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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Male / 46

    I cant even begin to try to convince you that you are reading a honest to god true story, I have always wanted a wild sexual adventure to write in and share with people and I know everyone thinks these stories are fake but I assure you this one is very real, the only problem is I cant tell anyone close to me for fear of getting in trouble.

    this all started when my stepdaughter called me one day and wanted to know if I could come and do some work for her in her office, she opened up a business with a good friend of hers and they are roommates in a large two story house, she lives downstairs and her roommate lives upstairs. she lives about two hours away from us and she told me that I could just stay at her house instead of driving back and forth while I did the work. I have always looked at her as she is a very sexy young woman, slightly chubby but very attractive with nice big tits, her roommate on the other hand is a beautiful brunette, slim, sexy, petite, with an incredible body. my stepdaughter is 24 and her roommate is 22.

    now I do know for a fact that my stepdaughter is somewhat of a slut or at least used to be, she is currently eight months pregnant but before she got pregnant I have heard her talk about some of the parties they would have and how they turned into sex parties with their friends, my wife even told me about how one time she came on to a friend of hers husband and one of his friends at the same time and had her shirt off and both of them were playing with her tits when the wife came down stairs and caught them and it got ugly between them.. my wife even attended one of her parties and came home drunk and told me that one of the guys there had played with her tits and that different people went upstairs and to the other bedrooms and even outside and she knew what they were doing but she did not want to cheat on me and she knew I did not mind if someone touched her tits.. this is to give you an idea of how these young girls think..

    well my wife had a trip out of town coming up so I told my stepdaughter that I would come up there the week her mom went out of town, the time arrived and I drove up one morning and met them at the business and she showed me what she needed done, it was mostly carpentry work and trim and I figured it would take a couple of days to do it.
    well I had a hard time working that day because I kept watching her roommate walk around, I could not help but look at her ass every time she walked by, her boyfriend and my stepdaughters boyfriend worked out of town as electricians and I had already been trying to conceive in my mind if getting a piece of that ass would even be possible and I was scared that if I made a move that my stepdaughter would tell on me. well, it turns out that I was dead wrong about worrying about being found out.

    the end of the day drew near and I actually got some work done and it was about time to leave when my stepdaughter and her roommate and I were all talking and my stepdaughter made the comment about she was sure she could not pay me what my work was worth but maybe her roommate would give me a good blowjob or something as she would do it but after all I was her stepdad.. I almost fell over! I got so embarrassed, her roommate just looked at me and grinned and smiled at me and turned and walked away. I could not believe what she had just said, I had to follow them to their house and all the way there I could not help but think about what she said and how her roommate looked at me when she smiled, I did not know what I was going to do when we got there and were all in the same house for the evening and how was I going to look at her again, all I could think about was how bad I wanted that blowjob.

    they fixed some dinner and we all sat down at the table to eat and my stepdaughter told me she was sorry for embarrassing me like that, I managed to tell her that it was ok, I was just shocked to hear her say that, she told me that she had rented a movie and that I could watch it with them if I wanted too so I agreed and after dinner we all went to the living room to watch the movie and they went to change clothes so they could relax. they were gone longer than I thought they should be to change clothes but suddenly my stepdaughter walked into the living room and she had on tiny silk nightgown that came to her mid thighs but it was very tight across her tits and they were outlined and I could make out how big they were and her nipples were straining against the fabric. her pregnant belly was sticking out and she was actually quite sexy looking to me but I put those thoughts out of my head the moment her roommate walked in the living room, she had on a lacy nightgown that barley made it below her waist, and had on a pair of little matching lacy boy short panties, my cock began to get hard, I could not believe my eyes, her tits were not as big and she turned and walked toward the kitchen and my cock started throbbing in my pants when I saw her ass as she walked into the kitchen, my stepdaughter caught me looking and said "she has a killer body don't you think??" I looked at her and said yes she does. she walked back to the living room and sat down in the chair and pulled one of her legs up under her and the way she was sitting I could see the crotch of her panties, the movie started and we began watching and every chance I got I would sneak a peek at the roommates panties while trying to keep up with the movie.

    after the movie was over we all decided it was bedtime as we had an early start the next morning so I said goodnight and excused myself to my room which was down stairs just down the hall from my stepdaughters room. I closed the door and stripped to my drawers turned the light off and got into bed. I began to think about the roommate and how good she looked and how my stepdaughter said that she should give me a blowjob at least for my work, I was rubbing my cock thinking about her luscious ass and was just about to jerk off when my phone beeped, I looked and it was a text message from a number I did not know but I saw the first few words of the message that started "I got your number from ****** phone, so I opened the message, it was from the roommate she said she got my number from my stepdaughters phone without her knowing and wanted to know if I still wanted that blowjob. I could not believe what I was reading, I asked her if she was serious or was this a joke, her reply was "it is not a joke, I am going to sneak to your room ok do not make a sound we have to be quiet". I replied with an ok and my cock was now as hard as a piece of steel. a few minutes later I saw the door begin to open and she came in being very careful to be quiet and closed the door back, I could see her sweet ass as she shut the door, she then walked over to the bed and reached down and pulled her little nightie over her head and threw in down in the floor, she still had on the panties and I was staring at her tits, they were about medium I guess not huge or small, very nice and she had really puffy nipples. she took a hold of the covers and pulled them back and there I was in my boxers on my back and she crawled up on the bed and turned toward my cock and leaned down and took my cock in her hand as I felt her lips slide down my shaft, I had to bite my tongue to keep quiet. she had positioned herself where I could see her ass while she was sucking on my cock and I reached out and touched her ass and began to fondle her ass and I heard her gently moan as I did this, she was really going slow and seemed to be enjoying sucking my rock hard cock.

    I put my hand on the inside of her thigh and gently pulled her leg toward me so I could eat her pussy, she started to move and stopped sucking me long enough to get her panties off and she then positioned herself in a 69 with her pussy staring me in the face and I again felt her lips slide down my cock, I reached up and took her ass cheeks in my hands to pull her pussy to my mouth and when my hands touched her ass I almost came right then, I don't know how to begin to describe to you how soft and supple and pillow like her ass cheeks felt, I pulled her pussy to my face and started to eat her out and heard her moan and was hoping she was not too loud, but I was so incredibly turned on at how her ass felt and how her pussy tasted, if anyone knows what I mean about her ass, then you know what I am saying, I could not stop squeezing and playing with her ass as I ate her pussy, it was the most incredible ass I have ever put my hands on in my 46 years, it was absolutely incredible! now her pussy was as smooth as it was the day she was born and it was very wet and juicy and tasted very good, I nibbled on her clit and she moaned a little more, after I had been eating her out and holding her cotton candy ass, she pulled her pussy up off of my face and before I knew what was going on, she was lowering her pussy down on my cock in the reverse cowgirl with me staring at her ass and she was so tight and felt so good, she rode up and down on me very slowly like she was trying to tease me or milk every last drop out of me but I had not cum yet, it did not take long because of her sucking me so good and her tight little pussy gripping my cock and the way she was moving her hips that I grabbed her waist and started pulling her down on my cock as she moved a little faster, she was moaning and I was doing all I could to hold out when suddenly I knew I could no longer hold it back and pulled her down hard and I exploded in her pussy, my hips were bucking and my cock kept throbbing and spitting cum and she was moaning pretty good now and she slowly milked my cock for another minute or two before she got off of me and turned around and looked at me and took her hand and fingered her pussy and then licked her fingers and did this four or five times, she picked up her panties and put them on, then her top, she walked over and leaned down and kissed me on the cheek and then whispered in my ear, "that was fucking awesome, I hope we did not wake *****. don't worry this will be our secret.

    I actually laid there in bed and jerked off two times before I finally fell asleep, the next morning she pretended like nothing had happened and we went to their office and I finished the work, they tried to get me to stay the night again instead of making that long drive and as bad as I wanted too, I said I could not because I had stuff lined up to do the next day. as far as I know only her and I know who each other are and what happened, I have jerked off at least a thousand times thinking about that night, and since that night every single time I fuck my wife I imagine that it is that sweet young 22 year old that I am pounding with my cock..

    regardle ss of what you want to say, every word of this story really happened and that memory will live in my brain forever....

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    My fiance is in school to be a cop and he has a classmate - for the sake of staying anonymous, let's call him classmate D. Well, D is the only man in the class that isn't married or engaged. He's about my height and he's rather handsome, though I've never been all that attracted to him. I haven't even had a conversation with him, really.
    But last night I had a sex dream about him.
    I don't remember much about the dream but I do remember one scene of it, where we were laying in bed and grinding on each other with our clothes still on. I had started rubbing at the bulge in his pants and I can distinctly remember just how hard and thick his cock was. I woke up more aroused than I've been in weeks and I get horny every time I think of it.
    I didn't find him attractive before but now, I kind of do and it's awkward to see him now when I visit my fiance during class breaks.
    I feel dirty for dreaming about another man.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    A few years ago my dick stopped getting hard and would not stay up long. I could only eat my wife's pussy and I started having thoughts of adding another man to our play time. She agreed to this and we found him. After a few months of him joining us I felt him rubbing on me. I didn't say nothing so not to ruin the moment. He was fairly large and he really pleased my wife. But then I felt him rubbing on my balls and when I looked I seen my wife's hand guiding him. She saw me looking and told him to let him have it. I got excited and as usual it didn't last long. But then I felt his finger on my ass hole. My wife started giving me head and he was fingering my ass. He clubbed me up and as she sucked me he started to push is back in me. It was painful but I remembered what I told my wife in the past it will GI away and you will like it. It did and so did I. It was feeling so good. I got so excited that I started to cum and didn't think I would ever stop. He put her on her stomach next to me and went back and forth from my ass to her ass. This was one of the most exciting moments I've ever had. Me and my wife sharing one man. Both of us was getting fucked. We now share something together that's new and very exciting. There's a new us and we look forward to our friend often.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I like to walk on parks with a short skirt and no panties. If I see a guy sitting in the park I tried to find a bench facing him. I pretend to read the newspaper and intentionally let my skirt ride up my thighs. When I see him looking at my legs, I spread them so he can look at my pussy. I guess I'm what you would call an exhibitionist or a pervert. Love sitting there feeling my pussy dripping wet, getting horny and aroused and watching the guy re-adjusting his hard on in his pants. I do it with my pussy shaved to eliminate the possibility of him think I'm wearing black panties. I have been doing this since I was 17 and wonder if it's normal, sick or just a sexual fetish that other girls might have. I just love having men looking at me partly or totally naked.

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    Straight Female / 52

    hi me lisa again as I promised,a follow up to story no19592.the blokes took my offer of having me tonight, for as long as they wanted to do with me as they wished,after last night I felt on top of the world so hot and horny,but I couldn't believe what came over me ,when I did open my uniform just my knickers on and made the blokes the offer,but I went through with it so glad I did,anyhow the blokes told me they had spoken to dave one of the blokes who fucked me last night,he offered them his house to use as he did last night,the blokes said someone would pick me up from home about six oclock,i had plenty of time to get ready shower change dress,i put on a sexy dress clung to my figure zipper front v neckline,the neckline showing my huge tits,i wanted to be hot for them,after last night my nipples were so touchy my huge tits realy full and standing out like two massive mountains ,and my pussy still purring to be fed,

    two of the blokes picked me up almost choking as they spoke,holy cow you look sensational not so sure youll reach the house they said,i smiled whatever I replied,i cant believe your real john said your something us blokes only dream about,norm the other bloke asked me why older blokes ,because I love older men I said married older men are great,i know most of them get nothing of their wifes so im nice young and fresh,I can give them what they desire,make their fantasies come true,and I can keep their secrets safe,and their so much fun and experienced,
    I asked don't you think that's better than wanking yourself of when you go home home at night,yer we all do it he said since working with you,i dream about your tits and that body of yours,a couple of the blokes go home and fuck their married daughters,been doing it for years,they have and yes we older blokes get horny I use to nearly wank it off at times,but since your been working with us your tits have taken over,

    we arrived at daves house,the other blokes already into the grog,look what we have for xmas john said as we walk into the room everyone stopped ,tell me im not dreaming a few of them said,is she real,all eyes were focusing on me,hi I said ,jim said we wernt sure if you would realy turn up thought you were only teasing ,why would I tease I asked,would you like a drink paul pouring a glass of champayne only thing I could find he said,why not as I sipped on it,love the dress looks great bet your not just looking at the dress I replied,dont worry I love you looking,with ten blokes I was on fire my body felling hot they talked about sex asked me if I enjoyed last night and couldn't believe after being married for over six months I was still until last night a virgin,they said non of them could believe there luck,they stated to toh my legs my dress was short when I sat,and my dress top top spred as my tits pushed it aside,exposing a lot of cleavage heaps of tit,how big are they allen asked rubbing his hands over them not sure I said still growing ,but you can always find out cant you,he slid a hand under a tit huge heavy heaven he said,three others were liofting my dress well above my thighs kissing my inner thighs sliding my knickers down they poured me another champayne ,I sipped it,they got me to my feet giding me into the same room as the night before,

    lets get some of this of ken said zippering down my dress dennis from behind so quickly had my bras undone and of my huge tits exploded out,fuck take a look at that body,and the size of her tits,unbeliable,what a smogasboard it was then I felt a bit whoozy but so sexy my body on fire I could see and hear them, but I was floating with happiness and extassy I was kissing all of them laughing saying things I cant remember,i was being touched all over ,they were fingering me licking out my pussy chewing on it I wanted more I was sucking cocks my mouth full all the time they rubbed there cocks all over me,i could feel them one by one fucking me I could feel my body working with them hungry for their cocks sometimes it hurt as thy took turns ,I was thrown about on the bed bounced ,almost stood on my head with one of them fully inserted into me others at the same time sucking on my tits kissing my body fingering my arse,i felt two of them fuck me at the one time my pussy and one really giving my arse a good poundin

    it went on and on I could feel things being used on me beside cocks but I loved it,my body working with the motion the slapped my tits around like a punching bag I felt them tie my tits then a lot of cocks fucking my tits ,while my arse and pussy were being enjoyed,how much cum they pumped into me who knows but it felt god,i was almost oblivious to the pain they wre inficking upon me,i was fucked with more than cocks,but who cares ,to e it was fun exciting,the room was crowded,everyone naked I wasn't given a break ,my legs hardly any feeling ,my nips so touchy pulsating blokes all over me cocks in every part of my body,i could hear them saying things about me my body my tits my pussy ,I was pushed dragged into different positions by my lega by my tits,i wa thrown over the bed pillows pushed under me as they fucked me,there seem to be more and more of them maybe I was just in limbo after the drinks too affect,i was climbing over bloke as they mounted my arse doggy style two of them always under me lifting my tits pulling them sucking them goo,they tied me to the top railing on the bed ,my body in the air,then for a long while they milked me as though I was a cow,while under me fingering eating licking out my wanting pussy,my arse being kepted busy as well,i felt I was yelling with pleasure,almost exhausted I felt,then again I was let down from my position ,fucked again I cocked suck as they put them into my mouth,my tits again belted around pulled fucked sucked,i think I faintedfor awhile ,I woke being riden ,then thye must have decided it was time time ti finish ,I remember kisingsi many blokes while they felt my tits,then my dress put on me two them helping me to the car,i was giggling trying to kis them both ,on the way both of them took turns playing with my tits,the car stopped and one got in the back the othet in the front,,i remember them helping me inside my dress almost of me the front right open ,inside they took my dress of layed me on the bed then both fucked me again,kissing my tits licking me out,after that I flaked out,

    I woke next morning late it was saturday ,I was naked trying to remember last night,i looked in the mirror I was glowing ,but my tits were so swollen my nips almost twice there normal size my pussy throbbing,i was so bruised all over welts teeth marks,my tits hardly a space untouched ,I showered got dressed I felt wonderful ,a bit sore happy ,I wanted my tits out well for a while then put them away when my hiusband came home he rand said hed be back tomorrow great gives me more time alone,i checked two security cameras we had , it was three oclock when they got me homethey had me for nearly seven hours shit,also the two who drove me home had dessert after as well undressingme feelingme all over ficking my arse and pussy,having a great time with my huge tits,about forty minutes in all,but fuck did that video turn me on,

    the Monday back at work ,the boys all over me my lips still a bit sore, but under my uniform I was ready and wanting them tits ready anytime ,my bras and knickers was not returned ,a triphy I was told,untill next time bye lisa,by the way theres still the blokes in the deli section waiting therir tuern ,that story a beauty soo



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    Straight Male / 50

    My wife works in corporate management and she wear pantyhose everyday.
    She also wears short skirts and has a smoking hot body.
    Some times I'll texted her and tell her to drink plenty of water ......
    When she gets home I cup her c**t though her pantyhose and lace panties and tell her to pee.
    She loves doing it, then she stops mid stream and starts again. When she done she likes me to piss all over her c**t.
    She's such a naughty girl and know one would think it ....
    Are there're many other people doing this type of thing ??

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    Straight Male / 40

    I always wondered what it would be like to watch your wife have sex with another man,
    Well I wonder no more .... We were at a wedding away from home, and we had a motel room booked ..
    While at the wedding I met a young man that used to work with me, we had a few drinks and he sat at our table .
    He had planed to drive back but had to much to drink, so I offered him the pullout couch in our motel room.
    We all got back to the motel room and he commented on how pretty my wife looked, I called my wife over and she was standing right in front of me and I slid my hand right up her nylon clad leg till I touched her c**t..
    She looked at me and smiled , young Brian just stared at her . Then I said get your hand up there and tell me what you think of her Brian, his hand cupped her c**t, my wife said, you like that don't you Brian, he just nodded,
    My wife said Brian I want you, do you want me?? Brian looked at me .. I gave him the nod .. I won't go into details but to see my wife getting fucked was just awesome. He fucked her three times that night and I fucked her twice .
    Her twat was so full of cum it was dripping out if her. My wife is in management and you would never expect her to be that type of woman,

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    Straight Female / 52

    hi its lisa again a follow up to my atory 19558,yes I did get married my two old bosses gave us a honeymoon holiday for three weeks interstate at one of their resorts,it was beautiful everything including our travel taken care of,all we had to do was relax and enjoy it,a car available when needed,the only let down was my husband he was a lovely person a good job,but no good at love making,when we married I was told he was the top stud in the area,oh he had the equitment a good cannon fully loaded,and it fired well but his aim was shit,whenever he tried to fuck to he would ofload well before he was ready,even to tit fuck he would cum before he got between my cleavage,i tried with a few head jobs,his cock as soon as my lips touched it, he would cum all over me,then I convinced him to practice entering my arse no chance all he did was fill my arse crack with his cum,this went on for the three weeks,i felt let down humiliated and so frustrated,i did try my very best to help him,some stud ,

    anyhow we both went back to work I tried with him at home a few times but same result,i gave up back at work the blokes teased me about being married,saying how lucky my husband was ,how much fun they bet he had,if they only knew,they gave me much more pleasure than he does,i started to go braless under my uniforms and the blokes loved it,whever they got a chance I let them feel my tits and suck on them most of the time they would work it when I was in the fridges,two or three would follow me in ,open my uniform and go to town with my tits,iloved it when they felt my body all over,they were great and a lot of fun,my two bosses who I hardly saw ,kept their hand in as well when they were at the business,

    id been married for over for months when the boss asked me if I wanted to do a double shift,four evennings as the lady doing it was of ill sure I said id love to,i had only worked with the four blokes a couple of times on previous occasions,my husband would be away for a week anyhow being a supervisor for a company he went away about once a month ,all over the place,so things worked in well.starting at seven in the mornings and knocking of at four,my usual job,i went to stay at my mothers until my stsrting time at six,six to ten in the evening,the blokes said they wre delighted when the bosss told them I was working with them,he arranged for me to be driven home after work he or his partner would do that whenever they were on,the work was hectic first up non stop,the first evening went well two of them drove me home asking about my married life saying I looked so radiant ,neither taking their eyes of my legs nor my huge tits,i was showing rather a lot of each ,thanks for driving me home said to them,its a pleasure sweety they said,and your company it terrific,i feel awful I said its out of your way ,and your wifes must wonder where you are,no worries they said this is early for us,when they let me of I kissed kevin the driver making sure he got a good look down my blouse on the way id undid a few extra buttons,he slid his hand onto my tits that is fantastic he said,i smiled got out as mick got in the front ,before he did I slid in beside him kissed him as well he to felt my tits,love them he said.

    the next evening again a lot of work ,this time on the way home I got in the back with mick I must give you something for driving me home I said,and kissed him he slid his hand into my blouse I undid all the buttons his hand pulled my bra over my tits shit I cant believe how huge they are he yelled,pull over kevin ill need some help,both got in back with me and boy did my tits get a workout,and did it feel good ,they suck my nipples like babies,me on fire,better get you home they said big day tomorrow as well,i nodded I suppose,how about a head job kevin asked ok I said ,I took it in turns sucking and licking both their cocks both a good size,i let them cum over my tits then rubbed it in,they let me of saying your sensation,

    on the third night we finished earlier than anticipated all had to be ready for the next shift to take over two oclock in the morning,it was stil only nine oclock and hour early,so the blokes said theyed have a few beers while waiting,we all sat around the lunch room I changed while they were finishing the last few bits,i put on my skirt and left my bra straps loose my nipples almost pushing through the blouse,my huge tits showing a lot of cleavage on purpose,the boys wre already drinking when I got back,her sweety we foung this for you,a bottle of I think passion pop,only thing was there they said,pouring me a glass ,I don't drink I told them come on they said we feel awful drinking alone,i shrugged my shouilders ok why not I said drinkling the first glass it was good,they had all their eyes glued on me,i could feel them undressing me,tell us about married life they said bet your husband cant wait to get home,lucky bugger,i smiled well come on tell us how was the honey moon,dont be shy,,another drink for me,ok I said the place was great everything taken care of ,and they said what went wrong,you should have been on top of the world young lady,not really I said,now on my third drink he was hopeless ,what do you mean the all asked I blabbed it out to them through tears,you mean your still a virgin I nodded my head yes I murmured,must be something wrong with him they said,shit id never stop one said non of would they said, two of them put their arms around my shoulders come on now we all love you ,I know I said,im ok I started to giggle and talk and laugh I felt really great,dave and rick put their hands on my upper thighs while kevin and mick were having a tit eachmy tits were hanging right out my skirt they had up to my waist you like all of this don't you i smiled and said yes i love it,

    it was nearly ten oclock theyed got me to tit fuck the four of them ,then said theyed had better go as the srcurity bloke would be checking soon ,also theyed better get me home get me home otherwise my husband would wonder what had happened,no its ok I said hes away for a few days with his job and I have plenty of time to get home giggling and talking stupid,i finished of the bottle a bit whoozy but ever so happy by now,i like this I said is there any more,next time they replied how would you like to come and have some fun with us,if you want I said I heard dave say his wife was away at her sisters place for a week and the house was secluded and empty,they could go there for as long as they wanted,they all went in the same car rick and and dave got into the back asking me if I wanted to get between them yes I giggled as they helped me in ,it wasn't long before they had my blouse open and my bras off,getting a hand full of,,they swapped over and the other two got in with me playing with my tits sucking my nips,your a real turn on you know said kevin,hard believe about your husband , hes a shit I said ,

    we got to the house they ushered me in me hugging and kissing all of them ,still giggling talking laughing ,do you want to see my tits I said taking of my blouse,herev let me help said dave undoing and takink of my bras they guided me to a bedroom , dave saying she can scream her head of no one will here,then said to me I think we shouldget rid of this skirt ok I said if you want ,and these rick sais as he pulled down mu knickers,fuck look at that body ,ho;y shit her husband must be an idiot ,I could see them all undressing eventhough a bit hazy ,they ubbed themselves all over me with their cocks ,whos going to have the pleasure first kevin said, hope shes on the pill,they were touching me kissing me,i was enjoying it, lets draw straws the shortest goes first ,then no stopping one out the next one in,dave came back with the straws ,hold these gorgeous he said ,outing them into my haqnds,they drew them ,rick got the shortest he your going to love this holoding his cock in his hand,ive fucked a virgin ever,who has they all said,shes a mans dream come true ,they lowered me onto the bed a pillow under my lower part of my back ,perfect they said ,some one get the tits working,let her scream and buck all she wants ,,they were all rubbing stuff over their cocks into me then then I could see richk learning over me this is it baby as he lowered himself between my legs,guiding his cock into my virgin c**t a bit by bit I was thashing aroing screaming get og your hurting me,further and further he put it in pulling back then pushng forward again I clung to the bed sheets dave and kevin working ny titys over,rick was yelling this is heaven ,as he pushed even deeper inside of me,two or three times I almost blacked out with the pain,then he started working in and out slowly at first then faster ,he grabbedmy tits for leveridge as he rode me,your loving this airnt you baby he said as he kissed me, yes yes don't stop my whole body shaking all over he must have been inside me for a while before I felt his warm cum fill part of my pussy,it felt wonderful he got off, then kevin took over he to hurt as he slid into me I coiuld feel myself streath as he rode me good but gently fuck shes beautiful kevin said,and can she fuck,i was letting myself loose I wanted it bad ,wow what a performer she is,kevin loaded me I know I was having my first fuck orgasm as I pushed my pussy into his cock ,he slid off as dave took over I was on fire working my pussy with their cocks shes good dave said so fucking hot and sexy,he lifted me up stood over me his cock deep inside two of behind me playing with my tits,squeezing my nips,yes I was on fire I bit whozy even more,giggly as hell asking them to keep fucking me,dave loaded me good I wanted more as he slid out,mick really was big thick I felt every inch entering me then he slwly started to work in out a godees he was saying my tits bouncing all over he was getting a bit rougher,holding me up on his cock pushing me further onto it I think I must have fainted for a short while,he was stil,pumping his cum deep up inside me,kevin and dave tit fucking me,rick his cock in my mouth,as I come around,,i felt tired but terrific my legs like jelly my body shaking,i was full of joy but wanted more ,theytold me to shower it was late and work in the morning,they said how wonderful I was ,how great I performed and theyed never had such pleasure I there lives,i was a sex goddess,the others had dave dropped them al of on the way to my place,yes I had another four quickies on the way home,they kept my bras and knickers,dave helped me inside I aked him if he wanted to fuck me again and I said I wnted my tits really milked ,wowow did he help me out one ful hour I really turned it on for him,exhausted thanking me no end he left ,your sensational he said,

    next day at work the rest of the boys must have got the word,have a god night they asked ,didn't expect you in untill later they said,some bloke are lucky airnt they,thought we were your blokes,you are I said,there plenty to go around ,I felt so hot and sexy I wanted cocks,this is what waiting I said for al of you if youwant I opened my uniform only my knockers on my huge tits begging ,tersing,shit I cant believe my eyes ,that body unbelievable ,think about I said its available,tonight if you want all ten of you,find a place,let me know,late as you like ill be in no hurry to get home,and feel free during the day to enjoy these ,I held my tits out,,

    that I will finish of on and will tell you the next story ,soon bye lisa,

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    my girlfriend and i were driving and we used a dolphin vibrator on her while she was driving. the vibrating dolphin head hit her in some spot and made her whole body freeze. how do i do that again?? where is that sweet spot??

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    hi its me lisa with another continuation of my life growing up,not sure what category to put this in,my others are when I was a kid,anhow I finished my last story leaving my first job,about to start another this is where this story begins,id had my interview in my last story,so I started work the first day was mostly introductions to staff and some of management,seeing the huge business I would be working for,mark was the boss who gave me the job but he was in business with his patner,garry long time friends, mark told me they owned four businesses their own factorys and between them sheep and cattle farms,both in their late fifties,mark was meeting garry for lunch in another town so he invited me along to meet him,they met in a small restaurant,greeted like kings by the staff,garry seemed very impressed when I was introduced to him,saying mark had chosen well and he'd told him a little about me,saying he hoped to see more of me in the future,the lunch light but lovely they talked about business but didn't ignore me one bit,it was as though I had been with them for years,

    the first day long but ended well mark driving me home,you look stunning he said and gary was very impressed,i thanked him,tommorrow work begins he said,you have your uniforms yes I picked two of each I said,there going to look good on you he replied,and by the way the boys thought they were dreaming when they met you,so a great start,i smiled that's good I said,next day I got there earlier than start time change into my uniform ,I had three choices of them I picked out two of each as I mentioned,two with zippered fronts two wrap arounds two with buttons,so the one I chose to wear first day button up,all had elastic waist which were good showed of every curve,and I had them made to fit my figure,above my knees to start with,anyway the lady I was replacing was having home problems and they were moving interstate,so for the next two weeks she was going to show me the job,i picked it up quickly she was a good teacher,told me the men would love me and I would fit in well,but said to go along with anything that happened teasing language taunting be broad minded,or not work there,after all she said their older growned hardened men,
    all married from ealy fifties to the middle sixties,she wished me luck she had worked with the company for thirty years said she loved it and all the blokes,

    three months down the track I was really enjoying the work it was continuos, and I worked between two parts of the business,in the meet breaking down and packing area, and the deli producing area amoungst about twenty men and six woman,at night I was buggered,but then I started to get use to it,some of the work handed to the other women,as time went on the blokes started to make nice comments to me , saying it was a pleasure to have me working with them,also they talked at times to each other looking at me and smiling,id just smile back so far no one has done anything out of the ordinary,then I started to notice they were leaving things low on benches so as I would have to bend to pick them up ,also some things high on the shelves me streaching to reach them my uniforms creeping up very high.

    I was asked questions by them ,some rather personal ,but I answered and told them what they wanted to know,i liked them all,i had comments about my legs,then about my body,saying I was like a goddess,i shrugged and use to smile,when it was slower than usual they would laugh and joke,always including me in,a couple of them when I was working alone would come up behind me and rub their hands up my uniform,i let them as they got more personal,comming up from behind putting their hands around my uniform top and over my breast,i never flinched ,always smiled ,I think they were testing my reactions,then one by one the word must have spread between all the blokes,in both sections, and I was enjoying it,any chance they got they would touch my legs two three at once rubbing their hands against my inner thighs,,then slidding their hands down my uniform sorounding me in a corner ,it felt good,but risky at times ,I decided to leave my uniform tops buttons and zipper lower to give them a good view,theyed say love the view keep it up sweety.a couple of times in the gridges a few at a time would follow me ,I lrt them inmdo my uniforms and give my tits a good workout,between them a couple of them did grab my pussy ,they all felt their hands trace every curve of me,forcing me against the wall pushing hard up against me their cocks hard and stiff me with only my knickers and uniform hanging on my shoulders most of the time,no one tried to have sex with me ,but I knew they all would love to,they sucked on my tits pulled on them they love to milk them ,I to loved every minute,they did it five at a time ,there was ten blokes in each section,one day in the deli section we were fooling about I was bending over I felt this huge thing from behind go up under my legs I jumped in surprise one of them had this big nob of meat pushing it between my legs ,I like it said,bet you do was the reply show us what you can do with it they all said,i took it opened my uniform stuck this meat roll between my cleavage wotking it in and out,more more yte blokes were applauding,lets see more,i put it between my legs then worked it they clapped ,well frame this they said taking it from me,one got behind me grabbed me from behind my uniform still open he slid my bra over my tits and went to wqork on them ,he held me as the others sucked kissed pulled my tits,so sexy and hot they were saying ,I felt something from behind he was sticking his cock into my arse pulling my knickers so he could someone hold her ,they did three of them enjoying my tits as well he fuckedv my arse saying how tight and good it felt,they wanted to fuck my pussy I screamed no ,please ,so they just felt it,playing with it,kissing it,during the day every one of them had my arse,saying how good it was,just like a pair og huge tits theyed said,i was fucked in the arse ten times that day,i to;d them I ;oved it,,next three days I had it again,,in the meat room I let the boys when we finishe work I stayed back and let them tit fuck me,boy did they enjhoy that,bouncing my huge knockers all over the place filling me with their cum over and over,saying they hadn't fucked a tit for years,it took awhile but si good I decided that once a week id let them all have my tits for their pleasure they agrred saying how I fulfilled their dreams,wet ones thet said,some sadid theyed been wanking themselves for years,others saying they were on rations like stavevation of sex, that I was their sex goddess from now on,

    I kepted the twenty of them happy and garry got his turn in the office after work on one of his visits,he did amazing things with my tits and nipples,and his fingers did wonders,he to loved my arse the tightness the deep crack as he rode me good shaking the daylights almost out of me,telling me I was terrific best fuck ive had in years he said,mark knew what he was doing wjen he chose you he said,and I believe the boys are being kept happy good that's what we like to hear,makes productivity better and happiuer staff ,he fucked my tits drooling over the size,stil virgin he asked ,I blushed and nonned yes ,well some man will be lucky or maybe many men he said shooting his cum all over my tits,mark and im will have to arrange for you to come on a country visit to one of the farms at a later date,for a few days,would you like that,i nodded yes,good then ,he run his hand over my body kissing me all over,you are some young woman he said,very exciting,,but now we had better get you home before your parents get worried,i sucke his cock kissing it,then we were off he drove me home I kiseed him and thanked him he said he would see me next time he was in town,he did say he was married with daughters my age also some grandchildren. all this went on for a good twelve months and I loved the big nobs when the boys practice on me,one had some bulls balls and a cock asked me what I thought of it,i shrugged and said interesting ,shame its not working smiled and walked away,in real age I turned eighteen,but to everyone else I was twenty so that's how its to be,i did in the meantime meet a young man six years older than me ,and we planed to marry,but that's another story in this adventure and very interesting,,he doesn't know about my life and he never will,bye until next time even hotter ,lisa,

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