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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I grew up in an orphanage in Louisiana. From time to time we were allowed to make some money by working and that summer I was hired to help out on a farm. I was big enough to drive the tractor and the old man would tell me what to do, run the tractor here and there, and around noon he stopped me and told me to sit down and eat. I don't know if he was fifty or seventy, he was grey haired and had a body tan from working in the sun. We ate lunch under this tree and when he was done he stood up and unzipped his pants and let out his cock and started to pee right beside me, his pee splashing in the dirt.

    Living in the orphanage I saw lots of cocks, but they were all boy cocks, but his cock was not a boy's cock. He looked down at me while he peed and when he was done he asked me to kiss his cock, show some appreciation for him giving me a job to make some money. I kissed his cock and he said he wanted more, he wanted me to put my hot lips on his cock and show him that I really cared. I had seen boys suck other boys and I opened my mouth and took him in and sucked on him while he talked to me and ran his hand thru my hair. I have to admit that I liked it, I really liked it and I didn't want to stop and he could feel it and he just let me go on. After a while, who knows how long, he asked me if I wanted to pee because he wanted to watch me.

    He helped me get my cock out of my pants and he stood behind me holding my cook while I peed into the dirt while he rammed his hard cock against my ass. When I finished peeing he grabbed me hard and jacked me off while he rubbed his hard dick against me. Soon my pants were down and his hard dick was in my crack and he said he just had to show me how much he liked me and I got my first ever fucking right out there in the field his cock completely up my ass and he fucked until he squirted all his cum into my virgin ass. That night in bed in the dormitory I had my first ever wet dream.

    I didn't get paid that much, at that time minimum wage was 3.75 an hour and the work in the field was long hours of sweaty hard work, but his cock was always ready for me and he wanted to fuck and have his cock sucked and it was always on my mind. By the time the summer was over he had fucked me in the shed and with the smell of fertilizer and equipment oil and grease. At times when I am the agricultural supply store and get the smell of fertilizer I get memories of that summer and I get the urge to hook up with my friend and suck his cock.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 26

    I want to tell you about my seduction. I was working part time at grocery store flower department during the summer of my 16th birthday and the girl who worked as the manager and I got along really well. We had our uniforms on so we both looked like dorks but that's that. We got along and she asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with her. I didn't have a car and she picked me up at my parent's house and we went to the movies. In the movies she leaned into me her shoulder on mine and she continuously whispered in my ear and gave me a small kiss on the cheek. After the movies she said she wanted to show me her apartment and we went there. It was a small apartment with one bedroom and a small living area. I sat on the sofa, which was pretty ratty and old, and she came over and she sat on me, she just pulled up her skirt and straddled my legs and sat on my lap facing me. Without a word she stripped off her top and leaned over holding my head between her breasts. She had my head in her hand and she kept putting her nipple against my mouth asking me to make her happy. Well, she said open your mouth and she put her nipple in my mouth and told me to grab her ass. As I tried to gently suck her nipple she kept telling me to suck her hard and grab her ass hard, to show her that I was the bitch she wanted me to be. With a pull back she grabbed my face with both hands and landed a kiss on my mouth until she got her tongue in me, letting up to only to tell me to grab her ass harder.

    When she stripped my shirt off and before she grabbed my breast in her mouth she slapped me a little and told me to grab her ass hard, grab her and she sucked on me until I had tears in my eyes. Now came the important part. She got off me and pulled my pants off until I was totally naked and she got on her knees and spread my legs open. She smelled me and then let herself go and took me in her mouth. She would come up for air and tell me to fuck her with my pussy and she would go back down. Somewhere without any warming I went into my first real orgasm. She sat back and told me that I had the best pussy in the world and she wanted it all for herself. She took her pants off and got back on her knees straddling me with her pussy in my face and leaned in for me to eat her out.

    I remember every minute of that night after the movies, it was my first time ever getting naked like that, it was my first time ever kissing and having sex with a girl, it was my first time ever having an orgasm. I only worked at the flower shop that one summer but we remained friends and 'dated' and had sex long after that night. As I went through high school I never crushed on any boys, no surprise, and my social life was all centered around her. My parent's didn't like my relationship with her because she was so much older than me but they didn't stop me either.

    Everything I learned she taught me, by the time I was a full grown woman I had been around the world with her. Our relationship cooled off as I went to work with my degree and eventually I found the woman that I am with today. She comments a lot about my experience and my lack of modesty. She knows about my seduction and feels that I was too young to learn about sex that way, but I don't think anyone is prepared for their first seduction. For me, I remember it like yesterday.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    I've never told anyone this story. When I was 11 me and my friends used to play football in the local park, 1 day I needed the toilet this is when public urinals were mostly open. I went into the toilet and saw a fat bald man around 55 standing there, I went into the cubicle and noticed him looking at me through the keyhole. I got scared and finished and opened the door, as I walked past him he had his penis out, he said to me "I'll give u £20 if u suck it. That was a lot of money to a 11 year old. So I sucked his cock and he came in my mouth. Afterwards he said if I met him same time every week he will pay me each time. So I began doing it for weeks. 1 day I went to meet him and there was 2 other men with him. They also offered me money to suck them, so I did. This went on for a few months. Eventually he asked me to go to his house and then offered me more money for him to fuck me. The pain was awful as he basically r**ed me. This led to other men being at his house and me being passed around like a toy. The final straw came when he invited me to a party. Now a party to me then was jelly and ice cream and fun but this party involved approx 25-30 men r****g me all night. I could hardly walk next day and I never went to see him again. I sometimes do fantasised about what happened and still meet men to suck their cocks even though I'm married with kids

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 52

    My sister and I get together once in a while and we always seem to go back to when we were growing up at Grandma's house in Kentucky. We were poor but didn't know it, cash poor we would say today because her farm was worth a lot even in those days. We had an older brother Mike who used us as his maids and we didn't mind, making him happy made us feel good. Grandma did her best, that means that she wasn't always around and we got into a lot of mischief. And so it was that Mike had a friend over and he told his friend that we were free for the taking as long as he didn't return us. Well Mike's friend thought that was a good idea and he grabbed me and told me to pack my things because he was taking me with him, and that's how I ended up at his house explaining to his mother why he had brought me home with him. I wasn't a little dog, Mike's mother told me, and I had to go back home. Well I had heard Mike, he was pretty firm in what he said, his friend could have me as long as he didn't return me. But his mother would have nothing of it and she took me back when my Grandma got home.

    Humiliation at being returned is all I felt. Mike said that I wasn't worth talking to because even his friend didn't want me so why should he. My older sister, we are one year apart, she said that she still wanted me and that's why we began to sleep together. Grandma didn't mind, I mean we were ten and eleven years old. Mike was fourteen and he was the man of the house.

    I am intentionally not using Mike's friends name, it's enough that I am using Mike's name but if he reads this he will know who it is about. Mike asked his friend what was wrong with me and he told Mike I was too skinny and he needed to fatten me up if he wanted to give me away. I was given double portions of oatmeal which stuffed me to the point of wanting to go puke it up. Mike measured me every once in a while, his fingers went clear around my wrist like if he was grabbing a chicken bone. No matter how much oatmeal he fed me I didn't seen to get bigger. Meanwhile my older sister started to get bigger, but you know where, she was budding out. Mike wanted to know when I was going to bud out and who knew that answer. My sister's budding took a long time, probably six months or so, before her buds were poking out of her shirt. Mike liked them and he wrestled her to the floor and grabbed her buds. She said she didn't like it but she did, what girl wouldn't like that. In one of those wrestling matches Mike discovered that my sister had grown pubes and he pulled her underwear down to her knees and we all got to see her pubes. He pulled my pants down and I had some, but not a lot. He pushed my shirt up and I had buds, but small ones. Boy it felt good when he touched them, and it felt good when he pulled my pants down, in a naughty sort of way.

    When we were all budded out, we were thirteen and fourteen Mike asked his friend if he wanted one of now, we were all fit to be put to use, we knew how to cook and clean and were all round now and he could take me or my sister home, or both of us, whatever he wanted. He took me home again and his mother sent me back, I wasn't ready to be dropping kids yet, but she said I wasn't all grown up to just be brought home like a lost cow. But it was too late, Mike's friend had figured out that both my sister and I were pretty ready to be rode and he did. He was seventeen I remember, a bit younger than Mike and he rode us fine. At least that is what Mike said and what we said. He had to pick so he picked me again. I was hoping that three times was the charm and his mother wouldn't send me home again. This time she let him keep me, but on the condition that it be done with Pastor Don. So it was that at ripe old age of fourteen and Mike's friend at the ripe old age of seventeen got him a wife and I got me a husband and moved over to his house.

    Living with my husband his mother put me to work and I had assigned chores and since I was going to be in the family way then I had to learn all about that too. She took me down to the church where they kept babies for mother's who needed help and she put me to work there, learning how to take care of a baby. Boy by the time I was popping babies I knew everything about them, well I thought I did anyway. I had four babies right in a row, just like clockwork, spring time came and come around June I popped another baby. The doctor asked me if I knew where they came from and I told him that everyone knew that a crow laid them and the sun hatched them, but I whispered to him I knew exactly where they came from and I liked making them. My husband was a man in my eyes, he ran his house right and Mike ran my Grandma's house right, now that he was a man too and my sister got her a husband in town and she had her round of kids to play with mine. Grandma liked all those great grandkids, it filled her heart that we were doing the right thing, getting married and all. As for Mike he was way to picky so Grandma and some ladies at the church got together and introduced him to the girl that was to become his wife.

    Like I said before, we grew up in Kentucky where everyone was cash poor but had land. My sister and I are the grandma's now and we still go to the same church and we look out after who the grandkids are going to get together with, we know that girls and boys are looking all the time and we have no doubt that boys will be boys and girls will be girls and how can we tell them not to have fun, we sure did, back then when fun brought babies, but then again everyone looked forward to bringing new babies home that's how you knew you were grown up.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 28

    My first clear memory of a man looking at me was at the beach one summer when my mother took us to a beach weekend with her boss. We came up from the sand and the rule was that you washed off before going into the pool or going into the house to change. For that there was a shower on the ground floor with a curtain. My mother pulled my sister who was three at the time and stripped her naked to go into the shower, I was seven and she pulled me over and took off my top and just like that stripped my bottoms off and I stood naked in front of her boss who stared right into my triangle area.

    I scolded my mother for doing that to me and she told me to get over it, so what if a man saw me there wasn't anything wrong with it. Well I felt there was and I was upset and kept to myself the rest of the day. That night when it was time for bed my mother made me go out into the living room to say goodnight and give him a kiss. My mother's boss gave me both cheeks to kiss and patted my behind. In the morning I had to sit beside him for breakfast.

    For the next many years I had to sit beside him, I had to kiss him and let him put his arm around me and hold me, kiss me, talk to me about being a good girl and stuff. His hands were all over me, he touched everything and, there wasn't a part of me that he didn't touch. My mother called me his girlfriend, show him you love him instead of being ungrateful, all he wanted was for me to hug him and sit with him, I was his girl. I'm not kidding I was eleven when he kissed my lips and ran his tongue along my lips.

    By the time I was fifteen, sixteen I was hugged and had to put my face up for him to kiss my lips. I was too big for him to pick me up, but not so big that I didn't sit in his lap. It was around then that I figured out that my mother was his big girl girlfriend, the one that he got naked and had sex with. All those nights when we were at the beach or spent the night at his house she was slipping into his bed, showing him how much she loved him and that she was not ungrateful to him.

    When I got married, after college, he gave me a new car as a wedding gift. When I brought my first little one home he gave us half down for a house. When I hug him I hold on to him real tight and he hugs me and he kisses me on the lips and my husband gets angry. He doesn't understand.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    At the ripe old age of fifteen I lost my virginity to a woman who was married, has two sons and one of those sons was and still is one of my best mates.
    Her husband was having his fortieth birthday party at his house, my mate invited me along to try and snatch some beer, and his mum caught us. She was about to tell her husband we were going to steal some alcohol, but instead told her son to go back inside and she'd see me home.
    Half way across the cut, a scraggy piece of land filled with half grown tree's and scrub bushes, she asked me if the rumours were true. When I innocently asked her what rumours, she gripped my cock through my jeans and said "I guess they are".
    Within less than a minute she had my cock out, she'd knelt down and I was having my first ever blow job. I stood frozen in fear and awe. Fear of who her husband was, and awe at how wonderful it felt to have my dick sucked by such a beautiful older woman.
    No more than a few minutes of sucking my dick, she stood up lifted her short loose fitting skirt and moved her knickers to one side. Telling me she didn't have all night as she held onto a small tree, I stood behind her and broke my virgin cherry.
    The feeling of my cock sliding up her extremely wet pussy, will stay with me forever. As will the whole scenario of fucking such a gorgeous woman. Encouraging me to fuck her harder, I did as she asked and was soon giving her I hoped what she and I by then both wanted. Unfortunately being so young I didn't last that long, but long enough to hear her cry out and shake on my cock.
    As soon as I'd cum up her pussy, she stood up, pulled her knickers straight and told me to get on home. But before I moved off in a daze of lust and youthful love, she made me promise not to say anything to anyone, and to visit her the following day.
    It was a Saturday. I'd cried off, as she'd told me to, watching football which her son, my best mate, who went to with his dad and brother as I spent three of the most wonderful hours learning how to make a woman happy with my lips, tongue and cock.
    Over the next few months there was nothing we didn't try together sexually, and at one point she was talking about sharing me with her husband. That scared me off after a while, because I learned her husband supposedly liked to fuck young men too, and no one was having my arsehole.
    Even so before we stopped having sex, I was hammering her arsehole each time we fucked. Then out of the blue, her husband became ill and within weeks it seemed, he passed away.
    After that they moved and my friendship with her son dwindled. Obviously the sex stopped and I moved onto fucking many mnay more girls and women. But none of them has taken that first essence of sexual thrill out of my mind.
    And that's why I'm here.
    In eight weeks from now I'm getting married to a stunning woman. She's everything you could possible be, to and with another person. All except and I swear up until a couple of months ago I didn't know, she's the cousin of a best mate of mine who's going to be as of two months ago, my best man.
    As soon as we got back in touch after such a long time, we met to catch up. It was like we'd never stopped being best mates and our relationship only strengthened when he said this to me in a pub "Mum misses you too........ Yes I always knew you and my mum were at it. Dad kind of did too, but then she is still Gorgeous".
    He'd known all along and said nothing. As had his dad. I still don't know why he never said anything, but then I guess that's his prerogative to live with.
    I've since met his mum again and she's just as beautiful now as she was thirteen years ago. At forty eight, the woman who taught me everything about sex, pleasing a woman and how to fuck one in all her love holes, is still just as alluring to me now. She tells me i'm still the best lover she's ever had and she also tells me when we see each other, she'd seduce me all over again if I wasn't with her niece.
    However there's always a glint in her eye when she says it. After all she didn't care she was fucking me when her husband was alive. So why should she be mindful of her sisters daughter. A girl she hardly knows after she stopped speaking to her sister for some years.
    The last part.
    My finacee's aunt told me only a week or so ago, she'd like me to call round. I was skeptical as I knew if she offered herself to me, I'd find it hard to refuse. She did offer herself and I'm not over stating this, she is far more amazing now. I amazed myself by refusing her advances, but only because we'd just chatted about the wedding. Looking at her neatly trimmed pussy and tight looking arsehole as she offered them up from behind, I so wanted to bury my cock deep into her holes.
    Walking away that day, she said "You know you're staying over here the night before your wedding" I was about to answer when she added "You know you'll fuck me, why deny yourself everything you want".
    And the truth of it is, she's right.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    When I was younger I had a male-affair with a friend. It wasn't like either of us was gay or felt attracted to other boys instead of to girls. It was just that we discovered that a friendship could include romantic expressions and thatthis was very enjoyable. Our affair contined the whole time that we were in high school.
    My parnets were divorced so it was just my mom and me, and we were close and always had a very good mother-son relationship. She susptced that there was something going on between me and my friend, although she was very open-minded and understanding and had no problem with that. She would sometimes tease me and make remarks about the two of having our clothes back on by the time she came home.
    He and I did have sex, and quite often and we throughly enjoyed this. Nobody aside from my mom ever knew, of course, and neither of us never became gay. But now looking back I am very glad that I got to have this experience and I have very fond memories of those times.
    Personally I think that there is far too much pressure and wrong thinking about this whole gay issue, and that really it is quite nomral for two boys - or two gilrs - to enjoy having a close and even sexual side to their friendship if they feel like it and without any harm or consequence. Perhaps one day people will be able to just be opne about such things without pointing fingers and labeling either way.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 49

    When I was about 12 years old I was out riding my bicycle and went to an area where I hadn't been before. I see a few men there all who are naked. It was surprise seeing them and they did see me there but didn't make any effort to cover up. I stayed and looked for awhile before I left. The next day I go back and once again they are there and are naked. I made it my regular destination when going for bicycle rides. After about a week I decided to try going nude myself. I took all my clothes off and was just like all the men there. I don't know if it was me going nude and them thinking I was OK with nudity that I began to see them masturbating in full view of me. I probably shouldn't have but I decided to masturbate too in full view of them. It became the norm with me going there and they invited me to sit with them. This happened regularly during the summer until I had to go back to school and the men no longer showed up.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    My childhood friend and I talk about the 'long walk home'. We were not of age to have been left alone at the fair. We were supposed to be picked up later around nine at the front entrance but we got bored and left early deciding to walk back to my grandmother's house which was the closest house. Still it was a couple of miles so we took the short cut which went across this empty land between the railroad and the town, but on the other side was my grandmother's subdivision.

    At the railroad, when we crossed over we ran into a drifter. He told us to stop and he lowered his pants and started to masturbate. We wanted to leave but he told us we had to watch. His penis got hard and he pumped back and forth we stood there like zombies watching his penis as it got bigger and bigger. Then it got real big and started to spit out this gunk, spit after spit until he stopped spitting out of his penis. He asked us to come over and touch his penis. When we stepped forward he took my hand and put it on his penis and told me to wrap my fingers around it and pull on it. To milk it like you milk a cow. Then he had my friend hold his penis. Then he offered to grab ours. We should have run but we didn't.

    He jerked on me for a couple of minutes and my penis got hard and he leaned over and sucked on it for a couple of minutes asking me how I liked it. I liked it a lot and he jerked on me while he sucked me and he got me to spit out my junk. He said it tasted really good and he wanted some more so my he jerked off my friend and sucked him until he also shot out his junk and he tasted it. He took us into the shrubs to this small camp that he had and he rubbed my butt with his hand and asked me if I liked that and then put his hand into my pants until he found my hole with his middle finger and holding me hard against him fingered me for a real long time while my friend watched. He offered my friend but he said no and then he asked us to touch his penis again which we did and to jerk him off again. We both sucked his penis really hard like we were going to suck his stuff out of him but in the end we managed to give him a second time but it was a whole lot less junk than the first time.

    We left him and walked back to the fair and stood out in front of the entrance and waited for my mother to pick us up. For all these years my friend and I talk about that night as the 'long walk home', which is what we said to ourselves when we first agreed to walk to my grandmother's house.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 50

    My mother worked at a car dealership, she was a single mom 34 and more or less OK to look at, but she had a hard thing about her and she didn't have a boyfriend. I was 16 and going through all that stuff. The head of the maintenance department had a thing for my mom and she complained about him all the time. More than once he had tried to get into her pants and she kept herself on the other side of the table whenever they were in a room together.

    So it was Saturday and a friend of mine and I went to see Jaws for the first time. We were in line, it was such a hot movie that people stood in line for a couple of hours to get in. The man from the dealership bought his ticket and saw me in line and asked to break in. He just broke in and told the people in the line that I was his daughter. In the movie he sat beside me and bought us popcorn and drinks and when the movie started he took my hand and he just wouldn't let it go. My friend kept hitting my shoulder asking what the deal was and all I could do was shrug. As the movie went on and the scary parts happened I grabbed onto his forearm. When we left the theater his arm was gashed and bleeding where I had stuck my fingernails into him.

    He took me to the little boy's room and told the guy in there to leave and he locked the door (it was my first time in a boy's bathroom and the first time I saw a urinal, which is a whole different story) and he had me wash his arm with soap and water and dry it with the towel (in those days there weren't paper towels or hand blowers, just a towel on a roller). After I had finished doing what he told me he said he wanted a kiss, and not a stupid girl kiss, he wanted a real kiss and he grabbed me and took my behind into his hands and pressed me up against him and kissed me on the mouth. After a minute or two he released me a little and used one free hand to grab my boobs and tell me that as far as he was concerned I was all woman and I was ready. Ready for what? He turned me around and told me to hold onto the sink got my pants down and he screwed me on my tiptoes.

    Well that was the way you lost your virginity in those days, some girls lost it in the back of the car, or under the bleachers, or out behind the basketball court, and I lost it in the boy's bathroom at the movie theater. To me it was glorious, it was so glorious that the first thing I told my girlfriend when I walked out of the boy's bathroom is that I had lost my cherry. She wasn't good at secrets and one person to another it wasn't long before the word got back to my mother. When she confronted me with it I had to confess who it was. Well that was the end of it. Except for one detail, he could have her fired, so she kept her mouth shut. But from then on when he grabbed onto her she let him, when he pushed over the table in his office she let him, when he came to the house for dinner which she now fixed for him and he took her back into the bedroom she let him. Anything for him not to go after me again.

    He never grabbed me like that again, but he sure wanted to. He would call me over to talk to me and he would send his eyes up and down me, stop at my chest and stop at my crotch. He liked my crotch because he looked at my crotch all the time. If my mother caught him she would slap him and tell him to look at her. As for me, I liked him looking at me like that and did everything I could to give him something to look at.

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