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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    As a film crew with me as director we had to go into the real wooded region of a mid-western state. We worked until even our generator and light were insufficient then wrapped the entire shoot and drove to a motel some miles away from our site. We all hit the sack immediately to get up early the next day, a Sunday, and head home.

    Most of the crew just went home hoping to catch a sandwich on the way but my gaffer, Becky, my some-time fellow bi-fuck buddy, and I wanted a decent breakfast with hot coffee before leaving. We entered the dining portion of the motel, a basic place with booths that looked a century old. The cook was also the waiter, etc. He seemed a nice enough fellow and he took our order immediately and returned to the kitchen in the back.

    A family came in. There were two grandparents, a dad and mom, a young daughter and two sons. The youngest one, the little girl, looked like around 14 or so. She showed little breasts just budding, or so, it seemed. They were all laughing and soon enough Becky and I realized they were re-living the night before. The little girl said, "Gramps, you were especially horny last night. Do you realize you fucked me six times?" "Did not..but if I did, blame your daddy because every time I watched him fuck you I got all horned up again." One of the boys said, "Yeah you both hogged her up and I only got to fuck her twice and you know how I love to fuck sis."

    The mother piped in and said, "You don't have to gang up on little sis, I have a perfectly good snatch between my legs and it's always hot, as you all know. The little girl said, "Oh I know, mommy, I love to eat it for a long time and watch you wriggle and scream." Becky and I were galvanized. We did not utter a word to each other for fear of missing some of the bizarre sex dialogue.

    The dad said, "You boys are turning out to be super cock suckers but you gotta remember your Mamma also needs to be fucked and she loves young cock the best." He turned to his wife and said, "I'm sorry honey. I promise I'll fuck you well tonight." Gramps said, "Then be happy to fuck my ass, son, because I'll be on top of her first." They all laughed loudly One of the boys piped up and said, "I did Granny three times, right, Granny?" She responded, "You sure did, sonny and it was good. You can fuck me some more in the back seat on the way home if you want." "I want to, Granny, your pussy is every bit as good as anyone else's here, including little sis's. I'm going to eat you good, too." The second, younger boy said, "We'll both give you some good fucking on the way home, Granny. I'm already ready for you, see?" He stood up with a fairly large erection sticking out of his pants. They all laughed again.

    Becky and I listened for an hour. We paid our bill and instead of heading to our car, went back to the bedroom and without saying a word we tore our clothes off an fucked for the next two hours. When each of us had enough climaxes, mostly tribbing, grinding our clits together, running sixty nines, licking pussy and assholes, we then showered and drove back to the city, our heads spinning.

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    Straight Male / 29

    My supervisor where I work, Glen, owns a bar and grill and I often take him up on his invitation for lunch since it's free and usually good. That's where I first spotted Antje, a young Scandinavian woman working as a waitress. I could tell she was a natural blonde as her hair was like spring corn silk. She was tallish but not overly so, 5'8" and stood as straight as an arrow, which caused her beautiful fanny to jut out like a twin mountain peak. Glen saw me eyeing Antje and began to say, "Don't set you eyes on her..." but we were interrupted.

    A few days later Antje has a another table area from where we sat and we had Dina, an elderly woman with a great sense of humor and a joke on her lips ready to go. When Glen was in the men's room I gave Dina my card and asked her to give it to Antje and to please call me but use my home number after 6 PM.

    She called, a few days later, and soon enough we made a date to hear a Strauss concert together. She was dressed
    very tastefully and warm, as it was the New Year in Boston, and cold. We became passionate fairly quickly, starting in my kitchen where I put on some tea for us. I looked at her blue eyes, high cheekbones and that flowing corn silk hair all on top of a lovely figure and could not believe my luck.

    We saw each other a few times and could tell she felt the same about me. There's no greater feeling than being loved by someone you love. Once at my home again we were on the couch and I said, "I want you in my bed."
    She let out a big breath and stood quietly for a moment then said, "Oh, well, might as well get it over with."
    I had no idea what she meant but was so excited that the words simply vanished.

    She asked for a robe and went to the bathroom, then came out completely naked wearing my robe. I had already taken off everything and was sporting a shaft. Then, she dropped the robe and stood naked. I looked down and saw a very small penis no larger than two inches. She said, "I have a rather large clit." I realized this beautiful woman was a tranny. I did only what came naturally to me, and I hugged her, kissing her all over then went down and began to suck on her "big clit." She began to moan and said, "You are a darling." This was my first ever such experience. As we made love, Glen's words came back to me "Don't focus on her..."

    At the bottom line, we had everything and could do it all. When the summer came we went to a seashore with some friends. She wore a bikini and drew plenty of attention with her perfect body.

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    Straight Male / 40

    The other day my friends wife brought back my wife's car that she had borrowed. My wife was gone for a few days at the lake. When she dropped it off she was wear a bikini top and short shorts with her ass cheeks hanging out the back. I am 40 and she is early 30's so of course i was checking her ass out. She asked if she could use the bathroom so she came in and headed down the hall. When she came out we talked for a few minutes and then she asked me if I liked the pictures she left out for me. At first i played dumb and said what pictures. But i knew what she was talking about. I watched there house and feed there dogs a couple of months ago while they were on vacation. The first day i went over there were some picture of her on the dresser completely naked and with her legs open and some with her fucking herself with a vibrator. She said come on i know you saw them i left them i plain sight for you. So i confessed that i had seen them and they were fantastic. What she did not know is i have been jerking off to them for the last couple of month because i made copies for myself. She asked me which ones i liked best. I told her the one with her legs open and the one doggy style with her back arched so i could she everything. She smiled at me and asked if i would like to take a couple of her like that for myself. I said sure. She then preceded to strip and kneeled on the edge of my couch and gave me a great shot of her pussy and ass. I took out my phone and started taking pics as fast as i could. She posed in a few positions for me and then smiled and looked to see that i was hard as a rock. She told me shew anted to see my hard cock, so i dropped my shorts and before i knew what happened she was sucking my cock. i have not had a bj like that in years.As you can imagine i fucked her in every hole for about an hour. After i came in her she popped up got dressed and said see you later and left. I have been paranoid since that she would tell her husband or my wife but i found out the other day her husband had cheated on her and i figured it was her way of secretly getting back at him. Hope she doesn't tell and hopefully she want to do it again.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    The options for this site don't qualify for me. I am a male, 22 who has been sexually dominated since I was 13. I think I am either a lesbian or just a submissive. I have never had any type of sex or relationship with a male.

    It all began with my older sister Jenna. She was a junior in High School and I was getting ready to become a freshman. Jenna was the catcher on the Varsity Softball team, stocky with short hair. I didn't know she was gay, she hadn't come out yet and just hung around with other girls from the team. It was a summer night and Jenna had to come home early to stay with me as my parents were off to the city and not coming home until the next day. Jenna was pissed that she had to stay with me and was alone in her room. I opened the door around 10 pm to tell her I was going to bed, and she had been drinking. I threatened to tell our parents and she came after me. It didn't take long for her to pin me down with her knees on my arms and repeatedly slap my face. I was trying to get up, but she'd just put her weight on me and hold me there. I don't know when it happened but she pushed her pussy into my face and sat down, smothering me.

    I almost passed out from the smell and the lack of air as she knelt up, then she pulled her panties to the side and sat down again. I fought hard and she leaned back and started smacking my face again until I stopped fighting and again she sat on my face. She started grinding on my nose and chin and told me to stick my tongue out. When I didn't comply, she reached around and smacked me in the nuts. I stuck my tongue out and that was the beginning of the end.

    From that day on, I was Jenna's sex toy. She taught me to eat her out, whenever and where ever she wanted. The first few times I fought her, but I eventually just did what she wanted. By the time her senior year started, and I became a freshman a few of her friends knew about our games. One night, after they lost an important game, Jenna and Heather were in Jenna's room ( drinking) when Jenna told me to come to her room. Her and Heather were already naked and Jenna told me to show Heather what she had taught me. Without hesitation I got between her legs and started licking the outsides of her pussy lips gently with long strokes. Heather sighed and laid back and Jenna mounted her face. I ate Heather's pussy as Jenna rode her face, when I started licking her clit, I pushed 2 fingers into her and she started bucking hard. Jenna had never shown that type of response and I actually got hard.

    Jenna laughed at me when she saw me reaching for my cock and stopped me. Heather said she had an idea, and laid me on the bed on my back. Her and Jenna each sat on one arm as Heather started stroking me. WHen I started to thrust my hips a little they each grabbed one of my legs, pulled them over my head and told me to open my mouth. Jenna laughed as Heather milked me into my own mouth and onto my chin, telling me to swallow it all, and I did.

    For the next few months, until Jenna went to college, I was p****d out and shared to other girls that Jenna chose. I actually enjoyed making them cum, and the various retaliations they had for me. I readily allowed them to use a dildo in my ass, and I ate their asses if they wanted. If I came on their tits hands, I had to clean it all up.

    When Jenna came out to Mom and Dad Thanksgiving break, Mom was relieved that I had so many girlfriends. Jenna's friends kept me occupied, but eventually Kathy became my steady. I lost my virginity when I fucked Kathy in her parents camper as my 16th birthday present. She then told me how the Queen would use her throne and she sat on my face. I ate her pussy for all I was worth. Over the next few months, Kathy and I had an open relationship. She fucked guys or girls, and would occasionally bring a girl home with her. My job was to keep them both happy.

    Kathy went to college, and as a senior in High school I had quite a reputation as a ladies man. There were girls who heard of my talents and I was happy to be with them. I finally met Lily, my soulmate. Lily and I have been together for 4 years and she is my Princess. We rarely have traditional sex, mostly it's Lily and her girlfriends enjoying my talents. Lily enjoys BDSM and I'm her subject. Ropes, clamps and strapons are common. Lily loves to blindfold me, tied to the bed and have her friends use me. but what gives me the most pleasure is pleasing them.

    I accept my role for what it is. I'm happy when Kathy lets me cum, however and regardless of when I do. I have no problem with going to work with a plug in my butt and my cock and balls wrapped in plastic wrap or clamps.

    Jenna now lives about 4 hours away with her wife. When Kathy and I get to visit, dinner is usually quick, but dessert lasts for hours. I still wait for the sting as Jenna occasionally slaps my face, and I still adore her.

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    Straight Male / 35

    I have known my friend, Jack, since college days. I knew him before he married and had two daughters. I watched the little girls growing up and at the time of this incident they were 14 an 15 years of age. Today they are still in their teen years but booth now in the last years of college. Reflecting, I can only think of how fast time scoots by.

    I was never into sports beyond track and field and ball games or any kind bore me. As such my efforts to play golf are laughable. I simply do not have a coordinated physical body. Jack could not give up on me on golf so during the warmer seasons would invite me to join him in his home which is near his golf club and several hundred miles from my residence.

    It occurred to me that I could compromise with him and play nine holes and wrap it up, sparing me the entire course and what was to me a waste of time. I was always amazed by Jack's large, stately home with all its rooms, a full library and a chef's kitchen that no one uses since his wife ran off with a golf caddy some years before, not even leaving a note behind for her daughters.

    Jack showed me to my room fairly late in the day. I was bone tired so I took a shower and went to bed. I woke up to a subdued, muffled thumping sound. Looking around I noticed the wall clock lit by moonlight. It was a bit after 3 AM. Following the thumping sound in my slippers I located a bedroom and stopped at the door to peek in. What I saw made me lose my breath and enter a mild shock. There was Jack on his back with his 15 year old daughter riding him. She was saying in a low voice, "Ohhh, daddy, daddy it's so good." He shushed her a bit and the
    fucking continued in a tight cadence of thumping.

    His younger daughter was with them. She was licking their connected genitals as well as she could, with her hand
    on the connection, touching them both with her finger tips as they strongly fucked. Not wanting to be discovered, I quickly returned to my bedroom but all the pumped adrenalin kept me from finding sleep again. The moonlit images of Jack and his two daughters was indelibly etched in my mind.

    I had very mixed feelings about all of it but decide two things, not to reveal what I had seen to Jack or anyone else and to create space between Jack and myself from that day onward. I might be mistaken but the relationship feels like it might explode at some point. Perhaps I'm just too square and old fashioned.

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    Straight Female / 26

    pay govt a licence for dating sex marriage and every baby.

    i'm seriously becoming asexual.
    that happened to me to... i had a teenage girlfriend when i was in grad school that i wasn't even interested in and kept trying to break up with but she would never leave

    eventually she was so worried about me wanting to leaveher that's she tricked me into getting her pregnant when she was 18

    i was 35 at the time working on finishing my doctorate and she was an 18 year old freshman in a class i had been the teaching assistant in when she had started asking me to "privately tutor" her

    now i have a 5 year old daughter that i have sole custody of because her mother overdosed on opioids alone last christmas

    i haven't wanted to have sex with anyone since then
    join the club! feminism will do that to anyone...
    a lot more people are asexual then not now, most people are lying about their sex life and that is a fact. fewer people are doing it and its the future and you have to move with it and make do with blow up sex dolls male and female and other sex toys and some groups are advocating official compulsory vasectomies to be in their groups and parties now and a no sex policy in groups or health insurance memberships etc due to risks of stds and knocking down population etc. some of us have to suffer for others gain. its usually the fatties first and then the weak willed shopo-holic chicks next.
    i am not out of choice but just life circumstances and how the economy is now effecting the sexual culture of all of society now. its soon becoming a childfree zone preferential club membership in health insurance and home loans, jobs and social clubs etc. people with kids are going to be disadvantaged and discriminated against and all this now they want to bring in you have to pass a test and pay for a licence from the govt to be allowed to date and have sex and marry and a licence you have to pay for, for every kid you have. this is coming in soon world wide, so look out this is the way of the future the govt need to make money for things and we have to move with it and its called progress!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Recently, I noticed some salesman wandering around town. It's happens almost every year around here. College kids selling stuff door-to-door. This reminded me of a particularly hot summer 4 years ago.
    It was a Tuesday and I had the day off from work. I had no plans for the day. I thought of just lounging around in my boxers, maybe watch some Star Trek or find something mindless on TV and whe that got old, pop in some porn for a nice wank. It was hot outside. Really hot. By 9AM, the temp was already hovering around 95 degrees.
    It was a little before 11AM when my doorbell chimed. At first, I thought of ignoring it. I simply didn't want to have to put pants on. But I walked to the door and peaked around the side glass just to check and see who it might be. I didn't want to be seen, but I took a quick glance and saw a younger guy wearing a blue polo and brown pants. He was holding a clipboard and had a large box beside him. I didn't want to deal with a salesman, but he noticed my little peak and looked back at me through the side window, he tapped on the glass and waived.
    "Shit" I sighed aloud and cracked the door open.
    After saying "Hello" through the crack, the young guy started right into his pitch. His name was Seth, he was from Michigan and he was earning college credit by selling vacuums over the summer.
    I let him ramble on, but I couldn't help thinking how good looking this kid was. Light brown hair, green eyes, square jaw. From what I could tell from my angle around the door, he seemed well built, too. His blue polo, damp with sweat, showing off some nice definition.
    I finally cut him off stating that I wasn't interested and added that "I wasn't really dressed for company."
    "Cool, cool. No problem." He said, but continued on asking me if I was happy with my current vacuum and if I allowed him to give a demonstration, I would be amazed at how much cleaner my carpets would be.
    At this point, I was quite taken by his demeanor and charm. And to be honest, I was getting kind of turned on by this young hunk, so being rather bold, I said "OK" and swung the door open. He smiled and picked up the large box, seemingly unaffected by my lack of clothing.
    "Wow. Feels great in here. It's so hot out." he said as I lead him to the living room.
    "That's why I planned on staying in!" I said with a chuckle.
    Seeing him in full view really made me happy. He was a fine specimen. I asked if he wanted something to drink while he set up his vacuum demonstration. He said that would be great.
    I went to the kitchen to make us some tea. I wasn't sure how this would play out, but my exhinitionist side was kicking in. If nothing else, I'd at least be able to show off for this young stud. I played with my cock a little, I wasn't completely hard when I went back into the living room, but my dick was clearly visible pressing against the fabric of my boxers.
    He was all ready to vacuum when I returned with the drinks. He thanked me and chugged his tea.
    I sat on the couch, not trying to hide my obvious bulge. He started into the speel about the sweeper, going over all the features. I never heard a word. I was too focused on him. The way his body twisted, the muscles flexing underneath his shirt. His firm ass I the pants. His crotch whe he crouched to show how the vacuum filter worked.
    He started the sweeper and made a few passes over my carpet. When he turned the vacuum off and pulled the sample filter out to show the dirt, he started to describe the process, then stopped mid-sentence when he noticed my hand on my swollen cock.
    He looked around nervously and the said, "yeah, I should go."
    "How much do they cost?" I asked quickly. Hoping to get him to relax a little.
    He started dismantling the display model, not looking in my direction at all, "This one is 425. And that includes all attachments and warranty."
    "How much do you get for the sale?" I asked.
    "Hundred bucks per unit." He hesitated a bit, "But it's cool. I'll just go."
    "You don't have to leave." I said. I was in full-blown horny mode by then, so I boldly said; " Look, I'll buy one of the vacuums and give you an extra 100 bucks of you do your full demonstration again, but naked this time."
    "What?" He said and looked at me confused. He laughed nervously and shook his head, "Are you serious?" He asked.
    "Yeah" I said and ran my hand along the length of my cock in my boxers.
    He laughed again and sort of froze for a few seconds. He looked at me again, those eyes were so amazing. "Are you serious, dude?" He asked again.
    "I am." I said firmly.
    I thought he was going to finish tearing the vacuum apart, but then he said, "Umm...OK".
    Seth stepped away from the vacuum and stood beside a chair next to the couch. I watched him closely as he pulled of his polo revealing his firm chest. I was right about his body. He was fit, not overly muscular, but solid. "I can't believe I'm doing this" he mumbled alkng with a few other things I couldn't make out. He turned away from me as he undid his belt and stepped out of his pants. That ass!! His black boxer-briefs didn't stay on long, he slid them down with one quick movement. He stepped back to the vacuum, turning for me to see his free swinging cock and balls.
    "Nice" I said quietly. My own cock swelling.
    He reattached the hoses and started to sales pitch again. His dick swayed for side to side as he ran the vacuum across the floor.
    He was magnificent. I pulled my now rock hard cock out of my boxers and slowly stroked. He openly watched me and I could see his cock swelling too with every swipe of the sweeper.
    He finally shut it off and turned to face me. I watched as he grabbed his cock and we both jerked off.
    I came first and asked if I could help him finish. He stepped closer and I took his com in my mouth until he came.
    We don't really talk much afterward. He went into the bathroom and cleaned himself up. I filled out all the paperwork for the vacuum and went back out into the summer heat.
    I jerked off again right after he left.

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    Straight Female / 40

    I was 14 when my paternal grandmother came to live with us after my grandfather died. She was in her late fifties at the time and 'quite involved'. She and my mother did not see quite eye to eye, but we all made do.

    One day I was sitting with her in her room and she asked me if my mom had given me the 'talk'. I answered truthfully, we talked when I was eleven. She got up, went to her dresser and came back to her chair and she had this six inch anatomically correct erect male penis dildo in her hand and she asked me if my mom had given me the 'talk', the talk about getting my ass fucked.

    She held this dildo in her hand and asked me if I had ever grabbed a hard dick. Her words were more or less 'once you grab a hard dick the only thing that will satisfy you is having a hard dick in your pussy'. And she gave me the dildo to hold. She told me to hold it, to caress it, to love it, to put it in my mouth and to go upstairs and get it as far up my pussy as I dared, and then fuck myself silly.

    When she walked me down the hall she told me that I was a full grown girl now, and in not time some guy was going to get on my bones and shove his dick in me and a girl needed to know what to expect and to go enjoy myself.

    I kept the dildo under the mattress, I got it out at night and lubed myself up with my finger and then laid back and inserted it in as far as it would go and fucked myself. I got to know my pussy and when the day came in my senior year and I got dick for the first time, I enjoyed every minute of it. I liked the boy, but he wasn't boyfriend material, he was just good to have sex with the first time. A bunch of us had gone out to this cabin by the river and he pulled me into one of the rooms, and I gave it up on a bare mattress.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    I'm not sure this goes in this thread since it is a lot about homosexuality but it's not exactly just that alone. My "confession" does entail my getting involved with mature, married men when I was a teenager. Back then, I was so horny I could fuck a rag doll to death. I met a man at the country club pool where I was employed as a general maintenance kid at 16. When mostly everyone had gone to dinner I remained behind cleaning the pool and removing towels, etc. A man in his 50's began to talk to me and looked at me when I came out of the pool with a rope bag of leaves, checking out my crotch.

    In time, I found myself accepting $100 to allow the man to suck my cock, which he did so compulsively that it excited me to have him do it. I fully enjoyed it and did not for one minute think about it. He dug his thumb up my ass and sucked like mad. When I came, he swallowed my cum like a man coming out of the desert. I had never even imagined a scene like this, but of course, was only 16. In time, he told three other men, all around his age, about me. One of them, Ira, pulled out several hundred dollars and stuffed it into my fist. I recall him clearly because he would drop his swim trunks to release his own cock while he sucked me and I lost my breath looking at it. It was not terribly long, probably somewhere between eight and nine inches but the girth was incredible. It had a powerful texture on it, almost muscular.

    The big head on his cock was sort of split, naturally, it seemed to me so it formed a strange shape, like a massive mushroom that had grown with a twig in the center. While he sucked me, I wanted to feel it so I took it in my hand and then he asked, "69?" and I had to think for a moment to know what he was saying. I had never heard the term but as he began to lay down on the large towel he placed on the floor I caught on. This was my first cock ever even that I touched. It felt amazing. You could not jerk this man off with just one hand. I could fit only a part of the massive head inside my mouth and had to really open up to take it in. Then, only the head was in, no part of the shaft. Later I imagined myself, a skinny 16 year old kid, sixty-nining a thick-bellied, middle aged man and the image made me laugh.

    As we sucked on each other, the man began to make noises and moans. I could tell he was about to cum and I did not want sperm in my mouth so I jerked it as well as I could. My finger tips could not touch each other as I held his massive tool. He shot and spurted with his fire hose all over my hair, brow and cheek as well as my shoulders. I glanced but closed my eyes so none would hit me in the eyes. He had big balls and they must have emptied on me that first time. Later we took a shower together and he soaped up and tried to fuck me up my asshole but as hard as he tried, it was not happening and I was glad because his jackhammer was really indescribable. It did not seem like a cock, it was so thick and powerful looking. Yet, you could not stop looking at it.

    This fellow became very friendly and asked me home for dinner. In time, he introduced me to his wife, Ruth, who was perhaps the most sexually wild woman I've met even to date and all this started 12 years ago. She would watch Ira and me 69 and play with herself then Ira wanted me to have sex with her and she began my sex education in earnest. It began while Ira sucked me off in front of her. She would remove all her clothes and hug me, wrapping her legs around mine and humping my thigh as Ira sucked my cock. I could feel the wetness of her crotch as she humped away and began kissing me all over, mouth, cheeks, chin, neck, shoulders. When she kissed my mouth her tongue explored every bit of the inside of my mouth.

    The two feasted on my youthful body and they were very rich so I was banking my future. Ira was also friends with the original fellow who blew me for $100, and his friends. On some evenings they would take turns sucking me off and Ruth would prepare herself next to me so I could not ejaculate into any of the men's mouths because I had to fuck Ruth at some point, to completion, where she wanted to feel my cock pulsating sperm into her vagina. Sometimes I would be fucking Ruth and Ira or one of his friends would come by and Ruth and I would take turns sucking them. This was one, crazy, unreal summer at the Country Club and beyond but at the end of it, I had several thousand dollars in my bank account and it helped me much at college. I never worked at the club again and in time it all drew into my past history. I did see Ruth sporadically for around two years after, until I left town to start college and she drained me dry.

    In my second year in college I got a phone call from a woman named Naomi, who was 25. I was then 19. She identified herself as the daughter of my "friends" Ruth and Ira. I had never heard of her but she said that growing up she has carefully watched her parent's "hi-jinks" with their friends, as she put it, and because of it had become a compulsive masturbator at age 12. She never discussed any of it with her parents. She was a few years older than I was but we became fuck buddies from almost the minute we met. She's fairly plain looking but we enjoy the exact same past-time. I call Naomi "the nun" because she wears absolutely no make-up except for her eyes, a bit.

    One time I rented a nun's habit and she wore it during a far-out fucking session. She wanted me to take photos but I rejected the idea, as good as I thought it was.

    The Country Club summer just never stopped paying off. Tell me what you would have done differently if you had been in my spot back then? Naomi and I are still friends with benefits, even today, when she is married to someone
    else who is closer but older than her own age, some also rich dude, which I am not. I'm glad she is in my life.

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    Straight Female / 23

    My mother worked as a dental hygienist for this dentist. She was all ways 'down on her luck' and the wife of the dentist took me in sort of as a foster child. She bought me school clothes, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, the kind of stuff that you need. She also gave me stuff just because.

    They had a son who was five years older than me and when I was fourteen he took me into his bedroom and I had to grow up really fast. Pregnant and with a baby at 15, I had to change schools. His parents supported us while he went to college . We got married when I was 17, which was the minimum age without parental consent. Not that my mother was going to say no, but we didn't want any issues with her. As soon as he finished college we moved to Pittsburg for him to start his job.

    We had another baby so the kids were not too far apart. I am a stay at home mom and a wife. I have earned about 70 hours towards my college degree. I am not complaining that I have been lucky. I know that his parents took me in, and they supported us when he was still in school. But now that I am 23, I never had a real childhood or was a teenager. I have been married for six years, but together for eight or more, not to mention all the years growing up. I was his favorite little sister, until I wasn't a sister any more and then I became his favorite in a real world way.

    I want a vacation, for me. Not the kids, not the husband, but for me. I want to go someplace with a beach, where I can sit and read a book and think about nothing but me. I know I am dreaming, mother's can't do that, but if I could, I would. I really don't want to go to Disney this summer.

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