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    Straight Female / 18

    I love being black bred bareback by as many n****r dicks as i can get, sucking fucking dogs and taking knots, and want to be able to see my BF break in a yoing daughter for breeding by age 12

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    Straight Male / 21

    Just saying ..Does foreplay play a big role in any sexual act ?

    Or can you go on withit it ?

    Surly women would to to be eaten out before penetration..

    likewise a man fingering a lady's vigian and sucking on that clitoris ;)

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    Straight Male / 21

    I am currently out of state at University and last Christmas I came home to visit my parents. I was at the grocery store with my mom when we bumped into my 6th grade teacher Ms. Meloche. I could not believe that this woman was still extremely HOT - red hair - perky tits - amazing ass in those skirts - it was hard to concentrate in school and I must have masturbated throughout my entire 6th grade school year to this amazing woman.

    She seem very happy to see me - I am now 6'1" all american jock and I had this sense that she was flirting with me.

    After the Christmas celebration the house was quiet again and I thought I would look up my teacher on Facebook - I invited her to be my friend and she accepted - we chatted for two days and she then invited me to dinner.

    We had drinks, dinner, wine, more drinks, flirting, frottage, kissing, deep kissing and we decided to move to her bedroom. She stripped out of her dress and ripped the clothe off me - those titties were better then I had imagined - she had pale skin - and when I slowly removed her panties - she had an amazing pink pussy with a red landing strip - I started eating her pussy like I had dreamed about so many times - she tasted amazingly sweet.

    At one point I look down, and she is gulping and sucking on my big cock with such vigour and pleasure - it was a scene that I will never forget.

    We kissed, sucked, licked and fuck in every imaginable position - this woman was like nothing I had ever had before and she seemed to enjoy a 20 year old jock warming up her bed. I came balls deep into her pussy the first time - I came a second time an hour later all over her stomach and tits as she watched me pull out and jerk out a second load of cum.

    I was pleasantly surprised that this woman with such a quiet demeanor was so sexual and just loved to be touched.

    I came so hard that the next day, I woke up with a soar groin - it would hurt every time I would get up from a chair. I went back to university and we have been corresponding on facebook. My mom called last week and asked me if I was coming down for Christmas - Hell ya ! I told her - I can't wait.

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    Straight Male / 23

    During my parents divorce my mother started to drink alot and quickly became a black out and then pass out cold drunk. I had never seen a girl naked before and sometimes I would find my drunk passed out mother half undressed or passed out cold in her bathrobe with it wide open. The first time I was in shock and just stood there staring at my mom's naked body. That night in bed all I could think about was how girls bodies looked. I had never even masturbated at this point in my life. However I did feel very different than ever before. For the first time I had a funny feeling down below. So now whenever mom drank I would wait until late at night and go looking for her. I would take pictures of her passed out naked and started using the pictures to look at while I masturbated. I soon found out that nothing would wake her up after she passed out from drinking. I started to touch mom's breast's and suck on her nipples. Then I tried touching her vagina and fingering her. Mom never once moved from me touching her. Soon I was jerking myself off using her hand and cumming right there in front of her and rubbing my cum onto her lips. After months of feeling up my mother I really want to try the one thing all the kids at school talked about... Sex. One night I found mom really really drunk so I waited until she passed out and when I went to her bedroom late that night mom was snoring really loud and was sleeping on her side. I got behind her in the spooning position and very slowly was able to slip inside of my mother's vagina from behind. After I was all the way inside I stopped moving to see if mom would wake up or if she felt anything. She never moved so I very gently pumped in and out of my mom's pussy for like 10 times before I came inside of her. I'd never felt anything so wonderful in my short life. She was warm and wet and just about the best thing to me in the world. Since that night everytime my mother passed out cold from drinking I would sneak into her bedroom and have sex with her. I did this for over six years and mom never once woke up or said anything about all of the cum I left inside of her and on her. It's amazing that she never got pregnant... If she did I guess she must have had an abortion. This story is the absolute truth.

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    Straight Male / 20

    I feel like the this question get ask a lot.And if you read articles online you would have know study's have been conducted the the early 1980s about this Topic...

    I feel like its how it's you use penis that matters.Since if you do your own research you would have know the Vigian Deapth is 4-5 inches in average.Meanwhile a male penis average size is between 4-6 inches. somehow they ask For a bigger one..It's ironic.

    Does size matter:? Or it's how it's use?..

    I just want pure raw opioins on this.Because There is many P.O.V.S/sides To this Theme/Topic

    My bad for begin bias..But hey I can't help it

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    Straight Male / 26

    We tricked my friend's cousin into putting on handcuffs as we switched the fake ones she thought we we using with real ones. She acted a little peeved when she realized what we had done and it was to late as she was in no position to deny us her pussy and asshole as my friend and I had fucked her before. Well not so much her ass as I think it was her first time for that.
    The sounds coming from her covered mouth were unreal and after the four of us gang fucked her for an hour and a half, we took the gag off and decided we neglected to abuse her round little mouth. We finished one after another all over her pretty face and she loved it.
    Little Donna is such a good sport and a good fuck to. She said once she gets used to having her ass fucked she might want to try having 3 of us fucking her mouth, ass and pussy at the same time.
    I can't believe a girl as attractive as she is such a whore but who am I to complain. I just had the best fuck in my life when I gave it to her up her asshole and can't wait to do it again.

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    Straight Male / 21

    Iâve been having sex with a girl she is 34 and lives on the same street as me shes as been working has an escort for the last 3 years. We have been fuck buddies before she was working as one and she told me she stop 6 months ago, I have sex with her again few months ago and she told me she is pregnant Iâm am only 21 and she asked me what I want from her.

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    Straight Female / 28

    Right now I'm in a bit of a quandary. Only fourteen months ago I married Tim, a wonderful man who's eight years older than me. He's so kind and gentle for such a big muscular man. He's like a huge Teddy bear to me.

    Our sex life is wonderful and we have sex at least four or five times a week. Tim has a cock most men would love to say is theirs. It's just shy of nine inches and has an impressive girth to it.
    About three months ago I got to wondering why Tim had begun to insist on me licking his asshole when we had sex. He'd never asked me before, but he said he needed me to do it so he could get real hard for me. He also began to ask me to finger fuck his rear hole when he was fucking me missionary style. I did all what he wanted and enjoyed performing the sex acts for him, but I did start to wonder about his requests.

    Last month I had to go over to my parents home to help my mom with her husband, my step dad. He'd had an accident at work and couldn't get around to good. I told Tim I'd be gone a couple of days at least, but after only one day, my mom insisted she was ok, so I got in my car and drove the hundred and fifty miles home. I didn't let Tim know I was coming as I thought I'd surprise him. It turned out I was the one to be getting a huge surprise.

    Entering our home around eight at night, I instantly heard the distinct noises of sex. At first I thought Tim was watching porn. Then a dread hit me and I thought he had another woman in our home. But the sounds of sex weren't right.
    Walking upstairs I got close to the top and peered through the banister rails into our bedroom through the wide open door. On the bed naked was my husband. He was knelt up facing away from the door, behind Tim also naked was a young guy I didn't know. He had hold of my husbands hips and was ramming his cock so hard up Tim's asshole, I was surprised he wasn't screaming out loud. Instead my husband was moaning, but moaning with total pleasure.

    I lowered myself so I was almost at the level of the stairs and carried on watching them fuck. It was so surreal to see my husband being fucked, to see him the huge man I loved as the passive partner. The young man fucking Tim wasn't much larger in body frame than me. The one thing he did have which matched Tim, was a very large cock.

    I half crouched, half sat watching them fuck and switch positions twice. And as they fucked I couldn't help but become incredibly turned on. The young guy had lay on his back and I saw my husband lower himself right down onto his massive cock, impaling himself as he began to masturbate his own cock. It was such an amazing sexually charged scene I myself started to play with pussy through my skirt and panties. The more Tim bounced on the guys cock, the more I found myself wanting to feel my own orgasm. So I hitched my skirt up, tugged my panties aside and began to frig my clit to the same rhythm my husband was fucking himself on the guys large cock.

    Just as the guy told Tim he was going to cum up his ass, my orgasm hit me and I came shuddering. I had to hold onto the banister rail to stop myself from falling backwards. Tim made lots of little grunting sounds and then his cock spurted cum all over the young mans stomach and chest. Creeping back down the stairs, I exited our home and got back into my car. Driving over to a motel close by, booked in and spent the night. I phoned Tim the next morning telling him I was almost home. I heard noises in the background and figured he was letting the young man know he had to leave.

    Arriving back home an hour later, Tim was cleaning the windows of all things to be doing. I asked him if he'd missed me. His response was to take me into our garage, bend me over hood of his car, tear my panties clean of me and to shove his cock hard into my pussy. We didn't say a word to each other as Tim fucked me until I came like a freight train. In my mind as Tim was fucking me, all I could see was the young guys ass going to and fro, fucking Tim's rear hole. It was that vision in my head, plus Tim's forceful fucking of my pussy that brought me to scuh a powerful orgasm. Tim made similar sounds to the night before when he came. Sounds I'd not heard from him before. It was if he was saying "I love you too".

    So my quandary is, do I let Tim know I know about him and his male lover. Or do I carry on as normal. After all, if anything Tim and I are having ever better sex. My only regret would be, I definitely think I'd love to be a part of his male male enjoyment. But how do you broach a subject like that, especially with a man who is very masculine and who likes the world to see him as a mans man ???.

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    Straight Male / 52

    I have been married for 16 years to my wife. She is a cock hungry slut. She sucks me off at least once a day and swallows my sperm. She can't get enough dick in her mouth. she wants more cock so I put ads on craigslist and set up cocksucking parties for she wants more cock so I put ads on craigslist and set up cocksucking parties for her her.

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    Straight Male / 31

    During my childhood from what I remember my family and this other family that lived on street were always arguing. When I around 11 I used to play on estate with other children and The girl from the other family Sarah she was probably around the same age has me and a bit of a bitch like how mom was at the time.
    The arguing escalated into Police involvement they had called the police over a claim on child abuse from my parents. These allegations were false and this made the situation worse especially since we both me and Sarah went to school, This turned into a personal issues between us for around 4 years all the way until we both finished high school.

    around 2004 I was living in student accommodation during University term time, On the first weekend of freshers night me and some friends went to this fancy dress party the Hubs put on to attract Students. It was a themed night of school uniforms so we went dressed up and made the most of our first week of no work. During this party after afew hours of drinking I checking out some of the girls and there was his group of around 5 and one of them was her! Sarah I reconsidered her straight away she was not overly attractive she had red hair and and alot taller and tbh she was in this navy tight short school skirt and these long navy socks I didnât go near her but I noticed she and her friends kept looking over and laughing and talking. I was ready to leave I just did not want the stress of it all.

    I made an excuse to leave and me and my friends left and went to another club next to the university. It probably around 1am and the same group of girls so with one or two of them missing. We were dancing with these other girls we meet while there and Sarah and her friend dancing next to us as much as I didnât want to be that close to her after all these years I could not stop looking at her legs and what she was wearing. Inevitable how close there were to us she bumped into me and I turned and looked at her and thought here we go⦠But nothing⦠she just smiled and danced close in front of me she ended up putting her arms around me neck and everything just slowed down it was surreal I didnât realise I had me hands on her hips, she didnât say anything ether did I, We had our tongues down each others throats for the most night until she dragged me back to her dorm room where we had amazing sex, I licked her out, was kissing her everywhere, she rode me senseless and I cummed inside her more then once until I passed out drunk. That was 2004 I had never see or heard from her since that night, until 6 months ago she added me on FB and said Hello, I looked at her picture and she is with someone and has a child and looks attractive, but have yet to reply. This really has confused the hell out of me.

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