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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    My name is John, and when I was 16 years old I was a very horny kid. When ever my parents would leave me alone at home, I would strip down and parade around with my hard, cut white boy cock sticking out in plain veiw, finding pleasure in exploring my naked body. I have a younger brother named Max who is 5 years younger than me. My parents were very religous, so I would be in a great deal of trouble if they knew what I did, but that is part of what made me so horny.

    One night, my parents went out to dinner, leaving me to watch my little brother. I was really horny that night, but it was going to be difficult to fufill my sexual desires and watch Max, unless I got him to join me. He was watching TV in the living room, so I walk up to him completly naked, stopping when my cock head was only inches from his face.

    "What are you ... why are you naked?" asked Max with a nervous giggle.

    "D on't you see," I said. "Since Mom and Dad aren't here, we don't have to wear clothes."

    & quot;Ok" he said, procedding to drop his pants, allowing the cool air to grace his preteen cock.

    We sat and countinued to watch TV, but neither of us were focused on it. I was enthuesed by Max's cock, as I had never seen a penis that wasn't mine before. He seemed to be alot bigger than I was at his age. Max was incesently staring at my erect freiend.

    "Why do you have hair there and I don't?" he inquire, running his hand through the jungle of pubes that covered my crouch.

    "You'll get some when you get older" I tell him.

    "Why is yours hard?" he countinues.

    "I'l l show you" I answer. I get up and get my lap top and pull up a picture of this naked blonde girl that I had jerked off to many times before. I show him it and I watch as his dick slowlly starts to straighten out and expand. I then reach down and start stroking it, and soon cum starts to drip out from his tiny head. I then switch to an image of this black hair chick giving a guy a blow job.

    "I could do that to you" Max says.

    I am not one to refuse a blow job, no matter who it is from.

    I lean up against the wall and let Max go to town, feeling the inside of his mouth with my dick, and being tickeled by his very naughty tongue as it moves all over my shaft. I close my eyes and think about what is happening. I was getting sucked off by my naked preteen brother and it felt fucking amazing. I feel the largest load of my life spray out from my cock and fill Max's saliva filled mouth.

    Then I hear a gasp. I open my eyes and see Mom and Dad standing in shock.

    Max turns to my parents to say hi, but when he goes to talk, my ejaculate come flowing out of his mouth.

    Since our parnets now thought we were both gay, they sent us to an all boys conversion "class". The "all boys" part would be very counter intuitive, as me and my brother would soon find out.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 26

    I was super sexual from a young age. I would always try and talk my friends in to letting me play with their cocks. Grabbing, squeezing, jerking and sucking. I loved it all. I was playing with one of my close friends out in a fort we had made in the back yard. Ricky, an older boy from next door, had wandered over to see what was going on. He was peeking threw as I sucked(literally) on my friends small limp dick. When my friend noticed him he quickly zipped up like nothing was happening, and took off to go home. Ricky told me not to worry he was not going to tell anybody. He said he was bored, and I should come hang out. Long story short, we ended up in his room with his dick in my mouth. He was instructing me on what I should be doing, and it was my first really hard dick. It was also the first real load of cum I tasted, not just dribble at the tip. Most of that time he was stroking off and having me fondle his balls while occasionally trying to keep my mouth open wide enough not to scr**e his hard dick with my teeth.

    Months went by and I got much better at sucking off Ricky. He had shown me gay porn sites and videos. He talked me first into fucking myself with a carrot (which I liked), and later his dick(also liked). My code phrase for when I wanted to get fucked was I think I need carrot juice. Once while camping (more than a year later) with his family his Moms boyfriend got suspicious when I said that more than a few times over the week. He caught us and waited till Ricky was finishing to let us know he was watching. He made this big scene about how we need to be careful, and he wanted to make sure I was really ok with it and not being used. Over and over I said I wanted to, it was my idea. He said he wouldn't tell but wanted to make sure I was physically ok. Ricky left.

    He had me bend over and spread my cheeks. He slowly put one finger in. I was tense and he told me to loosen up. He started to twist and bob his finger. I moaned and he stopped. He said I was full of cum and we should go wash it out. The campground had showers and he took me to the handycap one. The door locked and it felt cold inside. He turned on the shower and told me to undress. Once the water warmed he had me step in to the walk-in shower. He had me bend over and grab the rail so the water would run over my ass. Then he started to finger bang my ass hole. It was incredible and intense. He kept asking if I was ok, and I could barely answer because I was on the verge of orgasm. He patted my cheek, and I stood up sporting a huge hard on. He asked if he should check more and I said maybe and offered my ass. He started with one but went to two fingers. I started to really moan. I barely touched my dick and I blew all over the shower floor. He wrapped up washed his hands and said I was fine. He watched as I showered off and got dressed. He said I can fuck with Ricky but his Mom wont like it so keep it a secret. That was that.

    I would masturbate thinking about that experience a lot. After Ricky's Mom split with the guy both him and Ricky moved away. I started seeking out older guys who reminded me of the boyfriend. I never knew his name.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    I was ten years old when three boys, 12, 13 and 15 gang r*ped me. While I was still a couple of years away from entering puberty, I was interested in boys. I didn't want anyone to know of course but I had minor crushes on half a dozen boys 1-5 years older than me at school and in my neighborhood. I softly rubbed myself while imagining what it might be like to suck on a penis or have one bust through my hymen. But mostly I imagined what it might be like to make out with one of those hot boys I had a crush on. My celebrity crush was Taylor Hanson. Later I was crushed when I found out he got married. I wanted to marry him for the longest time. When he sang I got all tingly between my legs thinking he was singing to me.

    That day I was cutting through a public park my parents warned me not to cut through. It seems there had been a sexual assault a few weeks earlier and nobody knew who did it. But my parents didn't tell me that part. They merely said to stay out of the park and that it was dangerous for little girls.

    I rarely listened to my parents.

    I cut through the park after school and got about a third of the way into that 20 acre park. It was half woods and half meadows with a stream running through it and a pond and a little league field. I was in my own world and wasn't paying attention to my surroundings. I felt a hand grab me from behind and then I was pulled into the woods and off the path by three sets of hands and held down. The oldest boy put his finger to his lips indicating I needed to keep quiet. Then he told the youngest boy, the twelve year old, that I was his toy to play with. I had no idea what they were talking about until he put his hand up my skirt and inside my panties. At that point I realized they just wanted to have sex with me. At last I got to do something sexual and these boys were all kind of cute so I relaxed knowing I was about to be r*ped and would probably enjoy it and nobody would blame me even if I liked it and I just knew I was going to like it, at least the smaller two boys. I wasn't sure about the 15 year old but a friend told me tha boys with small hands had small dicks and even the 15 year old had small hands so I wasn't too worried. I'd seen my 8 year old brother's dick before and it didn't look to intimidating.

    The ten year old felt all around me then he unzipped his pants and took out his dick. It was only slightly bigger than my brother's cock. He put it to my lips and the older boy ordered me to open my mouth and such the 12 year old's dick. I gladly opened my mouth and he put his dick in and I tasted my first dick. I was NOT disappointed. It was soft but firm and warm and drooled a little white liquid from the end which tasted mild and a little salty and so I decided I liked it and more eagerly sucked it hoping he would squirt into my mouth soon but he had other, better ideas. He got on top of me and pushed past my hymen. Not much of a chore since I'd been working to stretch the small perforation in my hymen with a round smooth pen. It started out about an 8th of an inch but recently I had it up to about three quarters of an inch wide and was getting ready to start borrowing my mom's vibrator which was just under an inch wide in the middle and tapered to a rounded point. So his little dick erect as it was went easily past my hymen and he fucked me like a little bunny rabbit, I'd seen that before and I just got crazy horny from him doing that. I wanted to have my first orgasm so bad but he was done in two minutes. I could tell because I could feel him squirt inside me.

    Next was the 13 year old boy's turn. He took out his cock and it was a little bigger and a little thicker and it was drooling pre cum all over it. He made me suck him which again I gladly did and was disappointed that he also didn't want to squirt in my mouth but that faded when he rammed it hard and fast up my pussy. That hurt a little but not too badly as I was already mostly stretched. He lasted a bit longer taking about five minutes to fill me. I almost came while he did.

    The 15 year old had a much bigger dick and some hair around it. I enjoyed sucking him the most and just when I thought he was going to take it out and start his turn at r*ping me he surprised me with a huge mouth full of thick gooey sperm. Yum! At last I got my mouthful of sperm. Then they got off me and warned me not to rat them out to anyone. As if!

    That was a Monday. I decided to make it a point to cut through the park every day. But I was disappointed every day for the next week and a half. I was really getting irritated that there were no cocks to satisfy my need and I was contemplating how I might seduce somebody, hopefully a stranger who wouldn't rat me out to my folks.

    Finally I felt a hand on my shoulder and five more grab me and pull me back into the woods. The youngest one said "oh it's you again."

    I said "yes it's me again. Please, don't r*pe me again" but I don't think I was convincing in my half hearted plea for mercy.

    The oldest boy told the 12 year old to have fun with me again and I sucked him for a while then he fucked me and came again but again too quickly to get me close to orgasm. The 13 year old took his turn again and he took ten minutes this time but again not slow enough for me to reach orgasm. Then I didn't wait for the 15 year old I reached out and undid his pants and fished out his cock and went insane sucking on it but he pulled away from me and asked "you like this don't you?"

    "DUH! Why'd you think I I've been coming back very day looking for you guys?"

    Then he surprised me by getting on top into a 69 and he ate his friend's sperm out of me while I continued sucking on his cock. then he got off me and turned around and got into position and rammed it home hard, fast and painfully. I screamed into his mouth for a brief second surprised by the sharp pain but that was overwhelmed by an even sharper hunger for sex. I demanded he cum in me and take his time. He did both. 20 minutes later while the other two boys were feeling me up everywhere, my new boyfriend came inside me, about one minuted after I finally had my first orgasm, real orgasm, ever.

    After that for the next several weeks after school, until it got way too cold, we met up at the park. The younger two would have their way with me and then I'd get a good fucking from my new boyfriend, my only ever boyfriend at that point in my life. Then we arranged for me to come over his house. I had a girl friend cover for me and I fucked him almost every day for the next year or so. The bizarre thing is he always let his buddies do me first which I never minded they were all so cute but the 15, then 16 year old was so hot and his cock get bigger fast and that was just as well as I was getting a bit stretched by then and needed that bigger cock.

    So here I am in a predicament. That first boy or those first boys, were the only ones to fully satisfy me and I am not realizing it was because every time they didn't make love to me, they r*ped me as hard and violently as they could and that made the sex amazing.

    I just recently broke up with my 5th boyfriend for being boring in bed. And what I realized was I really needed that cathartic intense sexual experience of being conquered sexually. By being taken caveman style and just violently r*ped hard and brutally.

    Recently I heard about a serious of gang r*pes in another part of the state all in the same neighborhood late at night. They grabbed the girls and took them into a deserted building where they had a mattress and all seven of them took turns. So far there have been half a dozen victims but none of them badly injured except between the legs. Hopefully I can find them. They left each of their victims naked haven taken all their clothes, and left them on a street corner chained to a light pole, different one each time. God! I'd love to be found chained up naked to a light pole, hopefully by some horny teenagers. If this does happen I'm going to ask them to write "free whore" across my tits and make sure they chain me with my legs spread wide apart so whoever finds me gets a really good look at my slut pussy. Maybe I'll be sure to bring a vibrator they can leave running in me when they do. I'll just leave my purse at home. They seem to like taking souvenirs though.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    My mother married a man when I was thirteen. I didn't like him or having him in the house. He smelled bad to me. Our house had a television parlor and that is where I spent most of my time after school. One afternoon this man was there with me and he was reading his newspaper while I was watching television. I had on a dress and I had my feet on the cushion of the couch and he could see my panties under my dress, he kept looking over the newspaper at me staring straight up my dress at my bottom and my panties. I was grossed out but as hard as I tried I could not close my legs or put my feet down, I sat there and let him look straight up my legs to my panties. I could feel the wetness, I was dripping and the cold air against my wet panties made me squeeze my legs together for a couple of seconds and then open then again. I wanted to rub myself so bad. He was staring at me and I was staring into his eyes, his lips would open and close and he would lick the outside of his lips. I was dripping wet I might as well have peed in my pants I was so wet and all he did was stare at my wet panties.

    When he moved his newspaper out of the way I saw that he had a hard boner, his pants were lifted up and he put his hand on his boner and shifted it aside, why I just let my knees fall open I don't know. That night after dinner he asked me to come over and give him a kiss before I went upstairs. My mother just followed me with her eyes and I didn't stop looking at her as I walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek and ran upstairs. That night I heard them having sex, it happened but I was usually asleep or just didn't listen but that night I listened and I lay in bed getting wetter and wetter except that now I could just rub myself raw.

    I kissed him every night after that and sat with him for breakfast and went with him on errands and became a dutiful daughter fixing him brownies and helping my Mom with dinner and setting the table. When he hugged me I just got lost in his arms. At night I would lay awake listening for them to have sex. The urge for inserting something got bigger and bigger and bigger, my finger just did not do it for me, I rubbed my clit raw but it wasn't enough. I found this golf club in the garage that my father had left in the house I and fucked myself with it while they had sex.

    As far as flashing him, I flashed him all the time, especially at night when I had on my nightgown, I would sit on the couch while he sat in his chair and hold my legs open and dripped and dripped getting wetter the more he stared at me. Sometimes the feelings got so intense that I slammed my legs together feeling what were the early throws of orgasms and when the felling past I just let my legs fall open and I let him stare at my open legged wet panties while he adjusted his hard boner in his pants. If the night was right, I got up and went and sat in his lap.

    After such a bad start with him I became his favorite daughter, I loved fixing things for him, cooking and baking, I learned how to iron and my mother let me iron his shirts for work. I went with my mother to the store to make sure she bought the things he liked. My relationship with my stepdad was never like the relationship with my father, but it was and is a special relationship. My stepdad awakened the woman in me and it has never gone back to sleep.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    I was 14 my. Sister was 16 .I left my door open half way. Me and my sister jen were home by ourselves .I am sitting in a chair facing the door so anyone can look in and see close to everything. I take off my clothes sitting naked and started rubbing my dick.i have a small blanket next to me so I am not that obvious. I rubbing and flopping my dick around half hard i keep going. I am rock hard and i begin to stroke. I hear my sister i cover up only half leaving 1 of my legs out completely. She goes by looked at me and said j what are you doing. Nothing jen said ya right. Are you naked under that blanket. I said no .You are so naked you were playing with your self before I looked in here. I said ok jen so what if I was playing with my dick. I am a normal kid that's what normal kids do were you getting ready to finish before I saw you .no jen i actually just started stroking when I was hard
    J is it still hard .what. I said is it still hard .about half way now .I want to see it .You want to see me naked. Ya show me. Ok i took off the blanket and my dick was sticking out half hard. My sister came closer to me. That made me excited in seconds my dick was rock hard and i said ok jen you seen my dick does my dick look big enough for anyone and do you think it looks good. She she put a coupleof fingers on my dick to move it.She said ya most girls would be happy with your dick size and shape .I said thank you and began rubbing my dick in front of her. She said oh god I shouldn't be seeing this .wow I am watching my brother playing with his dick. I said jen i want you to watch .ok i will. I kept pulling on my dick faster. My sister right in front of me watching. Do you want to play with itjen .She said you want me to jerk yo off ya if you want to. My sister grabbed the shaft and began stroking my dick she asked me does it feel good. Oh ya keep going .She was jerking faster and harder i reached over and grabbed her tit through her shirt and was sister jen bent over and was sucking my dick it only took a few minutes i shot a lot cum she swallowed all of it. I asked her if it was a good amount of cum fo my age .She said oh ya .I hope we are home alone tomorrow .for the next few years we were doing every type of sex with each other

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 52

    This is a confession of when I was a senior in high school. I was on the tennis team and I practiced at this tennis court in the city park. I usually practiced with one of my high school team mates but if they were busy or whatever I would practice against the practice wall. On one of those days a man came and said he was looking for someone to play with so we played a couple of sets. He was good and he kept me right on the edge of winning but I lost. I didn't know he was really a well known player and he could play so well that he could manage my score. But what it meant was that I was frustrated and I hated losing and every game I played I lost by a just that much. He came to the tennis court while I practiced after school, I played him and lost, he told me what I was doing wrong and how to improve, but it didn't matter how hard I tried I lost.

    After one devastating loss I threw my racket on the court and cussed and walked over to me and slapped my face. It wasn't a little slap, it was great big slap, whack turning my face around. I tried to slap him, he grabbed my arm and twisted me around and told me to take control or he was going to have to spank me. When he let go I tried to slap him again, he grabbed my arm and dragged me over to the bench, he sat down and laid me over his lap and spanked me with his hand. I was crying by then and he called me a sissy and sore loser while he patted my butt with his hand, he ran his hand around and around my butt asking me if I was going to be a good little girl, that he wanted me to be a real good little girl. His two fingers slipped down into my crack and he pushed them up hard against me and asked me if I liked being a good little girl. His fingers kept rubbing me, he was pushing hard against my shorts and he asked me if I had on pink panties. I said yes because he could see my panties under my shorts.

    He asked me if I was going to be a good little girl and I said yes so he let me stand up and he pulled me against his chest holding my by my butt. While he held me he asked for a kiss, his hands were so tight on my butt cheeks, I kept telling him that I was always a good little girl and he put his mouth up for me to kiss him. It was my first kiss. He said he had thought about it and he was going to take me home after all.

    We went to his car and we drove to his home and went into the garage. In his house he told me that I was going to be the best little girl and he was going to show me why he wanted to love me. He undressed me in the kitchen, I took off my shoes and socks and he took off my clothes until I was totally naked in the kitchen. It was cold and he held me by my shoulders and he looked at me. After a few minutes he told me it was time and he walked me back to his bedroom, he turned down the bedspread and sheets and told me to get on the bed and wait for him to get undressed. I waited because he took his time, first his shoes and socks and then he slowly got undressed, folding his clothes not like my clothes that were all over the floor in the kitchen.

    He was totally naked and he asked me if I knew why God had made me a little girl, to think hard about it. I guessed several times but he told me I was wrong, until finally he pushed me on my back and told me God made me a little girl so he could fuck me and to open my legs and he laid on me and he fucked me. While he fucked me he kept asking me to tell him why God had made me a little girl. What was I good for. Why God had given me such a pretty face, why God had give me such nice breasts, why God had given me such a nice pussy, why God had sent me to him to fuck. He fucked me until he filled me up and got off and told me that I was such a nice little girl that he was going to fuck me some more but first he had to rest.

    I have never been anyone else's little girl. The little girl me belongs to him.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    When I was 4, my mom left, so it was just me and my dad. I used to cry a lot because I missed my mom, and I think my dad cried, too, but he always went into his room to do that. But I guess that our shared sadness brought us closer together, so there was that. I loved when he'd take me places, or even when we just stayed home and watched movies and stuff. During bathtime, since we had one of those big whirlpool tubs, Dad would just get in with me and we'd both take our bath together.

    One night we were having our bath time, and I was on his lap while he washed my hair, and I felt his thing against my butt, so I wiggled a little and it started getting hard. Dad kept washing my hair like nothing was wrong, but I could feel it against my butt, so I kept wiggling, and it started to stick up, like right up against my crotch! I asked him what it was, and he said yeah, that's just my penis, your wiggling made it hard. I knew he peed out of it, I saw him do that once but he didn't see me. So I asked if he had to pee, but he said no, so I started touching it.

    He asked me what I was doing, and I told him I just wanted to play with it, so he told me not to pinch it or squeeze it too hard and I could. I could feel it twitching in my hands, and since it was still between my thighs pressed up against my crotch, I could feel it there, too. Dad seemed to like it, since he wasn't making me stop, so I asked why his penis got so hard. He said it was because he didn't have my mom here to take care of it for him, and I asked if he wanted me to take care of it. He said just this once, since I was already playing with it, and he showed me how to rub it with my hands around it. I did like he showed me, and then he got all stiff like a statue and his penis throbbed in my hands. I had no idea that I was jerking my dad off, I just knew it made him feel better, so I told him that whenever he wanted I would do that for him again so he'd feel better. He said he didn't know if that was a good idea.

    Good idea or not, I started doing that for him almost every evening, and not just in the bath, but sometimes while sitting on the couch watching TV, or he'd come into my room with a hand towel that he'd use to catch the sticky white stuff that came out. Then he taught me how to use my tongue and mouth on him, and I'd slurp on his penis just like he taught me, and when he was gonna shoot, he let me know so I could have the towel ready, but then he asked me to swallow the stuff instead, so I did, and it tasted funny, but I really wanted my dad to feel good, so I'd swallow it anyway, and I swallowed his stuff all the time after that.

    This went on for a long time, and it progressed bit by bit. He liked getting between my legs and licking me down there, or like that but I was laying on him so I could play with his penis. He said I taste sweet down there, which I liked. It felt funny, almost too intense sometimes but he liked it, so i did too. He also liked when I'd sit on his lap and rub myself on his penis, or he'd have me on my back and rub it between my legs. I think now that even then he was fantasizing about putting it inside me, but I was still too young for that.

    By the time I was twelve, I had my first period, and he helped me through that as best as he could, getting me tampons and pads. He also started talking to me about maybe trying sex, and I was kinda scared, since the times when he'd be between my legs and start poking his penis against my parts it'd kinda hurt. But he promised he'd be careful and try not to hurt me, so when my period was through for the month, he came into my room with some KY and had me lay on my back. He started licking me, and it had felt good before, but once he really started going, it felt so amazing! I had so many orgasms I lost count. It seemed like he'd just go on and on until it felt like I couldn't take it.

    He said I think you're ready now, and he rubbed some lube on his penis and then began pushing it in real slow, and I was amazed that it could fit, but then his whole penis was inside and it barely hurt at all! He moved slow at first, but I told him he could go faster, so he did. That night he had sex with me twice, and it felt so good I never wanted to stop, but he said I was just so tight that he couldn't last that long. He made sure to shoot his stuff in my mouth, and I swallowed a bunch. Afterwards he said he felt bad that my first time had been with my dad, but I told him I was glad and that he could have me anytime he wanted.

    Thinking back on it now, I must've swallowed so much of his cum, since he always made sure to shoot it in my mouth so he wouldn't get me pregnant. Every time I gulped down his stuff, it gave me a feeling of satisfaction knowing that I was making my dad happy. I go to college nearby now, but I still like to go home to visit and get a mouthful.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 38

    I became interested in sex at the age of around six or seven. This far along, I can't be sure of the exact age. I remember in first grade, we were still taking naps after lunch, and this girl got my attention and whispered for me to kiss her between her legs, even lifting her skirt and pulling her panties to the side. At that point I was simply curious, but i was too afraid of being caught to go through with it. Not too long after, we were in the computer lab, and the same girl wanted me to go under her desk and kiss her down there, or she wouldn't be my friend. If I wouldn't do it during nap time where someone might see, I sure as hell wouldn't do it while everyone was awake and would see!

    Still, it wasn't until I found a few of my brother's porno mags stashed in the cabinet under the sink in our bathroom that I found myself very curious about sex, and especially girls' vaginas. So I set out into my neighborhood, wondering if there were any girls who would let me see them up close and naked. I convinced this girl around my age to go back behind this house, where there was a back deck with plenty of space underneath, and she showed me hers. I got real close, and I could smell that she might have wet her panties a little, so, other than giving it a little kiss and rubbing her little butt, I didn't do much else with her, and this only made me even more curious.

    Fast forward a year or two, sorry, still fuzzy on the timeline, my mom was friends with a couple who had two boys and a girl. My brothers were friends with the boys, and I was just a tagalong for the most part, just trying to keep myself occupied. The daughter was a few years younger than me, but, when I playfully started tickling her while we played in her room, her skirt came up and her panties were loose, so I could see her vagina. I asked her if I could see it without her panties on, and she didn't seem to mind giving me a closer look, even spreading her lips apart for me. I asked if I could kiss it, and she said yes, so I started kissing, and then licking it, and I was entranced. She seemed to enjoy it as well, as much as a girl her age could, anyway. Of course, at some point, one of my brothers opened the door and saw me, but, instead of telling me to stop, he just shrugged and left.

    As I grew older, my curiosity on sex and licking vag didn't wane, but girls my age seemed to be more self-conscious about their bodies and much less inclined to let me go down on them. It was the younger ones that were more willing, even if they couldn't get off on it, probably because, at their age, their parents really didn't consider them old enough for the talk, so their minds were uncluttered with "rights and wrongs" regarding little perverts like me. Unfortunately, this little pervert grew up to be a big pervert, and now I must keep my lusts hidden and only fantasize about the perfect opportunity to bury my tongue in some nice, young vag. I've been struggling with this my whole adult life, about the fact that I'd prefer younger girls to women, and how a young, hairless pussy with those puffy outer lips turn me on more than a woman's pussy, even shaved.

    Honestly, I'm tired of living with the fact that, if the opportunity presented itself with low-risk, I'd chance it. I'm not looking to cause some girl a bunch of trauma that she'd have to deal with her whole life, I'm just hoping for one of those girls who is just as curious and willing to play. Sure, you can think me worthy of castration and/or death, and most days I'm inclined to agree. I've been hooked on young girls since I was a little boy, so, though I've changed a lot since then, my interests haven't seemed to change a bit.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I have been masturbating since i was a kid, but my first sexual experience with something other than my right hand occurred when i was 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. Paul and I had been friends since we were in kindergarten together. We had been in the same class, played on the same little league teams and later on the same high school baseball team. Hell, we had played in the same sand box and shared our toy soldiers. Paul and his family lived on the same block as my family and our moms were good friends. Our dads were on the same bowling team and our families often spent weekends at their cottage near Port Austin, and Paul and I had even spent entire summer vacations there with his mom. My mom and dad would come up on weekends as would Paul's dad, and then the rest of the summer Paul and I palled around together; I was an only child. Paul had an older sister but she had little to do with us, and would spend her time with the cottage friends she'd developed friendships with over the years.

    I was a horny kid growing up and would typically beat off 2-3 times a day. The masturbation was something i hid from the world, a very private, personal activity that I reserved for those moments when i was either in my room or in the bathroom, alone. My parents never talked about sex and everything i learned about it was learned on the streets and alleys of Detroit, my home town. I had hidden in the shadows and watched couples fucking in their bedrooms through windows, had seen men expose themselves and even relieve themselves in the alley behind our home, and had even watched as a hooker knelt in a friend's backyard and sucked off a strange man.

    Paul's parents were not as hung up regarding sex as mine. Paul's mom was squat, heavy woman, no taller than 5' weighing close to 300 lbs. She had oily long brown hair and gray eyes, never wore makeup of any kind, and was known to smoke funny little green cigarettes on occasion. She would spend her days either in moo-moo sarong-like dresses, or wearing an old blue-green terry cloth robe, at least while she lounged about the house. Outside of the house it was still moo-moo dresses and other hippie affectations: beads, necklaces with peace sign pendants or the letters L-O-V-E.

    When I masturbated as a kid, it was always fantasizing about women, never guys. But that changed when we got to junior high. I think it was the sight of all of those naked penises, flopping this way and that in the gym locker room and shower room. Long ones, short stubby ones, fat ones, skinny ones, cut ones, uncut ones, straight ones, curved ones, black and brown and pink and even yellow ones, hairy ones and hairless ones, soft, semi-hard and even stiff ones. Cocks for all seasons and tastes. I became fascinated with what guys had between their legs: their cocks and their balls. Slowly this fascination filters into my fantasies so that it wasn't being naked with only women that i would see in that private screening room stirring in my mind as i would go about the task of beating my meat, but increasingly the thought of my licking guy's balls and sucking their cock. Of course, I kept these hidden desires, these fantasies hidden from the world around me, but hidden or not, they were always there, flickering inside of me.

    That summer, the summer of my 13th year, when I saw Paul naked, as i have dozens of times before, suddenly I focused on his cock and balls. His cock was smaller than mine, and not as thick, but it was hairier than mine. His balls were in a tight sac immediately below his cock, while mine hung down more. I watched him running around on a private beach near their cottage, both of us naked as jaybirds, soaking in the sunshine, running in and out of the cool green waters. I watched as his cock flopped up and down and left and right as he ran, and i could feel my cock becoming erect, painfully erect, so that I stayed in the pond hoping, praying that it would pass so that I could run back out of the water and onto the beach. But the damn thing had a mind of its own and it arched higher and higher until it was almost perpendicular, pointing to the blue cloudless sky above us. Paul wondered why the hell i was just standing there in wager up to my chest and not playing. I just stared at him, unable to come up with any explanation, and then suddenly, like an epiphany, Paul realized that i was hiding an erection, and it even dawned on him that my attraction to him was not only that of one pal with another, but something else, something nameless, something we had never discussed.

    That evening as we lay in our beds in his room. Paul asked about what had happened earlier that day. "When you were standing in the pond it was because you had a stiffie and you didn't want me to know, wasn't it?" I stared at him, and then could feel my head nodding, my cheeks and ears flushed red with shame. "And it was watching me that got you hard, wasn't it." Again, i nodded, speechless, mortified, my secrets being exposed. Paul was silent for a time, and I thought he'd gone to sleep, when suddenly he threw his sheet off of him and sat down on the edge of his bed. We were both wearing pajama shorts and t-shirts. The pajama shorts had two buttons over the crotch in front, and depending how you sat, the opening there was such that you cock was either partially exposed or even slipped through the opening. It was dark in the room but there was a nightlight and i could see that Paul's cock was erect and jutting thought he opening, and i immediately became fully erect. "Do you think of me when you jack off?" Paul asked. It was the first time he'd ever raised the subject of jacking off and i was shocked. "It's alright if you do," he added, flustering me even more. I stared at his cock, which was throbbing in the warmth of the bedroom, and I wanted to suck it even more. How can you share such a desire with your best friend, with a kid you had shared a sandbox with in kindergarten? But then suddenly like a river breaking through a dam, the words rushed out of me. "Paul, I'm so sorry, but I was thinking of sucking your cock and that's what got me hard. . . And that's what's got me hard now," I said, pulling the sheet off of me so that he could see my cock pushing hard against my pajama bottoms. Paul stood up and undid his pajama bottoms so that his cock slapped up against his lean hard stomach. "Youâre not the only one thatâs hard, Steve. Look at me." But i was already looking, mesmerized by the sight of his throbbing cock, the head reddish and glistening, bobbing up and down as if responding to c cadence only his cock could hear.

    I got up and took the two steps to where he stood. "If you want to suck it, go ahead," Paul whispered and then i knelt in front of him and brushed my lips against his cock before opening my mouth and engulfing his glistening cock head between my lips so that it slid against my tongue. It tasted somewhat salty, somewhat musky. I then began bobbing my head up and down his shat in the manner that Iâd seen the hooker suck dick, and Paul began moaning, gasping, and i continued sucking him and playing with his tight balls until moments later i felt his cock spasm and he sprayed cum into my mouth and against the wall of my throat. His cum tasted very musky. I slurped it greedily, swallowed it, before licking his cock head clear and kissing it. He stood above me, his cock quickly losing its erection. "That was incredible," Paul said. I was pleased at having given him such pleasure. The taste of his cum was strong and it lingered in my mouth as he sat back on the edge of his bed. I crawled over to him and began sucking him again, this time taking longer, feeling his cock slowly stiffening, lengthening in my mouth. This time as Paul came closer, he placed his hands on the back of my head and at first gently and then more roughly began fucking my mouth with cock until he came a second time, his load lighter this time, but tasting about the same. After his second cum, Paul got back into his bed and I waited there kneeling by his bed. "I'm going to get some sleep. We can do this again tomorrow." And then he turned to his left and fell asleep, as I crawled back to my bed and did likewise.

    The following morning, we were up early. Paul asked if I had thought about what we had done the night before, and i said that I had. He asked me if I wanted to suck him again, and i did. He rolled over on his back and shuck off his bottoms revealing his erection. I lay down between his legs and began sucking his cock again. As I did so, Paulâs said, "Lick my balls, Steve." And i removed my mouth from his cock and began licking his balls. "Suck them." Paul gasped, and dutifully, I took them into my mouth and began sucking on them. It didn't take Paul long as he spurted his juices into my face, so that I had his cum in my eyes, on my cheeks and even dripping from the end of my nose. "God, that felt great," he said. And gain, I felt like the dog that's received his master's praise. I wore my ability to sexually please him as a badge of honor.

    After that I would suck Paul, two and three and four and even five times a day. I sucked him at night in bed of course, but also in every other room in their cottage when his mother would go into town leaving us alone. The sucking was always one-sided: it was always me sucking Paul. He explained it to me one day as we sat naked after I had sucked his cock and been rewarded with a mouthful of his cum. "You see, Steve, it's like you are the woman and Iâm the man." And that was okay with me. I never asked him to suck me, never even fantasized him sucking me. I was the woman in this relationship and he was the man.

    One night, when Paul's dad had come back for the weekend, Paul and I were awakened by the metallic cacophony of his parent's box spring. We'd heard it many times before, but this night it was much louder and faster. Paul signaled for me to follow him and we snuck over to his parents' bedroom and sure enough they had left the bedroom door open. Paul's mom was on her chat and knees with her milky white flabby butt raised in the air, and Paul's dad was fucking her from behind, his massive tool slamming in and out of his mom's rear end, the box spring sounding like a clashing of metal objects. He held onto her buttocks and slammed his cock home with a lion's roar, and then slowly pushed in and out until he was completely spent. His mother was treating hard and grunting and then as he pulled his dick out, she laughed and said, âThat must have woke the boys up. Thank God Chrissie has a sleep over tonight." We quickly crept back to our room, before we bust out snickering. "Man your dad has a huge dick. And the way he was fucking your mom, right up her ass." Paul said, "I've seen them fucking before but never like that. Neve up theses and never that hard." I smiled, "Your mom looked and sounded like she loved it." Paul said, "Yeah," then he looked at me and said, "Maybe we should try it, too." I look at him puzzled, "You mean you fuck me up my ass?" And Paul nodded before saying, "Looked to me like both of them really love it that way. Maybe you and i will, too." I wasn't so sure, but was willing to let him try. Paul said, "Get naked, I'll be right back," and then crept away down the hallway. When he returned he had a jar of Vaseline. "What's that for," I asked. It'll make it easier for me to fuck you," he answered. I was naked and knelt forward on my chest and knees with my ass up in the air just like Paul's mom. Paul removed his bottoms and his cock was hard. My cock was hard, too. Paul climbed up behind me and I could feel him slather the Vaseline against my asshole before pushing the cold sticky stuff up my ass with his fingers. Paul then pushed the head of his cock against my hole and then pushed harder. There was pain and pressure in my anus and then i felt his cock sliding inside of me, deeper and deeper into my rectum. When he was in all the way he began fucking me and the pain and pressure passed, replaced by a pleasure that grew ever more intense. Soon Paul was fucking me faster and faster, his cock like some kind of turbo charged piston working in and out of me. As he fucked me, I suddenly felt like i was going to cum even though i hadn't touched my cock and then as he continued to fuck me, the strokes shorter and faster, faster and shorter, I came and my sphincter ring began to spasm so that it felt like i was cumming both in my rectum and in my dick. Paul continued to plow into me until he grunted hard and shot his cum deep deep inside of me, and we lay there like that, covered in sweat and sticky goo.

    I had no idea it would feel this good being fucked. After that, we fucked every chance we got. Whenever his sister and her mother were out. i would suck his cock, he would cum in my mouth, and then i would suck him back to hardness and he would fuck me, mercilessly and shoot his cum deep inside of me.

    One day, when his mom was taking in the sunshine on the patio, Paul and i were so horny that he fucked me in his room. I had already sucked his cock off once so the fucking was long and lazy and lusty. He fucked me endlessly, until my hole felt red and raw and still he humped me. As Paul fucked me, suddenly the door of his bedroom opened and it was his mom, dressed in one of her moo-moo sarongs, holding a tray of milk and cookies for us. Paul was so close that he continue fucking me as she stood there, her mouth agape, shocked at seeing her son fucking his best friend. I was flush with shame, but I couldn't get out from beneath him as he held my buttocks and continued fucking me, grunting, and then passing in pleasure at finally being able to cum inside of me. Paul's mom backed through the door. We cleaned ourselves up and then sheepishly walked into the kitchen.

    My parents would have killed us both had they witnessed our conjugal coupling, but Paul's mom was cool. She bade us sit down and pointed at the milk and cookies. Paul and i said nothing as we ate the cookies and slugged down the milk, hungry and thirsty from our sucking and fucking. Finally, Paul's mom spoke. "I'm sorry. I should have knocked first. . . I had no idea you boys were. . . I mean. . . I never thought you. . . were intimate with each other." She looked at Paul, "How long has this been going on?" I didn't know what to say. Paul said, "One way or another, all summer long." Paul's mom said, "I see," then added, "Like that?" referring to the anal sex that she'd witnessed, and Paul responded, "Steve sucks me and I fuck him." She looked at me, and I could feel the heat in my face, "And, Steve, you are okay with that?" I nodded my head, yes. "Do your parents know?" I shook my head, "they would kill me if they ever found out." And Paul's mom, again said, "I see," adding, "Well, thereâs no need to tell them. I don't think Marty," referring to her husband, "ought to know, either. As for me, I'm good with it." We ate the rest of our cookies and drank the rest of our milk in silence.

    After that, Paul's mom was careful not to open our bedroom door without knocking first, and we were more careful about making it while she was at home. Paul's sister never found out. We continued with our affair through high school and into college and grad school where we lived as roomies and where Paul's mom often sent us care packages filled with cookies. One by one, Paul and I lost our parents to sickness and old age. When his mom was deathly ill, the two of us sat with her in the bedroom of her home, and she smiled at us through her pain and we laughed about the day she came to bring us milk and cookies and found us deep in the throes of passion.

    We both got married to women who have no clue about the nature of our friendship. Both of us have kids now. Paul and i still see each other once or twice a week, play racquetball together, bowl in a league just like our dads. And whenever we are alone together, we still get naked and i kneel at his feet and suck his cock before getting in bed and having him fuck my brains out. Some things will never change.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 48

    First off it is cold outside. I am alone most of the time, other than when my sister comes to visit. I live in a small town, the town we grew up in and I live in my parent's old home. I married when I was young and got divorced when I was young, never had children, worked at my parent's flower shop in town and they left it and the house to me when they passed away. The only sexual experience I have had was that short time I was married and then I thought it was too much but now I realize that it was not enough. I just could not do it so he divorced me and I blamed him. As I have spent these many years alone I have found that I can enjoy myself, with myself and I travel from time to time to the city and I have purchased a selection of pleasure toys, creams, clips, plugs, videos. I have found several chat rooms where I can act out my fantasies posing as either young or old, divorced or married, I can carry on the conversation that the other chat partner wants to hear, I can be as young and innocent or the slut if that is what he wants. I presume it is a he, but it could be a she, he could be young or he could be old, she could be a lesbian or like me pretending to be. It is fun and with the help of some of my toys I can spend an hour or so and just enjoy myself.

    But, I would like to try for real. My fantasies go from something naughty with a man on a train, to something scary with a man in a stairwell, to something erotic a young woman who wants to feel the slip of a hot tongue between her legs. I read a lot of fiction, erotic stories, some true or seem to be true and some so false but so erotic that I can't get enough pleasure because they end so soon. That is how I came across this site, to me when I read the various accounts I imagine them to be true, some truly are, others are true in the mind of the woman that wrote them. So it that I confess to have written from time to time, always about lesbian encounters, they are the most erotic to me, always about finding themselves sharing their feelings or their bodies in the quiet of the night, in a room at their grandmother's house, or at the beach on holiday, woman to woman, pressing their secret against each other praying that they were big enough they could penetrate their partner, only to end up in the frustration that penetration is not for them.

    But truths do happen and my truth is that I did have an encounter with a young woman when I was young, before I got married. We were high school girls, our school was small and we were paired in class for a history project. At that time there were no computers so we used the Encyclopedias at the library or in this case at my home, my parents were big on those things and they had the Encyclopedia Britannica proudly displayed in our living room. That is where she and I did our research. She smelled so nice, she was so pretty, her hair was black and long and her skin was porcelain and her eyes were blue, her hands were so soft and perfect and she wore this ring that her grandmother had given her for her fourteenth birthday. I sat close to her to smell her, she moved and I moved until she just sat there and let me sit close to her and feel her body heat against mine. From time to time sitting beside her I would just kiss her cheek and she would turn and stare at me and I would control myself from kissing her lips. All I thought about was her, at breakfast, when I prepared my lunch for school I took her a treat, if she needed to have her hair combed I combed it for her, straighten out her shirt or fix her face and when we got together to study I sat beside her, my shoulder touching her, and from time to time leaning my breast against her back as I looked over her shoulder. I didn't read erotic stories at the time, I just felt this heat and this desire to be with her and she let me, never really pushing me away.

    We were on the floor of the living room, side by side, reading the Encyclopedia while she turned the page slowly to make sure I had caught up with her, and she kissed my cheek like it was just the most normal thing to do. I kissed her cheek and we looked at each other and our lips touched and we had the longest sweetest kiss I have ever had, her lips were hot and moist the so sweet to me, we closed our eyes and just kissed. When our kiss ended, she rolled over on her back and let me get on her and put my hand on her breast and kiss her some more. She lay there as my hands went up and over her breasts several times, down over her stomach and her crotch and her thighs, back up to her crotch and she let my hand separate her legs as we kissed. As I put my hand in her skirt and under the panties she put her arms around my neck and we kissed and she let me touch her right there. We spent the afternoon on the floor, with the sunlight in the room, kissing and touching and feeling everything, her hands touching me and my hands touching her. We had been reading in the Encyclopedia about homosexuality and lesbians, not about our history project and that day we gave ourselves in reckless abandon. It would be many more days and other encounters before we dared to slip our panties off and feel a hot tongue darting between our legs. We were lovers, we were in love and we stayed in love for the longest time.

    Marriage separated us, I went to my marriage bed crying and she went to her marriage bed resolute. I kept my husband at a distance but she submitted to her vows and became pregnant and had three children. I was set free eighteen months after I got married, I just could not be with a man. She stayed married and raised her family and when we get together, when we work on joint projects at church, when we see each other at a birthday party, people see that we are childhood friends. We are. For me I never stopped loving her and I have to find escape with toys and voyeur experiences and from time to time an accidental arranged encounter in the city with a lesbian woman to slip her hot tongue between my legs, but I never speak out to anyone, except my childhood friend, my one and only love. I sit beside her and sneak a kiss to her cheek, she turns to look at me with those unapproving eyes, but what can I do? I love her, I tell her I love her, she says "I know and I love you too".

    Some stories are variations on the theme, others are totally untrue, but this one is true, this one is the story of my love, this one tells you why after all these years I am single and never married again, I cannot have a man beside me, I do not want his heat, I don't want him to touch me, I don't want the smell of a man. I just want to be near her, to help her with her family, to help babysit her grandkids, to share time together, to be her best friend and to smell her hair and feel her close to me. That is all. I wish I didn't have to escape into fantasy, I long for her touch, for her smell, for the feel of her tongue darting in between my legs.

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