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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 23

    Last month I learned that the woman who gave birth to me was not the woman who raised me. The people who raised me who have been dead for over a year are my grandparents, and the woman I thought was my older sister was my mother.

    Not only that, but my mother told me that at the time I was born, she had never had a boyfriend. The only person she had had sex with was her father. The man who raised me.

    She said her mother never knew about that, that she told her it was a boy from school who had gotten her pregnant.

    She told me that it didn't stop once she got pregnant and gave birth. She had a sexual relationship with him until the day he died.

    It took me most of the past month to fully process this before talking to her again yesterday.

    Yesterday she told me that family means more to her than anything. That she never regretted being with him, and she didn't regret giving birth to me because of it. And before we hung up, she asked me to honestly consider whether I wanted to have sex with her. She said it was up to me, and that the offer stands if I ever decide that I want to.

    I spent 23 years looking up to her as my older sister, and while I may have had fantasies about her every so often, I've heard others say that that's normal for a little brother. Now I know she's my mother. She's 35, and she's beautiful.

    Maybe I'm just thinking with my dick but if she was not related to me and she gave me this offer I would be at her house right now, and even though she is, it's getting harder and harder not to get in my car and go see her.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 23

    I was sixteen at the time. Almost seventeen. I was in with the wrong crowd and making stupid decisions. One night at a parking lot party, I met an older guy. He was nice. Bought us beer and cigarettes. I even did a few lines with him (first time). We talked a but and he wrote down an address on my forearm and told me to look for him the next day if I wanted to make some money. I'm sure he knew I was underage but neither one of us brought it up.
    The next day, my older brother dropped me off at the bus stop like any other monday but instead of going to school, I decided to ride the bus a little longer. I rode the bus into the city. Deep into the city. A real bad neighborhood too. I must have walked eight blocks before I got to the address the man had given me the night before. It was a combination of curiosity and wanting to make some money (although I didn't know how I would be doing that yet).
    It was an old brick building with a red door. I walked in and a big, long haired man at the end of the hall was guarding the curtain. I was sure he wasn't going to let me in but he didn't even think twice as he opened the curtain for me. As I emerged into the club, I saw a beautiful naked woman dancing on stage and the captivating music thundered at my feet. I took a seat at the bar and waited to see if I can spot the man I was looking for.
    "Are you looking for hank?" Asked the bartender. She was a pretty blond lady with her tits out. I said I was and she directed me toward the office. I knocked twice and then let myself in slowly. I see the older man from last night on the phone with a cigar between his fingers. He signals for me to take a seat and I nervously did so. And I waited.
    Eventually, he hang up and we began taking. He mentioned he wanted to hire me as a dancer and that he thought I could make tons of money for him. I told him I was sixteen but he told me he wouldn't tell if I didnt. And if anyone asked I was nineteen. He said there was two other girls my age but nowhere near as pretty. He explained how things worked. I would be paid for every dance I gave. Topless paid $10, full nude paid $25 and vip paid $100 plus any tips I get I can keep. I was hesitant but also tempted.
    Once I agreed, he said I would have to audition like all the other girls. He had me stand up and explained that before he hired me to dance nude, he'd have to see what I look like without clothes. I had never done anything like this and my hands were shaking as I removed my shirt. I want wearing a bra that day. He stretched his arm across his desk and groped my big tits. He moaned to himself quietly then he told me to turn around and pull my pants down slowly. I did so, again nervously. He tried using a soothing tone but I was still slightly shaking. As I slid my panties down to my ankles, he had me bend over and arch my back. Again, he reached across and began grabbing me. I really wanted the job so I wasn't about to stop him. He said he was going to test my fluid levels and put his finger inside me. I squeezed my stomach muscles as he did. I had never been fingered by another person until then.
    I was still nervous but conflicting with arousal. He was fingering me vigorously as I bent over the chair in his office. I was pretty much his at this point. He had get up on his desk with my knees and bend over with my butt up in the air. He said he was going to do coke off my ass. He put come on my butt hole and snorted it as he licked and kissed my pussy. Wasn't long before he was licking my butt hole too.
    By this point I was fairly new to sex and hadn't done any of the things he was doing to me. It was all new and exciting to me.
    "You know what I'm going to do next?" He asked. "You're going to fuck me?" I replied. He called me a good girl as he put his head up to the opening of my pussy. I asked him if he was going to put a condom on but he laughed and said he doesn't wear condoms. The length of his penis disappeared inside me as my jaw dropped and my insides quivered.
    I was still on my knees over his desk with his dick pounding at my raw pussy without protection when another older man came in and sat down at the chair next to us. He and the man fucking me talked as if they were at a meeting. Like I wasn't even there. Getting fucked.
    The second man walked over in front of me and unzipped his pants revealing the biggest dick I'd ever seen. Flaccid, it was still a good seven inches. He just dangled it in front of me but I didn't know if my boss would want me to. I look back at him as he's thrusting at me with his hips, all sweaty and out of breath. His shirt was now off I realized I didn't know how hairy he was until then. Before any sign of permission was given, the second man forced his cock passed my lips and I began sacking him off. He pulled my hair and made me deep throat him. My eyes were watering and my make up was running but he didn't seem to care.
    I felt my boss start to slow down and he started to moan louder. He grabbed onto my hips and thrust forward real hard as he came inside me. I wasn't on the pill but there was nothing could have done. I was his. His dick was pulsing inside me and I could feel his hot semen running out of my pussy and down my leg.
    As he cleaned himself off, he gave permission to the other man for sloppy seconds. The other man then got behind me and slowly slid his throbbing cock inside me. Once he was in, in could feel him hitting my cervix with every thrust. My boss stepped in front of me with his cock still twitching and put a line of coke on it. I turned away but he slapped my face mildly and whispered for me to do it. I snorted the powder off his cock and then cleaned it off with my tongue. I found it really difficult to suck cock and get fucked from behind at the same time but I'm guessing I did a good job because my boos came again. He squirted cum in my mouth, on my face and on my hair. He told me to swallow but I was hesitant. I ended up doing it though.
    The second man was still hard at work behind me and only stopped every few minutes to catch his breath. It wasn't long for before he relieved himself inside me too.
    My boss told me not to move until he tells me to. I stayed there kneeling on his desk with my butt exposed all sticky with two men's cum when I realized the office door was open. Everyone in the club could clearly see my butthole and pussy had just been fucked.
    He tells me I am hired and i will ave to do this for him and his partners regularly. I will also have regular clients who will pay for the vip dance and pay him extra just to fuck me and I wasn't allowed to say no. I agreed and he wiped me down with a towel and had me get dressed and that I start that same night. He gave a few hundred dollars to buy some lingerie and sent me on my well fucked way.
    I worked for him for two years until he went to prison for murder. I haven't seen or heard from him since but I am forever addicted to the slut life he introduced me to.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    We lived in a rural area, my dad work out of town during the week and mom went back to work when I was old enough to stay home by myself. I was the only child and our nearest neighbor is about a mile away from us, so I stay home most of the time after school. I am either doing my homework or playing video games until mom get home. I am not good at any sports and was told I was a nerd.

    One day I was curious about my mom and dad bedroom, I was always told to stay away I can't go inside. This time I didn't I was snooping around to see what they have in their bedroom. I know when they have sex they are very loud to the point when I am in the front of the house playing video games I can hear them. Mom always say fuck me and moaning so loud and dad always say you bitch and c**t out loud. I keep snooping around and found porn movies and adult toys. One of the toys was a double dong dildo. I am looking at it and didn't know what to make out of this, later I found out dad like to get fuck in the ass by mom.

    Anyway I decided to watch some porn movies while no one is home but me. As I was watching the movie my mom walk in and said what in the world are you doing in my bedroom. I didn't know she had gotten off work early and I told her I was sorry and just curious about the porn movies and wanted to watch it and it won't happen again. She said wait until daddy come home this weekend and what I am about to tell him. I was scare to shit because dad is a big guy and he could hurt me bad. I told mom please don't tell dad because I don't know what he will do. Mom said put away all the stuff I had out and walk out the room.

    Mom is getting dinner started the whole time she was quite about the situation. I didn't know she was mad or what so I just left it alone and not say anything until she start to say something. After dinner I went to my room play video games and mom went to take a shower. As I am playing the video game mom yell down the hallway and said come here. I am thinking what does she want and she haven't say much to me most of the night. I went to her bedroom to found her naked in bed, she said you are curious about sex and here I am naked what do you think of your mommy. I told her you look sexy and better than the one in the porn movies. She like to hear that and told me get in the shower and clean yourself up and get into bed with me. I didn't wast anything but to clean up real fast.

    I got into bed, first thing she wanted me to do was to eat her pussy. She spread her legs wide open and she use both hands to open her pussy lips so I can go deep inside. She was telling me the whole time how she wanted her pussy to be eaten and what feels good. My mouth was so fucking wet with her pussy juices and she was moaning so loud. Now I know dad must of giving her good pussy eaten. By now I am so horny and my cock is rock hard. Mom ask me to get on top of her to do 69 so we can both enjoy it. Here I am fucking my mom mouth while I am eating her pussy. Mom was about to cum and told me to get up and turn around to fuck her. I was fucking her feeling her pussy tighten up every stroke, it feel so good, then she cum and my cock was feeling her pussy squeezing in. Then it was my turn to cum inside of her pussy and I cum so hard she said she could feel me throbbing inside of her pussy.

    I asked mom if she was going to tell dad what I did and she said she doesn't know and see what happen. The weekend came and dad got home. I was scare not knowing if mom was going to say anything at all. We were all quite at the dinner table and it feel so weird about it. After dinner I do my usual things going to my bedroom and play video games and mom and dad going about their usual things in their bedroom. Then all of sudden I hear dad yelling down the hallway and said come her son really loud. I though oh shit mom had told him I am in deep shit, came to found out he was mad at all.

    I went into their bedroom and they both were nude in bed and waiting for me to join them. This time dad said go clean your little ass up and come to bed with us. After I clean myself up I got into bed and this time dad push me down on the bed and quickly grab my cock start sucking on it. Then mom join in to suck daddy cock and I start licking mommy pussy. We were having threesome and is great. We all take turns sucking and licking each other. That was my first time sucking cock, he had to tell me what to do just like mom. I guess their is a right way and the wrong way of sucking cock. They got some toys out and mom put on her double dong dildo and I was watching her fucking daddy in the ass. I ask dad doesn't that hurts and he said no son it feel good. The first time it did but after while is feels good and as me to try it. I said okay, so they both put a lot of lube in my asshole and mom slowly pushing it in. It did hurt at first but she waited until I said okay i am fine so she start fucking me in the ass. We all cum that night and it was a night we all won't forget. Dad said now you can take care mommy when I am away to work and mom said yes you do. I said you don't have to worry about it I will do just that.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 28

    I was 8. He was 12.

    We'd been sneaking off to fool around for weeks. He told me that to get someone preagnant u peed in them. We were at his grandma's old un-lived-in house. No neighbors, secluded dirt road in rural MS.

    He'd been drinking my pee when I said I had to go while he was sucking me. Today he wanted to pee on me. To get me preagnant. Lol...

    We got off the old bed and onto the wood floor and I sat Indian style while he stood over me. It was just a little but it excited me very much.

    Prolly why I developed the WS fetish....

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    âWhen I was a kid, we played doctor and Iâll show you mine if you show me yours, but all kids do that. The first real sexual experience I had was in middle school. There was this family down the street I used to babysit for. They had a son, Jeremy, who was in high school, old enough to drive so he must have been 16 or 17. He didnât want to babysit for his little sister, so they would hire me. It was always the first and third Saturday of every month. They never told me where they were going, but they were always very late coming home. I usually slept on the couch and walked home in the morning before anyone woke up.
    I thought Jeremy was really cute and I used to fantasize about him. One night, he came home earlier than usual, while I was still awake. He said he and his girlfriend had a fight and were probably breaking up. He went to the refrigerator and took out a beer. He asked if I wanted one. I wanted to impress him so I said âSureâ, even though I had never had beer or any other alcohol before.
    He sat down in the recliner and began talking to me like he was really interested. I couldnât believe this older cute guy wanted to talk to me. He asked me about school, what activities I liked, my favorite bands, if I had any boyfriends and if I had ever kissed a guy before. He listened to every answer looking right at me. Between the beer and the attention my head was swimming.
    After a while, he moved from the recliner to the other end of the couch where I was sitting. He patted the cushion next to him, signaling me to move next to him. Of course I moved right away. He put his arm around me and pulled me close. Without saying a word he turned and gave me a long kiss. I had never been kissed with a tongue before and it scared me at first, but then I returned with my own. My heart was pounding and I thought I was going to faint.
    He continued kissing me, my mouth, neck, face. He was gentle and very sensuous. I felt so inexperienced and awkward and didnât know how to return his attention or let him know I liked it. Then his hand moved to my chest. I had started to develop breasts and my A size bras were starting to get small on me. I wanted him to touch me there, hell I wanted him to touch me everywhere, but it was moving faster than I could deal with. I pushed his hand gently away. He asked if I liked him and I said I did but just needed to go slower. He said his parents wouldnât be home for a few hours so we had plenty of time to take it slower.
    He continued nuzzling and kissing my neck with shorter, less passionate kisses on the mouth. He knew how to seduce. He asked if I knew where his parents went when I babysat for them. I guessed they were out with their friends. He laughed and asked if I knew what swingers were. I thought they were just people who liked to go out and have fun but I was about to learn more.
    He left and came back in a minute with a lock-box, the kind people keep important documents in. He went over to the desk, found a paperclip, straightened it and opened the box as quickly as if he had the key. He told me to come over and look.
    The box was filled with Polaroid pictures. Immediately I saw that the people in the pictures were nude or mostly nude and that most of them they were having sex, every kind of sex. I had seen porn before. One of my girlfriendsâ dads had a large selection and she shared it with us whenever we had the opportunity. But, I had never seen amateur or homemade porn before. These were real people like you might see in the grocery store, not models or actors. They were every shape and size and all obviously enjoying themselves with each other. Everyone whose mouth wasnât busy, was smiling and laughing. It was the first time I had seen such a lighthearted attitude towards sex. For these people, it was not forbidden fruit, it was candy and they were kids loose in the candy store.
    As we flipped though hands full of pictures, I noticed that Jeremyâs parents were in many of them. They were having lots of sex, but never with each other. I felt a rush of conflicting emotions. I wanted to know about their swinging and I didnât want to know. I wanted to see them and I didnât want to see them. In the end, curiosity and libido won out and we went through half the box, perhaps a couple hundred pictures, before Jeremy decided I had seen enough.
    Jeremy took the pictures that were still in my hand, put them back in the box, closed it and left the room to return it to its hiding spot. He came back and plopped in the chair and asked me what I thought. I thought my panties were so wet that I was glad I was wearing dark jeans. Still, I kept my legs together just in case. âWowâ was all I could think to say.
    He told me that as we sat there, that at that very moment, they were at a party at a friendâs house with other couples, all naked and all having sex with each other. He said that they told him about their swinging a couple of years before when he started to figure things out. And then he said, âDidnât it look like everyone in the pictures was having fun? Why should they get to have all the fun while we just sit here?â
    I didnât have an answer for him but somehow he knew, and Iâll never know how, but he knew the one button to push that would put me over the edge. He said if I didnât do what he wanted, he would tell his parents that he came home early and found me and a boy naked and smoking grass. Well that was it, I could pretend now that I had no choice in the matter. I was his and couldnât say no. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I would come out of my chest.
    He stood up and told me to stand up too. He began feeling me up over my clothes. I just stood there and tried not to respond. He lifted my arms and pulled my shirt off and then undid my bra. He was the first man to see my breasts since they had started to develop. I closed my eyes and he began kissing and playing with my tits, sucking on the nipples. I was so turned on I knew there was nothing I wasnât going to do that night. I stopped trying to remain silent and nonresponsive and gave in to the urges. I put my arms around his head and held it close to my chest as he continued to suck on my nipples.
    He undid my jeans and pushed them down to my ankles. I stepped out of them.â
    âAre you sure you want to hear this Mike? It was long before you, but still...â
    âOh please, go on.â He begged still slowly stroking.
    âOkay&a circ; I took a deep breath and continued
    âAll I had left were my panties and I hoped he would take them off me before he noticed how soaked they were, but it was too late. He told me I must be really enjoying myself as he rubbed the back of his knuckles up and down the soaked crotch of my panties before also pushing them down and off.
    Now I was standing in front of him, completely naked, and he still had all his clothes on. I felt exposed, powerless and vulnerable. Even in my most wild fantasies, I had never felt so turned on. My nipples almost hurt from being so hard and my pussy was throbbing.
    Jeremy unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside. He was on the swim team and his body showed it. He kicked off his loafers and took off his socks and told me take off his jean
    My hands were trembling so bad I could barely undo his belt, but I managed. I unbuttoned and unzipped and pushed his jeans down and he stepped out of them. He was wearing boxers and I couldnât believe how far his erection was pushing them towards me. He told me to take them off.
    I grasped either side of his shorts and pulled them down. His cock sprung out at me and I could not help but gasp. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I had seen lots of hard cocks looking at my girlfriendâs dadâs porn collection, but this was the first one in real life. It stuck straight out, hard and proud. I was frozen by its presence, but Jeremy broke the spell. He placed his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me to my knees. He placed one hand on the back of my head and guided his cock towards my mouth with the other. The moment it touched my lips it sent a shock from my pussy through my body. I opened my lips and welcomed the head into my mouth. It felt like something I had craved all my life, but didnât know it. I wanted to suck his cock for hours but he had other plans.
    I continued to give Jeremy the best blowjob I could, learning as I went. I tried to remember what I had seen in the porn mags, sucking and licking his cock and balls, using both my hands as well as my mouth. He encouraged me with moans and telling me when I did things he liked.
    I was thoroughly lost in sucking my first cock and donât know how long it lasted when he pulled back and lifted me to my feet. My head was spinning so badly I had trouble balancing. Jeremy held me up and moved me to the couch. He lifted and spread my ankles to give maximum access to my pussy. He knelt before me and began gently licking my labia. He slowly increased the pressure until his tongue was spreading my lips and licking my clit. He varied the pressure and speed alternately teasing and then driving me to the brink of orgasm but backing off each time he thought I was about to cum.
    This went on for 15 or 20 minutes. I was so aroused; I was like an animal that was out of control. I needed to cum. Jeremy stood up, lifted me from the couch and told me to get on all fours on the floor. He knelt behind me and placed the tip of his cock just at the entrance to my vagina. He told me to fuck myself with his cock
    I had long ago learned to love the feeling of penetration and had broken my hymen with objects I used for masturbation. I was a virgin only to a penis. Iâm sure Jeremy was surprised how easily and eagerly I pushed back as his cock disappeared inside of me. We both let out loud groans as my tight pussy took the length of his shaft. I began rocking forward and back as Jeremy remained still, but the feeling was too much for him and he began countering my rocking with his own thrusting. Our fucking became almost violent as the pleasure took control of our bodies. It only took about a minute for his orgasm and his triggered mine. He continued to fuck me until both had subsided. We parted, sitting on the floor together, trying to catch our breath and both covered with sweat.
    We showered together and then parted to the places he parents would expect to find us, he in his bed and me laying on the living room couch. I was still so turned on from the nights events that I had to unzip my jeans and give myself one more orgasm before drifting off to sleep.
    Jeremyâs parents got home about 3:00 AM and despite their best efforts made enough noise to wake me for a look at the clock. I awoke with the first light of day in the room. I knew they would be sleeping hard from a night of drinking and fucking. I got up, sneaked into Jeremyâs room and woke him with a kiss on the cheek. He rolled over and smiled at me. I reached under the covers to find he was sleeping only in boxers. It only took a couple of stokes to get his cock hard and protruding through the fly. I threw back the covers and went to work giving him the second blow job of my life. Without a word, he understood that this was a quickie before I left and let himself cum after only a few minutes of sucking. I collected his cum in my mouth, showed it to him and then swallowed it, something porn had taught me men liked. I kissed him on the cheek, turned and left for home with the $20 I got for babysitting. In my mind I pretended that the money was for the sex and that I was now a prostitute.
    When I got home, Mom was already up sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. I told her that I hadnât got a lot of sleep the night before and was going to go back to bed for a while. I went into my bedroom, stripped off my clothes and crawled into bed. Lying on my stomach, my hands immediately were between my legs. The weight of my body provided the pressure so that I only needed to add the motion of my fingers. I relived the night before and the morning. I fantasized about the next babysitting night with Jeremy coming home after his parents left for their own night of fucking. And I fantasized about attending swinging parties myself, fucking every guy and maybe the girls too.
    My Pandora was definitely out of the box and there was no way it was ever going back in. Sex became an obsession and I became a master of manipulating situations and partners to make it happen.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    When I was a kid back in the 70's and early 80's my life was a one huge pile of shit just a huge hell hole. My fucking old man was the biggest ass hole you could meet the stereotypical white trash. Beat the shit out of me and my Mom drank like a fish and spent money like it was water. He had a good job and made good money just never had any. He was a big man not in fat just big burly stood 6 foot tall and had big working mans hands. If not for my Mom I would have ran off years ago. I was the product of my Dad knocking up the Prom Queen my Mom said he was a bad boy that's whet attracted her to him. All I saw was a huge dumb ass piece of shit. We lived in a run down single wide trailer with thin walls roasted our asses off in the summer and froze them off in the winter. The walls were so thin I could hear them fight and fuck in their room. He must have road my Mom hard because when they went at it the whole fucking place would shake.

    Just when I thought things could not get worse they did he put my Mom in the hospital after beating her up one night and that left me alone with him. I was not very big I had been sick after being born and had a hard time gaining weight so I was skinny and had not hit my growth spurt at age 14 when all this happened so I was still afraid of the bastard. The night after he beat Mom he did not come home until the next day. He brought some skank home and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her in my Moms bed. I heard he yelling fuck me fuck me. I put a pillow over my head but could still hear them. i heard her say no and he slapped her then heard him say I am going to rip into your ass. I heard her scream as i guess he slammed his cock up her ass. She kept screaming stop but he kept plowing her. I heard him yell Oh my fucking GOD and a few more squeaks of the bed springs and then silence except her crying I heard him tell her to get the fuck out. I had no door on my room and saw her rush by nude with her cloths in her arms.

    I went to see Mom after school but i dint tell her what happened. She asked about my old man and I told her he was fine saw no reason to worry her when she was healing. He messed her up pretty bad her face was all purple her eye looked like she had stitches. They told the hospital she had a car wreck but they had seen her enough times they knew what happened. I walked home and fixed the old man something to eat and left it in the oven to keep it warm. I did not see him for 3 days and it was actually nice at home. On the forth day it was late I was up watching a Horror movie when he cam busting in the door drunk off his ass he fell into the living room. He lay there for a bit moaning and slurring his speech. I got up to go to my room and he grabbed my leg WHERE YOU GOING he yelled. I just stopped and stood there no point fighting with him if I did he would come after me down the hall and beat me. HELP ME TO THE FUCKING SHOWER. With his size and mine all I could do was be there to steady him. Got him to the bathroom and he slumped on the toilet. i turned on the water checked it and stood there while he used me as a steady hold and took off his clothes. I had seen him in his underwear he often walked around that way and knew he was big down there but had never seen it. He almost slipped in the shower and reach for me almost pulling me in. I came face to dick so to speak and he was huge. he sat on the bathtub floor and let the water run over him. I shut the curtain and went to my room. I fell asleep then I heard him yell WHO FUCKING USED ALL TH FUCKING HOT WATER!!! I heard him getting out of the tub and lumber down the hall to my room. He stood naked in the door taking up the whole space yelling about the hot water. I was still half asleep when i felt him grab my arm and pull me out of bed and drag me down the hall pushing me into the cold shower I only had my underwear on and it was cold. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU LIKE IT FUCK STICK he yelled. I stood in the cold shower as he yelled at me. I wanted to say he used the hot water but did not dare.

    I just stood there and looked at him he got a look in his eye and I could see his dick was hard. He had a mean evil look like I had never seen even when he beat me. he jerked me out of the shower and dragged me down to his room. He threw me across the room and I hit my head against the wall. He pinned me on the bed and ripped my underwear off. I could smell the beer and cigarettes on his breath as he said close to my face in a breathy voice. You are going to do what your Mom can not since she is not here because of you. He clamped his big hand over my mouth and spit on his hand and smeared it on his dick. I was afraid as he propped my legs up i could feel his spit wet cock against my butt hole. He jammed it in but I was dry and tight. He held me down with his big meaty arm and got Vaseline from the side of the bed and wiped it on my ass. He then put his cock back at my ass hole held me down and shoved it all in. I have read stories about how good it felt etc I say thats bull shit it hurt so bad I thought he was ripping my insides out. He went to town pounding at my ass and holding me down. I started to cry from the pain and he slapped me and told me to fucking grow up. I am not sure if I passed out from the pain but i sort of went limp for a bit. He pounded on me for a while making the trailer shake. His beer breath blowing in my face. He tensed up and yelled out FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD THE TIGHTEST I HAVE EVER HAD he pumped real hard gritted his teeth and grunted a few time breathing heavy. Then I could feel him dump in me and feel it ooze out my ass. When he was done he he pulled out and it felt like he took my insides out with his cock he spit in my face and told me to take my cock loving ass back to my room. i got up and walked to me room. I noticed it was not cum from me it was blood it wa running down my legs. I took a T shirt and cleaned it off and put a pair of jeans on my bed to soak up any that was still there or leaked out. i lay in my bed and cried my self to sleep.

    The next day I woke up late he had gone to work I walked to school in pain and skipped Gym class. I went to the bathroom because it felt like I had to shit or like he was still in inside me. When I walked home i hoped he was not there but he was laying on the couch in his underwear. I tried to enter without him hearing me but the fucking trailer door always stuck and it made a loud bang and he woke up. He looked up at me and said how you feeling today? in a smart ass way. I had hoped he was so drunk he would not remember. He grabbed me spun me around and pulled my pants down he looked at my ass and said damn I tore that thing up last night we better take a break for a few days. When he spun me around I thought for sure he was going to do it again. Standing there with my pants down he spun me around again and said I am still not sure you are mine with that little pecker you have. Make me something to eat. I put my books down and went in the kitchen the whole time he watched me laying there and playing with him self under his underwear. We ate and i started to clean up. He said leave it and get in the room. I walked down the hall and started to walk in my room he yelled NO MY ROOM! I was frightened again had he changed his mind? I walked in and stood there he came down the hall and removed his underwear and flopped on the bed making his big cock bounce as he hit the bed. Come over here he said almost nicely. I walked over and he reached up holding my face in his hand smashing my mouth around and said hmmm I dont know it just might fit. He then grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down to his dick. I was not sure what to do I had played with a kid in the trailer park a bit but never really sucked anyone. He grabbed his dick and held it straight up And pushed me down to it with the other. He said in a breathy voice suck it. I opened my mouth and took it in. I was doing my best and he kept a strong hold on the back of my head. Soon he was slipping in and out of my mouth and kept pushing to go deeper. I heard him say if you throw up on my cock I will beat the shit out of you. I kept my mind on not gagging and not throwing up and did not notice just how far he had it in. I could feel it gagging me but I just kept telling myself not to throw up. He grunted and filled my mouth with cum and pushed me down on it so I could not breath and could do nothing but swallow it. He held me there until I felt like i would pass out.

    He pulled me off and told me to get the fuck out the sight of me made him sick as I walked out he yelled I HAVe A FAG FOR A SON A COCKING SUCKING FAG!and threw something at me. I ducked and went to my room I did not sleep that night I lay there thinking up ways of killing him. I ran away that next day and swore I would never go back. The cops picked me up and drove me back and there he was in the doorway waiting for me. After they left he beat me up again and told me to never try that shit again. The whole time Mom was in the hospital I ended up being her stand in for cooking cleaning and what ever else he wanted.

    Mom came home and things went back to normal or as normal as our fucked up family could be. He always looked at me and made kissing noises in my direction. He would throw his underwear at me or shake his crotch at me. Always calling me a fag I never knew when he would try something again so I walked lightly around him. My Mom seemed very sad and never really got better after the last beating. He had crushed the last bit of life out of her. he got me a few more times and the last time hurt me bad it was painful to shit for weeks. When I turned 16 I dropped out of school and left home I begged my Mom to come but she would not leave him. I left and never looked back I loved Mom but could not save her she was gone.

    Look I have no problem with men who like other men and I support Gay rights but in no way should that decision be taken away from a person. It took me years to get over what he did and the hate I had for him. I came to the point I had to forgive him for my own sanity he was sick and was a damaged person but I do not need to own his fucked up mental problems. I am still broken at age 50 but I get better every day.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    We had 10 kids in our family I was the youngest I had 5 older brothers and 4 sisters. All the boys slept in one room and all the girls in another. I was 10 when my oldest brother then 17 came home drunk late and my folks were away. he and I shared a bed and he got into bed nude. He often did so I thought nothing of it. He smelled of booze and was muttering something about that bitch. Soon I heard him snoring. I feel asleep then not sure what time it was but i woke up and he was holding me tight to him and pushing his dick against me. He humped on me and rolled me over so i was facing him and lay on top of me he humped on me with his dick and then I felt something wet. He said there you bitch and fell off me back to sleep. When I looked around the room one of my other brothers was up in bed watching he was 15. I got up and went to the barroom to clean off the mess. My Mom and dad just got back and asked what I was doing up I told them I had to go pee. I got back in bed and fell asleep.

    The next day i was doing yard work and my brother who woke up the 15 year old called me over to the shed. When i got over there he pushed me in and asked what the fuck was i doing with our brother last night? I told him about him being drunk and he was not awake. I asked him why he asked he said he just wanted to know. I asked him what was on my shirt after my brother rolled off of me. It was cum dumb ass dont you know anything. I asked him what that was so he started to tell me I was not understanding so he said its better if I show you and he pulled his dick out and started pumping it with his hand. I watched as he beat off then white stuff came out and he grabbed my hand and it filled up my hand. Thats cum he said. I asked why I did not have any and he said I would. he was sort of an ass to me and as he left the shed he slapped my hand up so it hit me in the face and his cum went all over my face.

    I finished my choirs and went in to play some video games and my 14 year old brother came in we sat and played some games. he looked at me and said what is all over your face? I had missed some of my brother cum and some had dried on my face I went to the bathroom to whip it off. On my way back I heard my Mom telling my 17 year old brother he was in charge they had to go to a family funeral in another state. She bitched at him for drinking and told him to lay off while they were gone. I heard him say yes MOM in a tone that said what ever MOM. They left that night just before we went to bed. My 17 year old brother took off as soon as he thought we were all asleep and showed up drunk again and again grabbed me and humped on me in his sleep This time he pulled down my underwear and humped the crack of my ass and came all over my ass. he rolled over and started snoring. Once again i looked over to see my 15 year old brother watching.

    The next day in the basement I found my my 15 year old brother beating off and he made me hold out my hand again and came in my hand and once again smacked my hand so it hit me in the face covering me with his cum. I ran upstairs to wash it off and my 14 year old brother was at the top of the stairs and said what the hell is that cum on your face? I ran past him and went to the bathroom. When I came out he was waiting for me and grabbed me and dragged me to our room shut the door and pulled his dick out and said if you like cum I got some for you. He tackled me on the floor and pinned me down and forced me to suck him until he came in my mouth. After He was done He got up and walked out. I lay there with his cum running out of my mouth. I had both my brothers cum on my face with in an hour or less. I hid in our room the rest of the day only went out for lunch and then back to our room. I thought I would be safe in there. I herd the door open and it was my 15 year old brother the one who came in my hand walked in. He told me to come out from under the bed. He then told me my other brother had told him I sucked his dick. I tried to explain but he was not interested in what I had to say he pulled his pants down around his knees exposing his dick he told me to suck it or he would tell about what I had done. So I started sucking him and he coached me as to what I was to do. I sucked on him a bit and his body stiffened up and he said OH MY GOD and he came in my mouth then held my head on it so I had to swallow. He patted me on my head and said i had done good.

    The next day my 15 year old brother made lunch and told me he made mine with love. It was bologna but it was not mayo on it he had jerked off on it and made me eat it. after we went into the basement and I sucked them both off. The next few days I seemed to have a dick in my mouth every time I turned around. Then my 17 year old brother caught us and I thought great now this shit will end. He yelled at them and chased them off. He hugged me tight and held me I started to cry. We sat on the old couch down there and fell asleep him holding me. I woke up my head being forced towards his cock that was out and hard. he pushed my head down and said suck it. I sucked him he was bigger than my other brothers and he called me names and said i must have done it before as i was too good to not have sucked a cock before. He called me a slut and pumped his cock in and out until he came in my mouth. He petted my head and said how good I was. Mom and dad were gone for a week and I spent most of that week sucking one or the other of the three. I sucked my oldest brother off a lot until he went to the Army that left the other two to use me as they wanted. Just to make sure I would not tell they had pics of me sucking them they hid them and used them as leverage.

    After I left home I did not have contact with those three for years until my Mom begged me to come home for Christmas. My sisters had all married and all the brothers so they were home with their husbands and wives. They all acted as if nothing had happened. I was the only one not married. It was ok being there but I still had anger about what they did. When i went to leave my oldest brother hugged me and handed me an envelope that said for your eyes only. When i got in the car it was the pics of me sucking their dicks. My one brother called me a few days later and asked how i like the ham he had put love on it for me he seemed to find that funny I hung up and that was the last time I have been around them. my mom does not understand why I will not come home and my sisters often ask what I am so upset with the family for. I have never told well until now.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34


    The first time i touched a pussy, or even seen one for that matter, was my cousins. We were young, really young. Another cousin, not her brother, and i started a club, all kids do, and to get in, you had to show "yourself".

    She agreed and pulled the front of her shorts and panties down. We told her we couldnt see so she pulled them down to her knees. I was amazed. I never seen one, just in pictures. I asked if i can touch it, and she told yes but she has to touch me. We did for a few seconds and that was it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    My mother was a fairly heavy drinker, and had many different boyfriends, one of whom lasted a long time - and tied me up every night, inside a heavy parka, reversed, with the hood tied tight over my face and head, and a strap cutting into my mouth, as a gag. Then he played with me endlessly, as I got harder and harder, and felt like there was something missing, something very very intense.....almost accidentally, I think he finally miscalculated and I had my first orgasm, which was was so shattering, I peed! This really amused him no end, and quite quickly I grew addicted to this activity, and welcomed it, in willing cooperation. A year passed, and he began sitting me on his lap, in an armchair, trussed in the parka, slowly accomodating his entire length, helplessly. He was gentle and considerate, and it didn't really hurt. Felt good soon, as he tormented my swollen goodies at the same time. Hours of fun! Now fully grown, I seek out similar treatment, variations, etc., and hope for a long-term or permanent relationship, with someone older, who understands and enables my addiction!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    When I was in Year 11 at school, just 16, I got an invite to a strip poker game with a girl who was 20 with the promise of sex at the end. I had my doubts but soon accepted and thought I could bail out if she wasnt so hot.

    On the day there were two other guys about my age and the girl at her studio flat. I needn't have worried about her, she reminds me of like when you are that age and you go to a family wedding or other family do and there is like a gorgeous cousin who's a few years older and just unobtainable, confident and sooo pretty. This girl was confident but also a bit nervous being alone with three very horny teens. She made us drinks (no alcohol) and we all tried to be cool and comfortable which isn't so easy with a hard on.

    She gave us the rules which were pretty loose and told us to choose a dealer who would also be the referee. He would make the decisions about winning hands and apply the rules as he saw fit right up to the end of the card game. His decision was final and binding on her as well as us boys.

    When the game started she lost the first hand and had to take her top off, showing us her black and white sexy bra - shit. She was spared for a few more hands but then lost again. She was acting kind of shy, but we knew she was acting and when she went to unclip her skirt the ref said "No, bra next" she genuinely blushed as she reached behind and unclipped it. The three of us were staring hard at her lovely round tits with golden brown puffy nipples. I couldn't help myself I reached out to touch but she caught my hand and guided it away saying "Not 'til the end" the ref looked at her and told her that as her tits were now out, they were part of the game and could be felt if we wanted. She put her arms by her side and apologised to me and allowed me my feel and then the other two also. She had coloured up a treat and her nipples had puffed right up, god I was so hard in my pants.

    The game got started again, after two more hands she lost her skirt and the boys naked to the waist. Me and the guy the other side would take the chance to touch her when we could. Next hand a guy lost his pants and the one after saw her little black and white string pulled down so we could see her nearly bare pussy. There was just a little tuft of hair at the top of her crack. Soon she was on the floor being felt up all over and I slid a couple of fingers inside her as well.

    We got back to the game to see which of us boys won the big prize, while the girl made us more drinks then knelt back in her place with her hands behind her so we could all see her. Soon the first boy was naked and she played with his cock and licked his balls, then next the ref lost his shorts and I had won. She gave me a kiss and took me to the corner of the room and told me as I had won I could take whatever I wanted, I could go first or wait 'til the others were spent and have a really long girlfriend fuck as she didn't have anything else planned. My dick was kind of screeming Now Now but I opted for the second choice.

    The other two soon got her on the bed while she sucked and fucked, changing between missionary and doggy giving them what they wanted and they were all done in about fifteen to twenty minutes. I had pretty much calmed down as I didn't really like watching them. She sat with me as they dressed and left, we kissed and cuddled a little bit, then she tidied the bed, the drinks and the spent condoms and left me in the room for maybe twenty minutes while she showered. When she came back in it was like the previous couple of hours never happened, she pulled down my boxers and took me into the bed. She said how much she wanted it to be me and I rolled on top of her and straight inside. I wanted so much to be cool, but I lasted about two minutes before I came right inside her. I apologised, she giggled and said it didn't matter "It was nice". After, she sucked me and licked me clean and went to sort herself out. We then had a really nice time on her bed just exploring each other and talking until I was ready to go again and that lasted a lot longer than two minutes.

    I asked if I could see her again, she said sure if I came around with two different young guys we could maybe do it again, but that wasn't what I wanted. I couldn't get my head round how such a "nice" girl could be so slutty. I haven't told many people and some of them think she is a nympho some say it might have been a Dare. I don't know but now I am really pleased it happened.

    Any ideas what would make a girl do something like that, she was no way desperate ??

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