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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    When I was 8 years old I went to a 10 week Summer Camp and I was assigned to a Cabin with several other boys my age.- The Cabin had a Consular with his own private room to care for us.- After a couple of days, he took a discrete special interest in me and at nap time he would usher me into his room and our bonding started !- Soon,he unfastened my belt, opened my Jeans up wide & rolled my tighty whiteys down to expose my little jewels that had gone very stiff - He placed his mouth on them and the feeling was cosmic and I thought I had arrived in Paradise.- we did this special treat every day and I loved it !- although I did not then realize it, I was after that point completely His !

    We went on with this for the full season and although we had a close call of discovery, I was a willing & happy Participant. All good things come to an end & the wait for next summer began !

    Summer season # 2 arrived at last & I was anxious to see my special friend again, but this time I had a Different Councillor.- I spotted my friend but HE avoided making any contact with me for a few days, I Would guess out of Extreme Caution in both our interests !

    Then, as I was out & about He asked me if I wanted to see him & I said yes, so He indicated a Locked & Boarded up Cabin at the edge of the woods. - I was to approach from the forest side and one window cover plywood board would be hinged and unlocked it was high up and I would need to figure out how to reach a hand hold on the lower sill to lift myself up and then in.

    I managed to arrive on time & get in completely unnoticed. Once inside I fastened the hooks to keep the plywood fastened down solid .

    He was quietly waiting there and we renewed our friendship and bond.- After a while, he asked me to undress down to my tighty whiteys and to sit on the chair that was at the small table.- We talked for a bit and he went and undressed except for his shirt that was an outside the pants style long square tailed shirt. the shirt was unbuttoned but acted as a short bathrobe.- As we talked he came very slowly over towards me, until he was very close.

    I was fascinated to discretely see his large package, as this was something I had never seen before in my young life & I could hardly take my eyes off it. - As we talked, he looked very deeply into my eyes and that was like magnetic attraction for me. -- He started to stroke my head, the nap of my neck and tweak my nipples, then after a bit asked me if I would like to look at his package and touch it to see it was smooth as silk and warm and he guided my hand over to stroke his sack first and then to stroke his penis ever so slowly as he kept petting me and telling me sweet nothings in a very hypnotic way.

    His Penis became bigger & stiffer with each stroke I gave it with his help and this was fascinating me to near immobility when He suggested that I give it a little kiss. - I was very hesitant and after a bit He moved in and rubbed it on my lips as he encouraged me to open up my mouth.- Like magic, I opened up & he slid in, upon which I closed my lips around his shaft and started working it with my tongue with a firm intent to do a great grown up job of sucking that member that I was instantly in love with !

    Now, He asked me to promise to start swallowing when he asked and not to stop for any reason until he said I could ! - Not knowing what was ahead of me, I said YES !-- The more I sucked, the more I got Hot & the more I liked what I was doing !

    After a long time of his petting me and my sucking him, at last he said to start swallowing and then after about a few minutes more I tasted some light salty fluid in my mouth and he started pushing deep down my throat that he had positioned me in for this event. - He was in to me to his fur line and started to shoot his cream way down my throat as I worked to swallow it as it arrived in great volumes as he rammed in and out deeply while he held my head in perfect position for what he wanted to do.-- I was beyond Hot & Aroused, I had lost all control & loved what I was now doing & I wanted all the joy juice I could get.

    I kept sucking & swallowing Until I could get no more Joy Juice & he begged me to stop.- After that I cleaned him up with my tongue & he said my next lesson would be Swallowing while
    doing 69 and we carried this on for the full 10 weeks with great gusto !-- 8 years later I Joyfully surrendered my Cherry but that is another True Story !

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 39

    Having gotten my driver's license at 16 my mother was worried about me. I could drive her car, but only within certain boundaries and she checked the mileage and gas gauge. I had permission to run errands for her, but any free time was very limited. And I still had to ride the bus to school.

    I asked her for permission to go over to my friend Laura's house one Saturday afternoon. Laura lived in our neighborhood, so it was like four blocks and no busy streets. She said I could go, but I had to be back by six for dinner. I didn't go to Laura's. I went to this senior boy's house instead. His parents weren't home and he wasn't expecting me.

    That afternoon I found out how hard a boys penis gets. I found out that a boy can shove his penis down your throat until you vomit. I found out that a boy can fuck your tits. And of course I found that a boy can fuck you good and cum inside of you. He shaved me and wrote his name on me with a magic marker. He put the magic marker up my vagina and told me to recite a hundred times why I liked getting fucked.

    The next day he had told a friend, and by the time I got to school on Monday everyone knew I was a slut and I had his name written on my pussy with a magic marker. He had the magic marker at school and was giving it to his friends to smell and was telling the girls to check out my pussy. I was humiliated. He had told them he made me vomit because he was too big for me and that he was going to fuck me in the butt for the triple crown.

    I was taken down to the gym storage room for the triple crown. Two girls were witnesses. I thought it was going to hurt but it didn't, it felt good instead. After the fucking he said I walked like my butt hurt, but really it was that I was leaking.

    Senior boys hardly ever had sophomore girlfriends, but in my case he made an exception. I was off limits so other boys didn't want to date me anyway, even though I had gotten a reputation of putting out and going to look for it. Over time other girls in my class fell off their high horse, one by one and by the time we were seniors the only thing that mattered was who, when and where it happened.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 42

    My folks had a house on the river, on the bluff. Fifty-three steps down to the water. My dad liked the view. Down river about half a mile on the opposite bank was another cabin, water's edge. I embed those kids so much. On the 4th of July when I was fifteen the weather upstream opened up. It rained and rained, my dad stayed focused on the news. Around three he asked me if I knew those people in the cabin downstream. We had never met them. He pointed and told me to go get them, now. Bring them up to our cabin, the river was rising and better safe than sorry.

    I went down our steps, took our skiff and pulled up to their dock. I gave them my dad's message. The dad looked at me and said I had delivered the message, thanks but they were ok. I repeated the message and the mom asked me how concerned my dad was. In the end she made her husband agree. They told me thanks, they would pack up and head into town for the night and I left.

    Around seven the boy knocked on our door, he had stayed behind to watch the place. My dad told him he had to stay, he couldn't go back. We pulled his skiff out of the water, the river was high and fast, and we went back up to the cabin. The rain upstream had let up, but the water was coming downstream, so he bunked down in my room on a sleeping bag. We talked and stole a couple of beers and settled down. At what point he brought up camping fun I don't really remember, what I remember is that camping fun was jacking off. He got his dick out and started, he offered to let me jack him off.

    His words, his stare, his erect dick, which one got me I don't know, but I took his dick in my hand and started to jerk him off. He pushed my head down, offering me his dick to suck. I gave in and put his dick in my mouth and got the most amazing buzz, I gave him all my attention while he ran his fingers through my hair. He told me to stop, get my dick out and he got into position and sucked me and jerked me off. We got on the bed and started mutually sucking, changing positions until he was over me thrusting into my mouth. When he came he caught me by surprise, but he was over my face and mouth and I did my best to hold his dick in my mouth.

    The next day we waited until the water receded before going to his cabin. Fortunately they only lost the dock, but the house was ok. We were alone in his cabin he offered me his dick to suck again. He sat on the couch and I got down and sucked him and jerked him and he came again. Getting him to come made me feel good. This time I ate some of his come. I could tell he liked it.

    We lived in different towns, but we were friends from then on. As seniors in high school our parents let us go to the cabin during the fall, he would get permission on the same weekend and we met up and started fucking. From the start he made me his bitch, although at that time we were not that aware of Alpha top or bottoming. He was the Alpha and I was his willing bitch.

    My parents were glad I had made friends with the boy in the cabin downstream. But nowhere near as glad as I was. He was my first, and we gave ourselves to it and became full blown queers on the river.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    When I was 14 I liked to spend weekends with my older sister. She was ten years older than me and had her own apartment. It felt good to have freedom at at her place. I would occasionally sneak some shots of her liquor while she was gone.

    I didn't really learn about the reputation my sis had until I spent those weekends there. She would go out every weekend and bring the party home. Sometimes lots of people, sometimes a little bit. I knew most her girlfriends. The guys were mostly strangers to me. They were all friendly to me so nothing seemed strange.

    One night they were drinking heavily. She only brought a few home that night. One guy she was kinda seeing regularly and her girlfriend. I had snuck my shots in and was feeling good. So good I got sleepy. I tell them I'm going to lay down and I get to my room and fall asleep.

    After maybe an hour I wake up and need to pee bad. I walk into the living room and see my sis getting fucked while her friend is sitting next to them. Her friend sees me and I run back my room and pretend I'm sleeping. I hear someone go into the other bedroom. I know it's my sis and her friend when she starts moaning again.

    I thought all three had gone into the other room. I was laying in bed and felt embarrassed since I thought I knew for sure they seen me. To my surprise the door opens and my sis's friend walks in slowly. She walks to my bed and whispers are you awake. I say yes and she wants me to lay by me. So I let her.

    She tells me She saw me watching my sis and ask if I like what I seen. I tell her yes. Then she ask if I ever had sex before. I tell her no. She curls up closer to me and kisses me then I feel her hand go down in my shorts and grab my dick. It only takes a few tugs on it to make me cum in her hand. She ask me if I came and I told her yes. Then she said she wanted me to cum in her. She lay by me rubbing my soft dick. I never felt so good until I felt her mouth start sucking on my dick. After I was hard again she slid her panties off and sat on my dick. She bounced on me hard and fast. I didn't think I could handle it. I nearly came fast again but she slowed down. She grinded on me slow telling me I'm too young and we shouldn't be doing this. I told her it was too late to stop and I wouldn't tell. She went faster saying you're not gonna tell over and over and I said no over and over. She was bouncing so fast I told her I'm about to cum. She tells me I'm a good boy and to cum in her. I start to cum then she starts to cum. She shakes wildly on top of me then falls forward on me. Then she looks at me and says we shouldn't have done that. She gets up and walks out fast.

    It happened like that for a while. We'd fuck then she'd feel guilty. But we always did it again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 21

    Don't know if I'm good enough a writer to do this but when I was turning 15, I had a coach that knocked me for a loop. I suspect it had to do with my age but his body drove me nearly insane. Sometimes he would wear cut-off denims instead of coach sweats and his faded crotch showed the perfect outline of his large, thick cock. I began masturbating all over the place, even in class, sitting in the back row, looking around, madly rubbing and fingering myself. He was muscular and his thighs and powerful, muscular ass was pure eye-candy.

    My imagination developed a dream sequence to help my wanking. He would find me in a dark corner of the gym and pull out his tool where I would engorge myself with it, taking his cock in my mouth, in my throat, anus and vagina, even between my little titties or rubbing on the crack of my ass cheeks. I had only seen come flowing in porn but I imagined him spurting on me like the porn cocks saw, where I was completely nude. I dreamed of his tongue all over my body, at my crotch until I came, repeatedly.

    He should have come a shot glass full, deep up my ass, in my vagina, and on my tittles on my hard nipples. I have large, long ones and imagined my nipples as hard as his cock would get. I, myself, have a nice ass and would look at it in the mirror imagining his cock sliding into my anus with him loving the feel of the pressure of my ass cheeks on it and he fucked me hard and deep.

    There's no recollection of how this period ended or when but it was so intense that, though the wild fire is now low, thinking of him, I still masturbate with a dildo I imagined is his size and the intense period was half a dozen years ago. I drive the dildo deep and fast into myself . I would still try to swallow his entire cock, complete with his balls, in my mouth and throat, today. He need not ask, just pull it out and I would spring to action. Holy shit, what a man. I wanted to have his body so badly but I daren't approach him. I could not dream of all of it being a reality.

    Are there any girls out there who went through this or am I just a weird, world singularity?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 53

    In the seventh grade a new boy came to school. It was a small school in West Virginia and we had class in the same room every hour. The way we were seated, alphabetically down the isles he sat beside me. He talked to me, talked to me in class, talked to me at recess, talked to me at lunch. I got in trouble several times because he talked to me in class. He was never called out, I was for answering him. At the time in the seventh grade I had hair half way down my back and it fell free. Once in a while my mother would have me wear a single long braid. The easier for him to pull my hair and he pretended that it was the reins of a horse and he walked me around like that during recess. The teachers never called him down on that, they told me to have more self respect and not let him treat me like that.

    On day he got kicked in the nuts during soccer. He fell to the ground. As girls we were on the sidelines watching, that was our part of P.E., watching the boys play. He was on the ground and two of the girls pushed me onto the field to go to him and help him. I didn't know what to do, so all I did was kneel beside him and ask him if he was alright. I walked off the field with him, his arm around my shoulder. He asked me if girls felt anything if they were kicked down there.

    He didn't let the subject go and he asked me a thousand questions of what I felt down there, when I sat down, if I rode a bike, if I rode a horse, if I was kicked, if I was touched. He asked me if it was true that I wiped every time I went to pee. He asked me to let him touch me. He had never touched a girl. He put my hand in his lap and made me touch him. One afternoon, he came over to my house. We lived three blocks apart. My mother was out and he came into the house.

    He wanted to see me down there really bad and asked me over and over again to show him, he wanted to see how a girl looked down there. I told him there was nothing to see and pulled my shorts and underwear back and let him look down my shorts. He looked for a long time, standing there letting him look made me feel funny and I asked him to let me look. I saw his penis and I put my hand in his pants and touched and held his penis.

    I let him put his hands in my pants and he used his fingers to explore. He opened his pants and pushed them down and let me hold and handle his penis. It wasn't long until his penis was hard. It got really hard and he told me to hold it really hard and not to let go. He pushed my pants down and I fell on the floor and he got between my legs and soon he had his penis inside of me and he didn't get off until after he had ejaculated. We were kids, we didn't know any better, we were just taken over by the moment.

    It was that one time. Months later, when my mother had it in her head to talk to me about the birds and the bees, I told her that I had already done it. I ended up with a whole lot of new rules. And those rules included not being able to see him alone. We still held hands, even though my mother cringed, I sat right next to him on the couch when he came to see me. Like the whole couch was there and I was sitting almost on top of him. When my mother started to offer him something to eat or drink I got very jealous and jumped up to go get him what he wanted. It was a strange time. I often wonder what my mother was thinking knowing that boy had sex with me on the living room floor.

    Dating was a problem. Everyone else was single dating, boys coming by in their mother's car to take you to the mall, or to the movies, or to the Dairy Queen. My mother bit her lip and let me go, alone. She shouldn't have worried so much. We necked and petted and went to third base all the time, but we never went back to home base until we were seniors. Then we went to home base all the time.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 47

    He held me by the shoulders and kissed my mouth. I tried to slap him but he took both my hands and held me by my wrists and told me to stand still so he could kiss me and not to take my face away from him. He kissed me for a long time, several long kisses and he kissed my cheeks and my forehead. He let my wrists go and told me to stand still, he was going to kiss me and touch my pussy. When he put his fingers on my pussy I jumped back. He told me to come over to him and stand still and let him kiss me and touch my pussy. I stood there while he kissed me and touched my pussy with his fingers.

    He took me to my Grandma's bed and fucked me.

    I was sixteen, Thanksgiving at my Grandma's house, 1967. He was my uncle, married to my mother's sister. That was my first time. I remember it vividly, I can feel his kisses and his hands, I can feel his body on me, I was so scared and it felt so good. It liberated me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    I saw my aunt fully nude one day when I was about 6. She changed after a shower and I saw her reflection in a long mirror in the room I was in.

    The mirror was adjacent to a doorway that connected her bedroom (the room I was in) to an adjacent bedroom she was changing in. She only closed the door about 2/3 of the way, just enough to give herself privacy from my eyes but she was oblivious to the giant mirror.

    I saw everything and it was incredible. She had large tits with big pink nipples and large areolas and as she removed her towel and dried herself off I was mesmerized by their movement, how hard her nipples were in the quite bedroom air. When she dried her back, she revealed an incredible dark brown bush that has made me a fan of hairy pussy ever since. It was a wide, thick triangle that came to a soft point against her white thighs.
    I remember her drying her pussy off with the towel she had just use to conceal her torso just seconds ago and as she did so she turned her body to the side and I saw her the curves of her profile and then the post-shower fullness of her bush protruding beyond her upper thigh. This was in maybe 1987, before women were made to feel more feminine if they shaved their gorgeous bushes away.

    She was beautiful. It was just the most amazing sight I could ever imagine and cemented lifelong powerful sexual turn-ons for me in an instant.

    Thanks to her obliviousness (or just lack of real diligence) I'd also get glimpses - and sometimes long gazes - of her pussy years later when I was a teenager. She was (obviously) older now then when I first saw her naked, maybe in her early 40s and she had gained some weight but still looked beautiful.
    So, I'd spend a lot of time at her house after school. Around bedtime she'd frequently go about in nothing but a long tee shirt that dropped maybe to her mid thigh but rode up whenever she bent over or sat
    down in certain positions and...there was her bush just barely concealing darker labia. I'd position myself strategically to get better glances. She kept her pussy hairy and never shaved. I remember seeing her bend over one time revealing the very bottom of her ass and her pussy hair sprouting from her taint and disappearing up between her ass cheeks. My cock got instantly hard. I laid on the floor one time "watching T.V" as she tidied up and got a long view of a legs parted, squatting down pussy view just behind my head. I looked up and I saw everything - the color of her lips, her hairy asshole, pussy pink with a bit of sheen. Just everything. I was in my early teens at the time and it would drive me insane. Gallons of my cum was sprayed at various places in her house, mostly her bathroom or the bedroom I was sleeping in that night. I constantly masturbated while reliving what I witnessed in my mind and then letting fantasy take over. I used to feel shame for it at the time but I couldn't help it.

    Eventually I got over it and simply accept it as a fundamental function of my sexuality and at the end of the day, no one was hurt over it. I was always a very sexual person who was absolutely captivated by the body of a woman and my hormones were raging. Any opportunity I had to see a woman naked in person, I was hopelessly oblivious to. Pussy was pussy and pussy and women are infinitely beautiful and sexy. I consider myself lucky. Those early experiences will always be with me and a part of my sexuality.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 27

    I am the adopted one. My parents adopted me when my mother couldn't stay pregnant. Once I was adopted and living with them, I was adopted as a new born infant, my mother got pregnant and carried my sister full term. We are ten months apart. Obviously we don't look alike.

    We were curious seven year olds when we first kissed pussy. And not a teeny weeny itty bitty little kiss either, a French kiss with tongue and everything. We didn't get wet then, but we made up for it with saliva. I pretty much kissed her pussy every night. Not long after we started kissing pussy I licked her asshole. She bent over with her hands on her knees and I sat on the bed and licked her asshole. We were on the end of the bed and she could see herself in the mirror over the bureau. That became our favorite way, kissing or licking pussy happened a lot on our back, but to lick her asshole we almost always did it the same way, me sitting on the bed and she bending over with her hands on her knees.

    We went through puberty and everything go complicated. We got tits and grabbed tits a lot, the harder the better. She has large nipples and when she gets excited her nipples swell up and become very sensitive. I still lick her asshole, but we do it now only after we take a bath. We eat pussy a lot, again we pretty much eat pussy after we take our bath. I groom her pussy and she grooms mine.

    We have never slept in separate rooms, and we have never dated. We are mostly regular sisters, we share lots of likes and we have differences too. Our parents held me back so that we would be in the same grade, but we rarely had the same the class. In grade school our parents lobbied for us to have the same lunch period, and in junior high and high school we made do with the lunch period we got.

    I am a journalist, or try to be and she is a grade school teacher. We live together and we have date night on Friday or Saturday night, we take a long hot shower and she gives me her asshole to lick, which we now do in the bathroom with me sitting on the vanity bench. She bends over and holds on to the counter top. I get very horny and I finger myself, and I finger her when I am licking her. We get like an internal orgasm and then we move on to the bed where we have our choice of sex toys and we have sex doing pretty much everything until we achieve a blasting orgasm. I lover her pussy, I have a map in my head, I know every spot on her, and know what to touch, what to kiss and what to make love to. We use anal toys for penetration and suck clit and pussy to cum. We almost never kiss, until after we have had an orgasm, and then we play with our lips and tongues.

    During our senior year spring break we got small tattoos on the inside of our thighs. We borrowed a Celtic fertility symbol and had it tattooed high up next to our pussy. We don't date. We are exclusive.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    When I was in first grade. My teachers aid had me to stay in the class room during recess. She took me into a room off from the class room and made me take my clothes off. She said she wanted to make me feel good. Miss Stacey took her clothes off and had sex with me. She made me stick my dick in her pussy and she sucked me good. We had sex for 5 years until she left and went to a new school. After that I wanted more so I would get different girls in the school from first grade to my 8th grade year and we would fuck during recess under the bleachers in the gym. In high school there was a hot teacher in biology. Mrs. Huffman was her name. I went to her classroom one day after school and she had on a hot little blue dress. I made a move on her and slipped my hand under her dress. We fucked all 4 years of high school and would meet to fuck when I was in college. She and I had a little boy together. Her husband still thinks its his child to this day.

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