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    Straight Female / 21

    I ordered $200 worth of sex toys today to surprise my husband. My libido is going wild with the secrecy and antcipation!

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    Straight Male / 53

    From the age of 14 I loved the panties I had seen in a catalogue on other women.
    And when out on a dark evening alone around 9 pm I went to the nearest clothes line where there were bra's and
    I took whatever size panties were there and secretly wore.
    I knew some were only kids panties as they were very tight.
    But against my cock it made my dick grow enough to make me want to come in them.
    It was pitch dark and I would take off my school trousers and stand by the road wanking into the panties
    while wearing them.
    I had not had sex at 14 and knew if a girl came along I would have forcibly undressed her and cum in her panties
    I became a pantie lover and often enjoyed weekends on the moors or in a field naked apart from the panties I
    had collected.
    I found that I came a lot in those early stages and would have loved being watched.
    But due to being shy at that age it never happened.
    But every time on a windy day a girls skirt or dress rose exposing their panties.
    I wanted to get her and undress her and watch her then finger herself.
    But that dream never happened sadly.

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    Straight Female / 53

    At the age of 19 I had two daughters within 2 years in1971 and 1972.
    My two girl cousins then aged 10 and 13 used to babysit when my then wife went out with her friends on a Friday night dressed as normal in a very short skirt that rose as she walked.
    But it was a night we both went out to separate pubs where I had spent from 7 pm to 11;30 pm drinking as much as I could.
    The thought of my 2 cousins at my place made me feel horny.
    As the youngest was still wearing her school uniform that I often noticed as she set off for school every morning.
    Feeling very horny I arrived home about 11:30 pm knowing my then wife would not be home until the early hours of the morning.
    I found myself standing opposite the door and started chatting to my 2 girl cousins.
    The shortness of her school skirt was enough to get myself lowing my jeans down to my feet.
    And in just my mini briefs I took out my cock and started playing with it while they sat there.
    I noticed that my youngest cousin was watching my hand make my cock rise and become very hard.
    She even opened her legs enough to expose her little panties that I wanted to remove from her and then have sex with her.
    But her sister I could see would not have allowed that to happen.
    But I still continued to wank in front of both of them knowing that they had to pass me to get out.
    And Shirley the youngest was so sexy with her long blonde hair and tiny tits.
    And I knew by her eyes she was enjoying watching me get very hard and to cum on the bare floor.
    But before I could get closer to them,their older brother was knocking on the door and they left after I paid them for babysitting my daughters.
    However after an early divorce when my then wife ran off with another older man after 3 years of marriage.
    I moved to another address keeping in touch with Shirley my youngest cousin who had grown a deep crush on me.
    And secretly when she was 13 she often took days off school and came to where I lived alone.
    Just teasing her the first time while alone with me I jokingly said to her to undress down to her panties and bra.
    I never really expected her to undress as I asked and within minutes she stood in front of me making me become very hard.
    I put my hands around the cheeks of her sexy cute little bum and pulled her closer until she could feel the hardness in my jeans.
    Whatever I asked her to do she did without asking me why.
    On taking off her panties I gently fingered her and I knew by the look she gave me that she was really enjoying being fingered.
    But at that time it was as far as I went with Shirley because I wanted her to keep on visiting me when she could.
    The second time she came I got her to lay on my single bed with her panties off.
    And after making her very wet by fingering her ginger pussy I undressed and slipped my cock deep inside of her.
    Her eyes as I did so lite up and I knew I would now fuck her and cum inside of her if she let me.
    By her movements I knew she was as horny as I was.
    And she too was out for as much as there was.
    Her bra I pushed above her tiny tits and I started to suck when I could each nipple.
    It was something that caused her to moan sexually and push more sexually against my hard cock.
    For a school girl in the 1970's she was better at sex than my ex-wife.
    And I could not help but to keep fucking her until we had both had enough.
    It lasted about 15 minutes and I thought that was good for her first time.
    Around one hour later she left to get half a day back in school.
    And for the next 5 years we remained fuck friends and I found Shirley was the best I had had sex-wise.

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    Straight Male / 52

    Male,62 yr. old gandpa, here, in a sexless marriage for the past 5 years. I've hooked up with female escorts on The Back Page & even one tranny, but it gets costly. I had a curiosity about sucking a cock. Got on Craigslist while on a business trip, best thing ever. Everyone wants to be discreet " no man wabts to be known as a cocksucker", no haggling over price, I suck him , he sucks me, it a blow & go win-win. I kinda like it, but I still love the feel of a pussy and the feel of a full bodied woman. Dance on bothe sides of the fence, you dance more often.

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    Straight Male / 54

    After numerous attempts I succeeded in convincing my wife Mary to blow our pony until it came in her mouth.
    She loves masturbating him and rub his dick on over her tits and c**t especially when she is covered in lube and he drips loads of watery pre cumm.

    I usually scope up his semen after he has cum and force it it up Mary's pussy , I then fuck her until I cumm in her as well.

    Last weekend she decided to blow him and she took a huge mouth full of cum , she could hold all of it as he squirts about half a cup each time , it was amazing and so was the blowjob I got from her afterwards.

    She is still to afraid to try and let him fuck her ,such a pity.

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    Gay Male / 51

    I've been fucked a lot of times and I have used a lot of toys in my backside. But(t) all these cocks and toys were
    "normal" sized.
    Anyway, I got a craigslist date last week. I was supposed to be the top but even after he gave me a lovely blow job- going all the way down with a hot mouth; tongued all over the head-I mean on the slit, the valley-he didn't make me ready to do it for him.
    We ended up doing bottom things with each other.
    You know; swapping blow jobs, playing kissy face, tit stuff and fingering each other and rimming.
    But I guess I am really a bottom because when he showed me his toys I was so excited and so scared. I said about using toys but they were like 6" and one in diameter.
    These were huge; like two and a half and eight long. I'm no virgin but you can see why that might frightened me. After only cocks that would fit in my mouth now I was , not face to face exactly, but ass to dildo.
    I didn't know if I would scream from pleasure or pain!
    Now guess what is on my shopping list. With the real thing bigger isn't always better but with silicon no comparison.
    Still however much I enjoyed things, and did things for him, he wanted a cock in his ass and I disappointed.


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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Ginger girl

    I'm a 15 year old girl and I love holding my poo for as long as I can so I can enjoy the relief of it when I let it all out. I've had a few accidents but I'm pretty good at hiding them by washing out my knickers and putting them in inside the washing machine under a pile of other clothes.
    Well last night I couldn't do that because it happened in my mum's car. I hadn't been in five days and when my mum picked me up from school, I was really desperate for a poo and it hurt to keep holding it. She could tell something was wrong with me and asked me if I needed to go to the toilet. I told her I did and I had a stomach ache. She asked me how long I'd been holding it for this time and I said it was five days. She was annoyed with me for holding it so long but she knew I was in pain and she suggested that I did it in my knickers as it would make me feel better. She added no one would know and I could clean up when we got home. I was shocked at first but my stomach was really hurting me and I knew the only way to relieve the pain would be to relieve my bowels but with no toilets around, I would have to do it in my knickers. I didn't really want to do that at first but I was so desperate I figured it wasn't so bad and if it got rid of the pain, it would be worth it. I felt my face burning red with embarrassment just thinking about it, but I decided to go through with it and relaxed my anus. I had to lift myself off the car seat a little and my mum opened the window as the tip of a huge turd pushed out my knickers. It was hard and bumpy and after about four inches was out, it bent over and broke off. It was quickly followed by more poo which broke up in my knickers and then it got a bit softer and smoother. It came out in a rush, filling my knickers before I could stop it. My stomach ache was gone but I still had to go quite badly. My mum couldn't believe I'd done so much poo and I still had to go a lot more. My hands were tiring from holding myself up off the seat and I knew I was going to have to sit down into the huge mess that had piled up in my knickers. I grimaced as I lowered my bum down into the fecal mass but it actually felt quite nice. It was a lot warmer than I expected it to be and really sticky.
    Half an hour later, we were home and I was so glad to be in my own toilet. I locked the door and took off my clothes but not my knickers. I turned my back to the mirror to look at my bum and it was such a mess. I stepped into the shower and turned on the water but before I got cleaned up I remembered that I was still busting for a poo. I was so turned on I ended up masturbating as bits of poo fell onto the shower tray and I climaxed so much I found myself pushing and I finished my poo in my knickers. Most of it ended up in the shower and I had to pick it up and put it in the toilet. My knickers were ruined so they went in to toilet as well and I had a very long shower until I felt totally clean.

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    Straight Female / 28

    If my husband thought it was ok for him to have a fat slut give him a blow job at his companies Christmas party "But honey I was drunk" Then I think it's more than fair for me to have invited his manager around to fuck the shit out of me last week.

    I knew Colin had manipulated my husbands rota, making sure he'd have to work late's. So arranging for a man I knew fancied me to call by our home was easy. Colin isn't the best looking guy around, but as I already knew, he does have a huge fat cock. We fucked for pretty much the whole afternoon and early evening he was here and by the time he left, I'd had his cock inside everyone of my love holes. Colin's asked me if I'd like to have sex again. I answered Colin by getting him to switch my husbands rota for the whole of January.

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    Straight Male / 49

    For the last several years, I have enjoyed finding ladies who give massages. Most do so out of their homes or apartments. I find them on craigslist most often. Or via backpage.**m

    Nearly all of them will finish the massage with a hand job (happy ending). An older woman that I began seeing several times a year for massage, seemed to really enjoy my larger-than-average cock and she would give me a blow job at the end. She loved to see me cum but she always finished me by hand (never in her mouth). I'm not going to exaggerate and claim I have some monster 9" or 10" cock. It's a little under 7" but quite thick.

    Recently, I found another woman in her late 30s doing massage at her home. She lived alone in a trailer with one pet animal (pot belly pig in a trailer!!!) but she spoke of her daughter often who was in college. On my first visit, it was a nice 45 minute massage followed by a happy ending. She told me other options were available in the future. Mmmm. Could be fun, I thought.

    So several weeks later, I booked a visit and suggested a 30 minute massage followed by her "option #3" (which I assumed was sex). We had delightful conversation while she used a nice lotion over my body. She offered to be nude during the massage, which I certainly enjoyed. She was tall (5' 9") and probably 160 lbs or so. I nice ass and beautiful eyes. After 30 minutes of massage, she said, "okay, I'll get you ready for the next part. Do you prefer to see my naked body during that?"

    I was a little confused but said, "yes, definitely". So she began to give me a blow job and I got hard pretty fast. "Okay, you certainly look ready!" she said. And she climbed on top and proceeded to guide my stiff cock inside of her. I admit, I thought to myself, 'no condom??' but I didn't voice an objection because I was thinking with my dick instead of my brain. As she stuck it in she said, "oh God, this is gonna hurt!" But she got wet pretty quick and began sliding up and down on me soon after. I was truly not expecting this outcome but I was enjoying it. I let her do most of the effort which helped me hold back the orgasm. "Oh God, it's been a while since I've had a big cock inside of me!", she exclaimed. She had a really nice pace going and we were both enjoying it. She then told me, "please cum anytime!" and I did. That seemed to give her the green light and she orgasmed then too and collapsed on me.

    Shortly after, she cleaned us both up and told me, "damn, I'm not sure which one of us enjoyed that more. I'm ready for a nap! Next time, I'll know exactly what you'll want". Yep. She knows what I like.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 45

    When I was 16 me and my best friend were staying at my house one weekend while my parents were out of town. We drank a lot of beer got very drunk and he passed out on my bed in his shorts. I had always wanted to try sucking a dick and was so drunk I decided to try it on him while he was passed out so I slowly eased his shorts down and put my hand on his dick stroked it a bit and he never moved so I put it in my mouth and started sucking my first dick ever.
    It started to get hard and felt great in my mouth so I tried to take all of it and almost did but it made me gag every time. I even got his balls in my mouth and sucked his dick for a very long time before I stopped and left the room. I was just too horny to stop thinking about it and talked myself in to try some thing else that I loved to do but never with a guys dick. I stuck different things in my ass all the time and decided to try getting his dick in ,my tight ass. Like always I shoved some baby oil up my ass went in to the room positioned myself over the top of him on my knees grabbed his hard dick held it to my slick tight asshole and started to push back on it.
    He was knocked out and never moved as I got the head of his dick in my asshole and it stung a little but not enough for me to stop and slowly I push back on his hard dick until it was all the way up my ass. It felt so good to finally have a real live hard dick up my ass I started to fuck myself and that felt very good and it came out a few times but went back in easily and he never knew what I was doing.
    I stopped several times with him all the way in my ass as I stroked my own dick and almost came but stopped just before I did. I fucked myself pretty hard for awhile then came in my hand and shoved my ass down on his dick real hard while I ate my cum off my hand. I had his dick in my ass for a very long time and wanted him to cum in me real bad but didn`t think he could passed out. I kept fucking him and taking him all the way up my ass over and over and then he started to swell up inside of me and when I reached to play with his balls his sack was very tight and as I squeezed his balls he started to cum in me and shot a huge load deep in my ass and it felt so damn good I wanted him to cum in me all night long.
    He got soft and I couldn`t keep it in my ass and when it came out a bunch of cum ran out of me and it felt good. I got up cleaned myself up then took a warm wash cloth in to wash him up so he wouldn`t know what happened while he was passed out. When I got back in my room he was awake laying on his side with a smile on his face and asked me why I stopped. He said he came to just before I let him cum in my ass and it felt good to him also and he wanted to fuck me again only while he was awake this time.
    WOW what a night. He fucked me several times in different positions and shot a lot of cum up my ass. We talked a little while he was fucking me and that made it even hotter and when I would hear him say I an going to cum I got so turned on I would almost beg him to shoot it up my ass. It got pretty exciting at times and I remember telling him over and over to fuck me fuck me harder! Shoot your cum in me! and that seemed to excite him even more and he would fuck me harder. He fucked me all weekend long and shot his warm sticky cum up my ass every time and I wanted his dick in my ass every minute I could get it.
    We are much older now and both have grown children but still sneak around so I can take his huge thick dick up the ass let him pound me hard and shoot 2 or 3 big thick loads up my ass then we do it again the next time we can. I have been taking his big hard dick up my ass for over 30 years and still love it when he cums in my ass when he is balls deep inside of me and my asshole is stretched around his extra thick dick.

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