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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 29

    it had started when i already was 7, a first grader, and my mom had just turned 27 at the time, one day when i got home from school, my mom wanted to wash my hair, there had been many times when she'd washed my hair in the kitchen sink, only on this one occasion, she'd asked me to take off my shirt and was smiling when she asked, so i gladly took off my shirt thinking about the all the other times when my shirt got wet from washing my hair.
    there i was, in little denim shorts, socks, shoes, ready for a hair wash and i'd always kept my eyes closed so the shampoo wouldn't sting me, so when my mom got my hair washed and dried, then when i'd opened my eyes, there she was, in her bra and tight short shorts, just like that, my dick got hard, for the rest of that day, neither one of us had our shirt on.
    when i was little, my dad was very rarely home because of his job, maybe that was why my mom did what she had done to keep herself happy on the outside, that evening when she had given me a bath, she'd spent the whole time in the bathroom in only her bra and underpants, she had one hot body, bubble butt, slim thighs, flat tummy, her flat tummy had made teeny double rolls between her underpants and bra whenever she had sat down, my dick had gotten hard while i was in the tub just from having looked at her tummy at that time.
    then it had become a regular thing with her for just a few days, which stopped when my dad had come to town for just a few days, which i actually didn't mind. when he left, the whole thing with my mom had started back up again whenever i had taken my baths at the time. some weeks after my dad had gone back to his overseas job, i had noticed my mom's underpants had been stretched somewhat higher than usual when she had given me baths at the time, so i'd only seen just a 2 and 1/2 inch swath of her tummy at that time, so whenever she sat down in those underpants, her tummy had gotten all squishy to a one inch swath or so.
    then after another few weeks, her tummy had started bulging out a bit, it had been the last day of school when i had come home, my mom was in her sports bra and tiny little bike shorts which had sported her barely bulging tummy, she'd only showed off a 2 inch swath of her tummy between her short shorts and bra, first i had taken my shirt off and put it in the laundry hamper, so i was only in my tiny corderoy shorts and shoes, it had been warm that day, then as i'd approached my mom, she'd smiled and had rubbed her tummy, that was when it hit me, she'd been nearly 3 months pregnant, when she let me rub her tummy, my dick had gotten hard in my shorts.
    just a few short weeks before i'd entered second grade, my mom's tummy had gotten almost as big as a basketball as her short shorts had stretched over her somewhat round tummy, only a 2 inch swath of her bulging tummy had shown between her sports bra and short bike shorts, we had gone to a lake. though the crowds were real small, there'd been 2 older boys, i think they might have been 13 at the time, they had on speedos, both their dicks stuck out hard in their speedos when they had seen my mom sitting in her lounge chair and that the bare part of her tummy had gotten all squishy to a one inch swath between the very top of her short shorts and bra, I'd also worn my speedo that day too, only my dick had bulged out hard.
    when we had gotten home from the lake that evening, she'd gone to take her shower, i had remained in my speedo, then when it had become my turn to take my bath, there she was in her big underpants stretched over her basketball size tummy and bra, she smiled as she had noticed how hard my dick was when i was naked, when i was in my underpants, my dick had gotten hard just from looking at my mom's then pregnant tummy.
    weeks after i had entered second grade, my mom was around 7 months pregnant with her then round tummy, that day when i'd gotten home from school, there she was, in her sheer loose fitting see through top, so i'd seen how very high the front of her short bike shorts were, my dick had gotten hard in my tiny little shorts while i'd worn my shirt open, i also had on socks and shoes. when my mom had invited me to feel her tummy, it felt real good when my dick had gotten hard in my shorts, then i took my shirt off, that was even better.
    that day when my mom wanted to wash my hair, she'd taken off her top and seeing her in her bra, one and a half inch swath of pregnant tummy and big short shorts sure gave me a bulge in my shorts. that evening before she said good night to me, she had me look at her little sliver of tummy showing off between the top of her big underpants and bra while i was in my underpants with my dick all hard, there we were, we'd been smiling face to face.
    when my dad came back in town for several months, it all stopped, which i actually liked, in all that time, i had turned 8 years old not long after my baby sister had come along. just before my dad got back overseas to work, my mom had turned 28, then my baby sister at the time was nearly 3 months old when my dad had gone back to his overseas job. the morning my dad had left, my mom was back to her old ways of showing off her slim figure, except because she was the mom of a 3 month old girl as well as the mom of an 8 year old boy, that was me back then, she had this tummy bulge and had worn her underpants around an inch higher in the front than in the back, some of her underpants had tummy control tops, some of her underpants had let her tummy bulge out, whatever way, my dick had gotten hard around my mom at the time she had shown her tummy.
    the afternoon I had gotten home from school after the morning my dad had gone back to his overseas job, i had gotten home from school with my shirt open, a pair of tight little shorts and a pair of shoes which had my mom smiling the minute I'd gotten home from second grade at school, there she was in her underpants stretched over her tummy bulge, 3 inch swath of nearly flat tummy, bra and she smiled as i'd taken off my shirt, we both hugged when my dick had gotten hard in my shorts.
    then as i had gazed at her tummy, she had rubbed my tummy, then she'd sat at the corner of her bed, her slim legs spread open, it revealed the real narrow crotch of her underpants with the front of them stretched over her tummy bulge, almost 2 inches of her bare tummy all squishy from when she sat down, bra and a smile on her face.
    then my mom had asked me to turn sideways one way and turn sideways the other way, she'd admired my tummy because she'd thought i'd looked cute in my shorts, then she had asked me to sit by her as she had rubbed my tummy, then she'd said 'you look like your going to have a baby', i'd gotten squirmy when she'd said that, i said 'mom!', she'd said she was just fooling with me.
    then by that summer, my baby sister had become a little over 6 months old, school had already been out, i'd looked foreward to third grade at around 8 and 1/2 years old. one day in that summer, i'd gone to summer school in only my summer jacket, nylon shorts which had inside lining so that i didn't have to wear any underpants and an old pair of shoes, because my summer jacket was rather large so if my dick had gotten hard in class, nobody would ever know.
    when summer school had let out that very day, i opened my summer jacket while i'd walked home, it showed off my tummy and shorts, then when i'd gotten home from summer school and when i hung up my summer jacket, my mom had gleefully asked 'did you go to school dressed like that?' i'd said 'yes i did, at least i kept my jacket on the whole time at school and nobody cared, she smiled as she had gotten my lunch ready, not long after i'd gotten done with lunch that day, my mom had taken off her bathrobe, it showed off her slim legs, control top underpants that had hugged her bubble butt and had somewhat slimmed down her tummy bulge, her 3 inch swath of bare tummy and bra, she'd smiled when i watched her dressed as she was at the time as my dick had gotten hard in my shorts.
    then she put on an excercise video while she'd worn her underpants and bra, my dick had gotten hard in my shorts when her tummy had gotten all squishy in some of her excercise moves, when she had gotten done with her excercise video, she'd smiled at the bulge in my shorts, the we had both hugged each other for the moment and i'd noticed that her tits had gotten big in her bra, my heart had started racing as my mom had rubbed my butt, was my dick hard in my shorts.
    later that summer not long before school had started and that i'd entered third grade, my dad's company brought him home to stay, i was actually glad the intimate rituals with my mom had stopped from that day on.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    BEING AT the right place at the right time can make all the difference in one's destiny, now i can't say i know all the tenants where i live because i don't go around meeting them like my next door neighbor who has lived in the apartment complex for over 30 fucking years and though she's lesbian we share the same sexual preference of young boys and neighbor is quite creative knowing the best way to be around kids is to choose a career in the school district and babysitting so she does both earning great money and knows kids better than their parents and society does yet i'm more discreet choosing to remain single and pretty much keep to myself.throughout the years my neighbor and i learned to work out a signal when she came across a certain boy or girl who were open minded and consensual about sex with adults or the one's that were already having sex regardless who the adult was and society would be shocked to learn the majority of today's kids are having sexual encounters within their own family far more than with friends and people in their next door neighbor simply talks openly with the kids and the one's that are clearly into the life are given special attention often when the parents of the other kids return from work to pick them neighbor will take the young boy or girl to her bedroom and spend some time exploring them sexually and once these young kids are certain they can be themselves my neighbor simply introduces me though by inviting a certain kid who enjoys sex with adult into my home the signal between me and my neighbor clearly stipulate that the kid is consenting.everyone plays their role when my neighbor excuses herself to go make a phone call,go to the store or tells me she will be a while washing clothes outdoors in the laundromat clearly meaning the young kid loves sex and already knows and expects to have sex with me once we are alone...the majority are young girls since that's my sexual preference though i am bi-sexual when a certain boy looks attractive but it's rare when i engage in sexual intimacy with young boys...once my neighbor leaves the young girl plays her role to be polite,friendly and though i'm practically a stranger feel comfortable with just being herself so she'll sit at my kitchen table or the sofa in my living room while drinking a soda or juice which in consensual sex their is no need to spike her drink or offer her bullshit role is to simply let it happen naturally because young girls who love sex with adults are often the first one's to initiate sexual contact and timing is always a particular girl was so eager to have sex she openly talked about how good my next door neighbor sucked her pussy and how some man named freddie constantly fucked her though she didn't want to go into too much detail because he was a lawyer and someone in her family.she made it clear that she could take a big dick but didn't want me going crazy since she preferred feeling a grown man's dick nice and slowly calling the sexual act a pleasant experience when done just right.whoever this freddie is he did the young girl correctly because not all men know the sexual limitations and physical anatomy of a young girls vagina as oppose to grown womans...some men can be inexperienced,selfish and too excited in disregarding a young females sexual satisfaction contrary to his own usually causing pre-ejaculation and leaving the young girls with painful sexual memories.some men even consider it male dominance to hear a girl moan,scream and cry when he penetrates her unmercifully...from years of experience i've learned to be in control by letting the young girls go at their own sexual pace,young girls love oral sex and enjoys a man who respects her limitations's rare to find young girls who like anal sex regardless how much lubrication and careful a man freddie i'm quite thick at 8 inches and it was an amazing sexual act to get the young girl comfortable and correctly lubricated before initial penetration controlling the length of my dick i gently opened her pussy paying close attention to her moans and whispers to go easy AAAAAAAHHH,GO SLOW JUST LIKE THAT...UMMMMMM FEELS SO GOOD AND BIG...five maybe ten minutes later her pussy felt really tight and their was a pulsing sensation followed by a hot moist wetness clearly indicating she had achieved an intense orgasm...her forehead began sweating and her beautiful little eyes got moist with tears as i gently stroked her hair and tongued kissed her,several minutes later her arms wrapped themselves to the back of my neck as i slowly thrust into her HOLD ME TIGHT I'M GOING TO COME IN YOUR TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY...her body trembled in sexual shock from the immensity of my orgasm.when my next door neighbor came to pick her up an hour later the young girls smile basically said it all,now she had me,freddie and her lesbian babysitter to fuck anytime she wanted.having stated a well known but taboo fact that the majority of young kids learn and are having consensual or non-consensual sex within their families it is logical to mention a recent incident with one of my neighbors who just recently moved into our building and seems to have a lot of money because the apartments on the 1st floor are extremely expensive as oppose to my 5th floor apartment with no fucking elevator.i was on my way downstairs one day to throw out the garbage and go buy some things in the corner bodega when this young puerto rican girl suddenly appeared from the other side of the stairs,it was so unexpected and just the way she smiled and stared at me as her father suddenly appeared with a garbage bag in his hand right behind her instantly made me sense something sexual was going on between them...he was to eager and friendly as we walked down the stairs to throw out the garbage asking me what floor i live on and did i drink beer while his young daughter stood nearby simply staring and smiling.he said his wife was in new jersey visiting family and meant it as a joke that his daughter was his little wife,with all my years of experiences i knew he was sending me a clear signal that people like me and my next door neighbor can easily detect so i said to him that in some countries a little wife are the best one's to clean the dishes and keep a husband bed warm.two hours later they are both up here in my apartment listening to music and while the young girl danced around my living room me and her father drank beer and openly stared at his daughter.once again like i do with my next door neighbor we all played our roles and their wasn't any need for signals or stipulations since he openly stated and joked that his little wife had a sweet tasting pussy.the young girls role was to simply dance her way over to her father who sat her on his lap and started to tongue kiss,my role was to just drink my beer and let it happen the time i got up from my sofa to get more beers in the kitchen the young girl had her pants and panties off and thrown halfway off the sofa and floor while her father got busy sucking and fingering her pussy and all i could see was the back of his head between her legs as she smiled and stared at me.i sat right beside them picking up her panties and damn they smelled like only young girls can,he had as they say first call because it was his daughter though i unbutton her shirt to caress her small titties and tongue kiss her...soon it was my turn to get between her young legs and tongue fuck her creamy pussy while her father drank his beer and stroked his exposed dick which was thick but looked to be about 6 inches,with just three fingers in her pussy the young girl moaned in pain yet her father didn't waste any time getting my bottle of vaseline from the bathroom cabinet and having applied some on his dick he instructed me to step aside so he could fuck his little wife and he did though he was the time it was my turn they both stared at my dick with some concern and she was nervous and tense,being far more gentle than her father i calmly told her in spanish to just relax while her father stood took half a bottle of vaseline and quite a long time before the full length of my thick 8 inch dick was deep inside of her but when i went to thrust really slow and carefully she passed out though her father told me to keep fucking her slowly.i did but not too long after she had passed out i ejaculated deep in her pussy and though she was out cold on my sofa she was breathing normally.her father cleaned her up with one of my rags from the kitchen while i drank my beer nearby and getting her home wasn't easy because she kept putting her hand down inside the crotch of her jeans complaining her pussy hurts yet a week later she's back on my sofa on her knees and bent over face down getting gently fucked by me and her father so when you see young kids and all those buildings and houses you can quite easily imagine what is going on behind some of those closed love sex too and we adults provide as long as it's consensual it's nobody's business to judge...true story.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 31

    YOU KNOW when a motherfucker think he in love his dick don't be thinking straight and that shit happen to me,my ex-wife and mother of my kids was one fucked up she go talking about devotion,loyalty,respect and promise her pussy mine and don't no motherfucker gone fuck her apart from that one time she was 12 years old when some uncle took her virginity then her own brother fuck her and some man who worked the bodega where she grew up but those motherfuckers don't count because she love we hispanic puerto ricans living in the hood and motherfuckers know when a puerto rican girl get fucked by a black man that bitch never going to be the same so here was my ex-wife only 17 years old working in a video store talking about how she try to get the big boss black man who worked behind the counter with her to stop fucking around touching her ass and grabbing her big plumped titties...but the bitch gone said after we divorced she was tired my dick wasn't big like some people who fucked her so one day she went to use the bathroom in the back of the video store and the big negro boss went closed the store and slowly came up in the bathroom while she half naked on the toilet taking a shit.she say that motherfucker dick scared her though she didn't put up a fight when he bent her over the seat of the toilet and got her feeling that dick in her pussy she laughing all up in my face telling me he fucked her pussy so good she cried because that was some painful shit but getting fucked to orgasms made her forget about me.though i often walked by the video store on my way to work and notice the [store closed] sign on the door i didn't suspect a thing though towards the end of our marriage the bitch often complained she was too tired to have sex and this shit went on for several months.every fucking morning she was out the door with our two little daughters and son to drop them off at school and work at the video store until 8 pm to get fucked and paid,sometimes i'd go up in there and they were behind the counter calm and attending to customers though sometimes my ex-wife wouldn't look at him and was or seemed upset about something well what the fuck bitch he wasn't like me to just excuse you if you were too tired to fuck or your pussy too raw.that motherfucker would close that store and force my ex-wife to fuck she couldn't even quit when the boss tried fucking her up the ass...customers would walk in there and notice my ex-wife walking around behind the counter slow as fuck and apologizing because her stomach hurt or her back,shoulders and neck hurt when the truth was her pussy and ass was in constant pain from too much dick.though the motherfucker was fucking her pussy to pleasurable orgasms he was fucking beyond fucking...bored with our marriage my ex-wife said all of this with rage,anger and spite while naked in the bathtub and actually spread her fucking legs to show me the gaping hole in her pussy,her black lover had her convinced that if she was capable of giving birth to our three children his 11 inch black meat could fuck that pussy hard,good and whenever he fucking wanted.soon after our divorce her sister started babysitting our kids since she lived upstairs in the same building often calling me because she didn't think it was normal to see my ex-wife crying and barely able to get out of bed since her black boss started living in the apartment,the bitch was getting fucked at work and now in the house practically 24/7 walking around with a warm rag to relieve the soreness in her well fucked pussy.she spent an entire year with that motherfucker until he hired a young black girl to work in the video store and told her to go find another motherfucker who got big dick.fuck it...all these years later i come to realize i never loved the bitch and life has a way of paying back people who do fucked up shit,today my ex-wife is one of those 300/pound woman and ugly as fuck dedicating her life to eating kentucky fried chicken and mcdonalds talking about she hates men and life isn't fair.but let's backtrack a moment...wasn't this the same bitch that at 12 years old was already giving pussy to grown fucking men in her family and sneaking into a bodega storage room with a man she only knew because he always said hello to her and helped her retrieve a product from a top shelf she couldn't reach...the same girl who told me my 8 inch dick was too small and compared it to her brothers at 8.6 inches her uncles at 9.3 and the man at the store small but very thick at 7.4 inches...what the fuck she thought a black man with 11 thick inches of black solid dick was going to nobody want that pussy buy damn if i were wealthy i'd buy that bitch a black stallion horse and not out of spite it's just feels good to be free and not have to deal with a woman who has dick issues ha-ha-ha...true story.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 33

    When I was 12 my best friend and I were sleeping in a tent out behind the house. It was pretty late when he started telling me about how he watched two older boys in the woods on the way home from school one day. He said they never saw him but he wactched them take off their clothes and suck each other then one of them got on his hands and knees and the other boy stuck his dick in him and fucked him then they got dressed and left.
    The more he described it to me the harder we both got and he talked me into rolling over while he got on top of me and stuck his dick in my ass. It didn`t feel that god at first but once he started to fuck me it felt so good and he shot his cum in my ass.
    Three times that night I let him stick it in me and fuck me and he came in me every time. A few days later we tried sucxking each other off and came in each others mouth a little but even though we sucked each other off for years and always swallowed nothing ever felt as good as when he was fucking me and I felt his cum in my ass. There were other boys that fucked me back then and it was all good and some were bigger some smaller but he was the first and I will always remember hois dick in my ass that night in my sleeping bag. It was so good.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 36

    I forced myself on my hot ass sexy step Cousin when she was 16. I was 15 and had wanted to have sex with her since we were young kids. I was at her house one day while My Aunt was gone shopping and I stopped by just to visit. She had on a pair of silk loose fitting shorts and an old tee shirt and my dick got hard as soon as I figured out my Aunt was gone and in our earlier conversation my step Cousin said she would be gone all day.
    I followed her back to their spare bedroom as we were talking and when she bent over with her ass to me to get something from one of the dresser drawers I lost it. I couldn`t stop myself and then grabbed her and threw her on the bed and got on top of her as fast as I could and held her down while she was screaming at me to get off of her. My dick was hard as a rock and I wanted to fuck her and at that moment I really didn`t care if I got in trouble for doing it I wanted her naked.
    I got her shorts down to her knees and she was crying kicking and screaming when my hand went inside of her silk panties and my finger went in her dripping wet pussy. I fingered her hard and had my hand on her huge tits and she was mad as hell but getting wetter by the second then she screamed out loud "Oh my God!!" and shook all over and her pussy really got wet and she started to calm down a little as I got two fingers deep in her pussy and she had another orgasm right after her first one and after that she just laid still on the bed breathing hard and I stood up and got out of my clothes real quick and put my face right between her legs and started to eat her sweet pussy and she raised her knees up and let them fall apart then grabbed my head and shoved it hard in to her pussy and started to move her hips and moan out a lot letting me have my way with her and it was getting good.
    She got off twice with my face between her legs then pulled me up on top of her and she started to kiss me and got a good taste of her juices off my lips then she rolled me off of her and got on top of me and went down my body pretty fast and started to suck my dick. She said her boyfriend liked it when she did this to him and went right back to sucking my dick as I pushed her head down making her gag a couple of times before I came in her mouth without any warning. She tried to back away but I forced her head down with both hands and made her take my cum in her mouth. I know she had to swallow some of it but a bunch of it came out of her mouth and was all around my dick and on my nuts but she licked it up a little at a time and continued to suck on my dick for awhile then she rolled on to her back spread her legs pulled her tee shirt and bra off and was laying there naked looking at me then said "Is this what you been wanting for so long?" I got on top of her fast and was rubbing my dick on her soaking wet pussy as she reached down grabbed my hard dick and just when it touched her juicy slit she said " I think this is a lot bigger than my boyfriends And we were looking right in to each others eyes as I stuck my dick in her tight juicy pussy and she began to moan out loud and when my dick was about halfway up her pussy she closed her eyes and took the rest of it until my nuts were tight against her and her juices were all over my nuts. I started to fuck her slowly and she put her lags around me and started moving her hips and playing with her big firm tits and even sucked her nipples as she was looking right at me and told me "Don`t worry I`m on the pill!" I knew what she meant but I was going to cum in her anyway. We fucked for a good long while and she came two times very hard and I was looking right in her eyes as I shoved my dick in her as hard and as deep as I could and shot my huge load inside of her and watched her take it and claw at my back as she forced her hips up towards me and pulled me to her with her legs and she was moaning out "Oh yes! Cum in me baby! Give it to me! Cum in me! I want it all! fuck me baby!"
    I wanted to hear her say those words over and over as my cum filled her juicy pussy. She pulled my head down and stuck her tongue in my mouth and we kissed for a long time with our tongues in each others mouths as she squeezed my dick with her pussy and we were both in another world and I wanted to fuck her all day long. I pulled my dick out of her and turned her over face down on the bed and shoved her legs apart then put my dick right back in her pussy then laid on top of her slowly working it in and out of her as it got hard again inside of her and I started to fuck her again. She was enjoying as much as I was and our cum was between her legs on the sheets and she was working her hips to take me as deep as she could and reached back and pulled her ass cheeks open while I fucked her and it felt great.
    I got this wild idea and eased my dick out of her and she quickly asked me to put it back in her but I rubbed it on her ass then touched it to her asshole and started to push it a little and she didn`t try to stop me so I kept going trying to get it in her wonderful tight ass that I had dreamed about all those years. It wasn`t easy and she told me to stop several times but told me her and her boyfriend tried it a few times before she started taking the pill. She finally took all of it in her tight ass and let me fuck her good in the ass and she came several times before I came hard as far up her ass as possible. After awhile my dick came out of her asshole and I rolled off of her and she went to the bathroom then came back. She laid next to me rubbing my chest never saying a word and fell asleep naked right next to me.
    I got up to go wash up and came back to bed and she never moved. I laid there thinking about how I had finally fucked the girl of my dreams and my dick started to get hard again. I rolled her over and she was still sound asleep and I got another wild idea and got up to look thru her dresser and found her panty hose. I got out four pair and slowly began to tie her wrist to the head of the bed then tied her ankles to the foot of the bed with her spread out face down on the bed I looked between her legs and watched my cum leaking out of her pussy and ass and got back on the bed between her legs and held my upper body up on one arm as I held my hard dick to her asshole and just as the head went in her ass she woke up and was tied to the bed with my big dick going up her cum filled ass. She wanted me to untie her but I wouldn`t and by the time my big dick was balls deep in her ass she didn`t mind being tied up that much and I fucked her sweet ass hard for a very long time stopping pulling it out ten sticking it back in all the way fucking her some more then came in her ass again.
    Once I got off of her I got to my knees and watched my cum run out of her asshole and noticed a Polaroid camera on the dresser. I got up to get it and it had 4 pictures left on it so I took two of my cum running out of her pussy and ass one of her sucking my dick then untied her legs turned her over and stuck my dick in her pussy and took the last picture. I tied her legs to the bed and when my dick got hard I fucked her and came in her pussy. We showered together after that and I had to go. We said goodbye and I figured that would be the only time I would ever get to fuck the hottest girl on planet earth.
    About two weeks later she called the house looking for me and I was gone. My Mom told her where I had went so she called over to my friends house and said she really needed to talk to me. I went over to her house and my Aunt was gone again. She told me she wouldn`t mind to have a little fun again if I wanted to and we were in bed naked going at it again and after we both got off and her pussy was full of cum once again she asked if I would do something for her and I said sure. She asked me to tie her up again and told me she got wet just thinking about that and wanted to do it again so I did and fucked her hot little ass again and filled her ass with my cum not once but two times before I ha to get to work.
    You know that was over 20 years ago and to this day every once in a while she and I will meet in some nice hotel away from home and she still likes for me to tie her up and take that hot sweet ass and she goes home with her ass full of my cum. She tells me her husband will not do anal with her. I can`t even imagine not wanting t fuck her sweet little perfect ass. I hope that is my job for he rest of my life because I love it and love letting her go home with my cum in her stomach pussy and asshole. He knows nothing about our kinky private meetings and my sexy wife knows and wants to join in with us but I don`t know how to tell my Step cousin that my wife has the hot`s for her too.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    When I was in grade school my step cousin and I started playing with each other often. Every time we were around each other which was most of the time that summer we had our hands on each others dicks. We enjoyed making each other cum with our hands. We would sneak around and hide any place we could to jack each other off and we both loved doing it. We took turns on each other or would jack each other off at the same time and we even rubbed our dicks together until we came on each other.
    They lived in town so we couldn`t do much when I was at his house but we lived way out in the country on a lot of land my Parents own still today. When he stayed at my house we had plenty of places to go to jack each other off and fool around. I had several very private places we could go where no one could find us or see us at all. We spent as much time there as possible and we started taking off all our clothes outdoors and it was a lot better naked. I guess it was only a matter of time before we got curious enough to try other things on each other so one hot summer day we were naked hidden in the thick trees and brush jacking off and we tried oral sex on each other.
    At first it was just standing face to face real close together and just bending down to lick around on each other and put our dicks in each others mouths for a few seconds and take it all the way in our mouths. We did this for quite awhile and eventually got each other to cum but didn`t take any cum in our mouths. We both agreed that it felt good to suck on each other and the longer we stayed there naked the more we sucked on each other and we even tasted each others cum as we licked it off our hand in front of each other.
    Neither of us wanted to stop because it just felt so good and since no one would ever know but the two of us we decided to take turns sucking each other for awhile and tried taking turns on each other down on our knees. We talked awhile about who would go first and I agreed to suck his dick first and we talked about what to do when it was time for him to cum and I told him I would stop and use my hand to make him cum. It all sounded real good and once I knelt down in front of him he put his dick in my mouth and I just started sucking it. He got hard in a few seconds and as I sucked him he was talking to me and I would stop and talk to him.
    We were both enjoying it and just having fun with it a little laughing and joking around at first but when it got real good he put a hand on top of my head and started to move his hips a little and each time he pressed his nuts to my chin and his dick was all the way in my mouth he would pull my head to him and push his hips towards me and hold it there a few seconds and it felt very good to both of us and hearing him moan softly each time he did that had me pretty excited knowing I was making him feel so good. He had both hands on my head at one point and I had both my hands on his ass pulling and squeezing his as cheeks and even got my fingers in the crack of his ass a few times and he seemed to like it a lot. Several times my finger tips touched his asshole and soon after I did that a few times he told me he was getting close.
    I wanted to stop and use my hand to make him cum but I couldn`t stop myself and kept sucking his dick after he warned me a few times. The closer he got the more exciting it became and my grip on his ass got tighter and his grip on my head got much more aggressive and the moaning got louder and in the heat of the moment I let him cum in my mouth and it wasn`t bad at all and after I had quite a bit of cum in my mouth it got even more exciting and my finger touched his asshole and he really got excited. I could feel his nuts twitch on my chin each time he shot his cum in my mouth and I began to swallow and after the first time I couldn`t help but swallow all of it and took all of it. I sucked him until he couldn`t take it any more because his dick got so sensitive he had to pull it out of my mouth. he was still moaning a little and asked me to suck on his nuts a little so I did and he let me stick my finger a little ways up his ass and at one point I had his nuts in my mouth.
    When I stopped we took a break and couldn`t stop talking about it and he was amazed that I not only let him cum in my mouth but I swallowed it. He said that was the best part and I told him it wasn`t bad at all and felt pretty good at the time. He told me he was glad I did that and told me he was going to at least try to do the same to me if he could. We talked quite awhile before he wanted to suck my dick and by then my dick wasn`t hard but I was pretty anxious for him to suck my dick and he got to his knees in front of me and put my dick in his mouth and sucked me just like I had sucked him except he played with my ass a lot more than I did his.
    He kept pulling me to him and spreading my ass cheeks apart and touched his fingers to my asshole a lot before he tried putting a finger in my ass. Once he got a finger in my ass I reached back and pushed on his hand to get his finger up my ass even more then let him finger me as much as he wanted and pretty soon I told him I was getting close. He didn`t seem to care and stuck his finger as far up my ass as he could and I started to cum in his mouth and like me he swallowed every drop sucked me awhile then with his finger deep in my ass he sucked on my nuts until he took his finger out of my asshole and slowly stood up.
    We sat there naked comparing notes and sharing our thoughts and ideas about sucking our first dick together and both agreed that it wouldn`t feel near as good if we didn`t cum in each others mouth and how hot it was to swallow each others cum. He asked me how much I liked having his finger in my ass and I told him it was great. He said it felt good to him too when I fingered his ass then I told him I wouldn`t mind him fingering me a lot more sometime if he wanted to. He said he would like to try it again when I wanted him to. After awhile I really wanted him to play with my ass some more and asked him if he would and he was pretty anxious to do it and I asked him to do it right then and got down on my hands and knees on the ground.
    He knelt down behind me and started to rub his finger on my asshole and eased it in me a ways real slow then started to work it in and out getting it in a little deeper each time he stuck it up my ass. He reached between my legs and grabbed my dick and started pulling on it and had his finger all the way up my ass fingering me faster and faster sticking it up my ass a little harder each time he pushed it up my ass. We were talking the whole time and I kept telling him it felt good and I really liked it a lot so he got faster and faster and harder and harder then tried two fingers. Once he had two fingers in my ass and got them all the way up my ass he didn`t finger me long at all before I came with his hand tight around my dick pulling on it pretty hard.
    I don`t know why but he put some of my cum on my ass and smeared it in the crack of my ass awhile then took his finger and pushed my cum in my ass and fingered me a little more. My asshole was very slick and his finger felt great in my ass and he was still playing with my dick when he asked me if he could try something else. I said I guess so! What are you going to do? He took his finger out of my asshole and stood up behind me the crouched down just enough to hold his dick in one hand and rub the head of it on my asshole and right away I figured out what he was going to do and he started to push and asked if he could stick his dick in me.
    I told him he could and so far it felt pretty good and with my cum in my ass it was nice and slick and I felt my asshole open up as the head of his dick went inside of me. Both of us began to moan out loud as he slowly pushed sticking it up my ass a little at a time until his nuts were touching mine. He left it there a little while but kept thrusting his hips towards me to push it up my ass even harder and asked me how it felt. I told him it felt great and he said it felt great to him too. Not long after that he slowly pulled out a ways then back in then continued to do it but said it felt so good he couldn`t do it much longer. I never gave it much thought and just figured that he would pull his dick out at the last second and cum on my ass but he didn`t. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled real hard and shoved his hips in to me as hard as he could then I heard him moan and felt his cum shooting up my asshole and he kept pulling me back and shoving his hips into really hard until all of his cum was in my ass and he fell on top of me as I laid face down in the grass with his dick still in my ass.
    He laid on top of me and humped on my ass and asked me if I was OK. I said I was and then he asked if I liked it. I told him I liked it a lot then asked him if he could do it again. He asked if I really liked it that much and I told him I did and really wouldn`t mind at all if he did it to me again. We laid there talking as he humped my ass and got harder and harder then he asked if it was OK if he didn`t pull out when he came. I told him at first I really didn`t think it was a good idea for him to cum in me but after he did I liked it and it really felt good when he did.
    He started to fuck me again and right away it felt so much better with his cum in me because it really made my asshole nice and slick and his dick felt so much better to me. We did it for a very long time and he stopped just before he came a couple of times and just laid real still on top of me awhile then started fucking me some more. I came without even touching my dick and was laying in my own cum while he was fucking me and he was holding on to me real tight and held out as long as he could and I could tell he was getting close and started asking him if he was going to cum in me again. He kept saying yes each time I asked him and just before he came I asked him to cum in me a couple of times and that seemed to really get him excited and then I asked him to cum in my ass one last time and he shoved his dick up my ass as hard as he could and held my tight and I felt his cum shooting up my ass and it felt so good I shoved my ass up towards him and moaned out real loud as I could feel his nuts against mine twitch each time his cum shot up my tight asshole.
    He left it up my ass for as long as he could but once it got soft it came right out and he humped on my ass a few seconds then rolled off of me and while I was laying face down on the ground I felt a trickle of cum leak out of my ass on to my nuts and it kept dripping out of me for awhile. When I stood up I felt his cum running down my leg and I couldn`t help but wonder just how much cum was inside of me. The whole time I thought about that I couldn`t wait for him to put his dick back in me and cum in my ass again. I just had to tell him I wanted him to do it some more when he could and we stayed there as long as we could and he fucked me and came in my ass three more times before we left to go back to the house. That afternoon we went out to the barn and got back in a dark corner of he hay loft and couldn`t stay there very long but we got our jeans down long enough for him to fuck me from behind on my knees and cum in my ass again. That night back in my bedroom real late we got in the floor and had to be very quiet but he fucked me two more times and came in my ass both times.
    The next day we spent most of the day down in the woods in a few different places naked and he fucked me quite a few times as we tried doing it in different positions. It was good any way we tried it and once I was standing up holding on to a tree limb with his standing behind me and he would stick t all the way in from behind and pull it back out over and over until he was ready to cum then he stuck it in me to cum. He stayed at my house for almost a week and fucked me several times a day and at night back in my room when everyone was asleep.
    He and I had the wildest best sex ever for about 10 years and no one ever knew a thing.
    We both got married and stopped doing it but just last year on a weekend fishing trip after drinking a lot that night in my camping trailer I talked him into doing it with me again. It took awhile to talk him in to it but after we had a long 69 and swallowed each others cum like back in the old days he really wanted to fuck me again and he has a pretty big dick and before we left Sunday evening to go back home he fucked me good 4 different times and shot a huge load up my ass each time he fucked me and for old time sake we walked way back up in the woods and got naked and he fucked me out doors like we used to do.
    just before we got home I pulled over at a rest stop just after it got dark and we got in the camper and I sucked his dick on my knees in the dark camper and sucked his dick good and had the head of his big dick right in the very back of my mouth and my finger up his ass and his cum went straight down my throat and when he finished I shoved his big dick balls deep in m y mouth and kept it there until I started to gag and had to pull it out. I jacked myself off on my knees with his dick in my mouth and shot a huge load in the floor of my camper. he couldn`t see me but while he was pulling up his jeans I licked my cum off the carpet and then pulled my jeans up and we headed for home. We talked and made plans to go fishing again this year and it is only weeks away. I hope we can do it again this year.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    I guess I will never know why we did this but when I was in the eight grade me and a friend of mine were walking home from school and stopped at his house. We went back to his bedroom and were just talking and he told he wanted to have sex. I said hell who don`t. He said no I want us to have sex together. and he stood up and took his pants down in front of me and showed me his big dick and wanted me to do the same as he walked closer to me. I was in shock and caught off guard and for some strange reason let him tell me what to do and he told me him and his cousin did it all the time and he wanted me to get naked with him and he shut the door to his room and took all his clothes off and started to take mine off and had my dick in his mouth in no time.
    He was in complete control and had me doing things I never thought I would do then ne got up and left but came right back and talked me into bending over the bed telling me he wanted to do something to me that would feel real good. He forced me to bend over and put something in the crack of my ass that was very slick and while he held me down he fingered my ass and told me he wanted to fuck me in the ass.
    I got pretty scared but couldn`t do anything to stop him and just let him do what ever he wanted to. He took his fingers out of my ass and told me to reach back and spread my ass open for him. He put my hands on my ass and told me to spread my ass open. He said he was going to fuck me in the ass and that I would like it once I got used to it and he stood behind me and touched his dick to my asshole and stuck his long fat dick in me and while I was screaming at him to stop he just shoved it up my ass harder and told me to be quiet and to stop screaming. He forced it up my ass and it hurt like hell but he started to fuck me and work it up my ass even deeper and kept telling me to shut up and relax.
    It hurt like hell but felt good at the same time and he shoved me up on the bed with his dick still up my ass then shoved my legs apart with his knees then crawled up on top of me with his knees on either side of me and was fucking the hell out of me as hard as he could and it felt like he was ripping my tight ass apart and his hands were pushing down on my upper back and his dick was getting bigger deep in my ass then he said "Get ready I am going to shoot my load up your ass!" He pounded me hard several times then filled my asshole with a huge thick load of cum and kept pounding me and continued to fuck me and his cum was all over my ass and my nuts and he fucked me hard for awhile longer and yelled out again that he was going to cum up my tight asshole and he did. When he pulled his dick out of me a bunch of cum poured out of my asshole and he slapped my ass very hard a few times then told me I could go now. But then said come back if you want some more of that up your ass.
    I got dressed and left in a hurry but about a week later I asked him if he would do it again and once I did that he owned my ass for the next 5 years and even had a few of his friends fuck me and sometimes 3 or 4 of them at a time and one was an older Mexican guy with a huge dick that fucked me so hard so many times I had trouble walking for a few hours. It happened and I liked doing it but thinking back I wished it had never happened because I sometimes wish that it would happen again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    I remember back when I was 12 or 13 years old. My friend and I were always around each other and like most young boys always horny and way too curious. We talked about it for days but neither of us wanted to go first but we were both anxious to do more than just jack off in front of each other.
    we talked about it so much that we just had to try it and I told him I would suck his dick first but he had to promise me he would suck mine too. We both wanted it bad so we tried it one day walking home from school. We cut thru the woods like always but walked back in the bushes off the trail we always walked home on and when we thought we were hidden well enough from any one that might pass by us we talked a little then took down our jeans and we had seen each others dicks many times but today was the day we were going to suck each other for the very first time.
    We were both hard before our jeans came down and standing face to face we reached for each others dicks and stroked them a few seconds then I slowly got to my knees and was stroking his dick just inches from my mouth and touched my tongue to the head of his hard dick. After trying that a few times I began to lick on it and eventually put it in my mouth closed my lips around it and started to suck it and slowly take it deeper in to my mouth until his nuts were pressed to my chin. He began to moan as he looked down to watch his hard dick slide back and forth between my lips and I took one hand and played with his nuts and since his nuts felt so good on my chin I tried to keep them there and suck his dick.
    He put one hand on my head and was moaning louder and started to move his hips to slip his dick in and out of my mouth and I began to get a small taste of a little pre cum and knew he was getting close but didn`t time it just right and the first two shots of his cum went in my mouth and I jerked my head back to spit it out and finished him off with my hand. I sucked him a little after he came and when I stopped he and I were almost too excited to talk about it and he asked me several questions about how it felt and if his cum tasted OK.
    He was pretty anxious to try it and after sucking his dick I was about to cum from all the excitement but he went to his knees and put my dick in his mouth and was sucking me good when I told him I was going to cum he let me shoot a little in his mouth then backed off spit it out and finished me off with his hand. He sucked me a little longer and we both agreed that it felt great and the more we talked the more we wanted to try it again. I told him we should try it some where else where we felt safe enough to take off all our clothes to do it again.
    Right away he said. No one would be home at his house for a couple of hours and we could do it there if we hurried. We pulled up our jeans and hurried over to his house and went to his bedroom threw off all our clothes and got in the floor naked. He laid on his back and opened his legs and was stroking his dick as I knelt between his legs laid on my stomach and stuck his dick in my mouth and went to work on him. at some point I turned so that my dick was right in his face and he just put it in his mouth and now we were both sucking each other off at the same time and it was the best feeling ever. We turned on our sides facing each other and had our hands on each others naked ass rubbing and squeezing each others ass cheeks and really doing our best to suck each others dicks and it was really good and both of us were excited and making each other feel very good. Over and over we each had our nuts pressed hard to each others face sucking like crazy and all of the sudden he started to cum and as soon as the first of it went in my mouth I started to cum also and in the heat of the moment neither of us wanted to stop and it just seemed like the thing to do and we both began to swallow and suck even harder on each others dick squeezing each others ass cheeks pulling hard on each other to get as much dick in our mouths as we could as cum was going down each others throats and we couldn`t stop.
    We rolled around on the carpet sucking each other for as long as we could stand it then rolled over on our backs looking at the ceiling trying to catch our breath both of us speechless. We really didn`t say much but what little was said had us both agreeing to do it again very soon. we couldn`t keep our hands off each other and in a few minutes we were at it again and it took awhile to get each other off that time and it was even better than before and this time I was on y back underneath him when he came and we both had no problem at all drinking each others warm cum and sucked each other a little after we came then hurried to get dressed before his Mom got home from work.
    I know every day for over a month we sucked each other off every time we could and on weekends we would stay out side all day long running around down in the woods getting naked sucking each other off as much as we could. we did this for weeks and weeks and he was staying the night at my house one weekend and my Mom went to town to run a bunch of errands and get her hair done and my Dad was at work so we had all day in the house alone. we sucked each other off as soon as my Mom drove off and I went in to the bathroom real fast shut the door and got out the baby oil from under the cabinet and put some on my ass and shoved some up my ass with my fingers then hurried back to my room telling him I wanted to try something new. I quickly bent over the side of my bed reached back with both hands and pulled my ass cheeks apart as wide as I could and he was just standing there looking at me then asked what do you want to do?
    I told him I had been thinking about this awhile and really wanted to at least try it if he wanted to. Once again he asked me what I wanted to do. I told him try and stick your dick in my ass. He said " Really ! You want me to do that? I said Yes hurry up and try it. He got up close behind me holding on to his dick and as soon as it touched my asshole I knew I was going to like it and as he pushed I shoved my ass back a little and I felt my slick tight asshole begin to open up and the head of his dick went right in but stung a little and I had to ask him to go slow but a little at a time it went in my ass until his nuts were tight against mine and his hands were pulling on my hips as we both moaned and moved our hips around together to grind his dick around in my asshole.
    It felt pretty damn good and once I started to move my ass back and forth he took the hint and started to fuck me and his hard dick felt so good in my tight ass I pulled as hard as I could on my ass cheeks and shoved my ass back towards him taking it all up my ass and he was pulling on my shoulders flexing his hips to shove his dick up my ass good and it was feeling very good to both of us and it wasn`t long at all before he shoved it up my ass really hard and without telling me he came in my ass and after I got over the shock because I never really thought about having his cum in my ass I just let it happen and I felt every warm shot of his cum go in my ass and I came all over the sheets.
    He fell on top of me and together we moved up on to the bed with his dick still in my ass and he was laying on top of me humping me asking if I wanted to do it some more. Of course I said yes and the longer he humped my ass with his dick inside of me the harder he got and he started to fuck me again. Every time he pulled out the head of his dick pulled on my asshole and it felt great and he would pull a little cum out of me each time he did that until his cum was in the crack of my ass and all over my nuts and it was getting better and better as he continued to fuck me in the ass. I started asking him to do it faster and then asking him to do it harder. I spread my legs open as wide as I could and tried to push my ass up a little and let him get as far up my ass as possible and we were really going at it and he fucked me good for a long time then I started telling him to cum in me again. The more I asked him to cum in me the more excited he became and he started telling me he was going to cum and I kept telling him to do it harder and cum in me again.
    I came on my bed again and was laying in my own cum when he shoved his dick up my ass really hard and filled my tight asshole with his warm cum and it felt so damn good to both of us. He kept his dick up my ass until it got soft and slipped out of me and he got off of me and opened my ass cheeks to look at my asshole and told me his cum was dripping out of me and it looked pretty cool. He shoved my ass cheeks apart even more and kept squeezing my ass and pushing them apart watching his cum drip out of me and I asked him to stick it back in but it was to limp.
    we laid on my bed talking and he was more than ready to fuck me some more and I couldn`t wait to do it again myself. we decided to take a shower together and between he and I we got him hard in the shower and when I turned around and bent forward he knew what I wanted and stood behind me and easily put his dick in my asshole and fucked me from behind in the shower as a little more cum dripped down the inside of my legs and he came in my ass again. We showered and dried off then I got out my sleeping bag spread it out in the living room floor and for hours we laid there naked trying to keep him hard enough to stick it up my ass as much as possible in as many positions as we got think of.
    I got this wild idea and went in to my Parents bathroom and got my Mom`s hand held mirror and watched in the mirror as I held it in one hand and he stuck his dick up my ass. It was pretty hot watching his dick go in my asshole then watching him fuck me in the ass and see my asshole stretched around his dick as he worked it in and out of me and seeing his cum drip out of my ass while he fucked me was pretty hot too. I don`t even know how many times he came in my ass that first day but it was a lot and he wanted me to stick my dick in his ass and after using the baby oil on him he took me in his ass but didn`t enjoy getting fucked very much but let me cum in his ass once.
    After that day he and I had sex all the time and even out of high school we would sneak around together to have sex even after we started dating girls and had steady girlfriends. We eventually moved apart and started our lives both married having children but it stills makes my dick hard thinking back to all the hot sex he and I had with each other.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    When I was about 12 we lived out at the edge of town on a few acres. There was a lot of land to explore and I was always out running around exploring everything. Like all young boys I made a hide out or as some would call it a Fort. I went there almost every day to just hang out and had a couple of friends that went with me often. We were just young boys running thru the country doing boy things.
    One day while walking to my hide out I came upon quite a few very dirty magazines that some one had thrown out in the ditch. I couldn`t believe what I found. gathered them up and carried them to my hide out. Once I got there I couldn`t wait to look at them and in my haste earlier to gather them up I didn`t notice that a couple of them were nothing but naked men with huge cocks having sex with other men. The pictures were very graphic. Men sucking dicks and men getting fucked in the ass. Some pictures even showed cum dripping out of their assholes and men with cum in their mouths.
    The pictures were nothing compared to the hot stories and how detailed these stories were. I looked at all the magazines and read stories for days out of all the magazines and jacked off 100`s of times and would take off all my clothes some times and play with myself for hours. Over the next few weeks I took my friends there to check out the magazines and they all liked looking at them. I never took out the ones with men only in them. Not yet anyway.
    One day I got brave enough to take these two girls that lived close by to my hide out with me. One was my age and one was a year older than me. We were there awhile before I took out a couple of my magazines and we looked at them together awhile then they left. A few days later they asked to look at the magazines again so we went there and spent a couple of hours looking at the pictures and even read a few stories out loud. we laughed and had a good time then they had to leave again. Two days later the older girl asked me to take her back to look at the magazines again.
    It was just the two of us this time and once we got there she seemed to act different. we were there maybe an hour when she told me she wanted to see mine. I asked her My what! she held up a picture and pointed at the mans dick. I was more than happy to show it to her and once she saw it she just looked at it then got closer and closer. I told her she could touch it but it took a little talking before she put her hand on it. She would touch it then take her hand away then touch it longer each time. It was hard the whole time and before long I was asking her to show me hers. That also took a lot of talking but she eventually let me see her pussy. we just stood there checking each other out.
    I talked her into taking off as many clothes as I did and it took awhile and a lot of coaxing but we both got naked and looked each other over pretty good then we played with each other and I caught her off guard when I was about to cum I stood there in front of her stroking my hard on and she got to watch me cum and see my cum shoot out on the grass. She jumped back and let out a little gasp and put her hand over her mouth. She wanted to see me do it again and it took awhile but she watched me cum again. She got dressed and left and I stayed there thinking about how I could get her to do other things with me like in the magazines.
    Seems like every other day she wanted to go look at the magazines and we always took off our clothes and it took a few days to talk her in to letting me touch her but once she let me it didn`t take long for things to progress in to fingering her and we tried a few things we saw in the magazines like oral sex on each other and sucking on her tiny little tits. One day she let me play with her ass and I talked her in to letting me rub my dick on her ass and I shot my cum on her ass. She must have liked it because she let me do it again later before she had to go.
    After that almost every day she and I went there took off our clothes and before long she was laying down letting me lay on top of her and rub my dick between her legs until I came on her stomach. It seemed to get better and better as the days went by and we had a lot of oral sex and I finally talked her in to taking a taste of my cum by letting me shoot a little in her mouth while she was sucking me. She never really said one way or another if she liked it but she must have because she started letting me cum in her mouth more and more and seemed to get excited if my hands were on her head while she was on her knees sucking me and I held her mouth on my dick when I came and she had to swallow some of my cum.
    I made her cum often licking her pussy and we tried a 69 one day. It was great and we both came doing it. Now it was an every day thing for us to go there get naked and have oral sex and touch each other all over and finger here to orgasm. I wanted to but would never ask for fear of running her off for good but one day while I was on top of her rubbing my dick on her pussy she asked me to stick it in her. I went slow and she loved it as much as I did but I never came inside of her.
    Seems like it was over a year we went there all the time to have sex and explore each others young bodies and learn new things from the magazines and after looking at tons of pictures of women having anal sex and reading all the anal sex stories we wanted to try it because we knew she couldn`t get pregnant that way. We tried it several times but she said it hurt too much. after trying it over and over I finally got my dick up her ass all the way. I just laid on top of her awhile lightly moving my dick back and forth until I came in her tight young ass and she went nuts when she felt my cum in her ass.
    She wanted more and after I came in her ass it was nice and slick and she could take it so much easier and she started to enjoy it a lot and I was able to fuck her a long time before I came in her ass a second time and she loved it. We both liked it and did it a couple times a day when we could. She and I had sex until we were out of high school but we were the first for each other and it would be great to see her again some day.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    I remember when I was growing up the biggest thing was having my friends out to our house in the country and my Parents letting us pitch our tent down on the creek and camp out all weekend. I had 3 good friends that I always invited to camp out with me and it was a lot of fun. Swimming in the creek sitting by the fire talking running around in the country and just having a lot of fun. Mike was my best friend and he was at the house more than Steve and Ronny. Mike and I had enjoyed more time together and spent most of our time down on the creek just hanging out doing things that young boys like to do.
    Eventually we started swimming naked in the creek and just about every day or so that summer we were down along the creek swimming naked and we exposed to each other for hours at a time and it wasn`t very hard to notice that each of us would get an erection from time to time and we always checked each other out and I guess we both enjoyed looking at each other naked and were comfortable with it enough to begin talking about it. One day we jacked off in front of each other for the very first time and we sat naked on our towels and watched each other jack off and we shot our loads about the same time and both of us agreed that it was pretty exciting to do it together.
    We started doing it I front of each other a lot so I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later and we tried touching each other and playing with each others dicks and it was pretty hot to jack each other off and have our hand around the other ones dick when he came. It felt great and more exciting to jack each other off than it was to do it ourselves so we both couldn`t keep our hands off each others dick and right after jacking each other off one day on a dare we tasted each others cum just by touching our tongues to it while we had some on our hands. We dared each other to taste more of it and almost licked it all off our hands. It seemed the more we did the more we wanted to do and we both knew it but since no one knew but us we didn`t have a problem with it.
    One day the subject came up about trying to give each other a blow job. We liked talking about it and it made us both get hard pretty fast but neither of us felt like trying it at first but we talked about it often and almost did it one afternoon. we chickened out and just jacked each other off thinking about it. The weekend came and I invited Steve and Rick to come out and camp out with us and we had fun all day Saturday swimming and hanging out by the fire and talking running thru the woods like normal boys.
    We all split up to gather fire wood for the night and of course Mike and I had a chance to jack each other off and he brought up the subject again of trying to suck each other. We didn`t really have the time but we could tell we both really wanted to so we agreed to wait until late that night and sneak off together after the others were asleep and try it up in the woods where it was dark enough they couldn`t see us.
    We all stayed up late and after Steve and Ronny were sound asleep Mike and I got up and quietly left the tent went way back up in the bushes away from our tent and found a great place out of sight of the others and all the anticipation from waiting all day to try this had us both very anxious to try it and we were both naked in a few seconds trying to decide who would suck who first and Mike just went to his knees and grabbed my dick and started licking it then put it in his mouth and was sucking and moving his mouth up and down my hard dick like crazy and I was about to cum and warned him but he never stopped and let me cum in his mouth and took all of it in his mouth then backed away and spit my cum out on the ground.
    I was pretty anxious to try it myself and went to my knees and pretty soon had his dick in my mouth sucking like crazy and when e warned me I did like he did to me and let him cum in my mouth then spit it out. We were both pretty excited and talked quietly for a little while then tried it again and while he was sucking me he took all of my dick in his mouth and my nuts felt so good on his chin I grabbed his head and started working my dick back and forth while he sucked on it and when I got close I dared him not to spit it out and after I dared him a few times he started sucking harder and when I came I hade my nuts pressed to his chin and he swallowed every drop and continued to suck my dick until it got too sensitive and I had to tell him to stop.
    After a short break I did the same to him and he dared me not to spit it out so I tried it and once I swallowed the first time the rest was pretty easy. Like him I couldn`t take his dick out of my mouth until he couldn`t take it any longer. we got dressed and went back to the tent but sat outside by the fire talking and both of us wanted more and when I motioned for us to go back up in the woods he stood up and we went to a different spot got naked and this time we laid on our clothes and got in to a 69 and neither of us were in a hurry and tried to make it last as long as we could and it took a long time because we stopped a few times then started again and as soon as he started to cum in my mouth I came in his and we held onto each other real tight and our nuts were smashed to each others chins as we swallowed each others cum at the very same time and rolled around holding each other on the ground.
    we really never stopped and continued until we were both very hard and it took a very long time for us to cum the second time but when we did it was better than before. We finally went back to the tent and went to sleep. The next day we found a couple of reason to separate from the others to go hide in the bushes far away from them to suck each other off a couple of times. They never knew what we were doing and it was very enjoyable to suck each other off in the woods during the daytime so we could watch each other.
    That night we went out late again to do it some more then for weeks after that weekend we were together more often and were getting very good at sucking dick and swallowing each others cum. For over a month almost every day we had all the oral sex you could ever want and one weekend Steve or Rick couldn`t make it to camp out with us so it was just Mike and I so we didn`t have to sneak around to suck each other and late that night after we had done a couple of 69`s I asked him if he ever thought about us fucking each other. He said he thought about it a lot so I asked if he would fuck me. He couldn`t wait and with a little cooking oil he got his dick in my ass fairly easy and fucked me from behind right there in the tent. by the time he was ready to cum it felt so good when he told me he was going to cum I told him to cum in me so I could see how it felt. It was great and I am glad I let him cum in me.
    Later on I got my dick up his ass but he didn`t like it much but he let me fuck him long enough to cum up his ass but he really didn`t lie it as much as I did. Later on I got him to fuck me again and it was even better than the first time and he came twice before he lost his erection. The next day we ran around all over the place looking for places to hide out and fuck. We swam naked washed up then went to a different spot sucked a little dick and he fucked me quite a few times and came in my ass so many times it leaked out of my ass for hours. that night in the tent we slept naked together and he fucked me every time we could get him hard enough to stick it in my ass and He fucked me on my back with my legs up over his shoulders and that was fucking hot and he got carried away just before he came in my ass and put his lips on mine and shoved his tongue in my mouth and we started kissing and when he came in my ass I came all over myself and he licked my cum off me with his dick still in my ass.
    It was very erotic and wild when we were kissing and shooting our loads at the same time so we did it like that pretty often but never just kissed to be kissing only when he fucked me in that position just before he came in me. He and I had sex for over 3 years then he moved away but I will never forget what we did together but most of all I will never forget how his dick felt balls deep in my ass and how it felt when he came deep inside of me. I never got enough of that and I liked walking around with his cum in my ass and liked how it used to drip down my legs because there was so much of it in me. It was the best lube ever and made it so easy for him to stick his long fat dick up my asshole and he could never fuck me enough. I used to ask him to fuck me and remember how we used to walk around outdoors together and I would just stop shove my pants down and ask him to fuck me right there. It was very hot nasty and exciting to take his dick up my ass be fucked and take his warm slick cum up my ass. I wished I could do this again someday.

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