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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Posted by Anonymous

    Masturbating is so nice, every night almost, i look at lesbian porn and visulise that woman is eating me out (im a girl) and then i go into the bath room, and get out a little hand mirror. i see my cum is already starting to show, and i rub myself a little bit more... finally, i get into the tub,, and start the warm water flowing, the tub is almost half filled when i put my moist, damp, pussy under the warm flow of the water.. Sometimes i bring in my naked pictures of women touching themselves, and i put them on the wall of the bathtub with water and i hold my downthere lips open and feel the water flow into my pussy, some days i stick things into my ass and i get a quick orgasm in 10 or so minutes by sticking something up my ass and moving them around and in and out until i have the best orgasm of my life! other days i just wait unti have an orgasm with my images of a woman licking my pussy. i imagine her tongue in there and just moving in and around, getting me hot and steamed, then i do it to her by licking my curled fist and imagining a wet pussy. i then rub my tits and imagine doing it to another woman, man i really would love to lick or have intercourse with a woman, dont get me wrong, i LOVE guys, but theres just something about a feminine body that just really turns me on.... does this make me bi, or just curious.. i really would like to know..

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ok heres my confession.
    One night me and my boy friend were fucking and his mom came in. we had a good time

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a little young and I love masterbating, I do it all the time, but I really need to know how I can start cumming. There has to be a wa without viberators or things like that, please post your ideas.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I had been Master Robert's slave for only 1 week now, but already I would do anything - ANYTHING - he wished of me.

    "Ama!" I heard him yell, "Kneel at readiness!" I scrambled over to his feet kneeling before him. I arched my back sitting on my crossed ankles, as I spread my knees wide to reveal a glistening cunt for him. "Good, Ama. You have pleased me well." "Thank you, Master," I said, with my eyes lowered in respect, but my head raised high. He came over to me removing the towel he wore from his recent shower. "Look, little Ama, at what you do to me." I smiled at him. "Yes, Master." He revealed a very hard cock for me. "I have a surprise this day for you, Ama," Master said, his eyes holding mine. "A surprise, Master?" "I found a trainer for you. He is going to teach you to please me." "Master, how? I thought I already please you. Do not make me. Please," I cried. I did not want to be with anyone, but Master Robert.

    Master walked over the door without acknowledgement of my plea, to let in a huge, tanned man. His muscles bulged everywhere. He carried a soft leather whip in his hand. His eyes were steel balls that didn't see me as a girl, but saw me only as a toy. I looked stunned, and I quivered inside barely able to breath. I went to Master's feet to kiss them. "Please, Master." "Master Richard will teach you to suck me without gagging as you do." "But Master, this slave only gags once in a while." I pleaded with him. Why did he not teach me himself if such a thing could be taught. "Hush, Ama," Master told me, coldly.

    Master Richard walked over to me as I sat in the kneel at readiness position again with my back straight and my knees spread wide, so as not to be beaten with the whip. Master Richard examined me all the way around. "Nice, Master Robert. You can sure pick them." I looked at Master, and he smiled. Master Richard took his pants off while facing my way. My Master went to him looking at me. "This is how Master Richard can teach you better than I," he said, and turned Master Richard around. Before me stood at least a twelve inch cock. My mouth opened in horror. How would I ever get that in my mouth? "Suck me, Ama, now," Master Richard ordered. I put him in my mouth but only part way before I gagged. Master Richard used the whip against my pussy with a swat. I cringed and nearly cried out. "Try it again." This time I tried to relax to get it further down my throat. I wanted to please him. I really did, but could not. Again he swatted my pussy with the whip. Tears welled up in my eyes which made it harder to suck him. Further down my throat I got him each time and every time he swatted my pussy till it stung. "Suck again, Ama. Do not gag and you will not be beaten." I took the mammoth cock into my mouth and nearly all the way that time. I did not wish to be hit again, but once more he hit my pussy.

    "Suck it," he yelled. This time it went down my throat. I relaxed more and more until I could get it down without gagging. He forced his hips back and forth fucking my open mouth. "Yes, Ama, you can do it. Now swallow me." True fear filled my insides hoping I could swallow him all without leaking any. My pussy stung, and I did not want him to hit me again. Master Richard's orgasm approached with a shock and dripped into my mouth. I swallowed hard three times before the flow stopped. I nearly smiled to myself as he still fucked my mouth. I had not let any of his cum drip from my mouth. Without a word from me, Master Richard pulled his cock from my mouth and I sat straight for Master. He turned to Master Robert and said to him, "She is trained." "Thank you, Master Richard. You did well." I wanted to tell him it had been me that did well. All Master Richard did was force his huge cock down my throat. Master Richard left the apartment and my Master came to me. "Now suck me off that way," he ordered. I took Master's cock into my mouth till his balls hit my chin. I did not gag or even flinch. His eight inches were now a blessing to me. While Master fucked my mouth, I pushed my heels into my cunt to please myself. My hips wiggled back and forth to rub my clit. "Swallow me, Ama, now," he told me. The warmth of Master's cum sprung into my mouth and deep down my throat. I relished my Master's cum. I even longed for it. I swallowed all of him as I began to grind my cunt into my heels making myself cum. As Master stopped cumming, and I swallowed the last of his cum, he took his cock from my mouth and grabbed onto me tightly. "Oh, Ama, you please me so much." I smiled cuddled in his strong arms. I had learned and knew that the next lesson he would bring to me, I would also be able to learn.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    He arrived at the restaraunt and was just about to ask the hostess about getting a table for two, when the women from the strip-joint that had caught his interest,(you know the one wearing the white blouse with the lace vest and the black skirt), came walking towards him. Again he was startled by her jade-green colored eyes.
    "So, you did come after all," she said directly to him, "I thought after we got off the phone, that you might not come still."

    He couldn't believe that she was the one that had slipped him the twenty dollar bill, to him, she seemed to beautiful to never have dates, and his body was telling him in some not so subtle ways that he certainly wouldn't kick her out of bed, for eating crackers.

    They found a table near the back of the restaraunt, sat down, and exchanged names. He was struck by the beauty of her name, "Cheyanne". As they talked he marvelled at the way that her eyes seemed to glow from within everytime she smiled. He really enjoyed they way she would touch his hand when she would talk to him. Each gesture sent shivers down his spine.

    The waitress came and took their orders and then excused herself. Before he knew it, the waitress had returned with their meals. "Where had the time gone?" he mused as he cut into the chicken parmesan that he had ordered. As they ate, he continued to feel her touch, even though both hands were busy with her food. That is when he noticed that her nylon covered foot was gently caressing his skin under the hem of his pants. Not letting his suprise show, he just smiled across the table at her. Know that he had just realized what she was doing, she smiled back, her smile growing slightly larger as she ran her foot up the inside of his thigh. When she placed her toes against the begining of his erection, she tried not to laugh when he coughed a little, showing her that he knew what she was doing.

    He couldn't believe what was happening. This woman's toes, were first on his inner thigh, and now where gently carressing his ever-growing penis. She knew what she was doing and she knew how to do it well. As they continued with dinner, she carressed his thigh and his erection.

    After dinner, they walked down the main street, until they came to an apartment building. "Would you like to come up for dessert?" she asked, smiling and using her voice to tell him, it wasn't pie she was asking him up for. He agreed and they walked up the two flights of stairs to her apartment. He was rather impressed with her decorating. Her living room was done in blue and rose, and her kitchen that was just off to the right, was done in blue and white. She asked him to sit down on the couch, and that she would return in just a moment. The exictment began to grow as he watchered her walk down the hallway and go into a door near the end of the hall. She was back a moment later, dressed in a pair or flanel boxer shorts and a blue and white basball jersey. "I hope that you don't mind that I changed," she said, " but I have been in that outfit for 12 hours, and I wanted to be more comfortable as we go to know each other." He couldn't think of anything to say, all he knew, was as she spoke his whole attention had been pulled to her lips, and the only thing he wanted to do, was kiss them. So, without answering her, he bent forward and grazed his lips across hers. Nothing could have prepared him for the heat he felt flow through his body as such a simple touch. Already the cooling affects that the night air had had on his erection, was obliverated at that touch. She sighed as he pulled away, and when she opened her eyes to look at him, he could see reflected in her eyes the flame that burned within himself. Gently he raised his hand to her face and using his knuckles, he stroker her cheek as he lowered his lips to hers again. What was suppose to be just a simple kiss to test the waters again, became an impassioned brace that neither of them drew away from until they stopped to cathch their breaths. Already his breath was coming low and deep and he could feel his body responding so easily to her that he wondered if he would have enough control to make to where this was leading. Cheyanne was equally affected and wnated nothing more than to feel his skin against hers. Agressfully, she began to udno the buttons on his shirt and began to make a trail from his mouth, down his neck, to the skin she was revealing with each button. She heard a gasp leave his mouth as she burried her face in his shirt and began to nuzzel his right nipple. As she pulled his shirt tails from his pants, she blazed a trail across his chest to his other nipple.

    His thoughts were coming in a miriad of shapes and ideas, none of them making sense, because of the sensations she was creating with her mouth. He had decided to let her take control of the situation and was enjoying every minute of it.

    She began to whisper to him of how she had thought of doing this to him as she had watched him strip, earlier that evening. When she undid his pants and found the indention, between his waist and his hips, she told him how she had wondered if it was there, and how he would react when she nipped at like she was doing right then. The sensations that her nipping caused, made him grab her face and bring back up to her lips, saying "That was very, very cruel," before tasting her lips with his. The world seemed to tip for the both of them, when he slid his tongue between her lips and gentle caressed it with his own.

    As their tongues duelled playfull, his hands began to undo the buttons on her shirt. She shivered as his tongue thrust against hers and his rough palms glided against her nipples through the satan of her bra. She cried out in pleasure as one finger delved under the cup of her bra to touch the sweetly aching nipple. He removed her shirt and slowly undid the clasp on the back of her rose colored bra. His mouth then began the same trail that hers had started earlier, down her neck to suckle her nipples. Her back arching as he took the first pebble-hard nipple into his mouth. Her mind was soaring, but she could still feel when his hand pulled down the elastic waist of her shorts and his hands caressed her tight botom. "You have a very nice ass," he told her taking his mouth away only log enough to switch nipples.

    Before long, both of them were naked. He stood up and carried her down the hall to what he expected was her bedroom. He switched on the light to reveil a bedroom done in forest green and cream. On the wall above the bed, was a picture of a moose in the wilderness. The overt manliness of the room, made him stop in his tracts. "Was she married?" he wondered, but before he could mouth the words, she was answering his silent question. "If you are wondering if I'm married, I'm not, it is just that the picture struck me with its majesty." He layed her down on the King size bed and began at her lips and blazed a trail to her toes, not leaving an inch untouched by either his hands or his mouth. By this time she was moaning loudly and he knew she was near the edge. He wanted to make her come many a time, before he found his own release.

    He gently pushed two fingers inside her now slick walls, and that is all it took to send her off into sighs of pleasure and release.

    When she opened her eyes, she found his head between her legs, the sight itself causing as much pleasure as his lips and tongue were. He looked up at her when she raised her head to look down at him. She could see a smile cross his face as he brought her quickly to the edge again with his masterful tongue. After this second time, she decided that it was her turn. Standing on wobbly knees, she walked down the hallway to the kitchen. He could hear her opening up drawers and shutting the fridge door. When she returned to the room, not even self-concious about her nakedness, she was carrying a bowl of ice cream, a bottle of chocolate syrup and a bottle of cherries. "I get hungry too, but do you think that ice cream is a good choice?" he asked her.

    "Of course it is," she said smiling, "Especially when you are going to make a banna split, " she offered. He was about to ask about the banana's, when he noticed her eyes glancing at his erection. It hit him then, that his penis was going to be the banana.

    She straddled his upper thighs and placed the bottles of chocolate and cherries on the bed. She then took his enlarged manhood and placed it between her lips. After sucking on the head of his penis for a few minutes, she drew back and told him that it tasted good, but she was going to make it tastes even better. With that, she placed spoonfulls of the ice cream at the base of his penis . The coldness sent shivers through his body. It was cold, yet it helped reduce the extreme heat that had been building there. Next she poured the chocolate around the diameter of his erection. Again licking and sucking off the excess on the head, she kept him hard. Then as she pulled her lips away, she placed the cherry on the tip of his arroused member. "Dessert time," she said smiling as she began to eat off all of the ice cream and chocolate that she had just finished putting on him. Words can't describe the feeling that he felt and she ministered to him, but it wasn't long before his juices joined the ice cream going down her throat.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ilove shaving my pussy. A smooth slit turns me on and I think that it's great knowing that Rod knows that it's shaved, especially when I wear a skirt (mini-skirt). When we go out, he is always trying to grab me on my ass.
    How's that for being married almost 10 years? No one else knows he is really after my twat. It feels so good when he teases me.

    Once it was raining last week. I only had on my raincoat when I picked him up from the bar. I don't want him driving after he has a couple (2 or 3) drinks. You know how those cops are. We never got home until 5:00 A.M.! .

    First I pulled out his cock while I was driving. Then he saw a park-like setting with lots of trees. We got out and trudged in the rain until we came across a pavillion. There was a beautiful place to fuck. No one would see us. He took my raincoat off and was he suprised to find nothing on underneath. I took all his clothes off while he just watched and looked at me. I took his cock (stiff) and hungrily licked and sucked. I ran my tongue around his member. It tasted good.

    His cock was jabbing the back of my throat. I was cupping his balls with my other hand. I love to suck cocks. I suck until the cum starts to ooze out, then I lick that too. "Fuck me!", he said. But I like to make him wait. I said to him, "I'm going to suck that cock off, until you almost cum." So, I went to work, manipulating his balls, exciting him even more. I was determined to give him the wildest fuck he ever got. I laid down and pulled him on top of me. As I licked and kissed his ear, I held his hands so he couldn't do any thing to me yet.

    I like to see him so horny that he would suck my juices out. Then my hot tongue reached down his throat as he rolled me over. As my hand found his throbbing cock, he kissed my neck and ears. With my hand so close to my twat, I put my finger in my twat and lightly rubbed it almost to a climax. My wet, scented finger then went into his mouth. He loved the taste. He likes to make me a slave in loving. As he reached up to squeeze my tits, I took his huge cock in my hand and guided it into my wet pussy. It felt so good! He shoved it into me so hard.

    Of course, I was not going to let him cum yet. I climbed off him and turned to see his huge cock staring at my face. He grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me toward his waiting mouth. My bare pussy was being licked and kissed. My smooth, hairless cunt was already wet before he licked it. His tongue was expertly licking the inside of my hole. His tongue lightly flicked at my clit, which was protruding from my arousal. I pushed my hips up so he could go inside deeper. His tongue darted in and out of my love hole. He hadn't shaved in a few days, so the stubble of his beard stimulated me too. That's something I had never been able to feel with a hairy pussy and it felt fantastic! Without any hair down there, he gave me a tongue-fucking more eagerly than he ever had before. With his mouth on my cunt I felt sensations flooding me as I had never felt before. My entire body shook all over as I came to a wave of climax after climax. I wanted him to enjoy it longer so I didn't stop licking him.

    I leaned over and started to lick his waiting prick. I love the hot gripping feel of his hands on my body. As I sucked up and down on his cock, I rubbed his balls sensually. Naked and hot, I kept my hands on his swollen cock while I sucked and shoved his cock down in my throat. With my experienced tongue, I touched the tip of his cock and lightly touched the slit with my fingers. My wet fingers then slowly slid down to my twat again. I took his balls into my mouth and sucked on them very gently. I wanted him to shoot his hot, white cum into my pussy. Slowly, I lowered myself onto his huge, throbbing prick. I could feel it throbbing inside me, ready to burst forth with its flood. I just held it tightly in my pussy for awhile, then slowly began moving up and down. I'd quicken my pace for a few strokes, then return to the more leisurely pace.

    My own passions began mounting again as I continued to caress his cock with my bare pussy. Suddenly, he rolled me over onto my back and began thrusting vigorously. I threw my legs up around his shoulders as he pumped his growing member into me. "Oooo! Fuck me hard, lover.", I said. "Pump that huge cock into me! Ooooo! Ahhhh! Ohhhhhh!"

    As I peaked over the edge of another orgasm, I could feel his hot, thick stream bursting into my loins! I dug my nails into his back and pulled his body tighter towards me with my legs as we both climaxed together.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    It had been a bad evening. Dinner with Brad and the worst argument of their relationship. A really bad evening. Bad enough to make Lisa think she should swear off boys!
    When Lisa arrived for school the next morning, after her doctors appointment, Joan was quick to track her down before her first class started.

    "Lisa, could you please come into my office for a few seconds?" Joan asked her in the crowded hallway. Together, they retired into Joan's guidance office, the one without any windows to the outside. Joan closed the door behind her, without locking it.

    "How did it go?" the guidance counselor asked the sexy teen, trying to keep any hint of concern out of her voice.

    "Stop worrying, Joan." Lisa answered, "The tests were negative. See, I knew there'd be no problem."

    "When you're eighteen, that's an easy assumption to make." was all Joan could reply.

    "Besides, " Lisa said with that flirtatious, seductive tone her voice could take on, "I just loved the visit. They always give me special treatment there."

    "Really?" said Joan, settling back into her chair behind the desk. "And all for free? That's one nice doctor. I ought to go to him."

    "Yeah, you ought to. And his receptionist is pretty cool too!"

    God, Joan thought, did this slut fuck the doctor and his receptionist in their office? If it were anybody but Lisa, she'd know they were lying. But that's what she was implying, not by her words but the tone of voice they were spoken in.

    "Would you like to tell me the details?" asked Joan.

    "Sure, but maybe later, at your house?" replied Lisa. "I have to go to class soon." Her smile was wicked and seductive. Joan felt the little demon turn loose in her. She looked at the smiling, sexy girl, and remembered what furious sex they'd had between each other and with John. She could feel her own honey start to flow from the thought. She looked at the closed, but unlocked door. The demon began pricking her softly with his little trident.

    "Yes. Later, at my house. Around ten tonight." she told Lisa, who got up to leave with a "Yes, ma'am" and an evil grin.

    "Not yet." said Joan. "Sit down." Lisa sat back down.

    "Show me your tits." Joan whispered, loud enough for Lisa, but hopefully not for anyone outside to hear.

    The uninhibited girl did not hesitate, or even look back at the unlocked door. She simply pulled her blouse from out of her pants, and lifted it up to reveal her gorgeous braless tits, taut and proud in youth, their nipples brown and standing up.

    "So pretty." Joan said. "Now, flick your left nipple and make it as hard as it can be."

    Lisa did exactly that, but sexily and seductively, true to her nature. The forefinger of her right hand rubbed and pinched and flicked at her left nipple until the pleasure made it stand up in it's full crinkly glory.

    "Does that make your honey flow in your pussy, naughty girl?" Joan asked.

    "Yes, Miss Chen." Lisa replied in the submissive voice that made Joan's own pussy tingle and surge.

    "I don't think I can wait until ten tonight. Put your blouse back in, and meet me in the library thirty minutes after school is over, today." Joan ordered. Lisa replied, "Yes, Ma'am" in that submissive voice that she, being a savvy young thing, knew turned Joan on more than just about anything. She tucked the blouse back into her shirt, and slipped out the door, leaving Joan to wonder how in hell she was going to make it through the day with her head full of nasty thoughts about fucking Lisa as soon as possible. Her time would be well spent, from the school's point of view, if she just masturbated right here at her desk before the day really started, but she just couldn't see herself explaining that to the school board at her termination of employment hearing, so she had to wait. Having a student show her breasts even for a minute was enough risk to run, at least for one morning.


    Marsha Long looked up at the clock on the wall of the library, her library. Three-forty five. Only fifteen more minutes until her official time was up. And, she thought happily, only five more days until school was out, and five more after that for staff, and then it was time to head for the beach! Beaches were one of the things she loved about America. The waters of the Pacific were warm, not like in her native England, and you could sit there all day and soak up the sun, and ogle the lasses in their skimpy bikinis, thinking all the while about what you'd do to them if you could get them alone for a little private time.

    Not that she often did, of course, because for her the career had to come first. Her family was not wealthy, and only the death of her one rich uncle had provided the money to get an education in America. She had studied Library Science at UCLA, and this was the first job for the ambitious twenty-five year old. She was determined to do a great job and move up in the world.

    She walked among the library computers, making sure each one was re-booted and ready for the next day. It was one of her last tasks, and she finished as the janitors completed their vacuuming, switched off the noisy machines, and closed the library door. Peace at last. She switched off the main lights, and settled into the cube at the far corner of the large (for a high school) library, and logged in.

    Her friends at college had left an account open for her on the university computer. It was a way around the block the school had on internet access. That way, she could log in to the UNIX machine, and use TIN to browse newsgroups the students at Claremont could never see. One of her favorites was

    Of course, it was hard to find anything interesting amid the horrible sJoan and dross that had invaded her place in the last year, and was only getting worse. But you could still find the occasional nugget, you just had to work harder at it. The moderated newsgroup was nicer, but there weren't as many stories there. You were less likely to find a good realistic lesbian story, and that was what she really preferred, especially one with lots of sexy kissing.

    The codes were helpful, and she looked at several with an FF code. The first two were pretty standard fare; but the third, even though FF was only one of the combinations, had possibilities. It involved a sexy high school senior and a school employee, and the atmosphere was slutty while staying positive and sexy. Several screens into the story, by the time the girl lay over the older woman's lap with her ass raised for a spanking, Marsha was hooked. Spanking, when one girl does it to another, was one of her pet kinks. She could feel her pussy tingle and her juice flow as she read on.

    Jesus and Mary, as the girl was spanked, she had to confess her sins, and one of them was getting horny as she was spanked! The talk was dirty without being demeaning. Eventually, the girl got finger fucked to orgasm, in both the ass and the pussy, then had to eat the older woman right there in her chair. There was something about a man watching, but Marsha was not interested in that part.

    By the time she finished the story, her English blood was boiling. Rarely had anything made her so horny so fast! She had forced herself to keep her finger off her pussy, because she just didn't feel comfortable pulling down her pants in her own library. She wished she'd worn a dress today, dresses were easier to push up to get to the sweet spot.

    It was time to go, once again, to the AV storage room. Before, during a couple of other periods of after-school desperation, Marsha had decided that the little room off the library, which not even the janitors had a key to, was the perfect place for privacy. The expensive audio-visual stuff was stored there, and only the principal and a few other employees had a key. She had one, because as librarian she controlled who had access to the AV equipment.

    She crossed the dark, silent, empty library and moved swiftly up to the windowless door. Quietly, she slid her key in the lock and turned, then equally silently she slipped inside and closed the door. She didn't know why she was so quiet; it was just instinct, since her mission was one of very unauthorized self-gratification it just felt natural to be sneaky. Take no chances beyond those necessary was one of her mottoes.

    She had barely turned around to walk down to the little chair in the back when she heard it.

    "Ooooohh!" a high-pitched feminine voice half-whispered. To the experienced ear, the tone said only one thing: sex! Someone was having sex in the AV room! Marsha realized this with a shock that made her forget her own horniness. But how? No one had a key except a few adults. It must be kids, maybe they had snuck in earlier in the day, hid out, and were now shamelessly fucking.

    Cautiously, the librarian decided to check it out before intervening, as she knew she must do. You couldn't be too careful: Perhaps several boys were raping a girl (though the sound was one of pleasure not pain), at any rate, better to see what you're getting into before jumping in. She carefully took a couple of steps toward where she thought the cry came from, in the back of the room behind some filing cabinets. "Ooooooo yes" she heard again as she got closer. It sure sounded like someone was having a hell of a lot of fun.

    As she got close enough to see around the cabinets that hid the action, partially, she could only see two obviously feminine legs, on a spread-out blanket no less, but oddly, they were pointed knees down, not up, and they were not spread.

    "Oh yes, baby slut, yes." the high-pitched voice gasped in a sort of a whisper, as if she was trying to keep the noise down. Marsha took another cautious step, and this revealed the outlines of what was happening. Although neither upper body was revealed, you could see a superbly sexy ass on the girl whose belly was on the blanket, and you could see the calves and feet of-another woman? -- on either side of the ass. The legs were spread and the knees bent. With a shock and thrill, Marsha realized they were two girls.

    The librarian relaxed somewhat. With no boys, there was less of a physical threat. These days, you couldn't just burst in on students engaged in illegal or immoral activities without running the risk of being a part of those activities in a very unpleasant way. But who were the girls, and was there a boy there she didn't see yet?

    Another quiet step closer. The room was lit only by two skylights, and the light was adequate but not bright. But once she got a look at the head of the girl doing the licking, she recognized instantly the red mane of Lisa Cunningham. No surprise there. Lisa was well known among students and faculty alike as being both bisexual and promiscuous. Secretly, Marsha had in fact invited Lisa to many a private orgy in the fantasy space inside her brain. Together, in the darkness of her apartment, alone in her bed, the librarian had fantasized nearly every nasty combination two girls could get into with Lisa as her co-pilot. Now she was seeing the real thing.

    Marsha could feel her emotions changing. The arousal that she had crept into this back room with, had begun to return. Two girls, licking one another! How she'd wished she had the guts, or the stupidity, to be able to hook up with Lisa or a few of the other bisexual or lesbian students. Her cunt had told her yes a thousand times, but her brain always overrode it. Now all she could do was watch.

    Who was the other? The librarian took one step closer, trying to see around the cabinets. But it was risky. She noticed a little stool near her, and carefully pulled it over. She stood up on it, slowly, and was able to get an above view over the cabinets at the lusty lesbian sex scene not fifteen feet away in the dimly-lit room.

    The other girl was blonde and looked much older. Her head was turned away, but she soon in her pleasure agony turned it face up. Then Marsha got her second shock in as many minutes: Joan Chen, the guidance counselor! Holy Mary Mother of God! While she, Marsha, had been a proper employee, the seemingly conservative Joan was getting it on with the sexiest girl in school! She felt a twinge of envy mixed in with the shock. It was even more shocking, considering not only that no one could have suspected the proper Miss Chen of sexual misconduct, but also that Joan was obviously dating the equally conservative John Renfield. Now Marsha was watching her not just have sex with a student, of the same sex, but also cheat on her boyfriend into the bargain.

    I should just creep out of here, Marsha thought. No need to get mixed up in this; it's between Joan and Lisa. Yes: that's what she thought, but that's not what she did. She did not move from the stool. Her eyes took in the lewd scene, but her body did not respond except to stand there, and start the sluice gates between her legs flowing again.

    "Jesus Christ you cuntlicking little whore, you're gonna kill me with that sweet tongue." Joan gasped and grunted as Lisa's head bobbed up and down between her spread legs. The teen was not being subtle. Her tongue swiped and flicked at the older woman's hard clit, stopping only to dip deep inside and scoop up the overflowing honey that cascaded from the desperately aroused guidance counselors hot slit.

    "Tongue fuck me till I cum in your face." Joan swore fiercely. A man might have misunderstood this to mean put his tongue in her vagina, but Lisa knew what she meant was to get her off fast. She puckered her sweet sexy lips around the hard little nubbin of pleasure, and at the same time both sucked on it, and laved it with her tongue. The purpose was to induce orgasm, and the expert oral act did it's job well.

    Marsha watched from her perch rapt, hardly even blinking, as the athletic body of the sexy Joan began its cum. First, her toes curled, then her legs flexed and her hips rose up off the blanket. Her head arched back as far as possible, as with her eyes tight shut she began gasping "yes yes fuck yes oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh". Her hips began hunching almost violently against the embedded face of the sucking teenager. Marsha could see Lisa's tits and ass quiver as her body absorbed the shocks the humping loins of the older woman administered to her. She took it without complaint, holding her face tight against the spasming cunt.

    "Aaaaaggggghhhhhh!" Joan gargled, and her hips made two more heaves off the blanket before settling down. Her chest pumped air as the sexy Lisa seemed to gently lick and kiss the open wet slit. Eventually, the teen left her pleasure nest and rested her head on the upper thigh of the sprawled Joan. The girl's whole face was shiny and slick with Joan's cum honey, it even covered her cute little rounded pug nose.

    "God, Joan, I though you were going to hump my nose off." Lisa smiled through her cum-covered lips. She began to lick them like a cat licking the remnants of milk from its mouth.

    Joan could talk only in bursts. "You make me cum that hard...honey you better get out of the way...or take the consequences."

    "But you told me you wanted me to keep my tongue up in your cunt as far as it would go when you came." Lisa reminded her.

    "That's right." Joan replied. What, did the girl want her to make sense twenty seconds after one of the most mind-blowing cums of her life?

    Marsha was rooted to her spot. Now that the women were no longer distracted by their sexual activity, they could possibly hear any slight move she made. She held herself still as a statue, but her eyes kept staring at the blanket and the two women. Lisa was entirely naked, she didn't even have socks on. Joan on the other hand still had on her dress, but it was pushed up to her waist, and her panties and shoes and socks lay on the floor with Lisa's blouse and pants and other clothes.

    Joan's chest eventually settled back to normal breathing, and she propped her head up on one arm, to look down at Lisa's freckled face framed by the red hair, still resting on a thigh, still covered with Joan's own special honey. The older woman stretched her other arm down to the smiling face, and tenderly ran her fingers over the upturned side of the teens head, near her ear.

    "You don't really mind if I call you things like slut and whore when we're fucking, do you honey?" Joan asked gently.

    "No, I want to be your slut, and your whore. I want to give myself to you completely, like I never have to anyone else. You have my body and soul. I'll do anything for you, and anything with you, and anything to you."

    "That's sweet baby. And John too, you'll do whatever we ask?"

    "Yes, I will. If you want, I'll do anything with anyone, and let anything be done to me."

    "Sweet Lisa, as your counselor I have to tell you that's a promise you should never make to anyone, not even me, nor to any other lover. Anything covers too much. I wouldn't want you to be hurt, now or in the future. Their are plenty of people out there that will pretend to love you only to abuse you. Men and women. But I want you to know that with me, and with John, you'll be safe and never hurt. Do you understand?"

    "I trust you, that's why I made the offer." Lisa replied.

    Marsha began to feel uncomfortable. It was one thing to watch the two fuck, but somehow it seemed an even worse invasion of their privacy to listen to their intimate talk. Besides, she was learning things she wasn't sure she wanted to know: like that Renfield was in on this too. God, how depraved. And she was just as depraved, really, as she stood still, a peeping Tomasina, her own cunt leaking honey from the arousal she felt. She wanted to get out and leave, but was fearful that any noise would alert them to her presence. If they would just start the sex again, she'd leave under cover of their distraction once they got into it.

    "Joan, I've been naughty again." she heard Lisa say.

    "In what way?" Joan asked.

    "I let a man cum in my pussy again."

    "Who was it?"

    "It was Dr. Kelly. He shot his cum up in me when I went to my appointment."

    "You're a very naughty girl, Lisa."

    "It's even worse, Miss Chen. Not only did he shoot his hot load of cum all in my pussy, but he shot another load on my face. And his receptionist Wendy shot her cum out of her pussy on my face too, twice, the second time while Dr. Kelly was shooting his."

    "Did you protest this, naughty girl?" Joan could feel her own cunt getting a surge as the hot words spilled out. God, was this girl ever a hot slut, and a precious find.

    "No, Miss Chen, I'm so naughty that I was begging for it. I wanted his big long dick stuffed inside me. I wanted him to cum on and in me. When I saw Wendy shoot juice out when she came, I wanted that too. I drank it down, Miss Chen."

    "So he has a big cock, and you wanted it. And you say this Wendy girl shoots juice out of her pussy when she cums? Are you lying to me, naughty girl?"

    "No, Miss Chen, I'd never seen that before, but she cums almost like a man, except her cum is clear and tastes like girl cum, and squirts from her pussy hole." Joan had never seen this either, but she'd heard and read about it.

    "You have been a bad girl, Lisa. Do you think you need punishment?"

    "Yes, Miss Chen, I know I do. My ass needs to be spanked, to atone for the trouble I keep getting into."

    "Alright, there's a chair over there. Bring it here and set it up right on the blanket." Joan ordered. Why there was this chair in the AV storage room she didn't know. Nor could she imagine that Marsha put it there, to sit in while she masturbated after school following reading of nasty lesbian spanking stories.

    The watching Marsha could not help but feel an incredible thrill shoot through her body as she realized the sexy young girl was going to be spanked. Spanking was one of her secret thr

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    Posted by Anonymous

    ok this is a deep dark secert let me tell you about it.

    OK i was 18 years old. I lived at home with my mom and my lil sister who has the perfect body. She looks like a super model. She was 15. Well one day i went down stairs and me and my sister stared talking. Then she asked me how big my dick was. I have a pretty big on. I said 11".. She asked if she could see it. OF chorse my parents werent home. I said ok sure whatever and i showed it to her. She licked it. I was shocked after she licked it she sat down and acted like it never happend.
    Well a few days later we were watching my tv when my parents werent home. She started talking about her boobs. She asked me if i liked them.I told her to show them to me. So she did.They were PERFECT. They were like MELONS. They were huge. She asked me if i wanted to hold them. Of chorse i was tempted i said SURE WHAT THE HELL.Then she put them in my hands and i squeezed them.. Well i got a huge boner then and there.

    A year went by and no more stuff happend.
    Well one day my parents went to a meeting so it was me and my sister. She was taking a shower. Well i was in my room watching a porn movie. I was in my bed wearing NOTHINg. i was jacking off feeling very horny then my sister walked in and she was BUTT naked.. wow her body was so perfect.she was still very wet from the shower. (she is 16 now)
    She asked me if i had a towel. Before i new it i grabbed her pussy and her boob and polled her on the bed. i started sucking on her nipple. After a few minutes i said FUCK ME FUCK ME!!! god i was so hard. SHe said No (but i could tell she was enjoying me sucking on her) after awhile longer i said fuck me. Then she got up and pushed me back with my penis right there and she sat on my dick..Then i felt her CHERRY POP. then she started to ride my dick so fast and hard. we went at it for 2 hours. Then we heared my moms car pool up so she took my dick out of her pussy and left my room. I had the biggist boner ever.
    A few days later my parents went shopping. Me and my sister had sex again. Before i new it we had sex almost every day. She was so good.... But then one day she stoped becuz she was going out with this guy. i got so pissed i told her it was the best sex i ever had. But she didnt care she just wanted to have sex with the other guy... I am now 23 and she is 20 i still always wanted to have sex with her again. but she doesnt listin man i miss it :(

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ok this is my confession.

    I am 18 years old. And a very pretty woman. Well I have been going out with my boyfriend for 6 months and we made out and stuff. But this one night we checked into a hotel and we just seat down and talked for awhile. Well i went into the bath room. And when i came out my boyfriend had ordored STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM. When i came out i was shocked to see those there. The he said "Hey sweetie want some strawberries?"
    of chorse is said yes. So then he started feeding me strawberries. I was getting really horny becuz he kept looking at me with these really sexy eyes. Then he took off his shirt. I was like OMG. He has a six pack. Then he took my shirt and pants off. I was left with my thong on and bra. He was wearing a man thong. Then he took off his mand thong and picked me up and threw me on the bed. Then he got on top of me but i pushed him and i got on top of him then i took of my bra and he started grabbing my boobs. Then he took of my thong and started licking my pussy.After he stoped doing that i just sat on his dick and started ridding it. I was moaning and Moaning my head off. He was so good. Then i took my pussy out of his dick and started moving up and down on his chest. I turned around and started to suck his 10" duck. He liked it so much. THen i stud up and lend over he went behind me and started fucking me like there was no tomorrow. He went wild and it was great. Well we went at it for like 3 hours and when we were done we kissed and went to sleep.

    To this day we still are going out and doing even better stuff then that. I think he is so great.But somtimes when he goes out of town and i get horny i find other guys and FUCK them i will tell you about them later..


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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ok my freind is 13 years old. She has a boyfriend(which they always spend time together)
    Well at school dances she fast dances with other guys when her boyfriend doesnt go. And she gets the other guys numbers. And when shes home alone she wears skannky clothes. I think she wants guys to like her. She france Kisses people and stuff. I think she is asking for sex. What should i do?
    Should i tell her boyfriend she likes and got another guys phone number or should i just let it be? PLEASE HELP

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