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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 50

    My mother worked at a car dealership, she was a single mom 34 and more or less OK to look at, but she had a hard thing about her and she didn't have a boyfriend. I was 16 and going through all that stuff. The head of the maintenance department had a thing for my mom and she complained about him all the time. More than once he had tried to get into her pants and she kept herself on the other side of the table whenever they were in a room together.

    So it was Saturday and a friend of mine and I went to see Jaws for the first time. We were in line, it was such a hot movie that people stood in line for a couple of hours to get in. The man from the dealership bought his ticket and saw me in line and asked to break in. He just broke in and told the people in the line that I was his daughter. In the movie he sat beside me and bought us popcorn and drinks and when the movie started he took my hand and he just wouldn't let it go. My friend kept hitting my shoulder asking what the deal was and all I could do was shrug. As the movie went on and the scary parts happened I grabbed onto his forearm. When we left the theater his arm was gashed and bleeding where I had stuck my fingernails into him.

    He took me to the little boy's room and told the guy in there to leave and he locked the door (it was my first time in a boy's bathroom and the first time I saw a urinal, which is a whole different story) and he had me wash his arm with soap and water and dry it with the towel (in those days there weren't paper towels or hand blowers, just a towel on a roller). After I had finished doing what he told me he said he wanted a kiss, and not a stupid girl kiss, he wanted a real kiss and he grabbed me and took my behind into his hands and pressed me up against him and kissed me on the mouth. After a minute or two he released me a little and used one free hand to grab my boobs and tell me that as far as he was concerned I was all woman and I was ready. Ready for what? He turned me around and told me to hold onto the sink got my pants down and he screwed me on my tiptoes.

    Well that was the way you lost your virginity in those days, some girls lost it in the back of the car, or under the bleachers, or out behind the basketball court, and I lost it in the boy's bathroom at the movie theater. To me it was glorious, it was so glorious that the first thing I told my girlfriend when I walked out of the boy's bathroom is that I had lost my cherry. She wasn't good at secrets and one person to another it wasn't long before the word got back to my mother. When she confronted me with it I had to confess who it was. Well that was the end of it. Except for one detail, he could have her fired, so she kept her mouth shut. But from then on when he grabbed onto her she let him, when he pushed over the table in his office she let him, when he came to the house for dinner which she now fixed for him and he took her back into the bedroom she let him. Anything for him not to go after me again.

    He never grabbed me like that again, but he sure wanted to. He would call me over to talk to me and he would send his eyes up and down me, stop at my chest and stop at my crotch. He liked my crotch because he looked at my crotch all the time. If my mother caught him she would slap him and tell him to look at her. As for me, I liked him looking at me like that and did everything I could to give him something to look at.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 48

    As they say I was born and spent the first ten years of my life on the other side of the tracks. One by one my older sisters when they got to the eighth and ninth grades got pregnant and dropped out. When my 13 year old sister got pregnant the school nurse pushed it with Protective Services and they came and found out my stepfather was the father, and that two of my other sisters also had a kid with him. This was nothing new in the house. I didn't get pregnant probably because I was too young.

    My stepfather got 20 to life, my mother was deemed unfit and we were split up, the two older kids went on to live in our house working and finding men to live with them, but the three under 18s got split up into foster care. That is how I ended up on the white side of the tracks living with a nurse and her engineer husband. They had four daughters of their own and all the girls surrounded me and I was in girl heaven. I got food and clothes and went to school and after three years I was just one more girl there, except my hair was black, my eyes were black and my hair down there was black, all the other girls had blue eyes, blonde hair and light brown hair down there. What was curious at that age was how we compared our hair down there, theirs was so soft, curly and soft and mine was thick and very black and curly. Under my pubes I was also very dark, my skin was otherwise light tan, but my girl parts were very dark both on the outside and the inside and I had very dark skin between my butt cheeks. We checked, we examined each other very carefully. Under my tits I had dark skin too and they had smaller tits with mostly pink nipples. My older house sister liked my brown tits and nipples and she played with them when we were watching television and she liked to suck on them before we went to bed. It was much later that we actually kissed, she was a senior and I was junior. But once we kissed we kissed and went all the way. I was just taken with how white her pussy was and how pink she was inside.

    After college I went to work for a large employer in our town and I started out in HR. The Director was a dark woman in her late thirties and she was all blood and guts, she loved getting people in trouble for the slightest violation of the rules. She liked me and it was obvious all the way around and I was warned that she was a butch dyke and she wanted me. Well I wasn't into butch dykes, and I had my 'sister' and we got along quite fine. The Director made a pass at me at a happy hour, and she tried to kiss me and I told her she was way out of line, that I had a girlfriend and she was not my type. I lost my job in a reduction in force two months later.

    Then I heard that my stepfather had died in prison. My sisters wanted a funeral for him and I took my sister/lover with me for someone to lean on. She was the only fair skinned one there, her blonde hair and blue eyes stood out in the funeral parlor and she was very uncomfortable. That night after the visitation I came out to my blood sisters and we talked about how we had sex with my stepfather. Of course that meant that we were all perverts, maybe we were but we all lived together in this small house and he was the only man and you wanted to be with him, from my mom and down the line. All I can say is that was how we lived in the hood.

    I got other jobs and now I work for an advertising agency and they like my work. My sister/lover and I have had many ups and downs, mostly about how we should live, she is white all around and I feel that she is very small minded about my blood sisters and how it was for us when I was living at home. She will never understand. We were never unhappy, we were poor. Sex for us was just something you did when you got old enough. You talked about it with the other girls when you met them at the laundromat, everyone knew who was having sex with who. when you started and who was made pregnant by who. And we knew who was kissing another girl. No secrets in the hood. We didn't have TV.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    I kind of laugh about this now but years ago when I was between 9 and 12 or maybe even up to 13, I was intentionally humiliated by my legal guardian and her kids. My mom and dad were never married and separated when I was a toddler. My mom and one of her boyfriends I have never met got arrested for stealing credit cards and drug distribution. My moms best friend Rachael became my legal guardian and I was stuck in her house for almost 4 years. My mom got me back but it took a couple months after she was paroled. Rachael's kids were Linda, Brian, and Erin and they were all teenage but Erin might have been 12 when I first moved in. I admit I was no angel and probably a brat and Rachael wasn't the type to put up with it. I'm not sure what I did but Rachael grabbed me, pushed me over the back of the chair, pulled down my pants and underwear and spanked the hell out of me. I didn't notice at first but she did it in front of Linda and Brian. Over the next 3 plus years not only Racheal but Brian, Linda and Erin purposely intimidated me and caused me extreme embarrassment and humiliation. Rachael often smacked her kids but I never remember her ever spanking them. Linda was the oldest so when Rachael was out or at work she was just as obnoxious as her mother. At first it was only Linda but eventually both of the girls would barge into the bathroom as I showered or was going to the bathroom. There were times Brian would pull my pants down and other times he would strip me naked in front of his sisters and hold me down for a long time or tie me outside. He did this often and many times when other girlfriends of his sisters were there. He not only did that but many times pushed me out into the yard naked and lock the door. The girls would just make fun of me and Linda would often smack my bare butt and tell me how tiny my penis was.

    When my mom was able to get me back we moved to my grandma's house in Delaware. I have only seen Rachael and her kids twice since then both times at funerals one of which my grandma. I barely spoke to them when I did see them remembering the misery they put me through. I've been married for 12 years, have a great wife and 2 fantastic kids. I haven't seen my mother in more than 3 years and haven't seen my father since I think about 3 or 4 years old. The last time I saw Rachael she looked like death warmed over. And Linda has turned out to be a fat slob. Brian is a drunk and the only one that turned out good is Erin who is a nurse. When I think back about it now I actually laugh sometimes and have told my wife just about all of it. To them it was a big joke seeing me naked as much as they did and I doubt they ever cared how embarrassing it was for me. I can remember 2 times when Rachael spanked me naked and so many times when Brian stripped me. There were times he tied me naked to my bed and I'm not sure how many times he tied me naked to the back porch with the girls and some of their friends there. It was so humiliating I was in tears most of the time and they just didn't care. When I saw Brian at my grandma's funeral I thought about beating the crap out of him. I just ignored all of them instead as did my wife.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    Wne I was younger my family wen on vacation to the beach. Whle they were off doing there thing, I wentw andering along the beach. I met a boy who was a few years older thn me, and the two of us pretty much hit it off. We hung around together on the beach over the next several days. Then two days before my family was going to leave, he and I went behind some dunes and we got sort of playfully chummy with one another. I had never done anything like that with another boy, but with himj it was fun. We kissed and then slipped our swimsuits down and off, and as we continued kissing we played with each other's erection. After a while he ahdme turn over and he got u behind me and pushed his rection into my butt and had sex with me. I don't know why I let him fuck me, but it was fun and exciting. Then the next day we went home and that was it. My parents never knew of course, nor did anyone else.
    It was years before I had sex with another guy again, and it wasn't as exciting as that first time, and it convinced me that I definitely wasn't gay. Still, no regrets.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 33

    After high school I got a job as a hostess at Appleby's. I got a waitress job for my best friend. We didn't make a lot of money but we made enough to move into this trailer in the back of this house down the block from where we lived. Having our own place was the envy of many of our friends. We were not housekeepers and we couldn't cook, we did our laundry in one load and lived out of the laundry basket. We shared clothes, we ate each other's meals. We also slept in the same bed and we spent all our free time in bed, we were so hungry for each other.

    One night we got off about ten, we walked to and from work, and this man came up to us and offered to take care of us, if we got in the car with him. He convinced us to go to a party with him and our lives changed forever. There were three other men there and us two girls. They gave us money to strip and dance for them. Money to get felt up, money to let them have sex with us. For us lots of money, more money than we had ever had. When we took the money he made us promise to come to another party the next week.

    We didn't think it was prostitution but of course it was. We just had so much money, when we opened a bank account we deposited 3,000 dollars. And every week we deposited more money until we had five thousand dollars. A bank officer asked us where we got the money, we were two eighteen year olds working at Appleby's. Well, we told him that we entertained at these parties. He asked if we were intimate with the men, and well yes if he meant that we screwed with them.

    He breathed hard and took out a badge and said he was vise. He took us downtown and we got a public defender who told him he had not caught us in the act itself, but he argued we were using the bank to launder money. If we helped them we would get off easy. We went undercover for one party with a wire taped to our butt crack. Our help in breaking up the prostitution and gambling ring got us off with probation and a five thousand dollar fine.

    That was our moment of fame. The cop who arrested us told us to be good girls and look after each other. He had been watching us and knew we were girlfriends.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    I cannot tell you the name of the culture that I belong to because it is a very small group of people who all know each other. If I mentioned it and they saw this confession I would be put to death. When I was 4 years old I was sold by my father to be the wife of a wealthy man in our city. My parents were unfortunate that they only had one son but seven daughters. I was the youngest at the time so I was of no use to them so they sold me.

    I am very fortunate that my husband turned out to be a very nice man and wealthy. He paid a lot of money for me. I know this because I saw that my parents were living in a nice house after I got married and they even had a car. Before that we lived in a one room shack smaller than most people's bathrooms. We had shared an open sewer with a few hundred of our neighbors.

    Even though I was only four I understood what marriage was and it resulted in babies. I was scared since I thought my husband would hurt me trying to put a baby inside me. But he sat me on his knee and told me that I would get to decide when it was time for me to become a woman and try to make babies. Until then he would treat me like he was my father and I was his daughter. I know that today they call it grooming. But he really was very nice to me and when I started to become aroused for the first time it was my husband who I wanted to give my virginity to. I always thought he was handsome but the older I got the better he looked. So when I was 12 I told him I was ready.

    Now the men in my culture are renowned for having very large members. My husband was not typical. He was very sad. It was quite small. But I was very glad. After all I was only 12 though I still wanted to do it. I just wasn't completely sure what IT was.

    When I told him I was ready he asked if I was sure. I hesitantly said yes. I was both scared and excited. So he undid his clothes and showed it to me erect. It was a huge relief when I saw it. One of my fingers was almost the same size. I could fit any of my fingers in me. He put some oil on it and instructed me to touch it. Then he told me I could change my mind if I wanted to but if I got him to close to the point where it squirts out he might lose control and not be able to stop if I changed my mind at the last minute. I had no intention of changing my mind now that I saw his penis was not big enough to hurt me. I got all the more excited. We explored each other's bodies for a while then he asked if he could put it in me. I could not say yes fast enough. I practically forced myself on him I was so excited. Unfortunately he was too excited and he squirted his stuff in me before I had a chance to enjoy what was happening.

    I was sad until he offered to lick me. I didn't know that was a thing. It felt really good then I got all tingly and excited and breathing hard then I had my very first orgasm. After that, every time my husband made love to me he made sure I had a few orgasms first then he would put it in me. Also after a lot of practice he got to where he could hold it in for more than two minutes before squirting.

    I am lucky that I did not get pregnant right away. In fact it was another six months before I did and so I had my first baby at 13.

    When I was 29 my husband asked me for my permission to bring another wife into the relationship. While this is common where I am from not all women like it. This is especially true when the new wife is very young. Women get jealous. But The girl was sweet and precious and I fell in love immediately. So I gave my permission. She was 11 and had just been orphaned. Orphaned girls often don't survive because in our culture one does not adopt. Most likely she would have been beheaded by the age of 13 for prostitution which is often the only way a child that age can survive on her own. She was a very nice girl and was excited about being married. I was excited at having a little sister to keep me company. Just like with me, our husband told her she did not have to have sex with him until she felt she was ready. But unlike me she didn't want to wait until 12. She wanted it on her wedding night. We sat down and I told her about everything she could expect including the size of our husband's member. She was very happy that it would not be big enough to hurt her.

    By this point I had born my husband 9 children, 5 boys and 4 girls and he was very happy. But I was getting to where I would not be able to do this for too much longer. My new sister wanted babies right away. A year later her son was born.

    Sadly, our husband passed away only a few weeks after his sixth son was born. But by this time my oldest son was 16 and legally a man so we did not have to look for a husband right away. In our culture widows have a lot more rights than a married woman or a woman who still lived with her father. My son took on the role of head of house very seriously. We had a business and he now ran it officially but I did most of the work like I did for my husband who was not that good in business. Mostly he was not good at math.

    My second husband was a young boy. Now I say young boy I do not mean little. He was 16 and taller than my son and was in fact a friend of my son. I took one look and knew I wanted him. His family didn't have a lot of money but it did not matter since I had a lot of money by then. So they readily agreed to the marriage and then about two weeks later I was enjoying my wedding night with a gorgeous teenage boy who while unskilled in bed was very enthusiastic and surprisingly lasted for more than 10 minutes. My sister widow did not want to marry this boy and become his second wife. So our family split at that point. I had introduced her to the wife of a nice man who wanted a 3rd wife for her husband. It seemed she was no longer interested in him in bed so she went looking for a new wife for him. I attended the wedding and it was very nice. the man is very happy and so is his other wives. I am glad my sister widow is happy.

    So now I am 71 and living in the U.S. I don't consider myself a member of that culture any more even though I grew up in it. I do not regret getting married and having children so young. But Most little girls don't find nice men to marry. Most are forced to endure many painful things to keep their much older husbands happy.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    I'm a guy 73 years old and this happened when I was 13 in the 8th grade. 1958 59 school year and my group was first half of the day in homeroom. Reading English spelling and such. Afternoon was shop PE music/art and science moved from class room to class room. The others did the flip. We all had lunch together.

    One day I finished lunch quickly and was playing catch with a friend and he didn't catch the ball. It went through the olenders headge stopped next to the science building. It's a modular building located between the play field and the teachers parking lot. There's only one way into the path between the hedge and the building. The maintenance man said I could go in and get the ball with the couches permission.

    I got permission and went in. Found the ball and started back out and looking into the window and there's Mr C and one of the 8th grade girls. Now Mr C Is about 6 foot 6 inches tall and 265 pounds. Hugh hands and the longest fingers I've ever seen. The girl is Penny laying on the teachers desk naked while his middle finger is going into and out of her pussy. I can't believe I'm seeing him finger fucking her during lunch hour.

    I set with her on the bus on the way home and let her know what I saw. I asked if she's ok with him doing this or does he have something on her. She said she loves it and ask me not to say anything to anyone. I agree then she tells me that when she's baby sitting for them most times on the way taking her home after she lets him fuck her in the seat of his truck. I have never told anyone until now.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I guess this all started back when I was around 11 years old because at the time I didn't have any pubic hair. Mostly in the summertime my best friend Joe,(who was around two years older than me) and I would sleep over each other's houses a lot and we usually sleep in the same bed. One night we put the lights out to go to sleep. My friend Joe reached down the front of my underwear and rubbed my cock, I pulled his hand off and said cut it out man what are you a homo? His hand did feel good on there though. later that night I woke up and he had his hand down my underwear again, but this time I didn't stop him because it felt pretty good, he did this thing where he would rub his forearm against my cock it felt amazing so I didn't try to stop him. The thing is I never even masturbated before so I have no idea what's going on, I knew I was coming to some kind of climax because it just felt like I couldn't get enough of that feeling and before long I guess I had my first orgasm because right afterwards it felt very uncomfortable with his hand on there on there so I just pushed it off.
    The next night we slept over his house again the same bed. Same thing lights out and then he reaches down my underwear again I was like hey man what the hell but I didn't stop him cuz I was already getting hard and it was feeling really good and this time I reached over and stuck my hand down the front of his underwear. I was immediately quite surprised because he was a lot bigger than me and he had a lot of hair down there. I was rubbing him and doing that same thing with my forearm that he does and then suddenly pulls his hand off and then pulls my hand off of him and then he swings over and gets on top of me and starts grinding against my cock with our tighty-whities still on I'm thinking this is ecstasy when he stops again, sits up and slides my underwear down and then his then he gets back on top and our bare cocks are grinding together I remember the feeling of all that hair and that hard cock rubbing against mine and thinking this is the best feeling ever until I felt his cock throbbing and then he came all over my stomach all slippery and all that hair and hard cock rubbing against me GOD and then I had my second orgasm. Needless to say we had a lot more sleepovers and of course they progressed to us blowing each other and that too was really off the charts both ways he had a beautiful cock and I love the feeling of that thing sliding down my throat and he felt that same way so you can imagine we gave each other some pretty damn stellar head.
    Since then I've had a lot of girlfriends and I got married and I've been married for 35 years. I still feel like that was some of the best sexual experiences I ever had I always get hard when I think back on it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 19

    I just recently turned 19, high school graduate and ready to start college this fall. This all started when I was 14. We live in the country. My dad owns a pretty huge farm but has it leased out to a neighbor. We live on the farm in a pretty large flush home with a closed in fence. We have a medium sized swimming pool in the back yard where each summer we invite neighbors over for parties. They all love the swimming pool and I love to watch them playing around in it. My mom, especially, always wears a bikini and has a body, WOW. When she visited my school or came in the afternoon to pick me up my friends always asked "IS THAT YOUR SISTER?" Thinking it's a joke question I always answer "YES". Anyway, dad owns his own construction company and often does contract in nearby counties or even states which keeps him away often for several days at the time. Mom and I are always alone during these times. We will use the swimming pool together for exercise. During my school summer vacations, several years ago, when I was maybe 14, she always took afternoon naps and didn't trust me being alone while she napped she would often request that I take a nap with her. One afternoon while laying there I let my mind wonder. I was thinking of some of our neighbor girls about my age and others in my class at school and naturally I got an erection. At the same time I unconsciously began twisting my feet. You know how that happens? Anyway mom turned and lightly slapped me across the belly and told me "STOP THAT. I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!" I did for a while but my mind began wondering again and my feet began twisting again. Mom turned again and slapped me across my belly but this time lower and she hit my erection. Immediately she rubbed her hand back over it and asked, "WHAT"S THAT? ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT SLEEPING WITH YOUR MOM?" Embarrassed I said "YES". She then unbuttoned my shorts and grabbed my naked cock and began squeezing it. She asked if I was thinking of some of my friends or if I was thinking of her. Embarrassed again I said "BOTH!" She then turned over facing me and asked if I had ever had sex with one of them. I lied and said, "NO". She then asked if I needed her to teach me a little. "YEAH" was my reply. She then removed all her clothing and helped me remove mine. If you think she looks good in her bikini you should see he nude. She hugged me and began rubbing my naked body all over with special emphases on my hard dick. She spread her legs and took my hand and placed it on her already warm and damp pussy. I began rubbing it like they do in Porno. She asked if I had ever done that to a girl and I said I hadn't. She looked me in the eyes and said, "But you have seen it on Porno. We know you have slipped your dads pornos and watched them.
    She had me there because I had slipped them but returned them but probably not in the order they had them. I knew she was all turned on, she asked about me watching the boys and girls in the pornos sucking each other. I had and wondered how it may taste. I told her that I had seen it. She then twisted around and took my cock into her mouth and began giving me one of the best blowjobs anyone could imagine. Eventually she moved her body where her pussy was directly in front of my face. She turned a little more, spread her legs a little I could not resisting myself. Surprisingly her pussy taste wonderful. I can't explain what it taste like. It was wonderful as I said. I know she cum several times. I never did but felt like it several times. We eventually ended up fucking, me on top and giving her ever thing I had, Several times she mumbled "IT'S SO BIG AND FEELS SO GOOD. DON'T STOP!" But soon she changed her mind and said, "TAKE IT OUT BEFORE YOU CUM." She later told me we should get some condoms because we could not take a chance at her getting pregnant. I'm sure others have had a similar experience. If any changes occur I promise to keep you posted.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 44

    When I was 15 years old, my parents arranged for me to stay for 12 days at my 23 year old sisters place on the other side of town while they went on an Asian cruise. My sister shared an apartment with another girl, Kerry, who was 2 years older than my sister and they worked in the same Insurance Office and were good friends.
    My parents dropped me off on a Friday night as they were leaving early the next morning, and because there were only 2 bedrooms, I was to sleep on the couch in the loungeroom. The girls went out drinking and dancing that night, with Kerry looking pretty hot to this horny 15yo, with her short black hair and her curves shown off in a short tight skirt and see through blouse. I watched TV, and when they got home after midnight, both worse for wear, they said goodnight and went off to bed, leaving me with the TV down low. An hour or so later Kerry came quietly out of her bedroom in only her panties and a thin T shirt that clearly showed her round tits with hard nipples, and said I can't you mind if I join you?
    She sat next to me and pulled my blanket across her body and I tried to focus on the TV but I was too conscious of the warmth and the intoxicating smell of the sexy woman leaning against me. Although I was totally naïve at that age, I had been wanking regularly for over a year and I could smell her perfume and her alcohol breath and my dick was responding to her closeness and I wanted to touch her body but I didn't dare. I leaned against her and lightly touched her bare arm, then she snuggled closer and her hand was on my bare thigh under the blanket, and then it crept up my thigh and in the leg of my shorts and wrapped around my growing cock. She tugged gently until I was rock hard and throbbing, then she looked at me with lust in her eyes for a minute or so while she pumped it slowly, then without a word she dropped to her knees, pulled my shorts off, put her hot, wet mouth over my cock while still pumping it with her hand, and a minute or two later, while I stroked her shoulders and her hair, she swallowed my full teenage load without missing a beat. It was a deep satisfying pleasure, different to the orgasms I had from wanking, and she continued softly sucking as my cock slowly shrunk back to normal again. She kissed me on my lips and said keep that as our secret and it might happen again, and it did. Kerry sucked me off 4 more times in the middle of the night while I was at my sisters, but she wouldn't let me do anything to her and pushed my hand away whenever I tried.
    I have had sex with at least a dozen women since then, and I'm now married, but nothing compares to that beautiful pleasure as a 15 year old from a 25 year olds hot mouth.

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