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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Female / 29

    So one of my best friends moved to another state and I went to visit her for the weekend. Her boyfriend is nice and cute, Iâve always enjoyed him, certainly not a crush or anything. One thing I noticed is he often glances at my cleavage when Iâm wearing a low cut top or dress. My boobs arenât big, maybe a little bigger than his girlfriends. It never really bothered me but I suspected he was at least a little into me.

    On the first night of the visit at their new apartment I came out of the bathroom after a shower to ask for lotion and he pops up off the floor, startled. He said he dropped something but it looked like he was looking under the door to try and see something. I noticed later the marble in the doorway is kind of reflective and you can kind of see into the bathroom at the right angle.

    I played it cool like nothing happened. I felt a little invaded at first and creeped out but also kind of flattered and a tiny bit aroused by him being so risky in order to see me naked. The next morning my friend (his gf) went out to walk the dog as he was waking up. I knew she usually took about 40 mins and was feeling a little frisky. I was wearing an oversized shirt that I had slept in, and I thought he might like seeing me wearing only that.

    It was obvious I wasnât wearing a bra, you could clearly see my nipples and the shape of my breasts. The shirt went down my thigh but I wasnât wearing panties. I walked around the kitchen and got some coffee and I could tell he was subtly watching me. I felt so exposed and it was turning me on.

    We both sat on the couch with our coffees and the tv on in the background. I was facing him with my legs folded up and we had normal conversation. When he would look away or at the tv I would move my leg or shirt to expose my naked vagina, and cover up as he glanced back. I was teasing him and he knew it. After a bit of this, with my heart racing, while heâs talking to and looking at me I slowly adjusted so my pussy was in clear view. I could even feel the air from the fan softly blow on it, so I knew it was out there.

    He kept darting his eyes down to look without being obvious. I just sat there, erect nipples and a wet exposed pussy facing my best friends boyfriend. It was so hot. I didnât want to fuck him I just wanted to feel the rush of flashing someone I should not be flashing. I say like that casually for probably 5 minutes, making sure to occasionally turn my head away so he had the opportunity to stare and get a good look.

    After a bit I got up to get more coffee and offered him some. I brought the pot over and bent over to pour his cup. The shirt had a wide collar, giving him full view of my naked tits hanging under the shirt.

    Expecting my friend back soon I retreated back to my room to furiously masturbate before my shower. I left the door open just a bit. Not enough to see in but enough to risk him popping his head in for a moment and seeing me. I came very hard.

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    Straight Male / 33


    Iâve been dogging on and off since the age of 18 and have experienced some very fun and exciting times with a variety of people during this time.

    Not one of these experiences prepared me for what I saw and participated in around a month ago.

    I was parked up in a known dogging spot in England, when a blonde lady and black man pulled into the car park.

    It did not take long for 3-4 guys to be stood around the car, talking to the blonde lady and she was very keen to communicate with whomever was there.

    Around 20 minutes later it was agreed that 6 men including myself, would follow the couples car to another location for âa bit of a playâ as described by the lady.

    On arrival we continued to talk to the blonde lady as she got in the mood and finally she broke the deadlock by stating what are you all standing over there for and all 6 men moved closer as she pulled her tits out of her bra.

    The next 30 minutes were over in a flash. The blonde lady was pulled through the car window quickly, held and fucked in the mouth and pussy whilst wandering hands squeezed her tits and spanked her ass.

    She was passed around over and over again, each man taking their turn to finger her soaking c**t and pinching her nipples. The black man just kept shouting through the window thatâs it, fuck them you fucking slut. Then kept on telling the men to spank that slutty arse, show her sheâs a slut.

    Finally we all held her still whilst we made her squirt, fingering her holes and rubbing her clit until she splashed everywhere.

    She then got on her knees and sucked each one of us before being picked back up again for another round of fucking.

    Honestly this was something out of a porn movie, never have I seen such a cock hungry whore and Iâll certainly be going back for a second experience.

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    Lesbian Female / 33

    For the last seven years I have been a 'talent scout' for soft and hardcore porn. My job is finding girls, we focus on girls not older women, girls who are photogenic, are naturally pretty but not 'dolls', with all natural bodies, we don't shoot 'fake tits' or face 'remakes'. We want and only work with naturals.

    We have more than we can handle, sorting, shooting, posing, takes a lot of work. We accept less than one out of five. All girls need to be naturals before the camera. I can say there are many, many very pretty, natural girls, with exquisite tits and Barbie perfect pussies. Young means full, delicate, delicious pussies.

    I got into the business from the other side of the camera, until I aged out. My litmus test is simple, if I don't get wet I don't hire her. I don't sample the girls, but I want to sample the girls. I am strictly look but don't touch, I have to see her like our customers and viewers see her, untouched. But I fell for this one girl, straight out of Boise State, a farm girl, who is in overdrive and loves to pose for me, and wants her pussy eaten, her face kissed, her tits groped, her ass spanked, and doesn't mind if a thirty something woman has her in her bed.

    No, she is private property, you will never see her, but be aware if you did you would wet yourself. She is mine. I've been looking for her since I first felt the urge to kiss a girl.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    A couple days ago I went to a rave and rolled on ecstasy for the first time. It was amazing. I was happier than iâd ever felt and every sensation was a hundred times better. As soon as the drugs hit, I saw some guys that I had been to a couple parties with and i took my friends and ran over to say hi and dance with them. They were all mostly sober- just high or even crossed.
    My friends and I danced near them for a while till I ended up pressed against one of the guys and it felt so amazing to have his chest against my back I can hardly begin to explain it. He put his arms on my waist and then they started roaming as we danced. From my hips to my shoulders and down to my inner thighs. I remember leaning my head back onto his shoulder and his large hands pulling my hips closer and it felt like euphoria.
    Somewhere in the middle of it all his friend reached around and started massaging my neck as we were still dancing and it absolutely blew my mind. I didnât know being touched could ever feel that good and wanted nothing more than to take one or both of them home right then. We parted ways when the rave ended but I really hope to see them again at another rave or have a similar experience.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I was in year 9 doing a leadership thing for school. We were doing sport leadership. There was this year 6 girl and she was really sexy, tall, big boobs (for her age) and a nice bum. I looked at her multiple times and got a boner. When it was her turn to throw she had to stand next to me. I was so turned on I felt a bit weird. I just wanted to find her in the toilets and take her bra off. And stare at her all day. I was in year 9, she was year 6

    I was really turned on when she stood next to me. If she had touched my cock, even by accident, I would have came in my pants loads. If she touched me i would have pissed myself I was that excited

    I want to take all her clothes off and just stare at her. She was so peng

    Iâ m 14 not 18 btw

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    Straight Female / 23

    I think my little sister boyfriend have the hots for me, he stayed here the other day and I found him spying me while I dressed and also keep staring at me after I toke a shower (I was using a towel), maybe is because he is still young, to be honest I find him cute, I think I'll tease him a bit.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Sometimes, when I cum in my panties I like to walk around my house and be a dirty little secret

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    Straight Male / 29

    My wife and I just moved into our new house. I just recent realized the tile in our showers is really great for mounting a suction cup dildo.
    Iâm no big into butt play but I like things in my ass. About 20 minutes ago I was laying on the couch in only gym shorts. My wife said she was going to bed. This was after a long day of renovating.
    I lay on the couch, and become horny, saddened my wife is already in bed and snoring I decide to have some me time.

    I begin by slowly sliding my shorts down past my hips to my ankles. I laid on my stomach because I knew I wanted to play with my ass. I spit onto my hand and began rubbing my fingers across my asshole, I slowly slid my middle finger inside. I could feel my hips rock upwards as I continued to finger myself. I began matching my fingers with my hips to maximize the sensation.
    I loved fingering myself downstairs, alone in front of the window. However I knew I had to shower and go to work in the morning, it was already midnight.
    I started the shower and immediately wanted something inside of me. My wife was asleep in the next room over otherwise I would have invited her to the shower. I remembered I packed up all our sex toys in a large box in the next room over. I quickly hopped out of the shower and went for the box where I grabbed my big bottle of lube and the only suction cup dildo we had. A 9 inch close to 2 inch diameter dildo. I didnât care I wanted something inside of me. No jumped back into the shower and stuck my dildo onto the tile wall. I spread lube all over the realistic cock like dildo. I eased my hungry hole over the tip of the dildo and began push back against the wall.
    I could feel I was getting stretched out as I could only get the head into my ass. I applied more lube to the cock to speed things up.
    I began penetrating myself with about half of the dildo as I quickly pushed back and forth against the shower wall, fucking myself. At first it was slightly uncomfortable, but I began to enjoy the roughness of the dildo inside of me I could feel it hitting the right spots.
    I fucked my self in the shower for about 5 minutes, I fully slide the dildo out and back all the way in my ass over and over. The cock was so big it felt so amazing leaving my asshole and then reentering again.
    I found a good position where I could fuck my self good, hard, and consistent. I slide the dildo in and all the way out and back inside my horny hole as long as I could.
    I soon began grinding and pushing on the cock while jerking my own 7â tool. I couldnât take much more, I finally shot my load all over.
    I cleaned and quietly put our Dickson away for next time. I lay down in bed and type this story to share. Iâm a horned up straight male asss slut. If my wife would fuck me every shower Iâd never leave the house.

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    Straight Female / 47

    I wanted to heat things up so I used deep heat on his huge cock and on my huge clit and we got off fucking nicely while watching porn. I like a lot of porn but some best stuff is outdoor in public euro but today I found another one of a man fucking a woman dressed in nothing but brass paint like a statue and they fucked. Well this really had us going for a quickie! I smiled the whole time enjoying each of this heavy thrusts and I love the warmed of the heat on the skin. I am still burning a hour later for more. cum here md deepest heat love penetration.

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    Straight Female / 25

    Other night while at work cleaning bathrooms, things got kind of a little beyond the ordinary for me. It started while I was mopping the floor in one of the bathrooms. I felt a squirt of Pee jet into my panties, but before I could do anything about it, I lost control and flooded my panties, soaking my legs, feet and the floor.

    Then I got a crazy idea. Working alone meant nobody would know if I was dressed or not. So I stripped completely Naked and stayed Naked the rest of the time while working. The rush of excitement however got the best of me and I let out one MASSIVELY LOUD FART that was so powerful it triggered my bladder and Instantly I started Peeing myself again. The rush of Pee felt so good though I quietly moaned with relief, spreading my legs as wide as I could, Farted again....then squatted down and while Peeing noisily all over the floor.

    Several minutes passed and I was still Peeing. Having lost count of how long I'd been going already, chose to get back to work and amazingly, continued Peeing even longer while cleaning toilets. Finally at last, the longest Pee I could remember slowed down and eventually stopped with a few large Squirts and a few more Farts.

    What a night, never thought working Naked would make me have to go so bad, but nonetheless....a short time later while wiping down stalls, I Peed again. Then later while cleaning sinks and mirrors, I Peed again and one more time while restocking supplies.

    The rest of my night followed the same pattern in each bathroom I cleaned. It was very unusual but a very interesting night to say the least. One I won't soon forget.

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