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    A girl we work with told us her daughter stays home at night by her self she is only 12 years old so my wife told her she can stay at our house when we are home and she has to work. She has told us the girl likes to sleep nude and loves to lay on the couch with her head on Bobby's (mothers boyfriend) his lap. And the mother has awoken form sleeping all day after work and found the girl outside on the trampoline totally nude, and a time or two caught flashing Bobby.

    She and my wife had to work that night and so did Bobby and the mother asked could she stay in our guest room yhat night my wife agreed that she could stay at the house with me as long as she wore pajamas and went to bed when she was dropped,. the three went to work for the night. I'm sitting on the couch watching TV and here she comes out of the bedroom wrapped in a quilt and asked if she could sit up a little while and lay on the couch, as she is lifting her knee onto the couch she opens her quilt wide for me to see she has nothing on not a strip of clothing.

    She lays down on the couch with her head on my lap snuggling and jostling around on my groin area till I get a hard on then lays on top of it and says somethings hard in there. Yeah! that's you're fault... Let me see if I can fix it this little sweet bitch starts stroking my cock and very expertly at that so softly barley touching it at all ever so lightly, after a while I told her to stick it in her mouth she said I don't do that I just want to see it squirt.

    So I reach down an start lightly rubbing her sweet little pussy pinching the entire thing with two fingers just holding it there in my two fingers she had sweet little bald ass pussy, and a fine ass caboose O my God this is bigger than Bobby's I said get up here and let me lick you a little. No I just wanna see it squirt That was it she played with that big cock until it shot off and she seemed very pleased with her self at her accomplishment an I had the nut of a lifetime that lucky fucking Bobby I know he's training this little fucken hot teenie do do whatever he wants. PRICK

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    Straight Male / 19

    I was getting the ironing from out of under my moms bed when I found a large padlocked chest under there. The curiosity got the better of me so I decided to hunt for the key to the lock, I searched and searched to no avail, the key was nowhere to be found. I put the chest back where I found it and left. A couple days later It hit me, the key is with all of my moms other keys, so the next chance I got I stole the keys and went straight to the chest, found it which key opened the lock and removed that key from the rest of set. I locked the chest and quickly left as my mom was still in the house. I waited a couple of days until I knew she'd be gone for a couple of hours so I could have a good look in the chest. She left for her spinning class and I took my chance. I pulled out the chest and began rummaging through the contents. Dildos and vibrators ranging from 2"-12", ball gags, 4 sets of handcuffs, butt plugs, police and nurse outfits, wipps, paddles, the lot. I barely had chance to take it all in when her bed room door opened. She'd forgotten her bag. The look of pure embarrassment on both her and my face. She sat down on the floor next to me,
    "why did you look in there??"
    cheeks still burning up.
    "I was curious." I replied.
    "About what??"
    "What you get up too in your private life??"
    "Are you still curious??"
    The mood had changed from a awkward hotness to a hotness hotness!
    "Well let me show you then"
    She escorted me out of her room still in her gym gear, she locked the front door and told me to wait outside her room untill she was ready.
    I was shocked and excited and as hard as I'd ever been.
    She called me in.
    My mom is around 5,10'' slim build with 30 DD tits. I only knew this after today. She was wearing black suspenders with matching underwear and huge stiletto heels.
    The toys had been arranged in size order from smallest to largest and she was sat on her bed one leg over the other. I was lost for words. She pointed at the smallest toy, a 2" bullet vibrator.
    "That one"
    I picked it up.
    "Well come on then"
    She moved her laced lingerie to the side this was the first glimpse I got of her wet pink pussy.
    I just stood there.
    "You asked what I did in my private life this is it, now put that inside my pussy, NOW!"
    I slowly inserted it inside her moist lips and turned it on. She exhaled with slight pleasure. At this point I was knelt between her legs just looking at this sight.
    "Next one then"
    I quickly grabbed the next toy in line.
    A small red butt plug. I knew she'd Definitley done this before as before I could turn back around she was allready face down ass in the air waiting for me to plug her ass.
    "Spit on me"
    I did instantly, salvia was dripping around her ass hole, I plugged her ass. She didn't even flinch.
    She didn't even have to ask me for the next toy I was well into the the swing of things.
    A pink rampant rabbit vibrator,
    She was back onto her back now, legs in the air. I removed the bullet vibrator, this time I turn on the rampant rabbit before I inserted it into my mother. She had a cheeky grin on her face. We were both loving this! She let out a quiet moan this time as the rabbits head massaged her clitoris.
    I thought now I'm going to mix it up, i removed her knickers, grabbed the four pairs of handcuffs and handcuffed each of her limbs to the corners of the bed.
    She was mine and she loved it.
    I removed all the toys and just looked at her for a couple of minutes our hearts were racing.
    I gagged her.
    I skipped the next couple of toys to my moms amusement and went straight to the 12" clear cock. Her eyes lit up. I spat on her pussy this time, in prerperation for this huge toy. I slowly inserted it. Her body shuddered with pleasure as I forced it in and out over and over again. I couldn't contain myself any longer. I removed my boxers and my hard cock bounced out. I looked my mom right in the eye. She gave me a nod of approval. I removed the gag, I wanted to hear what my mom had to say whilst I was fucking her. I inserted my hard cock into my mothers wet c**t, she let out a large moan. I was in control she was still tied to the bed and this made it ten times better for the both of us. She was screaming and moaning.
    "Fuck my mouth"
    She begged
    This time she was asking not telling. Knowing I was in control made me so much harder. I pulled out and proceeded to choke my mom with my cock.
    "Cum inside me, cum inside me"
    She pleaded.
    I moved my attention back down to her pussy where I pumped my length deep into her. She was writhing with pleasure.
    We both orgasmed together, my warm sticky load oozed out of my moms pussy as she just lay there helpless but happy.
    We tidied up together and locked the toys back into the chest. We both know have keys to chest and have play dates on regular occasions now.

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    Im 25 Well ive recently realized that I'm a sneaky slut. I have been with my bf for 4 years and ive been cheating on him constantly with men I dont know all older men too.... But I love him dearly its like something comes over me and I'm not really me any more and i just have to get fucked that's all that matters. There is no emotional attachments at all with these other men. I feel no guilt because I personally got really horny when he cheated on me. Anyways. Ive been dying to tell someone some of my excursions.
    Ok to start off these aren't made up these are real :)
    It started when my bf went away for work for the first time ever and this married hunk of a man stopped me when I was walking home and he offered me a ride and he was so charismatic that within 15 mins I was in his back seat riding his huge cock bare back. It felt so good as he stretched my pussy so wide I was in shock and pure naughty ecstasy. He started calling me his little girl and referring to himself as daddy which really hit my mental trigger and I was riding him faster and faster his voice so deep. He's about 40 shaved head toned and tattooed. Hell it felt like a dream. And then here's what got me hooked.... I came so much that I stopped paying attention to him and how close he was to coming that out of my buzzing in my ears I hear dont stop baby!. Daddy needs to cum!. Tell daddy where you want him to cum. And I yell out as I'm starting to climax cum inside me daddy !!!. He came so hard I could feel strong spurts of cum against my cervix wall. I kept cummin for what felt like forever as I realized I have no idea if this man is fixed or not he whispers to me as he drops me off at home dont worry baby daddy didnt give you a baby.:D. That's the first time this happened but now I knew how good this felt and I honestly miss my dad fucking me and Cumming inside me. He stopped when I was 13.I accidentally told the wrong person and and police got involved then I took it all back and they beloved me after a lot of councilling. I now look for older fixed men to fuck every week.
    I week ago I met a guy on Craig's list and let him fuck me in his car after 5minutes of meeting and begged him to fill my pussy. He made me cum so hard his dick was kinda short he was 49 but had his cum leaking from ny pussy the whole night it felt so good.
    TOMORROW I'm meeting up with a 50 year old man I dont know what he looks like but he says he's fixed cums lots and wants to cream pie me in all three holes !. I can't wait !!!!. I put up ads looking for men its so exciting and I even was fucking a guy at work turns out he was able to have kids still. He woukd cum so much he refused to pull out. He woukd pull my pants down at work and bend me over without a word forcefully and just stick his cock inside me and fuck me fast and cum,hold it tell me to squeeze as he pulled out and told me not to let it leak.yes I got pregnant and I miscarried thank god.
    I'm also fucking my friend who is married. What I really want is a gangbang of 15 plus men to all fuck me and cum inside me. I hate birth control. That's why I go for fixed men.I invited a 56 year old man the other day over to me and my bfs house and told him to not knock just come in and come to the shower. He hoped in and wasted no time and his cock was hard and being rubbed on my slit he was really old looking which was gross but my pussy just got wetter at the sight. He had a long cock and it was ok . all I wanted was his cum. And soon enough he had me on the couch pounding his old cock deep inside me. I'm just finish cummin myself and he finally cums inside me. That ! Felt so good. Then he pulled out after squeezing the last of his cum inside me got dressed and left. I felt so naughty knowing I had another old mans cum inside me!. I love doing this !!!!

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    Straight Female / 28

    I can't stop thinking of molesting pretty young (14+ ish) schoolgirls when the walk by in their school uniforms, thight shirts over their new breasts, and short skirts over their lovely legs....

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    Straight Male / 32

    I miss feeling a dog pump his cum in my ass

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    I have a gorgeous blonde girlfriend who just turned 18. She has a bit of a reputation as a slut but she's so gorgeous and really sweet and the sex is great.
    I went to her house to meet her mother and step father who has raised her since she was 5. It all seemed pretty normal but over a few visits I noticed how her and her step father are very very close and always seem to be disappearing together. All clues are totally pointing to the fact her and her step dad were up to something sexual together.
    It seemed like her mom even knows and I am gob smacked and cant believe it???? Am I imagining this?? I
    Smoke marijuana am I tripping ??????
    I cannot get any hard proof but I think I'm about to brake it off with her because I hate Sharing.
    The one thing that adds to the weirdness is her mother gets drunk and tried to keep me busy while they sneak off.. She gets all touchy feely with me and makes comments hinting towards giving me clues she's up for sexual activity with ME!?? Now I'm no saint.. I'm horny.. I would cheat on my gf it's human nature and I prob would fuck her mom but do I want to be caught up in this twisted situation?????? Thoughts????

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    Straight Female / 27

    Don't expect this to be well written. But I like reading the stories on this sit and thought I'd contribute my own dirtiest experience.

    I like giving blow jobs and do it very regularly. Sometimes, if I'm horny enough, I'll blow several guys on the same night. One such night I abandoned my friends, who all had boyfriends or were hooking up with guys in a bar, and walk to another bar, Joes on Weed street, Chicago.

    I got chatted up by a guy straight away and he bought me a few drinks. I told him about how I like giving head and how good I am at it. I rubbed his thick cock through his jeans and he lead me towards to toilets in the front of the bar.

    The queue for the ladies was way too long so we went to the mensroom's. It was pretty small, with I think just the one cubicle, there was 4/5 guys waiting for the urinal. We made out and he fondled and fingered me with everyone watching as we stood and waited for the cubicle.

    When we went in I crouched down and sucked him off, he had a big dick and a massive load. After I swallowed I asked if he wanted to go home for more fun, he said, "no thanks I've got a girlfriend!!" And he just walked out of the cubicle.

    I was about to leave in a huff, when one of the guys that was watching us earlier said, "ha, relax babe, I'll take care of you" he said it loud enough so that everyone could hear it and without missing a beat he walk into the cubicle and closed the door.

    I was shocked by his forwardness, but I had to smile as I loved it. I stepped back to let him lock the door. He gently pushed me to my knees and let me get to work on him. He wasn't as big but it was still fun. I don't think I spoke at all, after he finished I went to stand up and he stopped me.

    I was crouching as he left he said, "anyone else want a blowjob???????? She's really good." No one moved for a minute not even me, then one guy timidly stepped forward and into the cubicle, unzipping as he stepped in. I had to reach around him to close the door, he locked it and pulled me into his crotch. He was quite rough with his big cock.

    This continued with me sucking cock for nearly an hour I'd say, when midway thought the seventh guy I think. There was a knock on the door, "security! Open up!" I kept sucking and swallowed his load before we fixed ourselves up and opened the door.

    The guy I was with was told to fuck off and the bouncer grabbed me by the arm and lead me out to the sighs of the queue. Near the door he stops and turns to me, "we usually kick the prostitutes out, but you don't look like a whore... What the fuck were you doing that for????????"

    "I dunno.." I shrugged, "I'm horny and its fun????????"

    He took me to a storeroom and had me suck him off, then he gave me a beer and told me to stay there for more fun, I did. One by one the security staff came back for blowjobs, and I happily blew them all. Followed by some of the bar staff. I went home with the first security guy, Dave I think, after the bar closed and we fucked all night and half of the next day.

    I done similar things to this before and since, but that was the biggest night of my life. I blew at least 20 guys. I still get turned on just thinking about it sometimes.

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    When I was housesitting for a female friend I had a massive crush on, I went though her stuff, including her dirty washing and shot a massive load with her dirty knickers on my face and her vibrator in my bum.

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    When I was in secondary school, for a year, they sexiest little girl had a locker next to mine. She was maybe 13, I was 16, for the whole year, whenever it was busy I would borderline molest her. Rubbing my crotch or a hand onto her lovely arse. Could get away with it cause it was busy. God it was hot.

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    I have a massive fetish for horse riding clothes. Once on my bike home from work, I say a young girl of maybe 12 in the sexiest tightest jodhpurs. I couldn't help myself. I slowed to a crawl as I approached her, and put my hand over her arse, and gave her a good squeeze. Then I quickly moved on without looking back. It was so hot.

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