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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 28

    It was New Year's Eve, I had turned 15 and my parents let me go to a New Year's party. I had a new dress. I thought I was the best looking girl at the party. Until I found myself face down on a bed with my dress over my head and my panties pulled down to my knees and I was getting screwed the more I wiggled the more he got it in until he was all the way in and he held me up by my waist, I grabbed this pillow with all my might and I waited until he finished screwing me.

    He pulled up his pants and we used a pillow case to clean up. He kissed me and told me I looked great in my dress and helped me get straightened out. There was a hand mirror in the room and he helped me get my hair back to normal. He sat on the bed and pulled me down into his lap and kissed me for about ten minutes, he had me put my tongue in his mouth, and then he hugged me and rocked me back and forth while he kissed me. He was getting an erection again, I could feel it under my legs. After a couple of minutes he told me to get off his lap and had me stand up beside him and he buried his face into my crotch and fell to his knees and grabbed me by my butt.

    This time he took my dress off and my panties and I laid back on the bed and we made boyfriend girlfriend love. After we cleaned up and got dressed again we went back to the party, it was still before midnight and when the countdown ended he kissed me in the middle of the living room in front of everyone. For the rest of the night I held his hand and went along with him. I guess it was around 1 a.m. when he leaned over and asked me my name and he whispered his name in my ear. We exchanged information, what school I went to and what university he went to, that I had come with my parents and that he had come with a friend, but his friend was gone so he didn't know how he was going to get back to his friend's house.

    I never told my parents about that part of the party. I hung my dress up the next day and made sure it was OK before I put it in the closet. My brother showed up late in the morning, and he had been with some friends so he never saw me disappear from the living room. He had heard that I had gotten kissed for New Year's and he made fun of me about that.

    It was in college when again I faced the prospect of being screwed. The boy asked me if I had any experience and I lied and let him do all the work of taking my clothes off before screwing me. It was such a disappointment, no magic. I guess my magic had happened on that New Year's Eve. So far I have felt the magic again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    This is a true story that involves Older/younger Gay sex .

    My first man cock [ not my first cock, had a few my age group] I was 14, he [Jon] was like 36 a Bi-gay friend of my Moms who she had sex with. I loved peeking in her Bedroom, seeing them both nude, watching her suck his cock and being fucked. Really liked his smooth body and shaved cock. Was actually a bit jealous that Mom got to play with his cock. Jon was a hair dresser with a salon in his Home. While I liked girls, every once in a while I needed a cock, enjoyed another boys cock growing hard in my mouth and one of them I let fuck me.[liked that too]
    Jon had often cut my hair, was a little forward and suggestive, very touchy feely but nothing that could get him in trouble. So I got up the nerve went to his place real horny for cock, figured I try to seduce him. Loose shorts, no undies. So this time when he became touchy I made no move to stop him. Just hands on my shoulders at first , then my chest. He was in parachute pants , and a sheer white Tee shirt, tight enough that I saw his large pierced nipples. I saw he got a hard on. I moved the cape [ the hair cutter thing they put on you to keep the hair off] up enough to show him my cock got hard too.
    This is where it got tense. It obvious that we wanted each others cocks ,both of us were nervous. But who would make the first "real" move. He said "I should wash your hair first" Went to the sink [ the kind you put the back of your head on to] Instead of him on my side, he stood in front of me. I put my hands on his legs first. Then I just reached up to his pierced nipples. He said you going to make me lose control. So I pulled on the rings and said yea so. He looked me straight [ no pun] in the eyes and said your a real cock tease. I reached out and rubbed his cock bulge said No I'm not. At that point I needed his cock, wanted it more than anything in the world.
    For a second or two he looked at me, then said are you sure??? I took his hand and put it right on my hard boy cock and said "YES, Very Sure that is why I came here" I picked up my hips and pulled down my shorts. My cock was average size for my age, but I have a very wide cut cock head and big balls, I shaved off the little pubic hair I had,because I knew he was shaved and wanted to look Sexy for him. He said I see you already shave your cock. Do the girls like it.? I said the boys do ! That is all it took. I was nude in a second . He rubbed my cock and balls, pinched my nipples, then real hard. I moaned yes, more feels good. Even with all of this he said mind if I take my clothes off? I said Please do ,I want to see your cock too.
    Loved his purple thong panties. Then his shirt. Wow his pierced nipples were so sexy and large , then off with his thog. MY god what a beautiful cock. 6" long sort of thick,
    Nice wide plum shape cut cock head, UUMM big full balls and NO body hair.
    He got right down between my legs, took my entire cock in his mouth in one motion. He licked and sucked my cock and balls. Pinched my nipples then bit them. Then back to my cock. I thought it was perfect until he worked a finger in my ass. I moaned yes, feels good , do it more. I reached down and pulled on his nipple rings, easy then hard, real hard. He moaned and said I want you to suck them. I stood up next to him, bent my head over and sucked them, then bit them , he said harder, make them hurt. Oh did I ever. All the while playing with his rock hard cock. Then without being asked or forced. I went to my knees , looked at his beautiful wide cock head for a second, then opened my mouth wide and took it in. Instinct made my tongue work all around the head and shaft. The taste and feel of it in my mouth was wonderful. I tried to get all 6" of it in my mouth. Gaged a few times, but kept trying. His cock felt so perfect in my mouth, just like it belonged there, I even licked his shaved balls while
    wondering if I was ready to drain them in my mouth. [something I never did before.] I'll tell you what I liked the best so far. I was nude with a Mans cock in my mouth, rubbed it on my face, looking up at him looking at me . And he knew I wanted his cock. Christ this was pure lust cock heaven because I was sucking the same cock that my Mom did.
    I kept sucking him , he even said bite my cock. I did easy at first, he said harder. I tasted his pre-cum, knew it was no or never. He said I'm gonna cum I held his hips and pulled him deeper into my mouth. He said yes baby, that is it, suck my cock dry. OMFG He started to inject his queer cream in my mouth then on my face. I gaged and spit as it ran down my chin and On my face. As much as I liked the taste and sticky feel of it in my mouth. I loved it on my face. I felt so dirty and perverted. I kept his wonderful cock in my mouth until it went soft. He said I told you I was gonna cum. I said I know, but I wanted you to be the first to cum in my mouth. I wanted you to make me a real cock sucker.
    I asked him to bit my nipples , he did just enough to hurt. Then my cock was in his mouth. MY god, felt so great. He sucked, licked I asked him bite my cock. [ love being bit]
    Again he worked a finger in my boy pussy. I opened my legs to let him know I wanted more. Oh man 2 fingers were in. That made me cum in his mouth fast.. When all was done, while standing there nude looking at the beautiful cock That I just sucked dry. He said if you keep this a secret between us I could come back if I ever wanted more. Then said "If there is anything else you would like to do just ask." I knew what he wanted me to say. So I said yes there is.
    I want you to Fuck me, just like you fucked my Mom. He asked if I had ever had a cock in my ass before. I said yes twice by my friend Still nude we talked for about 15 minutes about gay sex and what I had done. I started to get hard again just from talking about gay sex and seeing that beautiful cock that was just in my mouth. I just reached out and stroked him. Looked into his eyes and said " I want you to fuck me now, I want to be your girl friend." He spun me around, bent over the salon chair, legs wide apart. He spread my ass cheeks, giving my boy pussy hole a lick. I felt him squirt KY right up inside. First 1 finger, then 2 worked to loosen me up. I felt him between my legs, Felt his cock head rubbing all around my ass/pussy.
    Then slowly he pushed the cock head in. OH god it hurt, burned more than my friends cock did. I said OH god go slow, but don't stop. He stayed like that for a few moments, then very slowly, more man cock was pushed deeper into my ass. I moaned please easy. He said want me to stop. I said NO fuck me, it hurts so good. I can't tell you fantastic the mix of pain and pleasure was. After a bit he slowly pushed his cock until it was all the way inside me. My ass felt so open and so full. He stayed there holding my hips. He pulled back and again slowly thrust his cock back in. OMFG it still hurt and burned, but I wanted his cock in me. This was so much better than my friends boy size cock. I accepted that the pain of being stretched open was giving me waves of pure Queer pleasure. He went slow, I could feel every inch of his cock filling me. Got to the point There was so much more pleasure than pain. I moaned as he thrust faster and harder. He moaned out loud I'm gonna cum. I said Please cum in me. I came with touching my cock as I felt his cock swell and twitch as his queer cream filled me. I actually felt his cum drip out of my now well fucked open ass when he pulled out. In a way I was glad his cock was no longer in my ass, but I felt so empty.
    Yes I did go back A week latter, called first so we could be alone. The next time was even better, said he had saved all of his queer cream for my ass/c**t [ as now called it]. After some fantastic cock sucking, it was so hard not to have him shoot his queer cream on my face after he Said I was a better cock sucker than My Mother.
    I Started by sitting on his well lubed cock, taking it a little at a time until I got used to the wonderful pain.Then he put me on my back missionary with my legs over his shoulders. I felt so trapped as his beautiful cock filled and stretched my ass/c**t open with repeated hard thrusts, The pain turned into sheer queer pleasure. Oh man what a huge fantastic load filled me as he called me his Queer bitch. [ loved it] He was the first one who made me Want and Need cock. So much so I came all over my belly with out being touched. We had a few other "meatings" after that , like every 2 months or so. I loved being used by him , loved being called sissy, fag, queer cock lover. Yet I was using him for his cock and cum.
    The only things he wouldn't do was pierce my nipples, so I did them my self with safety pins. And let another guy or girl my age or gay friend of his join for a 3 way. I so wanted to be watched worshiping his cock with my mouth and ass/c**t. Said he couldn't take the chance until I was of age . [16 in my state]
    This mostly true. I left out the more Naughty parts.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    Just young boys growing up together and being cousins we spent a lot of time together so it was bound to happen and we started touching each other a lot any time we could get away with it and before long late at night when we were at each others house we began to suck each other and we could only cum a little but we both let it go in our mouth and after a couple of times I was easy to just swallow it.
    My cousin was always pretty much in charge when it came down to sex together and he liked getting his dick sucked and seemed to enjoy it most if I was down on my knees while he stood in front of me holding on to my head and liked getting off in my mouth and would hold my head tight in his hands forcing his young hard dick in to my mouth as I swallowed his small warm load and listened to him moan out loud. He wanted my mouth on his dick all the time and since I really didn`t mind I sucked his dick quite often. We were 11 or 12 when all this started and the first summer school was out we spent most every day at our house way out in the country. He and I were always outside so we found a lot of places to hide and suck each others dicks several times a day.
    One day we were a good ways from the house in one of our best spots and like many times before we were naked and while we were taking turns going down on each other he told me he wanted to screw me. It took awhile but he talked me in to doing it with him and I will never forget that first time when he finally got his dick in my tight asshole. It stung pretty bad and wasn`t very easy to take but he put all of it in my ass and screwed me good while we both moaned out loud and made other sounds like never before then he came inside of me. We kept going and he screwed me for the longest time before he came in me a second time and by then we had talked back and forth to each other enough that he knew I liked it and I new he would be screwing me often.
    We couldn`t stop talking about it and he screwed me two more times before we had to get dressed and back to the house. He and I had a lot of sex for years and up until we were out of high school a couple of years we were still doing it and he fucked me all the time and I was always asking him to fuck me and we both liked to 69 until we came and swallowed each others cum.
    We both swallowed more than our share of each others cum over the years but there wasn`t many days that I didn`t have a load or two of his cum up my ass and as we got older we both had a fairly big dick but his was a bit bigger and felt so good in my ass and he could really shoot a lot of cum really deep in me and I wanted all that he could put in me because it felt s damn good to get fucked but to feel his long fat dick swell up in my ass and how hard he shoved it in me when he came was one of the best feelings ever. After he moved to anther state to work we grew apart as far as having sex together but it didn`t stop me from asking him and we are both in our late 40`s now and I still bring it up when we see each other but he hasn`t done it yet. We are both married with children and grandchildren but if I could get him to fuck me again I would not think twice about doing it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    Memories, sweet, sweet memories. I was 16, only had 3 real friends that I would always say I've got something on to, or can't make it, eventually they just stopped trying. I'd Sit alone in my room. ALL weekend, this was before computers mind you, before gameboys, I had heaps of porn magazines and a couple of old XXXX movies that I'd lifted from friends houses. I'd sometimes go out to a pub with a mate, get really bored then I just walked off into the night went home, never say anything. One night hitching home a neighbour from a few doors up picked me up, he was a real dickhead, Does your mummy still put out, Does she suck your cock & Fuck you too, he said, What the Fuck did you say, I asked him. As I wasn't really listening but heard what he said. Your mum he said she's a bit of a Slut he blurted out.. I've Fucked your mummy a couple of times he went on. Well you won't be touching her again then I shot back, cause if I catch you anywhere near my mum I'll tell your wife, I know she's got all the money, your just a Fucken low life c**t. He slammed the brakes on I punched him in the balls and jumped out, CUNT I said again. I walked the rest of the way home, thinking I can't believe my mum would Fuck that jerk. Dad walked out when I was 13, I suppose I never thought about her needs. She was 39, I had noticed the looks she got when I went shopping with her, she always dressed up even to do the groceries, I never looked at her the same after that day, I realised how Hot she did look, even at home she would walk around in loose tops, no bra, short shorts sexy pjs. My gosh. I was looking at her in a completely different way now. I found I was trying to sneak a look at her big titties the same ones I sucked milk out of when I was a baby, I'd peek thru her bathroom door as she showered, I was getting a boner thinking about her, This was disgusting I thought, then No it's not she is a woman, she has a fine body, is attractive, if she wasn't my mum I'd have looked at her as someone else's Milf. I started leaving my door ajar as I wanked myself to the ribalds and playboys or watched the adult movies with the volume down, I'd be sitting in my chair stroking my big 9# Cock, all the girls that saw it's size ran away only 1 was kind enough to even touch it. I'd sit a little to the side so if she saw me she would get a glimpse of my cock. There were times when I'd jump up thinking she's watching me but she wasn't there, it just became a natural thing. One day I came home thinking she was out, I was doing my thing I'd closed my eyes thinking about mum sucking my cock when I felt a presence I opened my eyes and she was standing in front of me wearing my big old night shirt that I hadn't seen for about a month, it was open except the last 2 buttons that were just enclosing her tiny panties, her big big jugs stretching the top out and her cleavage I think that's what turned me on so much I started to harden again with my eyes fixated on the curving gap between her beautiful breasts. I jumped up trying to cover myself, it's what I'd wanted but when it actually happened I felt like a Fucken idiot. Then it dawned on me why are you dressed like that mum, she said it's ok Sam, I know you've been watching me, couldn't you tell, the door ajar, my clothing choices, me moaning so load at night. ( I didn't hear that ). She said although I hate him, you do look like your father and we had such great sex before the Slut he worked with offered him a younger body. I see your almost similar in size she whispered as she bent over Resting her warm hands on my knees, I was Looking in her eyes, they were looking at my erection. Just tell me to stop and I will she said, as she got on her knees she looked at me while wrapping a hand around my Cock, I thought I was going to blow my load right then. She was only the second female to touch my Cock she touched my face with her other hand I remember nuzzling into her palm, Oh mum, what are you doing to me. Do you want me to stop she asked me, NO, NO I don't, then she dropped her head opened her mouth and engulfed my whole 9# Cock my knob cumming to rest in her tight throat, her hand moving up and down at a swift pace, as she slid her mouth up & down over my cock. Just a hint of hesitation and then she continued to slide her pursed lips up and down my shaft. Her mouth was everything about which I'd fantasised. Hot and wet and sucking like a vacuum pump. I just couldn't hold on long, She moaned around my cock as her mouth began to fill up but kept her head bobbing until my cock began to soften, she licked my knob clean with three swirls of her agile tongue. Apart from a moan of delight, I didn't say anything; she seemed to swallow whatever she'd licked up. I had just unleashed what I still think was the biggest load I have ever pumped, You're an attractive woman mum - you're definitely the object of many men's fantasies." She remained silent so I pushed on, "You really are very good at sucking cock; do you do it often?" ( I wanted to know ) she sat up unbuttoned her/my top, there was my sexy busty mom stripping in slow motion and slowly I saw the bottom of her firm round breasts and then a bit more and then her nipples appeared and then even more of her DDs until she was topless in all her god given glory triumphantly exposing her beautifully shaped breasts, Oh, they're absolutely perfect, I reached out and gently lifted them before squeezing them more firmly, feeling her nipples harden against my palms. You've got absolutely fantastic tits mum. I wanted to mention Mr. Fuckwit, but mum thrust her large breasts towards my eager mouth, I pressed the tip of my tongue against her hard nipple then sucked the nipple deep into my mouth. Followed by sucking a large portion of mums boob into my mouth. I was in heaven as this was only the 2nd time I had ever ever touched a woman's tits. Let alone suck them, I feverishly sucked and slurped from nipple to nipple, licked them, nibbled them with my teeth and gave them long hard sucks. All while squeezing her juicy boobs and feeling the roundness and firmness from top to bottom. I felt mums warm hand again wrapping around my Cock which was now aching like never before, mum stood up It's then that I realised the porno was still playing, I started doing what I was watching Ughhhh god!" cried mum as she pulled her panties down and I slipped my fingers deep inside her wet Cunt.

    Ohh mum! Your so fucking wet. She grabbed my hand pulled my fingers out of her dripping c**t, and pulled my hand to her mouth and licked her fingers clean. Then she placed her hands on my shoulders and said are you ready to Fuck mummy now. I didn't have time to answer one of her hands was already holding my Fucken hard Cock as she lowered herself onto me and took my virginity. Ohh Ohh Ohh she moaned as she took half of my cock then slowly slid her rather tight pussy up and down taking the rest of my 9# meat inch by inch until her butt cheeks were resting on my ball's. There she rocked back and forth "Your pussy feels so fucking good," I blurted as I was balls-deep in my beautiful hot mums moist pussy. Sweat poured off both our bodies as the sounds of juice from her flooding pussy lubricated my Cock as she rode me like there was No stopping us. She must have had at least 3 orgasms by he time I reached my climax. Mum opened her mouth without saying a word as she came hard her pussy cramped around my cock as it swelled enormously inside her and released a massive flow of cum, she kept riding me as she orgasmed twice more until I finally fell limp. my cock sore from all the riding. We got up on my bed and I must've fallen asleep cuddling into her back spooning her hot wet body. It was dark when I woke up, mum was gone, I went searching for her, then I heard her shower running, I snuck a peek at her as she was rinsing all the suds from her big beautiful mummy boobs. As I felt a stir down below.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    When I moved in with my grandparents my grandpa was into being naked in his house. My grandma told me to not look if it bothered me. At times my grandpa would get a semi erection or even a complete erection. On one occasion I got to staring at his erection, I sat on the edge of the vanity stool while he rubbed his penis with oil because he was going outside to the pool. My grandma helped me look at his penis, she stood in the door while I sat on the vanity stool.

    After he walked out of the bathroom she came over and said 'isn't it handsome?', 'he has a handsome penis, just wants to make you want to stuff it in you'.

    As the summer went on I went topless and one day I stood completely naked in front of my grandpa. He got a huge erection, hard hard like a baseball bat. I put my hand on it and held it for a few seconds, his penis was hard and it felt good to hold it. He sat down and I stood in front of him and he looked at me, and stared at my crotch area. I felt all sort of sensations, his erection had gone down a bit, but his penis still looked huge. His fingers touched me between my legs and he rubbed his fingers back and forth, as he touched me his penis got real hard again.

    I stood there while he touched me and said 'I love you Grandpa', and he said 'I love you too Karen'.

    I love being naked with a man, watching him want me, watching as his penis gets hard, feeling his hands on me, wanting to stuff his penis in me, I love getting naked.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 33

    Around about the time that I started driving I started to masturbate a lot. I would wank off and spit my stuff as far as it would go. I thought about dating but I never asked anyone, but on Friday or Saturday nights I would go out, I would tell my parents I was going to a friend's house or out to eat pizza or a hamburger, but what I did was go to this park and wank off in the car and see if I could send my stuff to the windshield. I always cleaned up the car before going home.

    This one night I was sitting in the car wanking off, I was enjoying my hard on, I would get myself ready to let go and back off and start again. I liked to look at my cock in my hand, and this night while I was engrossed in wanking off this man came up to the car and got in the front seat beside me. I hadn't locked the door and he looked at my cock in my hand and said nice cock and he reached over and grabbed it, bent over and put it in his mouth and sucked on it real hard.

    After a couple of minutes he unzipped his pants and took out his cock and told me he wanted me to suck him good and hard. I must have been staring at his cock because he gabbed me by the neck and told me to stop fucking around and suck him hard and not stop until I had a mouthful of shit in my mouth. I went down and tried to suck him, but the console was in the way and I was stuck behind the steering wheel, so he told me to get out and he got out and came around to my side of the car and told me to suck away.

    I was wanking with my hand while I was sucking him, the park was quiet and dark except for the area light, he told me not to wank off until I had finished with him. Soon I was just sucking him, I was in rhythm and he had my head in his hands and I had his cock in my hand and he started to come and I missed getting it in my mouth. He told me I was a stupid boy and to lick him clean. I stood up and he grabbed my cock in his hand and would not let go and he asked me if I had ever taken it up the ass because he was half a mind away from fucking me. I got real hard and started to let go of my stuff and got it all over his shirt and pants. He slapped me again and told me that I was a stupid boy and he was going to fuck me as punishment for messing up his clothes.

    He kissed my mouth and used his finger to break into my ass and he had gotten hard again and I dropped my pants all the way to ground and let him lean me over the hood of the car and I felt his cock go inside of me. All I could do was enjoy it, it felt like nothing I had ever felt, when he started to fuck me hard I went into a sort of zombie state feeling every fuck and pull out and fuck and pull out and fuck and then he started to come and he pulled out slowly.

    He got dressed and tucked his shirt in and pulled out his wallet and showed me a detective badge and told me that if kept coming out to the park to masturbate he was going to arrest me. Gave me a kiss on the mouth and walked back to his car that was parked about half a block away.

    After he left I could still feel his kiss on my mouth. I drove home and went straight to my room to masturbate.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 29

    Can i just say i never enjoyed or wanted it but i never had a choice. When i was 14 my mum was institutionalized for drug addictions and schizophrenia. My dad had left yearss before so i had no parents to live with so i was sent to live with an uncle who i had only ever met once. He was about 40 at the time, wealthy enough to look after me, but he was a utter c**t.

    He used to make me do all the housework, he made me cook and clean, and he beat me regularly, at firt just slapping my arms but eventually he would kick me and hit me in the face. And he would do this everytime i didnt do what i said. He stopped me going to school so i couldnt report the abuse and get away from him.

    After months of abuse i hit him back, but this was a mistake, i slapped his face and he hit me back in harder than he ever had, it knocked me down and he hit me again. Then he grabbed me and said he was going to teach me some manners, he dragged me across the room to the sofa and he sat down and bent me over his knee. He then went on to pull down my skirt and started to spank me, at this point i was in floods of tears and begging him to stop but he didnt, he slapped my ass cheeks relentlessly.

    After 10minutes or so he stopped and told me to go to sleep. At maybe 3/4am i woke up to him standing over me. He sat down and pulled me over him, he told me to remove my clothes, i refused then he hit me again straight across the face. I did as he said, after stripping i sat next to him. He started to feel my body.

    He then started to feel my breasts and my ass, then he touched my pussy, he started to finger me, i asked him to stop but he didnt, i knew at that point he was going to r**e me, i tried to run but he grabbed me and took his dick out, he forced me to suck his dick, i had been tempted to bite down on it buy
    I couldnt force myself to do it. Then he bent me over and slipped his dick into my pussy, his dick was an average size, maybe 6 inches, he r**ed me for 15minutes before cumming onto my ass and leaving me to sleep.

    The next day i pretended nothing happened, i went to sleep but woke up to my uncle fingering me, i didnt even try to stop him i just let it happen, he r**ed me and left. The next day a few of my uncles friends came over, these were the only people other than my uncle i had seen in weeks. When my uncle was in another room i pleaded for help from them, told them everything while they sat silently. Then my uncle came in and they all started laughing, my uncle explained that i was his whore and would fuck anyone he told me to, then the 3 men around me began to remove my clothes, they forced me to suck all their dicks and take all their dicks in my pussy till they came in me. No condoms used.

    Over the next few weeks my uncle made a fortune from guys paying to r**e me, i was forced to fuck 50 or mayne even more guys, they would choke me, beat me, fist me, fuck my ass pussy and mouth, then cum where ever they wanted.

    Then i became pregnant and my period stopped, over the next few months i was continually r**ed for several hours a day from guys between 18 and 80, with dicks that were 3 inches and dicks that were 8 inches.
    When i became noticeably pregnant more guys would pay to fuck my now chubby ass, and at any time i would have up to 5 people r****g me. And when i wasnt being r**ed i was locked away. Then one guy fucked me so brutally that he decided to throw me down a flight of stairs after cumming. I woke up hours later with a guy fucking my bloody body, And my 6 month old foetus had been killed.

    Then i tried to kill myself , i jumped out a window and fractured my spins and broke both my legs.i was sent to hospital and never saw my uncle again. Since i have never had sex.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18


    15 years old and need help figuring out how to be fucked and abused by older guys, and hopefully they know that im underage

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I'm 15 years old and so fucking lustful. I'm a virgin, but I'm so desperate to be fucked and be someone's little slit. I always look at ads on craigslit or make accounts on hookup sites but I get too nervous. I need someone who knows that I'm underage and will still fuck me like I want, making me their little toy. Unfortunately, I live in a tiny town in Washington, but If I had the chance, I would let an old man or group of men or anyone fuck me senseless and treat me like a worthless cum slut.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Mom came home drunk one day when I was nine and got mixed up and flopped right down on my bed and passed out. She had decided I didn't need a baby sitter. When you are nine it is easy to be manipulated into thinking you are too grown up for a baby sitter. I had her number. I knew how to dial 911. I knew how to use a microwave and I knew how to wipe my own ass so for a few hours every weekend I felt little need to be baby sat and mom agreed since it was her idea as a way to save money. After all, booze is expensive.

    Mom didn't like to wear underwear on her dates. Mom did like to wear very short slinky little black dresses. Mom has fair skin and very dark brown almost black hair. Mom doesn't like to shave or trim her bush nor does she like to shave her legs but she will do that much since most guys don't like hairy women.

    So that day she flopped down on my bed was interesting. I was already in bed. Mom did O.K. when she divorced my dad so I got to have a computer when a lot of kids didn't have one. I also had internet which was more important. To be precise I had DSL which in those days was the best there was and it was way faster than dial up for those of you who don't remember. So I learned all about internet porn and had watched tons of it and from it and other internet sources I learned all about sex. The only thing I didn't learn was how to make my hormones come quicker so I could actually feel the sensation of getting horny and cum. But at least masturbating felt good even if I didn't cum yet.

    So that day she flopped down on my bed was interesting. I already said that. I know but some things bare repeating. Mine was a twin bed. It was just big enough for a nine year old. Maybe a little cramped for one adult but no fucking way was it big enough for an adult woman AND a nine year old. I had already turned in for the evening and was surfing some illegal porn sites because nine year old boys generally prefer naked girls close to the same age as they are and that is when mom flopped down on my bed. When she did her flimsy dress sort of flew up a bit and she was laying on top of me and her legs were on my pillow and her face was near my crotch and it was a hot night so I was on top of the covers wearing only shorts and my dick had already been out since I was jerking off while watching porn and there I was looking into my mom's big hairy bush. I could see it all. Her naked ass. I could see her ass hole. I could see her pussy lips. I could see her clit and the ring piercing it. She mumbled something about me being in her bed and passed out again.

    I couldn't help myself. I explored and examined and familiarized myself with parts of the female anatomy that I had not thought I would get to see up close in person at least until my teen years. Her pussy hair was surprisingly wiry. The smell was much stronger than I thought it would be and I was surprised by how tingly the stench made me feel when I inhaled it. I could feel my nipples tingle for the very first time just from inhaling what was wafting from her pussy. I was surprised by how wet her pussy was. I stuck a finger in and then a second one. She mumbled something about it feeling nice. I was surprised by how hot it felt to the touch.

    Mom was much bigger than me so I was kind of pinned under her. It took some manouvering around to get myself free. I didn't really want to wake her up because I wanted to continue to explore. I had seen young boys eat out hairy pussies on the internet and they seemed to like it. So I figured I might give it a try. When I got myself free I got on top and basically mashed my face right into my mom's pussy. I inhaled as deeply as I could just to experience what I had witnessed in porn videos. It was like I was being gassed by poison gas and at the same time intoxicating. I took a lick. Mom mumbled about how good it felt and then fell asleep again. I licked again this time I kept licking. I felt tingly and my dick was hard but noting came out. I was starting to believe I was feeling horny, maybe really horny for the first time ever. I licked mom everywhere. I even licked her asshole and realized shit doesn't taste as hideous as I'd been led to believe. Had you told me I would have to lick my mom's asshole after she pooped, the day before, I'd have told you that you were crazy. But right at that moment I was not sure I wouldn't enjoy it. I tasted mom everywhere. What I didn't know was that some of those raunchy fluids leaking from her pussy was cum, male cum, semen. I liked the taste of everything. My brain was telling me it was disgusting and gross and nasty and to stop. My dick was telling me that I liked disgusting and gross and nasty and to continue. So I continued.

    Thinking I would never get a chance again and that I wanted to experience fucking, I put my dick in my mom's pussy. I was hard and I fucked her. I had to hold her pussy lips closed to feel anything but I didn't care. I fucked her. I didn't cum. I was only nine but I fucked her. I felt her huge bush of pubic hair engulf my entire groin area and I fucked her. I fucked her for maybe half an hour. But I gave up knowing I wasn't going to cum for a few years so I gave up. I was getting tired. At that point I forgot that I hadn't gone right for the tits but mom presented herself pussy first and that is what I got. Mom was so out of it at that point that I could probably have performed surgery on her and she wouldn't have woken up. So I got on top, me naked, and grabbed one tit and sucked the other and fell asleep like I hadn't in about eight and a half years.

    I woke up the next morning. Mom was gone from my room. I was tucked in and it took a moment to wake up completely from the fog of sleep and realized that at some point mom found me naked laying on top of her nursing from one of her tits. I distinctly remember falling asleep sucking on her tit. So I got out from under the covers and found myself wearing panties, my mom's panties and nothing else. I sat up and looked around. On my dresser I found a penis shaped flesh colored vibrator that smelled like my mom's pussy. I found a box of condoms, not sure why I needed those. I found my computer was on, connected to the internet, muted, and playing a thirty second video in a loop that depicted a naked adult female having sex with a boy a bit younger than me. I hadn't see it before and knew it wasn't one I had collected. I smelled breakfast cooking and so I figured mom must have put the panties on me and wouldn't say much about it if I went to breakfast wearing them. I often ate breakfast in my shorts. But as I walked away from the bed they fell to my ankles. That wasn't going to work. Just then mom opened my door and stood there looking at me naked with her dirty lace thong panties around my ankles. Mom was wearing the little black dress and thigh high fishnets and black patent pumps but she had undone the straps and so she was bare from the waist up. Her boobs were out in all their glory. She looked at me and said good morning to me and told me breakfast was ready. I followed her naked (figuring I wasn't going to get in trouble for being naked at the breakfast table if she was eating bare breasted.

    When I got to the kitchen I found two plates with waffles, my favorite. What was unusual, besides the fact that I was naked and mom was bare breasted, which she had never been before, was the fact that there was an assortment of recently worn, dirty sexy lace thong panties piled up on the table surrounding my plate of waffles. Most had some obvious stray pubic hair. Some had cum stains. Some had shit stains. All had some sign of having been worn, mostly in the crotch area. I sat down and mom asked me if I wanted some milk. Of course I said yes. You can't have waffles without milk. So she walked around to my side of the table, bent over and stuffed a nipple in my mouth. I closed my eyes as she reached for my groin. Her pussy was sopping wet and drenched my little fingers. Her milk was way better than cows milk.

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