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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 33

    When I was seventeen, I and another friend of mine were invited to a party by a woman who's husband worked on the oil rigs in the North sea. He was away working so knowing about her wild parties we said yes. It turned out myself and my friend were the only ones invited. Answering the door to us, just dressed in a bath robe she invited us in. No sooner than we'd entered her front room, she dropped the bath robe and stood there totally naked.
    I wasn't a virgin, but my friend was. So after we'd stripped she began to suck us both off and my friend came within a minute. His small cock shriveled up and she turned to me, asking me to fuck her mouth. I'd been forcing my cock down her throat for about five minutes, when she pulled away and asked my friend to lick hr pussy and arse from behind. He stopped playing with his flaccid cock stood up and told her to fuck off, adding he'd never kiss a womans c**t or arsehole. All she said was "Well, you'd better fuck off yourself then little boy". A minute later I was alone with a twenty nine year old nymphomaniac. She really was a dirty whore and over the next hour or so I did everything I'd ever thought of sexually with a female, and lots more I never knew about.
    One of the last things we did before I left to walk home, was fucking her arsehole as she spread her legs wide apart and used one of her many dildo's to fuck her pussy. Once I'd cum up her arse, she had me lick out my cum and then we kissed sharing my cum. Her parting gift was to suck my cock clean of her anal juices and my cum.

    I'm now an unhappily married man, fortunately with no kids. I've never once had anyone as horny as the woman I fucked when I was seventeen, and believe me I tried to fuck her again. Unfortunately her husband became unemployed and they moved away not too much after. And up until two weeks ago I hadn't seen either of them. Then a removals van arrived across the street from where I now live. At first I didn't recognise the guy as he'd put on so much weight, but I instantly recognised her as she got out of a very nice expensive car. Remembering the night I had such an amazing time fucking her, I climbed down the ladder I was on and walked over and said hello. He just thought I was being a nice neighbour, and to her credit she spoke to me as if she didn't know me. That was until he went into the house. She asked how I was doing and if which house I lived in. Pointing to it she told me, and this really messed with my head "My husband is working the rigs again, maybe we could have a party". She might be in her mid forties, but she's still a very good looking woman with a great figure. I know I should be thinking of my wife, but the invite still stands as of yesterday as she caught hold of me after I'd returned from a run. All she said was "Bob's on the rigs as of next week. he'll be gone six weeks, a long time for me not have fun". Winking she added "Why don't you pop across if you're not busy". I knew precisely what she meant. all I have to decide now, is if I'm going to cheat on my wife with the dirtiest slut I've ever fucked.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 46

    One time my older cousin was over, she was changing in my parent's room and I kept peeking in on her. She chased me off 4 or 5 times, then she called my name and came to the door with her too and bra off. My eyes about popped out. She took my head and pressed it between her breasts and said: here is this what you want to see. I think she thought I would be scared and run off, but I started sucking her nipple. When I did she was startled, but frazzled my head to her breast and let me suckle like she was feeding a baby.

    I was too young to know or do anything sexual, but she let me suck her nipple until my mom called up stairs to see if she was dressed. After that she became my sitter when my mom and dad were gone and sometimes she would let me suck her nipples. Before she quit being my sitter, she showed me how to kiss and gave me a hand job. I think if she would have stayed my sitter another year we would have had sex.

    To this day when we see each other, she reminds me of her letting me suckle on her breasts. And I remind her she gave me my first hand job.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 47

    I was sheltered all my Life. I had no touch with the real world. I was fourteen and walking home from school. I had no idea why but my penis became very hard. It was difficult to walk and I didn't know what to do. I could feel this moisture on my penis and I was afraid I was bleeding or something. I went into the woods and lowered my pants to make sure I was all right. This white stuff was leaking from my pee hole and I felt like I was going to die.
    My Aunt lived acrossed the street from me and she was a Nurse. I went over to her house but she was at Work. Her Daughter saw how scared I was and asked if there was anything she could. I told her what happened and she assured me I was not going to die. She said it was normal for a guy my age to have that happen. She told me to drop my pants and she would explain what was happening to me.
    She explained to me that I needed to masturbate or my balls would explode. I just couldn't believe no one had told be about this before. She told me we should keep this between us so that the other kids wouldn't tease me. That sounded great to me because I didn't understand a lot of things they talked about anyways.
    She showed me how to grip the penis and the correct motion and speed that would release the underdeveloped pee that was causing the presure in my balls. She never touched me but gave me instructions on how to complete my duty. After I had emptied she had me hold up my penis so she could check my pressure.
    This became a regular thing after school. I had no idea why but I was starting to enjoy my appoints to see her. Sometimes, if I had not seen her in a while, I would have to do it twice just to make sure I was empty. What I found out later was she had set up a mirror in her bedroom so that her friends could hide in the other room and watch. One of the girls told her Mother who in turned called the Police.
    They made me go see a Doctor for counciling. He told me what I was doing was normal. If it felt good I should continue, but in my own bathroom with the shades down.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 19

    When I was 12, my sister's husband was 29. He would come over to my house, (single mom) just the two of us now, and take me swimming. Our back yard was very privet, so we kind of got a little wild sometimes. We played this game where one would dive in, swim to the other end underwater, and through the legs of the other one. Bob's turn, and I was at the other end. I took off the bottom of my suit, and standing on it, let Bob swim through my legs. Next turn was mine, so I went to the deep end, 8 foot, and dove in. Got to bob, and there he was naked, with a 7 inch hard. Well, now it was out there. I got out, stripped naked, and dove back in. In about 5 minutes, we were in the house, and Bob was trying to get that big thing in my little pussy. Finally it went in, and O M G, that hurt. Bob said it will get better with time, and lots of us fucking. He was right, so now at 19, we fuck everey time we get a chance. After that first time3, HE took me to a Dr. he knew, and got me B.C. I love him fucking me doggie best. We said that my sis would never know, and still she doesn't know.. I waant his baby, and we have talked about it. HOPE HOPE..

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    So this happened when u was 14. I just started knowing that I really enjoyed sex(the idea) with guys. Particularly younger guys. My dad did tutoring in our house. I was home and my dad said that Connor session was done and his dad wanted Connor and I to talk because Connor was well socially awkward. He liked to keep to himself. His dad and my dad were gonna talk in the garage and then get s cup of coffee. While I waited for my dad to leave I went to the opposite side of the house to my room. I imagined Connor 13 years old. Medium height my shorter than me. Spikes brown hair and brown eyes. I whipped my 4 1/2 inch dick out and started going at it. I guess I said Connors name because all of the sudden he walked into my room and said "I had to p- and stopped. He looked down at me and said that our dads left. I put my dick away and he kept staring at me. I said sorry and he asked if he could jerk off with me. I said sure come lay down. I had a queen dice bed and he layed down right next to me. Undid the zipper to his cargo shorts took them and his underwear off and took his 3 1/2 inch cock out and started to get it harder. I took mine back out with my left hand jerked myself off and as I noticed Connors head tilt towards me and reached with my left had and grabbed his dick. I slowly started and he started to Moan. I then turned over and shoved my face down on his cock and just went to down on his dick. He was slightly sweaty my his jock and everything tasted Sooo good. After like 40 second his back arched and he came in my mouth. As his back arched I remember shoving my finger straight in his ass. He Moaner and came even more. He then asked me if he could taste my dick. I said sure. He asked me if I could face fuck him though. I kneeled over his body and started drop my balls down his throat. I then took my dick and forcefully shoved it into his throat. I pulled his head over my dick to my body and made him gag. He gripped my ass cheeks slide a finger and pulled me into him more. When is started to cum I pulled my dick out of his mouth and aimed at his face and Let it rip. I asked him if I could play with his ass. I told him I would fuck him yet through. He said ok and doggy style. I brought my mouth to his and inhaled and shove my tongue down his ass. I then gave home my fingers to suck one which he did once I tuck them out off my ass. After that we did that every time he came over I eventually was fucking him everyday for be next 3 years. . We lost touch my we are now datin again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 41

    As a teen my mother got a new boyfriend. He worked with her and he would come over and she would cook for him. He was older than her and liked to touch her. Most of evenings were her smacking his hand as he would reach for her butt or her breast or he would take a kiss while she was cooking. The apartment we were in was a one bedroom, which I shared with my mother and all the action took place out in the kitchen or the living room on the couch.

    On this one occasion forever in my memory he took ahold of my mother while they were on the couch, until he was behind her and he pushed her pants down and opened his pants and took out his dick and maneuvered himself over her and just fucked her right there on the couch in front of me. He was going to fuck her for all the times she had refused him, she kept saying nonsense things and he kept fucking her, he just fucked her until he finished and sat back on the couch with his dick out. My mother quickly turned and covered him up and looked at me like I was the enemy.

    That night when we were getting ready for bed she told me not to be judgmental that one day a man was going to fuck me too.

    It was a long time coming, the day I got fucked, but that day as I was getting it for the first time all I could do was remember that evening at our apartment when my mother got her fucking from that boyfriend she had.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I WAS GETTING it all up in junito this kid who lives on the 4th's no secret among the neighbors that he is homosexual,i didn't know until just four months ago though i had noticed on several occasions how he would look at me whenever i went to the corner bodega.his mother is a good looking woman from santo domingo but with three young boys and her elderly mother to provide for no man is going to commit himself for marriage though she does have a live in lover who often helps the super with the maintenance of the tenement.the tenants here are mostly daminicans and being the lowest in regards to poverty the apartments aren't occupied for long periods of time...apart from me my next door neighbor and another who lives on the third floor there are no other puerto ricans living in this tenement and only one black family lives across the hall.i've been living here since 2005 and though my apartment is a fifth floor walk-up i love the privacy and serene peacefullness it provides,there are never any problems and issues with my neighbors and living in the south bronx we live by the code of [mind your business]...the one thing we all have in common is sex because dominicans love to fuck,though my sexual preferences vary i am bisexual and don't consider age a factor when choosing a sex mate...young dominican girls tend to go into sexual heat early and the underage ones love to flirt,not to sound racist because any dominican reading this knows it's a fact that the majority of these girls along with mexican girls prefer pregnancy over education and of course the dominican republic is known for it's openness about homosexuality.though i have sex with many of my neighbors kids and oftentimes with their knowledge i never get serious or involved in their lives,the young boy from the 4th floor mostly has sex with his young friends and sometimes late at night you could hear them up on the roof playing their reggaeton music and smoking isn't uncommon to see underage girls coming down the stairs with teenage boys after having sex on the roof and of course these young girls often play in the halls and stairways where i usually flirt with isn't unusual to find one knocking on my door and though many can't take a big dick they will let me fuck them,i'm not sure how many young boys in my tenement are homosexual because the young boy from the 4th floor was told to keep it a secret perhaps due to some of these boys being gang members.the gangs in my neighborhood can be violent if provoked and have been known to kill someone for breaking their rules so it is best to let my young neighbor keep his secret.personally i enjoy sex with him because i don't know of many young kids that can take 8 inches of thick dick like he often tries to do,he loves when i play my fingers in his ass and use lubricant to get my dick halfway up in him...i take my time to let him adapt and already know when it's too painful for him by the way he moans and damn i love the way he sounds when he's enjoying it...OOOOOOHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh...going deep he tends to let his knees drop from under him to slide off my dick if i lean into his back and stay too long letting me know it hurts...AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhhh,WAIT. ..STOP...YOUR PUSHING IT IN TOO HARD...GO sofabed is near the fire escape window which i keep open with the shade up and it's not uncommon for some tenant from the tenement across the street to be watching us though if it's a young girl i'm with she'll often request more privacy but there are some [very few] who like to be watched.though i love rough sex with adult woman i never try that shit with the young except with a young girl named yesenia who was 16 years old and only because she wanted to know what it felt like,for her age yessy as everyone calls her looks like a full grown woman with big tits and round ass though she was medically born with a small pussy [do the research on medical gyn websites]...if you were to see her naked you would think she had a normal average vagina but get ready to be shocked once you see it,not only is it small but it's completely pink because her entire pussy is layered on the surface,her clitoris is barely noticeable which complicates stimulation during oral sex [i've tried]...though i was able to get 3 inches in her it takes a lot of lubrication and her tightness sexually hurt me as well,it was less than five minutes of rough sex and though i tried to push past 4 in a half inches i felt as if i was fucking a 5 year old girl...yessy literally passed out from the pain yet she was able to have anal sex provided of course that i don't go past 6 in a half inches because i was too thick for her,i often see her with her boyfriend who drives a taxi though i don't believe yessy will ever find a husband to sexually satisfy her needs unless he has a very small penis.the young boy on the 4th floor has a tight rectum but he's capable of stretching for sexual intercourse and don't go thinking that all kids and teens can take an 8 inch dick as if they were shoving a lollipop in their privates lol...THE END

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    I'LL BEGIN BY SAYING that i met this man when i was 13 years old back in december of 2014,he never lied about his age [42] and that he is single living in a private apartment.having dated boys my age and with my parents permission i never thought i'd ever be attracted to an older man much less that he was hispanic,i come from a nigerian family and was raised in the muslim faith though i never agreed with my father and grandfathers biblical teachings and grew to love americans way of life since moving to the u.s. back in 2001 besides covering up from head to feet in a headress as mandated by our religion made me feel stupid and uncomfortable.when my father divorced my mother to marry a younger woman and went back home to nigeria it was as if a new door had opened up and we were free to live by our mother threw away the koran,headresse's and that strict way of life vowing to never return to she's a nurse at a local hospital and loves to enjoy a girls night out with her co-workers considering me a young woman able to look after myself when i began menstruating at age 12 back in 2013.i'm an only child though my father often said he preferred a son and hated when my mother would buy me american cloths and take me out to mcdonalds or a chinese restaurant.growing up in nigeria i was a skinny little girl and i had always suspected that my mother preferred the american way of life to annoy my father and win her divorce.everyone is aware of the obesity issue in the u.s. due to all the preservatives and hormones injected into fast food products thus i grew quite heavy with full breast and buttocks that was noted by schoolboys and adult men,i also produced heavy vaginal lubrication that constantly stained the crotch of my panties and often emanated my female scent which mother said was natural...though there were hygiene products available medical research confirmed that these products did more harm than good since it tends to dry the vaginal bacteria that aids in protecting woman against diseases,thus my best alternative [which i still practice] is to use natural soap and baby oils to cover my female scent.the majority of american girls in my school will use the bathroom toilets and spray perfume in their panties and privates afterwards but some develop itching and and rashes which can lead to more serious disease issues if not seen by a medical doctor at gyn [yes,i hope to be a nurse someday] mother noting my rapid female growth would often advised me about boys and men attracted to young virgin girls claiming that even males outside my black race practiced interracial sex and was quite common in the u.s...i always felt comfortable discussing personal issues with my mother [still do] and we often use the internet to learn more about ourselves and the american way of life so much so that my first time sexually with a young 17 year old boy from a nearby school when i was 12 years old was just a learning experience which wasn't quite what i expected due to his limited experience with girls.he was tall and quite attractive but lacked in knowing how to pleasure girls sexually,there was no oral sex or popular orgasm that girls often talked about in school or i had researched on the internet.though he only managed to penetrate me long enough to tear my hymen [virginity] his 5 inch penis pre-ejaculated within seconds,i never told anyone including my best friend tina because i didn't want to embarrass him in school...though he tried several times to convince me to let him go at my pussy one more time i just knew it wasn't worth sneaking back into his bedroom and try again,contrary to my keeping quite about his sex performance he went around school saying my pussy was extremely greasy [yes,he said it like that] and that i was too fat to fuck.being civil i told him to stop disrespecting me or i would report him for sexual abuse of a minor and that pretty much ended his false machismo.there was a lot of sexual emotions going on within me in regards to a young girl menstruating and mother natures early development in bringing me to terms with the knowledge that i was in female heat,having done the research i was aware that some males were able to detect a certain girls behavior and preparedness for for sexual mating and though i wanted to have sex it wasn't my nature to flirt with boys or have sex with just anyone...naturally at my age today [i will be 14 in october] teen pregnancy is a serious issue and of course young boys can be so irresponsable sexually so i prefer to privately stimulate myself to orgasm or use a phallus shaped fruit [cucumbers/carrots] or household objects like doorknobs or my beds wooden shaft which i once accidentally lost my balance while attempting to crouch to insert it in my vagina.having measured it's length at 3 inches it wasn't too big but it's thick knob stretched my pussy extremely wide open and had me gasping for air,sitting or walking around really hurt because my pussy was sore and bruised though warm soothing baths helped to relieve the oils as oppose to vaseline products tend to be far more lubricant and thus the accidental fall literally impaled me on that bed post.naturally it isn't uncommon for girls to insert objects in their pussy,a certain girl i knew back in nigeria accidentally fell on a loose bike seat she was riding,the knob wasn't as thick as my bedpost but it pushed straight through her panty forcing the tip to lodge about 1 in a half inches up in her,obviously her parents refused the news media to print the story to save the young girl from further humiliation.i don't know if such a thing as sexual destiny exist because having met a certain 42 year old man while in the pizzeria i was to learn a valuable lesson in regards to interracial sex and how some men can be far more than i expected.the best way to describe how we met was perhaps self-explanatory...he openly flirted with me when the owner of the pizzeria wasn't looking and though there were cameras inside the place it basically recorded a young black girl talking with an adult hispanic male.having arrived from puerto rico in early 2010 i thought it was strange he still spoke broken english yet it impressed me that he was completely honest and straightforward with his motives...he openly stared at my breast and made it clear he loved young fat girls,calling me [negrita chula] translated to mean [black beauty]...we were obviously outdoors just walking around and talking while we ate our pizzas,naturally some things have a way of just being self-explanatory when he simply invited me back to his place.his apartment was in a fifth floor walk-up and was to the back of the building tenement which provided privacy and perhaps it was to his benefit because even though i wanted to have sex he was too ignorant to understand that i wasn't sexually ready to take the length of his huge penis...distracted by my own needs to have sex i had momentarily turned away from him to remove my t-shirt and sweatpants,having neglected to wear panties he was able to admire the round fullness of my privates when he requested that i play show and tell...he walked over to where i was and i felt like a little fat toy doll being poked and massaged all up and down my oiled pussy,his huge hands weren't measured by it's length but it's thickness grabbing and squeezing my privates.i instinctively knew he wasn't lacking in sexual foreplay having stimulated my clitoris while finger fucking my vulva to an instant orgasm,his hand was coated with my pussy juice as i sweated and gasp to regain my composure and he certainly noted how well oiled and lubricated i was lifting me off the floor to carry me over to his sofa where he pushed the back of my neck down on a throw pillow so i couldn't see what he was doing.having predicted i would go into hysterics had i seen his huge penis he momentarily held the back of my neck while pulling and tugging his pants down,i instantly panicked when i felt it's thickness rubbing and sliding between my legs as he took a strong hold on both my shoulders and leaned into me to whisper that i just relax and take it like the big girls.the knob of his penis was twice the size of my bed post and i gasp moaning in sexual pain as he thrust and shoved it into me,having coated his penis with my pussy juice and baby oil lubricant he certainly took advantage to force the length and thickness up into me...obviously i was unaware of it's measurements but it felt huge and hurt intensely regardless if he went slow or quicken his pace,i was also unaware that he was testing my limits sexually forcing every inch to stretch me opened because once he got it moving inside of me he really let go fucking my pussy hard...i cried out in pain fighting to get him off me yet he seemed to sense my every movement and timed it so that he could throw me off balance and get it back up inside of me.naturally he demonstrated too much energy and sexual desire literally lifting me off the sofa and carrying me around to fuck me near an open window,his bed,on the floors of his apartment and on top of his kitchen table.though i came several times his painful fucking didn't allow me anytime to enjoy it's pleasure and i was grateful when he tired having achieved his three orgasms inside of me,my fat little pussy was swollen and puffed with his male semen dripping down my legs but i didn't bother to clean up in my hurry to leave his apartment...having noted his penis semi-erect i'd imagine it's measurements and thickness to be somewhere within 8 inches when fully erect,walking home quite slowly i felt as if he were still inside of me,i don't often have sex with him apart from when i really feel the urge and motivate myself to disregard the obvious painful sex that he provides due to the fact that i just don't go around having sex with just anyone... NOTE; THOUGH I'M JUST A TEEN I LOVE READING THE STORIES ON THIS WEBSITE,ONE OF MY FRIENDS FOUND YOUR WEBSITE AND PASSED IT ALONG TO ME... THE END

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    When I was 13 my family moved to a city. I had grown up in the country so I was a babe in the woods. Or rather a babe out of the woods. More accurately, I was a deer in headlights. I was naive and ignorant and about as streetwise as a toddler.

    Now in our new city we had a rule or law, not sure which, that forbade adult entertainment places from being near schools. But somehow this one had been grandfathered in. It was a peepshow and adult theater. It was also an adult book store and next door was strip club owned by the same people. The signs were pretty obvious about what went on inside even to a naive 13 year old country bumkin.

    It was around this age that I was beginning to become conscious of my bisexuality. It was Ok to like girls but liking boys was out of the question. So I had not allowed myself to think about boys, only girls. But it got to the point where I realized that choosing not to think about boys was not going to succeed. Boys were everywhere. It was impossible to not think about them. This was especially true in gym class where we stripped naked at the beginning of class to dress in our gym uniforms and then again at the end of class to take showers. Back in Hicksville in Boondox county grades 7-12 were in one Jr. High, High School building and we all took gym class together. So twice a week for a few minutes at a time I was in the boy's showers naked with 60 other naked boys aged 12-19 half of whom sported partial or complete erections that bobbed around as the boys strutted like peacocks to and from the showers most not bothering to cover up their lithe bodies. So as I said, there was no way to not think about boys. But right after 7th grade we moved to the city.

    In the new school I was in 8th grade. The kids were a bit mean there. Not all of them, just enough to make many younger kids uncomfortable. I was a bit uncomfortable but as an 8th grader in a school that had kids in grades 5-8 some of that pressure was off my shoulders. Still, we had gym class and the 7th and 8th grade boys showered together after gym class so I was constantly exposed to dick aged 12-15.

    With dick constantly on my mind I was starting to lean strongly to the gay side of being bisexual. It's not that I lost interest in girls. I didn't. I just didn't have much opportunity to see naked girls my age, or for that matter any age. But I got to see naked boys with naked dicks twice a week so with that constant reinforcement I naturally developed a lot of gay sexual fantasies and constantly though about trying to figure out how to get an opportunity to get my dick sucked and to suck dick.

    So as I said, there was a strip club and adult book store and peep show and adult theater all together and I walked past this place on my way to and from school every day.

    It just happened that both my parents had to stay late at work one Friday. My Mom was expected home at 7pm. My dad would get home later. My older sister, the bitch, wouldn't even notice me missing until my parents asked her where I was.

    So that Friday as usual I walked past this den of iniquity on my way home. But on this particular occasion I noticed the side door was swung wide open. I kind of gazed over and noticed a guy standing there in the door with his dick hanging out. I hesitated for a moment. I was very interested. He was good looking in his thirties. He saw me gawking at him and motioned for me to come over. I looked around and noticed nobody around and made a bee line for the open door and the dick and the guy holding the dick.

    He told me I was a very pretty boy. He said my long hair was very pretty and very girly and looked really nice long the way it was. He reached up and grasped my pony tale and told me my hair felt nice and soft and said he would like to feel it wrapped around his cock.

    The whole time I stared down at his 7 inch long uncut erection. I couldn't take my eyes off it.

    He invited me inside. It was dark inside. the only light source was the gay porn video playing on the big screen TV. There were three guys sitting in the back of the theater. ONe was bent over sucking another's cock. The third guy was jerking off.

    The guy in the door swung the door shut and pulled me into the theater and pulled me over to a spot in front of the big screen TV. As soon as the other three saw me they got up, one hobbling with his pants at his ankles, and came over to inspect the new guy, me. I had hands all over me. I was forcefully stripped naked. I started to get scared but they reassured me I would like being fucked. they fucked my mouth first. then the guy with the smallest cock shoved it right up my ass. It hurt for about a minute then felt really good then I couldn't stand when he took it out of my ass but it was replaced by a bigger cock. Meanwhile I was forced to suck two other cocks and I just got gang banged for about half an hour.

    Before they were done the manager came over and started to yell at the guys reminding the guys that the rules prohibited sex in the theater and they had to take the action into the back room. When they pulled away from me to pull up their pants the manager saw me and marched right over and asked how old I was. I knew that due to my size there was no way I could get away with saying I was 18. But at the same time I also thought that if I pretended to be even younger than I was maybe he would feel sorry for me and only kick me out. So I lied and said I was eleven. It was believable. I was the smallest guy in my class. He looked carefully at me, said something about my lack of pubic hair and told the guys that his theater was not a middle school orgy room. I thought at that point he was going to just kick me out. Instead he dragged me back to his office and closed and locked the door. He then issued an ultimatum. He said I had two choices. The first choice is he calls my parents and shows them the video he made of me sucking cock. The other choice is I would let him make a video of me sucking his cock. He wasn't too bad looking so I chose plan b. I unzipped his pants. I fished out his oversized cock and forced myself to gag on it. It only took a moment to get used to having that thing in my mouth. I really liked it. My ass was starting to crave cock too. I wanted two, one at both ends. I guess he must have been really horny because he came in my throat in a few minutes.

    At that point I thought he was going to kick me out since he was done with me. Instead he escorted me to the back room. He offered me up to the four guys that he had kicked out of the theater and the other 7 that were already there. Eleven of them altogether. He said anyone who wants to have his way with me would have to pay him $100 up front. Everyone whipped out their wallets and forked over $100 as though they thought that if they paid late they would miss the opportunity. Then he told me that I was going to service his customers or he was going to show my parents the video he made of me sucking his cock enthusiastically. I was too dumb and naive to realize that had he done that he would go to prison or life along with the rest of the guys. I was also too horny to care. I was in cock heaven.

    They all took turns. They all came inside me. Several other men lined up to take turns. In the three hours I was there I got fucked by 27 guys. Some in my ass. Some in my mouth. Some in both. The manager told me to drop by to suck his dick every day after school. He threatened to show that video to my parents if I didn't. He didn't need to threaten me. Had he merely invited me to come in and suck his dick every day I would have.

    It didn't matter. I sneaked away the next day. I told my parents I was going over my friend Jason's house for the day. I did that a lot so they didn't bat an eye. I went right up to the side door of the theater. It was closed and locked this time. I was disappointed and started to walk away but just as I reached the sidewalk I heard the manager call out to me. I turned and he had his door wide open. I ran over and he led me to his office for a repeat. I sucked him off and he "blackmailed" me into servicing 15 customers in the back room. This time he split the take with me. Not exactly i half. He gave me $500 and told me to keep my mouth shut about where I got it. Like I would tell anyone I was a boy whore who craved getting gangbanged by strange gay men.

    It turned out that they are closed on Sundays. But Monday I went in all the hornier and got myself gang fucked. I was really getting used to this. School got out at two and I usually got home by 20 after. My mom usually got home next at five. My sister doesn't count. She was oblivious to the universe. An atom bomb could go off and she wouldn't notice. So that gave me about two and a half hours every day. It varied. Some afternoons there were only two or three guys. On Friday and Saturday there was usually a pretty good crowd. I was making about a grand a week. The manager of that place was making more than twice that much but I didn't care. I was making about a grand a week getting blissfully gang fucked for 2+ hours a day six days a week.

    The best time was when my parents went away for the weekend and left my sister in charge. That was about the same as leaving a houseplant in charge. They left Friday before school got out and didn't get back until Monday morning. There was no way my sister would notice my absence so I was home free so to speak. I just went right to the adult theater after school. I told the manager I was his until midnight Sunday. I figure I wanted at least a few hours of sleep before school Monday. His eyes lit up. That weekend I was fucked by hundreds of guys. Instead of a few hours I was there 57 hours. I hardly slept. At one point late Saturday night I fell asleep with cocks fucking me at both ends and didn't wake up until six hours later to find two other cocks fucking me at both ends. I have no idea how many had fucked me while I slept. I was just so exhausted from being continuously fucked. While I slept I dreamed of being fucked by thousands of giant cocks. I had cocks up my ass sticking out my mouth. I had cocks fucking my throat sticking out my ass. I was being fucked in one ear and out the other and vice versa. my eyes, nostrils and pee hole were being fucked. I dreamed like that every sleeping moment and was being fucked for real while sleeping and awake. I think I was filled with gallons of sperm. I was carried into the showers every few hours and fucked in the shower while being washed clean. The manager fucked my mouth about six times that weekend. By midnight Sunday I was so thoroughly fucked I couldn't walk. I literally was unable to stand up and hold my own weight.

    When I asked the manager about being open that Sunday he explained that he was open on Sunday's for private parties and what we were doing counted as a private party. Many guys paid to go several times. Sunday night he handed me an envelope with $20,000 in cash in it. It was fat and filled with hundred dollar bills. I had never imagined there was that much money in the world.

    The manager gave me a ride home and even carried me up the front steps, into the house and up to my bedroom. I reassured him my sister wouldn't notice if he r**ed me in front of her. It was not much of an exaggeration.

    Monday morning I woke up around noon. At some point my mother had attempted to get me out of bed for school but it seems I told her I didn't feel good and rolled over and went back to sleep. I don't remember that at all. I just remember waking up at noon to find the house empty. Mom told me later about me not feeling good.

    It was just as well. I ached all over. I had a horrible sore throat and I felt like I had shit out a telephone pole, splinters and all.

    I skipped going to the adult theater on Monday. My sister got home around 1:45. I know because I heard her come in. I was still in bed watching TV. She didn't know I was home in bed. She did her usual heard of elephants impersonation up the stairs and down the hall followed by a door slamming. Once settled in her room I could blow up the house and that would not get her attention.

    I felt good Tuesday so I went to school and then after that to the theater. The manager was a little surprised to see me but I was already craving some cock so he let me start with his cock and then I strutted naked over to the back room and announced the availability of my orifices for their pleasure. The manager stood there collecting the fees and I got fucked and fucked and fucked some more.

    I went home Tuesday with another five hundred.

    So the next week the manager decided to up the price. Turns out that while raising the price of admission did reduce the number of boy fuckers willing to pay up, it didn't reduce the number substantially. At the end of that week we had collected almost twice as much as the previous week. Again the next week he raised the price this time to three hundred a fuck and again the number of fuckers only went down a little. It took charging five hundred a pop to see the numbers drop a lot but even then it was still worth while. Basically by charging $500 a fuck the manager was able to more than triple our take. That meant I was taking 3 grand a week home. I was getting rich. I did this almost every day, except some Sundays and often for an entire weekend at a time until a little past my fifteenth birthday.

    I had spent a lot on video games, clothes, and even a car though I was too young to get my license. Left over I had nearly 300k saved up. With that money I went to college and graduated last May. I had enough left over to buy my house.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 24

    I was exposed to porn pretty early, when I was about 5. My sister, who is 3 years older than me, found my dad's stash of porn magazines in his room and she and I went through them. What I saw in those magazines intrigued me to no end. I became so curious about what it feels like to be touched down there. I even started to masturbate.. in my own way. I'd lay in bed and put a pillow or a blanket between my legs and press it against my pussy. Then I'd just grind my little pussy against it until I felt almost about to orgasm. I never got to experience an actual orgasm from doing that though.

    When I was 6, I would go to my friend's house often. Her name was Stacy. Her dad was a single parent and he was very nice. He always gave us snacks and let us roam around the house and play. I would sleep over once in a while and when I did, Stacy and I would sleep on the floor in the living room and I would masturbate with a pillow or blanket. Sometimes I would be so used to doing it that I would start wiggling and grinding my pussy on the blanket while I was half asleep, not really aware of doing it.

    One night, Stacy had a cousin sleep over and he occupied the living room where Stacy and I usually slept. So instead, Stacy's dad had us sleep in his bed with him. As I was falling asleep, I started grinding my pussy against the blanket. I did this until I fell asleep. I guess my grinding shook the entire bed and woke Stacy's dad because next thing I knew, I woke up to someone pulling my undies down. I opened my eyes and Stacy's dad was hovering over me and he put his finger to his lips gesturing not to make a sound. I nodded my head, confused. Then he opened my legs and revealed my bare, bald pussy. He touched my slit with his finger and I shivered.. but I liked it.

    Stacy's dad then leaned into my pussy and kissed it. I closed my legs as a reaction, but he pulled them back apart and kissed it again. Then he stuck his tongue out and he traced my slit with it ever so softly. I was in a trance and I just watched as he continued. He pushed his tongue in a little more and ran it up my pussy to my clit. Then he tickled my little clit by running his tongue around it in circles, over and over. He was licking my pussy for about ten minutes and I loved every second of it.

    Then he put his lips against my clit and started sucking on it. My pussy never felt so good. It tickled and it tingled. He sucked softly at first. Then he started sucking harder and harder. As he was sucking on it, I pushed my little pussy harder into his face and tried to pull him in closer. He sucked and he sucked until I finally had my first orgasm. My body went through a rush and a tingling sensation went all the way to the tips of my fingers. After he gave me my orgasm, he put my panties back on and he told me to go to sleep. I felt amazing, and I fell asleep right away.

    Since then, I looked forward to sleeping over Stacy's house. We ended up sleeping in her dad's bed every time, and I would wake up to him sucking on my clit every time. It never got any further than that, but I never told anyone. It stopped when Stacy and I went to different middle schools and we drifted apart as friends. Although I was already curious about sex from my dad's porn stash, Stacy's dad has given me an intense sex drive and I masturbate almost every night.

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