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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Straight Female / 32

    My husband thinks he is my firstâ¦..he wasnât. When I was a freshman in college I went to my cousinâs house party and while there met this really hot guy who I started talking and drinking with. Well one thing led to another and we started making out and he slipped his hand down my black lacy panties (I still have those panties the one I wore when I lost my virginity) and started to finger my pussy and my cousin walked by and saw us and offered us the use of her bed. I accepted and we went to her room and laid on her bed and he ate my pussy (he was so good at eating my pussy, got me really wet) and then he pulled out a condom and I opened it for him and slipped it on his dick and then he popped my cherry. He was really, really good and knew what he was doing and I still consider him my best ever because he fucked me twice that night.

    The first time he was so good because he slipped his dick into me slowly and fucked me slowly picking up the pace after I got wetter and he got really deep inside me. The second time he fucked me, I told him to lose the condom because I wanted to try bareback and he was a little bit rougher and my cousin's headboard kept hitting the wall along with her bed squeaking so I'm pretty sure people heard what was going on lol. I woke up the next morning naked, sore, and wearing just my pink ankle socks and the guy had already left and Iâve never spoken to him again. My cousin gave me a high-five later and said âget it girl!â lol. Looking back, I donât regret a thing and Iâm glad that guy has my V-Card. It always makes me hot thinking about how he deflowered me on my cousinâs bed. Iâd do it all over again the same way. Iâm glad I didnât wait for marriage. My advice to my fellow ladies who are virgins? Donât wait for marriage or âthe oneâ. If you find a guy attractive go for it. Even if it is a random guy at a party, go for it. Sex is natural and meant to be enjoyed and my only regret is that I didnât do it sooner or more often before I got married.

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    Straight Male / 35

    I am a man of 35 and a woman in our church is 72. Sheâs a widow, a plump woman, you know, big boobs, ass and belly.

    I started helping her cut her grass when she asked me about 2 years ago.
    She started out cooking for me and making me cookies to take home. Thn she asked me one day what else she could do for me. I told her I need nothing and she said every man needs something. I told her yes you are right but I think we are talking about different things. She then said that I was the only person in the church that had every helped her and she would do anything I wanted her to do. She looked me deeply in the eyes. I told her be careful what you say when you say anything. She smiled and once again said I will do anything you want me to do.

    We were in her kitchen, I remember it well. She was in her rocker and I unbutton my jeans and pulled me dick out. I loodde over at her and said I want you to suck this. She got up, came over and put the pillow that was in her chair on the floor and got on her knees and started sucking.
    Boy she changed my life. I have only had one blow job better than this one.

    I started fucking her one week later. I bent her over her kitchen table. I was so funny I started pounding her and she told me she was old and I could break something. She now sits me in a chair gets on top, holds on to the back of the chair and goes to town on horse back. It has been great.

    Since then we are doing this regularly. She became so fond of it that she has even told her sister, who is 70, that I am fucking her. Her sister lives in Texas and is coming to visit in August.

    I think I will be doing her also. Iâm curious how she looks like. Don't knock it until to try it.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I recently lost my virginity in April to a frat guy at a frat party (Iâm a freshman in college) and it was pretty wild. We were bumping and grinding to music at the party when he asked me if I wanted to fuck and with me being really horny at the time and my hormones in overdrive said yes. So he took me to his room to fuck and when we got there my best friend was having sex with another frat guy in one of the beds in the room. So we shrugged at each other (I was so horny that I still wanted to fuck) and went and laid down on another bed in the room where he proceeded to take my V-Card and it makes me kind of hot to think about how I was deflowered on a bed next to my best friend while she was also getting laid. Frat guy (I donât remember his name lol) needed a condom before he gave me my first dick inside my pussy because he didnât have one and my best friend took one out of her purse and gave it to him, so that I could get laid sheâs awesome lol. So frat guy unwrapped the condom while thanking my best friend and slid it on his dick and asked me if I was a virgin before he penetrated my pussy for the first time. Before I could say anything, my best friend spoke up and said "oh yeah she's a virgin and you get to be her very first dick so make it good for her because it's about time she got that cherry popped" and frat guy responded back "fuck yeah, I love being a girl's first dick and love the fact that no matter what I'll always be her first fuck" and my best friend laughed at him and I said "hell yeah you will be. You'll always be the hot frat guy who took my virginity" and then he proceeded to slide his dick balls deep into my pussy and pop my cherry. I haven't spoken to him since lol. I'm glad I didn't wait for marriage and I'm glad that a really hot guy was my first dick. I wouldn't change anything and I'd do it all over again. Frat guy knew how to fuck and he fucked me good. Anyway, that was my first time having sex and it was a wild but really great experience. Not only did I get laid for the first time on a bed in the same room that my best friend was hooking up but she also provided the guy the condom that he needed to fuck me. Best friends for life!

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    Gay Male / 18

    I should start this by saying Iâm a transgender male but I do enjoy doing sexual things with my female body.
    I once took a key, not a real one like one for decoration, and put it into my pussy (I didnât have any real sex toys) and then put some tape over it so it was stuck inside of my pussy and wouldnât fall out. (It fit snug into me but it felt like it would slip out). I was also hugely into the idea of getting off outside. So I ended up putting some of the tape over my nipples like they have in the porn shoots (my nipples are some of my most sensitive parts I can get myself wet from messing with them).
    Then I pulled my T-shirt back on and headed outside. I kept my phone on me because I really enjoyed the idea of recording myself when I was getting pleasure. When I was walking outside I pulled my shirt off and recorded myself doing it and walking to catch my reactions to having the key move around in my pussy. I never got close to the road (thatâs never very active anyway) but I could feel my thighs shaking from nerves and pleasure as I walked.
    I ended up running to my my boobs (DD) shake and bounce around to add pleasure (and be in my face). I ended up making myself run up some steps as fast as I could handle to feel them bounce more. When I got in and pulled the key out of myself i was dripping wet.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    I was raised going to nudist resorts with my family. I always thought that my parents were swinging with others during those stays. At 15 I was given my own cabin, out of site of my parents place. Friends for many years at the resorts were Tom and his sister Anne. It happened when I was 17, Tom was 16 and Anne 15. We hung out a lot, and would spend some time in my cabin since I had it alone. I'd seen Anne since she was 8 or so and watched her body grow into a woman, the same for myself and for Tom. Tom was thinner than me, I was more muscular, Annes pubic hair was fuller and darker brown than Toms.

    One evening I ended up fucking Tom. He was practically begging for it and I gave it to him. It was the first sex for us both. I loved having my cock inside someones warm body, and cumming deep inside someone was incredible. He kept wanting more and more, he was there in the evening after Anne would leave, he came first thing in the morning, each time wanting cock up his ass, and in order to accomodate, I made him take it in his mouth as well. Finally I told him that he had to help me get Anne high and fuck her. He didn't want to, I think out of jealousy and not wanting my cock inside someone else. But he did help. In front of him we both were hard, I could see some juices accumulating between her hairy pussy lips. She and I were kissing, I started playing with her nipples, and she was moaning incredibly wanting to squirm away but I and Tom held her in place. With encouragement from Tom, I moved down to her spread legs and ate her pussy. It was incredible, I loved the taste, the smell and at some point I let Tom take over. Anne didn't know that I had stopped, and thinking it was me she was orgasming as I kissed her and squeezed her nipple. Eyes wide open and in mid orgasm she didn't want it to stop. After than Tom got her in orgasm build up again, and he moved and I replace his mouth with my cock. Tom saw his sister lose her virginity.

    After that I spent the next few weeks fucking brother and sister, betting sucked, and even fucking Anne in her butt. It hurt her a lot, so I didn't do it too much. By then Tom and I were sucking and fucking in front of her, and she and I in front of Tom. She let Tom lick her pussy but not fuck her and I got her to suck his cock a couple of times kissing her after he unloaded in her mouth. On the second to the last night I got her to agree that Tom could fuck her ass so that she couldn't possibly get pregnant from her brother. She did it for me, not for her and not for him. I promptly crawled on top of Tom and fucked him while she sat and watched with her brothers cum in her ass.

    The next year, it was over with Anne. She'd gotten a steady boyfriend so it was just Tom and I. But I still jack off to the memories of taking the virginities of a brother and sister.

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    Gay Male / 50

    I am 50 and met Gordon a 70 yr old chubby gent a few weeks ago.He is my 1st man and I have visited his bungalow half a dozen times since then for increasingly passionate sex.Lat night I walked over there to be fucked for the first time and am still relishing the thought of it.

    It was after dinner last night after he called me to come over I was walking there doing snap inhales on my belmont mild cigarettes which has quickly become my cigarette of choice.I was horny as hell as i was sucking his cock with more and more abandon each time I have seen him.I was letting go and letting him take me over and he knew it.My body was totally submitting to him.Underneath my jeans I was wearing a pair of his full cut white underwear which he has given me to wear to remind me of him.

    I finished my cigarette and arrived at his place eager to see him.I knocked on the door and he met me wearing a bathrobe with his cock hanging out semi hard.I went inside and he made us a couple of jack nad cokes.The booze soon gave me that relaxed sexy warm feeling.Gordon led me to the bedroom and stripped off my clothes.His cock was stiffening and i soon had it in my greedy mouth.I boobed on that dick for awhile not wanting him to cum yet.He placed me on all fours. and told me he needed to fuck me and make me his forever. That talk excited me and I eagerly did what he asked.Gordon took out some lube and fingered my puckered tight asshole.he then surprised me by getting a bottle of poppers out and said "sniff these and your asshole will relax so much I will easily go in"I did as I was told and soon inhaled feeling this major head rush and dizziness.I got used to the feeling and my whole body melted as the poppers took effect.Before I knew it his hard cock was inside me pushing in and out steadily.He went in so easy.I loved the feeling and felt this strange excitement burning inside me as I was fucked.My whole body tightened up and felt this incredible sexual tension.He was my man now and both he and i knew it.I was surrendering totally to him and my body responded to his every thrust.After a few minutes I could feel him tighten up ready to let go as waves of pleasure moved through me releasing my tension.I was having a female type orgasm that was lasting way longer than any orgasm I ever had with my cock.It was a whole body orgasm so different and more complete than I had ever had before.I started crying in pleasure in joy as he shot his load in me.He filled me up as the waves continued to cascade in me.My body shook in pleasure.After a few more minutes the weaves subsided and I collapsed on the bed beside him.I took out a cigarette and sparked the lighter.I took a deep drag and reflected that here I was with my old man's cum leaking out of me.I felt like his whore his slut.I loved it.I now knew I had always been gay and just needed the right man to breed me.

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    Straight Male / 35

    My wife is a hot 31 year old. Although we have two children she looks amazing and has no negative side effects from pregnancy. We went to visit my wife's sister in Arizona and the have a pool. It was extremely not so we were basically hanging out at their pool all day drinking beers and margaritas. The kids all had a birthday party to go to do we were childless for about 3 hours. My sister law immediately took off her top and we continued to swim around for about 5 minutes. My wife came up to me and asked if I would like to see and share her tits also. I readily agreed.
    My sister in law had size C breast while my wife had B's. The next couple hours we enjoyed looking at our wives. Eventually her sister had to leave to pick up the kids. It was about an hour round trip so my wife remained topless.
    I challenged my wife to skinny dip and she immediately removed her bikini bottoms. I noticed my brother in law got out so he could get a better view.
    I whispered in my wife's ear that she was being checked out and she said what do you want me to do about it? My response show off.
    She did a couple laps of backstroke making sure he had a perfect view. She swam over and asked if she looked sexy enough and now had her back towards him showing off her ass. (It is my favorite feature) I asked if he wanted a better look and he responded yes please.
    I held my wife's arms so she could lift her ass out of the water. She slowly spread her legs so he could see everything. Nothing physical happened other then she did give him a long hug nude.
    I know it is wrong but I love it when men see and desire my wife.

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    Straight Male / 36

    A few years ago my wife and I visited a spa in Bali Indonesia. We both had female masseuses.
    During the massage a young male came into my massage room and asked the girl to go to my wife's room as her masseuse was not feeling very well.
    He didn't realise we were together and commented that there was a very attractive woman in the next room. He confided in me that the woman had asked her masseuse to massage her vagina and the masseuse had said she wouldn't and came out to reception to complain...hence the change in girl.
    I was shocked but surprisingly turned on at the same time. The young man then asked if I minded if he massaged me. I said no so he took up where the girl had left off. With me still face down. As he massaged me he laughed and said my girl was bi sexual and would be more suited the woman's wishes.
    That really turned me on, thinking of my wife being massaged and pleasured by a cute bi Balinese girl. So, when my young man asked me to turn over my erection caused some initial embarrassment. I sort of apologised and he just laughed and said he wouldn't have been doing his job properly if I wasn't hard and gave my cock a little rub, in jest.
    That sent a zing through my body and what had been a reasonable erection now became rock hard and lifted off my stomach. He didn't bother to place the little silk wrap back across my cock so I was totally nude.
    He continued the massage just occasionally brushing his hands across my cock which ensured it stayed hard. At about the 60 minute mark, the massage was 90 minutes, he asked me if I would like him to take his briefs off. I was feeling very comfortable and stimulated so said sure.
    I watched him slip his little briefs off. His cock started to lift and harden and he lifted my hand from the massage table and placed it on one of his ass cheeks. It was firm and smooth and I felt another zing fire through my body. He moved his body so my hand slid into his crack and he reached behind and helped me push a finger into his anus, he gently moaned and bent down and took my cock into his mouth. Now I should say that I was not exactly new to sex with a man, although it had been a long time ago before I was married.
    This young man was taking me back to that time and was stirring some real fire in me. I knew I wanted this and was happy to let it take its course. I fingered his anus while he sucked my very hard cock. I was getting close to ejaculating when he pulled off me and climbed onto the table facing me. He lifted his slim smooth body over me and lowered his anus onto my cock. I ejaculated inside him 5 minutes later.
    He climbed off me and asked me to turn over. I turned and he spread my ass cheeks and went down on me with his mouth and tongue. I lifted myself up so I was pretty much on my knees, my ass raised and available. After licking and eating my anus for a while he slid his cock into my oiled anus with ease. He ejaculated within minutes.
    He then got up off the table and pulled his little briefs back on and left the room, with me on my knees and jizz running down my inner thighs. The door opened again and another young woman came in with warm damp towels and started to clean up my body. She ran a warm moist towel down my crack and rubbed my anus. Then she started on my semi hard cock and cleaned off the oil, jizz and my young mans anal juices. I lay back, face up and she drizzled a new ginger scented oil across my chest and stomach. She worked the oil into my skin as my cock started to harden and slide across my thigh and rest on my lower stomach.
    There was a gentle tap on the door and she stopped massaging me. The door opened and my young man returned as she left. He placed the silk across my body and erect cock and moved to behind my head. He started to massage my head and neck. He then put his arms under my arm pits and pulled me back so my head feel gently backwards at the head of the table. I felt his hard cock on my mouth and then felt it enter my mouth and push into my throat. He worked his body and hips as he face fucked me, stroking my neck around my Adams Apple. His second ejaculation was as intense as the first. I gasped and swallowed as he moaned gently and completed his release. He pulled out and I adjusted my body so my head was supported. He handed me a silk robe and took my hand and led me to the shower in the corner. I hung the robe and stepped nude and erect into the warm shower. He started to soap my body. My hard cock, butt and anus. Legs and thighs, back chest and stomach, then he dried me off and gently kissed my mouth. My erection had subsided, mostly, but became instantly fully erect again.
    He handed me the robe again and led me into the candle lit relaxation room. I lay on a lounger in my robe with my erection covered. After 30 minutes I returned to the change room and then our room. My wife was asleep in the bed. Nude. The fuck that followed was as good as I can remember.
    We never discussed our massages.

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    Straight Male / 36

    A few months ago, my wife and I spent a week sharing her with an older, man at an air bnb.

    My wife is 32, long wavy brunette hair and a great body. She has full breasts, a flat tummy, and a nice ass. She's a little on the short side at 5'3.

    The original plan was to stay there just two nights, then continue on our trip to the beach another state away. Those plans changed for sure.

    She was always a flirt, and a bit of a tease. I love that about her. She dresses flirty sexy, usually not overtly 'slutty' but playful. Short skirts, cute tops, casual cute dresses that kind of thing. We had fantasied in the past and toyed with the idea of sharing or swapping or whatever. We had actually come to an agreement a while back, that if the right opportunity came up where we both felt okay then... we were open to it.

    When we booked the place, we knew it was an older couple that owned it. He in his sixties, her in her upper forties. The house had a 'guest suite' which was a small building in the back yard, separate from the main house. Sounded like a good place for us.

    But, when we got there instead we found just the husband of the couple. He was a mess. He was obviously drunk most of the time, and the place was really a mess. At first we were like...what the fuck? But then he shared with us that he had forgotten all about the reservation. His wife had been the one to do most of that. She had left him just a couple weeks before for some other guy with a lot of money. He was devastated.

    He offered to give us our money back, but the wife and I talked and we we decided we would go ahead and stay if that was okay with him. Even more, we would go put our stuff away, get cleaned up and come over and talk to him for a while. We felt really bad about his situation.

    So, that is what we did. A little over an hour later we went back over. He had showered and cleaned up some. We sat and talked, he told us about his wife and what happened, he cried a few times. My wife hugged him and let him cry on her shoulder. She comforted him a lot, and here I was sitting on the other couch watching my wife and this man basically hold each other.

    Eventually, she gave me a funny look and then said to the man that we would be back in a little bit and she would fix him dinner and all. We went back to our room and she told me ha had kissed her neck and shoulder a few times. I was just wide eyed. We talked about it for a few minutes, she admitted it felt nice and that if she did have fun with him, it might help him feel a little better. If nothing else, could be some revenge for his wife. We both went back forth for a bit if we were absolutely sure we were ready for this. We were.

    She put on a cute dress. Blue, with straps over her shoulders and buttons up the middle. However, she wore nothing else beneath and unbuttoned the top two buttons and the bottom three.

    She cooked dinner, bringing him food and drink. Making sure to bend over low to give him a good view whenever she did. She flirted, talking about how handsome and sexy he was and how his wife must have lost her mind. She told him she always liked older men, they laughed, he was certainly looking happier!

    After dinner was over, she popped a third button down on her top, which gave a very healthy view of her breasts. She sat next to him again on the couch and kept flirting. Rarely did I say a word, I just smiled, sipped my drink and laughed along with them. She 'accidentally' let the right strap on her dress slip down her arm, which with the lack of button, meant her breast was almost fully exposed to him. It didn't go unnoticed by our host. She sat up a bit, giving a better view and asked if he would like to touch? He looked over at me, I just smiled and nodded. He still seemed unsure.

    She took his hand and brought it up to her breast and smiled, he happily touched her then. She told him that we had talked about it and thought maybe he wouldn't mind her helping take his mind off of things. Cheer him up. They kissed. His hands roamed her body. They kept kissing, He kept looking over at me, expecting me to lose it or something. I just watched. She smiled at me. Her dress came fully off and he commented how sexy she was, many times.

    She took off his pants, and he was pretty solidly hard for an older man. She looked over at me with a smile as her hand wrapped around it. I nodded to her then she started licking and kissing it, then sucking on it. He leaned back, in heaven. She is amazing with her tongue, and gave him an amazing, long blow job. Keeping him horny, hard and on edge but not cumming.

    After a while, she climbed on top of him there on the couch. She straddled him, held his cock in her hand and slowly slide her dripping pussy down on it. Sliding him inside her. She moaned out and he was in shock. He thought the blow job was as good as it was going to it. She rode him, he was passionately kissing her and playing with her breasts.

    My beautiful wife came first. The situation, and the excitement of the first new cock inside her in many years was too much. After a few more minutes, he came inside of her. She sat there not moving much, except to toy with him a bit, for a while. They kissed and touched and laughed a while longer. He was so thankful, it was almost funny. He complemented her, said how lucky I am etc etc. IT was a fun night.

    We walked back to our room in the back yard. Her walking totally naked, and we had the most intense sex we've had in a long time. She was so pleased with herself, and it was a lot of fun Neither of us had a problem with any of it.

    The next morning, I awoke to find the bed empty. I made my way over to the house, and heard some familiar sounds. Finding his bedroom, sure enough he was laying back in bed, her sucking his cock. She said she came to get her dress, spied him asleep nude and didn't think I would mind. I laughed and said of course not, she smiled and once again climbed on his cock and slid him inside her. But this time, she was facing me in a reverse cowgirl.

    After a few moments she gave me a wicked smile and beckoned me to her. I walked up, she slid my pants down and took my cock in her mouth as she rode him. She was doing all the work for us both. She came hard and had to stop sucking on me for a moment when she did. But, came back to it. He came inside of her again, and she came again. I was the last one to cum, but only by a few moments. She swallowed every bit.

    He made breakfast for us, saying he owed us for sure. As he did, the wife and I talked and agreed. So. we offered him something.

    We offered to cancel our trip, and stay here with him for the week instead. Basically, as much sex as he can handle. One on one with her, and sometimes all three of us. She would happily stay naked or dressed sexy the entire time. He could even take her out if he wanted. Yes, she was mine and at the end of the week we would go home and never see him again. But for that week, she would basically be his to enjoy.

    He, of course, agreed. It was a hell of a week after that. She had sex with him a few times every day. I had sex with her at least once every day. She slept in his bed most nights. They did go out together a few times, and one such time led to a waitress thinking she was his daughter at first. So, after they made the waitress feel terribly uncomfortable by making out heavily after that, she adopted calling him daddy most of the time, which he loved.

    Eventually, the week ended and we had to get home. They had passionate sex one last time as I packed up our stuff, then we got in our car and went home. Her pussy still dripping his last load.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    This is about some lesbian sex and group sex. My best friend and lover dared me to write it so I'm doing it.

    Her name is Cathy and we live together. We were lovers when we moved in together but over the years, while we remained very close, sexually we drifted apart, perhaps through boredom and soon preferred our own bedrooms.

    Last year Cathy met a younger girl, a nineteen year old uni student, who wasn't looking for a relationship, only some adventurous sex, so they put it me to have a threesome, which I thought was a great idea.

    She was totally sexy and beautiful, name of Hailey, slim and such white soft skin, ginger hair, even down below and the cutest lickable little pussy you could want.

    We went into my bedroom because I have a double bed and Cathy and I made love to her gorgeous body. Getting my face between her thighs was like being in paradise. I used a strap on with her, going at it for like twenty minutes, and she orgasmed big, grunting and gasping. The best ever I thought.

    For a while this was our Saturday night, threeway vagina fun. One day we were eating at a local bistro and Hailey took a call. She held her phone in front of her and we could hear the conversation. She made no effort to conceal it from us. Afterwards we wanted to know what was going on.

    So Hailey told us she was also seeing this married couple, which initially pissed us off. But she had a point, she was young and she wanted to fuck around before she settled down and we knew this, didn't we ?

    This married woman, Gianna was bi and to satisfy her desires for pussy had an arrangement with her husband to share any woman who would have sex with them. And Hailey said this was a great idea, to have a no fuss fuck fest as she didn't mind some cock as well.

    We agreed we had no claim on her, she could do as she wished, and said any time she wanted to come around to us would be fine, we were still friends.

    Some time after this Hailey called me and said she had been talking to Gianna about us and Gianna had said she'd like to see us. Of course this meant her husband as well, it being not stated but understood that if all went well it could lead to sex.

    For me who'd had some boyfriends in the past getting fucked by a guy was no big deal but Cathy was more into fem sex than me so I was a bit reluctant to mention it to her. But Hailey called her .

    Finally Cathy told me that she would go along to see what it was all about and maybe this guy would be happy just to have Hailey and me while she and Gianna had fun. After all, how much c**t did he want ?

    We met them first at a club for about an hour and the following weekend went to their house.

    She was forty,black haired and olive skinned, a sexy dish, and he a bit older, white hair and a timmed, short white beard. He had lean muscular body, not much body hair, which was dark by the way, and when naked a good sized erection.

    They had a big, impressive place, no doubt worth a bit these days. They had a spare bedroom with two beds. Cathy and Gianna had one bed and Hailey and I took care of Mark in the other. We both sucked on his cock and then he fucked me, probably because he'd done Hailey a few times before now, and I was fresh meat. In fact he did me twice; after finishing he took a short break and then was ready to go again. We decided on doggy so Hailey could get underneath to see the action close up, feeling his balls and tonguing my clit. From time to time I got my head down between her legs to get a taste of something nice, keeping me in the mood.

    After that I went over to Cathy and Gianna who were just lounging there talking. Gianna came on to me so I said I'd better wash and she said don't worry, won't be the first time some of his cum went into my mouth . It adds to the taste she reckons, makes it a bit salty. ( I wouldn't know)

    We were locked into a sixtynine for a good while and I was really into her tongue, she had a wonderful touch. When I looked up Cathy was being fucked by Mark, so it just goes to show you never really know someone. ( she poked me in the ribs when she read this !)

    Turns out he fucked all three of us, some of us more than once. No wonder he loved his wife !!
    All in all it was a good night and Cathy and I drove home about three in the morning.

    I hate to go on too long, don't have the time to spare to go into all the details, so to be brief, Mark and Gianna were swapping partners with another couple and, a couple of months later, a swinger party was arranged at this new couple's semi-rural house. They had an annexe for their parties, a room with black curtains up and a floor scattered with mattresses, covered with flannel sheets and cushions and pillows everything; lit by low red lights, dim and naughty.

    Cathy,Hailey and I were there with Mark and Gianna with this new couple, getting undressed, they even had lockers for our clothes! ready to indulge in a night of group sex. Cathy said she'd go with a guy if they asked her, but there was plenty of vagina to spare. The guys thought it must be Xmas.

    So this is the night I got fucked by Mark and the younger new guy, a builder of some sort, a solid fit body, shaved head , and a fat cock . Both of them for an hour (?) or more fucked me every which way they liked until I was sore. A great night I won't forget in a hurry. And a bit of pussy to end the night.

    I'm going to end this now . It's nice to know we're still horny and getting our share of fucking.

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