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    Straight Male / 40

    I grew up with three sisters, my middle sister who was two years older than me was obsessed with me being a boy. she teased me, she block and tacked me and called me a sissy because I wasn't stronger than her. she would grab me by the balls and squeeze me until I said uncle. she would get in the shower with me and wash me. she would do anything to play and touch my penis. if she got an erection out of it, she would rub it against her cheeks, making noises. then one day, she put my penis in her mouth and she sucked on me like it was a lollypop. All this before I turned 10.

    about that time, she decided it was time that a I learned about her, and she started having me touch her, she liked to have me take the palm of my hand and just rub her hard while she lay on her back. at the time I didn't know it, but I was rubbing her until had an orgasm, and soon as she did then she would tell me to get away.

    I was 15 when she had me have sex with her, she was careful to make sure that I ejaculated on her, not letting me ejaculate in her. even then I didn't like that. I would guess we had sex several times a month. by the time I graduated from high school I knew more about sex than any of my classmates, I never told any one about what we did.

    to my surprise, one Christmas, we were all together because my mother was sick, and my oldest sister told me to take care of my sister. I asked her what she meant, and she said 'you know, take care of her, like you did when you were at home'. that is when I found out my other sisters knew all about what my sister and I did growing up. I went up stairs to find out what was wrong, and I found out my sister was getting a divorce. I took 'care' of her.

    My sister and I have an unforgiving relationship, we always have. I suppose we always will. She is the only woman that I can have meaningful sex with. I just don't feel anything with anyone else.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    It started with shemale porn. Now, I'm a bi-sexual. Most of the porn I now watch is the sissy hypno stuff. I didn't think it would actually work... Why the fuck I thought that I don't know... But now I'm a full fledged bisexual. I LOVE cock and I want to drink cum. I want to be fucked in the ass by men while wearing women's clothes, and for them to cum on my face when they're done.... Just like all the facial girl porn I used to watch.

    The hypno stuff has really changed me. Even when I'm in "straight mode" I often overlook the girls and see only cock. I have a big foot fetish, but only women's feet because, ugh, but instead of drooling over their gorgeous feet, now I'm drooling waiting for the close up of the guy cumming on her toes and I drool as I dream of sucking his cum off her toes.

    Anal sex porn has now started to give me constant thoughts of wishing I was her instead of him. I also can't wait until his dick comes out so I can dream of wrapping my mouth on it. I also fantasize that when he pulls his big cock out, that it's coated in her shit.... Oh yea, I love women's poop.

    Not necessarily the poop itself but the idea that I'm her toilet. I so badly want my wife to make me build a toilet seat chair for me to sit under while she pissed in my mouth, then poops all over my face. I then wish she'd stand up and use her feet to smear it on my face and shove her shit in my mouth and tell me to swallow it. She'd tell me the incentive for swallowing it would be that she'd let me suck her realistic looking strap on and demand I "suck her cock." She'd then turn me over and fuck my ass with it while calling me a faggot.

    I love women. I'm more attracted to them than men. I'm actually not really attracted to men that much (in comparison) but sometimes I fantasize about more than cock. But the point is I love women. And I love my wife more than anything in this world, I'd die for her without hesitation. If she knew I felt this way about cock and was turned away and asked me to stop and all that, I would. Which is why I unfortunately have to keep this under wraps for the time being because I don't want to give this up right now. Because I love cock. I want to fuck men in their ass and watch them suck my cock, I want them to fuck my ass and I'll suck their cocks. I want to have other men's cum all over me and I want to drink it. I want young hot women to laugh at me, pointing, and calling me a faggot while I suck cocks and drink their cum. Then as I lie their in the floor covered in cum, savoring it even after all the men have left, I want a train of those beautiful women to take turns squatting over my cum covered face and shitting into my mouth making me eat it.

    I'm a bisexual, and I feel like I'm just getting started.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 48

    I was at my work party and hoped a fuck buddy would meet me after and fuck me. However he let me down and as I was going for the train to go home I passed a pub and went in for a drink - on my own. I ensured that my tits were bulging out of my top and stood at a high table in the bar. After a couple of minutes a guy approached me and we started chatting. I knew he was glancing at my tits and we exchanged numbers and will fuck some day. After he left a couple of guys came in and one or them asked me outright if he could fuck me. I would have fucked him but he wanted me to go to his flat in Glasgow - no way! So I went home on the train with my bulging tits fighting to get out of my top and watched all the men on the train watching me.

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    Straight Male / 51

    If your female, if you want to flirt and talk sexy to someone new. And if you want someone who'll help you with any problem then message me adipose123@@@@y***

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 19

    I'm at the pub there's a milf of a Chinese woman playing pool next to me. How do I pick her up please tell me quick.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    I was at my friends house last weekend and his wife accidently walked out in front of me naked after she got out of the shower. She is a cute blond with a nice body. Me and her husband just kind of laughed as she called him in the room. After a few minute my buddy called me to come back. When i got to the room the door was cracked and he said come in. As i did i noticed his wife laying on the bed with just a robe on. He asked me if i would like a closer look then before and i jokingly said yes. I could not believe it when she opened her robe and she was laying there completely naked. She shyly looked a me and smiled. He asked me if i wanted to fuck her. He told me they have had a fantasy of him watching one of his friends fucking her. After a little coaxing i agreed. I went down and started eating her pussy and everything got real quit, i asked him are you ok with this and he said yes but you could tell after seeing my tounge in his wife's pussy he was not sure anymore. I told him we could stop there but she said no lets keep going and he said ok. I took my clothes off and she started sucking my cock. I have a 7.5' thick cock and you could tell that she liked what she saw. After she sucked me hard i spread her legs and slowly started to slide my cock in her,i stopped with just the tip in and i turned to him and said are you ok with this. Before he cold say anything she grabbed my ass an pulled me all the way in her and let out a loud moan. At that point i just stared to fuck the shit out of her.After a couple of minutes she was moaning really loud and he got up and left the room. I told her maybe we should stop and she said no he was the one that wanted to do this so bad. I flipped her over on her stomach, grabbed he hips and put her ass in the air and fucked her balls deep doggy style. She started getting pretty loud and then she came really hard. I was still hard and fucking her when she told me to put it in her ass. That she had never had anal sex and wanted to try. I slide into her tight ass and fucked her hard until she came again the i put it back in her pussy and shot my load in her. When we were done i got dressed and left. We have not talked since. I hope i did not lose a friend but she was a great fuck.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 42

    I got to watch my wife fuck another man in front of me this past weekend. I was teasing her about doing it and she finally said yes probably thinking i would not go through with it. e went to a bar had a few drinks and i let her pick a guy out. We took him back to a hotel room where they started to mess around. She looked at me and asked me if i was sure this is what i wanted and told her yes. What she did not realize i have had a fantasy of watching her fuck someone for a long time. We all got naked and she grab his cock and said last chance to say no. I said go for it. She starting sucking his cock while her eyes were on me. Se took his cock out of her mouth and said fine. She seemed to be a little mad and like she was going to teach me a lesson. The guys then lay her back on the bed and ate her pussy. After a little while her grab her legs and spread them and slowly rubbed his cock on her pussy lips and she looked at him and then me and told him to fuck her. He fucked her as hard as i had ever seen someone get fucked. he turned her over and fucked her doggy style and put every inch of his cock in her. She ended up cumming three times. When he was done he got dressed and left. my wife asked me if i liked what i saw and i told yes. I sad we could do it again sometime if she wanted too. She just smiled and agreed.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    i am married and have 2 children, both are from my husband, but i have never been faithful to him. i love him dearly, but i have a psychological need to be sexually active with anyone that i become friends or even start to trust. i know this is a mental issue and should seek professional help, and i have, three different doctors, and i have had sex with all 3 of them. the first when i was in high school, after almost 3 months of visits, he finally gave in to my advances and we had sex in his office. he immediately transferred me to another dr. he lasted 4 visits and i was sucking his cock. he recommended that i see a female psychologist, and so he referred me to her. she was wonderful, but true to my condition, i found i wanted to be with her sexually half way through our first session. she held out for almost 6 months.

    when i met my husband we had sex on our first date. i had a reputation for being easy, and i sill do, he has since told me he wanted a slut for a wife. he really got what he wanted. on our wedding day, i had sex with his best friend, his best man at the wedding, and we basically had a lesbian orgy in the brides room while i was preparing for the ceremony. i have done all of his friends, and he has been given a promotion and 2 different raises because i have had sex with his supervisors or section manager.

    i like sex one on one, so my husband does not try to join in, but we have a guest bedroom that has a 2 way mirror and i usually have sex there so my husband can watch, he has even let a few friends of his watch me. when we give parties, our friends know basically that their hostess will be giving them service, they go into the adjoining room to watch through the 2 way mirror and as i finish with one, then the next comes in. male of female makes no difference, i need to have sex with them.

    all of my friends and i have casual sex. i have to be sexually intimate with them or i can no longer trust them and i quit being their friend. this has caused me and still causes me a lot of problems.

    since my husband is alright with my condition, i am not interested in seeking any further medical help, i have come to grips with being a slut, and now i am his slut and finally enjoying the companionship of a good man.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 36

    My wife Louise finally admitted to having sex with a guy when we split up for about a month, which was over a year ago. Even then she told me it was an angry drunken fuck and it would never happen again.
    The more I thought about another mans cock filling her pussy and ass, the more I felt intrigued, so I started to ask her what it was like. Louise wouldn't tell me at first, but after lots of badgering from me she relented one evening as we were getting into bed.
    She told me how he'd made her gag on his long thick cock outside the bar they'd met in. Then in the motel room he'd rented, he'd gone down on her as he again forced his cock into her mouth. They'd both been drinking and Louise said by the time she'd cum hard all over his face, he was bursting for a piss. Making her stand in the shower, he peed all over her, turned her around and with his cock fully erect again, he'd fucked her from behind as he turned the shower on.
    By the time she began to describe his cock sliding up her asshole still in the shower, my dick was throbbingly hard. So stopping her I made my wife suck in my cock as she had her lover. Like him, I rammed my cock into her mouth making her gag, but unlike him I didn't last long enough to fuck Louise as I came in her mouth.
    The following morning as we chatted over our breakfast, she asked me if her re telling of what they'd done had gotten me horny. Just the question itself made my dick rise and this time I wasted no time with foreplay, I bent Louise over the table and fucked her pussy, then as her pussy juices trickled down over her asshole, she asked me to fuck her rear. I came up my wifes asshole for the first time in over two years, only seconds after she came shaking like a leaf.
    We now go over different events and times we've fucked other people before we got together, and we've had some amazingly good fucks from it. The thing is, I'm now really considering allowing her to fuck another guy. Only this time I think I'd like to watch her being fucked. It turns me on to imagine another mans cock up her pussy and asshole, as I watch her face and see her tits bouncing from the pounding he's giving her.
    I'd love to hear back from anynone whos been in my position previously, and hear what they did and what they got from it.

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    Straight Male / 51

    Native Woman Love Sexual Contact Often

    I was twenty-six, and I had the opportunity to meet a very beautiful young Ojibway woman, she told me she like having a man take her in the woods, to screw her brains out. Hell it was late at my home, so I took her out into the back yard, laid her down on a mat, and screwed her under the stars. As it turns out, she enjoyed being screwed anywhere outside, day or night.

    I was passing a park the next day, she asked me to drive in so that her and I could go for a walk. I located a parking spot, and we went off walking through the woods, as we walk she began to disrobe off her clothes. Off came her mini-skirt, next her blouse, panties and bra. Soon she was nude, and enjoying the feeling of being totally naked.
    I gathered her clothes, and sat them down. Watching her pose in different position, she asked me to take her right there, I did. I thought I better hang onto this one for a while. She was twenty-two, nice body…5’3† 100 Lbs.
    34/24/36C. I was 6’ 7” with a cock size of nine inches, and I was in shape.

    I ended up screwing her in city parks at night, at a back road stop, out in the woods at night, plus walking her home to my place as she strolled along nude.

    She told me she like to try taking on one more guy, did I know of anyone. Thinking I did have a very good friend, much older then, I was, he was an elder named John. I called up John and ask him if he like to make a stop at my home, before going to his place. A little while later, my doorbell rang, and there was old man John. Come in John. He entered. John I have a young lady who like to have two men screwing her, are you up to it? John smiled at me.

    That told me he was. John was sixty years old, he was in poor shape, but was willing to do his best.
    I lead him into my Guest Bedroom, where she laid naked on the bed. I introduce him to her. She told John: I love to have you in my mouth. John wasted no time in inserting his cock in her open mouth, I took her in her tight c**t, bending her legs up to her head, while she was on her back with John cock deep down into her throat. This went on for much of the night, John got tired, and watch me as I continued to screw her. John was happy and I told him not to tell anyone about this. He promise he would not tell anyone, only if he could come back for some more.

    She told me where she from, she likes having the old men take her, what she wanted from me was to invite more of the elders over to have her. I invited John, and four other elders, once they were all there, she wanted them to go out into the woods to enjoy her. We all got into my Van and headed for the woods. It was a full moon, she was naked under the stars, and everyone, of the elders removed all of their clothing. Soon everyone was enjoying her, she was calling them her daddy, and crying for them to bang her harder. They did, that night she took on six men.

    I was running low on cash and asked the guys to put up some money for a donation for their fucking. They pull out cash and place it into a bowl, plus they ask could they come back for more of her. I told them I let them know when the next bang party was to happen.

    Once we were at my place she asked could I invite more elders, I ask her how many would she like? Surprising me she told me how about ten. Ok I sat it up for the very next night. In came the same five elders with four more following. This time she wanted us all to go out to a different section of the woods. I drove and they followed in their cars. I told them when I turn off my head lighs I wanted them to do the same once we were there. I turn off the headlights, and the cars behind me did the same. Stopping my van I told all the elders to get undress. Soon everyone was undress, and so she was too. She walked a spell off into the woods stopping at a log, where she asked me to spread the blanket. I did and sat there watching her let the elders enjoy her body. She took on all of them, and wanted more cock. God I started to wonder, I better get rid of her.

    She told me she never wanted to have a black man screw her, shit I had a real good friend IU met in Vietnam, it turned out she got tank on my Canadian Brandy. I called my friend up and ask him to make a stop at my place, before going home. I told her my friend did not want her to see who he was, and that she would have to blind folded while he screwed her, she agreed to it.

    My African Nam friend came in, I told him would like to have some Indian Pussy? He had a big smile on his face, I told him he could not say a word as he fuck her. That she did not like having African males screwing her.

    He screwed her long and hard, as I pounded her anus he was in her pussy. Then she sucked his cock, and I waited for her to suck mine for me. She told him how much she wanted to see who he was I spoke for him, telling her he did not want her to see who he was.

    The next day, she told me she had a dream that a big black man fuck her. I asked her did she enjoy her dream, and she told me she did. But for real life she did not want a black man to enjoy her.

    She was real pretty, and one would never think that she like having old men screw her. Plus having that amount of old men take her. She ended up having all the elders, of my territory take her.

    I took her with me to a new town, there she wanted me to locate old men for her. I did and I had them pay for their enjoyment of screwing her. I took her from one hotel to another, from one reservation to another. I knew many of the older generation on many of the Native territories.

    She ended up having many of the elders, on many of the reservation enjoying her pussy, and her anus. plus their cocks she was becoming one of the best cock suckers known.

    One night I let her give me a blow job, "WOW" she was great at sucking my cock. she held me in check until she wanted me to blow my cum into her throat. She loved deep throating any man cock.

    I always wore a condom when I was screwing her in her anus, pussy, or mouth. She loved sex so much, I just had to put her on a plane. Any place she wanted to go, I told her when I locate a new place to live. She cry and told me she wanted to remain with me. I told her it would be a while before I could locate a new place to live, and that I would contact her when I was ready for her to return.

    I never did. Maybe I should have, but felt if I am to settle down with a lady, I would want one who would only want me. And not one who would want the whole tribe.

    The End.

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