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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Female / 29

    I work at the front desk of a large hotel. I am average, but bustier than normal. At the concierge there is a girl who is outgoing and she says she is bi. I told her I would like to try it with a girl, just for kicks to see what it was like and she invited me over.

    Of all the times I have gotten naked this was the worst. Worst in that I had never felt uncomfortable like this. Her just sitting there telling me what to take off and to keep my hands covering myself after I took my clothes off. She had me stand there for a long time, just naked covering myself with my hands, while she talked to me and kept asking me how I felt and if I was getting wet.

    She asked me to focus on my pussy, to feel myself getting wet, to ask myself if I wanted a big dick or her tongue, which I wanted. To think of my nipples, to get them hard just thinking about how she was going to bite them. To think of what kind of pussy I thought she had, how she was groomed, what I was going to do when I had to eat her.

    She stood up and told me to stare at her pussy and feel my pussy while I did it, to get my finger in as deep as I could. She undid her shorts and slowly took them off, she had on pink panties, and she pulled them up tight so that I could see her pussy through them. She asked me if I was hungry for pussy, or if I wanted a bid dick.

    She turned around and bent over and spread her legs and asked me if I still wanted pussy, if I was ready to eat her ass. She undid her top and stood up and turned and let her breast hand out and she pinched her nipples and asked me to get go of my breasts. She kept talking about how her pussy was wet waiting for my tongue and to keep fingering myself.

    She slid of out her panties, she was very lightly trimmed just enough so that I could see her pussy lips, she stretched tall with her hands above her head and asked me if I wanted pussy. She sat down again and told me to come lose to her and lean over so she could put my nipple in her mouth. To keep fingering myself, she told me to let her know when it hurt too much, but to last as long as I could. She bit my nipple, at first slowly, but then harder and harder, she had her legs wide open, I kept wanting to look at her pussy, she kept grabbing my hand and forcing me to finger myself.

    The pain got real intense and when I said stop, she grabbed me by the hair and pulled down hard so I fell to my knees and she laid back with her legs wide open and told me to eat and not stop until she gave me permission. Her pussy wet and got bigger with my mouth on her, she gave me orders about inserting my tongue in her vagina or biting her clit, then she leaned all the way back and told me to lick her ass and keep licking her until she told me to stop.

    When she did tell me to stop, she unwound her legs from around my head and told me to stand, and lay back on the bed and spread for her and she went down and started to eat, to bite and to tongue, and would push my legs up and tongue my ass, she bit my clit until I started to orgasm and didn't let go of me until I had run completely through my orgasm, and then she slapped my naked butt and told me to do the same for her, and not to let go of her clit until she was fully done with her orgasm.

    After we were done, we laid back and she played with my breasts, and asked me to fondle hers too. After a short while, she asked me to get up close and kiss with her, while we fondled our breasts. We stayed naked the entire night, and ate some pussy in the morning before shower, so that I would get the full smell in my nose.

    We went out to breakfast and she asked me if I wanted to go full lesbian, or if I still wanted dick, I could be bi with her, she knew a guy who liked to fuck with two girls.

    I am going to try with her and her friend, but first I have to get used to being naked with her. The feelings I had when I went home was the same I had went I went home from camp where I masturbated myself silly. I'm not sure I am a pussy girl or not, maybe just for fun.

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    Straight Male / 55

    I was walking to the train station when I caught up to this lady that had just finished a big bike ride as I had just done. We were talking like we had known each other for years, we asked each some questions about everything so I asked her did she wear underwear under her riding gear. She didn't at all she said as it's far too uncomfortable I agreed that was what I thought. The train station was closed so we had to walk to the next station which was about 3k away, no problem when you are talking to a nice lady. Anyway before we got there I knew she needed some loving so I asked her if she would like me to help her out with that and she agreed that would be nice so we arranged to meet the next day when we had recovered. Next morning I couldn't wait to get to her which was 1/2 drive away, I arrived and she was there waiting for. We went into her room and started making out then the clothes came off and I went hard instantly. She looked at my hard dick and said wow you are rather large I hope this isn't going to hurt me and I said no I will make sure I take it easy, after a 69 for awhile it was time I ran my dick up her slit to have it juiced up ready to take me in. Wow wasn't she tight, I took a few minutes before I could be fully buried then she went crazy bucking as orgasm after orgasm went through her, I was in heaven as I fucked her for the next 2 hours. I left and arranged the next time I can get away from my wife for that long I'd be back, she said I can't wait and I promise no one else will be in me until after you have finished with me. I can't wait to help her out again.

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    Straight Female / 25

    When I was 15yo me and my brother were invited to stay for a week at this small ranch that our aunt and uncle owned. I was a girly girl and really wasn't interested in going. But our parents pretty much said me and my brother were going.

    The first day me and my brother just hung out. Our Aunt and Uncle were older, so they didn't do much to keep us busy. The next day another one of our aunts came by and took us horseback riding. At first I hated it, I felt like I was being tossed around on top of the horse. My aunt said you had to be one with the horse and it would be much more enjoyable.

    The next day our aunt came back and saddled the horses again, my brother said he was feeling ill and got out of going. My aunt and I went down this trail and through this field that seemed endless. I was still a bit sore from the day before and really wanted to go back.

    At some point we stopped and gave the horses a break near a stream. We just talked for a bit and I really started to like my aunt even more. She was funny and a bit risque with her language at times. She asked me if my ass was still sore from yesterday, I laughed and told her it was okay, even though it really wasn't. We got back on the horses and just sat there a few more minutes, my aunt talking about the area around us.

    Suddenly I was distracted, not by something I was seeing, but something I was suddenly feeling between my legs. There was a strange sensation, a tingle almost. I adjusted my behind in the saddle and this strong sensation of pleasure washed over me.

    My aunt was calling my name from a short distance away, I didn't even realize she had started to ride off. I took the reins and pulled them only slightly, the horse seemed to know what to do on it's own. The horse began almost a trot towards my aunt and as I slightly bounced in the saddle I had my first ever orgasm! My aunt heard me say "oh my god."

    At first my aunt didn't know what was wrong, as she came up beside me on her horse. I was at a loss for words and maybe I had some weird expression on my face. I know I was breathing a bit hard suddenly. The concern on my aunt's face turned into a slight grin now. "Sometimes that will happen when a girl rides a horse."

    My aunt must have understood what had just happened to me. She said something about following along when I was ready, I barely heard her voice. She pulled her horse around and slowly made her way ahead of me, stopping to look back every so often to make sure I didn't get lost.

    I made a movement with the reins and my horse started walking forward at a rather quick pace, I jerked the reins back as I felt the sensation of wetness once again, another orgasm raced through me instantly. The pressure of the saddle between my legs rubbed me to another orgasm within a few yards.

    By the time we got back I came another two times, each orgasm was more intense than the one before. My aunt asked me if I was going to be alright, stroking my hair and the side of my cheek, she smiled and told me it was normal. My legs seemed like rubber as I walked to the house and upstairs to my bedroom. I could barely remove my riding boots, it seemed I had no strength. I removed my clothes to shower, I had soaked my panties and the crotch of my blue jeans were almost as wet.

    It's been ten years since that day. My job has allowed me to have a home and property to have my own horse. I wear spanx or yoga pants with my riding boots. I ride as often as I possibly can and still have the most intense orgasms ever..............

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    Lesbian Female / 33

    When I became a 'woman',

    I am a lesbian, always have been. I had been in a LTR which ended on a sour note, and I needed a place to live and a job. A friend told me about this man who had lost his wife and had two kids and they needed a housekeeper and babysitter. Seeing as I needed a job and a place to live I interviewed with the man and I moved in.

    Several months went by, things were going normal, I had my space and I got along with the kids. The work was not hard, and I was comfortable with the arrangement. One night after dinner and getting the kids to bed, he came into the kitchen when I was cleaning up and struck up a conversation. I asked him how he was doing, it must be hard to lose his wife. He said yes, it was hard, it was not easy not having a woman.

    He went on to say something like 'I could really use a woman right now'. He was looking at me, he was looking at my breasts and then at my hips and then again looking at my breasts. I said 'I am not a woman, I am a lesbian'.

    But he wanted a woman, and I was the only thing close to a woman around, he was staring at my breasts when he came across the kitchen and said something like 'you will do'.

    Becoming a woman was really hard. His hands were strong, and he held me until I couldn't move. He pressed me hard against him, he slipped his hands behind me and lifted me off the ground holding me by my rear. I could feel his erection underneath me. I kept thinking this is what it feels like to be a woman. He didn't let me go, I thought about the children and told him to take me to the room, not to do it in the kitchen.

    When I saw his erection I got scared, really scared, when he pulled my pants off I just surrendered. He was so strong, and all he wanted to do was insert his penis in me. His smell became so strong as he fucked me. He held me down, he wanted my breasts and it took a long time for me to be able to take my shirt off so he could have them.

    He released me a little and went down on me, grabbing my breasts as he did, then he pulled himself up on top of me and penetrated me and screwed me until he ejaculated.

    It was my first time with a man, becoming a woman was both the scariest and most erotic thing in my life. I don't know if I was ever more alive than in those few minutes.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    My favorite place to pee is in the steam room at our local rec, it's all tile and when there is a thick cloud of steam you can barley see 5 feet from you. Of course, like any pool I enjoy peeing in the hot tub, the lap pool and the kids area. The kids area has quite an aquatic playground in it, growing up in this town I soaked that thing with my piss and I'm glad I know I'm not the only one who did, kids like to pee in pools, it just feels good.
    Still as an adult I like to swim or soak in the hot tub, drinking to fill my bladder and go piss in my steamy potty. You can hear it splash on the tile and the dark room with soft lights will rarely give you away. I've definitely caught older men playing with themselves behind the steam, usually they get up and leave but someday someone is going to get a pee show. I'll have to rub myself until I cumm because that pressure on my bladder make me so honey I squirm.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I enjoy being naked on a bed with two or three other men. Feeling a hard penis against you, feeling a strong arm around you, feeling a long wet kiss from a bearded man, feeling a heavy man climb on top of you and get between your legs and put his penis up against you, feeling your penis crying to go off, feeling another man's penis against your lips, feeling the slow penetration, feeling the hard penis on your lips as you take it into your mouth, the hard rhythm, his hungry kisses of your nipples, as you suck on the man leaning over your face, waiting if just maybe they both can come off at the same time, aaah the feeling, as the man inside your rectum lets go and he presses hard against you, you suck as hard as you can on the other man and he gets off, and you have done your best, getting them both off within seconds of each other.

    That is why I go to these parties. Who would not want to join.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    After 30 years I got divorced. Irreconcilable differences. Bottom line I couldn't stand her church. Either she was married to me or the church. I had to move out of course, she kept the house and just about everything else.

    I moved into town, into a 50+ apartment complex. And did I discover what I was missing.

    I met this guy, I will call him Paul. He was single, lived in the apartment across the hall from me. Seeing that I was new and didn't know anyone he invited me over for a glass of wine to meet some of his friends. Four guys showed up, and Paul and I made six. The TV was on some stupid show and this guy kept making conversation. I wasn't interested, but he was so I listened and answered.

    We were in the kitchenette, my back to the living area. When I turned around there was this guy sitting naked on a towel on the sofa and this other naked guy sucking him for all he was worth. I felt this man put his arms around me and hug up to me and pressed himself against me and he asked me how I liked it. I was unable to come up with answer, between this guy hugging me and the two guys on the couch, and the Paul came out of the bedroom totally naked and told me to get with it. He sat on the easy chair and told me to come over and give him a whirl.

    The missing guy came out of the bedroom, also naked and immediately started sucking Paul off. All this in less than a minute.

    My guy, who was still hugging me and pressed up hard against me, started working on my pants and put his hand down and grabbed my cock and asked me again how I liked it. He was pushing hard against me while he handled my cock, and watching those guys in the living area sucking cock broke down my inhibitions. My guy, got down on his knees and started to suck my cock. He was an expert, in all my 30 years of marriage I had never had my cock sucked like that.

    He stood up and got undressed until he was totally naked and told me to follow suit. I got undressed and I was naked with five other guys. I stood in the living area while my guy was on his knees sucking my cock. He got up and went to the other easy chair and asked me to come over and suck him back.

    The other guys all watched until I went with the flow and got down and put my first cock in my mouth. It was a sensation I will never forget. After sucking on him for a few minutes, he pushed my head back and asked how I liked it. We were going to be friends, and I was new to the group, made up for old Joe who had moved to Arizona.

    Sinc e he was my guy, he went first. Lean over the sofa, and he lubed me up with his fingers and massaged my prostrate and told me I was going to be in for the best gang bang around. He stood behind me and took first turn and fucked me. I never would have guessed just how good it felt, sure it was a bit strange, but I had been fingered so often by the doctor, that feeling his cock in me was a warm surprise. He knew I was new to this, so he went real slow until it was time for him to come and he banged me hard.

    As soon as he pulled out, Paul was behind him and he went for it with no mercy. Fuck fuck fuck, banging up against me until he came, followed by the other three. By the time they were done I was totally spent. Somewhere in all that I had lost control and had ejaculated down the back of the couch. The rule was, you make a mess you clean it up.

    30 years of marriage and I had never had sex like that. Paul kept a steady social life, he ran the group, and we played golf, went to the theater, out to dinner, and had many long afternoon sessions of fucking around.

    Every one of us had been married, that was for the past. Now there was this, totally out of this world, raw sex for the fun of sex, no strings, no obligations, no bills, just sex. My guy can get a bit over the top, but he is my guy and letting him get over the top is what I like.

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    Straight Female / 18

    All you horny men listen up. Download this app called text plus and text me 810 671 5051

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    Straight Male / 29

    My ex-girlfriend was the bustiest girl I'd ever met. She was really cute and her bra size was 34JJ. She was a short curvy girl who was obsessed with science and Doctor who and a bunch of other stuff like that.

    I still remember the first time she took her bra off for me. She was straddling me after a long makeout session, shirtless with a sly grin on her face as she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. When she finally pulled the bra away from her body, her breasts literally tumbled out until the covered her entire torso, like two enormous teardrop shapes.

    I loved how sensitive her nipples were, but not as much as she did. She was even a little freaky about it. She could orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. They were big too; each nipple was as big as a stack of coins or a sewing thimble. Sometimes she would straddle me, slowly lowering herself until I was all the way inside her, wincing as she waited for her vagina to loosen up and accommodate me. Then, she'd get to work gyrating her pelvis against mine and order me to suck her nipple. I always complied with her orders. I'd take her nipple into my mouth, making love to it with my tongue while I sucked delicately. Her whimpers turned into moans.

    She loved when I did this and she had a special kind of dirty talk:

    "Does my nipple taste good?"

    "Do you want me to feed you my milk?"

    "I want you to drown in my breast milk..that's right, boy...DRINK IT"

    (She didn't lactate but she really wanted to. She asked me a few times I've i'd help her manually induce lactation. She was really turned on by the thought of that and she even tried to induce it on her own)

    After a few minutes of her grinding me balls deep while I sucked her nipple, she'd grab the other free breast with both hands, pull it up towards her face, and start sucking on the nipple herself. This was usually the final lap around the track, and I'd start thrusting to bring on her orgasm. Then she'd convulse like mad, moaning loudly while I kept her nipple locked tightly in my mouth, our bodies soaked with her sweat.

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    Straight Male / 33

    My wife's friend came out with us one night. She had to go pee really bad but didn't make it to a washroom before she began to wet her panties. She took her panties off and threw them away. We finally found a washroom and she went in to clean herself up. She was in a rather short skirt and I didn't want to make her feel self-conscious but if she bent over even slightly you could see the bottom of her butt cheeks. If she bent over more than slightly you saw more of her butt cheeks and even got a view of her pussy. We all went back to our place later and watched a movie. Her friend fell asleep as did my wife. Her friend had her legs open and you could see everything she had. She had no hair and a couple of piercings along with a tattoo. I shouldn't have but I snapped a few pictures of what I saw. She woke up and I decided to play the caring guy. I told her she was showing off more that she should be. She told me she didn't care if I saw her because I am married and probably see my wife regularly. I went to use the washroom and while I was peeing she walked in. Stood there and watched and said she had to go too. I finished and she then hiked up her skirt and began peeing as I washed my hands. I watched her pee stream out from between her legs. When she was done she held her pussy lips open and wiped. I got quite a view. We left the washroom and my wife had just woke up. I drove her friend home and she said my cock surprised her. I asked what she meant. She said it didn't matter and all that did was that I saw her and she saw me. I was confused. We got to her apartment she kissed me good night and off she went.

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