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    I would love to set up my N.E.Ohio wife to get fucked by a new friend and in more than one way.Maybe have some hidden camers set ou to take pictures of her being fucked by my new friends.Then maybe after this we will have her fucking other guys or else for us to watch her do.Well I bet I could not find any new friends with the balls to help me with this what do you guys think .
    car4guy50s at the y dot com

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    The title should be "he was a Lucky boy" There is no under age sex in this story.
    Back some many years my Wife and I enjoyed the Adult nude beach. Actually made a few friends.
    Anyway, this nude beach is not far from a Textile beach, so clothed people are not uncommon walking by.
    We were Mid 30s, Both of us Shaved and pierced. [way before it was common] Wife was 5' 6" about 160 lbs. Real 38 DDs
    large nipples [pierced] . She enjoyed giving males hard ons, by spreading her legs wide apart.
    Cut to the chase, there were 3 not nude teens about 20 feet away that walked past us 4 times. You could see the older 2 about 15 or so goading the younger on who was like 13 ? Well he walked up and sheepishly said." Excuse me Mam do you have the time " [ Wife obviously did not have a watch ] She spread her legs said No sorry. But could you rub sun tan lotion on my back . He looked at me, I nodded my head yes . He nervously did. Wife said thank you your a real gentleman. Care to join us ??? You could see his cock was hard as steel. I saw the 2 older ones walking up closer. I shook my head NO. Wife and her boy chatted for a few more moments, then he left.
    He defiantly was cock of the walk that day.

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    Straight Male / 32

    One of my friends and his wife had recently moved into a new home a few months ago. The new home had a swimming pool which was a bonus on hot days. Any time I was over me and my friend changed into our swimsuits together up in their bedroom. In the past we had changed together so it was no big deal seeing each other naked. One thing began to occur very frequently which was a little odd. His wife would walk in on us and while we were changing. I didn't think it was appropriate for her to see me that way but my friend never made any comment to her to leave or even made mention to her she shouldn't be seeing me that way. It must have been a few weeks into her doing this that she would be out by the pool with us and began going topless. Once again my friend didn't make any comments about her tits being exposed to me and it became a normal thing. He was away on business for a week and his wife said I could still come over to swim if I wanted. I took her up on the offer. The first time I went up to their room to change and she came in. She stripped and I saw her naked from head to toe for the first time. I was a little shocked and she suggested we just swim like this and grabbed me by the hand and led me outside. We both were naked outside by the pool. We causally talked and then went in for a swim together. While in the pool she began to kiss me and began grabbing my cock. We got out and started fucking by the pool. Once done she admitted she wanted to do that for years and the wait was worth it. It happened a few more times during that week. Once my friend was back from his business trip he suggested we just swim naked from now on. This seemed strange and too coincidental so I was wondering if he knew I fucked his wife. I didn't mention anything but the 2 of us did swim naked but his wife kept her bottoms on. While at the pool they wanted to invite me to have a threesome with them. He told me he knew I had fucked his wife, didn't mind and she wanted the 3 of us to have some fun together. I agreed and off came her bottoms. We fucked by the pool and one thing caught me by surprise. I felt him try to enter me. I was pulling back at first but his wife said she wanted to see us do it. There I was with her husband putting his cock in my ass. It was a first for me but seeing how turned on she was becoming it got me turned on. From that day onwards we made it a regular thing. I think she was the one in control of these sexual encounters. We had group sex with up to 5 of us at times but she was the only female ever. She brought in other guys and sometimes if was just us guys doing things as she watched. I wasn't gay but I do admit it did feel good. She did limit who could fuck her to just her husband and me. I don't know if that was by choice or by the fact that the other guys seemed to be gay and probably didn't want pussy. I wasn't complaining but began to release my friend was more aroused by the guys than his wife. I began to wonder if he was mostly gay and I was just brought in for a toy for his wife. Either way I didn't really mind because my cock was getting satisfied by his very hot wife and as long as she was willing I was going to do it.

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    Straight Male / 42

    Earlier in our marriage my wife and I had an open relationship with a single buddy of mine that began on a camping trip. My wife is hot, he's a good looking guy and with some alcohol mixed in things happened. He hung out at our house most weekends, I worked a lot and couldn't stay awake as long as they could so one night we were having a few beers, talking and I fell asleep. When I woke up the lights were off, TV on and I looked over to see her giving him a blowjob on the couch. His cock is long and thin and she had told me he was easy to suck but shot big loads. I didn't stir so I didn't interrupt anything and could tell he was close, he started moaning and holding her head down and I heard her choking his load down. He pulled her up and stuck his tongue in her mouth which she said he liked after a blowjob and soon got dressed and left. She poked me to get up and go to bed, once there I asked her how long I was asleep, she smiled and asked why and I told her what I saw and said I was ok as long as she told me afterwards and we had great sex. After that they got a little more daring and even fucked on the couch while I pretended to sleep, the sex after that was great. He eventually found a steady girlfriend and married so our fun ended, with him anyway.

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    Straight Male / 48

    It is August! Only a couple more weeks until school is back in! Yes!

    I am a community college teacher and I do very much believe in "investing" in my students grades lol! Yes, it really happens but mostly at the community college level and not nearly as often as i wished. At the local community college level teachers are not as serious. This is not my only career option and I started out part time and now do it full time as an almost semi-"retirement" gig. It does not take much work, my teaching is in my vocational area and most college kids are just here to party and have a good time so I am not out to mess that up. Having said that, they have to make some basic grades or ... do me some basic favors lol.

    Nothing is ever in the open, but those in the know realize it happens all the time and people just choose to ignore it is unless it is balls out obvious. If your even half way discrete you can get away with it and share the secret discretely with those in the know, "Oh i see you have Jenny Smith in your class this semester, I had her in my english class last year she loved extra tutoring to improve her oral presentations." Or student will say to each other, "If you need to pass Chem just take Dr Jones class, sit in the front with tight clothes and fail your first test on purpose and ask for a conference to see what it takes to get a better grade."

    I teach Chemistry and I have had my dick sucked by a number of cute (and even not so cute) 19-22 year olds in return for a fixed grade of flat overall help in grades. Fuck, I love today's generation, these girls thinking getting on there knees and sucking off someone they don't even like is about as much of a big deal as harmless flirting! They simply don't care, and if they get a good grade are happy to do it.

    Fucking is harder because most have boy friends who think that is cheating (but do not seem to care about blowing lol) but i have fucked some girls too but the normally want more they one test fixed for that. One girl, Stacy, fucked me every single week on Tuesday afternoon in a local motel in exchange for not once coming to class or doing a test or project or final. She, was a non-medical student and only needed chem for a stock science credit so she did not really need to learn anything. She never came to class once but her attendance was marked perfect, she never did a test or final, but the computer shows she got an A, she was not even in a group project but some how in and grading cycle was added into the highest graded group. LOL

    So party girls in party schools don't waste your time studying, just find the right teacher to help you, they are in every single school if you look. Just ask for a conference about your grade,flirt your ass off, if he is into it make a straight up off. We are not paid enough to worry about trouble, if you are hot and willing, chance are he will.

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    Straight Female / 33

    I love summer. Summer gives me the chance to get the attention I use to get all the time when I was younger. I love going out for walks or to publicly crowded places like parks or outside markets without wearing a bra. I love feeling men stare at my free bouncing boobs. I love the feel of men older, younger, married or single, gawking at me. I like to go out with no bra, low cut tops, or thin material that shows not only the shape of my tits but of my nips and areolas.

    Being married and having kids, means I don't get all the attention I use to get. I love attention and this how i can get some of it back. It makes me feel so sexy again when i see a man turn his head to look at me or i have a conversation with a vender or random stranger and he can't stop glancing at my boobs and body. I like to catch them glancing and I like to make eye contact in away that says, "I know what your looking at," and grin and position myself to get them a better look. When I know I have a guy looking and I know he knows I know he is looking, i love and i mean love to make sure he gets all he can see. I have no problem discreetly bending over in a way where he can look all the way down my top and see it all. If it is a crowded bus or market i'll try to even get him a "brush" against me or "touch". Once on the bus I had a younger guy in his early 20's pressing his pelvis into my ass in a crowed standing situation. In the crowd nobody knew but me and him and i could feel his dick get hard on my ass. I just looked back in his eyes, smiled and giggled it he got so hard knowing i approved and was all but dry humping me right there. He was getting so horny i had to get off a stop early so he did not loss it, right then and there.

    It all makes me feel so sexy again, i wear skimpy sun dresses or if i am feeling really slutty and in need for attention tight yoga pants or spandex and a near noting top. I have not had sex with anyone yet, but i love getting their attention, flashing them, getting them hard, giving the a show, teasing, i just love their eyes on me, i love to know i get them horny as hell still. I am not necessary looking to fuck, I am married and happy mostly, but fucking some random stranger is also not something i'd say no to if a guy got me hot enough gawking at me and good making eye contact as long as he is a complete stranger not connected to me real life and it is pure in the moment lust. I know I am married but I want to be lusted. I want to be lusted over by my husband, or anyones husband, or anyone. I just want mens eyes to make me feel young and sexy again.

    Is this wrong? I have never cheated, but i could see it happening and in these moments of lust sometimes i really want it.

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    Straight Female / 19

    This started since I became conscious of my changing body as a pre-teen. My breasts started to grow out slowly, and I just came to know about porn, sex and things as such. So I had this intense urge to show myself to someone, without being recognized. My parents worked and I was usually home alone after school back then. As soon as it was dark outside I used to wear my sexiest attire and strip on the terrace. I roamed on the terrace for hours naked, got the guts because it was dark and less likely to be seen. I'm 19 now and though it has lessened, I still love doing it at times. I go to the terrace and masturbate. I even have sex with my boyfriend in the open terrace. It feels great the possibility to be seen but can't because it's dark. Once my mom went out of station for work and because dad returns really late at night, I called my boy over. We had sex on the terrace and fell asleep naked. Later we got up and he went home before dad returned.

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    Straight Male / 47

    I'm an old fart now, but back in the day, I used to drive a Dodge Challenger '72. Classic muscle for US enthusiast, I bought it used and drove it when I was in my 20's. That car was, and probably still is, a babe magnet. Chicks would want rides in it and as the old saying from the 70's goes--ass, gas, or grass; nobody rides for free. My favorite memory made with that car was when I was headed in to a strip club, and out comes one of the strippers fresh off of her shift. She wanted a ride.

    Blonde, big--no huge--tits, tight body and all made up from her shift stripping. She was gorgeous! She saw me drive up as she came out of the club and was waiting for me as I got out of the car. Stood there kind of all shy like until I was headed her way, then she started talking about the car. She straight out asked me, "What about a ride?"

    We headed down to a nice spot on the river that wasn't too popular and ended up with her bent over the trunk of the car. She got fucked in every hole, I wore condoms of course or I'm sure she would have let me leave my junk in her trunk. Her tits left a couple nice prints in the dirt on the trunk lid. I didn't even wash the car for the rest of the Summer. Damn, I didn't even ask her name, we just fucked like bunnies with her laying on the car and me giving her what I had.

    I have a pic of that trunk lid, a shot of the car from the rear, people always comment on the car when they are in my office, but the real reason I keep the picture on my desk is--it shows the prints of her tits nicely.

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    Straight Male / 30

    About 6 years ago while watching porn I came across several videos out of Japan featuring small Japanese women dominating and ball-busting men. I was hooked. Imaging those porcelain skinned, sleek black haired beauties kicking, punching and stepping on my cock and balls had me cumming over and over.

    After some research I found a Japanese dominatrix who specializes in ball busting. For 2 years I've seen her regularly enduring all she has to offer. My cock and balls often swollen, bruised and locked in a cock and ball cage to prevent me from masturbating until our next session 7-10 days later.

    That stomach churning pain a well placed kick induces just before I shoot long thick ropes of cum across the room is sublime. Being strapped to her torture table my balls in a vise, a long dildo penetrating my ass while she jerks me off is heaven.

    I can't think of anything better than hobbling out of her dungeon with black and blue balls already looking forward to our next session.

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    Straight Male / 19

    I was at my girlfriends last week for movie night-- half way through the movie she and her father both just crashed and fell asleep either side of me only a few minutes into our movie night--- every wed I joined her family-- I was left with my girls mum,,,, who waited till her husbands hit the lounge,,,,she casually stood and striped off, smiling as she watched me, she walked off to the spa out the back, I followed.

    I stood beside the spa and watched her masterbate as she explained she added something special to her families hot chocolate and we had all night to fuck,,,,I stroked my rock hard cock and striped off, then got in,,,we played around then just fucked all over the house dripping wet hard fast banging, lube and cum flying everywhere,,,,every time I blew a load she got straight on her knees and sucked me dry and hard again like a cock hungry slut. We fucked for a solid 6hrs, repeatedly filling her with cum then flushing her out and going for fucking gold......every 6months is the plan for the repeat

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