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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - urine, piss, whatever - have become popular. This is the place for all such confessions and stories.

So if you have a pee fetish and want to air it out a little, then this is the place for you - these types of posts will not be allowed in another other place on the site.
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    Straight Male / 31

    As a senior officer in the Army ROTC at the university, the kids in the corps give me a lot of respect. They hang around our office so much their bitches start to show up. And fuck those young sluts are hot. I can tell they know that and show it off to tease men anyway.

    There's this chick named Samantha, we call her Sam. She is the girlfriend of one of the guys in the corps, both of them sophomores I think. And let me just say Sam is a fine ass bitch. I had heard from some of the kids that share a dorm with her boyfriend that she's a whore in the bedroom too. And then one day, I found out myself.

    That night, the whole group of us were going down to the club, some of their girlfriends came along including Sam. Her loser boyfriend is a light-weight and started puking the bathroom not longer after we started drinking. Too be honest, I got pretty shitfaced myself. I realized Sam was left dancing with just her girlfriend that came with us. I got up and got closer to them. Sam looked fucking wasted. To my amazement she started grinding her ass against me and didn't resist when I grabbed her legs while dancing with her. She smelled really good, a mix of perfume and booze. I think it really turned her on when I lightly nip her ear and neck. She reached down and grabbed my hard on.

    When we saw Sam's boyfriend coming back, I squeezed her ass one last time and walked away. I got to drive them home when we were done because he's too wasted. I threw his drunk ass in the backseat and she sat in the front passenger's seat. Before I started driving, I tried to flirt with Sam about our 'unfinished business'. She went along with it and started to pull my dick out. She started stroking it and first when we were making out and then I told her to suck me, which she did. She checked on her boyfriend for a moment and went right back to my dick She said it was getting late so I started driving but told her to keep sucking. She told me she doesn't swallow and wanted me to cum on her face. When I was close, I pull to the side of the street and cummed in her mouth anyway. Damn she gave some good head that night.

    I saw her at a party later the following week and tried to dance with her. She acted all weird and said we made a mistake. That kinda pissed me off and talked to her some more after the party. She was a bit drunk by then and I ended fucking her against the wall in the storeroom of that house. I was still a bit pissed so I fucked her really hard. Nice and deep from behind. I kept pushing her up the wall so I could get deeper inside her c**t. I asked if she was on birth control when I was close. She said she wasn't and wanted me to pull out. I said good and cummed deep inside her regardless. Who the hell does this tease think she is to tell me where to shoot my load. I pulled out and put my pants back on after wiping my cock clean with her sexy lace thong. I could see my cum dripping down her leg and said didn't you say it was a mistake lol To which her response was 'asshole'

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    Straight Male / 50

    I would love to catch a girl peeing... Like this one!

    pornhub/view_video. php??viewkey==1933333226

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    When I was 12 I went on holiday with my parents to Spain. On the beach, I got to playing with a young Spanisg girl, probably a year younger than me. We were fooling around at the edge of the water, and eventually we ended up breathless, my sitting in the water, her kneeling astride me.
    Suddenly I felt a warmth flowing round my loins... I looked down and saw clear liquid bubbling through her panties... She was peeing on me! She laughed, but I found it a turn-on.

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    Straight Female / 26

    My sister's boyfriend had sex with me last night, I'm pretty sure.

    A whole bunch of us came back to our apartment, from the club after a long night of drinking. As usual, Jake, who is a US Marine, and my sister went in her to sleep and me in mine. The rest of the were crashing in the living room, probably 2 girls and 2 other guys from the Corps.

    I was wasted and just changed into some loose clothing 'cause it was getting late. Not long after I passed out, the noise of my bedroom door opening sorta' woke me up, but not completely. Then I heard a guy whispering my name, sounded like Jake. I wondered what he was doing in here but was too drunk so I went back to sleep.

    Then I felt that Jake had gotten into my bed and really close to me. He started to uncover my blanket and touching my legs while kept on whispering my name into my ear. I was so drowsy I thought I was dreaming. I knew I wasn't when I felt his hand grabbing my breast.

    I open my eyes and couldn't really see his face in the dark. But I could hear him hushing me while he tried to cover my mouth with his other hand. I tried to ask him to get out but I was muffled. He told me to relax and he knew that "I wanted this too..." His whole body was pushing down on me and I couldn't really move much, just trying to squirm. I then felt him pulling down my pants and panties.

    I thought he was going to touch me there but instead I felt that he was pulling his boxer briefs down. Very quickly the head of his penis was touching my butt and sliding between my legs from behind. Jake rubbed it with some of his spit and pushed it in me. God he was huge, thank god I was already a bit wet. He held me down tighter and went deep inside me.

    He told me to be quiet and not to wake my sister when he was fucking me hard. That thrill sorta turned me on. Then he kept asking if I liked it and calling me names. He finally pushed it really deep in me and came. When he was done, he just got up and walked out. Didn't say anything.

    When I saw him today, he pretended like nothing had happened. Should I tell my sister??

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    Straight Male / 23

    So I was probably 18 in high school and there was this brother and sister who were twins and she was straight and he was gay. I was trying to get with this girl and we started hooking up a little. One night she tells me to come over and its only her and her brother there. All 3 of us are hanging out drinking and smoking a little and this girl starts to get freaky. She starts making out with me all sexy in front of her brother and rubbing my bulge. Eventually she asks her brother if he wants to watch her suck my dick. This got me going and she proceeded to tease the shit out of, and suck my cock very nice. Her gay brother wowed and told me I had a nice dick. He asked if he could join in and his sister looked at me and said if i wanted. I thought about it for a second and said fuck it why not. I got double head from these brother sister twins and she fucked me while i pulled out and stuck it in his mouth. Eventually i pulled out and shot my load on the girls face and tits. I hope they never told anyone about that because i have not

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    Straight Female / 19

    I was home the other day doing some house cleaning and dish washing. When I'm home since I live by myself I like strip down and work around my house completely naked because I'm more comfortable without any clothes on and its just me so there's nothing to worry about it.

    So I'm prancing around the house vacuuming my floors when I suddenly started to go Pee without even feeling it coming. It just caught me by surprise and started squirting down my legs noisily onto the floor. I had no idea I even needed to go pee but I was Peeing helplessly and unable to control it. So I stopped and stood still with my legs apart as it gushed out loudly. The hot rivers of Pee running down my legs gave a sensation of relief that felt so good though.

    So everytime I went pee the rest of the day I cleaned up myself and my mess just to do it again a few minutes later each time. I think I wound up Peeing at least every 5-8 minutes that day. Don't think I've ever had to relieve myself so many times before. But the relief that came over me always felt so good afterward.

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    Straight Female / 20

    So I was sitting around completely naked in my leather recliner just reading a book. I guess I got so caught up in it that I wasn't paying attention to the fact that I really had to go Pee. First I Farted loudly a few times. I didn't think anything of it, so I just reclined backward a little and put my legs up on the footrest with my knees pointed upward and my legs spread wide open. Next thing I knew I started Peeing uncontrollably all over my chair and it quickly turned into a long jet stream shooting out high and long above the floor and making a huge puddle on the hardwood living room floor. I put down my book and tried to regain control of my Pee but it was no use. I was Peeing so fast and so powerful I just couldn't stop it.

    So I layed back and continued Peeing like a firehose making a huge mess on myself and the floor until I was done going. Finally several minutes later it slowed down and came to a stop after a few large squirts. But even after all that, my bladder was not empty yet. I got up to go wipe myself off and clean up my mess and as soon as I was done cleaning up the floor I walked over to the kitchen to throw away the wet paper towels and suddenly I started Peeing again down my legs.

    I Farted some more and started Peeing faster. So I squatted down with my legs spread as wide as I could and let out a long loud Fart while I finished Peeing again. I sat there for another several minutes trying to force my Pee out as fast as I could to try and empty my bladder. It was taking forever. I just could not stop going Pee. Every time it started to slow down it picked up speed again and gushed even faster. More Farts came out my butt and the more I Farted the longer I had to Pee. Finally at last it slowed down and stopped. I had just enough time to clean up my mess again before
    I had to rush the toilet just in time to sit down and go Pee yet again.

    The rest of the day I think I spent more time going Pee then anything else. It was really weird. I've never had to go so much before in a given day.

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    Gay Male / 22

    Cousin rape

    I always liked the risk of being caught jacking off, and then having someone join in, but I had never really gotten the courage to do it.

    So one day, my little cousin Matt and I were the only people at home. I was 19, he was 6. I started jacking off in his brother's room with the door open. After about 2 minutes, he walked in and saw me there, naked on his brother's bed, stroking my 7-inch dick. He immediately turned and ran out of the room.
    I followed him to his room, still naked, and told him to take off his clothes too. He told me to go away. I told him it was okay, just do what I say.

    He said no. So I went over and threw him on the bed. I pulled down his pants and spit on his tiny tight hole. He kept yelling "NO," but I just covered his mouth. Then I slid my dick inside, which caused him to scream even more. It was so tight, and he started to bleed a little, but I just kept sliding my dick in and out, using only my spit and his blood as lube. It felt so good, his tight ass squeezing my dick. I said, "scream all you want, no one will hear you." He just started crying quietly.
    I felt my cock start to throb.

    I was going to cum soon, so I took it out of his ass and watched the spit and blood drip out of his now gaping hole. My dick had blood on it and some specs of brown at the tip. I turned him over and took my hand off his mouth. When he opened his mouth to scream i shoved my dick down his throat. He gagged as I started to shoot into his throat. When I took it out I let him go.
    He ran straight to the bathroom, just as I had intended. I followed him in there and then picked him up and put him in the tub.

    My dick was still hard. I turned him on his stomach again and slid my dick into his ass. It wasn't as tight as the first time anymore, after what I had just done to it, but it was still pretty tight.
    I had planned for him to go into the bathroom for a reason. I needed to take a piss. As I fucked his ass, I released. He started screaming again as the piss squirted out of his ass around my dick. I pulled out off his ass and went over to his mouth. After I had filled his mouth with piss I put my hand over it. "Now swallow" I said. He did as he was instructed, probably just because it was the only way to get the piss out of his mouth. "Good boy," I said.

    Then I went back to his ass. As I fucked him, I grabbed his little 2-inch dick and began stroking it. It was already hard. I could feel my cock start to throb again, and as it did, so did his. I thrust mine all the way into his ass, all the way up until my huge 19-year-old balls knocked against his tiny 6-year-old balls, and I shot my load deep into his ass. As I did, he had a dry orgasm.

    After that, I got up and left him there, crying in the bathtub. I heard the shower come on from my room. When he got out of the shower and walked past my room back to his room, I told him that if he "ever tells anyone, I’ll do it again, and next time it will be much worse"

    The next day, Matt told his older brother Vincent, who was the same age as me. Unfortunately for Matt, Vincent was the wrong person to tell. That night, Vincent and I planned to get him while he was sleeping.
    We snuck into his room. I picked him up and carried him out. His parents were home, so we couldn’t do it here. We carried him into the forest right behind the house. When he felt the cold air hit his skin, he woke up. We were ready for this. Vincent gagged him right before he could try to scream, and then tied his hands together.

    We carried him until he was out of earshot of the house, and then started to take off our clothes. He sat on the ground, looking up at us with fear. Vincent put a blanket on the ground, and then lay down on it. I started to lick Matt’s little asshole to get it wet.

    Then I started sucking Vincent’s dick, which was huge, at least 10 inches long and very thick. I picked up Matt and made him sit on Vincent’s lap. Vincent’s dick slid slowly into Matt’s little tiny ass. Vincent pushed him down harder so that his dick went all the way in. Then I came around the back and started to slide my 7-inch dick into Matt’s already filled hole. Feeling both of our dicks stretching Matt’s tiny hole at the same time, and rubbing up against eachother, was the best feeling in the world. Matt’s hole started to bleed again from being stretched too far.

    He tried to scream through his gag, but couldn’t. Vincent and I started fucking him faster, deeper, harder, until we both came. I could feel our cum mixing, providing extra lube inside Matt’s ass. I picked him up and pulled him off of our dicks, and then leaned in and started sucking Vincent again, as Matt lay on the ground next to us, crying. After he shot another load into my mouth, I got up and started kissing him.

    Vincent and I both got up and pissed on Matt one last time. Matt just laid there, the piss running down his hair and his face and his chest.

    Before we took him back to the house, I said to him "I told you not to tell anyone. Next time, if you tell there will be three of us." He never told anyone after that. Me and Vincent continued having sex whenever we got the chance.

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    Straight Female / 23


    I hated doing a poo school so I held it untill after school. I walked home with my best friend Emma and as we walked she said she was desperate for the loo. I said I was too but I had no idea just how desperate Emma was. She was walking stiffly and slowly and by look on her face I knew she wasn't going to make it home I time. She had tears in her eyes as the smell of poo hit my nose. A puddle formed between her legs as she peed herself at the same time. Emma was very upset at having totally pood and yet herself at fourteen years old. I felt bad for her and as I needed to go myself I pood myself as well, to make her feel better. We went back to my house as there was no-one home and cleaned up and we decided it would be our secret.

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    Straight Female / 25


    I hadn't pood all day at work and as I walked home I was getting really desperate. I was worried about messing my knickers on the way home but the more I thought about it the more it turned of on. I'd done it at home lots of times but that was in private where no one could see me. Pooing myself in public was something I thought I'd never do but it was such a turn on I couldn't help thinking about it. I was creaming my knickers as I imagined a big load filling my knickers and I really wanted to try it but I knew I couldn't.
    I started walking home in the hope I'd make it to the toilet but I was secretly hoping I wouldn't. I got about half way when felt my bowels trying to push but I clenched against the pressure. I was incredibly horny by now. Almost as horny as I was desperate for a poo! My knickers were wet through and I all that clenching almost made me cum. I looked around and couldn't see anyone so I relaxed just a little bit, to tease myself. I clenched just before it came out in my knickers but the temptation to let go completely was hard to resist. I wanted to cum right then so I relaxed again and clenched two seconds later as an orgasm started to build up. I tried to keep walking but I was too exited and a had to poo so bad I just had to relax again. I started to shudder as my orgasm approached maximum just as my knickers filled up with a huge load of mushy poo. I came hard while I pushed the last of my poo into my knickers and it was the most amazing climax ever. When I got home I masturbate on the toilet getting my fingers covered in poo before getting cleaned up in the shower.

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