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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    Many years ago I had a job teaching English in a college in Thailand. After class 1 day the mother of one of my lazier students came to see me and told me her daughter had to pass my class as it was important for her career. I told her that her daughter would not pass the class as she did not do nthe work and my assesment would be that she failed unless she really worked hard and had extra lessons for the month or so before the end of the year. The girls mom then asked me if I could give her private lessons in the evenings. I refused because I did not want to work evenings and was the amazed when she offered me sex in exchange for teaching her daughter.
    I told her I would come to her house that evening and if she wanted me to teach her daughter she must make me that offer in front of her daughter, after a few minutes she agreed.
    I went to her condo that evening and with her daughter sitting there this woman got onto her knees (a nice touch but not one I had insisted on) and offered me her body for sex in exchange for teaching her daughter. I looked at the daughter who had started crying and said OK, then I said first fuck before the first lesson. the mom agreed and started leading me into another room, her daughter tried to stop her but her mom told her she had to pass my class.
    I had that poor mom in every position i could think of then after came out into the lounge and gave the daughter a 2 hour private lesson. This went on for a couple of weeks and the girl really worked hard and began to get better, eventualy I fucked her mom 1 last time and told them both that she would pass my class.
    About 3 weeks after the end of school there was a knock on my door and it was the girls mom, she told me she wanted to fuck with me again, we now have regular sex at my place and I am even thinking that we might get together more permenantly.

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    Straight Female / 23

    I was looking through photo albums from when I was a baby and I noticed something looked strange about all my pacifiers. I looked it up, and all the pacifiers I used when I sucked on when I was a baby are party favors given out for like, bachelorette parties, where the rubber nipple is shaped like a penis. And I don't just mean vaguely phallic I mean like, legitimately shaped like a penis, including tiny balls. I don't know if they came from mom's bachelorette party or if she even had one, she died shortly after I was born and dad died last year so it's not like I could ask him, but this makes me question a lot of things I remember growing up and things I do now.

    Like I remember being confused in high school when my friends would complain about their parents not letting them wear something because it was too revealing, because when they showed me the outfit it just looked like the kind of clothes I'd been wearing since I was 12 at least. The first time I gave someone a blowjob it just felt like the most natural thing. Idk maybe I'm reading too much into it.

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    so today at 10:42 my little secret saw the light of day no joke i had my 2nd child but cant say nothing or else me and my wifes 22 yr old neice will have a little bit to explain but looking at her it was as they say worth the squeeze and the times we had fun was some of the best sexy i have ever had the images of those nights are some i will never forget watching her grind her pussy on me and her full firm c cups in my hands is heavely

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    Straight Female / 22

    A few years ago when I was 15 and living at home with my dad our house was broken into by some guys from a local gang I am not sure why they targeted us but it was punishment for something my dad had done to them.
    Cutting a long story short they made me suck my own dad off in front of them and some of them filmed it on their phones, they then ganged me in front of dad before making him put his cock in my ass and fuck me.
    When they left they warned us that if we even thought about going to the police they would publish what the filmed and also come back to kill us both.

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    Straight Male / 36

    When I was in high school in grade 10, my friend and I had sex with this girl in the library. She was my best friend's gilrfriend and I got invited somehow as we always walked home together.

    It started with some heavy peting at the reading tables in the library after school - and then progressed to the small "music/reading" rooms in the library. We noticed that one of the rooms had a lock - we shut the lights and could only see the glow from underneath the door - enough to cut some inhibitions.

    I had never touched a girl before - she sucked my friend while I was just sitting there on the couch in the dark - she then took my hand and let me play with her pussy and tits. She eventually got out of her clothe and was completely naked and she then got on all fours kneeling in front of me on the couch and undid my pants and pulled them off - she then began giving me a blowjob on the couch while my friend started fucking her from behind - it was all crazy.

    I then heard my friend cum and he was done quickly and sat on the couch next to me. I am quite endowed and she push me up, lied on the couch with her pelvis up and she wanted me to fuck her - so I did while my friend sat right next to us - he was playing with her nipples and kissing her - I was on fire and somehow was able to penetrate her for a good 10 minutes with my big cock and she was super tight - I finally pullled out and came on her tits.

    I saw her a few years ago and she was married with three kids - I told her that I felt bad for what happened in school and she told me that we were just young and figuring things out. I know that she came from a broken family and I felt bad for years.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I've always been sexually adventurous in the bedroom or anywhere else for that matter. So when my husband asked me if I'd suck the cock of an older guy who was masturbating, close to where we were fucking in our local park, I eagerly agreed.

    It was the first time We'd included someone else, so I was a little shocked at first, but with my husbands eight inches pounding away at my pussy, I was definitely up for sucking on the older guys fat dick.

    It wasn't as long as my husbands cock, but boy was it thicker. It was like sucking on a rolling pin, and I could hardly get my mouth around it. The guy pumped into my mouth as my husband encouraged him. Unfortunately because I was really starting to enjoy being filled at both ends, the older guy thrust hard and shot his hot sticky cum into my mouth. Seconds later my husband flooded my pussy with his second load of the day (he'd fucked me at the breakfast table before we both went to work).

    The guy pulled up his trousers, smiled at me and then said "She is one dirty slut". I couldn't argue. He was right and I knew it.

    Arriving back at our home my husband asked me if I'd consider doing it again. I told him I'd think about it. As he was licking out my pussy and asshole the following morning, I asked my husband to arrange a threesome, one ehereco was concerned, anything goes.

    This weekend coming, a guy called Aaron will be visiting our home. I picked him out from lots of replies. Lets hope he and his nine inching cock live upto everything I'm now lusting and horny for.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I was a 17 year old virgin - slept at a friend's house - my friend told me that I could shower in the basement bathroom - his older sister had a room in the basement and while I was in the shower, she snuk in and gave me my first blowjob !!!

    I had never been touched by another woman and this was the first time that I was naked int he presence of a girl. My big thick cock was super hard and I came in 10 seconds or less - and then she blew me slowly and edged me for a second load !!

    When I came a second time, my ass cheeks were tight and my legs were shaking ! It was amazing ;)

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    Straight Female / 31

    This is how we started living together.

    I was living with my room mate from college, she had lost her job and we were going to lose our apartment. We put an add and a guy who needed a place for three months answered. Perfect, short term solution until she got another job.

    I moved in with my room mate and he got my room. He fucked me the first night and kept me in bed with him all night. The next night I went to bed with my room mate real early, but he came for me any way. He took me back to my room and I slept there again. The third night I just waited until he took me to my room.

    On the fifth night, my room mate got involved and told him to leave me alone. He fucked her. One week and we were both defiled by him. We became his girlfriends, in every way.

    We moved to another apartment with him, and we got a king size bed. It was the bed for us. At first just the two of slept together, but one night he stayed the night and we all sleep in the same bed now.

    We are going on five years, since we took out the add for a room mate. What next?? We are seriously discussing kids, like planning for next year. I will stay at home and they will work. That much is decided, and I will be first. What we haven't decided is whether we both go at once or one first and then the other. As girls we want together, if we can swing it.

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    Straight Female / 23

    I'm a 23 year old univeristy student and I have developed this really strange fetish - it all started out of curiosity and strong sexual desires - and now I just can't stop !!

    My male roomate is really cute - drop dead gorgeous cute - with perfect skin, the most amazing dimples and puppy eyes...and a nice toned body that just makes me melt - and not to mention that butt !!

    My confession is that after he has sex with his girlfriend and goes off to school, I go into his room and retrieve his condom from the waste basket and I savour his salty cum !! I lick the interior of the condom just to get a taste of him - I pour some cum on my tongue and savour it like cotton candy - and I always finish with the full load in my mouth and whisk it around...and then I swallow it all !

    I know it's totally wrong and it only started when I found a used condom one morning - I just thought I would smell it...and then maybe get a small taste !! Now, I'm totally addicted to his cum !!

    I even have a cover-up system for where I take hand lotion and mix it with a bit of water to make a white substance and put it back in the condom in his waste basket for not to raise any suspicion.

    His smell is amazing...hoping to stop soon !

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    my sister, Alannah and i are identical twins. we are 3rd generation Irish American and very much have the appearance of what you would think as good Irish girls: 5' 6" tall, green eyes, long red hair, trim figure with a 32c bust. we even have very fair skin, freckles, and the quick temper to match. yes, we're both red headed, green eyed teases too. we are just like mom when she was our age and now at 38, mom is sometimes mistaken as our older sister. Alannah and i have shared almost everything since we were born, our mum dressed us alike, we've always shared the same room, even the same bed most of our lives, we have almost always been in the same classes at school, and as you might expect we have the same tastes, preferences, and attitudes on almost everything. as we became sexually aware, we innocently experimented with each other and still continue to do so today. one of our favorite tricks is to go out with each others dates. we love this. Alannah and i will date swap all the time, and afterward we sit in our room and compare notes. almost nobody, other than mom, can tell us apart.

    our dad died in a construction accident before we were 2 years old, and mom has never remarried. as we were growing up, there were people mom would introduce as "aunt", and as we "grew older and wiser", we realized that they were mom's lovers. my confession is about my mom's current lover.

    a couple of weeks ago we were home after school, mom was still working and wouldn't be home for hours. i was feeling a little furry down there and i keep myself bare, so i asked Alannah if she needed a shave too. she did, we usually shave each other, so we took a quick shower together and took turns shaving each other smooth and bare. we made out a little bit after, but neither of us were in the mood for much, so we decided to watch Netflix until mom got home. during the movie we kept teasing each other. about 1/2 way though the movie things broke out into a full makeout session again. i jumped up to Alannah's lap and started kissing her, she had my bra off teasing my nipples and was rubbing my freshly shaved mound when i heard a gasp that didn't come from Alannah. i looked up and there was Aunt Gina watching us. Aunt Gina lives across the street, married, and has 5 kids, the youngest about 4 months old. she is totally gorgeous.

    Aunt Gina was slightly bent over with her arms draw up pressing tightly to her huge breasts with an expression on her face that i can only describe as pain and panic. i jumped up to see what was wrong. it immediately became obvious what was happening: Aunt Gina's milk was letting down. she has always had large breasts, but since she started nursing they have become huge, and now there she was standing in our kitchen trying not to lactate all over our floor. we rushed her to the laundry room and started taking her wet things off to wash. we no sooner got her bra off and she started spraying from both nipples. at the same time Alannah and i did what was probably the most natural thing to us, we opened our mouths and followed the streams up. we each grabbed a breast and began to suck. Aunt Gina's milk was incredible! warm and sweet, i loved it and we both eagerly drank her milk right from the source. i soon felt Aunt Gina's fingers beneath my panty and from the sounds coming from Alannah, Aunt Gina had found her first. My hand slid under Aunt Gina's pants and my fingers soon found her very wet folds. i started rubbing and fingering her, down across her bushy mound, teasing her clit, and pressing into her wetness, then back, and again.

    i was sucking for all i was worth and fingering her feverishly when Aunt Gina began to gasp and whine and shake. it was like someone turned on another faucet, fountains of milk began streaming from her with renewed force as she orgasmed. Alannah and i orgasmed moments later. we sucked the milk from Aunt Gina's nipples until it quit flowing freely, then hurriedly rinsed all of our clothing out and threw it all in the dryer. we went back to our bedroom and teased and toyed with each other until the laundry was dry. when the buzzer went off, we all scrambled into the laundry room and got dressed. Aunt Gina headed home about 20 minutes before mom arrived. nobody is telling anyone not involved what happened.

    Aunt Gina comes over now at least a couple times a week. after her older kids get home from school she comes scurrying across the street and we have a wonderful milk break and play time. i love suckling from Aunt Gina, and Alannah does too. mom and Aunt Gina are still lovers and, so far as i know, nobody has told her anything about our afternoon sessions. the thought of doing this behind my mom's back is kind of getting to me and Alannah, but our kinkier side is also tempting us. Alannah and i want to tell mom, but we don't want to lose our milk and play time with Aunt Gina, we're hoping we can find a way to include mom so everyone can have fun together.

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