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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    Last winter, my boyfriend was asked to care for his boss's exotic birds when he unexpectedly went away due to a family emergency. It wasn't hard and I loved seeing the house --almost a mansion.

    On the last night, we decided to stay and have sex in the master bathroom suite which had a spa hot tub. We fell asleep on a guest bed. When we woke up a couple hours later, we found ourselves in a bad snowstorm. It lasted until morning.

    My boyfriend was panicking because he didn't want his boss to know we spent the night. He started shoveling the long driveway. When I came out to see how the shoveling was going, I instinctively closed the door behind me. Big mistake --the keys were inside!

    My boyfriend started yelling at me and I started sulkin in the car. After a half an hour, I realized I really needed to pee. I couldn't get back in the house. I held it as long as i could, then I ran for a stand of bushes. Before I could get my jeans and one piece thermals (union suit) off, I pissed myself! It soaked through my butt and legs and pooled in my boots.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    After much practice I've figured out how to pee standing, without making a mess.
    First the girl must open her legs and bend her knees a little while pushing her pussy forward. With long pants or tight shorts she has to drop them some, but with lose shorts she can then with one hand hold them aside while with the other hand, using two fingers, hold her pussy lips open so that they will not interfear with the stream as it shoots out of her pee hole which is now clear of lips and exposed. Once at that point it just takes some practice moving both her pelvis and fingers to aim her stream.
    One other thing. As she feels her bladder nearing empty and her stream about to stop she must then give a push to empty the last remaining bit or it will drip and run down her legs.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was working in front of a grocery store today in my local area handing out newspapers and signing people up for memberships. It was sort of a cold day so I wore a long dress that stretched all the way down to my feet. I had been drinking a little too much water during the day which was a big mistake on my part considering my bladder is very weak and doesn't hold up well under pressure. So about an hour into my day, I was beginning to feel a serious need to go pee and I couldn't leave my spot for any reason because there was a lot of money in newspaper stock that could potentially be stolen if I walked off for even just a moment. So I sat there and tried to hide the obvious pain I felt in my bladder and it was only getting worse every minute I pushed it. I fought desperately to maintain control as I explained a membership to somebody and signed them up one. But as the person walked off, and somebody else walked up to me, I had to pee so badly at that point I could feel it starting to leak out into my panties while I spoke with the customer. I paniced and crossed my legs in a desperate attempt to hold back any more from coming out, but it only made me have to go even worse. By the time I had gotten the person half way through the signup process I was just about finished with them, when I finally just lost control and a surge of pee went flooding right through my panties and running down my legs. Nobody else walked up for about 5 minutes which was long enough for me to go pee without anyone noticing. I sat there for at least 2 minutes straight peeing uncontrollably. I felt so much better and relieved but the embarrassment I felt was horrible. But I had no choice but to sit there and just pee like crazy until I was done. good thing I was wearing a long dress that day, so nobody really noticed if I peed or not because the majority of it my panties soaked up and some of it went on the ground which dried up rather quickly after going into a drain in the ground. Still though, that's the firs time I have ever peed my panties in public while working. I felt horribly embarrassed of myself but, its just good that nobody noticed at all. I guess I sort spared myself even worse embarrassment on that part of it.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My friend Penny and I decided to sunbathe today. We're working for the summer at the ranch of a certain Hollywood actor. If I told you the name, you'd recognize it for sure. There isn't much to do when this star isn't around so we spend a lot of time in the pool. The only problem is that there are a few creepy guys who bother us so whenever we can we go to the watering hole.

    The weather this morning was perfect for sunning. We stripped down to our thong bikini bottoms and laid out. Penny is half Cuban so she tanns faster than me. I have to use oil and remember to turn frequently. After a couple hours, I felt a familiar gurgle and realized that I had forgotten my morning dump.

    I was in a pickle. I didn't want to get dressed and go back to the house because it was so far. But I was afraid to go into the bushes because of rattlesnakes.

    I looked over and saw that Penny was fast asleep. A mischievous idea entered my mind. What if I pooped right there and Penny never knew. I could throw the turd into the bushes and she'd keep right on sleeping.

    I spread my knees, reached between my legs, and pulled my thong aside. A few grunts and a finger to open things up and I began shitting out a long thick log. It was a bit soft and not stinky at all. It made my pussy lips pout out and I caressed them with my free hand. The turd came out about three inches and seemed to get stuck. I shifted in discomfort and the movement woke Penny up. I slammed my legs together and removed my hand, but not before she saw.

    She asked if I was jilling off. I lied and said yes. She winked and said that she was feeling horny too and ould use a little five fingered comfort. I watched her shuck off her bikini bottom and begin stroking her clit. As she closed her eyes and began moaning, I realized that I need to finish taking care of business before she saw the dump between my legs.

    I pretended to moan as well and pushed with all my might to release the remaining turd. The large hump shot out followed by another four inches of skinner turd. I grabbed my top, wrapped it around the turd and flung it in the bushes just as Penny brought herself to a shattering orgasm.

    She smiled at me and asked if I was satisfied, too. I was able to answer that truthfully.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    The last time I smoked weed with my friend I faded out for awhile and when I woke up I had totally pissed my fucking pants in front of the two girls he had brought for us. They got disgusted with me, as was my friend who called me a fucking pervert. I'm afraid this was not the first time something like this has happened to me. I tend to piss in my fucking pants a lot!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My sister and I are hypercompetitive. This is due largely to the fact that we are barely 11 months apart in age. She's the older and I always resented that she got to do certain things before me (like go to school, date, or drive).

    One of our childhood contests was to see who could hold her bladder the longest. It used to really piss my mom off (pun intended) because occasionally one of us would refuse to concede and end up wetting ourselves.

    I thought we'd outgrown this silly challenge until last Sunday.

    My sister just got engaged. Which burns me up because my boyfriend and I have actually been dating 4 months longer than Tessa and her new fiance. She knows this and pointedly asked me if I ever thought Steve would propose. So I challenged her to hold her bladder for the entire engagement party that afternoon.

    This was a good challenge because we would be drinking a lot of toasts, plus standing in my mother's garden which has a very loud fountain.

    We posted my younger brother (15) at the garden gate to make sure neither of us slipped into the powder room. At first, it was very easy, then lunch was served and I had to sit down. Which compressed my bladder slightly. I was suddenly aware that it was getting quite full. I winced and looked over at my sister. She was smirking! Time for action. I stood up, tapped my wine glass and proposed a toast to my sister and her fiance. This set off many toasts. Since everyone was looking at her and not me, I only wet my lips each time, but she had to take real sips. She narrowed her eyes at me as my dad leaned over to refill her glass.

    The triumph allowed me to ignore my aching bladder for a while. Then, I heard my sister tell my mom that she thought it was time to start the dancing. Oh, no! Nothing is worse for a full bladder than bouncing around. My sister had the excuse of circulating among her guests, but I could hardly refuse to dance. My boyfriend pulled me out on the floor for a fast Latin number that left me biting my lip to keep from exploding.

    Somehow I survived two dances. Then the photographer said it was time for a formal family shot. We stood at the center of the garden. Unfortunately, it was right next to the fountain. I kept squeezing my knees together, but it was agony. I was just about to admit defeat, when I heard a distinctive sound.

    I looked over to se my sister pissing herself. Her face was beetred as first my family, then the photographer and guests stared at her. She ran off into the house leaving a trail of yellow droplets.

    My mom stammered out some lame excuse about the excitement of the day and I started laughing. It was the wrong thing to do. My own bladder gave way with a sudden gush. As urine flooded my shoes, I was at least console by the fact that I had won!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Last weekend my girlfriends and I went to a concert. I was really excited because I just finished my first year at college and some guys we knew from school were also going. We decided to meet before the concert to tailgate and drink.

    I dressed in a denim cut-off mini skirt and a long cotton peasant top with spaghetti straps. I wore my boycut pink lace panties and a white strapless bra underneath.It was a really cute outfit. Too bad I ruined it.

    I got up late (1 PM) and had to shower and throw on my clothes quickly so that I could drive two hours to the next town to meet my friend Meg at her house. Then Meg and I drove from her house to pick up our friends Jen and Claire in the city before heading to the stadium for the concert.

    By that point I was beginning to realize that I had made a crucial mistake. I didn't take time to go to the bathroom before leaving my house. I should have gone at Meg's, but we were on a tight schedule because we wanted to meet the guys right before the gates of the stadium opened so that we could drive in together and park right next to each other for tailgating.

    Onc e we were inside the gates and parked, I started looking for the port-a-potties. There was one that was clean, but the door was ripped off. The one with a door that closed was filthy beyond belief. I decided to run across the highway that separated the stadium from a small strip mall.

    It took 10 minutes for there to be a break in traffic big enough that I knew I could get all the way across. I ran into the first fast food place I saw only to discover that the bathroom was "Out of Order". The next place was a bank that was closed and a nail salon that wouldn't let me use their facilities. Finally, I went into a bakery and they let me use their bathroom if I bought something. I decided to get an iced coffee. It was a relief to pee and afterwards I realized that I was really thirsty so I drained the whole iced coffee and bought a second one before going back to the stadium.

    The guys were grilling hamburgers and hotdogs and there was plenty of cold beer. I think I overindulged a little and decided to have a clove cigarette to ease my digestion.

    I forgot coffee and nicotine are laxatives. Wouldn't you know that my stomach started aching just as we walked into the stadium and sat down. It was general admission seating so we had to stake out our seats. I was left in charge of seats while my friends went to get some cold drinks. I felt a horrible pressure in my bowels and kept hoping my friends would come back so I could get up and find a restroom. Just when I thought that my guts would explode, my friends came back and I ran off.

    It turned out the bathrooms in the stadium alternated by floor. I was on a floor with only men's rooms and had to go up to the next level. When I got there, the line was incredible. I felt a sudden cramp and then a weird sensation. I realized that my anus had opened a bit and that a turd was beginning to descend.

    I freaked out and tried to squeeze my butt cheeks together, but the turd was unstoppable. It pushed out a bit more and I realized it was really fat. That was bad news because my fat turds are usually also quite long.

    Another push and I sensed that the turd was touching my panties and stretching the tender flesh between my anus and pussy. I moaned and the woman in front of me looked at me strangely. I just hoped she couldn't smell the emerging turd.

    The next involuntary push felt like it released two inches or turn. I knew it must be tenting my panties under the denim skirt and just hoped no one else could see.

    I wanted to hunch over with the pain but I was afraid that would encourage more turd to come out.

    Finally, the spasm were too much. I sort of scuttled away and ran into a half-opened broom closet I had seen next to the stairs. Too late, the turd was already coiling up in my panties. In disgust, I gingerly pulled them off and used a stack of paper towels to wipe as much of the mess away as possible. It was a horrible job without access to water and I was fearful that someone would smell the shit when I stood back in the bathroom line. So I wiped my ass with some lemon-pine cleaner too. It burned my tender anal and pussy tissues.

    The pain triggered my bladder and I pissed uncontrollably for several seconds, wetting my skirt and shoes.

    There was no way to hide that, so I pulled off the skirt and stood there barefoot in my tunic top trying to figure out if I could sneak out to my car where I keep gym clothes.

    Just then the door opened and a janitor stood there staring in shock at the puddle of urine, turd filled panties, and shit smeared paper towels.

    Needless to say, I was kicked out.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    what does it feel like when a womens pee's in her knickers does it feel nice? does she feel anything before her pee comes out? what does feel like before it gets to the labia and when it hits the labia? and what is it like when the pee hisses as it comes out into the knickers?

    just intrested


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    Posted by Anonymous

    I just arrived for a job interview recently at a local restaurant the other day. I had 5 minutes before going in but as soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I suddenly had to pee so badly I nearly went in my panties before I got out of my car but managed to hold it back while I was walking into the building. The urge temporarily went away as I started my interivew with a nice girl who was about the same age me. But as I was answering questions I just lost control and started flooding my panties. I was peeing so hard and so fast, it was impossible to stop. The girl noticed I was peeing and saw how embarrassed I was, so she went and got a towel to help clean me up then walked me over to the bathroom so I could rinse my vagina off and my wash out my panties. I felt so embarrassed, I didn't know what to say. Fortunately, the girl liked me enough to hire me for the job. So we went back into the office and finished the rest of the interview, this time I didn't feel so bad though because right before she answered one of my questions, she accidently peed her panties herself right there in her chair after sitting through so many hours of interviews, she must have been as desperate as I was cause she peed for a good 2 minutes and by the time she was done, her skirt was totaly soaked and her panties were drenched like mine were. I guess we were both equal, so it kind of made me feel better. Well, nonetheless....I'm working with her now and those accidents we had during the interview we have kept just between her and I.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i am a lad and writing about a experience i witnessed....

    I ride the bus to school every day, with my mate jasmine, let me tell you a bit about jasmine, she is a fair red head and rather petit i all ways, she has a small chest and is quite atractive.

    One morning i got up and did my daily morning routine and when to call for jasmine to got to the bus stop with, when i got to her house she seem to be in some discomfort but i just thought it was because we had a term test today.
    we walked down to the bus stop and sat on the bench,i kept chatting away to here but all i could here was lil whimpers coming from her...the bus finally arrived at 8.40 20 minute later than normal we both boarded the bus and i tried again to start conversation but she stoped me, and said " would you go and sit in another seat somewhere"
    i thought was a little strage as we are best of friends so i asked her why and got the reply "i really need to use the bathroom my step dad was in the shower so i couldent use it this morning"
    i just said to her dont worry we will soon be at school she seem to relax a bit.. that was until the bus came to a griding holt and jerked us all forward.
    I looked down the aisle and ou the window at the front and saw there had been a accident, it then crossed my mind that jasmine might not be able to make it to scholl with the bus already being late arriving and now getting to school.
    she asked me what was happening so i told her about the accident and she let out a huged wimper. 10 mins had passed since we had been held up and jasmine sat bolt upright and said "mike do something please i cant hold on im going to pee any second"
    i took me a minute or two to calm down after hearing that shes might be about to wet her self so i get up andwalk to the driver and asked him if he had any tissues or a cup or summat then of course he asked me why, so ask quickly as i could i told him that my best mates was getting travle sick ( lying a bit to cover her from embarresment) he then gave me a roll of tissuse and a lil bucket i run back to her and gave it to her.
    she said thank you but she wouldent be able to pee and feeling a bit naughty she told me to sit in her seat she moved over and i sat in her seat a little confused she then placed the bucket between my knees and hitched her skirt up and pulled her panties to the side and sat above it fav me and hugging me. of corse as soon as she did that i felt my jucies runnnin high and my hands did a little wandering, as soon as i touched her clit she started to pee like crazy into this small bucket .
    This is the best experience i have ever had ...2 days after that act she came round my house and we started dating and we still are i would love to hear if any other lads out there have had a cool experience

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