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    Straight Male / 32

    Had a strange practice this past Saturday. I am center for my Semi pro football team. We play flag football in spring to keep in shape. We use a field behind an old church for practice.
    We had a few stop by and watch us and cheer for the action happening. I hurt me leg and came out for a while. I needed ice and these two women got me some at the store. Would not let me pay them, ask if I wanted to come home with them.
    Told I was married and have children. If they were looking for date some of the guys were single. One ask where the bathroom was, I told her we used the woods. The path leads back to a bush area and your ok there. She ask me to show her, I hopped over and stood with her as she squatted. She made sure I saw her and ask me what I thought.
    I think your a good looking well built woman, but I'm married.
    On the bleachers we watched the play, I explained what was happening. The women were in their early thirties and both very nice looking. One was built amazingly well the other had a child, had left her bottom heavy.
    Introduced the team at a break time. One guy got them excited, they argued as who got him first.. A more formal meeting after the game he offered to do both of them. NO, we would do all of you, you are not enough for the two of us. We have not been with a man in over a year.

    In time the idea was taking the women into the woods. Would see how many they could take. I started ot leave when one of the guys reminded me I was his ride. he was not missing out on this. He handed me his call phone and said shoot this video.
    We used towels we had some blankets to lay on. The guys took turns and some took one end while the other end was filled. Only one guy used protection and every other came in the women.
    there were a few high points.
    The big line man had the thin girl get on top, she rode him like a fair ground ride. She fucked him for less than a minute and he was finished. our tight end pulled out a massive tool. He had the bigger of the two crying like a baby, Please don't stop, FUCK that hurts. I have no idea why, she must have loved pain. He gave her a lot of pain, she left the woods and fellow helped her to the car. She held her guts like she was very ill.
    he fucked the other one, she took it pretty good. He on bottom and the big linemen ran it up her ass. She screamed and the fellow on bottom wanted out. The weight was to much for him.

    On the way back Darin told me he sent me the video. I quickly made him take it off my account. I do not need my wife or kids looking at that.

    The two women took a total of 14 guys and some took a 2nd time. One took several times, he could not last longer than a few minutes.

    I wonder if the big girl was hut bad and if she will come back for more. They gave them our practice schedule. I hope they do not come back. If my wife comes, that could look bad.
    for now we all have a good idea who can preform and those who can not. Tyrell was full of talk, he sure did not preform well. His big crank he always bragged about, was more like a pencil.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    KIK ME: eleigh879

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    Straight Male / 42

    We arrived back off our vacation three weeks ago and my wife Anitta couldn't have been more happy. That's because on two occassions on vacation I'd let her have sex with two different men as I watched. It was her suggestion on vacation, but it was my coaxing of her at home before we went, that gave her the courage to ask. Watching porn together, where the husband allowed his wife to fuck other men, got my wife very horny and lead to me asking Anitta if she'd ever thought of fucking another guy.
    I got the answer on vacation in the Dominican Republic. We were out at a club and I saw my wife eyeing up a mixed race guy. Having had a few drinks I asked her if she was thinking what I was thinking. When she asked me if she could fuck him I instantly but foolishly said yes. Half an hour later Anitta was taking the guys cock deep inside her pussy as I watched from end of the bed. They sucked, licked and fucked for over an hour, with my wife cumming at least half a dozen times. When the younger guy shot his load all over Anittas face and breasts, she asked me to lick it off. Half drunk, I reluctantly did as she asked.
    The second occassion was on the beach, or just behind it, in an area that I later found out, was where gay/bisexual men met at night (If you've been there you'll know where I mean). We'd been sun bathing, Anitta was going over what had happened two nights previously when she'd taken the younger guys larger cock. She was obviously turned on and when a guy selling fruit walked past she quite blatantly asked him if his banana was big enough to satisfy her (he didn't have any bananas). Once again she looked to me to say yes, and this time it wasn't said reluctantly or after drink. The young guy asked me straight out if I wanted him to fuck my wife. His fruit basket was still by the sun loungers we were using, when I watched him fuck Anitta as she knelt up leaning against a low bush. She'd sucked his shiny black cock to its full eight or nine inches (I'm guessing here) then kneeling down and presenting her asshole to him, I saw him slide his saliva covered cock into my wife. About half way through him fucking Anitta another older guy walked up and I thought he wanted to join in, but he just began to masturbate nearby and was gone after only a couple of minutes, shooting his load all over the sandy floor.
    Since we've been back Anitta has asked me if I'd like to watch her fuck other men. My answer so far has been no. Not because I didn't enjoy seing my wife being fucked by men with larger cocks than my own, but because I don't think I'd enjoy it on home turf as it were. She's asked me on more than one occassion and I think if I don't allow her to enjoy herself with more well endowed men from now on, she'll do it behind my back. The other thing is, is she's insisted I be there to watch and perform "My duties" as she puts it, as I did on vacation.

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    Straight Male / 39

    My wife and I recently returned from our holidays overseas. Holiday sex is always more fun, louder and more of it! So we were already off to a great start.
    My wife went topless at the beach, nothing unusual in that and there were plenty of other ladies doing the same, much to my approval!
    However later in the week we learned if you went back into the dunes, full nudity was the norm. We learnt this as we took a stroll and saw it for ourselves.
    That night in bed we discussed going nude, we had never done it and the thought had us screwing like rabbits!
    So, next day we ventured off with out beach stuff to the dunes. We found a spot, laid out the towels and both stripped naked. It felt great, my cock was fully erect before I took my shorts off and my wife's nipples were hard. It was very stimulating.
    We lay there for a while , when another couple came within a few meters, set up, stripped off and lay down. Then a single female found a spot, then a few single men, most in their 50's put their towels down. We all just lay there , conversations going and ppl snoozing. I was still hard . I noticed the single men checking out the females, my wife included. Which in itself was arousing.
    My wife was hot and went for a swim, seeing her stroll naked for a while before she wrapped a towel around herself, and the men's gaze follow her was awesome.
    One of the older men stood up and followed for a swim, on his way past he stopped to tell me I had a beautiful wife, a naked man with an erection complimenting my wife to me, I swear I was leaking pre cum!
    When she came back, she lay by me, I told her what he had said , she said he had said the same to her in the surf, amongst other compliments.
    We were both very aroused and had a quick smooch, I felt her pussy and she gave my cock a pull. I couldn't wait to get her back to the hotel room.
    We lay there and the older guy walked back up to his towel and lay down, but was openly looking at us. My wife giggled and nuzzled her head into my neck, I rubbed her back and bum, I could see the guy over her shoulder looking at my wife's ass.
    I stroked it a bit firmer , he touched his cock. I whispered to my wife the guy was watching her and playing with himself. She didn't get angry, she giggled and stayed in my arms. I continued to rub her bum, pulling on her cheeks, they spread as I did so . The guy was jerking off fully now.
    I pulled her bum cheek up to show my wife's pussy and asshole to him, he blew over his hand.
    We got up and left. As soon as the hotel room door clicked shut behind us, I fucked my wife hard in the hall still in her bikini, I came so hard inside her.
    What a great holiday!

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    Lesbian Female / 22

    Woah, this was longer than I thought it would be. Sorry.

    The second to last year of high school, I decided on something. I wanted to be a slave to a rich girl, the spoiled, snobby sort of girl who gets anything she wants. Not that I think she necessarily deserves it, or anything. So, after school the one day I went up to one such girl in my school.

    I told her that with no strings attached, if she wanted I would be her slave. I told her that if she wanted, for as long as it was possible and she wanted I would do absolutely anything she asked, and that she could punish me in any way she saw fit if I were to disobey her for any reason.

    She thought it was strange, but she accepted. It started out small, of course she had me do her homework, chores around her house (not that she had many to begin with, but she found others for me to do as well.) like laundry and dishes, bringing her and her friends food and drinks.

    Initially she only had me over at her house after school until I had to be home, then she would order me around in school as well, eventually I was spending the night more and more often, weekends. I think my parents suspected something but they were glad I wasn't just at home on the computer constantly anymore.

    Eventually, like I had hoped, she became greedy. She realized she could order me to do more than just menial tasks, though those did stay the majority of what I ended up doing. She took it to massages, foot rubs. She gave me a maid's outfit to wear (a normal one, not like a sexy one) while I was there.

    But I think what kind of opened the floodgates was this: One night, after her friends had gone home and I already confirmed that I was spending the night, she became bored. She told me to kiss her slippers. Without questioning this order, I got on my knees and kissed her slippers.

    Without going into too much detail, the rest of the night until she went to sleep was essentially her ordering me to do increasingly more degrading things, but never quite tipping into sexual territory. I think she was still gauging whether that was something she wanted to do and seeing whether I would resist something like that.

    But whatever the reason, that was when things got to the point I was hoping for. Ordinarily at school I would wear pretty much whatever I wanted, mostly tee shirts and pants though. After that, the next day she told me that I wasn't allowed to wear pants any more, only skirts. She personally picked through my clothes and told me which outfits to wear.

    Before then, she had me calling her "Miss" and her last name, and calling her by her first name at school. She changed that, and decided I was to call her "Princess", even in school. Which, she let me know the last part by pinching me when I called her by her name in school, and saying "That's not what you call me any more."

    About a week later, her parents had to visit some of her relatives and left her with the house for a weekend. They did this before, but things were a bit different this time. For the first day she had me cleaning the house and doing the other usual chores completely naked.

    That night was more of the humiliating/degrading tasks like before, kissing her slippers, acting as a footrest, but remaining naked. The next day she ordered me into the shower with her, and had me wash her. After the shower, we dried off and she got dressed.

    She lead me to their living room. She sat in the middle of the couch with her legs crossed, put her purse on the floor, and ordered me to sit in front of her on the floor. She asked me if I wanted out of my original offer to her. It took me a while to answer. I told her that that was entirely up to her, and I would continue serving her if she still wanted me.

    She didn't say anything immediately. She opened her purse and pulled out a ring of leather the same color as my hair, a collar, and fastened it around my neck. At the front was a ring with a silver heart tag hanging from it. The tag read "Joujou", which I looked up later and found that it was French for "toy", which makes sense considering her family originates in France.

    Now, I'm not going to pretend that we're actually a couple or anything. I'm not sure if she considers herself to be straight, or bisexual, or something else, and she's been with different guys for longer than I've served her. But starting at that moment our relationship became a sexual one along with everything else.

    After securing the collar, she uncrossed her legs and pulled my head into her crotch. It took me a second to realize what had just happened, and she lightly slapped me for my hesitation. I ate her out in the middle of her living room. Her parents or friends or anyone else who had access to her home could have walked in.

    But I knew that it wasn't my place to care, and she most likely had it planned so she wouldn't be bothered. She nearly broke my nose when she came. From that point on things were mostly still the same. The same daily tasks and she still ordered me to do humiliating things for her amusement.

    Added on top of that however was that I'm there to get her off when she needs me to. I'm not left out though, she included sexual elements to a lot of other things often enough. She has used a strap-on on me, though for what reason depends on her mood (sometimes she uses it for humiliation, sometimes for pleasure.)

    She's only done it twice, but she has gone down on me when she's feeling really generous. She wasn't very good, but I think half of the reason she was doing it was to watch me blush at the fact that she was doing that at all.

    On the other side, which I haven't mentioned much until now, is that while I'm only highlighting the best parts, she is definitely still spoiled and mean. She never asks me to do anything physically impossible or anything, but she will punish me for the slightest things.

    The most common is if I'm not doing something fast enough. At least half of the time when I'm getting something for her I'll have to take a few swats on my ass when I get there because I was taking too long, and she's stronger than she looks.

    Plus, she always knows how to push me when she's ordering me to do something humiliating. She still knows what to order me to do that I will still disobey her on. And on top of punishing me for disobeying her, she will punish me on a semi regular basis as a reminder that she is in charge.

    But that's exactly what I wanted. Whether she knows that or not is another matter. I wanted her to be cruel in ways that seem to only come naturally to someone like her. I wanted to be the slave of someone who would have treated me like dirt anyway.

    Ironically I think I probably got more compassion out of her by becoming her slave than I ever would have gotten if I tried to be her friend. She has friends, mostly people who are similarly privileged and treat her like their leader. Most other people are treated like dirt. She still treats me like dirt, but I'm HER dirt, and to her that means I'm more worthy than the other dirt. Even if it's only worthy enough for some kind gestures here and there.

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    Straight Male / 40

    Not contributing anymore stories. Some of you have gotten way too fucking self righteous and moralistic. Maybe you've forgotten that this is a smut site for sleazy sex stories. Whatever, I'm out. It isn't worth the time and effort.

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    Straight Male / 36

    The little chubby neighbor girl loves to come over when I'm working in the garage and suck my dick. I usually pop her tits out over her top and she sucks me off from her knees. She says she loves doing it, and its our little secret so I have no complaints. With the winter weather she hasn't been over in a while because I'm not out there much. Can't wait for spring!

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    I wrote about a month back about my wife arranging me to impregnate her childhood bff. This is just a short update.

    I really thought it would only be with her bff Mary, but my wife has been asking if I would do the same for more of her friends. This all struck me as a little odd, but my wife is quite serious. I'd not ever know her to want a 3-some before, let alone FMF 3-somes, so I finally asked her: "What gives??"

    We sat down and had a serious talk. She explained that many of these girls, including her bff Mary, were rivals with her in Middle School and High School--grades, boys, sports, and at times other girls. She went on to explain that each of her friends had bested her at some time in some way, as my wife had also bested them in some way too, and that when they would get together, they would always give each other a little nudge over sensitive events of days gone by. She continued explaining that for the rest of their lives these friends would never be able to rub her face in any of those things from the past again, once she granted them the favor of having her "stud husband" give them what they could not get on their own. She also explained that once she also shared them in our bed, then she would never get any grief from them again.

    I was surprised, to say the least, at the diabolical plan my wife had cooked up. I told her I really had to think about it before I would go along with her "putting her fiends in place".

    I thought about it for almost a month, all the while, during our sex, my wife would bring up how I had enjoyed Mary and there were at least 3 more waiting. She even is suggesting that Mary wants a big family and the other 3 want at least 2 children each. She's been picking one of her friends to concentrate on each time we fuck--telling me to imagine Beth's big boobs bouncing and how she's beg me to give her a child. All of these women are fairly attractive, middle class, and do exercise classes together at least twice a week. My wife has been driving me crazy thinking about doing her friends.

    Last week, I gave in. I told my wife what ever makes her happy, but I really do want to see Beth's big boobs, and feel Gina's pouty lips, and feel Tina's tight c**t on my cock. And I've been fantasizing about watching my wife with each of them too.

    It's been arranged that Beth will join us (be our victim) next Saturday. I know this is some kind of sick, twisted revenge thing my wife has cooked up, but I'm already imagining it's her every time I'm with my wife and I really want the other two of her friends too.

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    Straight Male / 35

    I have sex in my sleep, and have had since before I was married. My wife tells me that I will roll over and start fondling her rather aggressively, how she likes it. The problem comes in that we were traveling and we stopped to visit one of her friends that she'd not seen in quite a while. We stayed late, she convinced us to stay. We shared her bed with her--no sex was supposed to be involved, my wife was sleeping between me and her friend, so if I got roving hand in my sleep she'd be the one getting the groping.

    Well , my wife got up in the middle of the night for a potty break, and took a while. When she came back out I was on her friend balls deep banging away. I wake usually just before I cum, and I did this time too. Before I realized what the situation was, my load was pumping into my wife's friend.

    My wife is really pissed, not as much at me as she is at her friend for "letting me do her". The rub really comes in with me is that her friend does not use contraceptives, and it was during her ovulation cycle. She is "devout" Catholic and will not have an abortion if she's pregnant and she's not telling us yet. I have a meeting with a lawyer next week to see what my responsibility may be.

    Happy dream, now deep shit.

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    Straight Male / 21

    When I first met Kim she was in an abusive relationship with Troy, a punk ass skater dude that thought he was god's gift to women and who only seemed capable of building himself up, by tearing someone else down, usually Kim.
    Although I was nineteen at the time and Kim was barely fifteen, we just clicked. She was physically my idea of the perfect girl, short, pale, dark hair, blue eyes, not too thin, not too thick, nice ass. She was kind of a goth kid and I was just a redneck, but it didn't matter because underneath her black goth heart, she was a country girl herself.
    We started out as friends and I was the one she came to everytime Troy cut her down or cheated. I was always available to her whenever she needed to vent. Ultimately, I took it upon myself to make Troy disappear. Shortly after I had words with him, he decided he really needed to live with his mom down in Florida, rather than stay with his dad's in Ohio.
    Kim and I started dating immediately. And it was good. Damn good. I took her virginity, and became amused at her constantly thinking she'd gotten pregnant after everytime we fucked. We had plans. But her best friend Stephanie seemed pissed off that Kim was finally happy. From day 1, Stephanie was the worm in the apple.
    When running me down and making up all kinds of baseless rumors about me failed, Stephanie ran to Kim's parents with the news that I had a daughter (I did, one that I myself was raising). So, Kim's dad, who couldn't be bothered to stop Troy from making his little girl a psychological wreck, suddenly became over-protective and swore he'd call the cops if I saw Kim again. He threw statutory rape around more than a few times in his rant.
    Kim and I continued to see one another on the sly, but those meet-ups became more and more infrequent, to the point all we really did was text anymore.
    I knew things had changed when she stopped ending our chats with I love you, like I always did. Her reply to my ILY's became, kk goodnight or silly -smiley face- night!
    Stephanie had introduced Kim to her cousin, a short, pudgy rich kid named Benny. He tried to dress Goth to impress Kim, and it was quite a sight seeing all that blubber stuffed into a pair of too-tight skinny jeans. But he had money, and apparently for Kim, that was good enough.
    Without telling me we were over, and while still telling me we'd go ahead with our plans as soon as she was eighteen (plans to live together, make a family together) and accepting the gifts I'd send on her bday, and holidays like the sweetest day, she had started dating and fucking Benny behind my back.
    She finally fessed up and was surprised when I didn't call her names or rant. I just accepted it and walked away. But the more I thought about it, the more it pissed me off. I had been there for her, I helped get her out of a bad relationship. I did my best to buy her the things she wanted, not because I had to but because I loved her and it made me feel just a little more like a man to be able to use the money I'd sweated and worked for to make someone I cared about smile. And just like that, because this kid uses his parents charge card to get her an XBOX, a shit ton of games, expensive goth boots, you name it - she says hey fuck you, and starts screwing him behind my back.
    My sister wanted to kick her ass. I said no. Instead I started texting Kim after about a month or so, and I pretended I wasn't mad at all. In fact, I still liked her I said. She started flirting and laughed about how tiny Benny's dick was and how he came after 3 or 4 strokes, just all kinds of shit I didn't care to know. But I typed lol and played along. Eventually I asked for some nudes just for old times sake and she sent me a truckload.
    I really enjoyed sharing those with Benny. Especially the one edited by Kim to say, to Jake - the only guy that ever made me orgasm, for real lol.
    Kim texted me an hour later OMFG! How could you do that?? He's in tears!!! He wants all his crap back now!!! And Stephanie wont even talk to me anymore....
    Petty?? Yeah, it was. But did it make me smile. Oh yeah.

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