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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 54

    Yeah Hi. I have been sexually active since I was about 9. It started after I found my dad's porno stash in the garage it wasn't just playboys they were Ribalds and newspapers that were full of personal sex ads like you would find on craiglist today. Guys for guys, woman for woman and any combination you could think of. And they reckon society is Fucked up nowadays this was in the late 60's. In less than a 

    week I didn't need the birds and the bees story I had just read them all. Pretty 
    soon i was masturbating all weekend and 
    every single minute I could find. Then one day im in the garage pounding away on my cock I was pretty impressed with it was 
    about 4# back then when I hear this huh I dropped the ribald and I'm standing there 
    L trying to cover up my cock as I always got naked and there stood Simone she was about 6 or 7 she was trying to look at my cock, what are you doing she kinda giggled as she walked right up to me I remember 
    suddenly felling No shame or discomfort, this was perfect I uncovered my cock which had shrivalled up but immediately started to stiffen on its own she was still giggling as she put her hand on my cock. It feels so warm she said or something like that. I was just playing with it I said do you want to play with it I picked up the ribald magazine she never let go I said see if you want to play you have to take all your clothes off, just like me. Ok she said, she lifted her dress over her head and stood there in her undies I knelt down in front of her and as I looked her in the eye she smiled, she smiled the whole time, I started pulling her undies down and then I saw my first real bald vagina It wasn't in a magazine it was inches from my face I stuck out my tongue and went In for the lick. Running my tongue up and down her slit I stopped to look at the mag and she went ow that felt funny keep doing it, I wasn't really stopping just wanted to look at the pictures of pussy being licked I knew there was something else, sure enough I said ok if you want me to, next tricm was to pull her little lips apart and put my tongue in as far as I could had to find clitrous she was definitely enjoying it, they say you remember your first although I look back on this and think you fucken old pervert but I was only 9. I was doing what was in the magazine's I knew it was wrong but at the time it was fun doing what the adults were doing. I must have been licking her rubber as I called it, my cock was a pencil for a long time I don't think she stopped or asked me to until zhe said I have to wee I pointed to the far side of the garage and said you can go over there were the dirt is I walked over with her she just squatted down and I said look at this picture it was a man laying down and a girl was standing over him and was doing a wee on his face drinking her piss it said, next thing were doing it. It was such a thrill I was about 5 or 6 Inches under her bald pussy looking up I instructed her to pull herlips apart and waited for a few minutes then she said im gunna pee now and it trickled out right into my mouth. I remember not being afraid to drink her piss as they did it, wasn't until I got some in my eyes when it stung and I jumped up, dont remember if I liked the taste of her wee or not but I was Still keen to try something else. That was fun she said can I put it in my mouth as she dropped the magazine i hadnt even answered her and she was holding my hard dick with both hand's as she opened her mouth and closed it around my cock what a sensation. Then I heard her dad calling her over the fence. Oh shit we both got dressed and she went home after we both promised not to tell anyone about our secret. For the next year we would meat up in the garage and attempt every thing that was In the magazines and I would read the stories to her. I loved the cock sucking stories she became Real Good at it. I still remember that I would get close to cumming and I actually pissed in her mouth a couple of times but it never looked white. I would lay on her and rub my cock up and down her slit, she started saying things like fuck me big boy give it to me ( obviously from the stories ) then one day I was hammering her real hard and fast as we were tryingit with her legs over my shoulders and I started pissing on her and my cock just slid straight up her arse she screamed and I instinctively covered her mouth as I pulled out saying sorry, sorry she calmed down and said its ok it hurt but im ok. We figured thats how you fuck. Next time I brought some of mums face cream and we Fucked real slow. Until she started saying those now infamous words Fuck Me, Fuck Me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    We were an a average family struggling with a gambling dad. Some times I had to answer the door and give the excuse why no rent money. For a 8 y.o boy I new nearly all there was to know about sex thanx to dads sex magazines and newspapers the newspapers were full of detailed stories fucking sucking swapping with animals all sorts of stuff. You'll probably see some of my other stories on here, wanking the guy in his car
    Sex with the girl next door then her mum, driving back from Canberra with dad, when I was 15 sucked off by a guy we used to smoke pot with. Then I sucked the cocks of 3 mates the next morning just to keep them from blabbing. But there are other stories along the way. Like after I wanked off the guy in his car me n my sister used to go into town and look at all the shops this day we were in the chemist I was looking oking at the toy cars thought ill have that one so I put it down my shorts before my foot hit the pavement I was grabbed from behind and dragged to the back of the shop into an office he was a big tall man. He squatted down I front of me and said what have you got in there as he grabbed my crutch latching onto the toy. I said its my dick he stood up closed and locked the door then pulled out his cock and said smart arse this is a cock. Nice I replied as I grabbed his warm hardening cock with both hands and ztsrted masturbating him he didn't speak just stood there his cock now fully hard I shuffled closer and started licking his knob and up and down his shaft then I tried to get bis big cock in my mouth got about half, my lips were fully stretched Then I felt his hand on the back of my head, enjoying it I assumed he started fucking my mouth I gagged heaps of times but I kept going I was determined to have that white stuff in my mouth this time. It looked so easy in the pictures and everyone seemed to enjoy doing it In the stories, I had to stop, it was too big as I tried to pull away he held my head firm finally speaking he said not yet your doing real good if you dont want anyone to find out you stole from my shop, he didnt finish speaking he just went stiff and started moaning I thought someone was going to come in then he got bigger and started pissing his white stuff in my mouth I had to swallow it as he wasn't letting go and said drink it down little man, drink it down, it tasted ok from what I remember he kept sliding it in and out until finally he let me go. I fell back on my hands he wiped my face with his hanky and said go and dont ever come back unless you want to do it again of course hd started laughing as I stumbled to my feet. He unlocked the door patted me on the head and said you can keep the toy you earned it. Grabbed my sister and went straight bome.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    Growing up was a lot of fun and we did some things that were wrong but enjoyed it very much. As a young boy growing up out in the country I always had friends at my house on weekends and during the summers because we had a creek to swim in and a lot of land to run around on. There were other things that happened that I think most young boys experience growing up and it just happens I guess. At least it did with my friends and I back then.
    My very first sexual experience was with a friend when we were only 9 years old. All we really did the first few times was play with each other back in my room late at night. It just felt good and we saw no harm in doing it. at first just sticking our hands in each others underwear to play with each others hard little dicks. We couldn`t cum at that young age but if we played with each other awhile there was this really great feeling that we enjoyed.
    Seems like months went by before we tried anything else and it was bound to happen because we played with each other often. One hot summer day we were hidden back in the bushes away from the house like many times before and I just wanted to do it and he didn`t mind at all. I can still remember us standing there facing each other with our pants down jerking on each others dicks talking when I told him I wanted to do something else and went to my knees in front of him and stuck my tongue out and touched it to his hard little dick. After only licking around on his dick a few seconds I put it in my mouth. He let out a little moan and pushed his hips towards me and I closed my lips around his hard shaft and had his tiny nuts on my chin sucking his dick.
    He never tried to stop me once and I sucked him until that sensation we both enjoyed so much happened and he grabbed my head and just held on tight for awhile. He loved it and I did too. A couple of hours later in a different spot he said he wanted to try it so we took our pants down and he got on his knees and sucked my dick. After tat we were really good friends and did it several more times to each other that same day. Again in my room late that night we were at it again except we were both naked under the covers.
    The very next day we went to a few really private spots out in the bushes away from the house and took off all our clothes and sucked each other quite a few times naked. For over a year we gave each other head and by then we had both started to shoot a small bit of cum and we got used to the taste very easily so we didn`t mind to swallow it because we both liked to cum in each others mouth because it just felt better than stopping at that point because it didn`t feel near as good to finish each other off with our hand.
    One day he came up with this wild idea to take turns getting on top of each other and hump each others ass until we came. It sounded like fun so I let him do it to me first and with me face down on the ground he got on top of me and our naked bodies felt pretty good against one another. He started to hump on my ass and his dick got really hard and after humping me awhile he came in the crack of my ass and we both liked it. I humped him next and came in the crack of his ass so now we had something new to do that we both liked a lot so we did it again and again and as often as possible.
    At that age this was all very new and exciting to us and it felt too good to not do it often and we were comfortable with each other and started to wonder if maybe other boys we knew did the same things as we were doing. I guess being so curious made us want to at least ask other boys and we were amazed at just how many others were at least curious enough to try it or at least watch us do it. After watching they always had to try it and before long we had this small group of friends that liked doing it as much as we did and of course we never told any one what we did. Most weekends I would have a camp out at my house and have a few boys out to spend the night in my tent on the creek.
    Once it got late enough and I knew my Dad wouldn`t be around to check on us the clothes came off and we would all give each other blow jobs and hump each other. We all got humped on quite a bit and I guess I liked it much better than the others because as soon as one of them would hump on me and cum on my ass I was asking some one else to be next and after letting 5 or 6 of them hump on me and cum on my ass it felt pretty good. I liked the way it felt to lay face down naked with my legs spread and have one right after the other lay on top of me naked and rub their hard dicks up and down in the crack of my ass until they came. The more cum the slicker my ass got and the more I enjoyed it and the others all enjoyed watching as much as I liked them watching me get humped on.
    Weeks later it was just me and one other boy camping out and he was humping my ass for the second time when I stopped him and asked if he would try and put it in me. He asked me a couple of times if I was serious and after telling him I really wanted to try it he tried to stick his dick in my tight ass. There was some cum in the crack of my ass which made it much easier but it took several tries before he actually got it to go in. It stung a little but not enough to make him take it out and he pushed it in the rest of the way and we both agreed that it felt pretty damn good. He waited a minute or so then started to fuck me and we both got so excited and it felt great that he did it faster then harder then he pushed it in me really hard and I felt his warm cum shoot up inside of me. Right away I was hooked on it and he asked if we could keep doing it. I couldn`t say yes quick enough and he humped on me a little and got hard again then fucked me pretty good for a long time and it was much better that second time because the cum he put in my ass earlier had my tight young asshole so slick he was able to slide in and out of me much easier and it just felt much better. I came a lot while he was fucking me and my asshole tightened around his hard dick every time my cum shot out and I think it felt pretty good to him because he came inside of me at about the same time.
    He kept his dick in my ass awhile but it came out once it got soft but he laid on top of me awhile as we talked about every thing we had just done. He rolled off of me on his back next to me and rubbed my ass the whole time we were talking and he didn`t have to ask if we could do it some more as I told him quite a few times how I liked it and wanted him to do it a lot more. We didn`t sleep much at all that night and he got on top of me quite a few times that night. He fucked me good every time and I really liked the feel of his dick all the way in my ass when he came in me.
    The next day he fucked me a few more times before he had to go home but by the end of the week every one in our tight little group knew what he and I did that weekend. Needless to say I got asked by all of them if it was really true and of course they all wanted to try it too. The next weekend I had another camp out an all of them were there. It was the main subject of our conversation once every one was there and we had our camp site set up. We all snuck up in the bushes before dark to suck a little dick but what we all were looking forward to the most was fucking later on once it got late enough.
    As soon as Dad left around 10 that night we waited awhile then we all started to take our clothes of and pair of to suck each other off and right after that they all started asking when we could fuck. I was ready anytime they were and pretty soon we were all in the tent and I was face down on my sleeping bag with the boy that fucked me last weekend on top of me fucking my ass while the others watched. I was pretty busy the rest of the night because every time one of them got a hard on they wanted to fuck me and I don`t even know how many times I got fucked that night but it was a lot. Two of the boys were quite a bit bigger than the others but once they were in my ass it felt great. I took a lot of cum in the ass that night and really got off being watched and listening to them all talk to each other as they watched someone stick their dick up my ass and fuck me and every one seemed to really get excited watching me take a warm load of cum up my ass.
    The next day we couldn`t risk hanging around the camp to fuck in the daytime for fear of getting caught so we all walked up in to the woods a long ways from our camp and we took a sleeping bag for me to lay on and each of them fucked me a time or two before we all had to take the tent down and get back to the house so they could all go home. We already had plans to camp out again the very next weekend and do it all over again. As weeks passed two other boys got curious enough to let the guys try fucking them and it was fun to watch them get fucked for the very first time but for the most part I was the one that liked it the most so when the other two didn`t want to get fucked I always did.
    We did this all the time until after we all got out of High School but some had to move away and some had steady girlfriends and were getting a little pussy so they didn`t show up too much but there was me and two others that got together all the time to suck each others dicks and both of them loved to fuck me in the ass often. Still today when we can me and one of them still sneak off to suck and he enjoys having his long fat dick in my ass still and he fucks me good and always put a couple of thick warm loads up my ass and our wives or no one else suspects a thing. I guess we will always sneak off and do this because neither of us ever talk about not doing it. He has a very nice thick 8" dick that feels so damn good balls deep in my ass and he really can shoot heavy thick loads which I like taking in the ass.
    We have several nice quiet private places we meet and for the last couple of years I have got him to try kinky sex with me and I have gotten to where being tied up naked with my ass where he can get to it easily really does excite me a lot. Some thing about this just excites me very much and we both like being tied up on our knees to suck each others dicks and we can trust each other so it is a lot of fun. We have been life long friends and we like going out in the country to several places we know and taking our clothes off then taking turns on our knees backed up to a tree with our hands tied and fuck each other in the mouth talking dirty to each other. It`s part of the excitement to gag each other and force our dicks balls deep in each others mouth and it`s pretty hot to be tied helpless on your knees with a dick in your throat and a set of nuts smashed to your chin with a huge thick load of your friends cum going down your throat. Neither of us have ever liked rimming at all but anything else is OK. We have been doing this for years now and it just gets better and we both enjoy it a lot. I hope it continues for years.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    It was a Saturday night. Two of my friends were staying the night at my house while my parents were out partying. We were in Jr. High and just very horny curious boys. I got out a few of my Dad`s dirty magazines and we were back in my room in our shorts talking and looking at the magazines. The pictures were very hot and we all read the stories and continued to talk about how we would love to get a blow job or fuck something.
    In the back were a lot of ads that showed all sorts of things and even several ads about gay sex with pictures of men having sex with men. Just small ads but they actually showed men getting fucked up the ass and sucking dicks. I know they had to see the ads but never said anything. I knew we all wanted something to happen and I really wanted us to at least get naked and I had always wanted to watch some one jack off and other things too. That's why I got out the magazines because I wanted us to have some type of sex with each other and hoped I could get them to want it as much as I did. I took the first step by telling them to look in the back of the magazines at the ads. Once they did it wasn`t long before they were making comments about them then I showed them a couple of ads with the men in them. They really didn`t say much about it so later I brought it up again and they just looked at each other. I brought it up again later and they asked why I kept talking about it so I told them I was just horny and since no one would ever find out I thought it might be OK if we all took our clothes off just to see what would happen.
    They seemed a bit curious and asked what we would do. I told them I liked to jack off so we might jack off together or even jack each other off. Their eyes got big and thins were quiet for a minute or two then the more I talked the more they rubbed their crotches then I asked if they would like to try giving each other a little blow job. They laughed like hell then asked if I was serious. I said sure why not who will ever know. Both of them said it at almost the same time "You can suck my dick if you want to" I said I would if they promised not to ever tell anyone. We talked about it then once I stood up and took my shorts off and stood there naked in front of them they took me serious and were both naked in a few seconds.
    I had never sucked a dick before but saw pictures and knew what would feel good to me so I got on my knees and waited for them to step up close enough for me to put a dick in my mouth. Mark hurried over and in no time at all his dick was in my mouth and before I even sucked on it Steve was standing next to him asking me to suck his too. I went from one to the other awhile then got them to try it. Both of them seemed to like it so we started sucking on each others dicks taking turns on each other then mark asked what happens when we cum? No one answered and before that happened we all got a taste of each others pre cum but none of us were ready to have a mouth full of cum just yet.
    We sucked each other then finished each other off with our hands and it felt great. They started telling me what a great idea I had and said we should do that more often. We all laughed and they both asked me if I had any more great ideas to try. I really stuck my neck out that time and had to think about it then told both of them I had some thing I really did want to try but made them promise even if we didn`t do it they could never tell anyone I mentioned it. They were both anxious to hear my next idea and it took me awhile to say it but I told them not to think bad of me or get pissed off but I had been thinking about this for awhile and really wanted to see if I could do it. They both asked what the hell I wanted to do and I just showed both of them an ad that showed a man getting fucked by another man. They just looked at each other then looked at me and said "are you serious! You want to do that?" I said I think so I want to at least try it. Both of them said "No way! You aint doing that to me!" I laughed and told them No I want one of you to do it to me.
    Once again they looked at each other then looked at me again and both of them said they would do it if I really wanted to. I said I was serious and wanted to try it and had been thinking about it for a long time. I didn`t tell them I had tried sticking a few things in my ass and liked it. I kept that to myself but knew I had to use Vaseline if we were going to do it so I went to the bathroom closed the door shoved a little Vaseline in my ass then hurried back to my room and gave both of them several good close up looks at my ass and had both of them pretty anxious to stick a dick in me.
    Once I had my back to them I bent over the side of my bed and waited a minute then reached back and spread my ass cheeks open and asked who going to go first. Mark got behind me and made several attempts to stick his dick in me and finally it went in and he got so excited he shoved it all the way up my ass and it took my breath but he didn`t care he started to fuck me right away but didn`t last long at all before he shot his load in my ass then slowly backed away to let Steve take his turn. Steve stuck his dick in me the first try and fucked me and came in my ass pretty fast.
    He backed off letting his dick slip out of me and I went to wash up then came back to my room and we were all talking and both of them asked if I would ever want to do it again. I said I didn`t see why not because it felt good and I liked it a lot. Then told them when ever they were ready we could do it again. It took 30 minutes or so but they both fucked me again for a lot longer with me face down on a towel on my bed with them laying on top of me. Both came in my ass again and we just sat around naked talking and it got real late and they asked to do it again. I wanted to and once again I laid face down and spread my legs and waited for some one to stick a dick in me. They both fucked me hard and after Mark got off of me Steve got on top of me and was fucking me good and had just started to cum in my ass when we heard the door shut and my Parents were in the house and I had a dick balls deep in my ass shooting cum in me. He just barely finished and we had our shorts back on when Mom came back to check on us.
    From that first night until we were out of High school a year or so both of them fucked me all the time and thru the years we gave each other a lot of really good head and we all swallowed more than our fair share of each others cum. It got to be my favorite thing we did and in any position possible but it was so good to get fucked in the ass and suck on the other ones dick and take their cum in my ass and mouth at the same time. We did this a lot and it was always very good.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    I was 9 or 10 when it first started. I'd always idolised my older brother (he'd have been about 16 or 17 at the time).
    He started playing with me more, games and stuff in my room, letting me play videogames with him and stuff.
    One afternoon when our parents were out we were in my room and he told me how pretty I was. I blushed like crazy but he made me feel so good. He then slowly moved over to me and gave me my first ever kiss. I couldn't believe what was happening.
    He was firm but gentle as he lay be down and kept kissing me. He eventually said that he would love to see me without my clothes on. I asked if it was ok, as I was his little sister. He said only if we don't tell anyone, and you're sure you want to.
    I stood up and slowly took all my clothes off for him. My heart felt like it was racing and I fumbled taking off my panties, but eventually I was standing totally naked in front of my older brother.
    I had just begun to develop some tiny breast buds but other than that, I had a little girl's body and I wondered if he would like what he saw. He obviously did though, as he just gazed at me for ages, asking me to twirl or dance for him. It was the first time I ever felt sexy or beautiful.
    He eventually came over to me and started gently touching my body. He played with my nipples, squeezed my young small bum cheeks, and stroked my hairless pussy. I loved all of it and was beginning to wonder if I was in love with my brother and could be his girlfriend.
    He took me to my bed and opened my legs and began licking my pussy. Nothing could've prepared me for how good that felt. After about ten minutes, my hips stomach and legs tensed up and I had what was obviously my first orgasm.
    My brother didn't ask me to do anything to his cock that day, but the next day I asked if we could play again and if I could see his cock and do nice things for him as well. I gave my first ever blowjob and swallowed my first semen. It was another week before we actually had sex, an evening we knew our mum would be working late and dad was away for the weekend. I remember it took a bit of time for my young body to acclimatise to the feeling of being penetrating, but my dear brother was so gentle. He told me he loved me that night and I replied that I did too.
    He went to university fairly soon after this but he always said he didn't want any girls there- just his sweet little sister. I looked forward to him coming back SO much. Mum and dad never knew, and still don't.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    I had a good friend in school that all he talked about was sex and when we were around each other he didn`t mind at all to whip it out and jack off In front of me. He started begging me to have sex with him and I didn`t for a long time. One day we were talking and were at his house while his parents were at work and he started begging me to have sex with him again and took his big dick out right there in his bedroom.

    I gave in that time and did as he asked of me and we were both naked in his room and his hand was around my dick and he put my hand on his. It felt good so I let it go on and he knelt down in front of me and started to suck my dick and it didn`t take long before he had a mouth full of my cum and not only did he swallow it he sucked my dick for awhile after that and had my nuts in his mouth a few times.

    He had me so excited I just let him do what he wanted and the next thing I knew he had me face down on his bed on top of me rubbing his hard dick on my ass and he came all over my back and most of it was in the crack of my ass. He was still humping on my ass and still hard. He told me to relax and just lay still so I did. He then told me he wanted to fuck me and that I would like it. He started poking his dick on my asshole holding it in his hand and stuck it in my ass really hard. While I was kicking and screaming underneath him he tuck it all the way in my ass and it hurt like hell. He fucked me any way and it hurt bad then he really fucked me hard then shoved his dick up my ass hard then shot his cum in my ass.

    I was mad as hell and when he took his dick out of my ass and let me up I put my clothes on yelled at him and I left. I don`t know why but a week later I stopped him outside of school and asked if he wanted to do it again. He was very anxious and after school I went to his house we got naked and he fucked me in the ass twice and came in me both times. As the weeks went by I was going to his house every day so he would fuck me and cum in my sass a couple of times.
    Weeks later he was talking to me after fucking me at his house and asked if I wanted to go over to his friends house in a couple of days. I said I would and he only lived a couple of blocks away. we went over there a couple of days later and his friend and two older boys were there watching TV and just talking and we stayed there awhile and went back to his bedroom because he wanted to show us something.

    Once we were in his bedroom he shut the door and locked it while one of the older boys stood in front of the door. They told me what they had in mind and I refused to do what they wanted me to do but since there were four of them I really had no choice as they all stood around me and as I fought them they got my clothes off and two of them held me down on the bed as the others started to take their clothes off and they took turns holding me down and fucking me in the ass.

    The first two fucked me and it wasn`t too bad but the two older boys had big dicks and they hurt. It didn`t matter they fucked me anyway and all four of them fucked me twice and came in my ass every time. I was shocked at how I felt before we left. I wasn`t mad at them like I was earlier and knew I would be back very soon. All thru my school years these boys took turns on me often and there were others that got in on it also.
    It was pretty good actually no one got hurt and it always felt good to me so I always let them fuck me and cum in my ass.

    Eventually as we grew older we all moved away but I always think about a reunion but I don`t know where any of them are these days.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 19

    I was always curious about sex from the time I reached puberty. When I realized how good it felt to touch yourself I started to understand why they say boys do it all the time and I spent a lot of late evenings after my parents went to sleep exploring my body and finding objects to insert to pretend it was a penis in me. It wasn't long before I was exploring other areas of my body, too. I started watching porn and before long I had an incredible secret addiction to sexual pleasure. So a few years ago, I knew I wanted to explore this with someone else but I was scared. I heard the stories and didn't want the reputation, but I was horny all the time and it was difficult to contain, but I didn't want it to be someone I knew or who knew me... so I went to Craigslist.

    I didn't know the personals had so many images of people showing their stuff but I knew being 4'10 and skinny that I wasn't going to convince anyone I was older than I was so I responded to a few ads that looked interesting but I was honest. One guy responded. He was older, pushing 50, and married, but handsome and really okay with keeping things on the DL and everything. He traveled for work so we were able to Skype while he was away from home. It was interesting, sharing my thoughts and everything and that first night we started emailing we decided to Skype. I just had on booty shorts and a cami top and was laying in bed and he commented on how great my boobs looked (despite my very small frame I have a B cup that pops up nicely depending on what I'm wearing. I teased him with cleavage and joking around but it wasn't even 20 minutes before I was naked with the handle of a hairbrush inside me while he stroked his nice cock that stood straight up. After a few moments he talked me to lay on my side facing my computer and to work the hairbrush into my ass. I did. I laid there one hand working the handle of the hairbrush in and out of my ass, which my other hand rubbed my clit and before long I was seeing him shoot a thick, creamy load and then I started to orgasm.

    He asked if I had fun and I panted yes and he asked if I wanted to do it for real and I said yes. It took a couple weeks (and we skyped nearly every night) but my parents went on a camping trip for a weekend and he found some way to "be away for work" that weekend and got a room in my town not far from my house. He picked me up after my parents left but I was already super horny so I tried to convince him to come to my room first but he was nervous so we made it to his hotel and barely inside the room before I started kissing him. He made me slow down, telling me he wanted to admire my gorgeous body in person first. I undressed for him and he touched me all over and then told me to undress him. I got very turned on by him taking charge and did so. I then was ordered to suck his cock and I did and I loved it. It was my first time ever but everything about it was just a great sensation. After that he went down on me for... I don't even remember but it was a long time. I thought I was about to have my first not-self-induced orgasm on his tongue, but just as I said "I'm going to cum" he jumped on top of me and jammed his now-hard-again cock deep inside me and fucked me through my orgasm... and then for a long time after until he finally shot a massive load up into my once-virgin pussy, which triggered another orgasm for me. After I settled down, I suddenly realized what just happened and he must have seen my face because although he was still on top of me (and still in me, I could still feel his cum flowing into my body) he held me down with all his weight and told me to relax, he had a vasectomy and I wouldn't get pregnant. I relaxed and we fucked all weekend. He filled all my holes with his cum (yes, even my ass, which was so tight I could barely take him).

    Turns out he lied about the vasectomy. I didn't get pregnant, he just admitted it after I started my next period. We kept up the affair for a couple of years and I'm surprised I didn't get pregnant, even though my obsession with sex made me believe I was in love with him and I kept telling him to put a baby in me. Things eventually ended and thankfully no drama came of it. I probably should have just continued keeping it to myself but I'm alone now, single, and horny and wanted to share this story as I get myself off.

    I hope the rest of you enjoyed :)

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 26

    I received so many nice comments about my confessions concerning my young sex life that I thought I would write one a day for you beautiful people. I'm Linda. The summer I lost my virginity I was 13 going on 14 and I had sex with 3 different boys already. Growing up in backwoods Virginia didn't leave much else to do for teens just reaching puberty. At 13 I had long strawberry blonde hair and a slim body with small breasts that had nipples that were long and pointed up. After the first couple times I still had sex with Kenny and Ray pretty regular even giving head jobs to them both a couple times when I was on my period. One day I was walking into town when Kenny and Ed's dad Joel pulled up and asked if I needed a ride. I had known him forever so I jumped in his pick up and we started driving into town. Joel asked how I have been and that he hasn't seen me for awhile and missed my pretty face around his house. I told him I had been busy and didn't have much time for visiting. He said " Look Linda I know what you kids have been up to out at that old shack and what Ed did to you. I heard the boys talking one night. I just wanted to apologize for Ed that's no way to treat a pretty young thing like you". I was flattered that an older man thought I was pretty but I was ashamed that he knew his son came in my mouth. I was trying to hide my face because I was blushing. He said " Don't be ashamed about what happened Linda things like that happen all the time when your a kid". He put his arm around me and gave me a hug. I hugged him back and said " I know it just surprised me and made me choke there was so much of it and it tasted kind of salty" He laughed and said " yea well he didn't mean no harm he just gets stupid sometimes". We both laughed at that and drove on a couple miles when he turned off onto an old back road and shut off the pickup He turned to me and said " You know I always thought you were real pretty and I was always staring at your sweet young body thinking about what you looked like naked". I always thought Joel was handsome to with his long lean muscular body and was getting turned on thinking that he wanted to have sex with me so I told him " Thank you Joel I always thought you were nice to" and leaned forward and kissed him. He returned my kiss and was rubbing my leg slowly moving his hand under my dress towards my wet pussy. I spread my legs to give him better access and when his fingers reached my pussy he started tickling my pussy lips trough my panties making me even wetter . I put my hand on his lap and inched my fingers toward his swelling cock. I unzipped him then reached in his pants and started to stroke his big dick. He laid me down and slid my panties off and put his middle finger in my snatch and started to finger fuck me while stroking my clit. I was going wild bucking my hips against his experienced fingers when I had my first squirting orgasm. I had never came like that before. He pulled his fingers from my pussy and licked them saying how good I tasted. He pulled his pants down and asked me to suck him off. I was nervous and told him not to cum in my mouth. " Don't worry I'm gonna show you how to swallow so you don't choke. His cock was 8in and his balls were as big as golf balls that hung down low between his legs. I went down on him and started licking his dick head and shaft then slid it in my mouth and began to suck him slow at first then going faster while playing with his nut sack. He told me how good I made him feel with my mouth then said " ok Linda when I tell you put it all the way in your mouth and start to swallow" I was moving my lips up and down his thick shaft at a steady pace when he said "Ok baby go ahead" I put his cock down my throat and felt the first thick stream of cum shoot down my throat I swallowed as much as I could but let some drip down my chin. after six big squirts of his semen shot down my throat I kept sucking till his dick was limp and his balls were drained. After we finished He asked me about Ray and me having sex. I told him we had sex a few times and he told me to tell him about it. I was telling him about the last time while he stroked his limp dick to hardness. When he was fully erect he laid me down and spread my legs then put his huge cock in my pussy hole pushing it in and filling me like nobody has before. " Does Ray have a cock like me " he grunted. "no" I told him while he fucked me " Yours is much bigger. He was pounding my wet snatch and talking about Ray fucking me as I neared orgasm. I was coming, my pussy squeezing around his thick shaft as he continued to assault my drenched vagina. I could feel Joel was about to cum when I asked Him if he wanted to watch Ray fuck me. he said Oh yea I'm coming Then pulled it out and shot all over my chest, neck and face. We sat for awhile when he asked me if I was serious about Watching me and Ray have sex. I told him if he wanted I could set up a gangbang For him to watch. He said that would be great. But that's another story, keep the comments coming and I will do the same. Luv ya all. Linda

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 42

    I used to be distraught about this, but the more I find out that I am not alone, I am more at ease with it.

    My older brother had a friend and they would hang out after school. I was ignored, unless my brother wanted me to do something for him, like bring them lemonade or something. I had made a batch of cookies and my brother and his friend were outside sitting beside the pool and I took them the cookies and the lemonade. After I served them I asked if I could sit with them and my brother told me to shoo and get back in the house but his friend said sure and pulled me down onto his lap.

    I had to maneuver to get comfortable, but still on his lap and he started to hump up against me and I could feel him getting hard under my butt. He held me real tight against him and asked me if I could feel his penis getting hard. Really I didn't know what I was supposed to feel, but he took my hand and put it on his penis and told me to rub him with my hand.

    He was hard and he was maneuvering his penis in his pants and made me sit square on him with my back to him and pulled me up hard against his chest and started to rock back and forth with his penis against me. My legs fell apart around his legs and he put his hand right in between my legs and kept touching me while he humped me.

    Then, he stopped, he took me off of him, and stood up from the chair and took his pants off and his penis was so large and hard, and he was fumbling with my pants and he pushed them off until my butt was naked and told me to sit on him facing him and he used his hand while holding his penis until he found my vagina and grabbed me around the shoulders and I just slid on his penis and it went in all the way.

    Held tight against him, we rocked back in forth until he started shooting. After he finished he held my head in a vice grip and kissed me on the lips and told me he wanted me to be his girlfriend.

    After we got dressed, and we thought about what we had done, we agreed not to tell anyone. My brother never let me have another boyfriend, as far as he was concerned I was his friend's girlfriend for life. From then on I always made sure that I had something special for them, really him, not my brother. I made cookies and pies and stuff, and I knew he liked my lemonade so I always had lemonade for him. I would sometimes sit on his lap, but if my mother was around all I could do was take him an afternoon snack.

    One day long after that afternoon, I was helping my mother in the kitchen, when my brother came home and told me that I was needed outside. My boyfriend was moving, his parents were going to move to Toronto. Even my mother understood that my attachment was real and not a little kid thing, and she told me I could talk to him on the phone once a week.

    The distance made things very hard on me.

    We are both grown up now, and we don't talk about that afternoon. It was something to be hidden away, but recently it has come back to the surface, and I am learning to embrace it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 38

    Well, this is not about me. I drive a school bus, Jr. High kids. We have a field trip coming up, end of school year, 6th, 7th, & 8th grades. Going to a water park, about 135 miles away. Coming home it will be dark, and here is the meat of this.

    Last evening, after my going home run, cleaning the bus I found a note tucked in beside one of the seats. It read as followes:

    So U gonna let him?
    on way home frm wtr prk
    U done it B4?
    Wit who?
    My step
    D or B?
    D. cums in 2 or 3 tms week.
    OMG! U let UR SD in U.
    U lik it?
    Not at frst. Now luv it. Stays in 4 abot 25 min.
    He shoot in U?
    Y On pill so is ok.

    Well, this was the note. I know who the 2 girls were. Both are 7th grade, one 13, the one with step dad is 14. Just don't know who the boy is. Now here is the kicker... The 14yo is my babysitter when I go out. I have 2 boys, 7 and 9. Lost my wife to cancer 3 years ago. Judy (not real name) lives 9 miles away, so when she babysitts for me she always spends the night. Shall I try to do her next time? I really want to, BUT... Judy is 5 4, about 105 lbs, tiny little frame.. Would be a great fuck, If I Dare.. any advice from You people????

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