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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    One of the great things about being a middle-aged dad is having older teenage kids. They are fun at that age and they like it when dad loses the "grown up speaks to child" demeanor and becomes one of them for a moment or two.

    In her 18th year, my middle daughter was a real knockout. She was tall and slender and kept after herself. As I look back, I miss all those girly things like shampoo and perfume smells, her music playing and her giggling with her friends when she filled the house with other pretty teens. Sometimes her friends would do the courteous thing and say hello to "the Dad" or give a nod or wink. What these kids choose to wear, or not to wear today makes me crazy and I confess, I get really hot watching them.

    That summer, my daughter had signed up for a 4-day camping and canoe trip. She got a ride to the start place but needed me to pick her up at the extraction point, two hours from our house. When they arrived there, she called me on the cell, which gave them time to stow everything, and gave me time to make the drive in my truck. As I pulled up, there was my sweetheart with a deep tan and sun-bleached hair. She jogged over and gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek. There was a friend with her, whom I had never met.

    "Daddy," she said, "This is Gail. Can we take her home with us and her dad will pick her up tomorrow morning?"

    Of course, I agreed and they threw all their gear in the back right side of my truck cab. Gail got in first and then my daughter. This was perfect as Gail's seating in the middle next to their stuff allowed me a perfect view of her through my mirror. This girl was beautiful and like my daughter, well tanned and in perfect shape. They were both glad to be on dry land and heading home.

    I really loved spending that time with them as they laughed and told their "river stories" but I also loved having their scents fill my truck. Even though they were hot and sweaty, they still had that young women air about them as well as their perfumes and shampoos.

    As usual, my daughter fell asleep about half way home and her head slumped to the left against the rear window. Gail did her best to keep up the conversation with me, though. I knew she was a little shy. I was careful to make her feel comfortable. Strangely though, after about 15 minutes, she got really quiet. I didn't wish to pry so I just turned up the radio a little and let her be.

    I couldn't help but to notice that Gail was really adjusting herself in the seat quite a bit so I surmised the canoe seat must have left some sores. With that short skirt she had on, my mirror offered a clear vision of some really pretty panties; frilly with what looked like little flowers on them. "Shame on me" I thought, as I became obsessed with watching her every move. Had I know what was really up; I would have had a lot more fun that day. I guess I'm really a "Bad Daddy!"

    As time went on, she looked truly uncomfortable and the smile was gone now, too. As soon as we pulled into the garage at home, I found out what was really up. Gail let out a moan and a sigh and as I opened the back door to wake up my daughter, Gail pushed past both her and I and said, "I really need a bathroom quickly, and I thought we'd never make it. As she lifted her leg over my daughter, I swear I saw a little moist patch on those frilly panties. She was prancing up and down while my daughter, bleary eyed as she was, led her to the powder room. Neither of them knew that I was really turned on by this and had a huge hard on inside my own underwear.

    That would be the last time I would see Gail for almost a year and as the next encounter approached, I had wondered if I would ever see her again.

    Late the next year, last summer in fact, Gail showed up at the house just after breakfast one sunny morning. She was there to pick up my daughter for a river trip reunion of sorts at last year's extraction place on the lake. It was great seeing her again and in just one more year, she had gotten even more gorgeous. This strawberry blonde lovely looked like she had just jumped out of a fashion magazine. All I could do was say hello and just plain stare.

    My daughter came out of her room with a knapsack and told me their plans. The girls were going to the lake for swimming, a picnic and then into town where they would change and have a nice dinner out with a movie. I wished them well and Godspeed, then they got into her car and pulled out of the driveway. Alone in the house now, I decided to grab a few more hours' sleep and nodded off for what seemed like just a few moments.

    Five hours passed and the ringing phone abruptly woke me. I realized that I had slept through the morning and it was now almost 2pm. "What is wrong with me," I thought. Anyway, when I finally got to the phone, it was my daughter. She was very upset, in tears and sobbing. Something had gotten into Gail and she had stolen a big bottle of wine from her father's house and had chosen today's picnic to tie one on. Gail was evidently too drunk to drive.

    I was totally shocked by the call but so very proud that my daughter had done the right thing. I could also tell that only Gail was drinking as my daughter sounded perfectly straight. She was always a good kid but what had happened to Gail that morning remains a mystery to me.

    It took me two hours to get to the lake and it was a good thing for Gail, I guess, because she had at least a little time to somewhat get a hold of herself. I could see when I got there that my daughter was really ashamed and disgusted as well as afraid of my reaction.

    In a somewhat slurred voice with eyes a bit crossed, Gail just smirked a bit and said, "I'm really sorry. I don't know what got into me. I didn't want you to have to drive all this way to get us."

    I could tell that planning that statement had taken her a while and executing it was a challenge too. I chose to say nothing other than to head them towards the truck. They threw their stuff in the back and this time got in the front with me, Gail in the middle.

    "Wow, did she have on this same outfit when they left this morning?" I wondered to myself. She had on a short and clingy tank top and I could swear she wasn't wearing a bra, The AC was on full in the truck and those stunning teenage nipples were simply fighting their way out for me to lust after. Her shorts were about as small as they could be without being illegal and as she adjusted herself, I got a great shot down the back of her where it was clear she was naked underneath. Obviously, the girls had gone skinny-dipping and Gail had just thrown on her clothes without the undergarments. I could not believe that this perfect 19-year-old specimen of a woman would be mine to goggle over for the next two hours. Drunk or not, she was driving me wild and the fresh wine on her breath actually turned me on even more. I was really enjoying my fully erect woody.

    As I drove, I kept trying to sneak a peak of her tits, her long tanned and muscular legs and even a very slight view of some of the outer fringes of her womanhood. Yes those shorts were just that wonderful! There was also that lingering scent of her perfume, her shampoo again and the fresh air smell in both girls' hair. As my eyes wandered up her body once more, I caught my daughter's eye glaring at me so I quickly looked forward to the road. I must have been really obvious as she was truly disapproving of me.

    It was just too quiet so I asked Gail how she was going to get her car. That was the wrong thing to ask!! She broke down into a tearful sob and said she hadn't thought of it till now and how on earth she was going to explain it to her dad really concerned and upset her. Wishing to comfort her, I told her, her secret was safe with me and that we'd get up really early the next morning and go back for it.

    All of a sudden she said, "You're the coolest dad in the world" as she turned a bit and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Once again my daughter had a sneer on her face- but this time it surely wasn't my fault.

    I'm a pretty big guy with a big, loud and raspy low voice. My kids always said that I was scary to them and their friends as they grew up but I'm really just a big ole teddy bear. I could also stand to lose about 50 lbs, so to have this luscious young scantily clad woman next to me; smiling and kissing my cheek was all that I could stand. She'd be the death of me for sure. Alcohol on any woman's breath was also a turn on so I have to say that I can't remember how long it had been since I had a hard on as big as the one I sported that afternoon. I was becoming fearful that it could be seen bulging in my shorts.

    I wanted to turn down the AC and turn on the radio but to do that I would have had my arms all over Gail, so I left things as they were. Just like the year before, my daughter nodded off and her head slumped to the right against the window. Now, It was just Gail and I with only the sound of the engine and the road below us. Once again, I noticed Gail started to fidget. She put her hands down to adjust her seating position and when she did, she accidentally pressed against my thigh with her palm. "Oh My God," I thought as I was sure she had discovered my now wonderfully painful hard on. She quickly jerked her hand back and quickly straightened herself to gaze straight out the windshield. Did she or didn't she?? I was so embarrassed but I think she was even more so. "Maybe she really didn't notice" I hoped to myself.

    In just a few more minutes, Gail got even more fidgety. This time she slid herself forward, stretched and twisted side to side. She turned a bit towards me, released her seat belt and went to tuck it into the seat between us. I clearly saw every contour of her and the sun coming through her clothes left a perfect X-Ray snapshot of the most stunning body I had ever seen in real life.

    This time she got a clear shot of me too. In spite of my round belly, that big old hard on was clearly poking its way down my shorts. What God didn't give me in length He made up for in thickness and this hard on was the fattest I've ever had. I caught her glaring at first and then she quickly focused away but there was a smile on her face that she was trying hard to hide.

    With nothing to lose at this point and momentarily sidetracked from thoughts of her bladder, she looked at me, then moved in close and whispered, "Do you have something exciting going on down there?" The whisper, the wine scent, the sparkle of her eyes and her glow had my heart racing like it used to when I was 16. The rush was so incredible, I knew I would let go any second.

    I also knew that she was finding it hard to hide the fact that she had to pee out that wine pretty badly. All my memories of the previous summer went racing through my head and I thought for sure I was going to cum that second. What was even better was the knowledge that she was too embarrassed to ask me to stop.

    While sharing the feeling of nothing to lose I candidly told her that I had never been this close for so long to any woman as gorgeous as she and that I just couldn't help myself. What she did next was a total surprise especially since I knew how desperate to pee she had become. She looked for a second at my sleeping daughter and then gently placed her left hand on my swollen manhood and began to slightly stroke me. I could barely concentrate on the road now as I felt a burst of seminal fluid spurt out into my briefs. She felt the throb and once again whispered in my ear, "Ah, You like that, huh? You are definitely the coolest Dad I've ever seen."

    All of a sudden she pulled back, let out a little whimper, straightened up and tightened her thighs. I asked her what was wrong, even though I knew. She told me she was having cramps and that she would be okay. Then, she surprised me again. She unzipped her shorts and pressed her hands into her pelvis. I looked down for a moment and saw her luscious mound jumping right out of her shorts. Alcohol can be wonderful sometimes and this girl had lost all her inhibitions.

    After just a few more moments I noticed her rocking again and she started to whimper. I thought I would have some fun so I told her that I was sorry about her cramp pain but I had to pull over and use a tree to pee on. (I'm soooo so bad!!) Those big olive eyes just lit up and she seemed shocked. My daughter was out cold so I took my sweet time making small talk while getting out of the car. In an instant she slid over across my seat and in a frantic burst of tears, told me that she also needed to pee so badly that she was about to explode. I could see a few drops of her sweet urine on the fabric of my seat as I helped her out.

    With all that happened, I figured I would throw caution to the wind and ask if I could help her to the woods and then watch her go. She immediately retorted that she didn't care what I did as long as I got her into a secluded place quickly. I found a big tree not far into the woods and out of sight from the road. I asked to her to hold just a second while I dropped my shorts to play with myself. She yelled... "Please hurry, please!"

    Well, Gail took one look at that huge and throbbing cock of mine and for the biggest surprise of all, She pushed me to lie down on my back---"Quick, Quick, Quickly!!" she yelled.

    I went ahead and lay down to feel the wonderful coolness of the ferns on the forest floor against my sweating back. She kicked off her shorts and straddled my waist, forcing my huge member deep up inside of her. In just a few strokes, I could feel her flooding me with her warm urine. I exploded inside her with such a force that I could see her whole face change into an almost fearful look. She gritted her teeth and came to a screaming orgasm covering me with her pee and her cum. It was one of the shortest, but clearly the best, fucks of my life!

    She fell forward and rested on me silently and motionless. After a short reprieve, she quietly got off, wiped herself with her shorts and the put them back on. I got up and did the same. Most of our fluids had rolled off of me and onto the forest floor so only a small amount came home with us on our clothes. I thought I would never wash those shorts again! All she said, was "I feel much better now," and we walked back to the car. My daughter never knew a thing.

    That afternoon was the last time I saw Gail for more than a year again. But her picture remains forever on my mind. My daughter got up with her early the next morning and they rescued her car without me.

    This past weekend we celebrated my daughter's 20th birthday with a family-only backyard barbecue. At the end of it all, there was a knock on the door. She had returned! Gail had dropped by to see the birthday girl, give her a present and take her out for ice cream. As my daughter went off to her room to change, all I could do was smile as Gail said, "Hey there coolest Dad, can I use the bathroom?"

    I said, "of course" and off she went leaving me standing in the hallway alone. I swear she must have done it on purpose because as she went in she clearly left the door open a large crack. I could practically see all of her as she wiggled up of her shirt and blouse and I certainly heard all of her sounds. She came out a minute later; glanced down to see the now infamous "coolest Dad hard on bulge" then gave me big wink. She joined my daughter in the hall and they were off (and so was I)!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am 2 mos pregnant and as a result, I have to go really badly all the time. Yesterday, I went to my first OB/GYN apt. My husband drove me there, but then he had to go back to work so I decided to take the subway home. I guess I should have gone to the bathroom first because I really had to go badly once I got on the train. So I got off at the next stop to ask if I could use the bathroom. The attendant was really rude. She said their bathrooms were just for employees. I was afraid to leave the Metro because that train route runs through a bad section of the city. So I got on the next train. I tried to hold it in, but I had to go so badly. Luckily there was only one other person on my car. An old man who was sleeping. So, I sat in the back of the car where there is a partition, flipped up the back of my skirt, slid off my panties, kicked them under the seat, and let go. The noise of the train going over the tracks his the sounds of my pee hitting the seat. It was such a relief.

    After I peed, I moved to another seat.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Where did that expression come from and what does it mean?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was at a friend's birthday party and had gone into the bathroom for a poop. I can't remember why, but for some reason, I didn't lock the door.
    All at once a girl (not my girlfriend, but one I knew very well) came rushing into the bathroom with her dress pulled up and her hand between her legs holding her pussy. She was wearing beautiful white cotton panties (my favorite kind of panties) but I couldn't see them very good at that time. When she saw me sitting here she said,"Oh God, I've got to pee so bad, what can I do?" I was immediately turned on and my heart started to beat faster. It was a big turn-on to see her standing there with her dress pulled up, her hand rubbing and squeezing between her legs, and doing her cute little pee-pee dance even though I had seen her in bra and panties several times.

    She really had to pee bad and I thought she would pee on the floor because I thought I could see a few drops of pee trickling down her leg. I said,"Come on. You can pee with me." I was kidding but she was so desperate to pee that she jumped over and sat on my lap facing me. She didn't pull her panties down and I could feel pee squirting thru them even before she sat all the way down.

    She sat there hugging me and peeing for a long time. She was sighing and breathing hard like she had been running. I thought she was having an orgasm but she told me later that she didn't cum but the relief after holding it for so long was almost as good as an orgasm. I have never felt anything as good as her soft wet cotton panties on my bare legs and her hot pee squirting on my cock and running down over my balls.

    After she finished peeing she sat there a few minutes and let me play with her wet pussy. I had played with her pussy several times before, but I was surprised at how much better it felt when she had on a pair of wet panties. I helped her take off her wet panties and dried her wet pussy with some TP.

    She let me keep her panties and for weeks I would lay in bed at night and masturbate while feeling and smelling them.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm the only girl in a group of guy friends. We like to play funny harmless prank. So one day at school this girl, I'll call her Gaby, really pissed us off by saying "I will never be embaressed then you must be, befriending only boys at age 16." It kind of upset me, and when I told my friends they said, "She wants embaressment? We can do it." Or something like that. I called Gaby and said I was upset by what she said, and pretended to cry. I said how I was never acepted by girls and I always wanted someone to do my makeup and choose outfits with. She's a sweethearted person so she asked me to sleepover that Friday night. I went over, and gave her a little gift. We had a long night. So the next morning I faked a call on my cell phone and told Gaby all my friends were catching an early movie and hanging out at the mall a few towns away. She likes one of the boys in my clan, so agreed to tag along. We made sure she ate tons of buttered popcorn and when she complained of thirst I ran out at got her a 64 ounce Code Red Mountain Dew. (in case your interested, Code Red is proven to pass through your body fast...try it!). She drank at it all, and then we said wed treat her to lunch. My guy friend, ill call him "J", got the dranks and slipped a supposatory in hers. He said that it would make her be able to control her bladder for an hour, then she would get badly desperate. So we shopped around, sometiems with the boys, sometimes not, then we went into that store "Origin". It had a few mini waterfalls to calm people, and when she saw them she tensed up and grabbed me. I knew what was happening so I said "Don't tickle me!!' and tickled her. whispoered. Then, innocently, I said, What is it Gabs?? She looked despereate and said, "I have to get to a bathroom immediately. It's an emergency. I have to pee so bad, Stella." I said, youll be fine, give me too more minutes ok? She sighed and pushed herself into a corner, bubbling around. I took a good 15 minutes paying. It was amazing. She had her hand jammed tight into her jeans when came to get her. I said fine lets ask someone about a bathroom. She was so happy, but I noticed she could hardly walk, it was GREAT to watch her suffer. I made her do three escalators before she loudly said Stella, RIGHT NOW, please, you don't UNDERSTNAD, and started pushing her ugly fat vagina (shes actually super skinny, and was wearing tight fad-like jeans. I gotta get to the bottom. She yelled I gotta piss irhgt now. I said youll be fine and she looked so pained. She saw the place with fountains and toilets and tried to hobble over, totally crying. All the guys showed up right there and said mmm were thirsty got out water and strted drink so fast that Gaby didnt even have a minute to regain her cool. She was instantly wetting her pants, super bad too becaus eshe had a drink or two, CODE RED and a peeing pill. "J" took her picture as she peed and cried. She was frozen in her spot when she walked away. It was classic even though one of my friends said he felt really bad because he has an overactive bladder and knows how she had to feel. IT WAS GREAT!!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hey, I really like reading the *wet stories* but I find that they are always really really long... is there anyone out there who writes fake ones that maybe wouldn't mind just writing a sweet short one for me?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    It was a warm Saturday afternoon and I had been enjoying lunch at a riverside restaurant with three girlfriends. Marcus,(made up name) my boyfriend, had promised to pick me up on his way back from work at 2:30pm but was late, so at 2:50pm I was standing alone in the car park waiting for him. I had drunk three glasses of wine at lunch and was feeling pleasantly merry, but also in desperate need of a wee. I had declined to use the facilities in the restaurant as we were only a five minute drive from home and I knew how much Marcus hated to be kept waiting; but now I was the one being kept waiting, and to make matters worse the restaurant and its toilet were now closed for the afternoon!

    Cursing Marcus under my breath, I moved from foot to foot and tried to distract myself from my predicament. When I thought no one was looking I grabbed my pussy and pushed as much pressure as my hand could muster on my aching pee hole. I looked around for a convenient spot where I might relieve myself, but although there was plenty of vegetation in which to shelter at the bottom of the restaurant garden it afforded little coverage on the riverside, and I was reluctant to take down my knickers for the entertainment of the weekend boating crowd!

    I knew I was losing control of the situation as I felt a small amount of pee dribble into my underpants and dampen slightly my pubic fringe. I knew now if I went back to the restaurant and asked special permission to use the toilet, as I should have done twenty minutes earlier, I was likely to have an accident in my khaki pants and completely humiliate myself in front of the waiting staff. It wasn't the accident that bothered me so much - I had wet myself on a number of occasions as a girl, like any other child, but my parents or teacher had never made that much fuss about it, reasoning that it was just a regular part of childhood - but the fact that the clothing I was wearing on that day would do nothing to hide the evidence and spare my blushes!

    I think the combination of the wine and the afternoon heat had muddled my mind, because I decided that if I was to pee a little in my panties it wouldn't show from the outside and I would relieve sufficient pressure from my bladder to allow me to get home without completely wetting myself. I soon discovered the fallacy of this thinking as I looked down to check the state of my pants after what I thought was only a brief sprinkle, and was horrified to find a teacup-sized damp patch clearly marked on my crotch, and slowly spreading outwards! Worse still, my urge to pee had intensified rather than diminished so that now my pee hole was on fire and screaming for a total release.

    Panicking, I tried to hide the wetness with my handbag, but I knew I was rapidly losing control over my swollen bladder and I began to cry a little out of frustration at the ridiculousness of my situation. As I lost control of my emotions, so I lost control of my bodily functions and the floodgates were released. I felt my cotton knickers swell gently like an inflating balloon - a sensation that I would have welcomed as curiously pleasant had I not been conscious of the fact that I was about to humiliate myself in public - before softly exploding and depositing their watery contents down my legs and into my shoes. I stood frozen to the spot for half a minute, peeing steadily into my own clothing and crying softly to myself as I did so.

    I had no time to think about my predicament because Marcus' car came into view in the car park and he drew up alongside me. Despite the look of astonishment on his face, he clearly didn't need to ask what had happened, but in a flustered and slightly bemused manner apologized for being late. All I could manage to do was to nod miserably through my tears. This pretty little girl was standing here in a pool of her own wee, the crotch, bottom and inner thighs of my pants completely saturated and glistening in the July sun. As I shifted my feet gingerly, I could feel my toes squelching about in the soft fabric of my socks. My trouser were clinging awkwardly to my pee-drenched skin, but the warm feeling in my knickers, around my bottom and private parts, was oddly comforting and prevented me from breaking down completely.

    Marcus opened the passenger door but then told me to wait while he found something to put on the seat to protect the suede leather. I just stood there meekly, my face burning red with embarrassment, and wished the earth would swallow me up. A minute later, he came round to my side of the car and announced gently that he could not find a covering for the seat: "You'll just have to take those wet things off and dry yourself as best as you can".

    "B ut I've got nothing else to change into," I replied in a small voice.

    "Come on, it's only a short ride home, don't make a fuss."

    Seeing no alternative, I undid the laces of my trainers and kicked them off. Then I bent down to peel off my soaking wet socks. Standing barefooted on the grass verge of the car park, I once again became conscious of where I was and panicked. "Please Marcus, don't make me do this."

    "Becky, don't be silly now," he retorted in an altogether more irritable tone of voice. "You've wet your trousers in public, goodness knows how, now don't embarrass yourself any further by making a scene. You're not ruining my car. Or perhaps you'd rather walk home in your present condition?" he added maliciously.

    Taken aback by his sharp tone, I undid the belt of my trousers and with some difficulty peeled the clammy garment down off my legs. Now all I had to hide my modesty were my little pink knickers, and these weren't doing that job too successfully as I could feel the damp fabric had rode up into my bottom and was clinging tightly to my private parts. I could not see through my tears if anyone had witnessed my accident or was observing me now, I was just determined to get into the car as soon as possible. I slid down my knickers and stepped out of them quickly and, without daring to stand up, hurried to retrieve my wet things, my plump white bottom, that Marcus had so often enjoyed in private, now bared and on display for all to see; not because anyone wanted to see it, but because I had disgraced myself and was now being treated like a little girl.

    Half crouching, I turned to face the car to hide from public view my equally naked genitals. Not wishing to irritate Marcus any further, and thereby prolong my ordeal, I made some attempt to wipe my bottom and privates with the one remaining dry part of my slacks. I could feel a gentle breeze ruffle through the sparse ginger hair of my pubic bush, and as I passed the fabric over my crotch, I could feel my inner lips pout ever so slightly; "Great," I thought to myself, "Here I am half-naked in a public car park and all I can think about doing is touching myself!"

    Holding my wet clothes, I stepped gingerly into the safety of the car; faintly aware that by doing so I was exposing more of myself to Marcus than I would normally chose. The cold leather seat felt strange and unfamiliar against the skin of my bare bottom, but at least now I was away from prying eyes. I put my clothes on the rubber mat in the foot well and, keeping my legs closed as tightly as possible, used my hands to cover my privates as best as possible. Yet the feel of the rubber matting against my bare feet reminded me of what I had done and made me feel very small indeed; like when I was twelve and had forgotten my PE kit and the teacher made me do the lesson in underwear and bare feet - only what would I have given now for some dry underpants!

    We drove home in embarrassed silence, yet I could detect by his facial expressions that Marcus was by now more amused than angry. By the time we got home, there was a positively mischievous glint in his eye and a bulge in his pants. Adopting the tone of a stern headmaster, he refused to let me in through the front door but instructed me to wait by the gate to the garden for him to let me in. Reluctantly prizing my sticky bottom off the leather seat, I hurried to the gate and waited there anxiously, hands in front of me, hoping that none of the neighbors would drive past.

    After what seemed an unnecessarily long time, Marcus let me in and guided me to the outdoor tap where he proceeded to hose down my bottom half with cold water. Extraordinarily, even though I had peed something like two pints I found myself desperate to go again. Deciding that any pretence at modesty was futile in view of what had happened, I just stood there in front of Marcus, opened my legs so that my private parts were completely exposed, and weed all down my legs, feeling the hot fluid splash over my bare feet. The sight sent Marcus wild, and he hosed me down again, 'accidentally' soaking my blouse, so I was obliged at his command to take off my only remaining garment and run around the garden in my birthday suit to dry off. Now completely in the spirit of things, Marcus attempted to get me to wear a makeshift 'nappy', but I drew the line at that, so in a fit of mock rage he locked me in the garden without a stitch of clothing! He later relented, but would only allow me to wear a T-shirt, which did not cover my naked bottom-half, on account of my "extreme naughtiness."

    As you might imagine, I went to bed that night feeling a very naughty girl indeed!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have a question: If I wanted to pee in the shower, would it stain the white tub underneath? Also, if I did, what is the best way to go? Standing? Squatting? Please help me!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have been peeing for ten years, but only by myself at home. This is the first time I have had the experience of playing with anyone else.

    Fiona arrived at my house at 7am for the 100-mile drive to Bristol for the shopping expedition that we had planned. I had known Fiona for about 20 years as the fairly attractive, but quiet daughter of my fathers' friends, but up until recently we had not really been friends, only acquaintances, which had changed after meeting by chance in the pub three months ago.

    We drove up the motorway in good spirits, looking forward to the day's shopping ahead. I was already starting to feel a little pressure on my bladder following the three cups on coffee I had drunk before leaving home.

    When we arrived at the superstore, Fiona announced that she was hungry, and that we should have breakfast before starting the great shop. I reluctantly agreed, thinking that a bacon sandwich and a coffee would not take very long.

    How wrong can you be? The queue went on into the next county, and the coffee was on free refill, so I drunk far more than was good for me, and by the time we came out of the coffee shop I was desperate. Fiona was quite twitchy as well when we looked for the loo.

    Again we queued, but for the loo this time. By the time we reached the front of the queue we were both dancing from foot to foot, but agreed to share a cubicle so that we did not get separated by the giant crowds surging around the store, and also so that I could watch Fiona pee, unbeknown to her.

    We squeezed into the cubicle and Fiona immediately dropped her jeans around her ankles to reveal a little white thong with a tiny damp patch between her legs. The thong went down and Fiona dropped gratefully onto the seat. The hissing of her wee into the toilet got louder and louder and her eyes screwed up as she pushed out the last drops followed by a tiny fart.

    "Whoops, sorry!" Fiona remarked without embarrassment.

    Sh e dried herself off, and then shuffled aside to let me in. I lowered my jeans and panties and slowly sat down. I glanced at Fiona only to discover that she was not looking at my face, but straight at my shaven pussy. I peed lustily and loudly, and when I had finished, dabbed myself carefully with toilet roll. During the whole performance, Fiona's eyes had not left my crotch, so instead of the usual wriggle into the jeans I just stood up.

    I half turned towards her and her eye caught mine. I leaned forward and placing one hand on either of her cheeks, I kissed her. This was my first girl on girl kiss, and it became rather more than that an instant later as I felt her hand between my legs.

    "Is that how it is?" I asked her quietly, and she assured me that she had been thinking of little else since we had planned this trip.

    "I have been trying to think of a way to get you naked and alone, and it seems that I have half succeeded," she whispered.

    Well, I thought to myself, if that is what she has been dreaming of, who was I to disappoint my new friend. I grasped the bottom of my sweatshirt and lifted it above my breasts so that Fiona could see all she wanted.

    It did not seem that she was unhappy with what she saw as I felt her finger slide up inside me as she slid her mouth towards my stiffening nipple, hidden inside a lace push up bra. Fiona caught me between her teeth and bit down very gently. I was by this time getting quite wet, and I assumed that a reciprocal arrangement was in order.

    My hand moved easily inside her still undone jeans and encountered just about the wettest pussy possible. It took only a twist of the wrist and two of my fingers entered into that most secret place that Fiona had obviously been lubricating just for me.

    We played for about five minutes, blissfully unaware of the queues outside, and as an orgasm was building inside me Fiona dropped to her knees and began to suck on my clitoris. I came in a matter of seconds and sat down in a daze on the toilet seat.

    "Do you want..."? I began to ask her, but was silenced by her tongue.

    "Later, " she replied as she zipped herself up and prepared to shop.

    ... to be continued in part 2 if you like?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm usually not into wetting myself at 22 yrs old but recently something really unexpected happened to me. I went out with some friends, got really pissed at one of them after drinking a few beers so I headed back home. This never happened to me before but in my car I suddenly realized I had forgotten to pee before leaving the place. While I was looking for a place where I could pull in and pee I suddenly lost a couple of spurts. I quickly shoved a hand between my legs and attempted to cross my legs but my jeans were too tight to allow me and I couldn't apply the needed holding pressure on my pee hole to keep it in. I just really truely couldn't hold it anymore and I didn't, most of all, want to wet my car seat so I desperatly tried to hold it with every ounce of strength I could find down there. Nothing worked and the pee continued to leak out of my body. I just knew there was the start of a stain already so I stopped the car right there in the street and peed next to a tree. In my desperate state I had pulled my already wet jeans down but at that point since it was already gushing out of me full force I left my panties on. When it finally stopped I wanted to take them off but my jeans and shoes wouldn't allow that so I pulled them both back up and got back in my car wondering if anyone had been looking out their window at me. My panties, jeans, and my car seat were SOAKED and even today I can still spot a stain on the seat.

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