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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Male / 36

    I was walking home from school with a girl in my class who's very open about her bathroom habits. She kept farting and she said she was busting for a poo and if she didn't find a bush very soon she was going to poo herself. It really turned me on and I had a hard on which she soon noticed. We found some bushes about a hundred yards away and Julie took me into the undergrowth with her and she lifted her skirt up and took her knickers off and handed them to me. I they were wet and she said she was really horny. She squatted in front of and began to poo as she said I could wank in her knickers if I wanted. I needed no encouragement and unzipped my penis and wrapped the crotch around it so I could feel her wetness as I masturbated. I waited until she finished her poop before I came into her knickers and man it felt so good. Julie stood up and let her skirt fall back into place and I asked her if she was going to wipe but she said she had nothing to wipe with and she would wipe her bum when she got home.

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    Lesbian Female / 26

    I was 15 at the time and I was walking in the woods with my mate when I had to poo really badly. I felt embarrassed about telling Emma and I kept quiet until she said she had to s**t so badly she was about to do it in her knickers and I admitted I did too. Emma asked me if I'd mind if she did it in the woods and I said only if I could join her. She pulled her jeans and knickers down and squatted right in front of me and she peed like a racehorse as a pile of poo formed under her bum. Seeing her go like that made me want to go even more so I wasted no time in pulling my jeans and knickers down and I pood my brains out as Emma watched. I peed a little bit. The thing is I got a big turn on seeing Emma take a poo and by the way she kissed me I think she did too. The next thing I knew were were making out together and I came to a shuddering climax followed by Emma.

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    Lesbian Female / 21

    My name is Rachel and I I was waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up from work when I had to poo really badly. I hadn't been since the previous morning and my boyfriend was running late. I phoned him to ask where he was and while I was on the phone I started losing control and I pood in my knickers a bit. I managed to stop it before too much damage was done but it smelled. When he finally turned up he noticed by the smell I'd had an accident in my knickers and he said it was so hot to see a girl do that. I thought he was just trying to humour me so I wouldn't be so embarrassed but I noticed he was getting an erection and I found it quite a turn on as well. As we drove home he patted my knee and suggested I finished it in the car as I would feel better and I started rubbing his crotch as I pushed a huge poo into my knickers. My hand felt wet and sticky as I was finishing off and I realised he was cumming in his pants.
    When we got home I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up and my boyfriend followed me in as he needed to use the toilet. He took my dirty knickers off me and put them on with all my poo in them. He was hard again and I masturbated while he added even more to the smelly pile and we cleaned each other up in the shower before making love for over an hour giving me four intense orgasms.

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    Straight Female / 18


    I'm an 18 year old girl and I love holding my poo until I'm busting to go. I love the relief of it when I've been holding it all day and when I finally get to the toilet I sit and relax and let gravity do the work so it feels like I'm having an accident. It's always been a great fantasy of mine to poo myself but I never had the nerve to actually do it until last night.

    I hadn't pood in 2 days and I was busting to go all day but I refuse to go to the toilet unless it was a a wee. By the evening I was really desperate and I told my flatmate Emma I was having a bath to cover the amount of time I would be in the bathroom. I filled the bath while I took my clothes off but I kept my panties on. By the time the bath was filled I was struggling to keep control so I sat on the toilet and relaxed allowing gravity to do the work. Within about 20 seconds I felt my bowels moving and I couldn't believe I was actually going in my panties. I started peeing myself as the last bit was out and my panties were full of poo. After I finished I took off my soiled panties and and emptied the smelly contents into the toilet and inspected the damage. They weren't too bad. They were soaked in pee of course but there was only a tiny skid mark so I just buried them in the washing basket and cleaned myself up before I got in the bath.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    So I'm usually into the whole wetting thing, and I love water sports, but I was never brave enough to try it in public.
    Until today.
    Me and my boyfriend were sitting outside drinking large beers, and at a certain point I felt I really needed to pee, but since I was feeling a bit tipsy, I decided I didn't want to get up and go to the toilet just yet. We sat for a while longer, and just as I was about to tell him I was going to head for the bathroom, he told me he had to, and got up.
    Feeling like it would look weird if we went together, I remained in my seat, though I was rapidly starting to feel the toll that close to two litres of beer was placing on my bladder. After what seemed like at least five minutes (there must have been a line for the bathroom, he took forever), I had enough. I glanced around, to see if anyone was watching me, and when I realised nobody was, I casually pushed my skirt up a bit on both sides of my upper legs, so there was no fabric under my butt or pussy.
    I got really turned on by what I was about to do, so I tried to relax a bit. Sure enough, I felt the pressure build just before my pee hole, and I carefully let a small squirt out. Just enough to get my knickers wet.
    At that moment, my boyfriend returned, and that gave me enough distraction to relax a bit more and let out a small short stream. I heard it hiss and drip through my chair (you now, the ones made from these woven plastic threads that let water through). He sat down, and observed I looked really excited for someone that just spent a few minutes alone, seemingly doing nothing, and I confessed I had peed myself a little.
    He is quite into my fetish, though it caught him by surprise, so he just commented on how hot it made him, knowing I had just peed myself next to strangers, and checked out the puddle I made underneath my chair.
    I told him I wanted to take my wet knickers off, and maybe pee some more on the way home. He encouraged every idea connected to my plan, and so, being dressed in just a dress and a pantyhose underneath, we began our way home.
    After a few minutes of walking, the pressure had built up to a rather uncomfortable level (I had by far not emptied my entire bladder yet), so I told him to walk more slowly. It took a few steps, but after a while I could feel the hot sensation of my pee leaking from my pussy and into the fabric of my panty hose, and I let out a soft moan of pleasure when walking made the hot pee spread to both my upper legs.
    "Are you pissing yourself while we are walking?!"
    I think he didn't believe I'd actually do it, so I did it again, this time a bit more. I could see his eyes (and an entirely different part of him) get big, while he watched the stream of piss leaking from under my dress, over my legs, and leaving a small trail of droplets behind me.
    I knew he wouldn't last long without touching me, but I didn't think he'd be that willing to pull me into a dark side alley, and shove me into a wall. When his hand slid under my dress and over my wet pussy, I heard him breathe heavily, and whisper "Are you dirty enough to pee for me now?"
    I couldn't let a perfect opportunity like that pass me up, and I started to pee in earnest.
    Hot pee spurted from me and gushed over his hand and my legs, while he kissed and rubbed me.
    Thankfully we were not far from home, and once there we had amazing, mind blowing sex.
    Next time I'll try and get him to piss on me in an alley ;)

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    Straight Female / 30

    This past weekend I forced my husband to have sex with my younger sister. I'm not into girls, I'm not into i****t, I hate the idea of him being with anyone but me, she and I have NEVER even talked about doing anything together, but nonetheless I not only got them to fuck while I watched (at first), but planned it out.

    My sister has an awful boyfriend, going on ten years with a completely useless anchor that only weighs her down. He can't keep a real job, he does whatever his crackhead mom wants (including having my sister write a hot check for her once and nearly being put in jail) and keeps his loser friends around at all times. She would be so much better off without him. A few months back she confided in me that she's NEVER had an orgasm with him, only with toys when she's alone (which isn't often, as she lives with him and his mom in their crappy little trailer). My husband keeps me satisfied and on my toes at all times, not to brag, but I'm a very happy girl in the sex department. I told my husband about her lack of personal satisfaction and he stopped, got real serious, and said, "do I have to do her to save the family? Take one for the team?" I laughed, smacked him, and we moved on. But the thought did pop up a few times, what it would be like to see him use the same moves on me with her, would she like his cock, would it turn her into a little slut like it does me. And so the idea grew.

    I made a plan to get them both tipsy last weekend and pretty much force them together. We had a light dinner on our back patio with wine, moved inside, and I got him to sit with us on the couch (usually when the three of us get together he gives us space to catch up and ends up going off and doing something else). I had him sit between us and I started cuddling with him a bit. I made a remark about her hands and told her to compare them to his, ie a little touch. His hands are big, but incredibly soft and he has the best shaped fingers I've ever seen (perfect for pleasing my pussy). "Aren't his hands big and soft," I said. "Wow, they are," she answered, and giggled a little bit. I ran my fingers through his hair and looked at her to see if I could read her reaction. She was flushed a bit, goofy grin on her face, blue hair a little messy. He was enjoying my caresses, eyes closed, they were still holding hands. When she turned back to us, I pushed his head to hers and basically made them kiss. She looked at me around him wide eyed and I nodded enthusiastically. She closed her eyes and they were kissing, sloppily. My free hand was on his crotch, rubbing his cock that was incredibly hard. I could feel his heart pounding. I grabbed her free hand and put it to his crotch, too, and we were both stroking away. He finally got loose and looked at me wild eyed. I smiled an evil grin, slid down to the floor and pulled off his shorts and boxers, revealing his beautiful cock to my also wide-eyed sister. "Get down here," I told her, and in nearly one motion had my hand on the back of her head pushing her down to his cock. She obliged and sucked him hard, and I looked up and him and watched that initial reaction. His head went back, eyes closed, long low moan came out. She was sloppy, giving my husband a no hand blowjob with lots of noisy slurps and smacks. I took her hands up to his balls, and she instinctively stroked them just like I do to him, pulling just a little bit. "Yes," he said.

    At this point, I started pulling at her clothes. "Off," I told her. She hopped up and was naked in no time, exposing her tattoos and beautiful hairy little pussy (looked just like mine if I had 15 extra pounds). She was almost panting she was so excited. He took off his shirt and she leaned down and starting sucking one of his nipples and then pressed her face to his hairy chest while her free hand clumsily stroked his cock. He was looking at me, still in the floor stroking his balls, an uncertain look on his face. "Fuck her," I said calmly. She stopped, again wide eyed. "Really?" she asked me. "Get on his cock!" I commanded her. And she did almost instantly. "Is she wet?" I asked him. "YES!" he gasped as she sank down onto his cock, my cock. I had the perfect viewpoint to see it, and with a few adjustments and small humps from her, could already see her cream sliding down his hard cock. I moved to sit next to him, to watch her go up and down until she found where she wanted him, and then start to get up some speed. She was gasping, he grabbed her ass and pulled her down just like he does me and she cried out. I had orgasm number one myself right there, hand between my legs, and I bit down on his ear and gave him a breathy moan. He started to take over, both hands on her ass bringing her up and down on his cock forcefully, each entry into her bringing a moan or cry out of her that gave me a chill, watching her tits bounce up and down with her head thrown back, her blue hair all over her face as she rode him.

    "Cum all over her," I whispered in his ear. I don't let him cum on me, wanting it inside me instead, so I knew this would make him crazy and that she'd be okay with it. He increased the force of his pounding and he was starting to sweat. I could hear their sex slapping together and knew what was going to happen next. She started shaking, her face went red, and she let out basically a howl and leaned into him, sobbing into his chest while she came. I've been there so many times, I know that look really well. She collapsed on him and they both slowed down, and now he was doing all the work, moving her body on his cock like she was his doll. I had orgasm number two, a weak one, but a nice one nonetheless. He let out a moan and hopped up, putting her on the couch, and proceeded to cum all over her boobs while he stroked off his cock with a few quick movements. He convulsed several times and was spent all over her, a very nice load of cum that she was lazily looking at. I noticed she had pressed her boobs together and was still holding them up. I stroked her hair, moving it out of her face. She was crying, tears streaming down her face. Even I've never seen that, and I read about sex A LOT. At this point, she was sitting between us. I hopped up and grabbed a warm washcloth and cleaned her up, then cleaned his cock and hand. Her girl cream was all over his cock and balls.

    I ran to the bathroom to drop off the washcloth, and returned to find them cuddling. He was wiping tears off her face, my wonderful gentleman. I snuggled up next to him. I could smell her on him, and that made my pussy hurt for him. I wanted him ASAP, but let this tender moment continue while I stroked his hair and nibbled on his ear a little bit. My free hand on his cock, he got hard again after about ten minutes. She started kissing on him and we were basically just taking turns quietly kissing him, back and forth, and touching him all over. I slid over and took his cock into my mouth, wetting it with as much slobber as I could (I had a lot, my mouth was watering). I took him into my pussy from there and rode him slow until he gave me a creampie. It wasn't a super strong orgasm and I didn't have one myself, but I didn't care. I just wanted to reclaim him. I looked at her several times while I rode him and she just watched at that point, letting us have our re-connective moment. I kept smelling her perfume and the general smell of another woman, and that made me hot.

    We cuddled for a long time, and he fell asleep between us. She and I held hands like we used to when we were little girls and just talked about everything, anything. Nothing seemed weird at all. I told her she could have him any time she wants with one condition - no creampies. She's on the pill but I don't want any slip-ups. I also told her to let me know when she's with him just as a courtesy. Again, I've never considered sharing him with anyone, and the thought of anyone but her makes my blood boil. The thought of him doing her again makes me crazy turned on, though. What a weekend!

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    Straight Female / 31

    This is about the time I agreed to go down on a female. There were about nine people at the party, six females and three males. The males had split off and were watching a rerun of a football game and the females were sitting around the kitchen table talking. Since the males weren't paying attention to us, the topic became 'well if they don't pay attention to us, we should pay attention to us'. We asked around the table if we would do it with a girl, if that was all there was. We asked if we thought we could be the aggressor or we going to play woman anyway. We asked if anyone had ever done it with a female, and one other female and I said we had kissed and played boobs, but never gone down.

    We put all the names on a piece of paper, we would do a random draw. We agreed that no matter what, no matter how you got pared, you promised to go all the way, to go down on her and have her go down on you. Pictures with tongue in vagina was required as proof. We drank another glass of wine, wrote our names on a piece of paper, and we passed the paper bag around with our names in them, each one selected a name. If the name you selected selected your name, you paired up, until all six of us were paired up. Everyone had to strip their panties off and leave them in a basket on the table. Everyone had a cell phone to take the picture that proved you went down. Everyone was free to perform for play, each couple had to decide.

    With panties off my pair and I headed off to the master bedroom, I sat on the bed and said I wanted for play, she agreed so we got undressed and slipped between the sheets. We started with light kisses on the lips, light boob play, nipple play, longer kisses, long boob kisses, mouthing and enjoying our nipples, we threw the covers off so we could see our bodies, I opened my legs and asked her to look, to really look, because she was going to have to eat my pussy, and I wanted her to make me climax. Seeing what we were supposed to have seen all our lives, seeing it or sex, we were going to stick our tongue in our vagina holes and we had to take a video, our pussies didn't look familiar.

    We had to start again, for play, kissing, long period of touching, boobs, nipples, using our fingers to feel what we had seen, to put our fingers in another vagina, to get so aroused that going down was something we would do. Her pussy was aroused, it was swollen, and her inner lips and vagina stared back at me, her legs were wide open, I went down, I took a deep breath and put my mouth on her pussy, and let my tongue explore her vagina and the rest of her pussy. Pay attention to the clitoris, use your fingers and your mouth, arouse her to the next level, her pussy opened further, she was dripping wet, I didn't recognize the taste of her pussy, it tasted good, amazingly good, pussy was good, with my fingers I treated he clitoris, and with my tongue I penetrated her vagina. I tried to go deeper and deeper, as far in as I could, I was massaging her clitoris quicker and quicker and she started to go into orgasm, she was unable to control it, she went into a full orgasm and she pushed my face away from her, her knees locked, she lay on her side, don't touch her, let her finish, her breasts were amazing, full and flushed, I had to sit by and watch her go through her orgasmic seizure.

    I was sitting there, empty, jealous, it took her a long time to recover. She just didn't have it in her to reup for me. She apologized, she let me lay my head on her breasts and she held me, I suckled on to her nipple and wouldn't let go, I used my fingers to excite my clitoris until I had a quiet orgasm.

    We had failed, we had not recorded my attempt, she was too overcome and she wasn't able to arouse again. We had failed, but we had won, I discovered the magic of the female in sex, and discovered why pussies have ruled the world, pussies that will bring man to his knees, incapacitate him, and will pay any price to own one.

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    Straight Female / 34

    I suppose this is bad.

    I spent the weekend with a friend from school. We were nine, and her stepfather started tickling us before bed. I had on a nightgown, and he tickled my ribs and I pulled up my legs over my chest and he was looking straight at my pussy, his hands went down the inside of my thighs, he started to tickle and squeeze my inner thighs and he used his thumbs to rub my pussy. I lay there and watched his face as he stared at my pussy and his thumbs went up and down over my pussy, back and forth, until he got one thumb up high right over my clit area and he massaged and massaged and his other thumb was pressing into my vagina. I believe I had my first orgasm that night as he put his face down and gave my pussy a long hot kiss.

    He pulled my legs down and pulled my nightgown down to cover me and he leaned over and gave me a warm goodnight kiss.

    My friend was sitting on her bed and he went over and hugged her real tight, and kissed her several times and told her how beautiful she was and laid her back on her pillow and kissed her mouth gently good night.

    I love having my pussy massaged, I love long hot kisses on my pussy with my panties on, I love having my inner thighs rubbed down, I just love having a man stare down into my open pussy and eat me, it is the best feeling in the world, and if a man does this to me I almost always have very deep orgasms, and if I still have my panties on and he has his whole mouth over my pussy and I can feel mouth and nose pressing into me I can have several orgasms.

    I told my experience to one of my boyfriends when I was in my early twenties and he loved for me to flash him, to sit across from him with my legs pulled up and my panties showing, he would get hard just looking at me, I could sit across from him inviting him to come eat me and never say a word. It is just power, when you can make a man crawl over to you and open your legs wide and bury his face in your pussy, I love it. A grown man crawling for me.

    I love my pussy.

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    Straight Male / 23

    Hi, my name is Stanley. â You can find my last confession at w**.adultconfessions.**m/view/35749
    _____________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ _________________

    When I was in high school I struggled with fitting in. I was bullied and picked on a lot because I had a bad stutter. My nick name was "Spaz or hick-up" but i was just as bright as they were. It even got so bad they made a video on YouTube called Stan the spazman, where they put laser pointers in my eyes and pushed me around. (This seems dark i know but im going somewhere with this i promise). This went on for weeks until i met my best friend, Cameron C.
    He was a character and had a very unique personality. Ill never forget the first words he said to me. "Do you want to come to my house" he enthused while picking me up off the ground. He was very muscular in body and tone. Because of the nature in which he asked i said yes completely off guard. Things got better after that with Cameron by my side. He even liked my stutter he said it was a part of my character what made me unique.

    My friend Cameron had a real benefit by not only being the best looking and charismatic, but his father was my teacher!
    I honestly did not see that coming! After the bell rang i pulled out my phone and rang my father telling him where i was going. Cameron wasn't in my class room he was in the room to the left of us. Everyone had already dashed away and i was still waiting for Cameron. Mr C, asked why i was still sitting there looking puzzled. As i was about to explain Cam burst through the door and playfully slapped Mr C on the ass and said im bringing a friend home for dinner pop!
    Damn, I cant wait to get home there is a hockey game on and im not going to miss it for the world. He shouted!

    So we get to his house which was a fairly nice place upper class neighborhood and had a pool in the back porch. I met his parents, who were so excited to meet me and talk i told them my situation and then they told me cam's backstory. Apparently cam also had a tough time with bullies growing up. He was borne a genetic disorder where his body did not develop all the way so he had to take a growth hormone till he was 13. In doing this he had a few unwanted side effects. He got a deep voice at 14 and gained muscle mass twice as fast as the other boys.( My Back story, I lived with my dad and 2 sisters in a rental home. We were okay but my parents split when i was 12 and left my dad in a bad financial state at the time. I was 17 at the time this took place). I ended up staying the night for 16 months no lie. They fed me clothed me and bought me nice things. They practically adopted me into their family. Cam and i did everything together until we graduated. I had a few romantic close encounters with cam in the interest of experimentation, but never did anything with him specifically until . . .

    Cam with his charismatic charm had a host of girls and of course the occasional guy throughout our friendship he was openly bi and i liked that about him. One night i was working late on an assignment for class, When i heard a girls voice through the wall. I didn't even hear the door open so i went to investigate. I crept through the jack and Jill bathroom that separated our rooms and pretended to take a shower. I was about to turn the water on and in walks the most gorgeous looking girl i had ever seen. She was wearing a tank with a thin brown jacket and black capris silver blond hair with freckles under her eyes. S-sorry i didn't see you she muttered and closed the door. I opened the door and saw Cam studying with her and introduced myself as Cam's brother. She introduced herself as Kirsten Gale. It was obvious she was crushing on Cam and wanted to bed him, but this night was the night i became a man or so i like to believe!

    Kirsten wanted to do "things" and was surprisingly open about her sex life. she wanted her first time to be with him and was giving him a hand-job under the table. Cam told me our code for gtfo sexy times about to happen. (yes we had a code for that) But as i was walking out I tripped and ripped my shorts, it was so embarrassing. My pants fell off exposing my boxer briefs and a silhouette of my semi-erect penis. She told me to stop and i could stay. Iron hard now Cam took off his jeans and t-shirt only making Kirsten squeal with pleasure fondling his abs. I sat in his desk chair in my open boxers while he sat on the edge of the bed in his fruit of the loom tidy whities. Both hard as a stone she rode his lap like a professional dancer while i watched in pleasure. She got up from his lap and sauntered over to me and reached into her pocket and slowly slid a condom on my throbbing penis under my boxers and did the same for Cam.

    Stripped to her bra and panties with a notable dampness in the crotch, Be gentle boys its my first time and i have had practice but never the real thing. She lowered herself onto Cam and started to slightly bob up and down until he was all the way in her. I came up from behind rubbing her pussy as she was straddling Cam, She squealed with pleasure and was panting and making Love noises. While she came many times Cam was having the time of his life and finally climaxed and rolled over and tapped me and said "your go bro". I was ready to loose my virginity but ate her out first because i always wanted to do that! I got my whole hand in her clamping and coming as she screamed in ecstasy i finally laid down and trying to recoup i came with pure excitement so i had to change condoms before entering her we made out while i got the condom on and pounded her pussy while Cam pounded her ass and we all climaxed and collapsed onto the bed covered in sex. We all took a shower in the bathroom ( we had a big walk in shower) where Cam and i played with her pussy until she came again. Needless to say we all slept well that night.

    Cam went on to be a Private Fitness coach and we are still best friends as always and see each other on a weekly basis, as for Kirsten we lost touch a while back. When we graduated she moved away up north. As for me I got a job at a Gourmet pizza joint and you know what happened after that haha. :)
    But if you don't here is a link
    â w**.adultconfessions.**m/view/35749 â
    ________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______

    Thanks For Reading ~ Stan

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    Straight Male / 23

    Hi, My name is Stanley

    I work for a local pizza company as a driver. Usually its slow on Mondays, so i would hang out in the back room and snack on returned or cancelled orders with a few of my co-workers. One co worker particular was Wendy Lake, A busty brunette 5/6 with an ass that could turn coal to diamond. She was in my dreams, in my head, and i wanted to do was fuck her into a puddle so badly it hurt! Many times i would have to go into the walk in freezer to "cool off". Then there were Chad and Jake, my other co workers. they were 15 and 17 and would obnoxiously flirt with Wendy. That is why I've been waiting to tell her how i felt about her and not annoy her by doing so.

    I was eating a remake and Chad and Jake both got doubles, Now was my chance at talking to Wendy. But just as i walked up to her my boss called her to do a supply run across town. I was bummed that i let her once again slip between my fingers. I watched her saunter down the hallway toward the back door as i folded another pizza box in the sea of endless boxes. Just then she came back through the door and asked the boss if she could speak to him privately. Chad came thudding through the door with a bad attitude cussing and grumbling that the person did not tip him what he wanted. The office door opened and my boss asked me to come into his office for a second with a demanding tone. I thought i was being fired or about to be in big trouble or something. "Mrs Lake would like you to accompany her with the supply run as the cargo is too much for one person" he said with a huff. I'm putting Chad in charge of deliveries for the evening! You will go with her and get the supplies and then i will clock you both out with an extra bonus for the both of you for your hard work!

    I was stunned for a few min after thinking i was about to get fired. Then i realized i was about to go on a 2 hour truck ride with Wendy and get a bonus for tonight! I got into the cab of the truck and Wendy driving gave me a wink and a smile. we got a few miles down the road making idle conversation back and forth. Our hatred for Chad and Jake's obnoxious flirting and teasing both of us. 2 hours flew by as we pulled into the where house lucky for us a team member loaded the truck for us while we waited in the office signing paperwork and invoices for the boss. As we pulled out, I was driving this time. She tapped me on the shoulder and asked if she could confess something? My heart was beating 90 miles a min, as i muttered "what is it"? Well . . . You seem like the type of guy that keeps to himself, not like Chad or Jake. Every time i look you are working very hard organizing the freezer at work weather it needs it or not ( the time i take to "cool off" when i think about her) . C-could you ever think about dating a girl like me? . . . .

    I pulled off to the side of the highway and took a deep breath. And i told her EVERYTHING, How i felt and that i have been waiting for the right time to ask her. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and hugged me like i was family. I started driving again. A little more than half way there she started getting restless and fidgety. So i asked what was wrong? I-i have to pee like real bad, I was trying to make it back to the shop but now i don't think i can make it. Cursing the Snapple she got at the where house vending machine. We were on the interstate in a construction zone with no exits for 10 miles. She was holding my hand tighter and tighter as we crawled in the seemingly endless traffic jam. She muttered something like "I like you a lot but if we don't find an toilet soon im going to pee myself". She looked at me deep in the eyes and said " I CANT HOLD IT ANY MORE! Taking off her pants exposing her pink panties with a visible wet patch on the crotch. Traffic at a stand still she clutched her crouch crying. Being the quick thinking guy i am dumped my 711 big gulp out the window and puled over. She knew it was the end and she could no longer hold it with the wet patch growing bigger. She was crying, shaking, and leaking on the seat. I told her to get into the squatting position on the seat. I put the cup under her and pulled down her panties exposing her inflamed pussy. Carefully placing the cup over her. She grunted and squirmed to get in position before releasing a torrent of piss into the cup panting and wheezing as she filled the cup to the brim. she clamped her legs together as i dumped the cup out of the window. I held it under her for a few last spurts. She took breath and plopped down sitting nude from the waste down in her damp seat.

    Without a single word she unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick and started giving me the best damn blow job i had ever had in my life! traffic started to move again and i pulled back on the highway. 4 exits from work i felt the need arise and started to reach for the cup being pantless in all. But she reached over and whispered " I got this" and literally sucked on my dick muffled "im ready". So i let go and, slow at first peed into her throat and she swallowed all of that as well.
    This got her horny and ( while driving ) faced me grabbing my hand and put it in her lap and said in a sexy tone "play with me im all yours". She put my ring finger and middle fingers into her tight throbbing pussy while gyrating her hips in a rhythm slightly clamping and panting. the rhythm got faster and she was breathing heavily as i pulled into a Walmart parking lot turned the lights out and . . . I had never witnessed this happen in my life. She squirted clear oily feeling liquid all over my hand lap and chair and face (it went everywhere). It had no smell or taste but was hot like pee. Her hair a mess and body soaking in her oily liquid glistening in the dim light. She hopped on my lap and we had the best sex i have had in my life!!! We did it in ALL holes. After it was done and over we went into Walmart dried off our cloths and bought wipes and disinfectant and cleaned our mess. We got into company uniforms and unloaded the truck even though we were both spent. The Boss gave us each $100 bonuses to our pay and said something like " The traffic on 45 must have been terrible well at least you had company" winking at Wendy, who was half awake. Then sent us both home. She went home with me of course.

    More To Come ]:}

    ~ Stan and Wendy, together since August 2014.

    P.S. Wendy if you are reading this, sorry but you know i love you. I had to tell our story the way it actually happened.

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