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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    By The Same Author As Me And My Friend :)

    Sara and Jade had the day off and they thought what could be better then spending an afternoon together and doing a few peeing plays together. They decided to go to the swimming pool. When they were in the pool they decided to start the play.
    "I dare you to pee infront of a lifeguard," said Sara.
    "Too easy," jeered Jade as she raised herself from the pool. She walked over to a good looking life guard. As soon as she was in his vision, she spoke to him, and opened her pee hole.
    "Hey, good looking! You want to get a drink?" she said, her swim suit getting wetter by the minute.
    "Em, I think you're leaking." he said nervously.
    Jade looked at her crotch.
    "Oh, so I am." she walked back into the pool, leaving her own special pool.
    "O.K. I dare you to go to the top diving board, take you bottom suit and pee infront of everyone.
    "You bitch! I love it!" said Sara.
    She climbed out and began climbing the ladder of the diving board. When she got to the top, she reomoved her bottom suit, stood on the edge of the board. At once a yellow cascade of pee escape he waiting pussy. Every eye turned up towards the board. Some people cheered. Others turned away. Sara just waved.

    After the swim
    The girls decided to get changed in the mens changing room. It was deserted. Meaning there was an change for more dares.
    "I dare you to pee in a urinal," said Jade.
    Sara rose, naked, and faced a urinal. As soon as she was in place she began spraying into the urinal. She felt almost like a man.
    "I dare you to poop and pee with your pants on in a urinal!" said Sara in revenge.
    Jade immediately got up and first, from the front, aimed into the urinal. A damp stain appeared on the front of her pants and some liquid went into the urinal and the rest onto the floor.
    "It feels so warm!" said Sara. When she was done, she turned so her bottom was now aimed into the urinal. She let off a few farts and then a brown stain appeared.

    In bed
    The girls were sharing a bed.
    "I dare you to wet the bed to night," said Jade.
    "Only if you do it to," said Sara.
    "O.K. Lets do it together now."
    After a few minutes, they both felt a beautiful warmth around them, and noitced a huge wet spot forming underneath them.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    in first grade
    my friend went in the bathroom
    and 2 seconds lated i had to go
    and she was takeing a long time
    i ended up peeing my pants
    i asked this girl to take me to the nurses offes
    and she was so sweet but im so sure they all laughed at me
    im a girl just in case you where wondering
    that was 4 years ago
    now im homeschooled and dont have to bother with stuff allthe time

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    Posted by Anonymous

    hi i have a male pee fetish
    and i love men when they need to pee post somegood stories guys and make them good involeving there friends
    but no gay ones ok

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    Posted by Anonymous

    There use to be this real old shitty theatre in town where I lived and it had a balcony where I always use to sit each time I went. I was always too fucking lazy to use the john there and so would always piss in the seats instead. I must have pissed in every fucking seat they had up there! I remember eventually people started complaining about how bad the balcony smelled which only made me laugh my ass off when I heard that. Yes, I'll admit it, I'm a fucking pig.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i think more men should post pee stories i love reading them

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was drunk and we were out in the middle of nowhere and there were no toilets so I peed in the woods and dripped dry. Then I got off with a boy (who, incidentally, only had one eye) and he was trying to get me to have sex with him. He stuck his hand in my knickers and said "I can tell you want to coz you're all wet." I didn't tell him it was coz I'd not had any loo roll to wipe with.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm was speaking to everybody in a early team meeting the other morning before our store opened. I'm one of the department leaders in my store so I always have to do all the talking most of the time. Well anyways, we start off and I'm explaining some things about the day to everyone and I suddenly realize I'm gonna pee my panties any second if I didn't run to the bathroom. Talk about embarrassing, I had to pause the meeting for about 5 minutes so I could go to the bathroom. I ran to the bathroom nearly losing control of my bladder on the way and I reached a toilet just in time to yank down down my skirt and panties and sit down. I sat there and peed uncontrollably for over a minute at least along with some really loud FARTS that came out as well. I had no idea I needed to pee so badly. When I finished, I tried to hurry up and wipe myself and get back out to the floor. Everybody had been talking about me, they all said........feel better now? Oh my gosh I was so embarrassed. I'll never hear the end of that one.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One time I was at the movies and needed to take a piss but the film wasn't over yet. Because I didn't want to miss part of the movie, I took out my dick and pissed in an empty coke cup. After the film ended, I got up to go and accidently spilled the cup of piss all over my jeans. They were really faded pants so I looked like I had totally pissed myself. I had no coat to hide my wet pants so I simply told myself "fuck it" and started walking out when some young punks at the theatre spotted my wet condition and thought this was so funny. "Hey look everyone," they said. "Homeboy there done pissed himself!" I felt a little embarrased but what the hell can you do? So I smiled and told them that the film was so fucking exciting that it made me wet myself. They laughed even more at that! They followed me out of the theatre saying things like "Hey dude-next time use the fucking toilet!" I promised them I would.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    where is the most embarrassing place you have had to pee or have peed yourself and Describe how it felt before,during and after you did it.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Girlfriend said she had to pee; jumped up from bed and ran to the toilet. Back in a flash we were at it agan but now I had to go and when I mentioned it she moaned, "pee in me." Intriged with the thought and aching to piss I thought why not, so I tried to relax and do it but that didn't work so I gave it my best push but that didn't spill a drop either. O well; maybe if I practice.

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