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    Straight Male / 52

    A long time ago when I was in my twenties I was baby sitting my eleven year old niece and the conversation turned to sex. I tried to avoid the subject but she kept steering the conversation in that direction so I gave up trying. The conversation progressed to the point where we were talking about how old I was when I first did this or that and what experience she had which was not much. Then she said the most shocking thing. She said she wanted to be forced. I asked her why and she said that she wanted to experience someone licking her but wanted someone to force her so that if she got caught she couldn't get I trouble. So when I asked if she had a particular boy in mind and expecting her to name a class mate, she said, yes, um, you. So I was all the more shocked now. So I asked her if she was serious and she just looked down and said nothing.

    So I got up and stepped over to her and reached down and grabbed her. She looked at me with almost a desperate look on her face but said nothing. I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom and laid her on her bed. I pulled up her nightie while telling her not to bother trying to fight me because I was going to force her no matter what and I was much bigger than her. I was glad I had shaved closely so I wouldn't scratch her with stubble. I gently pulled off her panties and went down on her. I softly kissed all over the area working closer and closer to her pussy delighting in the sparse hairs just sprouting down there. She smelled amazing and tasted even better. I zeroed in on her and licked and licked for a couple of hours. she just laid there limp and silent with a weak smile on her face. Then she began to gradually work up to an orgasm breathing heavy and trembling and moaning and then she was thrashing and convulsing and screaming and kicking and then collapsed and went limp again. It took a few minutes for her to recover.

    As soon as she did recover, she pounced on me, wrapped her legs around me and her arms around my neck and rammed her tongue in my mouth. We passionately kissed for several minutes before she let go of me. Then she asked why I didn't force her to suck my cock and she looked like she as hungry for it so I took off my pants and bent over her and shoved my cock in her face and told her to suck. She had no idea what to do so I gave her instructions and to my surprise she eagerly obeyed. I thought for sure she would be disgusted by it and push me away but nope, she wanted it badly. Not long into my blow job I shot my load in her mouth and she opened her mouth to show me the cum in her mouth and I asked if it tasted bad and she shook her head so I ordered her to swallow it and she did and then showed me her empty mouth. She had a big smile on her face. I apologized for forcing her and she said I was forgiven and then told me she would like to forgive me again next time I forced her and said it with a smile. I told her to let me know if there were any other things she would like me to force her to do.

    We did that almost every week until she was 18 and moved away to college. We still fuck from time to time but that's another story.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I am a 57 year old married man. My wife and I haven't had sex in over a year. Fortunately I have been sucking cock and getting mine sucked for over 30 years. I met this guy online and he invited me over. I told him okay, and he informed me he had a friend. I told him that wouldn't be a problem.

    When I got there, he answered the door in only a robe. He was a lot bigger than me with a sizable belly. He walked me into his bedroom, and the other guy, a bit thinner, was sitting on the bed naked. As I walked in he was staring at my crotch. He told me to get undressed, and as soon as I had my clothes off he reached over and grabbed my cock. He pulled me to the bed and bent down to suck me.

    I crawled up on the bed, and they positioned me so my head was near the edge of the bed and he was between my legs sucking my cock. The fat guy stepped up to the bed and I opened my mouth to take his cock. It was a nice cock, about seven inches long and fairly thick. I couldn't quite get it all in my mouth, but I did a pretty good job. He started to mouth fuck me and soon was rock hard. The guy sucking my cock started to play with my asshole. "Ever been fucked?" he asked. "No," I told him, although I do like my ass played with. He got off my cock and put his tongue up to my asshole. He started to tongue fuck my ass while I was sucking the fat guy's cock.

    We stayed this way for a while and the guy playing with my ass put a wet finger in my ass. He resumed sucking my cock while finger fucking me. The guy I was sucking was really getting into it, moaning with each thrust of his cock. I was a little surprised when I felt a finger being pulled out of my ass and replaced with a cock. Luckily his cock was fairly thin, so there was no pain. He pushed my legs up to give him better access. I never thought I'd be sucking a cock and getting fucked at the same time.

    He fucked me for a good 20 minutes while I worked on a cock of my own. The fat guy took his cock out of my mouth and bent forward a little, stroked his cock a few times and started to cum. His cum hit my chest and chin. When he was spent he put his cock back in my mouth and rubbed his cum into my chest hair. About the same time the guy fucking me tensed up and started to cum. He didn't remove his cock from my asshole, but bent over and resumed sucking me. It only took about two minutes and I started to cum. he sucked me dry and started to fuck me again. The fat guy couldn't get hard again, but I like sucking a soft cock just as much. He didn't cum again, but the guy in my ass was a machine. Although not the biggest cock I'd ever seen, he stayed hard in my ass for another 45 minutes. He fucked me while the fat guy played with my nipples. My cock got hard without even being touched. He got on the bed and took my cock in his mouth. Now I was getting fucked and sucked at the same time.

    We stayed that way until I came a second time. Not much cum, but enough to know I had an orgasm. Shortly after the guy fucking me pushed in one last time and started cumming for the second time. His first cum had long since seeped out of my ass, and I felt this cum oozing out of my ass as well.

    We all rested a little, then I got dressed to leave. We all kissed and said goodbye. Just three guys having a little discreet sexual fun, and I'm looking forward to doing it again, maybe with them or maybe with a couple of other guys.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I've never considered myself gay, or even like other men, however I will admit some of my mannerisms are a little feminine. I'm only about 5'4" tall and thin. My wife is about the an inch shorter than me, and I always feel like a big man when I'm with her. We've been married for 23 years and hardly ever fuck anymore. She has lost her sex drive while mine rages on. Sometimes I get so pissed at her rejecting me that I would be willing to fuck anything.

    Abo ut a month ago, we were ready for bed and I wanted a blowjob, but she refused. I got pissed and said I was going out. I went to a local bar, and didn't notice until I sat down that it was a gay bar. I thought, "what the fuck? I'm here, I'm gonna get drunk." I had about four drinks and was feeling pretty buzzed.

    A large woman came over to my table and sat down. I thought it odd that a woman would be in a gay bar, but my mind wasn't clear. I tend to lose inhibitions and good judgment when I'm drinking. We chatted a bit, and she moved her chair over next to mine and put her hand on my thigh. I felt my tiny cock stir. She leaned in and kissed me. Her lips were soft, and when she parted my lips with her tongue my cock jumped. She moved her hand up and down my thigh, and finally rested it on my crotch. "I like to be in charge. You game?" She asked. I just nodded yes and she squeezed my cock through my pants. "Let's go to my place. I'm close," she said. I said okay, and she led me to her car.

    As soon as we got through her front door, she turned and kissed me. She towered over me and had already let me know who was in charge. I thought it odd that she wouldn't let me feel her tits or her c**t. As we kissed, she slowly undressed me, running her hands up and down my chest, playing with my nipples. My cock got harder, and when she undid my pants I knew I was in for a treat.

    She now had me naked and took me over to the couch. She sat me down and knelt before me She put my cock in her mouth, and sucked it down to my balls. My tiny cock fit perfectly in her mouth. She moved from my cock to my balls, and eventually down to my ass. I'd never had my ass rimmed before, but this was exquisite. I lifted my legs up and gave her total access to my underside. She licked my asshole, tongue fucked me and sucked me until I was ready to cum, but she stopped before I actually did. "You ready for a real treat?" she asked. "Oh, fuck yeah," I responded. "Then, close your eyes and enjoy." I closed my eyes, and could hear her taking her clothes off. Then she knelt on the couch, straddling me and I felt a cock being put up to my lips. "What the fuck?" I said. "Surprise!" she exclaimed. She was a fucking he.

    I didn't know what to do. I'd never sucked a cock before, but I was kinda stuck. "Tonight, you're my bitch." He grabbed my ears and twisted. "Now, open your mouth and get your surprise." I was scared. He was much bigger than me, and I should've seen it sooner. I gingerly opened my mouth a little and he shoved his cock in. It was much bigger than mine, and after a few seconds I resigned myself to sucking his cock. I closed my lips around the head, then worked myself up and down his shaft. "Oh, honey," he said, "You're a fucking natural. I knew it as soon as I saw you." This was actually turning me on, and I reached around and grabbed his ass, pulling him in as far as I could take him. I decided to make the best of it. His cock was about 6 inches and of average girth. I could take most of him in before I started to gag.

    I was lost in a drunker, cocksucking world. It seemed all that mattered was what was in my mouth. I sucked him as good as I thought I could, but when he started cumming I came back to reality. I thought, "This fucking guy was actually cumming in my mouth." I had no choice but to swallow, and I was able to take most of it. Some squirted back out, but I was pretty proud of myself. Even after he was spent he kept fucking my mouth. It wasn't long and he was hard again. "Honey," he said, "that was fucking great. You ready for another surprise?" If this was good, then next one ought to be even better. I just shook my head yes.

    He got off the couch and knelt back in front of me. He pushed my legs up a bit and shoved his tongue back into my asshole. I was really getting into this, and when he put a finger in my cock started to grow again. He finger fucked me for about 10 minutes, then stuck a second finger in. My ass felt really full with him finger fucking me. He had me get off the couch and had me turn around and kneel down with my chest on the cough. I did, and he resumed fingering my asshole. After a few more minutes he pulled his fingers out. I really wanted them back in, but instead of his fingers I felt him put his cock up to my asshole and push in. He managed to get past my sphincter and stayed still until the pain subsided. "You ready to get fucked, bitch?" he asked. I just grunted and pushed my ass back against him. He took the cue and started to fuck me. Each thrust brought a twitch to my cock. I couldn't believe I was being fucked by another man. We fucked like this for about 15 minutes, then he had me lay down on my back. "I want you watching me when I cum." He pushed my legs up a little and put his cock back in my ass. He was fucking me in earnest now. He reached down and started stroking my cock as he fucked me.

    This was fucking great. I was being a fucking whore to another man. I loved this, and wish I had tried it decades ago. He fucked me until he couldn't stand it anymore. He tensed up and started to t the same time he put the last strokes on my cock and I started cumming, too. He stroked me to completion, and finally pulled his cock out of my ass. He got a towel and cleaned us off. Then he laid down next to me and we made out for another half hour. We finally got dressed and he drove me back to the bar. We kissed one last time and I got out. I was no longer pissed off, but actually very subdued and content. I made my way back to my car, and each step squirted a little of his cum out of my ass. I was able to get home, shower and put my shorts in the laundry hamper. I crawled into bed, and my wife stirred. "Hi, honey. I'm glad you're home." "Me, too," I responded, but secretly thinking that I might have to get pissed at her more often.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I posted on here a couple other times, and I don't know if anyone is reading or not, but I wanted to post this tonight.

    My mom left for work tonight at 10:30. She works at 11pm, and on the overnight shift. My little sister is in elementary school, so she goes to bed like 9 at the latest. Well, I've fooled around with my step dad a couple of times in the past, and I should feel guilty, but I don't.

    The first time was pretty quick. The second time was a lot better. Tonight, after my mom had left for work, my dad had just gotten out of the shower, and was dressed in his pajamas. I was too. When he came into the living room, I had gone upstairs to make sure my sister was sleeping, and I knew she was.

    I came onto him. Like really hard. He kind of freaked out, until I told him the truth. I liked how he made me feel, I liked how good it was when him, I liked how he touched me, and he kissed me, and although it was kind of weird and dirty, I liked having sex with him. He looked at me and told me that he was afraid we'd get caught, or I'd have an accident, or something would happen. I told him I hadn't told a single person. I mean, I've written on here about it, but I guess nobody knows me, so it's not like the same.

    When he saw I wasn't lying, he told me that he liked it. A lot more than with doing stuff with my mom. He ended up watching me take my clothes off, and tonight he did something he hasn't. He did oral on me. For a long long time. He was using his fingers, and he was licking me and kissing me, and he made me cum like 4 times. He kept going. And when he was done, I did something I hadn't ever done. I put his dick in my mouth. I was sucking on it, and he told me that if I didn't quit, that he might make a mess. I don't know why I did it, but I didn't stop. He pushed my head back, and he said to stop. And I didn't. And then he blew all of his cum inside my mouth. I mean, seriously, it was a lot. Like a LOT. I kept going, and I had it in my mouth, my face, and it was all over the front of me. Really weird, but he kept apologizing. I don't know why. I thought it was kind of freaky, but I liked it.

    Like 20 minutes later, we were all cleaned up, and sitting there, and he talked to me about it. I just told him I liked doing different stuff. And for the first time ever, we ended up having sex again. We were sitting there and he asked me if I'd do it again. I said yes. And he kind of looked at me and said "like right now?" I looked at him and said "like twice in a night?" and he nodded and said yes.

    The second time, he did the same thing. I was laying on the floor, and he did oral on me, for like 15 minutes or something. I kept cumming. He was really good at it. But this time, when he got done, he was on top of me for a bit, and asked if I'd get on top and try to do something different. I said yes. He had his hands on my hips, my boobs, even on my ass, and was doing it from under me. Then a couple minutes later, he ended up doing me from behind. We'dn ever done that. The second time around, seriously, I think he lasted like 45 minutes. It hadn't ever gone that long.

    When he was going to finally finish, he asked me what I wanted to do. I told him that I liked it when he was on top, because I don't know, it was kind of sexy to watch him. He did. He got on top of me, and he went up there inside me, and I felt him cum like 5 minutes later. But what's weird? This time he laid on me, and started kissing me. It was kind of weird at first, but he kept going, and I liked it. I guess it should be kind of screwed up, but I liked it.

    I kind of joked, and said "hey, if you keep this up, maybe we can do it three times?" He laughed and told me that he'd never done it three times in a single night. Ever. I said to him "well maybe you can one time" and he looked at me and said "you're serious?" and I said "Yep". He said OK. He'd think about it.

    He reached over and kissed me, and then went upstairs to bed. I don't know. It is whatever. But I like doing it.

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    Straight Male / 43

    I know people judge so quickly, and they say stupid shit, but it is what it is. If people know that an older guy is fooling around with a younger girl, they always call him a creeper, a p**o, a freak or other nasty names. Why? Isn't it possible that maybe it's mutual, that she wants to do shit too, and that really there may be something more than just him creeping on her? Yeah. People don't think that. And any time someone sees a younger girl with a guy, it must be money. She can't really want or like him if he's older. And that's bullshit. Why can't she? People judge and are so damn stupid for the dumbest reasons. Say what you want. If you are a guy, and you're in you are in your 40's, and some younger girl wanted to fool around, and she'd never say anything, would you turn down young pussy? If you say yes, you are lying. And if you are a female reading this, you'll say it's gross, don't you have kids, what would you say if your daughter was fucking a guy your age, or something like that. What could I say? Not much, because for all I know, girls do what they do, and hide it. I know I found out years ago, my oldest (step daughter) first experience, she was 14, the guy was about 35. I found out later on (another story for another time), but she told me that she has no regrets. She made her own choice, and did it on her own.

    I was at my buddy's house the other day, had gone to help him on his farm, and found out he'd been called into work at the last minute. Their cell phone service sucks in his area, so figured that's why I never got a message. He's almost 20 minutes away. His daughter told me to hang around, that he'd be back in 3-4 hours, and we could chill and watch TV, hang out and watch a movie, whatever. She's younger (I won't say age), but I'd been around for a long time so we were good. It wasn't weird.

    We were hanging out, and she told me she had to take a shower. I said fine. No big deal. I got up, and went into the kitchen. When I walked by, the bathroom door wasn't completely closed, as she'd gotten out of the shower. I about shit myself. She was standing there in a towel, and she didn't see me. She pulled the towel away, and I saw her boobs, and then saw her turn a bit sideways, and saw her pussy hair. Nice little butt, cute thighs, and small boobs. My dick got hard. I had to go back into the kitchen, to make sure she didn't see me.

    When she came back into the living room, I'd gotten up off the couch, and was going into the kitchen to get a drink and a snack. I walked past her, and she brushed up against me in the hall. It was stupid, but I brushed into her. She pushed me against the wall, and I kissed her. No warning. Just kissed. She kind of kissed back, but pushed and went "holy crap. What was that?" I just said "Sorry. I shouldn't have done that" and she didn't say anything. I looked at her and said "Say something Shannon. Please?" and she said "Have you ever done shit with a girl my age?" My heart jumped and I said NO. And she said "Well I've never done stuff with a guy your age, so I'm the same" and I looked at her and said "would you?" and she said "Yeah. You"

    I just started kissing her. Honest to God, our clothes came off in about 3 minutes. I was turned on as hell, and I told her I really liked the way she looked. Her panties came off, her bra came off, her pants and her shirt came off. We were there with nothing on, and she said to me "Uh yeah, well I'm not on BC or anything." and I stopped. I don't use that shit with my wife, and I haven't in years. And I said "well shit" and she said "Well don't think I'm a fucking creep OK?" I said sure. And she said "I have condoms in my drawer. I know that Abby's mom goes through her shit, and she fools around with her boyfriend all the time, so she gets them from me at school" I just laughed.

    She went into the room, came out and said "you want a blue one or a green one?" I about died laughing and said "seriously? No way" and she showed them to me. I told her I'd take whatever.

    We started making out, and ended up on the living room floor. I was kissing her, fingering her, and I was squeezing her boobs. I ended up getting her really wet, and I told her that if she was serious, I wouldn't stop. She looked up at me and told me she was serious.

    I unwrapped the condom, got it pulled all the way down, and I slid up inside her. I started pumping away, and fucking her really slowly. Then faster. She started gasping and told me that it felt really good. Goddamn if about 3 minutes later, I didn't cum. Not kidding, I blew. I couldn't hold back.

    I pulled out and we laid there for a minute. She looked at me and kind of laughed and went "wow" - I just said "what?" and she said "Yeah. That's a first. I'd never done nothing like that before" I asked her if she felt bad, and she said "No. Kind of weird. Kind of different. But not bad. I mean, I'm not old, and you're like a friend's dad and my dad's friend and all. So kind of weird"

    We talked a bit, kind of awkward, and her dad came home later after we'd cleaned up. I helped him out, and left later that night. She texted me that evening and told me that she had fun, and that it felt good, and she liked fooling with me. I texted her back and said thanks. And then she texted back and said "I"ll delete these, but would you do it again?" I about shit. I texted back and said yeah.

    It hasn't happened again, but I feel guilty for fucking my friend's kid, but also hoping and worried she won't say shit to the wrong person.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I should feel really bad about the shit I've done. But I can't. My mom treats my step dad like shit. She has for years. It's just the way it is. And I should feel bad for sleeping with him a couple of weeks ago, but I won't. Maybe if she put out more than once a month, or maybe she was nicer to him, it wouldn't be that way you know?

    I heard them fucking last night. My mom and my step dad. I was curious, I mean, I know they do shit, but I wasn't sure how it was. I snuck into the hallway, and I was able to, through the door, watch and listen a bit. It was lame. I heard it quick, and all the sudden, I heard her say "Oh God. Put it in me. I want you to cum" - It was fucking lame. He was done in like 3 minutes. She got up, and I had to sneak back into my room before they came out. They got cleaned up, I heard them talking, and then he went downstairs for whatever. I'm not sure whatever else, because I fell asleep later. But all I kept thinking was "God, that was fucking lame"

    Today, my mom was at work, and my step dad and I were hanging out talking in the living room. I don't know how it came up, but I said to him "I heard you and mom fucking last night" - His face got all red, and he said "what?" and I laughed and said "Heard it, and saw it. Kinda lame. No offense. But man, it was done quick". He just shrugged and said "well, gotta do what you gotta do. She only wants it once in awhile, so I go through it. It helps me too you know?" and I just shrugged and said "well sure". He looked at me, and said "Sorry. I mean, I know the shit we did a couple of weeks ago, but you know" and I interrupted him and said "yeah. I get it. I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do". He looked at me and said "well um, yeah, it was lame. But I mean, when you and I did, you know, I didn't do that good either. It was over pretty quick". I just looked at him and said "but you felt really amazing. And were really nice. And I liked how it was. You treated me really good. So yeah. That made up for it". He kept looking at me, and said "really?" and I just laughed and said "Yeah. Really"

    I looked at him and said "I dunno. I mean, it's wrong, but did you ever think about it anymore?" and he laughed and said "Yeah. Like all the time." I was surprised. He hadn't brought it up, mentioned, nothing. I said "really?" and he said with a laugh "Yeah. I love sex. But you? I don't know. God, man it was really good. It felt nice. Not like the shit I go through". I said to him "Well, that's nice to know".

    As he got up, I got up off the couch, and I think I really surprised him, because I said "we have the house alone. Do you want to go upstairs?" and he looked at me and said "upstairs?" I just looked at him and said "We can go upstairs and have sex. I'd do it with you again" He walked up and said "I'd like that. I really would"

    We went upstairs, and ended up in my bedroom. I took off my pjs, underwear, and all of my clothes. He took his off, and I saw he wasn't quite hard. We got into kissing, and that changed. And he started getting excited. And he said to me "I'm sorry. I'm going to make it last longer today. That's for sure" I just looked at him and said "If it's with you, it's good. I promise"e

    We ended up in bed, and oh Lord, he ate me out. He went down on me, and did oral for like 20 minutes. He made me cum like 6 times. He was touching me, fingering me, and he kept going and going. And when he got done, he was going to climb on top. I said no. He said "what?" and I said "No. Just wait". He was laying sideways. We were talking, I was touching his dick. And then he rolled over. And I put my mouth on him, and started sucking his dick. He was moaning, and making a lot of noise, and I just got on top of him. I took his dick in my hand, and I put it up inside me. I heard him make a lot of noise.

    It went on for almost a half hour. He was on top, I was on top, and he was on bottom, and I was on bottom. When we finally got there, he was on top of me, and he came. I watched him, felt his dick shooting it into me, warm and sticky, and it felt really good.

    But what was even better was when we were done, we got all dressed, and went downstairs. and were in the kitchen. He said he had to take a shower. I went into the other room, and waited. When he was in the water, I walked into the bathroom and he was in there. He asked me what was the matter.

    I got into the shower. We ended up having sex in the shower. He did it from behind, and it was kissing all over me, and touching me, making me cum, and it was amazing. He kept asking me about the pill, being on BC, and wanted to make sure that nothing would happen.

    I should be grossed out, or feel shitty or whatever, but I don't. I liked it. He was really amazing. He treats me nice. He's really nice to me. He thinks about me. I don't care if you think it's stupid. But I liked doing it, and I hope to more.

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    Straight Male / 23

    I am 5'6 with green eyes. I am very energetic and i am always looking to meet new people....

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    Straight Male / 36

    Last week I came home drunk from my weekly poker game with the guys. I tipped the cab driver, fought to get the key in the key hole and made my way upstairs to try to drunkenly seduce my smoking hot wife. I walked into the bedroom just as she was about to get in the bathtub for a bath. She was in a short peach colored bath robe. Her brown hair up in a bun and carrying a basket with bath salts, bubbles, candles and a tabloid magazine. I told her that if we weren't gonna have sex, she should at least get naked in the bedroom so I can have something to think about while I pleasure myself. She agreed and dropped her robe to the floor and paraded around just a little bit. Giving me a bit of a show. As her grand finale, she bent over on all fours pretending to look for her lost slipper. That's when our dog Uno, mistakenly took this as an invitation. He came over to her and stuck his cold, wet nose to her private region. She was trying to push him away but he is a big dog. She yelled for me to help her but i was kinda interested to find out where this might lead. It wasn't long before she began grinding her ass and gyrating her hips. She started liking it. She was even holding uno's head closer and sticking her ass in the air as he lapped away at her sweet c**t.
    Eventually, she came back to her senses and managed to fight him off. She yelled at me for not helping her and slammed the bathroom door. After her bath, she apologized to me for flipping out. She tried denying that she liked it but I assured her i wasn't gonna judge her. In fact, it kinda turned me on. "Eeeew. Really?" She said.
    She began asking a lot of questions. "What did you like about it? How did it look?" We agreed to try it again. She called the dog over and opened her legs while on her back. Again, the dog started licking away at her wet, dripping pussy. She was less ashamed of it this time and she really got into it. I took the liberty of putting my cock in her mouth and she began sucking me off while the dog ate her out. Wasn't long before the dog tried to mount her. She looked at me as if seeking my approval. I just nodded. She located the dog's shaft and removed it from its sheath. She helped guide it into her pussy but the dog was really excited. She had a really hard time trying to get it in but I saw her face change when he finally penetrated her. That dog fucked my wife into ecstacy.
    Soon enough, Uno began to knot up inside her and she really liked that part. They were stuck together for a brief while. Eventually, the knot faded, Uno got up, walked away and my wife was left there in awe with a pussy filled with doggy cum. I didn't even ask this time. I just bent her over and stuck my dick in her pussy. Filler her up too.
    She really got of on this now. It's been an everyday occurrence since that night. She'll even fuck the dog while I'm at work and send me pictures. She says there has to be a way we can make money off this. Like a show or something. If she'd be willing to do it for an audience, I'm sure my poker buddies would pay to see this.

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    I should probably feel really bad about this, but I don't. I guess it's because my mom treats him like shit, and I guess because my dad is a really good guy. He is always nice to people, he is always doing things for others, and he is always going out of his way to do stuff to help anyone that needs it. And my mom is just a bitch. She just acts like life is all about her, and nothing else matters. It pisses me off.

    My step dad always does stuff for me and my sister. He always has. He's planning my graduation party. He's always having bonfires at the house for my sisters friends. He's always taking us to concerts, movies, and doing cool shit for us. My mom always pretends to be nice about it, enjoy it, and puts on a good show in public. But when they get back home, I hear them arguing. It sucks. But they do it quietly. And I know most of it is about sex. My mom is a fucking prude. She just doesn't care. I don't know why. My step dad is a good looking dude. He's 46, and he looks really good. Dresses nice, wears jeans and sweat shirts, doesn't ever look like a slob, and he won't even go outside to do stuff without showering and making sure he doesn't smell nasty. I don't see guys that are like that. Most don't give a shit.

    About two weeks ago, my step dad was really in a funk. Being just kind of bummed out, and all, and I never really ask him personal stuff. I kind of stay away from it. Because it's my mom, and I don't know, I guess I don't wanna get nosy and act like a stupid idiot. But my mom was at work one night, and I was at the house with him. My sister was spending the night at her friend Katy's house. So I asked my step dad what was going on. And he just shrugs and says nothing. I said he could talk to me about it. And he kind of stopped. And he looked at me, and said "I don't know. I just don't get it. I'm good to your mom, I do shit all the time, and I treat her good. I'm good with you guys, and everything is good. But for some reason, she doesn't care about anything but herself. I hate the stuff that doesn't happen" so I said what was he talking about. He stopped and said "Never mind. You don't need to hear this". I just laughed and said "Dude, I'm 18. I'm not dumb. But if you don't want to" and he blurted out "well, I like sex. A lot. And I don't know what it is. Your mom won't do it more than like once a month. So I end up doing shit on my own, and it's not the same". He stopped and looked at me and said "Sorry. That was probably TMI". I just laughed and said "I'm not all that innocent. Sex is sex. People wanna do it. Even if she's lame as fuck and doesn't". He just laughed and said "well OK. Thanks for listening"

    I don't know why the hell I did it. But I looked at him and said "I dunno. You're a good looking dude. I mean, you're always funny, friendly and shit, and people love you. My friends think you're awesome, and I've heard that your name came up sometimes on the dads they'd do" He just laughed and said 'well that's great, but doesn't do me any good". I just walked up to him where he was sitting on the couch, and I said "well, I'm hoping I don't like gross you out and shit. But I'd do it with you" and he looked at me and laughed and said "well thanks. I mean, I think but that's kinda weird" and I just said "Not really. I mean, I'm not your real kid. No offense. And I think you're hot. But whatever"

    He shocked me. He stood up, and he pushed up against me. He put his hands around my head, and he pulled my face to his, and slid his tongue inside my mouth. Honest to God, I got fucking wet. It was a turn on. I don't know why. But we started making out really hard and fast and heavy. And I felt his dick poking against me. He stopped all the sudden, and said "Oh shit. That wasn't right. God. I'm sorry I shouldn't have fucking done that"

    I just looked at him and I yanked down my pajama shorts and pulled my shirt off, and I said "I don't care. I won't tell nobody. Come on. I'm not kidding. We can fool around. I've done it a couple of times, and never with someone older like you, but I don't know, I think it'd be kinda different" I thought he'd just get freaked out, but he ripped his shorts and his shirt off. He's a bit heavier, with a bit of a stomach, but God he had a big dick. It was really hard and it looked really good.

    We ended up on the floor in the living room. We were making out and getting really hot and bothered. He ended up not saying anything more but ate me out. I fucking came so hard, while he was doing it. He wasn't saying anything, but just kept going. I felt weird, because I figured older guys liked shaved pussy, but he just got into it. He never mentioned it. When he got done, he just laid there, and he said "God. This is just fucked up" I didn't say anything. He was on his back, I rolled over, and I climbed on, and before he could say anything, I put his dick inside me.

    He said "whoah whoah wait. Wait. You gotta wait. I'm not fixed or anything. This can't" and I stopped him and said "remember, mom put me on the pill when I was 12 cuz of my cramps. Stop worrying about it" and he said "you done this before?" to which I said "with a guy without? Nope. Never done it without protection. But this will be the first"

    He didn't say anything. I started pushing. I was riding on him, and he railed my hips and had his hands on my ass, and all the sudden, I heard him say "oh jesus christ, I'm going to come" I pushed really hard down on him, and I felt it squirt up inside me. It kept going, and it was all warm and sticky. It kept dripping in me. When he finally went "Oh jesus" I stopped.

    It was sexy. I had never done nothing like that. But I climbed off, and the shit dripped out of me, and all over him. He was soft, and all wet and laying there on the floor.

    A couple minutes later, we got all dressed, and all he said was "you can't tell nobody. I don't wanna get in trouble". I just smiled and said he didn't have to worry. I felt gross, but I stopped him. He looked at me and said 'what's the matter?" I said "Honestly? I'd do that with you all the time. You were really really good. I liked it" he looked at me sand said "really?" I said "Yes. Even if mom is a fucking lame ass. I'm not kidding. If you wanna, we can talk about it". He looked at me and said "Yeah. I'd like that. I'm not kidding. You're a cute girl. You felt really good, and I liked being that way with you. If you would? Well yes, I wouldn't say no"

    I fucked my step dad. I should feel guilty. But my mom is a bitch. So I don't. And he felt really good.

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    This happened a couple years ago - but I still feel guilty for it everyday.
    My husband and I moved into a smaller home, and we had extra furniture in the garage that we no longer needed. I called the Salvation Army for them to send a truck and pick up the extra tables and chairs. It was a hot summer day when the truck showed up, and a stocky black guy met me in the garage and asked what was he picking up. I showed him what we were donating, and soon he was loading the stuff onto the truck. It was kind of exciting letting a stranger see me in a sun dress, especaily since I was not wearing a bra. There is no harm in teasing a little, right?
    When he was done, he asked if he could use our bathroom and since he was so polite, I let him into our home. That's when everything changed. He went from being a nice guy, to literally throwing me onto our couch. When I asked him what he thought he was doing, he said that I knew exactly what he was going to do, and what I wanted him to do.
    Within seconds he had the top of my dress pulled down exposing my breasts, and was working on getting my panties off. I kept on saying "No NO" but at the same time I found myself lifting my butt up off the couch so my panties would come off easier for him. When he stood up to take his pants off I did not move - I had such a mix of emotions going through me. Fear, lust, but mostly desire. His cock was enormous, my first thought that was it looked twice as big as my husbands. I again said "Please dont" but he just laughed. He said all white married women need this as some point. When he first started to penetrate me, I told him that he was too big, but my body seemed to open up wider to accept it. Within minutes I went from saying "NO" to kissing his neck as he pushed in and out of me. Feelings I had never had in my life flowed throughout my body, and I was ashamed how easy it was to climax with this man. I was actually disappointed when his tempo increased and I knew it was almost over. I asked him to please pull out when he came, but again he just laughed and said "no way". Moments later, and for the first time in years, someone besides my husband came inside me. And I loved it.
    When it was over, it just seemed natural to kiss him. And we eneded up kissing so deeply and passionately. He eventually stood up and told me (ordered me?) to go into the bedroom and take my dress off and wait for him. I did what I was told. I heard him make a phone call telling someone that he was having trouble with the truck, and he would be a bit later returning to the store. I must have looked so desperate, but when he showed up in the bedroom, there I was naked, on the bed, almost begging him to join me.
    For the next 1/2 hour or so, and I will admit it, I made love to this man. And it felt wonderful. He brought me places sexually that my husband has never taken me to. At one point, I remember looking at the nightstand next to the bed, and seeing our wedding picture - that was so awkward. It was like my husband was watching me make love to this black stranger.
    I did not even bother asking him to pull out the 2nd time, I wanted to feel every drop of him as much as he wanted to put it all inside me. When it was over, I could not stop kissing him. I never wanted him to leave!
    We both reluctantly got dressed, and we actually held hands as we walked back to the garage. He ended up going to the back of his truck and taking out one of the chairs. He said I could tell my husband that I forgot about that one chair, but the Salvation Army guy was coming back next week to get it.
    The following week he arranged a 2 hour break around the time he was to return to our house. We spent every minute of those two hours making love. He is the best lover I have ever had, and I think about him every time my husband and I are intimate to this day.
    I was very "late" with my period later that month, which scared me to death. Did i have a black baby inside me?? Luckily it was a false alarm, but that scared me enough not to see my black stranger anymore. What is funny is, I still dont even know what his name was!

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