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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    So a few weeks ago I was home alone and I went out in the woods for a walk. Their is a private path out in the woods behind my house. At one point it connects to another path on my neighbor's property stays connected for about 10 minutes and splits off to teo separate paths again my neighbors are these 2 younger girls and their mother and father.
    I had drank a big bottle of water not long before I left and had been sipping on another during my walk. About 20 minutes into my walk I started feeling the need to piss.The path is about an hour long and i thought i could finish the walk and go pee back at the house afterwards.
    About another 20 minutes go by and the pressure on my bladder had increased much more then i had expected it to. I tried to hold it and sped up to get back to the house. I only got a little further before I started to feel a few drops escape and leak into my panties.
    At this point I was on the part of the path that connected to my neighbor's and the was barely any cover around only thin trees and short bushes. I knew I wasn't going to make it and I didn't want to walk back in wet shorts. I realize I might not make it any further and decided it would be best to just go there.
    My neighbor's don't really use the path much since they aren't that big on walking just for the enjoyment of it and the path isn't very scenic or pretty. I didn't think I would see anyone else since it was a week day and only early in the afternoon and I couldn't wait till I could get to better cover further up the trail. I decided to just piss right there on the side of the path. So I took my shorts and underwear off and squated down and tried to go but I couldnt. I had never just pissed out in the open like this before and I was a little nervous of someone seeing me. I tried relaxing but it wasn't working and I really had to pee and didn't want to be out here for long. So I started running my fingers tips up and down the sides of my pussy and rubbing my clit a little hoping it would relax my muscles enough so I could go. It started feeling really good with the extra pressure of needing to piss. I started getting wet and slowly the thought of being caught masturbating out in the woods became really hot even though I was sure it wasn't going to happen. I started to finger myself and I wasn't being quiet with how good it felt. I started getting really into it and accidently let a small stream of pee out on to my hand before I caught myself and held the stream back. The feeling of peeing while fingering myself was amazing. I wanted to see how long I could go before I lost controll again. So I continue pleasuring myself and slowly letting out a few drops or small stream of piss. I was so focused on what i was doing that i hadnt been paying attention and suddenly I heard I heard a snapping sound and looked up. Standing just a little bit down the path watching me was one of my neighbors the father. Now this guy is in his late 40's but doesn't really look like it and he has this rugged look to him that makes him look kind of sexy. I dont know why he was home in the middle of the day or why he had decide today to take a walk but he has heard me making noise and had come to find out what it was and finding me. So there he was just watching me pissing and fingering myself and I had know Idea what to do. I could feel myself start to panic a little and I pulled my fingers out. Just as I was about to stand up I felt myself lose another stream of piss and quickly out my hands back I knew I wouldn't be able to stand up without peeing. I looked back at him completely embarrassed and after a minute he started walking towards me. As he got closer I could see he was looking at my hands covering my pussy and a hard bulge in his jeans. He stood right in front of me and told me to keep going if I wanted to. I didn't really know what to do so I started to slowly run my palm over my pussy while not making eye contact with him. The pleasure started to come back and I started to speed up letting lose a small moan as I felt his eyes watching me. Suddenly he grabbed my wrist to stop me and I finally got up the courage to look at him. While looking a me he moved my hand away and replaced it with his own he started to gently circle my clit. At this point I had pissed enough to get a little control over my bladder again and I was desperately holding it so I wouldn't pee on his hand. He continued to circle my clit for a bit slowly teasing me then he suddenly took my clit between his thumb and and Forefinger and gently rubbed it. I couldn't stop myself from gasping and bucking into his hand. I watched as he looked satisfied with my reaction and moved his hand down further rubbing his fingers right at my entrance. He asked if I wanted him to finger me and in needed it so badly I said yes. He pushed his ring and middle fingers in and started thrusting them in and out slowly and God did feel amazing. It wasn't long before I was riding his fingers. He began curling his fingers towards him inside me and I was reminded of my mostly full bladder as his fingers put pressure on it. As much as I didn't want him to stop I knew I couldn't keep going or I would pee on his hand. I told him this and he smirked at me as he stopped thrusting his fingers leaving them inside me and began pressing upwards and curling his fingers again this time I couldn't stop the squirt of piss that fell onto his hand and I quickly clenched my muscles to stop it. He said that he was fine with me peeing on his hand and continues with his fingers I finally couldn't hold back anymore and started peeing all over his hand and it feel so good. He start trusting his finger again a pleasure was to much I felt the familiar tightening in my abdomen of my orgasm as I went over the climaxed on his fingers still squirting piss. My orgasm was so strong and intense it was amazing and honestly the best orgasm I've ever had. After I had finished he pulled his fingers put and stood up wiping his hand off. I still had a bit of pee left and let it go not caring if he was watching anymore. I stood up after and pulled my underwear and shorts on. I finally looked at my neighbor again and I saw he still had the bulge in his jeans. Without thinking I sunk down on my knees and unbuckled his belt pulling his erect cock out of his jeans and I looked at him as I slowly stroked his cock before licking it from base to tip and sucking on the head. He grabbed my hair and held me still as he pushed he sick further into my mouth and told me to suck. I did as he asked as he slowly thrust he dick into my mouth he soon came and
    I swallowed it. He pulled his now limp cock out of my mouth tucking it back into his jeans as I stood up again. He told me how hot I looked pissing and sucking his cock and told me to meet him there again that weekend. I wasn't sure if I should and seeing I was unsure he told me we would just do what we did today and i agreed. We have meet up a few times in the woods since then. The other day my parents were out and I was going in the pool. You can see my neighbors yard from where I was and I saw him out mowing the lawn. He had seen me walk out of my house in my bikini and kept looking over. So i got some water a drank it down. I knew that his wife was home and inside the house but that she couldn't see me where I was unless she came outside. So I waited till i had his attention again and then I pulled my bikini off. And sitting on one of the lounge chairs completely naked in front of him I started to play with my boobs and pussy teasing him a bit before I push my fingers in and began finger myself. I did this for a bit before I moved to the edge of the chair I spread my legs for him to see as I started to let a small stream of piss hit the concrete. I ran my finger over my pussy as I peed in front of him and then I stood up and really let my bladder go so my piss came gushing out. I had just stopped pissing when i heard a slider door open and shut and heard his wife so I quickly went in the pool before she saw me but knowing that she could have caught me just made it hotter.

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    Straight Female / 44

    I have been cursed with Agoraphobia, which is the fear of leaving my house, for over five years. I force myself sometimes to go to a store but by the time I get home I'm a hersterical wreck. It is also the main reason my husband left me. The medication I took never helped and needless to say my sex life was non existant except for masturbation. Although my husband left me he was generous with our devorce letting me keep the house and substancial funds. With that and my SS disability check I do live comfortabley. I have people who grocery shop for me, fix things around the house and landscape etc. I still have a couple friends who visit me a couple times a week but think they think I am just crazy. I am constantly on facebook and twitter so its well know by neighbors and friends how severe my condition was and is. In February of 2016 I receved an email from Christian M-------- who suposedly knew my husband and knew a lot about him and me. He said he was a DO and worked in a Medical Clinic that was simpathetic to victums of Agoraphobia. He went on to say that should I need any medical attention his clinic would provide a doctor to make house calls. He said he was familiar with my condition and left a list of things I should consider doing which I had already known about for a long time. Things I tried which never did any good. I had a doctor who I have been going to for ten years but unfortunately his office is about 15 miles away. It was a nightmare just going to the doctor and the drive alone petrified me even if one of my friends took me. It was April 4, 2016 when I didn't feel well with cramps and instead of calling my doctor I called Dr. Christian. He answered the call saying "Valley Medical Clinic" and I told him who I was. The next day he came to my house and I admit I was impressed by him. He was in his Fifties, well dressed, reletively handsome but bald. He was very soft spoken and began asking my medical history and then asked the last time I saw a doctor. I couldn't remember but said I think a year or so. He first just said I should have a full physical exam and asked if I wanted him to give me one today. I had just met this man and think I was blushing asking him if it was necessary. Then he said I could wait but go to my regular doctor as soon as possible. The fear of going out took over and thats when I considered letting him examine me. He said it was up to me and that he would do it today but needed my insurance information. He also said there is no copayments involved. I agreed to let him do the exam and all he said was to undress and put on a bathrobe then asked if I had a recliner chair, which I did.

    Once in my bedroom I began thinking if I should do this but decided I would. When I went back to the living room in my bathrobe he had pulled one of my dining room chairs to the foot of the recliner. On the floor was a large medical bag which he got from his car. He had me sit in the recliner and first only did the normal things like taking my temprature, looking at my throat and into my ears. Then he asked the last time I had a breast exam and all I could say was over a year ago. For some reason I wasn't intimadated by him and when he asked me to open my robe I did so without hesitation. As he examined my breasts he instructed me how to do a self exam which I knew how to do but just let him do the talking. I was slighly embarrassed thinking at the time that my x husband was the last man who saw and touched my breasts almost 4 years ago. As I sat there he reached into the bag and put a speculum in a plastic bag on the table next to my recliner. All he said then was to lay back and put my feet on the foot rest. Horror took over then when he began putting on latex gloves and telling me to scoot down and bend up my knees. I regreted then telling him I had ovarian cancer when I was 28 and unable to bear children. I was all the way back on the recliner with my knees up and legs wide open to him. I felt him put a lubicant on my vulva and penetrate me feeling around with his fingers. Then I became extreemly embarrassed, not because I was exposed to him but the fact I was getting aroused and feeling myself getting wet. The feeling subsided when he stopped and the next thing I knew he was inserting the speculum in me. It didn't hurt but did stop the feeling of arousal. He talked to me while doing all this mentioning the surgery I had years ago. Thinking he was finished I attempted to sit up when he told me to lay back again. Without saying anything he gave me a rectal exam putting lubricant on my anus first. Finally done he had me sit up asking me how my menstral cicle was and recommending I have him back the following month. We set a date and approximate time for the next month. He came back the first week in May and this time it became humiliating because of my reaction to the exam. It started the same way only this time when he first penitrated my vagina I was instantly and obviously aroused. Then the questioning began.

    He first asked me if I was aroused and I admiited I was and shamefully admitted I had an orgasm as he was penetrating me. First he assured me it was alright then said he noticed how my nipples hardened when he examined my breasts. Then he began asking me about my sex life and if I masturbated, which only made it more embarrassing. I just opened up telling him everything he asked me. As we talked I still layed there fully exposed to him. He asked then if I wanted him to finish the exam and I only shook my head. I layed my head back down and he again penetrated me with his fingers and once more I became aroused which I'm sure he was well aware of. Instead of stopping he only asked if I was aroused again and told me it was ok if I climaxed. I was so aroused I orgasmed back to back feeling like he was masturbating me. I then questioned him asking him if he intentionally helped me orgasm. He said he had no control over my sexual experience but that with my background it is exceptable to react the way I do. Before he left that day he asked if I wanted him back the next month and without hesitation I said ok. From April of 2016 to July of 2017 he has examined me every month except for two months last winter. He always began the same way and I became comfortable with him letting him not only having me exposed to the fullest extent but succumbing to his touch. Buy last fall I was having multible orgasms each time. He was litterly masturbating me and I allowed him to not only feel me up every time but the last few months he began penitrating me rectally as he was masturbating me. The day after he came in July my friend Marsha came for dinner. I had never told anyone about Dr. Christian but started telling Marsha about it. I suppose I had suspicions before but looked forward to his visits every month. Marsha couldn't believe the things I told her and thats when the two of us decided to check out this doctor. There is no listing of him in my town or in my state. That clinic doesn't exist and then I remembered every time I called that number it was him who answered. I got Marsha to call the number and it was him who answered when Marsha began asking him questions about me and the clinic. He ended up hanging up on her which now I really had questions. Then I remeber him telling me he knew my husband. My last resort was to call my x husband who I hadn't spoken to in about 3 years. I asked him if he knew Christian and my x said he never heard of him. Then I called the clinic number and spoke to Christian and started asking questions about his address and where he is located. Then I asked if he was coming in August and he said he had to cancel then hung up. For weeks I tried finding him but his phone is no longer active. I remember now on several occassions noticing he had two cell phones one a flip phone. As it is now I don't know who he is and don't know if he is a doctor which I question. Marsha believes he is some pervert who took advantage of me yet never tried having sex with me. It took about 5 months but this guy had me fully relaxed with him. Buy last fall I thought nothing of laying there with my bathrobe fully open exposed to him as he explored my body. He didn't always use the speculum but always penetrated my rectum along with masturbating me. Was I that dumb not to check him out before this all began. The most degrading thing about it now is that I openly reacted to my orgasms in front of him. There were times I remember apoligizing to him for the sounds I made or the way I thurst my pelvis as he penetrated me. I keep trying to locate him but so far there are no signs of him or the name he gave me. Marsha took the time to look for any doctors in the US with his name and there are none. With the medical bag he always had I never thought to question him which I should have. I have to acknowledge that I let it continue and in a way never wanted to think he was a preditor. This week Marsha gave his name to a policeman she knows but even he couldn't find anything about him.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I grew up with two older brothers, I cussed like them and acted like them. I was one of the guys. My mouth got me in trouble a lot and so did my attitude. My thing was "don't fuck with me".

    I went to an engineering school, mostly guys, to study mechanical engineering. All those guys and I never got a second date, I said fuck them. With my degree in hand I went to work for XX. My department head was an asshole, and he and I clashed. One day I made the statement that I was going to tear this contractor a new asshole. He said right there in the meeting I didn't have what it takes, I responded that I could take care of myself. He didn't let go and told me to look between my legs and see if I could find dick. He walked off calling me a worthless c**t.

    My coworkers were silent, I tried a comeback and all I could say was shithead.

    Later that day he called me to his office, I thought he was going to apologize. He grabbed me and bent me over his work table twisting my neck with his hand. I couldn't shake him, my neck hurt so much I was crying, I knew I was in trouble, he got his pants down with his free hand, told me I could decide the easy way or the hard way, I lowered my pants and he tore into my asshole, tore me up pretty bad fucking me, and left me leaning over the table crying with cum dripping out of my ass.

    When I stopped crying he told me to get my shit together, if I wanted to play with the boys, to take what was coming to me. He finished by telling me to keep my pussy wet and he would fuck my pussy, if I acted up he was going to fuck my ass. I never swore around him again, his look was enough to toe the line. He got pussy, all the time pussy and no sass and lots of personal attention. My brother accused me of going from a wild cat to a pussy. I told him if he got a dick run up his ass he would be a pussy too.


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    1 / 27

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    Straight Female / 18

    Panty pooping girl

    I'm Emma and I like to poo my knickers.

    I held my poo all day again today and to be honest I wasn't. wasn't actually planning to do it in my knickers because I didn't have the house to myself. I held it I until just before I went to bed and by then I was getting quite desperate. I went to the toilet and sat down with the door ajar as I usually do when I had an idea. I was in the bathroom and no one would be likely to walk in on me because the fan was on and that would signal that the toilet was occupied. I had a wee and got up and closed the door and locked it just in case. I sat down again but left my knickers up and pushed gently until I felt my poo coming. I relaxed and allowed it to come out slowly into my knickers and man it felt so good. I really felt like I was having an accident. I knew I couldn't spend too long in the toilet as I'm normally in and out of quite quickly, so I cleaned up and flushed my knickers down the toilet and got ready for bed. I didn't go straight to sleep though because I was so horny I had to masturbate first.

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    Straight Female / 18

    Panty pooping girl

    Hi my name is Emma and I like to poo my knickers on purpose.

    Since my first "accident" I haven't had the opportunity to do it for a while but last night I decided to make my own opportunity. I decided to wait until after school and do it in the woods so I took a toilet roll from the bathroom and some spare knickers to school with me and hid them under the school books in my bag and left for school. I was already feeling the need to have a poo when I woke up and by lunch time I was busting to go but I held it until home time. During afternoon lessons I was getting a bit desperate and I had to clench every so often to keep control. By home time I was properly desperate and when I stood up from my desk to leave class I nearly had an accident in class but I clenched really hard and managed to force the turd back in. The walk to the woods was exiting. The thought of pooing myself outside was a huge turn on and I was creaming my knickers just thinking about it. When I got to the woods I was nearly pooing myself but there were some people around and I was scared someone might see so I had to hold it until I found somewhere more private. That was a bit of a challenge because I was fighting a battle with my bowels to keep it in and I found my predicament even more exciting and I was tempted to risk it and have my accident right on path. No one was that close anyway and I figured I could probably get away with it if I acted normal. My heart was pounding with the excitement and I was too desperate to think properly and I found myself peeing into my knickers. I forgot I had to do that. As the hot yellow liquid ran down my legs I relaxed my clenching and I felt a bit of poo coming out which made me want to cum! I don't think anyone noticed what I was doing but I felt my face burning red with as I started to push without thinking. I felt relief straight away and I didn't care who saw me now. I just wanted to fill my knickers with a big dirty poo and I kept pushing. I peed for about thirty seconds and after about 4½ minutes I finished my poo. My knickers sagged under the weight of my poo some of it was hanging from one of the leg holes. The last of my pee was dripping off it and I couldn't believe at sixteen years old I'd totally pood and wet myself and I was so horny I wanted to finger myself but I couldn't do it knowing I might get caught. I couldn't even clean myself up and I had to walk right into the woods before I found somewhere really secluded. I had a final look all around to make sure I was alone and I carefullyâÄč slid my knickers off trying my best to avoid getting any poo on my legs but I wasn't very successful. Once they were off it was time to start the cleaning up. My legs had a few brown streaks on the back of my knees but the real mess was between my bum cheeks and I used up a lot of the toilet roll to get everything off. I had a final pee on top of my pile and took care of my incredibly aroused state. I sat down on a fallen branch and pushed two fingers inside my most private area and and as soon as I touched my g spot I came so hard I had to cover my mouth to avoid making a noise. I made my whole hand all wet and sticky and I had to rest for a for a couple of minutes to catch my breath. I cleaned up after that and put my spare knickers on before going home and no one had a clue about my dirtiest deed.

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    Straight Male / 36

    I was walking home from school with a girl in my class who's very open about her bathroom habits. She kept farting and she said she was busting for a poo and if she didn't find a bush very soon she was going to poo herself. It really turned me on and I had a hard on which she soon noticed. We found some bushes about a hundred yards away and Julie took me into the undergrowth with her and she lifted her skirt up and took her knickers off and handed them to me. I they were wet and she said she was really horny. She squatted in front of and began to poo as she said I could wank in her knickers if I wanted. I needed no encouragement and unzipped my penis and wrapped the crotch around it so I could feel her wetness as I masturbated. I waited until she finished her poop before I came into her knickers and man it felt so good. Julie stood up and let her skirt fall back into place and I asked her if she was going to wipe but she said she had nothing to wipe with and she would wipe her bum when she got home.

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    Lesbian Female / 26

    I was 15 at the time and I was walking in the woods with my mate when I had to poo really badly. I felt embarrassed about telling Emma and I kept quiet until she said she had to s**t so badly she was about to do it in her knickers and I admitted I did too. Emma asked me if I'd mind if she did it in the woods and I said only if I could join her. She pulled her jeans and knickers down and squatted right in front of me and she peed like a racehorse as a pile of poo formed under her bum. Seeing her go like that made me want to go even more so I wasted no time in pulling my jeans and knickers down and I pood my brains out as Emma watched. I peed a little bit. The thing is I got a big turn on seeing Emma take a poo and by the way she kissed me I think she did too. The next thing I knew were were making out together and I came to a shuddering climax followed by Emma.

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    Straight Female / 18


    I'm an 18 year old girl and I love holding my poo until I'm busting to go. I love the relief of it when I've been holding it all day and when I finally get to the toilet I sit and relax and let gravity do the work so it feels like I'm having an accident. It's always been a great fantasy of mine to poo myself but I never had the nerve to actually do it until last night.

    I hadn't pood in 2 days and I was busting to go all day but I refuse to go to the toilet unless it was a a wee. By the evening I was really desperate and I told my flatmate Emma I was having a bath to cover the amount of time I would be in the bathroom. I filled the bath while I took my clothes off but I kept my panties on. By the time the bath was filled I was struggling to keep control so I sat on the toilet and relaxed allowing gravity to do the work. Within about 20 seconds I felt my bowels moving and I couldn't believe I was actually going in my panties. I started peeing myself as the last bit was out and my panties were full of poo. After I finished I took off my soiled panties and and emptied the smelly contents into the toilet and inspected the damage. They weren't too bad. They were soaked in pee of course but there was only a tiny skid mark so I just buried them in the washing basket and cleaned myself up before I got in the bath.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    So I'm usually into the whole wetting thing, and I love water sports, but I was never brave enough to try it in public.
    Until today.
    Me and my boyfriend were sitting outside drinking large beers, and at a certain point I felt I really needed to pee, but since I was feeling a bit tipsy, I decided I didn't want to get up and go to the toilet just yet. We sat for a while longer, and just as I was about to tell him I was going to head for the bathroom, he told me he had to, and got up.
    Feeling like it would look weird if we went together, I remained in my seat, though I was rapidly starting to feel the toll that close to two litres of beer was placing on my bladder. After what seemed like at least five minutes (there must have been a line for the bathroom, he took forever), I had enough. I glanced around, to see if anyone was watching me, and when I realised nobody was, I casually pushed my skirt up a bit on both sides of my upper legs, so there was no fabric under my butt or pussy.
    I got really turned on by what I was about to do, so I tried to relax a bit. Sure enough, I felt the pressure build just before my pee hole, and I carefully let a small squirt out. Just enough to get my knickers wet.
    At that moment, my boyfriend returned, and that gave me enough distraction to relax a bit more and let out a small short stream. I heard it hiss and drip through my chair (you now, the ones made from these woven plastic threads that let water through). He sat down, and observed I looked really excited for someone that just spent a few minutes alone, seemingly doing nothing, and I confessed I had peed myself a little.
    He is quite into my fetish, though it caught him by surprise, so he just commented on how hot it made him, knowing I had just peed myself next to strangers, and checked out the puddle I made underneath my chair.
    I told him I wanted to take my wet knickers off, and maybe pee some more on the way home. He encouraged every idea connected to my plan, and so, being dressed in just a dress and a pantyhose underneath, we began our way home.
    After a few minutes of walking, the pressure had built up to a rather uncomfortable level (I had by far not emptied my entire bladder yet), so I told him to walk more slowly. It took a few steps, but after a while I could feel the hot sensation of my pee leaking from my pussy and into the fabric of my panty hose, and I let out a soft moan of pleasure when walking made the hot pee spread to both my upper legs.
    "Are you pissing yourself while we are walking?!"
    I think he didn't believe I'd actually do it, so I did it again, this time a bit more. I could see his eyes (and an entirely different part of him) get big, while he watched the stream of piss leaking from under my dress, over my legs, and leaving a small trail of droplets behind me.
    I knew he wouldn't last long without touching me, but I didn't think he'd be that willing to pull me into a dark side alley, and shove me into a wall. When his hand slid under my dress and over my wet pussy, I heard him breathe heavily, and whisper "Are you dirty enough to pee for me now?"
    I couldn't let a perfect opportunity like that pass me up, and I started to pee in earnest.
    Hot pee spurted from me and gushed over his hand and my legs, while he kissed and rubbed me.
    Thankfully we were not far from home, and once there we had amazing, mind blowing sex.
    Next time I'll try and get him to piss on me in an alley ;)

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