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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I just arrived for a job interview recently at a local restaurant the other day. I had 5 minutes before going in but as soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I suddenly had to pee so badly I nearly went in my panties before I got out of my car but managed to hold it back while I was walking into the building. The urge temporarily went away as I started my interivew with a nice girl who was about the same age me. But as I was answering questions I just lost control and started flooding my panties. I was peeing so hard and so fast, it was impossible to stop. The girl noticed I was peeing and saw how embarrassed I was, so she went and got a towel to help clean me up then walked me over to the bathroom so I could rinse my vagina off and my wash out my panties. I felt so embarrassed, I didn't know what to say. Fortunately, the girl liked me enough to hire me for the job. So we went back into the office and finished the rest of the interview, this time I didn't feel so bad though because right before she answered one of my questions, she accidently peed her panties herself right there in her chair after sitting through so many hours of interviews, she must have been as desperate as I was cause she peed for a good 2 minutes and by the time she was done, her skirt was totaly soaked and her panties were drenched like mine were. I guess we were both equal, so it kind of made me feel better. Well, nonetheless....I'm working with her now and those accidents we had during the interview we have kept just between her and I.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i am a lad and writing about a experience i witnessed....

    I ride the bus to school every day, with my mate jasmine, let me tell you a bit about jasmine, she is a fair red head and rather petit i all ways, she has a small chest and is quite atractive.

    One morning i got up and did my daily morning routine and when to call for jasmine to got to the bus stop with, when i got to her house she seem to be in some discomfort but i just thought it was because we had a term test today.
    we walked down to the bus stop and sat on the bench,i kept chatting away to here but all i could here was lil whimpers coming from her...the bus finally arrived at 8.40 20 minute later than normal we both boarded the bus and i tried again to start conversation but she stoped me, and said " would you go and sit in another seat somewhere"
    i thought was a little strage as we are best of friends so i asked her why and got the reply "i really need to use the bathroom my step dad was in the shower so i couldent use it this morning"
    i just said to her dont worry we will soon be at school she seem to relax a bit.. that was until the bus came to a griding holt and jerked us all forward.
    I looked down the aisle and ou the window at the front and saw there had been a accident, it then crossed my mind that jasmine might not be able to make it to scholl with the bus already being late arriving and now getting to school.
    she asked me what was happening so i told her about the accident and she let out a huged wimper. 10 mins had passed since we had been held up and jasmine sat bolt upright and said "mike do something please i cant hold on im going to pee any second"
    i took me a minute or two to calm down after hearing that shes might be about to wet her self so i get up andwalk to the driver and asked him if he had any tissues or a cup or summat then of course he asked me why, so ask quickly as i could i told him that my best mates was getting travle sick ( lying a bit to cover her from embarresment) he then gave me a roll of tissuse and a lil bucket i run back to her and gave it to her.
    she said thank you but she wouldent be able to pee and feeling a bit naughty she told me to sit in her seat she moved over and i sat in her seat a little confused she then placed the bucket between my knees and hitched her skirt up and pulled her panties to the side and sat above it fav me and hugging me. of corse as soon as she did that i felt my jucies runnnin high and my hands did a little wandering, as soon as i touched her clit she started to pee like crazy into this small bucket .
    This is the best experience i have ever had ...2 days after that act she came round my house and we started dating and we still are i would love to hear if any other lads out there have had a cool experience

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Last day of school I was late catching the bus and late getting up, who cares, last day of school, right?
    I got to class, although its the last day we were handing in books and other papers. A bunch of mates started to cut up and be loud, teacher got pissed off and said no more talking, no on leaves the room either (for numerous drinks of water, meeting friends out in the hall or restroom) for anything. Then I felt the build up of pee and I felt I had to go pretty soon. This was an all night pee hold and all morning plus orange juice and water.
    I asked Mrs Neely if I could be excused for the boys room and she snapped, no way, sit down, shut up. She was awful most of the time but today she was really mad. She was the first period english teacher that always was hard to get grades and all, boring, of course most of us were asleep anyhow. Oh, how I had to piss now. I sat in the first row by the window across from her desk. I was holding my crotch and doing a foot dance, my knee bouncing up and down and Im shifting the weight on my bottom from one side to the other. It helped some but I got a few hard urges and I grabbed my peter but some pee escaped anyhow. It was right at the tip and ready to go. I put my hand in my pocket and held on for dear life. The class had 20 minutes left to go until we changed classes to math. I felt another hot squirt go in my Y fronts and soak up the pee.
    I put my hand up and waved it again and said to Mrs Neely its an emergency. She said you all should have thought of that before all the commotion and carrying on.
    Another longer squirt came out and made a round spot on the front of my Levi jeans. They were like hip huggers and real tight and you could almost see what kind of tool a guy had from he bulge in the front. It was common to wear these, with cuffed up bottoms. Now I have a wet spot. The teacher didnt care. Now for the first time since 3rd grade I thought Im going to piss in my clothes. I grabbed my peter for all its worth holding on. Then I felt nothing, like numb, with a warm feeling spreading on my ass. The warm feeling ran down my pant leg and spilled on the floor and made a little puddle by my shoe. I went and sorta scrubbed the little puddle away with my foot. It got worse, then a big gush of piss poured from my peter into my pants and soaking everything, my undies, ass, drotch, legs down to my knees. There was no scrubbing this big puddle away.
    I just sat there holding my wet crotch. The girl sitting by me noticed and turned red faced, motioned to her friend and they both stared at my puddle and pissed in pants.
    Finally the bell rings for the end of class and you can run to the restroom and to Math. I jumped up and made a quick exit to the boys room to mop up what I could with paper towels. I had left a wet footprint trail from my desk to the boys room. The guys all teased me, but then said, it can happen to anyone.
    One kid said he pissed his pants in History once and no one noticed as he wore dark blue cords.
    I remembered this one girl by me pissin her pants in 6th grade with a loud hissing and splash. Mine wasnt that bad.
    I hope that teacher pisses her pants some day somewhere and knows how it feels.
    Anyhow, I went home at lunchtime and got changed, it was a short half day.
    I went and took my tool and beat it up for peeing on me, and it spit on

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was leading my aerobics class early this morning when the worst thing had to happen to me at the wrong time. During the squat exercises I just started peeing my panties and it went all over the floor. Everybody saw it to. My gosh, how much more embarrassing can that be?. Especially when there were some guys who were in the class. They've been teasing me about it all day long now, I don't think I'll ever get off the hook on this one.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was reading a wet story and i had no idea i had to pee. but when i read it i just peed right there.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One time recently when I was at a movie theatre I needed to piss half way through the film. Because I didnt want to go to the toilet and miss some of the movie, I simply pulled out my dick and pissed in an empty coke cup and put it in the cup holder on the arm rest. It was actually quite a shitty film. I dont know why I couldn't just have gone to the fucking toilet and missed a few minutes of the film. But doing the wrong thing usually gives me a real fucking buzz. Then there was the time instead of getting up and using the toilet in the middle of a film, I simply pissed in my pants instead. When the lights went up, I simply got up and walk out of the theatre as if nothing had happened. I didn't give a shit who saw me. I sure got a fucking buzz that day!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    In 3rd grade I was an elf for our Xmas play and had to put on these tight tights. I really had to go to the bathroom really bad but my teacher wouldn't let me. On stage I got really nervous because I was next to this girl I really liked and then I couldn't hold it anymore and peed really bad. It was totally obvious what happened since I had on light green tights. The girl I liked really laughed at me and I was humiliated and started to cry. Then my teacher, she trys to help me get out of my tights and accidentally pulled down my underpants - right in front of several girls in my class and their moms. The girls made fun of me and said I should still be wearing diapers.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I've always been a bit of a dirty girl. I like to piss my panties whenever I can and even better, I love to watch a hot sexy girl lose control and pee inside her clothes. This is exactly what happened to me last summer, when I was 18.

    I was on a night out with a group of friends. I was already really horny because before I had gone out I'd taken a shower, making sure I was desperate for a pee before I got in. It turned me on so much to step away from the shower and let my piss go, running down the insides of my legs until I felt myself cum with pleasure.
    When we arrived at the bus stop Sophie was there, looking gorgeous and sexy. Her wonderful full breasts were pushing to escape from her strappy top and her blue jeans clung to her perfect ass. She was always really flirty with me so when she came over she gave me a little friendly kiss on the mouth, and since I was already so turned on I couldn't help slipping my tongue in. She smiled back and went to sit on the backseat of the bus.

    I knew I wanted some wet fun later that night so I kept drinking from a huge bottle of water. I made sure I offered it to Sophie and she too drank. I couldn't help imagining her bent over sexy and desperate, trying not to wet her panties

    By the time we got to the club I was starting to feel a bit tingly down there, and that got a lot more obvious after 3 beers. After a lot of practice I'm pretty good at holding my pee so I knew I had a while to go before I would have to let it go but no rush as I would be with Sophie for most of the night. We danced together the whole time, our stomachs and breasts moving close to each other and we shimmied up and down. Every time she pressed against me tightly I could feel my bladder squirm with both pleasure and a growing desperation. This was all turning me on way too much, and with all I'd been drinking I was growing more and more horny. Sophie kept buying us both drinks, so many I truly lost count, but I was still sober enough to know I was quickly getting nearer to having to pee so I yelled in her ear over the loud music, "I'm gonna have to go pee honey, I'm desperate here!" My plan was to get out of my skintight black trousers and pee my panties on the toilet so no one would know yet I would feel nice and extra wet. There was a massive line for the ladies and by time I was next I could feel myself losing control; all those beers were taking their toll! I got inside the cubicle and tore off my trousers but as I did a spurt of pee splashed out onto the floor. I grabbed my wet crotch to hold on a bit longer but felt a trickle of pee seeping through my black panties. I couldn't even sit down in time so I just stood above the toilet legs open, and let go, peeing so hard and fast through the cotton. It felt so good that I just couldn't stop no matter how hard I squeezed my muscles. I came suddenly at the intense pleasure and then managed to stop peeing because I wanted to hold some for later.

    I left the toilets feeling somewhat relieved but like I could have surely peed some more. I had to still concentrate on holding it as it felt like it was right about to exit my pee hole. Sophie came up to me and pushed another drink into my hand and we carried on dancing for what must have been a couple of more hours and several more drinks! When we looked at our watches we realized we had the last late night bus to catch and only 10 minutes to get across town and get on it! I was sure we'd never make it.

    We ran out of the club but it's hard to get anywhere fast in heels, plus I noticed Sophie was tottering more than usual. I asked if she was ok and she just nodded. By the time we hit the park, which was about halfway across town, the bus must have been getting ready to set off. It was at that point Sophie stopped dead.

    "I know this is the wrong time, but I'm dying for a piss," she said, with a look of panic in her eyes. "I wanted to go before we left the club there was no time."

    "Well,&qu ot; I said, "to be honest, I think we've just missed our bus darling, so we can go back if you want and get a taxi."

    "Bu t we'll have to pay to get in again, and then we can't afford a ride. And to be honest...I don't know if I can make it all the way back there! I have to pee so bad I think I'm already a little wet."

    She looked really upset now, sweating slightly, her 2 hands pressed to her crotch and legs crossed over on top of them. She was slightly bent over, swaying back and forth trying to stop the need to pee. It was JUST like my fantasy and I felt myself growing hot and horny. I reached into my bag and finished off the last of my water bottle so I could feel my bladder pressing against my waistband. I was already wet but it wasn't only pee...

    "O my God, I don't think I can hold it any longer. What am I going to do?" she squealed in desperation.

    " ;Don't worry Soph, it's OK! Just let it go. I honestly don't mind and I promise I won't tell anyone."

    "I can't," she protested, "It's too embarrassing! Anyway, I don't think I can, I've never done it before."

    So I told her. All about my fetish and about how I peed in the shower before coming out, how I wet myself in the ladies and how I thought I was about to now again.

    "Arggh all that talking about peeing is making it worse!" she cried. " I can't hold it...O my!"

    I moved over to her just in time to see a dark stain seep through her jeans. She pressed desperately against the mark and managed to control herself again. But slowly I took her hand and moved it away.

    "Just let it go, you'll feel so much better, and it's REALLY turning me on!" I said. She giggled and let me take her hand away. She was still trying to fight it, though. But she couldn't. Once again I watched her pee, as it poured down her legs soaking her jeans. I moved in closer and felt the warm wetness seeping into the denim. She was breathing fast as she let go, a final gush spilling out and running off my palm.

    It was only then I felt the same warmth spreading between my legs. Laughing, I eased down my jeans, led her hand down to my wet crotch, and let her feel my hot stream as I peed myself again. I couldn't stop, and I could see that she was really turned on too. She pulled into me, my pee wetting both of our already soaking legs and as we kissed I came in an explosion of pleasure.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My best friend, Quinn, (not her real name) often gets into situations where she has accidents. This is one from when I was fourteen (I'm eighteen now.) Oh, and Quinn is very attractive, 5'3, thin, red curly hair.
    We took a field trip to a farm in the country. We had a lot of water, it was very hot. She also had had the hiccups, so she drank about two bottles of water. On the bus ride home, she announces, "Nobody look. I'm going to pee myself." Of course, we all thought she was kidding. There were twenty minutes left. The bus stopped a few blocks away from our school, and as we were walking back, she starts breathing heavily and stopped. She bended over and put her hands to her crotch and started crying. I told her she would be fine, let's keep walking. She asked the teacher if she could stop at the [ublic restroom, teacher said no. When we were at school, we still had to walk up four flights of stairs. Quinn and I were lagging behind because Quinn couldn't walk fast without having an accident. So she sits down on the stairs and I see a wet patch on her pants. "Did you have an accident?" I asked. "No," she answered, blushing.
    We finally get to the bathroom, and there is a line. Quinn kneels on the floor and starts murmuring something along the lines of, "I'm not gonna make it, please God, no," and then I turn around and she is crying. A wet puddle is spreading beneath her jeans. She was quite a pitiful sight. Quinn has also had a few more. here are just a few:
    1. In McDonalds; the door was locked.
    2. In the car.
    3. On the bus.
    4. In class.
    5. A hold-it contest me, her, and two of our other friends had.
    6. There have been quite a few, now that I think about it.
    More details in another post!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    anyone has had a good outdoor pee story?
    desperation or otherwise

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