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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 43

    Well when i was 6 my 12 year old sister n i shared a bedroom we had bunkbeds, id play games and use the bunkbeds as a climing frame, one day think it was a weekend we were playing, i was climbing all over the bedn land on my sister, she pushed me off and she stripped naked she had bee sting tits n bald pussy i remember that clearly! She stipped me naked, i didnt know better so i let her she got me to lay on top of hern tried to put my soft cock in 6 i wasnt sexually active.... iv never questioned herwhy she was doing it. She just told me to say was never brought up again ever! To my reckoning she had had sex education at school n she wanted to feel never know.

    This lead to me going through pubity very horny and confused to the point if i was correct to say that actually happened as it was adistant memory at q4 i bought lots of porn mags n shot my load on my stomoch all the time.....when i was 17 my parentes went away for a weekend to blackpool n my nan n sister were looking after me. I came in from being out with my mates n was very drunk ,i went for a piss, i ended up pissing all over the place as i was that drunk in the toilet, more so in my jeans i can remember stripping off totally naked n walked to my room, my nan was in bed n my sister watchin tv down stairs on her own ...i sat on my bed with my wet cock in my hand n started to masterbate over my porn mags then a stupid thought came into my head....wander what my sister would do if i went into her i had the urge to do that so i stumbled down stairs n walked in the front room with a semi erect penis n stood naked infront of my sister.....she lifted her head from the magazine she was reading n stared at me at my semi....i grabbedmy cock n started to masterbate infront of her.....i remember her shocked face n i saw her hands wanting to feel my now fully erect cock ....but with a second thought she looked at me stearnly n said GO TO BED! I did n carried on wanking till my stick cum was all over me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I was in a swimming club when I was 12. We went camping to Essex one bank holiday weekend. After a cross country run I was in the shower as an old man of about 45 watched me wash my skinny body. He told me I had a muddy back, & offered to wash it for me, I said he could & turned around to let him start.
    His hands were very gentle as a finger slipped between my arse cheeks to make sure I was clean everywhere. I started to enjoy his touch. He told me to turn around to make sure I had no mud on my front. His big soapy hands washed up my legs very gently till he held my soapy little cock in his hand & started to wank me so very gently my cock responded immediately & stood up to attention for him. Ooh you're enjoying this he said as he rinsed the soap off my stiff little cock. He took me in his mouth & sucked me off for the very first time. I had my first massive orgasm & spunked off into his warm mouth. My head was spinning as I seemed to just come & come. It was an amazing experience.
    He then stood up & unzipped his huge stiff cock. Now its my turn he said, as he took my hand & put it on his stiffie.
    I started to wank him like he did for me, then he told me to take it in my mouth. I licked his big circumcised cock head & tasted my first cock. He was shaking with excitement as I sucked & started to gently fuck my young mouth.
    I must have been doing it all wrong cos he pulled it out of me & wanked himself off. He came jet after jet of thick white spunk all over my chest. He zipped up fast & told me not to tell anyone about our little secret. I washed his ejaculate off me & stood up on shaky legs. He said he'd be back here the next day about 1600 if I wanted to be sucked off again. I said I did very much. my parents came to take me home next day at midday so I never saw him again. over the years I've had plenty of sexy fun with boys & girls & shall tell more tonight after work. I love reading these kinda confessions of when our sex lives first began. Wonderful moments never to be forgotten.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 52

    This is about a time long before I became a nurse. You might call it my first time. My mother was the county nurse and I was twelve that year. A young man was hurt badly in a car accident and ended up at the local ten bed hospital after his surgery. He had multiple fractures, plus healing from this surgery on his left femur. He was in real bad shape but the hospital wanted him moved out because he was in recovery. My mother took in stray cats, and hurt young men and he took this young man (he was 24 by the way) and brought him home and put him on the sofa in the den. She told me I was responsible for him, I knew what to do and make sure he took his pain meds and his antibiotics and stuff, fix him something to eat and make sure he ate it, if he has to pee use the milk jug and hold his penis and let him pee, don't worry he is on so much pain meds he won't poop for a few days, and I am going to work and call me only if it is an emergency and being bored is not an emergency, you take care of him, etc. etc.

    I was twelve and sure I had been around my mom a lot but having a drugged man on the sofa was a new thing for me. I brought the kitchen chair out to the den and sat on it and watched television. If he moved I checked on him, I checked to make sure he was breathing. He woke up several hours later and I had to explain who I was and that he was at our house not at the hospital and to relax because I was taking care of him. He was out most of the time that day, and I only managed to get a half a cup of soup down him, the rest of the time he slept.

    When my mother came home she checked on him, and checked on his cast and took his temperature and told me to do it every two hours and keep a record, she listened to his chest and showed me how to listen to him breathe so that he wasn't catching pneumonia, and she told me to undress him and give him a sponge bath. Now get to it I want him bathed before you go to bed tonight. Undressing him was impossible, he weighed too much so my mom helped me get his shirt off and his pants and underwear and told me that he should have been sent to the house in his hospital gown, she would bring one tomorrow.

    He was naked on the sheet on the sofa, sleeping and his chest kept going up and down and his penis just lay there, all I could see was his penis, it looked like a great big worm just lying there. I got the tub with warm water and the washcloth and started with his face and chest and arms and legs and feet and my mother watched me wash his penis and in between his legs. You're a nurse, he has a penis if this was a girl she would have a vagina and you would have to wash her too, so pick up his penis and wash it gently, pick up his testicles (she used correct terminology) and wash them and under his testicles and in between his legs. I will help you by picking up his body and you wash his back and when I lift him wash his buttocks. You are a nurse, be a nurse.

    Well all that talking and all picking up his penis with my hand felt real weird. First of all because I had never seen a penis, but I did what my mom told me and we got him bathed. She said he hadn't been bathed properly at the hospital because the nurses aid there didn't ever do a good job so it was up to me.

    I fed him with a spoon holding the bowl of cream of wheat, I fed him with a spoon holding the bowl of soup, I washed his face several times a day and I sang songs to him. I washed his penis too. And since he was asleep when I washed his penis I kissed his penis, I just felt like it so I kissed it. Every time I washed his penis I kissed it even after he was awake and I was giving him his bath. I washed his hair the third day he was at the house, having him lean over the back the sofa with a couple of towels under his head, I washed his hair with a bowl of warm water. I helped him pee into the bed pan my mom brought and when he was ready I helped walk him to the toilet so he could poop, I did not stay in the bathroom with him, but that night when I bathed him I washed his butt real well, mom's orders.

    He got well enough that he could be set up and walked to the table to eat, and he could wash himself if I stayed beside him and helped him here and there. I washed his hair every three days, and I washed his penis. He asked me and I washed his penis and after I washed his penis I kissed it. One day he kissed me on the mouth and I swooned and he held me and felt up my boobs. It felt real good and I would ask him to feel me up, to sit under his arm watching television and he would put his hand under my boob and cup it. I held his penis, which now that the pain meds were gone he got erections. We never did that if my mom was home, but we did it when we were alone in the afternoon. He could get around on crutches and the doctors had taken the stitches out and he had on his permanent cast and he was supposed to go home on the Greyhound bus.

    His car was totaled and he left it with the service station guy for a hundred bucks and my mom and I took him to the bus station. My mom fixed him a couple of sandwiches to eat on the way, and several cokes and gave him an empty bottle to use if he had to pee. He kissed her on the cheek and kissed me on the mouth and we helped him on the bus and got him seated and left. When the bus pulled away I cried, I cried all the way home. The sofa was empty and I cleaned up the stuff that he used. I cleaned the bathroom until it was spick and span and I cried that night and the next morning my mom told me that your first patient is always the most difficult one, you just have to learn not to fall in love. From then on I was going to be good nurse. And no, my mom was not right, I never forgot him and I remember him every day. I give my share of sponge baths and I have no problem washing a penis or a woman either, she was right about that. It is just part of the job.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    I won't say how I got to this point but one day when I was ten my best friend won back stage passes to a boy band concert. It was the band my favorite celebrity crush belonged to. He was my number one masturbation fantasy. My friend preferred another member so she was part of the crowd at that boy's dressing room. I just stood in the doorway of my favorite band member hoping to get a good look into his eyes to I could remember that next time I masturbated. There were five other girls in the room and all of them had his attention. I was the youngest at ten the others were all 13 and over and at least one was older than he was. He was 18. Then he looked at me. He drilled a hole into my soul with his bedroom eyes. A moment later his assistant cleared the room and then I was invited in for some alone time. My number one fantasy was he would kidnap me and keep me as a r**e slave forever. He looked at me and told me I was very cute, very beautiful, the prettiest girl he ever saw. He said I was so damned sexy he couldn't stand it and demanded that I hop in his lap and kiss him. so I did. He slipped me some delicious tongue, my first real kiss. His hands slipped into my leggings and cupped my naked ass. I could feel his raging hard on press against my crotch. I wanted it inside me. After kissing him for a five minute eternity of bliss he asked me if I had ever given a guy a blow job. I said no and was about to offer to learn when he offered to teach me. I was so excited. I thought all boys automatically expected all girls to be born blow job experts and was scared that my first time I would have to figure it out and get it wrong and the whole world would find out how bad I was at giving blow jobs.

    As it turned out he was a very patient teacher. he let me suck him for a very long time then he stopped me and asked if I would like him to cum in my mouth, on my face or in my vagina. I told him I was a virgin and he said that was O.K. he know how to do it that could either leave me a woman or still a virgin. He said both qualified as fucking but one would not break my cherry. So I opted for the less invasive version and he rubbed his slippery soft hard warn wonderful cock up and down my slit and only pushed in a little bit. He just fucked me in and out but not going past my hymen. It felt awesome, especially since he kissed me while tickling my nipples and the back of my neck. I tingled all over the whole time then I had my first orgasm ever. He kissed me deeper and thanked me for letting him fuck me. Then he did the sweetest thing. He told me that it was r**e and that it was not my fault and he forced me and to never ever feel guilty about what we just did. Then he asked if I would like to finish sucking him off and drink some sperm. I was still floating around after my first orgasm and would have agreed to anything. So I sucked him and followed his directions about playing with his balls and he came in my mouth. He ordered me to swallow it but in such a sensuous way. I swallowed and it was delicious.

    After he gave me his private phone number and I gave him mine and said if he could he would try to arrange for me to be kidnapped so he could r**e me again. It was like the most wonderful dream. He sent me on my way with an autographed CD, autographed t-shirt, autographed ball cap, autographed a bunch of posters, made out with me some more, then took off his dirty boxer shorts and autographed them and folded them up neatly and put them in a zip lock baggy and then he took a bunch of selfies to make my friend's jealous and then asked if he could take some naked photos of me posing and masturbating so he could jerk off to them later. Then I begged for him to let me take similar photos of him. He had a really nice big cock and somehow got it hard again. He autographed my back stage pass and some posters and finally the shirt he wore during the concert which was covered in sequins and autographed that too.

    That night when I got home I called him and he answered and we had phone sex together. I never did that before but it's fun masturbating to a memory of being fucked by your favorite celebrity crush while staring at his autographed poster on your wall and the selfies you took with him while he is talking in your ear describing all the deliciously evil things he wanted to do to my body with his tongue, fingers and cock. I came three times talking to him and I'm sure he came twice. We exchanged emails and continued our long distanced relationship by email, phone and exchanging nude photos of each other. I began to think of him as my boyfriend. He would talk to me on the phone while he was prepping for a concert then call me back after to tell me how it went. We had phone sex almost every night for months. Then he was giving another concert, not near but near enough that my mom could drive me there. He mailed me back stage passes for me and my friend and our moms. I told Mom a little bit about what was going on but not enough to get the guy in trouble. Mom knew we frequently talked on the phone and that we had become friends but that is all Mom knew.

    So we went to the concert and he talked my mom into letting me go to his hotel suite with him alone in the limo. I don't know how he did that or maybe my mom was more open minded than I thought. She had once told me she had lost her virginity to a rock star at 13 so maybe that was her way of letting me have a similar experience.

    So we got back to the hotel suite and it was like a palace on the 20th floor. We had half the floor which was huge. I spent the night and we fucked all night and he licked me everywhere and then we took a bubble bath together. It's funny how you can be naked in a floor to ceiling bathroom window and look across the street at someone doing the same thing and neither one of you shuts off the lights or closes the curtains you just stare at each other naked. I stared at these two cute gay guys having naked gay sex in their bathtub and they stared at my boy band boy friend fucking my ten year old pussy. I think I recognized one of them but not sure. They had to be rich to live there so probably famous but not sure.

    For the next five years, every time my boyfriend came anywhere near our state he would stop for a while at a hotel, a day or a week or two and I was always invited to spend all that time alone with him and Mom made excuses for school for me. I figured he had other girlfriends in other cities and almost certainly they were fucking and better looking than me. but I didn't care. I got some of him and some is better than none. What I didn't realize was I got more than I thought. I could never find anything about his love life on the internet. He spent over an hour a day on the phone with me. If he had other girlfriends that would interfere with that. Then one day I was at one of his concerts and he pulled me up on stage and sang three love songs to me. I knew all the other 10-13 year old girls were very jealous. He covertly held my ass in his hand and occasionally played with my buddy breasts. He was good at doing that discreetly. The second song I had never heard before and he used my actual name in the song. He had written a love song for me and performed it for me and named it for me. I looked up all his songs after that. He had written and sang many love songs but never before used a girl's name in any of them I was 12 at the time and he was now twenty.

    After that concert he invited me and my mom back to his dressing room and he turned to my mom and asked if he could have her permission to marry him. I was floored. My mom stuttered a yes which shocked me and then he gets down on one knee and offers me a ring with a rock the size of Rhode Island on it. He begs me to marry him. I said yes about a million times and hugged him and for the first time full on made out with him in front of my mom who simply hugged both of us. She later told me she knew all along we were fucking and figured she would let me have my fun.

    Our engagement lasted for about a year and then we got married. I didn't know a 13 year old could get married and in fact I looked It up and officially a thirteen year old can't get married but there is a loop hole so we did. We still had to be discreet because if it came out it would ruin his career.; I quit middle school and went on the road with him for a few months then got pregnant and after 8 months gave birth to our daughter before turning 14.

    But all good things come to an end. I should have known but as it turns out he only likes little girls and it had been some time since I was a little girl. So at 15 we divorced. I got full custody of our daughter and he pays me a nice alimony and child support to keep us comfortable and our mouths shut. We are still friends to a point. I still go to his concerts and he does see his daughter once in a while. She knows he is her Daddy and loves her but he is basically a 28 year old kid mentally. I keep blackmail material in a safe place and have told him that if he ever fucks on innocent little girl and I find out he will go to prison for life. I love him but I don't want him breaking any more hearts. I told him that he can't date anyone under 16. Last I heard he is dating a 16 year old dwarf who looks seven. I'm not bothered by the fact that he was fucking me when I was ten. The idea of a man fucking a child does not bother me especially. I'm bothered by the fact that he looses interest in his lover when they start to grow tits and pubic hair. So he never loved me but rather just loved fucking kids. I wanted us to grow old together but he stopped being attracted to me because I was completing puberty

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 18

    My name is John, and when I was 16 years old I was a very horny kid. When ever my parents would leave me alone at home, I would strip down and parade around with my hard, cut white boy cock sticking out in plain veiw, finding pleasure in exploring my naked body. I have a younger brother named Max who is 5 years younger than me. My parents were very religous, so I would be in a great deal of trouble if they knew what I did, but that is part of what made me so horny.

    One night, my parents went out to dinner, leaving me to watch my little brother. I was really horny that night, but it was going to be difficult to fufill my sexual desires and watch Max, unless I got him to join me. He was watching TV in the living room, so I walk up to him completly naked, stopping when my cock head was only inches from his face.

    "What are you ... why are you naked?" asked Max with a nervous giggle.

    "D on't you see," I said. "Since Mom and Dad aren't here, we don't have to wear clothes."

    & quot;Ok" he said, procedding to drop his pants, allowing the cool air to grace his preteen cock.

    We sat and countinued to watch TV, but neither of us were focused on it. I was enthuesed by Max's cock, as I had never seen a penis that wasn't mine before. He seemed to be alot bigger than I was at his age. Max was incesently staring at my erect freiend.

    "Why do you have hair there and I don't?" he inquire, running his hand through the jungle of pubes that covered my crouch.

    "You'll get some when you get older" I tell him.

    "Why is yours hard?" he countinues.

    "I'l l show you" I answer. I get up and get my lap top and pull up a picture of this naked blonde girl that I had jerked off to many times before. I show him it and I watch as his dick slowlly starts to straighten out and expand. I then reach down and start stroking it, and soon cum starts to drip out from his tiny head. I then switch to an image of this black hair chick giving a guy a blow job.

    "I could do that to you" Max says.

    I am not one to refuse a blow job, no matter who it is from.

    I lean up against the wall and let Max go to town, feeling the inside of his mouth with my dick, and being tickeled by his very naughty tongue as it moves all over my shaft. I close my eyes and think about what is happening. I was getting sucked off by my naked preteen brother and it felt fucking amazing. I feel the largest load of my life spray out from my cock and fill Max's saliva filled mouth.

    Then I hear a gasp. I open my eyes and see Mom and Dad standing in shock.

    Max turns to my parents to say hi, but when he goes to talk, my ejaculate come flowing out of his mouth.

    Since our parnets now thought we were both gay, they sent us to an all boys conversion "class". The "all boys" part would be very counter intuitive, as me and my brother would soon find out.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 20

    I am a 20 year old male. My dick is 2.1 inch when erect .I was worried about this so I decided to jerk off everyday. I thought my dick would eventually get bigger. However things remained the same. I am also not able to ask my crush on date because I am worried I will not be able to perform well in bed.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    When I was 11 years old I was riding my bike in the park. It was starting to get dark and I would be in trouble if I didn't get home before dark.

    Anyway, I was approached by a man who looked to be about 50. We started to talk and he offered me $10 if I would let him see my privates. I figured it was a harmless way to make a few bucks, so I agreed to do it.

    We went behind some bushes and I dropped my shorts and underwear. At that time I only had a thin band of pubic hair around the base of my penis, which was already about 3" long. The man then offered me another $10 if he could massage my penis. Again I agreed once he gave me the $20.

    He started to stroke my penis and it started to get hard. I then told the man I had to leave for home before it got dark. At that point he grabbed me and threatened to beat me unless I let him suck my penis. I was afraid he would beat me so I let him put my penis in his mouth.

    It wasn't long until I had my very first orgasm. I think it was dry, but I'm not sure.

    At that point the man wiped his mouth and I pulled up my pants. I hurried home just in time, but I avoided the park for quite a while.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    I was 15, had a total drunk for a mom. She would get blasted drunk, come home and pass out. sometimes she came home, got fucked by some weird guy who would leave and she'd be passed out on her bed. She was always either naked or her skirt was up at her waist, panties on the floor, blouse opened and bra off revealing her tits. My sister was 18 and just like mom a total drunk who came home already fucked rather than bringing home random guys. I'd seen my mom getting fucked, sucking cock, getting buttfucked, and on a couple of occasions with another naked woman. I'd usually have the duty of cleaning her up and trying to get her to bed in her PJs which was usually a see through, shorty nightie.

    I'd been feeling her for a year or so, fingering her, evening sucking on her big tits. I couldn't take it anymore and at 15 stuck my cock inside my own mother. I didn't want to fuck her I just wanted to feel what a pussy was like. So I put it in her, and just wanted to keep it inside her wet, already cum filled pussy. I laid on top of her for a bit and just moved it back and forth 2 or 3 times and couldn't help it, I shot off inside her. I ended up fucking her and shooting in her. I pulled out as soon as I could, I knew my sperm would mix with the asshole who fucked her and left for the night.

    I never did it again, though I did jack off to her and on her a few times while getting her ready for bed. My sister wouldn't usually fall that far out but I did get to view her naked body several times. I didn't intend to fuck her but I did, just trying to feel what it was like to have my cock in a pussy.

    It was 2 years before I got a girlfriend to let me fuck her and feel that pleasure again. It was much better with us both awake and into it, but WOW it was a LONG TWO YEARS.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 52

    Iâve had an obsession with womenâs feet since I was a little kid playing with my soldiers or my marbles on the floor in close proximity of my motherâs feet, my auntâs feet and the feet of their female visitors. Even as a 4 and 5 year-old, I had become fascinated by the form of the female foot: the shapely longish toes, the high arches, the sometimes calloused, sometimes smooth heels and soles, and the loveliness of toes painted red, looking luscious like cherries. Oh how badly I wanted, needed to lick those soles and suck those toes. My make believe soldier wars would enter into cease fires as I would crawl ever closer to those enticing feet. When I was within inches of them, and dared not come any closer, dared not kiss them or lick or suck them as I had dreamed of doing, I would sniff the air around the object of my obsession, of my desire or sometimes brush my lips against their feet so that the woman would shoo me away.

    I had a jigsaw puzzle of Dracula carrying a beautiful barefoot maiden to his lair and I would stare at the maidenâs beautiful feet and masturbate my little uncut penis, slap-slap-slapping it back and forth across the foreskin covered head until I would dry cum. Later, when I was 7 or 8 years old, I discovered an entire world of pleasure in the bedroom closets of my mother and her younger sister who had come to live with us after separating and eventually divorcing her husband, a brutish, humorless lout. Whenever I was home alone, I would sit on their closet floors and sniff, lick and suck their sandals and shoes, holding one to my nose or mouth as I furiously masturbated with my right hand. I would carefully selected which sandal, which mule, I would adore and then worship it as I beat my penis until I felt that incredible sensation of cumming, still without semen.

    I first came while masturbating when I was 11 years old and after cumming, a milky, thin substance pooled in my cum slit and dripped off the end of my red rubbed, foreskin covered dick head. At first, I was afraid that Iâd broken it. This was in the early 60âs before there was any sex education at school. Nor had my mother ever related the facts of life to me. Sex was a great mystery. I had picked up enough in elementary school to know that men had outies like mine and that women had innies, and that sex involved placing the outie into the innie, but that was about the extent of my knowledge. Iâd never actually seen anyone elseâs thing. And I had never even heard of cumming. Anyway, believing that Iâd broken my most prized possession, I refrained from beating off for the remainder of the day. However, the next morning, broken or not, I sat in my motherâs closet as she showered and my aunt slept, brought one of her sexier sandals to my lips and flogged my penis with such ferocity that I came on her closet floor and had to wipe up the milky evidence of my sinfulness.

    Soon , I began experimenting thrusting my ever growing erection through the opening of their sandals or mules, until my cock was red and raw and stinging, ultimately shooting volleys of now thickening white cream unto their shoes, and then licking the cum off of them, so that they wouldnât realize what I had done. Sometimes, I would sneak down to the basement and pick my way through the dirty clothes hamper until I found a particularly fragrant pair of their stockings, panties, or hose, then shove them in my pocket, bring them up to my room and sniff, lick and suck them as I beat off. All of this became a regular occurrence for me, as when I would come home from school it was to an empty house, as my mother worked until 5 pm and usually didnât get home until 5:30 or so, and my aunt both worked and attended community college, studying to become a nurse. There were days when I would beat off five and six and even seven times in that 2 ½ hour block of freedom, so that my dick was literally raw from the friction and painful.

    One fateful afternoon when I was 13, I arrived home from school as always to an empty house. I was horny as a lovelorn toad, having spent half the day staring at the soles of Darla Sanders, a girl with whom I was infatuated, who loved kicking off her shoes or dangling her shoes from her sexy big toes, as I sat behind her, staring helplessly at her beautiful feet. By this time, it took very little to get my cock hard, and I had spent the day trying to hide my erection, and even walking home with what looked like a banana in my jeans. I got home, ditched my book bad, walked into my auntâs room, opened her closet, dropped my jeans down around my ankles and sat on the floor first sniffing and then licking her shoes, before selecting a very sexy open toed, high heeled mule, which I then shoved my cock through and began fucking in earnest.

    I was so carried away with the fantasies whirling in my mind, that I never heard the garage door open and close, or my aunt opening the side door and entering the house. I was licking a soiled stocking that sheâd left on the floor. The scent of her feet was more pungent than my momâs. I can only describe them as intensely cheddary-vinegary, and the scent alone would stiffen my cock and have me beating off as I sucked on them, until their flavor stayed with me for hours afterward. Suddenly, her bedroom door opened, and there was my aunt, looking shocked at the sight before her eyes. There was her nephew sporting a large erection, licking her stocking, while fucking her mule. At the sound of the door, I emerged from my reverie and saw my aunt standing there a few feet from me. I tried to stand up, but my jeans bunched as they were around my ankles made me trip forward so that I landed at her sandaled feet, her mule still affixed to my stiff reddened cock. I tried to get up and fell again, so that the look of shock on her face quickly melted into a knowing smile and laughter. I was mortified, laying on the floor at her pretty sandaled feet, my cock still stuck in her mule, unable to get up and pull my cock out of her mule and pull my jeans up to hide my nakedness.

    Still laughing uncontrollably, my aunt bent over to give me a hand and helped me to my feet. She pulled the mule off of my cock, muttering that I was quite ingenious. She suggested that I apply some Noxzema to my raw cock, then went to get the blue bottle from the bathroom. When she returned with it, I had pulled up my jeans and was trying to think sad thoughts to make my erection fade, although this was clearly not working. She offered me the bottle of Noxzema saying, I think you better apply this yourself, then fitfully laughing all over again. I went to the bathroom, slathered the cooling cream all over my cock, pulled up my jeans and found my aunt standing in my bedroom with a soiled pair of her stockings in her hand. She looked at me and I begged her not to tell my mom, and she promised not to tell her. She then asked me if I had a thing for womenâs feet and blushing I admitted that I had. She told me that she had once dated a guy with what she called a foot fetish, and that she was well aware of that kind of thing. She handed me the stockings and told me that I could have them and that she had no problem with me using her shoes, but to try not destroy them and to leave them clean and dry, which made me blush even more.

    After that, my aunt would often sit next to me on the couch watching television, always nestling her feet in my direction. She never did tell me mom. I was sad when she left our home the following year, when she re-married and moved to Oregon with her second husband. After that, I would see her only once a year or every other year, and then even less frequently once I graduated from high school and began attending college. Whenever sheâd get me alone, sheâd always ask me, how is my favorite little foot fetishist doing? And then laugh. It took a few years, but eventually, I would laugh with her, knowing that my secret was safe with her. And, it was.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 39

    My name is Jo. But all through High School my nickname was Tits. I went through puberty in a flash and came out the other end with big tits for a thirteen year old and my older brother nicknamed me Tits. He called me Tits, in public, at the dinner table, in front of his friends. Other boys called me Tits and the fresher ones called me Tits to my face. Some of the girls started calling me Tits and by the time I was in the ninth grade I was just Tits.

    The school we went to in Norther California where my father worked for the state forestry service was in a town where everyone knew everyone, and everyone knew everyone's business. In that town I am still known as Tits. It isn't so much that someone says Hi Tits, it is more like can you call Tits and see if she wants to come. But my mother still calls me Tits.

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