When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell AdultConfessions.com about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    Well, I was 13, and was on a camping trip w my family and went to take a shower at the bathrooms/shower house...it was late, and it was empty, but there was an older guy in there and he was walking around with his cock out. I was really young and self concious and was trying to stay covered up, but I could tell he was looking at me. I saw him tug his dick a few times... He stood up and had a big half boner, I kept looking over at his big dick and he knew it..he stepped back in the shower stall and I acted like I had to walk by so I could look again. He saw I was looking and I felt really embarrassed, but he laughed and was like "you can if u want" and just held his now hard dick in his hand. By that point my heart was racing but I was sure he'd be ok if I grabbed it...so I stepped into the stall, grabbed his cock and started stroking it. He pulled the curtain shut as I jerked his dick. I was staring at his cock in my hand and again he said "u can if u want". I knew what he meant and started sucking him. I barely had to bend over to blow him, and he reached down and started stroking my raging hard on... I came very fast and shot all over his leg,lol...that must have turned him on cuz right after that he groaned and shot one huge shot in my mouth then pulled out and came on my face and body. He cleaned up quick and said "don't tell"..I of course would never tell what I had just done and I think he knew that full well. I had to shower again and never saw him again! That's my story

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    Straight Female / 18

    my name is cindy and when I was a kid my father had sex with me . I tried to fight him off but he was a big man and I was pre teen but I did have breast and a ass then,which daddy was smaking everytime I walk by. He was always trying to grab my tity and put his hand down my panties but I pushed his hand away he would laugh and saying for me to get use to it soon I was going to like it.One thing I liked was when he stuck his tongue in my mouth and pinched my nipples it was so odd but I did like it very much.When we were alone he wanted me to play with his cock it was very hard and fat big ,once he told me to taste it I was curious so I did it was too large for my mouth but daddy liked it.

    he was playing with me for a while now and told me not to tell.i was afraid of him at times he could be a creep sometimes.Well my siblings were younger than me 3&5 my mother had to go take care of gramps and dad took vacation to care for us I was on winter break,Mom left after breakfast to catch her plane Dad drove her.My uncle came by with my cousins we were very close when dad got home uncle wanted the younger ones to go to his home for the rest of the week to help dad out so they left. That's when dad said your mine now Im going to show you how to be a women,I was starting to get excited,we had a hot tub he gave me a drink and I felt like a grown up ,all the while he was kissing and pawing at me,this time it felt so good I was naked and playing like my mom.

    Dad was tongue kissing me and calling me his little bitch how we were going to fuck everyday while we were alone I said no daddy your my dad that's not allowed.he got mad and said don't worry about that that's not true he was smoking and drinking in the hot tub and told me to take a puff so I did. A little while later I was light headed so dad said your ready now to fuck and we went into moms room. he thru me on the bed and put his face in my pussy and his tongue was all over the place even in my asshole it felt wonderful,then he made me eat his balls and cock.

    dad said I was doing a great job but I liked sucking his cock like a ice cream cone but it was so big I moved my t..ongue and mouth from his balls and his asshole as well.We were sucking for a very long time dad was putting his fingers in my asshole and my pussy I was so excited happy thinking mom does this great,Well after some time my body was shaking and I was breathing heavy and it happened my orgasm and dad kept sucking my pussy and I felt it again what is happening to me.Dad picked up his head from my pussy his face was so wet I said im sorry I pee pee on you,he started to laugh no baby you had your first orgasm and now daddy wants to put his cock in your dripping wet pussy.okay daddy that's all I could say I was sop happy feeling great I wanted more anything daddy wants I want to give him.he stuck that monster in my pussy I screamed it hurt but after dad was moving in and out I liked it dad told me to move my ass roll and I was so happy feeling daddys stick in me I did anything he wanted.i fell asleep and when I woke up dad wanted more and so did I,we fucked and sucked all day and night again . I grew into a women then and after dad and I fucked when ever we could he even taught me to fuck in my ass ,but that took longer to learn dads cock is humogous he had to stretch out my ass for his cock but it felt so good,and I learned how to suck dads dick better and he saids I fuck and suck better than mom and he would rather fuck me than her,so before he goes to fuck mom now he meets me in the basement and I get his cock hard for him and he sucks my pussy really good and when I graduate high school dad wants to move in with me,he said no other man is going into his pussy.

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    Straight Female / 25

    My best friend in elementary school was Amy. When I was seven she invited me to a sleepover at her house. She lived with her dad. Her dad and mom were divorced. Amy's dad made us a pallet in the living room right in front of the television. We sat on the pallet wearing just short nighties and our panties playing with barbies. Her dad sat in front of us in a recliner wearing just his boxers. He called to Amy and she put down her Barbie and went and climbed up on his lap. She sat there with her back to his chest. He pulled up her nightie and pushed his hand down the front of her panties. Amy's knees were up and spread wide and I could see his hand moving in her pants. Soon she begin to giggle and squirm around so he pulled his hand out. She jumped off his lap and told me to take my turn. I didn't want to, but he told me to come get on his lap. He was an adult and I had always been told to obey grownups, so I climbed to my feet and walked over to him. I saw his thing was out. It was big and ugly. He lifted me onto his lap with my back to his chest. I could feel his thing under me. He positioned my legs like Amy's, then pushed his hand down in my panties. For a moment his fingertip just rubbed up and down my moist, slick, pussy-slit. Then he found my tiny clitoris, and just teased it rubbing it up and down. I was sure I would hate it, but after a minute of him pestering my little love-button, I realized it felt really good. Soon I was giggling and squirming just like Amy. Only he didn't stop and just kept diddling me until I experienced my first orgasm. Afterward, he took us out for ice cream.

    The next morning he took turns eating our pussies and making us come again and again. Amy showed me how to suck his cock and make him cum with my hands. I wasn't afraid anymore and found everything we did exciting. He told me this was our secret and I couldn't tell. And I didn't.

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    Straight Male / 18

    There is this girl in my class named Brenee that is so beautiful. To start off, I have known her a little in elementary school, middle school, and she has been in my classes in high school. She is not popular as some people find her annoying (I don't think she is. I think some people don't like the fact that she can argue well and that she has a little sass). I talk to her daily at lunch and in class. She has perfect boobs. Nice sized (not fat large ones), round, with most shirts they kind of pop out, and they are very perky. She has a cute butt as well. It is kind if small but very fitting for her kind of short body. Her ass is nicely round and when she wears tight pants it shapes extremely well to them where you can see every curve. She is pretty smart too.

    Today in class she wore these beautiful light grey pants that perfectly shaped her butt. They tightly wrapped and confirmed to her cute butt. She looked amazing! I couldn't stop taking looks at it as she was sitting down.

    Near the end of class we had some free time before class change, and she was standing talking to some people. I was sitting down. Luckily for me her back was turned to me, so I had a great view of her cute little butt. At seeing it I couldn't resist becoming erect. I was able to shift around in my seat to rub the erection against my pants, and after a couple of minutes I did it. She did this cute thing where she shifted all of her weight to one leg and it was amazingly sexy and made her butt expand out a little more. I wound up getting off in my pants at the exact moment. Wow is she beautiful!

    Let me know what you guys think.

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    Straight Male / 18

    I was 15 and just left home and move to a new town. Then, on one of my visit to the pub, a woman in her late 50âs came over to me. âYou are new around here arenât you?? I have been watching you for the past few weeks. Itâs no good just sitting there staring into your pint you know,â she said. I blushed a little. She was rather a trend dresser, with long hair tied up at the back.

    She introduced herself as Andrea and offered to buy me another drink. After a few weeks of talking together in the pub, Andrea invited me back to her place. We took back few cans of beers, and she disappeared for a few minutes whilst I sat on the sofa. Well, there I was watching the TV, when Andrea came into the room wearing a very sexy lingerie. It was a black long chemise and totally transparent. I could see she didnât wear any bra or panty at all!

    She sat next to me and pouring more beers into my glass and I couldn't even look at her eyes. My body was little shocking and just pretending drinking beer. I told her Iâd never had a girlfriend. Andrea placed her are over my shoulders. âI believe a young, handsome boy needs a mature woman to initiate him into love-makingâ, Andrea said in a warm soft voice. The she began to kiss me tenderly on the lips, and I felt a surge of electricity shoot through me as Andrea slid her hand down my jeans and slowly unbuttoned them.

    I left out a giggle as I felt her warm wrinkly hand slip inside my Y-fronts and start fondling my cock and balls. I had never touched there before, and my prick shot up in on time! Very soon Andrea had my stiff tool out in the open and began tossing me off. She took hold of my hand and I felt her guiding it up the inside thigh and into her soft, warm count! âCome on up to bed. Iâm going to break my baby in real good!â Andrea whispered to me lecherously.

    My Legs were sharking nervously as Andrea led me up to stairs. She pushed me down onto the bed while we were kissing, and, taking hold of my pants she tugged them off. I let out a groan as I felt Andreaâs tongue curl round my excited cock and, pulling my foreskin well back, she took me into her mouth. To my surprise, Andrea began sucking me and squeezing my balls. Then, taking off me out of her mouth, Andrea sat on top of me as I tore off my T-shirt, and moaned as she guided my young, virginal cock into her tight, wet, well matured hole.

    I was watching in awe as Andrea hoisted her kaftan above her large, drooping boobs. In spite of her wrinkly, ageing flesh and stretch marks, Andrea had me totally in her power. My tongue flicked over here large nipples and traced the exposed veins around her breast. I cried out as I felt the tip of my cock pressing against her inside, fingering her bum hole as she began to cm, her tits swinging into my face as I felt her warm sticky fluid run right down my cock onto my balls. âCum for me! Come on â fill me, baby!â Andrea cried as she raised herself up, rubbing her hand over wrinkly belly.

    I felt so hot that I thought my head was about to explode as I came, flooding into Andreaâs pussy hole! Then I watched as Andrea sucked my limp cock clean, and we lay together. We were kissing and caressing each other till Andrea noticed me going stiff against her thigh.

    I moved into Andreaâs house after that night and lived with her for a few year. I was so happy because she taught me all I know about lovemaking and I saved a large amount of rents.

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    Straight Male / 18

    There is this girl in my class that I just can't get enough of. She is absolutely beautiful. I would consider myself as kind of a nerd, but many people in my class know me as being kind and smart. The girl isn't very popular (which I think is great because she isn't a stuck up bitch). At lunch, a friend made a joke just to try and annoy her. He said she was flat chested and she said "my boobs are great" and "I know I have a great chest". It was so hot. I immediately became erect as she was admitting that she has nice boobs. I can say for one that they look fantastic. Nice sized, round, and very perky. Usually when she wears a shirt you can see the crack between her beautiful boobs and they perk out nicely. Her butt is cute, but not as good as her chest. When she is wearing tight pants her butt looks quite nice. It is small, cute, bubbly, but very fitting for her (she is kind of short). The other day in class she looked amazing! While I was erect I kept shifting around in my chair and the erection kept rubbing against my pants. It felt so good. I had actually managed to masturbate for the first time in class to a beautiful girl. I just can't get enough of her.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    My dad left my mom when I was 13 and for the longest time I would hear her crying in her bed at night and she became like a zombie as she never got enough sleep.
    2 days after my 14th birthday I came home from school and mom was not in the kitchen as usual, I went upstairs to my room and as I passed moms room I saw her naked gagged and handcuffed spread eagled on her bed. My first though was that she had been attacked and raped, I ran in and took the gag out of her mouth and I could see the key to the handcuffs on the floor I grabbed it and said don't worry mom I will get these off.
    This was where it got weird, Mom said well yes you could set me free but I am cuffed and vulnerable now and i cuffed myself like this 30 minutes ago. God was I shocked as the implications got through to me and despite everything I developed a raging hard on. Within 5 minutes I was pounding away between my mothers legs and pumping the first of many loads of cum deep inside her hot c**t.
    Turns out my mom has always been a sub and losing dad meant that not only did she lose her husband but also her master. Gradualy over the next few weeks I found out what moms deepest darkest secrets were she loved being humiliated (she told me she had been dripping wet at the thought of me finding her on that bed after she had cuffed herself there and deliberately left the key out of reach so she couldnt change her mind. Sh loves being caned spanked and whipped even to the point of drawing blood, she adores having her pussy lips clit and nipples tortured, and me well I have learned how to be a VERY severe master, mom makes a great punch bag and I love her on her knees begging for my cock.

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    Straight Male / 48

    When I was 7 years old my parents got divorced. My dad took off and we never heard from him again. My Mom didn't have a job and couldn't get one. She didn't know how to do anything so we got welfare for a while but then a friend of a friend told her about a way to make a big pile of money without having to do much work. It was by making kiddy porn. In those days they didn't have computers or the internet. We drove to an old brick building in the city. It was probably an old factory or warehouse. I was too young to know for sure. We parked and knocked on the door and a fat old guy smoking a stinky cigar let us in. He led us down a dark hallway then into an industrial looking office with windows facing the inside of the building like a manager's office in an old factory might.

    He talked to my mom for a few minutes about stuff I didn't understand. Then he handed her an envelope and told her I better be worth it.

    A few minutes later he took us out into a big room with lots of bright lights. There were other kids there, a boy around my age with long red hair and a couple of little girls a year or too younger than me. They were all naked but with towels around them. Fat guy told me to take my clothes off. I was very nervous but my mom smiled and nodded and said it was OK so I stripped naked. It was easier to do since other kids were there naked. An older woman around my mom's age came in and then stripped naked.

    "OK kid, time to lose your 'ginity"

    I had no idea what he meant but then he explained that I had to rub my dick around the woman's pee pee. That I understood and tried it but all her wiry hair felt weird. Then she took me into her mouth and sucked on it and that felt really good. She sucked and licked me all over and told me I was a very pretty boy and the whole thing felt really weird but wonderful at the same time. One of the little girls was told to kiss me on the mouth while the woman continued to suck me. She stuck her tongue in my mouth which I thought was disgusting but fat guy told me to stick my tongue in her mouth and I better do it and make it look like I liked it. So I tried my best and since my dick was getting sucked it made it better but it was still strange. The girl was pretty enough but I was only 7 and had never kissed anyone that way.

    Then the woman started to kiss me on the mouth but her tongue was much bigger and her perfume was strong but smelled nice. The other little girl was told to suck on my penis and she did and seemed like she did that a lot like maybe every day because she really seemed to know what she was doing. It felt really nice but not as nice as when the woman did it. But she was busy licking inside my mouth. Then fat guy told me to sit on the woman's mouth and told the woman to lick my butt hole which she did and that felt better than anything ever. While she was doing that the girl stuck her pee pee in my mouth and I was told to lick it which I thought was gross but I did it anyways because fat guy looked mean but then it didn't taste that bad.

    Then the two girls and the other boy went onto the bed and stuck their pee pees into each other's mouths and rubbed them together and they stuck their fingers in each other a lot. Then the fat guy told me to pee in the woman's mouth but that was not easy so it took a long time but it felt nice because she was still sucking on my. Then fat guy said we were done and told my Mom I did a really good job and we wanted to use me again. He gave my mom another envelope and she looked inside and seemed very very happy when she saw all the money.

    When we got home Mom dumped all the money onto the table and counted it up and she said it was more money than my dad made in a year but I never found out how much that was. It was about a year later that I found out that all those lights were bright because there were cameras there. I hadn't known we were making a movie until then.

    My mom got paid for me to make kiddy porn until I was 13 when we were told I was too old to do that any more. We made kiddy porn about every other weekend for about 6 years and my mom made enough money from that to live off of and to pay for me to go to school and the rest she used for retirement. She died a couple of years ago.

    The part I regret the most is that by the time I got into puberty and really started to enjoy fucking the smaller kids they said they didn't really need me any more. That really sucked. but for about a year or so I got to get paid a pig pile of money to stick my dick into 3 and 4 year old girls and get blow jobs by beautiful women who pretended to be my mom committing incest with me. That last year was a blast.

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    Straight Female / 49

    though i've since learn to forgive my mother i still can't understand why the fuck she trusted so easily,back in early 1979 when i was 11 years old she sent me to puerto rico for the summer.i didn't want to go because i didn't know my grandparents and had heard that they were mean and strict with their old fashion ways.my grandfather was a huge strong motherucker who worked all of his life in the mountains cutting trees and shit and my grandmother was a really fat nasty woman who had the habit of picking and scratching her privates in public.puerto rico is a beautiful place to visit and the people are friendly but even at the age of 11 i knew that my grandfather was not a decent respectful man,his eyes were always on me and his questions convinced me where his thoughts were.quite frankly i was no little angel because back home in n.y. i had let a married man take my virginity while his wife was away visiting family,somehow i managed to keep his big dick inside me but i hated when he followed me around as if he fucking own me and shit until i threaten to tell his wife and my mother.i had wanted to try sex and learn why some of the girls in school thought it was great,incest seemed so natural to them but i found that shit disgusting but the sex was interesting.it was easy to have time alone with my next door neighbor because my mother was good friends with his wife and they never would have imagined a grown married man capable of engaging a short fat little 11 year old girl in a sexual act.we only had sex three times and though i liked it i just didn't like him... my grandfather i liked even less and though i often tried to avoid that motherfucker and hoped the summer would end he kept following me around always carrying his fucking bible.it wasn't long before i tired of him asking me if i had a boyfriend back home or if i knew what sex was etc...so one day while outside riding the bike they bought me or rather he bought me with strings attached i fucking went off on his old perverted ass..YEAH,GRANDPA A MAN BACK IN N.Y. FUCKED ME THREE TIMES,NO GRANDPA I DON'T HAVE A FUCKING BOYFRIEND AND YOU SHOULD RESPECT ME BY NOT ASKING ME THESE QUESTIONS,I KNOW ABOUT INCEST BECAUSE SOME OF THE GIRLS IN SCHOOL HAVE DONE IT WITH THEIR UNCLES AND FATHERS...I DON'T SEE YOU THAT WAY OLD MAN SO PLEASE STOP TRYING TO...just then my grandfather slapped me right the fuck off the bike and leaned over to pull me up by my hair and literally put his tongue in my mouth,it was so sudden that it took several seconds for me to register the fact that his other hand was grabbing and stroking my fat little pussy.the front of my dress was clearly pushed into my vagina along with my panties and that motherfucker seemed to love that shit...from then on i hated that bastard though for a time he did leave me alone,mentally i knew what he was doing by staying away...it was going to be a long summer and i had the choice of letting another man fuck me or somehow report him to the police.my grandmother who obviously knew what was going on decided to send me home...at least that was the only kindness she ever showed me before they both passed away...true story.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 24

    When I was about 7 or 8, my mother met a coworker who she had become good friends with very quckly. She had 2 daughters, one older than me and one younger by a year or two.. Because our mothers were so close, her daughters and I spent alot of time together. We were left alone to play in my room. playtime often turned to sexual exploration as the older sister would often straddle me, setting her butt on my crotch.. Disguising it as being playful, she would grind herself on my pelvis as her younger sister pinned down my feet.
    This went on for a while until the younger sister caught me and the older sister naked, touching eachother under the blanket in my room. She must have gotten jealous because she immediately told thier mother, who eventually put a stop to it. Temporarily.
    About a year later, the sisters had come over again early in the morning. I had not expected them so I had left my door open while taking a bath as I often did. The younger sister came down the hallway to use the restroom and walked in on me.. She did not leave, Instead she sat on the toilet and talked to me. As we talked about .. Kids stuff .. I would catch her glimpsing at my penis.. This excited me even at such a young age, I found myself purposely moving the bubbles out of the way to expose myself to her. In the middle of this her Mom calls out to her and she leaves me to finish my bath.
    They had stayed over that night, the next morning I woke up to the younger sister crawling under the covers with me. It started out innocent enough as we both watched cartoons and held hands.. But then she slipped her hand down my pants and began softly rubbing my balls.. I stuck my hand down her princess jasmine panties (still remember the pattern) and rubbed my middle finger between her pussy lips. We did this almost every time she stayed over. She was the first girl to ever give me an erection.
    We continued to randomly experiment with each other as years went on. Sometimes she would strip for me and my friends in my bedroom, she seemed to get off on making us horny. This all stopped around the time she got her first boyfriend (11 or 12).. I often feel ashamed of my role in the whole thing, but we've hung out since then and it has never been brought up.. Plus maybe they feel they took advantage of ME????????

    I do not endorse phillia nor have I ever desired young girls in my adult life. But I do find myself turned on by the memory of us once in a while.. Maybe it's due to the fact it was all new to me at the time.

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