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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    At the age of sixteen I started on a YTS (Youth Traning Scheme). Each morning I would walk the four miles to work to save money on bus fares. My route to work was the same each day and usually it would take about an hour. After I'd been working on the Scheme for about two months, I noticed a woman collecting her milk from her doorstep as I about to pass her house. (About half way to work) When she saw me, she accidentally (yeah right) opened her bathrobe to reveal she had nothing on underneath. I'd not long lost my virginity, but I still scurried past and on to work.
    The next morning she wasn't on her door step, she was stood slightly inside her open front door and she was stood totally naked. Unlike the day before I didn't hurry on past, I stood still taking in her beautiful body, breasts and hairy pussy. Signalling for me to walk up her garden path, I opened the gate and admittedly shitting myself, I asked her what she wanted (stupid I know). In a very matter of fact way she said "My husbands at work and he dosen't fuck me very much". The first five minutes kissing her as she undressed me were the most nervous, after that, I was like a child in a sweet shop.
    Over the next two months (I must have been young) I fucked that woman every morning. Or more to the point, she had me fuck her. I learned what a mans tongue was for and I also learned I was well above average in cock size (I'm eight and half inches).
    Fucking a womans arsehole for the first time wasn't what I expected, if I did expect anything. Her arsehole was even more of a horny place for her, for me to be fucking. So she had me fucking her shit box at every oportunity. Many days I would roll into work half an hour late, making the weather my excuse, or that my bus was late, even though I never used the bus.
    The last few days I visited the twenty seven year old woman, she had me doing something totally new to me, she had me fist fucking her pussy or arsehole, at the same time using a dildo or my cock to fuck the other hole. I was doing just that, fucking her pussy and fisting her arsehole from behind, when her husband walked in. For the next five or so minutes he used head and body as a punch and kick bag, as his wife tried to stop him.
    I didn't see her again as I took a different route for a while. I learned later they'd moved.
    They say life has a way of returning to you. Last month (I'm now married) my wife welcomed in our new neighbours. I was about to take a shower having just been to the gym, so I was topless wearing just my training shorts. I shook hands with the man and then his wife stepped out from behind him. She was familiar, but I couldn't place her pretty face. She placed me though straight away. The smile said everything, but she didn't say anything. We chatted for a while about the area we live in, the local amenities and finally spoke about ourselves a little. When they went to leave, she hung back, took my hand and asked me if I remembered her. I shook my head and then she said "My YTS young lover". My face went beetroot as I remembered everything, she smiled again and said "Can't wait to get to know you all over again".
    They've been on holiday for the past fortnight, they're back tomorrow. I honestly don't know if she offered me herself again, that I could resist. She's still one fine looking woman and I know from past experiences, she's one dirty slut in and out of the bedroom.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 31

    It is surprising of all the things you are exposed to when you are growing up, and that your turn out normal anyway.

    We grew up in a two bedroom duplex, with one bathroom. We saw my father go in and out of his room to shower totally naked, he never wore anything, so we grew up fully exposed to his penis. That is all it was, a penis.

    He had a habit of not closing the door when he peed, so we saw him pee, and we would go talk to him when he peed, and we saw his penis when he peed.

    If he was getting ready, and we had to pee we would sit on the toilet and pee. Our mother would push the door closed, but not entirely. Peeing was not a big issue, every body did it.

    Since our duplex was small and the bedrooms were next to each other we heard my parents make love. The bed moving and them talking, and my father liked for my mother to suck his penis, and she would finally give in and do it because he liked it, that is what she said, and he would tell her how much he liked it. We also heard when he went down on her, because she always complained that he shouldn't be doing those things, but he did and we asked her more than once if she liked it, and she would tell us to mind our own business.

    We were not that hung up on nudity, or underwear. We saw them naked or in their underwear and they saw us naked or in our underwear. You had to get dressed, take showers, iron clothes, and when it was hot in the summer my sister and I spent the evenings in our underwear, and not until we were pretty much in our teens, did we cover up our top. Our father would pinch our nipples and tell us what nice boobies we had.

    In school one day a boy showed me his penis. He must have thought it was going to scare me or something, but a penis just didn't bother me. My sister kicked a boy in the nuts one day because he put his hand on her butt, and she got in trouble for kicking him. She hurt him pretty bad, because he was laid out on the hall of the school for some time before he was able to stand up. When my father and mother went to the school to talk to the principal about it, my father told them that if any boy touched my sister or me, he would kick them in the nuts. That was the end of that incident.

    Eventually at a party in the eighth grade, I sucked a penis on a dare. To my surprise I liked it. Because we talked to my mother about everything, I told her about it and she told me not to do that, boys later would want to have sex, and that wasn't a good idea until I was older.

    Older was when I was in the eleventh grade and I liked it too. I told my sister about it, because I had to talk to someone and this was not something I wanted to talk to my mother about. So my sister told my mother and she spoke to both of us about the whole thing, the problems with getting pregnant. She did confess to us that sex was something that felt good, we just had to be real careful, both about getting pregnant and our reputation.

    As an adult, all these things happened, and more. We were exposed to drugs, and alcohol, and stupid boys and just as stupid girls. We knew girls that did get pregnant. Before we finished high school we had seen more than one couple have sex. There was a good bit of sex at parties, and lots of oral sex.

    I consider myself normal, and my sister too. I am sure that our home was probably a bit more liberal than other homes, but probably not that much. Personally I think people are way to hung up on what kids know about or see. I think our secret was that neither one of our parents made a big deal about it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    When I was in high school my best friend Vern and I spent a lot of time together, slept over at each other's house on weekends before we could drive and I helped out at his dad's business in the summer. He had a big dick especially for our age, we never did anything gay but we did jerk off together while fantasizing about different girls at school and he always shot big loads when we jerked off. At that age we were always horny and comfortable enough with each other so it was fairly often. There was a girl in our class that lived next to his dad's business, she wasn't a real hottie but not bad either, she was always after Vern and one day after work in the summer her parents were gone and we snuck over. It wasn't long before we had her clothes off and she was sucking him, I was trying to get my dick in her mouth too when he rolled her over and climbed on top. He was buried balls deep in no time and stroking in and out, she was sucking me while his face was right there watching, occasionally she would turn away and kiss him then take me again. I was trying not to cum when he started moaning and exploded inside her which wasn't the plan. He pulled out and rolled off and said to me I was next. I slipped in her easy since he had her stretched out and full of jiz, he stuck his dick in her mouth while I was trying to last as long as I could. After about 10 minutes he said he was going to cum again, I couldn't hold on anymore, pulled out and shot my load on her stomach while he shot another load on her face. We got dressed and left but it wasn't the last time we had our way with her before graduation.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    When I was little, the bitch formerly known as Mommy divorced my Dad, got half his assets, got alimony equal to 2/3 his income and married secretly which if that was known would have stopped the alimony except as I said, she did it secretly. The bitch formerly known as Mommy also surrendered her parental rights leaving Dad to take care of me. I barely remember the bitch. I had a photo of her when I was little but I think I flushed it down the toilet. I never saw the bitch again. I heard she had more children with her second husband and left him with kids as well and eventually married a few more times but the details are vague. Eventually my dad was able to stop paying alimony but not until I was in my teens. He never got any of it back.

    Dad and I had a small apartment. It had two tiny bedrooms, one bathroom, an eat in kitchen and a tiny living room. about 600 square feet or so. It was in a run down neighborhood though we had nice neighbors, most of whom rented. We stayed there until Dad stopped having to pay alimony then he bought a house in a nicer neighborhood.

    But I am getting ahead of myself. I love my dad. He is the most wonderful man in the world. But some people might not think so. You see, we are lovers and have been for years. when I as very little I was scared of thunder and other loud noises and I also had nightmares a lot so every time one of those things would happen I would run into my Dad's room and climb into bed with him and snuggle. Dad would wrap his big strong arms around me and make me feel safe. Only then would I stop being scared and I fell asleep and had nice dreams.

    Dad was a medical technician but before that he had gone to massage school. So he gave me the most wonderful massages. I don't remember whose idea it as, but when ever he started to massage me I just automatically stripped naked and laid down and let Dad's magic hands work their magic. I also don't have any idea who started the other thing we did but I remember he would massage my whole body until I was a big ball of tingly jelly riding waves of ecstasy and euphoria but he always skipped over my butt and pussy. When the massage got to that point I begged him to massage me down there too. That was the best. He would take a single finger and just gently caress and tickle me all over around and around until he zeroed in on my pussy and clit and I would start to spasm and shudder and convulse in pleasure. I don't remember a time that I didn't have an orgasm during the massages Dad gave me. I think I was around seven when it occurred to me that Dad might enjoy similar treatment so one night after I snuggled up in bed with him for a while I started to massage him everywhere I could reach. I could feel his goose bumps growing and he moaned and breathed heavily. I knew exactly the affect my fingers had on him because that was the affect his hands had on me. I also knew that the very best feeling was getting massaged between the legs. I knew Dad had a penis and testicles because we frequently took showers or baths together though not as often by the time I was seven. I don't remember if I had ever touched his private parts up to that point but at that time I just wanted to make Dad feel really good like he made me feel good. I loved him so much and would have walked through fire for him. So I reached into his shorts and felt around until I found his penis and started to tickle his penis and balls all over like he tickled me down there. I was thrilled when he told me how good my hand felt. His moans of pleasure fueled my obsession to make Dad have an orgasm. By then I knew it was called an orgasm and my agenda, my mission, my quest was to give Dad an orgasm. I just didn't know how so I just made one plea. "Dad, teach me how to make you have an orgasm, please." I emphasized the word please the way kids usually do when they beg for something they want. He just took my hand and wrapped it around his cock and slowly jerked up and down. He took my other hand and told me to massage his balls. So I did and in about two minutes he was groaning and squirting and got it all over my face then he went limp and silent and I knew I had succeeded in my mission. I made dad cum. I was elated. I had done something very grown up. It was my idea and with a little help from Dad I figured out how to make him squirt his sperm.

    Dad had explained to me a couple of years earlier about reproduction. He told me in language I would understand. While I didn't really fully appreciate the details I got the gist. The Daddy puts his penis in the Mommy's vagina and rubs in and out and it feels really good for both of them and the man squirts his sperm inside Mommy and it swims and finds an egg and the egg and sperm turn into a tiny baby and that grows into a full size baby and it comes out of Mommy's vagina and then Mommy feeds it with milk from her boobs. I didn't need to know much more than that other than learning how to make it feel good which dad told me just took practice. I figured I really wanted to practice it a lot.

    After I made Dad cum that first time he rested for a short while than sat up and asked me if I would like a massage, as if he ever had to ask such a silly question. I was naked about three seconds before he finished the question laying there on my back with my legs spread hoping he would skip the preliminaries and go right for my private parts. Dad's a bit of a tease because he rolled me on my back and tickled my back and ass for about an hour which was almost orgasmic just that alone. Finally he rolled me over and did the front side again saving the best for last. Then he just barely touched my lips. It was all I could do to stop myself from grabbing his hand and humping it. but I trusted my dad. Then he asked me for the first time ever if he could have my permission to taste my vagina. I thought that an odd question but trusting Dad I enthusiastically said yes.

    Dad pulled me over to the edge of the bed, pulled up a chair and holding my ass cheeks in his hands and spreading them with my legs over his shoulders he lapped at my asshole and pussy like a puppy dog lapping away at a treat. I was thrashing about in convulsive ecstasy in about a minute as wave after wave of multiple orgasms coursed through the very depth of my being. Time stood still, the universe twisted itself into a grotesquely beautiful little ball and I went absolutely insane with pleasure. I remember wrapping my legs around his head and violently humping his relentless tongue. I think my eyes rolled back to the point I was looking back into my own brain. My nipples were tingling so intensely I thought they would start to squirt milk. I was screaming and babbling incoherently but I remember trying to form words begging my dad to put his penis in me and make me have babies. But that was only a vague thought compared to the primal hunger for more pleasure and for my Dad to be the one to give it to me. At some point I passed out. I remember having the most delightful dream that my Dad had been turned into a boy of around 12 and that I had grown up to be a girl of 12 and that we had married and he was making babies in me. I had another dream that Dad's penis was inside me and squirting sperm in me and I watched my belly get really big and then a baby came out and sucked milk from my boobs. Then I woke up.

    After recovering and regaining my strength while dad caressed me all over I sat up then lunged at Dad wrapping my legs around him and kissing him all over his face like a puppy licking a little kid. Dad was laughing and giggling like a kid being licked all over his face by a puppy. I didn't know how to express the intense love I felt for my dad at that moment but I would have done anything to make him happy.

    The next night I started to think about the events of the previous night and I realized that I never properly thanked my Dad. I was so awash in the pleasure I felt that I never reciprocated. I wanted to make things even. Plus I wanted Dad to feel what he made me feel because that is what you do when you love someone. So I waited until Dad got into bed with me and I just opened up his shorts and pulled out his dick without even asking. I started to do what I did to make him cum before but I wanted to incorporate my mouth into the action. I knew from our previous play when he squirted onto my face and got some in my mouth that it didn't taste bad and in fact kind of tasted nice so I figured I would not mind that again but was unsure how to proceed. I had heard a boy at school describe a blow job and at the time I thought that bizarre but thinking about it I figured maybe people really did that so remembering how Dad's tongue made me feel I leaned down and licked his penis. He throbbed in my hand and twitched and bobbed and his balls tightened and he grown and ran his fingers through my hair and said I didn't have to if I didn't want to and then added that I was beautiful and he loved me. I licked him all over his dick then remembering what my friend said I took the head in my mouth and sucked gently while licking my tongue all over. I tried to lick inside his pee hole but it was too small for that. Dad groaned some more and I kept sucking trying to get as much into my mouth as I could. I started to worry about hurting him with my teeth and thinking about it I figured I should probably cover them with my lips and tongue and just slowly sucked up and down while jerking him off like he had taught me. With my other hand I tickled his balls like before while he ran his fingers through my hair telling me I was beautiful and sexy and grunting and suddenly my mouth was full of so much of his cum that it dribbled out of my nose. I was prepared for the experience of having sperm in my mouth and was even planning to swallow it since dad had explained that doing so would not make me pregnant and would not hurt me but I was unprepared for the sheer volume of sperm overflowing in my mouth. Dad went silent and went limp and his penis shrunk in my mouth, something I was also prepared for. It took a couple of minutes to swallow everything in my full mouth and wanting more I licked the rest of his penis.

    After dad came too he reiterated how much he loved me but this time he told me he was in love with me. I told him I was in love with him too. I understood what in love meant. It meant that dad felt about me the way a man feels about his girl friend or wife. I felt the same way about him.

    For the next three years we did this almost every night. Then one night when I was ten and rubbing my crotch all over him writhing in pleasure after a long session of exchanging oral sex I realized that I was rubbing my pussy on my Dad's erection. Then I realized what it was my body was doing without my head being in control and I let my body take complete control of the situation and just did what felt good and what felt good was pushing down on his cock. I tried hard to force as much of myself onto his erection as I could. I was on top and I needed him in me badly. I had had several orgasms already and it had been over an hour since Dad last came in my mouth and I knew he was ready again and I just felt myself go insane with lust. I was in heat and needed his cock in me more than I needed life. I pushed down as hard as I could be I was just not strong enough and demanded he get on top and put it in me. He rolled us over and got on top and finally I felt the wonderful pressure of his cock head against my hymen. he asked if I was sure and I just reached up and pulled his mouth to mine and screamed "do it" into his mouth. A second later he plunged all the way inside me to the hilt. I wrapped my legs around him and like a cowboy spurring his horse I dug my heals into his ass and urged him on by kicking my heals repeatedly into his butt cheeks. He got the message and started to fuck me violently. The harder he fucked me the harder I wanted him to. I felt the orgasm begin to build and finally explode as he pumped harder and faster and deeper. I screamed my pleasure into his mouth while he tongue fucked my throat. My arms were around his neck holding on for dear life. I was fucking him back almost as hard as he was fucking me as orgasmic wave after orgasmic wave overwhelmed me again for the best cum of my entire live. I was a mindless horny animal in heat. the bed was drenched with out juices. I was limp, exhausted from pleasure but Dad bless him kept pumping over and over. Finally I felt his sperm gush into my cervix and fill my womb. I had the vague thought in the back of my mind that he had just put a baby or perhaps better still more than one baby inside me and the bliss was more than my ten year old mind could take and I passed out again into dreamland where I dreamed more beautiful dreams.

    It took three years of practice before Dad finally got me pregnant. He is the most wonderful man in the world. He is my god and I worship him with the depth of my being. He is my lord and master and I am his grateful slave. We live as husband and wife, slave and master. There is no command he could give me that I would not eagerly jump to obey. I have consciously and deliberately chosen to fanatically obey and please Dad in any way he wants. I reverently interpret the slightest suggestion as a commandment by my lord, master and god. My body, mind and soul are his for eternity. I would kill for him. I would kill myself for him if he told me it would amuse him. He is the only reason to exist. Every word from his mouth is a religious experience. He created me and he molded me into a lump of quivering euphoric bliss. There is no god but dad and I worship him more than I have words to say how.

    Our son is now 11 years old. Dad has told me that one day he will be dead and our son will be alive. I told dad that I will kill myself on the day he dies but he commanded me instead to devote myself to our son beginning on the day he dies and that I should worship our son the way I worship him. Dad is wise. Wiser than I shall ever be. I love our son and while I do not look forward to the day Dad dies, when he does I will become my son's slave and worship him like I worship Dad.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 51

    When I was 11 years old I discovered my dad's stash of porn. He had tons of dirty magazines, some showing full insertion, something rare in the early sixties. The magazines got me horny and being a born pervert I went looking for satisfaction. That is when it occurred to me that my baby sister had a vagina. she was two years old and it occurred to me that my mother might let me if I volunteered to change her diapers and give her baths. I was right. In fact she was very happy and told me how proud she was that I was becoming so mature. What she didn't know was I was using it as an opportunity to play with my baby sister's body. At first I just jerked off while fingering her but then I put my dick in her mouth and made her suck me and finally I stuck my dick in her little vagina and fucked her. I fucked her almost every day for about three years. But then when I was 14 I got a girlfriend who was 11 and she had little boobs that started to sprout and she really wanted to mess around with me a lot and when I asked her to suck my dick she got excited. After a while I talked her into letting me fuck her. Since I now had a girlfriend I lost interest in my sister. We went steady for a few years but then she broke it off when I went to college. When I came back from college my baby sister cornered me one day and told me she remembered when I fucked her and kept our secret all these years. I was 22 and she was 13 and she insisted we mess around again and before I knew it she was sneaking over to my apartment to fuck me regularly. Fucking my baby sister was even better than I remember it. Our Mom is happy because my sister spends more time at my place than at home which means my mom doesn't have to do as much cooking and cleaning and can have dates over. A few weeks later my sister asked if she could move in with me and I said yes and my mother was even happier than we were. My mom got married to her boyfriend and moved out of state. I took custody of my little sister and we lived as husband and wife. Of course that was a long time ago. Now we are both married and have children and grandchildren but we never had children together. We would have but we didn't want to make any defective insest kids.

    Every once in a while, mostly at family reunions, we get together for a fuck. After all these years, my sister is still the best fuck I ever had.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I'm 15 years old. When I was 12 my English teacher kept me after school for extra tutoring. But after a while her hands were all over me. The thing was, I couldn't stand her. I don't mean she is ugly. In fact she is very sexy. But she is a mean bitch and nobody likes her. So despite how sexy she was and how nice she smelled, I really didn't want to be with her alone after school. But with her hands all over me I started to get a hard on. Then she started to smile a lot and then her hand was right on my ass and I got really horny. Before I knew it she was unzipping my pants and taking my dick out and sucking it. That was my first blow job. I came in her mouth and she swallowed and licked me clean and told me how nice it was and she even thanked me. Then we got back to the tutoring. Afterwards she gave me a ride home and told my mom that I was progressing well and asked if I could stay after school every day for extra tutoring. My mom said yes. Every day after school for the rest of the year she gave me a blow job. I got an A in that class. Turns out she wasn't as much of a bitch as I thought she was.

    Now I'm in high school and she got transferred to the high school and is now the English Dept. head. Everybody still thinks she's the school bitch but I know better. I sneak into her office after school at least once a week for a blow job but I don't need extra tutoring since I'm now pretty good in English thanks to her. I'm not in love with her or anything and she's not in love with me. She's just a pervert who likes to give boys blow jobs and I'm only too happy to let her suck me. To all you guys who think I should turn her in for what she is doing, Fuck you! I'm not fucking up a good thing. I haven't had to jerk off in three years. How many of you can say that?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 46

    When I was 9 yo my dad took me to the children's hospital. He thought I had worms. I was seen by a blonde Aussie tall female doctor. She told my dad to wait outside whilst I was in the room. She told me to take off my pants and straight away I new something was strange. She fondled and played with my penis.

    She said what she was doing was good and not to tell anyone.

    So I filled over on my knees and she tried to put her finger in my ass.

    I tell you it really hurt and she covered my mouth. She was concerned it was hurting but kept going.

    I was so scared but after a few minutes I felt like I needed to pee.

    Remember u had never had an erection or cum before.

    Anyway after a while I really felt like peeing.
    Clear liquid started coming out and it felt strange but good.
    She was wiping the tip with her hand and licking it and saying yum.
    She finally finished and I felt really tired.
    I till this day can't believe she r**ed me and have jerked off thinking of this.
    Anyway in grade 5 I got in trouble and was sent to the principals office.He was a fiftiesdoing and I .my punishment was to have the bad liquid out or the cane. I chose the former and as soon as I pulled my pants he used a candle. I knew what he was doing and I let him. He told me to roll over. He said he was going to show me the cock exerciser. He proceeded to jerk me off. I was so scared and freaked out when I came but he held me down. I went home that night and jerked off again for the second time.
    After a few weeks I was jerking daily.
    One lunch hour I decided to go to the principals office. I walked in and started jerking off. He was so excited he finished with a headjob. His tongue just teased my tip and I blew a huge clear load.
    He pulled his cock out and it looked huge to me. He asked if I would jerk him. I started and the look on his face was precious when I started sucking him. He tasted nice but when he blew I nearly chocked and couldn't believe the saltiness.

    When I left I noticed 2 other teachers jerking in the next room
    About a week later I was called to the principals office. I knew what was happening but did not expect what happened.
    I was pounded by 3 male teachers. I came so many times I was shaking on the desk dripping in cum.

    These sessions happened every few weeks until the end of school.
    Yes I was r**ed and a minor but have no I'll feeling.
    Now married with kids I Would lova cock in my mouth or pounding me. Is this so wrong?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    When I was little both my parents were very conservative. My father was a macho jock type and my mom was strait laced religious. But then when I was around eight I asked if I could grow my hair long like a couple of the other boys in my school I was friends with. I had prepared an argument for boys having long hair citing examples of macho long haired boys from Sampson to professional wrestlers. I was shocked when both my parents simply told me it as my hair so it was up to me to choose hair styles. So I grew out my hair.

    Four years later my blond hair was so long it was all the way down my waist. I had also become something of a skater boy though I was not as adept as my friends I fit in well and even had a girlfriend. My Mom, girlfriend, best friend and older sister and I were sitting around the kitchen table playing cards when my older sister started talking about a pageant she had entered in past years. She was too old but suggested my girlfriend enter. My girlfriend said that I was much prettier than she was and I should be the one to enter. She was half joking but my mom and sister gave me a funny look and then said my girlfriend was right I was the prettiest one in the room and that I was a shoe in for grand supreme whatever that was. Next thing I know the three of them were conspiring to enter me as a joke as though I was some prize purebred dog, almost as thought I wasn't even in the room.

    I pointed out that I'm a boy and therefore disqualified. The three of them laughed and said that was the point. My girlfriend became obsessed with the idea and soon they were doing my hair and make-up to see how pretty they could make me. My girlfriend who lived a few doors down ran home to get some stuff and came back with a sexy dress in my size and next thing I knew I was twirling in front of the three of them in my dress, hair up in an elaborate updo and they were all taking pics of me strutting around like a little model. My older sister taught me how to walk, my mom who had helped my sister when she was doing pageants was now teaching me how to strut and move. My sister said it was now a mistake to sell all her old outfits but since mom made a lot of them she could duplicate them. Within a couple of weeks I had a wardrobe to wear, knew how to strut and pose on stage and I learned to sing like a girl and could do some dances as well. Mom entered me in the 11-13 age group for that pageant as Britany. I honestly thought at best I would simply come in last and get one of those silly participation trophies they hand out to everyone.

    I won the grand supreme, was awarded the biggest crown and a trophy taller than I was and a sash and some scholarship money. During the next 18 months my mom entered me in about two dozen pageants and I placed well in nearly every one including two more grand supreme titles. I also won a total of $30k in scholarship money. I retired when my voice cracked one day in the middle of a performance. I still won a nice crown but not for my singing. Later that last night one of the judges came up to my mom and me and told us she knew I was a boy and that If I took hormones I could probably compete for a few more years. We decided against it. What started as a joke, a game for our amusement turned into a lot of fun and a source of money for school. Also for several years I dressed as a girl for Halloween, a cheerleader for the powder puff football game and pretty much every time my girlfriend and I went out on a date. It was fun pretending to be a girl. My girlfriend admitted after a while that she preferred my feminine side and wanted me to be her full time girlfriend. While I liked doing it for fun on a part time basis, I was otherwise a guy and had no intention of changing that fact.

    When Beth and I went on to college she insisted I live full time as a girl I was hesitant not thinking I could get away with it but for some reason the dean of student housing paid no attention to gender on the student forms and honored Beth and my request to room together. For the longest time everyone assumed we were lesbian lovers. They completely ignored the fact that I had a deep voice though I did my best to soften it up a bit.

    Today Beth and I are married. While I am still male and still have my gender as male on my driver's license, I live full time as Beth's lesbian wife. To say that presenting as female is erotic is an understatement. Being her girly sissy boy keeps me in an almost constant state of arousal. This is especially true since I am only allowed to cum once for every thousand hours of eating her out. I think secretly I have always wanted to be her slave girl and she drew that out in me. She controls me keeping my genitals locked up. Even though we both have degrees she earns the money and I stay home taking care of our children and doing all the housewife stuff.

    Recently she brought home a young college stud hung twice as big as me. She didn't bring him home for her to play with. She admitted years before that she prefers girls which is why she likes me. But she recently started to fantasize about watching me have sex with a guy. So she made me suck him off while she made a video of it. Then she had me keep is cock in my mouth for a couple of hours until it got nice and hard again and made me fuck it with my virgin asshole. It took a long time but I managed to impale myself all the way on it. Before the end of that night I became even more obsessed with getting fucked like a girl than Beth was obsessed with watching me get fucked like a girl. Now we have played that game a few dozen times and she has over a hundred hours of video she has uploaded onto porn sites. Eating out my wife while my boyfriend fucks my ass is the biggest turn on.

    I live the perfect life and am so glad my mother, Beth and my sister all recognized my feminine side so long ago.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 29

    My mother had me when she was fourteen so I was pretty much raised by my grandmother. When I got to puberty I started to get all these restrictions put on me and stories about how my mother ruined her life by getting made pregnant by this traveling handy man. According to the story my mother was an innocent little lamb and this awful man grabbed her and made her get naked for him and then he proceeded to give her what for and lay his nasty seed in her innocent garden.

    Well I asked my mother about that and the story she says is not quite like that. According to my mother she liked to get naked and stand by her window. The handy man that was working next door would look up at her and she would stand there naked and make motions for him to show her his dick. One day he did and she showed him with motions where he could put his dick, which was right inside my mother. That is how she got pregnant. Quite a different story to the innocent little angel that my grandmother painted her to be.

    Anyway, after my mother told me that story, she told me that I should get on the pill just in case some guy fell on me and stuck his dick in me. So at fourteen my mother took me to the doctor and got me the pill, the excuse of the day was that it would help me regulate my periods.

    So with the pill, I had taken it for about three months by then, I met the guy who would end up popping me and giving me what for. He wasn't the passing through handy man that is my father (I guess he is still alive somewhere), he was the new bus driver. He was a retired man who got bored and went to driving school buses. I noticed that when I got on the bus he would look at me, look at my chest and if I had pants on he would look at my crotch.

    So one day, I was the only one at the bus stop that day because the other girl that rode the bus with me was sick, I made sure that I was showing a good amount of cleavage, and when I got on a pulled myself onto the bus I put my shoulders together so he could get a good look down my blouse. And while he looked down my blouse I made a point of getting a good long look at his bulge in his pants. I made sure he noticed because I asked him if he always wore the same tan pants when he drove the bus.

    After that I sat up close to him and would talk to him, every chance I got I would wear sheer blouses or real tight pants, and I would stand at the top of the stairs in front of him and talk to him. But in spite of all the flirting I couldn't find a way of being alone with him. By then I was very intent of getting myself popped by him. I dreamt about it and made up scenarios where he would find me at the mall, or pick me up from church and take me to the bus barn and just give it to me.

    It was about then that I found this little kid bat made out of wood at the department store. It only costs $12 bucks, so I bought it and took it home. The purpose was only one, I knew that with a little work I could get that bat in me as far as it would go. I was by then fed up with using pens and markers, even the one time I did take a banana upstairs, I just couldn't stick inside of me. Although I wanted to, it just felt kind of sick.

    But the bat was perfect, it was long and rounded at the base, thick and with the right amount of work I was able to get it in until it didn't go in any further. I worked it first laying on my back, using both hands, but I couldn't really get it to slide in, so I turned over and tried inserting it in from behind, but I couldn't get the right leverage, so I did what I should have done from the beginning, I squatted over it, put the handle end down on the bed, and slowly just sat my self down on the bat and worked in until it just wouldn't go in any further. Then with the bat inside of me, I got down on my knees and put my ass up against the wall behind my bed and used it to hold the end of the bat and fucked myself with the bat. While I was fucking myself I thought about the bus driver and how he was going to fuck me, but until he did I had the bat to keep me happy.

    Well to get back to the bus driver, the man who would give me what for and pop my cherry, I ran into him at grocery store and I got real close with him and talked to him and asked him if he liked my shirt as I pushed my shoulders back. This is where I got bold, because we were in the back of the store where the restrooms were, and I just grabbed his pants and his dick and didn't let go and asked him if he liked that, because I liked that. I told him I just had to see what it was like, that I had only seen a small boys, but I wanted to see his.

    So we went back into the storage room, and he was nervous and not so sure that he should be there, but I worked fast and undid his zipper and pulled out his dick and just admired it. I asked him how many pussies he had fucked with that dick, and he said a few, and I said I bet more than a few, and leaned down and put his dick right in my mouth and gave it the biggest suck that I could muster. I'm not saying that I wasn't scared, I was, but I wanted to get fucked so bad, that I sucked on him, and got down on my knees and sucked on him until he had a boner so hard he could have drilled right through my pants.

    That's when I stood up, pulled my pants down and leaned on this shelf and told him to fuck me, that I fucked myself with a kid's bat and that he could get it all inside me. That is how it happened that he gave me what for and popped my cherry. It took several more months before he got up the nerve to pop me again. But after that, he popped me steady, and I found that I wasn't using the bat.

    As for my mother, I told her I was sexually active and she told me to use condom because of vd, I just didn't tell her who was fucking me. We never used a condom.

    My grandmother kept believing that like my mother I was little innocent saint. I think if she ever found out that I was getting fucked by the bus driver she would have died. But because my mother knew I was going to a regular little slut when it came to fucking, she got me on the pill an I didn't end up having a kid when I was in high school.

    I am now in a totally physical relationship with another man, he is tall and has gray hair and calls me all the time to meet up with me. I don't really know if he likes fucking me more than I liked getting fucked by him. But either way we fuck a lot.

    So that's my story. Oh and yes I still do have my bat, I keep it in my drawer in my dresser. For the memories.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 29

    Derek is my stepbrother, 4 years older than me. We're not directly related. My dad married his mom. When we were young and lived together, he used to sneak into my bedroom and fuck me.

    It started almost as soon as my dad and his mom got married and they moved into our house. I was still in High School and he had just graduated. He'd wait for dad and mom to go to bed and sneak into my room in the middle of the night.

    Derek is a big guy, both in physical shape and his dick. He used to play rugby for our school. He would get into my bed and pin me down. I could not move with his weight on me and just stayed there for him to use. He liked to rub his penis with spit first before pushing it into me. He'd start slow and go deep, burying himself inside me.

    Honestly no girl would find Derek to be unattractive. But he was never gentle. Always such a rough guy.

    It varies but these sessions usually lasted from a few minutes, and up to a couple hours on a few occasions. In the beginning, it felt like eternity and I just closed my eyes and hoped for the abuse to be over. Derek has never considered that he's done anything wrong. He would tell me that he was fucking me as payback for my dad having sex with his mom. To him, it's only fair.

    He eventually moved away to college and I only saw him when he returned for breaks. He never tried it again. He is now married with 2 kids. His wife and children have no idea what a monster he is.

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