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    Someone I thought was my best friend set me up to be gang raped by her boyfriend and his friends while she watched. I kept begging her for help, but, halfway through she actually started masturbating.

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    Sometimes the only thing keeping me alive is the burden of debt I'd bestow upon my family.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I had sex with Gerard Way.

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    gf sister. So my girlfriend is older than me and we don't have much sex now that she is having women issues. Her and her 16 yo sister moved in a couple of months ago. My gr works a lot and her sister and I are at the house a lot alone. She is about 5'7", long blond hair and blue eyes. She always seems to where tight shit with no bra on underneath, she has small its so all that really shoes is her puffy nipples underneath. And wears really short shorts that show her perfectly shaped butt and sometimes the outline of her vagina. She always dresses this way when she knows we are gonna be alone. She walks around the house and cleans bending over to dust the tv or picking stuff up off the floor right in front of me while watching tv. It drives me crazy! I'm a good looking guy with plenty of women that would love to sleep with me. But I just can't seem to get her off my mind. Well the other day I went to do laundry and cleans it one of my favorite pare of pants. Inside one of the pockets I pull out a pair of panties. I looked at them and noticed that they weren't any pair iv ever seen of my gas and more so that they weren't even a style she likes to wear. I thought about earlier that day when her sister was cleaning that I saw her wearing the same color underwear going out of her shorts. How did they get in my pockets I wondered. I I felt the wetness of the silk panties in my hand.they were soaked and had just reasently been used while she masturbated. I could smell her teen c**t all. Over them. I grew harder and harder as t I sniffed her juices all over them, I smelled then and eventually. Went and laid in bed doing the same as what she had done not shortly before. She headed off to school as I did my laundry. Not soon after I receive a picture message from her. After opening it I was in utter shock, it was her naked with her legs spread as wide as I had ever seen them, her shaveId bald pussy gaping as her fingers spread it open, a silk g string hanging out of her pink hole. Her caption read " I rather it be you filling my pussy instead of my panties." I couldn't believe wha I saw. My cock throbbed in my jeans hrdr than ever. A couple moments later I revieve another of her bending over, her perfect ass in the air, panties in here tight c**t still and two fingers in her ass. Caption reading " I wantbyou to fill up my tight ass hole".... I was in awe. I thought I was gonna cum right then but I held off. She has seen me naked and has commented on my looks and one even talked about how nice my dick was but. This was so much more. I didn't message back but a fee seconds later got one from her reading. "Ill see you after school hope ypunenjoyed my cum soaked panties." Oh god this girl had me so hard I had to go lay in bed and stroke my cock as I smelled her juices. I want to sleep (I work graves) that afternoon. I was waken abruptly by my .gf sister kissing down my tight abs. I'm not into girls that are underage but she acted like I had no choice. She sits up seeing I was awake she had stripped down teasing me. Her small its perked up and her puffy nipples hard and pink, her pussy glistening with wet juices. My cock throbbed as she leaned down and slowly and tightly b rapped her mouth around the head of it. She took me all in as she gagged a little. I couldn't help but grab her long blond hair and force every inch of me down her throat. She sucked me up and down till doe suddenly stopped turned around and sat on my face as she sucked me. Her pussy in my mouth my tongue deep inside her tight young c**t, she tasted so sweet. As she started to cum I could feel her cream running down my throat, she laying on my cock. I slid my fingers into her ass as she climaxed all over my face. She slowly turned back around her legs still shaking. She impailed herself on my cock, it really fit she had to force herself onto it for a couple seconds till it jammed deep inside her. She rode me deep and hard, panting like a dog ill she came again. She gets off me and bends over, "fuck my tight teen ass!" She says. I get behind her and press my teen cum covered cock against her extremely tight ass hole. I start to gently push it in but before Ican ease it in she pushes hard against me slamming it deep inside her balls deep. She screams and starts sucking my cock. I grab her hair and pull slamming y cock repeatedly into her. Her fingers deep in her c**t. I move back and forth from both tight holesoover and over. I told her I was about to cum she replies "I wanna feel your hot sticky cum deepen my pussy!" I jam myself deep inside her c**t and let my load go into her, pumping shot after shot into her feeling her pussy clinch. As I pullout her pussy was gushing with my cum. She turns and takers my cock in her mouth and milks every last drop out of my cock. She then looks at me shoves her fingers inside her and pulls them out covered in my cum and sucks her fingers dry. I'm so astounded at how badly she wanted me. I need more of her. (Anyone wanna have more details or have some fun kike havickskahos

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    I am on a fetish website. I don't have any major fetishes, but I love being on that site, showing off my pussy, breasts, and ass to strangers without having to show my face. I have over 200 pictures and I love when men compliment me. I love knowing that somewhere in this world, I have guys masturbating and cumming all over my pictures. I love looking at pictures of people getting huge thick cocks up their ass and double penetration. I love looking at gang bangs and people getting gagged with long hard cocks.

    Recently I started dating this guy and I reluctantly told him the site I was associated with. Luckily, he is completely O.K. with it and told me he could be my guinea pig for future photos I take. I'm just a normal college girl, but damn how lucky I am!

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    Straight Male / 46

    let me start this confession by telling you that my wife is 50 yrs old and is quite sexy for her age, she has gained a little weight over the years but very little, she still looks great in jeans and t-shirt. she has 38dd tits with very nice big nipples, a nice ass and a very hungry pussy.

    I am 46 yrs old average with a few extra pounds and I have a 6 inch cock that is pretty thick. this is both of our third marriages and my previous two were all vanilla and I was way less experienced when I met my current wife, at least by listening to her and her telling me what all she used to do, she has done way more than I ever have my entire life.

    she actually introduced me into mind blowing sex the first time we slept together, and it has never let up. neither one of my ex wives ever wanted to suck my cock and she sucks it all the time and for long periods of time and can make me cum so hard. she sucked my cock the first time we had sex and I was in heaven, we fucked all night and I could not and still can not get enough of her. our sex life has been amazing from day one.

    we have been together 8 years and 6 years ago after being together for about two years, we started talking about fantasies one night and what we had and had not done, well did I learn a lot, I learned that she had been with two men at same time, I learned that she had a fuck buddy up until the day we met and she loved fucking this guy, she said they had awesome fuck chemistry and sometimes fucked 3 or 4 times a week. I learned that she loved cock more than most women, she told me how she loved to be fucked, how she loved to have a rock hard cock in her pussy fucking her and how she loved to feel it explode inside her and how she would keep their cum in her panties for at least a day and walk around with wet panties at work all day because she loved the feeling of being all sticky and wet.

    we continued to talk about fantasies and desires and she said that she would do anything I wanted within reason so I ended up confessing to her that I would love for her to fuck someone else and bring her used wet pussy home to me for me to play with, she readily agreed, and very much to my surprise told me that she could make that happen and picked up her phone and called this guy and started talking to him right beside me telling him that her husband wanted her to have sex with someone else for him, he readily agreed and they agreed to get together, I was freaked out, she actually talked to this guy sitting right beside me and was going to meet him and fuck him..

    two nights later as we were watching tv, he called her and wanted to know if she could meet him in a few minutes and she asked me if I still wanted her to do this and I said yes so she told him yes and talked to him for a min and then hung up the phone and went to the bedroom to get ready for him.

    she was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, nothing special and kissed me and said she would be back in a little while, she left and I went crazy wondering where, how, and how long she was going to be gone. she was only gone one hour and ten minutes when she came back in the door and walked over to the couch and leaned down and kissed me and then whispered in my ear "my panties are dripping wet and my pussy Is full of cum from another mans cock" I got instantly hard!

    she told me that she met him in a parking lot of a restaurant and got in the back of his suv and he proceeded to ravage her and shoved his hand down her panties and fingered her pussy and then they got naked and got in a 69 and did that for a few minutes and then he got between her legs and she said he "very firmly shoved his cock all the way in my pussy and stared to fuck me good". she told me how he kissed her as he fucked her and how he worked up a sweat and it dripped all over her tits, she told me how she spread her legs wide for him and he took her legs and put on his shoulders and started fucking her very hard and made her cum two or three times and then he shoved his cock deep in her pussy and groaned and pumped her full of cum, she said they got dressed and agreed to meet again and she left and here she was now standing in front of me, my bottom jaw was on the floor as I could not believe what I was hearing, it was the hottest thing I have ever heard in my life up to that day..

    she took my hand and led me to the bedroom and told me to get undressed and I did, she undressed except for her panties and she sat on the edge of the bed and I stepped between her legs and she took my hand and put in on her panties and I could feel how soaking wet she was, she asked me to get on my knees and to smell her panties and smell his cum in her pussy, I did exactly what she said and got a nose full of his and her mixed scent and it forever changed my life, she reached down and took her hand and slid her panties to one side and I could see the cum in her pussy and it smelled strongly of sex and sweat, "I want you to eat my pussy right now sweetheart, I have wanted a man to eat me out after I was fucked for a very long time, please eat my pussy baby".

    I did not hesitate, I leaned in and stuck my tongue in her puffy wet and very sticky pussy and began to lick her and eat her out, it is hard to describe the taste, some may find it awful, but I found it to be like a drug to me and I could not get enough and before I knew it she was grabbing my head and shoving it in her pussy and screaming she was cumming and her pussy gushed and got even wetter, she fell back on the bed and I stood up and I shoved my rock hard cock in her and fucked her with everything I had, she screamed loudly and came very hard and it caused me to blow my load in her..

    we laid in the bed relaxing and from that point on we have never had any problems communicating about sex, she asked me if I liked it and I said yes, she said she loved it, to have her husband eat her out after another man fucked her and left his cum in her pussy was the hottest thing she had ever done bar none!

    well that was six years ago, and as of today, she is still fucking that same guy, along with 4 other guys, we have opened up our deepest darkest feelings to each other and we are a perfect match, she has those 5 regular guys that she fucks and has had many others in the last 6 years. I have sat at home many nights waiting on her to return home knowing that she was out getting her pussy fucked for me, I have watched her get fucked many times by one or even two men, there is no way to ever know how many loads of cum I have eaten out of her pussy or licked off of her tits, when she fucks any of these men, anyone other than me, she is like an insatiable whore and acts like such a slut with them, she lets herself go when she is with someone other than me, I mean she fucks my brains out still to this day but I can see it every time I watch someone fuck her, she is just different, she is a true cock loving whore..

    I consider myself somewhat of a cuckold, and the funny thing is that my wife does not have the slightest idea what a cuckold is, not at all, I swear! not sure how much of a cuckold I really am though as I get all the pussy I want from her anytime I want it and she gets all the cock she wants when she wants it, I sometimes watch but not always, I have licked her pussy clean more times that I could possibly even remember and still love doing it today.

    she recently mentioned wanting to try having a black cock and told me that one of her girlfriends told her that she loved black cocks and that she should try one, she brought it up to me and I told her that if that is what she wanted then to go for it..

    I have no idea what my future holds, but as long as she keeps me included in what she does then I have no problem letting her do whatever she wants to do.. and she knows she can do whatever she wants to do as long as she does not do anything behind my back.. makes me want to slap the fuck out of my ex wives for being such prudes and thinking that I had to "earn" their pussy.. the end.

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    Straight Female / 22

    I've never really thought of myself as having a sexy ass (I always thought it was kind of fat). But in the past month I've had 2 guys tell me that I "look great in those pants," and then I was at Quality Dairy yesterday and a man grabbed my ass. I was surprised but it turned me on. The secret seems to be wearing much tighter pants. Yesterday I was wearing tight black leggings and my shirt wasn't covering so my ass was showing pretty good. I'm going to wear these white tight pants today and hope I at least get some guys checking me out, maybe someone will touch me. I know I sound like such a slut-tease, but it's a real turn on for me.

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    When i was married i caught my wife on camera having sex with her 9 year old son. He started while she was sleeping when she woke up she asked him where everyone was. He told her me and her daughter was at the park.she then kissed him and rolled him over and got on top and riding him and said cum inside mommy. He had no condom on and she wasnt on birth control. Bad thing it turned me on a little bit. When i got back i say her son watching the video. I took it away a watched it.

    That afternoon she told me she wanted sex and we went to bedroom and got undressed. As i was about to put my cock in her i cud see her sons cum oozing out of her. I put a condom on and pushed it inside her.

    When we was done i told her i know about her and her son and showed her a bit of the video.

    What she did shocked me. She told me i cud have her 7 yr old daughter but would have to wear condom.

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    I dont really know what heading to put this under so I guess this is as good as any. I found this site about a week ago I guess.
    I keep reading all of these stories wit women sleeping wit married men. I think it kind of hurt me at first. Knowing that not only are so msny married men are cheating...who didnt know that but that there are so many females who are going after them because they like that. Who would like that and omg why??! Well I still dont really know the answer to that but it was on my mind sunday evening when I boarded a plane in Houston to return home to ohio.
    I had the window seat and next to me sat the most goodlooking man on the whole plane. I noticed right away that he had a ring and thank to this site I decided if women were doing things like fucking married nen there was nothing wrong with me flirting with just this one hehe.

    I found out that he was going to Chicago for a week for business. I told hom that I had never been to chicago except the airport so I was staying with him. He laughed like I was joking, but I wasnt. At this point I was kind of seeing wgat was in it. We were way up in the air and I was flirting wildly with him. He was loving it, and his wufe was not able to stop it. She didnt even know there was anything to stop.

    So finally he acted like he was joking when he said that it was a good thing I was joking about staying with him because he wouldnt be able to be faithful to his wife anymore. I told him that I wasnt joking and that it would be his own problem if he couldnt. I told him that since he was 44 and I was only 24 that I think it doesnt even count lol. But he didnt believe I was serious until I followed hom to a taxi. Our taxi driver was a new immigrant from the middle east. He asked Eric if I was his daughter. Both of us could tell that the taxi guy liked me. He told him that I wasnt. That I was just a friend. I thought that was the end if that,

    So we arrived at the hotel and once in the room he asked me what I was there for. I laughed because he was trying to play good boy when he know hed never have let it go this far if he werent hoping wed fuck and we did...a lot. When it was time for me to go I went out for my taxi...which yes I did think was a weird process for chicago but I noticed fast that Eric was rich so I didnt know. I didnt notice til I was in and abd ge said hi that it was the same guy who drove us there.

    I didnt notice before because I had a mission with Eric, but he was really cute. He was older too, but I like that. So I didnt refuse when he said he was off and asked me if I wanted to go to his house and have a drink or something. I couldnt believe I was doing this but everything so far is so small in comparrison to what was about to gapoen. We went in and theres this fat woman and they stop speaking english and she starts freaking out. She started begging me in english to please not do this and I can tell she is begging him too. Finally he yells and takes my hand and takes me towards what turns out to be their room. He yells at her one more time, laughed, then locked the door and light up what I thought was probably just a cigar at first. I know I should have been afraid but I wasnt. I felt good from smoking and he gave me a coupke shots of something. I dont drink so maybe it was 3 and maybe I was pretty darned buzzed lol.

    So you could hear this woman out there sobbing and wailing and so I asked what this was all about. He said that he told her that he was sorry but that she knew this would happen if they mived to the ys. I asked him what he meant and he saud shekept saying he wouldnt be able to resist the blonde girls. He also told me that women bsck where hes from dont give blow jobs so Im thinking thats what the men cant resist.

    I didnt understand why she wasnt banging the door down he saiD that we didnt have to do anything but that she had said a few weejs before that no one would want him so he wanted her to think so. And he had told her that if she did anything like that he would make her watch. I was shocked, a little more nervous lol, but I was also turned on.

    I secretly hoped shed mess up as I walked up him and told him I wasnt very good at pretending and let him kiss me. I am very small compared to him so I couldnt possibly have kissed him first or I would have lol.

    He was so passionate of a kisser that I felt better than I ever felt in love. Sure I was buzzed but I was higher on that kiss than anything. I have full lips for a white girl but his were a bit fuller and they felt so powerful, safe, consuming. He had big hands that civered just about all of my back it felt like. When he brought his hands up from my hips to my many things happened all at once. I had slind my hands down and discovered I was about to have the greatest sex of my life and was unbuttoning his pants...his hands on ny tits and pinching on my very hard nipples...u see that is my weaknesslol so when his wife took a chance and started trying to come in the door exactly then I just shrugged ny shoulders and said she broke the rukes not us. He went crazy lol Everything happened in a flash and kinda rough and weird. It seemed to have no steps. All I know is that she ended up sitting on a loveseat with us in front of her...her still crying and begging us both. He kisses me again in front if her. His hands are everywhere I think. Some how he got my arms uo over my head holding them uo wit them still trapped in my top and he got my bra off quicker than I can and hes taking turns with both using his amazing hands, lips, tongue. Shes hystericak and begging me to stop because she loves him and I know its mean but I cant help but laught at her a bit because why?? Who loves someone who does something like that to them??
    I am not doing a thing ti mess uo this relationship. It is already pretty unhealthy. But I didnt care because all I felt was his amazing skills. Hiw he had me feel he was in my very soul or something. And we hadnt done much yet.

    He took off my top finally and told me to show her how to suck a dick, and Im surprised still that no one called the police when she screamed as my tounge started working on his dick. I knew it hurt to see him looking with so much lust, and touching with so much passion a beautiful, fit, young blonde, blue eyed girl, but if I hadnt known it I did then. She didnt dare try to stop it, and I didnt care why. I sucked him like I never had any man before. Everything about this unbelievable crazy situation felt so sexy that I never loved giving head as much as I did to him. He stopped me before he came. He sat me down on the couch and soeead my legs as far as they would go. He forced his wife to tell me that I had a beautiful pussy. I never actually heard her say it, but he laughed and told me that she said it. Then he threatened to make her get it wet enough for him because it was a lot tighter then hers, but then as kissed and licked hus way up to where I was NEEDING him to be she was swuealing like a pig...I dont think anyone understood her or what she was speaking. I was feeling intense and squrming all over the place on his tongue and his hands on my tits ...i cared about nothing else. he made me cum twice. I had no idea I could do that.

    He put my knees uo on the arm of the sofa an my head all the way down on the cusion. I literally had my ass and pussy all the way up and nothing but ass and pussy lol. I dont even have words for how great it felt when he slide his dick all the way inside of me, completely unrestricted and was pounding in me with a force that was shocking. I had all of the blood rusing to my head and that nade it even more intense. Finally he told her that he disnt want to look at her anymore while he was with me so he took me back in the bedroom and I got to top of him. Finally he turned me over and spread my legs and put me in heaven for about 15 more minutes before he came inside of me. Ww showered and i sucked him and let him cum in my mouth since hes never done that before. And he took pics of me doung that and my suoer red torn up pussy lol. I got dressed and he took me to the airport i gave him a fake number and we had one more amazing kiss. Its too bad hes crazy because Id have liked to have played with him for a long time but too crazy for me. I told a friend about this though. I had to tell someone. And she is interested in texting with him. She has family in chicago so..maybe more. So Ill give her his number once I get unoacked n find it. If he gave me the right number lol. Im oretty sure he probably did hehe.

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    Well my confession is that I love having sex with older men 40+ everyone ive let inside me has cum inside me I get checked often and I am still clean. Tomorrow morning at 8 am I have a 49year old man coming to fuck me, then right after at 9 I'm going to go meet a trucker who is 51 and I'm going to let him fuck me in his truck in the sleeper behind a gas station. He says he cums a lot . I sure hope so. I love early creampies and especially love going home filled with cum. Its fun trying to keep the cum in my pussy while I'm laying on my bed watching Netflix.

    Heeey.... An idea!. Any dirty daddies that need to blow their load in central Alberta preferably near red deer area. Email me at let's see how many creampies I can get this year :D!! Must be over 40!! Dont Care about weight or looks.

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