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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Male / 30

    I just pissed in my boxers and climbed into bed with my GF

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    I have too much to confess.... N more to tell. So today am not gonna confess. I just wanna share an experience.

    I'm a sexy bitch! I love the word bitch cuz hearing or saying it makes me wet and jumpy. I also like love to fuck & love getting my pussy licked!

    I've fucked over 40 men. Probably that's a lot, probably not. Some with dicks n others with COCKS!!!

    I remember the first dick I sucked and how I enjoyed it but in reality I've enjoyed so many things!

    I love three somes n orgies as I'm a freak for live sex! I love it when girls lick my plum pussy & make me cum! N I love feeling a hard black cock fucking my hole

    I remember my first threesome.
    It was with my bfs ex girl who still wanted to take his 12" up her draining pussy. I invited her over, knowing she likes girls n told her d rules. She had to eat me, fuck him & swallow both our love juices. She agreed. I fucked her face n squirted all over her n watch as my bf fucked her aashole hard n spank her! He wined his biggg cock in her n stabbed her n stroked her. He was like a porn star. He got game!
    We fucked sucked and all climaxed several times .

    I gave this bf multiple pussies to fuck & watched him. I even had to hide under d bed n listen him fuck n finger myself! Cuz that bitch wanted d cock but she wanted him alone. So i gave him d rules n agreed to hide when she gets there. It went well cuz he fucked her like a dog just as I said. He came in her mouth and peed on her pussy when he was done. She loved that and i heard her tell him she wants to eat his asshole. I was shocked! Cuz ive never licked his ass. So yes he said ok to her!!!

    I listened as he moaned n groan n talk dirty to her as she ate at his ass hole. He was loving it n i was now jealous horny and dripping wet!!!

    I fucked my pussy with my fingers listening but i couldn't bear hearing my man like that! So I came out. She didn't see me yet as her head is buried in his ass thats cocked up as hes on his knees bent over like a bitch!

    I was turned on. So fuk d agreement.
    I went right to her n started touching her. She jumped n now he too realised i was ready for them! She looked shy but then said "Am sorry, i didnt kno u were here Lorne" so i said "bby eat his ass n let me fuck u!" She was reluctant. But then i gave her a sexy look n squeezed her hard nipple and she said, "well i like it so ok"

    She didnt kno i was really gonna fuk her...
    I got my 10" strap on n I began fingering her already soaked pussy. I just slid the cock in and i felt her tense. So i said, "i wana give u a real fuck shanna"....

    I rammed her pussy like a man until she screamed. She spat in my bfs ass n i spanked her ass n shoved d fake cock farther. I was mad she made him so weak! So i fucked her hard and she cried! She stopped sucking his ass to cry and he joined n rammed the dick in her mouth as she cried. Thing is, the more I stabbed the more she wined! Soon her face was covered in cum n her pussy hot n wet. When I stopped she just layer on her back n said, "Lorne u punished me for being a bitch right? Right!?" But I didn't answer. She then said, "I love it. Just so u kno I'm gonna steal ur big cock often!"

    We smoked some weed, had some beers and we fucked for the whole weekend! She loves taking my cock n I love watching her take it.

    I left that n***a thou.

    Now am with someone else n am still giving him good sex but I gotta have me a pussy in my bed as well. Right now I'm watching my bitch puke cuz my husband cummed in all her holes so much that she's pregnant with our child. Cuz she can't take all d hardcore, I have another bitch who fucks my husband with or for me. She's a freak that loves to eat n swallow so my husband loves letting her clean him down, lick his ass n ride on his cock n talk dirty.

    I love having my gfs. N a good time :))

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    Straight Male / 39

    She is absolutely gorgeous. Really. A perfect little blond barbie doll. She is a total cock tease though which I actually like a bit but one thing I want to try with her is to taste her piss. She makes it worse by always making me go with her to pee. I've asked and she won't so I tried this a few times. I would hide the toilet paper when she came over and go in afterwards to find a couple of drops on the toilet. But finally I got a chance. She was in a hurry to go to a friends place that I was dropping her off at. She had to pee half the way there but didn't want me to stop. When we arrived,it was after dark and I parked at a shopping mall that was closed which was right next door. She grabbed her things, jumped out and ran behind my truck for a huge pee on the paved parking lot then ran to the house she was going to. I had the prefect opportunity to drink from the puddle she had left behind on the clean asphalt. Never craved it before but would do it again for sure.

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    Straight Male / 41

    When I was 16 years old, I creamed my pants in the school library. Yes that's right, this girl in my class let me play with her boobs after school in the library. She also rubbed my cock through my jeans and made me cream in my pants.

    The following week, she let me pull down the zipper of her jeans and I put my hand down her pants and I fingered her in the library and she was extremely wet - she again rubbed my bulged cock over my jeans and I cream my pants ! lol

    The following week, we were horny again and we met after school. This time this girl wanted more - so we went to the basement of the school to a quiet bathroom - we went into the last stall - she sat on the toilet with a huge smile on her face as I was standing there - she ask me to pull down my pants and show her my penis. So I pulled my pants down to my knees and she started playing with my cock and my balls - this was her first time - she looked intrigued - I was rock hard and in no time I shot a load of cum (on the bathroom wall lol) - she then played with my cock for a while and gave me my very first blowjob.

    Aaaah to be young again !

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    Straight Male / 32

    I am a 32 year British white male and I attended a drug rehab and counseling group for people who are taking illegal substances or for people like me who have come off medication and been left out in the cold. I started going to group sessions as part of my induction for return to work, most people in theses group sessions are a mess and taking insane amounts of drugs.

    On my third session me and this women around 25 years old started chatting, she told me about her Cocaine and Heroin addiction she told me shes being shooting up theses along with Amphetamines since 19 she was on the thin side and some visual effects of the drugs but still quite attractive and afew sessions later I asked her out for a coffee, and she agreed we went out I remembered she was having withdrawal symptoms and had been on a government replacement drug, so it was late and I walked her back to her flat and she asked me to come in and we talked for awhile about all sorts and I made the mistake of having a drink with her, we drank and finished a bottle of Vodka and almost half a bottle of Disaronno.

    We started kissing on her sofa and I was taking her clothes off, I had taken her top off and she had puncher marks down both arms and what looked like wax burn marks over her breasts, I was drunk and didn’t stop to think and she had already taken her skirt off and started unzipping me and before I knew it we were having full sex. We had sex for around an hour and it was quite ruff, after that she fell asleep I got dressed and headed for the toilet, I went into the wrong room by mistake and It was her bedroom, I got curious and looked around there were a used syringe on the night stand next to her Bed. I looked in to her top draw and found Handcuffs, Condoms, and money rolled up. I got my coat and left at that point, at the next group session she did not show up but and I have not been feeling to feel since Monday.

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    Straight Male / 27

    First, a bit about me. I am very well endowed. It seems like a lot of guys want to have a large dick, but at some point, namely mine, it becomes a problem. I have an 11 inch cock. It also is pretty girthy. I've never measured it but my hand doesn't quite reach around it. Now, from porn you'd think that women would gasp with delight at the sight of it. And, sometimes at the gym I notice women (and men) staring at my hard to hide bulge. But, in my experience, when a woman sees me fully aroused and naked, their reaction is a stern, "No." I've had a few brave girlfriends try to take my dick, but most of them didn't enjoy it, no matter how much foreplay or how wet they were. There were a few women that could take it, and the ones that could would orgasm, but I would have to hold back and keep half of me out of their pussy. Usually I would get a pity handjob if it was too difficult for the girl. Anal could work better, as I could penetrate deeper than vaginal, but the sight of my dick makes anal completely out of the question.

    It makes having a relationship very difficult, as although some women would (and have) want to try a dick my size once in their life, they don't want to be stuck with it on a long term basis. It has created a bit of a void in my life, and I've had to approach relationships in a way that Id rather not. I'm a bit lonely, and I want that long term commitment. But it's not in the cards for me, so I find myself having a lot of one night stands. It's much easier for a girl to know that fucking me is a one time thing, and I can be their story of the longest cock they've ever took. Even though it's painful, they want to take it to be able to have my dick under their belt.

    So, one day I met this girl at the club. I was looking for a hookup, and she really stood out. A perfect 10, with big breasts, a perfect hourglass figure, with a fine ass. She was Hispanic. Being in the pickup scene, you can see who is just there to enjoy the scene, and who is looking for more. Her short purple dress with the open back spoke just as much as her not so subtle looks in my direction. I offered her a drink.

    Now, let me just say that I could tell this was going to be all about the sex. Her body was a 10 but her personality was a definite 1. She was demanding, entitled, and unpleasant. Her name was Alicia. She spent her time not just talking about herself, but complaining about all of the people who wronged her in life. A few times, I thought about just ditching her and finding someone else. But, I could tell that something would definitely be happening. It was almost like a game she played. She knew just how to touch my leg to keep me there, hoping I'd get lucky.

    So, I'm just going to skip the introduction and go straight to the part of the story that you're looking for. She invited me to her place, and we took a cab. We spent the short drive making out, and she felt my big bulge down my pant leg. I could tell from her look that she'd be one of the rare girls that would be down to take my cock. We walked up to her townhouse, and we silently walked through her door. She introduced me to her roommate, a petite blonde bombshell, who awkwardly smiled and waved. Personally, I find petite women sexy, but in reality they tend to be the most intimidated by my size, and the most likely to not be able to take me in.

    Alicia quickly led me to her bedroom. I glanced out at her roommate, whose name was Chelsea, and saw her twisted on the couch watching us. Alicia waves her off and shut the door. Turning to face me, she seductively grinned and pulled her dress down. She had a flat stomach, with shapely hips and a beautiful rack, all framed with her black Lacey bra and panties. She in lapsed her bra and let her tits swing free. My dick began to throb, and she stared intently at my huge package. "Take them off." She said.

    I take my pants off, letting my cock swing out. Her jaw dropped, and she said something along the lines of, "Holy fuck, fuck, shit you mother fucker, God damn!" She then turned around and opened a drawer in her dresser. I peered around her and saw a collection of dildos, some even competing with my size and girth! I got lucky that night.

    "Have you been practicing for someone like me?" I playfully ask, probing to figure out if she thought she could take me.

    "Pssht, fuck no, that shit is not going in my pussy." My heart dropped a bit, as I thought I may have found a girl who could really handle all of me. She pulled out a spray, and sprayed her mouth with a few squirts of a throat numbing agent (made by goodhead... Great stuff guys). She swallowed a few times and knelt in front of me.

    Now, at this point I had never received a full on blowjob. Mostly, girls didn't know what do do with my dick so they'd just put the head in their mouth and swirl their tongue. But Alicia? She knew what the fuck she was doing! She spit all over my cock and spread it all over me. She then opened her mouth wide and slid the head of my enormous cock to the back of her mouth. Glancing up at me mischievously, she pushed even further and tilted her head back and forth, working me into her throat. She gagged several times, but instead of giving up, she just used the ropy spit each time to lubricate things even more.

    As time went on she worked more and more of me into her throat. She'd come back for air and then give it another go. It was almost like another game for her ... She didn't care about my enjoyment, she just wanted to get the whole thing in her throat. The sexy part was, she got off by doing that! Her eyes were watering, and she got to a halfway point. She pushed her face into my cock, and I felt the resistance give as my head slid past her throat. With a loud gag and moan, her face slid all the fucking way to my stomach. I had never felt anything like it! The warmth of something entirely wrapped around my cock? Man, that's something I've been longing for for a long damn time.

    She bobbed her head back and forth a few times, gulping each time. She would cough, but keep her face pressed against me as ropy spit came out of her nose and dropped from my cock to the floor. She was completely focused on my cock, as she wiggled her head side to side. Finally she pulled out and spent a few moments coughing and spitting.

    She got up and rapidly said, "Get on the bed." Returning to the drawer, she pulled out some lube. She swung open the door and called to Chelsea, "get in here, girl!" Chelsea had been eagerly waiting on the couch, and she ran into the room. She stopped cold in her tracks as she saw my cock, laying we'll past my belly button. She glanced back and forth from me to Alicia, mouth gaping open. Nonchalantly, Alicia threw a smaller dildo at her and said, "you wanna help me with this one?"

    "In the ass, Alicia?"

    "It ain't going anywhere else, girl."

    Alicia returned to my cock and stroked me, keeping me excited but away from orgasm. She climbed over me, and I saw Chelsea lubung up a dildo and disappearing behind Alicia's elevated ass. How the fuck I got this lucky I have no idea. These girls were freaks, and it was almost like it was for Alicia's enjoyment only. I was the tool, Chelsea used the tools she had to prepare her for me, and Alicia seemed to get off by just the idea of taking my cock, no matter how difficult.

    To keep a long story, well, not as long, Chelsea continued to work her way up in dildo size in Alicia's ass. Alicia continued to play with me, sometimes deepthroating, sometimes with her hand. She'd play with my balls, and even titty fucked me. But she'd never let me get close. After what seemed like a long time, Chelsea seemed satisfied with how loose Alicia was. "You ready, babe?" Chelsea asked.

    Alicia nodded and rolled into her back. "Fuck my ass, gently." As she lifted her legs up and added a pillow underneath her. Without a question I positioned myself above her and guided my head to her asshole. Chelsea say on the edge of the bed and started to undress. I pushed in, and surprisingly there wasn't much resistance. I stayed still for a moment, but Alicia pulled me by my ass, inviting me deeper. She kept her eyes closed and her face was focused. Inch by inch I came in deeper, as a now fully naked Chelsea mastrabated with a small bullet vibrator. She had tiny, perky tits and a tiny pussy, and I enjoyed watching her get off while watching us. If I made any type of emotional connection that night it was with Chelsea. We locked eyes several times, and she would lean forward and kiss me. I realized later that I never even kissed Alicia.

    I continued to slowly work myself in. A few times, Alicia would grimace and I would freeze, but she'd pull me in more. At one point she patted Chelsea on the leg and Chelsea added more lube over her pussy and on my dick. She then used both hands to mastrabate the remaining four inches or so of my dick from behind. Chelsea wrapped her arms around me and played with my nipples. I felt like she was genuinely attracted to me, unlike Alicia, who just wanted my cock.

    Chelsea's small frame began to push against me and inch by inch, my cock buried fully into Alicia's ass. Alicia let out a groan and began to lightly buck her hips. I began to rymthmically fuck her ass, and Chelsea reached for my balls and played with them, still behind me. Alicia vigorously played with her clit, and I felt her orgasm swell up as she gushed creamy pussy juice all over my stomach and pussy. She was oddly silent during her orgasm, and when she finished, she pushed me slowly out of her. My cock popped out of her ass, as she got up and left to the bathroom.

    Chelsea and I stayed in our position for a minute. I was unsure of what to do, but Chelsea just laughed and said, "she's done." She got up, and grabbing some of the lube and toys, Chelsea said, "come with me." I followed her to her room, noticing drips of her pussy juice running along her leg.

    We spent the night together, in what seems like one long foreplay session. She would play with me, we'd make out, I went down on her. I gave her a nice orgasm that way, and then she gently massage my dick. I guess you could call it a handjob, but she was so tender and deliberate, it doesn't feel right. It was romantic, oddly enough, given the situation. I came all over her chest and mine. We showered together and then laid together talking. I learned about her, she learned about me; she asked a lot of questions about my dick size and if I had problems with women because of it. She was very open so I admitted that I did. She scooted down and played with it in her hand, watching it grow. She wasn't intimidated by it, to my surprise. She had this amazement in her eye. She was enamored with my cock; yet I felt she was also enamored with me. Our conversation didn't skip a beat.

    We didn't hear from Alicia for the rest of that night. I asked Chelsea about her, and she let me know that Alicia, although her friend, was very cold to people, yet very sexual. Alicia saw men as conquests, yet Chelsea was enamored with watching her have sex. It was like live porn for her. Over time, if Alicia felt like it she would let Chelsea be a third in threesomes, like this night.

    Even though we met in such a strange, spontaneous, and non romantic way, I asked Chelsea out that night. She said yes. To finish the story, Chelsea is my wife now. Alicia moved cross country a few months after, and we really didn't talk much when I was over with Chelsea. It wasn't awkward at all when we were dating. As for Chelsea, she turned out to be a dick taking champion! We clicked on every level, and we grew in love very quickly. Our lovemaking has always been gentler, yet full. Chelsea was (and is) always down. With work and patience, she can take my full cock in her pussy, and in the time Alicia was around, Alicia helped her learn how to suck my dick. She can now take my dick down her throat ... Although that's for special occasions.

    So, I wanted to share this story. I mean, it's juicy. That night was so sexy, so dirty, so hot. I knew people would love it on here; I mean, who doesn't like to see that kind of sex on porn? But it also was how I met the love of my life, in such a unqique way. So, there it is. Hope you enjoyed it. And to any guys with a similar problem like me ... She'll come around. You gotta just wait.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    We were fifteen. We were lying around and she got off the bed and I saw all the way to Sunday up her skirt. I told her she had pink panties on, and then I quickly went over and pulled her skirt up and looked at her pink panties. I touched her between the legs and she fell back on the bed and I got on her and put my hand up into her and got my hand under her panties and managed to get a finger up her vagina. I then said 'let's kiss' and I kissed her on the mouth, I moved so I could get my fingers in her better and I kissed her some more. I told her to open her top and give me her boobs and I would suck her nipples and she could pretend that she was getting fucked.

    When we stopped I took her panties off and kept them, I told her I wanted them for me, so I could wear them when I thought of her. I took off my shorts and my panties and I gave them to her and I put on her panties and then got on the bed and asked her to feel me up. I opened my shirt so she could kiss me and suck on my boob.

    We heard the garage door open and we hustled to get dressed, but we kept each other's panties on.

    I get kisses from her and give her kisses and when we are alone we hold hands and make out and feel each other up.

    What is the best is that we live together because our parents are married and we have lots of time to mess around.

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    Straight Male / 28

    This is the story of how my girlfriend and I first met, dated and eventually had sex.

    I was at the mall around the holidays last year when I saw her. She was working at the AT&T store. I've always done real well with girls but for some reason I was really nervous to talk to her.

    Before I could chicken out, I introduced myself and got a conversation going about how I need a new phone. She was more than willing to help. After all, it was her job.

    I interrupted her sales pitch about the iPhone and admitted to only coming in to talk to her because I found her to be really hot. She blushed and giggled but she turned me down.

    I came back the next day and saw her eating by herself at the food court so I got some quick food and sat down next to her. She remembered me instantly which is a great sign.

    Again, I flirted with her and she flirted back but when I asked for her number, she turned me down. I wasn't, however, ready to accept defeat.

    As she began to walk away, I stopped her and made a wager. If she went on a date with me and we didn't kiss by the end of the date, id buy an iphone. If we did kiss by the end of the date, she'll have to date date me again.

    She seemed confident that she wouldn't end up kissing me. I mean, why would she? I just offered to give her a sale. She did, however refuse to give me her number yet again.

    Later that night, I picked her up by the cinabon like we agreed. I walked her to my car and drove us across the street to applebees. Once there, we ordered, had a great conversation. I had a steak and beer. She had the chicken and some white wine.

    I could tell that she was into me just by looking at her. She was playing hard to get and others obvious why.

    After dinner, she expected I'd drive her to her car at the mall but I told her the dates not over. I drove to bother side of the mall where arcade is. There's an outdoor mini golf course and I've used it many times in the past to win kisses from girls. (Sometimes more than kisses)

    I made a second wager. If I beat her at mini golf, she'd have to kiss me and therefore, agree to a second date. If she won, I'd buy her an iPhone too. Luckily for me, I kick ass at mini golf.

    We were at the last hole and she was kicking my ass. I've never lost this bad at anything to anyone. She was rubbing it in too. In the end, she won by a landslide.

    I drove her to her car as she jokingly teased me all the way there. I open her door and help her out and while she's cornered between the door and myself, I lay a kiss on her. She kissed me back. I slipped her the tongue and she reciprocated. I knew she liked me.

    I told her, I owe you an iPhone but you owe me a second date. She smiled as she got into her corolla and said "you were gonna get a second date anyway. I just wanted an I phone"

    To be continued...

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    Straight Male / 52

    Another more embarrassing! I wishes I maybe could swim was! A time time was a few years ago now this was in the 1980's I was with my partner Becky she was a very good swimmer! And yes she even tried to teach me again but still no joy I and can doggy paddle a little now since her efforts way back then but still class myself as a non swimmer we had been on holiday to the Greek isle on one day we took a boat ride to a beach that you could only get to by boat this was a day excursion and a BBQ had been arranged on the beach at lunch time!

    The boat we went on was the old type open Greek fishing boats the boat trip took about 1 hour 50 min's each way! It had been a great day we had paired up with another young couple from Adelaide Australia! Carl and Emma there were a super couple and well Carl had the kind of body to die for and with a six pack! And I could see there was plenty in his swim trunks as well! He look very well endowed indeed! In fact in a quiet moment when the girls were gossiping together Emma confessed that Carl's willy was to big when he was excited sexy can be painful she had told Becky, I could maybe see why! Much drink had been consumed and I don't mean alcohol there was plenty of that if you wanted it but me and Becky had kept mainly to soft drinks and water as it was hot. Carl and Emma the other couple with us had drunk more Lager and wine than me and Becky my partner. On the return boat trip about 30 min's in to the return journey it was pretty obvious a lot of people needed to empty there bladders big time and need the toilet pretty badly already! And both are girls Emma and Becky sat with there hands under there bikini panties on the slatted wooden boat seat fidgeting and rocking about! And Carl who was next to me had whispered to me a few moments earlier he was just busting for a pee! " I Should not have drunk all that larger" he said in his wistful Australian tones, as his hand discretely moved to hold the big bulge in the front of his Speedo trunks. Both us guys had Speedo square style trunks on well this was the 1980's!!! Then the next moment right next to us and just in front of us! We watched a big German women lift her little lad of the seat stand him on the boat floor and just quickly pulled her little lads tight swim trunks down his willy started to do a long strong stream of wee-wee the moment it popped out of his trunks spraying a hard cascading stream on the duck board boat floor! Carl whispered "O gee wish I could do that" I joked it was quite acceptable at 4 years old every one just thought is was cute for a little lad to do this but I said "mate do that now at 28 and you can get arrested!!!" He laughed and nodded!

    A few minutes the later the Greek skipper announced in his broken English that in about 10 minutes we would be stopping at an off shore sea lagoon called the blue lagoon for a 30 minute snorkelling swimming break the girls breathed a sigh of relief as they new they could get in the water and first and foremost relief there over full aching bladders of piss! Carl went "Phew that's rip snorting news"! But it did not make my plight any easier! As well, I could not swim this would be deep water being off shore! Maybe I could hold on! It was then that Becky whispered "what are you going to do darling" to me? She went on! " We did not bring your water-wings did we!" Carl and Emma heard all this and my face went the colour of deep beetroot with the immense embarrassment! and Becky realised maybe she should not have said that about me having water-wings! I thought I better own up and explain! But before I had chance Becky seeing my deep embarrassment on my face said "O you see poor Rob can't swim yet!" "O well mate don't worry no probs! We will sort you out" said Carl in his breezy Oz way and style with words! I still felt the deep embarrassment it had made my eyes well up! I felt pretty useless! I sat on the seat like a hapless child! My lower tummy was hurting so much now as my bladder was so over full! It would not be long before I started leaking in my tight swim trunks! Always as a kid I got to a point and then I would start to leak little dribbles of wee-wee out in my pants if I got over full!!! I was nearly at that point!

    Carl had wandered off to the front of the boat and was gesturing with one of the Greek crew the other crew members were getting the anchor ready as we had reached this part that was known as the blue lagoon! Carl came back grinning with that big OZ smile of his he was clutching an old looking fade orange cruise ship kapok life jacket! "There we go" he said as he handed me the huge bulky faded life jacket! "There you go mate you slip this this lifey on and you will be as safe as houses with us in the water and you will be able to relieve Percy the old python in your trunks in the water with us"

    By this time Emma was having to hold her pussy real tight through her silky tight sky blue skimpy bikini pantie bottoms that I have to say looked a tad damp already in the gusset area and beyond!!! And she announced in her broad Australian lilt "Gee if I don't get in that water soon I hope they have a dam good bilge pump on this old tub! As I'm going to just do a gusher in my Bikini panties" Carl's trunks then caught my eye as he walked past there was now a damp patch the size of a golf ball on the front top centre and the front fabric which with the wet had gone transparent you could see the glans and head of his monster cock clearly in this damp patch he must have leaked some piss! as well!

    The way in to the water was off the rear of the boat the old wooden boat had been modified quite crudely with a kind of small opening gate to which you then one by one in the queue just jumped down in to the crystal clear blue water below it was not a high drop only about 4 ft but still look daunting to me when you can't swim it feels like you are plunging in to the deep blue abyss!

    Becky had helped me on with the old life jacket which fitted well in reality! And a few other older people had also opted for a life jacket! So I take it they were also non swimmers! So I did not feel alone! In fact I had quite enjoyed all the attention by this point and had lost my deep embarrassment, and God knows why the life jacket had now given me a full on hard on in my tight swim trunks! Which had not gone unnoticed by Becky! And she leaned forward and whispered "Is that because you need a wee badly or is it the life jacket darling" she said with one of her naughty smiles as she did the waist tapes up round my lower tummy! She could see I had a large bladder bulge in my lower tummy and was so gentle as she tied the life jacket tapes up! I think had she have pulled them tight I would have just wee-weed there and then! Her soft hand brushed my rock hard cock in my tight silky nylon trunks! " You save that for later my big boy" she said! with a naughty smile and grin on her face.

    Becky had was is known as a cast iron bladder! I could tell mind this time she was very full indeed and it was hurting her being that full of wee! But my bet was she could have gone on holding another couple of hours or more her bladder capacity is huge! Where as like I said Emma had all but given up and had leaked already mind they had drunk alcohol and we had not!!!

    By this time it was Emma and Carl's turn to jump from the little gate at the back on the boat! I could now see a trickle of wee was quite clearly now running down Emma's leg she could not jump in to the water quick enough! It was quite funny to watch every one in the water! As they all had those far away dreamy looks on there faces! As they trod water! It was not hard to see they were all were pissing like crazy in there swim wear! Then the faces turned to one's of sheer relief! As they got empty!

    Becky fussed over me like she was my mum! Which was lovely! She insisted she was going to jump first and then she would be in the water ready to help and reassure me if I need it! She turned and jumped ! I was a little apprehensive but I new it was time to jump as I started to feel a hot wetness in my Speedo square cut trunks! I hit the water and the old life jacket did not let me go under far and I whooshed back up bobbing about by now I could feel I was doing a full on hard stream in the Speedo's it felt so dam good to let my hot torrent of piss go in the cool sea water! Becky swam over and kissed me saying " My brave boy" I took her hand and put it on the front of my trunks she smiled she could feel my hot wetness still jetting out my little willy in a hard stream, she came up close and we kind of floated in the hug position she then took my hand and put it between her legs the next moment I could feel her own hot torrent of piss rush out of her pussy through the silky smooth bikini panties on to my hand!!!

    I don't think I need tell you what happened later that evening you can work that one out as we were both so hot for each other after this boat trip!!!!!!

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    I've decided to use my fetish as a reason to clean the house. So far it's working out beautifully. I squat and piss on the floor in a room and then mop up the mess and then mop up the room like it should be, using a fresh swiffer pad. I'm dripping with pussy juice right now, having urinated in three rooms and mopped up three rooms. Four more to go, let's see how pissy I can make the house! No one will ever know.

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