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    I recieved a text mesaage from my buddy's wife the other day. When i opened it there were nude photos of her attached. I think she ment to send them to her husband but sent them to me by mistake. Should i tell him?? They are very explicit and i have been masturbating to them. What should i do??

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    I am now 33 female and I would like to tell you about my sexual encounter with dad, it started when I was 13, I have always been dads girl, he always bathed me he use to spend a lot of time washing my chest and between my legs he would tell me bend over and open my legs while he washed my arsehole and c**t which I enjoyed I knew it was wrong but dad gave me life so he was the one to teach about sax, I use to get in bed with dad in a morning when mum was on early shift I was 13 at the time I would slide down into dads lap and my nighty would ride up he usually had his pyjamas on this morning he did not I could feel his hairy naked body against my bottom we just lay there after a very short while I could feel his dick pressing in the crack of my bottom he told me to lift my knees up and mu slit opened up dad started to breathe heavy and moved his dick back and forward in my slit which was now very wet my cum was running my bottom dad moved his dick so the end was in my slit he started to push the end just into my c**t it felt I pushed down a little so the head of his dick was just inside my I felt him start to breathe very heavily I felt the end of his dick swell he did not move his dick started pulsate with spunk into my c**t he then bust inside me I will tell you my further incest with my dad later , Margaret Kereduplp

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    I am a pantyboy with a massive fetish on lingerie and girly panties . I would own more girly panties and lingerie than any girl would. I love sending pics of me wearing it to girls. Email me at pantyboy008hotmail and I will be more than happy to share the pics with you. You can even pick which pairs I wear etc.

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    I was 19 i was at my girlfriends lake house for the 4 of july. all day everyone is drinking out on the lake. her best friend is there and she is smokin hot. she has such a fat ass and i was staring at it in her bikini all day. my girlfriend's friend is so easy and we flirt with eachother all the time. it is night now i am sleeping in a room by myslef and my gf and her friend are sleeping upstairs. its like 1 or 2 in the am and i cant sleep and still kind of drunk. i hear someone come from upstairs and go to the bathroom and walk slowly outside my door. the door opens and i think its my gf but its her friend. she was drunk too and i said hello she said nothing and hopped on top of me and started making out with me.were both worried about my gf so we decide to go outside to the lake. we grab some beers from the cooler and walk over to the private beach area were nobody can see. we end up having sex on the sand and i ejaculated inside her. we both went to bed. the next day on the lake we are eyeing eachother all day and i can tell she wants more. later the next night its raining out so we went outside to this tent that was set up and there was an air mattress and we fucked again to the sound of rain. she really knows how to ride the D

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    Has any other woman ever woken up to find your son having his way with you??

    It was this past Halloween. My son Willie went to a party with his friends, and I went to another party. When I went to pick up Willie, I was a but drunk. And I found him by the side of the house the party was in, with some girl his own age giving him a handjob. On the way home, he was embarrassed and I was drunk, so I tried to reassure him. I told him it was normal, I even described my own fantasies of bondage that I used when I masturbated. I ended up giving him a handjob in my driveway.

    When I woke up in the morning I was hung over and tied to the bedframe, with Willie on top of me and fucking. I was nauseous and aching, but I came anyway, and my head almost exploded. Willie kept me tied up the whole day, giving me food and water. He let me mess myself and cleaned me up - he had put some pad under me to keep from ruining the bed. And of course he kept mounting me. He topped me off six times that day. Before supper he untied me and apologized. I really couldn't blame him, as I had expressly told him that this was my favorite sexual fantasy. But I did tell him that the hangover kept me from enjoying it.

    That night he had laid out what he wanted me to wear to bed and had more ropes ready. I thought about it for a minute, considered how illegal and sick it was, then I got in the stockings and garterbelt and Willie tied me up and had his way with me. I have to say that without the hangover it was much more enjoyable.

    It's been a week now and it's become a nightly ritual. Willie is very masterful, with a talent for making me feel helpless and humiliated while at the same time getting me off in a rough fashion.

    I wondered if any other mothers out there have similar relationships with their teenage sons??

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    I have a friend whom I met at the gym. We will meet up every week or so, and go to dinner together,
    or chat and catch up at a coffee shop. We also play racquetball on occasion. I've also been over to
    her very nice house, and met her 15 year old daughter. I tried speaking with her, and was struck by
    how shy and timid she was. My friend just smiled and stroked her head. I was also struck by the fact
    that she is stunningly beautiful, with long blonde hair and perfect, angelic features, still
    retaining some adorable baby fat.

    A few weeks ago I went to her house to pick her up for racquetball. I was wondering if she forgot,
    usually she calls me beforehand to confirm, this time I called her and she didn't answer. The door
    was open and I let myself in, which I shouldn't have done, I guess I felt comfortable enough with our
    friendship to take that liberty. I heard music and noises in the bedroom. It was on the other side of
    the living room, and the door was open so I was able to peek in. I will never forget what I saw: my
    friend, nude, sitting upright on the edge of her bed, looking down, covered in a film of sweat,
    clawing at her breasts, bouncing and thrusting and grinding her hips, moaning and whimpering. I could
    see her thick bush, and below it, between her legs, a spill of blond hair. I am quite certain she was
    on top of her daughter.

    I wanted to do something, to intervene, in fact she seemed to be so rough my first thought was
    concern that she was hurting the poor girl. But I just couldn't, I was a coward, and I very, very
    quietly crept out of there. And I just don't know what to do. A large part of me says that it is my
    duty to report this to the police. But she is my friend, and this would completely ruin her life. And
    would this really be the best thing for the daughter?? Who would take care of her?? My friend told me
    that the man who conceived her lives in Europe now, and she has completely lost touch. And in the few
    times I have seen my friend with her daughter, she seemed to be loving and affectionate, motherly.
    Would it really be best for the daughter, to have her mother sent to prison?? I have thought of
    talking with her. But what would that accomplish?? She might panic, and move. Or she might swear she
    would stop. But how would I know?? Would I check on her?? I would be back where I started.

    In the mean time, I have told her that there is a work-related emergency, and that I've been called
    back to England. This is plausible, because I really did stay there for work just a few months ago. I
    stopped going to the gym, and any place I know she goes. All because I know there is no way I could
    talk to her and pretend I didn't see what I saw.

    And this is a confession site, so this wouldn't be complete without a confession. I am not proud of
    this, it is totally at odds with the good person I conceive myself to be. But, I am bisexual myself,
    and I was incredibly aroused by what I saw. I finger myself, replaying the fifteen seconds or so I
    saw in my head, wondering if it was happening now, wondering what else happens. Sometimes I will have
    multiple, concussive orgasms, one after the other, when I do this, followed by feelings of guilt. I
    haven't even told my therapist of this, because of my shame, and because I am worried she will demand
    I reveal my friend's identity, maybe even force the matter legally.

    So, this is what I am dealing with right now.

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    Snap chat. Jkwranglerace add if keen to play;)

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    Boys and girls, snapchat me for anything you want ;)


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    I am all lubed up right now masturbating thinking about a chick sitting on my cock while my best mates face fucks me with his huge cock. If you wanna see im keen to send snap chats im kinky like that. Comment if you do;)

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    Comment you snap chat user name for some fun;)

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