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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    N o one ever knew about this but I just have to tell some one after all these years. When I was a young boy growing up I mowed yards and made some spending money. I mowed a lot of yards and several blocks away was this older man that had a huge yard that I mowed and he was always very nice to me and always invited me in for cold drinks and snacks and he was good to talk to.
    Each week he would get me to stat longer and longer and I got to know more about him and liked him a lot. I knew something was different about him but it didn`t bother me much until one day he started to talk about his wife passing away and how he missed her and then how he had these needs for things he wasn`t getting since she passed away. He went in to detail and come to find out he was just very horny and told me he would be happy to pay me a lot more if I would stay longer and spend more time with him. I wanted all the money I could get so I said I would stay awhile longer. That's when I learned that he wanted to have sex with me. He made it sound so good and told me he could really make me feel good but I couldn`t ever tell anyone about it. I was just a very horny 14 year old boy and since I was curious about sex I thought what the hell lets see what he has in mind.
    He asked if I would take my clothes off for him and asked if I was OK if he did the same. I was scared as hell but horny and very curious so I agreed to get naked with him and once our clothes were off I couldn`t help but notice how big his dick was. He started to play with it in front of me and asked me to play with mine so I did. Before long he was standing real close to me and reached for my dick then put my hand on his and we were jacking each other off.
    He asked me to go to his bedroom with him and he would make me feel very good. I followed him down the hallway to his room and he got on the bed patted the bed spread and motioned for me to come lay down beside him. Once I did he went down on me and was sucking my dick like crazy and I told him I was going o cum and he just sucked harder and swallowed every drop of my cum and sucked around on my dick and balls for awhile then slowly turned me face down and started to lick on my ass and then spread my ass cheeks and began to lick and suck on my asshole then stuck his tongue up my ass as he reached under me to play with my dick and balls.
    I was moaning and moving my ass around so I guess he figured I was enjoying it then I felt his finger go in my ass and he just told me to relax and enjoy it. What he was doing felt great and I let him continue. Next thing I know I am on top of him with my dick in his mouth and his big hard dick in my face and his finger deep in my ass. I couldn`t help it and put his dick in my mouth and started to suck it and a lot of pre cum started dripping out and was in my mouth as he fingered and licked on my asshole.
    I sucked him until he started to cum and after the first huge blast shot in my mouth I quickly backed off and watched the rest of his huge load shoot out all over the place and he got some on his fingers and worked it in to my ass and did that until most of his cum was in my ass and my asshole was very slick and he had two of his big fingers up my ass now as he turned me face down again and got on top of me as his dick got hard in the crack of my ass.
    He asked me if I had ever been fucked before and of course I said no. Then he asked If I wanted to try it and I said I didn`t know. Then he said something I will never forget. He spoke softly in my ear and said "I really do want to fuck you and if it hurts just tell me and I promise I`ll stop" I still remember following his every direction as he asked me to reach back and spread my ass open for him then he raised up enough to hold his dick and find my asshole then he told me to just relax and let it slip inside of me. It made it much easier with the cum he stuck in my ass earlier but his dick was pretty fat and it still hurt a bit. But once the head went in my ass I was all his and laid there underneath him until he slowly got all of his long fat dick up my ass.
    He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me and I said yes and he started to fuck me slow and easy and talk to me as he fucked my tight young ass. He told me how nice and tight I was and how hot my asshole felt. He slowly fucked me a little harder and deeper until he told me he was going to cum and really wanted me to take his cum in my ass. It was too late to say no and he started to shoot his huge thick warm load deep into my ass and tell me to take it over and over. He filled my ass with cum pulled out turned me over and sucked me off swallowing all my cum then worked on my nuts again.
    He asked me to shower with him after that and got me to suck him off in the shower and I let him shoot more cum in my mouth that time but spit it all out. Once we dried off he asked if I could stay a little longer and since I had no where to be right away I said I could. He sat on the couch and spread his knees apart and stroked his dick until it got nice and hard then asked me to stand in front of him with my back to him. When I did he pulled me down until I felt the head of his dick touch my asshole then he told me to sit down on his dick. I took him in my ass slowly then he told me to fuck his dick so he could watch it go in and out of my ass then he asked me to fuck him until he came again. He talked so dirty to me I would have done anything he wanted and it took him a long time to cum in me again but he shot a big load up my ass again. I had to go after that but went back to see him often so he could use that long fat old dick on my ass as much as he wanted to and after awhile I liked swallowing his cum too.
    This went on for about two years then he moved away but it always felt so good to take his big hard dick in my ass. I will never forget that old man or his huge thick dick.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 38

    Back in my early teens I had a close friend that I experimented with. I don't know if he knew then he was gay but he eventually came out of the closet and all and since I was straight, I always felt a little strange about the stuff we did but it was so erotic and felt good I went with it, which would then lead to trying other things in time. He lived by a lake and they had a dock that you pretty much had to walk this wooded trail to get to and it was pretty secluded, so sometimes late at night we'd sneak down to do a little skinny dipping. Sometimes we jerked off, other times he would jerk me off then himself (all under the water), whatever. Now here I should mention that we had really opposite cocks. Mine was very long and relatively thin. His was short and thick. You could say we were both pretty hung but mine was just long, he had the girth.

    I don't know exactly how it happened, or just don't remember to be more accurate, but at some point while we were both hard he backed into me and not only did my long cock slide up between his cheeks, the tip rested right against his asshole. As often when we do things (because we were younger and nervous someone would hear us or something) we didn't say a word, just sat there a second. I was raging hard from jerking and I could feel the heat of his ass radiating heat against the tip of my dick. And then he pushed back and started taking my cock up his ass. I had to be the first thing up there because it was soooo tight that by the time he reached my balls, I started to cum. I grabbed his hips and I pulled him as hard on my cock as I could as the orgasm built to bursting and then I released a massive load into his tight little ass while loudly moaning "Fuck I'm coming" into his back. He said "Me, too." and I could feel him beating off and then his own orgasm rack through his body.

    We cleaned up in the lake but my erection didn't fade. My friend was on the beach on his hands and knees gathering stuff up and I noticed he hadn't put his shorts on yet so I came up behind him, pushed him onto his stomach as I climbed onto his back, put it in and started fucking his ass again. Several minutes into it and a string of grunts and "oh Gods" from my friend he tells me he's coming again. He came from me fucking his ass. I finally finish and have another intense orgasm. "You must really like that ass" he mutters. I fucked that ass for two more hours that night. I'm certain I'm the reason my friend is a bottom in his relationship.

    We fucked all through high school regardless of if we had relationships or whatever. After he started giving me blowjobs I didn't fuck his ass so much because all the clean up was done with his mouth and it was much easier. After school we didn't hang out much and eventually we drifted apart, only talking once or twice a year, if that.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    When I was younger I discovered orgasms at a young age. I think I was making out with a body pillow pretending it was my boyfriend, as a young girl would do. I rubbed my clit the right way on the pillow and eventually it became a routine. I would rub my clit on stuffed up blankets (my favourite to this day), pillows, stuffies ect. At first it was hard to get the orgasm and as I kept doing it I would get the orgasm faster and faster. Im a real pro. ;)

    I was close with one friend that I met in grade 3, we were both the same age, and somehow we both got into the topic and she tells me she has done it too! And she enjoys it too! She just calls it 'the glory' so we would always talk about how we would get the glory. We were basically telling eachother whenever we rubbed our clits on blankets and pillows to orgasms. We even did it in the same room. We basically made dildos out of playdough one day, we didnt insert it but we would hump blobs of it as it would feel good to have something hard against our clits, we did that side by side on the floor.

    With another friend, we werent close at all, she's a year older than me and was my neighbour at the time. I'd say I was in grade 4 or 5. We would roleplay as young girls would, one pretending to be the boyfriend, but we took it a little far. I believe it was all her but I know i was enjoying it... We would makeout, tounges in eachothers mouths. And be on top of one another. We would actually thrust and hump eachother. It felt good. One day we did it at her house and someone walked in her room at the time and we were clearly fooling around under the covers.. It got really awkward, we stopped hanging out but not for that reason.

    Another friend of mine however, we were close. She was a heavy sleeper. One night i was so horny I humped stuffies beside her. I eventually humped her hoping she would wake up.. She never did but I did reach orgasm.. One day, we were playing around. And she just tackled me to the bed, she straddled me, made out with me, touched my nipples, put her tounge on them and even tounged my clit... We were only in grade 7-8. It was so hot... I didnt do much she just kinda used force but i liked it. I wish i got more into it cause after that I was so hot and she wasnt down. I dont know what made her do that but fuck it was hot..

    Theres another girl ive done thing with, also a close friend but wasnt much of a story, just roleplaying too far again makeing out and slightly humping. She was gorgeous too.

    Then in grade 9, a new friend and I got pretty drunk and had glow in the dark condoms. We drank with this hot guy who was a year older and next thing we know we had convinced him to try on the goow in the dark condom. We both made out with his cock, even at the same time, and he fingered us side by side on my bathroom floor. To this day, 6 years later we think omg when were drunk together.

    Another friend of mine in ahout grade 10, we were drunk and had a threesome with an older guy. She started convincing me to losen up as well by fingering me and feeling me up. She has giant boobies and i loved feeling them. I fingered her and it was an interesting first time experience. Anyway the guy fucked us both.

    Man I never thought i was a sexual kid until I grew up and noticed hey, im bisexual and damn that shouldve been obvious.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 47

    I put this in this category only because it relates to my childhood but not all of it takes place in my childhood.

    When I was ten my best friend stole a playboy from his dad's collection and shared it with me in the tree fort we built together. That was the very first time I saw what women looked like naked.

    By the time we were 11 we had worn that magazine out thoroughly.

    When I was 12 I found porn for the second time in my life. This time I stumbled upon someone's stash out in the woods. It was in several plastic trash bags so it managed to survive a rain storm. I don't know if the person was dumping their stash or simply hid it out in the woods. It doesn't matter. Finder's keepers. I took it home and found all manner of porn on every conceivable subject. This was 1972 so we didn't have comprehensive laws regarding such things as sex with animals or children. One magazine in black and white had dozens of photos showing women having sex with horses and dogs. That one didn't interest me other than I found it curious. The other magazines were what one might expect, some gay mostly straight. Some S&M. One specializing in toilet games. Several showed naked children, some showed children having sex. At 12 I wasn't really interested in anything related to little girls. I wanted tits, big tits, the bigger the better. The girl had to be pretty of course. But I wanted big tits. And little girls don't usually have big tits. But one magazine depicting children was different. It had three different photo sets. Two were in Black and white and then one set was mostly in black and white with a few color photos in the middle. They all showed boys ranging from about ten to about 14 having sex with extremely beautiful women in their twenties. I don't know where one might find a twenty something beautiful woman willing to have sex with 12 year old boy but I sure wanted to find out back then. The one I was interested in the most was the one showing the 12 year old boy and this woman with long dark brown hair and huge breasts. It explicitly showed his little cock in her mouth and pussy and when they fucked they were also making out and he had his hands all over her tits and he was in some photos sucking on her tits. There was one interesting photo of her licking his ass. Well I pretty much tossed the rest of the magazines after a while but I reverently preserved this magazine which for many years held a special place superior to the bible and my comic book collection. The woman in that photo set became my primary sexual fantasy for the next decade. I don't think there was anything unique or special about her look. It was the fact that she was fucking a boy my age that did it for me.

    But even taking special care of a magazine it will only last just so long before it disintegrates after ten thousand jerk off sessions. So alas I retired the tiny scrap that was left of the one remaining fragment of her face having only my memory of what I dreamed of doing with her to jerk off to.

    Some time when I was in my twenties and long before the internet was invented, I found her again. She was on the cover of a main stream porn mag. I paid my $4 for the magazine and took it home and found she was a little older but still as beautiful. She was posing with another woman in a very fake lesbian photo set with nothing explicit except they held each other's tits and kissed. That was OK. I ignored the other woman and just stared into her eyes imagining myself fucking her.

    Fast forward.

    Many years later that magazine had also been worn out and turned to dust and I never saw her appear in any other magazine again. After a while I began to imagine that the second magazine didn't really depict her but simply a model that sort of resembled her.

    Then one day when I was in my late forties, on a whim, I visited a strip club. It was not one of those slick big city places where you pay $10 cover, $10 for a drink and tip the bouncer and waitress each $5 before you even take a sit at pervert's row and then shell out another $30 in dollar tips before a stripper takes you in a back room where you hand another bouncer $20 and finally sit down in a big club chair, after spending $80 just to begin your lap dance which will cost $30 for a two minute "dance" and you can't even touch the girl. Nope, this was a place I'd heard about in my travels that locals go to. It's not called a "gentlemen's club" it's just a bar that has strippers in the back that get up on the rear bar and dance for about twenty minutes a set and by the time they are done they are completely naked. The town's chief of police and the brother of the mayor jointly own the place so you know it will never get raided. You can also do pretty much what you want as long as the girls consent and they don't charge you a hundred just for a smile. So I heard about this place and finally came to visit the city where it resided and walked in not knowing what I was going to find.

    There was a sleazy blond in her forties peeing into a glass on the bar while a patron was sticking his tongue out to catch random drops. So much for this being a classy place. But then again that also meant it was not the slick (read ludicrously expensive) place described above. So I took my seat (no cover) and bought a $2 ginger ale and tipped the barkeep a dollar and watched the unscripted show. There was only one other guy besides Mr. Pee taster and he looked disinterested. He was probably waiting for his favorite girl and this one was not her.

    After she took his tip she crawled naked over to me. She wasn't bad looking for forty. I usually don't go for girls that old. It's not that I'm not attracted to them but if I'm paying them money I usually like them to be as young as they can be without it being illegal, I mean their age being illegal. But she was actually pretty good looking and had a firm body for her age so I let her straddle my face. I'm not that much into pee per se but also I don't let a little thing like some left over pee get in the way of some pussy eating. I saw I was right about the place, it really is friendly and inexpensive. I must have eat her out for about ten minutes and she wasn't the slightest bit offended by the $5 I tipped her in fact she thanked me and kissed me on the lips while holding my hand to her pussy before moving on to the third guy who still seemed un interested.

    Well a second and third stripper rotated in and out and by the time I was done with those three I had shelled out less than $20. Not bad, I'd spent more than that for a trip alone to the movies.

    In the dim light I didn't really pay much attention to details like the what the girl's looked like. They all were reasonably attractive, no supermodels or teen princesses in this joint. But they weren't ugly either. I felt comfortable to remain more or less relaxed and no thinking about if they were going to be so ugly that I would relocate out of their path before they made their way to my end of the bar. Girl number four danced for three guys before she got to my end of the bar. By this time the places started filling up, there were about a dozen guys there waiting for their turn to grope and taste and tip. I didn't really look carefully at girl four until she got to me. She was definitely older, much older than any stripper I'd ever seen. She had long black hair with a hint of grey in the roots. Her huge pendulous tits sagged a bit and she was the only stripper I'd seen in a decade with any pubic hair and she in fact had a rather copious bush and yes the carpets matched the dr**es. Then I looked into her eyes. She had a very familiar look. It was almost like when you go to a funeral and see an aunt you hadn't seen since thirty years ago when you were a child and now you see her again but you can't quite place her until someone says "you remember your aunt Mildred" and that is when you remember. Except there was nobody to help me figure out where I'd seen her before. Then it dawned on me, she was the spitting image of that woman who was fucking the 12 year old so many years earlier.

    It wasn't just her spitting image. After a few minutes I came to the full realization that it was in fact her. So I requested a private lap dance in the back which meant $5 a dance and her songs were all long techno stuff and a dance was two songs so that meant that $5 would last me a good 8 minutes. In the course of several dances we talked while she ground her surprisingly firm ass into my lap as she held my hands to her tits. She admitted that indeed she did do several photo shoots for porn magazines. I told her I recognized her from an old magazine that I wished I still had and would have asked her to autograph it if I still had it. That earned me a long tongue kiss and her hand reaching into my underwear. It seemed she was flattered. I didn't mention where I'd first seen her. After about six songs she asked if I'd like a blow job. I told her I'd like a whole lot more than a blow job if she was available.

    As it turns out the place had a back room behind the back room with a bed set up and even a private bath with a shower. The place it turns out was a low rent brothel. So I bought a few hours of her time, which came to less than $500 total and we settled into some cuddling and sex talk. Finally I got up the courage to ask her about some of her early work. When I mentioned her work with younger guys, "really younger guys" she got kind of quiet. She seemed embarrassed until I explained that I found that first magazine and that she had been my primary sexual fantasy for decades and that she was responsible for tens of thousands of ejaculations and that I badly wanted to be that 12 year old boy. She ended up inviting me back to her place for our fuck session and she made my inner 12 year old very very happy for several hours. Then she surprised me by offering to let me view her private photo album. It showed her having sex with that same 12 year old boy only it showed hundreds of photos and they actually dated back to when the boy was around three and continued until he was an adult. I commented that she had worked a lot with the same model. That was when she confessed that the boy was her little brother. She was 27 and he was 12 in the magazine I had seen but she was 18 and he was four when they were first hired to do porn together.

    To say I was shocked would be an understatement. But I also told her I wished I had been her little brother. She then told me that she still sees him some times and still fucked him occasionally.

    It's not often a guy gets to have sex with a girl in a magazine that he jerked off to repeatedly. I had to wait over thirty years to do so. But at least I got to do it. Now if only I could meet Brooke Shields...

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 50

    As a girl I was always in trouble and up to mischief in fact I was a little cow!, My mum was glad when I was out of the house to give her some peace, I had just turned 11 when one summer evening I was at the local play park it was empty except for me so I had the run of the place, I got on my favourite swing going as high as I dared loving the cool breeze my skirt blowing up with every downswing, After a while I noticed a man standing at the play park fence watching me I figured out quickly that he could see my knickers so being a rebel I decided to give him something to look at I opened my legs a bit wider as I swung and made sure my skirt blew up, He kept watching and I felt it pretty exciting knowing he was obviously looking at my open legs and knickers, Suddenly he opened his flies and pulled out his thing and started to rub it as I watched I stopped swinging but kept my legs open for him I felt nice tingles between my legs that I usually felt at night as I played with myself, As I watched him his hand got faster well aware that I was watching him suddenly I though he was peeing but it was a whiteish colour as it hit the grass through the fence, He quickly zipped up waved and hurridly walked off, When he was out of sight I walked over to where he was standing and looked at the gobs of white stuff on the grass, I squatted down and touched it with my finger it felt warm and slippy in between my fingers I sniffed it and I sort of liked it then after quickly looking round I stuck out my tongue and tasted it it was salty but not unpleasant to taste I felt very naughty and dirty but I still tingled between my legs and my knickers felt wet quickly I gave myself a few rubs then hurried home, I saw the man a few times more at the park and the same thing happened except I grew a bit bolder opening my legs wider for him and once pulling my knickers to one side to show him my slit but I only did that once, He always waved as he left and I always had a taste of his stuff, It left me with a flashing kink that I still do from time to time but only to much older men it gets me so wet seeing them stare at my crotch.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    For a while in my teens I was a rent boy, It started because of a friend who I had been very intimate with we were both 13 and always horny often jacking each other off and graduating to sucking each other regularly, After one session in our den in the woods he asked if I wanted to earn some money and he told me of a man he knew who often paid him to suck him off I was intrigued and asked how much he was paid he said it was £5 a lot in those days, Full of bravado I said I would do it the money being a big factor, He told me the man was old and didn't take long to cum and it was easy money but he liked him to be naked when he sucked the old man off this I was a bit nervous of but agreed anyway my friend said he would fix it up for me, Two weeks later he told me it was all fixed up and gave me the mans address and the time I was to be there the next day, I was a mixture of excited and very nervous but I knew I would go through with it for the money, The next day I bunked off school and arrived at the address an ordinary house in a quiet street I knocked on the door at the agreed time the door opened and a man stood there in an old tartan dressing gown his grey hair neatly combed his eyes lit up when he saw me standing there in my school uniform, Quickly he ushered me in and into his front room he asked if my friend had told me what he wanted I nervously nodded and he told me to undress while he watched he sat on a chair while I undressed his hand under the dressing gown stroking himself as he called me a "gorgeous boy" finally naked he opened his legs and told me to kneel between them he flipped his dressing gown open to reveal his large hard cock he pulled his foreskin right back showing me the wet purple head and told me to suck it hard, I did it as I had done to my freind even though this man was so big I could only get the head in my mouth I sucked him hard enjoying how he tasted on my tongue his hands held my head firmly as he grunted and groaned, I sucked him for ages my jaw aching when suddenly he gasped loudly and came filling my mouth I swallowed as much as I could as I always did with my friend while he grunted holding my head tightly, He became soft and I stood up my own small cock was very hard he reached out and jacked me off very quickly he tasted my small amount of cum and seemed pleased with it, As I dressed he paid me and fixed a date for the next week I visited him often after that and he introduced me to other men one of which paid me £20 to fuck me it hurt that first time but I grew to like it, I spent the next 10 years as a rent boy and enjoyed it and the money and even serviced one man with my friend in a threesome, I look back fondly to those days.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    He and I were not kids but pretty young. we grew up together and we always talked about sex when we got older and IO still don`t know why we never did anything sexual before but we never did. we both were old enough to drive and had our own pick ups and we both liked being out in the country hunting and fishing or just going camping so we spent a lot of time out at his Dad`s Deer lease. There was a hunting cabin there and it was a big piece of land and we both enjoyed going out there a lot.
    We were both almost 17 at the time and were staying there a couple of days and had quiet a bit of beer with us so we were drinking and got drunk and as usual talking about sex and sitting out by the fire. I guess we were both not only curious but horny and drunk enough to discuss the possibilities of us maybe doing something sexual together. The beer had a lot to do with it and the fact that we were both just very horny young boys and having all the privacy needed I think we both wanted some thing to happen and the longer we talked the more willing we became.
    When the idea of a blow job came up it didn`t take much talking at all before we both agreed that it couldn`t hurt to try it and since there was no one around but the two of us why not so we decided to step inside the cabin and just try it. Neither of us were in a big hurry so we drank our beer and eased in to the cabin laughing about what we were fixing to do. When we got inside we both took down our jeans still not believing what we were fixing to do but both willing to do it and then we took down our underwear to see both of us had huge erections that needed some attention.
    We couldn`t agree on who would suck who first so I gave in and said I would suck him first but made him promise that he would suck my dick also. It felt very awkward to say the least and a bit weird going to my knees in front of him but once I was there he watched as I held his dick in my hand then slowly stuck my tongue out and touched it to the head of his dick then licked it a little as he asked me to go ahead and suck on it. I slowly took it in my mouth and felt it on my tongue then looking up at him slowly closed my lips around his hard dick and then took as much into my mouth as I could before I gagged on it.
    I held it there and started to suck and then move my lips up and down his hard shaft until I got used to it and before long I started to taste his pre cum and by then he had both hands on my head moving his hips like he was fucking my mouth and all I had to do was suck. He got carried away several times and made me gag by sticking it in too far but at least he warned me before he came and let go of my head so I could back away and jack him off. He shot a lot of cum out on the floor and in the heat of the moment I cupped his balls in my other hand and squeezed them as he shot the rest of his load on to the floor. I couldn`t stop jacking him off and playing with his nuts and even stuck his dick back in my mouth to suck it some more and got a good taste of his cum which wasn`t bad at all.
    We took a short break and had another beer as he asked me a lot of questions then said he was ready to try it then went to his knees and basically gave me the same blow job I had just gave him and now we both knew what it was like to suck a dick and we drank a few beers talking about it and comparing notes and laughing about it. Neither of us could believe we did it but also we couldn`t believe we hadn`t done it much sooner that we did. It was getting late so we decided to take a shower together and try it again on each other. Both of us were so drunk it was hard to even stand up in the shower but the second time was even better than the first and I guess I was so drunk and enjoyed it more the second time but when e said he was going to cum I just sucked harder until he started to cum and once I felt it shoot into my mouth I backed away just enough to leave my lips closed right behind the head of his dick and let him shoot every drop in my mouth then talked myself into swallowing. Once I got passed that point I just swallowed all f it and it was pretty damn good and I couldn`t seem to stop sucking on his dick listening to him talk about he couldn`t believe I swallowed his cum.
    Once I stood up I told him it wasn`t bad at all and he said it sure felt good and a lot better than it did the first time when you finished me off with your hand. I said I know it had to feel better maybe you let me cum in your mouth this time. He said maybe! If I can`t swallow I can always spit it out. We both laughed and he went right to his knees and started to suck my dick and let me cum in his mouth and he swallowed it all and sucked me awhile after I came. He stood up and we finished our shower then drank a couple of beers then went to sleep still talking about it.
    Early the next morning I woke up and he was still sound asleep. I thought about it a minute then went over to the bed he was in pulled back the covers and like me he was naked so I crawled in bed and went down on his limp dick and sucked it a few seconds before he woke up and his dick got hard as I was sucking it and I sucked him off and swallowed his load much easier. We laid there awhile then he sucked me off again. we got dressed and went outside for awhile still talking about how we had sucked each other off and after lunch we took another shower playing around in the shower then both of us wanted to do it again and we tried our first ever 69 on the bed rolling around sucking on each other like crazy. we stopped a few times so we wouldn`t cum so fast then we couldn`t stop and were facing each other on our sides when we came in each others mouth and it was the best ever for both of us.
    Neither of us could believe how good it felt to do that and for both of us to have each others dick in our mouth both swallowing cum at the very same time was just mind blowing and we almost sucked each others dicks off we got so excited. We must have laid in bed for about three hours or so that morning just sucking around on each other talking and playing with each other until we enjoyed a second very long 69 and swallowed another hot load from each others nuts. We got dressed and went out to gather fire wood for the night drink some beer and just do what we always did when we were out at the cabin.
    For several weeks we sucked each other off quite a bit and were back out at the cabin on the weekend and were drinking again and sucking each other off fairly often. Late that night in the shower I asked if he would be interested in doing some thing else. He asked what I had in mind and it wasn`t that easy to talk about but I finally got it out and told him I really would like to see what it felt like to be fucked. He asked if I was serious and I had to tell him yes a few times then he said he wouldn`t mind trying it if I really wanted to. We talked about it in the shower and knew w would have to have something to help get him in my ass because he was too big to just stick it in me. Once we got out of the shower we looked every where for some thing to lube me up but all we could find was some cooking oil.
    I put some on my ass then fingered some up inside of me then he put some all over his hard dick as we tried to figure out the best position to do this in. I ended up face down on the bed with my legs spread with both ands on my ass spreading my cheeks open at first but when that didn`t work out too well I got up and bent over the side of the bed as he stood behind me. It took a few tries but once the head of his dick went inside of me we had to stop there to let me relax and get used to his dick in my tight asshole. Both of us were way too excited to wait very long at all so I told him to stick it in some more and once he started it felt so good I slowly pushed my as back until his nuts were touching mine and it really did feel good then.
    I told him to try fucking me a little and he went real slow until I got used to it then he got faster and faster. Both of us were enjoying it a lot so he started doing it a lot harder and before long I was shooting my cum all over the bed and that made him start to cum and I felt it shooting up my ass and he really shoved his dick in my ass hard then pulled on my hips until every drop of cum was up my ass and there was a little trickle of it dripping off my nuts. I guess it just felt so good that first time he stayed hard and as soon as he was finished emptying his nuts in my ass he asked if I felt like doing it some more and when I told him to go ahead he started to fuck me again.
    This time he fucked me hard for a very long time before he shot his cum up my ass again and by then there was cum all down my legs and dripping off my nuts. He came so hard he pushed me forward on to the bad and was on top of me thrusting his dick up my ass hard and he really shot a lot of cum up my asshole that time. He laid on top of me until his dick slipped out of my ass and then he laid on the bed for awhile before we ever said a word. We got up later on and drank two beers talking about it then went to the shower.
    I wanted him to fuck me again and stuck my ass out at him a few times asking him to fuck me and once he was hard I bent forward and he fucked me from behind standing in the shower and finally came deep in my ass a third time. We got out and dried off then just put on our shoes to go out and sit by the fire naked and drink some beer. We went to bed late that night but woke up ready to go again and he stuck his dick in my ass as soon as we woke up and shot the first load of the day up my ass. We had to leave that evening but stayed naked in the cabin until then sucking each others dicks and he fucked me several times then late that afternoon he wanted me to fuck him in the ass so we lubed up and he took me in his ass but it hurt too much and he didn`t enjoy it much at all but managed to take it long enough for me to cum deep in his tight asshole twice.
    He let me fuck him a few times over the next several years but most of the time he fucked me and we sucked each others dicks all the time for the next 7 or 8 years until he married and moved away. I was married too but we still snuck around and had sex together pretty often. We both agreed that we should have started much younger with each other but it was good while it lasted.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    I came from a fucked up family! I have seen shit and done shit that no kid should have to go through. My dad was a drinker and my mom had mental health problems. My mom would take pills for her disorder and drink, my dad would get pissed and slap my mom around and then leave, for several days! Me and brother had to fend for ourselves while this shit was going on.

    One night my mom was really fucked up and my dad who was halfway through his bottle of Jack Daniels had a big fight and after cursing each other out and a scuffle my dad left soon after. For the next few hours my mom was on a terror just throwing shit around and cursing as she went from one room to another.

    I was 16 at the time and my brother was 12. My brother used to bury himself in his closet and close the door so he wouldn't have to see or hear the crazy shit going on with my mom and dad. I would just stay in my room and put my headphones on and crank the music so I didn't have to hear it either.

    One night I fell asleep on my bed with the headphones and didn't even hear my mom come into my room, Suddenly a body just flopped down next to me on my bed, scared the living hell out of me! I ripped off my headphones and my mom was laying there and she was just mumbling shit with her eyes closed.

    I looked at her for a few minutes as I sat up in bed. My mom was a nice looking lady, I remember guys at the grocery store used to check her out when she wasn't looking. She used to tell everyone she was a blonde in a bottle, but you could see the dark roots growing out now. She looked older in the face for a woman that was only 40yo. I was trying to remember the good days before all of this crazy shit started, when my mom suddenly opened her eyes. "What the hell are you doing in my bed?" I tried to tell her she was in my bed, but I don't think she heard me.

    It was the summer and my mom was wearing a white blouse and a skirt than came down to her knee. I could easily see she wasn't wearing a bra through the material. My mom just lay there on her side towards me but her eyes were still closed. After a few moments I decided just to let her sleep where she was and avoid anymore problems. So I figured I would just go sleep in my brother's room, he was probably asleep in the closet I would take his bed.

    Since I was pinned between the wall and my mom I had to climb over her to get out of the bed. Soon as I made the move she started mumbling and I froze. The third time I was almost home free when she sort of woke up. "Don't go, spend the night with me please!" Fuck, she was trying to get up. I saw this act before. My mom would go out for just a short time and when she woke up she was wound up like a spring. It was 1am and I didn't want to hear her half the night pacing back and forth cursing about anything and everything. I took my t-shirt off and threw it across the room in disgust. I found my headset and put them on and turned over to face the wall and eventually went to sleep.

    No idea how long I had been out, when I woke up with this weird sensation between my legs. I felt this oppressing weight pressed against my back at the same time. It was my mom with her body pressed up against my back, her hand was between my legs and my dick was hard as nails. Suddenly she said speaking to me about wanting my dick. But she thought it was my dad, she said his name and said she needed it tonight.

    She pressed her breasts against my bare back, and I didn't feel the material of her blouse either. I could only turn onto my back before I did anything else and my mom moved onto me instantly. My mom is on top of me and she starts to rub her self against my hard dick. "Please baby I need it bad." She's saying into my ear.

    I try to push her off me in a panic, but her strength shocks me. I thought she would be so easy to move, but she used her strength to hold me down. I'm saying "MOM!" and she isn't hearing me. She's rubbing herself against my dick harder and faster. Being 16 I had masturbated several time over the past few years, so I was aware at a certain time that feeling of pleasure is overwhelming. Suddenly I was aware of that moment happening. I wanted to get up right then before it happened, and then I didn't.

    My mom only had to move her hips a few more times before I ejaculated. She kept going and I said nothing, I just lay there with the pleasure of my release taking me away from everything. Suddenly her nails dug into my arm as she came too I suppose. Then she just lay still on me for awhile with her breasts pressed against my bare chest, her thick mane of hair lying against my neck.

    Months later I became my mom's lover I guess you could say. She repeated the same act again and I let her put my hard dick inside of her. She would ride me in the dark until she came and then sort of just pass out beside me on the bed. The following day she would ask what time my father left the house that morning. At some point she would remember that our dad hadn't been home. She never looked at me as if she knew what was going on between us, maybe
    the drugs and alcohol combined clouded her memory?

    Eventually my mom was diagnosed with schizophrenia and had to be put in a mental health hospital. I never went to see her in the hospital and I moved to another State a short time after. The mental damage done to me is the fact I can't make love to a woman in the traditional sense. There has to be some kind of kink involved, role play, bdsm or something along those lines. I have masturbated hundreds of times thinking about my mom and her having sex with me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    I was m****ted by an older woman when I was 14yo and I liked it.

    When I was a kid I would have to cut grass during the summer school break to earn spending money. At our house there were no allowances handed out for me and my brother. Most of the lawns I cut were down the street or around the corner from my house. There was one lady, Mrs. Marks that lived about two miles from where I lived. To this day I can't remember how it came for me to cut her lawn. The only reason I cut her lawn was the fact she had her own mower and I didn't have to bring mine. Either my dad took me to her house or she would come and pick me up. Sometimes my Dad would have to work on Saturday.

    Mrs. Marks husband was killed in the war she said and that she wanted to keep the house up as best as she could at least for a while. Not only did I cut the grass but I also trimmed bushes and raked the leaves in the fall. Mrs. Marks told me she had a big job and wanted to know if I wanted to do it? She had a brick home and on one side of the house, Ivy had all but covered the side of the house. She said she would pay me well if I wanted the job and I said sure for the extra money that she offered.

    Pulling the Ivy away was simple. it was the residue that was left behind on the bricks that made the job suck. The Ivy left behind a sticky residue on the bricks that had to be removed. Mid summer and I'm pulling the long vines off the house. I'm covered in sweat and this dust and pollen that I had stirred up when I pulled the vines away.

    Now by this time I had been to Mrs. Marks house for most of the summer almost every other weekend, sometimes more if she wanted extra yard work done. She was always the touchy feely person, always running her hand through my hair or touching me in some manner. At first it was weird but then I just got used to it. Sometimes she would bring out a wet towel and wipe the sweat off my face and neck. Like I said, it was a bit strange but actually I began to like it.

    The day I removed the Ivy it was hot as hell and the humidity was brutal. Mrs. Marks brought me drinks and toweled me off so many times that day. The Ivy was covered in dust and pollen and it just covered me as I pulled the vines away from the bricks. When I was done a few hours later in looked like I had been down a chimney.

    Mrs. Marks saw me and stripped off my nasty t-shirt out in the yard. She said no towel was going to get the grime off me, I needed a shower. Before I could say anything she was guiding me into the house and towards the bathroom
    nearby. I was instructed to strip and hand my dirty clothes to her to wash. Hiding behind the door I handed my cut off jeans and my underwear and socks.

    The shower was great, it was nice to wash off the funk from those long vines. When I was done with my shower of course I had no clothes to put on. I just dried off a little bit and put the seat down on the toilet and waited for Mrs. Marks to bring me my clothes.

    Suddenly she came through the door, didn't bother to knock. Thankfully I had the towel wrapped around my waist when she came in. She smiled and took another towel to dry my hair that was still dripping wet. She took a comb that was on the sink and started to comb my hair. Then she had ne stand up with my back towards her so she could dry off my back also.

    I was trying to hold the towel as best as I could but it slipped a bit and I knew she saw my behind. She started to laugh saying my butt wasn't the first one she had seen. Then she turned me to face her and I honestly don't know what happened? She was just staring into my eyes and for a moment and then I felt the towel being pulled out of my hand. I wanted to do something, grab the towel back or maybe just run! I couldn't do either, I was just frozen.

    Mrs. Marks just looked at my cock and smiled. Without saying a word she just took it in her warm hand. When you are 14yo it doesn't take much to get it worked up. It's been so long to remember what was going through my mind at that very moment. I think I was too scared to say anything, but I'm not sure? I think she asked me if I had a girlfriend and I shook my head no. She asked me if I had masturbated and I'm not sure if I even knew what that was. But I knew one thing in the morning sometimes it would so hard it would be against my stomach. Then I remembered I made myself cum once, but I didn't tell her.

    She was asking me other questions, but I no longer remember. At some point my cock began to grow a little and Mrs. Marks made a comment about it. She put her left hand around my sack and squeezed a little bit, that's when I felt that tingle and the blood seemed to rush between my legs. My cock began to grow rapidly and Mrs. Marks slowly moved her hand back and forth. I had never felt such pleasure, not even sure what was taking place. All I know when I was fully erect I loved the feeling of it.

    Mrs. Marks began to slide her hand back and forth along my shaft and I felt almost dizzy. Suddenly she stopped for a moment and the fear came racing back. I wanted the towel that was at my feet but Mrs. Marks still held my engorged cock in her hand. She reached behind her with the other hand to the sink, a pump bottle was there. She squirted some of the lotion onto my cock, it was cold and I jumped. She said to be still, it would be ok. When her hand and lotion combined slid down my length I knew something was going to happen. I remember I didn't want to see what was going to happen in a few moments.

    She fisted my cock rapidly, and I came within a few seconds. I remember hearing my voice, my eyes shut tightly as I felt the hot fluid shooting out of my cock. I think I heard her say it was good to cum, but I'm not sure? Her hand just kept working back and forth as more of the milky fluid came out. Suddenly the motion of her hand felt different than it had a moment ago. It was too sensitive to be touched anymore, and I pulled away from her grasp.

    When I opened my eyes Mrs. Marks was seated on the toilet as I had been earlier. She was holding her hand with her palm upwards just a bit. My cum was in her hand and partially up her arm. She was smiling at me and with her other hand she reached out to take mine in hers. I remember she asked me if I felt good, I think I just nodded my head in response. She said we could do this again if we kept it a secret between us.

    I never said a word to anybody and by the end of summer I was having sex with her. It really messed me up in my head because that's all I could think about. When I was home and in my bed at night I was masturbating thinking about the things we did in her bed. I would even dream about her and the next morning I would have a mess to clean up. By the end of the following summer Mrs. Marks told me she was moving away to be closer to her family in another State.

    I felt betrayed by her, hell I was in love with her. How could she do this to me? The day she was moving I rode my bike over to her house as they loaded up the big moving truck. There were several adults milling about with boxes and furniture. I watched as they loaded the last of her furnishings and closed the large doors and drove away. Mrs. Marks and another couple stood in front of the house talking for a few minutes before they left as well.

    It took me quite a while to get over her. I fantasized and masturbated almost every night thinking about her. I got my first girlfriend about a year later and that seemed to help some. But to this very day I can still see Mrs. Marks in sharp detail whenever I do think about her. She really messed me up, and what she did was wrong. I always wondered if she did those things to another kid like myself after she moved away?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 45

    My home growing up was a run down house trailer with two rooms. My half brother and I shared a room, he had the top bunk and I had the bottom bunk. He would get off the top bunk and get in bed with me. I don't think I slept alone growing up. When I got to the age of things happening my mother told me to put him in his place if he tried anything. While she entertained one of her boyfriends my bother entertained himself with me. If we could hear our mother I am sure she heard us. I kept him in his place all right, right where he wanted to be. She knew all the time what we did. I still grew up ok.

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