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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    my Stepsister and I used to masturbate together periodically off and on for about a year while in early high school then for some reason we just stopped doing it. I think we were just both curious at that time. It's been over 30 years ago but the thing I will always remember most about it was how horny she got when I would cum and she would make herself climax almost immediately after watching it. Other than me rubbing her legs we never touched each other but now I fantasize about what I could have done with her but I was too shy and didn't know very much at all what to do with a girl at that age.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 31

    Quite frankly, in school I was too poor to date girls and used public transportation to get around while most of the other boys had access to cars if they did not own them. We were all in our teens by then. I had a friend, Pete, whose father was in real estate and in the upper middle class category so he had a car. He took a liking to me because I was good at sports and for reasons I could never understand, if you were a jock, kids looked up to you as if you were a hero. Being poor was not a shameful thing to me so Pete knew I did not have a pot to piss into.
    I liked Pete because, while worthless in sports he was a very funny kid and had a good memory for jokes, he said, like his Uncle who was a walking encyclopedia of jokes.

    One of the kids who "looked up" to me was Ginny, who had stark red hair and so bright that Pete and I had a private five dollar bet on that she used Kool Aid or something to dye it. Pete swore it was dyed and I did not agree. To complicate things, one had to see Ginny as she was then, a skinny little girl with short, brilliant red hair and over-sized eye glasses that gave her a bug-like appearance. Pete had known her in grade school. I did not. Despite the skinny, bug look, she was sort off cute to me and had a nice little posterior that she did not hide, wearing tight jeans. Pete said that Ginny was "sexually liberated, to put is nicely," He has heard about it.

    For months, she kept showing up where Pete and I were hanging out. I thought it was her long acquaintance with Pete and he assured me that what it was, the little girl had a crush on me. I shrugged it off. Then, one time, Pete said to her, "Ginny, tell us what you use to dye your hair that color? She said, "Are you nuts? Why would I dye my hair." They argued a bit then Ginny looked around the tennis court where we were and quickly dropped her jeans to show us a little V shaped mop of red hair down below.

    Not long after that, I was alone in Pete's car taking a nap, sound asleep, when I was rudely awakened. It was Ginny, kissing me, open-mouthed and she got her tongue inside my mouth where it moved like it had a life of its own. She said, "You're seen my goods and now we will fuck and we will fuck a lot." A bit shocked, I said, "Ginny,
    you can't go around telling people things like that. She said, "Why not" and continued to kiss me in the same way, her little body writhing, on fire. It's a blur from that point but I do recall her taking out my erect penis and mounting and riding me. That was my first sexual experience and I never disclosed that to her.

    She waved her hips around in a figure-eight fashion while she rode me. I could not believe what was happening, Two girls walked by the car, giggling, while Ginny did me up special. She felt me shuddering and said, "Go ahead and come in me, I'm protected, honest." With that I felt like my entire genital area had launched off into space. After that, the little, skinny bug-girl owned me. It lasted until we graduated HS and through all of college.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 22

    This happened a few years ago when I was still a kid. My dad's best friend works nights so they hardly see each other. As a consequence, I did not grow up knowing him well. One time while visiting I over heard dad's friend complaining about his teenage daughter, Irene, and it went like..."It might be her red hair but she is a crazy wild child and the only thing I could do is at least get her to insist the boys wear condoms."

    I had heard of Irene but never met her. They lived clearly across town so the chance was rare. When I got my driver's permit, dad asked me to take his friend's reading glasses and drop him off at the house. It was daylight and so the fellow must have been asleep.

    I called ahead, got Irene on the phone and asked her if she could be there to take the glasses. She said her dad had several duplicates but she would be there. On the way over I recalled what I heard her father say about Irene. I was not even in the room so no one could know. When I got there, I had no idea what Irene looked like but knowing she was sexually active turned me on. As it turned out, she was no Victoria's Secret model and had little lumps for tits under her torn T-shirt, but she wore torn denim jeans, with bare knees showing through and she really filled those jeans with a little bubble ass. Her frizzly hair was red but not like fake red, almost a strawberry blonde. I found myself unusually attracted to her.

    Irene invited me in saying that her dad had a day off, out hunting with friends and they usually never shot even a squirrel but always ended up at a tavern drinking beer and bullshitting. She glanced at me with strange,, long looks and said, "Shit, I know all about you, your dad raves about you to my dad on the phone. Apparently, you are a hot jock in school. Why the hell did he not say how good looking you are?" We circled each other, looking at each other and she silently took the glasses from me and placed them carefully on the table.

    It felt like Irene could read my mind, or that she was just turning on her imagination. Something was happening. Automatically, I reached out, took her hand and brought it to my mouth and kissed it. She said, "Oh WOW, no one has ever done that to me." Pulling her toward me, I kissed her forehead and cheeks. She she started shivering and said, "Holy shit, what is happening here?" I pulled up her torn T shirt and started kissing and sucking her tiny stub-teats. In my mind I knew exactly how horny boys had approached her and decided to do the opposite.

    We had open mouthed kisses and I kissed her closed eyes. I felt her hips moving involuntarily, like meeting a man's thrusts. I knew she was now red-hot. I squeezed her tight little ass while we kissed, deeply. Then, I whispered in her ear..."are you a virgin." She was silent, then said,, no, I'm not." Right answer, went my thinking, she's honest. Quivering, she said, "So this is the way it should really happen? Who ARE YOU?" I said, "Just the son of your dad's best friend." She said, "Well, where the HELL have you been?"

    I kissed her forehead, asked for a pen and paper and wrote my cell phone number down an said, "In case you want to get together soon." She said, "Try and stop me."

    I drove home with blue balls, almost regretting decision not to fuck her, where I knew she would but I was going to play Irene straight solidly into me. I liked everything about her, and she had a mind. When I got home, an hour went by and my phone rang. It was Irene. She said a few words, but then, I knew Irene was mine. She knew that she had kissed her last frog that had remained a frog. A few years later and we're still together...and bound to remain that way.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 40

    so I am a girl who liked boys and dicks, so I had to learn this some how back of the shed and in the cow shed touching up nice places on older boys and them doing that to me, so what, it felt good at the time but not as I got older shame and guilt set in. my mother used to baby sit boys and sometimes they would come and play with me and touch me and I would get horny and at the same time I was being m****ted by a few older boys and girls and also by local men. I didn't want to look like the "cry wolf" girl so said nothing. but what ever I did wrong god knows and I know and its that that bad as was done to me, I just rubbed pussy up against a kids body during a afternoon nap that we often had together and I think yeh what I did was bad and I was just doing as a game the others did to me. but god knows why I did it and that is all that matters. I've been told I am not to blame because I was only copying older kids and men and sexually interested in other boys myself and I just rubbed my pussy on his parts while we napped after lunch. I wasn't sure if he was asleep or not often he would cuddle with me and we would read books and watch tv and eat together and play games and I would feed him and bath him and I didn't ever harm him or physically hurt him and it was just a once time rub up with hardly any clothes on in summer, that morning we had played in the rubber mini kids pool together and were just about naked and talking about body parts and I was thinking of the games the older kids did to me and thought it was normal and just did them because I was only 5 and he was only 3. I never meant him harm. I liked him and his brother a lot. I had heaps of sexual little boy experiences and people calling boys my boyfriend as a child. I did do some sexual games with some of them and their brothers that were not that bad just hide and touch and seek-out touchy places games with our eyes closed games, doctors and nurses sexual touch games, paddy-wack sexy games in a truth or dare game where we had to dare and one was to bare bum wack a boys bum with a leaf branch, and also skinny dips, and sexy dance that my older cousins had done to me. looking through books and drawing vulgar pictures and words games and where's my tities my aunty used to do with her own child. I feel so bad now, but I was just a huge copycat then at 5.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    When I was 16 I used to do a lot of camping on my friends property with him and his sister. Weâd either just sleep outside or weâd set up two tents.

    His sister was a hottie. They are twins. Sheâd usually strip down to just her tank top and her panties to go to sleep. My friend and I would strip down to just our white briefs.

    One night she asked if I would sleep in her tent because she felt safer with someone around. So I stripped to just my underwear and age said I think tighty whites are so cute and hot. I turned red and didnât know what to say.

    I got into my sleeping bag and she stripped to her tank and panties and climbed and my sleeping bag! I couldnât help but get a erection. She told me she has had a crush on me for a while and wanted to let me know. She kissed me and grabbed the front of my briefs. She pulled away and said hard already!

    So that night I lost my virginity to her. We took each others virginity. Obviously sex didnât last too long, I cane fairy quick. She got on top of me to ride my hairy cock with her hairy vagaina. Once I cummed she got off and we went to sleep.

    After that night weâve been together ever since. Obviously weâre better at sex now but still talk about the first time

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 46

    When I was 12 I was approached in the park by an older man who offered me $25 if I would pull down my shorts and let him play with my dick. My first thought was to run but I really wanted the money, so I agreed.

    He took me behind some tall bushes where I dropped my shorts. My dick was, at that point, just starting to grow, but it was still only a couple of inches long. Also, I was just starting to sprout a few pubes around the base of my dick.

    The man started to fondle my dick and in a minute or two it got hard, about 3 inches. As the man stroked my dick back and forth it started to tingle. When I moaned he put my dick in his mouth and started to suck. It wasn't long before the tingling very intense. A moment later, I came for the first time. I don't know if it was wet or dry, but it felt good.

    The whole episode couldn't have taken more than 5 or 6 minutes. The man then paid me the $25 and I went on my way.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    When I was 15 I lived in what was then rural, farm country. I needed to take the school but else I would have to walk an hour or so each way. One day a farm lady (what I called her, mostly because of her dress) saw me walking along side the road and stopped her truck. I noticed she had a ragged cotton dress and wore "clodhoppers" or large boots. She was pleasant looking, as I estimated, around 52 or so, reminded me of my own mother as she wore no makeup, not even lipstick, and looked like her hair had never been touched by anyone but herself in a hurry.

    In time, she picked me up in her truck a good number of times. She loved to talk and went on and on about her family, her life, her farmer husband who had a heart attack while clearing fields, etc. I had to struggle to stay awake. One day after I missed the bus again (I often stayed late to get extra match instructions, that I had lots of trouble with), she picked me up again and started chatting. It was my birthday so I told her I had just turned 16. She pulled the truck up to the side of the road in the middle of nowhere and said, "Gosh, sonny, does anyone know about your birthday today?" I said, "no."

    She leaned over and kissed me on the mouth, nothing special but I had never kissed a woman or girl before and I got a raging hard-on. She spotted it and said, "I hope that doesn't hurt, take it out." She wanked me a few strokes, got behind the wheel and drove off the road on a small trail to a spot surrounded by trees. She asked if I ever made love to a woman and I said, "Not yet." She fucked me then and there, non-stop, while I kept coming and remained erect for a good hour or so as the sky began to darken.

    I could not believe how good it felt nor can I really describe it. She sweated a bit on her forehead and I noticed a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose that I had not noticed before. She was really into our sessions that took place several times a week as she would actually pick me up at school almost daily. We were lovers until I graduated from HS.

    My mom's older brother had gone from seaman recruit to flag officer and retired with a large pension. He moved us out of the rural farm country to live in a fairly large city. I said farewell to my beloved farm lady and never forgot her.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    I was raised by my mother only, a quiet intense woman only eighteen years older than me. We were very close, - I was a bright kid, and matured early under her guidance. One day, exploring the attic, I opened am old steamer trunk, and found a host of strange stuff...chains, belts, locks, hoods, and a rolled up thingy that looked like a thin sleeping-bag, which sort of rustled, and smelled strongly of rubber....for some reason this thing spoke to me, and I became fascinated, obsessed even. by it. I began to unzip it and crawl inside, then zip it up and just lie there. experiencing the surprisingly pleasing felt better if I took my clothes off was inevitable that Mom would find me like that, and sure enough she did! She was so angry! She was like a whole different person, half-yelling at me, and stuff about being just like my father - who had died in a car crash years before. Finally when she paused for breath, I said humbly - "Gee I'm sorry Mom! Didn't mean to upset you, but this bag thingy feels so good - it's just...right somehow.....I really want to stay like this.." She sighed and said "I may regret this, but for your own good, I HAVE to discourage you from doing this!" and she tied me into the bag, neck, waist and knees! "You can stay in there for the weekend! Maybe that will cure you!" she snapped, and left the attic! I had some kind of small zippered opening across my mouth, and two small holes right over my nostrils, so I wasn't in danger of suffocating or anything. I actually really liked the complete helplessness, and the occasional erection I'd experienced without understanding, became almost constant, although I was unable to touch it, my arms trapped above the belt thingy at my waist! At some stage she returned, and said "Ready to give up on this foolishness?" I said "No. Ma'am...I don't care how long you keep me like this!" She got mad, and stormed off, and another spell of strange pleasurable solitude enveloped me. Finally after three attempts, she gave up, and said "We need to talk. I guess.....your father was just like you, in this matter, strangely....I didn't know it could be hereditary...I tried to discourage him, and then one day....well it didn't matter any more - but you can imagine what a shock it was to find you, like this!" I mumbled I was sorry, but she said "No, it's not really your fault.....mow we have to decide what to do about it!" Quickly I said "Make a deal - I'll work real hard at school. get good grades, if you keep me tied like this when I'm we have a deal? Please, Mom? I'll be the best, most obedient son anyone could want......" She sighed, and said lightly "Your dick is hard, isn't it?" I replied "Yes Ma'am! Nearly all the time!" She groaned and said "I was afraid of that!" She went on "Okay smarty-pants you have a deal! Now don't make me regret it! You can tell NOBODY about this! Or I'll get in serious trouble and they'll take you away from me! You hear me, you stupid young idiot?" Then she unzipped the other zipper I hadn't noticed, and my whole goodies burst out sweatily, into the open. She took hold of me, and five glorious minutes later, I had my very first orgasm! Afterwards she said "I guess now you want out!" No Ma'am! I don't! I just want to lie here and think about what happened, over and over! Please tell me you'll do it again? Please PLEASE PLEASE? Twenty something years later. she's still doing it, and I am happier than I ever dreamed possible! I have a reputation as weird, still single, still living with my Mom, but I don't care, and I'm sure there aren't many if any girls my age who would indulge what has become a full-blown addiction, for me, like my Mom does!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 49

    Until I was 9 years old my mother would bathe me and my 2 younger brothers every Sunday night for school the next day. She would use a washcloth on our private parts but when she washed mine my penis would always get hard. At that point she would always say "you will make the girls happy some day". I never quite understood what she was talking about, but a few years later, I finally figured it out.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 37

    When I was 14 I had a permanent erect penis and, it was noticeable no matter what I did. One of my classmates, a pretty but chubby girl in pig-tails and a winning smile, said, "Let's go under the stands by the tall grass and I will show you something my daddy taught me to do and that I do well. She proceeded to lick my balls, jerk me and then really suck my boner energetically, until it fired off about eight strings into her mouth. I recall her taking it all gleefully and afterwards, asking, "See, you loved it didn't you? Daddy does."

    I followed her into the stands for about six months after that for further education by little miss pig tails until it got too cold. I don't recall why it ended but I'll never forget that first time.

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