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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Male / 41

    Im a single dad with threee teenage daughters. I got home late from work and found the house was a mess.
    I woke them up and tryed to stay calm. So I didnt yell at all. Had them all get out of bed and I had a good talk with them.
    While im talking im can see their panties through tshirts. I said dont ask any questions. Do w ghost at I say. Told my daughters to take off tshirts and panties. They were a little scared at first.
    I have 3 bar stools I made them sit on with their legs wide open so I can lick some pussy. Started with the youngest . She is 12 has a really sweet wet little pussy. I made her piss in mouth while I sucked on her clit.
    Next one is15. She loves my tounge inside her she always cums easy. Then my oldest is 17. I eat her out and then she goes for a long hard ride on me while her sisters watch.
    So tight and wet. I bang her for hours. When I get ready to cum she just goes down deeper and takes my load in her pussy.
    I love my kids.

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    Lesbian Female / 28

    It all started whenever I was young, too young to be believed. My parents were gone, My dad was at work, and my mother had decided to go out garage selling. I was bored out of my mind and was playing with the Pomeranian. It had ran into my mothers room and darted under the bed. I gave chase, jumped down on my hands and knees and peered under the bed to find the dog, but while down there had come across what I thought at first was a flashlight, it was long and had a button on the end of it. I grabbed it thinking I could see better under the bed, and quickly noticed there was no light on the end of the stick, it was just a round tube with a rounded end. It even had a texture to it for extra grip I thought at the time.

    Still trying to figure out what the heck I just found, I pushed the button, and the thing started buzzing. I knew instantly at that point what it was, because my dad had a big massager that he used after a hard work day on his back. I jumped up on my mothers bed, and started trying to massage my body, I don't know why I did it, but I instinctively wondered what it would feel like on a more sensitive area, so I moved the long pink object down between my legs while my panties were still on. It tingled at first, but after a brief time, everything down there started getting warmer, and I could feel a convulsion of muscles deep up inside my pussy area. It felt strange at first, but then picked up a rythmic beat and the pulsing became stronger and stronger until finally something magic happened. My body started convulsing, I started making sounds that were out of my control, and my whole body balled up, but I didn't want to remove the vibrator because it was so incredible.

    It was a magical feeling, I felt as if I knew something that no one else in the world knew about. So I started to repeat the behavior, over and over again. Then about 5 years later I was cleaning out the garage and came across a box of my dads that was marked college stuff. By this time every teenage girl wants to know what her father was doing in college. I opened the box and there was all sorts of drawings, and text books, notebooks, and at the very bottom of the box whenever I had almost given up, I came across my very first pornographic magazine. My heart raced by what I saw on the cover, and I could feel the wetness and heat come over me. It wasn't the images really, but the fact that they were taboo, forbidden, and hidden in some box in the garage. I pretended like nothing had happened, and once again waited for my parents to leave the house.

    This time I remember clearly, I peaked out the sheer curtains in my room and watched my parents car leave the drive way. This time they would be gone over night. My pulse raced and so did I, straight for the box in the garage, and scrambled for the dirty magazine. I ran straight to my mothers room and dove for the spot under the bed, but the vibrator was gone! What the hell! Did she take it with her? I was so let down, and so pissed off that I was being denied any satisfaction. I quickly thought to myself, there has to be something else in this room, and started looking. Pulling out drawers, opening up boxes, going into their closet which I had never done. It was then that I found it! While digging through my mothers shoes, and removing all the shoe boxes, I grabbed this large black object with a cord and some sort of dial control attached to it. I grabbed it by the chord and tugged on it, and out came this thing, still to this day I don't know what you call it. It was flat on the bottom, but arched like a saddle on top, it was made of leather, and in the middle of the saddle was a shaft looking object that looked nothing like a flashlight. It was funny shaped, and looked organic, like it had veins and stuff but it was made of rubber.

    I immediately plugged the object into the wall, and the vibrator in the middle of the saddle started vibrating, and spinning while slightly moving up and down all at the same time. I turned the dial on the chord and it would speed up, or slow down. I pushed a button that said head, and it started getting warm! I instantly tried to do the same old routine of pushing my panties up against the object, but it was moving around too much and it was awkward for me to stand with my legs spread at the right height to keep from impaling myself on the object. I was stumped and sat on the bed, and looked over at the dirty magazine. I opened the page and had seen something that I will never forget to this day. I saw two women having sex. That's not the strange part, one of the women had a penis! Not a strapon, but this beautiful woman had a penis like a man would have. I didn't know women could even have penises! I immediately got wet between my legs just looking at it, and then decided that if I was going to have what I know now to be an orgasm, I would have to put the penis on the vibrating saddle inside me.

    It was my first time, so I turned the vibrating part of the saddle off for a bit. I pulled off my panties and maneuvered over the top of the vibrator part. I squatted down, and pushed against the object a few times, but could not get it inserted. It was my very first time, and the alignment was off a bit which I didn't really get at the time. I took my hand, reached down between my legs, grabbed the tip of the vibrator, and lined it up with my wet pussy. I then took my two fingers and moved my lips open, and at the same time slid downward. It was awkward at first. I got the very tip in, and turned on the vibrator and it rotated out. I tried again, only a little deeper this time, I could feel it pushing inside me and meeting resistance, so I stopped once again. I turned it on and it started spinning, vibrating, and pumping in and out of my pussy. It was deep enough not to fall out, but it was uncomfortable and felt too large. I then remembered what I had learned in gymnastics while doing stretching, that sometimes you have to push yourself in order to be able to do the splits. I then started putting a little weight downward onto the object, then I felt something inside give way, and I slid down much much further on the object. It was painful and felt good at the same time, but I wasn't going to stop now until I had reached an orgasm.

    I sat down on the saddle and could feel the object buried deep inside me. For a minute I thought about my mother riding the same exact toy, and how I never thought she was the type to own something like this, and felt a little dirty riding the same sex toy which had already been in my mothers pussy also. I was determined though and I wasn't stopping now. I was sitting on the saddle, and it was facing my parents bed, and on the bed was the magazine opened up to the page of the woman with a dick pounding the other woman. I'm getting wet this very minute still to this day thinking about it. It wasn't long before I came, and came hard, I was stuck on this thing, and convulsing back so much that I couldn't find the control, I leaned forward while climaxing over and over again, physically I was spent, and I couldn't reach the control, but I managed to reach over and yank the chord out of the wall.

    After all was said and done, I got up and there was a fair amount of blood all over this device. I was scared and confused, and thought I had injured myself. I would later come to understand that I gave my virginity to my mothers vibrating saddle while looking at a beautiful transsexual fuck a woman. It was so erotic, and so intense. It is something I will never forget. After which I became obsessed with wanting and fantasizing about being that woman I saw getting fucked by a transsexual.

    That's when my sexual deviant life started. Something inside me wanted to be with transsexuals. I of coarse at later points in my life had seen men, and had even had sex once with one, but it was uncomfortable, and I found him and his awkward hairy naked, hairy ass, very unattractive. Transsexuals are smooth, soft, and beautiful to look at.

    Anyway that same summer It all started, I had started reading more and more about sex, transsexuals, even going to the library and looking up medical books on the subject, only to find out that every one of them started out as a man. So in my small world and my teenage way of thinking I figured I needed to find a boy my age who I could groom to be my sex goddess with a dick. I know this sounds strange, but you have to understand that I was a teenage girl going through puberty, growing breasts, feeling all of those hormones, and craving to be with something that I could not find in my world. I was the creative type anyway, artistic, into drama, and great at putting on a show.

    So as I set out on my quest for my new companion. I was constantly looking for a very beautiful teenage boy who I could nudge, and mold into what I wanted. I found this one day while walking past the band room. His name was Bret. He was about 5 '9 had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was very slender in build. I immediately started my flirting and flirting turned into talking on the phone, and talking on the phone turned into showing up at my house while my parents were gone. I told him that he should come over to my house for a swim in the back yard, and he showed up at my front door right on time. If he had only known what my true motives were, he would have run. Hell I didn't even know my true motives at the time, I was really just making it up as I went along. We soon found ourselves after a very awkward greeting time, in the back yard, and in our pool. We were swimming around, and I kept swimming around him, intentionally bumping up against him, until finally we were holding on to one another in the middle of the pool. My eyes looked up as passionately as I could muster at that age, and my mouth opened slightly so that he could feel my breath. It worked and before I knew it we were kissing.

    This went on like every normal relationship for some time. He was finally at a point where he was begging me to have sex, and I kept making him jump from one hoop to another in order to achieve what he wanted. I had no idea the power that I had over him at that point. First I told him that I didn't like hairy legs, then I told him that I liked guys with longer hair which he let grow, I even convinced him to let me pierce his ears. Both of them!

    Well I have to go, so from here on out, you will have to use your imagination, to hit the high spots, we did end up having sex, after I did his makeup, and confessed to him how much it turned me on.

    In the end, we had lots of sex, we ended up dating through college, he ended up on female hormones, grew some pretty awesome breasts, much larger than mine, and we split up not because of any sex issues, but because of personality differences. He still to this day has tits, and dates girls so I guess he wasn't too bad off.

    I ended up finding the right transsexual for myself, and all ended ok in the end. We ended up married.
    I guess in a way I think of him as a beautiful sexy male, after all, he has a dick and cums in me all the time. He is sterile, but that's ok because we don't have to use birth control. To me we are just the couple I wanted to be all along.

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    Straight Female / 20

    It was just kind of a lazy day with not much going on the other day. And when I got up I had nothing interesting to do and I had to Pee so desperately I accidentally lost control of my bladder and peed all over my wood floor in my room. After cleaning up my mess, I had to Pee again suddenly so I ran to the bathroom and barely made it in time before it started coming out, luckily in the toilet this time. It seemed so much easier to just sit around Naked all day and not bother getting dressed because it certainly made peeing a lot easier when I had to go and I had nowhere to be that day so I just never got dressed and enjoyed being totally Naked all day. I got online for a while and without even feeling it coming, I started Peeing loudly into my leather office chair and all over the floor making a huge puddle. I peed for at least 3 to 5 minutes straight before I finished with a LOUD FART and nearly pooping myself.

    I wiped myself and began cleaning up my mess on the chair and the floor. Just before I was done I squatted down to reach the last of it when I suddenly started going Pee again all over myself. I knew I couldn't hold it so I had to just relax and Pee until it was finished. Finally I Farted again and wiped myself then got back to cleaning up my mess again. I managed to get it done this time and just as I put the cleaning stuff away I ran to the bathroom and sat down to go Pee again for another few minutes.

    When I was done, I decided to give one of my friends a call since I was bored and had nothing to do. So we start chatting about nothing important and next I thing I knew I had to Pee so badly again I couldn't hold it and lost control of my bladder again, Peeing down my legs onto the wood floor in my kitchen while I was on the phone. There was nothing I could do to control it so I just squatted down with my legs spread I Peed continuously for what seemed like forever, it just kept on coming out faster and harder while I talked on the phone. I was watching the time and to my surprise it had been my longest pee all day long and yet there seemed to be no end to it.

    Finally it slowed down and stopped eventually. I cleaned up mess while I was still on the phone and got it done just in time to run back to the bathroom and go Pee again just a few minutes later. Of the 2 hours I spent on the phone with my friend I spent more then 3/4 of that time Peeing and cleaning up my messes. It was a strange day to say the least.

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    Straight Female / 26

    4 JOCKS

    I'm a stripper and I do this to get me through college. I'm also quite slutty and I enjoy having some very select guys pay for sex. I'm a fairly good looking girl and I have no trouble making an exceptional living.

    One night, I got a call from a nervous younger guy and he wanted a stripper for his friend's 19th birthday! I thought this might be fun so I went to the address and made my way to the guy's basement and I had a blast.

    There was 4 very good looking young jocks and I really enjoyed all the attention bestow on me. I was totally naked with these 4 good looking horned up guys - they were just the right amount of jock mixed with the right amount of nerdiness - I felt really naked and vulnerable and these guys were a bit drunk.

    I told the boys that if they would shut off all the lights that I would give the birthday boy a blowjob in total darkness. The guys were loud and they loved it - so as promised I got between Mr. Jock's legs and I pulled down his pants and sucked his amazing amazing young cock. Then I flipped over and went down on the couch and I told him that he could fuck me - the boys were freaking out - and I didn't have to say it twice - I felt his really hard cock inside of me and the boys were chearing him on. The room was totally dark and I could only see a silhouette from the light that was left on in the stairs.

    Then I told all the other boys that they could get naked and join in. At one point, I had a very hard cock inside of me, a very hard cock in my mouth and 4 pairs of hands exploring my body. The jock boys were amazing !! They all took turns and eventually, everyone fucked me - and one guy went at it twice as I counted 5. I could tell that I was covered in cum and the smell of it was invigorating !!

    The lights eventually went back on - and to my surprise, all the guys were back in their jeans and t-shirts. What a shy bunch - I got dressed and they walk me outside to my car.

    What a blast !!

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    Straight Male / 26

    I had sex with my brother' ex-girlfriend for two weeks and it was amazing !! It all started when she came over the house to talk to me and we somehow started hanging out. One night we were watching a film and she reached over and kissed me and the clothe flew off !!

    I have been blessed with this large thick cock that seems to rub a woman's vagina so deep, that they eventually and some for the very first time, have really deep orgasm and squirt !! She was about 5'5" tall and a size 2 so when my large cock began to ravage her, she was squirming and squirting lots !! My pubic hair was wet and the liquid was dripping off my balls. I would give her up to 5 of these orgasm in one night.

    We both thought that it was wrong but she was such a good lay and she wanted to try squirting just one more time - so we had sex for an entire two weeks - we fucked like bunnies in heat !!

    A few months later, she called me to say that she was pregnant ! OMG - I thought my brother will kill me !! Turns out that she did not carry more then a few weeks so we were both relieved.

    It's been a few years now ! ...recently, she keeps tagging me on Facebook - but I am trying to stay away !

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    Straight Female / 37

    Well I am going to tell this story of when I was in my early teens growing up. At the time my family would vacation at my uncle's lake house. As kids we could stay all summer if we wanted, my aunt was there all summer and there was no problem with us staying until school started again. Because my mother worked, we were shipped off to the lake right after school got out and went home the week before school started.

    We were not all girls, we had boys there too, and we grew up together. One day, I was thirteen because my birthday had just happened, we were on the dock just passing time, and we were laying on our towels, and for whatever reason, I laid my head on my cousin's lap. He was seventeen and my best friend. My head was on his penis, and his penis got hard, I could feel his penis getting hard and he just kept my head right there, and moved my head over his penis, he was big and hard. I turned over and laid my head on his lap facing down, with my arms around his lap and legs with his hard penis against my chin. I rubbed my cheek and chin against him, then pushed my head down on him and rubbed his penis between my upper lip and my nose.

    I was in full heat, my legs were trembling so bad, and he was bucking up against me, I was no longer thinking. All of a sudden his penis was out of his bathing suit and then it was completely in my mouth. I swallowed it as far as I could, he held his hand down hard on my head and he started to mouth fuck me, he was fucking my mouth so hard and pushing his penis down into my throat, I gagged and pulled up and saw his penis for the first time, it looked like it was the biggest thing I had ever seen. I was breathing hard, when I felt him push my bottoms down, and put me over on my back and pulled them off.

    His mouth was in my pussy and he pushed my legs apart, and in a second he climbed up on me and he pushed his penis deep inside of me. He fucked me so hard, my back was agains the hard plancks of the deck and my hips were hurting he was pushing down on me so hard, for how long I don't know, he started to ejaculate and push against me until he was spent and laid down hard on me, and them rolled off. There we were, half naked on the dock, in the middle of the afternoon, fully visible from the house, just having had our first intercourse.

    I came to, and quickly put my bottoms back on and helped him with his truncks. If any one saw us, I don't know, no one ever said anything. For us, my cousin and me, it was a moment that came and went and left us forever tied to each other.

    I won't lie, after that there were many more times we had intercourse, we were careful about where he ejaculated, watching my cycle and all, and avoided pregnancy. But we had intercourse as often as we could get off alone. That was my summer.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I had some time alone at the house to do whatever I wanted. My bladder was full and I was feeling naughty as fuck. I took a walk in my backyard and pissed my tight pants.
    I was soaking wet. My ass, legs, and feet were sopping in my own warm piss. I touched myself and let my piss get cold. Then I put my soaked pants over my face and sat in my lawn chair. I fingered my wet tight hole and didn't care if my neighbors could see me. I sucked on my piss pants while I came.
    I had an amazing day today (^u^)

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    Straight Male / 18

    I live with my 26yo sister that likes to go clubbing every weekend, and always comes home drunk. When ever she comes home she always says, "I'm never gonna drink and go clubbing ever again", and always complains to me how she never has fun. Last weekend was different. She came hope drunk and pissed. I was in bed and I heard the front door slam shut and she was screamed, "Oh my fucking god!". Man was she pissed. I heard her in the bathroom vomiting and then she came screaming my name and literally kicked my door open. I quickly sat up and saw she had a pretty upset face. All I was thinking was what I did wrong, why she was screaming my name. Man was I scared. Then she suddenly said, "the underpants, lose'em". Me, just wondering what was going on I said, "You're drunk go to sleep", and went back to sleep. She walk over and pulled my blanket and said, "I said LOSE the underpants or I'll take them off myself". I refused and she grabbed hold of my boxers and tried pulling them off. I held on to them and she just punched me in the face and ripped off my boxers and then had my cock in her mouth and started sucking, and holy lord holy lord was she amazing at it. I just sat back, relaxed, and let her do her thing. Minutes later I unloaded in her mouth and she swallowed it. She undressed and climbed on top of me. She put my dick in her pussy and we fucked for a while. Then she said, "You know, I've never done anal. Wanna give it a go??". "Umm...sure I guess". She slowly inserted my dick and she wrapped her arms around me and started clawing my back as she pounded my dick in her ass. I came in her ass and she let all the cum slowly pour out and drip on my bed. She left with all her clothes in my room and she went to bed. The next morning she made me some really good breakfast, poured me a glass of orange juice and said, "Don't tell anyone what happened last night, what went on in the room stays in that room".

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    Straight Female / 28

    Im busting for a pee but he won't let me go. He's pushing on my bladder and cramping and tensing up. He's teasing me by playing with my clit & applying small amounts of pressure. He starts to finger me getting harder I'm trying to hold on but little bit of pee are coming out. He starts to rub his rock hard cock against my pussy lips & clit teasing me. He starts to fuck me slowly teasing me at first he pulls out & then rams it into me pounding my c**t until we're cuming together & I'm shaking & pissing all over the place.

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    Straight Female / 20

    I work as a remote agent from my home office and since its just me I prefer to work completely Naked because with it being just me there's never been any point to putting clothes on. Well the other day I was at work answering calls and helping customers. It had been a rather busy start to the morning and in the middle of answering a call I suddenly had to Pee so desperately I just couldn't hold it. I Farted loudly and immediately started peeing uncontrollably in my leather office chair. Try as I might, it was no use, I was peeing so hard and so fast It was impossible to try and control the flow so I had no choice but to sit there peeing helplessly while I was on the phone helping someone.

    Several minutes passed while the call continued and still the pee continued to gush out faster and more powerful then it already was. Finally once that particular call was done and I hung it up, I Farted some more and continued peeing for a couple more minutes before it finally slowed down to a small stream then a few large squirts and a few more Farts before it stopped. Another call came in, I had to ask them to hold for a moment and I ran to the bathroom suddenly needing to go Poop and sure enough I went pee again for another minute or two.

    Then I wiped off my floor cover and my chair and went back to the call on hold. it was barely a few minutes into the call and again I desperately needed to Pee. I knew It was about to come out any second and I could do nothing to stop it, sure enough It came exploding out like a fire hose and I was peeing loudly all over my chair and the floor again. I started farting again and each Fart only made me pee faster and harder. I tried my best to keep my composure while I helped the customer on the line but I was peeing so hard it wasn't make it any easier for me. The call went on for another several minutes and I the longer it took the longer I went pee. I tried to force it out by pushing my stomach out, but it only made me Fart louder which made me pee longer.

    I felt so embarrassed I couldn't control my farting or peeing but no matter hard I tried I just kept on peeing uncontrollably. Finally like the last call I finished the current one and shortly after I finally finished peeing again. I knew it wouldn't be long till the next call so I hurried to clean my mess on the chair and floor then I wiped off my legs and vagina then sat back down just as another call came in.

    Long story short, I peed during every single call that day. It was the most I've peed in a single work day before which usually doesn't happen with that much frequency but that day it certainly did.

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