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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    nothing to do with wet storys but
    what is with people all ways saying
    (this one time in band camp)
    what is it what is so funny about it
    is it from a funny movie or something

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    Posted by Anonymous

    It was a hot July night and a very popular band was playing at an outdoor concert in the park. My friend Jess, and our dates Mark and Brad were all going to go with me to the concert. It started at 9pm, but at about 7pm we all met at Mark's house to have a few drinks before we left. There would be a beer gardens there but we wanted to get buzzed before we got there. Since it was a warm night Jess and I were both wearing tank tops, me with a skirt and her with shorts. Both the guys just had on t-shirts and khaki shorts.

    We started with a couple shots each and then switched to beer, we didn't want to mix hard liquor with beer once we got there. We each had 2 beers and then it was time to go, we were going to take the bus since none of us would be in a state to drive later on. We each filled up a colored water bottle with beer and all went pee about 15-20 minutes before we left.

    Once we were on the bus, the ride was only about 20 minutes; we all easily finished of our bottles of beer. We arrived down there quite early and the line up was already half way around the building but after standing for a few minutes we saw that it was moving quite quickly. After a few minutes we were all laughing and having a good time, there were tons of people partying and drinking in line. When we got a little closer to the front I had the urge to pee, I knew I could hold it for a bit longer, I have a fairly strong bladder but I would have to find one when we got in. I looked at Jess and she kinda laughed and said "Man, I sure have to piss, i hope we can find a bathroom soon!!"

    As if on cue, Brad pointed up ahead and said there was bathrooms right ahead. He said, "I need to go, 2 people can go and the other 2 can hold our place in line and take turns. Jess exclaimed, "Ok, I need to go too, come on Brad"

    Mark and I groaned but agreed, having to wait not much longer. They ran off and came back not a minute later. "They are locked, we will have to wait until we are inside" Brad said, obviously incredibly disappointed and in desperate need of relieving himself. Secretly a part of me was glad, I was enjoying the predicament, if only I did not have to go so bad as well. The line continued to move and soon we were almost at the gate to get in. As we were being searched and let thru, I asked security were the bathrooms were. He explained that they were on the other side of the grounds and pointed the direction.

    Once we all got in, we were all obviously in a great need of a piss; we wanted to stay all together and made our way quickly thru the crowds. The bathrooms were porta potties secluded behind trees and it seemed that a great deal of people had the same predicament. There were about 10 stalls all in a row and in each line there was about 5 - 6 people, lots of which had their legs crossed and one that was openly holding herself. "Oh shit, i cannot wait, I will have to go against the fence behind them" Brad cried. Jess said "I don't think so, you'll have to wait in line with us, us girls cannot go and do that." Brad moaned but then got into the next line over with Jess. Mark and I stayed together, making an agreement that we would go in at the same time and he would pee in the sink or between my legs if he had to. He was hunched over, occasionally reaching into his pocket and squeezing himself. We hadn't been seeing each other for very long and this was the first time I had seen him like this, it was actually a huge turn on. Jess was jumping up and down openly holding herself. She yelled for the people ahead to hurry up. Brad bent over and looked like he was going to piss anytime, "I have never had to go so bad in my life."

    Soon we were second in line and Brad and Ashley were still third. There were 2 guys beside us that could not sit still and kept announcing loudly that they had to piss. Soon, one guy raced behind the porta potties unzipping his pants as he went. The other guy quickly followed and when they came out there was only one person ahead of us. When they returned one of them said to us "One of the good things about being a guy!" obviously enjoying Jess and my dilemma. "Why don't you guys do the same??" they asked Mark and Brad, laughing as they walked by. Brad looked like he would have said something back if he didn't have to pee so badly. Soon they were next in line as well and all of us were doubled over and openly holding ourselves. "I have never had to go so bad in my life" Jess cried.

    When the person ahead of us came out we both raced inside leaving Brad and Jess still waiting. I immediately had my skirt up and my panties down. Mark had his shorts down quickly and was squeezing his penis very hard trying to cut of the flow just 30 seconds longer. The sink was clogged so I sat down and spread my legs wide, leaving Mark enough room to pee if his aim was good. I immediately started to pee, a very strong stream. Seeing me, Mark almost let go; he was concentrating very hard on trying not to pee on me. Soon, a small stream began as our streams combined together as one. His stream grew into a steady force and piss began to splash on my legs." You have to slow it down" I said sternly "You are getting me wet" He groaned and used all his force to bring it down and after about 30 seconds he was done. Now that we both felt better I got up and I gave him a romantic kiss. We went outside to find that Jess and Brad must have gotten in. When they came out they both looked relieved. "Man, I cannot believe I held that for that long, I thought I was going to piss myself" Brad said. We all went to get a drink but knew to give ourselves plenty of time to get to the bathroom for the rest of the night!

    Later I asked Jess how they had peed. She told me that she had peed first while he watched and that it had turned her on that he had been such a gentleman even though he was obviously pushing his limits.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Could some of the guys send in their desperation story, but when they were with their girlfriends. Oh and make the story result in the guy pissing himself or his girlfriend.

    I would also love the here stories from the ladies when they pissed on guys/their bfs because they had to go so bad

    If there are already some on this site, what is the title of them.

    Thank you. I'll be sure to send in some more of my own naughty stories, too!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    just wondered if any other girls got turned on when they drive past lorry drivers who are pissing by the side of the road, i know i do and i always try and look to see the flow hitting the floor.

    would love to hear from men who just "have" to go in all sort of places do you ever get turned on by it?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    ok only guys
    has any of you guys ever played the hold it game
    please post

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One day my bf and I decided to play the hold it game, but first we both had to go to the bathroom at the same time(so we'd have empty bladders) then drink 2 bottles of water and who ever peed themselves first lost but we could touch ourselves to stop the flow. To make things more fun the winner got to pee on the loser. Well thing went fine for about a half an hour but then I really had to pee and my bf could tell because I was scriming like crazy. My bf has a huge bladder so he didn't even have to go at all so to make me go more we started making hissing sounds and that really made me have to go more so I jumped up and grabbed my pee hole. I told him I quit and he said okay but he was still gonna play. So I went to the bathroom and relived myself but then my bf started pounding on the door saying he had to go NOW. But i wanted to make him suffer so i locked the door and came out. Now he couldn't get in. Then I jumped on him causing him to fall on the floor (we have capret so it didn't hurt that much) then i started tickling him and my bf is VERY ticklish so of course he started squirting it it was very funmny so I had my joke and he had his only the bathroom was still locked. I told him to pee in a bucket so he was like ok. So he started peeing in a bucket it was truly hilarrious, especially when i moved the bucket and he peed on the floor.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Last night after dinner and a few drinks we stopped by my girlfriends office. It was late; entire building locked; ours the only car in the lot. Walking down a hall past the men's room she did a cute little dance saying she had to pee bad and pulled me into the men's room. To my shock instead of going into a stall she hiked up her skirt pulled her string aside and attempted to piss in one of the urinals.
    Nothing appeard to be happening so I jumped over, now horney as hell, saying it appeard she needed some help so while standing behind her I reached around and opened her pussy lips as she continued trying to piss. She even tried flushing the thing several times with no success so I figured what the hell and dropped my pants and put some more "stuff" deep inside her.
    Eventually she wound up sitting on the counter in front of the large mirror and peed in the sink. And when she saw me peeing in the urinal she ran over, got down on her knees just a few inches from my penis, took it in her hand aiming it all around.
    Think I'll have to keep this girl around.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    can any of you guys(male) post some storys of when you peed your pants or when you get or got desperate
    i wrote this befor but did no good please reply

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    Posted by Anonymous

    It had been a beautiful day. A group of us from work had gone for a long ramble along the coast. We were at a place called "Yorkies Knob" (no kidding!) near Cairns in Australia. We had had lunch under some trees listening to the endless roll of the surf. Of course it was hot, and fortunately, we had taken plenty to drink.

    After lunch we all seemed to split up a bit. I realised afterwards that my friends had sensed that Alice and I needed a bit of time alone even before we even knew ourselves! Alice has lovely long dark brown hair, and an incredibly sweet smile - I always go for the smile! To be honest, I'd rather assumed that she had a boyfriend already. It was only over lunch that someone else had commented that Alice 'needed' a boyfriend. We were chatting together really well as we walked back along the beach. The only slight problem was that Alice began to speed up a bit and hop about.

    We went on for a bit, but Alice was definitely getting edgy. I thought I could probably guess the problem by the time she spelled it out.

    "I'm sorry about this, but I really need those toilets back at the car park," she said, by way of explanation. For a moment, I thought she was going to make a grab for her crotch, but she somehow got control again. I realised that Alice's long dress had made it impossible for her to just relieve herself in the sea as the rest of us had done!

    "I guess you guys were lucky that time - no jellyfish stings," Alice had quipped as we came back to where she was sitting at lunchtime. She was talking of Box Jellyfish, of course, and if they get you, they can give you a sting that gives you a heart attack because of the intense pain - definitely bad news! Strangely enough, the best way to help someone if they have been stung is to pee on the wound - honestly!

    As we continued walking back, I noticed one or two jellyfish stranded on the beach - drying out in the hot sun - the season had certainly begun. Alice was not looking at the jellyfish; she was eyeing several clumps of bushes where it just might be possible for a modest young lady to go to the toilet, but each time there were people nearby on the beach, and Alice definitely didn't want to wait. As for myself - well the thought of Alice dampening her panties under her long dress was beginning to make me hard. Would she get really upset if she wet herself? I didn't want her upset...but I quite fancied her wet!

    I slipped my arm round Alice, and she moved a little closer to me, seeming to forget her need for toilets for a bit. Everything was going really well when we head a cry. At first I thought it was just someone playing about, but it was a man, and he was obviously in pain. Alice is training to become a paramedic, so she automatically started to run towards a little knot of people near the water's edge.

    The scene was quite chaotic. A man of about 25 was writhing on the sand with an angry looking sting on his left thigh. A girl, presumably his girlfriend, was just too distraught to do anything, "John, I told you not to ignore that flag - and now you've been stung!" she kept on shouting.

    There was another man with them, and he seemed to know what to do with Box Jellyfish stings. He had his penis out, and actually managed a small dribble, but unfortunately, as he was saying, he had been about 5 minutes ago! Alice had already started to blush- knowing what she was going to have to do.

    Alice took charge most professionally. She turned to me. "Don't look away- hold the guy's leg so we do this right."

    Despite everything, she was obviously very shy. She seemed to consider removing her panties, and then just left them in place as she squatted over the man's thigh.

    "The clothing will help to spread my urine about and ensure we deal with all the wound," she muttered as an excuse.

    The victim was far too distracted to appreciate what was happening. She carefully positioned herself over the man's thigh as I held his leg to keep it still. I was having quite a job holding his leg- possibly it was starting to cramp, but Alice was clearly having difficulty unlearning all her potty training! She shifted position a bit and counted, "One, two, three, four..."

    At 'four' she seemed to really push, and that was enough, she started to pee through her panties a few drops at first, and then a huge hissing surge! I could feel the warmth of it as it ran over his thigh and on to my hands- I could even smell it- I was so close to the action! I felt quite guilty under the circumstances, but I just could not control a vast erection, which was hard to disguise in shorts!

    As Alice's flow finally started to subside, I was starting to wonder what would happen next. Whatever happened, I was resigned to the idea that my amorous stroll with Alice was over for the day. Incredibly, at that point a beach patrol came across us and took charge immediately. After briefly congratulating Alice on her quick thinking, they bundled the man (who we later heard made a complete recovery) and his two companions inside their jeep to go and get further medical help.

    Within a minute or so Alice and I were once more alone on the beach! She blushed again and looked down at the large wet stain on her dress- I could only imagine the state of her panties! I gave her a hug for what she had just done, but then she pushed away laughing, "Hey- do you realise you've just left a big wet handprint on my top!"

    We sat on a rock and dissolved into laughter.

    "You know, my previous boyfriend would have gone off his head if anything like that had happened - he just couldn't stand urine."

    I knew I'd never get a chance like this again. I didn't know if it would work, but I simply had to try. "Um, to be honest, you peeing through your panties like that turned me on so much!"

    "I noticed," Alice giggled, "And actually, it turned me on too!" she finished- managing somehow to look shy and brazen both at the same time!

    "I once tried to explain that to my boyfriend, and that was the end of him; we had a row and he left!"

    "Look, I know I've not got a jellyfish sting, but why not sit on my knee for a minute or two?"

    "Just so long as you know how wet it will be," she smiled her impossible smile.

    I only just got my car keys and wallet out of my shorts pockets in time (that is what I call quick thinking!) and we were in each other's arms kissing passionately.

    " ;I've still got a little more pee, if you think you might need the same treatment!" she said teasingly.

    I knew it would be quite embarrassing returning to the car park with soaked denim shorts, but I wanted to feel her wetness so much!

    She started to pant just before she let go- I was simply amazed how hot she was, and how much pee was still inside her! Within moments her pee was running right through my clothes and down my legs! We seemed to have the beach to ourselves, thank goodness) and my hand started to stray inside her soaking wet dress- but at that moment someone came into sight far away at the water's edge.

    "Let's finish this somewhere away from the crowd," she whispered.

    We made a run for the car park and got inside without anyone seeing the state we were both in. I set off intending to take Alice back to my place. Inside the hot car, the smell of her pee was driving me crazy. Alice seemed equally overcome with lust.

    "Just pull in somewhere quiet- quickly," she whispered.

    When a girl says that to you, you don't argue! I found a rather good spot with the car well sheltered by some trees, and we were alone again- momentarily rendered shy by the speed at which things were moving. I was staring down at Alice's wet knees and the huge stain on her dress. I realised that I absolutely had to kiss the source of all that pee. I tried kissing her wet knee, to see how she would react. For a moment I thought perhaps I had been a bit too bold, but then she lifted up her wet skirt and actually started to push my head up towards her crotch.

    Somehow her panties were pulled out of the way by the time I got to the top- though who did it, I never knew! Alice was so aroused that my tongue slid straight inside her effortlessly, really deep. Alice started to writhe, pushing her pee-soaked crotch into my face. Within a few seconds she came to a massive climax- yelling out so hard, she disturbed a bird that had come to sit on our car!

    I'd almost come myself by the time Alice had slid down my zip- carefully, to avoid another medical emergency! She started to suck me - and I guess she must have tasted her own pee on my member!

    Soon we were both spent - flopped against each other in my car, which was going to need some serious cleaning! A week later, Alice moved in with me, and since then, life has been wet, wet, wet!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    can some of you guys post guys needing to pee bad storys
    please i love reading them

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