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    I just found out my families biggest secret, my sister was born with a pens. They kept us a part growing up so no one would find out as a result she hasn't ever lost here virginity.

    All I can think of now is that I want to see her cock and touch it,suck it and let her fuck me hard til she cum up my aching arse.

    I can't look at her without getting a hard on.

    How can I ask her if she'd like to sex with me??

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    I have been looking a pictures of naked a bi guys on wife lovers at times and now curious about that and would love to fins a married couple or a guy to help me with this. Like to suck on a nice clean cock and have the guy cum in my mouth .Do you think I could find a new friends in Ohio to help me with this?


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    Straight Male / 35

    I've been reading sites like this for a long time. And I have never had the balls to openly admit something I did awhile ago. I've done other "things", but this was the first time I have actually stepped out, crossed a line, and did something I knew was immoral, unethical, and just outright wrong. But at the time, I could not help myself. Do I have regrets? Yes. In a way. Because of my age at the time, because of her age at the time, and because of what happened. I want to share it with someone. And I've finally taken the steps and gotten the courage and have the guts to open up and spill it. So here goes. Scared a bit, yes, afraid yes, worried a lot. Yes. But I guess I'm going to just post it and go with it and see.

    About 5 years ago, my daughter had friends spend the night. It was late, we were talking, joking, and playing truth and dare. Somehow, the conversation got around to sex. I'm not sure how. And one thing led to another, and somehow, it got into sex toys. Well, quite honestly, my wife and I, although not using them for years, had a small box of sex toys, including a vibrator, a dildo, french tickler, and a couple other things. We don't use them. And we can't anymore, as long ago, I threw them out, simply laughing at the waste of space they took up.

    During this conversation, we got around to talking about various sex acts. And sex toys. And the various things people do. I don't know why I took part in this conversation, considering all of the girls were under 17. I know that this is still legal where we live, it's not a big deal, but considering who they were, family friends, etc, it is very touchy to think about anyone talking about these subjects, because I know judgmental people exist in the world. They are negative, nasty, and so quick to call people names, and cast them out as creeps, etc. And I didn't want to be put into that category.

    I got a bit weird on this, and finally told the girls I had to back out of the truth and dare and conversation. To which one of my daughter's friends laughed and said "Dude, chill. Nobody is gonna rat you out. Let's have some harmless fun. Come on man, live a little". I'm not sure, even to this day, what sparked me to do it, but I just shrugged and said yeah. I said "sure, I'll stick it out. See where this little perverted game goes". And it went beyond what I'd expected. Quite honestly, I had no idea it would ever go to the realm it would.

    About 45 minutes into it, the truth and dare turned sexual. And my daughter openly said that she wasn't going to participate, but she was cool about watching. It was a bit weird, knowing she was in the room, but I just went with it. I guess my hormones partly, because I'm in a room with three other teenage girls aside of her, talking sex, talking hormones, and some talking about fucking. The truth and dare turned very sexual, and very risque very quickly. And for whatever ungodly reason, I never stepped up to cut it off, or even made an attempt.

    When it got to the point where my daughter was on the couch, and she was watching, I had nothing on but my underwear. Her three friends were down to their panties and bras. And I felt myself growing harder by the moment. I was afraid, because honestly, here I am, my mid 30's, surrounded by very cute young girls, not in "perfect" shape with a 6 pack or anything, nearly unclothed, and they are sitting there in almost nothing as well. Just call me paranoid. Mind you, the age, the friend thing, etc, never crossed my mind. More of a self-conscious thing. Stupid yes, I know. But you had to be in my shoes to think that way.

    Then the next question was a truth. Pointed at me. And Karly says to me "would you have sex with anyone here" to which I said "I won't answer that" to which she says with a smile "then you have to do a dare". I was scared. Literally. And I said OK. So Karly says to me "I dare you to take off Stephanie's bra" - My heart was in my throat. But none of the girls really seemed to be scared or worried or even care. I wasn't sure how to react. So I said OK with a shrug. And I hear one of the girls, Maddy, say "Oh Wow" but just sat there. So I get on my knees. crawl over to Stephanie, and reach up to her chest. I unhook the clasp, I pull it slowly off. Reach around her, and I unhook it in the back. And off it comes.

    This continued on. Until it came to a dare. And it was on me. So I said to Karly "I dare you to take off your underwear". She shrugged and said "sure" and off they came. She was sitting there in her bra, and no panties. I couldn't stop staring at her small patch of pubic hair. I felt my dick growing harder. I'd done a good job of controlling my hard-on, but was losing the battle.

    And now it got to where Karly was in her bra and nothing else. Stephanie was topless, just in panties, and my daughter's other friend Maddy was still wearing her bra and panties. And the truth came around, then more truth. And then a dare. It was on Karly. And Karly dared Maddy to take off MY underwear. I got scared. I said "wait" and Maddy said "No. No. You can't back out now. That's chicken". I was scared. I really was. Maddy gets on her knees, comes over, and says "come on. Sit down". I was shaking. Really afraid. I'm gonna get busted. Go to jail. Something. I don't know why I didn't run.

    Maddy pulls my underwear off, and my cock throbs. It is massively huge. My daughter just stares. Says nothing. She hadn't said much at all. And I heard Maddy go "holy crap" to which Stephanie and Karly just stare. I can't hide it. I was literally sitting there with just a t-shirt on.

    The dares kept coming. And it came back around to where Karly made the biggest dare of all. To me. She said to me "You can't back out" to which I was trembling and shaking, I kept thinking this is going to get ugly, and I won't ever live through it. And she says to me, pointing at Maddy "I dare you to do oral on her and give her an orgasm". I had to stop. I literally had to stop. I said "Look. I don't wanna sound like a party pooper. But when you cross the line into sex acts, well, it's different than just sitting with no clothes on. And it's different than just talking about sex". And they kind of stopped. And Maddy says to me "I won't tell. Promise. Nobody wants to see you like get in trouble" looks at my daughter, who shrugs and says "I'm not gonna tell"

    I looked at Maddy. My entire body was shaking. My cock was throbbing. And I just shrugged and said OK. She was botttomless. I told her to lay down. She complied. Laid there. I went slowly. Her legs were shaking. Her stomach was trembling. I put my tongue on her little clit. Touched her small patch of pubic hair. And I proceeded to eat her out. I spent probably 15 minutes doing oral on her. I had her entire pussy shining with wetness. And I slid my finger in her. I heard her gasp. And then another one slowly. And gently. And then her entire body shook, trembled, and she massively came. It was intense, and absolutely incredible. It lasted for about two minutes. She came to a rest, and laid there. I heard Karly go "good god. That was pretty seriously hot".

    Maddy sat there, as she could not get her underwear back on, with the game. And the dares kept coming. At one point, the dare hit Stephanie, she looked at Karly, pointed to me, and said "I dare you to give Mr. B a head job". Karly looked at me, looked at Stephanie, and kind of nervously said "I've never done that". So I Just said she didn't have to. And she said "No. I will"

    She figured it out. It was really slow, and a bit awkward, as I was intensely hard, and she couldn't fit all of me in her mouth. She got it as far as she could, and she was slurping a little, and then stopped. I was rock hard, and my cock was shaking and throbbing at that time.

    We kept playing, and my body literally was covered with sweat. It got to where with the truth and dare, eventually we were all not wearing literally anything. And then a dare came around, to where Stephanie dared Maddy. She looked at her, after we'd done various sexual things, dares, kissing, touching, fingering, etc, and she said "do you have condoms?" Maddy kind of laughed and said "yes" and Stephanie says to her "I dare you to put one on him" and pointed to me. Maddy's face turned beet red. She said to her "I've never done that in front of someone"E and Stephanie said to her with a smile "well, you can learn now".

    I was sitting there. Maddy got up, and I could remember seeing her little bouncy ass moving across the floor. She went into the other room, and came back with a box. It had 3 condoms in it. And she pulled one out. I felt my cock twitch. She unwrapped it. And she moved over to me slowly. She started unrolling it down my hard solid cock, and eventually got it all the way down to my balls. It was wrapping me up, and I was really intensely turned on.

    I felt awkward, sitting there,, and then the truth kept coming around. It came back to Karly, and she had to answer. Maddy asked her "trutH" and she said OK. And she said pointing to me "would you fuck him". to which Maddy got all embarrassed, scared and freaked out and said "I won't answer that" and Karly says to her with kind of a smile "dare" and Maddy got scared. She said "I'm not sure I wanna keep going". Well, I was going to stop it at that point. And I said no. We can stop.

    Maddy stopped. And she kind of got hesitant. And says "No. I'm not gonna stop. I'm not gonna lose the game because I was chicken. So yes. Do your dare". And Karly looked at her and asid "well, since he has protection on, I dare you to let him go inside you". I shook. My entire body trembled. I said no. And Maddy said "no what?" I said "No. That's crossing the line. That's what's going to get me in trouble" and Karly said "No. Nobody is gonna tell. And besides, you did amazing oral on Maddy. I'm sure you'd probably just like go right in, cuz I bet she's super wet". Maddy just looked at me and didn't say anything. And I said to her 'well, I think we're done now huh' and she looks and says to me "No. I wanna. So I'll take the dare. Since you got it on and stuff, not like nothing is going to happen"

    Sweet Jesus, Maddy laid down on the floor, on her back, and gently spread her legs. I was on my butt, sitting there, with a condom wrapped around my dick, looking at this cute little teenager, naked. I'd eaten her pussy. I'd made her cum. I'd touched her pubic hair. I had slid my fingers inside her. And I gently moved over to her. I slowly put the tip of my dick to the edge of her pussy hole. And I heard her say "just make sure it doesn't hurt too bad, ok?" I just said OK with a small shrug.

    I pushed slowly. And then slower again. And then slower. And deeper. I watched it. Then I look up, as I'm looking down at Maddy's naked body below me. Stephanie and Karly were sitting next to me, watching the tip of my dick go inside Maddy. And then slowly I entered her all the way. It entirely filled her. It was all the way inside her. And I heard Karly say "holy crap. I've never seen that. You're like fucking her". I just said "Uh no. I'm not. I'm just like you know, inside her"

    Without warning, I heard Maddy say "Do it. I mean, we're already doing it. Do you wanna you know, fuck me?" I just said Maddy? And she said yes. I didn't even hesitate. God help me, I started pushing. And I heard Karly say "oh my God. They're like having sex".

    I just started thrusting. I heard Maddy gasp. And then she made a huge noise, and said she's having an orgasm. It didn't take me like two minutes. And I came. Intense. Hard. Thrusting. Throbbing. I felt my dick empty into the condom. Literally. It filled it up. I was panting, gasping and I was there in front of my daughter and her friends, fucking a young teenage girl.

    Not shortly after, I finished. Just stopped. And I freaked out. Got really scared. I pulled out, and just kind of moved. They were all talking at once. And without dragging this on any longer, when we finished up and all got dressed, we had a very very long talk after it was all over. They have, to my knowledge, never said anything. But my first action was to have sex with an amazingly cute young girl.

    It's kind of fucked up. But I've finally admitted it to someone.

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    Straight Male / 51

    For the last 4 or 5 years, I have truly tried to feel guilty about what I have been doing. But it just is not possible. I think because the two girls are so different. They taste different. They look different. They feel different. One does a lot of things I like. The other does not. One isn't very old. The other is close to my age. And one sexually turns me on in ways I have not felt in years. The other, I go through the motions when she wants to feel good, actually initiates things, and on occasion, I will do the same, so I won't lead her to believe something weird is going on.

    Two days ago, my step daughter again had her friend spend the night. In years past, we had flirted, joked, made our comments, and one thing led to another one night, and I did not realize a girl her young age could do to me sexually what she did. Looking back, I should question how much she had been around, or how much she had done with how many people, but I did not. The reason was simple: That night, I fucked someone other than my wife without a condom, completely raw, and without question, I had the most massive orgasm inside another girl I had ever had. I didn't think about the age at the time, more than I hoped she wouldn't tell, would not brag to a friend, and would not share what we had done that night with someone that could possibly get me in trouble. She didn't, and it continued.

    About a year after it began, my step daughter became aware of our affair, and called us out on it. I found out that night, she also had a side to her I was not aware of. Very dirty, very sexual, very taboo, and very perverse. I didn't ever know this side of her, until she watched us consummate our sexual relationship, and then approximately two hours later, ask if she could be sexually involved with us, and experiment. That evening, I had a threesome with my step daughter and her young friend. And I had no regrets, because I had never experienced something like that.

    Two days ago, when her friend spent the night, again, that evening, we did things sexually that the world would not find acceptable, and would not appreciate or approve of. It was also the first time in my relationship that my step daughter let me cum inside her. I had in the past used condoms, to take precautions, even though she has been on birth control. But that evening, we did things we had never done. As I did things with her friend Marie that I had never done before. That evening, I had sex with both girls, together, and then separate. They went through every possible sexual motion that we could, and I was given the opportunity to cum inside both of them on separate occasions. It was among the most intense sex I have had in my entire lifetime. When we got done, I was able to watch the girls clean themselves up. I stood there staring at both of them naked, literally having had my cock inside them. But what made it better, when it was said and done, was that her friend Marie was cleaned up and dressed, and I felt my cock harden again. I don't know why this had never happened in the past. Sexually, I was more stimulated than I had ever been. And I asked my step daughter if we could repeat some of what we had done. Marie looked at me in utter shock and said "I've never seen a guy do it three times. Serious? You can do that?" I shrugged and said I didn't know. I had never physically had sex three times in a single day in my entire life.

    When my step daughter slowly undressed, I stood there staring at her round little ass, her wide hips, and her small firm boobs. I felt my cock grow harder. I slowly undressed, and stood there naked. My step daughter came up to me, and she slid down to her knees slowly. And took me in her mouth. She had never done this before, explaining she felt it crossed the line with the fact that I routinely fucked her mom. I understood, although I won't deny, I was disappointed, because I wanted to experience everything. She truly is, amazing looking. I had looked at her for years, but never had the balls or the guts to be forward enough to pursue it. Rather, I chose to pursue something sexually with a friend.

    The other night, on the third time having sex that evening, my body shook. I couldn't control myself. I was so overwhelmed physically, I had never literally felt this stimulated in my life. When I entered my step daughter's small young pussy again for the second time that night, I felt her wrap around me. I felt it tense up. I felt her hands around me. Pulling me. Slowly at first, and then harder.

    I kissed her. In a passionate way I had never done before. She opened her mouth, as Marie gasped and said "holy shit" and I kissed her. Slid my tongue inside her mouth, and proceeded to passionately kiss her in the most intense sexual way I had never done, as my thrusting cock slowly entered her young pussy, pulled back, and then entered her again.

    I felt it pulsing inside, and I felt the orgasm building intensely. My body started trembling. I felt her hands wrap around my naked body, pull my naked ass towards her harder, and I heard her gasp. And she said "please dad. Cum inside me". Hearing her say that, shook and trembled me to the core. And I came. Harder and faster than I had ever done. I gasped. I moaned. I spoke her name in pants and fast-paced breathing. As the sperm squirted forth from my hard pulsing throbbing cock.

    I collapsed on top of her. I laid there naked. Completely spent. I heard Marie say "sweet Lord. I haven ever seen something like that"

    We finished up, cleaned up, and I will leave it there. But what made it worse was that night, when the girls went to bed, I went into the shower and cleaned myself off. I took a very long hot shower, thinking about the intense experience I just had. Until the next morning, something happened that I have never had happen before in my entire marriage. My wife came home, and for whatever reason, chose to pursue sex with me that morning, shortly after she came into the bedroom. She literally woke me up, and came onto me in the hardest and most passionate way she could.

    We started going through the motions. I felt my cock throb. I had never done this. I felt it growing harder by the second, as she kissed me, pulled off my pajama bottoms, and started sucking on my cock. She started rubbing herself, and got herself wet and climbed on. Riding me, several minutes later, I felt her gasp, heard her moan, and heard her say she was going to cum. I was riding her hips, pulling her on my cock, and she kept gasping as she had multiple orgasms. When she was done, she laid there. Looked at me and said she wanted to feel me cum.

    I tried. Desperately. I pumped inside her. I thrust inside her. She finally asked if I wanted to do it in a different way. No matter how hard I pounded her pussy, I could not explode. I had nothing left, after having cum three times the previous evening.

    What finally did it, when she was bent over in front of me, it was not her round bigger ass for a woman her age. It was nothing to do with her physically. I closed my eyes, I thought about it, fantasized about it, and when I opened my eyes, I had the amazing dirty sexual fantasy that it was my step daughter in front of me. I had my hands on her round firm bigger ass, I was pulling her hips against my thrusting throbbing hard cock, and I blew. I had a massive body shaking orgasm inside my wife's pussy, thinking about when I released every ounce of cum into my step daughter the night before.

    It's dirty as fuck, and I can't help myself. But it is the most intense sex I had ever had in my life, and I cannot stop thinking about it. I desperately want to fuck her again. But feel like a dirty ass old man for constantly wanting to do shit that "society" doesn't approve of. But what makes it even harder? Thinking about fucking my wife, knowing that it's so difficult to get through. With exceptions of thinking about the dirty shit I've been doing, to help me go through the motions...

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    I love intercourse, there is one problem for me though. My body isn't becoming aroused when i want it to. When i am aroused, we usually can't act on it due to either our schedules, or were at a party, spouse is at work, and i wish that my body would quit being a bitch like that! I 9 out of 10 times have to force my body to become aroused (toys), any ways to change this? Been to the doctor too, she told me that its normal and that everybody's body functions a little different but use extra lube if that helps.

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    Straight Female / 31

    My whole understanding of who I am sexually is in turmoil. And the reason for this, is because of what I overheard in a pub I wasn't even going to be in. It was my colleague who suggested we try a pub he knew that served great lunch time food. The pub just so happened to cater for primarily gay men, but it was lunch time and she told me the day clientel are much different to the nights.
    The food was excellent, but three quarter way through our meal, my collegaue got a call which she had to take. Two men came in and sat close by, as she went to take the call. Both men were in their early twenties and both were to me anyway, obviously gay.
    I couldn't help myself from listening in when they started talking about their latest sexual conquest they'd had that morning. Even though they were reasonably discreet, I could still hear what they were saying.
    The taller of the two started to talk about an older married man, who they both had sex with. He was telling his friend he'd never been so turned on, especially by the way the older guy had been begging them both to fuck him. Over the next five minutes they went into detail about what they'd done with this older man. How one had had him suck his dick and balls, as the other one fucked him hard from behind. Then as soon as he'd filled the condom inside his arsehole and withdrawn, the younger guy had replaced his friends with what he called his "Monster cock". They both laughed at that point and also my coleague walked back in.
    She told me she was going to have to leave, but I should finish my lunch. Before she left, she went over the waiter and paid for our lunches.
    No soooner than she'd gone, the two men got my full attention again. And it was over the next four or five minutes my whole world changed.
    The mention of Fozzy and a description of a tattoo, not only pricked my ears, it also had me leaning towards them to better hear what they were saying. That's because my husbands tattoo is a tattoo they were describing and it is precisely where they'd said it was. As for the name Fozzy, well it's my husbands nickname. By the time they got to describing how they'd both fucked Fozzy at the same time, in a bedroom which sounded very much like ours, I was practically joining them at their table.
    They'd just spoken about having Fozzy suck them both to completion before they his house that morning, when I got a text from my husband. It said he loved me and told me because I was working until late, he was going to go the cinema to see a film I wasn't interested in.
    I was going to ask them both about my husband, but before I had chance, they finished their drinks, got up and started to leave. Before they did leave, the smaller of the two asked the taller if he was going to see the older guy again. He replied by saying "I'll see him later, he's going to be at the cinema tonight, I'm on shift their until eleven".
    Everything they'd said was too much of a coincidence. His tattoo, his nickname, their description of our bedroom and the fact he just so happened to be going to a cinema where one of them worked.
    Before I could say anything, they left. And I was left feeling something I thought I never ever would. I felt horny and sexually charged. Their words and descriptions had turned me on immensely, and so had the fact my husband had been fucked. My imagination started to run riot as I sat by myself thinking of Fozzy, my thirty eight year old husband, taking another mans cock up his arsehole, and loving it.
    Walking to my car, I had one thing in mind. I drove to a car park I knew to be deserted, pulled my skirt up and moved my knickers to one side. Thinking of my husband sucking cock and being fucked, I slipped two fingers inside my pussy and used my index finger of my other hand to play with my clit. And then masturbated hard. I'd made myself cum in less than two minutes and I was still shaking from the orgasm, as I slipped the car into gear to drive away.
    My husband was at home when I got in. I asked him about the film he'd gone to see, to which he replied he'd only watch half of it as it wasn't as good as he thought it was going to be. In my head I was thinking he'd probably found somewhere to be with the gay cinema worker. Probably to suck his cock or have the guy fuck him. Those thoughts got me horny again and slipping my clothes off, I had my husband fuck me in our lounge. His cock seemed extra hard and he lasted way longer than normal.
    I had my second orgasm of the day as my husband fucked me from behind, only moments before he filled my pussy with his watery cum.
    I've not raised the question of him having sex with other men yet, as I'm still deciding if it's the best thing to do. I also have to figure out a way to raise it without telling him how turned on it makes me, or should I. After all if I get a sexual kick out of him fucking men, wouldn't it be best to own upto liking the idea of him being fucked.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    My wife Hannah is at this very moment up in our bedroom, sucking the cock of a man she chose off a sex contact site. He's much older than the both of us, which is why she chose him. Plus the fact he's got an eight and a half inch fat cock.
    He's called Mike and he's now visited our home more than a dozen times. Each time he stays over, and has sex pretty much all night with Hannah. She makes sure I'm there to watch her being abused sexually by his large dick, and also to service either of them in anyway they want. When he arrived this evening my wife was about to get into the shower, so she ordered me to tend to Mike's needs until she was ready. As he sat on our sofa I lowered his trousers and boxers, then not for the first time, I fluffed his cock.
    Hannah came down to see me taking half his cock down my throat, then told me forcefully, not to make him cum.
    They left me sat downstairs to type this confession, but Mike has been giving me a running commentary on what my wife is doing to him. That's how I know right at this minute, she's sucking on his huge cock.
    Soon Mike will fuck Hannah in her pussy and asshole. I'll be called for to assist him fucking her, not with my cock, but with my tongue. Use your imagination.
    After he's cum up her pussy or asshole, I'll be told by both of them to suck out his cum from Hannahs holes, then ill have to suck clean Mike's cock.
    Hannah's favourite humiliation for me, is to have Mike fucking her missionary style, his cock deep up her c**t, with his ass pounding up and down. And with me tonging his asshole, as she watches using the ceiling mirror.
    When he leaves tomorrow morning, I'll drive him home, wait until Hannah wakes, then cook her breakfast. If I'm lucky, she'll let me eat her out and if I'm really lucky, she might just let me fuck her very wet loose c**t with my five inch dick.

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    Straight Male / 44

    I like little girls. I like everything about them. I wished I lived where it is legal to own a harem of little girls and fuck them all I want to. But alas I don't so I search the internet for videos and photos of kids to jerk off to. I will never touch a child illegally. But if they ever rescind the laws prohibiting men my age from fucking toddlers, I'm going to be the first in line to get me a two year old wife.

    About a decade ago I was on a newsgroup style website that specialized in posts of young sexy children posing in perfectly legal ways. No c********n though it came as close as the law permitted. One of the posts told of another website specializing in video channels. It was kind of like Youtube but the videos were all live feeds and the comments were a live chat-room. So I checked it out and it had two separate sections. One was for those who were sixteen and older. it prohibited porn but would permit channel owners to wear skimpy or sexy clothing, lingerie etc and to act suggestively as long as no nudity or sex were exhibited. The other section was for kids aged 14-16. The rules on the Jr. section were a little stricter. No suggestive activities or overtly sexy clothes were allowed. But I figured there might be the possibility that some younger kids, say 12 or 13 years old might sneak onto the Jr. section and some might be brave enough to show a little more than was allowed, strictly speaking. So I signed up for a membership and pretended I was 14. I did this not to fool the kids but to fool the owners of the site since nobody over 17 was allowed on the site and I'm a lot older than that.

    So I logged on as soon as I joined. There were around 80 channels currently running and started to check them out. Most of the channels were nerdy teen boys talking about video games or music or their favorite sci fi movie or what famous female singer they wanted to fuck. I think that was about two thirds of the channels. But then there were a lot of girls on as well though not as many girls as guys. While I expected there might be a few kids slightly too young sneaking on, I had no idea just how many and how much younger. I found several channels owned by little girls ranging in age from as young as seven to as old as 13. What shocked me was that there were several girls around 9-11 who were wearing skimpy or sexy clothes and prancing around in the most delightfully erotic manner. I found one in particular owned by a ten year old girl with lovely long blond pigtails wearing a pink onesie with bunny ears. Her pigtails were sticking out two holes in the hood. There were about 20 others watching her channel and she was reading a bed time story. Only her bed time story wasn't what one would expect. I don't know if she was making it up or if she found it in her Dad's porn stash but the story was about a little girl having sex with her Dad. I immediately took out my cock and jerked off. After a while most of the viewers drifted off to other channels until I was the only one left. I hadn't said a word the entire time, just slowly jerking my cock enjoying hearing filthy worlds come out of such an innocent looking mouth. I figured she would get bored and shut down her channel for the night but she surprised me by addressing me personally. She asked why I was being so quiet. I told her I did't want to come off as a pervert. I told her that I was in my thirties and was pervert and that I was sexually attracted to little girls and was jerking off while watching and listening. I figured that she would freak out and shut down her channel or kick me off it. I figured wrong. Instead she invited me to go private with her, something I was unaware was an option. After she explained how it worked, we went to a private channel. Then she shocked me even more by offering to take off the pink onesie and showing me her private parts. Well naturally being a pervert with a preference for very little girls I jumped at the chance.

    Next thing I knew she had the cam pointed up between her legs, her pussy held wide open showing her hyman and clit and asshole looking down between her legs into the camera smiling. Three strokes later I came. I told her I had just cum and it was the best show I had ever seen. Then she asked if I would turn on my cam so she could see my dick. I told her I didn't have one but would get one and next time she could watch me jerk off. She said OK and we said good night and we both logged off.

    So I went out and got a web cam and the next day went back and logged on and found her doing the same show but this time she was wearing a fairy princess costume with butterfly wings. There were a lot more viewers this time but eventually they all left and I was the last one in the room again and we went to a private channel. I turned my cam on and showed her my hard cock. She stripped down and showed me her little pussy. Then she surprised me by pulling out a vibrator and fucking herself with it while I jerked off. We both came pretty quickly. After that we talked some and she said she had been masturbating since 7 when her friend from school showed her how with a vibrator. She swiped her mom's vibrator and had been using it since. She says it's more fun to do it while people watch and to watch others masturbate.

    I noticed she isn't the only little girl who likes to masturbate in front of viewers and it seems that they are all the more eager when it's grown ups watching them. Based on my observations over a two year period, about 25% of all girls between 9 and 12 years old will, when their parents and nobody they know is looking, will strip naked and masturbate in front of strange adult men and will do so with little or no encouragement. And at least half of them would, if given the chance, have sex with an adult. Several young girls said they would fuck me if the opportunity arose.

    Since then I have found three beautiful little girls that eagerly agreed to have sex with me, the oldest was eleven. The best was the seven year old who insisted I fuck her. It took little to twist my arm. We have been fucking since on a regular basis.

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    websluttery im on adultism as knottymommy:):) and voyeurweb/rc as insatiabler:): nhmommy

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    Might be a bit of a ramble, think I'm torn and confused. I'm having guilty thoughts. No intentions of acting on my thoughts, they exist and maybe it means I'm not wife material. We have my family coming for a visit next week. My family corrects me a lot, my husband won't say squat to back them off, and my family will assume that my husband is agreeing with them. I will hear about it later and again have to fend by myself.

    I'm dreaming about changing my identity or being with a man who would stand up for me. It would be so hot to see my husband do it accept he's busy getting my family to like him- they already do! I want to run away next week and tell tell everyone else to go fuck off if they don't like it.

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