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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Male / 25

    I have my neighbour she is older than me. Busty woman. I have this fantasy of totally dominating her in the elevator.
    Where I push her by the throat firmly holding and ordering to take my penis off. And I rip her clothes a little..Her bust start to show off she breathes heavilly so am I...

    We both standing in the dim light.. Her cleavage showing, sticking out makes me hard and I start to pee on her
    cleavage as we both are in standing position. Seeing her soaking makes me crazy. Her wet shirt and see through nipples soaked from my urine. I pee on her neck seeing how the stream of water goes down between her breasts. She moans and it all this scene makes me even more crazy.. I order her to open her clothes even more and there she goes with her both hands rips her shirt a bit wider. She puts her bra down she is all soaked all wet in that dim light elevator.
    As I watch it I order her:
    Take my cock and shoot it all over yourself!
    She then takes my throbbing cock and arches her self head backwards just so her tits stick out even more.
    Cannot control it, I let it explode on her neck and her big breasts. As I see her all wet with my cum dripping from her chin on her tits and on the floor I just push my cock in her soaking pussy and pound her mercilessly as I cum and she pees on my cock at the same time. As I back down I watch her moaning soaked in my juice, the white cum on her tits the and the piss with cum dripping down her thighs and the elevator arrives as the scenario ends...

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    Straight Male / 26

    Select Language??
    11,000+ online now
    What happens if click?

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Stranger: hi
    Stranger: f 22 from canada
    Stranger: where are you from?
    You: internet
    Stranger: Toronto here
    Stranger: how old?
    You: old enough to be your daddie
    Stranger: god you look so strong - Im like 5'2 & 105lbs
    You: I could lift you then
    Stranger: I would love to kiss down your chest and stomach now - I woke up wanting something in my mouth.
    Stranger: how tall are you?
    You: 6.1
    Stranger: god I wish you were here right now
    You: mm baybe
    Stranger: i love when I kiss down your body and it tickles
    Stranger: :)
    You: i'd love to
    Stranger: Can most get it all in her mouth? I like to try if I can
    You: start whispering what I want to do to you
    You: while holding you tight
    Stranger: If it's not too thick, I can usually do pretty well. omg you are reading my mind
    Stranger: it is so hot when you coach me
    You: like whisper to your left
    You: -how do you feel
    Stranger: I am really horny now - getting wet already.
    You: and listen your answer iwith my lips versus yours 1mm almost touching
    Stranger: What position do you like me to suck you in?
    You: going to another ear
    You: -get down on your knees
    Stranger: I think the best is me kneeling and you holding my head and looking into my eyes.
    You: I pushing you against the wall
    Stranger: I love feeling it pulsing my mouth
    You: pushing my tongue in
    You: then you go down
    You: watching you sucking my sock from above
    Stranger: omg you sound amazing. All I can think about is you doing this now
    You: I want to see you
    Stranger: i hope I can get it all in my mouth - it looks really thick. Can you stand up again
    Stranger: I want to see, feel and taste you so bad now too
    You: i want to see how your lips look like
    You: when my cock is getting wetter
    Stranger: omg I am dripping wet now
    You: and pulsating the juices in your soft mouth
    Stranger: I want you to hold me so tight
    You: holding your hair
    Stranger: i hope I can get it all in my mouth
    You: watching your eyes
    You: and my cock
    You: twitching
    Stranger: i love when you look in my eyes when it goes into my throat
    You: slow blowjob
    You: very slow thrusts
    You: touching your throat
    Stranger: omg that is so hot that way
    You: sliding out
    You: pushing it in again
    You: sliding
    Stranger: i love feeling it going so deep into me - slow and strong
    You: it twitches
    You: mhm
    You: precum is leaking
    Stranger: fuck I am a mess
    You: its a fucking powerfull feeling
    You: seeing you that way
    Stranger: i want to taste that too
    You: feeling it
    You: mm babe
    Stranger: has anyone got it all in her mouth
    You: I'm holding your hair
    You: its just you and me
    Stranger: My name is Tammy btw - i want you so bad
    You: sliding it
    You: thrusting strogly and slowly
    You: when i touch your throat
    Stranger: i want you to rock my world - I cant even sit still now
    You: i stop
    You: watching you
    You: and pushing it a bit eeper very slowly
    Stranger: omg
    You: pushing your head against the wall
    You: dominating like you want it
    You: my juices flow
    You: your wet mouth
    Stranger: omg i need you in Toronto like now
    You: drips on the floor
    You: gagging sound
    You: i slide it out
    You: with all that wet sound we love it
    Stranger: i almost have two fingers in
    You: then push it it agressivelly
    You: that choking sound you make
    Stranger: can you stand up again - omg I want you so bad
    You: fucking turns me into a best
    Stranger: i want that so bad
    You: you are my whore now
    Stranger: i want that
    You: i take you by the throat
    You: holding you my face versus yours
    Stranger: i want to feel you so deep inside me
    You: and telling you that
    You: you are mine
    Stranger: come here now please - omg
    You: i suck your neck
    You: our tongues
    You: make out heavilly
    You: forcefully
    Stranger: You are so in my head now
    You: i'm holding you
    You: your legs wrap around me
    You: tightly
    Stranger: i want to feel you in me, on me and all over me
    You: you are feeling me
    Stranger: rocking my world
    You: i can feel you
    You: holding you versus the wall
    You: i grab your hair
    You: flip your head back
    You: kissing your neck
    You: pushing your breasts
    Stranger: I'm gonna cum if you keep this up
    You: i hold your throat
    You: and choke you heavy
    Stranger: i want to live this
    You: while pushing you against that wall
    You: then slowly
    You: start
    You: to kissing your cleavage
    You: while squeezing your breasts
    You: pushing my fingers inside your mouth
    Stranger: I want to experience total domination with you now
    You: the adrenaline oh my god
    You: i grab your throat
    You: look you in the eyes
    You: then put my tongue again
    You: feeling your submissivness
    Stranger: i hope you are hard as a rock because I am soaked
    You: i know
    You: i lift you higher
    You: your gasp
    You: your legs on my shoulders
    You: kissing your thights
    You: slowly
    You: strongly
    Stranger: omg - i love when you lift me
    You: stopping
    You: goinst faster around your wet hole
    Stranger: ok those shorts have to go when you stand now
    You: it turns me on thinking
    Stranger: i need you
    You: that you are so wet
    You: for me
    You: i kiss the patch above your clit
    Stranger: fuck
    You: and put my tongue around it
    You: circles
    You: up and down
    You: holding your throat
    You: stronly
    You: your shaking
    You: your vagina puslating
    Stranger: i am shaking now
    You: i love it
    Stranger: omg I want this so bad
    You: the juices flow
    Stranger: they do! :)
    You: your moaning
    You: makes me agressive
    Stranger: can you stand up again and lose those shorts
    You: i let you
    You: slide down
    You: and enter you
    You: with force
    You: pounding you
    Stranger: i want that - omfg
    You: forced agressive
    You: pulling your hair
    You: seeing your head flipped back
    You: just your moaning
    You: your chest
    You: and my cock pounding
    You: you hardly
    Stranger: you sound fucking amazing
    You: i groan
    Stranger: are you single?
    You: into your ear
    You: i slow down
    You: listening you hard breathing
    Stranger: I am now - omg
    You: fucking your slowly
    You: very slow thrusts
    Stranger: I want to experience your cock exploding in my mouth and then you fuck me so hard while I can still taste you.
    You: with strong penetrations on the end
    You: mm
    You: tell me that again
    Stranger: i want to feel your cock head pulsing like crazy and I will focus on sucking the head - until you cant hold back anymore.
    You: you are good girl
    Stranger: Then you pick me up and hold me so tight against you and fuck me so deep
    You: so i slide my cock out
    You: its wet
    You: you are wet
    Stranger: I am soaked
    You: damn my cock feels
    You: like its gonna explode
    You: i precum hard
    You: rubbing your clitor
    Stranger: i want to put it in my mouth now
    You: with it
    Stranger: i love watching your face when you try to hold back
    You: get on your knees
    You: i pull your haird
    Stranger: fuck I want that
    You: so you look at me
    You: my cock
    You: i put it in your mouth
    Stranger: omg yes
    You: its twitching
    You: i cant hold it
    You: exploding heavily
    You: roaring
    Stranger: i love that look
    You: pushing it very
    Stranger: and the taste of your cum filling my mouth
    You: hard
    Stranger: your cock pulsing so much
    You: releasing my cum inside your mouth
    You: yes it is
    You: i feel
    You: gosh
    You: my cumshot
    You: driping from your mouth
    You: on your chest
    Stranger: can you stand up again?
    Stranger: I want you so bad
    You: i push my cock inside
    Stranger: making me take it all in my throat
    You: mm
    Stranger: even when I gag
    You: its all inside
    You: you gag
    Stranger has disconnected.
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    ?? *soft moan*
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    Straight Male / 46

    I helped out someone I knew and had to drive a van across the US. Needing help driving and such short notice, my mom was the only one willing to help. The two of us took off from home base in Maine. We had to stop along our route to drop off several boxes of material and show the people how to use the new product. Traveling was going to take the better part of two weeks. Each night we would stop in a hotel and sleep. The first week was over and just a little over a week to go. This was the point when mom and I were getting on each otherâs nerves. One night we stopped and the room only had one bed. No big deal, a few nights back we slept in the same bed. This night we went to the bar/restaurant at the hotel. We ate and were both drinking. Before we knew it, we were both drunk. Up to the room we went. We crashed in bed. I had to get up to take a piss. I walked into the bathroom and started to take out my cock, when I hear my momâs voice. She was sitting in the toilet peeing. She said, âdid you come to piss all over me?â I flipped on the light and looked down to see mom drunk and smiling. Her hairy pussy was in view. I apologized, she smiled and said I donât mind at all, but would prefer to be in the shower if you are going to piss on me. I took it that she wanted to be pissed on. This was a new one to me. I didnât know what to say, so mom got up and went back to bed.

    The next day we woke up and I wanted to ask questions, but didnât know how to start the conversation. We drove and I kept wanting to say something. Finally, we stopped at a restaurant for lunch and while sitting there, I said I wanted to ask about last night. She immediately said she didnât want to talk about it. We finished eating and walked to the van. Before I unlocked the doors, I said I want to make sure Iâm not crazy. Mom knew exactly what I wanted to ask. All she told me was to hurry up. We were standing on the passenger side of the van very close to each other. I asked if she wanted to be pissed on. With her head down she said she does enjoy it at the right time. I was excited to hear more and lifted her head. She saw my smile and she smiled. She asked if I was disgusted and when I said no, she opened up. She said it became a fetish in high school and has continued. Rarely does she ever get a chance to enjoy it, but has found a few people over the years to satisfy her desires. I asked if she enjoyed watching the piss come from the cock and she said she doesnât mind what it comes from, but yes she enjoys watching the piss exit the body. I knew she meant a woman. When I asked about a woman, she said that I almost caught her last summer.

    Mom told the story about our neighbor, Leigh Ann. Leigh ann and mom spend at lot of time at our pool when the weather is warm enough. She said, last year Leigh Ann and she were in the pool drinking. Once Leigh Ann had to pee, they went over to the concrete and Leigh Ann moved her bikini bottoms over exposing her vagina. Mom positioned under her and Leigh Ann spread her lips with her fingers and just started to pee on mom when they heard the door in the house close. Leigh Ann stopped and grabbed the hose and began washing off the concrete and mom. I walked out about the time she had got everything wet. I remembered that day and told mom that I thought it was really strange Leigh Ann was spraying her with the hose. We continued driving as mom told me some of her favorite stories.

    Before I could ask mom if I could do it, she said that I need to drink a ton of water if Iâm going to pee on her. We stopped and bought water and I was drinking like crazy. I was about to explode by the time we got to a hotel. Mom had to check in because I didnât want to move. We made it to the room and both of us took off our clothes. I was getting erect looking at mom and began massaging her breasts. We began kissing when she took me into the bathroom. She laid in the tub and I stood over her about midway. I began pissing on her breasts when she said to move up. I was pissing on her face when she opened her mouth. The piss was filling her mouth and ran out. I moved down to piss on her hairy pussy. When I was done, she stood up, hugged me and said I could do it anytime.

    Ever since that day, I have pissed on my mo thousands of times. I have watched Leigh Ann piss on her and both os us have pissed on her. I never thought I would like it, but I have found that I love it.

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    Straight Male / 53

    its 1997. i'm waiting tables at a trendy restaurant downtown. i had developed a good rapport with the general manager, a petite annie lennox circa 1995 look alike. she gave me her number. i call, we chat. (i am being brief for the sake of brevity) as we're talking, her voice gets echo-ey and i hear what sounds like water running in the background. i ask her she's doing, she tells me she's peeing. WOW! didn't see that coming...i'm startled but play it off. "so you're sitting there with your pants around your ankles and your bare ass on the toilet? that's hot" i say. "no, i;ve got my skirt up to my waist and my panties around my ankles" she replies. "fuck, that's even hotter". my cock is getting hard, picturing this sexy executive boss woman taking a piss. i pull it out and tell her i'm picturing her in my minds eye while stroking my cock. "come over, Richard. i wanna see your cock" she says.

    i break all kinds of land-speed records getting to the address she gives me. its such a major turn-on to think i'm gonna fuck the big boss of my work. i pull to a screetching stop in her driveway. i practically run up to her door. she opens it before i can knock, saying she heard me pull in the drive. i walk in and she kisses me right there in the hallway, rubbing against me like a cat, cupping my cock and balls with her hand. damn, right to it. she starts to unzip my jeans, saying "i wanna see it". it springs out into her hand when she frees it from my underwear. "oh, nice! yeah, this'll do". oh kay...never had any complaints about it. she tugs on it, then leads me by it down the hall.

    we go into the living room. she fixes me a double vodka rocks with a splash of soda and a squeeze of lime. how'd you know my drink i ask, dick hanging out. " Chelsea told me" she says. "i saw you guys hanging out and asked her about you". ummm...i don't know how to take that, its kinda weird. whatever. weird chicks make for weird sex, and this is weird, chillin' with my boss at her house, drinking with my cock out.

    she fixes one for herself and sits next to me. She turns to me, smiles at me with her perfect white teeth, blue eyes flashing and says "did that turn you on when you heard me peeing?" this is gonna be a curious conversation, i'm thinking. my dick is starting to shrink, and my zipper is biting into it. i take a sip of my drink and say "yeah. i don't know why, but the idea of watching a girl pee is kinda sexy to me". not really but what the hell, if it will get me laid by her...but the more i think about it, i DO wanna see this hot seductive woman take a pee. the idea is provocative and arousing...cause its so fucking dirty.

    my dick is getting cold. "oh, its shrinking! we can't have that". she leans over and takes me in her mouth. oh yeah, much much better. fuck that feels so good. it starts to get big in her mouth again with her sucking hard on it. she's wearing red lipstick and its getting on my jeans and cock. cool. she puts it all the way into her mouth and undoes my belt. she releases me from her mouth to pull my pants and boxers down to my knees before taking me into her mouth again, head bobbing up and down. i tell her it did turn me on, listening to her pee, how much i liked it, how much it turned me on. she gets off the couch and on her knees, putting one hand around my cock and the other cupping stroking my balls as she bobs up and down on my dick. mmm, she's a little toothy but still good. i run my fingers through her short hair and start to pump my hips back and forth in time to her bobs. "yeah baby, suck it. suck it. mmm you suck it so good, that feels so good baby. can you feel it throb in your mouth?" i talk to her. she looks at me with my cockhead in her mouth and mumbles "uh huh, uh huh". dayum, i got the g.m. of my work sucking my dick! she takes a little break and tells me her jaw kinda hurts, can she just jack me off into her mouth, she asks me, all big eyes and head tilted to the side. "sure!" like imma gonna say no? its a game...she puts the head back into her mouth and starts jacking me off using both hands and a kinda twisty motion that feels OH MY GOD I'M GONNA CUM SHIIIIIIT! i shoot some big jets of cum into her waiting kisser, her sucking hard on the throbbing head. shit goddamn that snuck up on me. wow. wow. ok. i'm ok, just kinda surprised me there. she comes up to my face, smiling, and kisses me. oh what the fuck? a SNOWBALL. she's got my load in her mouth and tongues it into my mouth. she breaks away from me, wiping her chin and sticks out her chest and says "did you like that?" i smile, swallow it and say "fuck yeah that was hella hot, Tracy." what the hell, its my own jizz, not like i sucked some guy off.

    i pull her to me and kiss her mouth, her neck, pull the top of her sundress to the side and nibble on her shoulders while running my hands up her skirt and pulling down her panties. her pussy is wet, i slide my fingers into her and finger bang her there, standing up. my pants are off and my boxers are gone. i pull her dress over her head and admire her naked body. nice! skin like porcelain, red gold bush. nice ass. 34 B tits with pink nipples. she grabs my cock again and leads me to the bathroom. huh? she spreads a shower curtain on the tile floor and tells me to lie down. i lie down. she straddles my face, rides my face, makes me lick her pussy. she moans and groans and pulls on her nipples. she starts to tremble, i think she's gonna cum, but then she positions herself over my hard cock and slides down all the way in one swift move. she plants one foot on either side of me and squat fucks me, hard. she pounds her pussy on my cock, up and down, faster and faster. good thing i drank 2 double vodkas or else i'd of shot my load by now. she has her eyes closed and is mumbling something i cant really hear, like she's talking to herself or she's in some sort of trance. it sounds like "fuck fuck fuck cunny cunny fuck me fuck oh oh " ??? whatever, i'm getting off again. she starts wailing, loud, kinda a scary like she's posessed wail, goes gggghhh gggghhh ahhh looks down at my cock in her and starts a strong steady stream of piss on me. her pussy clamps down and she starts rocking her hips back and forth, milking my cock, and it feels fucking great, like a little mouth sucking me off. i try to shove it in all the way but her pussy is clamped shut with just the head in, she's milking it and i shoot my load into her. i'm dizzy from the booze, disoriented, she releases me from her pussy and STILL PISSING squats on my chest and kisses me. fuck, i didn't think a little woman like her could have so much piss in them. i gotta say, i didn't not like it, it was warm, splashing all over me and so fucking kinky wrong and dirty i loved it. i surprised myself by letting it become a regular thing, but she was so hot sexy and it was so wrong and dirty letting her piss on me. i actually enjoyed watching her pee on me, her spreading her pussy lips and spraying me with her liquid gold, or me pissing on her then her sucking me off.

    so that's my confession: i use to get together with my boss and let her piss on me.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    This isn't a sexual thing, but more of a freedom thing.

    You ever have those moments where you wake up in bed all warm, cozy, and just don't want to get out of bed, yet at the same time, your bladder is screaming at you? You then internally argue with yourself about just letting it all go or not because you're too stubborn to get out of bed.

    Well, I've been placing those waterproof underpads for the bed the past few years. While I only really only end up actually using it once a month or two, it's just so freeing when I do. Sure, I still have to wash the sheets, but it's not like I wouldn't be doing that soon anyway.

    It's stupid to admit, I know. My roommate back in college thought it was fucking weird, but he's also admitted being jealous about it on multiple occasions. He did take a couple pads before any nights heavy drinking nights we had. This was after he got so wasted and soaked himself. I currently live on my own, so who knows what he does now.

    I've never revealed to anyone I had brought into my bed, and luckily they never learned it was there. Not that any of them were interested in becoming a thing, anyway...

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    Straight Male / 29

    This is part two of my story of ann, this is a true story with altered names for obvious reasons

    This was our second or third date and my father was out of town so we stayed at his trailer to watch the cat, in hindsight it probably wasn't a place you would bring a girl to but â¦
    At any rate, after a night of licking and sucking (and rolling over in my sleep and accidentally whacking her in the face with my hand, told you I have sleep problems :P) we got up in the morning and had a plan of going fishing later in the day, she was so beautiful, slim but tone body, perfect, hot, sexy. I couldn't contain my self. As she passed me to get to the door of the bed room I quickly came behind her and pushed her against the door, she let out a girly gasp and I covered her mouth, I paused as she looked back of me, just enough time to for her to realize this was a moment of passion, I think I spun her about and kissed her for a moment (its been a while to remember exact details) there is a part of me that wishes I just picked her up and made love to her right on that door but I cant argue with the outcome. I literally threw her towards the bed, she stumbled and was bent over the bed at this point, to give her credit she crawled up and assumed a doggy style position, it was so hot that she did with out a moments hesitation or prompting, but I wanted more fun, (though once again a part of me kind of regrets just going to town right there on her).
    I rolled her over and pinned her to the bed and by this time I think she was ready but I whispered in her ear, that it was more fun if she struggled a little, once again, to give her credit she obliged with out flinching and I kept her pinned to the bed as she struggled, eventually I rolled her over and finally fucked her, pined to bed, being chocked/mouth covered. It was just as hot as the first time and loved every moment of it.

    Ann, if by chance your reading, I loved you, I never said it but I loved you, from the beginning and regret not telling, I wish I could talk to you, if your reading this, look me up.

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    Straight Male / 29

    This is a true story though I have altered names for obvious reasons

    Me and my Girlfriend at the time were on break who would later go on to be my wife (its complicated) Thing had not been happy for while and I was not wasting anytime flooding dating sites and criagslist with personals. I remember when ann first replied to my criagslist add, we talked at length for hours while I was at work, the time was a blur, we soon traded numbers and where talking all night as well, it was like teenage puppy love and it felt like a dream. she eventually agreed to come and visit me and my apartment, i was kind of nervous, while I had just gotten a better job my apartment was a crappy studio apartment and the last girl who had drove to meet me let me down pretty hard.

    I was alternating between pacing and playing computer games when the knock came at the door, it was the first time I saw her and she was amazing, skinny, feminine but with some muscle tone, all in all a nice body, you were not supposed to meet someone like this from the internet, personality wise, physically, in all aspects, she was PERFECT. i made the suggestion that we start our evening with a walk down the canal, I live right across the street from it and we walked in the spring air with the light from the canal time shimmering on the water and we talked. A moment struck me to make a move, I lagged behind her I think on purpose (not sure i was kind of lost in the moment) I grabbed her by the wrist and spun her about and kissed her passionately, I apologized with a 'sorry ... not really' apology but she didn't mind, we proceeded back to my apartment where we watched a movie.

    I am surprised we made it through the whole movie, you could cut the tension with a knife. I was sitting behind her with my arms wrapped around her, occasionally giving her a kiss, at some point while i was reaching up to guide her to a kiss i reached with my other arms for her breast and the second i realized she liked it, it was on. Our passion exploded as we started quickly taking off each others closed and touching and kissing each other.

    I was naked, kissing her and she was down to panties, my dick rubbing on the outside, she reached down and pulled them aside (it was kind of hot) just as the tip got in i pulled out quickly, she shot up and asked what was wrong (i think she thought i came or something), I simply told her i wanted to lick her, she relaxed again and i went to town, and licked and licked and licked and fingered a little, she moaned and twitched and orgasmed and i keept going until she asked me to stop, then i kept going until she had orgasmed one more time. we snuggled on the bed for a only a moment, but it was her turn, she went to town on me for a while to, it wasnt one of those go quick to may cum as fast possible blow job's it was slow, lasting pleasure and i loved every moment of it until I came right in her mouth and if memory servers correctly I came a lot. she went in the bathroom to clean up while I laid in bed, when she came back out we proceeded to go for round two.

    I dont remember much at this point though i do remember her on her stomach with me laying on top of her chocking her a little bit really going to town again. After round two we snuggled and slept to morning, she woke before i did and said somthing to me, i have sleepign issue that she didnt know about and probably said something to effect of let me sleep, to her credit she did, she left, and i was nervious to call her later, i didnt want a one night stand, I was relived to find out that everything was fine and quickly arranged a second date (that will probably be my next post)

    PS: ann if by chance you are reading this, I loved you, I never told you, but I loved you and I had really loved you the whole time, I wish I could talk to you, if your reading this, look me up.

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    Straight Female / 19

    It happened innocently enough, I was in middle school, seventh grade when I first noticed it. I noticed a man checking out my panties on the bus. I'd had my backpack on my lap and when I slipped it off pulling it up on my lap it hiked up my skirt without me knowing.

    He stared intensely making me feel uncomfortable, I didn't know he could see my panties because of the backpack on my lap. I'd just started wearing satin with lace trim panties instead of the thick white cotton kind that most of the girls wore.

    When I figured it out I was so embarrassed I turned beet red. In bed that night I touched myself pretending it was him touching me. I've continued showing off my panties pretending I have no idea they're showing. I get really wet doing it! I'm engaged to be married and in two years when I finish school.

    My fiance thinks I'm still virgin and actually I lost it to some boy's I'd been showing off to. I don't think he's going to know the difference so I have no plan to tell him.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I was at my cousin's house, they lived close by and for all our years growing up we stayed with each other when one of our parent's had things to do. It was after school, we were alone, I was in the tenth grade and she was in the eight grade and we were in her room just laying on the bed talking. She and I talked a lot, we were best friends.

    I had on a skirt that afternoon and the skirt was up and my panties were showing and she decided to explore. She pushed me flat down on the bed and started to pull my panties down. I kept asking her what she was doing and she kept repeating to let her see. I let her take my panties off. She had me turn over, and asked me to open my legs, she wanted to see. It is not like she didn't have the same thing, but right then she wanted to see my naked vagina.

    We went quiet and I opened my legs all the way and let her see, let her touch and open my pussy and look inside. She found my vagina and started to finger me and I got wet and she got a finger all the way in, and then two fingers. She asked me if I liked it and I said yes.

    I was spread open completely, she was kneeling in front of me, peering down to look inside and fingering me and then she started to kiss me down there. I didn't tell her to stop. Her kissing got more and more aggressive and soon she was eating me, laying down completely between my legs. I undid my top and took her hands and put them on my boobs and let her fondle me. Like an explosion she got up and tore off her clothes and laid back down on me and we started to make out while she finished undressing me.

    I ate pussy that night. My memory is filled with the sight of laying between her legs with her pussy an inch from my nose and reaching forward and just eating and sucking her as hard as I could. The truth is neither one of us knew what we were doing, but we were doing it, we couldn't get enough of eating pussy. Everything else was ten percent, we were focused on eating pussy.

    Needles s to say that experience changed me. I am not really bi, and certainly not a lesbian, and neither is my cousin. But if you get me in a threesome with a nice looking girl, I can eat her until I make her come. In a threesome I can really get it on with a girl. That turns me on. My husband can get to any hole he can manage, but he is going to have to fight for it, especially fight for her hole, once I get started I don't want to stop.

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    Straight Female / 25

    My girlfriend invited me to go horseback riding a few months ago. I hadn't ridden in a very long time. The first thing I felt was being in the saddle and feeling a tingle between my legs. Omg I was getting turned on I realized. Within a short amount of time I bit my lip and climaxed. Thankfully my girlfriend was up ahead of me and she didn't have a clue I was in the middle of an orgasm. This happened once more before we returned to the stables, my panties were soaked by the time we got back. Every time I talk to Gale I'm hoping she will invite me to go riding again with her.

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