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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    At 13 I already had real breasts. Breasts that required me to use safety pins to keep my blouse from popping open. I also had braces, and I had real hips. I looked at least three years older than any of my classmates. The boys made fun of me, and the girls too. At home my mother would tell me that they were jealous of me and that soon they too were going to show their figures. And anyway, boys liked girls with breasts. This was no consolation, I hated P.E.

    Down the block, was a seventeen year old boy. He was tall and he started to talk to me. One day he pressed me against the fence and put his hands on my breast and asked me how I liked walking around with big tits. He fumbled with my buttons but couldn't get the safety pin open. I finally stopped him and undid the safety pin and let him open my shirt and push up my bra and feel my breasts. He leaned over and sucked on one of my nipples. He then let me close my shirt and go on home.

    I got a crush on him and started to hang out around him when I got off from school. One day, his mom was out, and he invited me into his house and told me he wanted to me to show him my breasts and to sit on his knees and open my shirt so he could hold them and kiss them. I was sitting on his knees with my shirt open and he was fondling me and kissing my breasts and kissing my neck when he put his hand between my legs. I just let him feel me up all he wanted. He got an erection and he opened his jeans and he let me hold his erect penis and while he felt me up.

    His penis in my hand made me feel something inside, I got off of his knees and took off my pants and got back on and slid onto his penis until he ejaculated all his semen inside of me. Watching him as he ejaculated made me feel so good. After his penis slipped out I just leaned against him and let him hold me by the butt.

    I never felt bad about it, and neither did he. We just went on to have sex whenever we could, as often as we could. We knew about getting pregnant so we were careful, and most always he would ejaculate outside, but sometimes we just couldn't do that, I needed him to ejaculate inside.

    In the 10th grade a new girl came to school and we hit it off and I told her that I had been having sex with my neighbor since I was 13. She got very upset when I told her and she told me I had to tell my mother. If I didn't tell my mother, she would tell her mother. For the first time I was scared. I promised her that I would stop, and she agreed not to tell. She monitored me and fortunately my neighbor was away at college.

    When my neighbor came back for Christmas break I told him about her and he said he didn't care, he needed relief and I let him have sex with me every available day during Christmas break. I didn't tell my friend from school.

    Now that I am older I realize that my behavior was dangerous, primarily because of getting pregnant. I feel that I just matured sexually earlier than most girls, at 13 I was the same as most girls at 16. I am sexually charged, I need to have sex, not only being fucked, I love the feeling of being ejaculated into. I never liked having him ejaculate outside of me. I love to have my breasts paid attention to, and I gave up my back door before I finished school.

    I consider myself sexually open, and want to try anything that feels good.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    I was introduced to sex fairly early. My older sister, who was 12 stumbled across some porn and decided to act out what she saw on me. I was just 4 at the time by the way. My sister would take me under her bed, pull down her pants, spread her legs and tell me to lick her coochie in a sexy voice. At first I thought that it would be gross so I said no. She talked me into it by saying it tasted like strawberry and she would lick mine in return. I licked her pussy and found that even though it didn't taste like strawberries I liked the taste. I also liked how it felt when she licked my pussy. I don't consider that m****tation because I did like it and found myself asking for it later on.
    When I was 8 years old in the second grade I knew that I liked both girls and boys but I had no knowledge of what it meant to be lesbia or bisexual. I just knew that when I would sneak looks at naked girls in magazines I would get a tingly feeling in my pussy. Well I had a little girlfriend who was seven. During recess we would sneak back into school and go to the bathroom. We would go in a stall together, pull down our pants and rub our coochies together. One day I got on my knees in front of her, pulled her pussy lips apart and licked her clit. Then ahe turned me around, licked my butt and then atarted rubbing her pussy on my ass. We would do this every day during recess until someone found out and started telling the whole school that two girls were doing it in the bathroom but no one ever knew it was us.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    In my pre teens I went to a Summer Camp, and three older boys took turns using my anus.
    We were supposed to sleep in assigned cabins, but the older boys stayed up later, and one night they invited me to stay.
    They started telling about grown-ups and sex, and showed me their "grown up" dicks, and dared me to show mine.
    But I was too shy, so one grabbed my arms while another pulled down my pants.
    They made fun of my little wiener and shined their flashlights on it.
    Then they laid me on the bed and fucked my butt.
    Two of them held my legs spread open while the other one humped me.
    They kept trading places so they each used my butt several times.
    It hurt when it happened but now I fantasize about men taking turns with my butthole.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 44

    When I was a Kid, I had a Massive Big Cock.

    I Played with it EVERY DAY.

    My Friend had A Lovely pair of TITS.

    Sometime s I played with Her Tits and She Played with my Cock.
    Other people played with Her Tits and My Cock even the old guy down the street.

    One day we made a New Friend who had a Lovely soft Pussy. I Loved Her Pussy and She played with my Cock ALL DAY we played with Our Friends Tits as well just the 3 of Us Playing with each others Pets from dawn until dusk.

    Eventually the Tits, Pussy and my Cock died and we moved to new towns.
    But MAN those were Good days.

    I'll NEVER FORGET Those Tits and Pussy as long as I live!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 43

    I remember being about 12 years old and seeing my first magazine of naked women. I was very interesting see women naked and posing in all kinds of poses. Any mystery I had of women's bodies disappeared. I saw more magazines and would even sneak peaks of magazine that the corner store sold. Some of those magazines had women doing acts that I had never seen before and they made me feel funny inside. All the women I had ever seen seemed to show no concern in being naked and doing what they were doing. My parents had always taught me I was wrong to be naked in front of others with the exception of things like showering and change rooms and at the doctors office. Even though they taught me that it was wrong I found it very interesting and began to start being naked in my room. When they went out and left me at home alone I would walk naked throughout the house. I even took it further a few times by going out in my backyard naked a few times. I remember being outdoors naked was such a rush as I knew if I got caught my parents would kill me. I was jealous how it was always women that were naked in the magazines and never men. Then it happened, one time the corner store had a magazine with naked men. It was nice to see men naked and doing the things they were but that magazine was sold very quickly so I only ever a very quick peeks of it. I was 14 when my aunt had me over to wait for a package because she had to go out. I found a magazine at her house that was of naked men. She wasn't around so I could look as long as I wanted. I even stripped and posed like the guys in it. This got me wanting to be naked even more but knew because of my age that it would mostly be in private for now.

    It was a few months later when I went for a hike and came across an area with a group of 6 people sun tanning. Only one was a woman and she was topless while all the others were guys and all but one of them was naked. This was a surprise for me and the group saw and talked to me. A couple of them tried to cover up while the others didn't bother. They didn't see me as a threat and I figured I better get going and let them be. When I got home I began to think how that could have been a perfect spot to be naked but I missed my chance. I then decided I would go back out there tomorrow. I did and there was the same group. They saw me from a distance and witnessed me put a towel down and then get fully undressed. There I was 14 years old naked and in front of others too. The woman and one guy came over, in swimsuits, to talk to me and they told me where I was is not safe area as I could get caught very easily and to come over and sit with them. I moved over with them and there wee all were naked. The women was fully naked as was the guy now. They explained that nudity was not allowed out here but this area was more secluded as compared to were I was earlier. They told me if we saw any police to quickly get dressed and pretend we weren't naked. The woman protected me and I got to see her naked and others as well as be naked too. She told me sometimes the guys go and masturbate together and it looked like 2 were going to go and do it now and if I was interested in going with her to watch. We watched as 2 guys were masturbating and she asked if I ever saw or did that myself. I told her I saw it in a magazine at my aunts house but haven't really done it myself. The 2 guys finished and she suggested I try it. The 2 guys encouraged me to do it and there I was stroking myself now with them watching. I didn't know better at the time that maybe I shouldn't have done it but they did and I figured if it was alright for them to do it, and the guys in the magazine, why not me. It felt good and I wasn't concerned that I was watched doing it. I did it again later and was watched by everyone again. This day was a turning point for me. I knew I wanted to be naked as much as I could and also do those things the guys here and in the magazine had done. I knew I shouldn't be performing the acts I did but I liked the attention and I had no concern with being watched doing them.

    When I was 18 I took a job in a male strip club and even did a sex video. I was not shy about being seen nude and doing anything sexual. My parents didn't quite approve and kicked me out of the house.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 52

    I USED TO work in a ware house storage that was contracted exclusively for the famous anhuaser busch brand that sells and markets budwieser beer and their latest king cobra boss was a puerto rican man who often did some crazy shit that could have got him fired and put in prison for years like expose his privates in the men's bathroom or stand outside the warehouse to stare at little schoolgirls playing in the schoolyard during lunch time describing in graphic details what he'd do sexually if given the chance to fuck one of them.we were paid very well and offered plenty of overtime so despite his behavior we didn't report him it seemed normal to be sexually attracted to little girls who barely knew how to clean their own ass..... the boss and three others on our team had daughters and often challenged them to admit that if given the opportunity they'd fuck them but unlike the boss none of them dared admit that perhaps they would.the crazy thing is my boss not only admitted he had fucked his daughter during the weekends she stayed over at his apartment provided he was given certain weekends off and was the only time he ever saw her but sometimes he'd arrive to work with her.he'd walk with her around the warehouse introducing the men who worked for him and openly joked abut her being his little wife.the year i worked for him she was 11 years old and my boss seemed to enjoy putting his hand up her school dress to get a good hold of her small plumped ass and squeeze it and though she pretended to act lady-like by pushing his hand away she didn't seem annoyed by his behavior..... not to sound envious or much less than any other man but my former boss had a really big penis when exposed to us in the bathroom and perhaps when fully erect he probably averaged well over 8 inches as appose to my smaller version of 6 inches but he never lied to us with sexual tales of fucking his daughter deep and the full length of his penis often openly joking his daughter wouldn't be able to walk with a pussy stretched the size of a warehouse.but a well lubed pussy can be a girls worst enemy relating to us a certain incident when his daughter lost her balance when he was a good halfway up inside her and though it was just momentarily the length of his hard erect penis had the little girl grabbing and clawing the pillows and bed sheets in desperation to escape her fathers 8 inches up inside boss liked to joke how his little daughter spent the rest of that certain night with a hot warm rag stuffed in her swollen pussy... i didn't have any daughters and though some societies condemn sexual taboos of that nature i certainly couldn't say with any certainty what i'd do if i had one like my former bosses daughter,it's just the way she openly stared at him with love and affection often demonstrating childish frustration when he took too long socializing with the men at work as oppose to taking her upstairs to his private second floor office where they often spent time alone.though none of us ever saw them engaging in sexual activities if given the opportunity to sneak up to the second floor and listen through his office door or stand outside just below his office windows we'd often hear the little girl.during those rare times my former boss had the opportunity to bring her to the warehouse depending on his work schedule there was some concern in regards to one of the teachers whose duty it was to watch the school kids during lunch time.months earlier my former boss in the presence of several co-worker standing outside the loading dock called out to one of the teachers across the street with offers of serious money if she provided him sexual services with one of the little school girls in her care.though i was not there when this happened i heard about the incident,supposedly my former boss offered this teacher up to 3000 dollars to fuck just two of the school girls and though it was the teachers responsability to inform the school principal and teachers staff she chose not to do so.this teacher often stood behind the school gates and supposedly had warned some of my co-workers that from a distance of one specific classroom she had seen our boss clearly engaging in what appeared to be a sexual act with a little girl.i quit that job because even though me and my co-workers did not participate in our bosses prohibited sexual activities we could certainly be arrested for covering up this crazy shit....END

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 22

    When I was 16 my older brother kicked a guys ass at the skatepark who tried r****g me. Seeing my half brother kick his ass had made me very wet. My leg was hurt and I wasn't walking hardly at all. My brother carried me hold in his big arms. I asked for his help into the shower where he accidentally got a little nude peep. After I realized I had no towel so I crept out the hallway where he saw me in full nude as he came upstairs. Awkward moment, long pause as he accidentally looks me up and down again. I grab towel he carried me down to laundry. Where I pulled him in, hug him, and thanked him. Through my thin towel I felt him get a large erection, making my pussy drip. Still to this day I don't know why I choose to do it, but I dropped my towel and began to kiss him. I proceed to strip of his clothing knowing our dead beat parents weren't coming home. That day I gave my brother the best and most passionate sex he would ever have.

    I thanked my brother for saving me.
    I have thanked him many times since then. Still do.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    When I was a boy I had gotten in trouble several times for playing with other boys private parts. I dont remember the first penis I put in my mouth, but I remember the first dick I really sucked. He was an older boy who was staying with his uncle for a few weeks in the summer. We were playing in his uncles back yard and began to wrestle. It did not take long before I realized he was doing a lot of moves that involved my crotch. I thought I was clever and beat him at his own game and wrapped my legs around his torso and my arms around his thigh. This put my armpit in his crotch and my face fairly close to it. He laughed and wiggle one hand down he quickly whipped out his cock. He continued to laugh as he slapped my face with it. For his age it was fairly large with a large head that was randomly smacking my face. I struggled and he easily pushed me on my back. He climbed on top and told me we should play something else. He did not need to describe what was up I slowly began to wrap my lips around his dick. Then his uncle came out.

    He chastised us for doing this outside where someone could see. He told we would get in serious trouble. We came inside and my friend sat on the couch with his dick in hand. I was nervous around his uncle, but my friend assured me it was ok. I began to slowly suck him again. His uncle sat down next to him and began giving me pointers about what to do. As his nephew got closer to cumming his uncle began to gently rub my butt and tell me how good I was doing. When his nephew began to come he put his hand on the back of my head to hold me on.

    The next day I sucked both of them off, and the uncle gave me the most incredible blow job. After his nephew left I still went a couple times a week while my mom was still at work. When his nephew visited again for a long weekend I remember the surprise on his face as I sucked his dick and his uncle came up behind me with a lubed dick that would soon cum in my ass.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 52

    SHE'D come out back soon her mama give her permission to go on visit my granddaughter,they house right across my yard where i often see her with the family out by the patio having they selves a grill cookout and damn she sure a pretty little motherfucker especially when she wear them short dress that ride up the back of her panties.though she what we call a shorty with big tits and that girl learn to fuck her fat little pussy on my big black dick,i'd gone put my bed by the window cause sometimes her mama or little brother come get her if she stay too long when she come visit.i'd peek through the side of my curtain to my backyard every few minutes while getting my 11 inch dick up in her,it done took me about a month to get her be my little woman.... my granddaughter live with her mama but after school and during the weekends she come visit me,if truth be told i had considered the little lady but skinny lil-bitches never attracted me sexually.i'm 58 years old and still get a raw erection when i see fat little girls and done got me a few.they sure put up a fight when a grown black man get a big dick locked deep in they pussy but once they feel it getting good they come back for more.sometimes all they need is a man who know how to finger her pussy and stimulate her female juice until she orgasm,that's how i done got my little woman the first time she come over.... my granddaughter had already gone home but i get to inviting this sweet shorty with big tits to come on in,i done get polite and friendly getting her a glass of truth be told a man can often tell if he might get a chance for some hot pussy if she act a certain way like they already know being alone in some man house who is not family might lead to sex because they learn at a young age that men think,want and need granddaughter learned that shit when she was 9 years old so i get this certain feeling that little shorty just shy and nervous so i done say to her how she a pretty little motherfucker and if she ever let some boy touch her tits having learned long ago that any man that desires a young girls pussy needs to take many dangerous risks and though it does stun and shock little shorties to know a man wants to get some pussy from her it almost always never fail.truth be told all females are drama queens who need to make a scene to mentally protect their integrity.little shorty had to pretend being scared and played the game of acting uncooperative when i got close to her and put my hand up her dress,she turned as if to run out the door but stood very still and silent when my hand went back up her dress and right up the crotch of her moist panties.once my other arm was locked around her waist i lifted her off the floor and shoved two fingers up in her pussy pushing the crotch of her panties up inside of her.i let go of little shorty once her bald pussy squirted and sure enough she went on home and don't tell nobody she done got touched sexually and gone had an orgasm all up in her then it's only right that little shorty waited for a day or two before she come on back so i don't get to thinking she done go around letting strange men finger fuck her panties up into her privates so i go on let my granddaughter let her in and sure enough lil-shorty didn't look too happy it gone be anther day or so before they any privacy so we can get to know each other better.... most young shorties when they done get curious about sex don't really care who the first motherfucker is that gonna fuck them,my little woman just happened to live across the yard from an old man who done touch her privates and gone made it clear that so long she don't go telling no one she can come on over and learn to do them grown up sex.those first few days after i done touched her she'd come over to play with my granddaughter and when they was an opportunity my granddaughter go on in the bathroom or be in my kitchen baking cookies i get my hand up lil-shorty dress and done have her leaking pussy juice in her sure was hard getting any time alone with her because of school and my granddaughter often taking my lil-woman out to the backyard to play and her parents always watching her but one day she come on over when my granddaughter who took the bus was running a little late.tell the truth five/ten minutes isn't much time for some privacy with lil-shorty so i take her panties off and put them in my side pocket then unzipped my pants and out come my fully erect 8 inch dick.... now truth be told i'd be lying and so would you if i say lil-shorty gone let a grown man put a whole dick in her,the most that did happen was i got lil-shorty down on the floor by my bathroom and gone put her knees up on her shoulders to get a good look at her bald pussy,spit some saliva on her privates and get my dick up in her for about few seconds.but it was enough to take her virginity and let lil====shorty feel a grown mans dick.i done told her go on in the bathroom and lock the door to clean herself while i ran to the kitchen to get a wet rag and wipe the blood off the granddaughter come walking in about 7 minutes later to find me in the kitchen heating up a pizza pie in the oven and lil-shorty sitting in the living room.i went done put some pizzas and cold chocolate yoo-hoos on the kitchen table for my granddaughter and little shorty but lil-shorty wasn't hungry and done went fall asleep on the granddaughter who wasn't allowed to watch violent movies with profanity in her mama house put a dvd movie of al pacino in scarface and sat next to lil-shorty on the sofa.i sat on my recliner nearby to watch the movie with my grandchild but when the movie got to the part where tony montana was tied up in the bathroom alongside his childhood friend from havana cuba who was killed with a chainsaw by the crazy cuban drug dealers my granddaughter turn to look over at lil-shorty beside her and though she didn't say anything she was shocked to see up lil-shorty's dress.... half the little girls ass was exposed with smudges of dried blood and though that lil-shorty looked sexy as fuck my granddaughter pulled down her dress to cover lil-shorty's nudity.most i remember she done told my granddaughter she gone got her menstruation and them's why her belly hurt,she walked lil-shorty back to her house and i kept those panties fresh in a ziplock bag to enjoy the aroma and vaginal stains that child gone left in them.most i ever see of her the next few days were she sitting out on the patio or playing out in her side of the yard,sometimes she get playing with a large beach ball and kick it far into my yard so she have an excuse come on over.we get looking and smiling at each other and she don't ever have to say what i done already know she feel because like any grown woman who done gone had a man in her they get them sexual desire for more and lil-shorty gone got them sexual heat.... now then if truth be told me and lil-shorty be out in them yards fucking in plain sight of everyone and i'd leave my bedroom window open so her mama come on over and feel proud knowing her daughter getting 8 inches of black meat to pleasure them pussy good.but we here don't live in some third world country where sexual taboos are common and part of their traditions,i'm damn sure in most them country if i gone took lil-shorty's virginity i'd go across the yard and get her be my bride provided lil-shorty wasn't forced and sincerely admitted that she had consented...hell...there's even cases where some shorty gone get forced and if the man done took her virginity and fucked her good some shorties fall in love that way and will consent to being his bride.a man at any age don't need be lonely even men who live way out in them isolated mountains most done take they own daughter if the child's mother done died.i damn sure wouldn't hesitate to fuck my granddaughter if her mama gone died and we all alone in them mountains but here in the states society go by rules and religions..... most days i'd sit out in my backyard watching lil-shorty socializing with family who come over to visit and though she out in her backyard playing with little cousins she do get trying act lady-like and grown up around the male adults in her family.them's the thing about shortie's if too much time go by they get looking at the men most likely to be trusted by her mama that's why i****t so common and truth be told men don't ever decline pussy no matter what age them female then i don't get invited to lil-shorty's family gatherings because i'm not part of the family but her mama will send some food on over but even then it be her son or some grown up adult come over.then it were about two weeks or so gone by before my granddaughter and her mama come visit that i get seeing family don't stay too long and truth be told i thought lil-shorty done gone home out my backyard right before my granddaughter and her mama leave but i go on back to my bedroom to find lil-shorty hiding in my closet.i go on get her up in my arms and waist no time with her on my bed pulling down her panties low enough to get my dick in her and fuck lil-shorty fast,her pussy get tight about three times before i go on get off her releasing my seed on the bedroom floor.i go on taste and smell lil- shorties bald wet pussy before she get up off my bed and steady herself long enough to pull her panties up.right before she go on home i put my hand up her dress to rub her panties up her well fucked pussy.truth be told it be less risky if i were fucking my granddaughter than some shorty who mama don't always let her visit and though my little woman done get me the time to be up in her pussy i could understand when she done told me some man in her family [she didn't say who] getting her pussy....END

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    Mom NEVER gave me "the sex talk", but over my childhood she provided me lessons of another sort.

    When I was three years old mom warned me about the nasty teenage girls who like to take off little boys pants and do things to their privates. Had no idea what those things were, but the mere thought of it was scary. A year or so later mom would invite me into bed between her and dad, but I didn't know why. She would cuddle close to me, while dad always turned away on the far edge of the bed. I could tell that he didn't like it.

    Mom always wore a thin house dress at home, never pants or panties for that manner. We were by no mean nudists, but I saw her naked many times, likely more times than she saw me nude, so that dark hair below her belly button always fascinated me. One time I was five and she was getting ready to dress so I impulsively wrapped my arms around her and kissed her on her bare bottom, saying "I love you, mommy!" Every one who heard the story at the time thought it was adorable.

    At seven I was worried one morning because my "dink" was missing, somehow replaced by the long stiff thing. I was scared, so ran to mom and dropped my pajamas. She looked down at me and smiled "Nothing is wrong, you are my good boy, it will be back to a pee-pee soon enough." But as she smiled and stared it stayed that way.

    A couple years later I overheard some moms at a school event talk about one of their kids who had run naked into their living room full of adults. Suddenly my dink felt warm and it started to grow. Even though I didn't know what sex was, I suddenly realized that nakedness, even the talk of it is what made my pee-pee turn longer and stiff.

    Not that I had much experience of nakedness, on a couple occasions at recess a slightly older girl (not the same one each time) and I ended up alone and playing "show me". They so loved having me look at their smooth front crack, one even got me to run my fingers over it. But it didn't do anything to me pee-pee, it stayed regular. Butts was where it was at! And when they would face away and show their bottoms, that is when my pee-pee turned into a dick. Yes, my vocabulary was growing on the school grounds.

    At ten I walked into the house as mom was laying face down on the couch reading. Her legs were slightly apart, and thanks to that thin fabric in the days before downy or febreeze her hem (no slip) ran up to the top of her thighs. There was her black hair patch fully exposed to my view, separated into two parts with something tantalizingly beautiful in the middle. There it was, this complicated pink and peach colored groove with bits of skin and funny shapes staring back at me. I stood there entranced.

    "You are letting in a draft. Close the door!"

    Mom scooted down, rolled over, and stopped mid-motion with her legs spread apart. I could not take my eyes off her pussy (more vocabulary lessons paying off) which had some dampness, not pee, maybe not sweat either being evident. After a few seconds, I looked up at her eyes, she smiled back at me and simply said "Oops".

    A few months later mom, who was a nurse, called me into her bedroom and asked me to take down my pants. She was holding a tube of some lotion or medicine, I didn't know which. "Let me put this salve on your penis, as boys get older there is a chance that you can get an infection near the end of it, and it can hurt." She squirted some of the lotion on her hand and gently grasped my dink. The warmth of her hands overcame the cold feel of the salve and, as she ran it all over me privates it started to grow longer and harder, with this very pleasant warm and safe feeling overcoming me. Within a minute or so I had a boner (more vocabulary growth)so mom made one last gentle encircling squeeze just below the head. "See, it is all fine, but it was important that I checked. And you can do this yourself anytime you want. Tell me if anything changes."

    I was finding myself sometimes getting hard around mom, as dad was gone most of the year so we had lots of alone time, with us sleeping in the same bed much of the time. Never had the nerve to touch or snuggle, but one day the cat was lying on her lap as she sat on the couch so I came up to pet the kitty, mumbled and fumbled sliding my hands under the cat while I pressed the back of my fingers against her. I could feel the hairs through the thin polyester house dress, amazed at how coarse they were, but as my fingers slid along the knuckles were now pressing into a soft and yielding area. After half a minute of moving my knuckles back and forth pretending I was petting the cat from below, mom gently but firmly grasped hold of my wrist. We locked eyes for a few seconds, I pushed a little more against the yielding spot, then she said "I have to get up" and walked to her bedroom, closing the door behind her.

    Several weeks later she left next to my bed a copy of "Peyton Place", which I gleefully read that night. As I read the good parts, I got that warm and safe feeling as my penis became erect. As it strained against my undershorts, I moved it around, trying for a more comfortable position, not even thinking of opening my fly. I mean you do that when you are going to pee, right? Suddenly this tremendous warmth ran through me as I felt and saw the liquid from my first orgasm pulse through the tent at the front of my unders. Thought I was going to die.

    Many decades later mom had slipped and fallen at home and needed my help to get herself on the toilet as she had wet herself while on the floor. I steadied her as she finished peeing, then at her request wiped her front. Those hairs were sparser but just as black as I had remembered 60 years earlier, and felt just the same under my fingers.

    "Yo u sure were a horn dog as a little boy, but you have all these girl friends now, so wiping me shouldn't be a problem.

    No, it wasn't.

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