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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    I was thirteen, my brother was sixteen, and mature enough to be left in charge of the household while our parents had hiking weekends away. The he and his buddies would tie me up in a "mummy-bag" sleeping bag, with the hood tied so tight it scrunched down to nothing but about a one-inch hole over my mouth! Then my weekend consisted in sucking everything that was introduced through the one-inch hole, one after another! They were insatiable at that age, and I probably swallowed a quart of ejaculation in an average weekend!~ Now a three-day holiday weekend, doesn't even bear thinking about! To cut a long story short, many years later, I still seek out this kind of treatment, and am much in demand from a dozen or so 'regulars' -+ mostly at least ten years older than me. Now I don't even have to wait for a weekend any more! My goal is to have so many "captors" that my mouth is full 24/7/365!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 34

    My childhood was spent in a small town where everyone knew everyone else, more or less. I used to catch a school bus to and from school in my early teens, as I had in grade school. On a cold, rainy day I had missed my school but so I went to the public bus service a block away. I recognized the pharmacist, Neville, pull up to the bus stop and he asked if I was headed home, he would drive me. He knew my entire family. I had known Neville most of my young life. He was a tall, gaunt man with a big Adam's apple, hollow cheeks, and wore thick glasses. His front teeth stood out a bit. He was around 6'5" and a fine gentleman.

    Neville made sure my door lock was set and started to drive. We were on the road for around ten minutes and I noticed a tent at Neville's crotch. He noticed me staring at it and moaned a bit, saying that it really hurt because it was so swollen. I asked, "What hurts" actually not knowing. He said, "My penis. It gets large sometimes in my trousers and if I don'r release it it hurts like a banshee. Would you be frightened if I released it just a little?" In recollection the conversation takes on its true nature but at the time I was an empty-headed girl and had no idea what was going on. I said, "Oh, no, please just release it," not having a clue what a penis was. "I won't be frightened."

    He unzipped his pants and I was suddenly looking at something I had not even thought of before. His cock seemed outrageously large and it was redder than the rest of his body. He sighed in relief. "I need to caress it a bit to calm it down, would you mind," "No, please go ahead," I said. So he began to slowly wank it. I could not take my eyes away and my body was reacting strangely with new feelings...ones I had never before encountered, between my legs and running down my legs and into my tummy.

    Neville noticed my fixed stare and said, "If you would like to do it for me, it would help because I don't want to cause an accident while driving." I took his huge cock in my hand and began stroking it as I saw him doing. I loved the feeling. It was very hard and yet soft at the same time, and it seemed alive. Then without a thought, it occurred to me to start using both hands, leaning toward him. Both my hands wrapped his cock and there was plenty of cock left. My mouth filled with saliva and I thought of sucking on it but did not. It was so large that my little fingers could not touch around even thought I wrapped my entire hands around it. He said, "Just a bit faster, oh, LORD, that's good. Go on, just a bit faster and hold it a bit tighter. Oh, my GOD that is so fine," he would blurt out. I loved his guiding words and his reactions made me dizzy with delight. For the first time in my short life I felt I had some power.

    Soon, he pulled out a handkerchief from his coat jacket's breast pocket and said, "Quickly, now, it will erupt now just cover it with this handkerchief." When he came, he let out a large moan and said, "Oh LORD, thank you, oh LORD." I did not notice the hanky filling with cum that first time.

    So began our little ritual on many rides from school, especially when raining and I often stayed late to be sure I'd miss my bus and Neville would pick me up. I loved it but never told anyone about it for fear of ending it. I would wank him to a cum then he would drop me off at home where we would thank each other. I had a new, magical dimension to my life that no one else seemed to have.

    Whenever I picked up pharmaceuticals Neville and I would give each other knowing smiles, as I grew up. It lasted until I went away to university in my late teens. What Neville did not know is how much I had begun to think of swallowing his massive cock, sucking and licking its bulbous head and sliding it up, deep into my vagina, or even up, deeply into my anus, as I learned what that was all about, not long after my first wanking chore.

    Often, when I feel horny, I still masturbate thinking of that large, beautiful cock of Neville's, much more handsome than he was. My mouth still waters. I have never encountered one such, at least not so far, but I'm still comparatively young and look forward to seeing another.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 18

    I have 15 years and I am one very horny teenager. I don’t have any body hair and my butt is very round and kind of sticking out. I love exposing myself to men and I love being fucked. My favorite place to do it is out in the nature. I live on the outskirts of a big city, so there are lots of interesting places to go. I love walking down the river side with only my t-hirt looking like a mini-skirt. I would leave my shorts and underwear in a bush and continue walking the dirty road half naked. Then I would hope someone passes by and notices me.

    This one day in May on a Sunday afternoon I took off my clothes and left only my favorite red t-shirt on, the one that barely covers my buttocks. I love the feeling of the breeze between my naked legs and my dick dangling freely. It usually gets rock hard pretty fast so its pointed upwards.

    As I stared my seductive walk down the road I had that feeling of wanting a dick in my ass so much. My breathing increased and I got very excited. After a while I heard some noise approaching from behind me on the road. It was a horse with two riders, what looked like two Gypsy older boys galloping in my direction. As they approached I slightly lifted my t-shirt and exposed my bare ass as they were passing by. One of them turned his head around as he realized I was naked. I turned sideways and continued raising my t-shirt and leaning forward a little bit while exposing my butt to the sunlight. He spoke something to the rider in the front and I noticed the horse stopping and starting to turn around. I got their attention, so I ran quickly to the side of the road behind some big bushes. There was a small grassy clearing behind the bushes with the river side lined up with trees on the other side. I lay on the grass on my back and raised my legs pushing my knees to my chest, exposing my pink asshole in the direction where I expect the Gypsies to come following my seduction.

    When they showed up, they looked shocked! Their jaws dropped as they saw me exposing myself fully to them. They knew pretty well what I wanted! They came down on me so fast. They both got their dicks out and started masturbating while looking and approaching. I spread my ass cheeks to the maximum as a clear signal of what I wanted. My anus started tu pulsate with anticipation. The rider came onto me first. He grabbed me by the ankles and pushed my legs all the way back. He had a nice long dick all hard and ready to fuck me passionately. He went in with one strong push so I let out one very loud moan of pleasure. Aaaaaaaah, fuck me, pleaseeee! The other one came from behind my head and placed his dick in my mouth. With moans I started sucking him as if my life depended on it! They both fucked me hard but it took only about few minutes for the second guy to fill my mouth with tons of semen, I nearly choked. The other one was pumping his long hard rod inside me with such strong thrusts that I moaned with pleasure the whole time. When he got close to his climax he took his dick out of my butt, sat on my chest and placed it in my hungry mouth. As soon as I started sucking on his dick he literally exploded his semen in my mouth. I started coughing and semen came out of my nose too! I was totally fucked in the face!

    As they were finished they didn't want to leave their new found treasure. They put me on the horse between them. I loved the wild smell of their bodies pressed to mine. I had no idea where were they going, but I wanted to be fucked more so I let them take me wherever they wanted to go. The one behind me got his dick out and began poking my ass. As we started riding I raised my as and placed my self on his dick. He started fucking me from behind in the rhythm of the horse ride. It was fantastic!. I was naked pressed between them with my hands grabbed the riders dick and started to masturbate him as he was riding away.

    They arrived at a site where several other Gypsies were cutting trees. As the gypsy boys arrived they took me off the horse and raised my t-shirt showing my bare ass to the other men standing there. The second Gypsy boy made me bow down, as he spread my ass cheeks and showed my pink anus to all the men. They started talking loudly and I saw several reaching for their crouches. There was a small shack nearby and I was pushed inside and placed belly down on a mattress on the floor. The shack had only the mattress and not much room for anything else besides a small chair. Then they started coming inside to fuck me one by one like a hungry pack of wolves. As the first of them placed his hard dick all the way in me I looked at the door and saw about a dozen excited faces of the gypsy workers. I was literally fucked for several hours. Some of them were gentle, but some were very brutal! One of them almost choked me with his arm under my neck. While fucking me, one of them was biting my ear and neck, and another was licking my ears and face with his saliva all over me. After they were all spent I stood up heavily to leave the small shack. I had streams of semen flowing out of my ass. They filled me and breed me to the top with their dicks! I was their bitch and they used me for their pleasure all day. The last one to fuck me said it was too late and left quickly as all the others had departed already. I was so exhausted I had to rest so I lay on the fresh grass outside to gather strength for the walking journey back.

    There were no more people at this lumbering site and it was just after sunset. I had been fucked by at least 12 men and probably all of them fucked me at least two times. As I was getting ready to stand up again I noticed a dog approaching me and smelling my butt. He started licking me and all the semen that was spread between my legs. It was a sensational feeling to have this dog lick me like that! I spread my legs as I lay on my stomach on the soft grass. The dog was licking my asshole and that put me in frenzy. I moaned with pleasure! And then came the big surprise! The dog mounted me, and started to poke my butt with his hard long dick! I trembled at the idea of him fucking me! His fur all over my back was such a nice feeling too! His warmth and heavy breathing was too much to bear. I reached back with my hand, found his dick and placed it exactly between my ass cheeks. He plunged in me with a ferocious speed, it took me by surprise! It was unlike anything before! As horny as I was, this big dog was making me his bitch, literally!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I used to wrestle with my female cousin when i was about 13 or so.

    I had a major crush on her (i know i'm weird) but she seemed to enjoy our wrestling sessions and we would really go for it. She was two years older than me so she would normally put up a good fight. With all the contact, which was often skin on skin, it really turned me on.
    All the contact, both body and eye...her boobs pressed up against me...both breathing heavily with our faces so close together...pinning each other down etc, i was in heaven! She would usually get my in a pin that i always loved where she would sit on my chest with her knees keeping my shoulders down. Needless to say i would always get as hard as a fucking diamond down there during these sessions.

    Well One day she noticed my rock hard cock during a session and she was initially like "wtf is that?" I instantly tried to play it down because my heart was beating out of my chest and i was so embarrassed. To my total surprise she just went back to normal and she started playfully making fun of me and playing with and poking my boner over my pants (we would often wrestle in underwear.)

    I remember looking her in the eye and thinking to myself "i'm just gonna go for it", and I reached out and softly squeezed one of her boobs. They felt as huge as they looked as she was an early developer and they were so soft. Yeah so that quickly escalated into a heavy makeout session and i couldn't believe what was happening and then the teasing of my throbbing cock over my pants turned to just jerking me off nice and slow. I had to pinch myself to see if this was some hazy dream and unfortunately I busted really quick but we just kept making out for ages.

    We seemed to both enjoy that session as it soon became a regular thing over the next two years, we would always try and make sleepover plans or time to see each other and it would always start with wrestling and end with something steamy. Our parents were none the wiser as we were cousins and they thought we were just really close friends, so all the noise from the wrestling they thought was normal playing around was quite a different sore of playing around!
    Over that time we messed around a whole lot but never actually had sex which I have mixed feelings about. I was disappointed that we didn't because she was sexy and fun but also kind of glad we didn't as things could have gotten more weird or intense or something.

    As we got older we just stopped and we never speak about it but our relationship since has always been flirty and there is always a hint of sexual tension when we see each other at family gatherings etc.
    Now we are both happily married and I feel terrible for saying this but every now and again I think back to those times and imagine what another wrestling session with her would be like with her...and it gets me as hard as anything. Wonder if she feels the same way?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    I was nine and I had gone on a summer beach week with a friend. Her dad was very hands on and when it came time for her to get her swim suit on he stripped her naked right in the middle of the living room and helped her get into her swim suit. Next he called me over and helped me out of all my clothes until I was standing naked in front of him. He examined me very carefully, turning me around to examine my back, my behind and my legs. He then held my bottoms up for me to step into them and into my top, he adjusted my top around my non existent boobs and then he undressed and put on his swim trunks and we went down to the beach.

    After spending the morning in the surf and on the sand, when we went back up to the house for lunch, he took us to the shower outside, stripped us naked again, he stripped naked again and the three of us got into the shower. He washed us carefully with his hands, made us stand with our legs open and made sure he got to whatever sand was stuck between our butt cheeks and ha has. He washed himself and his penis and between his butt cheeks, and then dried us off and escorted us back into the house to dress us.

    My friend and I slept together and he gave us both a long hug and kisses and tickled us a bit before leaving us to go to sleep.

    The week was so much fun, we spent half the day topless when we were not at the beach, and every day he dressed us and undressed us. He was very warm and his hugs were so good, I loved how he touched me and after the first day let him dress me and undress me, wash me down in the shower, I never did stop staring at his penis, and my friend and I laughed about it at night.

    We were nine, but that week we were grown up and we talked about sex and being married.

    It was my first adventure into the world of being something other than a child, it awakened my sense of being a girl and being different than a boy and feeling for a man's hands on my private parts. I would say that week at the beach opened up my sexual self, to enjoy being touched, held, hugged and kissed.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I was 15 just started work on a farm one day the boss told me his son would be home from boarding school for the summer holidays and would i mind if he hung out with me.The first day we had to do some work away from the house and as Joe the son and I were driving to the fence were to fix he out of the blue said do you wank. Ofcourse i replied ,do you otyes . he was about 13 . Do you shoot spunk he wanted to know.By this time wewere at the fence ,I do and you just started to he replied.We fixed the fence and got back in the truck then he slipped his shorts down and began to stroke his semi hard cock. Have you had a blow job yet i asked ? yes at school. How about being fucked {me} No he said but Id Like to try would you fuck me {him}.Lets just wank now and when your parents go to bed sneeek out to my quartes and we can play. That night he came to my quarters and imediatly striped and got inbed with me iwent down on him but he didnt last long till he came inmy mouth I sallowed it .While I was down on him I tounged his arse till I could get my tounge in easily ,the I lube his arse and my cock the got him to kneel up got behind him and slowly pushed my cock up his virgin arse bless him he took it well and want to do it again he said. His parents went to town the next day so I let him fuck me he was quick to cum the first time but by the end of the day he was good at fucking and being fucked. He told me when he goes back to school he will get his mate to fuck him and hopefully his mate will let him

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 22

    When I was 5 yrs old my brother paid me a nickel to see my pussy, when he pulled down my pants he got down low and started checking me out, then he started touching my pussy all over. I was to young and didn't understand what was going on so I just stood there and let him play with my pussy.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    When I was fifteen my friends mom asked me if the rumor was true about me. I'd gone round to Chucks to see if he wanted to go fishing, but he and his dad had already gone hiking. Chucks mom Kay, was thirty six at the time and very good looking. So hearing her question I had only one answer, telling her she'd had to find out for herself. On their porch sat on the swing seat, I had my shorts around my ankles (Didn't wear underwear as my cock is so big) and had Kay staring at my rising cock. Even at fifteen my dick measured nine and half inches, and it is really thick, being six and quarter inches around. Kay didn't waist any time sucking in my cock, only my second blow job ever. And she didn't waist time removing her dress and panties either, showing me her slim toned body. Her small tits were pert and her nipples were massive. Looking down I saw her neatly trimmed pussy and it made me want to lose my cherry. Asking the mother of my best friend if she'd let me fuck her, Kay rose up, put both her legs astride me and slowly sank down impaling herself on my dick. Her tits were just right for sucking at that height, so as she began to fuck herself on my cock, i began to suck on those huge nipples.
    Being my first time inside a womans pussy, I didn't really know what to do, so I let Kay do all the work and enjoyed playing with her tits. Unfortunately for me as I was enjoying it all so much, I felt myself ready to cum. telling Kay, she redoubled her efforts and driled down onto my cock. Seconds before I came flooding her pussy, she gripped my shoulders hard and screamed out she was cumming.
    We both clung onto each other as our orgasms subsided and it was Kay who finally moved up and off my cock. Seeing all of my cum and her pussy juices all over my cock, Kay knelt back down and took my dick back into her mouth. Licking and sucking on my cock for some time, my friends mom eventually got up, put her dress back on and told me to cover up. Inside their kitchen, she made me a cold drink and asked me not to say a word to anyone, especially her son. Telling her I wouldn't she said "Good because I want you to call by every week".
    And every week from that morning onwards for about two years, I called by Chucks home to fuck his mom. Each time he and his dad was off doing something or other. And with each passing week, I learned new and exciting ways to pleasure a very sexual woman.
    Early this year (February) I attended chucks fathers funeral. Chuck had become fat and balding, as I'd not seen him for over eight years. But Kay had stayed slim, and even at fifty three she looked amazing. Chuck was with his new fat wife Helen and was in bits to be honest. So after giving him my condolences, I went to speak to Kay who I'd not seen for some considerable time. With the formalities over, she asked me if I'd drive her home, as she didn't want to attend the families get together. Chuck told me it was ok as he knew she'd not be in the mood to face her in laws. Telling him how sorry I was again about his father, I drove his mother home.
    We drank rum together that evening, and then Kay did something which has changed my life. She lead us both out to the swing seat, undressed and asked me to fuck her. All throughout our liaisons in the past I'd never fucked Kay for as long and as roughly as she wanted me to fuck her that night. In all we fucked for over an hour and a half with Kay climaxing many times. I came twice, once filling her beautiful tight ass with my first load, and then with her sucking in my cock, I filled her mouth with my second load.
    Since February I've been visiting Kay twice a week, when my wife works her late shifts. And even though my wife is twenty plus years Kay's junior, Kay's a far better, much dirtier fuck than my wife has ever been.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    About 20 years ago, at 14, I used to go to a movie theater inm y little town, still standing from the old days, where they then showed either imported movies, classics, or independent films.

    Fact is, I went to the old movie house in order to sit in the back row, not far from the wall with the projector window in it. I did that because that was the "action" row and people of all ages, though mostly kids, went to fuck.

    Often a couple would come and they'd be at either oral sex or mounted up and going at it in minutes. I'd quietly take my cock out and wank, listening to the sex sounds. One day, and I recall it vividly since my 15th birthday was a month off and I remembered it at the time, a well dressed, middle aged couple sat next to me. Too close, I felt, for me to wank if they started in. Thy were both using some kind of aromatic perfumes, he, some exotic aftershave or cologne unknown to me. I don't recall if I even shaved yet, at the time. I suppose every scent would have been exotic to me but I never ran across that in all the following years.

    The man whispered in the semi-dark, "Marge, don't let me wait, please hurry." She started fumbling with his trouser belt and zipper and soon enough pulled out a mind-blowing tool like one I had not seen in all t he pornos that I had ever seen. The head of the cock was as large as a tangerine. She held it with both hands, unable to fully wrap her hands completely around where her fingertips touched. She jerked him a bit then went down on him and I could hear somewhat loud slurping and sucking sounds. I recalled feeling electrified by this.

    While she sucked him, her eyes turned up toward my direction and she noticed in the dark, my eyes wide open like my gasping mouth. She left his cock and held it up to me and whispered, "Have a bit darling, come on." I stood dumbfounded. She whispered again, Come on, sweetheart, have some. He'll love it." The man was groaning but with his head back against the wall just behind the seat. I cannot bring to mind how and why, but suddenly, I had gone
    down on the man, never even imagining such a thing before in my young life. I could not get the entire head in my mouth and the woman said, "Come on, darling, open up, open wide." I did and the head sort of plopped into my mouth. I could not move it back and forth so used my tongue a bit, learning as I experienced it. Both she and I had our four hands encircled around the shaft, which had to be at least a foot long.

    At one point, I noticed she was pulling up her skirt and began to play with herself. Then, she said, "Ok, honey, let me have it from here." She then mounted the man and started fucking him while I was trying to see in the dark how much of it was entering her. They fucked for around five minutes then I heard them in a one-two action, each firing off. She "ooohhhed" and whispered some words and he came in her, groaning a bit louder.

    I never ran into them again but the memory remains vivid. Also I never told anyone about this since it was a strange, and bizarre, one time deal for me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I hung around public toilets when i was about 14 . i was aprouched by men but was too scared to go into the toilets with them .If nobody was about id go in read the messages on the walls and wank .Until one day a man told me hed seen me hanging around and knew I wanted to have sex fun as he put it.I didnt answer so he told me if I went in with him he would give me a pound . This was in England I followed him he sat on the pan beconed me to come closer undid my shorts stroked cock till it was hard then leaned forward and started sucking it. I was shaking and my heart was pounding he sucked me deep in his mouth id never had such an intense feeling before. I knew I was about to cum he must have too he held me close and i blew spunk into his mouth. I was still shaking when he got me to change places with him He pulled his cock out told me not pull my shorts up I opened my mouth and started to suck him off id done it with mates but never a grown man. His cockhead was hiting the back of my throught I gaged at first but I relaxed and I could feel it just going in as I sucked he was making a sort of moaning sound then he shot his load in my mouth I managed to swallow it all . He told me to dress and gave me a pound asked me to be there next week and he would give me more if I did more.I was stiil shaking for a long time after.

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