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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Male / 40

    When I was 17, my girlfriend and I took a moonlit walk on the beach. No biggee, since at the time we both lived nearby and it was just something we did to talk, hold hands, kiss... the things that all couples do. On the way back to the car, however, she told me that she had to pee. I reminded her that we were, after all, about 15 to 20 minutes away from the nearest restroom. I was informed that there was no way she was going to make it that far, so she told me to turn around so she could have some privacy. I did, and I heard the zipper to her jeans buzz. In the next second my ears picked up the unmistakable hissing of a full bladder being relieved into the sand. She must have been holding it for a while because the duration was beginning to match one of my beer pisses. Then curiosity got the better of me and I turned around.

    There, with the moonlight beaming behind her, was the love of my life... squatting and finishing what must have been a deliciously relieving pee. I turned back around quickly, but not before that sight was burned into my mind forever. There was no denying it. That was one of the most taboo visions ever to my young Catholic mind. And yet it was as beautiful as it was erotic. And most assuredly, it was a one-way ticket to Hell.

    Fast forward (with no further adventures in the realm of water play) to a couple of years ago. I met a woman in Atlanta who was intelligent, open-minded, sexy as hell, and very adventurous between the sheets. One night as we're indulging in some sex play, she whispers for me to tell her my deepest, darkest desire. Now I'd been tripped up by that one before. They think that your version of dark is something similar to theirs. But when you actually trust them enough to open up and let that little bad boy out of Pandora's box, they run screaming out the front door. So I gave her one of the mild fantasies that pretty much everyone has had at some time or another. She laughed.

    "I know you better than that. You can be one serious twist-tie. So just whisper into my ear what you have never told anyone else you'd like to do, and we'll do it." So I took a chance.

    To my utter amazement, she did not run screaming into the night. She didn't even scream at all. Hell, she didn't even say, "Eww." She just looked me right in the eyes and said, "I've never tried that. But I'm up to giving it a shot. If either one of us doesn't like it, however, it's coming off the menu. Is that a deal??" I hugged her tightly, kissed her deeply, and agreed.

    I didn't push for a date or time for the forbidden act to take place. In fact, I didn't even specify how it should be approached. It was my fantasy, but she would have to be comfortable enough with it to even possibly enjoy it. So we kept seeing each other - making love hotly, as we always had - and I tried not to act like a little boy the week before Christmas. Finally my approach paid off.

    One night, after making love intensely, she invited me into the shower with her. It wasn't unusual. We often showered off before one or the other of us went to our own abode. But this night she surprised me. As we were facing each other, she using the washcloth to remove the scent of sex from my lips and chin, she parted her legs and moved one on either side of my thigh. This was different. Maybe she needed to get a better look. But then I felt something hot and wet that was NOT shower water flowing down my leg. My eyes locked onto hers. She was smiling. And peeing. I was as hard as a diamond in less time than it took her stream to end. And I fucked her tight, pissy pussy without ever leaving the shower.

    We talked about our shared experience a couple of times over the next couple of weeks, but nothing else happened until one night when I was over at her place for the entire evening.

    We were in one of our favorite positions, 69, with her on top. I love to make her cum like that. Taste her wetness while she shakes like a leaf in a hurricane. But this time she had another surprise for me. Just as she was coming down from her orgasm, she began tricking her hot essence into my mouth. A bit surprised, I let her know just how much it made me crazy by drinking every drop of her nectar - and triggering yet another big O.

    We're not together any longer, but we are still friends. And recently she let me know she was getting married. While I was wishing her luck and congratulating her I couldn't help but think how lucky her new hubby was going to be - if he wasn't already. Women like that come along only once or twice in a lifetime - if you're lucky.

    I'm still waiting for the second one. And you can bet I won't be so stupid as to let her go like I did the first.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    First some back ground, I was in junior high the first time I got naked with someone. It was another girl, and she started it. She got naked and took my hand and put it on her boob and then had me kiss her nipple. She made me suck her nipple. It was the first time I felt that feeling down between my legs. I started sucking on her nipple and she started to masturbate herself. She took my hand and put it in between her legs and told me to finger her. She showed me how to find her hole and how to finger her while I sucked her nipple. Then she told me it was her turn, and she helped me undress and she sucked my nipples and fingers me. Later she grabbed me and hugged me real hard and made out with me. That day I went from total innocence to total lesbian. I got tongue in my mouth and I got tongue in my snatch. I put my tongue in her mouth and I put my tongue in her snatch.

    From that day for a long long time we had sex regularly. She was definitely the butch which was ok with me, I was definitely her girlfriend. Then on our senior trip, we got drunk and one of the guys fucked me on a dare. I was known for my preference, so a bet had made as to who would fuck me. To my surprise I liked it. I liked it from the minute he took ahold of me and tore my pants off. When he split my legs open and told me he was going to ram his dick in me, I just held my breath. His dick looked enormous to me, he to on top of me and used his hand to find my hole and started to shove it in. Then he kissed me and rammed his tongue in my mouth at the same time he rammed his dick in me. He had me right then. It was over, I surrendered completely to him and he fucked me.

    I told my girlfriend about it, about how much I liked getting fucked and told her she should try it. That it wasn't fair, that sure we had something that was the best, especially the friendship but that she should try getting fucked. At my insistence we talked one of the boys to fuck her. He came over to my house and I helped my girlfriend get naked and stayed with her while he got on her to fuck her. She did not want to be alone. Well it was a flop, I mean it did not turn her on at all. Certainly he did not fuck her with the same enthusiasm that I got, but really I think she just did not like having a dick in her.

    But me, I love getting fucked. I love a surprise fuck, when I am not expecting it. I love getting fucked and I love sucking dick. I also love my girlfriend. For me getting fucked is pure sex, nothing more. Making out and hanging out is for my girlfriend, and telling her I love her. I have tried getting fucked while I go down on her, but she doesn't like watching a guy fuck me. So we don't do that. She knows I like the sex, as long as I love her.

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    Straight Female / 45

    my fetish is abandoned big houses and gothic mansions at the greater end of my real dreams. but as a child i lived on a big old flower farm and where the large old house had been burned down there were things like old bed frames and amazingly they still were intact and pushed to another end of the house that was not as destroyed so there was a room that had walls and even a roof part for some shelter for someone desperate. I knew there was a couple who were getting around using the place for sex and it was a real mission on dusk to spy those two hot lovers under the overgrown bushes and trees. I used to get so excited watching and listening to them have sex and it was such a turn on. the bed was old so it creaked and squeaked and sprung joyfully with them on an old mattress and the roof leaked and you see evidence of occasional past squatters and over night loiterers with cigarette buts pressed out with shoes in the corner. I always thought "what a strange place to come and have outrageous sex????" then I knew they were doing this even more often when i seen a few cooking tins and cases as shelves, it was obvious these two lovers were coming here more and more to have unbridled sexual relations. It has always stuck in my head the sort of thing I want to do. They seemed incestuous, secretive and sly but oh so sexy in what they were doing. This is how life was in the 1970s on large old farms that your nearest neighbor was more then a dozen street blocks away by todays standards. I became so turned on by abandoned places and wanting sex in them and wanting to write lusty tales about them ever since, it seems the ideal place for abandoned re-straight and abandonment of social reins. so now my dream is a gothic candle and grim stone in sections of an old gothic mansion, and appreciating incestuous secret lovers and brother in-law adultery in family mansions of the elite even old palaces that have been part war ruined must have some lusty secrets like this.

    looking forward to any stories at all on the topic. it always makes me wet.

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    Straight Male / 38

    Im a 38 year old married guy who writes the most nastiest, vulgar, gross, taboo, erotic, obscene, underground stories for many years now. Worst part is, my wife don't know4464542222 about it.

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    Straight Male / 29

    I have a burning desire to wet myself in front of a strange woman. I have for a long time.

    I have a wetting fettish which means, for me anyway, that I like to urinate into my clothing... I like to pee myself. I have wet myself in public many times, I remember one time when i was walking home, pee was pouring into my black trousers and I heard girls giggling behide me. It was such a turn on, as soon as I got home my hands were in my soaked pants and I pulled myself to orgasam.

    That is as close as I have gotten to peeing myself properly in front of a woman, maybe maybe not having been spotted while wearing black - the safest of colours when it comes to wetting.

    It is my intention to wet more obviously, maybe into pale jeans or something, I think about it all the time but I know I am too scared.

    My dentist is hot, maybe I should piss my self in the dentist chair and pretend in was scared although that doesn't sound like a very erotic scenario with all the injections and stuff!

    Until I plucknup the forage to perform in public I make do with secret wetting, which is a lot of fun really, that's when I wonder around town, maybe browsing in the bookshop all the while dribbling in my pants, letting spurt after surt out trying ntomwalk the fine line between dry and having obviously peed myself. Sometimes I wear protection, my favourite were tena pants, I could pee so much more but when they started to leak I was in trouble... So much fun.

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    Straight Male / 45

    When I was a teenager, my mom and I went to the grocery store. I waited in the car and pretty soon realized I had to pee . . . badly. I kept expecting her to come out, but it kept getting worse. I tried pinching the end of my cock but that had no effect. I had to go sooooooo badly!!

    Finally I got out of the car and stood by the trunk. I opened it to see if there was a jar or something I could go into. but there was nothing.

    Now, I don't know why I just didn't go into the store -- they had public bathrooms. I think I was actually enjoying the urge to go.

    "I'll just let a little out and that will make it better," I thought to myself. Nope -- what happened instead was that a huge gush of hot urine came out, soaking my jeans, running down my leg and puddling at my feet. I stared down at it for a minute and then looked up to see a woman staring at me. We both looked away guiltily and I got into the car.

    My mom got back from the store, started up and we drove off. She must have smelled it, because she looked over about halfway home and saw the huge wet spot on my jeans. She probably could also see the bulge of the raging hard-on I also had from my cock rubbing against the warm, wet fabric of my jeans. She said nothing . . . and once a week to this day I try to hold it for a while and then wet myself before masturbating my piss-soaked cock to orgasm!

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    Straight Male / 20

    My name is Kyle and I have a secrete, I love wetting my self being in a wet diaper all day it is fucking amazing.

    I work in a boring office complex cubicle after cubicle in some boring law firm. Going to work acting casual like just another day! Its amazing! I have a Secrete stash of diapers in this bathroom that is always under construction. I've been here like 5 years and found it on my first week. Hell yeah i asked around about it its part of the new extension but ran out of money halfway through. So it became my new stash, behind every toilet in every empty TP holder was pack after pack of adult diapers and even the baby changing station! It was so cool all of the plumbing in there worked just some of the walls weren't complete like drywall missing on one side. A sink missing and a shower head.

    So my average day would go like this wake up put a diaper on eat breakfast wait until 8 am change and suit up and go to work. When there fill out papers the usual say hi to the secretary and other people while simultaneously wetting my self and they don't know a thing. It makes me so horny then i casually stroll toward the bathroom and change. One time my Boss almost caught me, we were in a meeting and i couldn't hold it i have never been so under pressure at that very moment he paused a moment and asked about a dripping noise. I nervously looked down and there my diaper had leaked and was dripping on the tile floor which echoed through the building with every drop. I was so nervous i was able to channel the drip down my leg and the meeting continued after i ran to the bathroom frantically drying the piss of my new slacks and i herd someone coming up the hallway i hid in the shower and prayed he wasn't coming in the bathroom! Just then the door flew open and i just about shat my self (literately). Next the lights went off and the door closed and the deadbolt turned with a click. i ran to the door and tugged i was locked in! At first i was panicked thoughts of starvation the fact that i was in am abandoned construction zone nobody was going to find me. Then i remembered the fact that the bathroom wasn't finished and in the dark found my way to a piece of drywall with a kick became loose letting light in i crawled out into the women s bathroom and the door was open. The deadbolt had a key in it with a little luck was the same as the mens restroom deadbolt. I unlocked it and have the key on my key ring now i keep a led lantern in there and a copy of the key just in case. BTW an awesome place to jack off, take a steamy dump, or just chill as long as you bring supplies.

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    Straight Male / 50

    forgive me if I make a mistake,my first try at writing on line,having read stories of others confessions,they have turned me on a bit,so ive been hiding a few myself,first up im a fifty year old bloke,working long hours,my sex life for many years zilch,im married to a devastating forty two old woman,easily pass for middle twenties,faboulas looks great body legs out of this world ,and her tits,a huge 44ees,shes only had two jobs in her life,this story is about her,so I hope you enjoy it,

    we married when kylie my wife was twenty,she was the rage of all the blokes young and old in the town she lived in,a lot of them tried to crack onto her,even at her job the blokes married and single went ga ga over her,i know this for a fact some were my friends,and who could blame them it was like a competition amoungst them,all wanting to be the first to fuck her,she was a real sexy blonde blued eyes that melted you,shapely legs,the body hot and and curves in the right places,at that time she still had the biggest tits around 42dds,and she loved the blokes commenting about her body,she had and still does have sensual sexy written all over her,

    the first few years was great we fucked a couple of times a week,me I would have fucked her at every chance I got if she was willing,but she wanted only it now and again,her huge tits were fantastic it took two hand on each tit just to hold them she did let me on a few occassins give them a good cumming,her nips fantastic loved getting my tongue around them,she didn't want any oral at all,no cock sucking no licking her out or eating her pussy, no arse fucking,and her arse would have been perfect a cocks dream,just straight forward sex on her terms,but she was so hot,

    the job she was working at she'd been there for about five years before we married,some of the blokes that I knew that worked with her,said she was a real sexy hot doll, always teasing the blokes in some way,they said some of them had taken a bit of advantage in a quiet corner or out of view ,to give her a good feel up especially those tits,shed let them but no further,even my mates who were telling me all this, said yes they themselves had felt her tits and up her dress or skirt at times,even trying to convince her to let herself go and be fucked,no way they said,every bloke had the same idea and who could blame them,all said what a lucky basted I was to be marrying her,

    she was twenty three and glowing,oozing sex from head to toe,our married besides the lax of sex was fantastic,i wanked myself a lot over her,did a lot of cumming,just thinking about that body,i was pornagraphing over my own wife,just thinking what a man could do with that body,

    it was nearing xmas and she had mentioned to me a few weeks ago about her works having a xmas party for the staff,out of town in one of there own function rooms,but she might have to stay over night,the works would book those who wanted to stay into the works own hotel rooms, but they had to know who wanted to stay over,i wasn't real happy about this but who was I to argue or pevent her from enjoying herself so I said go ahead,it was going to be a Saturday anyhow,that was settled,

    it was a day after one of my mates that worked with kylie,she not knowing any of my mates that worked with her,rang me to grab a cup of coffee after work, said he might have something I might be interested in,ronny was a great bloke we went to school together grew up almost as brothers,and shared both our single lives and married lives always keeping each other up to the minute,funny though my wife never aked about my friends ,I suppose nor did I about hers,she never met any of them at the wedding people wer introduced but ,she was already working with my mates so through her job they were her work mates,

    during the coffee ronny talked about our lives our wives,said he had something to show me I might be interestered in and get a kick from,he gave me an envelope be prepared mate he said,inside was pictures of kylie raunchy ones,at first I was taken back,then as I browsed through them did she know you wewe taking these ron I asked,yer mate she wanted them so the blokes could have them,i cant work out why she is like she is with you shes so fucking hot with all of us,one photo she was sitting on a blokes lap her arms around his neck,in another sitting on the blokes kissing him,the third siting on another the blokes lap he unbuttoning her blouse,the forth another blokes laphis hands on her tits,another bloke on his knees lifting her skirt with both hands,then in the other cuddling and kissing three other blokes at the one time,he said these were only a few he had taken over the last two years,saying shes a sex bombshell,he said these photos are always after work,he also had a few videos for me,to enjoy,anyhow we spoke about the xmas party coming up,ron said he had set extra cameras up all over the place request of management
    and I would get the tapes as well,every bloke had put in their order,bosses were the first,the woman knew nothing of this,not of the extra cameras,ron was the photographer as well,

    the night arrived kylie look devastating her hair done up a dress that showed her figure to perfection,not long but a slit up side showing shapely legs right to the thighs,the top just a v neck showing her massive cleavage,and a lot of those glorious tits of hers,i felt like ripping every of her clothes and fucking her right there she was hotter than I had ever seen her,im not even sure if she had a bra on if she did it was skimpy,her tits looked massive,the company send a limo around to pick the girls up,available to drive them home if they wanted to,she told me before she left,so she could have come home after all, anyhow she was out for fun.

    she arrived home next morning about tenish limo driven,still looked like a million dollars all smiles,her face lit up,we didnt speak a word about it ,her tits seemed so full,
    two days later ron rang me he had out the videos together mine were ready ,also a lot of photos,he had forty for the blokes as well,i got mine and alone kylie at work late I watched them, as the night went on the blokes were all over her dancing holding her close than expected .touching her arse she was enjoying the attention ,sitting on laps kissing blokes her dress sliding well over her legs those massive tits almost hanging out,every shot of her,but she was not alone other woman were doing the same,as things went on ,kylie was getting more attention even by some of the woman going up to her kissing her with passion,she not objecting at all one even put her habds down her dress front while kissing her,kylie just smiled,

    the party warming up kylie on the blokes laps by now her top hanging off every shot a drink in her hand,gradually the blokes had her massive tits out,to of her shoulders her tits being felt sucked by a lot of them she stood they unzippered her dress,she loving it,sitting on laps again the blokes touching her all over she must have sat on forty laps during the night,kissing and hugging all these blokes,they kissing her feeling her touching her all over working on her massive tits,doing gasly things to her she enjoying it ,the knocker didn't stay on for long the blokes having fun with with pussy gabing hands ful of her thick bush,she layed out on three blokes while the others fingered her played with her tits ate and sucked her out,kiss her body all over,like hungry lions they were devouring her,then they got her on hre knees licking and sucking all their cocks ,like a real professional blokes playing with her tits from behing as she did,then after a long time two blokes picked her up two bosses they bent her over then fucked her like madmen,she was enjoying the roughness you could see by the way she reacted,when they finished one by one the other forty blokes .how she stood all of them is beyond my thinking, but she did in the arse between the tits her c**t never emptyd,she was dragged around pushed pulled lifted,i looked at the time on the video,it was 2 oclock in the morning,she still sucking of every cock,not bad for someone who didn't like oral sex,she was master at it, they never stopped with her,fucking her many times over she was held up her tits milked by many,her c**t fingered over and over still she took them , 4 oclock they had finished she crawling over their naked bodies those massive tits being grabbed sucked as she did so,she was like a sex starved animal looking for mates,thenshe collapased in between the lot of them,looking so fucking hot and sexy,me I coudnt stop cumming changing my underpants a few times,

    ron also had his share of her he sure did,going where I was forbidden,good for him .that's only one story I have about her there are a few more to come as the years rolled on,yes the blokes at times did fuck her after work,
    ron has gave me many hot sexy photos of her,and has made a fortune from the boys and some of their mates with videoes and her photos,she doesn't seem to worry to much,not sure if she knows about all the others,but great she seems to rnjoy blokes perving over her,im one,

    hope you like ,more to come ,

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    Straight Male / 46

    I cant even begin to try to convince you that you are reading a honest to god true story, I have always wanted a wild sexual adventure to write in and share with people and I know everyone thinks these stories are fake but I assure you this one is very real, the only problem is I cant tell anyone close to me for fear of getting in trouble.

    this all started when my stepdaughter called me one day and wanted to know if I could come and do some work for her in her office, she opened up a business with a good friend of hers and they are roommates in a large two story house, she lives downstairs and her roommate lives upstairs. she lives about two hours away from us and she told me that I could just stay at her house instead of driving back and forth while I did the work. I have always looked at her as she is a very sexy young woman, slightly chubby but very attractive with nice big tits, her roommate on the other hand is a beautiful brunette, slim, sexy, petite, with an incredible body. my stepdaughter is 24 and her roommate is 22.

    now I do know for a fact that my stepdaughter is somewhat of a slut or at least used to be, she is currently eight months pregnant but before she got pregnant I have heard her talk about some of the parties they would have and how they turned into sex parties with their friends, my wife even told me about how one time she came on to a friend of hers husband and one of his friends at the same time and had her shirt off and both of them were playing with her tits when the wife came down stairs and caught them and it got ugly between them.. my wife even attended one of her parties and came home drunk and told me that one of the guys there had played with her tits and that different people went upstairs and to the other bedrooms and even outside and she knew what they were doing but she did not want to cheat on me and she knew I did not mind if someone touched her tits.. this is to give you an idea of how these young girls think..

    well my wife had a trip out of town coming up so I told my stepdaughter that I would come up there the week her mom went out of town, the time arrived and I drove up one morning and met them at the business and she showed me what she needed done, it was mostly carpentry work and trim and I figured it would take a couple of days to do it.
    well I had a hard time working that day because I kept watching her roommate walk around, I could not help but look at her ass every time she walked by, her boyfriend and my stepdaughters boyfriend worked out of town as electricians and I had already been trying to conceive in my mind if getting a piece of that ass would even be possible and I was scared that if I made a move that my stepdaughter would tell on me. well, it turns out that I was dead wrong about worrying about being found out.

    the end of the day drew near and I actually got some work done and it was about time to leave when my stepdaughter and her roommate and I were all talking and my stepdaughter made the comment about she was sure she could not pay me what my work was worth but maybe her roommate would give me a good blowjob or something as she would do it but after all I was her stepdad.. I almost fell over! I got so embarrassed, her roommate just looked at me and grinned and smiled at me and turned and walked away. I could not believe what she had just said, I had to follow them to their house and all the way there I could not help but think about what she said and how her roommate looked at me when she smiled, I did not know what I was going to do when we got there and were all in the same house for the evening and how was I going to look at her again, all I could think about was how bad I wanted that blowjob.

    they fixed some dinner and we all sat down at the table to eat and my stepdaughter told me she was sorry for embarrassing me like that, I managed to tell her that it was ok, I was just shocked to hear her say that, she told me that she had rented a movie and that I could watch it with them if I wanted too so I agreed and after dinner we all went to the living room to watch the movie and they went to change clothes so they could relax. they were gone longer than I thought they should be to change clothes but suddenly my stepdaughter walked into the living room and she had on tiny silk nightgown that came to her mid thighs but it was very tight across her tits and they were outlined and I could make out how big they were and her nipples were straining against the fabric. her pregnant belly was sticking out and she was actually quite sexy looking to me but I put those thoughts out of my head the moment her roommate walked in the living room, she had on a lacy nightgown that barley made it below her waist, and had on a pair of little matching lacy boy short panties, my cock began to get hard, I could not believe my eyes, her tits were not as big and she turned and walked toward the kitchen and my cock started throbbing in my pants when I saw her ass as she walked into the kitchen, my stepdaughter caught me looking and said "she has a killer body don't you think??" I looked at her and said yes she does. she walked back to the living room and sat down in the chair and pulled one of her legs up under her and the way she was sitting I could see the crotch of her panties, the movie started and we began watching and every chance I got I would sneak a peek at the roommates panties while trying to keep up with the movie.

    after the movie was over we all decided it was bedtime as we had an early start the next morning so I said goodnight and excused myself to my room which was down stairs just down the hall from my stepdaughters room. I closed the door and stripped to my drawers turned the light off and got into bed. I began to think about the roommate and how good she looked and how my stepdaughter said that she should give me a blowjob at least for my work, I was rubbing my cock thinking about her luscious ass and was just about to jerk off when my phone beeped, I looked and it was a text message from a number I did not know but I saw the first few words of the message that started "I got your number from ****** phone, so I opened the message, it was from the roommate she said she got my number from my stepdaughters phone without her knowing and wanted to know if I still wanted that blowjob. I could not believe what I was reading, I asked her if she was serious or was this a joke, her reply was "it is not a joke, I am going to sneak to your room ok do not make a sound we have to be quiet". I replied with an ok and my cock was now as hard as a piece of steel. a few minutes later I saw the door begin to open and she came in being very careful to be quiet and closed the door back, I could see her sweet ass as she shut the door, she then walked over to the bed and reached down and pulled her little nightie over her head and threw in down in the floor, she still had on the panties and I was staring at her tits, they were about medium I guess not huge or small, very nice and she had really puffy nipples. she took a hold of the covers and pulled them back and there I was in my boxers on my back and she crawled up on the bed and turned toward my cock and leaned down and took my cock in her hand as I felt her lips slide down my shaft, I had to bite my tongue to keep quiet. she had positioned herself where I could see her ass while she was sucking on my cock and I reached out and touched her ass and began to fondle her ass and I heard her gently moan as I did this, she was really going slow and seemed to be enjoying sucking my rock hard cock.

    I put my hand on the inside of her thigh and gently pulled her leg toward me so I could eat her pussy, she started to move and stopped sucking me long enough to get her panties off and she then positioned herself in a 69 with her pussy staring me in the face and I again felt her lips slide down my cock, I reached up and took her ass cheeks in my hands to pull her pussy to my mouth and when my hands touched her ass I almost came right then, I don't know how to begin to describe to you how soft and supple and pillow like her ass cheeks felt, I pulled her pussy to my face and started to eat her out and heard her moan and was hoping she was not too loud, but I was so incredibly turned on at how her ass felt and how her pussy tasted, if anyone knows what I mean about her ass, then you know what I am saying, I could not stop squeezing and playing with her ass as I ate her pussy, it was the most incredible ass I have ever put my hands on in my 46 years, it was absolutely incredible! now her pussy was as smooth as it was the day she was born and it was very wet and juicy and tasted very good, I nibbled on her clit and she moaned a little more, after I had been eating her out and holding her cotton candy ass, she pulled her pussy up off of my face and before I knew what was going on, she was lowering her pussy down on my cock in the reverse cowgirl with me staring at her ass and she was so tight and felt so good, she rode up and down on me very slowly like she was trying to tease me or milk every last drop out of me but I had not cum yet, it did not take long because of her sucking me so good and her tight little pussy gripping my cock and the way she was moving her hips that I grabbed her waist and started pulling her down on my cock as she moved a little faster, she was moaning and I was doing all I could to hold out when suddenly I knew I could no longer hold it back and pulled her down hard and I exploded in her pussy, my hips were bucking and my cock kept throbbing and spitting cum and she was moaning pretty good now and she slowly milked my cock for another minute or two before she got off of me and turned around and looked at me and took her hand and fingered her pussy and then licked her fingers and did this four or five times, she picked up her panties and put them on, then her top, she walked over and leaned down and kissed me on the cheek and then whispered in my ear, "that was fucking awesome, I hope we did not wake *****. don't worry this will be our secret.

    I actually laid there in bed and jerked off two times before I finally fell asleep, the next morning she pretended like nothing had happened and we went to their office and I finished the work, they tried to get me to stay the night again instead of making that long drive and as bad as I wanted too, I said I could not because I had stuff lined up to do the next day. as far as I know only her and I know who each other are and what happened, I have jerked off at least a thousand times thinking about that night, and since that night every single time I fuck my wife I imagine that it is that sweet young 22 year old that I am pounding with my cock..

    regardle ss of what you want to say, every word of this story really happened and that memory will live in my brain forever....

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    My fiance is in school to be a cop and he has a classmate - for the sake of staying anonymous, let's call him classmate D. Well, D is the only man in the class that isn't married or engaged. He's about my height and he's rather handsome, though I've never been all that attracted to him. I haven't even had a conversation with him, really.
    But last night I had a sex dream about him.
    I don't remember much about the dream but I do remember one scene of it, where we were laying in bed and grinding on each other with our clothes still on. I had started rubbing at the bulge in his pants and I can distinctly remember just how hard and thick his cock was. I woke up more aroused than I've been in weeks and I get horny every time I think of it.
    I didn't find him attractive before but now, I kind of do and it's awkward to see him now when I visit my fiance during class breaks.
    I feel dirty for dreaming about another man.

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