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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    When I was about 12 and a very horny young boy my best friend from school and I actually had sex together one day while we were at my house all alone for the day. I still can`t figure out why it happened but it was pretty easy to do once we agreed to do it. He started it by telling me he wanted to get naked and he wanted me to get naked with him. After talking a little we just took our clothes off and both of us were hard as a rock.
    He started touching me and had his hand on my dick and it felt so good I just let him keep doing it. Eventually he got around behind me as we stood in the floor of my bedroom and he got up close behind me and was holding on to me rubbing his dick up and down on my ass and that felt good too. We never spoke a word but ended up in the floor on the carpet with me face down and him on top of me still humping on my ass and I still don`t know why I didn`t try to stop him I just laid there face down and even let him push my legs apart with his knees as he held his dick to my ass until he found my asshole then tried to poke his dick in my tight hole.
    He tried several times but it wouldn`t go in at first but the harder he pushed the better it felt to me so I was pretty anxious just to see how it was going to feel if he did stick it in me. He was trying like hell and asked me to spread my butt open for him so I did. Something came over me at that point and all I wanted was for him to stick his dick in me and finally it went in and he put all of it up my ass once the head went in and he started working it in and out for a few seconds then he came. I actually felt his cum going inside of me and that got us both very excited.
    He wanted to lay on top of me for awhile so He did and was hard again real soon and started fucking me again. My asshole was very slick with his cum and it felt so much better when he was fucking me and he lasted a pretty good while before he asked me if he should pull it out before he shot off this time. I told him not to and to just keep going and it felt even better the second time.
    We put on our shorts after he took it out of my ass and then we went in the bathroom to wash up. We talked about it a lot for a few hours and ended up doing it again after I asked him to do it to me again. We did it right there in our Den that time with me laying face down on a towel on the couch then from behind on my hands and knees a second time. It felt good each time and the way his dick felt inside of me when he came was pretty damn exciting for both of us so we both agreed that we should do it as often as possible so that entire summer almost every day he fucked me in the ass as much as he could and in a couple of weeks he and I tried sucking each others dicks and after I let him cum in my mouth the first time he let me cum in his.
    About half way thru the school year he had to move away and we both hated it a lot. I can still remember laying there that very first time waiting for him to stick his dick in my ass how much I liked it how I liked getting fucked how his cum felt shooting in my ass and how much I liked having my mouth on his dick and his cum in my mouth and it was so easy just to swallow it. I wished I could go back to those days again it was great.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    When I was 17 years old, my older brother and his friends took me to a strip club for my birthday - I was a virgin and I had never seen the female anatomy in person.

    They got me drunk and during the night, they paid me a couple dances in a private booth.

    The first song she was dancing and her pussy was right up to my face - I could smell her pussy and I eventually creamed my pants.

    During the second song, she asked me if I was a virgin and I said yes - she treated me to letting me touch her nipples and ass but gently.

    During the third song, Careless Whispers from Georges Micheal (I still remember the song), she pulled down my pants down to my ankles and she gave me an amazing blowjob ! I had already creamed my pants (thank God) and I was able to last right to the end of that song.

    It was my best blowjob yet !!! I guess boys will be boys !

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    When I was 16 years old, my married next door neighbor (lets call him Mr Smith) hit on me for sex. He was in his late 50's and I was more than willing. I already been sucking my best friend off at age 14 so it was no big deal to me. We talked about everything and about jerking-off and sex. I started cutting his lawn and one day after I finished while his wife was away in another state he told me to go take a shower witch I found weird but did any way. I was in the shower, it was a big all tile shower with all glass. I looked over saw Mr smith was watching me naked. First thing I looked at was his big very veiny uncut cock. He had big hanging balls and his pubic hairs was trimmed tight. He looked at me open the glass door and said can I join you? I said not sure um I think it's ok and he stepped in closed the door. He grabbed the bar of soap and started to lather him self up. He then rubbed the bar on me and to my now hard on. He got behind me pulling me to him. He started to stroke my little 4 1/2 in hard cock. I felt his growing cock on my ass cheeks. As he was stroking my cock he whisper in my ear ever do this with another guy. I told his yes he ask what did I do. I told him I have sucked dick. He asked if I ever gotten fucked? I said no. He soaped up my hole and I felt his hard cock at my hole starting to push. I felt pain as he held me against the wall pushing his cock into me. I said it hurts stop but he wasn't going to he had to much lust in him. He said let it happen don't fight it I know it feels like you need to go to the bathroom but u don't so let it go. I did and he slide in balls deep. He started to slow fuck me, I lost my hard-on as he picked up and started to pound me. The room was filled with his moans and that slapping sound of flesh to flesh when he finely shot his load deep in me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    When I was about 8 years old my cousin who is the same age told me he wanted to corn hole me one night back in his bedroom. I asked what corn hole was and he just said let me show you so I let him do it to me and we took off our underwear and got in the sleeping bag and with me face down naked and him naked on top of me I laid there and let him stick his dick in my asshole. It felt good so I just laid there and let him do it to me in the ass.
    Not just one time but three different times that night he got on top of me and put his dick in my asshole and humped me until he was finished. I asked him to do it to me all the time and since we both lived way out in the country it was very easy to sneak around outdoors to many places and do it. I was just as anxious as he was to get my pants down and expose my naked ass to him and let him stick his dick in me.
    Many times it would happen out in the bushes behind a tree with me standing leaning forward holding on to the tree as he stood behind me with his dick in my ass fucking me. Up in the hay loft down by the creek out in the tractor shed hidden in the bushes in our bedrooms late at night and in a closet and even out in the garage or tool shed. It happened so often many times my brother would watch us and even a few of our friends were amazed to watch us do something we thought was OK.
    As time passed there were friends that tried it with me and I didn`t mind at all who put their dick in my ass. Even one much older boy from down the road found out what we were doing and had me do it with him at his house one day and it hurt quite a bit because he had a much bigger dick than I was used to and not only that he came in my ass and I never had that done to me before. He fucked me a lot and loved to cum in me and once I got used to his dick I liked it too.
    By the time I was in Jr. High it was pretty common for me to let a guy fuck me up the ass and cu in me and many times at sleep overs when we camped out on the creek at night it was very common for all of them that were there to take turns on me and it was even more exciting to have a group of horny boys all naked standing around watching me get fucked and watching some one cum in my ass. Some times it would go on for hours and all of them would fuck me ever time they got a hard on. They would even come wake me up in the tent to fuck me and it was fine with me.
    I wished some times I could go back to those days and enjoy it again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 27

    I guess I have always been a little curious and can remember even as a very young boy how much I enjoyed sticking things up my ass. I saw enough dirty magazines to know that it wasn`t uncommon to have things stuck up your ass because I saw pictures of this and read stories about anal sex and found it to be very exciting.
    When I was in Jr. High there was this older boy that lived down the street and we were around each other a lot he was at my house often and me at his. One day at his house we were watching TV and out of the blue he asked me if I wanted to see his dick. I was shocked but excited too and finally told hi sure let me see it so he stood up and shoved his shorts down and there it was. Much bigger than mine and hard as a rock. I couldn`t say a word just kept looking at it as he walked towards me stroking it then he told me to start sucking it then forced me to my knees grabbed my head with one hand and started to force it in to my mouth and he gagged me with it right away and several times as he kept telling me to suck on it.
    I was doing my best and must have been doing pretty good because he kept telling me not to stop and giving me directions as we went and told me to play with his nuts so I did and before long he was telling me to suck it harder and not to stop because he was going to cum in my mouth and he did with both hands on my head forcing me to take his cum in my mouth and he kept telling me to swallow it but it was too much and a lot of it ran out of my mouth on to the floor.
    He jerked me up took me back to a bedroom and took all my clothes off and kept telling me he was going to fuck me and if I told any one he would beat the shit out of me. He forced me top bend forward over the side of the bed and took my hands placed then on my ass and told me to spread my ass open so he could fuck me and as I screamed and yelled for him to stop he forced his big dick up my ass fucked me and came balls deep in my ass then told me I couldn`t leave. He made me stay naked in that room until he was hard again then told me to get on my hands and knees in the floor then he got behind me and shoved his big dick u my ass fucked me hard with cum leaking down my thighs then came up my ass again and kept his dick stuck up my ass for a very long time telling me he would be expecting me to do this when ever he wanted to and that if I ever told any body he would beat my ass.
    Almost every day he invited me up to his house made me strip naked suck his dick until he came in my mouth then suck his dick until it was hard then he would fuck me and he always came in my ass at least two times and made me stay naked the whole tie I was there. He made me play with his dick suck on his balls jack him off and he fucked me all the time.
    One day he was fucking me face down in the floor of their Den and two of his friends jumped out of the kitchen door naked with hard dicks and they gang fucked me over and over until cum was pouring out of my ass. They shoved their dicks in my mouth and up my ass over and over again and made me swallow their cum and take load after hot load up my ass and one was a black boy with a very long skinny dick that he made me take all the way up my ass and it hurt like hell. That entire summer they told me to meet them at one house or the other to fuck me and suck their big dicks and I never told them I enjoyed it.
    We moved away months later but I missed having them around to use me and cum in me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 31

    I have never written about or told anyone my experience of losing my virginity, I only now decided to write this confession after reading a news article last month. I was 12 in 1995 and just finished primary school and every Easter my school would have a Easter themed fair this would be put on by the school in order to additional funds for the school, The stalls would be ran by parents and their children and many people would turn up. I had volunteered to help out that year and they asked me to help with handing out food from the kitchens, I was excited about doing this because I would get to go around the playground and talk to everyone and out free food.

    That Easter I was asked by one of the Organizers of the fair if I would dress up in a Easter wear like everyone one else, I didn't have anything like that so a mother who sometimes helped out at school plays found a black one piece swimsuit and some fluffy bunny ears, so I changed into the swimsuit and I came out of the changing room and the parent who helped me told me to put my tights back on but under it because at the time said would be a little inappropriate so more or less I looked like a play bunny when I left the changing room.

    I started helping out in the food preparation area after and started serving free food to people in the playground and hall and while I was going back and forth between serving people and getting more supplies this guy who stood in the hall with his camera started talking to me and asked if I minded if he could take a picture of me for a newsletter and local event paper I said okay and he snapped away. Later he asked if I would be okay with him taking more pictures and he said I looked like a model and asked if I was interested in that sorta thing, I told him I never done anything like that but sounded fun. He asked me If I wanted to try some after I finished here, I told him I was going to be going home soon after and he told me he would only be around for awhile and then asked me if I would do some now I asked him here? and he said he knew a good place nearby a quick drive away, he showed me his press pass and we got in the car and left the school fair.

    We arrived at this place and it was abandoned factory, he parked his car around the back and showed me in the back entrance he told me to stand where the light was shining though the sky window to get some good shots, he then asked me to sit on this old mattress that had been dumped there. He continued to take pictures and I remember him asking me if I would be interested in glamour? I didn't even know what that was at the time and when he told me I said no, he asked me to roll down the top part of my outfit.

    He tried it a couple more times and I just said no, he told me I looked stunning and It would be a shame to let this opportunity go to waste and that he knew someone who would keep the pictures safe and nobody would find out like my parents.

    He wore me down I pulled down my one piece alittle and he snapped some pictures, he kept saying a little more down and I continued to my belly button and stopped he said something like I was doing good and was a natural and his manager would definitely be interested.

    He asked me what else I would do?, didn't quite understand the question he asked me back then, I was young and all I remember saying to him is I don't know. He asked if I was interested in dancing and other stuff then asked if I would strip. I said no and he said he would pay me but I still said no its okay.
    I remember him saying he had other models to see and he would go soon and he asked me again to strip and I didn't really say yes or no but he showed me a stack of money and put it into my hand I've never seen or felt so that much before and I was overwhelmed. He said It would be only the one photo and that's it
    I gave it some thought but kinda frozen not knowing what I should do I was nervous at the time and said okay he told me to put the money away and not show anyone it.

    I removed the swimsuit and asked him if that was okay, he said and the tights please, I had to sit down on the mattress remove my strap heels and take me tights off for this guy I turned around and he snapped my photo a couple of times. I covered up quickly and and said I'm going to get changed now, He said I looked nice and when I get a BF he would be lucky, he show me the snapped Polaroids and said look you look amazing or something like that I didn't agree with him I hated my pictures being taken I never feel like they are nice pictures and I was getting cold.

    He said if I wanted a job to let him know. He started touching me on the shoulder and out of no where gave me a kiss on the cheek I frozen he said don't worry photographers say good bye with a kiss on the cheek I was naive and just believed it he kissed me again on the lips and I didn't know what I was doing. I can only assume now he had taken that as a come on because he was kissing me and I could feel his tongue keep touching my lips.

    Before I knew what was actually happening we were both on the mattress with him on top and he was kissing my neck, I do remember him saying I tasted nice and he started kissing my body on my tits which were not that developed and he licked my bellybutton and I felt his spike touching it. I looked down and he was kissing my tights. When he came back up he had his hands on trousers and I knew what he was doing, Things now happening so fast I felt for the first time this weakness in my vagina and he went really weird and my head went light and I knew this guy had unzipped his cock and got it out I don't know what had came over me I believe I had a orgasm then because I felt the cold on me and I was wet down there. I ended up pulling down the tight and before I knew it, I was in pain he was slow and we had sex on that mattress and he was moaning and I felt him orgasm he was quick and asked if I was okay... well I was not It really hurt downstairs and I was confused I could changed and he dropped me off by the school at the top of the road, a teacher asked me where I had been I said I was not well in the toilets.

    I went back to the changing room and inside the swimsuit was all his cum and there were loads the swimsuit had been stained, I got changed and put it back inside the cupboard when I was leaving the parent who choice it out for me was looking at it with this really weird look on her face, she looked at me and I walked off.

    I cried that night, my parents never knew or did anyone. well I read in that same paper that guy who I had sex with died... for some reason i felt weird after reading it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    My mother breast fed me for three weeks before she went back to school. She dropped me off with a woman close by. She had children and a baby I grew up with. She did not drop off any food for me, no pumped milk, nothing. Then a few weeks later she ask mom sally what I ate in the day time, she had forgot to drop off formula. Mom sally told that she had nothing, so when she fed James, she put me on the other breast and fed me. Mom told hr I did not like the formula at home, so mom sally told her to breast feed me. Mom said she tried but she was drying up by then.

    I never got formula at mom Sally's house, she breast fed me. She told me that she would feed James and he would go to sleep. She would put him down and I would keep feeding. I could drain the one breast and then work on what james left. She thought I was part of the reason her right breast was so big. I had her working like a milk cow. She was a sweet woman and I loved her like a mom. James who has been my life long friend, told me that I was her favorite child and her only white child.

    I dated both black and white girls and my mom told me to please marry a white girl, and not to accidentally get one of the black girls pregnant. I think I had some in te back of the mind thoughts about the black girls and the feelings i had for mom sally. I remember one black girl I dated who had real large breast tell me, You act like you like those nipples, you tore them up. She was one of the best I ever had sex with. We clicked together so well. Her parents were about like my mother, would kill her if she had a white guy as a husband,

    thanks for hearing my crazy mind ramblings.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 55

    My cousin sucked my dick for the first time when he and I were only 10 years old. It was out behind the barn in the bushes with him on his knees. He wanted to do it all the time and then talked me in to sucking his dick one day. After that we sucked each other off all the time then one night real late out in the barn locked in the feed room I let him talk me in to actually fucking me in the ass.
    It was difficult at first and he had trouble getting it started up my ass but it was pretty exciting to have my jeans down around my ankles bending over a stack of feed sacks with him standing behind me his jeans around his ankles also. His hard dick poking at my asshole countless times our skin touching and me waiting for him to some how get his dick in me. As soon as he did he pushed it all the way up my ass grabbed my hips and after only working it in and out a few times he shot his tiny young load up my ass.
    We stayed hooked together a few minutes as he kept poking his dick up my ass then asked if I wanted to do it again and I said sure lets try it again. It was a lot better the second time and he lasted a good long while before he came in me again. That started some thing between us that lasted many years and he fucked me often up until we were in our 30`s and both of us married. We sucked each other off many times swallowing a lot of cum but nothing felt as good as his huge long fat dick fucking my ass and his thick warm cum in my ass.
    I have tried many times to get him to fuck me again but he doesn`t want to and won`t even talk about it with me. We are both in our 50`s now and I would do it if he would.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    My best friend and I actually had anal sex in the 7th grade. we were staying the night at his house and they lived way out in the country. we always would sneak out of the house late at night just to be outside. we always went out to the barn or their tractor shed to just sit and talk. He started talking to me about having sex and said we should do it and told me he really wanted to get naked with me. He had me pretty excited so I agreed to take my clothes off and once we were both naked we both ad a hard on. We couldn`t keep our hands off each other and played with one another until it felt too good to stop and we actually came with our hands around each others dicks and we had cum on our hands from each other.
    That's about all it took and we kept touching and stroking each other until he managed to talk me in to letting him rub his dick on my ass. I really didn`t think much about it and let him turn me around and bend me over a big wooden box behind the tractor and his dick was in the crack of my ass as he held on to my hips humping me. My dick got very hard pretty fast and before long he was asking if he could stick it in me. I was pretty excited and told him to try it. Damn what a wild experience that was. It was difficult to get it started and it stung like hell when it first went in my ass but he kept pushing until it went all the way up my ass and he just held on to me real tight moaning like I was then he thrust it up my ass real hard and without warning shot his warm cum up my ass and shot my cum all over the top of the wood box.
    We caught our breath and since he was still very hard and still up my ass he said he wanted to try it again so we did. This time he lasted a good long while and my asshole was nice and lubed from the cum he shot up my ass earlier so it felt very good and I was jacking off as he fucked me and came just before he came again. He asked if he could cum in me this time and I quickly told him yes and he shot a bunch of warm cum up my ass the second time.
    We stayed out there very late that night and he fucked me some more and once while he sat on the box and I backed up and sat on his hard dick then bounced up and down on his dick until we both came again. The next day his Parents let us go swimming down on the creek and we swam some but most of the time we were back up in the bushes with his dick up my ass fucking me and shooting more cum up my ass. About a week later we tried sucking each other for the first time and we both came in each others mouth and by the end of the day we could swallow each others cum pretty easily.
    We had sex for years and it was always very damn good.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    I have two step Cousins. One Male one female. When we were young my male cousin used to always fuck me in the ass. We were the same age and both horny young boys. He talked me in to trying it one night when we were about 10 and once he stuck his dick up my tight ass it felt great and he fucked me and shot his small warm load up my ass then fucked me two more times before the sun came up.
    Months passed and he fucked me all the time and we liked doing it out in the barn loft at night. One night we were up in the loft real late. everyone was asleep in the house. We thought any way. We were both naked and he had e on my back on a bale of hay fucking the hell out of me holding my ankles in his hands. He was fucking me really good moaning out quietly that he was going to cum in my ass. I loved it and of course was telling him to cum in me shoot your cum up my ass. Well just about the time he shoved his dick up my ass real hard and threw his head back and his cum started filling my ass I turned my head to the side as I was shooting my cum on my chest and there stood my older Female step cousin watching us with her hand down in her shorts.
    She was watching her brother cum in my ass while she rubbed her c**t. I never told him she was there and he started to fuck me again while she stood quietly in the corner rubbing her pussy and watching me get fucked in the ass hard by her younger brother and she watched him cum in my ass again then pull out and she had to see his cum run out of my ass. She turned quietly and walked away and back down the ladder quietly.
    The next day she cornered me out in the back yard and asked me how often I let her brother screw me in the ass. I had to confess and told her all the time. She asked if it felt good and I said sure I like it a lot. She asked if he always came in me and I said every time. Then she said she liked watching it and told me to tell her next time he was going to fuck me because she wanted to watch it again. I told her to go back up in the hay loft tonight and you can watch. She said she would tell on us if I didn`t let her watch. She watched us many times over the years but her brother never knew about it.

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