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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Transsexual Female / 55

    I shoved my cock up my ass it felt great taking my own Virginity.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 30

    Growing up a woman moved in next door and she had a son who was 24, we thought he was younger. We thought he was a real prick, a jerk, he ignored us completely. He would mow the lawn in shorts and no shirt and my little sister and I would go outside and watch him. Neither one of us was real smart at the time, because we didn't think we could get in trouble.

    One Saturday morning he was mowing and he had on a pair of athletic shorts and his bulge was showing. I made the motion to him cupping myself down there and adding the motion of jacking off. I motioned to my sister and I and made the motion for fucking and pointed to the two of us.

    That brought him over and he asked me if I was kidding or what, and I bravely said no, that we wanted to fuck.

    He fucked us both, first one and then the other.

    He figured out that we were both virgins, although we had both done oral, we had never been fucked.

    After that we became friends, although our mother told us to be careful, because at that age all guy's wanted to do was get into your pants.

    Well he was in our pants and we spent a good amount of time having sex. When he moved away at the end of the summer he told us he was going to miss us, and we missed him.

    My sister and I never had sex together after him, but we do remember that summer when we were in high school and we got our first real live lessons on how to take dick.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    When I was young about 11 or 12 I used to go to a public toilet in the local park on the way home from school and read all of the sexual graffiti that was in the cubicles it was mostly about men and either young boys or young girls and it used to really excite me and I would wank my cock as I read the stories.
    One day I read some grafitti that someone had written describing a boy he had seen going into one of the cubicles and saying how he wanted to fuck the young boys mouth and ass, as I read more and more I realised that this guy was writing about me which really gave me a big buzz so I wrote under the story that I would be there at the same time the next day and liked what he had written about me.
    The next day I went to the toilets my heart was poundingas I walked accross the park I noticed an old man sitting on the bench outside the toilets as I went in I read the grafitti again and saw that added beneath my note was some more which said if I was interested I should take all my clothes off and come out of the stall naked if I heard someone cough twice.
    I had no sooner read this than I heard someone go into the cubicle next door and after a minute he coughed twice, I was really a bit frightened but so excited my cock was like iron so I stripped and walked out of the cubicle, I noticed that the main door to the toilets was shut and wedged in place. As I was looking I heard the cubicle next to the one with my clothes in open and the old man from outside stepped out also completely naked. He didn't say anything just walked up to me took me in his arms and kissed me on my mouth.
    I was shocked I had never kissed another guy like that but it felt good, then he gently pushed my head down towards his hard cock which he was holding in one hand slowly wanking. I did not even hesitate and within seconds I was sucking him off OMG it felt so good. Soon he was shoing into my mouth and with no hesitation I swallowed his thick juicy cum down. When he was done he put his lips around my cock and slid a finger up my ass which caused me to cum almost immediately. He then said see you tomorrow on the bench outside and I just nodded.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    When I was was a kid in my teen years I used to sleep with my mom on a regular basis I loved it but moved on with my life of course I'm now thirty and feeling for my have came up out of no where I'm now obsessed with being with her but what I didn't not know or see coming.

    I confessed my feelings of love and lust for her thinking that the conversation would go ok I told her everything my mom freaked and said that she had blacked out all of it from her mind until k just brought it up she was upset it had just dawned and hit her she had been sleeping with me for all that time she said she knew but didn't know she blocked it all out but you could tell she got really horny as the feelings and memories came back to her she was out of sorts with all of it but befor I left we made out and I ate her pussy she came several times I left I was on cloud nine I thought finally I get what I've always wanted until I show up a week later and my mom said it was all wrong she couldn't do it and I was a pervert a total one eighty out of no where my mom has kicked me out of her life for good but I didn't know my mom blocks things out my sisters say she does it with everything she wakes up every day like yesterday never happened except with me my mom is trying not to fall for me I know this because she told my sister to tell me im on stand bye my sisters are very suspicious and want to know what going on my one sister just made the joke that someone needs to fuck my mom and get her out of the bad mood but was staring at me and my cock the entire I wish I could go back to when I was a kid and just keep my mom for myself god I was dumb to leave her back then

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    When I was ten our family moved to a new town. Our only next door neighbor was this nice old guy in his sixties who had the most beautiful house and gardens. That was part of the reason my parents moved in.

    One day my parents wanted to go off for the weekend and be by themselves and couldn't find a baby sitter until Mr. Crowly next door offered to baby sit me. Mostly we worked in his garden until supper time. I didn't mind, I had my own little vegetable garden though not much had grown yet. Dinner wasn't fancy, mac and cheese with chocolate chip cookies and milk afterwards. Then we had popcorn and watched a movie. Half way through the movie he asked if I wanted a foot massage. My cousin gave me one once and I liked it so I said yes.

    So Mr. Crowly took my feet in his lap and spent the rest of the movie and all the next movie massaging my feet while I watched, ate popcorn and sucked down soda. It felt wonderful getting my feet massaged by Mr. Crowly. It was much better than my cousin doing it. She did it for maybe five minutes. Mr. Crowly did it for over three hours and it felt really really good. After that it was time for bed. Mr. Crowly took me up stairs to the bathroom and drew a bath. He had me strip naked and got me in the tub and told me to turn with my back to him and he washed my back. I didn't really need anyone to do it for me but it felt so good when he massaged my feet I just wanted him to touch me more. He soaped up my neck, shoulders and back and just kept massaging the soap in. It felt almost as good as the foot massage and he took about half an hour to do it. He kept the hot water running to keep the bath water warm so it was all very pleasant and relaxing. When he offered to wash my feet I said "sure" and laid back in the tub and he washed my feet but didn't stop with them. He washed up my legs and thighs coming within an inch of my balls. Then he washed my chest and belly and really low on my belly almost touching my dick. He finished with my arms and hands and asked if I wanted my butt washed and I thought about it for a second. My mom had said that if someone touched my butt it was "bad touching" but just then I didn't care. I stood up and turned around with my ass facing Mr. Crowly and he spent the next half hour massaging my butt with his soapy hands. That felt even better than having my feet massaged. I especially liked when he kept slipping his fingers in the crack of my ass tickling my butt hole with his fingers. The only thing he didn't wash was my dick and balls. The whole thing took an hour and a half. He could have done it all night and I wouldn't have minded.

    He rinsed me off and wrapped me in a towel and carried me to the guest bedroom. There he dried me off. I kind of felt almost like a baby or toddler being cared for by his parent. It was all very nurturing and comfortable. He laid me out on the bed naked and dried off and just started to caress me all over very softly. I tingled everywhere. That's when he asked me if I would like to have my dick and balls licked clean. I don't know if it was the fact that he was so gentle and everything felt so good or if it was the tone of his voice or just those words, "would you like me to lick your dick and balls clean?" I think maybe it was all of it. I was well and thoroughly seduced. I said "yes!"

    He bent down and started licking my balls. Nobody had ever touched me like that. He licked all over swirling his tongue all around my balls and sucking them into his mouth and gently sucked on them then he licked up my hard little dick and took it in his mouth and sucked on it then he got my balls and dick in his mouth and just licked all around them and it was the most heavenly experience of my life. Had he asked if he could fuck me I would probably have said yes if it meant he would suck me some more. As it was he didn't. I drifted off to sleep and had dreams all night of Mr. Crowly sucking and licking my dick and balls. I woke up naked under the covers the next morning. Mr. Crowly was asleep under the covers with my dick and balls in his mouth still sucking in his sleep. I pulled away and he woke up and I told him I had to pee and he said "so pee" and put his mouth back on my dick. I relaxed and peed down his throat.

    He made me waffles for breakfast and I sat there at the kitchen table eating breakfast while he sucked my dick.

    After breakfast we went for a swim in his pool. He had on a T shirt and swim trunks but I went skinny dipping for the first time in my life. He suggested I would like swimming naked better and he was right. Especially when every once in a while he swam up under me and took my dick in his mouth underwater.

    We did some gardening with me naked. Then after that he fixed me lunch and I ate it while he sucked my dick. After lunch we went for another swim and he spent the whole time chasing me around the pool grabbing my dick with his mouth.

    After dinner, which Mr. crowly spent under the table again, we watched three hours worth of movies. These were different. They all showed little boys getting blow job from men and teenage boys. That lasted for maybe five or six hours while he spent the whole time sucking my dick and balls while I ate popcorn and drank soda and ate pizza.

    Mr. Crowly gave me another bath, this time he didn't skip my dick and balls and he also added licking my butt hole. After the bath he gave me a nice long massage all over including my feet and then finished by sucking me until I fell asleep.

    Mr. Crowly promised my parents he would take me church that Sunday but I didn't have much interest in that. The whole time we sat there in the pew listening to the sermon all I could think of was putting my dick back in Mr. Crowly's mouth.

    I didn't have to wait long, as soon as we got back he stripped me naked and took me out to the pool and laid me on a floating air mattress and sucked me until I fell asleep again. I woke up to the sensation of his tongue digging into my asshole. Next to me was a floating table with a sandwich and soda and chips. I must have slept longer than I thought.

    My parents were supposed to get back Sunday night so we spent until then watching movies of little boys getting their dicks sucked by guys while he sucked my dick.

    That night in my own bed all I could think about was Mr. Crowly sucking my dick and those movies of little boys getting their dicks sucked. I started to wonder what it might be like to suck on a dick. Not a big old one like Mr. Crowly probably had or like the ones the men had in those videos but one like mine or the boys in the videos had.

    My friend Benny was coming over for a visit. He still lived in the town my family moved away from. We had been friends since kindergarten and my parents were very nice about making sure we got to visit each other. When it came to bed time we shared my single bed and after my parents had said their good nites I turned to Benny and asked if anyone ever sucked his dick before and he said yes and it was supposed to be a secret but we were friends so he told me. He said it was one of the nurses in the hospital when he had his tonsils out. He said the nurse had drawn the curtain and pulled back the covers and sucked him for a few minutes then kissed him on the mouth and said not to tell anyone. He was 7 at the time. I was a year older than him and so that meant he was 9 when he slept over that time. I asked if he liked it and he said he liked it a lot. I told him about Mr. Crowly sucking me and he thought it was nasty to get sucked by an old man but I told him it felt really good so I didn't care if he was gross looking. I just closed my eyes or looked at something else. then I told him about the movies Mr. Crowly showed me of boys sucking little boys dicks and he got excited at that.

    Then I got brave and asked if he would like me to suck him. He said yes and started to breath hard. It wasn't gross or anything like I half expected. In fat it was nice and warm and soft yet hard at the same time and actually tasted really nice and felt nice in my mouth. Now I know why Mr. Crowly liked doing it. I looked up and Benny had a serene smile on his face and it was so beautiful that I just had to keep sucking. But I also wanted my dick sucked. Even though I thought it would only be fair if he sucked my dick since I had been sucking his for an hour I ask him to. It's one thing to offer to suck a boy's dick but asking him to suck yours I thought was rude so I didn't but when I stopped sucking and sat up he asked if I wanted him to suck mine. I said "if you want to that would be cool." He didn't say anything and pulled down my bottom and bent over and started sucking. His mouth was way different than Mr. Crowly's. Mr. Crowly's mouth was huge but Benny's mouth was small so I could only fit my dick in but it was softer though he was not as careful with his teeth. It still felt really nice and then I wanted to suck him again but I didn't want him to stop so I just moved around until I found his dick and i na moment we were sixty nining and I had never even seen it or heard of it before. It just came natural. We sucked each other until we both fell asleep.

    My mom found us like that the next day. I was really scared but she wasn't mad at all. She just sat us both down and gently told us that it was ok that we were doing that and we were not in trouble. She explained what gay meant and bisexual was and it was ok if we were either of those and it was OK if we were not just friends but were boyfriends but that we didn't have to be boyfriends. She explained that sometimes friends have sex together and that was ok as long as anything we did we both wanted to do and nobody was forcing anyone. Then she really surprised me by telling me that she and my aunt had explored each other's bodies when she was 11 and my aunt was 13. Then she left and came back with a sex education book that showed all kinds of sexual things including to my shock, photographs of little boys having sex together. It was in English and two other languages that I didn't know but Benny said one was French. I don't know where my Mom got that book because I think it's illegal. Anyways Benny and I got all kinds of ideas from that book. It really showed all sorts of things like women shitting in teenage boy's mouths and old women tied up and being whipped bloody by teenage girls and shemales gang banging teenage boys and fathers having sex with their sons and foot worshiping and all kinds of stuff.

    Benny and I tried a lot of different things in the book that day. We went into my bathroom and took a shower together and he said he had to pee and I thought of the picture of the little boy peeing into his mother's mouth and I sat down and told him to pee into my mouth. It tasted gross but not too gross. I swallowed a little but spit out most of it. Then I sucked him some. I stood up and played with his balls and he played with mine and we looked into each other's eyes and our mouths just came together by themselves and before we knew it we were licking around inside each other's mouths. It was at that moment that I knew I was in love with Benny. He later told me he had been in love with me for a couple of years but was afraid to tell me. Mom stuck her head in the shower catching us kissing and she just smiled at me and said brunch was ready and then she surprised me again by reaching down and up her skirt and into her panties and playing with herself while she spent a few minutes watching Benny and me jerk each other off while we made out. It was very exciting watching my mom frig herself while she watched us kissing and jerking each other off.

    Since Mom told me that I was no longer required to wear clothes at home Benny and I ate brunch naked. The whole time mom's hand was between her legs while she ate.

    After brunch she told us that Mr. Crowly had some chores he would like to pay me to do if I was interested. I said yes and she said to go next door. When I started to go upstairs she said "Mr. Crowly's place is that way" pointing to the back door. I said I had to put clothes on and she said I would not be needing clothes to do the chores Mr. Crowly needed doing. So Benny and I ran next door naked as Jay birds very curious about what was going on. Mr. Crowly was working in the back yard in his garden and when he saw us he smiled and invited us inside. We went down to his basement where he had a kids bedroom set up with toys and stuffed animals and three video cameras on tripods and a lot of light. There was also an older boy there naked looking at dirty magazines of men having gay sex. Max was 12 and very good looking. Mr. Crowly asked Benny and me if we'd like to make movies like I saw the previous weekend and to do it together and with Max. I looked at Benny and he looked at me and we both looked at Max and I just walked over to Max, got on my knees and started to suck his dick. Benny found my dick and and before we knew it we were in what Mr. Crowly called a "daisy chain." We spent the whole day having our little gay orgy while Mr. Crowly ran the three cameras. When we were done he gave each of us $100. I had never seen that much money before. I couldn't believe we got paid to have that much fun.

    When we got back Mom had dinner on the table. It was meatloaf and potatoes. Mom was also naked. I had never seen my Mom naked before. Dad was naked too and I had seen him naked but only a couple of times. So the four of us sat around and ate dinner naked together. That was when Mom and Dad explained some things to us. They said that they had been friends with Mr. Crowly for years and that Dad had lived in this town when he was a kid and that Mr. Crowly had given him a lot of massages and blow jobs when he was a little kid and that he made a lot of movies of my Dad getting blow jobs and that some of the movies Mr. Crowly showed me were of him sucking dick. He then told me that Mom and him hadn't gone that far, they were having an orgy with Benny's parents and older sister. Benny and I were in shock. we thought our parents were prudes. He asked if I liked working for Mr. Crowly making dirty movies for $100 a day. I said yes and so did Benny. That's when he said that Mr. Crowly wanted us to make movies all summer long and that would mean we would both get more than six thousand dollars by the end of the summer and could continue on weekends during the school year. Benny and I looked at each other and we both said we wanted to do that both for the money and to have sex with each other. Then after dinner my Mom and Dad surprised us even more by inviting us to join them for sex in their room.

    That night I put my dick in a pussy for the first time ever. My mom had a very hairy pussy and it smelled very strange but very nice. It was also very wet. My dick was virtually lost in her huge gaping pussy but I didn't mind. It was warm and soft and slippery and felt nice and mom could squeeze it so it wasn't always loose. I didn't think I would like it but when I got a good look at my Dad's dick I wanted to suck on it so I did and he came in my mouth. that would have surprised me but in the book Mom gave me it explained that would happen so I was prepared. I liked the taste so I swallowed it. Mom taught me to eat her out and she had an orgasm while I did that. Then Dad had Benny put his dick in my ass and it felt really good then I took a turn doing it to Benny and I think he liked it even more. Then Benny and I made out while we watched my Dad ass fuck my Mom.

    So Benny and I made kid porn all summer and we both ended up with a lot more than my parents said we would. We both got ten grand and had great fun counting up the big stack of hundred dollar bills. Eventually we both took Max's bigger cock up our asses and even a few teenage boys, one as old as 19. His dick was really big but Benny and I had practiced a lot so by the end of the summer we could both take grown up dicks including my Dad's and his Dad's.

    We continued doing making the movies for the rest of middle school and all of high school except when we were in high school we were fucking little boys instead of getting fucked and that was cook. Benny and I fucked each other all the time so we both got to have our asses filled with cum but we also fell in love with fucking little boys for Mr. Crowly.

    Benny and I got married a couple of weeks after he turned 19. We tossed a coin to see if we would both wear a tux or both wear wedding gowns. We ended up both wearing wedding gowns and our mothers were delighted to do us up in drag. We had been experimenting in cross dressing for a couple of years so we were comfortable with the idea and we had by then came out to all our friends and family though we weren't completely gay. We were simply bi with very strong leanings towards liking cute boys and we both think the other is cute. His parents and my parents and his little sister joined us at our honeymoon in Hawaii. We shared a huge suite and all fucked like bunnies.

    Benny and I are still married. Mr. Crowly died a couple of years ago so we don't make movies any more. But we both made enough to put us through college. We were astonished to learn that Mr. Crowly left us the house and a seven figure investment account. So most of the money he made from us we ended up inheriting. It took the edge off of our missing him.

    Were we exploited? Sure. But we loved every moment and in the end we got back most of what we generated in revenue. So we both felt it was worthwhile. We invited the three boys we regularly fucked to move in with us and we share our good fortune with them. The youngest is now fifteen. And yes, we have an orgy every night.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 33

    When I was young I got to see my mom naked a lot she only did this around me not my brothers I'm grown now I recently asked my mom about it she said she was just comfortable around me I thought the conversation was over until I got ready to leave her house.

    My mother grabbed and kissed me roughly and offered herself to me she went on to say she wants an i****tous relationship with me I told her maybe I was thinking about it tell she started being weird towards my wife my mother wants me to leave my wife now

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 38

    When I was like 10 or 11, I was snooping around my sisters room and I found her diary. I was completely surprised at some of the things she had been up to. Apparently she and another boy from the neighborhood were trying to "go all the way" but it kept hurting my sister too much. She then wrote how happy she was that the guy promised to keep trying even when they turn 13! So - my sister was sexually active very young. One of the later entries talked about how she and her friend went to a party, and they got into a fight. My sister ended up being alone with two guys and she wrote how "one guy got my top, the other guy got my bottom".
    I used to get so hard reading about my sisters sexual activities - I would masturbate once or twice a day just thinking about her. I started to think about her body, and wonder what it looked like naked, and noticing her breasts developing. I became obsessed.
    We lived in an old house that only had one of those old claw-foot bathtubs upstairs. I knew she was in there once taking a bath, so I tried to peek through the key hole. I could barely see anything, but I knew I wanted to see more. I ended up putting peep-holes near the top of the door - and even one in the ceiling right above the tub. My room had access to the attic so I was able to quitely climb up there and look down.
    I watched my sister take a bath so many times. She had a great body, and I just loved the mound of pubic hair that was there between her legs. She was the first girl I saw naked.
    One day I heard her drawing the bath water, but she went back to her room while the tub filled up. I was already hard knowing I would get to see her - but thats when I got a wicked idea.
    I snuck into the bathroom and looked at the water that I knew my sister would be naked in soon, and I took my raging hard-on out. Within seconds I was spurting my cum into her bath water. I was expecting the cum to just dissolve into the the water, but it freaked me out to see that it made these kind of clear "globs" that were slightly visable. I went to try to scoop some up so there would not be so much- but it was just like trying to collect oil. It was weird to feel it - very slippery.
    I ended up rushing out of the bathroom and running into my sister in the hallway. She saw me leaving the bathroom and asked what I was doing. I said nothing and ran to my room. She had to know something was up.
    After a few minutes, I went to go check out the peep holes. I used the one looking down from the attic so I could see inside the tub better. I got hard again seeing my sister naked - she did have a great body. But I noticed she was not really soaking herself or washing her hair or anything. She was just playing with the water, and occasionally she would lift her hand up rub her fingers togeher. At one point she even brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked them. Thats when it hit me....she was playing with my cum - and tasting it!
    That got me super hard all over again.
    I soon realized my sister knew exactly what it was that she was playing with - and where it came from. And she seemed to actually have fun with it.

    We never talked about it, but from then on that would be our routine. She would kind of say out loud to the family when she was going to take a bath, and that was my clue to wait to hear the water running. She would start drawing the bath water and leave the bathroom for me to go in there by myself and do my thing. After I was done jacking off into the tub, she would wait to see me walking back down the hallway. She would give me such funny looks I must have watched her play with my cum a hundred times during those next couple years. She knew I was peeking - so sometimes she would really play it up and give me a show. I think what turned me on the most, was when she would scoop some up, and rub it inside her vagina. My cum was in my sisters pussy! If only our parents knew -

    I think we would have fucked if it was ever brought up. But she was probably scared to say anything to me, and since I was younger I was even more scared to ask her about doing it. I was tempted so many times to go into her bedroom with my hard-on instead of going to the bathroom. To this day I wonder what would have happened if I did.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    I was around 13 and on a camping trip with my family. The campsite was surrounded by woods and whilst i was there i would spend most of my time playing in the woods when my family where at the tent. There were other families staying on the site to. On one of the days I was in the woods on a rope swing when two boys aged around fifteen turned up. We all played together on the rope swing and had alot of fun. The next day I went back to the woods hoping to see the boys again. In the afternoon they turned up. We played again for a while until one of the boys dared me to flash my pants. I didnt really mind so I pulled my skirt up and showed them my pink pants underneath. One of the boys asked if i had ever seen a penis before I said no but i wanted to see it so asked them to show me. they both got them out and they were both hard all tho one was bigger than the other boys. They told me to lift my shirt and they both licked my nipples for a while. It felt amazing. i had never felt my pussy tingle like that. They asked if i liked it. One of the boys lifted up my skirt again and my panties were all wet. they told me to sit on a tree trunk and pull up my shirt and skirt. I sat with my little tits out my skirt pulled up and my legs apart. The two boys stood in front of me and rubbed there dicks. one of the boys came really quickly and it dribbled down my leg. a short while later the second boy came but this time it hit me in the face and my tits. they both ran off out of the woods. the next day i was hoping we would do more things but they had left that night.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    At the age of seventeen I met our new neighbors for the first time. Within two weeks I'd fucked both Cynthia and Jack. Neither knew about the others infidelity until Cynthia walked in on Jack and I. I was fucking him from behind on their bed, when she came home early from a supposed day out golfing.
    Rather than get freaky, Cynthia actually asked Jack if she could have my cock again. It was right then he learned I'd been fucking his wife too. Jack appeared more shocked about Cynthia's cheating at first, then told me to "Annihilate Cynthia's asshole" So after watching Jack rim her rear hole, I buried my cock up her ass, with Jack holding my cock to guide it up her rear fuck hole.
    Both Cynthia and Jack were in their late twenties, and had been married for four years. Both of them also found out that cold frosty morning about one another's true sexual tastes as we did everything together.
    I fucked them both throughout the day, having a break just after lunch to sleep together. Cynthia then watched Jack and swap blow jobs before I once again fucked him in her stunningly beautiful presence. Her complete acceptance of her husband's gay side taught me I should if having a relationship in future, be totally honest from the get go.
    That's precisely what I've been with the two people I now live with.
    After a six years break from having sex with Jack and Cynthia, because of my career, I now live with and have such fulfilling amazing sex with them both.
    I've even started to allow Jack to fuck me. It's not my favourite thing at the moment as we've only just moved on from them both using dildos in me. Having said that, I find it totally horny when Jacks sucking my cock and Cynthia is pegging me from behind, making me blow every drop of my cum into his mouth.
    So from a kid who's got a large cock and was just basically enjoying fucking them both. To a guy who shares his sexual life with two very enlightened and special people.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    Well, this is about the stupid stuff you do when you are a kid.

    My older brother had a friend, they were in school together in the ninth grade. I was in the seventh grade.

    They were outside messing with this rocket they were trying to launch and my brother kept telling me get lost and he kept telling me to stay. He told me to come and sit beside him.

    The rocket thing wasn't working and he kept paying attention to me and not the rocket and finally my brother told him that if he wanted me he could have me but that I was totally useless. He asked my brother if he meant it, that he could have me and my brother said, she is all yours and walked off.

    After messing with the rocket some more, he told me to go inside and get him a glass of lemonade or water and to hurry up. When I got back with his lemonade, he asked me how old I was because like or not I belonged to him now and I had to do what he said. I told him I would do anything he asked, so he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and told me to suck him. Well now I was trapped. I kept looking at his cock, and he kept telling me to do what he asked.

    He helped me lean over and I took his cock in my fingers and held my breath and I started to suck his cock. After a few minutes he had an erection and he kept my head down and laid back in the lawn chair and made noises of pleasure so I kept sucking him. Sometime later, several long minutes lager he pulled my head back and told me he wanted me to show him my private parts.

    So I stood beside him, and he sat on the edge of the chair, and he pulled my pants and underpants back and looked down my front. Well he couldn't see anything, except hair, so he put his fingers down there and felt me and put his hand down there and got his hand all the way around my privates.

    I just pushed my pants and underwear down to below my knees because it was uncomfortable having his whole hand in my pants.

    We got dressed again and he said we might as well kiss. After that I became his girlfriend and he told my brother I wasn't useless, that my brother didn't know what I was good for. I was his girlfriend and was always available to get him what ever he wanted, I even worked on his homework because he hated English.

    The sequel of what we did after that afternoon is for another day, let's just say that I was his girlfriend, every bit of me was his girlfriend. My brother had told him I was all his, and he took it literally and so did I.

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