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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 34

    When I was 14, I already knew I was gay and already knew what was sex through porn. But I was very manly and very tough to recognise as a gay man if you didn't know me. At that age, I was already jacking off thinking of big cocks and gay sex, but didn't have anyone to share it with and didn't have any interest in my male friends because, well... I'd always cum imagining cocks up to 10 inches ravaging my mouth and ass, and their cocks probably weren't big as they were the same age as me and mine was about 4 1/2 inches.

    I lived in a neighborhood where all parents were at work from 9 to 5 and all the kids were at school from 9 to 3. My room was on the second floor of my parent's house and I could see the street from my window and if I really wanted I could look across the street and see inside our neighbor's bedroom. A couple lived there and I never noticed the wife that much, but the husband was very handsome. They were both in their 40's, probably. They almost always left for work together, but he'd stay home alone at least two days during the week. Things might've been not so good in their marriage, because he'd always ended up jacking off in their bedroom while watching what I assumed was porn on TV (I couldn't see the acreen).

    One given day I came home from school and decided to take a bath, then stroll naked into my room to put on clothes, windows wide open because I knew nobody was home in their house that day. I was putting on my underwear when I noticed a silhouette in their bedroom's window. I got scared and ashamed because they were supposed to be both at work that day and time. My scare turned into shyness and then curious horniness when I stopped a while and saw it was the husband and that he was jerking off, staring directly at my window.

    Now I needed to know if he was really trying to see me or if it was just a coincidence. I had seen something in a movie... I went near the window, turned my back at him and removed my underwear. Looked back and he was still there, this time jacking off a lot faster. I followed the movie scene... Walked towards my bed, layed down and spread my butt cheeks. That way I couldn't see him, but he had cum when I turned to look at him. He threw me a little kiss and walked away, probably to take a shower. This interaction happened a few times after that. Some times I did the same thing, other times I'd stay on my hands and knees on the bed and a fee times I'd show him my little hard dickie.

    After a few weeks like that, one day he stopped jerking and signaled "come here" with his hands. I was in shock. What would I do? I decided it was too risky to go to his house in the middle of the day as I could be seen by someone who'd tell my parents or his wife. Not knowing how to signal back, I left the room and took my bike to try and do something about that. He saw me leaving the house and went to the front door. I pretended I was riding it and stopped in front of his house to "look at some problem I was having with the bike". He came near me and said "wanna come in?", to what I responded "not today, but leave your back door opened the next time you're home" and then immediately left.

    My heart was pounding like crazy. I realized I jad just accepted to have my first sexual encounter in a totally "wrong" way: with another man, someone much older and married. My nerves were a wreck through the next few days and my heart poundrd heavily every day I came home from school and looked at his window because he could be there. The day he was there, my heart dropped. My dickie was hard and I wanted to see him naked and grab his cock, but what if he wanted more? What if he wanted the things I've never done? What if he'd force me to do things I wouldn't want to do?

    I went anyway, leaving home with my bike to pretrnd I was going somewhere. Got to this alley behing his house and then into his gate. His backdoor was really unlocked and I went in. He was in the kitchen and saw me enter. Was wearing extra loose shorts and clearly no underwear, and a light T-shirt. There were a lot of silent moments, but we managed to talk a little after he broke the ice with "so you like to show your butt to pervy older men, huh?". I said "I had never done that before, but I thought you'd like". His cock went hard in a beat, making his shorts rise. "You know, I love to break little guys in... (I blushed!) Now, why don't you show me your butt?". Just show? No problem. "Wow, you're hard.. You really want to show it to me", he says. In that, he was 100% right. He then took his shorts off and his hard cock bounced up and down. It was huge (for me, anyways). That day, he just asked me to sit over his cock while he layed on his couch. I just sat there, his cock throbbing under my ass until he exploded. I had never seen so much cum!

    I jerked and sucked his cock the next time. He was patient enough to teach me how to do it and what he liked, so I had nothing to complain about. He'd never fuck my mouth harder than I could handle and never did anything I'd regret later. Sucking on his big balls was a huge turn on to me, as I could see hia hard cock twitch in pleasure. From that day on, every day he was home alone I was sucking and jerking his cock from 3:30 to 5pm. I had 30 minutes to go home and shower before my parents were home.

    One day he said "it's time to do something with your butt". I froze. He then said he wanted to do something we both would enjoy and that I shouldn't worry because he wouldn't enter me. He layed me bottoms up on his bed and procceded to grab and kiss my ass. I felt him spreading my butt cheeks a little from time to time until he said "don't be scared" and started licking my hole. It was weird, but I felt a fuzzy feeling every time his tongue was in there and started to like it.

    He then came over me, his cock drooling over my ass, and let me feel the weight of his body. He told me to spread my cheeks and let his cock slide in my crack. His long shaft would move up and down slowly, the head would come back until it'd thrust my hole and then go back up until his balls were pressing against my ass. He'd increase his thrusting speed from time to time and always asked me if it was too much - it never was. He announced he wanted to cum just like that and he needed me to repeat what he'd say. "Say 'fuck my ass'", he asks; I say it. "Say it again!"; I do. "Say you want me to balls deep in you and call me daddy"; "I want you balls deep in me, daddy!", I almost scream. He cums while emitting a deep growl. My ass was drenched. I came on his bed sheets while he gave his last thrusts.

    I knew that by now he'd want to fuck me for real and I was planning on letting him have his way with me. It was 3:30pm on April 4, 1998 when I gave him the green light. Before we dis anything, he say he had a little gift for me and handed me a package. There was a pink panty inside and he told me he'd love if I'd wear that on our first time fucking for real. I didn't really understood what that meant and all (back then the CD craze wasn't a thing), but I agreed.

    I was a little afraid of his cock's size and girth, but he calmed me down with lots of kisses and caressing my body. When he removed my panties and started licking my hole, I knew it was near. He lubbed my ass and his finger and started to play around my hole before gently inserting it in. Inch by inch he put his finger in and then moved slowly in and out while always asking me how I felt. Then came the time for a second finger. It hurts a little, but he is good on what he does and makes sure to use lots of lube.

    "Time for the big boy, sweetie", he announces. He tells me to relax and let it slide naturally in while loosening my hole for it. The tip of the head goes in... I never thought pain would be that pleasurable. Then the whole head is in and he's whispering "oh God, I love you". He applies more lube and keeps going in until I tell him that I thought that was the most I could take. I jever knew how much of his cock went in this first time, but he seemed surprised that a first time could be so good for both. He didn't try to r**e me like in the dry sex sessions we had, and was always a lot careful. I felt my ass stuffed with his cock, but never over the top. He announced he was impregnating me while he came.

    We fucked a lot until I was 18 and had to move to go to college. He came around a few times, but it wasn't the same. We both agreed that it wasn't something we were after anymore. His pleasure resided on me being underage and mine on me being underage as well. It was never meant to be mote than that.

    The reaaon I remembered this lies on the last time I visited my parents, a few weeks ago. My bedroom is now a deposit and I went in one afternoon to look for something. Both our windows were opened and there he was, looking through his bedroom's window. I closed the door, dropped my pants, turned my back at the window and spread my cheeks. He threw me a kiss.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 34

    My Grandma has a big mouth and no filter. One day when I was sixteen she told me to 'keep my knees together, don't invite anyone in there'. Another time she asked me 'just what do you think that hole's for?'. And 'you got tits use them to your advantage'. I brought a boy home and she told him to keep his zipper up and his hands to himself. Today I sort of laugh about it but when I was going through puberty and growing out she embarrassed me all the time.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    My parents were fanatically religious, and obsessed with the "sin of masturbation" so from the age of eight, I was subjected to harangues about the evils of "touching myself" until I had a hard job even urinating! I had stirrings at night, and weird dreams, woke up often with my "pee-pee" quite hard, and amazingly large. The indoctrination still held though, and I endured agonies of frustration, afraid to touch myself, and suffer all the terrible fates they had promised me.

    My swollen flesh began to be noticeable, and I swore on the Bible I hadn't, wouldn't touch it, but they didn't believe me, and said they were going to seek help from their Minister! Now he was an overweight, smarmy man of about fifty, then, with a jovial face, and a constant smile that never reached his eyes. Oh, he would help, he told them, and suggested they let him have me over the summer school recess, for "religious instruction" which only someone of his stature could properly provide. Naturally they complied immediately, and my life changed for ever.

    He had two sons, about fourteen or fifteen, and a nastier pair of bullies never existed. I shared their bedroom, with a sleeping-bag on the floor, and it wasn't long until I woke to find they had tied me into the "mummy-bag", at neck and waist, and the built in hood was drawn down so tight, the only opening was now about an inch or so, right over my mouth. They knocked me around like this, pushing, punching, kicking, as I writhed around helplessly in the heavy material. Then they would kneel over me, and ram their rock-hard cocks, as they called them, into my mouth, and slide them in and out, endlessly, as utter humiliation filled me, and I was crying, unseen, in shame and loathing, unable to do anything to stop them, as they took turn about, hour after hour, until hot salty slime hit the back of my throat, triggering a swallow reflex, and eventual withdrawal for a short period of time.

    At that age, they were insatiable, and this was my fate every night, and sometimes an entire weekend, when their parents went on some kind of retreat, and left them in charge. Now, this was bad enough, but they unpicked some of the stitching at the zipper, at crotch level, and hauled my "goodies" as they called them, out into the open, and tied something round the roots, tight! So I was introduced to wanking, for the first time ever, and discovered that for some reason, I was indescribably sensitive, to this, and thus the forbidden fruits came to me,
    despite my years of obeying parental threats and warnings.

    They were tickled pink at the strength of my efforts to avoid being touched like that, and naturally redoubled their efforts, savoring my discomfort and protests. The awful thing was, this forbidden activity felt so good, I began to rationalize my "disobedience" - after all, it wasn't like I could have done anything to stop it, and I wasn't doing it myself - they'd never said anything about someone else doing it - anyhway I discovered that the more frantic my struggles and protests, the more intense their assault on my "fucking huge cock" as the brothers called it.
    At night, with their parents close by, they arranged things carefully, so my mouth was full as they wanked me, effectively muffling my wails and groans, then they changed places, changed ends if you like.

    There was a fine irony in the constant lecturing I got from their father, on the sins of promiscuity, while his offspring were "face-fucking" me constantly, hours on end, and wanking me to near insanity, slowly addicitng me to this behavior, beyond any possibility of redemption, I knew.

    Then one weekend, the parents returned unexpectedly, and caught them at it! He banished them to the other end of the house, then, sighing with fake anger, blaming them as unruly discip[les of the devil, he gently began to wank me, with exquisite delicacy, rambling on about damage having been done, and too late to return to the status quo, and other cop-outs, leading up to HIS cock in my mouth!

    It was an interesting summer, one I remember with great appreciation, as I wait for the brothers, now grown to adulthood, as I am, to return home after work, to resume their years-old assault on my willing body!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    When I was 5 years old my parents separated. When I was 7 the divorce was final. When I was 9 my mom met a women who she told me to call Aunt Jenny. A few months later Aunt Jenny moved in with us and became my regular baby sitter.

    It was clear to me from the start that aunt Jenny was subservient and submissive to my mother. It was as though she was obsessed with obeying my Mom. It was also as though she had become my Mom's housewife. I really didn't care though. My Mom was happy, all the time. She had never been happy, at all, when she was married to my Dad. This was a good change for Mom. The fact that Aunt Jenny and Mom were in a lesbian relationship was something I pretended wasn't happening. I just blanked out the fact that they shared a bed though even at 9 I understood what sharing a bed meant.

    One day when I came home from school I found Aunt Jenny naked on her knees on the living room floor with her head bowed and her hands clasped behind her neck. I'd never seen a naked woman before and while I was intrigued by her nudity I was actually more taken aback by her position on her knees. I was not accustomed to seeing adults in such a vulnerable state.

    "Master Alex, I've been very naughty"

    She didn't wait for me to respond

    "I borrowed one of your tighty Whities. It smells soooooo good! I shouldn't have done that. I'm very sorry. I need to be punished. Will you please punish me?"

    That 's when I noticed the array of whips, paddles etc on the coffee table.

    "Please sir? I'll do anything for a good whipping! Anything at all!"

    I just stood there frozen in shock.

    "Please? It's all right sir. You can hurt me as much as you'd like. Please hurt me sir. I need it really badly."

    I put my books and stuff down on the sofa and looked at the implements on the coffee table. I looked at one item with a plastic handle and a loop of jacketed wire about 18 inches long. It looked mean.

    "Anything?" I asked

    "ANYTHING!!" Aunt Jenny said.

    "I can watch anything on TV I want to?"


    "You'll make me anything I want to eat?"

    "Anythin g!"

    &quo t;You'll take me to Disney world?"

    &qu ot;Oh God Anything at all, anything!"

    I picked up the plastic handle with the wire loop and held it in my hand. Nobody had ever given me permission to hurt someone before let alone. The idea intrigued me. I looked at the implement in my hand. I took a firm grip and pondered a target.

    "Show me your tits!"

    I'd never said "tits" out loud in front of a grown up before and only twice before in front of a school mate.

    She turned and arched her back and thrust her tits up towards me and held them out for me to "punish." I took a swing and struck her right tit as hard as I could. I wanted to make that first one count. It counted. she screamed and breathed real heavy and then said "Thank-You so much!" while rubbing herself between the legs.

    "Harder please master!" That' when I really let her have it. I didn't bother counting but she did. She proudly announced "100!" after about five minutes of waling on her now bruised and bleeding tits. Beating her tits was exhilarating. It was also at that moment that I was first conscious of ever having a hard-on that resulted from being aroused.

    "May I thank you for my punishment by sucking your dick Master?"

    It never occurred to me to put my dick in someone's mouth. I'd heard of it but it just never occurred to me that it was a real thing that people really did. I couldn't get my pants off fast enough. Aunt Jenny suggested I take a seat on the sofa. She crawled on the floor over to me and took my dick and balls in her mouth and sucked and licked. That was the most pleasurable sensation in my entire nine and a half years. She sucked and licked me for hours.

    I was in an ecstatic trance and didn't notice my Mom come home. She stood there for a while staring at her "wife" giving me my first ever blow job. I finally came though it was a dry cum. After all I was still only 9 years old.

    "Good, you're done. Let's see them." Mom commanded Aunt Jenny. I was startled but Mom didn't seem to be angry and despite not having been naked in front of my Mom since I was 5 and normally being very modest, it simply didn't occur to me to cover up. I was still basking in the afterglow of my first orgasm. Mom inspected Aunt Jenny's tits admiring my handiwork.

    "Your Aunt Jenny was very naughty. I caught her frigging herself while sniffing a dirty pair of your underwear so I ordered her to offer to let you punish her and I see you did a fabulous job!"

    My erection was still bobbing up and down in front of my Mom and I didn't even care. Mom seemed happy that I was naked. The whole scene was bizarrely surreal.

    "Did she do a good job sucking your dick?" Mom asked.

    I just smiled and nodded.

    "Good! Jenny, take Alex into the bathroom and give him a nice bath. Take your time and make him feel good."

    Aunt Jenny got up and picked me up in her arms and carried me into the bathroom. Normally I would have protested on account of the fact that I was far too old to need someone to give me a bath but the idea of Aunt Jenny touching me everywhere on my naked body was too irresistible. She bathed me everywhere in the most delicious way that included jerking my cock for a while, playing with my balls and fingering my asshole. The entire time she encouraged me to play with her abused tits. When we were done, which took a long time, she rinsed me off, picked me up and towel dried me before leading me naked into my bedroom where she climbed into bed with me, both of us naked and proceeded to lick me everywhere.

    Mom came in to tuck me in while Aunt Jenny was licking my asshole. she acted as though nothing unusual was happening. She kissed me on my forehead and bid me good night before shutting off the lights and closing the door.

    After about an hour or so of licking my naked body like a giant Popsicle She asked if I'd like to become a man now. I had no idea what she meant. She gave me a brief explanation of reproduction, explained that I was too young to get her pregnant and then offered her vagina for me to fuck and told me I needed to practice a lot so I could be an expert at fucking once I was able to squirt sperm. She got into the doggy position, explained where to put my throbbing little dick and then as I got into position she backed her pussy up to my cock and impaled herself on me. It was loose of course. I was tiny compared to an adult but it was still soft and warm and wet and just the idea of doing it made me wish I could cum in her. She somehow managed to grasp my tiny dick with her pussy and worked it until I had my second orgasm. With that she thanked me, called me "Master" again and then curled up against me spooning me with her arms around me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    when i was 8 i used to hang out with a girl my age who was into weird games. one day after school she wanted to play a game where we put tape over each others pussys and go to the bathroom trying to pee it off or through it.
    i felt aroused taping my pussy and pulling it off trying to cover it all- as i was bald. but just wanted to get it over with because i knew her brother and his friends where in the home.
    my friend sits over the toliet and pees splashing pee everywhere laughing loudy making a raquet
    then i jump on, i flow hard to try and get the tape off in one shot- my friend opens the bathroom door. im pissing all over myself in front of her brother who was 14 and his friend. waiting i was set up.
    she said it happnes to me all the time and laughed at me
    i kept playing games with her and having sleepovers she taught me how to masturbate. so it wasnt all bad

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 35

    Not a great big confession, when I was a kid old enough to get out of the house on my own I discovered this spot behind the 7-11 where the gays guys went to fuck. It was pretty secluded, it was deep in the bushes and away from the road and the gay guys would go fuck. I found a place where I could crouch or kneel and when two gay guys came up I would stay real quiet while one would suck the other one off and sometimes lower their pants and lean against a tree or just bend over and hold themselves up with their hands on their knees and get fucked. After a few weeks. it was the same guys, always the same guy got fucked, and after a while I could figure out who they were, one worked at Sears I saw him there, this one big guy worked as an attendant at the hospital.

    As I got older and I was masturbating I masturbated while they fucked, leaving my spit on the ground. I liked the feeling on my dick after I had cum, my dick head was so sensitive and with the cum I had for lubrication I squeeze it and rubbed it and sometimes but not always I would get hard again even if the gay guys had left by then. Watching gave me ideas, I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted to be the one that sucked and got fucked or if I wanted to be the one that got sucked and did the fucking. I didn't find out until much later when I found myself in the car with a friend of mine after the movies and I knew I wanted to be the one that sucked and then got fucked.

    It had to have been twenty years later when I was visiting my grandmother who still lived in that town that I drove over to that 7-11 and found a closed broken down building. Walking around I found condoms and cigarettes and beer cans and bottles of cheap wine. Not so romantic, I had dreamed of meeting a guy and going back into the bushes and reliving those days but only the memories remain. Towns change and my boyhood town declined after the window frame factory closed. The Sears store is closed and the hospital is now two towns down the road, not that I would run into those two guys.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    I have a submissive side, I guess. I am a pleaser or so that is what my mother calls me. I have no backbone, I do what I am told, I am a doormat, you name it I have been called that. So what if I like pleasing him. What is wrong with that? I didn't all of a sudden become a pleaser, I was pleasing him when I was nine and he was ten. I kissed his penis. Sure it was just the head of the penis and it was just a tiny little kiss, but I kissed his penis and I have been pleasing him ever since.

    I don't know how many virginities you really have, but he went through each and every one of them and he took them. He kissed my nipples when I was eleven. He touched my pussy when I was eleven. He saw my pussy when I was eleven. He poked his penis on my pussy when I was eleven. I showed him my asshole when I was eleven. It was show and tell day. I also put his whole penis in my mouth when I was eleven. To me those were all lost virginities, first times.

    I went from being a skinny bald pussy, titles girl to having real tits, pubes and a big ass by the time I was thirteen. There was nothing of my eleven year old self left by the time I turned fourteen. I had tits and I had pubic hair even where I didn't want it. Even my mother let me trim my pubic hair because otherwise I couldn't go out in a bathing suit. At fourteen I was regular cock sucker, by then I gave him blow jobs and hand jobs and I let him fuck my tits. How much of his gunk I washed off my face I will never know but it was a lot. Fucking, like real fucking, was something I just didn't want to do, but he fucked my tits, he fucked up the crack of my ass, he touched and fingered my pussy, he kissed my tits, sucked on my neck and left me branded for all to see, and I held on to his cock when we watched television.

    And as my mother will tell you I pleased him, I made him deserts, I served him when he was at my house, I took his lunch to school for him, all he had to do was snap his fingers and I was there. I got a lot of hell from my mother for a while but she eventually told me that it was my life and if I was going to be doormat well then it was my problem.

    I was sixteen, fully sixteen and he decided it was time. He had waited long enough, all his friends were getting pussy and he was still being held back. It was time. He had me take a shower while he sat in my room waiting. When I got out of the shower, I was naked except for a towel, he told me to stand and present myself. I stood and dropped the towel for him to see what he had seen a thousand times before. To me that day I was giving him one of my virginities. He had me lay back on the bed while he got undressed. I lay there with my ankles crossed, with my hands covering my tits. Not that he hadn't seen my tits like from a long time ago but it felt strange lying there knowing I was going to get fucked. Once he was naked he told me to lay my hands by my side, uncross my ankles and open my legs. That to me was another virginity.

    He didn't really have an erection, his cock was more or less just hard but not all hard, he got over to me and I reached for his cock and it felt good in my hand. I let him bend over and kiss my mouth and kiss my tits while I pulled on his cock, he got between my legs and I pulled myself up a little and he lay down and his cock was hard. He hit up against my crotch and I reached under him and put his cock against the opening of my vagina and he finally got his pussy. Maybe that was the real loss of virginity, but I didn't feel that way. In my mind that was last big thing for him, my pussy. Or his pussy as he saw it.

    After he got off and we were there just naked he commented on how totally hairy I was. I used the scissors to trim myself, this time I took off quite a bit. I took the razor to the rest and hurt myself with several nicks. I was learning and a girl at school told me to make sure I used a new razor blade and to use the shaving cream that I used to shave my legs. I used soap, but I went to Walgreens and I bought some shaving cream for my pussy hair. He really, really liked my totally shaved pussy. And I really, really liked his cock. We fucked day and night and no surprise to anyone, I got pregnant at sixteen. That was also a loss of virginity.

    I am a pleaser, I have always been a pleaser, I spoil my son, I spoil my boyfriend. He loves it, I shave my pussy for him, I bake him cookies, I buy him clothes, and I fuck whenever he wants. He doesn't fuck my tits that much anymore, only sometimes, he doesn't fuck my butt crack anymore, he fucks my pussy. We go to the mall with my son, we go to the zoo with my son, we got everywhere with my son, he has a car seat in his car for my son, I may only be eighteen but we have been together since the day I first kissed his cock.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    Over the holidays I was at a party and ran into two brothers I went to school with. I haven't seen them in over a decade and met their wives and kids. They don't know this but when we were seniors in high school I saw both of them naked dozens of times along with their entire ice hockey team. My uncle owned the rink and I worked for him on weekends. It wasn't every week but many times he had to leave early and left me to lock up after the last game. My cousin Kim and I would take turns and go into the office which had access to the boiler room where we could see into the locker room. There were boys from other teams that I saw naked but didn't know many of them. I knew all the boys on the hockey team and over time saw all of them naked some more than others. We saw some of the refs. to and my cousin worked there more often and saw many more naked guys than I ever did. They are both still good looking and I couldn't help thinking about all the times I saw them in the showers and getting undressed.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 52

    Everything considered it's lucky nothing seriously bad came of it. My sister and I, we were 14 and 15 at the time were staying with our grandmother while our parents were abroad. Our grandmother was strict but she never followed up. We were lonely in a way because we didn't know anyone in her town so we spent a lot of time making up stuff. Down the street from my grandmothers lived a mechanic and his son. The son was in his late twenties and he had a record and everyone knew he had a bad reputation, some people even thought that he had smoked mariguana. He never wore a shirt, just this dirty, oily wife beater shirt.

    That afternoon my grandmother had gone out to her church get together and my sister and I were home alone and we decided to go down to the mechanic's shop and talk to Diego. We told Diego we were alone and after we had gotten back to the house he came and knocked on the door. He stood there with his dirty wife beater shirt, a rag in his hand and he asked us if we were really alone. He came in and looked around and he asked how old we were. He took out his dick right there in the living room and asked us if either one of had ever touched a dick because now was our chance. We both touched his dick, we both kissed his dick, we both sucked his dick.

    He asked to see our pussies. We had never let anyone see us and we stood in the living room with our pants down around our knees and he looked at our pussies. He asked for tits so we showed him our tits. He stood up and came over to us and rubbed his dick against our pussies and grabbed our tits. He asked us if we wanted to fuck. We went into our grandmother's bedroom because the bed was big and we took off our pants and laid back on the bed. He looked at us and pulled up his pants and put his dick away and told us we weren't worth it, he wanted to but we were just not worth it. Maybe if we were older, but we were just not worth it.

    He kissed us both and he left.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 52

    The first time can never be forgotten. For me, it was when I was 14 and invited over to a girl's house that I was really sweet on, I'll call her Sandra Dee. I was elated that the sweet, cute Olivia Newton-John type girl called me and invited me over. When I got there it turned out I was invited over to take turns pulling a private train on her. I was in the living room with four other boys. I only knew her younger brother, I'll call Don, so I mostly talked to him. Since it was his house too, he was playing host.

    At first I didn't want to be there. I liked to think of her as virginal. She looks and acts sweet and innocent normally, much like Sandra Dee. We watched tv, talked and waisted time until we were told by the boy coming out, whose turn was next. I was the last there so I was to be last. The first boy who finished didn't stick around much. He did stick around long enough to boast and tease that we were having his sloppy seconds. The other boys reminded him that he wasn't first tonight either. I wondered how many before him.

    I was really conflicted. This was shattering my image of her. I was a virgin and had thought she was too. I learned this wasn't the first time here for half of them in the room. The only other boy that was invited for the first time was two years younger than me. I doubted if his equipment even worked yet. After two boys left it was just her brother and me as we waited for the other new guy to take his turn.

    I was really mixed about this and admitted it to him. I asked him how long this as been going on. It started with their older sisters doing stuff like this. Now that she got involved Sandra Dee is taking it to a new level. I asked him if he ever took a turn. He blushed and looked down but admitted, he does. I coaxed out more. Part of the deal is if he plays a good host, he gets to go last, after all of the other boys had gone home. This sister is the only woman he's ever been with. I had to give him a break on that as he was only 12. Aside from that, she'll sometimes use him when an unrelated boy isn't handy enough. He was clearly conflicted about it too. He knew it was wrong but he was whipped.

    The boy taking his first turn was his classmate. It is part of his role to find boys for her. She finds them on her own mostly, but she especially loves virgin boys and grown men. He helps finding virgins. He asked if I was upset that he invited me. He wasn't the one who called me, so at first I was confused. I then got that it was him that suggested me and gave her my phone number.

    I asked what kind of boys got invited back. He didn't completely know all but he knew she liked the sweet ones that loved to eat her out but also the brutish ones that were jerks, strong, rough and basically r**ed her. She is obedient to them but bossy to the nice ones.

    Although we were the same age, I was shorter and smaller than her most of our lives. Only now I was her equal. I was no equal to the two larger boys that already left. I was no bully anyways. I was going to have to be sweet. Eat her out. I didn't know what that really entailed but I was willing. All of these other guys wanted to use her. Even at 14, I wanted to marry her.

    When the younger boy came out he was ecstatic and boastful. Having chatted with the brother, I felt like this might be his last time invited over. She called in her brother for a moment. He came out and told me she needed a few minutes to be ready for me. I wasn't surprised. She had done that, at lest somewhat, for each of the last two boys.

    I wasn't sure what to expect, but my heart was in my throat and I felt shivers all over. I was nervous. Hi I greeted her. This was my first time having a one on one conversation with her. My brother tell me your a virgin. Oh crap, I think. I wonder what all he told her about me. Come on, she says as she led me to her bed.

    She was dressed in a purple silky nightgown and nothing else. I didn't know why she put that on. We were going to be naked soon. She was just as soft, gentle and sweet and both speech and deed as I've seen her before. My mind was still being blown. She wasn't acting slutty at all.

    I was a jumble of mixed emotions and clueless. She was a perfect first kiss. When she kissed me my eyes rolled back and I blacked out a second or so. I was in heaven. Each time she kissed me my lights went out. I still don't know what she does, but to this day, no other woman can make me black out just by kissing me. She ALWAYS could.

    I looked and smelled all over her body and could not sense a trace of use on her. I was certain she had showered between boys, or at least before me. I was putty in her hands. When she guided me to her pussy I obeyed. She had to talk me through it. I was really clueless. I didn't know what she was supposed to taste like. I could be licking semen. I didn't care. I loved every moment.

    I couldn't seem to get enough nectar out of her. I really didn't understand the biological aspects of all of this but I felt I could eat her out of her forever. Right then I was addicted to eating pussy. Not then, but several other times, I've found I can orgasm just from eating good pussy. After a time she got excited and stopped me.

    She pushed me onto my back and started to lick and suck on my penis. My brain was on sensory overload. Each touch was super powerful to me. Only now I learned why ALL men love BJ's. She didn't finish me but suddenly moved up and mounted me.

    I was again in Heaven. She rocked on me until she said her legs were cramping. She got me to get on top. It took a while to figure out what I was doing. I was in Heaven again. I wanted this NEVER to stop. I wanted to someday die while doing this. I was hooked.

    I kissed and messed with her little tits. She asked about how she like them. I told her I didn't know. They were perfect. They were my first real tits. What I didn't say was that they were incredibly small. My sister is 2 years younger than us but her breasts are several times bigger.

    When I came I said to myself that I was finally not a virgin and I lost it with the most beautiful and awesome woman on the planet. I didn't care if she was ever faithful to me. I was going to be faithful to her if she'd have me and marry me. I just had to stick around long enough to outlast the other suiters and win her heart. When I pulled out I was surprised to see a condom on. I had no idea how it got there. I didn't own one.

    When I left her room the world was changed. I bumped into walls and walked with less control. During my walk home a group of men saw me and one told the others that he bet I just lost my virginity. I turned to them and asked how he knew. He said, Because you LOOK like it. He must be right. I wondered what I looked like as I walked the rest of the way home.

    When I later met her brother, I told him that I'd like to be invited back as often as possible. I'd play any part, that I loved her and wanted to marry her someday. He replied, except for the last two parts I sounded like most other boys after their first time with her. Even though that didn't make too much sense to me but I took it as a compliment. Just tell me what I need to do or say to win her heart. He smiled and said he'd see.

    As I got invited to more parties with her I got to know her more. I discovered, as sweet as she is, she is REALLY bossy. Even when we played gangr**e on her, she was clearly in charge. She set time, date and time, picked the boys, set the limits, gave the code words and decided when it was over. Fake gang r**e on herself was her favorite fantasy play. Pulling trains seemed to be her most common sexual activity. At least that was what I was invited to the most. Over time, I risked being more wild than the other boys to stand out to her more. It worked, I caught her approval. She gave me my own code word. In the far future, if I r**ed her without her knowing it was me, I was to say my code word just before I leave, so she's know not to call the police.

    Most mixed gender times were actually naughty parties of a more party sort. Light drinking, strip poker, Truth or dare, 7 minutes in heaven, guess the tit/boner/pussy and such. She loved to invite boy-girl sibling pairs. Whenever a sibling pair was present she made certain to get them to mess around. The first time was ALWAYS without their knowledge. This usually took place as a glory hole of sorts. The guy or girl has to guess who is on the other side, servicing him, or being serviced by her.

    When I found out my younger sister got invited to the same party as me, at this girl's house I knew what was up. I had plenty of time to talk my sister out of it, to warn her, prepare her or simply refuse to go myself. I didn't try any of that. By the time we were both invited I was eager. Brother-sister pairs are more often guests of her parties and I knew why.

    My sister proved to be a good sport about being pranked into blowing me. On our walk home I told her the truth about how common it was. I told her about the brother and that was the known part of why. She asked me why I went though with it if I knew what was going to happen. I told her the full truth and pleaded with her to be cool with it all. I really wanted more time with Sandra Dee. My sister's help was key.

    I got invited VERY often, with my sister, for a few years. My sister wasn't immune to Sandra Dee's charms and was gay for her really quickly. She claimed she wasn't into women, but my sister was hot for the same girl I was hot for. For one summer, Sandra Dee, was the girlfriend to both my sister and I. I was filled with jealousy whenever my sister had her to herself. My sister felt the same way when I had her alone.

    My first FMF and only adolescent threesomes were with her and my sister. Anything I did with Sandra Dee, Sandra Dee made certain I did the same with my sister too. Sandra Dee loved those session and soon so did we. Sandra Dee never knew it, but we began to mess around when home alone. I never had a normal FMF again until I was 22. Not as often we swapped with her and her brother. While I liked that more, it was threesomes more than foursomes with her. During this time Sandra Dee was my girlfriend and my sister was his first girlfriend, officially.

    As our relationship with her petered, on her part, my sister and I got closer. For just short of a year, my sister and I were essentially boyfriend and girlfriend as we both rebounded from being dumped by Sandra Dee. It wasn't ideal, obviously, but it was what we both needed. During this time we both got WAY better at our oral sex skills. I think my sister showed the most improvement.

    Sandra Dee, never liked me the way I loved her. I still am Facebook friends with her. We've addended each other's sibling's weddings. She is married to a great guy who was clueless about her past when they got married. I don't know the details, but they adopted all of their children. She is still really bossy and so I'm thankful that I never got my wish to marry her. Still beautiful, I still think of her fondly. She has a great life and family.

    As for my sister, we tapered off as we started dating others. Even though my sister is younger, she was more desirable so she got way more dates than me. At the end I was the one trying to keep our unique relationship going. She instead started fixing me up with her friends. That was decades ago. We still share sly grins at family gatherings.

    I still know that code word Sandra Dee assigned me. Even though I've never used it, I still wonder about it and her. Group sex and gang r**e is HER kink and NOT mine. I wonder what her husband has knows or has figured out so far. She and her family have sugar coated everything that I know has been talked about.

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