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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Male / 40

    When I was 13 my best friend and I were camping out in a tent. My Parents owned several acres and I had a nice place away from the house where I had my tent set up and could build a nice fire. We were laying in the tent and it was pretty late no lights on at the house and the fire was about out. It was a warm night so our sleeping bags were unzipped and we just had our shorts on laying there talking and he asked me if I ever played with myself and I said sure all the time. we talked awhile and got a little excited and being young horny teenage boys we agreed to show each other our dicks and both of us were already hard.
    He wanted to touch mine and asked if I would touch his and we ended up jacking each other off and had the flashlight on so we could see and we both came pretty fast and had each others cum on our hands and he got real close to me and asked if I ever done anything else with other boys and I told him a little bit and he wanted to hear what I did and I started to tell him about my older cousin sucking my dick in our camper one day and how he talked me into doing the same to him.
    He wanted to try it with me and I let him suck my dick right there in the tent and it felt so good I didn`t want him to stop so I never said a word and started to cum with him sucking my dick. He started to pull back but then he just let me cum in his mouth and acted like he didn`t mind at all and let it run out of his mouth while he was still sucking my dick and I could feel my cum running up the crack of my ass as I laid on my back with my dick in my friends mouth.
    He stuck his hands under my ass cheeks and still had my dick in his mouth and next thing I know he was trying to turn me over on my stomach and I just let him do it and then he gets on top of me humping on my ass and gets his shorts down to rub his dick up and down in the crack of my ass then he shoots his cum in the crack of my ass and keeps right on humping me. It feels good so I just let him keep going then he asked me if he can fuck me. I still don`t know why but something happened when he said those words that it just did something to me and I never said yes or no and just let him do what ever he wanted to me and not long after that he got the head of his dick in my asshole and before he could get much of his dick in my tight asshole he started to cum and I could feel it going in my ass and in a few seconds he had shoved the whole thing up my ass and I had my face buried in my pillow so no one could hear me screaming.
    He started to fuck me as soon as he came in my ass and I just laid there with my legs spread like a girl taking his hard dick up my ass that he just filled with cum. I felt his cum running over my nuts and the crack of my ass had cum in it too as he started to fuck me faster and shove it in me harder as I laid there taking it I was his girlfriend and found myself liking it way too much and it took him forever to cum the second time and he shot it up my ass as deep as he could then thrust his dick up my asshole real hard several times grunting out loud then when it came out of my asshole he rolled over on his back next to me and I just laid there with his cum leaking out of my asshole. I felt nasty and degraded and used and he fell asleep. I stayed awake awhile thinking about what had happened and slept with a paper towel in the crack of my ass to soak up his cum that continued to leak out of me.
    I went to sleep and the next morning neither of us spoke a word about it and I kept thinking about it for a week or so then the next time he was staying the night at my house we were in the tent again and once all the lights went out at the house I asked him if he wanted to fuck me again. He asked me if I was sure I wanted to do it again and when I said I was he said he really wanted to but thought I would never let him do it to me again. I took off my shorts and got face down in the floor of the tent spread my legs like a girl and just waited for him to shove his dick up my ass and fuck me like a whore. I actually wanted to be fucked in the ass and take his hard dick again and wanted him to cum in me. I let hi just stick it up my ass and fuck me how ever he wanted to and cum in me. That night he got on top of me three different times shoved his dick up my ass fucked me and shot his slick cum up my ass and it leaked out of me all day the next day.
    I don`t know why but after that night I couldn`t stop wanting him to fuck me and I asked him all the time to fuck me and he always did and almost every day I had his cum in my ass. Every day on the way home from school we walked thru this wooded area and had this one spot we stopped at that was way back in some very thick trees and bushes and both of us would take off our shoes jeans and underwear and he would fuck me from behind on my hands and knees shoot his cum up my ass once sometimes two times take his dick out of me then we got dressed and walked the rest of the way to our house.
    Any time his or my parents were gone for any length of time we always fucked at each others house and almost got caught a few times and he fucked me for about 4 years then moved away but even today I get hard thinking about how he used to shove his dick up my ass then fuck me like a dog in heat fill my ass with cum then do it again if we had time. We were just horny teenagers and I liked getting fucked in the ass.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Don't Really Know How To Say This But It Starts Here I'm At My Girlfriend House, And We Just Chilling And (No We Haven't Did Anything Sexual Yet So) I Know We,Was In The Living Room And It Was Me ,Her And Her Sister Home.But Her Sisters Was Sleep
    So I'm Kissing Her And She Kissin Back And We Both Got That (Eye Signal),Going On ..So I Thought She Go Start Sum Freaky .So After Awhile I Get,Up And Lead Her,To Room (It Was Finna Get Nasty There,But I Thought About It Naah),Soooo... We Went To Her Room
    I Shut The Door and Locked It Quietly, I Sat On The Bed And Took My Pants Off And I Open My Legs At The End Of Bed And SHE Put My Legs On Shoulder, She Started Suckin My Clit And Shit Was Going Uphill From There She Was Down There A Good While, She Played With It Too ,& I'm Just Whispering To Myself "Ohmygosh" And Enjoying But That's My Guilty Play 😏

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    Straight Male / 44

    Recently my wife and I visited the city to dine and see a theatre show. We stayed in a fancy hotel, and I snuck her vibrating panties into our suitcase. I was a little surprised when she put them on and handed me the remote before we went to dinner. The meal was fun, as you can imagine, with lots of low moaning on my wife's part. During one daring moment I slid my hand inside the low cut of her dress and rubbed her rock hard nipple. I love it when she does not wear a bra!

    Things got hotter in the theatre. Even though it was a Saturday night, the seat beside my wife was empty. During the show my wife grabs my hand and pulls it over towards her chest. To my surprise she had pulled aside her dress and pushed my fingers onto her bare breast, encouraging me to rub and pinch her nipple. "Use the remote again" she whispered in my ear. Of course I obliged. I could really tell that she was getting aroused. Her hand kept moving to her left breast where she started rubbing. I so wanted her to cum, but there were too many people around.

    Back at the hotel we decided to hit the bar for a drink. We got comfortable on the couch, while we sipped our beverages. I slipped my right arm around her, placing my fingers on her right nipple. I worked the remote with my left. By now my wife was visibly enjoying herself. One couple were watching us from two tables away. The young, attractive woman seemed very interested in our actions, and it crossed my mind that a threesome might be fun. Unfortunately the couple left, and the opportunity passed.

    As we headed towards our room in the elevator I hit the button for the top floor. On the way up I pulled out my wife's breasts and kissed and suckled on her nipples. On the way back down to our floor I pulled the panties off and licked her clitoris. The elevator stopped at one point and my wife urged me to stop. As I stood up and kissed her the doors closed and my wife let out a laugh. Apparently someone was standing outside the open doors watching me going down on my wife.

    We made it back to our room with no further incidents and made love like we were teenagers again. It was an amazing night, and one I will not forget any time soon.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Im only 18, and have fantasies of creampies. Not just one creampie, Im talking tens at times. My greatest fantasy is waking up in a strange room. Im completely naked and restrained on my back ontop of a bench/table with my legs raised up on metal bars, my hands tied behind my back. I see my bf infront of me, I cant talk as a ring is preventing my mouth from closing. Drool is dripping down. I look to the side and see a line of men, every one of them older than 40, each with a ring on his finger. My bf begins fucking my tight pussy. Then my mouth, and finishes off in my fertile pussy. He inserts a speculum, then leaves. The old men take turns with their dirty dicks, violating my virgin asshole and tight pussy, always leaving their cum in my pussy. Finally it reaches past the 100 men mark. I am tired, sweating, exhausted. The cum is at the brink full of my gaping pussy. This man slips his dick inside the sloppy tunnel, mixing up all the cum, before forcing the 100 men sperm mix down my throat. My bf then returned with a glass, flips me so the cum pours out. He forces my to drink all of the cum before inserting two speculums back in, one in the ass too this time. I look up to see bigger, younger, hungrier cocks. They all use my face to fuck before leaving their cum in my ass or pussy. Again I am forced to drink. They release me, I can barely walk. I am leaving outside when I cant see my bf anywhere. I stumble a few steps before collapsing. The guys see this as an oppourunity. They carry my out to a secret location. I am used as a whore, accepting creampies in all 3 holes. I have woken up from this dream, my panties creamy and wet.

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    Straight Male / 48

    Im thinking back about what caused me to have i****tuous feelings about mom. Tell you another part of my sexual issues growing up around mom. Dad had left. Divorced. I found a Mom and boy book in his closet. I had no idea about i****t. All the sexual thoughts of mom started then.

    The mother is divorced. The son lives with the father who decides to give him back to his mom at 16. The kid always slept nude and there's only one bed. The mother hasn't had sex in years. She awakes to feel his hard on against her. She jerks him off till he cums. Next night in bed she sucks his cock and swallows. The third night he tells her can I fuck you and she says no I'm your mother. He pushes up against her and he penetrates her and she fucks him.

    Add that to my mind at a young age. This is some of the sexual activity that shaped my thinking. There are other things. Watching her fuck dad. Humping up and down on him nude. Seeing her suck cock. Watching her masturbate and have an orgasm. Taboo the movie with Kay Parker who looks just like my mother definitely added to my dilemma. Of course I masturbated often thinking of my mother doing those things with me.

    At this stage in life. She's alone. Hasn't been with a man in years. She's still sexy. Big tits. She's older. I'm going to seduce her. Tell her I want to fuck her. Tell her I want her to suck my dick. Then fuck her till.......

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    Straight Male / 48

    I always fantasized about fucking my mother. I had a few opportunities but never went through with it. Watching her fucking. Watching her suck dick
    Oedipus complex. I am going to have a few drinks and smoke some wwwd with her. ( Did rhat already ). When we're both high on her coch, I'm going to inadvertently brush against her tits and ass. As she gets turned on and horny, I'm going to pull her towards me. I'm going to kiss her and suck on her big tits. Im going to finger her while she sucks my cock. Then I'm going to turn her over and fuck her till we cum. She's.older now. I'm going to give her the pleasures she deserves.

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    Straight Male / 48

    My wife and I have great sex. Blowjobs, Oral, 69, doggy style,her on all fours fucking my hand while sucking my dick. Pretending she's with two guys.
    She is latina. 38d chest. Hot. Horny. We have sex often. Im about 7in and thick. At about 1014am today 12/2/15 ,I threw her on the bed. I took off all her clothing. I started to kiss her then suck her tits. I stripped. Rock hard. Gave her a few licks before pounding my dick into her pussy. She started to cum. I asked her if she came and she said yes. I couldn't hold back anymore. While she was moaning and cumming again, I came deep in her.
    Never gets old. So far sex and fantaszing is a 10. As for her pretending she's with two guys,that started with mfm role play during sex. I get everything from her sexually. Why are we both fantasizing about her with me and another guy? Why am I not so conflicted with tbe thought of her getting eaten, fucked and sucking another dick? Why does she seem to be into this as much as me ? Is this normal or deviant? We are going to keep up with it and see what lies ahead.

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    Straight Male / 48

    I have a similar mom story. When I was 11 I found a mom and son book in dads closet. Incest. My mom must have seen some of thr story. I went to the bathroom and she came in and said show mommy what you got. I said I can't your my mother. Years later she was a little tipsy. She said goodbye and kissed me on the lips. She tried to pull me close firmly but I pulled free. I did not want her to feel my massive hard on

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    Straight Male / 48

    My Wife and I do mfm role play during sex. I'm going to rake her to a hotel. Get her tipsy. Start giving her oral sex until she cums. Bring in thw male eacort. He's going to eat her pussy and before she realizes it start sucking my dick. She's going to cum again and so am I. Then we're going to suck her tits and finger her. I'm going to turn her over and fuck her and she's going to suck his dick. We are all going to cum. Then he is going to fuck her while she is sucking my dick. We all are going to cum again. NSA.

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    Straight Male / 48

    I remember seeing her naked often. I saw her fucking my dad. She was riding him. She used to walk from the shower naked. They got divorced. I saw her give a guy a bj. Lucky guy. She has them big milky tits and nice ass. I guess i have oedipus complex. Normal right?

    One time i was laying on my bed with a massive hard on sticking out of my underwear. I was almost asleep. She opened the door looked in and closed it. She came back in. I didn't move. A few seconds went by.i turned over and she was staring at my dick with a confused look on. I said what are you doing and she left.

    Later that night i went to the bathroom and she was in there. I looked thru the crack in the door and she looked like she was wiping herself. I looked in again and her hand was still there. My mother was masturbating. She stroked herself to an orgasm. What do you think she was thinking about?

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