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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
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    Straight Male / 50

    When I was a growing up in the mid 60's, there was this woman, Mrs. Campbell, who was really nice to all of the kids in our neighborhood. It didn't matter that we were a lot younger than her son or that we were never his playmates, she just treated us all as if we were. She'd give us pieces of watermelon or ice cream cones in the summer, lots of candy at Halloween, and hot chocolate in the winter. She even played baseball and touch-football in the road with us a couple of times when a team was short a player.

    All of my friends noticed that she seemed to treat me a little bit better than the rest of them. I always got the biggest or the most of whatever she was giving out to us. My friends teased me sometimes, saying that Mrs.Campbell was sweet on me, but I just told them that I had better manners than they did, and that Mrs.Campbell liked that. I never did tell anyone that I really did have a crush on her. She was pretty, maybe the prettiest mom in the neighborhood, and she always smelled really sweet. She was always ruffling my hair, and once in a while she would stand next to me and give me a hug with one arm around my shoulders. I loved how my body would sink into her hip, and she always felt warm and soft.

    Then one summer Mrs.Campbell and her husband sent their son away, to some sort of military school we were told. He'd be gone for a few months, come home for a week or two, and then leave again. When he first went away, we saw a lot less of Mrs. Campbell.

    Then one hot Friday I was hanging out by myself. One of my friends had gone away to visit relatives, a few others had baseball practice, and I think another went to our local park to go fishing. Everyone else was sort of gone, and if their family was lucky enough to own an air-conditioner, they were in their house. Anyway, as I rode my bicycle past the Campbell house, Mrs. Campbell came quickly out of the front door and called to me. It was great to hear a friendly voice because I was starting to feel real lonely.

    I quickly circled back and I saw that Mrs. Campbell seemed to be really happy. She asked where everyone was and I told her what was up. She then said that she was all alone too and told me to park my bike around back and to come inside for some ice cream. I happily did as she said, hiding my bike under the back porch because I didn't want any stranger trying to steal it. It was a cool bike back then. It was called a "Sting-Ray". It had "monkey bar" handles, a "banana seat", hand brakes and three speeds.

    Mrs. Campbell had the back door already open for me as I climbed the stairs. I remember that she locked the door as I entered the kitchen, and then went to the refrigerator to get me a creamsicle. She sat across from me, smiling and not taking her eyes off of me as I ate. When I finished she quickly went to get me another. When I was done we talked, I don't remember what about, but I do recall her saying that she really missed her son. That's when she asked me if I would like to see his train set.

    Now there had always been a rumor passed on by all of the kids in the neighborhood that Matthew Campbell had one heck of a railroad set assembled in his basement. No one had ever seen it, but we all believed the rumor to be true. We all had tried to look into the Campbell basement but curtains covered the small basement windows. That simply added more fuel to the fire that every boy's dream railroad was down there.

    I was really nervous as she led me down the steep steps and into the dark basement. I couldn't believe that she was going to show me the fabled train set. I felt like I was going to meet Mickey Mantle. And when she flipped on the light switch at the bottom of the steps, I couldn't believe my eyes.

    Before me sat a menagerie of Lionel trains, sitting three feet above the floor on top of a huge wooden table. A two foot aisle allowed a person to walk around the perimeter of the table. Three trains, each with two engines pulling seven cars, were spread out on tracks that had bridges, tunnels, a station yard, a town, and even a small river...with water! At the far end of the basement was a platform where the transformers were located, and that's where Mrs. Campbell took me.

    My hands shook as I took control of the trains for the very first time. Mrs. Campbell had shown me the basics, and then she let me take over. She stood behind me at first, and as I guided the second train out of its holding place, I got so excited that I started to get a hard-on.

    I was so wrapped up in watching the two trains circle the table that I never noticed Mrs.Campbell as she moved to kneel by my side. I only became aware of her movement when I felt her wrap her left arm around my waist. My eyes briefly left the tracks to look down at her. She was smiling happily up at me, her right hand now resting on my thigh. I remember her asking me if I was having fun and I told her yes. She then said that she was going to have some fun too.

    I didn't know what she meant by that but as I turned my attention back to the trains, I suddenly felt Mrs. Campbell's hand begin to rub my hard cock through my pants. Panic prevented me from moving or saying a thing. I continued to stare at the tracks, hearing the trains as they rumbled on their course, but not really seeing them. In my minds eye I only saw Mrs. Campbell's smiling face.

    I remember feeling the cool air of the basement as Mrs.Campbell unzippered my pants and fished my hard cock out. I felt her fingers as they wrapped around my small cock and gently caressed it and I remember her telling me how handsome it was, what a mature boy I was, and how much she wanted to make me happy. Once again I only heard the sound of the trains rumbling on their path as Mrs. Campbell brought her face towards my crotch.

    The next time that I was aware of my surroundings I saw Mrs. Campbell wiping up a few wet spots on the floor of the platform that we were on with some tissues. The trains had stopped running, my cock was back in my pants, my zipper was up, and I was no longer hard.

    "D id you have funny Davy?" she asked.

    "Yes ma'am," I said sheepishly, not knowing if it was the right answer, but knowing that it was probably the answer that Mrs. Campbell would want to hear.

    "That's good sweetheart," she replied with a smile. "I had fun too."

    She patted me on the head and then led me upstairs. When we got into the kitchen Mrs. Campbell told me to wait because she wanted to give me something. I thought about running out the door, but I didn't. When she returned she was carrying her purse. She opened it up and dug inside and then reached out and gave me four shinny new quarters.

    "What's this?" I asked.

    "A dollar," was her response.

    "Why are you giving me a dollar?"

    "Because I want you to have it," she replied. And the she went on. "You're a good boy Davy, and I like you a lot. But I want you to promise me that you won't tell anyone about today. You can't tell anyone about being in the basement with me. Understand? If someone finds out that you were downstairs we'll both be in a lot of trouble. It has to be our secret. Yours and mine. If someone else finds out me and my family will have to move, and you don't want that to happen, do you?"

    I shook my head no.

    "That' s a good boy," she said smiling and giving me a gentle hug. "I knew I could count on you."

    She followed me outside and waited until I got my bicycle.

    "Would you like to play in the basement again Davy?

    "Maybe," I answered quietly.

    "That would make me happy," she said, and then she blew me a kiss.

    Instead of going home I headed up to the corner to Leon's Deli. I filled my pockets with candy and still had fifty cents left. Then I went to see if I could find any of my friends. I shared my candy, but nothing more. On Monday I went to play in Mrs. Campbell's basement again, and by the next summer I had another new bike. A five-speed Sting-Ray.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I had quite a few sexual encounters by age 10. I don't think of them as dirty, just the normal curiosity of kids. I'm male but grew up in a neighborhood that was all girls. There were about 14 of them up and down the street, ranging in ages from 14 to 3. The largest group was from 6 to 10. My younger sister knew all of them and would invite me to play with them but mostly I was into 'boy' activities. One day I went looking for my sister because my mom told me to get her. There was an abandoned house at the end of our street. A group of girls where playing at the end of street in front of the empty house. It was a dead end street, I think I was 7 or 8. I approached them and asked if they knew where she was. None of them said they had seen her. I decided go look in the empty house. The front and rear doors were gone, some of the windows were broken, but there was no major damage to the structure.

    I went through the familiar rooms, all of them empty, seeing the familiar wall paper and a bit of trash here or there. I came back around to the front and one of the girls, Janet was standing inside door way. "Did you find her?" she asked. "No" ,I said, "only ghosts!" "Don't say that!", she exclaimed. She looked scared but I don't know if it was an act or not. I walked over to her and put my arms around her, saying "It's alright". I was suprized, she hugged me back for a few moments, then we looked at each other and kissed. Not a quick smooch, but all the passion two 8 years could muster. She took my hand and said, "Let's look for her (my sister) back here." We moved to one of the rear rooms of the house and embraced again and kissed.

    We were tightly pressed up against each other and so I slid my hands up her skirt and down into her panties, cupping her butt in my hands. She let out a soft "OH!" and started grinding in to me. I could feel my little weenie tingling. We separated to arms length, but my hands still in her panties. I slowly slid them down. She closed her eyes and let me pull them below her knees. I stood up and she fumbled with my belt, which I had to undo. Then I unbuttoned my jeans and she pulled down my pants and underwear. I had an erection which was incredibility hard. She looked at it and asked, "Can I touch it?" "YES!" I said. She took it in her hand, "It's hot but feels like a stick, it's hard." When she rubbed the tip I almost passed out. Neither of us knew how to have sex but knew basics, be naked and rubbing against the other. I lifted her skirt and put my erection between her legs. We began kissing again and grinding.

    Just then we heard someone and turned to see three of the other girls in the door way, their eyes wide with suprize. Janet pushed me away and quickly pulled up her panties. With my pants around my ankles, I fell backwards. "What are you doing?" giggled one of the girls. "Just kissing!" Janet said. Two of the girls approached her, and the 3rd rushed over to me. "Are you alright?" she asked, the whole time staring at my penis. "Yeah", I said. I could feel her staring at me. I was all for letting her look as long as she liked. She finally looked up at me and asked "Can I touch it?" Feeling emboldened I said, "If I can touch yours."

    The other girls heard this and came over and we stood in a circle. I half heartedly pulled my pants up. Leslie asked about our kissing and asked Janet if I was a good kisser. Janet, still embarrassed I guess from being caught, didn't reply. The tension in the air was heavy. Leslie stepped up to me and kissed me square on the mouth. She moaned, pretending passion. Then another girl pulled us apart and she gave me a quick peck. I let my pants drop and waited for the 4th girl to kiss me, which she did.

    It was almost by mutual consent that the girls all pulled down their panties and I kissed each of them in turn like I had with Janet. Putting my penis against their bare vaginas and grinding while kissing. I don't know how long this went on, but I didn't want it to end.

    I look back now and clearly remember Janet and Leslie were enjoying it. Both were breathing heavily and panting and when it was their turn each tried to be more passionate than the other. The other two girls I think were just curious or going along with the group.

    One of the girls, or two of them pushed me down and I laid down on the floor. They took turns touching me and inspecting me, fingering my penis and balls. I in turn, stuck my fingers into Janet, Leslie and then the other two girls. I remember the last was positively dripping wet, but it was not Leslie or Janet. I remember how she screwed up her face and tensed as slid my finger into her. The warmth and wetness were incredible. I wiggled my finger and some minutes later she started shaking and squirming. I thought she was having a fit. "What's wrong?" one of the girls asked. "I don't know," the wet girl replied, "I have to go" and she left. The remaining 4 of us continued, touching, inspecting and kissing. Janet seemed the most interested and we kissed the most and touched each other more. I even touched her butt hole and she did not jump but smiled. I wish I had known about licking the girls vaginas or blow jobs for I would have liked to try it.

    We all heard my sister calling my name and hurridly got dressed. We all walked out the front and my sister said it was time to come home for dinner. We had been in there for few hours but it seemed like minutes.

    My sister gave me a suspisious look, but none of us said what went on. I had a few more adventures with Janet and some other girls from the neighborhood in that house and the park over the years, but those are stories for another time.

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    Straight Male / 19

    I've ended my 8yr sexual relationship - becky was 46 when she 1st seduced me.

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    Straight Female / 34

    MY BROTHER.... THIS HAPPENED in the south bronx back when i was 14 years old and my brother was 23...growing up i used to spend a lot of time at home because my grandmother was strict about me playing outdoors,we were a very close hispanic family so much so that my father lived next door and one of my uncles lived across the hall with his two young daughters since the death of my brother was the only one allowed to take me outdoors after school and he would take me to his girlfriends place or that other girlfriends place since back then he had a few but there were times he just liked staying home and going to his favorite hide-out on the roof where he smoked weed and drank beer.there were times i didn't like being alone with him because he liked to ask me personal questions...very personal.nobody went up to the roof and i had suspected that he was interested in me sexually because on several occassions when my grandmother wasn't home he would annoy me by disrespectfully going through the dirty hamper in the bathroom to find my dirty panties to finger and sniff them in my presense,back then i often got punished because i'd go one or two days without taking a bath and my set of panties were always stained with smelly pussy scent and butt fudge as i used to refer to my shit stains...though i never told my grandmother or anyone about my brothers behavior i just didn't trust being alone with him.there were certain boys in my neighborhood and in school that i liked but wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend so my brother knew i was a virgin and i would be lying if i said that back then i didn't think about boys and sex,my father would often say to my grandmother that in puerto rico most girls my ages would be already engaged,sexually active or pregnant so of course the rules at home were no boyfriends or even male brother having several girlfriends and sexual experience would ask me personal questions and talked to me as if i were not his under-aged sister,he'd attempt to hold my hand and get me to relax because i was always nervous when alone with him,one day it just happened though i was menstruating heavily and it was raining outdoors...i had failed to note how excited and sexually aroused my brother was until i felt his huge dick half-way up my torn vagina,he'd stop momentarily to get a better hold on me and insure that i feel every painful inch of his huge dick...barely able to walked i told my grandmother it was due to my female menstruations.i never allowed my brother another opportunity to be alone on that roof with him and during the years he lived in florida with his wife i never wrote,visited or called family get togethers and funerals to this very day i avoid him and though it wasn't r**e since i had consented my ex-husband and father of my children as well as my current husband believe my unforgivable lies that i was r**ed when i was nine years old by my uncle who lived across the hall back then..yes,i know it all seems wrong but today i'm in too deep to admit the truth...THE END

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    Straight Male / 36

    My parents were going away for 1 week and they had gotten the worst sitter and my 12 year old sister basically hate this bossy bitch. She was 18,19 at the time, she was raised on a farm, she was hard on us...all these rules, jobs to do when she came around...she took care of us for years on and and my sitter never wanted her around, I will call her B, she was our last choose for a sitter. life was good when our parents were home, we did what we had to do, watched tv, play games, eat what we want, whenever we wanted it. I told my parents we did not need B..I was old enough...but one week was a long time for my mom to accept.

    So B came to watch us. Me 15, my sister 12, B also had to watch her two cousins rob was 13 I think maybe 14, And Sara was 12.

    Parents left 5:00am and miss bitch had us up 7:00am and outside weeding the garden at 7:30am..fuck all of us kids hated this bitch..the night before she was all nice when my parents were there. She ruled over us...we had little choose but to kiss her ass, I mean she was ok but you did what she said or look out miss bitch comes parents never hit us but B would.

    I guess that's why my parents liked her,, when she was the sitter, stuff got done around the farm.

    Anyhow.. Us kids had some free time to be kids and were playing around in the barn,, I was goofing around and fell over the top of the fence and ripped my jeans very high on my leg, I hit the ground pretty hard, and I was bleeding. The other kids never seen me, which was good I was the oldest of them. I told them I had to go to the house for bathroom break..of course miss bitch had the house doors locked so I pounded on the door,,at this point I wanted to kick the door down...she came running and open the door and could see me covered in dirt, ripped jeans and blood. She yelled at me and told me she will have to call her boy friend to take me to hospital because she had 4 beers already. I laughed at her...I told her it's not that bad, she got on her knees and took a good look...she said you maybe ok. She said go have a shower and get cleaned up, I was acting like I was in a lot of pain,mostly because I thought I could milk this accident to get out of all the work she had plained for us kids..anyway.

    I sat on the stairs and she helped me get my sockets off, bending down hurt of course,,I needed help ;)

    She helped me get my shirt off.

    She said wow!! You have a six pack and your arms are bigger than her 19 year old boy friends. I said that's what happens when you grow up on a farm and lift weights almost everyday. I was not Hugh but I was nicely built. She said she will head up stairs and bring me clean clothes.

    She went on her way and I dropped my pants once she made the hallway.

    I walked into my house and straight to the shower, in the shower I thought wow she kinda seemed like she cared and she was being nice. Was it because she was drunk?, she noticed my manly body somehow equal to her boy friends, maybe be cause I was hurt?? Not sure but I had a hard on anyhow. I get out of the shower and my clean underwear and a shirt where at the door, perfect...I put them on and opened the door ask yelled out..I need pants,,she came to the door, I closed the door, and talked to her thu it...I need pants..she said I have to see your cut..I told her it was fine,, it has totally stopped bleeding and it was a bit more than a good scratch. Of course this bitch would not back down..I didn't know what to do..I did not want her to see me with no pants on.. I took towel and rapped it around myself good and tight.

    I unlocked the door and she opened it up and came in. She had some cream that had to be put on it, I said it was fine. She said don't be scared I seen your boys before and I changed your diaper may times. I told she can't tell anyone she put cream on me. She said she would not and with that she walked in closed the door. I pulled the towel up so she could see. She said loose the towel I said No..she just pulled it down( fighting me ..and my shorts went right to my knees with the towel...fuck I was pissed off. My cock was pretty stiff and she just looked up and was kind of amazed..she said relax...I've seen that before, but it has let's get this cream on. She started putting this cream on and I was getting harder..she said your bigger than my boy friend. She was done with the cream in 10 seconds. I asked did she ever blow her boy friend as I amid for her mouth and push it straight at her she opened up and I put my hand on her head and pushed her onto it..she gave me head for a couple of minutes I told her I would like to lye down, we left the bathroom and went right to my parents room...she blow me for a good 5 minutes and swallowed all I could put out.

    Then I got cleaned up, but later that night when everyone else was in bed I came to her and told her she should put more cream on me. She said do it. I said please, she said no. I said your putting cream on me or I will tell what she did...she said ok that's it. I went to my parents bed and took my pants down she put cream on..I had a hard on again...she went to leave and I said I need to see your tits..she said no. I told her once again..she needs to listen to me now other wise I could talk, but as long as I got a little bit of fun from her I would never tell anyone. She locked the door and pulled her shirt up and then down..I said not good enough...shirt on the floor bra off..I them told her to come closer.

    She came to the beds edge and stood beside her, dropped by shorts and took off my shirt. And started licking her tits and touching her ass. I kissed her and out my tongue in her mouth and told her I want her to be by woman...with that she dropped to her knees and licked and sucked better than the first time, after a few minutes she stood up we kissed and I undid her pants and we laid down In The 69 position for 5 minutes, then we we're kissing like crazy and she said in a loving voice please fuck me...I told her I would need to buy condoms...she said I'm on the pill for 4 months now. I fucked her for maybe 2 mins but she was wet and we both came was awesome!! We did everything possible that week probably fucked over 20 times.

    We basically fell in love...she was always scared of me saying something...I told her I loved her
    and I would never let anyone know..

    Best baby sitter ever :) comments are nice!!

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    Straight Male / 25

    I use to hang out with a mixed group of boys and girls when I was 15. As usual boys show off when girls were with us and most had crushes on a particular girl they liked. Mine was a girl named Nancy, blond, blue eyes and couldn't stop looking at her beautiful legs and butt. Inventing sexy games was the best way to get close and girls definitely didn't mind doing their share. I remember my friends pulling my leg about having a crush on Nancy and making me blush. They always had fun with me trying to pull my pants down to embarrass me because I was the youngest one of the group. One day I ended getting stripped in the middle of a field while girls stood watching. I still remember girls cheering when they saw my hard dick popped out of my underwear. Ended up stranded stark naked in front of girls, boys running away with my clothes and nowhere to hide my shame. They only thing I could think of, was Nancy seeing me naked. I could hear my friends roaring with laughter waving my clothes as if they were trophies, while exposing my stiff dick to giggling girls. There was nothing I didn't get forced to show that day and long enough time to view every single inch of me. They five minutes of nude shame turned into what seemed endless embarrassment. Paraded myself trying to get my clothes back and got them back when they were all good a ready. It was like one of those wet dreams I used to have that never thought would happed. I was so embarrassed I couldn't face any of them for months on end and even when I worked up the courage of to see them embarrassment was always in my mind. Of course blushing was a daily thing being reminded about it almost every day and hoping time would erase the experience. I didn't, I'm 25 now and still remember.

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    Straight Male / 18

    When I was in high school I was single I had a really hot girl as a friend she was dating a another one of my friends at the time I sat next to her on the bus one day she touched me then the next day she did it again then she stayed after school and I did to I asked her why she touched my and she said he was cheating on me and I would like to get him back so we went out side to the dougout and played spin the bottle and we stripped then we madeout then she handed me a condom and said this wasnt for you but I'm so horny and I was a virgin and I could not resist so I had sex with my best friends girl

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    Straight Female / 48

    After my mum and dad separated whenI was age four we moved to a new house where the one bedroom was where my brother and sister slept and I slept with my mum on a pull down bed in the living room.
    After a while mum started going out socialising and each time she would bring a man home to fuck her. I was usually sleeping when they would get naked and come into bed beside me. The movement and breathing always woke me up and I would watch them in the dark and because they were usually on top banging my mum they would see my eyes wide open watching.
    Once they fucked their muck up my mum she would fall into a contented,drunken sleep and some of the guys would whisper to me and ask me if I liked what I saw and touch my wee velvety fanny and make it feel tickly.
    I loved the feeling I got in my tummy and wanted that feeling all the time. I became a very sexually aware wee girl and would become over friendly with strange men and sit on their knees. I have no idea why or how it started that I went into the old neighbour's house and shockingly the first time I was in his house I hid something belonging to him - I wish I could remember what it was - in my pants and challenged him to find it.
    The old guy could hardly believe it when I started gyrating my hips when his hand went in my pants. I asked him to keep his hand there and rub the tickly bit, after some reassurance from me that I would tell no one he got stuck in and his was the first cock I played with and I liked how warm and soft it was and then how hard and shiny it got.
    So, now at age five I had the various men mum would bring home and the old neighbour keeping me content by tickling my wee fanny. I couldn't get enough and would slink off alone during the day to rub at myself until my body would get so tickly I would convulse and my muscles would contract all over.
    I had sexy encounters with the man who supervised in the play park - known as the "parky" - he had a shed type building in the park and I started going to his shed and asking for a drink of water and eventually if I could come in the shed because I was cold. Eventually he was touching my fanny and I was wanking him as best I could. He was shocked that I knew what I was doing and I told him that lots of men had touched me and I had seen lots of cocks but that his was only the second one that I played with.
    As the years went on there were other neighbours, janitors, teachers, workmen and obviously mum's boyfriends. By the time I was six years old I was with a man almost every day and sometimes twice a day and I was wanking and sucking cocks and swallowing cum.
    They all wanted to be the first one to fuck me and a lot of them would say that to me.
    My tits started developing when I was 10, the wee hard buds could be seen through my clothes and hair started growing on my fanny and under my arms. I loved that I was becoming a woman and so did the men, although I couldn't quite understand when they would say it's a pity they couldn't keep me like this forever - I understand now.
    The day came that would change everything when I was 11 years old. A guy that used to fuck my mum and had a nice time with me started working at my school. He would always say hello and I could feel his eyes all over me and undressing me with them. I can't remember exactly what age I was when he was one of my ticklers but I had no tits, which were now passed the hard lump stage and my fanny was sporting a mound of dark curly pubic hair.
    He asked what I did at lunchtime and I told him I went home so he suggested that I have lunch in the van with him. At lunchtime I went to the van and he was in the back of the van and opened it to let me in. I was a bit surprised that we were going to sit in the back of the van and not on the seats in front. As soon as the door was closed he put his hand up my skirt and pulled my pants down and I lifted each foot out of them. He told me to lie down and lift my legs up into the air and then open them wide. At that moment I saw movement behind the seats and the other young guy who worked with him removed the pile of jackets he had been hiding under and smiled at me but he couldn't take his eyes of my fanny. Dave, mum's ex told me to sit up and take my shirt and bra off and to let my tits free so that Paul could see me naked.
    While I was undressing both of them took their cocks out and were rubbing them with their hand. I guessed what was expected and knelt down between them and started wanking both of them and licking and sucking them shots each. Dave asked me if I had been fucked yet and I told him that I hadn't had a cock all the way up me yet but a lot at the opening rubbing me and I also told him that I had had various different objects up me.
    He became like a brutal mad man and started sticking some of his tools up me and tried to get two large handles in together. Had I not been so wet at how dirty and sexy this was I would have been very sore, as it was it was pleasurable pain.
    I just loved being there and being pawed by not one but two men and the young guy could not believe how much I knew about sex and that an 11 year old was behaving in such a way an was up for this.
    Dave told me to lie down and he told Paul to put his cock in my mouth and with no warning he shoved his cock right up inside me, it hurt and I gasped because I wasn't expecting it but he pulled out his whole length and banged it hard back in, again I gasped but he was in oblivion now and he fucked me hard and spunked all over my hairy mound while Paul spunked all over my face and lips.
    So there I was sore and bleeding lying on the grubby floor of a work van naked with spunk over me and some blood coming from my c**t. I had been violated and treated like a little slut by Dave and even more of a slut because he brought along someone else and I had sucked and wanked both cocks and they had both squeezed my tits and fingered my c**t.
    That night when I was touching and rubbing myself I had to be gentle but I had a great orgasm and couldn't wait to see them tomorrow.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    when I was 10 years old a family moved in next door. They had one child that had not yet grown up and moved out, a 15 year old daughter. My mother hired her to baby sit me almost as soon as they moved in and she became my regular baby sitter. She was beautiful to say the least. She was also extremely nice to me, far more so than any previous baby sitter ever had been. She also started to m****t me around the third time she baby sat me. I didn't know at the time that what she was doing was considered bad. To me it just felt good. She mostly just massaged my crotch then put her hand in my pants and played with my dick.

    After a few months things evolved to the point where she gave me blow jobs and had me finger her and then she taught me how to kiss and finally how to eat her out.

    When I was 11 she started to dress me up like a little girl. I didn't mind because I had always been a bit of a sissy. My mom had always let me have long hair and by then it was down to my waist so I looked pretty convincing as a girl in a pink dress and pigtails. I didn't dress up like a girl all the time, just when Emily baby sat me. It was a lot of fun. Emily said I was an honorary lesbian, in fact she said that she pretty much only was attracted to girls and since she thought I was sexy I must therefore be a girl deep down inside. I didn't argue since she then gave me a blow job. Emily never dated anyone at that time.

    By the time I was 12 and Emily was 17 we were inseparable. Except in school and in front of my parents I was dressed as a girl all the time. Emily took me out on dates, to the movies, out to dinner, shopping at the mall, to salons, the beach, everywhere as a girl and always told everyone that I was her little sister. Then we would park or find someplace private and go at it like to animals in heat.

    When I was 13 and Emily was 18 my Mom finally caught us. I was in a school girl uniform, my hair, now down to my knees in length, was in pigtails, Emily had done my make-up and taken me to a nail salon. I was completely passable as a girl. But what my Mom caught us doing was licking and sucking on each other's genitals like two lesbians. I thought my Mom was going to freak. Instead she simply announced our punishments. Emily would have to provide free baby sitting services for me from now on which she almost was doing anyways. As for me, Mom had my room made over in pink and threw out all my boy clothes except what I needed for school. I was only to be a boy in school because it would be too difficult to explain to school officials why I could not take girl's gym.

    When I was 17 Emily came to my prom as my date. That was the day that I came out at school. Emily took me to a salon and spa and had bought my gown and took me to my prom as my lesbian date. We both wore white gowns and almost looked like two brides married to each other. Some of the teachers were not happy but most of the students were surprisingly accepting.

    A year later we got married. I have been her submissive and grateful wife every since.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 40

    I want to tell the story of when I went to spend two weeks with my aunt in Texas. I had just turned 14 and was shy and had not been around boys. She had two sons, one was 16 and the other was 14 just like me. My older cousin looked down on me, and treated me like I did not exist. My younger cousin was the opposite, he hung around me.

    One day I was doing laundry for my aunt, and he saw my panties in the clothes basket. He picked them up and rubbed them against his face, slowly and put them on his face and smelled them in deep long breaths. He searched through the laundry basket until he found all my panties and my bra. Being 14 I was embarrassed, ashamed, and down right uncomfortable with him touching, and rubbing my panties on his face. It was then that I noticed he had a real hard on under his jeans, this was my first time witnessing anything like that. He picked a pair of my panties and went to his room and put them on, and came out to show me how they looked on him. All I could notice was that his penis did not fit in them, he was very much aroused and he kept poking the head of his penis back down into the panties.

    Well it did not end there, he wanted to see how my panties looked on me. I had on a pair of shorts and he wrestled them off of me and we stood there, both of us in my panties. His hand was quick to touch me and look at me, by then his penis was half out of the top of the panties. He pushed the panties down until his erect penis was standing straight out. He wanted to see my pussy, and so I pushed my panties down so he could see, of course there was nothing he could actually see because of the thick bush I had. The result was that he put me on the couch and spread my legs open and spread my lips apart so he could see inside.

    Then he leaned down on top of me and put his penis in my vagina. To my surprise it slipped in with out any problem. To my surprise it felt really good. His eyes were crazy and he started to hump me and I pushed myself back onto the couch because I was slipping off, but we couldn't get the rhythm, so he put me on the floor and fucked me until he ejaculated all of his cum inside of me. Whether it was my imagination or if I actually felt it I don' know, but in my mind while he was ejaculating I could feel every shot he gave me.

    After that day, he would borrow my panties and wear them to school. All my panties lost their elastic which made them real uncomfortable to wear. I got fucked several more times, on the bed in his room, in the basement one time, and one time we snuck into the shed in the back yard to fuck. There he fucked me for the first time from behind doggy style, with me leaning on the bags of fertilizer. By the time I went home I was a near expert in getting fucked. I left him two of my panties to wear.

    For me one of my kinks is having the man wear panties, I like them to be fairly sexy and I buy them and keep them for the right moment. All of my lovers have after they tried it, liked it. Of course it is something we do behind closed doors, but the sight of a man with an erection wearing my panties always turns me on. For that I have to thank my cousin, I arrived at his house very innocent and shy and went home empowered and have always loved sex.

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