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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Straight Male / 19

    Just got back from a trip with my mom to see her sister. On the way back we were stuck in traffic for a few hours due to a bad wreck. Mom couldnât take it any longer and had to pee. She was in the passenger seat and pulled her shorts and panties all the way down exposing her pussy and a sweet little patch of hair. She told me not to look, but I was glued to her.

    I didnât have to pee, but was so excited after watching her, I took the cup and took out my cock and took a pee. She watched me the whole time.

    Now if I could just get her to do that again now that we are back home.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I have this fetish for peeing myself. I can't go out and buy proper diapers, so I made my own out of a trash bag, and some old children pull-ups I found around my house. I then drank a lot of water, and waited. I decided doing the dishes would be a good way to distract myself (so I would pee naturally) and get the process in motion, so-to-speak.
    I was about half way through when the dam broke. It felt sooo good to stand there and pee myself. I finished the dishes, but my bladder wasn't done yet. I had to take off my drenched makeshift diaper. Instead of running to the toilet, I just kneeled down, and let it out on the tiled floor. I had surrendered to all my passions. I was home alone, so i began cleaning it up. However I got another urge, and relieved myself for the final time on the floor. I loved the feeling of being naughty as the pee rushed out and splattered the floor. The puddle was substantial.
    My cock was now throbbing, so I decided to complete my mess with some cum. It only took 30 seconds of stroking to get me to orgasm into the puddle of pee. It was one my my best orgasms because it felt so naughty.
    I will need to be sentenced to a good spanking to pay for my actions.

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    Straight Male / 20

    One day my girlfriend decided to straddle me while I was sitting on the couch. She was a giggly person, but quieted down as she deeply kissed me. We started making out, and my bulge strained against her. She then started grinding against it as we made out. A moment later, I started feeling something warm and wet. I was too deep in the moment of pleasure to care what was happening. My girlfriend continued wetting herself as she grinded against me. This is one of the most intense orgasms she ever gave me. I came so hard, and she just kept going until she reached her orgasm.

    I'm not too much into piss, but the act of wetting, especially with her, is such a turn on for me now. We don't do stuff with it often, but frequent enough to prepare and clean up.

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    Straight Male / 43

    I was never that tennis pro sleep8ng with married members wives and,the one I finally did wasn't on my or anyone else's radar for ladies,team tennis on palm beach Florida there was a host of 100 s of trophy wives to choose from. I couldn't believe I was fucking prim and proper milf with three daughters and her husband always gone doing real estate deals all over the country. She had the kids to tend to mostly picking them up at private school line at 2 pm. Over the years her and I would sext constantly and openly about what turnes,her on. Not so much what turned me on but together talking about who she would fuck and how I would be involved with her fucking either tapeing it , coordinating it, participating in it or doing her right after. Ealy on we learned we both ducked way better after she had been fucked. As she would masturbated twice a day her schedule sometimes put her close to being in line for pick up and embarresedcsomeone might pull up on her as she was orgasming we pick a spot that sometimes I could meet her st and that was the college park8nf lot right over the bridge from her house. The first year I could hardly ever get her to pull closer to up front by the boys dorm bit after a few times I had her pretend she didn't know the door was unlocked Andi jumped in forcing her face down and ducked her like I was viloyating her. She new it was me but gained more bold and parked further up front sitting up front bow instead of in the second or third row of her suv. I had ducked her many times,in that parking lot and had guys show up to watch even college guys Goethe word about that sub and model. I did a thing I'm kinda smaefull for i let's buddy of mine after coaching him on how to do it like I was violating her and uno he pulled it off and pulled it off again before long he had done her more than ten times, I decided to double spring the spring and enter in the door after my buddy had started. To my suppose they were not in the position I described but facing her she road him as I hope I'm and closed the hap I herd him say oh shit and I said hold that lets,peg her like iv wanted to . As she choked out gum words fuck words my God words she took more of my dock in her ass than ever as I blasted her add hole so hard I pushed them both into the second row I was more than two guys with there cocks reaching in and I took her mouth made her suck one as I pulled the other door handle a college boy hot his dock on her perfect full fake tits as he came she said fuck me fuck me so I moved and pit my dock fresh out of her add right into her mouth as I shoved it deep. I see the other boy mounting her tits as we worked around for 20 minutes I saw many guys look in. That became a regular stop for her when her hudband,was out of town I knew soketimes,she woukd,stop sometinea,she,would by tell me and siketimes,she did it when sge,was,mad at him or me and,other times,she shpw,up in a collegecnaseball team mates,room and I herd they did the jersey switch lightscout anscpulled a train .. the best sex I admit was when I knew,she had been trained that morning as I ducked her that after noon
    Gum came from all her holes

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    Straight Female / 42

    I'm a very vanilla housewife, managing a small craft business on the side for spending money while my husband does IT work for a company and makes major money. I've kept my figure over the years since we don't have kids and really enjoy my life. My sex life is good, and hubbers is a very generous and skilled man - those fingers aren't just for typing code. I've never wanted another man and have only known hubby's cock since we got married so young. And I've never thought about sex with a woman either, at least not until recently.

    My friend Patty is one of those women who had kids young and missed out on her 20s, so now that her kids (2, boy and girl) are more self sufficient she's testing the waters with her husband. Concerts. Weed. Strip clubs. Possibly swinging, not sure. Either way she's definitely my wild friend.

    Last weekend, her husband was out of town and we invited her offer for dinner. My husband is a good cook and a good host, so I get to relax and have a bottle of wine with my friend in our little sun room while he cooks for us. She's watching him intensely each time he comes in with a little snack or refills our drinks. He's playful with her, acting like a waiter. I notice at one point she's got her legs locked together tight and is moving her crotch - she's basically masturbating with me right there. I get flushed and have to excuse myself for a minute, following my husband back into the kitchen. I tell him what I think happened, and he brushes it off, in his usual fashion not seeing that other women find him attractive. He's so cute when he's oblivious.

    Dinne r is weirdly silent, but we're on wine bottle number two and even I'm feeling it. My husband gets silly with wine so he's very much entertaining both of us with stories and jokes. I love that about him, and even though I've heard these dozens of times at this point they still make me laugh. After dinner we move to our living room and continue. I'm loosened up considerably so I'm touching him and laughing. I'm drunk, and when I'm drunk I want him fiercely. On my 25th birthday on a dinner date with my parents I had too much amaretto and blurted out to my mother that I was horny. Thank God my dad didn't hear, but my husband did and that night I let him fuck me like a rag doll. Best birthday sex ever.

    Patty notices I'm clearly pawing him and he's playing games and acting like he hates being touched or fawnex over. She says to him let her fuck you, she's your wife, and then bascially pushes our faces together for a drink kiss. When he and I pull away, she's grinning at us and says that wasn't so hard, was it?

    Somehow we end up in the bedroom and from there Patty watches me suck my husband's cock while she sits in the chair near our bed and masturbates furiously, her panties around one ankle and her cute little floral print skirt hiked up. She didn't even take off her little strappy shoes! From there I ride him reverse cowgirl so we can both watch her and she and I nearly orgasm at the same time. I'm still in my cute dress as well but he's hiked it up and pulled it down so my breasts we're out and bouncing while he gave it to me. From there, I turn around and ride him to a roaring orgasm where he cums inside me, my favorite. She has another orgasm shortly after.

    After that, silence. I'm caressing my husband and squeezing his beautiful cock and kissing him. She starts to put herself back together and we sit up with him still inside me. She hugs us both tightly and I smell her sex, the wine, and her perfume. Thank you for the show and the hospitality, she says, and leaves. Husband and I cuddle for about an hour, and then cleanup the house.

    The idea that we (or he) turned her on so much has made me crazy and I have been crazy horny non-stop since. Lucky hubby has been in my pussy like we're teenagers again and I love it. I'm not trying to get her into bed, not trying to start swinging, just want to find other ways to play little games where he turns on random women and I get to reap the rewards. So hot.

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    Transsexual Male / 19

    I want to be r**ed in the full Nelson position so that I'm forced to watch my pussy getting fucked while the guy grabs my boobs and humiliates me.

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    Straight Female / 29

    I was 17 years old when I sufferd the most embarrassing naked experience of my life. Spending a hot summer day at the beach with my girl friends and a bunch of guys form our high school, something wild was bound to happen. Walking down the beach with my girl friends in search for shells was kind of childish. Many times we had done it and found nothing but small shells and plenty of sand. Should have known taking a girly stroll and not a single guy walking with us was kind of strange but went anyway. Five minutes into the walk I sensed that they were up to something. That's when they all grabbed me, stripped off my bikini a raced back down the with it, leaving me stranded stark naked laying on the sand. It happed so fast, I just laid there in shock watching them running back to where the guys were waving my bikini in the air. I had been pranked and about to be chaced by a bunch guys searching for a naked girl. I got caught bare ass naked and forced to walk back with guys getting an eye full exposing every bit of myself and the most humiliating out door walk of my life. A memory so embarrassing that every time think of it, it feel as of it happed yesterday.

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    Straight Male / 21

    I have good "pussy" or so I've been told.
    After I started wearing women's clothes around the age of sixteen every once in a while I got up the nerve to venture outside. At night I would go to a park known for gay men hanging out there. I knew that I had very shapely legs especially when I wore HI heels and a mini. I also knew this combination would get me in a lot of trouble if men saw me. So I was always careful not to be seen. But every once in a while I was seen. And these men that saw me wanted to talk to me, touch me, hold me. But I wasn't ready for that. Many of them had instant hard-ons right away. They would show me their dicks or jack off in front of me or do all kinds of nasty things just to get me to be with them. But I just wanted to walk around in sexy things and feel sexy. I knew once I decided to engage in sex these guys would fuck the shit out of me. I feared being turned into a sissy. I also feared having sex with one of these guys and getting him so turned on that he wouldn't leave me alone. He would want me to be his girl. I wasn't ready for that yet. I had to be careful and pick the right guy to have sex with. I knew I was going to do it. It was just a matter of time.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    When I masturbate I think about my father.

    We've never talked about it, but I remember straddling his lap, in the evenings in suit pants, or weekend mornings above a bed sheet.
    His penis was always hard and bulging around me it seemed.

    I just knew I liked how it felt to press against him and grind.

    I would love to do this again with him, my pussy is swollen and panties are soaked thinking about his large mound.

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    Straight Male / 20

    You: m
    Stranger: 19fuk
    You: mm
    Stranger: Age?
    You: 26
    You: Pissing as the other forms of domination
    You: turns me on
    Stranger: I love being pissed in and on
    You: babe
    You: I'd love to order you
    You: get own on your knees
    You: rip your shirt so your cleavage shows up
    You: and soak your neck and body
    You: makes me hard thinking about it
    Stranger: Mmm I want you to make me take your big cock down my throat and piss in my mouth
    You: mm
    You: forcefully
    You: i'd push it slow iinside
    You: and when the throat touches my throbbing cock
    You: I release it
    You: pissing in your mouth
    Stranger: Mom yes please and any I didnât drink that got on my tits or shirt or in my hair would need to be left all day so everyone knew I was a toilet whore
    Stranger: Mmm*
    You: totally dominating and loving every moment
    You: my filthy slutty cum whore
    Stranger: Mmm yes I want you to use my filthy whore holes and wash your cum away with your piss
    You: i'd love to shoot my filhy cum all over your neck and tits
    You: and seeing your soaked in my cum and piss
    You: put my pulsating cock in your dirty ass
    You: and push it strongly and hardly
    You: while choking you and telling what a slutty whore you are
    You: Now
    You: Open your mouth
    Stranger: Mmmm yes Iâm your nasty worthless cum rag
    Stranger: Yes sir
    You: so I can push my thick cock
    You: that gagging sound you make
    You: choking spitting
    Stranger: Iâm playing with my swollen c**t too
    You: I shoot my cum
    You: inside your throat
    You: you choke on it
    You: and it drips through your nose
    You: your tears come up too
    You: I piss on it
    You: your cum and urine soaked filthy slut
    Stranger: Mmm yes Iâm desperate to cum
    You: stand up!
    Stranger: But I donât deserve it
    Stranger: Yes
    You: I order
    You: grab your throat
    You: push you against the wall
    You: slow and strong thrusting inside your filthy pussy
    Stranger: Mmm please stick it in my tight asshole
    You: now
    You: when I am gonna release my cum
    You: o order you
    You: piss now!
    Stranger: Mmm yes
    You: all over my twitching cock
    You: its pulsating
    You: seeing my cum dripping outside your dirty c**t
    You: with my white cum
    You: mmm
    You: gosh baby i spank your face
    You: hold your throat
    You: put my tongue inside your mouth deeply
    You: want it more?

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