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    Straight Female / 18


    It was a long time ago around the age of 12 or 13 and I have a step-brother he was 15 at that time and I visited him and my dad during the summer break. I slept in his room because we were watching TV together and the channel accidentally got turned on to this exotic porn movie. We attempted to change it but in the end we just kept watching. I just got horny and I could tell so did he by the way he was staring at the tv and how he was holding down where his cock was.

    After a few minutes we looked at each other and He asks me if I want to see it and pulls out his hard cock. I stare at amazement because it was huuuuuge. And he starts to matsurbate right in front of me as I watch. Next thing you know he cums right on me. I laugh and he looks at me confused as I walked out of the room.

    Now at this point I'm literally soaked in my panties. I'm so aroused that I actually thought of fucking him that night. I go into my room and close the door, I keep going back to scene of him jacking off in front if me, it was around 4 or 5 that I was up masterbating. It felt so good, that I had to bite down on my shirt so my moans wouldn't be heard.

    It around 7 o'clock in the morning and I just went to sleep not to long ago, you can still smell my cum. My dad and step-brother walk in and jump on my bed to wake me up. We're all laughing but I'm trying to keep the cover on me because I don't have any pants on. Then all of a sudden my brother ask....

    "What's that smell.....did you..." But then he just says nevermind and a few seconds later as try see I'm fully awake they leave.

    I WAS SCARED SHITLESS like I'm the dumbass that forgot to lock the door

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    Straight Male / 39

    This past week, I found out that this beautiful girl I'm in school with in a local college, is an escort.

    I'm 39, and she's 20. She's about 5'6'' tall, Alaska Native, petite with an amazing handful of an ass, small a-cup tits, brown eyes and a flawless body.

    I don't smoke but I hang out with her at the smoking spot at school, talking and trying to get to know her. She's always been kind of stand-offish. She has sometimes mentioned a buy she was dating but never a solid relationship.

    I found out she was an escort because I was on the back page website. I recognized her number, which I have. I was flabbergasted, shocked...and excited for a second. I've wanted to fuck this girl for a very long time and here was my chance!

    On Monday of last week, I cornered her at school, alone at the smoking spot. Told her what I saw and what I thought. She denied it, of course. Saying that it wasn't her and the photos were not of her. I knew she was lying but I didn't want to push her too far.

    Wednesday, she called and confessed the truth and made me promise not to tell anyone. I told her to keep me quiet, she would have to spend the entire day with me, doing anything and everything I want. She said, "fuck you!" and hung up on me.

    Friday, she called and said ok, she would do it. Saturday morning, I picked her up and brought her to my house. My biggest worry was that I would bust a nut just having her in my car. I let her smoke in my car because I think it's dirty but sexy. Along the way, we talked a little and she told me she was on birth control, some bar in her arm, so I asked if she'd be okay with bareback and she said okay and that I could cum insider her. My head almost exploded.

    When we arrived to my house, I took her stuff and put her overnight bag in my room. I gave her a tour and then I told her that from now until the time she leaves, I'm in charge. We had a few shots of vodka and started kissing. When she was slightly buzzed, it was on.

    We fucked on every surface in my house and in every room. I have a large mirror in my bedroom, it still has a mark where I pressed her face and body up against it, you can still see her lipstick smears. When it was dark, I made her go outside in the cold, and fucked her in my back yard on a picnic table.

    I was very aggressive with her. I fucked her like I owned her. Like she was my property. I slapped her a bit and called her slut and whore. I think she liked it because she fucked harder and she bit my shoulder. I went down on her and ate her pussy like it was my last meal. I had been with young women before but she tasted so good and was so tight!

    We would have sex, take a shower, eat and then either nap or repeat. She was allowed to smoke whenever she wanted and talk or text when we were not fucking. I know she came a few times, but I don't know if she enjoyed spending the day with me. I didn't care. I just wanted to wreck her little pussy and cum deep insider her over and over again. When she wrapped her young, lipstick covered mouth around my cock, it was like heaven on earth. She was so very experienced at that! Her tight, young body felt amazing. I enjoyed having that much control over such a beautiful,young woman. I talked her into letting me take a few pictures of her beautiful ass, her small tits and her perfectly trimmed pussy. No face pics though. Dammit.

    We talked too. Turns out her father is as old as I am. Turns out she's only been doing the escorting thing for a few weeks and no one from the school knew what she did. She only ever "serviced" older men and assured me she always used a condom.

    She texted me today to tell me that her pussy is sore and that she has an ice pack on it. I told her I'm sore too.
    She says it's nice to have someone she can talk to about what she does because none of her friends or family know.
    She also says and that from now on if I want to fuck her, I have to pay, like all the rest of the assholes.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 53

    I have been invited to stranger men's homes to stay the night and I go to bed in a spare room and the lights go out.

    Shortly after the lights are out I hear the door open and a few moments later I feel a warm hand under recovers.

    I lay still waiting for that hand to start playing with me.

    My cock gets hard and the stranger man's hand wraps itself around my cock and slowly begins to pump it.

    I just lay in silence letting that warm hand slowly pump the cock.

    Some moments pass by and I feel the hand beginning to pump faster.

    I imagine my girlfriend watching.

    The warm hand begins to pump faster and faster and till my cock is nearly vibrating.

    Pump pump pump pump pump it feels so good if only my girlfriend knew that I am pumped of by stranger men four times a week.

    A voice in my ear whispers, do you want to squirt now, tell me when you're ready to squirt and I respond okay.

    I am about to squirt and say now.

    The fast pumping stops and I feel the end of my cock warm with the stranger man's mouth around it sucking.

    At the same time I feel that warm hand being wrapped around my cock again.
    It starts to pump it again and gets faster and faster and till I squirt.

    The stranger man waits a second day for my hot cum to shoot into his mouth and a moment later I am filling that mouth with cum.

    My cock is is sucked completely dry and the stranger man leaves the room.

    Next morning he asks me if I have slept well and I respond yes.

    The man makes breakfast and we eat at the table.

    It's time to leave and just before I go the man usually stops me to ask if I enjoyed the night before. I say yes and they usually ask me if I want it again.

    I nod yes and usually I let them such me off while standing at the door.
    I squirt for them again.

    I return to my girlfriend and pump her at the same time imagining that warm hand pumping my cock.

    This is true not fantasy.

    Want to talk about things like this, just send me an email at onassiszone at Gmail com
    would love to hear from you.

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    Straight Male / 27

    When I was 14 my mom came home from a dance one night and she was pretty wasted, she was very giggly and grabbed me and started dancing with me. As we danced she pulled me close to her and I began to get aroused, my cock was growing hard. I started rubbing up against her and she either didn't notice or didn't care so I slipped 1 hand to her butt cheeks and began pulling her in real tight, we were now bumping and grinding crotch to crotch and my cock was rock hard. with my spare hand I pushed down the front of my joggers so my cock was outside them and took her hand and placed it round my cock.
    I thought she was going to slap me as she stopped dancing but then she leaned in and kissed my lips while stroking my cock. I kissed her back and slipped a hand down the front of her panties to finger her. Within minutes we were on the floor fucking up a storm and I shot my first load of cum into a woman. We lay together for a while then she fell asleep and I went off to bed.
    The next day she never said anything and nor did I and it never happened again but Oh how I wish it would.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 54

    From my male point of view, been reading the story,s on this site for a long time. i have a few true story,s here myself.

    I am total into women and pussy, yes wet pussy. I love a women breast, maybe that,s my sexual fetish OK. I wont let a other male touch, suck or will I won,t fuck another male, not into fucking with kids, my mom, my sister or shit like that OK. To each there own, OK. All I love to do, is fuck all kinds of women, thin ones, fat ones and the ones that most males would cast to the side because they don't meet the male code.

    I have learn how to make all female wet and fuck them all slow and deep. Never rush when my dick is in the pussy, love to hear a female moaning as a fuck slow. I love to talk nasty when engagement in love making, some of the words I use are, yes your pussy is so tight or let me help you get off. I am the kind of male that will make love to a pussy the will some women suck a dick, nice and slow. I will suck her tits off and send a hour or more lick her pussy and using my fingers just to make her wet.

    As I have gotten older, my love way have gotten better and wild, love a great pair of women feet that are well taken of, love a sexy dress or that look I see in their eyes.

    Thanks for reading and all ways have safe sex.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 26

    I'm a 26yr old slut, plain and simple. I don't mean to offend anyone so if I do feel free to comment telling me so.

    I'm a white girl addicted to black cocks. This isn't how I've always been, this just happened kind of overnight. I was raised to believe in race separation and that whites shouldn't associate with blacks and should never have sex with anyone outside of your race. So this is a secret I've been keeping for some time.

    Anyway my addiction to black men didn't start until I was 17 and started working at a grocery store. A couple of black coworkers, one about my age and the other was in his thirties would always harass me. They'd say things like "fat ass for a white girl", "when you gonna let me hit it" and "once you go black you'll never go back" all the cheesy lines you'd expect. Eventually this became very annoying, I had a white boyfriend and he had been my only sexual experience and even that was limited.

    So anyways one night closing up the store I saw Reese the younger black guy walk into the men's back bathroom. I followed him thinking I'm going to sexually harass him and maybe he'd leave me alone. So he's in the stall peeing and I walk in. He looks over and is clearly shocked to see me watching him. I say "so are you going to show me your penis". As he finishes peeing I say "come on big boy don't you want to, don't you want me". I got no immediate response so I turned to leave and he says "hold up bitch where you going??" I turn to tell him to Fuck Off and there he is flopping his black penis at me. My heart raced and I couldn't move. He walked to me and grabbed my hand placing it on his member. I didn't do anything but let him. He moved my hand up and down on him, this was only the second penis I had touched and I was kind of excited. I felt wrong, I felt bad like I was cheating and I felt him getting harder and I liked it. I looked down at his dark black skin and gripped my white hand around him. He began kissing me as I stroked him. He whispered in my ear "you know you wanna slide this in your mouth" and he pushed me down to my knees. Here I am a 5ft2" dirty blond, with pale white skin barely 100lbs face to face with a big black penis. He took hold of it and wiggled it around my lips. I hesitated but he used his free hand to grab me by the back of my head and pushed his penis into my mouth. He told me "open your mouth wider" so I did my best. I had only gave my boyfriend a few blowjobs before and he was maybe 5in hard and I thought that was big. So now I'm on my knees getting my mouth fucked by a black guy while I'm supposed to be working. I could feel his penis hitting the back of my throat and as he went faster I started to gag and slobber.

    Reese pulls out of my mouth and brings me to my feet. He says "come on follow me I know a place where we won't get caught" so I listen. The whole time he's leading me trying not to be seen, I'm thinking, just walk away, don't do this, just forget about what happened but I don't do any of those things.

    Instead we're outside in back of the store by the trash cans and he's stripping my clothes off and I'm letting him. First my polo work shirt, he tosses it aside. Then my bra and as it comes off I cover my little B sized chest with my hands. He doesn't even bother with foreplay he goes right for the zipper of my slacks and I let me. I watch his black hands slide my pants and pink cotton panties off. I'm standing fully naked covering my boobs with one hand and my little patch of pubic hair with the other.

    Reese didn't even bother taking his clothes off, he just sled his pants to his ankles and pulled out his member. He put a piece of cardboard on the ground and I just got on my knees and put his penis back in my mouth. I did it without even being told. There was a single light shining that gave us enough light to see each other clearly. I'm doing my best at blowing this black guy that was at least 7in big. It took my mouth opening up as wide as possible to fit.

    Call me naive or stupid but I thought this was as far as it would, go just me blowing him and maybe him finishing by jacking off on the ground, even though I was naked. I just figured it helped him get off. That's not what he had in mind as I soon found out. He stands me up and starts rubbing my boobs with slobber all over them, playing with my nipples. I'm stroking him as we kiss, tongues touching. His hand inches down my white skin to my vagina. He begins fingering me and all I can think about is how wet his blackness has made me. I felt so dirty, like a whore and that made me even wetter.

    He pushed me up against a large trash can. I stood there as he lifted one of my legs up holding it in place with his arm. I put my arms around his neck and I knew then he was going to have sex with me. He pauses and says "Tell me". Tell you what?? "Tell me you want this black dick" I wanted it alright, I'd never been as wet. "Say you want me to Fuck you with my black cock" I shyly say "Fuck me... Fuck me with your black penis" He says "No bitch" still holding my leg up with my pussy exposed. "Say you a white slut that wants this black cock" I say it, I say "Fuck me, Fuck this white girl with your black rod" and then he grabs his dick and rubs it against my pussy. We both are looking down he's so black I can just make out the shape of his dick as he pushes the head inside me. It's so big it feels like I'm not going to be able to take him but he just keeps pushing his dick head in and pulling it out continually. I'm moaning as he slides it deeper and deeper with each thrust. He says "What would everyone say if they knew you were getting screwed by a black cock, huh??" In between my moans I say "Disgusted, they'd call me names" "What names?? Slut?? Whore??" I say "A N-word lover" he slams his dick all the way inside me and I bite his shoulder. "You are now aren't you... You a lil nigga-slut." In between biting and moaning I say "Yes, yes" I could feel him throbbing inside me with each slam of his dick. I had never came before but my body started to shake. I was so horny I didn't even notice he didn't use a condom until he whipped his dick out of my pussy and beat it against me. Streams of thick white semen burst out of his rock hard black cock and landed on my stomach and pubic hair. He let go of my leg and I leaned on the trash can still quivering. He started putting his dick away, pulling up his pants. He says "Rub that cum all over you" I do as I'm told. He walked off back into the store leaving me naked covered in his cum.

    I knew right then, even at seventeen that I was a nigger slut. I've had steady white boyfriends but I'm always cheating with black men. I've had five boyfriends, all white but I've been used by 31 black men. Maybe more, some were at party's where I was gangbanged. Being addicted to black cock is a secret I've kept for ten years. All of these have been away from my little town and I've stayed on birth control so no preggos. I'm a black cock whore and have done plenty of naughty things I'll have to confess.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I'm a well respected, successful married male. From time to time, I get an undeniable craving to suck a cock.

    Last week, I posted an ad on Craig'slist to see if any other similarly situated guys wanted a BJ. I had a taker only 15 minutes from my house. So, on my way to work, I drove to his place. He opened up the door, and was dressed in shorts. We very briefly exchanged names, then he pulled down his shorts and sat down on the couch. I immediately became fixated on his cock. I slowly licked and sucked his cock and balls. His dick swelled to maxiumum size in no time. i licked, sucked and deepthroated him for a few minutes. I then put two fingers at the base of his cock while i licked the tender underside below his head, and he said "i'm going to cum!" I worked my tngue even more furiously while gripping the base, and he began to spew his cum into my mouth. He told me that it was going to be a big load, grabbing my head. i sucked it out of him and swallowed it with relative ease. I kept waiting for him to drowm me in cum, but it didn't happen. He told me it was a 6 day load, but i handled it with ease. to be honest, i wondered if the fact that he had grape sized balls factored into the amount of cum. he thought he was busting a big load, but i didn't find it big at all. since then, i've been infaturated with taking on a genuinely big load, just to see if i could handle and enjoy it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    I just had my wife's large dildo deep in my ass! I cum so fucking hard like this! I wish I could get up the courage to ask her to fuck me with a strap on while she jerks me off.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    All the dominate guys that like sissies should comment on my post it's # 21311

    I'm waiting!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 23

    I'm not sure where to post this, it's more of an experience question than anything else... I'm 23 and have been dating a gorgeous girl for a couple months now. She has a lot of very attractive girl friends too and someone recently told me something interesting. He said that women in an attractive circle of friends tend to be jealous of each other, especially if there is one or two that are particularly good looking. My girlfriend is definitely one of the best looking of the group but her friends are very hot in their own rights. The guy I was talking to said that the other girls will often screw their best looking friend's man just as a sort of, revenge, or confidence booster for themselves. So is this all bullshit/wishful thinking?? Have any women out there done this, gotten their hot friend's man to cheat on her with them?? Have guys experienced this from the lucky position of the boyfriend of the hot girl?? Thanks all

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