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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    When I was 14 years old I was m****ted by a husband and wife that were in their 50's. I cut their lawn and did other yard work as needed. I had been working for them for almost two full years without anything unusual happening.

    One day I went to their house and the husband Frank began to ask me questions, like if I had a girlfriend, etc. I told him no and then he asked me if I masturbated? I was in shock that he asked me that, I lied and said I didn't. Honestly I had been masturbating for quite some time after I found a box of my Dad's old Skin magazines.

    So whenever I took a break or stopped to put gas in the mower he would come out and ask me more personal questions, like if I had ever seen a pussy or another dick. The only ones I saw were in those magazines, never in person.

    Then he asked if I would like to see a pussy? Hell I wasn't sure if I did or not, I was really freaked out by the questions. Then he put his hand on my shoulder and guided me into the garage and inside the door to the house.

    We walked into the living room and his wife Marsha was there on the sofa reading a magazine and having a drink. Her husband Frank said she should show me her pussy, it would be like a sex education class. His wife put the magazine on her lap and took another sip of her drink that was on the table next to her.

    Martha was okay I guess for her age, she wasn't fat or anything, but obviously my interests were with much younger girls. Martha put that magazine on the table and stood up in front of the sofa facing me now. She was wearing a nice dress with heels, she had lipstick on and she looked like she was going to a party dressed that way.

    Martha looked at me for a moment, she seemed a bit unsteady in her heels. I realized looking at her expression that she was a bit tipsy. Frank had his hand on my shoulder as Martha took hold the hem of her dress and pulled it up to her waist, exposing herself to me right then.

    She didn't have stockings or panties on, and I saw her pussy that was without hair. Frank squeezed my shoulder and made a comment about his wife's pussy. Then I felt Frank's hand between my shoulders and he was pushing me forward towards his Wife.

    I was soon standing directly in front of Martha and she smiled at me in some weird way that was creepy. It was like a half grin and smile combined, Frank spoke but I wasn't listening to him. Martha looked at him and put one hand between her legs and started diddling herself as I stood there watching.

    Frank asked me if I knew what that meant when a woman played with her pussy the way his wife was doing. I said no but I remembered seeing the women in those magazines doing the same thing Martha was doing now, except her hand was moving in the magazine was still pictures.

    Frank then asked me if I knew what it meant when a woman played with her pussy and I told him I didn't know. He said that meant a woman wanted to have sex, she was horny and that was her way of telling the man she wanted to fuck.

    Well I may have never done it but I knew what fuck meant. Frank steps past me and walks over to his wife still holding her dress up with one hand and playing with herself with the other hand. Then he unzips his pants and pulls out his Dick. I watch him jerk it really fast and after a few minutes it's still limp, Martha seems to be looking at me more than her husband beating off.

    Frank finally stops and looks at me now also. He says I bet you get hard don't you? I don't answer, but I always got hard when I did the same thing Frank was doing. Staring at one of the magazines always made my Dick hard. Frank says to me you have to have a hard Dick to fuck a woman and if you can't fuck your woman then you aren't a real man.

    Frank zips up and walks over to me and looks at his Wife for a moment. Martha pulls her hand from between her legs and lets her dress fall back in place. She reaches for her glass and takes another drink and then slowly walks over to me and Frank. There's the creepy smile and grin once more and I want to run like hell now.

    Frank must sense this and puts his hand on my shoulder, Martha kneels down in front of me and she kind of smiles at me now. She takes her hand and lays it flat against my crotch, I try to step back away but Frank has a rather tight grip on my shoulder. Martha's hand slowly slides up and down against my jeans but the pressure is felt against my Dick.

    Then Martha suddenly speaks to me softly as if she is talking to a small child, telling me it will be okay and not to worry. Her hand is still sliding up and down and soon I feel that tingle within my jeans. I see Martha smiling even more and she feels the lump inside my jeans start to grow. Martha still talks to me just above a whisper and repeats how good this feels and it will all be okay.

    Within a few minutes I'm stone hard and I didn't need a magazine to make me this way, I can feel the pressure of Martha's hand against my Dick and it feels so good now. Then Martha takes her hand and grabs my Dick through my jeans, squeezing it just hard enough to make my body tingle. I never had this sensation from the magazines and Martha had a full smile on her face now.

    Frank let go of my shoulder and he moved away and sat down in a nearby chair. By now Martha's hand was making my Dick ache, another sensation I didn't get to have with those magazines I used to look at. This was a new sensation having someone else rubbing my Dick, and I can't deny I didn't enjoy the feeling.

    I watched Martha unzip my jeans and oh god her warm hand around my Dick made it throb. Her hand slid back and forth and she pulled my jeans down to give her more room. Frank made a sound and his eyes were on Martha's hand.

    Then she stopped and said I needed to get undressed and helped me out of my clothes. Once I was naked from the waist down she took my hand and led to over to the sofa. Martha slipped off her high heels and pulled her dress up once again. She sat on the sofa and then laid back spreading her legs.

    She raised her arms up towards me and smiled. I slowly knelt on the sofa and Martha pulled me towards her. Martha licked her fingers and put them into her pussy and then reached out and took my Dick into her moist hand. She pulled me towards her and then I felt her hand around my hard Dick. Martha pulled my Dick against her wetness, I had no idea what to do. She then whispered to move my hips forward and when I did I felt the warm wetness between her legs.

    Martha spread her legs a bit more and pulled me into her. The feeling was overwhelming, even better that masturbating. She looked at me with a smile and told me to fuck her pussy. With an awkward movement I did get my Dick inside of her deeper and Martha moaned softly as I had to learn what to do.

    She told me to fuck her faster and I moved my hips against her quickly. Martha kept saying oh my god and I moved inside of her. She grabbed my arms and squeezed them tightly as I fucked her. She told me faster & harder and I did what she wanted. Martha closed her eyes as I gave her what she wanted.

    Frank made a sound and I looked over to see him on the sofa jerking off almost the same way I had done many times with the magazines. His Dick wasn't hard but he jerked it anyway as I fucked Martha.

    The feeling was too much and I began to cum, shooting my white fluid into her with every thrust of my Dick. Martha's nails dug into my arms, her eyes shut tightly as she moaned very loudly. Frank said fuck yeah as my cum shot into her pussy. Martha told me to keep fucking and I did even after I was done, my Dick still as hard as it had been before.

    Her body quivered and she made a grunting sound, Martha's eyes popped open and she smiled at me a moment later. I started to pull out and Martha sighed and her hips squirmed for a quick moment and then my Dick was out of her.

    She lay there breathing hard and she smiled at me again. Frank was not on the sofa when I got up from the sofa. He returned a moment later with a wash cloth and handed it to me. Martha sat up and took the towel and cleaned my Dick off.

    Martha put her mouth to my cheek and kissed me almost in a motherly way. She slid of the sofa and disappeared around the corner. Frank was there and he was done with himself I suppose. I dressed quickly and Frank walked me to the door a few minutes later. He gave me a $50 dollar bill and put his hand on my shoulder. He said in a low voice that it would be best if we just kept this between the Three of us. I looked at the $50 bill and just nodded my head and took off out the door.

    I never went back and I never told anyone until this Posting here. Frank and Martha moved about a year later. Sometimes I think about that time, wishing I knew more than I did about sex. Had I been older I would have gone back, the money wouldn't be a factor. I had sex with a woman and I enjoyed not having to use my own hands to make me cum................

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    **TRUE STORY, NO FABRICATION** Well this isn't really about when "I" was a kid, but actually my wife. You see, we have been together a long time though we have only been married a little while and we have really kinky sex (lots of toys, age play, role play, threesomes etc.) during which it was/is a fetish of mine to have her tell me about how her past lays have treated her. My wife is smoking hot mind you. 5'4 brunette with D tits and thick (not fat) thighs and a wonderfully curvy ass. So I like to know all of the nasty details about how men used her holes and she obliges. She has been gang-banged multiple times (a couple of those were forced -- seriously hot stories for another post) and overall just really treated like a whore by everyone she has ever fucked and I love it.

    The reason I got on here to confess is as follows. A couple of years ago, while my wife (back then she was still my girlfriend) and I were fucking, she told me she had something to tell me that she never had before. While I was pumping her I felt my cock instantly get a little harder as I pried and tried to get her to divulge this new information. She started by saying she first got fucked in junior high which damn near made me loose my load right there. Then, as I struggled to keep myself from finishing I asked her by who; and she just sort of turned her head to the side and continued to let me use her holes any way I pleased as was usual, but I knew from her silence that when I pulled the answer from her it was going to be good... Little did I know.

    So I started by simple elimination. I asked "was it a student?" and when she shook her head no I was seriously struggling and trying hard not not to cum thinking of her 12/13 year old self being curious about cock and being shown the ropes by a teacher at her school! So I had to confirm it with her. I asked "so it was a teacher baby?" while I was slowly pushing my shaft all the way into her tight pussy and she gave me these ashamed and pouty eyes and nodded her head yes. At that moment I let out an involuntary groan and told her she was such a little slut (she likes that sort of thing) and then I could NOT wait to get the details. I had to know everything right there.

    I said "ohh god baby, was it just one time he fucked you?" and she said no... If you are reading this you have to understand how fucking hard it was not to cum listening to her recount her sexual experience with her teacher in junior high.. But I held on. And I continued to probe. As it turns out her account was fucking unbelievable, the kind of thing fantasies are made of (if your into that sort of thing). Her teacher (I found out later her was her math tutor) had his fucking way with her.

    She told me that every day after school she would walk to his class for tutoring and he would make it so that she was the only one. Oh I forgot to mention how he was even able to get away with this. Her mom was a teacher at a neighboring school and he knew that and took advantage of the fact he KNEW no one would be there to pick her up until at least 2 hours after school let out. I cannot stress how lucky that guy was. He had one of the classrooms with a bathroom in it and thats where they started getting nasty. It all started one day when she arrived and sat down and noticed she was the only one there. He called her over to his desk and literally, no bullshit, stood up and walked behind her and got to it. It was pajama day at school and he pulled her pants down to look at her ass and panties (words cannot describe my envy). She got scared but he told her to keep quiet and she obeyed. My wife is a really submissive person and its very apparent so I'm sure it was total cake to get her the way her wanted her. This guy did everything, lucky motherfucker..

    She said the first day he did not actually fuck her. I guess he was feeling out his new territory and what he could get away with. When he had her ass out on pajama day he pulled her panties to the side and sniffed and started licking her ass and pussy (I was a fan of this guy from the beginning). She said it mainly just felt weird, but she knew she didn't have a choice.. so hot. Anyway, then he walks her to the bathroom and takes her pants completely off. I asked my wife what her pussy looked like back then. She said she hadn't shaved yet (my fucking favorite ever) and she was hairy. I have seen pictures of her from junior high and its no wonder her tutor wanted to suck and fuck her brains out; she was thick with tits since twelve!! SO FUCKING HOT. Continuing on, scene: bathroom with pants down. Her tutor is sucking her pussy and ass and she is just taking it with no resistance. Then he stands up and takes his cock out.

    I asked my wife if she like his cock and how big it was. She said she like looking at it as it made her excited and she liked holding it. Also that she couldnt wrap her hand around it.. He taught her how to hold it and stroke it like a good girl. And he taught her what cum is. He told her to open her mouth and he blew his load into her mouth and she gagged on his cum. it ran down her face and chin. At 12/13 with hot cum on her face. Dear God. Then she said that he cleaned her up, which was something that he always did even in their later encounters.

    This was the beginning of a new era for my wife in school. Every day she would finish class and head to her math tutors room where he would be waiting for her. She said that literally any position you can think of he did to her. He would slowly strip her and have her model in her panties or in something special he would bring her to wear and take pictures of her both in panties and naked in all kinds of sexy positions. The crazy thing is how submissive she said she was. Just did whatever he fucking wanted. He would smell her thongs and jack off in front of her, 69 her, suck her ass, fat tits, and pussy and have naughty nasty sex with her somkin hot 12/13 year old body. I literally still masturbate to the thought of it and I've known for years now. I love to get out one of our big dildos and make her show me how she treated his cock when she was 13.

    FYI the reason I keep on with the "/" age is because he fucked her alll through 7th grade, then FOUND her at the start of 8th and made sure she did the same thing the WHOLE next year. literally had her body 3 to 5 times a week for nearly two fucking years. No wonder my wife is such a dirty whore in bed. I seriously owe this guy lol.

    To those still reading, it gets more awesome. My wife told me that sometimes she would have to take more than one and I could not believe it. I asked her to clarify and she said that he (her tutor) would bring in this guy to fucking double team her or so that he could watch her fuck this other guy and jack off on her. She said they made her ride them both all the time and jack them both and the same time and they would even cum in her pussy. I guess he must have been snipped or something. But these lucky bastards made her their little sex slut for the whole damn school year. I LOVE thinking about my 13 year old wife in a lacy thong he bought her pulled to the side riding one older man and sucking on the other. Jesus it still gets me hard just thinking about it.

    Anyway I had to share this as Ive known for almost 4 years and I still get off to all the shit she did for those teachers in school. And in regards to the naked pics he took, I have seriously thought to try and find the guy because I know he still has them on some thumb drive probably and I would pay good money to see my 13 year old wife with her unshaved pussy in sexy panties with her tits out or sucking a dick or whatever he made her do. First post on here, but it wont be the last. She has told me many hot as fuck stories about junior high while we fucked and I will share them with you all.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    Always curious as a young boy. Jacking off all the time and even liked having things in my ass in the shower or late at night in my bed. I had a magic marker I kept hidden in my room that I loved to stick in my ass and jack off. It felt so good working it in and out of my tight ass and I liked sticking it in and pulling it out over and over again because I really enjoyed being penetrated.
    I always had thoughts of my friends fucking me but could never ask any of them to do I to me. In high School My best friend on the football team had nice dick which I saw in the showers after practice every day and I always thought about his dick in my ass. One day while he and I were sitting out on the patio at his house I worked my way up to asking him to try it with me. Just like I figured he got mad and asked me to leave. Two weeks later he got over it and we were talking again and started spending time together and I thought he had forgotten about it. Sitting on the patio at his house days later he brought it up again. I was surprised he wanted to talk about it again and after talking a bit longer he came right out and told me that if I still wanted to do it he would at least try it with me.
    I got very anxious and told him right away I really wanted to do it and he said his Mom wouldn`t be home for about 3 hours and if we were really going to do this we should do it now. I got up and we both hurried back to his room and after we took off our clothes I asked if he knew where any Vaseline was because I was going to need it to do this. He told me under the sink in the bathroom. I went in there looked and found some then took two fingers of it and stuck it in my asshole like many times before then went back to his room to find him stroking his big hard dick waiting on me. I walked over to his bed bent over the side of it with my ass pointed right at him then with both hands I reached back and spread my ass open wide and felt his dick head touch my asshole and as he pushed I backed up and felt his dick head open me up enough to let it slip right in but it hurt quite a bit because he was so thick.
    We went pretty slow and he kept telling me it felt good as he went deeper in to my ass. I felt his nuts touching mine then he pulled on my hips really hard and moaned out loud and rammed his dick in me as hard as he could and I shot my load all over his bed and never touched my dick. My asshole squeezed his dick every time I came on his bed and he kept ramming his dick in me grunting and moaning then he started to fuck me and in about two minutes he came with his big hard dick buried in my ass balls deep and he went crazy thrusting and ramming his dick up my asshole pulling on my hips up on his tip toes shaking all over and after he emptied his nuts deep in my asshole he caught his breath and started to fuck me some more. The first time he pulled out leaving the head in my ass I felt his cum being dragged out of my ass all over my nuts and as he fucked me I felt it drip down my thighs also and he was really fucking me good and kept going for a very long time and made me cum hard just before he shoved his dick up my ass so hard he pushed us down on the bed and he was on top of me shaking all over ramming his dick in me hard shooting his second hot thick load up my ass and it felt great.
    When he rolled off of me on to his back I looked down to see his limp dick covered in cum as we both just laid there breathing hard not talking. I finally got up to go clean up in the bathroom and when I came back he went to wash his dick then came back to his room and we put our clothes on and were talking about what had just happened. He told me I know it`s wrong for guys to have sex together but it really felt damn good and we can never let any one know we did that. I agreed and then he asked if I might want to do it again some time. I laughed a little and said "We could do it again now if we have time before you mom gets home.
    We both laughed and for several years he fucked my ass many times and we fucked every chance we had. Not long after we started fucking I sucked his dick and he sucked mine and after sucking each other a few times we tried our first 69 and that was our first time to cum in each others mouths and about the third or fourth 69 we both came at the same time and swallowed each others cum for the first time and we both enjoyed it and swallowed every time after that. We liked drinking beer and would drive out in the country and get drunk and take turns on our knees fucking each other in the mouth and gag each other with our dicks and laugh about it after we shot our cum down each others throats. Of course he always wanted to fuck me in the ass and I always went home with my ass full of cum and liked it.
    His big hard dick felt so good in my ass I wanted him to fuck me all the time and he did. I wished I knew where he is today because I would like to do it with him again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    My first real sexual experience besides oral sex with a couple of my friends from school was with my Aunt. My Uncle was out of town working and had been away for about two weeks. I was staying at their house helping her out around their Ranch. Feeding cattle mowing and doing what ever she needed me to do. She was a very sexy lady and still is today. I jacked off for years thinking about her. I was 15 at the time and every night I jacked off thinking of my hot sexy Aunt in the room next to me.
    After a few days I got brave and came up with this crazy idea just to see what would happen. I let her catch me jacking off one night. I made quite a bit of noise while jacking off and left my door open a little so I knew she would hear me. Sure enough I saw her peeking thru the door watching me. Even back then I had a nice size dick and always shot a pretty good size load. She watched me shoot my load then walked away.
    The very next morning at breakfast I couldn`t help but notice she had on a lot less clothing and was showing a lot more of her long sexy legs and cleavage. We talked as usual but I could tell something was different. Over breakfast she began to giggle a little then laughingly told me maybe I should shut my door if I was going to make so much noise at night. I didn`t know what to say so I just kept quiet. I think she knew I was a little embarrassed but my plan had got her attention. After a few minutes of silence she told me it was OK all young boys do that and even the men enjoy it too. Then she said I even caught your Uncle doing that a few times.
    I didn`t comment but my dick was getting harder by the minute then she smiled and said "Even us women have to do that when we are left alone for a long time. I almost chocked on my breakfast as the thought of my Aunt rubbing her pussy excited me even more. I thought a minute and figured it was now or never and I asked her if she did it when my Uncle was gone for a long time like he is now. She said of course I am surprised you haven`t heard me late at night. I figured she wanted to talk more about this so I told her I hadn`t heard anything but if I had I would have sure liked to have watched her like she watched me.
    She just looked at me not saying a word for a minute or so then she said "Well you seem mighty curious and not to bashful to say what you are thinking so what else should we talk about?" I said "I don`t know I was just making conversation" She asked if I could keep a secret and I said "Sure what is it?" She began to explain how my Uncle had been gone a long time and told me both men and women have needs and that it was perfectly normal for them to pleasure themselves and that there was nothing wrong with doing that.
    We had a long conversation about it and I just had to ask her about that secret she wanted me to keep. She waited a minute before she said "Well going back to what we have been talking about. If you are sure you can keep a secret we could take care of each other but no one can ever know about this" I couldn`t believe what was happening and right away I promised her I would never tell anyone about anything. She stood up and held out her hand and we walked back to her bedroom then standing face to face pretty close together she asked again "You promise?" I said yes I promise then she dropped her robe and was standing there in front of me naked. Her big firm tits exposed nipples hard and erect and her long sexy legs in full view as she asked me "Well do you like what you see?" I couldn`t even speak as she reached for my baggy shorts and slowly pulled them down and I stepped out of them as she put her hand on my hard dick over my underwear then pulled them down and my dick stuck straight up in the air as she put her hand around it and slowly stroked it asking me if I had ever been with a girl. I said I hadn`t yet but sure wanted to.
    She said "Well I guess you can now if you really want to" then she laid on the bed and patted the sheet next to her and asked me to come lay next to her. I was next to her in a second and our hands were all over one another as she started to kiss me on the lips then put my hand between her legs then she put her warm soft hand around my dick and said "Wow you have a nice one for your age!" She slowly worked her way down my naked body then looking right in to my eyes put my dick in her mouth and started sucking me and in a few seconds I shot my load in her mouth and she swallowed all of it and continued to suck my dick and play with my nuts and even rubbed her finger tip on my asshole which made my dick hard again. I think she noticed right away I liked that and slowly put her finger tip in my ass and licked and sucked my dick while she fingered my asshole and told me my Uncle liked that too.
    After she had me nice and hard again she got to her knees and got her pussy right over my erection and held it in her hand rubbing the head on her dripping wet slit then looking in to my eyes she slowly lowered her body down on to mine as my hard dick went up inside of her wet pussy then she started to fuck me and moan out loud squeezing my hard dick with her warm wet pussy. After she bounced up and down on my dick awhile she hugged me mashing her big firm tits to my chest then rolled us over with me on top then put her long sexy legs around my body and started to fuck me and moaned out for me to give it to her. We fucked a good long while and it was so good I wanted it to last all day. Eventually I had to cum and told her I was about to and she tightened her grip around me and thrust her hips up to me and moaned out loud that she was getting close too and told me not to stop and then told me to give it to her when ever I was ready.
    I shot the biggest load of my life as deep in my sexy Aunt as I could then she came with me and it was the greatest thing I had ever experienced in my life and she milked my dick with her hot c**t making sure my nuts were empty and every drop was inside of her. We rolled around kissing until my dick went soft and slipped out of her dripping wet pussy then while she was on top of me she went down and sucked my dick with our cum all over it. Then she came back upon top of me and in a long very hot kiss I tasted our juices and we curled up close together and fell asleep.
    We stayed in bed most of that day and she taught me how to eat pussy like she enjoyed it and I made her cum a few times as she directed me on how to make her feel good eating her pussy. We had sex sex and more sex that day then showered and late went to feed the cows and I got my first blow job out side with my jeans down to my knees as she knelt in front of me giving me the best blow job ever.
    That night she wanted me to sleep with her and after oral sex she laid face down on the bed and I got on top of her and put my dick in her and we started to fuck. In a few minutes she asked if I wanted to do something that she really enjoyed and said it was her favorite. Of course I said sure tell me what it is. She asked me to take it out of her then she spread her sexy ass open and said "Think you can stick it in my butt? I really do enjoy that a lot if you wouldn`t mind" She helped out and my dick was balls deep in her sexy tight ass and she went crazy and started telling me to fuck her ass! Give it to me harder! Just listening to her made me go nuts and I fucked her ass good for a long time stopping so I wouldn`t cum until I couldn`t hold out any longer and she asked me more than once to cum in her ass and I did and she screamed out loud and she came hard with my dick deep in her tight ass. The next two days were the hottest sex I have ever had in my life and we did a lot of things before my Uncle got back from out of town.
    About two months later we spent another week together while my Uncle was away then it didn`t happen much after that and eventually we stopped having sex all together but I have some very fond memories of the wonderful sex my Aunt and I had together back years ago and we never speak of it today but I know she thinks back on it like I do.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I was 12 and on holiday with my family, We spent most of our time on the beach, There was plenty for me to explore cliffs full of caves and rockpools aplenty, It was on one of my frequent explorations that what I am about to tell you happened, I was quite a way from my parents happily exploring a new section of beach when a man came over to me and started to chat to me, He was tall in his forties balding but with a nice smile, He wore a pair of yellow swimming trunks that hid little as they were so tight, He chatted away as I hunted in the rockpools then he told me he knee where some good pools were in s nearby cave and he would show me if I wanted him to, I jumped at the chance and followed him to the cave, As we entered I bent to look into a pool and I heard him say "Hey look" I looked up and he stood there with his trunks pulled down and his penis on show, I didn't know what to say or do but stare, He started to stroke it slowly as he looked at me after a few seconds he told me to touch it as I knelt bathe pool I was mesmerised I reached up and touched it I have no idea why I just did, It felt warm and kinda nice to the touch he groaned as my fingers ran over it, Suddenly he took my hand and wrapped my fingers around it and showed me how to pump it, The tip became wet and shiny as my hand slid up and down it, Then he stopped me and told me to stand up as I did he slipped his hand down the front of my trunks taking hold of my penis and stroking it with his fingers I remember how nice it felt and how it made my own penis hard, Although it was small he breathed in a husky voice that it was a lovely prick, Suddenly his free hand went down the back of my trunks and cupped and squeezed my bum check firmly then I felt his fingertip on my bumhole I was shocked at first but relaxed as it started to feel nice, He then stopped and yanked my trunks down exposing me to the air and his gaze he bent down and started to lick and suck my now hard Penis it felt marvellous tingles came in waves all over my balls making me shudder his hands grasped my bum cheeks firmly as he slurped and sucked noisily, Suddenly I felt myself shudder and my whole body stiffen it felt as if I wanted to pee but I was too far gone to stop I steadied myself on his shoulder in case I fell, I didn't know it then but I'd had my first dry orgasm, He then stood up and told me to suck him I knelt and opened my mouth as he slid the head of his penis in I started to suck it as he had done to me it tasted salty but kind of nice so I carried on he groaned gasped and grunted loudly telling me what a sweet boy I was, Suddenly something warm and thick shot into my mouth he told me to swallow it growling it rather than telling me, I swallowed as fast as I could some escaped down my chin onto my chest though, When he recovered we dressed properly again and arranged to meet there again the next day, That holiday was better than expected I spent a lot of time with him even in his holiday caravan nearby he taught me a lot and I loved it especially when he licked my bumhole, On our last meeting he fingered me while I sucked him he also tried to fuck me but I was too tight and it hurt too much even though I wanted him to, Despite that it was the best childhood holiday ever.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 43

    My dad was a preacher, he hated me and my sister. My mother wasn't much better. They had convinced themselves we were the product of sin. They had followers, people who believed sex was sin.

    Our neighbor would hold me by my tits. Slip his hands under my blouse and push my bra up and cup my tits and hold on to me. I liked that.

    One afternoon he slipped his hand in my pants. I liked that.

    When I got undressed and got naked for him I liked that.

    When he put me on the bed and had sex with me, I liked that.

    I was fifteen, my sister was thirteen. She liked it too.

    So much for sex being a sin.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    This is a true story of my neighbor and me. I was 16 when this happen. First when I was 14 I sucked my best friend a few times then he moved. When I was 15 I discovered I love to cross dress. Started with mom's things. The first time I slid her stockings over my legs looking in the mirror with a big hard-ON I jerked my self silly.
    Mom got a new boy friend and for 2 weeks they were away on vacation. I was a kid in a lingerie shop and was dressed every night. I found my mom's dildo and started using it on my self. While dress in front of the mirror would jerk and fuck my self silly taking my time cumming.
    On the 4th night it was a warm one I'll never forget it. I dressed in my mom's black corset with tan stockings and her black high heels. I was stroking with her dildo in me when I nearly jumpped out of my skin when Mr. W said well what have we here. The dildo fell out of me and i said nothing he said yea right don't u look sexy. I said you not going to tell anyone are? He didn't answer I asked again he said depends. I said depends? He walked closer to me started unzipping his pants taking his cock out. He said Mrs. W dose not like sex but I do and u could help a old guy can't u. I was staring at his cock. It was thick long and uncut. I never seen a uncut before and I reached out grabbed it started stroking it. The shaft was veiny dark in color and the fore-skin covered the head. I pulled the skin back the head was pale in color and shinny. He said on suck it. I licked the tip and his cock jumpped. He grabbed my head pulling me to his cock. I opened my mouth and slide it in my mouth. I started sucking and licking he now held my head and was pushing it in and out making me gag. He said I see u done this before you a good cocksucker. He pulled out of my mouthliftting his cock up said suck my balls. I licked each one then sucked one then the other. He was jerking his cock pushibg it back in my mouth. He was jerking hard and fast in my mouth. He said get ready your going to swallow it all. He shot a hugh load down my throat. It was thick very salty bitter tasting. After he was done he said jerk off and cum for me. I shot my load on the floor he laughed and said same time tommorow and be dressed.
    The next night he came over and said lets go in the bedroom he went in to the bathroom came back naked with a jar of vasoline. He had me sit on the bed sucking him hard. He then had my on my hands and knees ass high in the air he lubed my hole up. I looked over my shoulder watching his lube his cock up then he got behind me I felt his cock at my hole then felt pain as he pushed in me. He said god your a tight little slut. I asked him to stop as it hurts badly but he didn't care started fucking me fast hard and deep. He held my hips and just pounded me with lust. I had tears running down my face as his balls were slapping of my bslls. He finely shot in me then rolled of me. I had the urge to go to the bathroom and expelled in the toilet his cum wiyh my brow suff. I was so sore. He checked up making sure I was ok said it gets better with time. It was start of a long summer as he used me for his pleasure. I am now 60 and still think about it and get horny. Over the years I been fucked by a lot of guys but u never forget your first one

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 42

    Growing up I secretly longed for spankings, the build up of heat, the sharp sound, the way my pale buttocks would turn rosy ted, the throbbing pain sitting on my freshly spanked bottom caused.

    In middle school I broke the rules hoping to be sent to the principal's office. A large imposing black man he believed in paddling to teach. I'd enter his office trembling with anticipation, his 2 foot long wooden paddle hung on a nail behind his desk. He'd talk to me, going over my misdeeds, before calmly standing and pulling the paddle off the nail.

    "Hips against the desk edge and bend over." He'd direct. I could feel my plaid skirt brush the back of my thighs as I got into position. The crotch of my panties getting moister and moister. I tried to push my pussy out so it was in the line of fire.

    "When will you learn?" He'd ask before taking his first swing. I'd tense as I heard the paddle cutting through the air and yelp as it landed. I usually received 5-10 swats. A few catching my pussy as well as my upturned bottom. My nipples pressed against the desk the desk hardening. The crotch of my panties becoming soaking wet. Tears rolling down my face from the thrilling sensation of pain.

    "Clean up and get back to class." He'd order returning the paddle to the nail.

    I'd bolt for girl's bathroom, lock myself in a stall, lift my skirt and dart a hand into my panties. 2-3 fingers buried in my pussy my thumb rubbing my clit I'd soon be leaning against the wall clinching my mouth shut against loud moans of pleasure, as my pussy throbbed, my knees weakened and I came.

    Hands and face washed I'd return to class, wincing a little as I sat in my hard plastic chair, secretly in my head wishing the bell would ring so I could run home to masterbate with large phallic veggies while replaying the memory.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    Something that I will never forget growing up. I was 12 and during that summer my Mom worked so she had me stay at our friends house just up the street so their oldest Daughter could watch me during the day. Her name was Sandra. She was 17 and beautiful. Long dark hair big blue eyes big tits and built very well. Nice shapely legs that were long and really nice looking. She had a boy friend but he was working during the day and he Parents both worked also. It was just her and I there every day all day long so we watched TV and played cards every day. I know she knew what was going on because I went to the bathroom way too much every day. I was jacking off quite a bit from just looking at her in those short shorts and tank tops with her big tits and all that cleavage.
    One day after being there about two weeks we were watching TV and had just finished playing cards. She sat up and crossed her legs there in the floor and looked at me a few seconds. I know she caught me looking between her legs a few times as I was trying to look up the leg of her shorts to see all I could se. Then she started to talk and began to ask if I could keep a secret. I told her I could but she made me promise then told me if I ever said anything she could get in a lot of bad trouble.
    After that she stood up and reached out for my hand and pulled me up from the floor then she started walking and asked me to follow her so I did. We went upstairs to her room and she sat in the middle of her bed with her legs crossed again then patted the bed asking me to come sit with her so once again I did as she asked. Once we were both on the bed she started talking to me about how I was always looking at her and watching her all the time. I just listened and she kept talking then mentioned how many times I went in to the bathroom each day then she got a smile on her face and asked me if I thought she was pretty. Of course I said yes and told her she was very pretty.
    She asked what I was doing in the bathroom so many times and I couldn`t tell her I was jacking off thinking about her but she knew because she really caught me by surprise with what see said next. She said "I think I know what you do in the bathroom and that's why I asked if you could a secret. Then she asked if I was curious as to what she looked like with no clothes on. I said sure I think about it a lot and wouldn`t mind to see you with no clothes on. She was quiet a minute or so then said "If I let you see me naked will you promise me again not to ever tell anyone" I quickly promised her I would never say a word then she asked if I wanted her to take her clothes off for me. I was getting pretty excited and quickly said "Sure I really would like that I would love to see you with no clothes on because you are so pretty I get excited just thinking about seeing you like that. She smiled and reached out for my hand then asked if I would like to undress her. I told her I would love to do that then once again she made me promise not to tell anyone then she got off the bed and just stood there looking at me then asked me to undress her.
    Shit! I couldn`t wait and went right up to her and started to unbutton her top and pushed it off her shoulders then it fell to the floor and there she stood with her purple bra on full of tits and my dick was already getting very hard. She told me to go around behind her and undo her bra so I did and she took it off as I hurried back around in front of her to look at her big tits. Damn they looked great as she put both her hands underneath them and pushed them up then asked if I wanted to touch them. I had my hands on her tits quick then she started telling me what to do that felt good to her so I followed her instructions then she pulled my head in close to her and asked if I would suck on her nipples. I couldn`t wait and soon was going from one to the other doing what ever she instructed me to do and she walked slowly to the bed and laid on her back and I was right there sucking her nipples again as she had her eyes closed moaning softly telling me she liked what I was doing.
    She knew but just had to ask if I had ever been with a girl before and I told her no. She asked if I liked being with her and I said "I sure do I hope we get to do this every day" She said I think we can as long as you never tell any one. I said I would never say a word then she told me she wanted to show me a few other things while I stayed with her that summer if I wanted to. I told her I wanted to do anything she would let me do with her. She smiled again and asked me to reach my hand down in her shorts so I did and I felt her pubic hair thru her panties as I rubber her between the lags. She told me I could take her shorts off if I wanted to and right away I started pushing them down and she raised her hips to let me pull them down her long longs then I threw them on the floor and just stared between her legs then she said :You want to touch me some more? I never said a word just put my hand between her legs and as I rubbed her she slowly spread her legs for me then told me I could take her panties down if I wanted to see more.
    Not only did I take them down a little I pulled them off and threw them in the floor also and now she was naked and even prettier than I could ever imagine. She told me what to do and how to do it and before long my finger was up inside of her moist slit and she told me to work it in and out a little then she told me to take my finger out and taste it so I did. She didn`t have to tell me to do it again and I repeated that over and over and she got very wet and wanted two fingers in her so I did that and she asked if I would just keep doing it to her and I did. She had her eyes closed moving her hips and let out a little moan at times and she just got wetter and wetter between her legs and started playing with her nipples and rubbing and squeezing her tits then asked if I wanted to make her feel really good I could do I faster then right at the last minute she asked me to do it harder then she told me to stick my fingers in her all the way and she said "Oh my God! Oh my God! Don`t stop push harder! so I did and she shook all over and closed her legs together and pushed her hips up and a bunch of warm juices started to drip out of her slit and coat my hand and I came in my pants from all the excitement and just pushed my fingers in to her and let her calm down.
    When she opened her eyes she reached for my hand then opened her legs and pulled my fingers in to her wet pussy then worked her hips a little then begged me to make her do it again so I did and it took a few minutes but she did the very same thing but it was even more intense that time. I slowly let my fingers come out of her pussy and she asked me to lick my fingers so she could watch me so I did while she rubbed herself between the legs and played with her tits. She wanted me to lay down next to her so I did and she held me up close to her and we just laid there quietly rubbing each other all over. When she put her hand on my crotch she said "Oh my what happened" I just told her I got too excited and she chuckled a bit then with a smile asked if I wanted to take my pants and underwear off. I said sure if it`s OK with me then she said It`s OK you want me to take them off for you and before I could answer she was up next to me starting to undress me and she took everything off and now both of us were naked and she asked if she could touch me. Her hand was rubbing my dick in no time and she started to stroke it and rub my balls with her other hand and told me we could stop any time I wanted to. I told her to keep going and not to stop unless she wanted to. She had me hard in a few seconds then kneeling beside me she said "Tell me if this feels good" Then I watched her lower her head and she was looking in my eyes as her warm mouth went on my dick and her lips closed around my hard dick. Right away I started to move around and touch her soft skin then she started sucking on me then moving her mouth up and down my hard dick and played with my nuts. Her nose went in to my stomach many times and she pushed her face in to my stomach sucking harder and harder then raised up long enough to ask me if I wanted her to make me feel as good as I had made her feel earlier. I just nodded my head yes and she went right back to sucking my dick and when I came she never stopped sucking and she got very excited when my cum went in her mouth and she squeezed my nuts and shoved her moth down over my dick and just swallowed my cum.
    I couldn`t speak at all it felt so good and what she did next really felt good. She sucked my dick then licked my balls and then as she stroked my dick she sucked my nuts in to her mouth and kept them there awhile before she stopped and laid next to me quietly. When she spoke she asked if I liked it and if she made me feel good and I could hardly speak as she rubbed my body and blew her warm breath on me. We laid there quite awhile then she asked if I wanted to do something she really enjoyed a lot. Of course I said anything you want just tell me. I did just as she asked me to and once she was on her back with her legs spread she asked me to lay between her legs so I did then she asked me to move down some more so I did and once my face was just inches from her wet slit she asked me to lick it. I slowly stuck my tongue out and once it touched her wet juicy slit I started to lick her and as I went along she gave me instruction on what she liked best and she reached down to spread her pussy open with her fingers and had me sucking and licking her sweet wet pussy like crazy. Her knees came up and I felt her hand on top of my head pushing my face in to her juicy slit then her hips thrusting up and down as she moaned and pulled at her erect hard nipples she pushed her pussy down towards me and guided my head to what I now know today as her clit then she moaned out loud for me to suck on it hard and rub my tongue on it hard. After a few seconds of that she closed her legs on my head and her soft silky smooth warm thighs were like a vise on my head when she started saying Oh my God! again and told me not to stop as her warm juices began to run out of her pussy in to my mouth and she held my face down until she let her knees fall apart then spread her legs out wide keeping my face buried in her juicy slit asking me not to stop So I didn`t. Once she was satisfied she pulled me up on top of her naked body and stuck a nipple in my mouth and I just sucked on it as she rubbed my ass with both hands and we started humping each other.
    I got harder and harder the longer we rubbed our naked bodies together then she put both of her soft hands on either side of my face and looked in to my eyes and asked if I was ready to do something else that we would both like. Once again I just nodded my head yes and she slowly ran one hand down our bodies between us and grabbed my dick then moved around until it was touching her moist warm opening then looking at me again she asked me to push it in to her. It went in easily and she put her legs around me and looked right in my eyes as she started to fuck me and she was right it felt very good and it came out a couple of times but she had it back in her pretty fast. As we kept going she asked if I liked it and then rolled us over and she was on top still fucking my dick asking me if I was about to shoot.
    In a few seconds after her asking me if I was going to shoot I couldn`t stop myself and told her I was going to shoot she held me tight and spoke right in my ear softly "Don`t stop keep going! you can shoot it in me if you like!" That's all it took for me to shoot all I had inside of her and then she really pressed her hips in to me hard and once again I felt her juices start to drip out of her pussy and get us both very wet. We stayed in bed for awhile then she said she had to go to the bathroom. I just laid there trying to make myself believe what had just happened and I stoked my dick with our juices on it hoping this wouldn`t be the last time it happened.
    When she came back to bed she laid next to me and began to explain why she enjoyed doing the things we had just done together and she told me her boyfriend was a little older than her and he showed her how to do all those things and a lot more and he liked being naked with her and they did it all the time when they went on dates. We had hours together and we even took a shower together and while we showered she asked if I liked screwing her and if I liked licking her pussy. She knew the answer but really liked hearing me say how much I liked doing it with her. I also had to tell her how much I liked it when she had it in her mouth. She said I could tell you liked that then asked if I would like her to do it again. Then she just went to her knees in the shower and sucked my dick letting my cum go in her mouth again and she really got excited when it did and was looking right up at me when she swallowed it down.
    We got out and dried off and just sat in their Living room naked talking and the more she talked the more I knew that her 22 year old boyfriend was the one that had taught her all this and she liked it so well that she felt like she could do it with me and not cause problems between here and her stud boyfriend that was having sex with her and she was loving it. We had to get dressed but by the end of the day we both understood what was happening between us and she more or less told me she liked sex so much that she just wanted to do it all the time and was glad that I was so willing and eager to do it with her and she knew I would never tell anyone.
    She taught me all about sex that summer and we got pretty intimate before it was over and she even taught me how to give her anal sex about two weeks before school started. She said she liked doing anal because it felt good and she couldn`t have babies doing that. Every day we were naked most of the day touching rubbing kissing screwing having lots of oral sex and even anal sex at the end of the summer. She and I just liked pleasing each other and she would sit on the couch with her knees wide apart and her as right on the edge of the couch and let me eat her pussy for as long as I could and I loved making her cum as much as possible.
    She liked giving me oral sex and always took my cum in her mouth. Every time she showed me something new she would say "MY boyfriend loves it when we do this" I know several times when she was sucking my dick she would roll me over and lick my ass awhile and more than once she stuck a finger in my ass when she was sucking my dick and not only did it feel good it made me cum like crazy. I licked her asshole and she liked it when I fucked her sexy ass and many other things we did that summer. I ran into her one night at the local VFW there in my home town and we had a few drinks just talking and we did talk a bit about the old days and that summer we had sex. She is still very good looking and of course I had to ask if she wanted to slip off and do it again but her husband was on his way to meet her and came in while we were drinking and talking and I thought to myself what a lucky guy he was to have her hot sexy horny ass for a wife. I jacked off that night in bed just thinking about the sex she and I had at such a young age. I made sure she knew before I left that if she was ever unhappy to look me up and we could pick up right where we left off years ago.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    When I was in the 8th grade I let my best friend fuck me up the ass. we talked about it a few times but I never thought he really would do it. we were at his house one day while no one was home when we decided to try it. We used Vaseline to help get his dick in my tight ass as I was bending over the side of his bed. Both of us naked my chest on his bed sheet holding my ass cheeks open as he stood behind me forcing his dick up my tight asshole.
    I managed to take it all the way up my ass but it hurt quite a bit then he fucked me and pulled out to shoot his cum on my ass. I wasn`t expecting it but after he came on my asshole he shoved his dick up my ass pushing his cum up inside of me. He started fucking me again and this time he fucked me hard and didn`t pull out to cum and shot it deep in my ass. When he pulled out his cum ran down my thighs and right then I knew I would be wanting him to fuck me again.
    It was days before he would fuck me again after asking him countless times to fuck me. He did it to me again at his house in the same position and came in my ass two times again. About a week later he asked me over to his house again and once he and I were naked and he was fucking me again bent over the side of his bed and had came in my ass the first time two other boys I knew from school jumped out of his closet naked with their dicks hard as a rock and I tried to run but they grabbed me and two of them held me down as one stuck a dick up my asshole and fucked me hard shooting his cum up my as then the next one fucked me but his dick was much bigger and it hurt like hell but he fucked me any way and shot his load up my ass then before I left they all took another turn on me and all three came in my ass again.
    For about 6 months or longer the three of them took turns on me when ever they felt like it and even had me suck one dick while they fucked me and made me take their cum in my mouth. I never told any one and it got worse each time they had sex with me and once they even forced me to take two dicks in my ass while the other one fucked my mouth and all three came in me. That happened more than once and they made me do other things that were pretty painful during that time and even tied me to the bed two different times and they all fucked me then stuck the end of a coke bottle up my ass and fucked me until I cried. It hurt bad but they kept doing it and making me suck their dicks then tied me up on my knees to the end of the bed and took turns fucking my mouth and made me swallow their cum.
    Finally my parents moved so my Dad could take another job and it was over. After all these years now I lead a normal life married with children very happy and very normal but I still think about what happened back then and sometimes as strange as it may seem I jack off thinking about how they used me and made me take their cum a in my ass and throat and when I get really horny I like to stick something up my ass and jack off thinking about my past and I always get so turned on I like to eat my cum and remember swallowing their cum years ago.
    I think if the opportunity came up I would do this again even after all these years and I think about letting a group of men use me and force me to take their cum in both my holes. I don`t know if it could ever happen again but think I would do it if it did.

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