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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Female / 47

    I wanted to heat things up so I used deep heat on his huge cock and on my huge clit and we got off fucking nicely while watching porn. I like a lot of porn but some best stuff is outdoor in public euro but today I found another one of a man fucking a woman dressed in nothing but brass paint like a statue and they fucked. Well this really had us going for a quickie! I smiled the whole time enjoying each of this heavy thrusts and I love the warmed of the heat on the skin. I am still burning a hour later for more. cum here md deepest heat love penetration.

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    Straight Female / 25

    Other night while at work cleaning bathrooms, things got kind of a little beyond the ordinary for me. It started while I was mopping the floor in one of the bathrooms. I felt a squirt of Pee jet into my panties, but before I could do anything about it, I lost control and flooded my panties, soaking my legs, feet and the floor.

    Then I got a crazy idea. Working alone meant nobody would know if I was dressed or not. So I stripped completely Naked and stayed Naked the rest of the time while working. The rush of excitement however got the best of me and I let out one MASSIVELY LOUD FART that was so powerful it triggered my bladder and Instantly I started Peeing myself again. The rush of Pee felt so good though I quietly moaned with relief, spreading my legs as wide as I could, Farted again....then squatted down and while Peeing noisily all over the floor.

    Several minutes passed and I was still Peeing. Having lost count of how long I'd been going already, chose to get back to work and amazingly, continued Peeing even longer while cleaning toilets. Finally at last, the longest Pee I could remember slowed down and eventually stopped with a few large Squirts and a few more Farts.

    What a night, never thought working Naked would make me have to go so bad, but nonetheless....a short time later while wiping down stalls, I Peed again. Then later while cleaning sinks and mirrors, I Peed again and one more time while restocking supplies.

    The rest of my night followed the same pattern in each bathroom I cleaned. It was very unusual but a very interesting night to say the least. One I won't soon forget.

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    Straight Female / 19

    I don't know if any other girls experienced this or feel this way? Ever since 7th grade at the catholic school I went to I've gotten excited when the boys at school or in fact any guy gets a look up my skirt and could see my panties. I took public transportation to and from school and had lots of fun showing off.

    At first it was just a little bit of a tingle and then I started getting moist panties from my indiscretions. A man who was a stranger had been on the train before but this time he sat down next to me. He laid his raincoat across his and my lap and proceeded to fondle me up my skirt through my panties. This time I got really wet and then he pushed his finger in me. I thought I had lost my virginity, lol!

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    Straight Female / 43

    Ten years of being divorced and sex free my also divorced neighbor confided in me that her massage therapist massaged her breasts, buttocks and private parts. I was negatively surprised and more so when she told me her massage therapist was a man. Over the next many weeks she bragged how this man 'titillated' her. Perhaps I was too much of a stick in the mud but I could not believe she let this man 'massage' her genitals. But she swore buy it, why finger yourself when a strong hand was available to give you pleasure? She gave me a coupon for a home massage.

    He laid out towels and lotions, lit candles and asked me to lay on his massage table in the middle of my living room. I wore a two piece bathing suit, he gave me a standard massage, very little talk. He did have strong hands and on my stomach I dozed off. I woke when his hands went under my bikini bottoms and pressed into my buttocks. I tried getting up, I told him to stop but he only answered that my coupon said a 'full body massage'. It just felt so good I submitted.

    His thumbs started to run into my anus, circling, touching, rubbing, pressing. I held my breath waiting for penetration. It came in a full thrust of his index finger, so lubed that his finger slipped in and began to 'fuck'. My breath was hard, my wetness driving my legs to open, his thumb finding my vagina and he pinched my perennial between his thumb and index finger, penetrating and withdrawing driving me into a preorgasm. I had stopped talking, submitting to him, not believing what was happening.

    My zombie state came to an end as he turned me over and pulled off my bikini top and bottoms. Using a hot oil he massaged my breasts, working my nipples into an erection, with one hand massaging my breast he pushed the palm of his hand over my vulva mound rubbing my clitoris until I was lost in my first non self stimulated orgasm.

    Illega l, nonconsensual, pressured, sexual abuse, manual r**e, what else could I accuse him of. Pleasure? Sexual pleasure? How do you successfully accuse someone of pleasure.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I 22 when I went to college. Used to share a rented house with three other girls. It must have been 2am when I woke and went down to the kitchen for a glass of water. My mistake was going down there in the dark with no clothes on. I remember being totally unaware two of my girl friends were down there making out with boy friends in the living room. I was pouring myself a glass of water when the lights came on and got caught bare ass naked. I just frozed with shame watching their boy friends looking at my boobs and pussy while my girl friends stood there laughing themzeves silly. Couldn't do anything else but paraded myself nude all the way back to my room to spend a sleepless night.

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    Lesbian Female / 19

    im so turned on by wetting and squirting that i have to sit in the shower before i masturbate. im so desperate to make myself squirt that i sit there and rub my dripping pussy until i pee all over myself and have to sit in all my wetness. although i want to squirt properly, it still feels amazing to squirt my pee out and rub it all over my pussy which just makes me horny all over again.

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    Straight Male / 19

    My best friend helped me get with this girl I liked and got her to be my girlfriend. Usually heâd help me by flirting with her over text. Tho he kept saying that he needs to meet her to know her better so that he can text and flirt with her better. I was kind of skeptical about it, so I said no. However since he was pretty good at flirting, he managed to get her to send him a couple nude photos of her on my phone.

    Thinking about it, he pretty much cucked me. She was sending nudes to me but it was my best friend that received them and got her horny. Ever since she called him daddy, that pretty much meant I can ask her for nudes whenever I want. Whenever I got her nudes, he also got her nudes.

    It got to the point, where I can see that heâs sexually aroused when he texts her on my phone. (Just a side note I also text her and flirt with her too but he does it better) So I thought that we should have a threesome or that he bangs her as much as he likes till they are both satisfied with each other.

    He said that he wants her alone so I said sure. He then texted her, that âI would like to be a little intimate with you tonight in bed sweetie.â She gave him the time and everything. So pretty much I had to blind fold her and switch spots with him and stay quite as he breeds her.

    He was well hidden outside waiting for me to open the door for him. So I got into her room and she was in her panties laying in bed. Iâll admit I found her very attractive and I put the blind fold on her. Received a call and told her it was important and to not take off the blindfold.

    It was my best friend calling just in time. So I went down stairs, open the door and led him to her room. As he opened the door her ass was the first thing to see. He then brushed me off saying sit in the living room and thatâs what I did. I heard her laughing, moaning, and then she was screaming my name in joy. I was aroused just sitting there listening to my girlfriend being plowed by my best friend. I heard squeaking, banging and we sounds.

    At first she was moaning and I heard kisses so I assume he was kissing her pussy. So I pretty much went to her room and open the door slightly enough to see what is happening and I was right. She moaned as he played with her clit, then he stood up and I saw his big cock. I was surprised, he then led her to it and she began to kiss the tip and the sides. She was smiling as he put his big cock over face. It was about nine inches.

    Then she sucked him, hearing slurps and choking. He fucked her mouth and held her for a minute as she deep throat him. When she took her mouth away from his cock it was marvelous. I was all the precum and saliva mixed, it was like webbing and she continued to blow. She then got on all four on the bed, (sheâs small like 5â2 and heâs 6â2)

    He penetrated her pussy slowly and increased speed after a while. It got to the point where the whole house would echo of his thrusts. She screamed and moaned my name thinking it was me having sex with her but instead it was my best friend. I was just watching my girlfriend getting fucked by best friend and I just masturbating to it. I swear she then started speaking gibberish making no sense at all. Itâs as if his cock broke her mentally and physically since she was trembling. As they were fucking I saw his cock being covered in white substance. Iâve heard that when that happens it means the female is turned on and is lubricating for her lover.

    He fucked her in missionary, cowgirl, anal with her ass up and face to the floor, against the wall, cabinets, everything. He came in her multiple times, in her ass and on it, breasts, and face marking his territory.

    After that we switched spots, and he went home satisfied and I too since Iâve recorded it. I then got to his last position which was him standing in front of her. She took off her blindfold and said that was amazing, and kissed me.

    So pretty much this kept going on for awhile. Where my best friend and I would switch spots and he would breed my girlfriend.

    I then introduced her to my best friend in person, she was very happy to meet him but she doesnât know that he was the one making her scream and orgasm so much in bed for the last couple of nights. They were great, they both clicked immediately. Tho I would catch him checking her out.

    At first it was nice but then after a couple of encounters as a group I then slowly turned into a third wheel. I would be behind them, and they both would playfully hit each other and talk. She then started dressing prettier just to hang out. She was still my girlfriend at the time.

    They would hang out without me knowing. I would fantasize her blowing him at the park or him fucking her. Then I received a message from him saying dude sheâs amazing, also she seems to be giving off little signs of crush. You might want to ask her now about me pleasuring her.

    So I assumed he was right, since he usually is.

    I then asked her in person âwhat do think of my friend?â She responded âheâs cool and fun to chill with.â She then asks âWhy do you ask?â I said âJust asking... Well Iâm a go to another state for a month and was wondering if youâd like a toy to pleasure yourself or would you like something better?â She then asks âWhat would that something better be?â I then said it would be my best friend. She was quiet and red by what I said. I then said he likes you so Iâm sure heâd be happy too.

    We didnât talk since but when I was over at another state she sent me a video of her smiling with cum in her mouth and him fucking her from behind. Saying âThank you babe this is the best!â With kisses.

    Nothing better than your own best friend unloading his cum into your girlfriend.

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    Straight Male / 53

    Last time I told you about the evening with my 2 friends just before Sue and I moved house, well things continued even after we moved into our new home.

    W e'd been living in our new home for a couple of weeks, we were settling in nicely at home and I was also settling in at my new job, it was a quiet street one street back from the main road, the neighbours were a bit older than us which was fine, they'd been quite helpful when we'd moved in and a couple of them had already been more than happy to pay me for my electrical skills. Another bonus was that just a few hundred yards away was the local pub, a chippy, and a convenience store. It didn't take long before I was well known and had become the go to guy if you had electrical problems, I'd even done some work in the pub which had earned me a few free beers.
    In the course of my travels one day I came across something that I knew Sue would really love, leather trousers! She'd visited her mother one day while I was at work and had found her old brown jodhpurs and the scruffy rubber riding boots, we'd had a few kinky sessions with her wearing these and she'd shown no signs of losing her passion for wetting herself!
    One Saturday I was asked by a bloke up the road to sort a job out for him, although I didn't normally work weekends he assured me he'd make it worth my while, and it wouldn't take too long. I went to do the job and it ended up taking most of the day, I could imagine Sue wouldn't be too happy about it when I got home, but I'd sort it out. Anyhow, the job was done and the guy paid up, then he asked me what size shoes Sue wore, I told him a size 5, he then asked if I could do him one more favour before I left, run him into town, it wouldn't take long he just needed to pick something up.
    Oh well, why not, I was late already and I didn't want to upset the guy, he paid good money and there may be more work. We got into my car and he directed me to a large retail park on the outskirts of town, when we arrived I waited in the car and he disappeared into one of the shops, he returned several minutes later and placed a box on the rear seat, I drove him home and he got out, leaving the box behind, "give that to your wife with my Appologies,I've seen her around and I think she'll like it
    I drove home, took the box out of the car and went inside, I explained about being late and handed her the box, "he said give you this, he thinks you'll like it" I said, sitting on the couch. She opened the box and let out a squeal, "oh they're gorgeous, I love them, can we go out tonight?" I hadn't a clue what she was on about, "yes, yes, we'll wander over to the pub later" I replied, she picked up the box and headed upstairs, "just getting changed, won't be long" she said with a big smile on her face.
    She came down a little later on, a nice blouse, the leather trousers, and a pair of knee high boots with a 3 inch heel, she looked stunning! "where'd you get those boots from?" I asked, "from your friend, they're real leather, and very expensive" she said with an excited smile, "how do I look?". "stunning, just stunning" I replied, giving her leather covered arse a playful squeeze.
    We went out that night and she did look good, the trousers looked good on their own but those boots certainly added something! A few days later I came home from work and she was wearing her leather trousers and the boots again, she put my dinner on the table, "won't be long, just have to pop out" she said kissing me as she went out of the door.About ten minutes later she came back carrying a bag with some beer in it, "it works, it works" she said excitedly, I wondered if it would and I just tried it and it does".
    I put down my plate and opened one of the beers, "hold on, what works, what have you done?" I asked feeling a bit confused. she looked at me, then sat down beside me, she gave her foot a wiggle and I thought I could hear a sloshing sound from her boot."I was wondering, what would happen if I had a wee in my leather pants" she replied, "anyway I tried it and you can't tell, no leaks at all", I looked at her still puzzled, "well, I went to the shop just and needed a wee, so I decided to try it and wee'd in my pants, there was a bloke behind me, I could tell he was looking at my arse, so I did it, and he didn't know"
    She did it quite frequently after that, once she came to meet me outside work, the lads were looking at her as she waited for me, they had no idea who she was, anyway when I came out and saw her we walked home together, but not before I'd introduced her to my work colleagues. When we got home she told me that she'd been wetting her pants as she was talking to my friends. One night she even wet herself in front of her mother, that made her feel really naughty. We had lots of fun with those leathers until one night and we were both quite drunk, we'd been out for the night at the local pub, although she'd had quite a lot to drink she hadn't been to the toilet once all night, but her boots were getting quite full. We arrived home and had just got inside the house when she let loose inside her leathers once more, "fuck me, do it now, I want to be fucked in my piss filled pants" she told me. I tore open the crotch of her pants and did her long and hard, it was only the following morning when we realised we'd ruined the trousers.

    There's lots more to tell, but I'll wait and see what reaction these get first.

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    Straight Male / 53

    My last story ended when Sue had come out of work after finding someone had been wanking over her boots at work, well she left that job and went back to being a housewife, to be honest I was happier with her at home anyway.

    Shortly after that the area really started to go downhill and we began to think about moving, our mind was made up for us one night when after being out for the day we returned home to find we'd been broken into, several houses in the street had been done that week and I suppose we were expecting it, still it didn't do her any good when we returned home to fine our valuables had been stolen and her underwear scattered all over the bedroom floor.
    A couple of days later and we were still fed up over the break in, although the insurance was sorting things out and we'd more or less found a new place to move to which was in a village closer to where we originally came from, this suited me fine because, although I hadn't said anything to Sue, I'd been offered a new job, and as it happened it was within walking distance of where she'd seen the new house.
    I had decided to invite a couple of the lads round for drinks on Friday night,if things moved as fast as I hoped we'd be leaving the next week and that would probably be the last I'd see of them, yes they were friends, but we weren't that close that I could see us staying in touch when we moved away.
    Friday night came, Sue had been shopping and got plenty of beer and spirits in for the evening,she was still upset about the events of the previous week but seemed to be getting over it, in fact knowing that a move was imminent she seemed positively excited about things. She had done her hair and makeup and was wearing her trademark beige jodhpurs and a white T shirt along with a pair of black knee high boots when I arrived home.
    The lads arrived at about 7 pm and she brought everyone a drink and we sat down and began chatting, the lads seemed to enjoy looking at Sue, and who could blame them, she looked stunning, her tight top clearly showing the outline of the skimpy white bra beneath it and I knew that at some point during the evening that if she got aroused it wouldn't take long before her prominent nipples would also be showing, still I didn't mind, it was good to see her getting back to her old self.
    Several drinks later and she was getting quite giggly, I noticed that she'd stopped drinking the beers with us and had gone on the shorts,and she was knocking them back! She'd gone into the kitchen for another round of drinks, clearly enjoying playing the hostess, she called from the kitchen asking me to help her open something. I went in and she was stood there with a tray of drinks, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me, "I want to be very naughty, will you spank my bottom if I wee in my pants" she whispered. I shook my head, "no Susan, not now, the lads are in the front room, behave yourself" she looked at me, "but I want a wee" she whispered seductivley. I told her to go upstairs and use the toilet, any fun would have to wait until later.
    She headed off to the bathroom and I took the tray of drinks into the lounge, she returned a few minutes later, "oops, I dropped something"she giggled, bending over, it was at this point I realised she was no longer wearing her panties, the look on one of the lads faces said it all. I looked at her, "Sue, give me a hand in the kitchen will you?" I told her, she followed me inside, "what the hell are you doing" I asked in a low voice, "what happened to your underwear?" She leaned close and giggled, " I had a little wee in them, so I had to take them off" she replied obviously she was getting quite drunk.
    we took some crisps and stuff into the lounge and sat back down, she was sat next to me and kept whispering in my ear, her suggestions were getting more and more rude, finally she got up, " must go to the loo, or I'll wee in my pants" she giggled, heading off up the stairs. She returned a short while later, minus her bra, and she'd changed into her other boots, black knee highs with brown tops, typically horsey style, the lads could hardly fail to notice the change, especially since her nipples were quite prominent through the tight top.
    By now I was becoming quite concerned about her behaviour, I didn't want the lads to think we were going to end up having some kind of orgy, but to be honest at this point I think if I'd suggested it she wouldn't have minded, but being as how she was quite drunk that wasn't going to happen.Once more she headed off to the kitchen for another round of drinks,"ooh, I really want to wee in my pants, can I?" she pleaded, I shook my head, "no, you can't" I replied, "go on, just a little" she went on, I shook my head, "no, in those pants the lads will spot it straight away" I continued. she sighed and headed back into the lounge with yet more drinks.
    About half an hour later she began to squirm in her seat, she got up and headed toward the kitchen, "I'll get some more drinks" she giggled, swaying slightly as she went. I got up and followed her she leant against the cupboard, "I nearly wee'd myself just" she laughed, adding coyly, "go on, just a little one, you like it when I wee in these" I shook my head, "no, wait 'til the lads have gone". I took the drinks into the lounge and she headed off upstairs, she returned about 5 minutes later and again she'd changed her boots, this time she was wearing her riding boots. I could see the lads looking at each other wondering what the hell was going on. By now it was getting late, it was almost time to wrap this little gathering up before things got out of hand.
    " I think we'll have one more and then call it a night lads, it's getting late and it's been a rough week" I said, the lads nodded, but said nothing. I asked Sue to come into the kithen with me, "what the hell's going on?" I asked, she looked at me and giggled " well, I wanted to be naughty and wee in my pants but you wouldn't let me, so I thought I'd wee in my riding boots instead" she whispered, she shook her leg and I could hear a sloshing sound, she'd really done it!
    We finished our drinks and the lads got up to leave, I went to see them off and Sue got up too, "OOPS, NEARLY" she giggled, then added, "nearly wet my pants then, naughty girl", everyones eyes turned to look at Sue, nearly, that was an understatement, a small damp patch was clearly visible on the crotch of the tight jodhpurs. The lads looked in disbelief, smiled and left. I closed the front door before turning around to look at Sue,Before I could say anything she giggled, "now can I wee in my pants?". I shook my head, "in a moment, now take those boots off and squat", she slipped off her long black riding boots and went into a squat in the middle of the lounge, I knelt down and taking hold of one of her boots began to rub her crotch with the top of the boot, she squirmed with pleasure, finally I held the boot in between her legs, "now piss, and make sure it all goes into the boot". She relaxed a little and a stream of warm piss poured through the crotch or her jodhpurs into her boot, when she'd finished she stood up, there was a large wet patch on her crotch and up over her shapely arse. I stood back up and walked over to the couch, undid my jeans and pulled them down, she smiled as she saw my erection. "now put those boots back on and come here", she slipped her feet back into the piss filled boots and came towards me, "over my knee, pissy pants" I told her, she bent over my knee and I began to spank her on her wet jodhpurs, she was squirming as I did it, when I'd finished I told her to stand up and lower her wet jodhpurs, she lowered them to her boot tops and I told her to ride my hard cock, she happily complied then after we'd both cum she got off, "need the toilet before bed" she laughed, I shook my head, "no, piss in your boots, and put them back on". She took off one of the boots, did what she had to and stepped back into it. I led her to the bedroom and made her get into bed, still wearing her damp jodhpurs and piss filled boots, she gave me a blow job before falling asleep.
    The following morning although some of it had come out of her boots there was still quite a lot inside them, I told her to shower and get dressed, she could wear clean clothes but had to spend the day in her pissy boots! It ended up another day of kinky wet sex and she loved every minute of it.

    More to come

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    Straight Male / 53

    OK, so I told you about how I met my first wife and how after a while we'd got our own place and got married, she was the one who always wore riding clothes and boots remember, well here's another episode of our time together, by now we'd been together about a year and she'd really gotten into experimenting with sex, she'd decided she liked watersports, and had learned how to tease other men with what she wore and how she wore it. It was great fun at the time, she'd gone from a plain jane to something quite sexy, although one night after a few drinks she almost went too far.

    We had moved out of the area, to a town about 10 miles from her original home, once away from her mother she really seemed to blossom, personally I always thought her mother held her back, didn't want her to leave home, but hey, we'd got married and were now living far enough away that she didn't see her mum too often.
    I worked all day while Sue ran the house, the town centre was only about half a mile away and she took to walking down there for shopping which saved me doing it at weekends. she began to chat to our neighbours, and more surprisingly started to go out and buy clothes on her own!
    I came home one day and she asked me if I would drive to the equestrian store as it was too far away to walk to and it meant getting several buses which took a long time as it was in the next town. I agreed to take her, but wondered what she wanted, she'd given up the horses a few months ago, and there was nowhere nearby where she could ride as we lived in a town.
    The following day, being a Saturday I was off work and as promised took her to the equestrian store, I waited in the car while she went in and it wasn't long before she returned carrying what looked like a rather large shoe box, she placed it in the car and said nothing. When we got home I asked her what it was and she said she'd bought a new pair of riding boots, now I really was puzzled. She opened the box and proudly showed me her new boots, they were long and black like her old ones had been but that was were the similarity ended, these were very smart and shiny like those I'd seen the posh girls wear on the riding schools.
    She put them back in the box and that was the end of that, or so I thought! The following week I went back to work, I came home one night and as I was eating dinner she told me that she'd been out shopping that day and found a new clothing store on the far side of town, she'd seen some really nice clothes in there and one or two items that she really liked. I asked her what she'd bought and she said she'd not bought anything, she wanted to ask me first. I told her it was fine, we could afford it and if she wanted to go back the following day and buy something then go for it.
    The following night I arrived home from work, Sue wasn't in the lounge like normal, "I'm in the kitchen" she called out, hearing me enter the room, I headed to the kitchen, she had her back towards me as I entered, bloody hell, what was going on! She was wearing the new riding boots, not only that but she had a pair of really tight beige jodhpurs on and a black see through blouse, beneath this I could clearly see a skimpy black bra, and judging by the panty line under the jodhpurs, she was probably wearing black panties too!
    She turned to face me and for the first time I saw the front view, and what a view, the top was indeed see thru and beneath it was a small half-cup bra, this was see thru also, and the jodhpurs were so tight that even with the panties she still had an obvious camel toe! I had been hungry when I landed home, but after seeing this I suddenly lost all interest in food, I wanted something else, but no, she'd cooked my dinner anything else would have to wait, "besides, you can't have your dessert until after your main course" she giggled.
    I ate my dinner rather quickly wondering what my 'dessert' would be, it was well worth waiting for believe me, it didn't take long before her top was off and her bra, we kissed and cuddled over a few drinks then just as I thought I was going to get into those sexy jodhpurs she began to squirm and pull away, she got up and stood in front of me, me eyes were level with her crotch, I took hold of her hand and went to pull her back down, she let out a little squeal, "ooh, you've made me wee my new pants" she giggled as a dark patch began to spread across the front of her jodhpurs and down her thighs to those shiny sexy boots, she didn't try and rush off to the bathroom, she just carried on. When she'd finished her jodhpurs were soaking and as she moved it was obvious quite a bit had ran into those sexy black boots.
    "Well, I suppose you'd better spank me for being a naughty girl and wetting my new jodhpurs" she giggled, bending over in front of me, I pulled her onto my knee and gave her several playful slaps across the seat of her wet jodhpurs, I then rubbed my hand across her wet bottom and slid it between her thighs, rubbing her wet crotch, "best take them down I think", I told her, she stood up, unfastened them and lowered them as far as her long boots would allow. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my erect cock, spun her around and slipping her wet panties to one side, guided her onto it, "well, if you're going to wear riding clothes then you can ride this" I laughed, she rode me like a wild thing and it didn't take long before I shot my load inside her, she continued long after she'd cum and by the time she'd finished my cum was dripping out of her panties, wow, that was worth coming home for.

    Over the next few weeks she bought several more outfits and I fucked her in each one, one day she told me she wanted a pair of black crotch length leather boots, I readily agreed and we bought a pair, by now she'd got loads of tight revealing clothes and several pairs of boots. She was also getting well into wetting herself and most of our sessions either started or ended with her wetting her pants, things started to get more and more extreme and there were two occasions when things nearly got out of hand.

    The first one happened in our local off-licence, it was run by this randy old bloke and it was always busy, there was always a load of teenagers outside hanging around too, at this point the area had started to go down hill and I began to feel nervous about letting Sue go out alone after dark. It was one of those area's where a lot of people knew each other and we were outsiders really, so when it started to go downhill I felt we were really out of the 'click' as it were. There was one girl who went in the shop, a bit scruffy and she used to flirt with the randy old sod, quite often she'd wear a see through top with a scruffy looking bra beneath it, she never wore a coat and always let him have a good look at her, she always got served first, and I often wondered what else she got off him, this annoyed Sue especially when we'd been waiting to be served and she'd just waltz in and get served straight away.

    One night after dinner Sue said that she wanted to go down to the off licence for some beers, I said I'd go with her as it was dark, she was wearing her tight beige jodhpurs and a baggy top but no shoes. She said she'd just pop upstairs and put something on her feet while I was putting my coat on. She came down a few minutes later wearing her coat, and her thigh length boots, talk about attracting attention, thigh lengths to walk to the shop!

    She attracted quite a few stares from the teenage lads outside the shop, plus a few crude comments, mostly about what they'd like to do to her in those boots, she just ignored them. We went into the shop and as usual it was quite busy, there was a queue, that was when Sue did the most outrageous thing ever, she walked up to the counter and as we waited to be served she slowly unzipped her coat, the randy old sod was over in seconds, "right love, what can I get you?" he asked, Sue told him what she wanted and he stood staring at her for a few seconds before getting her what she'd asked for, he placed them on the counter and she handed over the money, he seemed to take a long time over giving her the change, checking it over several times to make sure it was correct.
    "there we go gorgeous, see you soon" he leered as he handed her the change, "thanks, bye" she said smiling, then she turned around to me, "carry this will you love", she said handing me the bag, I nearly died with shock, Her jacket was wide open and under it she was wearing her black chifon blouse, the see thru one, and she wasn't wearing a bra, well that explained the randy old sod taking his time to serve her.

    We came out of the shop as Sue slowly fastened up her jacket, "did you see the look on the randy old sods face?" she laughed, "anyone would think he'd never seen a pair of tits before". I know she found it funny, but I couldn't help feel a little concerned, it would only take one of those little scrotes outside to see her on her own and she could end up in real trouble. She got a job in a local factory and it was while working there that she did find out how dangerous it could get if people got the wrong idea, she worked on a production line and there was a guy there, a line supervisor who was a bit of a pervert. The girls couldn't just leave the line to go to the toilet, they had to raise their hand and he'd get someone to cover for them while they went, one day he kept one of the young girls waiting for so long that she actually wet herself on the line.

    Sue's problems started that winter, they wore their own clothes for work, but had to change their footwear for wellington boots when on the line, most of the girls wore jeans, but some, like Sue wore tight black leggings. The incident with her happened one cold snowy winters day, I was in work early so instead of dropping her off as usual she'd had to take the bus. Because it was snowing she'd decided to wear her thigh boots, the lads had obviously seen her arriving and she'd gone into the locker room, hung up her coat and changed into her wellingtons, leaving her thigh boots in her locker.

    Partway through the morning she'd needed to use the toilet and had raised her hand, fortunately she only needed a wee, because the guy kept her waiting so long that she'd actually started to go in her leggings( I think he was trying to make her wet herself), anyway, he finally let her go and as she reached the locker room she started to wet herself, she ran into the toilet hoping to make it before she lost control completely and as she opened the cubicle door a shocking sight awaited her. There sat in the bowl of the toilet was a pair of long black boots, thigh boots, and they were hers, the outside of them was covered in a white sticky fluid! The shock caused her to wet her pants completely when she realised what the white liquid was, someone had took her boots out of her locker and gone into the toilet and wanked over them!

    She pulled them from the bowl, cleaed them as best she could and put them on, grabbed her coat and rang me at work. I went down right away to sort it out, there she was stood outside work in her wet leggings with dried spunk stains all down the front of her leather boots. I went into the works and raised hell over it, threatening to wait outside and give the bloke a good hiding, they never found out who it was that had wanked over her boots, but the line supervisor was sacked after several of the younger women complained about him keeping them waiting so long they'd wet themselves too.

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