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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 23

    On my 11th birthday my brother and I became lovers. He was almost 18. Our abusive father had died a few months before. Our mother who had always been a drunk became a drug addict as well. We were both fed up with her verbal and psychological abuse so after my brother saved up enough from his full time job, which I might add did not interfere with his very good grades in high school, we moved out and got our own place. That was a few weeks before I turned 11. Among some very nice other gifts including some nice jewelry, my brother gave me some very sexy lingerie to wear. I knew it was because he wanted me to feel more grown up and sexy and I wanted to as well. I think he knew I'd been hinting I'd wanted to fuck him for the longest time. Think an 11 year old girl doesn't want to fuck her wonderful big brother? Think again. So after taking me out to dinner and a movie and presenting me with a birthday card he made that included a poem he wrote about what he liked about me and after giving me a huge bouquet of flowers. I put on a naked fashion show for him trying on the lingerie in front of him and then climbed into bed with him, ripped off his clothes and demanded he do very bad things to me with his cock. I sucked it, he licked me. We kissed and then, after begging, screaming, demanding, crying and more demanding, finally he relented and rammed that beautiful thin all the way into the center of my being and in so doing gave me my very first orgasm. My only thoughts as I was detonating in excruciating ecstasy were that physical pleasure and hoping he was making me pregnant. I could almost feel the milk spraying from my tits or what would eventually become my tits.

    After we recovered from thrusting our virginity at each other I told him I loved him and he said the same back to me and then we each corrected ourselves and said we were in love with each other. That is when I confessed to my big brother that I had wanted to be his wife since I was three. He said he had first thought about wanting me as his wife when I was two and our mother decided it was his responsibility to potty train me and to change my diapers until he succeeded. He said that first time he rubbed his nose on my pussy and inhaled deeply and fell in lust with me but within a year had also fell in love with me and so he waited patiently until I was old enough to feel the same way. He just didn't know that I had fallen completely in love with him before I was fully potty trained.

    I am now 23 and he is now 30. We discovered through research on the internet that Rhode Island has no laws prohibiting i****t so we moved there when I was 12. By then he had obtained custody of me. That was easy to do since he had a full time job, a part time business, had graduated from high school third in his class and was planning to attend college while keeping both the job and business and raise me. It was also easy to accomplish since our Dad was dead and our mom was starting to rack up an impressive rap sheet of prostitution and drug charges. The judge declared it was a miracle that my brother had turned out so well under the circumstance and said he would be the best person to take care of me. The moment the one year probationary period was over we moved to Rhode Island.

    Today we have three children together and live as husband and wife. Ge graduated from college and got his business degree and owns and runs a business. I work for him. We home school our kids, a boy and two girls because we don't want the influenced by negative outside influences and we don't want them to tell the world what we all do together as a family.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    When i was 14 i got hold of a porn mag and was wanking myself of and got caught by an older boy who had a really nice girlfriend but straight away he said i had a nice cock and wanted to suck it,my cock was allready hard and when he started to suck i felt so in control of him even though he could have flattened me it was a good feeling having him sucking my cock and pushing it futher in and he was pulling at my arse ,i shot my load in his mouth and of i went,i did later smile at his girlfried thinking how i wish it had been her mouth round my cock

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 28

    In the eighth grade we had a family move in next door. They had a daughter who was in my grade. We started to hang out, and one day while we were rummaging through her garage, we came across this box that had not been emptied when they moved in. It was full of Penthouse magazines. We started to look through them, and admired all the naked girls. We discovered the Forum and would read the letters.

    We started to take a couple of the magazines upstairs to her room, where we could lay on the bed and look at every picture and read all the Forum letters. One day, we had the centerfold open, and I kissed the model's pussy. My friend kissed it too and we laughed and wondered out loud what it felt like. She went first, and I took off my shorts and she put her mouth on my naked pussy and when she put her tongue inside my lips I just about lost it. She kissed and licked and ate for a while, and she used her fingers to finger me. Then she crawled up on top of me and with both hands on my breasts she put her mouth on mine and kissed me.

    I was next and she opened her legs as wide as she could, she wanted to see, so she kept herself up on her hands, and I slowly made my way so that I could kiss her pussy. She was wet by then, and her pussy had this smell that made me want to kiss her and finger her. I was not as soft as she was, but she did have an orgasm. From then on when we looked at the magazines, and read the Forum letters, we ended up kissing and feeling each other up and eating pussy.

    Later, when we were in the eleventh grade we were supposed to go to the prom. We didn't want to date, but we had to, so we asked these two friends from choir. At the prom we ignored them, we were there and spent all our time together. When they drove us home, we felt bad and offered them a blow job if they didn't tell anyone about our secret. The blow job was ok, but it made me realize that I didn't want a dick in me, anywhere.

    I did end up getting fucked one night when I was 23. He tore me a new asshole and sent me to the abortion clinic.

    We don't have magazines any more, and the stuff on the internet doesn't do it for me. I get aroused from reading, more than viewing, although I like to look at pictures of pretty girls posing naked. I have had a series of near miss relationships, but nothing has ever come close to the relationship I had growing up. One day I concluded that I just had the best relationship when I was too young to appreciate it. One day I want to meet that girl who makes me want to go down on her and not ever let go. I want to feel that feeling I had when I ate my girlfriend in high school. I want that feeling of her reaching over to tell me something and stealing a kiss and laughing in my face because she caught me off guard. I want to have my girlfriend back. But she went on and got married and lives in Seattle. I am still in love with her.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 43

    Growing up we had no supervision after school. We were latch key kids and were supposed to stay inside until my grandmother got home from work. My sister was fourteen and she had these two little tits and her nipples stuck out hard in her shirt. She also wore these stupid little shorts and when she lifted her legs I could see her underwear.

    One day it was just too much and I grabbed her and laid on top of her back. I held her down on the rug until she stopped moving. I put my arms under her and grabbed her tits and used my knee to open her legs and slipped between her legs. I had a hard on, it hurt. I got my cock to lay between my sisters butt cheeks and started to dry hump her. My cock hurt so much that I opened my pants and let it out and started to poke it up inside her pants.

    with one hand I got up under her underwear and I could feel her pussy. It took a while, but I got her shorts moved over and found her vagina and away it went. I let go of her tits and with my arms under her I grabbed her by the shoulders and humped her for all it was worth. When it was time to come, I just held on to her and came and came until I was dry.

    She told me she was going to tell our grandmother, but when the time came she just told me I was a jerk and she kept her mouth shut. I was a jerk with her lots of afternoons.

    She and I are so close today closer than most siblings. We live a block apart, down from where our grandmother lived. She is my best friend and pretty much runs my life.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    When I was a kid we lived right next to the woods and a group of us kids would play together most weekends and every day during the holidays - hide and seek, cowboys and indians, war......whatever.
    So one day when I was 10 years old we were plaing hide and seek and I had hidden myself in bracken, laying down on the edge of a small clearing in the woods.
    We weren't too far from a place where cars could gain access to the woods and people could park up and go for alks etc.
    So there I am laying down, hiding when a car pulls up not far from my hiding place and i see a guy with a magazine in his hand come through the shrubbs into my clearing. I am well hidden so I can see him, but he cant see me.
    He walks across the clearing until he's about 6 feet from my spot. Drops his trousers, goes down to his knees, lays the open magazine on the ground and pulls his cock out of his underpants.
    He is only 6 feet away from me he is facing me and the magazine is closer to me still. I can see the magazine clearly and I can see his cock clearly because its just bare stalks at my level near the ground, but because of the thicker undergrowth between me and him at about 2 feet off the ground I cant see his face and he cant see me.
    He starts wanking and turning the pages of the magazine. I can see his cock getting bigger and harder and I can clearly see the women in the magazine, naked with legs apart. My penis is getting hard too and I have no idea if its because of the women in the mag or if its the sight of his cock.
    I am getting more and more uncomfortable. I am laying on my front and my cock is starting to hurt as I am laying on it. The guys is now wanking hard out...leaning back slightly...cupping his balls with one hand while wanking with the other.
    I can't lay like this any longer and turn just slightly to releave the pressue of my cock and crack....a twig snaps underneath me. The guy stops wanking and lunges forward grabbing me by the shirt collar and pulling me out of my hiding place. He starts to rant about me being a pervert and spying on him. Then he sees the tented frot of my shorts and starts to smile.
    Says to me that since I am undoubtedly a little pervert who likes looking at mens hard cocks that I should help him to finish what he'd started.
    I was scared shitless but also sort of strangley excited too. My cock was still hard as anything as he took hold of my hand and guided it to his cock.
    It felt so muscley and bumpy and huge in my small hands.
    I started to wank him and must have been doing a good job as his attitude softened towards me and he smiled and stroked my hair as my hands moved up and down his shaft.
    Pretty soon I noticed that the head of his cock was now wet and glistening. He noticed it also and pulled me closer to him, grabbed me by the back of the head and pushed my face down toward his bulging cock. He pushed the cock head against my lips. I remember it feeling a bit sticky on my lips and smelling slightly of fish. Not bad, just a slight fishy aroma.
    He told me to open my mouth but I resisted so he slapped me on he back of the head. I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock inside and said - that's right, it's not so bad is it?
    Actually it wasn't that bad at all. I sort of liked what I was doing so went back to wanking him while keeping my mouth firmly over the head of his cock. It wasn't iong before he leaned back and I fell onto him. He was now flat on his back and picked me up turning me around until my cock was near his face. He pulled the leg of my shorts up and pulld out my cock and started to suck it while I was sucking him. It felt strange, but good.
    Only moments after he'd started to do this he suddenly stiffened all his body and flooded my mouth with cum. I tried to move my mouth off him but he pushed the back of my head right down on him until it was in my throat and choking me. I almost threw up....but didn't.
    He held me to him for a while and then he rolled me off him. Told me I had been a good boy and that I must not ever tell anyone about this. I said OK if I can keep the magazine. He gave me the mag and said I'd struck a hard deal, then as an after thought dipped his hand into his pocket and gave me a pound note.
    He said if i wanted to earn some more money to come back next week, same time, same place.
    I never did tell anyone. I kept the magazine and enjoyed wanking off to it on a regular basis.
    And yes.....I went back the following week to earn some more cash. BUT was surprised to find that he had brough a friend with him.

    To be continued at a later time.....

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 31

    Growing up we were 4 familys staying under 1 roof , cousins aunts uncles ... at about the age of 12 we boys started sleeping in the frontroom as it was more spacious , on weekends some girl cousan would fall asleep on the couches , 1 in particular always had me horny . 1 night with everybody fast asleep I went to go sit infront of the couch she was sleeping on , her nighty had pulled up over her bum exposing her panty I sat looking at her as and pussy fingers getting clammy of excitement I lifted her nighty higher exposing her full panty she rolled to her back legs apart , slowly moving her panty aside I played her pussy till if got wet ! I still remember her smell , I. Couldent insert as I was afriad id be. Caught so I kneeled took her hand wr**ed it around my hard dick and wanked myself of using her hand . I dont know if she was really sleeping but up untill todag I still wNt to fuck my cousan

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 21

    Here goes...I had a sexual experience with my younger girl cousin. This is how it started. Around summer of 2013 I dated this girl in college who I ended up losing my virginity to. Things took a turn in our relationship as winter break was approaching and after about a week before the school semester ended she dumped me. I was really bummed out by this because I really wanted to keep on fucking her. You may call me cold hearted but our relationship was mostly just a sexual experience.

    I decided to travel out of the country that same year during winter break. I had not met my family that was not residing within the US so I thought it was a good opportunity to visit them since I was in such a depressed mood. During the whole plane ride I kept thinking about her small perky tits, her small waist that was easy to hold onto while I fucked her doggy, her amazing ass that would clap against my balls, and most of all I miss her feet. Her feet were really smooth, and her toenails were not jacked up, and her foot size was about 8 in mens shoe size which was pretty big for an average girl's foot but I actually loved this about her. When we would sit down facing eachother in a cross legged position then I would open my legs and she would guide her foot towards my ball sack and just sort of lightly squish them with her toes. Then with her whole bare foot she'd press on my cock and masterbated me like that.

    Anyway I'm out visiting family. I meet my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and COUSINS. Now what really surprised me at first was that most of my girl cousins I was instantly attracted to them. They were hot, my age or just a bit younger, and I also instantly connected with them when we first hanged out. About a month in this vacation I bonded extremely well with one of my younger cousins. I was 17 at the time nearly turning 18 and my younger cousin was even closer to turning 15. During our bonding moments I started to notice little things that she would do that made me harder everytime we hanged out and made it more difficult for me to hide my cock. For example I clearly remember a movie night we had. Most of our family was there and my younger cousin and I were sitting really close together and had more than half blanket cover our bodies. She would hold on really tight to my arm and would her knee on top of my crotch area so her thigh was resting on my hip. It was a weird position but I'm glad no one in my family noticed, thankgod for blankets. So she was in this position and I was sorta feeling that she was dry humping me. I dared not to look at her while we were watching the movie I was nervous that we would get caught. That night I was going crazy thinking about it. I wanted to take her and have her jump up and down on my stiff cock and I felt bad for thinking that since I knew I felt hornier than ever since I had not masterbated or even had sex since that relationship in college.

    After I calmed down I started researching online about individuals having sex with their own family or stuff like why I was attracted to some of my family memebers. I did eventually find a few articles that answered my questions and it made me calm down a bit since the realm of science was brought into it. What I mean by that is that in summary it was normal to be attracted to your own family something about our brains liking faces that resemble our own. I do not completely remember what that article said, but I do remember that after I read that and surfed a few websites I was eager t hangout with my cousin again.

    About a week passed by and I was in luck. Me and her eventually had our grandsparents house all to ourselves one day for a few hours. We were watching movie and my grandma and some of my other cousins stepped out to go to the market. As soon as they stepped out and the door was loudly heard that it locked my cousin turned around and layed on top of me. She rested her head on my chest and tried getting her leg around my waist. You see, I was sitting down in a position where I picked up my left knee to hide my boner. She was sitting on the left side of me struggling to get her foot around my bent knee posttion when I courageously asked her what she was trying to do. I mean I knew she was trying to feel my cock I think but I wanted confirmation. She then said in a shy voice that she wanted to cuddle. What I replied next was so embarrassing. I told her I couldn't allow her to cuddle me because I could not bend my knee. She looked confused and started pushing my knee down. I was laughing but panicking at the same time. She eventually succeeded and my boner stuck out in all its glory. I was wearing shorts with loose boxers and a plain white T-shirt, it was early in the morning. She looked up at me once she discovered the hill on my shorts. She did not say a thing to me and neither did I. I kept this poker face attitude and continued to watch the movie. Out of the corner of my eye I could see she kept starting at it and I grew hornier that my cock strated to twitch. She the immediately placed her leg around me squishing it. It did not hurt me if anything it turned me on even more. She then started to move her leg in a shuffling pattern. Her thigh was literally flattening my dick and I loved it. I wrapped her closer to me and she then started to get on top of me. She kissed my neck and glanced at me a lot. I glanced a few times back but for the most of it I closed my eyes and started lightly kissing her face and ears. She was now dry humping me with the movie still going on, I started to fill my shorts with a lot of pre-cum she didn't notice since her hands never layed a finger on my cock. I was laying flat on my back she was laying on top of me wearing these thin pajamas that would envelope her nice little ass cheeks very well. I then started to feel that she was squeezing my cock with both of her thighs and was moving it towards her pussy still dry humping me. So I scooted up and gave her poke with me head and she moaned in my ear and stopped moving for bit. She then turned over and sat up with her butt flattening my cock. My cock was not penetrating her pussy since we are wearing clothes on but she moved my cock where it was fully erect flat on my lower stomach. She was not facing me anymore the position we were in was a reverse cowgirl. I was grabbing and squeezing her ass so much much I did not slap her but now that I think of it I should have.

    We dry humped for about 10 mins we didn't make out we were just kissing parts of our faces a lot nack, cheeks, ears, forehead. I felt that after those ten minutes the clothes were going to come off but we were then arruptly interrupted when we heard the door. She bolted to the bathroom which was so funny, I'm guessing she went to go finish off and I tried to get my best poker face on. I calmed down a bit and my other cousins joined in on the movie. My younger cousin finally came out of the rest room after 30 mins hahaha and now it was my turn to finish myself off and I did so while thinking about my cousin. Doing that I cummed the one of the boggest loads I ever cummed but I liked this one a lot s it fell more intimate and I have to say it was a better finish than when I had sex. Is that weird? I don't think so because when I had that sexual relationship with that girl in college there was no love just us two getting hot for eachother.

    As what I can say for my cousin is that I spent a lot of time with her talking about a lot of private and intimate stuff. She was very curious everytime I talked about my love life. After we had that experience of dry humping our brains out we didn't get to hangout alone again mostly because there was always family around. Once December was over I had to come back home. We talked for awhile online, and i say awhile because then i got busy with school work once I was back home attending my university again. We never talked about that day until I visited her again in winter break 2015.

    I guess I'll keep typing the continuation of this story since idk if I can comment again and somehow link this post with the updated one. (This is my first confession on this website)

    Back to the story. Winter break 2015 was here and I was excited but mad at the same time. the years 2014 and 2015 treated my school life well but not so much my love life. I was on a dry spell and on an extreme one at that I could not land any girl for some reason but most of all my school work kept me from having a social life.

    I went to visit my family for another break and while I was in the plane I kept on thinking about my cousin and wondered if would go all the way this time or at least eat her out or her give me a blowjob. There was a bit of a problem though I had discovered that she had a bf and recently broke up and it was weird to think that because I didn't know if that would have any affect. I wouldn't think so since we are family of course hahaha. Bad joke, but anyhow once I landed it was a week until we saw eachother. We had not contacted eachother since December 2014 and I remember that because we had gotten into a argument about me not going to visit that winter break. Now that I was going to her house I would have to apologize in person. When I got to her house I greeted my favorite aunt and my other cousins my younger cousin was no where to found apparently she had left with another aunt of mine to travel outside outside the city. So I didn't get to see her for another month. I ended up seeing her two weeks before I left back home.

    I was left with her and her sisters in the house alone my favorite aunt had work and would not be coming till late at night. It was eveing and my younger cousin and me were having a blast playing video games. My other cousins then got annoyed and stepped out of the room leaving me to my sensual cousin.

    She had grown a lot, puberty was amazing on her. The flat chest she used to have was replaced by B cups. Her small squeeshy butt was now rounder and bubblier. Hey thighs grew a bit thicker and her face was of course much more mature and her hair was kept nicer looked healthier too!.

    So my annoyed cousins stepped out and my horny cousin closed the door. She didn't lock it since it would make to much of a suspicious scene. She first hugged me very tight, I was kissed her forehead and told her I was sorry for not visiting the past winter break. She forgave me but slapped me across my face. I didn't mind the slap I deserved it and I found it so hot that my cock filled rapidly. I was wearing jeans and my cock felt like bursting through I had to bend a bit over to hug her again but she stopped my and this time she pulled my waist towards hers.I pushed her on the bed and layed her face down. She held her hands up, grabbed my waist and I started to dry hump in a doggystyle position. This didn't feel too good. My cock kept poking her bubbly butt we where both wearing jeans, there was not a lot of freedom!

    We then heard my cousins making their way towards the room we were in so we stopped and she kissed me this time on the lips and put our poker faces on.

    Days passed, we kept hanging out we tried to have more sexual contact but never got a chance. Soon I went back home.

    A year has passed now since that day we have had little to no contact, I'm always busy especially not that work during the summer and have heavier courses. But hey now its almost winter break again and I already have my tickets to go "visit the family" once again. Idk what to expect this time around though she has a boyfriend yet again and our contact has been very low this passed year. Iam excited too still see her especially since I'm really sexually frustrated this time since I have nto been able to have a decent love life.

    That's my confession and my very first here. If you have any questions or something related that you want to say to me please do comment(:

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 20

    When I was a kid ... I walked in on my best friend's mom and saw her amazing ass. This milf of a mom was bare ass bending over to pulling up her tiny purple g-string. I watched the tiny g-string slide right up her ass crack. Amazingly she didn't noticed me. Her ass was the first time I saw a women naked. A couple of days later I raided her laundry basket for the purple g-string she had on. I sniffed it and the smell was heavenly. To this day my best friend doesn't know that I saw his mom bare ass and bent over ... Oh nor does she.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 36

    When I was 13 years old I had my first sexual experience with my cousin, she was 3 years older than me. It started with both our parents going out for the evening and she came over to stay at our house until our parents came back.

    After our parents left we decided to go swimming, we both went to seperate bathrooms and changed into our bathing suits, I went out to the pool so long and jumped in. A few minutes later my cousin came out of the house wearing a very small string bikini which did not cover up that much. It made me rock hard instantly seeing her like that, luckily I was in the pool and she could not se my hard-on. We swam for about a half an hour and she decided to get out and lay in the sun, wwhich just gave me another hard-on, seeing her tight ass and ample breasts. She asked me to come and rub some lotion on her back, I was hesitant at firs not knowing how to hide my boner. But after a few minutes I got out without her seeing my boner and wrapped my towel around myself. I then proceeded to rub her back with lotion, when I was done she asked that I put some on her legs, which I didn't mind as it gave me some more time to stare at her round ass, I rubbed the lotion into her legs, and wtih every motion I moved my had a bit higher that the previous time so I can rub her ass a bit. When I was done she said thanks and I just kept sitting next to her as at this point my boner was so hard that it straind against my swimsuit. She then asked me if I wouldn't mind getting us something to drink, I tried to hide my boner as well as I could, and went into the house. I threw us both some cold drinks and before I went out I wrapped my towel around me to hide my still hard boner. I had both glasses in my hand and just as I put the drinks down on the table infront of her, my towel slipped and just at that point she looked up and saw my tent in my swimsuit.

    She giggled when she saw it, she then told me that she has never seen a boy's penis before, and asked if I wouyld show her mine. I said no, and then she said that she would show me her breasts if I show her my penis, not taking allot of convincing I told her ok, and that she had to go first. She then reached back and undid her top and dropped it to the floor, I could not stop staring at her gorgeous breasts, they were about a 32B if I had to guess, which is not that big but for a boy that has only seen boobs on the internet they were amazing. I reached out to touch them and she slapped away my hand telling me I can only look, and that I now need to show her mine. I dropped my shorts and my rock hard dick popped out. She looked at me standing there totally naked with wide eyes and asked if it hurts when it is hard like that, I told her no it does not hurt at all. She then asked if she could touch it, I told her only if I could touch her breasts, she agreed and I reached out and touched her breasts with both hands and she took hold of my dick, which when she touched it, I suddenly came and shot my cum all over her stomach and over her bikini bottoms. She was shocked at first and asked if everything is ok, I apologiesed to her and told her that everything is ok and that is what happens when it gets very exited. She touched the my cum that was on her stomach and said it was gross, she then removed her bottoms as they were also covered in my cum. My jaw almost dropped and I became rock hard at the sight of her pussy and ass. She then asked again if everything was ok and I told her that the sight of her naked body made my dick hard again. She told me that some of her friends which have had boyfriends have told her that they have jerked of their boyfriends, by playing with it with there hands and some of them mentioned putting it in their mouths and sucking on it. I told her that I have only seen these things on porn sites which I have visited when I was alone at home. She then asked me to show her, we dried off and went into the house I started up the pc and went onto the internet and went to some pornsites we were both sitting there naked looking at porn my hord-on not going away with between the porn and my naked cousin.

    After awhile she looked at me and then smiled at me and asked if we could try it, me being male could not refuse a naked girl asking to play with my dick. I went and laid on the bed and she came and laid next to me, she then started to slowly jerk me off, and after a while she put it into her mouth the warm sensation from her mouth pushed me over the edge. I quickly warned her that I was about to cum but she just kept sucking I came in her mouth, she swallowed some of it and spit most of it onto my stomach, telling me it tasted gross. That was the first time I had gotten a blowjob, and it was her first time for giving one.

    After that day whenever our parents went out together we would enjoy each other I learned how to eat a girl out, by eating her pussy and she got really good at giving bowjobs by practicing on me, we never got around to be each others first when it came to fucking but orally we enjoyed each other for quite a few years.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 49

    When I was 14 me and my best friend played the "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" game and of course one thing lead to another and we would suck each other. This went on for about a year and we learned to swallow each others cum. Well he moved away and I wasn't able to find another friend to suck and didn't really tell anyone what I have done.
    I went to a party when I was 16 and it was a pretty good distance and it was getting pretty late and I couldn't find a ride home so I started hitch hiking and it didn't take long before some older guy in his 40's maybe picked me up. Asked were I was going and after telling him he said his was going about 6 blocks from there and I said that was fine. A couple minutes later and a little small chat he said he could get me within a block but it would cost. I told him I didn't have any money and this was the first time I ever heard this term, He said no problem he could take it out in trade.
    I asked him what he meant by that and he said for doing me the favor of getting within a block that I could do him a favor. I didn't think about it and said sure what. That's when he rubbed his crotch and asked if I ever sucked a dick. I lied and told him no but he said that's okay I think you will like it. He pulled into a dark parking area behind a old building and put the car in park and undid his pants and pulled out his cock which was pretty hairy and about 6 inches long and not real thick.
    He started stroking it and put his hand on my neck and started pulling me down towards his cock. I was a little nervous but put it to my lips and I ended up sucking him off and he shot a really big load in my mouth and told me to swallow and keep sucking. I did and swallowed as much as I could, he had me clean his cock off and when we were done he drove me to within a couple houses of mine and dropped me off.
    After not sucking a cock for about a year and sucking his cock that night made me supper hard and I went into the house and once in my room I jerked off and licked all the cum off my hand. After that night from the time I was 16 to just before my 18th birthday I would hitch hike several nights a week from and to my house. It didn't always turn into sex but when I got in the car I said thanks for the ride but I don't have any money to give you. Sometimes they would just say no problem and many times the hint came out from their mouths about a sexual favor and I always played that it was the first time sucking a guy off and it seemed to make them cum even faster. And there were a couple times that I let them fuck me and they thought they were taking my virgin ass which of course only one actually did but I always let them think they were the first.
    Between knowing I loved to suck cock and swallow cum I enjoyed that until I was introduced to anal and I think with the way it made me feel I actually shot my load without touching myself the very first time and been hooked ever since. I also remember my first black cock and it was about 8 inches and somewhat thick and it was also my first uncut cock. I think I ended up sucking 4 black cocks and even had one fuck me.
    I have tried women a few times but seemed I could never get as hard as I did with men so after 6 different women I went strictly men and wouldn't have it any other way. I do love cock

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