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    Straight Female / 28

    I am sick of idiots on some sites going on about how bad their partners are at the sex act, like one rights a pathetic attempt at a blow job or she OR he likes hot candle wax or bloodletting in his OR her sex to me blood flowing is not a big erotic excitement but one of fear and excitability of another kind. hot wax is no big deal I do that a lot ... dribble a little over myself or fingers and hand ... could try genitals or asshole next like I do with nail polish for a burn. but lets face it that is all so borning compared to knives and genital mutalations cutting the clit and bum hole... bum bleeding or snakes ... a snake trying to rape you or eat your head is pretty mean sexually especially if it is poisonous... I would like to hypnotise a snake to dance with me, like I did one came to my bed and head butt me in the third eye ... it was a cobra... I was asleep... carpet snakes etc is more out there then hot wax. I am trying to reform from that bullshit!!!! I used to burn my ass on hotplates doing auto erotic sex I dont need that shit going on in my head. I WANT TO KILL MYSELF MY HEAD IS KILLING ME... LAST FEW WEEKS HAS BEEN BAD DEPRESSION AND MIGRAINES WITH DARK ELECTRIC BLUES AND REDS MAKING ME SO ILL. I AM THINKING ABOUT ENDING IT ALL SOON, SUICIDING ON SOME PILLS OR JUST JUMP INFRONT OF A CAR OR BUS. IF I HAVE A BAD STD THERE IS NO HOPE FOR ME. LYING TO ME IS NOT GOING TO HELP ME. BUT EVERYONE LIES TO ME!!! I used to fuck the vacuum cleaner and doors and bed nobs, and anything really for pleasure. at school would go to the toilet and fuck myself nuts in grade 3.

    public places like shopping centers in kids rides I would masturbate, in the toy section of department stores, public pools or at the gym even.

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    Straight Female / 28

    trying to find a gig that has live blow jobs on stage with animals... and stage acts with real live snake penetrations and snake pit orgies with poisonous snakes. I want to have sex with a snake or real live wale... I really like weird sex what should I do to get to do this...???? how to give a snake a blow job and other live acts on stage. How to insert a poisonous snake in your anus or c**t free with a subscription to beastial orgie sex I have wondered what it would like to give a whale or a snake a blow job or for a whale or snake to fuck me! looking for books on HOW TO GET SNAKES OR WHALES UP YOUR PUSSY FOR DUMBIES..!extremetube/video/snake-in-pus sy-extreme-penetration-7-26495 seriously where is the real typan or cobra please!!! I met a snake charmer who cut a hole in my window mesh and put a snake in my room as a surprise.

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    Straight Female / 43

    I did something unusual for my husband's birthday. I do not like giving oral. I've never enjoyed doing it and because of that I'm not very good at it. My husband has asked me to fake it but it's never been very good for either of us.

    I was talking with a young co-worker of mine. She is a beautiful 23 year-old brunette who looks a little like Mila Kunis and who is single but has an active sex life. She enjoys giving oral and claims to be very good at it. I told her about my own aversion to it. She joking offered to "blow" my husband if I ever wanted her too. They have met and are friendly and after a few conversations her offer evolved from a joke to an actual offer. I started joking about getting her to do it for his birthday and it went from there. I finally asked for real and she agreed.

    I rented a hotel room and took my husband to dinner. Afterward, we had wine in the room and relaxed. I had him get undressed and had him lie down. I told him I had a surprise for him. I asked him if he wanted a real blow job?? After he said yes I asked him to just relax and I texted my friend who was at the door in a couple of minutes. My husband covered up when she came in.

    We were both nervous but after I explained that she was a gift and after she told him how much she wanted to do it for him he started to relax and after some more talking and reassurance he gave her the go ahead.

    I had thought about leaving but then decided that I wanted to stay and watch her to see what she did.

    She started by removing her shirt and bra. It was kinda of intimidating seeing her like that in front of my husband. She is so pretty and has the perfect breasts expected of a girl her age. My husband's eyes were glued to her as she pulled the sheet off uncovering him before she settled between his legs.

    I was feeling jealous but kept reminding myself this was a special gift to my husband.

    I stood over in the alcove near the door so I could watch without being in the way.

    She started out by massaging his thighs and abdomen and the area right about his crotch. She massaged him for awhile and I noticed that once he started to get stiff she started breathing on the head of his dick. Her lips were just about touching the head while she breathed and massaged him. He was completely hard pretty quick. She grabbed the base and rubbed the head across her breasts and nipples for about ten mutes making him moan quite a bit. He was really enjoying himself.

    When her lips first touched his cock it was with a soft tender kiss followed by more soft kisses. While she continued kissing she started lightly sucking as she kissed. Then I saw her tongue start making contact. She was beautifully erotic as she started getting more into it. She started french kissing it in a combination of deep kissing and sucking that was driving my husband nuts.

    I noticed that her deep kisses were getting deeper and soon she was taking his cock deep into her mouth sucking on it. Her hands were stroking it in time with her mouth sucking up and down. Her lips never lost contact with it as she sucked it with a look of pure ecstasy on her beautiful face. She was really enjoying what she was doing and I was fascinated watching her. I started wishing I could do for my husband what she was doing.

    I watched her closely as she continued her deep sucking motion, and saw that she was massaging his balls as she picked up her pace. She had only been sucking at it about ten minutes when my husband started breathing heavy and squirming around. She responded by talking his cock all the way down her throat and back out again sucking it hard as she did so. Just as my husband started to orgasm, she focused right on his head sucking it incredibly hard as he grunted loudly sounding relieved as he came, arching his back and bucking his hips at her mouth. She kept his dick in her mouth and continued sucking until he was finished cumming. She had swallowed his cum because it was all gone once she stopped sucking.

    She lightly kissed and nibbled his cock while again massaging him until he was completely soft and relaxed. Afterward they got dressed we shared some wine and talked for awhile. My husband had enjoyed his gift and my friend was pleased to have helped me give it to him. I admit to feeling jealous but at the same time it was a thrilling experience to see her pleasuring my husband like that and I told her that I owe her a big one!

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    Straight Female / 28

    I recently started seeing an older man, non-exclusively and pretty much just for sex. I am 28, and he is around 57 or 58. He's not very well-built but he's healthy, he has a great attitude and sense of humor, and he's divorced which somehow makes me feel like he appreciates me in a way that is simple, straight, and honest.

    I met him at a local Nugget store as I was browsing some produce, and he started to give me his thoughts on what makes good asparagus good, and was joking about the turgidity of the celery (yes, turgidity, dear gosh, lol!). I was actually kind of amused, maybe because I was having a good day, was in no rush, and didn't mind a brief chat while doing something that can at times be rather mundane.

    He then came on with a very light flirtation, wanting to mention how beautiful he found me to be, and seemed not very shy to say he thought I had a very nice body. I'm not very bashful, but I did kind of blush because it was unexpected, and I thanked him (had NO idea what else to do!) and also thanked him for his produce thoughts and the good advice. Rather than let me go though, he asked if I was having dinner alone, and invited me for a home-cooked meal nearby.

    That should be the stranger danger alert, but I was actually very surprised and kind of astonished at his forward yet non-aggressive nature. I suggested a raincheck on dinner, but he insisted that he'd probably either never see me again (out of sheer luck) or would spend his days hanging around the Nugget just for a glimpse of me.

    What can I say, I thought he was charming, it wasn't very late in the day (this was a few months ago while the sun was pretty high), and I was intrigued, as I said. So I said we could make something together (it ended up being pasta; yes, spoiler alert, because that's not the spicy part of this story).

    So we went to his place which was literally around the corner in a nice neighborhood not far from my own (he doesn't know where I live at this time, and he hasn't asked). While mixing sauces and cooking, he would gently touch me in ways that were so subtle, yet so erotic, like brushing his hand across my back, or "accidentally" brushing his hand around my breast or buttocks. I was in tight shorts because it was pretty hot, so it felt almost like his fingers were touching my skin...

    We had wine with dinner, and sat on the floor where he'd tell me about being a single divorced man living his dream of doing anything he wanted yet only wanting to stay in town and see the local sights. He'd caress my leg, my foot, my thigh, and at some point he leaned in and just started kissing me while sliding his hand up my pant-leg, under my panties, and caressing my pussy and clit.....

    I was COMPLETELY seduced by this man, he had slid all my clothes off while expertly undressing himself, which made me wonder how many women he'd seduced, dug out a condom from around the table, and after I stroked him to a nice hard erection and slid the condom on, he slid his cock slowly into me and sexed me slow at first. It was INCREDIBLY hot, and I don't mean the weather, though that helped make us both sweaty.

    He fucked me slowly, and I bit his ear and scratched his back, then whispered to him that he could go faster if he wanted. As if waiting for his cue, he thrust in me HARD, I moaned, and he started fucking me fast and furious. I was sooo loud, and he was holding on to me so tight while fucking me missionary; then I rode him cowgirl and started wondering if he'd have a heart attack, but I feel like he's in better shape than I am.

    He eventually finished me off in a doggystyle position, I feel like he was doing his best not to cum before I did but he may not have realized that I had already cum twice before he finished.

    And that was how I met this man who is 30 years older than me, and INCREDIBLE in bed. We've been having sex regularly for a couple months now, and I appreciate how there is nothing deceptive about what we're doing, it's all on the table.

    he is definitely the oldest man I've had sex with, beating out the second-oldest by close to 20 years, yet somehow he's one of my favorite partners. he just "gets it," he gets ME, and what I want/desire, and he's not a jerk. Sometimes sex with a jerk can be hot - I've shared a confession about an internet guy who's sexed me a few times - but a much older sex partner - or at least the man I've been meeting with - is very hot indeed.

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    Straight Female / 23

    My friends Perry, Josh, Kinda and Dave came over last week end for a drive down the coast. that was great and we had a swim and sun bathe then shared some chips and played a little Frisbee. I caught Daves attention early driving down because I was the first in the car he picked up so I sat in front with him and the others packed in behind with our gear. I made sure I bought a nice bikini set and the coolest beach towel I could find in a hurry at the shops. pink with big sunglasses and girly lips with "Beach Shades" on it.

    wet as can be after a swim Dave and I shared the shower off by the road and he wiped the sand off my back and some naughty bits dribbled down my bikini pants that made him giggle, what made me blush and giggle was his speedo trims on and wet showed the outline of his weeny!!! lol

    I was so tired after the day and the guys took a walk over the far side of the beach that I just did not have the energy for. when I got back home that evening I felt sand blown and sun tanned and my skin whipped by the sand grains and wind. I really just wanted to fall asleep, but Perry said "how about a movie??" we got some dvds in the back we just got" I said ok with sulky defeat, shaking my head as if I am gonna stay awake for them all??

    got in at 7pm and got out the pop corn and drinks and I had a quick shower and just threw on a cotton nighty and no knickers that was a big mistake.

    Dave sat near me and must have seen a glance of my bare butt and came over quickly to join me under the blanket on the large couch I was laying on. he sat at the end near my knees and said he would give my sore calf muscles a rub that was nice. then within 15 minutes of the movie starting he was making his way up my legs to my butt under the blanket so the others could not see exactly what he was up to.

    my heart raced as he put his finger around my crutch and started fingering my pussy. he must have known I was wet as a sea sponge.

    I looked over at him shocked and he looked back with a clever smug look as if to say "I knew you had no knickers on and you wanted it"

    he dipped and pulled and rubbed at my pussy and clit for a while while I shook and near choked on the feelings and heart racing. I have to say I enjoyed the fingering so much, it was making me water and open my mouth in awe of what he was doing. I almost orgasmed as he jerked his finger like it was his cock in me and poked me in and out in a rhythm like he was finger fucking my pussy like a dick would thrust ... I loved it but was afraid to show my pleasure I wanted to cry and scream in delight and gratitude to his sexy intentions, I moved just enough to feel his hard dick against my legs and that was a pleasure to me to feel I had that power over him to arouse him so much. then suddenly he seen me shivering with a sudden cold maybe he was worried I was orgasming. he got behind me on the couch and rubbed against my butt and pussy from behind and I felt his hard cock against me craving his fulfillment inside me.

    within a short time he was under the blanket with me while the others watched on with the movie, and he unzipped his jeans and his cock bounced out like a jolly springed wobbly lollypop. I felt it spring against my butt checks and straight for my wet waiting hungry pussy. I secretly love being pussy fucked from behind and having my boobs rubbed and bending my butt out for a hot dick ... my wet pussy was aching and he pushed his bobby dick in me after a few bouncy misses, that felt nice feeling a big cock against my bare skin ready erect for my begging pussy. he pushed hard into my very wet pussy and just held in holding my clit and little nibbles on my neck now and then. my heart was in eradic mode and I looked worried over to him and he smiled. and made the occasional thrust without the others noticing. I hid my face over the blankets as he rubbed my clit and I came very quickly as he so noticed. we had to do this without the others noticing and I felt him cum inside me within minutes. we whispered in my ear "your so hot. I hope you get pregnant" and took a while to pull out then went to the rest rooms to clean off. I went later on.

    I suggested they stay the night and see another film and got my chance to take dave outside alone for a while.

    I took him down to the pool and huts and we had a wild shag inside by 11pm and this time we made a bit of noise and lots of motion to make up for what we lost earlier. we both clung to each other and rocked til tired out. I had a lot of energy to use up on him this time... we told each other how hot we had been for each others bodies. I felt his legs rolling as he orgasmed while I wriggled around on top of him pushing my boobs up to his face that he willingly licked at and swallowed til I came.

    we went back into the movie and we very bushy tailed with our activities, so I made few drinks and when the others didn't answer we went back out to the pool and made out again.

    great weekend. we have been doing it ever since and its now Friday, we have been a couple for a week and already talking about what to do this weekend together. can I hide this from the others and get throw the weekend or just tell them we are screwing??

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    Straight Female / 25

    I'm so excited today. Me and my man ben wantin 2 swing wit utter cpls n had it planned wit another cpl on Oct 31 Halloween nite but I couldn't wait n had sex wit the man of the utter cpl while my man was outta town. I just wanted him n so we did it. my 1st white man n he was great not wat I expected at all from white guy. I've heard the rumors of white guys havin small dicks that's not tru cause he had 8 inches at least n knowd how 2 use it. he fucked me harder than any blk man has n him musta had him Wheaties cause he stayd wit it. I got mine 4 times n an hour n half,yes I am pleased n we're meeting again tomorrow. his wife knows n is kewl wit it n cant wait til we all get together Halloween nite. I thought my man was badass but this man can turn it on n turn me on to white men he has. i'm hungry 4 another blackie meets whitie experience. my man might not b happy bout this but at this point I don't care. gots 2 go

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    I'm so excited today. Me and my man ben wantin 2 swing wit utter cpls n had it planned wit another cpl on Oct 31 Halloween nite but I couldn't wait n had sex wit the man of the utter cpl while my man was outta town. I just wanted him n so we did it. my 1st white man n he was great not wat I expected at all from white guy. I've heard the rumors of white guys havin small dicks that's not tru cause he had 8 inches at least n knowd how 2 use it. he fucked me harder than any blk man has n him musta had him Wheaties cause he stayd wit it. I got mine 4 times n an hour n half,yes I am pleased n we're meeting again tomorrow. his wife knows n is kewl wit it n cant wait til we all get together Halloween nite. I thought my man was badass but this man can turn it on n turn me on to white men he has. i'm hungry 4 another blackie meets whitie experience. my man might not b happy bout this but at this point I don't care. gots 2 go

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    Straight Female / 27

    I share a house with 2 guys that I've been friends with since college. They're both really hot & Ive been attracted to each of them since Ive known them.

    This past weekend I got shit faced with my girls & our DD dropped me off and helped me to my bed, so they say. When I woke up Saturday, My thighs inbetween were sticky & I had cum dripping out of me when I went to the bathroom. I asked my friends if I hooked up with anyone that night (which is completely out of character for me) & they all say that I was with them the whole time & went straight home.

    So, now Im convinced one of my hot roomates fucked me & came in me. And the thing is, I kind of like the idea. I havent spoken to them yet. A little awkward right now. But nothing exciting ever happens to me & Ive never done outrageous things, and now this. This kind of turned me on. Not sure where to go from here.

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    Straight Male / 36

    After so many fits and starts my wife was finally into it. Her, 31, long silky brunette hair, brown eyes, small waist, 34c braless boobs, amazing round butt, purple dress barley covering her pantyless ass, high heels upturning her ass just right.

    Him, 26, black, hung, trying to fuck my wife for months.

    Us, out on the town, on the veranda of the restaurant, her leaning on the railing, bent over, her ass and bald pussy in view. She looks at me and says "tonight's the night." My heart skipped a beat. She looked at our friend and asked him what he wanted to do tonight. His eyes on her pussy speechless, she says "Whatever you say, I won't say no."

    I was rock hard and thrilled when the two of them walked off together after my wife told me she would call me for a ride in the morning.

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    Straight Female / 33

    I'm a married Irish girl. I've been married for four years. I've been an Administrative Assistant to my boss for a little over ten years.

    My boss is a 53 year old black man. He is single, very dark, attractive, tall, muscular, only looks about thirty-five, is amazing in a suit and has a very commanding presence. I was very intimidated by him when I first took the job. He took a chance hiring me so young and he was beyond patient with me. I was like a giddy school girl the first few months but settled in well and we actually became friendly. Of course at first I was curious about him. He was my boss, he was very successful and he's black. We've become quite a team.

    I didn't really know any black guys before I met him so I had that whole white girl/black guy curiosity going on. About six months after I started, he was having a tough stretch. He was out straight swamped with meetings and deadlines and working very long hours. On a late Friday he was working and told me I could head home. He looked so tense I started massaging his shoulders. He didn't seem to mind and it felt natural so I continued. He seemed to be relaxing. I felt a charge through my body feeling his muscles. I pressed my body to his as I massaged him and he responded. I simply decided to satisfy my curiosity while also doing something nice for someone who had been so helpful to me.

    I walked around his chair, slid to my knees. unzipped his pants and fished his penis out through his fly. He was already hard and he lived up the to stereotype. His cock was about 8 inches long and very very thick. It was hard and sticking straight up at me lol. I looked in his eyes and just saw kindness and understanding reflected back. I took him into my mouth and worked hard to pleasure him. It took me awhile to get used to his thickness but before long I was concentrating on sucking on just his head and he was responding. It took me about twenty rather hard minutes of sucking before he came for me. He filled my mouth and my tummy lol. I cleaned him up with my mouth sucking all of his cum out before putting his cock away. I didn't say anything. I just touched his shoulder, packed up and went home.

    I was a nervous wreck coming in on Monday. I had barely slept all weekend. I was afraid of what he was thinking of me. I didn't think he would fire me but I was worried that he would consider me a stupid girl with a teenage crush on her boss. He was actually very nice. He called me into his office and thanked me. He told me what I did was a huge boost for him and that he enjoyed it immensely. He stated that he understood me wanted to please him but he wanted me to understand that sexual favors were not a part of my job in any way and that any sexual contact was completely up to me and that he would respect my wishes. I told him that I just wanted to please him and relax him that day and that I really enjoyed doing it for him and that I had felt satisfaction from doing it. Me being so young and pleasing such an important man in my life was a huge ego boost for me.

    We didn't mention it again for three weeks but once again on a late Friday he was pushing a deadline and I was ready to go home for the weekend. I was saying goodnight and he was looking at me with a certain look which put the thought in my head that he needed head. I hesitated then just looked at his crotch. He smiled and said "If you want to." I wanted to so I did what I did before. He sat in his chair behind his desk and I slid to my knees and unzipped him and pulled his cock out like before. He was rock hard, and even though I had seen it before his cock size surprised me again. I took my time really trying to give him pleasure rather than just trying to make him cum. After about forty minutes he shot another huge load into my mouth which I savored before swallowing.

    I slowly started blowing him more and more. It turned into an every Friday afternoon thing, then later Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He never overtly asked me to blow him but he would drop hints. After my first year anniversary I finally told him to just tell me he was feeling tense whenever he needed the release. After awhile he was saying that virtually everyday of the week, some days more than once. After that I was sucking him off six or seven times a week. I got to where I was masterful with his cock in my mouth. I knew it better than I knew my own vagina. I could draw out his pleasure when I felt he needed it or make him cum in mere minutes when brevity was required. I got to where sucking my boss's cock was the most natural thing in the world.

    I often gave him quick blowjobs just before he headed out to important meetings. He liked being relaxed during stressful situations. Later he'd come back and I would blow him again but I would take my time, simply pleasuring him for a long period of time until he was ready to cum again.

    My boss never did more than touch me lightly. I kept my clothes on and he would sometimes stroke my hair or gently touch my breasts but that was it.

    Then I met my future husband. At first we were just dating so I continued to suck off my boss. After a few months and tings got serious I started feeling funny about it. When we moved in together I wanted to stop doing it but I didn't know how to bring it up. It was just a weird situation. Blowing my boss was such a habit for me, and him, one that I looked forward too every day I just couldn't stop.

    After I had been with my boyfriend for three years and had been blowing my boss for five, I finally told my boss I was in a serious relationship. I told him how torn I was about stopping our daily interludes. He was very understanding. He suggested one more time to put closure to our sexual relationship. I took my time sucking him for over an hour before I finally finished him off with tears in my eyes.

    A month later I couldn't help myself. I was back on my knees sucking him off. Within a week I was back to sucking him off daily. He stopped saying he was tense and left it up to me. I didn't look at it like I was cheating even though I know I was. I was missing his cock so much I was in his office twice a day trying to catch up. We finally settled back into our old routine. When I agreed to marry, I told my boss I had to stop after the wedding. A few weeks before I got married, I asked him if we could spend one night together for our last time. He agreed and the night we were together was wonderful. I managed to put my fiance out of my mind and totally enjoyed the night. We finally kissed, he took my clothes off and saw me naked for the first and last time. I shuddered when he pressed his cock into my vagina. It was so thick it took quite a while for my vagina to get used to it but once it did it was an intense experience. He came inside me three times that night and somehow managed to give me two last loads in my mouth. We snuggled up at last and I slept in his arms. He woke me up by sliding his cock into my sore pussy. It was painful but a satisfying end, or what I thought then was the end, of out sexual relationship.

    We stopped our sexual contact after that. I was married a month later and to be honest it's been wonderful. My husband and my boss have gotten to know each other a bit. After a year of marriage, things were great but I was really missing those moments with my boss. One afternoon, I could tell he was in dire need of relief. I had my hand on his shoulder and I was acting all flirty and stealing glances at his crotch. My pussy was wet I was so desperate for his cock to be in my mouth again. He knew what I was thinking. My stomach was in pain I wanted to suck his cock so bad. He finally said "Are you sure??" I hemmed and hawed but then nodded, bit my lip and said yes. He spun his chair and I was on my knees. I was ravenous. I sucked him like I never had before trying to taste is cum after so long. I never felt so good as I did swallowing his load that day.

    I felt terrible afterward. Here I was a married woman blowing my boss, my poor husband completely clueless. Having said that, I wasn't prepared to stop. I was like an alcoholic taking a drink. Once I had one taste I needed more. I admitted to my boss how much I missed our daily fun. After a long talk we decided to go back to what we had done before. He and I both felt weird about it at first but it's private activity between us and to tell the truth, I need it.

    Here I am a year later and I'm sucking my boss off six or seven times a week pretty much like I've always done other than that year off. It's as natural as breathing for me. I love my husband and we have a great sex life. But I adore pleasuring my boss and feeling his cock pulsing cum down my throat and know now I'll probably never stop, at least not until he stops allowing me to do so.

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