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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Female / 30

    We are both flying crews.

    Recently we had huge falling out,whre we fight and I hurt him physically. We almost broke up but he is persistent in fixing things right. Our sex beforw this was fine, but it is a bit vanilla. My bf is introvert, while im loud. It has always been me and my needs, never bothered about what he wants. I need to get wet first before hes hard.

    Since we promise to try to turn things around, I started putting in effort to include his needs as well. First thing I remember doing was asking him if he would like me to suck him off right after he touches down from flight. We were both in his car, just finished our duty and a bit sticky from long day on board. He looked at me surprised,like I just pitch a ridiculous idea but was excited. We drove awy from airport and as soon as we were on the expressway, I reached out to find him semi hard. Somehow it turns me on, it took me a while to get his cock out of his pants but boy that thing sure knows how to appreciate my effort. I suck him long and slow on that half an.hour drive home. He kept moaning pushing my head down (especially when other cars got too near us) and I keep gagging but I also remember how wet I became making him hard.

    He ended up coming inside my mouth. I swallowed every last bit of him. Also my first of swallowing. He doesnt taste bad. Actually I enjoyed it. He was pleasantly surprised to know I swallowed his cum.

    When we got up to his apartment, lets just say my panties were soaked wet, my bf didnt waste anytime taking my clothes off, suck on my nipples like he has never suck on them before, flicking his tongue over and over it. I keep reaching for his cock saying let me suck you. When I got down to suck him, I came multiple times from the sensation of having his cock throbbed really hard. I didnt know making him hard is a big turn on for me.

    He simply pulled me up when he couldnt stand me sucking his cock and force penetrated me. I was seriously wet and on fire, I came like a train while he pumped into me continuously. He didnt stop just keep saying his cock felt so swollen. Hes a decent sized, 7" when hes hard but I swear on that moment itself he filled me the way he never did before.

    He didnt last long, about 5-6 mins after he came inside me. But good lord, it was massive. His cum were dripping out from me. We were spent. We could barely move. Best part was it was in his living room, with the balcony door wide open. The unit in the block in front could clearly see us. I am usually loud and a moaner in bed, but he was even louder than me. That was the first as well. My bf barely made any sound before this.

    We barely sleep or had any food after. I wss hell bend in making him hard everytime. I love the sensation of his cock starting to twitch and throbbed before it gets hard. He doesnt have to touch or do anything to me. I got wet from having his cock hard in my mouth. Eager to swallow whTever hes willing to give me. It was the best blowjob(s) he ever get and was the best ive ever experienced. I squirted without touching myself. Whenever I started to squirt he would propped me up and fuck me like an animal. His fingerprints were on my ass for a few days after. He spanked me hard that my bottom were sore for days. Whenever I came, he would push his cock even harder inside me. I saw stars.

    I now realised why men love blowjobs. The thought of him hard inside my mouth without him having to do anything to me is hot to him. The thought of me being even more wet from giving him head makes it more exciting to him. He had to go on a trip the day after. While he was flying the plane, he told me his cock twitches unexpectedly.

    Whenever we are in the car going anywhere, im almost always begging him to let me suck him off. I cant wait to suck him till hes hard and swallow everything. Lets just say im his bitch in the bedroom now. Giving him that power salvage our ret

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    Straight Male / 29

    I've been working on the race car in the garage for the last few weeks and one of the neighbor's sons started hanging out and trying to learn. He's 18 and a bit quiet, but having another set of hands around makes my life easier. Sometimes Dave brings his "girlfriend" Sammi around to hang out with him. I can tell by their interactions that there is nothing really going on between them, they just hold hands sometimes and I've never seen them kiss in public. Dave was hanging out last night with Sammi when I got a call from the parts store that some back ordered parts had just arrived and if I hurried, I could pick them up before closing. I asked Dave if he would take my pick up to the store and get the parts, and he jumped at the offer. He's always had a thing for my truck and loves driving it. Sammi said she would stay and help me while he was gone,

    As soon as he left, Sammi changed her attitude. She started talking about how Dave wouldnt try anything with her and started crying. I was afraid where this was going, but when she came to me for a hug, I did. Soon I was rubbing her back and ass as she just hugged me. She looked up and kissed me, and all bets were off. When I pulled her t shirt up and started kissing and squeezing her breasts, she was moaning. I told her she could never tell anyone and she agreed. I started rubbing her crotch thru her jeans and she got so wet and was grinding against my hand. I opened the button on her pants and grabbed her ass under her tiny panties as I kissed her. I turned her around and tugged her pants down and started kissing her ass. She was a quick learner and bent over to allow me to tongue her asshole. I spread her legs and rubbed her pussy as I ate her ass. When she started to cum she was louder than my motor and just collapsed on the floor. I knew I couldn't fuck her, but I showed her how to stroke me until I came on her tits. We cleaned up and went back to work. Dave showed up around 45 minutes later and asked Sammi if she wanted to go for a ride in the truck, she said yes and winked at me as she left.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I'm a virgin, and I masturbate a lot. I watch porn and read sex stories and cum to that. I just tried having live webcam sex today. I didn't show my face, or my pussy. I did, however, show my boobs. I was so wet. I came. After that, I felt so dirty and so ashamed. Never doing it again

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    Straight Female / 38

    I caught the neighbors son standing in his window watching me while I sunbathed. He was shirtless and while I could only see from his stomach up I could tell from his facial expressions and arm movements what he was doing. It turned me on so much that I've started trying to tease him. Ill walk the dog in a tight shirt and shorts with no bra when hes outside. Ill walk the house in my underwear with the blinds open. Ive even bought a tiny bikini, the bottom is a g string that barely contains my labia and covers just above my cleft and the top part barely covers my areola and feels like my tits are always about to spill out of them. Ive even started shaving my pussy bald, I haven't done that since i was in my 20s

    I re-positioned my lounge chair so that its still on my upstairs deck but now my bottom faces toward him. its harder to see him watch me when im on my stomach but i like being "on display" ill sit up and take extra time rubbing the lotion on my breasts making sure the go under the tiny top as well then my arms, stomach and side. then I sit and spread my legs and lotion up ad down my calves and thighs rubbing right up to the edge of the tiny fabric then ill finish my rubbing my hand over my lips a few times before laying down

    Ill lay there watching him do his thing then roll over on my stomach with my legs spread im to chicken to look back and watch but ill pretend to look back and itch my leg or to grab my phone he usually done and gone by the time my back finishes but when hes not ill go back in take off the top and walk around in just the bottoms making sure to linger in front of the windows facing his house

    A few times Ive been horny enough to walk back out topless and grab a "forgotten" item but im to chicken to look till I run back in

    I feel kind of bad since im married and practically seducing the teen half my husbands age next door but he loves everything so far he just doesn't know its not for him and it really has sparked my marriage back up. We went from less then once a month and always in the bedroom to at least 1-2 times a week and all over the house he takes me like he used to when we both met.

    Well thats my confession. Id probably never let it go past watching but thanks to that young man making me feel sexy again its changed everything for the better

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    Straight Male / 55

    The First Squirt

    After being married for a few years I discovered how to make my wife squirt before I had even heard of it.
    I am talking 40 years ago and there was no internet and porn was very vanilla - the most daring things were anal sex and toys.
    I loved using lube an my wife in fore play and fingering her - this particular time I had my thumb in her pussy and my index finger was rubbing her anus. I could tell she was turned on alot so I pushed my finger deep into her ass. The angle I was at was a bit awkward so I rolled over on my back with my thumb and finger still in and she was kneeling and half sqatting.The angle of my finger changed as we moved and it went deeper into her.
    I started to move my hand so I was moving back and front and as she moaned I went harder and faster She was really feeling it now and started to shake and gasp and then it happened - she just started squirting and I stopped to let her to calm down and then started again and she had another sqirt. We did not call it squirting we called a tinkling orgasm.It became part of our regular sex lives after that.

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    Straight Male / 34

    Here I am sat in a hotel room waiting for my sister in law to wake up for round 2.
    So after lying to my wife that I was working in Bristol tomorrow, and visiting family tonight in a near by town. My sis-in-law was lying to her long term partner that she's IBA night out with the girls (in a fairness she was but snuck out early).
    around 9:20 the door flew open! There she was. Hairy c**t on show as she had removed her knickers and hitched her skirt up high. "I'm bursting for a piss!" She said hurriedly
    She ran in and undid her skirt quickly. "Your cock thirsty?" She asks in a cheeky manor.
    Already naked I lay on the floor for my S.I.L to squat above me. As she does she removes her shirt and bra, releasing her awesome tits. No sooner had she squatted over my solid erect 9 inch hard-on, her clear warm wee shot hard from her dark bush. Fuck it was hot! Covering my cock and balls in her liquid waste. Feeling droplets land on my stomach and chest. It wasn't a long piss as she said looking down at me "I've held this for half an hour or so". I was so turned on but resisted the urge to wank as she urinated on me.
    As the last few drips fell from her juicy piss flaps she moved over my face. "Wanna clean me?" She whispered. I nodded, and she knelt down enough for me to stick my tongue between her sodden lips, finding her swollen clit immediately. She gasped a big gasp and rolled her hips around in approval. As my tongue circled and darted around her pee tasting pussy.
    Within a few minutes she called out "I'm cumming". Sure enough I felt the full force of her orgasm. Squirts of lady jizz filled my mouth and covered my face. Lapping away at her soaked minge, her orgasm subsided and she looked down with a look of lust.
    "Mmmmm. Your turn now" she whispered.
    I stood up and aimed my hard throbbing dick straight at her face. Now she had never let me piss on her face or mouth. Mainly because she was worried she wouldn't like piss there. Although she loved it everywhere else, including in her pussy and arsehole.
    "Fuck it!! Piss on my face you horny fucker!!" Demanded the horny sibling of my wife.
    Now we all know it's difficult to piss with a rodder but I had done for my sexy piss slut many times before. Witching 20 seconds my stream hit her eyes closed face. Moaning loudly as it did, she reached between her legs and rubbed furiously at her delectable clit.
    "Oh fuck!, mmmmm so hot" she murmured " piss in my mouth!" She followed on. One of my fantasies was coming true! She opened wide and I directed my clear piss into her waiting mouth.
    She swallowed and let it dribble down her chin. All the time looking at me from below. Gasping and moaning for about 30 seconds before my stream died to a dribble.
    Soon as it stopped she greedily stuffed my cock into her dirty mouth, before pulling back, looking up at me and sayin "this is just the start my lover. The night is young" ......

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    Straight Male / 34

    So my sister in law said she needed a shit as I needed to piss after the fun in her room.
    She clambered into the bath and held my cock.
    "Piss on me pleeeeease" she begged.
    I didn't need asking twice. My pale yellow wee shot out hard. Sis in law directing my pissing cock. Over her big milky tits, leaning back and spreading her c**t so to piss on her clit. And then in her mouth. Swallowing some then letting some dribble down her chin to her body. After about 30 seconds my stream died and faded to a few which she cleaned up willingly with her tongue. "Mmmmm it was sweet and filthy you dirty c**t" with a satisfied smile on her face.
    After sucking me hard again she announced again "I need a shit baby. Do you mind if a go?" In a slightly sassy and naughty school way.
    I nodded, but after only a few minutes of pushing...nothing.
    Farts, and dribbles of piss were turning me on anyway, but the anticipation, in general, on seeing a woman take a dump was enough for me to have a massive hard on.
    To be continued.....

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    Straight Male / 34

    Well after my first wet experiences with my Sister-in-law I was hooked.
    We fucked, pissed and occasionally shit on each other.
    She loved me pissing in her mouth, as I did her doing the same (once in a 69).
    Although we've had long term partners, we know this is a fetish thing. However it won't fade away or get bored of.
    She has even started lactating as to spray me with more of her fluids.
    Everyday is normal, until we meet once a month and have the filthiest fuck sessions EVER!! S.I.L has been loving our fisting sessions as I run her.
    There is sooooooo much we do it's hard to type as I get hard and distracted!! Especially when she deliberately sat in front of me here at the hotel spreading her arsehole and inviting me in x

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    Straight Female / 47

    Well this was my one night stand. I was traveling to the Galapagos to see my niece and her husband and my flight from Quito was cancelled due to mechanical problems. We were put up at a small hotel near the airport. I won't pretend that I am that attractive any more, but I take care of myself. Anyway, I was sitting in the small coffee shop and this older man came over and asked if he could sit with me. He was headed out to catch a cruise around the islands, and like me was in at the hotel for the night because of the flight.

    We talked and we seemed to have gotten along. After we had a bite, we said good night and we both went to our rooms. His room was three doors down from mine. I sat on my bed and looked at myself in the mirror. I got up, put on a short dress, took my underwear off, combed my hair and put a little bit of make up on and lip stick and walked down the hall to his room and knocked.

    He was surprised to see me, he was in his pants and undershirt, but he let me in. I told him I was lonely and I needed a friend and sat on the bed. I just laid back, with my feet still on the ground and let my dress ride up and uncover me. I watched him, he didn't say anything, I let my legs open a bit more and followed him with my eyes. I looked at his pants, he stood there with his eyes on me, I cold feel his eyes as he looked up my dress.

    He moved, and he came over and just fell to his knees and pushed up my dress and put his mouth right on me. His tongue was hot, his lips were hot, his tongue spread open my lips and dug into my vagina. My legs were wide open, his head pressed hard against me and his mouth devoured me, his tongue moving in and around, into my vagina and then out all over me, he found my clitoris and started to nibble it, I felt his fingers in me and then he started to finger my anus and with the lubrication from my vagina he pushed one and then two fingers up into my anus and fucked me with his fingers.

    I was not from the love generation, I had missed it by 10 years, but I talked about it when I went to college, but he was, and he was taking me down that path. I felt him lift up, his fingers came out of my anus, he kept my legs open, and he undid his pants and dropped them to the floor and kicked them off. He took off his undershirt and motioned for me to take my dress off and show him my breasts. I moved up onto the bed and he followed with his knee between my legs and he lowered himself on me he pushed his penis deep inside of me. His strokes were long and precise, not hurry, he fucked for himself, I felt like I was an object, I started to look around the room, at the green curtains, the mirror, the lamp on the ceiling, the door to the hall.

    The he lifted me up further on to the bed and dug into me and he ejaculated. I felt myself grasp a little and go into a slow deep orgasm.

    When he got off he looked down at me and said he enjoyed pussy. We slept together and when we woke in the morning, it was cold and I got up to close the window. He watched me, I was naked, he pulled me over and started to eat me again and I opened my legs for him. He helped me on to my stomach and told me to lift up onto my knees and he got behind me and fucked. He took his penis out and put it on my anus and asked me if thought I could take it.

    I confessed I didn't know. He used his fingers to bring lubrication up from my vagina and he told me to relax and he pushed his penis in, he told me to just relax some more and he leaned over me and his penis went in until I could feel his balls against my legs. He fucked me slowly, I had fallen onto the pillow which I was hugging as tight as I could until he ejaculated and withdrew.

    It was dark but we could see, we cleaned up with a towel from the bathroom and then took a shower together. We slept until the front desk called to wake us up. We had coffee together and we took our plane to the Galapagos.

    We stayed in touch for a while, but I lived in the San Francisco Bay area, and he lived in Miami, so we never got together again. So it was a one night stand, I hadn't had sex in over five years since my divorce, really much longer than that because we had lost interest in each other. But I had sex that night. It is a night to remember.

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    Straight Female / 22

    I work alone as my own boss doing photography artwork. I love being outdoors and wearing my favorite short skirts and cute tops, but there's one thing I'm kind of a little Embarrassed to admit, I always have to Pee while I'm working which makes things rather interesting to say the least. It's happened so many times while I've been setup in an open field or setting where I'm taking photos for my artwork and it just starts coming out. I can't even count the number of times I've peed myself while standing still taking photos. At work today it happened so often I've kind of given up on trying to stop it because I know its gonna come out whether I want it to or not. So I've just kind of accepted it. But Embarrassing as it is, at least nobody's ever seen me peeing out in the open like I do so often. I have to say though, it kind of became a bit of a turn on for me since I can't seem to control it, so I get kind of excited and my adrenaline starts running when I start to pee and it makes me have to go even more. So I guess as long as I don't ever let myself be seen by anyone when it happens I'm fine, hopefully it never does because that really would be mortifying.

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