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    You know you can't forget it. You can't push the memory away it becomes part of who you are. The first time you reach out and hold a truly big thick cock in your hand. The way it's heaviness weighs down in your Palm fingers stretched trying to meet around its thickness. The warmth and hardness and so soft all at the same time I felt the veins rippling as he moved himself into position over me. It's length nine inches or so twice the size of mine I was so excited and trembling in fear not because he put his hand on the back of my head guiding my mouth to suck him with firm grip but I was afraid because my back had started arching without me consciously moving it. You see I was excited and afraid because I was already anticipating him fucking me I knew I couldn't stop what was happening I just had to give him whatever he wanted and he knew it. You see I have wanted to have sex with a man and be the girl for years crossdressing in private masturbating like a girl fingering myself and playing with a few toys but had never actually had a real partner. My friend of late who I'd shared my deep secret had broken my confidence as I learned that night I was walking to my truck when a total stranger approached and told me he knew inviting me up to his apartment to talk openly but I was so embarrassed I couldn't talk and now his patients seemed lacking or maybe his sexual need to take what he wanted was in control at any rate now my clothes on the floor except for the pink girly panties on me. For the first time ever being seen in panties and bra on my knees so exciting! Not in control at all he pushed his huge cock to the back of my throat holding it there even as I gagged he wouldn't pull it out and he said that's how baby that's how you do it that's a good girl. I looked up at him my eyes watering from gagging tears running down my cheaks he was smiling and pulled me up kissing my neck and groaping me between my legs stopping only to grab my ass sliding his strong fingers inside my panties fondling my tight hole I gasped because it felt so good my legs were like jelly I could barely stand but arched my back more pushing my ass out to welcome his advances both of my hands holding onto his hard manmeat as if to try somehow to control it but it was only making the situation worse and now it was time. He pushed me backwards into his lazyboy chair and as I landed his hands grabbed my hips sliding me forward in the softness of the chair until my butt was just over the edge sort of hanging off and before I could catch up mentally to the moment and swift movement my knees landed into my chest and slid off to each side his strong arm's folding me up pinning me down helplessness consumed my mind as my ass was so exposed now. Mark laughed out loud and started rubbing his hardness all over my silk panties my hairless balls and dick trapped inside and my tight hole was aching, tingling, throbbing every time his cock pushed against I moaned with pleasure and then he reached around pulling my panties aside his big cock head found me and as it rest in position the whole world seemed to stop my mind rushed with fear he was so big and could I take it? would he hurt me? Would he have mercy? I herd him say there's lube on the table next to you but I didn't respond fast enough and he raised his voice telling me to take the bottle and squirt some lube in his hand this time I did as told and with a shaky voice pleaded with him to go slow but he didn't listen he just did what he wanted to do as I squirmed underneath his body weight unable to stop him it penetrated forcibly invading my highness stretched to the limit and full of his hot hard cock I was simply paralyzed my eyes rolled back in my head my mouth wide open he began to slowly pump more and more up inside of me while telling me to give it to him give it up slut that's my tight c**t you want to be fucked good don't you baby that's a good girl. Oh my god by now so full of him it felt so good. My ass stuffed I moaned in a higher girl voice with each movement all of my manhood slipping away with each thrust I loved it being fucked and used as a woman giving myself to him and crying out with pain but mostly pure pleasure. When he flipped me over on the chair to finish me doggie I pushed my ass up high in the air for him I wanted it without reservation I really can't explain the absolute inside and out pleasure he gave to me fucked harder now slapping my face and ass pinching my nipples dirty talking me something happened and I lost it. Suddenly my ass locked around marks huge cock trying to tighten uncontrollable waves rocked trough me as if in slow motion I could feel every centimeter of his hard swollen cock sliding in and out and then I exploded my cum streaming right through my pink panties splattering onto the chair and my thighs I cried out yes Mark yes fuck me take my pussy! Of course when he came I swallowed a slut always swallows right? I confess for yrs I called it my ass but he changed me.. now I call it my pussy.

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    Me and my girlfriend share a fetish of including others into out sex lives and as a prank last April she got a bunch of gay guys to cum tribute my picture on kik harhar funny, so now I'm getting her back by giving her picture out and her kik don't hold back send multiple ones in different settings like bedroom, bathroom, car whatever I'd like it if videos were made with moaning and groaning her name her name is Jess by the way soo yeah get to it people https ://s21.postimg.**g/3nvgggh0n/image.jpg it's her pic and here's her kik username Jesleecarb oh she works nights so chances are she won't see anything till her weekend

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    This happened many years ago when I was 16, I had a girlfriend Jayne who was 14 and we used to fuck like rabits whenever we got the house to ourselves. One day while we were banging away without a care in the world at her house (it was school holidays and her parents were at work and her brother had gone off to visit his grandad). Well to cut a long story short her younger brother must have come home early and he walked in us fucking in the middle of the lounge floor, he sttod for a few seconds then went and we heard him going off to his room.
    Jayne and I were terrified, what the fuck were we going to do if he told his mom.
    Jayne said quick you need to go talk to him you have to make sure he will not tell on us. I quickly pulled on my trousers and went to his room, Hi Paul I said look I am sorry about that what you saw before, he just said not as sorry as you will be when I tell mom. I said come on Paul you don't need to tell your mom, how about if Jayne and I take you out for a burger. He said were you trying to make a baby, I said no it was ok Jayne was on the pill and couldn't get pregnant. Then he really stunned me and said I wanna do it with her too. I said Paul that would not be right she is your sisterand you are only 13. He just said well she is only 14 so OK I will tell mom.
    I said look Paul I will talk to Jayne but I don't think she is going to be happy to do that. I went down and told Jayne what had happened, she said he is a sick pervert there is no way I can do that. I told her I had told him that and that he said he would tell their mom, she said Oh my god what can we do, look she said tell him OK but I need you here with me please. We went up to Pauls room together and I told him, jayne lay on the bed naked and closed her eyes. Paul got his clothes off in no time and his cock was rock hard although quite small, he got between her legs and began trying to fuck her like he had seen me doing but his cock was not going in, I admit I was rock hard watching and I reached round and guided his cock into her. The sight of him banging away on his big sister gor me very excited and I began kissing Jayne on the lips, pretty soon she was responding to my kisses then I pushed Pauls mouth onto hers and she carried on responding to both his lips and his cock. After only a few more minutes I could tell he was cumming inside her, as soon as he was done he rolled off her and I buried my tongue inside her cum loaded pussy my cock was fit to burst as I ate her Jayne pushed Pauls mouth to my cock and he started sucking me, I would not have lasted long anyway but I came straight away when Jaybe pushed 2 fingers up my ass. Jayne Paul and I became a regular 3 some after that day and eventualy we worked Jaynes other sister into our fun too.

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    We've found something we both adore. That's because I love watching my wife suck off other more well endowed men than myself. So far since we got back from vacation two years ago, where she first sucked off a guy on the Dominican Republic, after a very drunken night out, I've now witnessed her sucking over forty different men to completion. All of them have been relative strangers, and nearly every one has been from bars we go into, which are outside of our city limits.
    It's so easy to set up too, as my wife is extremely good looking and has a stunning figure. All I do is approach someone we both think will be well endowed and a guy who my wife fancies, and ask them if they'd like my wife to suck their dicks. Out of the forty plus men, most have been older than us, but a few have been in their late teens.
    Things changed a little last week though as my wife was sucking off this older guy we'd met at a bar. He was really tall and very muscular, plus he had a huge cock. In the back of our car, my wife was greedily sucking on his cock when he asked her if she'd let him fuck her. Releasing his cock, she smiled at me and asked me if I'd let her.
    His massive cock was pumping her tight pussy a minute later as she lay over the hood of the car. He had a condom, so I stood with my cock out tossing myself off, as my wife took one hell of a fucking from his enormous cock from behind.
    She climaxed numerous times with his dick pistoning into her and then only seconds after I'd shot my load all over my wife's face, he busted his nut up her sloppy c**t, filling the condom which I'm sure some overflowed.
    After driving home, she asked me to go down on her. Which I did on our sofa, taking my time to satisfy the woman I'd do anything for and love. Licking and sucking out her sweet tasting pussy, I also knew some of the juices would be his, but I didn't care. And that to me was a whole new level of acceptance.
    We'll see where it gos from here, but if last week is anything to go by, I'll be watching my beautiful wife getting fucked more often from now on.

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    Mary's uncle Joe is an arsehole of note, but has a flourishing hardware business that made him very rich and he would not let anyone forget that.

    We were going through some tough times financially and were struggling to keep up the house payments let alone put food on the table.

    Mary's aunt left Joe after years of physical and mental abuse. She left with some money but was scared for life after 8 years of marriage to Joe. It was no secret that he let his friends fuck his wife on a regular basis , when she complained or refused he beat her tits until they were purple and blue , he used a cow prod on her nipples and pussy when ever he got drunk and felt that she needed to be disciplined.

    She however always had nice clothes and expensive jewelry and drove a flashy car , she gave up on all of that after he wore her down with his constant abuse and humiliation of her in front of friends and family.

    A few weeks back he contacted us and offered us $ 1000.00 in exchange for my wife's help in running his household and helping to educate his two boys who were home schooled.

    They could not keep a tutor for long and rumors were that Joe had to pay handsome amount to the last tutor after a out of court settlement to prevent her from laying charges against him and his sons for physical,sexual and verbal abuse.

    Now Mary at is still 33 real pretty with 38 D tits and and a slightly full figure ,she is still a little rough around the edges as her upbringing in a rough neighborhood still reflects in her daily manner of dress and social behavior.

    I met her just before the end her freshman year at a frat party at my friends house , she was flat on her back with two guys fucking the shit out of her while my friend and another guy filmed the scene. She was so stoned that she did not even recognize me the next when I sat next to her in the canteen.

    We later started seeing each other but it took a while for me grow accustomed to her way of life , I thought that her and her family were crude as could be, I had a totally different upbringing and most certainly had different values and norms with regard to sex and i****t.

    She however was the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on and I thought that I could change into a more refined lady if given the opportunity.

    They lived in a two bedroom project house and she shared a bedroom with her brother ,early on in our relationship it came to light that he has fucked her since she was 13 years old and she regularly fucked his friends after school.

    The first time we had sex in her bedroom her mother and her much younger boyfriend were making out in the Tv room ,he had her tits out while she squealed with delight ,we went to her bedroom and she got undressed while I listened to her mother having sex with her boyfriend.

    After a few minutes her brother walked into room and sat down on his bed and watched us fuck ,I told him to get out but she said it was fine for him to watch and I should just relax.

    He took out his dick and started to wank while playing with her tits ,that was so fucked up that I shot my load in her c**t within a few minutes , as soon as I got up from her he took my place and fucked her hard for a few minutes and added his cum to mine in her c**t. I opened the bedroom door in time to see her mother naked on the couch with a dick in her mouth.

    Two weeks later she moved in with me in a small apartment that my father paid for I had to remove her from that environment, my mother hated her from the first time she laid eyes on her ,my father thought she was great as she often showed off her tits to him when my mother was not around.

    She hardly changed any of her ways in the last ten years of our marriage ,my mother convinced my father to cut me off financially ,when times got really bad Mary would meet with my father and she always returned with some cash.

    When he passed away things really started going south financially as my mother gave us zero assistance and refused to see us anymore.

    Now we are in the situation that we have accepted Joe's offer for Mary stay at his house for two weeks to help him sort out his affairs and help to tutor the two teenage boys.

    I dropped her at his house the Friday afternoon , only the two boys were at home ,they certainly inherited all of their fathers bad traits , actually they are low lives with no respect for anyone at fourteen and sixteen they treated everybody like shit and knew that their fathers money always bailed them out.

    When they opened the door the first thing that came out of the fourteens years old mouth was
    ' hello aunty Mary fuck look at how big your tits have grown".

    They instructed me to take her bags to Joe's bedroom ,and then to fuck off back home.

    She did not flinch as this the language and ways she was brought upon , she told me to leave and that she would phone me later.

    She phoned me later that evening and informed me that if she stayed the two weeks and followed Joe's instructions he would pay her $ 2000.00 , but we both have to agree. We certainly needed the cash but I suspected Joe would make me regret the decision.
    Mary agreed and then told me that she now has to go and bath the boys. I felt sick to my stomach and knew I made a huge mistake in agreeing to his terms.

    The first video clip arrived on my phone with Mary on her knees soaping down the sixteen year old and giving him a hand job in the bath, the next clip showed the fourteen year old cumming on her face and while Joe and his elder son shouted obscenities at her.

    I phoned her and she informed me that for the evening Joe had arranged a fuck movie for them to watch , I told her to come home and forget about the deal ,she said we would have keep up our end of the deal as Joe already had video of her wanking off minors, I knew then that we were fucked.

    Two hours later ,a short clip arrived showing Mary naked with the sixteen year old fucking her c**t , I could hear Joe instructing the young boy to face fuck her , she opened her mouth and sucked him off.

    The last clip for Friday evening showed all three of them around Mary who was lying on her back with her legs wide open, Joe was fucking her with a huge dildo while the two boys took turns to face fuck her , her tits flopped around wildly , I heard her cumming while the three of them called her names ,Joe turned to the camera and said tomorrow the fun starts.

    The next morning she called and said that Joe insisted she sleeps in his bed and that he had fucked her again ,I asked her if she wanted out ,she said that they had only fucked her and had not hurt her at all.

    Saturday evening my phone beeped and a clip arrived that showed Mary reclining in a lazy-boy chair naked while fucking herself with a large dildo , I could see that she actually enjoyed the dildo ,the frame zoomed out and I saw six young boys around her various states of undress , Joe instructed Mary to blow them all ,every few minutes a short clip would arrive with one of the boys fucking her or cumming on her tits or face.

    On Sunday I could not contact her,nor did I receive any more clips , Monday morning I received a message from Joe that read, "tonight is going to be a good night"

    I got phone call from Mary's mother instructing me to come and see her that afternoon , I got into my car and rushed to her house , she opened the door and she was dressed in a see-thru vest with a short skirt ,now not many woman can get away with that at 55 but she certainly could ,what she lacked in finesse and culture was made up for by her beauty genes.

    Her tits were larger than Mary's and did sag somewhat but her huge areola and nipples sat right in the center of her tits. I have seen them many times before but this time see looked fucking hot ,hardly a wriggle on her face and neck.

    Without small talk or pretenses she said she knows Mary is fucking Joe and his sons and he has made a deal with her that if she fucks me on video he will allow her to stay at his house and he would look after her.

    She took me to her bedroom where her phone was sitting on a miniature tripod obviously to record us having sex , I was like a lamb to the slaughter ,I never stood a chance.

    God did her tits feel great ,her c**t was sopping wet and she milked me with her c**t muscles ,I came a huge load in c**t ,she turned around and sucked my limp dick and sat on my face with my cum running from her snatch, my face and mouth was covered with my own cum and she gyrated her c**t into face until she came loudly ,she made me lick up my cum as it ran from her c**t , that was the best fuck I ever had.

    She instructed me to go home and wait for Joe to call.Fuck this man was ruling the whole family including me.

    Early that evening Joe called and told me to come over immediately , on arrival he told me to behave and sit down, I saw a metal frame straps attached and realize that it was to constrain someone and I had good idea who that might be.A few moments later Mary's mother and her brother walked into the room ,she was still in the same outfit and her brother was already stoned out of his mind. Joe brought a tray with drinks and instructed all of us to each have one.

    He then left ,we drank our glasses and and he brought wine and beer ,I was to shit scared to say anything and did as I was told, After a few minutes I felt light headed and relaxed obviously he spiked our drinks ,it did feel good though and I could not keep my eyes of Mary's mothers tits.

    Suddenl y Joe and the boys came in with Mary between them ,stark naked with a ball gag in her mouth ,fuck she looked amazing , Joe instructed Mary to sit in a chair opposite the the tree of us ,the three of us were well high by then and everything Joe said we complied with.

    He instructed the three of us to get naked , Mary's mother sat in the middle ,she looked great I could still see my dry cum on her c**t and thighs. Joe and the boys secured Mary in the metal frame ,arms and legs wide apart.
    I could see that she was not drugged neither were Joe and the boys.
    Joe said in a playful tone let the fun begin.

    He walked up to his sister grabbed her big tits and gave them a mighty squeeze , she howled in pain as he brutally yanked her tits side side by her nipples , fuck I got such a hard-on that I thought I might cum immediately.
    His two boys flanked him each grabbed a tit as shoved his cock in his sisters mouth , the two boys mauled her tits and bit into her nipples while their father face fucked his sister , he pulled out from her mouth and sank his dick into her c**t , he came in her and told the youngster to fuck her ,she opened her legs wide as he sank his cock into her , we watch in a daze as fucked his aunt with gusto ,Joe made her suck his cock clean as she came from her nephew fucking her,when was done the eldest son took his place, I grabbed her tits and pulled her nipples as hard as I could she let out a beastly growl ,her son on her right hand side followed suit and and we pulled her tits in opposite directions whilst her nephew fucked her cum filled c**t ,he pulled out and came all over her tits my arm and her face.

    Joe pulled her son up from the couch and told him to fuck his mother , she opened her legs and in seconds her son was fucking her like a mad man , I could not wait my turn , but Joe had other ideas for me.

    When her son came in her c**t ,Joe instructed me to lay on the floor and his sister to sit on my face in a 69 position ,her sopping wet c**t released all of the cum in a stream in my mouth and face , she gyrated my nose and face into her c**t while sucking my cock , I could hardly breath at times , I felt her ass lift a little as her son again slid his cock into his mothers c**t, I was now having his dick sliding over my lips and his balls in my face , Joe said something and I felt his dick enter my mouth ,his mother tried to get it back into her c**t , he took turns with his mothers c**t and mouth,I had so much cum in my mouth and face that i do not even know if he had cum again , I emptied my sack in her mouth ,we were fucked ,Mary's mother was tired and wet with perspiration.

    All this time Mary just stood tied up and watch as we all fucked her mother.
    Joe called halt ,and ordered his boys to fetch more drinks , Mary's mother stayed on the floor she had a huge smile on her face.

    Whatever he spiked our drinks with started to wear off , when Joe returned he gave the men /boys a pale colored drink that tasted of mint. He laughed and informed that this is the best medicine for a limp dick that money could buy and that it gave a good buzz.

    Mary's mother was still high from the first drink ,I do not know if she drugged more than myself or her son ,she just stayed on the floor with c**t wide open.Joe made us all have more wine mixed with a special spice as he put it , a few minutes later I was flying and noticed that all the men a semi hardons.

    The fourteen year old come into the room with a big plastic container , he emptied the contents onto the floor , two huge dildos , clamps with metal balls attached and three ten inch long objects that looked like batons , Joe picked one of the floor and pressed it against his sisters left nipple , I saw a blue flash and heard a cracking sound ,his sister convalesced on the floor as many volts of current hit her nipple ,she screamed in pain , I saw Mary's eyes go wide with fear.

    Mary's mother pissed herself , Joe said that she is now properly wet and it is time his sons are taught how to fist a woman.I pulled her legs apart as the youngster on his fathers command started fingering his aunt's c**t , soon he had her wriggling on his hand then it slid in and he was pumping in and out of her wet stretched c**t ,fuck it was hot ,I stuck my cock in her mouth and face fucked her while her son abused her tits,she bit down hard on my dick as he bit her nipple . Joe grabbed the cattle prod and told us stand back ,he pushed it into her c**t and let it rip ,fuck she went wild , he told her not to ever try biting again , she pleaded with to turn it down some.

    All this time Mary had a birds eye view of all of us fucking and abusing her mother , Joe called his sons over to Mary who was now making grunting noises with the ball gag in her mouth , he handed is sons each a prod and told them to press it against her nipples ,they pushed so hard that the tips bit into her ribs ,now he shouted , blue arcs jumped on her tits and she shook like a rag doll , he then placed his prod on her clit and shocked her for about three seconds , she shook so much I thought she was going to break her arms.

    She pissed herself and hung lifeless on her restraints ,he slapped her tits so hard that it twisted her body around , the boys soon caught on and slapped her tits viciously ,Joe picked up a thin cane about 80 cm long and cracked it on her left nipple she let out a awe-full sound as he repeatedly beat her left tit ,then took turn with the right tit ,the first blow drew blood across the nipple ,they hit her about 15 shots each ,she must have passed out as she did not respond to the blows anymore .

    Joe took over and hit her between the legs , after the fifth or so shots I could see her c**t swell and turn an angry red.

    Joe gave the boys two dildos and told them to fuck her good , the sixteen year old drove the huge dildo up her c**t with such force that she lifted of the ground each time ,the other youngster smacked her tits purple with his dildo.
    Mary's brother got up went behind her and forced his dick up her arse while mauling her tits as hard as he could , she woke up with her brother abusing her tits and cumming up her arse.

    Joe called me over and handed me the prod , Mary pleaded with her face , I was so turned on that I jabbed the prod a few times into her tit flesh so hard that she screamed past the gag. Fuck I did not press the button , the first bolt of volts shook her all over the place , I shocked her continuously , Joe took the wand from me and said he wants her awake when the clamps go on.

    He took a clamp that had a 500 gram metal ball attached to it and clamped it onto her right nipple , she thrashed around while he let me attach the left one.She was in tremendous pain the teeth of the clamps bit into the nipple and tit flesh braking the skin ,the boys now took turns to fuck her from behind making the metal balls swing wildly from her tits.

    She howled in pain continuously , as the boys fucked her pussy , I turned my attention to her mother .

    Joe handed me the cane and I hit her tits so hard that I drew blood with the first blow she screamed like a wounded pig ,Joe and her son held her arms above her head and her legs spread wide , I beat her c**t lips so hard that they deformed swelled up immediately after just a few blows , I was now able to aim better and landed ten or fifteenth shots on or around her fat nipples .

    I was like a crazy man ,earlier in the evening she enjoyed being fuck by her son myself and her brother , now we were r****g her.

    While her son were holding her arms above her head I stuck my dick up her c**t ,she was now tight as can be ,I used a empty wine bottle to thump into her messed up tit flesh , I must have r**ed her for ages as I could not come and my dick started to smart.,her son took over and viciously r**ed his mother.

    Neither of us could cum so we used the bottle to fuck her beat up c**t.
    Joe calmed things down and released Mary from her bonds ,she swore at us ,me in particular ,she was in as bad a state as her mother.

    Joe took no shit from them and instructed them to get on their knees and start blowing him and myself , I removed one of the ball clamps from her left tit and attached it to her mothers beat up nipple flesh, she screamed in pain around my cock but did not even try to bite me.

    The three boys took turns in fucking Mary and her mother ,whist being fucked the metal ball swung from their tit flesh and you could feel the the hurt as the sucked on our dicks .Joe blew his load down Mary's through and I followed suit a few minutes later, the boys eventually shoot their load up Mary's and her mothers c**ts.
    I almost got another hard-on when Joe instructed the girls to suck each others c**ts , Mary came first and her mother two minutes later.
    We all now live in Joe's house , the girls gets fucked a lot especially by the young boys and their school friends , Joe paid for both girls to have breast implants , they are now both very firm DD's. that gets abused a lot.
    I am have now become a crude lowlife myself ,I missed out on so much before.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    I was 17 the first time I had sex with my Uncle Nigel and his girlfriend Leah. T was the summer after my last year in school, Mom sent me to spend it with my Grandma on the family ranch. When I arrived grandma sent me to Uncle Nigal and Leah's house so he could put me to work.

    I'd been there about a week when I was laying up in bed asturbatingand I heard noise coming from their room. I tiptoed down the hall and put my eye to the keyhole. Could see Leah straddling him cleary riding his ccck. "Yes," she gasped "Yes." Over and over as she bounced up and down. I could see glimpses of his cock between her legs.

    I slipped my hand into my panties and plunged 2 fingers into my pussy as I watched. Clamping my other hand over my mouth to muffle my own moans.

    She got off of him and ntoal 4s at the edge if the bed. He got behind her, for a moment I saw his long hard thick cock jutting out from his body before he thrust back into her grabbing her hips. She moaned loudly and tossed her head side to side as he pounded her. She let out a long moan and shuddered a second later he did the same. They came together her pussy smiling his cock for every drop. I came with them my pantues getting soaked as my juices gushed out around my fingers. She looked straight at the door and winked. I rushed as quietly as I coulkd back to my room.

    The next morning at breakfast they seemed normal as can be. Did I innagine her winking? Did she know I'd been there? Did he know?

    I went out to feed the chickens and pigs I heard Uncle Nigel's truck leave. A few minutes later Leah joined me in the barn.

    "Might as well get it out in the open." She said "I know you were watching last night." I couldn't speak I just nodded. "I don't mind " she continue "I like being watched. So does Nigel."

    "Does Nigel know?" I gasped.

    "No," she laughed, "But he wouldn't mind. In fact I'm sure he wouldn't he'd probably ask you to join us."

    "A threesome?" I asked, I'd heard of them and even watched a few on the internet. Watching 2 girls kissing, fondling and pkaying with each other while a man fucked them was one of my favorite things.

    Stepping up to me she brushed my hair out of my face and nudged my chin up with her fingers. Her lips felt so soft as she brought them against mine. "Yes, a threesome." She confirmed "Nigel can't get enough pussy. He'd go crazy over yours." She deepened our kiss running her tongue along my lips probing my mouth. Her hand slid along my side and she cupped my left tit, twittling her thumb over my nipple. Her ther hand going to my other tit. It felt so good.

    After a few minutes she tugged at my shirt, "Let me see your tits." I pulled my shirt off over my head. She unfastened my bra." She liked them over smiling. "Beautiful" she whispered leaning down to kiss the tip of each nipple. Taking my hand she lead me back to the house and into their room. She slipped it of her clothes revealing her large tits and shave pussy before she pulled me into another kiss and unfastened my shorts, they dropped to the floor. She pushed my panties down revealing my shaved pussy. Pushing me back onto the bed she cooed "Shaved, just how I like it. She pushed my legs apart and knelt down. Running first her fingers then her tongue along my pussy lips. " Mmmm." She moaned darting her tongue over my clit. Spreading my lips her fingers and teasing my entrance. She slipped a finger in and smiled "No hymen. Good."

    I don't know how longvi laid there or how many orgasms had, I lost track of it all. When finally returned to myself Leah and I were cuddlingbincthe middle of the bed. Her fingers gently tugging and teasing my nipples our legs intertwined.

    "Yes, Nigel's gonna love your pussy." I started to giggle. "Won't you?" She smiled. That's vwhen I saw him standing in the doorway. She waved him over. He removed his hat, boots and shirt as he came over. Unfastening his belt and jeans as he got on the bed between us he stretched out on his back.

    Leah quickly slipped her hand into underwear pulled out his cock. Diving onto it with her mouth. Sucking and licking. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me. "You want this Baby Girl?" I nodded "No, say it tell me what you want." He directed. I swallowed deep and replied "I want you to fuck me Uncle Nigel. I want to lick Leah's pussy while you pound mine." He smiled.

    With a quick swat to my bottom he told me "Help Leah and we'll see what I can do about that." I moved down the bed and joined her. Taking his cock into my mouth, immulating her technique, He moaned and held us by our hair as we gave him a joint blowjob.

    A while later Leah told me to get on all fours. Nigel moved behind me and Leah in front. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and began licking as Nigel gave my pussy ba few quick licks to wet it good. "Are you ready Baby Girl?" He asked "Yes." I moaned into her pussy, "Please, Yes, Fuck me!" He pushed his cock into me. I shuddered, my uncle was fucking me while I ate his girlfriend out.

    I came almost immediately. My pussy throbbing and squeezing his cock as Leah moaned "Keep licking." He drove into me pushing my mouth onto her. Sandwiched between them I felt wonderful. I licked Leah through 2 orgasms my face glistening with her sweet juice before Nigel moaned "Where do you want my cum?"

    My mind raced "Oh please Uncle Nigel, inside me. Please." I cried out. With a loud moan his cock throbbed inside of me. Filling me with spurt after spurt of his cum.

    For the rest of my visit I shared their bed and went nude in the house like Leah, so both our pussys were always available to each other and Uncle Nigel.

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    Straight Male / 45

    Where is the category for "I made this shit up" ?

    Why are the gay male stories like a frigging novel compared to the lesbian females?

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    I was at the age of leaving home, in my last few days I was saying goodbye too many childhood friends, peris and influences laugh out loud, I was at home just getting out of the shower, as earlier I had tossed myself off before my gf turned up for a root before her shift all a normal Wednesday at that point I had 2 hrs before the parents got home from work and I was looking forward to spending some more time that nite going out to say goodbye some more when a knock at the door threw everything sideways it was my gf's mother, I was in a towel, she walked in and took it off and pushed me into the wall then sucked me hard as a rock, the kinky bitch got on all fours in the door way and demanded I enter her, I did, and she moaned out forcefull commands--- and I fucked how I was told u till I blew which took forever--- she exclaimed it was her instruction that made my stamina that day, I know the thruth and power of blowing your load a few times before harnessing the power of pussy smashing

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    My neighbor, Venky, is from India. He's in his 50's and married. His wife's a doll and their two kids are grown and married.
    He'd been claiming at neighborly get togethers to be a hypnotist for several months and I always thought it was BS.
    But my wife bought into it.
    She's a very pretty 34 yo brunette but,after three kids in the first 7 years of marriage, she'd put on some weight.
    She's 5'4" and she'd got up to about 150 lbs. Not obese but pretty plump and she, and I though I kept quiet about it, wasn't happy with it. She'd tried weight watchers, Atkins, all that BS and couldn't lose the weight. I even paid for a personal trainer for her and the woman was a joke. She was almost as chubby as my wife had gotten.
    So Venky started doing hypnosois on Stacey, my wife, and I was kind of surprised to notice a big difference after a few weeks.
    She'd lost about 10-15 lbs and was eating healthier, walking every night, and going to the gym and working out hard.
    I hadn't seen her eating ice cream or anything for weeks and after three months I was a total believer in him.
    Stacey had lost 30 lbs and looked absolutely fantastic!
    She kept it off and was living a really healthy lifestyle.
    The only catch was that she had to continue the once a week sessions he said to keep her mind focused on it.
    That was no problem to me because I enjoyed seeing her looking, and feeling, great and our sex life even picked up with her weight loss.
    I asked Venky if I could watch her session with him one night and he said sure. He had a webcam in the room he used and recorded the sessions so that nobody could accuse him of impropriety.
    I watched on the pc in his den and it was mostly boring but interesting.
    I asked Venky afterwards if he could hypnotize Stacey to be more inclined to give me oral sex. She's never liked to give head and feels she's very bad at it. I handed him a $100 bill and he agreed reluctantly. I said I'd agree to any favor he asked ever if he helped me this one time.
    Needless to say, within about one month Stacey started to get extra frisky in bed and even got so bold as to give me a blow job one night on our back porch while the kids slept. Then we had sex in the pool. Things were great.
    Then Venky called in his favor.
    I had to agree.
    He hypnotized Stacey to believe that she was becoming sexually attracted to him and that she would have strong feelings to have revenge sex with him after she'd had a squabble with me.
    He promised me to do it only once.
    So in keeping with our agreement I started a petty fight with her one evening when Venky called. She spoke with him on the phone and informed me that she had to go drop off his wife's dishes that she'd borrowed. We continued bickering, it was something about our son, and she stormed over to his house angrily.
    Stacey came back over an hour later looking disheveled and apologized to me.
    We hugged and she said she felt tired and wanted to lay down.
    The next day I sat in Venky's home and watched on his laptop as my wife had propositioned him in his kitchen.
    Stacey had sucked his cock right there in it and then he had fucked her on top of the table.
    he promised me it would never happen again.
    I've gotten more head from my wife in the past six months then I'd gotten in a decade prior.
    It was worth it.

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    I'm a 28 y/o light skin Puerto Rican gay male who is one of a small percentage of trans women who went back to being male. I have always been femme, and started crossdressing in 4th grade. After some resistance, my mom allowed it, and lucky for me my sister and brother were cool with it too. My dad, who was 53 when I was born, never knew. He passed away when I was 8, but lucky for the family he was heavily insured and had a pension and investments. So we were always solid middle class. Having a supportive family and the opportunity to live in good areas made my budding femme life easier. I always had friends, more girls than boys, and avoided all the assholes who hated people like me.

    I was becoming more femme as I got older. So much that I started socializing dressed as a girl by the time I got out of middle school. I was building a wardrobe between my sister's hand-me-downs and my own girl clothes. It seemed that I was spending 1/2 my time as a girl. Being very feminine to start with, and being only 5'5" and slim made it easy to move in and out of gender. I never had a problem getting boyfriends, altho many gay men hate guys like me. I even dated str8 guys, do-able because I looked 100% female.

    I had learned beauty culture (hair, nails, makeup) and worked at it to pay my way thru community college. I was showing up much of the time to class as 'Catrina' - being a good student and not a troublemaker helped me get over. It was when I hit 21 that I knew I was transgender. I was getting established as a hair stylist and mani-pedicurist, and with over 3 years experience and a following of clients, I had it made. I got my 2-year degree and started working full time. In this type of career, being a femininely gay crossdresser was no issue.

    When I was 22 I went fully trans. Catrina 24/7. I went on hormones and started growing small breasts. Implants, and other body alterations were out of the question. Altho I was making good money, the cost involved was too much, and I had my own apartment that I shared with a F friend. Besides, full sex reassignment surgery was too drastic to think about. I mean, I liked my sexual equipment! But it was becoming harder to hold onto BFs, who wanted no part of a trans woman. And str8 guys, when push comes to shove, cant really deal with a penis. By 24, I was becoming unhappy for the 1st time in my life, and frustrated because the hormones were killing my sex drive and ability to "perform". My roommate and close friends knew I was going thru a mental storm and felt trapped. I started seeing a psychologist, and learned that I did have an alternative.

    The summer after I turned 25, I went off the hormones. I didn't tell anyone, and still lived as Catrina. My breats shrunk, and my sex drive and potency started to come back. My roommate and then my family were the only ones to notice, because the change was so subtle. I finally told my roommate, mother and siblings that I was going back to male. I still had some male clothes at my mom's house, but I was still Catrina 24/7. The big reveal would be on my 26th birthday. My roommate arranged a big party, with friends, coworkers, and family invited. I was dressed androgynously, less makeup, with jeans, a gender neutral shirt and flat women's shoes. I announced to everyone I was going back to being just a crossdressing gay man. The response, after the shock, was very positive. I was happier than I had been in 2 years, and I was now a fully functional male!! I still crossdress ( a lot!), and my clients at the salon know that I may appear male or female. And I enjoy being Catrina much more now, because I can "turn it off" when the need passes. And I have a boyfriend! Life's good.

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