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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    If it had happened a few months before, I would most probably have punched the guy, even if he was a fucking muscle bound giant. As it was, when he asked me if he could fuck my wife as I watched, I stepped over to him, put my right hand into his car and shook his hand. His massive hand took mine as he smiled, gripped it and nearly broke my fingers. The only other thing he said before he drove away was "You'll be my good bitch too, boy".

    Henson, the giant body builder, is just the latest in a series of men who've fucked my wife in front of me. And it all began with a dare. Cassie my wife didn't think I'd be able to cope with her sucking another mans cock, and if I'm being honest, neither did I. But the dare was on and I didn't want to seem a sexual coward, after all she'd only just watched me lick out a teenagers pussy, making her cum as the rest of the party goers looked on. The party was nearing its end and Cassie had found her rebound to my cunnilingus, also another dare. The young guy wasn't too sure with me standing there, but Cassie soon had his cock out and in her very skillful mouth. He was almost on the verge of cumming when I broke in to add an extra bite as it were to the dare. Too many whiskys, too many sexy girls and a mouthful of sweet teenage pussy gave me the horn to say what I did, and it started everything from that moment on. I told Cassie if I finished him off, she'd have to let me take the girl home and fuck her.

    That night Cassie watched me fuck a nineteen year old slut in our bed, but not before I'd swallowed a young mans cum. His cock wasn't big at all, but it was thick and I definitely got the taste for sucking cock only seconds after sucking in his dick. He practically skull fucked me once he knew there was going to be no repercussions and wow did I enjoy it.

    The freeing of our marriage was set. And it evolved the moment I said yes to allowing Cassie to bring home a guy from her workplace, who she said had a huge cock. His dick is still the biggest male organ I've ever seen. And on such a skinny young man it looked freakish. Other than seeing Cassie devour it, orally, vaginally and anally, the main surprise was her insistance I swallow his pussy and ass cream coated cock when he decied to cum. She was well and truely fucked by the time he was ready unload his seed into my mouth. When he did, it felt like a river of cum flowing over my tongue. Finishing his spurts I took hold of his cock and quite naturally began to lick up and down on his massive cock shaft. The young man was rock hard again about five minutes later. And so began Cassies new role, she became the mistress and I unwittingly became her cuckold. As he plunged into cassies pussy again from behind, I was told as I lay underneath Cassie, to lick his balls as they slapped my face. I didn't taste his cum directly this time. He filled my wifes pussy, then moved out of the way so she could lift herself over my face. I licked and sucked out his cum from my wifes c**t, as she sunk her pussy onto my face.

    Henson, our latest visitor, is by far the most demanding of my cuckold nature. I'm not sure who's holes he prefers most. Some days he'll make me sit outside the house as he fucks Cassie to one orgasm after another. Other times I'm there to make sure each thrust of his super thick cock, slides just right into her asshole. Then even better for me I've now recently discovered, is after he's gotten his cock liberally coated in Cassies pussy cream, Henson will have me slowly slide down his cock shaft, taking his full length up my willing ass. It's a new phase that Cassie fully agrees and wishes for me. It's one I'd have thought impossible only a year ago, but one I now embrace and accept fully for my wife/mistress and her many lovers.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    i'm that easy girl. i've always been. the girl everyone calls when they want to have a good time and know they will get lucky before the date is over. i dress with my clothing just a little too tight. i flirt all the time. i've been proposed to 4 times in my life, 3 guys and 1 girl, but i've not married. i know what i am, an almost sure thing, and i enjoy it. i'm not just a convenient fuck. i want to have a good time and enjoy going out, if i did, then you know what the pay off will be.

    if i don't have a good time, then know this--i don't put out when i'm not happy. if you act like a jerk, you'll never see me again, and your number mysteriously gets blocked, and you lose the best thing you've ever had.

    so relax, have fun, and you're getting some.

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    Straight Male / 27

    I've gotten off with, and fantasized to, the sex life of the girl I like. She's told me bits and pieces about her sex life before, like giving head to a coworker while at work (with other coworkers having seen it and confirmed it for me) or having sex with a boyfriend in the shower. I used to be unable to stand it but now I find it kinda exciting to hear about the dirty things she's done.

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    Straight Male / 52

    I want my wife to sit on a chair in the middle of the room with her big tits out and I want her to sit smiling and watching a man wank my cock silly over her big tits, spraying cum all over them. Then I want her to watch me wank in front of her while two men wank there clocks over her big tits. To end, I want to watch her head bouncing up and down on my cock while she wanks it with her lips.

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    Straight Male / 55

    For years my friend from work has been wanting to see my wifes huge 44dd's .now they are good friends from school and both alot younger then we had talked about getting her to let him see I finally talked her into it.but him and her being friends she didnt want too.but she finally yesterday being sunday he came over for a visit .we all knew what was gonna he came in and she was wearing a button up shirt and bra that hooked in the front.she stood in front of him and slowly undone her shirt and bra and let her huge tits flow out.he just sat there staring being they were the biggest all natural juggs he had ever seen.I was viewing it with my cell phone so I told him to go ahead and get a hand full so he did without hesitation, I then said suck on em,I told him to suck one and id suck on the wife gets off having her tits sucked.I ask if he wanted to tit fuck her but he said no knowing my cock is much bigger he said he wanted to watch me tit fuck her so I put my cock between her tits and started stroking while he videoed .I told my wife to suck my cock and let him watch what an expert could do to a penis.she then said she wanted to get fucked and I ask him if he wanted to fuck her and for some reason he just wanted to watch,so I laid her back and let him watch me eat her out while her filmed .I then told him to get her more wet so I could penetrate her more easily. I stood back and watched him finger her pussy and suck her tits while I videoed .then she got on her knees doggie style and I put my cock deep in her and fucked her while our friend videoed .he playing with her ass and tits while I banged her from behind ,finally I unloaded my nuts in her wet pussy.our friend thanked us for his first threesome and asked if we could do it again sometime ,but thats up to my wife.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 18

    So I can't talk to this to my friends because Im afraid they will tell everyone to tell(I'm in high school). I have never had sex before. This weekend I went over to this girls house absolutely smashed and drank a bout another 6 shots there. I really got that drunk because I was nervous. Also I didn't think things were going to go close to as far we hadn't even made out before. She didn't end up drinking much at all. A couple hours later we made out then went to there bedroom. We got naked but I was drunk so you could guess what happened. IT should have been my first time I almost want to kill going home. how embarrassing do you think that is? Also thank god she still likes me, next week I think should be the week. I want to make her best night of her life any suggestions? I Think I will do just fine but I do want it to be amazing for her, I don't care at all about myself. Any suggestions please

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 35

    Last summer i went to a nude beach. When i was there I ran into one of my friends wife. At first we were completely embarrassed when we saw each other and we covered up. As we stood there talking we looked at each other and finally said we might as well get it over with and look at each other. She is a short little blonde with a killer body. One of the best asses I have ever seen. I am very well endowed at just under 8" and thick. I complimented her on how she looked and she did me. We stood there talking foe a little while and then she went back by her friend. After a while we kept looking back and forth at each other and shortly after she walked over by me. She asked me to not ell her husband i saw her there. She told him she was shopping with her friend. She said she has always wanted to go to a nude beach but her husband would not go and would be pissed at her that she went. I told her no problem but what was in it for me? She just smiled grabbed my hand and led me off behind some big rocks. When we were out of everyone sight she dropped down and started sucking my cock. I was rock hard and could not pass up the opportunity and i laid her back and ate her pussy and ass. After she came she said would that due and i said but i still have this hard cock. She smile, laid back and spread her legs and said well i think we can take care of it. I slide my cock into one of the tightest pussies i have ever felt. She told me i was much bigger then her husband so please take it easy at first. After a few strokes in i started just fucking the shit out of her. She ended up cumming pretty quickly and then i came not long after. I we were laying there with my cock in her she slowly slid back and forth and I stayed hard. She just smile and said that was the best fuck i've ever had. I said thanks. At this point i thought what the hell, i grabbed her , flip her over and started licking that fantastic ass of hers. he said that feel so good, then sat up and put the tip of my cock right on her asshole. She turned and looked at me with a nervous look on her face and said i've never done anal before. I told her i would be gentle and she said ok. I slide my cock in her tight little ass and she whimpered a little, i asked her if she was ok and she said yes dont stop. I slowly slide the rest of my cock in her ass ans started fucking her. After a little while i cam in her ass and i pulled out and sat back. She said I hope that pays my favor in full. I told her sure did. After she cleaned up she went back by her friend and they did not say anything to each other and just smiled. It was a great day at the beach. I have seen her and her husband on a few occasions and when she sees me she just gives me a hug and smiles. The last time i saw them as she was walking away from me she turned and smiled and grabbed her butt. Hope he never finds out and i hope i run into her on the beach again.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 27

    Between semesters I was working cocktails at a club. I had a friend there, she was from Austria and we got along pretty well. One day she told me that some friends of hers had asked her to go on boat ride offhsore, it was a regular large yaght that slept four. She and I would share a berth and the two guys would share a berth. It sounded like fun and I had never been so I agreed.

    Once offshore, we were way past the point where you could see land, as the sun was setting and drinks were flowing and the food was being prepared in the galley, I got to thinking, 'are these guys really going to sleep together?'. I mean, that my girlfriend and I would sleep together was one thing, but two guys? So I asked my friend about it, and she looked at me with utter amazement. She told me why we were there.

    So I was just blunt and told her I didn't do guys. I did girls. And that I had come to be with her, doing her. I told her I was queer, gay, lesbian, whatever she wanted to call it, I ate pussy and I had my pussy eaten by a girl, I did not do dicks.

    And, I repeated, I came out there to do her, to sleep with her, to have her fuck me. That as far as I was concernted those two guys could go fuck each other, because I was fucking her and no one else was getting a piece of her.

    It put the matter to rest. We slept together. It was her first lesbian experience, it was my first lesbian experience. Since neither one of us really knew what we should have been doing we spent most of the time doing 69 and the rest of the time figuring out who should kiss who.

    The next day we were lesbian and hand holding and holding each other, we completely blew off the guys. They were nice to us and all, and cooked us breakfast, but told us that they were disapointed, that the plan wasn't for us to be a couple of lesbians.

    Anyway it was my only lesbian experience, and my friend told me it was hers too. We still kiss each other on the lips, and we laugh about the time we kept ourselves from getting screwed by a couple of guys we didn't know.

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    Straight Male / 35

    My confession is simple . Sometimes after my wife passes out on her pills at night. I masturbate on to her face into her mouth and in her and let her sleep that way

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 51

    I have been a Science Teacher for over twenty years, and every year my students drive me to drink; it's like they don't want to learn Science they want to make noises, talk about fights, and make my life miserable as can be. You won't believe all of the foolishness I half to deal with when it comes to the students no matter what Class Period it is, they all drive me crazy. First there's my fifth period students, and they get on my nerves so much, they constantly make noises, talk excessively, one young man does nothing in class, I don't understand why he even comes to school, then there's the Three Stooges at the front of the class. They constantly make noises like animal sounds, they bang on the desks, one time out in the hall they made so much noise, that I thought a fight broke out; two of them were yelling and creaming loud enough to be heard all the way down to the Office where i sent them both, and they were Wrestling in my Class almost thrashing the entire Class with their Horsing around.

    I can also tell you some of the stuff they do that really makes me angry, for some reason everybody in the School called me "Mr. Skittles" I hate that name, and if you call me that, I will send you straight to the Office. Do I look like some kind of candy to you, i'm a Science Teacher, now why don't you study about physics and spend less time acting like children. Also I can tell you the type of language I've heard in my class, from students dropping F bombs, one calling another Young Man a "Freakin Queer" I don't want to hear that type of language this is a School, do you all kiss your mothers with moths that dirty.

    Let's not forget the damages These Students have done to my class, one Young Man, Fell through a broken patch on the floor and going through the floor. Then one times some numskull in a Gorilla Suit came outside when I was on Outside Activity Duty, and started to chase me all over the School grounds. Than I believe the same numskull actually Jumped through the floor in a Gorilla Suit to chase me all over the School.I think i'm going to retire because I don't think I can take another year with these students of mine, not to mention the time one of them dumped water on me and after that I reached my breaking point; don't come to my class to disrupt, you come to learn Science and that's it.

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