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    Straight Female / 19

    All of my tattoos are sexual, and most people don't see them. The first ones I got were on my waist. I got the outline of a hand on either side, like they're grabbing me from behind. The second is on my crotch, a men's room silhouette and the words "cum dump". Over my anus, just the word "yes" with two arrows pointing to my asshole. On the inside of my lower lip, the words "cum here". Finally, my favorite tattoo, a dotted line around my leg, near the top but low enough to be visible if I wear anything shorter than knee length, with the words "asking for it".

    People won't see the other three most of the time, but if I wear something that shows off the last tattoo, anyone can fuck me however they want and I won't tell anyone, even if I hate it, even if I try to stop them and fail. I won't blame them for forcing me, r****g me, when I went out knowing that tattoo is showing, or didn't think to cover it up.

    There has so far been only one time where I tried to stop someone when my tattoo was showing. He overpowered me, held me down and fucked my asshole without lube (the main reason I tried to stop him, cause it hurt) came in my ass and left. I cleaned up and went home, and went out the very next night with the tattoo visible.

    I got the idea for it from an ad campaign where a woman had words written on her leg at different skirt lengths saying what that length makes people think, one at miniskirt level being "asking for it". The message was that no matter what clothes she's wearing she's not asking to be r**ed. So I decided I'm literally asking for it when I wear something shorter than that line.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 55

    My girlfriend was a whore from the start. Her favorite nights were when we went "around the world". I would start off by fucking her doggy style, sliding my 8 inch dick in and out of her slick pussy till I was dripping cum. Then I would take my cock to her mouth where I would grab her head and fuck her mouth. She would moan when she tasted my cum dripping onto her tongue. Then I would go back to her pussy and fuck her again. I would put my thumb in her ass and she would start humping hard against me.

    After I got her ass loose, I would slide my cock in and slam her ass. She would love it and fuck me hard. I would love to pull my cock out and look at her gaping asshole. Then I would drive deep in and she would moan some more. I would fuck her ass until I felt my balls tingle and cum start to flow. Then I would go back to her mouth and fuck her face until I came.

    She would swallow everything.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 37

    This is just about how I met my husband.

    I was in jury duty and it was a horrid day outside. We got reseated alphabetically. This man sat beside me, he was for me an old man, but as much as I tried to ignore him he wanted to talk. He got me to tell him my life story, including that I was unemployed and I had a two year old and I lived with my mother. I could have gotten out of jury duty because of the baby, but I just needed to get out of the house, so my mother kept the baby that day.

    He told me some about him, not a lot. But he was manager in a big company and he owned his house and he was widower with two grown kids, the daughter was a recent college graduate and gainfully employed.

    We were never called and we were released about 11 a.m. As we walked out he asked me if I wanted a sandwich at the shop around the corner from the courthouse. I accepted because I was hungry and I didn't want to go home.

    He never shut up, he asked a thousand questions and he had a comment about all the ways I had screwed up, in particular about getting pregnant with a 'two bit loser', as he put it. What could I say, he was right, I just didn't like having my nose rubbed in it.

    Slowly he told me a bit about himself and his dead wife. He really loved her, and he was real lonely that she was gone.

    He joked, he said he needed a wife and I needed a life so maybe we should just get married and we would both be better off.

    Except it didn't turn out to be a joke, he got serious and since we were at the courthouse, he took me upstairs to the county clerk's office and he got a marriage license and we signed it. He told me to meet him at the courthouse on Friday because we needed to wait three days to get married.

    I never intended to go back to the courthouse. But on Friday I was restless as hell and I asked my mom to take care of the baby and I drove around and ended up at the court house. He was sitting on the bench outside. I got married that morning.

    He took me to see my new house and after he showed me around, he told me that we had nothing to lose by trying. We went in his car to my mother's house so he could meet the baby and we could get some stuff. That night I slept in my new house. I never went back to live with my mother, at the age of 28 I was married to a 52 year old man who I had met three days earlier.

    I am married and I have two more kids, and in our house we have keep some pictures of his first wife in the guest room. This is now my house and he is now my husband.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47


    My "sexual confession " is an anything goes type story. It happened at a highway rest stop on a perfect summer evening..... Having a RV, Chev Tahoe aided my exploits because of all the room it provided in the back.

    I pulled into the rest stop parking area and there was a lot of vehicles stopped.........I made a pass by them all and then stopped in the furthest NE corner of the lot............Having had a few beers I had to I walked almost a hundred yards through the lot to the public restroom. Once there I entered stall........pissed and dropped my pants and sat down...............It was two minutes later a guy slowly opened the stall door...............he had his cock in his hand and stepped I sat there.........He waved his cock in front of my face...........It was good size.......large head and oozing precum..........fuck it.............I opened my mouth and he stepped forward and slid into my mouth I reached up and started stroking the base of his shaft and within three minutes he began to moan..........he thrust deep to the back of my throat...............almost gagging me...............I felt his cum explode in the back of my mouth.......I swallowed as much as I could but he kept cumming .............more and more..............

    When he finally stopped jazzing in my backed away ..........looked at me.............said "Thanks".................turned and walked out.............

    I left the stall and walked back to my truck........I opened the back......crawled in and immediately took off my pants............I began stroking my cock.............and within a couple minutes I saw some guys approaching

    Two guys came up to the back of the truck and watched me for a couple minutes............ I was drinking a beer, stroking my cock.

    The guy on the left said "what are you looking for ?" I told him I loved getting fucked and sucking cock. He crawled in the back. His buddy asked if I could do a double and I said " I'll Try". As I said that he began to crawl in and take his pants off. As I watched him the first guy stuck his cock up to my lips. As I opened my mouth the 2nd guy grabbed my left leg and pushed the apart. He got between my legs, I elevated my ass and he slid his cock in my ass, which I had filled with KY Jelly before I left home.

    The both stroked deep into my mouth and ass and I was loving it...............for the second time.........I shot a load all over my pushed up shirt.............the guy fucking me was totally surprised........Apparently he had never fucked a guy to climax without stroking him..............

    When I was cumming the guy in my mouth got real hot and started to shoot his load. He lunged back and forthfor several seconds as he dumped all his cum in my mouth..........I swallowed it all......................He pulled back and sat against the glass on the other side of the truck, while his buddy began stroking faster and faster................

    BA M.......the guy almost passed out as he climaxed..........he pushed as hard as he could..........I could feel his cum filling my ass..........He rested a moment after he finished cumming, with his dick in me...............I could feel him wilt.

    Both these guys were grinning from ear to ear. But it was obvious they were done. To their surprise the both looked outside and lo and behold...........we had an audience.............

    Four guys were standing there, two of them with their cocks in their hands. My first duo....pulled un their pants and said as they crawled out "NEXT".

    That started aa combination fuck and suck fest that I had not expected. By the time there were no more witnesses I had sucked sucked seven cocks with their respective loads showering me on my face and shirt collar.

    Nine guys had taken turns in my ass,,,,,,,,,,, I was able to fit them all ......but some were least tens.....

    Nope, nobody used a rubber..........they all opted to go bareback. I was lucky..........I am disease free.............I got off five times...........not once did anyone touch my cock.........I shot loads of cum I didn't know I could produce.

    When no more guys showed up, I pulled on my clothes and drove back to the restroom. I went in and sat down and unloaded I was setting therefor about ten minutes and once again the door slowly opened. It was a COP

    Yes, there I was.........He was in uniform.........he looked at me........unzipped his pants. and pulled out this beautiful cock.......He said "Suck it or you're going to jail. He had witnessed my activities in the truck and decided to intercept me as I left. By going to the bathroom I gave him an alternative......So he decided he needed to get his rocks off...

    I accommodated him, actually it was one of the best cocks I sucked all night. When he started to shoot he grabbed the back of my head and held me still as I swallowed it all. He finished and snickered......then said "Thanks" then turned and walked away.

    I got back in the truck and came home......I smelled like a fucked full cum bucket. My wife met me at the door........took one whiff and turned away........leaving me at he door. I went in and got into the shower aand crawled into bed it was 1:00aam...........A few minutes passed.........she came into the bedroom and said "you're not done There is more for you to eat"......... She stripped and crawled on the bed.........put her knees on my arms and lowered her dripping wet pussy onto my face.........I don't think she cared if she suffocated me so she just continued rocking back and forth. While she rocked into orgasm she said "I was at the rest stop, I followed you, I saw it all, why haven't you told me?" Then she tolfd me sh loved me and I didn't have to go out to get fucked and suck cock............but she wanted to share the bounty.........

    I agreed..........totally

    T HIS IS A TRUE STORY........

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 53

    I saw a couple of different men on the internet sticking their dicks in their own ass,. I tried it and it is about 2 inches short of actually going in, I am 9 inches long with full hard on, soft it won't go. so now I am trying to streatch it anough to at least get the head in there. any suggestions?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 41

    There are many reasons I love my wife. She's a great cook, a great mom, she keeps our house and family running smoothly. But most of all I love her because she's a freak in the bedroom.

    We'd had some pretty wild sex before we got married, she's always been a horny minx, but the night of our wedding she really ramped it up. Her uncle loaned us his secluded cabin for our honeymoon, when we arrived she told me to wait in the living room she had a surprise. After almost an hour she'd came out of the bedroom wearing a latex corset and 4 inch heels. Her round firm tits and freshly shaved pussy on display. My cock jumped to attention. "I want to give you something." She purred "Something very special." Walking toward where I sat. "I want to give you all of me."

    With a smile I replied "You already did."

    "No, you don't understand " she explained pulling a collar from behind her back. "I'm giving you all of me to use, control, own sexually." She knelt between my legs. "My mouth, my pussy, my ass are yours." She pressed the collar into my hand, "If you put this collar on me I'm yours not only as your wife but as your sexual property." I started to speak. She gently pressed her fingers to my lips quieting me. "If you put this collar on me you'll own me sexually. I'll do anything you want, anytime, anywhere. If you ask for a blow job I'll give you one. If you want to watch me pleasure myself I'll perform. If you want to fuck me I'll spread my legs. All you need do is command and I'll do it "

    I'll admit it the way she was talking I was nervous, she wasn't joking or being sexy she was completely serious. She was offering me complete sexual control. She was offering to be my sex toy. Reaching out she took my belt and unfastened it. She unzipped my pants, slipped her hand into my underwear, pulled my cock out and slowly began stroking it as she continued.

    "If you put this collar on me you're agreeing to be my Master. You're agreeing to love me as your prized possession, your treasure. In exchange I'm agreeing to serve your sexual wants, needs, desires to the best of my ability."

    My cock was so hard it almost hurt as she stroked it. "You want me to own you? " I stammered "You want to be my sex toy, my precious whore?"

    "Yes." She purred

    With trembling hands I brought the collar to her throat. "You're sure?" I whispered.

    "Yes Master." She throatily gasped.

    Once the collar was fastened she smiled up at me. Awaiting my command. I gently brought my hand up from her collar and into her hair guiding her mouth to my cock and said "Give me a blow job."

    "As you wish." She cooed as she took my cock into her mouth. For the next 10 minutes or so she happily gave me the best blow job I'd ever gotten. Her head bobbing up and down in my lap as she kicked, sucked slid my cock in and out of her grasping throat. Keeping me on the razors edge taking me higher than I'd ever been before. My fingers tangled in her hair I rocked my hips driving my cock deeper and harder until I couldn't hold back any longer and I exploded into her hungry little waiting mouth. 5 long thick ropes of cum she took them all rolled them around in her mouth so I could see before swallowing. She kicked my cock completely clean.

    I pulled her into my lap and cuddled her. My precious treasure. " Did I do well, Master?" She asked with a knowing twinkle in her eye. "Yes." I smiled giving her a kiss tasting my saltiness on her lips. "You did very well."

    I tested her limits for the rest of our week at the cabin. Forbidding her to wear clothing except for shoes. Taking her roughly almost savagely during a morning walk in the woods, pushing my fingers into her pussy to coat them in her wetness so I could prepare her tight silky ass for intrusion. She never once denied me.

    I've had her in every conceivable way in every conceivable place over the years. She's stayed true to her vow to be mine to command, I've stayed true to my vow of always treating her as my precious treasure. Even as I write this she's completely nude kneeling between my legs getting my cock ready to plunge into which ever snug silky tunnel I choose.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 37

    I am 37 years old, I am a process engineer for a large oil company, I work with teams of men and a few women, all engineers. All the women are the same, not one of them has any kind of looks. I am a butch lesbian, and I don't think they are attractive at all, they dress like idiots, they complain that they can't meet any men, but they work with a large number of men, it is their attitude and their looks. Shit if I had the field of play they do, I would spend a lot of time cleaning up my act and making sure these men knew I was available. By the time you hit 30 you are playing behind the curve, the new college graduates with their perky bodies are taking all the men. These men leave these women at the hotel and go out cruising for pickups and other women to get laid.

    I know these guys, they get laid all the time, while these women are stuck in their hotel rooms instead of getting laid themselves.

    I'm lucky I have a special lady at home, believe me she is always attractive and she is always ready for me, she makes sure that when I come home I am properly entertained. I have been out of the country for three weeks when I come home I want my pussy. I am sure these men are the same, they are going after pussy, the brains are for the office. If I was a man I would not fuck any one of them, there is so much better pussy out there for them.

    if I was straight I guarantee you I would make sure that they spent half their time adjusting their jeans to hide their hard on.

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    Straight Male / 24

    My neighbor, or my mom and dads new neighbor to be precise is a very fit, very good looking older woman. She's thirty six years old, in extremely good shape and a complete and utter slut.
    Her husband works nights, isn't in good shape and often as far as I can tell, is drunk. last week as I was walking past their home, she asked me if I could help her with moving a large oak kitchen table. By the time I'd walked into their home and on through into the kitchen, she was totally naked and sat on the edge of a table which didn't by the looks of it, need moving. Her exact words as she spread her legs revealing a large engorged clitoris was "My husband can no longer satisfy me and this". She flicked her large clit and asked me if I wanted to fuck her.
    I spent the next hour and half having the dirtiest sex I've ever had. She had me sucking on her clit and licking out her tight asshole before she offered me a blue pill. I'm not kidding, I stayed hard for over an hour. And in that hour I fucked her all over her house. I came three times, a new thing for me. She came I don't know how many times, but it was a lot.
    She's asked me to call by latwer as her husband is on a twelve hour night shift. I'm going to make sure I take another of her little blue pills so I can keep up with her insatiable appetite for sex. What a slut. What a neighbor.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 42

    Using my young looks, slim figure and sexual charms has always gotten me what I've wanted. At the age of fourteen I gave a shop owner a blow job so I could have a dress I wanted. The dress was a perfect fit. At school I was going to flunk a grade, so I used my vaginal and anal charms on person who could ensure I got the grade I needed. He devoured my pussy and asshole as I sat on his face. He masturbated and I got the grade. Two jobs were obtained through giving up my pussy and ass at interview. And a promotion last year was earned on the back of a weekend with a senior company board member. He fucked me the whole weekend using four little blue pills to keep him going. For a man in his sixties he could sure fuck. When my son was having problems with his driving test, I persuaded the examiner to be a little more forgiving. I gave him a blow job right there in his office as my son sat and waited in the car. Later the same week the examiner fucked me in the same car my son passed his test in. My husband has no idea what I've given up to get the things I want. Only last month our heating and water system packed up. I knew we couldn't afford to have a new system fitted, so I asked one of my husbands friends if he could do us a favour. We now have a new system for practically no money, and my husbands friend took advantage of being in the same house as me for three days. The job should have only taken a day, or a day and half at most. The rest of the time he was fucking me all over the house. Other little things include sucking off a guy to get back home after concert. I'd lost my bus ticket home, he gave me a lift and I gave him one hell of a blow job. I know it's not going to last as I get older it will be harder to charm men with my sexuality, but until then I will use my female attributes to get the things we need.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I am a 46 yo married male. I have a wife, 2 children and on the surface seem quite normal. I guess I am but... When I was 12 or 13 I would do odd jobs to make some extra mone. One of my customers was a 52 year old guy. One day while waiting to get paid he had me come into his hous and had me sit in a small office off his hall. He asked if I ever saw things like this and he handed me some dirty magazines. Soon he was saying things like oh she has nice tits, or look at her ass....I was as hard as a kid could me. He slowly unbuckled my pants as he kept talking and begin to stroke my cock. He then stared to mention the guys, oh nice cock how about that one. Once I came he said " maybe next time I'll give you a blow job".

    It didn't take long for next time as the very next day he invited mean again. He asked if I would like a blow job. I said ok and he told me to go upstairs to a bedroom, strip and read the magazines. He came up and went to the end of the bad and proceeded to lick my thighs working up to my very hard cock, taking my balls into his mout and really working them. He moved up to kiss me, I told I didn't like that and he went back to must cock. And finished me off. This went on like this for close to 4 years until he moved, or was caught and decided to leave town.

    I am not advocating what he did. He was a p**odophile that apparently was well known as a citizen and well protected. He did cause harm a good friend of mine got messed up with drugs until a suicide ended his pain. He had lots of issues but I believe that was one.

    And me? It has messed me up sexually. When I was 17 or so I began to wonder what it would be like to suck a cock. Living in Boston I found myself going to adult book stores. My first time I was in a booth of sorts when a man came in and stood behind me watching the porn on the screen. He soon was fondling my ass and a hand on my shoulder forced me down and spun me and there I was facing his large cock. He rubbed it on my lips and I opened my mouth and sucked the best I could. Soon I felt it get hard and then his cum hit the back of my throat. It was not a one time thing. The odd part is I am married and truthfully not gay- I have no urge to be with a man full time, but at times when I do it is always me on my knees. I like someone controlling me, perhaps it goes back to those years. When I was just used. I never sucked his or even seen it in all those years. But I find myself wanting to be used. I discovered phone sex and it is always either a dominant role, with name calling or a sub role with someone calling me names and making me beg for their cock.

    I have been with a tranny or two and it is the same way. I don't like rough, but simply on my knees. My wife had discovered my phone sex issues and it was rough going for a while. Our sex life has virtually stopped, and I understand if she can't understand. I would talk to men or women, pretend about underage stuff, taboo stuff. It seems to all go back to that experience. I truly wish it hadn't happened but I am now what I am, a guy with a terrible secret and often tiresome burden. When I am done I feel guilty, and ashamed. But hearing the words get to your knees gets me hard. I'm in another part of Mass now and it is not as easy, but every once in a if you are a M or F and would like to talk about it, a F to humiliate me about it, please feel free to email me...
    Aj18091865@@ G***L.c*m. Make me get to my knees, or tell me how bad I am....

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