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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Back when I was 14 I was somewhat of a late bloomer, I was just under 4í6 foot tall and due to my mostly flat chest looked more like a 12 year old. I used to go to a private school as my parents were fairly well off and I remember one day when my dad wasnít able to pick me up from school I Had to walk home. This didnít seem like too much of a big deal to me as it was only a about 15 minutes away. I cut through a local park to save me a walking round and that was my big mistake.

    About halfway through I was stopped by a group of what these days weíd call yobs, youths from the local comprehensive school. They surrounded me and started asking me what a posh bitch was doing in there park. I was scared they only looked around 11-13 but there was still a lot of them and most where bigger than me.

    I told them I was just trying to go home and to leave me alone. I tried to push past them but the biggest fat girl pushed me backwards and I almost tripped. They told me to give them my money, and threatened to beat me up. The problem was that I didnít carry money on me, my school lunch was already paid for me and usually got picked up and taken home. They didnít like that answer and grabbed my bag and started looking through it. I tried to protest but one of the other girls grabbed me and told me not to move unless I wanted battering.

    While looking through the girl pulled out my schools planner, on the front said my name and that I was in Year 10 (UK schooling system) she started laughing and asking me how old I was. I was near tears by now and terrified what they was going to do to me. I answered honestly that I was 14, the girl laughed louder saying that I looked like a little kid with no boobs.

    She walked up to me pointing at my chest saying they where non existent, then grabbed her own over the top of her school shirt saying look Iím 12 and have far bigger showing off her assets. At this point I was not only upset but red faced with embarrassment. A few of the boys hanging around had come over to watch and shout there own vulgar comments. She grabbed me by the arm dragging me over to them asking them how old I was, they laughed along with her when she told them how I looked like a child. Please get off me I begged, but this made her only laugh louder and tease me for me pos accent. She then started to point at my uniform and how my shirt was still tucked in.

    Soon it was obvious I had no money on me so she changed her plan. She kept laughing calling me a stuck up cow and how I thought I was better then them in my fancy uniform. She then pushed me down onto the grass, I landed hard and my first reaction was to pull my short skirt down so I didnít expose my underwear she picked up on this laughing that I was probably wearing little girl posh knickers too and was too shy. She pulled her thong sting up a bit showing it atop of her tracksuit bottoms and said something like this is what girls her age should be wearing. I got up and tried to run but one of her friends grabbed me. She pulled my skirt up at the back so she could see what I was wearing. To my shame I was wearing an old pair of small pink cotton panties that I should have thrown away along time ago. I screamed in shame trying to pull it down but on of her friends grabbed my arms from behind. Some of the boys wolf whistled and the lot of the scum where laughing at me. Please strop, please. I begged again now totally red with embarrassment. She only laughed more pulling my skirt up fully exposing my underwear to everyone.

    A few of the boys and her friends egged her on shouting to strip me. She obliged letting go of my skirt but then starting to work the button and zip that held in in place. She looked me in the eye with and evil grin, and started counting down, three, two, one and then tugged my skirt to my ankles. It wasnít just my skirt being pulled up it was now pulled down I felt totally humiliated as the fabric slid down my thin pale legs. They all laughed and hollered. I was made to step off my skirt as she picked it up holding it in front of my face.

    She told her friend to let me go but I was still surrounded by girls and boys younger than me. Instantly I tried to pull my shirt down, just covering my humiliation. Please give me it back I begged, again. Surprisingly she said ok. For a second I felt hope but that was quickly shattered as she said only if you do exactly what I say. She gave me a choice do what she said or her and her friends would strip me and leave me to run home naked. I was terrified and agreed with a tear filled nod. First she made me put my hands on my head and spin slowly. For a moment I stood stunned but begrudgingly did it. As I reached for my head my shirt hiked up exposing my little knickers to everyone again they laughed at my humiliation asking how I felt to be stripped and ordered about my people younger than them.

    After a few spins she told me to stop still hands still on head, she walked behind me, fear grippe me deeper as I thought she was going to pull my panties to the ground as well. Instead she grabbed the back of my knickers and pulled upwards hard giving me a painful wedgie as the cloth of my underwear dug into my ass. Exposing my pale little checks. She told me this was what it was like to be a big girl and wear a thong. She told me to keep my hands on my head and not to dare pick it. I felt so exposed as eyes where on my little bum clothed only in a small amount of cotton silk. She then told me to dance and they all laughed at my poor dance moves. Then things got serious again as she told me to strip. I stood for moment, shocked and begged her just to let me go. She told me no and that ether I could take my shirt off or they could do it for me and take my bra and panties too.

    So I did, slowly un buttoning my shirt trying to prolong the humiliation desperately trying to think of another solution or a way out. As I was almost un buttoned all the way to the top the girls moved on me like hungry animals pulling the shirt over my head exposing my little boobs covered only with a matching pink bra. They laughed and teased calling me a little posh slut for stripping for the boys. I started to cry uncontrollably totally humiliated and shown up I covered by breasts with my hands it was all too much everyone starting at me.

    Hands on head again, she laughed almost unable to talk in joy at my shame and humiliation. I did pointed at my little boobs again pulling her own shirt down a bit to show hers again comparing and humiliating me.

    They humiliated me for a while longer making me bend down making my wedgies go deeper and then jump up and down so my small tits bounced for there amusement. Finally she said if I showed the boys my little almost flat boobs shed let me go and even give me my clothes back. I refused it was too much I cried but they didnít listen. They jumped on my pushing me to the grass again. A couple of the girls grabbed my hands pulling me across the grass getting my bum and back muddy they turned me over piled on me unclipping my bra. There was little I could do suddenly someone grabbed my panties pulling them down my legs exposing my bum to everyone. I screamed but no one cared like a mob they turned me over again letting go of me. Someone turned me over again two people grabbed my legs two people my arms. They ripped my panties all the way off me and then did the same with my bra. I was totally naked and totally humiliated.

    Then they left me curled up on the muddy grass with my clothes piled up next to me. I had to redress in front of them before I could run home. It was the worst day of my life, I never told anyone about it until now almost 10 years later

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I would hoard junk food hiding it in my room and by thr time I was 12 I weighed 140 lbs and got even heavier as a teen. The fact that friends and relitives told me I had a pretty face had little effect on my self esteem. I envied other girls and desperatly wanted to be able to wear clothes like them and be attractive to the boys, which I never was. I was probably 19 by the time I decided to do anything about it and it took years for me to get into the shape I am now. I am so happy with myself today I can't explain why I let myself get so out of control when I was younger. Other kids avoided me and I would avoid talking to the kids in school. I was teased and ridiculed often and became very introverted because of it. I kept to myself most of the time and had very few friends.

    Down the street from my house was a small convenience store where I bought all my candy and junk food. Mel owned the store and his sister worked there along with two or three other people at different times.I would purposely wait until one of the others took over so they wouldn't know how much candy and junk I actually got. I didn't want any of them to tell my mom about all the candy I would buy. My mom and dad knew Mel for many years and even though I was heavy, I was always helpful with my mom cleaning the house and doing the laundry. Mel was older than my parents and lived alone on the second floor of the store. He was in the store sometimes but the other people worked it most of the time.

    When I was 13 Mel asked me if I would like to clean up for him in the store and his apartment upstairs. He told me how much my mom would tell him how I helped her at home. My mom said it was ok so when it started I just went everyday after school and swept the store out and then go up to his apartment and do dishes or wash for him. Every Saturday I cleaned his apartment and did his wash for him. I didn't make very much money but I was thrilled that I was able to buy more junk to hide in my room and even stole some candy bars from time to time. Mel didn't pay much attention to me but I began to see him in his underware all the time and would get glimpses of him naked coming out of the bathroom.

    I never said anything to him and after a short while he was always in his underware when I went upstairs. He wore boxer shorts all the time and many times the fly would be open enough for me to see his penis. As much as I know now that he intentionally did this, at the time I didn't think he was doing it on purpose. One day he just said to me that he hopes I don't mind him being dressed like that. I guess I told him I didn't mind and he just told me he likes to be comfortable when he is at home. I really didn't mind seeing him like that and admit I liked seeing his penis and did like seeing him naked. I saw my cousins penis before but never saw a mans penis and certainly never saw a naked man. Mel was a nice looking man and although I considered him old he was probably only about 40 at the time and was not fat like I was and had a nice build.

    On Saturdays I was always there for three or four hours and would sweep the store first and dust the shelves. I spent most of the time in his apartment where there was always dishes and laundry to do. When I was in his apartment he was always there but we didn't talk to much. He mostly just told me what he wanted me to do that day and it was generally very easy because things were never real messy there. Before I went up to his apartment I always opened the door from the store first and tell him I was on my way up. Months had gone by and one Saturday he told me not to hollar up to him in case he was sleeping or taking a nap. He said if he was still asleep on Saturdays not to wake him and that I could just go in his bedroom to get his dirty clothes from the hamper. The following week when I went into hs room he was totally naked on his bed with the door wide open. I just stood there looking at him for awhile and finally went in and got his dirty clothes. I went about the apartment cleaning up and tried to be real quiet about it. I do admit going to his doorway many times just to look at him. After an hour or so he got up and went into the shower just saying hello to me. When he came out of the batroom he was still naked and asked me if I did his laundry yet, just standing in front of me with the towel over his shoulder. I think it embarrassed me when he did that but I never said anything.

    I thought about telling my mom but never did because I was afraid she wouldn't let me clean for him anymore. After that I began seeing him naked sometimes even after school when I just went up to do the dishes or some other small thing. I saw him naked every Saturday and it usually started with him being naked in bed. For the longest time I actually believed he was really asleep even when I could see him getting erections. He always got up after I was there for about an hour and would always go naked to the bathroom to shower. He began coming out with a short bathrobe on with no underware and never had it tied. I think I should have been fearful of him now that I think about it but I never was. He never tried to touch me or do anything to me sexually and never even spoke of anything sexual. The only times I didn't see him naked on Saturdays were if I was away or at a school event. As soon as I went into his apartment he was always in bed sleeping naked. Over the first year or so I would continually look in at him while I was there. I realized later he was puposely exposing himself to me but must admit I took advantage of seeing him like that. He would roll over in different positions while I was there even exposing himself from the rear with his legs wide apart. I could clearly see his scrotum and anus most of the time and he would more often get erections. There were very few conversations between us and he began to wear the bathrobe without underware even during the week. He did things around the apartment as though I wasn't even there. He never seemed to look at me directly in my eyes and it seemed he just went around like he was alone all the time.

    I didn't ever tell any of my few friends about it and Mel seemed like me seeing him naked all the time was just the way things were. The longer I kept coming into his apartment the more unconcered he seemed to be about being naked in front of me and would sometimes be in the kitchen getting someting with only a towel over his shoulder. It seemed like he was ingnoring my presance even though he would have erections more and more. The first time I saw him masturbating I was probably 15. I was cleaning up the kitchen and he just sat in the living room on the chair. He never looked towards me the whole time and I just stood and watched him cum. I just turned around to the sink when he got up and went into the bathroom. A short time later he came out in his boxer shorts. All he said to me was that he had to relieve himself sometimes and hopes it doesn't offend me. I don't think I even said anything and just shook my head or shrugged my shoulders. I knew what masturbation was by that time but never thought I would see him do that.

    From then on I not only saw him naked but many times watched him masturbate both on the chair in the living room and also while he was in his bed. That year he sold the store and moved out and I never saw him again. The new people that owned the store hired me and I worked there part time all through college. I started to diet when I was 19 and it took me 3 years before I was able to wear decent clothes. I'm engaged now and am getting married this coming year. I have many friends now and am no longer self concious about my appearance. I laugh about the time with Mel now and have told many of my friends about it even my future husband, but still never told my mom. He obviously had no sexual interest in me during those years and was only interseted in exposing himself. As odd as it sounds I was never afraid of Mel and even today don't understand how he never showed any signs of embarrassment when I saw him naked and especially when he knew I was watching him masturbate. I assume he was a pervert to a degree but mostly just an exibitionist. I don't admit this to my boyfriend or any of my friends but I did like seeing him naked. I also looked forward to watching him masturbate and wonder sometimes if he knew I enjoyed it. Not one time over those years did either of us mention his nudity or the fact that he always exposed himself to me. I think now that my silence about it encourage Mel to behave the way he did even though I could never admit that to anyone. The last year or so of it I knew he was aroused by me watching him all the time but still said or did nothing to discourage him.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    He rented a house right behind my girfriend Emily's house and was well liked by all the neighbors. Why Emily and I allowed this man to minipulate us so badly is beyond belief to me now. We were both 11 when it started and it went on until we were 13. Everyone knew him as George Clark but that wasn't his real name at all. One day I got home from school to find out he had been arrested for sexual abuse of another girl I knew. Both Emily and I had never told anyone how he had been molesting the two of us for over two years. Within a week of his arrest the police came to my house and Emily's house. What we didn't know was that George had naked videos of me, Emily and eight other girls. The police had found them when they searched his house. The next ten months were so humiliating I wanted to die. We not only had to make statements of what he did to us but also had to testify in court. My parents were devastated by what I had allowed him to do to me for so long and constantly questioned me about it. I didn't see Emily very often during that time. My parents sent me to a new school because it seemed everyone knew about it and I was teased terribly by the other kids. George not only had videos of me and the other girls but we soon found out he shared them with others and had no way of knowing how many. He started molesting Emily a few months before I met him. He somehow got her to bring me to his house once or twice a week. I was only 11 and he was very nice to us and gave us gifts and money all the time. The third time I went there was the first time I saw him naked. Emily had told me she saw him naked lots of times but I really didn't believe her. It was like going to a party when we were there and he let us have the run of the house. He always had plenty of junk food for us and had an assortment of reptiles in his basement which fasinated me and Emily. We thought it funny that we saw him naked most of the time. I had never seen a grown mans penis before and he would touch himself in front of us getting an erection. Somehow he had us convinced it was ok for him to do that and eventually began masturbating in front of us. Emily and I talked about it but kept our promise to him not to tell anyone. He treated us so well we both went along with whatever he said to us. It seemed like Emily was more agreeable to him than I was and if he suggested something to do he mostly spoke to her. He began by buying us clothes and bathing suits to wear at his house and before I knew what was happening had us changeing clothes in front of him. The fact that we saw him naked so often somehow made it acceptable and he was always naked as we did undress. He would always insist that it was more comfortable to be naked and slowly encouraged us to be that way for longer periods of time. Within months he began to designate a naked day, where we would be at his house for a few hours and the three of us would stay naked together. I can't explain it but he would actually ask us if we would like to watch him masturbate and we always said yes. I don't know if we were just curious but we did both like to watch him do that. I knew he had been giving rub downs to Emily and he had her ask me if I would like to have one. Emily told me how good it felt so I agreed to let him do it to me. I never saw him give Emily a rub down because when he did he always took her into another room while I played a video game. He took me into the room on a naked day and had me lay on the small bench there. The first time he only gave me a massage but by the third or fourth time he did this to me he began masturbating me explaining what an orgasm was. For the next two years it happened two or three times each month and I am ashamed to say I looked forward to it. He had me so under his control that I also began masturbating him each time. Just the ways he touched me I would have numerous orgasms after awhile and he always encouraged us to relax and get us to expose ourselves to him. Little did we realize at the time that a video camera was filming us. He must have done the same to the eight other girls until one of them told on him. None of them were ever at his house when Emily and I were there but I did know five of them. Emily and I are still friends today but seldom talk about it anymore. This all happened 16 years ago and Emily found out he was just denied parole. He never tried to have intercouse with Emily or I but I don't know what he did to those other girls. He did at times have me or Emily masturbate ourselves as we got older and again we didn't know we were being videoed. I only did it because he said he liked watching me and Emily told me she did it also. When Emily and I do talk about it the first thing we mention is how dumb we were to let him take advantage of us the way he did. The way he bribed us with the money and gifts had a lot to do with it but we should have known what he was doing as we got older. We still admit to each other that we enjoyed the way he treated us even when he gave us the so called rub downs. At the time we both thought he was just a sweet man who only liked the two of us. We never thought of him as a pervert and allowed him to take control of us. I did talk to a few of the other girls at the time but it was to embarrassing to go into details with them. At the time he was arrested all but two of the other girls were a year or two younger than me and one of them was only ten. He's been in prison over sixteen years now and will be there for a very long time. I knew the girl who told on him and she was in my school. The worst part was that her father was a policeman and identified me and Emily and a few other girls by seeing us in the tapes. It took me years to get over the shame and embarrassment of it and it still bothers me at times now.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    my cousin and I would take turns dry humping each other until we came. I always wanted to suck his cock, but was too embarrassed to ask.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    when i was 5 i remember playing doctor with my cousin who was the same age. i would see how far i could fit a pen inside her.when i turned 8 my my 13 year old cousin played wrestled with me we ended up sucking each other off. then he fucked me in the ass. i loved it when i was 14 i fucked my 13 year old cousin,and groped a few others. we are one large tight family.i've always loved to flash my dick so i would jack off in front of the window while people walk by acting like i forgot to close the curtain.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was 11 years old, our neighbor man asked me if I wanted to make some cash helping him build and paint fence sections for his property, and I said sure! We worked pretty hard for the two weekend days, and on that Sunday he paid me what equalled $5.00 an hour for the 14 hours we had worked...I thought that was absolutely terrific!! It was summertime, so there was no school, so he asked me if I wanted to work on Monday as well. Sure!! His wife and daughter went on a shopping trip shortly after we began work Monday morning, and he said why don't we take a break...Come into the house and I'll fix us a sandwich and cookies...

    He went into the laundry room before making the sandwiches, and came out with a small pair of dirty panties that he told me were his 19 year-old daughter's...He asked me to sniff them and tell him whether or not I thought she was having sex...He said there was a guy she had been dating and that he and his wife didn't like him...They were hoping she wasn't letting the guy fuck her, he said...What did I think?

    Take a whiff of the crotch, he said, and lick and chew on them if you want to...I asked him if he was sure, and would he tell anybody if I did? He said yes, he was sure, and no..He wouldn't tell anyone...So I started licking and chewing on those fantastic smelling and tasty panties!! I of course got rock-hard, and he noticed it. He asked me to show him the way the panties made me feel by showing him my boner...I reluctantly pulled my pants down, as I still didn't fully believe this wasn't a trick and that he might tell my mom and dad about all this....But soon my pants and underwear were down revealing my hard 8 1/2 inch hard cock.. (yes, even some 11 year-olds have already measured their cocks! LOL)

    Just then, he asked me to close my eyes as I continued to chew on Lorie's panties, and I did. What followed next excited me, kind-of frightened me, and felt absolutely wonderful all at the same time...He had enveloped my cock in his mouth!! I had jacked off quite a bit by my age, but this new sensation was driving me absolutely crazy with lust!!! I even ended up asking him if I could suck on a pair of his wife's dirty panties as he sucked me off...He went and got me the pair she had worn the night before, and told me bon apetite!!

    He not only paid me for the work that day, but told me that the load of precious boy-sperm I had allowed him to extract and swallow from me was worth another $20.00...We continued our "whore and John" relationship for 5 years, ending it when I got me a good, steady girlfriend...We mutually agreed that it would be a good time to stop, as a good girlfriend could give me the blowjobs I needed, and neither of us wanted to take a further chance of getting caught by the girl....My parents never caught on, as there was always some genuine work to be done on the property, and he always paid well for the work...Even to this day, when i visit my local adult theater or an adult bookstore that has glory holes, I remenisce about that first time, as I sniff and chew either my wife's sister's panties or some hot hooker's panties as a guy gets on his knees and devours my cock and sperm.....

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i molested my cousins.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    when i was a kid my babysitter used to molest me, some years later i found myself getting hard and pulling my dick out for my cousins and such to see ( all around same age as me).

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Back in the 70's when I was in elementary school, no one really worried about child molesters. When I was 8 back in '74 I met Harry (thats what he said to call him) in a park and he gave me my first blowjob and first orgasm. He showed me where he lived and I began visiting three or four times a week for sex for the next six years.

    There were at any time anywhere from one to four other boys and a few girls. Harry's daughter Crystal was there too, she was a couple of years younger than me, but we never saw a wife. We were like a secret club. Harry was a weird molester - he sucked guys but only got off with girls, but he encouraged guys to do things with girls and each other. My first girl was Crystal. I was one of four guys who did her that day not counting her dad who she sucked off. I met my first girlfriend at Harry's when I was 10 and we were together three years.

    I don't feel messed up and never had any relationship problems. Sexually I tend to be a bit more willing to experiment. I'm not bi but I don't mind dabbling. And I do not have any molester or rape urges.

    I did get in touch with Crystal back in '08 online. She's in sex addiction treatment, but she says she has not problems from her childhood activities except compulsive fucking.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I wasn't very popular as a kid. Other kids gave me quite a lot of grief. There was this one girl in our primary school class called Susan. She had red hair and a pale skin. It appeared like there's something wrong with her. Everyone mocked her, and a whole sub-culture developed around the idea of "Susan germs". For example, the kids would draw mirrors on paper and put it up to "deflect the susan germs". Being a creative person myself, I joined in the act and actively contributed to the invention of new "susan germ deflectors". One day she turned around, and told me how much it was hurting her. For some reason I never thought that she minded. I felt so ashamed of myself. Having being mocked myself, I should have known better. I never did anything like that to her again, but always wished I had an opertunity to apologise to her. That oppertunity came on our 10th matric reunion. She turned quite beautiful. I wanted to go apologise, but one of my old friends told me not to open up ancient wounds, so I left it. Still, I wonder what might've happened if I did.

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