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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    My stepfather's stepfather died last week. It was dumb that I even had to go to the funeral since I never met the guy, but my stepfather is paying my college tuition and the rent for my apartment, so I had to go. My mom reimbursed me for a plane ticket for me, but at the last minute, I got a ride share through a friend at school and decided to cash in the first-class ticket ($883 free and clear in my pocket). Then I went out drinking the night before. When my ride picked me up, I was feeling like death. I decided to start drinking water so that I would be hydrated by the time we got there. I drank several bottles of water during the first 2/3 of the 15 hour trip and my ride was pretty good about stopping to let me pee because he wanted to smoke anyway. However, we took a wrong turn which meant that we were running late to get to the airport where my parents were picking me up (they still thought I was flying in!). So that put an end to the bathroom stops. We got there with minutes to spare and I had a full bladder. My mom took one look at the dress I had picked out to wear to the wake, said it wasn't acceptable and insisted that we hit the mall. My bladder felt the size of a cantelupe as I tried on dress after dress before finding one my mom liked. To my horror, we went straight to the funeral parlor. As we sat there listening to old fogeys talk about my step-step-grandfather, powerful contractions gripped my bladder. Finally I excused myself and looked for the bathroom. There was a long line. I ducked into an empty room at the funeral parlor, found a flower pot, slipped off my panties and pissed in it. Just as the last drops tinkled into the brass pot, I heard my mom's voice. She and my step-grandmother were loooking for something they had accidentlayy left in the room. You guessed it --the cremation urn that would be used to hold my step-step-grandfather's ashes when he would be cremated!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    hi everyone, i'm melissa, i have blonde hair, blue eyes, hot and cute. i had to pee all day in school and me and my bf were now going back to his house in his car. i was sitting next to him and he noticed me squirmming. he lives kind of far from school and we were just getting out of the parking lot when he asked if i was ok. i said yes but i really was not. i was wearing tight blue jeans and the button and zipper needed to be opened due to my too full bladder. i crossed my legs to hold it it better and was still squirming when my bf asked if i was ok again. This time i said i had to pee reely bad! He asked if i could hold it till we got to his house and i said i would try but soon after that the urge became so strong i had to hold myself with my hands between my crossed legs. I yelled to him i was about to pee my pants! Soon we were about to stop at a gas station but then it happened. I lost all control, my hand started to get warm and wet; i was peeing my pants. It leaked through my white panties, which were soaked as were my tight jeans, and then it ran all over his seat. I was just so embarrased.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    im a guy 19 and from cali....heres my story

    i was coming home from the offices where i work and i got on my bus which was 30 mins late, i went to the back seats and sat down, i had a 2 hour journey ahead of me.

    next to me was this very cute, attractive young girl, must have been around 18 holding all her college books...(im 19 and have been coming more attracted to girls in the late teens at the moment)

    well i notcied that she was some what distressed but didnt know why.well we started a conversation between us and she introduced herself as "leanne". By this time i noticed that she had put her books down on ther other seat next to her,and she put her hands into fists and dug them either side of her on the seat, this was very strange behavior by this time i was getting quite desperated to know what was wrong.

    she move her hands and relazed them and cursed under her breath a few words like " ooo shit" and "fuck i cant"
    i couldent help over hear her saying them under her breath, well needless to say i asked her what was wrong, she looked up at me and i noticed tears in her lovely green eyes and she replied "ive got myself in to a bit of a situation" ...i paused for a bit to think and replied.."what do you mean".
    she leaned over and whispered to me " i really have to pee" ... i looked up at her then asked her where she was getting off she said the same place as i was ... i looked at my watch and saw it said 1:30 pm so we had another 2 hours to go whitch would mean 3:30 we would be at our stop.. then i remember it being 30 mins late so 4:00 till we got to our stop *i felt really sorry for leanne cause i didnt think she could hold on that long judgeing by her state she was showing* when she noticed me lookni gat my watch she asked me how long i sed 2 hours 30 mins left, she let out the loudest sigh i have ever heard.

    she look at me and said "i wont be able to hold on that long im going to wet my pants"
    she asked me to go and sit somewhere else so that she could 'hold' herself, i said no, i started taking my jacket off and placed it over her slender legs and short skirt covering her lap. i said you can hold youself or whatever you have to no one will notice. 15 minutes passes and she sat strait up and tears started rolling down her face i said "whats wrong" she jsut reaplied "im gonna have a accident any minute and i dont wanna ruin my suit cause i have a meeting to go to when i get off this bus".
    i looked at her and said mayby she should just pee and get rid of the pain ..*i was getting super turned on by this and my penis was rock hard by this point* she looked up again and said she didnt want to get wet .....just then i had a idea ....
    i said "if you sit on my lap with your skirt hitched up and peed on my lap, no one will notice it was you they will think it was me"
    she replied "why would you let me do that"
    i turned to her and turned her face gentally to mine and said " its turning me on watching you and it will turn me on more to feel you pee on me "
    she hesitated for a bit and then cursed really loud and jumped up and hitched her skirt and sat on my lap facing me with her legs straddeling either side of me i was rather supprised that she actully did what she did.

    she then started to trickle and a pee ran down into my crotch, i was in heaven , while she was peeing away she turned to me and said "i take it your into watersports" i nodded she then said "mee to ..mayby we should hook up some time"

    her torrent of pee died down and it was all over but she didnt move, but she reached over to her purse and rumaged around and got a eye pencil out and said "give me your arm" i lifted my bare are and she scribbled her name address and phone number on my arm i look at it and notcied that she was the girl who moved in to the house ON MY STREET i was in heaven

    well it was time to get off the bus and before we walked down the aisel she took her wet undies off and gave them too me and we got off the bus. she said "give me a call i love you bye"

    later that night i called her and invited her round she didnt have to walk far so she was at mine with in minutes we are now in a long term relationship....[to be continued]

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was on a trip and i had drank lots that moring when what was said to be a thirty minute ride turned into 2 and half hour ride. i was brurstin at the seam i am one to go only in a bathroom but at this minute i would go anywere but the bus woundt stop and there were ony four girls on the bus and the rest were men so i didn't want to go on the side of the road if the bus stoped. By this time i am pushing my pee hole so hard. We finally got there and i made it in the stall pulled down my pants and all me pee came out before i was on the tollet i was so embarsed. my pants were soaked and i had no other clothing with me.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was at my friends house the other day after school and was washing my hands in their little sink on the island when her mom walked in and yelled at me for using that sink. She said it is for rinsing vegetables and foods in and now she has to clean it and I should no better. This upset me since she was really rude about it. Anyway today I was there and my friend left me to go pickup a movie. Since no one was home I had to pee so I decided to use the sink. It really works well as a potty it was a perfect fit for my bare ass to sit on. Afterwards i wiped with her dish towel hanging on counter. But I washed my hands in the main sink just like she asked!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i accidently wet myself in the shopping mall cause i did ask the clerk to unlock the bathroom but he sed no so i sat on the couner facing it and peed on the counter #

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    Posted by Anonymous

    No, you can hold on. Cross your legs and squeeze your pussy lips together. You can keep it in.

    I want you to hold it. I know you'll start to really, really want to let go. But don't. Keep it all inside.

    It may start to ache, to even feel a little painful, but keep it in.

    Finally, you'll stand there, bending foward, unable to even stand up straight, wearing your extremely short skirt, your skin tight jeans, your shorts, whatever it turns you on to wear.

    Your bladder will feel like a rock in your abdomen. Every second will seem like ten minutes. But you'll hang on.

    I'm watching you, I'll know if you start to wet.

    God, your body looks sexy. From the corner of my eye I'm watching you sitting there. You're squirming, wiggling, clenching. It's white hot intensity like a hot coal. You need to pee and BAD.

    The car turns into the driveway. We're home. Finally. Your eyes cross from the anguish.

    We go inside, you're trying to make for the bathroom. But I'm pulling your arm, not letting you go there.

    We stagger into the bedroom, you groaning, moaning. You need to piss so bad you'll do anything to get to let it out; to let just a little out.

    I pull your clothes off. I undo the zipper, leave your panties still on, kiss your bare tummy, bulging just above the pelvic bone. You're moving involuntarily. Grinding. That pee is only about a milimeter away.

    I push you back on the bed. I'm spreading your legs, bending over you. I push my tongue between your pussy lips.

    It's incredibly intense, my mouth down there, your pussy about to explode, squeezing SOOOO hard because you know my
    mouth is down there.

    I reach up and begin gently but firmly pressing on your bladder. You moan. Loudly. I stroke your lower tummy again. It's like a branding iron. And you feel the first drops squeeze out. Moaning again. I press harder. You're moving, your pelvis bucking, clenching, and then more drops come out. You can feel them, even though you can't control them, you feel them. A sharp ectasy. No relief, just ectasy.

    Then I'm entering you. You think you can't stand any more fullness. But then I'm on you and in you. Something hard pressing your bladder from the inside, something also pressing on your tummy. With my dick in there you feel trapped for a second, anxious, but then you feel that the pressure is stronger. And then it starts to happen.

    I'm pulling out between strokes. Without the additional force closing off your pee hole you start to pee. You absolutely can't stop it, it's just coming. When I'm inside its blocked so it stops for a second. When I pull back and out, it's coming out.

    Heh. Yeah, that's about how it would happen. I love this stuff. It excites me so much, and I can't understand why, and then I CAN understand why. It seems so natural and so intense but unless you've been there you probably wouldn't understand.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i moved to a new school and i didnt know where anything was but i made friends with this really cute guy and he showed me around and we sat next to each other in every class.
    on my first day we went to our first lesson...well my first and second lessons are as one both maths and i forgot to pee before i came to school and i was starting to need to go.... well it was a term test to see how much we know.
    so i was sitting there doing my hardest to think and the pain gradually got worse, ive always had a problem asking to be excused in front of people, but i stuck my hand up and my teacher said "what is it" and i just said " could you come here a minuite " just by saying that got people looking at me and i was getting more and more scared he came over and i quitely wispered to him if i could be excused to go to the rest room he immedialt sadi no strait after i let out a loud wimpering cry and my mate karl started noticing me grabin my crotch and knew what was wrong.
    silent tears started rolling down my cheaks and i figiting so much nearly everyone was looking at me.
    i let out another loud wimper as i felt a little squirt into my underwear i was wearing blue thongs and a beige short skirt so it was hard to hide and and wet spot about the sixe of a quarter was visable in my crotch by this time i looked at the clock and it said 8:45 i had another hour to go i knew i couldent make it i stuck my hand up again and asked he still said no i ask about 3 other times thenhe shouted at me.... he made me get up and stand in the corner ....i got up and when and stoood in the corner and the pain was soo bad i keep moving from foot to foot and bending over and wimpering loudly i was to scared to ask again i turned round a bit and saw karl looking at me then i turned back round not more than 4 mins i feel to thefloor in complet pain with tears streaming down my checks as i started to wet my self i was soo ashamed karl took me outta the rooom and said it will be okay he called his mum at the school office and we both went to his house and we .....
    (to be continued)

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My bf tried for several months to get me to pee in front of him. I refused, but he played a trick on me that got what he wanted and introduced me to watersports. Now I'll share the secret with you.

    My bf asked a friend of his who is a doctor in a Mexican plastic surgery clinic for a drug called Numera. Numera is a diuretic that is very popular in Mexico with women looking to lose 5 to 10 lbs in order to fit into their tight dresses or skimpy bikinis.

    Anyway, my bf got a dose of Numera and he ground it up into a powder using a vitamin crusher. Then, he made a huge pitcher of iced tea which I crave all year round because I am from South Carolina. We like our tea really sweet and my bf used stevia (a sweetner 1000 times sweeter than sugar) to hide the taste of the numera. We sat on his porch and I drank the entire pitcher while he nursed some beers.

    Of course, I had to pee immediately, but I thought it was just the diuretic effect of the tea. I peed about 5 times in one hour when my bf said that it was time to leave for the club. We were due to meet friends at a new club. My bf's best friend's gf is an old friend of the owner and she could get us in. So we left.

    As soon as I got in the cab, I really needed to go. Powerful contractions of my bladder gripped me and I had to press my knees together. My bf teased me about the all the iced tea I drank.

    As soon as the cab stopped, I darted into an alley beside the club, but the first drops of pee came before I could yank down my thong panties. They were brand new from Victoria's Secret and completely soaked from my powerful stream. I was forced to abandon them and go bare assed under my miniskirt.

    My bf missed this because he was paying the cab. However, my bladder wouldn't be empty for long. After we entered the club, the owner sent a complimentary round of drinks. By now, I didn't want anymore liquids, but didn't want to appear ungracious.

    After I downed my drink, I tried to make my way to the bathroom. Needless to say there was a long line. I lost it right there. Hot piss scalding my legs to my bf's delight!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ok I confess. Watching the desperate girls lined up waiting to pee at the porta potties (especially the ones in the tight jeans)was more exciting then the act on stage. Smartest one there though was my GF (has very tiny bladder)who wore a short skirt with nothing under so she simply slid forward on her chair and peed into the grass down below.

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