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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 26

    Eight years ago when I was an 18 year old white boy in senior high school, a black family moved in two blocks from us. Their boy was a sophomore in the same school, the first day walking home he asked me if I was anybodys bitch. I said hell no, why? He said he thought I would make a good one, and he was gonna make me his, I said no way, ain't gonna happen. He just laughed and asked if I wanted to make a bet on that, I said no, cause you would loose.

    But on the third night after that, walking home from his house, remembering how I stammered yyeeessssss when he asked if I liked what he was doing, and another yyeeessssss when he asked if I liked being his bitch, and another yyeeessssss as he was thrusting into me so hard and hearing him say he was going to cum in his new bitch. The next day I flunked two tests because he was all I could think about.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 43

    I had lunch with my sister today and she told me Terry was asking about me.

    I hit puberty early and all of my sisters friends were hot to me. I wanted Star so bad but she would not look at me. I was to young for her. I was only five years younger. lol.

    My big sister looked out for me with Terry. I begged my sister to ask her friends to give me some attn. Terry had sex long before any of te girls and my sister told her i thought she was the hottest of her friends, I wanted to loose my virginity to her.

    That weekend Terry let me come ot her house and My virginity fell like a leaf from a tree in fall.

    She gave me the package including direction on giving and gettign oral sex. How ot make it last a bit longer. and how ot act after having sex. Like holding the girl and not geting up and leaving her.

    I told her to tell Terry I still have good memories of her.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 37

    My husband and I have been married 20 years. I got married because I was pregnant. He got married because if he didn't my father was going to hurt him. Believe me, when he was brought to the house where the Justice of the Peace was waiting his nose was bleeding and he had a huge bruise on his eye. He had try to run away, but my father and my uncle caught him and drug him to his doom.

    Everything started when I was fourteen. My older sister had started to have mess around and would tell me everything, in the most minute detail. She told me that what she liked the most was getting fingered, that when a guy put you up against the wall and ran two fingers up you until you were on tip toes you would almost shit you pants it felt so good. Well my husband was the boy next door. He had finished high school and was in junior college but still lived at home. I wanted to get fingered so bad that I pestered him to do it. One hot summer night, we were outside and I got him to follow me behind the tool shed and I told him to finger me, but to finger me like my sister got fingered, to finger me and lift me up. He did not know what I was talking about. He was scared of me because I followed him everywhere and I would grab his dick in his pants and not let him go.

    Well behind the tool shed that evening I undid my pants and pulled them out and told him to stick his hand down and grab my pussy and finger me. That if he fingered me good, I would then suck his dick. That is how I got fingered, that is how I sucked his dick, that is how he ended up fucking me that evening. After that he was no longer free and he was destined to get me pregnant and get married or die trying to get away.

    When I told my sister that I had gotten fingered real good, because he lifted me off my feet and I fell forward and hung around his neck, and that I had sucked his dick and than he had fucked me, she got all wound up. Turns out that she had been fingered, but not fucked. But now that I was fucked, I got fucked regular. I had heard about getting fucked from behind, but to save my life I could not figure out how that could happen. I really didn't understand my anatomy and I was sure the only way you could get fucked was face to face.

    One cool fall night, we escaped upstairs when my mother was out, and I asked him to fuck me from behind. At first I laid flat on the bed, and of course we thought that fucking from behind was fucking in the ass. He opened my cheeks and put his dick up against me, but there was just no getting in. Mind you, I liked the feeling of his dick against my asshole. So I went to my sister and asked how it was done, she wasn't sure she wanted me getting fucked like that, in fact she was deathly afraid of me getting fucked, but I asked her and she told me that I needed to be on my knees, spread my legs and bend over and he would fuck me in the vagina. Today it seems like it was so obvious, but it wasn't. I got myself fucked from behind and we found a new way to fuck around.

    The only person at the time that knew that I was getting fucked was my sister. She finally managed to get herself fucked and we compared notes. She learned from me and I learned from her. At that time, we were both little rabbits getting fucked all the time. Eventually, we graduated to getting fucked at the same time and squealing in delight and telling the boys how good it felt and to fuck us hard. Of course all that was made up, we just did it to make them feel good. For me anyway, I just liked the feeling of being fucked. I loved slobbering all over his dick, and then getting pounded. I didn't care if I got fucked on a bed, on the living room rug, or in the tool shed.

    But all good things come to an end. At 16 I got pregnant, the reason I got married. Fortunately I was 16, because I was no longer considered a minor, because If I had gotten pregnant at 15 things would have been really different. So I got bigger and bigger, it is amazing how damn big your belly gets. At first, through about the 6th month, it was just like being a bit bigger, but then in the seventh month I blew up. When I was in the eighth month, the decision was to get me married before the baby was born, and that is when my father and uncle went looking for my husband. He tried to run, I guess he thought they were coming to kill him or something, so he got beat up for running, but he was dragged back and he faced the music and we go married. I was 17 and he was going to be 22 and he now had a wife and baby.

    We lived with my parents, because his parents' house was too small, and by then my sister had moved out. The first night we were married, I adopted the position on all fours and told him to go for it, I had to get fucked on my wedding night. We lived with my parents until he finally managed to finish business school and get a job that paid enough for rent. But we lived at home and fucked silly. My father one night dropped his guard and just told me that I deserved everything I got for being such a nymphomaniac. Maybe I was.

    Well maybe I am. My husband has not had much relief, we are constantly having sex, and believe it or not, we still have foursome sex with my sister and her husband. This is an aside, my sister and I face each other and hold hands, and ooh and aah together while the guys fuck us doggie style. Sometimes we break out laughing, I mean it, we just crack up at the guys just giving us their best fucking and us just taking it. They always get a nice long blow job afterwards, they love to just lay on their backs while we suck them softly while they doze off.

    Well so much for how I got married, I am married to my husband of 20 years, I guess I have a very high sex drive, enough anyway for him to stay busy. You know, after all this fucking you really do fall in love with your husband. And BTW, his claim to fame is that he has never shared his woman, she is all his, always was, and always will be.

    Thanks for reading, and enjoy

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    When I was 5 the family babysitter started touching me. I was13 confused at first but after the first time she sucked my little penis I wanted it all the time!

    Anyone else like being m****ted as a child?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    As a 15 year old kid I was fooling around with some of my friends in the back woods. They all decided to go and see if they could start a pick up truck, which had been abandoned a week earlier. l was hungry so started to make my way home. On the way I was about to pass a car, when I noticed a guy fucking a woman inside.
    I began watching and got a boner as I drew closer. The woman noticed me and I thought I was in deep shit. The guy as cool as you like, stopped fucking her, opened the window and asked me if I was a virgin. Not wanting to sound like a butt wipe, I said no.
    Opening the door and stepping out with his cock swaying, he said "She's one dirty slut boy, but if you've a mind to, you can fuck her".
    It wasn't that hard a decision as her pussy looked to me, a virgin, something special.
    Dropping my shorts as I climbed in and not knowing what I was doing, my first attempt nearly went up her ass. She smiled took a hold of my cock and guided it to her pussy opening. Gripping my hips she literally pulled me and my cock into her.
    I fucked her how I thought it should be done, like a fucking Jack hammer. She made lots of noises as I banged away, but unfortunately it was over all too soon. I came right up her pussy and collapsed on top of her. She sighed as I was dragged off by the guy, and he immediately drove his cock straight back into her. Turning to me he laughed and said "You can fuckoff now boy".
    I walked home knowing I'd lost my virginity to an older woman and thought I was a sexual God.
    Thirteen years later that woman is now my mother in law. I've never let to her it was me who fucked her in the back of a car that day, for two reasons.
    One obviously is that I met and then married her daughter. The other reason is the man fucking her was my uncle and not her husband. A man I know have real good relationship with.
    It sure is funny sometimes how life works out.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    My older sister and I shared a room from when I was born until she turned 9. We were a year apart and when I was 5, like many nights we would watch a movie before bed and lay on the floor next to one another. She fell asleep and I was still awake watching the movie, her arm wrapped around me. After a while her hand went to my boxers. I got hard and she started fondling me, I pulled my boxers down and she continued. I slip my hand in her panties and felt a pussy for my first time. She kept stroking me, and then I felt an orgasm for the first time. Her hand had most of my cum on it, she put that hand in her panties and kicked my hand out. I swear she was awake through it all but she was convincing that she was really asleep. It happened about once a week after that, same way everytime, until her birthday. I woke up to her on top of me, this time I acted asleep. When I blew my load in her I mumbled the words "better than I thought" she got scared that I would tell on her. I told her I would keep my mouth shut only if we could play more often and experiment more. She kept that promise until I turned 8. In that time we went from just giving each other orgasms to trying fetishes, my favorite was piss play. I'd wake up needing to pee in the night, I'd roll over getting all snuggled up to her and piss. A few times my parents let her have a friends stay over, one of them was a curious horny brunette. Let's just say she didn't just come for a sleepover with my sis, she liked playing with me a lot. After my sister moved into he own room we didn't play together ever again, but a couple of her friends were wild girls, they'd get drunk and strip naked, sometimes ending up in my room where I'd take advantage of the opportunity.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 23

    When i was 13 years old, i was living in a duplex house and my neighbors were 25 year old guys who were really into drugs and they were always partying and shit. I found out all i could about them without contacting them and then once i figured out their names, i searched them on facebook. Not on my account i had had already...nope i made a whole new account. same name just different pics of me that were really sexy.
    Now, when i was 13 i did not look my age at all. i looked at least 15 but most people said i looked around 18.
    So now i had this account and i ended up messages the three people who lived there. Then one day they let me inside their house and we partied till like 4 in the morning and did this often.
    Eventually they all got evicted and had to leave. one i didnt really keep in touch with after that. but the two others i did talk to. so while one of these guys was staying with his mom close by, we hung out and got so wasted that we ended up fucking on some stairs at some parking garage thingy. this is how it went down...
    I was about to bike home so we "goodbye kissed" but we started making out and he got hard so he told me to suck his dick so we went halfway up some stairs and then i gave head to him for like 5 minutes and then he say this "i wanna fuck you so bad right now" and before he finished that sentence he turned me around and just started fucking me from behind. damn my first time couldnt have been better! it was so good and i felt so sexy because of somethin i did while we were fucking that is really hard to explain. The only crazy thing is that he only lasted for like 10 minutes. Some info about this guy is that he shoots up and smokes crack. and even tho i have no regrets, i wish i would have thought to use protection with this guy cuz im pretty sure i got herpes and god knows what else. and i spent wayyyyy too much money on him. but i also cant deny that i had some really strong feelings for this dirty ass muthafucka and i really can say he was my first love i guess. knew he was gonna be a special one from the moment i saw him and he introduced himself to me.
    So me and him still would hang out alot but not as much becuase the other guy moved into his gmas house which was right in front of my house. i was able to go over there and chill with him whenever. not gonna lie, i had some feelings for this guy too and he was probably one of the funniest guys i ever met. he was big dope dealer and made some good money off of what he made. Unlike the other guy, i think he had actual feelings for me. the other guy didnt really give a shit about anything. this guy, on the
    otherhand, was just so sweet all the time. he always wanted me to come over but the funny thing was that we had to hang out outside because his gma knew my mom.
    So one day we decided that we were just gonna fuck out of nowhere... outside... on a chair... sober. This was not easy. It hurt like a bitch... i mean, he was black but it wasnt thaaat big. i just could actually feel it this time. We tried like 4 positions but we stopped after a while and he told me that he
    didnt wanna hurt me. so i payed him 30$ for some molly and we just hung out.
    Then, another time that we hung out was on New Years and he thought he was going to jail because his probation officer saw him leave his house. he was on house arrest and he thought his probation officer would violate him and we thought we might not ever see eachother again so he set up this account to talk to him while hes in jail and then he went inside his house and pulled out the bed from the couch he slept on and we had really passionate and
    emotional sex and he held my hands the whole time and he lasted for like 45 minutes. i didnt even last that long. after i finished we kept going till he was done. still talkin to all these crazy boys.

    lost my virginity at 13 to a 26 year old and i have no regrets. straight up.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    At the age of 7 I had a male dog mount me. It felt dirty but the pleasure far outweighed the negative feeling. Now if only I could find a girl that's interested in animal sex I'd be happier already

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 42

    My friend vicky and I were so in love with the boys in the neighborhood. We would go to the field where they played baseball and watch them. talk about each of them and after would invite them to hang out.
    Behind the field area was a barn and some equipment. One day when it started raining we all ran into the building. It poured and stormed for a long time.
    I told one of the boys that he could kiss me if he liked. That was the start, then he put his hand under my shirt. felt me up pretty nice. then went in my panties. I stopped him and he ask why? I said I did not want my skin ripped, I was a virgin. He said he would not rip it, just wanted to rub my lips some. I let him and when he hit me clit I jumped. He kept rubbing it and that made me feel very strange.
    Then he put my hand on his cock. first one I had in my hand. He ask me to suck it. I did not want to do that. so he said let me suck you. I let him give me oral sex. I had an orgasm like i had never before. I had a strange feeling and ask him to stop. he did as I ask. We went home after the storm and I went to bed that night.
    I rubbed and fingered my self, I could not get that feeling like he gave me.
    The next morning I called him and ask if he would come to my house for a while.
    When he got there I ask him to give me oral like he did the day before. He had no reservation, and i got the same as I did the day before. It was an amazing feelings.
    I laid back and just shook all over for a while. Did not want to be touched, just wanted to enjoy that feeling. Vicky and i would later do this for each other, was nice, but not the same feeling that he gave.
    Vicky sure enjoyed it, she would run over to my house and climb in my bedroom window, she had taken a bath and wanted me to suck her pussy before she went back home and slept. When I did not want to, she would moan and cry that it helps her sleep.
    One night I just out right refused. Vicky called the boy i liked and ask him to do it for her. He got in her window in her room. The next day she would not go swimming said she was wearing a pad. I knew her period was not time. she and I had got ours the same time. So I ask, what was goign on? had she damaged her self?
    No she said, and told me what she had done. when he got done sucking her pussy, he opened her legs and stuck his cock in her. Took her virginity and she was bleeding after. Figured she had started her period.
    I ask if he wore a condom, she said no. We started the are you pregnant look at each other. She said it can not happen, it was my first time and he only came in her three times.
    This made me mad, she knew i liked that boy. She gave him her cherry, he wanted mine. Now he was following her around, when the baseball game got to hot he ask her to his house. His parents worked, she said he got her to blow him a few times. had sex with her a few more times.
    When she noticed how bad this hurt me she told him. He said that i could come over as well. We all got in his moms bed and there is where I lost mine to him. while Vicky held my hand. Damn did it hurt, but i did not let him know. I acted like the women I had seen in the movies. I told him it was good, and I wanted it again.
    That summer was exciting when Vicky turned up pregnant. She said it was not his, but was another boys she had been seeing. I did not get pregnant but I did have a lot of sex with him. When Vicky came back from her abortion she was depressed. I never told her no again. when she came over after her bath, she got her orgasm. She gave me some as well. I would hold her and she would tell me how it happened. How she got pregnant.
    She went to the barn one day when a group of boys were there. One of them called her a little child, she told him she was a woman. He said prove it, she showed him her virginity was gone. He talked her into letting him get her. Well the other boys took turns with her. Each of them finishing in her and none wearing a condom. Was late that night when they got finished with her. She said she enjoyed it. none got to rough and none of them lasted that long. Just a bit upsetting that they told everyone what they did with her. She had sucked each of them, some while the other was screwing her. She actually liked that as well. Just the feeling of shame and being called a slut. My friend Vicky moved with her aunt that school year, her parents wanted her to have a better life.
    Today I am alone after a long divorce and thinking of my youth. I would give anything to have antoher of those body shaking orgasms again. I guess those days are gone.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    My name is LC, and I have known that I fancied both boys and girls since I was about 13 years old. I never let on that I was a bi-girl, as I knew I would be picked on. I was mature for my years both physically and sexually. My hidden sexual desires and general dislike for school soon led to be being a bully. The girls I bullied were generally the pretty ones I fancied. It is a strange thing that we are sometimes horrible to those we fancy!

    The first time I pinned a cute blonde girl up and against the wall by her hair, got my heart racing and my up$$y moist!
    After that experience, it was at least a weekly occurrence, when some unfortunate beauty would get my attentions. Soon I attracted a little gang of weak individuals, who hung about with me. To stay in my favour they would be only too keen to join in the humiliation. I soon devised an initiation for all the members of my little gang.

    I remember when I announced my initiation idea to my eager handful of followers. We were in our secret camp, which we had created over the railway line, amongst the scrub and trees. Our worded it is such a way that anyone who resisted was clearly not tough enough to be in my gang, and would no longer be my friend.

    I then singled out the impish looking Beckie, who looked a little started as I told the other five girls to grab hold of her. Imagine her horror, and theirs when I ordered her to be stripped! She said nothing and the other girls ravished her, pulling off her Rihanna t-shirt, to revel her 28a bra - which was hardly worth wearing. Soon her jeans and underwear were off too. In turn I got all the girls to undress each other in much the same fashion. Finally I gave them permission to do the same to me! They all seemed very keen to strip me! Soon I had five naked girls clambering all over me and pulling at my short skirt and skimpy top. I remember the great feeling of exhilaration as my final item of clothing was torn from me! My tiny thong flew through the air and with it my final inhibitions. Soon I was dancing around naked and encouraging my embarrassed gang members to do the same. I then sat down legs crossed and unashamed!

    I then cupped my aching and tingling breasts, my nipples were hard. I continued to tit myself up and then encouraged my gang members to do the same to themselves. They reluctantly obeyed. Finally one of my hands fell into my lap and began touching myself! Soon I was flicking at my cl*t pushing my hips up and moaning. Within moments I came! Then in turn I made the other girls do the same.

    The initiation was no complete, what had started off as stripping any girls who wanted to be in my gang, had very quickly evolved into a masturb@@@@@@@@tion ritual!

    My victims would, in the future, not just have to put up with a bit of hair-pulling, arm scratching and verbal abuse.

    It was a Friday afternoon, at the end of school, when the redheaded Shauna brushed quickly passed me, obviously in a hurry. I don't think she meant to gently knock into me, a reasonable non-mad person would had just let it pass, particularly as she did apologise in her sexy Irish accent.

    "Look where you are going you stupid bitch!" I instantly mouthed-off, keen to impress my entourage of sad gang members.

    She again apologised as I jumped in front of her and blocked her way. She stood their looking flustered and waiting for me to get out of her way. My girls all looked on standing all around her, we numbered six in total.

    Part of me just wanted to let her go, but I would lose face, and here was a chance to take humiliation another step further. I grabbed her by her long curly red locks! She gave out a tiny yelp. I then quickly bundled her, assisted by my gang into the nearby girls changing room. There was no CCTV in there, and no more gym classes that day.

    Once inside we got her into the furthest corner. I then grasped her left breast. It was a good handful and threw its warm flesh I could feel her racing heartbeat. My other hand let go of her hair, and both my hands now massaged her ample tits! She tried to push my hands away, but I got the other girls to hold her arms behind her back. I now was free to undo her white blouse, and reveal her white bra and its cute pink bow, resting between those lovely well-formed cupped and covered breasts. The bow hid the tiny clasp that kept her fine chest covered from my gaze. I gently and with trembling hands fumble with the clasp. Despite her wriggling it came free, and her bra opened up, exposing her white breasts and brown rather large nipples!

    I again grasped her tits, but this time they were naked! I played with her nipples, making them erect. Following my orders, I then stood back and observed, as my little gang of girls, pulled off Shauna's tartan school kilt, followed by her open top. Finally her navy school knickers were yanked down and off, leaving her in just her long grey school socks and patent black shoes.

    I then exposed my own breasts, pulling open my blouse and lifting up my bra, and then rubbing my naked chest on Shauna's. All the gang had to then follow suit. I then made Shauna lift up my kilt and take down my knickers to my ankles. Once down I laid on the floor on my back, and fingered myself whilst everyone looked on!

    Shauna got off lightly, compared to what happened to another victim the following week, or indeed the next time we kidnapped her a month or so later!

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