When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell AdultConfessions.com about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
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    Straight Male / 45

    my dad gave guitar lesson and the house always had someone there. One man brought his wife with him every lesson. This man ask my dad to look at a new guitar for him. His wife did not want to go. She wanted to stay there with me. They left and she ask me age, I was almost 13 at the time. Come here for a minute, I want to see something. she un zipped my pants and pulled it out. She looked at me and said sit down here. I sit on the sofa and she sucked my cock. I shot a little load and she left none.
    Put it away and DONT tell anyone.
    I will not tall anyone, thanks that was nice. We watched a Tv show while we waited. I ask to see her tits, she took me in the bathroom and took off her clothes. She let me finger her some and play with her tits. She quickly got dressed and out. Told her the blow job was good, my first one actually. She got back on the floor and pulled it out again. She told me if they come back I need to run to the bathroom and get my hard on down on my own. She put it in her mouth, did not come off it until I came again. She did not leave a drop this time either. She swallowed and smiled. Said back up and watched TV.

    She and I were never alone again.

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    Straight Female / 29

    When I was about 12 years old I started really noticing men checking me out. I got kind of obsessed with the attention and loved wearing this particular short skirt and top when I'd go with my family to the mall or even to the grocery store with my mom. Sitting at the food court I could let my skirt ride up just a little bit and not cross my legs and almost always get guys looking up my skirt from a table across from us. I would follow their eyes and know exactly what they were looking at. Looking back I realize that I was a really big tease and probably pretty obvious at times.

    This developed into me doing some more daring things that got me in some trouble. When I was 14 I was on a school trip and staying at a motel. It was late one night and I had been getting really turned on by all the men earlier that day checking out us girls everywhere we stopped at (for gas or food or anything). So I decided to leave the room and walk downstairs one floor to the vending machine. But I was going to do it only wearing a tshirt over the panties I was wearing (some kind of skimpy bikini style panties). The shirt wasn't quite long enough to completely cover and someone could see the bottoms of my panties.

    Going out and down the stairs the hallways were empty. But when I left the vending machine I notice a guy at the end of the hallway coming my way. I slowed a little bit but really didn't want to let him too close, just a little tease. I got to the staircase door and opened it. I wasn't even three steps up when the door behind me opened. I got nervous and just began heading up faster, but the guy said something like, "excuse me." It was a polite voice and I stopped and turned around to see what he wanted. (I was trying to act casual). He was in front of me before I knew it and made some remarks about how he really liked seeing me wearing so little. He got really handsy and grabbed my ass and started groping me. I told him to stop it and he stopped and I ran on up the stairs with him standing there. I got back to the room and was pretty scared but still really turned on. I've never forgotten that experience and although it was a close call it has been an exciting memory to recall.

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    Straight Male / 18

    This just happened today, im only 16 at highschool but i really need to share this. It was after school since i had to do a test it was gona 6pm. Waiting for my moms work to be over so i could get a ride instead of walking home. I roam around to the places ive never been. I see the drama room, making sure no one was in, i entered. I heard music abd followed it to a door in the drama room. I opened it to find stairs going up and down. Down towards the storage area under the stage, up towards the source of the music. I peek my head in and OMG a bunch of dancers from my school in small and tight amounts of clothing. I go along the curtains till i reach the changing area. Its blocked off but i could acess this part of the stage that i had no idea what it did but i was decent cover. Onmw there, i see 3 backpacks. Curiously, i take all three and head towards the area. Inside i find 3 iphones. On two of them, i reconized the background to 2 ppl i know of, pretty hot and out of my league, the 3rd one though i didnt know. Inside all three, after emptying them out, i found panties from each one, pantyhose, a change of clothes and other stuff u woyld find in a backpack (food, hw, makeup)i took the panties and i got a hard on. After taking in deep wafts i was so horny just thinking that these peices of clthing had recently been rubbing against the pussis of some hot girls. I couldnt take it, i pulled the curtain so i was hidden but i could still see out. I took out my cock and jerked off, to the amazing scent of the panties an the great veiw of teenage girls. Quickly i cummed an i shot my load all inside the bad of the hotter. I felt so bad but i loed the thought of her touching my cum. After my cock cooled down, i jerked off again shooting a smaller load into the 2nd girls bag. I didnt have enough energy so i just wiped some cum into the 3rd girls stuff. I left but i kept the panties

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    Straight Male / 18

    When I was 15 years old, i was in a science lesson with a girl lets call her Maryam was masturbating to the sex education video. So I took her to underneath the table and slid my cock into her pussy. I was harder than mt Rushmore i was sucking her tits and full on penetrating her. She was spurting out cum and moaning so loudly. She got off my dick and started to suck me off.
    Another girl named Rosita heard us and looked down and joined in. Rosita instantly started grinding on my while I sucked Maryams boobs. I have never been that turned on before

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I had a pretty unusual upbringing. I discuss it with my therapist three times weekly, and she says that what I experienced was a form of abuse, though I have a very hard time accepting that.

    I barely remember my dad, and for as long as I can remember my mom drastically favored me over my older brother. He is not even a year older, and I figured out that my mom must have been so disappointed having a son that she tried again almost immediately. He was a very sweet kid, and very pretty, in fact he still is, but mom just didn't love him.

    She would show this in so many ways. She was always way warmer and way more loving and encouraging to me. She was always ready to hug me, but would turn away coldly back when he tried to hug her. She approved of everything I did or said, nothing he ever did was ever good enough, when measured to my standard. She sent me to a very expensive private school, he went to public. I always got way more and way nicer presents on my birthday and Christmas than he did, sometimes he got none. I didn't have to do chores, he had lots, including straightening my room, making my bed and washing my sheets. Punishment for me was always quiet talking, for him it was yelling and even getting slapped. When it came time to go to college, she wouldn't send him, because she was saving for me. I got to go wherever I wanted, even though I got a full scholarship to a very good local school. He isn't gifted academically, so no scholarship, and she wouldn't send him anywhere.

    I wish I could say I was a good sister. But I was not, I was a bully. I absolutely loved my high status in the household, and it made me so angry when he would stand up to me or make me feel like he threatened that status, even a little. I would make sure he would get punished for it, whenever there was a conflict between us mom would always come down on him hard.

    I haven't been able to really discuss this with my therapist, except vaguely, it is so hard to talk about face to face, and I will probably never forgive myself.

    There was sexual abuse starting when I was 12, which was basically me pulling down my panties, pinning him down and rubbing myself on his face and squeezing my breasts until I climaxed. I was rough on purpose because of the stimulation and because I was aroused by his whimpering. It wasn't just physical, I felt such strong emotions of sexual mastery which translated into incredibly intense physical feelings. I remember worrying that I was damaging myself somehow because I knew I shouldn't be having such overpowering climaxes at my age. Once I was careless, I was being noisy and he was crying a little, and my mom opened the door, looked at me, shook her head, and then just closed it again. Since then I did it with impunity.

    I'm in my mid-twenties now, and I am certainly not the same person I was then. Honestly, for the most part I am doing very well. I'm able to lead a rich and adventurous life, I have a wonderful circle of friends, and I'm already earning well into 6 figures in a job I absolutely love. And I feel like I am naturally happier than most people, my natural state is serenity and joy, I wake up each day with this wonderful sense of anticipation. I often wonder if my early experiences of being highly placed in the home social hierarchy, as well as the intense and self-aggrandizing early sexual experiences, have somehow wired me neurally so that my natural, homeostatic brain state is more uplifted than normal. If I have "problems", they are what might be considered hyper-sexuality, and a strong need to be in control in my romantic relationships, which means I mostly date girls these days.

    ...and then there is the guilt. Sometimes it overwhelms me. It can be the worst feeling in the world. Sometimes I think that everything that is good about me is the result of my brother's oppression, that my life is basically a sham, and that I don't deserve any of it. One night I just sat in the bathtub ruminating about my childhood, playing through all those endless memories, feeling the guilt like a claw grasping inside my stomach, strangling my organs. I found myself stepping out of the bathtub, dripping wet, walking to the kitchen and taking a knife and just holding the pointy end to my throat. my mind totally lost in memories. This was a truly terrifying experience, and the day after is when I sought therapy.

    I've tried apologizing to him, multiple times, and he accepted my apology, but this is so woefully inadequate. What does an apology mean against a lifetime of injustice?? I want to help him, but I honestly don't know how, I feel like he is in a bad situation. He is married to my mom's friend, a woman who owns a real estate company, and who is almost twice his age. My mom pressured him to date her, and when she proposed to marry him, my mom insisted he accept, and gave him an ultimatum: marry her or don't, but either way you can't live here any more. He was 20, few skills, few friends, no resources, no confidence, and so he married. Seeing them together (which is rare, since they moved to the other side of the country, in a remote area), I get the impression that she shows him no more respect than my mom and I did growing up, which makes me so sad. And it is simply impossible to talk to my mom about him, or about the way she raised us. I feel like she is a rock, and my words are like a stream flowing around her, having no effect.

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    Straight Female / 18

    When I was 13 this guy went to my school for the going to high school thing(don't blame me my birthday is in December ) .i love him so much and he love me we started to date and right befor he turned 18 we had sex it felt so good his soft dick on my tender pussy we fucked so hard and I hurt so badly and I didn't even think I could get pregnant

    Love Veronica Diazs

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    Transsexual Female / 20

    When I was 6 me and my older brother who was about 10 used to get naked and we kissed and when I was 15 we fucked so hard my mom came in and started to yell but we continued unil I was pregnat

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    Straight Male / 18

    I used to have gay sex with my best friend when we were younger. we used to act as different people and i would suck his cock and lick his feet. we were 8 and have never spoke of it to this day. I also used to fuck my cousin and lick her feet, yes i have a massive foot fetish.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 20

    My Mom died when I was toddler. My Dad started to molest me before I can remember. He got me pregnant when I was 12. When I was 15 I found out that my Mom was my Dad's first daughter and that her mother was my Dad's baby sister. By the time I was 17 I had my third daughter.

    We lived out in the woods so far away from anyone place or anyone that I thought that was our whole world and nobody knew we lived there. We didn't have a radio or television or telephone or internet or anything and the only books we had were old kiddy porn magazines my Dad had collected. Every time I got pregnant or sick Dad had a doctor he knew look in on me and to pay the bill he had me give the doctor a blow job. I think I was probably 3 or 4 the first time I drank that doctor's sperm.

    When I was 17 I caught my Dad raping my oldest daughter who was 4 at the time. I snapped and ran into the cellar and grabbed my dad's shotgun and blew his balls off. Then, while he was laying on the floor in a fetal position bleeding between his legs I shoved the barrel of the gun up his ass and shot him a second time. I took my three babies and walked all night until I reached a house. It was the first time I ever saw an adult other than my Dad, aunt or that doctor. It was the first time I had ever seen another house besides mine. That is also when I found out that females are not in fact always naked. I had never worn clothes before and neither had my daughters. We were all four of us naked when we got to that neighbor's house. I was terrified when the neighbor told me they were calling the police. I had been taught that the police came and ate little girls. I grabbed my babies and ran from that place afraid of being eaten. We were stopped half an hour later by the police. Since I couldn't read I didn't know that the symbols on his car spelled out the word "police." I had never seen a car before. Dad had an old ford truck which was the only vehicle I had ever seen. The nice man got out and went to his trunk and pulled out two blankets and wrapped one around me and another around my two oldest girls. I held the baby to my breast. The neighbor who had called the police had told them that I had escaped captivity but didn't elaborate since I hadn't told them much. The police were very nice to me and my babies and put us in the back of his car until the EMS got there which was another 15 minutes. He gave us teddy bears and some chocolate which we had never had before. During that 15 minutes I explained what happened. Normally I would have been to frightened to say anything but he was so nice to us I couldn't help myself. First one then two more EMS came and I got scared because I thought they were taking my babies away from me so it was decided that we would all ride together since we were not all seriously injured except my oldest baby who was bleeding a little from between her legs.

    We spent a week at the hospital. It took a while for me to stop being scares since we really hadn't seen a lot of people before. We got a room together. Finally a nice woman from children's services came along to tell me that she found a family who would take all four of us until I turned 18 which would be in a few months. She told me all about all the services that they had and about school which I had never even heard of before.

    I'm 20 now and my daughters are 7, 5 and 3. As you can see I have learned to read and write and use a computer. I am going to have my GED by the end of the year. My two oldest girls are in school. I found out that my Dad had been wanted by police for the last 25 years. They said he had murdered several people. I also found out that he owned about 900 acres which we had lived on but I had only explored about 10 of those acres. I didn't want to go back so I sold that land and now have my own house and am going to use some of the money for my college education and some for my girl's college. The only good thing my Dad did was die and leave us some money so I may not have to work to take care of my girls. It took some time to break myself of the habit of licking my daughter's pussies. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to do that but I didn't get into any trouble for it. I just stopped doing it when they told me it was wrong. I also didn't get into any trouble for killing my Dad. I am sad that I had to kill him but I couldn't stand the thought of him doing to my babies what he did to me. I also learned that the police don't eat children. In fact they turned out to be some of the nicest people there are. They have been very protective of us and didn't even file a report about me killing my Dad. The official report says he committed suicide. I guess we are very lucky that we are not deformed or diseased since they told me that children of incest usually turn out badly.

    I know I can't ever be completely normal. I grew up as my Dad's sex slave and baby maker. I grew up naked thinking that having lesbian sex with your own babies is normal. I grew up thinking police ate babies and doctors were paid in blow jobs. I grew up thinking my name was Kunt Hore. Imagine having a 17 year old naked girl show up on your door step one day holding three naked babies introducing herself as "Kunt Hore" and telling you she just escaped her Dad who she had just killed because he was raping her baby. I grew up thinking the world's total population was around 10 people and that the name of the country I lived in was the "You-Es-Of-Fucking-A" I grew up thinking that urine was a beverage that made teen aged girls grow up healthy.

    I think I have come a long way in three years. Children's services sends a nurse over twice a week to check on us. I have psychological sessions three times a week and a nice woman comes over five days a week to help me with my girls. I even have a boyfriend, a cop.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 23

    Back when I was a 16 year old boy a new kid came to the same school as I attended. He was 17 and some bigger than me, but lived only three blocks away, we rode the same bus, and go to be good friends. One Saturday afternoon walking back from the park where we watched the skate board and bike freaks wreck he mentioned the fact that he would like to fuck me. I put him off, even though I was intetested, the next day he mentioned it again, and I gave in and let him. He said I was as tight as he thought I'd be, and how much of a stud it made him feel when his dick slid into me. A few days later we saw a picture of a guy getting fucked by a big dog, he said he didn't like beastality, and would never fuck anybody that had been fucked by an animal. I thought it was funny cause I'd been dog fucked since I was 14, and just the day before he said that, his big german shepherd had hung me like a bitch. He never did find out my secret, and the following summer they moved.

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