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    Gay Male / 19

    All of my friends call me 'piglet' or 'piggy' and i don't mind it, in fact i prefer it to my real name. i am 5'7", 135lbs, with really short reddish blonde hair. i have a stubby penis that's barely an inch with a thick ring of foreskin when it's soft but is a thick 5 1/2" when it's hard, and big fat balls. They look really dark pink because i have a really pale complexion, what some call 'milky white' and i am smooth shaved all over. It even makes my nipples and lips look really pink too. i am not fat, but i do have a little bit of a belly and a meaty butt like a black girl's.

    They call me 'piggy' because i love getting porked with a big hard cock, the bigger the better. i love taking it up the ass every chance i get and will even give it up to a group of guys to gang-fuck me. my asshole is really tight and it feels so good getting it stretched and reamed by a hard cock that i will shoot a big load without even touching my cock just from getting a good hard pounding. i love to suck cock too and can deep throat even the biggest really easy. One time at a party this black guy said he had 11" and he had never been deep throated before and i told him i could so we went into a back room and i sucked his dick for two hours without gagging one time.

    i love sucking off groups of guys too and my record is 21. i sucked all their dicks and swallowed every drop of their cum. i love cum so much that i get hungry for it and will jerk off just to taste some. One time me and another guy sucked off about 15 guys and he couldn't swallow all the cum and it was all over him so i licked it all off his face and chest and belly then we 69ed. He came first and i swallowed all his load but when i came he saved it and shared it with me.

    i love rough sex too. Getting a really hard spanking before getting my butt pounded is awesome. i love getting my ass whipped with a belt too, or with a riding crop. Having my nipples chewed on gets me really hot. my favorite way to get buttfucked is either doggy-style or having my hands tied to the headboard and my feet tied to the bedpost so i am spread wide and my ass is in the air for cock. Sometimes i get tied up like that at a party and whoever wants to can come in and fuck my ass as much as they want.

    i also love to be spit on, slapped around and being told what a nasty cockslut faggot i sm.

    i have a Master and i am His live-in slaveboy. He makes me go naked all the time and wear a dog collar with a leash He leads me round with. i love being led around on my leash naked in front of people. When He takes me to a party He's the one who will tie me up for everyone to use. He makes me sit to pee because only Men stand not cocksucking faggot slaveboys. Every morning and every night the first and last thing i taste has to be His big 10 1/4" cock. i am not allowed to cum unless He says i can or i get tied up and whipped.

    i love being nasty and bad.

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    Straight Male / 45

    This was realy my wife's idea. She wanted me to take her to a bar and drag her in it and tell everyone that she was a two timing slut whore and they could take her and use her for the day. They could do whatever they wanted fuck her pussy, ass and face and all three at the same time if they wanted. They could make her suck their dicks and cum in her mouth and they could cum all over her face and tits. So I did and I went back about six hours later and there were a couple of guys next to her and she was pumping their dicks while they were cumming on her. When she finished I hollered at her "well slut you ready to go now"? She got up and walk to me and I took her out to the car still naked and covered in cum and all the guys cheering. When we got in the car and drove away she smiled at me and said she had a wonderful time and when we got home we went in the shower and fucked while she told me all the things they did to her and want they had her do to them.

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    Straight Female / 28

    Before January of this year, we were a normal married couple. Then Tom my husband persuaded me to have a threesome with another man who he knew from his high school days. We'd both been drinking and at the time I genuinely believed it to be a one off. The sex was fantastic and I did many different things with both my husband and with his old school friend Chris.
    I was spit roasted for the first time in my life, sucking on Toms smaller cock as his larger cocked friend fucked me from behind. I was double fucked, vaginally and anally at the same time. And in our large shower, I endured/loved a whole half hour of having both men fuck my asshole at the same time.
    When Chris left the next morning, after I'd sucked him off in our kitchen, myself and Tom promised each other that the past evenings sexual exploits would be a last dip into the sexual fantasy pool. However I've continued to dip every part of me into that sexual pool since.
    Two weeks after our night of sexual pleasure, I got a phone call at work. It was Tom telling me he was stuck in another city because of the weather and couldn't get a flight until the next day. By pure chance (Or not as it turned out) an hour later, I met Toms old school friend Chris in a deli I usually go into for my lunch. He asked me how we were doing and after chatting about this and that, I told him about Tom being stuck. Straight away Chris asked me if I'd like to spend the night at his place. Almost in a sexual daze, I said yes.
    Chris and I licked, sucked and fucked all night. And I do honestly mean all night. He'd taken Viagra and had me cumming from one huge orgasm to another. If the sex with Tom involved was sordid, then the sex with just Chris was downright filthy. You can use your imagination to understand when I say I was prepared to do and did everything with Chris. When he asked me mount his cock vaginally as he slid a cucumber up my ass, I couldn't have been more receptive. On one occasion after orgasming and having his cum up my ass, I had Chris lay down. And then I literally fucked his face with my pussy and asshole, making him lick and tongue out his own cum before feeding me with it.
    Leaving his expensive apartment the next morning, after Chris had fucked me again spraying his cum all over my pussy and ass, I caught a cab home and waited for Tom to get back. Asleep when he arrived, I tried to stop him going down on me when I awoke to his tongue snaking along my pussy slit. But Tom was adamant he was going to lick my pussy, so I let him carry on. I also didn't say anything when his tongue lapped away at my asshole either. When I came, Tom lifted his head and said "You taste so good this morning honey, I should stay away overnight more often". I didn't quite get the hint at first, not until Tom had slowly fucked me from behind, spooning me. When he ejaculated up my pussy, he added "My cum will be mixing with Chris's no doubt". Jumping around I stared at my husband who was smiling like a Cheshire cat.
    Tom went onto explain he and Chris had met up a few days earlier after Tom had text him. It appeared my husband wanted Chris to fuck me again, only this time on is own. Tom had stayed in a motel overnight only a mile from our home, and had waited until he got a text from Chris to let him know I'd taken a cab home.
    The whole thing was set up and I'd gone along unknowing. Lay next to my husband on our bed, he explained he got a massive sexual thrill out of knowing another man was fucking me. He also explained he became ultra hard knowing he was likely to be licking and sucking out another mans cum from my sex. Listening to him speak that way, I became horny again and told Tom to lay still. As I'd done the night previously with Chris, I got Tom to lick and suck out my pussy and asshole. But unlike anytime before, Tom absolutely devoured me. Licking and tonguing my holes like his life depended on it.
    The following week I knew Chris was calling by. Tom booked himself into the same motel. But unlike the week before, I phoned him as Chris was fucking my asshole. Opening a video call I had Tom watch from his motel room as his old school friend fucked his wife only a mile away.
    It has been like this now since January, but not only with Chris. I've begun (Five weeks ago) to have an affair with a young guy who lives close by, very close by, next door in fact. Tom doesn't know about it yet, but next weekend he will do, as I'm going to invite my nineteen year old lover around as Tom watches his fishing programs. It's a risk, but I'm sure Tom will enjoy sucking out his cum once he's filled both my pussy and asshole with his youthful cum. After all he's recently described himself as a "Cuckold", so who am I to disappoint him.

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    Straight Male / 34

    I never really noticed my wife's mom until after we were married. She was a hot 45 year old, twice divorced, and often talked about the men in her life. I guess she thought I enjoyed her escapades. Apparently she and my wife spoke openly about our sex life, because on a number of occasions when my wife was out of earshot she would make mention of my larger than average cock.

    That Saturday morning was the day she made her move. I didn't know my wife had gone to the gym that morning, so when I woke up with somebody sucking my cock I figured it was my wife. I thought something felt different, but never put it together until after she swallowed my load. She stayed under the covers, and only after I was spent and she had cleaned every drop of cum out and off of me did she reveal herself. I thought my wife had loosened up because she only swallowed one time before and since then refused to let me cum in her mouth.

    "Oh, fuck, you're not Linda," I said. "No, but she doesn't have to know," she said as her fingers circled my nipples. I felt really guilty but promised her mom I wouldn't say anything. What a fucking sap I was. I let her suck my cock a number of times that summer, and we even fucked a time or two.

    One night she came over for dinner. After dinner we went into the living room to watch TV. My wife had opened a bottle of wine and we were all a little tipsy. 'Momma' got up to use the bathroom. I didn't notice when she came back. All of a sudden her hands were over the top of my shoulders from behind and she unbuttoned my shirt and started to rub my nipples. I put my hands up to stop her, but my wife said, "it's okay honey, we're open about everything." "That's right," her mom answered, "and she has given me permission to suck or fuck you any time I needed." My wife just smiled and told me it was time I really knew what kind of a family they were.

    She had me strip as they both took their clothes off as well. Her mom had great tits and large nipples. My cock started to grow without even being touched. They laid me on the floor on my back. Linda straddled my face facing my feet and put her c**t right on my mouth. This was new, but I wasn't complaining. Then I felt her mom kneel between my legs and take my cock into her mouth. I was so fucking horny it didn't take three minutes and I tensed up and was ready to cum. She took her mouth off and stroked me a couple of times. I shot my cum all over my chest and belly as they both clapped for me.

    My wife stayed on my face until I tongue fucked her to orgasm. She shivered and I tasted her juice running into my mouth. She finally got off of me, and when I looked down my cock was still hard. I asked her why she had never told me about this before. She said she was scared I would leave her if I knew they were like this. "Honey," I said, "that was the hottest fucking thing I've ever done. If this is what it's gonna be like, I'm all in." At that she got down between my legs and took my cock in her mouth as her mom squatted over my face and put her c**t on my mouth as her daughter had done. It took a while longer, and when I was ready to cum I managed to let my wife know. Instead of pulling off like she always did, I felt a wet finger being shoved up my ass as I started cumming. Not only did she not pull off, she clamped her mouth around the head of my cock and took the load I had left. This was the first time she ever shoved her finger up my ass as well.

    She sucked me clean and her mom actually squirted in my mouth as I made her cum. We chatted afterwards, and all of this that we were doing was not new to either of them, but again she thought I wouldn't accept all of this. She called it her "kinky shit." I discovered they both liked objects shoved up their c**ts, and both would even let me fuck them in the ass as the other fucked them with a toy or two.

    For the next nine years we sucked, fucked and did things a man and his mother-in-law should never do. I enjoyed every fucking minute of it, and now that she is married, we make it a foursome. I will admit I've become quite the cocksucker as well. His cock isn't as big as mine, but it fits in my mouth or ass just right.

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    Straight Female / 42

    I was raised on a strawberry farm and because they are a seasonal crop both mom dad and mom both worked. Myself, my older brother and younger sister would get home from school before our parents did from work and of course be home when they were working. We all had chores to do and we more or less picked what we wanted. June, my sister like being in doors so she elected to do house work, Billy, my brother, liked out side so he did most of the yard work and took care of the large animals like the cattle and horses. I loved animals so I took care of the smaller animals which consisted of dad's pack of hunting dogs, two miniature stallions which dad let out for stud service, pigs, goats, and of course the usual chickens, ducks etc..

    Dealing with the animal I was exposed to them having sex a lot of times and I became aware of feelings when I watched them. I began to wonder what it felt like to have a real dick in me. I had been experimenting with not only my fingers but also with fruits, vegetables and other objects. One day I took one of the gentlest male doge from the hunting pack and brought him into the barn. After stripping from the waist down I sat on a hay bale and guided him to my pussy. He began to lick me and I got so hot. I turned around and got on my hands and knees and put my rear to him. He mounted me but was having a hard time finding my pussy so I guided him in. As soon as he felt that he began to fuck me like crazy. I had never felt anything so good. I knew from watching them that he would knot up and they would be locked together for a bit before they could separate so when I felt him beginning that I pulled away. I began letting the other male dogs fuck me too and it wasn't long before I was letting them knot and cum in me too.

    Of course I wasn't satisfied with that and begin to think about the little stallions, wondering how they would feel. Since we only had the two stallions I had never one of them fuck a mare but had seen their dicks get hard at times. These are very small horses, not shetland ponies, barely 3 feet high to the top of their backs. I marveled at how much their dicks looked like a mans. You know before long I had one in the barn and had stripped completely down and was playing with his dick and watching as it grew bigger and bigger. I even bent over and began to suck on it I had gotten so excited. As I was sucking him wondering how I was going to fuck him I didn't hear the barn door open and did not know any one was there until my brother spoke up. Scared the crap out of me. He said that what I was doing really turned him on and he had gotten hard watching. My brother and I had always been close and had no secrets so I told him to drop his pants and I would do him too if he would help me fuck the stallion.

    I sucked him until he came and then he set up a small hay bale and put a blanket over it. He had me lay on it. He had pulled hay off it to make it narrow and shorter than normal so I was low to the ground and just fit the width. He lead the horse over and had him walk over the hay bale with me under him. The stallion had almost gotten soft again so my brother brought him far enough so I could begin playing with his dick and as he begin getting hard I started to suck it again. As it got hard my brother made him back up and told me to let my legs down on the side of the bale which left my legs wide apart and he eased the stallion forward until I could reach down and grab his dick and rub it against my pussy. All the sucking and playing with dicks had gotten me well lubricated and I eased the head of the dick into my pussy and when the horse felt that he begin to push forward and my brother had to hold him back and let his dick ease into me. It was so good. Bigger than the dog dicks but being such a small horse not too big. My brother said to let him know when I had enough of the dick in me and he stopped the horse from pushing in farther.

    He began fucking me so hard my whole body would jump as he plowed into me. I was in another world. I didn't see are feel anything except that big dick fucking me and I began to cum and when the horse I came again and don't know how many times I did but when the horse begin to cum in me it was so much and so hot. I had cum running around his dick out my pussy. My brother let the horse dick begin to soften and told me lift my legs so the horse wouldn't step on my feet and he backed him out and put him back in the corral. I was still laying there on the blanket exhausted when my brother came back. He came up by my head and asked if I would suck him again and I smiled and told him to fuck me instead. He climbed on and did fuck me with all that horse cum in and on me.

    That started a regular thing we did together, but from then on he always fucked me first before I fucked any of the dogs or horses. One day he said he had told one of our cousins that I could fuck a horse and he wanted to see so I thought what the hell and Billy set it up. When Billy fucked me my cousin said he wanted to also so I let him fuck me too. Then Billy brought in the horse and I fucked it. Naturally my cousin had to tell another cousin and before long I was fucking most of my cousins, my brother and of course the dogs and horses.

    I had also started to fuck some of the guys at school and kind of got a reputation that got around and Billy and his friends heard it and one day Billy asked If I would like to fuck some of his friends. So I added them to my list of dicks that fucked me. When I graduated and moved out I moved to a larger city and thought I wouldn't get to fuck as much as I was use to but i wasn't long before I was getting all the dicks I wanted.

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    Straight Male / 28

    Last summer in 2015 I had the pleasure of taking my stepdaugther who was almost 13 shopping for a swimsuit, with out saying to much about situation, her real dad would come up and see her every other weekend. The last time he showed up he had taken her swimming and lost her swim suit at the pool near his and never replaced it.

    So I decided to take my stepdaugther to a sports direct store and let her pick a new one, she was looking at these bikinis which I said was not really appropriate for a swimming pool and the sales assistant tried to get invoved with fitting her in some monstrous thing and when my step daugther tried on this bikini she liked the sales assistant blocked the door has to say sorry you cannot see how it looks on her... I told her so she could hear me to come out on to the shop floor so I may see.. and when she came out the sale assistant still blocking the chancing section(the old witch) was looking in disbelief and said it didn't look age appropriate.... (It was just a triangle black bikini) my stepdaugther said she liked it we paid for it and left for the pool.

    anyone I don't swim much so I told her to get changed and I would wait for her in the overhead section which looks down on the pool, I was busy on my phone for ages and I didn't noticed she had been taking with some people in the pool.
    These guys must have been 21 or older could not really tell from where I was sat, so I watched for awhile they were talking until they left and she continued swimming.

    The pool was busy and I lost sight of her and I spend awhile looking for her in the 3 pools they had, so I and decided to go back downstairts to the changing rooms, now these changing rooms are family changing rooms and are unisex.

    so I was walking down the passages which had changing rooms on both sides and saw her on the end she was just stood there with her phone in her hand outside these guys changing room she was laugthing these guys had just got changed and walked off in other direction.

    I walked over to her and asked what she was doing she said she had enough and wanted to leave, I told her I could not find her and she said, she had been out of the pool for the last half hour or so when I asked her why she had not got changed she told me she had a long shower, I told her to get changed and I wait for her outside I highly doubt she showed because she smelt of chlorine and her towel was dry.

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    Straight Male / 33

    I was driving home from work at around 2:30am and as I passed a side street I see 2 guys on it. I quickly did a U-turn and drove towards and down the street I just passed to see if I really saw what I saw. One of the guys was naked except for his shoes. I was still a distance away from them and my headlights were right on them. The naked guy was making some gestures and began to do a sexual act towards me. His clothed friend tried to pull him away to have them get away but he didn't move. I watched for a bit before I got out of my car to get a better look. The clothed guy tried harder to get his naked friend to leave but wasn't successful. I had left my iPhone on my dash recording everything they were doing. While outside my car I noticed no one was around except them and got the urge to do the same. I began undressing throwing my clothes into my car. Once naked, I walked away from my car with my headlights hitting me making it easy for them to see me this way. The naked guy came closer and soon the two of us were beside each other naked jerking off together. The clothed guy was still in the distance watching us do this act in public. We didn't stop until we were cumming together. Once done the naked guy quickly ran away and both him and his friend disappeared. I jumped into my car and only put my shirt on and drove home that way. Once home I got dressed in my garage and went in. I realized I maybe shouldn't have done what I did but it happened. I did however have it all on video on my iPhone. I am not gay but do get aroused watching the video of me and him masturbating together.

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    Straight Male / 54

    I discovered sex with my cousin when we were 12 and 13. Not that she was all about doing it, but she was there and we ended up doing it on the floor in the living room. I did her any time I could get her off alone, inside, outside, in the garage, on her bed, anywhere. She didn't believe it could be done from behind, but she found out quick that it could and she gave up her ass many times. She didn't give me a blow job until my 18th birthday and she wiped her mouth after that.

    We are old now, in our sixties, and she gives up her ass to me whenever I grab for it. She is still a great fuck. And she knows just how to give me a blow job, long and wet, she takes her time, she works me until I get a real hard on, and then she gives up her ass for a fuck.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I'm a 31 year old male gm at an ny burger king. Recently we hired a lot of minors, two of which were very attracted to each other. The male 17 and the female 16. I caught them getting frisky in our back area sink and wash corner and and watched as it escalted to heavy foreplay and into a blowjob that looked very practiced. Me being a self prclaimed loser amd bum filmed half way through while they allowed it anf idk what to do with it. On one hand i wanna destroy it because i'm freaked otu and wanna not get in trouble. BUT. i masturbate to it everyday and i am very sexually obsessed with both of them.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23


    I love this community it's filthy,dirty,horny and down right slutty it's somewhere i, as well as many other people on can confess their darkest secrets,w weather that cheating,fucking your own siblings, dressing up as a girl and being pegged by your girlfriend like a whore, going down on another girl or just being in a three way taking cum down your throat like the little whore you are weather your a man or a woman. This place is truly a breeding ground for utter filth and i'm not ashamed to admit that i absolutely embrace this filth where others in society would be ashamed. being part of this community and keeping this part of the internet a secret is awesome there is something about taboo topics that are so sexy. i remember when i first found this website i would spend hours everyday reading peoples confessions and it made me the most horny and dirtiest person going the only problem was my girlfriend was not as open minded as me. and that the thing there are not a whole lot of like minded people like us fellow adult confessioner and it's frustrating

    I was on omegle the other night and i realized something whilst this filthy as fuck girl was telling me to turn around and finger my arse hole whilst she played with herself, i realized why cant the community of adult confession come on here it would make the entire experience more fun and i discovered something. on omegle you can type what your interests are and you will be matched up with someone with the same interest. so how about we do this if you are a looking for some fun with like minded people in your interest type in

    Adultconfessions69 then press enter and go on video chat

    Obviousley we need to have rules
    1) the first rule about adult confession is that we don't talk about adult confession
    2) don't disconnect straight away when you match with somone get to know what they want
    3) don't obviously a complete prick to people

    hopefully if we all do this we will be matched up with each other and just have a fucking great night. At 1am wherever you are in the world go on omegle and type this in weather your a couple looking for fun or a single horny fuck lets have some fun

    click comment and click juicy so this can be submitted on the main feed hopefully i will see you all tonight fellow sluts
    if this does work lets keep it going and make it an every night thing especially on wednesdays because wednesday is a shit day in the week

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