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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    When I was a young teenage boy, I got really sick and had to stay home from school for a while. At one point during my illness, late at night, I was really uncomfortable, tossing and turning in bed. My mom tried to soothe me by getting in bed with me and holding me. I remember I felt hot from the fever and so I let her hold me and I held her too. She was wearing a flimsy nightgown and I could feel her soft body underneath and it felt good when I pressed against her. I was kind of delirious from the fever, and at one point my hands moved from her waist up to her breasts. I started to rub them because they felt so soft and warm. When I realized what I was doing, I stopped and apologized to my mom.

    She said it was okay and then she opened up her nightie and let me feel her breasts directly. When I continued to rub them I felt her nipples harden. My mom pushed one of her nipples towards my mouth and I started to suck on it. The sensation of nursing my mom, even though she didn't have a milk in her breasts, began to soothe me. It also aroused me, and not realizing what I was doing, I pressed myself against her body while I sucked her nipple. I could feel her rubbing my head and whispering "that's a good boy". Her voice encouraged me, so I continued to hump against her and pretty soon, I pressed my face between her breasts and and straddled her thigh, humping on it. I don't think I lasted for more than a minute or two before I let out a moan and ejaculated in my pajamas. I could feel my mom continuing to rub my head and holding me very tight against her body and breasts until I fell asleep.

    I don't remember her leaving the room. When I woke up the next day, I thought that maybe I had dreamt what had happened. But I noticed that I was wearing just some underpants, not my pajama bottoms and I had dried semen on my penis. My mom must have changed me out of my soiled PJ bottoms after I fell asleep. She never talked to me about what happened that night, but I never forgot.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 22

    In my Freshmen Year of high school, I was a very horny kid. Everyday, I would rub my dick through my pants until I came. One day in math class, we were in groups working on a packet. Across from me sat a girl with some very nice cleavage. So I went to start rubbing my dick when I got the idea of doing something much riskier.
    I stealthily unbutton my shorts and unzipped my fly. I wasn’t wearing any underwear, as I often do, so I was easily able to pull my dick out. The desk covered what I was doing, but if anyone could see under the desk they would have no problem spotting my 7 inch erect cock standing straight up.
    I used my left hand to stroke my dick while I used my right hand to continue writing. I would catch a glimpse of the girl's beautiful smooth tits every minute or so, each time moving closer to climax. I slowly stroked hard dick, starting at the base and then up to message the head. I could feel the pre-cum on my hand.
    As I was about to cum, I look directly into the girls tits. As I was looking, I shot my load all over my hand, dick, and exposed pubes. The feeling of pleasure was extraordinary.
    Now I had to clean myself up. Luckily I had a pack of tissues in my bag, so I was able to wipe the cum off my crotch and hand without anyone noticing. I pushed my dick back into my shorts and zipped them up, and walk out of that class as if nothing had happened.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    When i was a kid i used to love having my cock sucked by older was so easy and as i got older i got a real kick out of them down there sucking it and coming in there day i pushed my luck with this guy and he quickly had me down in front of him and unzipped his cock.It seemed very big to me and i tried to turn away but he pushed its head against my lips and for what seemed ages he fucked my mouth and then pushed most of it down my throat and come.I kept right away after that.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 44

    I would visit my cousin quite a bit when I was younger. He was a couple of years older but it was fun to hang out with him. He usually managed to get some porn magazines and we would look at all the women in their naked poses doing some very naughty things. One time when I was 13 he said he found some very different porn magazines that he wanted me to look at. When I asked how different he said we would wait until my aunt and uncle went out and we were alone to look at them. It had my curiosity and when my aunt and uncle finally left to go out for a few hours he showed them to me. It was magazines of naked men with a lot of them doing some naughty things to each other. All the other magazines prior to these where only of naked women so this was different. I asked why he got these and he told me he found them in someones garbage and thought I might be interested in seeing them. I told him they were different and interesting to see. He suggested we get naked like the guys in the magazines. He never suggested getting naked before and I figured it was only because now we were seeing these naked men in the magazines. He started to undress and told me to do so too. He said we can see how we look compared to the men in the magazines. He was naked before I even started to take any of my clothes off. I remember being a little hesitant but did go through with taking off everything. The two of us were now naked together. We began looking at magazines and copied some of their poses. The guys were posing in different poses which we copied but then what they were doing was different. The guys began masturbating. My cousin had no problem doing that in front of me. He brought me to the bathroom to watch as he cum into the sink. I didn't really want to do that in front of him and told him so. He had no problem with that. The more pictures we looked at the further the guys went. We stayed naked looking at more magazines before we heard my aunt and uncle come home and we quickly got dressed.

    On future visits my cousin began getting undressed for me whether we were looking at magazine or not and would do sexual things in front of me. I usually remained clothed. I think he liked the audience and I do admit I liked seeing him do these things. On one future visit I did offer to get naked and he took me up on the offer. He asked me if I was going to masturbate for him. I wasn't planning on it but under the circumstances I did go ahead and do it as he watched. I didn't admit it but at first I was petrified thinking about doing this but afterwards It was a big turn on being watched. One future visits after that if he got naked I would usually get naked too. I began to stroke as I watched him do his show which I think turned him on. This only lasted for a few months before he started to hang out with guys his own age and I didn't visit as often.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 54

    God yes, that is what I said when this girl asked me to screw her. We were kids and she had been told by her older sister that she needed to get her virginity behind her. Her older sister was a dancer at a club. She had a look and she moved in a way that made you want her, and I was only a kid at the time. She supervised her sisters sex life, and she made sure that she only had sex with me. She didn't want her sister getting a reputation for being a school slut.

    One afternoon when I was over at their house, I should say I spent every afternoon over at their house, my girl and I were sitting on the couch and her older sister came in. She was in a nightgown, she had just taken a shower and she was getting ready to go to work. She walked in front of us and bent over to pick up a magazine that was on the floor. She wasn't wearing any underwear. Her behind looked enormous, her dark hole and heavy pussy showing between her legs. She was completely shaved, no hair down there. My girl let me stare until her sister stood up and walked away.

    My girl wanted to know what I was staring at. Who could possibly think that was sexy, a woman's asshole, she asked if I thought that was sexy. She turned my face towards her and told me that I needed to keep my mind on her, if I wanted to see a girls behind then I should ask her, she was my girlfriend. I just didn't have the guts to ask her to bend over like that, with a bare behind. What I got out of that is that I stared at my girl's behind after that, especially when she was wearing a dress, I liked how she walked. And one afternoon when we were having sex, she let me see her for real, she got on her hands and knees and bent down and let me see. She told me that her sister had told her that some guys fucked girls in the ass.

    Her sister snuck us into the club one night so we could watch. She made arrangements with her boss and the bouncer let us into the kitchen area and we could watch from there. Watch the topless girls dance on the stage and dance beside the men sitting at these small tables with a small red candle. And the men paid them, putting money in their G-strings. And we watched her sister, she made a lot of money dancing and that night we saw men put twenties, tens and dollar bills in her G-string. She sent us home around eleven.

    She wanted her sister to dance. She would teach her sister the moves, how to stand, how to move, how to bend over to get better tips, she used me as the fake client, how to her tits up so close to my face, but not let her tits touch my face. I sat in this kitchen chair while her sister danced around me in her G-string, topless and my girl did the same. Girls weren't allowed to dance until they were eighteen, but there were ways of getting fake IDs. Until one night I told my girl I didn't want her to dance.

    But she danced anyway. She was seventeen, she danced on Friday and Saturday nights. She was a reserve dancer, which meant that she only danced for men that paid the club for a private room and she got the tips. She made so much money, thousands a week. She was asked to do tricks, customers would arrange it with the club and the girls were supposed to meet the men afterwards. She didn't start doing tricks until she was eighteen, the club didn't want a problem with a seventeen year old turning tricks.

    I started driving vans, and later trucks in the neighborhood and eventually got on as a long haul trucker. I stayed friends with my girl, but after she started turning tricks I didn't want her anymore. The money was just too good for her to pass up. The trucking business had its problems too, and everyone had their hand out. Everyone had to get a piece, that is the way the business ran. The girls, those that had the look, got into the dance or the street business and later when they were too old they worked the bars as cocktail waitresses or a few became bartenders. Some disappeared, moved away and we never heard from them. My girl worked the bar when she got too old, but she didn't look good anymore. I married a girl I met who worked as a dispatcher at the trucking company.

    That is how it was, I don't think many of us finished high school. We had to get out an make a living.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 47

    I was sixteen and my sister fourteen when we were invited to a friend's lake house. We went swimming and when we got out, all three of us, my sister, my friend and I put our shirts on without bras. It felt so good to walk around like that, it was just the three of so we played with out nipples to make them hard and stand out under our shirts.

    Some friends of her family showed up and we were told to go and make friends with their boy. He was around fourteen, we were still walking around without bras, we got him in the den and asked him which one of us had better tits. We held our tits in our hands pushing them up to make cleavage, pulled our shirts tight around our tits and we pinched each other's nipples to make them stand out. He got hard and he couldn't hide it from us and we kidded him. We asked him which one of us he wanted to fuck.

    He chose my sister first who was closer to his age so we got her pants down and had her bend over and told him to fuck her. He got his cock out and fucked her. When he finished my friend sucked him. Things got pretty nasty, we took our shirts off and had him play with our tits. We sucked him got on him and got his cock in us. We also kissed him and pulled his head into our tits.

    Several days later my friend called me and told me that we had a big problem. He had told his father about what we did. All three of us had fucked with him but he only came in my sister. All three of us had sucked him and all three of us had kissed him and had him kiss our tits. Our friend got in trouble first because that is who was called. After she got in trouble her parents called our parents and we got in trouble.

    My mother kept asking my sister and me how we could do what we did. We never answered her, we didn't know why we did what we did, we just did it. We didn't mean anything against him, he was just there. Long story short my sister and I were grounded for a month. We were given some talks about being perverts and we were given some talks about birth control. We were also told to wait until we were a lot older, it felt good to have sex with a boy, but we were not old enough. Our friend pretty much got the same punishment and lectures. Our parents had gotten together and decided what they would do.

    The boy though got in the most trouble. His parents were a lot stricter and he was grounded and he was made to apologize to us. We sat, all three of us, on the sofa while he had to stand there and apologize to us for not being able to control himself and hoped we would forgive him. It was all so stupid. We had a hard time not laughing when he was apologizing to us. Only my mother's stare kept us from busting out laughing.

    My sister and I slept without bras and we played with our tits at night pinching our nipples, rubbing and squeezing our tits. We had twin beds and we lay on our backs with our tits out while we pinched our nipples and laughed. We pretended to open our legs and made noises while we pretended to have a boy with us. We pretended to be sucking a boy and talked about what we wanted to do now that we had experience.

    In any event we survived those years and went on to grown up fun. But when we get together with our friend, our cohort in crime, we talk about that afternoon at the lake house. And that poor boy who we are sure we ruined for life. We don't know what became of him, his parents moved the following year and he is just part of the story.

    Those were the days,

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    In the old days there weren't any computers or video games and the air conditioning was pretty bad so during the summer we played outside. The afternoon that I got experience was hot. My buddy and I found this heavy tree with lots of shade and we sat under the tree. Who started the conversation I don't remember, but the conversation dealt with touching each other and sucking each other. He had his cock out and I sucked it. I liked it so I sucked him some more. He got really hard and I sucked him for a good long while. He gave me a short suck, so mostly it was me sucking him.

    When we got home I wanted to suck him some more so we went into the bathroom. He got really hard again and I sucked him for a long time. We agreed that he would rub my ass with his cock and I took my pants down and leaned over the sink and he poked his cock around my asshole. It really felt good, I really wanted him to penetrate me but we didn't do it. I went back to sucking him and this time he let his load go. I sucked his cock as it got soft.

    Two days later I wanted him to put his cock in my ass and I lay down on the bed and he got on my back and we pushed and poked until he got it in. I remember telling him how good it felt when he got it in, although he didn't have much of it in. It took a while for him to get it all the way in, and every little millimeter felt good. We agreed that I was the queer of the two of us because I liked to suck and I liked it when he fucked me.

    We practiced and practiced. I sucked him all summer long and we got to the point where he would drop his load almost every time. We also practiced fucking. We didn't do it in the house anymore. We found this old pump house down by the reservoir and we would go fuck behind there.

    I loved that summer. I remember the summer and our fuck buddy friendship. He is a big time cop now, and I spent my career as a bookkeeper. From time to time we run into each other at some town affair or a funeral. We both have families with grandkids and our exploits when we were kids are nothing but memories. There such good memories.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 27

    I drive by now and the laundromat is gone, along with Inga, the lady who owned the laundromat. She opened up for business when I was a junior in High School. That's easy to remember because I started Geometry that year and I found it simple and loved it. Inga was more than likely around 52 or so. I don't know how I know that but that stuck with me. She was stocky and her white hair had once been blonde. She had been married and had two grown daughters living in California. Inga, her late husband and two daughters had migrated to the U.S. when the USSR broke apart.

    I came into the laundromat once in a while because our household washer was on its last legs and mom loaded me up, gave me a bunch of quarters and sent me to the new laundromat. Inga spoke halting English but easily understood. She was friendly and loved to talk to me while my wash and dry was going. She kept the place spotless and sold detergent and other stuff from a little corner store that had been set up. Inga was no beauty but had a pleasant face, wore no makeup and had a great smile and all her own teeth, I noticed. She was stocky but shapely and I noticed her large, round ass many times.

    One day, she seemed warmer and friendlier and touched my arm and smiled a lot. She told me it was her birthday, so I hugged her and went to kiss her cheek. She turned her mouth to mine and I found myself with her tongue exploring the inside of my mouth. When I tried to break the hug, I found she was holding me tightly. She kissed my neck and face and I started to get hot. In a moment she had become a new person in my eyes. She noticed my hard cock and went to the front door and turned around, the "Be back in an hour" sign.

    Within minutes I was in the supply room where Inga kept crates of the stuff she sold, a toilet, a tiny kitchen and a cot. She pulled my pants off and took my enlarged cock in her hand and began to impossibly try to swallow it whole. This was my first blow-job and in minutes I was fucking her, doggy style, my first ever fuck. She knew I had no experience since I told her I did not date anyone, mostly for want of money and I was only 16 at the time, albeit my cock was all nicely grown by then. She said for me so she could feel my pulsing, to leave my cock in while I came, which I did. Inga's vagina always got very wet and as I thrust my cock into her, thick as it was, air would be forced from her vagina and it made a farting sound that helped the erotic feeling of our fucking.

    After I came I kept fucking Inga because my cock did not get soft. She loved it and often I went long enough to feel her own orgasm come along. For the next two years, Inga, who was around 36 years my senior, became my lover-sex teacher and she taught me things I could never dream about. We did anal with condoms and did that, usually after I had come once or twice in her vagina and it was good. At first, we would meet to fuck almost daily and I began to bring potted plants given to me by one of my close friends whose family owned a large garden nursery in town. Soon, the laundromat looked like a little forest. I started inviting Inga to dinner at home on Sundays and my parents liked her a lot but did not have a clue nor dream that their teenage son was fucking the very devil out of that nice East European, aging laundry woman.

    In time, Inga shared all her secrets with me. She told me that after her husband died, she had made love to Anna, her youngest daughter whom she called, "My horny little one" and knew was bisexual. I began to dream of a three-way when Anna came East to visit. The idea was not originally mine but Inga's, who said she would love to see me fucking Anna "with my big cock." She even said that to me once and the thought drove me wild. As it turned out, Anna met and married a lawyer in California and bought a home with a large apartment over the garage for Inga. She closed out and sold the laundromat and when I saw her for the last time we both had tears in our eyes but it did not keep us from nearly fucking ourselves to death. She told me that she had so much sex with me that in the two years we did it, we had done it many more than she ever did with her late husband. Thinking about it today amazes me because Inga stayed right with me and I was in my mid-teens

    Two years ago, for my 25th birthday, I received a card with a photo from Inga in California. IN the photo was Inga with her daughter, Anna, both nude, in bed with big smiles. The card said, "Anna and me send our hottest love" but I know exactly what she meant. I estimate that Inga is now in her sixties and, chances are, I will never see her again. I get hot just driving by the old location of the laundromat, now a pizza place. However, I still correspond with both Inga and Anna.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    Hi. I'm not actually 18, but it's the lowest I can put on here lol.

    So where do I start? When I was about 4 or 5 I started realizing how good it felt to touch myself. I didn't know what I was doing but I would do it at night and sometimes I would put certain toys in my panties and rub myself against my bed because it felt so good on my little clit. I remember my dad slightly running his fingers down my slit when he would wipe me after I used the bathroom. I always enjoyed the feeling hut never said anything.

    As I got older, I knew i was pretty. I always got attention bevause of my long dark hair and dark bedroom eyes. Even as a child I loved teasing men. My grandmogher would only put me in dresses and i would sit sit with open legs at church and at malls so the pastor and others xould see me. I loved sitting in my grandpas friends laps and bouncing around. More than once I know i felr them get hard but i didnt know what it was at the time. I just liked the way I was held. I once made a decision to get out of the bathtub while my grandparents were having their friends over and ran around the house naked, showing off my little smooth pussy and flat chest. My little booty and pussy was on display when i bent over to grab the towel i "dropped" while running around.

    I started getting hips and tits around age 11 which attracted more men. I started wearing tight tank tops without a bra, which would infuriate my mother. My tiny budding titties pushed my nipples against my shirt and made them stick out. Some of my shirts were a thin material for summer, and I would often wear them to the park with a skirt (while my parents were at work) and meet my friends there. Sometimes I would just go on a walk to the park like that by myself And watch the dads play with their kids. I especially loved the ones there with their wives or girlfriends. I got into the habit of playing in the water section of the playground because it would soak my shirt and make it cling to my body. Since it was wet, you could see right through it. I would walk or sit near sime of the dads and tease them by lifting up my shirt or pressing it tighter against me so my nipples and tits were accentuated. I loved to flash them my pussy. I still didn't have hair on it so it was smooth and tight and small. I know more than a few got a good look.

    IT was during one of those times that it maybe went to far. I started understanding what it meant to be horny and I had no control over my hormones. I was 11 and my young virgin pussy was throbbing. I decided to go to the park and decided to wear a thin training bra with a white shirt and a a pair of shorts with some white panties. I ran through the water and got soaking wet. There were only a few people at the park that day, but one man in particular caught my attention. He was with his wife and two kids. He was muscular and tall. Had amazing hair. I remember him so well. He noticed me playing in the water and I decided to walk by him and take my shirt off on my way to the restrooms. Keep in mind I still had a thin bra on. I looked at him and smiled. His wife was with their kids on the slides. He said something to her and got up. I was drinking from the fountain when he came up behind me. He grabbed my by the waist, put me over his shoulder and we walked into the family designated bathroom, it was the only one that locked. He said "I've noticed you everytime I'm here. You shouldn't be doing that in the water. It's distracting to people." I laughed and said I didn't mind. He then told me if I wanted attention he would give it to me. I stood there confused and then he laughed and said "take off those shorts and wet little bra". I got nervous and didn't know what to do. So I took them off and stood there in my wet panties that were giving me a camel toe. He looked me up and down and smiled. He said "I like your little tits. Big ones are boring. They look nice on your young body." He reached out and touched one. I was terrified and started to get. He laughed again and said to not be scared. He wasn't going to hurt me, but I should know what's going to happen when I show off the way i do. He pinched my other nipple. I jumped. He told me to take my panties off, so I did. In my head I was excited. My young pussy was throbbing. I was scared but also curious. He stared my naked body for a little before he said "yes" to no one in particular. Like I said he was muscular and what he did next turns me on to this day. He pick me up and hoisted my legs to his shoulders and started eating my pussy. He licked and sucked on my clit and flicked in and out of my virgin hole. He did that for about 10 minutes. When he was done, he said "you taste so sweet. Like unused pussy". I said I was still a virgin. He became intense then. He grabbed my ass and said "not for long" . He opened up the baby changing table and flipped me on my stomach. I was standing with my ass facing him now. He got down and licked me from behind. He then pread my pussy lips apart and inserted one finger. I yelped and he said "do t make a sound. It's going to hurt." I started crying but it seemed to turn him on more now that I look back on it. He hoisted my hips up and pulled our his dick. It was massive. To this day I think it was around 8 inches long. He put it right at the entrance of my virgin hole and started to push. I almost screamed but he covered my mouth. He said "if you're going to act like a fuck toy, that's how I'm going to use you. You want it anyway". My eleven year old pussy was aching and burning and stretching. I didn't think he would fit. Nest thing I know he's putting his hands under my chest and lifting me up. He started fucking me saying things like "so tight" and "fuck so young". My pussy was holding onto his thick cock like grip. Eventually it felt like he was moving my body up and down instead him fucking me. I don't know if I came. I just know it hurt so good. My smooth tight ass was bouncing off of him. I could feel it jiggle everytime. Near the end he said " I'm going to cum inside you like a little sex a doll". he came inside me. He pulled out amd it statted running down my legs. I just stood there not knowing what to do. Blood and cum were pouring out of me and I was sore. He looked at me and said he would do this to me everyday he saw me. I started to get dressed and we heard his wife calling him. He looked at me and left.

    I went back to that park to see if he was there for the rest of the summer and never saw him again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    when I was 15, my neighbor's girl was 11
    she was overweight and got bullied in school
    only I talked to her and be friend with her
    one day she said she like me and want to be my girlfriend
    I did not have girlfriend at that time, so I said ok
    now I an 18, I'm afraid that I will get in trouble with her which she is still underage
    we have not had sex yet, but we do kiss and saw each other naked
    also she give me handjob and bj sometime

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