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    Straight Male / 18

    I have a really horrible situation.

    I was kicked out of my house when I turned 18. Because I gave my sister a concussion. I didn't mean to and i've never hurt anyone before and she has always bullied me my whole life, but to my parents it was unacceptable and they said they wiped their hands of me. I was so scared because i have no close friends and no other relatives, and i always get picked on because I look too much like a girl, people are always calling me pretty boy, and I was terrified of getting r**ed on the street or road.

    I found someone on a website who was willing to take me and pay for the air fare. It was a site for domination relationships, I went there because I was desperate and because I've had fantasies about being dominated by a woman.

    This was the worst mistake I ever made. It is nothing like I thought. I don't have any freedom at all, no phone or computer, and I'm in the middle of nowhere, in Vermont somewhere. I'm using a computer her friend left unlocked, but I can't for long. I already wrote my parents and told them what happened, but I don't know how they will get back to me. She tells me that I'm free to go whenever, but if I go I can never come back. It is the middle of nowhere and I have nowhere to go.

    She is so mean, she yells at me for the smallest things, if I am even a little disobedient. I have to do chorse and cook for her, sometimes wearing boxers sometimes nothing. She is older and so much uglier than her pictures, she almost looks like a man, and she has a belly like a mans. She is so much stronger I am terrified of her, I think she could kill me if she wanted. And her clit is the biggest I have ever seen, (I have only seen porn.) She makes me go down on her all the time, and I hate everything about it. She is always making me cry by pulling my hair or grinding or beating my back with a belt or sitting on me and bouncing so hard I think I will break my nose or jaw or sufficate. She gets off when I cry. This is the first I've ever been with a woman, and I think my life is ruined, even if I get out of here. I feel like I have to get out of here or die trying.

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    Straight Female / 21

    I am a slut and I have no problem admitting it. I have fucked or sucked more men than I care to count. I love cock and I plan on living my life this way until I die.

    I take a walk around town every day and stroll through some of the more busy areas. I will jump into just about any man's vehicle just to suck his cock or get a good fuck.

    I usually get at least one guy every day. Most just want a blowjob which I am happy to provide and I can continue walking around until I have sucked enough cock or been fucked once.

    Today was my birthday and I was off work so I went to a place where I knew I would find a lot of horny men. I gave a dozen blowjobs and had sex with three different men throughout the day. It made for a wonderful birthday. I didn't even eat anything but loads of cum all day and I've been filled up.

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    Transsexual Female / 51

    I've read some fantastic gay and bi stories today, so here goes my 2 cents.

    I am a transsexual female, m2f transition, and love the feeling of being en fem! I have been hitting pueraria mirifica fairly heavily off and on for a couple of years now. I have C busts and I love it! My ex wife did not understand nor support me, and I am back to being single for the last 5 years. I am fem at home and on weekends, but still dress en drab for work. That is getting more difficult to do as my breasts continue to fill out.

    Last weekend was my first time that I was titty fucked, and I loved it! My bi stud bf shot all over my breasts and face, then watched me lick his cum off myself, then pounded me silly. All the time my little sissy clitty was leaking and I was catching it in my hand and licking it clean.

    Thank you for your stories! I've been rocking on on of my larger toys while reading today, and I'm still on it now!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    my wife and i have been married for a few years now. we dated for quite a while, then decided to get married. one night during the second year of our marriage my wife started playing with my nipples. it really didn't feel stimulating, but she begged me to let her do it. i told her ok, but you have to give me a show after you're done. she played with my nipples until they were sore, then true to her word, she knelt and masturbated herself while i watched. this went on every few weeks for the summer, then one night she started trying to suck my nipples. her tongue tickled my nipples, so it didn't feel erotic, but i told her ok, but i'm sucking yours at the same time. she agreed and we kind of did a nipple sucking 69. we did that until both of us had really sore nipples. she kept getting a lot of hair in her mouth, my chest is really hairy, so she asked if she could trim around my nipples. i agreed, and this playing and sucking became a regular part of our sex life. i've really started to like it too. my nipples seem like they are always sensitive now and wanting more playing and sucking.

    her sucking on my bare nipple felt so good, i asked her if she would like it if i shaved my chest. she said she thought that would be ok, and i shaved smooth. it felt so good to be bare and feel my nipples touching my clothing that i shaved around my cock and nuts too. i nearly shot my load while doing it, and i swear my cock was hard most of the time for the next 3 days. i looked in the mirror and saw that i was bare from my scrotum to my neck, and looked like i had wooly leggins on, so eventually i started shaving my legs and arms too. now i am shaved completely bare, and enjoy the feeling.

    somewhere during all of this she starts teasing my cock more than she normally does, sucking and stopping before i cum, the slapping my balls and cock--i love having that done and that part was my idea--she has gotten a lot more sexual and wants sex multiple times a night and on more frequent nights. i love this part of it. hell, i love all of it now, but this is only part of what is going on. since she stops sucking and teases me more, i have, on several occasions, kissed her after she has had my cock in her mouth. honestly i like to way her mouth feels after she has been sucking, and the slight change in taste. a couple of times i've spurted a little before she stopped to tease me, but didn't shoot my while load. when this has happened she's come up to kiss me and i love the taste of cum out of her mouth! since this has happened i've even started fantasizing about watching her suck a guy off, then kissing her and tasting his cum from her lips and mouth. when i told her this, she asked if i wanted to be her slut and watch her sucking and fucking in front of me. i have always like to watch and have a a little porn collection which we both watch. i looked at there and just said, hell yes.

    those word have stuck in my mind, "do you want to be my slut?" i mean i am having the kinkiest dreams of my life now of being a slut. not just sitting there watching, but being dressed like a slut. i looked it up, and if i am correct, it's called a sissy slut. in my thoughts now when she is sucking and teasing me, i am dressed as a sissy slut, the heels, stockings, lingerie, wig, makeup and all.

    last night i squeezed my own nipple while she was sucking me, so i would cum quicker. i unloaded my complete load into her mouth before she could stop. she asked me if i wanted to kiss. before she could even ask, i was kissing her and my tongue was taking the cum right from her mouth. i took it all and was more excited than before. she giggled when her mouth was empty, and told me, you are a slut! she went over to her drawers and got out some lipstick and put it on me. it was all i could do to keep from shooting another load as she did it. then she got out one of her toys, and got real stern. she said, "ok, slut. i'm fucking you now." she rolled me over and got me up on all 4. i felt the cold lube running between my ass, then her toy touched me, paused a moment, then popped in.

    she must have hit the right spot because i shot my load and didn't quit leaking until she took it out of me about a half hour later. i was literally kneeling in pools of cum. she got out another of her toys, it's a rubber cock molded from my own, and she dipped it in my cum, then had me lick and suck the cum from it. we did this late into the night, and today i am hornier than ever. i even pushed her over the end of the bed and fucked her c**t and ass before going off to work today. i knew she ran around before we were married, but had no idea she was so kinky, nor did i know i was either!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    When I was ten years old I was not a good student. But I noticed that my teacher kept looking down between my legs. I usually wore a skirt or dress in grade school. Curious and being very playful in personality, I wanted to experiment to see what kind of reactions I could get from my teacher. So the next day at school as I sat down I pulled my skirt up quite high and sat through class with my legs wide open. Sure enough he stared almost constantly between my legs. I talked to my older sister about this and she had a long conversation with me about manipulating men with my body. After that I figured I might try improving my grades.

    So the next day at school I kept my skirt hiked up almost all the way. I made sure I had a nice deep cameltoe in my panties and made sure I wore the skimpiest panties I had. I also kept the top three buttons on my blouse unbuttoned. I didn't have tits at the time but that didn't matter. When the teacher called me up to the desk to discuss my test scores, something he always did, I made sure to bend over the desk in a way that left my blouse open so he could view both of my nipples. He stared at both nipples and was breathing heavy. After a minute I saw him scratch out the "C" from the top of my test and change it to a "B." I smiled at him as seductively as I could and strutted back to my desk where I lifted my skirt as I sat down so I could show off my panties again. Right after sitting down, in front of him as he watched, I reached between my legs and tucked the material of my panties into my slit to form a nice camel toe for him to look at. The rest of the day he could hardly keep his eyes away from my crotch.

    I told my sister about it and she said he should have changed my grade to an "A"

    So the next day I was the first one in class. I went up to Mr. B. and told him I thought I deserved an "A" on my test. While I said that I opened up my blouse down to four buttons in front of him and held my blouse open so he didn't have to make any effort to see my nipples which I pinched the way my sister taught me. Then I pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties aside to show him my bare pussy and repeated my suggestion. He fumbled through the folders on his desk finding my test changed the grade to an "A." I then put my hand on his shoulder and rubbed it for a second and smiled as sweetly as I could and thanked him while rubbing my slit in front of him. I spent the rest of the day flashing him when the other kids weren't looking.

    I graduated from the 4th grade with perfect A's in every subject. My sister was right.

    Except for the few classes that were taught by females (except ladies phys ed where our teacher was a lesbian) I got straight A's without trying through out the rest of middle school.

    High school was even better. I went from simply flashing my teachers to giving them blow jobs and in the case of gym class, I ate out her pussy. I found I liked licking pussy almost as much as sucking cock. At 14 I gave my virginity to my algebra teacher. He was a fat middle aged bald man who looked gross but his dick was tiny so it didn't hurt at all when it went in. He came in about a minute so I didn't have to endure anything. I got an A in algebra and never did any homework, I didn't know any of the answers and left all my tests blank. He was also my advanced algebra teacher in my next three years so I didn't have to worry about not being able to do the work in later years. I completed the math requirement for college in high school so I didn't have to worry about getting caught not knowing math when I got to college.

    I graduated high school with a 3.9 grade point average getting some B's in courses taught by female teachers.

    When went to college to study art history I basically did the same thing. I found I could take all required courses by registering for classes taught only by male professors. I never did any studying or test taking in college and in fact hardly attended classes at all. I just went from one professor to the next fucking my way to graduation which I did with a 4.0 grade point average. I graduated 2nd in my class.

    My first job after college was at a museum. I walked in the curators office and applied for a job as a paid tour guide and while he was looking over my resume, I dropped to my knees and undid his pants and sucked him off. He hired me on the spot. I am now the assistant curator of that museum which has over 50 paid employees and 65 unpaid volunteers. I have never worked a single day and to this day I barely know the difference between a Renoir and can of soup. I pull down a salary of 120k a year and have tons of benefits and show up for work just for show about once a week. My resume looks fantastic but would have no idea how to do my job if I ever had to actually do it.

    My sister was right. With the proper application of flesh one can have an easy life.

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    Straight Male / 45

    Watched my wife fuck an 18 year old guy with a huge cock last night. He fucked her 3 times. It was great. More men should do this with their wives.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    I met up with a woman from craigslist last night and fucked the shit out of her. She was married and loved it in every hole. First time i had a squirter. can wait to find another one.

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    Straight Female / 35

    i'm the office tease and slut, but since the hire of a young, new IT guy, my legs have been closed for anyone except him. i'm in the office early every day meeting up with my young IT stud. he lays me across his desk and has his way with me. each work day we start with him getting what he wants, and after work i stay. i watch waiting for everyone to leave except my young stud, then i strip down to my stockings and heels and give him the show he used to go to the strip clubs and pay to get. i tease him, rub my breasts in his face and all over his body. i never have to ask, he takes me each night. i get his hard cock. he pumps me full, and i suck him dry. there is nothing that i will not do for him.

    i still dress to tease and please, tight tops, short skirts, stockings and heels, no panty and sans bra many days. i've let many of the guys and girls in the office have feel me up, and several of the single ones have gone a lot farther, but since my young stud moved into the cubicle across from me, i'm just all show and tease except for him. i'll give an occasional hand job or finger a very willing, juicy pussy, but his cock is the only cock that gets in me.

    i'm his very willing morning and night slut. the office hasn't figured out why they aren't getting any, but i am so getting mine still. he's my hot IT stud i started in 21815 and while he and i are in the same office, i am going to ride him morning and night!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Hey. So, I found this site, and I've been looking for something similar. A story-sharing site to be exact. I enjoy writing fictional erotic stories in my free time and have been looking for someplace to share them NEARLY 100% anonymously.

    Could I do such here? The thing is, they contain some rather suggestive fantasies such as i****t, and some other taboo things like bestiality. (no p**ophilia)

    For the record, I don't condone nor hold any of these views in real life :( if anything, the thought of i****t and zoophilia is a total turn-off in a real life situation. It's just one of those things that work out better in fantasy form. Like vorephilia. (I'm sure plenty of people will understand this.)

    So my questions are;
    1: Can I share sexual fiction here?
    2: If so, am I free to express these taboo fantasies here?
    3: If I can't share them here, would anyone happen to know a place where I could do so as stated above? (anonymously and with no account/signup)

    Thanks for the feedback, if any. :)

    Just to keep this on topic, here's the story of my first sexual experience. It's as hazy as it is memorable, but I'll detail as much as I remember.

    So, me and my closest friends (a guy two years older than me who I'll call Tommy, and a female friend a year younger (who I'll call Layla) sorta had this idea as teenagers that when we were all 'of-age' we'd get together and have a celebration of sorts, if you understand.

    So a couple days after Layla's 18th birthday, we started to rent a hotel room but we decided to look for some place more private, so we all met up and went to Tommy's place, which was in this sort of back roads, quiet area.

    Anyway, we were at Tommy's place. And he set up a couple mattresses and pillows and stuff in the living room and made this bootleg harem bed or whatever. After that Layla and I got naked and lounged around for a bit, just relaxing and hanging out casually. Tommy left to get some condoms.

    I was nervous but Layla just looked terrible. Her face was pale and she almost looked sick. After a few minutes I asked her if she was okay. She said yes. A while later she still Looked nervous so I sort of held her a minute and rubbed her back to try and comfort her. After that she seemed to warm up to the situation a bit. Chuckled and told me she wasn't used to this sort of thing. I didn't blame her.

    We sat around a while and watched TV for a while. Until Timmy for back. We watched a porno for a while. Layla was still sorta snuggled up to me. After a minute Tommy started fiddling about his nether regions.

    So I started to rub myself off a bit too. Layla got up and went to the bathroom. (I think) All of a sudden Tommy called me over. And asked me the fucking most awkward thing ever to come out of my best friend, which was if I wanted him to be my first. So, I thought about it, then agreed.

    Around that time Layla showed up again to find us lying together and cuddling/kissing. She just sort of sat back and watched. We frotted a bit, then finally he got on his back. I slipped on a rubber and he let me take him. That was my very first penetrative sex.

    After I finished he asked if I wanted to suck him off, so I did. He called Layla over, and they made out while I was working on him. Then Layla helped me for a bit until he came. One of us asked her how she wanted to do it, and with who, since this would be her first time. She told us to decide, we both picked each other, then I finally backed out and let it be him, since he was more experienced.

    This is the part thats hazy. We did so much.

    After that, we decided to run a train. I'd fuck Layla, Tommy'd fuck me. We put on some fresh condoms and got in position. I was on my back, with some pillows elevating my ass a bit. Layla got on top of me and rode, and Tommy took my ass. After that He sucked me off. Layla helped. Later on we spitroast Her, I took her mouth and he fucked her pussy.

    For the rest of the night, I can hardly remember details. I was kinda getting sleepy since it was like 2am. just lots and lots of sex in lots of positions. To date, thats my most memorable sexperience. :)

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 32

    Maybe I am writing about something that every body knows.

    I became 'his' when he stuck his finger in my ass and would not pull it out and I had to give in and let him finger me there.

    After that he could fuck me when he wanted, he could order me around, he could call me woman and sometimes bitch, he could make me pregnant, he made me his wife, his woman and his bitch.

    I changed my name, where I lived, and how I lived, and I have moved three times, and I have had four kids.

    And he shows me his finger and I know what that means.

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