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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was on a small motor-boat on a lake with 5 close friends on a birthday celebration. We all had fun and drank a lot of everything, fortunately no-one had had to drive the boat bcause we hired a captain. I was aware that the boat had no toilet, and then I was in real distress because I suddenly felt I had to go. We had champaign, beer, gin and whiskey all together and all those drinks made me feel that I had to pee really very urgently. I was in a shock as I didn´t know what to do. I had to use my fingers to push my pee hole as hard as I could, I was just unable to hold such a full bladder any longer; I could feel it getting wet down there. I whispered to my friend that I was in a very unconfortable situation and my bladder was about to totally explode. She told me that there would be no other place than going to the edge of the boat and peeing into the water, so my friend helped me balance by holding my arm after I had lifted up my miniskirt and lowered my panties. I felt reallly drunk and was afraid of falling out of the boat, just a second later I started peeing a strong hissing stream into the water. It had to be the longest pee of my life. I admit I was very shy doing it before everybody on boat but I was too drunk to realize this. You can´t imagine the relief. 10 minutes later I could not believe I had to pee again so I just tried to ignor it. Although this time my bladder didn't feel as full, the URGE from inside my pussy became so strong I knew it was going to come out. I quickly crossed a leg trying to squeeze my pee hole closed but I felt leakage so again I used my fingers and that my friend noticed so she grabbed my hand to again take me to the edge of the boat. Problem was the instant I let go pee gushed out and I just stood there totally freeked but enjoying the much needed relief.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This is Curious! It's been a long time since my last post and I just wanted to touch bases with you all. I've still been peeing my pants but I tried something else just once a few months back:poop desperation. I tried it with my tight blue jeans (that I started peeing in first) and if you want to hear that story, say something and I"ll post it. But if not, I'll post something new in the future hopefully dealing with just pee desperation/pissing pants. Bye!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    GF was sitting there about to pee, door open as most always, when I walked in to do the same. She looked up at me with her naughty smile and I immediately lost interest in peeing as my "flag pole" stood up at attention.
    Kneeling down in front of her wedging in between her legs I pulled her towards me and entered her hot pussy just as it started to gush a strong flow of warm golden piss.

    Maybe I'll tell more at another time as I hear the familiar sound of splashing bubbles.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ok here it is. I am a 27 year old female a and I am already known for my the cake decorating buisness. For some reason you could say it is my signature, even though if it got around it could hurt my business, when ever the cake calls for water I use my piss instead and after cake is baked i will sqaut over it and do little pee pee across the cake before frosting it. This special mark on my cakes makes me feel really hot! I know call me names i deserve it!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    please some one post stories about traverling long distances pelase x x x

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a guy in his thirties and I still wet the bed and piss myself on occasion. I use to think I was over this so stopped wearing adult diapers but I had an accident recently when my 14 year old nephew came over to visit. I really soaked my pants. I was quite embarrassed. Of course he thought it was just hilarious and couldn't stop laughing. And then he stayed over night and came to wake me up the next morning and damned if I didn't wet the bed which he thought was very funny too. We had made plans to go to the movies later that day but he told me he had changed his mind-no way was he going to go with someone who could start peeing in his pants at any time. Guess I can't blame him for feeling that way. When the weekend had ended and he was leaving, he told me he wouldn't mind visiting me again the next time he needed a good laugh!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I like pissing in places other than the bathroom. It gives me a rush to piss in the corner of someone's bedroom, or someone's closet, or even in an empty classroom at school. I've done this tons of times. I know this is wrong and disgusting and I'm a fucking pig but it is too much fun to give up.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I love to pee in urinals. I learned to pee standing from a site a few years back and after much practice in the shower and backyard I've become very good at it. Last time I pissed in a urinal was when I went clubbing with some friends. I was really desperate to go, and as usual the line for the women's washrooms was backed up for miles, and the men's had no line at all. I grabbed one of my male friends and I told him that I had to go badly or I would piss myself and asked him to come to the men's with me. I was practically in tears I was bursting so badly. He agreed to come with me. (The only reason I didn't want to go alone is because of what a bunch of drunken men might do to someone like me...) We entered to find all the stalls occupied and 6 urinals. Three of them were occupied and I went to the one on the end. My friend had to take a piss too so he went to the one beside me, to somewhat shield me from the other men that were now staring at me. I stepped up to the urinal, lifted up my skirt, pulled my panties to the side, and formed a V with my fingers to hold my pussy open and I peed. It felt so good to relax and let all that pee out. My friend was amazed that I could pee like a guy. He had a new found respect for women after that, I think. haha.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Cindy and I had the idea one day that we should get a
    'rubber sheet' for the bed so that we could play our
    wet games in more comfort without any risk of ruining
    the mattress. In fact it was Cindy who suggested this to
    me in a letter which told me in no uncertain terms to buy
    a rubber sheet so that she could piss all over me.
    After a while Cindy said that she would soon be able to
    pee-she then asked me to get a plastic jug from the
    bathroom that she used for rinsing her hair. I did so,
    and returned-I saw that Cindy had a hand between her legs and as I got back onto the bed and sat down again, she suddenly pulled it out and lifted her hand to my mouth-it was dripping wet with her pee, and tried to catch as much of as I could as Cindy laughed. I put my hand between her legs and felt her wet pussy and also a damp patch on the bed.
    Cindy then took the jug, and raising her skirt, placed
    it between her legs and then started to pee into the jug.
    When it was about half full, she took it out I expected
    that she would pour it over me but no, she shook her head
    and said, "This is mine." Then she slowly poured the
    contents of the jug over herself over her breasts so
    that the material of her blouse stuck to them and her
    nipples were visible, and then the rest went over her
    shoulders and onto her back. I was not able to keep my
    hands away from her and we were soon screwing with Cindy
    sitting on top of me. After we had screwed, I was in a
    position to be able to piss and so I stood up on the bed
    and pissed all over Cindy who was kneeling in front of me
    fingering her pussy, still wearing her blouse and skirt
    she was drenched at the end, both from her own piss and mine.
    Cindy then finished the job she had started earlier by
    standing up and pissing over me as I knelt in front of her.
    As she was doing this she seemed to come and I confirmed it
    later that she had in fact had an orgasm as she was pissing
    over me.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    <FONT COLOR=navy> In the midst of a hot encounter my gf said she had to pee so I took my mouth away from her pussy for just enough time to say, "ok then pee." About 30 seconds later she proved herself correct and did she ever pee. Funny thing was it tasted yummy but was gushing out so fast I was afraid it would soon stop so I pushed my tongue into her pee hole to try and slow it down. Too hard cause the flow stopped but when I backed off a bit out gushed her hot yummy liquid.
    Well that's my story; believe it or not, <B>it's totally true</B> and happened just last night.

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