When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell AdultConfessions.com about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

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    I remember watching porn on my computer with my pants down and my sister walking in. I had forgotten to lock my bedroom door and she caught me watching this girl sucking this guys dick with my hand on my dick. "Oh wait till I tell Mom and Dad about this" she said as she looked on. My parents were hardline Catholics an strict about sexual things. There I was 15 years old, yanking my pants up over my underwear, still half way down my thighs, desperately trying to turn off my computer right in front of my 18 year old sister. Totally embarrassed and scared shitless about my parents knowing, I began pleading with my sister, Told her I would do anything to keep her quiet. Anything?? she asked me with a big grin on her face. "Well you can start by showing me your dick" I was stunned about my own sister asking me something like that, but on the other hand I knew my sister was always hot for sex. She had been trying to see me naked since I was 10 years all and finally had me with my back against the wall. I was still hard when she locked the door and even harder when she told me to get undressed. Sat on the edge of my bed and gave me a mind blowing blow jobs with her hand copping my tight balls. Took her less than a minute to make me cum and swallowed it all. "What else did you see on your computer" as I stood there at a loss for words. "I hope it's pussy eating because tomorrow your having lunch on mine" I learned all about oral sex with her every time my parents weren't home. It went on for the next two years and then stopped when she found a boyfriend, but at least she knew how to keep a secret. We never talk about, but I'm sure we still have lust for each other.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    When I was 11, I had this really hot math teacher with gigantic breasts and an ass so sexy that I had to stop my self from slapping it. I asked for help a lot and so she would bend over me to see the paper. And so her breasts would hang in my face. She was wearing a very flirty fragrance. I was getting wetter and wetter so I excused my self to the bathroom. My panties were soaked and my cilt was itching for attention.I trailed my hands over my boobs and thighs. I shivered with delight. It turns out I forgot to lock the door and the teacher I was madteabating to walked in on me. She stared at the bush of hair on my mound. She blushed and walked out. We have never been able to look eachother in the eye again.

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    Straight Male / 19

    When i was in highschool, i was behind a half year due to injuries so i had to stay extra2 hours after school with the teachers. Basically i would do work while they corrected tests and such. One night, not much teachers were around but i had trouble with some maths, but i couldn't find any teachers that were able to help, i eventually went to my last resort, the P.E teachers. I went to the gym hallway but they weren't even there. It was only 5pm but i guess they don't stay late. I was gonna go home when the lights went out. I had no idea what was going on. I walked back to main part of the school. At least this part was lit. I guess most of the teachers went home now. I was gonna pack my stuff but i couldn't find my pencil case. I went back to the pe wing and turned on the lights. There it was on the ground by the change rooms. While i was there i decided to use the washrooms. Instantly i got a strong smell of shit. I didn't even want to look inside. Then i thought, since no one is at school, why not try the girls changerooms?? It was a huge difference. Smelt very perfumed. And was very clean. I went to the stalls and peed. I noticed on the wall was a small metal box. Little did i know that it was a tampon thrash bin. It almost made me throw up but also somehow horny. Knowing that this was inside many virgin girls vaginas. I didnt touch but i wanted more. I noticed the team lockers just like the boys had. This season was volleyball so the 10 lockers belonged to the volleyball squad. I checked the tape on the lockers and recognized some names. I was only grade 10. These girls were grade 12. The hot girls with amazing asses too. I snuck into the pe office and took the master key. With these keys i was able to lock the door behind me, but more importantly, open the locks. I opened all of them. And removed all the bags. I knew 9 the 10 girls. I would say non if them were under 7 out of 10. They were all very athletic no overweights. I found all these dirty thongs. I sniffes them knowing that they were buried in their pussies and asses soaking up sweat. I was jerking off with their panties and bras. I was gonna cum so i stood up on the sink basin, aimed and shot a huge load all over the mirrors. I had about 4 ropes come out. I found a bag in the lost and found bin in the corner and put all the panties, bras, and tights inside. I relocked everthing and even wrote a note saying "ill enjoy the souvenirs thx!" An taped it to the mirror.

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    Straight Female / 50

    DAMN THAT HURT.... BACK in the 1970's when i was growing up in harlem the only person my mother ever trusted to take care of me was my mentally challenged uncle,at the time i was 12 years old and he was around 34 [not sure] his exact age though...he was extremely slow to focus on any given conversation and didn't talk much anyway.i wasn't allowed to have friends and often dragged my uncle outdoors to play double-dutch,hide and seek etc..etc..back then poverty kept us living in rundown tenements that were practically abandoned by the city and landlords often hired street thugs to burn the tenements down to collect the insurance.to relieve boredom i'd teach my uncle to play tag,hide and seek so we could run up and down stairwells roof and hide in empty apartments though we never played anywhere but inside our tenement.most of the old tenants left behind broken furniture and mattresses in some of the apartments and some left behind dirty porn magazines like hustler,playboy etc...i'd often find my uncle sitting on some floor or chair nera a window viewing these old porn rags though i had no understanding of sex since my mother never took the time to talk about it being she was always drunk and sleeping.back then it was common for my uncle to wear shorts and i never thought to ask out of curiosity what it was that seemed to swell and bulge in his shorts as he looked through the pages of naked woman since i also would notice the men with theirs exposed in those magazines. i'd sit alongside my uncle with mixed emotions and curious wonder,shock.amazement and an odd nervousness as strange black men in the photos exposed their huge thick manhoods while the woman posed in different positions for men like my uncle to get a clear view of their hairy vaginas.what caught my attention was the commercial pages advertising rubber dildos,condoms,lubricants and illegal photos of art sketched young girls on book covers getting licked,fingered and fucked by adult men with titles like lollipops,tiny virgin,lolitas etc...those pages literally were demonstrating a how to do it guide for dummies.sitting alongside my uncle i would often begin to wonder what if,would he like to,maybe we could try,would he get mad if i touch his thing,etc..etc..but of course i was just too nervous and my uncle never seem to notice i was even there.the only way to explain how it finally happened was that back in the safety of our home i'd be in my room unable to sleep at night thinking about some way to get my uncle to go along with it.though he was a man my uncle thought like a child and since he couldn't talk communication was limited to playing games and watching tv at home.one thing was certain back then that my female instincts noted and it was for all his innocence he did react/respond to seeing the naked woman in those magazines that i had to literally take out of his hands when we left those empty apartments because i was sure my mother would freak if she saw them and begin questioning what we were doing alone outdoors all those hours.there was a part of me that wanted to forget the whole thing and perhaps find some boy in school but boys don't know how to keep secrets and liked to brag to their friends that they kissed,touched etc..some girl in school and besides most boys considered me fat and ugly with nerdy glass'es and i wouldn't dare to talk to adult men outdoors but i was sexually curious and my uncle was the only man to spend hours alone with me. day after day i'd take him outdoors and into those empty apartments but wouldn't dare to approach him while he looked at those dirty magazines,it was amazing how easily the bulge in his shorts appeared and seemed to move like some kind of snake as if mesmerizing me to touch it,pull his shorts down and see it.sitting alongside him provided some courage but i just didn't know what to do.then one day two weeks before my 13th birthday something perhaps my female instincts took over and though i couldn't believe what i was doing i was determined to see it through...i got up from sitting beside him and went over to an old mattress that was on the floor near a boarded up window and with my back towards him a few feet away i just removed my panties,dress and batgirl t-shirt.the bed had a musty smell and was covered in dust but i ignored the inconvenience and proceeded to lie down on my stomach,nothing happen at least not right away so i turn to look over my shoulder to find my uncle crouching on his hands and knees as if he were a great stallion horse stalking the female scent of a young mare.his behavior took me by surprise and scared me though my curiosity was intense as he boldly pushed his face between my young thighs and shockingly moved up to smell and lick my plumped pussy.these were the actions of a man not the uncle i knew such was the force of his tongue that i literally went on my knees.everything he did was far too quick for me to prepare for and even though i had initiated this long awaited moment his aggressiveness made the entire experience seem like rape.it was obvious he was inexperienced using his fingers to poke and pinch my female parts and could hear me clearly to calm down though it seem to excite him.he was breathing heavily while fumbling to remove his shorts his other hand gripped my hair firmly practically pinning me facedown on the mattress.within a single blink of the human eye he somehow shoved what felt like half a telephone pole in my vagina,i gasp for air as my entire body trembled and contorted from the pain though i couldn't scream i kicked out and pummeled the mattress.my uncle was grunting and trying to move around inside me but couldn't,at some point as he gratefully began to pull out i had my first orgasm and passed out.i somehow manage to survive that brutal sexual experience but soon after my uncle was sent to live in florida with his eldest brother.he died in 2001 from a heart attack and unlike me he never married or had children.it's more than likely i was his only sexual mate all those years ago but DAMN THAT HURT..the end

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    Straight Male / 31

    In 1987 I was adopted at 4 yrs. old by Cheryl and Douglas K. who were and still are the most wonderful people I ever met. I still call them mom and dad and drive 116 miles once a month to visit them. They not only adopted me but also adopted older sisters Karen and Sally and when I was 10 adopted a 2 yr. old named David. As I got older I began to realize mom and dad were also strange in many ways with religion, home schooling and discipline. Mom was the ruler of the house and dad owned a large truck repair garage. We lived in a house on about 5 acres of ground in a semi rural area about 15 miles out of town. Now some of the stuff I'm about to say sounds weird but there was never any kind of sexual, physical or mental abuse. Mom and dad were not at all nudists but nudity was never a big deal or anything I thought about much, that is until I was about 12. Karen is a year older than me and of Spanish decent, Sally 3 years older and Asian and David is African American. I was so young when I first lived with them I don't remember to much but from the beginning mom bathed us together. We had a large bathroom with a shower and large tub and even as we got older we were in the bathroom together. It was always after dinner and always about 6:30 every night of the week. At bedtime mom went into the girls room first then my room for prayers. Dad worked long hours but was always home for dinner, sometimes having to go back to work. Mom home school us and we did have plenty of play time with a few friends who lived nearby and they came often to go in our swimming pool in back of the house. She was strick with us especially when it came to school work and she also taught all of us to play the piano. If we were bad or didn't do our school work properly she did spank us and it was always a bare butt spanking. She did whack our butts pretty hard but never like a real beating. I guess I was about 10 or 11 when I started being shy about being naked in front Karen and Sally and could tell Karen felt like I did. It didn't seem to bother Sally at all yet she was the oldest. Mom still had us come into the bathroom together and told us to undress for our bath or shower. If we were in the pool out back mom would call us in for lunch and we had to take off our wet bathing suits in the shed before going into the house. She always had large towels for us to put on but again we were naked in front of each other. Even at that age I knew Karen and Sally had breasts and also knew they had pubic hair but it seemed mom and dad had no concerns about nudity. It wasn't just us either because I also saw mom and dad naked many times as did the girls. I did tell mom one time that I felt funny around the girls but mom just said there is nothing wrong with a human body. The next day when she was teaching us she got out a religious book and read to us. It was all about how God made our bodies and soul and went on about Adam and Eve and blah, blah, blah. I honestly didn't know what the hell she was talking about but in other words it was ok if we were naked I guess. Things were so open I even knew when Sally and Karen had their period and mom even talked about that sometimes. She also taught us basically about the birds and the bees one day and continued it when were were in the bathroom that night. I laaugh when I think about it now but as she was telling us about how babies are made she pointed to my penis and actually used the word "erection". Thanfully it was before I began masturbating and think I was 12 when I first did. Karen continued to be shy and I think embarrassed by her nudity but for some reason it never seemed to bother Sally and I saw her naked more often than Karen. I don't think it bothered me that much either but the bad thing is I started getting erections sometimes in the shower as I got older. I always turned away from mom but I know the girls saw me that way sometimes. I never masturbated in the bathroom unless I was alone and most of the time did it in my bedroom. I liked seeing the girls naked and though Sally is younger than Karen her brests were larger and both had very dark pubic hair. Mom naturally didn't bathe me or the girls but did bathe David at the same time. Dad was there a lot to and many times before we were leaveing the bathroom he was already getting undressed. When I think back it was a crazy situation since it was like it didn't matter who was naked and didn't matter who saw you naked. It still went on after Karen went off to college and even then Karen, David and I were in the bathroom by 6:30 every night with mom and occassionally dad. A couple years later Sally went to college and then it was just David me and mom and ocassionally dad. Then I went of to college and left David alone. Today Sally is a teacher, Karen is a nurse, I'm a stock broker and David is in Med school. I see mom and dad once a month and also see Karen often. Sally and David I only see on holidays but talk and text them often. I'm married now and have 2 daughters and a terrific wife. I tell my wife some of this stuff and she only laughs and says she don't beleive half of it, but its really true. She knows mom and dad well now and can't imagine that all this happened. If anyone met them they are just two of the nicest and sweetest people you could ever meet. They are quirky in ways but I love them very much. When I talk to the girls and David we joke around about it now and Sally still jokes around about the time mom pointed at my penis in the bathroom talking about erections. I was on the phone with Sally for an hour last night and guess thats what prompted me to write this.

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    Straight Female / 18

    When I was young I spent summers at my grandmothers lakehouse. Relatives would come & go and at times the house would be crowded so we'd have to share beds with cousins or siblings. One time I was sharing a bed with my grandmother, a widow probably in her early sixties, this was 1960 or 62 making me 8 or ten yrs. old.
    Being younger the kids would go to bed earlier than the adults. I would be sleeping when grandma came into change for bed. She put on a small lamp to see in the dark, she thought I was sleeping, but I had woken up and watched as she took off her house dress trying not to be obvious. She stood there in her large bra covering he matronly breasts and her big white cotton granny panties. She was not fat but matronly. She turned away from me to unhook her bra but I could see her reflection in the mirror as she let the bra fall off. Her large breasts were also visible on the sides. The sight of them excited me. She then pushed her panties down & off and stood straight up to grab her nightgown off the hook on back of the door which gave me a quick view of her hairy grey bush in the mirror, I watched as she put her nightgown over her head and let it fall to cover her. The show was over.
    I kept thinking of this over and over. The same routine happened for several nights and I watched at every chance, I was hooked on large breasts and a full bush. The guests left later in the week and I was moved to sleep on a couch.
    We did share a bed on several other occasions and I remember looking forward to her unknown exhibitionist show.

    I remeber once a stomach ailment went through the house causing everyone to throw up off and on without warning. I was sleeping on the living room floor in a sleeping bag and woke up with a nausous sick feeling. I got up and ran to the bathroom not realizing anyone was in there. I pushed open the door and there was grandma peeing on the toilet with her nightgown bunched up around her waist. I was trying not to thow up but realized as I stood waiting for her to finish that I was staring directly at he large grey bush, she hurredly wiped herself & stood up to move out of the way and non too soon. I was in a cold sweat from being sick, but very aware as she bent down to wipe my forhead with a cloth as I sat on the toilet seat, that I was staring at her large breasts down the top of her gown and all the way down to her belly & bush. Funny the things you remember.

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    Straight Male / 49

    MEXICANS LOVE TO BE WATCHED.... SINCE early 2012 i've taken to observing people/neighbors who live in the buildings/residency nearby and notice quite an interesting pattern as per-ethnic groups.my computer is near my living room windows and it's where i conduct my tech/art graphics work daily and it was by chance i happen to see a young girl playing by her window across the way on our fifth floor viewpoint.she would often glance towards my window and wave hello which seemed innocent enough until what appeared to be her older brother started observing me as well.several days passed when one day perhaps out of boredom or attempting to get my attention he casually pulled his sisters shirt up to expose her little titties in plain view of their window.back then she appeared to be around ten and seemed to be developing rapidly because she obviously had full breast and of course i noted they were mexicans.i'm american/puerto rican and wasn't too shock by their behavior because i had observe many situations that were similar some that even were worthy of shock value.perhaps due to differences in sexual cultures,religions and upbringings different races respond,act and behave well..differently. african/americans walk around their homes naked but late at night close their curtains,white americans love to have sex near open windows but oddly dress themselves afterwards...dominicans though considered hot lovers NEVER expose themselves near open windows,the growing numbers of muslims residing in our neighborhoods due to their strict religion would never attempt it.puerto ricans to be fair and honest of my people don't mind exposing themselves but only in the bathroom.personally i enjoy walking around my apartment naked because it's comfortable to do so yet it opened a pandoras box when the young mexican girl and her brother took notice.in my nieghborhood their is a sense of freedom to just be yourself in plain view of opened windows including where young children are concerned.these young mexicans duly noted that i wasn't overly impressed with their sudden games of exposure and clearly took their boldness to a whole new level of creativity and often dangerous levelplete nudity,touching each other even engaging their dog a great dane in their childish sex play though there was never any intercourse between them leading up to this very year.their intent was to gain my attention and compared to the other nieghbors open window activities they often got it that is when i could take time from my busy schedule to do so. strangely enough even an incident back in early 2013 when they got caught by their mother showing their nudity to an adult man across the way didn't stop them,on the contrary their mother gave up on the closed curtains rule but from then on watch my reaction to her kids sexual mindgames.for the most part these mexicans seemed open and comfortable with their sexuality and love to invite friends/family every weekend to party more often than my puerto rican people and seemed to have a hoarding fetish for collecting cloths.but when they started waving as if inviting me over and suddenly up until several months ago someone began ringing the bell downstairs i didn't find it amusingmon sense dictated it was them since i live alone and rarily if ever invite people to my home.and those that do visit call me to let me know they are stopping by since i'm a very private person.i tend to value people from a distance and will admit to having a sexual preference towards young girls especially african/american girls between the ages of 12 to 14 legally i don't need the headaches.traditionally in mexico it is a custom for mexican girls to marry when they reach puberty and the same holds true for puerto rican girls and it isn't uncommon for them to marry older men and even men within their families.sincerely there were moments and opportunities to engage young girls in my meighborhood throughout the years so the mexican girl across the way who consented to exposing herself to me was not impressive.the whole concept of LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH was a level i was comfortable with and she certainly enjoyed the shock value of seeing my huge erect penis more so than i enjoyed seeing her expose her plumped little girl pussy from the distance of our windows. psychologically perhaps as i get older the idealogy of LESS IS MORE seems somewhat conforting since the same holds true for porn on the internet and even the movies i watch today.there just isn't any real shock value for me anymore..necrophilia,philia,bestiality,snuff,s adomasochism etc..etc..today i shrug my shoulders and wonder what is it with societies issues and judgemental mentality.it does impress me that the young mexican girls mother chooses to allow her daughter the freedom to just be herself and it's certainly a pattern we should ALL respect...THE END.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    When I was ten I was molested by my uncle. He snuck in my room late at night when he thought I was asleep and put his hand inside my nightie and felt me up. I was scared at first but then if felt really good and I liked it a lot. After that every time my uncle came over for a visit I made sure I laid on top of my blankets and had my legs open and no panties on to make it easy for him. I just laid there with my legs spread wide open and my eyes closed in anticipation of his assault of pleasure on my private parts. I was never disappointed. It was almost always about an hour after I went to bed he snuck in and locked the door behind him and then it would start. His touch was always so gentle and soft and ticklish. On the fourth time he did this I had my first orgasm. I stopped pretending around the tenth time and just told him it felt good when he did it. A few months later I offered to suck his dick and he let me. I didn't like it the first time but I figured he made me feel so good I should make him feel good.

    My uncle only did this for a few months then he got a job in another state and I hardly every saw him again. I was very disappointed. I let some older boys at school feel me up but it just wasn't the same. They were always clumsy and usually tried to shove their arm up my pussy instead of making me feel good. Then one boy who was 15 and in the 8th grade a second time asked if he could eat me. I didn't know what that meant but when he explained it I wanted him to do it and so we went off into the woods behind the middle school and he pulled up my skirt. I wasn't wearing panties because I never do and he just went down and started licking me. It was the best thing ever so then for the rest of the school year, every day after school I sucked his dick and he licked my pussy. By then I loved sucking dick so for me it was win win.

    But that came to an end and then the next year he went to high school and I never saw him again.

    Then When I was 12 I was at a friend's house. She was 13 and had an older sister who told us how she went to an adult movie theatre with her boyfriend and they showed X-rated movies. She said that people had to be 18 to go even though she was 16 but they let her and her 18 year old boyfriend in anyways. She told us about how it was almost all guys there and how everyone started to feel her up and one guy took his dick out and made her suck it in front of her boyfriend and how hot and sexy the whole thing was. That night when I went to bed I frigged myself three times thinking about being naked and getting gang raped in that theatre. It was then when I decided I needed to make it happen.

    It was a few months later when my aunt came to visit that I got my chance. My aunt and I look a lot alike. Of course we would, she is my mom's younger sister. My Mom is 32 and my aunt is 17 but quite petite and we both have blond hair. So when she wasn't looking I stole her driver's license. I was really lucky that I didn't get caught. She searched all over for it then just reported it lost and got a new one. I wasn't planning to drive with it so I figured I would be safe.

    So The next weekend when I was supposed to have a sleepover at a friend's house instead I decided to check out this adult theatre and see if they would let me in. I packed my back pack with a sexy outfit that looked like a school girl uniform. I know that guys can't resist that look. I put my hair in pigtails which my Mom says looks adorable. I stole a garter belt and fishnet stockings and pumps from my Mom, she wouldn't miss them since she has tons of stuff like that. Then I went over my friend's to change. She was going to cover for me in case my Mom called to check up on me. I changed into the sexy clothes and took a bus and then another bus to where the theatre was. I went into the front and acted as grown up as I could and showed my ID. The fat old cigar munching guy who was taking tickets looked a lot like Danny DeVito. He just glanced at the ID without questioning it and let me in for the $20. The entrance was dark and smelled bad. I walked up a long narrow hallway that was like a ramp and then opened the curtain. There on the big screen were a bunch of guys naked with hard-ons gang banging a girl who was dressed in a school girl uniform and had her hair in pig tails. It could not be a more perfect coincidence. The place was packed with men. There was not a woman in sight. Some of the guys had their dicks out and were jerking off. I looked around and found one single empty seat in the middle of the fourth row. So I took a deep breath and stood up straight and strutted my way to that row and in the sexiest sluttiest way I could manage crawled my way through the gauntlet of perverts to that one empty seat. I got felt up by at least eight hands before I made it to my seat which took almost five minutes to get to.

    I didn't even get a chance to get settled in my seat before I had two guys in back reaching forward to grope my budding tits and the two sitting on either side of me shoving their hands up my skirt. I just spread my legs wide and leaned back into the chair and closed my eyes hoping my fantasy of being gang raped would come true. It didn't take long before I was forcibly stripped naked except for the garter belt and fishnets. I was held across laps, two dicks were shoved in my face and somebody started to lick my asshole. Two different guys sucked on my little boobs and somebody was sucking on my toes. Then I got carried to the aisle and held down on the carpeted floor while guys lined up at my mouth and pussy and I got my fantasy. I lost track after the twentieth load of cum in my pussy and I didn't even bother counting the loads of cum I swallowed. I think every guy there, maybe about 50, emptied themselves in me and I just kept having one orgasm after another. A lot of the guys made comments about how young I looked and one said he thought I looked like I was 12 but nobody asked to see my ID. They just continued gang raping me and I continued to cum. Finally after the third porno was finished and they put on the fourth one management came and broke it up telling the guys they had to confine their activities to the ladies rest room. I'm not sure why he said that though maybe because I was the only lady but five of the guys hauled me into the ladies rest room and continued raping me on the floor. When I told one I had to pee, which by that point I had to do badly, he just put his mouth on my pee hole and began tickling me and I lost control and peed in his mouth. He swallowed my pee and licked me clean and continued to eat me out. The others just gang raped my mouth and every time one would leave the lady's room another would come in to take their place. The only reason there weren't more guys in their was because it was so small. I was probably there for an hour before I simply ran of rapists to empty themselves into me. Finally the last one was finished with me having cum in my pussy and he picked me up and carried me out into the theatre since I was too weak to walk on my own. My clothes were gone. The only thing I had was the torn fishnets and garter belt, the ribbons holding my pigtails which were half undone and miraculously my purse with my ID in it.

    By this point the theatre was closed and the manager came out into the theatre where I was sitting naked in a seat staring at the blank screen in a daze with drying cum all over me and a pussy filled with cum dripping down my legs. He asked if I was OK and I said I was but my clothes were gone. He said he would drive me home if I let him rape me. I told him to have at it. He shoved his cock in my moth and I sucked on it for a while then he shoved it in my pussy and came in me very quickly which was a relief because by this point I was kind of sore there. Then he laughed at me and said he had no intention of giving me a ride home. He just picked me up and carried me to the front door and dumped me on the side walk naked in front of the theatre and told me to have fun walking home.

    By this point I was so completely numb to being naked in front of people and getting raped that I just started to walk home naked. It was one in the morning and it would take hours to walk home but I didn't care. So I walked and there was nobody around. In that industrial part of town on a weekend there were no street lights turned on. I got about fifteen blocks when I came to a couple of Black guys who were on the corner talking. They saw me and whistled. Earlier I would have just strutted up to them and offered my body to them but I was tired so I kept walking. Turned out I didn't have a choice. They grabbed me and pulled me behind a dumpster and raped me. I didn't feel it this time. I wished I had because I would have enjoyed it but I was so tired and numb that I felt nothing. I just let them have their way and when they were done they just left me there and walked away. By then it was almost three in the morning. I got up and caught my breath and looked around. I found my bearings and continued my journey home.

    I think I was about half way home, near where I had changed busses earlier I came upon another black man. He was much older and asked what I was doing out naked on the street. I lied and told him I was at a party and lost my clothes and nobody would give me a ride home. He offered to give me a ride home in exchange for a blow job. I agreed figuring he was lying to me like the manager had but what was one more load of cum in my mouth so I went along with it. He just whipped it out right there in the ally and I got on my knees and sucked on his big black cock. He was quick to cum and filled my mouth with his load and I swallowed it figuring he would send me on my way like the manager had but he was true to his word. Turns out he lived right there in the building we were in front of and he went inside for a moment and came out with a big T-Shirt and had me put it on. It was kind of like an ill fitting dress. He then told me to get in his truck and he drove me the rest of the way to my friend's house. He kept reaching over and feeling me up along the way but I didn't mind because he did it like my uncle used to. When we got to within a block of my friend's house I thanked him for the ride and offered to let him rape me or give him another blow job but all he wanted was a kiss on the mouth, something none of the other guys all night asked for. Since he had nice breath I let him and we made out for a few minutes while he fingered me and groped my tits. Then he put my face in his crotch and I undid his pants and sucked him again in his truck. He came again but not hard and not much cum but he seemed to be happy. Then I got out and walked the rest of the way to my friend's house.

    I'm 16 now and still make the trip twice a month for my gang raping and every single time I get filled with lots of cum but now I strip down in the lady's room and leave a bag of clothes there under the sink so I can have clothes on when I leave the place. Now when I got I just strut out into the packed theatre wearing nothing but my pigtails, garter belt and fishnets and announce that I am ready for my gang raping. Most of the guys know how old I am and don't care since I won't rat any of them out.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    BABY GIRL.... BACK in october of 2007 when i was 11 years old my father who rarely was ever in my life growing up decided to take me trick or treating though he was extremely drunk and often annoying with that old grandpa machismo nonsense of acting tough while in the presence of others.the alcohol seems to make men like my father think their superman ready,willing and able to take on the world in hand to hand combat.he was raised in puerto ricos culture of woman belong barefoot and pregnant to serve mens every whim and desire.on my mothers side i'm ecuadorian/american and was raised in the south bronx.my parents are divorced thus i was constantly between homes with weekends and summertime spent at my fathers 1 bedroom apt where i slept on a nice sofa-bed while my father snored his ass off in the nearby bedroom.his abuse of alcohol really angered me but there were rare times he talked gibberish and acted like a total clown to the point where i'd literally laugh while he tried to focus and not stumble half-way across the floor.he was tall and well toned with muscles and had the habit of calling me his baby-girl. that night of halloween i wore a two piece genie costume that pretty much showed my fat perky tits,cameltoe and and round young butt through the flimsy satin fabric.being a lazy 11 year old i often waited for my mother to wash my cloths and dirty panties which would explain why i had no panties underneath my genie pants.truth was i was at that age where i was starting to notice boys especially black negro boys in my neighborhood and school though the feeling wasn't exactly mutual since they were attracted to the older teen girls.back then it was the older men who showed interest like the super don emilio who lived in the basement rent free and was always trying to engage me in conversation when i would go to the back to throw out the garbage.then there was mr. anderson who lived across the hall from us on the fifth floor.the one thing i respect above all else in a persons character is honesty and mr. anderson was bold and often risky when he would follow a simple good morning liliana [not my actual name] with a straight in your face comment like..damn i'm ready to get with you little lady...these were men in their late 40's/50's that were not afraid to sexually flirt with little girls.in general my mother always advised me that all men/boys were perverts of one kind or another thus i learned from the early age of 9 years old to never let any man touch me saxually and report anyone who attempted to or talked sexually to me.the truth is i never said anything because i was somewhat curious though at the time i barely knew proper hygiene much less how to clean a simple set of dishes in the kitchen sink. my father took me to all the nearby stores and homes of people he knew and of course there was a shitload of candy and money in my pumpkin basket by the time we reached his apartment on the 2nd floor not too far from my mothers place.one simple call later and it was decided that i would be spending several days at his home.i was used to these arguments between my parents and kept cloths in both their homes.long story short it wasn't long before i started to feel somewhat uneasy by the way my father often seemed to stare at me as he ordered me to get him another beer from his fridge.quite frankly i'm not gullible nor naive to the point that i couldn't notice the way he'd glance momentarily at my butt as i walked towards the kitchen,bathroom or his room to get something.i pretended to ignore his baby girl this,baby girl that and baby girl whatever because he was drunk and practically sprawled across the sofa-bed with a heinekin bottle pushed up against the crotch of his gym pants. then he began the WHAT game when i sat next to him on the sofa because i would stare at him with annoyance and un-easeness so much so that i began to laugh and respond back with WHAT until we both were laughing nervously.the truth is i was starting to see a man and crazy thoughts of finally seeing what a penis looks like just seemed natural if i just didn't freak out.a young girls curiosity at least in my case back then was not exactly off limits even if he was my father.there in the privacy of his home we made eye contact that spoke louder than words while the question WHAT going back and forth between us kept us from making the first move.though i was only 11 years old he suggested i have a drink which tasted bitter yet i actually managed to drink two hienekins and felt a nice buzz that helped to ease my tension.my father isn't exactly an attractive man but the alcohol seemed to distort his appearance or something like that.i remember the room was spinning when i suddenly fell face-down on the sofa and felt my fathers hand pulling down my genie pants,my eyes felt heavy..sleepy yet i fought to stay awake noticing when he got up and went to his room to get something.upon his return i was not too surprised he was completely naked yet his huge penis made me extremely uneasy and he must have sensed my reaction because he was soon pinning me down on the sofa and using his fingers to lubricate my tight rectum and vagina with vaseline.i'd often used this lubricant when i felt raw or chafed from riding my bicycle and obviously knew it's strange scent and comfort,with my genie pants held firmly around my knees and still weak from the alcohol in my system i was unable dislodge my fathers huge member wedged between my butt. my fathers body felt heavy as he leaned into my back and soon began to thrust slowly until due to his sexual experience he was literally poking the bulbous head of his thick penis at the entrance of my stained anus.the initial penetration aided by the moist lubricant enabled my father to stretch and painfully enter the length and thickness of his 8.1/3 penis if only for a few seconds because despite my shock of such extreme pain my father felt the painful sensation of being locked and gripped within me.i passed out as my father dislodged and nervously hurried to get towels to sustain the blood and clean the liquid feces that flowed from my torn anus.i spent the better art of 8 days recovering unable to walk normally,sit for long periods of time and manage to only defecate bits of feces every few hours.strangely though my father worried yet i found comfort allowing him to massage my butt with lubricants and warm soaked hand towels and took pleasure when he pushed his thick tongue in my vagina.quite truthfully it wasn't all his fault because indirectly i was a willing participant though surely inexperienced in knowing the difference between young boys and actual grown men.the painful sexual experience didn't deter me from my curiosity which later found me seeking out mr. anderson who patiently took my virginity and painfully stretched my vagina with his 9.1/2 inch black penis after several days of carefully trying.it became a constant sexual habit staying with my father several days out of the month and urging him to anally fuck me despite the pain and going to mr.andersons apartment after school.don emilio was too risky because he was a married man.due to my age at the time privacy and secrecy was extremely important,today my father is happily married and mr. anderson moved away back in early 2010.my ex-husband was never able to sexually satisfy me and we divorced in 2012 and today i only date black men that have huge thick anacondas.i don't have any regrets and love my father dearly though not all young girls are capable of these psychological sexual experiences with adult men much less their own fathers..THE END

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    At boarding school I was a member of a "secret society" who met in an old attic storeroom, and talked about sex. I had more money than most, and I used to bet them $5 they couldn't tie me up and make me come. I always acted revolted at the whole thing, begging them to stop and whining about how much I hated it, which of course at that age only made them worse, and my chances of escape about zero! It was well worth $5, and when they discovered fellatio, the money was less important, as long as they could force me to do this, about endlessly, since the first one was ready again by the time I finished the fifth one....This pretty much flavored my life in the future, and turned me into a willing rubber-slave, married to, and owned by, a woman twice my age, who controls my life 24/7/365. I am very happy and often think back to the early days...

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