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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 35

    Haven’t been able to confess something that happened to me in my childhood when I was aged 5. The dark truth came out when I was 12 after I told my mum finally that grandad had been touching me and had been since I was about 5; that part isn’t what I will confess here.

    What I could never tell is how much I liked it. I know this isn’t unusual in cases of sexual abuse and it’s that which can cause such guilt in later life. For me though when I think of the things he did, now aged 35, I come so hard and quick when I think of how he rubbed my tush when I was little.

    The first time he m****ted me was in his house in the bathroom when my dad had gone to the pub. He watched me pull down my knickers to sit on the toilet. He asked if he could show me how to wipe properly. He took some tissue and opened my legs across the toilet. He began to rub my privates gently and asked if it felt ok. I nodded feeling confused as I recall but I wanted him to carry on. He started to rub harder and faster and I didn’t want him to stop it.

    After that time he offered to mind me all the time. As the abuse continued and got more perverted I got used to it and ashamed to say I that by aged 7 I would sometimes ask him to suck my tush ( as he liked to call it). I would stand up naked in front of him and he would bend down to suck it. I knew the familiar sound when he pulled his zipper down that meant to open my mouth with my tongue out. He would squirt very fast I remember. The sad thing is I felt happy like I had done something good.

    He never actually had full sex with me but by the end after years of m****ting me he was fucking my mouth pretty vigorously. It is this memory that I masturbate to mostly and still hear him huffing and puffing away. I could never tell a sole person that He gave me the best fucks of my life.

    He did time in prison and he is not mentioned within the family and no idea where he is now. I know it’s sick to hope that he thinks of me and what he did.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 46

    I grew up on a farm and when I was 12, I watched me 16 year old sister jack off our stallion.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    When I was 17 our high school band sponsored a teen youth trip to Southern California and Disneyland. There was a boy in band I really liked. He liked me too. He had really blue eyes and was just a hunk.

    We fell in love on that trip. We were like a married couple, always holding hands and kissing. At Disneyland we spent the entire day in the park together. It was totally romantic and wonderful. We were totally in love!

    After spending the day in Disneyland all of us band trip participants spent the night at a school. Each chaperone or adult on the trip was assigned about a dozen band students.

    At bedtime students were sleeping on wrestling mats in different classrooms. Hunk and I got placed in a huge lab room with ten other students. Our room had no windows. Hunk and I pulled a mat and put our sleeping bags at the far end of the room separate from everyone else.

    Our chaperone told students to go use the restrooms and get ready for bed. The chaperone said once lights are out it's total lights out. He didn't want people on phones or turning on flashlights. There was a big day tomorrow and everyone needed to sleep.

    As soon as the lights were turned off it was pitch black in the room. Total darkness. While everyone went to sleep hunk and I started kissing and making out.

    The two of us just went sex crazy in the dark! In no time we were both naked! We just kept quietly kissing and touching each other's naked bodies. We had to get out of our sleeping bags because just the sound of the sleeping bags made noise.

    We fucked standing up! I sucked his cock in the dark. He sucked my tits and fingered me. It was so difficult because we couldn't see or even whisper or make a sound! There were times I could barely contain myself.

    The most difficult was nude on the wrestling mat on my back leaned up on my elbows. He ran his cock in and out my mouth. I kept accidentally making sucking and slurping noises! Then he filled my mouth with cum!!! I sucked excitedly as he filled my mouth with sperm! It was so fun!

    He sat behind me in the total darkness naked. He fingered me in the pitch black room. I went sex crazy! He used his other hand in the dark to play with my breasts. He gently squeezed my nipples. I had never felt so sexually excited! We tongue kissed too. I was so horny that night doing that in the dark!

    I had never done it before. We had to do it all silently in the dark. I fucked his mouth with my pussy! I felt his cute whiskers and soft lips and tongue in the dark explore my pussy. I don't think he ever did oral sex before. I kept shifting my pussy to where his tongue and mouth needed to be on me. I remember I was so wet that night pussy juices ran down my legs.

    It was the most difficult thing I'd ever done in high school: I had a HUGE orgasm--but I couldn't make a sound!!! I really tried but I made sounds in the dark as I kept having orgasms!

    If anyone was awake they probably wondered what was wrong with me!!! I think the excitement and thrill at what we secretly did just added to my sexual intensity. I masturbated myself later too because of was still too horny to stop!!!

    No one found out!!!

    That was the happiest trip I ever took to Disneyland in my entire life!!! It really was like a magic kingdom!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 47

    This happened when I was in my preteen years. We moved out of the big city into a small farming town. My father wanted to farm again like he did back in the old country. I had a sister and two brothers. One brother was younger and the other was older. Our age difference was about a year and a half apart. We started to explore the wooded area. We ended up next to a farm near us. Suddenly we heard giggles coming from a huge pipe that ran under the road for cows to go thru.

    It was our neighbor farmer's daughters. Twins and older sister. The twins were Trudy and Judy. The older sister was Carol. We all was about the same age where girls and boys get interested in each other. Well they were more interested in boys than we were interested in girls. My brothers and I started to run from them. They caught us and wanted to kiss us. Well it ended up a kissing session that day.

    Trudy and Judy was in my class in school. Trudy and I became good friends. We played a lot together. She enjoyed pretending she was a farm critter,( cow, mare, pig, sheep dog, etc. ). We liked our playtime together. It was when we was going into puberty, at the age 13-14, the two of us got sexually involved.

    We was fooling around in the barn. "Remember how we played together when we was younger", she said. "Yes", I told her. To my surprise she removed her top exposing her puffy tits. Then she got on her hands and knees and told me to pretend I'm milking her. I started to pinch and squeeze her nipples. I felt my penis getting stiff. This I told to myself was so hot! Then we did a make out session in the barn with me groping her newly formed breasts.

    A few weeks later when I was doing chores in the horse stable area, Trudy paid me a visit. "Can you show me that horse dick" she jokingly laughed at me. To her surprise, I pulled out my penis and nay several times like a horse. She was intrigued of what she saw. While we did our regular make out session, she slipped her hand into my pants.

    We got heavy in our make out sessions, but no penetration. While making out, Trudy told me others was saying she'll be and old maid and a virgin. "Well I'm a virgin too, the guys are talking behind my back", I said. "Breed me!" Trudy told me. "What?" I replied. Then she told me she could only do penetration if she pretended she was a cow and I was a bull breeding her. She started mooing.

    We both were no longer virgins and at our mid teens trying to experience others.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    When I was this blonde girl named Bella who was always posting naked photos of her self on social media. Apparently she didn't get in trouble because the images didn't technically count as c********n, since they just showed her naked but not in a sexual
    manner and that she claimed to be a nudist.

    Obviou sly, she wasn't taking these pictures so that she could express "her nudist lifestyle", she was just a really horny girl who was willing to do anything for pleasure.

    She had been doing this since seventh grade, right before she hit puberty. Therefore, I, along with all the other boy in my grade, got to watch Bella grow and develop from being a flat chested 12 year old girl to a beautiful young women with the most beautiful tits I have ever seen.

    Bella always kept her pussy shaved, a fact that she made sure to make clear in all of her photos. Begining in eighth grade and countinuing through higschool, Bella began dating different boy in our grade. At times she was switching out boyfriend every week. For every boy friend she had, she post an image with them, and for each image she post, it was easy to see her once tight virgin pussy becoming looser and looser.

    As she progressed further through high school, her picture s we're becoming more sexually suggestive. She would be bent over more, with her cute underaged ass facing the camera. one image showed her at the beach with a devilish smile and her bare tits covered with a white fluid. The caption read "Time for sunscreen", it obviously wasn't sunscreen. Another one showed a tiny cactus in a pot in front of her bare pussy that took up most of the frame, it was glistening wet. The caption of that one read "Any thing can give you pleasure if you're brave enough". I believe she actually used it, considering her pussy looked very red in the picture s that followed.

    Once she hit eighteen, she let loose. Her so social media basically became a porn site. You could now her watch get fucked in so manys. It was so satisfying to finally watch the pussy I had grown up jerking off get the beating it deserved.

    I do not know what ever happened to Bella, but I like to think that she went on to become a porn star that I just might happen to come across again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 26

    All the time I was growing up my Dad would walk around the house in just his underwear. When I was really young I didn't pay attention and when I reached my teens, I was just used to it. When I was older and more developed he started exposing himself to me. At first it was innocent or he pretended to be innocent. He would walk out of the bathroom leaving his dick hanging out of his fly. Or napping on the couch with it hanging out. I tried to ignore it. I love my Dad and we're very close and I kind of knew he enjoyed showing his dick off so I let him.
    It was the summer when I was 17 that it all stopped. I was dating a real jerk and always fighting about it with my parents. One day I got really mad at my Dad and in the heat of the moment I shouted that i hate him and "I wish I had a Dad that didn't walk around with his dick out in front of me." It was an ugly fight. I remember leaving and not coming home for two days. When I did come back my Dad never wore just his underwear around the house anymore. he actually started sleeping in the guestroom, too. A few years later my parents got divorced.
    Now that i'm older and on my own and getting my life in order, I really wish I would have seen his dick more. He was much bigger than any of the men i've been with. He had a model's dick. It really was (is) that nice. Maybe I'll get the nerve up to ask him to see it again when I visit him the next time.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I remember being very young when I started playing with my dick and how my nuts hadn't even dropped when I first stuck my finger deep in my tight little ass. I couldn't stop fingering myself and the more I played with my ass the more I liked it. As I got older I tried out just about anything and everything that I could stick in my ass and after I discovered all the different types of lube we had around the house I really got busy I used cooking oil baby oil Vaseline mayonnaise honey syrup butter jelly and anything else that would make my horny young asshole fuck able.
    I could work a stick of butter up my young ass and let it melt inside my ass and fuck myself with it. Over the years I tried everything including my own cum to lube myself up and I could spend hours naked sticking things up my ass and I loved to fuck myself and jack off so I could eat my cum. The older I got the more I tried bigger things and I tested my limits as to how far I could stick things up my ass and it just felt good. When my Cousin and I were about 10 or 11 I talked him into putting his hard dick in my ass and he loved it and he fucked me and shot his tiny load in me.
    We were both hooked after that and his dick was always up my ass. Not only his but several close friends tried it and now I had quite a following and they all liked to fuck me and cum in me. It was a very long time before they found out that the others were enjoying my ass and once I began to tell the others it wasn't long before I was letting them fuck my ass in groups and by high school t was pretty normal to have anywhere from two to six of them fucking me in one after noon when school let out.
    We had a very nice private spot down in the woods in this old shack that had been there for years. I would go there after school when I could and who ever showed up fucked me. We always went to the back room and it was pretty dark but we could see pretty good and I liked to take off all my clothes and then let them take turns fucking me in the ass and I liked taking their cum in my ass and I can remember back then how nasty and cheap I felt letting them fuck me and use me in that musty smelling old house but for some weird reason I liked it and would let them fuck me for as long as they wanted then after they all left I would stay there naked awhile squatting in the corner of the room letting all their cum run out of my asshole before getting dressed and hurrying home.
    I was always curious and there were some older boys that fucked me and no ne ever knew about them. I would go to their house after school while their parents wee still at work and bend over for a quick fuck up the ass with their big hard dicks. I will never forget the first Mexican boy that fucked me. I was 14 and he was 17 ad his dick was very big and brown and he fucked me so hard I had to scream and his dick stayed hard for a very long time and he came in me twice that first day. A month later he invited his older cousin to fuck me and he was even bigger and they fucked me so hard it took me awhile to get up and go drain my ass on the toilet so I could get dressed and leave. My senior year I went to a black friends house because he wanted to fuck me and I never even seen a black dick. not only did I see his but he used it on me and it was longer than any thing I ever had up my ass and while he was fucking me in the floor of his room his younger brother came in and he was naked in no time and jumped on top of me as soon as is older brother took his dick out of me. Both od them fucked me that afternoon and my stomach hurt for a long time and a week or so I let them fuck me again and several times after that. After high school I moved away and never had sex with other men for years. In my 30`s I had sex with two men years apart. Both fucked me ore than once and came in my ass in the one night we spent together. In my 40`s I had 3 different men that fucked me a few times and one was very well hung. Very tick over 10" and he shot some huge thick loads deep in my ass.
    In My 50`s things slowed down and I only had two men and one was Mexican with a hug dick that fucked me most of the night in my hotel room and the last one was three years ago on a trip I made for my job. It was pure accident and it just happened. I was in a bar having a beer and this big dark black man sat down next to me and after a few beers he began to talk to me and by closing time he followed me to my Hotel room where he use his very thick 12" dick on my ass for a very long time and he made a video with his phone while he was fucking me then sent it to his best friend and an hour later he knocked on my hotel room door and his buddy let him in and they both fucked me so much I passed out. When I woke up I was face down on the bed legs spread wide with a huge puddle of cum between my legs and when I finally tried to move I felt something stuck up my ass and reached back to see what it was and it was a sheet of paper rolled up and had been stuck up my ass and when I read it I couldn't believe what it said. It as his name and phone number and he thanked me for the tight deep white ass and taking care of him and his friend.
    The next day I was on my phone and I went to look for a picture and he had taken over a dozen pics of them fucking my ass complete with cum running out of me and a few others I must have been passed out when they were taken. I missed that day of work trying to get over having both dicks in my ass at the same time. I am 60 now and haven't had any dick in some time but sure wouldn't mind getting fucked again some day. I use my toys all the time when I travel and have the privacy of my Hotel room. Wife loves to fuck me with our strap on collection when she gets in the mood.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    When I was 17 my girlfriend at the time had just turned 16. We both came from Catholic families and we met at a Catholic school in elementary. I had requested to go to public school in 6th grade

    I had been exposed to well everything you'd expect a Catholic school boy not to learn about from friends : porn, sex, masturbation. The whole kazoo.

    My girlfriend at the time still went to private schools up until 10th grade and we didn't start dating until 11th grade.

    As we started talking she told me she had only masturbated for the first time earlier that year at 15!

    After this she spared no time waiting for marriage. As we began dating we were playing Minecraft at my house. While doing so we had started cuddling in the spoon position.

    While spooning my 5 inch dick got hard against her Catholic ass. She realized this and started grinding her butt against me. This quickly made me bust a fat nut in my pants. We continued to cuddle and kiss that day.

    Later that night we FaceTimed and masturbated together. I still remember the look of her virgin Catholic pussy. I developed a kink for wanting to deflower her with my tongue and mouth.

    The night of prom I finally ate her sweet virgin pussy. It was so tender and juicy I went to town on her. She came almost 6 times that night. I also took her virginity that night.

    As we walked out of the school after prom I grabbed her ass but a teacher saw and threatened to tell her parents unless I showed him my dick. That night I also came out as bi. She stuck by me and we made out at my best friends party when he said I and my girlfriend could use his bed if we wanted.

    We quickly took his offer and ran to his room. I stripped her of her dress to reveal white bra and no panties on her pale white and freckled Irish skin. I removed her bra to reveal her D cup breasts. I deflowered almost every inch of her innocent Catholic body that night.

    As I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy she moaned with ecstasy as I slowly went in and out before quickly cumming into a condom.

    The next year I bought a strap on for her to fuck me with. I absolutely loved getting my ass torn apart by my girlfriend. Until one day her mom walked in on her innocent daughter 6 inches deep into her boyfriends ass whole.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I was 15 helping my older university student sister at this very small pizza restaurant she managed. It was a family restaurant, no famous chain. I only met the owners a couple of times who lived out of town.

    I'd go in on usually Friday or Saturday nights and go in the pizza restaurant back break room. There was a couch and television. My sister would cook me up a free pizza for cleaning off tables, washing things down, sweeping, mopping, or refilling supplies at the pizza place.

    I started on weekends always hanging out with my sister. I'd watch tv and relax. It just seemed fun. My sister liked the company. Usually after 11:00 the other pizza place employees left, leaving just me and my sister.

    One weekend I was alone in the pizza break room. Only my sister was working. It was around 11:00 pm. I was waiting for my sister to finish work at 2:00 am as usual so we could go home. I saw a big box in the corner of the break room. It was loaded with porn videos!

    I asked my sister who owned the porn videos?

    She said it was the strangest thing. Someone had abandoned the box behind the restaurant.

    While I ate pizza I started watching the porn. I got super horny.

    My sister and I are really open. My sister graduated as an anthropology major. She came in and saw me touching myself.

    My sister said if I wanted I could undress. She would make sure no one came in to bother me if I wanted to masturbate. I could lock the door too to have fun with myself watching the videos while she worked.

    I started having these weekly late-night strange naked pizza masturbation orgasm sessions, especially many Friday and Saturday nights.

    After the other employees left I wouldn't even wear clothes!

    I would lie nude in the back room off the kitchen at the pizza place eating pizza with one hand while watching porn and touching myself with my other hand for hours.

    Sometimes my sister's long-time boy friend came by. They had dated off and on since tenth grade. My sister had told him what I was doing. He said he wanted to watch porn and masturbate too.

    It was really crazy. My sister's boyfriend would get nude too. He'd watch porn with me. My sister would come in the break room with both of us naked, us masturbating and touching ourselves.

    My sister while pizzas cooked on slow nights would give her boyfriend hand jobs and oral sex. I'd be seated nude masturbating watching porn while seeing that too.

    My sister was always teaching me things, like different ways on how to masturbate a boy, or give oral sex. It was helpful even if it was weird we were actual sisters.

    I think my sister being so sexually uninhibited and scientific about life viewed as it being just teaching me things humans through history should know.

    One day my sister's boyfriend was jacking off naked next to me.

    He called for my sister to come in so he could cum in her mouth. He would call out saying he was "ready."

    My sister called back saying she couldn't right then. She had pizzas in the oven she had to deal with.

    I just thought why not help out?

    With me nude, I leaned over and started sucking really strong on my sister's boyfriend's dick.

    He came like a lot in like 15 seconds.

    I wasn't sure what to do with his cum. My sister had always swallowed his sperm. She had told me it was harmless unless a person had an infection.

    I figured what the hell.

    I swallowed her boyfriend's cum.

    I felt strange afterwards, like this really fucked up feeling. I had sucked my sister's boyfriend's cock.

    A few minutes later my sister came in to suck him off.

    He said it was too late.

    He said I had sucked him off.

    I felt this really yucky feeling, like all this perverted stuff was going too far.

    My sister who had came in the back room in her pizza tee shirt and shorts, just wiped her forehead of sweat, and said thanks sis for helping her out, and hurried back out.

    That's when I realized my family was probably really fucked up.

    Her boyfriend and I started always doing oral sex on each other naked on the pizza couch. I'd sit nude on the couch and suck his dick off while we watched porn. He'd similarly finger me to orgasms.

    I started feeling guilty about what we were doing.

    I talked to me sister.

    My sister was like she didn't give a shit.

    This guy and her from tenth grade were just FWB's. She didn't want to marry him. Eventually my sister married a really nice university classmate, an electrical engineer.

    And I had worried all along for nothing!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I was 16 and had spent an overnight with my mom visiting my mom's best friend's house in a Sierra mountain town.

    My mom's longtime best friend has two sons who lived at home. One son was my age, the other brother two years older than me.

    In the morning my mom and my mom's best friend had left early to attend a VFW event for the day. (My mom and her girl friend had met in the military.)

    In the morning the two sons and I were still in our pajamas eating bowls of breakfast cereal in their kitchen.

    After eating some cereal, the 18 year old brother stood up at the table right next to me to put his cereal bowl and spoon in the sink. The brother my age asked me if I'd had enough food for breakfast.

    I said I was fine.

    All of a sudden without warning the younger brother yanked down his older brother's pajama pants down to his older brother's ankles.

    This HUGE long 18 year old penis plopped dangling out in the air like one foot from my face!!!

    The younger brother my age said to me, "Have a little sausage with your cereal!!!"

    It was something about the brothers always doing hilarious sexual pranks and all kinds of joking that just made me always laugh! It was just this big huge dick right there plopped right by my mouth that just had me busting up with laughter!

    The older brother didn't pull up his pajamas to put his dick away because he was holding stuff in his hands. I just kept thinking he's got a really nice big fat dick!!!!

    The older brother with his pajama pants at his ankles shuffled over to the kitchen sink carrying a box of cereal and dirty dishes with his butt showing and dick dangling out like it was no big deal.

    I started busting up laughing more!

    The brothers and I that morning started yanking down each other's pajamas. The brothers completely stripped me! It was a totally hilarious weird friendship I have with the brothers.

    The brothers and I have always grown up together. We'd taken baths and showers together since babies. It's like we were so accustomed to seeing each other undressed it was like just this strange acceptance. We had skinny-dipped many times as teenagers too.

    That day I was running around their house naked laughing, chasing them. Both of them had no pajama pants on, their dicks and balls just bouncing! I was chasing them trying to grab their dicks and get them naked too!

    I'd cornered the younger brother in his bedroom. I had him trapped on his bed. We were laughing because I was naked trying to yank off his pajama top.

    The younger brother called truce. He was worried I'd pull the buttons off his pajama shirt.

    I told the younger brother he had to take his shirt off and get naked like me for it to be fair.

    He said okay.

    He pulled off his pajama shirt. The younger brother was naked in the room with me.

    The pants-less older brother came waking in the bedroom. I was laughing because he had a massive hard on! The older brother was stroking his cock smiling! I thought it was so funny! The older brother came over and stuck his dick in my face and said "Smile when you had enough." We were all laughing. It was kinky crazy!

    I told the older brother to be fair he had to get naked too. I realized I was sweating and breathing really hard because we had been running in circles so much.

    The older brother plopped on the other bed in the room still stroking his dick. The older brother pulled off his shirt too. All three of us were nude.

    That day I felt excited seeing two handsome brother cocks.

    The younger brother had turned to face me. The younger brother) had a HUGE hard on too! I told him holy fuck.

    I just pounced.

    In all our years of nudity and friendship with them I had never done complete sex with my friends. There had been times I probably sexually frustrated the two brothers to no end; for example, I think right now of an overnight naked sleepover where I and the younger brother had traded showing each other our naked aroused sex glands. We had each masturbated for the other.

    Another time I had laughed when the three of us were nude swimming at a local scenic river; I had discovered the older brother fucking his very pretty dark-haired girlfriend. I had never witnessed anyone in person actually fucking before. It was so sexy to me I went over and touched his balls. I went into the woods that day and later that night and masturbated.

    In the bedroom I climbed on the younger brother's dick. I carefully guided his dick into my wet vagina. I don't know what got into me. I was on birth control. I knew from our discussions the younger brother was careful with sex. One day for a joke he had even put on a white condom. With a condom on the younger brother had chased me naked at this outdoor swimming spot on this river with a hard on. I was naked laughing and running from him. I realize now I must have totally given the brothers blue balls.

    I had fucked and fooled around with boys before. Looking back now I realize I never did it before with the brothers was because It would have felt like fucking a family member. That's how close we'd been.

    I can remember a time I'd gotten nude in eighth grade with the younger brother crammed in a bathtub. I had like baby pussy hair. My tits were forming and my pussy was really tight. I had put my fingers into my pussy to see how many would fit. We are just unusual friends.

    That day while our mom's were gone I just went fuck shit crazy with the two brothers. I fucked them both. There was sperm shooting everywhere. I went fucking apeshit horny. I sucked their cocks, where we even played a game where I had to guess with my eyes closed who's cock I was sucking. I could just tell because the older brother had a slightly longer and fatter cock.

    I had never done it before. I had them put on condoms. We used lube. The younger brother (because his dick was slightly smaller) I let go in my ass. Then the older brother got on top and fucked my pussy! I felt so weird with two almost matching dicks at once! Later we switched. I let my older brother friend fuck me in my ass while I sucked his younger brother.

    It was such a fucking weird Saturday!!! Later I chased the younger brother around the house with my mouth full of his sperm because he had cum a second time.

    It just was insane! It took me like four days for my ass to feel like it returned to normal! We fucked a lot that summer. Later the older brother went in the military and got stationed in Hawaii. All I could fuck was the younger brother. It still was fun!

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