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    Straight Female / 33

    Yes I'm not the brightest person around {nor do i claim to be} but i flipping hate stupid people. I simply tried to ask someone what i thought was a simple question that would require a simple answer and another person piped with with an idiocy answer.......REALLY?????????? Too many people think that they know everything and I'm so over dealing with that shit. There are times like that when i just feel like screaming "SHUT THE FUCK UP WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT DUMB ASS". Hot damn!!!

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    Straight Male / 18

    I am a 18 year old boy, I live with my widowed mother, one weekend my friend stayed over, the first night we had both showered and changed into our pyjama's, mum called us downstairs saying tea was served on the coffee table in the lounge, mum was sitting opposite us in an armchair whilst we were on the sofa, then something embarrassing happened, my friend shuffled forward to reach his cup off the table and as he did so his cock and balls flopped out of the fly of his pj's right in full view of my mum, having his hands full with the cup he was unable to anything about it, to make it worse he was very well hung for a 18 year old, he was sitting squirming whilst mum thought it amusing, too make matters worse he started to get an erection, now mum was more interested as she said she has not seen such a lovely sight since my father had died, she said she didn't know boys could be so big, then she turned to me asking if I was as well endowed, I was surprised by the question, so I said the only way to find out is if I get mine out and compare, thankfully I was just as big as my friends, both of us with similar cocks of about 7 inches, now faced with two youthful cocks staring at her she said it was a long time since she had sex, so my friend quickly put his cup down and was kneeling in front of my mother lifting her up to remove her panties, she slid forward and her lovely hairy pussy was on view, now I had never seen her naked before, the occasion had got to her my friend pulled her onto his rampant cock and he was plunging it in and out of her, in her abandon she called me across to her, where she took my cock and put it into her mouth, what A great feeling that was for me as I was a virgin, soon my friend was spent and mum told me take his place I was going to fuck my own mum,I was soon fucking her fanny that was still full of my friends cum, after that week end I have had the luxury of being able to fuck my mum on loads of occassions

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    i love playing with myself and JACKING OFF..especially in front of girls..when i was younger i would expose myself to the young girls in my neighborhood , then beg them to watch me JACKOFF , I was already hard and playing with myself they just laughed while i JACKED OFF...they didnt mind , fortunately , it was a learning experience for them..sometimes they would bring girlfriends to watch me too..i loved doing that in front of all of them.. i really really loved it , i got sooo day they said they wouldnt watch me anymore..i was devastated.. i was having so much fun..i begged and begged they still said no...i pulled my pants down one day anyways in front of the girls and they just left..the next day i begged them again to watch me telling them i'll do anything anything for you if you watch me JACKOFF again..they said they would think about it and let me know..a couple of days later they came to me and said meet them later that they had an idea of something for me to do for them then they would watch me JACKOFF again...i went to our place and took my clothes off waiting for the girls..they showed up and had another boy friend with them..i was a little embarrassed standing there with no clothes on in front of him..they said dont worry that he was going to get naked too..they were giggling and talking amongst them selves ..he took his clothes off and instantly got a hardon the girls remarked how big he was ..i started playing with myself and the girls stopped me saying not yet..that i had to suck on the other boys COCK and make him CUM with my mouth and hands before i could JACKOFF in front of them again...i nearly fainted....they assured me if did as they requested they would watch me anytime i i realized it was the only thing i could do if i wanted to JACKOFF in front of the girls again..i knelt down in front of him and gently held his cock and put my mouth around it and started sucking him off..the girls laughed and laughed and laughed so hard i thought they would faint..he started moaning and it didnt take long for him to CUM he squirted CUM straight down my throat before i hardly realized it was happening...i couldnt stop ,i think i was enjoying myself , also i had the hardest hardon i had ever had...the girls cheered and laughed when they realized he had CUM and that i swallowed all of it. the boy put his clothes on and left right away..the girls laughing said i had earned being able to JACKOFF in front of them again didnt take long and i was CUMMING all over the felt soooooo good doing that in front of the girls again..i never let them know i like sucking the boy off and swallowing his CUM..I guess just having a female audience made doing these things more exciting ...even cock was the beginning of a wonderful summer...

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    Gay Male / 26

    i have no name.
    i do not exist as a person.
    i have no will, no opinion, no mind of my own.
    i am property.

    Eac h morning i awaken as i fell asleep, naked and cold on the floor at the foot of my Master's bed. i roll up the thin mat that is my bed and slide it under the dresser. i go onto the kitchen and make coffee before returning to the bedroom then i kneel at the side of the bed until my Master signals me, no matter how long it takes. When He as given me permission i crawl up onto the bed and suck my Master's cock until He rewards me with His cum. i swallow every delicious drop, milking his cock until there is no more. i get up and go back to the kitchen and make my Master a cup of coffee, take it to him in his chair and kneel at his side until He wants another. If He is hungry i make him breakfast and then clean up. i start His shower and after He gets in i follow and bathe Him, then dry him off and help Him dress or put on his robe. Once that is done i clean the house, vacuum, dust etc. stopping only to see to His needs. When i have nothing to do i wait on my knees next to Him, for hours if He wishes.
    When He has guests i greet each one, naked except for the collar i never take off, and which bears His Name so all know i belong to Him, and kiss the bulge of each one who enters, Master or slave. i serve dinner and drinks, tend to everyone's needs. Then afterwards i do as i am told, whether it is wait on my knees or pleasuring everyone with my mouth. i am a good cocksucker, my Master trained me and i do everything to show how well He did it. i want him to be proud of me and suck every cock i am told to, and swallow every drop.
    Each night i suck my Masters cock and submit when He wants to ram my ass. He is big, but i take every inch down my throat or up my ass eagerly. i live only to please Him, He is my world and my reason for being. When i make a mistake He punishes me... i must endure a whipping with a belt or flogger, because He only wishes to teach me my mistakes...

    i worship my Master
    i am His slave

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    Straight Male / 18

    i farted

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 45

    I guess I have what you could call a bit of a stripper habit. I'm not proud of it but hey, even though I am in really good shape and good looking, I am 45 and there aren't a ton of 20-something hotties lined up to show me their tits.

    Here are my rules -- about 1/3 of strippers are lesbians, so nothing ever happens. About 50% seem to follow the house rules and it's no/light touch only. But I've found that if I am patient, I can find one of the maybe 5% who are that rare combination of sex addict + too much pride to take money once things get hot and heavy.

    Alex was one of those. All of 5 feet tall, hair to her waist, tight ass and a rack that wouldn't quit. She was on stage the first time. I sat down and waved her over. Right away I could sense she was one of the special ones. Something about the look in her eyes . . . submissive, eager to please. She danced for me, and I was smitten, but I put on an air of indifference, checking my phone, the tv over the bar, other girls. It was 3PM on a Monday and the place was dead. I slowly started giving her more attention and made as if to tip her. When she bent over the rail and her hair fell all around me and her lips brushed my cheek. I knew I had hooked her. "Come and see me after your dance," I said and wandered away to a table in the back.

    She came right over as soon as she was off stage. I smiled knowing what was next. I motioned to my lap and she slid into it. I keep my hand respectfully on her back as we chatted. She was new to stripping and not quite sure of herself. She kept asking me if I wanted a private dance, but I just shook my head. Finally she said to me, "I want to GIVE you a dance", perhaps thinking it would lure me in.

    "Thank you baby", I replied. "That is very sweet and generous of you".

    I took her hand and led her back. Most guys let the stripper take charge. Not me. She needs to know that I am calling the shots. I slipped the girl at the VIP room entrance $20. That's the house cut for 4 dances. I made sure Alex saw me do it so she would know that whatever happened I had her back with the house.

    I sat in the cubby out of sight of the door monintor and she wasted no time in straddling me. She went to take off her top and a stopped her. "Let me," I said. I hooked the chami with my thumbs and pulled it up, keeping my eyes on her face. My thumbs brushed her nipples and the sharp intake of her breath was audible. My hands slid down her back, pulling her forward where my tongue found her nipple. I dropped my hands to cup her ass. Her hands were in my hair pulling my face into her tits. Her hips started moving back and forth, pushing her pussy along the bulge in my pants. I slid my hand along the crack of her ass, tugging gently at her g-string until I could see thee outline of her mons -- a perfect camel toe. She looked at me like she couldn't quite believe this was happening. I DEFINITELY could not believe it, as I had never been this successful in getting action from a stripper without paying for at least a lap dance or two. But I played it cool.

    As the first song ended I turned her around. "Show me your perfect ass," I said. She bent over slightly and gyrated. It WAS perfect. I reached up and grabbed her hips, pulling her slowly down onto my lap. I moved my hand around between her legs. Her g-string was soaked. I slid my hand under and began to finger her shaved pussy. My finger slipped in and I pulled her close. Her hips were making small circles, grinding on my cock. We were into it now and her and reached between her legs, stroking my cock through my pants.

    She was leaning back and my other hand was fondling her breasts, pinching the nipples. "Baby, do not cum without asking me first," I whispered in her ear. She nodded and we kept moving together - delicious friction bringing us both closer to orgasm. I cursed myself for not bringing a condom, because I wanted to be inside of her so badly. She started shuddering and I realized she was cumming. She slumped back against me and I slid my fingers out of her pussy.

    "I'm sorry," she said, turning to face me. "I know I was supposed to . . . " I put my finger, wet with her juices to her lips. "It's OK," I said. The fourth song was starting and she looked into my eyes as her finger found my zipper. My cock was in her hand. She stood up quickly and glanced around. Still alone in the room. She knelt before me and ran her tongue along the tip of my cock -- then down the shaft. Her mouth took me in, sucking forcefully, her head bobbing up and down. Her mouth was sweet and wet and I know I was going to cum quickly. I loosed my load into her mouth and she drank it greedily before the song was even half over. We sat together, straightening our clothes.

    "I want to take care of you, but I don't pay for sex, so why don't you give me your number". She got this look like "I can't believe I am doing this" on her face, but she grabbed my phone and typed in her number. The song was over and I led her out. The day would have only gone down hill from there, so I told her I was leaving. Se hugged my tight and headed back to the locker room to change her wet g-string. The girl at the door looked at me funny and I just smiled and left.

    I called Alex a few days later and made arrangements to go to her place and fuck her properly. The sex was amazing. We never got together officially, but I did help her out with some bills now and then and the sex never stopped being amazing. But I was 43 and she could not have been more than 22, so it never would have worked anyway.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    I am a married man, but this happened to me while I was working away from home, I had just been out for a drink and on the way back to my boarding house when a young girl asked me if I wanted a blow job, never ever having one I asked her back to my room, no sooner were we through the door she was on me unfastening my belt and pulling down my pants and briefs, she was on my uncut enforced penis right away she rolled back the foreskin and started to swirl her tongue around my glans, the thrill of this was all new to me and my legs were almost buckling, she certainly new how to handle a cock, not long after I was blowing the an enormous load into her mouth, she continued slurping every last drop of my cum down, she asked if I wanted her to stay I agreed to this as I thought I would never get the chance to fuck a young teenage girl again

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    Straight Female / 34

    When I was a little girl I was molested by various people. But for some reason, I loved it. I loved when family members and cousins would molest me. I wanted them to take my clothes off and continue molesting me. Sometimes I even wanted them to have sex with me. I used to hitch hike in hopes that I'd get molested and then have to suck the guy off.

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    Straight Male / 33

    My friend accepted a job which meant he has to work away for a year. His girlfriend said they'd try long distance but after 3 months my friend called me, upset because his girlfriend had broken up with him saying she can't do the whole long distance anymore.

    I listened to him wailing about it for about an hour. Thing is, I already knew as I've been seeing his girlfriend for the last 6 weeks. He still doesn't know.

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    Gay Male / 18

    T shot a man in Reno just to watch him die

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