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    Straight Male / 55

    I sometimes think I'm going to fart but poop in my britches instead.

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    Straight Male / 30

    Years ago, I had two friends who were a bit older. They had steady jobs before the rest of us and ended up renting a four bedroom house. They let two more friends move in and split the cost of rent, and the house became party central for everyone we knew. Every day, no matter if it was the week or weekend, someone was partying at the house. My best friend and I went over just about every night and drank, smoked pot, and ate mushrooms or acid. That was as bad as it got there, but everyone had fun and felt safe.

    During one of those parties, there was a big game of spin the bottle. Half guys, half girls. You had to kiss whoever the bottle landed on, male or female. The game got weird quick, but with everyone drinking, soon it didn't matter who you had to lock lips with. Thirty minutes in, everyone had made out with everyone else. The only one who wasn't involved in the game was a guy named Dylan, who seemed to be more interested in watching his girlfriend Rebecca make out with other people. He sat in the corner and watched the entire time, smiling.

    A few hours later, the party had mostly died down. There was maybe ten people left. I had been in the kitchen talking to a girl I had hoped to bed when we started hearing strange noises in the living room. We followed the sound, and to our amazement, Rebecca was on the couch, completely naked. Dylan sat at the other end watching, completely clothed and with his arms folded across his chest. Rebecca had her legs spread wide and a sultry look on her face, and she was rubbing her pussy. There were five other people in the room. Three guys and two girls, and all were in various states of undress and standing next to the couch. Some of them were masturbating. Some of them were masturbating each other. One girl was sucking on the other girl's tits.

    The girl I was talking to was weirded out completely. She retreated back to the kitchen while I stood and watched. Eventually, one by one, the guys took turns coming all over Rebecca. Her face, her tits, her hair. The two other girls just looked on as they shot all over the girl. Dylan waited until the last was finished, and then he crawled over Rebecca and licked up every drop of come from her body. I was absolutely flabbergasted.

    Then, as everyone looked on, Dylan flipped Rebecca, unzipped and pulled his cock out, and fucked Rebecca from behind. I couldn't tell in the dim light of the room which hole he was fucking, but by the way she was fighting to get away from him and screaming in agony, I was sure he had taken her up the ass. It wasn't but a handful of pump before he collapsed on top of her, finished. Everyone else just sort of put their clothes back on and went about their business, back to drinking and hanging out like nothing had happened. Even Dylan got dressed and went into the kitchen, leaving her there.

    It's still a surreal moment in my mind, but it happened. No, I didn't act on it or become involved. I watched it all happen, and told the story several times later. Dylan and Rebbeca eventually split up, and Rebecca stopped talking to everyone who was at the party. She claimed Dylan was emotionally abusive and forced her into weird sex act, and Dylan claims it was Rebbeca's idea and that she's a mental case. I still cross paths with her from time to time, and she acts like she doesn't know me.

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    Straight Male / 21

    When I was fourteen, my father got remarried to a nice woman he'd met on a dating site. She had two kids of her own, both girls. One was much older and living away at college, the other was 16 and living with her. So they moved in with us, and the situation wasn't bad at all. My step-sister was nice enough, kind of bookish, and kept to herself.

    After we'd lived together about six months, I was lying in bed when the door opened. My step-sister poked my head in and asked if I was asleep. When I said no, she went out and shut the door. I thought it was weird, but had forgotten about it by morning. A few nights later the same thing happened. Then again he next night. It had started to weird me out.

    The next time she did it, I didn't want to say a word. I lay still and pretended to be asleep. She asked again and I said nothing. I heard the door shut, and then heard the floor squeak as she came into the room. She pulled the bedsheet off of me very slowly, then reached into my boxers and pulled my penis out. I pretended to be asleep, but opened my eyes just enough to see her by the light of the television. She had her pajamas and panties pulled down and was touching herself while holding my cock. I started to wonder if she was doing this to me every night.

    I got a hard on, and she stroked it very softly and gently while masturbating. I pretended to sleep though the whole thing, and I came all over her hand. She wiped it on her pajamas and finished herself off before putting me away and pulling up the bed sheet. She crept out of the room and shut the door.

    Every night after that I would wait or her and pretend to be asleep. It was at least once a week she'd come in and jack me off. Sometimes she would lick or kiss my cock. Once she tasted the cum on her hand. She'd always cum quietly and the leave. This went on until she was 19 and went off to college. I never told her I was awake.

    She's married with kid now, and still doesn't know that I know. I don't think she did anything wrong and enjoyed every moment of it.

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    Straight Female / 26

    For two years I worked for this.
    I developed one hell of a crush on a married man and I was willing to do anything to spend some time with him.
    To be honest he lived right below me and from the sounds of his wife through the vent he was worth trying.
    Shes was 38 and I was 24. I was pretty sure I could have him.
    It was harder than I thought. She was always there and always sick. Finally I started hanging out with her and putting thing into her head. I got her doing coke because I know he hates drugs. And then I got his number from his phone. I became hisbfriend and told him everything she was doing.
    Finally after about a year of me making a mess of their marriage he came over to help me hook up my computer. I just got naked and made him mine. I started subtling putting thoughts into her head that hes cheating and she went into a bad depression because he hadnt been touching her. Then I introduced her to crack. I dont do drugs so I was shocked at her instant addiction. He was at my place more and more. Falling in love with me.
    She ended up in the psych ward and I spent those 3 days with him and I left my panties in her bed. No way shed mistake them for her own. I was also sure to leave some of my blonde hairs on her pillow. Cant mistake that for her gray and black ones. He picked her up and dropped her off then said he had to go to waork a few more hours. He was working his dick in my mouth and pussy anyway and she shot herself. Its a long story from there and no juice parts but she had found my panties. I hide them before even he saw them. Everytging was crazy for a long time but tonight my goal is complete. Tonight I become his wife and we just found out last night that we will have our first child. We are both very happy. He has said that hes glad she is gone since she lied to him...I told him she did drugs long before him and that she told me she gives head for crack and he believed me. He will never know that I orcastrated every bit of it.
    Shes out of the way so...however it had to be done.

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    Lesbian Female / 19

    I have had thoughts of suicide and self harm weekly, if not daily, since i was 13. I just got help from my doctor, and the placebo effect of the anti depressant has worm off and now i feel just as bad as i did before. I was never truly suicidal, because i would instantly talk myself out of it. But i'm scared that i may be getting to that point

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    Straight Female / 25

    Ok, I didn't lose my virginity until I was 23. But pretty much straight away I became a huge slut. I fucked every guy I could, I gave blowjobs every time I went out to a club or a party. 2 years latter I still do it, I've lost count of how many strangers I fucked.
    I usually have sex with some stranger in the bathrooms or round the back in some alley & I don't try to stop them when they press it into my ass. I've even got fucked by homeless guys there.
    I'm not ashamed, I'm making up for lost time.

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    Straight Female / 25

    I'm addicted to cum. I live in Red Deer AB and I want more cum. More specifically I want it in my horny pussy.
    If there are any men looking to unload a big load email me and we can find a way to meet up.

    I am disease free so don't worry there. And there's one other naughty thing I'd like to try, and that's to have you pee inside me. And old boyfriend did it to me once (and I secretly loved it)


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    Straight Female / 23

    Last night for the first time in over 3 months I was with someone. To feel the touch and caress of another human was more than I had ever hoped to have again in my life. She was so caring, gentile, and understanding; she is my angel and my Batibat.

    My soul is filled with darkness and my desire seek that which is most abhorrent. The beast and Lilith now posses me and despair follows my desire. I am lost and seduced by beasts and woman; the whore of the unnatural; dirty.

    I am sorrow and filth.

    (18335 19166)

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    Straight Male / 51

    My niece came to live with my wife and myself, she was only my niece through marriage.
    She was in her last year at school and she was very pretty , I used to pick her up from school and her uniform was so short..when we would get home she would sit on the lounge as soon as my wife would leave the room she would open her legs and show me the damp spot on her panties . She would just smile as she could see my dick enlarge ..
    My wife went to bed early one night and my niece was in a little satin nighty , I was watching tv and she went to the toilet and on her way back into the room she placed the sexist little lace panties on my lap.
    She then sat across from me and opened her legs , she was bald zero nothing , she asked if I would like a taste .
    I just nodded she pushed those pussy lips right on my face it was sooo smooth ..
    She loved giving me blow jobs she would slurp up every drop ...
    She's now milking cows on a dairy farm instead of me .

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    Straight Male / 32

    Last month i was woken up by a blow job. My wife went out with friends that night and thought it was her. It was itch black in the room but had a feeling it wasnt her went i felt her get on top of me and worked my cock inside her pussy. It was to tight to be my wife and she always puts a condom on me first.wont lie it was great. But when she went to get off me i was close to climaxing so i pushed her to her back and put my cock back inside her and cuming inside her pussy. It was our 12 year old daughter and not on any birth control.

    Luckly she didnt get pregnant but weve been screwing 4-5 times a day while her mom is at work. I want to quit but she feel so good. Way better than the wife and shes around more and her breast a lil bigger than her mothers.

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