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    I am a sophomore in high school and belong to the band and we travel to competitions and parades by bus. On our last trip I sat in the back and after it was dark I gave three seniors blow jobs. We're supposed to be separated from the boys but I managed to sneak back for some fun!

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    Straight Female / 50

    Need to confess a bus trip I made few years back.

    Traveling from Baltimore to Ohio for week visit with my sister. I see a fellow and sit beside him. I want to talk and do not like being alone. He is Army and returning home from tour. He seems to be pretty uptight. I remind him duty is done and he is home. I reach for his hand, Thank you for your work.

    Lost my husband at sea the year before. I tell Mike about him with out boring him. he smiles and gives me the typical, Sorry he must have been a great guy. Not want I wanted, but he was kind. He had divorced like many military fellows. She did not like the long alone.

    We make a stop in the hills and we stretch our legs. Mike tells me how good I look. He thinks I am 45, think he is being kind. I wore a nice skirt and top. heels like always and my best garter and stockings. I have never liked panties unless its that's time. I like the air for health and freshness.

    One the bus Mike sits with me, I think he is interested. he tells me his stop is coming up next. He will stay in town for a day or two, family will come get him and its back to the farm. I ask if I get a room would he eat dinner with me. I want a break, bus can pick me up tomorrow. he agrees and smiles. big farm boy and looks very nice. If you like I have a double room and you can have the other bed. Will save you money. I have it paid for. he is meeting the lawyers, settling property.

    The room is a small town best room, only room. Is clean and fairly up to date. He wants to shower before dinner. I ask him not to lock the door, I may need the room as well. I am not using a trash can. he leaves the door open and stands behind. Not a bashful fellow at all. He has a large body with big muscles. not a bit of fat and well groomed. I make it a point to use the toilet. We talk non stop as he showers. When finished I am still seated. I hand him the towel. He is NOT bashful at all. is a nice cock and pleasantly thick. Large balls nested in thick dark hair.

    I stand and do the split legs wipe. I use a cloth and wash my self. With my skirt up he looks at my ass and my actions. Not seen a women wash after, I assure him that's the good health way to live. No panties and being clean.
    I turn and show the front, I am groomed but thick hair. I use conditioner on my patch and blow dry with hair dryer.

    Mike has not has sex since his wife. Said a female troop jerked him off and he her. Both married and did not enter each other. She just wanted the tough of a man and he the same. His wife was his high school prom date and the night she lost her virginity. he lost his before he said. My guess to a farm animal, few girls out here.

    I figure he is clean or as close as I will find. pull up my skirt and lay on the bed. Legs spread I ask Mike ot take a look. show me how he fingered this girl. As I thought, he had no idea what he was doing. With some help he got it right. He preformed oral on me, that he could do and do well. He brought me near orgasm before I pulled him on me. I wanted to be penetrated not sucked. He did this and like most he packed me full. Rode me well and enjoyed the garter and stockings.

    We did not leave the room and had food delivered. The following morning I stepped on the bus. I did enjoy him many times. He was in good condition, had stamina to deliver. I have an appointment to meet him at the same hotel. Few days later the other troop I will meet again in Ohio. the fellow from the drug store and one bus driver. I do not like being alone.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    wanting to hear some great occult sex witch killings in your suburb. please write if you have any good ones to tell.

    desperate and horny

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    Straight Female / 33

    I feel like slut. I fucked a man other than my husband. We go camping almost every weekend over the summer. We usually hook up with different friends when we go. Lots of drinking and laughing is pretty much the order of the day. This trip was me, my husband, his friend Brian and Brian's girlfriend. Well they broke up a few days before so I figured we were on our own but Brian decided to come alone which I found weird at first. We arrived Thursday looking forward to a long weekend.

    We got hammered the first night and naturally the talk turned to sex. Usually it's fun chatter but it was more intense since it was just me, my hubby and Brian. My husband was drunk and pretty much gave away all my sex secrets. The guys also talked about Brian having a large cock and I was curious about it.

    The next day couldn't remember going to bed but I woke up to find myself sandwiched between mu husband and Brian. I was a little worried but figured nothing happened. I wasn't sure though because I could feel Brian's dick pressed against my ass and I was also naked a was my husband. I climbed out of bed feeling sheepish because I was nude. I got dressed and realized Brian was awake and watching me.

    The day was like any other camping with a hangover. That night was more drinking and more sex talk. I admitted that I saw Brian checking me out which he denied. My husband laughed and asked me if I remembered checking out Brian the night before. I didn't so I felt funny. Brian claimed he hadn't got a good view anyway.

    A little while later my husband talked Brian into letting me check him out again. I wasn't nearly as drunk but I was curious. He agreed but wanted to check me out too. My husband kept pushing me to do it so I finally did. We went into the tent where he dropped his pants for me. He wasn't hard but you could tell he was big. He stroked himself a bit and eventually a huge mouth watering hard cock came into view. I was feeling a little panty looking at Brian's dick. My drunk husband was just outside the tent laughing.

    Then Brian wanted to see me. I hesitated and said come on but he was insistent. I offered to show him my tits but he wanted to see my pussy. We play fully argued for awhile before my husband finally yelled at me that a deal was a deal and to let him see. I said fuck it, dropped my shorts and pulled aside my panties for a second. He was like no way, that was too quick, you need to really let me see it. I again argued and again my husband gave me grief. I said "do you really want him to see it" and he entered the tent grabbed my panties and pulled them off. I was squirming and laughing and saying come on honey but he laid me down on our sleeping bags and spread my legs. I resisted a bit but not really. My hubby was like take a look and Brian was laughing. Brian got right up close like a few inches away and was staring at it.

    My husband asked him if he wanted to see it spread open. He said yes and I closed my legs laughing. My hub said come on and spread my legs again. I was getting pretty hot. Brian with his hard extra large dick hanging out and me with my pussy exposed was pretty arousing.

    My husband held my legs while Brian got right down between them. My husband told him to too spread me and I felt Brian's fingers on my pussy, stretching my pussy open. He was looking at it intently and was about an inch away. I was trembling. Then I heard my husband say, "taste it if you want." I shuddered when his tongue found my hole and then my clit. He was licking and sucking my clit then two fingers slid in. He was working me fast to a huge orgasm I was so worked up. I asked my hub if he was sure and he said have fun. I relaxed and let Brian do his thing. He kept at it until I was cumming in my husband's arms with his friend's mouth on my pussy.

    Afterward my husband removed the rest of my clothes and then his own as Brian did the same. Brian was hard as stone and his dick was so impressive. My husband whispered to me "go ahead" and it was in my mouth. I sucked that cock like a porn star tasting pre-cum and fondling balls along the way. I was all over that cock. My husband was encouraging me playing with my nipples and pussy and telling me to suck it. I felt Brian start to thrust his hips and he said "oh shit slow down I'm going to cum." I looked at my husband who nodded ok so I sucked away until I felt Brian's warm load fill my mouth. My hub smiled as I swallowed down Brian's cum and cleaned his cock with my mouth.

    My hub grabbed us all a beer and we hung out naked in the tent for awhile. We were all feeling pretty good. I felt great right up until my hub said that he bet I wanted to feel Brian's big cock inside me. I didn't say anything but eventually after both guys prodded me I admitted that I wanted to try it.

    About an hour later we were all making out. I had two sets of hands on my tits and pussy and two cocks in my hands and mouth. Before long I felt Brian's cock pressing into me, past the entrance to my hole, stretching my pussy lips and penetrating me deeply. My hub held me as Brian penetrated me. My hub was looking right at my pussy as Brian's cock slid in. Damn he is big. I took awhile to get going but once I was used to it I was on. I rolled my hips on the monster until I'd cum again and again then felt Brian speeding up and knew he was close. He said he was going to pull out but hub told him to cum inside me. I looked at my hub worriedly but he said it was ok then the hard pounding started followed by a huge grown and my pussy was filled with Brian's cum. We all curled up together. About an hour later I took my hub's cock into my mouth and added his seed to Brian's in my tummy.

    Sometime before the sun came up I woke up to the feel of Brian penetrating my pussy again. He was spoon fucking me while my husband slept next to us. After about fifteen minutes he really got rough giving me a seriously hard fuck making me squeal. I was afraid my husband would wake up and be angry but when he did he just laughed, rolled over and kissed me through another killer orgasm I had just as Brian came in me again.

    We had two days left and from that point on it was me, my pussy and the guy's cocks. Brian was insatiable fucking me or sliding his cock in my mouth for head every few hours or so. I spent hours just sucking his cock. He didn't cum often but we both enjoyed it. Me and him spent almost all our time at the camp sight drinking, flirting and sneaking into the tent to fuck or suck. At night we all snuggled up. A few times one of the men would have his cock in my mouth while the other was in my pussy. I got daring our last night and asked to fulfill a fantasy I had about having two cocks in my pussy at once. They felt funny about it but finally gave it a try. It was tight as hell and only Brian was able to get a rhythm going but eventually he came and my hub ended up cumming in me after Brian was finished.

    I was sad to see the weekend come to an end. Loving and being loved by two men was liberating and beyond sexually satisfying. I'm kind of hoping my husband will invite Brian to stay with us soon so we can relive old times but he's back with his girlfriend so probably not.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 41

    After years of my husband pushing me towards it I finally took the plunge and had sex with a black guy. Now six years later he's gotten more than he bargained for. I never understood why he wanted to watch me with one but after years of interracial porn and drunken pillow talk I let him set something up. As weird as I felt the sex was amazing. More because of the taboo and mystique of it and party because it thrilled my husband but I did it. I figured I'd only do it that one time but I caved again and again and eventually I got not only used to it but took the lead and now I love stepping out. I'm far wilder than I used to be. Black guys seem to love me and I certainly enjoy spending time with most of them. I am in complete control now of my extra curricular sexual activities and mu husband still gets a thrill out of it.

    A few of my adventures:

    An older black man told my husband on-line that he had fantasized for years about taking a married white woman in a skirt out dancing and at some point in the night she looks like she's sitting on his lap but in reality his cock is out and inside her and he slowly fucks the lady right there surrounded by clueless people. After we met the guy I found him nice and attractive and his 8 inch cock certainly wasn't a turn off.

    I left my husband at home and we went to dinner followed by dancing at a club that attracts an older crowd. I was wearing a short loose skirt with no panties. after a few hours of his hands all over my ass and tits, making out and grinding me on the dance floor he maneuvered me to a spot away from the main crowd but in full view of anyone who chose to look. He sat me on his lap and spread my skirt and my legs a bit. He discreetly fingured me until i was wet and loose then he slowly unzipped and pulled his cock out. I had to stand up a bit so he could get it in. It was as bid as he said. It took a bit for me to slide down it but once it was in it felt great. There were people everywhere and his cock was buried in me and he was kissing me and rubbing my ass. He started a very slow rocking motion. I had to be careful not to start humping him. He held my hips to keep me steady. He got a nice steady short stroke rhythm going that eventually built me up til i was close. The atmosphere of being fucked by an older black man in front of all those unsuspecting people was enough to put me over the edge giving me a massive orgasm that I stiffled my reaction to. He eventually stiffened and bucked a bit harder into me until he came filling me with his cum. It was dripping down my legs as we left the club laughing. We went to a hotel and spent the night together.

    Another man we met was just out of college and very aggressive. He fucked me a bunch of times and was always an angry fuck. I think he got a thrill out of hard fucking an older married white woman. I got a thrill from him using and abusing me and he had an incredible hard body and the hardest cock I've ever encountered. It was long, thick and ridiculously hard. He did a few things with me that were pretty wild. He once fucked me in the back seat of our mini van on the high way while my husband drove. At one point he had me on his lap, my legs spread wide, him long stroking my pussy with that insane cock. He told my husband to turn on the interior light. Once the light was on he held me in place with an arm around my throat and pushed me up so that truckers and guys in SUVs could see us fucking. I couldn't see well but he could and his nasty talk told me that plenty of men got a great view of his cock pumping my pussy. He eventually came inside me while we drove alongside a huge truck.

    The same guy has made me blow him inn public places in view of other men. He took me to a strip joint once after ordering me to wear a revealing outfit. I thought we were going to stay in so I wore a micro skirt with no panties, stockings, and a loose low cut cami with a push up half bra. Then he dragged me out to an urban club and put me on display. I was the only white woman I saw there all night. I was half naked getting horny looks from the men and disapproving looks from the women. He didn't really protect me at all. He left me alone a lot, he held me in ways that exposed my pussy to anyone looking and he was all over me making me a spectacle. He made me walk alone to the bathroom several times scared shitless and got me drunk. He exposed my tits to several of his friends and let a guy he claimed was his uncle finger me. He introduced me to some guy he said he owed a favor yo and next thing I knew I was in the guys car outside the club sucking his dick. as the guy got close he told me that he wanted me to swallow so I did. I thought we were done but the guy pulled up my skirt, pulled down my cami and sucked my tits and fingered the hell out of me. Before long I was sucking his cock again and once he was hard he fucked me hard right there dumong a load inside me. After we went back in I was ordered to clean up. As soon as I exited the bathroom a huge black guy was waiting. He said I heard you like black cock?? I said yes and he dragged me out back through a rear door, lifted me onto his cock and fucked me hard right against a brick wall. I cleaned up again and rejoined my friend. My pussy sore, my mouth tasting like cum and feeling like a slut.

    He's done things like had me come over when he had friends over. He tells them all I'm a married slut and things like that. He's made me wait on the near nude and actually nude while they touch me and finger me and stuff. It's gotten to where if he tells me to blow or fuck one of them I just do it. And boy do I enjoy it. He had a party recently for some boxing match. He set me up in his room nude. He told me to take care of the boys. Did i ever. I sucked cock after cock and got fucked by more men than I can remember. I swallowed a shitload of cum and ended up sore for a week. My husband loves hearing these stories and keeps pushing me to go further and further. I just laugh I mean how much further can I go??

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    Straight Male / 44

    We met another couple through a swingers site. We got together at a strip club. Our wives got along great. His wife was very experienced with woman, mine was not. Back at their house we all decided to let the girls have some fun alone in the bedroom to start. While they were in there, he grabbed a couple of beers, threw on some porn and pulled his cock out to masturbate. I said what the hell and pulled mine out too. Sitting there watching porn, hearing the sex noise of two woman going at it in the next room and finding myself sitting next to some dude with a big dick jerking it was too much I guess. I was hard as a rock and stroking away. I leaned back enjoying myself when I felt his mouth on my cock. I let go and let him suck and lick me. It felt wonderful. After a few minutes he stood up and presented his stiff cock to me. I took it into my mouth and to my great surprise I really enjoyed sucking on it. I sucked it pretty good even tasting his pre-come. His wife came out to get us and found me with her husband's cock in my mouth. She just giggled and said come on we're ready for you guys. I was nervous what my wife was going to think but neither of them said anything about it. We ended up swapping and having a blast but I'll never forget the feeling of sucking that hard dick.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I'm having sex with my ex that is my boyfriend's best friend because my boyfriend rejects sex from me. I have no regrets.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I am a Christian pastors son and got addicted to the porn seen in the sixth grade and constantly got around my family to get access to porn and keep this addiction all though middle school and high school. Since I have to hide my addiction from my family I keep to myself at church a lot. While I was off being alone I noticed a woman who also had the tendency to like being left alone. After some time I acquired her number and we texted each other because she didn't love the man she recently married. She felt trapped and forced to be married because she had a child with him but to her I was her escape. We texted so much, under the table of course, that we fell for each other under the most unusual circumstances. Soon enough things got real serious and real physical. We did what we could in the little time we saw each other around church and more at her place. For a few years things went on like this and she was getting ready to settle down with me and say fuck it to everyone and just ride away with me and her baby. But by this time the guilt of my addiction, the lies and betrayals against my family and church, and the fear of God got to me so since our relationship was the only thing I could let go without serious consequences I broke up with her and so she moved to a different city with her baby. Its been a while since I broke it off but I know that I love her despite the circumstances. The problem now is that when I made up my mind to say fuck it yeah I'm with you like 3 months after it was over I go to contact her via facebook only to find that she found someone new and is having a new baby with this guy. So I'm confused her like was many years of being faithful and loving to her not mean shit if in technically a month she's already staying she's in a new relationship but she tells me we can still be friends and talk daily and crap like that. So I'm left here like if I confess to the church I'm screwed at home for being a sinner and if I hold this all in me ima have guilt and a broken heart like dam it wasn't worth it in the end. I know this was long but if anyone read this to the end I wanna at least thank you for hearing me out.

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    Straight Female / 32

    I am an adopted child and recently found my father. I dream of having sex with my real father something awful. we met by chance on the net and I want to have sex with him so bad. I cant get it out of my head. its not like many people would know the truth anyway. I have suggested it to him and talked about it with him. he has said he will think about it but no one has to know if we do it. we only just met and the attraction is so real for both of us. I knew I had plan to fuck him soon. I am going to wear my pretty vintage dress and make him horny for me. I seen him looking over at me when I was playing with the other smaller children at a party, I knew what he was thinking and then he told me on the side that we better leave soon. we left 5 hours ago, and sure enough the he was strange as he was driving home. asked me if I still wanted him like I said and I said yes I wanted him to fuck me. we got in the door at home and he was still weird not answering me and looking aloof. we live in a small inner city unit up on a stair case over a small shop and he made me come back down stairs and said,
    oh don't take off that dress yet. it was the way he placed the car keys down on the entry mentle with such thought and pause and looked up at me, then almost shivered as if he was throughing away his life or title to save me, "come and have a drink with me in the office room", adjacent to the entrance. he said he liked that dress on me because it was soft flowing and silky. I blushed sensing his seriousness. no needs to know, but us I kept thinking.

    onc e in the office room filed with books and desk and sofas. he started pouring a drink for me and chatting about what I liked best in him. I said everything we admitted our getting to know one another after all this push and shoving was scary and that he felt he had been fighting his attraction to me.

    he said "are you aware of what I could do to you??" and he knew because he had made the mistake of ruining the last romantic chance I had with a guy I really liked who married another girl he helped him marry all based on money, he admitted he felt guilty for what his little girl had suffered. "I will fuck you myself, if you don't stop this getting in the way of their marriage" he had said 2 weeks ago. I didn't think he ment it but he did really mean it. he kept asking me a lot of strange questions about the night I was gang rape as if he was jealous and angry. I thought that was beyond weird. but I looked for this. I am not a teen but I have kept my attractiveness and youth as he has. we don't really look our age, but we do look related.

    so for the last 3 hours he had me and pushed himself on me to firstly show me who was boss, and secondly to stop teasing him he said, and I am not complaining I liked what he did tonight. he had me hard on the sofa and wanted to show me how big his dick was. first he fingered me and loved rubbing my clit hard while he thrust me. I coughed at a few of his hard thrusts and then he wanted me to sit on him and he thrust then pulled me over in a dog position and really rubbed hard into my clit while ramming me hard. I loved it. I wanted to look into his eyes so I moved around and he slid on top of me and I loved holding onto him and he pounded me til he came. I cried out in excitement and he groaned when he came inside me.

    now I am just cleaned up and on the computer writing all this as he is sleeping it off on the sofa.

    and I do not regret what I did. it had to be done and not many people know we are related so close anyway.

    he told me that the one woman who did know we were related had been talking about me and he got sick of what she was saying. so he wanted to have me tonight.

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    Straight Male / 29

    A couple of my friends know about this, but I feel I should confess it to more anonymously - which is why it's great I found this site. I love fucking married or attached women. I've never had a problem getting laid -- I used to play division 1 soccer in college, then played water polo in Europe for a year while also briefly doing some modeling. All that got me tons of pussy. I'll be 30 next year and my conservative guess is I've fucked more than 200 women since I lost my virginity when I was 13. Petite or bigger, I've fucked brunettes, blondes, redheads, black chicks, Asian women and brown girls. I've had threesomes, foursomes and was in a couple of gang-bangs. It has never been hard. I'm six-foot-four, lean and cut with a big thick cock. I love fucking. Yet the ones I love most are the married ones. The thrill factor is incredible and there's little commitment required. I don't feel bad either, except maybe for one scenario where I banged a friend's fiancée. Right now I'm fucking a hot 38-year-old married mother of two I work with. I can't get enough of it.

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