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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    This one incident sticks in my mind as it was the first time I was ever on display like this.

    I was 16 years old and my parents were going away for the weekend. They didn't want to leave me at home alone as they thought I may have a party like I did a few months earlier when they went away. A friend of my mothers, Shelia, offered to have me stay with her over the weekend. My mother jumped at the offer but I wasn't all that happy about it because I knew it was going to be boring. I guess my parents were right because I probably would have had people over and had a party if I was left home alone.

    Shelia has a 13 year old daughter and a 8 year old boy. She is married but her husband was away for the weekend too. The first night of my stay Shelia wanted us to have a bath before going to bed. Her daughter wanted to go first so off she went to have her bath. Once she was done Shelia tells us it was going to be the boys turn. Her son begins to undress and Shelia asks what I was doing. I told her that her son could go first. She tells me that we are both boys and we would be having a bath together and to get undressed. I asked about having my own bath instead. She could see I was reluctant and told me it was going to be me and her boy and there was no need to be shy or modest. I didn't think I was going to be able to get out of this so I got undressed. I am an only child and except for maybe a very quick flash to my mother and maybe other guys in locker rooms I have never had myself so exposed and for what will be a longer time.

    We got undressed in a bedroom and walked to the bathroom naked. Conveniently, her daughter just happens to come out of her room as we are walking to the bathroom and sees me. I briefly froze being caught this way by her and didn't make any effort to cover up. She got a good look before we continued on to the bathroom. Us 2 boys get into the tub and Shelia tells us to just soak for awhile and she would check on us regularly. Her son asked about getting some of his toys and Shelia brought them in. They were some small boats and we began playing with them. Sheila thought it was very cute when me and her boy were playing with the boats that she did something next which I never expected. She came back with a video camera and began recording us playing. I didn't know what I should do but figured I would lose any fight so I decided to just accept it. Her daughter even came in to see what was happening. I don't know how long Shelia was recording us but it was a lot longer than I expected her to. We were getting shriveled so she told us we better rinse off and get out. She put the camera down and went to get us each a towel. She toweled off her son and I toweled off myself. Her daughter stayed while we toweled off and Shelia never told her to leave this time or any other time.

    It was bed time and the son wanted to see the video before bed. Shelia put it on for us to watch. We were both crouched down and kneeling when we were playing so you could tell we were naked because you could sort of see our bare asses but couldn't see any penis too clearly as they were underwater. I didn't realize I did this but one time I was on my knees but had straightened up, not crouched down, and you see my penis on the video. Then comes the part when Shelia tells us to rinse off and get out and puts the camera down. I thought when she puts the camera down she stopped recording. I think she did too because she was surprised it was still recording. You basically see her toweling off her son and me in the background toweling off. You primarily see her son nude and only see a little of me. The 2 of them left the bathroom first and when they did I moved to their spot to finish toweling off. Now I unknowingly was being caught on camera and it was catching me in more detail. It was embarrassing when the video showed me with an erection. The toweling must have caused that and there it was all captured on video. Shelia put her son to bed and her daughter went to sleep too. I talked to Shelia about the video and told her I didn't like being nude on the video. She told me it was just a fun family video and not to worry. I asked if she would delete it but was once again told it was just a family video and told me it was just me and her son playing in the tub and it was so cute. She said lots of families take videos like these and we are so cute playing together. I told her I was embarrassed with my penis being shown and brought up the erection. Shelia said erections are normal and not to worry and told me we could show the video to my mother and let her decide what she thought.

    It is now a couple of day later and my mother comes to pick me up. Shelia tells her she took a video of her son and me and I wanted her opinion of it. My mother sees me and her son playing in the tub together and first thing she says is that she thinks it is so cute with us playing together like that. We watch the rest of the video and she sees me naked, including with the erection, and say that it was a very nice and cute video. Shelia asks my mother how she felt about my nudity in it and mentioned I wanted her to delete the video. All my mother said was that there was no reason to delete it. Shelia told her she would make her a copy. My mother and me left and went home.

    A few weeks later at school, a girl a few years younger than me starts talking to me and says I have a nice body. I thanked her for the compliment. She says she really liked seeing me naked but liked my penis the best. I asked how she saw me naked and she told me the daughter showed her the bathing video of me and her brother in the tub together. I went home and told my mother and all she did was think how cute it was a girl liked me. I told her her friends daughter showed my naked video to her friend. The reply I got from my mother was that it was no big deal. I told her that the girl said she saw my penis. My mother said I was making too big a deal about it and added every boy has one and if someone saw mine then so be it. She even said went as far as saying it has already attracted one girl and might even attract more. I asked her if people seeing me naked bothered her. She replied that this video is cute and in the future I would feel differently about it than how I do now and to just trust her.

    Looking at the video now it isn't as embarrassing as before but it still does show a few shots of me full frontal and an erection. I guess it is similar in idea to those pictures that parents used to take of babies naked on a bear skin rug.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    This happened when I was 15. My maternal grandmother was 54. While I thought she was old, being she was a grandmother and I was only 15. In hindsight I can see now she was quite a GILF.

    She was widowed and at this time in my life I was not getting along well with my parents. Because of this, I went to her house a lot to cut grass, carry groceries, wash the car, etc. Sometimes I would stay at her house for several days at a time.

    Since I have a fetish for girdles, ladies swimsuits and foundation wear in general, I had already been wearing my mother's things for several years. It was only natural that I would investigate grandmother's things.

    Every time she went to the grocery store, the doctor or to play cards with her friends, I would pick out one of her three girdles or a red one piece swimsuit to wear.

    However, the best times were when she went to visit one of her several out of town sisters for a day or two. When this happened, I not only got to play in her undies, I was able to act out my fantasies in self bondage (sometimes even spending the night in a girdle and bondage).

    Everything was perfect in my little fetish world until my grandmother came home in expectedly one afternoon about 3:00 pm. I was dressed in only her white flexes firm control brief and was in the process of putting myself in a self bondage hogtie.

    I didn't notice when the car first pulled into the drive but I knew it was definitely her when I heard the garage door start to open. This gave me precious little time to get myself free enough to scamper into the spare bedroom (where I had left my clothes) and slam the door shut as she turned the key and opened the door of the breezeway which connects the house to the garage. I caught a glimpse of her as I shut the bedroom door and prayed she had not seen me.

    As I struggled to get dressed (I never thought a belt buckle could rattle so loudly), she came to the bedroom door and attempted to open it but I was able to hold it shut. She demanded to know "just what the hell are you doing." I held the door shut and simply said "I'm not doing anything."

    After about a minute, she said "I'm waiting" but I said nothing and continued to hold the door shut. She eventually went to the kitchen and then to the den.

    I came out of the bedroom after about half an hour and found her having a drink and reading the newspaper. I figured I had gotten by by the skin of my teeth and was home free as she said nothing and didn't even look up from the newspaper.

    Th e following Friday evening my grandmother phoned my mother and told he she had an all day project for me the next morning and to have me at her place no later than 7:00 am.

    After mother dropped me off, I went I'm the house. As my grndmother sat drinking coffee, she tossed me a small bag and said "since you seemed to have claimed this, it's yours now. Go in the bedroom and put it on."

    I knew the control brief was in the bag and i felt sick, as if I had been punched in the gut. As I stood there in total shock, she yelled "do it, NOW" and asked what my mother and father would think if she told them what she caught me doing. I knew she meant business and I knew she had me by the proverbial "short hairs."

    I went straight to the bedroom, not saying a word, and pulled off my shoes, pants and undershorts in order to put on the control brief. Once I had it on I put my pants and shoes back on and called out to he "what now?"

    She told me to come back into the kitchen and as soon as she saw me she called out NO, NO, you don't understand. Go back in there, take off all your clothes, put on the girdle brief and get back in here.

    Still in shock and basically numb from what had already happened, I walked back to the bedroom as she snapped "hurry up!" I took off my clothes and felt like I was going to my execution as I stood there in that control brief and turned the doorknob.

    My grandmother laughed as I walked back into the kitchen and stood before her. She said "that's quite a sight" and asked "does wearing that
    make you feel pretty?" She paused and
    said "well, what do you have to say for yourself?" I said nothing as I hung my head in shame and stood in front of her trying to cover myself with my hands as best I could.

    She snapped "you had better stand up straight, hold your head up and get those hands behind your back". After several more uncomfortable minute of silence, she told me to keep keep thise hands behind your back, get in the den and stand with your nose in the far corner of the room.

    I did as she said and stood in the corner for what seemed to be a very long time. My body ached from standing in the same position for so long. I just sort of zoned out as I stood there.

    I was jerked back to reality by the sound of a car pulling up the drive. I listened closely as somebody entered the breezeway and knocked on the kitchen door. I wondered who it could be as my knees started to weaken and I began to shake from anxiety and fright.

    My grandmother said "stay put, you had better not move from that position" as she stood to open the door. I went deeper in shock and humiliation as my grandmother opened the door for her friend Phyllis and invited her in.

    Phyllis snickered and burst out laughing loudly as she said "I can't believe you actually went through with the plan" and took a seat on the
    sofa. She and my grandmother made
    small talk and ignored me for a while until Phyllis said why don't we have a little entertainment while we wait for Barbara to arrive.

    As I thought "oh my lord, somebody else is going to see me like this!,"
    Grandmothe r told me to keep y head up, hands behind my back and to come stand in front of her and Phyllis.

    As I stood in front of them, Phyllis said "cute but a little chubby. Let's make good use of the time and have you do some exercises for our entertainment while we wait on Barbara to arrive?" My grandmother told me to start by running in place until told to stop. They ran me until I broke a good sweat before allowing me to stop. Next, Phyllis had me doing jumping jacks follows by deep knee bends. As I started the deep knee bends, my grandmother said "you don't seem too happy about all this, do you?" She went on to say i had a bad attitude and told me to smile and keep doing so as I exercised.

    After about another half an hour I heard another car come up the drive. Barbara had arrived. A curt, no nonsense woman, she entered without knocking and walked over to me as the others had me running in place again.

    Barbar a remarked "ain't you cute there running in your grandmother's girdle brief with that silly fake smile on your face?" I nodded yes and about melted in shame as she asked me if I was told to smile.

    To make a long story short, Barbara was a pro domme. She and Phyllis escorted me to the basement with my wrists cuffed behind my back. I was released for a moment before my hands were reattached above my head. My ankles and knees were also tied with belts.

    Grandmother looked me in my terrified face and said "you are about to be punished for wearing my things. When this is over you can keep the control brief and we will never speak of this again".

    W hen she finished speaking, Barbara started paddling my behind. I held it in as long as possible and then the tears started flowing. I stated sobbing and crying in earnest as Barbara switched to a leather belt and whipped not only my back and legs but my belly and chest too.

    I faced Phyllis and my grandmother during my punishment and they both taunted me by asking me things like "do you like this or does this excite you?" They made it more humiliating by forcing me to reply to their embarrassing questions while being whipped.

    After the whipping I was tied in an old metal office arm chair and left alone while the ladies went out to eat. Several hours later my grandmother returned, untied me and told me to shower and get dressed.

    The incident was never mentioned again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 24

    The first time I had sex was when 2 men forced me...They both fucked me at the same time, and shoved both their dicks up my vagina. So I lost my virginity to 2 cocks at once.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    I was 17 and I ran track. My coach and history teacher was an ex marine, he called us sissies and panty waist, told us we were going to be cocksuckers. One day I was alone at home
    and my sisters panties were folded on top of the drier. I took a pink pair and put them on. I loved how they felt, so smooth and tight, I could hardly keep my cock in them. I pranced around in front of the full length mirror in her room and got a hard on, my cock exploded out of the top of the panties. I stole that pair of pink panties and wore them when I was alone.

    I got braver and wore the panties one night I went out with some friends. I wore them to school, I didn't wash them, I hid them between the mattress and box springs. I wore them one day I had track practice. My coach caught a peek under my track shorts and called me on them after practice. He said he had seen pink under my track shorts and wanted to know if I had a pussy, because only a pussy would wear pink.

    He told me to drop my pants, when I did I had a raging hard on, the panties couldn't hold my cock in. He slapped my ass and said he didn't see nothing but pussy, and he fucked pussy. He hot behind me and held my in a tight grip and bent me over his desk, pushed the panties down and fucked my boy pussy tearing me open. He fucked me, I got a cramp in my calf from holding myself up on my tip toes, my boy pussy hurt, and he tore in until he shot his load.

    He pulled out, and grabbed my shoulder and told me to suck him clean. His cock had blood and shut on it, and I sucked him until he hit my head and told me to stop. From that day on he only called me panty waist or pussy, I sucked him after practice, he fucked me whenever he wanted.

    After graduation I mowed his lawn that summer, I wore panties when I did, I stole more panties from my sister, and I sucked my coach and I learned to accept that I was a cocksucker.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 42

    When we were young me and a friend tagteamed his sister repeatedly in their treehouse. We were young enough that we were trying to have a "boys only club", but she was a year or two younger and kept wanting to join in. So my friend agreed to let her in, but she had to show us her boobies. I thought he was joking, but she lifted up her shirt for us and I got a (mostly flat) eye-full. After that, in order to play in the treehouse, she'd have to give us the special "password" of showing her boobies or privates. But quickly we started asking for new and different things, like her completely naked, letting us squeeze her boobs or touching between her legs. It just escalated from there until treehouse time was exclusively to explore her sex parts and pump our wieners in her mouth and pussy. We were young enough we could keep playing all afternoon and sometimes fingered her pussy hole for hours. After summer vacation ended though we didn't have the time any more, and we started getting too old for treehouses.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 32

    In my teens, I was 13, my father was transferred to a Central American country. He was an agricultural advisor to the government. My sister and I went to the local American School because the US Government paid them. The other kids were local rich kids. There was this one girl, her name was Graciela, she was the daughter of a very wealthy family, but even if I was the daughter of a government employee we got along. Although were both 13 she had real tits, my tits were barely poking out.

    One day we were by the lockers and she was fixing her backpack so she was kneeling on the floor and we were talking. She lifted my skirt and looked up my panties and said in Spanish that she had seen my cuquita. We walked to class and she invited me into the bathroom and into a stall and she lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down and showed me her cuca and said she wanted to see mine so I pulled my panties down and showed her. She had very course pubic hair but mine was thinner and she ran her hand through my pubes and had me run my hand through her pubes. She told me that cuquitas were beautiful not like the picos that boys had which were ugly and awful.

    I liked touching her and I liked her touching me. She invited me to her house after school one day, and my mother gave me permission. We played ping pong and she asked me if I wanted to go swimming. I hadn't brought a bathing suit so she offered to lend me one and we got undressed in her room and stood fully naked and she ran her hands over my small breasts and she let me touch hers. They were amazing, so full and with brown nipples and she asked me suck her nipple. She got on the bed and opened her legs and asked me touch her. Her pussy was wet, she had me finger her, while she played with my breasts. Then she asked me to open my legs and she used to two fingers to finger me and asked me if I liked it.

    I asked her where she had learned to do that and she told me her maid fingered her and also kissed and licked her cuquita. She showed me how the maid fingered her fucking me with two fingers and getting them all the way in. She told me that when guys fucked you they put their picos in you and just fuck you because they didn't care what you felt they only wanted to cum in you.

    We went swimming and later I stayed for dinner with her family and her father took me home later that night.

    Several weeks later she invited me to go with her for the long weekend to their farm. They had a beautiful farm on the side of the volcano and we slept in the same room. We went for a ride in the jeep to see the farm, we saw this small private lake and she told me could go swimming the next day, we saw the main processing facilities for the sugar cane, we drove through this little village that was on the farm and we had dinner, watched a movie on the video, and went to bed.

    Once the house got quiet, she pushed the covers off of her, and she took off her pajamas and panties, opened her legs and asked me to come to her bed and eat her. I couldn't really see her pussy very well because it was night, but when I put my mouth on her I felt this feeling that went through me. I kept asking her if she liked it and she would tell me to be quiet and to use my tongue and my fingers. She was so wet I got wet all over my face and when she pulled me up to kiss me and clean my face with her lips and tongue I had a small orgasm. She put me on my back and she ate me, she used her fingers to fuck me and she licked and kissed and found my clit and she gave me a complete orgasm. When she was done she came up to me to be kissed and asked me to kiss and lick her face clean.

    We stayed friends the entire time my father was posted there. Her maid ate us both, and showed us how to have sex, she would kiss our mouths and our breasts and we kissed her breasts. Only once did I go down on her, her pussy was just too dark for me, when she opened her legs her vagina opened wide and I just didn't like it. Graciela's pussy was different, hidden behind her pubic hair, her lips stayed closed until I put my fingers or my tongue in her and I suppose I was also in puppy love with her.

    Distance and time has made us move on. She went to study in Paris and met a girl there. I studied in Chicago and met a girl there, but my true love continues to be Graciela, so beautiful, and she was my first.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 37

    My mother and I moved to live with her mother after my parents got divorced. My mother worked the late shift at the plant, getting off at midnight. My grandmother was nice, but she and I did not get along and didn't like being home with her. After school I hung out at various places, by primarily the mall.

    At the mall this creepy guy who worked at the shoe store for R would try to talk to me when I walked by. One day he managed to get me to stop and talk, he told me I had a cute little ass and he always liked to look at my ass and to keep walking by because it was the only good thing about his job. He asked me to turn around for him, to bend forward a little, to lean back and squeeze my butt cheeks together so he could see my crack. I did what he asked and we started laughing. He told me he was going to go in the back and jack off.

    I asked him if it felt good to jack off, that he jacked off all the time, that there was this pair of shoes that no one ever asked for and he would jack off into that pair. I told him I thought he was lying and he said no, he would show me. He told me to sit and to take my shoes off like I was shopping, he got his stool and sat down in front of me and rubbed my feet, he said it was free, he opened my legs a little and said he could almost see the crack of my pussy. He asked me to pull up my shorts tight, and he said that then he could see my crack really well. We talked for a long while, he kept getting shoes for me, so that it looked like I was buying shoes.

    I reminded him that he was going to show me the shoes that he jacked off into. He went back into the store room and came out with a box and opened it and it was a pair of men's shoes and on the inside of this one shoe there were these stains. I touched the stains, the leather was dry. He said he hadn't jacked off in them for a while. The mall was quiet and he said that if I stood by the door to the store room he would jack off in them and show me.

    I followed him barefoot to the entrance to the store room, he unzipped his pants and stood against the wall close to me and asked me to pull on his penis and help him get a hard on. I had never touched a penis, but touching him felt good and he got a hard on and he asked me to help him jack off. When he got pretty excited he took over and in a couple of minutes he ejaculated into the shoe. He put the shoe in front of me to see his cum, I ran my finger through it, it was slick and when I looked up he was staring at me, he had put his penis away, he asked if he could see my pussy so I pulled my pants out and let him look down. He asked me if he could touch and I let him put his hand down into my pants and feel me. We came out of it and he said we should stop, if we got caught he would lose his job.

    I went back to put my shoes on and he said he closed at nine, but it took about an hour to clean up, straighten up the store and get his paperwork done, so the earliest he could be outside the mall was ten.

    We talked but I told him I couldn't be back at ten, I didn't have a car and the bus didn't run except every hour at that time. Over the next weeks we talked at the store, sometimes his relief was there so I walked by, sometimes when I knew he was on I would wear a skirt and let him try shoes on me. Sometimes we played a game for him to guess what color panties I had on. I would keep my knees hard together and force him to open my legs to see if he won the guess. He never guessed white.

    When he was off we would meet in the food court and he would take me back into the halls of the mall and we would walk around and make out and he would feel me up. He kept telling me he was going to screw me, but he just got me hot and fingered me. I jacked him off and sucked his penis, I opened my shirt and showed him my tits, but he wouldn't screw me. I asked him why and he told me he didn't want to go to jail, he wanted to screw me but it was too risky, him being an adult and me being a minor. So all I could get was a fingering.

    I took his wallet one night, and memorized his address and on the next day off, I took the bus to his neighborhood and went to his apartment. He lived alone with a cat, his apartment was small with a small bed and one kitchen chair and small table. He didn't want me to be there, he said he was going to get in trouble. I took my pants off and my top and my underwear and bra and laid back naked on his bed and spread my legs. I didn't know what else to do, how else was he going to screw me. He wouldn't come over to me, I spread my legs wide open and asked him if he liked my pussy, because I liked his penis and I wanted him to screw me.

    I got up and went over to him, I unzipped him and took his penis in my hand and got down on my knees to suck him. After he was hard I laid down on the floor and spread my legs open. He stepped on my pussy with his shoe and pressed down until it began to hurt real bad, he almost stood on me, pressing his shoe into my pussy. He said I was a little whore and he wasn't going to go back to jail because he fucked a little whore. He threw my clothes back at me and told me to get out and not come back.

    I cried all the way home, I stopped going to the mall, and if I did I never went by the shoe store. I got screwed when I was sixteen by a kid at school, but it wasn't the same, I wanted the man at the shoe store to screw me. I finally got up enough nerve to go past the shoe store but he wasn't there. I asked the sales clerk when the older sales clerk that worked there came on. He didn't know about any older man. Several days later he told me that his boss, the manager, told him that the older man had left about a year ago, he had just quit his job one day.

    Over 20 years ago but I still think about that man and how he pressed his shoe into my pussy that night. It felt real good. It was more of the day I lost my virginity than the day that boy from school screwed me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    Back when I was 14 I sucked my dad's dick when he was asleep. My dad was a bit of a drinker and one night he had gotten blackout drunk. So I snuck into his room. It was just my dad, my brother and I that lived in the house, my mom passed away when I was 5. Anyway I had accidentally seen his dick when he was showering one night and I couldn't stop thinking about how big it was. He was about 8 inches if not bigger. So while he was passed out I carefully took his dick out of his boxers that he slept in and started licking and sucking on the head till he got hard. I was afraid the whole time he would wake up. I could barely fit it in my mouth that I gagged a few time when I tried to go deeper in my mouth. He seemed to cum so fast and I couldn't keep it all in my mouth. It tasted kinda salty and I tried to swallow some but it was too much. I left in a hurry back to my room to clean up and go to sleep leaving him there with his dick still out and covered in cum. He never asked anything about it and I never did that again. But i still think about it. My father is a good man and he did decide to quit drinking a few months from that time.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    When I was 15 I hung out with a bunch of guys in a tree house we built in the woods behind our houses. We mostly al lived on the same side of the same street and there were hundreds of acres of woods behind our houses and so we went a few hundred feet back and built a tree house there that could not be seen from any house. Of course we did it for privacy. We kept a stash of booze and porn there but we also stole electricity from one of the houses and hid the cable under leaves and so we had lights, a fridge and a TV and stereo there.

    I was second youngest of our group and the oldest was a 19 year old guy who had been held back in school three times. He was the one who got us the booze but he charged double so he made some off us but we didn't care because we got to drink booze. He's also the one who supplied most of the porn.

    So one day I went out to the tree house to jerk off to porn expecting to be alone when I found two of the older guys including the oldest and a 16 year old girl. They were all drunk. She was topless and they were playing with her tits. She offered to give me a blow job. I'd never had one so of course I said yes. I didn't even care that my two drunk friends were going to watch. It was a million times better than I imagined and she even let me play with her pussy while she sucked me. I'd never even seen a pussy live before not counting my baby sister who I used to have to give a bath to or change her diapers. Sisters don't count since I had ZERO interest in her Yuck!.

    So with nearly my entire right hand in her pussy feeling around and my other hand barely reaching her tit so I could feel her there at that same time I came down her throat. I could feel her swallowing with my dick head in the back of her throat and that just set me off. It was the best cum ever. Next she sucked off the other two guys.

    When she was done she demanded someone fuck her but we were all spent. She asked if anyone had a dildo or vibrator and we didn't but the oldest guy pulls out a pistol and says "here you can fuck this." She gave us a strange look but took the gun and looked it over and then started rubbing her self with it. Before long she was fucking her pussy with the gun. It was kind of narrow so it went in and out easily especially since she had so much slime oozing from her pussy to lubricate her pussy with. She got to pumping her self rather vigorously and we could see she was just about ready to cum and was grunting and we were all getting hard again just watching. I wanted another go at her mouth and maybe even fuck her and I was fairly certain she would let us fuck her as horny as she obviously was.

    Suddenly there was a huge loud deafening BANG! The gun went off. I don't think any of us thought the gun was loaded. I certainly had no idea. But then I also didn't know my friend even had a gun and didn't know why he would have one.

    There was blood everywhere. The bullet went up her pussy and out her chest. She was screaming hysterically clutching the exit wound with one hand still holding the gun up her pussy with the other. She rolled over moaning in agony as the gun fell out of her. She complained of the pain in her chest and about her pussy being on fire. It wasn't but the barrel of the gun must have burnt her pussy when the bullet came out. We three panicked and took off like bats out of hell.

    The three of us each ran to our respective homes hoping nobody noticed. The girl managed to crawl out of the tree house falling to the ground and crawled most of the way to one of the houses before passing out. The neighbor living at that house saw her and called an ambulance. She was still naked when she was found. She later died in the hospital. We were arrested and charged with murder as adults. But after the autopsy and after interviewing all of us and giving us all polygraph tests the police decided that while we were all behaving badly two of us were merely horny kids who took matters slightly too far. So the murder charges were dropped and I was then charged with criminal negligence for leaving the scene without helping her. One of my buddies was also charged the same. The kid with the gun was given the same charge but also was charged with child endangerment for supplying the gun. I was acquitted since the autopsy showed she would not have survived even if instantly transported to an emergency room. My one buddy was also acquitted the same way. The guy who supplied the gun was convicted of child endangerment and was sentenced to a year. He got out after four months. We were very lucky.

    To this day I get horny any time I think about a girl masturbating with a gun. But what I really want is to see a girl masturbate with a big rifle, a large caliber gun and watch her shove it deep in her pussy and bid me farewell and as she is at the height of orgasm she deliberately pulls the trigger instantly destroying her entire insides all at once.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    My earliest memory is of my mother eating me out when I was around 4 years old. From then right up to last night, she has licked me to orgasm every single night of my life including the two weeks I spent in the hospital when I was nine. I have been in love with my mother since I was a toddler. As far as I am concerned, I am her wife. My only regret is that she cannot get me pregnant. If she could I would want her baby.

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