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    Lesbian Female / 28

    I'm an all girl girl. But from time to time I'm open to some friendly man time. Bu then I don't want to anymore. Like I said I am an all girl girl, except sometimes.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Last month my best friend since I was six, and now occasional gay lover Mike, held a party for his mothers 40th birthday. Mike did what Mike does best after tonnes of alcohol, he crashed out on a leather couch and fell sound asleep.
    Michelle his mom, a woman who's extremely fit and very good looking hardly ever drank, but she did that night. So when everyone had gone home, I innocently tried to help her to bed. Getting her to remove her top and skirt, I was about to put her into bed when she quickly slipped off her bra and panties.
    I'd had sex with girls my age, but looking at Mike's moms stunning body, gorgeous breasts and her neatly trimmed pussy, I just knew she was dirty bitch in bed. As I turned around to walk out, Michelle gripped my right hand and pulled me down on top of her. For a drunken woman she sure had my trousers undone in no time. Before I could say no or try to get up, we were kissing, or more to the point Michelle was kissing me, her tongue probing my mouth.
    She had her right hand in my jeans stroking my already erect cock and had moved my left hand down to her pussy.
    Not only was Michelle the best fuck I've ever had. She was also the dirtiest slut, male or female I've ever had. There nothing Michelle didn't want to do. Anything and everything was fine with her. From sucking my cock and licking my asshole, to having me fuck her anally for ages and cum up her asshole, then having me suck out my cum and feed it to her. I fisted her pussy as I tongued her rear hole, and I also fucked her pussy as she fucked her own asshole, using the handle of a hair brush.
    We did many many other sexual acts over the hour and a half we had sex and I have to say, I enjoyed myself more with Michelle than I had with any other person. And that's including her son Mike, who I've had suck my cock since we were around 14 and fucked his asshole since Mike's sixteenth birthday.
    When Michelle had sucked on my cock licking and sucking off my cum and her anal juices from it, she rolled over said goodnight and promptly fell asleep. I walked downstairs to find Mike fully awake and grinning at me as I walked into their front room. He asked me how his mom was. I told him she was asleep. He responded by saying "No not how she is right now, how was she at sucking and fucking you".
    I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing and turned bright red. Mike looked at me and said "Look it's ok, you fuck me every now and then, so why not fuck my mom if she wants you".
    The next morning Mike and me were both asleep on the two leather couches they have. Michelle was making breakfast when we awoke. She said hello, smiled her broad beaming smile and asked Mike to go and get her some milk. It took Mike some time to get himself ready and by then the breakfast was cooked, so instead Michelle asked me in front of Mike if I'd enjoyed myself the night before. I looked at Mike as if to ask his permission, but he just rolled his eyes and then smiled. I answered Michelle by saying "Sure I did, it was amazing". Smiling again she said "Good, because you were part of Mike's present to me". they looked at each other and laughed, which made me feel a little uneasy. That was until Michelle added "I enjoyed our time together too. If you want to, I'd love to have fun again".
    Mike made himself scarce after his mom said that, finally going to get some milk they didn't need. I showered with Michelle and fucked her as we stood up with the water spraying over us. When Mike got back his mom had left for work. He asked me if I was going to see his mom again. Letting him suck my cock until I fed him a watery cum load, told him I'd be sticking around for as long as they both wanted me to.
    Michelle and I have had sex again on three more occasions. Each time she's been more sexually charged, having me fuck her in ever more dirty and sordid ways. As for Mike, our relationship and friendship has grown ever tighter. He's more likely now to just have me fuck his face, but as for being friends, we're real close.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    This is a confession that has nothing to do with sex or sexuality.

    I am aggravated, at everything.
    I want there to be an actual "the button" and for someone to push it.

    I cannot stand when people worry about things that are trivial.

    I loathe any famous person with the last name Kardashian or Jenner.

    Kanye West, Eminem, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, all of the Judges on The Voice, all of the Judges on America's Got Talent, Ophrah, Daniel Tosh, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen Degeneres, all politicians, all of the Duggar family, the Sister Wives and their families, all religions, Any person running for president, straight people, bi people, gay people, trans people, white people, black people, Indians, Asians (including Japanese), Mexicans, Canadians, Africans, Europeans, any and all middle eastern people, Australians, cats, birds, bugs, people who hate for no reason, people who love for no reason, potheads, drinkers, virgins, sluts, children, old people, teenagers, men, women, corporations, bankers, capitalism, communism, candy corn, pickles, people who leave drawers and cabinets open, people who watch sports and the people who play sports, anyone who is beautiful and anyone who wants to be beautiful, all automobiles, rednecks, any person who says n****r or n***a or thug or gangsta regularly, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Drake, Lady Gaga, The Beatles, people who post tons of pictures of their kids on the Internet, people who post their pets on the Internet, people who post pictures of food on the Internet, Starbucks, Fast Food chains, people with downs or autism, cake, bullies, people who allow themselves to be bullied, terrorists, anything "50 Shades" related, anything related to Harry Potter or Twilight, anorexic looking people, fat people, any man who has just a mustache for facial hair, Corey Feldman, that guy who played Screech on Saved By The Bell, people who dip their French fries in anything other than ketchup, SpongeBob SquarePants, lesbians who hate men but dress and act like men, grown men who dress like women, men who dress like "tough guys", women who dress like sluts but get offended by comments, feminists, men who treat women like objects, any man who has ever taken their shirt off to get into a fight or got pissed because a guy had a momentary glance in the direction of your girlfriend, men who beat women, women who constantly bitch at their men, any person adult or child who thinks they "must have" the new device that has come out on the market, hipsters, any guy younger than 30 with a beard, people who get tattoos on their face, people who get facial piercings, people who "gauge" their ears, parents that constantly want their kids attention, kids who constantly want their parents attention, people who beg for money, any person who doesn't shower every other day at the very least, people who never brush their teeth, anyone who is from a place and wants to "represent" because they somehow believe that it makes them cool to be from a different city than others, people who talk in tongues, telemarketers, child m****ters, chocolate ice cream, kids bop or any music that is rerecorded and changed from the original, anyone who says "bro" all the time, young couples in love, people who allow their kids to throw temper tantrums or anyone who doesn't spank their kids, people who argue in public, neighbors who wave and say hi, any person that mentions God or Satan or Jesus, any person who mentions Allah or Mohammed, anyone whose religion is Scientology or Mormonism, football and soccer, the military and all of the troops from every branch, The Pope, whatever ISIS or ISIL is that I keep hearing about in the news, firefighters and police officers, anyone who has ever been in or worked at a prison, motorcyclists, bicyclists, people who rollerblade or skateboard, lil Wayne, Blake Shelton, Nickelback, Maroon 5, Coldplay, Florida Georgia Line, really any country music made in the last 15 years, any rap made since the year 2000, pop music in general, whatever music that is that Mexicans listen to that has the tubas and accordions in it, anything Bollywood, the French, any Italian person who thinks the Mafia is cool or interesting, anyone from New York City, anyone from Los Angeles or Hollywood or Malibu, Texans, every single person who lives or works in Washington D.C., kiosk vendors at the mall, sign wavers, people who race, and all the people that think money or position is important

    To all of the ones I mentioned above and whomever I forgot, Fuck You. You are ruining the planet for those of us who just want to have a life, a normal life.
    I do not want fame, power, or money. I do not want to give to others any fame, power, or money I have. I just want to live without being asked my opinion and without hearing other people's opinions. I do not want to help or hurt others. I just want a life where I can be happy and content, not working my ass off to pay for things that I do not need.

    So, fuck the whole lot of you.
    I love you as humans and I hate you as people.

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    Straight Male / 27

    When I was about 23 years old I started visited prostitutes. There was one in particular that I visited a few times. She was a Japanese woman in her late thirties and she was quite happy to let me fuck her in the ass. That was the hardest I'd ever cum before. Even she was surprised at how hard I came. She's the only whore I've sodomised and whenever I'm having trouble ejaculating with another one, I only have to think about asking if I can finish in her butthole and I blow my load.

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    Straight Female / 24

    I wish I were some man's woman to be loved and took cared of because I am 24 year old woman and I never got a bf.I was even not kissed by a guy before boys of my age don't seem to be interested in me and I find them very immatture and childish they need to grow up.I never had a crush on boys of my on age if I'm into a man he should be past his thirties I feel like an old soul sometimes.But the thing is older guys don't seem to be attracted to me and I just feel that I have to be with an older guy for the first time I would feel more protected and safe,I just think an olderan would know what to do with me.I don't even know how to act to get the interest of an older man I'm kinda shy and reserved.Help I don't wanna be a virgin forever. :(

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I met Melissa my freshman year in college. She lived a few floors down from me in our dormitory. At that time, she had a boyfriend who happened to live on my same floor. We initially met after I became friends with her boyfriend. Throughout the first semester we hung out...going to football games, parties, studying together at the library, and working out at the rec center. Melissa was very cool. I was always asking her to set me up with one of her friends from her floor.
    It wasn't until after our Thanksgiving break that she set me up with her friend Amy. Amy was very shy, average looking brunette, chubby, with very nice size tits. Our first date was with Melissa and her bf. We went to the movies and then went to a house party. During the party, Melissa kept coming over to me to see how it was going. It was going OK but I had yet to really talk to Amy one on one. So I convinced Amy to leave with me so we could walk around campus and talk.
    Amy opened up and we found out we had a few things in common and she had a great gross sense of humor. We were heading back to our dorm when she confessed that Melissa had told her that she had a crush on me. I was shocked. There were a few times when people had mistaken us for a couple but I just found it funny and was quick to correct them. I was silent for a few minutes pondering the idea and had forgotten that Amy was there. Amy interrupted my thoughts by asking if I wanted to come into her room. I said sure if her roommate didn't mind. Amy informed me that she was gone for the weekend. We sat on her futon and listened to music just talking. Before long as we're kissing and I had my hands under her shirt while she plunged her hand down my pants. Amy didn't waste time unbuckling and pulling my jeans down. Amy stood up and removed her top and I removed my shirt. She pulled my jeans off and then she slipped her jeans and panties off. We quickly turned the futon into a bed. I laid down and Amy gave me oral while I ran my fingers through her hair. She made quick work and I was getting close. Just then, there was a knock on the door. It was Melissa, she knocked again but Amy didn't stop. Melissa could hear the music in the room and knocked a third time. The thought of being quiet and being caught was very stimulating adding to the oral Amy was giving me. I pulsated with every load of cum into Amy's mouth. She gagged loudly but I wasn't able to stop. Amy coughed and coughed. Melissa heard this and knocked louder stating she knew Amy was there. Amy tried to answer but was choking the last drops of cum in her throat. I quietly asked Amy if she was OK, she shook her head yes but was very red in the face. I got her a drink from her minifridge. She chugged it and wiped the sweat from her face. Finally able to answer Melissa, she replied she was busy. Melissa asked to come in but Amy said not right now. We could see Melissa's shawdow from under the door for a few seconds then she left.
    Amy has a worried look on her face and I asked if she was going to be alright. It only took a few minutes but it seemed much longer. Amy sat down next to me on the futon. She avoided eye contact with me. I was unsure of what to say or do. I put my arm around her. Which seemed to make her cry. Now I really didn't know what to do. I pulled my arm back and stood up to get dressed. Amy now had both hands covering her face. I was just zipping up when she asked if that was it. I stumbled for words and said it was probably best. Amy reached for my hand and asked if I could lay down with her and hold her. I sat down and Amy grabbed her shirt and put it on. We pulled a blanket over us and I spooned her until she fell asleep. I closed my eyes shortly after.
    About two hours later I woke up sweating and hard. Amy could feel my body tense up and she turned over to me. Without saying a word, She once again unzipped my pants, pushing them down to my knees. I kicked them off while she rubbed me. Amy pushed me onto my back and got on top. She rubbed me against her and then guided me into her moist body. It seemed to happen so fast and it felt great not wearing a condom for the first time. She leaned over me while I thrusted into her from below. I pulled her down on me and we kissed passionately as I worked in and out slowly. We rolled over. Amy lifted her legs and I helped pull them over my shoulders. I worked into her deeper and she flinched with a painful expression. I pulled out but she reached down and just asked to go slow for a little longer. We just looked into each other's eyes as I slowly unloaded into her. After, I rolled onto my side holding her close to me. Amy squeezed me hard until I slipped out of her. We spooned some more until the sun was coming up.

    I went back to my dorm room and crashed until the afternoon. There was a soft knock on my door. I figured it was Amy and told her to come in ...since I forgot to lock my door. It was Melissa, she looked upset and frantic. She entered quickly and shut the door. She leaned back against the door and I heard the door lock. I climbed out of loft and sat down in a chair. Melissa jumped onto my lap and kissed me. I pushed her off saying we can't do this. She was visibly upset. Tears welled up in her eyes. She sobbed while explaining her feelings for me and how jealous she was of Amy. I probed by asking about her bf. She went on to explain things between them were not good ever since she met me. She was conflicted. I was flattered. Melissa was very attractive, tall, tan, blonde, in great shape. She finally calmed down. We agreed we needed to just be friends. I thought that was the end of it.
    Amy and I were going strong into the spring semester. Melissa had broken up with her bf and hung out with us on occasion. Spring break was coming up. Amy was going away for the week with her family. I had decided to stay and watch a friend's apartment because I had a huge paper I needed to work on. Melissa had moved out of the dorms and in with some friends just north of campus. She was going home for the week.

    Things were pretty quiet on campus and I was going to town on my paper. Amy and talked on the phone every evening. I missed her. That Wednesday, bumped into Melissa while at the library. She was in much better spirits. Melissa informed me she was seeing someone and things were great. I told her I was happy for her. She invited me over to her apartment for a part that night. I accepted. I called Amy that afternoon and told her the news. She was interested in knowing more about Melissa's new guy...and so was I. I showed up at Melissa's just after 9pm. I couldn't hear anything as I knocked on the door. No answer, I knocked a little louder. Melissa opened the door wearing a short purple silk robe. It was barely tied and slid open showing her amazing body. I stood in awe. Melissa pulled me in by my shirt. She slammed the door, pressed her naked body into me and kissed me hard. For a second, I didn't kiss back. Then something just clicked and told me what the hell. I gave in and kissed her back. Melissa was an animal she told me to take her from behind over the couch. My shorts were down around ankles in seconds. I didn't go easy. I was in heat. It was rough, our bodies smacking into each other with ferocity. Melissa was moaning loudly into the couch pillows. I pulled out just as I was about to cum. Melissa fell to her knees and grabbed my cock. She sucked so hard as I unloaded. She just chugged it down without hesitation. It was amazing. I was so turned on. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. I threw her down and she spread her legs for me to go down. I buried my face into her, kissing, licking, biting. I was feeling invincible and decided to finger her ass too. Melissa jumped a little as I plunged my finger into her. She stopped me and said just a minute she sprinted into the bathroom and closed the door. I just laid on the bed looking at the ceiling trying to take it all in. I heard the toilet flush and Melissa came out holding some lube. She jumped on top of me and handed me the lube. I asked if it was cool, she nervously said yeah but take it easy. I lubed her ass up with one then two fingers. Melissa was trying to get comfortable. Then she grabbed the lube and started fingering her ass. It was hot. I was lightly rubbing myself and easily got hard. I rubbed a heavy dose of lube on myself and pressed into her. It was very tough. Melissa had her legs up over her head as I tried. I wasn't making progress. Melissa go up, pushed me on my back. Straddling me, she had me hold myself. She put both hands behind her and pulled herself apart lowering onto me. She a loud grunt as her hands pressed down on my chest. I started moving and she helped asking for me to stop until she was ready. It was a very tense few minutes. Melissa was sweating and breathing heavy. She wasn't able to make eye contact. Tears were falling from her eyes hitting my abdomen. I told her we didn't need to do this but she said no. A look of determination took over and her legs went limp as she let me all the way in. Melissa sighed with a huge release of breath. She pressed her body into me. I felt her heart racing. I held her tight as i rolled us over. I took Melissa's legs and pressed them over. I just looked down at my cock in her ass and how unbelievable it was. Melissa was gently rubbing herself. I pulled out and her face was straining ....she began to rub herself harder. I pressed in slowly. Melissa put her hand on my face begging me to go quickly. She rubbed like crazy as I pounded harder and harder. She screamed so loud my ears were bringing. I just kept going looking down at how fast she was rubbing. I was getting close and Melissa was shouting fuck fuck fuck over and over. Finally, I came into her. Melissa had just squirted before. Before I could finish she pushed me off. Melissa was sobbing in a fetal position. It was mixed emotions for me....I didn't like seeing Melissa like this. She saw my face and joked let's not do that again. I made a fake laugh with hers. I laid by her and brushed the soaken hair from her face.

    I thought now what? We just laid there looking at the ceiling. We took a shower and had sex a few more times until falling asleep. We woke up around dinner time and went out to eat. I wasn't able to get ahold of Amy the rest of break. Melissa and I fucked like rabbits until her roommates came back. When classes began on Monday, I still had not heard from Amy. I finally tracked her down on campus. She was stone faced and look at me as if I was a stranger. I asked what's wrong. She said in a toneless voice "I heard you on your phone". Apparently, I had called Amy when I took my shorts off.

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    Straight Female / 36

    Only a few months ago I'd completely gone off sex. Mainly because my husbands idea of fucking, is turning off the lights, fumbling around and then sticking his small thin cock up me missionary style for about three or four minutes, if I'm lucky enough that he lasts that long.
    Meeting a builder who was working next door, has changed my perception of sex and has given me a new way to look at myself. Because they had no electric on, he asked me if I could boil a kettle for him and his younger work mate. When I told him I'd brew up for them, he smiled and cheekily asked me if I did anything else for free. I don't why I said it, or where it came from, but I found myself telling him I gave blow jobs out for free, if the guy has a big dick.
    The grin he gave me and the way he looked told me he had something to say. He quickly whistled next door for his younger mate to come round and told him right in front of me, If he got his large cock out, I'd suck it for him.
    The young guy didn't waste one second. Before I knew it, he was stood with his work trousers and his boxers around his ankles and his huge cock was hung down waiting for me to entertain him.
    Turning around the older builder said "Well go on then, suck his dick". Time to back off you would think, Not a chance. Squatting down I got hold of the young guys cock shaft, stroked his cock a few times and then slid it over my tongue. It was the start of twenty minutes of some of the most intense sex of my entire life. No sooner than I'd begun to suck on his young friends cock, the older of the two got on his side, lifted my skirt and moved my knickers to one side. pushing me up a little, I felt his tongue slide along my pussy lips and on to my clitoris.
    It was so horny, I came within a minute, shaking with the orgasm ripping through me. The older builder got up, moved me so I was bent over at the waist and without warning or putting on a condom, he buried his cock up my pussy. I was being fucked in my own kitchen by a guy I'd only met minutes before, and I was sucking off the biggest cock I'd had in my mouth in years. It was such a new experience I came again making my knees buckle as I did.
    I was supported though and they both kept on fucking my mouth and pussy. I was being used by two strangers and it was absolutely fantastic. All the years I'd put up with crap sex, boring sex and sex that only pleasured one person, my husband. In my kitchen two men were giving me exactly what I'd needed all along.
    Feeling the older guy begin to fuck me harder, I knew he was going to cum, but I didn't stop him. I wanted his cum inside me. When he did cum, boy did he let everyone know he was cumming. Shouting out how hot my pussy was. Finishing he turned to the young guy and said "Well go on fuck her then". Changing places, I took a cum coated cock into my mouth and instantly jumped as the young guy thrust his much larger cock straight into my pussy.
    The young man pounded away at my cum filled pussy, like he was a Jack Hammer. Bang bang bang bang, and he was still fucking hard when I came all over his cock. Not stopping fucking me hard as he did, he came spurting his cum deep inside me. Then with slurping sound he withdrew his cock and just like the older builder, he got me to suck his cock clean.
    Both men slapped my arse before dressing and told me I was one hell of a fuck. The young guy said I was the sluttiest woman he'd ever fucked as they walked next door to continue with their work.
    Work that took another five days. Each day I let one or the other fuck me, but on their last day I tried to take both their cocks in me at the same time. Only a delivery driver delivering a parcel for my husband stopped us, but I still sucked them both off before they got into their van to leave. I did manage to see and fuck the older of the two a couple of weeks later, when he was working nearby, but alas I've so far not got to fuck the younger guy again.
    What it has done, is kick start the slut in me. That's because since the builders had their fun with me, I've had three other quick fucks with men who have shown an interest. I've even had a guy we know, at a pub we were in one evening last month, fuck me outside as my husband was playing darts with his wife. He was such a good fuck with his fat cock stretching my pussy wide, I invited him round the following day when my husband was at work. Fucking him all afternoon all over our house was a huge turn on, and something I plan on doing more often.

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    Straight Male / 48

    I am a middle aged male. I love my wife. My job requires a lot of travel. It seems that every year I am out of town on my birthday. For the past several years, my wife has paid for me to see an escort. She told me that a year I deserved it. I have fulfilled several fantasies this way. One year I had a threesome with two 19 year old girls. One year I titty fucked a black girl with double D's. I had my first Asian girls.

    It was not until this year that I lived out a long time fantasy. I am straight, but I have always had a fascination with transsexual porn. I was out of town and I saw an ad that caught my eye. Natassia Dreams was in the city I was visiting. If you don't know who Natassia is, then you don't watch transsexual porn. She is a hot black girl with a thin frame, big boobs, and a nice black cock. I had to see her,

    I was nervous. Often fantasy exceeds reality. Not true here. I arrived at her hotel room. She greeted me at the door in a push up bra, a garter belt and thigh highs as I had requested. My god she is hot!

    We hugged and I soon began to kiss and suck her big breasts. Her skin is so soft, and she smelled so nice. I soon took her panties off and began to suck her cock. This was a first for me, but I did my best and she got hard. She asked me if I wanted her to fuck me. I had not really thought about that (after all, I really wanted to fuck her) but I was so worked up, that I replied,"Yes"

    I got on all fours and faces the mirror. Natassia put a condon on, lubes me up, and began to take me from behind. It was mildly painful, but when I looked in the mirror and saw that hot, black, lingerie clad supermodel taking me, I was excited like I haven't been since I was a teenAger.

    I then took Natassia doggie style. She has such a tiny little waist! My balls slapping against her ass was fantastic. She turned over and spread her long legs. I entered her missionary style. I plunged into her. The sight of those big brown eyes, those sexy lips, those breasts, and that chocolate cock flopping side to side were more Thames
    N I could take. I came harder than I have in years.

    My wife has seen picture of the escorts I have been with, including Natassia. She has no idea, however, that Natassia had a little something extra. I cannot let go of what a great experience I had. If you are a closet tranny porn watcher and fantasize about being with a transgendered beauty, I say you should go for it. I can't wait until my next birthday!

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    Straight Female / 22

    A few weeks ago, I had some of the best sex ever. It had been so long since I felt truly satisfied and this guy definitely knew how to do it. We met on the dating site Plenty of Fish and had been talking for about a week. We would flirt, laugh, and even sexted once or twice.

    I knew that it was purely sexual attraction but I didn't care. He turned me on so much! It drove me crazy. We had never met in person but one night I was feeling particularly horny. I text him and asked if he'd be down to have some fun once he got out of work. A few minutes later I got his response: "Sure. ;)"

    I immediately felt my tummy flutter with excitement. I let him know I'd see him in a couple of hours and that I couldn't wait to feel him inside me. I hopped in the shower, washed myself thoroughly, and made sure I was shaven just right; I wanted to look good. I donned my best undie set: black lace. It screamed "fuck me" which I loved. I decided to wear something casual, jeans and a t shirt, nothing fancy. I knew we wouldn't be out too long.

    I did my makeup simple yet sexy; soft matte eyes and flaming red lips. Before I knew it, he text me that he was on his way. I was still so excited and could feel myself getting wet. I text him my address and told him to call me once he was outside. I waited a bit impatiently, knowing it'd take him a while to get to my place. He lived 45 minutes away from me so you could imagine the anticipation pooling inside me.

    Finally, he called and said he was outside in a black PT Cruiser. I gathered my things and tried to be quiet as I left the house. It was 11:45pm at this point and everyone was asleep. I softly shut the front door and locked it. I saw him waiting for me and walked quickly to his car. I got in and saw his dark brown eyes paired with a beautiful smile. He was handsome!

    He didn't hesitate to lean in and kiss me, I have to admit I was a bit surprised by his eagerness. Nonetheless he was one hell of an incredible kisser and I kissed him back with fervor. Sparks flew between us, the sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. My pussy pulsed between my legs. We exchanged hellos and talked casually for a few minutes as we tried to find a spot to park and have our fun.

    Eventually we pulled over on the side of a dark back road. I lunged at him once I was out of my seatbelt, kissing him with all the lust and passion I could muster. I suggested we move to the backseat so it'd be more comfortable, he agreed. Once back there we pounced on each other. He roughly grabbed my breasts and I moaned against his mouth. I pulled him tighter against my body, reaching down to grope him through his pants.

    He was still in his work uniform but I didn't give a shit. I wanted him, hard and deep. He pulled down my jeans along with my panties. I was already drenched. He immediately began to rub my clit expertly, my breathing came in hard, frantic pants. He slowly slid two of his fingers inside me. I moaned as my head fell back in pure pleasure. He rubbed my g spot, eliciting an even louder moan from me. My pussy throbbed around his fingers. Even in the darkness I could see his smile.

    He got down on his knees on the floor between my open legs. I bit my lip as I knew what was coming. I moved down so that my ass was on the edge of the seat and my legs were resting on his shoulders. He dove right in and gave my slit a long, slow lick from bottom to top. He swirled his tongue around my clit, stopping every few seconds to suck it. It was SO good; I'd never been eaten out like this. "Does that feel good?" He asked lustfully, I managed a breathy, "Yes!".

    He kept pumping his fingers in and out of me all the while continuing his magnificent sucking. I felt the muscles in my belly tighten. I was going so close, I knew that it was going to be powerful. "Oh, God, you're gonna make me cum!" I told him. He moved his fingers faster, he sucked on my clit harder. He tightly gripped my hand in his free one as I tensed up and moaned loudly. It was without a doubt one of the best orgasms I've had. I came down slowly but still wanted more.

    He sat down next to me, lifted up my shirt and released my breasts from my bra. My nipples were rock hard. I gasped when he took one into his mouth, sucking and nibbling. Once he freed it from his lips I reached down and shakily undid the fly on his pants. He didn't bother pulling his zipper when he pulled them down with his boxers. His cock was magnificent! It was 7 1/2 inches at least, thick, and cut. I moved closer to him and leaned down, taking as much of him as I could into my mouth.

    I smiled internally as I heard him moan. I moved my head up and down, making sure to get his cock nice and wet. I would pull it out, spit on it, then jerk him for a few seconds before sucking him again. "That's amazing...." He murmered. I sat up, not wanting him to finish just yet. I was more than ready for him to be inside me. "Please, please. I wanna fuck. Now." My tone was both pleading and demanding. He reached into the pocket of his pants, pulling out a condom packet and ripping it open.

    I turned away from him and bent over, seeing this would be the easiest position for the back of a car. I heard him roll the condom on and get on his knees behind me. I wanted him so bad! I helped him find my entrance since it was so dark, and when he did, he slid into me slowly. I could feel that tingle rippling from my pussy, up my spine, and into my belly. I gasped at the amazing sensation. I heard him moan as he buried himself inside me.

    He began to thrust slowly at first, then at an amazing pounding rhythm. He brushed my g spot so perfectly in this position. I moaned, whimpered, and gasped in pleasure as he fucked me. He smacked my ass, hard, just the way I like it. I knew that this would be one of the best fucks I've ever had so I made sure to revel in every glorious second. I knew he was close, as was I, when he began thrusting deeper and harder. I felt his cock twitch inside me when he delivered those last few thrusts. I quivered as I came with him. We both came down from our climax, our breathing returning to normal. He slid out of me, opening the door and discarding the used condom outside. We snuggled for a few moments, bathing in the afterglow. I felt so warm and fuzzy, perfectly satisfied.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    When my husband announced to me his interest in sex was becoming something of a chore, I swore to myself I wouldn't cheat on him, with a man that was.

    Four months after he'd let me know, I'd already had my first sexual experience with another female. It was at work and with an office junior. I found out she'd been viewing lesbian porn on company time and using a company lap top. Getting her to stay behind after everyone had gone home, I took a chance.

    When she entered my office I'd already stripped down to my bra and knickers, and was playing with my clitoris. I was nervous as hell when she entered, she wasn't. The moment she saw me nearly naked and playing with my clit, she walked over moved my hand awsy as she sank to her knees, then lowered her head and began to tongue my pussy. It was a seminal moment in my life. Almost like opening my sexual flood gates. Anything I'd imagined or watched about lesbian sex, I tried with that eighteen year old girl. But it was she who lead our time together over the two hours we kissed, licked, tongue probed and fingered each others pussies and arses. She taught me how much of a slut I was prepared to be with her, especially when she asked if she could cum on my face. She had me lay on the leather couch I have in my office. Then pulling her pussy lips and labia's apart, she smothered my face with her pussy. I couldn't get enough of her sweet tasting pussy. Gripping her slender thighs I pulled her down onto my face and forced my tongue deep up her love hole. Tonguing her that way, she began to tremble and in a loud horny scream she came all over my face.

    That became our usual Friday afternoons sexual activity together. Unfortunately six months later she left the company to go on her already arranged year long sabbatical. It didn't and hasn't stopped me from enjoying myself with another younger female, a female who I still have regular weekly sex with. She's a relative of my husband, his niece. So during one of her almost daily visits to our home, I knew when I asked her if she'd like to bathe naked with me at our home and she stripped, I was sure she was going to be more than happy to lick my pussy. My husband's niece is twenty two, bisexual and as I've discovered, a complete nymphomaniac.

    If I was happy having sex with my office junior once a week, then having sex with my husbands niece every other day, is for me a sexual dream come true. We don't even have to hide why she's around at our home, as my husband has always been her favourite uncle. I've now become her favourite aunt.

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