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    I hate myself for saying this but recently I've noticed that my gf has put on a lot of weight and I can't help thinking that she looked way hotter when she was thinner. I still love her, but I am not remotely attracted to her anymore, and I don't want to have sex with her. I look at old photos of her when she was thinner and just wish I had that girl back...

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    Stardate 38157.3
    Somewhere near the Sargasso Expanse
    Aboard the Excelsior Class starship USS Centauri Ecliptic... Captain's Quarters

    Fellatio was not an act that occured normally during Vulcan sexual intercourse and at first T'Prena had been hesitant to indulge her lover's request. It seemed somehow immodest to her.
    However, where it concerned John Henry Armstrong, T'Prena was often at odds with her Vulcan heritage and training. She loved him and she wanted to please him. If he desired what other humans referred to colloquially as a "blow job" then that is what she would give him and logically she would do it to the best of her ability.
    To that end she had studied various techniques from half a hundred worlds and a dozen species to which Fellatio was regularly practiced, among them the Deltans, Haliians and Bajorans. Judging by the pleased sounds coming from her lover's mouth as her deft tongue flicked along the shaft of his erect penis, T'Prena figured with a 99.8 percent probability she had mastered the technique to no small degree of skill.
    Laying back on his bed the captain of the Federation starship Centauri Ecliptic lay naked, his taut, toned muscles flexing beneath his coffee brown skin. His eight and a half inch cock stood rigid in the air, while T'Prena rested on her knees at the foot of the bed, leaning slightly over the edge her body between his legs. She moved her soft, feverishly warm hands across the man's stomach and opened her mouth to take him inside. He groaned as his cock entered her mouth, sliding against her perfect white teeth and her slippery, hot tongue.
    Her head began bobbing up and down and soon he started thrusting his hips in rhythm, matching her movements. He felt her fingernails tighten slightly biting into his flesh. He could feel her tightening and relaxing her throat muscles, allowing him to slide further in, holding him there.... before pushing him back out. His cock was covered by her saliva and he felt himself building quickly toward orgasm. He reached down and put one hand on the back of her head, guiding her movements.
    When he came, he did so explosively and into her mouth. She held perfectly still, accepting his full gushing load inside herself ignoring the natural revulsion any Vulcan should have logically felt at that moment. She felt her lover's body go rigid, then relax, rocking with little aftershocks. When the tremors subsided, she wrapped one slim pale hand around his shaft and milked the dregs until she had every last drop in her mouth then she swallowed and stood.
    "Was that good for you??" Her obsidian eyes fairly smiled down at him. He smiled back, sighing.
    "Oh yeah...."
    John Henry sat up on his elbows, a grin spreading across his youthful, handsome face. "Now, my dear," he told the Vulcan. "It's time I introduced you to what we Earthers call cunnilingus. I think you're going to enjoy it."
    T'Prena arched one thin dark brow above her right eye. "Indeed??" She began to disrobe...

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    Well what can I say Iâï&Ac irc;¿Â½&At ilde;¯Â¿&Aci rc;½m in a love and hate. My boyfriend broke up with me because he was in college and couldnÃ¢ï¿ ½ï& Acirc;¿Â½t juggle or wanted to treat me poorly.. NOW I hear he was trying to holler at this girl for a month straight thank god she said no! It makes soo angry I only want to kick him in the nuts. This guy isnâï&Acir c;¿Â½&Atil de;¯Â¿Â ;½t attractive no body not much of dick. Has eczema is a smoker, has a kid only see him once a week in a month. He is also fat, no relationship with his mom hate his step mom. And believe his stubborn way is how life should be. Oh yea and has no credit and union is paying for his school so he doesnâï¿&Ac irc;½Ã¯&Aci rc;¿Â½t have to worry about pay that money to the government. I have it all I have my own business I went to school for my career have a money saved up a house and good credit. It angriest me soo much that he didnâï& Acirc;¿Â½& Atilde;¯Â¿&A circ;½t appreciate me. It is utter complete bullshit. Funny shit is I took him back the first time and I donâï ;¿½ ;ï¿ ½t know when but his ass will be back. If I take him back better believe I wonâ&Atild e;¯Â¿Â ½Ã¯Â& iquest;½t be giving him any of the goods and yeah I will show him the big bitch in the relationship p. I would to kick him in the balls and make feel like shit. Sad part is I do love him. He is stupid trust me on that part.. It takes him awhile to smarten upâ&Atild e;¯Â¿Â ½ÃÂ&brvba r;. I just wish his ass would hurry but.. I need change from himself. He needs to stop smoking eat healthy and for fuck sakes sacrifice shit for me.. I donâï¿&Aci rc;½Ã¯&Acir c;¿Â½t want to be last place. His son should always be first and I miss his son dearly.. but than itÃ¢à ¯Â¿Â&f rac12;ïÂ&iq uest;½s his snakes than is fucking car than school, than his family and I am at the very bottomâï&Acir c;¿Â½&Atil de;¦ he is fucking selfish he may be able to ditch shit out however when it comes to someone to say shit he is soo scared.. assholeâÃ&mac r;¿Â&frac1 2;æ.. I still love himâïÂ&i quest;½à ¦ I just need him to realize that and to appreciate me moreâïÂ&iqu est;½Ã&A circ;¦.

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    I was 17 at the end of my junior year of high school. In my science class was this colombian girl in the grade above me. I thought she was so sexy I would honestly sit there and get hard in class looking at her. She was thin with a beautiful ass and nice long muscular legs. I would always flirt with her and we would argue with eachother sometimes in class but it was just fun and flirty. So this girl was kind of thought of being easy but we talked and she told me she only fucked 2 people.
    So its the end of the school year and this girl is about to graduate. Everything is more relaxed teachers dont really care anymore. Im sitting in the library 2nd to last period in my study and im doing nothing just sitting there. In walks this girl and she sits down with me and we start talking. Somehow we talk about sex and she asks if I was a virgin and I said yes. She said she thought it was cool and I would lose it soon to some girl. I asked her if she wanted to take my virginity kind of joking in case she denied me. She said in a straight face "Sure why not". I said when and she said how about right now. We walked down to the gym and there was a class going on. I went into the boys locker room and let her in the side door. We went to the back and sat on the bench and started making out. I was hard and she took me out and started giving me head. She had a big dress on and took her thong off and hopped on. Her ass was so big and she rode it like a true latina. It was my first time having a girl play with my dick and I busted in her really quick no condom. She didnt stop she just kept riding me hard until she came herself. She asked if I was gonna cum again I said yeah and she turned around reverse cowgirl and gave me the view. I came in her again even better the second time. Felt like the man in my last period history class never took better notes in my life.

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    So I gotta bunch of shit to tell. First thing, i like shemales. I don't know why, but a chick with a dick makes me pop a boner. Second, I enjoy choking people. With my hand you pervert. "Said the hermy hugging throat holder." And third I like the taste of blood. I dosen't wake my cock but I love the taste.

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    I don't know what's up with me. I started sucking guys' cocks when I was in middle school and I love it! If you talk to me, I'll suck your cock. It's really as simple as that. As soon as a guy starts talking to me, I start thinking about sucking his cock. I start to want it, and after a couple minutes it's like I need to suck his cock. I've never been abused, raped, or anything other than a good childhood, but ever since middle school, I've loved to suck guys' cocks.

    If I'm in a group of guys, then I'll jokingly say: "Wow, what a mind rush, I'm going to suck you all." I get stranger looks, but any of them that want it, I'll do. I don't let them fuck me, I just want to suck them and feel their cum shoot into my mouth, taste it, and swallow it down. I can orgasm from the feeling of a guys cum filling my mouth.

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    I was fourteen at the time and in a bad place! I couldn't get a fix and a so called friend offered to help me out. For a weeks supply all I had to do was go to this house and not say no all night. Seemed a fair deal and he gave me my first dose. Slightly high I was dropped off. Inside about ten men awaited. I wasn't certain but one drink later didn't care. They quickly stripped me naked and was lubed. I couldn't resist. The first cock forced into me as a tear ran down my cheek but I couldn't move. I was face fucked and barebacked. It was well organised as I watched as they lined up awaiting their turn. About four hours past until they were all spent. I'd drunk from their dicks and swallowed and got lashes of hot sperm ozzing from my bum. Just as I thought my ordeal was over a guy who'd been taking photos all night made his way over and entered my ass. I was on my back legs held out of the way by two men as his full length slid into me using my shaft as a lever pulling in every last bit. A man was at my head, raising it so I couldn't help but watch. I was fucked hard and fast whilst he wanked my shaft. He eventually decorated my arse then concerntrated on me. I tried not to cum but you try to resist a good handjob. As jet after jet of white creamy seed erupted into the air cheers went up. Finally a mouth latched onto my manhood draining what little was left. I'm not complaining about my lot, just keep off the drugs.

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    Yesterday, I met this girl while shopping at the grocery store, I was picking out some apples and she gave me a nice smile and look, then came over and we started talking. To make a long story short, I asked her out, she accepted and ended up back at my place and in my bed.

    She's very good looking, short dark hair, perky breasts, and thin. We were both naked on my bed and were getting into it, she was ridding me and I was loving seeing her very large nipples with aureoles that covered most of the ends of her breasts when all of a sudden, her breasts start spraying milk.

    I freaked a little and so did she. She apologized and said she didn't think that would happen. She's a single mother, breastfeeding, and explained that this was the first time she'd had sex since her baby girl had been born. She said she had pumped before we went out, and kept apologizing.

    I came to my senses and assured her that it was OK and that I was just startled. I put her at ease and I asked her if she'd be freaked if I enjoyed her milk while we had sex. She looked at me kinda funny then got this huge smile on her face, and said: "I'd love that!"

    After that it was one of the best sexual experiences I've ever had, she was totally at ease and we fucked all night long. Her smallish breasts were full of milk and I sucked, licked, and was squirted all night long. When I'd grab and squeeze them, streams of her milk would spray everywhere--it was fucking awesome! (btw, breasts milk tastes great too.)

    We're going out again tonight, she's bringing her little girl with her--no need to get a sitter now that I know what's up. I've invited her to spend the night, she said that we'll have to take things as they come and see how her daughter does. I hope her daughter does OK at my place, her mom is the wildest fuck I've ever had and I really enjoy her company too.

    Wow, I'd no clue... fucking a milky chick is so incredibly awesome!

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    We have student helpers who are hired to do office work in our department every semester. They are suppose to only work for one semester and then we get a new one. The girl that we have now really needs to stay in the work-study program for the money, but her semester is up in December. If the head of the department writes a letter to the adminstrator of the program explaining that we need her to stay on another semester they will grant the request. She came to me two weeks ago to ask for such a letter, but I explained that we don't do that and that is only in special circumstances when the student is engaged in some vital project that only can be finished by them. She started to tear up a little and wanted to know if there was something she could do to get me to write the letter. I said that I was sorry but it wasn't possible. She followed that with "are you sure there's not ANYTHING I could do for you??" She had a certain look that I knew what she was suggesting. I should have said no and ended the meeting but I began talking with her more about why she needed the work so badly. We talked about how she was funding school and stuff for probably another 5 - 10 minutes. I should say that she is a hot little girl and I always love what she is wearing. She'll come to work in tight little low rise pants or a top that shows some cleavage. She was looking good there in my office and in our conversation I started complimenting her work and I mentioned how she always looked so good around here too. She said she sometimes worried that she dressed too skimpily and I told her that I for one appreciated it. The flirtatious conversation was really turning me on but I knew I shouldn't be going down this path. I made a comment that I could now see the top of her panties a little over her jeans but that stuff like that was fine around the department. She stood up and pulled the sides of her panties a little more over her jeans, kinda spun around and asked if I liked that look. She was looking so hot! I said her panties looked cute and so she started unbuttoning her jeans and I didn't stop her. She was wearing these tiny pink panties with very thin sides and not a lot covering her ass. I stood up and that point and told her that she was driving me crazy with her sexy body and she assured me it was alright. To make a long story short, I ended up putting my hands all over her and at one point she was even bent over my desk with me behind her feeling her ass. I totally chickened out though and had her put her clothes on before anything more happened. I did write the letter but am kind of paranoid about what happened and how this is all going to work out. Any comments, suggestions, or criticisms are welcome.

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    I was at Silver Bells downtown with my family and this middle-aged guy standing right behind me kept brushing his hand lightly against my ass. The first time I thought it was an accident because it was crowded and there were a lot of people down there. But it kept happening and I just ignored it. He later put his whole hand cupped on my butt cheek and left it there. I probably should have moved forward or moved over on the other side of my mom but I actually was getting kinda turned on by it and it seemed safe since I was with my whole family. He was following the line of my panties with his fingers. I got a little nervous so at that point I shifted in front more so that he couldn't do it anymore. Later I regreted moving though. I looked back at him a few times and he just smiled at me.

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