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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    So I've had revelation in my life. Being in the military, you're suppose to be strong, masculine, Alpha male personality... To which I am very much so. Honestly a lot of folks fear me do to my bodybuildy form, majority of my body covered with intense dark and evil looking tattoos, perfectly smooth head by choice, and my up front no bullshit attitude. The women I've been with don't care for me except for the sex I give them. I treat them however they want, do whatever to them, and turn their pussies or asses out. The only reason the come around, and this is from her mouth, "... cause of your elephant dick and marathon endurance." I know there are nicer more romantic men and others with larger cocks out there but I use my 10.6 inch enormously girthy cock like an precise weapon of war where the only mission is to make women violently scream and shout and squirt their hearts out as they orgasim. This, this is what brings me pleasure in life.
    Recently do to the fact that I don't date, I just have female friends that I pleasure regularly, I've gotten bored. I haven't found a woman I couldn't make climax. I was on vacation in South Africa where I met a very attractive pure red headed woman, with a nice chest, and tiny waist but perfect round ass. She obviously took very good care her body and works out. That I can appreciate. I met her at a nightclub, and I decided that I wanted to please simply for the fact that she's a redhead, my favorite. I ran the same game as I had many times before and we had a long conversation, drank and before a while we were heading to a hotel room. Once the door closed it was on, she pulled down her top showing her great breasts, and was surprised at my cock and quickly when to work sucking and stroking with both hands. I give it to her, she had me on the road to cumming but stopped short and told me she wanted it the ass. I didn't hesitate, she laid in the bed ass up, lifted her skirt and moved her thing aside, I did the work but I wanted that pussy. With the whiskey flowing hard in my system I tossed her over a bit hard and she about when off the side of the bed, she seemed nervous or scared at this point and I went to rip her thong off...
    As I did, something was wrong. She tried to stop me but failed. As I looked down for that wet pussy to bury my cock I only saw a very impressive erect cock...

    What the fuck...

    I was fucking a transgender woman, who fooled me from the start.i had never been with a transgender nor a guy and for once in my life I was stumped. She stared at me silently scared and I in disbelief and both erect and horny. I wanted to busy my nut and I guess I was determined not to let this ruin the situation. I stood her up and took her from behind again. I wrapped my hand around her throat and beat into her violently. She took my other hand and wrapped around her cock to which I feel was dripping cum. I was very thrown off by this and a bit angry but was quickly overcome by the fact that I had made her cock hard and to the point of cumming... A new scenario for me all around. Without hesitation I jerked her pretty large cock and drove into her ass even harder. She quickly came and shot long thick strings of cum. For some reason I felt a sense of accomplishment and an intense excitement, it was new, sort of taboo. I finished in her mouth and the rest of my vacation became much more exciting.
    We had more in depth conversations about the whole situation, she explained to me many things. She even convinced me to try out her cock. I had had women "milky my prostate before with great pleasure and she related it to this.
    Being far from home I wasn't worried about this ruinin my reputation. So I cut lose. We suck each other, fucked each other the majority of my stay. It brought light to my sexual life and was extraordinarly amazing. Never had I imagine having a dick in my mouth would be so fun or having a dick almost identical to mine being shoved up my ass being so euphoric.
    After this vacation, I went back to the states and we kept in touch. She would come to the states to visit it me when she had time off from college. Now she has finished school, and we live together. We live life as a normal man and woman in a relationship would. A handful of guys at work have expressed their jealousy over mine and her relationship, but little do they know our secret. I never thought I would be tamed, but as I write this her and I have a date set for our wedding. I have the woman other women envy do to her looks, body, education, money and accent. I have the women guy in my unit could only dream of ever being with. I have a woman that i can finally satisfy my sexual cravings in life and hers in return.
    Life is perfect.
    Ladies, thank you all for the "training" you provided me to please her with.
    Gentlemen, if you find a beautiful woman with a good cock, don't let her go.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 19

    Gentlemen: I love pussy, love my wife to be, occasionally though I have these intense desires for cock. It goes a little something like...

    I want to stop you while we are walking through the woods, push you against the tree where my very tall African friend is waiting and bound you to it. I Kiss your neck, and force my tongue deep into your throat. Screw your shirt, I rip it open breaking you button and drag my nails lightly down your chest quickly opens your belt and dropping your trousers. Having reveal your semi hard white snake with a large head, I quicjly grasp it and fit in my mouth. I bob my head back in forth sucking you hard and smooth, I love how you become solid between my lips. I can feel you breathing harder, I can feel you body becoming hotter, your tip swells so wide as I push it down my throat and tongue wrap your heavy hanging balls. You try to reach for me against your own will, you try and fight the restraints as you grow wilder feeling me work my magic.
    You break free a hand and hit me across the face dropping me to the ground. My Africa friend who had excitely been watching confronts you and you two share words. Dazed and confused I try to stand back up feeling my sore face still with your pre-cum on it... But it's no use... In an instant you both are on me. You quickly tie my hands together as I try to fight and get away. I was just suppose to forcefully give you a blow job while your wife was away, not this. I'm now strung up and hanging with my ass straight up, legs spread in perfect split and my only support is my bound hands (like a T). My dress flips upright covering my face and exposing my wet glistening pussy and big round tight ass. I go to verbally protest when you shove your shirt in my mouth. I want to scream, but its too late. You begin to force that massive snake into my lesbian pussy breaking me. I shudder from the pain of my cherry breaking but can feel only a euphoric sense of taboo. As you pound unforgivingly into me, stretching me, I hear you ask my friend if he's ready. What are you talking about, ready? Shockingly I quickly find out as you pull your dripping tool from my pussy and drip your juices on my face. I feel my free with his big, black, enormous shaft rip me as he pushes my organs into my chest. I cried heavily not just from pain but because I've been living a lie licking pussy all my life, I'm gushing from cock. You decide to puncture my ass and you two violently in syncs double penetrate me, going back and forth, I can feel you both turning me inside out, your giant cocks rubbing together inside me. I'm becoming dizzy from hanging upside down and the multiple powerful forces squirtly orgasims you've both given me. I can't take it anymore. Every stroke you two make is a climax, I squirt and squirt, I feel like I'm drowning in my own fluids.
    Suddenly You swing me up by my head, and force that white tool in my lips and nearly suffocate me with your loads and loads of cum, I quickly try to swallow just so I can breath when I feel my black friend shot a heavy hot load into my pussy making me feel as in going to bust at the seems and choke on your cum.
    You both continue to take turns r****g me, beating me, cumming in my pussy, you even allow two guy walking the path to fill every hole and choke on their cocks.
    I lose it and pass out on and off and then everything goes black hearing balls smacking against me. im found later further down the trail, naked, beaten, covered in dried cum and taken to the hospital. Thank you for the great time baby.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    I want to talk to males and females about wanking. onassiszone at Gmail com

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    Straight Male / 41

    Second story I've shared on here, the first was about her sister but Jo was and probably still is a really dirty litle tart, fucked me twice on the first date, the girl came so fast i couldn't believe it. I thought I'd done a good job and was layed back. Am I only going to get it once tonight? she asked, well do you know how to get it hard again?.. she did, sucked me up and rode me for probably 3 or 4 of her orgasms and then sucked me off

    We had some amazing sex, quite often I would wake up with a huge hard on and her lips around it..actually sometimes it was the middle of the night

    Jo liked to ride me and rub her clit at the same time, it worked for me as I loved to see her cum but didn't make me actually cum

    What did make me cum was her sucking me and telling me about her sucking and fucking the guys and girls in her past I know thst a litle BS but my best memories are of cumimg in the mouth while she's wanking, sucking and telling me dirty stories (not quite at the same time)

    I had fucked her arse after a week or so, she said I was the first, to be honest I didn't think so, she got hold of my cock and planted it up there

    . she did her riding my cock and playing with her clit................loved it

    we talked about a threesome with another guy, she got wet even talking about it, i finger fucked her there on the couch and then she sucked me off

    she didn't swallow it just spat it out and rubbed it over my cock and balls

    we had a joke going after a comercial that was playing for Martini vermoth, it's cacth line was anyplace anywhere anytime.. she was my martine girl

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    Straight Female / 27

    In high school I had a boyfriend, but he had another girl friend at the same time. She and I were different, I was the homebody and she was the party type. Since I took care of him in a wifely way he hung out at my house, I cooked him dinner and went to his house and did his laundry. I took him to get his haircut. I went with him to buy his clothes, and I helped him match what he wore. He always looked good because I was there to dress him and look after him. I did all the work.

    If I was cooking him dinner, and she found out she would come over to my house and mooch. If it was time for laundry, she would bring her stuff over and leave it for me to do. If she had to buy clothes, she took me with her and I spent lots of time with her teaching her how to dress. Dress nice, because she could manage to dress slut all by herself. She expected me to be wifely to her too. In return she would take him out and fuck him dry and then drop him off at my house to clean up and get ready for school the next day.

    All she cared about was partying, and fucking. She wanted to fuck all the time. She would lean over the banister while he fucked her and talk to my mother while he was doing it. As always, I had to pick up afterwards. One month I counted, she fucked five times and I fucked twice.

    When finals came she was far behind, she hadn't done her work and she was in danger of flunking out. I had to spend the last three months of school tutoring her so she could pass and go to college with us.

    When we graduated we talked out parents into a trip to Europe. The three of would go with our English teacher, she would be our chaperone and make sure we had cultural activities planned. During the whole trip, I was packing and unpacking her suitcase, she was a mess you would think she could take care of that. She was jet lagged, but so was I, but it didn't matter I had to look after her. We stayed in the same room and our boyfriend and our teacher each had their own room.

    We snuck him into our room and since there we were all smushed together the fucking worked out even. I put my foot down, and told her I needed it as much as she did, and as long as he was fucking he didn't care. All the fucking together ended up with she and I sleeping together, we slept together almost the whole trip.

    When we got back she scared us out of our wits. She thought she was pregnant. It was a long month until she period again, and we could breathe easy. A pregnancy would have thrown a monkey wrench into our college plans.

    Maybe because of Europe, but after we got back she started staying with me and sleeping with me, and we traded off. We no longer had sex alone, it was always in my bed together, no more crazy fucks. Since I had her there, I forced her to take it on her back, to fuck normal. All summer long we fucked, it was a long hot summer for us.

    When we got to college, she and I agreed to dorm together. The beds were singles and they were built into the walls, so we couldn't put them together. I ended up sleeping against the wall spooning her. All that first semester was she and I together. She needed so much help with her work so she wouldn't flunk out. But she started to become wifely too, helping with the laundry for us, learning how to cook for him, learning how to be a real wife. That first semester was when she agreed to stop being a slut and to become a wifely maiden instead.

    We didn't out right fuck much anymore, we spent a lot more time just being together and we always did it on our backs, normal style, we made love instead of just fucking. Who ever turn it was the other one helped get her in the mood, somehow we came across this thing where after we got all hot and everything, when we laid on our back we would lay our head in the others lap and be held and caressed when he was making love to us. That way, we could look up and see each other and get gentle woman caresses, not just his in and out action. I don't know when that semester, I realized that I loved her as much as I loved him. I loved living with her, I loved sleeping with her, I loved taking care of her, I loved being wifely to her. I told her that if we weren't two girls, we would probably have ended up being husband and wife anyways.

    She had become real wifely, I guess it rubbed off, I guess she figured he didn't want a slut for wife, he wanted a wifely wife. We spent our college days living together and when we graduated, we threw all our pills away and waited to come up pregnant. When I look back at how much of a slut she was, it is hard for me to see her being a mother and all. I guess our togetherness college days stayed with us because we sleep together, spooned one to the other and that is when I tell her how much I love her. I love her so much, and to think that in high school I resented her so much. Just goes to show you, being a wife and mother is what we were meant to be, together.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    Last year I was stationed in Mexico with my law firm. There were lots of pretty ladies. Young ladies who were more than available. One of the Mexican attorneys had a contact, a lady who could bring just about anything you asked her for to a party. Anything, you ask and she would find it.

    There were some wild parties, pretty pretty girls, fucked all in a row by a bunch of old men. How old, we didn't ask. It was a wild time.

    One weekend we went to the coast and stayed at a resort. I had my room and the cabana boy was there cleaning up, sweeping and putting things straight. He told me that there were in room massage services, if I wanted one, or he could bring a table and put it on the veranda overlooking the ocean. I told him I wasn't interested in the resort fee, but if he knew how to give a massage, I could pay him direct.

    He came by about 3 in the afternoon, brought some towels and some oils, and laid them out on the bed and told me to get comfortable and take my clothes off except for my shorts and lay on the bed. He started on my back, his hands were warm and strong, and he rubbed the oils in, leaning over me, breathing on my back and my neck, I got relaxed, I felt his hands go down my back, and get close to my shorts, he folded them down and rubbed above my hips. He moved his hands up my side and leaned over and asked me if I wanted, he could give me a full gluteus massage, he was sure I would enjoy it. Something that the normal hotel massage didn't offer.

    I said go for it, he pulled my shorts off and I was totally naked, and he put his weight into my cheeks and started to massage me. I got so hard against the bed, his rhythm was exact, his hands pushing and kneading, and his thumbs pushing between my cheeks, every move closer and closer to my hole, without saying a word, a bit of oils and with two fingers he started to massage my anal hole, deep hard massages, my legs opened and he slowly and methodically massaged me. my erection had gone down, I could feel his breath on my rear, his face close, so close I could feel his beard rub against my cheeks.

    He reached under me, taking my shaft in his hand and under my belly began to masturbate me, there is no other word for it, he helped me turn over on the bed and he massaged and massaged my cock, and then he put his mouth on it and started to give me the most intense blow job. He kept me from cumming, he leaned over my chest and rubbed and rubbed and got closer and closer to my face, until I reached up and kissed him. He kissed back and smiled.

    He got undressed, he was brown all over, he was totally shaved, his cock hard, he got over to the head of the bed and kneeled over me so that I could suck his cock, he straddled me giving me his cock while he sucked mine.

    after a good while of mutual oral, and all the time he used his fingers on my perineum and my hole, he gave me this oil and told me to rub it on his hole, and then he gave himself up and I fucked him, I fucked a guy's ass. I fucked like I had never fucked before.

    I never went back to the madam and her young whores, sure they are beautiful, but not like Carlos. Carlos became my houseboy, and he kept me totally satisfied the entire time I was in Mexico. No girl can compete, guaranteed. Not with Carlos. I found the forbidden fruit.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    My mom was a whore, I don't mean she liked sex I mean she was an actual whore who men paid to fuck. From as early as I can remember men would come to our trailer hand over money and fuck the brains out of my mom. It got to the stage where I just accepted it as the norm, sometimes she would even fuck them in the room where I was watching TV and some guys would give her extra money for doing it where I could see them. I was about 7 or 8 then.
    One day mom came home and gave me a bag of clothes and told me to put them on, when I looked in the bag there was a dress and girls panties, I said no but mom made me put them on then she did my hair and put make up on my face telling me she wanted to turn me into her little girl this evening. Then a man arrived and mom made me sit in a chair and her and the man began fucking on the floor right in front of me, the man stared at me the whole time he was fucking mom, just before he climaxed he reached up and ran his hand up my leg under my dress into my panties and held my little cock. I don't know why but my cock got hard and he liked that. After he was gone mom said I had been a good girl and could go to bed now.
    2 days later mom again made me dress as a girl and I knew the man would be back. This time when the man came him and mom stripped off again and mom started jerking him right in front of me I could see every detail of his big old cock and couldn't help staring at it, again I felt my little cock grow hard. The man whispered to mom and she stopped jerking him and instead made me stand up and she took down my panties and made me stand in front of the man holding my dress up so he could see my little cock then mum started jerking my cock and the man jerked his own cock.
    When he spurted he spurted all over my little cock then he said perfect and gave mom some money and left.
    This went on for some years until I was 12 when the man told mom that he would jerk off and wanted to watch mom and me fuck on the floor, I was excited and really wanted to do it but mom said no that it was wrong but in the end the man offered her money and I fucked her on the floor the man jerked himself and spurted on moms and my faces.
    To this day I dress and make up as a woman and often go out to public rest rooms like that and blow random strangers who have no idea that I am a man.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 49

    I love to find some sharing wives near me in the N.W. Pa. & N.E. Oh. area to be friends with and have some fun I like all types of women. Like curvy, BBW, chubby and thick women. I hope to find some couple of you nice folks are into this soon.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 49

    I would love to find some new friends in the N.W. Pa. & N.E. Ohio to help me get my wife into sharing and get fucked good by them..

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 43

    A question was asked me by my husband, nearly a year ago this week. His question was simple and very much to the point. We'd not long had sex and I was curled up with my husbands flaccid cock rubbing against my asshole, as he played gently with my breasts from behind, spooning me.
    His question was "If you had the free, no comeback chance to fuck a guy with a large cock, would you take it". After some back and forth quizzing of each other, he asked me the question again, only the second time he added "Because I'd love to see you being fucked by a man with a large cock". I answered by telling him "Only if you were there".
    Carlton is everything I adore in a young twenty something man, that's why I choice him from the twenty plus answers we got back from a web site we used. After swapping emails and pictures, most naked and some having sex, we arranged for him to spend the night with us.

    What a night. Both my husband and Carlton did everything I love sexually and then some. Once my husband had cum, as usual, his five and half inch cock wasn't going to rise again that night. Carlton however with his nine and half inch cock kept on fucking me over and over again.
    Eventually my husband went into the guest bedroom, so Carlton and I carried on fucking. In every way possible I was ravaged by his cock. Orally, vaginally and anally. I just couldn't get enough of his manhood, his size, but most of all, the thickness of his huge cock. By the time the sun was rising I'd lost count of the amount of orgasms I'd had and the how many times I'd begged him to fuck me again.
    Carlton left around ten in the morning after giving me his mobile phone number. My husband had already risen and had taken the dogs out for a walk. When he got back he made another very simple statement "Don't want to talk about last night or this morning, other than to say, it won't be happening again".

    For the next month I got the silent treatment, and no sex. I tried to talk to my husband, but all he'd say was "You went too far, you enjoyed yourself too much". Too much, Having Carlton fuck me the way he did, plus my involvement in regards of my enjoyment, were purely natural. If having amazing orgasms from a man with a massive cock, wasn't my husbands intention, then why did he want me to have sex with another man. Why did he, when we were choosing someone for me to have sex with, pick a guy with a nine and half inch cock. Someone who'd put in his replies to us, "I love to fuck older women all night". To me it's easy. It was his fantasy at first, then reality sank in and he watched then heard me having such amazing sex and got jealous. He should have as I suggested the next day "Lets forget about last night and move on with our marriage". I even told him I'd never sleep with another man again. The fact was, after that month of slience, he told me I was a slut.

    Working through our difficulty was hard, but I did eventually win him round with my total devotion to him. Then last month as we were out with friends and he'd been drinking. He told them about my night of being "A whore". I couldn't believe he was telling them. And I couldn't believe he said "Anyone here want to fuck her". It was my turn to get angry, Only I didn't go off on one and sulk. The next morning I sent Carlton a text, hoping he still had the same number. We met that afternoon at a motel and fucked like we were teenagers. I got home half an hour before my husband did, cooked him his evening meal and told him I'd had a boring day house cleaning. This last month we've been meeting up whenever we're both free and I've been having the most thrilling time sexually of my life. If my husband thinks I'm a slut and a whore, I might as well be one.

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