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    Straight Female / 24

    Went home with a married man tonight. His wife is in Ireland for another week. I fuckrd him twice. He passed out and I stole a shit load of stuff. I bet I have every piece of jewelry his wife owns lol. I I also took $3500 in cash. Hes rich. He wont miss it. Anyway thats what he gets. Funny thing is he cant do shit. He thinks my name is jessica...its not. He knew how to use his tongue though. God damn!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 38

    I have always been straight and never even thought about sex with another man all my life. I had gotten divorced and about a year later ended up with kind of a crazy girlfriend for about six months. She was very sexual and would often pick up other women at clubs we went to and they would come back to our place and have sex. I was very happy with her and often told her that she was more like a man with her sexual attitude then a woman. She had taken me to a few places where they had booths to sit and watch porn, most of the booths had holes in the wall and you could look through and often feel up other people. I had watched her lick women, suck off men and had a great time with the whole thing. She did not last however and I found myself alone again not having had sex in a few months, suddenly I had a crazy thought about going to one of the places with a booth and getting a bj, feeling up some women and having a great time by myself. I went in and it did not take long and a woman was looking through the hole at me then putting her hand through bending her finger for me to come over to her. She grabbed my cock and I stiffened right up from her massage, soon she was sucking me off like a pro and I laid my head back sighing as she worked her mouth on me. After a few minutes I felt a rubber go on me and she had me going in and out of her pounding her rear end into the wall. I was able to last a while which surprised me a bit and she dismounted and went back to sucking me off swallowing my load like it was nothing. I sat down in my chair with a huge smile on my face feeling very satisfied when a few feet from my face a cock came through the hole. He was pretty large and had pushed it all the way through with his balls partly bulging through as well. I kind of looked at it and thought no way but the next thing I knew I had reached out and pulled on him a few times then wrapped the head tightly jerking him completely hard. I put my other hand up and grabbed the base of his shaft and began stroking him but things were not to lubed up so I then did the most unthinkable thing in my brain, I opened my mouth and sucked him in as deep as I could. My mind was full of thoughts as I was almost feeling like someone else with a hand wrapped around the base and my mouth sucking his head in and out. I definitely came to my senses and just started stroking him off knowing that I really did not want to swallow him at all. So I just sort of got to the side and stroked him until he came on the floor, I was amazed at myself for doing that and decided that I was going to stay in the booth for a while.
    In the last few months I have given head to at least six guys but always with a woman blowing me first and I have know idea why I enjoy it so much.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 24

    I work at a convinient store so i see tons of people. One of my turn ons in being sneaky, i love peeping in particular but one day i had an idea that fits sneaky perfectly. I just had to wait for a little girl to come in and want a fountain drink so i could be "helpful". Earlier i had taken a cup, gone in the bathroom and blew my load into it. A little girl cane in that im used to seeing, and it happened. I grabbed that cup in particular, helped her get her drink and watched her starr to drink my load....mmm im the only one that needs to know;)

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    Straight Female / 34

    Everytime I go to the local equestrian center I always imagine myself sucking horses off. I know it wouldn't mind. I would even let it mount me and fuck me.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    Kids are taught to tell someone when they have been sexually hurt. I was molested, it didn't hurt being he was gentle, so he had me promise to keep it "our secret". Parents of young ones, you might want to consider teaching your young children to speak up if anyone tries to touch them at all instead of teaching them to speak up only if they were hurt. I clearly remember not telling anyone because my experience actually felt good, thought i would get into trouble if i told anyone.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I went to an all boys school in a small town in east England and often even though we weren't allowed out of school at lunch time used to go to the town center. I was 13 and was dragging a cup of tea out in a cafe near the bus station when a guy about 25 came and sat at my table, he looked like a builder. He was friendly and chatting about girls and stuff and he bought me some more tea. After a while he told me that he had a great stash of real porn mags from germany not like the girly mags that we had in this country and asked if i wanted to see them.
    Well of course I wanted to so we went down the side f the bus station to a little car park where he opened up the back of a van and helped me in before shutting the doors, there was some wood in the back and we sat on it, he pulled out a couple of mags and showed them to me, they were hard core showing women sucking and being fucked I gotta admit my little cock was hard. As he reached down for another mag I could see that he had his cock in his hand an was wanking it, he opened up the other mag which was again real hard core stuff and said to me it's OK if you wanna wank, everyone does. Pretty soon we were both there wanking as we looked at the pics of these women being fucked.
    He said to me, you having fun and I said I sure was enjoying his mags, he then said well how about a look at my special collection and pulled more mags out from under the wood we were sitting on, As soon as he opened the mag I could see it was different there was still fucking and sucking going on but the girls in the pics were all even younger than me. As he showed me this mag he was watching my face and he said hey you like that dont you, I was pretty speechless but he touched my cock which was as hard as a rock and said see your cock tells me you like it. He handed me another mag with even younger girls in it and I was holding the mag in one hand and jacking like mad, suddenly I saw out of the corner of my eye his hard cock right next to my face, he had stripped while i was busy looking at the mag.
    He didn't say anything but i just leaned in and started to suck on that hard fat cock
    he shot a load of hot cum in my mouth in about 2 minutes. Then he said well fairs fair I guess i better do you and got on his knees to suck my little cock, I can still remember how hot and smooth his mouth felt and after only a minute I had shot my first load of cum in his mouth.
    After wards we got dressed and he let me out of the van saying, I park here every day so see you tomorrow. I just nodded. We did meet a whole heap of times and did a lot of other stuff too but I will save that for another time.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Growing up in the South, there was a lot of racism and didn't have many African American friends. I live in a large West Coast city now, happy to leave all that behind. Plenty of things turn me on, but I can't help but have such a huge fetish for African American women. Part of me wonders if it being taboo growing up has given me such a thing for it, or if I'm just genuinely attracted to them. I have a fulfilling relationship with a caucasian girl, but almost every time I watch porn, I watch black girls, ideally with white guys; even if I watch other videos, I always like to finish it with those kind. When I meet them in real life, I get nervous and often think about wanting to have sex with them. I would love to see the contrast of colors as our bodies are pushed up on each other. I'm strongly against misogyny, but I can't help getting so turned on by black women's bodies. I love the different shades of their assholes, and especially bright pink vaginas with the surrounding black lips. If given the chance, I would definitely fuck one, or be used by one, or anything. It drives me crazy, and I love it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 29

    I really want to bang my co-worker who is older then me is married and has kids a 13 and 16 year old. Anyway it just really really sucks that she is married because she is so pretty and amazing and I just want what I can't have. Today she touched me and it just ran shivers all over my body. She has a bit of a twang to her speech which makes her even sexier. The thing is though I'm not that kind of person that would wreck a home like that. I wouldn't forgive myself. Then I say to myself "I wish I would of met her before she got married" Then I would do the calculations of age and when she got knocked up. I would of been 9 when she got knocked up so theoretically it would of been impossible to have her. Sigh.....

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 53

    wanted to put together a list of sexual ideas. one day i would like to finish up. 1- i would like to spend a week at a nude beach, it would be different because i could see the wonderful body we all have also check out all the women of all sizes, 2- find me a very open mind females who is happy about her own sexually and has a free sexually mind. sometimes its hard to find sexually open people. watch and find a women who enjoys cooking in the nude. 3-
    find a women who enjoys giving me a good blow each days and as much as she she would suck me , i would eating her clean pussy. 4- i love enjoy being apart of a sexual orgy or find a group of people who are into sexual party life. 5- become a women sexually slave for a whole fucking day. . all of this is from a older male person who is saying how he feel. p.s. looking for a sexual pen pal in my area ( females )

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    I get a hard cock when I say Im bisexual and I feel more comfortable masturbating to getting gently fucked by a nice pretty cock and having 1 to suck on but have no desire to kiss a man they are ugly I only love cocks and will slurp them and beat my face with them but a face on a man is not attractive so Chicks with dicks and tits are very hot and love pussy always and women to steal panties from and have fuck my ass with their feet as I beat off and cum on their faces in gstrings. My wife hurt me bad and trusting a woman again is going to be hard so I'll probably have my wife as the worst person in my life forever and know she will look so old and shitty soon she will be alone and without her cock jones to get her through the day. I am going to end up never being sure I know someone as well as i think and so it will probably be very sexually adventurous and enjoyable to be free with women or possibly girly guys in panties like me as well as women. I dont know I have never wanted to suck dick sober so it might be just a thing I think I want when Im loaded to push the boundaries and boredom to something new. I may never satisfy A woman my age and it sucks because my wife sure needed to look elsewhere and she made fun of my penis to her lovers and her friends to get extra power from whatever sperm donor she was getting a deposit from that time of day. Meanwhile I am left home sexually frustrated and out of ideas again so out come drugs then the panties because I need more than a quick jerk off and she wont touch me. I am so sad and lonely and I am hurt that I am only the size of a man as my dick is and people are so shallow it sucks. I mean let me fuck your ass while another guy takes care of your pussy and I can rub against his nice manly cock as we light you up and share a new experience as a couple.I wanted to stick my cock in all your friends pussies because they were so much cleaner and classy than you and I know they had deeper emotions than just big dumb cock attached to shitty guy. I wear panties and want to have fun I dont care if we exxperiment with whatever but to sneak around Yvonne is unforgivable and your friends suck

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