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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    I have never told anyone this before and to be honest my heart is pounding just writing it down here.

    It was some years back I was 13 and I was out doing some Christmas shopping with my 15 year old sister, when I say shopping I actualy mean shop lifting as neither of us had any money. We were in a sopping mall just before it closed and we had been in a music store where I had taken 3 DVDs and I know my sister had also stolen some stuff.

    As we went to exit through one of the malls side doors we were stopped by a security man who told us he had seen us on CCTV stealing and he dragged us through into the security office. He quickly found the DVDs that I had hidden inside my sweater and then the memory sticks and CDs that my sister had in her bag. I admit that I was terrified and I could see that Jayne was too. After taking our names and addreses the guard said we might as well get comfortable as it would probably be a while before the police could get someone out to deal with us, he then picked up the phone.

    I started crying and Jayne was begging him to let us go and not call the police, she was promising never to come to that mall again and she said that her and her brother (me) were very sorry. He just smiled and said sorry but you should have thought of that before stealing, you need punishing thats the only way to stop you from theiving again. As he started dialing I begged him not to and Jayne was crying too. he seemed to think a bit then said right but I am going to make bloody sure you dont steal here again, OK. we both nodded.

    He pointed at Jayne and said go behind the screen there and take off all your clothes and throw them out so I can check them. Jayne did and threw out her clothes except her knickers and bra, the guard called out to her I said everything thief I want ALL your clothes. Jayne threw out her knickers and bra. He took her clothes and went through them and I expected him to throw them back but he put them on his desk and then pointed at me and said, you now all your clothes here, I was terrified and just took off everything and gave them to him.

    We stood there for a minute and he seemed to be thinking I was naked in front of him and Jayne was naked behind the screen, suddenly he stood up and pushed the screen away to the wall so that Jayne and I were facing each other both naked in front of the guard. I couldnt help it and got a hard on right there and then. I was so embarased.

    Now he said this is where the fun starts, you he said pointing at Jayne kiss your little brother on the lips, she gave me a quick peck on the lips and even then her breasts brushed my chest causing my cock to twitch. He said not like that like this and then he kissed Jayne long and deep on her mouth before telling her to do it to me. she came to me and kissed me hard on the lips and I couldnt stop myself from rubbing my cock against her as she did.

    The guard laughed and said, it is pretty obvious that your brother wants you young lady so you better accomodate him, he made her lay on the desk with her legs spread wide then he stood me between her legs. He held her pussy lips open and said well son what are you waiting for put it in her. I pushed forward and felt myself entering Jaynes pussy I then lost all control and fucked her faster and faster until I shot a load of cum deep inside her. the guard was laughing the whole time.

    Once I was done he made us get dressed and told us to go, as we were about to leave he pulled out his cock which certainly to my eyes seemed huge and said, if I catch you again you both get this up you. I can still hear his laugh to this day.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 52

    There is a lot of stuff that happened a long time ago. My half brother slept in the same room with me and masturbated and showed me his cum and his wet cock. I was seven.

    My mother fucked men who paid her. She said they were 'gifts' because they liked her. I would sit in her doorway and watch men fuck her. She would tell me that one day I was going to get it too so stop being so full of it. I was nine, ten, eleven.

    I showed my pussy to one of her 'friends', he was sitting in the chair and I went over to him and lifted my dress, no panties, just pussy. I was fourteen. I asked for 20 bucks for showing him, he laughed and gave me 15 which is all he had left.

    My half brother sold me to a guy he knew for 20 bucks. I sucked him off but I didn't let him fuck me, I knew my mom got 50 for a fuck. I was sixteen.

    I double teamed with my mom at seventeen, we got 300 bucks, she gave me 100 of it.

    I ran away with a used car man when I was 19 and ended up in south Texas when he took off. I tried to get some money by selling my pussy but I wasn't any good at it and I scared off the men. I fucked a cop instead.

    I got to San Antonio and got a job at a hotel in housekeeping. I met a soldier and he thought I was the real thing so I married him and followed him around and popped a couple of kids. When he got out we settled down in McKinney where his family is from, he got a job in electronics and we have lived a real nice life.

    I never saw my half brother or my mother after I ran away with the car salesman. My kids have no idea of what I was before I got married.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    This is some years ago, around 14 years ago or so. I had purchased a used BMW and decided to go to the beach
    on it in order to take a fairly lengthy ride on the highway. I put on swimming
    trunks under my regular khakis and drove off. I arrived around noon, a sunny day,
    I decided to at a little sun so I stripped down to my swim and lay on a blanket
    on the sand. There was nearly no one on the beach and I looked forward to taking
    a nap for at least half an hour.

    A few minutes later, a nondescript, middle aged woman and her son, around five years of age,
    came by and set their blanket directly next to mine on the nearly empty beach. I almost
    said something and/or got up to move, as I felt an intrusion. The lady was fairly
    shapeless and droopy. I hate to say this but she had the look of a middle-aged housewife
    who lead an empty life. I decided to just lay there, get my sun for a time and go.

    She said to her son, "Donny, take your pail and build us a nice sand castle by the shoreline
    but don't you dare go into the water." The kid ran off some 15 yards away by the surf.
    The woman said, "Hi, I saw you here all alone and thought you'd enjoy some company."
    (WRONG, I thought, almost out loud). She said, "How old are you?" "18," I responded.

    Is that your motorcycle in the parking lot? Don't answer, I know, who else is here
    on a motorbike, the old lady by the concession stand? Ha, ha." She continued,
    "I could not help noticing your body. You must have girls climbing all over you,
    are you in school?" I said, "Just starting college this fall." "What a wonderful
    time of your life. When I was your age, half a dozen boys were trying to get
    into my pants and I was saving it...for some prince charming that never fucking showed up."

    Not really having much to say to her I kept quiet and just put up with the rambling.
    "Look, let's get down to it. I would give anything to get you to fuck me. I want to
    suck on your cock till you shoot a load down my throat. Have you ever had a woman's
    asshole? You can have mine."

    It was like, "What the hell?" Startled at this line I remained quiet. "See the high
    reeds by the dunes near the snow fences? We can go there and knock off one or two
    quickies. I can see you want it," She said, seeing my now nearly exposed erection
    just from her chatter. She reached down and glanced down to the shoreline
    to the boy, rubbing my cock through my swimsuit. "Wanna fuck me? My son won't notice
    if we do it quickly. We can actually do it right here under a blanket. There's nobody
    anywhere nearby." She had me almost convinced. She pulled out one of her droopy
    tits, it was fairly large with large nipples. I started to respond to her --- seriously.

    "Donny will see us, we can't," I blurted out. "Not in the reeds, aw come on, my c-u-n-t is
    wide open, dripping wet as all hell, ready for your big cock, and I can see it's nice and big even
    though you're hiding it." "I'm not hiding it, I said." I pulled my swimsuit down below my balls
    looking around, and she quickly lunged for it and began to suck, wildly. She began
    to pull her one piece swimsuit off and I stopped, saying, "No, no, not here for god's

    "Come on, then, let's go in the reeds. I want your cock in me now. I'm so hot, I'll
    beat you to a cum." I just could not take the chance. I was not as carried away
    as she was. We ended up digging a hole in the sand and I lay down on top of it
    with my erection in the hole. She jerked me off in it, till I came. Then I
    masturbated her under her bath towel until she achieved an orgasm. I sank four
    fingers into her pussy and she moaned loudly. We lay there, both frustrated and
    relieved at the same time.

    I went home that afternoon and beat off half a dozen times, still frustrated and
    thinking that we could have gotten away with it in the reeds. I never forgot
    the overheated middle-aged woman and never met the likes of her again, at least
    not yet but I'm still fairly young. Her outrageous vulgarity was a big turn-on
    for me and when I'm with a lover I often ask her to talk dirty to me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 55

    I found out I was gay at the age of 12 when my 14 year old cousin seduced me. He taught me how to suck his dick and balls and he did the same to me. He taught me the "game" of doctor which I truly enjoyed. Each time we played the game (several times a night) we would switch roles. One position (as the patient) he put me in was have me on the bed on my hands and knees. He would then "feel me up".

    Oby getting behind me and putting his hand through my legs and playing with my cock and balls. That really got me horny. That led to lying on his back and putting his head between my legs and sucking my cock and balls.

    We eventually found our way to mutual sucking and rimming in the 69 position and finally learning how to fuck one another. We "played" for several years. One time we were sucking balls in a 69 and I suddenly felt this strange but exciting feeling surge through my cock. It was my first orgasm. WOW.

    Fast forward to my junior year in high school. I was 16 and in grade 11. After gym class we all showered in a common shower room together, regardless of your Grade 10-11-12. One time, while I was dressing, I glanced to my left and noticed (then stared) at a fully naked 10th grader,age 15 getting dressed. I could not believe my eyes. There he was with the biggest dick (not erect) and lowest hanging balls I had ever seen.

    Over time, I found a way to meet him and we got friendly. One day I offered to drive him home (my parents had given me my own car) and he invited me into his house and he showed me around and ended up in his bedroom (there was no one else home). He told me that he noticed me staring at him in the locker room every time he got dressed. He then told me he would undress and get naked if I did the same. I said no thanks (you are crazy if you believe that). So we both fully undressed.

    I immediately went up to him and started "feeling him up" and he did the same to me. I watched as he got an erection (and I did to). He was huge. I asked him how long it was and he said 9 inches. My 7 inch erection paled compared that. We became immediate sex mates. I started playing because I just had to have that big dick in my mouth. I was in heaven sucking him rolling my tongue around his cock head. We alternated sucking each other and then wound up on the bed in the 69 position mutually sucking and rimming each other. I was on top when I had my orgasm. I continued sucking him and then he screamed "I'm cumming. I continued sucking and swallowed his cum.

    What to know when we fucked? That will be in my next story.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 33

    I had an after-school job at the local supermarket, on weekdays from 16:00 thru 18:00, Wednesday afternoon and all day Saturday. Wednesday afternoon I was always behind the counter.

    Every Wednesday a plump old woman, she was almost sixty, came shopping. After checking out, she always gave me $ 10 and dropped her shopping bag at me. I knew I had to bring it to her home. With a nod of her I knew there was waiting an extra bonus for me.

    After the store was closed, I always hurried me with the groceries to the old woman. The old woman always received me in her bathrobe and after I put the groceries in the kitchen, I was expecting in the bathroom where we took a shower samen.

    The old woman had always made a lot of work to soap me and dry me off. I was very excited and after a quickie with the plump old woman we had often had two or three times sex with each other, depending on how heavy her orgasmes were.

    After I left school and had another job, I continued to visit her every week until she became seriously ill and was put in a nursing home.

    I was 16 then and I learned a lot from that old woman.

    Often, when I see such an old plump woman walking on the street, I think again with warm feelings about her.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 49

    A 'family' moved into the house across the street from my high school. A girl came into our class. She was sort of pretty, but obviously poor. I befriended her, she was new and I took her to my house. She stole one of my bras. My mom told me to not invite her over, but to understand that I had everything and she didn't have anything, not even a bra.

    She kissed me on the mouth. She put her arm around my neck and wrestled me to the ground and told me I was going to be her girlfriend. She moved up and sat on my face and I held me by the hair and I had to eat her. She got really horny and she got around to my feet and took off my pants and ate me. We were sixteen.

    She made it clear at our school who I belonged to. Not dating her was not an option. Every football game and later the basketball games I was with her. Her favorite spot to nail me was inside her house. Her mother worked and we would go to her house after school and so I could show her how much I loved her. That time of the month was always a problem, but the rest of the time we had sex on her bed.

    One time, it was after gym, she decided to surprise me, and she came up from behind me in the dressing room and put her hand up between my legs. I had to bend over while she 'petted' my kitty and she made me say out loud that I loved her. After that I was undateable. My reputation was sealed and through some of the girls the word got back to my mom.

    I was prohibited from seeing her. My mom even talked about me spending a year with my grandparents in Michigan. We communicated through a message system from other girls. I went out with other friends and we hooked up at houses or sometimes at a pizza parlor or a MacDonald's. Being separated from her was painful. All I did at home was stay in my room.

    She was my first love, and probably my strongest. I have never really fallen for another love quite like I fell for her. I know it was teenage stuff, but I think about her almost every day.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    Me and my bff stole a bottle of wine from her house and went to the park. A guy saw us and followed us. He masturbated in front of us. He kept squeezing his cum out until he couldn't get another drop out. His penis was dark red. It was the first time I got totally wet. I was fourteen.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 46

    The first time I experienced anything sexual, I was probably either in kindergarten or first grade. I had wandered away from the house to an area probably half a mile away. I was wandering in a field behind the housing area when a kid, probably around 11 or 12, stopped me. I don't remember much of what happened, but the one thing I do clearly remember after all these years is him stick his dick in my mouth and making me suck. I doubt I sucked for very long and he finally just pulled it out and took a piss. After that I wandered back home and told no one about it since I didn't think much of it.

    I realize now that has I grew older, I became a bit daring at times. I remember being about 7 or 8, I dared a couple of other boys my age to run around the neighborhood with our dicks out. We did, not that we were big enough for anyone to notice. Fast forward to 11 years old, I had found a paperback book hidden in my father's drawer. I started reading it when I was home alone. I was a porno novel. As I read the book, I found myself hard an horny. I was laying down on my parents bed while I was reading and found it felt good when I press my cock against the mattress. Soon I was slowly humping the bed as I read on. All of a sudden I had this intense feeling and thought I was about to piss myself. I ran for the bathroom and stood there, nothing happened. I went back to humping the mattress again and soon it happened a second time. I was really confused. It was a few weeks after and a lot more mattress humping that I finally squirted cum. Not too long after I went off to spend my very first week camping with the scouts. While at camp I met another 11 year old and we hung out together when we weren't off working on merit badges. One afternoon we wondered down a trail to a structure with mattresses laying on the cement floor. I didn't know it then, but we had discovered the shooting range. I saw the mattresses and I told my new buddy that I had discovered how good it felt rubbing my dick against them. He laid down on one and I on another and proceeded to start humping. It didn't take too long and I shot a load in my pants. I remember feeling proud to show him the wet spot forming on my jeans. After that, we dragged a mattress off onto a side trail and he asked me to drop my pants. He had me get on all fours with my ass in the air as he knelt behind me. He didn't want me to turn around. I think he was embarrassed and didn't want me seeing his dick. I have no idea what he was doing back there, but I had the impression he was beating his meat while staring at my asshole. We didn't do anything else for the rest of the week.

    After I returned home, I sought out a few neighborhood kids to introduce them to the joys of masturbation. This evolved into one of us climbing on top of the other and rubbing our dicks together. Eventually I wanted more and I would suck on their cocks. It seemed I was the only one that could cum, but they enjoyed the feelings of rubbing, jacking or sucking.

    When I hit high school, I started spending a lot of time with another friend my age. We talked about girls and sex, but I never broached the subject of masturbating. Being older, I figured that was something you didn't publicize. I slept over his place on a number of occasions with just the usual banter. One night though, he produced several skin magazines he swiped from an older brother. We were in bed, him on his bed and me in a sleeping bag on the floor next to the bed, looking through the magazines. I was getting horny and didn't know what I could do about it. I was laying there on my stomach, up on my elbows looking at all the naked women, so I started to slowly rock my hips forward bringing a nice sensation to my cock. After a while my buddy laughs and says. "I know what you're doing down there". I played dumb and said "what?". He simply stated I'm humping the floor. I'm rather flustered, not wanting to admit he caught me, when he says it's alright, I'm playing with myself too. With that he pulls the sheet aside and his underwear is pushed down and his cock hanging out. He reached down and starts stroking it again. With this, I said good, I feel better about it now and proceeded to hump my hand against the floor (my favorite way of masturbating up until then) and finally came. I had discovered if I pressed down hard enough, I could orgasm without getting cum all over everything. My buddy just watched. I got up on my knees next to the bed and asked if I could help. He stammered a bit and said I guess so. I grabbed his cock and started stroking it. It only took about 30 seconds and I was rewarded with a handful of cum.

    After that, we spent quite a bit of time together whenever we could. We started out jacking each other off. That turned into humping our cocks together in the missionary position until we blew our loads on each other. Soon we were sucking each others cocks, but never cumming orally. We'd hump our cocks against each others butt crack, shooting our load on the others back. We still talked about wanting to fuck girls but we didn't have any girlfriends, so we used each other to take care of that teenage itch. We did this throughout high school. He lived next to a country club and at night we'd go out and wander the golf course. One summer evening we made our way to the swimming pool. No one was around and the lights were on, so we decided to go skinny dipping. After swimming around for awhile, we got out because we were afraid of getting caught. There were no towels available except a couple of golf towels. We grabbed out clothes, put our sneakers on and ran buck-ass naked out onto the golf course. After getting to the far side, we were somewhat dry, but we were walking side by side, clothes in our hands with raging hardons swinging back and forth. I reached over and started stroking his cock as we walked. We finally threw our clothes down and ended up in a 69 eagerly sucking each others cocks. After a bit I turned around and put our cocks together and humped until I shot my load. I got off him and laid on my stomach and my buddy stuck his cock between my ass cheeks and rubbed against my asshole until he blew his load on my back. We cleaned up, dressed and headed back to his place to sleep.

    On day while we were at my house by ourselves, we were naked and doing the usual sucking and rubbing. My buddy asked if I wanted to try actually fucking each other in the ass. I was a bit afraid but I said we could try. I went and got some vaseline and he coated my asshole and his cock. With me on all fours, he starts pushing his big head against my asshole. I feel him start to enter and he's stretching me good. I suddenly chickened out and had him pull out. I told him it hurt too much so just hump my ass cheeks instead, which he proceeded to do.

    Things started to taper off as he finally got a girlfriend and was fucking her. We would still get together on an occasional weekend and he would tell me about fucking her while we both jerked off. Our last time together we were waiting on a coupe of friends to pick us up at his place. Being alone at his place, we ended up killing time while we waited by masturbating. I suddenly had an urge to try and suck him off to completion. I asked if I could suck his cock and he offered it up. I didn't saying anything about my plan, I just started sucking and pumping his cock. I was at it for several minutes hoping to get him off when our buddies pulled in. I never got to finish sucking him off.

    That was the last time I ever touched another cock besides my own. I got a girlfriend not too long afterwards and had a better place to dump my loads. The thing is, even now, some 40 years later, I actually regret never being able to finish sucking him off or being able to butt fuck each other. I have no desire to go out and do it with anyone else, but sometimes I simply fantasize about meeting up with him again and reliving those teenage years. We're still in contact, but I know that is a part of his life he'd rather not talk about. I know a lot of people out there will think it's gay, but to us as horny teenagers, using each other to get off was just a way of relieving our sexual frustration.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I have a twin sister, an older sister 2 years older and a younger brother 4 years young than us twins. WHen my little bro was still in diapers my older sis around 8 or 9 and I went into the room where my sister was changing him and she was just playing with his pecker. She looked at me and told me if I could get a boner yet or touched himself or anyone else. I laughed at her and said of course I can every day. She then told me she knows I do somthin in my room because she can hear it through the wall that sounds like humnping and if us twins were both doing it since we have bunk beds. I told her she was wrong and that was the end of it. That night I was in the shower and my older sis came in and took a pee. She opened the shower curtain and told me to show her. She opend her legs and seen her vagina when she whiped it and then she stood up and said "whos is nicer mine or my twin sis's".

    I told her I like my other sisters more it didnt' have hair like hers does in front of me. She just had a small bit but not much. I got dressed and she took me to my room and said she had a present to show me. pulled back my bottom sheet and she made a hole in my mattress and said there now instead of humping the pillows put your dick in there and she put a sandwich with the bottom cut off in the whole and put lotion in it and said to do that. She learnt it from her friend who caught her brother doing that. My mattress was thin she said so its perfect.

    That night I waited till i thought my sister on the top bunk was asleep then gave it a go. It felt so amazing I couldn't help it and got so into it and didn't realize the noise I was making from the squeeking of the bed. I've had orgasms before but nothing ever came out until that night.

    The next morning she she came up behind me when i was brushing my teeth and she pinched my bum and told me she heard me through the wall and asked if I had a orgasm. I told her that stuff came out this time. She explained to me about sperm and that she's never seen it before just learned about it at school. She made me a deal that she would let me look and touch her everywhere I wanted if she could watch me use the hole and see the sperm.

    the 3 of us get home together off the bus before mom is home from work and our baby bro is at my aunties house. We are supposed to do our homework first thing at the kitchen table and while we were my older sis tapped my leg and said I need to talk to you come here and we went to my room leaving my twin at the table. She pulled down my pants and underwear and started to rub my penis and told me we had to hurry so she will help me get a boner quicker. It was pretty much instant and then she pulled my skin back and sucked on the end of my penis. She told me thats what she thinks about when she touches her pussy to at night when listening to me hump my pillow. I Jumped on my bed put a new bag in the hole with lotion then put my dick. She laid under the bed and I could feel her mouth ever time i pushed down.

    My twin sister flings the door open and asked what the heck was going on and why were we both naked. I didn't realize she took her clothes off under the bed. She told her to come over and lay beside her. I was just laying there still with my penis out the bottom and She was askin her if she's seen his penis before. She told me to keep going and told my sister to watch what happens. It took me like 20 seconds and then i felt a mouth on it and my older sister crawled out from the bed. I was so tingly i had to get up and I looked at them both and it was all over both of their faces.

    It became our thing almost every day and we tried different things. I could keep going on but there is too much to this experience.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    When I was 6 or 7 years old my brother and I were staying at our dads house for the summer outta state from my mom. I was in my dads bath tub having a bubble bath with the water jets on. My mom bathed with me once and she showed me that if you lay back and put your vagina on the jet it feels real good. I do that every day since she showed me. I was right up on the water jet on the side of his tub with my feet over the edge but all the bubbles were coving me completely. I felt a hand come down onto my stomache and then slide down onto my vagina. I sat up and my dad was right there and he said he was maing sure I didn't drown in the tub. He told me that my brother was gonna watch me tonight and he was going out with a lady friend for a few hours. When he stood up he was wearing just a towel and he went over to his shower that is beside the tub and turned it and told me he had to hurry and get ready.

    My eyes were glued to him I've never seen him naked before. I've only felt his penis through this underwear when I cuddled him in bed at times, He alsways pressed it up against my bum or back. I watched him take a pee and then grab his shaver and start shaving him self over the toilet. I asked him why he was doing that and he told me "well don't you think it looks better all cleaned up." I didn't know and i felt a little embarrased or awkward. He walked by the tub holding himself and then said there see im bare like you now.

    I tried to finish up my bath and kinda wanted to leave but I also wanted to see it. I sat there pretending not to be watchin him through the glass wall at the end of the bathtub into the shower. I couldn't really see much because it was all steamed up. The jets finished their cycle and all the bubbles were pretty much gone so I got out and went to get a towel off the rack which was beside the shower door. I looked over and he was sittin on the seat in there rubbing himself and then he stood up and I could see it clearly pointing straight out. I asked him "dad what are you doing in there? Im going to go get my jammies on. "He said he was cleaning the pipes before his date". I had no idea what that meant. He opend the door and reached his hand out to me and said "see all ready now I wont have pussy on my mind all night". In his hand was his cum. I still didnt know what he was talking about and I just stood there staring at his penis. He just stood there and let me look and then stepped out and grabbed his towel and poked me with his errection. He told me not to feel weird and that she should know about male bodies as well as hers. He wiped his sperm off on the bottom of my towel when he reached for his towel. I didn't care at the moment because i was too busy looking at his thing.

    I went back to my room to get changed and I touched his sperm that was on the towel and smelt it. I had an idea of what it was but not completly sure. I never seen sperm before but my mom told me that sperm goes in the vagina, and boys like it when we swallow it. I tasted it with the tip of my tongue and didn't mind the taste. In walked my dad into my room and told me he was leaing and to make sure I wiped out the tub and if i could squeegie his shower down he never had time. Its my chore at his house to do the bathrooms (his house is beautiful and perfectly spottless) He told me not to forget or I would be in trouble.

    My brother put me to bed once dad left and fogot to do what he asked me. I couldn't fall asleep at all just thinking about boys parts and other things. I heard him come in the door with his date and thats when I remembered. I ran over to his bathroom and did the fasted job I could do to get the spots off the glass and soap suds. They came into his bed room so I hid in his walkin closet thats in the bathroom across from his bedroom. Its all open with no doors. I as so scared I prayed they would go in the pool or somthing and leave the room. I was hiding behind all his suits peaking through and watching him pour drinks at his bar in his room and she dropped her dress down and was completely naked. I knew what was going to happen I've heard sex before just never seen it besides walking in on him and my mom but they were under the covers. He has special dimmin lights and music controled on this screen on the wall beside the closet I was in and he came over and was setting it up. His girl came up behind him and took his shirt and pants off. I watched her put his penis in her mouth and watched how his penis grew big. My friend at school told me that her brother made her watch porn and told me that it doesnt last very long. I was in the closet for 4 or 5 hours watching them have sex everywhere everyway. I touched my vagina and it was so so wet. Thats never happend to me before. But I rubbed myself knowing it felt nice from using lotion every night. I felt so amazing I accidently let out a noise. His date instantly yelled "whos that?" and ran over and moved his clothes. I was sitting there in shock with my finger inside me and my legs spread. THEY laughed at me and just sent me back to bed and that was it.

    I've only told this story to my boy cousin because shortly after that experiance him and I started to experiment and explore.

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