimate details about her marriage and her husband, Paul. They owned an import-export business handling crafts from Tuscany and other Italian and French regions. Paul had gone to Europe to wrap up annual business. I confessed to Terry that I had no sex at all since my husband died and was fighting off some of the older men in my law office since I found them unsuitable. When Terry came on a bit I picked up on it but quickly told her that I had no bi-curiosity and no
    experience since college when my hot pants, cheer leader roommate had seduced me.

    Terry had another drink and, undaunted, in time, took off most of her clothes. I marveled seeing her body but realized that she was still quite young. It only took one more cordial for me to just let Terry have her way and she was soon all over me, stripping my clothes off until we were both naked and making out like two horny teenagers.

    Terry was highly experienced with women, as it turned out, and did me every which way. Exhausted from fucking, Terry spooned in bed with me and told me that when Paul returned she would have to tell her about me and that
    he would want his share.

    All I could think about was all the many months we wasted greeting each other with inane lines where we could
    have been into each other sexually all that time. I blamed myself but now look forward to Paul's return. We had known each other for some time and now would soon be fucking, the three of us, and possibly more.

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    Straight Female / 24

    When we were teenage girls with hot crotches, Min and I agreed that whoever married first would
    share him sexually. It was a shocker to me that some men were not interested but Min, the hotter of us,
    found a guy. We started a threesome from day one and since then Min and I have found we also like
    doing each other. He also loves watching us.

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    Straight Female / 26

    My situation started because I needed money. I had lost my job, I was a middle school art teacher, and my rent was due and the landlord told me that I had ten days to come up with the rent or he was going to have to ask me to leave. I was scared, I was going to be on the street living in my car. I called my parents and asked for help and they sent me three hundred dollars, I went to a friend and she loaned me two hundred dollars, I told my next door neighbor and he said he didn't have any money but if I wanted to I could camp out at his place until I got settled. So that is what I did, I gave up my apartment and moved in with my neighbor sleeping on the couch.

    I was stupid, blind, who knows what else. It never crossed my mind that he was going to expect me to give him sex. I even told him that while I was there I would gladly keep house for him, do the dishes, fix dinner, clean the bathroom, stuff that guys hate to do and he obviously didn't do. I asked him about his routine so that I wouldn't disturb him when he got up and got ready for work. Having my panties torn off and fucked on the floor wasn't what I ever imagined.

    And that brings me to my confession. Getting fucked on the floor that night was my first time. I had never been fucked. Maybe I was so inexperienced that I liked it even if I should have hated it. Of course I also had to clean the bathroom, take out the trash, wash the dishes, fix dinner. Those all came with the territory. What was new to me was getting fucked. I liked it the first time and I liked it every time after that. He says I was man hungry, maybe I was.

    I had this dress, easy, flowing, open skirt. I had that dress on and I went to the bathroom before he came home and I just didn't put my panties back on. When he came home I served him his beer and brought him some pretzels and stood in front of him and lifted my dress up and let him look and told him that he couldn't have desert unless he ate all his dinner. Today it sounds like small stuff, silly stuff but it wasn't. I may have been the bitch in the house, and maybe I was man hungry but he was just as pussy hungry. And I had the pussy. And I was a bitch about it, and I still am. I don't care if I have to clean bathrooms, or fix dinner, what I don't like is going to work.

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    Straight Female / 38

    My lifelong friend, Marie, is just a few years older than me but I recall when she had Ronny, her son,
    and watching him grow into the rugged, handsome teen boy he is today, a boy with whom I am deeply
    involved, sexually. What I experience with him is radically different than with Max, my husband.

    Ronny and I meet at the foot of a large bridge at dusk, near his home, and we stroll out on it as the
    low lights turn on. He knows what is about to happen so he starts breathing hard and that excites me
    to no end. I leave my panties in my car and as we stroll we are already manipulating and
    caressing our sex organs. At the highest part of the bridge I grip his thick, large cock tightly and give him a severe wanking. One of the first times we did this I found myself reaching orgasm with him, quite spontaneously.

    I love the feel of his ejaculate firing through his cock as I stroke it. Sometimes I will bend down
    to take his orgasm into my mouth and throat. This drives him nuts and while I am bending over, his
    cock in my mouth, he will fuck me with one or two fingers. It takes me nearly no time to come with
    Ronny while with Max it's hopeless.

    I enjoy Ronny so much I once almost raved to Marie, his Mom... My sexual events with him are far
    out and hot as hell. Strolling up the bridge, our bodies heating up, we are both nearly coming
    before we start. It's amazing getting off with Ronny.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    During the last several years of my job I traveled quite a bit. I found myself at motels and hotels eating alone and watching tv to go to sleep. I started to look at port, first with the girls and I found that I got more pleasure out of the cocks than the pussies. I gravitated to gay port and videos and sometimes spent hours watching. I always had my personal laptop with me so that anything on the company computer was only business. I had found favorite sites and videos and would return to them over and over again. I particularly enjoyed videos of men fucking men. Bears, big heavy set men with bid cocks fucking other big heavy set men. I looked at myself in the mirror and I fit that image, 240 pounds, hairy chest and legs, and when aroused I had a big enough cock.

    One day I got something nasty on my personal lap top and it froze up. I took it to a computer repair shop in a strip shopping center. When I went to pick it up a big bearded guy brought it out and showed me that it worked and whispered to me that I needed to be careful with what I saved on my laptop, he opened up the internet and showed me the sited that I had been watching. He leaned over and told me that if I liked that stuff, he had some stuff that he would let me have, some real good home made stuff he had made and to let him know if I liked it.

    He was the protagonist, the camera work was poor and the lighting was poor but there was no mistake that he was the protagonist. Lots of videos of him jacking off, lots of videos of some heavy set guy sucking his cock, and not as many but several videos of him fucking the guy that sucked him off. I watched them in slow motion, I jacked off to them. It was hard for me to get up the never to go back to him and report. I had a zip drive and I played with the idea of copying some of these videos to my lap top. After two weeks I got up the nerve, I decided that I would do a run in, drop by and return the zip drive and leave. But he wouldn't have it, he offered to set it up for me. He told me that watching a video of yourself sucking on a cock would make you cum every time. And a video of yourself getting fucked was even better. He did it for lots of friends, special friends, but guys that liked what he liked.

    At his apartment he had the video set up all over the room, cameras and lights the windows were taped down and he put videos on the screen to get in the mood and he got his cock out and started to jack off and offer it to me. Once I was sucking on him he took a camera and shot the first picture stood back and showed me sucking his cock. We went into the bedroom where all the equipment was set up and he turned on four video cameras noting that in the end you had to make a compilation from all four cameras because you never knew which one got the best shot.

    Naked on the bed he videoed me with a hand held camera and had me hold the camera while he sucked my cock. He held the camera as he jacked me off and had me jack him off and suck his cock again, this time with a video and not a still camera. He played back the video showing me that some times it worked and sometimes it didn't so he had to work on editing it to get the best views, stopping on clear shots of his cock in my mouth. He asked me if I wanted to try it, he would set it up and he would fuck me, he liked videos on all fours, but either way whatever I wanted, they were my videos so he left it up to me.

    A day before it was all fantasy, I had never touched a cock or much less sucked a cock and now he was asking me if wanted to have him video us while he fucked me. I was there so I went along and I got on all fours and he used a hand held camera to video me and get close ups of my ass and balls and then he lubed me up and asked me if was ready because the fun was about to start. It was fun, in a morbid sort of way, he had me lubed up so well that he slipped his cock in all the way and holding the handheld camera he videoed himself while he stroked in and out. He stopped and got off and got a video camera and put it on the pillow and focused it and told me to hold my head at that height and he would get some good videos of my facial expressions.

    I have my compilations, a series of videos, short couple of minute videos, put together from the various cameras, the handheld and the ones set up on tripods. He has introduced me to a couple of other subjects as he calls us, and he takes videos of us in full action. It is extremely erotic and being directed while you are sucking cock is a trip in itself. We do it because the parties are fun, it is fun to be together and it is fun and erotic to see yourself afterwards. These are all private stuff, we have one copy each. We do not put it online anywhere, it is for our individual appreciation only, we have parties at his place and watch our past productions.

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    Straight Male / 48

    When I was 22 years old my wife left me taking my 2 year old daughter with her, her reason was that I worked shifts and she couldn't cope. I was distraught, didn't want to go on, started drinking heavily and generally wallowing in self pity. My parents went nuts at me, ordered me to stay with them and get myself sorted out, so reluctantly I went to stay with them, and I started to regain my way and become my usual self. My mum had a friend called Ellen, who was 42, married with a family, her hubby left her for a younger woman some months before I went back to my parents house.

    One evening my mums friend Ellen appeared at my parents house a wee bit tipsy, and when she saw me she said whats up with you ? I told her my missus had left me, she said to me join the club that arsehole I was married to has buggered off with a younger woman, and then she and my mother started blabbing, my dad just turned up the t v shaking his head. I went to my kip as I was a bit tired, but about an hour later my mum and Ellen both a little bit pissed appeared at my room my mother asking me if I could take Ellen home and to make sure she got in safely, I was non too pleased and told her so. I gave in for peace and quiet.

    I took the slightly drunk Ellen back to her house, I had to open the door for her and in we went her daughter who was married was sitting on the sofa, thanked me for bringing her home as it was more than her dad ever did. I thought that was that until I heard the music going on and Ellen grabbing me and proceeding to try and dance with me.

    Now Ellen has nice legs and she is also well endowed in the cleavage department, and having her tits thrust in my face gave me a semi, I'm not sure if she noticed that I had a semi but she said to me, look at my skirt it is nearly falling down because the button had came off, and stood in front of me attempting to pull it back up, I just said to her us stop doing that your getting me going, thinking she was teasing me, next thing I knew shes trying to unbutton my shirt, and at the same time trying to take off her blouse, next thing I knew her daughter is joining in and they both stripped me naked, by then I was thinking ok I'm going to do the same back so I did. All three of us ended up in bed together, I had my first threesome with mother and daughter filled their fannies full of hot thick creamy spunk, this became a regular thing until my wife and I sorted thigs out, my mums friend may have been 20 years olser than me but what a body she had, and no one could blame me for shagging both mother and daughter, they wanted bulled so I obliged

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    Straight Male / 48

    It was in the summer of 76 when I was 16 years old that I first heard and met this woman called June. When I say heard her I mean just that, because I was in my local park playing a game of putting with my pals. I didn't have a girlfriend at the time, but my friends did, and after the game they all went to do what ever they were planning to do. I went to the Park Pavilion and got myself a bottle of juice and proceeded to look for a seat to sit and drink it, I found a bench near the park border hedge and sat down.

    As I was sitting there I could hear a woman moaning, I knew what it was as my auntie had popped my cherry a few months earlier, next thing I heard this guy saying to the woman ' Have you got a hankie so I can pull out and shoot my spunk ' she said to him ' its ok I'm on the pill so you can shoot it into me '. By this time I'm getting a semi so I decided I better move, which I did, I caught sight of the woman as I left but she didn't see me. I decided to head back home and as I was walking down the street I saw the woman climbing over the Fence of the Park across the road, and all I could do was stare at her nice sexy legs, not skinny not fat just nice sexy legs.

    She crossed over the road in front of me oblivious to the fact that I was there, I didn't know who she was at the time, and it wasn't until a few years later when I was in my twenties that I found out who she was, her name was June, and she was married with a family. I used to go out to my local Social Club and local Bowling Club during the week, Thursday was bingo night, and most of the local women went to that, us blokes played pool & snooker etc, it was one Thursday night that I saw her, this woman called June, being nosey I asked a pal if he knew who she was ? He replied aye her name is June and shes married to that wee fat baldy guy over there that's pissed as a fart, and pointed to this very drunk guy half falling of his seat.

    I just laughed, but at least I knew who she was now, and didn't really give it much thought, by this time I had developed a little sideline entertaining people at weekends in pubs and clubs along with my normal job, and one night I was in the local pub performing when this woman June came in with her hubby, he proceeded to get very drunk and at the end of the night she asked if I could give them a lift home as her hubby could hardly stand, I was happy to oblige because it was on the road home anyway where they lived. I helped her get her hubby into the house and onto their sofa, she thanked me and asked me to have a cup of tea before I went home.

    Once we got chatting about this and that, she told me she loved her hubby but he was never able to have sex with her and in the times he was it was like a wham bam thank you mam type of sex, clearly non satisfaction for her. I said to her that I understood and promptly told her what I heard and saw a few years earlier, she was mortified and thought I would tell her hubby, I assured her I wouldn't as it wasn't any of my business. It turned out later as I found out at work that this woman June had a bit of a reputation for liking Cock, and I could understand why.

    So now I knew who this woman June was, but I never gave her a second thought to be honest, but one night in the club she was on her own, and she sat next to me, we chatted and drank and she told me her hubby was away for a week with their daughter in London, so she was out enjoying herself. I was asked to go to a party at someone's house and so was she, it wasn't much of a party and I felt like going home, when June asked me if I could take her home, she said it was because she trusted me as I hadn't tried to get into her pants. So I took her home and was about to leave her at her door and she said come on you can have one more before you go home in mine, so I thought ok fine so in I went, she got me a beer out of the fridge and she said I'm just going to check that my son is home and get changed, so off she went upstairs.

    When she came back down she was wearing a short nightie and housecoat, giving me an ample glimpse of her sexy legs, I knew right away that if I could I was going to shag her hard, if she was disposed to the idea, she obviously noticed me ogling her legs because next thing I knew she was over beside me, sitting down with her legs openly on display and not only that, her ample cleavage as well. Next thing I know is shes sticking her tongue down my throat and rubbing my cock through my jeans which promptly stood to attention, at that she took my hand and led me upstairs to her room, where she nearly ripped my clothes off, and I quickly had her naked, I got her onto the bed spread her sexy thighs and attacked her sodden wet fanny with my fingers and tongue, and then I mounted her and shagged her hard as she said to me ram it into me make me come, and I did too and I shot my hot thick spunk deep inside her, I shagged her twice more before we fell asleep exhausted.

    I continued to shag her when the opportunity presented itself, she even told me that she took her sons cherry and that he had a huge cock at least 9 inches long, I didn't believe her until one night he came home unexpectedly and caught us and threatened to tell his dad unless she shagged him too, and yeah she was right the lad #did have a huge cock and I reckon it was 10 inches stiff , he proceeded to fill his mums fanny with a copius amount of spunk, yes she was a good shag she knew what to do with a cock, she learned me a few things, between her and my auntie who I shagged regularly too after she took my cherry, I learned a gret deal in how to please a woman in bed.

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    Straight Male / 31

    My long term girlfriend's daughter fell out with her best friend over a year ago and they have never spoken since, her friend is 15 and last weekend I was out driving back for a local petrol station when I saw her walking back from the town centre, I stopped the car and wound down the window asking her what she was doing out alone at 11pm, she told me she was walking to the bus stop and going home, so I was heading back home and she lives not far I told her I would drop her off on way so she gets in on passenger side.

    I asked her if she had a night out in town because I could smell the drink, and she told me she had been to her boyfriends (I kinda already knew a guy was involved by how she was dressed... Tight shorts the one's were you can almost see the lower ass cheeks) and she told me not to tell her parents which I promised her I would not.

    She asked what I was doing out and for some reason I didn't tell her about getting fuel, I just replied with "I just needed to get out of the house for awhile" and she said she feels like that all the time and the conversation went on until I asked her is that why she drinks? She said sometimes

    On the way back driving she was telling me she was sorry for how her friendship had broken down with her friend and how some of the other girls have been bitches to her. She told me her new best friend is bragging on about how she gets any boy she liked.. And she kept up with her by having sex with her boyfriend, now this is where I should have but my foot down and drove her back, but I didn't I slowed down while she chatted and after she had finished she said she didn't want to go back until she felt more sober. I drove onto this wooded carpark off a by pass road and we sat there in the car in the dark.

    She asked me if her friend would ever chat to her again and I didn't know if she would and could not answer her or give her an answer that is wanted. She asked me do I think she is a bitch and I said "no" and I said "you seem okay too me" or something like that (I didn't really think that! Actually I believed her to be a complete total bitch and probably easy). She thanked me for the lift and kissed me on lips! I never stopped her and kissed her back with tongues!

    While we kissed I felt my weigh being pulled onto her with her hands, I unclipped my seatbelt and went with it until I pushed the seat back lever on her seat and I was almost on top of her still kissing her, I didn't even notice she had been pushing down her shorts, being tight I helped her out and she managed to get one leg out and had placed it on the dash board. I was so paranoid someone was going to just turn up! I kept trying to turn around in the car every time a car head light drove passed, but she pushed down on my head with her of hands while the other was trying to push her thing to side, I licked her and she moaned and the more she moaned the more I licked and the faster until she was in a deep breathing state, my heart was pounding too and the car had steamed so bad we could no see out.

    I wanted to stop, but she pulled me back to kiss and she was taking my belt off and I told her I should just get her home and I needed to get home I had been out for an hour and it only take 15 mins to get fuel! By she got my belt off and she unzipping me but I could not stop I pushed my jeans down thinking she was going to suck me off but she was pushing her thong to the side and had my cock in other hand with her mouth hanging down, heavily breathing I felt the tip touching her and It would so easy just to push in and do her good but I snapped out opened car door and got out zipped up and told her I was taking her home she was quiet and said it was good and I will see me around...

    Me and my girlfriend are moving soon I hope not.

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