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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 31

    I grew up on a private road on a ranch out in the country in a small town, on the private road there were several other ranches that were along this private road that went for several miles. Well growing up out there i didn't have many options of thing's to do outside of chores, but every once in awhile me and a couple neighbor boys would ride our bikes down the private road exploring(a.k.a trespassing) well we were all about the same ages i was 12 at the time of this day I'm gonna be talking about, so we decided to ride further than we've gone before which so we get going and cross a few gates along the way and finally we come to a few roads that branch off well they went down one road i went to scope out the other road i was pedalling fast to cover more ground and i guess i got pretty far down the road without noticing so i decided to turn back that's when i noticed this cool gate that was pretty over grown so i went to check it out and noticed there was like an old gas station not to far in and barely visible. So i went over the gate and went to scope out the building which was basically a storage building because it had a bunch of old cool stuff in it. Well heard voices coming towards the building but i only knew of the one way out so decided to hide which wasn't a bad idea till i accidentally sneezed and hit my head. One of the voices i heard shouted who's there and i heard a woman start telling me i could come out and blah blah blah. So eventually i did and surprisingly they didn't seem mad. They asked why i was trespassing and told me that i could go to jail and that they should call the cops and my parents and i said please don't and that i was sorry. The woman told me they wouldn't call the cops or my parents but that they were gonna make sure i learned my lesson and that i had two options take some spankings or they call my parents. So her husband handed her his belt and she told me to bend over her knee and drop my pants and underwear so i did and she hit me 10 good times leaving my ass bright red and tender still bent over her knees she patted my back saying she was done but her husband wanted to do it a couple times but instead of spanking me his wife held me down and let him fuck me till i felt him shake and grut a few times and his cum went up in me. As he pulled out his wife pulled my undies and pants back up over my ass and stood me up and made me thank him for it, and then she said that obviously that wasn't my first experience which she was right it wasn't. She told me that i couldn't tell anyone about it and that next time i trespass i might rethink about doing it and told me to go home and i ran and climbed their gate and pedaled so hard and fast to get some distance between us

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    In my early teens I baby sat for a young couple, only about ten years my seniors. The mom, Betty, asked me if I was a virgin in front of Tim her husband. I lied and told them, "no" (but I was then a virgin and a very horny one if truth be told). They were physically beautiful and I kept staring at them so much that they knew I was really attracted to them.

    These things really happen but the two of them introduced me to the world of "grown ups" and we met for three-way sex long after I stopped baby sitting for them. No one ever found out, thank God.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    This is a 100% true story.

    Iï¸ think my sexual addiction started when Iï¸ was in 7th grade. That was a very stressful, awkward and just one of those years growing up that Iï¸ will always remember. My parents divorced when Iï¸ was in 4th grade and my father remarried when I was in the 7th grade. My mom had moved away to be with her family in another state. My mom battled some OCD stuff so I was actually given a choice who to live with and for a year spent time with both until my mom moved away. Iï¸ âinheritedâ a step/sister that was three years older than I was. No, I will tell you up front that Iï¸ have never had sex or even touched her, so that is not where this story is going. As a matter of fact I am now 48 years old and to this day she has never hardly ever even given me the time of day. The one year in which we actually attended the same school (she was a senior and I was a freshman) she never acknowledged me in school whenever she saw me, especially when she was around her friends. She was pretty much a bitch back then and now she is cordial to me and my family, but we are not close by any means.

    Iï¸ had great friends in elementary school but when we went to junior high it seemed as if everyone found new and more popular friends to hang out with and Iï¸ for some reason seemed to be left out. Iï¸ remember in junior high getting a lot of new friends and hanging out with guys that werenât as strong of character of people Iï¸ was used to hanging out with. I remember one friend named Doug had a lot of porn magazines he kept in his room that we used to look at together and Iï¸ learned what masturbation was by hanging around him. No, he did not show me how to do it but told me what to do when you look at porn magazines. Iï¸ totally vividly remember the first time Iï¸ did it laying in bed one night. Of course Iï¸ loved it.

    This friend Doug gave me magazines to take home and I would lay in bed masturbating to them. Every night. That was most likely the beginnings (obviously) of a sexual addiction, but it was enormously increased by my step-sister and the invasion of her privacy.

    My step-sister and Iï¸ had rooms next to each other and shared one of those âjack and Jill bathroomsâ even though almost 100% of the time other than showering Iï¸ used a bathroom on the other side of the house. That bathroom was pretty much hers and the only thing Iï¸ ever did in there was shower. I was too shy to poop or pee in there especially when she was in her room because Iï¸ was afraid she would here me.

    Ok so later on in 7th grade as my so called sexual addiction seemed to grow Iï¸ started spying on her. We each had sliding doors (pocket doors) that led into our bathroom so it was fairly easy to slowly slide her door just enough to see in her room. Iï¸ would also keep my door barely open so to her it looked like it was closed but when she was getting in and out of the shower (especially getting in the shower because I would have to see her through the mirrors and they would be fogged up by the time she got out). I would also peek in when she was going to the bathroom.

    Iï¸ also learned that girls would masturbate just like boys. Obviously I wanted to know if she did this too. So Iï¸ kept my bathroom door open and lay there with the light off in my room so Iï¸ could see the light from under her door. When Iï¸ saw her light go off Iï¸ would get up and very slowly and quietly open her door enough to see in and watch her to see if she masturated. Iï¸ remember the first night I was too scared to open the door enough to see but Iï¸ could tell she did it. My heart was absolutely pounding so hard I was scared back then that she was going to hear it. But she did this almost every night and the nights that she didnât Iï¸ would sit at her door for probably 30 minutes listening hoping that she would do it. Iï¸ was so desperate to hear her do it that I would stay there until Iï¸ was sure that she was asleep. Thatâs how bad this was.

    To tell you how bad of a sick habit this was, for almost three straight years Iï¸ bet you there was less than ten times that Iï¸ did not stay awake and wait for her light to go off so Iï¸ could try to watch her masturbate. Iï¸ became totally addicted to this. Iï¸ would become more desperate and brave, taking more chances to see her. I would open the door more and more every time until I could see exactly her outline in the bed. Once I learned that she masturbated on her stomach Iï¸ took even more chances and many times opened the door enough to actually walk in her room. Iï¸ would actually be so stupid and brave that on many occasions tip toe right up to the foot of her bad so close that I could hear her fingers and the squishy sound it made as she played with herself. Sometimes I would play with myself while Iï¸ watched her and even remember a few times I would cum on her floor and eventually bold enough to cum on her comforter. This shit went on for three years. Iï¸ swear to you it was so bad that Iï¸ would, even as Iï¸ got older and my curfew got later, make sure I was home early enough from going out with my friends, to be able to get home in hopes of watching her masturbate. The best times were her senior year when often she would get home late after most likely she had been drinking. She would really get it go for it on those nights, being more aggressive with herself, breathing harder and vocal. She would actually say things out loud but I could never understand the words.

    After my freshman year of high school she went off to college and life wasnât as exciting. Iï¸ was desperate and even started to try and spy on my step-mom but never had any success. I went back to porn magazines (this was before the invention of internet). Iï¸ looked so forward to holiday breaks when my step-sister would be home.

    By the way Iï¸ need to insert this: my step-sister was average looking. She was cute, Iï¸ guess but Iï¸ want this thing to be totally accurate so Iï¸ donât want to make it out that she was some totally hot chick. She wasnât that overweight back in high school, but I would describe her as a girl who battled her weight. Today she is for sure pretty overweight if not by some people standards obese. To put if very blatantly honest: yes I would have fucked her back in high school because she was cute enough and her body wasnât all that bad. Today not a chance. Wouldnât even look at her twice if she walked by.

    Today many years later at the age of 48, Iï¸ am married ironically with two daughters. I have a good married, average,not the happiest in the world but not bad by any means.

    Being still addicted to spying on people, Iï¸ have a hidden camara set up in our bedroom to watch and see how often my wife masturbates. Yes Iï¸ know I am sick. I will tell you these stories in part 2 of this saga. Thanks for hearing my addiction story. More to come.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    When I was 16 I started watching porn I got really into it and came at least 3 times a day this was especially nice with a big cock at the time I was 8 and 1/2 inches long and 7 inches thick but no Iâm 9 inches long and 7 3/4 inches thick I grew a bit;) okay back on track...I started to get horny especially when seen girls in pants that were super tight...I was one day walking to a program with my class I happened to be walking behind my crush and she happened to be wearing the tightest tights they were see through and you could tell she had no under wear this made me hard my friend behind me noticed my looking and shoved me into her I knew she felt my boner because she moaned quietly briefly before she checked to see if I was okay of course I was but I just busted the biggest nut ever that night she text me we started a conversation and kept it going but once it hit 1:00am she got dirty she said âfuck me hard and deep with your big cockâ I told her âwhat?!â She told me she felt my cock when we hit each other she said she wants to hang out two days later at midnight I snuck over her place when her parents were out (yes i know Iâm very lucky) when I got in her door I started to make out with her and undress her she then got on her knees and sucked my cock she groped and jerked my cock while she sucked the tip I put my hand on her head and pushed her head up and down....then it was time for the fun I bent her over slapped my cock off her pussy till she had a slight orgasm then I slowly slid it in while I watched her pussy lips spread around my giant cock once I got all the way I pounded her pussy deep till my cock was covered in her cum I kept going till she started shaking and screaming and I still didnât stop I Lepra going while she moaned then I slammed into her as hard and as deep as I could and came deep inside her

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    My first time for anything but watching porn on line. I was in my early teens and I can't bring myself to say how young even here. I was fairly young.

    I left the movies with my friend Toni and it has started to rain. I thought I can't wait for the bus in the rain so I looked for a cab and just in front of me was a man hailing one. The cab stopped and he man got in, seeing me there. He held the door open for me and I got in. He was a distinguished looking gentleman wearing a Trench coat and hat and had gray hair. He told me to tell the driver my address and to drop me off first. He said, "It will be my treat."

    The man introduced himself but it was hammering rain outside and cars with their horns I did not hear well. He just sat, quietly and Toni chatted away in a low voice. Then, she stopped her chatting and said, "Oh, GOOD HEAVENS." She stared past me to the man. He had opened his trench coat and this indescribably large hard penis stuck straight out. He apologized to us and said, "So sorry, it gets like this sometimes and I must release it for a while."

    Toni and I were very dumb and totally inexperienced. He said, "If it removes your apprehension you may touch it, I won't mind." Toni moved, taking my place next to the man. She slowly took hold of the giant penis with both hands and said, "My God, does it hurt? It's so hard." Then, Toni shocked me by dropping her head and taking the head of the penis into her mouth. I said, "Toni, what the hell?" The man just sat there, his head back on the car seat.

    Then Toni came up and said, "Try it, you'll be less shocked or something." She started moving her hands on the now enormous cock, up and down, slowly. Toni held it toward me and Heaven forbid me, I went down also and sucked the cock. Neither of us could fit much of even the head in our mouths. The whole scene was dreamlike and unreal. Then, the man said out loud, "Oh, oh, oh, move back please." He pulled out a scarf and placed it on top of his huge cock, holding it all with one hand. He went, "UH, UH, Uh, ohhhhh, oh, the devil, UHNNN!" We could see him lurching in his seat.

    Toni took my hand and squeezed it and whispered, "My God, he's coming." Before long, we reached my place and as Toni and I disembarked, the man said, "Good night, ladies...I hope everything is good with you." We jumped out and the cab drove off. For years later, Toni and I would recount the experience and laugh at each other, making fun at each other also for we had both tasted the giant, pale tent pole. Did we ever tell anyone? Hell no, who would not have thought us as unhinged?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    When I was 15 I met two sisters in school, skinny redheads, that I soon discovered, were sex-crazed (as my brother, who knew them well, put it.) They were 13 and 15, both flat chested but with nice little butts and green eyes that I used to watch open and close while boys fucked away at them. I must have seen them having sex with boys and the odd girl once in a while, hundreds of times. Once I saw them with my own brother, Ken, where he stacked them (according to their request) and did them in and out, if you follow me.

    Their mother stopped trying to control them so had them outfitted with IUD'x. There was nothing to protect them from STD's and one caught a major crab infection from some dirty kid. I can tell you, all said, that watching them eventually caused me to take a boy up my ass. It was o.k. but I was not really into it. He came in me an I remember feeling it in me for he first time, the pulsating, climaxing cock. I got into girls earlier and easier and love it to this day. I held out from vaginal sex till I was 18 and do not regret it.

    As far as I know, the two little redhead sisters are still banging away. I don't know because my parents divorced and mom and I moved away from Kenny and dad.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 48

    It was the summer I was 16 years old. My older brother drove us to a lake near where we lived on a Sunday afternoon. We liked going to play with friends and look at girls. I started talking and swimming with a girl I hadnât seen before. She wasnât the cheerleader body but slightly plump but was attractive. We hung out with friends in the water. We really were into each other and were hanging and holding each other some. I invited her to my brothers car and she said ok. We got in the back seat and started kissing. It was my first time to get this far with a girl. After kissing some she put my hand on her tit. I squeeze and fondle her tits and my dick was hard as a rock. We payed down on the seat and she put my hand in her bikini bottom. I raised up to make sure no one was around and she untied her bikini bottom. So I removed my swim shorts and got on top of her. She helped me quite it in but I climaxed after a few strokes. I didnât want to disappoint her so I kept going and luckily due to age didnât go soft. After going longer I climaxed again. I really think it was her first time also. We put our swimsuits back on and returned to the lake. Her mom came up and told her it was time to go. She told me her phone number but I forgot it. I did try calling what I tried to remember but wrong numbers. After this I started caring consumes because I always hoped she didnât get pregnant. My brother picked at me for hanging with the big girl. I told him what we did but he didnât believe me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I was 9 years old when my family needed to go on a trip for a fortnight & had a family friend be my sitter for that time. -- He was thirty years old and very nice. -- We hit it off from the start and did many things of interest to noth of us -- When it got to be late in the evening, I got my PJ's on and went to my room to get ready for bed.

    David came in and asked if I would like a back massage to help me go to sleep and I said that I would like that. -- I Laid on my bed and he took a goose necked desk lamp to use as a heat source for the massage. -- He removed my top and slid my bottoms down an started to give me a long slow but firm massage. -- As the time past I started to really relax and become dreamy. -- His hands gave a lot of pleasure as he very slowly worked my back all over for an hour or more.

    Slowly, he moved lower and lower until he was massaging the top of my cheeks which made me a bit wariy but he went no farther and eventully after about three hours put everything way and said good night.

    The next day was lots of fun and we went interesting places to explore together. -- The evening arrived and I went to my room with him promising me another great massage. -- I was really ready for this as last night had been really very pleasurable. -- He worked very slowly on me and I again eventually went into an almost dream like state. -- As he worked down my back slowly, he again arrived at the tops of my bottom cheeks and this time he squeezed and rubbed firmly but gently for quitea while. -- I really enjoyed this and was feeling strangly comfortable and secure. -- Gradually he worked his fingers ito the crevice between my cheeks, all the while squeezing very softly. --

    Soon he was brushing my spincter very lightly and I was enjoyeng the thrills I was now feeling. -- Then, I felt pressure and gentle thrusting against that spot, which sent waves of pleasure all through my body which I liked.

    All of a sudden, he finger started to sink into my and it felt so good and natural as he moved it around and around. -- After some time he added a second finger while going around and around while going slowly in and out ! -- He curled those fingers and spread them out as I was getting stretched.-- Then a third finger was added and somehow I crisco to smooth thing along.-- I was wanting some thing to happen but did not understand what it might be but ai was now felt very aroused also. -- Soon he was sending those fingers in up to the third nuckle with ease and I started to thrust back at his fingers as he thrusted in. -- I was floating in dreamland but it dire need of more and something else !-- We played like this for some time and I loved it as I was now loose and very relaxed.

    He now rolled me on my back and mounted me missionary style as he nibbled my neck and ear lobes, sucked my nipples while breathing hotly into my ear and whispered how much he wanted and needed me. -- Next, came the kisses and gentle licking which lead to him inserting his tongue into my mouth and I met that with a surprising amount of passion.-- His hands went everywhere as He groomed me for what was ahead and I loved it ! -- Now, he asked me if he could make me his and not knowing what the portended, I said yes softly !

    David kissed me deeply french style and locked me up so I could not even squearm or cry out as He pushed into me ever so slowly, -- After some effort He was stopped by something and he looked deeply into my eyes, asked me again if I was ready, I said yes and he locked onto my mouth and started to push forward firmly without stopping. -- It hurt like hell but started to feel good too ! -- Then it began to feel fantastic as he went in balls deep and I locked my legs around him and clutched to him for dear life ! -- soon, he was ramming into me hard and fast and I was begging him not to stop as I went out of control totally ! -- The sensations was totally electric throughout my whole body and I was thrusting back every time he rammed into me and the would withdraw almost all the way out, them power ram back in balls deep ! -- I now knew that I was meant and made for this. -- We expoded together in one great Cosmic Orgasm after another until exhaustion put us to sleep ! --

    We repeated this every day for the whole fortnight and I love being a lucky 9 year old that got a rare education and I have had no regrets about it. -- I continued to follow nature's path until I was very well broken in as a Confirmed Bottom on nature's path and discreetly give it up freely at every opertunity !

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    We are all farm kids here and when five of us were 14 and 15 we used to hike together and end up in a barn used to store hay for winters. On a distinct day, for some reason, the kids started playing "Show and tell" and games like that and "doctor." We were all curious about each other's bodies. There were two boys and three of us girls. We started to tell each other about the Internet porn we had seen. The boys got hard and exposed themselves to us. One of the two boys was huge and the other seemed at least above average.

    The boys began to wank and we just looked on. At one point one of us girls asked to wank the larger one and without a word began to suck him off and he began to moan loudly. All of us were soon masturbating. What I remember best about that day was being fucked for the first time, by the average boy, while I ate out my best girl friend.

    After that one time, it never happened again but my best girlfriend became my lover for some years. We sneaked all over the place to get it on with each other.

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