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    I wish I had a Daddydom. People tell me I'm sick. and fucked up, disgusting, wrong, everything like that. I've tried to stop the feeling, but it isn't like I want to do my own father. Just roleplay, scenarios. they don't necessarily have to be seuxal, maybe leading up to it, but not always sex.

    I had a daddy/master at one point in my life. I was 18. He trained me online, and waited until I was of age to have me learn the basics, I had rules, guidelines, I'd tell him about my day, and vice versa. He was my first "daddy" and he got me interested. I wish I had someone experienced to fill the void of not having him.

    I'm young and screwed up I guess.

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    Straight Male / 24

    Ok. This is a little confusing, and I have to know. I'm strait, and as alotta guys do I watch porn from time to time. One day, I'm on, when I see the category, "SHEMALES". I click on it. Now I actually wanna date one. Help me out. 1st, am I gay, and 2nd, (Deep sexy voice) "Hello, almost ladies."

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    Straight Female / 19

    This started about a year ago when I started to attend community college. I had to do an English paper and I could not get my laptop to work. I just made sounds and didn't get anything on the screen. I went to the computer lab and was explaining what was going on to the attendant, but he couldn't do anything for me. One of the engineering students volunteered to help me out. He fixed everything. My computer ran a lot better than it has run since I got it. I asked him if there was anything that I could do to pay him back, he just blushed a bit and told me no. Then I saw he was hard.

    He was kind of awkward and I could tell he had not had much if any sex. I put my hand on his upper thigh and told him that if he had time tonight, that I'd help him out. I smiled at him and he smiled back as I slipped him my phone number and address.

    He showed up about 8PM and I told my roomie that we were going to be studying for the rest of the evening. I took him to my bedroom and I could see he was already hard. I slipped his pants and undies down, and started kissing his hard cock. I could tell he was about to explode, so I took him in my mouth and swallowed him down. After that he relaxed a lot more and I continued sucking him until he came again.

    We talked for a while, then I kissed him and showed him how I liked to have sex. I like "doggy style" and to get a little slapping on my bottom as I get banged roughly. He caught on fast, and I was orgasming from his really nice cock before very long.

    I met him 2 more times for "study dates", and he became an A+ student in my opinion.

    Now when I start feeling like I need sex, and I'm without a boy friend, I find one of the geeks in the computer lab and I'm their sex tutor. They are eager to please me and many of them have not had much if any sex before. The first time I'm with a new pupil, it's getting them to know the basics and how I like to be touched and have sex. The next time we get him smoothed out a bit, and the 3rd time I go along with anything he wants to do.

    I'm not a good enough student to be a student teacher or tutor, but after school sex instructor makes me feel I'm helping out, and I am good at some things ;)

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    Straight Female / 26

    I'm a high school teacher in my 20s. I must admit, I do find some of my students hot. Mostly seniors on the wrestling team

    . A couple months ago, one of them came back to visit from college and I gave him a handjob in his car. He was able to get my panties off while fingering and wipe his cum off with then when he was done.

    I ended having to walk a couple blocks to get home, without my underwear.

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    Straight Male / 21

    I didn't seek out crossdressing, it 'found' me. Me- 21 yo SWM. College senior, 5'10" 130 lbs - yeah I'm THAT thin. I have many friends, but no GF. I have always been shy. My 3 best F friends for at least a year have tried to get me to dress like a girl. This past Halloween, I agreed, and Tish, Sue, and Martine put together a hot outfit, easy enuf as we are similar in size. They did perfect makeup, styled the wig, and Martine and I have the same shoe size[womans 11]. They had me practice for days, especially walking in 4" heels. After the makeup it was obvious I looked freakishly like Cindy Crawford. They named me Alisha. We went to a party with mostly people I knew, and I felt totally different than usual. I felt less shy, and everyone loved my "costume" and 'welcomed' me as the new girl. Some guys I didn't know thought I was a hot chick!!

    Having such a good time,I realized I wanted to crossdress more and be Alisha. I also knew my mom and I are the same size. I started trying on her dresses on the sneak. Mom knew I was totally thrilled about Halloween and was cool with it. I also started kidding with mom when she had on a hot dress and asking when I could borrow it. She's 39, and very stylish. November 23, a Sunday, mom let me dress up. She picked the dress and shoes. I was again Alisha, even tho her shoes are a size smaller than Martine's. I didn't care. Mom noticed how much I liked being a girl. Dec 20 I got home from class and saw 6 dresses and 4 pairs of heels on my bed. Mom said I could have them- they were now MINE! OMG! She later gave me a bra, some costume jewelry, and some make up.

    Sue, Martine, and Tish are thrilled to have a 4th 'girl' in the group. We hang out and no one realizes I'm a guy. They tease me and say as I get better as Alisha, we're going to go out to meet guys!! They know I'm str8, but tease me anyway. All my friends refer to me as their he-she friend. Since Xmas break started I've worn womens clothes at least part of every day. I couldn't be more thrilled that this hobby found me.

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    Straight Male / 27

    My gf is a perv! One of her favorite things to do is to jack me off into a wine glass. She usually does this a couple of times to get things started, then she starts kissing me, and sipping the cum from the glass. It's wild to kiss her cum wet lips and taste it on her tongue.

    When she runs out of cum in her glass, then she sucks me and swallows it all down. Kissing her while she sips my cum gives me a chance to recover from the 2 quick jacks, then the bj is incredible. If I'm still up and going after that, she lets me do her any way I want.

    She has a nice rack, and I love titty fucking her. I so wish she'd let me titty fuck her to start and just catch the cum in the glass, but she says she cannot get the glass in place while I titty fuck her.

    She's always ready to fuck, so there's no way I'm dumping her just because she cannot get the glass down to her tits in time. She's totally a sex freak!

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    Straight Male / 34

    I cannot stand to wear a condom. When I am with a woman, I never use a condom. That makes things kind of interesting at times. If she's not protected or worried she may become pregnant, then I'll settle for oral, if she's into it, I'll sodomize her. I love the feel of a girl's tight ass, and how it feels when she orgasms and I'm in her backdoor is wild. But my favorite thing is to cum in her c**t. If my cock goes in her c**t, then my load is pumping in.

    I'm very up front about this with women I'm with and I think it makes it easier because we both understand before hand what is expected. When I've my got my cock in her c**t, I know it's alright to pump her full and it is such a wonderful feeling.

    I had 6 women ask me to impregnate them, which I willingly did. Fucking a woman that knows she's getting pregnant from it is the best. They fuck with total abandon.

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    Straight Male / 55

    When ever my wife is going to be away for a half day or more, I just get wildly horny. I start wanking about an hour after she leaves and I wank all day long until I go to bed and fall asleep at night. I even wank while talking to her on the phone or texting her.

    If she's out of town over night, the she'll call before I fall asleep. I always wank while talking to her--she doesn't know about any of this, but I've cum more than 10 times in a single day while she's way. I just need to cum a lot when she's not around. (I fuck her a lot when she's here, but not 10 times a day.)

    The most I ever wanked at one time was 4 in a row, and I was curious to see how much I actually was shooting out in my load. In the 4 orgasms, I collected about 1/4 cup of cum. I still had to wank about ever hour after that until I fell asleep that night. So I guess I shoot about a half cup of cum a day while my wife is out of town.

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    Lesbian Female / 25

    My gf went to visit one of her hs gf back east. She was gone for over a month, and when she got back, I picked her up from the airport, and about half way home we pulled over into a rest stop. I came around to the passenger side of the car and unzipped my pants and slipped on a rubber. I pushed her back in the seat, and pulled her panties off. She didn't put up a struggle. I fucked her right there in the rest stop with cars driving by. I shot my load, then peeled the rubber off, then tied it in a knot. There was so much cum it looked like a small water balloon. I tossed it into the woods.

    A couple weeks later there was a special done on that rest stop. One thing they said was teens go there to drink and have sex. I cannot verify either of those, because the used rubber they showed on the TV special was mine, the one I tossed into the woods. It was still full of my cum and still looked like a small water balloon!

    They closed that rest stop to the public.

    I've since fucked her in several other public places, she says she doesn't like publicly having sex, but she never protests, and I feel her c**t sucking my cock in and grabbing me as she orgasms. Most of the time she's orgasms before I do when we do it in public. She loves to see and hear the cars going by, and I love fucking her along the side of the road or just off the road. As the headlights of an on coming car hit us, she goes wild and has her orgasm very soon after.

    One night we parked on a logging road where headlights would hit us as cars drove down the nearby freeway. I thought it was a very secluded spot, but literally dozens of cars went shooting by in the next 20 minutes. She was fucking screaming crazily and yelling, "Fuck me!" at the top of her lungs as she had multiple orgasms. That was the hottest fuck I've ever had.

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    Straight Male / 51

    I am a straight male, married with adult children and have had my fair share of pussy. I especially love married women. But for the last 20 years or so, I have wondered what it would be like to get fucked in the ass by another man. I have no interest in any other activity with a man like kissing, fondling, or oral. Just wonder what a cock in my ass would feel like.

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