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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 26

    I think I pretty much knew I was a lesbian when I was eleven. I fell in love with my cousin.

    We played around a lot, but in the end she wasn't a lesbian, but I was.

    I have gone on to fall in love with other girls, and think I am in love now with my current girlfriend.

    But nothing compares to the love I had for my cousin, those kisses we shared, and getting to know our bodies together, those first times when we figured out how to go down on each other, when we had enough titties to tease each other, her getting over me and lowering her tits into my mouth, she had much bigger and fuller titties than me, she would straddle me and slowly lower her tits until I could just barely nibble on her nipples until she just collapsed and I could take her whole tit in my mouth. Crazy we were only thirteen at the time.

    If she was still a lesbian, I am sure we would still be together.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 55

    Faggot Part Three

    The taste if Butch's cock permeated all my senses and, for the first time ever, i felt a deep contentment. i was where i belonged, on my knees with a cock in my mouth, a big fay juicy cock. Slowly i began to move my lips, easing them down to take more. i could feel the big rubbery head pressing against the back of my throat... and i barely taken half!!! Butch pushed his hips forward, forcing me to take more. i didn't resist, choking on his big dick, felt it stretching my throat. i fought the urge to gag, but there was too much and pulled off his cock.

    This angered Butch who hooked hand behind my head, then grabbed his dick in the other hand and aimed it at my gasping lips, forcing it between them. i responded by staying passive, giving in to his need. Cock filled my mouth again, noticeably firmer, and bigger. He was getting an erection, and i was the reason. i liked that, that he was getting a hard-on because of what i was doing to him, and it made me more eager, even aggressive. i began to slid my lips along the semi-head shaft of Butch's cock, tugging and pulling at it with my lips, kneading it. i didn't give a fuck anymore, i was sucking cock... a willing cocksucker... and i loved it. It was so nasty and dirty, and it would make most people sick and grossed out... but that made it even better.

    Butch was moaning and breathing hard as i got really into it and soon enough he was rock-hard and i was back to barely being able to take more than half it's length. The dryness in my mouth was long gone, now my mouth was wet and i was salivating like crazy, drool running down my chin and his shaft. i pulled away, swallowed and went to work on the head of Butch's cock with my tongue, swirling it over the spongy slippery knob. Fuck, it was big!!! i got a strange satisfaction that the guy i was sucking off had such a big dick... it made it all the nastier.

    Thinking of nasty i took notice of his balls... fat, low hanging, heavy looking. i dipped my head down and began licking them wildly, making them dance and bob. Taking the right one on my mouth i sucked on it, eliciting a low groan from Butch, then did the same to the left. i couldn't help thinking how they were full of his cum, cum that would be released from my administrations. It drove home that there was an end to a blowjob, a purpose, that it was the reason i was doing what i was doing, what Burch was ultimately wanting. i shivered, still slurping on his cock, knowing what i was going to cause to happen... and realized i wasn't really sure what was expected of me when that happened... i mean, i didn't know for sure what i was supposed to do... sort of. i was using my mouth to that means, so it only stood to reason why we were engaging in this particular act... But then i thought he might be angered or grossed out... any rationale was out the window...

    'Get up... lets hit the glass dick' Butch said, 'You can hit my dick after we smoke a bowl'
    i got up off my knees and followed Butch over to the tallboy. His boxer briefs were rolled down just below his balls and he left them there as he loaded a bowl of meth. i didn't even think about it as i reached out and took hold of his cock, stroked it. Butch didn't react, acting like i had done it a thousand times before.. Instead he hi the pipe and handed it to me. i let go of his cock and took the pipe and lighter from him... taking a huge hit... i could feel that crazy weird high rush through me.. and i started to ask a question...

    'Take these off' Butch said, snapping the waistband of my briefs, as he pushed his down and stepped out of them. i was a little embarrassed because i had a hard-on and he would see, but it was a turn-on to... so i pulled them off and let them drop next to Butch's... What a rush it was! Being naked with another guy... and both sporting boners... i felt my dick get harder still... i was afraid to touch it because i might explode!!! i grinned and grabbed Butch's cock instead , tighter this time and stroking it aggressively...

    'So, um, are-are you gonna, you know... cum in my mouth?' i asked shyly, unable to meet his eyes. that question implied so much... that i was going to suck his cock some more and that i was willing to take it to the end... By asking i gave a show of my willingness... it was up to him, and either way i was agreeable.

    'You want me too?' Butch asked
    'i dunno... i mean, maybe, yeah, i guess' i answered
    'I didn't give a fuck if you do or not... cuz I'm busting a nut in your faggot mouth' Butch snorted, taking a big hit off the meth pipe. He handed it to me and as i took it his hand shot out and slapped my on my bare left butt-cheek, grabbing a handful and squeezing hard. 'Damn! You got a beefy ass, you're a real fat-ass, aint ya?' He looked back behind me, shook my ass cheeks, then stood upright, slapped my ass again and said 'That ass needs to get pounded... yep, I am gonna get my dick up in it tonight!!! Huh? You like to get yer ass fucked tonight? Take this big dick up yer ass? Didn't matter I'm fucking this ass tonight!!'

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 55

    Faggot Part Two

    'I said get down on your on your fucking knees'
    This time Butch's voice had something about it that made me start, a seriousness about it that frightened me. The realization of what was happening hit home, the finality of it.. Fantasizing about something was harmless, you can be anyone and do anything with no worry, no fallout... it's personal and private and you can keep it close without stigma but the actual doing was something else. In my head i wanted to run, to escape but it was like i had lost the ability to control my body and slowly sunk to my knees as Butch had ordered.
    Once down on my knees i began to tremble uncontrollably, my mouth was suddenly dry, sandpapery and my stomach twisted into a knot. i couldn't bring myself to look up, to meet Butch's sneering eyes and stared at his right knee without seeing it. Mind racing, i was in total dismay as to what to do... part of me wanted to get up and run our of there, keep my fantasies, hidden and unfulfilled or staying and following through, taking that step of no return, branding myself forever... if i left i would always wonder what it would have been like, if i did this what if i didn't like it? It would still be done, i would still be labelled... Suddenly i was snapped out of my thoughts by a sharp stinging blow across my right cheek as Butch's hand shot out and slapped me across the left cheek.
    i looked up at the older boy, silently pleading with him. He sneered down at me, one hand kneading the huge bulge in his briefs, tugging at it. He reached down the front of them and pulled out his genitals, baring them to me. i couldn't help but look, catching my breath... i knew he was well-endowed, that he was really hung, but seeing that huge cock and those massive balls was still a shock. His dick was long, hung halfway down his thigh and incredibly thick, with a fat head and his balls were low-hanging and the size of large plums, hairless and smooth, all a dark pink against the pale skin of his body. A sharp, stale-sweat, musky scent filled my nostrils, the smell of his maleness... i was overwhelmed and barely heard his growling voice.
    "Suck my cock, faggot"
    i looked up at him, slowly putting my hands on each of his bare thighs, touching him intimately. He wasn't going to let me out of it, i didn't have a choice in this, i knew that seeing his face, the determination. And for some reason, this realization made it easier to comply. Still trembling i slowly wrapped my fingers around the thick base of his big dick and raised the head to my lips. Looking up at him again, one final look to see if this was really going to happen and seeing that, yes, it was, whether i wanted it to or not, i parted my lips, giving them a lick to wet them with no avail, and leaned forward, taking my first taste of dick.
    It wasn't what i expected, the feel and taste of a cock against my lips. There was an earthy, rich flavor to it... not unpleasant at all, in fact i liked it.. as much for what it meant as for the actual taste. i opened my mouth more and took the first few inches of shaft into it. Butch gave a low groan... i looked up and saw him smiling wickedly down at me, lips wrapped around his cock...

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    I had a cousin on my dads side who was older than my mom. She was a bit off in the head they said, I thought she was sweet. By my teens I know she would let me feel her up and would give me a blow job when no one was around. I got her alone some where in my mid teens and got her dress up, and those undies down. I hung my dick in her and she liked it. She let me at her three times and each time I was allowed to finish inside of her. When we got done she giggled and I ask her why. She said it feels good like when my brother did it to her. He was eight years older. She told me and her had sex many times. She was older than him by a large amount as well.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    when I was 16
    my neighbor was a single old women, she was 60-ish and alcoholic
    one day when I go home and walk up the stairway
    I saw her walk down the stairway and a little bit drunk
    I ask her where are you going, she said to buy some beers
    I said I got some beers in my home, you can drink mine and buy me back later
    she said sure, so I brought some beers from my home to her home
    we drink and talked a little bit then she ask me about girlfriend stuff
    ask me do I have a girlfriend and have I ever had sex with girl
    I said no but I have seen porn and know sex is all about
    she said you dirty little boy, you do not even know the half of it
    do you want to know how real sex feel like, I can help you with that if you want
    I do not know what make me say it but I said it
    I said to her yes, I wanted it
    she just smile at me, and start taking off her clothes
    and I start taking off my clothes too
    we both get into bed naked and she start giving me a blowjob
    I rubbed her pussy at first than she said I need to finger her to get her wet
    than she ask me to get on top her start fucking
    I cum inside of her shortly after
    she ask me how it feel, I said good, differently batter than porn
    she said of course, we can do it more more often
    since then we had a lot of sex in different places
    we even had a few threesome with her lady friend from her AA meetings

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    Ok, when I was 14 my parents had parties at the house and people would party there all evening and towards the night.
    I got up at 2-3 am. I saw my older cousin there on the couch. Asleep. I lifted her shirt and bra over her breasts.
    I sucked on her breasts for awhile, as I was leaning over her. She pulled me against her more in her sleep.
    After I would slide her pants down, she almost woke up when I got her pants and panties past her knees. My first time seeing a nice hairy pussy. I touched her pussy a little. She placed her hand over mine and held my hand on her pussy. The hairs felt so nice. I went down on her, I pushed my face between her thighs. Her hairs against my face, I loved it. I stuck my tongue inside her. Tasted salty and sweet . She moaned a little. She had her hands on my head, holding me against her. I felt she was getting wet. She was cumming. In my mouth.
    I undressed. slowly go on top of her. I pushed my penis inside her. Made love. best feeling ever. Her thighs open. I was inside her. She put her arms over my shoulders, and tightened her thighs around me. I got scared a little. Her thighs were strong. She opened her eyes and looked at me. "What are you doing" , she whispered.
    "making love to you", I said to her.
    "go to sleep", she said to me.......
    She started pushing her hips up against me as I was making love to her.
    I felt my sperm building up inside, and then I exploded into her. I held myself inside her.
    The last drop of my sperm was inside her. I slowly pulled out, and she moved on her side, I moved down and started sucking on her breasts as she was falling asleep again. She held me close for awhile, arms and leg around me.
    I got up and got dressed and went back to my room. After I laid down on my bed in the room, I heard her get up, she got dressed and went back to sleep on the couch.
    Next day they were all up sitting around the living room and talking.
    I went into the kitchen, she was sitting on the same couch we had sex on. I knew she was staring at me the whole time.

    That was my first time I had sex.
    My cousin was hot, she must have been 22-25 at the time. I was 14.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    I used to go visit my cousin every once in awhile. She lived alone. She was 20-21, I was 16.
    We would hang out and have coffee and watch movies or tv. This would go on for several weeks.

    One night, she went into her room as I was still watching TV. A few hours went by. I was thinking of going home, so I turned off the TV and lights. The only light left on was the hallway light by her room, in which the door was open.
    I walked to her door, I saw her sleeping there on her bed.
    I laid beside her . After a few hours. I slowly moved up behind her as she was on her side. I put my arm around her. She put her hand on mine, and held it.
    I slipped my hand inside her shirt, and onto her breasts. They were soft. My heart was racing.
    I moved her on her back. I slowly lifted her shirt over her breasts, she wore a white lace bra. I then lifted her bra over her breasts. Firm, nipples out, I caressed them gently. Laying beside her.
    She moved on her side again, facing me. I went down a little. I started sucking on her breast. She laid there, eyes closed, her arms around me, and she put her leg around me.
    I was breastfeeding on her for almost an hour.
    I looked up to her. She opened her eyes and looked down on me. "Go to sleep babe", she whispered.

    She moved on her back again. She was wearing spandex pants. I got up slowly. I slid them off slowly. She was wearing nice white panties. I laid beside her, caressing her belly button and then slowly slid my hand down inside her panties. All I felt was lots of hair. My heart was racing. I slowly slid her panties off, and she was on her back, legs open. Room was dark, but I can still see her body, curvy, lovely breasts, pussy full of hair.

    I undressed and laid beside her, staring at her for awhile.
    My penis was throbbing, wanting to be inside her. I slowly crawled on top. Pushed my penis inside her gently, her thighs tightened a little as she almost moved on her side. I started making love to her.
    It was amazing. My first time, I was loving it. Her thighs loosened and moved on her back again.

    I felt my sperm building up inside, and I was about to cum.
    I was scared that I might get her pregnant. I knew she was not seeing anyone, neither was I.
    I started cumming in her. My sperm going inside her. I laid on top of her.
    Her thighs wide open. Soft breasts against my chest.
    After my last drop into her, I got off her and laid beside her. now my sperm is inside her.
    Maybe my seed went inside her egg.

    I laid beside her for awhile. She moved on her side facing me, I moved to her breasts and sucked on them for awhile.
    Her arms and leg around me. Pulling me against her.
    After I got dressed and went home.
    I saw her again the next day, she said hi to me.
    She knew it was me with her the other night.
    She was naked and asleep when I left .

    Now I am thinking her oldest daughter is mine.
    This was in 1990.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 55

    Faggot Part One

    i always knew i was different, that my thought process were 'off'. Even at a young age i didn't fit in, i had no interest whatsoever in the things the other kids did, in fact, at times it seemed like i purposely went out of my way to be different. This, coupled with a lack of any real social skills, and not being able to recognize boundaries, caused me to be ostracized by my classmates, initially, then later, tormented and picked on. Because of this, this forced isolation, i avoided contact with anyone and became every bit the loner by the time i got to 6th grade. Friendless and uninfluenced by peer pressure i was able to explore and discover things of my own accord, forming my own unbiased opinions of things. This was mu state of mind when, in the summer before 7th grade, i discovered Homosexuality.
    i was fascinated by the whole concept of Homosexuality, of males being sexually attracted to other males. i wondered what it was like to be a Homosexual, to only be drawn to males and decided i was going to see for myself, try it out. i made a point of checking out the crotches of every guy i saw, discretely, of course, affecting what i thought a Homosexual would do. It became my 'dirty little secret', and gave me a certain sense satisfaction knowing something they didn't. It was thrilling and i began wanting to go further with it, take it to the next level. The thought of being sexually intimate with another guy drove me, i fantasized about it constantly, and discovered elements to it that made it more appealing. i was turned-on not just by the idea of sucking a cock or taking a cock up my ass, but at the thought that by doing so someone would know i was a faggot and i wouldn't be able to deny it. i actually wanted to everyone to know i was faggot... But i had no idea of how to go about it especially with having no friends. Then Butch moved in across the street.
    Butch was a loner like me, though for different reasons... he was a lean, blond kid 2 years older than me, a worldly 16 years, with a knack for causing trouble. He had a perpetual sneer, walked with a swagger and didn't seem have a care in the world. We became 'friends', of a sort... it was more a Dominant/submissive relationship, with him telling me what to do, like making me clean his room while he smoked pot, or taking any money i had whenever he wanted. He had a mean streak, would get anger with me and more than once had punched me just because he felt like it. i put up with it because he was my only friend and because he protected me from the other kids abuse... one evil over the many, i guess. Within weeks we established out roles... i did whatever he said, took his abuse and never complained.
    One day he asked me if i was going to spend the night at his house and i said i wasn't sure i could. He responded by saying 'I was going to let you suck my dick tonight. If you don't come over you wont get to'. i laughed and asked 'What makes you think i want to?' and he said 'Maybe I will make you'. Laughing it off i went to class, secretly excited by the idea and unable to think of anything else all day. i knew he was joking but deep down i wished it was true. o had spent the night at his house before, his mom was a stripper at some dive bar and turned tricks, according to Butch, so she was always gone all night and never got home until noon, leaving us freedom to d what we wanted all night, like party and blast music.
    i showed up at his house later that night and we smoked some pot, then Butch produced a little baggy of white powdery stuff and weird little pipe. It was meth and he wanted me to smoke it with him. He taught me how to smoke it and we were soon pretty high. It wasn't like anything i had ever done and really knocked down any inhibitions i had. We had both stripped down to out boxer-briefs because it was a warm evening and the meth made us warmer, something we had done before so it was no big deal... plus it awarded me with a good view of his huge bulge. We were standing at his tallboy dresser, sharing a pipe while he made up lines for us to snort. i was taking a hit off the pipe when without thinking i said 'i thought you were going to make me suck your dick'... making a joke, sort of, because he called the pipe a 'glass dick' and he turned to me, with an odd look on his face and answered... 'What makes you think I'm not?'
    i didn't know how to respond, just stared at him while he casually turned back to snort a line, then handed me the straw. i did my line, gasping at the burning. As i set the straw down Butch stepped back and faced me. 'Get on your knees' He said flatly. not sure what he was saying i just stared, which seemed to anger him. 'I said get the fuck down on your knees!' and i saw he was deadly serious, so i slowly dropped to my knees, filled with nervous excitement. Looking down at me Butch reached down into his briefs and pulled out his huge cock.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    When I was younger, about 14 or 15, I had a friend and let's call him William. William and I met in class and didn't talk much but I caught him staring at me quite a bit. After a while of not talking, we were assigned to do a project together.
    After doing that project, he gave me his number. We shared a lot of interests so we got along very well and became friends soon. We talked all day and night and I grew pretty fond of him.
    One day, my parents were throwing a party, and I'm very introverted so I told him I didn't want to be home. He invited me to his house and I mentioned it to my parents. They agreed. He was the perfect gentlemen and he had such a way with words that they had no choice but love him.
    We got to his house and started playing some games. We're both serious gamers. Afterwards, he put on a movie and we started to cuddle. We went from cuddling to making out then he got me topless and started licking and sucking my nipples. After that I gave him a hand job while he fingered me. That was my first ever sex-like experience.
    A few weeks later, I went to his house again. It was almost the same as the first time except this time I gave him a blow job. I let him cum in my mouth and I swallowed to please him.
    Him and I were friends with benefits for most of my freshman year of high school. After that year I moved to a different state and got my first real boyfriend and after a year of dating I gave him my virginity.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 37

    I grew up with wealthy grandparents and they had a driver who took me to school and picked me up.

    On one trip to school he decided that he needed to straighten out my clothes and he ran his hands all over me, rubbing my bottom, pulling up my skirt and adjusting my panties so they were nice and tight. When he left me off at school, he straightened my hair before letting me out of the car.

    After that I got a dress review every day and as part of my dress review he would make sure my panties were properly on and would touch me and rub his fingers between my legs to make sure my panties were not bunched up. My dress review was always at the same place, an abandoned gas station, and I would stand beside the car and hold on to his arms while made sure I was dressed to his liking.

    We did this every day before taking me to school, I was always quick to get out of the car, and wait for him to check on my clothes. One day, after he had spent a few minutes with my panties, he stopped and said he needed to urinate. Looking over his showlder to make sure no one was coming that way, he pulled his penis out of his pants and asked me to help him hold his penis while he urinated on the ground.

    The feelign of his penis in my hand made cross my legs back and forth, but I held his penis until he finished urinating. I became good friends with his penis and soon had his penis rubbing against my legs and against my crotch. Until one day, instead of getting out of the car, he asked me to come up front with him, and he helped me out of my panties and with his penis out of his pants, he pulled me up onto his lap and I slowly accomodated his penis until I was sitting on it all the way in me.

    We were close friends all through the days he took me to school. As time went on we started to go back to his home in the afternoon while I was supposedly in one or another after school activity.

    I can't say that any of this every hurt me in any way, quite the opposite, by the time I got the point of having a real boyfriend, and then a husband I was very comfortable with myself and sharing myself for the many forms of sex.

    I often think of my friend, I haven't seen or talked to him in ages, and I wonder if he is still alive.

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