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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    Incredible experience - much older wife is a nurse, and patient with my BDSM likes...she knows I'm into humiliation in a big way, and is always trying to come up with something too tough for me. She found it! Tied, force-fed a six pack of beer, then a clear half-inch plastic pipe taped to a condom, on me, the other end through the hollow core of a penis gag, also taped in place.

    Didn't take long for the beer to work its way through me, and then I had to pee. No way to stop it, very quickly. Rushed up the pipe, and hit me in the back of my throat, triggering an involuntary swallow reflex. So the day proceeded, as the beer recycled through me endlessly, not a drop being wasted. Wife laughing herself sick at my predicament. Tiring of that. she re-configured the lower end, and gave me an enema, using the same pipe, with a different end.

    In a short time, the pipe began to fill again, as it came ever closer, and then it was triggering the same swallow reflex as before, only this time the liquid was brown, and the recycling took longer. Again not a drop was wasted.

    "A nd you say I'm not cruel enough, with you!" she giggled. "I think I'll watch a movie now, and just keep an eye on you!" Wide latex band snapped in place over my eyes, and ear-buds taped in place, leading from the radio, with a loud fire-and-brimstone preacher thundering inescapably in my ears. Of course I am very anti-religious too, as an additional irony, and now had to listen to this asshole hour after hour, as my digestive system got the workout of a lifetime, the Viagra keeping me interested, also hour after hour.

    I couldn't even beg for an end to it, and she checked my vitals constantly, as the hours passed. Turns out she was making a video, and put it on You-tube, anonymously, where it went viral! Also found out later she invited several of her nurse friends over to view my utter humiliation, but as sensorially deprived as I was, I had no idea.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Ever since turning 21 last year, I've been enjoying the wonders of getting drunk. Though I haven't ever run into bladder issues, I can attest to have many urges and trips to piss.

    Well, one early morning I woke up a bit hungover, but still more in a drunken daze. I was feeling too cozy to get out of bed despite the urgent need to go. Now, I'll admit, I often wished I could just let it go on regular mornings, but I knew better and got out of bed to hit the bathroom. This time, I just let it happen without even hesitating. It was such a warm, pleasant, and relieving experience. At the end, I pretty much passed right out again.

    The next time I woke up wasn't as pleasurable. It was damp and cold with a bad headache. I figured the damage was done, so I relieved myself again. It wasn't much, but it still felt really nice. The regrettable and embarrassing part of it was cleaning up and trying to keep this wetting experience hidden from my roommate. He wouldn't let me live it down if he found out I pissed myself.

    Anyway, the sheets were cleaned, and the mattress was...well, it was scrubbed clean, but I'm sure the interior was fucked. My roommate had no idea it ever happened. Anyway, the experience was an eye-opener for me. On one hand, I really enjoyed the wetting feeling, but dealing with the mess and regret? It just doesn't seem worth it.

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    Straight Female / 22

    I'd gone to a party with my boyfriend, Paul. As the night went on we sort of drifted apart, as most people do at parties.

    I found myself talking to, Amy, a girl about my own ages. She was very, pretty in a fresh, unpretentious, sort of way. But, underneath, she was very cynical and extremely funny. I hadn't laughed so much in a long time. We really got on great.

    When Paul and I were leaving I went upstairs to get our coats. As I came out of the bedroom Amy was standing right outside the door. I smiled and stood to one side to let her through. But, suddenly, she started to kiss me. Her tongue was in my mouth and her hand was up my skirt, right inside me. I was that shocked I just stood there, like a dork, a coat over each arm. Her fingers withdrew and then gave my clit a little squeeze. It was all over in seconds. As she broke free our eyes met. I was bewildered, embarrassed and turning ten different shades of red. Amy just giggled, looked me full in the face and slowly licked her fingers, pecked me on the cheek, and disappeared into the loo. Later, I found her mobile number in my coat pocket.

    I've never had the hots for a girl. Neither am I lesbian or bisexual. Why is it then that I can't stop thinking about her? Why have I kept her number? And why was sex with Paul that night simply fantastic???

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    Straight Male / 25

    Peeing Sister.

    My sister Jana is 4 years older than me. She is a real looker, tall and thin, with long legs and long sandy blonde hair to match. I am not good at these things but I estimate that she is a b-cup size.

    When she was 18 Jana got into the bad habit of going to the bars (even though the legal drinking age here is 21) and staying out late at night, which frustrated our parents to no end.

    One Friday night she came home late after midnight, and was clearly a little tipsy. She was wearing a tight black skirt which was way too short and showed flashes of her yellow panties. She also wore a skanky black blouse, which showed ample cleavage and made her look a lot larger on top than she actually was.

    I had stayed up to watch some late night movies, since I had no dating game as an awkward teenager. As she was drunk Jana needed to relieve herself. Our one bathroom was occupied by our mom, who was taking a bath to unwind from another hard week of her ordering us around.

    Jana was really desperate, but she did not want to interrupt our mom because she had already broken curfew. She asked me for help with what to do. I told her to use the kitchen sink, but she knew that I was joking. Then I told her that I had used the floor drain in our garage a couple of times when I was desperate.

    So Jana headed to the garage, and I discreetly followed because I partly didn't think that she was actually going to do it. In her haste, Jana had left the garage door to the house ajar a bit. From the opened door, I could secretly watch without been seen (or so I thought).

    Since Dad was working nights and had the car, the floor drain was fully exposed in the centre of the garage. Jana hiked up her skirt, pulled off her panties, and squatted over the drain. I caught only a brief glimpse of her sweet derriere. I had a side view and I really could not see much of anything.

    At first nothing seemed to be happening (perhaps Jana was nervous). Then I heard a little tinkle, followed by a gushing noise as Jana completely voided her bladder.

    Jana stood up to compose herself and I rushed back to the couch so I would't get caught. Jana came storming in, told me that she knew I was watching all along, and called me a perv.

    I thought this was an one-time thing and I hadn't really seen anything, but certainly had sound effects.

    Jana continued her pattern of going to the bars and staying out late at night. She also started coming in more through the garage door into the house, and at first I thought it was to avoid mom. But I got curious to see if she was still using the floor drain as an emergency toilet.

    So one night when I heard her boy-toy for the evening drop her off after hours, I decided to check it out. She came through the side exterior garage door and had in tow a guy who was old enough to be our dad. At first they started to make out, but she fought him off and then whispered something in his ear. To my surprise, the guy pulled out his wallet and handed Jana a wad of cash.

    Jana moved to the centre of the garage, and began to do a little dance for the guy. She slipped off her panties, and then I began to get an idea what was going to happen. But instead of squatting, Jana lifted up her one leg giving the guy (and me) a clear view of her pussy and blonde peach fuzz. Then Jana began to piss all over the garage floor, but she did not have much control and much of the pee ran down her standing leg.

    I had not noticed (I had better things to attend to), but at sometime during all this action the guy had whipped out his cock and was jerking off. Jana was not have any of this, so she pretended to hear a noise, and rushed the guy out before they got.

    This little scene went into my spank bank, but little did I know that there would be others to follow. Jana kept bringing older guys into our garage late at night. These were the type of guys she would never be caught dating. She kept on putting on these pee shows for them, and a few even let her pee in their faces. And they always paid a wad of money.

    One day I had to take a life-altering crap myself, so I had parked myself on our throne with the appropriate reading material (Penthouse Forum). Suddenly I heard Jana banging on the bathroom door that she had to take a leak. I told her to get lost as I was taking care of my own bodily functions.

    We did not have a very good bathroom lock, so Jana just turned the door knob hard and burst into the bathroom. She quickly took off her shoes, climbed into the bathtub, and pulled the shower curtain closed. I could hear her fumbling to remove her panties and I thought that I was going to be treated another sound effects show.

    But to my surprise, Jana pulled the shower curtain back open. Her skirt was completely hiked up, she had one leg raised on the bathtub edge, and she was pantiless, fully exposing her now shaved pussy. Jana told me that she knew I had been watching her garage shows, but she said that she felt safer with me there. She still called me a pervert, but she said that I deserved a treat because I had kept quiet about everything, and especially the money.

    I think the need to pee was just a ruse to get into the bathroom, because nothing had happened by this time. Jana then noticed the Forum in my hand, and ask me what I was reading. I meekly said "nothing", so she told me to read her a story.

    I desperately tried to find a story on peeing, but could not. So I started to read her a story about a Finnish family playing in a sauna. I was amazed at how Jana reacted. At first she inserted one then two fingers into her pussy and began to diddle herself. I was memerized until Jana told me it was no fair, and she wanted to also see me play with myself.

    My cock was right there so I started to stroke it. It became a real juggling act trying to read the Forum in one hand, jerking myself with the other, all while intensely watching my sister finger herself.

    Although we did not touch each other at first, our bodies became in-sync. First our breathing, then our moaning and groaning. Suddenly my sister's face began to contort and her body began to convulse uncontrollably as she went through her first wave of orgasm.

    Then I began to lose my shit, and with the first sign of pre-cum Jana grabbed my cock and began to jerk ropes of my man-juice all over the bathroom floor. Jana was really turned on by this, and vigorously began to fap her pussy again until she had another orgasm.

    Fortunatel y we were in the bathroom, and took a shower together to clean-up, with Jana introducing me to making-out, and with me fully exploring my sister's wet body with my hands.

    I am glad to say that this brought our relationship to a new level. I continued to watch my sister's pee shows and even took a few photos in case any of the guys created a problem. Jana even threw some cash my way. And she coninued to use me as her boy-toy whenever she wanted, which was worth more than any money that she could give me.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I met her in college and when I got transferred to Boston she was the only person I knew. I crashed with her while I looked for a place. The problem was that she had a one bedroom small apartment and insisted I sleep with her instead of the lumpy couch. A week of sleeping with her and she wants to pillow talk every night. She butts up to me, she moves around all night, she hogs the bed, I finally get peace at night by spooning her. Girl on girl spooning.

    I had to pee so I let her go and went to the bathroom, when I got back in bed she hugs onto me, I finally just lie on my back and hold her on my chest. Her warmth was more than I could take, I am totally awake with her in my arms so I caress her shoulders and kissed her cheek. Her arm reaches around my neck. I am beyond crazy holding her so I wake her gently to kiss her. She kisses back and we start to neck until we succumb to some serious sex. It is three a.m. we are wide awake, we are totally silent, she is still in my arms where she was when she climaxed, I am yet to climax so I put her hand between my legs and grab her neck and she massaged me into a climax.

    It was my first girl climax, I had made out but never climaxed, it was her first girl time. The awkward silence the next day was the testament that we had crossed the line. She snuggles up to be spooned, we only make out in bed, we go further now, and are experimenting, when all else fails a hand massage usually does the trick.

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    Straight Female / 21


    Wet sex in the woods

    I was walking home from school with boyfriend Jimmy and I was desperate for a wee. When I told him he suggested that we took a detour through the woods so I could relieve my aching, full to bursting bladder. When we got into the woods I noticed Jimmy had an erection and it was big. He asked me if I'd mind if he watched and I felt a bit embarrassed but I let him. I lifted my school dress up and hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my knickers ready to pull them down when Jimmy told me to stop. He told me not to pull my knickers down and I told him I would wet myself if I didn't. He unzipped his trousers and took out his penis and started stroking himself as I felt a spurt of pee shoot into the crotch of my knickers. Jimmy said I could pee now and I told him I'd started already. He kept stroking himself as I relaxed my bladder and peed through my knickers and down my legs. It was a huge turn as well as a relief to get my bladder emptied and when I finished I took my knickers off Jimmy took them off me and wrapped them around his penis. I thought he was going to climax into them but he started to pee through them instead. Man that got me so horny and when he finished peeing in my knickers he told me to put them back on. I did as he said and I could tell by the pre cum all over his penis that Jimmy was just as horny. Without saying anything I bent over a tree branch and he entered me from behind. As soon as he got fully inside me I started to feel my climax developing and I winced with pleasure. He began to thrust in long slow strokes, almost pulling out of me before driving his nine inch penis all the way back inside me and I came. Jimmy kept going, showing no sign of stopping and two minutes later I was coming again and he pulled his penis out. I thought he was going to cum but he didn't. He was trying to make me even more horny an it worked big time. I ordered him to f**k me and I never swear like that but I was super horny and desperate for another climax. Jimmy made me suck his penis and I complied but I had to finger myself to satisfy my intensely aroused state. He told me I couldn't do that and I was so frustrated I cursed him using some language I'd never normally. Jimmy took no notice of me and he grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head towards his penis. I thought he was going to cum in my mouth but he held back and he let me go. He then picked me up under my arm pits and he lifted me up around his waist. I held on to him round the neck and wrapped my legs around him as he thrust his penis inside me. I felt my third climax developing as I moved myself up and down his penis and I came in two minutes. I told him he could cum inside me and after a while I could feel his penis twitching in my vagina and I came for a fourth time. At the same moment I felt his cum spewing deep inside me and my orgasm intensified so much everything was a blur and I felt so much pleasure. Afterwards we relaxed on the grass and got dressed and walked home stinking of sex and pee and it was so erotic.

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    Lesbian Female / 18

    I'm an 18 year old girl and I love swimming with my girlfriend. When the need to pee we like to have cuddle in the water and we just pee through our swimming costumes. No one can tell what we're doing but the two of us and I love the way the water warms up when she starts to go and then it gets even warmer when I start going.
    Oh and the dye they're supposed to add to the pool to show when you pee is a myth as the water doesn't change colour. Even when two of us with full bladders let go in water.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    I was a bed wetter as a child. Wet the bed 3 or 4 times week. I was spanked every single time I wet the bed. Bare bottom spanking from Mom with a wooden paddle or bar bottom strappings from Dad belt. No nonsense. teach a lesson, serious spankings. Parents thought I was to lazy to get up to pee, thought I was sneaking extra water to drink. The bed wetting continued into teens. They took to a doctor who said I weak valve and I would grow out of it. I wa still bedwetting at 15 and still being soundly bare bottom spanked at 15. With 4 other siblings in the house they knew and sometimes tried to watch. Sometimes other relatives heard the spankings. I was spanked every time I wet the bed no matter how sore my bottom was. Because sometimes I wet the bed 2 or 3 days in a row. I thought I must deserve the spankings and the punishment. Now many years later I now wet the wet on purpose. A few people know id do this. I have bedroom set up dowmstaris with single bed with and flannel PJ's just like a young boy. Sometimes I get the spanking I want and know I need and deserve. Serious no nonsense punishment spankings on the bar bottom so I cant sit down for a week or two. I want to be spanked more often by others. To be embarrassed and teased. To get the wooden paddle from any female, to get the belt from any man. If it will get in the mood to spank me......I stand in the kitchen and wet my pants like a naughty little boy.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I went on a destination wedding as a guest for one of my sorority sisters to Hawaii, Maui actually. Everything was preset, she used a well known wedding planner, lots of guests, lots of fun. I am single, not married, never married as I am 26. This is her first marriage, I guess because everyone seems to have a first wedding and later a second marriage. During the reception I ended up dancing with a friend of mine, also female and a man sat at a table and watched us. It was to be honest pretty erotic for me, dancing for him like that. My friend caught on and we danced rather provocatively, enjoying the swoosh of our gowns around our legs and bending over and walking backwards in front of him to give him a look down our front. He sat at the table with his hand in his lap stroking himself through his pants.

    When the music stopped for a break my friend and I headed for the ladies room and when we came out our audience friend was waiting for us. He was up front about it and told us we really put on a show for him but if we really wanted to be nice to him why didn't we dance for him in his room, maybe we had a lot more to show him. He gave us his room number and gave me a key card to his room and said he was going upstairs and he was waiting for us. The first reaction of ours was to tell him to fuck off, but when we got back out to the reception it was boring, we didn't like the music and we talked and agreed and maybe we could get laid if we went up to his room.

    We knocked first and opened the door and he had moved the table out of the way and put the chair in the middle, he was in his shorts and when we came in he was stroking himself out right. There was a porn movie on the TV and two girls were going for it and he sat down and said 'let the show begin'. He put on some music over his phone using a small speaker, dance music and he asked that we take our time showing him our goods. While we danced and undressed he stroked his cock which was totally out of his shorts asking us to come over and kiss his cock as we danced and got undressed. The girls on the TV were kissing and sucking tits but they weren't licking each other yet so we started to kiss as we took off our dresses until we were totally topless making out for him. Somehow he avoided going off and we continued to dance and make out and slowly took off our panties until we were totally naked for him.

    He asked us to turn around and bend over and twerk for him while he held our hips and kissed our butthole with long hot tongue work and poked his fingers into us. He sent us to the bed to continue making out and lick each other, which is what the girls on the TV were doing, wide open legs and long tongues shooting in and out of a vagina. By then we were both pretty hot, I was getting to the point that I wanted him to just take a hold of me and get it over with but we continued to lick each other while he lay beside us and fingered us or kissed and licked our buttholes. I was no longer in control and I kept grabbing and hurting my boobs, I was dry humping up against my friend grabbing for his cock and asking him to put me out of my misery.

    Time came and he fucked on me for several strokes and then fucked on my friend for several strokes, he asked us to put our rears up for him and he licked our buttholes again before putting his cock up against our buttholes and making his way in until he was able to give us complete strokes and his balls slapped our butt cheeks. He was passing from her to me when he ran his cock deep in my butthole and he grabbed me hard and he came. Although the feeling was great it was anticlimactic, I wanted him to fuck my pussy and come in me there but I had to settle for getting my butt fucked. We sat there while he looked at us both frustrated that we hadn't been properly laid and settled into some slow and deliberate petting but we just could not get aroused. The girls on the TV had long since been done and the only thing on was a movie of some guy visiting his sister in the suburbs so we turned the TV off.

    We washed ourselves and him and I lay beside him playing with his cock until I was able to get him up again and pulled him onto me and let him fuck me the right way. As he got up he got his enthusiasm back and I did get properly fucked and finished, which is what I like. My friend had to settle for the fun of being there but never had him give her his cum. We went back to our room around four and we saw him again around eleven at the brunch. We had a hello and a short pat on the shoulder and he told me he enjoyed the night before and I should be a professional but he was glad I wasn't.

    I do remember the wedding, my first destination wedding, my friend and I still talk about it and she is still somewhat resentful that with all that went on she never actually got laid, but hey no one meant to hurt her feelings. We have tried to get enthused together but the mood isn't there. I keep in touch with him, and we are flirting about meeting him in Cabo later in the year. I sort of want to go, but I want to go alone.

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    Lesbian Female / 21

    My school was small and if you were one of the rich kids you went one way and the rest of us went the other way. About me, I was not one of the rich kids but I was one of the straight A kids and that put me into some of the advanced classes with the rich kids. I did better than most and one of the girl kids who was in my advanced Latin class was not going to pass and she asked me to tutor her. It was then that I actually went into the house of the one of the rich kids. Her father was the dentist in town and she had sisters, no brothers, and each sister had her own room, and she and one sister shared a bathroom, and they had a media room and a living room and a dining room and a breakfast room and a garage for four cars and paintings on the wall a swimming pool and tennis courts and her mother didn't work and her sisters and she were in all sorts of clubs and after school activities and she had perfect hair and nails and clothes. To a girl who lived in the Sunny Side Apartments with a single mother that worked as the manager for the Sunny Side Cleaners and used food stamps and had never been to college it was too much for me.

    I won't say I was jealous, I was upset, how could she have so much and how come we didn't have anything. How could she have a car of her own and how come we had to use public transportation, I didn't know how to drive and I was a senior in High School. How could she talk about going to Italy and I never went down to D.C. How could she be so pretty and I wasn't. But I got straight As and I was there to tutor her in Latin even if I didn't get paid. I couldn't sit beside her, I got nervous, I kept staring at her, I lost my train of thought, I said things to her. She stopped me and asked me if I was hitting on her. She stops and looks at me and accuses me of liking pussy. By the end of the next day it is all over the school that I hit on her and that I liked pussy. I got a note stuffed into my backpack that said "Lick my Pussy Bitch".

    I didn't go back to her house, I graduated and went onto State with a scholarship and I didn't see them again. All I had left from my High School days was the stupid note, "Lick my Pussy Bitch". In my senior year of college I ran into her at the mall. She was just as pretty, a little bigger, she was going to Mount Holyoke in Massachusetts. She walked past me and then turned and came back and apologized for having been such an ass when we were in High School. I told her she was an ass, but then again she had always been an ass like all her friends and her sisters who were as big an ass as she was. The conversation stopped and we both went our ways.

    I was leaving the mall and she met me at the door and said she wanted to talk and not to push her away. So we went to the food court and talked. Anger and more anger but sitting with her I was overwhelmed and she talked and I listened and it was like that afternoon at her house. I wasn't listening, she had my hand in hers and she said in short statements "I am making a pass at you, will you go out with me". At Mount Holyoke there were lots of girls who were dating but not at State and I didn't know what to say. But we went out that night, we went to eat and then we went for a walk along the river.

    That night I found out that she had been put up to it by her friends and she had left the note, I found out that she wanted me to lick her pussy, she told me that she had a girlfriend at Mount Holyoke and all but she wanted to make sure that I wasn't the one because she had never stopped thinking about me. That night I liked her pussy. She has a pretty pussy, everything about her is pretty, even her pussy is pretty and she has pretty tits too. To the many guys that had crushes on her she is a total waste, she likes pussy. I had a couple of girlfriends since I got to college but nothing serious, but licking her pussy was different. I gave her my pussy to lick and then we agreed to stay in touch and see each other when we were home for the Holidays.

    Over the Holidays we licked pussy, it seems that is all we did. I went to her house again and this time I wasn't so overwhelmed, I took her to my house to meet my mother and she was overwhelmed, she had never been in a two bedroom apartment at Sunny Side. But at her house she had her own room and we went into her room and licked pussy. We got around to sucking tits, and kissing and fingering and all but we spent most of the Holidays licking pussy. Before she went back to school she put her panties in my purse and tole me to save them for her and invited me up to Mount Holyoke for a weekend to see where she was at school. She also told me that she had broken up with her girlfriend.

    Rich girls are much prettier than poor girls, and rich girls smell better. Just saying because the girl I dated was poor like me and I would never have laid on the bed at her feet licking her pussy. Finger her yes, suck her tits yes, but spend an afternoon licking pussy no.

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