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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    When I was 9, my sister, Ruth, who was 12, used to invite a number of her girl friends over to our house for a sleep-over. They would stay up late watching TV and talking about the boys at school.

    When they finally decided it was time to go to sleep, they would go to Ruth's bedroom to change into pajamas.

    My bedroom was next to Ruth's and there was a balcony that allowed me to look into her bedroom window. Ruth always pulled the window shade, but looking thru the shade from the side afforded me a good view of her room.

    Out of curiosity I had previously used this approach to spy on Ruth once she started to develop breasts. I was able to view her naked body, and it made my small dick hard as a rock. Although her tits were still small, she had puffy pink nipples. I was also surprised to see that she had a small dark bush of pubic hair that seemed to stand straight out.

    N ow when I was able to view the party group, I was amazed to see how different the girls were. A couple looked like Ruth, although one had bigger tits, and the blonde had light brown pubic hair. One girl had hard nipples but very small tits, and the other girl had flat nipples and a very small patch of pubes.

    I'll never forget the sight, or the dry orgasm I experienced, my first.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 24

    I grew up in north central Pennsylvania where my parents owned a restaurant hotel combination. We lived on the first floor which was separated from the rest of the building. There were only two floors of rooms we rented and there were only 12 of them. There were times when we only had 2 to 4 guests but during hunting and fishing seasons we were always filled to capacity with mostly guys. Other times a year the third floor was never used. At 16 and 17 I and my mother cleaned the rooms that were occupied. On the second floor was a side room where we kept all the sheets, blankets, towels, boxes of toilet paper and all the necessary cleaning equipment. From that room I could see into room #5 where a large section of drywall was missing in the storage room and a gap in the paneling inside room 5. Whenever I knew a guy was staying in there I would peek in at him. I could only do it when my parents were busy during dinner time or if they went out at night after closing. The restaurant closed weeknights at 8 pm so my parents would go shopping or visit friends or family a night or two. All through my sophomore and senior years of high school I peeked in at guys every chance I got. All the rooms were small but # 3, 4 and 5 only had a single bed, the rest of the rooms could hold two people and had two single beds. Room 5 was the only room I could see into and it was occupied a lot being on the 2nd floor. I couldn't see into the bathroom but it surprised me how many of those guys were naked in the room and how many went to bed that way. Some would watch TV and never put anything on and some just put on underwear. The younger guys stayed naked more often then the older ones did. One thing I never expected all the times I peeked in, was how many of them masturbated even some old guys. Over those two years I don't even know how many guys I saw naked and some of them were guys who came a few times a year. I think I saw every size penis there is from really little to very big. I always was hoping to see a guy masturbate and liked watching them get erections and see them ejaculate. I would laugh about how some guys reacted when they finally satisfied themselves. No wonder my mom always told me to wear rubber gloves. I don't think I fully understood the spots in some sheets when I cleaned the rooms but then I knew. I went away to college after high school and admit I missed home and watching the guys all the time. That year my parents sold the place and moved to Pittsburgh which was closer to my school and closer to my brother who was married. I think back about it and realize what a brazen brat I was. I was always careful when I peeked in the room and know my parents never knew what I was doing. I waitressed in the restaurant sometimes but mostly on weekends. I would be serving meals to guys I had seen naked and just smile at them thinking how they had no idea I saw them like that. I never told any of my friends what I was doing and felt to ashamed to admit how many guys I actually saw naked those years. I'm not sure at how many I saw but think it has to about a hundred all together. Some of the regulars I saw a few times but most of the time it was guys I never saw before or since. It wasn't something I did to get me sexually excited it was just that I liked watching them. I do have to confess though that some of the younger guys were extra good looking and had nice bodies. I remember some of their names but not many at all.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    It all started when i was 13 yrs old boy and I was in 7th grade. I was very shy lazy kid who got bullied by everyone no one would want to sit beside me every time I felt so bad about it.But there were two boys who always sit together and were good friends. One day they called me I was sitting in the last bench and they were sitting in middle bench.I went to then. I was little scared that they will beat me or make fun of me but they told me to sit and they start talking about pornography and were asking about my choice I just answered there questions then one of them start touching my thighs I felt awkward and I told them that I am leaving. Then they forcely told me to sit or we will beat the crap out of you. I sat and they start rubbing their hand over my thighs than my dick. I also start liking it. ( I am straight but I didnt have any girlfriend and i was desperate) then we went to the last bench there he told me to unzip and show me your cock. ( it all happened during the class) then he started jerking me I didnt came but I felt so good. We did this to each other for days then one day after school when I was on my way home he told me to suck his dick I agreed and we go to a nearby street which was queit and empty where he dropped his pants. I was on my knees sucking him. I loved it very much and by his face i can tell you that he was really loving it. Then he came inside my mouth I spitted all his cum and I was very angry on him. Now he told me to turn around and undress I asked him why? He told me that he want to fuck me . I was shocked and I told him I dont want to do it. He forcely hold me and removed my pants then he tried to stick his dick inside my ass. (It was first time for both of us) but his dick wouldnt go inside my ass. then He licked his finger then probed it in my ass. I was crying . But he still did it and when he removed his fingers and wanted to put his dick again I pushed him and ran away without pants. When i saw i was far from him I removed my shirt and used it to hide my dick and then I ran to my home very fast and made sure no one saw me in that condition. I got dressed and acted normal in front of my family. I insisted my father that I want to change my school and dont want to continue in this school. He refused but I was stubborn and later my father allowed me to change the school. Its been 5 years since that incident I havent told it to anyone.I also didnt met anyone from the old school. Now I have a beautiful girlfriend and a good sexual life.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    Just read a local story about a young boy being abused by foster parents. It didn't go into specific details but I can only surmise what that 16 year old went through for many years. I was raised by my mother's cousin Fay from 8 up until I was 14. That year I was sent to child services because Fay went to prison for drug distribution. It ended up being the best thing for me. Fay was brutal to me from start to finish and even though she has been dead for many years I still despise every year I was with her. Aside from selling drugs she also used them and I still today question why the courts let her have custody of me. The first two years her husband was still there but they divorced when I was 10. He was also on drugs and I was honestly glad he left since it was not only Fay who beat me but he did also. It was him who first started stripping me and eventually beat my rear naked and Fay went along with it and continued doing it after he left. Once gone she spanked me often always making me undress in front of her. At ten or 11 the spanking was the worse but as I go older the humiliation was more dreaded. I was so intimidated and afraid of her I was like a helpless wimp. If she was really high she made me strip and spanked me for no reason I can think of. Her friend Sonya was there and a few other of her female druggies some nights during the week and more so on weekends. Fay had no problem forcing me to strip naked in front of any one of them and spank me with her hand and most times with a belt. It was so demoralizing for me I don't even remember how many of those drug addicts saw me naked over those years. I don't know if I felt this way back then but am certain today she did these things to embarrass me in front of those women. They were all in their 30's and 40's and I can't recall their names. Sometimes Fay wouldn't let me get dressed having me stand in the corner in the living room and at times 2 or3 of those women were there the whole time. Even when I was 13 and 14 I'd stand there naked crying from embarrassment. They all made remarks about my red ass and often said things pertaining to my genitals as they laughed. There were some nights she beat me so bad with the belt I had welts on my ass for days. She put me over her lap sometimes but also dr**e me over the back of the chair. She pushed my legs apart many times and there were times the belt hit my scrotum cause a lot of pain. Aside from the pain the way she had me bent over was still more humiliating in front of her druggie friends. The best day was a Saturday when the cops came with a warrant. The locked up Fay, Sonya and one other woman and took me to juvenile hall. I later went to a group home and was never treated badly again. I'm not sure how many years Fay was in prison but I never saw her again and found out she died 12 or more years ago.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    When I was 11 my Dad snuck into my room and put his hand inside my panties when he thought I was asleep. I was scared. But I also liked it a little. He started doing that almost every night. Then he pulled my panties off one night and licked me down there. His stubble burned a little but the tongue felt really good. I had been taught about good touching and bad touching in first grade. I finally got to find out what they meant by bad touching. I liked it, a lot. but I wished it was one of the cute boys in school doing it and not by Dad. That summer he started putting his dick in my mouth and on the Saturday right after the first week of sixth grade my Dad stopped caring if I was asleep or not and shoved his dick past my hymen and right up inside me. I was grateful he was only five inches long and not too thick. I would guess that he did not satisfy my mom who was ten years older than he was and had a total of six children. She must have been rather stretched out by then.

    I found out I was pregnant shortly after turning twelve. I lied and said it was some boy I went to a party with. I was grounded until I turned 18. Ironically it was my Dad who did the grounding knowing full well the twins were his.

    I was still twelve the second time I got pregnant. My parents theorized that I must have snuck out of the house to see the boy and collectively declared me a slut. That was when they started to lock me in my room. Ironic since it was in my own bed that I got pregnant. Two weeks before turning 14 I learned yet again that I was pregnant. That was when my mother finally figured out that someone living in our home was fucking me under her nose. At first she thought it might be my 11 year old brother but he would have been 8 when I first got pregnant so she decided that it must have been two boys from school as I originally claimed and that out of slutty desperation I must have forced myself on my little brother. When confronted my little brother said only "I wish!"

    That was when I was kept locked in my room 24/7 never being let out for any reason except to use the bathroom. My mother escorted me to the bathroom when I needed to use it and then she stood there and watched me. Six security cameras were installed in my bedroom, two outside my bedroom window, two outside my bedroom door and bars were put on the window. I ate my meals in my room away from the family. The only time I ever left the house was to go to the doctor and I was under escort by both parents.

    A few weeks after I turned 15 I got pregnant again. This was when my mother ended her self deluded denial and realized my Dad was fucking me. Though she still thought I had forced myself on my father not the other way around. After all she was all he needed to be satisfied with.

    That was when I was sent to live with my aunt. That summer my brother talked my parents into letting him spend the summer at another aunt's house which happened to be three miles away from the first aunt. So the first chance he got he snuck out, got onto a bicycle and rode to the aunt where I was staying. There he found me masturbating to some hot internet porn on my aunt's computer. He asked if he could fuck me and I said "what the hell."

    so I let my little brother have his way with me but I was still pregnant from my Dad so he couldn't get me pregnant. In August I gave birth to a beautiful little girl and my brother was there holding my hand the whole time. He didn't even pass out when he saw the after birth. As for me, this was my forth pregnancy and fifth child and to me it was no more difficult than taking a dump. It wasn't even painful any more.

    My babies and I stayed with my aunt for the next several years and every chance my brother got he came and fucked me. My mother continued to believe I was just a slut who slept around with any male I could find but of course I only ever had sex with my Dad and brother and I only ever enjoyed it truly with my brother. With my father even though I was aroused and after a while it didn't hurt any more, I never really wanted to fuck my Dad. I did however desperately want to fuck my gorgeous little brother. In total I had five kids with my Dad and four with my brother. I'm 23 now and he's 20. My parents don't know he is the father of my four youngest. My aunt knows. My cousin Anne is actually my father's daughter. He forced himself on my aunt when he was a teenager. She didn't tell anyone it was him because she loves him and didn't want him to get into trouble, is glad she got pregnant and according to her, loved it every time except the first.

    My brother is going to school to be an engineer. As soon as he graduates he is moving us to Rhode Island where i****t has been decriminalized and we can be open about who the father of our kids are and maybe have some more. But now that we are both over 18 we have to be careful where we live.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 53

    I grew up in what could best be described as a cult. I knew of no other existence until I was in my 20's. I had no knowledge that an outside world even existed until I was in my late teens. We were nearly self sufficient. There were about three hundred of us all living in a very remote isolated village. We were miles from any other property or people. Our village consisted of a temple in the middle. Various offices and store rooms and work shops and then about sixty little cottages. We also had a school and a "hospital." We called it a hospital but it was more like a tiny clinic. Our village was in the middle of a property of about 30,000 acres and there were three concentric fences around the property. There was the inner fence where all the children (anyone under 30) had to remain inside. That was about 1500 acres. Then there was a middle fence around that. Only elders and above could venture between the inner and middle fence and then there was the outer fence and only the elders knew it existed. It was 24 feet tall, topped with razor wire and was electrified. There was a short six foot warning fence about ten feet along inside of it but I'm counting both of those as one fence. There was one gate going in and out. From that gate it was about 15 miles to the nearest road.

    We all went to temple three times a day, once in the morning before school, then in the afternoon after school and then just before bed. Temple lasted for an hour except on Saturday when it lasted for twelve hours. The temple itself was a cinder block building with a steel commercial style roof and twenty foot tall walls. Most people would not consider it to be a religious building by appearance. But I had nothing to compare it to until I escaped when I was in my twenties. Until then, I thought the total human population of the world was around 300.

    I won't go into every esoteric bizarre practice that went on. But I will tell you about a few.

    As I said, there were about 300 people who lived there. There were thirteen adult males. They were the elders. there where about a two dozen teenage boys and about three dozen younger boys and baby boys. There were about three dozen adult women. There were about 75 teenage girls and there were a little over a hundred little girls and baby girls. From my observations boy babies tended to be still born quite frequently in our village though girl babies were hardly ever still born. Likewise, young boys were much more disease and accident prone then young girls were. There was an extremely high suicide rate among the teenage boys but teenage girls never committed suicide. The adult women were almost entirely under forty but most of the adult men were over forty. The oldest man, the high priest, was in his 80's and was the grandson of the founder. The youngest adult male, that is, the youngest male over 18 was in his late thirties and then the rest were over forty like I said. There seemed to be some sort of plague that killed women as they approached forty. Oddly there just were no men between 18 and late thirties, ever. Every time a guy turned 18 he would wander off to "find his manhood" and never return. We never heard from them again. We were simply told they never found their manhood and had to leave the world. That is what we called our village "The World."

    I was born in The World and grew up there. My parents had both been born in The World. I don't know which of the elders is my father. Collectively they performed the fatherly duties of impregnating the wives sitting judgement and teaching and handing out discipline. Every child from the age of two got their daily 12 stroke bare bottomed whipping with a long leather whip.

    The school had a wall doing down the middle to keep boys separate from girls. We girls attended school wearing a shear white gown that went from shoulder to knees. We wore sandals. We learned rudimentary math, reading and writing. We learned "The Book." We had to memorized all 87,654 words in order to graduate by the time we were ten. That is where the girl's education ended. We also learned to sing praise songs to the elders for bringing The World into existence and for watching over us and taking care of us and teaching and ruling us. We sang songs of apology first for existing, then for committing the sins of eating, breathing and worst of all, the sin of thinking. Our fathers did the thinking for us. They commanded and we obeyed.

    The boys learned math, reading, writing and tech. Tech was men's work like how to drive a tractor, how to build a house and so on. We women then learned how to cook, clean, sew etc, all home arts.

    When I was ten I was taken to the alter in the temple. I was to be "sacrificed" to the elders. The first time is always the worst. I was taken to the alter and stripped of my gown. It was the first time I'd been naked in front of any male. I was picked up and placed on the alter and shackled down with my legs spread wide. I was scared. The high priest opened up his robe and took out what I was told was his penis. That was how I found out that there was an anatomical difference between men and women between the legs. Only mothers could see boy children naked and not after the boy turns ten.

    I was unable to move. I was told to kiss his penis and ask his penis to make a baby in me. I was commanded to recite vows of obedience, chastity and worship to the high priest. Then he got on top of me and I thought he was killing me with his penis. It wasn't even the biggest one I later found out. It was the most unbearable agony I could imagine. Even worse then when my clitorus was cut off at seven. He fucked me. Actually he did something else that starts with "R." They did it in order of age starting with the oldest. Every elder, including my father fucked me. I still don't know which one that was.

    Every month they all fucked me on the alter until they pronounced me pregnant. There is a one in 13 chance that my daughter is also my sister. I was 12 when I gave birth.

    After that, exactly three months after each time I gave birth, they all started fucking me again every month on the alter. By the time I was 15 it finally stopped hurting. Some of the smaller ones stopped hurting sooner.

    I was 23 when I learned there was another world outside that one. I was 23 when I learned that those shiny silver things that roared across the sky leaving a trail of smoke weren't angels paroling the skies in search of disobedient children to carry off to hell to burn for eternity. I was 23 when I heard that it wasn't normal for ten year old girls to marry 13 elders and to be "sacrificed" to them. I was 23 when I heard that some of the boys who went off in search of their manhood upon turning 18 were driven to the gate and told to leave having no knowledge of the other world or that it even existed and they they were given the clothes on their back, the shoes on their feet and nothing else and told that if they ever told anyone what went on in The World their mothers, sisters, little brothers etc would be smoted and eaten alive over and over again at the lake of fire. We actually had a lake of fire near the village. They lit it on fire periodically and threatened to putty naughty little girls and boys and wives into the fire and they would burn there forever. Sometimes they threw in sick animals and made us watch while the animal screamed until it's last breath. Then an elder would show mercy by using his magic put the poor creature to sleep so it would stop feeling pain. We didn't know that the animal would have died anyways. We were taught that without the elder's intervention the animal would keep screaming in agony for eternity.

    So my little brother was three years younger than me. I was 21 when he was taken to the gate. In the two years he was gone he obtained his G.E.D. trained to be an electrician and figured out that the elders and high priest did not have magic powers and that they were victimizing the entire village.

    He came in with two other lost boys who had left earlier. They came in with two pickup trucks and a van and disabled the electric fence cut open the gate and drove straight to my cottage. He got me and my 7 daughters including the twin babies and then went next door to the boy's cottage and got my 4 sons and then to two of our sisters and their children before the elders discovered us and started shooting at us so we drove out of there like bats out of hell.

    My brother taught me the ways of the other world. I fell in love with both of his friends. They were both already married but I didn't know that having sex with them was frowned upon being that they were married. In my world all the wives were the collective wives of the 12 elders and the high priest. We were shared. I assumed that it was my duty to pleasure them. Talk about awkward. I also didn't know anything about the prohibition against insest since we were kept physically separate from all males except the elders. I tried to kiss my brother but he gently explained that it was considered wrong. Finally I was introduced to a really cute guy. I was shocked to learn that even though he was thirty he had no children and had never married. We got married and had two children. But I am getting ahead of myself.

    The day after I escaped, or rather, rescued, an army of police descended upon The World. There was a gun fight, half the elders died. Those who did not die were arrested and taken to jail and eventually were imprisoned. Some were executed. The high priest died of a heart attack before he could be executed. They found on the other side of the lake of fire a mass grave where the bodies of teenage boys, older women and baby boys were buried, many had been burned or cremated.

    The above events happened decades ago. All of the bodies were removed by the government. We never found out where they took them. Some of the wives disappeared. I never saw my mother again after that and never found out where they took her. Most of the children were adopted out. I was very lucky that I got to keep mine. Only few of the wives got to keep their children. My children all grew up believing their father was a brave man who died saving others. The younger ones believed that more than my older children but time fades memories.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    When I was a young boy I had a good friend. We were always together and very close. We talked about everything played together and were around each other almost every day. We were about 10 or 11 years old the first time we actually touched each others dick and we played and stroked each other until we both shot our young tiny loads and from then on we couldn't keep our hands out of each others pants and as you might expect of two young very horny young boys who liked jacking each other off we tried sucking each other and after a few times we both came in each others mouths and just had to swallow and we sucked each others dicks almost every day and some days more than once.
    One day after school we were naked sucking each other back in my bedroom and he wanted to rub his dick on my ass so I bent over the side of my bed and let him hump on my ass and right away he was asking me if he could stick it in me.
    I thought why not it might feel good so I told him to try it. After spitting on my asshole a few times and several attempts to enter my tight ass it went in and he put it all the way up my ass and started to fuck me and came in my ass really quick and he fucked me again for a long time and when he said "Can I cum in you again" I got all excited and was quick to tell him to cum in my ass. He fucked me again before my Mom got home and every day after school we got naked and he fucked my ass as many times as he could and came in me every time and I let him fuck my ass as much as he wanted to and on weekends we would at my house on Saturdays and after my Parents left for work we started fucking and would fuck all day long and did for years.
    We hardly see each others these days and when we do we like to have a few beers and talk. Every time we are around each other I get around to asking him if he might want to sneak off and fuck me again. For several years now he has turned me down until about a month ago when he had me face down at my Deer cabin fucking my ass with his huge dick and we stayed all day and drank quite a bit of beer and we fucked a lot and in the shower I sucked him off on my knees and let him cum in my mouth but I couldn't swallow all of it. He fucked me or just enjoyed sticking his dick in me for most of the day and came in my ass quite a few times and on the way back to town he wanted to go out to the creek where we grew up and we sucked each other off down by the creek like we used to do years ago and he told me we should do it again in a couple of months and I cant wait.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 43

    When i was 15 me and my aunt had sex she was 38 i used to sleep over and sleep naked she would always be looking at me in the morning with a hard morning i was jacking off and she caught me she sttod there looking at me while i shot my load.she laughed and told me to clean up..the next night i walked past her door and heard her moaning i sttod at her door jacking off listing i guess i made a noise because her door swung open and caught me againg she invited me in and i took the opportunity to join her she had me rub her wet pussy while she worked my cock.i was hard and she was wet she had me sit while she sucked my cock then she had me get on her and slip in a few pumps i filled my aunt i kept fucking her as long as i could a few more loads i had her cumming too qe are older now and we still meet for sex

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 26

    I have been thinking about this for some time and just want to get it out there.

    When I was 14, my younger brother had a birthday party where we went to play miniature golf. His friends were in the groups ahead, and I was with my uncle who had come into town and my mom. It was taking a while because the boys kept goofing around and missing their shots so my mom quit so she could get things ready. Every time I went to putt, my uncle would stand in front of me and just stare until I putted. I knew something was up but didn't have any idea what.

    Afte r we finished, I went to the path room and looked at myself in the mirror to see if something was strange. Eventually I bent over like I was putting and my shirt drooped forward, and my bra, which was a little big for my tiny tits did to. I realized that my uncle had been staring down my shirt to see my boobs.

    At first I was shocked, but then I was a little excited. My uncle was probably in his mid-20s at the time and kind of cute, so I was a little turned on that he would be looking at me and my boyish body as something sexy.

    Later that night, as the party had winded down and all my brothers friends had been picked up. My uncle was in the backyard by the fence looking at something. Everyone else was cleaning up or taking care of party stuff, so as much to skip out of work as anything, I walked back to see what he was doing.

    I asked what he was looking at and he pointed to some rocks inbetween the trees. There on one of the warm rocks was a large tortise. We both just looked for a while when out of nowhere I said, "you didn't have to peek, you could have just asked me if you wanted to see them".

    He said he didn't know what I was talking about and so I bent over as if putting. He then said he was sorry and that he didn't mean to look, but one doesn't get a chance to see great tits often. I think my jaw dropped. I had always hated my small boobs and here he was all into them.

    "I'll show you mine if you'll show my yours", I heard myself say as if I was a different person. We went through the gate and back where the tortise had been, and he asked me if I was sure. I said yes. He then slowly unbuttoned his shorts and pulled out the first adult penis I had ever seen in person. I couldn't believe how big it was. I expected something smooth, but it had texture.

    As he pulled his shorts up, I lowered mine. It was dark back there and he told me I looked great but in order to really see, he'd need to touch me. He rubbed the outside of my lips, and even pinched right over my clit and then ran a finger from base to top. He said "outstanding" and I pulled up my shorts and we agreed this would be our little secret.

    I never told anyone and I always wanted to, which is why I am writing this.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 24

    When I was in 5th grade, I got to sleep over at my friend's house. We always played truth or dare on the phone, and sometimes asked sexual questions, etc. So, we got bored later that night and was looking up gay porn and we started to play truth or dare again. We did the usual fun giggly stuff, but then he dared me to kiss him. I knew he felt my hard cock on him when we kissed. He asked if it was, and I lied and said it was my pants zipper sticking out. But then he had me prove it.

    I unzipped my pants and he saw my cock and said his was hard to, so I told him to show me too. He smiled and dared me to touch it. I felt him throbbing in my hand and I went down and started to lick and suck it. I felt my heart racing while I touched myself while sucking him. He came hard in my mouth and then sucked me till I came.

    We were still really horny since we were each other's first. I used to play with my hole before me and him met, but never knew to move my toy in and out at the time till after we watched that porn. So I told him to stick it in me with his cum all over his cock. We were so scared and sweaty, and it hurt at first, but after he went slow, I had him go faster and faster. We were only like 10 years old, so I was beyond tight, and he stretched me out so good.

    He pounded me so hard till I shit , but we didn't mind, and he kept fucking me till it made me piss and cum. He wanted to stop because he had to pee, but I told him to pee inside me while he was fucking me. I felt his warm piss filling me and I squirted some on his cock and let him fuck the rest out of me.

    When he was tired, he took it out of my ass, and his cock was covered in my shit. I sucked him clean and rubbed his cum all over my face and cock. And then before we went to bed after showering together, we sucked each other and made out hard with our cum in our mouths. He licked and fingered my hole one more time till we passed out.

    We still see each other today, and we fuck way harder and dirtier than that, lol. I just love it though when he pins my legs behind me, fills my ass with his piss and fucks it out of me. I love how it squirts everywhere, and he just gets harder and harder. We did coke one night and when we fucked, I screamed so hard and thought I wouldn't stop cumming. We must've fucked for 4 or so hours that night, lol. I loved when he forced my 13 inch dildo in me while he fucked me. It hurt so bad, but made me orgasm so hard after it was in. When he hits my g spot just right, I start pissing and cumming uncontrollably, and I love it!

    I love when I'm cleaning or distracted doing something, and he "r**es" me. It feels so good when I don't see it coming. Feeling him shove it in by force, making my ass muscles go to shock, and his throbbing veiny cock bashing my insides...

    I can't tell you how hard I am just typing all this, but I had to say it. I love being a nympho, and I always get what I want when Im horny lol. And right now, Im gonna do so cock and wreck my ass with my new toy. I can't wait till I prolapse and fuck my rectum loose. I did once, and it felt so good.....

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