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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hello Caitlin,

    I have yet another pee idea for you.....

    you said you like to pee outdoors. So how about wearing a skirt with no panties and peeing outside somewhere were it is relativly busy with people.

    Well let me know what you think.


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    Posted by Anonymous

    We had been dating for a couple years so we were pretty comfortable talking about just about everything. Tonya (not her real name)was one of those small framed girls that also had a small bladder, seemed she always had to go to the bathroom. For example she would come out of a movie almost peeing her pants or would have to stand up and go pee in the middle of the movie. There was this one time when she casually said she wished she had a bigger bladder... which was when I offered to "coach" her. At first she looked at me with a funny face as if I was kidding but then I said it was for real; if she wanted I'd coach her into being able to hold more pee. She laughed at the idea and I thought she had forgotten about it.

    About a month later we went to a movie and it was so good that she didn't want to leave to pee. After the end she said she needed to stop by the ladies, that she needed to pee pretty bad. "Will my coach allow it?" she asked, kidding, and it took me a moment to jog my memory as to what that was about. I just laughed and took her to the place where the toilets were but there was a huge line for the girl's. I noticed Tonya looking at it in dismay.

    "Looks like it'll be a while..." I said, looking at the line too.

    "Sorry to make you wait baby, I really have to go," she answered and joined the line. It's not like she was desperate, but she just thought she shouldn't leave the mall without peeing first. Getting over that concept was of course one of the first lessons I was going to "coach" her about...

    " Say we go home... it's a fifteen minute drive after all, and it'll take you a lot longer than that to wait here in line..." I suggested. She looked at me, looked at the line then back at me and said "yeah, I guess you're right" and she reluctantly stepped out of the line and went with me to the parking lot outside. As we got in the car I asked, "Are you all right?" "I have to go pretty bad, believe me, but I can try and wait till we get to your place."
    She got out of the car and I saw her press her thighs together as she was waiting for me to open the door to the house. As soon as we were in she made a beeline to the bathroom. I crossed in front of her to tease her and she said "C'mon, don't do that, I have to pee..." and went around me to continue her way toward the bathroom. "What if your coach says you shouldn't?" I tried out saying, afraid of what she would answer. She stopped at the bathroom threshold and glanced back, pressing her thighs together again. "What do you mean I shouldn't?" she asked suspiciously. "I mean, if you want... I'll coach you into getting less dependent on the bathroom... like you said once..." it was really awkward; I wished I hadn't said anything. But it turned out that she accepted it from that point on, so I thanked myself for having had that idea.

    "And the coaching begins now??" she asked, slightly bringing a knee in front of the other but not crossing her legs all the way.

    "Yeah, right now!" I answered more confidently.

    "Can't I just pee before? Real quick?" she asked.

    "Like I said... it's your choice... I'm not going to stop you. I just think that you shouldn't pee right now," I said like I didn't care.

    "I haven't peed since before the movie in case you didn't notice," she answered, trying to persuade me to let her pee.

    "Well, neither have I, and I don't feel any great need to go," I answered.

    "Well I have to go really bad" she pleaded.

    "Then go," I answered quickly. Reverse psychology really does wonders.

    "All right!" she said with a decided face. "When can I pee, coach?"

    Now we were talking. "Will & Grace is on in 15 minutes." God I hated that show, but she liked it and always watched it. "Pee right after it finishes."

    She bit her lip and glanced back at the inviting toilet trying to resist the temptation of sitting there, pulling her pants down and ahhhhh... NO she had to stop thinking about that.

    "Okay, but if I have to go real bad I'm going to go early," she said.

    "No problem. Like I said, no one is stopping you..."

    Like I said, reverse psychology does wonders. She took it as a challenge.

    "I'll pee when it ends, all right," she accepted and backed away from the bathroom and came to the sofa.

    When the first commercial break came in I noticed her fidgeting, adjusting her pants and with her hand close to her crotch.

    "Lesson number one. Don't think about it. Act normal. C'mon, relax and enjoy the show like everything is normal."

    "I can't relax too much unless you'd want a wet couch. God I have to pee," she protested.

    "C'mon ignore it... you don't have to pee. It's all in your mind."

    "Yeah, then there's like a gallon of 'mind' in my bladder!"

    "If you have to go pee, just do it..." I answered. That was a killer.

    "All right! Won't be long until W&G is over anyway," she answered trying to convince herself.

    "That's the spirit."

    I saw her shift position and sit cross-legged.

    "That's a no-no," I intervened, putting one hand on each of her legs and uncrossed them gently, placing them slightly apart.

    "What do you mean I can't cross my legs? It's normal..."

    &quo t;I know you never cross your legs watching TV at home... you're just doing it because you have to pee!" I accused.

    "All right, so I'm crossing my legs because I haven't peed in ages, so what?"

    "Leave that to when you're desperate to pee... for now, no crossing and no grabbing yourself. Act normal..." I explained.

    She looked at me with a funny face but accepted. "All right," she sat back with her legs slightly apart and pulled her hand well away from her crotch.

    A few minutes later the next commercial break came in and she crossed her legs again and she quickly uncrossed them when I glanced at her. "Okay, okay, no crossing, no crossing" she said, feeling that I was about to reprimand her.

    She tried to sit still during the commercials but I saw her toes wriggling and she seemed desperate to cross her legs.

    The show came on again and she started fidgeting a lot and didn't seem to mind my silent criticism. When the next commercial break came it she stood up and walked quickly to the bathroom, keeping her legs tightly together...

    "Gi ving up?" I said.

    She stopped and turned back to face me, "C'mon I almost made it to the end of the show, you can go on coaching me some other time... I have to go sooo bad!" and turned back and got in the bathroom.

    She half-closed the door and I knew by the sound of it that she was taking her jeans and panties off and sitting on the toilet. She was going to pee any moment now.

    "You disappoint me soldier," I said jokingly, and she laughed.

    I was expecting to hear a waterfall of pee but to my surprise I didn't hear anything. I just heard the sound of her zipping her zipper and buttoning back up and coming out of the bathroom biting her lip.

    "W&G is almost over right? This is the last commercial break?"

    I smiled broadly. "Good girl!" I said. Then I made a suspicious face. "Sure you didn't pee?"

    "Look at me, does it look like I peed?" She was crossing her legs with her knees bent.

    "Hell no," I said. "Not even a little drop?" I insisted.

    "Nothing baby. One hundred percent dry. Zero pee sir." That was her attempt at army-talk- hahaha.

    She sat back on the couch with her legs crossed. I was going to say something but she said it first.

    "Crossing legs now a must," she said quickly and resumed her attention on holding her pee.

    Halfway through the last part of W&G she shoved her right hand between her legs and looked about to scream in need. But then it eased off and she went back to looking just uncomfortable.

    W&G finally ended and she made a face of absolute relief and said, "Thank God. I have freaking lake Mississippi here between my legs."

    She got up and limped to the bathroom with her legs crossed.

    "I can pee now, right?" she asked me with a pained expression, afraid that I'd make up something else to prevent her from going.

    "If you want... but there's one last thing," I said sadistically.

    Sh e grimaced in need. "What it is now?" she asked impatiently.

    &quo t;You are a lady, you shouldn't run to the bathroom like that, as if you were some kid..." I said.

    "What do you mean???" she asked, hopping on one foot.

    "C'mon, come over here," I said, pointing to where I was, which was near the couch and about 20 steps away from the bathroom.

    "I'm about to pour a freaking gallon of pee on your carpet and you're telling me to walk over there just to walk back again to the bathroom?" she asked.

    "No, you'll walk back to the bathroom like a lady should. With elegance."

    She grimaced and looked at the toilet, so near... she could just blow it all over and rush there to pee and she needed it so bad. But her pride didn't allow it.

    She hobbled back to the place I was pointing to and stood there with her legs crossed and hopping around.

    "N ow, calmly say that you'll go to the bathroom and go there slowly and elegantly. No crossing legs, no grabbing, no hopping. You can do it."

    "I'll go to the bathroom" she said hurriedly to comply with the instructions and walked not so slowly but without grabbing herself when she arrived near the threshold I stopped her and she looked as if she was going to murder me right there.

    "A lady doesn't say it like that. Go back and try again... and walk slower. I want to feel class and elegance," I demanded.

    She clenched her teeth. "You bastard, c'mon, I can barely think anymore, my pee is about to start coming out of my ears for heavens sake!"

    "Your call..." I said. Ha! Reverse psychology.

    She limped back to the starting spot again, took a deep breath, made a "rich madam with poodle" face and said calmly, "Excuse me while I go freshen up" and started walking slowly to the bathroom, with small and light steps. I was impressed. If I didn't know better I'd hardly tell that behind that acting there was a bladder filled up to the size of a watermelon and that she had been pleading to pee for hours. For a moment I got suspicious that she had snuck up and peed while I was not looking.

    She made it to the threshold where I stopped her again, but this time she acted out a calm face and said "So, Mr. Coach, satisfied? May I go freshen up now?" She was perfectly still. But the truth is that she was using up her last ounce of strength to keep the act together. She felt her pee start oozing out of her bladder just inches from exiting her aching little pee-hole.
    She was sooo sexy, trying to make a lady impression while holding a nearly exploding bladder... I just had to kiss her loudly and run my hands up and down her body but when I ran my hand down her belly she complained - damn! It was rock hard; she wasn't faking at all. She kissed me back and we started to make out but then she grunted and I felt something wet. I looked down and saw her completely leaking all over and it just kept coming out like there was no end to it. I don't think she ever held that much pee in her life. We kept making out and well... she ended up not needing a bathroom at all but we did need several towels and I was impressed at how much her little bladder managed to hold.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm in high school and the other day at lunch me n my friend and my boy friend and also his friend were all craking jokes.... just to inform you i kinda have a weak bladder so i don't even remember what my bf's friend say 2 make me laugh so hard but b4 lunch i should've went 2 the R.R bcuz i had 2 go pee really bad... n so i started laugh so hard i piss a little then tried 2 stop but it was so0o cold out i couldn't. So my bf's friend was walking behind me n he was looking at my ass then said y are ur pants blue.... did u piss ur pants ?!?!? I juss laughed n so me n my friend ran to the coner n she asked what i told her 2 piss herself but she wouldn't ... ughh... i was so embarassed so i had no choice to walk back 2 scool n as soon is i got to about 5ft from the door...anthony (bf's friend) went and told all the 8th graders !! So i went into thr R.R with my friend but so much of a friend so told ppl too so eventually everyone 1 found out .... then 6th period i went 2 my friend's locker n she gave me shorts n a hoodie ( every1 that didn't kno woundered y i had shorts on) So even 2 the day i get made fun of which i "try" to ignore but u kno u can only ignore so much. That was my worst day ever !! PlZ write back if this happened 2 any of you

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hey Caitlin,

    Have you got anymore stories for us, haven't heard from you in a few days.

    Also, not sure how daring you are but how about peeing into a garbage can at work. take it into the stall with you and fill it up.

    Well hope to hear from you soon


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    Posted by Anonymous

    i wasn't planning on writing something today but I actually had a very nice outside pee i wanted to share with y'all before i crack down and start studying for my midterms that are all coming up.
    i coach a little kids soccer team, but then go to my real job right after practice, but i need to change clothes from sweats to nicer clothes in the car. the parking lot at my soccer practice seems fairly empty as practices are leaving but there are still several cars. during the entire practice i had a very big urgent need to pee, but had to wait since i'm the only coach. i let the parking lot empty out a little bit before sitting in my car and taking off my shin guards cleats and socks. i kept my door open and sat sideways on the seat with my feet on the gravel spread out. by this point i'm absolutely busting but i can't go just yet because the little kids are still around. i pretend to look for something in my car while they all leave. when the parking lot that i was facing cleared up from activity, i squatted back out of my car. i was on my tippy toes and pulled my soccer shorts and thong to one side with one had and held open my pussy lips with the other. at that moment i let out a torrent of piss and some even splashed up and hit my car door. i relieved myself for at least a minute before shaking off for a few seconds and then changing into my work clothes. it felt so good and it was such a rush because i could have gotten caught at any minute. thanks for the suggestions i'll work on the and see if you have anymore.

    also, i enjoy reading these stories too y'all so if any one, guy or girl, has desperation stories where they barely make it but do outside or somewhere where you arent suppoesed to go.. post them!
    <3 caitlin

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    Posted by Anonymous

    hi all. my name is caitlin. i'm 5'1" and about 110 lbs with bigger C boobs and a very cute ass for a white girl or so i've been told. i'm brunette and have brown eyes, but sorry boys, i have a boyfriend. i absolutely love outdoor peeing. doing it. watching it. reading about it. etc. i have a few stories tonight, and if i get enough response, i'll keep posting more.

    i love to make myself completely desperate until i absolutely cannot hold it any longer and i need to pee right then and there. i however am not into wetting my pants, but i pee outdoors whenever possible.
    the other night, my roomate and i were driving her car back to the park and ride lot since we aren't able to park on campus. we had expected a ride within 5 minutes, but there was serious traffic and we were told it was going to be at least a 2 hour wait. we were both very upset, and couldn't even leave the lot because we were low on both cash and gas. the only things we had in our car was a cooler of some soda from the drive we had taken during the day. the entire ride back to the lot, both of us had been complaining about our dire need to pee. my roomate finally gave in after squirming and holding her self in her seat for several minutes. she looked at me like she didn't know what to do. i told her to squat outside the car. she didn't want to. at this moment, i opened up a soda and began to drink it to spite her and also to increase my need. she finally gave in and got out of the car as quickly as possible. i watched her since she left the door open struggle to release her tight jeans. she finally got them to her ankles, squatted down just a little bit, pushed out her pelvis and let go a very impressive stream. the entire time she went, she was moaning in relief. these noises made me have to pee very badly. i got out of the car on the other side and walked up to the light pole in front of my car. i then lifted up my mini jean skirt with one hand since my other hand was already underneath my skirt opening my pussy lips. i finally released my bladder and oh how glorious it was. the piss cascaded down the pole anc colleced in a puddle underneath it. right before i finished, i rubbed my clit a few times because the sensation was that amazing. i shook off a little and headed back to the car. my roomate and i leaked our bladders a few more times before our ride arrived that evening, in various positons, but nothing as satisfying as that first piss. since we only waited about 2 hours, we peed whenever we could just getting whatever out we could.

    i have one more story for the evening sine it is quite late. this was from when i was in high school and just realizing peeing outside turned me on. i also didn't know how to pee standing up back then. (i'm in college now by the way). i was walking home one day after a particularly long soccer practice. when i was about a mile from the school and about 2 from home, i realized that i hadn't relieved myself at school and i was now in a dire dire need for a bathroom. i was slightly excited at the fact that i would be able to pee outside, but where. i didn't have too long to think because i was honestly on the verge of peeing my pants. i hurridly walked into a wooded area by my house, pulled my shorts down to my knees, squatted discreetly and showered the ground with pee from my aching bladder. i had the biggest smile on my face the rest of the walk home.

    if y'all want more stories, i would like some responses. i'm even open to suggestions of where to go and what to do. i'm always looking for something new. just last week i took my first pee in my dorm room in my garbage..
    let me know
    more to come

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    Posted by Anonymous

    how do i tell my g/f i want her to pee on me

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i love pee and anything that has to do with it, i want a mate who likes pee too. anyone interested??

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hi who has ever had a golden shower?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    What are watersports?

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