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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was about 16/17, I would randomly daydream about how I would kill a nondescript, hypothetical person based on specifics such as motive, victim specs (habits and skills), location, and so on, how I would cover it up, and what my alibi would be. I also would daydream about how I would booby trap a house/alleyway/woods/whatever, and mentally design the mechanisms needed to make the traps work. Sometimes in great detail, depending on how bored I was. I still do.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't intend to ever carry out the idle imaginings. I don't even intend to have them, they come about when I get bored and my mind wanders. I'm not violent at all. A little piss-y at times, sure- but hey, I'm a teenager, female (damn hormones), and am on corticosteroids for weak kidneys (even more moodiness! yah! /sarcasm).

    I am an 18yo female of above average intelligence (133 IQ), and am not stupid enough to actually tell anyone I know about this, and am too shy and proud to seek help, not that I could trust it.

    Oh, and BTW: one of my spam prevention words is "spurple", which sounds really, really funny when spoken aloud.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    During my high school years I turned out to be the top girl-athlete in the sprint items, but my favourite subject was chemistry. We had a new teacher in the 11th grade who arranged the laboratory different so that his desk was at the back of the class and to maintain discipline amongst the boys he had them all in front at the black board with us girls at the back. He had the habit of moving among the rows to check on our experiments and standing behind us watching our progress. Our class was equipped with those bar-type stools with no backrest. At times he would lean over to point out something important which resulted in him making contact with our backsides. We all became used to this method until one day when I felt him pressing his crotch against me. I was stunned at first when I realised he had a hard-on and was softly pressing and rubbing it against my butt and I blushed and was too embarrassed to react. I just sat there and tried to concentrate on what he was trying to demonstrate on my bench. This took only a few moments before he stood back and went on to the next row. I was so glad that my position was in the back row of the class and nobody else noticed.

    This continued throughout the following weeks and he became more bold every time he stood behind me. Sometimes he would just stand and pretend to watch my experiment and for several minutes I could feel his hard-on rubbing against me. Fortunately he was very discreet and none of the others were ever aware of what was happening right there amongst them. Then one day he asked my to stay behind when the others left for mid-morning break. The moment we were alone he locked the door and asked me to bring my refrerence book to his desk. He then asked me to place the book on his desk and to place my hands beside the book. In that position I was bent over slightly. He took position behind me and the next moment he gripped my hips and I could feel him rubbing up against my buttocks. He clearly had a huge hard-on. Soon I sensed him fumbling behind my back and the next moment I felt his warm naked penis between my legs. He was soon breathing heavily while pumping furiously and within a minute he suddenly pulled back and I saw the cum dripping on the floor.

    That happened only on that one occation. The next year he was promoted and left for another school. Now, 20 years later, I still wonder if I was the only one of his pupils to get "the treatment".

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was 12 when my sister married this high school jock. I was staying the night at their house when I cut my finger, she told me to knock on the bathroom door and ask my brother in law for bandage. He told me to come In and get it from the medicine cabinet. As I was getting the bandage the shower door opened and he stepped out, I just stood there staring at his naked body and huge penis. I had never seen a grown up guy naked, I was so amazed and turned on at his six pack abs, his black pubes, and his huge penis and testicles. I think this is when I realized I was Bisexual, before I left the next day I sneaked into the clothes hamper and took his breifs he had worn that day before. In the weeks following I would come home from school put them on and fantasize about my brother in law while I masturbated.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was an infant my stepfather legally adopted me. He died a few months ago and I miss him very much. He was the kindest man I ever met both to me and my mom. He owned a travel agency which my mother and I still operate. While growing up, starting when I was a toddler, my mother and stepfather went on trips very often. They took me sometimes but were away often on trips and cruises since most of the business was and is comprised of large groups of people. They were away a week to ten days every month from the earliest time I can recall. Warren was my stepdads oldest brother and was retired. When they were away Warren would come to our house to watch me all the time. He too was very good to me but I didn't realize until he died how he had manipulated me and sexually abused me. He died in 1996 when I was 13 soon to be 14 and at the time it saddened me greatly. My mother and stepfather were always very protective of me and to some extent overly so. I was their spoiled little girl who got almost everything I ever asked for. They trusted no one with me other than Warren. If for some reason Warren couldn't watch me my mother would stay home with me. By the time I realized how Warren had taken advantage of me for all those years, I didn't have the heart to tell my stepfather or my mother what went on while they were on all those trips. They thought so highly of Warren, I couldn't bring myself to tell them all the things he did with me. It took almost a year after Warren died before I even began to question myself about how I let him take so many liberities with me without ever resisting. While it was all happening it seemed he had me programmed and sworn to secrecey. Even though he was much older than my stepfather I think I was infatuated with him. He spoiled me as much or more than my mother and stepfather did, slowly having me obey his every wish or demand making me feel it was my request.

    Warren was married for a short time but never had kids. When he first began watching me he was in his 60's and the eldest of my stepfathers other 4 siblings. He was old but healthy at the time and was like the leader of the whole family. My mother not only trusted him but admired him because of his generosity and all the charitable work he did. Not just with me, he was thoughtful, generous and kind to all of his many neices and nephews. What no one knew is that he was also a pervert and I have often wondered if he molested any of his neices like he did with me so many times. I doubt if he ever had as much time with his necies as he did with me but I still wonder if he ever manipulated any of them. If so, even today I never heard anything bad ever said about him. I am old enough now that it is clear how he did it but I still don't understand completely why I never told anyone. I wasn't stupid but for some unknown reason I never insisted he stop and constantly let him abuse me. It didn't seem like abuse to me at the time because he always made it a pleasurable experience, even as I became older. He never told me not to tell anyone but at the same time made it seem to me that I was the instigator of it all. He had me trained so well over time that he would give me subtle hints at which time I would actually ask him to do things. He was so good to me I participated in anything he wanted to do. He had me asking him to do things to me just by saying a few words to me. He said things like "its time for?" or "would you like?". It seemed it was incripted in my mind, so I would answer him by saying things like "a bath", "a tummy rub". There were other terms he and I used but those were the most common.

    Its hard for me to remember things when I was very young and don't think I payed much attention as to what was happening. I know I was naked often and had a bath once or twice a day when he was watching me. He generally showered as I played in the tub of water and I do remember watching him shower. I might have been suprised by it when he first began being naked around me but it was so often I did see him that way, I don't think I thought to much about it. I might have but can't remember if I ever said anything to my mother about it. Everytime I got a bath or anytime the two of us were naked it was made to look like I was the one who had control over it. It was always me who wanted to undress or me who told Warren he needed a shower or that we should take a nap. When we did nap it was always after a bath or shower and we both layed in the same bed naked. Thats when he began touching me but it was always in a soothing way. He would often have my lay on my side and cuddle up to me to rub my back. I did feel his penis at my behind but never gave it much thought. As I got a little older I felt him get erections but had no inkling as to why. I did begin asking him questions and he seemed to explain things to me without alarming me about anything. I remember him telling me his erection was something he couldn't control. He always used the correct words for not only his but also my body parts. I'm not quite sure what I asked him one day and not sure how old I was, but it pertained to his penis. He had just taken a shower and I was still in the tub. As he looked at me he someway got me to ask him what it was called. I suppose thats the first time things really got more intimate than ever. We both dried off and went into my bedroom for a nap. He layed down with me standing next to him and began telling me what his privates were called, starting with his penis and having me say it a few times. I think I was facinated by it and by this time not the least bit inhibited by our nudity together. He got an erection and used that word then told me what his scrctum was and had me touch his testicals having me say the words. He then bent his kness up and exposed his anus to me. Then it was my turn and he used the words vagina, anus, and breasts even though I had no breasts at that time. Thats the only time he ever told me not to tell my parents anything about what he explained to me. He insisted my mother and stepfather would be disappointed since they should be the first ones to tell me these things. I naturally believed him and never said a word.

    Warren never used the word sex although we frquently said vagina or penis or even all the other words he told me that day. He didn't wash me after that but I was still in the tub whenever he got a shower and began having me shower with him. He always washed my back but I never washed his until one day when he said he had back pain. He even had me wash his buttocks and the front and back of his legs telling me he had trouble bending over. After about a week I no longer took baths and we showered together all the time. Now as bad as this sounds it was fun for me. He always joked around and made it an enjoyable time. As usual he would ask as a question and say "do we want to?", and I'm not sure how he did it, but then I would say "soap each other". Thats how he got me to begin masturbating him and the word semen came into play. I don't remember ever thinking about sex as a pleasure but do know I was 9 when I had my first orgasm. It was while we were in the shower and he was soaping me. After that things seemed to escalate and he always made it look like I was the one who insisted on it. Aside from the quaint phrases he used he would always make me say "please" and often tell me it was up to me or my idea. By the time I was 11 we were performing oral sex on each other and constantly masturbating one another. When my mother and stepfather were home I frequently masturbated myself and realized how much I enjoyed Warren doing it for me. He never penitrated me fully but began penitrating my anus with his finger. After awhile he had me doing the same to him but never tried to have intercouse. He explained it to me but always told me that is something I should only do with a husband. I was impressed enough to believe him and never gave intercouse a thought. He continually complemented me on my body development and when my breasts developed would get me aroused simply by touch and kissing them. I think I knew by that time that it was a bad thing we were doing but I felt a need for it. As soon as my parents would leave and I knew they wouldn't be back for a week or so I no longer needed him to say anything. I would simply say I need a shower and all he would say is "now?" and I automatically said "please". It was a sad time for me when he died and took many months before I finally realized what he had done. All that time, even when I was 13, I beleived it was my fault. He had a way of turning everything up-side-down and would often tell me he loved me so much he couldn't deny me anything. I was so mixed up just before his death I think I craved his affections and he still had me convinced I started it all right from the beginning of it. Warren is still graciously talked about by the entire family.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was a bad girl in many ways, this is about the only girl I ever loved.

    I new from being 9/10 that I liked to kiss other boys and girls I wasn't bothered which I would get a exited rush down bellow that made me want to do something but I didn't know what back then. I played dirty with boys from a young age, I was 11 the first time I properly kissed a girl we played in bed together as I was at a sleep over. the same girl i often sheared pleasure with but wasn't the girl I loved.

    I met the girl in high school and we snuck a a bottle of wine in our tent whilst on holiday with my parents and after having a giggly moment we had amazing sex. From that day we together all day, we had boyfriends but would openly flirt with one another. we would kiss our boyfriends goodnight and sleep over at my house and play all night.
    over 5 years we slept together and had fun in between boyfriends it was amazing.

    The best moment we snuck down a field at the side of the river were no one could see us, we had amazing sex undressed in the sun her body felt warm and lovely to touch lick and fuck I miss her so so much.
    I often walk by the spot with my husband and memories come flooding back.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When staying at my friend's house, I use to sneak downstairs to grope his older sister when she was sleeping downstairs from a drunken night out, my confidence that she wouldn't wake up each time eventually led me to moving from sly little feels to full grope while she was drunken asleep. I even started doing it while she was having a normal night sleep. Eventually i even started sneaking into her room and completely undressing her in her sleep. the furthest i ever had the confidence to take it though was one finger in her pusy as well as her hand on my penis...this is where my sleep fetish comes from.

    anyone else done something like this?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    There are many ways to discribe myself when I was a young boy. Timid and fearful are the first things that come to mind but I was also easily intimadated. I was always small for my age and always looked younger than I really was. That is still true now even though I am 32 years old. I still get asked for ID when I go into a bar or nightclub and even when I just order a drink in a resturant. When I was 6 years old I fell into the cracks of the child welfare department. I was put under foster care in Staten Island until I went to high school. I still don't know why, but just before I went to high school I was sent to a group home in Brooklyn where I remained until 18. It took years for me to get over the cruelty and humiliation I endured while in that foster home in Staten Island. I probably needed some type of therapy but was always to ashamed to relate to anyone the things that were done to me. I have mostly blocked it out over time but just two weeks ago I was in Manhatten when I saw Paula and her girfriend Mellisa on 7th ave. I recognized the two of them right away, they are as big as ever and both slobs. Neither of them saw me and doubt if they would know who I was anyhow. I havn't seen either of them since I was 13 years old.

    When I first got to that foster home the father was still alive and both he and his wife were very mean to me. Paula was their daughter and I think she is at least 7 maybe 8 years older than me. Her mother and father had me petrified of them immediatly. The first few months both of them spanked me several times and what made it even more scary was that the father spanked Paula often. I never saw him do it to her but heard her screaming and crying often as he did. The father died when I was 9 but I stayed with Paula and her mother anyway until I went to high school. After his death things got much worse. Even when he was alive, he and his wife would pull my pants down to spank me and often in front of Paula. When I was 6 or 7 I don't think it embarrassed me much becuse it was so painful thats all I worried about. By the time I was 9 it became humiliating to me when I was spanked in front of Paula. The mother would make me take my pants and underware off completely and spank either with her bare hand or a wooden coat hanger. She often did this to me when Paula was there and it usually happened in the kitchen or living room.

    The mother worked everyday so Paula was in charge of me after school and many weekends. The summers were the worst and the year I finished 4th grade it all became a nightmare. Paula was 16 or 17 by then and she was so big there was no way for me to defend myself. I was more afraid of her than I was her mother. That summer was when she began spanking me. I was 9 and yet she treated my like a toddler. I suppose it was partly my fault the way she thought of me because it took little for me to start crying. I was so sensitive that as soon as she or her mother even hollared at me I would cry. They sometimes just smacked my face, pulled my hair or ridiculed me for something and I would burst into tears. I think they considered me a sissy, which I was. I was continually belittled by them especially by Paula whos abuse of me progressed as time went on. At times she would tell her mother she "had" to spank me and her mother never told her not to. It became more humiliating as I got older and she began telling me how small my penis was and how skinny my rear was. By the end of that summer she would have me naked before she spanked me and started doing it while Mellisa was watching. I cried so bad sometimes I had trouble breathing and all they did was laugh at me. I didn't know it at the time but years later found out that Paula and Melissa are lesbians. I don't know if that has anything to do with the way Paula treated me but believe it did. She made up reasons to spank me and more often then not had one or more of her friends witness it. The embarrassment became as bad as the whipping I received and she made me undress myself in front of thes other girls. I don't know if all of them were gay but most of them were heavy or ugly or both.

    As I started puberty it was even more humiliating but I was so afraid of Paula I submitted to it. If I gave her a hard time she would actually beat me up not just slapping me but also punching and kicking me or throwing me on the floor. I would start to cry as soon as she told me to take off my clothes. Melissa was there more often than anyone but Paula would have some of her other girfriends watch. I would be sobbing like a baby sometimes and I think that amused them also. I had pubic hair and am not very well endowed which they constantly mentioned to me. Paula would make me stand naked in front of her and whoever else was there for long periods of time before she began spanking me. Most of the time she made me bend over the back of the living room chair and would smack me with her hand or the wooden hanger. I sometimes had welts for days at a time. It began like an interagation when I think I was 12 and Paula and Melissa began asking me if I liked girls or if I masturbated. It was summertime and Paula called me into the living room telling me to take off my clothes. I knew she was going to spank me but had no idea why. Melissa was there and another girl whos name I have forgotten. I started to cry again but obeyed her as usual. Paula made a remark about my pubic hair and Melissa started talking about my penis and scrotum. The other girl didn't say much but laughed at me the whole time. Paula started asking if I masturbated but kept saying jerking off all the time. She had the wood coat hanger and began taping my penis with it. It was all a big joke to them and without wanting to I got an erection. That was the first time I ever got hard in front of them and was crying at the same time. It was Melissa who encouraged Paula to make me masturbate in front of them. Paula put old newspaper in front of me and squirted hand lotion on my penis telling me if I masturbated she wouldn't spank me. I was crying so bad my erection began to go limp and I could hardly talk. When I refused Paula pushed me over the back of the chair and began beating me with the hanger. I was almost histerical and she finally stopped whipping me and made me stand in front of them again. I still had the hand lotion all over my pubic hair and she and Melissa kept telling me to masturbate or she would whip me again. I never stopped cry or at least sobbing but I began to jerk off. It was so humiliating I just closed my eyes for a while and it must have taken ten minutes or more for me to cum. When I eventually did cum the three of them just laughed about it.

    For the next year or so Paula and Melissa had me masturbate at least two or three times every month. The spankings didn't stop and Paula always found an excuse to humiliate me in front of her friends. I think it had a lot to do with her domination over me and the fact that I was so afraid of her. I was 13 the last time I was spanked and forced to let them see me masturbate. That August is when I was sent to Brooklyn. Even there the first year or so I was bullied by other boys but not nearly as bad as I was with Paula and her mother. I'm not only ashamed about how I let Paula do all that to me but it also embarrasses me to think how I was such a sissy about it. It was bad enough how the saw me naked but they also saw how I cried and behaved like a small child even when I became a teenager. I think the way Paula and her mother treated me made me feel that way but that is no excuse for acting like I did. I never had the courage to say anything about it and always submitted to them out of fear. Rarely did social workers come to that house but even when they did I was to scared to say anything about what was being done to me. I never told anyone about it but know I should have. Its hard to explain how traumatized I was or how easily intimadated I became. Paula and Melissa must be still together after all these years and when I saw them it occured to me how pathetic they have become. The two of them are still overweight pigs. Melissa is even heavier than Paula now and is probably close to 300 pounds and just as ugly as ever. They are both 40 or close to it now yet look much older than that. I was tempted to say something to them but never did.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    cast your mind back to the late 70s, it was at a time when in your youth you learned about sex, the way you do at school, etc,.how you hear these stories about how sex happens, an what a cock & pussy is for, this incident occured on our property back then .there use to be this contractor man, that use to come ever year to plow up the fields for corn an other crops. he was a really tall, older man (skinny) that walked with a stoop, he had big hands & boney looking fingers, he had a big tractor that had a closed in cabin on it with a door, i recall the girl, from down the road, who was a bit older than me, back then, an i can remember her going to visit him, as he worked,or while he was having his afternoon tea break. he use to sit in the cab of the tractor with the radio blarring out race horse races, he would often mark things in a booklet he had with him. as he had his cigerate & cup of coffee, this 1 time i thought i would follow her to see where she went an what the attraction was with this old, balding, skinny looking man,...she was about 8 minutes ahead of me that day ,so when i got there ,she was sitting in the cab with him as it had already started to rain, i stood back at a distance waiting to see what she was up to cause i suspected something was going on ,the tractor was parked about 8 ft from the boundry fence,not far from the gate & a row of trees sheltering from the rain, so it was quite easy for me to see everything that i might need to see,i was hidden there for about 8 minutes when the tractor door opened an he stood up an stepped out onto a platform between the wheels, an proceeded to take a pee .he stood there with his cock just hanging between his legs, as he peed, when he had finished he shook it an turned back into the cab with out putting his cock back into his coveralls,,he then made his way back to the seat on which she was sitting , she stood up, to make way for him,as he sat back down in the was then i saw him start to stroke his cock slowly up an down as she watched, she then took his cock in her hand an continued to stroke it for him, this went on for a short while,then it looked like he was spitting into his hand an rubbing it onto his cock as she watched him do this,.,the cock grew & grew, it still kept growing, it was the first full sized mans cock i had seen an it was so long & thin to look at,. it even had a bend in it, it seemed to lean to the left as it stood upright between his legs .there she was looking at this long thin cock with a big flared looking head on it to me, it looked deformed , it was thin , bent, shining, an the head looked too big for the stem .it was then he pulled her toward himself an ruffly pulled down the back of her slacks,, she held his cock in her hand , she then turned to face the front of the tractor an then slowly sank down onto that standing cock .i didnt think she would be able to take it .cause it looked too long, an too big, it was then that i knew she had been lying to me , saying that she had never had sex with a male,i couldnt see her humping him, she just seemed to sit on him .as he continued to make horse racing enteries into his booklet,,this went on for about 6 minutes then she stood up an i saw his cock fall out of her , it fell to the side,an lay there for the moment then she reached around grabed it an reinserted it back into herself, he then put his arms around her waist,.an started what looked like long slow deep thrusts, it must have been going into her too deep,cause by this time , she was standing back on to him .with him still sitting in the seat, but still thrusting into her, his arms around he waist,then he stopped, nothing happened for a moment ,she then pulled his cock out of her, then she turned toward him ......he said something to her , she said something back to him an she then pulled her slacks back up an the door of the tractor opened , it lay open for about 7 minutes as they talked , she then got up an stepped out of the cab an got down off the tractor an ran off into the rain toward home , i paused for the moment to see what he was up to , he then stood up .with his cock still swinging between his legs he then took hold of it .he then ran his other hand over the outside of the cab of the tractor, to collect water off the roof of it an then procedeed to wipe his cock with the water, then picked up what looked like an oil rag out of the cab an rubbed it over his cock as to dry it off .....he then took an other pee, then stuffed his cock back into his coveralls an got back into the cab of the tractor , an turned up the radio again to hear race horses blarring out again ..............well that was then to me, its as clear as if it happened yesterday,,but now.. only in my memories..i still see her around from time to time..but. to this day,,i never did tell her, that i had seen her father, fuck her,..

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was around 11 or 12, we had this friendly old neighbor, but he had a creepy side. He belonged to our church, so my parents never really had reason not to trust him and he would often volunteer to watch me when my parents went out. They used to go line dancing every friday night, so I was left with him often.

    At first, the old guy was nice. We would just play board games most of the time. Over time, he would have me sit on his lap while we played. It seemed innocent enough, so I never gave it much thought. It became natural for me to sit on his lap.

    While on his lap, he would run his hand up and down my back. That led to him running his hand up and down my back under my shirt. Honestly, it felt good and I enjoyed the attention.

    I first noticed the creepiness while on his lap watching TV. He was again running his hand up and down my back. I was into the TV show and hadn't even noticed that he stopped and he had a finger just inside the waistband of my shorts. He was rubbing the top of my ass crack with his finger.

    I turned to look at him. He quickly took his finger out, looked back at me and said, "Oops!". I laughed it off too and just pretended it was an accident.

    That went on again for a few more weeks and having him tickle my ass crack just became normal. It got to the point where when I sat on his lap, his finger went straight to my ass. In time, his finger would move lower and deeper, but I was always let him know when I felt uncomfortable by moving.

    I can't believe how naive I was as a child to think that anything of that sort was normal. I convinced myself that his hand in my shorts was fine, but going too deep into my shorts was not. Of course, he would always push my boundaries and try to go further.

    Something he started to do later was discreetly flash me. He would wear loose shorts around the house and sit in a way where the leg opening would open and expose himself. He was never blatant about it. It was always in a way that appeared to be accidental. I saw him adjusting his shorts enough to know it was intentional.

    Like most children that age, I was curious and would sneak peaks. While watching a movie one night, he pretended to fall asleep on the couch with me next to him. He was laying down with one leg on the floor. He was hanging out of his shorts and I saw what I thought was pee. It was years later that I figured out what I saw was pre-cum.

    On another occasion, he asked me to help him change a light bulb. I got up on his shoulders, but still couldn't reach the light. He had me stand on a table and turn away. He then had me sit on his hands while he held me up over his head and balance. He kept moving from side to side just out of reach of the light. Him holding my ass like that and moving around allowed him to get a good feel of my ass.

    When we finally did get a god balance under the light, I tried to unscrew the bulb, but it woouldn't come out. In hindight, I think he may have used an adhesive so I couldn't remove it.

    While I worked on that light bulb, I could feel his thumbs working their way closer between my legs, opening and closing my pussy. Even now, it feels strange to call it my pussy. I was still a child. I didn't think of it as pussy then.

    I was wearing shorts then, so I don't know if he was able to see anything, but his thumbs were working their way just inside my panties and I could already feel half of my pussy being pulled outside of my shorts by the motion of his thumbs.

    He held me up as long as he could and finally had to let me down. When he finally did let me down, he adjusted his grip, turning one hand to set me back onto the table. With his thumb already just inside my panties, the motion of him turning slid his thumb deeper inside my panties and directly onto my pussy.

    It was only for a few seconds, but in that brief moment he pressed harder while giving me a quick rub. His thumb never entered me, but it was definitely between my lips. My knees weakened and I fell onto the table. We laughed about that and never mentioned it again. We never did get that bulb changed.

    For the next couple of hours, I would catch him smelling his thumb, but pretending to scratch his nose. I remember feeling very self-conscious about that and hoping I smelled ok.

    He died a few months later. Massive stroke. I remember everyone saying such nice things about him during his funeral service. I did miss him and cried, but now as an adult, I know the world is better without him.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I became a female peeping tom when I was 14 and got away with it until I graduated high school, never getting caught. Of all places, it was at my religious school. It was a co-ed private school affilliated with my church. My family was always friendly with our pastor and my parents and older sister did a lot of volunteer work. The church, school and feild house where on the same sprawling property which had baseball and football fields and an indoor basketball court inside the field house. My parents began dragging me there on weekends to help out with events and cleaning up afterwards. I was 14 when my dad gave me keys to field house. All I had to do was take supplies there on a long cart. It was mostly paper products like cups, paper towels, and toilet paper. There is a closet between the boys and girls locker room so I just had to stack everything up. It became my weekly job after everyone went home so I sometimes went into the boys locker room just to see what it looked like. There were five keys I had but two of them I didn't know what they were for. There was a door in the boys locker room that I thought was just a closet and after a few months of doing this I tried the key in that door. It was just a small room with two hot water heaters and a gas heater. Thats when it occurred to me that the top of the door had louvers in it, I suppose for ventilation. There was the same type of room in the girls locker room which explained those two keys. I pulled the door shut and turned off the light and thats when I realized I could see into the boys locker room. I could clearly see four shower stalls, three urinals and a portion of lockers where the benches were. That week was the first time I ever went in there knowing the boys playing basketball would come in soon. I made sure no one was in the locker room and even banged on the door first. I went into the water heater room and locked myself inside, not turning the light on. Within about twenty minutes the boys began coming in, undressing right away and either urinating or taking a shower. That day most of the boys were younger than me but I knew every one of them. Guilt I did have but I had never seen naked boys that age before that day. The only problem was I was stuck in there for well over an hour and when I got home my parents questioned me on where I was. I just lied and told them I met up with some friends and lost track of time. From then on I only did it when I could tell my parents I had somewhere to go or something to do. It became an obsession with me and I watched the boys at least once every week. They never suspected it but almost every boy in our school I had seen naked. I would sit in class sometimes and count how many of the boys I had seen and wonder what they would think if they knew how many times I saw their penis or watched them urinating. I saw every size penis imaginable and could easily tell who was circumsized and who wasn't. I watched some of them masturbate in the shower but that only happened if there weren't other boys around. I began to notice which boys were shy about their nudity and which ones didn't care. Over time I saw four men teachers shower and my math teacher had the biggest penis I ever saw. I masturbated frequently but never had sex until I went to college. I liked watching the boys when they masturbated but it didn't happen as frequently as I would have liked. There was one boy who was a year behind my grade that I did see masturbate more than any of the others. He was usually one of the last ones to shower and did it when most of the others had gone. I almost got caught a few times but was real carful not to let anybody see me go in there. I never came out until it was real quiet and made sure none of the boys were still in the locker room. I always went outside from the side door and would peek out first making sure it was clear. I can't even begin to say how many boys I saw naked during that time. I went to two proms while in my junior and senior years and both of my dates I had seen naked numerous times. Everyone thought I was very relgious in those days and although I did go to church every Sunday I also was watching the boys every week. I missed it when I went away to collge and do now feel ashamed of myself for doing it. I still see a lot of the guys I went to school with and none of them know how I saw them naked those years. My parents are still very active at the church but are older now and don't do as much of the volunteer work they used to do. There is a new pastor there now and two of the teaches I had seen naked often. The one is the basketball coach and I saw him naked more often than the others. I would never do anything like that today but must say I did like looking at all those boys. It took some time for me to get used to it but I had no problem talking to the boys after I saw them nude. For some reason I had a sense of superiority over them just by knowing I saw their penis, watched them shower, see them urinate or just get undressed. More so even if I had watched them masturbate or just see them with an erection. It was a fun time for me but I do know how wrong it was for me to do that. Fortunately, since they knew nothing about it I never caused them any humiliation or embarrassment by watching them. I never hinted to any of them that I had seen them naked and never let any of my friends know about it. The school was a very prim and proper atmosphere and the religious aspect was taken serious by everyone. There were few disipline problems and everyones parents were involved in the church and school. What I did was completely out of line and as much as I sometimes regret my behaviour I truly enjoyed looking at them.

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