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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Female / 22

    I need to wake up every morning at 5 to head for college.Today morning my alarm clock went dead and when i woke up it was 7.As i had a compulsory college session,i had to be on time.I just put on my clothes and rushed to catch a bus.
    I was dying to pee but i thiught i could control and reach college.
    Nd do u know what the worst thing was?the bus was crowded,i didnt get a seat and had to stand.As the bus took turns i felt my bladder exploding but i still controlled.
    But when the bus came over a speed breaker i was done.I could feel warm pee trickling down my pants.For few seconds i felt so relieved but the very next moment i realized i was standing in the bus and every single person was staring at my pussy and the shower that was still trickling down.People at the back of the bus started laughing.

    To double my embarrassment a women who was sitting with her baby right in front of me digged into her bag,took out a baby diaper and told me,"My baby doesn't need it,u need it."I was so ashamed that i got down from the bus at the veey next stop.But that was my greatest mistake as whoever saw me in the streets started laughing.One girl came to me and asked how old are u? I said 22.
    She said i wanna take a selfie with a 22 year old girl who pissed her pants.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I would like a man orr woman
    to pee in my mouth.
    from a small distance.(I in bath).
    I do not want to get my bathroom floor wet.
    with the woman I got a stool I need to get
    a round hole cut into it.
    I would want it big enough to see part of the female
    vagina from below also big enough for a mans
    erect cock.
    just one way unless one orr both want me to pee on them.
    thank you.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Iâm 18 and just finished sixth form and I was talking to this petite black girl who had the hots for me due to how I sound and look and she was willing to do anything for me. I got vids of her in the shower, some of her fingering her ass and even got her to cum for the first time ever while in a public park but this story isnât about those.
    So she took the day off while I was at school and I was in an empty room doing some course work and then she rang me
    As soon as I answered I knew she was horny just begging for my cock she started talking about how she would love to be with me sucking my cock while I worked and moan for me. Then got a pillow and started to rub her pussy on it while thinking about my cock and I was hard almost immediately
    So I took my erect cock out and started to have the best wank Iâve ever had because that slut I made a mess but I cleaned up and didnât get caught so no one found out
    This girls also bi and Iâm in an open relationship and I constantly send her pics of my gf covered in cum or completely spread waiting for my dick and so Iâm like a drug for her.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    Back then in ancient times I used CL to find a party with whom we could get together and get some M4M time. It was all under cover, as I am married and have a family and all. It is just that for a very long time I have enjoyed being a man's bitch for the night.

    As it went I had this man that I hooked up with, we used code to signal each other and then agree on where to meet. The last few times we met on this service road of the utility company that was closed off to traffic. We got around the barrier with our 4X4 vehicles and spent some quality time together under the moonlight by the utility pond.

    But CL died and I lost track of him and I had a harder and harder time hooking up. I tried various means, including public bathrooms at the park and the stadium. But nothing like my friend. I need to be the bitch, and finding someone who can make me a bitch is hard.

    In any event, one night when my wife was gone for the weekend with a girl's trip I got bored and went out and took my Jeep and I gravitated back towards the utility road and went around the barrier and drove up to the pond. I was there for a couple of hours, I tried masturbating but it just wasn't in me that night, so I lay on my hood remembering the good times.

    A cop woke me up and we had a 'discussion'. He was a total asshole and he wanted to haul me in for trespassing. He had me leaning against my Jeep and he was pressing his point about me being there without permission and I said in as matter of fact way as I could, that I would suck him off, suck him until he was dry and swallow it all if he just forgot that he had seen me there.

    Prove it, that is what he wanted to so I got down on my knees and undid his belt and pants and started to suck his cock. He wasn't normal, he had a large cock, certainly larger than any cock I had sucked. I sucked him as hard as I could and I used my hand to jerk him off and it took quite a bit but he didn't cum. I told him to fuck me, fuck me dry, make it hurt. I got my pants down to my ankles and bent over 90 degrees and held onto the fender of the Jeep and he ran me through, tore me up literally and fucked me until he was dry. He left me there, swabbing my asshole with my hand. I drove home and took an ice cube in a handkerchief and held it up to my asshole, it helped and when I looked at the handkerchief it was covered in bright blood.

    From then on I carried lube with me and lubed myself up before going out to the pond. When he saw me drive around the barrier he followed me and I sucked him dry many nights and the nights he wouldn't cum he fucked me until he was dry. I was a dipshit bitch for him, he never asked my name and I never asked for his. I just kept going back to the utility pond and three or four times out of ten he was there and I got what was coming to me. Except lately I haven't seen him. I don't want to go back to looking for trouble in public bathrooms, mostly homeless guys at 2 a.m.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    My first time same sex experience. I got a job for a small company and the office manager asked me to work late. She promised to buy dinner if I helped her finish. After we left the office we stopped by a small Italian place and had a dinner and she invited me up to her apartment which was a couple of blocks away. The place was very much her place and she had a couple of 8X10s of herself, she asked for a moment and came out in a nightshirt and barefoot and said she just couldn't stand all that that stuff constraining her, holding up her boobs under her nightshirt.

    It gets long if I go step by step but she got on top of me on the couch and pried my legs open and got her mouth up into my panties biting while she worked on dragging my panties off. She said she was a bitch and she intended to get her girl, she wanted pussy and tits and ass and she wanted me. Every time I pushed her away she got stronger, grabbing at my panties with one hand and using the other to push my hands away. She got on top of me holding me down by the shoulders and said for me to give her tits. She sat up and took off her nightshirt and her tits were hanging in my face. I was too small to defend myself and she tore off my shirt and yelled at me to give her tits.

    When I got my bra off which was not easy because she was sitting on me she grabbed my tit and started to suck on it like a demon, letting go from time to time telling me I was her pussy that night. I started laughing and she kissed me and then went back to my panties and pulled them off from under my skirt and this time I opened my legs and let her eat me out. She twisted me around so I was with my back to the cushions and spread my legs wide apart and ate me from the floor. Every so often she would look up at me and tell me that I had a good pussy and she knew pussy and mine was good.

    She took me by the hand and said off to the bedroom girl, I am going to fuck you tonite. Her fingers fucked me and she stuck her thumb in my bottom and sucked on my clit and sent me into a crazy orgasm. We ended the night with me having to eat her pussy and nibble on her clit for her to orgasm too.

    She is a rather buxom woman, 44 years old, blonde and blue eyed from California. She is real nice but she likes sex play and she is 100% a pussy woman, she swears she has never let a dick near her. She laughs when she is kissing and she likes to get her hands all over you and kiss your tits and slurp on your pussy. She has large tits, that don't fit in my hands, she likes having them played with and having her nipples sucked. And she likes having her pussy eaten and her clit played with. She has toys, several toys, vibrators of various kinds and various size dildos and she uses them all.

    I have several torn blouses and have lost several pair of panties. She says she keeps them under her pillow to help her sleep, she calls it her aroma therapy. I really can't say that smelling dirty panties does anything for me, but I didn't think that smelling a pussy would either and it drives me nuts now. That and her tits, they drive me nuts, feed me her tits or her pussy and she makes me happy. It has been only two months she mounted me that night, but it feels like forever. She knows that when she was mounting me that night I had a couple of orgasms, she says she could tell when she was biting my panties off of me. She says she saw it in my eyes, seeing as she has had so much experience.

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    Straight Female / 34

    I love fucking my husband but as of late when I masturbate I almost always think about touching and sucking another womans breasts. Nothing gets me off faster. Recently I would find myself staring at my friends chests and getting turned on.

    Last week I went out with a new friend. We got pretty drunk so I invited her to stay at my place, which is a short walk away. Hubby was passed out so we broke open some wine.

    I brought down some comfy clothes for us. She very nonchalantly took off her dress to put them on. Her naked tits set off that horny part in my brain. They were gorgeous. I followed her lead and for a moment we were both wearing only our undies. Well, sexy black g string in her case :). I had been topless with girlfriends when I was younger, but this was the first time since my lesbian fantasies started.

    I had just put our favorite song on. Tittie dance party! I gleefully exclaimed.

    We jumped around half naked like idiots. The song ended and the auto shuffle played a slow ballad next. I took her hand to jokingly slow dance. As we swayed her breasts pressed up against mine. Our giggles stopped and I think we both took comfort in the contact. It was very sensual. She put her head on my shoulder and I felt myself getting wet.

    I slid my hand onto her butt and she kissed me on the cheek! Oh my god I was so elated. I turned my head and planted a kiss on her lips. Adrenaline overtook me and we started furiously making out. She pushed me back on to the couch and climbed on top of me.

    I took the opportunity to put her tits on my face. Ugh this all I ever wanted. I rubbed them and sucked her nipples, it was fucking hot. I couldnât resist and starting touching myself. Since she was on top of me my knuckles hit her clit. She started grinding on my hand and wrist. I could feel her panties getting wet (I was soaked through by now).

    She rolled over to my side and slid her g string off. She grabbed my hand and put on her wet pussy and her hand down my underwear. I was never turned on by vagina but this was so naughty. I tasted my fingers and I liked it. I got up and buried my mouth into her pussy. It felt and tasted soo good.

    We probably traded orgasms for an hour before finally smoking some weed and going to sleep. She was gone when I woke up in the morning, which was a relief because without the alcohol I felt very embarrassed. I told my husband about it and he loved every second of it lol. She texted saying trying to explain herself but I told her I had fun.

    Anyway guess who I have plans with this weekend!!!!

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    Straight Male / 19

    Alright so hereâs what happened. I was with my girlfriend and her best friend whoâs a buff looking dude, hispanic, same height 5â8 I think, long hair and heâs part Caribbean. They hang out with each other frequently, text and call. Heâs even with us when itâs just suppose to be us two alone.

    Usually when we hang out, heâll carry her in his arms like a princess or a damsel in distress and sheâll have her arms around his neck. They do this often, and usually theyâll be talking to each other throughout the entire time forgetting that Iâm there.

    Then this time I came over to her house, she got outside with him. I donât remember what exactly happened but we were talking about her panties and he knew exactly what she was wearing. Which I found very odd, so I brushed it off and changed topic. Then this guy wanted to compare dick size in front of my girlfriend, whoâs his best friend. So I showed mine by hand, which was 7.5 and girth. He then proceeds to show his as 9 inches, and a larger girth. This was done right in front of her, so she already knew he had the bigger dick.

    Later on he tells me as weâre walking home in the same direction. That he already fucked her, he told me that they were at her house, watching a movie and he was playfully teasing her and she told him âFuck me *****â. This was on the day, he supposably guesses her pantyâs color. She was on the sofa elevated, and he got on his knees, lifted up her blouse and started eating her pussy. He said that she moaned his name, and was gripping the sofa. He then took out his 9 inch dick and began to impale her. She screamed of joy, and he enjoyed it but stopped because âit was wrongâ. Then I came and thatâs were it then continued.

    It didnât bother me, cuz there was no proof. Me and her then broke up, and I use to imagine howâd he fuck her, cum all over her face.

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    Straight Male / 28

    There's nothing like drinking pee directly out of a girl's vagina. Just sayin.

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    Straight Female / 29

    So one of my best friends moved to another state and I went to visit her for the weekend. Her boyfriend is nice and cute, Iâve always enjoyed him, certainly not a crush or anything. One thing I noticed is he often glances at my cleavage when Iâm wearing a low cut top or dress. My boobs arenât big, maybe a little bigger than his girlfriends. It never really bothered me but I suspected he was at least a little into me.

    On the first night of the visit at their new apartment I came out of the bathroom after a shower to ask for lotion and he pops up off the floor, startled. He said he dropped something but it looked like he was looking under the door to try and see something. I noticed later the marble in the doorway is kind of reflective and you can kind of see into the bathroom at the right angle.

    I played it cool like nothing happened. I felt a little invaded at first and creeped out but also kind of flattered and a tiny bit aroused by him being so risky in order to see me naked. The next morning my friend (his gf) went out to walk the dog as he was waking up. I knew she usually took about 40 mins and was feeling a little frisky. I was wearing an oversized shirt that I had slept in, and I thought he might like seeing me wearing only that.

    It was obvious I wasnât wearing a bra, you could clearly see my nipples and the shape of my breasts. The shirt went down my thigh but I wasnât wearing panties. I walked around the kitchen and got some coffee and I could tell he was subtly watching me. I felt so exposed and it was turning me on.

    We both sat on the couch with our coffees and the tv on in the background. I was facing him with my legs folded up and we had normal conversation. When he would look away or at the tv I would move my leg or shirt to expose my naked vagina, and cover up as he glanced back. I was teasing him and he knew it. After a bit of this, with my heart racing, while heâs talking to and looking at me I slowly adjusted so my pussy was in clear view. I could even feel the air from the fan softly blow on it, so I knew it was out there.

    He kept darting his eyes down to look without being obvious. I just sat there, erect nipples and a wet exposed pussy facing my best friends boyfriend. It was so hot. I didnât want to fuck him I just wanted to feel the rush of flashing someone I should not be flashing. I say like that casually for probably 5 minutes, making sure to occasionally turn my head away so he had the opportunity to stare and get a good look.

    After a bit I got up to get more coffee and offered him some. I brought the pot over and bent over to pour his cup. The shirt had a wide collar, giving him full view of my naked tits hanging under the shirt.

    Expecting my friend back soon I retreated back to my room to furiously masturbate before my shower. I left the door open just a bit. Not enough to see in but enough to risk him popping his head in for a moment and seeing me. I came very hard.

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    Straight Male / 33


    Iâve been dogging on and off since the age of 18 and have experienced some very fun and exciting times with a variety of people during this time.

    Not one of these experiences prepared me for what I saw and participated in around a month ago.

    I was parked up in a known dogging spot in England, when a blonde lady and black man pulled into the car park.

    It did not take long for 3-4 guys to be stood around the car, talking to the blonde lady and she was very keen to communicate with whomever was there.

    Around 20 minutes later it was agreed that 6 men including myself, would follow the couples car to another location for âa bit of a playâ as described by the lady.

    On arrival we continued to talk to the blonde lady as she got in the mood and finally she broke the deadlock by stating what are you all standing over there for and all 6 men moved closer as she pulled her tits out of her bra.

    The next 30 minutes were over in a flash. The blonde lady was pulled through the car window quickly, held and fucked in the mouth and pussy whilst wandering hands squeezed her tits and spanked her ass.

    She was passed around over and over again, each man taking their turn to finger her soaking c**t and pinching her nipples. The black man just kept shouting through the window thatâs it, fuck them you fucking slut. Then kept on telling the men to spank that slutty arse, show her sheâs a slut.

    Finally we all held her still whilst we made her squirt, fingering her holes and rubbing her clit until she splashed everywhere.

    She then got on her knees and sucked each one of us before being picked back up again for another round of fucking.

    Honestly this was something out of a porn movie, never have I seen such a cock hungry whore and Iâll certainly be going back for a second experience.

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