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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    About ten years ago in the summer I committed a deliciously perverted act that has remained the most memorable day of my life. It was a hot summer day and being bored , my mind began to run wild with the same curiosity that had been on my mind for weeks. On this day I built up enough courage to "experiment" with this curiosity.
    So me and Champ, who was my three year old Collie headed off into the woods behind our house. We walked through trees and prickly bushes for a good while, until I was sure we were well out of sight. There was this small clearing that was cool and shaded and figured it was a good place to try.
    It's silly but just me admitting this makes my heart start racing like it was that same afternoon. I knew what I was about to do was perverted and wrong but it was strangely exciting. I felt intoxicated with the desire daily and now I was finally doing it. While Champ was sniffing around in the trees I pulled off my Nike's, never even untying them. In order to complete my dirty deed I knew what else to do so I pushed my shorts and panties down and stepped out of them. For reasons I don't why, I also took of my my tee shirt, bra and socks.
    So many days and nights I had thought about the girls at my school who had shared the things they did with their boyfriends and I wanted to know what it felt like. I wasn't willing to risk my dad finding out about a boy so there I was in the woods with my heart pounding and my hormones raging about to attempt the unthinkable.
    I knew the next thing to do and I got down on all fours. Calling Champ to me I kind of steered my naked butt in his direction.He was interested at first but soon his nose found my exposed vagina. Sniffing gently and then a couple warm licks he began a timid mount, almost unsure. Then I felt his front legs clamp around my waist and then the warm , wet feel of his dick on my lower back. Realizing the mismatch I went down on my elbows while raising my ass higher in the air, presenting a better target.
    Champ poked around a few times until the pointed tip of his dick found my vaginal opening. It was only there a quick moment before he was off target again. After dismounting for a sniffing my now moist pussy, he mounted me again and locked his front arms firmly around my waist. I could see him walk his hind legs closer to me. I could feel the tip of his cock close to my hole and after a adjustment it found it's target. This time when he felt it go in slightly he thrust violently and my hymen never stood a virginity was gone with a painful shriek from me. Champ began a deep ,hard penetration of my young pussy, it felt like he was in my stomach. I kind of blacked out and before I knew it I was filled with rock hard dog dick. He pounded into me mercilessly unaware of my pain, his only objective was to procreate.
    Very quickly his knot was swollen in me and with a powerful thrust I felt his molten hot dog sperm explode deep inside me. Champ squirted his dog load in me,completely filling my vaginal cavity. After a very long time stuck together with him pulling me around backwards( which is now funny) his cock popped out spilling his sperm onto the ground. That is how a perverted girl like I myself lost her virginity and I'm never going to forget it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 21

    This is just you're typical "Would you rather Questions"Yet with a twist

    Would you rather switch Genders everytime you sneeze for a Week or have amnesia For a Week ?

    In all honestly both are pretty bad ..Yet i can see some positive things comming out of this..So i guys what is your take on this

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 28

    In freshers week of my first year at university, we were all drinking with the house/halls next to mine one night. One girl, who was way out of my league but I was kidding myself, was chatting to me and kept filling my cup with vodka.
    After some time, she asked me if I wanted to go to her room with her for a bit. I couldn't believe it.
    When we got in her room, she started kissing me, and pushing me back towards the bed. She asked me if I had licked pussy before. I told her I hadn't. She said she'd teach me.
    She kept her top on but pulled off her skirt and panties and then straddled my face. It was my first time being face to face with a girl's pussy. She held my head to her c**t and told me what she wanted to do. All the while I could hear the music and laughter down below us. She used me to get her off three times before climbing off, saying "thanks!" and then getting dressed and heading back down to the party.
    I felt so used, but I couldn't deny how turned on I was.
    Later that night, one of her housemates drunkenly told me that she'd used me to get her nice and wet for the guy she planning on fucking later (and she did). She laughed at me called me a bitch.
    Over the next week, it became clear that everyone knew what had happened. But eventually got up the courage to go up to her one day and tell her that she could use me like that again if she wanted to. She just put her hand on my shoulder and laughed, calling me pathetic. But she said ok, and told me to put my number in her phone. She texted me to come over all the time for the rest of university, sometimes before her and her friends were going out clubbing and they'd all see me come to her room and laugh. Sometimes even after she'd come back from clubbing, and one or two times after I was sure she'd been fucked by some guy.
    I felt utterly humiliated for three years but I also liked it. It's still what I think about when I jerk off.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 18

    I think the queen in the uk is a complete shitbag of a woman. she is a complete bully and abusive slob demonic troll picking on women she is jealous of. go on get out of here leso -bit hagger.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    Many years ago when I was in my 30s and had just gone through a nasty divorce I decided to take myself of on holiday to a sex tourist destination to fuck some cheap whores. I decided on Cambodia and booked a flight and a mid range hotel in phnom penh for 10 days. When I got to the hotel which was much smaller than I had thought the receptionist checked me in and then picked up a key and took me in the lift up to the 4th floor, she opened the door and as we went in she was telling me I would love this room for its amazing views.
    Well I walked up to the window and looked out at what was a pretty ordinary city street, the receptionist came up besides me and said no not there look down there. I looked where she was pointing and it was straight through the skylight of the building opposite which I could now see was a school shower room and changing room with several young girls about 11 or 12 naked showering. Now I had never considered myself into young girls but gotta admit my cock became hard as rock immediately. The receptionist smiled at me and said you see I knew you were like me and would like the view. I was mesmerised staring at those girls the receptionist without a word unzipped my trousers and got on her knees in front of me taking my cock in her mouth. I continued to stare at the girls in the shower and within minutes my cock erupted in her mouth.
    She stood up and smiled at me then handed me a carrier bag saying I like to make sure my customers are happy. Inside the carrier bag was a couple of VERY hardcore mags with girls even younger than the ones I was watching there were also a couple of DVDs which I played on my laptop and found to be the same. I did notice that the girl in the DVD looked very like the receptionist that had showed me the room but taken about 10 years before when she was about 11 or so.
    At the bottom of the bag was a business card for an escort agency, I called the number and found myself talking to my receptionist friend, I asked if she could send me an escort and without even bothering to ask who I was she told me she would send me one for approval. 10 minutes later there was a knock at the door and there was my receptionist with a girl of about 11 saying that as I had enjoyed her blowjob maybe I would like her sister and that she would put $20 on my bill for the service. I was 10 days in that hotel and sampled 4 more escorts in that time

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 30

    There is no explanation I can truly give, other than trying to explain why I think my husband now allows me to fuck other men.
    He has no health issues for a man of his age (He's 47), or any problem with getting a hard on. He definitely doesn't like gay sex or even to be touched by another man, yet he loves being extremely close when a guys fucking my pussy or asshole.
    I'm a good looking, long brunette haired and deep hazel eyed woman. Who has a great figure and the sexual drive to match most men. I've always enjoyed being fucked, not loving sex, but hard horny and as dirty as it gets sex. That's why my husband chose to marry me in the first place.
    When we married four years ago he couldn't keep his hands off of me. We'd fuck almost anywhere at anytime. We've fucked outdoors many times, in cars many times, in a theater, in a hospital after he'd had a minor operation. We've even fucked in his parents home, on their bed as they were in the garden getting a barbecue ready.
    So when he approached me nine months ago and told me he personally no longer wanted to put his cock inside of me, I was at a loss for words, sad and feeling totally lost. The next day he told me he wanted me to fuck other men, but and this was his stipulation, he had to be there.
    We argued for over a fortnight, every night. Then one evening after I'd not long gotten in from work, my husband walked into our home with a young man. He introduced the lad as Corey and told me he wanted to watch Corey fuck me. It was if I wasn't present in mind, just body. That's because my husband told Corey to strip for me. As I stood in our lounge, I watched an eighteen year old guy remove his clothing and was stunned when he lowered his boxers. We'd not had sex in over three weeks, the longest we'd ever gone without fucking. Seeing Corey's massive cock spring forwards and then up, had me gasping. It also had me wet between my legs and eager to feel his cock inside my body.
    In an instant, I went from a reluctant wife who's husband had argued for weeks that I be fucked by other men, to one who sank to her knees and let the young man slap his cock onto her tongue. I heard a yelp of pure lust. Not coming from Corey, but from my husband, who had stripped himself and was knelt down by my side. He watched intently as I began to suck on Corey's huge cock. Then when I'd been sucking his dick for over five minutes, savoring every inch of it sliding over my tongue, my husband told me to get undressed. I was naked in les than a minute. No slow striptease for me. I wanted fucking and I wanted fucking right then.
    Kneeling on the couch, I turned my head and said "Well, you going to fuck me or what". I saw Corey look to my husband who then said "This is what I brought you round for boy".
    That first time, the first feeling of another mans cock other than my husbands with him present, entering me, especially being so big, will stay with me my whole life. I never once took my eyes off my husbands eyes. Watching his face as Corey's cock penetrated me. His face was one of immense love, but also pure animalistic lust.
    Each time Corey's cock went deeper into my pussy, I told my husband just it felt, just how deep he was inside of me. I let him know Corey's cock was giving me more pleasure than his six inches had ever given me. And I also told my husband, Corey was only going to be the first.
    In the hour Corey was in our home, I had him fuck me in as many positions as I could think of, and then got into some Corey showed me. All the time my husband stayed close by and watched intently. He masturbated and cajoled Corey to fuck me harder, to bury his cock as deep and as hard as he wanted to fuck my pussy and asshole. To his youthful credit Corey didn't once fail to give an orgasm. In whatever position we were in, Corey's cock plowed my pussy and ass and had me crying out to be fucked. I loved it all, even degrading my husband for not being able to satisfy me the way Corey was doing. The more Corey fucked me to orgasm, the more I'd let my hubsand know just much better it was to have a younger mans cock fucking me and being totally honest, my husband was getting off on it.
    I asked my husband to join in at one point, to fuck my ass as Corey was under me fucking my c**t, but he told me it was not for him anymore to satisfy "Those holes". Taking Corey's third load of watery cum up my asshole as i mounted him, my husband finally came all over the carpet in front of him. He looked at me, thanked me for giving him what he wanted and then asked Corey to leave. Ten minutes later I was in the shower wondering if it had all just happened.
    We didn't discuss it afterwards. It was if it hadn't happened. It was if it was perfectly normal for a husband to encourage his wife to fuck other men, younger men, and then act as if life was normal.
    The following morning, a Saturday morning, my husband showed me where he'd seen Corey's profile on a web site for young men who wanted to fuck good looking housewives. On Corey's profile was a mention to his exploits with me. No names or real details, just a mention he'd had fun with a very sexy housewife, who's husband very much wanted to watch her being fucked.
    Young men had commented and that's where it all lead from.
    Over the last eight and half months, my husband has arranged for me to have sex with over a dozen young men. The last time with Corey also present, I was the center of attention to four young men, all of whom were under twenty two.
    My husband spent the whole night and into the early hours of the next morning, watching, encouraging and asking the young men who, where and how to fuck me.
    My jaw, pussy and asshole were sore then next day after they'd all left. All except Corey. He stayed over and we as a present from my husband for my thirtieth birthday, I was allowed to have sex with him alone in our bed as my husband slept on the couch downstairs. It was also the first time when Corey finally went home, my husband wanted to go down on me.
    Before I showered and slept pretty much the whole day, my husband licked and tongued my pussy and asshole clean. He spent well over haldf an hour, gently tonguing both my holes. Until for the first time in nine months, he had me cumming so so so powerfully.
    Throughout everything that has happened over the nine months, my husband has been there for me. Even when I ridicule him sexually and explain the details of what the young men are doing to me, he'd been so understanding. And even though they do give me multiple orgasms with much larger cocks, that morning having my husband pleasure me was for me, the best sex I's had all year.
    If only he now realized, it's him I want to have sex with and not really with other men. Yes it is fun. Yes it is a huge turn on to be fucked the way I love to be fucked, but looking back, I wish he'd kept on fucking me the way we used to, as I'm sure I'd be faithful only to him.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 53

    Although 63 in age my body looks and feels younger.
    So at times I cam on a cam site wearing a mini skirt and white panties or a short dress.
    I love teasing whoever watches me on cam.
    I recently added Skype so will add a few there when horny.
    A lot love the flashing of white panties while I stroke through them under a mini dress or skirt.
    I have this fantasy even though older to have a male with soft hands rub his hands all over my body.
    And for it to last quite a while as I lay there in just my white panties.
    Love to wank a younger male too who is shaved below.
    Love to hear your fantasies.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 26

    How to tell this story.

    At 17 my neighbor took me in. His wife is an ex nun who fell from grace with him. She hates her 'form', and says she is married to him and she is there for their spiritual well being and that I am there for his carnal pleasure. I sleep with him, and I have sex with him. To me sex is not a sin and I enjoy it. I like sleeping with him and like it when he has sex with me. I won't say it is pleasure it is more a total fulfillment when he does.

    She gets sex when she preaches too much to him, he gets fed up and then she has to pay for her sins as he has sex with her, it is her punishment for her 'form' and for falling from grace. After he has sex with her she is always quiet and she can be nice. Sometimes I just want him to take her so she shuts up about sin.

    Sometimes she watches when he has sex with me, it is spooky. She stands there and looks at me and after he is done she tells me that I am a sinner for liking it. I don't like to watch when he has sex with her she always puts on this face like she is being crucified.

    I want to have a child, but I don't want a child around her, she has too many issues. I know she can't go back to being a nun because she is not pure and anyway he won't let her. I have thought about leaving, but I won't so it is not worth thinking about it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 27

    My department at work consists of a groups of just 6 of us. It is 4 women, a gay guy and me. We are a close group and even go out drinking after work together at each other places. Rumor is that the gay guy likes taking his clothes off and dances when drunk. Well I have witnessed this first hand a few times now. The women appear to enjoy it and it appears he likes to direct his dancing towards me a lot probably because he is gay and I am the only other guy in the room. Well one night he tried to convince me to dance with him. He was already naked and was trying to get me that way too. He knew I wasn't willing to so he said I didn't need to go all the way. He managed to get me to take my shirt off which was embarrassing at first but the women didn't mind it. He wanted my pants off too but I refused. I was getting drunker like he was and he managed to convince me to take my pants off. There I was in just socks and underwear and the women didn't seem mind. I thought I looked stupid with socks on so off they came leaving me in just underwear. We began dancing in front of everyone and a song came on that was very quick paced. I danced around so much and fast that with all the drinks I had I got light headed and dizzy. I got back up and danced more and I think what must have been happening is all the movement was making the alcohol get absorbed quicker and making me drunker. I wasn't thinking straight and didn't really know what I was doing so I was just copying what he was doing. There he was naked stroking himself so I pulled off my underwear and did the same. The women were cheering us on now. He came over and grabbed my cock. I then grabbed his. We stopped dancing and I just sat down and passed out for a while. When I woke up I was still naked and sort of realized what I did. The women didn't have much to say other than it wasn't expected from me but was very much liked.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Transsexual Female / 28

    I have a feminine body and when dressed in clothes on the slutty or skimpy side I pass
    as a slim, fit girl in her early 20s. My butt looks round, attractive, and female in very
    tight pants, so I often wear white jeggings that when paired with a black belt look
    like very tight white jeans. Its been cold here so I wear a long sleeve thinnish green
    hooded top. The top is nice because if I want to show a little of my tummy above my
    pants I can easily do that. I wear just a little makeup including lipstick (cherry red) that really
    make my lips beg for a cock to suck.

    I got very brave last weekend and ended up going to this club. I've been there before
    when dressed female but not nearly as active as I was this last time. I have had my ass
    brushed up against and men touch me, but not really full blown grinding before. This guy
    was dancing up behind me and started getting a little handsy and then leaning his crotch into
    me some. I felt him get hard when he put his hands on my waist. I leaned more into his
    hard on and he started grinding back into me. It was so exciting, but I was nervous
    because I knew he thought I was 100% girl.

    Even though I was nervous I put out very slutty signals and a bit later he took my hand and
    whispered in my ear something like "lets do more." I think that is what he said. He led
    me down the hall to the bathroom and knew I was about to go further than I had planned on.
    We kissed and went into a stall and I touched the large bulge he had and started going down
    to my knees in the small stall. He shifted around to where he was leaning against the side
    and I undid his pants. I knew I had to keep his hands off my chest and make sure he didn't
    want my tits out because all I had was a stuffed bra. Luckily it didn't come up and he
    kept his hands on my head and seem to enjoy pushing me back and forth on his very hard cock.

    Looking up at his enjoying me like a slut was so hot for me. I also knew someone else was
    watching us from the space between the door which added to the excitement. I don't really
    know how long I was bobbing on that big cock -- not long though before he started cumming.
    It went into my mouth and then he grabbed it out and spurted the rest on my face. The cum
    felt so hot on my cheeks and nose, it almost burned. He quickly zipped up and surprisingly
    just left the stall. I hadn't even gotten up. When he opened the door the man at the sink
    who had been watching just kinda leered at me and smiled. I wiped the cum off my face and
    left the bathroom. I just immediately left the club and didn't see the guy again. Wow I can't
    believe I did it, but it was so much fun.

    I love teasing before but this was the next step. shipleyc72@@hoo if you want to chat it up
    some and maybe have some fun.

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