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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Female / 24

    I had to have a shower and got pretty darned wet, wet, wet .....

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    Straight Male / 32

    My wife gets a call from her mother that my wife's sister is really drunk and she need our help in getting her into bed. Her mother and sister live together and are about a 15 minute drive away. It was after midnight and I volunteered to go over there myself. I get there and I find her sister in the livingroom passed out in just her panties. I had never seen her that naked before and made a comment to her mother about it. Her mother said she undressed her to that point and to get all the looks at her I want. Her mother was irate she was drunk and didn't care her daughter's tits were being seen by me. I didn't mind seeing them but I didn't know how my wife or her sister would feel about me seeing them. Her mother told me to drag her drunken daughter upstairs to bed however I could. I threw her arms around my neck and had her legs sort of wrapped around my midsection with my hands supporting her ass. I carried her through the kitchen, which turned out to be a good thing, because as we passed through it I felt something warm and wet on my crotch. It turned out she was pissing herself and soaking the pants I was wearing. There I was in the kitchen with my pants soaked and her panties fully soaked with a puddle on the floor as well. I put her sister down and her mother told me I better slip out of my wet pants. I did as she asked and was now standing in my underwear, shirt and socks which were also wet. Her mother had paper towels wiping up the puddle on the floor. Once that was done she pulls her daughters panties off and wipes her dry. There I am now standing staring at my sister-in-laws bald bare pussy. The mother hands me the paper towels and tells me I better dry myself off too. The lower front part of my shirt was wet so off it came. My sock were wet too as I mostly likely stepped in the piss puddle so off they came. My underwear was soaked but I was not sure what I should do. Her mother told me to slip them and I think she sensed I was nervous about doing so. She told me not to worry as she had seen many naked guys in her lifetime and no one needed to know outside of us. Off they came and I stood there naked wiping off the piss. Her mother was looking at me and I could tell she seemed very interested in seeing me naked as she didn't take her eyes off of me. I didn't know what my wife would think with me naked in front of her mother but I really didn't have much of an option. Once I was dry I went back to carrying her sister back to her bed. I did so in the same way as earlier which was awkward as her tits were pressed against my chest and her pussy was pressed against my cock. Every step I took my cock and her pussy rubbed against each other. I felt a wetness develop between her legs but it wasn't piss this time. She seemed to be getting aroused and so was I. My cock began to harden and it went from rubbing against her to beginning to poke her at her opening. Her mother was ahead of us as I carried her up the stairs slowly. The poking continued for a few stairs but then I felt my head go in about an inch. If anyone knew I would end up in dead shit. I pulled out but each step caused me to slip back in and it was becoming deeper. We finally reach the top of the stairs and my cock must have been in at least half way. I don't know what happened but with one step, not meaning too, I slipped in almost all the way and her sister lets out a moan. Her mother notices that my cock is somewhere where it shouldn't be. She gives me a look like "I know what is happening" but doesn't say anything. I get to the sister's bed and I lay her down on the bed and there I am with one big hard on. The sister is a little awake now and is telling me not to stop and put it back in. The mother leaves, comes back, hands me a condom and tells me I got 10 minutes. I couldn't resist so I put on the condom and began fucking her daughter while she stayed and watched. It wasn't until after I was done that I realized what I had just done. My mother-in-law witnessed me cheat on one of her daughters and fuck another. Her only reply afterwards was that it looked like I wanted to fuck my sister-in-law and figured I should get something out of it since it was her pissing on me that got me naked. She added she dreamed about seeing me naked but never thought it would ever happen and promised it would be our little secret.

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    Straight Female / 35

    So I met this guy on glide. We talked a lil but it was months before we met. When we finally did, he came to my house in his bros car. We talked laughed ect then he sd 'lemme eat pussy' I'm like we in ur bros car n I'm not gon fuck u he sd fine. I sd no. He kept asking til I sd yea.

    Before I cld say my kids in the house he kisses me. Very slow n sensual my pussy immediately got wet n hot.he started play with my 42HHH tits til I was needing to feel his 11in dick so I sd fuck me. He sd no n yanked my sweats off n started kicking my pussy. I was in AWE!

    He started lickin my pussy hole n my ass the he popped my car wit his hand n started rubbing n licking. I told him I was ready to cum n he sd my mouth I sd noooo! I squirt. Mistake! He then started suckin my clit harder n faster n I started shaking n Buckingham smashing his face in my we pussy til I squirted all over his face n brothers car.

    Swear his dick grew 8in! He slid it in slowly then fucked the shit out of me the car!we rolled over n I got on top n rode his dick til I came so hard it jus gushed n slid all over dat dick n he fucked me harder! I didn't knw he liked squirters which turned me on more. I ruined his bros car with juices but that was the first of many squirt-capades....

    I was making so much noise the dogs next door were barkin so we went inside in my lounge area. He demanded I squirted in his n started suckin my pussy again. My legs are shaking cuz his head is amazing! This time he wanted me to see his face when I squirted n I was all to happy to drown his ass. We fucked for a good 2 hrs n passed out on the floor.

    3 weeks later he invited me over. The plan was dinner n movie but when I saw him I got wet pulled his dick out n sucked his soul out his body n I came! Never happened suckin dick but I dripped all over his pretty floor. I aftrwards I was going to shower so we can leave n he stopped me saying lemme lick it off. I was maxed out but sd ok si in his huge bed n he teases me with his dick which drove me insane then as he stated furiously suckin n lickin n spitting on clit saying 'cum for daddy squirt on my face bitch!' and I did. It was the best feeling ever cuz I didn't have to hold back.

    This squirt cycle continued the entire night. He loved the squirting so much, it was all he wanted. I ruined his bed too! He's the first man I allowed myself to squirt for. I can usually play with my pussy on my own n squirt but for a man to accept love n want it almost makes me squirt on command.

    Jus seeing his face wet turns me the fuck on. Seeing cum slid off his lips, which I lick off, n that drives him crazy. I started suckin his dick then went to lickin n suckin his balls n before he came I told him to put it in my mouth while I sucked his soul out his body. He sd it was the first time he came from a woman sucking his dick.

    I was proud. And wet. Which I then climbed on top to ease that big dick in I was bouncing n screaming neighbors were screaming and knockin. I screamed ' I'm bout to cuuuummmm' then he threw me off n sucked my pussy til I squirted all over that sexy as face. I kept screaming n squirting! I ckdnt stop cumming n he didn't stop suckin n licking. I was almost in tears. He kept on til I had nothing left but a heartbeat n a glimpse of heaven...

    When I gained consciousness, I was in his arms ready to soak him all-over again

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    My boyfriend is so conservative at times. He says we should keep our sexual life quiet and that he'd never tell someone about how we have sex. All I ever want to do is tell EVERYONE about how he fucks me. It's honestly a shame because I love bragging.

    I am generally not attracted to men. When I watch porn, I hate seeing the man's face. All I want to see is the girl, her moaning, and her pussy getting railed. Nothing more, nothing less. My boyfriend is an extreme exception. He took my virginity in the most loving way.

    I was so scared because I'd tried to finger myself before and I didn't get anywhere with it. He was the first person besides my doctor to have seen me naked since the last time my mom had (which was when I was just a small child). I had shyly taken off my shirt in a Skype call. I let him see more of me over time. We got to see each other in person again and I suddenly found myself wanting him to fuck me.

    I showed him this by shoving him against a wall in my kitchen and kissing him. Later that night, we were laying in my living room. We weren't allowed to sleep in my room yet. My Mom had gotten drunk and was passed out cold on the couch, 3 feet away from us. In the dark, I was laying on top of him, kissing him. He placed his hand on the side of my chest and whispered, "May I?"

    I thought it wouldn't be anything. I'd tried playing with my breasts and nipples and it never did anything. He very deftly opened my shirt and pulled my breast from my bra, latching onto it. He began sucking and my pussy was almost immediately sopping wet. Save for masturbation, I had no real sex experience. He stopped and I leaned down and growled "Did I say you could stop?"

    I could feel his cock hard against my thigh aa he whimpered and resumed. My body took control and I began grinding against him. I wanted him to flip me over and ravage me right there. But he stopped and whispered again, "I cant, if I keep going I wont be able to stop." I let him stop this time and he just held me, his cock still hard and pulsing against my thigh.

    We got access to condoms (I'm allergic to latex so it was more complicated than usual) and decided we were going to do it. We were allowed to sleep together in my room by then. 16, a virgin, and terrified of the pain. He looked at me so lovingly and held my naked body to his own. He kept his boxers on but his cock was nearly pushing through them. It took multiple nights, but each night he would lay me down and slide his fingers in until I couldn't take anymore.

    On the last night he firmly told me we'd never finish at this rate and with my permission he shoved his finger all the way in. Soon enough, I was laying on my back, nervous as ever. I felt his cock poking me and I looked up nervously. He slid into me and I made some sort of surprised, lustful face. (He says I make this face every time he shoves his cock in me) I remember how surprised he was and he eventually choked out "God baby this is the tightest pussy I've ever been in." It didn't take long and he was pumping in and out of me, and he finally came. I was astonished by how it felt. I hadn't orgasmed but it was so good that I wished he would just fuck me forever.

    I didn't see him for a while after that. (Fucking long distance.) We had our equivalent to phone sex multiple times a week. I vowed to suck his dick the next time he came. Id never done it before so I was scared I would hurt him.

    He sat down and I remember my excuse. I asked if we could turn the lights off so my parents would think we were asleep. Truth is, I didn't want him to see my face if I was confused. He bought it and so the lights went out. I spent the next two hours absolutely ravaging his cock. He squirmed and squirmed and he groaned that he was going to cum and I just stopped. I got brave and leaned down and took his balls in my mouth, sucking hard. By the time I was done, his teeth were clenched to stop himself from screaming like a trapped animal. He barely believed that I never blew anyone before and says I have a natural talent for it.

    He eats my pussy for hours. He loved the taste of pussy and says mine is the sweetest he's ever had. I think if I just sat on his face every night he'd be in heaven. I was incredibly wet the first time he ate me out. I was very comfy with a pillow and blanket and he ate me out. His tongue was wet and cold but his warm breath changed it. It felt so wrong and so right to have his tongue digging around. My favorite moment ever was the time he sucked on my clit. He sucked and swirled it in his mouth. I was lucky because no one was home and I screamed at the top of my lungs and blacked out when he didn't stop.

    Over time our sex has gotten wilder and kinkier. He is slowly buying toys and outfits for me. Although the idea isnt awfully kinky, the last two times we had sex are my favorites.

    I was visiting him over the Summer as his dad wasnt hone and wasn't supposed to return for a while. He ate me out, made me cum, and refused to stop. I screamed his name, thrashed on the bed, and moaned louder than ever before. I returned the favor and later he just demolished my pussy. I stood in his kitchen wearing nothing but a velvet skirt and a top and he pulled the skirt down and grabbed my ass, grinding up against me. Lager he fucked me hard again.

    We took a break for a day, when suddenly his father returned. He sleeps in the room next door and can hear just about anything. He's a bit of a helicopter and wanted us in bed by a certain time. Around that time, we were both horny as hell. He grabbed a condom and slipped it into my hand and together we snuck down the stairs all the way to the basement. The basement was weird to me and had a toilet in the corner, hidden only by the washing machine. We closed the upstairs door, threw our bottoms off and cleared the area surrounding the toilet. He sat on top of the lid and I crawled onto his lap, facing him. Silently, I lowered my pussy onto his dick and immediately I was bouncing as hard as I could.

    He roughly grabbed my hips and my tits, begging me to ride his cock more. The idea that we might get caught exhilarated me and I rode his cock harder than I ever have. Biting my shoulder to keep his moans in, he came harder than he had in a long while, panting. We gathered ourselves, hid the condom, and returned to acting like it didn't happen.

    Later that Summer a family member of his passed away. I went to support him, figuring he wouldn't want to have sex. Just in case, I brought a very small amount of condoms with me. I felt selfish bringing them with! HE was depressed! The stakes were higher than the last time as his dad's girlfriend was home this time. It was her house and she didn't want me to sleep in the same room as him.

    We were cuddling before "bed time" and suddenly I feel something hard grinding against my ass. I gulped and muttered "you ok?", to which he replied "I need to fuck you NOW"

    Glad I brought the condoms, I retreived one and we snuck down the stairs together again. This time was even more visceral. I knew I wasnt going to be orgasming, my wet, hot pussy was there for him to fuck away his frustrations with life. Shedding our bottoms, he first bent me over the washer. I'm much shorter than him and the washer didn't make much difference. He got his cock in and after one stroke it popped right out. Frustrated, he grabbed me and I voluntarily moved to the side and bent much farthe down onto some boxes. My boyfriend grabbed my ass with one hand and my hip with the other and began railing me hard and fast. Knowing I had no intention of cumming, I clenched my pussy as tight as I could, practically trapping his cock inaide of me. He stopped for half a second and then fucked me as hard as he could, cumming, moaning my name in my ear.

    That night I slept alone and in his bed, I masturbated. I played with my wet pussy, rubbing my clit and shoving my fingers deep inside myself until I orgasmed three time and fell asleep.

    That was the last time we fucked for real. Im going to see him in a month or two and I can't wait to have my pussy railed again.

    For now, I'm going to masturbate. Thinking about all these times I got brutally fucked by my boyfriends hard cock, my pussy became sopping wet ad even got on the bed. My nipples are poking through my bra and I'm wishinG that he were here to rub my nipples while lapping up my pussy juices. I'm going to rub my clit faster and faster and I'm going to orgasm as many times as I can before I pass out. Wish me luck. And maybe you will have a wonderful imagine of my boyfriends big, hard cock railing me as you watch and masturbate to it as well

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    Straight Male / 55

    The following is my admission of becoming a wetter, and really enjoying it.
    Yes, I am 75 years old and I guess I have felt as though I am some kind of freak. After a couple of operations I found that I can not hold anything when the need to pee comes on, and believe me it comes on hard and fast. I can be in the check out lane at the super market, wearing faded jeans, and we all know what that looks like. The little wet spot doesn't stay little for long.
    Alright, so I decided that adult diapers may be a solution, so off to the drug store I went. Well, I got so worked up about buying the diapers, I wet myself on the way home. Luckily, I was home alone. But here's the thing, it felt good, in fact it was very sensual. Oh yes, and at 75 I can get a very hard erection, and it happens quite often. Now I have been looking at gay sites, and wetting sites. I have learned that I am not freak, just getting older, retired and all bets are off.
    Lately I have been looking for diapers that I can use that don't leak, to no avail. I got some so-called leak proof rubber pants, and they leak, but you know I found some "all night" diapers and when the need to pee hits, I just let go, and only after about three times, the wet spot appears in the jeans, but still being a little cautious, because I am still somewhat embarrassed, where I do it. On occasion I have returned to wearing regular underwear, and when the urge comes, I have to just let go, and the feeling I get is out of this world. It is really hard to put in words how great it feels, but I become entranced, and stand there with a silly grin on my face. Oh yes, and the diapers, OMG what a feeling. The warmth embracing my scrotum and butt is so much of a turn on, and I cannot believe I didn't realize this earlier in life.
    Yes, this is all true, in fact, while I was typing this, I wet my diaper for the second time this morning. I have confessed about looking at gay sites, but, I still really like women very much, but I have had thoughts of going bi, and of course, if that ever happens, I will be very discrete.
    That is my confession, and now it is time to go change my diaper because the last one was so full it spilled over into my pajamas, and now I have to do a laundry load, and I don't need to have another wet pair pants today.

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    Straight Male / 53

    I have always loved wet pussies since I went out with a girl when I was 17.

    I have never met anyone like her - she would get soaking wet just through kissing or talking sexy and I used to enjoy making her wet any time and she tasted terrific.

    I watch a bit of porn and lately have being fascinated by just how many videos there are of grooling pussies. I was not aware of the different types of grool - from thin and slippery to thick and creamy.
    Also I get really turned on by the sound of a wet pussy being fingered or dildoed hard.

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    Straight Female / 30

    We are both flying crews.

    Recently we had huge falling out,whre we fight and I hurt him physically. We almost broke up but he is persistent in fixing things right. Our sex beforw this was fine, but it is a bit vanilla. My bf is introvert, while im loud. It has always been me and my needs, never bothered about what he wants. I need to get wet first before hes hard.

    Since we promise to try to turn things around, I started putting in effort to include his needs as well. First thing I remember doing was asking him if he would like me to suck him off right after he touches down from flight. We were both in his car, just finished our duty and a bit sticky from long day on board. He looked at me surprised,like I just pitch a ridiculous idea but was excited. We drove awy from airport and as soon as we were on the expressway, I reached out to find him semi hard. Somehow it turns me on, it took me a while to get his cock out of his pants but boy that thing sure knows how to appreciate my effort. I suck him long and slow on that half an.hour drive home. He kept moaning pushing my head down (especially when other cars got too near us) and I keep gagging but I also remember how wet I became making him hard.

    He ended up coming inside my mouth. I swallowed every last bit of him. Also my first of swallowing. He doesnt taste bad. Actually I enjoyed it. He was pleasantly surprised to know I swallowed his cum.

    When we got up to his apartment, lets just say my panties were soaked wet, my bf didnt waste anytime taking my clothes off, suck on my nipples like he has never suck on them before, flicking his tongue over and over it. I keep reaching for his cock saying let me suck you. When I got down to suck him, I came multiple times from the sensation of having his cock throbbed really hard. I didnt know making him hard is a big turn on for me.

    He simply pulled me up when he couldnt stand me sucking his cock and force penetrated me. I was seriously wet and on fire, I came like a train while he pumped into me continuously. He didnt stop just keep saying his cock felt so swollen. Hes a decent sized, 7" when hes hard but I swear on that moment itself he filled me the way he never did before.

    He didnt last long, about 5-6 mins after he came inside me. But good lord, it was massive. His cum were dripping out from me. We were spent. We could barely move. Best part was it was in his living room, with the balcony door wide open. The unit in the block in front could clearly see us. I am usually loud and a moaner in bed, but he was even louder than me. That was the first as well. My bf barely made any sound before this.

    We barely sleep or had any food after. I wss hell bend in making him hard everytime. I love the sensation of his cock starting to twitch and throbbed before it gets hard. He doesnt have to touch or do anything to me. I got wet from having his cock hard in my mouth. Eager to swallow whTever hes willing to give me. It was the best blowjob(s) he ever get and was the best ive ever experienced. I squirted without touching myself. Whenever I started to squirt he would propped me up and fuck me like an animal. His fingerprints were on my ass for a few days after. He spanked me hard that my bottom were sore for days. Whenever I came, he would push his cock even harder inside me. I saw stars.

    I now realised why men love blowjobs. The thought of him hard inside my mouth without him having to do anything to me is hot to him. The thought of me being even more wet from giving him head makes it more exciting to him. He had to go on a trip the day after. While he was flying the plane, he told me his cock twitches unexpectedly.

    Whenever we are in the car going anywhere, im almost always begging him to let me suck him off. I cant wait to suck him till hes hard and swallow everything. Lets just say im his bitch in the bedroom now. Giving him that power salvage our ret

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    Straight Male / 29

    I've been working on the race car in the garage for the last few weeks and one of the neighbor's sons started hanging out and trying to learn. He's 18 and a bit quiet, but having another set of hands around makes my life easier. Sometimes Dave brings his "girlfriend" Sammi around to hang out with him. I can tell by their interactions that there is nothing really going on between them, they just hold hands sometimes and I've never seen them kiss in public. Dave was hanging out last night with Sammi when I got a call from the parts store that some back ordered parts had just arrived and if I hurried, I could pick them up before closing. I asked Dave if he would take my pick up to the store and get the parts, and he jumped at the offer. He's always had a thing for my truck and loves driving it. Sammi said she would stay and help me while he was gone,

    As soon as he left, Sammi changed her attitude. She started talking about how Dave wouldnt try anything with her and started crying. I was afraid where this was going, but when she came to me for a hug, I did. Soon I was rubbing her back and ass as she just hugged me. She looked up and kissed me, and all bets were off. When I pulled her t shirt up and started kissing and squeezing her breasts, she was moaning. I told her she could never tell anyone and she agreed. I started rubbing her crotch thru her jeans and she got so wet and was grinding against my hand. I opened the button on her pants and grabbed her ass under her tiny panties as I kissed her. I turned her around and tugged her pants down and started kissing her ass. She was a quick learner and bent over to allow me to tongue her asshole. I spread her legs and rubbed her pussy as I ate her ass. When she started to cum she was louder than my motor and just collapsed on the floor. I knew I couldn't fuck her, but I showed her how to stroke me until I came on her tits. We cleaned up and went back to work. Dave showed up around 45 minutes later and asked Sammi if she wanted to go for a ride in the truck, she said yes and winked at me as she left.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I'm a virgin, and I masturbate a lot. I watch porn and read sex stories and cum to that. I just tried having live webcam sex today. I didn't show my face, or my pussy. I did, however, show my boobs. I was so wet. I came. After that, I felt so dirty and so ashamed. Never doing it again

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    Straight Female / 38

    I caught the neighbors son standing in his window watching me while I sunbathed. He was shirtless and while I could only see from his stomach up I could tell from his facial expressions and arm movements what he was doing. It turned me on so much that I've started trying to tease him. Ill walk the dog in a tight shirt and shorts with no bra when hes outside. Ill walk the house in my underwear with the blinds open. Ive even bought a tiny bikini, the bottom is a g string that barely contains my labia and covers just above my cleft and the top part barely covers my areola and feels like my tits are always about to spill out of them. Ive even started shaving my pussy bald, I haven't done that since i was in my 20s

    I re-positioned my lounge chair so that its still on my upstairs deck but now my bottom faces toward him. its harder to see him watch me when im on my stomach but i like being "on display" ill sit up and take extra time rubbing the lotion on my breasts making sure the go under the tiny top as well then my arms, stomach and side. then I sit and spread my legs and lotion up ad down my calves and thighs rubbing right up to the edge of the tiny fabric then ill finish my rubbing my hand over my lips a few times before laying down

    Ill lay there watching him do his thing then roll over on my stomach with my legs spread im to chicken to look back and watch but ill pretend to look back and itch my leg or to grab my phone he usually done and gone by the time my back finishes but when hes not ill go back in take off the top and walk around in just the bottoms making sure to linger in front of the windows facing his house

    A few times Ive been horny enough to walk back out topless and grab a "forgotten" item but im to chicken to look till I run back in

    I feel kind of bad since im married and practically seducing the teen half my husbands age next door but he loves everything so far he just doesn't know its not for him and it really has sparked my marriage back up. We went from less then once a month and always in the bedroom to at least 1-2 times a week and all over the house he takes me like he used to when we both met.

    Well thats my confession. Id probably never let it go past watching but thanks to that young man making me feel sexy again its changed everything for the better

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