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    Straight Male / 33

    So me and my sister in law stubbled upon that we're both in loving relationships. But both are bored sexually. Well we were.
    As the conversation deepened and the booze took over more we started to confess we had kinks and desires that our respective partners had either declined or at risk of getting nothing sexually we didnt confess to.

    We had always got on. But id never really looked at my wifes sister in that way before our drunken stroll home after an unplanned piss up.

    Angie was intrigued by my honesty about my watersports fetish omission.
    Asking had i experienced. I had, a few years before meeting her sister. Ill admit it was more of an accidental thing as i was fuckin a girl and had cum inside her. She and i loved her pushing it out and have me clean her cream pie. But on this occasion as she squatted and pushed the hot cum from her dripping freshly fucked c**t hole, i was hit in the forehead by a stream of piss. The cum followed and dripped onto my tongue.
    Abby, the woman in question, stood up in and as i looked up was clearly embarrassed. Apologising profusly. However i laughed and said pee is sterile and i still wanted to clean her cum filled pussy. She hesitated but eventually assumed her position. As she squatted she spread her lips and pushed again. The cum came tumbling out, and as i licked it up i felt another splash of piss hit my face. Rather than waste it i cupped my mouth around her bald pussy and gulped down the cocktail of my cum and her pee. I had never been so turned on. I knew it was different from normal as i was now hard again.

    After i had finished up telling Angie about my 1st encounter with piss, Angie smiled and said it sounded so hot and dirty. She could see how it would be sexy. Eventhough she had never thought of the thing she does everyday, could be used in a sexual way. She continued to question why i thought it was a turn on. With no regard to the fact i had never discussed this with her sister/my wife. I had already said i kept it to myself as Rach, my wife, had no interest in some normalish kinks like mutual anal and cum play.
    As we knew we were nearing the villa Angie stopped and looked out to sea. It was dark, the only light from the street lights on the walkway next to the beach.
    I asked why she had stopped.
    "Its still to early yet" she said before adding. "Weve got 2 beers each left and no doubt a few stories to tell" as she turned and winked at me.
    Angie then went on to tell me she had an affair 10 years back behind her husbands back. It was with one of her friends dads. She went on to say he was very experienced at eating pussy and fucking, with his big cock. He had taken her anal virginity and she explained how eventually she became his sub. They booked time away. Indulging in roleplay, bdsm, cum play and even swinging in their year long affair before he died in an accident. I could hear thst this upset her in her voice but she said that she had been falling for him and although she got over it she never felt guilt as her hubby was a selfish, boring lover. Hadnt always been but over the years had become lazy.
    By now we had one beer each left. It was still only 12:30 and we had told my wife and her hubby we were doing karaoke and would be back soon. A legit excuse as we always did when away. We loved it so we never got any suspicion from either partner.

    We chatted more about sex without caution or care, no regard for the fact we were revealing our inner most desires that we hadnt been able to tell our partners.
    Angie started to fidget and wiggle about. As we talked more she stopped me mid sentence to tell me she needed to wee alittle hesitently. I smiled and said "well its dark and no ones around" also adding id look away. I did however cheeking joke "and i'll try my hardest not to get turned on".
    Angies look of slight embarrassment turned into a cheeky smile. Her eyes stared into mine as she winked.
    Now i'll admit, i had never looked at angie in a sexual way in the 9 years i had been with her sister. Not only because its wrong, but she wasnt as attractive physically as my wife.
    Sure Angie had 2 kids but was far from fat. She just fell into the role of mum and housewife whilst also doing a part time job some evenings.
    She mostly wore sweat tops or jumpers over t-shirts. Jeans or jogging bottoms. On rear special occassions she would put a skirt or dress on and a little make up, but you could see it wasnt her cup of tea.
    However this was the first family holiday we were on. My wife my son, inlaws, Angie, hubby and two kids.
    Angie is 6 years older than me or my wife too. This was the 1st time i saw Angie in her bathing suit. Bikini to tell the truth. Im not gonna lie. Im a red blooded make and always sneak a peak at women on sunny holidays.
    This was no different. My wife knew that me seeing her in a bikini always got me turned on. Partly knowing she had shaved her pussy completely bald and all that seperated me from her smooth c**t was a piece of crotch cloth. However with her family being on holiday with us and our son in our room i had no chance of horny holiday sex. Rach used be a little more adventurous on previous hols. Different positions, all over the room/appartment, any time of the day. Even once sucking me off in a bar toilet. Ok its pretty straight forward and normal for this site but you know what holiday sex is like.
    This time though i had been limited to an interupted handjob which never got finished. And she point blank refused to do anything as her parents might hear/ come back early.
    Needless to say i was frustrated.

    I digress. The 1st full day of the hol i saw Angie in her bikini. She walked past me as i plyed with my son in the pool. I noticed she had a major pear shaped figure.
    She wasnt one for the gym of exercise and you could probably figure out she had kids. A few wobbly bits but nothing gross. She had smooth lightly tanned skin and the 1st thing my eyes were drawn to was her massive tits. Under those jumpers and tops she had hidden an ample bossom. The bikini top being only just big enough to keep in the slightly jiggling boobs.
    I could clearly see her perky nipples pushing out the bikini top covering them. As she turned to lay her towel down on her lounger my eyes were drawn to her bikini bottoms. As she sorted her space out before apllying tanning oil she stood in a way i could see her bikini bottom crotch area being eaten by a clearly meaty pussy. Her thighs slightly chubby but her legs showing a nice curve.
    I quickly snapped out of it and carried on. Later in the shower thinking she looked quite nice for a change.

    So back to the beach. Angie and i stared at one another after my half joke half truth had come out.
    Angie tonight was wearing some shorts with a vest top. My wife and her teen daughter had done her make up for her. Again ill admit i had perved down her top a few times earlier in the evening. See her mounds nestle in a black bra.
    Angie got up slowly. As she did she started to undo the little belt on the shorts before undoing the button and zipper. She turned to face me and stood with her legs shoulder width apart. I knew what was to come. I just couldnt believe it. As she started to bend into a squat she pulled her shorts to just above her knees. She then pulled them up at the crotch as she got into full squat. With her holding her shorts slightly i could make out with the little light availible her fully shaven meaty pussy. Large lips slightly hanging down. She was balanced perfectly. She still looked at me with a devilish stare and a sassy smile. All of a sudden her free hand reached between her legs and parted her lovely lips.
    She then softly spoke with a tone id not heard from her before.
    "You can wank if you like. Ive always wanted to see this big cock Rach has bragged about" she purred.
    Ok so without sounding arrogant ive been blessed with a 10inch cock. I workout, am quite tall and am not bad to look at. Thus pulling a stunner in my wife.
    Anyway. I unzip my shorts, and as i go commando all the time, my cock sprang out. Angie gave a moan of delight as her eyes bulged slightly.
    Breathing slightly heavily now as she squatted, displaying her spread pussy to me. Angie spoke again. "Play with that gorgeous cock for me" she asked me with her breating becoming heavier. "Pull that foreskin back, let me see the head" she added in a slightly authoritive way. I did as she asked. I pulled back on the skin cover to reveal my now leaking peehole and head of my swollen throbbing dick.
    Angie let out a moan, muted slightly as she was aware we were in public still. I saw her manouver her fingers slightly. So her middle finger hovered over her exposed clit as the fingers either side still opened her pussy. As i continued to divide my staring between her pussy and face she then told me to stop playing with my cock and watch. I did as she asked. By now i was sure she was going to give me what i yearn.
    There was a slight pause and her middle finger stopped moving seconds before a strong stream of piss shot from her twat. I was in ore as i could nearly see her hot piss cascade from her amazing pussy trickling a little between her arse cheeks. It wasnt long before she eventually slowed before stopping. Some pee slightly dripping from her lips.
    She wiggled her butt a little to shake the excess wee from her. She remained squatting and looking at me with my hard cock pertruding from my shorts. By now the precum i create was dribbling down my cock and shaft.
    Angie said i should not waste it. I knew what she meant. I quickly wiped the dribbles with my fingers before greedily stufging them in my mouth. My cum was slightly sweet tasting tonight. I was ready to explode.
    Angie in the meantime had stood up and left her shorts hit the floor. She stepped out of them and parted her legs so i could get an even better view of her exposed pussy before she started to furioisly rub her clit. I began to pump away on my shaft. Both of us watching and enjoying this out of the blue fun.
    The picture i have in my mind of my sister in law peeing for me and enjoying it after only finding out about my unconventional desire a few hours before, whilst the booze had tsken hold. By now i had sobered slightly. Not enough to realise, that although we hadnt touched or kissed, whst we was doing was the ultimate betrayal. There we were, my sis in law naked from the waist down. Stnding over me as i now lay on the sand, wanking my big cock.
    Angies breathing got heavier, a few little moans with it before she told me she was going to cum. With thst she tensed before moaning loudly into the night air. Her groin thrusting back and forth. But i was in for another surprise. As her orgasm happened i noticed her pussy was streaming with every jolt. She was a squirter. I could feel the warm on my feet. She came to a pause before dropping to her knees.
    I continued to wank as she gathered herself. She looked up and smiled with satisfaction. Still breathing heavily though. Eventually as she started again to watch me wank my dick she sat back on the heel of her feet. " i want you to stand up and wank over my tits" she said, again with a little authority. With that i stood. My shorts now falling to my ankles. As i stood over my bottomless, sex starved sister in law, she quickly pulled the straps from her vest top and bra from her shoulders down her arms before pushing her top and bra down. She then reached in and pulled out one amazing tit before doing the same with the other. She looked up and asked if i liked. I did. Her arreolas a light brown topped with a erect, thick nipple. She ran her hands over then and pinched her nipples gently. Im now not far from exploding. I look down as she stares up at me. I tell her i cum loads. To which she replies i know. She suddenly wraps both arms under her large ample breasts. Squeezing them together. Her nipples erect and hot. She begins to urge me to cum all over her special boobs, cover them in my spunk.
    It was literally 10 seconds before a told her i was gonna cum.
    With one last pump, grabbed and aimed the end of my swollen, foreskin pulled back cock at the big amazing tits on offer. The first spurt, hit hard and splattered both tits. Another shot and hit her neck. I was now like a hose as more hot white cum over the now sticky pushed together tits. After a 6th spurt i wad done. Angie looked amazed at how much cum was on her breasts. It dripping from her nipples onto the sand. Angie moaned in delight and admitted she had never seen someone cum so much. She stood up now facing me. Still hugging her deipping baby gravy tits.
    "Stand there" she told me.
    With that she some how with one hand pushed her top and bra down passed her exposed arse and pussy, before it dropped to the sand with her shorts.
    I stood still as stood opposite me, naked. She kicked he clothes to the side before giving me another cheeky wink. She let her tits go. They didnt hang low at all or sag. The just stood there. A slightly smaller version of Kelly Brook if you will.
    She grabbed her left tit, an lifted it up towards her face which was on its way to meet it. Fuck this was hot. I could feel my cock twitching again. Thst hadnt happened so soon fter cumming, for years. Angie stood licking and sucking my load from her tits. After a few seconds she stopped. Looked back at me. "Mmmmm so sweet" she moaned in approval.
    With that she turned and ran into the sea. Letting out a little squeel as the water was cold. I could see her bending over and washing her sticky tits. 30 seconds later she was back. Shivering and trying to dry herself off. Failing slightly. She quickly got dressed as i too also pulled my shorts up over my now semi hard cock.

    Angie and i looked at each other again. By now some of the sex fuelled booze induced confidence and bluntness had gone. We both giggled and decided to make the 1 mile or so trip back to the villa. We were only silent for a few seconds before i told Angie that was amazing and how hot she is. Adding i hadnt been that turned on in years. She pretty much mimicked my thoughts. As we went on we realised we were drunk but had discovered we could help each other in a few ways. I didnt feel wrong for some reason. We felt if we were careful and clever we could have the best of both worlds.
    Angie even admitted she loved pissing for me. As we arrived we saw Angie husband having a cigerette on the balcony as her parents sat in the garden having a nightcap.
    We were asked about our night by her parents and with the talking it wasnt long before my wife joined us all. Nobody suspected a thing as we recoiled what we had actually done in the kareoke bar earlier.
    Eventuslly we all retired as by now it was nearly 2am.

    This was the start of what is now a affair filled with experimentation, exploration and filth...

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    Straight Male / 28

    An interesting thing happened to me about a month ago with me, my wife, and one of our mutual female friends. Our friend, I'll call her Allie, talked us into going to a weekend convention and sharing a hotel room with two queen beds. Allie has never got my attention sexually before, she's built kind of like a softball player and can't hold a candle to my wife's gorgeous slim hips and perfect tits. They're night and day different, my wife is petite and girly, Allie is thick and kind of clumsy and loud. So she's perfectly safe to hang around. She really likes my wife, and my wife keeps her around so she feels better about herself. Symbiosis, right?

    So anyway we arrive at this place Friday afternoon, do our thing, go to dinner with Allie, keep her company. She meets this dorky guy (we were at a nerdy convention, stands to reason), and they exchange numbers. Again, nothing major other than watching this girl flirt in the most awkward way possible. Saturday morning, this guy (I think his name was Aaron) joins our group and we spend the day hanging out, checking out the sights, getting to know each other. No big deal.

    Saturday night things took a turn, though. Drinks were poured and we all ended up back in our hotel room, each couple on their respective bed. Allie and Aaron start doing a little heavy petting, and at one point I glance over and she's sucking his cock, had pulled it right out of his pants and was going at it. My wife, Claire, and I look at each other, exchange a few glances, and she starts rubbing my crotch. She says "two can play at this game." So now we have some kind of blowjob contest going on! After that, I quit paying attention to Allie and Aaron, other than hearing his balls slapping her ass. Claire and I get comfortable and once I get inside her, I could care less what's going on in the world. She straddles my lap and we slow fucked until I came in her. She runs to the bathroom, I roll over and promptly start to doze, only to feel Claire as my jetpack a few moments later. She mumbles something dumb my ear, then starts to snore herself (liquor always makes her sleep). Aaron and Allie's noise dies down, too, then awhile later I hear the door to our hotel room close, assumingly he's gone.

    I wake up to movement next to me, glance over at the clock. It's been hours since our little side-by-side action and I see Claire's head illuminated by the clock light. So who in the world is on the other side of me, snuggling herself into my chest? It's fucking Allie! I start to freak out a bit, and Allie sleepily says to me, "it's okay, Claire said it's okay if you hold me." So I've got a girl on each side of me, albeit one that's a bit heavier and insistent then the other, if you get what I'm saying. I gotta pee anyhow, so I tell Allie that and she let's me head to the bathroom.

    After I go, I turn around to find her behind me! Guess I forgot to close the door and didn't hear her come in. "Shh," she says, and drops to her knees, pulling my cock out of my boxers and without hesitation popping it into her mouth. I check her out in the mirror from the side, she's sucking blissfully with her eyes closed, twisting her hand a bit around my cock while she sucks it, moaning just a little bit and breathing heavily. She's pretty good at it, though not as good as Claire. Regardless, a few minutes and I go right in her mouth, and she slows down and swallows it all. She stands back up and says in my ear "Next time, I want YOU to fuck me, no condom." She's got a hand on my cock, and her other hand in my hair. She kisses my cheek, I smell my cum on her breath. She leaves for bed.

    I go back to bed, a girl on each side of me. Claire rolls over into my arms on one side, and Allie on the other. My mind is racing, but soon enough I calm down and go on to sleep.

    Next morning, I wake up with the girls. Claire and Allie wake up a little while after me, chat a bit on either side of me casually like nothing's wrong with this scene whatsoever. Later on in the day Claire tells me that Allie was really upset after Aaron left and she'd woken Claire up to talk. She really didn't like her one night stand, it made her feel dirty. Claire told her to get in bed with us to calm her a bit; she knew I wasn't interested so figured it wasn't a big deal. I didn't say a word about what happened, was terrified to even bring it up!

    That's where we are now; Claire and Allie and I still hang out, nothing's really been said about what happened. Allie gives me a little look occasionally when we're together and she's been more affectionate towards me than she was before the trip - little hugs, a little more eye contact, a lot of compliments about things like my cooking or whatnot - but Claire just figures we all bonded since she's doing the same thing to her. My sexy little wife is so much better overall, but I guess if things go poorly I might have a backup, or at least a rebound, in our dorky little friend.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    My girlfriend cheated on me with my housemate...and it turned me on so fucking much!

    It all happened about 5 years ago now while i was at uni and although I'm married to someone else now, I still get off to the thought of it today.

    I met a great girl who was a singer. She was really hot and had a great body and tbh she was pretty out of my league. I didn't really know why she wanted to date me but I just went with it.
    This feels like a total cliche but it's actually true, my housemate wasn't a body builder but was really into weights and workouts and was pretty big with muscle and is pretty good looking.

    First time I brought gf home, we headed into the kitchen to fix some drinks and he was there with his shirt off cooking some protein rich food or some shit. I'm not that good looking and slightly overweight so obviously I started to feel conscious and just got on with making the drinks. He said hi to her and they introduced each other and they seemed to get on great. As i turned round I quickly realised why, she was totally and shamelessly checking him out while he was cooking and even playing with her hair while she talked to him like some school girl.
    Initially this bothered me but i forgot about it as our relationship went on.

    As she visited more and more they seemed to get on better and better and he would always make her laugh more than i could. She would flirt pretty outrageously with him, hitting him on the arm or touching his chest, especially when they were alone together when I went to the loo or other stuff like that as I could hear them pretty clearly.
    On top of that when me and my housemate talked and joked around he would always joke around about my gf saying stuff like "I'm gonna fuck your girlfriend man," "your girlfriend totally wants it dude" and other things like that, which did bother be but also is pretty common in boyish banter.

    Despite it bothering me slightly one night when i was jacking off i caught myself imagining him fucking the shit out of my gf and her gagging for him and it really turned me on and i initially thought WTF is wrong with me because often i would feel really bothered by it and hurt but also really turned on at the same time. Despite this i began to think about this a lot when i jerked off and it turned me on a lot, but the idea of it in reality made me feel horrible.

    It bothered me enough that eventually I confronted my gf about it and she told me that he was "just a friend" that "it was nothing," which i ended up believing and felt comfortable with.

    One evening I was playing a computer game with my gf that we liked playing together and i had to pause the game to go take a dump. As i got half way across my room to go to the toilet, my door opens and its my housemate with his top off AGAIN (this was a regular occurrence),
    He says;

    "guys you have to see this hilarious video i've just seen online, it's amazing!"

    I say;

    "I was just going to the toile..."

    But before i could finish and without a word by gf gets up, follows him to his room, they close the door so its open just a crack and they watch the video and from the toilet i can hear them, especially her, laughing a lot.

    With them laughing together my mind starts to go to that familiar fantasy of my gf with him and while i was in the loo after my business was finished i start to jerk myself off a bit to the thought of it. The same WTF feeling comes over me and I whip my dick back in and come out of the loo.

    As i headed up to my housemates door and looked in they were still watching funny videos together but they were sitting on the edge of his bed. I didn't really think anything of it as they wouldn't have wanted to stand the whole time as my dump took a bit of time. I headed back to my room thinking that she had probably heard the toilet flush and would know i was done and was back in my room, so I kept playing the game for a little bit without her. When i play video games i get quite into them and i lose track of time and then i realised that it had actually been about 10/15 mins and then i noticed something else...there wasn't any laughing coming from my housemates room anymore.
    So i got up to head to my house mates room to check on my gf and still there's silence. I look through the crack in the door and suddenly my heart lept into my mouth!

    They were kissing! But when I say kissing I mean REALLY going for it, passionately. He had his hands all over her, groping her boobs and she had her arms round his neck and hands on his chest and head, pulling his face into hers.
    I stood at the door just frozen, part of me wanting to burst in and say "What the FUCK guys!?" but I was paralyzed with a torrent of emotions. I just stood there and watched them for what seemed like an eternity.
    I quickly realised that I was getting really turned on and found that I had a raging hard on, his big body all over her and her just shamelessly enjoying it, it was just like in my weird fantasies...

    Meanwhile they had moved on and he slowly slid his hand past her waist and down over her shorts to start rubbing her pussy over her shorts. She eventually undid the button and zipper of her denim shorts, grabbed his hand and guided it down her panties, all while still kissing him. The first sound i heard from the room other than really muffled, quiet kissing sounds was her initial moan as he started to rub her clit inside her panties.
    This continued for a while and it was clear she was absolutely loving it, at one she picked up a corner of his duvet and bit down on it to keep her from moaning loudly while she laid there on his bed with her back arched and his hand in her panties.

    This was where i totally lost control of how turned on i was as i quickly found myself with my dick out, jerking off at the door! It was the best wank i can remember ever having!

    They kept going until she had a pretty intense looking orgasm and then he started getting his dick out! At this my mind started running wild, 'is he gonna fuck her?' i thought and at that point I bust the biggest load into my hand and I look back into the room. She's on her knees sucking his dick and it's fucking huge! I hear her remark on how big his dick is and that just turned me on even more!

    At this point she says that I could catch them at any minute and that she should head back so he starts putting his dick away.
    I snapped out of the haze i was in and realised where i the middle of the hallway with my dick out!!! So i shuffled to the toilet as fast as i could to clean up and when I came out of the loo and back to my room, i found her there playing the video game and she says to me "are you ok? You took fucking ages in there!"

    Our relationship didn't last for a really long time after that but she never found out that i saw her with my housemate and that turns me on even more.

    The whole event cant have been more than half an hour but i still get off thinking about it :P

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I had one occasion of daughters friend being around the house all day and staying overnight. the girl was a junior in high school and I was in my 40's. She was a typical high schooler with a teriffic body. When she came to the house, she was wearing an above the knee, red plaid pleated skirt, a tight white button blouse and white shoes.

    She was giving me upskirt shots every chance she got all day long and giving me that little knowing smile when she knew I was looking. After we all had lunch her white panties disappeared and the upskirt view was dark. I could only guess I was looking at her hairy pussy. She had my cock hard all day long.

    That evening, everyone went to bed . I lay there for 2 hours trying to go to sleep and get those visions out of my head but to no avail. I got up and slipped on a robe to go to the living room and watch television. I was there for a short while before she came into the room. She was wearing a very short almost transparent negligee. She sat down on my lap with her left arm around my neck and both of her legs to the left of mine. She asked if she could sit on my lap and watch TV with me.

    after a short while my cock started getting hard and I was sure she could feel it rising against her. She whispered into my ear that she wasn'nt wearing panties and I got hard as a rock. I asked if I could see and she said OK. I slid my left hand in between her legs and found a naked hot pussy. I stroked her with fingers in and around that sweet thing. She was sitting in just the right place as I slid my robe open and was going to rub my cock head around her entrance, and when I tried my cock head just popped into her pussy. She was moaning and her breathing was very hard. She dropped her gown off her left shoulder and offered me her left tit which I started sucking. With her sitting on me I had only limited movment so when I started fucking her it was only about an 1"-1 1/2". It was slow and easy fucking and she was cumming every few minutes. Not a word was spoken after she told me she wasn't wearing panties until i unloaded in that sweet pussy and she said "Thanks, I needed that"

    I carried guilt from that little session for years but I still run that through my head an it still gets me hard to this day after 25 years.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    Just want to get this off my chest but lately I have been thinking about i****t with my aunt and sister s. I don't know why but it makes me very excited thinking about having sex it them. I have exchanged suggestive messages​ with my aunt and get so turned on. I feel really guilty but can't help these urges. For the record my sister are 30 and 42. I don't know what it is but it just gets me so turned on and would love to do it but I don't want to run things with them.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22


    I had an accident in my knickers this afternoon. Well I say an accident but it wasn't exactly an accident but I was certainly desperate to go. I held it for three days and I walked into town to get some things I'd run out of. I was busting for a poo and I didn't bother going to the toilet before I left the house. When I got into town I was really feeling the need to go but I ignored it and got the stuff I wanted and walked home again. I passed the public toilets at top of the high street and I thought about going in there but I was enjoying the desperate feeling so much I decided to keep walking even though there was a risk I might have an accident in my knickers. It didn't take long before I was getting desperate and I was wishing I'd used the toilets in town, but confusingly I was glad I hadn't because the thought of doing it in my knickers exited me and I was creaming my knickers at the thought of it. I clenched to keep control but I didn't make too much of an effort as I imagined how it might feel to be filling my knickers. I was so horny and I was as desperate to cum just as much as I was desperate for a poo. I also had to pee and the combined pressure in my bladder was making it worse. Man I had to so bad and I couldn't see anyone around that was close enough to see what was happening so I relaxed a little bit. I started to pee down my legs and it felt so good I just let it happen and a few seconds later I was pooing myself as well. I pushed and I did about six inches of poo in my knickers before I stopped as I didn't want to make a noticeable bulge in my jeans even though they were completely soaked in pee. I walked for a few minutes when I thought "what the hell" and I pushed again. This time I totally filled my knickers and I peed some more at the same time. The relief of it was so good I almost had an orgasm and I couldn't wait to get home to pleasure myself before the big cleanup.

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    Straight Male / 53

    My son-in-law used to sell 'party favors' to me and my wife.
    I stated working Saturdays and came home the second weekend I worked to find him visiting with my wife in the kitchen.
    He had always lusted after her because she was a sexy blonde milf with an hourglass figure and no inhibitions.
    Her daughter was not even close in comparison.

    She wore only short sundresses with no bra or panties around the house, if she wore anything at all.
    He had brought some party favors with him and offered me some.
    Clearly, they were already very high.

    So after partying for awhile, he left.
    I told him he was welcome anytime.
    I immediately took my wife by the hand, led her into the bedroom and flopped her onto the bed on her back.

    Her legs flew up and I grabbed them, put one knee over each shoulder, and pressed in to lick her c**t.
    She started to protest but was too late.
    My mouth covered her c**t and I thrust in my tongue.

    I came up with a big gob of warm cum.
    Cum was also on the inside of both her thighs.
    She was dripping wet obviously from a good fucking.

    "I guess he is welcome anytime," I smirked, licking my lips.
    She looked at me, her face flushing red, then squealed when I pulled her ass towards me and pushed my hard cock into her hot c**t.
    She was busted.
    Her c**t was so wet it went in to the hilt with one stroke.
    She gasped at that then dug into the mattress with her fingers as I began long-stroking.
    Then pounding her wet pussy, I added my own load of cum deep inside her.

    She started to roll off as my limp cock slid out of her.
    I said, "Woah... wait a second, baby."

    &quo t;I'm just gonna go clean up a little," she purred, pausing.
    "No, you're just fine the way you are except for one thing," I replied.

    I pulled the sundress over her head.
    Then I helped her up from the bed and led her nude into the kitchen.

    "Wait right there," I told her, pointing at the floor by the counter.
    I picked up the phone and made a call as she stood there watching, naked, cum running down her thighs.

    "Hey, man," I said cheerily when my son-in-law answered.
    "Hey, zup?" he replied.

    I winked at my wife.
    "Your mother-in-law is standing here naked with a load of your cum and now one of mine dripping from her pretty little c**t. Why don't you come back with your party favors and we'll do this all together the right way."

    There was an awkward silence for a second.
    He cleared his throat.
    Then, "Umm.. you bet. Shit! On my way."

    He came back and I made her answer the door naked.
    That blew his mind.
    Then I told him to put a couple fingers in her to feel both loads.
    Which he did and which she liked.

    We did some more of his party favors, then had the best 3-some my wife and I had had in awhile.
    We traded off fucking her doggy style while she sucked the other's cock.
    We'd get into a nice tandem rocking rhythm, one in all the way while the other was out to the head, getting her all worked up.

    Then we'd both pull out and switch.
    The one she'd been sucking would lick her pussy while the one who'd been fucking her would french-kiss her.
    I'd taste him in her mouth and he'd taste me in her c**t.

    The next weekend, he was over there again when I got home.
    Only this time she was nude with a cum load of his already in her.
    He and I traded off passing the party favors to her while the other tongue tasted her wet c**t.

    It was fucking awesome.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    Hubby and I met in law school. Formerly with the USMC, he was four years older than me but just barely matched my wit. What I loved about him is that once we got into a relationship we had no secrets between us. He was not that interested in details of my past but rightfully wanted to know if and when I was "stepping out" something we both agreed we would do once in a while, to clear away the cobwebs.

    We found a nice office downtown and set up separate law practices in the same building, owned by a tiny woman who is probably in her late 40's (early 50's?). We know she is quietly rich from her grandfather and the building comprises just one jot in her holdings. She is third generation Asian American with a mixed but primarily Chinese background and being just under five feet tall, tends to wear four and five inch heel shoes. Frankly, I have no idea how she or any other woman manages to walk in those. I'm a natural, muscular for a woman, Dutch blonde, 5'9" and would look like Godzilla in shoes like that. I'm hardly a head-turner but Hubby told me that I have a bedroom demeanor. He told me the first thought on his mind when meeting me was fucking my brain out. I tend to dress male-ish and lean toward lesbianism except for my loving a nice thick cock like the one Hubby swings around.

    Nita, as I will call her here for I.D. has never married, despite being adorable looking even at 50-plus. I was fairly attracted to her, immediately, but felt no return lust energy from her so I kept my distance. She had one of her offices on the ground floor near the entrance and a large waiting room for elevators and other tenants' offices. One day, Hubby said that Nita made it clear she wanted to have sex with him. "Why not?" was my reaction. Maybe that was my way into her as well, and at this point really wanted in.

    What developed was that she would phone him whenever her pussy was hot, as she put it, and if possible, he would go down and "cool her off". She had little pillow on top of her desk and when called, he would enter the office and see her sitting on her desk, her legs spread with her open pussy at the edge of the desk, allowing great access. When he first saw this, he reacted with big time lust and opened his pants, freeing up his thick, upward hooked, cock as he locked the office door and walked up to her. What he told me was that her pussy was fantastic but hard to describe, very unusual and sensuous, slick wet and with a "life of its own". She had learned to control its grip and had subtle movements while he would thrust into her. She said to him that he is a "frown-breaker" and makes her smile "from in and out." He sometimes wanted to fuck me as soon as possible afterward to "sense the contrast" between us.

    I began to get turned on big time by the stories of their copulation and asked if I could watch. They consented and I started watching them very close up, like, inches away. At some point, Nita, feeling my hot breath on her vulva, said, "Suck and lick us while we do it, if you'd like to.

    I thought it was a brilliant idea and began to suck and lick their fuck. I would hold my tongue at the very edge of their entry point, then lick hard. At one point I caught Nita's clit with my lips and teeth and she began to cum, repeatedly. She said, "Ooooooooh you have done something there." This greatly encouraged me, so most of the time I was part of their lust sessions. Then, one day, Nita asked me to take off everything and bend over the desk. I could use her little pillow to lean on with my forearms and elbows. Nita then pulled my muscular ass-cheeks apart and began to rim me with a powerful tongue and tonguing strokes. She would bury her face inside my ass-cheeks and whimper.I could feel the vibrations of her whimpering in my ass. She said that she loved my asshole. I never even imagined that feeling and I began to cum --- also firing off greatly by turning round a bit and watching my husky marine hubby hammering down doggy-style on that tiny Asian-American while she ate my asshole and pussy. I found myself seeking special time with her just to eat her out.

    I would kiss and suck, sometimes bite her entire little body and she let out tiny moans. She had nice, stand-up breasts, and jotting nipples for a tiny woman and I loved to play with them while I ate at her all over. She told me more than once, "We have something happening here." She also loved sucking on my big Dutch teats.

    Nita stopped accepting our monthly rents and we dine out a lot on her tab then bed together, always experimenting. She has become a third member of our free sex family and we cannot believe our luck. She's our tiny, luscious China doll.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I was on my way to north Qld stopped at a truck stop for a break ordered a feed and sat down .There was a couple near me so to be polite I asked were they were heading ? . Nowhere he said car trouble , he asked were I was going . to -------- I said . They told me they were going to a town close by for a her mothers birthday.Can I help in any way? . They looked at each other then he said I have to stay with the car but could I take his wife? I told them I would be taking an overnight stop at ----------- ========== as at my age I dont drive after dark, but I would be glad to have the company. We set off after Id eaten it didnt take long till this I guess 40 year old to tell me her husband would be in the pub and chatting up the barmaid by now. She was a good looking woman not slim but not fat just normal and to a 75 year old desirable.We talked about family jobs and inevitably sex came up.I said being alone I didnt get any but that didnt mean I didnt look, she said her husband prefered to drink and try to pick up women at the pub and she said maybe men.By this time we were at our stopover spot,I asked if she wanted to share a room? Why notshe said we got the room .After getting a feed we had a couple of beers and went back to our room .I had a shower and got into bet put the tv on while Jill showered,when she came out she had a very light nighty on ,can I sit on your bed to watch tv she asked cant see it from mine. Ofcourse I agreed ,After a couple of minutes she slpped her feet under the cover. Have you pjs on she said ? no does that worry you ? Jill not at all if my husband isnt home {he works away] I sleep naked she said.Because of the beer I needed the loo, look away while I go to the loo I told her ,when I came out of the loo she smiled and said nice.You were meant to look away I said as I got back in bed. No sooner was I in when Jill got out to go too,next thing her nighty landed on the bed she came out of the bathroom naked with a smile a mile wide stood facing me then got in bed and snuggled up to me. I dont think words needed so I stroked her belly then tits then down to a warm and wet c**t.She by now had my cock in hand slowly strokig.I love to make women cum with my tongue so dived under the covers and lapped like a cat drinking milk.She moved about lifting her arse up and her legs were never still.Her juices were running down to her arse so i used them to help my finger enter her bum.She eventually came with a loud groan.She grabed me and held me till she calmed down.Jill told me she wasnt on the pill and she would suck me off or she hadnt done it before but I could fuck her arse. I love being sucked off so Jill went down and gave me the best head even swallowing my spunk.We lay in eachothers arm kissing and letting our hands wander, We woke a couple of times and in the morning she asked me to fuck her arse it took a while to get in but once in she told me to go for it. I did we have plans to do the return trip together in a weeks time . Cant wait

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 34

    So after 3 and a half years with my ex. We found ourselves in a bad situation. Our sex life was a great as ever but we had to move in with my parents whilst we waited to move to our new house. My parents were old school. Basically the phrase, not under our roof, still stood firm. Even though we had a 1 year old son together. And with him in with us in the shared room. We were sexually frustrated to say the least.
    I think it was in that period of time, about 5 weeks, we both developed some kinks and desires.
    We could really only partake in mutual masturbation and the odd quicky whilst we lived with my rents.
    We had experimented with many things. From Role play to Anal(both). But in that time we developed some deviant stuff between us.
    The first thing to come up was during a quiet wank session between us.
    Angie was talking about how wet she was imagining the things we do. At that time we both had underwear on. I loved how wet she got. Almost like she had peed her knickers. With thst in mind i had a thought. It was a dirty thought. Took me back to a porno i had seen at a mates house.
    I keot it quiet as i listened to Angie talk about her wetness and how she cant even go to the toilet without feeling the wet gusset of her panties. She then confessed that she had even masturbated after licking her knickers. Something we both loved to do as well as share my cum and her squirt. I was so hard. My fat 9 incher throbbing. In a split second of horniness i blurted out. "Fuck id love to see you piss!". Angie lay stiill and silent for a second. Before quickly continuing to rub her clit under her wet knickers. "Oh baby, thats so naughty" she said with excitement. "I never thought of that before" she added. I was by now super horny. Precum leaking from my tip.
    Angie then kissed me hard. She was masking her orgasm. I felt her body jolt violently as she came. Eventually she lay still. Kissing me as i continued to wank.
    She pulled away suddenly and then moved down to greedily suck my cock. As she sucked and licked she pulled away briefly and told me she loved my peeing idea. I came within minutes, thinking about what may lay ahead for us. As per Angie swallowed my heavy load.
    We lay talking about our new found fun. With Angie being a nurse she explained that piss was sterile most the time and that it may be fun to experiment. She seemed to get turned on by the idea of something other thsn spunk shooting from my dick.

    Needless to say as soon as we settled into our new home. We christened it with more thsn the usual.

    More of our filthy fun to come guys

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