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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I'm a 57 year old married man, but I enjoy a nice cock every now and then. I always wondered what it would be like to be fucked by a big, fat man. A few months ago I was on one of the sites I frequent when this guy IM'd me and asked if I wanted to come over and suck his cock. He said he was a total top. I looked at his profile, and it said he was 6'5" tall and weighed nearly 380 pounds. I'm only 5'7" tall and about 180, so I thought this might be my chance. I said okay.

    When I got to his place, he answered the door in only a robe. As we walked in I noticed a younger man laying on the couch. He looked up and said, "You going in the back to play?" The fat man just nodded and grabbed my wrist. he led me to the bedroom, and as soon as we walked in he closed the door and turned the light off. The first doubt hit. "What the fuck am I in for?" I thought. He told me to strip, kneel down and suck his cock. After I had my clothes off he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. His robe was off by now. I put his cock in my mouth and started to suck him. He had a rather small cock, about four inches hard, so I could take it all in my mouth.

    I sucked him for about 10 minutes, then he literally lifted me up and laid me on the bed on my back. "Ever been fucked?" he asked. "No, but I've thought about it." He pulled me so my ass was hanging off the bed. He put a wet finger up to my asshole and slowly worked it in. Then he started to finger fuck me with tow fingers. It actually felt pretty good. He pulled his fingers out and pushed my legs up toward my chest. Whether or not I wanted it, I was about to be fucked. I felt him lean forward and put his cock up to my asshole. He had no trouble pushing it all the way in. He stood there while my ass got used to him being inside me, then he started to fuck me. Slowly at first, then harder and faster. He was rocking my whole body and I felt him him tense up. He started to cum in my ass. I could feel his cum leak out and down my ass crack. He had a small cock, but was able to stay rock hard for another half hour, in which he came a second time in my ass. I was totally exhausted. He finally pulled out of my ass and told me to get dressed and get the fuck out. As I walked to the front door, I still felt his cum running out of my ass and down my leg. I guess I finally got to be fucked by a big, fat guy.

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    Straight Male / 31

    When my wife and I had started dating about 10 years ago she had just broken up with her long term boyfriend. We were both 21 and juniors in college. Our relationship was exclusive and I have never cheated on her since we started dating. About a month into our relationship she said her ex was coming over to pick up a few things he left at her dorm and then he would be gone. I really wasn't concerned. She said she was over him. He had cheated on her and was an asshole according to her.

    Well I went to class and came back and figured he would be gone as she had called me an hour before to tell me he had just gotten there so I figured he was long gone and I would go over to see her. She lived in a suite with a common area and two bedrooms on each side. Her roommates were gone but they usually left the front door opened so I walked in. As I got into her hallway I heard whispering and I knew he was still there. Her door was slightly open so I peeked in. She was straddling her ex. He was sitting naked on her bed and she was only wearing her thong and rubbing her crotch up and down the length of his dick.

    I could hear her whisper that this was the last time and he better enjoy it. She then pulled her thong to the side and inserted his dick inside of her. He held onto her ass as she rode him. I must admit that I was really surprised at how turned on I was watching her. Her ass looked so sexy bouncing up and down on his dick and I could tell she needed to do this to bring closure to their relationship. So I did not intervene and watched until they were done. They did not change positions as she rode him until he came inside her pussy. I quietly left and never mentioned what I saw to her but will always remember it.

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    Straight Female / 46

    I live in a nice apartment in Brooklyn on the fourth floor a short distance off the Belt Pkwy. Fire escapes are common on most buildings and in my case are not only used for fires. There are two young guys who share an apartment on the third floor directly below my apartment. They moved in last Spring and often sat out on the fire escape drinking beer and smoking. It was late June when it occurred to me that they were coming up and looking in my windows and clear to me that they had almost certainly seen me nude. Possible also they had seen me and my boyfreind having sex since my bedroom window is at the landing where the steps are. Shamefully it excited me rather than causing me embarrassment or being angry about it. Throughout the Summer months they were out there several nights a week often with other friends. Instead of making sure my windows were well covered I did the opposite making sure they had enough area of the windows to see into my bedroom. The only rooms they can see into is my bedroom and kitchen but since they moved in I have become an exhibitionist. They come up to the fourth floor as soon as it is dark outside and I undress and stay naked knowing they are watching my every move. By the middle of July I not only exposed myself to them but also masturbated knowing they were outside watching me. To make matters worse I know for sure they saw me having sex with my boyfriend more than I'm willing to admit. He doesn't know about them and I know he would be furious if he knew about all this. Once the weather got bad they are not outside as often which dissapoints me but they stiil come up the escape on weekends if its not to windy or cold. All I can say is it turns me on when I know they are seeing me nude and masturbating or having sex. The two guys who live there have seen me naked many times but I know some of their friends have watched and don't know how many different guys have. I do see them sometimes but still don't know their names and only say hello occassionally. I see some of their friends once in awhile but don't know how many of them have seen me naked or having sex. I can't wait until winter is over knowing they will be watching me more often. Some of the nights this winter have been mild so on those nights I intentionally stay naked hoping they will be out there often looking down to see if they are there or if their lights are on. I never had a fire escape before I moved here but am glad I do now. It just excites me knowing they see me naked and is so arousing when I know they are watching me masturbate. I can't explain it but when I masturbate or have sex with my boyfriend I orgasm more when I know I'm being watched by the guys outside.

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    Straight Male / 23

    When I was 16 I went into a public mens room as I was at the urinals pissing a young black guy stood next to me he was about 17 or 18 I guess, he started wanking and I couldnt help looking at his cock, I had never done anything at all with another guy but for some reason I started wanking him.
    He smiled and we moved over to the back of the toilets and I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth, what I didn't know was it was a set up and from out of the cubicles came 3 big black men They held me while the other boy face fucked me and shot in my throat then the 3 black men took turns on my ass. I just cried and begged them to stop but to my shame while the last one was buggering me I shot my load without even touching my cock.

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    Straight Female / 28

    A couple days ago my husband spanked me and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Sometimes I feel angry, sometimes not. Sometimes kind of turned on. It's one of those things he's always threatened to do, "If you do that again I'll take a switch to you like my dad used to do me." I never thought he'd actually do it.

    I won't go into details but we were in a secluded wooded place. We live in the south and the weather is nice now so we're spending a lot of time outdoors. I had done something to annoy him. Next thing I know, he's got this long, slender stick in his hand and he's stripping off the leaves. It honestly never occurred to me that he really meant to use it. I just laughed at him when he told me to bend over with my hands on my ankles. Who does that?

    Well, he's big. And I'm petite. And he tucked me under his arm like I was a naughty little girl about to be spanked by daddy. I couldn't believe it when he started hitting my bottom with the switch. I was wearing jeans but it hurt like hell --- a stinging kind of pain, you know? I was too shocked and horrified to move. I just froze, praying to God that no one would come along and see us. I was completely dazed, and it was only after the spanking ended and he let go that I started to cry.

    Weirdly, I wasn't that mad at him and I don't know why. I'm still not mad at him even though I know that I should be.

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    Straight Female / 27

    My boyfriend and I go golfing no less than once a week, weather permitting. When we do, we like to go off to our hiding spot on course and screw in the woods. We were nearly caught once when we allowed ourselves to get too excited before we had reached the hiding spot.

    One older man was on the course and my boyfriend's cock was buried in my throat when the guy drove around the corner of the hill. He didn't actually see us but it was close.

    Only one guy who works there knows that we do it and that was because he saw some of my boyfriend's cum on the cart. I had to persuade him to stay quiet and continue to persuade him once a week. My boyfriend doesn't know that I do this and at first I felt bad but now I like it.

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    Straight Male / 27

    To the point,
    Take it how u want.

    I did it cause I love to fuck.

    I was a mates place to watch the footy, I found his wife very to the point, it was the first time I had ever been to his place, and every time he was out of site, his lovely wife would come over and grab my cock and lick my neck, asking in a seductive voice for me to fuck her so hard she shit on my cock as I banged the fuck out of her arse hole......well

    Tony, I fucked your wife in the arse three times before I went home

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    Straight Male / 31

    I'd like confess that I feel bad but very proud of myself....I'm using the laptop of my one night stand I picked up last night,, I'm siting here in here bedroom, while the silly bitch is tied up on her bed and!. It would seems after going through her laptop she is secretly sexualy attracted to her step father, she has a lot pics of him mostly taken while hidden, he's nude or fucking her mum in many pics the rest are just of intrest to her

    She asked to be tied up, and for me to find her secrete. Then once I did she asked me fuck her sweet little arse hole while she talked outloud about how she wished it was her new daddy,,,,I gaged her as I blew my load in her hole a few hours back and left her on the bed while I took a shower to clean her pumped poo from my cock & balls, thinking I had the house to myself, her mother walked in on me, I asked for a towel and ended up drilling mummy on the vanity, then again on the kitchen bench as she made me a coffee, then again on the end of her daughters bed while we laughed at her after I let the mother know about the photos.....feeling like my work here is done :)

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    Here's a confession for all of you into entomophilia. (If you're not into that, you may want to stop reading here)

    It started on a hot summer morning, I woke up with two flies buzzing around me. I tried swatting them away, but after a while I just couldn't be bothered anymore.

    As we were in the midst of summer, which gets extremely hot and muggy where I live, I was sleeping nude.

    After I gave up swatting the flies away, one landed on my thigh, crawling all over, it felt quite nice, and after I while I began to wonder what it would feel like on my more sensitive areas.

    At that point I began to spread my legs a little. It took quite some time for the fly to find its way to my pussy. The wait was somewhat agonising! As it moved closer to my pussy I began to feel more excited about how it would feel.

    Eventua lly this little guy found it's way, and my god it felt incredible! Soon after a second fly joined in, and then a third, all fighting over the best parts.

    I slowly reached my hands down, being careful not to scare my new friends away, and pulled my pussy lips apart a little, and lay there loving every little movement these tiny things made. I was in no hurry to get out if bed as I was on holiday, and I certainly had no desire to get rid of the flies by this stage, so I lay there for a considerable amount of time letting these guys crawl all over what was now a very wet pussy. This led to the most amazing orgasm of my life!

    Needless to say this was definitely not the last time. Nobody knows my dirty little secret.... That is, until now when you just read this ;)

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    Straight Male / 23

    As a lover of pussy, age is no barrier,,,,my friends mother & I, fell in love 5yrs ago,,I just turned 23 this week and we r also celebrating our 1st yrs wedding anniversary,, I confess we did sneak around in the beging, after yrs of heavy flirting lead to the moment of body and soul connection, after deceiving both of our families, we came out in the open, we informed both of our families on the same day as we moved in together, she left her husband and children, I left my parents place and parents r coming to terms slowly with the fact my wife is the same age as them, and we r open nudists, there still a bit shy lol at family dinners, her kids are my age and my friends and there the same, still a bit shy with the blunt facts their friend is now there dad and openly nailing there mum

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