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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - urine, piss, whatever - have become popular. This is the place for all such confessions and stories.

So if you have a pee fetish and want to air it out a little, then this is the place for you - these types of posts will not be allowed in another other place on the site.
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    Straight Female / 51

    Recent;y read a story about a sexual awakening than happened between two female friends and it made me think of my friend:

    This happened many years ago but I sometimes think of her and hope that she is alright and that we can see each other again one day. She made no secret of the fact that she was a confirmed lesbian. At the same time she was respectful of anyone not living that lifestyle and was never abusive or sexually aggressive.

    The first time I saw her I felt an arousal that I couldn't identify: an odd swirling sensation in my clitoris, hardening of my nipples and throbbing in my pelvis, like my body was aching for her. It was a feeling I had NEVER felt for any other female in my life.

    She had delicate features in a lovely balanced face, short blonde wavy hair and soft dark Brown eyes with naturally long curved eyelashes. Beautiful skin with little freckles. She looked like a goddess to me.

    Over time, as we became better acquainted, I found that I liked her more and more - she was very intelligent, witty and a bit of a scamp. So of course, when she asked if I wanted to go out for drinks one night with her and the others of her work group, I said yes.

    We went to a club that was very popular in Europe during the 80's: Teeth-rattling techno-pop with no end and lots of strobe lights. I remember that we had drinks at her place before we left. I had a glass of wine and fought the growing urge to kiss her or touch her breasts. On the way to the club I fantasized about unbuttoning her blouse to lick and suck her nipples; I wondered how it would feel to kiss her mouth and enjoy her tongue exploring mine, to fondle her breasts and stroke her clitoris.

    At the club, I got intoxicated enough to slip and fall on the dance floor: Embarrassed, I got up and went toe ladies room to splash water on my face in the hopes of straightening up. As I started out the door of the ladies lounger, she walked in: we looked at one another for a moment and suddenly I gave in to my desires: I KISSED her full on the mouth and thrust my tongue inside to taste hers and ran the tip along her mouth. God I wanted to go down on her and give her a thrill she would always remember. I have never given any female oral sex but I was ready to pleasure HER. On the way home I invented excuses to slide my hand into her shirt breast pocket so I could stroke her nipples. I loved watching her flush and get excited by my touch - she was so cute, turning red when I tickled her nipples on the drive home and when we got back and she kissed me while stroking my tits, I almost climaxed. We never got a chance to remove our clothes to spend a whole night exploring each other, kiss or suck each other's nipples or clits. We had one really glorious passionate intense KISS, and that was that. I moved away and we never saw one another again.

    I wanted to please her. I have never wanted anyone before or since even remotely close to the same way. Every time that I think of her I get very moist and my clit starts to pulse involuntarily.

    I still feel that I need to talk with her - to tell her what she has meant to me all these years and to let her know that I wish her only happiness.

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    Straight Male / 49

    When I was young my sister had a friend that had the hots for me I was 12yrs old at the time. She was 16 or 17 and a very hot red head that had the nerve to tell me when I get older she's gonna fuck me well when I turned 18 she came home with my sister one night after drinking. She started kissing me a said your old enough now, I said. I ready to fuck you now! She said I'm ready too!.. we went to my room. And went to town! I sucked her shaved pussy so good she could stop cumming. When she sucked my dick. I said I'm going to cum all over your face for making me wait so long. She said you can do what ever you want with me!.{ my girl friend would not let me cum on her face} so. Let her have it! I was cumming on her face seconds it was in her eyes, up her nose and all aruond her lips. She said fuck me now I want to see what I missed waiting. We fucked and fucked till her bald pussy got so sore wwe had to take a joint break. Then we fucked again my cock fucked her pussy so good it made her scream!. I stsrted to cum and cum I. Felt it. Shoot all. Your cum in my pussy I want it in me she said. I never shot so much cum in a pussy like that night.

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    Straight Female / 19

    I was out at a night club celebrating Australia Day, it was all good until we were in taxi bay waiting for our life home when all suddenly a fight broke out between my boyfriend and another boy, the police got called, they ended up taking my boyfriend in to the station for a while, while they chatted to me about what happened. I had this handsome police officer who really wasn't interested about question me what happen. We were flirting back and forth. He told me to guess his age i said 23 but apprently he was almost over 10 years that.we insteadly had chemisty and a connection. Halfa minutes went by and they finished their 'questioning' and I needed life home so they offered to drop me off at this time tere was also another officer, a women but half way home she got dropped off at the police station because they was some emergency there. So it was just me and the man who was questioning me before. As it got to me house he said he'll walk me to my door to make sure nothing happens. We got to my door as I said bye and thank you for lift he grabed my hip and push me up against him and started to kiss me passionately I was in shock but I want it so bad. We stood there kissin for about 20 secondsg untill I decided to work my hands down his pants, his dick was the hardest biggest I've ever felt I wanted it there and then so I told him to fuck me now, he hesitated for a second but then pulled up my dress up, took his huge throbbing cock out, he picked me up against the wall and begane to pump the absolute fuck out of me, I was so wet to think this cop wanted me that bad, I could feel myself cumming over and over again. This was the hottest and best I've ever had, he told me we had to make it quick but I didn't mind because he already gave me the best orgasium of my life. I could feel him about to come before I could say anything he held down my hips and I could feel his hot cum fill me up. As he finished he told me not to tell anyone because he could lost his job and I promised I wouldn't, plus if my boyfriend every found out I would be done. I feel terrible but can't stop thinking about it but deep down I really want and need to see that man again.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 50

    I'm a 50 year old woman and I masturbate often about my daughters girlfriends. My daughter is 19 and most of her friends are 18-23. I have this excitement about younger ladies and am drawn to masturbate and fantasize about them. If on of her friends is visiting our home, I will sit and talk with her and then go to my room and masturbate about her. I usually think about her watching me masturbate and fantasize that she likes watching older women and I'm fulfilling her fantasy. Other times, I picture her eating me after she has asked to do so. These are the hottest masturbation sessions I have with powerful orgasms. I now even watch younger ladies on the internet and masturbate to them. It sounds crazy but it's real and I have been doing for over a year now.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Speaking from the past: True Story
    I was still kind of young and I am bi. I have 2 pit bulls and they are both males and are 6 months old. I was 4'7 and they were almost up to my waist. They always follows me wherever I go and literally keeps licking me everywhere on my legs and is always trying to pull me down. Whenever I sit down they would jump on me and start licking my crotch and I would just push them off but they would continuously come back and start licking me again until I stand up. I still live with my parents and but they are workaholics so they are never home except the weekends so i'm always home with my older brother who is always in his room playing games. I like to where sweatpants in my house and sometimes they would try to pull my pants off making me bend down to pull it up so they can start humping me. They've been like this for almost 2 months.

    When every I lay on my stomach they would get my pants off. One would climb on my waist and the other would walk over my head until his penis was touching my face and then would start humping me like crazy. For a few minutes of me letting them hump me I got up and felt my butt because he had penetrated my butthole and I felt something slimy. It was my dogs cum. I went to go change. It kind of sucks because I have to go through this almost everyday.

    It was a saturday morning and I woke up to my dogs licking my penis. It was the best feeling I ever felt. Everyday they would do the same thing. Lick me, hump me, and try to get on my back when i'm on all four. I eventually started to get used to it. Now sometimes we would go to my room, lock the door, and then I would strip ass naked, get on the floor on all four and let them have me. I really enjoy it. Their dicks are 5 1/2 inches. Everytime they went back and forth in my butt and mouth it felt so good. Everytime the give me a load I would watch it leak out and then it's next round. I eventually stopped because it started to become a habit, but we did it longer. I let them take showers with me so as I stand there in the shower they can lick my penis.

    You know what they say, "Man's Best Friend".

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    Straight Female / 18

    Cheated on my boyfriend last weekend and it felt so good, never been so wet and juicy in my life, he pounded me for hours. It was such intense passionate sex could feel his thick big cock pulse inside of me while he shot his hot load in me twice. And now I just want more and more, now have a obsession with thick cocks and feeling the hot cum inside me, someone please help me out

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    Straight Male / 45

    My niece is 16 years old,so we sat down to watch a movie,she goes sits on the couch, i'm sitting on the recliner,she threw the blanket over herself she started scratching herself down below,i didn't want her to think i was staring at her cause after all she is my niece,she had her hand in her panties as what it appears not sure,she would take her hand out of her panties to smell her fingers,she took the blanket off of her,i got a erection yes i know sad i kept saying to myself this is totally wrong of me,i know i should of told her to excuse herself to go to her bedroom or to the bathroom,this went on for least a hour,mind you i kept telling her,can we like watch this movie than she stood up came over to me,ask me to look to see if she had a rash down there, her vagina was hairy, vagina lips were swelled,she even spread her vagina open to show me,she was so red inside,i tried turning my head but couldn't do much,i was feeling upset and so embarrassed this was even going on,finally she went into the bathroom i hate to say this but i masturbated like 3 times,i feel so bad this went on i'm so ashamed of myself,this is my own niece she came out of the bathroom i got up to head to the bathroom she saw the wet spot on my shorts,i had to masturbate again i know it's wrong of me, finally i cleaned up and changed my shorts i came out to watch the movie over again cause it was on the Dvr recording, she was on the couch and looked over me with a smile, i'm just wondering why she did this,there is no excuse for both of our behaviors

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    Straight Female / 18

    I want to fuck my real father I found out who he is and he fathered me when he was very young around 9-12 years old and my mother at the time was married. I have lived with my real mum and the man I have known til last year as my dad, but as soon as I seen a photo of my real dad I knew it was him. I feel so horny around him and just want him so bad. I want it to happen because I have so many "abandonment/daddy issues" all my life deep down I knew the truth without being told. I just want him to be mine and I don't want to share him when I meet him. I want to be his everything. am I dirty for being this way?? we have talked and sex chatted a lot on line I just want his cock so bad. I know I deserve him more then any other woman on earth. I want him to see the real me- the easy going sweet girl, the troubled teenager/ assault victim and the skilled student I am, and the lover I want to be with him. I just want to get away from my parents who are driving me nuts and get to know my real dad. He has sexually teased me a little and I love it. I am afraid of my other dad I live with could end up raping me and I can't cope with that. I know that guy in the photo looks like me more and has to be the real deal. I have to make him want me and love me.

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    Straight Male / 26

    Talk about DAV's with privileges! I was in Afghanistan when an enemy land mine exploded directly beneath my jeep. I was lucky you might say, my life was spared but my hearing went to hell. I immediately began hearing nothing but ringing in my ears. After 6 months of surgery with no improvements I was fit with binaural hearing aids and medically discharged. I do get a small disability check monthly but I'd much rather have my hearing back.
    Anyway, my two neighbors living on either side of me are in the Army National Guard and are deployed to Afghanistan at this time. They will be gone for 12 months (9 more) unless our President pulls out. So one day one of my neighbor ladies came for a visit and ask questions about what her husband was going through, knowing I was there. While we were talking she noticed out the window that out neighbor from the other side was walking past, knowing she was going to visit her she went to the door and called her in. The three of us sat and chatted for a while. Let me call them Mary and Ruth. Ruth eventually asked how the girls looked over there and I replied they didn't cross my mind at first but after a month or so they began to look better and then a few months later they were beautiful. Mary laughed and said that means that after a while separated from American Women those began to turn him on. And Ruth said that she had interpreted it the same way. Mary then said, "If our husbands are enjoying themselves then why are we sitting at home, and laughed. I joined in and asked, "Then is there a better place and time to start than right here and now??" and kinda smiled. Ruth said, "Excuse us a minute." and they both went into the bathroom but was right back out. They sat on either side of me. Mary spoke first, "We decided that you seem to have a good head on your shoulders and if you can keep a secret we agreed to take you up on that offer." And my comeback was, "Then what are we waiting on??" and that started it. They both started removing my clothing and rubbing my body all over as it became bare. I too was bust fondling their bodies and undressing them. Mary was first to shed her blue jeans and she had no panties on underneath, I slid my hand between her lets and began massaging her wet pussy. Ruth just looked at us but soon she was undressed also and was rubbing her own pussy and squeezing her nipples. I then started massaging two pussies, one with each hand. Mary leaned back resting her head on the back of the coach and spred her legs and started moaning. They now had me completely naked so I slid down on my knees and started kissing MAry on her clit. She was really having the time of her life. I began giving her what I hoped was the best oral sex of her life. Ruth wiggled around, go on the floor and took my hard dick into her mouth. She was well experienced. After I knew that Mary had several orgasms I turned, lifted Ruth and gave her a big French kiss, insuring that I got all of Mary's love juices on Ruth. I then invited Ruth to suck Mary's pussy but she refused. Saying that wasn't her bag and I told her she had just tasted Mary's pussy from my lips. She looked at Mary and asked, "What do you think??" And Mary replied, "I'm game if you are." So Ruth begins sucking Mary's pussy and I sat beside Mary and she leaned over and started gining me head. She was really good also. While this was going on I had my own thoughts, "What if these two are setting me up to something?? What can I do??" I decided that I was gonna persuade Mary to reciprocate and suck Ruths pussy, then I could use this to my advantage if they ever tried to blackmail me. So I did, I pulled away and told Mary it was her time to suck Ruth while I watched. It took no persuading, she was right on it. I was kissing Ruth's lips and enjoying Mary's love juices while Mary was sucking Ruth and making her squirm and moan. I could teel as she orgasimed, she'd moan and stiffen up. Her entire body would quiver but Mary would keep right on sucking.
    It did not take much of this until I had to have my hard dick throbbing inside each of their pussy. I would alternate fucking each. I know both were well satisfied when I finally shot my load all over both their bodies. They just lay there and rubbed the cum on each others body. They had their fill and I'm sure they will not go telling because of what I talked them into and they swear it was boths first with the lesbian affair. But I think they both enjoyed it. But like I have always heard, "If you get turned on enough, anything is subject to happen."
    This happened two weeks ago and there has been no repeat action. I'm thinking and hoping they were satisfied for awhile but I'm positive we will get together again before their other half returns home. Maybe as another threesome and then maybe individually. I'll be ready.

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    Straight Male / 31

    As a senior officer in the Army ROTC at the university, the kids in the corps give me a lot of respect. They hang around our office so much their bitches start to show up. And fuck those young sluts are hot. I can tell they know that and show it off to tease men anyway.

    There's this chick named Samantha, we call her Sam. She is the girlfriend of one of the guys in the corps, both of them sophomores I think. And let me just say Sam is a fine ass bitch. I had heard from some of the kids that share a dorm with her boyfriend that she's a whore in the bedroom too. And then one day, I found out myself.

    That night, the whole group of us were going down to the club, some of their girlfriends came along including Sam. Her loser boyfriend is a light-weight and started puking the bathroom not longer after we started drinking. Too be honest, I got pretty shitfaced myself. I realized Sam was left dancing with just her girlfriend that came with us. I got up and got closer to them. Sam looked fucking wasted. To my amazement she started grinding her ass against me and didn't resist when I grabbed her legs while dancing with her. She smelled really good, a mix of perfume and booze. I think it really turned her on when I lightly nip her ear and neck. She reached down and grabbed my hard on.

    When we saw Sam's boyfriend coming back, I squeezed her ass one last time and walked away. I got to drive them home when we were done because he's too wasted. I threw his drunk ass in the backseat and she sat in the front passenger's seat. Before I started driving, I tried to flirt with Sam about our 'unfinished business'. She went along with it and started to pull my dick out. She started stroking it and first when we were making out and then I told her to suck me, which she did. She checked on her boyfriend for a moment and went right back to my dick She said it was getting late so I started driving but told her to keep sucking. She told me she doesn't swallow and wanted me to cum on her face. When I was close, I pull to the side of the street and cummed in her mouth anyway. Damn she gave some good head that night.

    I saw her at a party later the following week and tried to dance with her. She acted all weird and said we made a mistake. That kinda pissed me off and talked to her some more after the party. She was a bit drunk by then and I ended fucking her against the wall in the storeroom of that house. I was still a bit pissed so I fucked her really hard. Nice and deep from behind. I kept pushing her up the wall so I could get deeper inside her c**t. I asked if she was on birth control when I was close. She said she wasn't and wanted me to pull out. I said good and cummed deep inside her regardless. Who the hell does this tease think she is to tell me where to shoot my load. I pulled out and put my pants back on after wiping my cock clean with her sexy lace thong. I could see my cum dripping down her leg and said didn't you say it was a mistake lol To which her response was 'asshole'

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