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    Straight Male / 24

    Growning up in far north Qld had its advantages, my parents thought I would grow out of my chothes free view, not the case I just enjoyed myself. We're I grew up it was hot all year round, and there were alot of nudist & free lovers in the area. By age 5 I was apart of a large circle of friends that practiced oral sex games constantly as well as insertion, toilet play, role play with hands on approach to mainly public sex fun, we were all so mature about it, primary school was a blast for just about all of us, of course there's always the few that end up on the outa.
    Melissa was one in my past. Pretty to me in fact fuckable on site to me. She was one of the odd ones out however. I had no bounties for mixing & spent time with every single person I wanted too.I was 6 when I came across her getting picked on by some heavy older bullies for no reason, so I stepped in, becoming close secret friends after that moment, I offered her some sex training imeaditaly to take full advantage, as I already had 3 girlfriends & another two kink minded playmates, I wanted a secret fuck too add to my growing list of interests at that age. She was 13 & took the offer, I was very happy with myself.
    Now there were alot of odd & free minded people were I grew up, Mellisas mother was very much odd. When I walked Mel home, we were met in the front yard by her mum Trish, she was so happy that Mel had a boyfriend, I just went with it.
    That weekend after footy I was at Mels, we were in the middle of 69er training on her bed, I was up to 40mins before her mum just walked in, she clapped and exclaimed shed be back, & took off out the door, I kept going, well she came back with condoms & lube & a dildo, pulling a chair up beside the bed, taking one look at my cock then throwing away the condoms,she lent over & licked my face as I licked her daughters pussy, whispering in my ear that my moster cock was bigger than her two ex husbands together then kept licking my face, she was weird, but I went with it. So at the hour mark i was happy with the 69er training, I just wanted my hour head job really, it's my fav. I pushed Mel off and got the girls to masterbate with me, having them swap hands and then swap to mutual masterbation so I was getting flogged by them both every second swap, easy work to me, but they kept it up for me. Over the years I had my choice of either one of them or both together, for everything I wanted.
    Building my lists was important to me still very much is. It's my life.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 29

    I was single in the army & when posted in Vic I had to work with the most stupid bloke I have ever met...Mackie u r the dumbest fucker ever! I played nice to him at work, he invited me around for a dinner,, I got his wife pissed, basically hitting on her as soon as I was introduced, we drank & got full on touchy with each other, she offered me to stay for the nite, she came in behind as went into the toilet. Mackie had no idea we were in there've together, I rammed the absolute shit out of her, he came to the door a few times to check if she was ok, all the moaning,,,she just kept telling him she was throwing Used her pussy as play flaps for a number of months

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 18

    I was tired of people acting like because I'm a virgin I'm innocent, clueless, babyish, and blind. I was sick of being talked down to by women just because they took a few cocks and men just because they plowed a few pussies. I was so done with being treated like a 12 year old.

    I dressed my sluttiest and went to a bar and waited. Eventually a guy tried to flirt with me. He looked much older than me but very attractive. For his age he is divine. He bought me a drink and I took it. We chatted about meaningless stuff that I cant even recall. Eventually he asked me if I would like to come to his place for a nap. I knew we would not be doing much sleeping but I decided to go along with him. I was done with people thinking I'm a clueless baby. I went over to his place. The man was a quick one. As soon as we were alone his hands were all over me. I let him do what he wanted. Being a virgin I was not sure what to do so I imitated what I saw in some porn videos. I got on all fours and gobbled his cock. I then turned around and wagged my rear at me. He slapped it and then poured oil on me. He began rubbing it all over. It felt nice. Like a massage. Then I felt a sharp pain. I realized he was inside of me. It hurt but I let him. I cant even remember if it was anal or vaginal but I did wake up with a pain in my ass so I guess he took my ass. I asked to meet with him again but made it clear all I wanted from him was more of last night. He looked surprised but agreed. He took all of my virginities. He was my first everything. He seemed very skilled but being inexperienced I wouldn't know either way. So I decided to take on a few more men. Many were older than me and some a bit younger. Eventually I decided I liked my first man the best so I kept meeting with him. Even though we are not exclusive he seemed disappointed that I was with other men and told me he'd make it so I cant enjoy anyone else but him and he did. I'm a slave to him now.

    My family found out and their reactions surprised me. Anger, sadness, depression, how could you do this to yourself. It serves them right for treating me like a baby. Now I will forever be his slut slave. He bought me a collar which I wear everyday. Sometimes he will take away my clothes and lock me in his apartment. He wants me to bark for him, run up to him when he gets home, and lick him like I'm his dog.

    I'm happy with how my life turned out and I thank my family for looking down on me, mocking me, and acting superior just because they had sex and I didn't. If not for their teasing and mocking I would not be with my wonderful owner today. He wants to take me for a walk nude outside but we could get in trouble for indecent exposure so he's looking into finding a place we can do it. He asked me if I get lonely when he is out and I was honest and told him yes. He asked if I was interested in a playmate and I must say I like the idea. He is currently searching for one. He wants to make sure its a woman we can both enjoy.

    I have to go now. Master will be home soon.


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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 23

    I think I'll literally die a virgin,cause I feel so sick so weak feeling I'm gonna faint any time soon been on a bunch of doctors didn't find anything wrong with me despite the fact that I can't even get up sometimes in the morning I feel powerless and always think that I may suffer from a terible condition because I feel so sick phisically don't have the strength anymore to go on.I cry most of the nights because I'll die alone without being with any man and I'm asking God what did I do to deserve such a sad faith I didn't do anything wrong to be sick and single all my life...ughh I'm a good warm-hearted woman,I'm not ugly either but I always was busy with school didn't have time for dating and so I am now feeling sick and alone...forever alone.I feel devasted and my soul hurts so much.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 19

    I hate my friend Karen's boyfriend. HATE HATE HATE HATE. She deserves someone so much better, at the very least half decent looking. He's brown skinned (like mexican brown), fat, caterpillar eyebrows, covered with pimples. I know he hates me too, but I dont give a shit. He beat me to her out of pure luck. Hell, when she was single, I thought his lardass wasnt going to be a problem. Guess I was wrong. Uhhhhhhhh fml

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    Straight Male / 48

    Man I want to fuck something,. I need to bust a nut. My wife complains M dick fill's her to full and never want's to get pounded like I do her. I need something that can handle a good fat cock hard and long and banana shaped weird I know but I'd be willing to drive home if I could find a willing pussy as or mouth. I have an aching cock that need's to un load.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    My confession is, I am obsessed with being fucked by Satan, my lord and master. I will do anything he wants if he will fuck my holes and make me his. I will also fuck any pussy he sends to me (already sent me one).

    I worship Him daily. I shower and meditate naked until I am in a sexual trance, then lie on my stomach with one black candle burning, place a pentagram on my back, then open up my legs. Immediately I get hard as I call out to him and promise myself to him and all his desires. I rock my hips back and forth while wiggling my ass for his attention. I can feel his presence as I get hard as a rock anticipating him.

    I know that someday I will do this and I will be able to feel Him inside me. I will confess again when that happens.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 26

    I'm diagnosed anorexic/bulimic. I've been struggling with it since my early teens. It is something I keep very private, not even my family know, though I'm sure they suspect. I like to think of myself as an extreme dieter. I eat healthy now. Breakfast example: 1 piece of fruit (80-160 cal) + 1 cup of coffee with 1/3 cup fat free milk (30 cal). Lunch example: 1 slice whole wheat toast (50 cal) + 2 celery stalks (20-30 cal) with 2 table spoons of peanut butter (190 cal) + Omega3&5 Fatty Acid pill (20 cal) + 2000 iu D3 + B vit complex + 400 mg folic acid + 1000 mg calcium + multi vit. Dinner example: 2 oz Protien (Chicken, Beef or Fish 140-300 cal) + vegetable (50-100 cal). For a grand total average of 550 - 950 balanced calories a day, most of the time its right around 650 cal. I only purge after I'm forced to eat more than normal, like for example a family BBQ. I'm 5 foot 7 inches tall with a small frame and I've been able to maintain a weight of 90 pounds for the past few years. My lowest adult weight was 76 pounds so in the eyes of my doctor 90 is good. My therapist has also helped me to feel more confident and to embrace a curvier body.

    I recently got engaged and I decided to tell my fiancee about my illness. He was not surprised, in fact he told me that he has known for a while. He is attracted to very thin women and he mentioned that I wasn't the first anorexic/bulimic he has dated. It surprised me that he was so OK with it. I was happy he didn't try to make me eat more like my doctor. Except I've learned that maybe he is just a little too ok with it. At first he encouraged me to purge a few times when normally I wouldn't have. Then he started accompaning me to the bathroom when I purged. The first time he did that I was disturbed by it, but I quickly got used to his presence. It was nice to finally have a like minded person that I could talk to about it too.

    But it doesn't end there. One thing I've never been able to do is give a man a blow job, because in my youth I became used to purging my self with my fingers. The first and, up until recently, only time I tried to give a blow job I vomited into his lap the instant his dick touched the back of my tongue. When I told my fiancee about that he wanted to do it. So I gave him a blow job in the shower after dinner one night and I was able to finish him in my mouth and purge a big meal all at the same time. I don't understand why, but my fiancee liked it a lot. So now we do it regularly and he's happy with the results since I'm down to 87 pounds and counting. I know it isn't healthy, either mentally or physically, but we are enjoying ourselves and I feel so proud.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 33

    I'm a radiologist at a children's hospital in Colorado. If you knew me you would think I'm the shyiest quietest person you have ever met, unless the topic is the Bruins or the Heat. My secret is that I'm a total Dom and BDSM is slowly taking over my life. It started with my 30 year old wife reading 50 Shades. Neckties became cuffs then restraints. Now it's full on leather, whips, paddles, spitting, pissing, gag balls. My wife's ass looks like she slid into home base ass first. I can tell she fears me and I love it. I learned of a kink club in town and want to go. My wife is protesting, but she's going this weekend if she likes it or not. The good thing about being a doctor is that money and gifts make everything better in the end.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Since this is an anonymous site, I guess I can say whatever the fuck I want. I do have a confession, though. I'm a married man who likes to suck cock. It doesn't matter what the guy looks like or how big his cock is, I just want it in my mouth. I've sucked a guy with a three inch cock and I once sucked a guy with an eight inch cock. At last count, I've sucked about 35 different guys over the years, every one of them anonymous. I don't know any of their names, and don't care to. I have even come to like something up my ass when I'm either jacking off or getting a blowjob. One guy I was with, when I was sitting on his lap making out with him, was able to get three fingers up my ass, and that with virtually no pain. To me, there's nothing like my asshole being played with when I'm getting ready to cum. I've only actually been fucked twice. I also love stroking my cock, and could do it every day. The guy that had three fingers up my as has a huge cock. It's about two inches longer than my six inches, and big enough around that I'm in awe every time we're together. I once laid on my back on the edge of his couch and had him mouth fuck me. I almost got his entire cock in my mouth that way. Interestingly enough I've only fucked three women in my life. One before my wife and I were married, my wife, of course, and this woman who I had never met and haven't seen since. We were in a threesome, me, her and another man. I gave her multiple orgasms that night, and we fucked a couple of times. I didn't cum, though, until she blew me at the end of the night. I was on my side and we were in a modified 69. She was sucking my cock and playing with my asshole. I opened my legs to give her better access, and she slowly worked her finger in my ass. She seemed a little timid about it, so I told her to go as deep and hard as she could. She started to finger fuck me in earnest, and when I started cumming she clamped her lips around the head of my cock and took it all. Mostly, though, I look for cocks to suck. If my wife ever found out my life would be ruined, but I guess that's half the fun, the excitement and danger of it, but I'm sure I won't quit any time soon.

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