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    THE LONGER THE STORIES ON THIS SITE GET THE MORE BULLSHIT THEY ARE. If you telling something GET YO THE POINT. Don't go on and oN and on like a jerk because NO ONE reads 500 lines

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    I WAS IN A STRICT CHURCH ALL MY LIFE, I FOLLOWED IT, began to feel increasingly miserable and lonely,I resisted the urge to sleep with my partner of 4 years because we were not married, he was incompatible with me and younger. After much heartache and self doubt, along came a man who appeared to bond with me, and listened to me, seemed to be really interested in me and put me on a pedestal, made me feel for once in my life worth something. I fell for him, ended the relationship with the lad I was wasting time with, as I had found out previously he had cheated onme three times. I ran into the arms of this new older man, and left the church and began to have a normal relationship, so I thought.
    Three years on, my so called partner has been open and told me he had an arranged marriage, and cant divorce due to his children, he goes o the house every day and after me asking him to leave her, as he supposedly isnt in arelationship with her, he and I have not been getting on. he wont let me go, and keeps brainwashing me tellin me I am not the kind of stable person he can commit to, he calls me a slut and a slag constantly. I have a drinking problem now, or so he says, basically I get drunk when I am out, I am slowly waking up, I have been to the house and called the house at times when we row and he makes himself uncontactable. I have told the wife that we have been seeing each other 5 years.
    It's so easy to think you know it all when your on the outside of these stories, and never think it can happen to you He has started to get a litttle bit too physical for my liking too. Not hitting me just holding me down, but its all sort of in a jokey manner, I'm not scared of him, but I see this as a representation of how overpowered I am feeling. When I have talked about how I feel he promises to sort his family situation out, but they are religious too and would not approve of me. I'm pressy angry that I got involved when I had an opportunity to live my life out of the cult, but he captured my mind and now im back in mental captivity. I feel weak, and am struggling morally to just end it with him.
    This is from the perspectiv of an innocent person who was never promiscous etc, and got fooled into a relationship. I'm a fkin fool and I hate myself, but feel to scared to take the leap and get rid of him . I'm surrounded by idiots and don't trust men as everyone I see is a sleaze ball, my head is fkd

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    sweet revenge.left him naked,tied up,milked and in cock cage for his new bitch to find him like that.he is a good bullshitter but not good enough to talk his way out of that one haha!!

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    My boyfriend is 26 years old and he still claims that girls dont poop or fart. It annoyed me because as a girl nothing feels better than letting out a long one. I was sick of his crap (no pun intended) so when I was at his house I took a nice hefty dump. I made sure to eat lots of tacos and chilli before arriving. I think scooped up some of it in a tissue and called him into the bathroom. He face curled and twitched and he looked so upset. Right away the powerful aroma suffocated him. He didn't even see it yet. Then I stepped aside. I still had one hand behind my back hidden. A surprise awaited him. He peered into the toilet and saw my brown log hanging out. Just chillin. I had a big brown dog barkin at my backdoor and the pup needed to be let out. I then smiled wide. I probably looked like The Joker. I then slowly revealed what I had hiding behind my back. A little brown gnome sitting atop some tissue. I shouted "Its mine!" as I flung it at him. It smacked against his cheek making a loud wet smacking noise. Some of it got in his eyes. I admit this is a fetish of mine. I always wanted my poop to grace his skin. He let out a horrible yell unlike anything I've heard before and I could swear I saw tears streaming down his cheeks. It made me feel so hot to see him like that. I then told him to eat it. He yelled at me. Called me crazy. Called me all sorts of names. Said I was sick. I yelled back how can you say you love me if you wont even eat my poop????! He then grabbed me by my shirt and flung me outside onto his lawn. It was the middle of the night. What a gentleman am I right???? It's been close to a week. He hasn't contacted me since. I'm afraid it might be over. Perhaps I should have introduced him more slowly. My heart feels a little broken. If he could have just gave it a lick and give it a chance. How does he know he wont like it if he wont try it???? Guys expect women to lick their smelly cum stained long johnsons and if you refuse they say you are a prude and should at least try it. So why not try my little brown dog???? It wont bite. ;_;

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    I am a straight man who has never considered gay sex at all but this still happened to me. I was 44 and had been sent to Bangkok by work for 3 weeks, on my second night there I decided to sample one of the great looking whores around near my hotel. Walking down the street I was accosted by one and stopped to have a drink with her, after a while we agreed a fee for her to spend the night with me and headed back to my condo.
    When we got to the condo we began some heavy petting and deep tongueing, I gotta tell you my cock was rock hard, breaking off she said go on and take a shower I will join you in there.
    I was in the shower soaking down when in she walked wit just a towel round her lower body, she slipped into the shower and pulled off the towel revealing a 8" rock hard cock, shit I was gobsmacked but my cock if anything got even harder. She smiled and looked at my hard cock then turned me round bent me over and began pushing her huge cock into my ass, it hurt like hell and I was screaming like a bitch, she paused and just said sweetly you want me stop?? I said NO NO Fuck me. Well the upshot of it was that she fucked my ass raw all night and I loved it.

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    Straight Female / 42

    I'm a bit of a slag if I'm honest and if you will pardon the cliché I was having sex with my window cleaner one day - I sometimes did as a favour instead of paying him! I love sex you see.

    Anyway it transpires that we were seen - by my sons 17 year old friend. He had called round to pick up a dvd he lent my son, no-one answered and he saw the door was open so let himself in, as he often did and heard noises from the kitchen so he peered round the door and saw me topless with my jeans and knickers round my ankles bent over the table being pounded by the window cleaner. This lad, named Rick decided to take a photo on his phone and then left.

    I found out about this the following day when Rick called round when I was alone at home, as he knew I would be, and he came straight out with it and told me what he saw and showed me the photos - my bottom and boobs were clear to see and it was obvious to anyone who knows me that it's me being fucked in them!

    I was horrified and asked what he wanted. As brazen as you like his reply was 'firstly to see you naked, so strip Mrs Jones'. I just looked at him and he smiled waiting for me to take my clothes off. I am 45 years old, he is 17, I know his mother and father and here he was telling me to get undressed. I asked what would happen if I refused and he said everyone would see the photos, my husband, son, neighbours, his parents, everyone.

    I knew then that I had to do as he asked, so I got undressed. I hesitated when down to my bra & Panties but he wanted them off too, so soon after I was stark naked, my 44d boobs, round bottom and trimmed fanny all on display for Rick. He gasped at the size of my boobs and said he knew I was a 'big woman' but he didn't know how big until now.

    Then after a few minutes of him groping my boobs, bottom and c**t he said he was horny and wanted what the window cleaner got "or else" he said. So I asked if he means he wants to have sex with me and he said yes. I said there was no way that was going to happen, I'm old enough to be your mum I said, he replied "I know it's brilliant". I said I would suck him, let him finger me, grope me whatever he wanted but not that. He wouldn't budge. He said sex or the photos get shared.

    I knew I had no choice, so he led me to the kitchen and told me to bend over the table, he then took his trousers and boxers off and came up behind me and slid his erect cock into my damp pussy, he was quite big! He slid it in and out until he shot his load a bit inside but most over my bottom and legs. He said he enjoyed that and I started to get up but he pushed me back down and said he hadn't finished. Then I felt his cock at my arse hole - I reached round and said "no no, you are not doing that", but he pushed my hand away and started to squeeze it into my arse, I squealed out as I'm quite tight but that prompted him to pull my hair and say "let's enjoy this Mrs Jones" and he squeezed it as far in as he could and then slid it in and out of my bottom hole. I find it quite humiliating when my hubby does that but a 17 year old fucking my arse was something else.

    Before long he shot his load inside my arse and pulled his cock out and said that was "fantastic". I was allowed to get up then and cleaned myself up, and him! and he got dressed said he would "see you again very soon Linda" smiled and left.

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    Straight Male / 27

    One of my best friends Tod went off the radar for about six weeks after returning from a vacation. When he resurfaced he had a wedding band on his finger and a very pretty woman on his arm. He couldn't have been more loved up with a broad smile beaming from his face. He told us he'd met her on vacation and had a great time, saying they'd gotten together and married two weeks after getting back home.
    Her face told a different story once she recognised me. What Tod doesn't know is the same woman was married when I met her for the first time at a party four years ago. Along with a another friend of mine we were asked by her to join her in an attick bedroom. My friend and I fucked the shit out of her for over an hour, doing everything you can imagine as a threesome. In a phrase, she's one hell of a horny dirty slut.
    The second time I met her was during the final satges of her divorce. I was on my own coming out of the gym when she said Hi. I didn't recognise her at first, but was soon aquainted with her mouth, pussy and asshole again as we fucked in the back of my car down a dirt track. Over the next couple of weeks I met her at various places just for sex. The last time I invited the same friend that had fucked her alongside myself at the party. It was at a motel where we once again fucked her over and over again. My last memory of her that time was as I was fucking her asshole, my friend was fist fucking her pussy. She came squirting her pussy juices all over the place soaking the bed linen.
    They've been married now for over a two months and I'm fairly sure she's fucking around or at least she'd like to be. She's tried to get in touch with me via a girlfriend of mine and from what she's told me, it was to meet me and my other friend again.
    I cannot deny she is most deffinately a stunningly good looking woman, who just loves dirty sex. And that I'm finding it hard not to meet her again because she is soooo good in bed. But I'm also torn as to what I should or shouldn't tell my friend Tod about my past involvment with her.
    I know he worships the ground she walks on, so I'm struggling to figure out what is the best course for me to take.
    All ways round he's going to be hurt.

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    Straight Female / 42

    Wife Fucks young boys and night porter in Bangkok

    As far as sex is concerned Mary would fuck anybody and any thing if I asked her to , she has an insatiable appetite for fucking.

    A few years ago she told me that she has a thing for young boys and that she would like to have sex with them , being American we know the stiff penalties for underage sex and we had her fuck younger boys but they were all 14 years and up.

    Our hotel was very close Phat pong (red light district) and on the first night I shared our fantasy with the night porter (if you need anything they are the people to speak to), within 15 minutes he organized 5 young boys for the next evening . I had to pay 3500 baht upfront and 1000 baht to him to let the boys into the hotel. He insisted that the boys protector be present and he insisted on an additional 800 baht , so in total it cost me about 250 dollars US.

    We spend the evening in the Cowboy Bar and I paid a 2000 baht for a beautiful Thai girl with huge tits and long nipples to sit in our booth . While we watched the live sex shows Mary and the girl fingered and suck each others tits. She really got Mary cumming very hard , She blew me while Mary tried her best to put her whole hand up the girls pussy.

    When we wanted to leave she then insisted on more money as we both had sex with her , they really try strong arm tactics and do their best to rip you off. I would have none of it and they saw we were not going to pay anymore , we left under a barrage of insults.

    We went back to the hotel to shower and change clothes as it is very humid , I told Mary to wear a proper see thru blouse and a short skirt , she looked like a Thai hooker only twice the height.

    She attracted a lot of attention as we walked through the lobby , I stopped at the night porter to give him a good view of Mary's tits , he loved the white woman's tits.

    We send the evening showing her off and taking photos with the street vendors , I would play with her tits while they prepared our food , the one stall was just on the corner in a darker alley , the vendor about 30 years old was just cleaning his cart as he was sold out , I asked him to show Mary how to prepare a simple dish for an extra 50 baht ,
    he really starred at her big tits and nipples , I told her to go around the cart and see if she could get him to touch her tits , she pushed her tits against him and tried to feel him up , he did not respond and looked bewildered , I took out 100 baht and put it in his hand and took is other hand and put it on her tits , he then got the message and mauled her tits , we were interrupted by two other tourist and had to stop , I did manage to take two photos of the man with his hands on Mary's tits.

    The next evening after confirming the arrangements we waited in anticipation for the goods to arrive , we heard a knock on the door and a beautiful girl with amazing tits stood in the door with two very young boys at her side , I smiled and she and the two boys quickly entered the room , she told me in broken English that the porter wanted to see me and that I must bring some money down with me , I knew it was going to cost me again.

    He told me that because the boys are so young he had to pay 50 dollars more , he insisted the boys are very clean and well behaved , what ever that meant , I paid and he said the the other three will be there soon and that he will escort them up to our suite.

    When I got back Mary had given her guest some beer and cool drink , two of the boys wanted beer , they looked ten years old , difficult to tell with them.The girl asked me what we wanted , told her that the boys are for Mary and she wants them to fuck her , she spoke to the boys and they smiled when the girl pointed at Mary.

    The porter brought two more boys that looked even younger and said he would be back soon with last one, he said management watches what the guests get up to.

    The girls got to business and told Mary to get on the bed and explained that the boys are going to massage her , Mary took off her robe and the boys showed there appreciation by babbling and laughing , I could see Mary was so horny that it would not be able to hold back much longer , she lay down and and Ifelt her c**t she was sopping wet , the girl spoke to the boys and the four were undressed in ten seconds , three with little erect penises and the other had a long thin flaccid penis , the four got on the bed and the girl positioned them around Mary , they have done this before it seems.

    The boys started the massage by grabbing handfuls of tits and two immediately started to rub her c**t and and fingering her with their little hands. Mary wanted to touch their little dicks but the girl stopped and sat next to her , she took Mary's hand and placed it under her skirt , the boys laughed as Mary said with shock that the girl had a huge hard on.She lifted her skirt and I saw a huge dick in my wife's hand , the boys were now rubbing Mary all over and she came with grunting sounds , the girl pushed her dick down Mary's throat and chocked her , i was ecstatic with lust as the boys pulled her tits rubbed and sucked her c**t while she sucked the girls dick , the girl took of the rest of her clothes ,she was beautiful with great tits , she came in Mary's mouth and on her tits ,she then took one of the boys and told Mary to suck him , Mary was now in heaven she sucked the boy and started wank the other two's little dicks
    while the last boy hammered her c**t with his hand . I took my cock out and started to wank , the girl got of the bed stood next to me and pushed her tits in my face I started to suck on them and then she grabbed my cock and started to wank me good he/she was very good and I came very quickly , she made me cum on Mary's shaved c**t while the boy abused my wife's c**t , she spoke to him and he licked her c**t clean , she spoke to boys again and they giggled , the boy immediately lifted Mary's legs and slipped his small dick in her wet c**t . she was ecstatic she had young dick in c**t in her hands and mouth , the one in mouth came but i saw no sperm , she sucked the other one while the last boy waited to fuck her , the first boy came in her pussy and his friend took his place , the porter arrived with the last boy he was was a little older , the porter stood and looked Mary while the boys were busy with her , I told her i think he wants to fuck you , she was so wild with lust that she just nodded while sucking a small dick , I told him it was fine , he ripped of his pants, pushed the small boy of Mary stuck his four inch dick in her , ten seconds later he came in her with a grunt and some Thai words that i presumed to mean whore as they all laughed at her , he unceremoniously stuck his dick in her mouth for her to suck him clean , pulled up his pants and left ,it all took no longer that three minutes.

    The first four boys had all cum and Mary' a few times , the girls spoke to the new boy and to the others ,she told me that we should rest now and that I must get food and more beer.

    She asked me if I wanted to fuck any of the boys and I shook my head ,she spoke to two of the older boys and they nodded got dressed and left within two minutes.

    She told me that the money was not enough but If I buy food and beer the rest will stay , Mary's begged me to let then stay , her and the lady-boy were both naked, Mary was cum covered and had a shower while the girl ordered food and drink , again I knew that it was going to cost me , but the girl/boy had the most amazing tits and Mary loved her big dick.

    The girl told Mary to lay down and spoke to the new boy he took his clothes off and sprouted a nice 6 inch semi flaccid cock he lay next to her and started to gently kiss her like they were lovers he gently played with her tits and c**t and fingered her clitoris until she came again , we all watched as he made her sit up and gently slide his cock in her mouth and face fucked her we all watched in silence as he slid his whole cock in and out of her mouth , he dumped a huge load of cum on her tits , the girls spoke to youngest boy and he seemed to protest but she quickly spoke sharply to him , he walked to Mary licked and sucked all the cum from her tits , the girl told Mary to lay back and open her legs , the boy bend down opened her c**t and spat the cum up in her c**t , never seen that before , the lady boy got up and pushed Mary back and started to fuck her hard , what a turn on this lasted a few minutes and she came in her as-well , Mary asked if she may suck the the three boys off again , she was in heaven , when the food and drinks arrived It was packed to go , Mary's was well fucked and tired a little by now , the girls spoke to the boys who got dressed and waited at the door , she/he did likewise and said ,we are finished , they took the food and drinks and just walked out the door , Mary cum covered and tired thanked me for the effort and asked if we could repeat this session before we return home.

    Ten minutes later while we were still reminiscing over the evening there was a knock on the door , it was the porter again , Mary lay on the bed sticky all over , he pushed past me to get to her , he asked if everything was Ok and if he should arrange a special for us again , I said we shall let him know , Mary looked him in the eye and spread her legs , the cum was still running from her c**t , she told me that she can still one more fuck if he can give us a special price,he was intending to fuck her again anyways , they love western woman , we spoke briefly and he agreed , he wanted her to blow him , she said her jaws is smarting but he can fuck her , he just stuck his small dick in her and fucked her for some 8 - 10 minutes , then pulled out and stuck his cock in her mouth again , he lay her down held her head and stuck three fingers up her cum soaked c**t , he forced four fingers and then tried his thumb , she was squirming and I knew that was uncomfortable , I love to hurt her a little as see does get off on it , I told her to open her legs and shouted encouragement to him , the angle was wrong but he tried to shove his fist up her c**t , got some hand lotion and squirted on his hand and and her c**t , the lubrication worked and soon he was pis-toning his hand in and out of her c**t , she loved it , I grabbed her left tit and bit her tit and nipples hard , he came in her mouth and i took is place while he really abused her tits and nipples while trying to force his arm up her c**t , she came with a roar and just about passed out , the Thai porter did not want to stop until I pulled him from her.

    We were done for the night ,he left and we later showered inspected her bruised body and slept for the rest of the night.

    We checked out in the morning and found an additional 4500 baht tab on our account for food ordered during the night on our suite number , we paid , it was worth it .

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    When I was 16, my sister (13) had school friend to stay for half term. One day I was passing sis' room and heard giggling. I peeked through a crack in the door. They were on the bed, naked from the waist down. Sis was using a wooden recorder (wind instrument) to masturbate her friend. She was pushing it into that cute little pussy, and I rapidly became aroused. I pulled my cock out and quietly opened the door, tiptoed in with my cock sticking out of my pants. At first they didn't notice. Sis had her back to me and her friends eyes were closed.
    Why don't you try the real thing?? I said.
    They froze.
    I moved closer and gently took the recorder from my sis. They were both staring at my hard cock. I undid my pants and let them drop. The girl had one leg dangling off the bed, and now I knelt there, between her thighs. I took sis' hand and put it on my cock.
    Go on, carry on as you were! I said. Moving closer so my cock was hovering over the other girls pussy.
    Sis tentatively grasped my cock, and started rubbing it against the girls pussy lips. That felt sooo nice, her silky smooth skin against my shiny tip. Then she pushed it between those lips, and I felt it pop into the girls tight little vagina. I pushed in a little more, and she gave a little moan, then her hand came down and started to masturbate her clit. That was so sexy to watch, and I started to slowly thrust in and out of her, deeper and deeper. Sis was lying beside her now, tongue kissing with fervour. I looked and saw her little pussy with its sparse covering of blond hair. I put my hand on the inside of her thigh, then slid it up and stuck my finger into her, my thumb finding her clit. She looked shocked for a moment, then carried on snogging her friend.
    The girl was now writhing in time with my thrusts, and her little fingers were a blur on her clit. Then she went into a moaning spasm, her vagina gripped me, then everything became very wet and slippery. It felt incredible... Half a dozen more thrusts into that slippery heaven, and I felt my sperm welling up... I pulled out hastily and wanked a couple of strokes before it flew out of me all over her sweet little tummy...

    That night I returned, and this time my sis got to feel my cock inside her too. She lives abroad now, so I only see her about once a year. She has her own family, but she still has the figure of a teenager, and we always get to fuck when we meet up!

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    So, I went to college, I took all the traditional courses and read all the books that feminists talk about. And I completely believe every word of it. The sticking point for me, is that I realized that I don't care about any of it. In fact, I realized, I actually like that I'm being oppressed and objectified. I like that most people, mostly men but even women do it, treat me like I'm less than a man. I like knowing that if I'm ever raped, if that fact became a public issue there would be a large part of the public and the news media that act as though it's my fault. Hell, I wouldn't even bother reporting it, and if it's someone I know I'd treat them exactly the same as before, and act like it never happened. By this point you might think I'm being sarcastic, but I'm completely serious. I love being a woman in a patriarchal society, and I might even be happier if I were alive back in like the victorian era or something, where things like clitoridectomy were still considered a cure for masturbation/promiscuity.

    And to clarify, I don't think women are inferior, I don't think it's my fault if I'm raped, I don't think masturbation or promiscuity are bad things. I mean, if other people want to fight for equality go right ahead. I'm just saying, I'm perfectly happy to continue being valued as nothing more than a life support system for a vagina.

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