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    Straight Male / 34

    Last weekend I had to attend a company meeting in a different town. Knowing nothing about the town I rented a room in a hotel where the meeting was to be conducted.
    Okay, on Saturday night after the meeting I decided to have a few drinks in a bar across the street. It turned out they had a band and strippers. Plenty of women but all seemed to be with other men. To make a long story short, instead of hitting on one of the girls, afraid her husband was present I decided to try for a whore house. After all, this was an all expense paid trip.
    I walked out of the bar and spotted a taxi sitting across the street near the hotel. I went over, thinking maybe I did have to many drinks, crawled into the back seat without looking at who was driving. I said, "Take me to the cheapest whore house in town." What I heard was a shock, a ladies voice said, "You are in it sir." I looked up and there was a beautiful young, maybe my age, sitting behind the wheel. She had dark blonde hair, probably died, and a cute smile on her face. "Okay then, let's do it." I said. She started the engine and drove to a dark secluded side street a few blocks away, parked, turned off the engine and lights and got into the back seat with me. I asked, "How much do you charge??" She replied, "The meter is still running but if you want to tip me over the cost of the meter, fine." And I mean that she was wild. She was all over me, feeling my body thoroughly, even placing my hands on her tits and between her legs. She had by pants unfastened and was massaging my cock which didn't take long until it was throbbing hard. She asked, "Now, what do you want me to do with that??" All I could say was, "Anything you want. All I want is good sex." She went down on me and started what I considered one of the best Taxi rides I've ever had." She was wearing slacks and a short sleeve blouse that buttoned down the front. While she was giving me head I was removing her slacks, pants and panties. Surprise surprise surprise, she was not wearing a bra. Her tits were plenty big enough to satisfy me and stood out like a model therefore she didn't need a bra. As she was sucking me as slide back, turned side ways and raised my knees sho I could lay comfortable and she still had plenty room. I reached under her belly and pulled her over me, with her help. She knew what I was after. I started by fingering her pussy and sliding my hard up and down primarily just to test her. I figured if she had a disease she would be really moist, more so than just a wet pussy from want of sex. She felt fine so I started tonguing her clit and fingering her at the same time. She speeded up her sucking ans started wiggling which told me that she was enjoying it, not faking it. I ran my fingers in her pussy about 2 or three inches until I felt the ruff, ridged part just beyond her clit bone. Then I commenced licking her clit alphabetically, as I call it, meaning my tongue was tracing the alphabet, first Upper Case then Lower Case and moving on from Aa to as far as I could before she was exhausted from so many orgasms. At the same time I was applying pressure to and massaging the washboard area just on top and behind her clit bone. That is her GSpot and by getting rough there and doing the alphabet with my tongue she was about worn out and I haven't even cumed yet. So, I asked her if she wanted to fuck now and she was all for it. Now, I don't have one of those 9 and 10 inch fat dicks others claim to have here but I do claim to have enough to satisfy any woman if I can do the same with my alphabet tongue and fingers in no more than 3 inches massaging her GSpot. So I get on top, missionary style, and she wraps her legs around my back. I am french kissing her and she responds by licking and sucking her pussy juices from my lips. I mean this is what I call sexual excitement. You wouldn't believe she would want to speed up, especially with the meter still running but but she did begin applying pressure by tightening her legs and wrapping her arms around my chest and back as if trying to say, fellow, this is so good I refuse to let you get away. She started moaning and telling me to fuck her good, deeper (deeper??), harder. Hurry and cum, I'm about done in. So I comply, I fuck her harder and deeper (if possible), and when I started to cum I told her but I pulled out and shot off on her belly. She had some minature towels laying on the back window opening so I grabbed one and cleaned the cum off her and then my dick. We put our clothing back and she drove us back to the hotel. I asked how much I owed her. She said, "The meter is $12.00 but I should pay you for the other. It was wonderful." I smiled and said, "The compliment is payment enough" and I handed her a $50 bill. She looked at me and said, "I don't think I have change." And I said, "No change necessary. It's your's." When I got out she grabbed me, pulled me down and planted a great big french kiss on me. It lasted so long I almost lost my breath. Then she said, "If ever I was back in town to give her a clas and handed me her business card with both her home and business number listed. But, If I do return it will be next year if they decide to have the company meeting there again, which I will try to encourage.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I am married and live in East Texas. My husband is a high ranking officer in a very powerful White Supremacist group, to which I also belong. We both attend White Pride gatherings, march in parades and distribute propaganda promoting the advancement of the White Race. I have a large number of Nazi and Viking tattoos and I have raised my two children in the Movement. I have taken part in accosting minorities for the color of their skin or their religion or sexual orientation.
    I am playing a dangerous game... I have been meeting and fucking Black men on a regular basis. I love getting my pussy pounded by a big black cock and sucking one. T have even had a group of niggers fuck me.
    If my husband or friends or family knew they would kill me. I think that's what makes it so addicting... the risk

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    Straight Male / 32

    I work at a shop where I'm often alone in the back while the lady who runs the front is at her desk in the office. She is an older woman in her early 50s and not particularly attractive, although I bet in her younger years she was quite cute. Bored at work I started trying to think of a way to get her to suck my cock. I was getting really horny thinking about it and it gave me the guts to just go in the office and flirt with her a bit and see where it led. I ended up brushing up against her where she would feel how hard I was and was hoping she'd make a comment so that I could then move things along. She did! She said something like, "oh my aren't you a happy one!" We both laughed and I admitted that I was for some reason really turned on today. She said that I looked big, so that gave me a chance to ask her if she wanted to see it.

    I ended up unbuttoning my pants and showed her my now raging hard on. She started touching it and rubbing it without me saying anything. I told her that felt good and then she got on her knees and gave me one of the best blowjobs that I've ever had. She may be kind of ugly but she can really suck a dick. She got to bobbing on it with no hands... her head just moving back and forth. She looked so slutty down there. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her and I told her no to just keep sucking. I started cumming in her mouth, which she took well, and then grabbed it with her hands and aimed it on her lips. It was so hot!

    Afterward I told her how much I appreciated it and she told me that she had fun to and could do it again sometime. That was on Wednesday. The next two days nothing more happened or was even said. I think it is just to kind of normalize things to keep it so that we can still work together. Plus the boss was around all day on Friday. She's probably going to want me to fuck her sometime, but I don't really want to given how much older she is than me.

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    Straight Female / 40

    Was at a friends house last weekend helping him fix his garage door. He and his wife are in there mid twenties and i am in my mid forties. e were having some beers when his wife came out and told him she was going to jump in the shower. She is a gorgous little blonde with a fantastic body. Ass she walked away he caught me looknig at her ass and asked if i want ed to see it. I just laughed and said sure. He took me in the house and back to the master bedroom where his wife was in the shower. He told me go ahead and take a look. I did not think he was serious until he pushed me towards the bathroom door. said are you sure and he said yes. just looking no touching. I walk in the bathroom and his wife saw me through the glass door and covered up and asked what i was doing in there. i told her that her husband said i could watch her take a shower. She smile dropped her hands opened the shower dorr and asked if i liked what i saw. I emidiately got rock hard. I have not seen a naked 20 year old in 20 years. She starting washing her body and rubbing herself all over. She could tell i had a hard on and told me to take it out and show her. so i did. The whole time her husband was watching and laughing. I ened up jerking off to watching her take a shower. After i blew my wad she told me to leave so she could finish taking her shower. I would love to do it again if they let me.

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    Straight Male / 53

    this is my tales that happen many years while i grow up in Philly Pa. i work for a company that was great to work for, fun good people. thinking back on it now. this is the reason why i don't chase women who think there are all that and so much more i meet a coworker who,s name was Maryann we had talk off and on, she had the everyday body that we all see each day walking down the streets. ( she was kind of a BBW but not to big ) the company had a party , we had a great time.i offer to give her a ride home cause she had drink to much, i give her a ride to her small one bedroom apt made sure she gone in side , she give me a good hug ask she was hugging me , i got a super kiss and she grasp my dick which was fucking hard, she say to me don't leave yet. i need you to give me something i really need right now. i said what is that, look this was a white girl and i was a black male. she go right to the point, by jumping on, she kiss so good, wild face action and this was the kind of women we guys have say 'she can suck a golf ball out of a tub ' she was just nasty and show me a lot of things like how to eat pussy and how not to rush pass a women breast. we fuck the whole and pass pot in the nude together before i left the next morning. so young men listen to a old head from back in the 80,s don't judge a book by it,s cove. stop chasing girls that wont give you the time of day. to this day i get more pussy from the everyday women . thanks Maryann for all the blow jobs you give me miss them very much, i miss your sexy breast and all the things about you.

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    Straight Male / 24

    When I left home for Afghanistan I had everything in the world to look forward to. My parents had just retired early, moving from the city into a little gingerbread style home in the country. My two older sibs were both doing great and raising families of their own. And my girlfriend was pregnant with what I hoped would be the first of at least three children for the two of us. All that stood between me and coming back to enjoy it all was a thirteen month deployment.

    But things went straight to hell almost from the moment I touched Afghan soil. My parents were involved in a really bad auto accident on their way home from a weekend of gaming at a local Indian Casino. A woman who was several times over the legal limit of alcohol ploughed right into them at speed. My dad died almost instantly. Mom lingered for a few weeks in the hospital before joining him. While the news was certainly devastating, I still had my girl and our baby to think about returning home to.
    At least until she e-mailed me ten days before I was scheduled to rotate back to the States and told me she had lost the baby early on, but had kept it from me so as not to further depress me. Not only that, but she was now seeing her male friend Brad, because after the loss he was there for her while I wasn't. She said she understood why I couldn't be there, but she had still needed comfort and support and Brad had given it to her. Fucking right, I fumed. I wondered what else the fat, rich little prick had been giving her.
    I destroyed the laptop in front of me and walked out into the Afghan night in a world of pain. I felt like throwing up. I felt like raging up at god in his heaven, asking him if he was enjoying destroying my life. I felt like killing someone. Anyone. Finally I just sat there on my ass, my arms wrapped around my knees blubbering like a fucking baby.

    When I returned home, it was decided that I could live in my parents country house. Technically it belonged to all three of us kids, but my older sibs didn't mind just letting me have it. They already owned their own homes and knew I needed some solitude. Because of the insurance money, I wouldn't have to look for steady work for a really long time. Years, if I lived frugally and didn't waste it.
    My parents property was almost entirely surrounded by huge vineyards owned and maintained by the Sun Maid Corporation. And the nearest neighbors were more than a quarter mile away, which was fine with me. I hated everyone and didn't want any human interaction. I got rid of the phone, the television and my parents desktop pc. It all went into storage. All I wanted was a radio, my books and a dog for company. I adopted a shepherd mix mutt from the pound and named him Doc. We became bros almost immediately.
    I guess I first noticed the little girl staring at me around the fifth or sixth day I moved in. I could see her hunkered down on her haunches in the vineyard spying on me as I worked in my mother's garden. She looked about eight, had long jet black hair, big dark eyes and skin like cinnamon mixed with brown sugar. Maybe Hispanic, maybe Native American. I wasn't sure. We had plenty of both in my home county. The couple of times I acknowledged her presence by speaking or waving, she'd bolted like a scared rabbit. So I just started ignoring her and decided she was just a weird little kid.
    I didn't think about her much after that until maybe a couple of months after moving in. I'd woken up pretty early as usual and had slogged my sorry ass into the kitchen to put on coffee and stare out the window above the sink and see what kind of a day it was shaping up to be. I was still in the boxers I slept in. That was when I caught movement out in the vineyard and saw the girl running flat out for my place, with a really big dog on her tail. It was a feral. We had all kinds of trouble with ferals out in the boonies. City people had a nasty habit of dumping their unwanted dogs and if they survived, they'd go mean and revert back to their inner wolf. They played hell on the livestock and people's pets. Sometimes on the people themselves.

    I bolted through the pantry and the wash room and out the back door, grabbing the aluminum baseball bat I kept handy for ferals. Doc, sensing something was about to go down ran out with me and we both seemed to have the same idea at the same time. We ran up the dirt service road that zigzagged all through the vineyards to make better time. Doc ended up getting to the girl ahead of me, shooting past her as she dropped to the ground and went into a fetal position arms above her head, and tackling the much bigger dog with a fearlessness I've sense come to admire about him. With the two dogs a snarling, biting blur of motion, I positioned myself above the girl with the bat cocked back waiting for a chance. It finally came when the larger dog, some sort of chow-pitbull hybride, flipped him aside and lunged toward me and the girl. I clocked him upside the muzzle so hard the reverb stung my arms. It yelped and half flipped backwards, where a bloody but thoroughly game for a rematch Doc descended on him, ripping and tearing. With a frustrated yowl that was about as close to "Fuck this shit" as I've ever heard a dog exclaim, the big feral retreated the way he'd come. Doc didn't pursue, he just stood his ground, breathing heavy, hair standing on end, watching him go.
    I looked down at the girl and asked her if she was ok, she nodded and picked herself up. She pointed at her throat and then to her mouth and shook her head. She was mute. Finally getting a good look at her I could see she was Native American. She had the beautiful almond shaped eyes and the fine facial bone structure. I asked her where she lived and she pointed across the vineyard at a little speck of white. A little shack set behind a larger house. I told her I'd better walk her home, because the feral probably hadn't gone too far. I needed to get dressed first.
    I didn't know it then, but I'd made a friend.

    Her name was Breanna Kingbird. She and her mother lived in an old shed that had been poorly (and probably illegally) converted into a house. Their landlord, a fat old Armenian farmer, lived in the huge house in front. Breanna's mother, Jamie worked as a cashier at a Walmart a couple Podunk farm towns over.
    Breanna started showing up on my backsteps every morning, always carrying a Magic Slate, one of those old toys where kids write with a little plastic utensil and then lift the thin sheet of plastic to erase what they'd written or drawn. It was how she communicated. The kid talked a lot. Pretty soon I knew everything about her and her mom. And surprisingly, I discovered she didn't set off my "I hate humanity" triggers. In fact, I looked forward to her visits.
    Over the summer I built a chicken coop and a rabbit hutch, then went to the local auction yard and bought myself some chickens and rabbits. Breanna loved helping me take care of them. I finally met her mother too, when she came by to see who the strange white man was her little girl was spending so much time with. Jamie was really pretty, like her daughter. But I could tell she'd had a pretty hard life. There was a sadness in her eyes.
    Breanna had told me about her mom's boyfriends. Most had been real dirtbags. One of them was responsible for Breanna's not speaking. She had been molested while her mother was at work, and as a result of the trauma she'd just quit speaking. Jamie had called the sheriff when she found out and the child molester was still in prison. Since then she hadn't dated much, but one of her ex's, a big mean redneck trucker had recently returned uninvited and was making life for the girls unpleasant at home. They were both too scared to make him leave.

    It was about quarter past two in the morning and raining heavy the night I heard the pounding on my back door. I still snapped wide awake, fully alert at any sound that shouldn't be there. So I rolled out of bed evan as my eyes were opening and I assumed a half crouch, as my waking brain focused on what had woken me. The back door. Doc was awake now too, his ears perked up and head raised as he lay across the foot of the bed. I went to the back door and opened it a crack, peering out into absolute black. I saw Breanna's fingers trying to push the door open and I unlatched it and let her in. She was frantic, gesturing wildly and trying to tell me something, without being able to use her slate. I finally got a napkin and a stub of pencil and had her write it. She wasn't a good speller, but I managed to make out "Help, he's killing mom". Once again, just in my skivvies I told Bree to stay put and lock the door, then started running for her shack in the dark, with cold rain driving down sideways into my face. Neither Bree nor Doc obeyed my "stay here" order. But I wouldn't know that until later.
    I heard Jamie screaming and crying well before I made it to the shack. When I slid into the muddy yard I saw a guy that looked so much like that old wrestler Terry Funk I had to double take. And he was friggin huge. He had a handful of Jamie's long black hair and he was dragging her across the muddy yard. I heard the landlord's wife yell that she had called the sheriff through the screen of her backporch.
    Then he saw me and he stopped dragging Jamie.
    "Who the fuck are you??" he asked, his words slurred with drunkenness.
    Well, I was either going to get my ass kicked or I wouldn't. Either way he wasn't hurting the girls anymore. I did my best Doc impression and without answering his question, I flew into him. He was strong. The guy's muscles were like coiled steel and his fighting technique included a lot of biting and attempts at eye gouging. But I allowed all that hate and murderous rage I'd been feeling since returning home to express itself through an outpouring of sheer physical violence. I actually blanked out, losing the time between colliding into him and falling to the ground and being pulled off his unconscious body by the Highway Patrol officers who just happened to be cruising down the road as the call went into 911.
    I found out in jail that I'd nearly killed the guy. It looked as if I was in some pretty deep shit for a while. But the judge who was no friend of guys who got their rocks off beating women, let me walk.

    Jamie began visiting along with Breanna more and more often after I returned home. I slowly found myself embracing the company of people again. In time, Jamie and I began dating. Now she's my wife and Breanna's my adopted daughter. She's speaking again, by the way. I asked her for permission to marry her mother, but told her I wouldn't do it unless she told me it was ok using her own mouth. It took her a little effort after being quite so long, but she managed it. Now I can't get her or her new little brother to be quiet. Guess I should be careful what I wish for.

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    Straight Male / 30

    We have had a new secretary for a few months now and the over all moral of the entire company has improved.
    Not so much because this girl is beautiful(she is) or that shes just a sweet heart (she is) but the fact the last secretary was such a c**t.

    So I have been in such a better mood since this woman has started at work.....That my wife began to question my trustworthiness and accused me of fucking this girl. To the point that she almost left me.

    After much convincing that nothing is going on and I'm not even attracted to this woman (and I wasn't)
    she finally backed off and everything has been wonderful for the last week at home. Even the sex has gotten better.

    But today...

    I am in my office.. With a bit of a headache.. so I had my door closed to block out all sound..
    My secretary walks in and as I begin to lift my head to tell her about my headache..

    Her lips attacked mine.. All i felt was her aggressive tongue and my cock became more hard then I think it ever has been
    and I guess all the blood leaving my head ..made my headache go away..

    and then poof.. she left..

    As I sat there in shock.. she came back in the office.. and as I stood up in the chair to begin to say something..
    it happened again.. so I couldn't control myself and we just went at each other hard... only kissing..

    then she walked out and it was over... So I cleaned off my face because I looked like the worlds ugliest tranny from her lipstick all over my mouth and I was called away doing other jobs and I felt like we needed to talk about what happened.. but at 5:00pm she split like she does everyday.. nothing was really said..I called her and asked if everything was okay?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????? she said "YEA why wouldn't it be?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????? see ya tomorrow!" Like it aint shit????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ???????????

    I feel like I SHOULD feel bad/guilty.. But I really don't.. I was on the best natural high for the rest of the day..
    and I love my wife more than ever.

    So I guess my confession is.. I can't seem to make myself really give any fucks

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    Straight Female / 52

    hi me again lisa,with a follow up to story 19615,well it had been a month since my last fuck when i took the blokes in my particular section on,it was suppose to be the ten of them,but talking to one of the blokes in the other section which I have them on a promise,he told me actually I took on fourteen of them,the four who fucked my virginity away the night before also turned up,first time around must have been good,oh well long as they all enjoyed me,me I love it no worries no convictions least of all no guilt ,their all married all over the age of fifty five,fun was sex starved,untill I came along,all were now enjoying life once again,

    enough of that on with this story,as I said it had been a month since my pussy has been filled,and its purring hungry id say,so it needs satisfying,its funny how my tits keep growing more quicker since all this has happenned I did go to my old doctor he loves my tits,he said maybe it was because of the pill it could cause you to put on a little weight,maybe mine has gone to my tits,also hormones could perhaps cause it,and my hormones are on fire,but he said not to worry I was looking great and very healthy,he knows a bit about my sex life since I was young ,I always get him to examine me alone,yer ive suck his cock and tit fucked him after late visits why not,i chose to do it ,hes not around passed away as he was getting on,

    well my husband finally was going on his mothly trip seven days away,leaving Friday morning,not back until the following Friday,but that's his job ,big pay hes a great bloke,good to me and I do care a lot about him,but so hopeless in bed,i only wish he could fuck,i told the blokes in the deli section I was free for the weekend frid to sunday,and would live up to my promise that I made to them last month,it worked in well for me my girlie things just finished in time,boy were they happy,and I told them I didn't care what they did,i was ready and willing,

    they arranged to pick me up on the friday after work about seven oclock,theyed take three vehicles for comfort ,all wagons,so as not to alert the neighours to picked me up they had four in one vehicle three and me in the other,they asked me if I wanted to sit in the front or back,between two of them I chose the back ,shit your looking so hot they said as I got in,my tits almost falling out as I bent over,were of to sids farm they said be a long drive,thats ok I said,we believe the boys had great fun with you last month they said,their raving about it,i said that was then this is now,im with you blokes,my chest was heaving tits nearly bursting out of my bras I wanted to get them,then sid the driver spoke,what do you think about every hour you spend time in the other cars with the other blokes,sounds good to me I said,theres plenty of me to share,the two of was between stated to feel my legs my skirt way above my thighs I made sure of that when I wore I,shit your legs are great ,as their hands went sinside my knickers,do you want5 me to take this of I said taking my bras off,how about this as well I said dropping my blouse onto the front seat,poor sid almost ran us of the road as the blokes got stuck into my monsters,playing with them one each sucking them with vigour,pussy fingering shit cant wait to fuck you they were saying your tits huge ,fuck they get bigger every time we see them,need two hands to hold them sensational,always dreampt of tits like these they were saying between sucks,why don't you blokes get your cocks out their raring to go by the look of it,i want to suck on them,i took them in turn the blokes oowing and aring,i got to my knees held their cocks pushed one between my deep cleavagelearne my head over and kept sucking the other,untill my tits were loaded with his cum ,I rubbed it in ,then the other blokes turn to fill them,both eptied sid stopped the wagon got in the back ,took my tits working them over then layed me back on the seat and boy did he fuck them good,while I held the other blokes cock in my hand,we want you to keep like this all the way sid said,stay so as when we pass another truck or high vehicle they get a load of these monsters,wing the window if you want to tease them,i nodded ok ,again we stopped me into another vehicle three other blokes this was great,their turn to go to town on me ,not only my tits but keeping my wet pussy licked dry,they layed me back licked out chewed on pussy,tongue me almost into a frenzy,playing with my tits sucking them ,each time I changed something diferent with the blokes,one just wanted to cum all over my tits ,

    we finally arrived there a long trip,sids farm looked great at night,a lot of property we were meet by his care taker and who I thought was his daughter,but no his wife sid said she was twenty years younger than him,she was gorgeous nice figure her tits massive,anyhow the place was big five bedrooms ,after a quick meal we all showered it was getting late,i think they wre deciding who id spend the night with,so I helped them I told them all I wanted to be fucked and fucked good during the night,but I wanted at least two at the time,it worked I had nothing under my clothes,they stripped me took me into a bedroom then one by one two by two they fucked the daylights out of me,every hole not once but again and again , they kept sayng how tight I was ,how I wrapped my pussy arund their cocks, boy was I filled with cum,ten naked blokes cocks of all sizs and shapes I loved every one,giving them the ride of their lifes,i cocked sucked each and every one,rubbed my tits over their faces their bodys over their cocks,they cum over me,ate me out licking my juices dry,fingerring me,and they loved my arse,

    it was late morning when we all stirred still naked my tits looking like two massive mountains,i showered got drerssed left of my bra just a low front cotton blouse on,my niples showing through the blouse,the boys all had a good morning feel, after breakfast they went fishing for lunch sid and two of the others asked me if id would like to see the farm ,it was big ,a lot of cattle,pigs and chooks ,four big friendly dogs,sid said they looked after the cattle at night,also a lot of horsehe took us to a paddock to show us one of his favourite horses a bid stallion,when we got there I saw the biggest penis in my life,just dangling,we got out of the car,sid said hes a horny bugger,the care takers wife loves him ,plays with him and uses those tits on him,he rather docile with people,he called this over,thst penis much bigger close up ,thick,he likes you sid said here as he opened the gate come in and say hullo to him ,it nuzzled me gently,he does like you,said sid,holding onto the horse, the boys had their cameras started to snap shots,come on lisa a few sexy ones with the horse take the blouse off,why not o said,putting it on the fence put his head on your tits ,I letr hom nuzzle his head ever my huge tits,he seemed to know,gloria has tought him well said sid,come on get sexy with him the boys were asking,feel his rod for us,sid nooded go ahead ,get under him ,I did kneling I took his massive penis in my hands wow did it feel good huge thick heavy,i licked it ,tried to suck on it but only the tip went in,so I bent backward to the blokes applause ,stuck that massive thing between my cleavage I was on fire,i felt my juices running down my legs as I worked his penis in and out of my cleavage,wow did it fill them and felt so good,.sid said bet you would love that inside of you,i wish I said,next time around he said,at present hed be to much for you,remember its only a few months since you had your virginity taken,,i got out from under him,he is gentle though sid said ,Gloria and my misses have both had him,so he knows what to do,your turn will come,boy was I excited I could still feel his monster in my tits,

    we saw a bull having it off that turned me on,the three of them were turned on also fucking me in the hay shed,back for a lunch all the boys were there the other two showed them the picture they had taken,hot sexy ,look at the way she handles that monster that's hanging,bet youd love that between your legs lisa they asked,love to watch it,another time sid said,your all invited ,after lunch they fucked me all again ,bring her to the barn sid said,there they mnilked the cows ,hook her to this one made for glorias and the misseses tits,i was hoke up well and good it was slowly at first turned on ,then faster it felt sensational as well as the blokes fingering me and doing me doggy style,i hope it produces milk for me,i felt good my tits felt full then after a long time one of the blokes yelled shes milking,they decided to fuck me harder,and milk me more,i had cocks to suck filling me with cum,under me they wre licking me out ,these old blokes were sensational,i was producing milk ,they let me loose,my tits a bit pulsting but so full my nips looking like big cherries,that night again I moved between them fucking kissing sucking I wanted more sex,since my first fucking session I get turned on so easy my pussy raging hot,my body feeling good,the night was fantastic,a couple of them had brought a few things with them ,big roung long meat nobs,so as they fucked me me in a raging sex dream they used these nobs on me both my arse and my wanting pussy at the same time while my tits were worked over,thye said I was takeing ten inches at a time it felt good as they worked them in and out of me,i orgasm many times screaming for more,shes fucking so hot and horny they were saying,cant satisfy her hunger,

    they did however I know this happens a lot with woman a bit taboo,ive spoke to quiet a few that I know about it,the boys tied me down by the wrist over the bed,
    then sid let his dogs in no please sid I yelled ,come on youll enjoy this he said so will by one two of them sniffed me they could smell the meat nobs and probably my juices I felt their rough tongues lick arind my arse and pussy going in deeper,i was in heaven as there tongues entered me,sid pulled one back,told one of the blokes to hold him,then he told the other one to mount me he guided him in ,afer two attemps,it was big as I felt it enter me he pushed and pushed over and over,as he swelled my pussy was filling up the boys undid my wrist,they love what was happening I did also this was real doggy style ,it hurt a bit as he swelled but felt so good,forty minutes later after he unloaded his dogy cum into me ,he broke loose , sid then let the other one doggy fuck me this time I wanted him to, I kept thinkling of that huge horses cock inside of me,but i loved what was happenning,im not sure how long he was insiude of me but it felt so good,.loaded with there cum and did they shoot it in,after they finished my legs wre shaking,my pussy pulsating ,full exciting.i showered , changed the dogs followed me around,the boys finished of fucking my tits filing them with their cum,

    time went to quick ,it was terrific I really enjoyed myself the boys said I was great,and a lot of fun,cant whait untill next adventure,,on the way home was fun I left my tits partly on show giving the truckies a good eyes view,also sucking of the boys and tit fucking them in the back,what a weekend ,hope there more soon I was wishing,any way still a few days before hubby gets back,maybe a few of the old blokes I know in the street that i talk to might like a sex coffee worth the try ,yes I did two of them theyed thought they were inheaven with my tits,and head jobs I gave them ,
    bye for now,lisa,more soon

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    Straight Female / 47

    Not sure if this is the place for this but I have to say something. Before my husband and I got married I did some incredible sexcapades with him and other men. Some extreme things. It was taped and photographed and we continued do that all through when children came along then stopped. So we have lots of material he enjoys. It embarrasses me when he brings it up but makes me so wet still. He has since encouraged me to let him share them with other men, sortof a curious thing he wants others to getoff on seeing me. So I said ok as long as they didn't know me at first. Then he started telling me what ifs?? What if this person happened to find them, what if this if that. So I started masturbating to the ideas. So then one night we had some drinks, and he got me to say what I thought would be most hot and who to see them. I got to confessing sick desires of the family seeing them and lots more. Never saw him masterbate so hard. Then for a while he was quiet. weeks past. then he one monday morning after family stayed over he told me things he did. He had placed all our materials in the spare bedroom suites where they all stayed. Right next to all the electronics needed to view. multiple copies available also. Most was in rom where his brother stayed. He took me and showed me. I initially flipped out. Then started to get mad. and then he said some are missing. I was frozen and getting wet. He new and said right now suck him off. And I just started crying and did it. We didn't talk about it for a while. he asked if he should move them. I didn't answer. then when his dad stayed I had forgot about it. He came and got me when I his dad was alone in there. We could hear him jerking off and ever lightly hear the video playing. OMG! two weeks later at his brothers house, he jumps on to check email and calls me over. he shows me some folders on his machine. They are all of our files! his bro has all of it. I don't know what worse. that they have it and see them and jerkoff to me or to tell them. So I am just acting like nothing has happened. Now it is wrong but I have to say: I hope they getoff like maddmen to me!!!! I sortof well not sortof hope they have shown me to everyone they know! Now I have told my husband to take it even further. I want him to get all of my materials infront of my dad so he can enjoy. That would get me off like nothing else! He is trying!!!

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    Lesbian Female / 19

    my boss has no idea that im les. she also has no idea how much ive been wanting to be with her. I get nervious when im around her because im afraid she will see me checking her out.shes so hot n beautiful much older then me in her mid 30's I guess.i want to have sex with her so bad..i leave work so wet sometimes .ive masturbated in the bathroom at work thinking about her lots of times. I imagine what it would be like to kiss her touch her n taste her pussy so much. im afraid to say anything or try anything.

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