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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    This is 100% true. I am engaged to my girlfriend of 5 years, and a long time ago, in a trusting move, I admitted to her my fetish for wet and messy (WAM) clothes, which she was kind of intrigued about and which she later "fulfilled" my fantasies. I didn't bring up my other fetish...

    Until about last year. I mentioned to her that I like it when girls wet themselves to see what she would think, but she wasn't freaked out or anything (again we're engaged, not like being uncomfortable is really an issue at this point). She actually expressed how it was kind of better than WAM, in that all her clothes don't get wet, just the bottom half. At this point I should mention that my fetishes are really only limited to when girls are really dressed up, preferably in skirts or dresses. Luckily for me, not only does she have a great body, she dresses up great for work everyday. Absolutley drives me nuts! And so, when I told her about this fetish, after her drilling me about every aspect of it, she half-jokingly said she might have to help me out with it.

    So, one night, we decided to go out for dinner and some drinks before going home. She looked hot coming right from work in a mid-thigh tight jean skirt, and a beautiful blouse along with what I call her "fuck-me" shoes, brown ones with heels. At dinner we had quite a few drinks (I was really pushing them at her) and then went to another place with a bar for a few drinks. There we had more alcohol, though neither of us were drunk, just "buzzed." When she mentioned she had to go to the bathroom, I asked her to just hold it, because if she was even desperate, just the prospect of it was turning me on. So we finished a couple of drinks, and then I made her DOWN a huge water before leaving, which she did giggling.

    The 20 minute ride was killing her, and she was so cute because she was actually getting mad at me for putting her in this situation, which made me laugh and get even more turned on (though I did feel a little bad). Finally we got to the house and she ran inside and up to the bathroom, but I was close behind and shut the door behind us. Before she could do anything, I started kissing her, and told her to get in the shower as I stripped, and with a shocked look on her face, she realized what I meant. She got in fully clothed and I soon followed. She started to take her shoes off and I said "No, leave them." Then she started to hike up her skirt and I said "Nope" and she protested for a second saying "this isn't funny, it's just going to start coming out!"

    And come out it did all of a sudden with a little whimper. I felt a splash hit my feet and the pee came out from under her. I pressed myself against her, my manhood pressed against the front of her skirt, which was quickly getting wet. My hands ran down to her backside and felt the pee wetting there as well. We made out as she flooded her shoes and splashed on my legs. When she was done after a full minute, she was soaked from the waste down. A huge wet spot covered the front of her skirt and a smaller one at the hem in the back. He shoes were flooded. Seeing me arounsed (and aroused herself) she dropped to her knees and finished me off in about two seconds. I carried her to the bedroom to return the favor of course, but that was the start of an incredible new aspect of our relationship. Hope you guys enjoyed!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I peed and pooped my self at the same time and it ws yucky and I am 18.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Top three women I want to see be desperate and wet and/or poop in skin tight blue jeans:

    1.Jennifer Lopez

    2.Jessica Alba

    3.Jennifer Garner

    Who's your?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Women, can you describe the feeling and pain of being desperate? Especially just before you pee!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    On the Way to school this morning i started to need a pee real bad and i new i coudldent hold it in for that long.
    I grasped My Aching pussy as no one was arround and started to walk funnilty ( boy was i glad no one was arround ) !

    Because i wear a miniskirt its easy to just squat down and pee but i cudent do that there were cars . i looked arround and saw a lardge bush and a tree i went round there to see if it was safe .

    it was so staright away i pulled my sexy little skirt up and took my panties of and let go the Pee Gushed out like a waterfall it started to make me extremly hot so i ended up having a orgasm afterwards

    Now every morning before school i remeber to have a big bottle of water ;) hope you enjoyed my story
    P.s my names carrie if you want more Of my storys just ask Dont hesitate

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hello! I'm a 21 year-old woman and a first time poster. I have had five accidents since I've been alive. I don't feel like explaining all of them so I'll give you all brief desciptions:

    1. When I was 11, I peed my pants in class when the teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom.

    2. At age 14, I peed my pants when the zipper on my jeans got stuck and I couldn't get it down.

    3. Age 15, pooped in my jeans after standing in a long line at a bathroom in a mall during the christmas season.

    4. Age 18, peed my pants in the movie theater after drinking too much soda and not wanting to miss any of the movie by going to the bathroom.

    5. And finally, at age 20, I pooped my pants in the car, after being stuck in a huge traffic jam due to a car accident, when I had to go really bad.

    I haven't been having any more accidents since the last one and I'm trying to be careful.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am 22 year old female and this hapepened about 2 years ago. I was on my way to work and I stopped to get a coffee. I knew it would be really hot so I got a bottle of water to go with it. The drive to work is about 45 minutes. About 15 after leaving the coffee shop I began to feel I needed to pee. I was distracted for a second, took the wrong exit and now I had no idea where I was so I just kept driving to see if I saw any streets I knew. I drove for about 35 minutes until I needed gas. When at the station I asked if they had a bathroom I could use but they said they were out of order so I knew I would have to wait, but since I was getting thursty I bought 2 bottles of water to go. I drove around lost and drinking my water but then about an hour later I got caught in a traffic jam and by then I was in a major desperate need to pee. Soon I was bent over with my hand in my crotch trying to hold it in. As traffic slowly moved my wheels rolled over some large construction bumbs in the road and I felt a little bit of pee start to come out. Plan B; I hurried and unzipped my jeans and grabed my pee hole before any more could come out. My bladder was So FULL it really hurt everywhere down there but I could not pee on my seat. I would NOT pee on my seat. Further up the road I saw construction workers and I knew I had to remove my hand from crotch or they might see, but I was afraid my pee would burst out. I got closer and my desperation was getting worse and then I thought "O come on I'm a big girl I can wait this thing out" so I just let my pee hole go and tried to hold it in like an adult. As I passed the workers a few streams of pee came out but I could not grab it again as yet. More of those bump things were coming up and I didnt know it. Traffic was starting to move faster and when I went over them a huge stream of pee shot out dispite how hard I was trying to squeeze it in. I hurried and pushed my fingers into my pee hole again to get it to stop. It hurt so bad and I was wet and I thought about peeing in one of my water bottles but I couldnt do that and drive at the same time and there was no shoulder to pull over on since they were all blocked off. I had my bags and purse in the passenger seat next to me. It had fallen over and a few things fell out. There were some napkins from lunch the day before so I stuffed them down between my legs to pee into; just a little to releave the preasure. I figured peeing even a little bit would help but it felt so good that I couldn't stop for a good 10 seconds and it soaked through leaving me more desperate then ever. I thought about crossing my legs with my hand up there against my pee hole but I knew I couldnt wait more then a few more seconds now that the dam had broken, so I grabbed an empty water bottle and squeezed the bottle kinda under my pussy. I was so scared because I didnt know if I should let go or not cause the opening was small and I didn't know if it would squirt in it or not, but I just HAD TO PEE so I let go. It was so warm and it felt so good to relax and I wasn't even sure where all the pee was going but I couldn't stop; it just felt too good. Turned out most went in the bottle but some soaked into my panties, jeans, and even the seat. O well, lest it wasn't number 2.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    OUR AIM IS TO KEEP THIS BATHROOM CLEAN! YOUR "AIM" WILL HELP! So if you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie!

    Of course we "sprinkle." What do they expect from us; its how we're built down there.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Awhile back I had a part-time job working nights at this fucking hamburger joint. One night almost about closing time, these two punks come in who I use to know from high school. They were real bullies and in school I was constantly getting teased by them for being queer. When they first spotted me, one of them goes, "Oh no, it's that faggot from school!" I didn't say anything. They then ordered a hamburger and a coke each. Not long after I had brought them there food, I happened to noticed one of them getting up and walking towards the restroom carrying one of the large containers of coke that they had ordered. I didn't think much about this until they were about to leave. They suddenly yelled at me to come over to their table. What had happened was that the container the one guy carried into the toilet now had piss in it and when I got to their table, one of them throws the piss all over my pants. One of them then goes, "Shit, faggot, you look like you pissed in your fucking pants!" And with that they both laughed so hard I thought they were going to piss their own pants! We got into a big fight with me getting the shit beat out of me I'm afraid. What made me even madder was that the Manager of the joint seemed to feel it was all my fault and I got fired right on the spot-there was no witneses around to confirm my story, except for the cook who's never liked me from day one and said he thought I had started it all. I tried to protest but it didn't do any good. Some fucking days you just can't win for shit!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was shopping at the local supermarket and was packing the goods as they came through the checkout. It was quite a busy time and there was a long line at each. When the last items came through I packed them up and turned to pay the cashier. As I handed over the money I heard someone say "Noooo" in a shrill anguished voice. I looked and the next girl in line, a very cute, thin dark haird girl with the most amazing blue eyes, had her hands firmly jammed in her crotch and was doing a frantic pee-pee dance. As I collected my change she seemed to get herself under control. I turned to her and said that I sympathized with her predicament and asked her whether I could help her pack up her shopping. She looked terribly embarrassed but accepted my offer, so as her shopping came through I bagged it for her. She made her payment and accepted her change, and then suddenly she was struggling for control again. She shoved her hand sharply into her crotch and juggled up and down like mad. I put my hand on her shoulder and helped her struggle away, bringing her shopping and mine along too. We just about made it outside the door when she completely lost it and the dark telltale stain appeared on her tight white jeans. It quickly spread down her legs and then a river seemed to flow straight through the now dark saturated fabric, making a noise like a waterfall, attracting the gaze of everyone around. Some looked disgusted, whilst others looked sympathetic. I put my arm round her shoulder and pulled her towards me to shield her from seeing the stares and looks of disgust. She was trembling and sobbing with embarrassment. I asked her where she had parked her car, but she replied that she was traveling on the bus.

    "Well, you can't go home on the bus in this state," I responded, "How far have you to go?" She told me that she lived right across on the other side of town, so I offered to give her a lift home, or alternatively, as I lived nearer, for her to come back to my place and clean up. She gratefully accepted the latter offer, so we went to my car, where I put some travel rugs on the seat so she could sit down without staining the upholstery. I tried to make light conversation during the short journey, but Kareen was still embarrassed and still looked a bit distressed. We exited the car and just inside my front door her hands shot down to her crotch and another river of pee streamed out. As she started sobbing I pulled her to me and held her in a comforting embrace.

    When she had finished she said, "Now look at what I've done, you look as though you've pissed yourself, too. Oh my goodness, how terrible, you have been so kind and helpful and look at how I repay you. I have pissed all down your jeans and left a puddle on the floor of your hall." And then she started sobbing again.

    I led her into the kitchen and sat her down on a wooden dining chair. I told her it was OK, and that accidents do happen sometime and she really should not worry, I offered to run her a warm bath, and she accepted. I put the kettle on to make us some hot tea and then started the bath running. When I returned, Kareen had calmed down a bit and we chatted as she drank her tea. She confessed that she frequently took herself to the brink of pissing her knickers because she loved the thrill and sensation of a full bladder, however this was the first time she had gone over the edge in a public place and was mad at herself for misjudging it so badly. She said how aroused it made her feel and while we were talking she was gently rubbing her pussy through her wet clothes. Naturally by now I had a raging hard on and I admitted that I had found the whole thing very arousing myself.

    Without further discussion we both hastened to strip and then hurried to the bathroom. After a good warm bath together, we dried each other off and moved, naked, to the lounge. I got out some wine and a couple of glasses and we sat embracing each other and chatting about the fantastic sensations we had just experienced. We agreed to do it again, so we drank and drank until we were both bursting again. We held each other tight in a firm embrace and we let go together, pissing all over each other. Then I gently penetrated her and we had fantastic sex, and then we laid back enjoying each other's attention.

    Finally we bathed again and I found Kareen some dry clothes and then drove her home, She is now a regular visitor to my place and she often comes through the front door holding herself in a state of desperation. I often think how fortunate I am to have been in that supermarket at just the right time.

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