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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Despite all that is said in the press about men with kids and how they are damaged by these predators, I can honestly say I wasn't at all harmed in anyway in fact I enjoyed it a lot and I have was very sad when it ended, The man was old to my young 11 year old eyes but I think he was in his late fifties, He never once forced me or hurt me he always checked if I was happy with anything we did and if I wasn't he would always stop, I was with him for a few years and he taught me a lot about sex, I gave my virginity to him when I turned 14 I wanted him to he never asked or tried to fuck me until then,He was very gentle and took his time it was a beautiful time for me and I loved it a lot, I wonder if anyone else man or woman has had positive experiences growing up like I did?.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    My best friend and I used to go down on each other while we looked at pics and talked dirty about each others girlfriends. Once we even raided his older sisters room and I fucked his face while playing in her underwear drawer

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    When I was 7 my parents divorced. They fought over custody but not in the normal way. They fought over who would get stuck with me. My aunt, who I never met, who was my late grandmother's little sister offered to take me in. She was a nice woman who pretended to be strict and severe but in reality was a pussy cat. She decided to home school me though never gave a reason. I didn't know much about her other than that she never had kids and that her husband died many years ago. Unbeknownst to me my parents both surrendered their parental rights though they were both required to continue with child support. I never saw them again. I was kept isolated and completely away from other children. The few adults I had contact with were hand picked by my aunt. This was made easy by the fact that we lived way out in the sticks miles from anything or anyone. My aunt had money and could do what she wanted pretty much. She owned more than one square mile of the woods around here and that included a mountain several ponds and streams and a big lake.

    But I was not especially lonely though I might have liked a companion near my own age. My aunt would occasionally leave me with a friend or two but mostly stayed by herself with me. Our sole communication with the outside world was via her ham radio and the post office box she had at a post office thirty miles away in the nearest town.

    My aunt had decided to home school me. That was an obvious choice because there just weren't any actual schools within convenient driving distance.

    My aunt taught me all kinds of things related to living in the woods. She taught me how to raise food, hunt for what we didn't raise, take care of the homestead, repair and maintain everything. She taught me how to ride a horse and drive a truck. I was driving the tractor plowing the fields at nine.

    One day when I was 11 she noticed me squirming a little. I felt an odd tingling sensation between my legs. It felt pleasant and I was trying to make it feel more so by rubbing my legs together. I was sitting on the sofa reading and had a pillow between my legs. That was when my aunt told me to get off the sofa and come over to her. She had me stand still in front of her. She examined me (she had been a nurse in her earlier life) then told me to strip naked. I hadn't been naked in front of her but once before when I first came to live with her. It was brief while she took a quick look at me. I was embarrassed. It was extremely awkward standing naked in front of her. She then leaned in really close to my groin and softly took hold of my balls and caressed them. My dick got hard and throbbed. She sighed and then led me to her bedroom. She dug through her closet and held up a little leather thing with snaps and stuff on it. She held it to my groin then shook her head. She pulled out a couple of other things and did the same. Then she found what she wanted. It was a harness like thing made of leather with a cup like thing in front. She put it on me. It had leather straps that went all the way around like a belt but also around my thighs and finally all that held this cup like thing in front. Then she harnessed in my balls that she made stick out with it. I felt her put a metal cage like thing around my penis and testicles and then she told me that this was going to hurt. I felt a sharp pain in the head of my penis and come out my pee hole. She said she had to pierce me to make it stay in place correctly. Then finally there was a little tube added that came out of the front of the cup. Then she padlocked the whole thing from behind. She said the whole thing was to prevent me from touching myself in a bad way.

    From the time I was 7 up to that point I had not seen a single child. I had no contact with children whatsoever. I also had never seen anyone naked before except myself. I hadn't the slightest idea what girls looked like naked. I only imagined what breasts looked like. I knew nothing about reproduction. My aunt had chosen to keep me completely ignorant about all of that until then.

    Now my aunt loved me. I could tell. You can just tell when someone loves you or likes you and it was obvious that she did. She was also affectionate with me to an appropriate degree. to the level one would expect and perhaps a little more than one would expect but in a very wholesome way. She had up to that point never touched me in an inappropriate way. But she hugged me and kissed me (on the cheek or forehead) a lot, daily. several times a day. there was no mistaking how she felt about me.

    Right after she got me harnessed up she announced that unless the weather dictated otherwise, I would not need clothing any more and that I was expected to go naked from then on. Well that wouldn't be too extreme considering that the harness, cage and cup covered most of what I would want to hide anyways. It was sort of like wearing a thong bikini though I had never seen one before. Further, when I needed to pee or poop she would assist me from now on.

    It took about two weeks for my piercing to heal. meanwhile when I had to pee she had me stand at the toilet and she massaged my butt to relax me. She put something in the tube that numbed my pee hole and I'm glad she did because it stung a little the first few times I peed. When I had to poo she had me sit on the toilet while she sat and watched me shit then she cleaned me up. I was 11 and well beyond the age that I needed potty help but she insisted. I began to enjoy what she did though. For keeping my groin area clean though I couldn't touch myself at all. She sprayed soapy cleanser down there then had me rinse off in a tub of warm water.

    Then she did something even more strange. She took me to her bedroom and dragged an old trunk out from under here bed. Inside where three things. First was a big stack of the oddest magazines you could imagine. Every one was filled with very explicit photos of people having sex. She had me read through one while she held onto my balls and looked at my penis from under the cup. I couldn't see but she could. She said she was gauging my reaction. I could feel myself twitch a lot but then at a certain point it would become very uncomfortable then even painful like a bunch of things were jabbing into my dick and balls.

    She did this every day. She got out a magazine and have me read through it while she examined my genitals. There were around 60 magazines in that old chest so it took about two months to read through every one at one a day. Each time she did the same thing. Next she took out the second item from the chest, a stack of books. Every one was full of a very dirty story involving sex. The first few were somewhat mild vanilla stuff but they progressed to some seriously hardcore fetish bondage gay and s&m topics. Hundreds of stories in all and she continued to do the same thing. Then finally about five months after she first opened the chest she dug out about twenty VHS cassette tapes and put one in the VCR and made me watch it. The very first one showed five women all quite beautiful, young, long pretty hair and big tits all licking a young boy all over his naked body. Even then that tape was illegal. I think the boy was around my age. I don't know where she got it from or how anyone convinced five gorgeous women to lick a naked little boy all over but there it was. She progressed through the tapes a little at a time each day until we had gotten through them all. It took until my 12th birthday to finish it all.

    Then on my 12th birthday she told me she had a surprise. Of course there was the usual birthday cake (she never did anything else for my birthday other than tell me she loved me). But for my gift, the first birthday gift she had ever given me, she threw me a little party of sorts. It was those same five women from that first tape. They were slightly older but all just as beautiful. They stripped naked in front of me then my aunt, for the first time in nearly a year, removed my harness/cup/cage freeing my penis from all but the piercing that went into my glans and out my pee hole. She called it a prince Albert whatever that was. My aunt held down my wrists. One of the women held down my legs. The other four proceeded to lick me everywhere except my penis and balls. They were off limits. One woman even licked my asshole for a while. Another one gave me a tit to suck on while she sucked on one of my nipples. I felt like I was going to burst. Despite everything, I still had never cum. I had no clue about reproduction and none of the videos showed anyone having an orgasm and none of the stories talked about cumming. I didn't know that was a thing. The five women licked me all over for hours. I don't know how long. My aunt was the only one wearing clothes.

    Finally the whole thing ended. It didn't finish. It merely ended.

    The harness/cup/cage was put back on. It stayed on until my 13th birthday. Absolutely nothing came in contact with my genitals that whole time except my piercing and water and the frame of the cage. A few weeks after my 12th birthday my aunt pierced my nipples. A few weeks after that she pierced my belly button and then she pierced a spot part way between my scrotum and anus. A few weeks before my 13th birthday she pierced my tongue and ears. It all hurt but then once each thing healed it was OK.

    On my 13th birthday the same thing happened. Those same five women came over only this time they brought a video camera and made a video of the whole thing. No part of me didn't get licked for hours and hours except again my penis and testicles. The entire time between birthdays my aunt repeatedly made me read through the magazines, read the dirty stories and watch the porn. And I still hadn't ever cum or even knew about it though I started having the oddest dreams. I kept dreaming I was one of the many little boys being licked and touched all over by the various women and in some cases young girls.

    After I turned 13 my aunt announced that I now had a girlfriend. She introduced me to a very beautiful woman in her mid twenties. She was moving in with us. Actually she moved in with me. From then on she slept in my bed. Every night she would spend hours kissing and licking me all over. She taught me how to kiss and we tongue kissed sometimes for many hours at a time. She sucked on all my piercings except my prince Albert. My penis and testicles were still caged and off limits but everything else she licked and tickled and caressed including my anus. She taught me how to lick her pussy. She explained that since women had to bear the burden of childbirth which was sheer agony, they were rewarded by mother nature by something called an orgasm. She taught me how to give her one by licking her pussy or by licking her asshole while she frigged herself. I asked if men could have orgasms and she said that men were unable to. I asked about my harness thing and she said that was to keep my penis and balls safe. She explained that there were strange diseases that eat penises and testicles if a boy doesn't wear their harness thing. That scared me a bit so I didn't any more questions about it. I licked my girlfriend to orgasm every day and often more than once and got proud of my skills at licking her and pleasing her.

    On my 14th birthday and every one after until I turned 21 I got the same 5 naked girls licking me plus my girlfriend which made six. That lasted all day each time.

    By the time I was 15 I was insane. I didn't know what was happening to me. I felt a continuous tingling sensation throughout my body 24/7. I felt hot and dizzy all the time. My groin area felt constantly heavy and on fire. I started to fantasize about ripping off my harness and stabbing my penis and balls or burning them or cutting them off or just about anything that wold make the burning itching need that I could not explain go away. My girlfriend and aunt had to keep me shackled pretty much all the time. Being hosed off with ice cold water no longer did it. Being licked was excruciating. I hungered for it. I craved it but hated it at the same time. I also craved in a very vague way some unknown satisfaction that I just could not fulfill. Around that time my aunt and my girlfriend began tormenting me with pain. Mild pain at first. It progressed to whippings, candle wax dripped onto my nipples. needles in my nipples and other body parts. They also began to use my mouth as a toilet. Not all the way at first. I was licking my girlfriend to yet another orgasm when she peed in my mouth. I thirstily drank it all fantasizing about drowning in it hoping I would. Then she later that day deliberately peed in my mouth. She told my aunt who wanted to watch then insisted on taking a turn. By the time I was sixteen the only place either would ever pee was in my mouth. They had also both taken to pooping in my mouth occasionally. For my 16th birthday gift I got the usually body licking but the day after that I was used by all five girls and my aunt and my girlfriend as a toilet. They did all their business in my mouth and made me eat it all licking them all clean afterwards. They didn't need to do much convincing. I was so insane with hunger and craving I would have agreed to castration and having my nipples ripped off if only I could feed on their excrement.

    The constant teasing didn't end there. The five women from my prior birthday parties moved in with us after that. They didn't use me as a full toilet every day but periodically, about once per month, around the time they had their periods, I became little miss toilet. I didn't care that the shit tasted gawd awful putrid. I hungered for every extreme thing they did to me. They also frequently licked my body though the whole six girl body licking was only on my birthdays.

    Finally came my 21 first birthday. By this point I had long forgotten my name or my aunts or girlfriend's or anyone else's name. I couldn't tell you the year or my age to save my life. I was completely insane with mind numbing lust. And I couldn't even tell you what lust was. I still hadn't ever had my first orgasm or known that a male could have one. I still knew nothing about reproduction other than that babies came from women's bodies but was vague as to how. On my 21st birthday there was one last party. They tied me down on a table in the barn. I was pierced by 1000 needles all over my body. The harness thing was off again but I was shackled motionless so it didn't matter. I had needles in my face, lips, tongue, nipples, penis, testicles, anus everywhere. The pain was unbearable and the lust made me crave all the more. I was whipped repeatedly mostly in the groin and felt each sting shove and jab more needles in deeper. Weights were added to the needles as I was flipped over and suspended. I didn't know but some of the needles I was given in my testicles and other places over the previous month was for testosterone. Like I didn't already have enough of that in my system. I was also given viagra repeatedly. I have no idea what kept my heart from exploding except possible I was young and physically very healthy.

    Then after being licked from head to toe for about 12 hours while multiple monitors showed video after video of young teens and preteens being fucked repeatedly to orgasm or agony. Something I hadn't seen before, then I was unshackled. I heard a quiet voice. I was alone with her. The voice was soft. It was a tiny voice. With hundreds of needles jabbed in me, a belly full of recently eaten shit and drunk piss and menstrual blood, with heavy weights hanging from a cock and balls I hadn't seen since I was seven and was too insane to even imagine why they had swollen to such great proportions or why it was throbbing so hard and erect, I followed that tiny voice until it got loud enough to hear. I couldn't see. I was literally blinded by lust. But then I could see. She was laying on a bed in the corner of the barn. She was naked. She was beautiful. She was a virgin. She was ten. "Will you please fuck me master" was all I heard. I had never heard the word fuck. I would have the slightest idea of it's meaning. I had long forgotten what the other words she uttered meant. I had transformed into an insane beast driven by lust and instinct. In the corners of the barn in the shadows, were seven women with video cameras. I didn't notice them. The only thing I was aware of was my prey. I pounced. I jumped on top. My prey seemed more hungry for me than I was for her. THat fueled my craving all the more. I was on top of her. I didnt have the slightest idea what I was doing all I knew was that I absolutely had to put my penis between her legs and kill her with it or I would die. I rammed myself in her. She urged me on screaming at me how much she needed me to be in her. She demanded I make babies in her. She pleaded with me to murder her with my cock. I did my best. My goal was to rid myself of this hunger, to satisfy my craving and to kill her in the process. I pumped and pumped as hard as I could. My life depended on me taking hers by fucking her to death and that was what I intended to do.

    Finally came the explosion between my legs. I exploded in pleasure and satisfaction and the culmination of a life of lust. I was done. I didn't care if I survived and was certain she hadn't and cared even less about her. I lost consciousness.

    I woke up some time later to find that little girl kissing me on the mouth and rubbing her pussy in me. She wasn't done. The needles were all gone except the permanent piercings. She thanked me for a good fucking, for taking her virginity and asked me to do it again. I looked down and saw my cock was still hard, it had never gotten soft. This time she got on top.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 54

    This happened 40 years ago to the week as school was just getting ready to open back up. I was 14 and my best friend Steve was 15. He had 4 sisters, 3 older and one younger. They were all beauties and the youngest, Lisa was 12 at the time and she was always punching me for some unknown reason. Steve told me she did it because she had the hots for me. I was a little flattered but really wished it was his next older sister Donna as she had the nicest set of tits and the first time I had ever jerked off, it was thinking about Donna and her beautiful rack. It was the summer of 76 and Donna who was 17 at the time turned us on to pot. The four of us including Lisa, were in this patch of woods getting high and Donna had on this low cut top making me horny as hell because I could see down her shirt quite easily. I had a huge boner and knew I couldn't get up in front of them without exposing my condition. I jerked off like crazy that day when I went home and even imagined cute little Lisa in the mix with her gorgeous sister.
    Two days later Lisa, Steve and I cut through the patch of woods to go to the convenience store and on the way back we heard voices from a well concealed area where the older kids hung out and put a picnic table there to sit and party at. We quietly got close enough to hear and see one of Steve's other sister's friend named Melanie alone with two guys from the neighborhood and they were drinking beer. To our amazement, one of the guys got behind her and stood her up lifting off her shirt in the same motion. The guy facing her went to open her pants and she protested saying " No way! I'm not going to let you both fuck me out here." I was in the middle with Lisa on my left and she seemed to be frozen solid. The guy behind Melanie was reaching around squeezing her tits as the guy in front pulled down his pants saying " I know you and your friend Gina like sucking each other's pussy so I am betting if you suck a hole you also will suck a pole." Now Gina is the name of Steve's other sister and Melanie's friend. Both Steve and Lisa turned sideways to look at each other as Melanie denied her and Gina doing each other but allowed the guy from behind to sit her on the bench holding her arms straight up and the other guy moved in with his cock. Our sight was blocked but from the sound he let out, Melanie was blowing him and the other guy went off telling her to suck it good and fit all of his cock in her mouth. I was so hard I knew Lisa would not miss seeing it but decided it was time to go and was the first to back out of our spot and head down the path towards the clearing.
    Lisa was silent until we were onto the street and asked Steve if it was there Gina they were talking about. Steve told her shut up and never mention it to anybody and kind of freaked me out a little by saying if she did, him and I were going to make her do what those guys had Melanie doing to them. Lisa mumbled "Promises, promises." Steve stopped dead in his tracks making her repeat herself. Lisa laughed saying she was kidding but again mumbled "Get me some weed or even some beer and I might do it anyway without you two having to make me."
    The next 10 minutes or so were a blurr as my house was empty and we headed to the basement club room mixing orange juice with vodka from my dad's bar. We had Lisa guzzle her first drink down and as she pulled her shirt and shorts off, Steve and I walked her into the bathroom sitting her on the toilet seat and pointing our hard dicks to her pretty little face. Lisa followed our every instruction kissing and licking on one while stroking the other other back and forth. She made us promise never to tell anyone saying if we did she would swear we forced her into it. It was really kind of awkward being my first time having my dick sucked as she was all teeth at first and when I began ejaculating in her mouth she backed off and I finished with my hand cumming all over the side of her head. Her brother wanted to have her do him on the couch in the club room and I got hard again real fast watching her blow him there as he made her open her mouth wider so not to scr**e her teeth so much on his dick. She gagged when he filled her mouth with his cum and she spit most of it out on the floor. I couldn't wait and got up on her again but she wanted me to try and fuck her bald little pussy. I could barely fit it in at first as she tightened up in obvious pain but did manage to get most of it inside and get off a few pumps before feeling another load about to shoot out. I pulled out and moved up trying to get it in her warm mouth again but she grabbed my red dick and I finished on her flat chest with both of hands doing the work. Steve tried to turn her around and mount her from behind but she cussed him and had had enough. He wouldn't let her go until he got to cum again and she licked and stroked him while kneeling on the floor in front of him as he sat. When he came again she was jerking him off and she wiped his cum onto his stomach saying enough was enough. Steve was kind of out of control saying he wanted to fuck her up her skinny butt and she threatened to tell if he ever said something like that again.
    I knew my mom and younger sister would be home soon so it ended after that. Lisa and I fucked and sucked each other up
    until the time there family moved two and half years later. I took her to me senior prom and that was the last time we had sex. My only regret was never even asking if I could do her up the ass because as she grew older, her backside was almost perfect. By that time she was a full blown fox but I wasn't her only lay as the size of her pussy grew like the rest of her.
    Steve told me the last time I saw him some 30 or so years ago that he was still getting her to suck his dick but when he added that he also fucked his sister Donna, I felt he was lying.
    I still get hard thinking about Lisa and I do wish that her being my first she would have also been my last. Even though I watched her blow her own brother, and as crazy as it may seem I think I still could have fell in love with her.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    I was 16 when i suspected my neighbour was cheating on her husband and sure enough id come home early and saw them at the back of the house ,he had patted her on the bum and rubbed it and both then went inside ,it became a regular thing and id picture her naked and being the end i dropped a hint that id seen more than i had and tried my luck but she wasn`t having it.She was so out of my reach and 38 years old but i never gave up,never tried to drop her in it and several weeks later she let me fuck her,naked i lay with her thighs round my neck and i never came up till she`d come ,At that age sinking my cock into her was special ,I was gutted when they moved

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 44

    We were rising seventh graders that summer, and we went to the county fair. Our town was about 1000 people, and everyone knew everyone. In middle school we would be going to a bigger school that served more than one community.

    We, that was my childhood best friend, we were always together and that summer evening we had walked back and forth around the fair, and sat and talked, and we saw this guy taking this girl by the hand and walking her away from the fair. We decided to follow. He walked her into the parking lot and all the way back to the fence. At the fence, there was a break and he went through and pulled her through. We followed.

    He unzipped his pants and she went down on her knees and started to suck on him. When she would pull her face away, we could see his penis, and then he would pull her head back and she would open her mouth and suck on him again, his hips moving as he pushed himself against her. Finally, she sat back and he told her to take her pants off and he found a tree and told her to lean against it and bend over and he went up against her and his penis went inside. We watched as she held her head down and he fucked her.

    He reached down and grabbed her hair and started to pull her head up, and she started to talk, we could understand most of the words, but not exactly everything. She was telling him not to cum inside of her, and he kept telling her not to worry, but then he grabbed her with his hand under her chin and he just went wild and he came completely inside of her. She was angry and she pushed him so he fell on his butt and she kicked him and he just laughed.

    That is when they saw us, he got up fast and ran me down and grabbed me by the arm and dragged me back to where the girl was. He yelled at my friend to come back because she was going to get it too. My friend came back and he asked us what we saw, and we told him everything, and he asked us if we liked it and he took out his penis and showed it to us and told us he had half the mind to get some more pussy.

    The girl came to our rescue and told him to leave us alone because we were too young. We were allowed to leave but only after we had to grab and hold his penis. He wanted us to kiss it, but the girl told him to quit and let us go.

    They were not from out town so we didn't know who they were. Just a couple of horny teens.

    My friend and I talked about our experience for a long time. Even today it is an experience that brings back strong memories. I never had a guy take me into the woods, sometimes I wish I had.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 51

    I was 10 on Christmas Eve 1975.
    I woke up late at night, unable to sleep, and walked towards the kitchen.
    I heard noises from our family den, where our Christmas tree was located, and thought that maybe I'd catch Santa delivering presents for me and my siblings!
    When I stepped into the den I saw my Mom, a slim brunette, on all fours completely naked with our next door neighbor Frank kneeling behind her banging away while he held onto her hips.
    He was sweating and totally focused on her.
    My Mom was 33 at the time and my Dad, a state trooper, had to work an overnight shift that night and she was totally focused on him.
    I clearly heard my Mom, as she turned her head to look back at him, say "Fuck me Frank! Fuck me like that!Oh my God!!!" and she let out a series of low moans as he pounded her.
    As he neared finishing Frank noticed me and smiled as I stared blankly at him.
    He smiled widely and winked at me and I turned and returned to my bedroom.
    I've never told anyone.
    Frank never mentioned it to me growing up.
    My parents are still married.
    Maybe it was a one time fling between them.
    I don't know and probably never will.
    My Dad is 76 & my Mom is 74.
    Frank is 72 now.
    But every year,at summer barbecues at my parents house, my Mom insists on telling the story of how Frank saved the Christmas of 1975 by coming over and assembling bikes for me and my little brothers while my Dad worked overnight.
    She always smiles and looks at him and says "Thank you Frank!" and it annoys me. Everyone smiles and some say what a great guy he was for doing that and even his wife thanks him not knowing what really happened that night.
    This year she said it and after she thanked me the old bastard turned and smiled and winked at me just like he'd done that night.
    It ruined Christmas for me forever.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    I must have been 12 years old when I was at my aunt's house and found some magazines. They were Playgirl magazines and had pictures of nude men which I had never seen before. I remember after seeing them I became very interested with nudity and being nude myself. I managed to get myself a porn magazine myself and began imitating the guys in it. I did it all in the privacy of my room but when my parents went out I did it every where in the house. I even slowly began to even go outdoors when they were out and made sure that neighbors could not see me. I knew if my parents ever found out they would not approve. When I was 15 I went for a bike ride and came across a spot with a couple of guys naked. It was a private spot and I remember when they noticed me they were a little alarmed and quickly put their bottoms on. I had seen them naked and decided they probably would mind me naked. I wasn't planning to but decided to be naked in front of others for the first time. They saw me undress and after seeing me do so took their bottoms back off. Soon both of them came over and talked to me. There the 3 of us were naked and I didn't mind being seen that way. I began to go to this spot regularly and never saw anyone again but went nude every time. My nudity took the next big step when I was with 2 girls one time and I ended up naked in front of them just because they asked. I was very aroused being seen naked by the girls. Since then I became even more carefree with my nudity including do things that would be considered sexual.
    This progressed even more as time went on and all because of a magazine I saw at my Aunt's house when I was 12.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    The summer I was 14 was the most unusual and unforgettable time of my life. School was out and my parents both worked and my friend that lived a couple of houses down from us spent every day together because his parents worked also he and I we at each others house ever day all day long.
    After spending a few days together I think we were both looking for something to do and at that age being horny is just part of growing up. Somehow we started talking about girls and sex and after a few hours of talking and both of us knowing we weren't going to get any girls to come over I guess we were both a little desperate and very horny so when he suggested we jack off together I didn`t object and there we were in his bedroom facing each other with our pants down jacking off watching each other and when we came we shot some of our cum on each other and thought it was pretty funny.
    I knew right away and could tell he thought the same thing that there would be more of that to go on in the near future as we talked and both agreed that it was fun and felt good and since no one would ever know what we did why not do it again. In a couple of hours we decide to jack off again but this time I told him it would be better if we took off all of our clothes and he agreed with me right away. We went back to his room and quickly began to undress watching each other. We were both very hard by the time our clothes we off and we started to jack off right away but were getting closer and closer as we did until we were touching the head of our dicks together as we jacked off.
    It didn`t take long at all before he asked if he could touch my dick and before long we were jacking each other off and we both came a lot but couldn`t keep our hands off each other after that and spent awhile just stroking jerking and rubbing each others dick then stood face to face holding each other rubbing our dicks together. He suggested we try it laying on the bed so we did. We took turns being on top and on bottom humping on each other like crazy until we couldn`t stand it any longer and we came on each other and were both very excited and breathing hard still holding each other tight rubbing our dicks on each other in our cum for a long time.
    Once we calmed down and the excitement was over we needed to wash off and I told him we should take a shower together. He went for it and we got in the shower washing off just having fun naked in the shower still playing with each others dicks when he said " You want to try sucking each other while we`re in the shower?" Before I could say yes or no he was bending over licking the head of my dick and put it in his mouth a couple of times then I did the same thing to him and we went back and forth on each other until we ran out of hot water and had to get out of the shower.
    While we were drying off he said "Man this is pretty wild and I can`t believe we are doing this" I agreed and then he said "You know we could do whatever we want to and no one would ever know about it" I said yes we could! What are you thinking we should do next?" He said "Well I don`t know about you but sucking each other felt pretty good maybe we go back to my room and try it some more" I told him it was OK with me so we got on his bed and went back and forth sucking on each other talking and kept going trying to get as much of each others dicks in our mouths as we could and it wasn`t long before both of us were getting almost all of our dicks in each others mouth and were sucking each other longer and longer each time we tried it.
    While we were doing that we figured out that we could suck each other at the same time if we changed positions and we were laying on our sides facing each other sucking each other at the same time and it felt damn good so we took our time just having fun with it and making each other feel very good. I think we both knew what was about to happen because he said he couldn`t last much longer and I told him I was getting close too. We stroked each other as we talked and tried to decided what we would do when we came.
    Finally I told him we should at least cum in each others mouth a little just to see what it would feel like and see how it would taste. We both admitted to knowing what our own cum tasted like so we decided what the hell we could always spit it out so we went back to sucking each other and both of us had our hands all over each others ass the whole time and we both had out hands in the crack of each others ass a few times and once I touched my finger to his asshole he did the same to mine and just before we both came we each had a finger tip stuck in each others asshole and when we started to cum we never stopped and stuck our fingers up each others ass deeper and just swallowed the cum and kept sucking on each other finger and sucking each others nuts and at one time we both had each others nuts in our mouth and our fingers deep in each others assholes.
    Once we stopped we just laid there talking still playing with each others limp dicks comparing our thoughts on what we had just experienced and we both had to agree that sucking each others dicks was a lot better than just jacking off and no one ever had to know about it. We laid there a long time stroking licking and sucking on each other until we were both hard again and were about to start round two sucking dick when I asked him if he would stick his finger in my ass again. He said sure if you lie it I can keep doing it to you if you really want me to. I put his hand on my ass and he slowly stuck his finger back in my ass and then I asked him to see how far he could stick it in my ass and he pushed it in me until all of his finger was in my ass. He could tell I liked it so he started working it in and out and it felt so good I put his dick in my mouth and sucked him while he fingered my ass and he started sucking me too.
    We went at it for a very long time and he slowly got two fingers deep in my ass and made me cum pretty fast after the second finger was deep in my ass. When I came in his mouth he came in mine and we both swallowed every drop and sucked each other a little while then just laid there talking. We got up and went to get a drink of water and were still talking in the kitchen and he kept rubbing on my ass pretty often then in a few minutes he said "Man you really like me touching your ass don`t you" I said "Well sure it feels pretty good" He said "And I could tell you like my fingers in your ass a lot too" I told him it felt good and I might like it if he did it some more if he really wanted to. He said he liked doing it and then ran his fingers up the crack of my ass touching my asshole then smiled.
    We went in the living room and turned om the TV and sat naked on the couch still playing with each others dicks and he kept reaching his hand up under my nuts touching his finger tips to my asshole and poked his finger in me a few times before asking me if he could finger me again. I told him I really wanted him to finger me some more and he asked me how would be the best way to do it. I moved around and tried to get in the best position for him to finger me then stood up and stepped over to the coffee table then got on my knees and put my chest on the coffee table with my ass sticking out. He knelt behind me and slowly started rubbing on my ass and poking a finger at my asshole then eased his finger into my ass and in a few seconds it started to feel so good I reached back with my hands and spread my ass cheeks open so he could really finger me good.
    He said "Damn you must really like it a lot if you are making it that easy for me" I told him I really did like it and asked him to see how long he could do it and how many fingers he could stick in me. I really think he enjoyed it as much as I did because he got three fingers in my ass and was working them in and out of me sometimes shoving them in my ass really hard and forcing them up my ass hard just holding them in me and my dick was so hard the whole time he was fingering my ass I almost came a few times then couldn`t take it any longer and shot my cum on the side of the coffee table and once he saw that I felt him move around behind me and stick his fingers deep in my ass then felt his cum all over my naked ass.
    That afternoon he asked if he could finger my ass again and I told him he could and he got up and left but came back pretty fast and had the Vaseline with him and said he wanted to try using it this time. I said OK and this time I laid in the floor on my stomach on a towel with my legs spread and he got on his knees between my legs and put the Vaseline on his finger and it went in real easy and felt much better than before. I spread my ass open for him again and let him finger me how ever he wanted to and took three fingers easy with the Vaseline and let him do it as fast and as hard as he wanted to for as long as he wanted to. He did it for a long time then said "Wait there I`ll be right back" I thought he had to go pee or something but when he came back I expected to feel his fingers in my ass but it wasn`t. He had gone to his room and brought back a tiny wooden baseball bat. I had seen it in his room all the time. It was very small like maybe 5 or 6 inches long and thin and he was sticking it in my ass and said he just wanted to try it to see if I liked it. He stuck it all the way up my ass with just the tiny handle sticking out of my ass and told me "Man you should see how this looks! Does it feel OK! I said it`s perfect! How did you ever think of using that?" He said I don`t know I just thought about it and wanted to try it Damn you should see how it looks" He had me curious to see for myself so we both got up and went to the bathroom and I bent over with my ass to the mirror and saw for myself as he held my ass cheeks apart.
    It felt good walking around with it in my ass so I walked around the house with it stuck in my ass and then bent over the kitchen cabinet looking out the window as he pulled it out a ways then back in several times and I asked him to do it some more and he kept doing it and even reached between my legs to play with my dick while he used it on me. My knees got weak and I told him lets try it some where else so we went to a few different places around the house and he kept using it on me even pulling it out and sticking it right back in many times until he made me cum then he came on my ass. He started to pull it out and I asked him not to and I kept it stuck in my ass the rest of the day while we sucked each others dicks and he played with it in my ass.
    Several days later after him using that tiny bat on my ass and me walking around with it in my ass for hours every day he asked if he could try something else and showed me this big plastic spoon he got from the kitchen and he wanted to see if the handle would go in my ass. I kind of wanted to see if it would myself so we tried it but the middle of the handle was a little too fat to go in my ass but we tried it several times but it hurt too much for me to take it in the ass then we tried a smaller one and it went in fairly easy and felt great once he stuck it in me. He fucked me with it a little and I sucked his dick with it in my ass and liked it.
    The next day after he had the small spoon handle in my ass and was fucking me with it he said he wanted to try something else and I said OK. Then he held his dick in his hand looking at me and said "Want to try this?" I thought a minute and said OK if you want to try it we can. He said "Oh man I have been thinking about this for two days and hoped you would let me try it" I said lets try it but take the spoon handle out of my ass first" He laughed and pulled it out of my ass then asked me how I wanted to try it. I told him here would be fine and while I was on my knees bending over the front of their couch he got behind me holding his dick to my asshole and stuck it right up my ass nice and slow all the way and it felt wonderful to both of us and he started to fuck me asking me if it felt good. I told him it felt great and to keep doing it. Then he asked me what to do when he came. I didn`t have to think long at all and told him to cum in me if he wanted to. He liked that idea and fucked me good for a couple of minutes then put his cum in my asshole and made me cum too.
    Two more times that day he fucked me good and came in my ass every time and the rest of the summer we both enjoyed playing with my ass and if his dick wasn`t up my ass there were a lot of other things he stuck in me. I liked it as much or more than he did and I let him watch me stick a lot of things in my ass every day and he liked sitting naked jacking off watching me stick things up my ass and he either came on my ass or in my mouth. We had this one spoon that was just right to stick between the mattress and box springs of his bed and I could get on my hands and knees with it in my ass and fuck my ass while he knelt in front of me with me sucking his dick and cum in my mouth while I fucked my ass and jacked off.
    That summer was by far the best and wildest time ever for me and we did a lot of wild and crazy stuff for over two years then he moved away. It was hard for me to entertain myself after he left and I missed having him around every day for months. I kept sticking things in my ass and fucking my ass but it wasn`t anything like having him there. I still enjoy it today and have enjoyed some anal sex with four different men over the years but they were all a one time thing and one was very well hung and it was great. I still think back to my younger days and all the private sex he and I had and still like to jack off thinking about how he used to fuck me and play with my ass with all those different things he put in me. Not many men enjoy playing with another mans as like he did and it was a great experience.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I have recently had a bit of a surprise, I have discovered some photographs of me when I was a boy that I thought were long ago destroyed or of no interest to anyone anymore as they are old black and white ones, They are nudes of me from the age of 11-13 and some are pornographic, They were taken by a man who used to live near us years ago, And they have brought back a lot of memories for me, Of how he seduced me into his schemes with cash, gifts and promises which he always kept to keep me happy, At first I was just his toy while he taught me things like how to suck him and how to swallow his cum and how to take him when he fucked me for which he always paid me extra the money was good as I was from a dirt poor family and he knew it, He then started to take photos of me naked and in various positions while he took photos from all angles including close ups of between my legs and ass, I'd be sprawled out on his bed or couch or bent over it, I'd wear various outfits too from school uniforms to soccer and scout uniforms of course all leading to being nude fir the camera, Then he added another boy to these sessions who always arrived with his father who would quietly watch us have sex together and in between shoots get me to suck his cock for him for a price of course, When I reached 12 I was doing very regular weekend shoots and producing my own cum which he loved to capture on film, I was photographed in all sorts of situations either alone or with others including men and women on one occasion with a couple who loved having me and paid for extra sessions and photos for their own collection with me basically I was a paid sex puppet I'd do whatever he wanted me to do and I was paid for it but sex with him by now was always free, A man requested once that I be tied up and fucked this of course was done and I was paid a lot for that, Another asked for two men to fuck me and I did it, I must say that at all times I was asked to do these things I was always told I could say no and stop it all but I never did I liked the attention the sex and the money which I hid in a jar under my bedroom floor, At 13 he made a film of me being fucked as a schoolboy by a man dressed as a teacher it may still be out there somewhere it was only on old Super 8 cine film though and as far as I know there was only one copy made, But mostly it was just photographs he took of me, It all ended when my parents decided to move away because of my father's new job, So you might come across a smiling brown haired boy in black and white one day and it could be me.

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