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    When was married my ex's young daughter walked in on us having sex. Her mom told her i was showing her i love her and she went back to bed. The next morning while her mom was at work she came in and got on me and i think she put the oil on it cuz the bottle was out and just as i was waking up i felt it slide inside her. I asked what she was doin and she said she was showing me she loves me. I went to lift her off but she was very tight and i pumped my cum in her before i cud get her lifted off.

    I was still hard and she already had cum in her so i rolled her over and sucked on her nipples and kissed her lips as i rode her until i pumped more cum in her.

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    I'm married, but I have just been employed to work with a 20year old, we share the office space and we travel around together, she has such a banging figure, we share a lot of conversations, I just want to reach over and French her as I get a feel of her dd breasts. I know I can't do this it's not in me, but at times I will be driving with her and I get an erection just by viewing her legs... My wife has refused sex for the past 6 months due to her health concerns and I'm so needing to release my pressure valve. Sorry co it's just your so fine and I'm so horny.

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    I found out that my wife has been putting pueraria mirifica and fennel in my food for the last 3 weeks. Before we were married she was bi, and she says she wants me to have a more feminine body. For about the last week my breasts have been tender, my nipples poke up a lot more, and my skin and hair is becoming softer. Since my breasts have been tender, I've been horny all the time, and my wife has been very accommodating; we have sex all the time, often multiple times in a day. I love all the sex we are having!

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    I stayed at college this Thanksgiving and ended up going over to a friends house. We thought we'd have a modest thanksgiving dinner and watch a few movies. I brought the movies, pie, and some wine. My friend made the rest of the dinner. After dinner we started the movies and opened the wine. I really started feeling good and really horny. I ended up spending the night with her, and we had crazy sex. I'm not lesbian, nor bi, but it felt completely natural and we so did everything!

    I didn't know until this morning that she put weed in the stuffing. I've always gone crazy with I drink and do weed together. Some of the things we did together were very wild and I enjoyed them. All of my private parts are so sore today, but I feel so incredibly wonderful too.

    Now I wonder if I'm bi or lesbian, or it was just the weed.

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    I didnt' go to my senior prom, I ion't have a gf and I didn't really have anyone that I wanted to ask that wasn't already going, so I just stayed home. About an hour after dinner I was in my room looking over some porn and thinking I really needed some relief. I unzipped and started to jack. I was really getting into it when I heard a noise outside my window. It was like something fell against the house. It startled me enough to get me up from my building cum shot to take a look.

    Our house is one floor and I had the bedroom on the far end. I looked out he window and there was a high heel stuck in the mud. I got a grin and thought, well if she wants to see me jacking then I'll give her a show. There's a pudgy, not fat--but definitely carrying few extra pounds--mostly in her boobs and ass, black girl a year younger than I am that lived just across the vacant lot from us and I was pretty sure it was her doing the peeking.

    I saw her light come on a couple minutes later and I made sure my shades where open. I stripped down and started playing with my cock. i turned sideways to she could get a good view of it sticking out. I was starting to get back into it again, when I heard, "You know Billie Jean is at the dance don't you??" I turned to see my mom standing in the doorway. I grabbed my tee off the bed and tried to cover up.

    My mom stepped in my room. All she had on was a very see through black night top, her long red hair was down and she had on a pair of red high heels. I stood there looking at her horrified and amazed. My mom has been single most of my life, my dad took off when I was 3. She took a step closer to me and I got a great view of her large nipples poking up, and I could plainly see she hand nothing else on besides the top and heels.

    I stammered out, "No, I didn't know." She stepped closer and her big tits brushed my arm. Right then I was so turned on that I didn't know what to do. I wanted to run away and hide, but oddly enough, my cock was still like a steel shaft. Then she told me, "I thought we could have some family time."

    I had caught glimpses of my mom running to the laundry to get a piece of clothing after a shower, and I always went to my room and jerked off afterward, but right then having her in my room, all I wanted to do was run away and hide. She turned so the light was fully on her. I could see everything. I found myself looking her over. I've always thought she had fantastic lips, and I have always loved getting that little peck on the cheek from her before bedtime, but that night they were glistening with red gloss, her transparent top did little other than accent her body as it clung to every curve, and I could easily see that she was shaved completely bare. When I saw her bare pubes, my cock jerked.

    She smiled as I stood there studying her body. "I'll make this easy for you. If you're interested in what you see, then come out to the front room." With that she turned and walked to the door, my eyes fixed on her almost bare ass. She paused at the door, and said, "Do not wait long, I'll start without you."

    Fuck! I had to be dreaming, so I thought to myself, "Why not??" I walked out to the front room, and there she was, laying on the sofa. When she saw me, she spread her legs and patted her bare pussy. I laid on top of her, my body easing down between her open legs. My cock touched and she gave a little wiggle and push, and it was in. I laid there motionless feeling her amazing warm, tight flesh grabbing my cock. I pressed in as deep as I could go and her legs wrapped around my body. She whispered, "Fuck me." in my ear, and my hips began to move. My balls were grinding against her as I worked my cock inside her.

    A couple thrusts and I exploded, my cum shot into her, and I felt her legs tighten around me. It felt like she was trying to pull me completely into her, then I felt her nails digging into my back and her tight flesh clamping on my pumping cock. She stared to convulse, and moan.

    It felt like I dumped every ounce of liquid in my body into her, and I collapsed with her legs still holding me tightly. I felt her start kissing me. She eased me off and down to the floor, then she knelt between my legs and started kissing my cock. I felt her gently gently suck it between her lips and the tip of her tongue start to gently tease it. I felt my cock harden as she began to slowly draw it into her mouth. Her mouth easily slid up and down my shaft, each time taking it a little deeper into her throat. She pressed down and her lips formed around the base of my cock, and I exploded, sending my cum down her throat.

    She continued to suck, making sure I stayed hard. I watched as she stood over me and opened her legs, and eased her cum dripping c**t back onto my cock. She took it fully into her body and pressed down grinding her flesh against mine. My hands eased across her flat stomach, the rested gently on her hips as worked my cock. I watched her fondling her breasts, and squeezing her nipples as she rode me. I soon felt her flesh clamp onto my cock and her orgasm tightening against me, sent me over. I tightened my grasp on her hips and pulled her down tightly on my cock, as I watched her squirm and moan.

    She fell forward and rolled to my side and pulled my face between her breasts, whispering, "It's been so long."


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    me, three of my friends and their boyfriends were hanging in my basement while my parents were out. A kid I know came over with some vodka so we got pretty drunk. The guys talked us girls into showing our boobs and kissing each other. Then we sucked each other's boobs. Pretty soon all us girls were nude and we were eating each other out while the guys watched. We ended up taking turns at 69ing each other until we had all eaten each other out.

    We ended up fucking the guys too all at the same time. I had sex with the kid who brought the vodka. I got to see all the guys dicks though which was pretty cool since they all got to see me naked.

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    Sometimes, on a Friday or Saturday night, I leave my flat and stroll through town whilst watching all the stupid young adults getting really drunk. And if I find one passed out drunk and all alone ... I will pull the sharpie from my pocket and write something rude across their face.

    I know it's wrong ... but it's so funny.

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    my husband is a huge sports fan, but i detest watching any sport on tv, so when he and his buddies are out watching the game, i go to our bedroom and cyber.

    i've only been with men in real life, but when i cyber i'll play with anyone that catches my attention. i like to be told what to do, and the dirtier the better. i've never let my husband do anal with me, but in every cyber session, i've been told to fuck my ass with my largest toy and i very willingly do it while they watch on cam.

    the first time i nearly passed out from the pain/pleasure, the sensation was a lot more than i had expected, but once in, i completely loved it, and when i touched my clit i orgasmed so loudly that i thought my husband must have heard, but they were engrossed in the game.

    a few times i've been taken by women. i'm not gay, nor am i attracted to women in real life, so what made me do it in cyber play and on cam is still a mystery. the first time i was talking to a woman and it turned sexual, more like a truth or dare session, and she dared me to turn on my cam. i did and so did she. she was in a leather bra and panty set with 6" heels, blood red lipstick, and had a lot of bondage toys around her. her image was shocking and overpowering at the same time, i found myself staring, unable to say anything. i was fully clothed, but as i sat there in silence and motionless staring at her, she began to tell me what to do. i found myself doing it, and even more baffling to me, i found myself getting very turned on by it. she made me to things and orgasm in ways i'd not ever known before.

    i see her online from time to time, and she knows if she pvt's me, i will obey her. she has had a profound affect on my cyber life. she required me to shave myself bare and maintain it smooth at all times. i was very hairy before i met her. online she told me that i am to be a slut, and refuse no one any request. this is how i now will hookup with anyone that catches my interest, or i guess more appropriately, anyone that see's me. she also told me to masturbate 3 times a day, after my husband leaves for work, at noon, and just before dinner.

    i have dutifully masturbated as she requested 3 times each day, even when i'm out. i've orgasmed on the bus, in taxis, at the mall in dressing rooms, in restrooms, at a lot of restaurants, i've even had to masturbate at church. i've been caught a lot of times, and so far nobody has wanted to help me, but if they do, i must let them. this terrifies and excites me, but i've already decided that i will do it.

    my husband still is a huge sport fanatic, so i'm online a lot. he has no idea the 'game' that i am lost in, and each session get easier and easier for me to slip into my role as slut. i'm terrified of the day that my cyber role as slut will spill into the real world, but i love being used by everyone, and the thought of being used by strangers in he real world also fascinates and excites me.

    i would say i'm a whore, but i have been forbidden to charge. i am free for your use if you can find me--online or in real time.

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    There can't be many women or men out there who have had the same experience as me, but I'd love to hear from any that have.
    Our young neighbour Jack is openly bisexual and if I'm honest I've secretly fancied him for a while. Five weeks ago I wasn't feeling too well at work and left around lunch time. Walking into the house I knew straight away there was something different, something not right, as the gentle moaning coming from the lounge sounded like my husband Peter.
    It wasn't the kind of moaning when you know when someone's in trouble, it was most definatelty a sexual moan. Thinking and knowing your husband is having sex with another woman is just about every married womans nightmare. What I saw as I looked through the gap in the door jam was anything but that scenario.
    Facing the doorway completely naked, sat on what I could only guess at being my husbands cock, was our neighbour Jack. He was eagerly bouncing up and down on Pete's cock from what I could see. Amongst the obvious, the real eye opener was the size of Jacks erection. His cock was huge and as he bounced up and down fucking my husband, his massive cock was bouncing and swaying to and thro.
    I didn't feel angry or in the least bit hurt, I actually felt jealous and incredibly turned on. Watching them fuck one another had my pussy acheing to played with and knowingly that's what I did. All signs of the sickening feeling I had, had gone from earlier. Now all I wanted to do and feel was playing with my increasingly wet pussy and have an amazing orgasm watching them have sex.
    My knickers were soaking by the time Pete made a loud cry of extacy. Still fingering myself I moved closer to the doorway and hoped they didn't see me. Gently as I could I eased the door open a little more and once again looked inside.
    Pete was now bent over the arm of the sofa he'd been sat on. Jack was stood behind him and just as I got into position to see them clearly, Jack moved his hips forwards and I watched my own husband take another mans huge cock into his arsehole. It was too much for me and with my fingers frigging my clit and penetrating myself, I came all over my hand. I tried to keep quiet but I let out a soft cry.
    At first I thought they'd heard me as Jack stopped fucking pete, but they stopped only for Pete to rest. Then I heard my husband ask Jack to fuck him. It is singularily the most erotic thing I've ever heard and it had my spine tingling with anticipation of watching my husband being fucked.
    Jack began to move in and out slowly, building up pace and force with each thrust. Until after a few minutes Jack was pounding into pete's arsehole and my husband was loving every minute of it, and so was I.
    The second orgasm I had, was only seconds before I witnessed Jack flood my husband arsehole with his cum. They'd been fucking for over twenty minutes and I'd been privy to every thrust of both of their cocks during that time.
    Jack had collasped on top of Pete and after sliding his cock out of my husband rear I watched as both men began to kiss each other. That was the moment for me to move.
    Kicking off my knickers and leaving them where they fell, I walked quietly back out of the house and got into my car. Still very much in a haze as I drove down the street, about what had just happened and what I'd witnessed, I phoned the landline at home and waited.
    Pete picked up the phone and he seemed out of breath. I told him I was on my way home and would be there in ten minutes. When I did pull up outside and then enter our home, there was no sign of Jack, but there was the overwhelming scent of sex in the air.
    My knickers had been moved from the hallway and Pete was sat in his favourite arm chair, pretending to watching some dire day time show. I walked over, kissed him and asked how his morning had been, telling him I'd come home because I wasn't feeling too good.
    Tucked up in bed an hour later, I went over everything I'd seen and heard and realised how much I'd ebjoyed seeing my husband take Jacks large cock up his arsehole. I also realised I'd love to see him take it up close and maybe get to feel the same cock filling both my holes too. The whole thing set my pussy off again and with my husband downstairs I shouted for him to come up.
    When he told me I must be feeling a lot better, I had my husbands face between my legs and had his tongue lapping at my clit. When I climaxed it was the third time that day. When he shot his load up my pussy ten minutes later, it was his second time cumming that day, as far as I knew.
    He's not said anything about my knickers being in the hallway since then, and I've not so far confessed to him about watching him and Jack fuck. That's because I can't think of the right thing to say. I mean how do you raise the subject of you've watched him having gay sex, and that secretly you've also fancied having sex with the neighbour. It's not a subject I've had masses of experience in. Hence my opening statement.

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    I love to jack off and anal masturbate at the same time, i can put four fingers in my asshole when its all opened up. then i eat my cum and finger my ass more at least another hour i love it. my fantasy is for a guy to watch me do it and then feed me a big cumshot. i never had a good taste of cum. has to be alot of cum so i wont wonder anymore how it tastes. i know im nasty but thats what excites me. alot!

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