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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    So from time to time I get into telling people how we met and all. I met my husband because he was my brother's best friend. I became his girlfriend because my brother gave me to him when I was in the seventh grade. I was a brat, but he took care of that pretty quickly. He finished raising me and he raised me the way he liked.

    Not all of us have nice stories of how we grew up. My mother did her best to get us a roof and provide food. She didn't have time to raise us. My brother didn't want me around, but his friend liked me more or less so he told him he could have me, but he had to take me home with him. He did. His parents said no until they spoke to my mother and she said good riddance. My mother never wanted me or my brother.

    So in a short way of saying it, I became my husband's responsibility when I was thirteen. He took care of me, he looked after me, he made sure I went to school, he made sure I had clothes to wear, I slept in his room, at first on a cot, but then he let me sleep in his bed. His parents let me stay there, but he had to work to keep me. He worked, and that is the money he used to clothe me. His parents did feed me, or rather I could eat what he didn't want, but they did feed me, I was never hungry again.

    His mother did take care of me in one thing. I got my period when I went to live with him and she took care of me on that. She also did the woman talk with me, not that I didn't know, I just didn't know the real truth.

    My husband is not like any other man. He is six years older than me, and even though we got officially married when I was 19, I was married to him when I was 13 when my brother gave me away to him. This is how it was, I know people today that do not believe how poor my mother was, she was poor, so poor it hurts to admit it. My brother became a truck driver and that is what he does. My husband went to college and works for a large insurance company with his statistics degree. My three kids have never been hungry, and they are little fatties, not fat, they are just not skinny like my brother and I were. I am really soft with them when it comes to fixing meals for them.

    I have pictures of me when I was seven or so, I was so skinny, and my clothes did not fit. In grade school my second grade teacher would bring me apples and fruit, and sometimes she would bring me cakes or sandwiches to take home. Today I wear a size 12 dress, I always feel fat, but my husband likes me this way and my doctors says I am in very good health. He tells me of when I first went to live with him and I slept with him he could put his hand around my leg and touch his fingers. I don't remember, really I don't. But he does, he fattened me up, he would take his meal, split it in two and feed me half of his share. His father would look at me at the table. That was intimidating, but my husband would stare his father down and tell him that I was his and he was sharing his food with me, so his father wasn't feeding me.

    All in all, I didn't grow up like you. I drive a Lexus, the first time I rode in an owner driven car was when I went to live with my husband. Now I drive Lexus to go pick up my kids at school.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 37

    Sometimes I just can't help relive the memories of the man across the street. I was fifteen, about to turn sixteen and the man across the street would look at me. He would stop doing whatever he was doing and look at me. The only way out of the house was to walk out the front door or go down the driveway and walk to the bus stop, or to the store. He would sit on his porch, and if I walked out he would stop doing what he was doing and look at me. Of course I knew his name and all, he was our neighbor for a long time, and he knew my name and my grade and when I went to school and when I came home. He was retired.

    I ran into him at the store, he was getting his groceries and I was just bumming around. He said I looked pretty, but then again he always thought I was the pretties of the me and my sisters. And he said, he noticed that I had been visited and was getting my boobies. He told me that he liked girls to have nice boobies, not overly big, not overly small, but juuuuust right, and he laughed. He leaned over and whispered and asked me what color were my nipples, if I had brown nipples, he really liked brown nipples. And he took my hand and put it on his pants and asked me if I felt something, because he really felt something when he saw me, and he had something that every girl wanted, pressing my hand on his very hard penis. He held my hand there, and whispered again, what color were my nipples. I told him they were brown just like he said, and he said that he loved kissing and sucking nice new boobies with brown nipples, just thought I would want to know.

    After that day I tended to hold my books across my chest when I walked out of the house to go to school. But one day he stopped me on the way home from the school bus and told me to hold my shoulders back when I walked, and get those damn books away from his boobies, he wanted me to walk proud of his boobies, and they were his boobies, he reminded me, show them off, he wanted me to walk holding my 'tits' out.

    I went over to his house on a homework excuse, I wore a shirt that showed off my chest, I also wore shorts. I asked him to help me, if he knew about math, to help me with my homework because my mother didn't know anything. He complimented me, told me he liked me standing up straight, point those titties out, he put his hands up in the air in front of my boobs and made like he was turning knobs on the radio. I stood my ground, I held my chest out, until he had to grab and he grabbed and held my boobies and pinched my nipples and asked if he could see my brown nipples.

    My shirt off, my naked boobs in his hands, pinching my brown nipples, he leaned over to suck and he held me by the ass, he looked at me and said he just had to fuck. He got my shirt off and my bra fell down my arms, and I helped him get my shorts off, and I felt a bit self conscious when he got my underwear off, I hadn't thought about what panties to wear, I was wearing regular panties like I wore to school, he sat on his chair holding me and looking at me, his fingers slowly running around my pubic parts, he would kiss and suck my tits, now he was calling them tits, as he undid his pants and we walked back to his room.

    I knew that I had to lay on my back, and I did and I opened my legs. His pants were off and he was taking off his shirt and then he laid down on top of me and we had our first. See, it was really good, maybe it was that he was so strong, or maybe it was that by then I had a buzz, but it was really good. It is not that I remember the penetration itself, I don't, what I remember is the feeling of being close. There would be many more penetrations, and some of those I remember with great clarity, the pomp, the ceremony, his hard penis in my hand, the penetration. I remember those. But that first time I don't know that I remember the penetration, I just remember that it felt so good I didn't want him to let me go.

    That is why I relive the memory of the man across the street. It always felt good, I don't have a memory of it ever not feeling so good. He really did like my boobs, with my brown nipples, and he was good at math, and for that year and half before we moved, I spent a lot of time across the street. My sisters each had their own place to be, they had boyfriends of their own, and I had mine.

    I went along and married a man who never quite was the same. It took me a long time to get over the fact that the man I married could not make me feel like my neighbor across the street. He just could never hold me the same. I believe that it is the way that you are held that makes all the difference, in the end the penetration is pretty much all the same, or maybe it is that when you get older you don't let yourself be held like that again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 37

    My sister and I were nine and ten. We lived with our mom in a two room apartment. One night a man came to visit. She never let men around us. He was there for one thing and he got his one thing and left. My mother felt obligated to tell us about the facts of life. One fact she mentioned was that men wanted to have a woman, sometimes real bad, but to be fair sometimes a woman wanted to have a man, real bad. And that included her. She apologized for having him come over, it wouldn't happen again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    straight male here, i use to dress in womens clothing and fuck. it all started with my older sister dressing me in her clothes when i was a child and then we would play, she would see me naked when i changed from my clothes into hers. i started getting a boner and she started playing with it and one thing led to another and we started fucking. we don't anymore as we are live on opposite coasts of the country and rarely if ever see each other any more. i did it with a few women as an adult, but i kinda grew out of it, i guess. it also takes a certain level of trust and a certain kind of woman to be cool with it, too.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 46

    i was raised by my moms sister aunt carla from age 7 to18 i was turned out to sex by spyng on carla fuck as many as 15 men a day mostly weekends uncle eddy drove logging rig he cum home sun leave tuesday they have a 11 daughter who i shared a room the attic made into a big room her queen bed abathroom tub/shower that is open cuz had a womans body teenage tits big lonfg dark nipples a very hairy pussy and buttcrack like our twin moms she gots meaty thighs a big bubble round kim kardash ass im a boy and i too got a big round wobbly ass long deep crack men try daily to fuck my cuz and one guy waiting his turn for aunty he sat me on his lap i moved when his big dick press into my butthole going in me head only it went in slow and stung at first as his flo of precum coated my hole i relax sashi lowered me on his big fat boner when cuz linda entered and saw his hairy balls and shaft dissappering lower i slid she threw a shit fit and he pulled it out my buttm making me gasp shedrugme up to our room she stole carlas huge strap on dildoe ang fuckedme in thebutt soon i was pushing back cheeks smacking her meaty woman child legs cuz started keeping eye on me and cought many carlas black lovers with theys bbc in my mouth just filling me wit jizz or just begening to fuk my mouth. it was when loinda went to gramas farm for 3 weeks that i skeek out to barn and be assfuckt by all the bbc that fuckt carla i started sucking and assfuclkking n****rs at age 7 i looked older cuz my big bubble ass and long blonde hair my best life i wouldnt change those times i learned so much and swallowed gallons of n****r spererm i love still being NIGGER CUM DUMP CHAO PUTOS.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    It all started when i was 12 years old and in the 7th grade. My best friend in my class was a kid called Donn, a big, square-shouldered 14 year old with short blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Donn looked like a younger version of Mickey Mantle. Donn was from Tennessee, and had moved to Detroit with his mother after his parents had divorced. She moved to Detroit for a job on one of the local assembly lines. Don and his mother lived in a small house a couple of blocks from our junior high school. i used to walk home with him and we would stop by his house to play basketball, catch, even sometimes board games like Risk or Clue or checkers. Donn's mom worked second shift and was always at work when we would stop by after school.

    One afternoon, Donn showed me a stack of what we used to call "dirty magazines." These were nothing like we have today, but mostly magazines with titles like Man, Men, For Men Only and Stag. They featured black and white and sepia photos and drawings of bare breasted women. We began flipping through the magazines gawking at the beautiful and sexy breasts and the lustful come hither smiles of the young models. Both of us got hard almost immediately, kind of like Pavlov's dogs. It didn't take much at that age.

    Pretty soon, Donn unzipped and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. It resembled a German WWII hand grenade, with a thick shaft, but a much thicker purplish head. His cock was criss-crossed with blue, green and purple veins and the sight of it stopped me in my tracks. Back then, at least at our city junior high, the boys swam in the nude. I'd seen Donn's large flaccid cock swinging between his muscular thighs in swim class, in the showers and in the gym locker room, but I had never seen it hard before. Although our school was 85% black, Donn had the biggest cock in our gym and swim classes, and he loved showing it off, often singing a ditty that went something like, "They call me King Kong cuz I got the biggest ding dong." Ahhhh, to be back in the 7th grade, huh? Donn began masturbating and I soon followed suit with my much smaller erection

    Anyway, Donn quickly realized that I was spending a lot more time staring at his dick than at the bare breasted photos and drawings. He asked me if i wanted to touch it, and i reached over and wrapped my hand partially around it. It was warm to touch and I could feel his pulse pounding there in his cock. It was velvety smooth yet hard as a bar of iron. The head was split where his piss slit was and I was just fascinated with it. He asked me to jerk it and I did, my right hand pulling him up and down and my left hand cradling his robin's egg sized balls that were nestled in his hairy sac. I heard him moaning as I pulled don it and knew that he was enjoying the sensation of having me masturbate him.

    Donn then told me to suck it, and i was shocked because that is exactly what i was thinking of. It was as if he could read my lecherous mind. I made no move to suck him and instead continued to jerk him, albeit much more slowly. I was shaking my head no, but some voice in my head (one of my heads) was screaming, "Suck his cock!" Donn could tell that I wanted to but couldn't bring myself to admit it, so he told me that no one would ever have to know and that if i tried it and didn't like it, we would never have to do it again and that he'd never mention it.

    I could feel my head moving towards his cock as he reassured me. I brushed my lips against it and then opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his thick cock head. The sensation of having that huge cock in my mouth was utterly indescribable. It appealed to my underlying sexually submissive nature which had revealed itself early on in y life when I had become fascinated by and attracted to women's feet. His cock tasted musky and had a bit of a salty tank to it. He kept telling me how good it felt and to keep sucking it, and emboldened, i sucked more and more vigorously. His breathing became labored and soon he was grunting. I felt his cock head spasm and then my mouth became filled with jet after jet of his thick creamy seminal fluid. It was everywhere, running down my throat, spilling out of the corners of my mouth, and soon i was chocking on it and had it cumin splurging out of my nostrils. The cum shocked me. I'd just started humming myself when i would masturbate but mine was a thin milky fluid, nothing like Donn's bottled cream cum

    I began crying and he tousled my hair and kept telling me it was all right, that no one would know. But I was afraid that I was going to hell and that every one who saw me would know that I was a cocksucker, as if it would be emblazoned on my face. Donn got a wet rag and wiped the cum from my face and the few drips that he saw on my shirt before wiping his still hard cock off. He continued to reassure me and soon I grabbed my book bag and made my way home, swearing to myself that i would never ever do anything like this again.

    When I got home, my parents didn't act any differently towards me. I immediately left to lock myself into the bathroom where i mercilessly beat off until i had cum. I could still taste the tasted of Donn's cock and his cum in in my mouth when we ate dinner that evening. At night in bed, i flogged my cock again and again, each time fantasizing of sucking Donn's dick.

    In class the next day, Donn and i made eye contact again and again during the morning, and then sat next to each other at lunch. Donn asked me if i was okay and i lied and told him that i was. He asked me if i was coming over that afternoon, and i nodded, and both of us knew that the time for playing basketball and catch and board games was over and that I would be sucking him off again, like yesterday. I somehow made it though the afternoon and then met him to walk home with him after the last bell had rung. On the way home, he kept telling me how good it had been and how much he'd love to have me suck his cock again. He asked me if I had enjoyed it, and I blushed and admitted that i had loved it and would be happy to do it again. When we reached his home that afternoon, Donn quickly pulled off his jeans and I kneeled at his feet and sucked his cock long and hard until he filled my mouth with his cum. After he came, i licked off the cum around his cock. I had beaten off as i sucked him and my orgasm was more explosive than ever now that i had his cock in my mouth.

    Fromm then on, I sucked Donn's cock every afternoon after school and he would come over my house on the weekends and I would suck his cock in our garage, my parents and siblings none the wiser. I learned to lick his balls and suck on them as well as his cock. Sometimes I would kneel at his feet with him standing, other times kneel with him sitting, but later we would both strip naked and I would lay between his legs and suck him. This position was easier on the knees and allowed me batter access to his balls. I began fantasizing what it would be like to lick his asshole and in that position with my laying between his legs, i would allow my tongue to venture below his balls as if by mistake, with my tongue flicking lower across his often somewhat ripe asshole. He began arching his back giving me easier access to his rectal opening and i began licking it as part of our sex, neither of us mentioning it initially, but later Donn asking me to lick it and me readily, happily complying. On a few occasions he would masturbate me, or let me sniff and lick his mother's soiled panties and stockings which he'd dragged out of her clothes hamper, but Donn never offered to suck me and I never asked him to. We both knew our relative position and were happy with it.

    Donn wanted to fuck me and we tried on a number of occasions, with his cock slathered in vaseline, hair tonic, Mazola, olive oil, Jergen's lotion, but my asshole was far too tight and his cock head far to thick to allow any anal access for him, so he would lay with me spoon fashion and fuck me between the backs of my thighs, shooting his wad all over the towels that we used to catch his spendings.

    Some two and half years later, after our graduation from 9th grade, Donn's mom lost her job at the auto plant and they moved back home to Tennessee, and we quickly lost track of each other. My sexual adventures were relegated to beating off either fantasizing about sucking Donn's cock or licking my aunt's sexy feet, with my right hand frantically slapping my constantly erect cock again and again and again, in the bathroom, in my bedroom, in my aunt's closet with me sniffing and licking her soiled undergarments and her sandals and shoes, or me thrusting my cock through the opening of my aunt's sandals and open toed mules until i would cum, my cock red and raw and pulsating. I never saw Donn again, but a few years ago i found him on Facebook. He had married and was employed at a factory job down in Tennessee. I often wondered at how wide her eyes became the first time that she'd gazed at Donn's massive member or how she howled with that combination of pleasure and pain that comes from being fucked with a massive cock like that, wishing that we'd somehow figured out a way for him to have fucked me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    My cousin and I were about 12 years old and sleeping over at one of the grown-ups house one weekend. We shared a pull out sofa bed together on this particular night. As a kid I sort of resented her on one level because she got a lot of attention for her beauty. Every time she entered a beauty competition she would win. There were always trophies and pictures of her wearing crowns everywhere in her house. She was as beautiful as a 12 year old girl could possibly be. And I think it's because of all the attention she got that I didn't treat her all that good. I wasn't mean to her, but I was always quick and sarcastic with her. She could dish it out too. There was always this âI'm better than youâ vibe between us and we were constantly trying to one-up the other whether it was in board games,playing cards or any area of life really. I would never tell her that she was beautiful, even though she was a knock-out.

    I woke up about 6:30am and the blankets were half down. The sun was coming in through the window and it was as if the sunlight was aimed purposefully at her prone sleeping body. I swear it felt like I was looking at sleeping beauty. I just stared at her for a minute looking at every inch of her body. She was perfect. She was wearing a white pyjama top and super tight white floral print pyjama bottoms. She was facing the window and I kept staring at her perfect ass. It felt like I was in a trance or something, and before I knew it I was sliding down the sofa bed until my face was literally inches from her ass. I couldn't help it. I just started kissing her perfect ass. I remember at one point being scared of waking her up. The last thing in the world I wanted was for her to realize that I was actually kissing her ass, which would have been the ultimate humiliation for me in our relationship. After about 5 minutes of passionately kissing her ass the concern of waking her up was pretty much gone. The only time I stopped kissing her ass was when she decided to stretch, then put both of her arms under her pillow and rolled over on her belly more, giving me more of her ass to kiss. Which I did without hesitation. After about 10 minutes I pulled back her pajama bottoms and could see she was wearing pink panties. I pulled her panties back just enough to see the perfect crack of her ass. I started to try and pull down her bottoms to kiss her bare ass, but she pulled away and wouldn't let me. I went back to kissing her pajama-clad ass for another few minutes until I heard the grown ups start to stir and make breakfast in the other room.

    We got out of the sofa bed together without looking at each other. Then, as she was getting ready to go down the hallway towards the kitchen she glanced back at me over her left shoulder. My heart was racing out of my chest.

    Was she awake? Does she know I kissed her ass? How could she not? Why didn't I stop? Will she tell?

    She totally buried me with the most arrogant âI'm a Queen and you're beneath meâ kinda stare, she then gave me a crooked snarky half smile and chuckled under her breath once or twice before heading down the hall.

    That was it. She knew. And I was beneath her and just kissed her ass.

    We never ever spoke about it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 49

    Were I grew up when I was a kid I hung out with a girl that was a couple of years older than me. I was either 11 or 12 years old when she had told me she had found a porn magazine. We looked at it together and the magazine only had women in it which was very interesting for me to see. I remember the women showing themselves off entirely. At my age I had never really seen women naked before and seeing them posing the way they were was a very eye opening and new experience for me. After we looked at the magazine my female friend was disappointed there were no naked men in the magazine. We had never seen each other naked before and see her disappointment I asked if she wanted to see me naked. She was shocked by my question but was quick to say she would if I was willing to but she wasn't going to get naked with me. I didn't mind that she wouldn't and told her she didn't have to. I took all my clothes off and let her see all of me. I asked how she wanted me to pose and she told me. I did everything she asked. She asked about touching and I let her. I even got an erection when she asked. She seemed to center her attention on my penis and didn't mind her seeing it. Half hour later I got dressed and that was it.

    For the next few weeks we would regularly look at the porn magazine together and I would get naked for her afterwards. It was fun getting the attention from her and I liked how excited she was seeing me naked. I never saw her naked and eventually she stopped asking about seeing me and she started hanging out with other friends. There was one last time where I did get naked for her. It was about month or so after she started hanging out with her new friends who were 3 girls her age. I got naked for her and her 3 friends and really enjoyed how the girls reacted to seeing me naked. I was willing to do whatever they wanted and did. They did touch me and I didn't mind. At the time I didn't feel anything I did was sexual but looking back maybe some poses and the touching were. I never did cum but did stroke my penis for them when they wanted it erect.

    I guess I was young, naïve and figured it was just friends having fun and I was doing nothing wrong and still think I did nothing wrong and it was just friends having fun. I now have a feeling the girls, who were 15-16 years old, knew exactly what they were doing by having me do the things they did.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    In my freshman year in college my mom (dad was gone) said, "try to meet Mr. Right because this year will be the only year I can afford to send you." I did not meet Mr. Right but I did apply for a job bussing in the cafeteria and washing dishes. The woman who ran the place, Ella, was obviously a bull dyke to me. I knew one or two in High School. She was also the chief cook and a good one at that.

    She was friendly from minute one and she started calling me, "Peanut" and "my sweetpea" and other terms of endearment. She took long glances at me and said out loud, "Scrumptious" and in weeks later, "I want a taste of you, sugar." Somehow, all the verbal sweetness toward me melted me and caused me to feel warm toward her.

    She began by sharing a cup of something or other with me after work. One day, she had to attend an important meeting and asked me to stay for an hour until she returned from her meeting, "watch for stuff." I sat at her desk and started playing Free Cell on her computer. Tiring of that, I went to her browsing history and found site after site of hard lesbian and bisexual sites. Watching hot lesbians going at each other (and I suspected they were just females working for money because not one looked like a lesbian to me, and all, while naked, wore six inch heels)I got really turned on.

    I was busy hammering away on my clit, watching a so called lesbian video when Ella returned. She said, "Oh, go ahead and enjoy, honey. I have to close up here." In a few minutes I had regained my composure. Ella came in and had a strange look on her face. She leaned down and kissed my neck. Soon, her hands were all over me and she took my hand and walked me to the back cafeteria supply room, a place loaded with all kinds of food, refrigerators and a cot. Her hands continued to roam my body and she was breathing hard and trembled a bit.

    She unbuttoned my jeans, saying, "honey, honey, oh honey" Soon, her mouth lips, tongue, were all over my crotch and she licked from my anal opening up to my belly button and back again. I just let it all happen and was soon enjoying it. She took little bites on my ass and vulva, stomach, and continued to lick me then felt her tongue entering my vagina like a cock would, while she rubbed hard on my clit. She did the same to my anus and it felt amazing. This woman was truly experienced with another woman and she brought on one long orgasm after another until I had to ask her to stop, while I trembled, shaking all over.

    She became my after-work lover and eventually I ended up eating her out, hairy and all, but nothing like she did me. I told her I would be leaving school at year's end for want of money and she called one of her female "partners" as she named them. The woman, Reggie, a stunning woman, owned and ran an upscale Mediterranean restaurant attended by the wealthiest people in the region. I started to work there as a cocktail waitress. Before long, Reggie and I were sleeping together. She explained that I was "sitting on a gold mine" and talked me into money-for-sex deals with both men and women from the club.

    It's all who you know, as I learned. That was some years ago. I made it through college, went for an MBA after that and now work for my own partner, Reggie, as her #2. I still see Ella once in a while and enjoy her educated tongue. I even got her to shave her pussy.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    I can think of one event I can post on here although it's not my confession. I call it, "dodging the bullet." When in my early teens my dad, tiring of foul city air, noise and crime, moved us out into the country. He purchased land in a rural area, surrounded mostly by farms, in order to get affordable land. Then, with friends, he built a small house.

    Dad talked to the school board and they included a bus pick up for me, their only child. After we moved in and settled, on the school bus, among others, I met four farm kids, two brothers and two sisters, who lived a couple of miles away but easily reached on my bicycle. They were all my age but one of the girls was a couple of years older, around 16.

    We used to spend a lot of time in their barn and they showed me around and then took all their clothes off and had sex together. The two boys did the girls, the girls did each other and the boys did each other was well. I watched, mouth agape, in shock, the first time. After a while they asked me to join but something inside me rejected the idea, as hot as I got watching. I recall going home with an erection and masturbating numerous times with the memories of what I had seen.

    The girls also put on shows, showing us how they could stuff objects into their vaginas. I had never seen a naked female before and was always pop-eyed, watching all of it. It was overwhelming and, again, something told me to "stay away." I recall in the second year of my living in the community, I had not seen them other than on the bus for some time.

    The farm kids must have invited the wrong person to join them and word of their sexcapades made it to some authority figure that moved in on them. Even my parents heard about it and asked me if I knew them. I lied a bit and said, "I know who they are." The four farm kids disappeared from the school bus passengers and I never rode out to check on them. To this day I have no idea where they all went.

    I can only imagine they are fucking everyone they meet as they grow up. They were the wildest.

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