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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    When I was a kid (No this does not belong in the "when I was a kid" category, read on and you will see why) I ran away from home. I was 12. My parents suspected I was gay (I was) and started to abuse the hell out of me. My dad figured he could beat the gay out of me and my mother would simply make me read the bible out loud for hours on end. They had caught me in my underwear with my best friend who was also in his underwear. I had used the lame excuse that it was hot but it wasn't really that hot and we were fooling around. Things just got way too hard to handle and so I snuck into my parents bedroom one day and cleaned them out of all the money I could find which came to about $122 (a lot of money in 1961) and I took off. I had one suitcase packed with my few possessions and some clothes and I headed to the big city where I had heard a child could make his way if he doesn't mind doing naughty things with men. Since I liked men I didn't care. Now that is the beginning and I am not going to write a book about all that transpired from then to the point where this story actually begins. I just wanted you to have an idea how I got to be where I did in 1982 when I was 33.

    I was working for a brothel in a big city. Mostly my job was sort of nurse maid to the boys that had been recruited. I was also gopher, janitor, driver etc. I had worked there as a child and the proprietor and I got along quite well. I had been one of his pretty boys which meant I had made him a lot of money. I also liked doing what I did mostly. I suppose I had been born a pervert. The proprietor not only ran a brothel but he was also in the business of procuring young boys to be sold into slavery. We had just gotten in a shipment from the Midwest, a half dozen sweet young things, 4 blonds, a redhead and a brunette, all lovely and ranging in age from 10 to 13. My job was to clean them up and make them look as pretty as possible for the clients and also to stand watch. I was sort of guard, babysitter as well. A fringe benefit was I got to sample the wares as long as I didn't bust their little anal cherries. Our clientele was mostly men but occasionally a female client would be shopping for a young boy.

    On this particular occasion, Mrs. X, a woman in her 40s who was the wife of an extremely prominent politition and the heiress to a huge fortune was looking for a "house boy" a euphemism for slave boy. We had our fresh recruits line up along with some existing inventory and all together we had 11 boys line up. She was looking for "an adorable angel that would look cute in pigtails and a dress" So I had all the boys put on dresses, got a touch of make-up on some of them and those with long hair went into pigtails and those without just got pretty ribbons. She came in and inspected the merchandise and zeroed in on the 10 year old fresh recruit that had just arrived. He had long pretty blond hair that came mid way down his back. In pigtails and lipstick and a short pink dress you would not have mistaken him for a boy. Her mind was made up and so she went to the office and I packed up the boy for shipping which meant I gave him some drugs that put him to sleep and gave him a bath and freshly did his hair and make-up, put on some pretty lingerie and boxed him up in a crate with an oxygen tank and had him shipped to her home overseas. I don't know how he got to where he was going. I don't even know what country he ended up in. I just know we never saw him again. The front office took care of those details. This was typical of how the place operated.

    A couple of days later I was instructed to get ready two of the boys for a VIP client. By this point I am sure the parents of these boys were all quite frantic. It would be at this point where the FBI would have been involved and the all points bulletins had gone out. But unlike today where they have Amber alerts and in minutes a notice can go out to the entire country, in those days it was rare that anyone outside the immediate area where a kidnapping took place would ever find out unless the victim was famous. None of ours were. My boss made sure to never procure anyone who came from within 500 miles of our city. In fact he preferred boys from rural or Midwestern areas since at the time they tended to be less worldly and more trusting. Not to mention boys who are totally innocent in all ways are a hotter commodity. So our VIP client was quite prominent. The sort of person whose photo and name appeared in the Washington Post at least once a week. He was elected and sent to Washington to do a job and every now and then he would visit our city, not in his district, and have himself a little fun. I don't know if his wife ever found out but I know I never read anything about it in the paper. Not only was he a client but given his position of power he was a sort of co-conspirator. He was on a committee that gave him some power over the FBI and so we were never investigated by them or any other federal agency. I have no idea what sort of discount he might have gotten. All I know is we did anything he wanted to and he tipped well, VERY WELL. I got two boys ready, a newly arrived 12 year old blond with longish hair and an incredibly pretty face and a 7 year old who had been with us for a while. Most of the time he just went into a suite alone and had fun and I had to go in an clean up after. This particular occasion he wanted an audience. He wanted the boys dressed like typical boys. The younger one was dressed as a cub scout and the older one just had jeans and a t-shirt on and was carrying a canvas bag for newspapers. We even put in some newspapers to make it look more real. I helped him tie up the boys and he took some pictures for souvenirs then I was instructed to watch and critique his technique while jerking off. He then systematically molested, tortured, raped and tortured both boys going back and forth. He wanted to finish up by having me rape the 12 year old while he did the 7 year old. The 12 year old was a virgin and I thought he would have wanted to deflower him but he had the hots for the little one so I took the 12 year old from behind and shot my load deep inside him while twisting his nipples practically off his chest as per instructed. After I had to clean up while he settled accounts with the front office. A few weeks later he returned for another go, this time he wanted the 7 year old again along with a newly acquired 9 year old and he was quite rough on the 7 year old who didn't survive the festivities. I did my best to clean up after that mess but they had a pro come in and dispose of the body. We had to put the 9 year old in diapers for a month after that as he couldn't hold in his shit. I don't think it was the ass fucking that did it. It think he had the shit scared out of him literally. After that I lost a taste for that kind of work.

    Don't get me wrong, I still loved boinking little boys. I had been doing them since I was one. But I just don't get off on being in a room while one is fucked to death. I had been working there for about a decade and since I was also living there (the place had been an old transient hotel before the new owner turned it into a brothel) free of charge and didn't even pay for my meals or clothing, my expenses were kind of low. I had been able to save up a lot of money in 10 years. So in late 1982 I packed my bags and my $62,000 cash life savings and the $244,000 I stole from the front office and took off in their "company truck." I knew I would have to get rid of the truck soon. I had about a 3 hours window of opportunity to get out of the area and ditch the truck. I got about 150 miles away and into another city and hopped a greyhound bus and went the rest of the distance. Since I knew where most of the procured boys came from and where my employer operated from within the U.S. I knew the parts of the country to settle into. I arrived in a medium size city a couple thousand miles away a few days later with my suitcase and over $300k and never looked back.

    I did a little research and found out where the hookers hung out and befriended a couple of under aged drag queens. They hooked me up with a guy who does fake I.D.s. I got a fake birth certificate and social security card which got me an apartment and a drivers license which in turn got me a bank account. I stayed off the radar for a while then enrolled in school and graduated and got a legitimate job. I met a girl and fell in love and got married and have kids. I have never touched my own kids. But I have visited certain places where one can for a fee arrange to be made love to by a sweet little child. My wife I should tell you, is very young looking. When I married her she was 15, I got her an I.D. that said she was 18 and we got married a few weeks later. She is 4 feet tall, weighs about 65lbs and is flat chested and looks like a 10 year old which is part of the appeal. The other part is she knows all about everything I have ever done and just lays there masturbating while I tell her a story of my past. She calls me Daddy and asks me to molest her and it gets pretty hot. But I still yearn for little boys from time to time.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 18

    I go to parties all the time and have been drinking since i was 13 and been having sex with boys since 8th grade! I have such a messed up life, and i am trying really hard with my walk w God but i have so many bad habbits such as: drinking, sex, drugs, smoking, etc...
    I feel so ashamed and i icky because i am suppose to be really good because i am an elite gymnast hoping to be able to go to summer Olympics!

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    Straight Male / 23

    I was staying at a hotel recently with my girlfriend and it was about 11 at night and we were hungry so i walked down to the vending machine. it was a decent walk and it was right at the entrance to the pool. when i walked up there was a group of teenage girls leaving the pool in their swimsuits still wet. they began talking to me and i could see they were drinking a little. i walked with three of them to the mens restroom at the pool and i made out with all three of them. 2 of them gave me head together and the third refused and left. first time getting sucked by 2 girls at the same time.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 22

    Story of Amy,

    Amy had a job a boyfriend she lived with and looks good. She had the look of a young girl at 22 but cute face. Had nice thin body and small tits. I saw Amy in a bikini and thought she looks young for her age.
    The grocery store she worked had weekly deliveries for the deli where she worked. The truck driver told her stories of his nice home. How he was all alone and no women to have his kids. Not a tractor trailer, a 10 wheel cold storage truck.
    he arrived at her lunch time and took her to lunch. After a few weeks Amy had feelings for him. She told he was a tall guy and she got in his lap, he run a big cock in her and she fucked him dry. To have more time she took Wednesdays off and worked Saturdays and Sundays. He could deliver and take her to his hotel the Co paid for. She would have several hours to do what they wanted.

    She said he was a good fuck, was rough some time, made her hurt for a day or so after. She loved him and ate up everything he told her. Said she gave a nice blow job, her pussy was the best he had ever had. he wanted her to sign some papers and he would put her name on his house. Pack her bags and he would be back the follow month for her.

    he came back for three more weeks and had some kinky sex. She feels obligated to let him do what he wants. Telling him no might end her chance to get married and live in nice comfort. She wanted to see the new Corvette he promised her.

    Next week he did not come. the new driver was a much older man, refused to tell her anything. She called him and nothing. No voice mail and no answer, just a ringing number. Few weeks later she got an answer on his number. Was not him, told her the guy who had this Co phone no longer worked there. He was sick and not coming back. She ask what he was sick from. he told her AIDS.

    She freaked and called me right away. We got her to the Dr and tested, she had it. She had passed it to her boyfriend and another guy and girl they had partner swap with.

    She fell depressed and not full blown aids, but HIV. She was pregnant and had no idea of the BF the swap partner or this guy was the dad. baby born looked like her and her alone. He died with in a year. She died the following year. AIDS settled in on her and looked bad. The woman who looked like a little girl now looked like a stick. Could see every bone in her body.

    Worse part of this was the pain, she was miserable and her bf and others in the house were taking her morphine. She lingered for few months, finally the nurse raised her dose and she died.

    I tell Amy's story to keep everyone informed. Person might look good, clean and healthy. She told this guy looked like a body builder. Was in good shape, he fucked her hard for hours on end. She would put ice pack between her legs when she finished.

    A blow job can give and get something like this, old friend told of a girl at the bar, she gave him a blow job. The old metal pin from her braces ripped the head of his cock open. blood everywhere. She nor he had anything, but it could have been his end.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I wish it were possible to consensually sign your life/body over to be someone else's slave. Like they could have a psychologist verify you were sane and you'd sign some papers and become someone else's property for the rest of your life or until they decide to set you free. No turning back if it isn't what you expected.

    And you could set terms, like as to whether you should be treated with the status of a pet or the status of an object. If you're an object they could do anything they want with you, if you're a pet there would be some limits like with normal pets.

    Stuff like that. I would have signed up for something like that a long time ago.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 35

    One Saturday morning I had to drive my wife to work at 4 am. I just pulled on a pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt. Then we headed out the door. We live in a rural area in Washington state and it's only about a 16 minute drive to work. I dropped her off and then turned to head home. Before I got out of the small parking lot I already had my sweats down around my ankles. As I headed through town I took off everything I was wearing and now totally nude I drove through town enjoying the street lights lighting up my nude body. I headed down the road to our home which is more of a farming area near a lake. I pulled over in a area where I could see if cars were coming from either direction and got out of my car. Totally nude I stood in the middle of the road and stroking me very hard cock. I like to rub on things with my cock and laid down in the middle of the road and started humping the warm roadway. It didn't take long and I was shooting a great load right on the road. I got up and got back into my car and drove home and got dressed outside my car in my driveway and then went in. I repeated this several times for several years after this too.

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    Straight Female / 19

    i recently found out that my boyfriend has been showing a couple of his friends photos of me naked,and some close up pussy boyfriend was in bed and i noticed his phone,and being the nosey person i am,i read his messages and checked his pics.i knew he had the pics but trusted him not to show them,but reading his messages i soon found out he had shown them as he hadnt deleited his texts from his mates.the comments were great,as they liked my body and said nice things but i was angry with my boyfriend.i confronted him and we had a big row about him doing it,and he tried his best to calm me down.i was in tears and angry but all he could do was say sorry.we went to work as usual,and when we were both home i mentioned the pics again.he looked uneasy expecting and arguement,but i just said why did you show the boyfriend said he fancied me and loved my body and was very proud of me and knowing his mated fancied me let them see some pics as he trusted them not to say anything.we went to bed that night and he cuddled upto me and held me close.i let him make love to me and we cuddled up after he had finished.he again said he was sorry about the pics but this time i surprised him by saying i didnt care now as they had seen me now and it was over,and anyway i liked their comments.we chatted about their comments and he told me that they had seen other pics before and both had said that they would love to see me for real oneday,and as he said it i felt myself getting turned on by the idea,so i kissed my boyfriend and told him to invite them over at the weekend and i would let them see me naked by dropping my bath towel or something to make it look like an accident.friday after work i made a nice meal for the four of us,and we sat down and enjoyed each other company and drank plenty of wine.the boys went into the lounge and and i heard them talking about their days etc.i went upstair after washing up and showered,checking my pussy was nicely shaved and everything was ok.i put some make up back on and wrapped a nice big bath towel around my body and went downstairs.the boys were chtting away and drinking as usual and didnt eben notice me when i walked in.soon they noticed and said hi and my boyfriend looked at me nerversly.i said to his friends that i had seen the pics on the phone and read their comments and as i spoke i dropped my towel to the floor and kicked it away.i told them well now you can see me for real and stepped closer so they could take a boyfriend looked annoyed at first but relaxed after a few seconds and enjoyed what he was witnessing.i sat on my boyfriends lap and kissed him,he kissed me back and i put his hands on my breasts and told him to play with them.his mate looked on as we kissed,so i turned and moved over so i was between the two of them and told them they could feel me boyfriend moved to sit in a chair so he could see better and watched his girlfriend open her legs and let his mates feel me.i sat with my legs open as they both sucked and licked my nipples and both fingered my wet pussy as my boyfriend just watched.i told them all to get naked and without asking twice they soon did and i had three nice big cocks to look at.i took it in turns to suck his friends cocks before getting on all fours and letting them spitroast me and both of them got to fill me with their cum.after we finished i got up and got us all a drink.the boys were still naked and i looked at my boyfriend and asked him how he felt now his mates had seen me and fucked me.he said he felt fine and enjoyed the show.we all fucked again before they left,and have done so a few times boyfriend wants me to make a home porn movie soon and the boys have agreed to be in it too.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 20

    We just got done pulling a train on my next door neighbor's Mom! We first saw her staggering down our street just out of the clubs. She's in her late forties and has kept her self in good shape. Her son is a little older than me but is friendly. He was away with his Dad this weekend and Mrs. Landon had taken the opportunity to hit the clubs with her girlfriends. It was fairly late when we first saw her. She recognized us right away.

    "Hi Fellas!, what kinda trouble you guys causing at this late hour??" Her speech was slurred.

    She lived just a couple streets over so the four of us decided to walk her home. She was pretty drunk and looked pretty hot in her little black dress. When we arrived at her door she invited us in for a thank-you beer slash nightcap. We were sitting in the family room and flipped on the TV.

    She grabbed Peter by the hand and told us to relax and enjoy ourselves. After about twenty minutes Peter returned to the room and told Joey it was his turn.

    "My turn for whaaaa...t the fuck man, did you just nail Mrs. Landon!"

    "Yeah man, and I think she wants to do all of us! Just one at a time, so Joey your next." he said.

    Joey almost ran to her bedroom. He was back pretty quick...apparently he dropped his load in her mouth as soon as she wrapped her lips around his cock.

    "Sorry hon, only one to a customer. Send in Tom please.

    I took my time with her and fucked her hard and deep doggy style. She was a great fuck and knew how to do it just right. I pulled out when I came and sprayed her ass and lower back with cum.

    Finally it was Mike's turn. It is a well know secret amongst several daughters and mothers in the neighborhood, that Mike has a huge cock. He wasn't too long in there, she was pretty spent by then, but she did take Mike's big dick almost balls deep and he came in her pussy.

    Wild night. Haven't seen her yet this week, but it's gonna be weird when I do.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    I am a married male who is a closet kinky submissive crossdresser and bisexual. My wife works on Sunday and my teenage children are out at activities all afternoon. I love to wear my wife's prettiest panties and sheer pantyhose and go to adult bookstore to give oral sex to other men and receive anal sex. I love it and look forward to it every Sunday. I hookup with 10-15 men each week. I masturbate in her panties as I suck or am getting pounded in my touchÃÉ© I love walking around feeling her pretty panties and cute hosiery get soaked with my orgasms in the front and feeling all those men's cum ooze from my touchÃÉ© into my panties and hose. On the way home last week I tried something different, I peed myself in the parking lot on the way out. My skinny jeans were soaked for all to see. I drove home masturbating the whole way. I feel bad my wife doesn't know I borrow her panties and hosiery but she's such a homo-phobe it would be devastating. On my way out now in her hot pink VS silky panties and new sheer energy suntan pantyhose and one of her silky camisoles. So pathetic so humiliating fetish but I cannot help myself. I love my wife and love being sissy fag.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 39

    Sometimes after a night out with the lads, instead of going home to my wife i stay at my friends place. It's closer to the town center and means i don't have to drive, or walk as far home. My friend is bisexual, if I'm drunk I let him suck my cock, he always takes my load in his mouth and swallows every last drop. I then lay on the bed naked and let him rub his hard cock on my limp dick, he pulls himself off over me covering my cock in his cum. He then cleans me up and we go to sleep. I've now started fantasizing about returning the favour and sucking him off

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