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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    Something that I will never forget growing up. I was 12 and during that summer my Mom worked so she had me stay at our friends house just up the street so their oldest Daughter could watch me during the day. Her name was Sandra. She was 17 and beautiful. Long dark hair big blue eyes big tits and built very well. Nice shapely legs that were long and really nice looking. She had a boy friend but he was working during the day and he Parents both worked also. It was just her and I there every day all day long so we watched TV and played cards every day. I know she knew what was going on because I went to the bathroom way too much every day. I was jacking off quite a bit from just looking at her in those short shorts and tank tops with her big tits and all that cleavage.
    One day after being there about two weeks we were watching TV and had just finished playing cards. She sat up and crossed her legs there in the floor and looked at me a few seconds. I know she caught me looking between her legs a few times as I was trying to look up the leg of her shorts to see all I could se. Then she started to talk and began to ask if I could keep a secret. I told her I could but she made me promise then told me if I ever said anything she could get in a lot of bad trouble.
    After that she stood up and reached out for my hand and pulled me up from the floor then she started walking and asked me to follow her so I did. We went upstairs to her room and she sat in the middle of her bed with her legs crossed again then patted the bed asking me to come sit with her so once again I did as she asked. Once we were both on the bed she started talking to me about how I was always looking at her and watching her all the time. I just listened and she kept talking then mentioned how many times I went in to the bathroom each day then she got a smile on her face and asked me if I thought she was pretty. Of course I said yes and told her she was very pretty.
    She asked what I was doing in the bathroom so many times and I couldn`t tell her I was jacking off thinking about her but she knew because she really caught me by surprise with what see said next. She said "I think I know what you do in the bathroom and that's why I asked if you could a secret. Then she asked if I was curious as to what she looked like with no clothes on. I said sure I think about it a lot and wouldn`t mind to see you with no clothes on. She was quiet a minute or so then said "If I let you see me naked will you promise me again not to ever tell anyone" I quickly promised her I would never say a word then she asked if I wanted her to take her clothes off for me. I was getting pretty excited and quickly said "Sure I really would like that I would love to see you with no clothes on because you are so pretty I get excited just thinking about seeing you like that. She smiled and reached out for my hand then asked if I would like to undress her. I told her I would love to do that then once again she made me promise not to tell anyone then she got off the bed and just stood there looking at me then asked me to undress her.
    Shit! I couldn`t wait and went right up to her and started to unbutton her top and pushed it off her shoulders then it fell to the floor and there she stood with her purple bra on full of tits and my dick was already getting very hard. She told me to go around behind her and undo her bra so I did and she took it off as I hurried back around in front of her to look at her big tits. Damn they looked great as she put both her hands underneath them and pushed them up then asked if I wanted to touch them. I had my hands on her tits quick then she started telling me what to do that felt good to her so I followed her instructions then she pulled my head in close to her and asked if I would suck on her nipples. I couldn`t wait and soon was going from one to the other doing what ever she instructed me to do and she walked slowly to the bed and laid on her back and I was right there sucking her nipples again as she had her eyes closed moaning softly telling me she liked what I was doing.
    She knew but just had to ask if I had ever been with a girl before and I told her no. She asked if I liked being with her and I said "I sure do I hope we get to do this every day" She said I think we can as long as you never tell any one. I said I would never say a word then she told me she wanted to show me a few other things while I stayed with her that summer if I wanted to. I told her I wanted to do anything she would let me do with her. She smiled again and asked me to reach my hand down in her shorts so I did and I felt her pubic hair thru her panties as I rubber her between the lags. She told me I could take her shorts off if I wanted to and right away I started pushing them down and she raised her hips to let me pull them down her long longs then I threw them on the floor and just stared between her legs then she said :You want to touch me some more? I never said a word just put my hand between her legs and as I rubbed her she slowly spread her legs for me then told me I could take her panties down if I wanted to see more.
    Not only did I take them down a little I pulled them off and threw them in the floor also and now she was naked and even prettier than I could ever imagine. She told me what to do and how to do it and before long my finger was up inside of her moist slit and she told me to work it in and out a little then she told me to take my finger out and taste it so I did. She didn`t have to tell me to do it again and I repeated that over and over and she got very wet and wanted two fingers in her so I did that and she asked if I would just keep doing it to her and I did. She had her eyes closed moving her hips and let out a little moan at times and she just got wetter and wetter between her legs and started playing with her nipples and rubbing and squeezing her tits then asked if I wanted to make her feel really good I could do I faster then right at the last minute she asked me to do it harder then she told me to stick my fingers in her all the way and she said "Oh my God! Oh my God! Don`t stop push harder! so I did and she shook all over and closed her legs together and pushed her hips up and a bunch of warm juices started to drip out of her slit and coat my hand and I came in my pants from all the excitement and just pushed my fingers in to her and let her calm down.
    When she opened her eyes she reached for my hand then opened her legs and pulled my fingers in to her wet pussy then worked her hips a little then begged me to make her do it again so I did and it took a few minutes but she did the very same thing but it was even more intense that time. I slowly let my fingers come out of her pussy and she asked me to lick my fingers so she could watch me so I did while she rubbed herself between the legs and played with her tits. She wanted me to lay down next to her so I did and she held me up close to her and we just laid there quietly rubbing each other all over. When she put her hand on my crotch she said "Oh my what happened" I just told her I got too excited and she chuckled a bit then with a smile asked if I wanted to take my pants and underwear off. I said sure if it`s OK with me then she said It`s OK you want me to take them off for you and before I could answer she was up next to me starting to undress me and she took everything off and now both of us were naked and she asked if she could touch me. Her hand was rubbing my dick in no time and she started to stroke it and rub my balls with her other hand and told me we could stop any time I wanted to. I told her to keep going and not to stop unless she wanted to. She had me hard in a few seconds then kneeling beside me she said "Tell me if this feels good" Then I watched her lower her head and she was looking in my eyes as her warm mouth went on my dick and her lips closed around my hard dick. Right away I started to move around and touch her soft skin then she started sucking on me then moving her mouth up and down my hard dick and played with my nuts. Her nose went in to my stomach many times and she pushed her face in to my stomach sucking harder and harder then raised up long enough to ask me if I wanted her to make me feel as good as I had made her feel earlier. I just nodded my head yes and she went right back to sucking my dick and when I came she never stopped sucking and she got very excited when my cum went in her mouth and she squeezed my nuts and shoved her moth down over my dick and just swallowed my cum.
    I couldn`t speak at all it felt so good and what she did next really felt good. She sucked my dick then licked my balls and then as she stroked my dick she sucked my nuts in to her mouth and kept them there awhile before she stopped and laid next to me quietly. When she spoke she asked if I liked it and if she made me feel good and I could hardly speak as she rubbed my body and blew her warm breath on me. We laid there quite awhile then she asked if I wanted to do something she really enjoyed a lot. Of course I said anything you want just tell me. I did just as she asked me to and once she was on her back with her legs spread she asked me to lay between her legs so I did then she asked me to move down some more so I did and once my face was just inches from her wet slit she asked me to lick it. I slowly stuck my tongue out and once it touched her wet juicy slit I started to lick her and as I went along she gave me instruction on what she liked best and she reached down to spread her pussy open with her fingers and had me sucking and licking her sweet wet pussy like crazy. Her knees came up and I felt her hand on top of my head pushing my face in to her juicy slit then her hips thrusting up and down as she moaned and pulled at her erect hard nipples she pushed her pussy down towards me and guided my head to what I now know today as her clit then she moaned out loud for me to suck on it hard and rub my tongue on it hard. After a few seconds of that she closed her legs on my head and her soft silky smooth warm thighs were like a vise on my head when she started saying Oh my God! again and told me not to stop as her warm juices began to run out of her pussy in to my mouth and she held my face down until she let her knees fall apart then spread her legs out wide keeping my face buried in her juicy slit asking me not to stop So I didn`t. Once she was satisfied she pulled me up on top of her naked body and stuck a nipple in my mouth and I just sucked on it as she rubbed my ass with both hands and we started humping each other.
    I got harder and harder the longer we rubbed our naked bodies together then she put both of her soft hands on either side of my face and looked in to my eyes and asked if I was ready to do something else that we would both like. Once again I just nodded my head yes and she slowly ran one hand down our bodies between us and grabbed my dick then moved around until it was touching her moist warm opening then looking at me again she asked me to push it in to her. It went in easily and she put her legs around me and looked right in my eyes as she started to fuck me and she was right it felt very good and it came out a couple of times but she had it back in her pretty fast. As we kept going she asked if I liked it and then rolled us over and she was on top still fucking my dick asking me if I was about to shoot.
    In a few seconds after her asking me if I was going to shoot I couldn`t stop myself and told her I was going to shoot she held me tight and spoke right in my ear softly "Don`t stop keep going! you can shoot it in me if you like!" That's all it took for me to shoot all I had inside of her and then she really pressed her hips in to me hard and once again I felt her juices start to drip out of her pussy and get us both very wet. We stayed in bed for awhile then she said she had to go to the bathroom. I just laid there trying to make myself believe what had just happened and I stoked my dick with our juices on it hoping this wouldn`t be the last time it happened.
    When she came back to bed she laid next to me and began to explain why she enjoyed doing the things we had just done together and she told me her boyfriend was a little older than her and he showed her how to do all those things and a lot more and he liked being naked with her and they did it all the time when they went on dates. We had hours together and we even took a shower together and while we showered she asked if I liked screwing her and if I liked licking her pussy. She knew the answer but really liked hearing me say how much I liked doing it with her. I also had to tell her how much I liked it when she had it in her mouth. She said I could tell you liked that then asked if I would like her to do it again. Then she just went to her knees in the shower and sucked my dick letting my cum go in her mouth again and she really got excited when it did and was looking right up at me when she swallowed it down.
    We got out and dried off and just sat in their Living room naked talking and the more she talked the more I knew that her 22 year old boyfriend was the one that had taught her all this and she liked it so well that she felt like she could do it with me and not cause problems between here and her stud boyfriend that was having sex with her and she was loving it. We had to get dressed but by the end of the day we both understood what was happening between us and she more or less told me she liked sex so much that she just wanted to do it all the time and was glad that I was so willing and eager to do it with her and she knew I would never tell anyone.
    She taught me all about sex that summer and we got pretty intimate before it was over and she even taught me how to give her anal sex about two weeks before school started. She said she liked doing anal because it felt good and she couldn`t have babies doing that. Every day we were naked most of the day touching rubbing kissing screwing having lots of oral sex and even anal sex at the end of the summer. She and I just liked pleasing each other and she would sit on the couch with her knees wide apart and her as right on the edge of the couch and let me eat her pussy for as long as I could and I loved making her cum as much as possible.
    She liked giving me oral sex and always took my cum in her mouth. Every time she showed me something new she would say "MY boyfriend loves it when we do this" I know several times when she was sucking my dick she would roll me over and lick my ass awhile and more than once she stuck a finger in my ass when she was sucking my dick and not only did it feel good it made me cum like crazy. I licked her asshole and she liked it when I fucked her sexy ass and many other things we did that summer. I ran into her one night at the local VFW there in my home town and we had a few drinks just talking and we did talk a bit about the old days and that summer we had sex. She is still very good looking and of course I had to ask if she wanted to slip off and do it again but her husband was on his way to meet her and came in while we were drinking and talking and I thought to myself what a lucky guy he was to have her hot sexy horny ass for a wife. I jacked off that night in bed just thinking about the sex she and I had at such a young age. I made sure she knew before I left that if she was ever unhappy to look me up and we could pick up right where we left off years ago.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    When I was in the 8th grade I let my best friend fuck me up the ass. we talked about it a few times but I never thought he really would do it. we were at his house one day while no one was home when we decided to try it. We used Vaseline to help get his dick in my tight ass as I was bending over the side of his bed. Both of us naked my chest on his bed sheet holding my ass cheeks open as he stood behind me forcing his dick up my tight asshole.
    I managed to take it all the way up my ass but it hurt quite a bit then he fucked me and pulled out to shoot his cum on my ass. I wasn`t expecting it but after he came on my asshole he shoved his dick up my ass pushing his cum up inside of me. He started fucking me again and this time he fucked me hard and didn`t pull out to cum and shot it deep in my ass. When he pulled out his cum ran down my thighs and right then I knew I would be wanting him to fuck me again.
    It was days before he would fuck me again after asking him countless times to fuck me. He did it to me again at his house in the same position and came in my ass two times again. About a week later he asked me over to his house again and once he and I were naked and he was fucking me again bent over the side of his bed and had came in my ass the first time two other boys I knew from school jumped out of his closet naked with their dicks hard as a rock and I tried to run but they grabbed me and two of them held me down as one stuck a dick up my asshole and fucked me hard shooting his cum up my as then the next one fucked me but his dick was much bigger and it hurt like hell but he fucked me any way and shot his load up my ass then before I left they all took another turn on me and all three came in my ass again.
    For about 6 months or longer the three of them took turns on me when ever they felt like it and even had me suck one dick while they fucked me and made me take their cum in my mouth. I never told any one and it got worse each time they had sex with me and once they even forced me to take two dicks in my ass while the other one fucked my mouth and all three came in me. That happened more than once and they made me do other things that were pretty painful during that time and even tied me to the bed two different times and they all fucked me then stuck the end of a coke bottle up my ass and fucked me until I cried. It hurt bad but they kept doing it and making me suck their dicks then tied me up on my knees to the end of the bed and took turns fucking my mouth and made me swallow their cum.
    Finally my parents moved so my Dad could take another job and it was over. After all these years now I lead a normal life married with children very happy and very normal but I still think about what happened back then and sometimes as strange as it may seem I jack off thinking about how they used me and made me take their cum a in my ass and throat and when I get really horny I like to stick something up my ass and jack off thinking about my past and I always get so turned on I like to eat my cum and remember swallowing their cum years ago.
    I think if the opportunity came up I would do this again even after all these years and I think about letting a group of men use me and force me to take their cum in both my holes. I don`t know if it could ever happen again but think I would do it if it did.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    I have a cousin who I am still very close to today. When we were young boys around 8 or 9 years old he liked playing with my dick late at night in bed when we spent nights at each others house. It felt good so I started playing with his too. One day out behind our storage shed he sucked my dick on his knees with my pants down. I couldn`t cum but it sure felt good. Later on that same day I sucked his dick in the very same place. After that we would sneak around all the time sucking each others dicks.
    We started taking off our underwear late at night and would sleep naked together but we didn`t sleep much because we were sucking each others dicks most of the night. The room was always dark and we had to be quiet but we would get out of bed at times and take turns on our knees sucking each other off and learned how to 69 after awhile. One night he wanted to get on top of me naked so I let him. I was laying face down and he got on top of me and before the night was over he stuck his dick in my ass several times and even tried fucking me.
    My Parents moved to this place way out in the country and he was at our house a lot. We would run around outside all day long when school was out and we found a lot of places that were very private and we would take off all our clothes and suck each others dicks often and I always got him to stick his dick in my ass and fuck me. It felt so good and we both liked doing it so we did it all the time. The very first time he ever came was in my ass and I really liked it. For over 10 years I let him give me anal sex and cum in my ass. We both enjoyed swallowing each others cum and sucking dick so he and I were sexually active for years and had a lot of sex very often.
    One day it just stopped and he would never do it with me or want to talk about it. He got serious with this girl he was going to marry and didn`t want to have sex wit me any more. I got married two years later but would have still enjoyed sex with him if he would have wanted it. Years later he got divorced and was going thru some rough times so I hung around with him a lot and we drank together most of the time going fishing and hunting like we always did.
    One day out fishing we decided to go over to this bar we always drank at and we stayed there until late that night drinking and went back to his house to continue drinking. I was shocked when he started talking about back in our younger days and us having sex again. Right away I began to wonder if he wanted to do it with me so I kept up my side of the conversation and knew if he wanted to I was willing. He finally came right out and asked me to stay the night and I called my wife to explain. She understood but had no idea I was about to have sex after all those years with my cousin.
    We showered and went to his bedroom naked. Got in bed and I went down on him right away. I couldn`t believe how big his dick was since I hadn`t seen it in years. What else I couldn`t believe is how much he came ad how I could still swallow pretty easily. I went to the bathroom to find something for lube because I was going to get him to fuck me some how. I shoved some Vaseline up my asshole and hurried back to his bed and went right back to work on his dick getting him nice and hard and when I told him I really wanted him to fuck me he said he wanted to also.
    I laid face down and spread my legs waiting for him to put his big dick up my tight ass that hadn`t had a dick in it in years. It wasn`t easy at all and it was a bit painful at first but once his balls were pressed against mine I knew he was all the way in but it still hurt quite a bit and I had to ask him to give me a minute to get used to him before he fucked me. He humped me slowly and it felt like his thick dick was up in my stomach he was so long. He was so thick that before he even fucked me I came like crazy between my body and the sheets and my cum was all over me as he started to fuck me. I was glad no one was in the house with us because I made a lot of noise as he plowed my ass deep and hard for such a very long time before he shot his huge thick load deep in my ass.
    Once he lost his erection it slipped right out of my ass and a stream of cum poured out of my asshole and ran over my nuts to pool between my legs and he fell asleep. I laid there letting his cum run out of my ass then got up to go shower and think about how much I had just enjoyed him fucking my ass. I jacked off in the shower thinking about it and still had a little cum leaking out of my ass. I got a hot wash cloth and went back to bed and washed his dick off getting it very clean and while he was passed out I licked and sucked his huge dick for a very long time and once it was nice and hard I wanted it back in my ass so I squatted down over the top of him with my back to him and held his dick in my hand and touched it to my asshole then slowly lowered my ass down on his dick and slowly fucked myself while he was passed out. I took my time and was enjoying it very much and he woke up just in time to cum in my ass a second time.
    we showered again after that and hung around the house naked having another beer or two and as he stood in the kitchen I went to my knees to suck on his dick and wanted him to cum in my mouth. It took for ever to get him to cum and he had both hands on my head fucking my mouth making me gag on his dick several times and that seemed to really excite him so I let him keep doing it and had both my hands on his ass rubbing and squeezing his ass cheeks as he kept fucking my mouth making me gag more often then he shoved his dick down my throat for the first time ever and once it went down my throat I didn`t gag and he locked his fingers behind my head and started to cum moaning out loud for me to swallow his cum. I was about to smother to death when he let go of my head and pulled his dick out of my throat. It was jut hanging there in front of my face as I tried to catch my breath and cum was still dripping from the head of it and I licked it off then stood up and backed up to him just to feel his dick on my ass once again.
    The next morning when I woke up he was up close behind me trying to stick his dick in my ass and he shoved it all the way up my ass really hard and fucked me really hard for awhile then pulled out and put me on my back and had my legs over his broad shoulders when he shoved it back up my ass and looked right at me as he fucked me hard and deep telling me he wanted to cum in me again. I kept telling him to fuck me harder and to cum in my ass and he got very excited and was looking right in to my eyes when he shoved his dick as far as he could up my ass and filled my ass with a huge thick load. He kept shoving it up my ass hard telling me to fuck him and telling me to take his dick then told me to make him cum again and we fucked again taking his big load up my ass again.
    He went to shower then I showered and my wife called so I talked to her and when I hung up I needed to go home for awhile. Before I left he asked when I could come back. Later on that week I stopped by to let him fuck my ass a couple of times and now every other day if possible I stop by to get fucked up the ass and suck his dick. He seems to enjoy the more kinkier sex and I have let him tie me to his bed to fuck my ass a few times and he likes trying new ways to tie me up to fuck my ass and has even tied me on my knees with my hands behind my back to fuck my mouth and I have gotten used to taking his big dick balls deep in my throat pretty often and like the way his nuts feel on my chin when his big thick load is going down my throat.
    He has got me watching porn with him now and it`s always gang bang porn and X-dressers getting fucked and twice now I have put on his Ex wife`s panties for him. He gets kinkier and kinkier as the weeks go by and who knows what is next. I am open to whatever he wants as long as he keeps fucking me up the ass. I hope it never stops.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 39

    We went to the beach for a summer break. My cousin, he was 15 and I was 15, we went into the surf. I was falling over and he reached out to grab me, his arm around me went around my breasts. He steadied me and held on to me against his chest. I pulled his arm up so that my breasts rested on his arm and asked him not to let me go.

    We were out there for quite a while, we were past the breakers just floating in the waves, we talked about me being a girl and how he was the boy so he was responsible for me. All the time I was resting against him and his arm was around me. I asked him if he liked holding me and he said yes. I asked him if he wanted to, he could feel me up. He let his arm lose and cupped my breast and I told him to do it with both hands, to hold me tight like that. I leaned back against him as the waves pushed us back and forth and he felt up my breasts.

    I could feel his penis getting hard against me and asked him if he was getting hard. I turned around in his arms and he held me by my butt and I wrapped my legs around him and we rubbed against each other. We were laughing and talking about how good it felt and he asked me if I had ever done it, which I answered no. He told me he hadn't either. I reached my hand down into his bathing suit and held his penis and after a few minutes said I wanted to do it.

    We tried out in the surf, but it wasn't possible to get a good steady handle on each other so we went back in and went and hid in the closet of the beach house where the chairs and cushions and stuff were stored and he just took me and I lost my virginity with him.

    Why that morning stays so much in mind I don't know. We are way too old now to think back on that day when we were kids. I like that I lost my virginity to my cousin and not some random guy.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    When I was growing up we lived in town but there was a man that lived close to us my Parents knew and he owned a bunch of land and had cattle on it. He didn`t care if I hung out on his land so I spent most of my time outdoors running around on his land like most young boys do.
    All my life I have been very curious about sex and even as a young boy I had my jeans down all the time playing with my dick and dying to have sexual contact with someone. I had a few dirty magazines hidden in a plastic bag In my favorite spot on his land and I went there all the time to look at the pictures and read all the hot stories about sex and I had this spot that was hidden very well so that I could get naked there and get myself off as often as I could. The stories I read about anal sex really excited me and so I tried it on myself one hot summer day. I had taken a magic marker and a little Vaseline from the house and taken all my clothes off in the woods. I stuck some Vaseline up my ass and fingered myself awhile then on my hands and knees naked with a magazine opened up to a page that had this sexy woman on her hands and knees getting fucked in her tight asshole by a man with a big dick I held the marker in my hand and reached back to my ass and found my asshole and slowly pushed the marker in to my tight asshole and then slowly pushed it up my ass until just the cap was sticking out.
    Right away I knew why people enjoyed anal sex so much and I stated fucking my ass with the marker then straightened up on my knees so I could jack off and still work the marker in and out of my asshole. I came like never before and licked all the cum off my hand with the marker deep in my asshole. I didn`t want to take it out and stayed there naked for hours with it stuck in my ass fucking myself from time to time and jacked off so much my dick was sore. I ate a lot of my cum that day and jacked off in my hand several times so I could lick up every drop. As the days went by I tried many other things in my ass and couldn`t help but think of some of my friends actually fucking my ass with their dicks like the pictures and stories in the magazines. I thought about it all the time and had things stuck in my ass all the time.
    Late at night in my bed I would lay face down and insert the marker in my asshole then with a wash cloth over the sheet on my bed I would fuck my as and hump my dick on the bed and cum then lick my cum off the wash cloth with the marker deep in my ass and think about it being a friends hard dick and wondered how it would feel to have one of my friends fuck my ass and cum in me.
    My best friends name was Bill and we had been friends since before we even started school as very young little boys. Back then we used to expose ourselves to one another and even played with each other when we spent the night at each others house but other than putting our dick in each others mouth a few times that was all we ever tried to do. A few times we had laid on top of each other with our underwear down in bed late at night but never penetrated one another. We were way o young to cum back then but it felt good.
    I kept thinking about telling Bill what I wanted him to do with me but could never get the courage to ask him. When I was sticking something in my ass and when I fucked my ass I would talk out loud like it was Bill fucking my ass and many times I would push my cum up my ass and think it was Bills cum in me. All I could think of was Bill getting hard and sticking his dick in my ass. I really wanted him to fuck me and feel his cum in my asshole. I thought about it all the time and tried to figure out a way to get him to fuck me in the ass.
    One day I got I'm to go with me down to where my magazines were hidden and we looked at them together and I knew he had a hard on like I did but I could never get the nerve to ask him to fuck me. After he and I went to look at the magazines quite a few times I asked if he wanted to jack off with me and he said he would like to so we watched each other jack off and I couldn`t stop looking at his dick thinking about it in my asshole and when he came I watched it shoot out on the ground and wanted it in my ass so bad I almost told him what I was thinking.
    I had gotten him to jack off with me so I thought later on he might just want to do something else so I kept asking him to jack off with me and he always did. It took a couple of weeks before I got up the nerve to talk about this with him after we had just finished jacking off. I started off by telling him I had something I really wanted to talk to him about and told him not to get mad or take it the wrong way. He said he wouldn`t and then told me we been friends for years we can talk about anything you want. It was still very hard to talk about it but I finally got started by showing him my favorite pictures of women getting fucked in the ass and once he said he liked looking at those same pictures I got up the nerve to come right out and explain to him that I wanted him to do that to me.
    He just looked at me awhile speechless then he said why do you want to do that then I started to tell him about how I had stuck some things up my ass and it really felt good. He didn`t believe me but then I told him how reading the stories about it was what started all of this and all I could think about was trying it so one day I actually stuck a magic marker up my ass and it felt good so now I stick things in my ass all the time. We must have talked about it for over an hour and I even told him how I was curious to see how it felt and even told him I wanted to see what it felt like to take the cum in my ass like the women talked about in the hot stories I had been reading for so long.
    He listened and we played with our dicks a little as we talked and I thought he was going to do it but said he didn`t think it would be right for two guys to do that sort of thing. We did jack off together and it was better than ever for both of us. A couple of weeks passed and we were still jacking off to the magazines and he let me touch his dick for the very first time and after stroking him a few seconds he touched mine and for the very first time we jacked each other off. We both came with our hand around each others dicks and I did it without even thinking and tasted his cum on my hand. He just watched without saying a word.
    After doing that I wanted to have his dick in my mouth but wouldn`t tell him. We were both quiet and were just looking thru the magazines when he showed me a picture of this woman sucking a dick. He had a smile on his face then asked if I would ever do that. I thought a minute and told him I would do it to you if you would do what I want you to do to me. We both laughed a little then in a minute or so he said OK I`ll make you a deal If you will do this to me I will try to do what you want. I quickly agreed to his terms then he asked if I would make him cum with his dick in my mouth. I told him whatever you want as long as you do what I want. We agreed on everything and I moved over closer to him and put my hand on his dick and looked at it as I stroked it then slowly lowered my head down enough to lick on the head of his dick then his hand was on my head and he slowly pushed my head down and his dick was in my mouth and he asked me to suck on it so I did. He was sitting on his clothes leaning back against a tree with his feet apart and I was at his side laying on my clothes sucking his dick and he was talking to me telling me how good it felt and telling me what felt the best to him as I sucked his dick and played with his balls. He began telling me he was going to cum and asked me several times to please don`t stop. I kept hearing him say it felt good and his dick got even harder in my mouth and I let him keep pushing my head down on his dick and he was starting to push his hips up as he shoved my head down and then he put both hands on my head forced my head down a little harder and his curly pubic hair was touching my face and he pushed his hips up then started to moan but told me he was going to cum.
    I braced myself to see if I could handle taking his cum in my mouth. My nose was buried in his stomach and he was shoving my head down even harder as he told me right at the last second he was going to cum. His dick was all the way in the very back of my mouth just before it made me gag when I felt the very first warm blast of cum go in my mouth and I started to gag but managed to let him shoot all of his warm slick cum in my mouth and there was so much of it I had to swallow and did all I could to swallow all of it but some came out of my mouth. He was moaning out really loud saying don`t stop don`t stop!. I let him hold my head down for as long as he wanted to then when he took his hands off my head I continued to suck on his dick and lick the rest of his cum off his pubic hair and looked up at him to see his head against the tree and his eyes closed as I finished licking his dick and balls with his cum in my stomach. It was by far the most exciting sexual experience of my young life and I knew if he wanted me to suck his dick again I would any time he wanted me to. His cum tasted so good I didn`t mind swallowing it at all.
    After a long break and us just talking about me sucking his dick I started asking if he was going to keep his end of our deal. He said he was but wanted me to get him hard. I knew what he meant and wanted him to fuck me so bad I went back to sucking his dick and had him nice and hard pretty quick. He asked me how I wanted to do it and I already knew I wanted to be face down with him on top of me so I quickly crawled over to take out the Vaseline I had stuck under the rock where I kept it and quickly stuck some in my ass then spread out my clothes to lay on and once I was laying flat on the ground on my clothes and spread my legs he knew what to do and got on top of me.
    Just the feel of his naked body on top of mine made me want his dick in me even more and he humped his dick on my ass a little and told me it felt good and said he just might like doing this more than he thought. He raised up and held his upper body up on one arm then I felt his raise his hips up off of me then reach between us to hold on to his dick then lower himself down enough that he found my asshole with the head of his hard dick. He lowered his body a little more to push his dick against my tight asshole then kept pushing until the head went in my ass and right away I knew it was going to feel as good as I had hoped it would. I couldn`t help myself and wanted him inside of me and pushed my ass up towards him to take him in a little more and he could tell I wanted it pretty bad and shoved it the rest of the way up my asshole until his nuts were pressed tightly to mine.
    The next thing I said was Fuck me! Fuck me! He started out slow and when he pulled out the head of his dick pulled on my tight asshole and I started to moan and ask him to stick t back in and after that he just fucked me as we both moaned out loud and his nuts kept hitting mine. He told me it felt good and he liked it and I told him I did too and after awhile I asked him a few times to cum in me. He said he was going to but it felt too good and he wanted to last as long as he could. I said OK but you can fuck me again if you want to. He said he wanted to and said we needed to do it a lot. I started working my ass up and down to take him even deeper and he was going pretty fast in and out of my ass and breathing hard in my ear and I could tell he was getting close because he was getting harder and thicker in my asshole.
    I can`t even begin to describe how it felt when he started shoving his dick up my ass really hard and his breathing got even faster and harder then he started telling me he was going to cum and that excited me so much I told him over and over to cum in my ass. I even asked him to please shoot your cum in my ass! It was the most exciting thing I had ever felt when his cum started to shoot deep in my ass and it made me cum really hard just feeling his warm cum shooting up my ass and to feel his dick jerking deep inside of me and his nuts touching mine I could feel them jerk each time he pumped his warm cum up my ass.
    As soon as he emptied his nuts in my ass I was already asking him to fuck me again and telling him to give it to me again I couldn`t stop asking him to fuck me some more and he started humping my ass and shoving his dick up my ass until he was hard again and we started going at it again as his cum leaked out of my ass on to my nuts. We were both exhausted by the time he came up my ass the second time. He laid on top of me until his dick got soft and slipped out of my ass and his cum was running out of me with his dick laying in the crack of my ass he humped my ass rubbing his cum on me then got off of me.
    I wanted him to see his cum dripping out of my ass so I reached back and spread my ass open and asked him to look at my ass. He put his hand on my ass and pulled my ass cheek open even more and told me there was a lot of it running out of my ass. We stayed there naked just talking and he asked if I liked it and I told him very much. He asked if I would ever suck his dick again and I told him I would if he would keep fucking me. We agreed that we would continue pleasing one another and met back there again that afternoon for me to suck his dick so he could cum in my mouth then suck him hard so he could fuck me and cum in my asshole some more. We were 13 when this all started and we had sex all the time even after we got out of High School. We are still friends and see each other a couple of times a year but have not had sex since we both got married. About two months ago he called me and was going thru a divorce and asked if I would be around in the near future. I asked why in hopes he would want to have sex with me again and he said we should go have a few beers and talk about old times. I hinted around about sex and all he said was who knows I haven`t had any in awhile. I just had to ask if he wanted me to suck his dick again after all these years and he laughed and asked me if I still liked taking it in the ass. Our conversation got pretty hot and he told me he wanted to go some where with me and have the kind of sex we used to have then he asked if I would still swallow and I said I would if you will fuck me and cum in my ass. He said it`s a deal and we are still talking about when we can travel to meet some where and I am very anxious to feel him deep in my ass again and hope he can cum quite a few times. I asked if he still had a nice dick and he said it was about 8" and nice and thick. He sent me a picture of it hard dripping pre cum and I sent him a picture of my ass with a dildo sticking in it. We are swapping pictures now and plan to meet in a couple of weeks. I will be sure and share that with you very soon. I'm taking plenty of lube but no condoms.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    It has been 15 years since this happened and it is the strangest thing ever. I was 15 spending the night at my best friends house. His Parents were out partying and would not be home for hours. He and I were looking at his Dad`s dirty magazines with just shorts and a T shirt on. Out of the blue he said. "We have been best friends for years and I know you are as horny as I am" I said "Sure I `m real horny why"
    He looked art me then said "Don`t get pissed or take this the wrong way but let`s get naked and get each other off some how" I said OK !" real fast then asked him how? He said I`ll suck you if you suck me! We just started taking off our clothes and were on his bed in a few seconds jacking each other off like we had been doing it for years and still talking about sucking each others dicks. We turned so that we could suck each others dicks at the same time and got started. The only thing was is we were so excited that we both came pretty fast and didn`t even try to stop and both came right in each others mouths and it was pretty messy since neither of us wanted to swallow it.
    We went to clean up and were still pretty hot and I don`t even know why I said it or where it came from but standing side by side at the bathroom sink we were looking in the mirror at each other talking and laughing and I just asked him if he would fuck me. It got real quiet then he asked if I was serious. I said I was and then told him that I had used my finger and even tried it with a hair brush handle and it felt good.
    He wasted no time telling me he wanted to if I really wanted to. I then asked if he knew where some Vaseline was because I had used some before with the hair brush handle because it wouldn`t go in without it. He got some from under the sink and we hurried off to his room to see if he could fuck my ass.
    We both lubed up and I just laid face down and he knew what to do. He was on top of me in no time holding his hard dick to my tight asshole and when he stuck it in me I couldn`t help but stick my ass up and take him in a little deeper and he did the rest by shoving it all the way up my ass and he started to fuck me. Damn it felt good to and I could tell he liked it too so I started to talk to him telling him to keep going he started going faster shoving his dick in me harder and harder then all of the sudden I felt his cum in my ass. One warm spurt after the other until his nuts were empty and he just kept ramming his dick up my ass between breaths he kept telling me he was going to fuck me some more. I told him to go ahead don`t stop now and he really fucked me good making me cum all over myself and his cum was between my legs as he shot a second load up my ass then rolled off of me both of us breathing very hard and cum running out of my well fucked ass.
    We finally spoke and agreed a nice hot shower would be great so we showered together and while we talked about what had just happened we both started to get hard again and I couldn`t help but asked if he would like to cum in me again. He said sure when can we do it again. I said lets dry off and fuck some more. He said let`s do it then he said lets go in my parents room in front of the mirror so we can watch. I said OK and we ran to their room and I got on my hands and knees and positioned myself so I could watch him fuck my ass. I saw him grab his hard dick and touch it to my asshole then push it right up my ass then watched him fuck my ass for a very long time the he said he was going to cum in me and he did.
    When he took his dick out of my ass I pointed my ass towards the mirror and looked between my legs and we both watched his cum drip out of my asshole and we both laughed a little. Just before his Parents got home I was bent over the side of his bed and he was fucking me again and just as he came in my ass we heard the garage door open and he emptied his nuts in my ass quickly pulled out and we threw our shorts on and jumped in the bed acting like we were asleep when his Mom came to look in on us.
    That night started several years of sex between he and I and it was always very good and no one ever knew a thing.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    When I was 11 or 12 years old, my parents both worked Monday thru Friday. Dad worked construction jobs out of town and only came home on weekends. Mom worked at an old folks and convolecent home. She had to be at work starting at 6 AM. My siblings were all grown or away with military.

    There was an older single man two houses down from us that was a care taker for his invalid mother. He live in a separate small house behind her home. Everyone in the neighborhood thought he was the greatest guy ever.

    During the summer, after school was over, my mom didn't want me to be at home alone while she and the rest of my family weren't there. So she asked our neighbor if I could stay at his home while she worked. He was very excited to have company and readily said yes.

    He had a TV and we did not so that made me happy. We were mostly poor and he always had sodas, pies and ice cream and lots of other snacks and food. Although I had to wake up early I still liked being at his home. He was very nice to me and occasionally bought me gifts and told everyone I was his best little buddy.

    After a few days of waking up very early to go to his home when mom went to work he suggested I just spend the night at his house where I could watch TV and not worry about getting up so early every day. My mom left it up to me and I thought it was a good plan.

    My first night there we had hot dogs, popcorn and Pepsi cola while watching TV late into the night. I slept on his sofa and told my mom how great it was. She was happy, I was happy and he was too.

    After a couple nights he suggest I share his large bed where I'd be more comfortable. I agreed because of the buttons being uncomfortable to sleep on. He also explained that he slept in just boxer shorts because it was cooler and more comfortable. I did too.

    During the very first night I noticed I could see his pubic hair in the opening of his boxers. He saw me looking and smiled. Later on, in bed, he snuggled up behind me as I laid on my side. I could feel his erect penis rubbing against my butt cheeks. I froze and said nothing. He continued rubbing and reached around me to grasp my penis and lightly squeeze it. I continued to remain still but my heavy breatimg was obvious. He pulled my penis out of the opening of my briefs and stroked it.

    He eventually asked me if it felt good and I agreed it did. He asked if I want him to suck it and I didn't know what to say. I'd heard about this but never done it before. When I told him he said it was okay and he'd show mW what to do.

    I was very erect and he said I was a very good size for a boy. I never did cum but very much loved the feeling. He asked me if I wanted to do the same to him and I nervously said yes.

    For the first time I held his very fat but rather short cock in my hand. I stroked him as he had me. He lightly and slowly pressed my head down until I placed him into my mouth. He loudly sighed and slowly pumped his penis in my mouth until he crowned loud and ejaculated in my mouth. I was surprised and had to swallow some of it as some also leaked onto my hand.

    After that first time he taught me all about anal sex. He did me and I did him. Although I didn't care much for doing him. I'd didn't mind the sucking and actually enjoyed it a lot.

    I basically became a willimg sex slave to him and enjoy it all summer. He was very nice to me and my mom was very happy he was there for me. She didn't know until a couple years later when I explained it to her. The reason I did was because some neighborhood boys cornered me and called me queer, faggot and cocksucker. They held me down an had anal sex with me before letting me go.

    I was in pain and bleeding. While cleaning up in the bathroom later, my mom noticed the blood on my underwear and some scratches on me. I had to tell her why they had done this to me. That started a very private protection of me from that day forward. She consoled me and constantly worried about where I was and who I was with.

    For this reason, I have kept this a secret from all my family except my mom.As an adult, I have been a secret bisexual always looking for adult theaters and gloryholes. I can't go more than a month without sex with a male. I have daily dreams and craving for a penis. I fantasize about throbbing and squrting penises.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    I was about 9 years old the night my cousin told me he wanted to "corn hole" me I asked what that was and he said he would show me. I must have been curious enough to find out because minutes later we had our underwear down in his bed late that night. He was laying on top of me while I was face down and he stuck his small very hard dick in my asshole and even fucked me for a little while.
    When he took his dick out of my asshole and rolled off of me I was already asking him to do it again. I kept after him until he tried it again and the second time was a lot better. The very next day we were outside playing and I got him to follow me out behind our big barn in the bushes and once I knew we were out of sight I just pulled my pants down with my back to him and stuck my naked ass out towards him looked over my shoulder at him and asked him to do it again.
    After asking him 3 or 4 times he said OK and took his pants down then got behind me and worked his dick back up my ass then grabbed my hips and fucked me. The rest of the day I kept offering him my ass and any time he wanted to do it we found a private place out in the bushes for him to fuck me. All I know is that it felt very good and I liked it a lot so I was always asking him to do it again.
    At that age it was just fun and we sort of knew we shouldn`t be doing it but we did any way. We didn`t think much of it when one of our closest friends was staying the weekend at my house with us and we told him what we were doing. We were all about 10 years old at the time and curious as hell so once we told him he wanted to try it also. I really wasn`t expecting him to want to try it and both of them kept telling me to let him do it to me. I finally said OK and we all 3 headed in to the thick bushes way out behind the barn and once we were there they both kept asking me to take my clothes off.
    I agreed to get naked but only if they would so not long after that we all stood thee naked and our friend wanted to watch us do it first so we did it in front of him and he got very excited watching my cousin fuck me in the ass and started asking him t stop so he could try it. Well this went on for quite awhile as they both took turns sticking their dicks in my ass and fucking me a little while then the other one would do it. They kept taking turns until they couldn`t do it any longer and we just hung out there naked awhile talking and they took turns on me again.
    That was the first day the three of us did this but it lasted about 12 or so years. As we grew older of course we began to cum and there was never a question about where they came and it was always in my ass. WE all liked sucking dick and swallowing and we all grew up to be pretty well hung. Neither of them liked getting fucked in the ass so I was always the one taking it in the ass and I liked it a lot. There were many times I took care of both of them at the same time with one fucking me in the ass while I was sucking the other one and we all liked doing that. When they came close together or at the very same time it felt great to take a warm load in my ass while the other one came in my mouth.
    The older we got the more creative we became and we tried it all over the years. They gave me the first of many DP`s when we were in JR. High. We tried it the first time in my bedroom floor one day while my parents were at work. My cousin laid on the floor and I sat down on his dick then leaned forward with my chest on his while the other one got behind we and forced his dick in my ass. There was plenty of cum in my ass to lube me up good but it hurt quite a bit at first since it was my first time taking both of them in my ass. They went slow and fucked me awhile before both of them came in my ass but after the first time I wanted it fairly often and they were always more than happy to do it.
    I liked having my ass fucked and having two boys that liked fucking me was great since one was always around if not both of them. Once we got old enough to drive we got to go camping out at my Grand Parents place on the creek and all we did was suck and fuck and cum a lot. We got pretty wild and crazy at times I will never forget the first time they both jumped on me and held me down long enough to tie my hands behind my back then took turns fucking my ass. After they did it the first time I asked them t tie me up some times and it was always exciting to be tied up and fucked in the ass.
    Once we were in the 11th and 12th grade we started drinking beer and once we got drunk we did a lot of crazy things. I remember one Saturday we were at our friends house while his parents were out of town for the weekend. We went there to fuck and started drinking and they got me to put on a pair of his Mom`s used panties. They were silk and felt good on my naked body so they took turns fucking dog style with the panties pulled to the side enough to fuck me and I came two times in the panties and the cum felt good all over my dick and balls in the silk panties. We were up most of the night drunk and on a dare I let them watch me squat down on the neck of a beer bottle and fuck my ass while they both watched and jacked off then came over and stood in front of me both of them came in my mouth. we did other things that we pretty crazy too like them sticking things in my ass, a lot of me getting fucked out in the woods tied up and we all liked taking turns on our knees sucking two dicks at the same time.
    We would drive out to the Lake late at night and go to one of several spots we knew of and get naked then they would tie me up and fuck me in the ass and cum in me a couple of times each then spread my ass open so they could watch their cum run out of my ass. the older I got the more I enjoyed letting them use my mouth and ass and the kinkier it got the better I liked it. When our Parents went out of town on weekends we always stayed naked all weekend drinking and having kinky wild ass sex together.
    We all got married and moved away but my cousin and I still sneak off so he can fuck me with his big fat dick and shoot a couple of loads up my ass. Three weeks ago he and I went fishing for a weekend and we did some of the things we used to do back years ago. He tied me on my knees backed up to a tree with my hands tied then stood in front of me and fucked my mouth like he used to do and watched me gag on his cum and see my eyes water when he stuck his dick in my throat too far. He fucked my ass bent over the end of a picnic table with my ankles tied far apart and my hands tied to the other end of the table and cum running down my legs.
    It is all in good fun and we still like it a lot but don`t get to do it enough. Our wives no nothing about this and neither of us want to stop doing it and I still get a huge thrill out of being tied up and fucked with my cousins huge dick. It`s a really nice fat white 9" dick that shoots huge loads and stays very hard when he is enjoy rough bound sex with me. It is a huge turn on for both of us when he forces himself on me and he knows I really like it when he r**es me and talks very nasty to me with his huge dick in my mouth or deep in my ass. We both look forward to our weekend trips together and hope they never stop.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 22

    My Mom and Dad divorced when I was about 12yo. I guess they had issues, but sex didn't seem to be one of them. They would fuck in the middle of the day or middle of the night, it didn't seem to matter. My Mom was rather loud as well, I could hear her moaning rather loudly behind their bedroom door easily.

    I never saw my Mom date anyone for a very long time, but every so often late at night I would hear her moaning behind her bedroom door. I would always look outside in the driveway almost expecting to see my Dad's car parked there, nothing except my Mom's car parked there.

    Since I had started to masturbate recently myself I was wondering if women could do the same in some manner to achieve that same feeling of pleasure? I suddenly remembered my Dad had a box in the basement my Mom would refer to when she was pissed off with him. I never looked but I knew he had left it behind when he moved out.

    I waited for my Mom to go shopping one day and ran downstairs and opened the box. It was like Porn Central. Magazines and VHS Tapes of various kinds of Porn. I took one VHS Tape that was boxed "Girls on Girls" and ran back to my bedroom to watch on my tv.

    My Mom arrived home about halfway through the video, I almost panicked to get the Tape out of the player. I had seen enough of the video to give me an idea what I was looking for.

    The next time my Mom went out I made my move to her bedroom. I looked in her dresser drawers, being careful not to mess anything up. I took another peek outside before I started into her closet.

    She had a lot of clothes and boxes with high heels and boots, some in boxes and some were just lined up on the floor of the closet. I was just about to give up when I opened a box that were meant for boots, but found something totally shocking inside.

    It was a big black shiny Dildo, about Eight inches long and very thick in diameter. It was one that was rubber like, so it bent easily once I picked it up by the base. The video I had watched the other day showed a woman using one on herself, except hers was much bigger.

    Suddenly my 12yo cock began to get hard. I thought about the woman in the video using the same kind of dildo on herself and put my Mom's face and body to the act. I put the dildo back in the box, ran to the bathroom and masturbated.

    From then on every time I heard my Mom in the middle of the night moaning I would get out of my bed and stand outside her bedroom door and masturbate. I would imagine me being on her side of the door watching her getting off with that big black dildo. Even having a fantasy of me using the dildo on her, so she could just squirm freely as I made her climax.........

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    When I was in Jr. High I was at a friends house one day. His parents were at work and we were just watching TV together. I really don`t remember how it got started or why but we only talked about doing it a few minutes then stood up and watched each other get naked. Once the clothes were off the touching began and after we stroked each other a few minutes and we were both hard we began to talk about sucking each other.
    It was pretty hot and we were both very excited and I went first. as soon as I was on my knees I started licking on his dick just sucking on the head a little. He put his hands on my head and slowly shoved his dick all the way in y mouth and hearing him moan made me start sucking on his dick. It didn`t take long at all and with me sucking like crazy and my lips going up and down the full length of his very hard dick I had a mouth full of cum in no time and it made me gag at first and my eyes got watery but I managed to hold out until he was finished and swallowed almost all of his cum. I got pretty excited and didn`t want to stop so I licked his dick continued to suck it and even put his nuts in my mouth sucking on them while I kept stroking his dick.
    Once I stood up he was in a hurry to suck my dick so he went to his knees and sucked me off as I held his head in both my hands and fucked his mouth. He swallowed my cum the sucked and licked my dick and put my nuts in his mouth. As soon as her stood up we went back to his room and got on the bed and for most of the morning maybe 4 or 5 hours we laid naked in his bed going down on each other stroking jacking and even humped each others ass and came on each other.
    He played with my ass and I played with his and we both got off a few times. He was humping my naked ass and it felt so good I just asked him if he wanted to try and stick his dick in me. He was very anxious and there was just enough of his cum on my ass that he was able to get his dick in my ass fairly easy with not much pain for me at all. He started to fuck me and we both liked it way too much and he was already telling me he wanted me to do it to him after he finished doing it to me. The part we never talked about was where he would put his cum when it came time. I was expecting him to pull out and cum on my ass but he didn`t. He came in my ass with his dick all the way up my asshole and it felt great.
    I fucked his ass soon after that and like he did to me I came deep in his asshole. It would be hours before any one got home so we stayed naked in his bed and took turns fucking each other for the rest of the day. Each time got better and it got easier for us to take each other in our ass and the fucking was great. The next day we did it again and for weeks we had sex often and liked fucking each other in front of a mirror so we could watch. We did it at his house and mine almost every day until school started. After that it was harder to do it because we were in school all day. We figured out a place not far from the house out in the woods where we could do it right after school and not get caught.
    Some Saturdays our parents went to work so we could do it there most of the day and it was great. For several years up until we were in our early 20`s we sucked and fucked each other often then we kind of moved away and lost touch but it was a great experience and we both liked it a lot. Really think about it a lot and want to find a guy to do it with again some day.

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