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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was 14 years old, I realy had to pee while sledding with my frineds in snow, but I was unable to pee outsite in front of my friends because I was very pee shy. I remember to be afraid wetting my pants in front of my friends but it happened, I losted controle and peed big time in my snowbibs. Because I han only long underwear under my nylon snowbibs the pee wetted outside of my snowbibs. Only one girls saw my the steam comming from my snowbibs, she told me not be shy, she will not tell to anybody, she admitted me sometime she let and go in her snowpants while sledding. Nobody knew about my accident, we was all wet by snow. I was shy but I liked the wet and warm pee in my snowbibs, on the way home I peed second time on purpose in my snowbibs.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    when i had some girls sleep over for a slumber party i went to brush my teeth. they went into my draws and saw that i had baby pull ups in one of my draws and they snuck some and but them in there back pockets. when we changed for bed they all went into the bathroom and put them on. before we went to bed i told them what i wear and they did not care.

    that morning my baby dipare was wet and so was the bed. i started to cry. when school came around on monday(i wear my dipares every where. they came to school in the dipares. when lunch came they took there pants and stood up on the lunch tabel and peed in the pull ups. i felt brave so i did the same and every body knows that i wear pull ups.

    well at the end of school every did the same as we did that day and they peed in it.

    so i knew that every body had there moments and at least every body knew mine and i still where those dipares to this day!!!

    i hope you liked it


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    Posted by Anonymous

    My sister had found the idea of standing to pee interesting even before this and I told her I thought it would be a good idea to try so I came into the bathroom with her to make sure no accidents of any sort happened without me being there. She pulled her pants and underwear down and arched her body forward a bit, then she let out a stong, neat stream of pee, which looked much like a boy's stream; it came forward in an arc and landed in the toilet. When she finished she hadn't hardly spilled a drop and she didn't even have to wipe! It could be that the reason she peed standing up so easily (she hadn't held herself or anything) was that she was still young; I heard somewhere that younger girls sometimes pee forward automatically, and that this happens more often than with older girls and women. Back when I was younger I didn't even know that girls could pee standing up until my sister showed me and I was surprised that girls could do it when everybody seemed to think they couldn't. Wonder why that is.... Anyway, when my sister had finished her successful attempt, she said that she would like to always pee that way. Only problem was, my mom wouldn't have it. She's fairly old-fashioned about these sorts of things. *rolls eyes*

    So, are there any gals on here who would like to share another standing-to-pee story?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm 24 years old, blonde, thin but not a skeleton, and neither tall nor short... well enough description. Anyway, since I was a kid I've always had the habit of only peeing at home when possible, so I developed pretty good bladder control. One day I was coming back from a trip with Jessica and Dave, two friends of mine. It was a five hour car trip so as we were coming close to a gas station Dave asked if we should stop to pee. That was after 4 hours of travelling. Jessica was in pretty bad need and Dave was also complaining but I said that I didn't feel the need.

    I had been drinking as much water as they had during the course of the trip so they thought it was strange that I didn't have to pee- I think they thought that I was just faking it and had a full bladder, too. So they stopped and went, but I didn't. I mean; I could have peed if I had wanted to, but I don't like gas station bathrooms too much. As they came back to the car and realized that I didn't go Dave even warned, "there won't be another stop, are you sure you don't need to go?" And I said "Yeah, of course I'm sure," and we drove away.

    Jessica asked if I didn't feel even the slightest urge, and I said I felt there was some liquid to get rid of but didn't feel any urge so I'd rather just wait until I got home, and then I said that I had a pretty strong bladder anyway. "Wow I wish I had your bladder," Jessica said in envy, to which I laughed. Jessica was the kind of girl that had to pee all the time... I would hate being like that- like, making everybody stop whatever is going on so they can find me a bathroom. So unless I'm bursting- I just leave it be and hold on.

    Anyway, after we dropped Jessica off, Dave drove me home. He suggested we go and have some ice cream at a nearby shop so I said "All right, just drop me home so I can change." He put up a sneaky smile and said "and pee, I imagine."

    Yeah, being at home and not having peed for the previous five hours, it sure sounded like a good idea. "Yeah, why?" I asked. "No, never mind," he said and then we arrived at my place. He came in with me and I went off to my room to change. When I came out I went in the direction of the bathroom and he said teasingly "So, the strong-bladdered girl has to give in sometime I guess..." I just said, "Yeah, I do pee once in a while, you know," and continued toward the bathroom. As I was about to close the door he said, "I dare you!" I really didn't understand at first. "You dare me to...?" I asked, peering from the half closed door, as my jeans button was already undone. "Come on, do you really have a strong bladder or not?" he said back. "What do you mean?" I asked, but I already knew what he would say. So I just went on and said, "You think that I'm going to pee because I can't hold it anymore? No way, mister, I'm just going to pee for convenience since I'm at home and such," to which he answered by holding the bathroom door. "Really? Then let's go have ice cream right now..." he said maliciously. I gave him with a strange look and asked, "You mean... no pee?" "Yeah, you don't actually need it do you?" he challenged. I should have slammed the door on his face but part of me wanted to accept the challenge. The truth is that I actually needed to pee by this time, but I wouldn't let that challenge go unanswered. So I buttoned up my jeans and left the bathroom without peeing and said "Nope, let's go." I answered.

    So we had ice cream and since I always have a cup of water with ice cream and Dave knew that, I had to drink one; otherwise he'd be able to tell my bladder was already getting kind of full. Which was very true, since I had just come back from a five-hour drive and had drunk a bottle of Snapple ice tea on the way. But I was determined to stay up to the challenge and only pee when I got back home after that ice cream, and wanted to show no signs of having to pee.

    After we finished he just kept talking on and on and I knew he was trying to delay me. After maybe forty minutes the water I had drunk had already made its course thru my body and now wanted to get out, together with that Snapple and all the additional liquid I had been keeping inside. Now- I felt pretty full but not full enough to, say, pee if not at home :-) Anyway I suggested "So... let's go," to which he answered "Where?" I replied, "I don't know, maybe you can just drop me at home?" "Wanna go right away?" he asked teasingly. "I'm tired," I lied. I actually had to pee with some urgency. "Right," he said, raising an eyebrow. "I don't have to pee, if that's what you are thinking," I quickly answered. "Do you want to have what's left of my water? I don't feel like drinking it," he said, pushing me his unfinished glass of water that was half full. I knew he was challenging me so I just gulped it down as my bladder was screaming "no, no, no, don't drink it!"

    To my relief, we eventually left the place and he drove me home. By the time I arrived it had been more than six hours since my last pee, plus the bottle of Snapple and quite a bit of water. I was going to go pee just as soon as he'd left. But he was smarter than that; he asked, "Can I go check my e-mail on your computer? Mine is broken, as you know," he explained. His was broken, that was a fact. And since we were such close friends, I couldn't say no, otherwise he'd know that I wanted to get rid of him so I could make a rush for the bathroom to let out all the pee. "Sure, why not?" I answered, disappointed that my rush to the bathroom was going to have be postponed.

    So he went to the computer and I stayed in the kitchen. Half an hour later my bladder felt sooo heavy, and since he wasn't looking I stayed with my legs crossed pretty tightly and with a pained expression. Wouldn't he like EVER LEAVE?? Or should I just give in and pee? But I really didn't want to lose the challenge, I don't know why. I guess I'm very competitive, lol. So I just walked in there and stayed in the room with him to try and make him leave.

    As I sat down on the bed I crossed my legs and tried to make it look natural but I guess he figured I was crossing them tighter than normal, so he said "Are you all right?" and I said, "Yeah, why?" Then I uncrossed my legs and kept them half an inch apart as if to prove my point. The truth was that it was necessary to apply some strength to keep the pee inside without crossing my legs. I had to pee SOOOOOOO bad, I think that if I relaxed for just a second a torrent would come out.

    Then he figured out exactly what to do. He jumped at me all of a sudden and started to tickle me all around! It caught me completely off guard. I felt a tidal wave of pee pressing against my peehole as he tickled but managed to maintain control. "Stop! Stop!" I kept pleading. But he just kept on and asked defiantly "Stop? Why?" I finally just said it "I have TO PEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" loud and clear, and that's what he wanted to hear. "Ahhhhh," he said with a winner face as he stopped tickling, I looked sheepish and was crossing my legs again "Yeah, I lose, okay? I can't take it any more!!!! Damn I'm going to leak all over if I don't go now", I said as I tried to get up -- but he just jumped on me again and began to tickle me even MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! "No please, please, please I have to pee I have to pee I'm gonna leak!" I kept pleading but then it happened... I lost it and started wetting myself all over. The pee from the trip, from the Snapple, from the water- it all just started coming out and I had absolutely no control! Damn, I had really had to pee soooooo badly. Afterwards, I just said "Bastard," in mock-anger but actually with a slight smile, as I lay there all wet. "Are you mad?" He asked cautiously... "No, just... wet," I answered.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I took a bottle of flavored water to school and it tasted so good so I drank the whole bottle in like a minute after that I had to go to the bathroom really bad so I asked me teacher and she said no because to many people have already gone so I could not and we were in a middle of a test and I had to go so bad finally the bell rang and the test was over I rushed to the bathroom and I did not make it my underwear was soaked so it took it off and scrunched it in my hands and put it in my backpack after when I was back in the class my crush asked what Smelled so bad like pee I did not say a word.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Where are these posting originating from. I live in Ontario Canada and was just curious if some of the submission were from around here?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a female college student. Last night I was out taking a walk on campus around 11:00. As I had just finished drinking about a liter of water, I started to really have to go. Honestly, I sort of enjoyed the feeling of my full bladder bouncing with every step, so I continued to hold it in.
    After about half an hour of walking and listening to music, I really felt that I couldn't hold it in anymore. I was beginning to get those painful cramps low in my belly that tell me I need a release. I tried to enter one of the campus buildings, hopin to find a bathroom. Unfortunately, it was locked.
    At this point I was really desperate. My muscles were beginning to ache from holding it in. I relaxed for a second, and as I did a few warm droplets leaked out. Surprisingly, the warm wetness in my panties turned me on quite a bit. I was really beginning to enjoy the idea of wetting myself outside. But, I remembered that I would have to be returning back to my room, and I didn't want my roommates to see me with wet leggings.
    My heart began to beat really fast as I looked for somewhere hidden to relieve myself. There were not many people around, but I really didn't want anyone to see me. Meanwhile, my bladder was on fire. With my heart pounding in my ears, I hurried over to a dark spot behind some trees. Suddenly a gush of pee escaped my control and wetted through my panties. I quickly pressed against my peehole to stop the deluge.
    After regaining control, I leaned back against a tree and pulled down my leggings to just below my butt cheeks. Relief poured over me as I let loose a thick stream of warm pee into the dirt and dead leaves. The pee collected in a small puddle that got my feet wet, but as I was wearing flip-flops I didn't care. The hot jet of pee also splashed on my legs, and the feeling of warm pee turned me on even more. I got the strongest urge to masterbate, but seeing as I was out in public I decided against it. Instead, I discreetly rubbed my clit a few times as I rolled my tight pants back up my legs. With my pants back on, I released the last little bit of pee that always come out after I take a piss. With that, I put my headphones back on and continued with my walk.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Nice choice; definately an improvement. Appears to be a female. :)

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    Posted by Anonymous

    hi! this is my first time posting. I'm 27 half japanese half german. My name's Carrie and my boyfriend and i have major pee fetishes.

    5 days ago I woke up having to pee really bad. But for some reason I didn't want to get out of bed (usually i get up and go). I just happen to love that feeling of pressure, panic, and pleasure all at the same time. My boyfriend woke up and I removed his boxers and started to play with his penis. He started to moan with pleasure and started fingering my breasts. In a couple minutes, I really was dying for a piss but I didn't want to get out of bed because of interrupting us. I already knew that my boyfriend had a fetish and I always love to please him. i took my boyfriend out on to the couch and started watching porn. Then I just pushed him down and relieved my bladder on him.

    Does anybody else do this?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm 20 years old, and a college student. Usually, I'm a total goody-two-shoes. Hence the fact that I only had my first drink of alchohol a few nights ago. My roommate and her friends were playing a drinking game which involved The Princess Bride movie (take one shot every time you hear the phrase "As you wish" etc), and it looked like so much fun that I decided to join in. Hence, I had my first taste of whisky. My first several tastes of whisky that is.

    By the end of the movie I was feeling tired and more than a little dizzy, so I went to bed. I slept very soundly for a good nine hours. *Very* soundly. I remember waking up, feeling groggy and confused, and wondering we I felt so cold and wet. Then I touched myself between my legs, and realized that my PJs were soaked. I had wet the bed! It seemed implausible. I don't think I'd ever wet the bed as a child, and here I was 20 years old, and waking up in wet pajammas.

    Worse yet, my roommate was already up, as was one of her friends who had spent the night. I just looked at them and started to cry. There was no way I could hide what I'd done. They were both very nice though, and promised not to tell anyone.

    The fact that I'm writing this story here now just attests to the fact that I can not keep my own secrets!

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