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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    pleese post a story [male]

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    Posted by Anonymous

    NO Confession here, just a guy who loves pee stories and wants to hear more.

    Girls please tell me about you pees. I really love when girls pee while wearing clothes so please add these stories

    Lo ve PeeKrazyMan

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was 13 in the 8th grade, the bathrooms at my school were surprisingly clean. I had to make a bowel movement one day in Algebra class and told the teacher I was going to the bathroom.
    When I got to the john I saw that nobody was there and I decided to do something thrilling and stupid, hoping another guy would walk in.
    I pulled my pants down and took a shit right in front of the urinals, beside the stalls. I wiped my ass and put the tissue in the toilet, though. I was laughing on the way back to class, glad nobody else came in the bathroom.
    After class, I told my friend to look at the shit somebody took on the floor. He said it was gross and the other guys in the john thought so too, trying not to step on it and someboby called a janitor. I never told anybody my little secret for 5 years.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    hi this was deleted befor i dont no why?lol
    i have got to get a anwser here ok
    i sit at the computer everynight and hold my pee
    till im leakin it out a lil
    so then i go lay in bed "not looking at porn"
    and just lie there and sometimes i get this tingly feeling down there and i just lie still as the good feeling just over comes my body then after the feeling gos away i almost pee my pants lol
    is this normal and please dont delete till i get a good awnser

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was four or five years old, I still wore daipers. We were in the car going to see my grandfather in Marysville. I had to pee really bad while my sister was changing my already soiled daiper. She was about to put on my new daiper when I suddenly pissed in her mouth! She is one year older than me, so she was 5 or 6.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Its sunday and i am on the bus on my laptop. Coming home from a week away with school. I am dying for a pee but i still have 2 hours till we get back to school. I am gonna burst any second

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    Posted by Anonymous

    In the car on the way home I made mention of the fact I should have peed before leaving. Justin just leered at me and kept driving. We reached the house - and by the time we pulled in the garage - I was reaching under my skirt and holding myself through my pantyhose. My peehole was on fire and very much in need of a good "hosing." As we walked into the house - Justin was undoing his slacks, leaving his shorts and shirt on. I was heading for the bathroom but instead was stopped by his strong arm drawing me into him. I knew what he wanted. We headed for the solarium where we had placed some outdoor type furniture (good for our kind of fun, without our guests knowing)
    He laid back on the loveseat. Removing my skirt and blouse leaving my pantyhose and bra on, I straddled him just as my stream of hot pee gushed out, soaking me and his shorts. I began rubbing myself and within a few seconds I was cumming. Pullling his shorts to one side I sucked his cock -slowly at first then faster until he shot his wad. A few seconds later we changed positions with me on bottom, pantyhose clad legs in the air and his cock pointed directly at my pussy. Soon a stream of his piss drenched my already soaked clit and pooled around my ass. I reached inside of my hose and rubbed myself. When he finished peeing he stuck his soft cock between my tits fucking them until he was hard again. Ripping a hole in my hose - he thrust cock in pussy and fucked me hard. I still had pee in me and when I knew he was close to cumming I let it flow.
    As I am writing this I have been drinking my morning coffee and Justin has been licking and sucking my awakening cunt. I am about to pee in his mouth - so I'd better close and enjoy the moment.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was very pregnant with my daughter and because my labor wasn't progressing the Doctor suggested that I do some walking. So since Thanksgiving was just around the corner, my sister,mother and I went to K-Mart to do some shopping.

    We were just walking next to the jewelry counter when my baby decided to move and the next thing I know I'm standing in this rather large puddle. Several people who had witnessed my accident thought that my water had broke.

    When the ambulance arrived to take me to the hospital, one of the paramedics whispered to me and my mother that it was not my water that broke but urine, I had wet my pants!!
    I was taken to the hospital anyway because of how past due I was, and how uncomfortable my baby was making me. Click here to email this Embarrassing Story to your friends!

    I did have my baby, she was bon the next day and weighed in at 11.1 pounds and 23 inches long.

    The manager of K-Mart came to see me after I had my baby and assured me that all was fine, the baby was obviously to big and was just trying to make room for herself. It was a long time before I could actually go in the store without someone asking me if I was the woman who went into labor at K-Mart.

    Boy if they only knew the truth!.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    The other day at work, it was so busy. I kept taking phone call after phone call with no break. I had seriously been on the phone non-stop for about 3 1/2 hours, when I realized that I needed to pee pretty badly. But, every time I hung up the phone, another call would come straight through. We get in trouble if we don't answer, so I really had no chance to go to the bathroom.

    My bladder was filling up quickly, and I was getting really desperate. I wanted to hold my pussy so badly, but I have to type while I'm on the phone so I coudln't even do that. I resorted to sitting on my foot, with my leg tucked up under me. The pressure helped a bit, but I knew it was getting desperate. If I didn't get a break soon I was gonna pee for sure. My stomach hurt so bad, and I was getting tired from the strain.

    I was on my period and wearing a pad, so I thought maybe I could pee a bit into the pad to take off the pressure. So, I tried to let out a bit but it felt so good to pee that I couldn't stop myself for about 15 seconds. Finally I stopped the flow but it was too much. The pad didn't hold it all. I looked down, and my light gray pants had a noticible dark stain in the crotch.

    The worst part was that peeing didn't help. It only made me need to go more, and being wet down there didn't help. About 5 minutes later another spurt came out on accident, and my pants got even more soaked. At this point, I contemplated just letting the rest go. I was already pretty wet down there - everyone was going to know that I'd peed anyway. So, I did.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    you no what really turns me on is when to guys NOT GAY
    are best friends and one of them have got to pee so bad it ain't funny and the other dos every thing to help him
    stories so please post some

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