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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I was 16 years old. Something was changing in me. My body was emerging from a very slender golden-haired always smiling hazel-eyed Californian teenager into a soon to be adult.

    I remember it was a strange time for me being 16. I'd always been one of the two fastest female runners (sprinters) at my public high school. Now all of a sudden my body was being weighed down. My breasts had quickly mysteriously grown unusually huge, actually as large as firm gr**efruits. I sometimes had to start wearing two sports bras running. I felt strange actually touching and teasing my now areoles. My nipples had even coned out and changed.

    As I held and touched my embarrassingly oversized breasts for my body I felt strange tingling sensations in my body. I always feel those feelings.

    My body had morphed into something on its own. I was actually getting curves like a woman. Even my butt had magically filled out and rounded.

    Hairs were popping out of my body in the most peculiar unexpected awkward places on me. I was even having to pluck with tweezers hairs from around my now bulbous nipples. I was now nervously shaving around my asshole.

    My clitoris at 16 years old was doing weird things too. The visible part of my clit would emerge from under my hood. It was like some mysterious thing sticking it's head out of a tent, popping out unexpectedly all the time to say hello as well.

    I started once in a while having orgasms running. The first time it happened I had all these classmates racing with me around the final curve of a school 1/4 mile oval running track. I like fucking freaked.

    Before, my once little girl clitoris had kind of just stayed mostly hidden. I now saw my clit growing as like a little starving child, always coming out unexpectedly, saying "feed me."

    My vag began also always feeling wet, mucous-covered, slippery, and hungry too. My vag felt like a feminine mortal monster, this body part on me strangely always wanted to take in and consume human dicks.

    Real dicks.

    Any dick.

    It was like I had this vag creature living between my legs. My vag kept producing strange musky sexual aromas. I couldn't help it.

    In my alone personal quiet times I was always experimenting. I was always shoving all sorts of shit up my vag to replicate what a penis felt like. My efforts wouldn't ever satisfy this mysterious beast living between my legs.

    I honestly really tried to feed my vag's hunger. My vag craved real human dicks. Candles, handles of hairbrushes, carved carrots, cucumbers, my electric toothbrush, a screwdriver handle, even a girl's antiperspirant container or a warm Costco hotdog sealed in a plastic bag just frustrated my secret pussy monster more.

    My vag monster craved real dick.

    Being 16 was truly a frustrating time for me. I think I was just very emotional. I was really popular at school. I think now sometimes being popular can be a bad thing. I had really nice sweet guys I turned down for dates and just doing things with in high school because I thought I could end up with someone better.

    That was really stupid of me.

    The problem was my sex drive was too much.

    It's like I was going sexually crazy. It still is too high.

    I think my sexuality was getting hijacked and all mixed up from all my strange life experiences.

    At 16 something strange was changing within me. I'd masturbate nervously everywhere all the time. I did it like crazy. I still do. I even actually masturbated at my public high school.

    Being 16 years old really was a confusing time for me.

    I knew people all the time had said I was beautiful by human standards, but I never felt if I should trust them. I'd even helped a man win a first place prize at a Fourth of July parade by riding in his antique car, me smiling and waving to parade watchers.

    Being 16 was just a really strange time for me.

    Something was definitely happening within my body, especially my pussy. My pussy became this amazing displaying of wet slippery nerve-filled hunger.

    At home I'd sit nude on my bed spread out naked with my legs wide apart. I'd sit raunchy wide open. I'd hold my plastic hair brush mirror between my legs observing. (I'd also had shoved the handle of that mirror into my vagina before also.) I'd finger myself and play with my pussy wondering what the fuck was happening with me.

    I had days I honestly couldn't stop masturbating.

    My pussy wouldn't let up.

    I couldn't stop feeling horny.

    I'd cum, sometimes squirting strange watery white clear liquid all over my bed and blankets.

    That was embarrassing too.

    One day before I'd started having full-on sex I'd masturbated with a boy classmate on his bed in his bedroom. He had model plastic airplanes hanging from fishing string hung from his bedroom ceilings. He had the cutest balls. I later actually gently softly sucked his balls in my mouth.

    We were both naked on his bed.

    When I had my first orgasm with him on his bed I shot my girl juice further than he shot his sperm.

    He was like "Holly fuck!

    What did you just fucking do?!!!!"

    I felt like a freak.

    I couldn't explain. I know I exercise a lot. I ride a mountain bike many hundreds of miles a month still today pedaling around. Maybe my pussy and kegal muscles are just weird? A doctor I had confessed to said she thinks I have a strong Skene's glands, that it's nothing to worry about. I just sometimes squirt when I cum. No big deal.


    But then I'd realize my pussy wanted to cum again.

    I'd cum again.

    And again.

    Again and again and again.

    It really still is for me like I'm living within me a sexual monster in my pussy. I truly am a teen nympho.

    I do honestly feel like a secret sex freak. If anyone saw what I look like they wouldn't believe that. I don't even have a tattoo. I look so lipstick and soft laced. A hugging kissing daddy's girl.

    With a secret evil twist.

    I have unfortunately always been a highly sexual person. I don't know why God cursed me. I still don't know why I started masturbating when I was only four years old. I couldn't stop myself. I just loved the pleasurable feelings.

    I've masturbated nearly every day of my life since age four. Nowadays I don't even try to stop. Sometimes I tried. I am at the point of no longer even trying to change. My sex drive controls me. I am just the passenger on a voyage of my erotic adventures nowadays. I realize it's useless to fight the powerful urges and feelings. It's like my sexual feelings are programed into me.

    Sex is like a strong strange obsession for me. I'm embarrassed to tell people how sexual I am. I love porn. I look at porn every day. I can't help it. I love being nude too. I'm always nude. I'm nude as I write this. Its embarrassing.

    Sometimes I take my mountain bicycle where I live far into the woods on trails. I have rear pannier bags on my mountain bicycle to take the things I like to bring with me.

    I bicycle where people rarely go. I go to places on my bicycle by myself. I know that's probably not that smart. I sometimes while I am away from everyone get naked. Sometimes on warm days I swim naked in remote mountain lakes. Sometimes I sit out in the sun naked and even masturbate in the woods.

    I don't know why. I still bring penis dildos and vibrators with me into the woods. I bring my iPhone and a comforter to watch porn nude in nature. If I ever got hurt and was later rescued people would ask what the fuck was I doing up there alone in the mountains with a bunch of sex toys? I can't stop my head to do these strange sexual urges and feelings inside myself.

    When I was 16 my mother and I went shopping to buy me a new swimsuit. My body had changed so much my old swimsuit no longer fit.

    My mother and I really argued over swimsuits at a local store.

    My mom wanted me to wear an old-fashioned conservative body-hiding standard one-piece teen swimsuit.

    In the store I saw a clothing rack displayed some swimsuits on closeout.

    I can understand why the string bikinis on closeout weren't selling.

    The g-string bikinis on closeout were so small and revealing one's butt cheeks were literally completely exposed. The suits' strings didn't even cover one's butthole. The only thing the string bikini top triangles covered were nipples. The barely pussy-covering g-string bottoms were so small I knew I'd definitely have to shave my pussy completely to wear one of the bikinis discounted to 70% off.

    My mom and I clashed.

    We argued.

    As a compromise my mom bought me the modest standard body-covering one-piece padded-bra area girl swimsuit she liked.

    I sprung some dollars I'd brought in my sports bra I had on that day for purchasing one of the little barely-covering anything lime colored g-string bikinis on closeout I liked.

    As soon as I got home I retried on my neon lime green g-string bikini I'd bought.

    Wholly Fuck!!!

    My teenage mons pubis pussy camel-toed in my new bikini. My gr**efruit tits were barely covered. Through the thin sheer unpadded polyester fabric one could literally distinguish my nipples popped out.

    I realized maybe I was a bit extreme!

    This might sound stupid.

    I just didn't want to make my mom feel she was right.

    Aren't girls supposed to be proud of our bodies? I looked great! I tried to figure out how to keep what I called my volcano nipples from always popping out. I didn't have a workable answer.

    That same day my mom and I had bought my new swimsuits, I wore my new neon g-string bikini under my clothes to my local public swimming pool. My family had a summer membership at the local big pool complex. I told the lifeguards at the pool entrance my membership number, was permitted to enter, and excitedly went in to take off my shorts and other clothes to suntan and to swim in my new string bikini.

    I immediately got kicked out of the swimming complex.

    I'd never heard of such bullshit.

    Apparently my swimsuit didn't meet local community public ordinance standards of acceptability and decency.

    I didn't even know our county had a law on bathing suits.

    I really honestly was confused because I was wearing I thought a swimsuit.

    I got told by the pool director who ran the big swim center I couldn't dress that way, especially me being only a 16 year old.

    At the moment my g-string bikini immediately became my symbol of public defiance.

    My attitude became fuck what anyone thinks.

    My lime neon g-string bikini immediately became my favorite swimsuit.

    Since my local public pool center didn't let me wear my almost invisible bikini I decided I'd just go swim and tan somewhere else.

    On summer days I started gathering together a beach towel, beach slippers, food, drinks, a water bottle, a book, my iPhone with headphones, suntan oil, sunglasses, chapstick, condoms (just in case! : ) ), and other vitals, placing all those things in my bike pannier bags. I'd put on my bike helmet, bike gloves, and other stuff. I'd hop on my very expensive mountain bike to pedal to a nearby local California state park lake to suntan and swim in my neon g-string bikini. Fuck the law. I'd always set out my beach towel among all the other people and soak up the sun. No one ever complained to me (except one mom who told me when my nipple slipped getting out of the lake one day).

    Some other people would also suntan in little bikinis on the beach at the lake too. My bikini from most I saw was definitely one of the smallest bikinis on the beach. In my very dark sunglasses I'd secretly stare as guys walked by.

    At the time I never caught on fully to statements guys made. As guys walked past I'd hear comments like "Holy Fuck! Did you see the tits on that girl?" or "Oh shit, did you see the that girl in the bikini?"

    It actually made me happy to feel people liked seeing me.

    One day I was at the state park beach tanning in my almost not there string bikini when a waterskiing boat came slowly floating up to the shore. I was watching the boat because it had four hunk guys in the boat. They looked like college students.

    I still don't know why. I was in a strange sexual hunger or something. I had already started fucking guys.i was even fucking two female girl friends sometimes when we did sleepovers. It's kind of embarrassing. I'd even fucked adults. Something wasn't like normal in me. I don't normally drink alcohol. I don't vape. I don't use tobacco. I've never had 420. I've never even tried an illegal drug. I've never even shoplifted. But put a condom on a penis and I'll suck all day.

    It's like I know something still spins funny in my head.

    That day one of the guys with the ski boat saw me alone on the beach. He asked me if I could watch their boat for a bit.

    How I was to do anything with a boat I have no fucking idea.

    When the guys came back they thanked me for watching their boat.

    They asked me if I ever water skied.

    I had, but it had been like a month earlier. I used to ski with a girl friend's family.

    The guys invited me to go water ski.

    Me with four hunk guys in a fucking ski boat? Fuck yeah!

    I quickly put everything of mine back in my bike pannier bags. (Even though it was a walk, I always locked my bike up at the state park rangers station so I didn't have to worry about my bike getting stolen if I went in the water.) I threw my shit in their ski boat and said let's get this party started!

    As soon as the ski boat got past the buoy the one guy driving the boat gunned the engine. The boat just fucking took off!

    A guy handed me a beer. I figured there needed to be exceptions to life in everything. As soon as we got out a ways the guys stopped the boat. They invited me to ski first.

    I excitedly got in the water and set myself in the skis to get pulled. I yelled I was ready.

    It took me several times trying but in no time I was up skiing!

    The funny part was the guy driving the boat did things to get me to go down in the water. He'd turn the boat super hard and have me hit waves so it was super hard to hold on.

    I crashed a couple times. My swimsuit both times came off. The first time my bottoms were down at my ankles, my tits hanging out! The second time my entire top came completely off! I'd held on to my bottom strings that time.

    Luckily because of the bright lime color one of the guys on the boat was somehow able to spot my bikini top floating in the water among all the choppy waves. Finding my top really was like finding a needle in a haystack on that big lake!

    I climbed back in the boat, my nipples accidentally flashed. I thanked them and drank beers with the guys. We talked. They actually all were college students. We just all talked about weird shit and stuff.

    I felt loosened up by the beers. Later we were just floating alone on the lake. We started talking about boys liking tits. I told them how my breasts were fucking with my running. We talked how boys can show their chests in public but I got kicked out of my own public swimming pool for showing too much of mine.

    The guys were like you can show your tits to us anytime you want!

    I was like fuck it.

    Isn't this supposed to be America?

    I just did it.

    I took off my top to show the guys my changing tits.

    One of the guys was like"Baby, you are my kind of girl!" He handed me another beer.

    The guys kept daring me.

    Take off the my bottom too.

    I told them they already see my ass and can see just about everything already. I spread my but cheeks and showed them how only a string hid my butthole. The guys said my ass looked sweet. I held on to my breasts and said aren't my milk jugs good enough? Wouldn't they be good to suck on?

    One of the guys said he'd definitely suck my tits. Suck more than that on me too if I wanted.

    It got me horny just hearing him talk like that.

    I went over and said suck on my tits then.

    I just remember everyone laughing! I had all four of them touching me. I felt hands on my wet ass. All of a sudden my bikini bottom was untied. I was nude. I was kissing on one of the guy"s necks when I felt the first raw dick against my naked ass.

    I told the guys sorry but I only do safe sex. They looked all sad until I told them I had a new box of off-brand condoms in my pannier bags.

    I couldn't stop laughing as two of the guys climbed across to the front of the boat to get to my pannier bags first! While they went for the condoms I felt my tits being sucked. I felt my. exposed pussy getting excited! Fingers touched me.

    Whoever designed the ski boat we were on that day must have considered fucking as part of skiing. The seats in the back could moved and fold down and a piece added to be made into a giant fuck mattress bed. I'd never seen anything fucking like it!

    It was absolutely the craziest fucking thing I did in my life! Nude, I sucked one guy's dick while fucking another, stroking a cock in each of my hands too!

    It was too much to do at once. I kept trying to keep my sunglasses on but it was impossible. Immediately two of the guys quickly came. One had cum while wearing a condom in my mouth, the other wearing a condom in my pussy.

    The whole boat was like this moaning talking crazy sound machine of all of them talking filthy and the boat kind of being swept around on actually pretty rough afternoon waves.

    I flipped over on my knees and elbows because one of the guys who hadn't yet cum did me doggy. White he entered my pussy I sucked the other. It was easier and less work by far with just two guys.

    I discovered however it's not like porn gang bangs because every time I kept wanting to rock my ass and get my vag to swallow the one guy's dick it made the dick in my mouth come out!

    I finally had the guy I was sucking his dick get down on a towel on his knees so I could get more comfortable. I used one hand to finger and play with my pussy.

    One guy who'd already cum came back over. He started playing with my pussy again. I wasn't sure what he was doing. I keep thinking he just wanted to touch me.

    I felt the guy in my pussy put his hands real tight holding onto my waist and hips shaking. As he orgasmed he pulled on my hips so hard pumping the poor guy l mouth fucked chased after my mouth! He held onto my head. I was like getting stretched!

    I asked fourth guy to get his turn in my pussy. He stretched out nude face up. I climbed on top of his nice dick. Cowgirl is still my favorite position.

    I slid my vag up and down on his wonderful dick! No wonder the fuck I to this day hate Costco hot dogs. I wanted real dick in my pussy to eat! I had a gigantic feeling of happiness of my pussy just swallowing in his dick. I had a HUGE orgasm!!! It was the kind that day that gave me like a full shitload of feelings. It was what I needed too. It just was weird on a boat.

    I went down and went close to the guys ear I was still fucking. I whispered "I want you to fuck me in my ass."

    Immediately he orgasmed too!

    I have a friend who tells me I should write my life experiences into a book.

    As for the four guys in the ski boat, I masturbated nude some more in their boat. I had to get back to the beach because I worried when the ranger station office closed at 5:00 pm someone might steal my bike. Someone in the boat had accidentally stepped on and broke my sunglasses in the boat, which bummed me out, but I know it was an accident. I also had to pay for the condoms but the guys did give me cold beers. I guess it was a great event just considering the memory.

    The strangest part was afterwards I started always sunbathing at another state beach actually closer to my home. I kept thinking that one guy would be looking for me, wanting to fuck me in my ass!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I was in 11th grade attending my public high school. At school at lunch I'd go to the library. I wouldn't eat lunch. I was really focused on staying slender and attractive.

    The school library was usually deserted at lunch. Typically five or ten students.

    One day in the library I got super horny.

    I know I am not a normal person. I have masturbated nearly every day of my life since I was around four years old. It probably explains why I go to porn sites and websites like this. I started looking at porn when I was around eight years old.

    But in the library that day I knew I needed to orgasm.

    I struggled with what to do.

    I didn't want to wait until after school.

    I didn't want to go in a yucky school bathroom to finger myself.

    I also like to be nude when I masturbate. It's just a weird thing about me. I like to be able to spread my legs wide and play with my breasts and feel my body and touch myself when I pleasure myself.

    I really don't to this day know what got into me.

    I knew there was a small library office in the back of the library used for book sorting and materials. The room also had a chair and desk. The school librarian I saw was sitting like she always did up at the front counter to watch students and check out books. I had known from experience she never leaves the front counter during lunchtimes.

    I went in the room and shut the door. I stripped off my tank top, black body shorts, tennis shoes and stuff so I was naked. I sat in the chair and kicked my feet up on the desk. I started excitedly masturbating. I was feeling great!

    I still to this day don't know what got into my head. I stopped momentarily and peeked out the door. I saw there was no one around.

    I just felt I had to do it.

    I grabbed my cell phone. I ran out among the stacks of library bookshelves completely nude!

    I just wanted to say I did it. The way the bookshelves were arranged no one sitting at the round study tables or the librarian at the front counter could tell.

    I quickly took a bunch of selfie pics of myself nude among all the books!

    I ran back inside the little room and quietly closed the door. I went back to putting my feet up on the desk and pleasuring myself to some great orgasms.

    I felt so much better! :)

    I put on my clothes. I realized I smelled totally like pussy. I had pussy juice smell all over my fingers. I didn't care.

    I hurried to class. No one ever knew!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    We lived in a house with a large lot. Behind us was another house with a pool. We found out that if we climbed this one tree we could see the pool without much interference and the lady next door who went out there and sunbathed topless. Our first tits. She lathered herself with sunscreen and lathered her tits. She would turn over on her back and her tits fell off to the sides, totally tanned like the rest of her body. Little boy hardon.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    My name is John, and when I was 16 years old I was a very horny kid. When ever my parents would leave me alone at home, I would strip down and parade around with my hard, cut white boy cock sticking out in plain veiw, finding pleasure in exploring my naked body. I have a younger brother named Max who is 5 years younger than me. My parents were very religous, so I would be in a great deal of trouble if they knew what I did, but that is part of what made me so horny.

    One night, my parents went out to dinner, leaving me to watch my little brother. I was really horny that night, but it was going to be difficult to fufill my sexual desires and watch Max, unless I got him to join me. He was watching TV in the living room, so I walk up to him completly naked, stopping when my cock head was only inches from his face.

    "What are you ... why are you naked?" asked Max with a nervous giggle.

    "D on't you see," I said. "Since Mom and Dad aren't here, we don't have to wear clothes."

    & quot;Ok" he said, procedding to drop his pants, allowing the cool air to grace his preteen cock.

    We sat and countinued to watch TV, but neither of us were focused on it. I was enthuesed by Max's cock, as I had never seen a penis that wasn't mine before. He seemed to be alot bigger than I was at his age. Max was incesently staring at my erect freiend.

    "Why do you have hair there and I don't?" he inquire, running his hand through the jungle of pubes that covered my crouch.

    "You'll get some when you get older" I tell him.

    "Why is yours hard?" he countinues.

    "I'l l show you" I answer. I get up and get my lap top and pull up a picture of this naked blonde girl that I had jerked off to many times before. I show him it and I watch as his dick slowlly starts to straighten out and expand. I then reach down and start stroking it, and soon cum starts to drip out from his tiny head. I then switch to an image of this black hair chick giving a guy a blow job.

    "I could do that to you" Max says.

    I am not one to refuse a blow job, no matter who it is from.

    I lean up against the wall and let Max go to town, feeling the inside of his mouth with my dick, and being tickeled by his very naughty tongue as it moves all over my shaft. I close my eyes and think about what is happening. I was getting sucked off by my naked preteen brother and it felt fucking amazing. I feel the largest load of my life spray out from my cock and fill Max's saliva filled mouth.

    Then I hear a gasp. I open my eyes and see Mom and Dad standing in shock.

    Max turns to my parents to say hi, but when he goes to talk, my ejaculate come flowing out of his mouth.

    Since our parnets now thought we were both gay, they sent us to an all boys conversion "class". The "all boys" part would be very counter intuitive, as me and my brother would soon find out.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 54

    When I was around 6 , my sister who is 4 years older, would be told to fill up the tub with suds and make sure I took a bath on Saturday night before bed when they went out. I would complain later to my sister and say I don't want to go to bed. So one evening she said tell you what, lets both take a bath and get it over with. It will be like swimming..

    So I got in the tub first and asked here where her PePe was and she explained there was a difference. That was why she also had more padding around the nipples. I remember the first time she took the rag to scrub my penis (rock hard of course) and took her hand to inspect that it was clean..She then stroked it with two fingers and asked if it felt good. I say yes, and she said it was normal for it to be hard when it was treated that way. I didn't come that night,but years later she would make me squirt for her. She said if I didn't say anything we could keep swimming in the tub together and play. When she was 15 with amazing tits that I watched, she got me to squirt for her, I said I was going to pee and she said do it , and that was when cum came out... That is when she became cock hungry. We were insetuist then. She would suck my cock and I would cum into it so hard......She is married today for 31 years and I know who husband gets it good.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    This happened back when I was between the ages of 9 and 13 with a friend who lived on my street. I spent a lot of time over at his place and if I was there later at night his mother had him take a bath. He was a year younger than me and he also had a sister a couple of years younger than him. When he had his baths it was him and his sister in the tub together. I always went into the bathroom while they were having their bath and talked to them. I wasn't naked but they were and looking back always wondered why his mother didn't make me leave given that his sister was in there naked. This went on for years and they didn't seem to be concerned I saw them that way.

    One time my parents were going away for the weekend and I was going to be spending the weekend over at his place which I never had before. His mother mentioned it was bath time for us and to get undressed. I was 13 years old and thought she was talking to my friend and his sister but when she mentioned "us three" I knew it was including me. It was one thing to see my friend and sister bathing naked each time but now having to be naked myself made me nervous. I was an only child and had only been seen naked by my parents and a couple of aunts but now a girl was doing to be seeing me and my friend's mother. I asked if needed to have a bath and was told yes by his mother and to get undressed. I think she could see I was hesitating, and with my friend and his sister now naked, she came over and began undressing me herself. Soon I was naked like them and having them see me this way for the first time ever. His mother ordered us into the bathroom and told me since the tub wasn't big enough they would be bathing first and once they were done I could go in. I stood outside the tub like I normally did when they bathed but this time I was naked and felt really exposed. Their baths always lasted close to 20-30 minutes and after about 5 minutes I finally began to feel less exposed and relaxed. His mother would come in and check on us regularly so the door to the bathroom was just left open. Then something happened to make me feel very exposed and less relaxed.

    I heard someone come home and I was still outside the tub naked with nothing to cover up with. His mother was in the bathroom with us at this time and mentioned it must be Jenny. Jenny was my friends older sister who was 17 years old at the time. She came to the bathroom and began chatting with her mother where I was standing fully exposed. I was hoping her mother would send her away but she didn't. To make matters worse, and less relaxed for me, when Jenny came home she had 2 girlfriends with her. I was literally exposed to 3 girls and her mother said and did nothing to help my cause. They were chatting for a few minutes until they finally left. My friend's mother told my friend and his sister they were done and it was my turn. They toweled off and left while the tub was drained and refilled for me. My friend and his younger sister came back to chat with me while I had my bath but they were in pajamas now. My friends older sister and her girlfriends came back too. His mother came back and for the very first time mentioned that everyone needed to get out to let me finish my bath. My friend and his younger sister left but the others mentioned they needed to wash their hands. His mother told them to do what they needed and left. I now had 3 girls spending more time looking at me than washing hands. They finished washing there hands but stuck around talking with themselves and me. One of them asked if I needed a hand washing my penis. His mother had just come back and heard her say that. I was expecting his mother to tell her it wasn't appropriate to say something like that but she didn't. She told them I was a boy and yes that I did have a penis which all boys have. She said she doesn't knows how many, or if they had even seen one before, but except for different sizes that's what they basically look like. She told them I only had another 5 minutes left in my bath so they better get all their looks now and she then left the bathroom. Five minutes later she came back with a towel and told me to towel off and once again left. I toweled off feeling very exposed as 3 girls watched as I did. The girl who earlier asked if I needed help washing my penis said I had a nice bum. The girls chuckled a bit and pointed below as one said "Oh my god its getting bigger". The mother had just come back and heard what she said. She told them boys get erections and said they had seen enough for now and told them to leave.

    I toweled off and finally got dressed. The mother asked how I felt being seen naked by everyone especially the girls tonight. I told her I didn't mind so much with my friend and his younger sister seeing me as I had seen them but felt very exposed in front of the girls. She mentioned being seen naked by some girls should not have been a problem for me. She mentioned I had been seeing her younger daughter naked for years and it was only fair that someone finally got to see me the same way. She said she she noticed when she first asked me to get undressed for my bath I didn't seem like I wanted to and that she had to do it for me. I admitted I didn't want to because I was not used to being naked in front of others. She told me if I had brothers and sisters I wouldn't be as concerned about it because chances are everyone would have seen each other naked regularly and it would be no big deal being seen naked. She then says this weekend I was part of their family and that everything was all good and not to worry about any of it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    I went with my parents to visit some friends of theirs in Nairobi. We were supposed to go there, and take a short trip to see some of the animals in the wild but the friends suggested that we go to a beach resort instead. We are there, my parents, the two friends of theirs and me. I am bored, I try to read but I am tired of reading so I sit out on the balcony overlooking the beach and ocean. I guess when they came in from being down at the bar they thought I was asleep in my room or something, but they are trying not to make noise, the women are giggling and the guys are saying nasty things, a lamp falls over and everyone gets quiet. I sit in my chair listening. The noise starts again and my mother starts to say something like 'oh no you don't you horny bastard' and my father says that all is fair in love and war and my mother is saying 'I don't believe you are doing this right now' and her friend is saying 'go for it girl' and then 'God not you too' and her husband says to get her ass up in the air.

    I listened scared stiff to turn around. After a moment I can't not look so I turn as easy as I can and I am watching my mother getting screwed on the floor and her friend getting screwed from behind on the couch. I stayed out on the veranda until the friends went back to their room and I heard my parents go into their room and my father was snoring. Only then did I sneak back into my room.

    My sixteen year old self couldn't help but feel herself up and I finger herself into what was the most intense orgasm of her life. Every now and then, when I just can't get relief I drift back to that night and I am sixteen again and I relive that moment until I lose control and everything goes blank.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    In a way it is our parent's fault. My name is Adam and my younger sister's name is Eve. We are a couple of years apart. We grew up in a two working parent home, without much conflict, went to school, learned to wash the car, she learned how to help Mom with the kitchen and laundry and we got along as brother and sister. All was well in Paradise.

    When we were in our early teens, 15 and 13 my Mom's commute was longer and she got home around six thirty, my Dad always had gotten home around seven and my sister and I were home around four. We had a list of chores, which always started with do your homework before you watch TV and we got along. That afternoon when the forbidden fruit happened, she was lying on the sofa after homework and before she had to go to the kitchen to start dinner and I had finished my homework and she just looked so good.

    I went over and sat beside her and started to rub her back and her shoulders and to play with her hair and my dick started to get big and I just decided to rub her butt. She turned to me but didn't say anything so I kept rubbing her butt and her upper thighs, moving from time to time up her back but really I was rubbing her butt. My dick was hard and on that moment when she turned she saw that my dick was hard and she just stared for a half second too long. I slipped my fingers in between her legs and asked her if she wanted to see my hard dick. Well I guess because she is Eve she had to see the forbidden fruit and I unzipped and opened up and let my hard dick stand up hard. I don't want to exagerate because right then I had my hand hard up inside her legs and she was looking at my hard dick and I told her I wanted her to suck me.

    The forbidden fruit. That is what it was because she just got up and bent over and she sucked my dick. Maybe for a half a minute, I pushed her so she was on her back on the sofa and undid her pants as fast as I could and got my hand into her pants touching her feeling for the first time her pussy, she was wet and I could feel it with my fingers and I worked her pants down and her panties until her pussy was completely exposed and I bent down and put my face in between her legs. She got her pants and panties off one leg and she spread her legs wide. My tongue slipped all the way into her vagina, my hands were working to get my pants down and I climbed on and ran my dick into her as far as it would go.

    It is all her fault for wanting the forbidden fruit. My dick in her vagina felt good in a way nothing had ever felt good, her legs around my hips and I grabbed her hard with my hands and a million years of evolution took over and she was fucked until every last drop of the nectar was delivered to her pussy. I guess you can say that once we came apart and we were getting our clothes back on there was a silence except for the TV. I pulled her to me and held her and told her that it really felt good. She stood up saying she had to go and start dinner but all I could see was her hot ass in her jeans. All I could was grab her hips and push my nose up into her ass as hard as I could.

    We had dinner and we didn't say much and our parents asked why we were so silent. Having tasted the forbidden fruit it wasn't long before I pulled her pants down again and examined her pussy in the sunlight of the window in the den. I kissed her pussy bit by bit, slowly trying my tongue and looking down again to see her pussy. She kept her legs closed this time, just letting me look at her pussy. My finger went around and around and when I pushed my fingers down between her legs she clammed shut. I got my dick out and said 'Open Sesame' and she let her legs fall open and I got on slipped my dick in her and this time we kept eye contact as my dick slowly slipped in and out until my dick released all the nectar her pussy wanted. When we were done I lay between her legs with my hands on her tits.

    We would be thrown out of the Garden of Eden, out of Paradise because we had violated the rule and tried the forbidden fruit. But that was later when our parents found out, but for the next couple of years we sinned together, it was her desire for the forbidden fruit, for the nectar she so much wanted, that led me to sin. But no fruit I ever found afterwards compared to the sweetness of hers. Seared into my memory that sweet little pussy between her legs. If the place is right and we are alone she comes to me and asks for me and like that afternoon we always lay quietly slipping in and out with complete eye contact and after she sucks all the nectar she can into her pussy I lay on her between her legs and my hands on her tits and she runs her fingers thru my hair.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 23

    Kids are naturally curious and that's how I found out cocks aren't used only to pee. It was on a bus trip to visit some relatives, when I was around 8. The trip would take the whole night and everybody was asleep, except me. It was something around 1am when I got up to go to the bathroom and there was a man awake too, he saw me passing by. He had a friendly smile and was covering his upper body and pelvis with a blanket to warm himself up (it was cold, so my mind went there).

    When I came back and passed him, he whispered "hey" and I looked. His blanket was half way up, his trousers were unziped and down to his thighs, he had no underwear and his hands were slowly massaging his full grown willy (as my mom called mine). I had never seen something so big as my father never undressed in front of me, I didn't have access to the internet and mine was just a little limp thingy.

    He then asked "do you wanna touch it?" and I just couldn't refuse. I had never thought of anything sexual at all, but there I was and my curiosity was screaming for me to touch and caress it like the man was doing. I quickly walked towards him and got under his blanket to hide from others. He asked how old I was, I said "eight" and he said "wow!" while speeding his jerking. He pushed me near his crotch and I experienced the smell of cock for the first time in my life. It was good and I didn't even knew why.

    Talking softly and low, the man worked me until I grabbed his cock. It was warm and felt soft, but hard as a rock. It twitched and I felt veins pumping. He told me to kiss ots head and I did. Thrn he showed how to jerk him slowly and asked if I wanted to put it in my mouth. I was trembling, feeling I was doing something wrong, but I didn't care. My lips touched the head and the man sighed, saying "put the whole tip in your mouth". I surely didn't do the best blowjob, but he was enjoying by the sounds I was hearing. "Oh, stop, I'm gonna cum", he said while holding my head back (as if I'd know what he meant).

    After a few seconds he told me to stay under his blanket while he'd to the bathroom and that I should join him a few minutes later. So I did. I went in and he was fully naked with his hard cock pointing up. It was a shock! I realised cocks weren't only for peeing and it could grow. I looked at it and hoped mine would grow as much as his someday. My first stinct was to grab it and the man liked, but he wanted something different. He convinced me to get fully naked as he was and sat on the toilet. His breathing was heavy, it looked like he was worried or something.

    Sit ting there with his cock up in the air, he told me to turn my back at him and slowly sit down on his lap. So I did. He drove my hips over his cock and made me sit on him, putting his cock between my legs. It was hard and wet, touching my little balls, limp willy and belly. It honestly felt good, but I didn't know how or if I should let him know that. He grabbed my hips and started moving me up and down, making sure to move his hips too. As time went by, his breathing became heavier and heavier to the point he was grunting abd trying no to make too much noise.

    After a deep growl, he held me down and came. As I was looking down to see what he was doing, the streams of cum flew right on my face and smeared my chest and belly. He was trembleing in awe and I was staring at a river of cum forming between my legs closed around his softening cock. He stayed still for a few seconds and then told me to get up. He cleaned himself and me, taking care not to miss any spot he might've cum. After a while, he thanked me, went back to his seat and we never apoke again. As he instructed me, I waited a few minutes and went back to my seat. I dreamed about that the reat of the night.

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    Straight Male / 50

    When my cousin and I were young boys growing up we were always around each other so late at night in bed we both liked to play with each other and we would quietly take off our underwear and play around naked for hours and we played with each others dicks a lot touched each other all over and neither of us had a problem sucking on each other
    and it was just natural to 69. We also enjoyed taking turns laying face down and letting the other one hump on our naked ass. I knew what it felt like to have my finger in my tight ass so one night while he was humping me I reached back with my hands and spread my ass open and he got the hint I guess because he raised up enough to hold onto his dick and touch it to my asshole then asked if it was Ok to stick it in and I told him it was and that I really wanted to see hat it felt like.
    Seems like once he got it in my ass I was in there all night long as we didn't sleep much as we both tried to keep him hard so he could stick it in me again. The very next day we did it a lot more in many different places from up in the barn loft out in the woods in the back of the tractor shed in the storage shed the feed room out in the barn. I liked having my jeans down spreading my ass with him behind me fucking me and I will always remember the first time he came in my ass. It was great and he came in me many times over the next several years and his dick always felt really good in my ass and I like getting naked and giving him my ass and getting fucked and letting him cum up my ass was something I always enjoyed.
    We are much older now but he knows I would still let him fuck me if he wanted to.

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