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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    hey everyone. it's veronica and i'm back with some more outdoor peeing stories. i've been up to my usual peeing at the mall by my car and on road runs with my track team, but i've done several more pees outside that aren't what i do normally.

    i was drunk the night of a huge blizzard here and we were snowed in at my best friends house. we decidede to go for a walk when the snowing subsided and met up with friends who lived about a mile away and drink with themin the cold. i bet everyone in this forum knows the affects of alcohol on teh bladder and i was absolutely bursting after my third mike's hard lemonade but waited until i had two more shots to even contemplate peeing. by my 3rd shot i was desperate and recruited my best friend shawn to come help me. it was definitely going to take 2 people because i had on jeans and spandex underneath them to keep me warm and also a nice cute thong.;) anyways shawn helped me get both layers of my pants down and made sure i didnt pee on anything but the tree i was standing in front of because i was attempting a standing pee drunk. i held my pussy and let go with force i didnt know i had. i left a nice yellow patch in the snow. shawn helped put me back in my clothes and then i waited while he went against the tree i had just wet. the rest of that night is a blur considering how much i drank and continued to drink and the fact that im only 5 foot 1 and just over 100 pounds.

    its getting late so i'm going to bed because i do have school tomorrow, but please post outdoor pee storie... male or female
    until next time__
    <3 veronica

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My latest girlfriend is a cute, small, dark hair lady with a clean shaved pussy. In the sack she's the best, I suppose that comes from years as an escort when she was in her 20's. I put this in wet stories cause she's a pisser, ie. she will perform all the wet acts most guys probably only read and dream about. Problem is I don't like sharing her but I also can't seem to find another like her. What would some of you other guys do in my shoes? I'm afraid, for better or worse, she will never change her ways.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I had stumbled on some hot piss pictures several years ago and they peaked my interest. I started collecting them and jacking off to them for quite a while. Then one night when jacking off with some poppers, I decided to lay down on the floor and empty my full bladder into my mouth. I was hooked from then on. Now I do this shit all the time and I can't tell you how hot my j/o sessions have become since I started with this. You may think I'm a seize and a pervert (I've been called that in the past and worse) but I don't give a fuck--I'm having a good wet fucking time! .

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My kink is male watersports... I love watersports. The first time I talked someone into it I had an incredible time! It felt totally liberated! What I like about it is that a man can only shoot his load so much, but he can pee and pee and pee again! He can douse you, soak you in the hot fluids that have been inside him and it feels so good. I love to see the golden drops glistening in my chest hair. And I love pissing on a man too! When it comes to piss, this queer's a real pig and proud of it!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hey, is there any guys out there who will post some stories about them being really desperate and JUST making it to the bathroom?... Please post ASAP!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was in New Orleans this last year for Mardi Gras I ended up just laying in a corner of a leather bar bathroom and was used as a urinal for several hours. That was totally awesome but I was pretty rank when I slushed my way into my hotel at around 3am in the morning. When it comes to piss, I'm a total fucking pig!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hi there.I'm a female and I'm looking for some stories from guys. A couple of years ago I was living with my then boyfriend. One night he'd been out with a few friends and got home fairly late which was nothing unusual but as he came into the appartment I noticed that he was holding his jacket over the front of his jeans and made a bee line for the bedroom instead of joining me on the sofa. Thinking it was a little strange I followed him into the bedroom and foung him getting fresh jeans from the wardrobe at which point he mad the embarrassing confession that he'd accidentally peed in his pants on the way home and was trying to change without me finding out. Seeing him standing there with the crotch of his jeans soaked actually turned me on a little and as soon as he was out of his wet clothes we had some good adult fun together. A few months later when we were out he mentioned on our way home that he needed to pee, so i asked him to pee in his pants again and in return I promised him a few irresistable favours. At first he was reluctant but he evenually agreed so long as no one else could see or find out. Watching the urine soak around his crotch and down his legs was such a turn on. I know it's weird, but it's harmless and we all have our kinks! One time I even got him to piss himself in public. Sadly we split a couple of months back when he left to work over a 1000 miles away. My current boyfriend doesn't understand the appeal of 'pee' at all, SO I'm interested in hearing about guys out there that have peed their pants - accidentally or deliberatly, privately or publicly. i'm also intersted in how the people around responded. Sorry if this is a weird request... but hey.. what can you do?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a dude in my twenties and I drink too much all the time and sometime I'll wet the bed. It wouldn't really be that much of a problem, but I tend to leave the sheets soaked in urine. People have sometimes commented on the way I smell, but I just ignore it. Last week I got drunk and wet myself in public and I didn't even try and hide it. Guess I'm sort of pathetic, right?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Last year, I had the flu. It came on while traveling back to college after Christmas break. I had to make frequent stops to void my bowels. At my last stop, there was a long line at the public restroom and a guy working there noticed my desperation. He volunteered to let me use the staff bathroom. It was one of those deals where there is a toilet in a locked stall and then a sink outside the stall. I ran in, dropped my jeans and panties, and sprayed the bowl with liquid diarrhea. When I cam out to wash up, I saw that the guy was still there and he had a noticiable erection. I was furious and started calling him a pervert. He offered me a free meal to shut me up. I was sort of hungry so I agreed. During the meal, we talked and he said that he couldn't help himself because I was so cute. By the end of the meal, I guess thought he was cute too because I felt a little aroused. I even considered going back into the restroom and letting him jack off while I went again. But I didn't.
    I wis I had because I got about 10 miles down the road when the cramping started again. I pulled into a truck stop, but only got three feet from the car when I soiled myself. This time, my witnes was a skeezy trucker who shook his head at me as he watched me duck walk back to my car to get a clean change of clothing.

    As I washed up, I thought again about the guy at the restaurant. The next time I went to the bathroom, I fingered myself as I shit. I decided to find out who else was aroused by bathroom activity.

    My next victim was my bf. I don't usually go when the door is open at his apartment, but I did when he was in the kitchen and would have to walk by the bathroom to get back to the bedroom. He walked by just as I started peeing. At first he looked embarrassed, but then he asked if he could watch. He said he'd never seen a girl pee before. Within a week, I had him fingering me as the stream hit the bowl.

    Next, I wet myself just as class dismissed and my professor was packing up his briefcase. He asked why I stayed behind and I blushed prettily as I explained that I had a little accident. He offered to help me by loaning me his trench coat to wear out of the lecture hall. I stepped out of my sopping panties and miniskirt and then put on his coat. He was all red as he saw my damp neatly trimmed pussy. I wore his coat home and gave it back to him at the next class. I saw a lump in his pants all during lecture.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Twin Streams

    Lucy liked her walks in the park particularly during s the other Kid's school hours. When all the grown up's where at work, it was peaceful, she had the place to her self. She had been aware of wanting to wee since leaving home, but the bath room was occupied, in a hurry to be on her way she put off going. Now she realised she had almost left it to, late, she stopped still in her tracks with her legs together to control a wave of need she pressed her thighs together, cupping her hand over her cunt through her skirt and panties, but was strangely excited when a small jet of wee forced its way in to her panties soaking the crotch. Gaining control, she made her way to the park toilets. Reflected on the absence of queues and feeling relived that this would not be like other occasions, there was no need for holding on or hoping from one foot to the other, hand thrust between her legs dibbling pee in to her panties through her fingers. This time no waiting, t hen having to hurry to get her panties down to avoid wetting her self. Selecting a cubical, and closing the door, she lifted her skirt, hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her panties, prepared to remove them prior to siting down. When her attention was caught by the graffiti covering the walls, and though she was on the verge of peeing her self sat on the seat to read.
    There where drawings of all sorts, some of couples fucking,, all the male drawings, That where crude and sported huge cock's and hairy women's illustrated wanking, and so on, then there where all the messages and the coarse rhymes.
    Like "Don't be afraid of the creepy, crawly ant's just keep your nicks on and pee in your pants "and so on.
    One thing fascinated her it depicted a girl frigging her self through her panties, and beneath it was scribbled. This is what I had to do to myself last night after I peed my panties.
    For more information be here at 11.00hrs on the 21st.As Lucy sat the thought ran through her mind what could have cased this girl who, signed her self Jill )to indulge in one of Lucy's favourite past times.
    Maybe she had been petting with her boy friend and peed instead of coming. Then had to finish her self of in the loo. As she speculated various scenarios, she started to finger her self through her panties. Perhaps the message was one of anger, or an enticement from this Jill to share in what had happened.
    Lucy's imagination knew no bounds as she imagined this Jill peeing her self and then siting with soaking pants frigging her self urgently.
    Suddenly aware of her own need, and by now thoroughly aroused she quite deliberately lifted her skirt. and commenced to tease her self, stroking her labia till her juices ran, causing a damp patch to form round her panty crotch, soon she was frigging her self up the side of her white panties. Her legs began to tremble and her vagina contracted as she teased the delicious waves of pleasure in to vigorous orgasm. As she started to come, she let go the contents of her straining bladder through her pants in to the bowl beneath, soaking her self. As she believed herself all alone, she cried out" Oh! fucccckkkeee please fuck me now!"Then with her panties full of piss and come she relaxed against the wall.
    It was then she heard a giggle, looking up where the sound had come from she found herself staring in to the of the eyes of a very attractive girl whose head had appeared over the partition. Her unknown observer said" I see you got my message then" Lucy gasped and looking at her watch, realised that it was 1100am and of course the 21st,then deduced that her observer was the originator of the notice on the wall.
    "Theirs no need to be embarrassed you already know I did it last night, and I enjoyed watching you, can I come in"said the girl who Lucy presumed must be Jill
    "Well hallo, yes please come in but I will have to open the door and my panties are wet, and I need to remove them and wring them out first."No! Keep them on. They won't worry me replied Jill coming round to the door.
    Lucy shuffled to the door and drew back the bolt, and as she stepped back to resume her seat on the toilet seat, Jill walked in.
    Lucy was not surprised that she was a pretty girl about the same height and weight as herself, but what did shock her was that Jill was holding herself with both hands between the legs she walked slowly forward and looking at her
    Jill lifted her skirt and sat on Lucy's knee facing her.
    Lucy spread her legs to accommodate her."What made you do it " asked Lucy "well" began Jill" I was with my boy friend and he was petting me in the shelter I kept telling him I wanted to wee but he was near to coming
    As he was rubbing his prick against the front of my panties, and I thought I would be able to come and not pee, . He started to come first, pushing against my leg, as he did so he pulled up my skirt so his prick would be pressed on my vagina when he came.
    Then thrusting up and down he spurted on to my panties. As I was just on the verge of coming my arse was flattened against the cold wall. I just could not help it and I pissed all over us both.
    I was so embarrassed I turned and ran in to this toilet still pissing I could not stop to take off my pants, so I just sat and emptied my bladder through my panties when I had finished. My vagina was tingling with frustration. I removed my wet panties and shouted to John ( my boy friend) to come in.
    As I was that worked up I had decided to let him fuck me. I waited and shouted once more but he did not appear. Finally I went outside and he had gone, whether he was annoyed that I had pissed on his trousers or what I did not know.
    All that I did know was that I needed relief and there was only one way to get it. I came and sat. Where you are sitting now and using four fingers brought my self of.
    Afterwards I felt so angry at him.he had shot his load over my panties and walked out on me. And then was a danger that once home if my mum found spunk on my panties. I would be punished, may be spanked
    So I did the drawing and the message just to express my anger to an anonymous person but I most certainly did not expect it to have the effect it had on you". Jill finished
    This story had now got Lucy to the point where she was squirming with lust, Jill; s vagina was so close to hers and she was obviously dying to pee
    Jill whispered in Lucy's ear "Lets do it together now, open your legs wider so I can press my cunt on yours"Lucy beamed her approval. Jill continued Ill likely wet my pants but I am desperate for a shag, even if it's a girlie one
    I let my panties dry under the bed last night so mum would not see them in the linen basket and I have put them back on again today. Lucy had seen the come marks on her new friend's panties and that together with the biscuit smell had suspected as much.
    Siting cunt to cunt the feel the starchiness of the fabric of Jill's repeatedly wanked in panties, excited Lucy intensely
    Meanwhile Jill's squirming cunt and bum were doing delightful things to Lucy. Jill Blurted I going to wee and with that she started to wee herself through her own pants onto Lucy's panties. Aroused beyond belief by this two pairs of legs where locked together straining and trembling in release.

    As with total understanding they strained to a mutual wet climax, their cunts fastened together.spurring one another to greater heights of delight, their little clities rubbing together, till at the moment of fulfilment both girls reached orgasm. Then simultaneously peed their panties their wee mixing in to one stream falling in to the bowel beneath them. This was made possible because little girls have very flexible joints, so that when they had finished they were siting, with their bums on the seat and their legs interlocked.
    Their sweaty tummies pressed tightly together as they exchanged sweet little kisses. Presently Lucy asked"Was that nice? And where did you second wee come from?"
    I saved some from my first go because I like to wee in my panties when that feeling comes"confided Jill, Then added "that was the best time ever, let's put our panties in the sun to dry and drink lots of water so we can do it again"Lucy nodded her approval
    "Yes lets do it on the grass in that secluded field behind the park, we can pretend we are fucking, you can be the boy and I the girl, and you can lie on top of me "
    Oh! Lovely, and while our panty's dry we can play with each others cunties, so we get a nice slow build up. I am glad it's so quite and there is no one around.
    Very soon the two girls lay in the field, their panties drying in the sun Lucy noticed the brown marks in the back of Jill's panties, "you don't wipe your bottom properly do you? Mind you I sometimes don't and mum smacks me, particularly when I forget altogether, she says it looks like I have messed myself. I did that at school and got sent to the head mistress she made me bend over and caned me across the back of my legs so hard I peed my self it went all over her carpet."
    "What did she do, hit you harder?"asked Jill "No" continued Lucy "she sent me to the matron for an enema. The matron was very stern she made me remove my wet panties and lie on the examination coach face down then she put a rubber nozzle up my bottom and pumped a lot of soapy water in to me, Then she made me put on clean white knickers on, she said I had to hold it in for ten minuets, and if I leaked a drop I would get spanked every day for a week. Then she made me sit in the corner, I was nearly doing it when I sat down. by the time I was aloud to sit on the potty I could hardly take my panties off without letting go.
    Suddenly It was coming and I sat down with my panties still on, it all ran out of me and filled my panties, I was in a terrible mess"Jill asked did you get all that smacking?"
    "Well-conti nued Lucy"I would have done but something happened Matron grabbed me pulled off my stinking knickers lay me face down on the coach and started to clean me up with paper towels, first my legs then my bum, then between my legs. then she started wiping my cunt clean. I must admit it felt nice. At first I thought it was accidental, but then she turned me on my back this time she did not use towels. She just rubbed other finger, round the my cunty. She started to say rude things, She said that I could forget the smacking, if I let her masturbate me, and afterwards I would have to do it to her. The enema had made me feel light and randy. So much so I wanted it bad so I let her do it with her tongue. then I knelt between her legs and did it to her.
    I found out since she has done it to other girls".
    "What was it like" asked Jill"when she did it to you" "Well"began Lucy it was, like er, no I will tell you what I will do, I will show you? Jill spread her legs for Lucy to put her head down between she began to lick the lips of Jill's cunt, Jill sighed with pleasure"oh! fucky oh! fuccccccyyyy that's so blooody good,as the tip of Lucy's tongue ran round her clit She just could not help but shove her cunt into Lucy's face and clamp her legs round her head. But Lucy wriggled free, she turned her position so her cunt was over Jill's mouth."Come on do it to me at the same time, but no peeing, that's for later

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