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    I cannot stand to wear a condom. When I am with a woman, I never use a condom. That makes things kind of interesting at times. If she's not protected or worried she may become pregnant, then I'll settle for oral, if she's into it, I'll sodomize her. I love the feel of a girl's tight ass, and how it feels when she orgasms and I'm in her backdoor is wild. But my favorite thing is to cum in her c**t. If my cock goes in her c**t, then my load is pumping in.

    I'm very up front about this with women I'm with and I think it makes it easier because we both understand before hand what is expected. When I've my got my cock in her c**t, I know it's alright to pump her full and it is such a wonderful feeling.

    I had 6 women ask me to impregnate them, which I willingly did. Fucking a woman that knows she's getting pregnant from it is the best. They fuck with total abandon.

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    When ever my wife is going to be away for a half day or more, I just get wildly horny. I start wanking about an hour after she leaves and I wank all day long until I go to bed and fall asleep at night. I even wank while talking to her on the phone or texting her.

    If she's out of town over night, the she'll call before I fall asleep. I always wank while talking to her--she doesn't know about any of this, but I've cum more than 10 times in a single day while she's way. I just need to cum a lot when she's not around. (I fuck her a lot when she's here, but not 10 times a day.)

    The most I ever wanked at one time was 4 in a row, and I was curious to see how much I actually was shooting out in my load. In the 4 orgasms, I collected about 1/4 cup of cum. I still had to wank about ever hour after that until I fell asleep that night. So I guess I shoot about a half cup of cum a day while my wife is out of town.

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    My gf went to visit one of her hs gf back east. She was gone for over a month, and when she got back, I picked her up from the airport, and about half way home we pulled over into a rest stop. I came around to the passenger side of the car and unzipped my pants and slipped on a rubber. I pushed her back in the seat, and pulled her panties off. She didn't put up a struggle. I fucked her right there in the rest stop with cars driving by. I shot my load, then peeled the rubber off, then tied it in a knot. There was so much cum it looked like a small water balloon. I tossed it into the woods.

    A couple weeks later there was a special done on that rest stop. One thing they said was teens go there to drink and have sex. I cannot verify either of those, because the used rubber they showed on the TV special was mine, the one I tossed into the woods. It was still full of my cum and still looked like a small water balloon!

    They closed that rest stop to the public.

    I've since fucked her in several other public places, she says she doesn't like publicly having sex, but she never protests, and I feel her c**t sucking my cock in and grabbing me as she orgasms. Most of the time she's orgasms before I do when we do it in public. She loves to see and hear the cars going by, and I love fucking her along the side of the road or just off the road. As the headlights of an on coming car hit us, she goes wild and has her orgasm very soon after.

    One night we parked on a logging road where headlights would hit us as cars drove down the nearby freeway. I thought it was a very secluded spot, but literally dozens of cars went shooting by in the next 20 minutes. She was fucking screaming crazily and yelling, "Fuck me!" at the top of her lungs as she had multiple orgasms. That was the hottest fuck I've ever had.

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    I am a straight male, married with adult children and have had my fair share of pussy. I especially love married women. But for the last 20 years or so, I have wondered what it would be like to get fucked in the ass by another man. I have no interest in any other activity with a man like kissing, fondling, or oral. Just wonder what a cock in my ass would feel like.

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    I recently overheard one of my wifes female friends, speaking to another one of my wife female friends. They were discussing a guy my wife has been having an affair with. Both women are married themselves and both women admitted they would have sex with the guy. In fact they were very crude in their talk, one of the women saying she'd let the guy fuck any hole he wanted. I'd noticed for some time there was a difference in the taste of my wifes pussy after she'd been out or after work. So after hearing them speak, I took time out from work to find out who the guy was, thinking of beating the shit out of him. The thing is after seeing him, I couldn't deny how handsome and how muscualr he was, and how looking at myself she wouldn't have a guy like him fuck her. Knowing all this I confronted my wife and told her all I knew.
    Now I've come to the conclussion I'd rather have what I've got with her, than have nothing at all. He's even begun to visit our home. I wait patiently downstairs as I listen to them fuck and when they've finished, my wife has me clean her pussy and ass out with my mouth and tongue. I haven't watched then fuck yet but she says she might allow me to in the new year...

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    My wife is extremely sexy, everything about her is perfect. I cant wait for her too let two guys fuck her in all her holes, and listen to moan n scream all night, I want it so bad. Two well hung men too fuck her all night long n fill her full of cum. In her ass tight pussy and mouth. She is so fukkin hot, im eager too watch two men enjoy her, while we have drinks and a long steamy night!!!! If this is you, email me pics n I will email bakk. Or reply with email n ill send pics of everything. You tell me wat u want to see n ill send it. Also I would like someone too cum on her pic for a dedication, all over her face, shed love too see it. Get in touch.

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    I have never came to orgasm with my fiance, and I feel really guilty about faking it but I don't want to hurt him. He is very well endowed and is very passionate and open minded about whatever I want to do, yet I use a vibrator every time we have sex and most times even then I can't climax....
    So when he falls asleep I bring myself to orgasm beside him without him knowing. Or after sex if he leaves the room. I just feel really awful about it but I don't want to hurt him but I am also a highly sexual person and am horny most of the time lol I have always had difficulty coming to orgasm during intercourse but never like this. :/

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    Never thought I would have our dog give me an orgasm

    My Husband and I have always had a great sex life and he does try to spice it up now and then but it is mostly me who spices things up. We enjoy bondage and have pretty much done it since we have been together. I had decided about six months after we had our first house to try some self-bondage to surprise him when he came home from work, but I failed to plan ahead on a few things. I had practiced a few ties for my legs on the couch and thought that I had a pretty good plan to tie myself with my rear end on the edge of the cushions and my feet tied to each rear leg spreading me out. I really like to spread my legs wide during any play time because it seems to make my orgasms feel great. My plan was to use a simple slip loop on my wristâs that would also be tied to the back legs of couch and a blindfold over my eyes to complete the scene.
    He usually had a fairly predictable coming home time when he does not have a large project going or traveling so I told him I wanted to make us a great dinner on Friday night so what time did he think he would be home so I can plan to have it ready. Everything was set and I had it all together on the couch, I was really nervous and started preparing myself a little too early. I still had about 30 minutes before he was scheduled to be home and I already had my legs and waist secured. I was sitting there imagining his reaction to finding me when he walks through the door and started playing with myself a little bit and getting a little worked up. After a few little feel good pulsations I grabbed the remote and turned the music on and then put my first wrist into the loop and pulled. I lowered my blindfold and reached over finally finding the other loop and pulled it tight. The ten or so minutes I had planned for incase he came home early were really dragging on as I laid there waiting to hear the garage door opening up, I had played with myself to much so I had a little bit of aching starting with the anticipation of him finding me. After what I figured was about twenty minutes I was just thinking to myself that I should not have finished tying myself up until I had heard the garage door going up because I could not get my wristâs out of the loops. Suddenly I felt something right on my vagina, like a breath of air or a breeze, but I had not heard anything. No garage door, no hey honey I am home, nothing. My mind was trying to figure out what was causing this when I then felt something touch my lower lips and anus area. I thought that it was my husband now that I felt a touch so I asked him if he liked his surprise but did not receive a response. The touches were very light and sort of flicking around until I heard the sound of a collar. My heart leaped all the way to my throat and I frantically started rubbing my blindfold off with my arm. I looked down and there was my little dog staring at me right over my crotch.
    âHey girl, how are you??â I said in my best nothing is wrong voice I could get out. âGo over and lie down in your bed for meâ. She wagged her tail and barked doing a couple of circles then sat down. Then I heard him, the other dog who is a little larger than her, coming through the kitchen to see what all the commotion was about. He walked right up next to her and looked at me wagging his tail when suddenly his tail stopped wagging and his nose went straight towards my mid section, pressing it right into my lips and clit. My heart was now beating so fast that my face had to have been practically purple because he licked and sniffed me like he had just discovered the greatest tasting thing he had ever had, I was speechless but managed to get out a loud NO and told them to both sit. He did not even waver, I think his tail wagged a little more actually as he started going at me with even more vigor with his tongue. I struggled at me wrists but I could not get my mouth anywhere near them and I just sat there looking down at him and telling him to sit without a single command being obeyed. I was really panicked now, calling myself stupid for not even thinking of this possibility but he had never really been a licker or it would have crossed my mind to put them in the basement.
    I looked over at the clock and it was now twenty minutes passed when my husband was supposed to be home so my only hope was that he would not be much later. I had given up yelling at the dog because now he had his tongue working all parts of me and burying it into my vagina with numerous strokes ending on my clit, needless to say I had an orgasm building and it was not going to stop. I came hard probably from all the excitement of trying to get myself out of this predicament but the thing that was very troubling now was I could not get him to stop licking me and I was pulsating and shaking over and over. This was usually the time that my husband would stop oral on my vagina and come up and play with my nipples or roll me over and kiss my buns for a few while I recovered. But our dog was not stopping; he just kept diving into me and licking and I could not stop shaking. My legs were trembling so much that I thought for sure it would distract him, but no.
    Sometime after orgasm number two I heard the garage door going up and was feeling a little relief as the dog had heard that and finally stopped licking me long enough to listen. I told him that daddy was home and go get him. Thank goodness it worked as he ran over to the door and waited for him to walk through and get some petting. I was exhausted and had pulsations still trembling through me from his onslaught of licking. My husband came through the door and started petting the dogs and putting his stuff down when the larger one turned and ran back into the living room. My husband looked over and saw me on the couch and his mouth dropped open. He walked over and said, âWell what do we have here??â
    I was so torn, I did not want to tell him what had just happened but I also did not want him to start going down on me after the dog had just finished licking me for about 25 minutes. Then he started towards me with his mouth and I quickly asked him to put the dogs in another room first. He still ended up kissing me right on my clit and sucking it into his mouth. The feeling sent shockwaves through my legs and they twitched all over again. He was gone for quite a few minutes and I thought he was getting changed or something but then I saw that he had been gathering up some of his favorite toys to play with me and I started to lose it. He was so great about it as he started untying me and listening to what had happened. After a nice long shower and some dinner I did feel better. We were sitting on the couch and he asked me again how long I thought the dog had been licking me and I told him that I had two orgasms so probably about twenty minutes or longer. He then said that he wished he could of walked in on that sight. I knew his tone of voice and asked him why he thought that was such a turn on. He went on to explain that it just seems like it would be an exciting thing to watch. I was a little mad at first but then calmed down and could see how he would be turned on by it.
    About two weeks later I was sitting on the couch thinking about what had happened and our conversation and I thought what the hell, it was not like the dog hurt me or anything and if it was something that my husband thought he would be turned on to see then why not let him have the fantasy. Later that evening we were sitting on the couch and I asked him what night this week he could definitely be home on time. He looked at me and asked why and I told him that he would come home to a sight that he really wanted to see, but you have to be home at the time we agree on because I could not take thirty minutes of it.
    I repeated my set up and within two minutes I was being licked away at by him, I had turned the music up a little louder to drown out the sounds of my husband coming in the front door and put some things up in the opening between the kitchen and living room so he could be hidden from view better. I will not go into much detail other than I received three orgasms when my husband finally made his presence known and put the dogs in the other room. I heard his steps through the kitchen and waited for him to untie me but instead was greeted to a warm bath all over my vagina. It felt wonderful having him rinsing me off until I heard the vibrator turn on and felt it press against my already tingling clit.
    I let out a shriek and asked him how the show was and he told me he was there to see all three orgasms and it was wonderful. The vibe was very quickly getting me to number four and then he started putting his cock into me while stroking my clit with the vibe. I was going over the edge and came so hard that I think I stopped breathing for a minute. He stroked himself in and out of me for a long time and finally came himself telling me I was quite a woman to let him have the fantasy.

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    I am locked in a shell chastity device and kept in diapers 24/7... And I like it

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    Part 2
    The rest of Saturday

    When I returned again to our spot, Dan had laid down on the tarp in the shade, still nude. I laid down beside him, equally nude, and we both drifted off into a nap.
    I awoke about 2 hours later, as the sun was starting to set in the west. It had finally cooled down a bit, and Dan still lay sleeping. I awoke with a partially erect boner, vaguely remembering dreams of fucking and sucking. I quickly stepped into my tent and slipped into some different lingerie and rapidly applied some makeup. I returned to where Dan lay flat on his back, one hand flung over his face. I knelt beside him, and very gently began to lick up and down the shaft of his cock.
    As his dick slowly started to become erect, I increased my tempo, and started to pay more attention to the head and his balls. Finally, as he became pretty much erect, I slipped him into my mouth and started to really suck his cock. It didn't take long for him to wake up, which I discovered as his hands grabbed my head and started to move it up and down on his dick.
    I continued to suck his dick until he was completely hard, then I stood up and went to the table where the dildoes still lay. I took one of the cucumbers, rubbed it in vaseline, and handed it to Dan, who had moved to join me. He took it from me as I got down on my knees, resting my head on the tarp and sticking my ass in the air.
    He took the cucumber and rubbed it up and down the crack of my ass, spreading the vaseline around until both my ass and the cucumber were coated in it. Then he slowly slid it into my asshole. For a second my hole resisted, but it had been stretched so much earlier that it quickly opened right up again and swallowed the cucumber, allowing him to slide it deep inside me.
    He let it rest there a minute while my ass got used to it, then he started to fuck me with it, sliding it in and out of me slick hole. I writhed in pleasure as he pounded my ass, going faster and faster until his arm got tired and he finally stopped, shoving it as deep as it would go as he released it. I simply lay their, the cucumber so far up my ass that only the tip was showing, letting the waves of pleasure slowly die down.
    Then Dan started to stroke himself as he instructed to me to fuck myself with the cucumber. I was happy to oblige, and I started to pound myself as hard and as fast as I could. When the sensations had reached a peak of pleasure, I ripped the cucumber out and spread my ass with my hands, my gaping, glistening hole puckering open and closed at Dan as he stood behind me stroking his cock.
    Dan didn't waste any time, but slid his rigid cock into my eager butthole, burying himself balls deep with no effort. I let out a little grunt as my ass was forced completely open and stuffed full again, but I quickly turned to moans of pleasure as he immediately began to fuck me hard. I thought he might cum right then, but he must have been looking at the dildoes, because he pulled himself out of me and grabbed my homemade dildo, dabbed it quickly into the vaseline, and slid it right up my ass.
    Then he started to fuck me with that dildo, again pounding me deep and relentlessly, then having me fuck myself while he watched and whacked off. My homemade dildo had a large knob on the end, so once it was in your ass, you could let go and the knob would keep it there. I put one leg up and, using both hands, spread my ass as wide as I could, the creamy dildo sticking straight out of my ass.
    This drove him wild, and he pulled it out, again shoving his cock into my gaping asshole. Grabbing my hips, he again let me have it, fucking my brains out, but again stopping before cumming.
    He turned his attention to me largest dildo, a huge black rubber monster called the Rascal. It was so big you could barely touch fingertips when wrapping your hand around it. He dipped the end of it in the vaseline (it barely could fit inside the vaseline jar), then lined it up with me backdoor. It took a little effort on both our parts to get it started inside, but once me sphincter relaxed enough to take the head, it suddenly slid inside me about 6 inches. I moaned loudly as my ass was suddenly so full, my hole stretched as wide as it would go. He let it rest a minute or so as my anal muscles twitched and throbbed before calming down. Once I was used to the enormous dildo, he slowly began fucking me with it. It was another kind of pleasure entirely as the enormous cock slid in and out of me pulsing butthole, and as he picked up speed, the pleasure grew. I was letting out a near continuous moan and he rammed it in faster and faster, harder and harder. Suddenly he pulled it completely out, my butthole gaping wide, then slammed it back in, as deep as it would go. I thought I was going to cum right then and their, the sensations were so incredible, and after he did it a few more time, I simply collapsed onto my stomach, unable to take the stimulation any more.
    Dan wasn't done yet though. He took the cucumber, still slick from my ass, rolled me onto my back, and shoved it up my butt. I was stretched so wide that it went in easily. He had me grab my legs and pull them up, causing my ass to spread wide. Then he took the homemade dildo, also still covered in vaseline, and lined it up at the top of the cucumber. Slowly he began to push it against my asshole, keeping it parallel to the cucumber. I could feel my butthole slowly being stretched open, a little further with each thrust. Finally, with a slurping-squelching noise, my asshole came open and the dildo slid into my ass alongside the cucumber, stretching me open as he double penetrated me. I couldn't seem to catch my breath as he began to double fuck me with the two of them. First he did them in alternating penetration, one in and one out, back and forth, one in each hand. Then he took both in one hand and started simple pounding me with both at the same time, causing my hole to be stretched wide.
    I writhed in pleasure and pain as he fucked me, and I was a little disappointed when he pulled the dildo out, the knob on the end causing one last burst of sensation as it caused a final throb on my asshole. I was so overwhelmed that I could barely feel the cucumber that remained in my ass.
    Dan set aside the dildo, and gave his own cock a few strokes. It didn't really need it as it had stayed hard throughout his playing with my butthole. He had me spread my legs even wider, then crawled between them. I could feel his erection batting at my balls and my ass for a second before he reached down and guided it into the same place the dildo had been, alongside the cucumber. He pushed with his hips, his hand firmly holding his cock steady as he slowly pushed against my throbbing asshole. It went in easier than the dildo, and suddenly his cock was buried in my ass along with the cucumber. I grabbed his ass and pulled him against me as he began to fuck me up the ass, the cucumber making it feel like he had an enormous cock. He quickly was up to speed as he drilled my butthole, my hands cupping his ass cheeks and rubbing his tight little brown eye. He ground away for a few minutes, totally devastating my asshole, then I felt his balls draw up and I knew he was going to cum. He quickly pulled his cock from my ass, causing the cucumber to come out as well, and shoved his cock into my mouth. I could feel my violated asshole gaping wide open as juices dripped from it while I took his stiff member into my mouth. I had just started to lick it clean of my ass when he unleashed, blasting me once again with a fat load of cum in my mouth. I sucked and swallowed as he unloaded into my mouth before collapsing onto the ground. I followed him down, my mouth never leaving his dick, and as he lay gasping for breath, I licked his cock clean, sucking down every last drop of cum.
    We lay their for a few minutes as his cock slowly deflated and we caught our breath. I think he was finally worn out, but I still hadn't come and I idly stroked my dick with one hand, keeping it about half erect. With my other hand, I rubbed my throbbing asshole, using the vaseline and cum to soothe my battered hole. Dan watched me for a minute, then said he had an idea to finish off the night. He told me to get on my hands and knees and to keep rubbing my hole. He walked off into the dark in the direction of the truck and I lay their fondling myself

    A few minutes later he returned leading Duke, his largest dog. I had almost forgotten that we had brought them. I immediately knew what he had in mind, and I was so horny that I didn't even care. He led Duke right up behind me and basically shoved the dogs face in my ass crack. Duke didn't take much prompting; he just started licking my messy ass. His broad cold tongue felt great as it slid up and down my butt, and I started to really stroke my dick.
    Dan stood in front of me and pulled on Duke's leash, causing him to climb up on my back. His legs wrapped around my waist, and I could feel him starting to buck his hips against mine. Suddenly I could feel his very large, slippery cock slapping against my ass as it came out of its sheath. With one hand rapidly stroking my own hard on, I reached back and grabbed Duke's. I was surprised at just how big it was â not as big as the Rascal, but bigger than either Dan or I, and much more rigid. I lined it up with my asshole, and with no hesitation, Duke drilled his fat cock balls deep into my ass. I let out a grunt as my abused asshole immediately went from starting to relax to stretched wide. Duke lost no time; he just started to fuck away, ramming his huge cock into me. I kept one hand on the base of his dick to keep his knot out of me, the other pounding my dick as fast and as hard as I could.
    It didn't take long for Duke to start letting out a high pitched whine as his legs clamped even harder around my waste. With a sudden lunge, his dick went as far into me as my hand would allow, and I felt him blow his load into my ass. I thought Dan had cum a lot earlier; Duke proceeded to blast a huge load of cum up my ass, squirt after squirt until I could feel it running down my ass as it leaked from my gaping asshole. Feeling his cum being blasted up my butthole was enough to drive me over the edge as well, and I blew my load all over the tarp and my hand. As I started to come down from my orgasm, I pulled Dukes slippery dick from my butthole, which was followed by a bunch of his cum as my violated hole refused to close tightly. Duke turned his attention to licking himself clean as I lay on the tarp in a puddle of everyone's cum. That was finally it for the evening, and after we had cleaned up a bit, I finally collapsed into bed for the night.

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