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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    I was 22 when I saw a 16 year old boy pushed out of a public shower completely naked in front of me an my girlfriend. I took it like it was a boy thing to push out a naked boy and a publicly exposed him to females outside. It's what boys do to sexually get off and have fun ding it. Of course the boy was so embarrassed about being locked out, but it wasn't like he had much choice. I admit we both looked at him and didn't even look around to see if anyone else was around. It was extremely arousing to see such young, tender naked boy and just stood there checking out his goodies and watching his penis growing hard. I guess boys can't control that and stood there watching him get the stiffest dick we ever saw. Talking about being at the right place at the right time. It's was something we talked about for a long time and confess having lustful thoughts about it and even robbing myself off a few time thinking about how desirable he looked. God help me for having bad thoughts about him.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 31

    This is about my exposure to real life. I was at the time the only child of a well educated but very hung up woman. My sex was not discussed or referred or noticed. It was a non entity.

    One day, as things usually happen unexpectedly, my mother met a man of the world, a man who had little time for hang ups and had a lot of time for getting it on with my mother. He got it on with her, a lot. I was ten, so I was a curious youngster. My mother would not talk about it, she would just say things, like there are things we do not talk about. But he talked about it, a lot. He would say things like 'come over here so I can grab your tits'. He would push his hand up between her legs from behind, right there in the kitchen, and when she would invariably try to get away he would press her against the counter and ask her if she wanted 'some dick'.

    One Saturday morning, I was talking a bath and he walked into the bathroom and just pulled out in front of me and peed in the toilet. I was naked in the bathtub, looking up at him, and he turned to me and showed me his penis, it was the first time I was 'naked with a man'. It is also, where I think I developed my unhealthy fascination with a penises.

    As my mother's relationship with this man continued, it was inevitable that I would catch them copulating. It happened when I was thirteen, I was supposed to have gone to a girl friend's house, but I didn't and did not tell my mother. I was up in my room. They were downstairs, and had been sharing some wine and he got to wanting her and she was wanting him, and they went for it in the living room. The lamp on the end table fell off and made a racket, which I left my room to find out what it was, to find my mother with him in between her legs on the floor and his bare back side in plain view. I screamed 'what are you doing'. I stood there while he dismounted and her full naked self was exposed until she managed to get up and put on her pants.

    The whole thing was an embarrassment to my mother, but we ended up at the table, when he took over and explained to me that he was 'fucking' her and she was made for 'fucking', just like I was made for 'fucking'. And that I had no business watching them, and that if I came upon them 'fucking' again I was to go back to my room and mind my own business. But, he went on, he was going to 'fuck' my mother, so I was to get used to it and accept it. It is also when they told me my mother was expecting my little sister.

    One day, as things tend to happen, I got 'fucked' just like he said. It was on the carpet by the tv, when they were out shopping for a bedroom set for my sister (by then they were married because of my little sister). I was seventeen, and I can't say I wasn't scared, but I can say that I wanted it very much. I remember making my boy friend show me his penis before he did it, I wanted to see it, before he 'fucked' me.

    My mother is still 'hung up' and won't talk about things, to me or my sister. But my step dad makes up for it, because he is just as bone headed about saying things now as he was when I was a kid growing up. You get used to it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 35

    THE STALLIONS AND MARES... YES I AM 35 years old and understand that i could post this confession without legal issues,i used to live in rural texas just south of austin texas and pretty much lived in a typical ranch style home with my parents,two younger brothers and my father and grandfather own a stable of horses and have invested extremely well on a popular american product that sells very well throughout the u.s.and overseas.growing up i was very close and lovingly attached to my grandfather who taught me how to ride horses and shoot rabbits,cans,bottles etc.... our ranch home is impressive with three bathrooms,12 bedrooms,huge living room,giant kitchen,comfortable cherry wood patio surrounded by acres of land and water fountain in the huge and politics are the main topics discussed at home and i was strictly forbidden from having boyfriends.growing up i always said i wanted to meet and marry a man like my dad or grandpa and as a little girl from the age of 8 until i was 10 i'd innocently sneak into my grandfathers bedroom late at night and get under the covers to sleep snugged and warm beside grandpa would often wake up to find me asleep by his side and gently caress my hair in the darkness of his room,being so young i often couldn't understand the logic when he'd wake me by whispering in my ear...THERE NOW LIL-ONE YOU GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM CHILD YOUR FEMALE SCENT IS TEMPTATION...GO ON HONEY...during mating season for the horses in the stables my grandfather often made these statements while my father led the beautiful stallion horses towards an enclosed area where a young female mare was tied to a fence-post,the stallion would gallop and grunt as it sniffed and licked the mares privates...HE GONE GOT HER grandfather would call out to my dad as the stallion prepared to mount the mare from behind,it's huge and thick phallus often made me ask my mother..WHAT'S THAT MOMMY...though of course she never answered me perhaps because i was too young to understand.we always stood a safe distance behind the fence as the stallion locked itself to the struggling mare burying the entire length of it's enormous phallus in her privates which sent the mare into fits of panic as she grunted and kicked at the stallion though he stayed with her for a long father would ride the whip to get the stallion off the mare once it had...BREEDED my grandfather often said. though my grandfather practically whiepered this every night he failed to explain why and being young,stubborn and quite persistent i'd return to his room until he finally gave up though he made it a point to discuss my behavior with my parents whom of course found it amusing that grandpa's lil-girl had full control of a big old teddy bear.though my grandfather protested that it wasn't lady-like for a young girl to sleep alongside him in only her panties my parents convinced him to just ignore my childish behavior.quite soon there-after and perhaps to deter me from sleeping in his bed he literally began sleeping in the nude,though at first it was an unexpected and strange thing for him to do i continued to sleep in his room.naturally my grandfather was just as stubborn and began using scare tactics though i could never understand his statements when he constantly whispered in my ear...YOU GONE SLEEP AND STALLION GONE GET THAT SCENT...CHILD,YOUNG MARE LIKE YOU GONE TASTE NICE...though i often slept with my back and facing away from my grandfather beneath the covers he eventually began getting closer to hug me,caress my hair and whisper...CHILD,SWEET CHILD...YOUR SCENT CALLS THE MATING was then i understood just before my 9th birthday what he meant.the stallion and the mares that my father and he led to mating was my grandfathers initial desire to...mount me. in the darkness of his room and hidden beneath the covers beside him i felt his hand tugging and pulling down my panties,like the stallion in the stables my grandfather silently positioned his male phallus between my small plumped thighs and it felt huge and thick forcing me to part my thighs...YOUR TOO YOUNG TO MATE BREED CHILD...he whispered as he stroked his phallus between my parted thighs and caressed my hair.though unlike the mare in the stables i didn't have fits of panic nor did i kick out at my grandfather but stood silently wondering how long he would stay with curious wonder i would touched the length of his phallus and the strange pubic hairs, naturally i was shocked my grandfather had hair in that area....MY SEED CHILD...he suddenly whispered and unexpectedly my side of the bed and thighs were wet and sticky with his male seed...i could feel my grandfathers body tremble as he held me tightly and we soon were age 10 i was my grandfathers version of the young mare in the stables... consenting,silent and very happy.late at night he'd wait for me knowing that he had the freedom to enjoy the scent and taste of a young female mare.he died before my 11th birthday never having mated with me because it was physically and sexually impossible,i visit his grave to this very day with no regrets or psychological issues and though i'm happily married with children of my own i still remember those nights with in peace grandpa...END

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 29

    Well I will tell you how it all got started, she and I lived next door to each other. Our parents were friends, so we hung out together a lot. She was older than me by three years, but we were best friends. For example, when she got together with her friends, and were going somewhere, she would come back for me and have me tag along. When we sat down somewhere, she always had me sit beside her. She would comb my hair and do my nails. She would always want to dress me, choosing what I should wear.

    When I was twelve and she was fifteen her parents were going out of town and she invited me go with them. I sat in the middle beside her, snuggled up close to her, because on my other side was her big bad brother. When we arrived at her grandma's house, she and I shared a room, it had a big queen size bed. That night, after we put our night gowns on and were ready for bed, she pulled me over and just hugged me tight and kissed me on the cheeks and then the mouth. I hung on while she hugged and kissed me, until she finally let me go. I just shrugged it off, and leaned back into her arms and she hugged me some more and kissed my cheeks and told me how much she love holding me and kissing me.

    In bed, snuggled up close to each other, she put her hand down into my pants and started to touch and rub me, until I laid back while she felt me up. Then she laid back and told me to feel her up, the feel of her wet panties and her swollen lips made me tremble inside. She took off her panties and spread her legs and had me finger her, then she helped me take off my panties and she fingered me. We took off our night gowns, and laid naked together in the warm bed and she kissed me and I kissed her. While I was kissing her nipples she pushed finger deep inside of me. This was our first experience love making.

    Later, when I was seventeen and she was twenty, she asked me to come up to her college for game day. I went to spend the weekend with her, and we had our first real all weekend date. We held hands and she put her arm around my shoulder and would pull me up to her and kiss my cheek, in public. She was coming out to her friends at school and taking me along with her. It was both frightening and liberating to show affection in public. By the time we went to the game we walked holding hands and kissed when they scored. No one said anything to us, it was a magic weekend.

    After college, we lived together and made love all the time. One day we were sitting outside this ice cream parlor and she asked me if I wanted to get married. I said yes. We live in a friendly state, and we went and got our licesne, called our families and we married at a little chapple we both like. After dinner, I was helping my mom with the dishes, and I asked her how long she had known about us. her answer was from the time I was seven. She had always known.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    This is a factual story..

    At the age of 10 (1963) I discovered how much I loved being nude, and how much I was interested in what was under those boys and men's pants. Living on a dead end street with woods on 2 sides, I quickly started to walk nude in the woods. I found a small wooden shack with electricity running to it. Never seen any one around it so never paid to much attention to. Then one day there was a mag with pictures of young boys (around my age and a little older) sucking men's cocks and swallowing their cum not to far from the shack. I looked at those pics for quite a while and a couple of small cum shots. I knew this was meant for me. This is what I wanted to do. But how??

    A few days later there was another mag but this one had a bunch of different boys sucking while being fucked by men. I loved it. about a week later, I was approached by a man just before I undressed. He said his name was Mark and asked me how much I liked the pics of the boys and men in the mags. I got scared but he assured me it was ok because he left them for me, cause he saw me walking around nude. I did finally got the nerve up to say that I liked them a lot. He said that is great. Then he asked if I'd like to try it. I said I didn't know. Then he asked if I would like to see some of those boys in some movies. I said yes. He said I could but didn't have to undress. I did and he lead me to the shack where I watched b&w porn films of the boys sucking, swallowing, and being being 'fucked' mouth and ass by 2 men. Then he asked Again if I'd like to suck his cock and swallow like the boys did. I said yes. His cock looked big at the time, but thinking back around 5 inches or so and hard. I did what the boys in the film did, it felt and tasted great. He obviously love young boys. It felt longer but a few mins later he told me he was going to cum like in the movies. Damn he shot a lot of cum. He asked if I liked it and I said I loved it. He asked me if I would like to do movies like those boys did and if I would like to suck off strange men like they did. I told them of my parents needing the 3rd degree if I had to go some where. He said he could work that out if I would go along with him suggesting weekend and some camp. he told them they needed someone to help at the camp and if I would there would be no cost. Well they bought it.

    Well It was a little scary to go there especially when I found I was the only 'nude' boy there. The crew talked to me and talked me into sucking and swallowing all 5 of them off and filmed it when I was ready. That kinda just broke the ice. They treated me great. A few cars pulled up shortly after. Sucked off the first guy, looked 50's or so, right out side in an closed down camp on the dirt road that lead there. Then they told me to walk towards the st and suck off the 1st guy I came to. A car drove up and a guy stepped out, around the same age. By this time You could partially see the paved road. He undressed along side his car and I knelt down, sucked and swallowed. As I walked back, my heart racing and a little light headed, 3 more men drove past me. My next task was to suck the next 6 men 2 at a time while the rest waited their turn. That was Friday night.

    Sat I sucked cock in the field along side the paved road, under a table while they were playing cards, 2 men in the back seat of a car while it was being driven to a shut down whse, then did the driver. The owner was there waiting for us with 2 other men. Did the driver and them in the middle of the back parking lot. Also did the crew there.

    Sun after sucking off the crew, 4 men hopped into a van along with me and I sucked them off while they drove me to an adult book store to suck cock at the 1 glory hole there. Of course The manager was 1st. The whole weekend was like a dream and a rush that I can't explain. I couldn't and still can't imagine how much I lost myself in sucking older men's cocks and swallowing their cum.

    My first 'film' was that fell asleep in class,( all boys school), and the teacher had all 12 boys tear my clothes off and fuck my mouth and made me swallow, and then brought me to the teachers' room where he and 4 men fucked my mouth there as punishment. And at the end I smiled and thought that I might fall asleep more often.
    The 2nd movie I was a runaway was where I had my 1st fucking, and it did hurt untill the 1st guy was almost done, while another man was fucking my mouth. 2 men picked my up and brought me to a real roadside parking area and did me in the woods. They then waited and found some men who stopped in to do the same, and it was all bare back.Then went from truck driver to truck driver.

    I did that till I was 16. I did, If memory serves me right, 260 ten to twenty min clips, and 32, hr or so long, films. At 16 I started doing these clips and films as the adult fucking and sometime being fucked by younger boys. Never got paid and have no regrets.

    And I still love to have my mouth fucked and to swallow, 'ANY AGE COCK'

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 49


    AS an abusive alcoholic for over 28 years i've grown to hate the lies,excuses and misconceptions in relations to peoples behavior while under the influence of drugs...yes,alcohol like tobacco is a drug addiction,a vice and crutch like any other drug and expensive habit like any other preference we choose to desire. Cars, boats, mansions and whatever luxury is for sale including our sexual choices...

    I'm not wealthy but earn a good living in technology and graphic arts,i work from home in my private art studio and sell underground art designs to a select clientele.due to it's graphic nature and depictions illustrating clowns,centuars,elves,stallion horses,hermaphrodites and geishas etc...etc...engaging in sexual pleasures with under aged girls my clientele are private collectors and like any addiction,fetish or preference pay impressively well for these graphic arts.though i'm 49 years old i've been in the business since my teen years way back to when i first discovered at the age of 12 that i had the gifted talent to draw and later my passion for technology would seal my destiny.friends and family always said i had the vision and imagination though it was by accident that i realized i could draw cartoon characters,dc-marvel comics superheroes/villians when a young female cousin gave me several of her old that stands out and has inspired me in the arts was conan the barbarian which led me on a journey as a young teen to discover the masters of fantasy art [boris vallejo]-[frank frazzetta]...

    Their artworks in gloss covered magazines were expensive and so i worked after school packing groceries and doing home deliveries to buy their issues,this was back in the early seventies when parents didn't buy into the whole self-entitlement and spoiling their children contrary to todays young with everything from facebook to the latest gaming the time i turned 13 years old i was designing wall murals and poster art in peoples homes all basic characters like the hulk crashing through a brick wall, ghostrider doing wheelies on his flamed motorcycle for the boys and fairy tale/disney characters for young girls in their less than two days work apart from packing groceries/deliveries after school i was earning 150 to 225 every saturday helping my mother with the bills at home.back in the early 70's that was a lot of money for a young boy and though many of you may not understand how destiny can take a turn to a much darker side in our lives it does happen and usually when we least expect it.growing up i wasn't the type to hang out in corners like the majority of my friends to smoke weed and get drunk while flirting with the girls walking by or getting into trouble with the police or passion was my art,reading books and learning through my teachers how to work their old outdated apple computers in school or the library.sexually i went through years of denial not able to comprehend my preferences for young boys and girls yet no attraction to those of my age or older adults though i learned to understand other peoples behaviors and refrain from judgement.right before turning 14 i read about an art contest/competition scheduled to take place in chinatown here in n.y.c....having decided to enter i chose three of my personal fantasy art depicting conan battling giant size pythons, a female warrior princess riding a winged horse and a naked young fairy dancing with elves in honor of boris vallejo and frank[not his real name] was the host and the contest was held in his business establishment and though there was other young artist there the majority were elderly chinese men with their wives and children.tables were set to display our arts in the hope of winning first prize to claim the one thousand and a brand new 5 speed bike that were popular back than....though mr. chen was impressed with my works i came in third place taking home a brand new bulova watch that i gave to my father.i honestly never expected to hear from mr.chen but several days later he was calling me to visit his establishment where he sold ceramic figurines etc...his proposal was shocking yet sincere.showing me a variety of photos he had taken of very young girls laughing and innocently hugging adult men dressed as clowns in what appeared to be a circus event he offered to pay me extremely well to draw wall posters detailing nudity of those photos.basically what he wanted to confirm was if i had the talent to draw underground art that is well recieved item and fetish among his selected clientele and despite the money i found it interesting and challenging to design this concept of art.long story short they loved my work and it just naturally open my imagination to new ideas in art and helped me to come to terms with my dark sexual preferences.growing up and through my art i learned that i too had a rather disturbing yet innocent desire for young girls though it was only limited to their natural beauty,scent and oral taste contrary to sexual mr.chen and today my private clientele a simple photo or young girls at the pool, parks, schools or out for a walk suddenly becomes an image of art.

    Though my art is graphic there is no intent to humiliate with depictions of abuse,,killings and are quite creative depicting a variety of my later years alcohol would provide me a better understanding as to why my art subject was considered a taboo issue in many states...she the young female was a rare and fine wine,a taste of ambrosia and sweet honey...she truly is a work of art and masterpiece to be seen and not touched.throughout my years abusing alcohol to focus my energy on her essense to create an image of her in my art i've only encountered several that were consensual if only because it never went beyond oral sex,even under the influence of alcohol i was aware of my limits.there was never any regret or guilt when a young girl recieves and experienced the pleasures of cunninglingus while i capture that image of her to create my of my clients has a fetish for young girls dirty panties and often uses his daughters or other young females in his family underwears with their original photos as samples that i use to draw their image provided he can wait for the finish work with the stipulation i not smell,taste or touch them.a large wall poster with the right image today takes me less than a half-hour using jumbo pencils and each one due to it's degree of explicit content can cost my client 775 to 150...i rarely do murals anymore because of a knee injury i had on my motorcycle in 2012,one can take three days to finish and usually cost 600 to 750 if my client really insist.though i'm not wealthy but i own a home here in the u.s. and another in puerto rico,being single provides me the freedom to enjoy life and work from my private studio at home. i'm sexually active but strangely enjoy practicing abstinence thus young girls are not in danger of being coerced,forced,d or killed in my neighborhood and today i only draw cartoons/superheroes for my nieces and nephews on regular size sketchbooks that they enjoy showing to their friends.i have a channel on youtube that shows some of my legal fantasy art but lets just leave that to everyone's imagination here on this website and take care...


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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    When I was young my family had a friend named Ralph who liked me a lot. He's Mexican, 5 5 and pretty fat. He was 45 when he started touching me while I was a little boy. While I was very young he would do things like go to the bathroom with me and make me get naked in the stall for him. I would do my business in front of him and some times he would touch me or wipe for me afterwards. As I got older he would do more things to me. When I would stay with him he would make me shower with the door open and I never had any privacy.

    One day when I was 13 he decided to get me drunk. He gave me a lot of tequila and I was really wasted. The next thing I know I'm completely nude and he's doing things to me.

    Then he does something new.
    He pulls out really trashy clothes and dresses me in a thong and like some raver slut. Suddenly there is another older guy Ive never seen before there who is shoving some pill down my throat.

    When it hits I lose control.

    Everything feels really good and I don't want to be d but I cant help but squirm like a slut and beg for it. After that guy finishes me I black out and come to 2 hours later with some other guy face fucking me.

    I blacked out again and woke up much later the next morning jerking my self off. I was still a bit groggy and druggy and Ralph took advantage of that by not letting me get dressed all day or leave the house all day.

    I found out he had gotten drunk too and invited his friend over who gave me some molly then convinced Ralph to post an ad on Craigslist for guys to fuck me.

    5 different guys had come over and I had been so fucked up I played the role of slut and willing pleased them all over the course of the night.

    I was so humiliated while Ralph showed me the pics and videos.

    He told me if I ever told anyone he would show all my friends what a faggot I was.

    Im only 19 now and I still service Ralph at least once a month when he needs my boy hole.

    Want to hear about the even dirtier things he's done to me since this??

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 22

    When i was younger me and my sister had sex alot. she was 10 years older then me and has 36DDs now i dunno what she had back then. we fucked whenever we were alone. i didnt know what i was doing so she did all the work.

    the first time i remember, we were sharing a bath. after we were both washed she pointed at her pussy. i didnt know what she was telling me but i soon found out. she grabbed my head and pulled it down to her pussy. i didnt like it, the taste was alright just the hair gross. i licked her and she moaned pushing my head in deeper.

    afterwards we got out of the bath and she sucked me off. my god she knew what she was doing. i had a raging boner. thats when she got ontop of me and rode me cowgirl style. it was incredible she told me to play with her tits. i grabbed and squeezed them. soon i thought my penis was gonna explode. i told her and she smiled and said thats what i want. i came inside her she was on the pill so it was all good. i loved what we had just done. she said we could do it again but i couldnt tell mum or dad so i didnt. after a couple of years we stopped.

    these days i had forgotton it and i thought she had too. we were at her house alone her kids were at school husband at work. she said she had a fantasy of being rapped. i've never understood why people enjoy that! she made the move on me but i rejected her told her we couldn't do this anymore. i went home and thought about it. after alot of thinking i decided what the hell. The next day i went back to her house. she let me in and i grabbed her from behind. she tried to scream but i covered her mouth. i threw her to the coutch and ripped her shirt. she was fighting it but she was smiling the whole time. i pulled her bra off and sucked her tits. she said "please dont hurt me please dont hit me" i took that as a hint so i slapped her across the face. i ripped her pants of and sucked her pussy.she screamed just like she usd to. i took my cock out and stuck it in her mouth and held her nose. she choked and i pulled out and she begged for it back in her mouth and she sucked it. then i forced it into her pussy. i fucked and spanked her for an hour befor cumming on her face. i left her like that and went home. ive been round hers a few times since and she smiles.

    when she goes to her room i pin her to the wall and shove my hand down her pants and cover her mouth so her husband or kids wont hear. ill see how long i can do this. if she asks me to stop i will staight away. i love her shes my big sister.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 22

    I'm not really sure if this fits into When i was a kid. But this is my first confession so any comments would be greatly appreciated...

    So basically i'm 22. Me and my girlfriend have just broken up, but we still text all day everyday. Still flirt like crazy and she's very fond of sending a naked selfie, which obviously i love to recieve ;). Amy is 20, she's hot as fuck. Long brown curly hair, down to her big curvy bubble butt that bounces when you fuck her, huge perky 32DD boobs and dark brown eyes.

    i should add in here Amy is a good girl, dirty in the bedroom, but a real good girl, proper shy and that. Took months of grafting to even get her to flirt with me never mind let me take her out. She was a virgin before she met me and had told me that she'd only ever kissed two other guys...

    The thing is when she was drunk the other night she wanted to play texting games. So we started ''have you ever??'' The questions, as you can imagine got progressively dirtier...
    I admitted stuff that i'd never told her whilst we were together, for example...
    1. I'd Pulled her sister, Jenny 23, at a house party about 4 years ago when i was 18. Jenny told me to say nothing when i met Amy.
    2. That last christmas me and her mum had had a bit too much to drink one night and ended up kissing and groping each other on the sofa whilst Amy was out. (( her mum, Linda, is 42 and the definition of the word milf. Spitting image of Amy, Just older with a very seductive look in her eyes. ( even have the same bra and pantie size, ive checked ))
    3. That i'd had a threesome in the past with an ex and her friend.

    As you can imagine she was annoyed about the mum thing, but then what she admitted shocked me, she had no right to be annoyed anymore...
    1. She wasn't a virgin when we met, in actual fact i was her 14th fuck. she lost her virginity at 13 and the oldest guy she'd slept with was her dads best friend. He's 47 and she was 16 at the time.
    2. She had been cheating on me whilst we were together, obviously i flipped out at this, but my anger turned to horniness when i found out that her ''street dance class'' every Thursday night was actually just her going round to her best friend, Sarah's house, too fuck. ( thinking back, them two did love to kiss, grope and grind a little too much for attention when drunk ) So needless to say that turned me on!
    ** This one is the main point of the whole confession**
    3. She made a new facebook, tmblr and twitter just before we got together, claimed she'd never had one before that.. This was a lie.. When drunk she gave me the link and log in to her old fb..

    Naturall y i logged straight into it..

    Now at this point i feel i need to remind you that the Amy i knew and loved was a good, sweet, shy, innocent girl. Wore very conservative clothing, never really spoke dirty or flirted much. Unless we were in bed then she was a dirty little slag..

    Upon searching through her old Fb i quickly learned that she was infact a dirty little slag anywhere and everywhere.. She set it up when she was 13 so there were pictures of her on there from 13 - 20. Amy was an early developer and was quite curvy and very pretty at 13. I found myself getting turned on looking through her old pictures seeing them uploaded in 2006/7 confirmed how young she was.. I knew it was wrong to be turned on by these, feeling my cock getting harder and harder looking at her sweet innocent pretty face. her school shirt clinging to her already developing chest, and looking at them short legs in her even shorter school skirt. So i stopped myself, knowing how wrong it was and turned my attention to her old messages. Wanting to have a laugh at her old flirting techniques..

    When i got into the messages, what i found, shocked me beyond all recognition.. She really was a dirty little slut, no wonder she had deactivated this account.. She had 7 guys that she had spoken too regularly between 2006 & last year (2013), easily over 10,000 messages each.. My curiosity took over so i picked the first guy and skipped right back to the start.. Needless to say shes been a fan of a naughty selfie for the past 7 years, She had sent 247 naked or semi naked pics to the first guy alone. And she is the queen of dirty talk, even at the tender age of 13/14..

    I'm currently half way through the conversation list of guy number 3..

    My confession is, i like to wank over my ex girlfriends pictures she sent when she was younger and the dirty messages that she has sent to other guys...

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 21

    When i was a freshman in highschool, i took a course i forgot its name but it was to do with building houses and stuff like that. Carpentry is the closest thing i can think of. Anyways, the principal asked us to help find the source of a small infestation of flies in the vents. They were coming in and out of the grates. We suspected that something like a rodent or bird died inside, so he sent me to go locate it since i was done my project. I took a flashlight, and donned me gloves and climbed into the shaft. I traveled all along the shafts every 10 meters~ there would be a grate leading to a classroom. I had to avoid them or i would fall right through. As i neared a dead end, i noticed some steam rising out of the grates. I looked down to see the guy's changeroom. It was right over the showers. Disgusted, i hurried past. Further down, i passed another grate. This time above the toilet stalls. The next one past that was the actual changing area. I was going to turn around, when i thought, if i can see the boy's changeroom, why not find the girls?? I went down the parallel tunnel and jackpot. Exactly like the boys, i was above the girls. I was in heaven. I was horny and probably 15 years~. So this was gold to me. I peeked on the grade 9-12 girls showering, changing, peeing, and even changing tampons. I was aroused and curious. Then i saw her, a grade 12 named Marin. She was the hottest girl ever. I follwed her around the changeroom. Moving from grate to grate to keep her insight. Then finally, she went into the showers. I jerked off above her watching her scrub her body. I came, shooting a huge load right above her. I watched the cum drip down onto her.

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