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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    War back in the 1970s I had a business lending money to folks who because of their circumstances could not get loans through any of the more legitimate ways, my interest rates were pretty high (but to be honest only about what you see now for these so called pay day lenders) and I was making very good money, pretty much no one welched on me as the few who did tended to have accidents that made a good reminder to the others. There were of course other benefits too.
    The first of these I had was when I went round to collect from a lady who had not paid me the previous week, I went to her house and she invited me in and began to tell me that she had been unable to work for 2 weeks for some reason and so did not have the money to pay me. She was a single mom and I knew she really struggled but business was business so I offered to write off the last 2 weeks interest for her in echange for a fuck.
    She knew she was screwed and didn't really have any choice I had her strip for me there and then in her pokey little kitchen and fucked her over the kitchen table, she was a hot little bitch and I gotta admit it did not take long to dump a load up her, then I left saying I would be expecting next weeks installment on time
    Next week came and when I went round there she offered me some money but I noticed it was only about half of the amount she owed. I said nothing but slapped her in the face so that she fell to the ground telling her she was taking the piss and I wanted the full amount right now or she would be paying with pain. She grovelled and pleaded and in the end offered me a fuck as well as the money she had but I told her it wasn't going to be that easy and she was going to learn a lesson, that afternoon I rammed her virgin ass first with my cock then with a chair leg before beating her on the c**t with the chair leg. I took all of her money and left.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    I am pregnant with my dads baby. My bf doesn't care if it's his he just wants someone to fuck him. My dad r**es me everynight. One time he ripped my vag so I had to secretly go to hospital they said no sex for 2 weeks. Tell that to my dad.

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    Straight Male / 38

    My neighbor was out in her yard in just a bikini. She was having a few drinks and invited me over to have a few drinks with her. She was 32 and married and the more she drank the more playful she became. I was in a t-shirt and jeans and she told me I looked very warm and to get out of them. I was warm and took my shirt and she said the jeans too. I mentioned her husband may not like that. Her asked if I was wearing underwear and told her I was. She replied they probably covered more of me than her bikini covered her. Even though I could see she was getting drunker by the moment and had a point I knew her husband would not be pleased but then he wasn't around. She asked me to get my jeans off again and told me that maybe this would help and then flashed me her boobs. I didn't expect that and then she flashed me her ass telling me that maybe this would help more. I told her if she flashed me something else I take them off. She told me there was no way she would as she was a married woman. I decided to take my jeans off figuring the way she was drinking this could get interesting. We talked and then she got up and stumbled and fell down. I helped her up and she lay down on her lounge chair. She asked if I minded if she went topless and of course I didn't so I told her so. I really wanted to see her pussy and told her to take her bottom off too. She once again told me she was married and no way it was going to happen. There she was face up on her lounge chair with her boobs exposed. I tried again to get her to take her bottoms off to catch a look at her pussy but she was not willing. Once she rolled over onto her front I tried again to convince her but she said no. I tried some logic that surprising worked on her. I mentioned she had flashed me her ass earlier and with her face down that was all I would see is something she had already showed me earlier. She was pausing before giving me an answer and before she did I mentioned I would take my bottoms off too. She said if I took my underwear off she would take her bottoms off as there would be no harm in me seeing her ass again. I took my underwear off and let her look at me before I offered to take her bottoms off for her. I came up behind her and slowly began to pull them down with no resistance from her. I put my hand between her legs and was surprised when she made to effort to tell or stop me from doing so. I began to rub her pussy and she was beginning to moan slightly. I positioned her so she was on her knees with her face on the lounge chair and her ass in the air. I got my first real look at her pussy. I don't now if she wanted it but I did. I began to put myself into her and on my first and second thrust she told me she shouldn't be doing this. After that she didn't resist at all and she was into it just as much and maybe even more than me. We were fucking and we were both really enjoying. When we were done she passed out on her lounge chair and I got dressed and went home.
    The next day she saw me and said she was so drunk yesterday and didn't remember much of anything. She did say she remembered talking to me at one point and then waking up naked on her lounge chair but knows that nothing else happened. I think she must have known something happened but was trying to deny it. I know when we fucked I didn't pull out so my cum was in her and when I left her on her lounge chair I could see some of it oozing out. I know she definitely knew what happened between us but it was her way to just pretend it didn't and keep her marriage intact.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I recently posted about what a good friend and I explored sexually at his parents lake cabin. After thinking about it I became hungry for more.

    It was suggested I look for a sane married male on some adult sites and Craigslist. I contacted an individual who advertised safe sex was the best sex. We messaged back-n-forth and he mentioned that he had an investment property that was vacant at the time. We set up a day and time and I drove over to the house on that day.

    When the host came to the door he was a very clean male of slim build and around 5'7" in height. I went in and he mentioned another man was headed over, also. I asked if the other man was going to join in or were we going to have a mutual JO session or ??? He told me we might swap blow-jobs or just JO. When the other man arrived they wasted no time getting naked.

    Excusing myself to use the restroom before we got started I walked down the hall. Afterward I walked back into the room and they were both stroking their cocks. The host had a nice cock, looked pretty long and thicker than average. It turned me on and made me want to bottom for him but I didn't know if he would want to. The other man was thick but only 4-5". I asked the host if he'd like to fuck me? He responded with an enthusiastic yes.

    Looking for a good spot to lay on my back I chose a day bed in front of the window. I pulled the dr**es shut, undressed and got on my back. He walked over with his raging hard-on pointing upward and swaying back-n-forth. I asked him how big is your dick? He told me he had a ruler and we'd just see how long. He opened a drawer and pulled out a wooden foot ruler. Placing it against his pubic hair I looked and it reached the 7 1/2" mark. He was decently thick, too. I told him to put on the condom, lube his dick and my hole - lets try it.

    After lubing he positioned his dick at my hole. Pushing in slowly he began humping until he was buried up to his pubic hair. I felt a slight burning sensation and told him to hold it there so I coud get used to it. After about thirty seconds I was ready and he started pumping that hard dick of his in and out. By this time I had a raging hard-on and the third man walked over after seeing us going at it. The third man put his dick up to the host's face and the host began sucking his dick while humping me. In no time the third man came in the host's mouth. And I never did see any drip down his lips so he swallowed every drop.

    Getting back into his rhythm of humping me he continued on for another 10 minutes or so. I had already cum and sprayed on my belly. He pulled-out and took the condom off. He had some paper towels and crouched down on his knees, placed a paper towel below his cock and jacked-off for another 5 minutes, cumming in huge spurts while we watched it accumulate on the paper towel he yelled out his satisfaction. I'll never forget his hardness and enthusiasm for all things sexual.
    Hope to get together with him again, real soon.

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    Straight Male / 46

    I don't know what category this would fall under exactly, but I guess I just want to make a statement. I'm probably as big of a pervert as the next guy, but what the fuck is up with all of these fuckin' child m****ters on this site. I mean there are women who will dress up, and act like little girls. I'm sure there are some who will wear a diaper, and piss themselves for you. So why the fuck are these assholes fucking little girls. I mean there are young WOMEN 18 and up, who are willing to do fucked up perverted shit. But at least they are of age. I like younger WOMEN as much as the next guy, but LITTLE GIRLS? You fuckin' assholes need to seek counseling. Personally I would like to capture you dick heads, and torture you. S-L-O-W-L-Y, to death. As fucked up as I may be, I would NEVER harm an innocent child. I love children, and anyone who would harm a child is lower than whale shit! And I would gladly FUCKIN' KILL, anyone who would rob a child of their innocence. Now all of you fuckin' assholes can leave comments about my post. But if you think i9ts OK to fuck little girls, I would gladly meet up with you to settle this matter!!!

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    Straight Male / 51

    Probably my last confession on here, and it's going back a long time...

    I had a party at my house for my birthday, lots of people lots of beer an laughcqn cqn have ts. It wass winding downI was in the kitchen trying to clear up a bit and one of the girls came on to me. A couple of minutes later I had my hand up her skirt rubbing a very wet pussy

    And then one of my mates walked in and totally screwed it up...**ganisg the sleeping ffs. Are you OK sleeping in here?and then Lesley and Barbara can have the bedroom yes that's fine I said while wishing he was dead

    I laid down and thought about it and decided go for it

    I went into the bedroom and Lesley is naked...standing by the bed smiling... Barbara the girl I.d been fingering was in bed but with her boobs on display

    I still had my pants on but I'm sure it was obvious..

    Can get I get a goodnight kiss? I asked Barbara? On it was good especially when she was feeling my balls

    Lesley is whatcing us and says, don't I get a kiss as well?
    I lezn over to kiss this gorgeous girl as well and Barbara theaven y cock out and startes sucking it. Barbara giglled and a
    OLaughed at me

    They both took turns sucking my cock which was absolute heaven .....guys if have a chance at that do it

    Sorry if my spelling has been shit...I'm getting hard remberinng it

    I came in Barbara pussy while Lesley we licking her clit

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    Straight Male / 23

    I was having sex with my wife a while back, and we were going at it doggy style.

    When her legs started to get weak, I had to support some of her weight, so I gripped her at the hips and kept thrusting.

    That position made me feel really alive, and this strange, animalistic desire came over me; I really wanted to bite her ass.

    So I lifted her higher while I was fucking her, and bent down, and gave her a good bite on the top part of her ass cheek.

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    Lesbian Female / 21

    [Not about sex]

    I was going to write this long desperate need for pills because that's all that makes me happy, but I don't think anyone would have read it so I have something else for confession, I guess.

    I miss mother. She isn't dead, she isn't missing. She just hates me. When I was a toddler I remember being m****ted by one of her friends' son. His name was Tony and he used to be my friend. We always played around and my mom and his mom didn't mind that we would always play around. I think he is three or four years older than me [I don't really know]. He messed me up that day. Not by touching me, but my best friend- his cousin- she caught him m****ting me, but she was just a kid, too so she just ran out and told. She spoke in Spanish and I couldn't understand it at the time now knowing she said, "He's touching her, Titi." (or something close). My mom came in and he said to her, "She's naked. She got undressed." He said it was my fault. As a kid I was afraid of everything always thinking someone was out to get me so I never spoke.

    My mom took me upstairs to our apartment and she took a belt to my behind. She just kept swinging and swinging. To this day I don't wear belts no matter how much I need one I would rather be pantsed than to touch a belt. Any time my mother would beat me she wouldn't just give a spanking she would beat me up. I later learned she, too, has psychological issues, but she's also just an asshole.

    I miss her. I always end up going back to her. I'm 21 years old and when I was 18 she kicked me out. It wasn't the first time she did so, but I made sure it was her last. No matter what I did for this woman... she would make things my fault. She would accuse me of any and everything. When I was turning ten I believe a day or two before my tenth birthday, my uncle had given me ten dollars because he wasn't going to be there for me. I spent five and then my ink pen exploded in my pocket- it was blue- I gave it to my younger brother and he went to the school store and they took it happily and gave him five dollars in change which he was happy about (haha) and my mom saw the change when we got to the babysitter's that day and I was so afraid of her that I couldn't speak. I couldn't remember where I got the money from. I couldn't react. She punched me in the nose... one time. The babysitter's daughter (in her 20's at the time) just watched. Because where I'm from you don't get involved in family affairs no matter what. Because of that punch I began having chronic nosebleeds and lied to the doctors and nurses about why my nose bled so much. They always told me there was nothing wrong and that I was just picking my nose or it was just too hot, but I know what was wrong.

    Yesterday (now being 21) after all of the things that happened between my mother I got an email from the school about my mother needing to sign some forms (because I'm under 24 I'm not considered independent just because I don't live with her- which I don't understand). I had emailed about switching from being online to being on campus to make it a little easier for myself. And they said she needed to fill out the forms for me because they were not processed or something due to missing signatures. And I just cried. I didn't cry because I miss her. I cried because I can't get away from her. I can't succeed. I can't breathe because just when I think I can get away from her... there she is without being there. I cried and I cried and I cried and while I was crying I was longing for my mother to hug me because I was crying and then I cried harder when I remembered she was the reason I was crying. My life isn't the worse and there are much worse things that have happened to me than what I mentioned, but that stupid bond between mother and child is there. And I hate it. I've wanted to die for a long time because I can't get away from her, mentally. And I feel so stuck. I feel so gone. I don't want to be here. Alive, I don't want to be alive. I'm not going to do anything to myself so please don't send any links to suicide prevention. I talk to them often. I just... I'm tired of living life the way I live my life. I don't actually live, I just exist to be unseen. I'm always alone. And I hate it. I hate a lot of things. I guess I'll stop here, it feels I'm complaining now.

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    Straight Female / 49

    At the time I was 16 and working the counter at the Dairy Queen. Two guys and a girl walked in and ordered. They had motorcycles and were passing through. Since they were the only customers in the place, I went over to their table to see if they wanted anything else. One of the guys grabbed me by the hips and pulled me up to him and said if I was serving pussy because he could sure use a serving of that.

    I pulled away, but ended up on his lap with his tongue in my mouth and his other hand on my tit. When he took his tongue out of my mouth he told me he was going to have him some pussy for desert and sat me on the table and pulled my panties off and ate my pussy. I had never had a tongue pushed down my throat or even had my tit grabbed much less had a tongue pushed up into my vagina. When he finished he told me he was going fuck my pussy and that I was going with them.

    The other couple got on one motorcycle and he pulled me up on his, and told me to hold on tight and say goodbye to that Godforsaken town.

    We rode all the rest of the afternoon, until we had to stop for gas, and then we went down to this roadside motel and they rented one room with two beds. He let me pee, and then he fucked me on the bed. He never even took my clothes off or his, he pushed my skirt up and dropped his pants and got on me and fucked me. After he finished fucking me he put his hand on my chest and held me down and he told me he liked my pussy. While I was lying there I remembered that my panties were at the Dairy Queen on the floor.

    I found out his name was John and the other guy's name was John, and the woman was my John's sister. Her name was May. After they cleaned up from the ride, we went out to this burger joint to eat. That night I slept naked in the bed with him, I got fucked again, and he went to sleep. I was awake lying on my side under his arm looking out the window at the moon, May was getting fucked in the other bed, and I went to sleep. I had become a biker's wife.

    We rode to Arizona and stayed in a trailer while the men worked, my John was a good mechanic and always found work and her John was a radio technician that he had learned in the Navy. We stayed there for three years, while we both had babies and made them a family. May accused me of having fucked up my John's head because we had gone straight.

    The year was 1969.

    All in all I had three kids, John had gone straight, although he pretended to be bad, and May and her John had two kids and we stayed put in Arizona for a long time. In the late 70s, John and May's aunt passed away and left them a house in Beaumont Texas so we moved there to live. We still live here and my John never lost his taste for pussy and I never lost my taste for dick. For a sixtyish couple we fuck a lot and more than once in these many years he has thrown me on a table to have pussy for desert.

    I freely confess that the afternoon at the Dairy Queen was the best day of my life, I ran away, I got fucked, I got my pussy eaten, I became a wife, and I have not stopped since.

    God I love to fuck.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    When I was 21 I was invited on a fishing trip with my best friend. We arrived at his parents cabin after traveling for several hours in the hot summertime. We turned-on the A/C, grabbed a snack and a beer and decided we'd shower before we went into town to see what was going on.

    My friend went first and I watched a bit of TV while lying on the bed in the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom. When he was finished and walked nude into the room I couldn't help but see his thick dick hanging in its soft glory. I undressed and walked into the bathroom and took my shower. I dried-off and walked into the bedroom with my towel around my waist and walked to my suitcase to gather some clothes and removed my towel.

    He commented on my dick and asked if I'd had any good sex lately? I commented that I hadn't in about a month. He got off the bed and walked toward me saying that he'd like to see me hard. I started jacking-off and he reached down and removed my hand and began to stroke me. I got hard and then he began to stroke me vigorously while I got more-n-more turned-on. He then crouched down, took my dick in his mouth and began to suck my dick. He did for about five minutes and asked if i'd like to suck his. I agreed and started sucking him even though he was very thick and it was hard to get him in between my lips. I blew him until my jaws hurt and pulled off.

    While panting slightly he stood up against me and asked if i'd ever tried anal? I hadn't and he told me I could do him first. He got some lube out of the medicine chest (vaseline) and mentioned he'd changed his mind and wanted to do me first. I was nervous and anxious to try it but told him to go slow as he was so thick. He had me turn around and had me get on all fours on the bed where he stroked my hole with the vaseline and put a finger inside to lube me up and then lubed himself.

    Placing the lube on the night stand he then placed his thick head at the entrance and slowly pushed it in. I jerked away a couple times as it felt like a log entered me. With patience and effort he had it fully inside, I felt very, very full with his big dicks thickness inside, his thick 6.5" buried to the hilt. He began to push-n-pull and humped me while commenting on my tightness while I tried to relax and grimaced from the stretching for the first minutes. I began to enjoy it after about 5 minutes and humped back to his thrusts. He told he was getting close to cumming around 15 minutes in and pounded me like crazy while he came. He gathered his breath and told me it was great for him. Now, it was my turn. He got on the bed on all fours and I lubed him up, lubed myself and put my dick head against his hole. I slowly inserted my hard dick and gently buried it up to my balls. I'm not nearly as thick as him but have 7" which has always worked well. His ass felt so tight I was amazed at the sensation against my head and shaft. I humped his tight hole and was in ecstasy for about 10 minutes and pulled my dick out when nearing cumming and finished my orgasm by jacking myself. I came in spurts on his back and almost up to his neck like I hadn't cum in a long time.

    We went fishing based out of that cabin several times over the next 5 years. I always enjoyed our playtime after we'd shower. He always amazed me with his thickness and I felt like I'd accomplished something by taking him fully. Haven't done anything with a man since that time. I would, though.

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