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    Straight Female / 18

    i have always been a tease and exhibitionist. i was that little girl that would always climb on my uncles' laps and wiggle around until they had a noticeably hard cock, then ask the to come play with me right in front of everyone, or i would wiggle around on my aunts' laps and always manage to grab or stick my hand in an inappropriate spot just to see what she would say. i am too old for that any more, but i still have a lot of fun teasing the hell out of the neighbors.

    spring is here and i just ordered my new micro string bikini for this summer. last year's was no more than some "butt floss" and a few triangular patches to cover, but this year's is completely sick--i am not sure that the patch for the bottoms will even cover my labia, it's a good thing i shave bare, because there is no way it would even cover a landing strip. the top doesn't even have cups, just little patches to cover most of the nipple area--there is no way it's covering my entire nipple. i am a tall thin blonde with 32C breasts and i am so going to be showing my full breasts will little more than just a small triangle on each nipple covered!

    there are 3 spots around my parents home that i like to sunbathe, one is right out in the front yard. there is no fence and the yard slopes a little up to the house from the street, so i am really on display there. the second is in the back yard. we have 3 neighbors directly joining the property and there are 5 houses that are 2 story that have a good view into the yard. i have caught more than one of the neighbors leering over the fence or seen the drapes moving on an upstairs window while i tan. the third spot is the raised patio above a parking spot for my dad's boat at the side of the house. there are only 3 houses that can see this spot and it is from their second story windows. this is a lot more private so i have shown more here. when i know someone is watching i have gone topless or rolled over and made sure my "butt floss" does not detract from their view.

    a couple times on the raised deck, i have masturbated while someone has watched through their window. i think it was the 30 something mom that lives next door. she has 5 kids, all of them are under 10 years old. i think she catches me tanning when she puts her baby down for nap time, at least she did last summer. i don't know what she was thinking while she watched, but i definitely give her a show when i know she is watching.

    next year i will probably go off to college, but i wanted a year off first. a change will do me good, this place is getting old for me and this year off thing is really getting old. to get any bolder than this year's bikini i would have to tan nude--i am not sure one of the old biddies down the street would not call the cops, or i would have done that right on our front lawn by now too. maybe that 30 something mom needs company on rainy afternoons.

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    Straight Male / 26

    I've known her since we were twelve and dated briefly early in high school but it was very innocent. We drifted apart after we broke up and I didn't see her for almost a decade. I recently reconnected with her and hung out a few times but not too often since her boyfriend was a jealous one.

    Last November, I invited her to my birthday party. We got to reminiscing over a few beers and I drunkenly confessed that I looked her up after all these years with the intention of maybe sparking up some old flames. We had a good laugh about my bad timing and continued drinking. As the night wore on, I began to pick up hints from her. I was unsure but decided not to pursue anything since I was drunk and probably misinterpreting her actions. It all became clear when she asked me to help her to the bathroom. She could hardly sit on the toilet and asked if I could stay and make sure she didn't fall. I reluctantly agreed but being a nice guy, I faced the other way while she peed. One she finished we began stumbling out but before i could shut the lights, she had her lips all over my neck and her hands were caressing my junk.

    I'm a beefy lumberjack type of guy and she's a very thin, petite blond with blue eyes and a sweet rack. I easily lifted her onto the bathroom counter and lifted up her shirt to remove her bra. She had the most glorious breasts I had ever seen. I licked and sucked both her pink nipples until she was dripping wet. My hand found itself making its way down to her pussy where I rubbed her clit over her jeans. She quickly took her pants off and I slid my two fingers in her pussy and used my thumb to keep her thong out of the way. I had waited a long time to do this... I had her stand up and face away from me so that she's facing the mirror and slightly bending over. I then got on my knees and ate her from behind. For a thin girl, she had a nice tush on her. I switched back and forth between licking her pussy and asshole for what seemed like a heavenly eternity.

    By that point, We were both completely naked and she kept saying that she couldn't stop thinking about my cock since I confessed about looking her up. She got down on her knees and gently licked the head of my dick. Precum oozing out the tip. After kissing it and gently licking it, she wrapped both her hands around it and swallowed all six inches while stroking it. I tried to hard not to bust in her mouth as she did this weird thing with her tongue while looking up at me with those big blue eyes. She suggested I just cum so I can fuck her longer. I did as she said and blew my load down her throat. She tried to swallow every drop but she gagged and spit some out. Mascara running and eyes all watery.

    while I regained my composure, we hear "change in the house of flies" start playing downstairs. She yelled out "this is my song! I used to strip to this!" She sat me down on the closed toilet and gave me an awesome yet fumbly lap dance. Obviously, I was then at full attention and as soon as she felt my erection, she guided it into her pussy. I couldn't believe it. I was now, fucking the girl who I was in love with through out most of high school. Watching her bounce up and down and hearing her moan and pur like a tigress really got me going.

    Things got really hated, really quick. I began pounding her then pounding down bourbon straight from the bottle. I had her bending over the sink again but I was thrusting violently and pulling her hair. She loved that! Then I picked her up, legs hanging over my arms and her back pinned against the wall. I gave it to that girl hard. A few picture frames fell of the wall and she spilled a bunch a whiskey on me while trying to guzzle it down. I had every intention of pulling out but she whispered in my ear to fill her up. I couldn't resist. I filled her tight pussy with my cum while I held her up against the wall. We got cleaned up and rejoined the party. Everyone knew what went on and gave us a hard time. Making fun and jokingly threatening to tell her bf.

    Later that night, we fucked again and we had a friend take pictures of us and she sent them to her bf with a break up text. Since that night, we began dating and she moved in a few days ago. She's very sexually open and confessed she has a swinging fantasy. Let's see where this takes us...

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 30

    I know, before you finish reading this you are going to ask yourself, "Where in fuck does he get this Straight Male shit." But, understand, I can take it or leave it. Bi sex that is.
    This all begins during my military days and while deployed. My wife and I would write fuck stories to each other. In every letter she wrote she would always start with, "The only way I can do this is imagine it is you." And I believe her.
    After separation from the military she and I started our own small business and have only 2 employees, other than our selves. She being the receptionist and telephone operator. The other 2, a male and a female, take care of most of the sales, as my wife and I try to allow then to do this. We will get involved when there are enough customers to warrant it.
    Anyways, my wife and I are dearly in love with each other and have a fantastic sex life. I do however tease her lots about me watching her fuck another man. She never gets mad, I think because she knows it turns me on and I become a powerful lover. What she doesn't, or didn't know, is often when I have to leave the store I stop by the Adult Shop. Guess I am over sexed. LOL. I look over the DVD's to see if they have got any new interesting ones. Often I'll pay to enter the back where the private porno DVD's are played. Some have Glory Holes as we call them. A hole cut in the wall separating 2 booths, about crotch high. Each booth has a chair, normally just 1, for the attendant to sit and watch the porno. Or maybe I should say that so he can sit and jack off while watching. But often, if someone knows one booth is occupied he will go into the one next door. There they both can watch each jack off. And I will not deny, several times a hand will come through the hole and I, being a real gentleman will oblige by standing, putting my hard dick into that hand where he will direct me through the Glory Hole and give me a blow job. I experienced this many times and often wondered what it would be like to suck a dick myself. So I started telling myself that if I ever saw a hard dick as pretty as mine I'd suck it. And that soon happened and I promise you, it wasn't bad at all. In fact I came to enjoy it.
    So, that started it. When my wife would be in bed at night I'd kink of teasing ask her how she would love to see me suck a dick. I, for the longest have told her how I'd love to see her fuck another man. She would never answer my question but it came to pass that when we were fucking she would often stick her finger in my mouth and let me suck on it and I imagined she was imagining (I typed this because I couldn't spell fantasy) me sucking a dick but would never admit it.
    So, One day while visiting the Adult Shop I was in a booth, thinking I had locked the door, when this young dude came in, stood there, unzipped his pants, and came out with a dick as pretty as mine. Maybe a little bigger but I'll be the last to admit that. OMG, I couldn't keep my hands off it. I just had to have it in my mouth. I sucked it a bit but he never did cum and am I glad, he'd probably choked me. Anyways, I asked him if he'd like to come by my house for a possible threesome. He agreed so I gave him my address. He said he never got off work until 8 PM but that was good because we close our shop at 6 PM. This will give me time to talk her into dinner out which she accepted gladly. Anyway, we made it up that he would come in saying we were old friends, he was passing through and saw my name in the phone book and dropped by to say hello. Sounded great and believable.
    OKI, my wife and I went out for dinner. Every time a different man would come in I'd place my hand on her leg and ask, "How would you like to be in bed with that??" She'd never answer verbally, just wipe her forehead and mutter, "whew". and smile.
    After dinner we hurried home and got out evening shower and she donned her night gown and I had already put a porno on the DVD and afterward she came in, sat by me and I turned the DVD on. She smiled at me and said, "If you're trying to get me in the mood you are wasting your time." My reply was, "I know, you stay in the mood don't you/" And she through her arms around me and gave me a big hug. I looked at the clock, 8:20, shouldn't be long, I thought. We sat there watching the DVD and soon a scene of a man sucking another man's dick came on. Just for the hell of it I gave her a big hug and she ran her hand over my dick and asked, "What's the problem?? You sick?? It isn't hard." I said nothing but was thinking my mind was still on that dude coming.
    Soon I heard a motorcycle pull into the drive. I kinda shrugged my shoulders as to say "What the hell is this." The doorbell rang, I turned the DVD off and stood up. She started to get up but I told her it was probably a wrong number, just sit still. She did. I went to the door, opened it, and gave a big smile and said, "What the hell is this?? Where did you come from??" And invited him in. I introduced him to my wife as John Green, and old military friend of mine. I escorted him to the couch where my wife and I were sitting but I sat between them. I did ask what brought him around and he told the line I had informed his to tell. We began talking about old times. I told him we had been watching a movie. He said to continue, don't let him stop us. He might enjoy it too. I laughed and said, "I'm sure you would. It's an adult type." And he said, "So, I'm an adult, I wasn't born yesterday. I promise to not show embarrassment." So I looked at my wife and she shrugged her shoulders, our redneck way of saying "It's okay with me." So I reached for the remote but my wife handed it to me. I turned the DVD on and the man on man scene was still on. Ole John said, WOW!" Being the gentleman I am I placed my arm around Sue's (I getting tired of typing my wife) neck and was rubbing her shoulder. We were all 3 consumed in the movie. Sue kept crossing her eyes over at John and my crotch. I asked what she was doing and she said, "That's where we girls have an advantage, when we get excited it don't show." Both John and I laughed. I did look over and could see that John was getting a boner. I kinda rubbed mine and it was coming along. John saw me and her reached over and placed his hand on my dick too. Sue saw this. She said, "Okay, if that's your bag, don't let e stop you." I looked at her and asked, "You mean you don't mind, you'd like to watch??" She said, "What have you been talking about for the longest??" I caught on so I reached across and started to rub John's dick. It was getting hard. I said, "You wanta John?? Lets take our clothes off." So we did and Sue got her eyes full and I could tell she was enjoying what she saw. We sat there playing with ourselves and Sue said, Well, are you going to show me something." I asked if she wanted to see me suck his dick and she said, "What else do you plan on doing??" So I got on my knees in front of John, first I started stroking his lightly and then I had his big hard dick in my mouth. I crossed my eyes up at Sue and she was staring and had her hand under her gown and I could see that she was playing with her pussy. So, as I was sucking John I ran y hand under Sue's gown and began playing with her pussy. I could plainly see that she was enjoying both, my sucking his dick and my playing with her pussy.
    Soon she looked at John and asked if he wasn't going to suck my dick. We wiggled around, laying side by side on the floor in a 69 position and we really gave each other a blow job. Neither of us ever cumed and I am glad because I wanted to see John fuck Sue with that big dick. I moved over, opened Sues gown, placed my face between her legs and commenced sucking her pussy. She was familiar with this. John moved back onto the couch and watched me suck Sue, He liked that and was busy playing with his own dick. Sue saw this and reached over and started playing with it herself. After a little I stopped sucking her and asked John if he wanted to do it some. He said "Yes" so I removed Sue's gown completely and positioned her on the couch so all John had to do was lean over and start sucking. He did and Sue did not object. I started sucking and kiss her firm and hard tits. By her breathing I knew she was loving it. I stood and leaned over her so she could suck my dick. She really did a good job to. I could tell she had several orgasms when I was sucking her and by her moaning and groaning I could tell she had several with John sucking her. After enough of this I asked John if he wanted to fuck her. I didn't have to ask. He immediately slid up and placed his big dick inside her pussy and started banging away immediately. I smiled when I saw Sue's eyes and mouth open wide. I knew she loved the feel. I leaned down and started kissing her. She acted like it may be her last kiss, she put her all into a French kiss. I loved it too. Soon John was starting to cum so he pulled out and shot his wad all over Sue's belly. I got a wash cloth from the bath and gave it to Sue and she cleaned all the cum off. I told John that wasn't necessary because she was on the pill and couldn't get pregnant. All he said was, "Now you tell me." I laughed and said "I was as shook as either of you and I couldn't use my head either."
    Well, it's all over now, John went into the bath and cleaned himself off and prepared to leave. I told him I was glad he dropped by, it was nice seeing each other again. He returned the compliment, we shook hands, he kissed Sue on the forehead, and then left. It was almost 11 PM.
    Well, with him gone, I sat down on the couch beside Sue exhausted. Now, here is the shocking part. Sue looked at me, smiled and said, "Well, are you satisfied now?? How long did it take you two to plan this??" I looked at her puzzled and asked, "What do you mean??" She smiled and said, "You think I'm that dumb. You have been taking about this for ages and then all of a sudden one of your old military friends comes to town and without even 5 minutes of celebrating you meeting after so long we are all into sex."
    I confessed. "Okay, I met him today in the Adult Shop and liked his big dick and thought you might like it too so I asked him over tonight. Do you hate me for that??" "No" she said, "I am happy and satisfied. All along when you'd ask me if I'd love to see you suck a dick, you don't know how much I thought I'd love to hide and watch and when you'd beg me to fuck someone and let you watch I was asking myself why didn't you bring someone here. I didn't want to be the one to ask someone in. What would you have done and said??" We both agreed that it was fun and we held no grudge against each other but did admit if it ever happened again it would definitely be a long time off. I think, as so does she, if we ever get this in our head again all we have to do it just remember this night and try to relive it in our own minds.
    Sorry I took so much time here but I wanted to fill in all the blanks and leave nothing for your imagination. If anything like this every happens again you'll be the first and last to hear it and from me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 54

    As a girl i was always had an exhibisionist streak often "acidently" showing my panties etc, So when i was fourteen i was caught flashing by a woman who saw me flash her husband who i thought was realy cute, Far from being angry with me she invited me round to thier place, I went round there the next day and she told me i could be a model as they had a studio upstairs, Well it started with me fully clothed showing off for the camera in dresses and things moved on over the weeks to swimwear then bra and panty sets this progressed to topless then finaly nude, She was always present and would help dress me and help with make up, Then she wanted to do some photos with me she seduced me in front of the camera very slowly as her husband snapped away, These sessions carried on over a few years by the time i was eighteen i was doing full hardcore photos with a guy they knew plus threesomes and moresomes but never with her husband i found out why he was gay, Recently i saw a photo of me taken in 1976, I was strangely turned on seeing it after all these years it's the only one i've found out there though hundreds must have been taken, I dont regret a moment of it even though i'm now married with grown up kids they'll never know about my past life and i dont intend to tell them either, I'd love to go back to those days of being free and exploring my sexuality nostalgia is a wonderful thing btw i now have that photo locked away in a zip file just for me just for old times sake god i was gorgeous if i say so myself lol!.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    There was a time I never masturbated to porn, I never found it arousing. I have masturbated to hentai but then that stopped, and wasn't arousing anymore. I've been with my girlfriend for 6 years or so, and of course we send pictures/videos and do something known as sexting, we have also had intercourse with each other. I find it interesting that during the long distance part of my relationship with her I found her sexual videos very arousing so much so I've actually masturbated to it, up till then I've never masturbated to a real girl before and found it amazing. I'm very proud of this confession and I feel deeply in love with her. Recently however I was curious and wanted to see if I got aroused by porn other then my girlfriend, I've tried EVERYTHING Gay/Trans/Straight/Solo/Tease/Ext... and I couldn't get aroused. So now I sit here masturbating to videos of her, and I couldn't be any happier. Just thought I would share~

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Hi, i am asian(indian). Living in very different culture and religion. I am hindu by religion but i am broadminded and secular. I confess that i am most nastiest girl of my country love kinky things. Have sex with more than 30 guys of all age and religion. I love cut dick. When i was 13 i started watching porn sites and online porn movies in intenet cafe. Since that time i like to suck big cock. I lost my virginity at the age of 16 now i have big tits, my pussy can take 2 cocks, i like anal sex also and have huge gape in ass hole. Have threesome, foresome one time. I am crazy bitch. Thinking about sex all the day and can do sex with anybody. But the most i like in sex is CUM. I love to swallow cum. Sometimes on my face. Have done most nastiest thing i ate cum from my ass and pussy. Ate cum with bread, toast, icecream and egg. Use to lick ass hole of my boyfrieds and i like to insert finger in ass hole then taste. Have drink piss more than 12 times and countless golden shower. One last thing i tasted my boyfriends shit...still continuing want to fuck by horse, and want to drink cum of horse i hope its tasty as mens cum.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 22

    I recently had my first threesome with a couple that let me in...but I will be honest, it will happen again, just saying. Though without them I feel alone, can someone help?? No religious comments pls

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Gay Male / 19

    I'm from a very conservative Irish family and they do not know I am gay. My family has been trying to set me up with just about any Irish girl in the area, so for my senior prom last year, I invited a very nice girl that I know to go with me--by the way she is black. She knows I'm gay and I told her right off that I just wanted her to go with me to get my parents off my back. I also told her that my dad would probably have a heart attack because she was black. She said she was OK with that as long as I didn't blame her for killing my father.

    Well, my parents wanted me to bring her by before the dance so they could meet her, I did not tell them she was black. When I got her back to the house, my mom and sisters where all--ummmm, ok, ummmm and didn't know what to say, but they were as polite as they possibly could be, but my father took one look at her and said: "I'd have wished you were gay before I saw yas bringing home the likes of one like her." I just looked back at him and said: "Good! I'm glad you understand. I am gay."

    My mom passed out on the floor, my dad had a panic attack and had to have the paramedics come, and my sisters grabbed their phones and told all their friends.

    I'm out now, and nobody gives me any grief about it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 19

    i said that i'm a lesbian, but i really don't have any sexual attractions or sex drive. my mom died in a car accident when i was just a couple months old, the child seat saved me, but she was killed instantly when we had a head-on collision with a drunk that crossed over the center line. since then i've lived with my father and had what i would guess as fairly normal life.

    my best friend is actually my aunt Karen, my mom's youngest sister. she's only 4 years older than i am. we live just a couple blocks from my grandparents house, so i've gone to the same schools as my aunt and i was even in grade school with her for a couple years. she's always been there for me and is more like a sister than my aunt.

    my father is a good father, but has no idea about girly stuff, so he's relied a lot on Karen to educate me in "girly stuff" as he puts it. she has been helping me since i was 9 years old. Karen is a very much together girly girl and has made sure that i follow along. she takes me shopping and shows me what to buy, she has shown me what makeup to wear, how to apply it, and how much. she makes sure that i wear the "kewlest" lingerie and that i very much look the part of her best friend. she has even gone to the trouble of planning out my wardrobe for the week, right down to what panty and bra sets i will wear each day and color coordinating my outfits with my nail polish. i'm shorter than she is, so she has me in 4" or 5" heels every day, the height is coordinated with the height of the heels she is planning on wearing.

    when i was 12, Karen even showed me how to "de-fur" my legs and underarms. she showed me what was available--shaving, epilating, waxing, etc. after showing me what was available she told me she epilates and showed me how to use her epilator. she had me choose one that next time we went shopping.

    on my 17th birthday she took me shopping. we went in and i was trying on some panties and she took a look at my furry and told me it was time that i became a woman, and women didn't have furries. so when we got home she took me in to the bath and shaved me, then explained that i would be waxing or epilating there from then on.

    our relationship changed that day to one of a more sexual nature. when she saw me freshly shaved, she ran her hand over my newly exposed flesh and i gasped a little, more in surprise of the feeling than anything else, but she smiled and continued to fondle my bareness. it felt a little odd to be there naked with her fondling me, looking at me in a sexual way, but we continued talking and she asked if i enjoyed her touching me. i told her it was different, but that it was alright. she then told me to lay back on the bed. i did, and she began kissing my freshly shaved skin, along my inner thighs, and licking me. that was the first time i ever orgasmed, or had any real sexual experience. since then we wax each other regularly and make love afterward.

    on my 18th birthday she asked me if i wanted to be penetrated. i knew what she was saying and i told her yes. she told me to strip, and i did as she watched me, then she took a dildo and harness out of her purse and had me put it on her. we made out for a while, then she asked me: "are you sure this is what you want??" i told her it was, so she laid back on the bed and had me lube up the dildo. she told me that i would be on top the first time. i lubed myself and climbed on, and very slowly worked the dildo across my self each time letting it rub me until i really wanted it. i got into place and slowly began to work it in. i knew what to expect, so the pain was alright, but i cried when i tore and got it in. i just sat there trying to get used to the feeling as Karen talked to me and rubbed my legs and thighs. after several moments the pain subsided and Karen had me lay beside her and we cuddled for about an hour, then she took me in the bathroom and helped me clean up in the shower. since then i am able to give myself to her fully when she wants.

    shortly after i graduated HS, i moved in with Karen. i still do not have much of any sexual attractions or sex drive, but i fulfill Karen sexually. i am there for her, i do as she asks and it pleases me to have her and her friends watch me or use me for their pleasure. Karen always makes sure i have multiple orgasms, as many as i can stand, but i am still not a sexual person. Karen still chooses what i will wear and when i will wear it. i dress for her, and i enjoy her looking over my outfits and how i appear in them before she lets me go out or receive company. i am for her pleasure and amusement and she completes me. if it weren't for her, i'd just be sitting in my bedroom at my dad's house wearing an old tee and jeans.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I have been thinking about being totally abused and used. I want to be tied up, blind folded, and used as a sex toy. Left somewhere for others can come and use me. Males or females, use my ass, my mouth, my cock, anything they wish. Give me water and keep me there as long as they wish...I so want that!

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