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    Ten years ago tomorrow we had a choice, get Mick to run or hide, or as we did, carry on fucking. Mick was my birthday present to myself, one I'd longed for, for a very long time. I wanted a man who would fuck me until I couldn't take another thrust or another orgasm. And I wanted a man who was really well endowed. Mick advertised himself as both.

    He arrived bang on time, midday, and by twleve thirty I was having my first orgasm from his hot tongue. The first sight of his curved veiny cock had me gasping and purring with delight. Nine long thick upwardly curving veiny cocked inches and it was all mine for the afternoon. An afternoon I'd paid for over the internet.

    The details of the sex you've probably read in many confessions on here by various people, but needless to say I was made to cum by Micks amazing ability to fuck me in many positions, over the course of the most thrilling of afternoons, on numerous occassions.

    Hearin g and now imagining my husband walking upstairs ten years ago, still gets my pussy soaking wet. Not because I wanted to humiliate him then or now. It was his reaction to seeing Micks cock deep up my asshole. Rather than go into a defensive cave man mode, my husband stripped naked, got on the bed and shoved his semi erect cock into my gaping mouth.

    It was all the encouragement Mick needed and he began to thrust his awsome cock up asshole again. I'd booked Mick until 5pm, an hour before my husband was due to arrive home. He was still at our home well past midnight having fucked me senseless along side my husband.

    My husband had seen my emails, arrived home early with the pre knowledge that he would be joining in. It's something he's been doing the past ten years. He's not a cuckold as I don't even attempt to control any part of his involvement. Sometimes he watches other men fuck me, other times he takes a very active and full part. Often out performing the men we've chosen to have sex with.

    Tomorrow will be a very special birthday and thanks to my amazing husband, I can't wait.

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    Hey. I know this might sound a bit weird but I love flashing my body to strangers. I am usually pretty discreet, you know, no bra and hard nipples, leaning over at the bar so the guy can see down my top, wearing a skirt that I know will blow up in a breeze, that sort of thing. More recently though, I drove my car with my top pulled down below my tits. I drove along main roads so I know people saw them. I also run a lot, and yesterday I was running along the canal towpath when a guy about 50 was walking towards me. I couldn't help myself, but I lifted my top and bra as I approached him to give him a great view! I even said "good morning" as I passed him, boobs jiggling! It's only a bit of fun!

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    A couple years ago we were on a camping weekend with friends. My wife and I were sharing my single buddy's motorhome and the sleeping quarters were 2 twin beds directly across from each other but we were close friends so it was ok. My wife thought my buddy was cute and we had even come close to some sex encounters previous but they never quite happened. We were all getting a little drunk around the fire and I decided to turn in. I was asleep but felt my wife slide in next to me. A little later I woke up to those two making out right next to me. He whispered to her to join him, undressed and laid down in his bed. I whispered to her to go for it if she wanted, she said are you sure and I nudged her out. It was pretty dark, he didn't know I was awake, they kissed awhile then she moved down, slid his cock out and sucked him until I could tell he was getting close to cumming. She wanted to fuck, went back to kissing to cool him down then he rolled her over, pulled her nighty off and she guided him inside her. They must have fucked for 20 minutes, I heard her cum at least 3 times when he exploded. They collapsed, he must have passed out and she came back to me. I was rock hard, asked her how it was, she said couldn't you tell and I slipped into her from behind. He must have shot a huge load because she was so soaked I couldn't hold on long and shot another load into her. Things were a little awkward when we all woke up naked and sticky in the morning, we all showered and got another day started. We hung out together often, she sucked him off one night in his truck while I drove and they fucked a few times at our house after I fell asleep but she told me afterwards and I was happy with seconds. He eventually got married and our fun ended but the memories are good and we found another fb.

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    So itâs this guy from a dating site that he visits my profile everytime when I upload a new pic but He never send me a message itâs been months that Iâm waiting for him to make a move and nothing.The weird thing it is that almost everytime when I visit someone else profile I get a comm like youâre cute,you look good,etc
    I wish I could know why this guy I like doesnât send me a message maybe Iâm not his type but I want to send him a message next time when heâd visit my profile.Do I sound like a twat if Iâll do that??

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    So I'm a 16 year old girl and I've been getting myself off for quite a while, but I haven't actually had sex yet. Thing is, I find it really hard to concentrate and orgasm without porn. A guy's gone down on me for a couple minutes before but my thoughts kept straying. I'm scared that when it comes to actual sex, I won't be able to orgasm. I don't want to fake it, and I don't want to rely on a vibe. Any suggestions???? Really appreciate it. X

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    Just wondering, for all the guys (and girls) out there..does boob size matter?? Waiting for the answers x

    P.S. Anyone more of an ass person than tits??

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    In June last year my husband Brian admitted to me he'd had varios sexual liasons with men. Ranging from caressing/massaging, to full on anal sex. He told me when I caught him using one of my dildos after getting home early from a night out with my sister. For nearly four hours we went over what I thought had gone wrong in our marriage to make him seek male male sex. Only when he confessed he'd been having gay sex since he was fourteen, did I realise when he said he still loved me with all his heart, he was telling the truth.

    It opened the door sexualy for us. Not at first as he kept his gay sex life apart from me, but when I insisted one evening he let me into his other life, he agreed. The following weekend I nervously sat waiting for Brian to arrive back home after meeting up with one of his male friends. When Alex walked through the door I was shocked to see a much older guy. Alex is fifty seven and not the type of man I would normally associate with being gay. He's club doorman and looks like he can handle himself. As I discoverd half an hour later he could certainly handle himself in the bedroom, as I watched my husband take Alex's huge cock down his throat.

    It was a night full of sexual and personal discovery for me, and although I didn't join in that time I did masturbate openly in front of them, as Alex fucked Brian in many positions we ourselves had not tried. The door was now open so to speak and I slowly indulged myself into my husbands gay world. It has been a wonderful and passionate time we've had together since. One in which I now get very much sexualy involved in, as we choose men who are bisexual to have sex with us both. Alex is still a very frequent visitor to our home, but his tastes only allow me to watch and sometimes suck both mens cocks clean after their beautiful, because that what it is, gay sexual times together.

    It's probably not every womans scene, but I can tell you for me it's freed up our marriage and given me back the real man I thought I'd lost. Who knows ladies you might just enjoy seeing your husband taking a large cock up his tight rear.

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    My grades in school were terrible and I knew if I didn't do something about it, I'd be put back a year by my parents to attain the grades they thought I needed to get into the college they'd picked out for me. My solution was fucking the head of year over a two month period, who I knew was on the board of exams. I got the grades and took my place in college. The same situation happened in college, but that time I had to have sex with a senior member of the college and his fat wife. It was ok accepting his long thick cock, but she did nothing for me. It's now been a pattern I've followed and continued into my working life and have always used sex to move up in the career I've chosen. My educational background and levels of attainment are still disasterous in reality, but knowing I'm prepared to do ANYTHING to keep myself rising in my career, has the men above me always eager to promote this ever willing slut.

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    A girl we work with told us her daughter stays home at night by her self she is only 12 years old so my wife told her she can stay at our house when we are home and she has to work. She has told us the girl likes to sleep nude and loves to lay on the couch with her head on Bobby's (mothers boyfriend) his lap. And the mother has awoken form sleeping all day after work and found the girl outside on the trampoline totally nude, and a time or two caught flashing Bobby.

    She and my wife had to work that night and so did Bobby and the mother asked could she stay in our guest room yhat night my wife agreed that she could stay at the house with me as long as she wore pajamas and went to bed when she was dropped,. the three went to work for the night. I'm sitting on the couch watching TV and here she comes out of the bedroom wrapped in a quilt and asked if she could sit up a little while and lay on the couch, as she is lifting her knee onto the couch she opens her quilt wide for me to see she has nothing on not a strip of clothing.

    She lays down on the couch with her head on my lap snuggling and jostling around on my groin area till I get a hard on then lays on top of it and says somethings hard in there. Yeah! that's you're fault... Let me see if I can fix it this little sweet bitch starts stroking my cock and very expertly at that so softly barley touching it at all ever so lightly, after a while I told her to stick it in her mouth she said I don't do that I just want to see it squirt.

    So I reach down an start lightly rubbing her sweet little pussy pinching the entire thing with two fingers just holding it there in my two fingers she had sweet little bald ass pussy, and a fine ass caboose O my God this is bigger than Bobby's I said get up here and let me lick you a little. No I just wanna see it squirt That was it she played with that big cock until it shot off and she seemed very pleased with her self at her accomplishment an I had the nut of a lifetime that lucky fucking Bobby I know he's training this little fucken hot teenie do do whatever he wants. PRICK

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    I was getting the ironing from out of under my moms bed when I found a large padlocked chest under there. The curiosity got the better of me so I decided to hunt for the key to the lock, I searched and searched to no avail, the key was nowhere to be found. I put the chest back where I found it and left. A couple days later It hit me, the key is with all of my moms other keys, so the next chance I got I stole the keys and went straight to the chest, found it which key opened the lock and removed that key from the rest of set. I locked the chest and quickly left as my mom was still in the house. I waited a couple of days until I knew she'd be gone for a couple of hours so I could have a good look in the chest. She left for her spinning class and I took my chance. I pulled out the chest and began rummaging through the contents. Dildos and vibrators ranging from 2"-12", ball gags, 4 sets of handcuffs, butt plugs, police and nurse outfits, wipps, paddles, the lot. I barely had chance to take it all in when her bed room door opened. She'd forgotten her bag. The look of pure embarrassment on both her and my face. She sat down on the floor next to me,
    "why did you look in there??"
    cheeks still burning up.
    "I was curious." I replied.
    "About what??"
    "What you get up too in your private life??"
    "Are you still curious??"
    The mood had changed from a awkward hotness to a hotness hotness!
    "Well let me show you then"
    She escorted me out of her room still in her gym gear, she locked the front door and told me to wait outside her room untill she was ready.
    I was shocked and excited and as hard as I'd ever been.
    She called me in.
    My mom is around 5,10'' slim build with 30 DD tits. I only knew this after today. She was wearing black suspenders with matching underwear and huge stiletto heels.
    The toys had been arranged in size order from smallest to largest and she was sat on her bed one leg over the other. I was lost for words. She pointed at the smallest toy, a 2" bullet vibrator.
    "That one"
    I picked it up.
    "Well come on then"
    She moved her laced lingerie to the side this was the first glimpse I got of her wet pink pussy.
    I just stood there.
    "You asked what I did in my private life this is it, now put that inside my pussy, NOW!"
    I slowly inserted it inside her moist lips and turned it on. She exhaled with slight pleasure. At this point I was knelt between her legs just looking at this sight.
    "Next one then"
    I quickly grabbed the next toy in line.
    A small red butt plug. I knew she'd Definitley done this before as before I could turn back around she was allready face down ass in the air waiting for me to plug her ass.
    "Spit on me"
    I did instantly, salvia was dripping around her ass hole, I plugged her ass. She didn't even flinch.
    She didn't even have to ask me for the next toy I was well into the the swing of things.
    A pink rampant rabbit vibrator,
    She was back onto her back now, legs in the air. I removed the bullet vibrator, this time I turn on the rampant rabbit before I inserted it into my mother. She had a cheeky grin on her face. We were both loving this! She let out a quiet moan this time as the rabbits head massaged her clitoris.
    I thought now I'm going to mix it up, i removed her knickers, grabbed the four pairs of handcuffs and handcuffed each of her limbs to the corners of the bed.
    She was mine and she loved it.
    I removed all the toys and just looked at her for a couple of minutes our hearts were racing.
    I gagged her.
    I skipped the next couple of toys to my moms amusement and went straight to the 12" clear cock. Her eyes lit up. I spat on her pussy this time, in prerperation for this huge toy. I slowly inserted it. Her body shuddered with pleasure as I forced it in and out over and over again. I couldn't contain myself any longer. I removed my boxers and my hard cock bounced out. I looked my mom right in the eye. She gave me a nod of approval. I removed the gag, I wanted to hear what my mom had to say whilst I was fucking her. I inserted my hard cock into my mothers wet c**t, she let out a large moan. I was in control she was still tied to the bed and this made it ten times better for the both of us. She was screaming and moaning.
    "Fuck my mouth"
    She begged
    This time she was asking not telling. Knowing I was in control made me so much harder. I pulled out and proceeded to choke my mom with my cock.
    "Cum inside me, cum inside me"
    She pleaded.
    I moved my attention back down to her pussy where I pumped my length deep into her. She was writhing with pleasure.
    We both orgasmed together, my warm sticky load oozed out of my moms pussy as she just lay there helpless but happy.
    We tidied up together and locked the toys back into the chest. We both know have keys to chest and have play dates on regular occasions now.

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