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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    My two brothers, who are slightly older, begged me for fucking for years from the time they started pumping testosterone from age 12 or so on, when I was ten. Intrinsically, I knew this was not a good idea although when they flashed heir erections, almost daily, I was tempted but never told them that they were turning me on a bit. They flashed me hundreds of times and I almost began to enjoy watching their hard cocks swaying in the air.

    One day, I was taking a bath and forgot to lock the toilet door. The older one came in with his usual erected cock and simply began to jerk off while I bathed. I was less than amused but just let him do his thing. Then, he told his brother about it and we all decided they could jerk off while I bathed. One day, one of them pissed on me and it felt really good. I first allowed it, like their jerking off, so they would stop trying to fuck me.

    We developed a routine where they pissed on me, naked in the tub. This seemed to quiet them down. When I started dating, I had my b/f do it to me and he liked it as well but wanted me to do it to him. That's how I became a major pisser. I have pissed on all my b/f's and all of them have loved it. Some want to fuck right afterwards. I have an outstanding bubble butt ass, blonde hair and cornflower blue eyes, so no problem attracting new targets for my hot streams.

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    Straight Female / 21

    I work totally Naked in my home office as a Virtual Call center agent. The other morning I literally rolled out of bed, got my food together and my coffee and sat down in my comfy Leather office chair and got signed in and start taking calls. On my first call, I was barely a few minutes in when I started Peeing in my office chair while I assisted a customer on the phone. It's a good thing the headset with the mic were noise canceling because I was really Peeing loudly and it splashed noisily onto the wood floor. I had no idea my bladder was so full because I peed non stop for nearly several minutes before it stopped.

    I thought I was done relieving myself for a while but again just a few minutes later while taking another call, a long Fart slipped out and I started Peeing again in my chair down onto the floor. Another couple minutes passed and I was still Peeing uncontrollably. Finally I finished going while taking a moment to run to the bathroom to go Poop and no sooner did I get back to my chair, I sat down and immediately started Peeing again as soon as my butt touched the chair.

    I just couldn't stop going no matter how hard I tried, it was no use so I just sat there and Peed and peed and peed some more while taking calls and helping customers. This continued for the entire 8 hours I worked. I spent literally the entire time Peeing and off while working. It was just an usual day but at least I still got my work done.

    That's pretty much what I do on a daily basis now, pee all day long while working the phone because If I can't stop it I might as well just relax and let it come out which is what I started doing and I found I actually enjoy Peeing myself while working and the fact that I'm Naked the whole time. It's kind of interesting.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    My names Ashley im 18 and 1/2 . My daddies name.... Well.. lets just call him "king" ð he 45. My daddy is good to me, he makes sure my hair and nails are pretty. he picks out my outfits, ones he thinks i will make the most money in. Daddies the one that showed me how to get money from boys. He sais Im going to make him rich one day. Some people might think its bad but this is only daddies pussy and he can sell if he wants to. My daddy fucks me good but only on his terms. Daddy expects 1000 $ between one day and one night. When i was short sometimes, or if i talked back on accident, or if i was late getting ready for him to take me to work; he would tell me "take off all your cloths and go pee and get back in here. Daddy would be sitting on the bed, and he would say come here. Hed put me over his lap and start spanking me with his big hands it stung so bad, i cant help but through my hands over my ass the first couple swats. He always sais if i dont put my hands together lime im praying hes going to get the belt. Daddies spankings are always for a long a time he always leaves hand prints, and bruises that look like hickies The thing is their is nothing i want more than for my daddy to spank me everyday. Spmetimes i make the money a couple 20s short, or roll my eyes on purpose just to get a spanking. When i lay over daddies lap and he start swatting me, all of a sudden i feel my clit swell a little. The whacks make my hips vibrate. And my clit start throbing, and i tilt my hios a little so it can rub on daddies pants a lil, i get so horney and leak so hard it looks like alot of baby drool coming out of my pussy. I feel it get wetter and wetter everytime he smacks it. It drips in my butt crack inbetween my legs, and leavs a little puddle on daddies pants. I always wondered if he knew what his spankings did. But then i noticed him notice it a few times. All he ever sais is clean up get dressed to go to work. I hate getting sent to work so wet and horny like that, it makes it hard sometimes holding off coming on the tricks. I dont want to come on the tricks because its messy and it makes me sleepy somtimes and i have to work all night. I get so angry somtimes i feel like im going to tear up and im going to hit somthing. I want his big dick so bad, i want to beg for it, but im scared. Ive only came on to him one time he got mad and made me sleep in another room untill i knew how to contoll my feelings. So im scared to ask for it or touch him. Hes only ever fucked me on his terms when he wants to. What should i do ?? I need HELP !!! I need to be spanked and fucked by him !!!!

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    Straight Male / 24

    One day

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 40

    I have made and lost many naughty bets to hubby on hockey, football, baseball and NASCAR. In the warmer weather it's something outside and inside cold weather it's something indoors.

    In warmer weather it's usually a hike on one of the many nearby public hiking trails with me wearing only heels, stay-up stockings make-up and a smile. About halfway down the trail he ties me spread eagle between 2 trees or on top of a picnic table on the trails that have them.

    He pins a note and a baggy with condoms to one of the trees stating that I've lost a bet and the finder can take mercy and set me free or that they can explore every inch of my body, take pictures and even fuck me so long as they use one of the condoms provided!
    I have had some set me free but most, well lots of naughty fun!!!!

    Other times we go to the beach and he has me wear a totally sheer bikini which is also a lot of sexy fun!!!

    In the colder weather it varies. He has me wear heels, stay-up stockings, make-up and a long button up winter coat. Sometimes we'll go to an adult video store and once inside he has me take my coat off and hand it to him and he'll buy me a toy so that I can play and masturbate for the salesperson and any customers who happen to be in the store!

    Sometimes he has me put on heels, stay-up stockings, a VERY short skirt, no panties, a totally sheer button up blouse and no bra. Then we go to shoe stores at nearby malls and I try on heels with the assistance of a salesperson. If they smile/grin or show an interest in what they see I spread my legs as far as I can to give them a better view and if I like the salesperson I'll grab one of their hands and guide it up my leg, over my thighs and I move their hand back and forth on my clit then I grab their other hand guide it up my other leg and I inset a few of their fingers and once they take over moving both hands I unbutton my blouse and pull out the twins and guide their mouth to my already rock hard nipples! I always have a few amazing squirting orgasms!!!!

    Other times it's off to a sports bar/pool hall again in heels, stay-up stockings, a very short skirt, no panties, a sheer button up blouse, no bra, make-up and a smile. When I make my shots I either bend over farther than I need to making sure that I can feel the skirt hike way up over my ass exposing my shaved, dripping wet pussy or I'll put one leg up on the edge of the table making sure to give hubby and anyone else who's interested a very good view! Every game I lose to hubby I undo one button and when I get to the last button if nobody has been complaining I just take the blouse off and play topless the rest of the night!!

    There are many other things too but these ones are my favorites and it keeps things spicy for us!!!!

    I hope that some of you enjoy reading about my experiences and better yet I hope that it inspires some of you to go have a little naughty fun of your own!!!!
    May xoxo

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    Straight Female / 30

    I had a very new experience a couple of days ago with my husband and a girl we met at a work function. The hosts were all pairing off with some of the folks that attended the function for lunch in local spots around the area, kind of a lunch with new friends thing. We got paired with Mary, whom I had briefly chatted with at the start. Curly brunette hair in a pony tail, large blue eyes, cute but not a 10 by any means. Maybe a solid 6.2, but she was quirky and engaged us. We hit it off instantly, and my husband was doing his best to make sure we were doing so before the event and during the lunch. He's the more social of the two of us, so I always bring him to these things to be my wingman while I try to network and I love him for that.

    At lunch it dawned on me that she was into him, despite me introducing him as my husband and not a part of the event other than supporting me. She really had no reason to be engaging him as much as she did, and what sealed the deal for me was noticing her playing with her hair while she talked to him and laughing at all his bad near-dad jokes that he puts out there. I was instantly angry, jealous because he's mine and she doesn't get to enjoy him like that. Then I was incredibly turned on because my next thought was that he was kind of flirting back with her, but setting me up to continue conversation. It was like a game. So my panties are starting to get wet and my girl parts are aching watching this happen during pretty much the whole lunch. I'm getting wet thinking about her getting wet herself from him. I thought about her sucking his cock, and again a weird mixture of jealousy and extreme horniness came over me. I actually excused myself from the table to go back and get some water, and when I turned around and walked back to the table and saw them from further away, it was even worse.

    Our lunch ended, we walked out, and he took my hand and pulled me close to him, kissing the side of my head like he does sometimes. He told me how proud he was of me that I made a new friend (he knows how hard it is for me), said Mary was a nice girl, and that was really it save for a suggestion to add her to my Facebook when we got home.

    The whole drive home, I was slightly distracted, playing it out and wondering if I could actually watch her with him sexually. Or play with her myself, just two quirky gals who were talking about science and medicine one moment turning into instant porn stars with one excited husband between us. Stripping out of our cute but conservative little dresses and getting on our knees for him, nervous glances at each other, uncertain touches on each others' bodies, wondering if she shaved her downstairs or not. Would she moan with pleasure, sigh, etc? Needless to say husband got laid when we got home, and I had a nice hard orgasm thinking about that strange mixture of feelings, all the while knowing he was essentially toying with her to get me that wound up. I rode him slow and hard, and loved every second of it.

    Neurotic erotica, right? I really do hope she calls me back.

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    Straight Male / 44

    My wife and I have been married for 22 years and have had 2 fb's since early in our marriage, not much lately but everything ends eventually. The first was a single buddy of mine that hung out with us often, my wife is hot with big tits and always thought he was cute. One night during sex I kidded her about fucking him and she said she always wanted to so one night we were at his house having a few beers on his deck, I went to pee and get more beer and when I came back she was giving him a blowjob. He was embarrassed when I came back. I was hoping for a threesome but she convinced me to give them some time so they went inside and when I finally came in they were naked on the couch, she got up and we went home. She told me he had a hard time staying hard and they gave up. He came over one night after I was in bed and they fucked for a couple hours. There were more sessions after that, sometimes I was in the house and got seconds and sometimes I was gone and she told me about it later when we had great sex. He had a long thin dick with big balls that slapped her ass which turned her on. He had huge loads so seconds in her soaked pussy were great, one night he thought I was asleep so I could make out there movements in dim light and heard his balls slapping her before he filled her.
    Our 2nd FBI was a married friend of ours who was a lot more open, we were all comfortable with each other and had great sex together. He didn't have big loads but a big head on his dick that stretched her out some so seconds were still great. I'm not gay but when he was done and was in bed with us kissing her or playing with her body while I was fucking her turned me on, her soaked pussy felt great, he was naked moving around her even playing with her clit sometimes while I was inside her making her cum harder. One night we had enough alcohol and convinced her to take both of us in her pussy. I was underneath and he was between our legs on top with a great view. Our dicks were falling out at first, I would get back in first then him, after a few times I felt his hand around both our dicks to keep them in. I had never been touched by another guy but it worked and felt good. It must have for him too because he held on as we were getting some rhythm when I felt him tensing up and then felt his cum gushing around me. It felt so good I said don't let go and came too. Between her pussy around us and his hand I never had a bigger load. As his dick went limp and slipped out I had cum running around my balls and down my ass. It was the only time we did it but was awesome.

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    Straight Female / 22

    Me and my bf were dating since 2 months when we finally had our first sex. Firstly, he held me in his arms and we make out and then he kissed me and opened my clothes and had sex but it was not interesting as i thought it would be. But, when i met one of his friend, a guy who was tall and handsome. I got physically attracted to him. Once, when I was with my bf and his friend and were drunk, I pretended to be blacked out and knowingly touched the guys penis through his pants. I felt so good that whenever I had sex with my bf, I would think of that guy.

    And finally, when my bf had to go out of town for some day. And was left alone on the city, I called his friend for the weekend dinner. I put on my tight slim shorts with my 34DD cleavage revealed and had some wine and dinner with him. And I just managed him to be there for that night as I kind off feel scared to be alone on our apartment. I could feel that he was interested on me as well. And over the night, we started talking to each other and I made our conversation bit more kinky and when he was about to get some water, I pulled him and kissed him. At first, he was surprised but I let his hand relaxed over my breast and kissed him bit harder. After that, I guess he didn't had second thought about my bf but he kissed me even harder.

    I was happy to know he was even a good kisser. Then, on the couch, he just leaned me a bit and hold his hand onto my breast and tried to have my erect nippled on his mouth. I was caressing his black hair and my fingers around his ears and kissing him. Our tongues were rolling and we were playing like we have some candy fight inside our mouth. Then, gently he had his hand down my panties. Ohh, how I felt when he pulled my panties up to rub my clit. His finger slowly inside my pussy and 1/2 motion of back and forth. I was so turned high that I started to rip his clothes and instantly touched his hard penis. His big, hard dick which I was waiting for so long. Then I pulled him down and made him lie on the couch and started to taste his penis. Wow, his juices were too good to taste and his hard cock....

    With the wildest movement, we were on 69 and giving each other oral sex. Then he said me to sat on his face. I always wanted to sat on my bf face rub my clit against his tongue and mouth but he didn't like it. This guy was ready for what I want. I sat on his face, his tongue inside my vagina and his nose tip against my clit. Then I slide some back and forth to feel his tongue and have some stimulation.

    Then I was ready to take his cock on my tight pussy. He hold both my legs and pressed his penis inside my vagina. Oh gosh! when it entered he groaned slowly. That made me so excited and his penis in and out and faster and dipper that it made me pain sometimes and actually tried to get him slower. But, not satisfied with this, he told me to ride over him. Now, i sat on his penis and was jumping up and down and rubbing his penis with circular motions and finally had it so fast that i squirted all over his stomach. He said he never had seen a girl squirting before. I was more satisfied to see him happy and squirting upon him. I was not done neither was he so we went up and fucked each other until he came inside me. And after that, we went straight up to my bed and fucked each other again. In that weekend, we fucked each other for 2 days time and again and every possible way we had known to fuck. 2 years since then, we are fucking each other and my bf doesn't know it. I guess we should find a way to make ourself satisfied (eye wink)

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I really want to do naughty things with my pee.

    The things I'd like to do are:

    1. Pee in a rolled up towel while sitting on something I shouldn't be, like a chair or a table.

    2. Pee in the floor and let my dog lick it up.

    3. Pee into the mattress in the guest room and leave it.

    4. Have a chair I can just urinate in. I don't want to wet, but I want to sit down and let it soak into the cushions. Something about the idea of using something absorbent as my toilet just gets me going.

    5. Pee in a dressing room.

    6. Take a piss into a bunch of tissues like I used to when I was little and then hump them until I get off.

    7. Hump and urinate into my bed until I finish. I remember taking tiny pees in my bed as a teen because I thought that pushing was how you got to orgasm. (It works but it's not needed, ha!)

    8. Pee in a hotel room on the carpet, the chair, the mattress, on the towels, in the closet: everywhere that will absorb my piss. I want to just leave little dribbles of piss behind like I used to do in my bedroom when I was a kid. I'd urinate everywhere, just little squirts on the doorknob, on the bed, on the floor in front of the door, under the desk, on the curtain covering my closet, next to my bed.

    9. Urinate in a pillow until it's soaking.

    Now... my biggest problem is that the idea of it gets me super wet and slippery and then nothing absorbs my pee. I have to clean my wetness before I can take a piss. Such a hassle!

    But seriously, I have this huge desire to urinate everywhere I shouldn't and pissing in the tub and in the backyard isn't cutting it anymore. I need to take a damn piss somewhere exciting and soon!

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    Straight Male / 38

    They'd been dating for little over a month, she hadn't told anyone about him, not her closest friends and and her highly conservative parents.
    She'd made up excuses to sneak over to his place. She'd always thought that she would save herself for marriage, maybe he could be the one, then again maybe he wouldn't be the one. She had to be certain before she allowed him into her.
    She was tight, her petite little finger could barely squeeze in, she knew she should wait, but she wanted him.
    She'd allowed herself to be more brazen with him. Kissing, turned to caressing after a few dates, and soon she'd done topless quite easily. Her breasts were small, perky with hard chocolaty nipples.
    A few more dates, and she allowed him to gently rub her cleanly shaven pussy.
    With very little coaxing, she was taking his hot throbbing cock into her hand. She loves the way it felt. Hot thick, it's head bulbous and pink.
    She loved how they would masturbate one another. How it felt the first time she brought him to climax. She watched mesmerized as the thick white liquid shot from deep inside. Show it felt warm and somehow inviting as it coated her small hand. She loved how it smelt.
    Within three weeks of their first date, that intoxicating liquid had a new welcoming place, her mouth seemed to fit perfectly around his cock, and she loved watching as he would cum. Filling her mouth with his cream.
    She was breathless the first time his tongue pushed inside her pussy. She came hard as it teased her swollen clit.
    She'd made up her mind. She wanted him inside her.
    All the erotica shed had, had described a woman's first time as a gentle, almost spiritual experience.
    The act of love making.
    As she lay naked on his bed, legs spread open, her lover between them.
    She realized, this was not love making. He slammed his cock into her. She felt like it would split her in two.
    She, took it, the pleasure and the pain, she took it, and she realized she loved it.
    As much as he took her virginity, she was the mistress of that cock.
    It was hers now.
    Today, she'd be able to spend all day with him. Her family sway all day.
    As his girlfriend she entertained, his friends as they watched the football match.
    She'd decided to show off her sexy little body today, with a short little skirt and a tight little top.
    She'd occasionally catch his friend staring at her.
    She liked being their sexual object and she played her part exceptionally.
    Bending over to give them a peek at her little panties.
    By half time the boys had forgotten all about the game and were nursing hard erections for her.
    She entered the lounge, for a little show, that she'd perfected all afternoon.
    The furniture had been rearranged.
    Soon her boyfriend and his 4 friends were around her.
    Before she knew what was going on she was naked on the coffee table.
    Cocks shoved into her face. As her boyfriend slid his cock into her pussy.
    It was almost instinct, her mouth opened to receive this new cocks
    She sucked.
    She looked into his eyes, she wanted this, he wanted this.
    Over the next few hours, each of them had fucked her, emptying their loads either inside her, or all over her.
    One by one they left, until it was just her boyfriend and her, she hadn't moved from that table. Her slender legs hung at the sides her pussy stretched providing a steady stream of cum that had formed a pool on the table.
    Her face and hair matted, streaks of cum spattered her gorgeous face.
    She was exhausted, and sore, more than she'd ever been before.
    Her eyes met his.
    There was a hunger in his eyes.
    After all of this.
    She would feed that hunger.
    He fucked her hard, rough, his cock found her asshole, which had been spared from the earlier assault.
    The pain was excruciating, and she loved it.
    They never did end up getting married, but they had many more adventures like that one.

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