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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    Paula is a woman I used to work with in the office of a furniture store. She is in her late forties, pretty with sort curly blonde hair and blue eyes and glasses. However, her looks also reveal a hard life having her husband leave her and supporting a child on her own through a series of low-end clerical jobs where she was never treated well. I saw her need to pee badly at one time and this story feeds off of that event.

    "When will this lady get of the phone?" Paula thought to herself. The woman on the line who kept on talking allowed Paula to at least focus on what was now becoming an urgent need to pee. It was 3:00 and all the coffee at lunch plus the many trips to the water cooler seemed to hit her bladder all at once. But now it seemed the delivery drivers were nowhere to be found and the phone was ringing off the hook, not allowing her to take a much-needed break.

    As the lady went on about the late delivery Paula began to seriously try to hide her need in her seat, pressing her thighs together and gritting her teeth. She dared not to show any outward signs of her need, as this was the office of a respectable furniture store. The bosses and customers were coming in and out all the time. Despite this, she was allowed to dress comfortably in a dark blue sweatshirt and jeans.

    When it was Paula's turn to talk she was finding it difficult to compose herself, she began talking in short sentences, and breathing erratically. She was moving her legs up and down under her desk as she was making a real effort to hold it in. The fullness of her bladder was pressing against her jeans where her belt was and the pain was getting bad.

    Finally she got off the phone but it rang again and she had to take it. Everyone else was on another call. As this customer went on and on about their late delivery, she now had a real emergency on her hands- she had to pee very badly and began to panic about when she would get to the bathroom. She tried to forward this call to the delivery department, and shouted "delivery, line one" over and over in the intercom. She was standing as she did this, shifting from foot to foot, hoping they would pick up and she could go to the bathroom. But they could not pick up so she dealt with the customer on her own.

    "Yes, mam, I, I understand," she would awkwardly reply. When the customer spoke again she bowed her head down, tightly gritted her teeth and pounded her fist on her desk. She then lifted her head up and stared into her computer with a helpless look on her face. She then bent forward as her need increased again.

    She finally got off the phone and leapt from her chair only to be confronted by her boss. She was a mean, much younger woman who could care less about Paula's condition. She handed Paula a list and said these customers had to be called now about the late deliveries. "Yea but I really gotta" Paula said as she tried to do a pee dance as discreetly as possible. Everyone was staring at her and she wanted to die with embarrassment. "Do it" her boss cut her off. This was not a job Paula could not afford to lose and her boss knew that.

    She sat back in her chair and crossed her legs tightly and pressed her hands on her lower belly. Her bladder was throbbing and the pressure on her pee muscle to hold it in made her vagina feel like it was on fire. She tried to make the first call. Her hand shook as she tried to dial but she immediately stopped as her need to pee grew to a level she never felt before. She placed both hands between her thighs, bent forward and winced her eyes shut. She never had to pee this badly before in her life. She was making such an effort to hold it in that she could not focus on anything else. The fact that this happened at work, in front of peers and customers was scary. She did not know what to do.

    A girl at the desk next to her asked her what was wrong. "I really gotta pee badly," she said with sense of panic rarely heard in her voice. She had made a slight puppy-dog face and crossed her legs even tighter and bent forward as she talked. The woman felt sorry for her but there was little she could do and went back to her work.

    Paula noticed the picture of her daughter on her desk and knew she could not lose this job. She tried to compose herself to make at least one call. The customer was furious about being told the delivery would be late an kept right on talking for what seemed like an hour to Paula. When she felt like she might wet her pants for the first time as an adult, she felt she had no choice but to hold her crotch under her desk. She could only hope that no one could see. The possibility of wetting her pants was a reality and she was doing everything to hold it in.

    When she got off the phone, she flew off of her chair only to regain her composure when every one looked up at her. With her thighs clenched together and bent over, she awkwardly began trotting towards the bathroom, totally unsure if she would make it in time. She felt like every muscle from her waist down was being used to hold back her pee.

    "PAULA GET OVER HERE!!!!" her boss shouted just as Paula got to the exit of the main office. Paula shut her eyes to keep from crying as she bent down even further and wrapped one leg around the other. Again she regained her composure by pressing her lips and teeth together. She did a pee dance for a split second then step by awkward step made here way to her boss's office.

    She simply told her she had to go to the bathroom very badly and couldn't wait. Before her boss could reply, she slowly made her way out of the office not sure if she would wet her pants, or still have her job.

    The bathroom was down the hall. As she went through the doors of the main office she was now out of anyone's view. She clamped her hand on her crotch and began an all out sprint down the hall to the ladies room, when a woman who was clearly a customer, well dressed with a receipt in her hand asked Paula for her help.

    She immediately took her hand off her crotch, not sure if the woman had noticed and with legs clamped, as composed as possible tried to be of assistance. The woman then asked where the ladies' room was. Paula wanted to cry when she pointed down the hall. She knew there was only one toilet there and a customer had to go first. The main ladies' room was in the showroom and Paula dare not risk wetting herself on the way there. She waited by the door in agony, as the customer seemed to take her time. She reminded herself what could happen if she wet her pants at work, in front of a customer. That gave her enough incentive to hold on.

    She then felt at that moment she could not hold it in any longer. She did so by placing both hands on her crotch and did a full-fledged pee dance, almost running in circles in front of the door. She then lifted each leg up one at a time, raising each knee and then slamming that foot down, making short breathing sounds and yelling out in pain. Any sense of composure was gone, as the fear of God of wetting her pants had set in. She even began to cry. She kept feeling that she was going to wet her pants, yet somehow kept managing to hold it in.

    Just then the door to the ladies' room opened and the customer came out, paying no attention to Paula. Paula froze for a second as she felt she could not move. She then took one baby step at a time while her legs remained pressed together and both hands on her crotch. Her face was quite a sight as she was wincing in agony and hissing. Once she got into the ladies room she sprinted as best she could to the stall and kicked the door shut.

    As carefully and quickly as she could, she took one hand off her crotch and started to undo her belt. She had to squeeze so hard with her other hand that she almost hurt herself. When her belt was done she popped open her pants button and pulled down her zipper. She tried with one hand to get her pants down but it was no use.

    She scrunched up her face real tight as she tried with all her strength to hold it in. Then with both hands she ripped off her pants and underwear to just above her knees. For a second she was forced to place a hand on her naked crotch as she sat down. She then let a torrent of pee gush out of her. It hit her hand, legs and the top of her pants for a second until she was completely seated.

    "OOOHHHA HHHHH!!!" she yelled as she could finally relax and savor the glorious relief. The scope of her pee stream was so great that it soaked her vagina and hair, which took almost a minute to wipe off when she was finally done. She peed so much the water level in the toilet looked like it rose several inches. When she finally finished, she sat there while she tried to catch her breath and get rid of the dull ache still in her belly.

    When she pulled her pants back up she felt a little wetness but it did not matter. She felt that she had saved her job and her reputation.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    A couple months ago, I had to go to the bathroom really badly while my boyfriend and I were having sex. I thought that I could hold it, but he was thrusting really deep from below while I held onto the headboard. He hit something inside and I couldn't help but let go. Scalding hot pee flowed all over him. I thought that he would be grossed out, but he flipped us over and kept thrusting into me as I continued peeing. Then he pulled out and came all over our pee soaked bed.

    Later, he said it was the most exciting sex that he'd ever had. He thought I did it on purpose!

    Now, he wants me to pee on him all the time. Starting at 6 PM, he makes me drink about a gallon of water and I am not allowed to go to the bathroom.

    If I can't hold it until bedtime, I have to pee in a container. Later, he warms the pee, puts it into a enema, inserts the tip into my urethra so that I can pee it out again. When he does that I have really bad cramps from my bladder expanding, but he sucks on my clit so I ignore it.

    Still I'm getting sick of my boyfriend's pee fetish.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    The store was very quiet and so i decided to try a few items of clothes on. After trying them on i realised i was the only person in the fitting rooms (other than the assistant who checks how many garments are taken into the room) and i needed to pee in the worst way. i gave the clothes to this girl of about 20 and asked her if she could tell me where the loos were. I was actually pressing my hand between my legs in a struggle to hold back the flow as i asked her. She apologized and said there were no public loos in the store. I then looked at her and said i was sorry but i was going to wet my pants because I just could not hold it any longer. i went back into the cubicle without closing the curtain lifted my skirt in full view of the girl and totally soaked my knickers and tights. The girl looked dumbstruck as i again apologized and walked past her.

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