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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Female / 38

    My parents went to spend the weekend with my Grandmother. I was in college, a Sophomore and I was left with a list of chores. I invited a guy from class to come over, I enticed him with a home cooked meal. What got him sick I will never know but he started with a headache which turned into a migraine. He lay on the couch, I stripped down to my bikini panties, danced naked while he suffered and watched, he got this enormous hard on, I licked his cock, rubbed my tits over his cock, then jerked him off with my hand. In the morning he was in recovery mode, I pranced around in my panties, got down and sucked on his cock until he squirted his cum.

    He went home, I masturbated after he left, did my chores, and worked on a paper I had due. I never dated the guy, and after our Junior year I never saw him again. But I remember him.

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    Straight Female / 38

    I fingered myself to a movie scene while eyeing off a very cute mans poster on the wall. I felt pain til I came hard. It was like a compulsion and need to do it not just whim. Oh my world did I cum looking at him. Last time I did that I was blonde and it was about 10 years ago and I was so horny for him. Little would he know it that I would finger fuck myself to him however. I still remember grinding my pussy on the wood of the coffee table and how thin I was and it felt great today as much as it did back then. I used to love looking at my face as I came to get the best look to practice while coming and I must say I did look frucking horny gorgeous. I want it to be that way again but better. It would be nice to go out on a evening sexy date and be thin and able to wear a reveling shoulder dress and some leg and I love to quiver feeling the cold wet air on my body because it makes my nipples hard and I get goose bumps in cascading erotic waves down my back and ass and my hops want to move arched and achingly, longlingly to his pulsating and to his beat. He can drive me out anytime in the winter ice wet. I am wet for him but warm souled by his smile. How can I reveal such lust and hunger for him.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I work for a man that likes young women, he hires young women and if they are not willing to party with him they get their walking papers. I like young women, I put up with him but in return I get a chance with one of the young women too. It is very erotic for me to take pictures and I share them with him. We hired a young woman, very shy from a family of six who grew up with hard times. She was very withdrawn until he managed to get his arms around her and tongue fuck her mouth. Once that was done she gave it all up to him. He invited me to watch, I sat on the couch in his office while he tongue fucked her, got her pants down and ate her against his desk and then fucked her over his desk. She sat in his lap and I went to get a towel to clean her up.

    Wiping her legs and pussy and wiping up his cock sent an electrical shock through me, I sucked his cock for him before he zipped up and I helped her get dressed and he kissed her, she was a little baby girl in his arms. I dreamt of her that night, I dreamt I ate her wet pussy after he finished fucking her, when I woke up I had hurt my clit from rubbing it so hard.

    I asked her to go out with me on Saturday afternoon, when she was at my house I offered to eat her pussy, to give me a chance. I pulled her pants off, her pussy was already wet and her lips were open when I stuck my tongue in her. Best pussy I had ever had, also my first pussy I ever had. Her juice got all over my face, I swallowed all I could, I fucked her with my tongue and with my fingers I played with her ass, a trick that my man boss uses on me. She came in waves, I tried to lick her ass but she kept her ass cheeks closed tight, shoving my face away from her, I had to get behind her and spank her ass for her to let up and let me get my face into her cheeks and lick her up.

    The little bitch sat on the sofa on her naked ass staring at me. I stared back and took my pants off and offered her my pussy but she refused turning her head away, she wanted cock. I took her to bed with me that night, held her tight and got out of her that she and her sister that slept with her would eat pussy when they were kids. She was a shy little bitch until our boss fucked her and then all she wanted was cock.

    I like cock, the more the better, but that girl's pussy drew me like nothing else did. I shared her with my boss, I got my ass fucked several times while I had my face in her pussy, it didn't hurt at all, it felt good. She isn't that young any more and she stares me down and likes to cal the shots. Sometimes it takes an hour for her to sit there before she opens her legs up, I wait, I know I am going to get her pussy, she makes me wait, by the time I get in there she is wet, she lets me slip my tongue across her butt and lick her ass, it makes her want cock but there is no cock, just me. When I am done if she wants she go hunt down her boss, I like to watch her get fucked anyway, and then I suck his cock.

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    Straight Female / 24

    I went on vacation to a resort with guy I was having a sexual relatinship. I like guys that are sexual preverts that make me do dirty things that I normaly don't do. He pushed me out naked on halway and got caught by two couples walking out of elevator. The women just stood in shock as their husbands enjoyed the show. I remember almost dying with shane telling them "sorry" with my hand on my pussy and the other across my breasts. When my boyfriend finally let my back into the room I almost killed when he asked me if had got a thrill out of it. Fortunay it was our last day and the resort the next mourning.

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    Straight Female / 48

    I am a closet nymphomaniac and have been a sex addict for decades. I have orgasm-ed just anywhere you can think of. I know I am vulgar and discrete about it. I love sex. I have been horny crazy since I was 5 years old. I just needed to tell someone how wet my c**t is 24/7 and its got the better of me. I can't function because I was using orgasm in the public toilets at school and later in adult life at work or college when I was angry and frustrated as can be. I didn't get caught but I wish finding a comparable sex partner was so easy as people say. I have been attacked by jealous bitches and men, sex is a high conspiracy spy game if you know your cryptics and I have never been good at that. I just love fucking and any horny situation, its just they get fewer and I would do anything to be thin and horny and getting it right in the bedroom cuz I never have.

    I am such a sex addict in the dark alone and its shameful. stop play cryptics and just act normal or you might miss out on the best sex you will never have. I am up for it 50 times a day but can't find a man cuz I hate myself so much for this shit I am in. I am not a druggy. I am not a bad person. I just have a craving for sex. I am not even into p**o or i****t or bestiality which most people seem to be now. I just love being wet and getting some good adult cock.

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    Straight Female / 48

    I am disgusting and you can tell how sexually frustrated I am and I crave good sex that I fall for a angry guy so quickly. But I feel like I would love to be pounded by him. I would love to have the best sex with him. yet in real life I would be so shy and slow to make a move or show I like him. but in my fantasies we are already pulling off clothing and making love and fukking like there is no tomorrow. I see him as a better lover then anyone I could ever meet right now. i mean just seeing him makes my pussy slippery and wet and dripping wanting to wrap my hungry c**t around his huge cock. I bet its a really nice cock as well. I bet he is so hot in bed. fuck I want it. I can't help myself. but he saw me I would look so average and conservative and not the type who would dream of banging him behind the shed or cafe while the others are in side eating. he is almost the inspiration of a story I wish to write on lit erotica site about a couple who meet via olds in a bus trip and shock them by their lusty acts and how it turns the trippers inside out and like I said to my ma last night. not trying to sound arrogant or up myself but the best prescription for my sister and family would be some hot young dude or doc giving me a porking good fuck and so fucking in love with me marrying me that it makes them all shit their pants. that includes my rich bitch aunt. I would love it to happen give my fat old ugly status they cornered me into but i might be just his type, you know who knows. I didn't like him when I first saw him. he seemed so mean, bully, angry. aggressive and jerkoff and the kind of rich bitch guy who gets any woman so naturally me being so plain jane nd dull, poor and modest how could i win a guys attention like that so I just pasted him off and to be honest at that point I was into Cob and ikey dr and a few others. but now I am wanting him so bad I dream of fucking and every erotic position out we could try.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    I was a sweet goody goody in high school. Straight aâs, never got into trouble and waited till my senior year to let my bf make love to me. I was on the pill and since we were virgins no chance of disease or babies. He with my permission barebacked and cream pied me. I may be a goody at school but I still madturbated to porn like everyone else and cream pie was my favorite. Hentai and g on g were also my go tos.
    I found out about âfree useâ from a tumblr and the stories/pics/gifs/videos for me beyond hot and bothered.
    Well turns out that lying sack of shit gave me gonorrhea!
    I found out later heâd been screwing a cheerleader and her bf. Part of that thought turned me on. Thinking of my muscle heavy boy fucking another boy and using him like a cum rag while his gf fingered herself watching but sadly lying and giving me my first std the first time is a deal breaker.
    After that I got a little slutty I mean it was my last year here may as well learn. The girls were more fun and I learned about my body while playing with theirs.
    I graduated high school and had fucked four guys and three girls. Off to college I went. Something happened at the office and I ended up with three boys in my dorm. Honestly I didnât care we all had separate rooms with a common area and little kitchen.
    The boys were all cute in their various ways. A stoner with amazing hair down to his ass, an athlete cocky bitch but goood body and kissser, and the business boy. Ohh the last dear lord I now really understand the lyrics of a sharp dressed man.
    Well stoner boy walked in on my going to town on myself while watching porn. My back was to the door so I donât know how long he watched before getting the nerve to touch my shoulder.
    âWant me to help?â
    â Fuck!â
    Well hurrying this we helped each other his dick was alright but duck I loved playing with his hair as he ate my peach. A nice little friends with benefits happened. Weâd smoke and fuck.
    Later he read my diary the sneaky shot. It had stories and erontica Iâd written. Mainly with me being a slut house girl free to use you know the type. Well he talks to the other two and they sat me down while we were drinking and smoking and offered to make this a reality.
    I was mortified, angry and soaking my panties.
    They were to prove they were clean and so on.
    I was responsible for keeping the place clean and theyâd pay for everything food, rent, gas, booze and the like.
    They took advantage of my d sat parking pussy all three used me right there in the common area. Other stipulations came up later like I was to wear little skirts and no top or underwear.
    Iâd wake up in the morning with a dick in my c**t or mouth.
    When Iâd step into the shower one of them would follow and fuck me there too. If they did that they knew they were responsible for shaving me.
    Business boy really liked doing this. I liked him doing it he was a perfectionist. He really liked it so much so heâd do I more. Gave me facials(yes both kinds), my makeup, hair, nails it was a fucking dream.
    He was the first to play with my butt. He had always removed the hair but one day he asked if he could do more. I was curious being on the rag I wasnât getting my normal release so heâll why not. He was so gentle and explained everything as he went. He showed me how to clean out the inside, finger, rimmed me, showed and bought me some plugs. I was so in. Reminded me of the hentai and dping Iâd been into.
    This went on for the whole semester. If I was home and awake they could use the could word and use me. It was amazing as you can imagine it became a sport when the had guests over.

    My favorite though was one evening I had a female class mate over and we were studying in the common room seated at the bar. Seated on our stools the athlete came in drunk no surprise there and said the code word. Without thinking or breaking our conversation I scootched my ass over the seats edge. He walked up dropped his pants and spit on his hand to slick me up. Was really necessary. The code word had a Pavlovian effect on my. He just fucked me right there dropping a load into me. I moaned a bit but he never got me off without a toy so I normally just a cum dump for him. Totally fine with me I love being his slut flesh light. The girl was shocked and couldnât study. His load was dripping out of me.
    âHow often does that happen?â
    âWhat, Ohh oluhh when ever they wantâ
    âThey tape your when they want?â
    âWhat?! No they have my permission.â
    W ent on to explain to her what was happening and the free use life style.
    She got so turned on and man it had been a minute since I got properly fucked. She was amazing. Took care of my needs it was a dream.
    Business boy walked in on us says the phrase while she was eating me out. I went to present myself as I was to but she gripped me hard not letting me move. Instead she spread her cheeks. He did think twice and was fucking her into me. The scene made me squirt for the first time. She ended up moving into my room and we were shared. Sluts of a feather whom fuck together.
    God I miss them. My boring married life is so unsatisfying. Think I should share this story with my husband?
    Iâve cheated on him with a few women now. I donât know what to do. I feel trapped and horny all the tine.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I love him for last eight years and so does he. But we never got that closed to each other. We always kept our distance. We kissed sometimes. And one time only, we kind of made out where he took of my shirt, unhooked my bra and sucked upon my nipples really hard. He went on sucking my tits for so long and it was so good. That was the first time anyone touched me like that.
    After certain circumstances we could nog live together but we still love each other. I had to move to another city but we never got out of touch. We never had sex with each other until now.
    So this was this really cold day and I was tired from my night shift at the hospital ready to go home in the morning when I received his text that he was coming to pick me up. He never came like that unless we planned to meet but that day early in the morning at around 7 he was there out of no where. He told me he was missing me. He had a bad hangover but he was okay. He drove three hours straight to reach me in time.
    He picked me up and we went to this place which was his friend's. It was really cold and I was tired but all my tiredness went away just by looking at him.
    I felt so horny when he was holding my hand throughout the way.
    When we reached and settled down in a room, he got on the bed covering himself with the quilt and asked me to sit with him in the quilt to avoid feeling cold and to take some rest. I hesitated but I went on to lay with him. I put my head on his chest and he hugged me tight, giving a kiss on my forehead and moving his hands around my back slowly.
    He kissed my eyes then my cheeks and then his hands went gradually towards my pussy while his lip were on mine. His were the only lips I could kiss my entire life. I did not stop him from touching my pussy and my pussy was dripping juices.
    He then took of my clothes and sucked on my tits. He was so talented with his mouth that I was going crazy. He bit my nipples and I screamed with pleasure. He then kissed me all over my body giving me love bites every where and especially on my neck because it was his favourite spot for it. He kept on telling me that I am his only. That I belong to him. I was quiet at first just moaning with all his love but the moment I said Yes I'm Yours, he went crazy. He put his mouth on my pussy and stuck his finger in my asshole. His dick was so hard then when he thrust it inside me, I screamed his name so loud. I lost my virginity that day to him. To the love of my life. He kept on thrusting his dick in and out faster and faster moving his fingers all over me, using his mouth, hugging me again and again so tightly that I felt all the bones in my body squishing and I was loving every moment of it, enjoying everything until we came. He came inside me. And we hugged and lay down. He put my breast in his mouth and we slept like that naked. That was my first and the last time.

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    Lesbian Female / 54

    The truth is that nothing that happens to you is truly something that happens only to you. But when it happens to you it is only you. I discovered my clit when I was eleven, it was like I was having feelings and I started to rub myself, the more I rubbed myself the more I liked it and so it went until I was out right rubbing my clit into orgasm. I became obsessed with my clit and I rubbed myself against objects in the house, like the corner of the kitchen table, for some reason it was at just the right height and I would get up to the corner and lean in and rub my clit until I came.

    We had a maid, her name was Sonia and I liked rubbing myself in front of her. She was an older woman and she told me I was a dirty girl. Things were just all over the place and I showed her my tits and asked her to show me her tits. I lowered my pants and showed her my pussy and asked her to show me her pussy. I told her I wanted to suck her tits. She was very standoffish and called me crazy and to stop having dirty thoughts. But my dirty thoughts didn't go away and I put my face between her tits and made one of her tits fall out and I latched on and started sucking as hard as I could. She started yelling 'niña, niña, no hagas eso niña, hay niña por Dios no hagas eso", but I sucked her tit as hard as I could until she just held me while I sucked on her tit.

    She had a room behind the garage, with a small kitchen and sitting area built for a live in maid. I made her show me her pussy there, laid back on her bed with her legs open and I got between her legs and looked at her pussy and then licked her pussy, she guided my mouth onto her clit and I sucked her into having an orgasm. She sucked my pussy too and she sucked on my little tits and I sucked her big tits and she kissed my mouth and we got totally naked. Our messing around lasted all through my growing up years at home. She left my parent's employment when her mother got sick and she had to return to Ecuador to take care of her. I was 23 years old before I sucked on another woman's pussy.

    I never got anything out of some girl my age or even close to my age. At 23 when I sucked on that other woman's pussy, she was in her late forties and she worked as a cashier at the cafeteria in the mall, a big woman from Croatia with a large legs, big tits and with big fur on pussy to get lost in. Once I tried and found out that I liked that I let other women find me, I worked at the mall in women's wear and left notes in obvious places like restrooms in shopping malls, or large department store restrooms. My thing at the time was for them to go to food court, order a slice a pizza and sit by carousel and if I liked them I would get a slice of pizza and come sit by them and talk.

    The youngest woman's pussy I sucked worked at Macy's in the ladies' shoe department, the oldest woman's pussy I sucked worked as a janitor after hours and we agreed to meet at her apartment. She was full on and wanted to suck my pussy and eat my tits, she is the first full on woman fuck I got. She wanted a girlfriend and I couldn't really say no to her, getting eaten alive by her and having my face buried in her pussy sent me into repeated orgasms. I thought poor Sonia, she never did that, she just wanted to hug and have me suck on her tit.

    I am now at that age where the women I get together with are mostly my age, in our mid fifties. Immigrant women are my safest bet, I don't care for professional women, the women I get along with best are immigrants from Eastern Europe, they tend to be full on lesbians and know how to fuck with you. I keep my distance emotionally, I fell in love more than once and I try to keep my feelings out of the way.

    When I was in my mid thirties I fell in love with a girl from Argentina, she was so pretty, so nice and soft and she sucked tits in a way that made you just want to sit and hold her. Her pussy was the same color as her hair, a reddish brown and her mouth and lips were perfect for kissing. She was a small girl, with small tits but definitely tits. We broke up eventually because in the end we were both looking for the same thing, an older woman to fuck us.

    Definitely I am not alone, in our night time confessions most of the women I have gotten together with started wanting pussy during puberty, some of us just liked older women. I'm sure that some girls wanted pussy with the girl next door. I had Sonia who lived with us and she liked having her pussy sucked and having me latch onto her tit and before she ate my pussy she would always bathe me in case her tongue slipped back and flicked a lick at my butt.

    As a middle aged woman I can get off by just remembering those days with Sonia.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    When I was young, between 16 and 18, slim but very curvy with a big arse and toys (perky back then!) my first boyfriend and I used to have an insatiable sexual appetite. He was a few years older than me and quite domineering in the bedroom which I still love today. He would order me to take my bra off and open my top as we walked home from a night out, or take me down an alley and tell me to drop my knickers, bend me over and fuck me hard. We would strip totally naked and chase each other before having amazing sex in parks at night.

    One of the horniest memories for me was when we had split up for a time when I was 17 and we arranged to go on a âmake upâ date. We were both super horny about it after a couple of months of not seeing each other. He told me to leave my underwear at home so I turned up wearing a very short mini skirt, no kickers and over knee boots. He was very happy when he saw me! I went in front of him on an escalator on the way up to the cinema and slowly bent over flashing my waxed pussy to him. Once we were in the movie he couldnât keep his hands off me. He discreetly moves his hand to my thighs under the popcorn and started to finger me. I was so wet and horny it felt amazing. His boner was busting the seams so I unzipped him and laid his jacket over me and his head on his lap. I slowly started to circle my tongue around the head of his fat dick. We were sat around the middle row so in retrospect someone must have seen. I carried on for a few minutes taking him deeper and deeper until he came hard in my mouth. I swallowed the delicious load, zipped him up and watched the rest of the movie.

    On the way out he pulled me into a passport photo booth, took my top and bra off to reveal my tits, slide his dick inside me and fuck me on his lap. He put some cash in and took some photos of us! It was tense waiting outside the booth for them to print whilst people were walking past!

    Iâm still a sub slut now. I love nothing more than to take orders from dom Strangers on snap, and film myself doing bizarre filthy things for his pleasure!

    And I certainly get my fair share of cock. Itâsa struggle to stay faithful when so many guys are ready to give you a great ride! I blame that first boyfriend!

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