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    Straight Female / 39

    I have always had a thing for younger men and wearing shiny pantyhose and tights and lingerie. A 39 year old mother of an 18 year old son. I am divorced and single a the current time! My son has a couple friends that I think are absolutely gorgeous. They are also 18 years old. His friends are always making comments about how sexy I am teasing my son. They do it in front of me and when I am not around! I am a parmacidical saleswoman so I try to dress professional but sexy! I always wear 4" heels, tight skirts and shiny pantyhose. I workout everyday so I'd say I have a pretty good body!
    My son always has friends over the house and I don't know if they come over because they like hanging out to check me out or if they just like the house! I let the boys do what they want for the most part. Some would say I'm too lax as a parent but I figure if they are gonna do it is rather them be where I know they are safe!
    I wear my pantyhose all day and night. My son complains I'm doing it to turn his friends on which my be part of the reason and I think my son has a bit of a fetish for them also since I wear them all the time. I like wearing them because they'ree feel sexy and I like the way they feel! Most women complain about them but if you buy the high end pantyhose theyake you look and feel fantastic and the looks you get from the men don't hurt either.
    So here is my story!

    My son had a party, small party but a party. there were about 6 girls and 4 guys. Everyone was out at the pool area hanging out having a few beers when I got home from work! I walked out and had on a short skirt and my high heels and se very silly shiny hose. All the girls made comments about how beautiful and sexy I looked and then my sons friend mike started. He is very well built and very good looking. He started saying if you were not rob's mom is have my way with you! He said how sexy my legs were and that he would love to suck my toes in pantyhose. He was saying how he would eat my pussy all night long and fuck me with his big dick. I was kind of embarrassed but loved it. My son was getting pissed but mike finally backed off and told rob he was joking and got him to calm down but then mike looked at me and winked! It made my pussy tremble. I could feel it getting wet! The party kept on and I sat there at the bar talking to one of the young girls Alex and she kept saying that she had hoped she would be as sexy as me at 39 and was saying how great my body was. At first I thought she was just being complentary but then I got the feeling after a while she wanted to sleep with me. I told the kids I had to go change and I heard the boys say I hope she keeps on those hose. I heard my son say I'm sure she will she wears th 24/7! Then mike yelled out I hope you are coming swimming and putting on a bikini. Everyone just laughed! I thought to myself I'm gonna put on my sexiest bikini with my hose on and watch their jaws drop! I went up and changed and came down and when I walked out the door I could see all the boys eyes pop open along with Alex's! I sat down in the sun and it was bouncing off my hose leaving a nice glare lone down my leg. Everyone including me were drinking. All the kids were spending the night so I really didn't care much! I have a nice pool house with a bedroom and living room compliments of my ex husband being a successful lawyer. It was about 9:00 and some of the kids were starting to pass out. Most went to the pool house and some just slept on lounge chairs around the pool area. There were only about 5 of us left including myself. My son and his girlfriend were in the pool house passed out or having sex. I sat there at the bar and I kept feeling a foot bumping my leg and I looked at mike and he just smiled. I figured what the hell I may as well have some fun and tease him a bit! I started running my pantyhose covered foot up his leg. Alex was sitting there and I could feel her checking me out! The other two kids that were out there said they were going to be. It was about 11:45 or so and I said I was gonna head up too! I went in the house and stopped at the powder room down stairs and when I came out Mike was standing there. He told me how badly he wanted me and pinned me up against the wall and started kissing me and running his hands all over my legs. He was telling me how sexy my legs looked and felt! I didn't know what to do! I told him he had to stop but I really liked it! He then put his hand inside my pantyhose and bikini. He was now rubbing my wet pussy and I could feel his hard, huge dick pressed into me! I started kissing him back and u found myself taking him up to my room. We were now on the bed and he was doing just what he said he'd do earlier in the day of he had the chance. For an 18 year old he sure knew his way around a woman's body. He ate my pussy for about 15minutes when I realized that Alex was standing in the doorway rubbing her pusssy watching us! When she noticed I noticed her she said do you have another pair of pantyhose I could put on. I was so drunk and horny I just pointed towRd my dresser. She put on a pair of wolford glossy tan hose and looked amazing. Mike had already tore a hole in the crotch of mine so Alex walked over and started eating my pussy! I had never been so turned on. My head was hanging over the edge of the bed and mile shoved his dick in my mouth. I sucked his dick for about 10 minutes and during that time Alex made me orgasm twice. I said to mike I want to watch you fuck Alex while she eats my pussy. He fucked her as hard as I've seen a girl fucked and she screamed the entire time! I could see why because his dick is huge! I told him I wanted to feel his big dick in me! I had never had a big dick like that. I have always been told how tight my pussy is! When he put it in I thought he was ripping me apart! He fucked me for over a half an hour before he came. We all three fucked until about 4:00 am! It was amazingg

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    Straight Male / 50

    im a male seventy years of age,still can get it up ,a good erecting rather,and not a bad size ,my wife however,says it doesn't turn her on,she told me this ten years ago so we stopped all sex contact,the closes thing I get to sex now is perving on her,and wanking myself off,or like some I suppose I could pay for it,that im not into,or game to do,anyhow back to my wife,shes sixty two,looks much younger,great legs ,shapely body,shes aged well,attractive ,and a huge pair of huge full tits that look more like melons,niples as big as cherries,and her huge tits hang well ,a mans paradise,

    her pussy over the years have not had that much work.i could never satisfy it,so I concentrated mainly on tit sex with her,in her deep tight cleavage she'd swallow both my cock and balls,she could take a horses cock between them,i did a couple of times get some pleasure from penetrating her arse,riding her hard,and she loves cock sucking,but still I could not really please her,

    it wasn't until recently I heard her talking to a friend of hers,saying she felt hot and horny,wanted to have some dirty fun,saying it had been over ten years since she had any type of sex,even take on woman she said,a first time for anything,apparently her girlfriend and husband have the same problem listening to the conversation,i could do that my wife said,there are a few things i need doing,is that what you do she asked.well that's right no guilt,i might try it,how do I get rid of him though,she said, meaning me,he might agree,ill have to find out ,let you know,love to get together with you,

    a week went by,then she mentioned about having a few jobs around the house done,ones by law I coudnt touch,new power points etc,and an outdoor power point,thats ok I said,go ahead,she also arranged for a roof repaint,at the same time,two electricians and three roof blokes arrived,non real young in their thirty or fourties,she explained to the electicians what she wanted,i to the roof blokes,she looked great nothing like her age,joking and laughing with the workman,

    it wasn't until they had a lunch break they came on to her a bit,she was loving it,teasing them in a few ways,laughing and joking,they told her she had a great figure ,she smiled not bad for an oldie she said,your joking one said,how old are you,im not telling you that she said,how old do I look she giggled,not old at all was their reply,thanks fellows she said flattery will get you anywhere,can we asked you another question,go ahead she said ,were not being rude but how big are your boobs,plenty big enough she said giggling again,how about giving us a flash come on be a sport,maybe but not here she said,in the garage,

    I was sitting on with all this,you don't mind they said,its up to her if that's what she wants ,and she does believe me was my reply,in the garage she undid her bras taking them off ,her massive tits filling her blouse,she lifted her blouse flashing those huge melons the blokes were stunned,bulging eyes mouths open,come on boys yourve seen tits before she said,silence then voices ,yes but not like those there huge,well there ready for some action she said pulling of her blouse ,whos going to be first,or better still how many at the one time she teased,they grabbed her pulling on her tits sucking in turn those great nipples,my cock had risen just watching,she was playing with them being sexy hot,within minutes she was naked being fucked like a bitch on heat over and over they fucked her ,shaer was laughing ,come on boys,how about fucking these holding her tits ,she got to her knees ill suck all your cocks before you do my tits she said,they fucked her good cocks all over her tits cum everywherethey covered every hole doggy style while others miked her tits sucked on them ,all arse fucked her,the work that day was cancelled,

    for a week these blokes gave her all she wanted and her pleasing them she was fucked at all times during the day,outsde in the house ,on the bed on the ground,she made it easy for them no bras ,and available at all times,fucking so hot they said,her tits were bruised ,her thighs the same,tits looked bigger than ever,she loved every minute and was sorry when the blokes had to leave,oh well she said always something to repair smiling,

    she keeps a lot of tradesman happy,also a few male neighbours now as well,hot is not the word ,shes on fire,most of the time someone is having fun with her tits,me im happy also,fucking her girlfriend and her great knockers,while shes on with another girlfriend of hers,so im getting two for one,bye for now,old bloke

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    Straight Female / 18

    If your a person who comes arcoss this please txt me just to be cool nd chat . Im really bored out of my mind nd you'll get to know me more if we talk (317)993-1316. This is my cell phone number. My name is Sheldon. Im a girl. Nd I know the age says 18 but honestly im really 16 finna be 17 may 17th of 2015. Just letting u know

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    Straight Male / 53

    My wife and I decided to spice things up in our sex life. A couple that we were friends with were swingers and we started up a relationship with them. It started with a night of hot tubbing. After some friends left, it was just my wife and our friends, Betty and Richard left. I removed my shorts and stood up in the tub showing off my erection. Betty reached over and pulled my cock towards her. She had her bathing suit off by now and her pierced nipples were floating on the top of the water. She put my cock into her mouth and started to give my head. I looked over and by this time my wife was naked and riding Richards cock with her tits swinging in front of his face(she has pierced nipples as well). Betty reached around and slid a finger up my ass. This made me blow everything I had into her waiting mouth. Soon after that I could see by the look on Richards face that he was unloading his load into my wife's c**t. We all climbed out of the tub and went into the house where got my wife to let me clean her up by licking her dripping snatch.
    Later that week Richard phoned and asked if would be interested in going to a swingers club in a city an hour away. Nobody would know us and we were happy about that. My wife bought a tiny little black number that was made of thin material and showed off her pierced nipples quite nicely. She didn't wear a bra or panties to the club. We had a couple of drinks and Richard had her up on the dance floor. Betty and I joined after having another drink. When we got to the dance floor my was was surrounded by a few guys and couple of girls. Her dress was pulled up so that you could see her bald c**t and they were all taking turns feeling ass and snatch. See waved me over to her and reached into her c**t and put her fingers in my mouth. She had come so much that it was running down her legs. She was in heaven.
    When Betty and I returned to table we were sitting at my wife had a guy standing beside her and had pulled her top down and he was playing with the jewelry that my wife had put in her nipples for the evening. His wife was dressed in a little maids outfit. I had her come and stand by me and I reached up under her little skirt to find her bare ass and snatch. I slid my finger into her tight, wet little c**t. Things were getting pry hot so we decided to go upstairs to big room where a few couples had already gathered. My wife threw off her little dress and laid on her back with her legs spread. I didn't hesitate and had my cock in her c**t in seconds. I pumped her for awhile and then she whispered in my ear that she wanted Richard to fuck her in her ass. I knew that his cock was lot bigger than mine and that he was going to stretch her ass real good. I wanted her to get what ever she wanted that night so I pulled out of her and flipped her over onto her stomach. She raised her ass in the air and I watched as Richard spread her ass cheeks and started to slid his huge cock into my wife's ass. I could tell it was hurting my wife as she buried her face into a pillow.
    The little maid asked me if I would eat her snatch. I was happy to oblige. I had her on her back with her legs way up in the air so I could tongue her beautiful ass as I licked her c**t. Her husband stroked his cock as I did this. Betty got underneath me and started sucking my dripping cock. I was so aroused that I blew my load into her mouth in seconds. Little maids husband came all over her tits and I helped her clean up the mess with my tongue. She kissed long and hard and we shared her husbands come. I turned my attention back to my wife who was now sucking Richards massive cock. Again by the look in his eyes I could tell that he was about to come. My wife sensed it too and grabbed his ass and held him so that she got all of his come in her mouth. She swallowed all of it in front of me and then gave me a huge kiss. We all got dressed and made our way back down to our table for couple more drinks. My wife leaned over and whispered into my ear that this was the most fulfilling sex that she had ever had. I just smiled back at her and drank my beer.

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    Gay Male / 54

    I always considered myself as bi for the most part. I sucked my first cock when I was 12 and did it off and on until I went into the service. There I got married had 2 kids and never thought about men again until after my divorce. Once I was divorced I met a guy at a bowling tournament and we got along great and we were both at the same hotel so instead of driving someplace to have a few more drinks we went back to my room. It was all innocent at first just chatting about the tourney and such, but I noticed he kept touching/rubbing himself and in my drunken state it brought back memories of me sucking guys off and I must have been thinking out loud and said that bulge looks good and the next thing I know he has his cock out and I was sucking like never before. Well I sucked him off 3 or 4 times before the tourney was over and then began sucking other guys off when I could find someone in my home town.
    Since then I found that most of the guys I have sucked off are more endowed then I and I also found that I like pleasing men and yes my ass is now a pussy for real men.
    About 8 years ago one guy I was servicing bought me a pair of panties to wear while I serviced him. The panties felt really good on and being I like being submissive/passive to men it only felt right. I would get a new pair every time we got together and I started wearing panties most of the time. I don't dress fully in women's clothes but for about the past 6 years I wear only panties and because I don't feel I can satisfy a woman because of my small package I have only had sex with men for the past 3 years and no longer have any interest in women, If I am on the computer and bored I look up pictures of cocks and just love looking and wishing I could suck them all.
    I also just started to were women's low rise jeans and make sure the shirt I wear stops at the hips so that when I reach or bend over that what ever style of panties I have on show out the top of my jeans. SO to be honest with myself I no longer consider myself bi but gay and I am slowly coming out.
    Being 54 I am 5'7 and 165# and on the thin side I know shave my whole body from head to toe and even my underarms and although I live in a small town I don't care when the warmer months are here and I wear shorts and my shaved legs show or a tank top and people see my armpits are shaved. No one has ever said a thing to me directly but I do get strange looks. I feel like a teenager again because I am always horny and love checking out a man's bulge every time I walk past a guy.
    I am also a exhibitionist because I will suck a guy off any where he wants me to or let a man fuck me anywhere (as long as no one gets arrested) and I if others are around and watching really turns me on. Something about others seeing me being submissive to a real man and pleasuring him that just makes me go crazy and horny as can be. Bottom line is I love cock in my mouth and ass pussy and totally pleasing real men. So yes I am a gay sissy bitch boi for real men..

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    Straight Male / 46

    About two years ago, it just happened without warning. I fucked my neighbor's daughter. She's a senior in high school, we were joking, teasing and laughing like we always did, and she kissed me. I got really turned on, and we ended up in my house.

    It didn't last as long as I wanted to. I fingered her, made out with her and she stroked me a bit before I fucked her in my living room. She's kind of cute, a bit heavier, and not really the type I'm into, but I'd never fucked someone her age. She told me she was on the pill, so no, we didn't use protection.

    When I came, I did it inside her. And then afterwards, when we had gotten cleaned up and dressed, she told me that she liked it, but she wasn't sure if it was a good idea that I did my thing inside her, even if she was on BC.

    Just kind of freaks me out, because I was horny as hell, and because we both wanted to fuck. Yeah, she's legal, which at least doesn't get me in trouble, but I wasn't expecting something like that "well I don't know if it was a good idea for you to do it inside me" - Had I known, I never would have done it, or maybe even wouldn't have fucked her.

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    Straight Male / 35

    What is the deal with mothers and young sons?

    I don’t know how many times I have gone swimming to find a mother walking into the men’s change room to see how close to being ready her son was. They have very little concern if other men may be in there changing and naked. Most times I might get a quick sorry or excuse me but hardly ever do they leave right away. The ones that do leave right away don’t do so until at least taking a quick peek at everyone in the room. I had one mother remain in there for over 10 minutes while at least half a dozen men were in the dressing and undressing. When asked to leave by one of the men she had an attitude and told him he was nothing special and had seen it all before. She even argued that she has a son she sees naked and he is not much different. She even told him to put a towel on if he didn’t want to be seen naked. Other mothers have even sat down in the change room waiting for their sons to finish. They literally watch guys dressing and undressing. If it was the other way around with men going into women’s change rooms we would get arrested.

    Are these women just using their sons as an excuse to see naked men?

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    Straight Male / 36

    Can anyone tell me why I got so aroused two weeks back, when I stumbled on wife sucking off a much older man at a hotel we were in. I'd only called down to reception to sort out a minor detail with our passports. When I returned I found my wife on her kness sucking on an older man's cock. I'd seen him the night before serving drinks in the hotels main restaurant, but I can't remember much after we'd left for our room, as I'd had quite a lot to drink. I knoshmy wife wasn't in our room when I woke up early the following morning, but she said she'd just nipped out to get a sim card. Funny didn't think the shops were open at six thirty.

    Now I'm wondering if she'd been with him all night, which in itself, the thought of her fucking him makes my cock rock hard.

    They didn't know I was stood only feet away as she bobbed her head forwards and backwards taking in as much of his cock as she could. It appeared to me, she was giving him as quick and as strong a blow job as she could. So as I stood there becoming increasingly turned on, I saw him grasp the sides of her head and begin to vigorously fuck her face. She began to moan with pleasure and he began to almost growl with sexual extacy.

    With one final thrust, the older man came in my wife mouth, still holding head firm. Which forced her to swallow. By then I was beside myself with sexual lust, I wanted to let them know I was there. A tone from a mobile rang out once and at once they both began to get themselves sorted out. I moved back into the hotels corridor and knocked on the door.

    It was the man who answered. He turned to my wife saying "I think you'll be just fine now madam, it's completely emptied out now". He smiled as he passed me, and I then entered our room. My wife was in the bathroom when I got in the room, so I asked her why the man had been in. She told me "There was a blockage in the sinks pipes. He's just fixed it for me".

    I knew what they'd both meant by their comments, but I didn't care. I was so turned on, I grabbed my wife , threw her onto the bed, stripped her and buried my face between her legs. For the next twenty minutes I licked sucked and finger fucked my wifes pussy, clitoris and aarsehole.

    I didn't 're surface until she came all over my face. I didn't even fuck her, as I'd cum in my trousers from my cock rubbing on the bed through the material.

    I've not raised the subject since returning home, as I don't really know how to broach the subject. I mean how do you tell your wife, you've watched her suck off an older man and been totally excited by it. If I could find a way to to tell her, I think I would readily allow her to have sex with another man again. Whether I'd join in I genuinely don't know as I completely enjoyed being a voyeur.

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    Straight Male / 33

    About 2 years ago during a very hot summer day I hear some kids playing outside. I take a peek outside to see my neighbors 2 boys, who are about 8 and 10 years old, running naked through a sprinkler. I see their mother standing out there too but she was dressed and hoped so much that she would join them but didn’t. However, after peeking at them for a few minutes their father comes out and he is just as naked as they are. I wanted to go out there and join them naked just to see what his wife would say but figured it would be pushing it too much. Anyways, I did sneak out to try and surprise the husband just to see his reaction. He said hello in a shocked voice but acted like it was no big deal. The wife was glancing over at us with a rather shocked look and it seemed she was a little embarrassed with her husband being caught like this. I was hoping for an offer and thought about trying to get an offer to join them but figured since they seemed rather shocked it wouldn’t be a good idea and went back inside.

    A few weeks later the husband asked if I would help him do a few things in his yard. The wife was there but she was going to be dropping off their boys at their grandparents for the weekend so it was just me and him. He was really putting me to work but we had beers while we worked. It was another hot day and we had removed our shirts and both of us were really sweating. He then asked if I would be fine with him going nude and even brought up the time a few weeks earlier when I saw him nude. I said I was fine with it and he suggested I do the same. The 2 of us were now outside nude working together having beers. The time was flying by and before we knew it his wife was back and there we were still naked. I could see his wife was shocked to find us this way but the way she was looking me over didn’t seem to mind at all.

    We must have worked for a couple of more hours while his wife hung around watching us. She was looking at me the most and didn’t hide the fact she was doing so. I hoped for his wife to show some skin but she just sat around watching us work.

    Finally we were done all our work and he went in for a shower. I was alone with his wife and she mentioned she never thought she would ever see me the way I was. I think the hot sun and drinking made me be less shy and more uninhibited. I think she could tell how drunk I was and started asking me some questions. She asked if it made me uncomfortable having her see me this way to which I replied it didn’t. She asked how often I get erections because she saw me with a lot of them today and asked if it made me uncomfortable with her seeing them. I told her I didn’t even notice I was getting them, probably because I was kind of drunk, to which she replied they were hard to miss. I seemed to be getting aroused talking to her because I suddenly began to get another one which she pointed out to me. I went to cover it up with my hands but she told me not to and pulled my hands away. She was literally staring at it and I was becoming both a little uncomfortable now but more aroused which made me get even harder. She then said her husband would probably not like her staring at a naked guy like she was and especially not with a hard one of these as she reached over and grabbed my cock. When she did that I couldn’t control myself and exploded in front of her. She was shocked but smiling and let go of me briefly until she just wrapped her hand back around me and helped me along until I was fully done. She apologized and made me promise not to tell her husband. She said I better go home and clean up before her husband comes back out. I stood up to leave and she apologized again for setting me off like she did but admitted she was glad to see it happen even though maybe she shouldn’t have.

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    Straight Female / 18

    My friends from the school lunch table are having a weekend sleep over. Last night we got on line and did chatroulette. When we watched some guys jerk off we thought the dicks were fake. Then the guy sent us real pictures of him. It looked so long. The two skanks in out group (our friends) have done fisted each other. They wanted ot do the rest of us and we did not want that.
    then it was apples up the pussy and pushed them out. A boy on line said he would eat the apples if he could. So we put them in a mail box and told him where they were. he cammed while he licked & ate both of them while he jerked off. The one apple a girl wiped her ass with.
    We got some kiks from guys with big dicks. Three white boys were huge and it looked strange. So we googled big cock image. Those big black ones and white ones in pictures were small compared. One of the sluts is meeting one of the guys on Sunday to hook up. She said she could take it and tell us how it was.

    few of the girls have sucked each others pussies and want me to do them. I liked it but I do not want to do that. So now I am in the bathtub posting this. They will forget when i get out; I hope

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