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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 26

    I feel really upset reading confessions online yet I can't get enough of them!

    They scare me so much and make me so upset that there are people out there that do have the stuff they write on this thing and I never would ever in my life.

    I would never cheat and I hope my boyfriend never does but who knows.

    I'm just so happy I am reading this stuff and not experiencing it for real.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 29

    At this moment I am so furious with my husband. I just do not fucking undertand men at all.
    Over the last five or six months my husband had been asking, pleading, begging for me to sleep with a nother guy. So he he could fulfill his fucking fantasy of watching me being fucked by a guy with a larger cock.
    After a long day three weeks ago of him cajoling, insinuating and almost trying to pay me to do so, I finally said yes.
    Precisely a week later we met a colleague of my husbands called Andy at a local bar. Andy isn't the type of man I'd usually go for, but I'd agreed, so after a few drinks and probably because of them, we headed back to our house. No sooner than I was through the door, I was striped and watched Andy remove his clothing too.
    Andy: Tall slim, gangly type of body and limbs, and long scragly ginger hair. His cock, oh! his cock, is not what you would expect on a body such as Andy's. It's massive and it's about the same girth as a rolling pin.
    Forgetting who he was and what his body looked like, I thought to myself, If my husband wants to see me have sex with another man, then I'm damn well going to enjoy the experience myself too.
    That's just What Andy and I did over the next hour and half. I sucked on his cock as if my life depended on it as Andy licked and sucked away on my pussy, clit and asshole. An almighty big orgasm later from Andy's expert tongue, I felt his huge cock enter me from behind. Fucking me doggie style was just the start of the best hour and halfs sex I'd had in my entire sexual life.
    Only once did I look around at my husband who was sat masturbating his cock in a chair. And that was nearing the end of our sexual marathon, just as Andy was sliding his cock up my asshole for the second time. I could see the jealousy on my husbands face and I could also feel the resentment pointed at me for daring to enjoy Andy's wonderful cock.
    Taking Andy's second cum load that evening (The first I took down my throat) up my asshole, I asked him to shower with me. It was at that point my husband got all defensive saying I wasn't to get all loving with Andy. Ignoring what he said, I took Andys hand and lead him into the bathroom, where after locking the door we had a more loving type of sex under the shower as it flowed over us. Andy didn't fuck me, he spent his time tonging me from behind to another orgasm.
    The next day when my husband returned home from work, he told me he'd had it out with Andy for going too far. Going too fucking far. Kissing my pussy and ass in the shower is apparently worse than fucking my asshole time after time, making me cum on his enormous cock.
    I reminded my husband it was his pathetic idea in the first place. He answered by telling me, his wife, I was a slut and a fucking whore for allowing him to persuade me. He went to add I was now used goods in his mind.
    Since then, because I don't want to go into the rest of the argument we had, as it would take too long, he's been sulking at me and infering I'm just a common slut.
    Well if that's what he thinks and he does, I might aswell be as he says I am and enjoy myself. After all if he thinks I'm no better than a used whore now, it won't hurt any further if I fuck other well endowed men will it.
    I'm going to give him one more chance to apologise tomorrow. If he cannot see he's being a total wanker and a masoginistic twat, then I'm going to text the number Andy gave me and meet him at a motel next week.
    Why are men so fucking hard to work out. He wanted me to have the sex, but I'm now the person who's in the wrong. Do not fucking well understand one bit........ MEN!!!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 47

    I posted some nude pics of my 47 year old wife on craigslist and had guys send me videos of them jerking off and cumming on them. She doesn't know i did it. Made me extremely hard watching them jo to them and cumming on her tits and pussy.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    My daughter friend was spending the night this past weekend. She is 17. She was sleeping on our pull out bed in the living room and i got up around 3 am to let the dog out and notice that her blankets had come off her. As i got up close to her to put the blankets back on her i could she her shorts had slide to the side and i could see her pussy. At first i just covered it up and walked away but ended up going back over and uncovering her again and taking a good look at her. I started stroking my cock until i came in my shorts thinking of sliding my cock in her. I know i am probably going to hell for it but it was great!!!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    I came home from work early the other night and caught my wife in bed with one of her girlfriends. It is one of my best friends wife. When i walked in they were surprised and my wife was a little nervous i was going to get mad. We have talked about her being with another woman but the stipulation was i was there. I told her i was ok with this if i could watch them. My friends wife did not want to continue with me watching until i reminded her her husband did not know they were doing this either and i would tell him. Yes a little friendly blackmail. As i watched i started to get undressed and they told me that they just wanted it to be them. I agreed and just told them i was going to jo while i watched. they fucked each other for about an hour and i ended up cumming a couple of times. After her friend left i asked her if she liked it. She did. we talked and she agreed to do it again and let me be involved if we could also have a 3sum with another guy. I think she thought i would say no but what she doesn't know is i have had a fantasy for a long time of watching her get fucked by another man with a big cock. I will let you know how it goes.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 30

    I watched an episode of Intervention about a bulimic girl who threw up ice cream after eating a bowl myself and she was so skinny so I threw up my ice cream. It was still cold and gave me such a high. Now I have done it 3 times and am addicted to it. I don't throw up all my food, just the high calorie sweets.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 38

    I would walk into this park were I live and find myself walking into a tree line where I would pull down my pants and I would expose myself to women. I would either slap my inner thigh or I would make sexual noises to get their attention. They would look at me with disgust and run other times they would watch me for a few minutes with disgust then run. I don't know why I do this and I know I should stop but I get a huge urge to expose my junk to women. I would even hide my face behind the tress so that the only thing that these women can see is my genitals. I have exposed myself to many different women in the park for a long time and I still do it today. Every time I would see a woman walking in the park I would quickly run into the tree line and get ready to expose myself to her.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 24

    This whole thing started last year when I had to work late. The VP came around the office about nine to make sure everyone had gone home and found me there. He sat down in the other office chair to talk and the conversation moved to college and growing up. Everything was pretty normal and I felt real comfortable. Then in an almost hidden sort of way he asked me to stand up because he wanted to look at me. When I stood up he took my hand and had me circle around and he told me I had a real nice ass and that an ass like that deserved some serious attention.

    Well I had never had anyone say something like that to me, so direct. Maybe things like you look nice or something general, but not that I had a nice ass or anything even remotely similar. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me over to him. He held my hips tight, and asked me if I sported a full bush, that he liked women with a real pussy. He kept talking asking me to let him see, that he wanted to see if I had a full bush and started to undo my belt and when I pulled back, he grabbed my hips again and pulled me close to him. He asked me point blank if I had a full bush.

    I tried to get angry but all I could say is that I kept myself decent and that yes I had a full bush. Then he said, 'look honey, it is like this, I am going to fuck your ass tonight', 'now let me get a good look at your bush, nothing better than a real pussy and a good fuck'. He had my belt unbuckled by then and pulled down on my pants, getting them down to where he was uncovering my pubic region, and I was holding on to my pants and he said 'look bitch, I am going to fuck you, do you want it up your ass or do you want it in your c**t'.

    I guess his voice was just more than I could take and he pulled my pants down to my thighs and he said 'nice pussy', and he pushed my pants down to my shoes and I stepped out of my pants. He stood up and pushed me against the desk he was sitting at and told me to get on it and spread my legs real wide, he wanted them real wide, because he was going to 'eat him some pussy and lick him some ass'.

    I had to lean back on my hands while he pushed my legs up and apart and back until he was able to get his mouth down ran his tongue all over my anus. I had never had that done before, he licked and sucked my anus while he ran his nose in my pussy, then he moved his head up a little and started to eat me out. My hand slipped and I almost fell off the desk, and he got angry and told me he was eating pussy and to get a grip and spread my legs again.

    He ate me for a while, and would lick my ass and then my vagina, and then my ass and then my vagina, and suck on my clit. He had his hands on my ankles spreading my legs wide apart. He stood up and let go of my legs and took out his penis, which was fully erect and asked me if I wanted 'in your c**t or in your ass'. I told him 'up front', but he made me say 'c**t'.

    He slipped in so fast I almost didn't feel it, and then I felt it, he was fucking me with long hard fucks, he fucked me for a good three minutes, and then he pulled out and pressed it against my anus. I knew what he was going to do, he said if I wanted it in my ass on my back or if I wanted to turn over and get in my ass doggie style. I said 'just do it', and he pushed against me until he got in and I had in me all the way while he looked down on me. he fucked me like that until he came.

    After that he became my daddy, and I became his favorite girl. He put me up in an apartment that he owned and gave me a car and an allowance. My allowance was way more than what I was getting paid at work. He made me quit work because his little girl was not supposed to work. I regressed into a world where I would ask my daddy for something and he would always want to please his little girl. I wore special panties and sweaters that he liked and in public when we were at dinner or something, I called him papa. For three years I lived like that until one day he told me he wanted a bun in the oven, just for him.

    At that time I knew that role playing was fine, but a baby shouldn't be raised like that. But he got his bun in the oven, and two years after than another bun in the oven. Now his three girls wait for daddy to come home. Mommy is taken back into the room for special treats, which include his never ending desire for cunnilingus and anilingus, and anal penetration. How he ever got a bun in the oven is always a mystery, because he spends most all the time back there.

    I am thirty three years old and call the man I live with daddy, and he has his fun doing those kinki things with me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 40

    I live in the D.C. area. I came here in 1991 with another girl. We both came for the same reason. We both left our homes behind and our children. We wanted a better life. I spoke English because my mother's employer was a woman who spoke English and she taught me and sent me to a school where English was spoken. But when I was old enough I taken to the man's room. It was my birthday present for turning 15. He always made sure that the girls had children by him and he made sure I had a child. My son was his eighth child that he recognized. He kept me in his room until I turned 17 and I left to come here.

    On the road here, we had to pay our way by having sex with the police. My friend got pregnant that way. After I arrived here I had to work, and I lived with the man who found us work. I had to pay him 50% of my pay and live with him. I had my second child. I heard from a friend who was in this area and I took my baby and came here.

    Here I have work and raise my child. She is pregnant. One day I want to go back and see my son that I left behind. He is grown now.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I've been looking for some time to find a place I could relay my sexual world. Reading some of the confessions and then comments, has lead me to confess on this site. Mainly to put a person who's in my sexual position, point of view across.

    I'm a Cuckold husband and a chosen one at that. In other words I choose to allow my wife to have sex with other men and women. Sometimes I join in, or am allowed to join in would be more accurate. Other times I am allowed to listen or told to listen from outside the room. Other times I'm told no to be there at all.

    Each time no matter what, I have to perform oral services on my wife afterwards. In the seven years we've been married, I've licked and sucked out no less than eighty mens cum loads from my wifes pussy and asshole. There are varying forms of sexual performance I'm asked to do when I'm allowed to watch or participate. From fluffing my wifes sexual partner, to recieving their cum up my ass, which recently due to one specific guy, has become a growing sexual side issue for me.

    I know and she knows when we're man and wife around town or at home in general, I'm the dominant person in the relationship. In our sexual world, I definately know I'm the submissive person and love being just that. I am capable of fucking and often fuck my wife when she wants to scratch her need as she puts it, but mostly I'm there to satisfy and pleasure her, and her sexual partners.

    Too much bullshit has been said and written about sexual tastes and capabilities on here. Let me tell you before someone makes the mistake of thinking I'm not a real man. My job entails throwing puny little men out of places they shouldn't be. Also if some of the men who read this site had my eight and half inch cock, they'd probably not have to come on here to whack off.

    As it is I cannot think of anything more of a turn on, than to have my wife who's been serviced by one of her lovers, to sit on my face and have me clean her out. Each to their own, and my own is my wife, when she allows it to be :) of course!

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