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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Gay Male / 31

    In college I took a drawing class. It was an elective and I took it because a friend was taking it. Part of the class was practicing on still life drawings, black and white pencil drawings. At the end of the semester the teacher told us that we would have one last class for a final exam and we would have a live model. The guy who came to model stood naked on this pedestal table and we all had to focus on the fact that it was our final. It was the first time that I really focused on another naked guy. My drawing was out of focus except when it came to his genitals, I spent a lot of time focusing on that.

    I got a C for the class but I also got asked by the professor to come see him. He said he noticed that I had spent too much time on just one part of the subject and we went over my drawing. He asked me if that was my center of interest. He told me to come around to his side of the desk and he pulled up a series of pictures on his computer, drawings of naked men, erotic drawings of naked men, he told me that the phallus had been one of the main subject matters for years, centuries, and that he collected drawings, some were from his students and wanted to know if he could keep mine in his collection. While he talked the drawing on the screen was a man's penis in full erection, laying on his back, he said it was a piece commemorating the Paris piece the Origin of the World.

    We talked for a while, standing there with that drawing on his screen, asking me what I would have done differently, that the drawing was done by one of his students several years ago and he was the subject. He wanted me to study the drawings and he passed me a thumb drive and told me to go home and study them and ask myself how I would have done differently and we could discuss that on another day.

    There were a couple of hundred drawings, and I kept going back to the one he said he was the subject, anatomic drawings of naked men and their phallus. I masturbated to the drawings. When I went back he asked me if I wanted to get better at my chosen expression. My first session was the two of us alone, he lay nude on a couch and I drew him head to foot. The next he stood and the third he told me to focus only on his phallus, he used his hand to get himself semi erect and after sometime he critiqued me and asked for more expression, to imagine myself about to take that phallus in my mouth and savor it, to give it life.

    For sure my drawings were never of the quality of the ones he collected, or the ones of some of his other students. But he had me savor his phallus and to pose for him as he drew me, to use me as a model for some of his other chosen students. Some of his students were in graduate school and others were new like me. He invited me to a party, it was an open robe party, we wore nothing but little open robes that didn't quite reach far enough down to cover us and we had a boy on boy Roman night. Some of the guys that were there were well experienced and some of us were new to the party but in the end everyone was encouraged to get together and enjoy the company.

    Although I had savored the professor, when it came time to savor a graduate student from Honduras I had to take control of myself and just do it. The more I did it the more I liked it and I ended up being his companion for the party. I draw for fun, it is an ice breaker to have a young man pose for me, I am not quality but I do a good enough job to help break the ice. My professor let me keep the thumb drive and I have that collection and others stored away for those nights when I need to be alone with my art form. I share some of my drawings with my old professor and he critiques them and his advise is always the same, think of your subject as you are approaching him and you are about to take him into your mouth, what do you see? Draw that image, the image that is in your head.

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    Straight Male / 32

    My wife recently went to a bachelorette party down at the beach last month. One of the nights they went to a beach bar and apparently she participated in a best ass contest. I got a text around 2 am from one of her friends saying I would be proud of my wife for winning a best ass contest. I asked her about it when we got home and she said it was innocent. She got up on the bar and pulled up her skirt to show off her ass in a thong. I’m not sure if I believe all that went on because apparently he friends and her were hanging out with a bachelor party all night

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    Lesbian Female / 44

    Going into my early twenties post college I had never been in a relationship of any kind, some casual friends but that was it. I was socially uncomfortable and had never been felt up much less had sex. At work I had to share an office with this guy. Typical nerd guy, glasses and he wore the same shoes every single day. But you talk to someone everyday and you forget they are nerds and you obviously never question that you may be a nerd too. We would bring our lunch and we ate in our office so basically I had lunch with him every day. One of those days he was overtired and I asked what he had done the night before and he told me that two of his college friends were in town and they had ended up at a strip joint until two in the morning.

    This feeling, this curiosity went over me and I started to ask him about the strip joint, to tell me the real truth about what went on in there. What kind of girls were they? Did they really wear G-strings or was that a movie thing? To tell me about their breasts, were they natural or did they all have boob jobs? Would I make it in a strip joint, did I have big enough boobs. My panties were wet as he described this girl and that girl and her boobs in their faces and bending over and putting their butt cheeks up against their face and describing how their thong held in their woman parts and how you could tell if they had just shaved because of the stubble on their thighs.

    I begged him, begged him to take me to a strip joint, I had to see for myself. We went on a Thursday night because he had plans that Friday. We went to this strip joint out by the airport. He had never been there but it was far away from anyone we could possibly know. It was dark inside and he told the bouncer that he was proving to me that it was only to see and no touching was allowed. He called this girl over, who knows how old she was and she wasn't even pretty and he paid her twenty bucks and told her to give me a lap dance and that I liked boobs so to make me want her boobs. He paid several other girls to come over, they all had different types of boobs, and some were obviously fake and others were not. I had a couple who gave me ass and he told me to look up between their legs because the fun part was seeing if you could see any pink in there. After a couple of hundred bucks we left and went to IHOP.

    It was my first time that I remember being hot, like hot, wet all over and I couldn't stop talking about the girls. He took me to all kinds of strip joints, mostly low blue collar strip joints, but to a couple of gentlemen clubs with expensive drinks. He let me pick the girls and I would tell him what I wanted and he would pay them to table dance for me. We split the bill. We found a place where you could have private dance behind some curtains in a booth. I had the girls in the private booth sit on my lap and they let me put my face in their boobs. I couldn't touch. We almost always tried to pick girls who didn't have boob jobs. And one girl who was nice and all told me that I could suck her tittie any time I wanted.

    I was masturbating all the time, my friend bought me magazines like Playboy and Hustler and he would sit beside me and we would go through every picture looking at the girls and I would describe to him which ones I liked. I preferred Hustler because the girls were more natural and you also got pictures of their pussy. And one night he told me that we were going to go out to dinner first because he was hungry and we would go back to this club near the airport. At the restaurant we ran into the girl from the club who told me I could suck her tittie. He had set it up and she sat with us, we sat in a booth and he told me she was going to come with us and she was going to give me a private show.

    We went back to my place and he left us alone. She danced for me, this time a real strip dance because she got undressed in front of me until she was standing there in ordinary underwear rubbing her pussy and asking me how hot I wanted her. She rubbed her pussy until she was obviously wet and pulled my face into her and told me to suck her panties. I was hot inside, wet and trembling as I sucked on her panties and she ran her hands through my hair. She pulled my head up and told me it was time for a tittie party but that she wanted my titties first. She helped me get naked and she took off her panties and bra and let me suck on her tittie just like she had promised and she sucked on my titties and she asked for a bed and we ate pussy and grabbed ass and tittie and she kissed me and gave me an orgasm. She sat on the bed and using her fingers she gave herself an orgasm while I watched.

    Yes she was a whore, she got paid for it. My friend, he paid for it, five hundred bucks for a girl, for a whore to give me my first time. The bad news was that she was a whore and I am not. I went to see her dance, and I always give her a big tip. She wouldn't see me outside of the club unless she got paid and you can't afford to pay five hundred bucks every time that you wanted to have sex. She told me that she was one hundred percent lesbian, she admitted that to me. I found out that I was also a lesbian, but instead of falling for some secretary at the office I fell in love with a stripper. It is a long ago, more than twenty years ago now, but deep down inside I am still in love with her, or the memory of her, I don't want to think about what she looks like now. I have remained friends with my coworker and facilitator of my early discovery days. We don't do strip joints any more, I have a girlfriend and she strips for me but she doesn't like him to watch. It is always a private party and all he gets is a vivid description of it, which gets me hornier faster than anything else will.

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    Straight Male / 55

    I was at a recycling center, a place I had been a hundred times before but this was a first. After I dumped my items I noticed an attractive 30 something Mom in a very sexy (and short) blue jump dress in the car ahead of me. As she reached into the back of her SUV (yes it was a long reach) you can imagine the view I got. Black skimpy panties (almost, but not quite qualifying as a thong). Good enough to make a lasting impression. I still wonder if she knew what kind of view I got, if so, thanks for that lasting image.

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    Straight Female / 54

    So to start off I am a BBW. My Husband and I had been invited to my Sisters outdoor park wedding. On the day of the wedding my Husband and I awoke and followed our usual routine. Getting cleaned up and drinking coffee. I wore my green and black full to my ankles length dress with black heels, thigh high suntan stockings, no panties. After about two hours and 4 cups of coffee we used the bathroom and hoped in the car and headed for the wedding a 4.5 hour drive away.

    After about 3.0 hours into the drive I was starting to feel the need to pee. By hour 4 the feeling was starting to get a bit urgent but manageable. By the time we arrived at the wedding 45 mins later a public park I was in a very urgent almost desperate need to pee. I had no choice but to say my hellos and such then headed for the bathroom only to arrive and find the wedding party has taken over both bathrooms and told I had to wait.

    20 mins later the bride and bridal party come out off the bathroom saying they are open now but both stalls are clogged and unusable. I almost peed myself right then an there but managed to hold it back and wondered what I was going to do. I found my husband and told him my problem. just then we were all told to take our place in the grass form the ceremony.

    As this was being announced I dribbled a little out of what was now a very desperate need to pee. As My Husband and I walked to our places in the grass I lost control and dribbled 2 more times but through squeezing was able to keep it contained inside my pussy lips but could feel the moisture about to escape out of my pussy lips at the end of my crack. just then the bridal march started and my sister started walking down the Isle.

    I could hold it no longer dribbled again and could feel it start to escape my pussy crack. I did not want to get my stockings wet and was standing in the grass. Remember my dress was ankle length and I had no panties on. So I slightly spread my legs. At the same time as my sister was walking by me on her way to the alter. If you were to look under my dress I was standing there full pee stream flowing out of my pussy peeing in the grass out of desperation. I am just glad no one noticed at the end my husband figured out what I had done when he said lets find you a toilet and I said no longer a problem went during the ceremony. he said what do you mean and I said I stood right there and peed in the grass as my sister was walking by.

    The thought of what I had done and pictures it put in his head. Turned him on so much we made love three times that night. the first time in the woods before we ever left the park once in a rest area and then the best of the bunch at home that night after I peed for him just standing there like I had at the wedding on the bathroom floor so he could see the puddle.

    Now I am thinking about peeing in public for him again but this time wearing a dress or skirt that stops at my knees so he can see the pee stream coming out from under my hem line.

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    Straight Male / 45

    Met a rather attractive woman when I was on vacation at Palm Beach. We met at a bar at the beach and really hit it off. We decided to take a walk on the beach just as the sun was going down.

    We were quite a distance from the bar when Joan announced she had to pee. Obviously the ocean was right there and that seemed the logical choice. She took my hand and I walked with her into the surf.

    The water was refreshing and suddenly we were standing there making out in the surf. I was really getting aroused and Joan was too. She took my hand and pulled it down between us, then pulling my hand between her legs.

    As we kissed I could feel a sudden warmth, it wasn't the warm ocean water either. She kissed me harder as she peed through the bottom of her one piece bathing suit. She took my hand and pulled it between her legs, I started rubbing her pussy through her bathing suit and she let it go. She practically had her tongue down my throat as I rubbed her pussy as she emptied her bladder in the surf.

    Joan was turned on to the max, her nails clawed the back of my neck as she climaxed and peed into the churning water. I have to admit I was turned on just as much, my cock was stretching the netting inside of my bathing trunks.

    We went back to my hotel room and fucked liked dogs until we fell asleep. The next morning Joan was in the shower and I joined her without asking. With the warm water raining down over us we started making out again, I put my hand between her legs and started to rub her pussy.

    She moaned loudly, spreading her legs wide for me. I pushed my fingers into her vagina and told her to pee for me. Just like the night before in the surf, our mouths locked together in a searing kiss. Joan clawed my neck again and then I felt her hot pee flowing out of her like a geyser.

    I fingered her pussy feverishly as Joan peed all over my hand. Joan came even harder than she did the night before. I fingered her until she came two more times, she almost collapsed in the shower from her orgasm.

    By now my cock was rock hard and I turned Joan around and entered her from behind. The water from the shower kept raining down as I fucked Joan savagely, knowing I wasn't going to last very long. I blasted my load into her pussy, both Joan and I moaning with pleasure loudly as I came inside of her.

    We showered and got dressed. Joan told me she always wanted to have a peeing experience with a guy but never had the nerve to ask. Honestly it wasn't something I had ever thought about one way or the other, it turned out to be very exciting I admit.

    I had to leave Palm Beach the next day to return home. Joan and I had sex again the night before I left. We fucked in the bed and we fucked in the shower, once more allowing Joan to have another peeing experience. It was great, I loved it, hated that I had to leave.

    I gave Joan my number, hoping that she can come up and visit me sometime soon. I admit I'm a bit turned on by the golden showers aspect with sex..................

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I am an older male and I wet my pants on purpose. The look as wetness appears at the crotch and then down one leg and the other leg. The yellow puddle forming on the floor. How good it feels. The release. The warmth from the pee.
    The know ledge of how naughty it is. Knowing only naughty little boys who know better wet their pants. Sometimes the bladder is so full.....and the peeing seems to last for wonderful that feels. I admit its naughty and that why I do it. As a child I was spanked for bed wetting and sometimes peeing my pants. I admit I wet my pants now hoping I get spanked. I have been spanked sometimes. I wet my pants so that I will get caught,.....seen doing it. Lets face it, my bare bottom needs to paddled for pants wetting to teach me a lesson.....for punishment.
    A big wooden paddle, a belt, a leather strap smacked hard until I cant sit down for a month. Spanked in front of others for humiliation. I am a naughty pants wetter and I like it. I know and I want to be spanked for it.

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    Straight Female / 42

    Hi I feel so guilty about this I have a lovely husband 2 kids.
    So one weekend kids and hubby went to his family I had to work. After work Saturday night a neighbor invited me over to have drinks and a movie. El is same age as me a beautiful blonde. Mac her husband is tall black, muscular but not what I’d call handsome.
    Okay so the night started normally, drinks movie and soon we were all very tipsy... the movie was really steamy I was feeling very horny. Then I noticed Mac had a huge hard on. El noticed me looking she giggled and said “ wanna see?” I said “ ah ah w what?” Before I knew it she had released his thick dark cock.
    All I could say was “wow “ . He whispered “ touch it I won’t tell “ El agreed. So I ran my small white hand down his fat shaft. It felt so silky like smooth hot stone mmmm.
    My pussy tingled, I started wanking him slowly. “ ahhh mmm” he moaned. El said “ that’s so hot “ and she shuffled down opened her mouth wide and engulfed his fat cock head. Mac moaned “ oh yessss ah yes “ as his eyes rolled back. Mac then lifted my top and started sucking my nipples. It was like electric shocks I heard my moans “ mmm mmmm ahhh”
    El sucked faster making loud slurping sounds. It was making me sooooo wet.
    I sped up my hand as he pushed his hand down the front of my panties to my very wet swollen pussy. Ah it felt so good. He circled my clit a little then pushed two fingers in deep.
    Both El and I sped up our duel cock pleasing to which Mac grunted “ ah ahhh mmm” I could feel my orgasm building as I watched Mac groan and thrust into ELS mouth. Mac grunted “ ah here I cum “ I felt his thick black cock start to throb El stop sucking and came up to kiss him as he thrusted his fingers into me I screamed “ fuck yesss oh” as I came his cock pluses and exploded cum all over us. El said oh “ I’m so horny” took off her pants and began to mount that exquisite cock. Stretching her little white pussy wide.
    I had such a guilty feeling come over me and I had to go. They both said they wouldn’t tell.

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    Straight Female / 21

    The was at work the other night at one of my janitorial accounts. Since I work alone I kind of take my time and enjoy myself. I think that might caught me by surprise though. So I'm just going about my work, wiping down the inside walls of the main toilet stall and I sat down on the toilet for a moment to get some hard to reach areas. As soon as I did though, Immediately I started Peeing my panties uncontrollably.

    I was caught totally by surprise, not even realizing I had to pee at all. As if that wasn't enough, I started to Fart loudly and before I could do anything to stop it, I started Pooping at the same time and totally soiled my panties. So while I pooped and peed non stop for the next several minutes I stripped completely Naked and decided to work Naked the rest of the time I was in there since the bathroom door was locked anyway for security reasons and I work alone.

    Long story short, I finished pooping eventually but it was the longest Pee I can remember. I must have gone for a good 10 minutes or longer before it stopped. I did get back to my cleaning work, but being Naked the rest of the time I did have to Pee again every few minutes from then on. So I just went on the floor while working then cleaned it up.

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    Straight Male / 43

    I have been real read in the palm Beach milf writing screen name is expertmilf151. Writings under palm Beach milf ect... Some think I just started abusing the power I had overy partner who was a married trophy wife of a palmbeacher.
    I started a sexual relation early on at 12 years old but didn't really actually fuck until 13. I started with a very tame very well like and no other vices except doing it witje 6 to 10 times aday
    Her dad was the precher and no she wasn't the normal typical trouble preaches kid. Didn't cus smoke drink and Rin around with bad ppl. She was the beauty queen of her time in North Florida.
    We fucked all the time, places o should sayike the church at the end of the Street hef house two down from mine. Before school she lost always worth cheerleading shorts an o could slip it in cu I had tennis shorts on for I new one day an I was a professional tennis player .
    Welly fasiomation of having my girl done or at watching my girl being done started even at 13. My girl had been m****ted and had pussy lips an a whole my dick could naturally for into. O fit many things ngs into that and sometiemsy out of town tennis doubles partner and I would both be doing our forl and we switch back an forth.y girl was the best look at ng and by now we started experimenting with things . She nany sat for this rich couple out of our neighborhood it close enough I could bike over and fuck her in a house after the kids went to sleep. The new house had no window covering and when I pulled up I often got aroused seeing her and her not seeimge
    This started a is he or is he not there. If he's not there then who is wat hing me, and if it's not him who is grabbing me I'm naked and affraid. As a few weeks played on with this the husband and wife for home early and it was at this time she would have her pussy out playing with it infront a window with no covering . As I watched them watch her I saw both adults get closer in the shadows an grop each other to total shaking motion. I see my milf eyesget opened as the mom of the kids she sat for drop a perfect pair of tits out and for fucked her husband. As he came loid moans thrashig I see my Milf hops unjulate with greater force even when I let .y friends watch me fuck her.. she now has her were pussy eating on the window her squirting her piss. The couple sfarteled by the acknolovmsnt that they to are being watxhed to climax ...
    As the time gets closer da I race my bike home maybe she can stay out on her porch for 15 minutes like many times before I can slip it in an fuck with her parents just inche awY. Well the fine fellow of citizenship from town brought my girl down but stop just put of sight
    I see wiggle move only my vkrl performs when I had my hand down her pants on her pussy and I pee through the timt to see this man's cock out wedge deep in my girls mouth and a past the elbow hand to her pussy boy he most have got it deep .ydick got so hard I came
    She. She vlt IP I saw the cum sheclildmt swollow on his lap. Pulling in she jumps out as I grab her fprceably and her pants were soaked an callem off my dick met no restance. Tothzi day the best aroised moment I never would cum in her bit that kcht I left buiediex three cums of huge petion in her pussy .
    Week three I knew an she did two that I had got her pregnant . She sent to her baby sitting job as usual and called me with a strange messiage. Lights deem, bath drawn sexy stuff to put on and no wife or kids just me Barret on phone recorded to feel free to try on any thing I like she said to me .. I ran ex over to the house and by the time I got there I see a horriefied look as my gf slams the bathroom door. I see 5 to 6 of me Barret friends all in there undershoetsa. Soon on the card table my innocjent little cheerleader . I confess I watched them fuck her , I beat off an came 7 times . She came atleSt 30 times and was so limp leg the last two Fucked her face down
    I knew some photography sing ontheschool year book staff I got the last two guys on top an the 5 watching. When she got up she felt her pussy infront of that crowd and couldn't stop what her pussy started quivering and squirting more than I have seen fr grown ups she came so much k crie.
    Realty clicked payback was lwed she was wronged. The nextkddle week I contacted him and said I got the proof but I got her pragmet this is what I propose .. everything was to be the same except my girl would go with him that night she tolde later they fucked in 14 spots including his boat , parents house, church , pool hall and some she didn't say ..the wife was to be told and she would be available at there house ths inr
    Tire nkght. I did show up to the hottest women in town and for the first three hours I eat her pussy, fist fucked her watxhex her do her boy friend then had 10 of my buddies shos up a😉n each of them take there turn. I had also pit a note at the truck stop And had 6 more truck drivers so uop when the kids had to go home. I charged them 150 eCh to fuck her 400 barebaxck all went bareback two ramed fucked her together dick to dick double vag. She creid after said I could fuck arrange for her anything any time with or airh our ofjers .. I Fucked her all through school ian I would allow her do things before coming to fuck me like pick up stranger park in front of my dorm room let me sat😎, you Fuch him .. she card on times she had someone nea an aouldsaulklk out and watch by then I was over her I had my good fellows4 about 40 step in and fuckher

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