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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 19

    well I was 13 when it happened my cousin was 14 And my brother was 13 let's call my cousin McKenna and my brother let's call him Kobe so I was walking to the bathroom when my sister called me over let's call her tiffany. she called me over to the bathroom we looked in what did we see we saw Kobe masturbating and someone was in the shower before I could realize it Kobe was getting in the shower and we heard moaning tiffany and I ran upstairs our mom and dad were at the neighbors house for some sort of party it was like a sleepover tiffany had her hand down her pants and was looking at me before I knew it she took off my pants and started Jacking me off. It was my first time Cumming and she licked it all up. She looked at me with hungry eyes She whispered "f*** me Ethan" So I took no second to waste I turned her over on the bed grabbed her thighs and bounced them up and down on my penis I felt cum starting to brew I took my penis out of her vagina and came everywhere She threw me on the floor and started to ride me. She came all over my chest We both laid in the floor made out And I fingered her we got up and made out some more and walked back down stairs Kobe look at me and whispered in my ear "I know that face did you get some pussy?" I looked at him and whispered back "Yes I did" he whispered back "I got something but not some pussy" and whispered in his ear "you get some dick?" "maybe" he said

    We all had to share a room I needed to pee I got up and went to the bathroom I walked into Kobe in the shower I said "Kobe is that you" He responded very weirdly "Ooo someone want some dick?" I told him to f*** off I started to pee and he looked over the shower curtain and I Didn't see I looked at him and said "what the f*** Are you doing!" he said "your dick is bigger than someone's in this house" I heard the door lock from the outside and my cousin McKenna say "until I see you and Kobe F*** You all are staying in there" she had a camera in that room there was no way out Kobe noticed that I had only boxers on and he jumped out of the shower and ran at me "Kobe what are you doing!" I whispered yelled He said "I want YOUR DICK" I Jumped in the shower And held both sides of the curtains He tried to climb over but I pushed him down Everything Relaxed expect that He jumped over and I didn't realize it HE was behind me masturbating going "oh Ethan" I ran into the door breaking the lock running to the guest bedroom but Kobe knew that house better than me he pushed me down and hit me on the head with something hard I blacked out I was tied up and tiffany was walking towards me she started to suck me off before I knew it she untied me I took off running I kicked down the front door and ran outside into the snow Kobe grab me and started sucking me McKenna sat on my face Oh by the way McKenna was born a girl but something happened to her and she had a penis I was sucking McKenna And Kobe was sucking me I grabbed tiffany's boobs Kobe and McKenna bent over McKenna started humping Kobe he was moaning too loud tiffany and I made out I fed her tongue with my spit and fingered her While McKenna Was humping Kobe I got on her back And started humping her She started moaning as well I got off McKenna After I came in her ass And she got off of Kobe I got on top of Kobe and started humping him while McKenna humped me I came inside of Kobe And McKenna came in me I watched tiffany masturbate I sucked McKenna's dick then I ate out Tiffany's pussy And Kobe sucked my dick I started writing this at 12:00 And Tiffany and Kobe want to fuck at 12:30 Peace out guys

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 20

    When I was about 18, my 18 year-old step-sis (both of us weren't virgins before this) and I would fuck, whenever we were home alone. It started when I was alone in my room, jacking off, and my step-sis caught me. She just stood their whilst I was petrified. She must have like my 7" cock, because she walked in, and started rubbing me.

    Before I knew it, she was naked, and I was on my back, guiding her bubble-butt up and down my cock with my hands, and watching her C-Cup boobs bounce. Then, I found myself fucking her doggystyle in her pussy. The sounds she let out were amazing...

    " FUCK YES!"

    "FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!"

    "FUC K ME!"


    & quot;I'm your dirty bitch!"

    "PUNI SH ME!"


    After that, she blew me, sucked my balls, and titty-fucked me. I came on her tits, stomach, and face. She just got up, licked the cum off of her, and said, "If you ever want to release some cum, call me... You'll get my pussy."

    She then just left my room naked, and went to her room. We fucked again,later that day, and for many days after.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    I woke up on Christmas Eve night in 1986 and as I approached the kitchen, where I was going for a glass of water, I heard noises from our den.
    I was 10 years old.
    I walked towards the den and heard the noises more clearly and I approached slowly and quietly.
    When I looked into the den I saw my Mom, completely naked, on all fours being fucked doggie-style by our neighbor Frank. He was a truck driver. he was married with 2 daughters.
    My Mom was 36 at the time. She was a slim, attractive brunette and my Dad was a police officer. I had two younger brothers.
    Frank was holding my Mom's waist and she had her head turned towards him and was egging him on.
    I clearly heard my Mom say "Fuck me Frank!!!" several times with great urgency.
    Both were sweating up a storm by the fireplace.
    Frank had come by to put bicycles together for me and my brothers because my Dad had to work an overnight on Christmas Eve.
    After several moments, Frank noticed me standing there and he smiled and winked at me, I was transfixed.

    Now every time we get together for the holidays, my Mom always tells the story of Frank saving Christmas for us boys in 1986 by assembling our bikes for her.

    It makes me sick.
    My parents are still married. Dad's 68 and Mom's 66 now.
    Frank still lives across the street. He and his wife divorced and he later remarried.
    I don't know if it was a one night stand or if they continued it at all.
    I want to confront her and tell her to stfu with the story every Christmas.
    Should I?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 23

    I am going to share this about when we were kids. My father owned a store, so he usually came home late, around 10 p.m. My mother was a nurse and sometimes she had to work the late shift. My brother and I took care of ourselves until they came home. As we got older lots of things started to happen. My brother was real interested in my body, and liked to look at me naked. He also showed me his penis, which I thought was gross. He would pull back his foreskin and expose his penis and would squeeze out drops of precum and use his finger to taste it. Sometimes he would get on me and use me to masturbate by dry humping my butt.

    He had a friend who would come over and they would work with his chemistry set. Being the younger one I always hung out with them and never went away. One afternoon he asked his friend if he wanted to see my pussy so he took my pants off to show him. They both showed me their penises. On another occasion they decided to see if they could get off by masturbating and they both stood on the back veranda and masturbated until they got off. I don't know why, I was eleven then, and I knew I was going get married to my brother's friend. I told him I was going to be his wife so he had to look after me.

    This one night my brother took me to bed with him, he didn't want to sleep alone, and he dry humped my naked butt. He got all of his boy stuff all the way up my back. While he was rubbing his penis against my naked butt I felt lots of feelings, lots of feelings, in my pussy and my breath got hard and I rubbed myself against the sheets. It was the first time I got aroused and I liked it. After than I always took off my pants and underwear to get humped naked. I went to get in bed with him and would lay down on my stomach for him. Feeling his hard penis rub against my butt hole was making me want to come. I had my first orgasm during that time and started to want penetration.

    My brother knew better than to penetrate me. I wanted it more and more and I started to hand job him and suck his penis. Finally one day he told me to stop, that sure it felt good and we both liked it but I was his sister. Not only that but I was his little sister and we were going to stop. From then on he masturbated on his own. I didn't like to masturbate, I wanted to feel him on me and rubbing his penis against me. it was very frustrating.

    When I was seventeen he gave me permission to fuck with his friend. Fucking made us get together and start to go out, even if he was a senior in college, he 'dated' me, although he went out with girls while he was at school. I reminded him that I was going to be his wife. He graduated from college and I graduated from high school and we got married when I was eighteen. My brother had always told him what he did with me, and my husband likes for me to tell him in detail what we did and how I liked it. I tell him while I am massaging his penis and sucking him like a lollypop. I have made him ejaculate just from telling him. I also like to get on my stomach and have him get on my back and use my ass crack to get off. The feeling of his hard penis rubbing against my butt hole can make me reach orgasm all by itself. It is really the only way I can orgasm, without stimulating my genitals. I don't mind having all of his stuff all over my back, the warm wetness is part of the feeling, as long as he lays on me to keep it warm.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    At 13 I already had real breasts. Breasts that required me to use safety pins to keep my blouse from popping open. I also had braces, and I had real hips. I looked at least three years older than any of my classmates. The boys made fun of me, and the girls too. At home my mother would tell me that they were jealous of me and that soon they too were going to show their figures. And anyway, boys liked girls with breasts. This was no consolation, I hated P.E.

    Down the block, was a seventeen year old boy. He was tall and he started to talk to me. One day he pressed me against the fence and put his hands on my breast and asked me how I liked walking around with big tits. He fumbled with my buttons but couldn't get the safety pin open. I finally stopped him and undid the safety pin and let him open my shirt and push up my bra and feel my breasts. He leaned over and sucked on one of my nipples. He then let me close my shirt and go on home.

    I got a crush on him and started to hang out around him when I got off from school. One day, his mom was out, and he invited me into his house and told me he wanted to me to show him my breasts and to sit on his knees and open my shirt so he could hold them and kiss them. I was sitting on his knees with my shirt open and he was fondling me and kissing my breasts and kissing my neck when he put his hand between my legs. I just let him feel me up all he wanted. He got an erection and he opened his jeans and he let me hold his erect penis and while he felt me up.

    His penis in my hand made me feel something inside, I got off of his knees and took off my pants and got back on and slid onto his penis until he ejaculated all his semen inside of me. Watching him as he ejaculated made me feel so good. After his penis slipped out I just leaned against him and let him hold me by the butt.

    I never felt bad about it, and neither did he. We just went on to have sex whenever we could, as often as we could. We knew about getting pregnant so we were careful, and most always he would ejaculate outside, but sometimes we just couldn't do that, I needed him to ejaculate inside.

    In the 10th grade a new girl came to school and we hit it off and I told her that I had been having sex with my neighbor since I was 13. She got very upset when I told her and she told me I had to tell my mother. If I didn't tell my mother, she would tell her mother. For the first time I was scared. I promised her that I would stop, and she agreed not to tell. She monitored me and fortunately my neighbor was away at college.

    When my neighbor came back for Christmas break I told him about her and he said he didn't care, he needed relief and I let him have sex with me every available day during Christmas break. I didn't tell my friend from school.

    Now that I am older I realize that my behavior was dangerous, primarily because of getting pregnant. I feel that I just matured sexually earlier than most girls, at 13 I was the same as most girls at 16. I am sexually charged, I need to have sex, not only being fucked, I love the feeling of being ejaculated into. I never liked having him ejaculate outside of me. I love to have my breasts paid attention to, and I gave up my back door before I finished school.

    I consider myself sexually open, and want to try anything that feels good.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    I was introduced to sex fairly early. My older sister, who was 12 stumbled across some porn and decided to act out what she saw on me. I was just 4 at the time by the way. My sister would take me under her bed, pull down her pants, spread her legs and tell me to lick her coochie in a sexy voice. At first I thought that it would be gross so I said no. She talked me into it by saying it tasted like strawberry and she would lick mine in return. I licked her pussy and found that even though it didn't taste like strawberries I liked the taste. I also liked how it felt when she licked my pussy. I don't consider that m****tation because I did like it and found myself asking for it later on.
    When I was 8 years old in the second grade I knew that I liked both girls and boys but I had no knowledge of what it meant to be lesbia or bisexual. I just knew that when I would sneak looks at naked girls in magazines I would get a tingly feeling in my pussy. Well I had a little girlfriend who was seven. During recess we would sneak back into school and go to the bathroom. We would go in a stall together, pull down our pants and rub our coochies together. One day I got on my knees in front of her, pulled her pussy lips apart and licked her clit. Then ahe turned me around, licked my butt and then atarted rubbing her pussy on my ass. We would do this every day during recess until someone found out and started telling the whole school that two girls were doing it in the bathroom but no one ever knew it was us.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    In my pre teens I went to a Summer Camp, and three older boys took turns using my anus.
    We were supposed to sleep in assigned cabins, but the older boys stayed up later, and one night they invited me to stay.
    They started telling about grown-ups and sex, and showed me their "grown up" dicks, and dared me to show mine.
    But I was too shy, so one grabbed my arms while another pulled down my pants.
    They made fun of my little wiener and shined their flashlights on it.
    Then they laid me on the bed and fucked my butt.
    Two of them held my legs spread open while the other one humped me.
    They kept trading places so they each used my butt several times.
    It hurt when it happened but now I fantasize about men taking turns with my butthole.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 19

    back in 2007 when i was 9 years old i was [bothered] by a city school bus driver sexually,as a child growing up in brooklyn n.y. i was medically diagnosed as a paraplegic due to being paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident and still to this very day use a wheelchair for home and outdoor'll find in my absolute confession words like [bothered] only because it was my way of expressing certain words that related to my definitions of sex from a young girls point of view.what's important to understand is that school officials like security assigned to protect it's students don't always follow regulations and few ever comprehend it's just a false sense of security more so for parents who trust these officials.... this school bus driver whom we shall call [touchy] was assigned to pick-up morning and afternoon special ed students from school with a scheduled limit of fifteen students per day.i was one of five girls on his daily pick-up from monday's to friday's.every morning my mother or aunt would wait beside me by the side entrance of the building we lived in for this bus driver to arrive and perform his duties of lowering/lifting the bus metal rail so i could be placed securely on his when i look at my photos back to when i was a little girl i can honestly say i wouldn't consider myself pretty or any different than the other girls on that school bus but he would always smile and kind of press his thumb on the side of my arm saying i looked like that actress [dakota fanning] though i was brunette with nerdy glasses.... since i can't really recall how many months during that year i rode on his assigned bus i do remember it was a day before my dentist appointment although my mother can't recall what month it was that this bus driver somehow mixed up his route.due to a delay in his schedule he called my mother to inform her and and was also regulated to call his some parents and officials a 43 minute delay doesn't seem like much time but this bus driver who had always stared at me through his rear view mirror drove his bus over to a closed walmart where he parked across from it's driveway.he simply walked up the aisle of the school bus to where i was seated in my wheelchair and put his hand on my knee.... though paralyzed there was normalcy in that i could feel my lower body and was able to use the bathroom with some help from my mother or aided in school by the school nurse,yet some days i was encouraged to get around on my own to achieve body strength and, touchy alluded to some comment or other about my chances of ever being alone with a boy or had i ever used my hand in private.his was further up my school dress squeezing and and sort of prompting me to raise myself from the wheelchair,mr.touchy massaged and forcefully grabbed the sticky/moist area of my [creamy twinkie] using his sausage like finger he stroked and teased me there long enough for me to experience a pleasant sensation.he then drove me home and though it was wrong i never told anyone...END

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 44

    When I was a Kid, I had a Massive Big Cock.

    I Played with it EVERY DAY.

    My Friend had A Lovely pair of TITS.

    Sometime s I played with Her Tits and She Played with my Cock.
    Other people played with Her Tits and My Cock even the old guy down the street.

    One day we made a New Friend who had a Lovely soft Pussy. I Loved Her Pussy and She played with my Cock ALL DAY we played with Our Friends Tits as well just the 3 of Us Playing with each others Pets from dawn until dusk.

    Eventually the Tits, Pussy and my Cock died and we moved to new towns.
    But MAN those were Good days.

    I'll NEVER FORGET Those Tits and Pussy as long as I live!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 43

    I remember being about 12 years old and seeing my first magazine of naked women. I was very interesting see women naked and posing in all kinds of poses. Any mystery I had of women's bodies disappeared. I saw more magazines and would even sneak peaks of magazine that the corner store sold. Some of those magazines had women doing acts that I had never seen before and they made me feel funny inside. All the women I had ever seen seemed to show no concern in being naked and doing what they were doing. My parents had always taught me I was wrong to be naked in front of others with the exception of things like showering and change rooms and at the doctors office. Even though they taught me that it was wrong I found it very interesting and began to start being naked in my room. When they went out and left me at home alone I would walk naked throughout the house. I even took it further a few times by going out in my backyard naked a few times. I remember being outdoors naked was such a rush as I knew if I got caught my parents would kill me. I was jealous how it was always women that were naked in the magazines and never men. Then it happened, one time the corner store had a magazine with naked men. It was nice to see men naked and doing the things they were but that magazine was sold very quickly so I only ever a very quick peeks of it. I was 14 when my aunt had me over to wait for a package because she had to go out. I found a magazine at her house that was of naked men. She wasn't around so I could look as long as I wanted. I even stripped and posed like the guys in it. This got me wanting to be naked even more but knew because of my age that it would mostly be in private for now.

    It was a few months later when I went for a hike and came across an area with a group of 6 people sun tanning. Only one was a woman and she was topless while all the others were guys and all but one of them was naked. This was a surprise for me and the group saw and talked to me. A couple of them tried to cover up while the others didn't bother. They didn't see me as a threat and I figured I better get going and let them be. When I got home I began to think how that could have been a perfect spot to be naked but I missed my chance. I then decided I would go back out there tomorrow. I did and there was the same group. They saw me from a distance and witnessed me put a towel down and then get fully undressed. There I was 14 years old naked and in front of others too. The woman and one guy came over, in swimsuits, to talk to me and they told me where I was is not safe area as I could get caught very easily and to come over and sit with them. I moved over with them and there wee all were naked. The women was fully naked as was the guy now. They explained that nudity was not allowed out here but this area was more secluded as compared to were I was earlier. They told me if we saw any police to quickly get dressed and pretend we weren't naked. The woman protected me and I got to see her naked and others as well as be naked too. She told me sometimes the guys go and masturbate together and it looked like 2 were going to go and do it now and if I was interested in going with her to watch. We watched as 2 guys were masturbating and she asked if I ever saw or did that myself. I told her I saw it in a magazine at my aunts house but haven't really done it myself. The 2 guys finished and she suggested I try it. The 2 guys encouraged me to do it and there I was stroking myself now with them watching. I didn't know better at the time that maybe I shouldn't have done it but they did and I figured if it was alright for them to do it, and the guys in the magazine, why not me. It felt good and I wasn't concerned that I was watched doing it. I did it again later and was watched by everyone again. This day was a turning point for me. I knew I wanted to be naked as much as I could and also do those things the guys here and in the magazine had done. I knew I shouldn't be performing the acts I did but I liked the attention and I had no concern with being watched doing them.

    When I was 18 I took a job in a male strip club and even did a sex video. I was not shy about being seen nude and doing anything sexual. My parents didn't quite approve and kicked me out of the house.

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