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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    When I was 5 years old my mom started to date a much younger guy named Todd. She was 37 and he was 14. He was also gorgeous so I could see why she liked him. It also didn't hurt that he was really nice.

    After a lot of secret dating for a few months, his mom got a new job in another state and the plan included him moving away with her. Somehow he talked his mom into letting him stay behind and move in with us. Mom offered to let him live with us for free so he could finish school here and in exchange he would be a kind of male nanny for me. I think his mom was clueless.

    I loved that he was moving in with us. It was like having a big brother who slept in my mom's room with her and who also spent a lot of time kissing her when they thought I wasn't looking. He was always so nice to me taking me to the park, playing dress up, having a tea party with me and so on. He was like a doting older and very affectionate brother. I had never had a brother but this is what I imagined it would be like.

    Then one night about an hour after I'd drifted off to sleep I had the most wonderful dream. I dreamed that someone was tickling my vagina. I woke up and it wasn't a dream. Todd had his hand up my nightie and inside my panties tickling my vagina. His hands were kind of small and delicate and he was doing it so gently that I just started to explode with delicious tingles. I didn't want him to ever stop. He looked down at me and smiled and told me he was doing it because he thought I needed to feel good like he did for my mother.

    I felt so special that he wanted to make me feel good like that. This went on every night except most of the time he didn't wait for me to fall asleep. Though sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night feeling Todd's special tickle. Gradually he increased how often he did this which started out almost daily and within a couple of years he was touching me every chance he got and I didn't mind since it felt so good.

    Todd, as I said, was very good looking. He was kind of pretty like a girl but with a boyish face. When he asked if he could kiss me that first time when I was seven I said yes. I'd been wondering what it might be like to kiss him so I was elated. I didn't care that he was Mom's boyfriend. I kind of wanted him all to myself but I was willing to share with mom. I climbed into his lap and put my arms around him and pulled him down to my mouth. He just opened up his mouth and put his tongue in mine and I opened mine and sucked on his tongue, not hard just enough to get it into my mouth. I could feel his dick harden up under me. He then took off my nightie. I'd long ago stopped wearing panties so Todd didn't have to work as hard to get to my vagina. But this time it was different. He asked if he could give me a special kiss down there and I said yes and he did and then he just went crazy licking. I was seven and he was 16 at the time and so his dick started to get bigger. I asked if I could see it then he put my little hand around it and explained how to jerk him off. I asked if I could taste he and he said yes and so then he taught me how to give him a blow job which I liked.

    When I was nine he said he really wanted to get me pregnant and I really liked the idea and so he asked if he could fuck me and I said yes and he did and came in me. But I didn't get pregnant. Just horny. It took him fucking me daily after that for me to eventually get pregnant. I was ten. The best part of being pregnant was having big tits before turning 11. The worst part was the labor pains. I never got morning sickness.

    That's how Mom found out that Todd had been fucking me for over a year. I just never thought of the consequences of getting pregnant when there was only one boy who had access to me. I just figured I'd make up some b.s. story about a mysterious boy in school who r*ped me. Mom didn't buy it and figured out really quick that Todd had been fucking me. But Todd had a secret weapon. He had tons of videos and photos of him having sex with my Mom when he was 14 and so he blackmailed Mom into letting him keep me as a lover. Mom reluctantly gave in but then insisted on watching when we did it. I was embarrassed at first but then I realized that it is a huge turn on for my Mom to watch her boyfriend fuck me while she masturbated.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 19

    I lived in one foster home or another for most of my years as a minor because my parents could not get their lives together. I met this girl, we will call her Stacy, at the last foster home I was at before the State released me as a legal adult.

    One day, I was looking for something and looked in the backpack belonging to one of the girls who also lived there. I found a dildo in it. I took it from her backpack and put it in my pocket. Later, I showed it to her and asked if she knew whose it was, which she of course denied. She then begged me to not to tell our foster parents. I said I would keep her secret if she threw the dildo away and use my dick instead.

    From that point on, I would sneak over to the girls room a few nights a week and get my dick in her. I would usually make it quick so the other girls in the room don't wake up. Just a few pumps of my already hard dick, shoot my load in her and dip. We almost got caught once when one of the girls woke up and saw me in her bed. I told the girl that she just had a nightmare so I was just keeping her company, while my hard dick was shoved inside her the whole time.

    She was probably already on the pill and never got pregnant. After I was released, we hung out and hooked up a few more times then I heard she was arrested for stealing. That was the last I've heard from her.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    Karen lived five houses up the street from my family, I was fifteen she was twelve. Her mum got a part time job for a few hours just after school hours, so I was asked to sit with Karen three hours when I got home till her Mum got back.
    We went to the same school I knew Karen had a boyfriend at school called Kelvin who was fourteen.
    At first we would play some games to pass the time, cards or monopoly till she got bored. Sitting on the floor as we played she crossed her legs & could see up her skirt. White vee of her knickers in plain sight & giving me a very hard cock. As we played rummy I asked how she was getting on with Kelvin did he take her out anywhere nice? She said he was alright he liked to walk her down by the river. So what is there to do down there I asked. She went all coy on me. "You know." She said as she started to blush. My penis was so hard by now it was getting painful. "No" I said, as innocently as I could. "I thought he'd take you uptown to see a film & have some fun."
    "We go down the river as its quiet, we have a kiss & know what I mean."
    I asked if he ever touched her when they were kissing, of course she said. Where does he feel you I asked. She said he runs his hands up my legs & feels my bum under my skirt.
    I had to move from sitting on the floor now, my cock was being strangled. So what else does he do with you then down by the river?
    He unzipped his jeans last know... Oh Karen, did he get his cock out to show you? Yes he put my hand on it. He was all hard. I squeezed it & he liked that.
    I sat back in the chair, her eyes went straight to the big bulge in my srides. He showed me how to wank him off.
    Wow, I said. Did he do anything else? Yes he put his hand down my knickers.
    Did you like him doing that? Did he push a finger inside you? She just nodded shyly.
    I was just too horny now & stood up unzipping my cock & pulling it out to show her. She stared in amazement before reaching out to hold me around the shaft. I started to move in her hand, cock dripping pre come.
    My hand went up her leg, I started to rub her c**t gently through her knickers. Her eyes were glazing over as her legs parted & breathing quickened. Knicker crutch was wet now as I pulled them aside to feel her soaked young c**t.
    Take your shirt off I want to see your tits. She stripped her top without question. Her tits were just big very pointy nipples. I sucked on each one as she wanked me.
    Take off your knickers for me. She let go of my cock & stepped out of the wet knicks & dropped the school skirt to the floor.
    Has Kelvin licked you down here before? She shook her head. Lay down on the setee I told her. I knelt between her skinny legs & tasted my first young sparsley haired young virgin c**t. She moaned out loud as she came on my mouth.
    I said its my turn now as I pulled her up. Did you ever suck on Kelvins cock, did you like it?
    She said he asked her to suck it, but she only wanted to lick the end. I turned my cock into her face, she put out her tongue to touch the end of my sticky cockhead as I wanked myself fingering her tight c**t. I came buckets of spunk licking my finger.
    We had some great sex until she was 17 & her family emigrated to Australia. I took her c**t & anal virginity. She sucked me off many times & always swallowed.
    Such happy days growing up.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I have a pantie fetish, it began when I was ten years old watching the girls in my school play netball in their knickers. At my school in north London the girls had their PE knickers which they were supposed to wear over the top of their own panties. If any girl had forgotten to bring to school their big PE knickers they were made to play their chosen sport in their own panties which were very often lacy or see through in he front, along with the classic camel toe affect showing the c**t lips as well. A tiny pleated skirt was supposed to hide the girls modesty, but playing netball or rounders as they ran, the skirts would blow up & flash the panties beneath along with a peep at some pubic hair through the lacy front. Oh such joy for a young inquisitive & very horny young man. By the time I was thirteen Puberty was in full swing & I needed to masturbate several times a day. Now in Senior school the sporting girls were from eleven years old to eighteen in the sixth form, so lots of fully developed & curvy young women to watch, wobbling & bouncing around on Netball Courts & Rounders fields sometimes in their own panties with hairy triangles & lovely camel toes to lust after. They must have known what they were doing to us boys, maybe they did & enjoyed it? I never found out.
    I found a dirty pair of bright red knickers under a chair in the large hall one day as I was getting changed for football practice. The gusset was well stained, wet, & most fragrant. The combination of pubescent c**t juice, piss, sweat,& shit stains really did make a huge impression on me & my young cock. I became erect immediately, was shaking with excitement as I held the wet crutch to my nose & inhaled deeply. I managed to squeeze my cock & ejaculated all over my football shirt! As luck would have it, the shirt was white, so with a few hasty wipes from a tissue my semen spray all but disappeared. I quickly put the knickers in my sports bag, & zipped it shut. The friction burns on my cock made it very tender that weekend, as I sniffed & chewed the filthy red gusset almost clean again in my bedroom.
    I got to thinking that in all my excitement I never even knew who the owner of the red knickers was. For my next sniffing sex session I had to know the girl whose stains I hoped to enjoy.
    Sue was a size fourteen beauty, two years older than me & the older sister of a friend in my class who I used to help with his homework. One afternoon I discovered her dirty knickers in the laundry hamper up in the family bathroom & started to shake with lust & excitement of my treasure, as I examined the white pantie gusset & held the wetness under my nose. The scent was incredible, my penis was rock hard in an instant as I freed it to masturbate. I was still shaking as my semen sprayed across the bathroom mirror. Next time I decided to use a tissue & save time cleaning up again.
    My need to taste & smell Sue's most intimate stains as I wanked off was becoming a habit, a too obvious habit as it happened. I had taken to sniffing & chewing the wet panties until just before ejaculating, then wrapping them over my knob, to catch my spunk & not make a mess. My mess, was now in the knickers. Sue did her own washing on Saturday afternoons & had watched me go up to use the bathroom during the week very often. but on Saturdays, when her brother & I played football & I was there, I never went for a wee. Because I knew she had just washed all the panties I'd spunked off in all the previous week. I thought I was being so clever hiding my perverted secret. I was wrong. My football pal had gone off to get a new tyre for his bicycle that we had been fixing up in the garage, I needed my pantie fix, so went up to the bathroom, as Sue asked where I was going, so I told her just for a wee. A lacey blue pair gusset up, were on top of the hamper. I grabbed them & reached to lock the bathroom door, the lock was broken, the bar to push across & actually lock the door had snapped off. I was already hard & inhaling deeply through the wet stains in the blue crutch. Just a quick one I told myself, I'll be fine, cock out, fucking my fist, as the door was pushed open by Sue, She shut it behind her. Stood there with folded arms, but no real anger in her big brown eyes.
    My shaking hands dropped instantly to hide my stiff cock as I dropped the panties to the floor.
    "You were sniffing my knickers." Her voice showed surprise not anger. "You were wanking as you sniffed them. It must be the smell you like. Well, is it?" I just nodded, as she reached out to feel my cock. "So why don't you have a sniff of me?" She asked, as her hands went up under each side of the summer dress she wore & slid her knickers down to her knees. My cock was happy again as I stared at the soaking white knicker crutch between her knees. She then gripped the hem of her dress each side & slowly lifted it up to waist height to give me my first real look at her fifteen year old brown hairy c**t. It was beautiful. I fell to my knees & pushed my nose against her hairy wet lips to sniff my first woman. She dropped the knickers opened up her legs, pulled her lips apart to show me where to lick her properly. I did she whispered that we didn't have long so hurry up. I licked her stickiness as I pulled meself off again. she moaned out loud as my cock sprayed her shoes & socks. She put the knickers back on, told me I was a dirty boy & this never happened, & she was gone. I still worship young c**t but try not to be so messy these days.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 53

    When I was a boy I had a good friend and weâd do sleepovers. I was slim and blonde and he was husky and dark hair. We slept in his bed but when we were 14 he was a big kid and felt we were too big for his bed so he told me to crash with his 10 year old brother.
    I was all in for that as the previous year the brother and I were in the bathroom naked at the same time. His family had taken me on vacation and his mom asked me to take him to get a shower. He was also slim and blonde. We took turns in the shower and I couldnât stop looking at his cute little ass and small hairless cock. At 13 I had not hit puberty so I was also hairless and have a small cock. He seemed fascinated with my naked body too but nothing happened.
    So at 14 I make my way to my 10 year old friends bedroom. He said sure, come in and sat up on the bed. We both only had on tighty white briefs as it was summer. We sat on the bed talking and I got very aroused. He noticed the tent and reached over and gave it a tentative grab. He pulled his hand away and said âyouâre stiffâ. I nodded and told him it felt good. He reached again and this time said âIâm getting stiff tooâ. That was all I needed. I pulled my briefs off to show him my hard cock. He eagerly put his hand around it while I reached over to remove his briefs. His was about 3â and hard. We fondled each otherâs penis for a while until I leaned over and put his cock in my mouth. He loved it! I laid him down and got on top of him 69 and he knew what to do. I still had never had an orgasm and this feeling was simply amazing. My cock in his mouth and his in mine felt so right! After a good long mutual suck he was really moaning and saying it felt like he was peeing. He didnât pee and in hindsight he had a pre puberty dry orgasm. My own cock was just throbbing with pleasure and desire. I rolled him over to his belly. I wasnât sure about putting my cock in his asshole but he was very wet from my saliva running down his hairless ass crack. I started rubbing my own nearly hairless cock up and down his crack and exposed pink anus. He liked this too, said his asshole tickled. After a couple minutes of this a feeling overwhelmed me and my cock exploded with my first orgasm. Cum was everywhere! From the back of his head and running down to his balls.
    Iâve lived a heterosexual life but and secretly gay and think I always have and always will love cock

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 20

    Currently 21 (Sex: male)

    If my memory serves right i was 9 going on 10 staying over at my grandparents' house with my cousin (Jordan) who was 11 going on 12 at the time however hit puberty early.Never quite having a close relationship we usually every friday use to just sit and watch movies as was our weekend tradition. One night however he didn't show up at his usual time having stayed out later than usual, this being he had decided to hang out with a family friend.Always being the smug somewhat athletic smugg sort he shrugged off any complaints from my grandparents and went up to their spare room where they had fold out beds on the floor next to a broken bottomed bunked my cousin had claimed for himself.Me being the quiet sort was already upstairs playing on the old Playstation 2 we use to own, never quite able to stand up to him at the time he usually did what he wanted flinging his shoes on the floor and making himself comfortable.

    About a few hour's passed with him on the top bunk resting and me on the console went bye until it was time to go to bed.Having barely spoken with him over the course of theses hours i started a conversation with him as he had been quieter than usual.This was around 10 ish at night As we began to joke around as kids do.

    The room lights were off having decided to watch a movie when he began telling me what he had been up to with his friend the very same day.Having been stuck with his mate at a bustopp began getting looks from an elderly couple who he said kept staring at them as they waited for the bus.This is were as a joke he told me he grabbed his mate by the hips and proceeded to dry hump him which they bofe proceeded to laugh as the elderly looked away in discussed.

    We both laughthed at this for a few mins, but me at the age i was though more knowledgable than most my age on the matters of sex, asked him what dry humping was egsacle. He laughed as he tried to explain it getting ready for bed as he did so. This proceeded to make the conversation more eccentric as he sleeps in his underwear as I do as well but at the time was covered by blankets as it was cold.As a goke with me lying on the fold our bed and on my stomach looking at the tv screen with my back to him as we talked I felt the edge of the fold out bed sink as he stood over me at the time unaware that i was laid on the fold out mattress positioned between his legs.

    This realisation came quick however as his joke reached its height he flung the bottom half of the blanket over my head to reveal my almost bear lower body covered only by a fin layer of underwear as i felt his knees hit the mattress joking that he could show me what dry humping was. A bit in shock and curiosity i jokingly said "ok" In which i got a reply of a nervioso "realize ?". Thinking that he would back off due to the situation being originally a joke I wasn't ready for him suddenly sitting on my legs as he then leant forward laying on top of me sweat now filling the air as he rested his head next to mine using his neck as support as he lowered his waist onto my ass. His fin underwear doing little to stop the sensation of his currently flaccid cock and sweaty balls sliding between my ass with no aim to them whatsoever.

    This is where he began jokingly frosting into my ass even to go so far as to sit up and slowly hump me as he whispered into my ear the position we were in. This continued in silence with the occasional giggle as he went through different speeds of frosting laying his sweaty chest on my back as he proceeded to dry hump me for 5 - 10 minutes.

    Things didn't start to escalate till i felt him lift his chest off me and reposition himself, quieter and more focused nothing really happens for a minute till i felt him reposition his waste with my ass again only to put both his arms on ever side of my head and with the full force of his weight slam into my ass with sudden vigour. His cock this time i felt accidentally realign itself in one of his pelvic drops into my ass slide in his underwear upwards towards my lower back causing his balls to slap against my own and causing his dick to start getting hard.

    Now comfortable he started moving slower this time i could feel his dick getting hard dragging his half flaccid cock through my fin underwear covered ass crack and slowly grinding his testicles across my own. Unable as of that day to get an erection i didn't know what was going on at the time and was a little confused yet strangely enjoying the situation.

    This lasted for a few more minuites till i could feel his erct cock now between my ass cheeks as he slowed down to a stop he wispered into my ear that if he wanted he could fuck my in my ass. In the heat of the moment I buried my head into the sheets staying quiet a little scared and curious as he leaned his cock with my ass and jokingly pushes forward until he found my asshole pressing with a bit of pressure with his cock's head into my guts through the fin cloth.It was here I first felt his pre cum leaking onto his underwear.

    He proceeded to do this for a minute till he sat up, unable to see him due to the blanket over my head he said to me he wouldn't mind trying it as he began to stand up.Even to this day i don't remember what made me say it but my only reply was do what you want. Half way off me at this point he stopped leaned back over my head and asked in my ear of it was ok.His once joking demeanor gone replaced with the mindset of a horny young teenager wanting to cum i merely nodded my head in quiet silence.

    Faster than I wasn't expecting he began taking off my underwear sliding his hand over my own flaccid member ignoring it entirely only focused on taking care of my underwear.He then got off me in which I could hear him morning around as i laid their nacked unsure what he was doing.

    The silence was only broken by the noise of him suddenly throwing his underwear aside and repositioning himself on me, this time without his underwear on putting all his weight on my lower back as he sat on my ass nacked feeling his own ass cheeks against mine wasn't the issue.What was the sudden warm sack of testickles now on my lower back as he made himself comfortable using my as a seat I could feel his balls huge by comparison to mine at the time as he began jacking himself off to full mast on me.

    Laughing as he did so and occasionally meaning for a few minutes as he reached his peak of erection was the moment i heard him spit not on me or somewhere in the room at first, eventually realizing he had spit on his cock (Didn't know what spit lube was as the time). He began to lift up his waist not hugh another as i felt his balls drag down my back as he positioned his waist over my ass his balls now hovering over my own the hair on his sack that had begun to form tickling my own as he rested his cock in my ass crack like a hotdog and a bun dragging his balls across mine I became painfully aware at the time that his balls were 3 - 4x bigger than my own having hit puberty early.The sweat on his balls causing mine to stick to his but this was nothing, unaware of how big he was or what was about to enter me my only indication that I was about to be fucked was the piping hot spit covered pole that now probed for my asshole intent on dumping its heavy sack load in my ass.

    It was here I started getting heavy doubts as I felt the soggy member slide further into my crack on it mission to cum. His weight now heavy over me both still turned on and terrible scared and lost in thought and sensation as his flereing cockhead slid through my crack once more this time sliding over my at the time 9 yr old unspoiled asshole finding its objective.

    Sitting up I felt his hand grip the base of his dick and align it with my ass hole he began wiggling the tip of his cock up and down as he pushed forward into my crevasse his foreskin dragging across my asshole trying to find the entry into my guts telling me as it did so. Trying not to laugh due to the sensation I was brought back to the warm wet feeling of him drooling spit onto my ass hole as he held my cheeks apart he was now fully aware of where my asshole was and with intent he repositioned himself a final time, aligning the head of his cock with my ass he grabbed the tip and began applying weight.

    Stretching my cheeks apart as far as he can with his hands he aligned his cock with my ass hole and began aplieing pressure to little avail applying tons of spit lube as he could.Having not been too gentle for the past 10-15 mins he surprised me when he told me to relax more as he leaned into my ear to do so.Giving into his request i did so and feeling this he went back to applying pressure with his cock head against my young asshole. The fear still their until mere moments before I was gonna ask him to stop the copiose amount of spit that now coated his cock,my ass and ball sack were the last he needed as I relaxed.

    My first sensation was the feeling of his foreskin peeling back as his cock very quickly and suddenly forced its way into my guts burning a path right down to the root of his cock, his balls crushing my own and leaving them in his sweat as he hit his base. The sheer force of entry knocking the air out of my lungs as he entered. As though out of instinct he put his hand on the back of my head and forced it into the sheets before I could cry out as our grandparents were drunk and asleep downstairs on the couch.

    The sudden intrusion hurt but not as much as i thaught (proble due to spitlube),as he stayed still grunting and moning as he got comftable in my guts.This however didnt last long and with me muthelled under the sheets and breathless he began moveing at his own pase the sensation of his cock going in and out of me at the time made it impossible to argue as i was impaled on a warm cock of unknown size fucking me. His pase increasing over a few minuites from a grind to a consantrated fucking without care for me my cousin at the time only cared about his own pleasure. His balls useing my own and flaccid dixk as a shock obsorber to the now feverish fucking i was reseaving fast but quite soggy slappping noises filling the closed of room and my gasps muthelled by the hand on the back of my head being pushed into the matress.

    This continued for 15 minutes, my cousin only pausing for breath as he fucked me mercilessly for what seemed like ages began feverishly frosting as fast he could. Yet unaware at the time this happened he removed his hand of my head and finally able to breathe properly gripped my hips and laid on my back.Forcefully lifting my hips a bit and with my own penis dangling i was brought back to my senses as he hilted in me with all his weight a low growl i remember emitting from my cousins through, as he pulled slowly out then slammed in hard and fast (I now know this is a mating press) about 5-7 times my ass cheeks doing little to cushan the deep thrusts he was doing.

    After the last heavy frost he put all his weight on my back exhausted and with his cock still in my guts, too numb to feel much i could feel his penis twitching in my ass a loan groan escaping his mouth as this feeling faded. Ylast feeling of this ordeal was after 10 mins of laying on me he pulled out with a wet popping noise as he got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up.A warm wet gooey sensation flooding out of me slowly i turned onto my now numb back to see the cousin who had been in me moments before as he switched on the light I saw his cock for the first time covered in a whight goo and still rock hard as he let it dangle freely, all 8 inches of it as he disappeared into the bathroom to freshen up. This was the last thing I remember from that night other than waking up in the morning numb and with my cousins rock hard member pitching a tent in his underwear on the top bunk of the old bunk bed.


    ...Bonus Incident...(Around when i was 12)
    Around when he started high school he walked past my grandparents with his mates deciding to drop bye and get changed upstairs before he went out.At this time i was trying to sleep in the room when he came in and began to change whilst his mates waited in the garden. Seeming stressed he pulled down his school trousers and layed on me useing spitlube to stick his dick in me warlst i was trying to get to sleep.He the proseeded to ruthly fuck me for 5 mins until my nan shouted up to him asking what he was doing and that his freinds were waiting.His replie was simple "looking for my trainers ill be comeing in a minuite" all warlst balls deep in my ass, mere moments later he proseeded to empty his load in my guts. Then pulling out and gathering his things to go hang out with his mates, leaving me to clean up.


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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 53

    I liked cocks when I was still in gym class in the showers. One day when we were in the seventh grade we were at a friend's house, about five of us and we started rough housing and wrestling and I ended up with my face in the crotch of one of the other boys. I really liked that. I went to camp in the summer with scouts and part of our duties was to wash down the showers with these big brushes in our bathing suits. We had soap all over us and we decided to do it naked. We all had pubes by then and all those naked cocks. That night I got an erection in bed and masturbated in my sleeping bag. The next morning one of the boys told me he heard me beating off.

    With the same boy I was at his house and he suggested that we beat off together, he had some girly magazines and we set the fold outs on the bed and masturbated. He was masturbating to the girl and I was masturbating to his cock. That day for sure I felt like sucking his cock. I wanted to masturbate with him but that was a one time thing, he gave me the magazines but I never cared for them.

    In band, we were in our senior year and coming back from a football game one of the boys took out his cock and started beating off in the back of the bus. It became a competition and several boys had their cocks out, beautiful cocks, all the boys had circumcised cocks and everyone was white. I beat off to myself watching the boys in the back of the bus. Frankly at that time I never paid attention to the girls who were sitting up front, but I heard through my sister that one of the girls complained to the band director but that is as far as it went.

    That was the first time I was aware that girls knew that guys beat off. I got curious about girls and what they did and forced my sister to tell me. She made up something that sounded lame. She wasn't able to stop me taking her pants down and it was the first time I looked at a girl's pussy. She went compliant and let me look inside her pussy and after a while told me that was enough and to show her my cock.

    I went to the movies with some friends, it was the summer before college and at that time we ran in packs, we went to the movies and in the bathroom I stood beside an older man who had on a tie and white shirt and watched him pee, staring at his cock. He asked me into the stall and sat me on the toilet and gave me his cock to suck. It was like the doors of desire opened up, I sucked him and he had to hold my head in the right position by grabbing my hair and mouth fucking me. He took his cock out of my mouth and jerked off with his hand shooting his stuff on my face. That's how I met the man that ran the movie theater. I got free movie passes and sucked his cock in his office and got good enough to where he could jerk off while I sucked him and I got my taste for cum. He later fucked me. I was off to the races by the time I went to college.

    The rest of the story is that I have always had a love for cock, I am a cock sucker, I am a bottom and love to fuck, but I am a cock sucker.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 43

    Well when i was 6 my 12 year old sister n i shared a bedroom we had bunkbeds, id play games and use the bunkbeds as a climing frame, one day think it was a weekend we were playing, i was climbing all over the bedn land on my sister, she pushed me off and she stripped naked she had bee sting tits n bald pussy i remember that clearly! She stipped me naked, i didnt know better so i let her she got me to lay on top of hern tried to put my soft cock in 6 i wasnt sexually active.... iv never questioned herwhy she was doing it. She just told me to say was never brought up again ever! To my reckoning she had had sex education at school n she wanted to feel never know.

    This lead to me going through pubity very horny and confused to the point if i was correct to say that actually happened as it was adistant memory at q4 i bought lots of porn mags n shot my load on my stomoch all the time.....when i was 17 my parentes went away for a weekend to blackpool n my nan n sister were looking after me. I came in from being out with my mates n was very drunk ,i went for a piss, i ended up pissing all over the place as i was that drunk in the toilet, more so in my jeans i can remember stripping off totally naked n walked to my room, my nan was in bed n my sister watchin tv down stairs on her own ...i sat on my bed with my wet cock in my hand n started to masterbate over my porn mags then a stupid thought came into my head....wander what my sister would do if i went into her i had the urge to do that so i stumbled down stairs n walked in the front room with a semi erect penis n stood naked infront of my sister.....she lifted her head from the magazine she was reading n stared at me at my semi....i grabbedmy cock n started to masterbate infront of her.....i remember her shocked face n i saw her hands wanting to feel my now fully erect cock ....but with a second thought she looked at me stearnly n said GO TO BED! I did n carried on wanking till my stick cum was all over me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I was in a swimming club when I was 12. We went camping to Essex one bank holiday weekend. After a cross country run I was in the shower as an old man of about 45 watched me wash my skinny body. He told me I had a muddy back, & offered to wash it for me, I said he could & turned around to let him start.
    His hands were very gentle as a finger slipped between my arse cheeks to make sure I was clean everywhere. I started to enjoy his touch. He told me to turn around to make sure I had no mud on my front. His big soapy hands washed up my legs very gently till he held my soapy little cock in his hand & started to wank me so very gently my cock responded immediately & stood up to attention for him. Ooh you're enjoying this he said as he rinsed the soap off my stiff little cock. He took me in his mouth & sucked me off for the very first time. I had my first massive orgasm & spunked off into his warm mouth. My head was spinning as I seemed to just come & come. It was an amazing experience.
    He then stood up & unzipped his huge stiff cock. Now its my turn he said, as he took my hand & put it on his stiffie.
    I started to wank him like he did for me, then he told me to take it in my mouth. I licked his big circumcised cock head & tasted my first cock. He was shaking with excitement as I sucked & started to gently fuck my young mouth.
    I must have been doing it all wrong cos he pulled it out of me & wanked himself off. He came jet after jet of thick white spunk all over my chest. He zipped up fast & told me not to tell anyone about our little secret. I washed his ejaculate off me & stood up on shaky legs. He said he'd be back here the next day about 1600 if I wanted to be sucked off again. I said I did very much. my parents came to take me home next day at midday so I never saw him again. over the years I've had plenty of sexy fun with boys & girls & shall tell more tonight after work. I love reading these kinda confessions of when our sex lives first began. Wonderful moments never to be forgotten.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 52

    This is about a time long before I became a nurse. You might call it my first time. My mother was the county nurse and I was twelve that year. A young man was hurt badly in a car accident and ended up at the local ten bed hospital after his surgery. He had multiple fractures, plus healing from this surgery on his left femur. He was in real bad shape but the hospital wanted him moved out because he was in recovery. My mother took in stray cats, and hurt young men and he took this young man (he was 24 by the way) and brought him home and put him on the sofa in the den. She told me I was responsible for him, I knew what to do and make sure he took his pain meds and his antibiotics and stuff, fix him something to eat and make sure he ate it, if he has to pee use the milk jug and hold his penis and let him pee, don't worry he is on so much pain meds he won't poop for a few days, and I am going to work and call me only if it is an emergency and being bored is not an emergency, you take care of him, etc. etc.

    I was twelve and sure I had been around my mom a lot but having a drugged man on the sofa was a new thing for me. I brought the kitchen chair out to the den and sat on it and watched television. If he moved I checked on him, I checked to make sure he was breathing. He woke up several hours later and I had to explain who I was and that he was at our house not at the hospital and to relax because I was taking care of him. He was out most of the time that day, and I only managed to get a half a cup of soup down him, the rest of the time he slept.

    When my mother came home she checked on him, and checked on his cast and took his temperature and told me to do it every two hours and keep a record, she listened to his chest and showed me how to listen to him breathe so that he wasn't catching pneumonia, and she told me to undress him and give him a sponge bath. Now get to it I want him bathed before you go to bed tonight. Undressing him was impossible, he weighed too much so my mom helped me get his shirt off and his pants and underwear and told me that he should have been sent to the house in his hospital gown, she would bring one tomorrow.

    He was naked on the sheet on the sofa, sleeping and his chest kept going up and down and his penis just lay there, all I could see was his penis, it looked like a great big worm just lying there. I got the tub with warm water and the washcloth and started with his face and chest and arms and legs and feet and my mother watched me wash his penis and in between his legs. You're a nurse, he has a penis if this was a girl she would have a vagina and you would have to wash her too, so pick up his penis and wash it gently, pick up his testicles (she used correct terminology) and wash them and under his testicles and in between his legs. I will help you by picking up his body and you wash his back and when I lift him wash his buttocks. You are a nurse, be a nurse.

    Well all that talking and all picking up his penis with my hand felt real weird. First of all because I had never seen a penis, but I did what my mom told me and we got him bathed. She said he hadn't been bathed properly at the hospital because the nurses aid there didn't ever do a good job so it was up to me.

    I fed him with a spoon holding the bowl of cream of wheat, I fed him with a spoon holding the bowl of soup, I washed his face several times a day and I sang songs to him. I washed his penis too. And since he was asleep when I washed his penis I kissed his penis, I just felt like it so I kissed it. Every time I washed his penis I kissed it even after he was awake and I was giving him his bath. I washed his hair the third day he was at the house, having him lean over the back the sofa with a couple of towels under his head, I washed his hair with a bowl of warm water. I helped him pee into the bed pan my mom brought and when he was ready I helped walk him to the toilet so he could poop, I did not stay in the bathroom with him, but that night when I bathed him I washed his butt real well, mom's orders.

    He got well enough that he could be set up and walked to the table to eat, and he could wash himself if I stayed beside him and helped him here and there. I washed his hair every three days, and I washed his penis. He asked me and I washed his penis and after I washed his penis I kissed it. One day he kissed me on the mouth and I swooned and he held me and felt up my boobs. It felt real good and I would ask him to feel me up, to sit under his arm watching television and he would put his hand under my boob and cup it. I held his penis, which now that the pain meds were gone he got erections. We never did that if my mom was home, but we did it when we were alone in the afternoon. He could get around on crutches and the doctors had taken the stitches out and he had on his permanent cast and he was supposed to go home on the Greyhound bus.

    His car was totaled and he left it with the service station guy for a hundred bucks and my mom and I took him to the bus station. My mom fixed him a couple of sandwiches to eat on the way, and several cokes and gave him an empty bottle to use if he had to pee. He kissed her on the cheek and kissed me on the mouth and we helped him on the bus and got him seated and left. When the bus pulled away I cried, I cried all the way home. The sofa was empty and I cleaned up the stuff that he used. I cleaned the bathroom until it was spick and span and I cried that night and the next morning my mom told me that your first patient is always the most difficult one, you just have to learn not to fall in love. From then on I was going to be good nurse. And no, my mom was not right, I never forgot him and I remember him every day. I give my share of sponge baths and I have no problem washing a penis or a woman either, she was right about that. It is just part of the job.

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