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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    About 8 years in 2010, I was really into making youtube videos. At the time I was only 10 and my parents did not really police me on it. I would make videos on random things I did, like playing videogames or swimming in my pool. One of my videos was of my mourning routine. Some of the comments on this video asked me to do a shower routine videos, and at the time I saw nothing wrong with doing that.

    In this video, I did not even try to censor anything. I started out with me stripping down for a shower, getting completely naked on camera. My circumcised penis and tiny ball sack hung right in view of the camera.

    I then got into the shower and start to clean myself, my illegal cock still visible. As I continued to clean myself I started playing with my balls. I then turn around and expose my ass, spreading my cheek to allow water to flow through and expose my ass hole.

    After I posted the video, I received comments that read:

    "I want to put your whole fucking cock in my mouth"

    "I fuck you so hard in that tight hole of yours"

    "Little boy, give me a blow job"

    "You should get fucked by two other boys, one in the ass and another in the mouth"

    "I think you will fit"

    While yes, those comments are horrible, I cannot help jerking off to them thinking about all those people wanting to have sex with me.

    The video got taken down at some point.

    Did you ever film yourself naked when you were underaged? Leave a comment.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    I am actually only 16 years old, and recently I decided to stream my self on a sex cam site. I started of with me sitting in a chair with the webcam pointed at my crotch in order to conceal my face. I was wearing only a pair of losse fitting boxer shorts and a shirt. Then with much anticipation I hit the broadcast button.

    I wait for five minutes when I then see another user join the chat. My erection visibly pops up. There sunddenly 5 more users join the chat. This gets me excited. So much so that I pull my boxers down to show them my throbbing underage shaft. The begin complimenting me, if only they knew. I then decide to pull my boxers off completely, showing my full illegal cock for them all to see. I then rub out a load and end the broadcast.

    That was one of the greatest sexual experiences if my life.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    I like creating picture of me having sex with my self. I do this by first taking a picture, naked, doing one pose then moveing to take a picture of me in a different pose. The in an image editing software, combined the two images.

    I have created all sorts of different images, from me giving myself head to fucking my self in the ass.

    By the way, I am actually only 15.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 23

    My name is Elizabeth, and when I was 17 years old, my parents and I took a trip down to Florida to see my Aunt,Uncle, and 10 year old cousin named Marco. We stayed at their summer home that sat close to a lake. When we arrive my aunt got us settled in a guest room while Marco was outside playing basketball. Marco was a tall boy for his age, with black hair and a very trim physique.

    After we were settled, we decided to drive to the beach. I put on a tight fitting red bikini that excentuated my D cup breasts. All Marco wearing was a pair of boxer shorts since his did not feel the need for him to wear a bathing suit. When we arrive at the beach I catch Marcos glance go to my boobs, followed by his hands moving to cover his crotch. Then I remember his parents telling my parents that he had just started puberty. This meant that I had given him one of his first erections, which was kinda of weird since we were family, but I found it cute anyways.

    As we stared walking, Marco stared playing in the waves. He would wait and let the waves knock him over and get back up. The at one point when he stood back up, his boxers had been pulled down to his feet, exoposing his young penis to all of us. It was only a second or two before he pulled up his boxers. We all laughed and Marcos blushed.

    That night in bed, I could not stop thinking about Marco's penis. Even though it had been out for only a few seconds, I had capture a clear mental picture if it. It extended out only 3 inches, he had a rossy red head that was covered with smooth pale fleshy foreskin. He was completely hairless down below (I perfered boys who shaved), and his testicles hung down like two ripe cherries inside his sack. As the night went on I thought about how small my vagine was, and I thought to my self,"I coundn't work, could it?" By the time I fell asleep I had a mission: I was going to get Marco's dick inside of me.

    This was a very difficult task, since either my parents or Marco's were always home. I started to not wear underwear, allowing my self to expose my self to Marco when ever I bended over or spread my legs. At some points I would even let my hand rub up against his hard cock.

    Then one night my opportunity came when all of the adults left to go to a dinner and left me to watch over Marco, only if they knew what I had planned. When they left, Marco was taking a shower. I stripped and walked into his room naked l. I opened the shades to make it but more risky, exposing myself to a nearby road. I sat on Marco's bed with my D-cup tits and recently shaved camel toe pussy exposed. Marco finished his shower and walked in with a towel around his waist.

    "Hey Marco, let's have some fun tonight" I said as I walked towards, dragging my finger up the rim of my pussy. He was stunned. Once I reached him, I pulled on his towel, letting it drop and and erection pop up. I went on my knees and started to suck his tiny dick, being able to fit his shaft and balls in my mouth. Then suddenly I feel my mouth fill with a bitter tasting warm liquid, that is not cum. "Sorry" Marco says. I take his dick out of my mouth, swallow his urine, and insert it into my pussy. "Go ahead and finish, pretend I am a urnal" I say. I feel his urine fill my pussy. After he was done I have him start pulling his dick in and out. To help him get aroused I push his face into my tits and reach in to his asshole to stimulate him. I was going to let him pull out, but I decided to let him blow his first load in my pussy, luckily nothing came of it

    Now, many years later, at family reunions you can find us both in the bathroom and let's just say that Marco does not use the toilet to releave himself.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 25

    When I was around 12 my best friend and I were looking up porn and erotic stories to entertain ourselves. We read a story about boys who sucked each others cocks and generally fooled around. This got us into the habit of trading oral. Later we perused further and found videos of boys playing with dildos and getting fucked. We both experimented with fingering and small insertion. He did not like it, but I loved it. I tried and tried to get him to fuck me but he would not. We still played together weekly, but the only time I played with my hole was by myself in the shower.

    By this time we were 13 about to be 14 and I thought about it a lot. I met a new boy who was at least 3 years older than me. He lived on the other side of the block. I had started talking to him while out biking one day. He invited me in to see his new nintendo. We played a wrestling game then wrestled some in the living room. I made a point to brush across his dick several times. He noticed and started leading with his crotch while we played. At one point he jokingly pulled it out and swung his semi hard dick back and forth. I jokingly got on my knees and dared him to do it. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. I felt the tip touch my tongue. I think he expected me to pull back but I took his cock partially in to my mouth.

    He pulled it out and said "shhh" even though we were not talking. He looked around to make sure no one saw, and then motioned outside. "I should go show you the old tree fort" he said. We climbed up and he shut the make shift hatch. He turned and sat on a stump used as the only chair. He pulled his dick out and started playing with it. I moved in watching, but waiting for instruction. He paused and kind of held it out. I took hold and slowly started stroking it. He asked if I enjoyed it, and if I had done it before, and who with? We talked for awhile and then I awkwardly blurted out that I wanted to try anal. I felt embarrassed so I hid myself by beginning to suck his cock. He laughed and put his hand on my head to speed up the rhythm. He went on to say that he had never tried it either but was interested in topping. I took my mouth off to ask about the meaning. He explained and I told him I think I am definitely a bottom. He laughed back then paused, so I put my mouth back on his dick and began jerking him off while running my tongue around the head of his cock. He said we could try.

    I was so eager I didn't know what to do. He told me though, I guess he had thought about it before. Soon I was bent over with my ass arched back and out. He spit on his fingers and rubbed it on the tip of his dick. He set the tip against my hole and applied light pressure. I was almost there, and I pushed back slightly in anticipation. Tingling feelings and endorphins raced through my body as the first cock head pushed in to my ass. I could feel him pushing harder. Wanting to feel his dick all the way I tried to wiggle to let it slip in. Then his cock exploded with cum. I could feel it seeping out before his dick even started to soften. He tried to pump it even once but the semi flaccid penis was to soft to push back in my hole. Just like that I was no longer a virgin, and I was full of cum.

    A few weeks later I met a guy online through CL. I told him I was not a virgin, and I was a bottom. I got picked up at a 7-11. I remember he pulled his dick out in the car and I was nervous because it was noticeably thicker. He had me stroke it for him and then took me to his house where he got me to get naked and had me take a shower so I could clean my self. He actually fucked me. I had no idea what I was in for. It was intense at first, but I was loving it by the time he blew his load in me. He bummed me a smoke and then started jerking me off slowly while fingering my now tender hole.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 36

    Long hot summers with nothing to do. The city was building out and the sewer system was being put in. The huge big cement tubes were stored along the way and me and my friend would ride over there and run through them like a maze. One afternoon we were deep in the pipe maze and he had to pee so we stopped and he whipped out and started to pee on the floor of the cement tube with his pee splashing all over the place. I got the urge so I whipped out and following his lead I peed on the cement splashing all over the place. There we were with our dicks in our hands.

    He finished peeing and I finished a moment later and he had this drop of pee on his dick and I bent over and tasted it by sucking on him. I told him it tasted salty and I squeezed my dick and got a small drop and he bent over and tasted it. The next time he peed I put my hand in his stream and tasted it and sucked him dry afterwards. That was our new thing, when he peed I would put my hand in or bend over and get some on my tongue and take some like drinking off a hose and then suck the last drops out. In the pool one afternoon he got on my back and he peed against me, feeling his hot pee wash off my back felt good. When we got back upstairs to change we got in the shower and he peed in my mouth.

    The most he ever did was lick a little off my dick, or lick it off his fingers, but I let him pee in my mouth and I liked him peeing on me we when we went swimming and shower off afterwards. On my knees in the shower I sucked his dick, getting him hard and sucking his whole dick. One day we moved on into the bedroom with him on his back on the bed and me over him sucking his dick and holding his dick in my hand and he had his first real ejaculation which tasted funny and was all slimy but I ate it anyway. He liked ejaculating and that became our next thing.

    We learned that if he was cold from swimming ejaculating was more difficult, so usually we would suck before going swimming, have him ejaculate and then go down to the pool. In the pool I was on the side holding on and he got behind me and he had a hard dick and he started to hump me. It felt good and I let him hump me for a good long while. That afternoon when we got back to his room I lay down on his bed without my bathing suit on and he got on me without his bathing suit and he humped my naked butt, pointing his dick into my butthole and me asking him not to stop. If he enjoyed me sucking him off, I enjoyed him butt fucking me. It took several times and getting a better position until he broke through and actually got his dick in my butt. I was hooked, we did that over and over, finally figuring out that we need some form of lubrication and using his mothers hand cream to get it in all the way.

    It is hard to remember the stations of it all, but at one point we kissed and we got our hands on our dicks and I sucked him until he was really hard and then got down on the bed and he fucked me until he came. With all the dick sucking and fucking we had not peed on each other in a long time. I did let him pee on me in the shower again, but we were passed that. Summer was coming to an end and our swimming days were coming to an end, as we got into class in the ninth grade we were careful not to talk to anyone about our summer activities. Fucking was more formal, with a lot of preparation, he had swiped one of his mother's jars of Vaseline and that is what we were using and it worked pretty well. I could suck him off pretty fast too, maybe a couple of minutes until he lost control and I licked up his mess. That I did do, I licked up his cum.

    Our identities remained firm, I found myself with an older boy one day after gym class and sucked him off but he didn't cum. I developed an appetite for dick that wouldn't quit and soon I was known for servicing the other boys in school. He remained discreet, we no longer had sex together but we remained friends and it wasn't until he was a senior that he really got involved with this tenth grader who was also in a band.

    But it all goes back to those long summer days when we were running around in the sewer pipes before they were installed and it was lucky that he had a pool at his house and his parents worked and we had the day to ourselves. For me it is the summer that I most remember growing up.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 34

    The most striking thing I recall is back when I was ten or so. Mom's sister, (aunt Joanie) used to
    meet dad sometimes at lunch time. We would all have a soup and sandwich then they would send me to my room to take a nap. Our house was modest and I could hear noises from one room to another, most times with words unclear but I sometimes heard Auntie moaning loudly and laughing, then some hushed words.

    These meetings lasted off and on for around two years while mom, a hospital nurse, had daytime shifts. A few years later the meetings had ended but I finally realized what was going on. I never brought up the subject and just put it out of my mind. Reading some posts on here reminded me of the event.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 26

    When I was 13, my older brother's b/f, Nat, showed me how I could earn $1.00 by just jerking him off. He was 18 and drove a fairly new sports car so I knew he had a good source of money. I began to wank him at least once a day and I was quite happy with the arrangement because I came to understand more about sex and would often masturbate after I was alone having wanked him. I loved feeling and seeing strings of white spunk fly from his hard, throbbing shaft and it turned me on and then some.

    After a few weeks of doing him with my hand he began to offer me more money for a blow job. I rejected the idea and he then offered me a cool $10 for a fuck. Rejecting the notion he finally took it up to $25 for a fuck and he promised to use a condom. What I did was make his hand-job more interesting by holding his balls with one hand while I jerked his shaft. I could imagine him passing the word if I went for any of his sex deals.

    He made other offers. $15 for a blow job and finally climbed to $50 for a fuck that would also include an anal fucking. It was extremely tempting because he would often pull cash our of his pockets and flash it. I never did it so I remained just a small-time, mini-prostitute. Soon enough, he located plenty of free sex. Today, I give it out free to select men.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 39

    Stupid, naïve, dumb and controlled are just an example of me from the time I was 11 up until I was a few months past 13. My mother was an idiot for trusting Brian to care for me. He was a life long friend and x boyfriend who lived a few miles from my house. My mom was a flight attendant at the time and away overnight and at times away 2 or 3 days. He was extremely nice to me even when he and my mom broke up their relationship. They were still close friends after their breakup and I was always comfortable around him. He treated me much better than my father ever did and when my father moved out I was only 6 and hardly ever heard from him. I might have been younger but think I was 11 when Brian began manipulating me. I can't explain how it developed but when I stayed at his house we began seeing each other naked which I am certain he had planned well. He made it seem like it was acceptable but that we wouldn't tell my mom about it and it was our secret. He treated me and called me a princess taking me to movies and the amusement park if I was left with him a few days. He was always attentive playing games with me and watching whatever I wanted on TV. When I bathed he would come in and talk with me and then he would undress and shower while I was still in the bathroom. It seemed to me like it was ok for us to see each other naked and he would tell me how my body would change and look like my mom some day. He began mentioning our body parts pointing to my vagina, buttocks and breasts which he said I would soon develop. Then he point to his body telling me the names for his penis, scrotum, buttocks and say and show me his anus. Each time it was our secret and my mom shouldn't be told about it because she wouldn't understand. He would tell me he wanted to educate me about my body and a boys body but no one else should know about it. The strange thing is I never felt intimidated or fearful of him. This went on for I don't recall how many months and then the touching began.

    It started with him having me lay in bed naked and he would start at my shoulders and rubdown my body asking me if it felt good the way he did it. It not only felt good but I naively asked him to do it many times. After a short time he began doing this after I had a bath and after he took a shower. By that time he was still naked as he did this which didn't concern me at all. At that time I was so accustom to seeing him naked I just laid there appreciating how I was being pampered by him. When I was laying on my back he would sit between my legs lifting them and rubbing them from my ankles up to my vagina. He regularly rubbed my vagina and to me it just felt good and I never thought about what he was doing. This went on a few times a months and weekly when my mom had a busy schedule. By this time Brian had me under his control and I was very satisfied the way he took care of me. It went on like that a long time before he convinced me to administer the same thing to him. I'm not sure how old I was when that began but it soon developed where I would touch his genitals and hold his penis. He naturally got erections when I touched him like that but he never used that word and only said swelled up. That time frame now is a blur since I don't remember when things changed. All I recall now is that he began stimulating me with his fingers and I began to experience orgasms. He never fully penetrated me but I vividly remember being aroused not realizing at the time I was being sexually abused. As I began to develop breasts I still was never embarrassed by Brian seeing me naked or me seeing him. I enjoyed it when he had me aroused and never thought about telling my mom or anyone. My mom was also away sometimes with Kenny who she had been dating for a couple years. Some weekends I stayed with Brian when my mom and Kenny went away. A year or so went by and eventually Brian began having me rub body lotion on his genitals. He would get an erection and tell me he had to relieve himself and then masturbate in front of me. By then I think I knew what he was doing but not only liked watching him, I liked seeing him ejaculate. After a month or so watching him and having him satisfy me he got me to jerk him off. The first time he held my wrist and had me hold his erection then got me to do it by myself. It didn't bother me one bit since I wanted to make him happy. Then in March that year my mom married Kenny and we moved to Chicago that May when my mom switched Airlines. I never told anyone about this and after moving I did see Brian a few times when he visited but our interaction with each other was over and never spoken of. I'm married and have two kids, both girls, and am extra careful of who they associate with. I would and will never let them stay with any man the way my mom had Brian take care of me. For a long time I thought I was partly responsible for what went on but know now it was Brian who was a p**ophile. Naïve and dumb I am guilty of but know how I was manipulated by him.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    As I was growing up I was sexually used by several adults at different times, They are all long dead now so even if i wanted to report them I can't now, The truth is I encouraged a few of them as I was a bit precocious as a kid and knew what i liked especially after the first time which was with my Grandfather who used to give me some home made Cider in his garden shed I'd get relaxed and he'd pull my shorts and underwear down and play with me he'd also lick and suck me and get me to do the same to him I spent many happy hours in his shed bent over his work bench as he licked and fingered my bumhole which i love him to do, Indoors I'd sneakily rub his crotch when nobody was looking he loved that and to top it all he took my virginity when I was 12 I was very happy that day, There were other men of course a man who lived a few streets away when I was 11 caught me sucking his son's dick and threatened to tell my parents unless I sucked him which i happily dis several times until his work moved him away, A local Farmer when I was 13 who I'd flirted with he had me in his barn he was rough and fucked me very hard he also loved cumming over my face, At 14 I had the local baker who I'd heard was Gay and I flirted outrageously with him until he gave in and fucked me, There was the man in the Cinema who I sucked off when I was 15, So all of these men are now long gone and I at no time felt violated or abused as I wanted them all to do what they did and I learnt a lot from them I enjoyed every encounter and I have no regrets at all.

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