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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 24

    I found out when I was 14 that my stepdad had hidden cameras in my bedroom and bathroom. When I was alone I searched in his laptop and found hundreds of videos of me master bating and my boyfriend fucking me.
    I decided I would have to put on a real show, so I invited the 2 neighbor boys over for some help moving furniture in my bedroom, once we were there I offered to pay them with blowjobs, I got completely nude and was sucking the first guy right in front of one camera and the other boy was rubbing my pussy, I told him he could fuck me but I wanted him to cum in my mouth, this went on for a good 20 minutes and I knew he was going to cum in my mouth so I opened wide and let him cum in my mouth and on my face, before I swallowed it I motioned for the other boy to cum in my mouth, so he did, and it was a lot of cum. I swallowed both their loads and cleaned their dicks and sent them home and I finished myself off and got dressed and waited for stepdad to get home. My stepdad got home and went straight to his bedroom, I waited a few minutes and walked in on him jacking off to my latest video, he had a nice big cock, I explained to him that I know he had cameras in my room and I was not mad, but I did want to watch the videos with him while he jacked off, so now weâre naked and he doing his thing and I was doing mine, I came so hard and was really horny and ended up sucking his cock and swallowing his load.
    This went on for a few years until him and my mom divorced.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 40

    My name is Carol and I have a twin brother, Ron. Our father left my mother for parts unknown when we were only 2-years old. My mother then had to support us by taking a job at a local newspaper on the 3-11 shift. We had a baby sitter until we turned 10-years old. At that point our mother felt we were old enough to be left alone until she returned from work.

    Everything went well until we turned 11-years old. One Friday evening, as was my habit, I proceeded to take a bath while Ron did his homework. I filled the tub with hot water and my bubble-bath. As I sat down in the tub I noticed the bathroom door slowly opening, and Ron stepped inside. He was naked, except for his jockey shorts. I was shocked when he asked if he could join me for a bath. We hadn't been in the bathtub at the same time since we were five.

    I just kind of froze which he took as acceptance. He then approached the tub and removed his jockey shorts. Not having seen him naked since we were five, I was surprised by the site of his limp penis and the thin circle of pubic hair around it's base.

    Once in the tub, Ron started to help me bath by rubbing bubbles on my chest. Since my breasts were only starting to develop, my protruding pink nipples were very sensitive. He then reached below the water and started to explore my pubic area. As Ron leaned back he took my hand and placed it on his now erect penis. I couldn't believe how hard it was. Ron urged me to keep rubbing his penis, which I did for about a minute. All of a sudden Ron let out a cry and his penis began to get soft in my hand.

    We both then exited the tub and got dressed. Ron begged me to remain silent about our bath, and I have for the past 29 years.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I grew up in a very conservative midwestern town. Lived in the classic suburban cul-de-sac in a fairly upper-middle class neighborhood. My parents were very strict so I knew almost nothing about sex or sexuality. When I was 12 some of my friends from the neighborhood and I got invited to go hot tubbing with the neighbor girl who was older, around 16.

    She was new in town and we considered her to be kind of a strange girl. We knew she lived with her grandfather who seemed a bit sketchy and who my parents had warned me to stay away from. We all agreed to come over. So me being the naive one in the group gets all excited and runs home to get my swim trunks. She literally lived two houses over from mine so I was back over quickly.

    She is already in a bathing suit when I got there. It seemed weird because she wore a one piece bathing suit with little frills around the waist that seemed way too young for her. Now I was expecting a large chlorinated hot tub like Iâd seen in hotels but she leads me upstairs and through her grandfathers bedroom to the master bathtub. She starts filling the water and I start getting kind of a creepy vibe. This was more like a slightly larger bathtub with some jets but no way would it accommodate four people.

    She says she thinks no one else is coming and I start to chicken out but she urges me to get in. The tub is still filling but she kinda helps me in and follows. She poured some bath stuff in and the bubbles began forming. She was sitting behind me in the tub and started rubbing a sponge on my back with soap. Alarm bells are going off and while I didnât really find her attractive I had also never been touched by this like a girl and she liked it.

    I started to get up and she quickly placed her hand around from behind onto my cock. It quickly sprang to attention and she began rubbing me through my trunks. She slipped her hand in and began jerking me off. This was a first for me and I came really fast. She kinda giggled and I got super embarrassed and jumped up out of the tub, grabbed my towel, and bolted out of the bathroom.

    My heart sank when I came face to face with her grandfather. I froze and he yelled for her to get out. It seemed like an eternity but she just kinda unceremoniously walked out and closed the door behind her. My stomach dropped as he began telling me how he was going to have to tell my parents and all the trouble I could get in.

    He eyed me strangely and pulled my towel away. âYou are just skin and bonesâ he said as he moved very close to me and ran his fingers over my abs. I began panicking and he saw it in my eyes and sneered, âYeah you are a soft boyâ. He grabbed me roughly by the arm and pushed me over to his bed and set me on the edge.

    His crotch was right in my face and I knew what he wanted. I was so scared but part of me liked the way he was rough with me. âYou are going to be fineâ he whispered and began undoing his pants. My mind raced and before I knew it he had his hard dick right in my face. âYou know you are a little queerâ he sneered and pulled my head toward him.

    Instinctively I opened and took the head in and began trying to suck like I had seen it in porn. Part of me was excited and part of me just wanted to get out of there. I continued to try and suck and he continued to try and push deeper in.

    He shoved it into my throat and I gagged and choked and pulled away. This must have pissed him off because he grabbed my hair and pushed my face down onto the bed spinning my body face down on the bed. He held me down and his weight was so strong. I struggled a bit but couldnât really move. He yanked down my trunks and spit on his cock.

    He got right in my ear and whispered, âYou are going to take it like a good girl,â and just rammed it in. The pain was so bad I screamed but he pushed my face into the bed to muffle me. I heard the stereo come on in the other room and realized I was all alone in this. He started fucking me so hard and I just gave in. Honestly when I did it felt better. He went on for a few minutes calling me a little whore and telling me he knew I wanted it. I felt him tense up and he gave it only last push in deep before I felt his cock spasm and could feel him filling me. He twitched for a few more moments then pulled out.

    He threw my trunks at me and told me he had caught the whole thing on tape. Then he told me to go and that he would be seeing me again soon.

    Walking back home my mind was a wreck, I knew my parents would believe me if I said something but the whole experience just left me confused. Iâd like to say I never went back, that would be a lie.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 24

    I was raised by a single mother, and had an older brother. My mom would often travel for work and when I was in 8th grade, my older brother and his friends had gotten to age where they were getting their drivers license and he would have a few of his guy friends over to play video games and drink while she was out of town. I was never allowed to stay in the basement with them because they wanted to have their "Man Cave." They spent most of their time playing WoW, but every night at some point I could hear them switch to watching porn. They would all show off their favorite pornos and porn stars. They were pretty loud, and so was the volume on the porn. They were not hiding it from me that they were watching porn, but i didnt think anything of it. After an hour or so they would switch back to gaming. I'm not sure if they were having a circle jerk down there or what, but they were extra vigilant in not letting me down there once the porn started.

    One time the night started like any other, 6 of my brother's friends trickled in, and headed down to the basement. About 30 minutes into them being in the basement, my brother came up and asked "We are going to play some drinking games and need 1 more to make it an even number. Do you want to play?" I was shocked that I was being invited into the man cave, and new I couldn't pass this up. We played a handful of drinking games, and it was like they had planned to invite me as they had a bottle of wine just for me and were always making sure i had some in my cup. I had wine before, but could tell that I was feeling much different than when normally had wine. I was feeling warm and like I was surrounded by my favorite people. I didnt think most of them were especially attractive, it was just a group of nerdy WoW players. I started to have a hunch that there may have been something different about the wine, but I was also too happy to care.

    We continued on with the drinking games for a few hours and everyone was very drunk. I was feeling like I never had before and on cloud 9. The guys were also constantly complimenting me telling me that I was so hott and getting me all buttered up. They started to talk about porn and I had said "I always hear you guys watching porn down here, what do you do when it is all guys." Apparently they would eventually find one they all liked, print out a picture of her, and then they would each jerk off onto that picture to see how much they could cover it in cum. I found myself surprisingly turned on by this and asked if I could watch with them. They all were very excited at that question and easily agreed.

    They had put a few videos on, and they kept asking if I was liking what I was seeing, and talking up scenes, saying things like "Ive heard that this makes girls feel so good, they cant walk the next day" and "girls are so lucky that they can just keep having orgasms." We were all sitting on couches and armchairs around the TV in the basement, and I noticed that most of the guys had one hand down their pants and were gently stroking themselves. This was not my normal reaction to this situation at all, but I just felt pure excitement and happiness, and a sense of being appreciated and wanted.

    We hopped through a few videos and I started to notice some of the guys had slipped their dicks out. Almost like a train wreck on not wanting to look, but peeking anyways I scanned the room for my brother to see if he had popped his cock out. Then I realized that he was not in the basement at all. I was relieved, and this loosened me up even more, I stated to rub myself from outside my shorts. I was wearing some running shorts that were very thin, so I was able stimulate myself nicely. I wasnt as into the porn as I was into the idea of my situation of feeling very loose on wine, and surrounded by horny guys. One of the guys saw what I was doing and said "It will feel better if you let us help you with that." I was already feeling really good and felt my panties were damp, and if we could make something feel better, I was all for it. I told him "Make me feel like a porn girl." He came over to the armchair I was sitting on by myself and stood infront of me, reached down, and started rubbing my shorts. His dick was poking out from his pants and he was using his other hand to massage the tip of his own dick. All the other guys turned their attentions towards us. I put my head back on the chair, closed my eyes, and decided to let the pleasure take over.

    He had been rubbing my shorts for a minute or 2, and then I felt his hand creeping down my thigh, there was only an inch or 2 covered by the short running shorts, and then I could feel his hand directly on the skin of my thigh. and then sliding back up, but now his hand was under my shorts. He worked his way back towards my pussy, massaging my leg on the way. When his hand got back to my pussy, I could feel him peel my wet panties aside, and he gave a quick rub to my clit, and then slid a finger into me. I gasped with pleasure, and before long he added a 2nd finger. I felt another hand grope and start rubbing my right breast from outside my shirt. I opened my eyes and saw one of the guys had moved to standing behind the chair and was reaching down touching me. I decided to help the guy out and pulled my shirt and bra down so that my right tit was hanging out. He started to rub and lightly pinch my nipple. Another of the guys came up behind me and started to massage my left breast through my shirt. I started to feel a tugging on the side of my shorts as the guy who was fingering me had pulled the legging of my shorts up and to the side, so that my pussy was as exposed as it could be from that angle. He had also gotten to a kneeling position between my legs. The exposing of my pussy was quickly followed by him rubbing his tongue on what he could. It felt good but with my shorts and panties still on, his access was a bit restricted. I pushed him back for a second so that I could stand up. I pulled my shorts and panties down, then lifted my shirt and bra up over my head and tossed them onto the floor. I sat back down and said "that should help, now where were we."

    I sat back down and could feel the excitement ripple though all the guys in the room. They all took their pants completely off and were crowding around the armchair as best they could, even moving the couch that was on one side, and the end table on the other, so that they could get as close as possible. The guy who had been trying to go down on me, was now able to bury his face into my pussy. I remember a very distinct warmth from the feeling of being so desired and the center of attention. I set my head back again and closed my eyes, I was truly relaxed and experiencing feelings like never before. I was making noises and moans involentarily, and writhing from pleasure in my seat. I felt a dick start rubbing on my right shoulder and opened my eyes again, The guy who had been fondling my breast and pressed his dick up against my shoulder. When he saw I had noticed, and not pushed him away, he worked it closer to my face. I had been enjoying myself for awhile now, and felt like it was time to start returning the favors. I wrapped my hand around his dick and started to stroke it. His dick was long and skinny. I was almost able to wrap my whole hand around it. After a few strokes, I slid over a few inches in the seat so that I could reach him with my mouth, and guided his dick right down my throat. In hindsight I actually enjoyed how easy his dick was to suck, because it was very skinny.

    Upon seeing one of the guys starting to get a blow job, all of the other guys started to press in even closer, sticking their dicks out hoping to be the next one into my mouth. The guy who had been going down on me this whole time asked if I was ready to feel really good. I pulled the dick out of my mouth and said I was. got his arms under my thighs and pulled my ass to the edge of the seat so that it was just handing off, and my soaking pussy was hanging out and ready for his cock. He rubbed his shaft up and down the lips of my pussy a few times before pressing his thumb down on the head of his dick, and slipping his cock down into me. He had gotten me very wet and even being young and tight, he didnt seem to have too much problem getting his full cock into me within the first few strokes. Having been pulled down the chair a bit, my head was now closer to a cock on my left, so I grabbed this one and put it into my mouth. My right had was still stroking the skinny cock, but it was time to share the love. This cock was quite a bit thicker, and it was harder for me to keep my mouth wrapped around it. I would slide his cock in and out of my mouth a few times, before having to pull my head back for a breath, and then go back to sucking on him. Amidst all of this, I head one of the guys who was standing down near the end of the seat on my right mutter "O fuck, o fuck" and I felt a warm rain shooting onto my stomach in waves. The guy had cum just from watching and stroking himself, I think he was holding out for his turn at my pussy, but everything going on was too much for him. His first shot got as far as my tits, with the rest of his cum ropes running across my stomach and hip. Seeing one guy cum started a chain reaction, as the guy who was fucking me, pulled out a few stroked later and again the rain of warm cum was covereing my body, his first shot was all over my neck and lower chin, then a few creating a line right down the center of my breasts to my belly button, and the rest trickled out right above my pussy. I had taken the dick out of my mouth to get a look at him covering me in Cum. Once he was done, the guy with the skinny dick worked his way between my legs, and I could feel his long skinny dick slide into me. A new guy also took his place up near my head and I moved my head so I could start sucking on him. This guy was a bit overweight, and had a shorter dick, but i enjoyed being able to fit the entire thing in my mouth, I could tell he did also. Aside from the guy I was sucking, and the guy that was in me, the 3 remaining guys started to form a line of sorts wrapping around the left side of me.

    My body from the waist down was at a point where it was constantly shaking, and I was having so many orgasms that I couldnt tell if it was just on long one, or a ton of them strung together. Skinny dick had been hitting the right spot with every thrust and I didnt even realize until I was saying it, but with each stroke I said, "Dont stop, dont stop, dont stop." His body locked up as he was trying to do as I asked, and I felt him start pulsing and a warm tickle inside me, after one or 2 pulses he pulled his cock out of me and cum was flowing from his dick at my lower stomach. At first I thought he just had a smaller load of cum, but then realized that his first few pulses of cum were inside me. normally this would have had me worried, but for whatever reason, I didnt have a care in the world tonight. I had switched to just giving the fatter guy a handjob, as I wanted to watch the rest of the guys while they fucked me. I also noticed that the porn on the TV had stopped because the video we were watching when this started was over, and it was a 46 minute video. The next guy in line stepped up and at this point, I was so wet that he was able to slide in balls deep on the initial thrust. I was so wet and now giving my full attention to the guy who was in me that I started to wiggle my hips with the rythm of his thrusts. I moaned "Do you like that?" Apparently he did because as soon as I asked, he pulled out, hunched over, and added to the glaze that was coating my stomach. As he stepped away, the next guy worked himself between my legs and also slid all the way in on the first thrust. He was thrusting very slow and kept pulling back out to stop himself from cumming. He asked "So it is ok if we cum in you right?" I said "Try not to, but at this point it doesnt matter." He put it back in and started thrusting like a jackhammer for about 40 seconds, and I could feel him push as deep in as he could as his body tensed up. He definitely didnt try to pull out at all, but the sensation of his cock pulsing inside me made me glad that he didnt. I could feel his warm deposit flowing around inside of me. The last guy left was the fatter guy with the smaller dick. I was dissapointed at first thinking about ending on this, but he rubbed my clit with his thumb while he fucked me. He asked "Do you like that, I learned this one from porn." I did like it very much. At this point my clit was pretty sore, so I egged him on saying, "You ready to cum for me?" He pulled his dick out of me, came up to the side of the chair and sprayed his load sideways across my tits. He didnt seem to stop as rope after rope just continued to glaze my whole body.

    I was so cum soaked that I needed one of the guys to get a towel. after wiping myself down, the towel was so gooey and drenched that I ended up throwing it away. I later found out that they had all been planning this. My brother made a deal with them, that they would all pay him alot of video game gold if he could make that happen.... and that he had put ecstacy into the wine to help get me in the mood.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 49

    My best friend and I used to watch his dads vhs tapes of porn. We started watching those before we even were in puberty. I remember masturbating before we could cum. Once puberty came for both of us, we revisited those porn vhs tapes. It was on an afternoon when his mom went grocery shopping and his dad was working.

    So we put the tape in, both let our shorts fall to our ankles and sat on the living room couch in our tighty whities. 5 minutes into the porn my dick was very hard. So I pulled my tighty whities off because it was getting uncomfortable wearing them when erect. Friend followed and slid his down around his ankles.

    We started masturbating real slow. Both of us are uncut so no need for lube. We fast forwarded to our favorite scene. That was a hung hairy uncut guy fucking a sexy hairy pussy and her hairy asshole.

    It was about then I felt this strong urge to pee, but I knew I didnât have too pee. I told my friend I think Iâm gonna cum. That would be my first time. He said do t do it on the couch. So I knelt down in front of the coffee table where we had a towel laying out. I felt a lot of pressure and a lot of pleasure building up. Then all of a sudden cum comes rushing out of my cock. And there was a lot of it. I must had cum for a minute straight. It was all over the towel, on my hand and under my foreskin.

    Then my friend ended up cumming all over the towel while I was still finishing cumming. He had a huge load too, it was his first time cumming too. As soon as we both were done we each grabbed a tissue to clean under our foreskin. Pulled our tighty whities back up, then our shorts and put the towel in the washer. Then put the porn vhs back where it belonged. we both were still feeling really good so we sat on the couch for 20 minutes to catch our breath.

    Once his mom came home we helped her carry groceries inside. Then two hours later we both had our shorts and tighty whities around our ankles in his barn jerking our dicks again.

    We masturbated once a week with each other. Either watching porn or looking at his dads porn magazines. We both watched as our cocks got very hairy over the years. No one shaved back then.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 20

    When I was 13 I was always horny, I was having sex with multiple boys at different times, one summer day I had sex with 8 random boys at our local public swimming pool. It was easy to pull my bikini bottom to the side and take a penis inside me. I would chat a boy up and tell him to meet me in the bathroom, every guy came quickly. By the end of summer I estimated I had sex with 30 boys, of which none ever made me cum. When school started back I got a new history teacher we will call B, he was 27 and really cute. It took me 2 months to work up the courage to ask him for extra tutoring, which he agreed and we decided he would come to my house after school. B showed up at my house around 5 oâclock, I let him in and went to the dining room table, after around 15 minutes I excused myself for the bathroom, when I returned I only had my bra and a sexy black thong on, he looked a little shocked but was definitely enjoying what he was seeing, I asked him if he wanted to tutor me another way, he responded by saying this was inappropriate and we shouldnât do it. I walked up to him and grabbed his hand and placed in between my legs, he started rubbing my pussy, I undid his pants and reached in and was rubbing his hard cock, after a few minutes I suggested we go to my room, he agreed. In my room we stripped naked and I took his hard cock in my mouth (I had sucked a few cocks but never had a guy cum in my mouth) I sucked him for a few minutes then he pushed me onto my bed and went down on me, I never had this done before and it felt amazing, in no time I was cumming so hard I was shaking, thatâs when he put his cock in my pussy and made love to it, I was cumming again. He started thrusting harder and deeper then I felt him explode inside me. We did this several more times during the school year and almost daily the summer after, sadly he got transferred to another state and we didnât stay in contact.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 32

    I was a pretty horny kid hot I didnt know what masturbating was till I was 16.. I was home schooled so I had quite a bit of time to myself. My mom would leave for work around 4 pm 3 days a week because she was a nurse. Then around 6 pm my step dad would get home. Donât know my real day.

    But I would get his briefs out of the laundry hamper and wear them to see how much of his briefs I filled up. Step dad is hung so his briefs were stretched out pretty good in the front. He always wore jockey or Fruit of the loom white briefs. The jockey briefs turned me on more because more was visible in them, no double layer fly to hide his stuff! But the FTL briefs were still very sexy. I wore FTL white briefs back them.

    Iâd see him in his briefs before he went to bed and I always remember seeing his penis head outline in his jockeys and you could see his thick hairy bush through the fabric too. My step dad had a very hairy crotch and cock.

    Iâd wear his worn briefs with my little boner when no one was home. Then before heâd get home Iâd put them back in the laundry hamper. Well one day I was standing in the mud room looking in the mirror at myself in his jockey briefs and he came home early. He walked in and saw me in them. He didnât say much at first, then asked if those were his jockeys? I embarrassingly said yes as I was very hard in them. He obviously could tell that. He told me that I was no where as near as big as him down there so they looked baggy on me.

    Then he just asked if I masturbate in his briefs? I was confused and ask I have no idea what that is. I think he was surprised by that. He asks if I ever found briefs of his that were wet in the front and had a distinct smell? I said a while back I found a pair on top in the hamper that were soaked in the front and had a weird smell. He to,d me thatâs semen, he masturbates in the morning wearing his briefs.

    Still not knowing what any of that is, he got an a website for teens to learn about stuff and had me read the articles on puberty for boys and masturbation. 2 days later when I went to look at his briefs there was a pair on top of the hamper. They were soaked! He must had shot a huge load on them that morning. So me being curious I went to my bedroom and sat on my bed in my briefs

    I pulled myself out the fly and started stroking. Not even 3 minutes later I had a feeling and I just started cumming. It was a huge load. It soaked my briefs and covered my belly. I kinda freaked out a bit not being used to that and was worried what my mom would think when she washed my briefs.

    So I showered and put my briefs on top of the hamper next to my step dads. When he came home he went to shower and when he came out of the bathroom he asked me how it was. We talked about it and he told just make sure not to make a mess when doing it. Then he told me if I need lube there is plenty under the bed in a tube in their room. But he knows Iâm uncut so not really needed, heâs cut.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 44

    This happened back when I was 13 years old at my friends house. His parents were out for the day and it was just me, him, his sister and one of his sisters friends. The girls were just a few years older than us. My friend and me were out back just hanging out when his sister and her friend came out to do some suntanning. They were both wearing bikinis and within a few minutes off came her friends top. His sister seemed caught off guard when she did it but us boys didn't mind. Her friend tried to convince her to go topless too but my friend's sister refused.

    The sister and her had some words about her being topless particularly in front of us. Her friend told her she had suntanned topless and even naked before which surprised his sister. Her friend then took her bottoms off too which really surprised his sister and us too. She tried to get my friends sister to go nude too but like before she refused. It was sort of nice seeing a girl naked so I wasn't complaining.

    Her friend turned her attention to us boys and tried to get us to go nude. My friend said no right away and I hesitated. I was intrigued by the idea of going nude but knew it wasn't the right thing to do. After a little more prodding by her friend I did it. I was nude just like she was. I think both my friend and his sister were very shocked and surprised I actually did it. It was the first time his sister had seen me naked and she seemed almost speechless that I was nude and she was seeing me that way. She made numerous comments about how she was seeing my penis and I wasn't covering up.

    We must have been out there nude for at least a couple of hours. I do admit when I first got nude I was a little nervous but it quickly wore off. Actually, as time went on I began to be very relaxed being nude both that day and in the future.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 24

    When I was 12 I was starting to experiment with my Penis. I started to notice that it would feel good to play with it and touch it while it was hard. I also noticed that it had started to get alot bigger in general. It went from a skinny little thing, and started filling out into a rod that I couldnt even wrap my hand around. Aside from the feeling I got playing with my dick, I didnt understand the concept of masturbation, and had never made myself ejaculate before, nor did I know it was possible. My body was definately ready to blow its first load, I just didnt know it yet.

    My parents were going to Cancun, so I was going to be spending the week with some family friends. They had a daughter named Amanda who was 21 at the time, and was living at the house. Both of the parents worked, so after school there was a few hours every day where it was just me and Amanda in the house. She had dark blonde hair, and was a few inches taller than me at this point. She was also very tan and skinny.

    The first few days went by with nothing of note taking place. About half way into my week at their house, I got home from school and went to watch some TV. Amanda was already in the family room watching something, so I sat in an armchair and posted up to watch whatever she was watching. After sitting there and watching TV for about half an hour, Amanda said in a mocking tone "Ooo you have a boner." I hadnt even realized but when I looked down, I was pitching a tent straight into the air. I was very embaressed and tried to push it down and manuver it in such a way that it would be less odvious. While I was trying to hide it, the feeling of me just touching it felt good and I knew it wasnt going away soon. I said "Sometimes this happens, it stops doing this later." She said "You can just go jerk it off when that happens." I had never heard this term, and had no idea what she was talking about. I responded with a very unconvincing "Yea true." After a moment of not going anywhere or doing anything, she said "Do you know what jerking off is?" Now even more embarssed that I had a boner, and was asked a question i didnt know how to answer, I said "Yea, well I think... actually I might be thinking of something different... What do you mean it is?" She laughed and said, "Dont you masturbate yet? That is how you can get rid of your boners. If you play with it, it will feel really good, and then you will cum. Oh my gosh this is so exciting, the guys my age talk about it all the time, I want to see your reaction when it happens! Do you want me to help you?"

    I still didnt really know what was about to happen, and since I didnt know what jerking off was I happily agreed. (If i did know, I would have agreed just as eagerly.) She told me to come sit by her on the couch, so I did. Then she said "You need to take your pants off." I was so caught off guard by this, and had not connected that this was going to be part of the process that I said "Ok, should I go to the bathroom for that." She laughed and said "Take them off here, when you are my age, you will be getting naked with girls all the time." I slipped my shorts down and my rock hard dick sprang up as my boxers slid down and I sat back on the couch next to her. She said "It is bigger than i expected for your age! I still cant believe you have never masturabted. You just grab is and start rubbing it." I grabbed it with my pointer finger and thumb, as if I was trying to pick it up, and started rubbing on it. Amanda quickly stopped me and said "No like this." She wrapped her hand around my dick and started to stroke it up and down. A rush surged through me and I was shivering with joy. She had only been stroking it for about 20 seconds and I started to feel something happening in my dick. I quickly jumped up and said "I think im going to pee!" I went to pull my shorts up and run for the bathroom, but Amanda stopped me saying, "I think you are about to cum, trust me, it will feel really good. Sit back down." So I reluctantly pulled my pants back down and sat next to her. She started grabbed my cock again and got back to stroking it. I could start to feel the sensation again and as she was stroking me. My entire body locked up and I was almost scared at the sensation that I was feeling, again I felt like I was about to pee but my penis start to pulse was quickly followed by a huge stream of warm, white cum that shot into the air and came down all over my shirt. I shot a few more ropes of jizz into the air and it was landing on my shirt, on the couch, and on the floor. After a few shots into the air, it started to just flow out the tip of my dick and roll down onto Amanda's hand.

    When I started to snap out of this body controlling orgasm, I apologized to Amanda because I saw it got all over her hand and arm. She told me "Dont be sorry, that is what is supposed to happen, usually guys try to get it on my face! Didnt it feel amazing! Ill go get you some tissues to clean this up, I dont think I have ever seen so much!" She went and got me some tissues and we wiped everything down and I went to change. My boner wouldnt go away though because now I couldnt stop thinking about what had just happened, and wanted to do it again.

    We went back to watching TV but after about 10 minutes of sitting there, I couldnt help myself and asked, "Do you think we could do that again?" She seemed surprised and said "Wow already, Ok. I will help you again if you help me first!" I had no idea what she needed help with, but I would do anything to be jerked off again at this point, so I agreed. She pulled down her pants this time and told me to put 2 fingers in and start rubbing around in there. It was so warm and I will never forget the subtle, high pitched moan that she let out as my fingers slid into her. I was rubbing around and eventually hit the right spot, as she said "Dont stop!" and started to breath heavily. After about 10 minutes of this, she told me to use my tongue, I pushed my tongue into her as far as i could and started to move it around. She seemed to be loving the feeling and she grabbed the top on my head pushing it between her legs. At one point she moaned and her thighs gently squeezed down on my head. Shortly after that she sat up and said, "That was pretty good, now it can be your turn. Do you want a blowjob this time?" I did know what this was because I had heard of it from a movie. This time she pulled my pants down, and Ill never forget the tickled that I felt on my stomach and groin as her fingers slid inside my pants and boxers to pull them down. She said "let me know when you are going to cum" and then put my dick into her mouth. The warmth and wetness of her mouth was giving me a feeling I had not even considered was possible. I started to get my hips into it, thrusting into her mouth as she would go down on it. I was nervous again about getting my cum on her, especially because she told me to warn her when it was going to happen. Then I started to think about my orgasm earlier and combined that with what I was feeling, and seeing her sucking my dick, next thing I knew I was about to explode again. I said "Its gonna happen!" She sealed her lips around the tip of my dick and massaged the bottom on my head with her tongue. I said again "here it comes!" I was worried she didnt notice because she wasnt moving her head. At this point it felt too good and it was too close that I just decided I would let it happen and deal with it getting in her mouth later. I started to shoot out another load of cum right into her mouth and after the first couple spurts I realized that she was expecting me to cum in her mouth. As I kept shooting into her mouth, I could start to feel some of the warm cum flowing around my dick in her mouth. Once the pulsing stopped, she slowly slid her head back looked up at me and opened her mouth. I could see if was filled with my cum. She then closed her mouth, swallowed, and it was gone. "No cleanup this time" she said and giggled. Then she said she was going to take a shower to clean up before her parents got back home.

    Not only did I learn how to jack off that day, but I got my first deposit into my spank bank. I jerked off every day for the next few months, usually a few times a day. Even years later I still jerk off to that memory, and now hopefully this story will help some other people get off also!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 28

    Ever since I was 12 I have had a cum fetish, I had caught my brother jacking off just as he was cumming, seeing sperm shoot out all over it was kinda funny and arousing. I loved the male penis, how it gets hard, the different sizes,etc. I was a masterbater myself, I always fantasize I was sucking multiple dicks and getting sperm sprayed on me.
    My brother was embarrassed and when I asked him if I could watch next time he wanted to jack off, at first he said no, I told him I would let him look at my tits while he did it, he said ok, the next day we were all alone and he asked if I was serious about what I said the day before, I took off my shirt and bra and showed him my cute tits(32b) with puffy nipples, he sat on the couch and I got on my knees in front of him, I told him he could cum on my tits if he wanted to, I watched him jack his dick he was staring at my tits so I took his free hand and placed it on my chest my free hand found its way to my pussy, I was so turned on, I came first and just as he shot his load on my tits, he let go of his dick and his head was leaned back looking at the ceiling I took that opportunity to put his dick in my mouth and suck the last few drops of cum, I had never done anything with anybody until that day. I loved seeing a man cum and loved the taste of cum too, I began wiping his cum off my tots and licking my fingers.
    The next time he was ready to jack off was a few days later, this time he came in my room naked, I was on my bed, I got up and took off all my clothes, now his eyes are glued to my pussy(which I shave), I got on my knees in front of him again but this time I put my mouth on his dick and started sucking him (I had watched some porn videos on the internet), Iâm pretty sure I was doing a good
    job because he didnât last 45 seconds until he was filling my mouth up with cum. We never had sex but I was able to test my skills out on many more boys as I got older. I wonder if there are other women like me that just loves to suck dick and swallow cum? Of course there are ððð

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