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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    40 years ago I hooked up with a woman who worked at the same company where I worked. She worked in the office and I worked in service. We flirted quite a lot and ended up going for drinks after work. We had parked at the rear of the bar and after having a few we climbed in my vehicle. We started making out like a couple of high schoolers and that ended after she sucked my cock to completion. I was surprised as this was the first time we had been alone.

    This started a 2 1/2 yr affair. She said she needed sex and her hubby couldn't perform. Her hubbys parents and grandparents were killed in a car accident. He was in a deep depression for 2 yrs so she had had no sex in that time.
    We were together every day after work for a short time before we had to go home to our mates. Every day was a fuck, blow job, fingering or eating pussy.

    During the affair she had two daughters and it was never mentioned who the father was. So after I thought about it now, I would be willing to bet I fathered those children.

    Lady had the best blow jobs ever and when we fucked for about 5 minutes she would cum on every stroke. She was so exhausted when we finished she couldn't move for 30 minutes. When I ate that sweet pussy she could cum in 60 seconds flat.

    Wish she was close now.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    Do guys like fucking & licking when a chick has her period? I'm always horny when I get my period

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    At the time this happened, I worked for a company that traveled and a day shift and night shift guy would room together. The first night after we'd set up the job, we all went back to the motel and had a few beers together. I admit now that I have sucked a few cocks and am always looking for a nice clean cock to drain. Bruce, the guy I was rooming with is a real nice guy, manly with a real friendly disposition. We had all had about six beers when I said I was going to call it a night and was suprized when Bruce said he was too. Back at the room, I was feeling horny and after drinking a couple more beers with Bruce, I said I was going to take a shower before hitting the hay, in reality I was hoping to jack off before going to bed. As I stripped and got in the shower my cock was already growing and after shampooing my hair, I was fully erect and just started stroking when Bruce opened the bathroom door saying he wasn't trying to peek at me as he needed to take a piss. I half joked that if he wanted , he could come in and take a shower with me. I was a little startled when the shower door opened and Bruce got in with me, his own cock starting to rise very quickly. He looked at my stiff cock and asked if I needed a hand when I decided to just get down on my knees and fondle his cock and balls before leaning in and sucking his fat cock. I remember him saying oh yeah several times as I happily sucked away on his cock then sucked each of his balls before he pulled me up and started feeding on my dick. Nice he said as he sucked me for a few minutes then, standing, he shut the water off and said we should take this to the bed. Still wet, we got in bed and ended in a nice 69 on our sides as we both sucked away on cock meat. Bruce was damn good at giving head and had me nearing orgasm when he grabbed my head and tried to pull away. I held on and felt his cock jerk as he emptied his balls into my mouth and I swallowed it down as my own cock shot off in his mouth. We both continued sucking until I pulled away and admired his half hard cock then felt him push my head back down toward his cock. I went back to sucking him and after a while, he pulled me up to him and held me as we dozed off.
    I was awakened by his cock rubbing my lips as he stood by the bed stroking my cock and he asked if I wanted some cock for breakfast. I opened my mouth and slid my lips up and down his already stiff cock and after a few minutes he pumped another warm load in my mouth then said he would see me tonight. As luck would have it, we didn't get a chance to be together until a few days later but we made up for it, emptying each other twice before we went home. We still get together for blowjobs whenever we get the chance.

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    Straight Male / 31

    I was visiting my GF who I had only just begun to date. We both knew the relationship was purely physical and would never be anything serious. I had only fucked her a few times prior to this occasion. We were getting it on in bed and she asks if she could get her dildo out. Of course, no objection from me. I was fucking her with her on top and she was sucking off the dildo. I took it away from her mouth so I could kiss her. She would alternate between sucking the dildo and kissing me. At some point, she jokingly offered me the dildo, and I took it into my mouth. We both laughed and continued to fuck. During the next 20 minutes or so we were fucking and both sucking on the dildo. I was putting on a show for her because she seemed to get really turned on by the role play. All of a sudden she asked if I wanted the real thing? I hesitated because I could see she was asking seriously. I replied with a yes, and she said she can get someone right now if I wanted. I asked who? She said she's friends with a guy a few floors above, he would be very willing. I knew she had a wide circle of friends, including gay ones but I hesitated again saying I'm not sure if I really want to. She then became very seductive and after a few minutes I reluctantly agreed, still not sure but was just going with the flow. In no time she was off me and on her phone texting him. He must have responded straight away coz she said he's coming in 5 minutes!

    I was horny as hell, this time mounting her from behind and the doorbell rings. She yelled come in and into the bedroom walks in this guy, he sees us fucking and immediately starts undressing. She gets up and makes a comment to him something like 'he's cute isn't he?' while caressing my ass, he replies like a kid in a candy store 'oh yeah'. I didn't know what to do at this point, so I just start making out with her and he walks to us and drops to his knees and takes me inside his mouth. He was actually quite good. Here I was making out with my hot and horny GF, and there's a guy on his knees sucking my cock. I was really enjoying the situation and was getting quite close but refrained from blowing my load into his mouth. She sensed this I guess and now almost demanding that it was my turn. I figured what the hell, gone this far now, might as well continue. I dropped to my knees, closed my eyes and went for it. To my surprise, it wasn't gross or anything. I used my previous 20 minutes of practice on the dildo to try and give him a good one. I liked the sensation of it getting harder in my mouth. Not the biggest cock in the world, mine was much bigger and thicker. I then felt her mouth on my cock and I was in heaven.

    About 5 minutes of this and I was getting real close and couldn't take it anymore longer. I told her I'm gonna cum and got my mouth off of his cock and proceeded to really face fuck her, emptying my balls in her mouth, with two hands forcing her head onto my cock.

    One of the best sexual experiences of my life but very quickly I came down from the high and got a little embarrassed and asked him to leave. Over the next few visits, the same thing has occurred, each time getting more comfortable with each other. Nothing like getting your cocked sucked by a guy whilst your girlfriend is whispering slutty things in your ear. He actually sucks it better than she does.

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    Straight Male / 19

    So I am 17, and I got my first job at a sandwich shop a few months back, and I honestly love it. I'm one of two guys who work at this store, and the girls are all over me. I'm not that attractive, but I am funny and sweet, and a LOT better looking than the other guy. So all the girls who work there flirt with me, and so do some of the female customers. Well one day, this girl came in the store and I welcomed her, and I quickly noticed just how attractive she was. We flirted back and forth, but after we were done she left. One of my coworkers quickly noted that the girl was very much attracted to me, so I was hoping she would come in again some time. A few weeks later, in she came, and we flirted even more than before, and it was pretty obvious where the conversation was going. When I asked if she wanted a six inch or foot long, her response was, "Whatever is behind that zipper of yours, I'll take that". I asked if she was serious, and she said of course she was, so I told her to come back up her tonight at 10 when we close, and she'll get all she wanted. Sure enough, 10 came around, and she was back. We went to my car, and I went to an abandoned road where no one goes, and we fucked for at least an hour. A short time later I found out she was the younger sister of a girl I knew, and she told me her sister was 14. When I asked how she kept getting to the store she said she walked. I wish I could have that girl again, god she was so crazy and kinky.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Okay so there's this guy I've liked for around 3 years now and I'd been flirting with him hardcore for 2 of these 3 years. Only 2 because I'd moved to a different town for a a year but I came back. The back to the future night my town had a parade and I saw him again for the first time in a year. Let's just day he really changed. I'd even asked my friend who he was at first because I didn't recognize him. After she told me who he was the feelings came back immediately. I'd always worn more skimpy clothes around him but my breasts had come in and my hips took shape over this year. So I was wearing my tight jeans and a tank top that showed some cleavage. We'd snuck off from the parade and it was me Him (We'll call him C) my friend Jules her little brother and Jare. We snuck around to this bench a little out of the center of town and smoked him vape that night him and Jare kept joking about fucking us and I'd laughed it off but secretly wanted to. A few months had gone by and we flirted and everything I'd sent him nudes and vice versa we'd joke around but never did anything. Until one night when I went to Jules house and he was with her little brother we'd been hanging out and he started writing on me then he pulled down my shirt and bra and started playing with my nipples and massaging my boobs a little it felt so good. The next morning we wee hanging out in B's room and I was sitting in front of C and he pulled me so I was resting my arms across his lap and he'd played with my boobs again I spent the entire time suppressing moans. He wanted to fuck me that day but instead I fooled around with Jare cuz C was to chicken to make a move.
    A few weeks later we got super stoned and I joked around saying I'd suck his dick and everything that entire day I was super fucked up and was rubbing my hand on his already hard dick through his pants. When we got back to Jules house I went into the bathroom to fix my hair and C followed saying he had to per he locked the door and I sat in the corner laughing. I stopped laughing when he pulled out his hard cock. It was way way bigger then Jares. He told me to suck it but I was way to scared then I went and layed down on B's bed cuz I was exhausted. C came in not to long after and layed down next to me leaning over. He pulled my hand onto his hard cock and I started jerking him off (not anything new for me just a different guy). Slowly he started rubbing my soaking wet pussy through my place panties. He kissed me very softly and would moan into my mouth.
    About 2 weeks ago Saturday I went over to Jules house and we went out to smoke but it was to cold we got slightly stoned and came back. We sat in the middle room for a little bit and we were sitting in the back while Jules and B were watching tv. He slowly put his hand down my pants and touched my wet pussy. (This is the first time anyone but me directly touched my pussy) he whispered into my ear telling me how tight I was. I got up and cuz I was cold and because her bathroom is warm I sat in the empty tub to warm up. He came in and sat on the edge we talked for a couple minutes and he pulled out his hard cock this time when he told me to suck it I didn't even hesitate. I went down on him and sucked him like his orgasm was my air. He came in my mouth and I obediently swallowed. We didn't really talk the rest of the day.
    Yesterday I saw him again. We were sober and just hanging out. We walked around just me him and B I'd always joked around with these guys like it was nothing we started talking about masturbating and he asked B when the last time he came was B said "last night" and C said "I haven't came since... hey K (me) when was the last time I saw you?"
    I said "2 weeks"
    Then he said "like 2 weeks" and giggled. But last night he asked to fuck me like seriously and I told him on my birthday because I
    made a promise I'd stay a virgin until my upcoming birthday and he said okay. When we got back to Jules house we went upstairs I was in the middle room and C called me into the bedroom I crawled in (as I always did back arched ass up) and took my spot he started rubbing me and I lightly moaned into his ear. He brought his head down and his breath was hot on my neck like he was about to kiss it then Jules walked in (I gave her a dirty look and she laughed knowing what was going on) he brought his
    head back up and continued rubbing me. I'd never felt anything so good even thinking of it now is giving me shivers. I made a bold step and slid my hands under his shirt and then down his pants and started jerking him off he sighed and tilted his head back at first and then looked into my eyes like he was about to kiss me and man I wish he had. What seems like forever later I started to feel his wet hot cum on my hand and I used it as lubricant to jerk him off faster. Sadly Jules mother yelled that it was 8:30 which is when I was to go home and the boys were to go to C's house. I left and didn't get to finish jerking off his hard cock but dear God do I have plans for next weekend. Screw the promise I'm fucking that boy.

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    Straight Female / 37

    I have a self imposed rule. I will not have sex with two different men no matter how long I live. I had sex with my husband when I was 15 and swore he would be the only one. Of course he wasn't my husband then, he was just the guy down the street, but he was going to be my husband even if he didn't want to. I told him, if he screwed me he married me.

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    Straight Male / 20

    What is the reality of sex compare to expectations by Porn..

    It seems as though as older i get ..the more I realize getting to fuck ..can be a long term relationship or a simple one night stand..

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    Straight Female / 35

    I work with a 60+ man, I let him romance me all the way to the bedroom. Really being honest it was my best sexual experience. I do 'date' him, which means getting together for sex. I have real feelings for him now, I guess he has romanced me a bit to well. He is the only man I have ever given oral sex and put everything I have into it. I really feel like I am supposed to give him oral, and give him my V afterwards. I never thought I would say that.

    My name is Susan and I'm your average 35 yo office staff woman.

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    Straight Male / 19

    My dream is to be fuck by a Jamaican man in my virgin ass

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