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    Straight Male / 26

    I was 14 at the time and walking my girlfriend Caroline home from school when she complained that she was desperate for the toilet. I told her to go in the bushes but she said she couldn't do that as it was a number two and she'd rather do that in the toilet. I got really turned on knowing Caroline was desperate for a poo and I got a hard on. We kept walking for a while and Caroline stopped suddenly. Her face was red as a beetroot and she moved her feet apart and bent her knees a little bit. The smell of poo filled the air around her and Caroline said she was sorry but she just had to go so bad. I got so excited I came in my pants and I told her not to worry about it because she'd just made me cum.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I've been really happy lately. My boyfriend and I have been together for over 3 and a half years. I just like being looked at and feeling like I belong to him. He has always insisted upon making me feel some way, independent. I want nothing more than to just feel owned and utterly dominated by him. I like being looked at in slutty outfits, and I want him to call me slut. I don't think I'll ever get him to call me his slut but he calls me his girl and princess. It really gets me off.

    Like I said, he never wanted (or wants) me to feel like an object. He would only buy lingerie that was covering (like a babydoll teddy). He gave me a bunch of money for getting an A on a college midterm and I used it to buy a bustier. I felt liberated in an odd way. It was an outfit that I could see him entirely dominating me in, making me a tool of pleasure. Everything I want to be for him. I told him the exact opposite- that I felt like it's something I would dominate him in. Now he's suddenly looking at the more "exotic" lingerie because I've proved that I don't feel like an object when I wear that kind of thing.

    He sent me a link to a piece of lingerie that is essentially a giant piece of lace that only covers the crotch and nipples. He's going to buy it for me and I'm so excited. I've never been so happy for this sort of thing. I feel like it's a win-win here. He thinks I only feel sexy and confident in the stuff he buys for me, so he feels good and wants to fuck me more. I feel like he owns me and that he'll make me his- bend me over, fuck me, order me to suck his cock, anything and it makes me horny. He doesn't have to know. If it means I'll get used to make him feel good, I'll do it and I'll never tell him the truth.

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    Straight Male / 54

    This isn't about me.

    This is about someone famous that I have unpublished information on.

    A number of years ago my father had a small auction house. He was also involved in real estate investing. While on vacation in another country, he had the opportunity to purchase an apartment once owned by the Duchess of Windsor. The place was a mess, neglected and rented out to the wrong sort so he had it renovated. Before doing so he went through and gathered up any and all furnishings and items that he deemed salable and shipped the more valuable items back to his auction house. As the workmen began demolishing portions of the apartment they discovered a hidden compartment in the cabinetry there. In the compartment was an assortment of hand written notes, letters and ramblings in French. He didn't think much of it but kept them anyways wondering if they might turn out to be interesting. I remember him showing them to me once and telling me where he got them from.

    Years later when my Dad died I found those handwritten items in a box describing the provenance and remembered my Dad having shown them to me years earlier. I don't read French so I had them translated. Upon further investigation I found that three of them were in the hand of the Duke of Windsor.

    One was a romantic love letter from him to the Duchess, nothing especially interesting, typical of someone smitten. Another was a short note telling her of a change in travel plans, again nothing especially interesting. But several pages read like a bawdy diary.

    Translated is one:

    "I licked deeply savoring the sweet stench filled hole that has become the center of my world. The sweet hair bathed in her piss surrounding the hole only serves to enhance. My sweet, sweet source of all I crave, allowed me to partake of her holy communion as it passed out of her sacred hole and onto my tongue. I would trade one mouthful of her excrement for a thousand crowns."

    Later it reads:

    "Oh how delightfully dreadful the sweet agony of her nails bite deeply into my scrotum. I would eagerly surrender them to the slaughter were it not for the fact that their demise would end my hunger for the pain."

    That goes on for three pages. I am certain of their authenticity.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 36

    Suspecting my wife of cheating on me. Then having a secret camera fitted in our bedroom, and subsequently watching her on the footage taken digitally, fuck someone I'd never in a million years think of her fucking. A geeky eighteen year old neighbor of ours, wasn't the really surprising thing. The surprising thing was, my reaction to watching him slam his massive cock into my wife's pussy and asshole, over and over again as she climaxed countless times on his huge dick. I became incredibly turned on and began masturbating, whilst seeing him destroy both of her fuck holes.
    On nine separate occasions I viewed them having amazingly hard sex, with my wife slutting herself completely for him. If there is a surprise from her point of view, is that she's a very religious person, or so I thought. A born again Christian who enjoys the whole church scene, and someone who tells everyone how bad adultery is.
    Yet there she is fucking a geeky kid who lives less than a minute from our home. And not only fucking him, but being extremely dirty with him. Doing things she's never done with me. Like licking and sucking his cock clean, after he's being screwing her pussy and ass. Or tonguing his asshole before they kiss passionately. And all of this gets my cock so hard, it hurts when I wank myself stupid to relieve the pressure.
    She doesn't as yet know I know about them. And I have yet to view the recording I know is on my lap top from last night. Purposely spending the night out, I told my wife I'd not be in until close to midnight. The link to my smart phone told me the camera was recording, and gave me snap shots of them having oral sex.
    When I watch it back at the weekend, I'm going to invite my wife to watch a movie with me. Only I'm going to show her what I've recorded. She'll no doubt get all defensive, but I'm not going to shout at her or tell her I want a divorce. Indeed what I am going to do, before having her sit on my face so I lick out her pussy and ass, is to tell her I want her to carry on fucking him, and maybe to allow me to watch up close and masturbate.
    Saturday night is going to be one fun night I hope. Lets see what she says.

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    Straight Male / 39

    My wife cheated on me with her boss -
    I know the affair went on for several months, I practically demanded to hear every detail about what they
    did, where they did it, and how often.
    He never used a condom with her, they had sex many times here in our house(and in my bed) but mostly it was
    an office affair. The nights she came home late and took a shower, made so much more sense after she confessed
    to me.
    I felt such anger towards her at first - she wanted to save our marriage and go to counseling and do
    whatever it takes to make us happy again.
    But I felt such disgust every time I looked at her, I made her move out a couple weeks ago. She is living
    temporarily with her sister.

    My confession is, and I am not sure I would ever want her to know this - is that I get aroused now when
    I think about her and her boss having sex.
    As I lay in my bed alone, I think about him - laying on my pillow, my wife on top of him. I have met
    him a few times, and he is a big guy, so I will assume he is big everywhere.
    I wonder how often I had sex with her the same day he had already cum inside her.
    My wife said they have "made love" in our bed.
    Why is it a turn on to think of her telling another man that she loves him???

    We had him over for dinner once. It was supposed to be him and another coworker of hers, but it ended up just
    being him. I did not think about it at the time, but now I wonder what they did every time I went out to
    the grill to cook our steaks.
    I picture them making out - then stopping as soon as they hear me coming back. Maybe she sucked his cock
    a little. As crazy as it sounds, I get aroused now thinking about what they might have done behind my back.
    What's wrong with me??

    How can I go from being so mad and angry at my wife, to wanting her back, and wanting her to continue
    her affair?
    I think about how exciting it would be to be at work, and knowing my wife and her lover are in our
    bed at home going at it. As gross as it sounds, I would want to be with her minutes after he was.

    I fantasize about her and her boss having phone sex, but the entire time I am holding my wife close
    as she tells him how much she needs him. Just before they hang up, to hear her whisper 'I love you"
    to her boss - I would be hard as a rock.

    It would be so embarrassing to ask my wife to come back home, and then tell her I want her to keep
    seeing her boss.
    I wonder if she would ever agree to that, though.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 22

    So my gf was invited over to dinner with a couple of her coworkers. They are both female and share an apartment about a block from the store where they and my gf work. I had to work that day, but helped her get dressed, or basically helped myself while she was getting ready. A grope here and there and suck on her boobs as she is drying off and before she gets them tucked into her bra. I got my fingers in her honey before she got her panties on and I as getting her wet. If I had another hour before work, I would have thrown her on the bed, but as it was I had to run off to work with her half dressed.

    I got back from work and my gf literally pounced on me as soon as I got through the door. During round 2 she starts telling me about dinner as she's doing a cowgirl on me. Turns out the two that invited her over are lesbians and they wanted some of her action. I busted up into her as she told me how they tried to seduce her after dinner. I couldn't believe how much it turned me on to know the "lesbians" wanted my gf.

    She told me she didn't do anything, and from how she pounced on me and basically fucked my brains out, I believe her. Since that night my gf started asking if I'd like to do a threesome or group with the girls. I jokingly told her "ya sure", but didn't think anything would come of it.

    Well, to get down to it, I came home from work and there was my gf and one of the two lesbians that invited her over. They had dinner waiting and big smiles on their faces. I got about half through dinner and Tammi, my wife's coworker, gets up and walks over to my gf and starts feeling her up, then kissing her. My dick was instantly hard enough to cut diamonds, and by the time Tammi had my gf's top off, I was up and trying to join in. We headed to the bedroom and got down to it.

    By the time we got to the bed, all 3 of us were naked. Tammi pushed my gf onto the bed, and climbed between her legs. I stuck my cock in my gf's mouth and she gagged on my cock and cum while Tammi gave her oral delight. It didn't take any time to get hard again, and when I was my gf grabbed Tammi and pushed her over onto her back with Tammi's head in her lap. This was perfect for her to kiss Tammi and hold her while I got my dick into her "lesbian pussy". She as so wet my cock slid right in. As soon as my balls hit her smooth ass, she started bucking around, squealing, and moaning like it was her first time in a very long time. I felt that bitch's c**t tighten on my cock as she climaxed and that set me off. I creamed deep in her. My gf let her go and Tammi was right up kissing me on my mouth, I could still smell my gf's juices all over her face.

    After a few minutes of kissing, Tammi jumps up and runs out the door, grabbing her stuff along the way. I don't know if it was the lesbian thing or what, but Tammi was one of the best pieces of ass I'd had, besides my gf, in a long time.

    A few days later it was the other one's turn. Jennifer was already in bed with my gf when I got home from work. As soon as I entered the bedroom, both girls jumped out of bed and started ripping my cloths off. They pushed me onto the bed and my gf sat on my face while Jennifer climbed on. This girl was out for something, it was like revenge fucking, she was banging my cock into her so hard my balls ached. It didn't take long and I shot everything I had into her, but she just kept on fucking until I was limp dick and fell out of her. Then she climbed off of me and pushed my gf, Gina, on to the bed beside me. She went 69 with Gina until Gina was begging her to stop. Then she jumped up and took off, just like Tammi had done.

    I knew my gf wanted to go solo with these girls, so I told her to go for it, but if she was going to get with them, then sometimes I wanted in on the fun too. I know my gf fucks like bunnies with these lesbians when I'm at work, but true to my gf's agreement at least one of the girls joins us each week or so. Each time they jump up and run shortly after I empty my balls in to them. Jennifer always fucks me like she is mad, and makes my balls hurt, but none the less she joins in. When Both girls join us, Jennifer is always on Gina when I am fucking Tammi. Jennifer bumps and grinds with Gina so hard while I'm fucking Tammi that she is raw the next day. I think Jennifer must be the "husband" in the couple, because Tammi takes it any way want to give it to her, but Jennifer always rides me, banging me so hard my balls hurt.

    Maybe I'm just a fucking jerk, but it turns me on so fucking much that these two lesbians wanna fuck my gf enough to ride my cock on a regular basis. I'm not complaining this is so fucking hot to me that I fuck them as often as I can. My gf seems a lot hotter too!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 23

    I have always been really shy and someone suggested I join one of those public speaking groups. I decided to give it a try figuring being forced to talk in front of group would be a good way to get over my shyness. It did begin to help and I felt my shyness slowly begin to improve. The group did mention that the more you spoke publicly the easier it would become. They even mentioned to try to put yourself out there and do things publicly that would push you out of your comfort level.
    I was at a beach and a woman comes over to talk to me. She eventually asks if she could take a few pictures of me. Normally I would have said NO because I don't like having my picture taken especially while wearing just a swimsuit. I thought back to the public speaking group and how they mentioned putting yourself out of your comfort zone so I agreed to having her take some pictures. We went to a more private area and she began taking pictures. I was nervous at first but became more comfortable. She asked for me to pull down the backside of my swimsuit for some of the pictures. I would never do this before but I figured this would really put me out of my comfort zone so I actually did as she asked. She was photographing me and my bare ass now and in some sort of weird way I didn't feel uncomfortable like I thought I would have. I really surprised myself when it was I that actually asked her if she wanted them right off. She said she had no problem with them coming right off. There I was naked and her continuing to take pictures. This was further than I would have ever gone in the past and I truly was proud of myself for breaking out of my comfort zone. The woman asked how far I was willing to go. I asked what she means and was told I looked like I was very aroused. I think she was asking about me masturbating. Probably because I was already past my comfort zone and feeling quite a RUSH for doing so I began to stroke myself. I did it front of her and once done she thanked me and left. I put my swimsuit back on and went into the water to clean up. I realized afterwards I did go way out of my comfort zone but also did what most other people would ever do. I regretted doing it but I was also proud I did it. At least that day I let my shyness go away for a bit.

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    Straight Male / 55

    this is my sexual confession. i don,t fuck with kids, i don,t fuck family members. not into the gay thing. sorry no matter male is sucking my dick. my own weakness is i love to
    suck tits of all sizes and love to eat a wet pussy. 2 i will fuck all kinds of women, fat. thin, chuuby, bbw,s pussy is pussy. 3- i love fuck church women come to church looking so nice with tits ass showing. 4- i only fuck white women only, no time for black women who play games. i allways wear a cockring its help to last long . this is real a real older black male that says older men can please a younger women as well as the young boys can.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I am in a vanilla relationship which I WILL NOT jeopardize. I have a duel life where--

    1. i am a submissive slut

    2. i am greatly aroused by the thought o f chastity

    3. i want to serve Women

    4. i love to be hypnotised

    5. i crave humiliation

    6. my flaccid cock is tiny, though when i can get it up its size is lower average

    7. i regularly go to a gay sauna and revel in a cocksuckfest

    8. i often wear panties and i own many pairs

    9. i dream about the woman i could be

    10. i yearn for a kind gentle man to take my virginity and fuck me like a woman

    i guess you could say that i'm fucked

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    Straight Male / 37

    There is a young teen that lives up the street from me. She was going do to do handing out Moromon pamphlets. She knocked on my door. Which I answered in my boxer briefs while smoking a bowl.

    I'm a single college educated professional black male in my late 30's. I stand 6'1", 250lbs, have a muscular build and have been told I have a very large bolbus head on my 9.5" long 6.5" thick curved dick when erect. What she saw my dormant 7" x 5.5" limp underwear covered cock.

    She was a young brunet about 4'10" and 100lbs and very beautiful look to be in her mid to late teens. Upon seeing me she mouthed the word "wow"!

    Before saying anything I exhaled mj smoke over her head. She immediately asked for some. I invited her in. She accepted. She came in I handed her the green she smoked and choked. While we smoked she was staring at my package telling me how huge I was. She asked to see it as we sat next to each other on the couch. I signaled for her to get on the floor between my legs. She freed me from my briefs with the tiniest hands. She held me with both hands as she tried to fit my head in her mouth.

    She gave me head until her jaws stared hurting which wasn't long at all.

    I picked her up and set her on my cock while we kissed. Then I put her down on the couch and took my time easing my inches into this youngin.

    After an hour of coaxing she was able to accept my girth. I could only give her about 3-4in due to her tightness.

    Absolutely the tightest pussy I ever fucked. I made her cum 19 times. She was squirting her juices all over the room. Now thanks to her I'm the neighborhood dick, I fucked her mom, older sister, and 3 house wives and the daughter all of their young daughters.

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