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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 34

    I decided I would tell someone about my coming of age. That is the euphemism my mother uses about losing your virginity. From the time we were old enough to more or less know my mother told us not to lose our virginity, that it was a gift for our husbands. I think every girl knows that story.

    I was sixteen, and I was proud I was being a teenager. I went with my mother to visit a friend of hers who had been operated on. She lived in an apartment complex. I got bored and went outside and stood on the porch looking down at the pool. Then I got bored with that and I went down the stairs and walked around the pool area. After that I went and sat on the flowerbed brick wall to wait for my mother.

    A man came by and asked me what I was doing and I told him, and he said ok. After a while he came back and offered me a Coke. I said thanks and he sat beside me to drink the Coke and we started talking. He asked me lots of questions and I asked him his name and he invited me in to see some pictures he had taken on his last trip.

    I didn't even notice the door closing behind me, he brought out a book of pictures and sat close beside me and showed them to me and told me all about then. We were both side by side on the small couch and had the book in my lap and he would rub my leg or touch my hair or put his arm around my shoulders. After a while, he said he was going to bring some other pictures to show me, and he came back with another album, and put it in my lap and sat down beside me and put his arm around my shoulder and told me these were artistic pictures.

    He held me real tight when he opened the book. The first picture was a picture of him naked. The second and the third picture were all of him naked. He asked me if I liked the pictures, he had his arm completely around me and his other hand on my leg beneath the book, rubbing in and out of my thigh. He told me to keep turning the pages, because the other pictures were real nice and I was really going to like them.

    They were all pictures of him naked and pictures of his penis. There were lots of pictures of his erect penis, from lots of angles. I felt his hand reach up to my crotch, when I looked over he kissed me on the lips, it was a long kiss while he moved his hand up into my crotch. When he stopped kissing me and I tried to talk, he kissed me again and again, and he would stop and tell me to be very quiet. My crotch was open and he was rubbing me hard and he kissed me many times. The book feel off my lap on to the floor.

    He stopped kissing me and asked me if I wanted to see the real thing because pictures were just pictures. I nodded, and he took his hand away from my crotch and while he still held me he unzipped his pants and unbuckled the belt and pulled out his erect penis. He kissed me hard and pushed his hand up into my crotch again. He told me to hold his penis and not let go while he held me tight against his chest. He told me it was a girl's delight, to hold his penis while he took my pants off.

    Every time I wanted to talk, he would kiss me, he stripped me naked and laughed a bit at my boobs, and helped me sit on his lap facing him. I was still holding his penis in my hand.

    He asked me get up and put his penis into my vagina and slowly sit on it until he told me to stop. He was going to kiss me while I sat on it until it was all in, to enjoy it and not go too fast, to just enjoy it. I slowly sat on it and slowly made progress until I felt I couldn't get any more in. He grabbed me by my butt and kissed me real hard and helped me move up and down.

    That is how I came of age, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Every minute. It is my favorite way, to kiss and sit and take it all in.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 28

    This was well over a decade ago, when I was 15. My classmate introduced me to his 18 year old friend. The guy was the most gorgeous sexy man i ever seen and I completely ignored the facts that his ego had no limit when he asked for my number and was flirting with me. A few days later he asked me out and the story begins...

    He was so hot and nice to me that I ignored that he was an asshole, he was trying to control my life, keep me from seeing my friends and going out and such.

    A month into the relationship, and for the next month I thought he had some kind of erectile dysfunction. I'd lay on top of him, we'd kiss, touch, but I never felt anything in his pants. 2 months into the relationship we finally had sex. I lied to him and told him I was a virgin, but when he took off his pants and I saw his skinny little 4 or 5 inch long penis, he would surely know I'm not a virgin. I have no idea how but he didn't. I told him it was great and was in disbelief that this guy actually thought he satisfied me? Prior to him I only been with 3 guys and they were all much bigger and gave me more pleasure, I dont know how he didn't see the boredom on my face. I didn't even pretend to fake an orgasm, I told him I had it. So now on top of his attitude, he can't satisfy me. Don't get me wrong, he treated me like queen, showered me with gifts and everything, and I loved that. But I was going to break up with him anyways.

    I was hanging out with my friend who introduced us and told him the situation, I spared no details. My friend was hysterical, and jokingly suggested I should have sex with him and date his friend. I agreed.

    Mainly what convinced me to do it is my classmate pulled out his dick, and it was almost twice as big as my boyfriends. We both had drinks so one thing led to another and I ended up having amazing sex with my classmate.

    At this point me and my boyfriend had sex about 10 times, it was horrible for me but at least it always ended quickly. I told my boyfriend Id like to stop having sex and wait till we're more mature, I was sure he'd break up with me but he agreed. So I started having casual sex with my classmate 3-4 times a week for the next 2 months. I never had sex with my boyfriend again.

    A month later my boyfriend couldn't take it and started asking for sex, I figured he'd break up with me if I tell him he can go down on me 4 times a month and I give him 1 hand job a month, but again he agreed.

    We dated for another month or so with that arrangement, my boyfriend never found out that I was sleeping with my classmate and we eventually got into a fight and broke up. I continued having casual sex with my classmate until he moved 4 years later. He claimed that he talked to my boyfriend after our break up and asked him if he could try to have sex with me, my boyfriend told him she wouldn't sleep with you in a lifetime, and if she would youd see how bad she is at it. Don't know how true that is but my classmate swore to it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 21

    When I was in high school I had a crush on this girl named Lainey during my freshman and sophomore years. We were both in the same grade but she was almost a whole year older than me, and we flirted a lot. She had beautiful ebony skin, long silky black hair, large breasts and an amazing ass. During sophomore year we started flirting more and more. We started hanging out after school at her house, and her parents worked so we were home alone for an hour or two everyday. She was 17 at the time and I had just turned 16, and we were in her room and we were talking about sexual experiences we've had before. I told her about the times that I'd fingered girls and gotten a blowjob but I was still a virgin, she told me about her first blowjob and how she lost her viriginity and I said I bet the guy you blew had a great time and she said would you like to find out? I was so happy and I said yes. She started unzipping my pants and put her mouth on me and sucked me until I came in her mouth. Then everyday she'd give me a handjob and I'd finger her, sometimes she'd blow me again, but one day she tossed me a condom and said that she wanted to try anal with me. I said why not regular sex and she said that anal wouldn't count as me losing my virginity to her so we tried anal but I barely got the head in and she said it hurt too much so we went back to just touching and oral.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    Looking out my upstairs window and seeing the next door boys playing in their backyard today reminded me of when I did things like that. It was a warm day and they were playing on a slip and slide. The parents were out there with them and their boys were doing it naked. They were trying to get their parents to try it too but they kept saying no until their father finally gave in. He began to undress and I wondered if would do it naked too but he kept his underwear on. After sliding a few times he might as well have gone naked because when his white cotton undies got wet they became very sheer. I think he might have realized this too and just took them off. I was surprised he was outside so exposed. I decided to go outside and they immediately saw me. They said hello but the father didn't seem to care I was seeing him naked. I was thinking how cool it would be to join them but didn't think it would happen. The father however did say he would invite me over but they were almost done and had to get going. They began to towel off and I decided to show them I had no problem being nude and them seeing me. I kicked off the shoes I wearing along with the shorts and undies I was wearing. I lay face down on my lounge chair to get some sun but made sure they saw all of me before I did. The father said next time they pulled out the slip and slide they will make sure to invite me over. The mother said she would make I get invited too.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 23

    As a sixteen year old schoolgirl, I used to get real horny imagining what the men on the bus I traveled home on, thought of me. I'd always wear tight short stretch skirts, tight fitting white cotton blouses with no bra on. And I'd always make sure the men on board would see my nipples, which even then were large. Or try and give them a glimse of my pussy though my panties as I sat down, spreading my legs a little to tease them.
    I got to the point where I'd choose a guy to show off my teenage charms to. Especially if he was good looking. It didn't matter what age he was, as I found older men more attractive anyway. I once decided to see what reaction I'd get if I left my panties off. It was a hot day and just before leaving school I'd freshened up in the bathroom, removing my panties. The guy I choose to flash, was a man I'd teased before. He was in his mid thirties, rugged looking but handsome in a manly way.
    I saw him smiling when I got ont he bus, and it was his smile that made me decide to treat him to the sight of my shaven pussy. Sitting across from him only a few feet apart, I put my hand down to my skirt, drew it up and put my hand between my legs. Opening my legs I slipped two fingers along my pussy slit and then quickly inserted a finger inside myself. All the time I kept on looking at the man. He pretended not to see me doing what I was doing at first, but as soon as I put my finger inside my pussy, he got up crossed over the bus and sat down next to me.
    I was nervous when he sat down next to me, but as soon as he put him hand down to join mine, I just let him begin to finger me. The buses motion, plus his wonderful skill at finger fucking me and brushing my clit with his thumb, soon had me gasping with sexual delight. My orgasm was building up, just as the bus pulled up into a stop. Unfortunately two ladies got on and sat where the man had sat earlier. We sat there together as though we were father and daughter. And he like me probably was hoping the women would get off before my stop. They didn't, so when it was my stop I smiled at him and then for the first time noticed his wedding band. He saw me looking and went bright red. I smiled again, said thank you to him and walked casually off the bus.
    I never saw the guy again. Whether he felt guilty about finger fucking a teenager. Or maybe he just felt guilty cheating on his wife, I don't know. For the rest of that summer I teased men by flashing them my breasts and pussy. I even flashed an older woman too. That was after I caught her staring at my erect nipples.
    Today I'm living with a guy who loves me being a slut with him. He's forty three and loves nothing more than to screw me outdoors, not caring if anyone can see. I've sucked his cock many times as we drive along in his sports car, knowing truck drivers especially can see me giving my man a blow job.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    When I was 12 my family moved an hour out of the city, It was the summer and I went knocking on doors to see if I could get some work I had no luck and went back home.

    At home Mom & dad were unpacking and there was a old man there welcoming us to the neighbor hood. Dad asked me how I did with my search for work,I told him not good.

    The old man asked what I was looking to do cause I have some yard work and my garage and shed need to be cleaned out and that at his age 75 it was difficult for him to do, and only if my parents said it was ok ( that rite there gained my parents trust in him)

    Mom said it would get me out of thier hair so they could unpack, Mr.S ( the old man)told me he will pay 3 an hour good money back then and off we went.

    Mr.S told me to start with the shed out back, I took all the yard tools out and cleaned up the work bench as went to pick up the boxes on the floor to put them on the shelves the bottom fell out and it was full of hard core porn mags,up to then all I've seen was dads playboys So I quickly looked at them they were all BSDM with a man and or woman doing things to a bound young guys cock (WOW) I thought to myself when I heard my mothers voice calling me from Mr. S back door. I looked at my watch it was noon and I only been there about an hour.

    At the house they told me they were going to get another load from the old house and Mr. S said it was OK for you to stay and work till we get back if I wanted to stay, I said I would stay ( I wanted to get back to those mags)
    She told Mr.S they'll be back by 8 and she gave him money for dinner and they exchanged phone # And they left.

    Mr.S asked how's it going as I was getting a drink i said good, He said " I wont look untill your done" I thought thats great and I ran back to the shed.

    I finished the cleaning and sweeping and went back to the mags not knowing that in 30 min. My direction of life will be changed!

    For the past 2 years I've been able cum and I found that I had a side of me that enjoyed having things done to my penis.

    Before i moved There was the twin sisters who were 4 years older that tied me up, pulled down my pants and undies got me hard and put a birthday candle in my pee hole and lit it. Another time while tied they jerked me hard with peanut butter and made their dog lick it off. the girls really liked when I licked them after they pee.

    So I found this mag that had a boy alittle older than me bound to a bench on his back and a old man sliding metal things in his pee hole i got dizzy thinking it was me on the bench, remembering what Mr.S said that he wont come out till its done I stripped my cloths off ( pretty bold huh) and started jerking while going thru the mag and wanting that to happen to me I heard a noise It was Mr.S behind me watching and hearing me. I was busted and scrambled for my clothes and saw that he was standing on them.

    Dont stop jerking off it Looks like your enjoying yourself and 1 of 2 things is going to happen and it's up to you.

    I was getting so turned on sitting there jerking off in front of him and he knew it.

    #1 I get on the phone and tell your parents what i found you doing out here and I will make it sound ALOT worse.
    #2 You will be my cock slave and I will do to you things in the mags and more, and no one will ever know what we do its your choice.

    With me jerking off and getting higher and higher on the lust, I chose #2
    He had me kneel in front of him as he dropped his pants and said to me with his cock in his hand " MEET YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND YOU'LL DO ANYTHING FOR YOUR NEW FRIEND WONT YOU" Yes I will do anything for your cock.

    We'll see he grabbed my head told me to open my mouth and take a deep breath he put his soft cock in my mouth till the head was planted in my throat he wiggled his hips and started to piss telling to open my throat and let it flow down I could feel it go down and slosh in my bellie I took it all then I sucked him off swallowed his load and when I came he wanted me to lick my fingers clean

    After all this we carried out a bunch of devices for the house to the shed which was now to be my torture chamber and I was so hot for the idea I licked and sucked his cock again before my parents arrived to get me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    Was at my friends house as usual. he had taken a beer from the frig and we were in the basement/game room/washer and dryer room, drinking it. We heard the door so we jumped up into the area under the house where the dirt was. We slid back where no one could see us and finished drinking.

    It was my friends oldest sister who was there for that days cook out. She tossed a few things in the wash. She was looking at some pictures when her moms boyfriend came down. I knew he locked the door, I could hear it. Wondered why until he got down there. He dropped his swim suit and she sucked his dick. He played with her tits and soon she dropped her shorts. He bent her over the back of the sofa, her face pointed toward me and her brother. The he stuck it in her. Her face got big and her mouth opened wide.

    he hunched her hard and i could hear the sound of her ass slap when he rammed her. She liked it and in no time made a cringed face moan sound. That lasted a long time and she dropped her head. He then moaned him self and banged her so hard the sofa slid on the floor. He stood there and bent over her, kissed her on the back. He pulled out and she got on her knees and sucked and licked his dick some. He put his swim trunks back on and went up stairs.

    She wiped her self with her under wear several times and then tossed them in the running washer. She said on the sofa with her shorts on her ankles and put her feet on the sofa, opened her legs. She fingered and licked her fingers a bit, then finished masturbating her self. She finished and laid there for a bit. She smelled her fingers and put her shorts back on. She went up stairs.

    We waited for a while and then went out the basement window. We ran around the house and came in the back door. Thats when his sister came in the kitchen and ask what we were doing. We said we were riding bikes and just got back home. She said to wash up, mom would be home shortly. When her mom got there she kissed her mom like always. I thought for a second, wow she just kissed her mom with the same lips that sucked the cum off the end of her moms boyfriends dick. How sick is that.

    Then the boyfriend came in and told the mom he needed ot see her in the bed room. She needed to get her swim suit on any way. When they left I ask my friend, I wonder what he will ask her about? He said thats is his way of telling mom he wants to fuck her. Sure enough I went up and used the bathroom by the room, I could hear the mom moaning, then the same moan sound I had heard when he shot off in the daughter.

    I took a crap in the bathroom and it took a while. His mom opened the door and walked in nude. swim suit in hand. She backed out and said sorry when she saw me sitting there. She then ask me to toss her a spare roll of toilet paper. She caught the roll and I got to see her tits when she did. When I walked out her bedroom door was open. In the floor was a pile of used toilet paper. I guess she wiped the cum up and left it there for later.

    I always wanted his sister pretty bad. She was the hottest girl around the area. She looked at me like a little kid. Until I turned 23 and she was 30. I met her at a bar, she and I talked and then I took her to my apartment. I tried to do her over the back of my sofa, but she told me that the bed was the best place. I got behind her and thought of that day. I never got to be with his mom as I always wanted.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 30

    When I was in my teens I was stupid, and I mean really stupid. Looking back on it I can't believe how dumb and naive I had really been. I did things without thinking them through, did what people wanted me too. And even hurt my first ever boyfriend really bad by cheating on him. I was sixteen at the time, and in middle school. Well my friends wanted to go to a party that night, and my boyfriend wouldn't come out because it was a school night. So we decided it would be fun just going out by ourselves.

    Well at the party we met a group of older boys who showered us with attention. I got to talking to one who was really flirty and soon got to be extremely touchy. And started trying to get me to give him head. I was really into him but I told him I had a boyfriend when he pulled the line " It didn't count if he was wearing a condom. " I actually fell for it. I was young and obviously extremely stupid. So we went out and found a private place, he put a condom on and I gave him a blowjob.

    I blew him like a champ, being only the second guy I'd ever blown. Until he finally came. He was still pretty hard afterwards, and I was pretty horny from the act that he talked me into getting naked and having sex, again "Not cheating cause he was wearing a condom. " Looking back, I can't believe I fell for it. Typing this I'm like, damn I was fucking stupid.

    But anyways he convinced me none the less. And there we had sex for what seemed like forever. He turned me around, and then even had me ride him reverse cowgirl, my first time ever doing it like that. Well I don't know if the condom just broke, or maybe I tore it with my teeth when blowing him. But it certainly didn't do his job. And I ended up pregnant.

    I guess I got what I deserved, but it was certainly a brutal wake up call. Though I wonder if it hadn't been for that if I wouldn't have wised up. And now I have a wonderful daughter of my own, who is certainly smarter than I was at her age. All mistakes are just life lessons. Sometimes you have to make them to learn.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 20

    I had sex with my step mother. My mom and dad have been divorced since I was 5, and a couple years later my father married this new girl named Kary. She had gigantic boobs and the prettiest face and long brown hair. I lived with my dad as my mom has been in jail and I wasn't allowed to live with her anymore. And I had a big crush on my stepmom. When I was around 8 I would ask to sleep in their bed and lay with her and when I was 9 I was home alone with her and I asked to see her naked and she let me see her breasts. Then the innocence started to go away as I got older and hit puberty. Whenever I was home alone I would sneak into her room and look for sexy things of hers. I found her bras and panties and lingerie and even a dildo of hers. And I went through the dirty clothes hamper in their room and right on top was a pair of her lacey panties with a strong smell and a bloodstain. And I just kept sniffing it. I wrapped them around my erection and jerked off and when I was time to cum I grabbed a bra that was in the hamper and let loose inside one of the cups. It's gotten worse too, my crush. I've started using her clean clothes and touching myself with them. And then one day when I thought I was home alone, my stepmom opened the door to her room and saw me with a pair of her panties and she said that she needed to have a talk with me. She walked me over to her bed and told me to sit, and I tried to pull my pants back up but she insisted I left them. She sat down next to me and grabbed ahold of my penis and said that she understood, she said that I was a young boy just trying to grow up and the prominent sex figure in my life was her. She started jerking me off and then lowered her mouth onto my penis only to stop, look me in the eyes, and tell me that we could do this again as long as I never told anyone. I shook my head agreeing and she went back to sucking. Sucking and sucking for almost 10 more minutes and then I finally burst, it dripped out of the corned of her mouth and she swallowed. She had given me my first blowjob. And she then let me finger her, and since we had sex, but she would only let me try anal with her, and she loved it. She said she wouldn't want to risk her getting pregnant with her husbands son. So all we ever do is anal and blowjobs whenever we're home alone together.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 25

    This goes back to when I was nine. I had my birthday several weeks earlier and we rented a cabin on a lake for spring break. We were isolated, mostly because the cabins were empty, it was not yet time for summer.

    I don't know why, maybe because we were all alone out there, maybe because the water in the shower was a bit too cold, maybe because I was nine. I decided to be naked. To just walk around naked. To sleep naked and eat naked and mill around the house naked. To go outside naked, but that is where my father established limits. Inside naked, outside I had to put something on.

    It was a beautiful spring break, all my clothes were clean when we got back to the house.

    One Saturday morning, several weeks after we got back to the house, my father was in the shower and I decided that I would go get in with him. The bathroom was warm from the steam and I just took off my nightgown and my underwear and I got in with my father. First things first, his penis was right in my face. Second thing, I immediately liked his penis. I reached up to touch it, to hold it. He gave me the soap so I washed it. Holding his penis was special. I liked his penis. At the time I really didn't think about the fact that I didn't have a penis, it is just that right then, with his penis so close to me, I had to look at his penis and I had to touch his penis.

    I took up being naked at the house on weekends and holidays, my parents were around and I was naked. Naked without anything on. During those early days of nudity, I was pretty much oblivious to sex. My mother naked or my father naked, were, well just naked. When I showered with either one of them, we washed each other, but otherwise there was no issue.

    One day my mother was dressing and she commented about my father putting his penis in her. She said "your father had his way with me last night". Then as we sat on the side of bed naked, she explained in pretty good detail how my father has his way with her. And that I should know that one day I wasn't going to be a little girl and a man will want to have his way with me. She walked over to the dresser and brought back her hand mirror and we examined my vagina. She showed me how to open my lips and look at my vagina. She told me that men will give up their fortunes for that certain girl's vagina.

    As I passed through puberty and the urges started to come on, being naked became a goal, get naked, stay naked. I discovered my clitoris, I discovered masturbation, I saw my father's penis in a whole different light. Now I thought about him using his penis to have his way with my mother. Now I though about how my mother gave him her vagina. Now I thought about giving my vagina to a boy. I thought about that a lot.

    Next door was a family with two sons, one was three years older than me and one was two years younger. Obviously I had to get the older boy to pay attention to me. So mid July, when he was mowing the lawn, I went out to him and asked him to come swimming at my house after he finished mowing the lawn and cool off. That I had made some lemonade and I was sure he was going to need some.

    He came over for a swim, and I got naked. I walked out onto the pool deck with nothing on but a pair of sandals. I had two glasses of lemonade in my hands, and nothing else. This big high school boy just stared, so I let him stare, I asked him if he liked me naked, I asked him if he had ever seen a naked girl in person, and I told him it was ok with me if he got naked with me. I told him, "you can have your way with me, if you want" I told him I knew everything there was to know about his penis and how he had his way with a girl.

    I laid on the chaise lounge, and opened my legs and told him I wanted to see his penis, and so I touched his penis, I held his penis, I kissed his penis, and I had him put his penis in my vagina.

    I told him he could have his way with me whenever he liked, and that I liked his penis.

    I still enjoy being naked, with a boy or alone, but with a boy is more fun.

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