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Wet Stories
For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    My best friend, Quinn, (not her real name) often gets into situations where she has accidents. This is one from when I was fourteen (I'm eighteen now.) Oh, and Quinn is very attractive, 5'3, thin, red curly hair.
    We took a field trip to a farm in the country. We had a lot of water, it was very hot. She also had had the hiccups, so she drank about two bottles of water. On the bus ride home, she announces, "Nobody look. I'm going to pee myself." Of course, we all thought she was kidding. There were twenty minutes left. The bus stopped a few blocks away from our school, and as we were walking back, she starts breathing heavily and stopped. She bended over and put her hands to her crotch and started crying. I told her she would be fine, let's keep walking. She asked the teacher if she could stop at the [ublic restroom, teacher said no. When we were at school, we still had to walk up four flights of stairs. Quinn and I were lagging behind because Quinn couldn't walk fast without having an accident. So she sits down on the stairs and I see a wet patch on her pants. "Did you have an accident?" I asked. "No," she answered, blushing.
    We finally get to the bathroom, and there is a line. Quinn kneels on the floor and starts murmuring something along the lines of, "I'm not gonna make it, please God, no," and then I turn around and she is crying. A wet puddle is spreading beneath her jeans. She was quite a pitiful sight. Quinn has also had a few more. here are just a few:
    1. In McDonalds; the door was locked.
    2. In the car.
    3. On the bus.
    4. In class.
    5. A hold-it contest me, her, and two of our other friends had.
    6. There have been quite a few, now that I think about it.
    More details in another post!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    anyone has had a good outdoor pee story?
    desperation or otherwise

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ive been in school and other places where someone had an accident and pissed in their pants.

    I was wondering what it felt like just before it happened. Did the person just give up and let it go. Or like some classmates said, it felt full, and then I felt warm between my legs and pants and I saw my pee on the floor.
    One girl that peed her pants was reading out of her book and all of a sudden just stood there and a huge flood of piss poured onto the floor. She said she hadda pee but was nervous having to stand up and read.
    Another boy having peed his pants twice in 2 weeks felt numb around his dik and felt hot pee pour off his seat onto the floor.
    I heard so much different things I wondered what anyone here would write and tell how they felt.

    Myself if Im horny, i Like to just pee in my jeans and enjoy the feeling and afterwards get off.
    So what say all you friends?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was 17 going on 18 and it was the last year of Senior High school. By some dumb state law the school had to show some historic movies during an assembly about once a month.
    This one was Victory AT Sea. Ok so we all file in and im in the middle of the row of classmates. The movie starts, music and ships and bombs and water,water,everywhere. Soon I had the feeling my bladder was filling for no reason. I started to really have to pee. The movie drones on and my piss urge is getting worse. My bladder is throbbing and I have this intense irritation of some sort. I was like, if the guys can relate to this,almost like Im going to cum in my pants. The feeling gets worse and Im thinking of getting up and leaving, Id have to make a whole row of mates to get up as I squeeze be with a teacher on then end of the row.
    Im getting to the point I feel Im going to piss my pants, like in 12th grade, after all those years Ive seen some of my classmates piss themselves, now its my turn. This is going to be really horrible. Im getting up nerve to get up and leave with my pee right at the end of my penis. Im like holding my dick in my hand thru my pants pocket.
    I feel a little squirt leak into my briefs. I shut it off.
    Im ready to flood my pants.
    Then, suddenly the movie screen goes black, it stops!
    The film broke! The lights come on and im holding on for dear life so I dont piss myself. The principal goes to the front and says, "bulb went out in the projector and we cant fix it".
    So then every one gets up to file out. Lucky too, the seniors were always the last to come in and the first to leave. We filed out the auditorium to the hall and sorta broke up to go home for lunch or whatever. I headed for the boys room and just barely made it. I took out my dik and pissed for about 2 mintutes-hot pee.
    Then I went on home for lunch really afraid to come back to school.
    I got back after and we had our first class and my pee urge came back. But it took the whole 45 minutes for it to get bad and the bell rings. I head for the boys room and piss again hot pee.
    The next class the same until the end of day.
    The next day I took off school and stayed home with a "bad headache".
    I finally realized it was a sort of a cold or UTI in my bladder.
    I had one of those again about a year ago, woke up with it, and hand pissed my pants in bed.
    I got some medication this time and its been ok since.

    But almost pissing your pants in school, ya, its scary..

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was sitting on the toilet. GF came running in saying she had to take a very urgent pee. She had already dropped her shorts and was jumping about in front of me with her hand between her legs. I looked at her, smiled, and said, "ok I will share," and I spread apart my knees. Without hesitation she jumped on to me, her legs spread and over mine and she like instantly started to pee really hard, which then made me really hard so as my tool raised its position I pushed it into her wet hole. Her pee stopped and she bitched about that saying she was far from done and with that she stood up to get me out of her. So there she was standing on the seat with her puss dripping pee in my face. With a couple fingers I reached up and spred open her lips and there was her little pee hole, 3, 2, 1, psssssssss right in my face but it stopped. A second or two and again right at me and I realized it kind of tasted ok so I kissed her "there," and then a long open mouth kiss and she let out a long non-stop gush and when she was done we fell to the floor and screwed like never before. I confess; I love bathroom sex.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This just happened. I'm a girl, 18 decent looking. I was at a pool with some friends. All of a sudden I had to pee bad. They wouldn't let me into their home because no one was home and I was to embarrased to ask. So what I did was I got out of the pool and walked around abit. I was trying not to pee but suddenly a squirt came out. Since I was already wet no one but me noticed. I knew I couldn't hold it for much loner. My plan was to sit on a chair and do it there but it would drip to much. Another wave hit and I put my hand into my bikini by accident but no one saw. I decided I had to do something so I sat down in some grass and pissed my bottoms. It was coming out so fast and hard it made it half way up to my knee and my legs were arched! Well I started getting horny but the real hot guy was there along with my friends so I couldn't do anything. But just so you all know, I wrote this with my vibrator thinking about the adventure and I am now all wet.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This is my ritual every morning, whether workday or day off.

    I get up and go straight to the bathroom. I'm wearing my usual sleeping outfit of small men's T-shirt and cotton panties. I'm bursting for that first-of-the-morning pee and many times have to hold my pee hole to keep from peeing on the floor. I sit on the toilet and let it go. That first pee is so hot and just seems to go on forever. I just adore the feeling as the pee soaks my labia and the crotch of my panties, then spreads up my crack and across my buttocks. On and on it goes, bathing my lower regions in luxurious warmth. The feeling of relief combined with the warm wetness is heavenly. My vagina is starting to throb - it wants to be stimulated more vigorously. It'll have to wait.

    I finally finish but sit there a moment in that dreamy state of mind I get right after I've peed myself. I get up, wet cotton clinging pleasantly to my bum. I reach around and feel myself, slipping my hand down my bottom and between my legs, enthralled by my warm wetness. I pull a leg opening away from my bum and feel a fine spray of pee on my leg as I let it snap back.

    Before I leave the bathroom, I check my bottom in the mirror. There's a huge glistening wet patch, faintly yellow. I bend forward, stretching the fabric of my panties tightly across my behind. I can see the dark line of my crack through the nearly transparent wet fabric. I turn and check the front view. My cleft is clearly visible through the pee-soaked panties, and I can see the dark shadow where my hair, shaved a week ago, is beginning to grow back.

    I go to the kitchen and start coffee perking. I butter a muffin, pour the coffee when it's done, spread a towel over a kitchen chair, sit down to my coffee and muffin and the day's newspaper, and begin to masturbate in my wet panties. I fondle myself vigorously as I have breakfast and read. Finally, I'm seized with one of those full-body orgasms which I think only a woman can experience. I'm convulsed from my eyebrows to my toes. Waves of unbearable pleasure engulf me. When it's over I have to sit there a moment to recover, breathing heavily I pee in the towel.

    Now comes the bummer. I have to face the world, ready or not. Time to peel off the wet panties, hit the shower and get dressed. I'll carry the glow of my morning ritual with me for hours, with the anticipation I can do it all over again tomorrow.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    what movies has guys despret to pee
    in idd like too see one

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Can't help but wonder if Danica Patrick is wearing a diaper and will pee in it during the Indi Race.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was At a friends sleepover party, and wearing a red, shiny, silk, thong. I was also wearing a skirt. It was a guy-girl sleepover, and a few of my friends got drunk. (not very much just a little...) i saw my friends whispering. "Hey everybody, lets take out pants off!" I agreed, but then while i was taking it off My bf and 5 of his friends held my in spanking position and my so called friends pulled up my thong over my head, OVER OVER my head. I was sweating and crying, begging them to let go. I started to pee, and they let go and the underwear went down my legs onto ther floor.
    The underwear were ruined. there was no use. All of a sudden, My friends started spanking me! It HURT! my ass was red as a beet, or so my friends said, and they wouldn't stop. They were all laughing they're heads off. They finally stopped, and then held me in place. I had to stand there, and someone pulled my top off. I was standing there totally naked in front of 18 people or so, half of them boys.My boyfriend (now my ex) took a daiper and put it on me. I peed again, and now it didn't really matter. I was beyond embarrassed. I just went like that the rest of the ight, until I pooped in them so i just went nood. I knew all of them, anyways. BUT THEY TOLD EVERYONE AT SCHOOL! grrr...

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