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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    There was a time I never masturbated to porn, I never found it arousing. I have masturbated to hentai but then that stopped, and wasn't arousing anymore. I've been with my girlfriend for 6 years or so, and of course we send pictures/videos and do something known as sexting, we have also had intercourse with each other. I find it interesting that during the long distance part of my relationship with her I found her sexual videos very arousing so much so I've actually masturbated to it, up till then I've never masturbated to a real girl before and found it amazing. I'm very proud of this confession and I feel deeply in love with her. Recently however I was curious and wanted to see if I got aroused by porn other then my girlfriend, I've tried EVERYTHING Gay/Trans/Straight/Solo/Tease/Ext... and I couldn't get aroused. So now I sit here masturbating to videos of her, and I couldn't be any happier. Just thought I would share~

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Hi, i am asian(indian). Living in very different culture and religion. I am hindu by religion but i am broadminded and secular. I confess that i am most nastiest girl of my country love kinky things. Have sex with more than 30 guys of all age and religion. I love cut dick. When i was 13 i started watching porn sites and online porn movies in intenet cafe. Since that time i like to suck big cock. I lost my virginity at the age of 16 now i have big tits, my pussy can take 2 cocks, i like anal sex also and have huge gape in ass hole. Have threesome, foresome one time. I am crazy bitch. Thinking about sex all the day and can do sex with anybody. But the most i like in sex is CUM. I love to swallow cum. Sometimes on my face. Have done most nastiest thing i ate cum from my ass and pussy. Ate cum with bread, toast, icecream and egg. Use to lick ass hole of my boyfrieds and i like to insert finger in ass hole then taste. Have drink piss more than 12 times and countless golden shower. One last thing i tasted my boyfriends shit...still continuing want to fuck by horse, and want to drink cum of horse i hope its tasty as mens cum.

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    Straight Male / 22

    I recently had my first threesome with a couple that let me in...but I will be honest, it will happen again, just saying. Though without them I feel alone, can someone help?? No religious comments pls

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    Gay Male / 19

    I'm from a very conservative Irish family and they do not know I am gay. My family has been trying to set me up with just about any Irish girl in the area, so for my senior prom last year, I invited a very nice girl that I know to go with me--by the way she is black. She knows I'm gay and I told her right off that I just wanted her to go with me to get my parents off my back. I also told her that my dad would probably have a heart attack because she was black. She said she was OK with that as long as I didn't blame her for killing my father.

    Well, my parents wanted me to bring her by before the dance so they could meet her, I did not tell them she was black. When I got her back to the house, my mom and sisters where all--ummmm, ok, ummmm and didn't know what to say, but they were as polite as they possibly could be, but my father took one look at her and said: "I'd have wished you were gay before I saw yas bringing home the likes of one like her." I just looked back at him and said: "Good! I'm glad you understand. I am gay."

    My mom passed out on the floor, my dad had a panic attack and had to have the paramedics come, and my sisters grabbed their phones and told all their friends.

    I'm out now, and nobody gives me any grief about it.

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    Lesbian Female / 19

    i said that i'm a lesbian, but i really don't have any sexual attractions or sex drive. my mom died in a car accident when i was just a couple months old, the child seat saved me, but she was killed instantly when we had a head-on collision with a drunk that crossed over the center line. since then i've lived with my father and had what i would guess as fairly normal life.

    my best friend is actually my aunt Karen, my mom's youngest sister. she's only 4 years older than i am. we live just a couple blocks from my grandparents house, so i've gone to the same schools as my aunt and i was even in grade school with her for a couple years. she's always been there for me and is more like a sister than my aunt.

    my father is a good father, but has no idea about girly stuff, so he's relied a lot on Karen to educate me in "girly stuff" as he puts it. she has been helping me since i was 9 years old. Karen is a very much together girly girl and has made sure that i follow along. she takes me shopping and shows me what to buy, she has shown me what makeup to wear, how to apply it, and how much. she makes sure that i wear the "kewlest" lingerie and that i very much look the part of her best friend. she has even gone to the trouble of planning out my wardrobe for the week, right down to what panty and bra sets i will wear each day and color coordinating my outfits with my nail polish. i'm shorter than she is, so she has me in 4" or 5" heels every day, the height is coordinated with the height of the heels she is planning on wearing.

    when i was 12, Karen even showed me how to "de-fur" my legs and underarms. she showed me what was available--shaving, epilating, waxing, etc. after showing me what was available she told me she epilates and showed me how to use her epilator. she had me choose one that next time we went shopping.

    on my 17th birthday she took me shopping. we went in and i was trying on some panties and she took a look at my furry and told me it was time that i became a woman, and women didn't have furries. so when we got home she took me in to the bath and shaved me, then explained that i would be waxing or epilating there from then on.

    our relationship changed that day to one of a more sexual nature. when she saw me freshly shaved, she ran her hand over my newly exposed flesh and i gasped a little, more in surprise of the feeling than anything else, but she smiled and continued to fondle my bareness. it felt a little odd to be there naked with her fondling me, looking at me in a sexual way, but we continued talking and she asked if i enjoyed her touching me. i told her it was different, but that it was alright. she then told me to lay back on the bed. i did, and she began kissing my freshly shaved skin, along my inner thighs, and licking me. that was the first time i ever orgasmed, or had any real sexual experience. since then we wax each other regularly and make love afterward.

    on my 18th birthday she asked me if i wanted to be penetrated. i knew what she was saying and i told her yes. she told me to strip, and i did as she watched me, then she took a dildo and harness out of her purse and had me put it on her. we made out for a while, then she asked me: "are you sure this is what you want??" i told her it was, so she laid back on the bed and had me lube up the dildo. she told me that i would be on top the first time. i lubed myself and climbed on, and very slowly worked the dildo across my self each time letting it rub me until i really wanted it. i got into place and slowly began to work it in. i knew what to expect, so the pain was alright, but i cried when i tore and got it in. i just sat there trying to get used to the feeling as Karen talked to me and rubbed my legs and thighs. after several moments the pain subsided and Karen had me lay beside her and we cuddled for about an hour, then she took me in the bathroom and helped me clean up in the shower. since then i am able to give myself to her fully when she wants.

    shortly after i graduated HS, i moved in with Karen. i still do not have much of any sexual attractions or sex drive, but i fulfill Karen sexually. i am there for her, i do as she asks and it pleases me to have her and her friends watch me or use me for their pleasure. Karen always makes sure i have multiple orgasms, as many as i can stand, but i am still not a sexual person. Karen still chooses what i will wear and when i will wear it. i dress for her, and i enjoy her looking over my outfits and how i appear in them before she lets me go out or receive company. i am for her pleasure and amusement and she completes me. if it weren't for her, i'd just be sitting in my bedroom at my dad's house wearing an old tee and jeans.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I have been thinking about being totally abused and used. I want to be tied up, blind folded, and used as a sex toy. Left somewhere for others can come and use me. Males or females, use my ass, my mouth, my cock, anything they wish. Give me water and keep me there as long as they wish...I so want that!

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    I am an attractive divorcee that very much enjoys sex. I have 2 fetishes that almost completely consume my life: young awkward men and pubic sex. The local community college is a rich hunting ground providing me with both.

    I am a registered student at our local community college, as such, I have full access to the college's facilities. Each morning I wake, have a yogurt smoothie, and head to the college gym where I work out, then run 5 miles. I shower and dress at the gym.

    I take my time and very much enjoy the company of the young women around me while I get ready for the day: light makeup, eyeliner, a bit of shadow, and always full, red lipstick. Jeans, a five button blouse, a pair of 4 to 6 inch heels, and a lace panty or thong usually complete my wardrobe for the day. At 5' 8" and 128 pounds with naturally curly mid back length hair, I very much have a runner's form: I have even been known to still compete in one of the local triathlons. My C-cup breasts accentuate my form and my large nipples definitely catch the young men's eyes when they become pert beneath my blouse or show through the sometimes all too sheer fabric.

    I may be old enough to be some of these kids' mother, but I am in great shape and very much get my share of looks.

    I take one or two classes, enough to meet new people, but not enough to weigh me down with too many books or homework. Usually a history or English class and one more technical. I use the technical classes as an excuse to meet those young, handsome, and delightfully awkward men. I have found studying near the technical section of the library is the perfect sport for me: most of the technical students study there, and there are several corners of the library stacks that are "somewhat private", but not too private.

    When I find an appropriate young man, I find some reason to talk to him. I have a set of thick black framed glasses that I will inadvertently leave at his study table and when he brings them back, I ask him to help me find a book. (Yes, I have done this enough that I know books by each of the secluded spots.) When we get back to the secluded spot, I get close to him, and ease my hands into the top of his pants while giving him a little smile, then whisper in his ear: "I want to suck you. Now." I then unbutton his pants and drop to my knees while I ease his cock out.

    This is where I so love young men, they are almost always fully hard by the time I get that gorgeous cock out and start kissing it; often they start pumping their first within seconds of my lips touching their hot fleshy tip. I let their cum fill my mouth, taking it all in, then I stand and let them watch me swallow. I ease up close and grind my breasts into their chest ad beg them: "Please take me right here, right now."

    It may surprise you to know that most will run off too self conscious or afraid to "do it" in public, but those that stay find that I am very willing in every way. How ever he wants it, as many times as he wants: he has me.

    For those that run off, I always give them a second chance, sometimes even a third chance. When I see them in the library, I come up behind them and lay my breasts against the back of their shoulders and whisper in their ear: "I'm heading back to find a book now. I still want you in me." I give them a little wiggle as I lift my breasts from their back, just to let them feel my nipples tease. I've never had to give more than a third chance.

    By the end of the semester I'm known as the "Techno Slut", but I don't care, my fetishes are satisfied and I've never had anyone complain. (And yes, we get caught from time to time and I've been in the dean's office about my actions. He's a very nice man and has a very large desk.)

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 18

    I am not 18, I am 15. a grade 9 in high school, my hornyness is at its peak. these are my past experiences with my panty fetish and hot neighbor.

    1. I went to target + Wal-Mart and passed by the intimate section. Being a teenage guy, I was avoiding all people. luckily, the panty section was at the end near the wall. I pretend to tie my shoe while passing. while down on my knees I scout out the first rack. it is mostly the junior ones so I couldn't find my favorite thongs or G-strings. I would check make sure no one was near by, then I would run to the right rack. I would grab one of each kind. and bolt away. I would stuff them under my basket and find a pair of pants with lots of pockets. then I would hide them in and enter the changeroom. I would pick out what I liked and what not. I end up with around 3-5 usually. I wear the ones that fit and others I would have to return to find the right size then I would just walk out

    2. I have this hot neighbor 2 houses down. she is my age and goes to my school. she also has a sister who is 16 but I like the younger one's panties more because I love wearing them when meeting up with her face to face. I also found out that her mom, has a thing for toys. I know from her house have : over 10 pairs of panties form the younger one, 3 from the older sister, 1 crotch less one from the mom, a butt plug about the size of a golf ball, and a small vibrator. one time, and night, I went to their backyard and up the patio steps up to the window. if I leaned over the edge I could see the girls room. I wore my favorite yellow lacy G-string I got off her and I wore the butt plug. I jerked off staring at her body. I shot the biggest load all over her window where her face was.

    3. my sister's 14 year old friend came over for a sleepover, I agreed to let them use my ps3 to watch Netflix only so I would have access to her stuff. surprisingly the girl had a pink G-string from Victoria's secret. I shot a load into the crotch area hoping that it would one day reach her virgin pussy.

    4. I was at camp from school when I was 14. being in a cabin full of guys, we got to talking about who was hot and such, somehow we got in on agreement and the best thing yet. we all wore our clothing over our faces incase we got caught. we snuck over to the girls cabins. there was 5 cabins so we split up, 2 per cabin. inside we planned on picking any girl, and jerking off right over their faces, and maybe a little grope if we dared. but no grassing on each other. me and my best friend went over to a cabin with a girl named Hannah and Emma. I had a huge crush on Emma for a whuile now and my best friend thought that Hanna had the best ass and tits ever. we opened their door. found the girls we were looking for. We jerked off, not to fast. we wanted to enjoy this moment. my friend finished first adding a little tit grab and dick rub on the lips and leaving a trail of cum running down her shirt. I waited till he left when I really went for it. I gave her a light kiss, then I rubbed my shaft along her mouth. I felt her tits and ass, even lifter her pj elastic band to rub her clit a little. finally I came ALL over her mouth. that's when she woke up. she screamed and I actually broke the door while escaping. we returned to our cabin and pretended we were sleeping. since they didn't know who it was they gave a talk to all the guys, and cutting the camping trip short but it was worth it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 34

    A few years ago I was in a band with a guy Kyle that was several years older than me. After one of our shows, Kyle's woman comes over to me and says, "Andrea thinks you're hot."

    Andrea was Kyle's daughter. She was 21, I was 29. No way I was messing things up with the band. I packed up and left. Never even introduced myself.

    Fast forward to recently. Kyle and I no longer play together, but we're still friends and he called me up and asked if I would get data off an old computer that belonged to his daughter. "Sure, no problem."

    I load the drive and sure enough, there are naked pictures of Andrea all over it. In a folder called "XXX" on the root of the drive. Her spread, her fucking this guy, her fucking that girl, movies of sex and drug use, the works. Nothing really strange, no odd fetishes, but a trove of awesome stuff. His daughter isn't even really that hot, pretty average, but the fact that I know her and apparently could have had her drives me crazy.

    I wouldn't have ever touched my friend's daughter, but I'm gonna go fap to her sucking a dick exactly my size in about a minute and a half.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 37

    I'm a good person and I still feel like everybody else is better than me.

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