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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    I was young, at that troubled teen druggie stage of my life, and my mom had a guy she was seeing behind my dads back. he was the only black man in our trailer park and the biggest drug dealer. My dad was on an overnight run to Louisville and my mom and her "bf" had partied all night and passed out. That was the start of all this and the night he busted me going through his bag.

    He made me sit by him then handed me a joint he lit. he watched me hit it a few times before he pulled himself out the front of his boxers. I freaked but he threatened to go tell mom he caught me going through his shit. So I sat there smoking and staring at him stroke his giant black cock.

    I was in the middle of a phase and had slept with quit a few boys from my school to the fact my friends called me the virginity stealer but not one of them was anywhere near the size of this guy. So I was a lil high and a lil turned on by the time he told me to kiss it. he stopped stroking and pointed it at me. His hand went to the back of my neck and guided me down as I pressed my lips against it and kissed for a drawn out second or two until he pulled me back, my head resting on his bare chest.

    He was stroking hard and fast inches from my face telling me to kiss it every couple seconds. I pressed my soft lips down to his tip every time until I slid my hand into his boxers and felt his massive balls and began softly rubbing them. At this point I opened my mouth and let it slid past my lips. he tasted tangy and sweaty, a lil salty

    he stopped stroking and placed his hand on my neck again and began to thrust into my mouth, id had other boys do this but none his size. I was gagging my eyes were watering and I could feel the tears on my face every time he would smash it against the back of my throat id gag and spit was running everywhere. he didn't stop though, just kept hammering away telling me "good girl" and "take that dick baby girl"

    finally he thust against the back of my throat and held me down. I felt him throbbing and his hot cum splashing down my throat making me gag even worse. I tried to pull off just a bit but he was to strong. i actually thought I was going to pass out until he let me go. I jumped back sitting against the arm rest. there was cum in my mouth down my face and all over his dick

    he got up grabbed another joint out of his bag and flicked it at me before taking his bag and going back in my moms room. I went to my room and masturbated all night.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    My life's secret.

    My sister and I have had a sexual relationship since the beginning of highschool. Our household wasn't great but we found peace with each other. We spent a lot of time at a friends house. He and his parents were great. Though after sometime there my sister caught his dad fucking me in the ass. She in her anger said she would eat us out if we both didn't fuck her... So we did. Before we stopped associating with our friend and his family. He, his father and I had all taken turns with my sister, many times all together. Shit part is even though I par took in it, it burned a hole inside me because I love my sister and it aggravates me seeing her fuck our friend and his dad. Anyways, yeah. Now it's back to just her and I, though I think she often thinks of those events while we have sex.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 21

    so this one time, i was seeing a thai girl from my age (then 15) and we loved doing stuff in public.

    so there was this one night when we both were horny af and we wanted to do something about it, so we were looking for a good spot (we were outside) untill we found a spot behind an appartement building that had a dumbster complex.

    she told me that she liked the idea of being watched or getting caught but i didnt think about it at the time.

    so we were kissing and feeling each other when we reached a point of f*ck it and she started to undress (she took off her jacket and blouse) and stood infront of me in her bra and leggings.

    she pulled down her leggings and got on a fence which was the same height as my head and i started to eat her out.

    after 20 minutes she orgasms and squeeled a bit (i had no idea it was that loud).

    she got off the fence and struggled to get my pants off, and when my pants where on my ankles she put my d*ck in her mouth and started blowing me.

    not long after i came in het mouth and she swallowed all of it, then she replied with : i hope you are down for some more fun, which i replied ofcourse.

    she then took off her leggings and panties en got on her arms and knees and directed her nice brown tight ass towards me, i got hard right after seeing her beautifull round ass pointing my direction.

    i put my d*ck in her tight wet pink pussy, and right after that she moaned quite loud.

    after 20 minutes of intense pounding i hear another moan from outside the complex, so i pull my pants up to go and check it out, and i see a man running away and right after that 2 other guys casually walk past us like they had seen nothing.

    so i turn back to my (girlfriend) and told her that i saw three people outside the complex in which she replied that she saw them wathing as for a full 30 minutes.

    a week later we broke up and never saw each other again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    When I was 16 I sucked and fucked two 12yr old neighborhood boys. By the time I turned 16 I already had sex with about 8 different guys and developed a reputation as a slut I didn't care I loved the attention and the feel of a cock in my pussy or mouth.

    I was laying out in the backyard sunning myself when Jack and Scott came over they were twins that lived next door and I have to say they were real cute for 12yr old boys "Hi Carly what's up" Jack said as he stared down at my body checking me out. " Not much boys just getting some sun" I said as I spread my legs a little letting them get a better view of my crotch. Scott looked down at me and said " You look real pretty this morning Carly" I smiled then reached out and caressed Scotts thigh then said "Thanks Scotty you two look pretty cute your selves". I could see them start to get boners as I rubbed Scotts thigh so I thought what the hell and asked them "So what's going on guys did you come over to try and get some pussy from me"? They looked at each other with surprised expressions then I said " It's ok boy's come on in my house with me".

    They followed me to my room and I told them to undress, they were naked in seconds with their little bald cocks sticking up twitching. I got on my knees and started jacking them both off then leaned forward and put Jacks cock in my mouth and started to suck as I fondled Scott's dick and balls " Oh wow Carly that feels good" Jack said as his balls started to tighten and his cock head swelled then he leaned his head back and moaned " Oh my god Carly it's gonna come" As his sweet seed squirted in my mouth filling it with his warm come. After I licked him clean I went to Scott and started sucking him he was close to coming so I squeezed his balls as his come shot out into my waiting mouth " Wow that felt good" Scott said as he sat on my bed next to his brother.

    I took off my bikini bottoms and laid on the bed with my legs spread " Ok Jack get on top of me" He fumbled around and got between my legs as I took his penis and rubbed it against my clit then put it against my hole and told him to push it in me. He slid in me all the way to his balls and started to pump it in and out of my wet hole "Oh yea Jack fuck my wet pussy Fuck it hard" I moaned as he pounded my sloppy c**t with his little 5in dong "Oh my god jack harder I'm gonna come I'm gonna come" I said as he fucked me harder making my pussy come all over his cock as he pounded me. "I'm gonna come too Carly" he said pulling his hard dick from my pussy and squirting his semen all over my belly and tits.

    " Ok Scotty your turn" I said as he mounted me pushing his cock in my wet hole. He laid on top of me and fucked me slow at first then sped up as his balls slapped my as with every stroke "Your pussy feels good Carly" He said as he pumped in and out of my hot snatch " Oh Scotty I'm Gonna come again" I moaned as wave after wave of my orgasm shot through me causing my pussy to grip his cock. " Here it comes Carly" he said pulling his cock out and squirting his load on me like his brother.

    We laid together for awhile and I gave them both a head job one more time before they left. I have a few more stories about them and some other boys if you want to hear them just leave me a message and I'll continue my stories for you.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    I didn't know where to put this but I wonder... is it okay to have been... touched by someone older when I was younger and be turned on by it? I identify as straight but I did some stuff with an older guy about five years ago and I still get off to it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    When I was 12 my 19 year old vousin Amanda came to stay with us while she was pregnant and deciding what to do. One afternoon at about her 36th week we were home alone. She was telling me about how much her tits were growing and how sensitive her nipples were. Very curious I asked to see them.

    We went into her bedroom and she took her shirt and bra off. Her tits were beautiful, large dark puffy areolas, her nipples crinkling as the cool air brushed them. I licked my lips. I reached my hand toward them and pulled it back. I wanted to touch them so badly.

    Sitting down on the bed propped against the headboard on a couple of pillows she held her hand out to me. I DAT down on the edgre of the bed. Can I feel them?" I asked. She gave me a nod. I reached out both hands gently caressing her tits, lifting their weight from underneath. I ran my fingers over her nipples, lowered my head and sucked her left nipple and areola into my mouth. Letting the pressure build until sure moaned. My tongue caressing the underside, she gasped, I tasted a sweetness and felt liquid dribbling out. I sat up quick.

    "No." She gasped "Keep sucking it feels so good. Suck my milk out, Cassie."

    I moved up the bed a little and sucked again, savoring the sweet taste, wrapping my hands around her tit and holding it to my mouth. Suck, swallow, suck, swallow, until I couldn't feel any more. I switched to her other tit and did thee same. She tasted so good. When I'd finished we sat there staring at each other.

    "Thank you, Cassie." She smiled. I smiled back.

    Later that night when everyone was asleep she came into my room and woke me up. 'Please, Cassie." She whispered opening her robe so I could see her tits.

    From then until she moved back home with her baby a few months layer I sucked her tits and drank her sweet milk.

    To this day I love the taste and feel of breastmilk,

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 26

    I was quite young and my parents took an assignment overseas. I went to a private school for foreign kids. We lived in a large house and had maids and a gardener and a driver. The driver took me to school in the morning and picked me up after school. He also drove my mother when she needed. My dad has his own car.

    I got older and started to develop. I was pretty much middle of the road. Nothing special. But I started to show signs. One day on the way home from school the driver drove to this building and parked behind the building and got in the back seat with me. He pulled me towards him and felt me up. He put my hand on his dong. He was hard. After a minute of me grabbing him, he opened his pants and let his dong out and had me put my hand around it. I didn't want to let go, his dong in my hand felt good, better than good. While he kissed me it felt good, and putting his hands all over me felt good.

    He helped me out of my panties and had me straddle him and sit on his dong. I sat and pushed down trying to get his dong to slip inside. At first it wouldn't go in, but I started to get wet and then I just slid down on it. While I sat on him he opened my shirt and twirled my nipples between his fingers. I stopped moving and he told me to start again, to move up and down, he pulled me against his chest and with his hands on my bum he helped me ride up and down.

    It was our secret. Most everything I learned about sex was with him. He got brave and more than once snuck into my room. We never got caught. At times I though maybe the maids knew, but if they did they never said anything.

    We returned to the Brisbane when I was fifteen. In Australia the idea that some foreign brown skinned man had sex with you was the mark of death. When I got my first real boyfriend, and the time came for him, I pretended to be new to it. He was new to it so I don't think he could tell.

    Sex wise, the driver wins by a mile. He just enjoyed it so much, and I enjoyed it so much. I miss him and wonder what has become of his life.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 30

    When I was about 8 the 10 year old boy across the street and I started playing "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours.". We'd go into the playhouse in my backyard and pull down our pants so we could look at each other.

    After we looked I'd sometimes play with myself in bed at night. Noticing it felt really good and I got wet. I thought of it as a trick. One day I asked if his did any tricks and showed him my trick. When I was done he showed me how he could make his get bigger and stiffer. We started showing each other more tricks.

    I really wanted to touch his so one day I asked if I could try making his do tricks. I took it in my fingers like I'd watched him do and it quickly did its trick. Next he helped mine do its trick, rubbing my little nub with Hus finger, spreading me opened with his other hand. Seeingvmy hole really good he asked if he could touch it, he rubbed around it and pushed his finger in a little. It felt fantastic.

    We continued making each others do tricks until one day his did a new trick spurting some snot lije stuff while I was using my fingers on it. He said it felt good but we were both really scared too, we thought his thing was sick. For almost 2 weeks we were afraid to play our game and do tricks. He finally promised to ask his older brother about the snot coming out of his thing. The next day when he came over he told me his brother said it was cum and his thing wasn't sick, we were both relieved.

    He asked me to make his thing do the cum trick again. I did. I asked him to put his finger in my hole again . he did.

    We continued to play for several more months until his family moved away just before I turned 10.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    I was cursed with a milf for a mom shes tall, big heavy breasts, and would always run around the house in tube tops and bikini tops. Every summer she would wear these tiny lil jean shorts that showed off the bottom of her ass cheeks and the tops of her thong. She would spend every day drunk and fucked up on pills hanging out on the deck or in the pool. I didn't ever want to have my friends over because they would constantly tease me about her at nights she would bar tend or waitress at the bikini bar the next town over.

    She had multiple bfs as I grew up and she would always wake me up after work being too loud in the kitchen and bathroom. The best nights were when she would bring someone home. Id lay awake and listen to her moans and fuck noises as id stroke in rhythm to the bed hitting the wall. After they'd finish id barely close my eyes leaving them open enough to still see her walk naked into the bathroom, turn the shower on, then walk back to her room her bouncing tits still burnt into my mind

    As amazing as those night are though there was one better then that I was spending the night at a friends down the street, mom was supposed to be at work, we ended up getting into an argument about me hanging out to much with his sister that night and I decided to say fuck it and go home

    I walk around back, up on the deck, and was about to open up the always unlocked sliding glass door when I seen them. both naked on the couch my moms tan legs wrapped around her friend Jims waist, her arms up grabbing the arm of the couch her face covered all i could see was those amazing tits bounce and a mess of blonde wavy hair as jim pounded her. I could barely hear them through the door but snuck back off the deck and hid at the edge looking up over it in through door

    I came almost as soon as my hand started stroking my cock but I still stood there pulling it and rubbing my balls watching. I was hard again as he got off her and sat on the couch his dick was huge and his balls way bigger then any id seen. he leaned back with his legs open and that thick hard dick pointing at his chest. I watched as my mom stroked it and slid her mouth over it. he had a hand wrapped in her hair as she got on her knees still on the couch and got mouth fucked. it wasnt long till they stopped and he held her head down with both hands

    She got up letting his cock flop out of her mouth and wiped her mouth off she stood there talking to him as he sat then turned and walked out of the room with him jumping up to follow

    They had to of went to take a shower like always. I almost flew up on the deck and through the door carefully opening and closing it quietly I went over to the couch to where they were. my cock hard as rock as I felt the damp spot on the couch. I began rubbing my dick through my pants when I seen my moms pile of clothes, her red top, her shorts, and A tiny wadded up pair of pink panties. I grabbed the panties and shoved them to my face as I rubbed harder. Then I heard them...

    In the kitchen he was telling her he wanted her again before he had to leave and she was laughing and saying she needed a cig first. I jumped and ran for the door but before I could open it I heard the beads hanging in the door way I crammed myself behind the entertainment center and prayed to god realizing I was still holding her panties

    it felt like an hour I stayed back there on my knees listening to them talk but soon the talking turned to sounds of them kissing and a soft moan from mom every now and then eventually the fear lessened and my throbbing cock got the better of me and I peeked around the entertainment center

    Still naked him sitting leaned back and my mom to the side ass almost turned to me as she made out with him her pink nailed hands massaging his giant balls I watched, my head sticking out while I stroked my cock behind the entertainment center

    he told her to suck it and she laughed. I watched as she began to change position and hid back in my spot for a few minutes until I heard her muffled moans. peeking out just enough to see his cock disappearing in and out of her mouth, her ass in the air

    I stayed behind cover stroking and listening to their noises and his repeating of "good girl" and "deeper baby" and my moms moans in reply to them

    "good lil slut" I nutted all over the wall and my hand as he said this and "now ride it"

    I heard her moaning and them kissing and decided to peek put again

    her back to me her tan firm ass pointing right at me. that was the first and only time ive seen my moms asshole and I felt like i was going to nut again and below it her pink lips stretched tight around that giant fat cock she was riding on. All the way down till it looked like she was sitting on his balls and all the way up showing of that slick wet cock and her pink lips not wanting to let it go

    I watched as she started moaning and he slapped and grabbed her ass and began thrusting up at her his sack smacking her with each thrust and heard her loud familiar screams as she came just like the nights listening in my bed

    After she came I watched her go back to riding his cock and I pulled her panties out and began stroking my hard dick with them I watched as he grabbed her ass again and began thrusting up at her faster he was grunting and she was moaning

    He pulled her down on him and just held her as he grunted and kept saying "fuck fuck fuck" I watched her slide up and all the cum ooze out of her and down his shaft and her pink parted lips staring at me as she leaned up kissing him after his dick slid out

    "im going to shower" I heard my mom say and heard her lighter spark up. I jumped back behind the entertainment center and heard the beads crash

    I stood there for a few minutes before sliding out of the hiding spot and met eyes with jim...still sitting there naked on the couch

    I wanted to die, right then, right there, just death I thought for sure hes gonna beat the shit out of me then call for my mom. we stood there till he laughed and shook his head "really?" he eyed the panties in my hand

    "im sorry" and I took off running to my room and straight to bed

    A few minutes later I watched him go into the bathroom and thought this was it, Nothing happend. They both came out a few minutes later went back through the kitchen...and nothing. I layed awake all night till I heard the front door open and close and my mom come through and walk towards her room.

    I got up before her the next morning and put the now crusty panties back in the pile of clothes in the living room
    I was scared for days but nothing ever happend. Ive jerked off a million times to that night and even tried to recreate it but have never caught her outside of the usual naked walks to the bathroom.

    I rewrote this a few times trying to add more detail and not just a quick paragraph of my perving on mom but actually trying to describe the images burnt in my head. Ill probaly keep my future admissions shorter and hopefully just as sweet ;)

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Despite all that is said in the press about men with kids and how they are damaged by these predators, I can honestly say I wasn't at all harmed in anyway in fact I enjoyed it a lot and I have was very sad when it ended, The man was old to my young 11 year old eyes but I think he was in his late fifties, He never once forced me or hurt me he always checked if I was happy with anything we did and if I wasn't he would always stop, I was with him for a few years and he taught me a lot about sex, I gave my virginity to him when I turned 14 I wanted him to he never asked or tried to fuck me until then,He was very gentle and took his time it was a beautiful time for me and I loved it a lot, I wonder if anyone else man or woman has had positive experiences growing up like I did?.

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