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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was shopping at the mall with my friend, when she sudddenly looked really distressed. She asked me if I saw a toilet near by, and I replied that the only one I saw was on the other side of the mall. She became more distressed, and I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that she was going to go back out to the car to put all her bags away, because her arms were really bugging her. I said "Good idea, I'll come with you". She gave me a funny look, and then just walked off. Not knowing what to do, I followed her. When she realized I was right next to her, and going to follow her, she was like "Look, I gotta piss". Not knowing what she was going to do, I kept on. As soon as we got to our car, she dropped off her bags, and relocked the doors. Then she just pulled down her pants, and pissed on the car door next to ours. Surprised, I just watched her. When she was done, she just calmly walked away.
    A few hours later. I whispered to her "I've gotta pee, I'm going back to the car". And she was like "No". I asked her why not, and she was like, you can't aim. She told me she had a better idea. She brought me into the dressing room of the closest shop, which happened to be desserted, and ordered me to pee. Almost bursting, i let out a little spurt. She came up behind me, and guided her hands to my pussy. She was like "Pee, I'll show you how to aim". I let out another spurt, and it went on the corner wall. She was like "Keep going, its just where we want it to go". Relaxed now, I pissed for about 30 seconds, it all going on the wall. When she felt I was about to stop, she told me to push hard, and let it all out. I did, and then she told me to zip up. I was done.
    If you ever have to go in a mall, try that (in a abandoned changing room). It felt so good, and messy, and ooohhhhhh... NEVER USE THE BATHROOMS, THIS WAY IS MUCH MORE EXCITING!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When i was 5 and it was the end of school, i really needed to pee my bladder was filling up and i asked the teacher if i could go but she already dismissed us i was in the cloak room getting my coat on and i could feel it coming out i was hold my crotch and i could feel little bits coming out i knew i wasnt gonna make it so i ran outside and i wet myself. it was all down my tights and there was a wet patch at my front i was soaked and my baby sitter said have you wet yourself and i sed no even though i was dripping and when i was walking the clothes was all stuck to my skin!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    After walking around for hours one night I was incredibly tired and just wanted to lay down and sleep, so I walked to where my boyfriend works to take a nap in his car. The place he works is right on a small highway, and across the street is a house belonging to the owners that no one lives in and a dirt parking lot for employees out front. So I crawled into the car, out the front seat back down and passed out. I woke up an hour and a half later and needed to pee really really bad. I thought about going looking for a bathroom but just shifting in the seat made my bladder hurt so I said screw it I'm gonna go behind the house. I looked around in the back and spotted a nice dark corner, so I snuck into the shadows, pulled down my pants, crouched and let loose. It felt soooo good at first, but it became real uncomfortable quick because of all the weight and pressure bearing down on my abdomen. I hate squatting to piss and much prefer to stand, but standing is obviously much less stealthy. And of course, when I was about halfway through, a car went by on the side street, but hopefully it was dark enough that they couldn't see me. It left me feeling nervous, but I still had a lot of urine left in me, so I relaxed and kept going for a while longer til I was finally sure I was finished. I wish I could have seen how big a puddle I left, but it was way too dark out. I went back to the car and it was maybe ten minutes later when I had to piss real bad AGAIN, but I waited for about an hour before my BF got out of work and drove us home. He went to a friend's who lives right nearby and I ran, holding my aching pee hole, to our apartment, stood in front of the shower and pissed and pissed. I couldn't help but moan a little because it felt so good.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My friend and I started an exercise routine, which was walking on a nearby trail. Parts of the trail were cement, and parts of the trail were woodsy. As we were walking around the trail the other day, my friend Jessica casually announced that she could not wait for us to finish this lap, and it would have to be our last lap around the trail because she needed to pee very badly. This excited me very much, so I suggested that we step off the paved area of the trail and that we find a more private section of the woods and she could pee there. She looked at me, not quite sure whether or not I was joking or serious, and she said Chrissy, I can't just pee outside, in public, in the woods, that's nasty! I said well it may be nasty but you have to pee and I want to watch!

    We always carry water bottles when we're walking, so she really did have to pee very badly, so much so that she took my suggestion, and we veered off the paved part of the trail and snuck into a more secluded section of woods. We got there, and we both looked around to make sure there was no one in sight. I said well, how's this, why don't you pee here. She shyly pulled down her elastic waist work out pants and panties and she squatted down. My heart was pounding, and I couldn't believe I was going to get to watch my friend pee in the woods! I was so sexually aroused and knew that if I touched myself at that moment I would come, but I tried to contain myself to not make Jessica any more nervous than she already was.

    She was squatting for a few seconds now, so I told her to hurry, that I wanted to see her pee. Then, without any warning, her pussy split and it was like a damn bursting, and she pissed a thick stream of piss that hissed as it came out of her pussy so fast, and it was making a huge puddle below her. At that point I jammed my hand down the front of my own elastic waist pants and masturbated my clit through my panties and I felt a nice thick warm juice against my panties as I came. Jessica glanced over at me while I masturbated and she continued to pee the whole time.

    When she was done, she remained squatting down, I moved closer to her, squatted down beside her, and slowly reached my hand out to her pussy. She stared me straight in the eyes and didn't stop me, so I took that as all the encouragement I needed to touch her pussy. I inserted my finger into her pussy and circled her swollen clit with my thumb. Oh, Chrissy, that feels so good, don't stop, she said. She closed her eyes and moaned as she humped my finger in this squatted position and she came hard as I could feel her pussy contracting on my finger.

    Without any more talking, we both stood up and she pulled up her panties and pants. I said hey, Jessica, I have to pee quite badly also, would you want to watch?? I wasn't sure if I was pushing my luck here, as it was I had to encourage her to do her own pee out here, I didn't really know if she wanted to watch me, too! But she nodded her head, so I moved towards a tree, pulled down my pants and thong to my ankles and leaned my back against a tree. At this point, our adventure was becoming so sexual, that I decided to take my tits out, too, so I lifted my sports bra to reveal my tits. Jessica came to one side of me and she massaged my left tit. I couldn't believe my friend was palying with my tit, it felt so good, but I still had to pee so badly! She bent her head enough to suck on my tit and make my nipple nice and hard. That was all I needed to encourage me to let my pee flow. I reached down to my pussy and opened the lips so Jessica could watch as I peed. As soon as she heard my pee hissing into the ground, she stopped sucking my tit and bent her head even lower to get a closer look at pee gushing out of my pussy.

    I wasn't expecting this, but she reached her hand down to my pussy and felt my stream of piss and at the same time she rubbed my clit. I had just come when I watched her pee, but this was a new hand touching me, and I got turned on so quickly at the thought of this whole scenario. I just said oh Jessica, yeah, I want you to feel it, feel my piss on your hands. As I got close to coming, my stream of piss went from a gush to a dribble and I told Jessica to pleeaassee not stop and to play with my pussy so I could come. She did, and as came she stuck her finger in my pussy and I shuddered.

    I still wasn't done peeing, and once she took her fingers out from inside me, my stream of piss picked up right where it had left off, and I held my pussy lips open until I was done. We have had many adventures similar to this one, but this was the one that started it all!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    ok guys post your pee stories while with your girl friend
    or post stories about how you played the hold it game you know where you hold your pee till the other gives up
    post them all

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    Posted by Anonymous

    nothing to do with wet storys but
    what is with people all ways saying
    (this one time in band camp)
    what is it what is so funny about it
    is it from a funny movie or something

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    Posted by Anonymous

    It was a hot July night and a very popular band was playing at an outdoor concert in the park. My friend Jess, and our dates Mark and Brad were all going to go with me to the concert. It started at 9pm, but at about 7pm we all met at Mark's house to have a few drinks before we left. There would be a beer gardens there but we wanted to get buzzed before we got there. Since it was a warm night Jess and I were both wearing tank tops, me with a skirt and her with shorts. Both the guys just had on t-shirts and khaki shorts.

    We started with a couple shots each and then switched to beer, we didn't want to mix hard liquor with beer once we got there. We each had 2 beers and then it was time to go, we were going to take the bus since none of us would be in a state to drive later on. We each filled up a colored water bottle with beer and all went pee about 15-20 minutes before we left.

    Once we were on the bus, the ride was only about 20 minutes; we all easily finished of our bottles of beer. We arrived down there quite early and the line up was already half way around the building but after standing for a few minutes we saw that it was moving quite quickly. After a few minutes we were all laughing and having a good time, there were tons of people partying and drinking in line. When we got a little closer to the front I had the urge to pee, I knew I could hold it for a bit longer, I have a fairly strong bladder but I would have to find one when we got in. I looked at Jess and she kinda laughed and said "Man, I sure have to piss, i hope we can find a bathroom soon!!"

    As if on cue, Brad pointed up ahead and said there was bathrooms right ahead. He said, "I need to go, 2 people can go and the other 2 can hold our place in line and take turns. Jess exclaimed, "Ok, I need to go too, come on Brad"

    Mark and I groaned but agreed, having to wait not much longer. They ran off and came back not a minute later. "They are locked, we will have to wait until we are inside" Brad said, obviously incredibly disappointed and in desperate need of relieving himself. Secretly a part of me was glad, I was enjoying the predicament, if only I did not have to go so bad as well. The line continued to move and soon we were almost at the gate to get in. As we were being searched and let thru, I asked security were the bathrooms were. He explained that they were on the other side of the grounds and pointed the direction.

    Once we all got in, we were all obviously in a great need of a piss; we wanted to stay all together and made our way quickly thru the crowds. The bathrooms were porta potties secluded behind trees and it seemed that a great deal of people had the same predicament. There were about 10 stalls all in a row and in each line there was about 5 - 6 people, lots of which had their legs crossed and one that was openly holding herself. "Oh shit, i cannot wait, I will have to go against the fence behind them" Brad cried. Jess said "I don't think so, you'll have to wait in line with us, us girls cannot go and do that." Brad moaned but then got into the next line over with Jess. Mark and I stayed together, making an agreement that we would go in at the same time and he would pee in the sink or between my legs if he had to. He was hunched over, occasionally reaching into his pocket and squeezing himself. We hadn't been seeing each other for very long and this was the first time I had seen him like this, it was actually a huge turn on. Jess was jumping up and down openly holding herself. She yelled for the people ahead to hurry up. Brad bent over and looked like he was going to piss anytime, "I have never had to go so bad in my life."

    Soon we were second in line and Brad and Ashley were still third. There were 2 guys beside us that could not sit still and kept announcing loudly that they had to piss. Soon, one guy raced behind the porta potties unzipping his pants as he went. The other guy quickly followed and when they came out there was only one person ahead of us. When they returned one of them said to us "One of the good things about being a guy!" obviously enjoying Jess and my dilemma. "Why don't you guys do the same??" they asked Mark and Brad, laughing as they walked by. Brad looked like he would have said something back if he didn't have to pee so badly. Soon they were next in line as well and all of us were doubled over and openly holding ourselves. "I have never had to go so bad in my life" Jess cried.

    When the person ahead of us came out we both raced inside leaving Brad and Jess still waiting. I immediately had my skirt up and my panties down. Mark had his shorts down quickly and was squeezing his penis very hard trying to cut of the flow just 30 seconds longer. The sink was clogged so I sat down and spread my legs wide, leaving Mark enough room to pee if his aim was good. I immediately started to pee, a very strong stream. Seeing me, Mark almost let go; he was concentrating very hard on trying not to pee on me. Soon, a small stream began as our streams combined together as one. His stream grew into a steady force and piss began to splash on my legs." You have to slow it down" I said sternly "You are getting me wet" He groaned and used all his force to bring it down and after about 30 seconds he was done. Now that we both felt better I got up and I gave him a romantic kiss. We went outside to find that Jess and Brad must have gotten in. When they came out they both looked relieved. "Man, I cannot believe I held that for that long, I thought I was going to piss myself" Brad said. We all went to get a drink but knew to give ourselves plenty of time to get to the bathroom for the rest of the night!

    Later I asked Jess how they had peed. She told me that she had peed first while he watched and that it had turned her on that he had been such a gentleman even though he was obviously pushing his limits.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Could some of the guys send in their desperation story, but when they were with their girlfriends. Oh and make the story result in the guy pissing himself or his girlfriend.

    I would also love the here stories from the ladies when they pissed on guys/their bfs because they had to go so bad

    If there are already some on this site, what is the title of them.

    Thank you. I'll be sure to send in some more of my own naughty stories, too!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    just wondered if any other girls got turned on when they drive past lorry drivers who are pissing by the side of the road, i know i do and i always try and look to see the flow hitting the floor.

    would love to hear from men who just "have" to go in all sort of places do you ever get turned on by it?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    ok only guys
    has any of you guys ever played the hold it game
    please post

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