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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i was bulled alot, especially these two high school boys, i wass 9 they were 17.they corned me on the way home, and forced me into a abandone garage, they beat me up and then forced me . an older man chased them away, took me to his van for a ride home. that older man molested me, sucked me, licked my ass fingerd me. he took me to his house and his four kids, 3 boys and a girl made me watch x rated moves, and pills. I was so out of it. i went home and told my friend robert.
    i watched robert suck his dads cock before i never said a thing. i asked him, do u like sucking your dad big cock, he said yes , ive been sucking since 5 yrs old.
    Laterr i went to the bathreoom, his dad shut the door, said ok william, sit down and open your mouth your going to suck my cock.

    fuck it molested 5 times in one day, im straight, but i like being molested and forced.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    when i was a kid, i was a manipulative little bitch. i liked getting attention from older men. when i was 9 and 10 i got felt up by my older cousin, he was about 16 at the time. i got addicted to it. yes, he touched me, but i went and asked for it. i just loved him touching me. i use to love it when he touched me when i had my pjs on, and used to lay in bed on my tummy and he would feel my butt and pussy from behind. i liked it when he touched my butt hole and would poke me with his finger. i was 11 when he finally fingered me properly, and had my first penetration.

    he quit playing with me as he got older, he was scared shitless that we were going to be found out. i looked for another man to play with me, and found the storekeeper down the street. he was a real perv with lots of experience, and took care of me for over two years until i got bored with him. with him i learned all about cocks, and although we never had true penetration, he would rub me and poke me. i wanted more, but he stopped there.

    by now i was developing and had respectable tits and muff. my next lover was a boy that worked as a stocker at night, and was home when i got off after school. he lived with his mom in an apartment, and it soon became our place to meet. she worked the evening shift and came home way after dark. he took my cherry. he wasn't as experienced as the storekeeper, but was available. i didn't really ever like him, and for the longest time i always wished that the old man had taken my cherry instead of this stupid boy.

    i had lot's of dates in highschool, and was very friendly with the boys. it wasn't until i got to college that i began to controll my behavior, and really for the first time understand what i did. i know today that i was a real little slut and was lucky, just lucky. and my cohorts with my behavior, they were lucky too. i don't regret any of it, not a bit. i liked it, and wanted it, and still like and still want it. it is just that now i pick a bit better.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I saw my first naked boy in school when I was 15 years old. Some boys in our classroom asked my girl friends if we wanted to watch the sissy boy in our class get stripped. They were going to do it in the boys bathroom when everyone left school. I don't know how they lured Freddy into the bathroom, but me and my four girl friends din't want to miss out on it. With all the mob of students streaming down the halls, no one saw us sneak into the bath. Freddy was so scared of getting beat up he let himself get stripped. His hard dick sprung out when his underware came down. We saw everything because they had his arms pinned in back of him and totally unable to cover himself. One of my girl friends snapt a cel phone picture of him and thretend to show it if he dared say anything. It was sexy and fun and such a turn on to see a naked boy with a hardon. I guess boys can't keep it down, no matter how embarrassing it was to get stripped in front of girls.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I grew up in an all-female household. Mom and my Aunt were pretty independent women who really knew how to manipulate men to get their way. One day my 15 year old sister came home with a note saying that she had a disciplinary hearing in school because she was caught with cigarettes. Mom had to go in the next day with her to see the principal. Now both Mom and Auntie hated the principal who both described as being a pompous ass. Nevertheless the next day Mom got up early and dressed to manipulate. She wore a low cut blouse, push up bra, short skirt, taupe pantyhose, and high heels. She also made sure that both she and my sister had the same purse.

    When she went into the principals office she sat where the âhorny bastardâ could get a good look at her legs. She made it a point to cross and un-cross her legs, dangle her shoe, and bend forward on occasion to show a little cleavage. She flattered the principal and explained that my sister's having cigarettes was her â mom's â fault since she had taken the wrong purse when she left for work; after all they were identical. The principal understood and said he expected such things from women. Mom wanted to hit him for that but she'd manipulated the entire situation and got my sister off clean.

    That evening when we got home my sister expected to catch hell for getting caught with cigarettes but she didn't. Mom and my Aunt, both pack-a-day Virginia Slims smokers, enjoyed smoking and if we wanted to learn to smoke then she'd teach us! After dinner Auntie gathered us around the kitchen table. She put out cigarettes, lighters, and ash trays. Then she told us a little about cigarettes and showed us how to light up; she watched as we did so in turn. Then she told us to draw the smoke into our mouths and exhale. None of us got any particular thrill from this other than that we were smoking. Once we went through two cigarettes like this to get used to the taste it was time for the pleasure of inhaling. Now she told us to draw the smoke into our mouths and then to inhale it. All of us coughed but eventually managed to do so and so discovered the nicotine hit. The Virginia Slims Luxury Lights that Auntie had us smoke were far from light. They packed quite the punch! She had us smoke another and then it was off to do homework and get ready for bed. Before we turned she called us into the living room and passed the cigarettes for a 'bed time smoke'. No one refused and we all enjoyed a relaxing moment. The next morning when we got up, Auntie again passed the cigarettes and we smoked the âfirst one of the dayâ and after breakfast another one before going off to school. When we arrived home it was smoke time again. Before long we were on a routine of cigarettes before and after meals, one after school, two while watching TV and one before bed; a total of eight to ten cigarettes a day depending if we had lunch at home. And if we wanted more, well they were there all we had to do was ask.

    Auntie made some strong rules about smoking. No smoking or cigarettes at school and no smoking in public unless Auntie approved. We could smoke in the car or when visiting relatives. Auntie set us up for about a half pack a day but we were soon doing â and enjoying â more than that. Allowing us to smoke eliminated issues at school and allowed Auntie to keep control of things. Aunties sisters did the same in their households and established the same smoking rules and restrictions.

    To this day my sisters and i are all Virginia Slims 120 smokers. the 120s are long and luxurious and feminine too. I don't mind the feminine since smoking VS 120s has started a lot of conversations with women for me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My family took in foster kids. A lot of them were sexually precocious, having been molested by fathers and uncles and mothers' boyfriends. I lost my virginity when I was 11 to a girl who was younger than me who came into my room in the middle of the night and practically forced me. By the time I graduated high school I had had sex with 14 girls, 6 boys, and 3 Child Welfare agents (2 female, 1 male, and they were surprised to find out that I wasn't a foster kid).

    My parents were "a good decent Christian family" and I never caught them in the act, but I'm sure they got some action, too (especially when we had these Latino foster boys - odd how they spent long hours in the garage helping Mom organize - hee-hee).

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was a kid girls were girls and boys were boys. It was no different than today, girls were fucked in the back seat, behind the barn, in the apple orchard, etc. Certainly there were some girls that were goodie two shoes, but by the time we were in the 10th grade, most girls had put out and weren't virgins, we just pretended we were.

    Back then a 16 yr old girl usually had a 19 or 20 yr old boyfriend, and nobody much cared. She had usually had her cherry popped when she was 14 or so by some highschooler or a cousin or something, and by the time she was 16 she pretty much knew all the ways you could drop your panties.

    I was deflowered at 13 by my cousin, he was 21. He came back for more for about a year, after which I moved on to a boy who was in the service. He was stationed at the base, and we met up as often as we could for a romp in the hay. We had lots of fun, and plenty plenty of oral sex. I used to get down at the movies along with other girls to help our boys, and we learned how to catch it all so it wouldn't go all over the place.

    I was 16 when he was transferred and my new boyfriend worked at the plant, he was about 23 at the time, and well experienced. We got pretty good at having sex in the car at the drive in, and many many times straddled him at the movie house as well. Lots and lots of time our skirt was hicked up and he got a piece of ass, as they called it.

    When I was 19 I married my husband, who was 33 at the time. Four kids, a long marriage, good memories, and a man who knew how to treat a woman, and woman who knew how to treat a man.

    I don't get why there is such a hang up on kids with sex, it is not new, it is not wrong, it is just life. Your mama did it, your grandma too. Getting your cherry popped is just something you go through growing up.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When i was 12 me and my friend used to be too close.We were lesbians. We used to play games(pretend) and we would not take off clothes or anything but we would make out. Then she and i were having a sleep over and we started to play our game and she said "lets pretend we r in a bar ok?" "ya" so we talked and she got sodas we sat and talked then she took off her shirt and took off her bra.she said"dont be shy take it off." "nah" she ran over to me and took off my shirt and bra.Then we pretended to go home and we undressed completely and in the game she didnt like me but i was sexually attracted 2 her.(not only in the game) so she told when she was asleep and i would lick her face then she said then she wanna switch characters and i said sure so i told her asleep and she came over to me and licked my pussy then i spread my legs out and she looked up and i said we are not playing and she said i know then we had sex and we became girlfriend and gf and had sex alot then we broke and now i regret it

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was around 13 or 14, my best friend (who was a year younger) and I spent the night at each others houses a lot. On hot summer nights, at his house, we would sneak over to the neighborhood swimming pool a block away around 2 in the morning and go skinny dipping. It was a great way to beat the heat and was kind of exciting, too!

    I remember one time, at my house, we camped out in the backyard in a tent. We decided to go streaking (it was my suggestion) through the neighborhood late at night. When we were getting undressed in the dark tent I remember laughing. He asked what was so funny and I told him I was getting a boner. He said he was too! When we went out into the moonlit yard we could slightly make out each others erections. I remember him saying " wow, man, yours is kinda big!" and even though we couldn't really see in the darkness, I told him his was too. We ran around the neighborhood a little while and came back to the tent. We talked as we lay in that dark tent and he confided that one of the other kids we ran around with always made fun of him to the others by saying he didn't have any pubic hair and he was getting tired of it. I told him that I had heard him say that and to not worry about it, it was no big deal he would get some at some point. He said that he did have pubic hair and wanted to show me. I said "Ok, prove it, let me see". While he searched around for the flashlight, he laughed and said he was getting a boner again and then we both chuckled because I said I was getting one too! I remember when he turned the light on and pulled back his sleeping bag, how fantastic it looked! It was the first time I had really seen another boy with an erection. He said "See, I have pubic hair!" He did, in fact, have a small patch of black pubic hair just above his erect penis. I said "Yep, you sure do and you have a hell of a boner too!" We laughed. There he was in that tent laying next to me with a full erection! I couldn't believe it. I will never forget the sight. I wanted to look at it all night. It was an amazing thing to see and while I do like girls, it turned me on to no end and I got a hard on from seeing it. He said he wanted to see mine too, to be even, and I said "sure". My fully erect penis was nearly 6" long when I was 14 and when I pulled back my sleeping bag he laughed. I asked what he was laughing about and he said it looked much bigger in the light than it did outside. He got his back out and we looked at them. He kept the flashlight on mine and kept going on about it. I finally took the flashlight from him and shined it on his. His was a bit smaller than mine and didn't have as much hair but it looked wonderful and I couldn't take my eyes off it. He sat up and took a closer look at mine and said, "See yours is bigger than mine and you have hair on your balls too!" I said, "but I am older and in another year you will have too" and told him from what I saw he had nothing to worry about.

    As best friends do, we talked about everything and did everything together. We went bike riding, and hiking and running around town together. We talked a lot about girls and sex and growing up. Around this same time, I was walking home from another friends house late at night and walked through his neighborhood. When I walked by his house, his bedroom light was the only light on so I walked up to his window to see if he was still up. When I looked into his room through the open curtains I was startled to see him lying naked on his bed with a Playboy out masturbating at a very speedy pace. Now, I did this a lot myself but it was incredible to watch another boy. I kept quiet so he wouldn't hear me and kept watching. What I was seeing excited me and I pulled down my pants and jacked off too. I loved looking at his cock and watching him jerk off. We came about the same time. A short time later he stayed over at my house and he was lying on a blow up mattress in a sleeping bag and I was in my bed and as we talked one I asked "Have you ever slept in the nude?" At that we both took off our underwear and gave them a fling. I am sure we both had instant erections. It was no secret that when we were teenagers my best friend was a very, very deep sleeper. Perhaps, the deepest I have ever known. He would sleep through just about anything (it was only later in life that he grew out of this). What I confess here in this forum is that on several occasions over those next few years I would slide my hand under his blankets while he slept and gently rub his cock till he was erect and then gently jerk him till I got scared he would wake up( he never did) and then stop and get back in my bed and masturbate. I remember that over those few years that his dick did grow in size and he became a little harrier too! From then on, every time we slept over at each others house, for the next couple years, we would end up sleeping in the nude. One time he spent the night was a real hot summer night. We had recently begun smoking pot and that night we smoked a bunch. I put a fan in the window and I suggested we sleep in the nude, he agreed. The TV was on when we fell asleep and a few hours later I woke up. It had been a while since I had touched him and I felt the urge to so I looked down to see if he was sleeping. He had apparently gotten hot and kicked out of the sleeping bag and lay there in the TV light fully exposed with a raging hard on. It was an incredible thing to see. I looked at him for several minutes before reaching down and touching him. For some reason I got more nerve than ever before and slid out of my bed and knelt beside him. I touched him a few times to test how asleep he was and he seemed like he was out good so I lifted his dick with my hand and began to stroke it gently. He didn't move a bit. I rubbed and stroked his dick and balls for a little while and he didn't move a bit. I then did something I had never dreamed I would do.... I leaned down and put his cock in my mouth. To this day I remember how his dick tasted and how it felt in my mouth. After a few seconds, I stopped to make sure he was still dead asleep and then I continued. As I sucked it I got very nervous but extremely excited. How he never woke up is beyond me. I wondered if I could get it all in my mouth and without any trouble I was able to bury it down my throat till my nose was nestled in that little patch of pubes. It was all the way in. I would stop for a minute and lick and suck his smooth balls and still he didn't even flinch. He smelled and tasted wonderful and I began to slowly pump my head up and down on his dick. All the way in till his head was in my throat and my nose was in his pubic hair and all the way out till his head was just inside my lips. Over and over for several minutes I very slowly did this trying not to wake him and he didn't even twitch. Then, all of a sudden I felt his hand on the back of my head, he crammed it all the way in again to the back of my throat. I then heard him let out a soft moan and felt his cock spasm as he exploded into the back my throat nearly choking me. I had not anticipated this at all and as my mouth filled up with cum I had no other choice but to start swallowing. After he came, he took his hand off my head and I pulled my mouth off his cock and sat up and looked at him with his jizz running down my chin. To my amazement his eyes never opened and all he did was simply roll over on his side and sigh. I thought I was busted. I was terrified our friendship was over and he would be mad. I quickly got back into my bed only to hear him lightly snore. I waited a bit and masturbated with the taste of his cum in my mouth and fell asleep.

    He never said a thing when we woke up and I never sucked him again cause I was too scared. In fact we only slept in the nude a few more times (maybe 5). I did however play with his dick those times while he slept. On maybe ten more occasions I went to his house at night and peeped into his window to see him jack off.

    To this day, more than 20 years later he has never said a word and I don't think he knows any of it ever happened. I am married to a wonderful woman and have kids and he is in a relationship too and has a little boy. He now lives miles away yet we are still very close. Occasionally, I think about when I sucked his dick. I think I would love to do it again, but know it probably could never happen. I only think of him when I have fantasies about dick and I have never thought of any other man this way.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When i was 12 or 13 i went over to my friend Colleyn's house alot and let me say she and i were sexy lesbians.Well, we would play games pretend games and we would pretend like we were older and we would pretend to have sex, and we covered our mouths and kept our cloths on and we would never do much too serious but one night her parents wer gone and her grandpa was asleep so we pulled down his pants and looked at his huge dick. then we climbed on his chair made him tounge us down then we redressed him and went upstairs to her playroom still naked we started our game again and we pretend like we were roomates and hated each other but i was sexually attracted to her in the game so at night time in the game i would go over lay her on top of me then to wake her up in the game i would tap her 3 times and she got up gasped she said"god wat is ur issue" i said "wat u were on top of me " then she blurted out"lets stop playing the game and lets go to bed " which made me happy bcuz then she said" its hot lets go to bed naked and in here OK?" i said "OK"
    "Well do u wanna sleep on seperate bean bags together or on the floor"
    "Same bean bag"
    "ok come here"
    When she fell asleep i was getting to horny sleeping with another girl so i started to kiss and to my surprise she started kissing me and grabbed my pussy so i grabbed hers too.Then we stopped and looked at each other and we started to talk.
    Collyn:Surprise!uhh .... Can i lick u?
    Me:Wat area?
    "pussy tits ect"
    "ya as long as i get u next sexy."
    "of course"
    Then she licked me from my neck to my pussy and we switched i licked from her neck to pussy next we sat up and layed and rubbed our pussys together and then we went back downstairs naked and her grampa was gone then behind us we heard her neighbors Johnny and Derek brothers and Derek was my boyfriend and to oursurprise they wer taking place for colleyns grampa soo they got undressed and derek and i started making out but we got bord and nvr spoke of it again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Back a few years when I was 18 and my cousin was 16, we spent a lot of time togather working as well as playing on his parents farm. Both being guys, we had a lot in common, fishing, hunting, helping on the farm equipment. There was a good sized stream that ran through the place, and we often went swimming there.
    One really warm early summer sunday afternoon he and I went to the stream to swim, the water was warm and we were swimming nude. We were laying in the shallow part when he said I wonder how fish screw, laughing I said probebly like anything else, one on top of the other. Hey you want to find out, I'll be the one on top, for some reason the though excited me, so I said ok.
    He got on me and to my supprise he already had a hard on, and seeing his dick before knew it was bigger than mine, and then I felt it between my cheeks. For a second I thought I shouldn't let him do this, but when he started trying to get it in my ass it felt good and just sort of relaxed, spread my legs and let him. It didn't take but a few seconds and he was in, the water was warm, and feeling his hard dick in my ass made me want to be the female fish.
    He fucked me hard and fast and I knew when he shot his load, I squeezed up on his shaft a few times and he asked me how I liked being the girl fish.
    I said it was great and wouldn't mind you doing that again, so three more times that aftrenoon I was a girl fish to him, we had about a mile to walk back home, and he never mentioned it then or anytime afterwards, and although we went swimming many times after that it never happened again.

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