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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    I was spending the night at my cousins house. We were both in the 4th grade at the time. It was late and we were back in his room in the dark. Every one else in the house was asleep. He and I were just talking and like many times before had our hands on each others dick just fooling around.
    He asked me if he could "Corn hole" me when I asked what that was he said he would show me so I followed his instruction and ended up face down with my underwear down below my ass cheeks with him on top of me with his underwear down enough that his hard bare dick was in the crack of my naked ass and he asked me if it felt good. I said so far it feels pretty good then he asked if I was ready and I said I guess so.
    What he was doing did feel good and bot of us being almost naked with so much skin touching made it feel very good so let him do what ever he wanted to do to me and in a few seconds his dick was stuck up my ass and he was breathing heavy humping on my ass and it felt very good hen he got really stiff on top of me and shook all over then he just laid thereon top of me with his dick still stuck in my ass. We had to talk quietly but both of us had really enjoyed what we had just done and did it again before he rolled off of me and then asked me if I really liked it.
    We talked quite awhile and I kept asking him to try it again and later on we did it again and it just felt good. That same day we found a couple of places to hide outside long enough for him to screw me some more. The next weekend we were at my house and we lived way out in the country so it was easy for us to find places to hide so he could screw me and he screwed me a lot that weekend. It was all could think about during the week and I used my finger up my ass several times that week thinking about getting screwed again.
    By the weekend I really was anxious to get screwed some more and as soon as he got to my house we hurried out to the barn climbed up in the loft and got back in the corner ad in a few seconds he was screwing me in the ass. I finally got around to asking him where he learned how to screw and he told me a friend of his at school showed him how to do it to him one day after school. Little did I know that weeks later I would get to meet his friend and they both had ideas about screwing me. They talked me in to doing it but I really didn`t want to do it with both of them at first but said I would if the other one wouldn`t watch.
    They agreed and we went down to the creek and my cousin and I went up in the bushes first and after he screwed me his friend came up in the bushes and he screwed me and both screwed me twice before we had to go. I couldn`t believe what I had just done and that I had let both of them screw me twice and it was really good. That afternoon I told them I waned to get screwed again so we wen back down by the creek to the same spot but this time we were all together and they took turns on me while he other one watched and I liked that even more than one at a time in private.
    Eventually we got in to oral sex and we all enjoyed sucking and being sucked and the more we did it the easier it got to enjoy each others cum and swallowing was just part of sucking dick. I will never forget the first time my cousin was fucking me from behind and his friend got in front of me went to his knees and put his dick in my mouth then held on to my head while he fucked my mouth like he was in my ass. We were all naked young horny boys and what they were doing to me felt better than anything I had ever felt in my life. My cousin got off in my ass and that excited his friend so much he came in my mouth and both of them had got off in me at both ends and it was fucking hot !!
    For years the 3 of us were best of friends and never got caught having sex. Neither one of them ever tried getting fucked in the ass so I got it often and things got a little kinky as we got older. Over the years I have considered myself straight. I am happily married and very masculine straight acting. However I have had an occasional bisexual experience with a few very select men over the years.
    Many years ago I lived a long ways from where I grew up and there was this couple that lived next door to my wife and I. He and I drank beer and fished together often. He and I discovered that we were both a little curious and after much talk we sucked each other off in my boat out on the Lake one night while we were fishing and drinking beer. I sucked him off first and he had a very nice dick and on my knees in the boat I let him hold my head and cum in my mouth and he couldn`t believe it and was very anxious to suck me off and he did and tried to swallow my load.
    Before we left just before daylight we went back up in a private little cove off the main lake and in the dark we got naked and got in to a very long slow 69 and it felt damn good. After that fishing trip we sucked each others dicks often. On Saturdays his wife and mine would go out shopping all day so we had oral sex all day on most Saturdays. One Saturday afternoon we were laying naked in the floor of my Living room when I told him I liked to get fucked in the ass. Then I began to share my experiences from my earlier days and he was all too anxious to fuck me and he fucked the hell out of me and came very hard deep in my ass before he lost his erection.
    Just before the girls got home from shopping he fucked me really good again and we lived next door to each other for almost 4 years and 3 years of that he and I had a lot of sex both oral and he fucked me often. I didn`t want to move but to keep my job I had to. I will never forget that guy and all the fun we had together.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    I was in the 3rd grade when this all started for me. I could not keep my hands off my hard little dick and really did enjoy playing with it all the time. I thought nothing could ever feel so good so I played with myself several times a day. One night laying in my bed in the dark naked playing with myself I got pretty worked up and was rubbing my young naked body all over and hand my hand all over my naked ass and wound up poking the end of my finger up my ass a little ways. After that first time it felt so good I tried it several more times and when I was in the shower I would shove my finger all the way up my ass and work it in and out and stroke my hard dick.
    It always felt so good then one day a few drops of my first cum squirted out the head of my dick and I just had to play with it smell it then taste it. That was a big turn on for me so I really tried to cum all I could so I could taste it. It didn`t take me long to figure out that my cum worked good on my finger stuck up my tight young ass. I tried a little Vaseline shortly after using my slick cum and it made it so much easier to finger myself and eventually got three fingers in my ass but it hurt quite a bit.
    As time went by I became more and more curious and began experimenting with different things I thought might feel good in my ass. I was amazed at how good it felt and if I went slow and used Vaseline I could get different things in my ass fairly easy and then learned that I liked to fuck myself so I did it any time I could. I always wondered if my friends ever did what I was doing but I could never ask or even try to talk about it with them.
    Finally out of desperation and just wanting to know I decided to ask my cousin who I was very close to and we were the same age. We were in the 5th grade when I first said anything to him about this. He seemed shocked at first and didn`t say much at all. As time passed he began to ask questions and wanted to hear more and more about the things I was doing in private. Eventually we were sneaking around and he was getting me to actually finger myself I front of him while he jacked off.
    One day he got so excited standing behind me jacking off watching me use a magic marker in my ass that he got up really close to me and came on my ass for the very first time and right away we both knew it would happen again and it did quite a few times. Not long after that he would get off sticking things in my ass and liked to fuck me with something and cum on my ass. I wondered if and when it would come up between us and one day he finally asked if he could try putting his dick in me. I was quick to tell him he could so we waited until we knew no one would catch us and we would have time o give this a try and we did it.
    It was a Saturday and he was at my house and my Mom had to run out to the store. She said we had to go with her but told her we would rather stay there and watch our favorite TV show. We finally talked her in to letting us stay there and she said she would be gone and hour or so. as soon as she was out of sight we hurried to the bathroom locked the door and we got naked. I got out the Vaseline and he watched me stick some in my ass then I faced the mirror and bent forward with my elbows on the countertop as I watched him get behind me and right away I felt him trying to get his dick in me.
    After several attempts and getting very close a time or two I couldn`t wait any longer and wanted him to get inside of me really bad so I put my chest on the counter top and reached back with both hands to spread myself open for him to penetrate me. That's all it took and in a few seconds his hard dick was all the way in my ass and I raised up putting my elbows back on the countertop and watched in the mirror at his face as he enjoyed fucking me in the ass for the very first time. I don`t know ho enjoyed it the most but we talked to each other a little and it felt very good so we never give it any thought at all and when it was time which did not take long at all he came inside of me and kept poking his dick up my ass and I kept telling him it felt good and I asked him not to stop a few times.
    We were both so excited that he stayed pretty hard and the more he poked it up my ass the harder he got and before long we were going at it again and it lasted for a good long while before he came in my ass again. We couldn`t stop talking about it and he stayed in my ass until he went soft and it slipped out. we stood there naked in the bathroom talking and it didn`t take long at all t figure out we both wanted to do it again very soon. As we talked I reached out and grabbed his dick and stroked him and he stroked me until he got nice and hard again and the I asked if he wanted to do it again.
    We were both concerned about having enough time to do it again before my Mom came back from the store. Pretty soon I was bent over the countertop again and he was behind me giving it to me in the ass and he finally came in me again and let his dick slip out of my ass. We quickly washed up and put our clothes back on and hurried back to watch TV just in time before Mom pulled into the garage. That night we had to be very quiet but we did it some more back in my bedroom.
    Mom was doing laundry the next day and back then they always hung the clothes out on the line outdoors. He and I took a chance when Mom went out the back door with a huge basket of wet clothes. I ran to the bathroom and quickly put a little Vaseline in my ass then ran back to the Den and he fucked me as was leaning over the back of our couch so I could see Mom out the window and he got off in my ass just as she was hanging out the last few pieces of laundry.
    He pulled up his pants and sat back watching TV as I went to the bathroom to wash up. Mom never knew a thing and over the years he and I took a lot of chances but never got caught or did any one ever suspect us of doing anything such as that. For about 10 years he fucked me 100`s of times and as we got older we had opportunities to take our time and we learned how to fuck each other very well. Eventually we both enjoyed oral sex on each other and it was very easy to swallow each others cum and one of our favorite things was to 69 for a very long time ad hold off as long as we could then cum at the very same time. That was one of the most exciting things ever. Both of us sucking each others hard dick and swallowing each others warm thick cum at the very same time and most of the time his fingers deep in my ass.
    Back then it was just something He and I did and we expected it from one another. On weekends once w were old enough to drive and go camping we had sex all the time and both of us grew up to be very well hung. Both of us admitted to enjoying sucking on a big had dick and swallowing it just made it that much better but it was always my favorite thing to take his long fat dick up my ass. I always liked it a little rough ad to be pounded hard then feel him balls deep in my ass when he came. Kissing was a huge turn off for both of us and we never did it at all. It was all about the sex for us. Just getting off and making each other feel very good.
    we were about 19 or 20 the last time we had sex and he just stopped doing it with me for some reason or another. For years every time we were around each other if I got the opportunity I would talk to him about it and always let him know that I was very interested in ding it with him again if he wanted to. He never wanted to but I damn sure did.
    Three years ago he and his wife were separated and He and I went hunting out at my place and stayed a few days at my cabin. One night after to much to drink and a lot of talking about the good old days I brought up the past and he didn`t try to avoid me so kept talking about it and after more drinking he finally gave in and told me he wanted to do it again because he had been lonely for so long he just wanted sex. We were there for three more days and we did it all as much as we could. We drank quite a bit stayed naked most of the time and sucked each other off many times. Had a few very hot 69`s and he gave me a lot of that long fat dick in my ass and pumped me full of cum for three days and we got pretty damn drunk one day and he tied me to the bed face down and fucked me s few times and left me tied up for several hours. we played around with a few fantasies that day and we rode around my land naked drinking and having oral sex in different spots outdoors and he fucked me twice really good that day bent over the tailgate of my truck in two different spots with his cum dripping down my thighs like back in the old days.
    We drove home at night and on the way home as he drove I sucked his big dick most of the way home and sucked two big loads out of his nuts before we got to his house and after we unloaded his things we went out to his workshop for a beer where he sucked me off then bent me over for one last good hard deep fuck in my ass and a nice hot thick load for the last time and nothing has happened between us since but he knows if he ever wants to fuck to let me know. It just feels good.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 49

    I posted the story of sex with my eldest sister under this same heading.
    This is the next stage of my story with my sister that is 11 months younger than me, her name is Maggie.

    After my oldest sister left home and I was whacking my cock 3-5 times a day I needed to get more pussy, sister started playing around with me when she was 12 and I was late 13. First it was just being kids exploring our bodies but quickly changed when she became 13 and her boobs were popping out of her bathing suit as was my pecker while playing in the "stock tank". Wasn't too much longer that we actually had sex and it did happen in that same stock tank. we both loved what had happened. During that summer we must have fucked 50 times. Hard to believe that she didn't get pregnant, but then neither did my older sister Mary. All through HS she and I fucked at every chance we got. Sometimes when we were 15/16 it had gotten to the point where we were having sex as much as 4-6 times a day. We would even fuck at school behind the gym but that was maybe only 4-5 times when I was a sophomore and she was a freshman.
    We fucked all through high school, even when she got herself a boyfriend. It slipped once that we were fucking regularly to her boyfriend and that is when we started getting into some more kinky sex. It was great because that guy liked to watch us and of course we liked being watched. Sometimes he would play with her boobs while we were engaged in sex, or he would finger her. When we were in my senior year and she was a junior I had her used in the back of dad's 55' Ford pickup by 6 different boys at a school dance. Talk about pulling a train...well she sure did and that was her first time. In the meantime I had fallen in love with this sweetheart of a girl that was 2 years younger than me. Her and I would sneak off into the mountains on horseback and fuck for hours then send her home to her daddy. My sister followed us once and she waited till I was deep in MM's pussy then Maggie walked up on us, MM freaked out bad. But Maggie told her to calm the fuck down and let's all play together. It took a few minutes for MM to get into the swing of things, but when she did she showed us that her Irish genes were fully kicked in. We fucked numerous times after that as a 3some. But when I graduated high school and moved to the BIG city we lost contact. Instead Maggie followed me to the city and lived in my apartment her summer prior to being a senior. We fucked everyday and more that summer till she had to go back home to finish HS. After that it wasn't long before I got called up to go to the Army and ended up in Vietnam, so then we hadn't fucked for at least 3 years till I got out and she let me crash at her apartment here in the city, she had 2 roommates. It was like being back on a bicycle, once you learn it you never loose it. Best part was that I spent most of those 2 months I lived there fucking her roommates more than I did Maggie. After that we never have fucked again. came close a couple of times while watching porn with her and my wife and her hubby...

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 49

    When I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin we lived on a farm. We had a handyman who lived on the property. He liked having his cock sucked and it was me that had to do it. The things that we do to get along. He also fucked the dog, she was nice, but she had to stand there while he fucked her. He let me watch and smiled at me while he did it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 29

    In the third grade my mother got a new boyfriend. He slept over, and we spent weekends at his river boat house. He was a good looking man and he had strong hands and gave the best hugs. He liked for me to sit on his lap. The first time I remember feeling him under me was one evening on the river boat house, we were in our nightgowns and he had me on his lap. He was holding me and his hand was over my chest, my nipple was being rubbed by the palm of his hand. He kept going round and round in circles, and I sat in his lap quietly, I felt his penis get harder and harder under me, he kept moving me on him, he had a complete erection by then, and he moved me so that his erection was right under the crack of my butt, his other hand was on my stomach and he started to pinch my nipple with his other hand and move me back and forth over his penis.

    My nipple hurt from the pinching, but it also felt good, and his penis between my legs felt good and I swayed back and forth on his penis and then he ejaculated in his pants, but I still felt the wetness against my panties. He held me on his lap sitting on his cum, his hand had worked itself between my legs and he was searching for my clit area and when I started to respond he rubbed me and rubbed me with his fingers. I had my first orgasm and after I shook, he held me tight against him.

    That night when he came into say goodnight, he kissed my lips. I was in love with him after that. He didn't like heavy pants on me, like jeans, so I either wore a dress of thing shorts so he could feel me and I could feel his penis when I sat on him. Sometime into this my nipples started to get real sensitive and I had discovered how to make myself have an orgasm by playing with my clit.

    I was much older the day I turned around and faced him and got my legs around him and rubbed myself against his erection. He was sitting on a kitchen chair, he was very erect and he opened his pants so that I could rub against him. I held on to his penis with my hand, I had a full bush by then, and I had been menstruating for about a year, and I needed to get his penis in me. I got off the chair and took my panties off and got back on he helped me get his penis under me and I sat down and down and down until I was completely filled, and while he held me by my bare butt I rocked up and down feeling his penis go in and out. When he was going to cum, he tried to lift me off, but a lot of the cum still got inside of me.

    I wasn't quite a woman yet so we got worried and after that we always made sure that he was out, or I got off him, so he could cum.

    I was 19 when he came to my room and said he wanted a piece of ass. So I kept my head on the pillow but lifted my ass in the air. He put his hands on my cheeks and started to press the space between my vagina and my anus, gently touching, fingering my vagina and then rubbing my anus, I could feel that I was completely open for him, but instead of fucking me, he started licking and sucking on my anus while he fingered me. The feeling was so good, I sort of dozed off, his warm mouth and tongue just circling and licking against my anus, and his fingers gently fucking me. I had a complete inside orgasm, I thought I was going to lose control and pee, but I didn't.

    I was 23 when I met my first outside boyfriend. He was 53 by then, he and my mom had gotten married years before and they were in a quiet period of their relationship. My new boyfriend pretty much took most of my time and I slowly cooled off with my mom's husband.

    Still though, I am a girl who likes to sit on my boyfriend's lap and get him hard, there is almost no better feeling than having an erection hard up against your crack.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 27

    I went through child hood without ever having a close friend. I was lonely.

    The man who took care of the yard must have felt that, and he would talk to me. I was a latch key kid and one afternoon after school he was working, we were in the back yard, he touched my pants, and asked me to show him my penis. He said that all of 'us' were circumcised and he liked how our penis looked. He took his penis out, it was dark, and he pulled the foreskin back to show me and asked me to show him mine. He touched my penis and he asked me to hold his and he jerked on me and bent over and put it in his mouth and sucked me hard.

    We went around to where the deck was and he sat on the deck and sucked me. We were out in the open in the back yard, anyone could have walked in, or come into the house and looked out on the back yard, he sucked me and after several minutes I got the urge. I came a little, and he sucked harder and I lost my first ever load into his mouth. After I came he kept sucking me, only harder until he got a second load out of me.

    After that he would suck me in the house, and after a while he got me to suck him.

    Of course, it was the difference in age, but his penis was so much larger, and holding his penis in my hand and sucking him imprinted on me the right size for a penis. It is a problem to this day, I have a need for a man with a thick penis, preferably uncircumcised and I prefer latino or South Asian men. On a trip to Germany I had the opportunity to hook up with a Turkish man, heavy set, with a thick penis. He was too aggressive for me, I need to maintain an element of control, which he did not respect and I had my first 'bad' experience.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 37

    I missed my flight and had to wait for the next one out, being lucky enough to get a seat on it. However, I had to wait six hours for it. I decided to go to the main part of the airport and get coffee and a snack and browse through the shops there. At the coffee shop I saw a familiar woman and went up, introduced myself and asked her if I could join her. Sitting down, I picked up my cup and she said, "You really don't remember me, do you, Danny?

    As it turned out, she was five years older than me and had practically r**ed me when I was only around 13. She introduced me to a woman's 18 year old body and what to do with it and so forth. She was a bully about it and said, "You are now my boy-toy and you'll take it and like it." I had mixed emotions about the whole episode that lasted just a few months before her family left the city. Now, a quarter century later, I still had mixed feelings.

    She said that she had been mind-screwed up by her father, who was behind her behavior, directing it, and he wanted to hear all the details. He would take out his "seedy cock" (her words) and jerk off while she told him the details about sex with me. "Fortunately," she said, "He never sexually abused me beyond that."

    He had passed away some years before and she said, "Good riddance to the crazy old bastard." I could see that she was sincere in her apology. She asked, a bit timidly, if I had enjoyed sex with her so early in my life and I told her that I would be lying if I said no. I still recalled sucking on her clit for a long time and watching her writhe and slowly become wild with orgasms, her hips bucking away against my mouth. She would then lick me all over and I did like it. She had also sucked me to my own first orgasm in memory. I recalled the strange, new feeling of pulsating sperm into her tight, sucking mouth and how fantastic it felt.

    We chatted for an hour or so and she had to leave for her own flight. We did not share phone numbers but I'm convinced that the strange meeting was destined to be. I felt oddly comforted by it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 26

    This started when I was only 11, almost 12 years old. My mom and dad both worked which left me in summer and after school alone with my half sister Debbie. We have the same mother but different fathers but my dad treats her like his own. Debbie was 16 and I can understand now that I'm older how I must have been a pain in the ass to her. She was stuck with me everyday during the week and really stuck with me in the summer time til my parents got home from work. When I did something bad she would blackmail me saying she wouldn't tell on me but at the same time started spanking me and eventually making me take off my cloths. At first it didn't bother me much because even when my mom was home she saw me in my underware all the time and lots of times saw me naked when I had a bath. Then she started pulling down my pants and underware when she spanked me. What got worse was when she began doing it in front of some of her friends. If I didn't do what she said she threatened to tell my parents what I did and the one thing was when I stole 2 candy bars from the store down the street. Another time I tried to steal candy but the man caught me and Debbie paid for them but wouldn't let me eat them. She began making me get undressed in front of her friends and sometimes spanking me making me cry. I'm convinced she did this to embarrass me and the older I got the worse it was. Some of the girls were my sisters age but others were younger. Debbie got mean doing it and sometimes had two girls there telling me to get undressed or she would squeal on me. She began making me stand in front of the girls and not cover my privates then make me turn around and sometimes make me bend over. I was hard not to cry when I was doing this and most of the time I couldn't stop it. Her one friend Kristen was just as mean as Debbie and would talk about my penis and scrotum and say I had peach fuzz. Kristen is the one who Talked Debbie into making me bend over and pull my checks apart so she could see my a-hole. Then the nightmare happened on a Saturday night when my parents were at a wedding. Debbie opened the bedroom door and cought me jacking off seeing me cum. I had just turn 13 and right away she said she was going to tell my mom which had me histerical. Then she said she wouldn't tell on me but I better not make her mad.

    She didn't tell my parents but that week on Thursday she called me into the kitchen where her and Kristin were sitting and told me to take all my cloths off. It was a few weeks since she last made me strip and I pleaded with her not to make me do it. She just said Kristen knows she caught me masturbating and that she would tell on me. I just took off everything and she did the usual making me turn and bend over for them. Thats when she told me to masturbate for them and I hate to admit this but I started crying. All I could see was the smile on that nasty bitch Kristen. Debbie just kept saying do it or else and I started trying to jerk off. For a long time I couldn't get a hard on and finally did but it really took a long time before I was able to cum. When I finaly did they both laughed and clapped their hands. I just grabbed my clothes and ran to my room after that. Within the next few months not only Kristen saw me naked and jerking off but 3 other friends of my sister were there. Not all at the same time but Kristen was there every time. It got to where Debbie made me undress and jerk off one day every week. I was almost 14 by that time and it became easy for me to get hard and I would cum fast most of the time. Three of the girls were 17 by then but Debbie started bringing another girl who was only 16. It was alway Debbie, Kristen and one of the other four girls watching me and as embarrassing as it was it also started getting me aroused with them watching me. The one thing I really hated was when Debbie made me expose my a-hole to them. That August Debbie went away to college and I was finally free from her. Within a month I began to miss her and when I jerked off would think about those girls watching me. When Debbie came home for Thanksgiving she actually apoligized to me for makeing me do all those things and mostly for making me masturbate in front of the girls. She came home again at Christmas and I don't know why but I admitted to her that I still think about it when I masturbaate. I told her it did embarrass me but after awhile it turned me on in spite of the embarrassment. Today things are completely differnt and we are very close and more like brother and sister than ever before. She tells me shes sorry for a lot of stuff she did to me and admits she was frustrated to always have to babysit me those years. She even said she hated me for a long time and all that naked stuff started by her getting even with me. Well I hated her for a long time but I forgive her now and it don't bother me anymore. The few occasions it did was when I ran into Kristen a few times 3 or 4 years ago but shes married now and lives in New Jersey.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 49

    I was 15 years old living with my single mom. She told me that one of her friends from high school would be staying with us for a few weeks. She went on to tell me her friend just separated from her husband and she may be a little fragile and upset. She told me she didn't want me to upset her further in any way and that if she did anything unusual or out of the ordinary to just accept it and let it go. I was thinking with her friend staying with us for a few weeks it was going to be an inconvenience but I had to put up with it. My mother did warn me since she would still be going to work everyday, and that it was summer and I had no school, that I might need to hang out with her friend quite a bit.

    Her friend arrived early in the week and she seemed to be a nice woman and I didn't really think she would be any problem. The next morning was a real pleasant eye opener. I am in the kitchen with my mother when her friend comes in asking if there was any coffee. Her friend is in a red nightie that is very sheer and is wearing nothing underneath it. I can see her breasts and pussy. Her friend says she needed to use the bathroom and turned around and left giving me a view of her ass as she left. I turned to my mother and she immediately reminds me what she told me earlier. She said she may be a little under dressed but it may upset her friend if we mention anything about it and that we were not going to mention anything to her. I was a teenage boy and seeing a naked woman was something I was not going to complain about. If my mother didn't want me to mention anything I wasn't going to as it would cause her to cover up. This was back in the 1980's when there wasn't the internet yet to surf porn so the only way a teen boy could see any nudity was to basically to get his hands on a porn magazine. Her friend returned and I got to enjoy seeing her again. Her friend either didn't seem to mind or realize how much of her we were seeing. My mother left for work and I was left alone with her friend for awhile talking and enjoying the view. She finally got dressed and that was it.

    The next day the same thing happened. She showed up for breakfast in the sheer nightie and did this every morning. On Saturday I left early to play basketball before my mother and her friend woke up. I got home around noon and found the 2 of them out back sun tanning. I was totally surprised with what I saw. Both my mother and her friend were wearing nothing. I only remember ever seeing my mother topless on 2 occasions and never fully nude. Now I was seeing everything and she was so casual about it like it was the norm. That day was the beginning of something because for the rest of her friends stay both of them spent most of their time naked. Her friend no longer even bothered wearing a nightie. This was out of character for my mother but I guess this was somehow a result of her friend's visit.

    The visit lasted for about 5 weeks and during those weeks everyday was filled with me seeing 2 naked woman. I wasn't as turned on seeing my mother naked but was still very curious about seeing what her privates looked like. That curiosity disappeared during one of their tanning sessions. My mother had her legs positioned for maximum tanning her privates which also gave me a very revealing view leaving nothing to my imagination.

    When her friend left I figured my mother would go back to her usual ways but she continued with her nude ways.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    When I was in high school my mom had no idea I was bi. I kept it hidden from her.

    That was until one day she walked in the back door of the house and saw my friend tucking my ass. My then boyfriend pulled out of my ass, grabbed his cloths and ran out! I was standing there naked in from of my mom. I had no idea she was coming home early that day!

    I picked my underwear up off the floor and put them on. There I am sitting on the couch next to my mom in just tighty whities while she's lost of words. Finally I told her I'm bi and she accepted it right away. She was more worried about the guy not using a condom while we were having sex.

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