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The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions!

Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!
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    Posted by Anonymous

    i love to masturbate. i am 17 years old. when i come home from school, i go upstairs and i touch myself. when i'm watching t.v., doing my homework, trying to fall asleep, i masturbate. i love it soooo much! i love it when i come and then i take it all in my hand and eat it. i wish i could eat myself out. that would be heaven...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm 19, I am 5'6 with blonde hair and blue eyes, about 120 lbs size 4. I have been dating my boyfriend Reagan now for almost a year, and we are in love. He's very passionate and we just started having sex, and we both like trying different things, but we had never experimented with water sports before. Secretly, I have always gotten off thinking about wetting myself, and since I was little, I have done it on occasion purposefully, but never with anyone around. As I got older though, I made myself stop because I felt a little foolish wetting myself as a teenager. At least, until this night with Reagan...

    It was a Saturday night and Reagan and I were in his dorm room. His roomate and alot of our friends were going to a party that night, and asked us to come along. We would all pre-party before-hand in his room, making sure we drank all the alcohol there, and then walk to the party at one of the fraternity houses just down street. My best friend Tess and her boyfriend Jack came to Reagan's room to drink and hang out with us before the party. Jack was 21 so he brought the alcohol. Tess and I wanted to get hammered that night because we both had a big test the day before and were wanting to forget about how badly we failed it. I had a rum and coke, 2 mudslides, and then 9 beers. Tess had about the same, and we were both completely wasted. Jack and Reagan are both very protective of us when we drink and decided to each only have a few beers so they could watch over us.

    We all head over to the fraternity where we danced and I drink 2 more beers, even though Reagan tells me he thinks its not such a good idea. Tess and Jack decide to head back to his dorm room early for a little action (if you know what I mean), so that just left me and Reagan there. I had to pee numerous times, and Rea had to take me to the bathroom cause I could barely walk straight on my own. I asked him to come in with me so he could help me unzip my pants and re-zip them when I was finished. I was wearing black stetchy pants that showed off my ass with a blue sparkly halter top and I could tell that it was turning Rea on. He had watched me pee many times before tonight, but this night I noticed he had a huge hardon.

    After a while, Reagan said he thought it was best that he took me home, so we walked back to his dorm room. We usually slept together every night in my room, but his roomate was gone tonight, and I was feeling really horny (I normally do when I am drunk). He helped me stagger into the room, and laid me on the bed where he took of my shoes, and then my clothes. I like to sleep in just my bra, which was white lace, and my white bikini underwear. By this point, I was very turned on and very very drunk. Reagan put on some pajama pants without a shirt (which is so damn sexy) and told me that he thought it was best if we went straight to sleep cause I was very wasted. So we turned out the lights and he climbed into bed and wrapped his arms around me and we fell asleep. It must have been a few hours, but I woke up feeling very sick. My stomach was killing me and I felt like I was going to throw up any second, plus I had this weird pressure in my abdomin. I woke up Reagan and just as he sat up, I threw up all over me and the bed. He reached down on the floor and got his trash can and put it in front of me and pulled my hair back as I threw up 3 more times. The 3rd time, I felt my bladdar start to feel very full, but I was too sick to move or really acknowledge that I had to pee- very very bad. Just as I threw up for the 3rd and final time, I felt my bladder release and I was peeing my panties uncontrollably. I could feel the wettness spread from the edges of my panties through the back to my butt, and then out the sides and onto the sheets. I just sat there, too drunk to move or to stop, and started crying. Reagan quickly felt the wetness and jumped out of bed, moved the trash can from front of me, and was going to pick me up out of bed but noticed it was too late. The whole side of the bed was drenched and I just sat there with tears streaming down my face looking up at him. He kneeled in front of me and wiped my face with his hands and said "Its ok Lorelye, your just drunk honey, it happens to alot of people." He then pulled my pee soaked panties off and gave me a pair of his boxers to slip on. He picked me up and scooted me to the other side of the bed and placed a blanket where I had peed, and then climbed back into bed with me. He wrapped his arms around me again and pulled me close to him saying "Baby its ok now, just try to sleep", but I could feel a huge bulge coming from his pajama pants.

    The next morning I woke up very hungover (probably still drunk) and my head was throbbing. I sat up in bed and suddenly realized that I had to pee very badly-again. I nudged Rea and told him I had to go to the bathroom fast, but he said he had to take me since we were on a guys dorm hall and there were no girls bathrooms. He got up and told me to stay there while he went to make sure no one was in the guy's bathroom. He came back and said the coast was clear, picked me up, and carried me to the bathroom. Once we were in, I went to rush into one of the stalls, but he stopped me and said "Baby, last night, it kind of turned me on when you had an accident in your panties. I liked changing you and feeling the wetness. Can you maybe do it for me again?".....I was a little taken aback when he said this, but then I remembered the hardons he got when he saw me pee and the buldge in his pants last night. I agreed, and he went into the stall, pulled down his pants, and then sat on the toilet. He then asked me to come and sit, straddling facing him and leave on the blue boxers he had given me the night before. I leaned on him for balance cause I was still somewhat drunk and let a torrent of pee go, through the boxers making a huge dark stain over my crotch and then leaking out all over his dick. I felt myself even began to orgasm as I felt his penis get hard underneath me. When I finally finished, he got up and turned on the shower, then stripped me and put me inside with him. "I need to clean my baby girl up after she peed her panties and then her boyfriend's boxers" he said with a smile, as he took the wash cloth and massaged my shaven area around my hole.

    That was an experience I will never forget, and Reagan and I have been experimenting with pee ever since. We do not drink it or anything like that, but he loves for me to have "accidents" in bed and I love to pee on him when I use the toilet.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Well, here is what I have done and never told anyone.

    One morning I got up out of bed when I was 19 (and married) and didn't bother to dress for some reason. I think it was because I was intending on going back to sleep. I was wearing my blanket and walked downstairs to get a drink or something and was in the kitchen when my little sister came in. She was 12 and already built like a full grown supermodel. We talked for a second or two and as I was about to walk away she reached into my blanket and grabbed hold of my dick. It was still recovering from morning wood (how I miss it) and was still a little hard. Then she said something like "ooh sexy" and let go and went and sat down like nothing happened. I was more than a little shocked and did not know what to do right then.

    So a couple days later I was in the living room watching tv while the rest of the family was gone (except sis). Sis comes down and is all wrapped in a blanket and lays down on the floor on her belly. While we are watching tv she starts talking about her breasts. How she thinks they are small and ugly. I tell her to show me and she does. They were perfect. She said she thought they were different sizes and that I had to hold them to tell. So I did. I had a boner as solid as granite. But that was all she would let me do.

    Time passes and we have moved to another house. We had not done anything else for a couple years. Then one day I was in the bathroom taking a dump. The bathrooms were connected and sis was taking a shower. All of a sudden she walks in. Completely nude and still very moist from the shower. Her body was absolutely perfect. Without thinking I reached out and touched her pussy. With the other hand I grabbed her boob. I pulled her to me and started eating her out. After a few minutes I said "Fuck me" and she said "No, I can't" I kept on eating her and then said it again "Fuck me". And then she pushed me back, turned around and sat on my dick. I felt her cherry pop and the blazing heat of her insides. We went at it for a litle bit and then she got up real fast and walked out leaving me with the biggest hard on I have ever had.

    Before I knew it we were having sex nearly every day. This went on for almost 3 years. My wife never knew what was going on. It was the most incredible sex I have ever known.

    Then one day she met this guy. Real nice guy. My best friend. When she got serious about him she stopped our "fun time". It had been years and I still get hard every time I think about any one of the hundreds of times we had sex.

    I hope that one day she and I will get to play around again. She acts like she doesn't even remember any of it. She will not talk about it at all. We are still like best friends, but with a secret we cannot discuss. She is 27 now and I am 34 and it all seems like yesterday to me. Maybe one day in a moment of weakness she will let me once again know her like I have so many times before. At least that hope allows me to live another day.

    So, that is my secret. It is not my only one, just the one that will never, ever leave my lips. I just had to relate this to someone. Even if anonymously. The burden of carrying it around for the last 10+ years is wearing me down. Now I can at least know that someone has been told what we have done.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I went to an adult bookstore in my area to pick up a vibrator for a girlfriend of mine. She wants a totally electric plug in, that, and i quote " dims the lights in the whole neighborhood when i fire it up". This particular store didn't have them.They had battery operated and rechargable models.I'm curious as to what kind you gals use and how you like them? Any info would be appreciated.Thank you.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a girl and was wondering what words people prefer to use for the vagina as there are so many. Vagina always seems a bit too clinical. Front bottom or fanny (I'm from the UK where it doesn't mean your bum) is a bit childish. Box is along the same lines. Pussy makes it sound like it's been in a porn film and it seems to be more men than women who use this particular word for it. Fuck slot is just crude. And baby making hole is just laughable. My favourite is cunt which I know is the worst swear word possible. What words does anybody else use?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    What's the thickest or longest penis you've ever had?
    How was it?
    Did you do it vaginally or anally?
    Please post reply.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This happened about 4 years ago. I was dating my now husband.
    We went out on a date for dinner, movies, and bowling. I was very shy around him still.. so shy that I didn't even like excusing myself to go to the ladies room. It wouldn't have been so bad, but he NEVER had to go to the bathroom. I kept waiting on him to excuse himself, but he never did. He has an iron bladder! I have always liked the feeling of holding it...the sensation always makes me very aroused, but I was getting quite full and needed to go very soon. We left the bowling alley and took a drive around town. I had to go pretty badly, but I didn't say anything. I was figuring that we would be going home soon. I had tea to drink with dinner, some sprite at the theater, and a large coke at the bowling alley. It was dark in the truck and I sat on one of my hands kind of squeezing my pussy underneath, trying to take my mind off the pressure.I was getting very nervous...talking about anything to get my mind off my swelling bladder and the urgent feeling between my legs. We were almost to his house when he decided to pull off into one of the fields on his farm. It was our "make out " spot because it was about 6 acres of land totally surrounded by woods. I thought "Oh nooooo not tonight ...great...what am I going to do ??? I am dying to pee and he wants to fool around..." It was summertime and we got out of the truck . He walked around to the back and lowered the tailgate. My heart was racing. I was biting my nails. I knew that there was NO way I could fool around having to pee as bad as I did. There was no way to sneak off and pee alone either. I sat on the tailgate and we started kissing with him standing in front of me. I had my legs pressed tight together, then he moved them apart and wanted me to wrap them around him. I hesitated and he knew something was wrong. He kept asking "whats the matter ??", but I think he knew. My stomach felt like it was in knots . I knew there was no way to get out of I told him. "I have to pissss really bad, I have held it all night long..I am dying !"..."I have to go over there and pee right now...I will be right back". I started to get up and he held me there. I felt like I could cry , but I was very aroused at the same time. My heart was racing. I could feel my jeans tight against my pussy . "What are you doing ?" I said. He said ..."lets try that thing ...that golden shower thing." I could not believe my ears. Was this the same man who laughed at me when I first mentioned it? He said "you know..I have to go really bad too....I want you to hold your piss for me." We started kissing again and he held his hand tight against my pussy which helped me hold it in but then a couple of spurts leaked into my jeans. I squeezed my insides as hard as I could but my pussy was starting to let go anyway. I noticed him giving hisself a quick grab as though he really had to go too. I started trembling and complaining that I could not wait another second. He took off my jeans and panties and slid me to the edge of the tailgate. The wind hitting me and the tightness of my jeans now gone made me start peeing ...a squirt came out. I held it back as best I could. "Dont worry ...dont be embarassed" he said. He took off his jeans and undies and pressed his hard cock against me.
    " Piss for me baby". I could not believe this fantasy of mine was coming true. I was so embarassed, but I wanted to do it so I tried to let go, but was having trouble relaxing. I closed my eyes and he started gently penetrating me and the pressure from that sent me over the edge. I felt the hot pee start running out of my pussy, slow at first, then it started flooding over his hard cock and running down his balls. He gasped. "Oh god sexy are pissing all over me!" I felt him grow bigger inside me. MMMMM....he started rubbing my clit and still gently penetrating me. I orgasmed while still peeing on him. It felt sooo wonderful, more wonderful that I ever expected. After I finished peeing we started kissing and we had sex more. He climaxed and I came with him again. Afterward he layed me back and "rinsed" me with his hot piss. It felt like heaven running over my clit and over my hole. I climaxed again. It was AMAZING. We cleaned ourselves up with a blanket, put our clothes on , and layed under the stars together for a little while until going home. I could not believe what had happened. I still get a dirty little grin thinking about that night.

    We have done it since...but the first time was the best ! I don't like drinking piss , or piss all over my body..but dayummm it feels good running over my pussy !

    I recommend everyone try it at least once !

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Sandy's the girl I've known all my life. I was the first boy to kiss her, back in first grade.
    We're not "sweethearts" - just good friends. We're both 32 now.
    We've always hung out together, pop in & visit each other anytimes, and shared more than a few drinks together.
    Friday night I was home, playing on the computer, when she came in. She brought 2 bottles of wine with her- again, nothing unusual.
    We sat and talked, laughing about old school days.
    Finally, she said, "have you ever thought about the two of us getting together?"
    I replied yes, but I didn't want to pursue anything that would hurt our friendship.
    She took a long drink from the wine glass, smiled, and lifted her shirt off.
    There, were the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen.
    Round, firm, 40d's, with inch long nipples.
    She straddled my lap, and began kissing me. I reached down and started sucking her nipples.
    Sandy slid down, undid my jeans, and started sucking me. It was better than any fantasy I ever had.
    I laid her down on the couch, and slid my tongue between her legs. Not only was she hot & wet, but she tasted sweeter than a peach.
    She put her legs on my shoulders, reached down, and guided me into her.
    With every thrust her hips bucked in rythym. I had never been with a woman that it felt more natural and perfect with.
    We went at it for awhile, until she came in a loud scream.
    We laid there in bed,and drank some more wine.
    The next morning, we showered and had breakfast. I asked Sandy about last night.
    She said it was time to stop being friends, and move this 32 year old relationship further, if I'm willing.
    I told her I thought she would never ask... and now I realize that this long term friendship has strong roots in love.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I must say that I am very excited about writing this memory as it was at least two years ago and I am not ahamed to say that I am rock hard again just thinking about it let alone describing it!

    Firstly, A little about my then girlfriend: She really liked being dominated, aggressive sex, spanking, tied-up etc. and she also said that being fucked and having orgasms were much more pleasurable with a full bladder. She didn't mind at all wetting herself for me as they all sort of came together. I should add that I do go crazy and lose myself when she does wet herself. So, I had sometime before told her about one of my biggest fantasies and one day she surprised me….

    We were on holiday in the Canaries and I had hired a small apartment. We were sitting in the bar one afternoon a small distance from home drinking beer, we were both wearing shorts and tee-shirts when she suddenly announced with a naughty smirk on her face that she had drank two litres of beer and some coffee that lunchtime and was completely desperate for a piss and did I mind if she went. I caught on immediately and told that as a matter of fact I did mind. My cock went immediately rock hard. "oh" she said " but I really, really have to go!" "Well you are just going to have to wait until we get back to the appartment" I replied in a stern voice. She just sat there and wriggled as we carried on with polite conversation. "Look" she suddenly blurted "we HAVE to go now, pleeeeeese" "No, I want to finish my beer" She went silent for a moment and moved one of her hands down to her crotch. "shit, I've just done some". I was so turned now that I was in danger of just coming there and then so I said "right OK lets go". We both got up and walked the distance to the appartment, me behind so that I could stare at the small wet patch in her white denim shorts.

    When we got to our door I started looking for the keys "hurry!hurry!" she said "I'm going to let go" I took more time looking for the keys all the time glancing at her crotch, and then it happened….a big stream of piss ran out of both sides of her shorts, down her legs onto the floor."you know what going to happen to you now girl, don't you?"I whispered. "yes, I think so" she replied with a trembling voice.

    I got the door open and we went in "please let me go to the toilet" she cried. "you must be fucking joking you *****" and I grabbed her and put my hand on her wet shorts. It was gourgous. They were still warm and so,so wet. I started to take them off and slid them down her legs and dived my face into her soaking white cotton panties. I smelt them, I licked them, I sucked them…..she pissed some more and that was it..I turned her around and gave a sharp smack on her arse. I then stood up and dragged her across the room to the kitchenette table. All the time I could hear and see spurts of piss dribbling out of her panties onto the floor. "bend over *****" and pushed her down onto the table. I spanked her twice each time feeling those fantasticly wet knickers. "ouch! Ouch! Stop it, it's making me piss myself" more piss poured out. I undid my shorts and took them and my pants off and furiously started to wank myself, small drops of come were dripping from the tip. Grabbing her panties aside with one hand I guided my cock into her very swollen cunt and thrusted violently, She started to gasp "your going to make me come"she screamed. I spanked her again and then thrust again, spanking, thrusting faster and faster until she started to shudder and moan. "I'm coming!!!!" "don't you fucking dare" I shouted and slipped myself and felt a hot stream on my cock. "now get up and sit on the edge of the table with your legs open. She complied and sat there in a spreading pool of yellow liquid. I pulled her panties aside again and thrust into her. "now play with yourself" Her hand moved onto her clit and she started to rub it furiously. I pulled up her tee-shirt and sucked her tits. I could feel all the time small spurts of my come shooting inside her. Suddenly whe gasped and shuddered "Oh my god, that's so good" she moaned and came violently. By this time I was at the point of no return. And pulled out again and buried my face back into her panties "I'm going to suck your cunt dry of all that beautiful piss and pussy juice, let it all go" and she obliged letting out the last big gush straight into my face. It dripped all down my chin and onto my tee-shirt while I wanked myself."now I'm going to shoot my load all over those beautiful wet panties of yours" and positioned my cock against the now see-through material, one hand playing with her tits. I started to shoot and it came and came. It was the best orgasm I have ever had.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    one night my best friend was out of town and her boyfriend came overto see me. we went to the movies and he started wraping his shoulder around me i liked it so i let him. Before i knew what was going on we were making out and his fingger was in me. Neither of us were getting what we wanted so we left the theater and went to the park. We did it in the dark under the slide. We still do it but his gf doesn't know

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