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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 25

    The day I was 'ruined'. I was thirteen about to turn fourteen and we lived in the frozen north. It was late November and a bunch of kids decided to hiking, not unusual for us even at that time of year. Winter had not closed in and we were outdoor types all the way. So we go hiking and we split up, two and two, boy and girl thing and take our separate ways and to find a nice secluded spot where you can suck away. That's what we did then, not fucking, just sucking. Find a place with the afternoon sun warming and get down to sucking. That was our job, sucking. His job was to lay back and enjoy. We lived in a pretty boring town.

    That afternoon we stayed out a bit too late and we got caught up in the dark and the weather had changed and it was windy and cold and we made the decision that rather than attempt the decent into town in the dark we would hole up and pass the night. My boyfriend was pretty handy outdoors in spite of our age and I was a resilient camper, I could pee and poop in the woods since I was younger than young. We found a large rock that blocked the wind, he cleaned out a space and got rid of any rocks or twigs or things that would make it hard to sleep, he laid back and told me to get on and put my head on his shoulder as a pillow and he put his arms around me and said this is it, if we don't live we will be found dead with our arms around each other.

    He was straight on his back and he got an erection and he asked me to stroke him a little so I got his pants undone and took his dick out of his pants and stroked him. I loved holding his dick and after a little while I bent down to suck him, it was cold so sucking him meant that every time I lifted my head his dick got cold so he wanted me to keep his dick wrapped in my hand. The whole thing about what I am telling you is that it was dark, we were alone, it was windy and cold and I was holding his erect dick and sucking him and I got the urge to fuck. I had urges before but this time it was real so I got my pants down, I had to take my pants off all the way so my bare butt was taking the brunt of the wind and I got on his dick and sat down hard until his dick was all the way in.

    I swear I was totally poled and I was sitting on him with his dick in me and I was looking down at his face in the moonlight and his face was making all sorts of faces and I watched his face as I rode his dick and he came. I had never seen his face like that, when I sucked his dick I could never see his face, but now I could. It was good to know he was done, good it a strange sort of way, he had cum many times when we got together to suck but this was different, it was the fist time he came inside of me and inside any girl for that matter and it was the first time I had a boy inside of me.

    We got our clothes on and we settled down and spent the night and the next morning at first light we got up and started back into town. It isn't that our parents were worried about us, they knew we were going to be all right, but it was like a half minute that I was home that my mother followed me into my room and told me that she knew he had ruined me. Ruined me for life. Now what was I going to do?

    Well, it has been many years now, somehow ruined or not I managed to grow up, ruined or not I found this guy on the internet and met him and went out and he ruined me too and we got married and we live in Seattle and when the weather is nice I like to go camping with him, find a nice spot where the sun shines and suck his dick. I don't tell him that he isn't the first, I don't tell him that I was ruined at thirteen, I just suck his dick and when I feel his cum I know the look on his face. It's my job, his job is to lay back and enjoy it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 26

    When I was growing up I went thru a phase where I would always try and see my step father in the nude. I got to know the nightly routine. He'd work in his office until late then he shower before bed. Mom was always asleep by this time. I would hear the shower go on then wait for it to go off then head down and go to their room. I'd go to moms side of the bed and wait. When I heard the door start to open I would pretend I was getting something from the nightstand then look over. Every time he was naked and his dick was there for me to see. A couple of times he had left the door cracked while he was in the shower and I peeked thru and watched. I saw him masturbate sometimes and cum.

    I'm not sure if he ever knew I was there or what I was up too, but I like to think he was getting of for me and thinking about me watching him thru the crack.

    I have thought on many holidays that I would get him alone and ask do you remember when. But, I don't have the guts.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    One day, when I was 13, I decided to go for a swim in my towns public pool early in the mourning. It was early enough that people probably would not show up for atleast an hour. So I decided I would go skinny dipping. I pulled down my blue and green swim trunks, exposing my 13 yearold 5 inch penis, balls, pubes, and chiseled ass to the world.

    I threw my trunks to the side of the pool and dived in. I felt great sexual pleasure as the cold water pushed up against my dick and spread in between my bare legs. I floated on my back a while letting my pale white crotch absorb the early mourning sun. Soon I saw people starting to walk towards the pool, and took that as a cue to go put my trunks back on. But then I stop myself, for if I was so aroused by being naked by my self, the pleasure I would feel with other people around me would be imense. So I move over to the wall of the pool and pushed my young cock and balls against the white tiles to conceal my self.

    Soon people started to populate the pool. I then noticed my neighbor walking over to me with her husband and her two kids she talks to me for a few minutes, all the while, dispute the cold water, my dick is in pain as my full blown erection is bent back by the wall. I am in agany untill she finishes talking and walks away, allowing me to pull my crotch way from the wall, and let my boner extend.

    I realize that I might be in over my head now. There are now at least 20 people, 7 of them kids around the pool. My trunks are far enough away that I will have to fully expose my self to get them. I decide that my best bet is to make a mad dash for them when
    most of the people are not looking.

    I saw an opportunity and took it. I climbed out, my hard dick sticking straight out, and started to run towards my trunks. As I was about to pass the entrance of the pool, a girl I knew from school, Molly, came around the corner wearing a tight red bikini. I tried to stop in time, but to no avail, and slammed into her. My dick slid off her cotch and the head rested against the inner part of right thigh, and I could feel the thin fabric against my pubes. Her tits pushed right up against my bare chest. She let out a gasp.

    Now every one at the pool was looking at my tiny ass . I caught a glimpse of Molly's tits, even spotting a bit of one of her nipples, followed by me blowing a huge load of cum all over her leg. I let out a moan. I then pulled myself away from Molly and grabbed my trunks and just ran, letting my wet, now floppy dick hit up against my leg as I ran.

    I was so scared that Molly would tell everyone at school what happened, but to my surprise, it turned out she had like what she saw (and felt) and asked me on a date. I will let you imagine how things went from there.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 35

    When I was 15, part of my family was in financial difficulties and we did everything we could to help them. If that wasn't enough, a tornado had destroyed one of their houses and now we needed to give shelter to a part of the family I didn't really know much and only remembered their kids were supposed to be my cousins. This big house that was only for my parents, my sister and I turned very small when these five people arrived. Sleeping arrangements were made so the parents and their youngest were put on the living room floor and my sister and I got one cousin of the same sex each on our beedrooms floor.

    16 years old cousin Danny really got me struck from the first moment I saw him. He had beautiful hair, a very well defined body, a somewhat effeminate looking face and as we both wore only boxers to sleep, I could see he had a big package. I had already discovered my gay side, but never felt so horny for someone like I was feeling for him. I used to masturbate almost every night thinking of how his naked body would look like and how his hot skin would feel against mine and how big his cock could be. I became so horny for him that at one point I couldn't even look at him without fighting against an instant hard-on.

    One cold night I decided to use it as an excuse to try to allure him into doing something with me. I called him into my bed saying we both would get warmer that way and he agreed. His beautiful body was now by my side, his thigh pressing against mine and my cock was exceptionally hard. We ended up sleeping without saying a word and I woke up around 6am. I don't know how we managed to turn around in that small bed, but there I was on my side and the dim morning light allowed me to see he was on his side facing me real close.

    I didn't even had time to admire him before he woke up too. Few seconds went by and then our eyes locked and there in the silence our faces slowly moved towards each other's until our lips touched. He whispered "do you like boys?" and I answered "I like you right now". This was conversation enough and we returned to the wonder of the first kiss, trying to work our tongues into each other's mouth. Minutes went by and I had managed to gather the guts to caress his body, starting on his shoulder and ending over his butt cheek and thigh. He responded doing the same and we were close to reaching for each other's cock, but it was already 7am and we figured he should go back to his sleeping bag and I should get up and prepare for school before someone came by and found us like that.

    The next night started with us gently kissing and caressing again until we couldn't hold it anymore and grabbed each other's cock over our boxers. He surprised and said "wow, that's big", but his was way bigger than mine the way I felt it and I told him that. Then we hatched a plan where all one was willing to do, the other had to do too so we could experiment the same feelings to know what we liked the most. He agreed with the only condition that he'd be the wife and I the husband in every play, even if I'd suck or jerk him off. I kissed his chest and back, grabbed his ass, played with his balls and he loved that as much as I loved when he did it all to me.

    The bed didn't have that much space, so he got on his feet in front of me while I was sitting on my bed and took his boxers off. His balls were huge and his cock was big and fat, drooling heavily while I looked at it in awe. I finally put my hands and mouth on it and he loved every second, telling me how good he was feeling and how much more harder that was making him. When I kissed and licked his balls, he locked my head against it and said that was the best thing he had ever felt in his life. My time came and he sucked me and kissed my balls while holding my waist. I locked his head with my cock deep in his throat and said THAT was the best thing I had felt in my life.

    This happened daily for the next three months. We agreed that anal was out of the question because we didn't know how to do it and couldn't ask anyone or search the Internet without asking permission to my parents and under their supervision. Oral and dry sex was our every night activity and we had a system: whoever came on the other's ass while dry humping had to swallow the other's cum. Needless to say, we both made our best efforts to make the other cum on our ass because having our cum swallowed felt so damn amazing. It all sadly ended when my relatives' house was rebuilt and they left.

    I only heard of Danny again during a dinner when I was 32 and was visiting my parents. "Do you remember cousin Danny?", my mother asked. My cock got hard instantly under the table from all the memories that jumped in my mind. "Well, turns out that he is now a she and goes by the name of Dannielle. His mother was so sad to find out, because he never gave any signs of not being normal." I had to stop my mother and correct her about the "normal" part, but old people never learn. "He was normal when he came to stay with us that time, I even thought he had the hots for your sister". Well, mother would be really disappointed if she only knew.

    All those memories stirred on my mind and I had to look for Dannielle now. I decided I'd go on a little 3 hour road trip to visit her family, even though I never had any interest of knowing them better or how they were doing before. I rang their bell and the mother opened the door. They were happy to see me and I lied I was passing by on a work related trip. I also pretended not to know what was going on and asked about Danny, to what the father asnwered "we know no Danny since he decided he was a faggot and began to dress in them girl clothes". Well, now I knew where my mother got her prejudice. I turned to the mother and she was willing to talk more, even telling me that she heard "Danny" was staying in a nearby motel on the interstate.

    I decided to resume my "work trip"and began to check motels nearby. The third one was it. "A guy dressed in girl clothes signed in under the name of Dannielle, room 3C", said the clerk. I also began to realize how prejudiced southern folks were. I knock at the door and this beautiful woman opens it. I could see Danny's features under the make up and his girly ways and clothes just turned me on. If not for the fact that she immediately hugged me and started to cry, things would've gotten extremely hot right then and there. But I calmed her down and we talked a while about the difficulties of being a trans person nowadays and how prejudice was coming at her from everywhere.

    At night I drove her to a hotel in a bigger city about two hours from where we were and asked for dinner in the room. After dinnet and a bath, she came back wearing this beautiful red dress and stopped in front of me, asking "how do I look?". I told her she was stunning and she confessed "I have a huge hard-on in my panties right now". I held her in my arms and kissed her sweet lips, tasting the same exciting flavour I remembered from our teenage sessions. My hands explored her new body and loved what they found. She had recently started HRT so her titties were small but very sensitive. I loved it even more when I reached for her big balls and huge hard-on pressing against her panties. I set it free and and felt up its big head, hearing her moan in pleasure. I kneal down to suck her and it feels amazing in my mouth until her cum exploded in it and she held my head so I'd have to swallow it all. I cum as fast and heavy as she when it's my time to get sucked off.

    Even then our cocks didn't seem to go soft. "You know, there's something we never did back then...", she says, and I immediately reply "yeah, come here and let me fuck your ass, honey". She lays belly down on the bed and lets me drive my cock in her ass anyway I want. I've never felt such a tight hole before and every inch I went in made my cock harden a little bit more while she moaned loudly and sometimes said things like "oh, how I wanted you in me back then". As my cum squirted out deep in her ass, I whispered in her ear "I've bern wanting to make you my pregnant wife for so long..."

    Aft er a few minutes of hugging and kissing, she says "well, it's my turn now, ain't it?" I was surprised. "What? Did you think a girl can't fuck ass?" It wasn't that, I just thought Dannielle would be 100% bottom since Danny loved to be the girl back then. "I kinda am mostly bottom, but it's you... We always wanted to fuck each other, so if you wanna be with me get ready to get your ass fucked every time we fuck, hubby." I had done anal before and loved it, so it wouldn't be a problem, but I was wishing I had wait for this moment, if I only knew it'd happen. I always wanted Danny to be the first, it was just fair that Dannielle did it then, but oh well..

    I turn to lay on my belly. "Nah-huh, hubby! I want you to sit on my cock, I want to see your face as I go in your ass, you fucker." When her big mushroom cockhead went all in, my cock hardened like never before and she released a deep sigh. We were in love. I had never asked her or Danny about sizes, but I needed to know that right then. "9 inches and it's all buried in your sweet ass". Wow, and I thought my 8 inches were big! She fucks me in various positions until I end on my back and she's holding my legs and fucking deep. Every deep thrust from her make me roll my eyes and make her grunt. "I'm ripping your ass apart, fucker, yes I am!" She knows how to hit my spot. "Call me Danny while I cum, pleaaaaa..." Dannielle was fucking me, but Danny wanted to cum in me for the first time. That took me over the edge and I came hands free over my belly. She leaned and kissed me until our cocks softened and we fell asleep hugging totally naked in bed.

    The next morning we showered, got some breakfast and I took her to my house. We've been living together since then and don't plan to tell our prejudiced families. Dannielle now has 34D tits and a big ass that fits perfectly with her rock hard 9 inches cock and big balls. We are planning to move overseas and see what happens. And yes, she is jerking her big cock by my side while I write this.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 34

    When I was 14, I already knew I was gay and already knew what was sex through porn. But I was very manly and very tough to recognise as a gay man if you didn't know me. At that age, I was already jacking off thinking of big cocks and gay sex, but didn't have anyone to share it with and didn't have any interest in my male friends because, well... I'd always cum imagining cocks up to 10 inches ravaging my mouth and ass, and their cocks probably weren't big as they were the same age as me and mine was about 4 1/2 inches.

    I lived in a neighborhood where all parents were at work from 9 to 5 and all the kids were at school from 9 to 3. My room was on the second floor of my parent's house and I could see the street from my window and if I really wanted I could look across the street and see inside our neighbor's bedroom. A couple lived there and I never noticed the wife that much, but the husband was very handsome. They were both in their 40's, probably. They almost always left for work together, but he'd stay home alone at least two days during the week. Things might've been not so good in their marriage, because he'd always ended up jacking off in their bedroom while watching what I assumed was porn on TV (I couldn't see the acreen).

    One given day I came home from school and decided to take a bath, then stroll naked into my room to put on clothes, windows wide open because I knew nobody was home in their house that day. I was putting on my underwear when I noticed a silhouette in their bedroom's window. I got scared and ashamed because they were supposed to be both at work that day and time. My scare turned into shyness and then curious horniness when I stopped a while and saw it was the husband and that he was jerking off, staring directly at my window.

    Now I needed to know if he was really trying to see me or if it was just a coincidence. I had seen something in a movie... I went near the window, turned my back at him and removed my underwear. Looked back and he was still there, this time jacking off a lot faster. I followed the movie scene... Walked towards my bed, layed down and spread my butt cheeks. That way I couldn't see him, but he had cum when I turned to look at him. He threw me a little kiss and walked away, probably to take a shower. This interaction happened a few times after that. Some times I did the same thing, other times I'd stay on my hands and knees on the bed and a fee times I'd show him my little hard dickie.

    After a few weeks like that, one day he stopped jerking and signaled "come here" with his hands. I was in shock. What would I do? I decided it was too risky to go to his house in the middle of the day as I could be seen by someone who'd tell my parents or his wife. Not knowing how to signal back, I left the room and took my bike to try and do something about that. He saw me leaving the house and went to the front door. I pretended I was riding it and stopped in front of his house to "look at some problem I was having with the bike". He came near me and said "wanna come in?", to what I responded "not today, but leave your back door opened the next time you're home" and then immediately left.

    My heart was pounding like crazy. I realized I jad just accepted to have my first sexual encounter in a totally "wrong" way: with another man, someone much older and married. My nerves were a wreck through the next few days and my heart poundrd heavily every day I came home from school and looked at his window because he could be there. The day he was there, my heart dropped. My dickie was hard and I wanted to see him naked and grab his cock, but what if he wanted more? What if he wanted the things I've never done? What if he'd force me to do things I wouldn't want to do?

    I went anyway, leaving home with my bike to pretrnd I was going somewhere. Got to this alley behing his house and then into his gate. His backdoor was really unlocked and I went in. He was in the kitchen and saw me enter. Was wearing extra loose shorts and clearly no underwear, and a light T-shirt. There were a lot of silent moments, but we managed to talk a little after he broke the ice with "so you like to show your butt to pervy older men, huh?". I said "I had never done that before, but I thought you'd like". His cock went hard in a beat, making his shorts rise. "You know, I love to break little guys in... (I blushed!) Now, why don't you show me your butt?". Just show? No problem. "Wow, you're hard.. You really want to show it to me", he says. In that, he was 100% right. He then took his shorts off and his hard cock bounced up and down. It was huge (for me, anyways). That day, he just asked me to sit over his cock while he layed on his couch. I just sat there, his cock throbbing under my ass until he exploded. I had never seen so much cum!

    I jerked and sucked his cock the next time. He was patient enough to teach me how to do it and what he liked, so I had nothing to complain about. He'd never fuck my mouth harder than I could handle and never did anything I'd regret later. Sucking on his big balls was a huge turn on to me, as I could see hia hard cock twitch in pleasure. From that day on, every day he was home alone I was sucking and jerking his cock from 3:30 to 5pm. I had 30 minutes to go home and shower before my parents were home.

    One day he said "it's time to do something with your butt". I froze. He then said he wanted to do something we both would enjoy and that I shouldn't worry because he wouldn't enter me. He layed me bottoms up on his bed and procceded to grab and kiss my ass. I felt him spreading my butt cheeks a little from time to time until he said "don't be scared" and started licking my hole. It was weird, but I felt a fuzzy feeling every time his tongue was in there and started to like it.

    He then came over me, his cock drooling over my ass, and let me feel the weight of his body. He told me to spread my cheeks and let his cock slide in my crack. His long shaft would move up and down slowly, the head would come back until it'd thrust my hole and then go back up until his balls were pressing against my ass. He'd increase his thrusting speed from time to time and always asked me if it was too much - it never was. He announced he wanted to cum just like that and he needed me to repeat what he'd say. "Say 'fuck my ass'", he asks; I say it. "Say it again!"; I do. "Say you want me to balls deep in you and call me daddy"; "I want you balls deep in me, daddy!", I almost scream. He cums while emitting a deep growl. My ass was drenched. I came on his bed sheets while he gave his last thrusts.

    I knew that by now he'd want to fuck me for real and I was planning on letting him have his way with me. It was 3:30pm on April 4, 1998 when I gave him the green light. Before we dis anything, he say he had a little gift for me and handed me a package. There was a pink panty inside and he told me he'd love if I'd wear that on our first time fucking for real. I didn't really understood what that meant and all (back then the CD craze wasn't a thing), but I agreed.

    I was a little afraid of his cock's size and girth, but he calmed me down with lots of kisses and caressing my body. When he removed my panties and started licking my hole, I knew it was near. He lubbed my ass and his finger and started to play around my hole before gently inserting it in. Inch by inch he put his finger in and then moved slowly in and out while always asking me how I felt. Then came the time for a second finger. It hurts a little, but he is good on what he does and makes sure to use lots of lube.

    "Time for the big boy, sweetie", he announces. He tells me to relax and let it slide naturally in while loosening my hole for it. The tip of the head goes in... I never thought pain would be that pleasurable. Then the whole head is in and he's whispering "oh God, I love you". He applies more lube and keeps going in until I tell him that I thought that was the most I could take. I jever knew how much of his cock went in this first time, but he seemed surprised that a first time could be so good for both. He didn't try to r**e me like in the dry sex sessions we had, and was always a lot careful. I felt my ass stuffed with his cock, but never over the top. He announced he was impregnating me while he came.

    We fucked a lot until I was 18 and had to move to go to college. He came around a few times, but it wasn't the same. We both agreed that it wasn't something we were after anymore. His pleasure resided on me being underage and mine on me being underage as well. It was never meant to be mote than that.

    The reaaon I remembered this lies on the last time I visited my parents, a few weeks ago. My bedroom is now a deposit and I went in one afternoon to look for something. Both our windows were opened and there he was, looking through his bedroom's window. I closed the door, dropped my pants, turned my back at the window and spread my cheeks. He threw me a kiss.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 34

    My Grandma has a big mouth and no filter. One day when I was sixteen she told me to 'keep my knees together, don't invite anyone in there'. Another time she asked me 'just what do you think that hole's for?'. And 'you got tits use them to your advantage'. I brought a boy home and she told him to keep his zipper up and his hands to himself. Today I sort of laugh about it but when I was going through puberty and growing out she embarrassed me all the time.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    During those early teen years most of us were latchkey kids. We let friends in, and we let the mailman in, or the repairman. One of the men that came by to check up on me was a tailor who had a shop on the corner. He was a foreigner with a heavy accent. He liked me and liked to play with my penis. Playing with his hands, long sucking, running his tongue from the base to the tip. We didn't talk very much, just enjoyed every minute of it.

    After spending twenty minutes or so he would pat my face and he would go back to his shop. As I look back those days were so good. Yes a secret but never a regret.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    My parents were fanatically religious, and obsessed with the "sin of masturbation" so from the age of eight, I was subjected to harangues about the evils of "touching myself" until I had a hard job even urinating! I had stirrings at night, and weird dreams, woke up often with my "pee-pee" quite hard, and amazingly large. The indoctrination still held though, and I endured agonies of frustration, afraid to touch myself, and suffer all the terrible fates they had promised me.

    My swollen flesh began to be noticeable, and I swore on the Bible I hadn't, wouldn't touch it, but they didn't believe me, and said they were going to seek help from their Minister! Now he was an overweight, smarmy man of about fifty, then, with a jovial face, and a constant smile that never reached his eyes. Oh, he would help, he told them, and suggested they let him have me over the summer school recess, for "religious instruction" which only someone of his stature could properly provide. Naturally they complied immediately, and my life changed for ever.

    He had two sons, about fourteen or fifteen, and a nastier pair of bullies never existed. I shared their bedroom, with a sleeping-bag on the floor, and it wasn't long until I woke to find they had tied me into the "mummy-bag", at neck and waist, and the built in hood was drawn down so tight, the only opening was now about an inch or so, right over my mouth. They knocked me around like this, pushing, punching, kicking, as I writhed around helplessly in the heavy material. Then they would kneel over me, and ram their rock-hard cocks, as they called them, into my mouth, and slide them in and out, endlessly, as utter humiliation filled me, and I was crying, unseen, in shame and loathing, unable to do anything to stop them, as they took turn about, hour after hour, until hot salty slime hit the back of my throat, triggering a swallow reflex, and eventual withdrawal for a short period of time.

    At that age, they were insatiable, and this was my fate every night, and sometimes an entire weekend, when their parents went on some kind of retreat, and left them in charge. Now, this was bad enough, but they unpicked some of the stitching at the zipper, at crotch level, and hauled my "goodies" as they called them, out into the open, and tied something round the roots, tight! So I was introduced to wanking, for the first time ever, and discovered that for some reason, I was indescribably sensitive, to this, and thus the forbidden fruits came to me,
    despite my years of obeying parental threats and warnings.

    They were tickled pink at the strength of my efforts to avoid being touched like that, and naturally redoubled their efforts, savoring my discomfort and protests. The awful thing was, this forbidden activity felt so good, I began to rationalize my "disobedience" - after all, it wasn't like I could have done anything to stop it, and I wasn't doing it myself - they'd never said anything about someone else doing it - anyhway I discovered that the more frantic my struggles and protests, the more intense their assault on my "fucking huge cock" as the brothers called it.
    At night, with their parents close by, they arranged things carefully, so my mouth was full as they wanked me, effectively muffling my wails and groans, then they changed places, changed ends if you like.

    There was a fine irony in the constant lecturing I got from their father, on the sins of promiscuity, while his offspring were "face-fucking" me constantly, hours on end, and wanking me to near insanity, slowly addicitng me to this behavior, beyond any possibility of redemption, I knew.

    Then one weekend, the parents returned unexpectedly, and caught them at it! He banished them to the other end of the house, then, sighing with fake anger, blaming them as unruly discip[les of the devil, he gently began to wank me, with exquisite delicacy, rambling on about damage having been done, and too late to return to the status quo, and other cop-outs, leading up to HIS cock in my mouth!

    It was an interesting summer, one I remember with great appreciation, as I wait for the brothers, now grown to adulthood, as I am, to return home after work, to resume their years-old assault on my willing body!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    When I was 5 years old my parents separated. When I was 7 the divorce was final. When I was 9 my mom met a women who she told me to call Aunt Jenny. A few months later Aunt Jenny moved in with us and became my regular baby sitter.

    It was clear to me from the start that aunt Jenny was subservient and submissive to my mother. It was as though she was obsessed with obeying my Mom. It was also as though she had become my Mom's housewife. I really didn't care though. My Mom was happy, all the time. She had never been happy, at all, when she was married to my Dad. This was a good change for Mom. The fact that Aunt Jenny and Mom were in a lesbian relationship was something I pretended wasn't happening. I just blanked out the fact that they shared a bed though even at 9 I understood what sharing a bed meant.

    One day when I came home from school I found Aunt Jenny naked on her knees on the living room floor with her head bowed and her hands clasped behind her neck. I'd never seen a naked woman before and while I was intrigued by her nudity I was actually more taken aback by her position on her knees. I was not accustomed to seeing adults in such a vulnerable state.

    "Master Alex, I've been very naughty"

    She didn't wait for me to respond

    "I borrowed one of your tighty Whities. It smells soooooo good! I shouldn't have done that. I'm very sorry. I need to be punished. Will you please punish me?"

    That 's when I noticed the array of whips, paddles etc on the coffee table.

    "Please sir? I'll do anything for a good whipping! Anything at all!"

    I just stood there frozen in shock.

    "Please? It's all right sir. You can hurt me as much as you'd like. Please hurt me sir. I need it really badly."

    I put my books and stuff down on the sofa and looked at the implements on the coffee table. I looked at one item with a plastic handle and a loop of jacketed wire about 18 inches long. It looked mean.

    "Anything?" I asked

    "ANYTHING!!" Aunt Jenny said.

    "I can watch anything on TV I want to?"


    "You'll make me anything I want to eat?"

    "Anythin g!"

    &quo t;You'll take me to Disney world?"

    &qu ot;Oh God Anything at all, anything!"

    I picked up the plastic handle with the wire loop and held it in my hand. Nobody had ever given me permission to hurt someone before let alone. The idea intrigued me. I looked at the implement in my hand. I took a firm grip and pondered a target.

    "Show me your tits!"

    I'd never said "tits" out loud in front of a grown up before and only twice before in front of a school mate.

    She turned and arched her back and thrust her tits up towards me and held them out for me to "punish." I took a swing and struck her right tit as hard as I could. I wanted to make that first one count. It counted. she screamed and breathed real heavy and then said "Thank-You so much!" while rubbing herself between the legs.

    "Harder please master!" That' when I really let her have it. I didn't bother counting but she did. She proudly announced "100!" after about five minutes of waling on her now bruised and bleeding tits. Beating her tits was exhilarating. It was also at that moment that I was first conscious of ever having a hard-on that resulted from being aroused.

    "May I thank you for my punishment by sucking your dick Master?"

    It never occurred to me to put my dick in someone's mouth. I'd heard of it but it just never occurred to me that it was a real thing that people really did. I couldn't get my pants off fast enough. Aunt Jenny suggested I take a seat on the sofa. She crawled on the floor over to me and took my dick and balls in her mouth and sucked and licked. That was the most pleasurable sensation in my entire nine and a half years. She sucked and licked me for hours.

    I was in an ecstatic trance and didn't notice my Mom come home. She stood there for a while staring at her "wife" giving me my first ever blow job. I finally came though it was a dry cum. After all I was still only 9 years old.

    "Good, you're done. Let's see them." Mom commanded Aunt Jenny. I was startled but Mom didn't seem to be angry and despite not having been naked in front of my Mom since I was 5 and normally being very modest, it simply didn't occur to me to cover up. I was still basking in the afterglow of my first orgasm. Mom inspected Aunt Jenny's tits admiring my handiwork.

    "Your Aunt Jenny was very naughty. I caught her frigging herself while sniffing a dirty pair of your underwear so I ordered her to offer to let you punish her and I see you did a fabulous job!"

    My erection was still bobbing up and down in front of my Mom and I didn't even care. Mom seemed happy that I was naked. The whole scene was bizarrely surreal.

    "Did she do a good job sucking your dick?" Mom asked.

    I just smiled and nodded.

    "Good! Jenny, take Alex into the bathroom and give him a nice bath. Take your time and make him feel good."

    Aunt Jenny got up and picked me up in her arms and carried me into the bathroom. Normally I would have protested on account of the fact that I was far too old to need someone to give me a bath but the idea of Aunt Jenny touching me everywhere on my naked body was too irresistible. She bathed me everywhere in the most delicious way that included jerking my cock for a while, playing with my balls and fingering my asshole. The entire time she encouraged me to play with her abused tits. When we were done, which took a long time, she rinsed me off, picked me up and towel dried me before leading me naked into my bedroom where she climbed into bed with me, both of us naked and proceeded to lick me everywhere.

    Mom came in to tuck me in while Aunt Jenny was licking my asshole. she acted as though nothing unusual was happening. She kissed me on my forehead and bid me good night before shutting off the lights and closing the door.

    After about an hour or so of licking my naked body like a giant Popsicle She asked if I'd like to become a man now. I had no idea what she meant. She gave me a brief explanation of reproduction, explained that I was too young to get her pregnant and then offered her vagina for me to fuck and told me I needed to practice a lot so I could be an expert at fucking once I was able to squirt sperm. She got into the doggy position, explained where to put my throbbing little dick and then as I got into position she backed her pussy up to my cock and impaled herself on me. It was loose of course. I was tiny compared to an adult but it was still soft and warm and wet and just the idea of doing it made me wish I could cum in her. She somehow managed to grasp my tiny dick with her pussy and worked it until I had my second orgasm. With that she thanked me, called me "Master" again and then curled up against me spooning me with her arms around me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    when i was 8 i used to hang out with a girl my age who was into weird games. one day after school she wanted to play a game where we put tape over each others pussys and go to the bathroom trying to pee it off or through it.
    i felt aroused taping my pussy and pulling it off trying to cover it all- as i was bald. but just wanted to get it over with because i knew her brother and his friends where in the home.
    my friend sits over the toliet and pees splashing pee everywhere laughing loudy making a raquet
    then i jump on, i flow hard to try and get the tape off in one shot- my friend opens the bathroom door. im pissing all over myself in front of her brother who was 14 and his friend. waiting i was set up.
    she said it happnes to me all the time and laughed at me
    i kept playing games with her and having sleepovers she taught me how to masturbate. so it wasnt all bad

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