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    Straight Male / 31

    Earlier this year I had to go for an extended cardiac exam and machines
    were used to listen to my heart, etc. There was one where I was on
    an examining table under a light blanket, wearing only a clinical
    gown, the type that ties from the back but can easily fall away.

    Examining me was a tiny East Indian lady. She was no taller than
    five feet or so (a foot shorter than me) and around 60 or so, with
    a little, dark, pruny face. She had an Indian accent, that for
    some reason I find interesting and musical in East Indians.

    Being short, she had to partially hop on the table to clamp on
    devices on my skin, I assumed, to detect my heartbeat at
    subtle levels. I felt her tiny, warm body next to mine, where all
    I wore was the cotton gown and was surprised to feel that
    my cock suddenly erected. In placing the last clamp, she
    inadvertently felt my hard on and I apologized.

    She said, "Not a problem, no need to apologize, this has
    happened before." However, I suddenly felt her finger
    tips on my cock, moving and sliding up and down the length of it and
    then she made a few movements under the blanket and
    I suddenly felt my cock entering her pussy. I was shocked
    and amazed by this but it felt awesome. The word, 'delicious:
    comes to mind.

    She quickly fucked me with nice, solid strokes of her little hips
    all under the blanket and soon, I heard her moan
    and say, "Oooohh, there it is," and she began to
    quiver. She seemed to clamp onto by cock with her wet pussy and
    said, "Go ahead" I felt my cock pulsing around eight
    times, knowing that my cum was injecting into her, but
    I knew at 60 or so she must be safe.

    She hopped off the table, asking, "Can I count on
    your discretion?" I said, "Yes, yes." When I left
    the clinic I had the feeling I had dreamed it all but
    could feel that my cock was still moist and not completely

    I'm still amazed by the incident...totally unexpected
    and from out of nowhere.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    So lemme start this by saying that because of a disorder I have, I stopped physically growing when I was about 12-14 years old. I'm just shy of 5 foot tall. Puberty kinda stalled out before I got to the body hair and voice changing stage. For anyone to believe that I'm as old as I say, I have to show them my id. I haven't bothered getting a driver's license because I know I'll get pulled over every time I go out. So, can't drive anywhere, and I can't process alcohol that well so it doesn't really bother me that I'd get laughed out of anyplace selling alcohol.

    Anyway, getting off track. Because I can't drive, unless I plan on walking or biking everywhere I kinda need to stick with someone who can drive.

    So, when I turned 18 I wanted to move out so I thought I'd look into roommates and, while I was doing that, set up a dating profile. For all I know I could get lucky and meet someone who wouldn't mind me moving in with them.

    Well as it turns out the fact that I look the way I do at my age and, doc says, probably will until I'm in my 30s or even later if i take care of myself is a HUGE BONUS to some people. Lots of them were creepy, but I'm told it's the same for just about anyone on any given dating site.

    So I found a guy I hit it off with, a bit older, owned his own home and made a decent living for himself with the stock market, but he lived alone. So, he offered to put me up for free and I moved in with him.

    The sex is fun, and since before setting up a dating profile I had resigned myself to just my hand and whatever I could use as a toy I don't mind being exclusively bottom in this relationship.

    He likes to buy me outfits to wear and watch me wear them around the house. He sometimes likes me to crossdress, which I wasn't sold on at first but I'm warming up to it, I mean right now I'm wearing a schoolgirl uniform he asked me to put on this morning. And he likes to do things like play videogames and watch TV with me.

    That's not to say all we do is cute fluffy shit. I've been interested in bondage for years but I figured I'd never really get the chance to try it. He mostly just wanted someone cute to dress up and fuck, but I said hey if you want me to crossdress I need you to at least give bondage a shot.

    But I think he's getting into it, too. Outside of spanking he doesn't like hurting me, but he likes having me tied up especially if it means I can't get away if he tries to tickle me.

    That got kinda long so I think I'm going to cut it here. Hope you all enjoy!

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    Straight Male / 30

    I have multiple sclerosis but nowadays it has stopped me getting proper stiffies which leaves my wife very frustrated but on a night out with my mate with the usual sexy talk between us all I actually admitted that we were having problems. Charlie cheekily said that he had always fancied Jen and would gladly help out. Although we thought at first he was just joking because his wife is the perfect shape with Jen quite chubby but he said he was serious admitting always fancying her saying she has a real luscious sexy body. Although she was embarrassed at his complement I could see she was flattered and with Charlie's wife away at the time and his bungalow just round the corner from the pub it was the perfect time to take this opportunity to fulfil all of our wants. Finishing of our drinks, the short walk round to his bungalow seemed to take forever because my heart was pounding knowing that my wife is willing to let another man hopefully satisfy her. On the way I asked was she going to do one of her sexy strips which always gets me in the mood so no doubt Charlie will as well but this is when I realised I wasn't in control of what was happening because she said that in no uncertain terms that's up to Charlie what he wants asking him what he preferred at the same time lifting her skirt flashing her knickers actually taunting him that if she did the strip would he make it her worthwhile obviously the answer was yes. By this time we have arrived at his bungalow and after having another drink and finding the right music It was time for Jen's strip. The general feeling was electrifying with Jen standing up starting to unbutton her top but right at this moment the doorbell rang. It was Paul one of Charlie's friends who me and Jen knew as well but I could see from the look on her face she was well pissed off because she was obviously getting ready in her mind for making out with Charlie. When Paul came in he actually asked if he was disturbing something but it was Jen which surprised us by announcing did Paul want to join in as well because Charlie is helping Stuart (me) out in the sex department and was just stripping for Charlie. Paul couldn't believe his luck (and I couldn't believe what she was saying) but obviously Paul's answer was yes. So now there was Jen again standing starting to seductively dance at the same time taking her top right of but now turning around inviting Charlie to undo her bra. The sight of her topless and her nipples standing like "organ stops" was real sexy and I think it was Paul actually said it was worthwhile coming round to Charlie's for a beer and now free live entertainment thrown in but again Jen surprised me by saying the entertainment comes at a cost later which Charlie had agreed to and turning to Paul offered him the same and did he want the same deal? Paul obviously asked what she was talking about but all Jen brazenly said was to ask me and Charlie. Charlie immediately said to give her a good time followed by telling Jen to come across to sit between him and Paul. The sight of my wife sitting between them both and being topless was even making me have a raging boner something that I haven't had for ages. They both started groping and sucking her tits at the same time caressing her legs pushing her skirt up until her knickers were in full view. She was willingly spreading her legs at the same time she was trying to unzip their trousers. It was Charlie who suggested moving to the bedroom where it was comfier. Needless to say all three of them stood up as one with Charlie leading the way where all three stripped off and believe me both guys had massive rock hard Dicks. They got Jen to lie in the middle of the bed with one either side where they started feeling her and again sucking her tits while spreading her legs starting to finger her at the same time getting her to start to suck them both in turn actually holding onto her head to make sure she wasn't going to stop eventually the inevitable happened with actually Charlie not even asking if she swallowed but I could see from where I was sitting he was exploding in her mouth within seconds Paul took over feeding his Dick in her mouth all this time both of them were fingering and rubbing her clit even pushing the occasional finger in her bottom, it was about now that she started having the first of a few massive orgasms fortunately Paul knew what was happening so he quickly pulled out because she was really vocal even shaking with the love juice, even I could see it running out of her Fanny. Instead of going back to the blow job Paul lay down getting her to straddle him slowly sinking his circumcised Dick in her waiting Fanny straightaway she started riding him just like a horse. The sight of her bottom and tits jumping up and down was out of this world it was about now that Charlie moved around to her bottom and for the first time acknowledged that I was even there asking me does she do anal not even really bothering with my answer because he finished by saying she was about to find out now because by this time Charlie was hard again and gently but firmly started pushing his Dick into her arse, she never even complained but instead actually pushed back obviously enjoying it then the second big orgasm hit her. By this time I had my Dick out myself wanking and for the first time in ages I wasn't going soft but it was Charlie being cheeky again holding on to my wife's hair actually asking me if I was enjoying watching my wife fucked because she definitely is. It was about now that Paul started coming shortly by Charlie and pulling out they actually got Jen to actually to swallow again. At this moment I was actually a bit disappointed but the best was to come because Charlie actually inviting me (her husband) to see if I could fuck my own wife seeing how they have put on a show they even got her to get in the doggy position spreading her Fanny telling me they have got her ready smacking her arse. Although this was a bit humiliating I was more than ready and very quickly dropped my trousers joining them on the bed. This time I definitely didn't have trouble going soft but very quickly started ramming my cock home and grabbing of her hips. This Within minutes I could feel the old feelings pulse through my body because I was really coming it didn't even matter that we'd got an audience, both guys actually congratulated me, something which I suppose I should of been ashamed of but right at that moment I was just glad that I was still able to perform like a proper man. When we had all calmed a bit still undressed Charlie invited Jen to get the drinks still naked but unfortunately Paul had to leave for his own home but with cheeky Charlie's family being away for the weekend and our kids being old enough to leave on their own he actually invited me and Jen to stay the night if we wanted. She was very quick at accepting his offer which ended up with another session of pure sex followed by then showering together. Unfortunately I couldn't perform this time but was happy to watch my wife yet again with Charlie although afterwards she did say she was getting tired, so we all ended up sleeping on the same bed with Jen in the middle. This arrangement still happens nowadays with all three of us comfortable fortunately even now Charlie's wife doesn't know and all I can say to men which have troubles in the sex department "if you trust your wife then go for it"

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    Straight Male / 48

    My wife just old me that her friends are taking her to see some strippers for her upcoming birthday, and am I ok with it? I said sure go for it. She has never been to see any strippers, but has told me all about her past. I know that she was a really big cocksucker before we met, and has had more than thirty guys cocks shoved down her willing slut throat. Most of them many times over for each guy. So what's the harm in letting her have a few lap dances on her birthday? I don't have a problem with it at all. I actually became aroused at the thought of a good looking guy with a big cock, dancing for her, with his (Hopefully) Huge, stiff cock, right directly in front of her hot little mouth. Now if I know my wife, weather she does or not, she will be wanting to suck his, or their cocks. And I actually kind of hope she can manage to slip away long enough to met one or even a couple of them, and suck them both off. I want her to CUM home with cock on her breath, and to climb on top of me and start making out and ask me if I notice anything different? But since I want this to happen, it never will. But I can dream. Any thoughts?

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    Straight Female / 36

    Ever wondered why your husband enjoys playing golf so mush ?... I did, that's why I asked around a little about the club he's a member of. It turns out some of men who attend the club, enjoy getting together away from the course to. And not to to play with golf balls either. They apparently like to meet up at each others houses (Wife being out) and play with each others balls, cocks and assholes.

    Onc e I found out, I made sure my husband knew I was going to be away for a couple of days, giving him plenty of notice. Only I booked myself in at a local motel and waited. Arriving quietly at our home mid afternoon the following day, I walked in to find my husband balls deep up a young guys asshole, and believe me it didn't look and sound like it was their first time together. They were so into fucking one another with my husband shouting out "Take it Sam you bitch" they didn't see me enter or stand watching them for a good twenty minutes.

    You might ask why I waited that long, watching change position twice. The reason was I'd become so turned on watching them fuck, I found myself touching my pussy through my skirt and panties. I even moved so they wouldn't be able to see me, but I could see them, making sure I watch for longer. By the time my husband was pumping his cum deep up the young mans asshole, I'd already orgasmed from frantically playing with my clit.

    Only when I moved to creep out of the house, did I see another man around my husbands age, naked and masturbating on the chair I normally sit in. His eyes were closed at that moment and his face was a picture of pure joy, as his cock erupted and his semen flew all over him and my chair.

    Back in my car, I questioned why I hadn't blown their little gay get together and realized I'd completely loved watching them fuck. And not only had I enjoyed it, I'd found seeing them fuck so erotic, I'd masturbated to such an amazing climax.

    Over the next twenty four hours I found it so hard to stay away, and decided to visit our home again the next morning. My husbands car was their, as was a car I knew only too well. It was the club captains car, someone who'd picked my husband up many times in the past, to apparently play at one competition or other. Yet when I sneaked in again, they weren't talking about golf. The club captain was sat on our couch with his trousers around his ankles, and my husband was knelt between his legs sucking in what I can only describe as the fattest cock I've ever seen.

    Watching them for around five minutes, they were obviously enjoying themselves when the phone rang. I darted out of the house and around the side. About five minutes later with my heart beating madly, I heared the club captain leave, telling my husband he'd meet him next week at the motel with Sam.

    All this happened a few weeks ago. Since then I know for sure they've met up again to have sex. I also know my husband from a message I sneakily saw he had on his cell phone, that the club captain and Sam had fucked him at the motel.

    I'm not angry at my husband, not in the least. Indeed if anything I'm totally turned by it all. I just wish in some way I could be a part of it, as I find everything about it so fucking horny. Watching my husband fucking that young guy was so sexy and so erotic, I'd love to be up close watching his cock slide up that tight ass. I'd also love to see my husband taking his captains cock deep up his ass too. But how the hell do you bring up a subject like that. And what do I say when he asks how I know all about what's happened. Wish I knew.

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    Straight Female / 55

    Wow I posted a few days ago how much it makes me horny to watch men and suck and fuck each other. I JUST WATCHED A SHORT VIDEO PREVIEW OF A GUY SUCKING HIS OWN COCK WHILE ANOTHER GUY HELPED HIM AND WAS SUCKING HIS BALLS WHAT A FREAKIN TURN ON .. Am I weird or does anyone else find this horny? For some reason women in sex videos do not have the passion and enjoyable expressions as the men do. The men look like they are really into the sucking or fucking. I just enjoy and get horny watching men. The women are ok but the men know how to suck and fuck. :) 3/23/2017

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    Straight Male / 36

    I took my wife shopping last week and I think I might off a bit more than I can chew. We were at an outdoor mall. Many businesses on either side of the street. My wife, being naturally curious, spotted a mysterious little store in the cellar of some ethnic food place. The store had all sorts of fabrics and jewelry but one dress in particular stood out. It was a rather revealing little number with just enough material to hold her plump bosom. She looked at me with those big does eyes and I figured what's the harm in letting her try it on.

    We found the shop keep behind the register when he emerged as if from nowhere. He complimented my wife on her taste and proceeded to show her where the dressing rooms were. Minutes later, she came out looking as stunning as ever... better than ever! The dress hugged her hips and gave her tush a new bounce. I found myself staring like a pre-pubescent child. I almost took her right then and there.

    Out of nowhere, the shopkeeper comes and compliments her as he inappropriately put his hand on her waist. "You look gorgeous, my dear. This is the most beautiful dress I have and you make it shine like the sun". I could tell my wife was losing her modesty little by little. She thanked him and slightly blushed as he tried to rearrange the dress a bit. "You look beautiful, my dear but this dress was made to be worn without a bra. Take it off!" He demanded. Just like that, she gallantly took her bra off in front of the tall mirror, myself and the shopkeep.

    "Yes... yes.. perfect" he exclaimed. "Now you must remove your panties. I can see them through the dress and it was made to be worn without them" I almost choked on my own saliva when I saw her drop her panties to her ankles as if it was just her and I in our bedroom. She didn't think about it twice. "You are glowing, my dear! But I may suggest something else?" My wife nodded but didn't say a word as she stared at herself in the tall mirror. "I have a better dress. A dress so beautiful, it makes this dress look like rags. I'll get it. Be right back!" He says as he runs to a small room behind the counter.

    " ;Here, my darling. Try it on" he said, almost as if I wasn't in the room. My wife immediately fell in love with it! It was magnificent enough for her eyes to go wide and her jaw to drop. "I love it!" She exclaimed as she grabbed it from the man's hands and proceeded toward the dressing rooms. "No no no no, my dear. I cannot let this dress out of my sight! Try it on here" said the man. At this point I figured my wife would draw the line but without hesitation, the previous dress fell to her feet and she stood naked as the day she was born.

    Her long red hair barely covered her pink nipples and her pussy was fully exposed to the old man. "Oh my darling, you are as beautiful without clothes as you are with them. Let me feel your breasts to gauge your cup size" she positioned her breasts forward and the old man reached out and grabbed and massaged them. I heard my wife let out a muffled moan under her breath. I would have stopped it there but I felt compelled to let it keep going. Almost hypnotized by my wife's unexpected reactions. She stepped out of the dress on the floor and the man crouched down and began to slide the new dress up her body. With her breasts still exposed the man said "let me get your nipples hard so they can be seen through the dress. It's part of the appeal" he took his mouth up to her left breast and began to gently suck on it. My wife's head fell back and discontinued muffins her moans. The man did the same for the other breast then he slid the dress up over them.

    "That wasn't so bad, now was it?" He asked. My wife looked over at me for the first time since this all started and she grinned mischievously. "Now, my dear, walk to the counter and back" she did so without question

    "Now turn around and touch your toes. I want to make sure your rear isn't going to rip it" as she bent over, her entire pussy was fully visible. "Good" said the old man. "Now dance. I want you get comfortable in this dress" she began to dance slowly to the rhythmic music, faintly coming from behind the counter. She swayed her hips slowly and sensually. Her eyes closed and her body seemed to be lost in a trance.

    She pulled off one strap as she danced then the second one. The dress kept falling lower with the movements of her body. It wasn't long before her breasts were exposed again and the dress was at her waist. The man came behind her and slowly kissed her neck and she grinded back into him with her butt. She turned her head slightly to the the right and their lips met. She began to kiss him passionately and he reciprocated. I noticed his hand guiding her hand toward his crotch, yet she did not hesitate. She undid his zipper and pulled out his hardened penis. She stroked it for a few minutes before spinning around and getting down on her knees. Our eyes met across the room as she put another man's penis in her mouth for the first time since we met. She starvingly made love the head of his dick with her tongue. Sucking and gagging while bobbing her head back and forth.

    She stood up and the man grabbed her by the waist and pinned her against the counter. He lifted up the dress while she got some saliva from her mouth and lubricated herself. "Come her, boy. You're going to want a better view of me pleasing your woman" said the man. I stood up and grabbed a wood stool behind the counter where I had the perfect angle to all the action. He raised her onto the counter and she opened her legs for him.

    My wife guided the man's hard cock to her trembling pussy. Her red bush almost shaking with anticipation. I could almost hear the wet tissues separating inside her as his penis made its way into her. Her green eyes shuttered with ecstasy as he entered her for the first time. "Oh deeper" said my wife. Not caring of her husband two feet away, much less the other shoppers up on the sidewalk behind the locked shop door.

    Her big breasts bounced back and forth as he slid effortlessly in and out of her. His fluids mixing with hers began to drop down her ass and eventually on to the counter top. The dress she wore that the man so protected was being tarnished as he ravished her body. He pulled his penis out and grabbed her by the waist again, helped her off the counter and bent her over. He found his place behind her and penetrated her once again. "Yes, oh yes... faster... deeper!" She yelled out with her exquisite cheeks clapping against each other with every thrust he gave.

    "I'm going to cum inside you" said the old man as he accelerated his pace. "Cum deep inside me!" Yelled my wife as she reached back and grabbed onto the man's shirt and pulled her self back into him. He let out a sigh of relief while pumping my wife full of his seed. My wife also climaxed as he came. He pulled his cock out and she began to ooze his cum down her legs.

    "Keep the dress, my dear. Under the condition you come and model it for me every now and then. I hope you don't mind I keep your undergarments as a keepsake?"
    My wife nodded in approval and thanked the man for the dress and for a great time. I could manage to get a single word out as my wife and I walked up the steps and out the door onto the sidewalk like nothing happened.

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    Straight Male / 45

    I have a step daughter in her 20's her mom and I got married when she was a teen. Her mom passed away recently with cancer. I told her I will look after her daughter to make sure she is taking care of. My step daughter have dated this no good jerk and they have a baby together living on there own. They fight all the time and she keep running to me crying and said she wants to leave him but nowhere to go. One day I finally had enough of him told him to get lost and she can move in with me for the time being.

    My step daughter and her baby is living with me for over a month, things going well around the house. She like the idea I help her out with the baby. She keep thanking me for all the help. One weekend she wanted to go out with her girlfriend. It was a girls night out. I told her I can watch the baby while she is out with her friends. She had a good time because she didn't walk into the house until 1 am and I was still out in the living room watching TV. I asked how things were going she said fine, they had a good time and came sit next to me on the couch.

    I could tell she is been drinking a lot. She give me a kiss and thank me for babysitting. I returned a kiss but she open her mouth and we start tongue kissing each other on the couch. She seem to like it and start to un-zip my pants and I start to rub her breasts while we are tongue kissing. Next thing I know we were having intercourse on the couch. It didn't even come to my mind that she is my step daughter I am fucking. After we had our fun, she ask if we could sleep together. I said are you sure about this. She said yes, you have been so nice to me and my baby. I think I am falling in love with you. I said, I did promise your mom I will take care of you but not like this. She said mom is gone now and you can have me as your wife. I said let me think about it, this is going to fast.

    For the next couple months I have been thinking wow, I could have a young wife and who wouldn't, she is only in her 20's and very active sexually. She even breastfeeding me when she have so much milk and when her baby is full and couldn't take it anymore. I love the breastfeeding part. I lay on her lap with her stroking my cock while I am sucking her breasts. Wow, I can't explain how good the breast milk taste and her stroking my cock. When I am about to cum she quickly lend over and take my cock in her mouth and suck off all my cum and licked it clean.

    She is into the wild and trying different things when we have sex. The other day when we were having sex. She grab a bottle of beer and pour the whole bottle inside of her pussy and wanted me to drink out of her pussy. I couldn't believe I was doing that, is always fun when we have sex. I guess that is what I like about her, is not the same thing every time. She is willing to try anything and make it so much fun for sex. I am started to fall in love with her. She has so much energy and wild and crazy things we do.

    I know this is not what her mom want when I promise I will take care of her. But like her daughter said, mom is not here and we are both adults. I have so strong feeling for her and deep inside I want to marry her and I know she want it the same way. Who know maybe we will have another baby the way we are having sex and I am fine with it. I don't mind having another baby in the house. Beside, I love getting breastfeeding tasting her milk, it just get us closer I think.

    I know some people think I am fuck up but hey everyone has there own opinions but I got a young wife and who got the last laugh....

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    Straight Female / 46

    I LOVE watching men sucking and fucking each other. It turns me on so much and gets me so wet and makes me want to FUCK. Does anyone else like this also? I just think men are so passionate when they suck cock and when they fuck they look like they enjoy it so much!!! Just Love watching!!!

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    Straight Male / 18

    I confess I was just a young boy always chasing after girls and yet still watching a few hours of porn and masturbating two or three times every day. Then I discovered JOI. And discovering JOI was like discovering porn for the first time. It became my favorite thing right away. There was something special about strong beautiful women wanting me to stroke my cock and cum for them. I started to watch them for hours masturbating 5, 6 and a few times even 10 times a day hanging on to every word they said...

    And then unknowingly I stumbled upon CEI from my favorite star and by the time I realized what was happening my cum made it from my hand to my mouth and without even giving it a second thought I swallowed every honey-sweet drop. Ten seconds later she said "Now swallow it" and then it hit me. I already did!

    The next 30 seconds were a blur. My cock twitched begging for attention and I started to jerk it like never before. While she was asking me how did my cum taste and did I like swallowing my own cum I was already on the edge again. Then she called me a good boy and hearing it made me cum harder than ever before.

    Realizing she pretty much eliminated all the limits I thought I had things escalated quickly from there. The same Goddess introduced me to anal play and the joy of whole body, earth shattering, multiple orgasms. If it wasn't for her I would have never known I have a very sensitive yet insatiable prostate capable of bringing me so much pleasure. I was having great orgasms watching all kind of instructions like self facials, strap-on femdom, trans, forced bi, feminization and even small penis humiliations despite my pretty tick 7 inch cock.

    In summary I started with JOI, then CEI and now I'm a pantie wearing, anal training, cock craving sissy slut.

    So be careful what king of porn you watch because It may change your life forever, but it may also bring you more pleasure than you ever dreamed possible.

    Sadly, even after all that training I'm still in no way attracted to men yet I know that if I ever come face to face with a hard cock as big or bigger than mine I will worship it to no end without hesitation.

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