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    Straight Female / 39

    During my teens my father was stationed in Puerto Rico. We rented a small house on a beach for the weekends. Next to the place we rented lived a retired navy man in a small trailer. Having just gone through puberty I had tits that were bigger than normal for girls my age and my hips had flared out.

    We went to the beach on a Saturday and my mother left me to look after my two younger sisters. The man next door came over to talk with me, my sisters were watching tv and he started to reach for my crotch and telling me to let him because I was going to like it. I evaded him as much as I could but he pinned me against the kitchen counter and started to touch me and grab me with his whole hand and to tell me that what my pussy needed was some dick. He opened his pants and pulled out his dick and started to poke me against my belly and asking me if I wanted it in my pussy. He started to kiss me and grabbed me by the butt and pulled me up to him so his dick was against my pussy and told me how much I was going to like it. My shorts went down and so did my panties and have lifted against the counter, he put his dick inside of me while my sisters watched tv.

    When he finished he told me I was his woman and not to wash it out because he wanted me to go to sleep that night thinking of him. When he left he reminded me that I was his woman now and he expected me to come see him when I came to beach and he was always going to be waiting for me.

    Whenever we went to the beach, I waited for the opportunity and I snuck across the back yard and went to see him. Ten or fifteen minutes, but enough time for sex. I got pretty good at it, sometimes we had sex on the bed, and other times he sat in a chair and I would straddle him and let myself down on him. Sometimes we could hear my sisters playing outside or my parents talking on the porch. I made sure that I wasn't gone too long and they never caught me.

    When I got to college I went back to our home state to go to school. I never had a boyfriend or got close with anyone. When I went back to my parents I was older now so sneaking out was easier and I spent most of the time with him. During my senior year in college he passed away from a heart attack and my world crashed around me. No one knew why, I went into depression and failed the semester and dropped out of college. I had to get a job and took a job as a clerk in an auto dealership.

    From there I got another job at a large company. A week after I got there one of the men who worked there talked to me and sat beside me in the lunch room and followed me to the train station and talked to me and told me that I was nice and he wanted to get to know me. He asked me if I had a boyfriend, and when I said no he wanted to confirm that I wasn't gay, I told him no. When the train came and I was getting on he ran his hand all over my rear, I turned to him but I couldn't do anything, he looked at me and told me he wanted a piece of my ass.

    He walked with me several afternoons to the train and talked about the company and other stuff and every chance he got he put his hands on me and the he stole a kiss and grabbed me hard and held me and his hand slipped down my back to rub my butt while he kissed me. I knew the feeling, I didn't stop him and let him kiss me as long as he wanted. He got on the train with me and went to my apartment and had sex with me. I was about to turn 25 and he was 51. I became his girlfriend.

    The complication was that he was married, so we had sex at my apartment a couple of more times, usually we went to this motel to have sex at lunch. Things at work were complicated so he helped me get another job and to move to closer apartment so he could see me before he went home. Slowly I became the other woman. When I chose to get pregnant all pretenses stopped and I officially became his other woman, in another house, with other kids.

    At times I was jealous of his wife, never about sex, I wanted him to have sex with her, it was more about time. There are so many days that not being with him sucked. I understood that as the other woman she had first choice. Still, I would get very jealous. It was never her fault, and I never made a scene. I lived the life of the other woman, with my two kids, and when he was with me I took advantage of it. Sex always came first, when you don't live with him you have unlimited desire for sex. After sex was when we were more a normal family.

    My man is 65 now and I am 39. Being the other woman is hard and I don't recommend it unless you are so madly in love that having him part time is better than not at all.

    My two loves have been older men, I don't know what life would be like with a man more my age. I don't want to find out. I don't think I could get along.

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    Straight Male / 49

    I am a married guy in the 440 area in ohio.I have shared my wife with a few friends around 15 years ago.I enjoyed watching them fucking her and hear her cumming.I hope to maybe find some new friends to help me to set her up and get her fucking.I would tell her that they are new fishing buddies I fish with and let take a few mounths for her to get to know them and to trust them.Then we can put somthing to gether and get her laid.The first time she was fucked by another guy was a friend of mine. she liked and said if we got her a little drunk she would fuck him Well he had a very good time fucking my wife and I got a very hot show to watch and enjoy it.I hope I can find some new friends near the north west 330&440 area in Oh.or N.W.Pa Area.Like to hear from other guys that are into sharing their wives and might need a new friend too.


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    Straight Female / 40

    Three weeks ago it was my 40th birthday and for an extra nice present, my husband booked us a short break to an island I adore. It was all done in secret, and I only knew I was going when I actually was shown the tickets the morning of the flight.
    We arrived around mid afternoon and straight away I felt relaxed and ready for having a great time. Going out on the first night to a wonderful restaurant, my husband gave me a beautiful necklace and a diamond ring. He also said there was a surprise waiting for me back at our expensive hotel.
    I'd had nearly two bottles of wine by the time we got back to our hotel room, and as soon as I entered I saw the two young men sat naked watching some porn on the large wall mounted tv. I turned to my husband who smiled and said "Happy birthday honey, they're all yours".
    It is something we've always spoken about, our fantasies that is, and one of mine was to have sex with two well endowed men at the same time.
    Whether it was the wine or just seeing their huge cocks being stroked, I forgot where I was, who was with me and why I was there. Letting my dress fall from my body and slipping off my panties (I don't ever wear a bra) I walked straight over to the two young men and took each of their cocks into my hands. Turning to my husband I was about to say something, but I saw he too had stripped and was sat watching me as he played with his cock. So looking back at the two men, I lowered my head and took one of their cocks into my mouth.
    Over the next three hours, I was licked, tongued, fingered, played with and fucked in all my holes. My jaw ached from sucking on cock after cock after cock, My pussy was so wet from being licked tongued and fucked, I swear I thought I was peeing all the time, when in fact I was constantly cumming. My asshole was fucked mercilessly, even when I had trouble taking both cocks at the same time up my rear hole. And during the whole thing, my husband watched and smiled. He only joined in when I was being doubly fucked anally, and only then to feed me his cock to suck.
    By the time both of the young men had cum in or over me for the third time, I was totally worn out. A sexually happy worn out, but knackered all the same.
    I watched my husband pay the two young men and learned they perform their service only for well paying guests. It was only the following day I learned they were waiters and bar staff at the hotel. When they'd gone my husband asked if I'd like to shower and stood in the huge walk in shower I let the water flow over me. My husband walked in behind me, cupped my small breasts from behind, and I then felt him enter my asshole. He kissed my neck as he slowly fucked me, telling me how much he loved me and that he'd enjoyed watching me having so much fun with the guys. When he came deep inside me I felt a little guilty about fucking other men in front of him, but my husbands took any guilt away by saying "They're available tomorrow night too".
    If anything the second night was even more debauched than the first. We placed no barriers to what could happen and I just went with the flow of our sexual time together. Again I was fucked numerous times in my mouth, pussy and ass. And again I had an amazing time having sex with all three men this time. My husband did join in and lead the way when it came to having the two young men fuck me. If it was at all possible, I swear he was getting just as much enjoyment from seeing me being fucked so hard and for so long.
    The flight back home two days later (We had a day to ourselves on the last day) was uncomfortable. Not from the flight, but because my pussy and ass were sore. I might not had had the two young men return to fuck me the night before we left, but my husband sure had me mounting his rock hard cock most, if not all of the night. A little blue pill helped him out there. One he got from one of the young men during the afternoon we spent near the pool.
    Back at home we spoke about what had taken place on the island and I agreed with my husband, it was a one off, a special birthday present. But as the weeks have gone on, I've found myself wanting to have that kind of sex again. And have even found myself checking out younger men when I'm out and about. Only the other day, I found I was being chatted up directly after I'd opened a conversation with a twenty year old guy at a cafe. I asked him if he was dating anyone, when he answered by telling me he wouldn't mind fucking me, I very nearly invited him back to our home knowing my husband wasn't going to home until well past midnight. The only thing that stopped me was our agreement it was a one off, but it took all my resolve not to say yes to his suggestion.
    So that's where I'm at right now. Knowing I'd love to have more of the kind of sex I had on our short break, but also knowing my husband and I agreed it was to be a one off occasion.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    This confession is taken from my diary (But altered to fit this site), a diary I add to every day.
    Looking into my own bedroom watching my wife being fucked by two men, I had one of three choices to make. Walk out and leave them to it. Chance my arm in trying to beat them up (Not much chance considering who they were) Or my final choice and the one I made, walk into the room and see where it lead.
    Both men were known to me and both men are renowned for their violence. They're much larger than me in every way, as they both earn their living in security (Enough said). When I entered the room, Craig the oldest of the two smiled at me and told me my wife was one hell of a slut. At that time she was sucking on his cock whilst having Gary's cock thrust up her pussy from behind. He turned round when Craig made his comment, and he too smiled at me.
    They knew my wife wasn't with me because of my looks or the size of my cock. And they also knew when I was going to be around as they have performed tasks for me in the past. As for Melissa my twenty four year old beautiful blonde wife, she stopped sucking Craig's cock, looked in my direction and said "You might as well watch and learn how to fuck a woman".
    Taking her cue, I walked over to the bedside chair and sat down. It gave me a side on view of the two men sexually engaged with my wife and it also allowed me to see just how big both men's cocks were. Knowing I was now watching her being fucked, my wife removed Craig's cock again, then told Gary to lay on his back. Melissa then mounted Gary's enormous cock and let it slide all the way in before she said to Craig "Let him see just how much of a slut I can be".
    Gary had begun to fuck my wife, when Craig got up behind her, plugged her arsehole with two fingers first, then removing them, he thrust his cock in one go, straight up Melissa's bum.
    They fucked and fucked, double fucking my wife for over ten minutes. Each time I moved to obscure the scene a little, Melissa would catch me doing it and order me to watch. Then without wanting to, I became erect. She noticed that too, as did Craig. He told me to undress, but I sat still, so Melissa shouted at me to strip. Now naked, sporting an erection not even half the size of either man, Melissa said through heavy breaths "Now you know why I've been fucking these guys for over a year". Just after she said it, she orgasmed like I'd never seen before. She was shaking so much and moaning out loud, I thought at first they were hurting her. I went to say something, but Gary looking sideways to me told me to "Shut the fuck up small dick".
    It was no more than a minute later, in a seemingly joined fashion, I watched both men fill my wife's orifices together. They all separated and I thought I was going to just walk out. Melissa had other ideas. With Gary and Craig lay on their backs, Melissa told me she needed cleaning up. I didn't move because I didn't have any towels. When she saw the look on my face, she said "Use your tongue and lick up their cum from my holes, and make fucking sure you don't leave any".
    In between Gary and Craig, I got on my own bed, spread my wife's legs and began to tongue her pussy and arsehole. They were absolutely drenched in cum, but seeing my wife was getting pleasure from ridiculing me and from my tongue lapping away at her pussy and arse, I carried on.
    Melissa had another orgasm with my tongue flicking over her clit. I'd licked and sucked up all of their cum by then and by then I'd strangely begun to like the taste. Finishing off her orgasm, Melissa looked down at me and told me to "Look after the boys". It was their turn to look a little uncertain, but my wife's new found strength telling them to let me suck off their cum from their cocks, soon had them encouraging me to do so.
    Each man held my head as I licked and sucked on their cocks. I cleaned every inch of both cocks, taking turns to suck in their flaccid lengths. But they weren't flaccid for long. It was Craig who told Gary to fuck Melissa again, because as he put it "I'm going to get this wimp to suck me off".
    So as I took my wife's lovers cock into my mouth, to begin a blow job I'd never had envisaged me performing, I watched Gary spoon Melissa and insert his cock up her recently tongued bottom.
    Stood in the shower with the taste of Craigs cum still swimming around in my mouth, I let my wife enter. She kissed me and thanked me for not making any fuss. In turn I said thank you for her introducing me to, and letting me join in with her two way pleasure.
    Craig and Gary left our home with a promise of future sex and also a contract to earn some money. End of Diary entry.
    I've kept to that contract with the two boys, employing them in their capacity of strength and physical aptitude. I've also enjoyed their company sexually alongside my wife over this past four months. Although their cocks haven't been the only ones to have fucked Melissa, since my emergence as a cuckold for her.
    Melissa has been extremely grateful of late, and has allowed me to indulge further with one of her latest men. He's a true bisexual man with a very thick, if not too long of a cock. After I've watched him service my wife's pussy and arsehole, and I've taken care of them both, he's with Melissa's permission been able to fuck my arsehole too. It's a whole new experience for me and something I might explore on my own. But then again why should I, when I can have it all in one place.

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    Straight Female / 20

    On a camping expedition in my mid teens, I went with a girlfriend of mine, her dad and her brother. Things went bad and we lost one of the canoes and most of our gear. We had left one sleeping bag, no tent, our back packs and little else. It was miserable and at night it cooled down quite a bit, must have been low 40s. The decision was for my girlfriend and I to share the sleeping bag and the guys would rough it.

    It was not so dark, lots of starlight, but the guys had fallen asleep and we were snuggled up in the sleeping bag. She turned around so she was facing me and started to feel up my boobs. At first it was like touching them, and then putting her whole hand on them, and then groping them. I told her that hurt, so he she backed off and just felt them up. She put her hands under my shirts and got them up to my boobs and she played with my boobs for a long time. After a while I started touching her boobs and we played with each other, not saying a single word.

    I got the desire to touch her between her legs, I had never touched another girl there, I slipped my hand down, into her pants and pushed my fingers into her. She had to unbuckle her belt, and unzip and open her pants so I could feel her up. Her legs opened up and I worked one and then two fingers into her and finger fucked her a bit. She put her arms around my neck and held on while I fingered her. I undid my pants so she could finger me and we lay there in that sleeping bag for the longest time fingering each other. She started on my clit and I started to zoom, asking for more with my hips, and she locked her lips on to my neck and she got me to the point where I had an orgasm.

    I laid back in her arms and let her kiss me and we traded tongue. I whispered to her that I wanted to go down on her, but we decided not to because we were afraid the guys were going to wake up. She did let me kiss and suck on her boob a little, but it was uncomfortable in the sleeping bag, so we went back to fingering each other. She whispered for me to give he an orgasm, so I found her clit and got completely on top of her and locked on to her lips and fingered her clit with my thumb and index finger and soon she was responding and she had a long orgasm.

    We pulled out pants back up and lowered our shirts and put our arms around each other and fell asleep.

    The next morning her dad asked how we slept, and we told him, we slept really well, because we were so tired and cold from the day before. My girlfriend noticed the mark on my neck and pushed my collar up to cover it.

    We are not gay, but we do sometimes get together for some fun under the covers.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I am a older married bi curious guy and would love to find a nice married couple with a bi curious husband to be friends with.Love to find theese new friends in 440&330 area in N.E.Ohio.If anyone couples and others that would like to be friends and help me with this would be awesome.

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    Straight Male / 31

    I was over at my neighbors house and it was just the husband and wife there. We had a few drinks and the wife got playful and tried to pull my pants down. She was semi successful and saw my ass. I quickly pulled them back up. Her husband shouted that she wants to see my cock and for me to just show her what she wants to see. I had always wondered how she would react if I flashed her. Well I now had the opportunity and didn't think I ever would again so I took my pants off along with everything else I was wearing and was dancing naked in front of them. The husband shouted for the wife to show us some pussy. She got up and began to take her clothes off too. The 2 of us were dancing naked and her husband was laughing his head off. His wife tried to get him to join us but he refused. His wife and me were grinding against each other as we danced. Her husband was drunk and continued to laugh and didn't mind us doing what we were doing. He left to go to the bathroom at one point and me and his wife continued to grind against each other. She was slightly bent over and had me get behind her. My cock was rubbing against her pussy now and she didn't seem to mind. I decided I would see what she would do if I tried to put it and she was very receptive and put up no resistance. We began fucking but when we heard toilet flush she quickly pulled away to stop us. It was getting late and they said they better get to bed. We got dressed and I was getting ready to leave. His wife gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered that we would have to finish what we started sometime when her husband wasn't around. With that we all said goodbye and I left.

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    Straight Female / 35

    I was pretty young at the time. There were several of us at my aunt's house watching tv. My older boy cousin came over and pushed me off the couch to the carpet and started kissing me. He put his hand between my legs and rubbed me until I stopped fighting and let my legs open so he could rub me. He rubbed me for a long time, while my sister and my other cousins watched. Then he put his face between my legs and blew hot air into my vagina. He held my legs open and rubbed his face into me while he continued to blow hot air.

    As often as I could after that I would get on him until he would rub his face in my vagina. If I had a skirt on he would lift my legs and open then and close them, and close them and push them over my head. Sometimes, if he was laying on the carpet, I would lay down beside him and put my hands over his bulge and lay my head on my hands and feel his erection grow. I also put my mouth around his erection through his pants.

    We were nasty kids, by the time I got real sex I had already experienced a thousand orgasms.

    My sister confessed to me that she would rub herself while she watched. My younger cousins didn't realize that there was a lot of presex going on right in front of them.

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    Straight Male / 21

    Hi jeffree

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 36

    My husband, going back to when we first met and dated, has always insisted on having the freedom to see other women. A one way street, I wasn't ever given any permission to see other men. He lived with me and sleeps with me with me and many times another woman slept with us. Many times I helped him have sex with the other woman, and many times I waited for his penis to pull out so I could take it in my mouth and lick all of the woman's juices off of him. If I misbehave or do anything without permission, I knew I would be spending the night with some other woman.

    Don't misunderstand, I know he is the man and I know I am his and he is free to do anything he wants with me and he is free to be with any other woman he wants. I am the woman that he lives with and I am the woman that takes care of him.

    Three yeas ago he met this girl, her name is Vivian, she is now 19. He has brought her to the house for me when she was 17, I am supposed to look after her because her mother is an alcoholic and drug addict. I feed her and dress her. He insists she is my full responsibility, no one, absolutely no one is to touch her. I am 100% sure she is virgin, although I don't know how considering where she was. She is to remain 100% virgin until he calls for her. She sleeps on my side of the bed with me and when he has a woman over, I put her upstairs with my daughter.

    The other night he asked me for a description of her, I told him I don't go around poking in her pussy, she just has a normal pussy, she is Latina so her pussy is dark and she has lots of hair. He saw her pussy through her panties, but not her bare ass. He has seen her tits which are sort of normal, I can hold them easily in my hands, her nipples are largish and they get very hard when I hold them at night.

    She likes to be kissed by him. I give her an orgasm several times a week so she doesn't go looking for anyone. I don't use any dildos or anything like that, I don't want to insert anything in her until he is ready for her.

    I have developed pretty deep feelings for her, it makes me feel good when he kisses her. She has been in bed with us when he decides to get horny with me. If another woman is in house, I send her to sleep with my daughter.

    He told me he is getting ready for her, he has waited three years and he can't hold out much longer. I want to be with her when her day comes. She is ready, she has told me many times, when we play so she can have an orgasm, we talk about her day and when it is coming.

    I told her I would bathe her and make sure her hair was smooth and clean, and I would help her get ready for him for her day. The day is coming soon, he looks at her now. I can feel it. In a way I don't want him to have her, but that will never come true.

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