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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    My cunt smells fishy.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was at school, I took a piss in the urinal. It felt great.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was a lot younger, maybe 1st or 2nd grade, I took a field trip to see a play fairly far away. I had to go to the bathroom during the show but for some reason I was embarrassed to ask a teacher or the principal to take me to the bathrooms, so I just waited. After the play was done, as a group we went to a nice restaurant. I was sitting at the table and about halfway through my meal, I started to let some pee out, because I still didn't want to leave the table to get to the bathroom. Finally, I did go into the bathroom, but it was basically too late. Almost all was out so I just let the rest go slowly. By that time, my underware was completely soaked through and my pants were pretty wet. I just went back to the table like that, and to this day, I still don't think anybody noticed... although I was very scared someone would see what I had done to myself!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Last year I went to Six Flags with my sister who was 11 at the time. She was finally old enough to go on the "big kid rides" and she was really excited. We got Icees and went to stand in line for Nitro. The line was really long. When we were at the 45 min left mark, she was fidgeting a little bit. I assumed she was just nervous. By the time we reached the 30 min mark, she confessed she needed to pee (and quite badly by the way she was holding herself). I asked her if she wanted to leave the line and go, but she refused. By the time we were at the 5 min mark she could hardly contain herself. Then, we got on the ride. The people who were on the ride with us were all rather slim, and she's a little heavy. Because of this, the seatbelt was a little snug around her bladder area. As soon as we started to go up, she started to leak. When we started to go down, she completely wet herself! It was so embarrassing when the guy let us out because they had to stop the ride to clean the seat. That's the last time we went to Six Flags.

    tell me how you liked that story

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I decided to do something different today. I went to visit a friend at school about 300 miles away for the weekend. We had fun but frankly, it was a little boring. So this morning I decided to set a few rules for the trip- no stopping at all- and I must consume 12 oz. of liquid every half an hour. I also knew that as I became more and more desperate the feelings would change and that I would never remember them so I pulled out a notebook and pencil and decided to jot down my bladders progression from relaxed to the final explosion on my long way home. I hope you enjoy these- they are a bit disjointed but I was driving 80 miles an hour towards the end and sure that I was going to flood my car with pee so i wasn't too grammar focused!

    1. 300 miles to go, a large (32oz) diet coke- this counts for my first 3 drinks so I will consume it in the first 1.5 hours to get myself revved up.

    2. 250 miles to go, about 75% of the drink is gone, no worries yet.

    3. 200 miles to go, all of the diet coke is gone, I have been on the road for 1.5 hours, i was hoping for better time than this but there is traffic. I open my first diet mountain dew (I have a case in the backseat, they aren't very cold but that's ok)

    4. 150 miles to go, total liquid consumed 52 oz, starting to feel a few awakenings, if I was at work about to enter a meeting I would definitely go empty out with this level of feeling but no real urgency. I chug the rest of this diet dew and open another.

    5. 120 miles to go, and 64 oz. consumed. Fullness, not very uncomfortable, some pressure, like an itch you can't scratch.

    6. 76 miles (but who's counting) to go, and 68 oz. consumed. Pressure constant, walls of bladder are beginning to stretch out, this causing involuntary fidgeting, if anyone saw me, they would know that I need to go. I keep attempting to change position to ease the squeezing sensation. The feeling passes slightly from urgent to constant gentle pushing - like a hand on my shoulder but it is on my bladder.

    7. 65 miles to go and 76 oz. consumed. A sign for rest area causes frantic spasm of the whole bladder. My stinging urethra slams shut defensively. Oh it feels like the tide is coming in and the waves are slapping all sides of my bladder. As I squeeze, the vaginal walls contract, causing my nipples to harden.

    8. 52 miles to go with 80 oz. consumed. I slide my hand between my legs and press the fabric of my skirt against my clit (I didn't wear panties because I knew I needed nothing extra working against me). I start to rub back and forth hoping that the sexual tension will ease the now constant ache in my taut bladder. Damn, too many truckers to keep at it. Besides, if I cum- I will go all over myself. I am now forcing myself to keep drinking; even my throat knows that I am beyond capacity.

    9. 43 miles to go, and 82 oz. consumed. Speed limit is down to 55 and there are cops everywhere. I am constantly fidgeting, thighs squeezed together- this may not have been a good idea. PC muscles clenched, OHHHH GOD I NEED TO PEE!

    10. 30 miles to go, quantity consumed not noted- too full to write much. Sign for last rest area before my house. I am truly frantic. Undid seat belt to ease pressure on my huge bladder. Trying to sit on heel but can't maneuver in the driver's seat. OH OH, I almost lost it. Speedometer at 80, uh oh, I must slow down, I cannot get pulled over. Empty Styrofoam cup is taunting me. Maybe I could slide it under my skirt and just let out a little. NO I WILL MAKE IT; at least I hope so; I have to pee so badly! There is now a huge torrent held back.

    11. 5 miles to go- last 25 a frantic, twisting blur. Off the hwy now- JESUS red lights everywhere. Desperately, I run one. OH Crap! A funeral procession- I am dying too people- MOVE OUT OF MY WAY. My thighs are quivering. I am not going to make it. My last ditch holding trick as I feel a few drops leak out; I have not wet myself since 1st grade. I quickly shove a hand under my skirt and manuver one finger till its inside my lips and pushing in on my pee hole. Quick breaths like Lamaze. I will hold it, and so I squeeze with all I got, every tired aching muscle I have down there. I am sweating and exhausted from the effort and even my finger hurts. If only I could also cross a leg I'm sure it would help.

    12. Home. Afraid to stand upright- want to run but can only hobble; bent over at the waist with finger still dug into wet wee hole. I grab measure jug- make it to the bathroom door- squat and remove my finger, a massive spray at first, flying everywhere but the jug, then a steady stream as hard and full as a bathtub faucet. The piss is still spraying a little I just can't give the stream my normal directional control- 1350 ml plus at least 50 on the floor, wall and my skirt.

    Afterwards, I stand up but still find it hard to walk, my bladder still hurts and my holding muscles down there have been so strained that my calves and thighs also ache. Time to lay down and reward myself for holding on. O YES my clit is so swolen and demanding of my full attention.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    We had been married for a few months and were returning home from a party, when I confided to my husband that I was bursting to pee. It only took him a few minutes to put the car in the garage, and I waited standing with my legs tightly crossed. This excited me and I found myself working my thighs together. I began to realize that I was masturbating in an attempt to hold my pee. ‘Come on, before I wet myself' I said.
    Somehow we made it to the door, although I could hardly walk as I wanted so badly to release my pee. As he put the key in the lock I once more crossed my legs and this time I also rubbed my crotch with my fingers. ‘Hurry up or I'll do it here' I urged him.
    As soon as the door was open I headed straight for the loo, furiously trying to unfasten the hooks on my trouser suit while also grinding my finger into my pussy and up against my aching pee hole. I didn't care that he came into the loo with me. I dropped my slacks and he helped me tug down my tights and panties. I sat down on the loo and he put his hand between my legs and began feeling me up. I said I would pee in his hand if he didn't stop, but of course he didn't. We began kissing as he masturbated me and I held on to my pee as hard as I could. Then it happened! I had the most fantastic orgasm. I sat there coming and with that gushing a huge forceful stream, my pants round my ankles, my knees held apart as he enjoyed my show.
    Then we did what we hadn't done since our courting days, we screwed standing up in the loo! I think it was our quickest ever. I started to come as soon as he put his cock into me.
    We fell asleep that night still talking about the eventful evening, and I said we would have to screw sometime when my bladder was full, to see if I liked it. He said he would also like a much closer look at me having a pee. It happened in the early hours of the morning. It must have been the coffee before bed that caused my bladder to wake me. Now was the opportunity, but would he be able to screw me again so soon? I put my hand down and began to play with him. He soon got a hard-on, and in no time my nightie was up round my waist and he was both on me and in me. I didn't realize how badly I needed to pee until then; with his weight on my bladder and his cock rubbing it from inside I thought my pee would be forced out of me any second despite squeezing with all my might every muscle I had down there. To help hold it I found myself working my hips and pelvis like mad which would also increase my sexual pleasure and make me come. He was screwing me harder and harder and I was sure that I was going to pee the bed. ‘Stop a minute, I am starting to pee I just can't hold it in anymore,' I yelled. ‘Randy cow' he panted, and shot off his load, and when I felt him do that I just had to come myself; at the same instant quickly pushing my finger over my pee hole to try and save the matress.
    Minutes later we were both out of bed, and he suggested we go into the bathroom. He took my nightie off and I sat with my butt over the edge inside the bathtub, leaning back with my hands on the far edge, my legs wide open near him. As I began to pee he pulled my pussy lips wide open and watched as the force of my stream increased to great force. Aching for quicker relief I gave a good push causing my stream to hit his face, and to my added delight he leaned all the way forward and sunk his lips around my still very sensative clit while slipping his tongue against my pee hole as my tremendous amount of pent up pee continued flooding into his mouth.
    Two years ago we stopped overnight in a small town on a visit to my sister. It was very hot and we drank lots of coke. As soon as we got to our hotel room we stripped off, intending to shower. Nature took its course and a screw was inevitable. In my case a pee was urgently needed too! We did three things at once, we screwed standing up in the shower, and when I could hold my pee no longer I just let it go. When he realized I was peeing he quickly pulled me away from the overhead flow of water and dropped down on his knees while spreading my legs. Once again I felt his magical hot wet tongue on my pee hole while my stream continued to gush out of it and I began to cum so hard I sunk down on the shower floor, his mouth never leaving my pussy.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I knew it was there; the feeling was just right. I had just sat down... the urge!
    I couldn't wait any longer... there it was... their own pissing story section.
    whew! I feel better!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    They made this category so we wouldnt bother you by posting are stuff with the other things.So do us all a favor and u jerks messing around in this category knock it off leave us the hell alone we left you guys alone.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I just peed in the toilet. It was yellow.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a 15 year old guy and I babysit. One time I was babysitting this little kid. He was about 5 years old. He went to use the bathroom and it usually takes him a long time to go. They only had one bathroom in the house at the time so if I had to go, I had to wait for him. I really had to go that day but he got in there first. I panicked because I had to go so bad. I thought that maybe it would take shorter today so I sat on the couch and waited. After what seemed like a long time, I was ready to burst. I thought that I could just let a little out to make myself feel better so I did. I let out a little more than I had planned so my pants were a little wet. Bad idea though. It made me have to go even more. I was starting to panick because I was starting to leak and so I did the first thing I could think of. I unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick and shoved it under the cusion in the couch. Then I just let it all go. It came out for like 50 seconds I swear. When I was done, I pulled it out of the couch and put it back in my pants. You couldn't really tell the couch was wet unless you sat down so I didn't worry about it. Just then the kid's parents came home and his mom drove me home. I made $30 so it was all good but I hope they don't think the couch wetness was me!

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