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You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell AdultConfessions.com about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

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    Straight Female / 52

    hi its me again lisa,with the second part of my story,id now been at my first job in the cutting room at the clothing factory for three months,and during that time had only saw the two bosses a few times mostly when they inspected the works area,it was a day after one of these inspections that the old secretary came and told me the bosses wanted to see me in the office,i started to think all types of things,why what have I done wrong,the other girls told me that you only got called to the office for three reasons,a lecture,to be sacked or a pay rise,but wished me luck and said they hope it was a pay rise,i was as nervous as hell,shaking and almost on the verge of tears,

    I followed the old secretary into the bosses office,they told me to sit down and relax as the three of them wanted to speak to me,you look nervous and are shaking one of the bosses said,your not worried are you or scared,i muttered and nodded my head yes mr santos,then don't be said the secretary its all right dear,why do you think your here,im not sure I said maybe for a lecture or to lose my job,the other boss said did I like the job,oh yes very much I said ,well we like you working for us,and have been getting great reports about your work,werve heard your very efficient and attentative start early and never complain the staff get on well with you,so no firing no lecture,but a well desereved pay rise in your next pay packet,as we spoke about mrs cable he said motioning to the old secretary,she got up yes mr santos i"ll work on that right away,she left the room now young lady just relax,thank you thank you so much I was so scared I said that I would lose my job,i felt like tearing my buttons open and telling them to suck on my tits in gratitude,there is another matter we want to talk to you about and its up to you,

    they told me they had been given extra contracts,and were increasing the evenning shifts,and if I wanted extra work then I would get first offer,also more money,it meant starting at 1 oclock in the afternoon working to about 10 at night,they said to check with my parents first,i told them they wouldn't care and id do it,thats what we wanted to hear, they said good girl,but what about the late nights how long do you take top get home,about an hour and a half I said time I walk to the station that's only ten minutes,then about fourty in the train and then I walk home from the station,no one meets you,no ive always done it,well as from Monday when you start your new shift, either stan or myself will drive you home young lady,now no arguments,but mr santos im grateful for the offer but it must be out of your way,no my dear it will be our pleasure we are two old men living alone,and sometimes that can become very boring,but we wont force you into that decision that's your choice,thank you its a wonderful offer I said and yes i would love to,now then that's settled then,and must we say you bring a lot of brightness into the business,thank you again I said I wont let you down,one quistion for a naughty old man before you go,do you like the uniforms ,the wrap round ,sort of I said I suppose there easy to get on and of,but I thingk the cords are a bit dangerous at times,good you can help us design another one,they are a bit outdated they said,and hot in summer mr santos,im sweating alredy.and I don't have much under it,ill show you what I mean,i pulled my belt cord the uniform flew open,me in my bras and knickers,,ytou see what I mean sir I said,i walk and stood before them both ,thank you again I said as they started to touch me all over my bush was starting to thicken up,anbd was bulging they,lifted my bras and took a tit each playing sucking I pushed hard against them letting them enjoy every moment ,in between they felt up my legs inside outside around my knicker lines,takind a hand full of bush,i eased onto the desk in front of them they kissed upy legs around my thidhs lifting the elastic in my knickers and with their tongues licking around my bush,gently pulling my vargina lips apart and each one putting a finger into me,i shook and quivered ,,then they stopped kissed my tits and nips,and said how much id mayured since they employed me,and it made them very happy,they were going to talk to a few new girls about starting work so I went back to mine ,all the other girls were happy for me,.

    my new shifts were great ,and I was now getting a good pay packet,the girls told me the bosses were filthy rich owning more businesses property and houses,and had beautiful cars each,anyhow I got to ride in there work cars when they drove me home and they were fantastic,i felt like a princess,as soon as woprk finished the girls took of their husbands and boyfriends very impatient,and no one new the boses were taking me home as I was always the last to leave,i even forgot I stll hadn't turned fourteen but as aunt said im suppose to be two years older,so that's how ive been acting and happy about it,after driving me home a couple of times on the way we would talk about everything ,I really liked stan and harry and they never forced themselves on me ,I had to do most of the gorund work,,the first couple of times I just thaked them and leant over and kiss whichever one I was with,but I was gratefull to them and loved them touching me,so sfter a couple of times I got real brazen half way home one night I said to stan why don't he pull over them days there wasn't much traffic to worry about not much lighting ,so I said pull of the road,i wanted to thank him for being so good to me,its our pleasure he said,please stan pull over,so he did,he looked at me do you think im attractive sam do i have a good body,yes to both he said,very much so,

    my skirt was riding high as it was why don't you touch my legs stan I know you want to,i lifted my blouse over my head undid my bras and letr my huge breast hang out suck my breast please boss I said,wow was he good he layed me on the seat pulled my knickers half way down got stuck into my furry pussy chewing eating sucking on it,i felt funny as jices were leaking from me he climd on my tits pushing them up and down saucking them,he pulled me up I was excited my body on fire do what you did before he said opening his fly and exposing his big thick penis,i pulled his pants down licked his balls tried to put this big thing into my mouth,no chance,he stuck it between my breast then shot this stuff all over my breast under my chin I yelled with surprise he very apologetic,no I said I loved it,then I licked what was left,he said hed better get me home before it got to much later,i had both bosses do this to me each night and I really looked forward to it,they never tried, to at that time I didn't know about it,fuck me,they were happy with what was on offer,

    my home life improved,mum not so stressed out I helped her a lot ,she was a good dress maker so now I was also able to help her make clothes for the young ones ,and she started doing it for others as well, dad was still a grump was started to treat me with more respect now calling me his princess,when I felt like it id let him cuddle me and a little fondle as well,

    I wanted to thank my aunt for all she did for me,so one Saturday I travelled over to see her,but instead my uncle was there no shirt grogging up,listenning to the radio, my favourite niece he said i havent seen you for a long time,my how your devoloped and matured ,you have just missed her he said gone to town shopping usually away till lunch time,but you can keep your uncle company take a seat,make yourself at home,your not that little girl any longer he said,eyeing me up and down,stiking hot day isn't it he said aint you hot with a cardigan on,i bit I said ,it was a bit cool when I left this morning,under it I had a very low cut blouse ,oh what the shit I thought when I was younger I use to sit on his knee and snuggle into him, sometimes hed touch my body ticle me, I use to giggle and wriggle around,and could feel this hard thing under me .so of came my cardigan ,he spilt his drink shit I cant believe what im seeing he said,you have matured a heck of a lot he said drooling,i walked across and bent over and kissed him thanks uncle im glad you noticed,how old are you now ive lost time,fifteen and a half I said,lovely age you look like a beauitiful spring day,so vibrant so alive,he was gazing at my breast,unbelievable he was muttering,he got up came back ,remember when I use to sit on your lap uncle and you tickled me and I laughted and squimed and giggled ,I liked it a lot,bet you cant do it now I said boldly,but you will have to catch me first,like you use to,your still cheeky he said if I catch you you will go across my knee for a smacking,if you catch me,i took off running through the house hiding in open rooms,id yell slow poke ,your getting to old uncle,i could hear him I tool of into another room that happened to be his room ,he was waiting behind the door ans slammed it closed locking it,now my cheky young beauty ,time for your smacking he reach out to grab me I ducked under his arms,he lunged grabbing my skirt I unzipered it and let it fall of me,i stumbled back as he grabbed n grabbed me again,this time I let him he kissed me hard calling me these names id never heard of,sexy little bitch little hot slut prick teaser,i wriggled and he kissed me harder lifting up my blouse pulling my breast from under my bras ,I was in a frenzy ,I pulled my blouse of then my bras ,my tits wanting to be worked over and boy did uncle do that ,kissing me all over my body touching me all over ,saying all these things to me about my body my breast,licking me pulling my panties down touching my bush kissing it,licking inside it,i was shaking my legs losing strength.he pulled out his big penis layed me across the side of the bed then put his thing between my breast and went in and out pushing my breast together,then like stan all this gooey stuff went over my breast he rubbed his penis over my nipples,then held it and told me to lick it,so i did,and wanted more,i rubbed the stuff into my breast,then uncle sat on the bed baby your good to uncle,maybe one weekend you would like to visit and stay over ,with aunt and uncle,yes uncle I would love to,he looked shocked at first good he said,one weekend when untie goes out Saturday night with the girls,ok I said,,are you going to give me a spanking over your knees I deserve it I think,he layed me over his knees his pants down his penis still only half full take my knickers of uncle he pulled them down I got myself over his penis and could feel it btween my legs,rubbing against my bush,then he smacked and smacked I wriggkled and could feel his thing getting bigger,imdidnt know what was happening but I liked it rubbing against me,then he kissed me bottom a few times ,reached under and played with my breast ,how I was loving all this,he rolled me over ,played with my vagina,this one day I will enjoy he said kissing me virgina,for now though we have to stop untie will be home soon so maybe you would like to have a quick shower,i did then aunt arrived and was very surprised ,uncle said I had only been there a short time si I went along with it,id put my cardigan back on,take your cardigan of sweety aunt said,then tell me all about what your been doing,,that will be my 3rd episode in my continuation of my life,so for now by lisabfeeder apocalypse

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 52

    well here I go,its great to confess some of your pass with others anonamously,and im not ashamed of doing it,everything that happened to me was for a reason,i had a hard life growing up ,mum had six other kids besides me,i was the second eldest,dad worked hard but made sure my older brother and I knew about it,he was also a good drinker and most time abusive taking his misery out on mum or my older brother and myself,i got around him sometimes by sucking up to him,trying to calm him down id let him touch me or id kiss him and guide him into the bedroom lay beside him and let him cuddle me,it always worked ,mum said it helped her and gave her a break,he was always carrying on about working to keep us ,and keep saying it was about time my brother and I got jobs to help out,my brother at thirteen got a job with my father,so when I turned thirteen he was always at me,get of my arse and get a job,before school and after id help my mum with my siblings ,do odd jobs for friends and neighbours,just for a few bob,some of the men would give me a bit extra to sit on their knee while they cuddled me,i liked it actually,

    I was thirteen,nice legs attractive long hair shapely hips,smallish waist and very well developed for my age,my tits by todays standards 38dds,so you see why the men loved to sit me on their knees and cuddle me,even in front of some of their wives who said nothing,our house only a three bedroom for nine people,so my brother moved out,and only us girls left,with dads never ending harping about me working mum let me leave school to look for work,it was hard as soon as a job came up it was taken ,no bludgers in them days,i walked miles and miles in all kinds of weather,starting early getting home late missing lunch,on occasions a passing car or delivery truck would stop and offer me a lift ,now and again I would pick up a few coins of the drivers for a kiss or let them feel my legs which I did willingly,why not,the money I got I gave to mum and told my dad I was doing odd jobs,

    anyhow one of my aunties called in to see mum and asked about me,mum told her the difficulty I was having getting a job,so she said I could go to her place for a week or so,and she would help me find one she was on two weeks holidays
    and would give her something to do as well,so off I went the first day she took me shopping buying me all these clothes skirts dresses blouses knickers and she said about time I started wearing proper bras that I had nice breast and I should not hide them,my aunt wasn't a prude by no means,rich and sexy yes,believed if your it use it and be proud of yourself.

    we drove around to a lot of jobs but some were taken only a half hour before ,we left my name at a couple for the future,on the forth day my aunt did my hair up showed me how to apply make up ,do my nails she chose a skirt and blouse for me to wear a pair of high heels ,and said from now on I was fifteen and three months old,two years older than I was,when I looked at myself in the mirror wow,was this me I thought,i looked great so much older,my body looked terrific my curves standing out ,my tits so big,the blouse slightly see through as was my skimpy bras,two top buttons opened on my blouse, and she told me if I had to open another one then do it if it meant getting a job,i was a bit taken back ,but I did love showing my cleavage off,

    after six attemps and parking her car we walked around this huge factory area ,amoungst a lot of wolf whisles and yahooing,from blokes having their breaks,my aunt was very attractive and a good figure as well she enjoyed all the attention and I felt good that the men noticed me,at the second last factory a clothing store we saw what we wanted ,a sign girl wanted now interviewing,heres your chance my aunt said no matter what happens go along with it ,even if you don't think its right ,its your only chance and you look beautiful use it,we knocked on the doodr this old lady opened it invited us in,were come to see about the jod she said,you and many more the lady said ,theres been about fifteen so far ,one in there already,ill take your name and age ,so as I can give it to the bosses,aunt gave my name lisa????????????????????????????????age fifteen three months,

    the time came for my interview,i was nervous as hell,the door opened the old secretary said they will see you now,aunt said she would go and get the car and look around as she wanted to buy a few things,but said to me don't forget what I have told you ,come in take a seat a grumpy voice said,there were two old blokes standing they motioned me to sit opposite them the seats were like leather covered lounges,as I sat I sank in a little my skirt came riding up my thigs showing a hell of a lot of leg,they both noticed,i could see that,your very young and matured they said,tell us a little about yourself why you want the job how important is it to you and if its for long term,i was shaiking so nervous their eyes glued upon me,i told them how id been trying for work for so long, about my home life my dad,the pressure that I really needed a job saying I would do anything to get one,then I realised what I had said ,aunt said no matter what I had to do, id been talking for almost forty minutes,you have prospects they said ,and sound like you do really need the job,i started figiting with another button on my blouse they glared you are nervous they said we wont eat you,but go ahead open your blouse they moved over beside me a hand each on my thighs working my srirt even higher to expose my knickers I didn't fli8nch my blouse now open the bra hardly holding my huge tits in,they took my blouse of my shoulder ,both kissing my shoilders,then working toward my tits,i was petrified ,my tits bulging they slid my bra straps of my shoulders my tits huge full erect explode out,my nipples big teasing,both started kissing my tits manhandling them sucking like babies on my nipples huffing and puffing,thyed pushed me against the back of the lounge,my skirt above my waist they saying all these wonderful things about me my body,being so well endowed so mature,the first time anything like this has happened to me and I was loving it,they gently fingered my pussy and made me quiver with sensation,told me to open their flys idid without hesitation,they had big cocks standing erect feel them they said I put a hand on each as they sucked on my tits,move your hands up and down they said and as I did so they sucked my tits hard, I was almost naked except for my skirt and my knickers half on ,it had been a good hour and a half,then a bell rang sort sweety we must stop now ,loks like another interview and the old biddy secretary will get excited if were to late,and the jobs yours ,start on Monday ,in the cutting room ,seven oclock sharpe,we will introduce you to the workers when you arrive,,i was over the moon flusted for sure wet between the legs which I didn't understand as yet,and my body on fire I wasa walking on air,i tiudied myself up ,again ,so did the two bosses ,both patting me on the arse sayimg we will get on very well my dear and thank you ,by for noew lisa not my real name but will continue this story later bye

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    My parents separated when I was eight. From that point on I began spending summers with my mother, and the rest of the year with my father. I would have preferred the arrangement the other way around, but I don't remember the family court judge giving me any choice in the matter.
    I was sixteen the summer of 1989 and packed my bags for Ohio. My mom had hooked up with some guy that taught Civil War history at a private college there. He was nice enough, but I could tell he didn't want me around. So I did my best to oblige him and spent a lot of time walking around the town. It was just a little college town. Ohio must have a dozen just like it. Lots of greenery, lots of middle class neighborhoods, Norman Rockwell-esque downtown. Nothing much ever happens.
    I was out one day on my hours long walks, listening to my Walkman and not paying much attention to what I was doing when I bumped into this lady. She had been carrying a big portfolio and all of her papers scattered everywhere.
    "Shit!" she yelled "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"
    She glared at me. She was kind of cute, I thought. Early 30s maybe, about my height, a BBW with brownish-red hair, big green eyes and huge tits. A light breeze had caught her papers and began blowing them around. I rushed to gather them up.
    "Sorry," I said. "I didn't see you there."
    She jerked her papers back and frowned. "Obviously."
    I had noticed the papers were all drawings. Pencil sketches mostly.
    "Are those yours??" I asked. "The drawings I mean, did you draw them yourself??"
    "Who else's would they be??" She asked, packing them back into the portfolio.
    "They're really good." I said.
    "And you'd be an experienced critic of art, huh??" She muttered, still pissed at me.
    "Not especially," I said. "But I draw myself."
    "Nice," she frowned. "Let me guess, superheroes, robots and monsters?? I bet you and your friends do your own graphic novels right??"
    I briefly considered telling her to go fuck herself. Instead I just stared at her. "Damn, why are you so pissed at me?? I apologized for knocking your papers out of your hand."
    The look in her eyes softened and she sighed. "Sorry. Its been a long day."
    "I don't draw superheroes or make comics by the way," I smiled. "I do Pencil portraits, oil paintings. I have a few works featured back in Oregon. My hometown's creative arts center. Student section."
    "Nice," the ghost of a smile finally touched her lips. "So you really liked my work??"
    "What I saw of it, yeah," I nodded.
    "So what are you doing here, oregon??"
    "I spend summers with my mother."
    "Ah, gotcha," she said. "Well, I've got to go. Was nice meeting you."
    "Ryan." I said.
    "Ryan, right," she nodded. "Kim."
    We shook briefly, and then I watched her leave. She had a really nice ass.

    I didn't see Kim again until about a week later. I'd come into town with my mom, and had decided to stay a while after she finished shopping. I told her I'd walk back home. As I was passing a little shop called "The Muse" I saw Kim inside, behind the register. I walked in, tinkling the bell above the door.
    She smiled when she saw me. "Hey, Oregon."
    "Hey, Ohio." I smiled back. "You work here."
    "You ask a lot of dumb questions kid," she said, teasing. "Neh, I'm robbing the place. I was about to open the register and steal all the money when you walked in."
    "Want to split it??" I asked.
    She laughed. "What can I do you for??"
    "This is a nice place," I said, looking around at all the art on display. "You do these??"
    "Some of them," she said. "But I won't tell you which. That'll keep you honest. Which ones do you like??"
    I was attracted to some of the art with darker themes. Particularly one painting that showed a sobbing little girl sitting in a high chair with legs about ten feet tall, all by herself in a house where the walls were cracking and peeling, and the floor looked covered in about a century's worth of dust. It was called Lizzie's Nightmare. Price tag: $40.
    "I want that," I said, pointing at it. "That's amazing."
    Kim brightened. "I did that. It was an actual dream of mine, when I was a little girl."
    I opened my wallet and pulled out a couple of twenties. Kim rang up the sale. "I'd just give it to you, but I'm not rich enough to be that generous. I will forget the sales tax though."
    "So, you need to show me some of your stuff," she told me. "I want to see your work."
    "Its back in Oregon." I told her.
    "Do something here then," she said. "I have a small studio in back. Go get creative."
    "I can't just turn it on like that," I explained. "I have to be in a certain frame of mind. The mood has to be right."
    "I knew you were bullshitting me," she waved a hand.
    "Your putting me on the spot, huh??" I laughed.
    "An artist makes art," she said. "If your an artist, go make art."
    "Ok then," I sighed, still grinning. "In the back??"
    "In the back." she repeated.
    I vanished behind the green bead curtain into the backroom and plugged my headphones into my Walkman. I needed inspiration. I flipped off the cassette player and went to radio, scanning until I found the local classical station. Hector Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique, Dream of a Witches Sabbath. Perfect. I started working. I reemerged about an hour later with a fantasy drawing. It was Kim, looking absolutely stunning as a witch stirring a huge cauldron inside her forest home, her familiar (a black cat, of course) curled happily at her feet.
    "Oh.... my.... God." Her mouth hung open as she starred at the flimsy piece of paper.
    "Its not that great," I told her. "It was rushed."
    "This is incredible," she said. "What do you mean it isn't that great?? Can I buy it off you??"
    "No," I said. "You can have it."
    She started to open the till and give me back my forty. I refused, taking my small framed drawing of Lizzie's Nightmare and heading for the door. "Hey wait!'
    I stopped.
    "You want a summer job??" She asked. "I can't pay you a salary, but you can make art and sell it up front. You keep 100% of the profits."
    I thought about it. "Yeah, sure. That'd be great."
    "Start tomorrow??" She asked.
    "Tomorrow." I nodded.
    "Bye, Oregon!"
    "Bye, Ohio."

    Mom and her guy were both pretty jazzed over the news. Mom was proud and her guy was thrilled I wouldn't be around much between breakfast and dinner.
    So I started working with Kim six days a week, and then saw her every Sunday too, when we'd usually go out someplace like a cemetery where we'd do gravestone rubbings or out to some podunk area where we'd sit and do pencil sketches of old barns, rusting farm equipment abandoned in overgrown fields, or just anything. Kim was my muse though, so she figured prominently in a lot of my drawings.
    I didn't think she received much attention from the opposite sex, at least not in a long time because she was starved for the little ego boosts my attention provided. I personally wasn't sure why guys didn't like her. Sure she was a little heavy, but she wasn't anywhere near sloppy fat and she was really pretty.
    I began to notice her flirting a little from time to time, blushing a lot, and laughing a little too loud and for a little too long at all my terrible jokes. And the one time I complained of a sore neck from sleeping in a bad position the night before, she insisted on my leaning back against her while she gently massaged my shoulders. We just sat like that in an old field most of that summer day, with her kneading the soreness away and something unspoken but very much felt, passing between us.
    She began calling me at night when I'd go home. My mom asked if it was Kim, because she thought that was a little inappropriate, but I lied and told her I'd met a girl my age. Well, she sounds pretty old to me, my mom said. I didn't care.
    "I miss you," Kim purred over the phone one night. I was lying on my bed in the dark, it was about a quarter til 1 a.m.
    "Do you??" I asked.
    "Mhmm," she sighed. "Do you miss me??"
    "Whenever we aren't together," I told her, smiling.
    She made an awww sound and giggled. "Wish you were here."
    "Why's that??" I asked.
    "My pussy's so wet," she said. "I've been lying here thinking about you."
    "You just made me so hard," I told her.
    A giggle. "Did I??"
    "Very hard." I said.
    "How big is your cock??" She asked.
    I told her. "Mmmmm," she sighed again. "I wish it was inside me right now. Come see me baby. Please??"
    I thought about it. Kim's place was no easy walk from my mom's.
    "I'll let you do anything you want to me if you come over," Kim promised.
    I slid my legs out of bed and picked up my shoes.

    "And where do you think you're going??" My mom asked.
    "My friend's house." I said.
    "At this time of night??"
    "Aw, let him go," the professor said. "He's young, its summer time. Young Love."
    Mom frowned.
    "Just remember to use protection kiddo," the professor said, winking. "Your mom's way too young to be a grandmother."
    "I can't believe your encouraging him!" I heard my mom mutter as I left the house, shutting the door behind me. Her guy didn't care if I was going to set fires or sacrifice babies in some pagan ritual, he just wanted me out of the house. Which was fine by me.

    I made the trip to Kim's place in record time, only hiding from the local cops once (a curfew was enforced). I pressed the buzzer and a moment later I heard her walking toward the door, she opened it a crack, saw me and smiled.
    "You came!'
    "Not yet," I joked.
    She didn't get it at first, then started laughing. "Oh you."
    I walked into the house and she shut the door behind me. She was wearing a sheer negligee of some sort. I could see her tits and pubic hair, it formed a perfect, trimmed delta between her legs.
    "You like??"
    "Oh yeah," I nodded, my cock concurring with the sentiment by growing rapidly in my pants.
    She came to me and we kissed. She was starved for affection. She mashed her lips against mine and her tongue probed my mouth. I reached behind her and grabbed two handfuls of ass and held tight.
    We stumbled more than walked, without ever breaking the kiss to a couch and collapsed onto it. I shifted around until I had the dominant position. She opened her legs and wrapped them around me, while we kept kissing. I started grinding against her and she moaned.
    "Take off your clothes," she said breathlessly. "I need to be fucked now. I can't wait another second."
    I undressed and re-mounted her, pushing my almost painfully erect cock deep inside her wet pussy. I started pumping my hips, really slamming it inside her and she moaned louder and louder, her hands roaming across my back. In-between her moans she kept repeating "Oh, fuck me...fuck me...fuck me..."
    I felt her belly and tits rolling in soft waves beneath me with each thrust. I lost myself in the moment, the feel of her soft, warm skin, the smell of the floral scented shampoo she'd used on her hair, the sound of her lusty moans, the wetness and grip of her vagina, the sound of the couch rocking back and forth, the smell of our sex. Finally I exploded inside of her and my body went totally rigid as I groaned with release. I finally slumped down, relaxed as little tremors continued to travel up and down my body for a few moments.
    "Don't pull out yet," she pleaded. "Please. Leave it in."
    I lay there, still inside of her, now kissing her again. "Maybe," I suggested between kissing," we should take this to bed. I'm staying the night."
    "Really??" She brightened. "All night??"
    "Mhmm," our lips smacked as we kissed. "My mom and her ol' man think I'm seeing some little bimbo. They're totally cool with it."
    Kim laughed. "Nice."

    In bed, Kim slicked her hands with massage oil and gave me a full body massage as I recovered from that first big orgasm. She took her time, slowly sliding her baby soft hands over every contour of my body from the bottoms of my feet, to the back of my neck, belly and back. By the time she was nearing completion I told her I could go again, so she leaned down and began kissing and running her long pink tongue along the head and shaft of my cock. She even sucked my balls, then began giving me a blowjob. It felt amazing. I closed my eyes and bit my bottom lip as she sent a steady stream of electric sensation coursing through my body. She stopped once, to rub her huge tits all over my cock, then sandwich it between them, tit fucking me before going back to her talented mouth and finishing me off. I blew my second load in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.
    Cuddling afterwards, she planted little kisses on my neck.
    "Where have you been all my life baby??"
    I nuzzled her neck with my face.
    "Eat my pussy??" She asked. "I'd love that so much."
    "I've never done it before," I told her. "I might suck at it."
    "You learn by doing baby," she kissed me.
    I crawled down between her thighs, kissing the milky white flesh and then eating her pussy as best I could. She kept me down there a really long time, until her body was wracked with a series of spasms. Our sex had made the bed very wet in spots.
    I thought I could cum again by the time I finished, so I mounted her and rode her pussy again. Fast and rough, just the way we both liked it. My third ejaculation was just as intense as the first two, but not nearly as much of a gusher. We fell asleep in each others arms afterwards.

    I woke up the next morning to the sound of birds chirping and sunshine coming through the mostly closed blinds. I was still nude and in bed. Kim wasn't there. I yawned and slid my legs out of bed, picking my underwear up off the floor.
    I found Kim in a second bedroom she'd converted into a little studio, she was working on something. When she saw me she smiled.
    "Morning baby."
    "Hey," I smiled back, wrapping my arms around her and nuzzling her neck.
    "What do you think??" She asked.
    I looked at her drawing. It was a rough of me sleeping.
    "I sketched it really quick in the room earlier," she said. "I'm going to do a reverse sleeping beauty. You, Sleeping Beauty, and I, the fair lady knight, waking her one true love with a kiss."
    "Am I your one true love, sugar bear??" I asked.
    We kissed. "You know it, lover."
    "What happens when I have to go back to Oregon??" I asked.
    "Don't bring that up, please," she frowned. "I'm trying not to think about that."
    "Its ok," she sighed. "You want breakfast??"
    I was hard. Morning wood. "I want more of what I had last night."
    She smiled. "Me too."
    We went back to bed and fucked all morning.

    The summer of 1989 did eventually come to an end, and I did return to Oregon. Kim and I kept in contact for a while, through phone calls and letter writing. But eventually I fell for a girl my own age at school, and I felt increasingly guilty continuing my long distance affair with Kim. I broke things off, and she said she understood. She didn't think we should speak again, and when I returned to Ohio the next summer I wouldn't find her there. She was moving back to Pennsylvania to take care of her sick mother. I never heard from her again. But I did see her again. Just a few nights ago I found her Facebook by Googling her full name. She's older, of course, and a lot heavier than she once was. But she's still one of the prettiest women I've ever seen. I decided not to message her. We've been done a long time now. Its best I keep it that way.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    When I was young my brother made me suck his cock. ;)

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 29

    I guess that my memories of when I was kid are probably not a whole lot different than that of many people. I had a really good friend, and his mother and my mother, both divorced, were good friends. My friend was Italian, he had dark hair, dark eyes and darker skin, and I thought that he was very good looking. I actually did feel attracted to him, which I didn't feel strange about. It wasn't like I was normally attracted to other boys, just to him. And he seemed kind of attracted to me. Anyway, his mother would come over and have coffee with my mother, and they would sit in the kitchen and talk. His mother looked very Italian too, and was very good looking. So was my mom, who was slender, with blond hair. Well, wehn his mother would leave, my mom and her would always kiss on the lips. I didn't think that was exactly strange, although I did think that his was pretty personal for them to do that. Like I said, he and I really liked each other a lot, which was obvious. Our mothers teased us about this, hinting that it was romantic. Of course we were embarrassed, and it was like, EWWW! But privately, we both knew that it was kind of true, and we liked that.
    Since we saw our moms kissing on the lips like they did, as friends, he and I decided one day to try doing the same. We touched our lips together, and it was kind of nice doing that. We tried this a few times, and just naturally started to become more adventurous, and we did some more open mouth kind of wet kisses, all the while, holding each others hands. I remember thinking how neat it was getting to be romantic with him like this, and apparently he had no problems in being that way with me. I finally told him how good looking that I thought he was, and he told me that he thought I was very good looking too, and we admitted that we really did like each other as boys. That is, in a way that neither of us would have normally liked another boy. It was so pleasing to be open with each other, and so special. We talked about our mothers, and the two of them kissing like they did, and we wondred if they weren't romantic as friends. We both thought that this was kind of amusing.
    My friend knew more about romance and stuff than I really did, and he said if our mothers did like each other that way, how they would probably be naked in bed together, because that's what people did. Of course we had no idea if they ever did anything like that or not. But it was a kind of enticing idea, and we talked about our getting naked and being in bed together. So one day we tried doing that. It gave us both an erection, and we masturbated each other, which was absolutely wonderful.
    The two of us had this secret romance for about the next two years. Then, as we got older, that just sort of naturally faded between the two of us, although we remained friends all through school. I never did find out if his mother and my mother were actually being homosexually romantic, although I suspect that maybe they were, and just being very discrete about it like he and I were.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 24

    When I was only 15 I walked into my grandfathers house after school to find him naked and having sex with another man. My grandfather was fucking the other man from behind with his huge erection (who I later found out was his gardener) over the kitchen table. I nearly screamed out loud until I saw my grandma quite nonchantly sat sipping a cup of coffee watching them. As quietly as I could I walked out and decided even at that age it was not for me to tell my mom. So all these years I've kept it quiet. My grandfather past away last month and for the first time since I discovered them, I had a real long conversation with my grandma. She simply said thank you for not saying anything and I hope as an adult I understood their sexual tastes. She'd known all along I'd seen them and hadn't said a thing....

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 49

    PART 1

    Growing up in the 70's one of my best friends was my cousin Donald. We were both dirt poor and lived in this awful trailer park in a little town called Calwa, California.
    Donald lived with his dad, my uncle Beau, and I lived with my mom and my two older sibs. My dad had split on us a couple years earlier.
    Most days (when we werent in school) there was nothing to do but walk around and shoot the shit about all the same tired old subjects we always talked about. Music, movies, nudie magazines, girls we liked, teachers we hated, comparing the most recent things we'd swiped from school or the grocery store. And we were forever wishing we had some money.

    The summer of '78, I was twelve going on thirteen and Donald had just turned ten. We decided to go into business together. Our first go was walking around collecting aluminum cans and soda bottles for the recycle center. Recycling still wasn't a major thing in the seventies so we didn't have a ton of shopping cart bums competing with us. But we still never made a whole lot. At best we'd end up with a couple Cokes and a burger each from the Lucky Bun, this great little stand that was around back then. We needed something that paid better. So Donald suggested we do yardwork. trouble was, neither of us owned a single piece of equipment.

    Undete rred we began walking around and asking. Everyday we'd walk further, and everyday we'd get told "No thank you". It was fucking depressing. But then we met A.J. We saw him standing in the driveway of this big old 2-story house, washing down a snazy red sportscar with the hose. He looked like the actor that played Magnum P.I. - he was tall, somewhat athletic looking and white, with brown curly hair and a thick mustache. He was dressed like he'd just gotten back from playing tennis or maybe he was going somewhere to play. His yard looked great so we weren't even going to ask. Besides it had already been a damned depressing day and we were bummed out.
    "Hey fellas!" A.J. called as we walked past. "Why do you both look so gloomy?? Its a gorgeous day."
    We explained our situation.
    "Gee, that's a bummer," A.J. told us. "Well, you can do my yard."
    "Your yard looks great," Donald told him. "Its already been mowed and everything."
    A.J. laughed. "That's ok. Mow it again. How much do you charge??"
    Truth was, we hadn't really discussed that yet. Our planning had only gone so far as asking people if we could do some yard work for them. We debated a few numbers, with Donald's being way higher than my own. We settled on something in the middle so as not to seem greedy. A.J. frowned and shook his head.
    "Figures." Donald grumbled and we started walking away.
    "That's slave wages," A.J. said and we stopped. "I'll give you twice that."
    "We don't have any equipment." I said.
    "I noticed." A.J. grinned. "I have a whole shed full. C'mon guys, follow me around back."
    He didn't have to ask us twice. So we spent an hour mowing an already professionally manicured lawn and pulling imaginary weeds from the flower beds that framed the house on three sides. When we were done A.J. paid us not double, but triple what we'd asked. That night we both went home feeling like conquering heroes. A.J. had made us promise to come back the next weekend.

    Part 2

    A.J. never invited us into his house until the third or fourth weekend we'd worked for him. It was near summer and temps were rising fast, so the work was hot and sweaty. He'd stand on his back steps and watch us while we worked, hands stuffed in his shorts pockets and a smile on his face. "You boys ought to take your shirts off," he'd call to us. "Its hot out here." So we would, slinging them over the clothes line and he'd keep staring and smiling. Once he snapped a few Polaroids and Donald glanced at me, a grin on his face. He mouthed the word "Homo" and we both cracked up, but kept working. As long as he was paying us an insane amount for nearly no work, he could snap as many pictures as he wanted.

    Finally one day A.J. (who told us his actual name was the letters A and J, that they stood for nothing) told us to come inside. "Its horrible out there guys, come on in and cool off. I've got a swamp cooler (some call them evaporative coolers) and a fridge full of cold beer. You guys want one??"
    He may as well have asked us if we wanted an extra hundred as a tip. One mention of cold beer and we shot inside.
    That house was unlike any place I'd seen before. Donald and I must have looked like the kids on Willy Wonka when they first saw the Chocolate Room. Wide eyes and open mouths.
    A.J. had an actual Coke vending machine in his kitchen, and a full sized Rock-Ola juke in the parlor alongside a pool table. He had three pinball machines and two cabinet-style arcade games, Pong and Space Invaders in another room. He had Cable TV. I didn't know anyone that had Cable TV. He also had a clunky box called a Betamax and shelves full of black cassettes I at first mistook for 8-track tapes.
    He gave Donald and me a couple bottles of Coors and asked if we were hungry. He opened the fridge and showed us a virtual deli. Meats and cheeses of every type. Our stomachs began growling and he laughed and said he took that as a yes.
    So, now holding a beer in one hand and massive Dagwood sandwiches in the other we went to the pool room and started playing rock tunes on the juke while we ate, drank and played nineball. After a few hours, A.J. paid us and reminded us - as usual - to come back the next weekend.

    The next weekend he didn't need any work done, but said he'd pay us anyway. He invited us in for more beer and more food. We played pool again, while Gerry Rafferty, Kansas and Bob Seger boomed out of the Rock-Ola. After a while, A.J. told us to come to the video room he wanted to show us a tape he thought we'd get a kick out of. We said ok and followed him into the room with the big console tv, the Betamax and all those black tapes. There was a big recliner chair and a small couch. We took the couch. Donald was dragging on a Menthol Kool from a pack that A.J. had bought for him.
    A.J. popped a tape in and sat back in his chair, a wolfish grin on his face as his eyes darted back and forth between the TV screen and our faces. What we saw was a couple of kids about our age, naked on a bed screwing. Donald's smoke nearly dropped from his mouth. We sat in silence watching those two kids fuck, then the boy pulled his dick out and shot a wad of junk on the girls belly.
    "Yuck," Donald frowned. "What the fuck just came out of his thing??"
    That was the first time I realized Donald hadn't hit puberty yet. He had no idea what cum was. A.J. laughed and told him what it was. Donald tried to play it off like he'd known the whole time. Another segment started showing a woman about my mom's age sucking the same boy's dick. The bedroom looked different. While she sucked him off, you could see bright polaroid camera flashes popping off from time to time and that mechanical whirrr sound of the developing picture sliding out. The boy was grinning and pumping his hips so that he was fucking the chick's mouth. After a few minutes, she turned to face the slightly shaky cam and opened her mouth showing all the cum inside. We saw about five more of these three to five minute segments, each one showing an adult with some kid, or two kids together. The last showed two girls kissing and then the one squatted down and began licking the other ones pussy, while the first stood with one leg on the ground and the other hiked up on a short stool. By the time it was done I had a hardon. Donald just had this weird look in his eye, like he was thinking.

    Part 3

    It was pretty weird walking home that day.
    "What did you think of that movie??" Donald asked.
    I shrugged.
    "I think he's one of those guys they talk about on those Stay Safe posters in the school library," Donald said.
    "I don't know," I frowned. "He seems ok. I mean he's never tried any queer stuff with us. Just took a few pictures."
    "I don't mean queer stuff only," Donald said. "But thats part of it. What if he wants us to do movies like that??"
    "Then he'd be screwed," I joked. "I don't find you remotely attractive."
    Donald burst out laughing and slugged my arm. I punched him back and we went home. But I laid on my pallet on the floor (where I slept) half the night thinking.

    "Good morning sunshine" My brother asked as I woke up the next day. My brother was seventeen, a total juvenile delinquent and my personal hero at the time. He always seemed to have a hot girlfriend, pocket change and something cool to ride even if it was just a bike. He and his JD hood friend Rick were kicked back in the kitchen area inside the trailer puffing on a joint and staring at me. My mom had taken my sister in for a check-up. She was mentally retarded (hydrocephalus) and required regular check-ups on the little pump that drained fluid from around her brain.
    "Mom says some homo's been paying you mucho dinero for mowing his lawn," my brother said.
    His friend Rick, a skinny, horribly ugly redhead with zits as big as melon seeds all over his face started yucking it up. "I'll bet he's paying them to let him mow their yards, hahaha."
    My brother grinned slightly. "Neh, Donald maybe. My bro aint no fag. Lend me some money bro."
    I lied and told him I'd given it all to our mom.
    "Liar," he laughed. "Lend me some money or I'll tell every kid around here that you and Donald are sucking dick for the money you make."
    He would have too. I frowned and dug into my jeans pocket and handed him my last five. He pushed it down into his pocket.
    "So whats el fagito like??"
    I told them all about A.J. and his cool house.
    "No shit??" My brother grinned and gave Rick a sideways glance. Rick nodded yeah and started giggling.
    "Well, I don't want you going there anymore," my brother said. "Guy sounds like a major homo and my brother ain't no fag. Don't get any rep like that. You'll never live it down."
    He and Rick left the trailer.

    Part 4

    When we went to A.J.s the weekend after, he came outside and glared at us. No smile. No hey guys.
    "Both of you, get inside now."
    Donald and I exchanged a look and went in. A.J. shut the door behind us and locked it. He'd never done that before.
    "I guess it wasn't enough that I took pity on you two fucking ragamuffins," he said. "It wasn't enough that I gave you more money every weekend than either of your parents probably makes all week, for basically just showing up. It wasn't enough that I fed you and treated you like young men. You had to rob me!"
    We proclaimed our innocence.
    A.J. held out a hand. "Don't LIE to me!" He yelled the word lie. "Come here, I want to show you something."
    We followed him. Someone had trashed the pool table and the jukebox. The green velvet on the table had been slashed with something sharp and the juke had been kicked in, the glass smashed. Next we went to the game room, it was ruined too. The word QUEERS EAT SHIT, FAGS MUST DIE, and ALL HOMOS ROT IN HELL were written in black marker on the walls. The big TV, the Betamax and several of the tapes were missing, stolen. A.J. showed us a note someone had scribbled onto a sheet of paper with pencil. "I found this stuck to the wall with a dart from the dart board."
    We now everthing about you fag. Well go to the cops if you dont give my bruther and cusin 500 bucks when they show up to mow your queer grass.
    Donald stared at me. I sighed. "I'm sorry."
    "Oh, not as sorry as your going to be if I dont get my stuff back," A.J. laughed and pulled a little black gun out of his waistband. Donald pissed himself on the spot. "I have some associates with an interest in the property that was stolen. If it isnt returned, they'll come and visit both of you. And trust me, you dont fucking want that. I expect all my things returned by nightfall, and I want you both here every day cleaning and doing whatever else I say, until your debt to me is repaid. Understand??"
    I said yes numbly and led a jibbering Donald out of the house.

    When I got home my brother asked me how things went and we argued. I liked A.J. he had been cool with me. But my brother said he was just conning me.
    "Once he had you thinking he was the greatest guy in the world, he would have put you in those sicko movies. Or worse."
    My brother went to the cops and told them everything. A.J. got busted the same day. After he went to jail, Rick and my brother broke into his house again and stole everything they'd missed the first time. I never saw A.J.s 'friends' nor did I ever see A.J. again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 49

    My dads half sister was my baby sitter. I had no idea how nasty minded she was than. I knew years later. She breast fed me when mom stopped. She was a large women who lost her children to her husband. He just left one day and took them. I guess this tripped her mind, made her this way. She watched me for years. By 10 I did not want to feed on her any more. She got upset with me and cried. when I did not give in she went the other way.
    Sat me in her lap and pulled down my pants. She fondled me and pulled the skin back exposing the tender glands of my penis. Was a very intense feeling and not good. She jerked me off and gave me my first orgasm.

    This gave me mixed feelings. Some pleasure and some fear of the feeling. She then told me she would nurse me now. She sucked my penis that day and every day for a long time. She enjoyed laying me on the floor and doing it there. talked me into nursing her breast some while she sucked me.

    She stuck my fingers in her vagina and used my hand to masturbate. She washed my hand before and after. finally sticking my entire hand inside her. she told me the spots to rub as she laid there. She never put my cock in her but she never stopped the masturbations and oral sex. in summer I was there all day, was there after school every day and all day Saturday. By the time I had an ejaculate I found this erotic and pleasurable. then I ask her for the oral sex, I took charge and fingered her. Played with her very large breast. I wanted to have sex by age 13 and she agreed. Now I did not think of beign with her as bad. It was pure pleasure.

    She played with my mind as a child and this carried over with time and age. Today I know this as child abuse. She is dead and I never told anyone what happened.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    When I was 13 my dad died suddenly. When I was 14 mom had to work nights, she got a good paying job at a factory. I was home alone nights. My best buddy would hang out and we started jerking together then it turned in to sucking each other. At 15 he moved away, thats when out of lonely nights I discovered cross dressing. I would dress in mom's sexy things and stroke for hours. Mom had a lot of stockings I would wear. To this day I got a stocking fetish. At 16 I started shaving everything legs, ass, arm pits, cock, balls and chest. At 17 I didn't know it but my married next door neighbor seen me dressed though a window. It turned out he was a peeping tom pervert. He was 58 years old. The next day he confronted me about me dressing did my mom know. I was scared he was going to tell her but he said it was our secret and no had to know. He asked if i jerk-off and if I ever did it with guys. I knew where it was leading and I told him I have. He said his wife was out of town for a week if I would like company. I said yea I guess it would be ok. He said u can dress if u want to I don't mind. I was very nervous about it but excited to. He came over with a box of magazines. they were all straight one's but very hardcore. I never seen hardcore one's before. I was in my mom's black corset with black stockings and my own pink panties. He said I looked nice. He then un button his pants letting them drop to the floor. He was wearing tan stockings red garter belt black lace panties. He said see no one has to know. He took his shoes pants and shirt off. He had a big stomach and was wearing a black bra. He had male tits, his chest had grey hair. I was hard in my panties. He said come sit next to me lets look at these pulling a magazine out of the box. We was looking at a blonde girl on her back 3 guys standing over her holding there cocks. Her tits were covered in cum. After looking though a few pics he said I see your hard want me to help u with that. I was nervous I just nodded yes. He reached over in my panties started to stroke me. I had a wet spot on my panties. It felt so good. At that point he had me and he knew. After a little while he stood up in front of me with his bulge inches from my face. He was gentle pushing my head to his bulge. He go on u know u want to, u use to with your friend years ago. He said he watched us one night in a 69 as he jerked-off. I started kissing his growing bulge. I pulled his panties down. My eyes feasted on his thick semi hard very veiny uncut cock. I never seen a uncut cock before. His shinny head peeked out under his fore-skin. I reached up grabbed it started stroking it. I was fascinated by how the fore-skin rolled over the head. He was now fully hard he said lick it. My tongue started licking the tip then the head and then the shaft. I took him in my mouth. He was moaning yes thats it oh fuck suck it. He had small hairy balls that I was playing with. My hand was around his cock jerking him as my mouth was sucking. I thought he was going to jump though the roof when I licked hard his cock head glands. I didn't know how sensitive uncut cocks are. He finely exploded in my mouth and I swallowed it all. He pushed me on my back took my panties off started sucking me. I didn't take long he swallowed my cum. We rested and talked. Part 2 latter if u want it??

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I hate being a woman. It dames me to all of this.

    In my short life I have been raped by 7 different men. No not at the same time. The first was my father. Yes my flesh and blood dad. I know he is a sociopath. The other men that raped me are not sociopaths. I know this because a sociopath will never try to convince anyone that they are a sociopath. A sociopath can not even grasp the concept of what a sociopath actually is. The others are indoctrinated in believing they are. This has caused me to be extremely afraid of the world around me. The things you see on TV and in fantasy porn is not rape. this was a rape video made so other men can jack off to it. because he told me that sex is boring and rape is fun. a adrenaline rush. a real rape video is not like a scary movie that you seams to make you want to giggle. This is a true form of death. Another type of death, your soul. Want to know why it is so easy to hurt a woman's feelings?? Want to know why women are so sensitive?? You now have a small glimpse. The video was put online and to this day, I still have random men recognizing me from the rape video. I was bisexual. Now it has affected me so badly that i cant even have a male friend. The nightmares have never stopped or even let up. I have tried my best to destroy my long term memory and failed. I have changed my appearance the best I can but still see that young child in the videos. The nights I lost my freedom. I lost my sexuality. I lost my smile. I lost privacy. I lost myself and everything that was a part of me, my body and mind. The first time it happened I was a child, and I did what they told me to do. They told me it was my fault because I wore a tank top that showed my arms and he cant help himself. Then they told me to pretend it was nothing and told me I really was handling it well. At that time I had no idea was sex was or what had happened to me. When I became older and had a true understanding. sex was never anything i enjoyed. even when i felt (at the time) that i wanted it. its not something special, its just something to do when you get board or try to stay alive. the pain my memories bring is to much and my mind cant fallow my body. no matter how good it feels. I fell into a depression so deep that I dont even remember anything about that little girl. And I mean everything. i dont even know what my favorite color was. I lost everything. i lost myself. Now after all this time has gone by I realize that being in denial will make you feel better for a bit but thats it. It cant help you get yourself back. not in the slightest. and so i have come to the conclusion there is nothing i can ever do to "handle it well" or escape from imprint of memories on my brain. its time i stop distracting myself with denial and im going to stop trying to survive. this is not living. its only running and i dont have anything more to give. but im going to die the way i want. because its the ONLY choice i have ever had in my life. i have thought it all out, i know exactly how its going to happen and im working hard on getting it all set up. i dont have much time left and all i feel is relief.

    I hate being a woman.

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