When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell AdultConfessions.com about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    what your going to read here is fucked up but true....when your young,in loves [or at least think you are] and believe you have the world in your hands you fail to see the obvious red flags that something is seriously wrong with your relationship heading straight into marriage.i will not nor will i ever say anything negative about my children who are now grown up and married with successful careers [knock on wood lol] but my ex-wife...let's just say that i hope we die at the same time so i could be there to see her try to explain to god above just what the fuck was she thinking to do the fucked up shit she did to ruin our marriage of 11 years with her LIES,LIES,LIES...i was 16 and she was 15 when we met and SUPPOSEDLY fell in love,hispanic idiots like us are rich in that old tradition of starting to grow up while still holding our entire life in our hands.she had our first child before she turned 16 blah,blah,blah...she was not a virgin [red flag number 1]...she said when she was 10 years old one of her uncles raped her [red flag number 2]...while pregnant with our child her father and grandmother threw her out i couldn't convince my mother at the time to take her in so the uncle she had accused of rape and lived across the hall from her fathers house took her in...he allowed me to visit her and he certainly never demonstrated any odd or guilt-like behavior EVER though my ex-wife seemed guilty and constantly lost in thought.soon there-after i learned to read these [red-flags] just by the way she shifted her eyes and averted any questions clenching her hands in nervouseness.one of her female cousins warned me not to get involved with her and to carefully observe my ex- wifes behavior around certain men including the cousins stepfather [another uncle] and mainly but MOST IMPORTANTLY my ex-wife's brother.incest is very common among hispanics dating back to the early 1930's in our lands of puerto rico,the hibaros [villagers] married their nieces and second/third cousins removed...a little later i'll tell you about myself and that very issue since of course i'm no little angel either lol...then there was former young female friends that told me about the bodega owner down the street and young boys having sex with them on the roof where she lived,they honestly included themselves admitting this all happen when they were little girls.one day my ex-wife felt horny and took me to this very roof right above her fathers apartment [red flag number 3]...i met the bodega owner whom according to rumors like to take young girls to the storage room in the back to fuck them in exchange for candy,ice creamm etc..supposedly my ex-wife was one of his little favorites.soon after meeting him and clearly noticing he liked to stare at the little girls who were in the store my ex-wife freaked out and stopped going to his store [red flag number 4]...i didn't meet her brother till after our second child was born and by then we had our own apartment.this motherfucker was huge and muscled tone [his inspiration was the hulk lol] and what i grew to respect about him and my ex-wife's older sister is they chose not to cover for her though by then it was far too late.did i mention that her brother was HUGE lets just say during a period of time that he divorced his wife back in florida he was officially homeless and my ex-sister in law who lived above us couldn't take him in because her husband didn't like the motherfucker and didn't like the way he stared at his own sister...he did the same with ny ex-wife but i let him stay with us.back to that HUGE THING...he liked to walk around the house in satin shorts [sorry dude i have two young daughters put your pants ON]....my ex- wife was on freak-mode whenever he was around with the whole shifting her eyes and clenching her hands [red flag number 5]....granted men tend to be proud when they have HUGE DICKS and he often made every effort to come in the bathroom if i was in there washing my mouth etc..purely a macho thing with hispanic men.granted it could also be interpreted as gay especially since he liked to show it off in my presence and seriously i'm game to do the same if only to let him know that i'm not impressed.it was during one of these macho/gay moments that he let a little hint out about how it must have been easy for me to get it all in his sister to which i replied yes i could but she wasn't a virgin.honest to god this motherfucker looked me right in the eyes and said...yeah,i know and she wasn't raped either.all the red flags were coming home to roost when he told me to ask his older sister upstairs about a certain cousin in my family,a cousin who had molested me when i was only 8 years old...my nerves were on edge and i began to drink heavily,long story short my ex-wife slept with the man who had molested me when i was young.how did i finally get her to admit to all the red flags...remember how i grew to respect her crazy brother and older sister well...her brother rented a furnished room not far from where we lived and told me to set a day and time to hide in his closet and just watch the fireworks.honestly at that point in time i wanted out of the marriage and was prepared mentally when my ex-wife left my kids with her sister and showed up in her brothers furnished room that consisted of a huge bed and a round dinette table with a lamp nearby.typical big-brother was in his shorts when she walked in and of course he got her to say quite casually that it was he who took her virginity when she was 13 years old in...you guessed it the roof.honestly i could have perhaps should have come out from the closet than but i was just too numbed and speechless watching him literally holding her face-down on the bed to fuck the shit out of her.truth be told he was twice my size and extremely thick practically lifting her off the bed everytime she felt him inside her....barely able to breath from the pain she pleaded with him to slow down and let her rest.you can imagine the scenario after they were done...with nowhere to run and my i don't give a shit about you and i'm done with the marriage she agreed to tell me the truth provided i vow to never tell our children...no her uncle hadn't raped her,yes when she was younger she had sex with the bodega owner,her two uncles and on..and on and blah-blah-blah...11 years too late i then was to realize i never knew nor had i ever really loved her...11 FUCKING YEARS.our divorce wasn't even cold in the grave when she met and married some other schmuck though i chose to remain single [still am] and made a complete 3/60 in my sexual preferences converting to bi-sexualism and finding my own sexual attractions towards very young girls my then 11 year old niece and a neighbors 12 year old daughter were the first of many young boys and girls to follow.life can throw us many unexpected twist and turns and i've certainly learned the hard emotional way to always expect the unexpected...THE END

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    Straight Female / 18

    if my family EVER found out this happen they would fucking disown me...i have posted this true confession on other websites and got mix responses and criticisms but crazy shit far worse happens around the world everyday. back in early 2012 i was having serious personal issues with my ex-boyfriend and was too fucking tired of the bullshit so i left n.y to head down to georgia to be with my grandfather for the summer.i hadn't really known him too well growing up but had photos of him in my family album.despite the fact that he was medically born a midget my grandfather was a very attractive man and was well toned for his age of 54.back then i was 14 years old and quite frankly not too fucking bright,i wore nerdy glasse's and was really chubby [still am]...so of course my mother didn't like nor approved my being involved with a 21 year old gangsta boy from my neighborhood.so you can imagine how happy she was to put my fat dumb-azz on the first greyhound bus to georgia.my grandfather drove down to the bus depot to pick me up before nightfall and damn that motherfucker was a mad shorty standing tall at 4 feet and no inches lol.it scared me to imagine that genetically i might stop growing at 5 feet 21 nches when i stood next to him at the depot.at grandpas height advantage he was talking to my oversized breast and didn't seem to mind staring at them as we talked and fuck he was a straight up bold lil-bastard talking llke...SHIT BABY-GIRL YOUR A BIG-BONE LITTLE BITCH...GAWD JESUS LOOK-IT THAT PLUMP FAT-AZZ...DANG GIRL SOME NEGRO BACK HOME FUCKING THAT PUSSY...GO ON GET IN THE CAR BABY-GIRL...and i'd be lying if i said that grandpa had me feeling uncomfortable because for once i had finally met someone who said what they felt and were honestly thinking.grandpa made a quick stop-over at the local store to buy a shit-load of heinekens and intoduce me to the owner...HEY JONES THIS HERE GIRL MY GRANDCHILD AND SHE 14 GO ON LOOK AT THEM AZZ...SHE BIG-BREAST LIKE A GROWN WOMAN BUT DON'T LOOK LIKE SHE GETTING FUCKED RIGHT...GO ON BABY-GIRL AND WALK ON OVER TO THE COUNTER SO MR.JONES SEE HOW TIGHT YOU IS WITH YOUR THIGHS ALL CLOSED AND SHIT...contrary to grandpa mr.jones was a tall negro and ugly as fuck...YEAH, SHIT ANDERSON YOU BEST KEEP YOUR GRAND-KID INDOORS OR SOME NEGRO ROUND THESE PART LIABLE TO MATE HER FOR SURE...LISTEN HERE BABY-GIRL AROUND THESE GEORGIA TOWNS YOU RIPE FOR BREEDING AND IT MORE THAN LIKELY YOUR A FEMALE IN HEAT GO ON STAY CLOSE TO YOUR GRANDPA WHILE YOU HERE VISITING YOU HEAR CHILD...my mother had talked about crazy people from georgia being no different than crazy people from wal-mart but i had to respect their honesty so that night sitting in grandpas kitchen drinking cold heinekens and just talking shit i told him my reason for leaving n.y.though i left out certain personal details because unlike grandpa i wasn't used to being so open,honest and bold it's just part of that whole growing up in n.y.c.thing.grandpa was sitting across from me practically seeing through my bullshit and asking questions to fill in the blanks and gaps in my story...BABY-GIRL YOU NEED TO STOP ALL THAT BULLSHIT NONSENSE WITH THAT BOY..MOTHERFUCKER DON'T GOT NO JOB,EDUCATION AND THINK HE GANGSTA...THAT BITCH MOTHERFUCKER GOT NOTHING TO GIVE YOU BUT A LIFETIME OF MISERY...LOOK AT YOU BABY-GIRL I BET THAT BOY AIN'T FUCKING YOU RIGHT...AM I RIGHT BABY-GIRL...BITCH DON'T BE LOOKING AWAY WHEN I'M TALKING THE TRUTH...IS THAT IT BABY-GIRL HE AIN'T GETTING IT DONE RIGHT...YOU WALKING AROUND WITH ALL THAT YOUNG PUSSY AND THOSE NEW YORK CITY NEGRO BOYS DON'T GOT NO DICK TO GIVE YOU...MY GAWD MY GRANDCHILD A MOTHERFUCKING DUMB-AZZ...i don't know if it was the alcohol or grandpas way of being so fucking honest that kept me sitting and drinking at the table when suddenly there was this silence between us...BABY-GIRL YOU GO ON AND LET GO THEM BULLSHIT CITY WAYS...to the point and practically self explanatory... I UNDRESSED BY THE CANDLE NEAR HIS BED AS HE WATCH ME FROM NEARBY,SEX WAS NOTHING NEW TO ME I JUST LIKED TO FEEL A DICK INSIDE ME REGARDLESS IF IT WAS MY EX-BOYFRIEND,MY STEPFATHER,MY NEIGHBOR MR. EMILIO OR THE SUPER DOWN IN THE BASEMENT...WHAT INTRIQUED ME ABOUT GRANDPA WAS HIS MALE CONFIDENCE THAT HE COULD DO BETTER THAN ANY CITY BOY,FOR A YOUNG 14 YEAR OLD GIRL IN SEXUAL HEAT ANY OPPORTUNITY TO FUCK WAS A CHALLENGE AND RISK WORTH TAKING AND GRANDPA WAS RIGHT THAT MY EX AND ALL THOSE CITY BOYS DIDN'T MEASURE UP TO MY SEXUAL EXPECTATIONS...YET WHAT THE FUCK MADE HIM SO SPECIAL.I HAD MOMENTARILY TURNED AWAY TO REMOVE MY SOAKED PANTIES WHEN UNEXPECTEDLY GRANDPA CAME UP FROM BEHIND AND LITERALLY LOCKED ME DOWN IN A BEAR-HUG AND BODY-SLAMMED ME FACE-DOWN ON THE BED.WHAT SOON FOLLOWED SCARED THE FREAKING SHIT OUT OF ME WHEN GRANDPA BEGAN TO PUSH HIS KNEES BETWEEN MY PLUMPED THIGHS AND SHOVE HIS THICK HORSE SIZE DICK HALF-WAY UP MY SOAKED PUSSY KNOCKING ME THE FUCK OUT.I HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I WAS OUT-COLD WHEN I FELT MY HAIR BEING PULLED BACK AND...UNNNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHH TOO MUCH DICK IN MY PUSSY, WHILE SOMEWHERE BEHIND ME I COULD HEAR GRANDPA GRUNTING AND...UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH GRINDING HIS THICK ANACONDA AND POUNDING THE FUCK OUT OF MY TORN AND EXTREMELY BRUISED PUSSY.THAT ENTIRE SUMMER I SPENT WITH MY SHORT BUT WELL ENDOWED GRANDFATER WAS BEYOND ANY PAIN OR PLEASURE I HAD EVER KNOWN,HE PASSED AWAY SEVERAL MONTHS AGO....RIP.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I was fucked by my maths teacher
    I had a detention for not doing my homework so we were in the classroom all by ourselves during the detention I was noticing that she was staring at me and biting her lips (she is a super sexy bbw with boobs size 34F) she walked up to me and whispered You're a naughty boy aren't you I gulped and tried to conceal my boner she noticed it and grabbed at it and unzipped my trousers she looked at me shaking her head, "why are you so hard" and then she made me stand up while she lay on the table showing her pussy, and prompted me fuck her. I pussied out and she floored me so that she could ride my 9 inch cock I was so horny I cummed on the ceiling. Now I purposely get detentions just to have sex

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    Straight Male / 48

    I was 16 and in foster care. Mom died, dad in prison for almost 5 years now, had 10 more to go. This girl, 12 was also in foster, and lived with another family about half mile away. The families got together about every 2 weeks, with 3 other foster families for a big dinner. Moved from house to house each time. School was out, and Carol and I got to go to camp. Two weeks in the mountains. trees, small lake, and lots of fun. On the third night, we slipped out together, and after some kissing, we both finally stripped down, and we just fucked each other. Next night again, and for the rest of the time we kept fucking every night. When school started again, carol's family had some problems, and had to give up doing foster, but they didn't want to have her changing school. I asked my foster if they could take her, and they did. Now we were in the same house, and for the rest of my high school years, we fucked pretty much all the time. I left for the Navy, and didn't see her after that. Looking back, don't know how she never got PG.

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    Straight Male / 48

    I was 16 and in foster care. Mom died, dad in prison for almost 5 years now, had 10 more to go. This girl, 12 was also in foster, and lived with another family about half mile away. The families got together about every 2 weeks, with 3 other foster families for a big dinner. Moved from house to house each time. School was out, and Carol and I got to go to camp. Two weeks in the mountains. trees, small lake, and lots of fun. On the third night, we slipped out together, and after some kissing, we both finally stripped down, and we just fucked each other. Next night again, and for the rest of the time we kept fucking every night. When school started again, carol's family had some problems, and had to give up doing foster, but they didn't want to have her changing school. I asked my foster if they could take her, and they did. Now we were in the same house, and for the rest of my high school years, we fucked pretty much all the time. I left for the Navy, and didn't see her after that. Looking back, don't know how she never got PG.

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    Straight Male / 46

    My sister and her friend used me a toy. girls were twelve and I was eight when it started. her fiend would kiss me and my sister took turns. They would call me the boy they liked when we kissed. We were alone every night from end of school at three till mom got home at seven thirty.
    her friend grew boobs first and got pubic hair first, by thirteen she had started her period. So this was the topic of conversation for them. her family member told her she was a woman now. So she wanted to be one. Kissing wen to jerking me off, trying to put me inside her. She had a pretty tough hymen I could not get into. My sister said try me, It went right in. I know why, she had fingered her self with two and three fingers. I had seen her do it after her friend left us. I had seen her stick the back brush handle inside her some. her skin was gone.
    She fingered her friend and got her ready, by then I wanted to watch my TV show. I got pissed and left the bed room. The girls held me down in the living room while her friend got me hard, got on me and stuck it in her. She could not figure it out, so she made me got on top of her. I did it for a while but never had an orgasm, I watched my show and kept going. She laid there and had her orgasm. She looked at my sister with strange eyes. What was that?? she said an orgasm. like you get when you rub it. No its not like that, it was different.
    So my sister made her get up and she got under me. She did not have this mind blowing orgasm, she could not have one. Told me I did it wrong. so it like I did before. nothing. I got tired and stopped, jumped on the couch and watched tv.
    I started to shoot a load just before me twelfth birthday. I shit it in my sisters friend. That was her last time for fear of a baby. My sister did not stop and made her friend watch and wait while we did it. I did get her friend once more with a condom on. By then her breast were much larger and pubic hair was thick and soft.

    Its strange the things kids will do when left alone.

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    Straight Male / 28

    My friend's sister is was 24 and a junky at thetime, addicted to heroin.. This led to her always asking her mom for money, or stealing it from her. when i was 13, one night, I was sleeping over she asked me if she could borrow $20, I told her no, and she just begged me, and it led to her offering me her body. I immediately thought of a blowjob and didn't hesitate. Next thing I knew my underwear were at my knees and she was telling me not to tell anyone or if wouldn't happen again.

    I paid her her for about 20 blowjobs in the next year. I stopped it when I got my first girlfriend. It never struck me that I was taking advantage of her, but I wonder who was really taking advantage of who here?? I was a minor, and she was mid-20s!

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    Straight Female / 23

    MY FATHER AND THE TRUE... MY FATHER god rest his soul wasn't a very smart man and towards the end of his life i really believe he just didn't give a shit.he destroyed everything that should have meant the world to him,funny how the whole aggresive male with a huge penis was his only lasting memory.after his initial divorce from my mother rumors within his side of the family began circulating that he had taken a young hispanic girl with a medical history of retardation into his 1 bedroom apartment and raped her anally.this was back in the early 1970's and because it involved hispanic in our poor communities the courts and legal authorities didn't give a shit.the young girls parents practically wanted to marry her off to my father because according to old customs from our lands in puerto rico going back to the 1930's my father was responsable for mating with their daughter and bringing her to womanhood.seriously i thought they were insane and was sure that my father would somehow turn this to his advantage instead of leaving the issue well enough alone.i knew my father well and far beyond a young daughter should and so did my friends daisy,liz,tara,melina etc...first it wasn't surprising to learn from my aunt rosa that the retarded girl now spent her time visiting my father,baking him cakes bringing him home-cooked meals and second that for all my fathers shortcomings and fucking stupidities the man certainly knew how to make any girl feel like the most well fucked female in the universe.my fathers method was effective,bold and straight to the point...get the girl anyway you can and tear her pussy apart,my fathers motto was give no mercy because she wasn't there for charity...leave her shocked,stretched and sore but well satisfied and soaked in her own orgasms.me and my lil-friends learn these lessons well,always referred as daddy's girl by family and friends my father made it official on the ferris wheel in coney island when he bent me over the metal seats and rammed into me without so much as taking the time to remove my three days worn panties.barely unable to breath from the painful shock of too much dick in my plumped pussy i kicked and moaned tearfully looking up at the sky through the metal bars that kept us safe and locked in the ferris wheel.round and round we went as the wheel rocked and tilted to my fathers crazy painful grinding and pounding into pure fresh young girl pussy.trust me when your that far up nobody can hear you scream and my father was brutal,his fucking dick was stretching and stroking nerves,clitoris and even places in my pussy i never knew were there.moherfucker even knew how to time my very first orgasms literally pulling at my hair to stand me up and push and lick at my plumped sore pussy with his thick tongue.like some bastard kin to dracula he savored the taste of my virgin blood leaking through the punctured hole in the crotch of my panties.i exited that ferris wheel on buckled knees while my father held me up by the waist,everyday from that moment on that girl pussy was his and fuck yeah he worked it like boss...when i met anita my fathers latest fuck-toy i noted she could barely walk,sit or stay still long enough to carry a conversation with me constantly looking out my fathers window in the kitchen wondering i imagined where my father was.i had seen him right around the other side of the building as i was getting off the bus talking to a pretty little negro girl with big breast.i remember thinking OUCH daddy not that one she won't have any pussy left your dick is going to kill-it because damn that negro girl was a shorty.later that night my dad walked in smelling like blood and young shorty pussy and i thought fuck there's a young negro girl walking around with no pussy...TO BE CONTINUED

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    When I was a boy my mom made me be an alter boy. So I walked the 10 blocks to the church where they were holding alter boy classes and when I got there the priest said "sorry this is only for boys" He thought I was a girl because my hair was down to my butt. That was 1969 when most 10 year old boys either had long hair or at least it was a bit shaggy. So I told him I was a boy and my name and he checked his list and sure enough there I was.

    So the classes took 4 weeks of meeting one hour every Saturday and when we finished we all served mass together as a celebration of having completed our alter boy training. Then we were assigned our schedule. I was excited. I was assigned to second mass on Sunday which was 9am. So I came out with the priest and there were some shocked looks on the people's faces. It didn't occur to me that there was anything wrong with me. It seems half the people there thought I was a girl and some complained to the bishop that our parish had "alter girls." Well they investigated and the pastor asked my parents to get me a haircut and my mom said no. So they decided to include in the parish program a list of what alter boys were serving what mass and that would clear up any confusion since all were listed as "alter boys" leaving no doubt as to gender. I thought the whole thing rather silly.

    But none of that had anything to do with why I am posting this.

    In the meantime, while this silly controversy was going on. one young priest fresh from being ordained, had decided that I would make him an excellent girlfriend. He had grown up in an all boy orphanage run by priests. At 16 he entered the seminary. At 24 he became a priest so he was quite young. He also had long hair as was common then but only down to his shoulders. He was slender and good looking and soft spoken and gentle. He invited me down to the church basement where the priests had a sort of rec room with a wet and dry bar, several sofas, a nice stereo, TV and a bed. I thought the bed odd. So that first time, a Saturday afternoon, I was in the church basement with Fr. Pat and we were watching TV. It was color and 25 inches so that was king of neat since my family couldn't afford a color one or one that big. (in those days a 25 inch color TV typically cost about 2-3 months wages) I was actually quite excited over watching such a TV. More special is it had UHF which meant it got three more stations than the normal 4 for a total of 7 stations. Since he had run the antenna all the way up into the bell tower we got great reception. I was not especially alarmed when he started to rub my back. I wasn't even alarmed when he took my shirt off to do it. In fact when he suggested I take my pants off to make it easier for him to give me a massage I still wasn't alarmed. He was nice about all of it and frankly the physical affection felt wonderful. It got a little awkward when he slipped his hands inside the back of my tighty whities but his hand kneading my ass cheeks still felt kind of nice. It was when he got his hands around to the front that I started to panic. My panic did subside a bit when he started to suck me. In fact I completely forgot how nasty what we were doing as he sucked my dick and balls in his mouth at the same time as he reached around and massaged my ass occasionally slipping a finger in my ass. I just wrapped my hands around his head and held on. His long hair draped over the back of my hands felt kind of nice too. I didn't have an orgasm that first time but it felt awesome and I was disappointed when it stopped. He told me that it was special magic that God did for good little alter boys but was a secret that I couldn't tell my parents. It felt really special.

    This went on nearly every weekend for about two years. Then one day when I was 12 Fr Pat took his clothes off and asked me if I would give HIM a massage. I was a bit nerveous about the idea. I had never seen him naked but he just tore it all off and laid on the bed face down. By this point I had been regularyly cumming in his mouth and had been fantasizing about what his cock might look like or what it might have tasted like. I got on top and massaged him the way he did me saving his butt for last and spending the most time on it. He was 26 years old and had a really nice butt and it was fun to massage it. It had much less hair than my dad's. He turned over after a while and that was when I got my first really good look at his huge erection. It was almost as big as my fore arm. I couldn't help myself. I leaned over and took the head in my mouth and mimicked what Fr Pat had been doing with me except I couldn't get as much of his into my mouth. After some practice I managed to get about half of it down my throat. But I didn't have to suck long, he came in my mouth after about five minutes and it was a lot. His come tasted a little salty and not as bad as I thought in fact I got horny again just from the taste and he sucked me hard again. Then he asked if I would like to fuck him in his ass. We were WAY beyond pretending this was god's special magic playtime. I was gay, he was gay, we were fucking around and I didn't care and stopped believing in god anyways. I think he did too. I came in his ass which was really tight and hot and soft and that felt wonderful.

    Two weeks later he started fucking my ass. After that mostly it was me getting fucked but he would suck me off afterwards. The first time hurt a little but he didn't go all the way in. By the third time he was fucking my ass to the hilt and it hurt but it turned me on anyways. After a few months I could not get enough of being fucked in the ass and could take his whole length quite easily.

    About two months before I turned 13 he had gotten one of the other priests involved and it was me getting ass raped by both priests and then one would lick my ass while the other sucked me off. Sometimes they would fuck me at both ends and sometimes they would simply lick me all over for hours.

    One day Fr Pat and Fr Bob took me to the big city when I was 13. Mostly it was shopping for girls clothes. They took me to a few stores in the big city. They weren't dressed as priests. They took me to places where I could get girl's clothes but really sexy stuff like lingerie. They bought me a corset and skirts and dresses, pretty much a complete wardrobe for a teenage slut except I was a guy. They took me to a beauty parlor where they trimmed my hair so it was at knee level in a straight line and then permed the ends so I would have big soft feminine curls in my pigtails. They got my ears pierced (that was really hard to explain to my mom. boys didn't have pierced ears in 1973). They even took me to have my make-up done. Then they took me to a drag show where it was mostly old guys in dresses and WAY too much make-up trying to sing like famous female singers. Mostly I thought it was stupid but this one really hot guy in drag came over to talk to us and he ended up being only 15. You would not have guessed he was a boy. Randy turned out to be Pat's nephew. We went out to a gay bar together the four of us and Randy started to kiss me and I really liked it and Fr. Pat & Bob got into each other pretty heavy. Nobody seemed to care and nobody cared that I was 13 and Randy was 15 since they served us anyways. We got a hotel room the four of us and that's when it really got interesting. Bob and Pat started to play rape their two "slave girls." while Randy and I continued our heavy make-out session. When Pat was done cumming in my ass and bob was done with Randy's, Randy and I did a 69 that ended up with each of us cumming in the other's mouth.

    It is amazing how much parents trusted priests back in those days. It just never occurred to them to question that I had been selected for a two week long youth retreat in the big city 300 miles away. Fr. Pat and Bob continued to rape me until I was 15. First Fr. Bob got transferred and we never saw him again. Then Fr. Pat whom I really missed disappeared to South America with his nephew Randy along with about $20,000 in parish funds.

    As for me?? I got married and had three kids. One of my two sons turned out to be gay and a sissy and I took him on his first drag shopping trip after he came out. My other son is straight as an arrow and married with his own three kids. My daughter is a nun and the principal of a catholic elementary school for girls. Go figure.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I am not 18 not as said.I am 15,we are 2 boys for my parents.This story is true i want an answer so iam writing.I had seen a naked body when I was 7 yrs old,my cousin sister while we are bathing I stared at her thing as most of us,boys do.after the shower we changed our dress.on the night we were sleeping together
    also with her own brother.I touched her small push.she pushed my hands of.next day we were alone as our parents go for picking our uncle,we only had our grandmother in our house.I can't control my feelings.I put my hand under her dress.she didn't stop as last night. she also said that her brother was with her so she rejected.we take out our clothes.I liked and kissed her pussy(I don't know to fuck that time)so continued.we dressed up.as I said my uncle was coming.she too have 2 daughtes.I have already bathed that day.but they requested me to wash and clean my uncle's younger daughter. I clean her.that day was most magnificent. I saw 3 pussy that day.I do the same thing to my cousin again next year.when I was 8.last month she was with me.I touched her boobs and saw her pantees .she didn't take it serious and thought that happened while playing.I masturbated 3 times only in my life. that was most recent.next week my uncle's two daughters one 14 and other 10.I am feared that I can't control myself and fuck her as she has a well body.I am also feared that when my cousin(the one I have seen naked)get married and tell her husband about what I have done.also to her parents. help me please respond.give advice.

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