When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell AdultConfessions.com about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
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    A lot of the confessions are so obviously bull shit that it's sad. This one isn't. This one truly happened and was one of the greatest nights of my life.

    I was about twelve, and my best friend in the world was a kid named Joey. His mother was a single parent and worked most nights, so his sister who was a teenager would babysit and let me stay with Joey anytime I wanted. We'd stay up late on weekends playing Nintendo, and spend all day riding our bikes around the small town we lived in. It was absolutely awesome.

    One weekend Joey's sister had a couple of friends over. It wasn't long after my 13th birthday. Joey and his sister were in the middle of a prank war, so while the girl's were watching television in the den, Joey and I stole all their panties, dipped them in water, and shoved them in the freezer. We laughed like madmen and then went back to playing Nintendo.

    Awhile later I went to the bathroom. On the way back, Joey's sister grabbed me and pulled me into her room. She explained that she wanted to get Joey back for the panties, and the three girls had a plan. They put on lipstick and kissed my cheeks, my neck, and told me to tell Joey that they'd had wild crazy sex with me. It gave me a boner to rival all boners, and one of the girl's noticed it.

    They all laughed when she pointed it out, but then they wanted to see it. I was terrified, but I showed them. One girl wanted to touch it, and while the other girl's giggled, she stroked it. She started kissing the top of it, leaving lipstick prints, and then asked if I wanted to see their titties. Of course I said yes, and all the girls stripped topless while laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world.

    I came all over the girl's hand, and they all "ewwwwed" and laughed. She cleaned up and they sent me on my way, telling me to be sure to tell Joey we'd all had lots of sex.

    I told Joey, but he didn't believe me. He was sure it was just all part of the prank.

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    in my earliest memory my aunt preformed oral sex on me. She did this once at most every visit. if the house was packed, come with me to my room, I have something for you. I came back with something I liked and the service. I ask her when I became a young teen, WHY?? have you done this.
    To make me love her more than her other sister. It worked, I di love her. not for the oral but the love she showed. She insisted she preform until she died.

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    My friend and I went to a pool on a chilly, overcast day, when it was fairly deserted. We were both 12 years old at the time. We went to the locker room to change into our swimsuits. They had asssigned us lockers, and his locker was in the next aisle over. I had just taken my shirt and sneakers off when he appeared out of nowhere in his swimsuit. He stood s few feet away and looked at me, with his hands tucked under his armpits. As I took my socks off I noticed he was watching my every move. So I suggested he go out to the pool ahead of me and I'd be out in a minute, but he said he'd wait there. As I stood there in my pants, I realized I would have to change in front of him. We were both guys, after all, and it would seem foolish and immature to chase him away. I took my pants off and stood there wearing only my underwear. I told him again he could go out ahead of me. I didn't want to undress in front of him, but he wasn't going anywhere. Now I had to go ahead and change, and I readied my swimsuit in the front of the locker, thinking I could do a quick change. As I slid off my underwear I hoped I wouldn't get an erection. It would only add to my embarrassment, but of course I wouldn't be able to control it. As I turned to face my locker I was determined to act nonchalant, like it was no big deal standing nude in front of him. So I folded my clothes and placed them neatly in the locker. Instead of rushing to get my suit on I turned to face him. I noticed for the first time that he was wearing only a small, fairly tight swimsuit. Now he was staring at my nude body, and I began to feel stimulated. As we stood together I casually asked him about the other people at the pool. He said it was almost empty, and I took a long look at his body. It was small and slightly effeminite. I could almost imagine him as a girl, and that only added to my stimulation. I was getting an erection and I wasn't sure why. As he looked at me I felt a thrill course through my body. I had recently developed pubic hair, and I wondered about my friend's body. By now my erection was large and stiff, and I could feel his eyes scanning my nude body. Instead of embarrassment I felt a warm and excited sensation. As I stood there naked we talked about nothing in particular. I wanted to see his body, and I didn't know why. I suppose it was curiosity more than anything else. The longer I stood there the better I felt. By now I was sure he knew that my lingering was intentional, but he didn't seem bothered or in any rush to leave. It was sort of an unspoken understanding, he only wearing that little swimsuit and I completely nude. The place was deserted and quiet. I could feel the skin on the bottom of my feet against the wood floor. All my senses were heightened, and I glanced at his body. I wanted to stand there, to feel that thrill of being seen naked, and I was in no hurry. Finally, I turned back to my locker and lazily put on my swimsuit. Just knowing he could see my nudity as I stood sidewards made me feel good. Afterwards we never talked about it, but we both knew what had passed between us. It was an exciting sexual feeling, the time I first realized that I was an exhibitionist, and I knew I would repeat similar actions in the future, actions that felt so very wonderful.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    This isn't really a "enjoyable " story, so if that's what you're looking for..keep scrolling. This is just something I REALLY need to get off my chest. Okay...Well it all started when I was about 10. My step dad was quite older and he had a grandson that was 15. He would come over and stay the night a lot. But when everyone went to bed he would do small sexual stuff. Like smack my ass or grab my boobs. I was to scared to say anything. Then after a couple months he started going into my pants, squeezing my ass, fondling my vagina. I would get so scared but I wouldn't show it I would just stop and take it. One time I tried to pull his hand away and he twisted my wrist so hard he dislocated it. This kept going until I was 11. I had a friend named Natalie that would stay over when my 'nephew' did. He started touching her but she touched back. They ending up forming a relationship. I was jealous of her so I would wear shorts in front of him and shake my ass a little. After awhile he fucked her and left her. He came back for me. He came over and stayed the night. I woke up to him on top of me with his dick out grinding again the blankets. I screamed but he covered my mouth and told me to hush. I just laid there and let him do his thing. Next time he stayed the night he told me he was going to fuck me. I told him no. He said "Watch me." I was beyond scared. He pulled me into my floor. Pulled my pants down. Wrapped him arm on my throat, and used his other hand to cover my mouth. I then felt major pain in my ass as he forcible fucked me anally. I tried fighting but he was to strong. I bit his hand but he would just choke me harder. Two days before my 13 birthday he came over during a my family's yard sale. He pulled me to my room and shut the door. He pushed me on the bed and pulled my legs up, pulled my underwear down and put my legs to my chest. He then put his hand on my mouth and shoved his penis in my vagina. He then grabbed my arms with one hand and held them above my head. He forcible rapped me and acted like it was nothing. I went to the bathroom and cried from what had just happened and at the sight of blood running down my leg. I pulled myself together and went back outside. Continuing the day like nothing happened. He stills comes around to see his grandad, step grandmother, and me. He acts like nothing happened. So do I. I can't tell anyone because it would rip the very little family I have apart. I feel guilty cause I feel like I provoked it.

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    Gay Male / 45

    My grandfather had lots of hunting hounds walker hounds to be exact. He would have the male an females. In separate pens an on certain times of the month he would. Put some females in the male pen I being dumb aboutsex at age five or so will I was outside an made my way to the pen an saw a male fog mount a bitch humping het ass man it must have been good for him an she was liking it to then he stopped an jumped off her back but he sea stuck to her I was amazed well late that night I went to the pen an got in the male dog were happy to see me then I found a big malean he fallowed me to a woodfy place I took off my pants an got on all fours he statred licking an siffing my boot ass I grabed his dick it was big the he jumped on my back an I could feel hid dick hitting my ass I knre he wanted my home so I grabed his cock an put it right at the opening an man I got the pounding of my life faster deeper he want then stoped I loved it but needdti go as I tried to got up Iwas sudnly drug around the pen luke the bitcj I was knittd an been doing it ever since

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    Straight Male / 20

    Back when I was a 15 year old boy, my brother was 18, and he had these two good friends, both 18, one white the other black. The white kid was smaller than I was, and kind of looked and acted like a girl. I always wondered if my brother and shawn fucked him, it didn't look like it would take much to get it done. His name was steve, and he was always kind of mouthy, he liked to give me a hard time, so this one day I got the chance, and gave him a good hard time. My brother and shawn were working on his car, and needed a part, there was this salvage yard not far, it was the kind that you went in, told them what you needed, and they said go get it.
    We all headed for the back lot, they were in front, steve was in front of me, looking as his ass made me so horny. So I told him to hold up, I wanted to show him something, and we went off the trail to this car with the trunk lid up.

    I told him I was going to fuck his bitch ass, and he protested, but I pulled my dick out, and told him it was going to happen, so drop those jeans. He turned around and pulled them down, and he had on girls panties, my dick sprang up like a rocket, I told him to bend over with his hands on the trunk ridge. I stepped up and spit in my hand and rubbed it on his ass, and started finger fucking him.
    He made a slight moan, kind of like a sigh, and pushed his ass back to my finger, I spit in my other hand, rubbed it on my dick, got it positioned just right, pulled my finger out and shoved my dick in its place. He went like, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, spread his legs a little, pushed back to me and just let me fuck him. I didn't last very long, and when I shot my load I could see my brother and shawn starting to head back. We walked over to meet them, and when they asked why we didn't come with them I said we didn't want to walk through those tall weeds.

    Steve was always mouthing about something, but on the way back he hardly said anything, and back at home, while brother and shawn went to work on the car, I told steve I was going to fuck him again. He said he didn't want to, but I said its either right hear, or at the old house on the corner. So he followed me to the old house, and in the back yard behind the bushes, I fucked him again, an this time I didn't need any spit.

    I fucked him 8 or 9 times after that and then they moved away, one day me and shawn were talking, and told me not to tell, but one day he almost fucked steve in the old house. He said he finger fucked him, and was just going to stick the dick to him when some kids came around. He said all he had to do was think abut it and he got a hard on. He said I was lying when I told him that I'd fucked him 8 or 9 times. I told him it was true, and the first time was the day at the junk yard, and later that day in the old house. I asked him if my bro had fucked him, and he said I know he did once, one night while I drove around town. Your bro and him were in the back seat, I looks back once at this red light, and your bro was flat putting the dick to him, calling him a bitch, and steve was saying yyeeeeesssssssssss.

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    Straight Male / 27

    When I was a kid i was swimming in the pool with my cousins. I was about 12 and they were like 10. Anyways. I pooped in the pool little balls of poop then grabbed one of them and chucked it at my cousins face. She started throwing up in the pool. Then we all just swam in the mixture of poop and vomit (ok this last sentence didnt happen they actually ran out of the pool)

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    Straight Female / 45

    This is the story about my first time of having mature boy 'put it in'. I have never considered it as having intercourse. Although some, who I have related the story to, have said I was fucked.

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    A neighborhood friend and I were playing at her place in a room about the detached garage when her brother came up to see what we were doing. At the time I was seven and Debbie was nine; her brother Kenny was three years older than her. At some point her brother asked if we wanted play âteaseâ. I told them I didn't know how to play and they said they would show me. The game consisted of one person lying down while another person runs their hands over their body and ultimately down between their thighs where they would be felt-out. The third person was to pin the person being teased arms down above their head.

    After we all took turns at each of three positions a couple of times, Kenny asked if I would pull my panties down. Not knowing what Debbie thought about it, so I answered that I would if Debbie would. Debbie said she would if he would first show us his dick. This was the first time I heard a maleâs member being called a dick, I had known it as a âdinkyâ or just âitâ. He pulled he pants down enough to expose his penis. And to my surprise he had pubic hair and a very mature looking penis. Not like the little boy pencil penis I had seen in âyou show me yours and Iâll show you mineâ with two another boys. It looked like what I had caught a glimpse of on occasion of my brothers, who were all in their teens. I concluded that Debbie call it a dick because is no longer little boyâs penis.

    Debbie than pulled her shorts down, followed by her panties and finally stepping out of both. Debbie too had a small patch of pubic hair. Which I knew about, from us having had changed into of our bathing suits while in the girls locker room of the public swimming pool. And I followed by removing my shorts and panties .

    Next we played a round of Naked Tease. Kenny was the first to lie down. And while I held his arms, I watch Debbie briefly ran her hands over Kennyâs nude body before grabbing his âdickâ and working her hand up and down on it. This she did for what seemed like a long period of time, probably like 1½ to 2 minutes. Then she told me it was my turn to do it.

    As I repeated what I saw Debbie do with her hands, I remember staring at Kennyâs erection and wondering what is was going to feel like to hold it in my hand. When finally I wrapped my hand around it, it felt hard and looked massive in my small hand. I move hand up and down the length of it, Debbie gave me instruction to grip real tight. I squeezed my hand tighter around it and move my hand up and down for about a minute. I was the next to lay down, Kenny and Debbie both took turns fingering, Debbie seemed to do it much longer then Kenny. Debbie was next and when it came time for me finger her I made it point to do as long she did me.

    While I was fingering Debbie, Kenny asked if he could put it in. I looked at Debbie, who was looking at me. She asked if I wanted him to. His dick looked too big to fit in me but I felt like I had to say yes, so I quietly answered yes. Debbie told Kenny to do it to her first. I watched as he put his dick in her and held it there and until she said okay. Kenny looked at me next so I laid down and watched as he kneeled between my legs. I remember hearing Debbie telling him to go slow.

    At the time I didn't know what to expect, but later I realized the first time he tried to enter me that he had to push extra hard to get it in at first. There wasn't really any pain just a little discomfort at very beginning and then it felt like he dick was filling me up inside as he pushed it in. He pushed it in a little at a time, finally at one push I flinched when I felt the tip of it pressing against me. Debbie told him that was deep enough and he held it in until Debbie told him pull it out and do it again. The second time he did it, it slipped went right in and he held it in. After a bit I thought I should say Okay like Debbie did, so I did.

    After that we laid with Kenny in between us and he fingered us while we rubbed his âdickâ.

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    Straight Female / 49

    Summer of 1980, I was 15 years old and horny as hell. June, out of school and on my way a west texas camp to be a counselor in training and hopefully getting trained by some of the girl counselor from one of the all girl camps up the hill! My dad drove me there and we ended up talking to the camp nurse for a while then my dad left. She was in her early to mid 40's , red hair, HUGE tits that caught my eye right away and we hit it off instantly. Now I'm no DonJuan, 5' 7" a 6 1/2 " dick and fairly thick, but, I had the gift of gab and at 15 I knew what I wanted and how to get it!!! A couple of days went by, the flirting and suggestive comments were abujdant by both of us. By the third day after dinner, she came up to me and asked me if I would like to get some beers and come to the infirmery to chat a while. I said yes, but how are we going to get the beer???????????????????????????????? She told me to take her car into town and buy it, I laughed a good laugh and explained to her that I was only 15 and didn't even have my license yet! She said you can do it. So off to town I went, nervous as shit, but I did it, got back went inside and we started chatting. Of corse the conversation turned to sex, she initiated it, and my dick was painfully erect in my shorts. She asked me if I had ever made love before and my respone was yes only 2 times, but not with an older woman. I reached out to touch her tit, but she stopped me telling to not to be in a rush! Shit!! I'm 15, I wanna get naked now!!! Then I asked her if she wanted to make love , then I was schooled on the how to's of making love. Don't ask just start doing it!! Ok so I started, my dick was ready to burst, we were kissing and pumping each other pretty good for what I thought was an eternity, when I finally get that twinge right before you blow your nut and let her know I was ready. There was no response, her eyes were rolled back into her head and she was moaning something fierce! I was scared that there were kids in the other room that would here us, but she assured me there wasn't. I finally came and came, it was the best sex is ever had, I was ready to go again, but she said I needed to get back to my cabin. We had fun a few more times in the weeks that followed, each time learning more and more about what older women want!! Needless to say that was a summer I'll never never forget!!!!

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    Straight Male / 18

    When I was 14, my cousin and I used to hang out a lot. Most of the time we just played video games, and sometimes while playing he would jokingly grab my butt or pretend to grab my penis. Then one day, we were both at my house, alone, and he sat on my lap, we both laughed like it was a joke. Then, I put my hand up his shirt and played with his nipples, he didn't protest. This escalated to me jerking him off, we both loved it and he jerked me off too.

    Fast forward a few months, we have blown each other countless times and we still do to this day, and its still our secret.

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