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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 30

    My stepdad and his thirteen year old son begin licking my pussy when I was seven. He had a hunting/fishing lodge well out in the middle of no where, and they would take me there and have sex with me for the entire weekend. My stepbrother, Eric, was the first to fuck me when I turned nine. His dad was soon getting deep into me also. Mom never knew and never came to the camp with us. My stepdad had several p**o buddies who would suck and fuck me too.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 37

    I think of perverts as being active and passive - my Uncle Bill was an active pervert, as he cought out lovers to practice his perversions on. My mother and I are passive perverts - we don't seek out our perversions, but we enjoy them when others use us for them.

    My parents divorced when I was a kid. I don't know whether my mother became a drunk before or after the divorce, but after it I saw her drunk a lot. Enough that she lost her job and had trouble keeping one.

    When I was 8, Mom began visiting Uncle Bill (her uncle, my great-uncle) a couple of tuimes a week and now she had money. All I know was that she would go there dressed real fancy and I wouldn't see her until the next morning.

    Just before my 9th birthday, she dressed me up nice and told me that I'd be going with her from now on. She got money doing "favors" for Uncle Bill and he wanted to train me to do the same "favors". She said he promised to pay our rent on top of paying her, so it was all good. I was just excited at being able to help pay the bills.

    We spent a whole night with Uncle Bill, who fucked Mom right in front of me. He wanted me to see everything, and he kept telling me how it would be me doing these things soon. He also mentioned how much Mom enjoyed it and that his sister, my grandmother, had enjoyed being fucked by him when she was my age. Mom made a great show of enjoying everything.

    We stayed the night, and when we went home, Mom told me that while Uncle Bill was "pretty good", she had been done by better, and all guys like girls to be dirty-talking and excited when they fuck. I spent the rest of that week in training, Mom teaching me to use a vibrator on my pussy and ass and make myself cum, how to talk dirty, and how to french-kiss and give and receive rimjobs (Uncle Bill loved those).

    When we went to Uncle Bill's the next week all the sex training had gotten me worked up and my pussy was dripping. Mom fucked a friend of Uncle Bill's while Uncle Bill "taught" me all about sex. We spent the night again and I also fucked Uncle Bill's friend, whose name I never learned. I actually enjoyed it a lot.

    Afte r that, Mom would drop me off at Uncle Bill's on Saturday's and whenever he called, while she was "turned out". We made a nice living, and I really liked what we did. After a couple of years I got the idea about Mom and me being whores for Uncle Bill and all, but I didn't mind because Uncle Bill treated me like a princess and gave me orgasmxs and presents, and I loved having a secret.

    When I was 12, Mom got pregnant by some guy and Uncle Bill resumed fucking her because he had a preggy fetish. I got jealous and actually tried to get pregnant. Uncle Bill loved the idea nd he knocked me my and I had his baby just a month after Mom had hers. Mom needed to stay in the hospital and mine was a bit premature, so we passed them off as her twins. So I had a half-brother and a daughter/cousin who I treated like a little sister.

    Uncle Bill loved the whole i****t thing, and when I was 19 he paid me extra to give the "Twins" rimjobs and oral sex in front of him. After ten years of doing everything Uncle Bill said, I didn't hesitate. I also stood back while Uncle Bill ass-fucked them both. Mom died around that time from a drug overdose.

    In 2003, Uncle Bill's money went away thanks to stupid investments. He couldn't pay for fucking me or the "Twins" anymore. Luckily I had a nice home and some savings. I considered getting myself a boyfriend - I was just 24 and pretty nice looking - but the "Twins" were just entering puberty and had spent five years as whores, and they didn't have any inhibitions about fucking each other, fucking me, or fucking complete strangers if it struck thier fancy. So I kind of had to spend all my spare time keeping them under control.

    for some reason my little girl decided to have a i****t baby, so I got myself knocked up to cover for her. We did a good job of timing it because we had our babies in two weeks of each other, and we passed them off as twin boys.

    The "Twins" now pass themselves off as a married couple, instead of siblings like they were raised (or uncle and niece, which they really are) and are complete perverts. While I've had a number of one-night stands over the years, the "Twins" have only had i****t. The Twin Boys are just as perverted, which I don't mind. I'm a very passive pervert, and don't resist at all when any of my boys decide to have a go with me.

    I probably could use a lot of therapy, but it doesn't seem very urgent.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 35

    Maybe wrong but I enjoyed it. Around eleven I got feelings. I liked being hugged and held and I liked having my mouth kissed. I would sit on grandpa's lap while he read the paper. The feeling of his semi hard penis under me was intoxicating. Both my anus and my vagina area were on fire. Feeling his hot breath on my neck made me even hotter. I would take his arm so it was over my nipples and have him squeeze me real tight. He would reach around and kiss my cheek, and I would kiss him on the mouth.

    At times I worked my bottom on his penis until it ran straight along my slit. I wore light panties so I could feel everything. When I did his penis got hard, real hard, and I would ride him until I had my orgasms. I would then turn around in his arms and to be caressed and kissed.

    Later, when I had developed my breasts, I would stand in his arms with his arms over my breasts.

    I love sitting on a lap being held tight and having my vulva and clit rubbed or having my nipples held and pinched. I can reach orgasms from just nipple play, and of course from vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Warm kisses and breathing on my neck drives insanely hot. I love long kisses on my lips while my breasts are being felt up. Intercourse is just an act for him, I will have already had my orgasm.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Curious young country boys my Cousin and I experimented very young in life. It was fun and it felt very good the first time so we did it all the time. We didn`t start out with oral sex but that happened later on. we were both 8 or 9 years old the very first time and it just happened.
    We were up in the hay loft playing around when we showed each other our dicks like always but this time we took our pants down to our ankles standing face to face looking at each other as we played with our dicks laughing and talking.
    He asked me to turn around so I did. He got right behind me with his arms tight around me as he rubbed his hard dick on my ass telling me how good it felt. I had to agree and I liked the way it felt and our skin touching in that hot hay loft. Next thing he did was reach down and grabbed my dick and played with it as he humped on my naked ass. I was going crazy and so was he so when I told him we should take off our clothes we stopped just long enough to get naked then he was right back behind me humping on my naked ass and slowly we ended up laying down in the hay with me face down and him on top of me.
    He never asked and I never tried to stop him but I ended up with his nice hard dick in my ass and getting my tight young asshole fucked for the very first time in my life. We were both moaning and groaning and breathing very hard the whole time we were going at it. He was holding on to me very tight thrusting his hips into my naked body as his hard young dick went in and out of my tight young hole and we were both enjoying it way too much and then he got stiff as a board on top of me and I could feel his dick inside of my ass as he put his few drops of young cum inside me.
    Right away I began to ask him to do it some more and told him it felt great and I wanted him to do it to me again. He fucked me a second time before we had to get dressed and leave but later on down in the bushes away from the house he did it to me two more times as he stood behind me with our pants down to our ankles. Late that night we did it again outside in the dark. Not long after that we sucked each other and got our first taste of each others young cum. Most of the time he would fuck me in the ass but we had oral sex often.
    All thru our school years we had sex often and sometimes as we got older it got pretty kinky when we could get away with it. I can remember how much fun it was for us after we both started driving. We were able to go places and have a lot more privacy and since we both liked camping and being outdoors we had a lot of wild sex outdoors. Some of the crazy things we did back then were 69 and we both liked to swallow at the same time. He liked to watch me play with myself and enjoyed me on my knees letting him fuck my mouth and listen to me gag on his dick then cum in my throat with his nuts pressed to my chin. I used to let him play with my ass when he wanted to and he liked sticking different things up my ass then fucking me with different things. He liked watching me stick things up my ass and our favorite was him tying me up naked and using my ass and mouth. I wore panties for him many times. Let him tie me up out in the woods and r**e me.
    More than once when we camped out at his place or mine late at night there were things that we did I still have a hard time believing we did. My cousin could get a little crazy and wild at times and I liked it enough that I just let him do whatever to me. One time he had me tied up naked by the camp fire and was playing with my ass when he spread my ass cheeks and smeared peanut butter in the crack of my ass then fingered some up inside of me and he fingered me awhile before calling his dog over to us. Once he smelled the peanut butter on my ass he started to lick my ass and my cousin really got off watching that so he kept putting more on my ass and the dog kept eating my ass.
    Months later we were doing this again and had done it several other times so I wasn`t tied up and was on my hands and knees with the dog eating my ass out from behind and he tried several times to mount me and he came very close to penetrating more than once as I felt his hot dick poke at my hole and slide around on my ass. My cousin came like crazy watching this and we did it often after that. Many times I wondered what would have happened if either his dog or mine would have actually fucked me in the ass. After all these years I still wonder about that sometimes.
    My Cousin and I still have sex on occasions but we live far apart now so it is only when I am home visiting family that we sneak off and he fucks me with his huge dick and dumps two or three big hot loads in my ass. He is hung like a horse and pounds my ass hard and likes talking very nasty to me when he fucks me. We still get pretty kinky and I like it all.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    Roll back the years to my days in Junior high. I had my first sex with someone besides myself. It was a Saturday night at my best friends house. His Parents were out and would not be back until very late. He and I had talked about sex many times and on a few occasions we had even jacked off together and tried jacking each other off just days before.
    We were both way too anxious for more so once his Parents were gone we took off our clothes and got started. We were jacking each other off in the Living room floor when we began to dare one another to suck each other. We were both so curious it was pretty easy to give it a try. In no time we were going down on each other enjoying it more as the minutes went by. I got carried away and forced his mouth down on my dick with both my hands and shot my cum down his throat. He kicked and thrashed around a bit but swallowed every drop and then he said it was my turn. I let him fuck my mouth as I had done him and swallowed his cum like a best friend should.
    After that it seemed like we could suck each other enough and for hours naked running thru the house trying every position we could think of we sucked each others dicks and swallowed one hot load after another. He was on his knees in his room sucking my dick when I felt his fingers between the cheeks of my ass. He spread my cheeks then tried to push his finger up my ass. When I didn`t stop him he pushed until his finger was up my ass then he looked up at me backed away enough to ask if it felt good. Once I told him it did he went right back to sucking my dick and finger fucking my ass until I came more than ever down his throat.
    Once he stopped sucking my dick he still had his finger deep in my ass and some how got me turned around with my ass towards him as he knelt behind me playing with my asshole. I let him push me forward until my chest was on his bed then he spread my feet wide apart and I reached back with both hands to open my ass up for him to do what ever he wanted to do. Some how I knew what he had in mind and like him I wanted it too.
    He was really fingering my ass good pulling on my dick and playing with my balls when he stood up took his finger out of my ass he asked me to just relax and hold still. I knew what he was about to do and let him put his dick up my ass then let him fuck me good. I will never forget how it felt and how hard my dick was while he fucked me and pulled hard on my hips. Then he started to breath heavily and go much faster and I shot my cum all over his bed as he began telling me he was going to cum. I could tell he was very close and kept waiting for him to pull out and cum on my ass but he never did and the next thing I knew my ass was full of my best friends warm cum and I was going crazy almost begging him to fuck me again and cum in my ass some more.
    He didn`t have a problem with that because before his Parents got back home he came up my ass several more times and fucked me good. For several years after that any time he wanted to fuck me I was more than happy to let him take me any way he wanted to. It was the same with me each time I asked him to fuck me. We always found a place to do it.
    After about a year and a half of steady anal sex with my best friend his Cousin came to stay the summer with him and that kept us from doing it together. We tried but his Cousin was always around. One day he told me he had told his Cousin about what we had been doing together and he said his Cousin got pretty excited and asked if he could do it with us. At first I wasn`t sure if I wanted two boys fucking me but since his cousin was older and not bad looking I decided to at least give it a try.
    The very next day while my Parents were at work I invited them over and it was much easier than I thought and both of the took turns on my ass most of the day. His cousin was bigger than him and it felt very good deep in my ass and they both came in me countless times that first day and each and every day after that for the rest of the summer.
    He and I continued to have sex until after we were out of High school. To this day I would not mind at all letting a Man fuck me up the ass but it is not that easy as I am very selective and playing it very safe. I would like to find a nice looking married masculine man like myself with a huge long thick dick that would enjoy occasional discrete meetings to fuck me very hard deep in the ass and shoot a couple of big thick warm loads deep in my ass but this is very hard to find when you are very much in the closet and not really wanting to fuck a lot of men. I just want one!!!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    Totally inappropriate, but it happened anyway.

    When my sister started to go through puberty I would strip off her shirt so I could look at her boobs. She had really nice boobs. When she was fourteen I made her show me her girl parts, spread legs and all. I showed her my penis, which was hard as a rock.

    She has great boobs, fully mature with nice nipples. I still look at them, she calls me a pervert but she lets me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    Shakira's beautiful titties

    When I was younger, around 14, I had begun stalking Shakira on Instagram. I had pretty much known her all my life, but it was only around 10 or 11 when she started growing huge breasts - and I don't mean teenage breasts, but like big fat perky women breasts. Amd she would post amazing pictures of herself, with her plunging cleavage, almost as if her tits were going to spill out the picture. And she was only 14! This is when I started having incredibly deep romantic fantasies about her.

    The thing about her boobs was that they weren't flat and floppy, but so bouncy and perky, that even in videos on Snapchat of her, they would jiggle so much from just a small movement. God knows how many times I had wanked off to her gorgeous tits when I was a boy, but I knew the pictures could never do her justice.

    I just happened to be in my room when Shakira's mum called in, along with Shakira, to come and see my mum. This was my chance. I came downstairs quickly, and tried my best to talk to her, but my eyes kept being drawn over to her gigantic breasts, looking better than ever before. As she asked me where she could hang up her coat, I led her into our cloakroom. And the view I got after she had taken off her coat was incredible; there they were, beautiful, rounded, plump, smooth, juicy, and bouncing and down whenever she ran her hands through her hair. She had a slutty top on, which didn't really cover much of her bra either, and all the better.

    It was only a matter of time before she noticed my staring, and my raging boner I was trying to hide. But she only smiled, and then she held onto the sides of the doorframe and hoisted her body up, so that my nose brushed into her cleavage. Best feeling I had had all day up til then. Locking the door, she took no time in pushing me to the floor and squeezing her huge boobs in my face, still squished against her clothes, and in a way that made it all the more sexy. I could feel her round butt pressing against my crotch as I started to grab her titties, grabbing, tugging on her hard nipples. They wibbled from side to side, I kissed them, and mouthed them from the other side of the fabric, and then I reached up to her lips and we made out, with me, full of passion, clenching her ass, while her breasts squashed against my chest.

    She slid up and down my body. We were snogging for a few minutes, and then she pulled down my pants, bringing out my cock, bright red and throbbing, before sliding off her t shirt, and then her sexy lace bra. Then we titty-fucked, her huge chet wrapped around my dick, thrusting back and forward, my dick going in and out, her breasts slamming against my hips every time she slid down. Her titties were so big that my dick wasn't visible at this point. Best feeling ever.

    I cummed all over her glorious cleavage

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 26

    When i was in my teens i use to break into my best friends sisters room at night while everyone was asleep. I would play with her boobs and pull them out of her shirt sometimes taking a half hr to do so as to not wake her. I would masturbate on her floor while she slept.i also broke into their moms room a couple of times and found she sleeps nude and i played with her nipple while she slept. I reqched for her pussy just touching her lios she began to wake so i stop and masturbated while contining to play with her nipple. I did this almost every night i could get the chance i loved it wanted to fuck them both so bad!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 37

    It all happened in slow motion. I was mowing the lawn of this divorced man from neighborhood. I had to pee so I asked him if I could use the restroom. In his living room he had this large picture over the sofa of a naked woman's private parts, it was an exploded picture sort of made into a painting. It was obvious what it was and he told me he had taken the picture and he had more if I wanted to look at them.

    The pictures were all porn, lots of pussy pictures, and a good number of dick pictures. He noticed I liked the dick pictures more than the pussy pictures, so he kept showing me more and then showed me several pictures of guys giving head and fucking. He asked me to show him my dick and he would take a picture of it. He had me pose around the living room, and he wanked on me to get an erection and he took several pictures before he just put my dick in his mouth and sucked me and asked me if I liked that.

    He took out his dick and I went straight into sucking him and after a while of me sucking him he told me to wait and went into his bedroom and came back with a tube of lube and told me I was really going to like it. He sucked me for a few minutes while he lubed me with his finger and ran his finger in and out of my ass, he took his dick and wanked it hard and told me to lean over the sofa and I felt every little millimeter as he slowly penetrated me. Once in, he slowly fucked me back and forth and asked me how I liked it and would change the rhythm until I told him it felt really good and then he fucked me until he finished.

    It was all in slow motion, no pressure, just one step at a time, until I was his. When I mowed the lawn he wanted me to do it in shorts and no shirt and then come in for a glass of water, followed by some great sex. Best summer ever.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    I grew up with my mum and sisters with me the only boy,I'd never felt being nude around home anything but normal but the interest how I was different was noticed during bath time,I was 2 years older than my sister who would bath with me until I turned 10.I had made games we played early on that put her body in places I'd explore her body for years getting more interested getting to where I'd have her legs open wide close as I wanted and only the last year we touched each other .I know she would remember what we did but never got sexual because my mum stopped this since seeing how erect i was but I'd keeper being nude when I could but as getting older they would say dress in my room once I was close by this rime of pubity.i hope my sister ok with my interest just learning about the difference between us

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