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    Straight Female / 29

    I was born with a couple of attributes. I have a 'pretty' face and I have bigger than normal boobs, and they are 'nice' too. I am also photogenic. I have been hugged, kissed, grabbed, rubbed, groped, and I am the lover of a wealthy man.

    even his wife had told me how lucky I am. she doesn't care, as long as it is me. she is just happy that his girlfriend is me. I am also a 3.7 graduate with a masters in latin American art. she gave me my break with my job and I work for her.

    our world revolves around him. we talk about him every day. she is a professional photographer and takes hundreds of pictures of me, I am her favorite subject. she loves 'bust' shots of me. kinda of naughty, but she takes good pictures. and her favorite picture is of he and I on vacation in brussels. she captured 'that look' of 'innocence in love', so she says.

    we cook, we clean, and we take care of him. an old man, and old woman and their 'kitten'.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    My mother always wanted a girl. Unfortunately all she had was us four boys. I can remember from the time I was about 8, my mother telling me I should have been her girl. I didn't think anything of it until I hit my teens. That's when I started to think to myself why would she tell me that. It bothered me a bit at that point. Eventually she stopped when I hit my late teens.
    I wonder if she didn't know me better than I knew myself. In my "straight" life I have had both straight sex and gay sex. Far more straight sex of course. I don't know if it's because I'm older and my testosterone is depleting, but I seem to have the best sexual memories of the few gay experiences I had. So maybe mom was right. I should have been her girl.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    I don't know how most of you will take this but this seems like the only place I can openly speak about this without him knowing.

    So I'm a young mother and still with my baby daddy. My confession is "I'm addicted to him". His a cute guy and after I lost my virginity in a brutal way. He was the first guy i made love to. Ohk I'm not here about that.

    A few months ago, we went out drinking, should be honest that I hardly drink alcohol so after a few drinks I started to lose it. What happened after shocked me as for the first time I was hit by a guy. He slapped me around n new I could run to any place. After that I felt so aroused and angry at him. I actual rode him like a hadn't before n reached orgasm that I hadn't in a long time. Now his not talking to me n I always murstabate to his pictures almost every night. I don't know what to do right now.

    If you have ways to help please do.
    NB: I'm in RSA

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 53

    I am a lesbian schoolteacher in an all girls school, I have NEVER had a sexual experience with any of my pupils (unless you count masturbating at night fantasising about them).
    A few years ago I went to Cambodia and whilst there I saw many lovely young girls hiring their bodies out to old men for money. I could not resist it, one evening I started chatting to a girl and ended up offering her money to come home with me. I felt a bit ashamed walking in the hotel lobby with this 16 year old girl as the reception staff obviously knew what was going on.
    When we got to the room we showered together and she began to stroke my titties and eventualy my pussy it was so hot and was making me so wet. I dropped down to my knees and buried my face in her sweet pussy OMG it was hot. Without a word she led me to the bed, lay me down and straddled my face. She rode my tongue for ages and eventualy had a huge orgasm. Then she lay next to me and said, you like that? You like young pussy? I nodded and she said you are a bad lady but she began fingering me saying over and over bad lady, she slid between my legs and almost before I knew what she was doing she was fisting me HARD saying bad lady needs punishing. I had the most intense orgasm I have ever had.
    I had paid her $10 and she said you like little girls in America too, I nodded and she said but in America you cannot have in Cambodia you can. I nodded again feeling very ashamed. She smiled and said I stay tonight, tomorrow I take you for good fun.
    In the morning she asked me for £50 which I paid her and she got a tuk tuk which took us about 10KM out of the city then she took me to an old falling apart wood building, we went in and she told me to wait. After a few minutes she came back with 2 younger girls maybe about 10 or 11. She said something to these girls and they stripped off. I was terrified and excited.
    We ended up going into a room with the 2 girls and Both my new friend and I used those girls for 3 hours before a man walked in and took the 2 girls out.
    I now go to Cambodia every school holidays to use girls, if only my students knew what a sick bitch was teaching them.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 28

    I heard some odd sounds coming from the office of the company president and went up to the door and cracked it a bit. The mail boy was on his knees taking the president's cock in and out of his mouth. Shocked, I carefully closed the door and left. Neither of them ever seemed the same to me again. It was a life-changing scene.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 55

    I have had sex with 10,271 men, nearly 600 hundred women, 7 dogs and 1 pony. I have played with family, friends and overwhelmingly with people I just met.

    I have Syphilis now, and cant play like I used to but I still have my fun.

    my only regret is I didn't make porn when I was in my teens.

    any other girls on here come close???

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    My wife and I met a woman online and agreed to meet for a weekend. It was the usual sight seeing and dinner before heading back to the hotel. We watched some t.v. when I asked if anything was going to happen tonight? They both respond "what do you want to see?" I'm quick to start with seeing them kiss and they dove in! Was hot watching them kiss and rub all over each other then they ask if there's anything else and I tell them I want to watch them suck each others tits.
    My normally shy wife wastes no time and takes this womans beautiful tits in hand and sucks her nipples for several minutes as they switch and I'm watching a womam suck my wife's tits (I'm hard as a rock at this point)! They ask if theres anything else I'd like to see and I tell my wife I'd love to see her lick her first pussy (she had never been with a woman) and without hesitation she burries her face between this woman's legs and licks / sucks until she makes her cum!
    When she looks up I have my cock out stroking it slowly. She crawls over and sucks my cock as this woman licks/sucks her pussy to orgasm! Then she moves up and my wife of 15+ years shares my cock with another woman for the first time!
    I pull away after a couple of minutes so I dont cum too fast as I slide down and lick my wife's wet pussy! Our new friend moves down and takes my cock in her mouth and sucks/jerks my hard shaft as my wife cums hard in my mouth!
    I move over and lick our friends clean shaved pussy until she's grabbing a handful of my hair saying "oh fuck" as she cums. I keep licking and tasting her through two more orgasms as my wife sucks my cock/balls and watches me taste this woman's pussy. My wife then climbs on top of my cock and rides me hard as I continue tongue fucking this stranger's wet pussy through another orgasm!
    My wife then says she wants to watch my cock slide inside this woman's puasy and she guides my shaft to her opening and watches it disappear inside her. We kiss as I move my cock in/out of this delicious pussy then my wife moves down to kiss her and play with her clit.
    My wife then grabs my shaft and jacks it off as I'm moving in amd out of our new friend. The woman tightens up and yells "oh fuck" as she cums all over my cock and I explode inside of her as my wife leans down and licks her clit! I'm completely empty when my wife pulls my cock out and licks it clean!
    We all lay across the bed, spent and gently playing with each other until my cock hardens and I climb behind my wife and fuck her doggystyle while she licks this womam's pussy! We fuck until I pull my cock out and shoot my load across my wife's ass and back!!
    Has been our only threesome experiemce so far (still looking for willing participants).
    The next morning we stopped at a local park to kill some time before taking our new friend back to the airport. The park was fairly busy but we managed to find a empty pavilion where my wife starts stroking and sucking my cock. Once I'm hard she offers it to our friend who sucks me off and swallows my load with people walking and talking on the path below us!!
    So want to do this again or meet a guy who's willing to have a night of anything goes!!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 44

    One day I was down town for the weekend market. A young girl with two lip rings and a nose ring was begging for change. She had mid length hair colored a faded purple with dirty blond roots. I offered to buy her some food at the outdoor market. At one point I asked if she wanted to make some money working around my house. She happily agreed before we even set terms.

    Once she came over I told her she could start working outside on the yardwork or freshen up first. She was really wanting to wash her clothes as part of the trade, so she loaded her dirty clothes and went to the bathroom. She handed out her small shorts, tank top, and these cute little panties. I threw them in with the rest and started the laundry while she showered. When the shower stopped the laundry was still rolling. My clothes were too big but she put on a white shirt and super tied off a pair of my shorts.

    Her small budding tits began to push her wet nipples into the shirt hard enough to show through. I decided we could wait on work and smoke a few bowls of weed, and take a couple shots. I was surprised by what a light weight she was for a street rat. As she got kind of groggy I began tickling and playing around with her. I began to kiss her and roll my tongue around her mouth. She did not resist or respond. I slid up her shirt and began to massage those amazing little tits with puffy nipples. I took her shirt off but left her dog collar like necklace on. I thought it was fitting.

    I kept playing with her puffy nipples, and started kissing down towards them. I sucked and licked every curve of her tiny mounds. I was able to fit one whole tit in my mouth by only lightly sucking. I sucked fairly hard and she breathed in quick. I stood up and took my clothes off. My cock was already hard as a rock. I bent over and tongued her mouth some more as I cupped her breast. I licked her lips stood up and slowly face fucked her.

    After awhile I wanted to see the rest. I pulled my dick out tilted her head back and poured a shot in. I pinched her nose and closed her mouth. She coughed some but swallowed. I pinched her little nipples and undid the knot on the shorts. I pulled them down to reveal a small mound with only a small patch of hair north of the lips themselves. I picked her up and carried her naked body to the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and pulled out a box from under the bed. I used silk ropes to tie back each leg gently to spread that little flower open.

    Her lips split apart and you could see that cute little clit sticking out. I began to eat around it and flick it with an index finger. She flinched and moaned a little, especially when I slowly penetrated that tight pussy with that same finger. I did not want to loosen her too much before I stuffed my dick in to breed this little runaway. I kept lapping up that little c**t until it was nice and sloppy wet. My cock slid back and forth across her clit inbetween her little lips. It got wet enough that I slid the tip of my tool down to her tight hole and applied pressure. I dont think she was a virgin but she was tight. It took some work to get it to gently open up to my cock and grab it tight.

    I pushed up to about half cock and let it slowly stretch that tight c**t. It felt so good squeezing on to my bare cock. Reaching up and grabbing those little tits made me push deeper. She moaned again and I could feel her pussy squeeze down on my cock. I kept slowly gaining ground with my cock. Soon I was mostly balls deep. I unhooked her legs and rolled her on to her stomache. I pulled that tiny little ass up and slid my cock back in. I kept holding on to her little hips and fucking that tiny whore. I shot so much cum in her. I kept fucking her with my mostly hard cock.

    I made out with her, fingered her, and stuffed my semi hard cock in her before falling asleep. The next morning she took a shower and came out to smoke a bowl with me. It was easy after breaking her in and letting her know her place. I pulled out my cock and she started sucking. I loved using that collar once I bought a leash for her. I dumped three loads a day in that pussy until I sent her on her way. Her tits got a lot bigger as she stayed with me, I would love telling her that I was checking the size. Often I would come home and she would be naked and high on the couch. I would pull out my cock and she would pick a hole for me to cum in.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 25

    I'm pretty fit, I just don't have the look of a slender fit girl. I guess I will always be a bit chunky. My face and eyes are my best part, and I do have nice breasts. it is just that I am heavy around the middle and thighs.

    Anyway, I met this girl at gym class and she kept admiring me, like looking at me. One day I looked back at her really hard and she came over and introduced herself to me. She said she liked me just the way I was. She turned out to be gay, she was forward and told me she was gay and she thought I would make a good girlfriend for her. I wasn't turned off, I just didn't know what to do.

    We went out after work out and we met this guy who she lives with. She can't pay her bills so she lives with him and he has benefits. Anyway, he saw me and he wanted benefits with me. I wasn't prepared and I ended up pregnant.

    She wants me to keep the baby, she says it is a sign. He won't pay for an abortion, but if I want one then he won't say no. I wanted an abortion, but now it is almost five months, I think it is too late.

    She says I am a hinge, her and me, me and him, and he pays our way. She doesn't have to be with him if I am with him.

    Anyway since I got pregnant I like being with her, I am not repulsed or anything. I prefer sleeping with her.

    That is my confession, I am in a messy relationship and pregnant.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    It might now be a toss-up as to whether I should list as straight or bi. Dan, one of the top executives in my company, and an heir to part of the company that is actually family owned, took a liking to me from day one. He is a tall, handsome dude in his 50's and dresses meticulously. He is also well groomed and wears a manly and interesting cologne. One can easily tell he is from old money. My being from a blue collar background made the fellow fairly alien to me in most ways.

    Through a number of years, Dan invited me to lunch many times and began to invite me to dinner at his stately home. Once in a while I would bring a date with me. I noted that Dan was always a bit cold toward anyone with me, but still friendly and a good host. His wife was closer to my age but still a bit older and beautiful, a trophy wife for a richer than Midas gentleman.

    In time, when I had reached a level of personal friendship, Dan approached me. He was blunt and frank. He said his wife was dying to fuck me and he wanted to watch. I recall that in the beginning I actually thought about it. I liked my job and was earning excellent money so it could radically go one way or the other. I consented and seeing his wife, Esther, nude and stretched out in a plush bed, definitely sold me.

    After this became a ritual, dinner then fucking his wife with him sitting by, wanking hard. Esther, his wife had a wonderful c-u-n-t and style of intercourse that was memorable, as she used sexy language. Dan said he would love to lick and suck my asshole while I fucked his wife. Esther pleaded with me to allow it. She said, "You'll love it while you plow me, we've done it with others. We know it's great."

    As it ended up, he talked me into allowing him to also fuck me up the ass and I ended up doing it even without Esther beneath. She loved watching and masturbating while Dan fucked me doggy style. He ended up sucking my cock with Esther joining in, taking my cock deeply into her mouth and also letting Dan eat her out as he fucked me. It was a free-for-all three-way eventually, but always enjoyable. I always loved getting double teamed on my hard cock by this good looking rich couple. Eventually, I fucked him but always with a condom. When I would cum up his ass like that, Esther would yank off the condom and suck on my cock, sometimes bringing on a second climax in her vacuum-like mouth. She also took me up her ass but I still wore a condom for butt-fucking. Dan loved yanking off the condom and sucking on my still hard cock after I came up his wife's asshole. We did all that our freakish imaginations told us to do.

    At work, Dan grew very close to me and I began to appear as if I was also born with a gold spoon stuck up my ass. However I know my origins and am amazed how far one can go if lusted after by wealth. I realized that women who fucked their way to good positions are not alone in doing so.

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