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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Female / 20

    The Peeing Rental Car Rental Agent

    The other day at work I was in the process of renting a car to a Customer. While doing the walk around on the car to look it over and check for damage or blemishes I was explaining the details of the rental agreement to the man who I was checking into vehicle and I had to squat down for a moment to look at something closer while trying to keep my black mini skirt from riding up and exposing my butt or private areas. The moment I squatted down, without even feeling it coming, I accidentally FARTED loudly triggering a sudden squirt of Pee onto the ground between my feet.

    I was felt so Embarrassed, I couldn't believe I just Farted and wet myself in front of a Customer. I quickly apologized for my sudden lack of control. The guy though was surprisingly calm and laid back about it. He told me not to worry about it and that he didn't mind at all a girl that couldn't control her bodily functions. That gave me some sense of comfort while I tried hard to compose myself again and trying desperately to hold back my Farts but that was the least of my concerns. I suddenly needed to Pee so urgently I was about to lose control again and I couldn't hold it for much longer than a matter of seconds. I should have excused myself to the bathroom but I chose to try and hold it while finishing checking the guy into the car.

    My bladder was on the verge of bursting I knew I couldn't do this for much longer, it was going to come out one way or another and there was nothing I could do to stop it. So stubbornly I tried to hold back my sudden desperation while explaining more of the contract details. Another FART slipped out my butt, followed by another then another then another. I apologized again and finally admitted I was about to Pee myself in front of him and I was sorry and I hoped he didn't mind just another long FART came out. He was still calm about it, which shocked me, it was like he wanted to see me Pee myself. He re-assured me and told me to just relax, he wouldn't tell anyone and to just let it come out.

    I continued to FART helplessly and large squirts of Pee were beginning to leak down my legs onto the ground. So Reluctantly and trembling a little bit from Embarrassment while attempting to continue speaking about the contract terms, I FARTED again so LOUD that I finally lost the battle, I started Peeing uncontrollably down my legs while Farting non stop at the same time. I felt a wave of relief come over me while I stood there Peeing myself helplessly for at least 5 minutes or longer in front of the guy.

    I finished checking the guy into the car while I stood there Peeing and Farting the whole time. Finally as he signed the paper work and I turned to walk away, at last I finished Peeing. That was the longest and most Embarrassing Pee experience I've ever had.

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    Straight Female / 34

    I'm having an affair with my Dr. I visit him at least once a month and when the office door closes, my pussy, lips and mouth are his for that moment. It turns me on even more knowing that my bf eats my pussy right after my doc just did.

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    Straight Female / 27


    I was constipated since Sunday but I certainly wasn't by Friday morning. I woke up up with the most urgent need for a poo I'd ever felt. Seriously I was bursting to go and I barely made it to the toilet before I pood myself. I sat down and as soon as I relaxed it shot out of me. It felt amazing but there was one thing I forgot in my hurry to get to the toilet. I hadn't pulled my knickers down and I felt that familiar warmth as I filled them completely. I loved it and didn't try to stop it as I was sitting on the toilet anyway. It came out of the leg elastic and fell into the toilet as I sat pooing for England. It took about 20 minutes to finish it and the cleaning up was a chore but worth it.

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    Straight Male / 40

    Being born different.

    I have to give some background about me. I was raised up in ghetto In several parts of the state. Im not mad about it , not sure if it matters. From a young age I would play with myself. My earliest memories was when I was five. I would jack it like no ones buisness. At that same age at a babysitters house I pulled down the pants of a 4 year old and stuck my dick in her ass. When I was caught they thought I had seen someone else do it or been m****ted myself. I was never m****ted and didn't see my first skin mag till i was nine. All thru my childhood at different ages I tried to hook up with girls. Being poor everyone was a bible thumper. There were a few girls that would let me touch them and look at them but never wanted to do anything.

    Fast forward, I like all ages of girls. I have even seen shrinks and therapists to help try to fix me. The worst thing I have done is gotten married. Well as luck would have it we were dirt fucking poor living in another ghetto. Because I was afraid of what I would do given the chance at a young girl I kept busy with all types of work. One day when I got home I was cleaning out my work truck and a 12 year old girl came to me and told me she had a question that she couldn't ask her parents. She was a short redhead with heavy freckles all over her. Of course her being young she had A-cups and only a bump for an ass. I told her to ask away. She told me her privates would tingle when she rubbed them. I smiled and told her that was normal and she was probably about to go thru puberty. Just then her father came out and walked over to us. We shook hands and chit chatted and his daughter took off. Thank god , I was starting to get a boner.

    A few days go by and I'm taking some trash out to the dumpster when she runs up again and asks if I can teach her to masterbate. I tell her if anyone saw her come into my apartment they would castrate me then send me to a jail cell for bubba to ass r**e me for the rest of my life. She persisted but I held my ground. I felt really bad looking at her sad eyes but I have been good up until this. I tell her to go behind the building and she could climb thru my window, so long as noone was there. I went inside and opened the window and she crawled in. I closed the window and was dropping the blind when I turned around and she was naked. She stood there smiling and blushing with her legs closed hard and twisting on one foot. Her nipples were pink and stood out on her white skin. She was covered in freckles all over . I smiled at her and told her to get dressed and come with me to the living room where I had my computer. She made a big frown and looked mad. I sit at the computer and find a few how to videos for her to watch and how to masterbate. I sat her down and tell her to watch and learn, and if I'm asked about this I know nothing! I left her there and went to the bathroom and jerked off the boner I got from looking at her sweet body. The red fuzz that had started growing between her legs into a nice small patch.

    I cleaned up and headed back up. She was sitting naked at the computer fingering herself like a mad woman. I stepped back and gave her privacy but stayed within earshot. She went at it straight for fifteen minutes when I heard her say shit. I went up and asked if she was ok. SHe told me it was tingling so bad it seemed like it was burning. I looked at her pussy and her clit was swollen and to my eyes was throbbing. I looked at the video she was watching and wasn't the how to video, it was Ron Jeremy laying some pipe up Christy Canyon's pussy. I asked her if she watched the other videos and she said she did. She looked at me and asked what she should do. I sat beside her and told her I could help but if she told anyone, even her friends I would never talk to her again. She swore to me she wouldn't.

    I had her stand up and strip the rest of her cloths . I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. She was kissing my neck and licking my ear , when she whispered thank you . I laid her on the bed and she started rubbing herself. I told her to stop she was just going to irritate it worse. I climbed on top of her and kissed her like a woman. I slowly licked her young soft nipples taking it my mouth and slowly sucking it gently. I kissed down her stomach till I was breathing on her swollen slit. She was wiggling all around , so i reached around her legs to hold her in place. I stuck out my tongue as she had lifted her head to watch. I slowly moved in and let my tongue touch her lips. She screamed with pleasure and arched her back and squirted me while my tongue was still in place. I waited till she quit bucking around and slowly started eating her pussy. It was unlike any girl I have ever been with. It was sweet and had the odor of pee,but not the foul odor. More of a sweet smell. I licked her up and down and finally slid my tongue up her tiny hole. I forced it in as far as I could till she squirted me again. I moaned hard into her as she came . I stood up and went to the bath for a towel. I cleaned her up and helped get her clothes. I sat on the bed with a throbbing erection fighting to come out of my jeans. I knew now if this got out I would be a p**o.

    She asked me if she needed to help me, and I told her no. we could already get in trouble if this got out. She smiled and told me her secret was safe. I Didn't believe her.

    So a few days go by and there is a knock on the door. I looked thru the peephole and it was her father. The blood drained out of my face. I figured , well here it is , an ass kicking. I opened the door and braced for the barrage of punches I was going to receive but instead he invited me over for a beer. We go to his house and long and short of it, he is moving to another side of town that's a little better away from the hood rats. We talk a bit more and I leave and sigh with relief. My wife called soon after to tell me she is working late and not to wait up. Yay for me , time to find some good porn when I hear a knock from my bedroom window.

    I open the blinds and there is my little redhead smiling at me. I open the window and she crawls in and ask if we can have play time again. I tell her its not a good idea and the more time we spend together the more risks I take. She tells me she really wants to because she is moving. I tell Her I know her father came over to tell me. He is trying to protect you from guys like me. She keeps begging and the perv in me caves. I tell her it might be the last time we can do this and asks her is she wants to help me. She reaches for my jeans and gets them open and my hardon pops out. She gets on her knees and puts me in her mouth, I have to stop her several times and tell her how to do it without teeth. When she finally gets a little better at it I stop her and strip her. We climb into 69 and with some adjustments and pillows we manage to pull it off. I start eating her sweet clit while she is trying to blow me without gagging. She squirts me so much I lose count of how many orgasm she has had. She climbed off me still jerking on me. She asked if we can do what she saw in the video. I tell her it might hurt her being her first time. I barely finish talking when she climbs on top of me and tries to get it to go in. We finally get lined up and I tell her to push slow, and it she cant we cant. She pushes and pushed and the head goes in and she screams out oh my god! I tell her we need some lube. I grab some hand lotion and smear it all over my dick and her little hole. She goes back to working it and the head goes in much easier. She starts slowly working it in. Im throbbing as my dick is getting squeezed into a small hole. She get about half in and starts going up and down and quivering at the size in her. She tells me she can't fit any more and her legs are giving out. She climbs off and I lay her on the edge of the bed and slowly slide it in her. She is clutching the bed and moaning when i tell her i want to put more in. she says i don't think it will fit. I slowly start pushing into her til i feel myself top out. She starts hitting the bed and breathing hard telling me it hurts but don't stop. I start pumping faster, making sure that every thrust tops out. Every few minutes she is squirting all over me which makes me harder. I feel my orgasm nearing and push it deeper than i had before and let it go deep inside her. SHe screams really loud and squirts at the same time. I pull out of her and there is very little blood. I laid beside her after kissing her deeply again. She said next time she would stay on top till i came. I asked her if she was ok and she told me it felt like I was in her stomach. We showered together , and i got a blowjob and came in her mouth. She got dressed and out the window she went.

    three weeks later she called me to pick her up from school. she lied and told them I was her uncle.
    She is now 19 and lives with my wife and I , as are live in Nanny. I told her my problem being a perv ,
    and she reassured me she was willing. We still have sex all the time . She even dresses like a school girl
    and pretends to be a virgin, using food coloring to make it look real. Im glad I took the chance that day!

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    Gay Male / 50

    Has any one ever been in jail , I have and I can tell you some things I saw are hair raising , yeah I saw some fights and heard about sex stuff.
    But my sex in jail wasn't anything you see in the movies where the white guy is r**ed by multiple guys.

    The only time I had sex with multiple guys was one evening while in the showers.

    Normally there about maybe five or so guys in the showers at one time , and for a gay guy that's like putting a smorgasbord of meet out there to be seen.
    So here I am shower when another guy comes in , I can see his cock and yes it was nice , I guess he saw me looking cause he got it hard and faced me holding his cock.

    About that time two other guys walk in , there cocks are already hard , I thought they were going to r**e me , but when the first guy spoke he said we don't r**e guys we only give what they want.

    So , I willingly got on my knees and was looking at three cocks in my face , I'd never serviced three guys like this , so it was a bit of a challenge.
    I'd been at it for a bit when one of the three guys moved behind me and pulled me to a standing bent over position , I felt it has he pushed his cock in my butt hole.

    Go man it was big , it felt like a log was going up in me , it was amazing having my hole penetrated by this guy , he wasn't in any hurry , he took his time butt fucking me as I continued to suck the other two guys.

    I could feel it when he came , he shoved in and held still as his cum shot deep in my hole , the pulsing cock was amazing.
    But , when he pulled out it was the next guys turn , he cock went in me easier , and his load of cum shot in me also.
    The third guy , when he fucked me he had me get doggie style , he mounted me like to see monkeys fuck , but oh man his cock was so awesome.

    I didn't think much about it all.

    I didn't dawn on me till about a few days later , when I went to the shower there was a guy sitting in a chair near the entrance area , he just waved a s I entered.

    In the shower area was the same three guys , well , I knew what was what then , I was gonna get fucked again.

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    Straight Male / 37

    Last week, I loaded up the wife and kids and headed out of state for a well deserved ski vacation. The stress of last months happenings was taking it's toll on Linda , my wife and on me. Our house was burglarized while we were at her parents. The feeling of violation and helplessness is indescribable, all of our personal belongings and effects were gone through and almost all of our valuables are gone forever. Insurance helps, but not everything can be replaced. We discussed alarm systems or a dog but we already have a salt water fish tank and Pickles the Guinea Pig ( my daughter Megan's pet). We decided against a dog due to my son's allergies.

    I booked a suite at a resort in New England, with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and bath and my wife Linda asked Paige, the kids babysitter to watch the pets and bring in the mail while we were gone. Paige is a High school senior who has been watching the kids for the last 2 years, has always been trustworthy and the kids like her. Although a little thick, she's very pretty but very shy. We gave Paige a key and a note with basic directions Sunday night and left on Monday.

    Apparently, we neglected to tell Paige about the motion activated wi-fi cameras we had installed after the break in. If you're unfamiliar with them, they send a text to your phone if activated allowing you to see, hear and respond to anyone in proximity. Every day around 3, I would get texts as Paige would enter the house, and go to the den and feed the fish and into Megan's room to feed Pickles. On Thursday, I didn't get the text until after 7pm so I checked the camera's. After feeding the fish, Paige went into Megan's room, fed the Guinea Pig and sat on the bed. She had earbuds into her phone and the dance music she was listening to was loud enough for me to hear it on the camera. I was shocked to see Paige open a window, and take out a pipe and rip a few hits! She went back to the bed and laid back, just looking at the ceiling and my daughter's posters on the wall. I wasn't really paying attention, but when I looked back at the phone she had her hand between her legs rubbing her crotch! The babysitter was jilling in my daughter's room!

    I took the phone into the bathroom and when I looked at it again, she had her pants open with one hand under her shirt and the other in her panties. I was getting hard as she pulled her top and bra up and started squeezing and pinching her nipples. They were hard and a bright pink and I was amazed at how hard she would tug on them. She turned around and I couldn't see her face but she grabbed Megan's pillow and stuffed bear, laid them on the bed and started rocking on them. I could hear the music but her breathing and moans started getting louder. She was bouncing pretty hard, and I had to unzip, I was really uncomfortable in my pants. I dropped them around my ankles and started stroking to Paige's masturbation show. I thought she came, but Paige rolled onto her back, lifted her butt into the air and wiggled her pants down to her knees. When she rolled, all I could see was the top of her head and her playing with her tits, but I could certainly hear her fingers going in and out of her very wet pussy.

    I was mesmerized by watching this shy young girl playing with herself and how hard she would pinch herself. As she got close to orgasm, she opened her hand flat, and started slapping her pussy lips as she raised her hips off the bed. I had to mute the phone because when she did come, she was screaming! I came so hard, I shot across the bathroom and had to take a bath towel to clean up the mess. I was exhausted. I took a hot shower.

    When I came out of the bathroom, I saw Linda on the bed wearing a new teddy and the kids were in their room. She asked I was ok, I was in there a long time, I just told her my body was sore from skiing. She told me to lie down, and she started giving me a massage. It turned into a very personal massage. Thank goodness I had a few Viagra s in my bag. It was starting to be a helluva night. No details about what I did with the wife, but I will say she had very sore tits and I had never slapped her pussy before. In the morning when we woke, she said it was different but enjoyable. I just laid back and imagined Paige as Linda sucked me off.

    There were no more incidents, and when we came home on Sunday, Linda went to pay Paige and I downloaded the camera footage into my personal portable hard drive. I don't think I'll mention the cameras yet, but I do anticipate the next time Paige babysits.

    There were no more experiences in the days that followed. When we came home, Linda paid Paige and I made sure the camera feed was stored on my personal portable hard drive. I will be waiting for the next time she babysits!

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    Straight Female / 27


    Accident at the checkout.

    I was walking home from the bus stop last night and I was desperate for a poo. I'd held it all day and at work and by the time I finished work I was busting to go. My stomach was in knots on the bus and when I got to my stop I nearly pood myself getting off. I clenched tightly against the pressure in my bowels but but it hurt my stomach to keep holding it. I walked for about a hundred yards when I felt an overwhelming urge to poo and I tried to clench against it but it was too much for me and I felt my anal hole open against my will as the turd forced its way out into my knickers. I felt relief and embarrassment but mostly relief right at this moment. I felt even more relief when I started wetting myself as well and I emptied a full bladder all down my legs while I was filling my knickers with a huge load. I felt so much better after that but the walk of shame after totally pooing and wetting myself was embarrassing.

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    Straight Female / 35

    Pitty Fuck gone gone wrong!!!

    Well Ladies and all you men out there, specially the ladies. I'm here to tell you I was a very firm believer in size does matter. I've had small, average, big, and then huge. Bigger cocks I always got the most pleasure from. Until a couple days ago that is.

    I'm a single parent that works in at a major retail chain, where I've gotten to know a man my age quite well. Long story short he's a girls best friend, so much so one would assume gay perhaps. When we first started working together he was so quiet and shy, and you could see he was usually down and depressed. One day we were teamed up to do a project together (the first time we spent any real time together within 10 feet of each other). I noticed right away his upper arms were quite scarred (boil type scars). After a half hour of small talk about work I finally asked him what happened to him. He used to be a welder/fabricator when there was an accident that left most of his upper body scarred. His family has genes for what I now know is keloid scarring. After more coaxing from me he talked more and more about it, and how it has ruined his life physically, emotionally, and has left him with no confidence in himself. The accident has left him physically limited, and from what little he showed me I can see why. I can also see why most women were turned off by him. He's a handsome man with big beautiful blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. But with most women who are hell bent on physical attraction would not give him the time of day upon learning of the scars. We chatted more and more about family past relationships, yata, yata, yata, the normal co worker chit chat. I as well he heard of each others past good and bad relationships. Most of his ending because women couldn't deal with the troubles he had with the scars. Which from his stories just tells me none of them were accepting of them and that is the meaning of a relationship is acceptance of all aspects of each other. The rest of the day was fun we were smiling, telling jokes having a ball. From then on we sat with each other during breaks, after a few months we started meeting up at bar's or diners where other coworkers met up at weeks end. We even started going to malls family gatherings etc. but we never ever considered us as an item. Of course we got the comments and lectures of why aren't we blah, blah, blah. as many more months go by we start talking much more in depth about about our lives, our sex lives in particular. Where I learned he in fact was not gay nor bi. He was just very quiet and shy. And has never made any advances at women since his last relationship after his accident. He had been single for 3 years at that point. I learned he was always cheated on which just added to his no self esteem. I actually felt guilty and sad when sharing my life stories compared to his. I really started feeling bad about sharing my flings with him. Remembering how in depth I'd go about some of my partners and our sex life. I starting thinking I'm such a bitch he's listening and more than likely getting turned on and has to go home and jerk off while I can so easily get on the phone and have a cock with in hours.

    I ended up shying away from him myself. About a month goes by of rarely speaking or barely even smiling let alone looking in his direction. He finally approached me and asked what was wrong, asking what he had done. All I could say was I'm sorry it isn't you before I could finish he cuts in and says I know I've heard it before. It's you and not me, story of my life. My heart sank when he said now you remember when you were so compassionate and saying how my exs were bitches for treating me how they did. Now your doing almost the same thing. That's when it hit home he was more than likely falling in love with me. All I could do was stand there in guilt he was right. But not for the reasons he was more than likely thinking.

    Thanksgiving rolls around and I know it's his favorite holiday, we end up getting paired up for another project. He was very quiet and very closed up. I finally broke the silence and just straight up told him the reason I shying way from him was because I was embarrassed and felt guilty for sharing so much detail about my sex life with him when I knew you hadn't had a women in years. He responded are you kidding me I loved hearing your stories. Even though it wasn't the real thing it gave me something new to jerk off to. Just as I'd assumed he was getting turned on, and now I feel even worse. But it also turned me on, and much as it turned me on I heart was so heavy with guilt. I've never ever thought about it in the sense that a man was perfectly content without the actual touch of a women. It was so sad I almost teared up, specially with how well I've gotten to know this man. He is so kind, loving, and caring, and never has done anything with only his interest at heart. The most unselfish man I've ever met other than my grandpa and father. Not to mention just how close my daughter has gotten to him, and how well he treats her and (shame on me) the things he has done for her and I, just an ongoing checklist of smiles he has brought to my daughter and I. That night I couldn't sleep a wink. It was mainly the feeling of sadness for him. I kept thinking there is nothing wrong with this man other than a bad accident that has left its toll on his body. Then I started thinking about the fact he admitted he jacks off to my sex life. I've never been hit so hard with arousal, I tried everything under the sun, all the toys in my drawer, vibrators, dildos, even dp with them didn't work. Sure I had orgasm after orgasm but it just didn't cure my craving. So I decided I would invite him to thanksgiving again this year, and then take him home with me and get the real thing.

    Thanksgiving day rolls around we eat get the usual why are you guys still not dating. I myself at that point was wondering the same thing. And if at all possible just added to my need to cure my wetness. I was so wet before the meal was even over I had to change into a pair of my moms panties. I think he could pick up on my scent as well, as I saw him checking me out non stop (maybe he always had in the past). We got done eating and started dishing out dessert, and started getting out different games we played as a family tradition. We were playing yahtzee, it was my turn but I was so lost in thoughts of this man I didn't realize it. He then broke me out of the day dream I was in by touching my leg and give a slight squeeze and rub. I instantly lost it I had an orgasm right there at the table. I know for a fact everyone knew it was an orgasm, no way it could be concieved of anything different. But him being the true man he is just says, I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you again. Did you see the doctor about that yet? He turns to my parents and said this has happened at work a few times as well. Her mind gets to wondering and gets startled coming back to reality. He made me seem a little crazy, but I didn't care.

    We finally get everything buttoned up at my parents and on our way home. There was a silence in the car until it was broken by him asking, did you really cum when I touched your leg? Or was I imagining it? I responded oh it was real, and all I can say right now get me home asap. I still need more. He instantly starts closing the door, reminding me of the scars and how he's not attractive. Then the bomb which I assume would affect any man, he revealed he only has a 5' cock. Going back to my past conversations with him on how I prefered big dicks over small any day of the week. I thought for sure it would cause him issues. I just assured him as that's true I do, but as any women says it's also not the size its what you do with it. Needless to say rest of the ride home was mixed emotions hoping his smaller dick can cure this ache in my pussy.

    We finally get back to my house, layed my daughter in her bed (thankfully fell asleep on ride home) We went into my bedroom and the full on assault on my body began. He kissed, licked and nibbled just about every square inch of my body. I had 4 orgasms before he even touched my pussy. He liked, kissed, and nibbled with perfection. He went down on me it was heaven I don't know how he did it but, he was tounging my gspot at the same time he was nibbling and sucking my clit. I came so hard I nearly passed out, the only thing I think that kept me from passing out was the fact he didn't stop. He kept on licking and sucking through 3 more orgasms. The only reason he stopped was because I had fallen off the other end of the bed apparently I was squirming so bad we had moved accross my king size mattress. We regrouped I started taking off his shirt. Of course he tried his hardest to leave it on. I managed to get him out of it, and my god. this poor man.....I can see why he's so shy, and honestly why most women couldn't handle it. I felt so bad for him, I was taken back for a few moments I wont like. I could never imagine the scarring being that bad. My caring mothering instincts took over I went got a bottle of lotion and started rubbing lotion on them and giving him a massage. This was key I think for he and I, as he opened up fully and let his guard completely down. I then started kissing his chest, shoulders, neck and I hit it. He informed me some of the scars are very sensitive, he wasn't lieing. Thats when I more or less fell in love with the scars, when I licked, nibbled and sucked on a couple it was as if he had a clit. He went totally nuts. I can't explain why but this drove me even crazier, I couldn't help but grind my pussy on his stomach, thigh, leg, anything I could come into contact with. His cock was as said only 5 inches. But decently thick, I sucked that cock to the back of my throat and stroked and moaned on it until he shot the biggest load of cum I've ever had to try to swallow, 5 gulps worth. He quickly said sorry it's been a few years. Taking that much cum turned me on even more, I've had 5 orgasms to this point and still my ache hasnt dulled one bit. He then lifted me up and layed me on the bed and slowly pressed his body onto mine. While staring into my eyes it slowly pushed his cock into my juice flooded pussy. From that moment on it was a daze of orgasm after orgasm, he nailed my gspot like nobody else before. I couln't stop cumming, I do and can squirt most of my squirting has been forced. Past lovers would encourage me to try or to just push let it go, and yes I would successfully squirt. This time it was different without any encouragement or hints of thats what he was trying to do. The flood gates opened nothing about these orgasms were forced, I couldn't even keep myself from squirting, every orgasm I had was uncontrollable. His movements and strokes were so magical I was crying in pleasure. Then came the deeper penetration he put my legs on his shoulders sprawled out as if he was doing push ups and just hammered it home. Pin point accuracy on every sensitive spot in my pussy stroke after stroke. The orgasm I had could of watered my lawn for a month. I couldn't stop shacking and quivering. I so caringly brought my legs back down and stared into my eyes as he caressed my face and neck, giving me deep sensual kisses as he continued to slowly and passionately make love to me. It was a hands down a different kind of orgasm from the previous. We were making love, I kept pulling pushing his body into mine. I couldnt get enough of him into me. I don't mean his dick either it wasnt the size I wanted it was his body and soul. This 5 inch dick has done more to my pussy than any dick big or small before it. Stoke after sweet stroke he brought me to another 2 orgasms just when I tought I couldn't cum anymore he started kissing me so deeply and passionately, I felt his back tense up, he starting holding me so tight as he started to throb in my pussy I went into another deep mind numbing orgasm as I felt spurt after spurt of his cum deep in my pussy. The cum bouncing off my pussy walls was electric. We layed there entwined in each other for about 10 min just smiling and kissing, after a sheet change and a nice cuddly shower together we drifted off to sleep together. I can't explain how in love with this man I have become. Ladies don't over look the quiet shy ones....Nor the average dicked man. There are some that no what the fuck they are doing. I'm actually thinking about letting my girlfriends come over for some 3 somes just so they can be treated to an all out gspot assault to.. just like every women needs to experience a huge cock. Every one needs to experience this heavenly cock I've found. As much as I want to keep him to myself, I just need to share this pleasure before I tie him down completely. I just hope he wont be to shy about it. I'm sure of more stories to come. Will post after they happen....Take care

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    Straight Male / 38

    My wife and I have had a few threesomes with a buddy of mine, always good sex for all of us, nothing wierd just great sex. One night he was over helping me with a project and when we finished the three of us were in the basement bar having a few beers. We hinted around about sex but my wife wasn't biting, she and my buddy were next to each other and I was behind the bar. I went to take a leak and returned to a different look from her, her hair was a little messed up and she had that look. He went to pee, I asked what happened and she just said his tongue might have changed her mind. He was back by then, I asked what happened and they shrugged and said nothing but he leaned in to kiss her with his tongue down her throat. Soon we were all kissing, worked her top and bra off and playing with her tits. She was stroking his crotch so he unzipped, dropped his pants and pulled his dick out and she got off her stool and started sucking him. We are both average 6" guys but he has a nice knob, I did the same and asked her if she could get us both in her mouth and worked my dick to her mouth also. She surprised me and grabbed us both and tried to suck us both. She did pretty good and I was hot watching both our dicks in her but let her work harder on him. I could tell he was getting worked up and backed off and slid her panties off. He pulled her up on the barstool and slipped his dick in her pussy, she winced a little and he said how about both our dicks in her pussy? She said they wouldn't fit but we promised to go slow if she would try. She was enjoying him but He pulled out and led her to the couch, I laid down and he got her to straddle me, facing him and eased down on my cock. He was kissing her and worked his dick in next to mine. I couldn't move and he had to grab my dick to keep them together, I never had a guy touch me but it was hot under the circumstances. With me just trying to keep inside her, he was the only one moving in and out, guiding with his hand which was rubbing her as well, she was moaning and getting close to cumming, he was moving faster, she started cumming which really got her wet and I heard him moaning and felt his cum oozing around my dick, I can't explain how wild that felt, he quit moving but I was able to get some strokes in, his hand was still holding us together which helped and I exploded inside her too. We stayed still as long as we could but our dicks were going limp and slipping out which released all of our cum running down my ass. We had more sex after that but much more conventional.

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    Straight Male / 34

    Whilst on my hols with my wife, young son and inlaws, i was getting a bit frustrated with my lack of sex.
    My wife wont do it when her parents about. The villa i echoey but we could have fun. We had fun on the 3rd night into a 10 day hol.
    As the days rolled by i was tugging away in the shower. What i hadnt noticed was my mother watching on this occassion, 2 nights before going home, as i got ready too go out.
    I was shocked to say the least. I grabbed my towel to cover my solid and now throbbing cock.
    My mother in law shut the door i hadnt locked. Raised a finger to her lips indicating to me to be quiet.

    Now im not gonna lie. My mother in law in a bit on the large side. Doesnt do make up often and hasnt touched her husband, my father in law in years. However my wife says she has a great pair of boobs for a woman i her 60's.

    As she made her way forward she kept looking at me intensely. She moved to the toilet next to the bath i was in. Still staring at me, she signalled for me to take the towell that was covering my modesty. At first i didnt but she made it clear what she wanted. So i did, revealing my throbbing and now slightly pre-cum oozing cock. She then leaned in and whispered (play with your cock, i wont well if you wont). Id never looked at her as a filthy fat cum slut. She watched as i played with my cock. Then all of a sudden she dropped her shorts, revealing her clearly shaven pussy. She sat on the toilet and began to open her legs. Her c**t was bald as a coot. She smiled and started to piss. I was drawn to watching this fat, old bags pissing pussy. I had done watersports in the past and this was a real turn on.
    After about 30 seconds or so her stream died then stopped. There was and awkward pause. Then she got up.
    "I think i need to clean myself up" she said quietly, so as to not wake her daughter/my wife just over the hall way. I think i should take time to say my wife was having a siesta.
    My dirty pissing mother in law stripped out of her top before stepping out of her shorts. Then joined me in the shower.
    Without hesitation she started wanking me. "Thought you might need a hand" she whispered in my ear.
    In a flash she was on her knees. Greedily eating my cock. Much better than her daughter. She even licked and cradled my balls. I could hear the old girl moaning. As her hand slipped between her chubby thighs. Rubbing that pissy, wet c**t of hers.
    Before long i told her i was going to cum. She removed my dick from her mouth before wanking me hard with her mouth open underneath it. Ready and waiting for my cum.
    "Cum in my mouth darling" she told me. Still rubbing away at her sodden c**t.
    I began told cum hard. Now im a heavy cummer so he was swallowing but getting covered in my spunk. She loved it. After milking me dry she contunued to play with her pussy. Now however she wanted something else.
    "Piss on me now darlin." She groaned.
    On her command i did as i always do after cumming. She swallowed it aimed and rubbed it all over herself. It was so fucking hot. I watched as not only did she orgasm but she squirted hard.

    We cleaned up quickly and let 1 at a time from the bathroom.

    We have regular kinky fun now. We've even tried scat.

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