Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - urine, piss, whatever - have become popular. This is the place for all such confessions and stories.

So if you have a pee fetish and want to air it out a little, then this is the place for you - these types of posts will not be allowed in another other place on the site.
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    Straight Female / 21

    All my life I have grown up pretty normal, had crushes as a little girl, talked to boys in middle school, & fell in love in high school. I have always been attracted to men, no doubt about my sexuality. But I have noticing lately that when I'm getting myself all hot and bothered I'm often fantasying about a sexy ass woman with big lips sucking on my clit. (sorry to be graphic ;)) If you asked me I'm more curious than anything, I could never date a woman but I'm so turned on by them. If you asked me what my fantasy is this is how I would describe it.

    It was a lil chilly for a late June night, but I couldn't complain. I was out with Josh, not only were his eyes two of thee most captivating eyes I have had the pleasure of gazing into but his personality is so beautiful and his soul really shines threw, we've been together for 3 years now and things are getting a little plane so we wanna change it up a bit. We agreed that if I got to pick the woman we could have a threesome if the woman was into it. I have been very attracted to women lately and the thought of making love to one in front of my boyfriend just nearly made me moan with anticipation. We were at the Sky lounge in the middle of NYC, we were able to take a week vacation here. This is our 2nd night and I was ready to get dirty. As we are headed inside for another drink my eyes spot her. She was someone you'd see in a playboy, someone every guy tried to get with. She looked like she was hard to get but I am determined. I walk up to here with a shot and introduce myself, we small talked until we ended up on the couch inside the club, we had over 4 shots on the way and she was a light drinker. I started telling her how beautiful she was and I started rubbing her thigh, I wasn't sure how she was reading me until she shocked me with a mouthful of her tongue. I went with it then whispered in her ear if she wanted to come back with my boyfriend and I. Thankfully she agreed. When we got to the room she had sobered up a bit but was still 100% down to get freaky. I wanted to make love to her as my boyfriend watched then when I was ready I wanted him to join in with us. So I started making out with her on the bed, I ripped off her shit and started rubbing her nipples, as she got more into it I started making my way down to her skirt, as I ran my fingers up her thigh I started making out, with her nipples. As my hand reaches her her panties I can tell how much shes enjoying herself. I rubbed my fingers over her panties until she couldn't take it anymore she ripped of her thong faster then I'd ever seen. As shes getting herself ready for me I take her face lightly and kiss her so intensely then look over at my boyfriends face that is dripping with sweat. I know its time, I start my tongue at her mouth but slowly work my way down her body as I get to her beautiful pink pussy I slowly slide my tongue up and down her clit until I hear her start to moan, as shes moaning I start to go faster an faster. I take my fingers and lightly spreed her lips back exposing her full clit, I put my whole mouth on her pussy and start to suck her clit, the moans that woman was making all most made me squirt. I looked over at josh and he was going to town on his dick, which turned me on even more, I couldn't take it I wanted his dick inside me now! I moaned for him to stick his fat cock so deep inside me it made me cum and as soon as I felt every inch of him I wanted to let the world know. But I couldn't forget about this beautiful pussy in front of me, I went to town licking every inch of her pussy, I fingered her until she squirted all over my hand, I even let her blow my bf. I see threesomes in our future more often ;)

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    Straight Female / 18

    I masturbated in the men's room of the subway station.
    It was around 10pm on a weekday, I was feeling really horny and like 5 people, including me, were waiting the train, everyone minding their own business, so I stood near the restroom and saw no one inside so I sneaked in and entered a stall, I sat on the toilet and started rubbing myself over my panties for a couple of minutes, then I heard someone entering and I raised my feet quickly, cause I was wearing my catholic high school's uniform, which is a jumper, white socks, and brown saddle shoes, so if he'd have saw them I'd have been found out, and then I heard him peeing, I got even more horny and slide a finger in, another guy entered and I started fingering me with three fingers, I was being really careful not to make noises but when I was reaching my climax a moan escaped just in time when one of the guys turned on the dryer, I squirted and panicked, thankfully, the restroom was empty, I waited a couple of minutes to be sure that no one was there, then I exited the stall, when I was washing my hands a middle aged man in a suit entered and I just said "sorry, it was an emergency" and ran off with my face red and burning.

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    Straight Female / 19

    i love pressing the submit button on here it makes me so horny.

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    Straight Male / 48

    My wife of 4 years, is ten years younger than I. Though not perfect, I love her full figure and sassy attitude. Lately, I've begun to act out on an outrageously sexy act with her. She suffers from a medical issue that requires her take valium. I have begun to experiment with adding other sleep aids and have found that if I grind up 2 ****** in her tea at night, she quickly passes out once in bed. Last night I violated her. She was passed out on her side, her thin and worn underwear her only attire. As I looked at her knowing what I was about to go, my cock grew to its fullest and thickest. I quickly undressed and laid behind her. Spooning her tight with my cock pushing into the fabric of her underwear covering the crack of her fleshy ass. Our body heat quickly made it sweaty where we touched and I slowly forced myself to relax. Then it happened. A tiny squirt of pee. Quickly absorbed by the thin week fabric of her cheap underwear. Emboldened by her lack of response, I fought through the excitement and released a small stream onto her panty covered ass. I could feel the wet heat trickle between our thighs. With no noticeable reaction I pushed my swollen manhood a bit further down to the entrance of her panty covered pussy, and again relaxing let a good stream of piss loose to soak her pussy in my salty urine. Driven by desire, I pulled her wet panties to the side exposing her sloppy c*** . I pushed into my wife with my 8 inch piss covered cock. Slowly and deeply penetrating her I soon climaxed deep within her hot pissy walls. I have made love to my wife many hundreds of times yet this was new territory. With my c** full in her I relaxed, pushing my pelvis tight to her ass and relaxed. And I felt the most amazing feeling I've ever had. I filled my wifes worn out c** soaked pussy with hot piss. It took me by surprise when I could feel my piss pumping out from her well used pussy. A pool of hot urine collected at our joined hips. Soon, too soon I was empty. But the idea that my wife what is now full of my piss kept my cock hard and fully inside of her. Knowing how effective the concoction I have made worked, tonight I'm going to piss on her head and soak her hair and face with my smelly salty nasty piss that I've been holding in since this morning.

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    Straight Female / 38

    Ever since I can remember I became turned on when I became desperate to pee. I would be playing or in school or out shopping and would wait until the absolute last moment and run for the potty letting out squirts and wetting my panties a little get into the potty and furiously masturbate and cum a few times as I sat there. All in great fun and excitement and enjoyed alone until my HS senior prom. I wore a very tight fitting electric blue full length gown and danced with my bf for hours and drank plenty of soda and building my sexual excitement of looking very hot in my dress and makeup and sexy up do and fantasizing about rubbing and fingering myself to numerous orgasms in a one of the many single yet beautiful roman style ladies rooms. As the moment approached my bladder strained and my clit ached. I felt my first little squirt wet my panties and I left for the potty. I got on the glass elevator to go to the 2nd floor where the restrooms are and the elevator got stuck. Within a few minutes things got real desperate and I began to panick as more n more eyes became fixed on me in the elevator. A couple more small squirts soaked my panties but I saved up all night and knew it was gonna be like Niagra Falls when I would explode. A few moments later in front of a couple hundred classmates and tears streaming down my face my bladder gave way and gushed out with lots of pressure. I made it worse by grabbing my pussy making my pee shoot all over and quickly changing my silk electric blue gown to a royal blue piss soaked gown. Some watched in horror but most everyone pointed and laughed as I peed myself. I turned away and faced the door for two reasons shame and an urgent need to stop the severe aching in my clitty. I orgasmed numerous times before being rescued. When the banquet manager opened the door he had a nasty smile on his face. He said I could wait back in the office area and I did. Two other men were back there also. When the manager came back he apologized for the elevator miscue. He then leaned in close and thanked me for the show he and the other men watched me masturbate via the elevator camera. I looked at all of them and each were rock hard. He wrapped a blanket around me and helped me to my car. Next morning I washed and returned the blanket and he showed me the video. I was grateful no one else knew and offered him a blowjob. He accepted. I still do the pee thing all the time with and without my husband.

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    Straight Female / 27

    In all my many wonderful sexual encounters, only a few it was left in a puddle of my juices. That was until I became pregnant with twins...
    I was insatiable, left to pleasure myself while he was away at work. My orgasms, more electrifying than ever, were something I found myself in need of multiple times a day. I'd walk to the room to put away laundry, and from my bedside drawer I hear my vibrator calling my name. Then one late night, after many orgasms from his mouth, hands, and delicious hard cock, he has me laid out with my legs spread open. He puts his leg over one of mine and with one strong arm he has my arms secured above my head. He is not done with me yet. He is playing in my warm, wet folds, where my clit is still pulsating. I feel my heart beating faster, I feel my pleasure growing. It's too much, too intense. I try and release myself from his overpowering grip, but he tightens his grip. His fingers move faster and stronger. His mouth is biting my nipple, I'm now breathing hard, and biting his shoulder. My hands grabbing for whatever they can, his back. I'm about to explode, it feels so good it hurts. I explode,my nails drag across his back. My free leg wraps around him. As he vigorously rubs my clit, I keep cumming. I feel warm liquid pouring out of me, squirting his arm, and our legs. He is loving it. I am lost in orgasm. He keeps going, and the warm juices continue to run. Slowly the trickling stops. I collapse completely to the bed. I begin to regain the ability to use my brain. I feel the pool I am lying in, and am surrounded by. It is me. It is him, what he does to me. Our bed is soaked.

    Since this night, almost every orgasm (even self induced) end with a puddle. And I mean puddle. Imagine the sound of someone peeing on tile, now imagine that pee being replaced with hot, orgasmic juices. Shooting out of my pussy as I cum.

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    Straight Male / 40

    When I was 17, my girlfriend and I took a moonlit walk on the beach. No biggee, since at the time we both lived nearby and it was just something we did to talk, hold hands, kiss... the things that all couples do. On the way back to the car, however, she told me that she had to pee. I reminded her that we were, after all, about 15 to 20 minutes away from the nearest restroom. I was informed that there was no way she was going to make it that far, so she told me to turn around so she could have some privacy. I did, and I heard the zipper to her jeans buzz. In the next second my ears picked up the unmistakable hissing of a full bladder being relieved into the sand. She must have been holding it for a while because the duration was beginning to match one of my beer pisses. Then curiosity got the better of me and I turned around.

    There, with the moonlight beaming behind her, was the love of my life... squatting and finishing what must have been a deliciously relieving pee. I turned back around quickly, but not before that sight was burned into my mind forever. There was no denying it. That was one of the most taboo visions ever to my young Catholic mind. And yet it was as beautiful as it was erotic. And most assuredly, it was a one-way ticket to Hell.

    Fast forward (with no further adventures in the realm of water play) to a couple of years ago. I met a woman in Atlanta who was intelligent, open-minded, sexy as hell, and very adventurous between the sheets. One night as we're indulging in some sex play, she whispers for me to tell her my deepest, darkest desire. Now I'd been tripped up by that one before. They think that your version of dark is something similar to theirs. But when you actually trust them enough to open up and let that little bad boy out of Pandora's box, they run screaming out the front door. So I gave her one of the mild fantasies that pretty much everyone has had at some time or another. She laughed.

    "I know you better than that. You can be one serious twist-tie. So just whisper into my ear what you have never told anyone else you'd like to do, and we'll do it." So I took a chance.

    To my utter amazement, she did not run screaming into the night. She didn't even scream at all. Hell, she didn't even say, "Eww." She just looked me right in the eyes and said, "I've never tried that. But I'm up to giving it a shot. If either one of us doesn't like it, however, it's coming off the menu. Is that a deal??" I hugged her tightly, kissed her deeply, and agreed.

    I didn't push for a date or time for the forbidden act to take place. In fact, I didn't even specify how it should be approached. It was my fantasy, but she would have to be comfortable enough with it to even possibly enjoy it. So we kept seeing each other - making love hotly, as we always had - and I tried not to act like a little boy the week before Christmas. Finally my approach paid off.

    One night, after making love intensely, she invited me into the shower with her. It wasn't unusual. We often showered off before one or the other of us went to our own abode. But this night she surprised me. As we were facing each other, she using the washcloth to remove the scent of sex from my lips and chin, she parted her legs and moved one on either side of my thigh. This was different. Maybe she needed to get a better look. But then I felt something hot and wet that was NOT shower water flowing down my leg. My eyes locked onto hers. She was smiling. And peeing. I was as hard as a diamond in less time than it took her stream to end. And I fucked her tight, pissy pussy without ever leaving the shower.

    We talked about our shared experience a couple of times over the next couple of weeks, but nothing else happened until one night when I was over at her place for the entire evening.

    We were in one of our favorite positions, 69, with her on top. I love to make her cum like that. Taste her wetness while she shakes like a leaf in a hurricane. But this time she had another surprise for me. Just as she was coming down from her orgasm, she began tricking her hot essence into my mouth. A bit surprised, I let her know just how much it made me crazy by drinking every drop of her nectar - and triggering yet another big O.

    We're not together any longer, but we are still friends. And recently she let me know she was getting married. While I was wishing her luck and congratulating her I couldn't help but think how lucky her new hubby was going to be - if he wasn't already. Women like that come along only once or twice in a lifetime - if you're lucky.

    I'm still waiting for the second one. And you can bet I won't be so stupid as to let her go like I did the first.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    First some back ground, I was in junior high the first time I got naked with someone. It was another girl, and she started it. She got naked and took my hand and put it on her boob and then had me kiss her nipple. She made me suck her nipple. It was the first time I felt that feeling down between my legs. I started sucking on her nipple and she started to masturbate herself. She took my hand and put it in between her legs and told me to finger her. She showed me how to find her hole and how to finger her while I sucked her nipple. Then she told me it was her turn, and she helped me undress and she sucked my nipples and fingers me. Later she grabbed me and hugged me real hard and made out with me. That day I went from total innocence to total lesbian. I got tongue in my mouth and I got tongue in my snatch. I put my tongue in her mouth and I put my tongue in her snatch.

    From that day for a long long time we had sex regularly. She was definitely the butch which was ok with me, I was definitely her girlfriend. Then on our senior trip, we got drunk and one of the guys fucked me on a dare. I was known for my preference, so a bet had made as to who would fuck me. To my surprise I liked it. I liked it from the minute he took ahold of me and tore my pants off. When he split my legs open and told me he was going to ram his dick in me, I just held my breath. His dick looked enormous to me, he to on top of me and used his hand to find my hole and started to shove it in. Then he kissed me and rammed his tongue in my mouth at the same time he rammed his dick in me. He had me right then. It was over, I surrendered completely to him and he fucked me.

    I told my girlfriend about it, about how much I liked getting fucked and told her she should try it. That it wasn't fair, that sure we had something that was the best, especially the friendship but that she should try getting fucked. At my insistence we talked one of the boys to fuck her. He came over to my house and I helped my girlfriend get naked and stayed with her while he got on her to fuck her. She did not want to be alone. Well it was a flop, I mean it did not turn her on at all. Certainly he did not fuck her with the same enthusiasm that I got, but really I think she just did not like having a dick in her.

    But me, I love getting fucked. I love a surprise fuck, when I am not expecting it. I love getting fucked and I love sucking dick. I also love my girlfriend. For me getting fucked is pure sex, nothing more. Making out and hanging out is for my girlfriend, and telling her I love her. I have tried getting fucked while I go down on her, but she doesn't like watching a guy fuck me. So we don't do that. She knows I like the sex, as long as I love her.

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    Straight Male / 38

    Im a 38 year old married guy who writes the most nastiest, vulgar, gross, taboo, erotic, obscene, underground stories for many years now. Worst part is, my wife don't know4464542222 about it.

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    Straight Male / 29

    I have a burning desire to wet myself in front of a strange woman. I have for a long time.

    I have a wetting fettish which means, for me anyway, that I like to urinate into my clothing... I like to pee myself. I have wet myself in public many times, I remember one time when i was walking home, pee was pouring into my black trousers and I heard girls giggling behide me. It was such a turn on, as soon as I got home my hands were in my soaked pants and I pulled myself to orgasam.

    That is as close as I have gotten to peeing myself properly in front of a woman, maybe maybe not having been spotted while wearing black - the safest of colours when it comes to wetting.

    It is my intention to wet more obviously, maybe into pale jeans or something, I think about it all the time but I know I am too scared.

    My dentist is hot, maybe I should piss my self in the dentist chair and pretend in was scared although that doesn't sound like a very erotic scenario with all the injections and stuff!

    Until I plucknup the forage to perform in public I make do with secret wetting, which is a lot of fun really, that's when I wonder around town, maybe browsing in the bookshop all the while dribbling in my pants, letting spurt after surt out trying ntomwalk the fine line between dry and having obviously peed myself. Sometimes I wear protection, my favourite were tena pants, I could pee so much more but when they started to leak I was in trouble... So much fun.

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