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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
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    Straight Female / 41

    As a tenth grader I moved with my parents to El Salvador where my dad was a missionary with a new church. My sister was in the eighth grade. We were pretty much the expected PKs.

    The first week I was there a college boy took me and had sex with me in front of my sister. He later had sex with her. She fell for him real hard, but he preferred me, but we dated for the whole year we were there. We had sex often as my parents were busy with their church work and my sister and I were busy with our boyfriend.

    Still, after all this time, that year was one of the greatest years, my sister and I became real close and we have tagged teamed several times. But, still, that year when we were in El Salvador is still the best, our boyfriend was so nice and he knew how to make us happy. My sister is still sweet on him, as he was her first.

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    Straight Male / 22

    My second cousin, Emma, was born only 8 days after me so we've been fairly close our whole lives, however in our teen years we kinda grew apart a bit.
    When we were both 16, in February of 2011, Emma came to stay with me and my Dad to get experience working at a job nearby. Now, Emma has always been really shy, so what happened on the second night surprised me.
    We were in our room, I was in my bed and Emma in a small fold up bed on the floor. I was trying to go to sleep, when I suddenly feel Emma lie down beside me. I went to turn my head but she put her hand on my mouth, then turned my head and kissed me.
    I felt her move one leg over my body and she rested her head on my neck, then started rubbing her crotch on my leg. Realising what was happening, I put my arms around her and we basically started dry humping each other. I kissed her again and put my hand on the top of her pyjamas, which she then lifted and actually pushed my hand down.
    All kinds of shit went down that night. I fingered her, she blew me and I ate her out.
    The next day was a bit awkward. We didn't talk about it, but actually we found it much easier to talk to each other. Ever since then we've actually been much closer.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    I was only 17 when this happened. Back then, i had landed my first summer job as a night janitor at a "rehab center" which was basically a mental ward that the government had given up on treating. They have no hope of recorvering so they shove em in our doors. Anyways, on my very first shift, my "trainor" a 50 something married with 3 kids told me to follow him. He met up with 1 other janitor and a guard. They whispered in the a group before motioning me to come over. They asked me if i wanted in. I had no idea what they were tlaking about but i just nodded. They made me promise i would t speak a word, which i nodded too again. They whispered some more before telling me too follow. We walked to a cell in the ward. The guard opened the door with his key. They filed in as I stopd at the door way. The guard hovered over a haunched body in the corner of the bed. He pulled her up into a sitting position. With out a work spoken, he flipped her over violently so she was bent over on the bed. Together the two janitors quickly removed her gown with ease, now the girl who looked no older than me was naked and made no effort of fighting. The guard attacked her face with his own, trying to kiss her and smell her hair. She kept turning away but her held her head up and had his way. The janitor got behind her and started r****g her. I felt sick as i watched a young girl get r**ed right in front of me. To my surprise i look down and see a boner. I look to the other bed in the room. A younger, maybe 15 year old sat in a fetal position watching. She wasnt as hot ad the other one but still decent. I go over to her and she runs away to the corner. I couldnt force her like the guard did so i turned back to the two janitors taking turns violating her. I slip in and take my turn. I came quickly since i was new to sex still. The janitors told me i ruined a good hole so they swapped to her ass and face.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    When I was 15yo I would do lawn work during the summer while school was out. I would post a file card at the local grocery store and I would have a lot of people call me to cut the lawn for the summer months. The was this one guy that called that was retired and wanted me to cut his lawn. He lived a few miles away and my dad would drive me over and drop me off then pick me up when I was done. His name was Bob and his wife's name was JoAnn

    The guy was married to a nice lady that always had a glass of iced tea for me whenever I needed a drink. They were both in their late 50's early 60's I was pretty sure. They had a nice house and they both always dressed nicely even for being the weekend. She always wore a skirt, blouse and heels. He always wore a nice pair of slacks and a button down shirt.

    One weekend I was to go over to their house to cut the lawn but my dad had to go to work and couldn't take me over to their house. I called the guy and he said he would come and get me if that was okay? My parents never questioned it and Bob picked me up a short time later.

    On the way to his house Bob started asking me if I had a girlfriend and a lot of personal questions. He wanted to know if I had sex yet with anyone or did I just masturbate? I know I didn't have a girlfriend at the time and I don't remember what my response was to masturbation.

    We get to the house and JoAnn greets me with a hug and a glass of iced tea. She smells nice and is dressed up a bit more than usual. Her makeup is on with red lipstick that most women wore back in the day. As she turns to go back to the house her heels make that clicking sound on the sidewalk and I find myself watching her walk away as I take a drink of the iced tea.

    I am half way done as the mower runs out of gas. I decide to get a drink of the iced tea as I go get the can of gas to refill the mower. The ice has melted and I go inside to ask for more ice from JoAnn. I walk through the kitchen and living area and I don't see anyone. Suddenly I hear Joann's muffled voice from below, and it sounds like she is mad with her husband. Her voice is rather loud and terse with him.

    I walk to the door in the kitchen that leads to the basement and open it just enough for me to hear JoAnn much clearer. She is asking her husband if he likes it and I can only hear a muffled sound that makes no sense to what he is saying to her. I hear a slap-slap-slap sound and a muffled sound again. I know I should go but I can't, I'm so curious what's going on I find myself slowly opening the basement door.

    JoAnn is continuously talking to her husband in a bossy way and I have the urge to laugh. I hear the slap-slap-slap and it sound like he is moaning. I am about half way down the steps when I hear JoAnn tell her husband she is going to leave him be until he can behave himself. I turn quickly and catch my foot on the step as I make my way back up to the kitchen.

    I go outside and my heart is pounding. I find the gas can and refill the mower just as JoAnn walks out the side door of the house with a fresh glass of ice tea. She hands me the glass and seems to be staring right through me as she smiles with those red lips. As I take a sip of the drink JoAnn asks me if I saw anything and I stammered no that I hadn't seen anything. She proceeds to tell me her husband is being punished and that she will be taking me home when I'm done with the lawn, I just have to come downstairs and get her when I'm ready to leave.

    She turns and walks back into the house and I'm looking at every step she takes in those heels. Just as Joann reaches for the handle of the door she turns and sees me looking at her. She doesn't smile at me now, just looks at me for a moment or two and walks inside the house a moment later.

    I finish the lawn about an hour later and I go inside the house. The door to the basement is open this time and JoAnn is downstairs speaking with that same tone of voice. I slowly make my way down the steps trying to be quiet as possible. At the bottom I peek around the corner to see JoAnn and Bob across the tiled room. Bob is standing against the wall naked and his wrists are tied above his head. JoAnn is standing in front of her husband with a riding crop and she is swatting at his flaccid cock. He is groaning as she belittles him feverishly for not getting hard for her.

    I don't know how long I stood there watching, but suddenly JoAnn seemed to be distracted. She fell silent and then looked towards a window to one side of the room. She turned quickly and looked in my direction. I ducked back but I heard the clicking of her heels on the tile floor coming my way. Even before she reached me I knew I had been caught and I was terrified what her reaction would be.

    She looked down at me for a moment and asked me if I was ready to go home or not? I said I was ready to go home if that was okay with her. JoAnn said nothing, just stared through me again for a moment. She finally spoke and told me to go wait by the car she would be out in a minute. As I went up the stairs I heard her heels on the tile walking back towards her husband. At the top I heard her tell Bob to be a good boy that she would be back in a little while.

    JoAnn took me home but we didn't talk very much. Actually I wanted to ask her about the things I saw but I didn't know if I should or not. For the rest of the summer my dad was able to take me over to their house and I never said a word to my parents on what I had seen. JoAnn and Bob put their house up for sale that fall and I never saw them again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    I was waiting tables at a small restaurant and this guest asked me if I liked sailing. I had never gone and told him and the told me that he had a sail boat and if I wanted to go to let him know.

    A couple of weeks later he was in the restaurant again and asked me again if I wanted to go sailing, I told him that the only day I had off was Saturday, because on Sunday I went to church with my family and it was full day. On Saturday, I met him at this gas station close to the marina and we went on his boat. At the time I didn't know anything about sail boats, this one was big enough to have a bathroom and a small kitchen and a couple of rooms.

    We sailed out into the bay and then out to sea, we were out there for about an hour and half and he asked me to come up and he would show me how to sail. He pulled me down between his legs and put his arms around me told me to hold on to this rope and as soon as I did he put his hand up under my top and gabbed my boobs. I let go of the rope but he didn't let go of my boobs and he told me that daddy was going to have a good time.

    When the rope swung back he grabbed it and tied it down. He took my top off and told me to be careful because if my boobs got sunburned they would hurt later, so to lean my boobs against him and to feel his chest against my boobs. I didn't realize how small I was against him, he was really a big man, and his hands were really big and strong. He gold me that daddy wanted a kiss from his baby and daddy wanted to suck some tits and he wanted some pussy and ass. Daddy wanted his baby to make him happy.

    I was sitting there still between his legs, my top on the floor of the boat and he was pinching my nipples and kissing and blowing down my neck. I could feel him getting hard and he reached down and took his dick out from his swimsuit and rubbed it up against my leg. I guess it was about then that I realized that I wasn't going to be a virgin any more.

    He stood me up and pulled my bottoms down exposing me and he admired my pussy and put his index finger in my slit and told me to get really wet for him, that daddy liked really wet pussy. He stood up and took off his swim suit and was totally naked in front of me, and I was standing there topless with my swim suit down about my knees and he massaged his dick until it was really hard. He told me that he wanted me totally naked, he wanted a really wet pussy and he wanted me to bend over so he could rub his dick between my legs.

    I wasn't thinking any more, I was doing what he asked and waiting for when he was going to fuck me. His dick looked enormous, I grabbed this metal rail and he helped me bend over and I felt him rub his dick up against my pussy as he told me that daddy liked real wet pussies. I felt him put his dick against my vagina and slowly push it in as I lost my virginity, it felt like it would never end, and he pushed it in and pulled it out and would rub it against my butt hole and then back into my vagina all the time telling me how daddy liked his pussies to be nice and wet.

    He fingered me and then put his dick back into my vagina and with his finger he fingered my butt hole. He pulled his dick out and told me to give him some baby kisses on his dick and to show daddy how much his baby liked his dick. I did what he asked, I had sucked a boy once before but this was different, his dick seemed a lot bigger and he had been putting it in my pussy and he had just taken my virginity all I wanted to do was to please him.

    Soon he was ready to finish and he asked me to stand in front of him and let him look at me, he was sitting on the chair again, naked with a hard dick and I was standing there naked out in the middle of the ocean and he looked closely at my pussy and put his tongue between my slit, he told me to bend over so he could suck my nipples, I noticed he had his hand on his dick, and then he told me to kneel down on the towel on the deck and raise my back so he could fuck me off.

    I stayed naked with him for a good long while, we just meandered around in the ocean, and I sat on his lap and he kissed me and called me baby and he asked me to call him daddy and he asked me if I liked my daddy's dick and if I was going to be his good little baby.

    We went back to shore before the afternoon sun was gone and he gave me a big long kiss when he left me back at my car.

    I was 17 and I got daddy dicked my first time. I am definitely a daddy girl and I like being taken care of and I can't think of a better way to have had my first time, it felt so good, I must have had a really wet pussy that afternoon out on the sailboat, because my first time was just about the best first time I could have wanted.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 54

    Played baseball and football from little league right up to high school. I pitched and hit in little league and then pony league. Was a big kid and by the age of 13 I had hit 6-3, but high school was 6-4 and growing.
    Coaches wanted me on the teams and so did some of the other kids and parents. One woman told me if I am on the team pitching and hitting, that means her son gets on the news and in the papers. That kind of scrap book would help him in college and hope that he could be a pro some day. She had invested a lot in him and that investment would help of he got a full ride to college.
    That statement made other parents think and liked her plan.

    She ask if i wanted to go with her and her son, he was getting a new glove. While we were there she bought me a new glove as well.

    At the next game it got out that she bought me a glove. One of the other kids mom took me to sports center and bought me new cleats. She bought me the really thick bottom sports socks and took me to the movies. She did that with just her and I.

    My mom (we were dirt poor) told me we were moving. I had to find a ride to and from the games, or play for a team where i could ride me bike. When I told the coach the kids told their parents, when the game was over I had rides. Then out to pizza. It seemed the moms of the team were working to see who could do the most for me. The mom who bought me the cleats was the most aggressive. her son would not play in a weekend tournament; he was on a trip with his dad. So she picked me up and drove me to the game anyway. A long trip out of town and long weekend. She ask if I could stay in her room. That night I told her thank you for what you are doing, but I could ride back with my buddy and his family. She did not need to stay there just for me. She acted as if she was being pushed away, and then she went to the bathroom and left the door open. She showered and walked out with a towel wrapped around her. She did a fake "opps" and dropped her towel. I was all eyes and she stood there and let me get a good look. She picked up the towel and dried her hair off.

    "you have seen me now, there is not need to hide" she brushed her hair with nothing on, and talked with me. My eyes did not leave her. In the mirror I could see the front, and the back side was all exposed. As she brushed and talked, she would turn toward me and talk. Giving me the full front view. She laid on her bed on the blanket legs slightly open. Then some leg stretches, where I got a view of the goods. By then I had an erection and she noticed. She ask me to get naked. Then an invited to her bed. She gave me a blow job and that came with the joy of fondling her clean naked breast.

    I had free reign to fondle her body and finger her. I got to feel what an adult woman was like in side. She ask if I wanted to try sex with her? there was no doubt I did, I had been thinking about how it would feel. She opened her legs and ask me if i wanted to be on top? I got between her legs and she guided me in her. She was not doign this to be sexually satisfied (I know this today) she laid there asking me how it feels, if i want to go faster or slower. I could do it anyway I want.

    I have no idea how many times I had sex with her, but i do not think she had a single orgasm. She seemed to be working hard to make sure I enjoyed and did not want that disrupted by her getting any pleasure her self.

    The next day I had a great game, I hit three home runs and in the 7th inning I hit a walk off home run with two on base to win the tournament. End of the game we took a team picture with the trophy and then the parents joined the players. She said that it would be nice of she would be in the picture. One of the other mothers suggested she be my full time driver. I played the best game of the year. I got the MVP award for the tournament as well. On the way back home (5 hour drive) she told me things about her and how she wanted me to think of her as a helper. I could NEVER tell anyone what we did, but for that she would do that for me any time I wanted. All I had ot do was ask. I said: you mean If I ask for a blow job right now you would do it? she said yes. I laughed and said: I want one, how can you do that and drive?
    She pulled off on an exit, she pulled behind a shopping center and parked the car. She laid my seat back and there she gave me the blow job i ask for.

    She said I could have sex with her, but i could not tell any other team member, none of my friends and most of never the coach or my mom. I played on her sons team for the rest of baseball and she moved to my school district. Her son played on my baseball team at school, and the travel team as well. When her son could not travel on the team, she and i traveled together. We slept in the same hotel room, she paid for it all. Including my equipment and meals. She told me it gave her a special feeling to do this. She thought I should be treated like a super star in life. By high school and after I could stop by anytime I liked. Just had to make sure her son was not home. Some would call this abuse, I enjoyed it and think it gave me a head start on life and being sexual.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 26

    I once caught a boy spying on me and other girls naked in the shower. Looked out the window and knew who he was and later confront him about it. He was so worried about reporting him my girl friends and I took into the laundry room and forced him to strip naked in front of us. Told him everything when he asked us if he could keep his underwear on and discovered he had a hard on. Well I think forcing him to masturbate in front of us was enough punishment and the sexiest show we ever had. I think it's about skinny boys having big dicks, his was pretty big for a 14 year old boy. Shame he was so embarrassed and nervous we never could make him cum.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    I was 15 at the time when this happened.
    My family was at a camp ground and there was only one other family there. Our families began talking with each other. My family was just me, my mother and my father. Their family was a mother, a father and they had a daughter who was about 18 or 19. I figured she would want to have nothing to do with me but she had no problem hanging out with me. She suggested we go on a hike and out we went. There was no one around until we got to this one area where we saw a couple making out. They were naked and we hid as we watched them. They didn't know we were watching and we saw them have sex. Once they were done they got dressed, walked down a path and into a car and drove away. I was very amused seeing this and the girl I was with admitted she was too. She asked me if I have ever seen a girl naked or if any girl had seen me naked. I said I had seen my mom and she said that didn't count. I told her I hadn't and she asked if I wanted to see her naked. I was surprised by her comment and told her I wouldn't mind seeing her naked. She asked if I had any sisters and I told her I didn't. She told me she didn't have any brothers and wouldn't mind seeing me naked. She suggested we both take our clothes off and see each other naked. I was reluctant because I thought she may be playing a joke on me but when she started to get undressed I knew she was serious. Soon the 2 of us were naked and checking each other out. She wasn't shy grabbing any part of me and wasn't shy about showing herself off or letting me touch her anywhere I wanted. We both seemed to be very interested about seeing what we each had between our legs. She was definitely interested in seeing my cock and I was definitely interested in seeing her pussy. She almost liked showing her pussy off me so I didn't mind her seeing and touching my cock. I don't know how long we were naked out there checking each other out but it was a while. We didn't have sex but any mysteries I had about what girls looked like naked were answered that day. Once we got dressed and went back, our parents asked if we saw anything interesting on our hike. It was a bit of a loaded question and the girl said just trees mostly.
    The next morning that family was leaving but the girl wanted to shower first. Her father had begun packing their car and said he needed to get some gas and some other things and he could do that when she was showering. She said all she needed was a towel. She walked behind her car and came back wrapped in her towel and her dirty clothes in one of her hands. Her father asked what clothes she needed and she said would get them when he came back so they don't get dirty or wet in the showers. He didn't seem too concerned his daughter was just in a towel and he was going to leave her that way for a while. Both her mother and father drove away. She turned to me and told me to go down with her. My mother heard this and she said she would get me a towel and said to strip down like she did. My mother held the towel as I undressed behind it. She seemed in a playful mood because she dropped the towel on purpose a few times and yelled out "naked boy alert, naked boy alert" each time. My mom was trying to embarrass me in front of the girl but she didn't know what happened yesterday. The girl then opened her towel and flashed herself to us. Both me and my parents saw her do this. My mother thought it was funny and a big smile came over my father. The girl then grabbed my towel and pulled it away from me leaving me fully exposed. The girl was now standing with my towel in one hand and her towel in the other so she too was fully exposed. My mother was laughing and my father had an even bigger smile on his face seeing this girl exposing everything to him. She gave my towel back and we walked to the showers with just our towels in our hands. Being that no one was around she came in the men's showers and we showered together. I don't know if my father really needed a shower too or if he just came down to check on us but he showed up at the showers too but he had his towel wrapped around him. It was one big shower room so when showered you saw everyone else shower and everyone saw you. He caught us in the men's showers together and when the girl said she would go to the women's showers he said there was no need to. He dropped his towel and there he was naked showering with us. I don't think the girl minded and he definitely didn't. We finished up and back we went. Her parents were already back and she went to their car and removed her towel and began putting on her clothes. She did it in plain view of everyone including her parents and they didn't say anything. My father pulled me aside later and said that I was not to tell my mother that the 3 of us had showered naked together.
    It was a fun and interesting camping trip.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    The reason I'm confessing, is my older sister has asked if she can come and live with me for a short while. She also said if she can, she'll make sure I receive what I got as a kid and much much more.
    As a fifteen year old kid, I walked in on my sister (She was eighteen then) being anally fucked by her boyfriend. They didn't notice me at first, so I stood and watched for about five minutes, seeing my sister cum as she was being fucked hard from behind. When they both eventually noticed me, my sister jumped up and made me go to my room. Ten minutes later it was her turn to walk in on me masturbating.
    She made me swear not to say anything to our parents, then as a way of cementing my promise, she took my cock into her mouth and began to suck me off. It felt so good and I was about to cum when she stopped. Removing her bath robe my sister turned around and spread her ass cheeks. She told me firmly to fuck her in the ass.
    My first attempt only ended up sliding my cock into her pussy. She jumped and said I couldn't fuck her there as she wasn't on birth control. Taking hold of my cock, she put it to her ass and I pushed in. I fucked my sister as I thought you should fuck someone. Basically like a piston. Unfortunately I didn't last long and busted my nut up her asshole.
    She thanked me for fucking her and made me promise again not to say anything. Just before she left my room, I told her I wanted to fuck her again, at least once more not to say anything. The following night when my parents went out, my sister took me up to her room and had me tongue her pussy and ass. Then like the night before she knelt up and had me put my cock up her ass. Only this time I took my time, fucking her slowly at first, then faster as she began to shove back onto my cock.
    My sister came first yelling at me not to stop. Not that I was going to. Feeling her asshole squeeze my cock I felt my orgasm rising and did something I'd heard about. I pulled out of her ass, moved up the bed and ejaculated all over her face and head. She told me off for ruining her hair, but I didn't care, I'd just fucked my sister.
    It was four months later when I next got to fuck her. She was drunk and I took advantage. It wasn't the same though as she just wasn't joining in. I still busted my nut up her asshole though.
    The thing is we're both different people now. She's married for one thing, even if they are going through a difficult patch. And I have a girlfriend. Family sex is really fucking fantastic though.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 50

    When I was 12 I had a Saturday Job in a sweet shop, Mostly filling jars and stocking shelves, The couple who owned the shop were kindly and fun, The man had a habit of Swatting his wife's bum giggling and running off I would laugh at his antics for which she told him off, He would swat my bum too if his wife wasn't about I'd just giggle and go red, Then one day I was in the small storeroom out the back when he came in and stood behind me pinning me the small worktop there his crotch hard against my bum i was too shocked to move as his hand slipped under my dress and to my knickers his breath was harsh in my ear as he groped me between my legs roughly, I started despite myself to feel tingles the type I only had on my own at night when I touched myself there, He whispered that if I wanted some extra money and fun to meet him at the shop the next day while his wife was away, with that he left me standing there with trembling legs and a tingle between my legs, I tried to put it out of my mind but that night my fingers were busy between my legs as I thought of what had happened I swore I wouldn't meet him but there I was the next day outside his shop, Quickly he let me in and lead me into the back room where he pushed me against the wall and roughly kissed me his tongue in my mouth which I found strange but also quite nice, As we kissed his hand went up my skirt and rubbed me through my knickers again this time more roughly and urgently my legs opened wider automatically as his fingers worked on me I was loving how he made me feel, The next thing I knew he was yanking down my knickers as he kissed and licked my legs then he burrowed his face into my crotch and started to lick me as he grabbed my bum tightly in his hands, I was lost I just surrendered myself he could do what he wanted to me, I shuddered and sighed as his tongue invaded me, Suddenly he stood grabbed me and bent me over the arm of his sofa he pulled my legs wide apart and I felt something start to push into me it hurt at first then it felt so good that I didn't want it to stop, He pushed grunted and sighed as I lay there helpless and lost until I felt something build up and wash over me I was crying out and gasping as I felt him twitching inside me as he grunted and held my hips tightly, Slowly he slipped out of me and I stood shakily pulling up my knickers, He was good to his word and paid me extra, It was not the only time either I even learned how to suck him in the store room as his wife served customers and by the time I was 14 I was regularly having sex with him every Sunday, And I still like rough sex with much older men.

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