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    Straight Female / 25

    Two days ago, when I had sex with my boyfriend, when I was having an orgasm, I don't know why, but all I could think about was my step dad. I kept imagining it was my step dad that was coming inside me, instead of my boyfriend.

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    Straight Male / 46

    About 5 years into my marriage, I ended up having sex with my step daughter. It happened one night after some talking, some joking, some kidding and some serious sexual teasing. Before it happened, she told me she'd slept with one guy and she'd fooled around with a girl. I was significantly older, and quite honestly, she was 14. I realize the age thing might gross some people out, but it was completely consensual. I never pushed, never forced, and I never made her do anything she did not want to.

    The first time we had sex, quite honestly, I was scared, nervous, and I wasn't sure of how it would be. We did some making out, some fooling around, and when it was going to happen, I knew she had been on the pill since she was 12 because of cramps. Her mom and I had a long talk prior to doing that. And when we were going to actually going to have sex, I finished quickly. I pulled out, scared, and I came on her stomach and legs. We had a very long talk about it afterwards. She said she had no regrets, and that she wanted to see what it was like. About a week later, we had sex again. Twice the same night. The first time, I did it as I had the first time. The second time, she was on top of me, as we'd done a little bit of stuff, and when I had my hands on her hips, and I was kissing her, I came inside her. It was very intense, and very intimate. Almost romantic. I know. It sounds really screwed up. But after that time, and we talked, it happened again about a week later. It was one of the most intense sexual sessions I had ever had in the recent ten years. I had never felt that personal and intimate with someone since long before my marriage. Through the next couple of years, off and on, when she was not dating someone, or involved, we would on occasion have sex. It would happen sometimes one or two times a month. Other times, it would happen several times a week.

    After high school, she went to college, moved on her ways, and now is married. She has two kids. And a couple of nights ago, was at the house. Her family lives about an hour from us. We were sitting on the couch talking. Her kids were with their dad, and her mom was at work. We had a very long conversation, and just before she was going to head home, she came right out and asked me "have you ever thought about our past" and I said yes. She asked what. And I was very honest and told her. Her mom and I go through the motions. And that truth, through the years, I have done stuff with others. Because her mom simply isn't interested, has no sex drive, and doesn't seem to care.

    Riley looked at me and asked me how my sex life was. I shrugged and told her the truth, that I'd slept with some girls I probably should not have. I'd taken some risks that I probably should not have put myself in that position. And that in truth, her mom and I would fuck perhaps once a month. She just looked at me and said OK. I asked why.

    She stared at me for a second, and then just said quietly she wanted to sleep with me. She'd thought about it for years. Her husband was very lame, very prudish, they went through the motions, and basically she felt like he was doing it to appeal to her. She said she'd never met a guy who didn't truly care about having sex.

    After she said that, I approached her. And it ended up very intense and intimate. We had sex twice in my bedroom that night. The first time, we got very intense, got our clothes off, and we kissed a lot. A lot of touching. I fingered her, and got her off several times. She was touching me, kissing me, and when I entered her, I immediately came. It was quick. I hadn't had an orgasm that quick in 10 years. We just laid there. She smiled and said well that wasn't long at all huh? I just laughed and said I was sorry. I don't do it very often, and I was blunt, and said when I do most times, I end up making myself get off. She just smiled and said she'd gladly change that.

    I asked her if she had to get home to her husband. She said no. He knew she was over there, and he was hanging out with the kids. We laid in bed, and about a half hour later, we had sex again. It was very intense. Very intimate. I haven't kissed someone that passionately and affectionately in years. We were all over each other. Because I came in her earlier, it's something I don't do, is oral after doing that. So I fingered her. Laid there and got her off. She was touching me, kissing on me, and climbed on top of me. Having her on top of me, my hands on her hips, watching her move back and forth, and then feeling her round firm ass, as I pushed deep inside her, brought back memories of when we first started sleeping together when she was in high school.

    Call it what you will. But when we ended up finishing, I came inside her harder than I had inside a female in probably 10 years. It compared nothing to having sex with her mom. When we were finished, we went into the bathroom and cleaned up. She pushed me against the wall, and kissed me. Had her hands around my back, and told me straight out she loved me.

    Walked out into the living room and asked me if I would object if we simply made this happen as time, schedules and life permits. I told her I'd like that. She left, and thinking about it? No regrets. I saw her mom today. I had no interest. She prompted me, kind of joking, to fool around before she went to work. And all I could think about was, I could get through it. if while I was doing it, I thought about having sex with Riley.

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    Straight Male / 35

    For almost three years, I went through therapy and counseling for sex problems. I still have them. I won't deny it. I masturbate 8-9 times a week, sometimes more. I love porn. And I have, for years, had an affection for younger girls. I know it's fucked up and probably sounds sick. But I don't make anyone do anything they don't want to. I don't try to persuade anyone into doing shit. I just figure whatever happens. And I've been thankful so far, to not have been caught or get in trouble. I don't want to be labeled 'that guy' you know?

    But I want to share some of the twisted shit I've done. I don't know why. I guess to at least see if others are out there in the world that have the same thoughts I do, inhibitions, or the lustful things going through their head, especially when they are "old enough" to know better. But keep in mind, I have never done the "It'll be our secret" or "You can't tell anyone what we did or you'll get in trouble" or any of those fucked up stories you hear online or on TV that "If you tell someone, your family will pay" shit. I've never done that. Nor will I. I think it's just stupid. But if someone "old enough" wants to experiment, try something new, or do something? I don't see a problem with it, even if "society" doesn't acknowledge it or recognize it. People call it a bunch of different stupid things. To me? It's consensual. Just between someone very much older and younger. But you also don't realize, a lot of younger girls are into guys older, that either know shit, taboo, kinky, or just want to try something they've never done.

    About 5 years ago, four of my daughter's friends spend the night. We were hanging out. They were watching movies. Having a good time. Doing their thing. And somehow, the conversation turned into truth and dare and joking. One of her friends who had mentioned having the hots for someone, got into the truth. So when it came around to me, I openly admitted when she asked "would you ever do something sexually with someone here?" I answered truthfully yes. She looked at me and said "who" and I came right out and said "you" - I think she thought I was bullshitting. But I wasn't. I knew in reality, it wasn't going to happen, because my own kid was there, her other friends were there, and all that shit. So we just kind of left it go and laughed.

    Well, about an hour later, the girls had gone upstairs to bed. My daughter's one friend came back downstairs. We're talking about stuff. And she asked me. So I was honest and said yes. It was nervous talk, and kind of hesitant. She told me about something that had happened to her, but said that since the guy's dick was so little, it's not like she'd really "done anything" so I asked her some pretty blunt questions. She said answers, and I was curious if she enjoyed it, liked it, or even wanted to do more. She said "well I guess it's technically fucking, because he like got in me, and then yanked out and squirted. So even though he had like no dick, yeah, I guess we kinda did it" and I just laughed and said "well OK then". She asked me some questions. It started turning sexual. I just said "you sure you're OK with this conversation?" She laughed and said "I'm not all innocent and shit. I know things. But yeah. I'm curious about an older guy doing stuff". It got kind of verbal and graphic. I could tell by looking, she liked it.

    Somehow, the conversation got around to sex. And we were talking about it. Actually talking about it. And she said "ever do it with someone my age?" I said no. She said "ever wanna?" I said truthfully? Yes. And she said "well that's cool." so I threw it back at her. And she said "older? How old?" I shrugged and said "I dunno. My age" she looked at me. Shrugged and said "Sure. I mean, I've kinda done it once. It's just sex. I mean, you're not going to like get married and shit. Right?" I laughed and said nope. And she says to me "why? Would you really?" I looked at her and said "well with someone younger, like you? Yeah. But if anyone found out, or someone knew, or suspected or tried to find out? I'd be busted, get fucked, and it'd be ugly" She said "true" and didn't say anything.

    She got up. And I said "going to bed?" She looked at me, kind of nervous, and said "Well uh, no. Not really. I was going um, into the bathroom" so I said OK. And she looked and said "aren't you coming?" Now honest to God, I had no idea what she was referring to. But I guess I just went with it. I said "well uh sure". We went into the bathroom. She closed the door. Walked up against me, and said "would you kiss me?" I said "really? Like here?" and she said "well if you want to" I did. I really really did. I kissed her. And it felt really good. She was skinny, smaller chest, a really small ass, and about 100 pounds. Very small. I'm about 190, and in pretty good shape. A lot bigger than her. We stopped kissing after a few minutes, and I said "well that was nice. I like it" and she says "well do you want to do more?" I said "well uh yeah. I'd like to, you know, but what if someone finds out?" She just shrugged and said "well, make sure everyone is sleeping. Don't let nobody find out" so I went up. They were all in bed. I went downstairs. Closed the bathroom door. And I said "uh, yeah, now what?" and she says "well, we can um, do whatever" so I started kissing her. I don't know what prompted me to do it, but I unbuttoned her jeans. Unzipped them. And I pulled them down. Really tight, so she helped me. She got them around her ankles, and I kind of helped her out of them. She reached down and said "you can take those off too?" so I did. I was in my underwear. She had on panties and a tshirt. She took it off, and I was looking at her really small boobs. Probably at most, 32 C cup. Not big at all. I started getting hard.

    We started kissing, and she said "you'd really you know?" I said "well, I don't wanna get in trouble. But yes, I mean, I would" and she said "well OK". She reached down and pulled her underwear off. I looked down, and saw brown pussy hair. I got harder. She said "well you can take yours off too" and I did. My dick was straight out. She just looked and said wow. She touched it. It jerked. She kind of laughed and said "touchy huh?" I laughed and said "well uh yeah".

    I said "well uh, what now?" and she said to me "well, we can do whatever you want". I had her against the wall, and we were kissing really heavily. I ended up getting her on the bathroom floor, and I was kissing on her. I stated kissing her neck. She was moaning, so I kept moving, and kissing on her little boobs. I started kissing on her flat stomach, and down her legs. I went between her legs, and I heard her say "what are you doing?" I just said "Just lay there. It'll feel good" and I ate her. I started slowly, I heard her say "oh wow. That feels real good" and I kept going and licking her. I was fingering her, and licking her, and I heard her say "I'm gonna have an orgasm" and she did. I kept going. She had one. Then I stopped. Moved up. She was laying there breathing really heavy. And she said "wow. That was really awesome". I said "want me to do more?" and she says "oh yes" I laughed. And went down and ate her again. I made her cum again. She was gasping and breathing really heavy. When I got done, she was sitting up against the vanity. I started kissing on her. And she said "I taste pretty good" and we both laughed.

    I said "well yeah, you do taste good" and she said to me with a straight face "well you can have sex with me now if you want" I looked at her and said "is that what you want?" and she said "yes. I actually really do" and I said "well uh" and she said "what's the matter?" I said "well I can't you know, cum inside you" and she says to me with a shrug "why not? Mom got me on bc about 2 years ago. I've been on it since" and I said "yeah. Well ok. but you uh, said one guy like didn't quite do it" and she said "well no, not in me, but uh yeah, I'm on it, so I guess I'm not sure if you want or don't" I wasn't sure what to do.

    I had her down on the floor, and I spread her legs. I pushed. It went about halfway up inside her. She was really really skinny, and I kept pushing. I couldn't quite get my whole dick inside her for a few minutes. I finally thrust, and I heard her go "oh god." and it went all the way in. I was looking down, and I saw my dick in and out of her. Watching me pump slowly and slowly. She was laying there, kind of moving her hips. And I said to her "well, I can keep going". I heard her gasp and she says to me "Yes. Sure. You can keep going"

    I was going in and out, and I felt it building up. I knew that it was going to happen. I said "well I'm gonna do it. I mean, I can't hold back". I felt her hands up around my ass. She pushed me. Pulled against her. I gasped and went "oh godddd" and I felt it squirt. It was blowing out of my dick inside her. I saw her face watching me. I kept pushing. Pulsing. I couldn't stop gasping. I kept squirting. It was so fucking intense, I couldn't control myself and panting and gasping. It felt like eternity until I felt my dick starting to go limp.

    I just kind of laid there half inside her, on top of her. And she was going "holy crap. That was seriously crazy" I just laughed and said "you think?" and she says to me "Uh yeah. I gotta I think get upstairs. I don't want nobody waking up". She stood up. She got some paper towel and some toilet paper, and wiped between her legs. The tissue was soaked with my cum. Seriously soaked. And I said "are you sure? You'll like be OK?" She smiled and said "I'll be OK> It's all good" She got herself dressed without a word. The next morning, when everyone was getting around and stuff, she came downstairs. I was in the kitchen. She came in and said to me quietly "that was nice last night. I mean, like really nice" I smiled and said "Yeah. It was. I mean, seriously". She just smiled back.

    Before her mom came to get her, she came up to me once more, and said "Not to sound weird, but you know, I'd do it mmore if you want to" I said yeah. She'd come over off and on between boyfriends (she told me she wouldn't cheat) over the next two years. We've probably fucked at least 20-25 times. Even through the years, I can't tell you how many times I've masturbated, thinking about fucking her. Funny thing is? I still see her around and about. We talk off and on, run into each other regularly, and she's had boyfriends, was engaged at one time, and between those relationships, we've gotten together even though she's older, and have fucked intensely a number of times. She's honestly incredible sex, and I like her young tight pussy. I know we won't end up together or anything like that, but it's kind of dirty knowing that I've fucked someone like that, and not a goddamn person knows it.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    I guess the reason I put this in bi-sexual female is that I've done stuff with girls, and although I don't consider myself "bi", I'm not necessarily straight, because I've been with girls, and I do like doing stuff with girls. I think I like it almost as much as I do with guys.

    My senior year of high school, I knew him and my mom had shit going on. It wasn't 'bad' - they didn't fight. But they just didn't get along the way married people should. We'd do family stuff. They'd hang out with me and my sister, but nothing like married couples, holding hands, even kissing or anything. I never saw any of that. Now I know they did shit. I saw it. I mean, in their bedroom, I knew they'd fuck on occasion. Not terribly exciting, and watching, I could tell my mom (sounds bad, but it's true) was a lame ass. She basically I think did it when she wanted, or went through the motions to shut him up. Pretty shitty, but it is what it is.

    Amy and I were sitting in my room. I don't know why, but she got nervous. I asked her what was the matter. And she asked me "have you ever done stuff with girls?" I said nope. I told her I'd done stuff with two guys. That's it. Until earlier this year, a third and she says "wanna talk about it?" I told her later. And she said "well would you do stuff with girls?" I shrugged and said I didn't know. I didn't know anyone that did.

    She leans over, and kissed me. Right on the mouth. She says "well now you do". I don't know why I did it. But I reached over, and kissed her back. I said "soft lips" and she laughed and said "well you too". We started kissing. First time ever for me. I felt myself getting really wet. It was just weird. I hadn't ever thought about that stuff. But we started kissing. She stopped. And said to me "you want to stop?" I said no. I said "No. I kinda like this".

    We ended up on the couch, laying there, really heavily kissing. And I felt her hands under my shirt. I felt it moving up to my bra, and across my bra. I heard her say "I like your chest. It's nice" I just laughed. I felt her reach around, and try to pull it off. I said to her 'what are you doing?' and she said "well I'll stop if you want" and I said no. I just said I hadn't done this. And she just smiled and said well that's OK.

    I pushed her down, kind of pushed on her. She rolled over, and got on top. And said to me "Oh boy. Spunky huh? Know what I do with spunky?" and I said "what" she says "I undress spunky" and she yanked off my sweats. She says "nice cute undies" and pulled them off. I was on the couch laying there freaking out. Because I never let girls see me naked. I mean, guys, just a few, whatever, but not like this. ANd I heard her say "Ashley? Lay back" so I said "why?" and she says to me "just trust me, ok?"

    A couple of minutes later, I felt her licking between my legs. I swear to God I almost came. She was licking me, and I felt her slide a couple of fingers in me. Then I came. I heard her say "geez Ashley. I didn't mean for you to have an orgasm" I was shaking so much, I couldn't talk. My whole body was tingling. She got up after like 10 minutes. i was leaning against the couch, and I said "God Amy. Good God". She just laughed and said "that was yummy. You taste really good you know?" I just laughed and said "well thanks". She looked at me. And said "now what?" I said "well why don't you do something more?" and she said what? I said "take your shirt off too. I get to see don't I?" She took it off, and unstrapped her bra. She had bigger boobs, but really nice. I mean, really really nice. I don't know why, but I looked at her before I did it, and started sucking on her boobs. I heard her say "oh my god. that's awesome" I kept going. I pushed her down on the couch. She was laying there, so I pulled off her pj bottoms and her underwear. She shaved. I looked at it and went 'wow' and she said "what?" I said "well, I dunno. I never shaved. Guess I kinda liked it". and she laughed and said 'well it's different. I saw my mom's once, and I wanted to try it. I like it. It feels good when I get off" I just laughed and said "16? how many times do you get off?" and she laughed and said "prolly 12-15 times a week" I said "holy crap? Really? wow. I might like one or two. But that's it" so she asks me "what do you get off thinking about or doing? porn?" I said sometimes. I shrugged and said "I dunno, blunt truth? Fucking my step dad. Maybe like walking in on them, and joining. Not like with her, but like imagining fucking him, and her seeing or not seeing" Amy says "holy shit. That's dirty. I like it." and she laughed.

    I pushed her back on the couch, and I did oral on her. I went down really hard. She started moaning and says "take it easy. Slow down. really slow" so I did. It tasted really weird at first. But not like bad. I kept licking. And then I was fingering her. And I kept going. And about 5 minutes later, I heard her go "oh good lord" and I felt my face get all sticky. First time, I guess not bad. I made her cum. It was pretty awesome. She was pushing against me, and laid there. And just laid.

    About 5 minutes later, we were laying on the couch, and I heard a knock on the door. And without a warning, my step dad walks in. No time to get dressed or do anything. We were just jumping up, and he says "uh, holy FUCK" and Amy just laughed and said "whoops. Shit. Caught". I stared at him, and I swear to God, I saw him staring at my naked body. I heard Amy laugh and go "holy shit, he's got a fucking boner". And without a word, my step dad just pushed out of the room. It was actually kind of funny.

    When he was gone, we got dressed, and Amy says to me "looking at the huge ass boner he had, bet he'd fuck both of us" I just laughed. But as we went to bed later, I kept thinking "Ok. Well I just got off by a girl, first time ever, and saw my step dad with a fucking hard on. That's something new too" but went to bed thinking about him fucking me....

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    Straight Male / 46

    My wife brought into our marriage a daughter from a previous relationship. The guy disappeared, literally to have nothing to do with her. Seeing friends situations, and others I knew with kids and an ex in the picture, dealing with court shit, etc, I realized we got lucky. She was never married, so it made it easier than anything, because there were no papers, visitation, etc. Basically she was "our" kid. Especially after we got married. She never took my name, but got around to calling me dad when she was about 10.

    When she was 12, her mom put her on the pill because of cramps and missing school during her period. I don't know why, but one night when I was in the bathroom, she walked in, and said she had to take her pills. I couldn't help but watch. She looked at me and said "What? Never seen a girl take take the pill before?" and I just shrugged and said "I dunno. Never thought about someone 12 being on the pill". She just laughed and said it beat cramps.

    I don't know why, but I just had some dirty as fuck thoughts, thinking about that. I mean, it's gross, but I don't know why I thought of it. A couple of years later, she'd still been doing her thing, taking her pills, acting like it was no big deal, and laughing about how uncomfortable it made me. And I'd seen her attitude change, her personality, and her behavior. I noticed that when I was doing laundry, all the sudden, there are cute little thongs, lacy bras, and stuff she'd never worn before. She caught me one night looking at them, and says to me "what's the matter? Never seen sexy stuff like that?" I just shrugged and said "not on a 14 year old" and she laughed. She said "Mom of all people knows. She bought them" I about shit. I said "really?" and she said "Yeah. She knows that my friends wear that stuff. So I figured she'd be OK with it too. And damn if she didn't". I just laughed and I don't know why I said it, but I said "what the hell do thongs and shit look like on a 14 year old? Not like there is much to show off?" She looked at me, and said "Hmph" and I just kind of joked and said "well there isn't. Is there?" She looked at me all serious, and she doesn't say a word. Reaches down, and pulls her PJ bottoms off. I'm staring at a pink and light blue thong, barely covering her below. She reaches up, and pulls her sweatshirt off, and is standing there with a blue lacy bra on. I couldn't stop staring. Her little pudgy stomach, her thighs with a little bit extra on them and her little 34 B (probably) size boobs. I don't know why. It was fucking dirty thinking about it. She looked at me and said "guess you think otherwise?" I just said "holy jesus. I had no clue". She stopped and said "why? I mean, what?" I didn't know why I did it. I just blurted out "Holy shit. You're fucking amazing looking. Goddamn beautiful" Her face turned red. She stared at me and said "really?" I said "Yeah. Really. Now that I feel like a fucking p**o, well, yeah, you can put your clothes back on"

    She walked up to me, and smirked. Quietly. And said "what if I don't want to?" I looked at her and said "Julie? Don't do something that you or me might regret" and she said to me "what if I wouldn't regret it?" I felt my fucking heart thrust against my chest. I was shaking. I said "We so cannot do this. Seriously". She just shrugged and pulled up her bottoms and put on her top and walked out. I was staring at her the whole time. I went to my computer that night, and jerked off and came harder than I had in years, thinking about her little body. Goddamn. It was just incredible. I'd never seen something like that.

    A couple of days later, I was on the computer when she came into the living room. Her mom and sister were gone. They'd gone out of town, and weren't expected to be back until after midnight at a concert. She was sitting on the edge of the couch, and she said quietly to me "can I talk to you?" I said sure. I stopped what I was doing. She looked at me and said "about the other night" I said "well yeah, about the other night. I mean, I'm really sorry if I freaked you out or grossed you out. That was kinda fucked up what I said". She said "why?" I said "what do you mean why? That was kinda weird as shit". She stood up and stared at me and said "you didn't mean it?"

    I looked at her, my heart and body shaking, and said "Yeah. I meant it. I mean, uh, seriously, you looked fucking beautiful in that stuff. But seriously? Like I'm 40. You're 14. Don't forget your my wife's kid" and she said "I know. And that means what?" I said "that means 15 years for me if someone found out that we were thinking about something" and she says "You were?" I said "what?" and she says "thinking about something?" I didn't know what to say. I was dead silent. Julie walked up to me closely. I felt her near me, in my space. And she said to me "I've been with one guy. Just one" I said "Ok?" and she said "I want to be with two." I said "well OK?" and she said to me "You". I said "what?" - My heart was throbbing. And she said "You. I honestly thought, well the other night, you know, that maybe" and I said NO. I said "that can't happen. it's not that I don't like you, or think of you that way. But with your age, mine, your mom. no. That just can't happen"

    She looked at me and didn't say anything. She reached down and pulled down her PJ bottoms. And pulled up her top. I was staring at her in thongs and a lacy little bra. She stared at me. I said "Please. Julie. I mean it. I can't control myself if you don't stop" and she said shaking and nervous "then don't. I mean it. I won't tell. I just well, I like you. I want to. Like with you"

    I pulled her over to me. I kissed her. Gently. And it started. Goddamn it all started. I had her against me. She felt my dick poke against her thongs. She looked at me. She said "I know I want to do this. It's not you making me do anything. Ok?" I pulled my shorts down. I pulled my top off. And I said "but look? I'm not young or skinny or with abs or anything. It's like nothing like that" and she smiled and said "I know" and kissed me. Softly. Then pushed. Then harder.

    We wound up on the couch. We were kissing, pushing, and kissing more. She sat up and took off her bra. I was staring at her little boobs, firm round nipples, and my dick was thrusting against my underwear. I rolled her sideways, and got her on the floor. I took off her lace thongs, and stared at her cute little pussy, covered with a patch of hair. God. I couldn't stop looking at it. I touched it. She gasped. I touched again. I pushed a finger in. And then another one. I felt it wet down there. I was uncontrollable. I kept saying "Julie. This really can't. It shouldn't" and she finally said "Please? I'm not saying no. I just guess I never thought of you this way"

    We ended up naked on the floor. I kept looking at the clock. She said "what's the matter?" I just said "Goddamn forbid if your mom comes home" and she said "She won't be home with Emily until about midnight". I just laid there. I was fingering her, and touching her all over. I was kissing on her boobs and licking her stomach. She was touching my dick in my underwear, so I pulled them off.

    When she saw me hard, she just said "Wow." I said what? And she said "well um yeah, it's really big. I don't know what that will be like". I just said "well, I can show you" and she said OK. She just laid there quietly on the floor. All I could think about was fuck, I'm going to get busted.

    She laid there on her back, and I slowly pushed. Harder. She gasped. Moaned and made noise. I pushed harder. I watched my dick go inside her pussy hair. And then slide inside. God. Holy fuck it felt so amazing. She was so tight.

    I pushed farther, and laid there on top of her. I just looked at her and said "How do you feel?" She smiled and said "holy crap. That's like big. It's really really big." I just smiled and said "well OK"

    We laid there for a few minutes. I was kissing her, and touching her down below with my dick inside her. I felt her gasp. I said "do you like that?" and she said yes. I kept touching. It took me a few minutes, but damn if I didn't make her cum. She was thrusting and pushing. I felt my dick filling up in her, and I couldn't move. I was kissing on her mouth, and then sucking on her little nipples.

    I pulled out. she said "what's the matter?" I said to her "Julie? you're 14. This can't. I mean, we've gone far enough. But even with that, I don't use protection with your mom. And it's not like we can do anything". She looked at me and said "but we did. I mean, not like all the way. But you were like doing it with me. So what's the deal?" I just shrugged and said "No. I think that is too much". She pushed against me. And said "Why not? YOu said you would. It's not like I'm gonna tell. And I mean, besides, we almost went all the way"

    I thought about it. And I pushed her against the floor. I laid there with her, kissing on her, and I said quietly "I want to. Believe me. I really want to" and she simply answered "well then why don't you?" I did. I couldn't stop myself. I really wanted to say NO. I was so fucking scared. But I was so hard and I was shaking so bad I wanted this so badly. She was so damn cute.

    I slid inside her slowly. And then pushed deeper. I started moving. I heard her gasp. And she was on her back, looking up at me. She said it felt good. I said it did. I really liked it. A couple of minutes later, I was going ot cum. I kept pushing, and I at one point said "oh Jesus Julie. I'm going to" and she said 'well you can if you want". I pulled out. I shot cum all over her stomach. I shot it all over her legs. It was on her chest. I just emptied. I was on my knees, holding my limp dick. She was staring at me. She just said "holy crap. That was wow" and just kind of giggled.

    We didn't say much. We got cleaned up. And we ended up taking care of the mess. About a half hour later, we were sitting on the couch, and I had to talk to her. I had to. I said "Julie?" and she said Yeah. I said you know this isn't like something we can talk about. She just smiled and said "sure. I'm gonna say "Hey mom, guess what? I fucked dad when you were gone. Hope you enjoyed the concert with Emily. Because I enjoyed fucking him"

    I started laughing and said "holy Jesus Julie. What the fuck?" and she laughed hysterically. She got all serious and said "I wanted to. I thought you were awesome. I liked it. I mean, it was really amazing. If that's what it's like, well, I wanna do it more"

    I just looked at her and said "really?" and she said yes. I said "with who?" and she laughed, pushed me, and said "well, with you, dork. Seriously. I mean, if you would?" I couldn't stop shaking. I kept thinking "Good Lord. I could see this little body naked all the time"

    She's cute as fuck. I can't help wondering what guys think when she goes to school. When they see her walking around. She's cute. With a little butt. Small boobs. A bit of a stomach. Not fat, but not skinny minny. I keep thinking "If anyone knew"...

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    Straight Male / 41

    This is more of a question inside of a confession I suppose.
    I confess first, that my wife and I talk about her past boyfriends EVERY time we have sex. I dont know how
    or why it became a turn on for me, but she is great at going into detail about a certain guys size or
    something she did. I realize I would give anything to see her with one of her well-hung ex boyfriends,
    but despite my asking, she has not done it. Yet.
    Honestly, every one of my sex fantasies involve her with another guy, or multiple men. If she ever comes
    home late some night, we will always get into roleplaying that she was just in bed with her old boyfriend Paul.
    She knows she will get more oral sex from me when that
    Why am I so obsessed about my wife having sex with another guy?
    I dont care if I am there with them or not, so its not like I want any contact with the guy. It would
    be so exciting to share her, and then be with her afterwards.
    If there are any other guys out there that wish to discuss further, please let me know. I certainly cant
    talk to my friends about it.

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    Straight Female / 34

    my husband and I have a very open relationship. We have had threesomes woth other men before. I have even sucked cock through a glory hole while my husband watched.

    Anyway, we are currently having some remodeling done to our house and have some of our friends doing work here and there for us. When I husband suggested that I pay our friends for their work in the best way possible I was all too excited.

    In the weeks that our remodel has been going, I have had more sex and given more blowjobs than I thought I ever would.

    My husband has to work most days so it is just me and which ever of our friends are working on our house.

    Each day I give a blowjob in the morning to start the day for our friend. At lunch time we break for a quick meal and a good screw. Then depending on who it is I might give another bj or have more sex.

    That night when the husband gets I home I tell him everything that was accomplished each day and he gets super horny and we fuck some more.

    I have had sex at least twice a day every day for two weeks now. I have swallowed loads and loads of cum.

    Then end of our remodel is in a few days as everything is getting done. My husband is talking about a big thank you bbq with a big thank you gang bang. I am super excited.

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    I caught this waitress I just hired last week stealing from the cash register today. I fucked her like a little bitch in my truck . Boy that teenage c**t was tight. Gonna have to tap it again soon.

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    I took some pics of my wife in doggie position last week and i have been sending them to guys on craigslist to jo on them and send them back to me. She does not know im doing this. My cock get so hard just thinking of these guys wanting to fuck my wife and looking at her pics and shooting there cum all over her pussy and ass. I had one guy send me a video.

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    I fucked my best friends wife this past weekend. We were at their house partying with a bunch of friends and we were pretty drunk. I went to the back bathroom to take a leak and she was in the bathroom when i got there with the door open. I walked up just as she was getting up. I got a quick glimpse of her pussy as she stood up. She asked me if she could hold my cock while i took a piss. She said she always wanted to know what it was like to pee standing up. Like i said we were drunk so i said sure. She looked around to see if anyone was coming and then we went into to bathroom where i took a piss while she held my cock. When i was done i told her to shake it and instead of shaking it she started to stoke it. I instantly got hard and before i knew it she was sucking my cock. I pulled her pants down and ate her pussy until she was good and wet then bent her over the sink and fuck the shit out of her. I dont think i have ever cum that hard before. When we finished we went back to the party like nothing happened. I talked to her a couple of days later and we decided not to tell her husband and it was just something that happened on the spur of the moment and we should not do it again but i think about it almost everyday and if i get the chance i will fuck her again.

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