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    I am a college professor. I always seem to be getting a lot of crushes. These last only till the time I have had my crush. Usually it is on males but occasionally I fancy a girl too. When I joined the college, this incredibly hot male married colleague used to check me out totally. He was always very cordial but I could sense him checking out my legs, and when I drank water or juice. I was attracted to him too. Sex for me is devoid of all emotional baggage. One day as I was leaving for home, he asked if I would like a lift. I agreed. We had hardly driven 5 minutes when he said that he was enamored by me. I played it cool. I just talked casually and then asked if he would take me out for a coffee. I think he was waiting for something like this. He said he was an amazing cook and he would cook dinner for me. His wife was out of town so I went over to his place.

    I was becoming a little more daring. I rummaged through his wife's closet, found a negligee and put it on. I then went to the kitchen and he just left all that he was doing. He was instantly aroused. I had no panties or bra on. We fucked on the floor, on the dining table and then on the master bed. By this time we were really hungry so he ordered pizza. At the ring of the doorbell I peeped out and saw a really cute delivery boy.

    I am something of an exhibitionist too. So while my colleague was getting the money, I went at stood at the door in my negligee. The poor guy came on instantly. While taking the box I let his hand brush against my boob. There was still some seconds for him to get the money. So I put the cute guy's hand between my wet legs for a few seconds and then moved back. My colleague was turned on by my exhibitionist attitude. He didn't know that I let the cute boy touch me as well.

    I got mails from two of my students with their nude pics. Guess they think I am a lesbian because I am always championing lgbt rights. So I invited both of them together. They were kind of shocked to see each other. But I made them comfortable. After a few drinks they had lightened up. I helped them out of their clothes. They looked so beautiful in their natural forms. I did not fancy either of them though not sexually though they were both pretty. I asked them to go at each other but they were not the best of friends or something so said there was no chemistry between them. They seemed so sad.

    I don't particularly like fair, pretty girls. I like the dusky, naughty ones. I told them blatantly that they were not as pretty as me and definitely not the kind I usually fancied. One of them started crying. So I gave in. I called them both to bed on either side of me. They sucked at my boobs and fingered me. The prettier of the two got me really hot by using her tongue on my clit. The other one was pretty weird. She was so taken in by my ass that she kept licking it. I wouldn't deny that I was royally treated. They gave me a massage and then a bath as well. I like to see lesbians make out more than doing it with them. So I told them that i would really appreciate if they did it with each other. I also said that I would let only the one who pleased me better sleep with me.

    They fell at each other like lionesses. They kissed and bit nipples and slammed each other. Finally I picked one to spoon me and the other, the one obsessed with my ass to be on the couch. In the middle of the night I was woken by a slight tugging. The ass-obsessed chick was trying to get in bed too. So I let her in, and put my ass in her face. The other one got up to compete as well. While one licked my boobs, the other licked my ass. I came, it was bliss.

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    Gay Male / 36

    What's wrong with a dude putting on a dinosaur-print onesie and hugging his teddy-bear for few hours after a hard day at work?? Better he should get black-out wasted and get into a fist fight to blow off steam??

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    i have been married for 28 years to a women or wife who has becoming like a fish, we haven't sex for about 2 years, its not that i dont want sex i just dont want it from my wife. i love to try many sexual things but she has told me no way, we fuck in one way, that is she just lays there and i am done. hate that she has never given me a blow job and eating her pussy is out of the deal i have turn to porn to jack off , which i hate because i need the real thing. as a real black male i have a good size dick to please her but i am not turn on by her sexual at all. we have never taken a shower together. i lay next to her and my dick does not get hard at all but if i see a women who i think is good looking and i see a nice set of boobs that are about to come out, i just become a real male, my dick is set to go. thinking about cheating , dont want to go to Craigslist because we know its not safe. i am sure i am not the only one in this boat. i love a lot of foreplay and love sucking of a women tits and eating pussy for a long time. what am i to do. wanting to find some women around the age of 25 to i dont care. thanks for reading

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    I spent some time at a work placement for the jobcentre at a local warehouse. There were two women around the age of thirty-five who flirted non-stop with me. After talking to one of them one day, I explained how I was approaching my final day of the placement.
    We were in the claustrophobic recreation room and I was attracted to her. I never really thought that she would be attracted to me. After she walked over to the door and locked it, I knew instantly what was going on. I looked deep into her gorgeous green eyes and told her that I would be sad to go but we should meet for a drink sometime.
    She put her hand on my thigh and the next thing we were kissing passionately as she was expertly fondling my erect manhood through my jeans. She quickly whipped out my rock hard cock and started to jerk me off, after about thirty seconds I was almost ready to explode and she slowly started to strip off. As I saw her pert, bouncy breasts, I started to kiss them while she pulled off my jeans and underpants.
    She ripped her thong off and i went inside her as she bent over the small, coffee table in the middle of the room. We fucked quickly and she even let me come inside of her, we dressed and left separately- five minutes apart.

    The next day was my final day and after she caught my eye, she gave me a filthy look. We quickly ran to her husband's van that she was borrowing and this time she let me finger her and we gave each other amazing head before retreating back to the warehouse. At the end of the day, after saying my goodbyes she offered me a ride home and said that her husband was away for the weekend if I wanted to stay.
    That friday night was the most amazing sexual experience I've ever had. After she took my member in her mouth and expertly licked and sucked until I was at the point of climax. She massaged me with baby oil before I returned the favour and then, to my unadulterated surprise, she bent over on her bed and let me do her arse. I slid in and out of her beautiful, tight arsehole before coming in her mouth.
    I never saw her since that brilliant couple of days but I will certainly never forget!

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    i read a couple of these posts this week where very young couples are together and feel they have to stay that way, but don't want to. that is large stupidity going on. i admit that i thought my parents were completely stupid about everything, but some of what they told me about relationships at least made some sense to me. i don't want to get tied down in a relationship. i have things that i want to do as a person before i have someone that i need to consider.

    i started having sex when i was 11 and i thought that i had met the perfect guy and we would be together forever. ya, right, i was just one of many younger girls that he was using for sex. i found this out after 6 months when his parents were out of town, i went over to his place to give him a surprise. i was the surprised one to find him in bed with another girl about my age. well, there was a huge fight and physical violence and things were broken and it was very messy.

    since then i made the 2 date rule. i will date a guy 2 times, we have fun, including sex if i want it. after 2 dates then we don't see each other except as friends and possibly occasionally have sex, yes, i have needs too, but it's a very casual thing and we don't EVER consider ourselves are a couple. that's because we are not.

    if a guy wants to be serious, then we talk about it and to me serious means marriage and until death do us part, kids, house, and the works. if he is not interested in that level of commitment, then casual friends and occasional sex is the best he can expect. if he is interested in the works, then we'll date for a month and see, but if we find that we're not going to be ready for the ring and church in 6 months or a year at most, then it's back to being casual.

    being somebody's bo is just not what i am about. i have sex when i want it, and i have a lot of friends, but commitment is just that--the ring, church, house, kids, and etc. i don't plan on being 40 and stuck with the same loser for the last 10 or 20 years because we're together and he'll hurt himself if we break.

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    I just got a text from a friend telling me my soon to be 52 year old ex-wife Kim has been throwing blow job parties for the neighborhood teenagers. All told he said she has blown 14 different teenage boys two or three at a time on several occasions almost every day the last two weeks. She told him to make sure he told me about it. What a vindictive c**t.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I know how this story sounds and I can't believe how it happened sometimes. I have been sleeping with a guy and his girlfriend for quite some time now. And it started only a few of months ago.

    I was out with some friends at a bar when I was walking by a booth with a guy and a girl the guy stops me and asks me what I'm having?? His girlfriend looks at him with this wtf look on his face and is all " What the fuck Jason?? " and he responses smooth as could be " What's the matter with a man have a drink with two beautiful ladies?? " at this point I think he his a douche and go on my way.

    Not even fifteen minutes later the girl comes over and introduces herself as Lacey and asks me to come have a drink with her boyfriend and her. I honestly don't know why I did it, but since she asked so nicely the first time I turned her down I went back over to him. And she actually apologized to me for what she said. This had me so confused but Jason ordered us each a drink and we got to talking and drinking and we ended up there until closing.

    I was pretty drunk by this point that he had has each outside on his arm when he had a cab called. But I wasn't drunk enough to go home with him and her. I told them thanks for the good night when i am sure i heard him whisper something to her when she got in my face, saying how I thought I was better than them and going on and on and I just tried to tell her I didn't think that and I wasn't like that but she kept going off when he came over and pulled her back and told her to calm down. He said she needed to calm down and he kept her too but she was still pretty mouthy.

    It was then that he tried to lighten the mood started teasing us and telling us to kiss and make up as we had just became friends tonight and shouldn't ruin it over something stupid. All the while just telling us to kiss and make up, and finally saying he wouldn't get in the cab until we actually kissed and made up. After much coercion on our part and making the cabby hold on we finally relented.

    I know how fake this sounds, and I am well aware that I got played by just him, or the both of them together because the moment mine lips and hers touched, I don't remember much of the cab ride home. But she and I were locked lip to lips all the way back to their house. The alcohol had either finally really hit me or I had been drugs cause the cab ride was a blur.

    I remember stummering through their front door as she and I helped undress him and then they helped undress me and so on and we ended up having a threesome. We were all over the place, he fucked me, I sucked her, she licked me, he fucked her I played with her and him. It was this mind blowing experience. The worked so well together, pretty sure they played me literally, and we ended up just fucking for what felt like forever. And as awkward as everything was the next morning, we exchanged numbers and I was off.

    Since then I have been having sex with them on a regular basis, sometimes just him, but a lot of it both of them together. I can't believe I have gotten myself into this sort of thing. It's embarrassing yet so sexy. Lol

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    Recently i was asked to come by and check on a friends house while she was on vacation, when I went buy I poked around her bedroom and found her used cum stained panties and what seemed like freshly used dildo. I couldn't resist so I sucked her dildo and licked her panties, she tasted so sweet.

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    i have waited for a very long time for what I hope will happen this next week coming up. my mother in law is coming in for a visit and her and my wife are going out of town to visit relatives, well my wife is going to stay at the relatives longer so my mother in law will be returning by her self and staying a night with me on her way back to her home in another state.

    I know for a fact that she has not had sex in a very long time, I know that before her husband died many years ago that he did fuck her but being that they were from the older generation I had heard her and my wife talk and my wife had told me that her dad never ate her moms pussy or anything like that, it was just always straight sex.

    she is 72 years old and has a nice body for her age, but she has some huge tits and when she stays with us she always wears this nightgown that actually makes her look very sexy.

    I have thought about having sex with her many times and I got the chance to be alone with her and I am going to do my very best to make it happen, I want to eat her pussy and bend her over and fuck her, I am going to really think about how to go about doing this as to not get into trouble and let it be a secret between her and I.

    I sure hope she goes for it, I really want her and I want to have her in my wifes bed, just like in the past I have had my wifes older daughter in her bed before we ever got married and before she became my step daughter, I even got the then daughter to wear some of her moms lingerie for me and we fucked all night in her moms bed, it was hot.

    well now I am going for the mother of my wife and I really hope she will go to bed with me and at least let me eat her pussy good for her. I am nervous and excited and scared all at the same time but I am going to go for it.

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