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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    what movies has guys despret to pee
    in idd like too see one

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Can't help but wonder if Danica Patrick is wearing a diaper and will pee in it during the Indi Race.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was At a friends sleepover party, and wearing a red, shiny, silk, thong. I was also wearing a skirt. It was a guy-girl sleepover, and a few of my friends got drunk. (not very much just a little...) i saw my friends whispering. "Hey everybody, lets take out pants off!" I agreed, but then while i was taking it off My bf and 5 of his friends held my in spanking position and my so called friends pulled up my thong over my head, OVER OVER my head. I was sweating and crying, begging them to let go. I started to pee, and they let go and the underwear went down my legs onto ther floor.
    The underwear were ruined. there was no use. All of a sudden, My friends started spanking me! It HURT! my ass was red as a beet, or so my friends said, and they wouldn't stop. They were all laughing they're heads off. They finally stopped, and then held me in place. I had to stand there, and someone pulled my top off. I was standing there totally naked in front of 18 people or so, half of them boys.My boyfriend (now my ex) took a daiper and put it on me. I peed again, and now it didn't really matter. I was beyond embarrassed. I just went like that the rest of the ight, until I pooped in them so i just went nood. I knew all of them, anyways. BUT THEY TOLD EVERYONE AT SCHOOL! grrr...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I don't why but every time I read these confessions, I end up wetting myself. In fact, my fucking pants are soaked right now! Granted, I'm a filthy, sleazy, lazy, low-life pig, but shit--you'd still think I'd have more fucking control, wouldn't you?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have a story, a bit embarassing, that happened the other week. I went to the waterpark, before I went I had a bit to drink so by the time I got there I needed to pee a bit but I thought I'm going on waterslides - what's the worst that can happen. Anyway I changed into my bikini and went to the first ride - little did I know how long the line was. After about 15 imutes of waiting in line my need to go started to get pretty bad but I could now see the line was about 40 minutes long ahead. I couldn't go back either because there were too many people. I started to shuffle my legs slowly - I was cold too which wasn't helping and there was water evywhere. My bladder was filling up quickly - 10 minutes later I was moving my legs constantly. I tried sitting down but soon the line moved and I had to stand. After another 10 minutse I wanted nothing more than to just let it our or hold myself but I couldn't of course - if only I'd worn shorts wih long pockets. I started to brush my hand down there and push some pressure near my pee hole for a few secconds hoping nobody saw. By now I was trying to stop moving becasue I thought people may notice but I had to pee worse than I ever had before. After another 5 minutes I became like numb down there and started to spasm - I knew I couldn' hold on much longer. I started a small pee dance again, constatnly pressure fingering myself. I was close to the ride now but all of a sudden a spurt escaped. I looked at the damage - there was a noticeable mark and I felt wetness running down one leg. I just managed to make it to the top a few minutes later without too much more damage and within seconds after starting to slide down it all just burst out. Sorry everyone but I know they add plenty of chlorene to their water.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I've often seen it noted on here that urine is sterile. I've wondered if this is true, then why do we bother to wash our hands after urinating - would it not be better to rinse your hands in your own urine? But no, we don't do that - and why not?

    Turns out the urine *should* be sterile, but it often is not. And with the push from the medical community to kill as many germs as possible, it seems silly to expose yourself needlessly to germs. In any case, it is a caculated risk, and if you're willing to take it, great. But don't operate under the false assumption that it is always sterile.

    If the kidneys have an infection, the urnie is not sterile from the moment of its production. If there is a yeast infection in the urinary tract, or any other kind of infection anywhere along the urinary tract, is it unsterile. Urinary tract infections are often asymptomatic. If there are any germs on or in the urethral orifice, those germs will end up in the urine stream (hence the direction that urine samples be taken mid-stream, the hope being that the germs will have been flushed in the initial seconds of the stream). Examples of common bacteria that live in or on the urethra are chlamydia and e. coli.

    If the risks of these things are something you can live with, more power to you - just be informed.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I haven't been posting for a while, because I haven't had any good stories, but I've been keeping up. I'm a 18 y/o female, brown hair/eyes, 5'4, 110 lbs.

    On Wednesday, my boyfriend was driving me home from his house that night, when I looked at him and noticed that one hand kept on kneading the front of his pants. I asked him if he was all right and he just said. "Yes, I'm fine, I just really have to take a piss. I thought I could hold it but it's one hell of an urge." Finally it got to be too much for him to hold so he swung the car into the parking lot behind a motel. He sprung out of the car and started dashing into the woods. Then he paused, turned around and ran back to turn off the headlights of the car. Then he jogged back to a spot between two trees and proceeded to piss. He stood there peeing for about 2 minutes, before coming back to where I was in the car.

    I had asked him if I could go with him and watch, but he told me no because he didn't want to draw attention to himself, and usually when we start in with things like that, it leads to things that can't be mentioned on this site.

    Back on the road and less then 20 minutes later he was squeezing his penis again and bouncing his leg up and down! Apparently he had to desperately pee again. This time there was no place to pull over. "Use something else!"
    "Like what?" He looked around frantically. "I'd piss myself but I don't want to mess up my mom's car." Digging around under the seat I found a 1/4 full water bottle. I quickly dumped the water out the window and handed him the empty bottle. "Darnit honey, you do it, I need two hands to open my pants, and I'm trying to drive. Plus if I stop squeezing my dick I'll probably piss my pants." So I reached over and unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis and pressed the tip against the mouth of the bottle. The second it hit the bottle he let out this immense sigh of relief, finally letting go completely and relaxing. I held the bottle as he peed for a few minutes and filled the bottle about 3/4 full. At a red light he took the bottle from me, squeezed the last few drops into the bottle and closed it. When we got to my house he gave me a kiss and I took the bottle and tossed it in the outside trash.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was about 9 years old and i was at my best friend Erins house.We were haning out, outside and i really had to go pee, since we were in a tree i held it in.Eventually it really started to hurt, alot! I finally said oh erin i gotta go really bad and she said me too!Seeing as how she was a better tree climber she got down first and to the bathroom first.Erin took her time to go, meanwhile i was crouched down on the floor ready to cry.By the time she came out i was about to go!When i got in the bathroom i went in pants over the toilet,because i couldnt hold it in long enough so i ended up with wet pants.My dad came and got me and i took 2 showers one with my cloths another normal.HOW EMBARRESING!?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was out driving around and I suddenly had to pee. I was in the center of the business district of town so I couldn't just pull off and pee in the street. I stopped at a Subway to use their bathroom but there was already somebody in there. She was only in there for like 2 minutes though and I rushed in only to find out just how tight my shorts were. I tugged and pulled and sucked in my tiny stomach and they finally started to pull down...just as I started to piss myself and by time I was able to squat over the bowl they were soaked. I walked out of the bathroom into the crowded restaurant totally embarrassed, and even had a guy smack my ass and call me a baby.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    He had told her. He had told her about the fetish he had with seeing a woman desperate and even on rare occasion, watching them pee their pants.

    Surprisingly, she didn't freak out as she shyly admitted to having a fetish for it also. They had just never put it into practice...not yet anyway. Tomorrow, he hoped to finally do just that. He spent a long while thinking about the execution of his fantasy-trying to figure out where he could take her and what they would do. He decided that he'd take her for a nice picnic in the next county over. It was a decent car ride away and neither of them would really know where they were going.

    He got up early in the morning and prepared their picnic meal. He packed sandwiches and all sorts of other goodies. He, of course, also packed plenty of drinks. After he finished making their picnic, he walked quietly into their bedroom and gently woke her. After hearing of the day's plans, she smiled and got in the shower. Within the hour, she was ready to go.

    On the way out of the house, she grabbed a bottle of water of out the fridge. He grinned as he walked out the door behind her. Perfect.

    He knew her capacity fairly well. One bottle of water would make her need to go eventually, but not desperately. As we pulled into the parking lot, she'd only drunk about three quarters of the bottle. Good enough.

    He pulled the picnic basket out of the back of the car along with another bag of assorted things. The couple found a nice quiet spot in the park. He had picked the perfect day. Beautiful weather for a picnic. He pulled a large blanket out of the bag and spread it out over the ground. He laid down first and motioned for her to follow. He wouldn't make her drink. Not yet. She put her head on his chest and the two just lied there.

    After about and hour of relaxation, he suggested that the two of them toss around the frisbee he packed. She willingly obliged and jumped up and play frisbee they did.

    The sky was just starting to turn that light pink, just before the sun starts to set. He pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead. He then suggested they eat their picnic meal. He pulled out their sandwiches and grapes and even her favorite, chocolate-covered strawberrys and hand fed them to her. He also poured her a nice large glass of wine and smiled inwardly as she finished off her first glass. Another hour and his deepest fantasy would come true. Watching her in desperation. He was starting to get hard, just thinking about it.

    Sure enough, about an hour later, she started squirming. He had been smart enough to pace himself. He knew that she'd never willingly relieve herself here, in public. He asked her what was wrong, and, as he expected, she admitted that she needed to pee. She also mentioned that she wasn't really that desperate, but that she would need a bathroom soon. Perfect timing.

    He suggested that they head home, considering there were no bathrooms around. He asked her if she thought she could make it. She hesitated a moment and then nodded. They walked back to the car, hand in hand.

    With about a half hour to go, he glanced toward his girlfriend of close to a year and noticed that she was squirming significantly more. She would cross her legs and then recross them the other way from time to time. He again asked her how she was doing and she said that she really needed to pee, but she thought she would be able to hold it until they got home. He was so completely aroused by this point, that he was having a hard time concentrating on the road. He didn't think she noticed his hard on. It was too dark.

    They hit some really heavy traffic when they were about ten minutes from home. By this point, he had to pee also, but his situation was far less dire than hers. He watched her continuously check to see if the traffic was moving out of the corner of his eye. He watched her slip her hand down her pants to relieve some of her pent-up need to pee. He looked at her and held her free hand, which instantly squeezed as hard as she could.

    She cried "Oh my God" in alarm. She said she didn't think she'd be able to make it if the traffic didn't let up soon. Her pants were now un-buckled to relieve some of the pressure on her aching bladder.

    Finally the traffic let up and as they started onto the road their home was on, he noticed her hips were constantly bucking and her legs were squeezed together with her hand still holding her aching pee-hole. He didn't think he could handle another second of watching her.

    He helped her out the car. She stayed bent over with her hand between her legs. She ordered him to go open the door so she didnt have to wait when she got there. As she walked through the doorway and tried to make into the bathroom, he pulled her arm and led her into the bedroom. She started moaning and asking him was he was doing. He whispered in her ear that he was about to fulfill both of their deepest fantasy's. She groaned into his mouth as he started to kiss and strip her. He pushed her back onto the bed and lowered himself gently down on top of her. He felt her hips grinding and bucking, squeezing with everything she had not to pee. He started gently kissing the side of her neck and she gasped that she REALLY needed to pee and it was going to come out any second. With that, he entered her. She not only felt pressure from on top, but inside too. She begged him to let her pee as she continued to squirm underneath him. He finally pulled out and she felt a little dribble out of her. A moment later, he was back inside of her. The dribble was not enough to relieve her any and she begged him some more. Rhythmically, he went in and out of her, and each time he pulled out of her, a little pee leacked out of her aching little pussy. Both came came to an incredibly intense orgasm and he collapsed on top of her in pure exhaustion.

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