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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I work in my Local Marina & Parks Recreation service. I always work by myself, so its a pretty easy job. I was doing a mandatory inspection of the girls bathroom in one of the Marina buildings yesterday. While I was observing and taking notes of obvious things that needed repair work, my skirt suddenly fell off. I was half naked for a moment while I looked around to make sure nobody was there, I quickly squatted down to pull my skirt up but squatted a little too far and released a LOUD BURSTING FART!!!!. It echoed across the bathroom but good thing nobody was there. Still I felt so embarrassed of myself. I continued my work, but decided to sit down on the toilet in one of the stalls for a moment while noting more stuff I came across. When I went to sit down though, my skirt fell off again, so I figure okay, whatever....I'll just leave it down and close the door while my skirt was off. Well as I'm sitting there writing everything down while looking around for more things.....I just began to pee like crazy into the toilet bowl. Good thing my skirt was already down, cause I was caught totaly off guard not expecting to sit down and go pee for any reason. I was surprised at my sudden peeing burst. I did not intend to sit down to use the bathroom but that's what happened. I sat there for nearly 5 and a half minutes Farting & Peeing noisily. Once I reached midstream, I realized my bladder was incredibly overloaded and I would be peeing for quite some time. When I finished peeing, my bladder was not even empty yet. At least I was done pooping though, so I wiped myself and pulled my skirt back up and continued my work, well again 10 minutes later I was bending down to look at something on the wall, and and write it down and my skirt again fell off. I knew I had to pee, I quickly ran inside one of the stalls, closed the door, locked it and sat down just in time to start peeing again for another 5 minutes. Good thing nobody ever came into the Marina bathroom that day, I literally spent the whole time on the toilet, peeing while I was writing down stuff. It was a rather weird day, nothing really that I expected. I just ended up going pee all day while working. It would have been so embarrassing though if anybody saw me.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I work at home in my own office for my job. Well, I'm on the phone with a customer for quite some time trying to get an issue they had resolved. It had been about about 2 hours on the phone with the same person and I suddenly had to go pee really bad. I switched from the handset to my wireless headset just as my boyfriend walked in. He could see how incredibly desperate I was, so he immediately helped me get undressed, first sliding my skirt off and setting it aside, then he quickly slid my panties off me and then removed my top and my bra so I was completely naked still on the phone with the customer and about to burst at any bladder was hurting so bad. I told him to get out of the way, and he did....I finally got off the phone when I finally lost control and just started going pee uncontrollably all over the floor. I peed like crazy for almost 2 minutes straight. I had to stand up and squat down, I spreaded my legs as wide as I could, forcing myself to pee even faster and harder. As I sat there gushing, I accidently unleashed a MONSTEROUS FART!!!! that echoed across the room. I continued peeing for another minute or longer before It finally reduced to a small gush then a few large scale squirts. I never imagined my bladder would be so full. I felt so horribly embarrassed to have peed like that in front of my boyfriend. But he didn't mind, he was used to it since I normally have to pee every 5 minutes whenever he's over. I thanked him for helping me get my clothes off, I felt so relieved, but just when I thought I was done.....I FARTED again 3 more times sending a long string of poop oozing out of my butt cheeks and plopping onto the floor. He said to just squat down and finish doing my business, so I did....and I pooped for about a minute, followed by another long pee. I don't think I'll ever forget that day. I just decided getting dressed again was too much if I had to go to the bathroom later so I just stayed naked the rest of the day while I was working. Talk about an embarrassing day.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    last year in 8th grade i went into the bathroom at school to fix my hair and i had a really bad stomache pain,like i had to i squeezed and then all of a sudden i could feel the hot rushing pee come into my light blue jeans.i put my hand over it to hold it in and ran into the stall.i tried to unzip my pants but it was stuck.i was panicked,then i heard somebody walk in the bathroom,it was the janitor,i asked him to help me,it took like 15 min and it was soo hard not to wet myself.then,right when i got bacjk into the stall,i pulled down my pants and then,i started peeing,EVERYWHERE!i got it all over the floor.i began sobbing uncontrollably.and worst of all,the janitor heard the pee,and opened the stall.he gave me like a 10 min. lecture on how to go when i needed to go!and he contacted the nurse and i had to get changed and the nurse called my mom and my parents think i wet my pants all the time so they make we use plastic sheets and i need to wear diapers when we go on long road trips.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Last night after getting home from dinner I headed for the toilet but my gal was already doing her squat there. Feeling "fresky" I pushed the panties that were just below her knees down and off her feet so I could open her legs and squeeze in. "Armed" with a major bladder full I pointed my simi-hard tool just below her and tried to relax. Only a few drops eventually dribbled out; well ok one good squirt did shoot out during a major push effort and since I had to raise my aim some due to its stiffness, the pee hit her right about her clit; maybe a tad below it but since it was sort of dark I would not be sure. Anyway her only reaction was to stand up and coax us into reverse positions so that I was sitting and she was legs spread standing with her pussy just below my chest. It only took her but a few seconds and I felt a warm river flowing down my chest to my now very hard tool. She began to pee really hard so I pulled her down such that my pee covered tool stuck right into her pussy. That stopped her pee like a cork in a bottle even though she tried to push the rest of her pee out a few times Sure was the start of a fun time.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a guy and have a guy friend that spends the night with me now and then. Last saturday night he came over, I started to get up sunday morning to take a piss, he said waite a minute. He said lay back down here I got something for you, he had a hard on, but I had to piss, he said this won't take long. He stuck it in, but didn't do any humping, just grunted. Then I felt him going soft and he pulled out, and got off, then said now you can go piss, and while you're in there piss for me too. I've been pissed on, but that was the first time I was ever pissed in.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was in our first period of the day after lunch, and in english class. It was hot, had some soft drinks and now class starts and about 15 mins later I have go pee like mad. So I put up my hand and ask the teacher to go to the boys room and she says no, we just came back from lunch. A bit later Im really full and starting to leak in my pants and I wave my hand again and this time she said ok.
    I went to the boys room and got into a stall and pissed like a race horse.But while I was there I pulled out a camel cigarette and lit up.
    Would you know, the principal is walking down the hall and with is beegle like nose smells smoke and walks in on me in the boys room and catches me smokin, one hand on the camel, and the other hand on my peter, I was jerking off. I had both hands full! He yelled at me and told me I should not abuse myself and then sent me class, told the teacher and then I got detention for one hour a day for 3 days.

    So a week goes by and again in the afternoon I have to pee bad again. I raise my hand and ask to go. Teacher says no, principal says not to let me go again as I was just using it an excuse to light up a smoke. Really, I had quit! Actually I had only smoked 3 times in my life!
    I sat there squirming in my seat and then thru a hole in the old pair of pants I had on I started to hold my peter. This gave me a big hard on, and I rubbed it to keep from peeing my pants. It helped a lot as its hard to pee when you have a boner.
    I slowly rubbed my peter for about 20 minutes and it was real real hard. I felt this tingle in my crotch and I thought I was going go pee myself, it got worse. Then It happened, I blew off a load in my underpants. It was good but at the same time yucky and wet. I couldnt stop it from comming. I still had to pee badly. I waited and again asked the teacher, teacher says no again. With 15 more minutes left in this class I started to leak and wet my briefs. I couldnt hold it and my water kept leaking until my crotch was wet and then down my pant leg and butt. It was so much a puddle on the floor under my desk started to show up and this being a wooden floor you could hear my urine piddlin on a puddle. Everyone around me looked and started to snicker and whisper.
    Then the teacher, Miss Kinarr came back and saw my accident on the floor. She yelled at me and told me to go to the nurses office and they would call my home.
    I left the room went to the nurse office and they called my Dad who was home.
    He came and got me and told me not to drink so much and said what was that smell I had on me too.
    He said, "I know" you were fooing around with yourself weren't you?" I just nodded and he yelled some more.
    "You got what you deserved and from now you know better".

    We got home, I took my my stained undies and jeans and cleaned up. I got a months detention at home, grounded plus a weeks detention in school again.
    I guess I learned not to pig out of water and then to leave my peter alone in school.
    Everyone knew and laughed and talked about it for a long time.
    About a month later I had to go pee again in history class and the teacher let me go. I went, hurried in and out got back fast. I didnt want any accidents again.

    This was not the end of my school accidents or walking home accidents. But If anyone wants to know Id confess them too.

    I'll be glad when summer starts maybe everyone will forget about it.


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    Posted by Anonymous

    My girlfriend has some fetish about golden showers that she admitted to deep into our relationship and now I just can't hold it in anymore! GS's ARE SO DISGUSTING AND I DON'T WANT TO PISS ON HER. GAH! It would be a shame if some goddamn urine was the reason we broke up because other than this little problem she's the love of my life. But it's her fetish...I don't think she can change, but I sure as hell am not gonna change for her...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was wondering where all those hundreds of thousands of people in line to see the pope are peeing as I've not seen ANY portapotties.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    A few years ago around July 2000, I was 15 at the time, I was flying across country to visit my grandparents.

    I probably should have gone to the bathroom but then the plane hit turbelance. Anyways I fell asleep and wet my pants!

    It was a night flight, the plane was mostly dark and only halve full and I was sitting alone in my aisle. But I was wearing light brown pants and I really soaked them good.

    One of the stewardesses, a really pretty brunette probably only a few years older than me, looked like just out of college, was walking down the aisle checking on people (at least the ones awake) and she leaned over to me to see if I wanted anything, glanced down, and gasped. I was so humiliated I wish I had wings because I would have flown out of that plane in a minute.

    She saw I was really embarrassed and whispered to me, 'Did you have an accident, honey?'

    Like, duh, lady!

    But of course all I could do was nod my head and I almost started to cry I was so embarrassed.

    Then she said, 'We're about ready to land and I don't want you to be embarrassed like that. You poor thing.'

    She said she'd be right back and I saw her walk over to another stewardess, a knockout blonde with a real killer figure. My heart sank as I figured now she knew what happened now too. The blonde walked down the aisle to me to take a look at me, smiled at me with a wide grin on her face and walked back to the brunette and whispered something to her.

    Then the burnette came back with a plastic cup of 7-Up or Sprite in her hand, leaned over to hand it to me, then turned the cup upside down and poured it all over my already pee-soaked pants!

    'Oh, my, I'm so sorry!' and such and such she said, loud enough that other passengers around her heard me, even waking up a few of them. Then the blonde walked over and the brunette 'told' her what she 'accidentally' had done, again loud enough for those around to hear, some of who laughed, including a girl about my age sitting in the row in front of me, only across the center aisle of the plane.

    Then the blonde leaned over and whispered to me, 'Better than everyone here knowing you wet your pants, right?' she smirked and winked at me.

    'Yes, ma'am' I said, then I mouthed a 'thank you' to the brunette.

    I was really glad they did that and really appreciated it. They even told me to wait until everyone else got of the plane and they would try to get find robe for me, which they got from someone airport staff at the gate. Only trouble was it took like five more minutes and by that time I'm sure every stewardess on the plane knew what happened, cause they all had wide grins on their faces as they said goodbye.

    At least the brunette gave me a kiss on the cheek as I got of the plane. I was in lala land after that and walked right into the doorway getting of the plane. The blonde laghed and said, ''Careful, Kathy. You're going to make him have another accident'' Then they both laughed and told me to enjoy my trip.

    I dont know about the rest of you people, but man oh man. Those were the two nicest stewardesses I ever met!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    After writing about peeing myself at a concert I see that some replies have asked me for details of other times that I have wet myself. Here is another story, one of many.
    One day in June i decided to spend the day at an agricultural show. That morning I dressed in a tight T shirt and a very short immitation leather skirt. I wore no bra or panties (I have given up underwear). I had a couple of cups of coffee before the 2 hour journey to the show. By the time I got there I was feeling a bit full, but I made my way to the ticket booth and went inside. Just inside the gates was a toilet, however it wasn't desperate so I didn't use it but just wandered around looking at all the exhibits. This was OK for about half an Hour or so, but by then I really needed to go. I was now some way from the toilets and didn't see any others nearby. As I passed one stall I saw quite a crowd of people around it looking at some gaget that was being demonstrated. I moved closer to get a better look. As everyone was staring ahead i thought that this would be a good time to pee. Keeping my legs close together I started to pee. What a relief! No one seemed to be aware of what I was doing. With the hot sun my legs soon dried. By lunchtime I needed to pee again. This time I was nearer a toilet, but there was a long queue of women. One or two looked quite desperate. One young girl had her hand tightly pressed to her cunt and her legs tightly crossed. I decided not to bother with the toilet, I would move away and piss myself again. As I turned to go I saw that the young girl was in trouble. I saw a wet stain begining to spread on her skirt then she just let go and let it all pour out. Seeing this I felt an urgent need to go myself, so I did the same, and in full view of all the women i pissed myself. Twice more that day I peed in public, I don't bother who sees me anymore. Also due to the length of my skirt several people must have seen my cunt as I wandered around.

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