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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Female / 18

    All you horny men listen up. Download this app called text plus and text me 810 671 5051

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    Straight Female / 20

    I was at work the other night at the Strip Club where I give cute guys Lap Dances. It had been one of those nights where I did a lot of dances but had one lingering problem which never seemed to stop the whole time, I couldn't stop going Pee every few minutes during each performance and I can't even count the number of times I had to pee in front of my customers because I couldn't hold it. Now not one of them complained about it, in fact they all seemed to enjoy the free show I gave them involuntarily. I had just got done in the bathroom during a short break for a long Poop and a lot more Peeing then I thought I could do in one night. Now I suppose its mainly my own fault because I rely on drinking pepsi to keep my energy going which is what forces me to keep on going pee every 5 minutes or less.

    So I take in another well paying customer for a private lap dance. I decided to be upfront and honest with him about my little peeing problem and occasionally farting, okay maybe more than occasionally but the point was to get it out there so there was no surprise for him. And just like all the other guys I danced for he welcomed it with no hesitation whatsoever and even encouraged me to just relax and let go while I danced for him. I've always been a bit shy and embarrassed by that considering I work totally naked but since he insisted I tried to do exactly that for him. So I get started slowly working my way through my moves and while squatting down with my legs spread It happened.....I Farted so Loudly I sighed with relief as hot Pee went gushing out of me all over the floor making a massive puddle. I didn't dare stop moving or I might have pooped so I stood back up and kept dancing while I Farted more and Peed down my legs at the same time. Several minutes passed and I continued to Fart and Pee non stop while finishing my dance. The guy seemed amazed and pleasantly surprised. He told I had the quite the talent to be able to maintain my composure while Peeing myself and Farting through my entire dance.

    I appreciated the compliments which of course made me blush a little and only made me have to pee even more than I already had. I finally finished my dance but I still wasn't done peeing or Farting yet. Finally at last I let out
    one more Monsterous Fart followed by a HUGE GUSH of Pee before it reduced to a small stream running down my legs and a few more large squirts before it stopped. He thanked me for such an awesome dance including all Peeing and Farting I did for him. I thanked him for his business as he walked off I waited for him to disappear from sight before I totally lost control again Farting Loudly and Peeing noisily down my legs again all over the floor for another several minutes straight.

    To narrow things down I amazed even myself at just how much I peed that night for every customer during every dance. That's one night I won't soon forget.

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    Straight Male / 29

    My ex-girlfriend was the bustiest girl I'd ever met. She was really cute and her bra size was 34JJ. She was a short curvy girl who was obsessed with science and Doctor who and a bunch of other stuff like that.

    I still remember the first time she took her bra off for me. She was straddling me after a long makeout session, shirtless with a sly grin on her face as she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. When she finally pulled the bra away from her body, her breasts literally tumbled out until the covered her entire torso, like two enormous teardrop shapes.

    I loved how sensitive her nipples were, but not as much as she did. She was even a little freaky about it. She could orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. They were big too; each nipple was as big as a stack of coins or a sewing thimble. Sometimes she would straddle me, slowly lowering herself until I was all the way inside her, wincing as she waited for her vagina to loosen up and accommodate me. Then, she'd get to work gyrating her pelvis against mine and order me to suck her nipple. I always complied with her orders. I'd take her nipple into my mouth, making love to it with my tongue while I sucked delicately. Her whimpers turned into moans.

    She loved when I did this and she had a special kind of dirty talk:

    "Does my nipple taste good?"

    "Do you want me to feed you my milk?"

    "I want you to drown in my breast milk..that's right, boy...DRINK IT"

    (She didn't lactate but she really wanted to. She asked me a few times I've i'd help her manually induce lactation. She was really turned on by the thought of that and she even tried to induce it on her own)

    After a few minutes of her grinding me balls deep while I sucked her nipple, she'd grab the other free breast with both hands, pull it up towards her face, and start sucking on the nipple herself. This was usually the final lap around the track, and I'd start thrusting to bring on her orgasm. Then she'd convulse like mad, moaning loudly while I kept her nipple locked tightly in my mouth, our bodies soaked with her sweat.

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    Straight Male / 33

    My wife's friend came out with us one night. She had to go pee really bad but didn't make it to a washroom before she began to wet her panties. She took her panties off and threw them away. We finally found a washroom and she went in to clean herself up. She was in a rather short skirt and I didn't want to make her feel self-conscious but if she bent over even slightly you could see the bottom of her butt cheeks. If she bent over more than slightly you saw more of her butt cheeks and even got a view of her pussy. We all went back to our place later and watched a movie. Her friend fell asleep as did my wife. Her friend had her legs open and you could see everything she had. She had no hair and a couple of piercings along with a tattoo. I shouldn't have but I snapped a few pictures of what I saw. She woke up and I decided to play the caring guy. I told her she was showing off more that she should be. She told me she didn't care if I saw her because I am married and probably see my wife regularly. I went to use the washroom and while I was peeing she walked in. Stood there and watched and said she had to go too. I finished and she then hiked up her skirt and began peeing as I washed my hands. I watched her pee stream out from between her legs. When she was done she held her pussy lips open and wiped. I got quite a view. We left the washroom and my wife had just woke up. I drove her friend home and she said my cock surprised her. I asked what she meant. She said it didn't matter and all that did was that I saw her and she saw me. I was confused. We got to her apartment she kissed me good night and off she went.

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    Straight Female / 23

    I'm a Facility Cleaning Person so I work alone at night cleaning various buildings but mainly bathrooms. It was just another typical night one evening cleaning bathrooms in the local marina buildings or at least I assumed it would be. That was until things took a strange turn in a wet kind of way that would make the rest of it very interesting to say the least. I guess it goes along with that saying that there's a first time for everything, only this was just totally unexpected and caught me off guard.

    while inside one of the larger stalls, I was wiping down the stainless steel walls and railings. I sat on the toilet for just a moment to adjust the case holding the toilet paper rolls and before I could finish what I was doing, I was suddenly Peeing my panties helplessly. I tried desperately to regain control but it was no use so I just sat there flooding my panties and skirt for a good several minutes straight before ending with with a Powerful Fart!

    Now that my skirt and panties were drenched, I had two choices. I could either wring therm out and wear them damp or I could strip and work naked the rest of the time I was in there. The bathroom was locked so nobody was going to come in, not while it was closed for cleaning. So I decided to take my clothes off and work completely naked the rest of the time. It was more freeing and I felt more comfortable without being hindered my clothing. In fact I found it to be kind of fun and it got my adrenaline going from the thrill of working naked. It was also much easier if I suddenly had to pee again, I could just let it come out without thinking twice about it.

    With this newfound freedom in the remainder of my night's work I got back to what I was doing cleaning bathroom stalls. Then it got even stranger. Not only was I working naked but I couldn't stop Farting. I would bend over to reach low areas and I would Fart even Louder. One Fart was so Loud and Powerful I Peed uncontrollably down my legs all over the floor at the same time.

    This went on the rest of the night. I literally spent the entire time Peeing and Farting non stop while cleaning. I did eventually get dressed again before I left to go home but the Farts continued and I wound up Peeing my panties again on and off several times on my way home.

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    Straight Male / 45

    When I was 30.
    My girlfriend and I loved anything sexual.
    We went out to have different sexual experiences. Just something different.
    My favourite for some reason, though the three women plus my girlfriend was just O M F G.... Was,,, a feminine gay guy.
    Never felt so manly and powerful.
    My girlfriend sucking my hard cock, then passing it to this guy who sucked it just as good.
    A girl and a guy sucking your big hard cock... Oh yes.. So powerful..

    Oh , my partner grabbing James ponytail and thrusting his head down while she grips my balls. Oh yes...
    My cock deep in his mouth, cumming... My partner makes sure he swallows... Oh yea!!!

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    Straight Male / 36

    I was a senior in school. Growing up in the Keys, life was, well lets say, a tad different from everywhere else. Most people I talk with say growing up didn't start until they got a car at 16, but n the keys, you got a boat at 10. Like most guys, I was already an international certified diver. So with that, let the story begin.

    Her name was Cindy. She was my senior English Teacher. She was in her middle 30's, nice body, for what the students could see, due to always wearing lose fitting dresses... as I got to see a bit more, as you will see, and nice, dirty blond hair. She kept it straight, and clean. I always like dropping my papers on her desk and catching a whiff of her hair. It usually set my day off from drab to Ahhhhh. Cindy and her husband owned a small dive boat. A six packer we called them. You could take a complement of about a half dozen divers with gear, or maybe a bit more if not all were diving. Being a certified diver, she would ask me to help out on the weekends when there would be a family with kids. I would keep the younger divers, or take the non divers snorkeling and keep them entertained while mom and dad could do their thing. The pay wasn't bad. $100 for the trip, and sometimes I would get in 4 trips a weekend.

    Well, on a few of those trips, her husband would go down and we would watch the boat. Set up for the returning divers and just do basic housekeeping. Cindy was fit. Being a Dive Master herself, she was strong and toned. She sported about a B cup and on her 5'7" frame, they fit nicely with her small rear. I would catch myself looking at her longer than I should, and at times, so would she. From time to time, she would brush her breasts or her rear against me, or back into me and feel my junk on her butt. Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of her changing out of her top through the cabin doors. She never closed them, and I know she knew.

    Well, one day in school, she asked me to stay after class. I figured I fudged a paper or something, but no. She said her husband was going out of town, and she had already made reservations for 4 dives that weekend. She asked if I would be available to help out. She said there would be extra in it for me if I got her out of a jamb. Apparently her husband was none too happy about it. Well, $400 plus for doing what I like to do! So it was a date.

    Once we got to the reef and got the divers off the boat, we sat and relaxed. We caught up from a couple of weeks ago on conversation related to diving and the area, and then just drifted off looking at the water. She got up and went into the cabin, and I, of course, attempted to get a glimpse of what she was up to. Come on, I was a senior in High School that had never been laid. Of course I was gonna look.

    After a couple of minutes, she called out for me to come down and help with something, I figured some gear came loose or she needed the head unplugged again. Nope. None of those. The only gear that came loose was her top. She was standing there with just her bottoms on and she asked me if this was what I wanted to see. I just stood there like Dickey the Dunce. She walked over and looked down at my swim trunks. "My, look at that... and a wet spot too. I would say you do like what you see." I looked down and noticed I not only had the biggest woody I had ever had the pleasure to sport, but a swamp of precum to add to it! She untied my trunks and pulled them back. "My, it's much bigger than Tim's is." Yeah, that was her husband. She let go and took my hands to her breasts. My first pair of breasts that I ever touched. They were firm and soft, She had a real sexy tan line and the skin around the nipples were snow white, That against her gold skin was a real turn on. I reacted. I put my mouth on one and played with the nipple using my tongue. She moaned. She pushed me away, pulled down my shorts and her bottoms and said, Fuck ME! My response... "I never have before!" Well, that must have been the correct answer.

    Cindy pushed me down on the V Bunk and straddled me. She held me and guided herself onto me. She buried me to the hilt and she then began to rock. That with the motion of the boat... WOW! She leaned into me and gave me her breast. I sucked it and played with it. She said, "No kids makes for firm breasts and a tight pussy... you like?" Ohhh, I liked... I liked a lot. She then guided my free hand to her vulva and had me touch her how she liked. Well, I told her I didn't think I could hold out for much longer, and she began to move like there was no tomorrow! At that she began to squeak and squeal, and I let out a moan that I had never hear before. Sure, I moaned when I jacked off... but not like that! She leaned into me and buried her head into my shoulder. As she came, she bit me. Not a love bite... I mean she bit me. After she collapsed onto me and giggled. She sat up and looked at her handy work. "I'm sorry, but I wanted you to remember your first time" I never thought Pain could feel so good.

    At that point, about 30 minutes had passed. She was Horney, it was my first time... heck, I was not out to set any records; furthermore, the divers were due to return. She got off, and left a trail of my cum on my leg and down her own. She slipped on her bikini and told me to get my trunks on and we should take a quick dip to clean up.

    Just as we climbed back in the boat, the divers started to surface. We helped them on, got their gear stowed and gave them their snacks. Pictures were taken, laughs were shared and talk of a great dive ensued with the guests. As we headed back in, Cindy leaned over me while I was at the helm and told me, "Well, we have 3 more dives this weekend. Lets say I teach you how to Muff Dive" Yep. Muff Dive. I had heard of it. And my face cracked as the dried salt gave way to a huge smile.

    The second dive of the day, I got my first lesson in Muff Diving. She showed me what she liked, what she did not like and even introduced me to the Florida Keys Snowball. Yeah, didn't see that one coming... or was it cuming?

    After the afternoon dive, we cleaned the boat down and stowed the gear. She informed me that there was an eight o'clock dive in the morning, and I should be there an hour early to set up. She than stated that it would be easier to have me tell my parents that I was staying the night in cabin so I could get an early start. So I did, and got the O.K. She fed me supper, we talked about the days dives and the day ahead, and then she looked at the bite mark. "Wow honey, I am so sorry about that." She came over to me and touched it. Then she touched other things... needless to say, when she went down on me, I knew I wasn't sleeping on the boat.

    That evening, I was shown how to doggy style with the best of them. She just could not get enough. She liked hearing her name during sex, and at one point, she told me she loved me. Ouch. Things just got weird. Well, I rolled with it. The next morning, I was awakened with a blow job and she had me give her face as she sat on mine. During that, all I could think about was Two more dives, and then sleep. HA! Who am I kidding. No I wasn't. I was thinking about hammering her the rest of the day!

    Two more dives, two more seats at the sexcapades. "Oh Cindy, I love you too" came out of my mouth during the last dive. She came almost at the instant and fell forward, holding me and kissing me for what felt like hours.

    At the end of the day, boat hosed down, gear stowed, I had to leave. He husband was due home in the morning, and we had school. I asked her if things were going to be weird, and she said no. She was right. School was no nonsense, and the only thing she asked me was if my shoulder was better. I looked at her and said I would like the other to match. Good for me, it does. Her husbands weekend was actually him moving out. He worked the boat with a friend during the week, and I had a full time weekend job for the rest of the year.

    The sex continued, but not every dive, and I stayed the weekends on the boat.. ha,nha. She also continued to say she loved me clear up until the day I told her I was going into the Navy. Being the smart guy I was, that was a month after graduation and two days before I was leaving for boot camp. She was pretty pissed. Yep, I figured a middle aged divorced woman with an 18 year old secret boyfriend would not be the most stable person on the planet, so I let her ride me until the last minute.

    "How long have you had this planned!" she asked. When I told her I was in the delayed entry program since the summer before senior year, she just about flipped. Yeah, I took that as my queue to hit the road. As I was leaving, she stopped me and asked me for one more evening. I stayed. There was great sex, her crying during sex, and me saying I was too scared to tell her in the beginning sex. The following morning I went home, and the next, away.

    She eventually met a guy, from school, and they married after HE graduated. Funny.

    Still today, I look into the mirror and look at those bite marks and remember my first time. She was right about that. I thank her in my mind everyday for the lessons she taught in sex, as my beautiful girlfriends appreciate every lesson.

    Oh, I almost forgot. I made a B in English. Meh. At least I passed.

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    Straight Male / 50

    Years ago when married to my 2nd wife who was 40 at the time. She was a Beautiful blonde with nice tits and a great body. We had discussed having another guys in bed with us. It made her all wet and me with big hard on. This is the part of the true story that we can not let anyone know who we are for legal reasons. She a had a nephew who was visiting us from a state up north. He was 16 years old at the time. We were out fishing and he confessed to me that he was still a virgin. When he stood up in the boat to take a leak it look like his dick was 9 inches long even when soft. Now I have never give a BJ to a guy,but fantasized about it. I got a hard on watching him piss and hope I could suck one for the first time. Later I told my wife about the fishing trip with her nephew and she got a little excited. We will call her nephew Joe for the story and call my wife Fran. We had noticed when we were sitting on the couch how her nephew would check out her legs. He was trying not to get call checking them out. I devised a plan on seeing how far we could go. His dad was a big mean guy that we never wanted to cross so we had to be careful. The next time we were all in the living room we had him sitting across from my wife and she on the couch. She was wearing a short dress and no panties on. She was sitting in a manner where as he could see her pussy. He took a magazine off of the table and lay it in his lap to hide his big boner. We let him drink a few beers as we were drinking something stronger. After a bit the Conversation got a little raunchy. Fran starting to ask him about his sexual fantasies. He was a little shy at first but after a bit he opened up. She kept after him and told him to hold nothing back and she would not get upset about anything you said. He finally confessed to masturbating in his room thinking about his gorgeous aunt. Fran open her legs even more making it obvious it was on purpose. She told him to remove the magazine off of his lap and show her his bulge. At this point she spread her legs wide open and told him to come to her. His face was all flushed and he did as he was told. As he was standing in front of her, she unzipped his fly and took out a gorgeous uncut cock. She only stroked it a couple times and he was so excited he shot a big load right then and there. She reach down and scooped up from her leg a big load of cum and put it in her mouth. His uncut cock has a big shiny purple head which in turn was giving me a big hard on. She took his cock into her mouth and he almost fainted. After a very short time he mumbled that he was coming and started to take his cock out of her mouth but she grabbed hold off the shaft and would not let him. With a mouthful of cum she leaned over and kissed me and had me to stick my tongue in her mouth. I had never tasted cum before not even my own. At this point I almost came in my shorts. Fan almost shouted for Joe to fuck her now. With trimming legs he crawled on the couch and implanted that big cock into her. She moan louder than I had ever heard her. No doubt she will more turned on than ever with me. It's that taboo sex that is the most exciting. As he pulled out his cum covered cock she commanded me to clean it off. I gladly did just that and was turned on more than ever, even more than you getting my first of ass. Well I guess that makes me bi and I know longer care. As I was cleaning the cum off of his cock it got hard again. He was losing his shyest because he started face fucking me and call me a queer which I confess even turned me on more. He shot the biggest load in my mouth and I swallowed it all. We have created a monster because he said he had a week before he had to go home and anytime he want to he will stick his cock in my mouth. He said he will Fuck my wife anytime he want to because he could tell his dad if not. I said ok with me and right then and there he push me down on the couch and as my wife was watching he shoved his cock in my mouth again and face fucked me. I wish our new master could live with us full time. After all this my wife wanted to try something even more outlandish. She wants us both to stick our cocks into her pussy at the same time. It should not be to hard because my cock is only 6" long. That will told at a later date.

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    Straight Male / 40

    When I was 13 my best friend and I were camping out in a tent. My Parents owned several acres and I had a nice place away from the house where I had my tent set up and could build a nice fire. We were laying in the tent and it was pretty late no lights on at the house and the fire was about out. It was a warm night so our sleeping bags were unzipped and we just had our shorts on laying there talking and he asked me if I ever played with myself and I said sure all the time. we talked awhile and got a little excited and being young horny teenage boys we agreed to show each other our dicks and both of us were already hard.
    He wanted to touch mine and asked if I would touch his and we ended up jacking each other off and had the flashlight on so we could see and we both came pretty fast and had each others cum on our hands and he got real close to me and asked if I ever done anything else with other boys and I told him a little bit and he wanted to hear what I did and I started to tell him about my older cousin sucking my dick in our camper one day and how he talked me into doing the same to him.
    He wanted to try it with me and I let him suck my dick right there in the tent and it felt so good I didn`t want him to stop so I never said a word and started to cum with him sucking my dick. He started to pull back but then he just let me cum in his mouth and acted like he didn`t mind at all and let it run out of his mouth while he was still sucking my dick and I could feel my cum running up the crack of my ass as I laid on my back with my dick in my friends mouth.
    He stuck his hands under my ass cheeks and still had my dick in his mouth and next thing I know he was trying to turn me over on my stomach and I just let him do it and then he gets on top of me humping on my ass and gets his shorts down to rub his dick up and down in the crack of my ass then he shoots his cum in the crack of my ass and keeps right on humping me. It feels good so I just let him keep going then he asked me if he can fuck me. I still don`t know why but something happened when he said those words that it just did something to me and I never said yes or no and just let him do what ever he wanted to me and not long after that he got the head of his dick in my asshole and before he could get much of his dick in my tight asshole he started to cum and I could feel it going in my ass and in a few seconds he had shoved the whole thing up my ass and I had my face buried in my pillow so no one could hear me screaming.
    He started to fuck me as soon as he came in my ass and I just laid there with my legs spread like a girl taking his hard dick up my ass that he just filled with cum. I felt his cum running over my nuts and the crack of my ass had cum in it too as he started to fuck me faster and shove it in me harder as I laid there taking it I was his girlfriend and found myself liking it way too much and it took him forever to cum the second time and he shot it up my ass as deep as he could then thrust his dick up my asshole real hard several times grunting out loud then when it came out of my asshole he rolled over on his back next to me and I just laid there with his cum leaking out of my asshole. I felt nasty and degraded and used and he fell asleep. I stayed awake awhile thinking about what had happened and slept with a paper towel in the crack of my ass to soak up his cum that continued to leak out of me.
    I went to sleep and the next morning neither of us spoke a word about it and I kept thinking about it for a week or so then the next time he was staying the night at my house we were in the tent again and once all the lights went out at the house I asked him if he wanted to fuck me again. He asked me if I was sure I wanted to do it again and when I said I was he said he really wanted to but thought I would never let him do it to me again. I took off my shorts and got face down in the floor of the tent spread my legs like a girl and just waited for him to shove his dick up my ass and fuck me like a whore. I actually wanted to be fucked in the ass and take his hard dick again and wanted him to cum in me. I let hi just stick it up my ass and fuck me how ever he wanted to and cum in me. That night he got on top of me three different times shoved his dick up my ass fucked me and shot his slick cum up my ass and it leaked out of me all day the next day.
    I don`t know why but after that night I couldn`t stop wanting him to fuck me and I asked him all the time to fuck me and he always did and almost every day I had his cum in my ass. Every day on the way home from school we walked thru this wooded area and had this one spot we stopped at that was way back in some very thick trees and bushes and both of us would take off our shoes jeans and underwear and he would fuck me from behind on my hands and knees shoot his cum up my ass once sometimes two times take his dick out of me then we got dressed and walked the rest of the way to our house.
    Any time his or my parents were gone for any length of time we always fucked at each others house and almost got caught a few times and he fucked me for about 4 years then moved away but even today I get hard thinking about how he used to shove his dick up my ass then fuck me like a dog in heat fill my ass with cum then do it again if we had time. We were just horny teenagers and I liked getting fucked in the ass.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Don't Really Know How To Say This But It Starts Here I'm At My Girlfriend House, And We Just Chilling And (No We Haven't Did Anything Sexual Yet So) I Know We,Was In The Living Room And It Was Me ,Her And Her Sister Home.But Her Sisters Was Sleep
    So I'm Kissing Her And She Kissin Back And We Both Got That (Eye Signal),Going On ..So I Thought She Go Start Sum Freaky .So After Awhile I Get,Up And Lead Her,To Room (It Was Finna Get Nasty There,But I Thought About It Naah),Soooo... We Went To Her Room
    I Shut The Door and Locked It Quietly, I Sat On The Bed And Took My Pants Off And I Open My Legs At The End Of Bed And SHE Put My Legs On Shoulder, She Started Suckin My Clit And Shit Was Going Uphill From There She Was Down There A Good While, She Played With It Too ,& I'm Just Whispering To Myself "Ohmygosh" And Enjoying But That's My Guilty Play 😏

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