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    Straight Male / 30

    This happened in November last year 2015, my GF was working an my step daughter who is in her early teens (12, quite tall an slim) asked if she would be allowed to go to the shop, it was 7.40pm and the shop was around 10 minute walk no more, I let her go but decided to follow her giving her a few minutes head start.

    Surprisingly enough, she had not made all that much progress she was wearing her black block strap heels (the 4inch ones) we brought her that month and black short skirt now this main road is know for working girls, prostitution. I followed her on the opposite site of the road walking slowly, a car drove passed a beeped their horn at her and tried to slow down but then processed to carry on.

    she finally made it to the shop and i waited behind the low wall outside It was dark outside and cold she clearly what was happening inside she was in the queue with this one guy staring at her legs the shop keeper served her and served the guy behind her while talking to her, I saw my step daughter smiling and heading very slowly to the shop door while talking so I double timed it home no to be seen spying on her.

    she came back at 8.50 I asked where she ha been she told me she was talking to the shop keeper and ran into a friend on way home. not sure I brought the storeI mean her friend was on holiday and the shop closes at 8pm is Sidop's store an does not stay open late, and her hair was messy.

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    Straight Male / 38

    I am a 38 yo male who enjoys being teased and humiliated by woman for my penis size. I first discovered this, when I was in my early 20s, on y***o, when they used to have chat rooms. I was on webcam with a girl and when she asked me to show her my dick, I showed her. I wasn't fully hard. The girl put her hand over her mouth and type "OMG you are so tiny!!!" and continued to laugh. I got fully hard while she did this, and from then on, I used the y***o chats to be laughed at and I did whatever I was told to do to make them laugh. In case anyone is wondering, I am about 3.5 inches when fully erect. I miss those days of the y***o chats heh.

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    Straight Male / 34

    Just so ready to fuck her again best in my life

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    Straight Male / 52

    My daughter has almost had large breasts from the age of 13 when I used to sneak in her room almost every night and suck on them.

    Now 16 they have grown to be quite a size and very visible too.

    The other day I went to pick her up from the school and travelled back home on the bus with her.

    Sat right at the back of the bus, I left my daughter to ask the driver a few questions which took quite a few Minutes.

    Upon return I saw two men, one on each side of her, and her with her blouse open and just sitting there ad the two men fondled her breasts.

    I was surprised but curious of why she didn't try stop them so took a seat in front. It ended that after a good fondle both men lowered there heads and began sucking hard on her breasts. She just sat there without a word.

    Upon arriving home I asked her about it and she said it's okay it doesn't matter.

    Later that evening we were watching TV. She was dressed in the usual tight jeans and leotard top.

    As time went on I got her to sit in front of me and as she did I put both hands around her and took those large breasts in my hand. She said she likes the feeling do I sat there fondling and squeezing her for a good fifteen minutes.

    I then got her to turn around and sit on me. She did and I was then able to suck her breasts.

    Since then I go to her room after lights are out, sleek my hands under the sheets and fondle her big breasts. Iv mentioned to her about strangers and she said she likes it so one day we will hire a room and line around ten men up to have a good suck and wank over them I'm sure she'll love that.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    When I was 12 I started to dress in my moms clothes when she wasn't around it used to arouse me and sometimes I would fantasise about being abused while wearing womens clothes. One afternoon my mom came home when I wasn't expecting her and caught me wearing a skirt of hers and high heels. She went ballistic and called me all sorts of names. I ran to my room crying and mom didn't speak to me.
    The day after she came home from work and called me into the lounge, when I got there she threw a bag at me and told me to put the clothes inside it on. I opened the bag and inside was a girls school uniform from my school. I went to take the bag to my room but mom stopped me and made me change into them there and then in front of her it was so humiliating but to my surprise my cock got hard. Mom stood there and laughed at me as I tried to hide my hard cock which was tenting the skirt I was wearing, again I ran to my room crying.
    Later that evening mom came to my room and made me sit while she applied make up to me, basicaly she made me up and then when she showed me in a mirror I was surprised how much like a girl I looked I had long hair anyway and mom tied it back in bunches which finished the effect. There you go she said you want to be a girl, then be one. It was dusk outside and mom told me to come out for a walk with her, I walked with her and we went to a nearby park which was well known as a prostitute hang out and we sat on a bench mom said to me let's see how you like being a girl.
    After we had sat on the bench for about 20 minutes a man walked past and mom said to him "do you want company". He stopped and looked around to see that there was no one about then said to mom, how much. Mom said $20 for a blow job.
    The guy never said a word but handed mom $20 then unzipped and shoved his cock into my mouth, I just sucked and sucked and within a few minutes he shot his salty cum into my mouth. Mom made me do two other men before taking me home.
    I now dress a girl every day and every day mom pimps me out to old men as a cocksucking whore.

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    Straight Male / 34

    I miss fukin my ex she standing right in front of me with her new man and I wonder if he knows how bad I just want hi fuk her

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    Straight Male / 24

    I am a male guy into wet sports and I been interested in going to aa public restroom and sneaking into a girls bathroom to listen to them pee and jerk to them

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    Straight Male / 19

    She's forty two years old. Not the best looking woman out there and doesn't have the best figure either. What she soes have, is the sexual drive far larger than any girlfriend I've had, and much much dirtier too. There in nothing she won't try. Anal, forced sex. Sex outdoors. I've pissed on her, had her clean off my cock every time I fuck her, whether that's in her pussy or up her favourite place, her arsehole. We've fucked in her home, on her sons bed, at a cinema. We've even had sex at rugby game we went to, to watch her son, my best friend play. And the best thing is, he knows I'm banging his mum and accepts I fuck her whenever I'm around their home. She really is one horny dirty slut and loves my youthful body and cock. I tell her she's a slut too, which usually gets her to suck my dick or to have me fuck her. Only yesterday after college as I was waiting for her son to get home, I fucked her in their back garden and I'm sure a neighbour was watching me pound her arse. I'd just about had her suck off my cum and her anal juices from my cock when her son walked in. He smiled at me, asked me if I'd banged his mum and grinned when I said I had.
    She might not be a super model, but my best mates mum is one fine fuck.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I want to put this out there. I don't consider myself a lesbian.

    I have an unnatural attraction to certain types of girls. I always have. It is an attraction for sex, not emotional involvement.

    I have always been athletic, I played softball and soccer in high school. I experimented with the catcher on my high school softball team. We were together for two years and then she left me to date a football jock. It devastated me to see her with him.

    In college I played softball and intramural soccer. There were lots of opportunities to hook up with girls, in particular this one girl I played soccer with. But she was very aggressively lesbian and that turned me off. Still I was very attracted to her and we were quite active sexually. She was very aggressive at times, which turned me off, but to be with her I had to let her.

    After college I became an assistant coach in a junior high. I fixated on some of the girls, always the same type. But I kept that to myself. It was during that time that I met my master. He bent me into who I am today. He recognized that if I stayed with my job at that school I was going to get in trouble and had me move to a junior college where the girls were all of age.

    He provided me with different types, he taught me to accept him when I was with a girl. The combination made more and more subservient to him, deepening my dependence on him and accepting him more and more as my master. But even if he did provide me with girls, they were never the right one. I wanted the right one.

    He hired a trader to look for the right girl for me and bought her from him a gave her to me as my pet, to live with me and for me to take care of. She is exactly what I wanted, very athletic, soccer and swimming, and she has accepted my master as her master. She sleeps with me every night and I can take care of her. She is not finished with her college education, but she is mature for her age.

    Like me she is not a lesbian, she is attached to our master, he is who we identify with. Like me she has a need for being with a girl, a need that comes from very deep inside of her. Like me she has had this need since she was in grade school. It is totally a physical need, once satisfied we don't have deep feelings afterwards. This is different with our master, pleasing him and being with him is all we want.

    While we sleep together, it is because of his pleasure that we should sleep together. Sex is with him, and for his pleasure, and we get to experience our pleasure with each other. Yes, sometimes we have deep need for each other, and we have permission if we can't wait for him. But what we really want is to be with him and please him.

    So we don't consider ourselves lesbians. Lesbians don't belong to a man and don't serve a man. We do. We are something different, just what we are we don't know. Our ultimate proof of serving him is that we are prepared to give him children, when he considers us fit to do so.

    For now we will call ourselves bi-sexual, in that we are both attracted to other women, but we would never forge a relationship with one. That commitment belongs to our master.

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    Straight Female / 36

    When I was 22 I was a cashier at a bank branch in a supermarket. A customer came in regularly, he was Hispanic around 40 or so, who withdrew several thousand dollars in cash. I found out he owned a lawn maintenance company and he paid his crews in cash. He always spoke in Spanish to me and as I was the only Spanish speaking cashier he always came to my window. Let me say I understood a lot more than I spoke, but I could get along.

    One day as I was counting out his money, he told me he liked my chest. That I should let him touch my chest because he worked hard and he really needed a woman like me and he wanted me. My silence didn't stop him, he asked me when I got off work because his wife was in Mexico visiting her mother and he really wanted to give it to me and he wanted to take my breasts and eat them and then give it to me and show me what a man he was.

    He just looked at me until I told him what time I got off, but that did not mean that I was going to go with him. He told me he would be waiting for me when I got off and he was going to take me out and he was going to take me and treat me like a woman.

    When I got off work I walked out to the parking lot, he was standing under a tree beside his truck and I walked to him like a zombie, I got in like a zombie and when he touched my leg I didn't take his hand away, and when he put his arm around my neck and pulled me over and kissed me I didn't stop him. What was going to happen was going to happen.

    We went to this small Mexican restaurant, he had several beers and he kept me beside him touching my hand, my shoulders, my thighs, and whispering into my ear that tonight was the night I was going to become his woman.

    Sex was hard on me, he undressed me to look at me, he took my breasts in his hands and massaged them really hard and ate my nipples while he pushed his fingers up my vagina. There was no softness, no foreplay, just push me on the bed and get on me. When he was done he told me I was his woman. I finally got a voice and told him he was rough and he had hurt me and that I didn't think he should treat me like that. If was going to be his woman I needed to be treated better.

    I had been dating a guy and one day when he came to pick me up the guy I was dating was there. There was an argument, almost a fight, until I told him I was his woman and that I wasn't going to talk to the other guy anymore. After that I was dropped off at work and I was picked up after work, I was dropped off to do groceries and he waited for me to finish, he took me to the mall and waited for me while I shopped. When I went to the doctor he waited for me, I didn't drive anywhere, he took me wherever I needed to go.

    I stopped seeing single friends and my social life was centered around his now estranged wife, his kids, his mother. I got pregnant because that is what the other women wanted me to do, be like them and have kids. Once I had kids his mother accepted me as his woman. I asked him to get married to me but he and his wife were still not divorced. I had three kids before he finally got his papers in order with her and I got married. She lives with his mother and we are together most of the time.

    I feel like his woman, I always have, from the first day I went with him. Being married to him doesn't change anything, not for me not for his kids not for his mother and not for his ex-wife. She is his woman too, ask her.
    I don't even use his last name. she does.

    I was an only child, raised by a single mother. I think about that sometimes when I am surrounded by so many people, my Spanish has improved a lot, at home that is all we speak. I still remember the shirt he was wearing that afternoon, as I walked across the parking lot to my man.

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