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For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Female / 26

    I am a virgin, never had any relationship, and today i finally decided to finger myself.
    After i take a shower, i make sure my hands are clean. Then i put myself in a comfortable position dan start rubbing my vagina while looking at it on the mirror.
    I think i did great, i touch my clit and make it wet, circling it before finally putting my index finger inside.
    I thought it will hurt, but no, it feels so good! Especialy when my index finger inside my pussy,my thumb rubbing my clit and my middle finger stroking my anus, all together. Damn it feels so good.
    I didnt bleed, apparently its normal and im doing good. Want to try two fingers but i cant fit it in. I plan to do it again soon.
    Ah and im going to a club with my friends next week. Im thinking hard on how to make a stranger finger me without anyone noticing.
    Iâve been missing out for too long!!!!!!!

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    Straight Female / 24

    I'm married to a very wonderful, sexy man. But it seems for a long time I couldn't get in the mood to thoroughly enjoy sex. At least three years after our son was born. Maybe it was my birth control, but sex was barley any good.
    I had no want, couldn't get or stay wet, and while sex wasn't always bad, it just wasn't what I wanted.

    I finally got my birth control removed and it has been about a month. Suddenly, my sex drive is through the roof. I get so slippery wet just thinking about my husband's sexy body. Masturbating just isn't cutting it, either. I want HIM.

    I can't even watch porn anymore. I end up thinking about how much I want his body pressed against me, the feel of his thick cock inside, and his thrusting motions stimulating my clit.

    And oh, my word, the way he eats me... He actually enjoys going down on me! And he is so masterfully perfect with his tongue.

    Maybe my body is making up for all that time sex was a chore.

    But one bad thing now, is he can't cum inside me. I'm not ready to be pregnant again, but getting that birth control removed and feeling this way again is worth missing out on the extacy of him cumming in my pussy. If that's what I have to miss to feel sexy and enjoy sex, then I'll take it!

    Another bad thing is I don't think he realizes how harshly I crave him now. I wake up at night softly moaning for his touch.

    I want him to feel how much I ache for his body. I want him to make love to me like it's our last time, even though it's not! I want him to push into me, long and slow. I want his pelvis against mine as he runs his tongue across my nipples. I need his body pressed against my back, with his hands tracing the curves of my chest and hips, while he reaches around to my crotch and seductively rubs me. I want to lay him back and make him moan while I take his thick manhood into my mouth and show him oral pleasure such as he's never felt before. I want to literally cry with joy as I cum on his dick.

    I want him so bad. Maybe more than I ever have. Every time I touch him, I feel a throbbing between my legs, even if I just caress his shoulder. I don't just want to fuck, and I don't just want to make love. I want to fucking make love. Deeply passionate, sexy, satisfying love making.

    I want to go back to normal, to how it was before that stupid birth control, but I don't know if sex was this good before. Now, I can stay wet and aroused until I finish. It's the waiting that's agonizing.
    I want to be okay while I wait for sex. Right now I crave him so bad, the hours take forever to pass.

    He is the best partner I've ever had and I want to show him my appreciation by stroking his cock with my juicy pussy. I can't say it enough, I crave him.

    I want to wear sexy lingerie and play with him. I want to hear him beg me to cum on his dick. I want to get sloppy with him.

    I don't know how long this feeling will last. While I hate waiting, I don't want it to disappear completely.

    Beca use I desire him, I feel sexy and (maybe a little) daring! I'm not that worried about my extra cushion anymore! I feel desirable because I desire him.

    I want to blow his mind away with what I do in bed, while getting myself off at the same time! I want as much of him as I can possibly have. He is my husband, after all. Don't I deserve that?!

    I know he loves me and finds me sexy, I just wish I could show him what I see in my day dreams about him. I don't think he realizes how much he's on my mind.

    Baby, what can I do to make you see how much I want your body? Is asking for sex just not enough?
    My body is addicted to you. My mind craves you constantly.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    My name is Stacie and I love to poo my knickers on purpose. I first did it when I was sixteen. I was walking home and with my best friend Lucy and I was busting for a poo. When I told Lucy she said she was desperate to go as well and she dared me to do it in my knickers. I said no way at first but I warmed to the idea when she said she was going to do it. I wasn't sure if I she was winding me up until she moved her feet apart and bent her knees a little bit. Her face screwed up as she pushed and I watched her pee run down her legs as the smell of the air. When she finished I got into the same position and pushed. It felt amazing to be pooing myself on purpose and just as I finished I had to pee so I did it in my knickers as well. I soaked my legs and when got to Lucy's house we cleaned up in her bathroom and Lucy gave me a pair of her knickers to wear home.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    I am about to explore a mutual watersports kink with a partner for the first time. We both have an interest in wetting, and I wanted to have some other things on hand to wet besides my bathing suit. I want to have separate clothing for this and I'm going to get it cheap. I have a few ideas, but I would love to get input from people here. What do you like to see women wet themselves in? What colors? What designs? Feel free to tell me stories too as I am a frequent lurker in this section.

    For reference I have an ample hourglass figure and I'm quite short. Thank you in advance!

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I think this qualifies as a wet story. This is because it's about what a lot of people call water sports.

    I remember the first time I heard the pee dribble out of my mother's pee hole and tinkle into the toilet bowl. I was 12 and impressionable. I recently discovered jerking off. I read one of my mother's dirty story magazines she thought I didn't know about and in it was a description of how guys jerked off. Sure I'd heard of guys doing it but I didn't really have much access to the internet and so I never really got to see or read how it was done. Once I read the article I figured it out and found it easy to do but the only thing I had to jerk off to was the impressions in my mind of my school mates in the 6th grade.

    So hearing my mom's pee dribble that day was a turning point in my life. I could not get enough of it. I would stand next to the door to listen to her peeing while I jerked off. I so badly wanted to see the pee come out of her and even started to imagine her peeing on me.

    I don't know how she figured it out but my Mom started dropping hints and making innuendos about pee. Pee seamed to pop up in a lot of our conversations and I wasn't the one doing it. Sure I was obsessed with the stuff but I hid my interest in shame.

    Then one day a week or so after I first heard my mom pee, I was again walking past the bathroom door and heard the pee dribbling. I noticed the door was cracked open about three inches but the toilet was behind the door so Mom couldn't see me standing there. Suddenly the door yanked open and I was staring into my mothers angry disgusted face. But then I stole a glance downward and she was completely naked from the waist down. Her legs were spread wide. She made no effort to hide her self and I could easily see her pee dribble through her big black bush of pubic hair. I looked back up and she was even more pissed off at me. How dare I look at her naked body I imagined her saying silently to herself. Then she commanded me to get off my knees and come into the bathroom and shut the door. She demanded that I explain why I was spying on her while she was peeing. She maintained her widely spread legs and continued to pee. She continued to make no effort to hide herself. She also continued to interrogate me almost viciously about why I was spying on her while she was going to the bathroom. She wanted to know why I wanted to watch her pee so badly. Again while showing herself to me peeing. She accused me of being a dirty little pervert. She said only dirty little perverts liked to watch girls pee and only really dirty little perverts liked to look at their mother's naked pussy. Then she spread her legs even more and leaned back a little given me an even better view.

    Mom ordered me to sit on the floor immediately in front of her. My face was less than a foot from her dripping pussy. The view was so good and so perfectly lit that I would carry that indelible image in my mind forever to jerk off to a million times in the future. She took hold of my face and directed it right between her legs. She ordered me to look straight ahead and sit at attention. And not move while she continued to scold me and berate me for trying to watch her pee. Meanwhile she ordered me to stop staring at her pussy which was done peeing but still dripping pee from her pubic bush. She scolded me again and again for staring but when I closed my eyes or tried to avert them she scolded me again for disobeying her order. I was damned if I did and I was damned if I didn't which only served to enhance my erection. Then she slowly stood up, ordered me not to look at her vagina and slowly stepped over me her pussy cumming within inches of my face. As she did three drops of pee landed on my face, one on my lower lip. I nearly came in my pants. I was as hard and erect as I had ever been. Then she ordered me to stand up at attention. I was very self conscious of my erection tenting out my underwear. She slapped my groin and asked me "what's this? You dirty little pervert! Did you just get an erection from watching Mommy pee?"

    I did but I didn't dare confess that too her. She made me continue to stand at attention still making no attempt to hide her naked body from the waist down. Then she ordered me to sit on the side of the tub. She walked up to me and used her leg to spread my knees and stepped right up to me so her bush was a mere inch from my face. I could smell the fresh urine and the musk of her pussy. She grabbed my face again and ordered me to maintain sitting at attention straight ahead then berated me again for looking at her pussy. Again damned if I do or if I don't. She continued berating me for being a dirty little pervert. Her every word and the close up view of her pussy kept my little cock rock hard.

    Then she stepped away and opened the bathroom closet. She pulled out a box and handed it to me. "Open the box" she told me. I did. Then she told me to remove one of the tampons and give her the box back. She put the box on the shelf and came back to me. She ordered me to unwrap the paper from it and hold it in her hand. Then she asked if I knew about periods. I had a vague idea but not direct knowledge. Mom then explained about periods. Any conversation about her vagina was going to get me hard if I wasn't already. I was already so it just made me even more hard. Her voice and demeanor was suddenly very gentle and kind. She kept explaining and then came to the part about what tampons were for. when she finished her explanation she went back to the closet and pulled a piece of paper out of the box. She handed it to me and told me to read the entire thing out loud. It was an explanation of how tampons worked and instructions on how insert one or remove one. She informed me that she anticipated her period that day and the next. then she said "follow the instructions on the box." With that she lifted her foot and put it on the tub next to my thigh touching it. Staring straight ahead as ordered I was looking right between her bush flanked pussy lips hanging right down. It looked like she had a little penis at the top. She casually pointed to it and said it was her cliterus. She then pointed out her inner and outer labia and her pee hole. That was the part I was most interested in. There was a little yellow drop of dew at the mouth of her pee hole. I wanted to reach out and touch it. I read the instructions out loud again and then followed them. She helped me by adding additional instructions that included holding her inner lips open to gain access to her vagina. I inserted the tampon using the applicator. Then pulled out the applicator. She then felt around to see that I did it correctly and then complimented me on doing it correctly on first try. She kept her leg up and leaned slightly forward until her pubic hair was again less than an inch from my face. Again I could smell her pee and musky pussy. Then she was done. She put her foot back on the floor and told me to run into her bedroom and retrieve a clean pair of panties. I did and came back with a white cotton pair with a faint brown stain in the front and a faint brown stain of a different shade in the back. She looked at them. I had correctly guessed which pair she wanted. She then had me hold the for her to step into and she told me to pull them up. It was impossible to do so following her precise instructions without brushing my fingers up her ass and the back of my knuckles against her pubic bush. I was sorry to see her pussy disappear from view.

    That was it. Now Mom didn't normally walk around in her panties. In fact I never saw her in her panties before that so imagine the shock of seeing her pussy up close. That day she wore panties and a t-shirt with no bra for the rest of the day I normally wore undershorts and a t-shirt but then I was 12 years old and Mom's see their sons in their underwear all the time. At least they do when their sons are 12.

    The rest of the day, other than mom wearing her underwear around the house, went like any other summer day. There was no school of course and I forgot to mention that my parents were divorced and I hadn't seen my Dad in a couple of years. He wrote us from time to time and sent gifts and always paid child support and alimony on time but that was the extent of the contact.

    The next day, Mom woke me up. She announced that her period had come and she required my assistance. She marched me down the hall and into the bathroom. She told me that I knew what to do. I wasn't sure. I opened up the box and took out the tampon. She told me I forgot a step. She gently ordered me to pull down her panties. I was very eager to do that. Then she put a foot up on the tub like before. I could see the string hanging down and saw a hint of blood. I knew she had explained it but I was not prepared for the image in front of me. She told me to pull it out. I did so gingerly until it plopped out of her pussy and hung from my fingers by the string. It was soaked with brownish red dried blood. She handed me a napkin and told me to reach up in her and wipe around. I was not prepared for that. She said it was very important that a boy know how to change a tampon so I needed a lot of practice. I was not prepared for how hot the inside of her pussy would feel against the back of my hand as I wiped her. Then she had me insert a fresh tampon. I'd done that before. When I was done she inspected herself and congratulated me on doing it correctly.

    She kept her leg up and spread and leaned forward so I could get a really good up close view of her pussy. Then she stepped down after a few minutes of me burning the image in my mind. Then she walked over to the toilet and sat down and commanded me to attend to her. I was ordered to sit on the floor in front of her. She told me to scoot forward until my chin was over the toilet seat. Then she told me to lean my chin on the toilet seat. Next she spread her legs the rest of the way and leaned back. She pulled her inner labia wide apart and let go and just sat their while I obeyed her order to sit at attention and stare straight ahead. I gazed right into the place where I entered the world from and in a moment she began to pee. Again like the day before she immediately started interrogating me about why I was staring at her pussy and why was I a dirty little pervert and why did I like looking at Mommy's pussy and on and on. My cock was painfully hard. I hadn't jerked off since the day before. She leaned the rest of the way back and arched her stream up until it splashed just a little bit on the toilet seat splattering my face with her pungent piss. Some landed on my lips. One drop got as far as my eye lid. Several drops landed on my chin and cheeks. I inhaled deeply and Mom asked if I liked the smell of Mommy's piss but her tone of voice was of disgust. I watched the fountain of piss flow for about a minute before it dribbled down to a few drops then stopped. After about a minute of waiting for drops to stop she told me to tear off a piece of toilet paper and dab her pee hole. She pointed out a few drops on her pubic hair that I missed. She didn't point out the drops of her pee on my face. Then she told me to get up and get her a fresh pair of panties. When I came back I helped her into her panties staring at her pussy as it disappeared in her panties again.

    Then she told me to follow her back into my room and I did. She had her dirty panties in her hand. She ordered me to get on my bed. Then she told me to take my shorts off. After that she ordered me to lay down. She asked if I jerked off every day. I told her no. In fact I had only recently started to occasionally experiment with masturbation. She asked me "why not?" I didn't have an answer. She became gentle again in her demeanor. She then pointed out droplets of her piss still on my face. She sat down on the bed and wiped the drops off my face with her finger depositing each drop on my lower lip. She told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. I did. I could taste her piss on my lips. She told me to lick my lips clean. I could taste her piss even more. It wasn't much but piss has a strong taste, especially in the morning so a little went a long way. Then she took her dirty panties and using the crotch which was damp she wiped my face with it. When she was done she left the crotch right over my nose. Then she described the proper way for a boy to masturbate. With that she left my bedroom leaving the door wide open. She could see my bed from her bed in her bedroom. she got on her bed and just stared at me. Aware my mom was watching me from about 25 feet away but knowing I had her tacit approval to masturbate in front of her I did so. I jerked off like never before. I was by non means an expert but I could tell what felt good and it felt good. I closed my eyes and jerked off at an insane rate while imagining Mom pissing in my mouth and berating me for not drinking it fast enough. Just as I was about to cum I heard my mother's voice from three feet away booming "You dirty little pervert! Are you fantasizing about me pissing down your throat?" How could she know. I stopped jerking off but she scolded me "DID SAY YOU COULD STOP?" I continued to jerk off looking into her angry eyes as she berated and scolded me viciously. I came hard, the best orgasm ever though I had cum only a dozen times before. Still it was best. When I was done she stopped her angry tone and suddenly regained her gentle and loving demeanor. she produced one wet and dry towel that I had not noticed before. She proceeded to gently wipe me clean. She wiped the trail of cum drops all the way up my chest and off my face giggling when she found it on my forehead and eye lid. Then she dried me off with the dry towel. When she was done she told me that I should always keep a towel at my bed to clean up after masturbating. I was stunned. I was also embarrassed to have just jerked off in front of my mother who obviously was helping me along by talking me into an intense orgasm with her dirty talk.

    I started to notice the pattern. She got really evil mean when she peed in front of me and then again while I jerked off but the rest of the tie she was really sweet. She walked away leaving me naked on the bed.

    The rest of the day every time she had to piss it was the same thing. She had me sit there and she would splash my face with her stream then she would make me lie down naked on the bed and she would wipe her piss off my face and deposit it on my lips for me to lick clean. Each time she splashed me more and I had more of her piss on my lips so I got more of it in my mouth each time. That was always followed by her ordering me naked and she would stand there and viciously scold and berate me and interrogate me about me liking her piss and liking jerking off while she watched. But always the instant I was done cumming she became softly gentle and loving and lovingly cleaned me off and each time she complimented the force and extent of my sperm and giggled each time. Then it was back to normal until next time she had to pee and the cycle would start over again. This went on every day for about a week.

    Then one day Mom woke me up and dragged me into the bathroom and ordered me to strip. Her period was over. So I knew I would not be changing her tampons again any time soon. I was perplexed. She ordered me to lie down in the tub face up. Then she stepped into the tub herself. She told me to reach up and pull off her panties. She took the panties and hung the on the towel rack. Then she squatted directly over my face. With her squatted over my mouth her pee hole less than an inch from my mouth and her pubic bush tickling my entire face and her musky odor wafting up my nostrils she said commanded me to open my mouth. Then she ordered me to reach up and open her inner labia and hold them open. I obeyed her order holding her wet soft warm lips apart. Immediately a stream of bitter salty piss gushed into my gaping mouth. I mouth was filled instantly. "SWALLOW!" She commanded. With the stream of urine gushing in my mouth and splashing directly onto my face she let loose a torrent of berating and scolding me more vicious than ever calling me a filthy dirty pervert. She demanded I explain why I enjoyed guzzling her piss. She kept up her barrage of verbal abuse as I tried as hard as I could to keep up with her stream but I could not. She pissed to fast. I could not keep ut and much of it overflowed down my cheeks and into my eyes burning them. Her first morning piss was far more intense than her last evening piss. Finally the stream was done and I swallowed the last of what was in my mouth. I thought my balls were going to explode I was so horny. I wanted desperately to jerk off but I knew the rules by now. I had to wait until Mom ordered me into the bedroom and jerk off. I'd jerked off as frequently as mom pissed which was about 5-7 times a day for a week so about 40 or so times thus far. but this time would be different.

    Mom squatted down and pressed her pee hole right to my lips. "LICK!" she commanded. I stuck out my tongue and tasted my mother's pussy for the first tie. She corrected me and told me to only lick her pee hole. I obeyed and eagerly licked her clean. Then she had me suck her piss droplets out of her pubic bush. Having a mouth full of her bush was a huge turn on. I could not wait to jerk off in front of Mom. When she told me I was done she ordered me to go fetch her clean panties. I did. then I helped her into her panties and she ordered me to open my mouth. She pulled the dirty panties off the towel rack and told me to open my mouth. She put the panties on my head and positioned the damp crotch at my mouth and pushed then in my mouth and told me to suck on her panties. Then she marched me into my room.

    I followed her into my room eager to jerk off in front of Mom yet again. But this time was different. She ordered me to put my dirty underwear and t-shirt back on. I had her piss all over my face and back of my neck and chest. It was starting to dry on me. When I was dressed she handed me a list of chores and informed me that I would not be permitted to jerk off ever again and that I had jerked off for the last time. She told me if I jerked off she would cut my balls off. She said it nicely but I got her point. Masturbation was forbidden. I did my chores and for the next three months the pattern remained the same. Every time she had to piss she made me lie down naked in the tub and she verbally abused me while pissing down my throat as fast as I could swallow. Then I licked her clean and put my dirty underwear back on and did a list of chores she handed me. I did my best to finish the list between serving as Mom's urinal. I was excruciatingly horny. After about three days I was insanely horny. I started to entertain thoughts of r*ping Mom. I was no match for her at twelve. She was twice my size towering over me by at least a foot. I was small for my age at only 4 feet six inches while she was easily 5 feet 7 inches or so. I think her tits along outweighed me. I knew all of this but yet I still started thinking about r*ping her.

    On the third night I had my first wet dream. I remember it vividly in my dream she pissed so hard down my throat that I drowned in her piss as it filled my stomach and over flowed into my lungs and overflowed out of my mouth and nose. I woke up and sat up to see white fluid oozing slowly out of my piss hole. I dared not touch myself. Somehow my mother had figured out how to read my mind.

    For the next three months it continued to be the same every day. By that point I was beyond insanely horny. I was devising in my mind all kinds of scenarios where I would convince my mom to let me jerk off. My balls weighed fifty thousand tons all of it sperm on the verge of a nuclear explosion. I was so far gone mentally that Mom decided to home school me that year.

    Then one day Mom woke me up from yet another restless night of dreaming of drowning in her piss. I had some how found the self control needed to keep from cumming. I was confident that I hadn't even cum in a wet dream in well over two months. I hadn't jerked off for three whole months. Mom told me to follow her to the bathroom as usual. I followed the usual routine of stripping naked and laying down and opening my mouth and helping mom out of her panties and having her squat down over my mouth and she pissed as usual. I had trained myself to allow her piss to flow directly down my throat swallowing quickly. I got pretty good at it. I rarely spilled it any more. Mom helped me a bit with this by controlling her flow just a little bit. I developed a permanent thirst for mom's piss and no amount would ever satisfy that thirst. As usual I licked her clean and sucked the piss off her pubic hair. I did not have to be told not to clean myself off. I was permitted one shower at the end of each night and that was it. That was also the only time I was permitted fresh underwear. All summer and into the fall I was never once permitted any normal clothes. Underwear only but then mom only wore panties and t shirts except when she went out to run errands.

    This time was different though and I didn't know it yet. Mom didn't tell me but she had other plans that day. I was about to get up but Mom ordered me to remain in the tub. In a moment a woman I never met walked into the bathroom full clothed. I was still laying naked in the tub. I was embarrassed. It's one thing for Mom to see me naked. Its another for a strange woman I never met to see me naked but I knew better than to cover my self. The woman removed her dress and hung it on a hook. Then she stepped into the tub and ordered me to remove her panties. Then she squatted down over my mouth and ordered me to open wide. I didn't have to be told, it was already wide open in anticipation. The strange woman commenced pissing a river of piss down my throat. Mom's flow was nothing compared to this woman's. She gushed forth a torrent that felt like it was going to drown me. It was all I could do to keep from cumming even without touching myself. I drank down the last swallow of her piss which was far stronger and much more bitter than Mom's piss. Then I licked her clean. She was meaner than my mom too. Mom berated me. This woman verbally crucified me. Her voice was so full of wrath and vile hatred that I positively tingled in excitement. My whole body tingled the way it felt at the height of orgasm but without actually cumming. I think I was in love with her. I helped her back into her panties and she stepped back out of the tub giving me a disgusted look.

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    Lesbian Female / 20

    My older sister is five years older than I am. When she was fourteen she started having sex with an older boy from down the street. She didn't know much about sex at the time, so mostly she just took off her pants and laid back on the couch and the boy would get over her and screw her. If she caught me watching she would tell me to turn around and watch tv.

    One afternoon the boy came with a magazine, it had pictures of naked girls. All the girls were pretty and they covered their privates but showed their boobs. He left the magazine at our house and I kept it and would stay up late looking at the pictures. Nobody I knew had breasts like the girls in the pictures. Our mother was essentially flat chested, and that was our destiny too. My sister had pretty much pushed out all the boobs she was going to have by the time she was fourteen.

    Her boyfriend liked screwing her, and he had all these magazines that he brought over. This one magazine had these pictures of this naked girl with a large snake wrapped around her. The snakes tail was right over her privates. I looked at the picture from all angles trying to get a look at her privates, but the picture didn't show it. At the time my privates were still pretty much covered with soft blond hair. My sister's privates had darker, courser pubic hair, just like our mother.

    I waited forever before my sister's boyfriend finally came over with a magazine showing spread legs, with amazing open pussies, and course black hair around it. This magazine was not in English, and most of the pictures were black and white, but the centerfold was a beautiful girl with auburn hair and brown eyes and great big breasts and the most amazing pussy picture. I had seen my sisters hundreds of times, whenever she was getting screwed I could always see it, but as soon as he pulled out his penis it just closed up and she closed her legs. But here was a picture of a wide open pussy, and he took the centerfold out of the magazine and gave it to me. Now I had something to look at. When I grew up I wanted to have a pussy like that.

    Over the next years, my sister and her boyfriend kept up their love nest and screwed in the den or on her bed. His penis got dark red when he got an erection, I didn't like looking at it. I would sit in the chair and watch them screw, my sister no longer required me to watch tv, and watch how his penis entered and pulled out of my sister's pussy. She was pretty much completely a woman, she was seventeen and her pubic hair was thick and dark, and went all the way down the back of her crack. She gave him head, and he ate her out, and I masturbated. And I looked at the magazines her boyfriend brought me. He had access through an uncle to magazines from Europe, Denmark and Italy, that had some beautiful naked girls, spread out in all kinds of positions. I practiced, holding one leg up in the air, on my elbows looking back at the mirror through my legs, laying on my back with my legs wide open, holding a pencil in my vagina. I had grown real pubic hair and my boobs were out and bigger than my sister's.

    My sister and her boyfriend had gone to college, and I was alone in the house. A family moved in across the street. A girl who was 13 moved in with them. She had long auburn hair, straight to the middle of her back, she had dark brown eyes, and she was light brown. The family was from Brazil. I made friends with her, in spite of the age difference, my trick to get her to come over, is that we baked cookies. One afternoon I showed her some of my stash of magazines and pictures. I took her from pictures of girls showing their breasts until I felt I had her attention, and then I showed her the magazines with the pictures of open pussies.

    She was quiet, I asked her if she liked the pictures of pussies. I took off my panties and showed her my pussy, I had practices so many times on how to hold my legs. I asked her to show me her pussy. She was hesitant, so I got in front of her and pushed her skirt up and put my face down into her pussy over her panties and started to kiss and push my nose into her. I got her legs open, wide open so I could get my whole mouth over her pussy and mouth it with my teeth. I took her panties off and ate her, I ate her for what seemed like an hour, I would stop and admire her pussy, and then open my mouth and eat and lick and stick my tongue in her vagina. And suck and pull on her lips. She was very wet, her vagina could take my finger without any problem, and I was wet and I wanted her to eat me.

    I started her by kissing the inside of my thighs and then took her head and laid her mouth on my pussy and after a few minutes she was kissing and imitating what I had done. My sister had a boyfriend, and I had a girlfriend that I could get naked with and eat and experiment with and kiss her mouth, and have her suck on my boobs, and pinch and suck on her nipples. My girlfriend lived across the street from me for two years. By then I had graduated from high school and I went to a liberal arts college in Maryland, where there were lots of girls. My sister stuck with boyfriends, and I stuck with girlfriends and we compared notes. Which was better, although individually neither one of us ever crossed over.

    I do understand why my sister wants a penis in her pussy. Why she wants to hang around with guys. I hope she understands why I have a girlfriend, a lovely freshman girl from North Carolina, with black hair and dark eyes, with a dark pussy with heavy pubic hair by the last name of Patel. She says it is funny how I like dark pussy and she likes white pussy. It doesn't matter, what matters is that she likes to eat pussy and I like to eat pussy and we can spend an entire afternoon naked in bed.

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    Straight Male / 26

    I am a wear 15 is young, I have always been at lust for mature women and st 15 I had my first milf exp..

    My mother asked me to help a friend of hers with her lawns-- I new the woman and she was paying for the help so I said "sure"

    Now Cath was in her 40"s, and after a full arvo of cleaning up her yard mess I was also a mess.

    I was about to leave and Cath offered me a cold drink- so I followed her into the kitchen and that's were she started to flirt.. at first I just thought she was playful and I was enjoying her energy she was fun.

    It was when she bent over and I saw she was not wearing underwear I noticed my cock got hard- Cath noticed it too,, her hands went down my pants my shorts were torn off and my sweaty cock was down her throat she sucked like a demon so I sucked her clit as she sucked my cock and we both cum in each others mouth. Her juices were delightful.

    We both knew and agreed to play for as long as we could-- that was when I was 15.

    Cath has been apart of my life since then--- I fucked all through high school I fucked her the morning I was married I fucked her durning my honeymoon we even fucked after the birth of every kid my wife pumped out and every anniversary my wife and I share Cath ends up taking my load of cum every year epically a Xmas and New Years
    milf is my true passion

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    Straight Female / 30

    I learned to masturbate at an early age. My bed pillows have been abused as far back as I can remember. Putting them between my legs and rocking back and forth until I climax. When I was 12yo I got invited to go horseback riding with a friend of mine. I had barely learned to ride when I realized that I was getting sexually aroused in the saddle. By the time we returned to the stables I had cum several times, my riding pants and panties would be soaked.

    Then one day I was riding and I realized I had to pee. I tried to hold it, hoping I could wait until we returned to the stables. I finally had to confess my discomfort to the other riders and I took a trial with some privacy.

    My intention was to ride to a distance and relieve myself among nature. I had found a spot and pulled my horse to a stop. Then suddenly I realized I was sexually aroused at the same time. I sat in the saddle motionless, looking around before I dismounted. I pushed my thighs into the saddle, the excitement actually calmed my bladder it seemed.

    I realized I wanted to cum and I clamped my legs around the horse as best as I could. I was grinding into the smooth saddle and I knew I was going to cum hard. My orgasm hit me, my right hand gripping the saddle horn tightly as I came. I bit my lip to keep from screaming with pleasure. My orgasm made me dizzy, I was breathing hard. The horse moved slightly under me. I sat there for several moments trying to recover and suddenly the urge to pee returned and I didn't have the strength to dismount the horse.

    I stood in the stirrups to dismount the horse and realized I couldn't hold it back another second. The muscles that held back the flow gave way and a torrent of liquid warmth drenched my crotch. My legs started to tremble and I sat down in the saddle and emptied my entire bladder in the saddle.

    Then I began to grind into the saddle as I peed. I don't know why I did it, but all I know it felt beyond wonderful. I grasped the saddle horn once again, pulled my loins into the saddle as best as I could. Within moments I was having another mind blowing orgasm. There wasn't time to hold back the pleasure, I moaned loudly and didn't care if anyone heard me.

    Several minutes later one of my female friends rode up. I don't know if she heard me scream with pleasure or not. She asked if I was okay, I'm sure my face was flush. I told her I didn't make it. She understood what I was telling her, but not completely. She asked if there was anything she could do, I told her I was going to have to ride back to the stables. She asked if I wanted her to ride back with me, I told her I would be fine. She turned her horse and went back to the group.

    Riding back I was sopping wet between my legs. The material of my black riding pants absorbed my pee down the backs of my legs. By the time I could see the stables in the distance I was ready to have another orgasm. I wanted to grind my soaking wet crotch into the saddle once more, I know I could have had another explosive orgasm.

    Since that day I go horseback riding mostly by myself. I make sure I drink as much water as I can stand before I mount the horse. I masturbate at night with my pillow just thinking about the next day and the orgasms I'm going to have.

    I never thought that peeing and masturbating would give me such an intense orgasm. I never planned for this to happen but I'm so glad it did!...........................

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    Straight Female / 36

    I was on an airplane. I went to go pee. I could hear people outside the door, and got nervous. I stood up, and went to wash my hands, and so much came rushing out of me it went out under the door a little. I bought everyone hear the loo a drink

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