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    i fucked my 16 yo step daughter and my 8 year old sisterf and i cummed in my sister she was my cum slut i enjoyed filling her with cum i will fuck anytthing man or woman i love cumming in people let me cum in you

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    This summer a friend and I were feeling bored. We were over at his house that morning, and a bottle of mother's nail polish was sitting there on the coffee table. We were both barefoot, and just for laugghs, we decided to paint our toenails. It was quite a kick doing that and pretty neat. It was also something of a turn. We both enjoyed that, so we did it a few more times over the next week. Then we wndered what we would look like as gilrs. So we put on some eye makeup and combed our hair into a femenine style as best we could, and we were both surprised that we actually made pretty passable girls. We laughed about it, and a few days later we decided to get made up as girs and go out to see how people reacted. It was kind of disappointing, because nobody looked at us strangely. They just thought that we were girls.
    It was a blast getting to be a girl, so the two of began dressing and going out and having fun. Of course nobody knows about our secret, but we had a blast doing that all summer long.

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    I met my wife ten years ago. I was 26 and she was 33 and she already had two kids, a 13 year old son and 17 year old daughter who left for college a year later. Now, ten years later my wife and I are separated. She is staying with her daughter who still comes by because I stable her horse. She is very attractive and I think was flirting with me this weekend. Of course, its been about three months since i had sex, so im probably imagining things. I know shes off limits, but it feels good to feel wanted. Should i help her find someone else to stable her horse so i can escape temptation??

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    It was the perfect storm. My wife, a sexual free spirit, bought a huge dildo at her friend's sex toy party as kind of a joke. It has a suction cup on the end that she can use to mount it to flat surfaces. She also owns a sexy cheerleader outfit she wore to a costume party a few years ago. She came home drunk and frisky after being out with her friends. I was home hanging with two of my friends.

    She joined us and the sex toy party came up. She told the guys what she and the other girls bought and the talk was all sex. She was getting pretty bothered and the guys wanted to see the new toy. She broke it out and we were laughing thinking that there was no way it would fit in a real woman. She said it would and next thing you know we were encouraging her to prove it. We were all drunk and having fun so it wasn't any big deal.

    She scurried off and came back in the cheerleader outfit. We were all fired up. She arranged us on the couch and mounted the dildo on the floor. The thing looked enormous, more thick than long although it was about ten inches. She was laughing. She grabbed two throw pillows for her knees and sat down across from us. Her skirt hid our view but she looked like she was trying to get it in. She licked her fingers to wet herself a few time before saying "ah' and started smiling with her eyes closed. She started moving up and down.

    We were dying watching her. Then she said "Told you" and lifted up the skirt giving us a clear view of the dildo half way in her pussy. Her lips were stretched out wide around it and she was slowly moving up and down. We watched transfixed as she started fucking the thing. She was leaned back a bit on her knees balancing on her toes and riding it just like she does when she's on top of me.

    She kept at it, pulling up her top to play with her little boobs as she fucked it. She wasn't paying any attention to us. She was fucking that thing for real slipping up and down fast, rolling her lips, her pussy making the toy slick, the sounds of it the only noise in the apartment. She fucked it hard and deep for about ten minutes before she made herself cum riding it.

    Afterward she laughed and gave us each a quick kiss before heading upstairs for the night. I kicked the guys out and jumped all over her.

    The guys loved it. Both of them texted me how hot they thought she was and how much they'd love to see her do it again. I think I want to see it a few more times myself!!!!!

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    A few weeks ago my wife, Megan and I attended a food fight party with some friends. It was by far the most wild and crazy thing either of us have ever done! Megan required some convincing, but she eventually agreed to give it a try, albeit reluctantly and with slight apprehension.

    It's amazing how much planning goes into an event like this! Our friends covered their entire basement in plastic and put down a soft, cushiony tarp, providing easy access to a backyard hose. For Megan and me being in a food fight required the following preparations: Step #1: Dump your three year old son at the baby sitter for the night (the look of confused horror on his face might have been priceless, but its not really something you want your child to see.) Step #2: Get into swimsuits and pack a towel and a change of cloths. Step #3: Drive there.

    Megan really got into it! We took turns throwing pies in each other's faces, pelting each other with eggs, squirting ketchup and mustard, covering each other in baked beans, Spaghetti-O's, chocolate syrup, corn chowder and more. We slid around in jello, pudding and cold, gooey mashed potatoes. It was actually quite a sensual experience!

    It was totally liberating! Our 3 year old spent the night at the baby sitter while mommy and daddy had a blast throwing food at each other and shedding all adult responsibility for a few hours! A memorable evening that everyone should experience at least once!

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    Three or four times a year my husbands cousin Tim comes to visit us. Each time I get to feel all eight and half inches of his cock sliding over my tongue or fucking my pussy and arsehole. My husband also gets to feel Tims thick cock in his mouth and up his rear fuck hole. They've been having sex together since they were in their mid teens and now I'm the lucky recipient of both of their cocks when Tim visits.
    The first time we all shared a bed together was the night before we married. My husband and Tim had abstained from their relationship when we began dating. I only found out when my husband confessed to me about a month before our wedding day. Rather than making me fear for our future together, I embrased his honesty and arranged to meet Tim. We did meet and I invited him to stay at our home before we married.
    My husband and I were in bed quietly talking about what they'd gotten upto and I'd become amazingly horny listening to him, so when I heard Tim get up to go the toilet, I got out of bed naked, opened our bedroom door and waited for him to come out of the bathroom. When he saw me stood in the doorway naked welcoming him into our bed, he smiled.
    Being fucked by both of them at the same time comes a very close second, only to watching my husband take Tims large cock up his arsehole.
    That night before our wedding day is still a wonderful and special memory for me, but it wasn't a one off as we now regularly invite Tim to stay, just as he will be doing over the Christmas and New Year period.

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    I wonder how many men out there have walked into their homes and heard this "Yeah baby, yeah baby fuck me harder, That's it fuck me like that, oh yeah fuckin give it to me".

    Those were the words I heard four weeks ago after returning home early from a business trip. My wife Helen is younger than me, she's twenty seven and has a wonderful body on her. She's not the best looking woman around (Not bad looking though) but her body, butt and her awsome pussy are most deffinately one of the best.

    I'd suspected her of having an affair for a while, so when I ws given the oportunity to finish the business trip early I thought I'd see what I could see. Listening first to her moaning and her words, already had me horny. The complete opposite to what I expected I'd be. Walking up the stairs and looking through the wide open bedroom door, I saw my wife knelt on our bed and behind her was a guy around her age. He looked every bit an athlete from where I was stood, as his muscles moved the rhythm of them fucking.

    They changed positions on her say so and Helen mounted him, but not before I got to see what she was about to take up her beautiful tight ass. It was the biggest dick I'd ever seen in real life and watching my wife's ass envelop it made my dick ache to be part of what they were doing. Undoing my trousers and lowering my boxers I began to masturbate. Not hiding, but in plain sight whilst looking at Helen bouncing up and down on her young lovers cock.

    They didn't see or hear me cum, but I did cum all over the floor, soaking the carpet before I walked back downstairs and waited for them to finish. It was along wait and I'd fallen asleep sat on the leather couch. Helen was distraught when she found me sat there. Hearing her cry for forgiveness made my heart sink. Watching her lover scurry out of the door made me laugh. She looked at me like I was from another plannet seeing me laugh. Only when I tld her what my response had been to watching them fuck, did she calm down.

    She said she'd noticed the wet patch on the landing, but hadn't put two and two together. With the memory of their fucking still fresh in my mind, I made Helen suck me to my hardest erection for a very long time. Most probably with his cum still inside her, I mounted my wife from behind as she lay over the arm of the sofa. The squelching sound confirmed I was fucking her freshly fucked and cum laden ass.

    The next morning I awoke to Helen making breakfast, and the sure knowledge watching my wife fuck other men, wasn't going to be a one off. Although the young man who I'd witnessed ramming his not too inconsiderable cock up my wife's ass, didn't and wouldn't entertain me watching them again when she phoned and asked, we have contacted a guy I know will gladly fuck her in front of me. That's because he's often told me how lucky I've been to have married such a fit horny woman. I'll know for certain next week when he stays over.

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    I was on a cross country flight to California last year to visit my father. At first I thought the window seat was going to stay empty so I was going to take it. Just before they closed the door, a very attractive woman wearing a business suit skirt combo that accentuated her long elegant body rushed in. She was a very pretty blond woman probably about 35 years old wearing a big wedding ring. I lucked out when she took the window seat next to me. She said hi as she slid in with her butt lightly brushing my knee giving me a cheap thrill.

    She was doing paperwork at the start of the flight then fell asleep with her legs crossed. The guy on the other side of me was already sleeping. As she slept her butt slid down the seat and her skirt rose up her crossed over leg. I couldn't keep my eyes off her legs. They were long, taught, creamy white, and she had mouth watering thighs.

    Eventu ally, her skirt slid high enough that I could see she wasn't wearing any panties. I could clearly see her pussy. It was completely bald with little goose bumps visible. Her clit was pierced and her thick pussy lips were visible. She had light blond hairs on her upper thighs that glimmering in the sun. My eyes were glued to her crotch. I could only see the top of her pussy but what I could see was magnificent. I tried my best not to get caught staring. What I wanted to do was reach over and rub it but I didn't want to go to jail.

    She was exposed for about ten minutes before she uncrossed her legs which dropped her skirt down covering herself up. I had trouble keeping my eyes off of her the rest of the flight. Let me tell you I couldn't get the image of her pussy out of my mind for days.

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    My wife Joanne is a total slut and I love it. Other than being there watching some young buck fuck my wife up her pussy and ass, I also love to hear about the times she seduces younger guys and then have them fuck her in various outdoor places. She's always loved sex, but once I'd shared her with an old army buddy, the flood gates opened, as did her legs. She especially loves to find and have sex with men during her lunch hour, often phoning me afterwards to let me know she'd got a pussy or asshole full of their cum. When she does phone I can't wait for her get home and let me eat her out. I always pleasure her for as long as she wants, licking and sucking away at her sticky pussy and ass, before she lets me put my five inches into either hole. Only last week Joanne went out with her sister to a bar, they both got chatted up by a three guys and ended up at the rear of the building being fucked by each of the men. I picked her and her sister up a little after midnight. Her sister decided to drive us, as my wife made me clean her out on the back seat. I would have done the same for her sister, but my wife said I'm her cuckold and no one elses. I would have put myself down as straight, but I've sucked out too many mens cum from Joannes pussy and asshole to say I'm straight. And besides I absolutely love the taste of my wifes c**t juices mixed in with a sticky load of semen.

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    Ive been looking through this and other sites to try and find anyone who's in a similar situation to me. I'd like to hear back, through the comments section, from men or women who have gone on to enjoy the same scenario I find myself in.

    In August I was supposed to going on a three day training residential course, as a part of my ongoing managers training at work. The instructor took ill after the first day and the course was cut short to two days. Thinking I'd surprise my husband Luke, I didn't let him know I was coming home early.
    Taking the train and then arriving back home by taxi, I asked the driver to drop me off two streets away so I could nip into the shop and buy Luke his favourite wine. Our home is in a cul de sac and it's a very quiet location, so to see lots of builders vans, trucks and workmen near our home blocking the entire cul de sac. I thought it strange as we have to agreement between ourselves so we don't block the small amount of roadway.
    I also thought it strange when entering our house, that the curtains were closed throughout the house. About to walk into the kitchen I thought I heard someone say "Yeah harder, give it to me harder" from upstairs. The weird thing was it sounded like Luke. Putting the wine down and climbing the stairs, my eye sight became level with the floor of our bedroom. Looking that way through the spindles I saw something that has changed my whole life.
    On our bed was my husband Luke and he was lying naked on his back. His legs were up and over the shoulders of a man wearing only a hard hat. The reason I'd heard Luke asking someone to give it him harder, was the guy was fucking my husband and by the sounds of it, Luke was loving every minute of it.
    Moving up a couple more steps I got a better view of the guys arse and cock as he pounded into Lukes arsehole. You would think I would have become angry and shouted. I didn't, I stood there getting turned on by watching my husband being fucked and fucked hard. I had to duck when they changed positions and only peered up a after I heard Luke saying "Yeah, yeah fuck me like that".
    It is the most erotic scene I've ever witnessed and not even trying to rationalise it, I began to play with myself through my knickers after I lifted my skirt. Moving my knickers aside, I stuck two fingers straight into my pussy and began to finger fuck myself to the same rhythm as the guy fucking Luke. Only when I ws near to climax did I slow down, so as not make a noise. When the workman pulled out of Lukes arse I watched as he began to masturbate himself and then ina shower of flying cum he drenched Lukes stomach and chest.
    It was at that point i walked back downstairs and waited for them to come down. Lukes face when he saw me was a mixture of sheer fright and sexual release. It was the workman though walking into our lounge still naked except his hard hat, his cock still semi erect and still leaking some cum that had Luke scrambling for words.
    I waited until he'd finished trying to say what he was struggling to convey and then told him what I'd seen. He tried to make excuses until I shut him up. All this time the workman was getting dressed. Standing up I told Luke and the workman what I'd done instead of barging in on them. Luke and his gay friend's faces changed.
    Twenty minutes later I was naked on the bed with them, watching both men take in each others cocks. For over an hour all three of us had sex with one another and before the workman (I do know his name) went back out to get into his van, I watched him fuck my husband with my face only inches from where his cock pounded Lukes arsehole.
    The work took another four weeks at a neighbours of ours and in that time I learned a whole lot about Luke and myself. I also found out how much I enjoyed seeing my husband take another mans cock deep inside his arsehole, nearly as much as I enjoy it.
    I know it's probably a rare occurance for a wife to actually enjoy watching her husband performing and even joining in with his bisexual lovers, but over the last couple of months that's precisely what we've been doing together. I'd love to hear from other couples, single men or women and see if it is more prevelant than I might think.

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