When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell AdultConfessions.com about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
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    Straight Male / 55

    Worked at a nursing home to buy my first car. Started there at 14 working in the laundry room. I took sheets and towels to the floors and brought the dirty back. Was a nasty job for an adult, worse for a 14 year old kid.

    Moved me to station five where the rich people were. I helped change sheets and helped the walking to the restroom and back. One woman liked me to talk with her. Stories of girls (I made up) and how great sex was. I held her arm while she went to take a bath. Help me in she ask, that was not acceptable there. Women help women only. She insisted and would take the blame.

    She got in and ask me to wash her, I did as requested. She was there due to a broken hip and would go home in time. Helped her out, got her dressed. back to the chair and got her a meal. Became a normal event when she put my hand between her legs. Finger me like you did that little girl. I had no idea what I was doing, first one I had touched. I fondled around in and out, she laid there and laughed. Does it feel good I ask?? Its fine, I am finished now.

    When she got in the chair this time she ask me, be honest with me please; you touched your first one today, correct??

    Yes, I made that up to sound big.

    Lock the door for me please. I did and returned. Come to me please. She unzipped and pulled my cock out. Let me show you what this feels like. She sucked a few times and I had spilled my self. She put it back and smiled.

    Feels good??

    yes mam, that was great. Come back after you finish at 8 tonight. I want to see you.

    returned to find her discharged, she left a note. Had her phone and address. She wanted me to come by and see her in two weeks.

    Sent me to the mental ward where women and men of all ages were. One woman ask if I were her husband, she grabbed my arm. No not your husband. Younger woman sat there and did nothing. I ask her if she was ok, she smiled and said nothing. Could this be the one for me?? I tried and failed. got her in the closet, her breast were nice and so soft. Got my hand in her undies and she pushed me away. She walked out and sat back down. Orderly told me she killed her husband with a knife. I did not touch her again.

    In one room I found a sane woman who told me she loved sex. With a locked door I got in her bed. her legs open and my uncircumcised penis went right in her. again I did not last long. She kissed my head and said come back later. I came back many times. I practiced with her and she just liked the attention.

    I did visit the lady at her home. I ask her if we could have sex, she agreed. it was not much excitement for her. Was total satisfaction for me.

    I now sit here thinking of my trip to the nursing home some day. I sure hope I find some young lady who wants to play.

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    Straight Male / 18

    When I was 12 I went over my best friends house a lot and he had a really hot sister. She always walked around the house in panties and a bra that didn't really cover anything. One night she walked past nude thinking i was asleep but I was awake and just stting there I saw her, see me, see her but she hurried off to her room. I let everything settle for ten or fifteen minutes then I snuck into her room and she was asleep so I walked up to her bed and her quilts werent covering her body at all so I thought she is close enough to the side of the bed I might just cum on her. So I was nude by this point and jerking away over her body and just kept feeling her big soft tits until I was ready to cum I leant over her pussy and spread my cum up and down her pussy. What I disnt realise was because I was playing with her tits she was getting pleasured and woke up so she saw me wanking over her and playing with her tits and knew I came on her pussy. But non of us said anythjng till the next time I slept over his house when I was on the couch sleeping she came out nude and woke me up by starting to jerk me off slowly. As I awoke she kissed me and started to suck so I just layed there and let it happen. When she was dripping wet she wanted me inside her so I did what she wanted from me. I wasnt any good at sex because it was my first time but my cock made up for it so she started to speed up and I was close to cumming so I didnt know what to do and I just pulled my cock out her pussy and shoved it in her mouth until I came and she swallowed every drop. Till this day no one but us knows.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 52

    Chapter two from Jay, hope you enjoy.

    Happy months went by until uncle became ill and that meant I did not stay over and also my mum often called round in the early evening so nakedness and having him bath me came to a stop so instead I spent time sitting on his lap, obviously without my panties on, while he played with my slit and over time started to push a finger deeper and deeper into my hole and wiggle it round as he gently worked it up and down after wetting it and I could feel his penis swelling inside his trousers which made it even more fun although I dare not say anything in case he stopped. One of his friends started visiting and that made naughtiness even rarer but that was ok because of the fact that he had a big black dog, rather ferocious looking but in fact it was a softie with me and I loved it when we went for walks in the park and played games with it and the fact that the man had been a friend of my mothers at school in the old days went down well.

    Obviously, although I gave it no thought at the time, the two men would not have any secrets from each other so what happened next was not really surprising although unexpected by me. It was a hot Saturday and a couple of hours with a frisky dog left me sweaty and dirty so I thought no more of it when uncle took me up for a bath and after the usual preliminaries he was fingering me when dog-man came in, smiling broadly as he advanced and took over from his friend. Startled but unable to do anything about it I soon enjoyed having another man doing naughty things to me and did not mind when I was taken into the bedroom and both men took turns once more. Nothing would have stopped me from going the next day, hoping for more and I was not disappointed, soon naked on the sofa revelling in their attentions as I squirmed with pleasure when their fingers explored my hole.

    Uncle became ill so I just lay with him naked in the early evening so that he could finger me and as dog-man visited regularly he joined in and I liked it best when he started to use his tongue on my pee-button which got harder now and made me feel a bit funny inside whenever it was played with but I did not say anything in case he stopped doing it and when uncle took a turn for the worse things quietened down once more as dog-man only pleasured me with a welcomed finger a couple of times a week when he found an out of the way spot while taking the dog for a romp on the local park.

    Even though uncle was still fairly poorly I stayed over every other Saturday night so that my parents got a night out at the pub but he was definitely not his self one evening and when dog-man arrived it was decided that the best thing for me was to go home. Uncle rang my mum but got no answer so dog-man gave me a lift as it was dark. I walked into the sitting room and froze at the sight of three naked bodies kneeling on the floor, my mother in the centre sucking on my dads stiff cock while their friend was slowly fucking her with his equally rampant length. There was much confusion and I just kept staring at the two stiff cocks on display until my mum shepherded me upstairs, nervously laughing as she told me they were just playing grown up games. I could not wait to tell the two men what I had seen and it really perked uncle up and he was laughing along with dog-man as he told me my mum, like me, had been introduced to having fun with men at an early age. She took her first pricks as soon as she was a teenager and was fucked regularly from then on and even when she married my dad needed more than one man to satisfy her.

    Suddenly uncle dropped his trousers, nodded to the other man and he did likewise and I saw their swollen cocks for the first time and instinctively reached out and took hold of them and for the next half hour I was schooled in how to play with them properly, giggling as they gasped and panted as I felt the flesh pulse and jerk in my hand. Dog-man was the first to squirt thick white stuff over my belly crack and I soon made uncle do the same and they told me to call it spunk both praising me for doing it just right and as I bathed in the glory everything went wrong as the dog bounded up panting and squeaking with its tongue lolling out as it jumped up and down startling me so I shouted out in fright but transfixed by the sight of its very different coloured and shaped penis as it waved about. The men laughed it off and said dogs would be dogs but they did make sure it was out in the yard from then on when we played our new grown up games. It took them quite a while to cajole me into taking their cocks into my mouth and I gagged, spluttered and coughed as I swallowed some of the spunk but eventually, thanks to all the practice got fairly good at it even though I still needed persuading at times to do it. Dog-man introduced a camera into the fun and my career as a naughty model
    (HA, HA) started and we had two fun sessions during the next few months.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I was 14 when the delights of puberty caught up with me, my first orgasm leaving a stain on the bed sheets. About that time, I began to realise that I had a new curiosity about my 11-year-old sister. One night, I crept into her bedroom, and slid my hand under the bedclothes. I could feel the warmth of her body through her nightdress, and blindly explored until I found the bare skin of her thigh. Ever so softly, my fingers crept up her until I found her little pussy.
    It felt soft, and I was highly aroused. Terrified of waking her, I withdrew, and went back to my own bed to masturbate.
    Over a period, I made many more stealthy sorties into her room, each time gaining in boldness. Now I would peel back the bedclothes so that I could see, in the dim light, the fold of her pussy as I stroked it. I carefully climbed on the bed, and knelt over her, rubbing my cock... Very soon my sperm spilled onto her...
    The next night, I parted her legs and got down detween them, my penis now rubbing directly on her pussy lips. Suddenly I was aware that she was awake...
    I froze, then whispered... "it's alright, this is what you'll do when your older..."I began my rubbing again, now I felt her hand touching my penis... I kneeled up so she could see it... I guided her fingers around my foreskin, and got her to wank me....she said nothing, but gave a little cry of surprise when my sperm flew out. She licked her finger to Tate it... Then she sucked me dry!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 27

    When I was around 12-13 years old I would sometimes masturbate in public and stores like Target and Walmart. They don't have cameras everywhere. I would find an area where nobody was around and begin rubbing my cock and my heart would start racing.

    I would get more daring after not seeing anyone for a while and put my hand in my shorts and be fully stroking. I would be hard as a rock and part of me was hoping that someone would walk by and see me, preferably a girl and preferably around my age or younger. I was only ever seen once and it was an old couple. I got away without any problems, never spoke to them.

    I have not done this since then, but I have been having a strong urge to do this again and purposely let a girl "catch" me in the act. I have even fantasized about getting myself hard, finding a cute girl, and flashing her my hard cock.

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    Straight Male / 30

    As a kid, I started masturbating at an early age. And it helped my little dog would lick anywhere I pointed to. One if the best feelings was to have her lick my ass as I came. Just the feel of it when it pushed into me. The fun stopped when I started getting pubic hair. She would start licking my balls and then asshole, but would grab my pubes and pull. I've never enjoyed pain.
    Then when I was about 15, my new neighbors moved in with a border collie named Whitney. Much bigger than my own dog. Extremely friendly too. Never barked or snapped at people. She stated outside, in a fenced in area. I would usually sneak over after dinner to give her some leftovers. One night I gave her a couple slices of roast beef. And had a thought of this dog licking my ass. Where I stood was dark, and I couldn't be seen. I pulled my pants down and stuck my ass through the fence. She gave a little lick and stopped. I placed the meat between my ass cheeks, then let her eat it.Then aimed my ass in her direction. Oh my god! Such a big tongue, pushing inside if me... Gave me one of the biggest hardons I can remember.
    I started playing with myself, at the edge of my neighbors house, pants at my feet. While the dog licked me from the inside out. I had to cum! Standing and facing her, she started slowly licking my dick. Per cum and all. I couldn't take it any longer, and started cumming.
    It squirted onto her tongue, and she kept licking my dick until the last drop came out. That was my last thing with an animal. I felt ashamed of myself, and have never told that story to another person. ( but I have replayed it in my head while jerking off)

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    Straight Male / 45

    When I was 13, my mom used to take me to her hairdresser to get my hair cut. My mom would leave me there and go shopping for 30 minutes and then come back.

    Betsy had an amazing body and wore the tightest jeans but never a bra. She was always bending over and letting me glimpse down her blouse. Here tits were small but perfect with pink, perky nipples.

    I would wrap my hands around the end of the arms of the salon chair, and she would press her crotch against them as she leaned over to cut my hair. Eventually I got the courage to wiggle them when she did it. She would also press her pussy against my knees.

    Finally, one time she took me in the back where they washed the hair. She reached under the cape and began stroking me. She took my cock out and gently took me into her mouth. She straddled me, kissed me softly and let me put my hands under her blouse to squeeze her nipples. Then she went back down and sucked me until I came in her mouth - which believe me did not take long!! I had masturbated many times, but it never felt as good as that. I was very sorry when it was over.

    We never got that chance again, and a few months later her shop closed and I never saw her again. But I think about her now and again with a smile on my face and a bulge in my pants!

    I also still get turned on every time I get a haircut. The stylist's hands in my hair, the way her body inadvertently brushes against me . . . thank goodness for the cape to hide my hard-on.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    My mother and sister were injured in an auto accident and nearly died. In the Hospital for three months in bad shape.
    I stayed with my moms step brother and his wife for three months. Was 12 years of age at the time, a normal kid with desires and curiosities. I had never head anyone having sex in my life. This couple did not have kids and not accustom to house guest I feel: either that or enjoyed me hearing them have sex.
    bed time was 9pm and by 9:05 I could hear her moaning. By 9:20 could head the bed sounds squeaking and by 9:30 The speed picked up greatly.
    He left for work around 6:30 and she woke me around 7. She fixed me breakfast, sat and talked with me about everything. I told her I could hear the sounds she made. She gave me a smile, but not a bit of shame. This opened the door for a return question, do you have sex?? NO, I am only 12. Do you masturbate?? NO I am only 12.
    That was a lie, I had been masturbating for a long time.
    She spoke of the pressures that build up in boys and men. How masturbation would reduce stress and help focus. I ask if girls had this same problem?? Yes they do, she told of her first orgasm at age 11, how she set her alarm to masturbate every morning before school. It cleared her mind and helped her start her day.

    She got up and started cleaning the kitchen, Looked at me and said finish your breakfast young man.

    I finished and ask if I could go play?? Not just yet, I feel the need to help you understand your body. get a hand towel from the hall and meet me in your room. I need to wash my hands, will be right there.

    She walked in the room and ask me to get undressed, sit on the bed and lay back.
    Now, your penis is not circumcised and it requires cleaning. She pulled the skin back and found me clean. Complemented me on the work, I told her I had been told this long ago.
    Now here are the glands and she touched them. I jumped on the bed and laughed. She suggested I keep this adult and focus. She wrapped her hand around and worked it down and up. It was not how I did it, but I said nothing. I told her it was dry, she told me to spit on it. I raised up and spit everywhere by the head. She pulled the skin back and spit on it, now she worked her hand and masturbated me to completion. She laid the towel over and stopped me from shooting across the room. She wiped me off and her hand.

    How does that feel?? Good I answered. Now go wash and come right back, don't get dressed yet. When I returned she ask me to masturbate my own self. I tried but had a little trouble getting into it. She told me to watch her and wait till she had finished to start. She laid back on the bed and pulled up her dress and off her cotton panties. She folded and laid them on the bed. She laid back and spread her legs. Told me I could look if I like.
    She spread the thick hair around the opening and the lips. Sun coming in the window gave me a nice bright view. I could see inside and it looked interesting to me.
    You may touch it, I stuck my finger in her and she stopped me. Not inside, the hair and the part at the top. She explained the clitoris and the other parts. All I could think was sex, I could make her moan and have sex with her. She soon let me know that would not happen. just a class on human sexuality. The other is being married means her husband was the only one who did that.

    On the floor on my knees I watched at this women wet her finger and rubbed her clitoris. She made the sounds I had heard at night. Pretty loud but thinking back now, genuine.
    She finished and put her two fingers inside her deep. Pulled out and rubbed her clitoris again. She masturbated again with louder results.

    She finished and wipes her hand on the towel, I had an erection and start to masturbate,

    Sit here beside me please.

    Sit on the bed and she said to lay back, now start. I start and in a short period have spent my self. She had assisted by covering with the towel. I lay there as she rubs me belly and legs.

    Now go wash your self and go play: come home when I ring the bell. A very large farm bell that hung near the house.

    Right after lunch time she rang the bell, I walked in 20 minutes later.
    let us eat and get washed up for the evening. We had hamburgers chips and pudding for lunch. After she took me to the shower. She instructed me on washing my self as I watched her wash her own self. Not been in the shower with a nude women in my life. We only had a tub at home. She had breast that looked like a banana for better description. Were long and pointed outward, with a nice up swept point. Her areolas covered the last inch of her breast and thick brown. She let me wash and touch them. Her nipples were very large and long. I wanted to suck one, she soon let me know that was not good.
    She washed me and made me repeat the action. My ass was the cleanest it had been since mom stopped doing it. She washed the rim of my cock and made me weak in the knees.
    Washed me hair and conditioned. I washed hers in the sink and dried it with hair brush and the vacuum.

    I was falling in love and lust all at once. I now rushed breakfast to have her help me masturbate. Some mornings she masturbated and let me watch. I wanted to have sex with her, she refused this completely.

    By the time I headed back home I had changed at a kid. I enjoyed my time there and wanted to stay. A woman like this had a big effect on a boy my age. She captured me completely. I would have killed for her. Had she let me have sex with her, I may have done much more.

    I have fond memories of this visit and another social visit few summers later. She masturbated me at age fifteen and still not sex, I ask directly; I also told her I had feeling for her. She smiled and kissed me head. your a horny boy and being female is what your in love with. Tried to tell her it was more than this, she pushed it off as puppy love. she let me masturbate her this time and gave instructions. That's for me later, I may need this knowledge for my future wife. Would be nice not to hurt her or be rough. I did stick my fingers in side her after the first orgasm and used the juice to finish the second. I opened her top and massaged her breast while did the second. She allowed this and seemed to enjoy.
    Your a great student young man.

    Had desire for her all me life.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    I'm 11 years old so I'm still a kid. I can't tell anyone I know. I want my Dad to fuck me. I want him so badly I will do anything to get his penis in my pussy. I just don't know how without getting into trouble. I love him and always have and he loves me but now I am in love with him which is different and I just don't know how to get him to want to fuck me. I have tried letting him see me naked a few times but he just yells at me to put some clothes on. I try to wiggle my butt in his lap but when I do he tells me to get off his lap and go sit on the couch. I bend over in front of him and he looks the other way. The only thing I have not tried is drugging him and tying him up and just raping him but I think he would get mad. Any girls reading this who have gotten their Dad to fuck them I am open to suggestions. I am desperate and horny.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    Donna was the older sister of a baby mom watched. She was 10 and I was 9 at the time. She would come to the house after school and some Saturdays.
    Donna and I would play in the garage and yard. I had a shed I called my fort. We played Dr and mom and dad. She liked to cuddle on the floor like a bed. She told me I could get the special daddy treat. She pulled my shorts down and sucked my little cock. Being uncircumcised it was a strange feeling. I made her leave the skin over the head and suck it that way. she ask me to do her. I sucked her clit and she stuck my fingers inside her. She moaned and I thought I hurt her.. NO she said, don't stop till I tell you. She had an orgasm and squired as I licked and sucked her little pussy.
    Now put it in me she said. I had seen dogs and other animals have sex. I got it hard and stuck it in her. She worked her ass as if she had sex all the time. at that time I had no idea what she was doing. I just liked the feeling. Her pussy lips pulled my foreskin back and the feeling in her was nice. It did nto take long and I had an orgasm.
    Look in me for the juice she said. There was no juice, I did not ejaculate as of yet.

    Today I know her history. She was being fucked by an older boy who watched her some time. he did her years before. She was his sex toy and no one knew. The actions she had with me were a copy of what he did with her. The blow jobs were what she gave him all the time. When he could get her alone he would have sex with her. She told me it feels good, it hurt for a long time before, but now its nice. She was a women and he told her.

    My older cousin came by to play and we both had sex with donna, it was an amazing 3 some. he had his ejaculate and I saw the juice that day. She let me stick it in her ass that day. Said I would be the only one, I doubt I was. I have an idea the other boy had done that as well.

    The boy got caught a few years later when he stuck her little sister. She was not as accommodating and the mom found blood in her diaper. Police was called and the boy was arrested.

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