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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Female / 29

    I'd been single for a long time when my brother lost his job and needed a place to stay. I said he could move in for a while and we'd work out something for rent.

    I hadn't seen him in a couple years and he was hot. He said he joined a gym and finally got off his ass. I'll admit that I snuck a few peeks at him when he was getting dressed and when he was in the shower.

    I finally got brave, and drunk enough, to tell him that since he couldn't pay rent and I was supporting him he needed to help me out. I pulled off my pants, pulled off my underwear and told him he could eat me out and that would be good for a weeks rent.

    He was doing great but when he finished he pulled down his pants and made moves to fuck me. I really wanted to get fucked by him but I wanted to be in control. I told him no but if he got a job we could do that to celebrate. I said he could jack off in front of me though if he wanted to.

    This went on for five weeks then he came home one day, got undressed and said he had a job an we could fuck. I said not until he got his first paycheck. I really wanted to make him work for this. He ate me out and I said I would give him a handjob since he got a job. He wanted to spray me in the face but I told him no and handed him a tissue.

    A week later he showed me his paystub and brought home a bunch of groceries. We fucked most of the night and I said I was sad since this means he'd be able to pay me now and wouldn't have to eat me out. He said he's pay and still eat me out, but only if he got to fuck me too.

    We've been living together now for 6 months and are sleeping in the same bed. I know he's my brother but he has changed so much. I really love him and I know he loves me. I can't picture myself now with anyone else.

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    Straight Female / 18

    well me and my 20 year old sister live togther and i love my sister to peices but sometimes i get worried
    you see my sister is very pretty small big boobs long hair and she has a fit boyrfreind to we all like living together were like bestmates i have on and off boyfreind and i bring them hime when her and her boyfreind are in it was like 11pm a couple of weeks ago and i just arrived home with this sexy boy i had met like an hour earlier in a club we left and decided to go back to my bedroom as we did i was so wet as he pushed me down on my bed licking my pussy out we had porn on the laptop as we did this it turned me on so much his dick was about 7 inches so very nice size my pussy is tight nd we had rough sex like it was hard for like 10 minutes when we starting experimenting trying positions like on chairs i would lay on the chair doing a crab( gymnast move) as his cock slipped in me i forgot my sister and boyf were in the room next to me her boyf came in like wtf you doing and my sister followed i was so asames but my sister said carry on and she began to strip she layed down on the bed and her boyf joined we ended having a gangbang nd orgy and 3 somes and so many werid positions we do it all the time now im wet just talking about it

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    Straight Female / 44

    hi its Dianne,another story in my life,for many years on and off whenever I had time to,i would for one of my neighbours baby sit her two children,a boy and girl,she was a good friend not keen on her hubby,i think the kids spent more time with us than their own parents,as they grew they become more dependant on myself,telling me all their,problems at school and in their young life,their mum and dad never had much time to listen,

    the girl far more forward than the young man,at twelve wearing make up,bras,she was growing into a beautiful young woman,the boy rather quiet just loved to be noticed and listened to,and love a cuddle or two,sometimes theyed sleep over,after breakfast going home and getting ready for school,the girl one day looked at me and said I want to be like you when im old enough,thanks I said ,but why,you know your figure and big boobs,i smiled ,she was already well developed for her age,and loved to show off what she had even then,

    later both got good jobs she in medicine which she was studying,the boy electrical trade,both very young beautiful people,she was twenty two jason her brother twenty,jason was to marry in a few months,this wasv the only girlfriend hed ever had,his sister played the field but only short term,nothing serious,jasons father had asked him many times if he were gay,it realy hurt him,but even his sister said me one day about her suspicions,telling me he hardly notices her,even when she walks walks around almost naked just to see his reactions,and his mother was a little worried also,but I couldn't see it in him,when he came here and that was a few times a week all hours,he certainly made me feel hot and bothered,his eyes looking me over ,and most time focusting on my huge knockers,

    one evenning carol his sister dropped in,looking very hot ,she asked me what was wrong with her,most men got on their hands and knees for her attention,even her father,making suggestions to her,still Jason not interested,she was crying as she told me this,if you were a bloke would you notice me,i said I notice you know,and im not a bloke,she bucked up a little,ive got a good body and huge tits,and attractive,i want to be loved ,I gave her a hug,she kissed me,not a little peck,and started to rub her hand up my dress ,I was taken back at first,then again she kissed me,forcing me onto the lounge,you cant do this I said,its not right,why she said ,whats wrong with me,she pulled her top off don't you like my tits,yes I nodded,then show me,temptation was to much ,I reaced up and took her tits in my hand,pulling thm sucking them her hand sliding up my thighs ,touching my knicker legs,she move and pulled my dress way above my thighs,then my slid my dress from my shoulders ,pushing my bras over my massive tits,we rubbed tits it was like huge mountains colliding,she said ive always wanted a woman to see how it felt,and I like it,she slid down and pussy ate me,so exciting,our tits entwing many times over,we licked and ate each other out,kissed ,fingered each other,i want more of you she said ,sliding over my body with her nakedness,our juicy pussys together we sort of fucked both having orgasm,enjoying each other huge tits,i liked it and wanted more,she said whenever we had time we would spend it together,we now belonged to each other,but made me swear id never tell anyone ,it was her first time ,

    well the wedding was drawing nearer,jasons mother worried about him,carol was calling in quiet regular sometimes a lot of touching kissing,tit fondling,depending on the circumstances,she started buying toys for us,but now back to Jason,he came up late one evening after work upset his father ,again accussing him og being gay,throwing money on the table telling him to get layed at a brothel,that would prove him as a man,jason told him where to put his money, I hugged him and said don't worry its alright,all my family think the same he said,i asked him if he had ever had sex with a woman ,his face went red ,im still a virgin he said blushing,so is my fiancée,have you talked this over with your mother I asked,shit no he said,your the only one I would dare tell, do you think im gay like the rest he asked,im sure yor not I said,i can see the way you perve on me,everytime you come here,and I bet you go home and jack yourself off ,thinking of me,he nodded his head ,I think we will have to do something to help you I said,is there any girls you know who would have sex,no not really and id probably stuff it up anyhow,then my fiancée would find out,id be a big joke,i took his hand you like my tits don't you,there huge he said,i put his hand down my bra ,my tits already half out anyhow,fell them I said they wont bite,open my blouse take my off ,but ,he said don't say a worg I said just do as I tellyou,my blouse off he plplayed with my tits sucking them as I fec them into his mouth ,I put his hand on my thighs sliding my skirt to my waist already my pussy crying out to be filled.

    I guided him into the bedroom ther I stood naked before him ,tell me what you want to do with me Jason ,tell me what you think when you go home and jack off over me,show me ,I quickly pulled his clothes off ,his cock a good eight inches so very thick his virgin bride will know hes inside of her,i played with his cock sucked it and gave him a head job,then I staddled him letting his monster slowly penetrate me it hurt as it sunk deeper inside of me,sreatching my pussy to the limit,but wow did it feel good strong ,I rode him like I was possesed I told him to grab my swinging tits .he was groaning moaning, I letting out screams of pleasure,roll me over Jason fuck my pussy off ,no more hand jacking youself off,fill me with your virgin cum,he dragged me over the bed cock still well inside then he held me and fucked and fuck making my orgasms explode,then he shot his load bucket fills I wrapped my legs around him pulling him into me,keep sucking my tits I yelled ,as he bounced me around,exhausted he pulled out ,huffing puffing ,oh fuck oh fuck he was saying ,that felt so good,your beauitiful he said and I love so much,no I said you loved fucking me,thats different .but you made me feel so good and I wanted to fuck you ,I have for a long time,i lick his cock clean ,and told him to eat and lick me out ,he loved it and so did I,after a cup of coffee he was still touching me,over the next two weeks we fucked many times ,now I didn't even need to ask him I dressed revealingly for him ,just leaving my bras off ,he loved my tits fucking them at times almost off,we were now fucking at least twice on each of his visits,his cock rose very fast after a suck and rubbed between my mass..ive knockers,

    hiws mum and I went shopping the subject came up again about Jason being gay,how do you know I said your only guessing,have you ever tried to find out I said,no not really was her reply,but he shows no interest in woman at all ,well why don't you test him out yourself I said ,how ,its easy I replied ,next time your home alone with him ,when your husband comes home from the club late,you and Jason alone ,find out ,show some tit a bit of leg turn it on,see what he he does,but hes my son ,shit I said a lot of woman have it with their sons,you want to find out if hes gay or not so find out,or just but out of his life,ok she said lets see what happens ,I haven't had a good fuck for so long now ,ill try tonight ,why don't you as well,ill see I said,next day she rang over the moon ,it worked but he took a bit of convincing,it was heaven ,and the size of his cock like a stallion he almost split me in two, and the way he perfoemed and the things he did to me,from now on its whenever he wants it,he fucked me three times in one night,shit I wish id had done this before now,hen I confessed to her that I to ficked him,you bitch she said ,no wonder you were angry at me for thinking him gay you already new differently but thanks,lets keep him busy and swap our experiances,maybe one day hel want a threesome ,be great huh,im ralyy turned on,and I a confession ,id love to swap tits togther,yes im vulgar and forward ,but think about it,when he only gets time now and again to fuck us after hes married,and its not fair to his wife,,ok I said your on you sexy bitch,json kept fucking us both ,we stopped him after he married just a bit on the side with him,carol is like a nympho ,but we have a lot of fuin my friend yes were tit swapping ,pussy patting each other,and busy enjoyoing ourselves,but me I still love men and big cocks,and waiting for my next venture with men, bye foe now,dianne 50ees

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    Straight Female / 36

    I want to fuck my married UPS driver that I've known for years- I see his huge cock in his pants when he drops off packages- We flirt a bit and I go inside and make myself cum over and over dreaming of Pete's huge black cock ramming me in every hole!!!! Wish he would DELIVER his hot loads of cum into me daily!!! I sooo want to ride that huge cock!!!!!! It would be so hot if my husband joined in and then they both watched me fuck our Great Dane- My nipples are sooo hard right now and my pussy is dripping wet- I need a lick!!! I think I'll have my dog eat me out-

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    Straight Female / 36

    I am so happily married to my sexy loving husband!!!! I just couldn't help myself though when a hot black contractor that was working on our house made me really wet and curious... I could see through his jeans that his COCK was enormous and I had to have it!!!!! I went in to our kitchen the next day he was there working in a white t-shirt no bra and just a pair of really hot panties... I acted stunned to see he was there in the kitchen- With that he was stunned as well- but I stayed there like that and offered him some coffee- He accepted and after 1/2 the cup- I think he knew what I was dreaming of- He went into the bathroom and called me in- I didn't know at that point he had taken off his clothes and was there waiting for me with HUGE ENORMOUS HARD COCK IN HAND!! I was speechless and had him lay on the floor and rode him soooo hard until we both came!!!!! It was so awesome- He lay with me a while and then rolled me onto my back and ate the hell out of my dripping pussy full of his cum!! I came again!!! I had to have that cock in my mouth and down my throat so a swallowed him deep as he pumped and fucked my mouth he came again deep down my throat!!! It was great!!! We fucked several more times all around the house and I now know I SOOOOO LOVE BLACK COCK!!!! HUGE BLACK COCK_ IT WAS SOOO ENORMOUS!!! YUM

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    Straight Female / 21

    I come from a privileged family. My father died when I was young and my mother inherited all his money. She eventually remarried an even richer man. She and I never got along and I moved out when I was 17. She hasn't spoken to me since. I eventually broke up with the boy I moved out with and had to find a apartment on my own. I blew through my savings and I also blew the landlord a few times for a rent extension. It was degrading at first but working a minimum wage job and only working 8hrs/week, I quickly got used to trading sexual favors for rent extensions, utilities and even grocery money. One favor led to another. I currently find myself doing porn for a small company. The pay is good but I can hardly remember how I got here. Some of the things I have to do on film are really nasty. I don't feel like myself anymore.

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    Straight Female / 24

    I work at an adult store, and I like to slip into the men's room every so often on a slow day and wait for a customer. I'll ask if they need to use the urinal and offer to let him use my mouth instead. Similarly, since we have private viewing booths, I'll very rarely slip back there and see if anyone needs a hand. Or a mouth.

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    Straight Male / 20

    I said to an old widow a few houses away, when I visited her, that I was excited by her and asked if she please would jerk me off. She smiled at me, asked me to stand next to her and unbuttoned then my trousers. Then she pulled me on a great way off, she made it really extensive work by. When I get arroused again I always can come along, she said.

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    Straight Male / 43

    I was over at my sister in law's place with my wife and we were watching a movie. I had to go pee during the movie but figured I would try to hold it until after the movie had finished. The movie finished and my wife got into the bathroom beforee I had a chance to. My bladder was about to busrt so I quickly ran out back to pee. My sister in law saw me rush out and followed me as it was unnatural for me to act this way. She asked if I was alright and as I struggled to unzip my pants and pull out my penis to pee I told her I had to go really bad and couldn't hold it any longer. It was too late and I literally began to pee in my pants. I couldn't stop the flow so by the time I managed to pull my penis out of my pants my clothes were pee soaked. My sister in law saw the whole predicament as the stream of pee flowed out of my penis and hit me almost everywhere when I was pullig it out. My underwear, my pants, my socks and even my shirt was wet with pee. I wasn't wearing shoes so at least they were spared. My wife came out back to find me standing in front of her sister with my penis in my hand, still peeing, and didn't seem very happy about her sister watching what I was doing, particulary seeing what I was holding in my hand. When my wife found out the whole story she was very understanding. My wife waited until I finished peeing before she told me to take off all my wet clothes. I was reluctant since we were outside and could easily be seen by neighbors but knew I didn't have much choice so I stripped naked. I was standing fully naked in front of my wife and her sister in the backyard where any neighbor could see all of me if they looked out their windows. My sister in law grabbed my clothes and brought them in to get washed. I was covered in pee and knew I had to take a shower to get rid of it but didn't think my sister in law would appreciate me walking into her house the way I was. I noticed a garden hose and decided I could rinse off myself before I went in and took a more thorough shower. It was around 7:00pm and I was standing naked in the middle of the backyard rinsing myself off using the garden hose trying to get as much of my pee off of me that I could. I guess the sound of the water running and my wife, sister in law and me talking atracted some attention. There were a few neighbors looking out thier windows at me as I rinsing myself off naked. I finally went in to have a real, more private, shower using soap. When I was done showering it became apparent that I wouldn't have anything to wear until my clothes were done washing and drying. It is about an hour and a half drive home and my wife had to get up early so she was thinking that either I stay overnight or I just borrow a towel to get me home and pick up my clothes later. We decided to borrow a towel which I wrapped about my midsection to keep myself somewhat decent. Since I wasn't wearing my shoes when I pee on myself I was able to wear them home. My wife drove us home and was in a playful mood. She had pulled my towel open a few times right when we were driving past buses giving some passengers a look at me. She really got me and had some fun with me when I fell asleep and she managed to remove the towel from me completely. I woke up naked wearing only my shoes in the car which was parked on the street in front of our house. The reason I woke up was that my wife left her cell phone in the car and called to say I better get in the house. I told her to get me some clothes but she told me I was going to have to run naked from the car to the house. After some back and forth arguing I realized she was serious about having me run from the car to the house naked especially when she briefly set off the car alarm with her remote. The car alarm drew some attention and after she turned it off she told me I had 10 minutes to get inside. I waited 5 minutes and then left the car, locking the door behind me. As I entered my house my wife was there waiting and laughing as was our next door neighbor. She handed me a towel which I quickly wrapped around me. The 2 of them were making comments and joking about my predicament so eventually I decided to play along which ended in me removing my towel and being naked with them. The neighbor seemed to be liking it a little too much and my wife seemed to be getting angry with me showing myself this much to her and was trying to get me dressed and covered up. I stayed naked and my wife finally told the neighbor she had to go because we had to get to sleep. Once she left my wife gave me a few words about staying naked in front of the neighbor and I told her if she didn't want me naked in front of people she shouldn't have stolen my towel and left me in the car. She said she wouldn't do it again but told me something I didn't even realize occurred. I was sporting an erection during some of the time when I was in front of the neighbor. I told her I didn't even realize I had one which now made me very embarrassed having the neighbor seen me in that state. Since then neighbor makes the occassional comment about me and that day.

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    Straight Female / 51

    Recent;y read a story about a sexual awakening than happened between two female friends and it made me think of my friend:

    This happened many years ago but I sometimes think of her and hope that she is alright and that we can see each other again one day. She made no secret of the fact that she was a confirmed lesbian. At the same time she was respectful of anyone not living that lifestyle and was never abusive or sexually aggressive.

    The first time I saw her I felt an arousal that I couldn't identify: an odd swirling sensation in my clitoris, hardening of my nipples and throbbing in my pelvis, like my body was aching for her. It was a feeling I had NEVER felt for any other female in my life.

    She had delicate features in a lovely balanced face, short blonde wavy hair and soft dark Brown eyes with naturally long curved eyelashes. Beautiful skin with little freckles. She looked like a goddess to me.

    Over time, as we became better acquainted, I found that I liked her more and more - she was very intelligent, witty and a bit of a scamp. So of course, when she asked if I wanted to go out for drinks one night with her and the others of her work group, I said yes.

    We went to a club that was very popular in Europe during the 80's: Teeth-rattling techno-pop with no end and lots of strobe lights. I remember that we had drinks at her place before we left. I had a glass of wine and fought the growing urge to kiss her or touch her breasts. On the way to the club I fantasized about unbuttoning her blouse to lick and suck her nipples; I wondered how it would feel to kiss her mouth and enjoy her tongue exploring mine, to fondle her breasts and stroke her clitoris.

    At the club, I got intoxicated enough to slip and fall on the dance floor: Embarrassed, I got up and went toe ladies room to splash water on my face in the hopes of straightening up. As I started out the door of the ladies lounger, she walked in: we looked at one another for a moment and suddenly I gave in to my desires: I KISSED her full on the mouth and thrust my tongue inside to taste hers and ran the tip along her mouth. God I wanted to go down on her and give her a thrill she would always remember. I have never given any female oral sex but I was ready to pleasure HER. On the way home I invented excuses to slide my hand into her shirt breast pocket so I could stroke her nipples. I loved watching her flush and get excited by my touch - she was so cute, turning red when I tickled her nipples on the drive home and when we got back and she kissed me while stroking my tits, I almost climaxed. We never got a chance to remove our clothes to spend a whole night exploring each other, kiss or suck each other's nipples or clits. We had one really glorious passionate intense KISS, and that was that. I moved away and we never saw one another again.

    I wanted to please her. I have never wanted anyone before or since even remotely close to the same way. Every time that I think of her I get very moist and my clit starts to pulse involuntarily.

    I still feel that I need to talk with her - to tell her what she has meant to me all these years and to let her know that I wish her only happiness.

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