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    Straight Male / 26

    I just shoved a whole carrot up my asshole and it felt great. I concentrated on relaxing my sphincter muscles as I pushed it inside myself and could feel my pooper accepting it's whole length bit by bit. No wonder my girlfriend likes being fucked in her ass, it feels very nice! I wonder if we can incorporate my ass into our sexy time...

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    Straight Male / 32

    I made you more turned on than you'd ever been. I made you cum harder than you've ever cum just from talking to you over the phone. I really liked you. I thought you really liked me. I told you too much. I showed you that I'm human. I made a bad choice in another person... and you totally turned your back on me. I spanked your ass in public, but I didn't fuck you because I wanted to have a good and healthy relationship with you. I really liked you. You were back on the dating site before you done breaking up with me via text message.

    I thought we were going to give it a try. I thought I wasn't going to be alone anymore.

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    Straight Female / 32

    I stayed home from work one day because we were getting an acrylic skylight in our living room replaced with a glass one. The workers, two of them, said it would take a couple hours to replace it.

    About an hour after they showed up, my husband arrived home from work early. To stay out of the way of the workers and dust, I worked on the computer in the guest room/office, while my husband lied in our bed on his smartphone, probably looking at porn.

    It must have been porn because after 20 minutes he came in all horny. He wanted to fuck me while the workers were in the living room and on the roof 10 yards away.

    My husband was quite persuasive and his rock hard cock looked delicious straining against his jeans.

    Finally, I gave in with a flirty "alright". We left the door ajar just a crack and he pulled down my pants and lace black panties to my knees in one motion and I bent myself over the desk.

    I looked back at him as he was undoing his jeans, our eyes met, and said directly, "fuck me good, baby."

    He lit up and jammed his cock in my wet pussy. I left out a groan and caught myself.

    He pumped me quietly but forcefully for a few minutes as sounds of hammers and feet on aluminum ladders played in the background.

    Then hubby unloaded his cream inside of me. We both wickedly smiled at each other. I pulled up my pants and was buttoning the top button when a worker called out, "Mrs. Danforth?? We are about done if you want to take a look."

    I left my husband in the office and walked to the living room. I could feel the wetness leaking from my vagina, soaking my lace black panties. I caught a look at myself in the mirror by the front door, my face was red with that after sex glow. I wondered if the workers could tell. I looked up, "looks good, $18800 right??" As I went to get my checkbook.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I love my children. But for some reason, I'm turned on by 12 to 16 year old girls, I would never touch or harm a child teen or anything, but sometimes wish I could have sex with young teen nice and gentle, but I would never do it. It's a fantasy and that's where it stays. But omg it's hot to think about!!!!

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    Straight Male / 41

    My college friends always brag about how much money they have and how expensive their cars and homes are. They always make fun of my average car and think I don't make money like they so. They are all in dept and live pay check to pay check even though they make 6 figure incomes. They all have no idea that I'm a Fucking Millionaire! I own everything free and clear and invest the rest. If it doesn't make me money I don't spend on it! It is very hard for me to keep this secret!

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    Straight Male / 46

    My girlfriend wants me to visit a glory hole while she watches. I would do it for her. I will do anything for her.

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    Straight Female / 28

    I want to be fucked by a big black cock!!

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    Straight Male / 46

    I wish I had a woman who would was unafraid. Someone who be honest....take charge of me. Let me know what a piece of crap I am . Make me pee in a bowl and lick it up while she fucks me in the ass with a strap on.
    My last girlfriend was too kind. She made me cum in my coffeee and drink it and buy a dildo and deep throat it. Just sweet little things like that.
    I wish for the holidays I could find someone who knows how treat me.

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    Straight Female / 21

    I have turned into a major whore in just the last couple of weeks.

    I work in a downtown office building and one day two weeks ago I really had to use the restroom after leaving the office so I walked into a public restroom.

    I did my business in the stall but inhad just flushed when a cock slipped thru a hole in the wall. I was shocked and backed away but.

    I tried the door latch for my stall and it was stuck. I realized that whoever was thru the wall had me trapped until I gave them what they wanted.

    Reluctantly, I dropped to my knees and began playing with the cock. The longer I stroked the stranger's dick, the hornier I became myself.

    Soon I was licking the cock and then sucking. I have always been good at giving blowjobs and the stranger shot his load into my throat before long. A few moments later the door was unlatched and I was free to leave.

    I was so turned on by my experience that day that I thought about it all that night and the next day. At the end of my shift, I returned to the stall. Sure enough a cock poked thru the hole after a couple minutes.

    Since then I have visited this restroom every day before work, on lunch, and after work. Each day for lunch I try to suck three or four cocks thru the hole to fill my stomach up with their warm cum.

    I have even started fucking these random cocks too. I can honestly say I never knew pleasure until the day I found this stall.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    My dad is out of town on a business trip, so I was not surprised to see my aunt (Linda's Mom) drop by last night to pick up my mom, they frequently go out drinking when dad is out of town. When I opened the door, there she was. My Aunt gave me a little knowing grin, and looked me over and whispered, "Number 5" as she entered. She went right to the kitchen and started talking to my mom. I kept peeking in and obviously both mom and my aunt were ready for a night out, both were in heels and dresses. I would not say they looked slutty or anything, but they were dressed to go, and for older women, in their mid to late thirties, they didn't look half bad. My aunt was leaning back on the counter sipping a wine cooler, and occasionally glancing my way. I would normally be getting a boner spying on my aunt basically giving her wine cooler a bj, but since cousins, I was mostly freaked out that she was still here talking to my mom.

    All of a sudden mom's face went blank, and she glanced my way, then my aunt looked over and winked. That was it, my life was over. I headed down the hall and basically hid in my room. I laid there thinking, "What a sick bitch. She told my mom." I kept listening and hoping to hear the doors close and the car drive off and that would be both of them going out to have a good time getting drunk, then maybe mom wouldn't remember Aunt Teresa ever told her about me. As I strained to hear the car, I was brought back to reality by mom's voice over the intercom, "Samuel Justin (pause) get in here." It not only sounded like she was crying, but mom only used my full name when she was mad, and the my middle name was just to let me know she was really mad. My life was over.

    I peeked into the kitchen, and there was mom. Red faced, leaning against the island and leering my way with her gaze fixed on the doorway. Aunt Teresa was no where to be seen, i figured she must have done the only smart thing and ran like crazy before my mom killed her. "Samuel (small gasp) Justin (small gasp) get in here!" was all she said when she saw me. I stepped into the kitchen, staring at the floor. I did not want to see the look my mom was going to give me. I just stood there staring at the floor, listening for the lecture to start. All I heard was my mom sobbing. I decided to get it over with, so I took a deep breath, to muster my courage, but wholly shit, the whole room smelled like c**t. I looked over at mom, and I was close enough now to see her dress was pushed up in the back exposing her ass. She had nail marks running down her butt cheeks, and I could see Aunt Teresa's fingers digging into her bottom. I took a couple more steps and I could see Aunt Teresa was sitting on the floor against the island digging her nails into my mom's ass and licking her c**t for all she was worth. Aunt Teresa looked up long enough to say, "Cousins. Now fuck her." Aunt Teresa stood up and pulled the dress over my mom's head and off, then held mom's arms stretched across the counter. She looked over at me and said, "Sam, fuck her."

    Aunt Teresa looked at my mom and said, "I told you if he ever started on cousins, that I'd get pay back." She then started calling my mom a string of filthy names. I was so socked all I could do was stare at my aunt holding my naked mother across the kitchen island. I looked at the welts scratched across my mother's ass, and started to realize she hadn't been crying, she was getting eaten out by my aunt, and now she was humping the counter top needing to be fucked. I felt my boner start growing as I stood there watching my mom's ass humping the counter. I dropped my pants and pressed my cock into my mom's c**t. Just a few thrusts and mom's c**t clamped down on my cock and she began to spasm. I couldn't hold back, I drained my nuts into her.

    It looked like my mom was trying to get up, but my aunt held her down and told me, "Ass fuck her too." Mom was wet before, but now there was so much cum, I didn't have any trouble sliding my cock into my mom's ass. She was so tight! When I felt her ass loosen up I started. I eased out and got some more juice and cum, and drove right back in. Aunt Teresa was still calling mom filthy names, but now she started in with "ass whore", and how my mom was just a teen whore like she was. It didn't take long, I pressed in and strained. I shot everything I had left into mom's ass. I stood there my cock in her, but I was soon so soft I just fell out.

    Dad is not back until sometime next week, so we all slept in bed with mom last night. Aunt Teresa will be back tonight for our "family affair".

    (if some of this didn't make sense read 21649, yes, we have a sic family)

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