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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    My girlfriend has some fetish about golden showers that she admitted to deep into our relationship and now I just can't hold it in anymore! GS's ARE SO DISGUSTING AND I DON'T WANT TO PISS ON HER. GAH! It would be a shame if some goddamn urine was the reason we broke up because other than this little problem she's the love of my life. But it's her fetish...I don't think she can change, but I sure as hell am not gonna change for her...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was wondering where all those hundreds of thousands of people in line to see the pope are peeing as I've not seen ANY portapotties.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    A few years ago around July 2000, I was 15 at the time, I was flying across country to visit my grandparents.

    I probably should have gone to the bathroom but then the plane hit turbelance. Anyways I fell asleep and wet my pants!

    It was a night flight, the plane was mostly dark and only halve full and I was sitting alone in my aisle. But I was wearing light brown pants and I really soaked them good.

    One of the stewardesses, a really pretty brunette probably only a few years older than me, looked like just out of college, was walking down the aisle checking on people (at least the ones awake) and she leaned over to me to see if I wanted anything, glanced down, and gasped. I was so humiliated I wish I had wings because I would have flown out of that plane in a minute.

    She saw I was really embarrassed and whispered to me, 'Did you have an accident, honey?'

    Like, duh, lady!

    But of course all I could do was nod my head and I almost started to cry I was so embarrassed.

    Then she said, 'We're about ready to land and I don't want you to be embarrassed like that. You poor thing.'

    She said she'd be right back and I saw her walk over to another stewardess, a knockout blonde with a real killer figure. My heart sank as I figured now she knew what happened now too. The blonde walked down the aisle to me to take a look at me, smiled at me with a wide grin on her face and walked back to the brunette and whispered something to her.

    Then the burnette came back with a plastic cup of 7-Up or Sprite in her hand, leaned over to hand it to me, then turned the cup upside down and poured it all over my already pee-soaked pants!

    'Oh, my, I'm so sorry!' and such and such she said, loud enough that other passengers around her heard me, even waking up a few of them. Then the blonde walked over and the brunette 'told' her what she 'accidentally' had done, again loud enough for those around to hear, some of who laughed, including a girl about my age sitting in the row in front of me, only across the center aisle of the plane.

    Then the blonde leaned over and whispered to me, 'Better than everyone here knowing you wet your pants, right?' she smirked and winked at me.

    'Yes, ma'am' I said, then I mouthed a 'thank you' to the brunette.

    I was really glad they did that and really appreciated it. They even told me to wait until everyone else got of the plane and they would try to get find robe for me, which they got from someone airport staff at the gate. Only trouble was it took like five more minutes and by that time I'm sure every stewardess on the plane knew what happened, cause they all had wide grins on their faces as they said goodbye.

    At least the brunette gave me a kiss on the cheek as I got of the plane. I was in lala land after that and walked right into the doorway getting of the plane. The blonde laghed and said, ''Careful, Kathy. You're going to make him have another accident'' Then they both laughed and told me to enjoy my trip.

    I dont know about the rest of you people, but man oh man. Those were the two nicest stewardesses I ever met!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    After writing about peeing myself at a concert I see that some replies have asked me for details of other times that I have wet myself. Here is another story, one of many.
    One day in June i decided to spend the day at an agricultural show. That morning I dressed in a tight T shirt and a very short immitation leather skirt. I wore no bra or panties (I have given up underwear). I had a couple of cups of coffee before the 2 hour journey to the show. By the time I got there I was feeling a bit full, but I made my way to the ticket booth and went inside. Just inside the gates was a toilet, however it wasn't desperate so I didn't use it but just wandered around looking at all the exhibits. This was OK for about half an Hour or so, but by then I really needed to go. I was now some way from the toilets and didn't see any others nearby. As I passed one stall I saw quite a crowd of people around it looking at some gaget that was being demonstrated. I moved closer to get a better look. As everyone was staring ahead i thought that this would be a good time to pee. Keeping my legs close together I started to pee. What a relief! No one seemed to be aware of what I was doing. With the hot sun my legs soon dried. By lunchtime I needed to pee again. This time I was nearer a toilet, but there was a long queue of women. One or two looked quite desperate. One young girl had her hand tightly pressed to her cunt and her legs tightly crossed. I decided not to bother with the toilet, I would move away and piss myself again. As I turned to go I saw that the young girl was in trouble. I saw a wet stain begining to spread on her skirt then she just let go and let it all pour out. Seeing this I felt an urgent need to go myself, so I did the same, and in full view of all the women i pissed myself. Twice more that day I peed in public, I don't bother who sees me anymore. Also due to the length of my skirt several people must have seen my cunt as I wandered around.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I read in a book about David Byrne (singer from Talking Heads)whilst in Brazil - he got back to hotel desperate to pee and his key card to his room wouldn't work and he peed in his pants on the way to reception to get another key. Richard Burton also had a similar accident as a young actor. He was performing in Richard the Third and during the interval drank a little to much. During the second half he had to go so bad but couldn't leave the stage so he turned his back to the audience and whilst giving his speech he urinated in his costume. Pee ran across the stage and into the stage lighting and the performance had to be cancelled. I was telling a bunch of friends of mine about these stories and we got to confessing about pee stories. It turned out that each of the guys had at some point pissed their pants - usually from drinking too much and losing bladder control. My friend paul told this great story about peeing himself at university. He had to take an end of year exam that he hadn't worked for and when he saw the paper he totally freaked. he knew he would fail and that it would affect his final mark so he cam up with a plan. he could feel that he needed to pee so half way through the exam he put up his hand and asked to be excused to use the toilet. He knew an examiner would have to accompany him to the bathroom to see that he didn't cheat. As he left the exam room he was gripping his crotch as if desperate and half way to the toilet he stopped and anouncing that he could hold it no longer he peed down his legs in front of the examiner. He couldn't return to the exam room with piss soaked trousers so his exam pape was cancelled and he had to resit the next term by which time he had done the necessary work. Quite drastic measures to get out of an exam. My own experience was also a public one. I'd been out for a friends birthday one afternnon and we'd all ended up in a park drinking. It was about 5pm when I decided I'd had enough and decided to leave -also I needed to pee. I decided to take a taxi home - a 20 minute journey so I went to a cab office and ordered a cab. Whilst at the cab office I asked to use the toilet and was really surprisd when they said NO! I decided I really had to go and was about to nip out and find a spot to urinate when my driver appeared and the opportunity to relieve myself was dashed. Even as I got in the cab i realised that I really had to go bad but for some reason i decided to hold it till I got home. Easier said than done and as we drove through the busy traffic the need got worse and worse until it was all I could do to hold it back. When we finally arrived at my house i practically new I was going to piss myself and really don't care but was really just concentrating on getting out of the cab first. AS soon as we stopped I leapt out of the cab and got money to pay the driver. He took the money but took his time giving me my change at which point I suddenly let go a huge spurt in my jeans. I tried to stop it but couldn't and piss just streamed down my legs,I drenched both legs of my jeans right in front of the cab driver who stared and anounced - "you've just pissed youself"! I was SO embarrased but extremely relieved as I walked into my house only find my flat mate and his girlfiend there - both of whom stared at my jeans and burst out laughing. I love hearing stories about guys pissing themselves - it seems that everyone has done it.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I managed to get a ticket to an open-air concert some distance from where I live. On the day of the show I dressed in a tight crop top and jeans (no underwear) and caught a bus to the event. Due to the amount of traffic it took quite a long time to get there and I was afraid that I might be late. We arrived just in time for the start, and because I wanted to be in a good position I didn't bother to go to the toilet.
    It was a wonderful concert, but by half time I was needing a pee. I managed to find a toilet, but there was an enormous queue which didn't seem to be moving. Before I reached the toilet the second half was about to start, I didn't want to miss any of it so I abandoned the idea of peeing and quickly went back to watch, hoping that I could hang on to the end, however before too long I was really bursting. I tried desperately to hang on. I succeeded for a while but suddenly I sneezed and a spurt of pee escaped, soaking into my jeans. By tightly pressing my hand to my pussy I managed to control it, but not for long. Another spurt escaped, but this time I could not stop and totally emptied my bladder. I was absolutely soaked. Luckily by the time the concert ended it was dark so no one could see my soaking jeans and I was able to catch the bus home.
    Three weeks later I managed to get another ticket, but I was determined not to have this trouble again. This time I wore a short leather mini skirt with no panties beneath. Even if I pissed myself it would not show. I also wore open sandals.
    Half way through the show I was bursting to pee again, but this time I just let go and wet myself. I found that if I kept my legs close together it would run down them and not make a noise. It would just drain out of my sandals onto the grass. Just before the show was over I wet myself again. Now I wouldn't need to bother before catching the bus.
    I have now taken this to a fine art. I have built up a collection of leather and PVC mini skirts which I wear all the time. I never wear panties. To date I have wet myself in all kinds of places including town centres, supermarkets, trains and busses. I have even done it in church at a wedding and no one even noticed.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This happened just last week....this is a true story. We were sitting through a lecture in class one afternoon and the teacher who was wearing a short skirt started to Fart as she spoke, then moments later she just lost control and you could see huge rivers of pee running down her legs onto the floor. She was squirting quite noisily and the sound of her gush was loud enough for everyone in the class to hear. I think she was so stunned that she just stood there frozen and totaly embarrassed while she peed for at least a good 2 and a half minutes. All the guys in the class got a kick out of it. The girls were all laughing. Then we heard another loud Fart come out her butt and everyone started laughing even harder. That was quite the interesting day I tell you.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I got into a fight not a fight/fight but yelling/fight with this girl in class and teacher made us stand in the corner. Erin asked to go to the bathroom and she wouldnt let her. I had to go to but thought I could hold it. Then Erin, she wet her panties. She was so embarrased even more when mrs. hildon made her take off her panties right there and put them in a plastic bag. I was laughing so hard that I started to wet my pants too. Our uniform are a light brown so you could see I did through my pants. Then Erin said to mrs hildon that I should have to take off my underwear too that it was only fair. I portested saying it wasnt fair because Erin didnt have to show anything by pulling off her panties under her skirt. But mrs hildon said too bad, that i shouldnt have laughed at Erin. She didnt even make the girls in class close their eyes. After I took them of, she wouldnt give me my pants back because they were wet and she put them by the window to dry out. So I had to stand there holding my hands in front of my unmentionables. But it didnt matter since the girls saw it and they havent stopped teasing me for two weeks now calling me PPP for Peter Peed his Pants.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    hey everyone. it's veronica and i'm back with some more outdoor peeing stories. i've been up to my usual peeing at the mall by my car and on road runs with my track team, but i've done several more pees outside that aren't what i do normally.

    i was drunk the night of a huge blizzard here and we were snowed in at my best friends house. we decidede to go for a walk when the snowing subsided and met up with friends who lived about a mile away and drink with themin the cold. i bet everyone in this forum knows the affects of alcohol on teh bladder and i was absolutely bursting after my third mike's hard lemonade but waited until i had two more shots to even contemplate peeing. by my 3rd shot i was desperate and recruited my best friend shawn to come help me. it was definitely going to take 2 people because i had on jeans and spandex underneath them to keep me warm and also a nice cute thong.;) anyways shawn helped me get both layers of my pants down and made sure i didnt pee on anything but the tree i was standing in front of because i was attempting a standing pee drunk. i held my pussy and let go with force i didnt know i had. i left a nice yellow patch in the snow. shawn helped put me back in my clothes and then i waited while he went against the tree i had just wet. the rest of that night is a blur considering how much i drank and continued to drink and the fact that im only 5 foot 1 and just over 100 pounds.

    its getting late so i'm going to bed because i do have school tomorrow, but please post outdoor pee storie... male or female
    until next time__
    <3 veronica

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My latest girlfriend is a cute, small, dark hair lady with a clean shaved pussy. In the sack she's the best, I suppose that comes from years as an escort when she was in her 20's. I put this in wet stories cause she's a pisser, ie. she will perform all the wet acts most guys probably only read and dream about. Problem is I don't like sharing her but I also can't seem to find another like her. What would some of you other guys do in my shoes? I'm afraid, for better or worse, she will never change her ways.

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