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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Gay Male / 52

    My introduction into the dark world was gay novels when I was in my teens. Our neighbor was a doctor and he had a son that was several years older than me and he loaned me these gay novels. They were short stories in a sense, you could read them in an hour, they were descriptive novels, paying lots of attention to describing hot cocks and the boys that liked them. Most all those novels were about lost boys and the men that loved them. I read them at night, after I went to bed and I masturbated to them reliving the passages as I masturbated. That was the time I started to make my bed every morning because my sheets were always wet from masturbating the night before.

    One afternoon I was over at my neighbor's house and he told me that he had wanted to read this novel to me and we sat in his room and he read it out loud. He would stop and slowly read the passages of the boy when he first felt the hot cock in his mouth, or he lay on his stomach and felt the heat of the hot cock on his legs before he got fucked. From then on instead of reading the novels myself my neighbor read then to me. My cock was always hard and usually came in my pants. My neighbor would sometimes take his cock out of his pants and stroke it as he read the stories to me and it wasn't long before I was sucking his hot cock and feeling his hot cock against my leg.

    The novel that he used to give me my first fucking was about the boy who worked on a barge in the Amazon and the captain had him sit beside him for dinner and he would masturbate him at the table while the rest of the crew ate and then take him to his cabin where he would get his cock sucked and then lay the cabin boy on his stomach to fuck him. That is how I got fucked that afternoon and I was the cabin boy on that barge in the Amazon. It is indelibly imprinted on my mind.

    I found myself in the military and stationed in Korea. I masturbated in my bunk every night reliving those novels, I had my favorite passages memorized and I had a rag to ejaculate into and only after masturbating did I go to sleep. During my time in Korea I was assigned to the mess hall and it was there that I met an older career sergeant from Puerto Rico that liked young men and I was his go to boy and I sucked and fucked my way through my days in Korea with him. He was uncut and that was novel to me, getting his cock hard and watching it grow out of his foreskin. He was a hard fucker and liked to get his business done quickly and he came quickly so I never left without his load.

    Back home after my service I went to college in my hometown and my neighbor who was working for the city by then introduced me around to the men in town who liked to get together with the young men. He and I would take those old novels that he kept and would sit around naked and read then aloud while I stroked and sucked his cock. I loved his cock, and I loved having him fuck me. For all intents and purposes I was strictly his boy while I went to college. Sometimes we went to these parties, really they were gang bang sex parties with this group of men in town. I met several of the other gay men in town that way as we grew older we had our own little clique to get jobs and loans and in many other ways to open the doors for us. But through it all my neighbor and I were confirmed and we pretty much didn't get around other than at the sex parties.

    I have kept several of those novels and after all these years reading them gets me hard and in the mood to masturbate and relive those days of the dark world of gay sex. I still enjoy masturbating and what better way to get in the mood than to read one of those novels.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Hi. My name is Sarah Jane. I'm 18 years old and I love holding my poo until I'm so desperate I can't hold it any longer.

    I went out for a walk in the park today and the last time I had a poo was five days ago so I was desperate to go. I also had to pee really badly after drinking four mugs of coffee as well as a full litre of orange juice before I left the house. By the time I walked to the park I was bursting to go at both ends and I really had to clench tightly as I walked over to the toilets on the other side of the park. My bladder felt rock hard and I leaked a little urine in my knickers as I approached the toilets. I felt it dribble down my legs as a cramp in my stomach nearly caused me to poo myself and I clenched again as I reached the toilets. I pushed the door but it wouldn't open so I pulled it but it was locked and I was about to go to the toilet in my knickers. Then I saw the sign on the door saying CLOSED FOR REPAIRS and I knew the fight was over. I felt some pee dribbling down my legs and and I was powerless to stop the flow and I just stood there and peed through my knickers and all down my legs. A big puddle formed around my feet as I emptied a full bladder onto the concrete floor and it was a relief but I still had to poo really badly. Now I'd wet myself I was tempted to poo myself as well but I knew it would be messy after holding it for five days. Then I felt another cramp in my stomach and I clenched tightly but my increasingly urgent need to relieve my bowels was too much for me to handle and I relaxed as I moved my feet apart. It was a big solid poo and I had to push to get it to come out but once it started it got easier and over the next five minutes I totally filled my knickers with a huge load. It was such a relief it was almost like I was having an orgasm and by the time I finished my knickers were sagging heavily in my comfort fit jeans. I stank of poo and my jeans were soaking wet so there was no hiding my accident but it was worth it for the shear relief of it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I was walking around the museum in London to pass the time and got to talking to this guy also passing the time, we left and went and got a beer and while we were at the bar he put his hand on my belly, believe me when I tell you I have a belly. I did not take his hand off, and he did not take his hand off. When we had pretty much exhausted our time at the pub we walked back towards our hotels and I said lets see what happens and I swatted him on the ass with the museum guide I had in my hand. He did not react and at the next street crossing I took his arm and we crossed. At his hotel we sat in the small lobby and I aske him if the rooms were so small you could barely get to the bathroom, he laughed and we went upstairs.

    The room was small and the full size bed took up most of the room and it was on the third floor so the small window was off the street level and a man can give another man a back massage and get close to him from behind and when offered he lay back on the bed so that he could get his feet rubbed and his zipper lowered and his cock sucked. He was a man of girth, not like me. His cock was worth sucking, a girthy cock is always worth sucking, his pants undone and his pants off and his boxer shorts in the way they had to come off and his cock was harder than before and he took off his shirt and undershirt and laid back naked as the day he was borne and I sucked his cock.

    I got undressed and lay beside him and he took my cock in his hand and before he sucked my cock we kissed on the bed. If anything gets me going is kissing, I am a sucker for kissing and nipple play and while he stroked my cock I sucked his nipples and kept his cock hard in my hand. I have never been the one to climb on top, he understood instinctively and I got on my stomach and he stroked his cock thru my butt crack rubbing hard against my hole. I like that, I have a sensitive hole opening, my anus is very sensitive and pressure from a man's cock will get me ready faster than anything else will. He was well prepared for a traveler, he got out some oils and a condom and after a minute he was riding in and out, he said his oils helped him stay hard longer and he did and he finally came.

    I stripped his condom off and sucked his cock. I love a cock covered in cum and if I can I want him to cum again, this time in my mouth and he did. It was a happenstance encounter and it worked, I was definitely looking to find company for the night and so was he, we are both Americans nothing English here, just two guys meeting up on a business trip out of town. What I do out of town is no one's business but mine, I can be the straight laced man at church on Sunday, but out of town I can indulge in my favorite pastime, sucking cock and getting naked with a man.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 48

    My boyfriend loaned me his Polaroid camera and asked me to take pictures of my roommates in their birthday suits. At first they got angry but after seeing a couple of examples everyone got into the mood. We ran out of film and went trough the stack keeping some for us and agreeing on which ones we would give him. We gave him naked crotch pictures, girls kissing naked, ass pictures, laid out waiting naked pictures. We kept the more explicit pictures where we left nothing to the imagination and those where we muffed on each other. That night's Polaroid extravaganza made us all girlfriends and he had the pick of the litter when he needed a girl. Over time he got around to each of us and we had many more Polaroid nights.

    We have kept most of those pictures, many are washed-out but there is no doubt of our commitment to being with him and posing for him. He inherited a condo in Breckenridge and we started to set aside winter and summer weeks to go bare hot tubing with him, letting our hair down and reliving our college love life. Our bodies may no longer be what we were but our inhibitions are gone, a week gives us each a day to renew ourselves with him, and with each other which is equally rewarding. If anything sex today is better than those days when we were figuring out how to give ourselves away.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I'm 23 years old and I have an identical twin sister. We started experimenting with sex together when we were 7. I accidentally saw a porn video on the internet and the next time I saw one wasn't an accident and then I got my sister involved and it was so hot we had to try some of it out on each other and we gave each other our first orgasms when we were 9. We've been lovers since though neither of us do just girls. We both have boyfriends. When my current boyfriend was 18 my sister and I surprised him for his birthday by double teaming him.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Well, I guess I am here because I have something to brag about, I finally gave into temptation and I sucked my first dick. What was it like? Well to be honest it was scary, but at the same time exhilarating. The feeling of his dick in my hand was amazing and the feeling of his dick in my mouth was more amazing. But the feeling of sucking a man was the most amazing, looking up at his white beard and his big belly and his blue eyes looking down at me with his dick in my mouth and my hand. His look said suck and I sucked and incredibly after a lot of work he shot his load and I accomplished my goal. But that wasn't all, he fucked me that evening too.

    But to get back to the beginning, so to speak. I inherited a laptop from the Maintenance Manager at our company when he retired. His was newer than mine and I got it and mine went on down the line to the warehouse. About three months after I got the computer I was rooting around and I found this folder, it had an odd set of characters, for example 123xyz777zzz. Nonsense set of characters. I opened it and there were two subfolders, both were also similarly named. In one I found six jpg files and in the other two video files. In the jpg files they all contained pictures taken with a phone or small camera of a man sucking another man's dick, and one of the pictures had the face of the man doing the sucking, his mouth full, his eyes closed and this look of pure exhilaration. Another had his hand on that hard dick and his ring clearly visible. It was a pictures of the Maintenance Manager. The videos were videos of a man fucking a man, short less than ten seconds each, one showed the man on his all fours and his left hand clearly visible with a ring and the other just his ass being pounded, with that dick. I say that dick because as I got into the pictures and the videos I fell in love with that dick.

    Actually, at the time I had never admitted to myself how much the whole idea of sucking a man's dick called me. I had of course thought about, several times over time, when I saw a dick in a restroom I might think about it while I was watching the movie. And I had spent a good amount of time with gay porn, but it has gotten so formulaic that I can't stand it any more. However these pictures and the two videos were real and I put them on a thumb drive, shredded the pictures on the computer and made the angelic face picture my go to picture on my home computer. If a man can enjoy a dick so much then what was wrong with me feeling like I wanted to suck a dick.

    I had my Dirty Harry moment one night, I woke up and I had a hard on and I was dreaming of sucking this trucker, I was in his cab and I was sucking him and I got so hard that I woke up. I say it was my Dirty Harry moment because I told myself, 'well punk, you going to do it?, or are you going to continue to chicken out?' Well punk, I had my revelation.

    I contacted this man I knew from way back in college, he had been on the police force for twenty years and he was now in business for himself. He had divorced his wife and gone gay and he worked with the LGBT community. His face was known to a whole lot of people. I went to him and I got around to telling him that I had this desire and I needed to prove to myself if it was real or if it was a passing thing. I asked for his help. He was nice enough about it and didn't question me a whole lot, some but not a whole lot and said that maybe I was just fantasizing or projecting but I assured him that I had been struggling with this for a long time. I didn't tell him about the Maintenance Manager which is really what pushed me towards the door.

    He suggested that I hang out with gay guys, go to gay hangouts, he gave me several well known places where gay men hung out and not guys on the make looking for a buck. He also agreed to invite me to a couple of parties so I could mingle and maybe that would either prove it one way or prove it the other way. I went to the parties, only men, and only excops, black and white and brown. They were all buddies and I didn't really break in. The other party had a bigger mix and I had a long talk with a couple of guys. I went to the hang outs he told me about and at one of them I ran into one of the guys I had met at the second party. We talked and I told him I was ready to know and he said well maybe he could help.

    At his place he had a hot tub outside and he got buck naked, a great big man with a harry chest and legs, his dick didn't look all that big considering his size. He encouraged me to get naked and he sized me up and we got in the hot tub and talked and had a glass of white wine. He swam over to me and put his head under water and sucked my dick. He got up and stood on the step and hung his dick in my face and told me to try it and that's how I sucked my first dick. He got big, in my mouth he was big, he hung back and after a couple of minutes he started to thrust with his hips and it was hard to keep his hard dick in my mouth. I had to hold his dick with my hand and he told me not to stop he was going to fuck my face and he was going to fuck my man pussy. I know he was faking it but I was hard and I had his hard dick in my hand and I was sucking his dick and he was thrusting and holding my head with his hand.

    He did blow his top, her jerked back and forth and shot more and more into my face, mouth and hair. He told me I was a good 'boy' and he kissed me on the mouth and settled back into the hot tub and asked me whether I liked it or not. I was still in shock or mesmerized and I said I did but I didn't expect it to be like that. He told me that I was his for the night and my man pussy was next. After eating a sandwich and watching some TV, still naked but dried off we went upstairs to his room and he put on some music and he got on the bed and invited me on to suck him again, he rubbed my back, my butt, my legs and positioned me for him and he lubed me up and told me that it was now or never, and to be aware that once I went that way I was never going to go back.

    The feeling of his dick in my ass was hot and hard and big and it felt like I was stuffed and he slapped my ass from time to time while he got himself up to the task and fucked me in quick jerks until he shot his stuff. He asked me spend the night, which I did. In the morning we had coffee and an English muffin and I went home around ten o'clock. I had sucked a man's dick and I had a man fuck me in the ass. Was it worth it? Would Dirty Harry have been proud? Hell I liked it, much more than I had thought and he was right I went back for more, it just isn't enough to suck his dick, I like that I like that a lot, but I need him to him to fuck me, that is what really makes it a night. That I really like a lot. He is a big man and I take back what I thought that first day, he does not have a small dick, his dick is big enough to fit in my hand and when his dick is in my ass I can attest it is big, bigger than I would have thought.

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    Gay Male / 53

    I found out when I was a kid that if you hung out at the movie theaters men would ask you sit with them. I loved having them grab my cock and they let me grab their cock. Sometimes I sucked them and sometimes they sucked me. Usually when they sucked me I had an orgasm. Most of the men dealt with it and one even kissed my mouth so that I could get some of my own. I loved going to the movies in the afternoon, it was a quarter to get in and I could stay all afternoon.

    I was in the movies just lately and I was sitting watching a movie, I always go alone because my wife is working and this man came and sat beside me. The movie was pretty empty. Once the movie got started he pulled out his cock and started masturbating. I looked at his cock in the light of the movie and took his cock in my hand and jerked him off. He came pretty quickly all over his shirt and when he was done he got up and left. I started to go to the movies at that theater in the afternoons and he came and sat beside me again the following Thursday. As soon as he got his cock out I took it and got it hard for him and bent over and sucked him for a few minutes. I jerked him off for a few minutes and bent down and sucked him again jerking him off until he had an orgasm in my mouth.

    The following afternoon I was in the men's room and he came and stood beside me and showed me his cock. There was no one else in there so I took his cock in my hand and did my best to jerk him off but he didn't reach orgasm. We went into the movie and when it was all quiet down he took out his cock again and I sucked him and jerked him off until he had an orgasm. I love the taste of cum and his is strong and the consistency floats between my teeth, somewhat like slick snot. He didn't leave this time and he sat there and after a few minutes reached over and I let my cock out and he jerked me off. This time I went home with wet pants.

    We meet on Thursdays when he is off from his job, that Friday was extra because he took off to come to the movies. He lives nearby and we took the bus to his place and we had some of the best sex. It was so good to get back into it, he knows what he wants so I go along. Next time I taking some condoms and KY with me to see if he is interested in taking a ride. It has been a very long time since I felt a man on my back, I do like sucking cock but I could use a man on me right now, I could really use it.

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    Lesbian Female / 27


    I woke up early this morning with a stomach ache and a desperate need to have a poo. I ran to the toilet holding my bum and I only just made it in time to have a very relieving fart and a wee. I couldn't poo so I pushed and did a few pebbles but that was it. I still feel like I had to poo really badly but nothing came out so I gave up and got ready for work.

    As I was leaving for work I started feeling like I was going to poo myself but I ignored it and I held it until I got to work as I didn't want to be late. The drive took me about twenty minutes and then I got to work I went straight to go toilets but the cleaning guy was mopping the floor and I felt embarrassed to ask him if I could use the toilet but I was desperate for a poo and I couldn't wait any longer. I felt my face burning red as I explained I was desperate to go and before I could finish my word he said I could go and it wasn't a problem. I ran into the nearest cubicle which was spotless and ripped by knickers and leggings down together and threw myself onto the toilet and the moment my bum touched the toilet seat I felt a huge wave of relief as I exploded a torrent of diarrhoea into the toilet. I heard him going into the cubicle next to mine and I thought he was going clean the toilet but saw his trousers and pants drop down to his feet and I figured he was going to the toilet but I couldn't hear anything for a while. I sat in my cubicle and I started to hear some gasps and an I realised he was pleasuring himself and I left and washed my hands. He came out of his cubicle with a red face and the bulge in his trousers proved he was getting off on me pooing next to him. I asked him if he enjoyed himself and he said nothing and he left in a hurry.

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    Lesbian Female / 23


    I hadn't had a poo for over six days and after taking some laxatives last night I was busting to go this morning. I didn't want to risk blocking my toilet with such a huge load so I decided to go in the park instead as the old Victorian toilets there have a much more powerful flush than the modern water saving toilet in my flat. It's about a ten minute walk to the local park where I live and as I was walking the urge to poo quickly got worse. By the time I got to the toilets in the park I was desperate to go and I was so glad I'd made it in time. I pushed the door but it wouldn't open so I pulled it but it was locked. I was desperate for a poo and time was running out and I knew I wasn't going to make it back home in time. I walked round the the men's toilets on the other side of the building but they were locked as well. Now I knew I was in trouble because I was about to poo myself and the closest thing I could find to a toilet was my knickers! No one was around and I the thought of doing it in my knickers turned me on but I knew it would be embarrassing if anyone saw me. I clenched tightly and just about managed to keep control but it wasn't long before the urge to relieve my bowels was becoming unbearable and I just had to go. Just as I was about to give up a young woman came running up to the toilets and I told her they were closed. She was in a state of panic and she started wetting her jeans right in front of me. She looked so embarrassed and told her I was about to poo myself so she wouldn't feel so bad. The woman admitted she was desperate for a poo herself and without thinking about what I was doing I stopped clenching and I immediately felt my bum hole opening as a soft poo emerged. I couldn't stop it and it felt so good especially as I hadn't been in six days. The relief of it when I finished was indescribable and the woman looked shocked at first but then she smiled as she pushed a huge load into her jeans. Afterwards she told me her name was Stacie and she asked me if I'd like to come back to her place to clean up as it's only a couple hundred yards away from the park. I accepted her offer and we helped each other clean up in her bathroom. She gave a pair of her knickers and some cheap leggings to wear and we spent the morning together.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I recently found out one of my employees, a married 30 year old black guy is fucking my daughter. They met on tinder and he knew she was my daughter but she didnât know he worked for me.

    He told her he was married and she said she was cool with that and sheâs fucked married guys before. I loved that. They talked for a bit about sex and stuff and she told him sheâs never been with a black guy before but was dying for try.

    She gave him her number and they started exchanging dirty pictures. First few were innocent enough but after he sent her his cock pic she got nasty. She sent a video of her sucking another guy off and eating a facial from him. It was super hot. Seeing her private videos was too much for me to handle so as he was showing me all this I started jerking off in front of him.

    Eventually he invited her over to his secret apartment and she arrived wearing a few into black dress, with her big tits popping out. He filmed her coming inside and as soon as she was inside she got on her knees and took his cock out. Even soft itâs impressively big. Watching her suck his soft cock and seeing it get hard was so hot. I asked to see his soft cock and he was more then happy to take it out. Seeing it in person and in my daughters mouth on the screen was so hot.

    Shebgahs on his cock a few times and then stands up and they kiss. He sits down and she starts dancing for him. She tells him she once danced with another girl for a bachelorette party. He asked her if she fucked all thenguus and she says yes. I love hearing all this. She pulls up her dress and sits her beautiful ass on his lap with his cock between her ass. She grinds up and down and rubs his cock against her ass

    He skipped ahead to when they start fucking and I see my daughter on her back taking his big cock calling him daddy and master. She tells him she wants him to be her master and sheâll do anything for him. He asks her if she would let him piss on her and best her. She says yes please. She tells him to slap her and he does. She asks for it harder and he does. She starts cunning and crying out daddy. She tells him she wants it in her ass. He puts it in and she loves it. She tells him she got fucked in the ass when she was 13 but a neighbour boy that was 16. I knew exactly who she meant. He asked her whatâs her dirtiest fantasy and she tells him to strip for me and my brother withbher other friend then to watch me fuck her friend.

    The guy blows a load in her ass pulls out and sticks his cock in her mouth. This makes me cum all over myself. I ask the guy to rub his cock in my cum and take a picture of our cocks together and send it to her. He does and she replies immediately telling him sheâd love to suck both of the cocks.

    He tells her itâs mine as a joke and she says even better. She sends him a video of her in her room with a dildo and tells him sheâs waiting for an internet stranger to come over and fuck her because sheâs home alone. He tells her to video stream it to him so he can watch.

    An hour later she FaceTimes him and the screen comes up and sheâs being spit roasted on her bed. She tells him the guy brought a surprise friend. We both watch together with myself out of screen. We jerk off together and cum again watching her

    The next plan is for me to be in the room with them while sheâs
    Blindfolded and watch them. Maybe touch her a little. Eat her cum filled pussy.

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