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    Tomorrow I start my first day at work.... The catch is I'll be getting fucked by my boss when ever he wants. Everyday I have to start work with my pussy filled with cum. I'm so excited. I'm not getting paid extra at all. He's in his late forties and he's come to my house before and fucked me.... I even let him pee inside me once it felt so fucking good !!!. I can't believe how much I like this.... And tonight he's demanded I go to bed filled with his cum too. I'm so fucking wet right now!!

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    I don't know under what title to post this.

    After high school I went on a group trip to Europe. At the hotel my friend and I met some guys and we were invited to a party. It was against the rules, but we went. The party went on for a while and the topic came up that we were both fresh graduates and new to the world and the consensus was that we would be initiated. We were grabbed by several guys, and my friend was dragged over to the dining table, and she was pulled over it and her hands were held by one guy and another pulled her pants down. Her ankles were tied to the table legs and several men rotated one after the other to fuck her. Some came, others did not as they were pushed out of the way for another to take his place.

    After they got bored with her, they dragged me to the table and got me ready for my initiation. But nothing happened, one American guy who had stood in the corner walked up and told them that I was his and to let me go. An argument went on for a few minutes until his persistence won over and they let me go. He untied my ankles and helped me with my pants and took me out of there. He placed me in his car and put the seat belt on me and drove me to his apartment, where he lectured me on being stupid. The sum of that lecture was that I needed to leave and go somewhere else.

    I remained in love with him for a very long time, I am still in love with him, but I realized that I was not to be his in that sense. Why he stepped in for me is my cross to bear. I don't know his name, he never gave it to me. I don't recall ever telling him what my name was either. My friend is fine, in spite of what happened to her. In her way of thinking it was her right of passage, I am just glad it was not mine.

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    I just killed my girlfriend. Well not just now, a few weeks ago. I strangled her. We were experimenting with erotic asphyxiation. It was her idea. She had hung herself a few times, not the way you would to snap a neck but rather she put a noose around her neck and then stepped off a chair and just hung there by the neck until just before she would lose consciousness then step back onto the chair.

    So I guess by now you are scrambling to call the authorities and tell them about a murderer who killed his girlfriend and confessed it on the internet except you would be too late. I already confessed it to the cops and they rolled their eyes, told me they expected one day one of her boyfriends would be suckered into helping her kill herself and sent me home with the number of a grief counselor. That's it. That is all they did. It turns out that she had been trying to get guys to kill her since she was 13 and one of the cops had gone to high school with her and even dated her so he knew her pretty well.

    So here I am, a murderer having killed a girl and gotten away with it. Not the police, not the state police, not the state attorney general's office has the slightest interest in prosecuting me and I am feeling pretty lucky. The fact is I didn't get much sexually out of strangling her. She kept telling me to squeeze tighter and then when she couldn't speak any more she would mouth the words and even squeeze my hands tighter around her throat. She closed her eyes and smiled and I just thought she was enjoying it but then when I pulled my hands away I realized she was dead. I called 911 and rescue and the cops came. They didn't even put me in handcuffs. I guess I feel a little guilty about it but the grief counselor told me not to since she would have simply found somebody else to strangle her. The problem now is that even though I do feel some guilt, I get horny thinking about my hands around her throat and her begging me to strangle her to death.

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    Today on my lunch break, I snuck into our employee office where my boss was hanging out.I shut the door behind me and grabbed him by his cock. I started unzipping his pants and when i finally got them off, I started stroking his dick while rubbing his balls... He liked it... I then proceeded to jump on the desk where he pounded me so hard that my legs were sore for two days.

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    I am an attractive, married nurse and work at a fertility center. What I did was very wrong and would definitely get me fired if anyone found out. Some days I am in charge of escorting our male patients to the "Jerk off" room as we call it, so they can deposit their semen samples. This room has porn magazines to help the guys get off. Usually they have no problem and can get off in a matter of minutes.

    This one time, however, the patient could not ejaculate. He was younger than most of our patients, in his mid thirties, and attractive. He said he was very nervous and the magazines weren't helping him out. So i gave him a magic wand vibrator, which we give to the men if they are having trouble getting it up, and it has done the trick when they are struggling. I figured he would have no problem, but he came out again and said he just could not do it.

    I had never had this happen before and should have told him to just come back at a later time. However, he drove pretty far and I felt bad for him to waste his time. I told one of the other nurses working I was going on break for 15 minutes and then went back into the "JerK Off" room and locked the door behind me. What I did was really stupid, but I told him to pull down his pants. He gave me a funny look, but he did as he was told. I got some lotion and a tube and had him hold the tube, while I rubbed the lotion all over his dick and stroked him. He had no problem getting hard with me jacking him off and he came in about two minutes. I will admit that what I did was so fucking dumb, but it really turned me on too.

    This happened a few months ago and no one knows about it. I did my job and he gave a sample to help get his wife pregnant. I am sure he will never forget me though

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    Hey I was just off work for the weekend, relaxing in the spa having a beer watching the NRL -- though the work week I had seen the new guy get picked up, his girl was fine as, & as a joke I asked him over for the footy on the weekend if he brought his girl along tooo, the next day,,,,, so the intercom went off, it was the guy, so I buzzed him up, I was back in my spa when they walked in, "fuck yeah" I said outloud, I told him to ho get them a drink of what ever while I introduced myself to her, I got out of the spa, & hugged her then kissed her passionately as I nibbled her ear I whispered to her that I was very uncomfortable with clothes, she took her wet clothes off, & we all jumped in the spa once her fella got back with drinks, she was wanking & little sucks the both of us while we fingered her together & all just chatted comfortably as a three way, by the second half we werepassing her between us drilling any hole we wanted, I am pretty sure I never fucked her pussy at all- I dumped 3 loads into her & it was all anal, I just fucked her arse- it was the best sex ever!!!!!!

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    My boyfriend thinks I'm being a bitch right now. The truth is I'm pulling myself out of the depression I warned him about two weeks ago. I'm doing pretty well. last week I had trouble getting the thoughts of the gun to my head and the razor on my arm out of my head. I had to make a plan to stop eating again to get them out. I've eaten normally since Sunday, but my mother heard it in my voice when she called last night. I have to gets stuff together before I visit her tomorrow because she'll know I'm not "tired." She's already exhausted from her own overwhelming responsibilities. He's pulling away because of my behavior but in the i don't think he'll do well if I tell him the truth. If I don't get myself together soon he's going to have enough. In the past, when I've tried to communicate feelings like this I didn't do a good job and made things worse. Better for her to think I'm tired and him to think I'm a childish bitch.

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    When i was twenty years old i woke up to see my then girlfriend fucking her dog.
    Iv'e never be able to tell anybody but it turnend me on so much.
    I wanted to talk to her about it,but she said i was seeing things. And said it never happend.

    Id like to talk to other ladies that have fucked theirs dogs.

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    When I was in high school I used to babysit my three year old niece. I used to get naked with her and have her sit on my dick and rub back and forth "riding the pony" until I came. I played other games with her for the next 3 years until my sister moved across the state.

    Recently my niece contacted me and said we needed to talk about some old issues. I knew it was time to apologize and ask her forgiveness. I met her at one of those Country Buffet places because I thought if she got really upset being in public would maybe keep it quieter.

    When I got to the restaurant my niece was already there. I saw her only in photos but they didn't do her justice. She was a knockout. She waved me over and patted the seat next to her. I saw this as a good sign but didn't want to be too hopeful. She asked if I was going to eat and I said I'd just get a soda. She said she'd get it and came back with the soda and some fries.

    She said that she was going to get married and wanted to let me know first because we had a "special" relationship and she wanted to make sure I wouldn't be upset. She was holding my hand the whole time and looking at me like she really cared what I was going to say and would really take it to heart.

    I told her I was happy she found someone, and that I was sorry for everything I forced her to do. I told her that I would understand if she didn't want me at the wedding because of bad memories, and that I really appreciated her meeting with her after all these years to let us air the dirt.

    She told me that I misunderstood. She wanted me at the wedding, in fact she wanted me to give her away. I agreed and she said she'd keep me in the loop with the wedding plans and then said she couldn't wait until I met her husband to be, and that I would love him.

    I did everything I could do to her my niece with the wedding. At the reception afterwards I handed her husband an envelope. I sold all my stocks, bonds, and one rental property. I gave my niece a cashiers check, made out in her name, for 350,000 dollars. She was so overjoyed that she almost knocked her chair over getting up and she was covering me with kisses. I had to tell her to stop and that she should be kissing her new husband.

    Something about giving her away at the wedding and giving her more than enough to get a good start in live felt like I cleansed my soul. I still feel bad about the stupid things I did back then, but I at least know that my niece is in a healthy relationship and won't need for anything for a while.

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