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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Lesbian Female / 42

    A couple of young women moved in next door. One afternoon I was at the mail box and one of the women came for her mail and we fell into a conversation where she told me that 'they' were getting married. Offhanded she joked that her soon to be wife had the greatest body of any woman she had been with. I felt the need to congratulate her although I was uncomfortable with the intimacy of the conversation.

    I got invited to their wedding shower, I took some hand embroidered pillows for their sofa, I embroidered their names on the pillows and my gift was the favorite gift that evening. On their wedding night, which was at their home, I was the assistant hostess. After all the guests left we had one last glass of wine. Jokingly I thought, they asked me to spend the night with them. I got trapped between them, they both kissed me and I was pushed onto my back on the sofa where they both worked hard to undress me while they got undressed, climbing on me, sharing me, offering me their sweet music box.

    We ended up in their bed, they were proud to make me a member in their club of three. For the next three years we had hot weekends, two girls and a middle aged woman crawling all over each other. I felt I needed separation and looked for and accepted another job and used the excuse to move. After several months I crawled back, they accepted me but wanted me to sell my house and move in with them.

    I don't know if I am the girlfriend or if I have two girlfriends. I out earn them which makes them happy, they out love me and push my boundaries, sometimes testing my sexual identity. They like roll playing and I am always the Mom and they are the naughty daughters. Making love while playing Mother may I, and their game is very sexual, ending with making love to each other under Mother's supervision.

    I am not inexperienced sexually, but I never thought myself attractive to twenty somethings and I never thought I would do 'that'.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Everyone knows me and my well deserved reputation, since middle school I have been the girl that doesn't fuck, but everyone also knows the rest. If you're nice to me I'll give you a hand job or suck. It's a sure thing, but only if you're nice.

    If you're female I am the same way, you have to be nice to me, and anything goes.

    Nice Girl Doesn't
    But Does

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    Straight Female / 24

    I have always been the good child, member of the church choir, teachers' pet; the "good girl". That's not been the case as much as I was just afraid to do anything! I'm married now for 3 months, but my bff gave me a bridal shower I am still living.

    She hired an adult entertainer, stripper, for the party. He and I became very friendly that night, and he ended up giving me his card.

    I thought, I've never with anyone other than my hubby to be, so I called him. We started with coffee and then dinner, drinks and back to his place.

    I hesitated at the door, but he was so casual about it. He opened the door and asked me to wait a moment. He put his dog out and let me in. As soon as the door was closed he kissed me and I went with it.

    We ended up on his bed, me naked, and he was looking me over as I lay there. He started stripping for me! He got down to his g and it ripped right off. His cock is huge! Long and thin, but long like elbow to wrist length. He danced around the bed and put my ankles and wrists in loose rope loops. I grabbed them and "struggled" as he started slapping his cock all over me. I have never wanted anything so bad as I wanted him!

    He pulled my ankle ropes tight to spread my legs open, then he started slapping my very wet labia with his "snake". I was literally begging him to do me.

    Then he stopped dancing and laid his long cock between my legs, rubbing its length up and down my labia. I would just about orgasm and he'd stop. Then slap the fleshy knob across my clit. I started cursing him, telling him to get that d... thing in me! And he'd just laugh and slap harder, then back to sliding it up and down my dripping flesh.

    This went on forever, me begging for it the whole time. Then he gently pressed the tip of his cock in me. I wanted it in me so bad! I tried to scoot down the bed to force it in more, but the ropes on my wrists kept me from moving down enough.

    He stopped and looked at me, then asked, "How much do you need to be fucked right now." I told him I would do anything. Anything to have him. He pressed the tip in again, and then a little more. I could almost work it in me, but so frustrating that it wasn't enough.

    He leaned over me and lowered himself onto me. I was pinned beneath this muscular black male, while he breathed his hot breath on me. He told me to look at him, and then he told me, "I own you."

    I felt him ease into me and my flesh grabbed him. I couldn't help it, I orgasmed... and orgasmed again... his cum shot in me while I orgasmed again and he held me down as my back arched into the bed... he pressed deeper and began to fuck me.

    I couldn't handle it! I cried and screamed, tried to thrash around and he kept me pinned. All the time his long cock throbbing deep in me, pumping his seed into me.

    He climbed off and loosed my hands and feet, and told me to kneel. I got down in front of him and he told me, "Open up." My mouth opened and that thing slid down my throat. He held me there gagging, trying to wretch that thing out of me... he just held me there.

    Mercifully he pushed my head to the side, and my fine dining sprayed across his bare floor.

    He pushed me forward, and pulled me to my knees. He forced into me, and took my bottom until he was near cumming again, then pulled out, and pushed me over. His cum shot across my beasts and covered my face.

    He stood there with is dripping cock and told me. I call. You come.

    Three months I've been married to my husband and every day this man calls and I go. I want to be a good wife, a good Jewish wife to my husband, but I go when I am called.

    Jewish cum dump

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    Straight Male / 37

    I have an incredibly pretty wife. I've made her the mother of 2, and she kept her high school body. She is a few years younger but still in her 30's and looks the same as the day I met her. She is very religious, very involved in the church and no one would know it but she is the kinkiest woman I've ever had. She gets off being manhandled, loves getting it forced up her ass, and I love giving it to her in her ass. The looks on her face are priceless, it's almost pain but it's orgasmic for her. She likes it forced up her butt and we've even played mock r**e games with her pussy, her mouth and her ass. She will lovingly be my slave, or my mistress, will be a toilet slut, or a fuckpig.

    I fucked her the first time when we were dating she was 20 years old. This ultra religious girl already had been fucked by over 30 guys, I asked and I was #36. No one would believe she is that slutty or kinky, not the pastor, the church leaders, our neighbors. To them, and to me when I met her she is all prim and proper. I was surprised that she let me touch her tits when she did, then super surprised that she was such a slut. I didn't care then, and love it now. She loves being the star at bukake circle jerks, and I arrange them. She has been shared with 18 other men since we've been together, 6 of which are repeats. When we're in places where we aren't known, she'll show are pussy, ass and tits to anyone, no matter how public. Once in Amsterdam, and another time in Warsaw she walked down the street totally naked wearing a necklace that said "slave" and a collar with a leash. In Chicago one week I sold her twice in the hotel bar for men to have sex with up in their rooms. She got off so much (and so did I) that we made an arrangement in advance and she hired onto an escort service. We were on vacation for 2 weeks, and they thought they had a permanent escort but during that two weeks she made several thousand dollars, and had a couple of lesbian experiences. That was a first that I knew of but she admitted she'd had sex with two different girls when she was in her teens.

    I'm a lucky guy and LOVE to buttfuck, or butt-r**e my lovely, churchy, slut-wife.

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    Straight Male / 50

    When I was a teenager I had sex with my drunk mother. This was the first time I ever had sex in my short life. She never said anything about it to me. This was the greatest experience in my life. Being able to experience sex for the first time so young and with my own mother.

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    Straight Male / 34

    I am married to a hot assed thick Puerto Rican mix named lisa.she has been a good solid fuck with a huge fat ass which I enjoy playing with and licking.we fuck very rarely now and have lost our closeness. But she has this mother, ...mmmmmm, mmmmmm.this woman looks good for being in her late 70's.her name is Mildred. I have been crazy about her since I set eyes on her.she has a beautiful shapely frame and a set of thighs that would make any grown mans dick harder than chinese arithmetic. She is kind of showing her age now but one day I was doing some jobs for her around the house.we were alone. I was sweating like crazy when I came inside from the heat. It was 98 degrees and I had my shirt off.Mildred came inside the den to greet me and just stared...I had these thin grey shorts that i wore on purpose that shows my dick really nicely.i was already erect.Mildred looked down at my erect penis.i looked at her.she on a flowered little robe that didn't even cover her pussy.i almost lost my breath as she and I knew what was about to happen, as I asked mildred ..." do you wanna?"... I won't tell".she undid her belt on her very short robe and it fell to the floor .I was already nude and we started kissing passionately as we were fondling each others merchandise and deep kissing like you wouldn't believe .Mildred's pussy was already wet as the juice flowed down her big brown Puerto Rican vagina glistening off the inside of her incredible shapely thighs. She knelt down and put her little mouth around my huge erection and started sucking.i was kind of rough with Mildred grabbing her kinky grey Hispanic hair and pushing her down on my erect penis. I was about to cum in her mouth but wanted her delicious pussy instesd.we hurriedly made it to her immense bed as she laid in the middle with her legs spread wide open. I noticed her pussy was quite large.she had birthed 4 children and her big dicked husband gerald fucked her every night not including her boyfriends. She had the classic hispanic ," ass stain " as we call it .what it is is a natural dark birthmark on a hispanic womans ass crack all the way around her pussyhole....anyway, I jumped on top of her and put my erect dick inside my mother- in- law.she was moaning like she hadn't been fucked in years as I was hammering her pussy as she seemed like she held on for dest life as the whole king size bed was moving to the lovemaking we were doing.mildreds thighs were totally spread around my ass as I was fucking deep inside her delicious pussy.we stayed in that bedroom in florida for half the day, she would orgasm...go smoke and drink a toddie, and back in that bedroom she came wanting more. I had came so much in her brown pussy it ran out and started to dry on the outside.and we were both raw from fucking all afternoon. Making love to my mother in law was a religious experience indeed. This woman delivered sex and had a killer body for 75 years old.i set her back up with an old black friend of mine and we gangbang her every Friday night.she loves black dick now I am currently fucking her, my wife. And her niece and her aunt. These ethnic women are hot.greetings from miami.stay dedicated.

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    Straight Female / 24

    This is not really a confession, just something that I'm really peeved about and want to get off my chest.

    I've always had difficulty in reaching orgasm. My best chance of achieving this is when my boyfriend goes down on me. It's my favourite.

    The problem is unless he hits the exact spot and stays there I simply can't cum. I thought I'd reached a solution by giving him instructions. You know, right a bit, left a bit, up, down. If he follows them I can get there every time. The thing is he hates me doing it. He says it puts him right off. In truth I think the real reason is that it undermines his ego. Like all men he thinks he's the world's best lover when actually he's not.

    Now, he's refused, point blank, to go down on me if I instruct him. If I don't it just leads to total frustration! Here's the thing he still expects me to go down on him!

    Should I dump him and find someone who's tongue will hit the right spot?

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    Straight Male / 51

    firstly I am a straight cross-dressing male, my wife knows and doesn't approve at all.

    I was just caught while cross-dressed by her twin brothers who said in unison "what will you do for our silence"

    I work in security so cant have something like this spread around about me, so they know they (pardon the pun) have me over a barrel.

    I reply with what do you want? and am greeted with big smiles and trousers being dropped.

    I remind them that my wife their sister could be home soon so they tell me to go to their place with them "NOW"
    we got to theirs and I was quickly stripped to my lingerie and heels and was sucking them each in turn, one of them left the room and returned a few minuets later with some lube and his mothers - my mother in laws dildo!

    they sat back and watched as I slid this rather large dildo into my then virgin ass hole, once it was in deep they again took turns fucking my mouth, I kept my eyes closed at first until the cock that entered my mouth felt suddenly huge!

    they had invited three of their friends to join in and one was now holding my head forcing his 8inch+ cock into my mouth.

    for the next two hours I was used by these five males and had spunk on my face ass and running from my ruined hole,
    but just as her two brothers were using me at each end their MOTHER CAME HOME and caught them spit roasting me.

    luckily for me she believed me when I explained and she told me that my wife had spoken to her about my dressing so she knew and has never told anyone about the gangbang in her living room she just took me home and helped me clean myself up

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    Straight Male / 49

    I want to fuck Karla Ludlow in Mt Vernon Indiana. She is 51, chubby and married. I wanna fuck her. Her husband cheats and she shouldnt feel bad for doing same. 812 568 7670 anyone wants to tell her about this confession. Karla will get wet and horny seeing this. She might know who amd she wants it . It will be our nasty secret. I won’t tell anyome Just ask

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    Straight Female / 45

    I am horny all the time when I see him. Even if I don't see him just the thought of him turns me wild. I want to fuck so hard.

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