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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Male / 20

    A few nights ago we were making love with her on top. I was holding her close while kissing her. Soon I started touching and playing with her ass. I would get my finders wet with my saliva then insert them. Her body responded positively to both my fingers fucking her and my cock too and she had a small orgasm. I said are you ready for my cock there and she nodded. I turned her over missionary. I lubed her up the best I could with her own pussy juices and my spit and started pushing in. It was amazingly tight and felt very smooth/different from her pussy. After a minute or so of relaxing, I was able to look into her eyes and make love to her anally.

    I knew that I was not going to last long. We have a small vibrator and I asked her to use this so we could try and cum together and we almost pulled it off. I came and as soon as mine was subsiding, she came. Cumming with something in her ass was an entirely different feeling she said.

    And, because I fuck her ass madly like a porn star she said it didn't hurt and we can do it again for sure.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    When my boyfriend was in prison I was very lonely. My boyfriend asked his best friend to go and stay with me. I really love my boyfriend but I started to have sex with his freind. My boyfriend guessed was happening and reassured me that it was ok and that he knew it was going to happen. He said better with him as he feels that you are safe.

    Well when my boyfriend got out and came home we all slept together and I was shared sexually between them but I still loved my boyfriend. We lived and slept together for another 4 years. During this time I married my boyfriend. My husband and I are still together but his freind moved out of state for work. When he comes back once in a while he sleeps with us.

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    Straight Female / 42

    I am chronically single, I never learned how to date and frankly I mostly prefer to be by myself. If I socialize it is usually a forced event such as Holidays with family or some corporate function I absolutely cannot get out of. I travel, I read and keep to myself.

    And I masturbate. I have been masturbating since I was around 11 and discovered myself at night under the covers. As early as 11 and 12 I was inserting objects, sitting on the bed post until I was fully inserted, sticking the dogs nose between my legs, using my electric toothbrush to stimulate my clitoris, holding the dogs penis while he urinated, and oh yes sucking on his penis. I loved sucking his penis even if he was indifferent to me lying on his side and letting me suck him. Later one day when I had his head between my legs I leaned back and pulled him on me but even if I could get his sheath up against my naked pubic area I could never get him to actually release his penis and fuck me like I wanted so I sucked him instead.

    At fourteen I inserted a full size baseball bat in my vagina. I used KY Jelly that I took from my Mom's bathroom and managed to insert it after several long minutes of trying. I liked it and lay on my back with the bat in me for a long time, maybe an hour, turning it or fucking with it from time to time. I never needed anyone to keep me happy.

    I masturbated my way through college and I masturbated myself up to now. I got penis fucked last week. To me it was so small compared to my pet toys, it's true I couldn't get his whole penis in my mouth and when his penis tickled the back of my throat I gagged and had to stop and content myself with just sucking hard on him. I leaned back and pulled him on me to fuck like I had done with my dog so many times, his penis did go in and after a short minute he fucked me. That was last week. I don't know if he really understands that he was fucking me, I know he liked me playing with his penis and sucking him and I am sure he liked the feeling once he fucked me. Maybe it was his first ejaculation with a woman. I sincerely doubt he had ever fucked a woman.

    I felt bad for a while, maybe a couple of days, but why shouldn't he enjoy his penis, maybe he can't quite comprehend what his penis is for but it got very hard when I held it and sucked it and he was very hard when I got him to put his penis in me and he ejaculated without any problem. Maybe he is just masturbation in a different form. But he can go to sleep in his world knowing that he fucked my virgin pussy, at least virgin from a real penis point of view. I won't see him again he has gone back to where he lives, but if he can talk he can tell his friends in the home where he lives that he got to fuck a woman. I would guess that he is between 30 and 35, or maybe even 40 it is hard to tell. What wasn't hard to tell is that he never had his penis sucked. He liked that.

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    Straight Male / 48

    I have decided to put this in print, about my late wife and I, and what occurred in our sex life. We had a really good sex life none of us had any complaints, my wife was a bit of a flirt and I had an eye for women, but that was all, as it went no further.

    I got a PC and we both used to go on to chat rooms usually together, and we would chat for ages with folk, one night though we were chatting to this couple who were very sexually liberated, but we didn't know it at the time. My wife said that I had a copy of the Daily Sport because I was a dirty stop out, it wasn't mine it belonged to a pal of mine that I had given a lift too, I just brought it in from the car not thinking.

    One of the couple I'm sure it was the female said oh we advertise some of our parties in that, so I looked and sure enough there was one of their ads in the personal section regarding a swingers party at their home, and once I had shown this to my wife, she said that's it I'm not interested any more, she did tend to go off on one then calm down.

    Later that night when we were in bed she asked me about the AD I e was I disgusted by it,I truthfully told her no, and to my surprise she said neither was I. So we started talking about and then told the couple we would both like to go to the party , so sure enough the invite arrived and later that week we went to the party, it was actually quite low key not wild or raucous which is what we both expected.

    My wife was quite taken with guys walking about naked, and I remember this coloured guy walking by and he was naked he was very well hung, my wife to my surprise said to me I would love to see that huge cock there hard, and I replied ' really ' not through shock but through surprise as she had never mentioned anything before about wanting to see a big cock.

    So boldly I sought the guy out and when I told him why, he said what she really means is that she would love me to ride her hard with my big stiff cock, I said nah she's never mentioned anything like that and we have no secrets, anyway I said to him could you come and meet her, so he agreed.

    I found my Mrs chatting to two nearly naked women, and I introduced her to Matty, and before I could say anything he introduced himself, I saw her looking lustfully at his cock and I knew she wanted it, so I said to her do you really want him to ride you, she was a bit shocked and then sheepishly said yes. I also have to admit that the thought of her getting pounded by that huge cock also turned me on.

    We had a talk about it and as my Mrs was a little bit shy she asked if he could do the deed at our house, which he agreed to, so we arranged for him to call the following Saturday.

    We decided not to have sex that week as I had said to my Mrs that I would like to watch her getting pummelled by his big cock, and I was wanting to have a full ballsack for the occasion, so Saturday duly arrived and my Mrs was really nervous but I tried to re assure her everything would be fine, I was a bit apprehensive too but I didn't want her to know that in case she got cold feet.

    When Matty arrived he had his Mrs with him and she was a dark haired Latino and she was sexy as hell, she had on a short skirt and a low cut top displaying a really sexy curvy pair of legs and an ample pair of tits, rounded of with as nice pair of high heels. My Mrs was wearing a Toga bare legs and a pair of panties and no bra, I was wearing denim shorts loafers and a short sleeved shirt.

    Once the introductions were over his wife's name was Ida, we had a few drinks and then we started chatting about sex, and after a while we all went upstairs, Ida asked me to undress her which I wasn't expecting, Matty practically hauled my Wifes Toga and panties off,and when he saw her hairy bush he said to magic just as nature intended, Ida was the same a nice bushy mound.

    By this time I've got a raging hardon Matty huge cock though is just hanging there waiting to be summoned, he ushered my wife onto the bed and got her to massage his cock which came to life, and was at full tilt in no time then he got between my wifes thighs and started eating her sh came to the boil quite quickly moaning and bucking, at the same time Ida has got my cock in her mouth slowly sucking me off.

    Matty then decided to mount my Mrs with his huge cock it was just over 9 inches and about the same I circumference, she let out this tremendous moan as he slowly entered her, Ida stopped sucking me and laid down in front of me and parted her gorgeous thighs I needed no second invitation, and mounted her and slowly started to ride her.

    Meanwhile Matty was getting into a steady rhythm with my Mrs who was moaning like there was no tomorrow, and he started to get faster where upon she started shouting profanities at him, things like Fuck e hard ride me hard bull me stupid fill me full of your hot thick spunk, she had never done that with me, meanwhile Ida was bucking against me harder and I was picking up the pace too until I was riding her hard she came god knows how many times and I couldn't hold back and a weeks worth of spunk spurted deep inside her bush, I was ball deep when I came in her.

    Matty though was still going strong and my Mrs by this time was gone she was screaming shouting profanities bucking like a bronco, and then I heard him say oh yes Here I come and I saw his body and my wifes shudder uncontrollably as he emptied his big balls deep into her, the look on her face was something I wont forget she looked like she had died and gone to heaven, I was the same as Ida was something else too.

    Afterwards I asked my Mrs what it was like, she said I started coming as soon as he mounted me and then I had god knows how many orgasms after that, I said that Ida was fantastic to ride too, and my balls were well and truly empty.

    We kept up this arrangement for a few years,sadly though my wife suddenly took ill with cancer and it was terminal such is life

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    Straight Male / 43

    I did the toilet paper roll test on my cock and failed miserably… in front of my wife. I am somewhat of a cuckold wannabe so it turned us both on but I still cant help feeling this was over the line embarrassing. It barely fit thick wise but my head didn’t come out at the end. Both of us laughed. Me nervously and my wife very loudly. I tell her on a weekly basis to bring me home creampies to eat, but just for fun- not real, and Im pretty sure she know this. However, the next night, last night, she came home from work and when I fucked her from behind, she started queefing like crazy. Now she does queef here and there, but only after being fucked for some time. She was also pretty wet and loose, but has been for quite a while now. We have talked about her right to a larger penis that can fill her. A good caring husband should give his wife the full length of what her vagina can take. Shes comfortable taking a good 8 or 9 inch, thick dildo while I lick her clit. She calls this a Suck and Fuck. Her favorite. That night I eat her pussy too while I fucked the toilet paper roll. Embarrassing but hot.

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    Gay Male / 19

    During my summer break before going into college my mother asked me to accompany her to a nieces wedding in Florida. We stayed at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach where the wedding reception was. So many people milling around, and the wedding thing got on my nerves after a while. I went downstairs and walked around and found a seat in the lobby and sat down. A man walked by two or three times and eventually he came and sat beside me and said hello. He struck up a conversation and I felt obliged to answer and soon we were deep into who is better. He asked if I wanted a drink but I had to tell him we were underage so he suggested we go to his room.

    To be short about the whole thing we went to his room, he sucked me off until he emptied me and then he put me on the bed and fucked me. He was well prepared with condoms and lubes and he thought I was a hooker in the lobby but when he figured out I was just staying there and bored he said to himself that one way or the other he was going to get me upstairs. I didn't tell him that he was my first, I had sucked a couple of guys before and had my cock sucked but I had never been fucked. It felt good, not at all like I imagined, the whole experience felt really good.

    Certainly he wasn't Mr. Monster Cock but he was big and sucking him felt good, tasting his precum felt good and then letting him get on my back and fuck me felt good. We stayed in his room for about an hour and he asked if I wanted to go get something to eat but I had to go get ready for the wedding. Halfway through the reception I stepped out and went to sit back in the lobby. He came around about an hour later and leaned over me and asked if I was back for more, all I could say was please.

    That was my first fuck, and my first pick up with a man I didn't know and I have never seen again. And it is the best, by far.

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    Straight Male / 24

    I have always been attracted to hardbody girls and women. I like small, even very little or no breasts on a skinny woman, preferably a dark haired brunette or a girl with black hair. I hadn't been doing anything but using my hand for almost a year due to excess work schedule. Late at nights at the office was a fat janitor, she is about 5ft. 5in, weighs about 225 to 250, and is a blonde. I found out last night a natural, all-over blonde. Her tits are freakin' huge, she said each weights 8 lbs. She hasn't seen her pussy since she was a little girl I think she is so fat. We've always teased each other for months now, just chatting and talking. Knowing I'd not had sex for a long time and teasing me about working so much, she pulled out her tits on me last night. I can't believe it we went into an area where there are no cameras and I fucked the fat woman. I let her blow me, I fucked her blonde haired pussy twice and came a shitload each time. All the while I was mauling those huge tits. Her nipples were at least a half inch thick and stuck out when she was cumming about an inch. I am not the most experienced guy in the world, having only been in 5 girls or women in my life, but this 6th one was the tightest pussy ever. She was tighter than a virgin I fucked when I was 17, and this girl was no damn virgin. She told me that if I thought her pussy was good, just wait till I fuck her ass. I think I'm going to start using a rubber though instead of fucking her bare. I don't trust anyone, and definitely don't want to knock up this fat girl.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22


    First of all thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my confession.
    Here is a bit about me. My name is Rae I'm 22 years of age from the UK. I'm a confident, energetic and bubbly girl with a degree in performing arts. About a year ago I decoded to create and adult snapchat where I post daily adult content. I know there is lots of girls out there who do what I do but are they offering personal relationships with the guys that add them? generally not. I wanted to create a safe place of release for my followers.

    My confession is... I feel like my snapchat is starting to take over every aspect of my life especially now its starting to get a bit bigger. Nobody knows how much time I actually spend talking to guys and creating content. I talk to some of my customers more than I talk to my own partner. From when I wake up to when I sleep I'm dealing with requests and sharing good conversation with complete strangers. This has become my life.

    They call me the pocket princess. If you feel that you could gain something from adding me by all means do so and I look forward to accepting your add :)

    My snapchat username is: snap43deep

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Confessions of a cockaholic. I got started before I got out of high school, I went through college with a cock in my mouth, graduated and went to work for large company and took a cock in my mouth, I was invited on a corporate fishing trip to Alaska, spent a whole lot of time with a cock in my mouth, lastly I was on my way home for my parents 50th wedding anniversary and I stopped at a road side rest stop (one of those with only a driveway and some picnic tables) and a man pulling a small RV stopped and I sucked his cock.

    I have taken cock up my ass, it kind of goes with the territory, I like it well enough but I am primarily a cock guy, I would love to suck cock on a total stranger in a movie theater but the few times I've gone I am the only single man there.

    My technique is pretty direct, I see someone I think might be receptive, for example at an Ace Hardware store, or hanging out at a Walmart parking lot and I approach them, say hi and tell them that I would like to suck their cock, no harm no foul if they refuse. If times get tough and I can't find a willing party I go down to the equivalent of skid row, a section of town where the panhandlers hang out after dark and go fishing with a 20, there is always cock to suck. I got busted one time by the local cop doing his rounds and he had me in the back of his cruiser and I talked him into a cock sucking and he let me go.

    I went with my wife on a trip to Cabo for her 35th birthday. She went shopping and I hung back at the pool and got into a conversation with a nice looking middle aged guy and I leaned over and said I was free for a couple of hours if he wanted to go back to his room. He was handsome down there, a real sport and he wanted it all so I gave it up with pleasure, he wasn't a guy in a hurry and he had been there many times before, I have to admit that he cleaned my clock and left me wanting more. There is so much cock out there, if you hang up you go home and masturbate, if you are direct and to the point, polite and respectful you can land cock 2 out of 5 times.

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    Straight Female / 48

    Three years ago my husband sucked his first cock while we were on vacation. A well-endowed man approached my husband in a restroom and demanded that he suck his cock. According to my husband, he hesitated, but eventually got on his knees and began to suck. The man verbally humiliated my husband, including demanding that my husband keep eye contact with him as he sucked him. When he came, he held my husband's head to make sure he took the entire load in his mouth. He forced my husband to clean his cock with his mouth and then left my husband sitting in the restroom with cum running down his face.

    I know this because later that day my husband confessed, but I didn't believe him. The next morning at breakfast he pointed out the man, who was sitting with his wife. I made him walk over to the table with me so I could confirm the story was true. The man's wife laughed and said my husband must be a cocksucker because he never cums that fast. The man retold the story exactly as my husband had told me. He was surprised when I told him I wanted to see it for myself.

    So we headed back to their room to recreate the experience. As the man took off his pants, I was surprised at the size of his cock. It was 8+ inches and thick. Immediately, he had my husband on his knees calling him his "little sissy cocksucker" and telling him to lick his balls. He would not allow my husband to touch himself. It took about ten minutes for him to cum and sure enough, my husband swallowed his entire load. Although I had never thought about my A-type personality husband as a sissy cocksucker before, I like it.

    Later that night we talked about how our lives would change. I agreed he could continue to suck cock as long as I could watch. If he wanted to do this on his own, he would need my approval and he would have to be safe. Since then my husband has sucked two or three cocks a month, mostly in front of me and sometimes in front of my friends.

    Things changed last night. He has a new cock to suck last night at our house. This was a younger guy (I should say stud) that he met at the gym. They had been working out near each other when my husband caught sight of the bulge in his pants. My husband approached him in the locker room and was surprised his offer was accepted. I got the text that he was coming home with a new cock.

    After a little small talk, my husband was on his knees with the other guy sitting on our couch. He immediately took command, holding my husband's head in his crotch and giving him instructions. He had a long skinny cock with a huge mushroom head. It was beautiful. I played with myself as my husband went at it. This time it took about 20 minutes for the guy to cum and, like a champ, my husband took it all. But that was not the end.

    The guy, who was much larger than my husband, pushed my husband on the floor and told him to take his pants off and that he was going to get the "fucking of his life." Up until this point, my husband was a sissy cocksucker, nothing else. Luckily we had some lubricant in the house, which I happily retrieved. During this time, he commanded my husband to lick his asshole, another first. My husband lapped his ass like a puppy.

    After about five minutes and a lot of lube, they began to get a rhythm. My husband winced in pain for a bit, but then I noticed he started to push himself back into the guys cock. I must have cum three times myself watching it. The best part was the man finishing inside my husband's ass and then watching the cum drip out.

    So now my husband is a sissy cock sucking bottom whore and I love it. I

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