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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Female / 29

    I have always been a person with a low tolerance for being controlled. I hate being in situations like heavy traffic, or elevators. I like controlling my space.

    Along the way I have had several boyfriends but never anything serious. The minute they get controlling I am out of there.

    I dated this guy, and he was less controlling and I ended up with him taking my virginity. I was too old to still be a virgin, and the only reason I let him was because I was too old. I told him to not hug me or grab me, I hate that, to just fuck me but stay off of me. But he didn't, he grabbed me and held me down and fucked me. I tried as hard as I could to break his old but I couldn't. He ended up fucking me his way and taking my virginity against my will.

    After he got off I cussed him out and got my clothes and walked out. I was so mad and disgusted, I hated that he had fucked me.

    He came over to my place and told me that he was sorry I was pissed, but fucking was fucking and I had asked him to fuck me so he did and that I had better get used to it. But I couldn't, I hated it, and he insisted on controlling me and holding me down to fuck me. We fought and one day he got real pissed at me and turned me over, he picked me up off the bed and turned me over face down and pushed my face into the bed. He used his dick and forcing my legs apart with his knees he put his dick in me and he fucked on my stomach, and when he was fucking hard he pulled out of my hole and pushed his dick in my ass. I bucked him off, but he was already mad and shoved me back down and fucked my ass anyway.

    That is when I told him to get out, I didn't want to get fucked any more.

    Several weeks went by and I went to his place, I needed a fucking and I showed him my pussy and asked for peace. He had his dog there, he is a big german shepherd. He told me that he wasn't going to put up with my shit and as punishment for shutting him off he was going to let his dog fuck me, that way I learned who was the bitch.

    I said ok, you do that, have your dog fuck me, but get it over with. The fucking took place on the kitchen floor, he put me on two towels on all fours and got the dog on my back. As soon as that dog had his chest on me and his forelegs locked around my waist he started to look for my hole. My boyfriend had to help him and once he had my hole he fucked me hard. My boyfriend was supposed to keep him from getting his knot in me, but he didn't and in my first fucking like that I ended up knotted to the dog.

    I had to lay ass to ass to the dog on my side for over twenty minutes until he released me and all his stuff pored out of my hole. I thought my pussy was going to hurt but it didn't, after he took his dick out of me all I felt was his stuff come out of me.

    After that incident, which is the only time I let that dog on me, I accepted that I was my boyfriend's bitch. I quite complaining. When that dog had me I was trapped and I was his bitch. I learned that, if your born with a pussy you are the bitch.

    I still don't like being in tight places, but now when my boyfriend gets a hold of me, I let him go on with his stuff until he is done. He is the dick and I am the bitch. Took that dog to teach me, but my boyfriend thinks he is the one that taught me.

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    Straight Male / 51

    I was waiting for the bus today and in front of me this girl of around 15-16 was in front of me. She kept fidgeting and kept looking at the time impatiently. After a while I heard her mutter "Oh ooh" under her breath and I realised she needed the toilet badly. I smelt a fart or I thought it was a fart but when the girl bent her knees slightly I realised what was going on. She turned bright red, clearly embarrassed as the back of her jeans expanded and the smell of her poo got much stronger. A wet patch formed between her legs and it spread out across her bum before dripping to the pathway. She kept going for ages so I guess she must have been holding it for a long time. When the bus turned up it was almost empty with just 3 people on it. I took my seat but the girl chose to stand for obvious reasons.

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    Straight Female / 29

    Well, this is how it all started.

    I was 26, never pretty, a little plump which I have been since I was a child, and I went on a 60 mile charity bike ride with a friend from work.

    The next day I wore a skirt to work, not something I normally wore, and walked a little slow because my butt and legs hurt so much. I was in the office kitchen and my boss came in and asked me how the bike ride went, and I told him including about how my butt and legs hurt. He told me that what I needed was a butt massage.

    I didn't even answer, I mean this 50 year old man telling me to get a butt massage, but I should have answered because the next thing I knew he took me by the hand and told me to lean on the counter and he started to rub my butt with his hands. I turned, but he pushed me back and told me not to be stupid, that it was going to make me feel better, and he leaned in on me and really started to massage my butt. His hands were strong, real strong, and he rubbed me and massaged me, and it felt so good.

    Next thing he pulled my skirt up, and put his hands on my butt under my skirt and I could feel his breath on my back. His hand worked me slowly, and I could feel his thumbs getting closer and closer to my crotch, spreading my cheeks open, and he whispered in my ear that he was going to do something that was going to feel real real good, he was going to relieve the tension in my legs, and he pressed his thumbs in between my legs and massaged my tendons, at that point I could tell I was so wet, and then quietly he changed the position of his hands and I felt his four fingers start to massage my lady lips, front to back, pressured but not hard, he kept whispering to be brave, that every girl needed to know why God had given her lady parts, that they were for the pleasure of man, and if they gave man pleasure then He rewarded her with pleasure.

    I had an orgasm, it shook me, I had tears in my eyes, his breath on me was strong and his hand wouldn't quit, he would whisper to me to be a woman, that a woman's place was to please a man, that the more I pleased him the more I would be pleased. I really really thought that he was going to finish with me, I couldn't tell if we had been there five minutes or an hour, he kept asking me if I wanted to please him, and all I could say was yes.

    It stopped, he lowered my skirt and he leaned his fully body weight against me and told me that he wanted every ounce of woman in me. He turned me around, still pressing me against the counter, telling me that he was looking forward to being pleased. Inside of me, I felt like I had another orgasm, I wanted another orgasm.

    That is how it started, how I began to work to please him, and in return to be pleased. When he did take it all the way, when he massaged me and then used his penis on me, I was gone, there would be no return for me. I started to live for him and I live for him every day. I please him, whatever he wants, and in return I get pleasures that no one has ever told me about. I love being massaged, and at times when I am cooking dinner for him, or cleaning up the kitchen, he will massage me like he did that day in the kitchen at work, the only difference is that when I can no longer wait, I feel his penis against me and he enters me over and over again until I just have these training orgasms, one after another. He finishes and pats my butt and tells me how he likes what I have and it pleases him.

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    Straight Female / 22

    Back in the early days of masturbation and orgasm, I was faced with a difficult problem. I love masturbating, but the orgasms were too intense for me. To the point where I lost control of my bladder. My carelessness had soaked the bed. A combination of pleasure and embarrassment. I tried again with a full bladder in the tub, and the orgasm was even more intense. My bladder was nearly empty before I could regain control.

    Unfortunately, that sense of fun didn't last long, and I haven't been able to let loose like that since. Still, I wish I could lose that sense of control again. No matter how much I try, I can never replicate it.

    Kind of embarrassing, I guess. More so that I keep trying it. I originally thought this is what female ejaculation was, but it couldn't be. I was peeing for far too long for it to be considered that. I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong or right. I just like the idea of losing control of myself during an orgasm.

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    Straight Female / 40

    I've been so freaking horny all day, and all night, and I keep cuming. I've had to change my panties earlier because I got cum all over them. My husband isn't aware that I am going to suck his cock tonight, but I can't wait to feel him push my head down until he hits the back of my throat. I just want to kneel next to him and keep my pussy wet for him. Sigh...if he were only aware how willing I am to be his sub.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I was having sex with my kinky boyfriend when I had to poop really bad. He wouldn't get off me to let me go to the toilet and I felt his cock harden even more. He increased the length and speed of his thrusting making me cum hard and I lost control of my bowels. He kept fucking me while I pood myself and I had another orgasm just as he came inside me. It was amazing but very messy.

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    Straight Female / 21


    I needed a poo this morning so I put on my old hotpants and went to work. I held it all day and when I got home I was busting to go. I went out to my back garden and watched my fit next door neighbor cutting his grass. He's 23 and he didn't notice I was watching him. I pushed and began filling my pants with a warm load while my neighbor was oblivious to what I was up to. I even wet myself and loved the way it ran down my leg. When I finished I went inside to cleanup but I was so horny I had to finger myself first and I didn't care about getting poo on my fingers.

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    Straight Female / 25

    I really had to poo in my boyfriends car last night but there was nowhere to stop. He said I could do it in my knickers if I wanted to and clean up when we got home. I was shocked at his suggestion but also suite turned on by it. I told him I might have to if it got any worse and he encouraged me by saying I'd feel a lot better if I did. I kept telling him how bad I had to go and knew he was enjoying my desperate situation by his erection. I then told him it was no home and lifted myself off the seat to make room for it to come out. I then pushed my poo into my knickers and it was a huge load and a huge relief. My boyfriend got so horny he came I'm his pants and I saw the wet spot in his jeans.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    My boyfriend and I did acid together the other day and it was amazing.

    He fucks all my holes. I deep throat his cock as he thrusts into my mouth which makes my pussy drip, I want him to fuck me so bad. He pushes me down and fucks me rough and hard making me cum over and over, his hands wrapping around my throat he chokes me and I cum even faster. Feeling like his fuck doll, like his own personal slut. He pulls out and rubs my own pussy juice on my asshole pressing his hard cock against it, I push back and moan as he slowly enters my ass. He starts to pick up speed as he fucks my ass, hands wrapping around my neck as he plunges deep into my ass, choking me again, I cum and even more. I love the way he fucks each one rough, I am all his.

    He fucks me in the bathtub pulling my hair roughly and fucking my pussy hard, I am his slut I want him to have me completely. He pulls out slapping my ass and pressing his cock against my asshole slowly pushing in and the plunging in deep, fuck yes he owns me. He starts to pound my ass and pulls my hair while I cum again, he laughs a bit and says "you love anal don't you" increasing in speed as he spoke, my response was nothing but moans and orgasms, he pulls out spinning me around and rinsing his cock off in the water, I can't resist I suck his cock fully knowing he had just fucked my ass. His surprised moan followed by him grabbing my hair and the back of my head he face fucks me, this is exactly what I needed. He fucks my mouth with increasing speed, I gag and my pussy continues to drip as I think of myself as his sex slave, he suddenly pulnges his cock all the way in, fucking my throat. He holds me there on his cock as he trembles slightly, he pulls his cock out of my mouth and then cums all over my face and in my mouth. He picks up his phone and snaps a picture of me, saying he wants to remember me this way.

    He can do anything he wants, I fucking love all of it.

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    Straight Female / 21


    I'm 21 years old and I like to poo myself on purpose. I have my own bedsit but I have to share a kitchen but I have my own ensuite bathroom so I can easily hide my "accidents".

    My greatest fantasy is to have an accident in public but it's only ever been a fantasy until now. I held it three days and put on my old hotpants I always wear when I poo myself. They used to be white but they're more grey now as they've been washed so many times. I put a skirt on and went out for a drive to some woods I know. There's a secluded spot where no one goes as it's a long owalk from the road. There's a stream running through the woods and it's perfect for the cleanup afterwards. The drive took an hour and when I set off I was already dying for a poo. By the time I got to the woods I was struggling to hold it and the thought of pooing myself was such a turn on. I got out of the car and started walking to the stream but my bowels began to push and I nearly pood myself on the path. No one was around but I didn't want to it to happen here as it didn't feel private enough. I kept walking while clenching and finally made it to the stream. I couldn't wait any more and moved my feet apart and bent my knees a little, ready to poo myself. I felt my bowels pushing again and I relaxed. I felt the warmth of my poo between my buttocks and it spread out in my hotpants untill my bum was covered in soft poo. Man it felt so good and there was more to come. I pushed again and with my hotpants full it fell out the legs and onto the dirt below me. The relief was out of this world and once I was done I took my hotpants off and emptied the smelly contents out in the stream. Then I rinsed them out as my poo floated away and washed my bum with them and rinsed them again. After letting my skirt fall back into place, I put my wet hotpants in my bag and walked back to my car feeling very horny.

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