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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm 20 years old, and a college student. Usually, I'm a total goody-two-shoes. Hence the fact that I only had my first drink of alchohol a few nights ago. My roommate and her friends were playing a drinking game which involved The Princess Bride movie (take one shot every time you hear the phrase "As you wish" etc), and it looked like so much fun that I decided to join in. Hence, I had my first taste of whisky. My first several tastes of whisky that is.

    By the end of the movie I was feeling tired and more than a little dizzy, so I went to bed. I slept very soundly for a good nine hours. *Very* soundly. I remember waking up, feeling groggy and confused, and wondering we I felt so cold and wet. Then I touched myself between my legs, and realized that my PJs were soaked. I had wet the bed! It seemed implausible. I don't think I'd ever wet the bed as a child, and here I was 20 years old, and waking up in wet pajammas.

    Worse yet, my roommate was already up, as was one of her friends who had spent the night. I just looked at them and started to cry. There was no way I could hide what I'd done. They were both very nice though, and promised not to tell anyone.

    The fact that I'm writing this story here now just attests to the fact that I can not keep my own secrets!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Mrs. Hauser was my PE coach in college. She was known for being a real bitch, and for having an incredible ass that she always showed off in tight jeans and skin-tight sweat pants. She developed the bitch reputation for not allowing people to leave to use the restroom in her class.

    Inevitably, once or twice a year, she'd make some poor freshman wet their pants in front of the entire class without fail. She seemed to get some type of sadistic pleasure out of watching you squirm until you flooded the pants you were wearing. She was especially mean to the guys, as I unfortunately found out my senior year in college.

    On this particular day, I was running late to class after lunch. This particular day I had been terribly thirsty and drank one of those big Gatorades during lunch in the commons area. Not having time to stop to use the restroom before her class, I decided to take my chances. When I arrived in class, the girl I was in love with, Melissa, was already standing next to her desk. I guess we were boyfriend and girlfriend since we had gone out several times and made out. She always wore skintight jeans that showed off her incredible ass. This particular day was no different. She was decked out in high-rising dark Jordache jeans that gave her a serious camel toe in the front. I was immediately aroused upon seeing her perfect, round butt held in that painted on denim. I took my seat behind her and got ready for class.

    "Sit down. Everyone. You're going to learn CPR today so partner up right now!"

    I partnered with Melissa instantly. I eyed her crotch as she sat sideways in her desk and talked with me. I shifted in my desk a little bit.

    "What's with your legs? Gotta got to the bathroom?"

    I blushed as I realized I had been bouncing my legs. I quickly replied "No" and looked away.

    "You better not need to go to the bathroom in here. She made some guy wet his jeans last week. She's merciless!"

    The thought of going to the bathroom in my pants in front of Melissa and her friends made me shiver. I would never have a chance with her again if I had an accident in front of her. I mean, here I am a 23-year-old man for God's sake. I was really stressing out now. My bladder was already reaching its limits, and we still had an hour to go before I could make a pit stop.

    We stood up and made our way to the floor. I eyed Melissa's ass as she walked in front of me and lay down. I thought this might be my chance to ask Mrs. Hauser for a break.

    "Mrs. Hauser?" I whispered. "Can I got to the bathroom really fast before we start?"

    "Bathroom ? You have to go to the bathroom?" she said loudly. The class grew silent waiting for her reply. "You better go sit down with your partner and cross your legs, because you ain't leaving my class before the bell rings. And you better not piss in your jeans or I'll make you stay in here and mop up your mess!"

    Everyone giggled at my plight. Embarrassed I sat next to Melissa. She looked at me sideways, a bit embarrassed to be my partner now.

    Mrs. Hauser showed us how to do chest compressions and then give mouth to mouth. Her skin-tight grey sweatpants stuck to her curves like paint. Her ass was so big and perfect in those tight pants it drove me crazy. How I'd love to have those legs straddling me. As I drifted off in a daydream, I was snapped back to reality by the urge to pee. I grabbed my crotch instinctively to stem the flow before it could fill my pants. Melissa eyed my predicament.

    &qu ot;What are you doing? Are you going to make it?"

    "I-I-I don't know," I stammered.

    Her friends looked at me and giggled as she rolled her eyes. She leaned over to me and whispered, "If you piss your pants and embarrass me, we're through!"

    I was desperate now. Mrs. Hauser was busy helping other students so I thought I'd make a break for the door. Just as I got to the door with my hand on the knob, I heard her voice.

    "Where do you think you're going?"

    " I have to go really bad Mrs. Hauser. Please!" I said desperately.

    &quo t;Get over here. I need to show everyone how to do chest compressions properly."

    Sweat beaded on my forehead as the entire class watched me walk to the front of the room. I was in trouble. There was no way I was going to be able to hold it in much longer. I can make it five minutes I thought. I would soon find out how wrong I would be.

    "Get on the floor." She said.

    "Please let me go to the bathroom, Mrs. Hauser. I'm going to have an accident!" I pleaded almost in tears now.

    "Shut up and lay down. You had your chance before class!"

    As I lay on the floor, Mrs. Hauser positioned herself over me preparing to give me the fake chest compressions. Her pants were so tight around her crotch that there were literally no wrinkles in her pants, only a camel toe inches from my face. I moved my hand towards my crotch to try and squeeze my penis quickly. Everyone was now gathered around with Melissa and her friends on the front row staring at my crotch waiting for the flood. Mrs. Hauser put her hands on my chest and pushed with a "1, 2, 3 breath!"

    As her hands pressed my chest, I almost went in my pants. I quickly grabbed my penis and squeezed as Melissa's friends giggled at my predicament. Mrs. Hauser saw me grab myself and pushed harder as if hoping to make me piss myself. She pulled her red lips close to mine preparing to give me a breath. This was my last chance I thought. I had to make a break for it. As she moved her lips close to mine, I tried to wiggle out from beneath her weight and get up. Just as I moved, she shifted her weight over me effectively grabbing my shoulders and pinning me to the floor as she forced her face on to mine. The force of her weight slammed me into the floor. The jolt was the final straw. I felt my bladder muscles quiver and then relax, starting the flood on its way to my jeans. My eyes were wide with fear as I felt the torrent make its way to my underwear in a flash. My hands grasped at my crotch in one last effort to stem the impending torrent, but it was too late. Tears welled in my eyes as the hot urine raced into my crotch soaking my underwear. I froze, motionless now with my hands over my penis trying to hide the accident that was unfolding in my tight jeans. The liquid quickly saturated my underwear and poured into my jeans with a deafening hiss. I felt the warmth explode across my crotch and beneath my hands covering my jeans.

    "Oh my God!"

    "He's wetting his pants!"

    I could hear Melissa gasp as the urine filled my pants and spilled onto the floor beneath me. She and her friends stared intently at the dark patch on my jeans as it slowly spread and made its way across my crotch and down the legs of my pants. My jeans glistened as the flood poured unmercifully into my jeans as Mrs. Hauser pinned my shoulders to the floor. She pulled her lips from mine in time to watch the urine racing into my previously light colored jeans. My pants were soaked to the waist now as laughter filled the room. I could feel the hot liquid shooting between my legs and pooling around my butt on the floor. The stench was overwhelming now as the yellow liquid spread out beneath me on the floor soiling my jeans. As I lay there on the floor marinating in my soaked pants, the pee continued flowing now unimpeded into my pants. Mrs. Hauser stood over me with her arms crossed watching me wet my pants. After a full 30 seconds of pissing in my pants, my bladder was finally empty. I had pissed so much the urine had fully soaked my jeans to the waist and even half way up my shirt. The puddle spread 2 feet out around me on each side. I lay there crying as Melissa stood there in her skintight jeans shaking her head at me. I knew I could never face her again after I had wet my pants in front of her.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    hey im a bi sexual girl
    and love seeing pictures of either men or women
    peeing there pants
    anyone have anylikes to website with pictures of fully clothed men or women peeing there pants?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    when i was at work i dared my best friend to do dare or dare with me in the boys bathroom after every body left and we closed. well when we closed for work we went into the boys bath room and started the dares. first bolbie went. she dared me to go out in the parking lot and wet my pants. so i did. she came with me to make sure i did it. when i did it she laughed at me and we went back in side. then it was my turn. i dared her to pee and poop her pants in the urnil. she said she did not want to but i knew her bladder was full so i gave her another dare to pick. i dared her to go to another place and wet her pants in frunt of every body. she took that dare. so we went to a place that was packed and she went in and wet her pants in frunt of every body and another she pooded her pants to. i said she was very brave and then we went back to my house to do more dares

    when we were back to my house she dared me to wet the bed. and i said only if you do it to. we had speret beds. when we woke up we were both wet and my friend was more wet that me and she ran out side and peed her pants again in frunt of a school bus. she was so crasy

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    Posted by Anonymous

    After rugby training when I was 12 I got jumped by my team as it was my birthday. That would've been ok. However I needed a piss and did so in my shorts. So as I got up all my team saw and laughed and even now Im still called pee wee 4 it!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hey BI girl where did you go. They deleted your message.
    Post a new one with an email address to get you at as I check this site all day. I will send you some links.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I woke up one night desperate for a pee, my stomach hard from a full bladder. My room's in the attic and i couldn't be bothered going to the bathroom down stairs, so dressed in my nightie I opened my window, sat on the ledge and peed out onto the roof. I wasn't wearing panties and the feeling of the breeze on my pussy was amazing. Doubt anyone saw me, but if they did it's not as if they'll say anything. Hope they enjoyed the show.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    The other day I was showing a house to a young military guy who was interested in buying the home. He was single and about the same age as me. Well as I'm walking him through the house, I was explaining some of the features to him about the master bathroom when I suddenly realized I was about to go pee any second. I felt so embarrassed to say it but I told him I had to go pee really badly. And I asked him if he didn't mind me being naked for a few moments so I could pee. He didn't have any problem with it, I felt so horribly embarrassed though as I quickly stripped naked and sat down on the toilet just as I started to fart and pee. He stood there calming and quietly watching as I peed loudly into the toilet. He didn't seem the least bit surprised seeing a young girl like me peeing completely naked in front of him. I peed for what seemed like forever, it just kept on coming out. I Farted rather loudly as I sat there trying to finish going pee but it just seemed to continue on endlessly. I asked him if he had any questions for me while I sat there going pee. He said No, don't worry about me just relax and finish peeing. I blushed a little bit as I let out a FART while he smiled at me. Finally I was finished peeing and my stream reduced to small flow and few large squirts followed by a long series of Farts. I stood up and Farted three more times then I wiped vagina and put my dress back on. Thank you for being so patient with me I told him. Oh no problem he said. You look so cute when you pee he told me and you're very brave to have been naked and peed in front of a guy. Oh thank you, I said, Blushing again as I accidently FARTED. So we continued on walking around the house and I showed him everything. By the time we finished which was only a few minutes we started filling out paper work when I suddenly needed to pee really badly again. We just took the papers into the bathroom and I stripped naked again and sat down to go pee and answer any more questions he had while signing papers. I sat there peeing again endlessly for quite a while as we both filled out papers. I'll never forget that day. That's the first time I've ever been naked while showing a house or peeing in front of a guy liked I did. It was so embarrassing.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i could not believe it. i made it off the bus ride home without peeing all over myself. i had to pee sooooo bad i couldnt stand the pressure. i had been on the bus for 30 minutes and waiting to get home without humiliating myself by peeing in front of everyone. finally, i was off the bus and inched up the driveway, holding my pussy so i wouldnt pee. i got up to my front steps and to the door, and put my keys in the lock. i opened the door, and rushed into the house and ran to the bathroom, holding my crotch. but i had to double over about halfway there because otherwise pee would come out. i was already trickling and there was a little pee on my panties and tight jeans. i tried to get up but a little bit of pee spurted out. it felt so good to release that pressure that i wanted to do it again, but i thought, the toilet is right there. just then, though, as i inched along bent over, i tripped, sprawling, letting go of my wet crotch and my bladder. pee flooded everywhere. i peed for about a minute before i could stop and by then my pants were soaked and so was the floor. i quickly cleaned up though, before anyone could see.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Last year i was in the mens bathroom and i really had to piss. unfortunately, there was like no fucking urinals open and the bathroom only had three and there was a line for gods sake!!!! the stalls werent open either and there was a two person line but those people take so long in the stalls that i knew i couldnt wait for one of those. so i was like desperate waiting for people to finish pissing and for the line to get smaller but it felt like it wasnt moving. i was like holding my dick thru my pants pocket but that relieved some of the pressure but it didnt realy do anything much. finally, this was just way too much and i was so dessperate that i thought i would just pissin my pants if i had to. but then i saw that there was like a whole line of sinks and they were open. i knew like everyone was watchin me but i had to go so bad and going in the sink wouldnt be as bad as pissing in my pants. there was nobody there at one point so i hobbled over to the sink. i was about halfway there when this intense urge came to piss and i started to dribble al over my pants. i unzipped my fly really early cuz i thought i just had to get to the sinks in time, but then, with my fly open, i tripped and fell sprawling oon my back!!!!! everyone was looking at me like i was insane or something. when i fell, i couldnt control myself i was just pissing all over myself with my dick OUT of my pants and piss like comin out everywhere it was embarrassing and disgusting it was like all over the floor and my clothes.

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