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    There are times when I wish it hadn't taken place. There are times when I miss our old relationship and her singular love. It was my insistance, it was my fantasy and untimately it was me who chose the guy who would share our bed. What I didn't know back then, was I was opening Pandoras box as far as my wifes sexual awakening was concerned. She was so shy at first and then Mike took off his boxer shorts. I'd chosen him from five men who replied, not only because of his good looks, his witty replies and his muscular young body, but also because unlike me, Mike has a really big cock. The moment Jenny saw his huge semi erect cock, her whole sexual world and mine too, changed. I thought the one night of sexual deviance from my part would satisfy my fantasy, what I didn't know it only fueled Jennys desire to be fucked by men with larger thicker cocks and men who could fuck her for hour after hour.
    I watched the first time with relish and a sexual energy. It was an sexual energy that soon deminished the longer I watched my wife, my Jenny, enjoy the young mans stamina and his massively thick cock. She was unlike anything we'd ever been together and by the time Mike had cum on her face for a second time, she was entirely his willing slut.
    I was made to witness the birth of my wifes sexual desires and it wasn't what I'd expected, but definately what I deserved. The following week I tried to deny her the same pleasures, but I knew once Mike turned up, I'd submit to their wishes. If anything watching her fuck Mikes cock vaginally and anally was even more difficult to see, as both of them were more relaxed in not only their combined companies, but also my watching brief. Half way through the evening as Jenny was taking Mikes cock up her asshole for the third time, Jenny told me to come nearer and watch Mikes cock sliding into her. I wasn't naked as they were and she demanded I undress. When Mike saw my thinner smaller cock he laughed, as did Jenny. I was made to suffer their laughter and also the backlash of Mikes cum, as he pulled out of Jenny well spread asshole. As I went to wipe off his seed, Jenny told me to sit still and let it seep into my mouth. For the first time in my life I tasted another mans cum and secretly enjoyed it.
    Mike isn't the only man who now enjoys the pleasures of my wifes sexual appetite, one that seems to grow with each new person. I've taken on the role it appears of picking men for her to fuck. Some love me being there, others fuck her alone as I sit beneath them downstairs, listening to Jenny accpeting their cocks in any hole they wish to fuck.
    Nearly a year on and Jenny has told me to get ready to accept the fact I cannot fuck her at all. It won't change much, as I've only been allowed to masturbate over her breasts when she and her lovers have said I can for the past two months. I really do miss the old loving caring wife I once had!!!

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    Straight Male / 28

    I've been searching for an outlet to tell my story because honestly, it's one of those situations where you think "Man, I never get that lucky..." but it happened to me. Why I don't freely talk about it, you'll soon know. This is 100% TRUE.

    I work in the business field during the day, I've managed to use my college degree to bullshit my way into a 9-5 that pays decent. I don't love my job, don't hate it. It got me a nice car and a condo which I pay for alone.
    After college about 7 years ago, I was in a real lovey dovey deep relationship.. had a ring set and everything, we had just moved in together when I stumbled on her and her co worker walking out of a motel together hand in hand, clearly had just got done fucking (you can tell by the way she was looking at him, you just know, unfortunately the image is burned into my memory banks). I moved out and took all my shit, she married him...blah blah blah.. kids, house and the whole 9.

    Fast forward to the present I am getting close to the age of 30, so it is important for me mentally to stay in tune with my youth. I work out and I am in pretty good shape and I do so in part because I also work as a bouncer on the weekends. This is my balance, a break from the office and the stressors of the real world, plus the extra cash is great. Not to mention all the hot ass that you encounter every..single..night. Now some of the things you hear about bouncers is true... yeah..sometimes a female will offer you a blowjob for free entry, sometimes when the night is over some random drunk straggler will ask to be gang banged by all the bouncers... while all this is true, I can honestly say I've never taken up on any those offers(many do). I don't want to put my dick in any female who is willing to exchange her pussy or mouth for a $25 dollar entry nor do I want to be part of a gangbang with some of my bros.. just because I KNOW where their dicks have been ( Some dirty dogs LOL!). I have however used the position to meet girls at the club, date/fuck etc etc.

    Being cheated on by a long term gf really did a number on me but after some healing I became a better person some how. Became confident , outgoing and paid attention to the way I looked. Add in that i was somewhat successful, it wasnt terribly hard to get laid.

    2 months ago..

    One of my good friends texts me one night out of the blue explaining that his little sister had her B-DAY coming up and she wanted to experience the night life in the big city with friends. However she wasn't 21 yet and only turning 19, he was wondering if I could pull any strings to get her in.

    "No doubt bro, I can only get her and two friends, after that way too risky. Just have her walk in with you.." I answered.

    "I can't make it, booked vacay with the girl. It would just be her and her friends which is why i asked you cuz I know you'll keep an eye on her for me" he responded back.

    Through further messaging we confirmed and he even passed me his sisters number so i could talk to her on the night of to facilitate everything. Now I wouldn't routinely do this, as obviously I could put myself and the club in danger but he was my boy and I was confident I'd be able to shadow her all night and keep her from getting in any bad situations.

    The day comes, and I am getting ready like every other night...take a few tokes of a joint, splash some colonge on and i am out the door to the club. Now I hadn't seen my boys sister in 11 years maybe?? So I shot her a text and confirmed that she was still coming and asked what she would be wearing along with her friends, just so when I saw then I could usher them into the club passed any other bouncers to make it as easy as possible.

    Few moments pass and she sends me a picture of her and her 2 friends.... I had to pull over my car and regain my brain for a second. My boys sister Crystal was SMOKING HOT. 19 year old???? I'd never guess... ever. She looked like she was 23 with a figure of a modern day goddess. She had a very tight and small stomach, very round hips, a beautifully plump and round ass..defined legs and perky more than a handful tits. Her skin was tanned but looked like silk, her dark features jumped out of the phone at me. I seriously almost tugged on my cock mid drive at this pic. Her 2 friends def looked 19 blonde and whoreish..but she was SMOKING.

    " Great. I'll be looking out for you, I'll be at the front till you get here" I responded

    " Do you even kno which one I am?? LOL" she responded

    " Oh yeah, I remember the face! Very grown up now. Looks like I might have to beat a few guys off of you so your brother wont be upset at me!"

    At this point, nothing more than Wow she looks real good crosses my mind. I'm keeping the story true, at this point , i had no intention of doing anything but hooking her up for her bday, ensuring her safety and above all else coming through for my boy and his sister.

    "No beating off! LOL!! Seriously not my first rodeo, I can handle myself" Ok so her 19 year old immaturity started to shine through. I didn't respond to the text as I had come up to the club and it was time to set up

    2 hours later, the doors opened, I took my spot outside awaiting the arrival. By then my mind had gone back to work mode almost forgot that she was coming, I was checking IDs and keeping order infront until I spotted the blue mini dress and tan skin across the street. I saw her walking up, my god, she looked even better in real life. The cat calls from passing cars and men in the line had begun almost as soon as I spotted her. Females had already started whispering "fake tan, she's a whore, def has butt pads" anyone familiar with the nightlife knows that when a female is talked about like this by other females, it is all jealousy. This was going to be interesting.

    I have to stress that once again, although I was EXTREMELY attracted to her - i was her older brothers long time friend, i knew her family. This was just me coming through for her and keeping my word to my boy, i had no plans to do anything by usher her in, get her a bday drink on the house and making sure she didnt leave with any sketchy characters.

    I stepped out of my position as the bouncer checking IDs and got coverage as she strolled up with her friends...

    "HEY J___(privacy sorry, I already dropped her name, not going to incriminate myself)!" She ran up and gave me a hug. God I felt like the MAN for a second.

    "Nice to see you, surprised you recognized me, its been awhile" I answered as I introduced my myself to her friends after embracing her.

    "I'd NEVER forget you." Her emphasis on never made me a uncomfortable a bit, but horny at the same time.

    "Well lets get the night underway, follow me" They followed me passed the huge line, which prompted more dirty looks from females and more cat calls from guys.. as we got into the the main room of the club I motioned for one of the drink girls to come over and ordered a round of drinks on the house for these ladies (bartenders seeing them with drinks in hand would allow them to keep purchasing alcohol without getting ID'd, . Everything went smoothly, I kissed her on the cheek, told her to enjoy her self and that if she needed anything to ask for me and warned her of creepy dudes and wandering hands.

    From that point my night continued on. The club I work for is huge and it would be incredibly hard to shadow her all night and judging by how she looked and carried herself, I was willing to bet shed been in similar establishments before with fake IDs, so i wasnt overly worried for her safety.

    I was kicking out ppl snorting coke, ppl way to drunk, guys fighting per usual. Every once in awhile one of my fellow Bouncing brothers would stop me and would ask, "Dude heard you brought in some FINE PUSSY tonight .. who is that??".. lol. Other than those instances, I didnt really even think of her, as I said before, this was just another day on the job.

    At around 1:00am, the head bouncer told me I could leave whenever I wanted, the crowd had gotten smaller and manageable and not many heads were needed. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, i was beat. Just as I turned in my ear piece and grabbed my coat in the back I remembered Crystal! "Oh shit" I thought, she might of left already, prob with some lucky ass snot nose jersey shore character. I decided to scan the main room quickly, to see if I spotted her. Sure enough she was still in the house but to my surprise she was not with her friends and actually on her phone and looked a bit upset.. as I apporahced her from the other side of the room i felt my phone vibrate..

    Text from Crystal: "MY girls left with some sketchballs that I wanted no part of..I am stuck" as I finished reading the text she has already spotted me and rushed over to meet me almost at the dance floor.

    "fucking whores, a little coke and hair gel and they were ready to go back to this guys place with his friends..all 5 of guy friends" she yelled, obv could tell she had been crying a bit. Didnt want to push the subject.

    "Glad you had the brains to keep yourself out of the situation. Your bro woulda hated me if he every found out I let that slide" It was starting to get hard to speak over the loud music so I took her arm and brought her outside the club.

    "So what's up?? Need a ride home?? Taxi Fare?? Need to make a call and have me wait till youre picked up??" I was quickly trying to get a solution. Again I promise my intention was not to bang this hot piece of young ass, surprisingly, I value my boy and respect his sister.

    "I'll take a ride if thats ok??" Sure.. it was ok.

    "You got it" I pointed out where the car was parked a few blocks up and began to walk with her. During the walk I couldn't keep my eyes off her tits/legs/ass/eyes.. was just too hard not to (all guys can relate). We talked about the night but I don't remember alot of the convo.. the closer we got the my car..the more all i wanted to do was take this girl home. This is when the moral struggle started in my head. Nearly a 10 year difference in age, her brother was a long time friend but she looked SO DAMN good.

    make a long story into my car. As we sat in the car after starting it, she stated how good it smelled in the car (marijuana) and if I had any to share?? I told her I didnt on me, but That I had some in my condo. However I was really against bringing her back to my place as it would just make me feel like I disrespected her bro.

    "Come on!! I just want to smoke, then you can drop me off at home. Its my birthday! PLEASE!" Yeah this wasnt exactly a difficult decision.

    20 mins later we are pulling up to my place. We walk up two flights of stairs to my door (condo). While walking up the stairs i caught a few peeks up her skirt, it was like her cheeks were winking at me. Despite all this, I had made up my mind that i was gonna stare, take mental pics and all but that it wasnt going to cross that line ever, just a quick smoke and then id have her home and id finally get to bed.

    Once we get into the place, shes pretty impressed i live alone, no girl, decorated the place myself.. I give her a tour, let her use the rest room. Whiles shes in there, I break out the weed and roll a nice big joint for us.

    "Smoke here or on the way to your place??"

    "H ere please, I need to relax and get this bitches off my mind. Leaving me on my bday"

    "No problemo" I answered. Took a seat in living area where I had a nice big leather couch infront ofa big flatscreen. I put on the streaming radio station low to some relaxing music and I told her I'd be back, was going to change quickly.. So i Changed to a tank and some sweats. While changing I kept telling myself that nothing could happen, she was 19 and ur friends sis...even looked in the mirror to try and snap out impure thoughts.

    Got back to her, we lit the joint smoked and enjoyed some real good conversation. By the time the joint was out, we had both moved in real close to each other on my couch. Her crossed leg overlapped my leg and had started to mysteriously wander closer and closer to my dick.

    " I saw you checking me out tonight...not gonna lie. Turns me on." this came out of no where.. right now.. the battle in my mind was fierce.. and for the first time ALL night.. my mind was being defeated by the sudden rush of hormones,testosterone and blood rushing down to my balls and dick.

    " Yeah, Cant help it, your a beauty" I answered back.

    A few seconds of awkward silence passes... "I am going to be honest J, I want to fuck." Wow. Im not sure how it feels to win the lottery... but in those few seconds after processing those words, I am sure i was pretty damn close to feeling that euphoria..

    I didn't answer her back with words..instead my raw animal instincts kicked in. I uncrossed her legs and stood up front the couch and leaned her back.. got on my knees and propped each one of her legs on my shoulders. Her breathing got real heavy

    I took her panties off exposing one of the best vaginas IVE EVER SEEN. Smooth shave, tan line, tight, no curtains.. just wow. I went to town on that face looked like I had eaten 10 krispy kreme donuts. I was already hard as a rock .. she offered to blow me, but I refused. I needed to feel penetrate that AT ONCE.

    She giggled at my eagerness.. we ended up back in my bedroom. Where I was able to get her completely naked, we kissed deeply for a bit and began to insert my dick into her missionary... Her pussy was tight, real tight. I almost came instantaneously when I got about half of it in... "oh shit, fuck.." she moaned... In that moment I slamed the rest of dick in with a powerful thrust "OHhhhHhhh FUCK!" she groaned loudly.. I began pounding away on this 19 year old beauty...

    &quo t;Let me ride that dick, I want you to slap my ass" I allowed her to get on top, and she rode me like a damn bull. I loved grabbing hold of her big phat tan butt cheeks as she bounced on my dick.

    I ended up giving it to her doggy style after a few more positions... and after a few minutes of a frantic pace I blurted out "Oh shit, I am gonna cum....."

    "Fucking cum in my pussy, right now, I want your cum please" I never in my life saw me getting to this point... but I exploded my nut in her. This was probably my most satifying nut ever.. literally felt like a gallon.

    I collapsed after and she curled up next to me... we both passed out and woke up the next morning.

    "Do you regret it??" was the first thing she asked..

    "No, but I feel awful, feel like I betrayed your bro and fam"

    "You didn't, I wanted it. I've always had a crush on you even back when i was real young.. when I saw you standing waiting for us, I couldn't believe how hot you had gotten. Sexy and Mature. You fuck better than my ex who is 21, and look much better naked"

    Well hey, not to shabby I thought to myself.

    Since that day , her and I have kept at it. She routinely stops by the place and pretends to need something but we end up just having lots of sex and passing out. We have flirted with the idea of making this a public relationship but the potential reaction of her bro and family holds it back. If it does, I could see myself settling down with her... if it doesn't still not a loss by any means, how often does do you get a friends BANGING HOT little sister chasing your dick like that??

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    Was at a pool party this weekend having some fun. My wife got drunk and i was finally able to convince her to fuck another guy in front of me. It was just some guy we meet at the pool party. It was so hot watching his hard cock slide into her wet pussy. I hope we get to do it again soon.

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    Straight Male / 25

    Well let me start off with me and my wife are very open sexuly don't most things I could hope for just one event has me stumped she did cheat on me with an ex of hers. Now part was my fualt I was very depressed and down to the point I didn't want sex for mid length spans. Now I have a free pass to sleep with another women as long as she dose not know and I dont fall in love lol.

    Now my delema is.... Her sister she's 17 tall, long legslegs, beautiful hair, and an ass to die for nice small pirky breasts.

    Now I've goten to see her in underwere. She seems comfortable around me also my wife has talked about our a sex life to her. I think including my thoughts of the sister.
    And I've talke sex with her just not between her and me.
    Today I tryed teasing her I wrestled with her and horsed around she playfully fights me off as I mess with her all the time. I rubed close to her croch and her thighs. She sat away from me but was not totally shy. Can any one help me?? I think I'm going to be forward with her. If she said no I would stop trying but dam she's so sexy I just want to get my mouth on her pussy and ass.

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    Straight Male / 32

    During a recent vacation with my wife to a beautiful Carribean island, I asked my wife Cindy if she'd let another man fuck her. I asked because all evening at a restaurant we'd been to, a waiter had been eyeing her up. When Cindy said "Do you want the truth or for me to bullshit you". I told I wanted the truth and Cindy told me, she'd fantasised about being fucked by a man with a larger cock than my own as I watched. I asked her if she'd seen the waiter eyeing her. With a huge smile on her face Cindy said the guy had been touching the bulge in his tight trousers all night, when she'd looked at him. The following night we went back into the restaurant and didn't order anything until our waiter from the night before arrived at our table. When he asked if were ready to order I was about to say yes, but Cindy said "Only if I can order you later". I hadn't given her my permission to ask the guy for sex. We'd not even spoken about it since the night before, but before I could protest the young black waiter said "I'm free from here after 11pm, pick me up then".
    Lots of bars and discussion later, I found myself driving us back to the restaurant, stopping the car and watching my wife get into the back of it with our waiter Delroy.

    If any of you out there have ever watched your wife sucking on and then taking another mans, a black mans huge cock. Then you will know how sexually exciting and how disturbing it can be all at the same time. I felt on the edge of reasoning most of the time, as I watched Cindy devouring his thick length. When she mounted his condom covered cock I nearly, and this is totally true, passed out. In around a hour I watched Delroy fuck my wife to five oragsms and I also saw her take what I can only describe as a large slab of black meat, up her saliva covered asshole. When Delroy left Cindy asked me to cuddle her. As I did she told me she felt uncomfortable with all of Delroys semen covering her pussy and ass (He'd pulled out of her twice during the night and covered her with his cum). I told her to take a shower, but she had other ideas and why I'm really confessing.
    Opening her legs wide I went down on my wife and cleaned off evey morsel of another mans cum, licking and sucking away at Cindys pussy and ass until she came all over my face. It wasn't the only night either that Delroy visited us. And by the time our vacation was due to end, I'd licked and sucked off my wifes pussy clit and ass every time Delroy emptied his balls on her.

    We've already booked another vacation to another island in a few weeks time. It's money that was left to my wife and she and I are going to fully enjoy every cent sexing her out to other hopefully well endowed men.

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    Straight Male / 31

    My wife's sister best friend, came around one night and told me that her sisters best friend loves sex... So over the weekend, my sisters best friend invited her sisters friend to my brothers mate BBQ. She had long blonde hair, dd tits, and a cute ass,,, she bent over and my brothers mates sister walked around the corner and please slut hide you thing, the sisters friend turned around and said you wanna see something, us guys went yeah, and she gave us the finger...

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    Straight Male / 26

    I love to watch trannies with barefoot pretty feet cumming everywhere. The more cum the better. If they cum huge on their feet then I'm probably cummin at that very second

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    Straight Male / 52

    I am on the beach right now on memoral day and there areso many whores here. Their swimming suits and h iknis are so small and showing the might as well be nake.only a complete slut who dress like these girls. I have been here all day watching and I have saw both pussy and tits showing as they have moved around bent over and run around.I am an old man sitting alone on the beach clearly gawking and the don't care women bend right over with string biknis feet away from me. You have to be a whore to see me here and to bend and lean and play fight feet a way me where I can see your everything and you well know I can and I am clearly gawking at you and your friends and you don't care.

    Fuck if I'd not get aressted I'd whip it out and beat off right here. There is nothing left like memorial day to make even consertive women to be pigs. There is one less the 10 feet away about 20 years old makes making a sand castle with friends and family but she is bending forward in a bikni top that is almost shoe string. I can see everything she is facing me sees me and looking down her top. I am a complete stranger and she does not even reposition herself. I want to walk up to her over her 50 bucks.and invite her back to my room. I want too but won't.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I guess this is where to post this. I write things, and then just tear them up or delete them. I am in a messed up relationship. It is really messed up and I can't get out, I can no more leave than I can stop breathing. Believe me, I have left, and never got passed the firts on ramp and turned back and went 'home'.

    I am 27 and I have two children. The father of my kids did not give me a choice about having sex with him, about having children with him, about living with him. I was 23, out of college, living on my own for the first time, had a job working for a large company. It is there that I met him. He is a transportation supervisor, he used to be a truck driver. He is Mexican and he is 50 years old. He is 'macho' from the old school.

    I was working at my new job for three weeks when we met, he was at the office delivering some paperwork. He called me 'guerita' and told me in Spanish that he was going to fuck me. The other girls in the room, who are all hispanic, laughed at what he said, and they translated and told me that now I was going to get what I deserved. One girl told me that there was nothing better than knowing that a guerita got it good, and that I should prepare myself because he was going to give it to me good.

    That evening after work he was waiting for me when we got off work, he took me by the neck and walked me to his pick up and put me and closed the door. One of the Mexican girls looked at me and put her ring and thumb together in a circle and used the other hand and pushed a finger through the circle and then, clenched her fists and acted out a man screwing a girl. He took me to his house, where he lived with his common law wife and two daughters and took me back to his room and screwed me. There was no warming up or anything, he just screwed me and his common law wife and daughtes came into the room to get me dressed.

    I slept there that night, because he wouldn't take me back to my apartment. His daughters were all over me, because I was so white, they are very brown. They said that I was now their father's new girlfriend, and that I was real good. When I went to my apartment it was to get my things, I moved in with him and live with him. I have two daughters, they are more like him than me.

    I have learned to live in this culture, these men are not what I grew up with, and once they have you, you don't leave. I can't leave and his common law wife can't leave. We both live in the same house. Better to put up with it than fight it, you can't win. His daughters are now off with their men, having babies just like me. Because he has a common law wife I am referred to as the girlfriend 'novia' or his white woman 'mujer guera'. I have picked up a lot of Spanish, and refer to him as the man of the house, or 'el marido'.

    I will admit or confess or ehatever you want to call it that from the first moment he screwed me that evening I was his. Actually from the moment he put me in the pick up. I don't dwell on it anymore, but for a long time I used to try and explain it. His common law wife is of the opinion that men like him 'take a woman' and that's that. Game over. Like her, like me. A Mexican's wife.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I love suck pussy and ass and I love when a woman fuck my ass with my toy.

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