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    I keep making up this erotic stories involving me in sex orgies having wild sex with men that fuck me so hard that I come instanly.I posted my fan fic stories on different forums and people(women mostly) are calling me names that I'm a filthy whore..well I may have a dirty old mind and be a nymphomaniac who haven't had sex before.But nobody believes me probably they think I'm just a sick tramp.My stories make me so damn horny and I feel that my pussy will get on fire,I have this feeling of delight while I'm touching myself and I imagine that I have a man to penetrate me hard,I can almost feel his hands touching my naked body and squeezing my breasts.Gosh,if only could I find the right man to be with to satisfy my needs, all I think is about my wet pussy that should be penetrated by now.I never had sex before but I'm sure 100% that when I'll meet the right partner I'll love doing it.
    ps-sorry for the spelling esl here.

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    Straight Male / 32

    I was over at friends yesterday watching the Superbowl. Instead of my eyes on the TV though it was on my friend's daughters ass most of the game. I was sitting on the couch and she was laying in the floor wearing black tight leggings that hugged her butt so nicely. They were stretched thin against her ass enough to see that she had little red hearts on her panties. I was staring so intently and imagining rubbing my hands up her thighs and following that panty line with my fingers. I got a huge erection but luckily I could hide it. Those images in my head are going to be jack off material for a long time. I'd love to have grind into that girl or have her down on her knees sucking my cock.

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    Straight Female / 33

    Each year my husband watches the Super Bowl with a group of his friends. We've known most of these people for years and when our husbands get together for the Super Bowl, we wives get together for our own party. Each year we have our party at one of the local motels, our husbands think we sit around gossiping, there is a lot of that going on and some drinking too. We just have a fun girls time away from the guys.

    This year when my sister and I arrived at the hotel, a little early, we found the two that were planning the party on a couch together. They were having a bit of their own Super Bowl activity. They didn't hear us come in, and we stood in the entry watching for a few minutes, then decided to join in. We moved things to the bedroom and we joined them in their activities.

    By the time the others started to show up, my sister had gotten dressed and was out in the main room waiting and started the conversations going. She told each woman as they showed up that there was a "bi curious" room this year and pointed to the bedroom. About half of the women from our group joined in at one point or another.

    I hope the "bi curious" room becomes a regular Super Bowl weekend addition!

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    Straight Male / 30

    I'm wondering, do people actually drink buttermilk?? Yuck.

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    Straight Male / 21

    When I was growing up me and my cousin were best friends. I would sleep over his house pretty much every weekend. His older sister my other cousin is 3 years older. I can't even remember the first time it happened but me and her were sexually active since I was about 9 or 10 years old. I would always go into her room late at night and we would kiss and she would touch me. I had no idea what i was doing but she did and i let her do what she wanted. She took my virginity when i was 12 and i think it was her first time as well. When I entered high school she went away to college and i only saw her on holidays and we didnt do anything.When I was 17 junior year and she was in college when she was home on break i would pick her up late at night and she would suck me and fuck me in the car. It would be really bad if anyone ever saw us or found out about us.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 47

    This happen in 1979 when I was 22 years old, It's all true. It was in the middle of a hot summer day. I was driving my MG Midget with the top down. I was going to my college room mates house about a 13 hour boring ride. I had a sundress on no bra my 34 b tits rubbing against the fabric making my nipples hard. I started to get horny from the sun beating down on me and my nipples rubbing. I pulled over took my panties off and started driving. I started rubbing my clitoris lightly. I started finger my hole, I was so wet. I undid the top buttons of my dress exposing my tits. I was thinking about my ex boy friend, how he use to fuck me. It was 6 months since I last got fucked. I was in the middle lane of a 3 lane interstate highway. A over the road truck pulled up on my right side and was clearly watching me play with my self. I looked over he gave me the thumbs up. I got excited knowing he was watching me. I pulled my dress high on my hips putting my left foot on the dash giving him a good look. We drove for a while when he yelled out hey want to go to the next rest stop and meet?? I yelled back maybe and started playing with my self again. This went on for miles before we came across a rest area witch I drove in. He followed me in we parked way out back. Well u guessed it I got in his cab he was sitting on his bunk. I was standing in front of him. He pulled my dress up I took it off. He started eating my very on fire wet pussy. I put a foot on the bunk giving him more access to my hole. Good thing he held my ass tight because when I had a orgasm I almost fell down. After I was coming down from my orgasm. I noticed he undid his pants his semi hard uncut thick veiny cock was out. I at the time never seen a uncut one before. I dropped to my knees taking his shoes off then his pants and underwear. I grabbed his cock started jerking it watching the fore-skin roll back and forth over his cock head. I was so fascinated with his fore-skin as I never touched one before. I put it in my mouth pulled the skin down licked hard the glans he jumped back said easy honey, u ever had a uncut one before. I said no he said it's like your clit very sensitive. I licked and sucked him for a while then got on the bunk. I was on my hands and knees, my favorite. He got behind me slide in my super wet hole started fucking me. I was rubbing my clit and pulling on my nipples yelling at him to fuck me harder deeper. It felt so good getting fucked. Don't know how many orgasms I had but I was well fucked. He shot deep inside me. We stayed still for a while he then pulled out I turned around took him in my mouth licking him clean like I do with all my lovers. I have to go masturbate now got horny thinking about it.

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    Straight Male / 19

    Does anyone want to kik..??
    5'9& quot; 160lbs athlete

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    Straight Male / 31

    Three days ago I was in my local pub with a few mates. Two guys sat at the table next to ours and one of them Started showing the other a video on his phone. It was obvious the video was sexual, because you could hear the woman moaning loudly as she was being fucked. Later after lots of thought, I asked the guy showing the video if I could take a look. He was unsure at first, but when I said by the sounds of it I've fucked that woman, he let me look. Although you couldn't see the womans face as she was being fucked doggie style, I recognised the tattoo on her back. The tattoo was of a small scorpion pointing downwards, the very same scorpion my wife Hayley has got on her back. Speaking to the guy, I asked him if he was the guy doing the fucking. When he said yes I almost hit him. I didn't as he went onto say "She's probably the best fuck I've ever had and she gave my friend holding my phone one hell of a blow job". I didn't know why then and I still don't today, but I got a hard on thinking about my wife fucking and sucking the two men. The only doubt I had about it being my wife was her hair colour, but looking back it did look like a wig. My problems are now, are how do I approach my wife to ask her if she's been fucking other men and let on it actually turned me on. And if it wasn't her, how the fuck ca I get her to try it??

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    Straight Male / 26

    Mei worked at a cheap Chinese buffet in my neighborhood. I'd been washing dishes there since the previous owners had owned the place.
    The restaurant was a real dive. Despite my employee "perk" of eating lunch there for free everyday, I never touched the food. I worked in the kitchens and I knew perfectly well how unsanitary the conditions were.
    Mei was the only thing right about the restaurant. From the first day I laid eyes on her, I hadn't been able to get her out of my head. I wasn't sure how old she was, but she didn't look much younger than myself. She was about a head shorter than me and pretty in an unassuming sort of way. She wore her jet black hair short and she had the biggest darkest eyes. Those eyes just lit up whenever she laughed or smiled.
    Her family didn't own the restaurant though. She just worked for the scumbag who did. I'd heard rumors that he had criminal connections and he had financed Mei's family's immigration to the United States. Now they were working off their bao in different ways. I wondered if they were making the same slave wages as me, or worse.
    I wanted to talk to Mei. To get to know her better, but it was hard. Whenever I spent more than a minute or two talking to her, one or more of the cocky little Chinese punks that also worked in the kitchen would break it up and start yammering away at Mei in Chinese. I knew it was something bad because she always dropped her eyes and went right back to work.
    I thought I'd probably never get to know her better and it certainly looked that way. But one day I saw her standing beside the bus bench just outside the shopping center parking lot where the buffet was located. It was pouring rain and I was in my car heading home.
    "Mei??" I pulled up beside her. "Are you taking the bus??"
    She looked at me and nodded. She was drenched. So much so I could see her dark brown nipples through the wet white t-shirt she had one.
    "Your brothers aren't around??"
    "T hose guys aren't my brothers," she said. "They're the bosses nephews."
    "Oh. You want a ride somewhere??" I asked.
    She looked back toward the buffet and I could clearly see her thinking about it. Finally she ran to my car and opened the door and got inside. We drove off.
    "Poor kid, you're soaked." I looked around for something she could dry herself with, but my car was a mess. All I had on the backseat was an old shirt I'd used for a rag when working on the engine a few days earlier. I frowned.
    "Sorry, I don't have a towel or anything."
    "That's all right." She smiled weakly.
    "You're worried you'll get in trouble for riding with me, aren't you??" I could tell.
    "A little." She admitted. "Not just from those guys. But my own family wouldn't like me riding with a white guy."
    "I can drop you off before we get to your house."
    "Thank you." She told me.
    We drove in silence for a moment. The radio was on but cut down low. Ronnie Van Zant was singing about going to find a woman and finding love. That was a sentiment I could get behind I thought, looking at Mei sitting beside me.
    "I wish we could talk more," I said. "I really want to get to know you better."
    "I wish that too." She admitted. "Those guys tell me they'll have their uncle send my family back to China if I keep talking to you. And they said they'll take your job."
    I barked a short derisive laugh. "They can have that job. I waste more gas driving back and forth to work than I make in salary." That was an exaggeration, but not by much.
    "Why do you work there then??" She asked.
    "I dropped out of high school when I was sixteen," I told her. "I don't have a diploma, a GED or anything. That's the only job I can get at the moment. I'm waiting for a construction job to open up though. I've had my eyes on it for a while."
    We shot the shit for a while. Finally she directed me to a real low rent, sleazy neighborhood full of apartments and gang graffiti sprayed everywhere. She wanted to be let out beside a row of mailboxes, most of which had been broken into. I watched her walk down the sidewalk, admiring the way her rear end looked in the Army surplus camo pants she wore.
    A few days later she jumped in at the bus stop again.
    "Hey pretty lady." I smiled at her.
    She blushed and looked away, smiling shyly.
    "I noticed ugly and uglier haven't been at work the last few days." I said.
    "The bosses nephews??" She asked. I nodded. "Oh. The cook told me they got in trouble with the police. The boss sent them away until things cool down."
    "So you can talk to me and ride with me for a while??"
    "Talk, no." she said. "The other people at work would tell on us. But ride yes. If you don't mind."
    "I don't mind at all." I told her. "I hope those two stay gone forever."
    She giggled.
    "You're beautiful when you do that." I told her and caressed the side of her face with my hand. She blushed.
    "Do you have a boyfriend??"
    She shook her head no. "Once. Back in China. No longer."
    "What if I told you I wanted to be your boyfriend??" I asked.
    Her blush deepend slightly, but her smile grew. "I'd say you were crazy. I'm nothing special. Just a poor Chinese girl."
    "Your special to me," I told her. "And I'm just a poor white boy."
    "I wish it could be." She sighed. "My family would never allow it."
    "Would they allow it if I paid off your bao??"
    She stared at me. "What do you know about that??"
    I told her the little bit I'd heard. Mostly work place gossip.
    "You don't have so much money," she told me. She named a figure on how much her family owed. I whistled.
    "See??" She smiled sadly.
    "You leave it to me honey," I said. "I'll figure something out."
    I took pulled over beside the busted mail boxes and took her hand, squeezing softly. "See you tomorrow??"
    She nodded and surprised me by leaning over and kissing my cheek, then hurrying out of the car and jogging away down the sidewalk.
    What Mei didn't know was that I had a wealthy father. He had never been married to my mother and I was just one of who knew how many kids he had by various women, but he had sent me cards every year on my birthday and Christmas like clockwork and I had his phone number if anything should come up. The problem was, I hardly knew the man. Would he care enough about one random kid to do me the favor I was going to ask, or would he laugh in my face?? I had no idea.
    "Dad??" I phoned him that night. "Yeah, its me. How're you doing?? That's good. Me?? I'm doing the best I can. Working everyday. What?? Yeah, that's the truth...." we talked a while before I found the nerve to ask him. "You see there's this girl. She means the world to me dad. But she and her family owe this guy for bringing them over here. He's making them work like slaves at his various businesses to repay him and at the rate he pays, we'll they'll never be free of him. What?? Her name is Mei. Yeah, she loves me too (I hope, I thought but didn't say). How much??" I cringed and named the figure. There was a long silence on the other end, then a sigh. "What?? You mean it?? Oh wow, dad... thanks. Mei's gonna be so happy. Of course you can meet her sometime." I was so happy I jabbered on for a good half an hour. I hadn't spoke to the man in nearly two years and he'd agreed to help me just like that.
    Mei couldn't believe it when I told her the next day that I could pay her family's entire bao off. She stared at me wide eyed. "Don't tell me that if it isn't true. That would be cruel."
    "I'm being honest," I told her. "My father is a wealthy man. He agreed to give me the money for your bao."
    It took a little to convince her, but in the end she wept with joy, hugging me. Man, did that feel good. She told me she would work it out with her parents and that they would want to meet me. She gave me a laundry list of things to do and not to do, how to dress, etc.
    About a week later I came to her home, a crummy little apartment that in all honesty should have been condemned by the city. I met her paternal grandparents, her parents, one of her aunts, and her eight younger siblings. I wasn't sure how the visit went since nearly all of the talking was in Chinese. It wasn't until Mei told me her grandmother finally convinced her father I was ok, and that her family agreed we could date if I paid their bao that I knew it had been a success.
    Arrangements were made. The Bao was paid. Both Mei and I stopped working at the buffet. My dad offered to help me get a better job, but I already felt overly indebted to him. I said thanks but no thanks. I was confident of getting a construction job. And I did.
    Mei and I started dating. At first several members of her family always wanted to go along with us. To the movies, to the mall, everywhere. And I was forking over buckets of cash I barely had just to keep up with buying them little presents. I told her it had to stop. It did.
    The more Mei hung around me, the more independent she grew. I liked the change in her. Especially since the lack of chaperones meant we could finally have some time alone.
    We began having incredible sex at my place. I'm talking headboard thumping the wall, bed springs squeaking, moaning, screaming, dogs barking outside sex. Mei was a little freak in the sack. She was game for trying anything and wanted to be tied up, choked, spanked, ridden hard, dirty and rough. I lost track of the times she'd have me lying exhausted on the bed only to crawl over to me and tell me she wanted more. I wondered if she was trying to kill me, but hell it didn't matter, what a way to go.
    I eventually married her and we've got the two cutest little girls on the planet. I'm still working construction (Mei made me get my GED last summer) and Mei's a stay at home mom. We're still not rich, but we're happier than a lot of people who are. My dad passed away last November and it looks like his other kids are gonna get most of his estate, but he already gave me the greatest gift ever. When we have a son he'll be named for his paternal grandpa, not me. That's who he owes his existence to as much as me.

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    I like to jack off, i like to see the cum squirt out. i always eat the cum but at the same time i have 3 fingers working my asshole. when i cum it makes my anus twitch and if something is in there it feels the best. my fantasy is for anyone to watch me do everything to myself. plus, i really like to watch cumshot videos. i would really like to jack some guys off and right before he cums i would hold the head tightly in my lips so i could feel it squirt in my mouth. if i could get one real good taste of cum i wont have to wonder about it any more.

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