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    I'm a widowed wife. Husband passed years ago bless his soul. He use to tell me all the time if he passed to go on enjoying life. In my pass time now I seduce young men. No one can replace what my husband was to me. The sex however is amazing. The youngest boy yet was two days from 19 and he put it down very well.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    I'm a happily married man, only because my wife lets me fuck the guys at her work.

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    I just wanted to confess that I was reading the stories on here about some guy fucking his step daughter multiple times over a period of a couple of years, and i got so fucking horny, wishing I was in his shoes, having the ability to fuck my 16 year old step daughter, that I masturbated and came intensely. I was using a condom, having it on my cock, and reading the posts on here, fantasized that while I was cumming, I was inside my own step daughter doing it.

    I've read shit on here that people get mad and angry at some of the posts people write. Why? If a guy has a chance to do dirty off the wall shit, and fuck girls that maybe others wouldn't, as long as they both wanna do it, what's the problem?

    I'm so horny I'm going to masturbate again.

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    Straight Male / 23

    I'd never done a threesome before. I'd always heard about them. Always was told by others who claimed they had done them that they were pretty amazing, and it was a huge turn on. I'd heard the bragging from a couple of my buddies, but you know, it's hard to believe half that crap. I'd seen some pretty hot stuff in porn a few times, even jerked off watching two chicks and a guy fuck. It's every guy's dream to do that kind of thing, but we all know it doesn't happen much. I really had no idea even how to get two girls into that, figuring they had to each be into other girls, or they were OK with one guy fucking both. Just wasn't going to happen. I like to fuck like every other guy does. But it's always been one on one, like most people. Until last Friday night.

    It actually started out as a joke. My cousin was over at the house, a couple of other friends were there, and we were hanging out. I walked into the bedroom downstairs off the den, and was blown away to find my cousin and one of her cute little friends making out. And I'm talking tonging each other, hands around the head, really going at it. When I walked in, I said "holy shit. What did I interrupt?" kind of laughing. Most of the people had already gone home, but a few had stuck around, were upstairs drinking with my folks who'd had a big ass party at the house, and it was good times. My cousin just laughed and said too bad you missed the good part. You could have joined us. Well, there's that threesome thing. I just said hey, it's not too late. And her friend looked at her, me, and said I dunno. Nah. It's a hot thought, but not with others here. I figured well, fuck that, over and done. And said well, enjoy girls. Looked pretty sexy, so have a good time. And I was walking out of the room. Until my niece says "wanna do it?" I said do what? And she says the three of us. I said uh yeah, cousins don't usually fuck each other, and her friend said well, this could be different. Why not be spontaneous and do something most people don't do? Well hell, I didn't care. I got so horny at times, I'd probably fuck my own sister. Yeah. I'm pretty bad when it comes to getting laid.

    I'm standing there, and my cousin goes upstairs. She comes down about 10 minutes later, as her friend and I are sitting there kind of awkwardly. And my cousin throws three condoms on the bed. I looked at them and said what the hell is that for? She laughed and said they're all fucking drunk up there. I said yeah, so what's that have to do with anything? She looked, and laughed and said three. One for her. One for me. And one, well, I guess depending what happens, who's the lucky one. And her friend looks at me and says ever do it? I said no. Not two girls. And she said well I did once. It was a lot of fun. But it was because I was with a girl who liked girls. I looked at my cousin and said well based on you two making out and sucking face, I think you're gonna be OK.

    The only thing that sucked, honestly, looking at her friend, the fact she was about 5 foot 3 and about 180 pounds. Big. I'm not into fucking bigger girls. Just not my thing. But I really wanted to get laid. So I figure I could get through it. At least my cousin was hot looking in a good way. Long hair, skinny legs in her jeans, and a little skinny body. I didn't know about her boobs, because I'd never seen them. Well, we started fooling around, some touching, some kissing, a bit of making out here and there. And my cousin's friend says well, how about we lose some of the clothes? I just said sure. Their shirts come off (my cousin I see has a really nice set of tits), and her friend's shirt comes off. As I'd noticed, she's big. A big stomach. Big boobs. Not really my style. She's got her jeans unbuttoned, wiggles out of them, and is in her underwear. Nice cute pink underwear, but like I said, she's heavy. And I see my cousin pull her pants down, and she's standing there, and my dick gets hard. Her friend says with a laugh, well that didn't take long. I just laughed. And then I took off my pants and my t-shirt, and I hear her friend say God, he's got a nice cock. Even though it's in my underwear. I didn't say anything. And then the rest of the clothes came off. We ended up on the bed, making out, and playing around. It was kind of weird, with her friend being so heavy. I was hard, and horny and turned on, but honestly, didn't know how much I wanted to do. Until they're getting into it, fingering, kissing and all that, and I'm in there with them, and I hear her friend say will you eat me out? I really didn't wanna do it. Seriously. I know that sounds mean, but I said yeah. I'll go down on you. She spread her legs (big thighs, and fat legs), and she had a hairy pussy. I went down there, and I didn't know what the hell to expect. I'll say this, she tasted really fucking good. I got her off at least twice, had her grunting and groaning and making some ungodly noise. She kept saying fucking A. Eat me out. God, keep eating me. It was kind of gross. Until I finished after she came again, and she was laying there. My cousin was there, and she didn't say much. So I kind of said you want me to eat you too? She laughed and said well if you put it that way. She tasted fucking awesome. I'm serious. I could have eaten her snatch for an hour. I think I made her cum 4 or 5 times. She'd stop, then say oh god, I'm going to cum again, and I'd get her all soaking wet. I was so hard, I could have stuck my dick in her right there, and not even touched her friend.

    But they were making out again, fingering each other, and her friend reaches up, and pulls a condom off the dresser. I'm laying there, and she unwraps it, and she says wanna let me put it on? I said sure. I was on my back, she unrolls it on my dick, and pulls it all the way down, and she moves over, spread her legs, and says come on, you can fuck me. It was rough. I normally never have a problem, I can cum no matter what, but as big as she is, it took a bit. She was kissing on my cousin, while my dick was in her, and I kept fucking her. I eventually was able to make myself cum, filled up the condom, and I heard her say fuck, you felt good. That was hot. I dunno, I felt nasty, because I just didn't want to fuck her. Until I'm making out with my cousin, I'm fingering her, watching the girls touch all over each other, and we're going at it pretty good with me in the middle. It took a bit, but I got hard again, and I wanted to fuck. So we're making out, going at it, and my cousin is laying there. And she leans over, and whispers no condom. I looked at her and said huh? She said no condom. Do me raw. I looked at her, and then her friend, and I said you sure? She nodded and said yeah. Raw. Her friend was pulling the condom out of the package, and I entered my cousin. Slid my dick right up inside her, and I hear her friend go oh shit, I don't know if you could do that. My cousin goes yeah. I want him to fuck me raw.

    I was pounding on her pussy while she was making out with her friend. And it didn't take long. ABout 5 minutes of fucking her hard, I told her I was gonna pop. She pushes hard, and says to me, God, fuck me. Really hard. Keep fucking me. I came. Felt it just unload. It was squirting, and I hear her friend go oh fuck, that's hot. That's really hot. And while I'm fucking her, I hear her friend go God, fuck me raw when you're done. I really couldn't do it. It was just gross. But I kept going off, and finally stopped cumming.

    When we were done, we kinda laid there, and I hear my cousin say yeah, we should prolly clean up and shit before someone catches us, or someone notices us missing. We got dressed up, and my cousin was going upstairs, and her friend stops me near the wall and says to me "you can fuck me anytime you want. That was hot as shit. I want to do you again sometime. Are you up for it?" I was nice, and said yeah. If you're interested, I'd definitely like to get together.

    Honestly? I don't. I don't like fucking fat chicks. It's mean, but whatever. I like skinny chicks, and I like chicks that I can get into. I'm just not into 200 pound girls with big asses, sagging tits and stomachs. But yeah, I guess it's the chance to cum. So I did it the one time. Again? Nah, I seriously doubt it.

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    Straight Male / 35

    Working In a hotel means at times I go on night patrol. Last night in the hotel lounge there was a couple who were having sex and were totally naked. They quickly dispersed their actions. I had to ask them to get dressed and leave. But the women around 26, busty and embarressed of their actions looked away but couldn't move. It Didn't stop me from looking at the uncovered (nothing to hide with) women and talk to them about policies and the security camera that was on them. I wanted to look at her as long as I could. Even though she hid her head, her body was exposed, lucky dude. The off bit is I don't need to see another guys penis. Which was also a reason to look at the women as I was talking to them .

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I was 26 when Claudia came into my life. She came to work at the same company and we shared an office. She had just graduated from Louisiana Tech. Being Cuban American we had a lot in common and got along great.

    I was invited to a party on the weekend and she was new in town so I asked her to come with me and my boyfriend. At the party she pretty much just hung with me and my boyfriend. When it was time to leave we left together and when we got back to my house where he car was, it was late and I asked her to just spend the night instead of driving home alone at that time of night.

    We stayed up and talked in the kithchen and my boyfriend was real horny and he was bothering me, clinging and pet screwing me from behind. Claudia was uncomfortable and kept asking if she could leave and we could be alone. My boyfriend had gotten under my skirt and pulled my underwear down and pushed me against the sink and started screwing me. Half way through he asked her if she wanted some too, and he grabbed her and pulled her up to him and reached under her dress and put her on the kitchen table and pulled her underpants down. Her bottom was milky white and he got a very hard erection and he screwed her on the table.

    My boyfriend really likes bottoms and she had the sweetest bottom and he sat down and pulled her on to his lap. I got dressed again and sat down beside them and asked if I could kiss her too. We went back to the bedroom and after a while of petting and just being naked we screwed again, taking turns with both of us. Afterwards we slept and I spooned her the rest of the night.

    I usually do not go for a girl, but Claudia was different, from the minute I saw her I was into her, and after sleeping with her naked I was hooked on her.

    I would say that Claudia and I dated for several months before she moved in with us. By then I was totally in love with her. We slept together, and I held her to sleep. One morning my boyfriend got up early because he had to drive out to a construction sight and I was on my back and Claudia was in my arms and he came and sat beside me on the bed and leaned over and gave me the greatest kiss ever. He kissed Claudia in her sleep, and then kissed me again and told me he loved me and I was his forever woman. Then he kissed Claudia and went to work.

    When my boyfriend and I got together I thought I was over being with a girl, I had finally found a man who I could be true to. Claudia came into my life and swept me off my feet. She is the best thing to happen to me since I met my boyfriend. She is my girlfriend. I just never thought that I would be a woman with a man and have a girlfriend too. So far our situtaion is going strong, my boyfriend really likes Claudia and he is as nice to her as he is with me, he calls me his woman and calls her his girlfriend. She calls us both babe.

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    Straight Male / 46

    I bought my wife a vibrator after 19 years marriage as she loves clitoral orgasm.Its for mothers day. It came with a mini vibrator as a bonus.

    It is not for anal use but I thought I would try it. Wow!!The first time I milked my prostate it was fantastic.
    Problem is it is so small it is hard to get out and I shoved it in too deep i had to crap it out which was awesome.

    Any way wrapped it in a condom and have had it in my arse now for 3 days on and off.Flat batteries twice and I crap it out.

    Its fantastic driving,walking going to work,talking to friends with this thing buzzing.I jerk 4 to 5 times a day and have had 3 spontaneous anal orgasms.One watching a movie and beer with my wifes brother. I was thinking how good his 8 inch cock would feel and was looking him in the eye as I secretly came.

    Another is when my 6 yo niece sat on my lap to play her tab2.Yep right on the spot it pressed 60 seconds bam!Another driving the car.

    I am thinking of keeping the real vibrator on Sunday. Maybe if I confess my wife would use it on me.What would be awesome if we both had a mini in all the time so when we go out we could cum. Thats my real fantasy.Any tips from anyone?

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    Straight Male / 45

    I finally have the guts to finish this story. It's one of many incidents I've dealt with, situations I've struggled with, positions I've put myself in through the years, and I am thankful I can open up and nobody knows who I am. I hide it well, and ensure that I don't let the secret out to people that know me. I know the labels, the name-calling, the harassment, and everything else that would be involved. And I don't want to live through that. But finally. I can start opening up. I have tried therapy. The judgmental behavior is there. Regardless if they are supposed to be "professional" or not. It's just not possible, because they are human first. And humans have a difficult time getting past things they don't see as "right"

    Five years ago, when my wife, daughter and I were on vacation, we'd taken my daughter's friend Julie with us. We'd stayed in a nice house, seen the sights, had a great time, eaten some amazing food, and really enjoyed ourselves. Spent time in the hot tub at the house, gone into the mountains, driven through the hills, ridden rental bicycles up and down the trails, and even went to a water park. I had quite an amazing time staring at Julie's teenage body, well mature beyond her age, large breasts (34-36D at least) bulging in her bikini top, staring at her bikini bottom, and wondering in my dirty mind, what she'd look like naked. After the first evening, I had an opportunity to find out more about the person she really was. Very sexual in nature, very curious, very flirtatious, and very forward. It went well beyond any experience I ever had with someone her age, to the point where, after my wife and daughter were sleeping, she masturbated me to orgasm under the blanket in the living room. Helped me clean up, smiled when I said it felt amazing and I'd never let someone do that to me, especially her age, and she went to bed. Didn't bring it up the next morning, no further discussion. Until the second night, when the sexual escapade occurred again, when my wife and daughter were sleeping, no more than 50-60 feet down the hall, behind the closed door in the hall, and behind the bedroom doors. I again reached orgasm, panting and gasping, much to my shock and utter amazement, at the receiving end of a hand job from a teenage girl the same age as my daughter. The only significant difference that night, was that she gave me the pleasure of seeing her slightly pudgy overweight body naked. Staring into a fiery red bush of pubic hair, staring at her slightly overweight stomach, and large breasts with huge round nipples, bringing me to a massive erection, and shaking my body with an orgasm like I'd never felt.

    I simply figured it was a one-off encounter for a couple of nights, an experiment, her trying things with an "older guy" out of curiosity, or whatever, and that would be the end of it. The third night, nothing happened, so it confirmed it. The fourth night, however, my wife and daughter, after we'd spent the whole day in town, seeing sights, having dinner, traveling around, had back to the house, and had announced they were going to head back into town, after the lights were all up, the city was lit up, and wanted to go do some late night shopping. Julie said she was tired, and thought she'd lie in bed, watch a movie, and probably fall asleep. We knew we had two more days, so it was all good. I was stretched out on the couch in the living room, and my wife laughed and said "guess you're not getting up either. Enjoy the couch. Be back in a few hours" and they got around and took their stuff to head out. I was laying on the couch, watching a movie, and they'd been gone about a half hour. I called her cell, and she said they were up in town (about a 30 minute drive), and that they were shopping. She sent me a screen shot of some stuff I'd asked about, so I knew she was there. She said they were going to be out a bit, and she'd understand if I crashed on the couch. I told her I thought Julie was already sleeping, so she said that was good. We'd make up for it tomorrow.

    A couple minutes after they left, Julie came into the room. I'd told her how long they'd be gone, and that they were shopping, sending me screen shots of what was going on, and the stuff they were looking at. She was nervous, and didn't say much. So I asked her if she was OK. Then it hit me. She was freaked out by what we'd done. So I brought that up. She laughed and said Oh God no. I'm not freaked out. I'm just afraid you didn't like it. I just laughed and said well, we've agreed that nobody will know, because you know I'd get in a lot of trouble. But what's to not like? You did things nobody has. Made me feel like nothing I've done before. So why would I complain? She said good. And I said why. She looked at me, and said well, because I want to be with you. I said you already were. She didn't say a word. Just simply reached down and took off her t-shirt. I stared at her large breasts. Her erect nipples. And then it hit me. My face turned red. My body trembled. But my penis got hugely erect. I was sitting on the couch under a blanket. And she said I want to. Not stop like we have the last couple of days. We have time. If they are gone. Nobody will know. My mind was screaming. I kept telling myself no. She stood in front of me, and undressed out of her shorts and underwear. And as I'd seen, two days prior, her fiery red pubic hair busy, covering her tender teenage vagina. Her large breasts, well beyond for a girl her age, heavyset body, and my sexual hormones going crazy. I said Julie, as much as I desperately want to, you know the risks. You know what would or could happen. And she said I won't tell. It's not like you're going to. And I don't know why. But I saw my cell phone sitting on the table. My penis was so hard and erect. I was trembling. But called my wife. She answered, and said she'd send me another screen shot. When I saw it, I knew they were in town, minimum of an hour away. I said I'd talk to her when she got home. Put my phone down.

    And I commenced to stand up, walk up to Julie, and kiss her. Intensely, hard, and very sexual on the mouth. And that's where it began. She was naked, I took my shorts and underwear off shortly after, standing there with my penis erect, against her pubic hair busy, between her legs, and kissing her. I was cupping her large breasts, touching her nipples, and I heard her gasp. I pushed her gently on the floor, had her on her back, spread her pudgy legs, and I started kissing her body. I started with her mouth, her neck, her nipples, her breasts, her pudgy stomach, and then her pubic bush. And shortly after, I performed oral sex on her for quite some time. Took her teenage body to orgasm. I stopped shortly after, and she said "I'm on birth control. I have condoms if you want, but I'm on birth control. It's safe. Believe me". I asked her why she had condoms, and she shrugged and said well, you don't know what you might end up doing. I kind of laughed, and she looked at me. I was staring at her naked body, slightly overweight, and saw how erect my penis was. It had never been this big. Julie laid on her back, sitting up, and said well, it's your choice. But yes. I want to be with you.

    I entered her. It was the most sexually stimulating feeling I had ever encountered. She was tight to the point where my penis barely fit deep in her. I had to enter her slowly, and penetrate. I knew she wasn't a virgin. I could tell. But as I entered her, watching my penis go through her pubic bush, I felt myself growing harder and harder. My body shook and trembled. And I finally filled her. I laid there, slowly moving. Julie gasped and said it felt truly amazing. She said I felt really nice inside. I just shook, and said yes.

    I was deathly scared. I'd never done this. Not ever. I'd never been with a girl her age. Nor had I ever thought about it. Until now. I pulled back slightly, and watched my penis enter her again. I heard her gasp, watched her face, and pushed again. Slowly inside her. Laid on top of her. And we kissed. I heard her say "I don't know how long we have" and I said I agreed. I started touching between her legs with my fingers, rubbing her, while I entered her, and pulled back, and then entered her. A couple of minutes later, I felt her wetting up again, and I heard her say she was going to have an orgasm. As her body shook and I felt her orgasm, I kept touching her clit, and rubbing her vagina. It was amazing. She felt so soft and so innocent. And then I felt it. I instantly felt it building inside me, knowing that I couldn't control myself. I was afraid of what might happen, but I desperately wanted to orgasm.

    I pulled out, she watched my face, and she said to me you're going to do it aren't you? I'd like to have you do it inside me, if you would? Would you? That would be really nice. I entered Julie again, and I came. I came so hard that my body shook. The room spun. I started shaking. I felt it squirting out of me. Exploding in large squirts. I kept pulsing, entering her deeply, and gasping, trembling and panting. And I finished. I was empty. Nothing left inside me. I remembers saying "Oh my God" and just laid slightly on her. She looked at me and said Wow. That was amazing. I've never felt something like that.

    When I moved, my penis was soft. I was soaked. From me. From her. She leaned down to clean up. Took a shirt, and started wiping it. I said what do you mean you've never felt like that before? She said she'd never let a guy do it inside her. Even being on birth control. She'd never trusted someone to do their thing, and let it go inside her. Looked at me, and said until now. It hit me. That she had planned that.

    We took care of everything, and she went into her room after putting some perfume on, and cleaning up. I went into take a shower, and I climbed into bed. Thankfully, nothing came out of it, nobody said a word, and to what I understood, nobody suspected a thing. The following night, when my wife and daughter were sleeping, it was our last night, Julie and I were in the living room, sitting on the couch talking. I don't know what made me say it, but I was so desperately horny, that I asked her if she would ever experience that again. She smiled and said yes. She'd like to do that again.

    Upon our return home, we'd taken care of everything. It continued to go through my mind, regarding everything that had happened, and all I could think about was fear. The minute she went home, someone would suspect. Someone would know. Questions would come out. She'd say something to the wrong person. And nothing. Weeks later, she'd come over a couple times to hang out, and nothing. A month later, still nothing. And then. Two months or so later, Julie came to the house to spend the night with my daughter. After my wife had gone to work, when my daughter fell asleep in her room, snoring in bed, Julie and I had sex in my living room. I came intensely, and harder than I had with my wife ever. And through the next couple of years, off and on, including at times, when she told me she's had a boyfriend, and even though to this day, I am still married, we have had sex. It's hard to admit, knowing it makes me a dirty nasty old man in someone's eyes. But sexually, she makes me feel in ways physically that nobody has. I think through the years, we've probably had sex 50 or 60 times, if not more. I have never used protection. I have never used a condom. I have always had an orgasm inside her. And on several occasions, we've met at other places, including hotels, and have had sexual relations there too.

    Now I've spoken about one of the incidents that's been inside me for a lot of years. Do I feel bad? At times. But the issue I deal with, sexually, younger girls do things for me that girls/women my own age don't.

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    Straight Male / 45

    My wife, daughter and I took a vacation five years ago. We took one of my daughter's friends with us, and on that vacation, during the time of about a week, I learned things about teenage girls I'd never been aware of, and I learned some things about myself that I never knew, nor would I think I'd ever admit. But thankfully, I've had a chance to open the door, without worries of someone knowing who I am, and just speaking openly about things I never thought I'd go through or even participate in.

    The first night down there, we'd checked into the house, gone into town, seen some sights, made plans for the vacation, and come back after dinner to relax. We wound up in the hot tub. And it was there, that for the first time in my life, looking at Julie wearing a bikini, chest at least a 34-36D, boobs bigger than I'd ever seen on a kid her age, a body (a bit heavyset, bigger than most average sized girls her age), sexually turned me on. Say what you will. I was shocked to be thinking about it in that way too, having never given that a second look for someone her age. And she didn't miss it. Thank God my wife and daughter didn't see it. In the hot tub, under the bubbles and water, I had, for the first time in my life, a teenage girl sexually come onto me. Hands on my legs, fingers up inside my shorts. Stimulating me, and nearly getting me off much to my shock. Never had I expected to experience that, nor would I have ever thought I'd let someone do it, or God knows like it. But I did. And later that first night, with my wife and daughter in the other room, down the hall, after a long talk, sexual banter, and realizing I was turned on (partly due to deprivation, and I think mostly due to being overly horny in the presence of a girl looking like her), I let her masturbate me under the covers in the living room. I had never experienced and orgasm like that. And going to bed that night, I had the fear that someone, somehow, would know what happened. But thankfully, there was no realization by anyone, and Julie didn't make anything obvious.

    The night after, however, it continued. I know I was wrong, and I know I should have instantly put a stop to it. But I just didn't know how. Sexually I was turned on in a way I had literally not experienced in years. And again, later that night, I talked to her, and came to the realization that she'd experienced things before, thus leading to her behavior. I knew I should have stopped it. But I just didn't want to. It is sick and demented, but I'd never been in this position before, and felt in a way like I never had. And, while my wife and daughter were sleeping probably no more than 75-80 feet down the hall, scared and nervous, constantly glancing down the hall, panicking thinking someone was going to stumble in on our perversion, I watched Julie remove her top, saw her amazing chest, her big round nipples, and much to my shock, she took off her shorts and her underwear, sitting there literally naked. Letting me look at her flaming red pubic hair, her naked body, and once again, getting me hugely erect, stimulating me in a way I hadn't been in years, masturbating me under the covers, causing me to explode in orgasm in a way I never had. Literally, I had never felt my body lose control like that. Watching her quietly smile, kiss me on the cheek, and say goodnight after we cleaned up the sticky mess.

    I knew it was wrong. But I desperately wanted to see where it would lead. I also wanted to talk to her to figure out exactly why she was as sexually active as she was. But I found it hard to bring it up, fearful of what I might find, or possibly angry at what I might be told. So I just left it go. And the next night, nothing happened. We spent time in the hot tub. We relaxed on the chairs on the back porch. And later that evening, we went to bed. With the exception of, much to my shock, my wife initiated sex with me, which lasted longer than normal, and we fell asleep. Waking up the next morning, I noticed Julie flirting with me, joking with me, cracking jokes with my daughter, and even smarting off to my wife at times. It was quite a good time, we found ourselves laughing hysterically, and it turned out to be an amazing day. That night, however, it wound up different than I ever expected. We were in the hot tub, chilling out, and later evening, the girls said they were going to go to bed. I was laying on the couch, watching TV, and said I was going to stay up. My wife said to make sure to not stay up too late, and headed down the hall with my daughter. About a half hour later, Julie wandered out into the living room, after closing the door to the hall. Laughing, she said "they are snoring so loud, they sound like my dog". She'd said that before, and I couldn't deny it. I laughed, and told her she should imagine dealing with it every day. Much the reason I often found myself sleeping on the couch. So I wouldn't listen to it. Sitting on the couch, looking down the hall, the conversation began innocent enough. And soon turned a bit more forceful and sexual. As it hadn't the night before. Quite honestly, I was surprised, figuring that, had nothing happened the night before, it was a one or two night incident and it would conclude with no other discussion. I was more wrong than I realized.

    We were talking, and the truth came out, even more. I was not angry or disgusted, but she simply told me why her hormones were like they were, and why sexually she was stimulated and turned on as heavily as she was. And then shocked me by saying "I heard you and the missus fucking last night. Sounded like a good time". I just laughed and said truthfully not really. I'd gone through the motions for years, it was enough to get me off, and typically bored me. But it was necessary at times, because I couldn't say no without making her suspicious. And Julie simply looked at me, and said "how about what happened with us?" to which I shrugged and said it was the most amazing thing I'd experienced, because it's not something I do with her, nor would she have interest. And she just smiled and said good. I couldn't help asking her why she'd done it with me. And she simply answered because she liked me. Liked how it felt watching me do what I did, and enjoyed making me feel good. And she told me straight out, that she liked how it felt being near me. I just smiled and said that was a nice thing to hear.

    She looked down the hallway, and proceeded to tell me that she liked how it felt to touch me. I felt my dick growing harder under my shorts and under the blanket. She told me that she liked sitting near me with nothing on, and her curiosity came out, and she liked knowing that I'd felt the way I did. I couldn't help but ask her why she'd always done things for me, and she'd never expected a return. She shrugged and said she did, but wasn't so sure if I'd ever give her something in return, knowing our age difference, and knowing my fear of getting in trouble. I just said yes, that was true, but considering what had happened, it could be serious enough. She nodded and said she'd never let it out, and nobody would ever know. And I said thank you. She looked at me and said she'd like a return if I'd be interested. My heart was beating, I could feel my body tremble, and I said yes. I'd very much like that. She looked down the hallway, I glanced back, and turned around, and saw her topless. She leaned back. Said nothing. And stripped off her shorts and underwear. Again. I saw her flaming red pubic hair. her big round nipples. Her slightly overweight pudgy body, sitting naked in front of me. I felt my dick thrust against my shorts. Scared, I asked her "what would you like?" to which she said "I'd like you to lick me down there. Touch me. If you would? Make me feel good?" I was shaking. Scared to death. Kept looking down the hall. And I said yes. But we'd have to hurry. I told her I was fearful of getting caught knowing how old she was. And knowing what would happen. She said she understood.

    I saw her spread her slightly pudgy legs. I moved between her legs, parted her thighs, and I put my mouth on her pubic hair. I put my tongue inside it, and slowly slid it against her pussy lips. She tasted so sweet. So young. So incredible. I heard her make a noise, gasp quietly, and push forward. Her pussy hair covered my face, and I put my hands around her back and slid them around her bigger ass. And I pushed harder. I kept stopping and looking back, and fearful someone would come out, until a couple minutes later, I heard her say "oh please. If you keep going, you'll make me orgasm" so I pushed my tongue inside her, and I felt it. Instantly. I heard her gasp, she moaned slightly, and my mouth got soaking wet. I heard her go "ohhhhhhhh geez. ohhhhhh geez" and she was panting, trembling, and pushing forward. It soaked me, and I kept going. I was licking her intensely, and she finally shuddered a couple of minutes later, and fell back against the couch.

    I stood up, my dick throbbing against my shorts, and looked at her. She smiled and said "geez. That was like amazing. Thank you. That felt so freaking incredible". I saw her pulling her shorts up, and as she was sitting on the couch, I moved up near her again. Trembling slightly, I put my mouth on her nipple. Sucked hard. I felt her tremble and shake. As she was laying there, I looked back, saw no one, still, sucked on her nipple, and cupped her large breast. I put my hand inside her shorts, felt her wetness, and started touching between her legs. A couple of minutes later, I felt her shake, shudder, and moan slowly. And felt her orgasm. I pulled my mouth away from her nipple, and she pushed her mouth against mine, and opened it up. I laid there, fingering her, making her orgasm, and kissing her intensely on the couch, while my wife and daughter slept down the hall. After she stopped having an orgasm, we were kissing for a few more minutes and she pulled back. She looked at me, her face as red as her hair, and she said "Wow. Thank You. I mean. Really, thank you so much". And stood up. Pulled her shirt up, and walked down the hallway to bed.

    to be continued..

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