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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 39

    My First Try at Penetration:
    ----------------------- ----

    I'm not sure if this posting belongs here but I couldn't find a better category, so here it is.

    When I was young, my parents took my sister and me to my grandparent's farm during the summer months. We almost never went in winter because roads were sometimes impassible then. I do remember going there once during Christmas. I remember that occasion because after we got there and parked, my dad asked me to drain the water from the radiator of our car or else it would freeze. I was 14 at the time and he was trying to teach me about cars. I got to playing with my cousins and sure enough, I forgot to drain it and the radiator froze. My dad was angry at first but then commented, "Don't give an adult's job to a kid". I learned a bit about responsibility from that incident.

    However, this posting is about what happened during a summer trip to my grandparent's farm. My family and several other families came with their children had come and the farmhouse was very crowded. I would say it was cozy, though. Two of my very close cousins had come, Wayne, who was 15 and Patsy, who was two years my younger at 12. The three of us plus several other cousins played all day outside until it got dark and then indoors until midnight. Meanwhile, my dad and various uncles played poker under a kerosene lamp for much of the day and into the night. I don't know when they took a break to eat and they would never let any of us participate in the poker game. They said we were too young.

    When it was time to go to bed at about midnight, they assigned Wayne, Patsy and me to one of the beds in the second bedroom. They had three bedrooms available. I thought it strange that they would put a girl in with Wayne and me but I didn't think to ask why. We closed the door and Wayne and Patsy immediately started undressing. All three of us were exhausted from a full day of playing, Wayne undressed to his undergarment and got on one side of the bed. Patsy undressed and to my amazement, took off all of her clothes and got in the middle. I couldn't believe that she was stark naked. Both fell sound asleep before I even began to undress. Normally, I wear underpants in bed but this time, I took everything off and got into bed beside Patsy.

    I should say at this time that I knew a little bit about sex at age 14 and I masturbated often. I had seen my mother naked a few times - both topless, bottomless and sometimes stark naked. I guess she still thought of me as a young child and seeing her naked wouldn't make any difference to me. Boy, was she wrong! I still remember her lovely full breasts jiggling as she walked from the bathroom shower to her bedroom. Even at 14 I was calling them "tits" and I had some pretty dirty thoughts about her.

    In addition, I had seen through a crack in my parents bedroom door, my dad having sex with my mother. He was doing it from behind and she kept asking, "Are finished? Are you finished?". I remember the creaking of the bed and the thump, thump, thump sound as he humped her. Although Mom had given birth to five children, including me, I don't think she enjoyed sex much.

    Getting back to the story, with Patsy sound asleep, I moved closer and closer to her until I felt her bum pressing against my stomach. Thinking how nice Mom's breasts were, I ran my hands over Patsy's chest, hoping to feel something. But there was nothing there, just the tiniest of nipples. I abandoned feeling her chest and ran my hands over her crotch. I discovered that Patsy had no pubic hair at all. But I could feel something very, very soft and warm and it was her genitals. My penis got really hard and I remember how Dad was behind Mom when he was humping her. Being behind Patsy, I took my penis and kept poking it and pushing it into her. Every time, it just seemed to miss its target and stick into nothing. However, Patsy was still in a deep slumber so I persisted and finally, I felt my penis slip into her. It was an experience that I had never had before and it was a wonderful sensation. I kept pulling her body tighter and tighter into mine until my penis penetrated her all the way. I cannot remember whether or not I had to hump her a bit to get it all the way in, but probably. I just laid there in the tightest of embraces with Patsy, who was still sound asleep, and kept trying to make sense of it all. All I can remember is that I didn't move a muscle for what seemed a long time . Then, amazingly, I fell asleep.

    The next thing I remember is waking up to an empty bed. Wayne and Patsy were long gone from the room and it was early morning. I remembered what I had done last night and wondered if Patsy knew. I was afraid that she might have told someone, perhaps her parents. But my fears were unfounded because when I got up and dressed, she made no mention of it at all. And from the way she acted, it was clear that she had no idea what was done to her. It was Sunday now and we played until late afternoon and then our parents took us back to the big city.

    Recently, when I communicated this incident to a friend, he said it is more than just penetration. Officially, you had sexual intercourse with Patsy even if you did not inseminate her.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 32

    My father began touching my body when I was about seven. We lived on a farm and me and him were always very close.
    I'd often be playing on the farm, especially in the summer, and my dad would let me help him out in the fields or the goat pens sometimes. I loved it.
    It started with him playing tickling games with me in the hay or one of our meadows, and he just gradually starting touching more and more of me. Eventually he got me to take my clothes off for it. I never minded, and it never felt like he was forcing me, but he made me realise that I couldn't tell mum about it.
    He'd very gently rub his thumbs on my tiny boobless nipples which I enjoyed a lot. He would also start kissing them and sucking on them which felt like heaven, even though at thus point I was only about eight.
    Naturally he graduated to touching my vagina but he was always so gentle. I had my first orgasm sat on his lap with his hand down my panties and my legs squeezing his fingers against my clit. It was also around this point that we began kissing like lovers.
    He showed me his penis one day and I remember being utterly thrilled to see it. He guided my small hands to wanking him and the first time I saw him ejaculate I was worried I'd done something terrible to hurt him! He quickly made me realise that it felt wonderful for him and that it was what he called sperm.
    By age nine (I remember I'd had my ninth birthday party like a week before) I was giving my dad oral sex. I struggled getting more than the head of his penis in my mouth but I wanted to please him. He would usually have to use his hand to bring himself to his orgasm but he loved to cum in my mouth (he made me believe that sperm was good for me).
    We didn't actually have intercourse until I was twelve and we usually did it in my room when mum was out.
    Fucked up memories, I know, but they still make me wet.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 42

    I was 15 years old when this happened. I went to this park with my mother, her 2 female friends and their two 11 and 12 year old daughters. We had been to this park many times before and it wasn't too busy but there were always some people around. The park was more of a forest but had a small beach which was used by some for swimming. I was going to be swimming as were the two daughters. The daughters were getting a little playful with me and tried to pull my swimsuit down a few times. I was getting a little annoyed as they managed to expose my ass a few times. Once they caught me off-guard and managed to pull my swimsuit down below my knees exposing my ass and penis. No one was near us when this happened which was good for me. I pulled my swimsuit up and then grabbed their bikini tops and pulled them down to expose what little breasts they had. The girls screamed which had our mothers come over to see what was going on. They came over to see the daughters tops down and asked why. The daughters told them I did it and my mother started getting very angry with me and told me I should know not to do that. I told her the girls had pulled my swimsuit down exposing me and all she said it was it was not an excuse to do it back to them. We argued for a bit until she told me she wanted them off. She was serious and the next thing I am doing is handing her my swimsuit. I am standing there naked and all she said after that was that I no longer needed to worry about the girls pulling them down. She told me to go play and I kept mentioning I was naked and everyone would see me. She told me I got myself into this and it was my problem. Once again she said to go play but she said it in such a way that I knew she meant it and I better do it or else. I spent the next few hours literally naked and being seen by more than a dozen or so people and all because two girls pulled my swimsuit down and I retaliated once.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    The summer of 73' I was 13. My best friend's family had moved to another town about 12 miles away. One day I decided to hitchhike over and see him. At 13 I was 6' already, skinny as a weed. My thumb out and a car pulls over. I run up the car and see a 40 something guy "hop in" he says. I get in the car and he asks where I'm going. We chat a bit when he tells me he had bought a video recorder. Those things were brand new high tech shit back then. Very expensive and I had never even seen one. When he asked if I wanted to see it I was like, hell yes I do.
    At his house he puts in a store bought 3 Stooges tape. The showed me how it can record TV shows. Hey, that was cool shit then. Then he asks if I have ever seen a porn movie, I had not. Would I like to, hell yes.
    He puts in the cassette and I'm excited with anticipation as the vid goes through all the junk they put in the beginning. First scene is this beautiful blonde and some dude talking. Eventually she pulls his dick out and starts working on it with her mouth. I got an instant boner. I'm watching as the blonde starts working the dudes big dick deeper into her mouth when I hear "do you jack off? I can't watch this without jacking off".
    It was the guy who had picked me up talking. It sorta startled me as I was mesmerized by the blonde in the movie. The guy, I'll call him Mark, was wearing shorts with an elastic band around the waist and had one hand down inside working himself. He looked at me a minute, then at the bulge I was making in my cut offs. He slid his own shorts down and kept working his cock. "You're going to rip those shorts" (he chuckles)looking back at the TV he says "go ahead, it's ok". I slid my cut off shorts down and stoked my stiffy, eyes glued on the incredible blonde, now making the dudes dick disappear down into her throat. Mark was sitting next to me on the couch and put his free hand on my leg, then slowly down to the hand I was whacking off with. He held his hand around mine working it together.
    I was a little freaked but I didn't want to stop watching the girl in the movie.
    My eyes glued on the tv screen, Mark took my hand now and put it on his stiff cock. He held my hand there with the hand he had been using to stroke himself with then put his other hand on my dick. I was scared and excited at the same time. I'm sitting in some guys house, hands on each others cocks, watching some blonde in a movie throating some porn dude. Happens to every thirteen year old, right? "Squeeze it" Mark says and I do. "Yeah, that's it" he says as his grip on my hand tightens and he guides my hand up and down his shaft. He keeps working my cock with his other hand, the blonde is working the dudes cock in and out of her mouth...
    Suddenly, the dude in the movie contorts and groans. I can tell he's cuming but his dick is buried down the blondes throat. HOLY SHIT! I'm thinking as white cum gushes out of the girls mouth onto her chin and oozes down on her boobs. "I'll show you how that feels" Mark said moving down but he didn't make it. I blew boy lava all over his hand and everything else. I'll bet some hit the ceiling.
    After a couple moments he got me a towel and I cleaned up. I pulled my shorts back up and wanted to get going when he asked "you want a beer?" Hell yes time again. By the time we got back to the movie, the blonde was with a couple of black guys. They were feeling her up and she was acting like she was trying to get away. She stopped fighting and dropped to her knees pulling their black cocks out one at a time. She worked one with her mouth, then the other.
    I was fucking hard again. "Wow, anybody who cums like that deserves a beer"(laughs) "you should be in a movie like this" he said as the blonde and the black guys get on a bed. She is sucking one while the other is working his rod into her pink pussy. Mark is stripped naked and sitting close to me. He takes my hand again and I'm jacking him.
    Without warning, he grabs my head and pulls it down to his lap "suck it" he says. I'm fucking totally freaked.
    "SUCK IT!" he says again. I did as I was told, well, I tried anyway. He shoved it in but I gagged and choked. I was actually trying, I mean this dude had given me a beer. I owed him. Finnally he pulls me back up "watch her"he says.
    The blonde has a big black cock deep in her mouth and another buried inside her c**t pumping the fucking hell out of her. Then they traded places. The guy who had been fucking her is filling her mouth with thick cum as the other is fucking her. I'm thrilled at the movie and freaked the hell out and scared and Mark pulls my head back down again.
    I choke a little again but I'm trying like hell. "Breathe through your nose" he said "holding my head with both strong hands he held me still. His cock about halfway down "Relax. Just relax and let it slide. Breathe through your nose. Yeah, your getting it" he started to ungulate slowly, working his cock in just a little bit more every times he ungulated, holding me still when I started to gag. "That's it, relax. You're a natural at this. You learn fast. You like this, I know you like this" I was too scared to know whether I liked it or not. I was just doing what he told me to do. I could hear the people in the porn movie. He just kept working his cock deeper and deeper down my throat, slowly pulsing and grinding like he was fucking some girls c**t. He groaned and said "Yeah, that's it" as he buried his cock as deep as it could go. It hurt just a little as his cock head hit my tonsils and the back of my throat.
    Holding my head with both hands he thrusted back and forth, not moving too much at first.
    "Oh fucking A, you love this cock don't you? You like my cock in your gut just like the bitch in this movie. You're born for this." He started to pick up the pace " take this cock. You know how to please your Daddy don't you?"
    All I could do is take that fucking dick. Trying to hold myself so it didn't hurt when he hit bottom against my throat. Slobber oozing out my mouth, snot coming out one nostril. I liked it when he told me how good I was doing. I just let his cock slide in and out, faster now. He stopped every once in a while for a few seconds holding it deep inside my throat, working it in hard. I could feel it pulse and swell and he kept telling me how great I'm doing and how much he loved it and I was totally surrendered. Nothing else I could do.
    He was ramming the hell out my mouth and throat now, holding me as tight as ever but when he stopped this time I felt his cock pulsing "DON'T MOVE!" he shouted and I felt gush after gush of warm semen against my tonsils and throat. I swear he came a gallon, just holding my head, pushing his cock down my throat, his cum draining into my gut.
    We both were frozen like that for a couple long minutes before he finally let me up. "Get some towels" he said.
    I knew where they were from earlier. I cleaned the slobber off my face and he cleaned slobber off his lap and everywhere. "Another beer?" he asked with a smile. I said yes. He got dressed and said he was so happy I got him off. "Best fuck I've had years man". "You gonna be alright? I didn't blow your mind did I?" I told him I was alright. I was a little woozy. We finished off the 6 pack and he dropped me off a block from my friends house.
    He saw me about a week latter thumbing a ride and gave me his phone number. We got together a few more times that
    summer and I learned a lot of new things. I'll save some for another story. I grew up mostly a straight man. Married, kids, the whole thing. I do lurk in the porn theater once in a while.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    (continued from i started fucking my stepsister) the year was 1978, and this was the first time i was really able to fuck my stepsister without fear of getting caught. we had the house to ourselves and we'd already fucked once missionary style.

    i pulled out of her, my cum oozing out of her freshly fucked pussy. i was so young i was still hard. i got on my back and she straddled me, impaling herself on my meat pole, slipping down on me in one fell swoop, then began grinding her pussy and clit against my pubic bone hard, my cock buried deep inside her. she threw her head back and arched her back, erect nipples poking out, just waiting for my mouth to suck and nibble on them. i sat up, her still grinding against me, and took first one then the other of her stiff nipples in my mouth, flicking my tongue against them in turn. i had read in one of the pornographic novels our parents kept hidden in their room that women loved it if you, while sucking their tits, spelled the alphabet with your tongue. i did that while running my hands all over her smooth olive toned skin and she went crazy, started bouncing up and down on my cock, panting and moaning oh,oh, oh yeah... she pushed me back down, put her hands on my chest and began rolling her hips back and forth, alternating with bouncing up and down on my stiff rigid shaft. as i had already cum once i was better able to keep from cumming again so quickly. she began groaning, moaning and practically howling, tossing that magnificent mane of hair around, then squeezed me with her thighs and shuddered in orgasm. she flopped down on top of me,me still in her, her legs shaking, a quivering mass of smooth curvy Thai delight.

    i rolled her over, my firm cock still in her, and began fucking her missionary again. i was kinda on my knees, supporting myself on my arms in the push up position over her, her hard nipples grazing my chest, fucking her nice and slow as i wanted to make it last because she felt so fucking good, her warm wet slick pussy enveloping my cock. we fucked nice and slow for awhile then without missing a stroke she flipped over on her belly so that i was now fucking her flat-iron style, her legs together, me gripping her smooth round ass cheeks. girls got moves! i had no illusions that i was the only one she was fooling around with as she was my best friends girlfriend.

    she pulled her knees up, still together, so she was now face down ass up, her arms over her head. i started fucking her harder, gripping her hips, pulling all the way out then gliding all the way back into her. her pussy was nice and slippery, well lubricated by my previous cum load and her natural juices. "slap my ass" she said. i slapped her ass, then gave it a good squeeze. "oh fuck yeah! harder! harder!" i started slapping her harder and fucking her harder, she liked that and started pushing her big round ass against me, engulfing my pulsating shaft in her sweet wet pussy. "pull my hair! pull my hair!" i gripped her hip with one hand and took a handfull of her long black hair in the other and pulled her up so she was now on all fours getting fucked nice and hard...i continued vigorously fucking her while tugging on her hair so that she was now just on her knees getting fucked. she half turned and gave me an over the shoulder and i let go of her hair so that she could kiss me some more with my cock deep inside her again, it was too much for me, her tongue flicking mine, my hands cupping her tits, fingers pulling her nipples, her moaning low, breathing around our kiss as she pushed her smooth ass against me, my cock started to throb in her sweet sweet pussy and i came in her again, kissing her and shooting another load of cum into her, feeling my cock spasm in orgasm, her running her hands through my hair and me feeling her quiver against me again.

    we continued fucking until 11 o'clock, then took separate showers as our parents were expected home at midnight.

    i was in bed when my stepmom came in to check on me. "open the window, it smells in here" she said when she stepped into my room. she gave me a squint-eyed look like she was gonna say something else, then shook her head and wished me a good night. she smelled the sex smell, i know she did.

    that's my confession. my stepsister and i still get together and fuck. not as often, though, when we were young and fucked like rabbits.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    when i was i was a kid i started fucking my stepsister who is 3 years older than me.

    friday night,our parents were out for the evening, and our other 2 siblings were out as well. it was just us alone. we'd always flirted with each other, and had fooled around some, but now we had the house all to ourselves and didn't have to worry so much about being caught.

    when the door closed behind our parents and we saw the car drive away, she literally ran to my bedroom and tore her clothes off and jumped on my bed, on her back, legs spread. long jet black hair, olive skin, big round 34C tits, flat teen stomach, smooth thighs and a big round ass. fucking rocking little frame!

    i ran in right behind her, tearing off my own clothes. "hurry up, put it inside me!" she said. she spread her pussy lips with 1 hand and guided me into her with the other, then threw her legs over my shoulders and started fucking me. i slid right into her wet pussy, we had both been waiting anxiously for our parents to leave, she was wet with both anticipation and desire. the first time i fucked her that night, i did her missionary. she ran her hands over my hairy chest, then rubbed her big tits against me, telling me she loved the way it felt. she intertwined her legs in mine, held my head in her hands, looked me in the eye and told me to cum inside of her, she wanted to feel my hot cum filling her pussy. she kissed me, sticking her tongue in my mouth, i grabbed her ass as i pounded away furiously with all of my teenage fervor and enthusiasm. oh god she felt so good! she smelled so good, her skin was so soft and smooth, she was moaning in ecstasy, i buried my face in her soft fragrant hair as i buried my cock in her sweet little pussy and shot my load deep inside her, my dick pulsating and shooting so much cum her pussy couldn't hold it all, it squeezed out around my cock.

    it was only 7 o'clock, our parents weren't due back till midnight, so we had 5 hours in which to suck and fuck each other, and we did.

    to be continued...

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 29

    When my brother, Donnie, was five and I, four, we got a new baby sitter. Maddy. I overheard mom ask did if she was old enough to baby sit at 15. He said he thought so. As time went by Maddy started playing with Donny's little twig, as she called it. I watched and Maddy would suck on it for a long time until Donny would fall asleep.

    When Maddy wasn't there and we were alone, I also started to suck on Donny's twig, We all grew up, Maddy stopped babysitting us but I kept sucking on Donny's twig. We then started other activities and have fun right up to today, even though I'm now married, thanks to Maddy.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    I was 14 when I drugged my lush of a mom with chloroform and had my way with her. But I didn't feel satisfied. I wanted more of a challenge.
    I didn't have to look to far for what I wanted. It was right there beging to be taken. My fathers own big sister. My auntie was 5foot 2 inches tall with fire red hair and a DD chest.... I will admit she had a bit of a tummy, but she was still hot as hell for just turning 47.
    I watched her for a few weeks to find just the right time. My sexy aunt took a sleeping pill each night to help her sleep and she always drink a glass of wine with it. So I found my way in. The pill and wine would weaken her enough for me to render her helpless with the chloroform.
    That night my cousin was out with friends till very late.. So his mom my aunt was all mine. I slipped into her room and soaked the thick wash cloth with the chloroform. I was nervous as hell... What if the pill and wine hadn't weekend her as much as I thought. I knew the chloroform would knock her out...because it had worked on my own mom. I brought the cloth close to her face to let the fumes get a grip on her. I almost pissed myself when she makes a moan and turns her face away. The sudden movement from her caused me the jump the gun and clamp the cloth over her nose and mouth. She started to wake up. I had to think fast. So I shoved my free hand under the bed sheet and under her night gown and to my surprise her red bush was already damp. It was very easy to slip 2 fingers deep inside of her already hot wet pussy. I had forced her to have am orgasm before she passed out. After she was completely helpless I ducked her long and hard. I had to know her back out 6 times before I was to tired to go on. Funny thing was and maybe it's just me but every time I put her back under with the chloroform it seemed she got wetter.
    Does anyone know why she would get so super wet after each dose of chloroform? Maybe she had a true weakness for chloroform.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    I was in Prep school when my dad took on an older partner, a man with a business that made my dad's business more successful. I will call him Mr. B. He could be my own grandfather. Home on vacation, I took daily strolls by myself and one day Mr. B was in the office on the second floor of my large home. He asked if he could join me for at least part way and I agreed.

    After 20 minutes Mr. B pointed out a quiet bench and asked if we could sit for a few minutes. I agreed. After answering idle, boring questions, Mr. B unzipped his pants and took out his penis and smiled at me. I said, "So what?" He asked if I liked it and I said, it was inappropriate on the walk so he laughed. Actually, I liked the strong, big cock but would not say so and I was not a virgin and would not say that either since I was only 17.

    I took his penis in my hand and felt it surge to a harder, larger size, which made me take notice. I had little experience and certainly had not see that before. I jerked him off like I found myself doing for most dates. He liked it and as he was getting close to coming I stopped. He was shocked and said, "Wait a minute," I said, "I'll finish and not tell a soul for $100. He laughed and agreed so I finished him off.

    In future strolls that summer I was gathering a nice nest egg for college in the fall. Mt. B tried to make fuck and suck deals but I told him I was having none of it. He had to settle for the hand jobs. He could go and fuck himself.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    My older sister was at sixteen, already a world-class sadist, who delighted in playing rigorous 'tying-up' games, with me, and sometimes her best-friend. I was twelve at the time, already prone to budding erections, and blessed, (or cursed) with an exceptionally large male organ! This fascinated them, and they played with it incessantly, every chance they got. Our mother was an invalid, and my sister, mature for sixteen, pretty much ran the household, with an iron fist! When I complained loudly about cramps, with rope, she get inventive, and made one of her older parkas into a hooded strait-jacket. "This way we don't have to look at your stupid face anymore!" she giggled nastily, while sentencing me to blackness, and difficulty of breathing, tightly hooded as I was so long, and so often, while they tormented my fully-erect cock, and swollen balls, unhindered, unseen, until I was begging for the release of orgasm, which I had been introduced to, by then, and denied mostly! These witches loved to see me squirm and moan and groan, and beg and plead! By the time was fourteen, and she was eighteen, things had moved along, she used contraception, and mounted me often and endlessly, turning her activities into semi-consensual but highly illegal "r**e". I know I was totally addicted to her, and whatever she chose to do with me, by then, and utterly unready to complain in any shape or form. She seemed attractive to me, but she wore glasses, and boys didn't care for her much - maybe she was too bossy for them - and she just didn't date! She did enjoy a far superior sex-life though, what with being able to dictate and control the action, to suit her every whim. Then she discovered tongue-clit contact, and that was her activity of choice from then on! So the parka/strait-jacket was reversed, back to normal, and the hood now left enough space for my tongue to do its rigorously-trained work, on demand! I experienced every possible humiliation, and different version of a similar confinement, as the months turned into years, and suddenly I was eighteen, our mother passed away, we sold the house and moved to an isolated rural place, and lived as husband and wife from then on, our inheritance being pretty substantial! I was a stay-at-home 'husband' and she went to work, and we discovered the delights of full-body latex confinement, which allowed me to do all the housework, while she was at work, and still allowed her to have whatever she wanted from me, on return. There will be no children, obviously, and neither of us care, really. That brings us up to date.......

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