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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a customer service agent. I was on the phone one day with a customer for over an hour trying to resolve a situation they were in with us. Well all the sitting and drinking of water made me have to go pee really bad. I was trying to work as quickly as possible with the customer as I tried desperately to hold it in. Just when I thought I was done and could run to the bathroom the phone rang again and I had to take the call. It was a hopeless case at this point, I had to go so bad I ended up peeing my panties right in my chair as I was on the phone. I went pee for about a good 2 and a half minutes as I sat there talking to the customer. I was so terribly embarrassed to be sitting there peeing in my panties while on the phone. And to make it worse when I finally got to the bathroom it was locked and I ended up peeing my panties again right on the floor in front of the door. That was just a really bad day for me. The whole rest of the day I ended up peeing like every few minutes. It was sooooo embarrassing.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was doing a coffee demo one afternoon for an advertising campaign. I had been sitting for hours answering questions from customers and explaining the different coffee products available. Wbile in the middle of a demonstration all the coffee drinking completely filled my bladder to its max capacity as I felt the sudden desperate need for releif. I knew I was about to pee in my panties at any moment If I didn't excuse myself to the bathroom. But I was too embarrassed to even metion I needed to pee so desperately. Nearly beginning to pee my panties I sat there trying with all my strenght to hold it in. I placed my right hand between my legs and pressed hard against my aching vagina. the pain in my bladder got worse as the urge grew worse and I became even more desperate to let it out than I had been all day. I've never had to go pee so bad before in my life. I almost felt a spurt come out as I FARTED silently.....I was losing control fast and I knew I could not hold it much longer before I went in my panties. I tried to maintain my composure despite the intense urgent need to empty my bladder. I FARTED again a bit louder this time but still not loud enough for anyone to hear. With each fart that came out my butt the worse I needed to go pee. I couldn't bare the fact that peeing my panties was now a possibility and there was almost nothing I could do to stop it. I continued to fight it, and managed to hold it back just a bit longer as I continued to FART constantly while I answered questions. But finally I had to just give up and let go hoping no one would notice. While I sat there farting and explaining some things for customers my bladder finally just bursted as a HUGE gush of pee flooded through my panties and ran down my legs. I could feel the pee gushing out like crazy as I sat there trying to cover the sound of my high pressured squirt. I felt the relief of my bladder emptying out and the presssure going down as the pee continued to gush out in a highly pressurized squirt. For over two minutes, I sat there with pee flooding through my panties. I peed for what seemed like a lifetime. I had never gone pee so long before in my life. The puddle underneath me was beginning to grow rapidly and I still could not stop going pee despite my efforts to control it. The more I tried to contain it, the more pressure it put on my bladder forcing me to go pee even longer yet. almost three minutes had passed as I sat there continuing to pee my panties uncontrollably. Then finally I really started to pee fast as the squirt gained speed and completely flooded my panties from front to back. The rivers of pee flowed down my legs pusing the size of the puddle even larger. I could not imagine I was still going pee all this time. The gush grew larger yet into a highly jetted stream of pee squirting right through the bottom my skirt and onto the floor. I continued to squirt for another minute or so when I finally finished with a long silent FART and couple more large squirts. I felt so much better but the puddle of pee beneath me was outrageous and my panties as well as my skirt were both completely soaked. When everything was finally overwith I managed to clean up the mess on the floor and sprint for the bathroom just in time to pull down my my skirt and panties, as another huge rush of pee came bursting out of my vagina, and shooting straight down onto my panties and skirt on the floor. I didn't really care at that point....I really had to go pee again and If that meant going all over myself then that's what I would do.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was a senior in high school we had a party out in the country as high school kids in my area of rural South Texas often did. There was the usual drinking and pot smoking and since we were out in the middle of nowhere, there were no places to "go" for the ladies. Anyway, this one girl was consuming a copious amount of alcohol and we all know what that does to people. It lowers your inhibitions and makes you have to pee every 10 minutes.

    Meg, the girl in question was always a bit of an exhibitionist and quite open about her body. We were all gathered around the fire and she kept saying "man I really have to pee." After about the 4th time she said this she said "Fuck it, I am just gonna go right here" so she stepped back about 3 feet from the fire, turned her back towards us and let rip one of the most powerful streams I have ever seen. Everybody pretty much laughed it off and thought it was funny except for Katie, one of the girls in the group. She just sat there and said "that is not fair, I can't do that and I *really* have to go." We all egged her on about it, but she absolutely refused to "go out in the open like this." Oh well, her loss I guess.

    Anyway, more time goes by and the night drags on and by this time, both Meg and Katie are wasted. Meg is now at the point that she is going about every 15 minutes or so just for the fun of it. She is giving everyone pretty good views if they were watching, but only I was and I watched her 4 times including the first time. But Katie is now at the point that she is fidgeting in her lawn chair and making a severely unhappy face.

    I go over to her and ask her what is wrong and she says that she is about to wet her pants if she doesn't get to a bathroom very soon. I pretty much believe her because she has been drinking for a few hours now and has not been going like the other girls have (there were others, but they went into the woods and I didn't get to see anything) She then asks me if I can drive her into town so she can go at her house, and being the nice guy that I am (and being totally into her desperate state) I tell her that I would. The only problem is that there is a 45-minute hike to get back to my truck; so we set off walking.

    Before I really get into it, let me tell you a little bit about Katie. She is an 18 year old high school senior well endowed with fairly large breasts, a nicely shaped ass, a beautiful face and a smile that sends you straight to heaven. She is wearing a plain white t-shirt that fits her very tightly so as to accentuate her breasts and is also wearing a pair of cutoff denim shorts that are cut a bit too short and seem to be two sizes too small.

    It was amazing to watch her walk because the whole way back she was hobbling with her knees knocked together and one hand in her crotch. The fact that she was also pretty hammered didn't aid her situation either. We had been walking for about ten minutes when she got to that stage where she would take a few steps and then twist her legs together and bend about halfway over and kind of whimper a bit. At this point I knew that she wasn't going to make it because we still had another 35 minutes to go before we got to the truck, and then from there it was a 25 minute drive into town to her house.

    I think she too started to realize this because she started crying and just stopped in the middle of the trail. She said, "I don't think I am going to make it" but I told her that she should still try. "I don't think I can hold it anymore" and her crying turned into a pained hiss from her throat. I told her that she should just pull her shorts down and go right there because we were 10 minutes away from the next closest people and nobody but me would have to know about it. She said, "no I can't do that, I can't go outside like this!" and shoved both of her hands into her crotch. I didn't know what to think or do at this point, so I put my arm around her and got her moving again in the direction of my truck.

    I guess we got about 5 steps before she bursts into tears, turns toward me, and starts crying on my shoulder. I ask her what's wrong, but by that time I had already heard the answer. She was peeing an absolute torrent into her denim cutoff shorts and it was making a fantastic hissing noise. That sound, combined with the splatter of her pee on the ground and onto both of our shoes put me into absolute ecstasy. We stood there in the moonlight listening to her soft crying and the splatter of urine droplets hit the ground for what seemed like an eternity. Finally she finished, hugged me tight, and then backed away to survey the damage.

    In the moonlight I could see that her shorts were glistening and completely drenched. She put her hands between her legs and tried to wipe off some of the pee that still ran down her legs from her shorts. She still cries a little bit, but by this point she was so relieved that it doesn't really even matter that she just wet her shorts in front of one of her male friends. She looks up at me with tears still in her eyes and says in a soft voice "you won't tell anyone about this will you?" and I, of course, say that I will not. She smiles and laughs a bit before saying, "Well, now there really isn't much of a point in hurrying back is there?" I say "No, not really" before starting to walk back to the truck.

    I notice after a few steps that she is not behind me so I turn around and find that she is standing in the middle of the trail peeling off her wet shorts and panties and using the few dry parts of her shorts to wipe between and down her legs. Her tight t-shirt is not nearly long enough to cover either her shaved pussy or her firm and shapely ass. I am a bit embarrassed, turn back around and ask her what she is doing. "I can't walk back to the truck with these wet clothes, or else the wet denim will chafe my legs. Besides, you have already seen me piss myself, so seeing me naked from the waist down isn't going to be any less embarrassing." Fair enough I thought, so I turn back around as she walks towards me, I could see that she is carrying her wet shorts and panties at her side and not even attempting to cover herself. She comes up to me, gives me a soft kiss on the lips, and says, "We can let this be your payment for keeping this our little secret." She then grabs my hand and places it between her slightly spread legs and presses it against her excited clitoris. I begin to rub my hand back and forth and she presses her body against mine and begins to moan. On a rush of adrenaline I ask her if she has any pee left inside of her and she surprises me with a short hot blast onto my hand and said, "I had a feeling you were into this kind of thing, judging by the way you kept staring at Meg when she would pee by the fire earlier. Well guess what, I am too..." Talk about an interesting walk back ;-)

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    Posted by Anonymous

    There once was a man named Jack
    Who'd not let his lady off of her back
    When in the morning he'd hear
    "I'm close to bursting, my dear"
    He'd fuck her until she peed in the sack.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    In health class one afternoon there was the normal manditory presentations going on which I really hated because I'm a horrible speaker and I don't think I ever will be good at it but.....anyways I'm standing there explaining my own presentation which of course had to be on the subject of female peeing. As I was speaking, the subject I was covering just happened to remind me how badly I need to go pee. But by the time I realized it, I was a bit too late....I was already peeing my panties before I could do anything to prevent it. Everyone in class almost noticed the rivers of pee running down my legs under my short skirt. Already embarrassed enough at this point.....I had no choice but to just give up trying to control it anymore, I was peeing so hard I had already lost control of myself. I left class that day so embarrassed and humiliated not to mention the fact that I had another accident on the way home in my car. Maybe If I have learned something from that.....I should not drink any water before doing a presentation...because I will almost certainly pee my panties in class again.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    There's nothing worse than to be in the middle of a presentation in front of your class and suddenly realize you are starting to wet your panties as you're explaining different topics. That's exactly what happened to me during my last presentation I was doing in front of my class...I'm standing there trying to explain each category as I went over the slides trying desperately to keep my pee hole closed but I reached a point where I had to pee so bad that I just couldn't hold it back any longer. I had no choice but to let the floodgates open as I stood there and went pee all over myself right in front of everyone. I've never been so humiliated before. I stood there going pee for over 2 minutes before it finally stopped.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was in the process of performing a solo at a concert recently when suddenly out of nowhere pee went rushing down my legs gushing in huge streams. I was peeing so fast that I couldn't possibly control it. I stood up there in front of thousands peeing my panties as I sang. I was sooooo embarrassed!.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Jenny, as the only women driver who worked for the coach company, always liked to arrive early, both to avoid any criticism in a male dominated job, and to give herself time to get ready before taking her coach out. Hence she wasn't happy when the yard manager was waiting as she arrived.

    "Change of plan, I'm afraid, Jenny," he greeted her. "Bill has gone sick, so you'll have to do his job, it's urgent, there's nobody else here yet. The coach is outside ready, fuelled and everything, instructions on the wheel. Better get moving- you haven't got much time."

    He pointed to a coach parked opposite and turned away with a parting "Good girl, you've saved my life!" before Jenny had a chance to say anything. She hated to be rushed like this, and it was an older coach, not her normal modern one, but she knew better than to complain. Getting in, she looked at the instructions; a 7:30 pick up for some Choral Society at a local village hall, and then an easy, mainly motorway journey. Not too bad, except that it was already 7:30 and the hall was more than 10 minutes away. Not much time, indeed! Typical understatement, and the customer would blame her for being late. She knew she ought to have a pee before starting, but she dare not walk to the back of the yard to the ladies', which would waste more time. She would have to go at the village hall, which was sure to have some loos.

    Groups of smartly dressed, mainly middle aged people were waiting as she turned into the hall car park. One was talking agitatedly on a mobile. An officious looking little man, a parody of an army officer from some comedy show, was waiting as she opened the passenger door.

    "Hi! I'm Jenny, your driver for..." she started on her normal greeting patter.

    "You're late," he cut her short. "We are on a very tight schedule, and this has not helped." He spoke like a comic army officer as well. "I was promised an experienced driver, it's absolutely vital we are not late, I hope you are up to the job."

    He began hurrying the group onto the coach, while conferring with his companion who had been on the phone. To her dismay Jenny saw that the hall was being locked, and she hesitated to rush over and ask them to wait while she used the loo. Then it was too late, the last of the choir were scrambling onboard.

    "OK, let's go!" snapped the organizer. "You really do have to get a move on now. Three of our choir had a break down on the way here. They are going to leave their car and we can pick them up on the by-pass, outside Wilkins garage. It's going out of the way, but I don't have a choice."

    He glared at Jenny as if she was to blame for the breakdown as well. This extra pick-up was going to add 15 minutes to the journey Jenny estimated, and the two mugs of coffee she had drunk to get her awake that morning were already reaching her bladder. She told the organizer she would park in the Wilkins forecourt and pick the extra people up there. That would give her the chance to use the loo there and her need to pee would overcome her shyness about passengers seeing her go.

    The organizer, or 'the Major' as she had named him, put an end to that idea, directing her so she was on the other side of the road from Wilkins, where the passengers were waiting. As three apologetic ladies climbed onboard, she could only look longingly at the 'Toilets' sign outside Wilkins's, then try not to think about loos any more. They would pass a motorway service area in about an hour; it was going to be a struggle, but she would have to hold out until then.

    As they joined the motorway, the Major was checking his watch, looking at some papers, and working a calculator. He moved next to Jenny. "Maybe your manager has not told you how tight out schedule is. We're going to a choir festival and have to arrive between 10:25 and 10:30 to get our place in the hall. That means you have to average 59 mph on the motorway. Are you capable of driving at that speed?"

    "Yes sir, I'll go as fast as I possibly can without breaking the law," replied Jenny, hopefully pressing the accelerator to the floor. She would have been quite happy for drive at 99 mph to get to the service area earlier, but this coach wasn't called 'The Slug' for nothing, though there was no point in bothering the Major with such trivia. If he was serious about that average there was no chance of the stop she needed. Her only hope was that his precision time keeping included comfort stops, though she had a horrible feeling that a military mind like the Major's did not acknowledge such human failings.

    Jenny tried hard to ignore her need to pee, but as they approached the service area her bladder felt like a sack of cement in her abdomen, and was sending increasingly urgent messages that it had to be emptied soon. She just had to get to the ladies at this service area, she thought, wondering if she dared to just turn off rather than risk asking the Major 's permission first. In her interior mirror she could see a couple of passengers with their legs crossed who looked as if they would welcome a stop. She was about to signal left when the Major, who had been making more calculations, came over again.

    "You have fallen another 2 minutes behind schedule," he snapped tersely. "Can't you drive this bus go any faster? It's absolutely crucial we arrive on time, and it will be your fault for starting late if we don't. They should have sent someone who was able to make up time on the motorway, the speed limit is 70 you know," he finished, clearly implying that Jenny, as a women driver, wasn't good enough.

    "I'm well aware of the speed limit," retorted Jenny, "but I can only go as fast as the coach will go, and I have been nearly flat out all the way," She thought how appropriate the term 'flat out' was becoming as they passed the service area. She stamped the accelerator to the floor, wincing as the jolt spiked through her bladder, but at least the coach did seem to go a bit faster. There was another service area in 45 minutes. If she could make up some time... if she could hang on that long... and surely some of this choir would be bursting by then. She glanced at the Major 's slightly overweight figure, and willed him to want to pee as much, no more, than she did. 'If only...' she thought, 'but no such luck, a pompous little twat like him would never admit to wanting to pee.'

    Ten miles from the next service area and Jenny was in a bad way. She had been knocking her knees together more and more frequently, but that wasn't doing much to help control her pee any more. She longed to be able to cross her legs, but even if she had dared risk driving like that, the Major was watching her like a hawk and would have complained that such a position was dangerous, and slowing down the coach. She just had to clench her bladder shut and hang on another ten minutes; one thing was certain, she just had to stop at this next service area, she simply could not bear the thought of having to wait longer.

    The Major, checking his timings again, came over to her. "At least you haven't fallen any further behind schedule," he said. "I only hope the traffic round the concert hall is not as heavy as I estimated, and you can make up time then. I'll warn you now, there is going to be hell to pay if we are late and are not allowed into the concert."

    "Oh, I'm sure we will be there in plenty of time," replied Jenny, building up to the moment when she could suggest a quick stop 'to let people stretch their legs.'

    The Major glared at her. "I worked out these timings for various point along our journey very carefully, and at that 10 mile sign we do not have plenty of time, as you so vaguely put it. On this journey we are working to precision timing, and we are 1 minute 45 seconds late."

    A sudden increase in Jenny's need to pee, which had her pressing her knees hard together and still only barely controlling it, prevented her replying. Their destination was well over half an hour beyond the service area, and the way her bladder was filling, she was beginning to doubt her ability to wait that long. There was no point now in asking the Major to allow her to make a stop, as it was obvious that he would refuse it. For a moment she thought of simply stopping regardless, sprinting for the loo and then taking the consequences, but the Major would raise hell if she did, and that would certainly mean losing her job. And she still had some pride; to have to admit in front of so many strangers that she simply could not hold her pee any longer was more than she could face. She was an adult, she told herself, and she had to be able wait. As the Major had sat down, she risked pressing her right hand between her legs, trying to make it look as if she was adjusting her underwear rather than holding her pee back. That felt so good it took a lot of willpower to let go again, but her driving position was so exposed she was sure to be seen if she did it too long.

    Passing the service area, thinking more and more about the glorious pee she could have had there, only made Jenny's need worse, and she was forced by the urgency of it to drive with one knee over the other, and her feet splayed to cover the pedals. It was a terribly awkward position, but she had to do something to ease her desperate need to pee. Several times she simply had to risk a hand between her legs again; it was becoming a real struggle to wait, and she needed all the help she could get. As they turned off the motorway and the local traffic made her have to brake and change gear, she could not keep her knees crossed anymore, and she began to wonder if she was going to be able to hold out. She was dressed like most coach drivers, white shirt and grey trousers, and hers were close fitting between her legs, so the slightest loss of control would show very clearly. She told herself that she simply had to steel herself to wait until they reached the concert hall; she did not have any other options, so she had to make herself wait. She made a supreme effort to clench her bladder shut, fighting for control for a few more minutes, her buttocks clenched so tightly that she seemed to rise an inch out of her seat, and gripping the steering wheel so tightly she was almost shaking. She wished she hadn't worn such a tight pair of knickers, they seemed to be putting pressure on her bladder area, making her want to go more urgently. She wanted so much to be holding her crutch, but the Major was standing next to her giving directions. She was beginning to panic, genuinely doubting her ability to wait, fighting to hold it back, ready to grab her crutch if she felt herself losing control. It was better to be seen holding herself than wetting her pants. She was driving automatically, hardly able to think of anything except holding back her pee, praying she could find the strength to wait a bit longer. The second the coach was parked, she thought, she was going to have to make a run for the ladies, never mind looking silly, it was that or probably doing it in her knickers. There would be a public loo in the coach park, she thought, there just had to be, and please let it be near because she wasn't going to be able to run far, even holding herself.

    The Major had stuck a sign with the choir's name and a number on the windscreen. He was checking his timing sheet again, looking worried. "We might just make it," he told her. "When you get near the hall you will be directed to one of the entrances. Stop there to let us get off, and then follow the signs to the coach park. When we are ready to leave you will be called from there; that will be in about three hour's time."

    Jenny could only nod in silent agreement, horrified at what she had heard. To have to sit and wait while the choir got out, however quick they were, and then drive on to a car park was going to be more than her bladder could stand. The thought was so awful she had to hold herself to bear it, then let go almost instantly as the Major turned to her to make sure she had understood.

    The rest of the journey was a blur of desperation for Jenny, and she fought to hold back her pee, constantly knocking her knees together, twisting sideways in the seat, frantic to hold between her legs, which she could not because the Major was standing next to her, hunching his shoulders, almost hammering on the steering wheel with frustration at each hold-up. So urgent was her need to pee that she had to sit on her right hand, just able to get her fingers up between her legs, sort of half holding her crutch, just enough to stop her wetting herself. Trouble was, she kept needing both hands to steer and change gear, and every time she stopped holding herself she moved nearer the awful moment when she wasn't going to be able to hold back her pee. Could anyone see what she was doing? Probably, but she really didn't care anymore, anything was better than wetting her pants in public.

    Then, at last, they were at the main entrance, and somehow she had made it without letting go in her trousers. As she stopped the coach and opened the door, she twisted sideways in her seat, as if to watch them get off, and pressed her right hand between her legs from underneath her, just blocking off the spurt of pee that had so nearly escaped.

    For the first time Jenny was thankful for the Major's efficiency, and the way he hurried the choir off the coach in record time and then waved her away with hardly a backward glance, leaving Jenny to cope with her now unbearable need to pee. She jammed the coach into gear and jerked forward, staying in first gear, steering with one hand because she dared not release the pressure between her legs. Waiting to turn into the road she changed to holding her crutch properly, from the front, because she needed every ounce of pressure to hold her pee back, changing into second gear with the other, hoping she could make it to the car park steering one handed and slipping the clutch, knowing that if she stopped holding herself for even a second she was going to lose it and wet herself.

    The car park next to the hall was already full, and she was directed out into the main road, where she had to change gear, trying to steady the wheel with her elbow while snatching at the gear lever, almost hitting the curb, almost letting her pee go, and knowing she wasn't going to make it any farther. She had to pee right now. Her bladder was about to burst, if she released her grip for a second she would go in her trousers, and it felt as if it would not be much longer before the pee leaked past her fingers anyway. She was trying to drive along a main urban road, frantically looking for a public loo, a garage, a pub, anywhere with a loo she could use. As far as she could see there were only houses, and a few local shops, but nowhere she could pee.

    "What am I going to do?" she wailed out loud. "Please! There must be a loo somewhere near."

    Even holding herself wasn't going to work for much longer. It was either squat in the road with people walking by or wet herself where she sat, or...she could pee on the floor of the coach! Yes! Anything was better than wetting her pants or going in public.

    Not caring anymore about anything except peeing, she jerked to stop at the side of the road, and holding herself with both hands, staggered back down the aisle of the coach.

    "Quick ! I must have a pee!" she was talking out loud, as if to excuse her actions. "I must go, I'm about to wet my pants, can't wait any longer."

    Kneeling between the seats for cover, she struggled to pull her trousers and knickers down to her knees while still holding her crutch as much as possible. Then, another struggle to change to a squat, and a spurt of pee escaped involuntarily in the panic as she tried to pull her clothes clear before she completely lost control and then she could not hold it another second. Her pee streamed out onto the coach floor, a torrent that could only come from a bladder at bursting point.

    "Ooooh, the relief!" she gasped out loud, savoring the ecstatic moment of release she had been waiting for so long. Vaguely she hoped she was hidden from pedestrians and passing traffic, but really nothing mattered to her except that she could pee at last, and not in her knickers. Better to be seen peeing on the floor by some strangers than to have wet trousers for the rest of the day, she consoled herself. She might have intended to only release enough to enable her to reach a proper ladies' room, but once she started the pressure was too much to stop, the growing puddle spreading down the aisle of the coach. It seemed to take forever before her stream began to die away, and she could shut off the flow, struggle to get dressed again, and get back to the driving seat. Her pee washed up and down the coach as she drove the 3 miles to the car park; she could hardly believe she had managed to hold so much, no wonder she had been desperate. The coach was already starting to smell of pee, but she had time to clean it, and anything was better than having wet trousers. Thank goodness it wasn't her usual coach with carpet on the floor. In the final panic she had not quite got her knickers clear before she had let a spurt go, but the wet patch was high up, near the waist, and wasn't going to show. The only thing that mattered to her was that she had managed to hold out, somehow not wet herself, even though she had been as desperate as she had ever been.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    The clock tick-tocked slowly, every eye was watching the minute hand... any second now the bell would ring. Finally, the clock struck 3:00 and all of the students dashed out of the classrooms. After dumping their books in their lockers, Laura, Nicole, Lydia, Elizabeth (Liz), and Melissa met outside. It was a nice Friday afternoon and the girls had planned a "Girls' Night Out" for that night. It was Elizabeth's turn to play hostess that night, so the gang was headed to her house. As usual, all the girls were giggly chatterboxes, except Lydia. Lydia was a quiet, timid girl, but she was being unusually quiet that afternoon. When questioned by the other girls, her reply was, "Oh, nothing." So, thinking that she wanted to be left alone, they did just that. They finally reached Liz's house and they all crowded upstairs into her room to decide what they were going to do that night. The girls were trying to decide between going to the mall and maybe renting a movie, actually going to the cinema, and they even thought about going dancing.

    In the middle of their debate, Lydia suddenly stood up and said, "I'm so sorry, but I am just dying for a quick little tinkle." The way she said it made it sound so cute. She was always so well mannered. The other girls kind of giggled at what Lydia had said. Lydia, obviously embarrassed, blushed and turned to head into Liz's bathroom. Laura suddenly grabbed her arm. Lydia was obviously getting desperate; the other girls knew that she had a weak bladder, as she was always excusing herself for "quick tinkles." And she was easily embarrassed. They felt sorry for her; they could tell that she was in discomfort.

    Laura held on to Lydia's arm and suddenly said, "I just got a crazy idea." The girls groaned, Lydia slightly louder than the others. They all knew that Laura had some scheme up her sleeve. "We want to do something thrilling, right?" she asked. The other girls just looked at each other. Laura continued, "Why don't we... No wait... Okay, I've got it. I've got a bet for you all. I bet you all that I can hold my piss longer than any one of you. Let's have a contest to see who can hold it the longest." Lydia whimpered and started to squirm. The other girls look both shocked and curious. Since no one objected, Laura then lay down the rules. Everyone had a chance to empty their bladders once, right then, and then they couldn't use a toilet anymore until 7:00 AM the next morning.

    All of the girls looked at the clock. 3:37 PM. Lydia groaned and Laura let her go. She quickly, but carefully entered the bathroom, and nudged the door closed with her foot. The other girls heard a frantic rustle of clothing then the unmistakable sound of Lydia's gushing urine filling the bowl. The other girls thought about Laura's offer. They knew it would be challenging. At 5'7", Laura was a sturdily built, athletic girl. Finally, after Lydia emerged from the bathroom, looking very relieved, they all agreed to take Laura's offer. Laura simply said, "It's settled, then," and ducked into the bathroom. They heard the usually hiss. Nicole went next, stopping briefly in the doorway and turning back to wink at them all. All they heard out of her was a tiny little trickle. Melissa blushed a little, but still stuck to the bet. Finally, Liz rushed in and expelled the contents of her bladder as well. Everyone gathered once more on Liz's floor, feeling relieved, excited, and slightly nervous at the same time.

    The girls decided to go window-shopping at the mall and then stop by Blockbuster and rent a couple of movies. They didn't want to spend too much time in public, just in case of an accident. Laura agreed and decided that it was best to just keep the bet between them. After the girls had "freshened up," they left Liz's house and headed toward the mall. On their way through the food court, Laura got an evil grin on her face. She stopped in front of a fast food stand and told the other girls that she was feeling a little thirsty. She ordered a large drink. She looked at the other girls expectantly and told them that it wouldn't be fair unless they drank a large drink too. So, they all obliged. Sipping their drinks, they strolled around the mall and Laura was happy to see anxious looks on their faces. After shopping around for a couple of hours, Laura could tell that the other girls were in minor discomfort and decided to torture them a little.

    She stopped in front of the large fountain at the mall entrance and sat down on a bench. The other girls followed suit. Lydia was shivering either from the cool mist from the fountain or from a need to pee. The other girls looked a bit uncomfortable, but otherwise okay. Laura polished off the rest of her drink and the others followed suit. After a few minutes of sitting in front of the fountain and gossiping, Nicole suddenly piped up and said, "I'm getting curious... How bad do the rest of you have to go- on a scale of one to ten? I'm about a 4."

    Lydia instantly said, "6." Melissa thought for a few minutes and said, "5." Liz said, "5," as well. Laura boldly said, "3." No one could tell if she was lying or not.

    They finally got up to leave and Lydia asked for the time. After quick glances at watched it was concluded that it was around 6:30 PM. About 3 hours since they started the bet. The girls exchanged nervous glances behind Laura's back. They finally headed toward Blockbuster. The girls took forever to choose movies and by the time they got home it was almost 8:00. They settled back down in Liz's room and started the movies. Halfway through the movie, Laura decided that she was thirsty again and disappeared downstairs. While she was gone the girls exchanged fears. None of them thought they could make it until morning, especially if Laura wanted them to drink something else. Their conversation was cut short when Laura returned carefully balancing 5 full glasses of water in her arms. "I trust no one snuck into the bathroom while I was gone," she said playfully. The other girls looked at each other in dismay. They hadn't even thought about it! Laura smirked at their expressions. Then she handed a glass of water to each girl. "Drink up!" She commanded cheerfully. After a couple of swallows, Liz suddenly asked what they would have to do if they lost and what they would get if they won. Laura pondered for a moment and it was obvious that she hadn't thought about them winning the bet. That didn't make the other girls too happy. She finally said, I guess I'll do your homework for a week or something.

    The girl's thought that that was a pretty lame bet. "What if we lose?" asked Lydia tentatively.

    Laura answered without hesitation, "If you lose, then you wet yourself."

    The other girls laughed and all said, "Well obviously!" Then they decided to take another poll at 10:00. Lydia was up to a 7, Nicole was at a 6, Melissa and Liz were around a 5, and Laura actually admitted that she too, was at about a 5. By 11:00 though, things had drastically changed. The large sodas from the mall and that single glass of water were finally making it to the girls' bladders. Lydia was getting quieter and quieter but she was starting to fidget. Nicole was sitting on her knees on the floor and was looking distracted. Melissa and Liz were painting each other's toenails, but they were sitting with legs pressed together rather tightly. Even Laura was shifting in her seat a little. After a while, Liz put on a CD. Nicole's foot started tapping in time to the music, but after the music was turned off, her foot kept tapping. The girls started getting sleepy and were fixing their blankets on the floor and on Liz's bed and braiding each other's hair. They all brushed their teeth (the running water in the sink made Nicole tap her feet again and Lydia started her shivering once more) and changed into their nighties and pajamas. The girls settled back on their pallets and were gossiping and the like, and everyone was exhausted but obviously afraid to go to asleep. Laura was the only one who looked even remotely comfortable and it was killing the girls. Laura told them that she was tired and was going to go to sleep but didn't want them to cheat, so she got up, strolled over to Liz's bathroom door, locked it from the inside and shut it. Then she settled back into her pallet and was soon asleep. Once Laura's delicate snores started, the girls began whispering to each other about their predicament. Nicole exclaimed in a hushed voice that she was afraid she was going to wet herself if she fell asleep.

    Lydia whimpered, "I'm afraid I'm going to wet myself period." Melissa and Liz felt so sorry for the other two girls that decided to try to pick the lock for them. They searched Liz's room for a hairpin or a paper clip to open the door, but it was impossible without turning on a light and if they did that then Laura would wake up. In the end, they gave up on trying to get the door open. At 2:00 AM, Melissa and Liz were both sleeping lightly. Nicole and Lydia were terrified that they would pee themselves if they went to sleep, so they tried to stay awake. Eventually, both dozed off. Lydia and Nicole both awoke at around 4:00 and couldn't go back to sleep. They were in agony. A few minutes later, their hushed whispers woke up Melissa. She awoke with a start and immediately threw back the covers, checking for wet spots. She blushed, though there was nothing there. "I swear, you two, I just had a dream that I was peeing in the bathroom and I could have sworn that I was really peeing," she said. She sat cross-legged on the floor and placed her hands in her lap, right over her crotch. Lydia was sweating from the effort of holding in her urine and leaning forward slightly. The three girls were whispering about how badly they had to go when Liz woke up. She groaned and asked them what time it was. It was 5:30 AM- an hour and a half to go. Lydia was still leaning forward and she was pale. She slowly eased back against the wall and closed her eyes. The other girls watched her curiously. She seemed to be sleeping again. Nicole started rocking back and forth and was humming to herself. Liz got a crazy idea to sing "Kumbayah," so she, Melissa, and Nicole sang it very softly. The started laughing and immediately stopped when their bladders protested.

    Suddenly, Lydia sat bolt upright and moaned, "Oh... God... Noooo..." She stood up carefully, with her legs together, but the other girls thought that they saw a wet spot on the front of her heart-patterned shorts. Lydia bit her lower lip and moaned again. "I'm not gonna make it... I'm not gonna make it... Oh... God..." Silent tears rolled down her cheeks. Suddenly the other girls were frantic, they didn't want poor Lydia to wet herself. They were searching for something that Lydia could "take a little tinkle" in. Melissa picked up one of the empty water glasses and Lydia only cried harder. Liz rushed over with an empty popcorn bowl, but Lydia wouldn't budge, she stood rooted in the same spot, her thighs pressed together, hands holding her crotch, bent over from the effort. She was sweating and crying. Suddenly she jerked her hands away from her crotch in surprise and the girls saw the wet patch grow. Lydia instantly put her hands back to he crotch, but another spurt made her panic. Liz rushed over with the empty bowl and tried to get Lydia to go in it, but she was in hysterics. She started sobbing uncontrollably as urine gushed out of her swollen bladder. The hot urine showered down all over, soaking her shorts, the hardwood floor, and even her fuzzy slippers. Amid all of the commotion, Laura woke up. She immediately saw Lydia wetting herself and the other girls trying to console her.

    Nicole was squirming around, and Liz and Melissa were casting longing looks at the locked bathroom door and they tried to console Lydia. Laura leapt up and the other girls looked over at her. Laura was struggling as well. Finally, Lydia's downpour slowed to a trickle and her sobs quieted. The other girls crowded around her, handing her fresh clothes, rubbing her back, patting her hair, trying to make her feel better and knowing that at any minute they would be pissing themselves too.

    After Lydia had changed into dry clothes and had calmed down, she sat back on Liz's bed and gazed at her toes. Nicole went to sit down beside her, but suddenly stood up again. "Hand me that bowl--Quick!!" she hissed.

    Laura cleared her throat loudly. "Bowls weren't a part of the bet," she said.

    Nicole crossed her legs and tears came to her eyes. "Yeah, you're right, Laura." She bounced around for a few seconds, and then suddenly stood stock-still. She placed both of her hands to her crotch and felt a wet spot. She looked down just as another spurt of hot urine shot out. The wet spot on the front of her nightgown grew larger and larger. She gritted her teeth and tried to hold it in. But she was in agony. She had to go, she just had to. "Oh my gosh... This is killing me," she said through gritted teeth. She bunny-hopped over to where the bowl lay on the floor. Laura cleared her throat yet again. Nicole gasped and said, "I'm just going t-t-t-o stand over it, s-so I won't pee on Liz's floor." Laura didn't say anything, so once Nicole was standing over the bowl, she tried to gradually relax. Her knees felt weak and she was shaking. Finally, she let go, and her hot pee just rained and rained out of her pain-wracked body. Most of it went straight through panties and into the bowl since she was wearing a nightgown. But it was gushing out so fast that it was splashing her bare feet. When she finally stopped, the large bowl was about 3/4 full, with a little puddle and splatters around it. Her panties and the front of her gown were soaked. After she changed, she sat next to Lydia on the bed again and cried silently onto her shoulder. Liz and Melissa looked at each other... They didn't want to pee themselves. A quick glance over at Laura and they knew that she had to go too, maybe as badly as they did. Suddenly, Melissa stood up and yanked off her bathrobe. Liz jumped up right behind her. Melissa was trying to hold it, but knew she couldn't much longer. It was angrily shooting out. She whimpered and tried to stand over the bowl. She too, starting peeing and since she was wearing only a t-shirt and thin, bikini-cut panties, they saw just about everything. It gushed out and into the bowl and ran, glistening, down her slim legs. Liz lost control while watching Melissa pee. Melissa overflowed the bowl, but couldn't stop.

    Liz stood tense, urine spraying all over, while she hung her head in her hands. Melissa, mortified, tried to sop up the mess when she was finished, but Liz just stood in the same spot, urine still running down her legs and into her socks, with her head rested in her hands... Crying. Laura couldn't take it anymore. She was about to piss herself as well. She dashed over to the bathroom and tried to force the door open. The other girls all stared. Liz looked up just in time to see Laura stroll back over to them. She whispered, "I'm sorry," then spread her legs. At first, nothing happened. Laura just stood there with her legs spread open, knees slightly bent. She relaxed a little and a little trickle of pee crept out. After a few seconds, it was gushing. Laura was crying too, but she held her head high. She deserved this for putting her friends through the bet. She peed and peed and peed. She would stop for a few seconds, grimace, and then go at it again. Once she was finished, she silently carried the overflowing bowl into the kitchen downstairs and emptied it into the sink. She grabbed an entire roll of paper towels and marched back upstairs. She knelt down on the wet floor, on her knees and began sopping up all of the urine on the floor. For a while, no one else moved. Suddenly, the other four girls remembered what Laura had sacrificed for them and they too knelt down and helped her clean up the mess. The girls never told anyone about their bet, but they sure as hell never made another bet with each other again.

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