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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    When I was 14 (almost 15) years old, my girlfriend and I would go to the Mall after school until about 5 0'clock when my mother picked us up and drove us home.

    One day sitting and talking about school and boys we noticed a senior man sitting opposite us and staring at us. Wondering why???? we realized with our short school uniforms and our legs slightly apart, he could see our underwear. We closed our legs and giggled, and said he was just a dirty old man. My mother picked us up and we left.

    The next day we went to the Mall and we always sit in the same place so my mother will know where we are. We noticed the same man sitting across from us. Maybe he was always there but we never paid him any attention. After a few days of trying not to open our legs,we decided one day to give him a thrill. We tried to make him think we never noticed him and slowly spread our legs while deep in conversation. We would give him a quick glance and he never noticed us watching him as his eyes were riveted to our crotches.

    Every day he was sitting there waiting for us and enjoying the view. One day my girlfriend said I'm going to the washroom, watch my books. when she returned, she said I'm really going to give him an eyeful. As she sat down, I said how???????? She said I took off my panties so he could see my pussy. I said you never!!! She took them out of her pocket and showed them to me. As I looked over at him, his eyes were popping out as he ogled her. He never noticed me staring at him as he was staring straight between my girlfriend's legs at her blonde pussy hair. I said how could you do that to the poor old guy, I wouldn't have the nerve. She said oh come on, it makes me feel devilish. Why not try it. If he starts over here, we can outrun him.

    The next day we went in the school washroom and removed our panties and walked to the Mall with a cool breeze blowing up our skirts and making our pussies tingle little. Our ogler was waiting for us as we sat down and I slowly opened my legs and let him see my dark pussy hair, as he couldn't stop staring and was rubbing his crotch. We weren't in the main part of the Mall, we were in a side aisle with a few stores that lead out to the back parking lot. When someone walked by we quickly closed our legs. We don't have much sex experience, but we knew we were getting him very excited. I mentioned, I was getting wet between my legs and closed them tight like I needed to pee, and it really felt nice. I told my friend I was feeling warm and asked her if she ever touched herself down there.
    She said sometime when I'm taking a shower I rub my finger along my pussy lips and it really feels nice, but I've never made myself cum. (Note: During summer holidays that year we both discovered the pleasure we could give ourselves). We noticed my mother coming and we stood up and straightened our skirts.

    One day he had another man with him and we sat down and made sure we kept our legs tightly closed. After about twenty minutes, they looked like they were arguing and the other man got up and left. We immediately opened our legs and he shook his head and smiled. Now that he knew we were doing it on purpose he was openly vigorously rubbing himself when no one was around, and once he closed his eyes and seemed to shudder a little.

    When my mother came one day she sat down to show us what she bought for Dad's birthday. She noticed the man across from us and said, haven't I seen that same man there before, he looks like he was staring over here. We said, we hadn't really noticed him before, we're too busy talking about school and things. She said you girls be careful, there's lots of old perverts walking around the malls hoping to get a look up girls skirts. We said we were careful and kept our legs closed, and kinda grinned at each other. This went on for about six weeks until school ended for summer holidays and as we were flashing him for the last time, I ran my hand up my leg almost touching my pussy, And he gave a little clap and smiled. When mom picked us up for the last time and we were walking away we turned around waved goodbye.

    Now when I think about it, I often wonder if he found some other young girls to ogle, I hope so. Sometimes when I'm at the mall, and if I see a lonely senior man sitting alone, I try to sit across from him and flash him when I have a short skirt on.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    HE LIED.... BABY-BOY was around 24/25 and was a so-called popular person in my neighborhood,he did have a lot of friends and the older girls were always talking to him.i won't say what year it was because i'm still under-age but at the time i was 12 when i would be outdoors with my friends playing in a near-by school that has a playground open even after school be honest the first time i saw him i thought he was cute and his baby-boy face made him look much younger...i can't go into too much descriptions because who knows who might be reading this.i will admit that i'm also to blame because i often showed interest in him though indirectly,back then i was at that stage where boys were interesting and i was this shy little black girl who innocently flirted without actually knowing how to get a boyfriend.most of the boys had girlfriends and others were more interested in playing basketball,baseball or just riding their bikes.most of the girls i knew in school or my neighborhood were into texting on their cellphones and fashion because of his age wasn't allowed to be inside the school premises unless he had a relative attending the school or was in the company of a child so from a distance we had this YOUR LOOKING AT ME I'M LOOKING AT YOU thing going on.i should have noticed that he was much older than me because all his friends were adults,just to make a long story short and not go into too much detail we started talking naturally while i was sitting on a bench and he was standing outside the school fence.we talked for two or three hours everyday before it was time for me to go home which was only around the corner from the school. we never talked about sex and he never asked me if i had a boyfriend and just like that out of nowhere he asked me if i would like to go with him to this building where he lived in a was about a fifteen minute walk and i was a little nervous but i trusted him.he showed me where he lived from the outside but told me needed to buy something in the store i waited for him outside the store part of me wanted to just walk away but i couldn't....we went back across the street and down some stairs and walked across a narrow passageway to the back of the building.though it was early there was no one around but when i looked up towards the windows there was a woman looking down at us from a third floor opened a door that had a jamaican flag in the was a studio apartment and very small in space my bedroom was twice the size and much cleaner,his kitchen connected with his living room and there was dirty cloths,tissues,chinese food cartons littered everywhere...the bathroom was near his bed and there was a pair of little girls panties on the floor near the toilet. there can i say this...just shock and disbelief though i was curious to know why he had some little girls dirty under-wears in his bathroom.he just acted normal and went over to a stereo that was on top of his medium size fridge on wheels,his bed was lopsided and stained with dried blood etc...i wanted to leave but being a young girl with unknown sexual curiosity and being alone with baby-boy it was just...i don't know. i even asked him if i could use his bathroom though of course i didn't say it was to take a shit,i wasn't surprised that the bathroom door was damaged and wouldn't close but i honestly needed to go badly so ignoring his stares i nervously pulled down my panties and lifted my dress to sit on the toilet.mother nature took her time as i silently grunted and pushed to remove a chunk of feces from my female anus.instant nervousness took over when baby-boy just came into the bathroom....he said something though i don't remember what it was because i was concentrating on his nakedness,i had never seen a black man naked and the shock was beyond anything i've ever known.naturally i didn't know what an erection was and that men...some men had BIG be honest there wasn't any drama...i didn't cry,i didn't make threats that i'd report him and didn't stop him when he pulled me by the hair to take me across to his bed.big-boy was not gentle though i was at least grateful he had at some point while i was in the bathroom taken the time to smear his HUGE DICK with butter and cooking oil.young girls who have been with adult men know that pain,the tears,the useless attempts to escape,the constant black-outs only to be fucked back to reality on that mans big dick,i could barely walk home and it was night-time,,,my mother was furious and enraged when i told her the truth.several days later she confronted big-boy and threaten to call the police,but when she started waiting up every night for me to return home it was obvious i too was to blame.i don't think that i loved baby-boy but i just couldn't stay away from him...i literally stalked him,waited by the stairs where he lived,walked up to him when i saw him with his friends and even let him fuck me anally though it hurt far worse and i thought i was dying.i hated and cried when he began pushing me away...his words of anger FUCK OFF BITCH,FUCK YOU LITTLE NIGGER HOE etc....etc...i know i didn't love him and he had taken advantage of me but i loved the sex.several times in the past i've seen him with a little black girl about 11 or 12 years old though i don't know who she is t is obvious those dirty little panties belong to her...THE END

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    My Dad molested me every day from the time I was a baby. He did such a good job molesting me that I loved every minute of it. He raped me the first time when I was nine but he was so gentle and patient that I loved that too. I didn't know it was supposed to be bad to do that until I was in my teens but by then I didn't care. He got me pregnant when I was 12 but I told everyone that it was a random anonymous boy at a party so nobody got into trouble. When I was 15 we were caught. The Bitch, I mean Mom caught us fucking. I didn't get into trouble but Dad went to prison. I tried telling the judge that I was the one raping my Dad but he didn't believe me. Luckily he has a good attorney and is getting out in a few weeks and now that I am 18 I can go live with my Dad and be his lover again. I can't wait to feel his big hard cock squirt sperm into me and make me pregnant again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I'm 15 years old and love this web site. My confession is that I get paid to get blow jobs. This old guy in his seventies lives next door to us and for the last five years he has been paying me $200 every day to let him suck my dick for a couple of hours. He is retired and has like five different pensions so he's got lots of money and he gives $1400 of it to me every week. My Dad is dead and Mom works hard at two jobs but I got 4 younger brothers and sisters so it's hard but with the money I make I take care of most of our expenses. I know people would say it's bad what I do but it feels really good and all I got to do is sit there and let him suck me. He also gives better blow jobs than my girlfriend because he has no teeth so it's like fucking a really tight pussy that sucks. For me it's win-win.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 54

    When i was about 11 i was sitting on the swings in the local park it was late in the day and i had the place to myself, I saw a local girl walking over i'd been told she was a bit of a nut and to be careful of her, She was 15 with wild blonde hair and quite large boobs, She came over to me chatting away as i slowly swung to and fro when suddenly she grabbed the seat between my legs and looked at me with a serious look on her face and asked if i wanted to do something fun dumbly i nodded afraid to say no, With that she led me over to a small wooded area and lifted her skirt revealing her white panties she grabbed my hand and rubbed it against her pussy wildly groaning as she did it, Then quickly she pulled my trousers and pants down and started to strike my small boyish penis it was electric my heart hammered i'd no idea what she was doing then she knelt down and licked it slowly before sucking on it i ground against her humping untill i felt so good and gasped loudly being too young to cum it still felt so good, She stood up kissed my cheek said "i'll see you again" and left i did indeed see her again several times and got to see my first pussy, It turned out she was doing the same to many boys some even younger than i was and a couple of girls too, Years later she was sent to prison for doing it once too often with a boy who told his mother stupid kid!, I never told anyone untill now that is.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Once when i was younger, i was in the middle of masturbating when my sister came into my room. I was under covers and just stopped. And waited for her to go over to her bed... And then i continued. I'm quiet when i masturbate and when i cum, so i got away with it without her noticing... I'm a horrible person...

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 24

    I was 15 when I got stripped in front of girls. It was horrible because I had terrible hang ups about being seen naked and thought it would be the worst thing that could ever happen. But I was young and an easy victim for older and stronger boys, plus it was something that boys as well as girls had planned to do. Found myself with a bunch of boys on top of me forcing my clothes off and girls yelling to strip me naked. I struggle with all my strength and soon realized I was in vain. My clothes were coming off and all I cold do was prepare myself to deal with the shame. They took everything off and basically left me stuck naked with no clothes, no where to hide, no where to run and girls pulling my arms away from my penis. Apart from exposing every bit of myself and no idea when I would get my clothes back I just clamed up an let them have their fun. I was the main show and the embarrassment of not being able to keep my penis down, witch was what everyone expect would happen. I still remember most of those girls names and boys laughing watching them thrilled about looking at a naked boy. I got pranked and everyone had fun at my expense and got my clothes back when everyone got board of looking at me or just thought it was enough embarrassment for one night. I guess it's what boys do to give girls a sexy thrill and have a good laugh. The stupid part about was that I had no choice but to laugh right along with them in an attempt to save some face.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    I HATE COPS... ESPECIALLY the one who used his badge and authority to fondle me in early 2012,i was 14 years old and on my way to the store when he parked his police bike on the curve and called me over as i was walking nearby.right behind us there was a man getting into his car but didn't stop to see why the officer stopped me across the street from the store.this cop who was twice my size was secure in knowing that he had control and was extremely direct with his questions asking me where i was going,where do i live,what school i go to which was okay because i thought maybe he was looking for a missing girl who seemed to fit my profile until he began asking me if i had a boyfriend,if i was a virgin,did i have my period,did i find adult men sexually attractive mother had always warned me to never trust men who ask these personal questions and even though he was a police officer i knew something wasn't right. there wasn't any one around at the time because it was only 8 am on a sunday and i was hoping that my mother would suddenly look out the window from the third floor where we live in the corner.unfortunately i was wearing a dress and a striped pink t-shirt which obviously he noted,while he asked me these personal questions he'd nervously glance around as if to make sure no one was some point he got off his bike and as if it were the most natural thing to do fondled and grabbed his crotch as if adjusting his pants,the bulge was extremely noted and quite stunning because it seemed big and thick.i have seen men's penises on the internet purely based on curiosity and more or less could tell the difference in size,his was somewhere between 8 inches big if he were erect and exposed.his behavior made me uncomfortable and his actions were so sudden that for what seemed an eternity i could not believe that his left hand was beneath my dress aggressively stroking,massaging and poking my vagina through the thin fabric of my panties while his right hand grabbed and stroked my butt.... he even went as far as to shove a finger in my rectum creating a wedgie between my butt-cheeks.what seemed an eternity was only a few rapid seconds and certainly alerting me that he had done this before to other girls.i was convinced that he knew he could get away with his criminal activities as long as he timed it right and wore his police uniform.the shame and fear of reporting him had a psychological effect on me and it was disturbing the way he seemed to find it amusing that there was a streak of stain shit on his finger.without a single word he got back on his bike and left,i went across the street to the store and bought the items my mother needed though when the cashier [a male] smiled and said how pretty i looked i literally ran out of the store.this police officer patrols the schools nearby and i often see him biking or driving a police vehicle with other officers.he actually looks at me as if he doesn't remember the incident back in 2012.strangely no one seems to notice how much he socializes and befriends the young girls.granted...girls like men in uniform and trust too easily though i've learned to never trust any man in or out of uniform... NOTE; i'm 16 not 18 but due to website policy well you get the point THE END

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 20

    When i was only 15, i was living behind a house with a pretty hot mom. She was about 30 with a baby. There was only a fence behin my house that connected to their backyard. One night at 3 am, i hopped the fence, and i walked along it till it was mear the roof. I hopped over and was on their first floor roof. I walked over till i was at the side of te house. Right there was an open window. I opened it more, and was excited to see a bathroom. I climed inside. I peeked through the open door to see the couple asleep. It was just day break so i didnt need to turn the light on. I opened tge hamper in the corner. I took out all the panties without even deciding. Whaever i saw i took. I decided to do something risky. I found her bra and jerke off with it. Nearing climax i snuck beside teir bed and finished. I came on the bra an left it beside her bed I then saw her top drawer open. I took a huge handfull of panties and left. I took 26 pairs of panties. Most of them thongs. There were 6 dirty ones and rest clean.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 26

    I remember watching porn on my computer with my pants down and my sister walking in. I had forgotten to lock my bedroom door and she caught me watching this girl sucking this guys dick with my hand on my dick. "Oh wait till I tell Mom and Dad about this" she said as she looked on. My parents were hardline Catholics an strict about sexual things. There I was 15 years old, yanking my pants up over my underwear, still half way down my thighs, desperately trying to turn off my computer right in front of my 18 year old sister. Totally embarrassed and scared shitless about my parents knowing, I began pleading with my sister, Told her I would do anything to keep her quiet. Anything?? she asked me with a big grin on her face. "Well you can start by showing me your dick" I was stunned about my own sister asking me something like that, but on the other hand I knew my sister was always hot for sex. She had been trying to see me naked since I was 10 years all and finally had me with my back against the wall. I was still hard when she locked the door and even harder when she told me to get undressed. Sat on the edge of my bed and gave me a mind blowing blow jobs with her hand copping my tight balls. Took her less than a minute to make me cum and swallowed it all. "What else did you see on your computer" as I stood there at a loss for words. "I hope it's pussy eating because tomorrow your having lunch on mine" I learned all about oral sex with her every time my parents weren't home. It went on for the next two years and then stopped when she found a boyfriend, but at least she knew how to keep a secret. We never talk about, but I'm sure we still have lust for each other.

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