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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 49

    NOT ONE to consider myself normal by societies standards i like to think my sexual desires and fetishes are a common trait among many of you,it's not to say because i love fucking fat kids,collecting dirty panties and flirting with little girls who stray too far from their mommy that everyone shares my kinky lifestyle.i consider what i do a game of chance sort of like spin the bottle,russian roullette or truth or that put it all on the line with a 1 to 10 chance of getting young pussy or some boy with a tight little ass that uncle joe down the street is fucking when no ones around.look...when i was a kid my godfather would crawl into bed with me and take the chance that with a bit of soap and spit i might like how it feels to have his dick rubbing the crack of my ass while my mother and father slept nearby,he'd whisper in my ear that if i liked it to just wiggle my soft little ass and when i did he was free to visit me every night for a few months even getting about two inches of his dick up inside me due to how thick it was if he tried any further my parents would have heard me moaning in of chance are meant to be for fun and a way for people to expect the unexpected like one time when a young fat little girl was waiting with her mother to climb a flight of stairs at the staten island ferry,due to the large crowd we were packed like sardines and i was one step below hers which put my hands within reach of her round and plumped ass...she was wearing a yellow dress with printed blue flowers that just barely covered the back of her chunky legs and playing the game of chance i touched the side of her leg and though she looked back at me she didn't make a scene to get her mothers attention,when i touched her a second time she looked around to make sure no one was looking she pulled up the side of her dress which was a clear indication that she didn't mind me touching her...with just a small window of opportunity to play with her i put my hand up her dress and fondled her ass and rubbed the crotch of her panties,i can't say for certain if she was already moist or it was my fingers that stimulated her pussy to lubricate since the majority of fat girls tend to sweat and produce moisture far more than skinny girls.had i been anywhere with her alone it would have been so easy to get my 8 inch dick in her wet pussy because i have done it before,naturally they often resist at first because it's too big to get it all in her pussy but eventually having stretched her pussy and achieving her orgasm fat little girls i've been with will hump the length of my dick and get a whole lot of pussy juice going and if she's really horny her pussy will moisten and literally foam like fucking bubbles in a bathtub.there wasn't much else i could do with the chubby young girl at the staten island ferry and she wouldn't let me tug her panties loose so i could keep them as part of my's a risky game to play because you just never know when the odds won't be in your the time back in 2011 when i threw a quarter out my fifth story window down below where a young chubby puerto rican girl was playing with her brother in a small plastic pool,she had on a one piece bikini that was literally a see through fabric colored in white material with the letter [a] printed in the front.apart from myself i noted several men looking out their windows because this young girl was practically swimming naked,my dick got hard just looking at her round plumped ass and full rich breast one could tell she was just beginning to grow pubic hairs in her puffed pussy...she often fingered the lining of her bikini to avoid getting a wedge up her privates which her mother sitting nearby would scold her saying that wasn't ladie-like and to stop doing it because people could see,yet this bitch had her daughter swimming in a barely there bikini and didn't seem to mind that men were looking from various windows.taking a game of chance to see if the quarter would land on her privates or between her thighs i aimed and threw it but at the last second she moved and it bounced off her knee she jumped as if a bee had stung her and picking up the quarter she looked up and waved hello thanking me for the quarter.her mother perhaps jealous her daughter was generating male attention reported my behavior to the landlord but he agreed with the young girl it was just harmless fun advising her mother that in the future just take her kids to the public pool would think this bitch would take the landlords advice but she went right on letting her daughter wear tight fitting see through bikinis to play in the plastic pool out in the backyard and didn't seem to care that her daughter would constantly look up at my window to wave was the game of chance where you win or lose especially when it involves young girls and i can understand a mother who is only doing the best to protect her young, but it's often [lol] funny how some mothers think their daughters carry the golden pussy and billions of diamonds up their ass.the majority of young girls i've had sexual contact with seem to agree that too many of their mothers are overly protective and can't accept when their daughters are curious about sex or go into sexual heat...hey mom,stop looking a dead horse in the mouth because it's not going to win you any bets against mother nature.i always make it a point to never get seriously involved with the young girls in my games of chance and they pretty much do the same,as i mentioned earlier is just for fun and for us to enjoy sex without societies constant bullshit and hypocrisies what dictates what is right or strongest sexual desires are young black girls because they just love to fuck and in my neighborhood they are everywhere like brianna,she used to live on the 4th floor and liked to play with the young boys that hung out on my floor because the roof was nearby where they smoked weed and often took girls to fuck.i would wait until it was late in the night to go up there and collect whatever dirty panties i found disregarding the condoms,empty beer bottles and kennedy fried chicken boxes thrown around the night brianna was out on the stairs by herself just smelling her fingers which i instinctively knew that right before i found her on my way to the bodega she had been touching her fat pussy,it wasn't surprising because fat young girls develop their hormones rather early and fuck a dick good...playing the game of chance with brianna was easy when i asked if i could smell her fingers too,she let me but was curious to know how old i was and when i stated age 49 she admitted that i could be her grandfather but i convinced her to come back to my place,truth is she had never tried sex with an adult man much less a puerto rican and when she saw the size of my dick she said my dick too big for her pussy...the young boys she was used to having sex with had less than 5 inches as oppose to my 8 inches and weren't so thick as mine but she was curious to try a new flavor so i get her face down on my kitchen table and pull down her skintight spandex pants though it would be my loss she didn't have any dirty panties on but you never know with games of chance what to expect...her pussy was extremely lubricated and she was wet with pussy cream,for a young girl her age she had a lot of kinky hair on her pussy coated with her female juices,i knelt between her legs and pushed my tongue all up in her while diddling her clitoris with my fingers...her legs literally trembled and her knees buckled though with my thumb up in her ass to keep her from falling and using my other hand to insert three fingers in her pussy i use my thumb to push down her moist clitoris and tongue fuck her until she couldn't take it anymore and literally soaked my face with her intense orgasm...this young girl was out cold on my kitchen table drenched in sweat,having gotten up but still holding my thumb up her ass i pulled down my gym pants and got my dick right up between her legs,there was no need to spit saliva on my dick to get it in her moist lubricated pussy...she came to when i pushed into her stretching her pussy and feeling my dick slide into her like hot butter,naturally she was gasping for air and moaning in sexual pain though it wasn't like she hadn't had dick in her pussy and she wasn't making attempts get me off her she just needed time to adapt to my size.though i could have fucked her hard i came down to her level and let her pussy go at her pace,the time on my android phone clearly showed i had been going at this young negro girl for one hour and twenty one minutes...going at her pace she achieved two more orgasms though i noted it was still hurting her like fuck to have 8 inches of dick more so because of it's thickness,on the positive side was that this young girl produce heavy amounts of female lubrication and worked her pussy far better when she had an orgasm even allowing for me to thrust at my level of speed though it was only every few minutes.sexually we were in sync going at her pace and i was in no hurry to orgasm because my dick was enjoying her fat little pussy to the max.she achieved two more orgasms and passed out which i took advantage of to go at my speed to fuck her swollen pussy locking her down on my kitchen table by grabbing her shoulders and impaling her on my 8 inches...her feet literally flew off the floor and her body came right off the table as if she were looking for something on my ceiling and having neglected my orgasm i practically poured a huge amount of cum up in her.though i could have kept going at her she was exhausted and barely able to over,my semi-erect penis slowly came out of her as i gently lowered her back on top of my kitchen was as if i had unplugged her pussy and left the water faucet running because her body peed out a large puddle of my cum that dripped to the floor between her legs,her pussy was swollen and extremely sensitive to touch though i tried to clean her up with one of my towels...we had literally been fucking on my kitchen table for two hours and it took her another hour to steady herself and walk around,we drank some coca-cola and i walked her out to the stairs where i stood listening as she made her way down to the 4th floor and into her apartment.i hadn't seen her for an entire month but by then i was playing the game of chance with a young black girl who lived across the street,i had seen her several times coming over to visit a friend on the 2nd floor and one day while she was walking up the stairs i asked her if she wanted to fuck and she looked around as if she couldn't believe i had just said that to her but she smiled and we tongued kiss...i have been playing the game of chance since i was 21 years old and with all my sexual encounters i can assure you that though it's risky you'd be surprised how good the odds are in your favor,i sincerely believe the risk factor triggers that inner impulse to just do it because we are programmed by society to live a certain way or be a certain way to meet with their approval yet millions go to their graves regretting they never fulfilled their truth callings to say for example climb mount everest,climb the empire state building,take the most dangerous ride of an amusement park,go skinny-dipping [we should all do that lol],walk in general public naked...get the has nothing to do with what's right or wrong,we were meant to live and enjoy what we love most and without restrictions so go ahead and play the game of chance.THE END

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 23

    I was 15 at the time and i lived with my mum who was 40. And two sisters who were 16 and 19. Both of my sisters were similar looking and very sexy. I had often wanked over them sunbathing in the garden. My mum worked late nights and was almost never on before midnight.

    One night my 19 year old sister was out with her friends and my mum was at work so it was just me and my sister in the house. I was watching Tv and she was meant to be studying but i knew she wasnt. At around 8 pm she came into my room and asked to talk. She told me that she wasnt feeling confident about herself since her boyfriend had broken up with her which i was astonished by as she had a very pretty face, a gorgeous body with nice big breasts and an amazing ass. She asked if i had ever masturbated over her and i blushed and said yes. She smiled and asked if she could sit on my lap and i said yes.she kissed me on the forehead and sat on my lap giving me a quick view of her ass crack.

    I was tall enough to look over her head to see the tv but i was too distracted by her breasts. My arms were around her and my hands were touching the bottom of her tits. She picked up the tv remote and turned off the tv. She asked if she could move my hands and i said yes expecting me to move them away from her. To my surprise she cupped her own breasts with my hands and instinctively i started to squeeze. This got me hard and with my erection being about 6 inches i knew she could feel it on her ass. She let go of my hands so i squeezed a few times then slid them down to her legs and up her skirt to her panties.

    I started to rub her pussy through her underwear and she started to moan. I could feel her getting wet and this got me very horny. She got off me and sat next to me . I carried on touching her pussy and eventually took of her panties to touch her bare pussy. I could feel her pubic hair and this didnt effect me at all. I pushed my fingers in between her vagina lips and started to finger her. She was moaning loud and i asked her to return the favour. She pulled down my pants and started to stroke my cock which was already hard.

    I carried on fingering her as he moved me off the couch and on to my bed. she started jacking me off properly and precum oozed from the head of my penis. She then licked it off my cock and began sucking it. It was amazing. She licked and sucked all the way from my balls to the end
    And i came in her mouth which when quickly swallowed. We got into a 69 position with her sucking my dick and me eating her out which was amazing and i made her squirt. After about 20 minutes she got up and took out a condom.

    She opened it and used her mouth to put it on my cock . She then took off all her clothes and i did the same. She spread her legs on the bed and i placed my cock on her vagina and rubbed it up and down her vagina as she put her breasts into my face. When i started to put my dick in she laid back and just took it as i slowly pushed my cock in and out of her pussy and i eventually started to get quicker and made a rhythem of it. In. Out. In. Out. We were both moaning and panting and eventually i jizzed in her and filled her with my cum. I pulled out and i was catching my breath when my sister turned over and got into doggy style position.

    Inste ad of going into her vagina i slowly placed my cock into her anus and pushed it in. She said it hurt and asked me to pull it out. Instead with all my strength i rammed my cock right into her ass and got balls deep and she moaned louder then ever before. I carried on thrusting my cock into her and just as i was about to cum i pulled her air and with a yelp she clenched her ass and it felt amazing as i came in her . She was moaning and panting when i took it out and just lied down next to her with brown stuff which was of my cum and the stuff in her ass and then she started to lick it off and she gave me one final blowjob and i came one last time and then she kissed be on the lips and left to go and shower.

    For the next two years we have sex at least once a month but we stopped when our older sister who was 21 at the time caught us.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 44

    THE OLD SCHOOL theory of a dirty old man was a fact in my neighborhood here in brooklyn n.y...they were everywhere from a bodega owner,a window peeker,the ones sitting in public parks and those that chilled by the pool,fuck..even my grandpa back in the day walk me to school and be flirting with my friends asking them if they got boyfriends and how one or the other had nice's not to say that young girls and boys in my hood weren't having sex and there was a lot of i****t going on behind closed doors with some daddy,uncle or in my case my york city in the early 70's was heavy on promoting sex via television,porn theaters and stores that sold sex magazines,dildos,condoms right next to the rack of comics and toys.i was 12 years old with a father who spent more time in prison than at home while my mother worked two factory jobs to pay the monthly bills for a small apartment where we lived with my grandfather,he was a strong masculine negro who had a fetish for smelling me and my moms dirty panties and often masturbated with the bathroom door open since as far back that i could mother had no time for dating and with my dad constantly in prison mostly for drugs and assaulting police officers she was often lonely so of course my grandpa provided that male companionship when my mother felt the desire for sexual pleasure.i'd often watch them enjoy the simple intimacy of just being a man and a woman like nature had created them with all the imperfections that we lived in our daily lives.she'd often say it was better with ones own than having to stress over my dads constant bullshit and bringing just any motherfucker off the street to play the role of daddy and i understood that and i believed her when she said my grandpa was a far better lover than my dad was because at age 61 he would fuck and go at my mother practically the whole night his black dick was a 10 inch snake as thick as my 12 year old fist...i had long ago accepted my mothers way of life and of course my grandpa was content to know that i had no issues with their lives,though i often joked that he should really stop smelling my dirty panties.starting young it was extremely painful to have sex because i had a small pussy and of course my grandfather would never attempt it but outside my home there were many sexual predators who would go to any lengths to get their huge dick in a small negro girl.i was used to the constant attention from dirty old men offering to buy me candy and ice cream when i walked to and from school since it wasn't often my grandpa would take me but like most girls growing up eventually i was going to have sex.i never thought my first time would be with the janitor of our school who had an old shed right outside in the schoolyard where the mops,buckets and cleaning products were kept in storage,students were advised to use the front entrance because the shed was always fenced off and locked to avoid theft.though the janitor had been reported to school officials for misconduct in sexual contact with young schoolgirls the union fought to keep him on due to his 10 years of service at the school.despite my awareness what men are capable of i was one of the very few who often stopped to say hello if he was out in the schoolyard,since the entrance to the school was around the other corner the street and schoolyard area was usually isolated so he'd walk up to the fence to say hello...though my name is trisha he liked to call me baby-girl and i guess one could assume why some young girl would find him attractive because he looked like an older version of the actor denzel washington though he wore those hillbillie farm pants with the shoulder straps.he was tall,masculine and didn't come off sounding macho because quite surely the bulge in his pants pretty much assured me he was.i'd often looked at the shed wondering if i should accept his offer when he invited me...BABY-GIRL,DON'T NOBODY GONNA KNOW THIS HERE JUST YOU AND ME BUT COME ON NOW BEFORE SOMEONE SEE YOU..we had been friends for only a short while and i didn't really care about someone seeing us because my mother and grandfather would understand what was going on yet he could get into trouble.he opened the gate and we both looked around to make sure no one saw me run into the shed,apart from the cleaning equipment there was a chair and table by the wall of the shed and behind the door there was a makeshift bench with blankets and a pillow.he kept the shed well organized and had posters on the wall of a young janet jackson,the late farrah fawcette which was very popular with young boys and men in those times and a poster of bruce lee...the shed was painted a dark red with black polka-dots which i thought was ugly and stupid,perhaps the only thing that made the shed interesting was the small space it provided us to be closer when he closed the door behind us because i liked the smell of his cologne [old spice] just seem to happen so naturally in the privacy of that shed where no one would interfere with a young girls sexual awakening,the janitor was gentle in removing my school dress and panties tasting and smelling the aroma i had stained them with my pussy juice...he was a tall man so much so i could simply reach out and touch the bulge in his pants as he unclasped the shoulder straps allowing his farm pants to fall down to his rusted work boots,his dick was semi-erect and curved to one side of his leg though he wasn't massive in regards to my grandfathers 10 inch snake he certainly had his thicker and stood erect at 7 inches...naturally having seen my mother perform oral sex on my grandfather many times i instinctively tried to do the same with the janitor though it was too thick to get it in my mouth so i used my tongue to suck the surface of it's bulbous head and tasted his pre-cum though it was too salty and i spit it out.i could barely get my hands around his dick to masturbate him and knew that sexually he would have to be extremely gentle getting it up inside me.suddenly there was someone knocking on the door though we remained calm as i quickly picked up my cloths and he re-strapped his farm pants whispering for me to go out a back door i hadn't noticed earlier,there was no time to dress as i ran out the backdoor and i guess the janitor was extremely lucky that despite there being a housing project across the street there was only a young woman at her 4th floor window feeding her baby.i put on my school dress and ran to hide behind one of the trees that were lined against the fences and put my panties in my school bag.several flys seemed attracted to the scent of my privates and kept flying up my dress and according to my felix the cat watch it was only 9;15 in the morning and it wasn't until 9;40 that the janitor came out looking for me...YOU ALRIGHT BABY-GIRL,THAT WAS JUST MY BOSS COME DO SOME INVENTORY AND SEE HOW I'M GETTING ALONG SO COME ON BACK IN THE SHED WHILE I GO A MINUTE TO CLEAN AND MOP BATHROOM ON 2ND FLOOR...COME ON GIRL BEFORE SOMEONE SEE YOU OUT HERE,DAMN BABY-GIRL I'M GOING TO FUCK YOUR PUSSY GOOD BEFORE THIS DAY OVER...GO ON INSIDE AND KEEP THAT PUSSY WARM UNTIL I GET BACK...i ran back in the shed through the backdoor looking up at the young girl with the baby but they weren't at the window,time can seem like an eternity when your sitting around waiting so having taken off my school dress i went to lie down on the makeshift bench.i must have slept for some time because the janitor came in just as i was getting up GO ON TURN OVER ON YOUR BELLY BABY GIRL...doing as he instructed he pretty much fingered my privates and used his tongue to stimulate my pussy but his oral sex performance didn't quite impress me sexually nor did i appreciate his constant attempts to insert his huge thick fingers in my ass...having failed to convince me to relax and hold still the janitor got off his knees to remove his funny looking farm-pants and walking over to a small sink he washed his hands,having dirtied my privates he came back with a warm rag so that i could clean myself and to explain why he kept a plastic bottle of baby-oil hidden away in the shed when i noticed it in his hand...BABY-GIRL,THEY'S NOTHING LIKE SLIDING BIG DICK IN HOT LITTLE PUSSY WITH THIS STUFF,YOUNG GIRL LIKE YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH FEMALE PUSSY JUICE TO GET MY DICK LUBED AND IT SURE FEEL GOOD...having used it when i was very young because my mother said it help to avoid rashes and keep my privates soft and moist i permitted him to in his words...GET IT GOING in my pussy.when the janitor having once again instructed me to turn on my belly i was surprised that with a fair amount of baby-oil lotion he was able to insert two thick fingers in my pussy and literally tear away the lining of my hymen,naturally it hurt and my pussy did bleed coating his fingers with the remnants of my lost virginity but apart from feeling as if a jumbo size bee had stung me his fingers felt huge and pleasant sliding in and out of my lubed pussy so much so i hadn't noticed he had a finger up my ass...without having to look i could feel that oily substance working it's sexual magic to aid the janitors huge hands in pleasuring my privates when suddenly like a huge stallion horse mounting a distracted mare the janitor crawled on top of me,his dick felt like a slab of heavy meat caressing my butt...RELAX BABY-GIRL AND GO ON GET ON YOUR KNEES...when i did i could feel the length of his thick black dick slide down between my legs,it felt hard and fully erect and he seemed to go with his sexual instincts and just let his big black dick poke and probe my pussy as if to detect with sexual accuracy it's tight entrance.i'm sure many young girls and adult woman would agree with me that when any man feels the heat and moistness of a female pussy his sexual reaction is to fuck her and disregard it's painful entry...the janitors confidence in using baby-oil lubricant was more to his advantage than mine when he thrust and moved to guide his big dick towards the entrance of my lubed pussy and practically forcing it to stretch me open,far worse was those few seconds it took the janitor to shove his dick in my pussy using that baby-oil lubricant...i felt grateful and relieved he wasn't the type to abuse young girls sexually having let go of me when he sensed i couldn't take the pain,he got up from the bench while i lay there on my side with my hands between my legs trying to get over the pain in my pussy.having brought over a small bucket of hot water,soap and clean rag he helped to clean me up and was careful to not put pressure on my sore pussy...BABY GIRL,THAT PUSSY GOOD JUST GO ON TAKE SOME TIME TO HEAL THEN COME ON BACK SEE ME...YOUNG GIRLS LIKE YOU DON'T USUALLY COME BACK TO THIS SHED AND I GET NEEDING SOME PUSSY,YOU GO ON COME BACK THESE THINGS TAKE TIME GET MY DICK IN YOU BUT IT DON'T TAKE TOO MUCH TIME GET YOU FUCKING MY DICK AND SPITTING YOUR PUSSY JUICE...i never did go back but in early 2014 of october 19th i drove by that street on my way to a real estate meeting and was surprised the shed in the school-yard was still there,when i inquired with the new janitor a young puerto rican and he informed me that mr. anderson [i never knew his name] had passed away back in grandfather passed away in early 2001 at the age of 75 my mother lives with me and my two daughters who attend the school i went to and my father committed suicide back in 2012 when he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for murder...i personally don't have anything against adults having sexual relationships with minors as long as it's consensual and the adult understands that there are sexual limits and respects his/her partners decision as to what those limits will be and yes my daughters are free to experiment sexually,one is 9 years old and the other is 11 years can never judge or blind themselves to reality THE END

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    BACK IN 2013 i was shocked to learn how simple it really was to keep secrets especially if i was the one usually initiating the reasons behind those secrets,to begin i'm not exactly bright or popular in school or at home and pretty much just get on my mothers nerves by intentionally being lazy and much so that being the only daughter at age 15 with three adult brothers all married and living apart i just did dumb shit around the house when grandfather who still lives with us was and is the only one who really understands me and always spoke to me straight to the point and without bullshit,issues at home like leaving my dirty panties in the bathtub or not taking a bath daily my grandfather would say that little ladies should never throw their female scent when crazy old men lived in the home.naturally i never considered myself attractive being short and chunky with big breast and fat butt yet my grandfather made it clear to never underestimate the horny male species that's when i met benny a tall skinny boy from school,he was kind of like having a puppy following me around and was always staring at my breast so knowing that boys were not allowed in my home i ask my grandfather to kind of lie and convince my mother that he was taking me to the movies and the truth was that while grandpa was in a bar drinking a few beers i was with benny in a park nearby having sex for the first time,let's just say benny wasn't really the boy i expected with a penis size 4 inches though he was pretty thick it felt like having a soft sponge shoved inside my pussy...he didn't even see my breast or touch them and like terrible magic he was finished in less then ten minutes not counting the few minutes it took us to find a bench seat hidden behind some trees and get naked from the waist down.he kind of felt uneasy with how i smelled sexually but like my grandfather always says to never underestimate the horny male species where pussy is concerned...he went home and i went to pick up my grandfather at the bar with benny's wasted seed sloshing around in my stained dirty grandfather wasn't blind,dumb or deaf kind of smiling at me in that naughty way as we walked back home and of course he was prone to staring at my breast and hugging me close when no one was around and it wasn't any secret between us that i was a young girl in female heat.having noted by natural causes the bulge in his pants while he sat in the living room or slept in his tight boxers i often wondered what it look like and of course it wasn't like i could go and talk with my mother about these thing like i could with my just happens in families more often than people can imagine,so i pretty much initiated sexual contact by simply getting my grandfather to go back to that bar from several days back and made it clear to him that not too far from where we were there was an old warehouse and quite obviously with him i didn't need to put it in writing where i was going with was sincerely far more than i had expected and extremely too much for a fifteen year old girl like me to handle when my grandfather literally poked and probed his fully erect 9 inches between my thighs,i felt as if a strong stallion horse was forcing it's huge phallus up in my sweaty fat pussy and my grandfather with years of sexual mating experiences knew instinctively to hold me tight when i felt his huge thick penis barely able to stretch my body trembled in his bearlike embrace as i cried and begged him to stop but he kept increasing each sexual thrust trying to get more of his dick and of course stimulated by his thickness stretching and moving inside me my pussy began to lubricate OOOOOOOO-SHIT-FUCK-NOOOOOOO...i yelled in despair knowing quite well that sexually my grandfather had some pussy cream to lube quite the length of his penis and obviously he went with his sexual instincts to hold me down in his vise-like grip literally ramming it up inside of me the pain of having too much dick made my knees buckle sending my grandfathers body crashing down on top of me but no matter how much i kicked and screamed in sexual pain he was determined to keep me locked in his embrace and fuck me with all that dick between his legs...for an old man of 69 years old he certainly had the sexual energy to fuck and fuck and fuck and unlike lil-benny my grandfather could orgasm and still keep going,at some point where i was to exhausted to scream or get him off me my pussy began to pulse and my grandfather could feel it as well suddenly it felt as if i had peed and my fat lil- pussy gripped his dick tight and i peed eyes rolled to the back of my head and i bit the lower part of my lip enjoying how good it felt,my grandfather thrust and rammed as my pussy went up and down the length of his still erect penis as i pulsed and peed four more times then it was over when grandpa went stiff and came inside me one final time.too sore to walk we took a cab home and according to my mothers kitchen clock we were late by four hours,i gave her a hug and kiss while looking at my grandfather in that naughty way that he loved to often do then went and took a bath making sure to clean my dirty panties...truth story

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 47

    this shit happens in my hood [south bronx] with the rise and popularity of sexual liberty in regards to homosexuality,lesbianism etc.etc...though it's kept on the down low because it involves kids who's ages vary depending where you look don't be trying hook up unless you from here and know some n***a could get you some.i'm talking about sex with lil-black/hispanic boys that love dick and are less likely to be of any risk because they no one to stress them out with what time be home and where they at...motherfucker got cellphones and shit to call home and be like YEAH,I'M AT SO AND SO AND GO BE HOME LATE...i personally don't be out just picking up lil-n***as to take home because i have a certain flavor and sexual taste for that one shorty that have fat-plumped ass pussy,micky d's,kennedy fried chicken and pizza loving lil-boy pussy DAMN i see that ass and get all crazy to get me some and lil-n***as be knowing they coming back to my place to get some big dick in that chunky pussy.i've been hitting up this puerto rican kid the last three months since my boy antwon introduced me to him though this kid from the rico state kept it real and told me he don't do negros because they fuck too aggresively and try get too much dick in his pussy...funny thing about that is most these lil-brothers in da-hood be having big dicks too and be fucking some sisters friend young enough to be home watching the disney channel and sucking the fucking juice off a lollipop.i wanted this rican kid since i first saw him with a group of his friends watching a b-ball game out in the schoolyard some distance from where i was chillin with my boy antwon and some bitch he had met on facebook,antwon knew the rican kid because he often sold him and one of his cousins weed from time to time so i told him to hook me up and even bought some weed to smoke with the kid flavor of the month.don't nobody invite these kids like they shopping in some bodega for a case of beer and think that pussy his because it take skill and is no different than trying to get some female take her dirty panties off and squirt pussy juice all on your dick.telling him straight up i want to get with him in front of antwon and his facebook whore would have been a big mistake in da-hood if you put his business out in public so we chilled and smoke some weed while we talked about his home life and how's it going in school.though antwon knew what i was trying to get going with the rican kid i used code words so the facebook girl wouldn't know i was flirting with the rican kid and he knew the game like boss...shit like YEAH LIL-MAN ALL THAT HOMEWORK MAKE A BROTHER TIRED AND IN NEED OF RELAXATION FOR THE MIND,BODY AND SOUL I KNOW A PLACE NOT TOO FAR FROM HERE YOU CAN GET IT...his coded response would be YOU INVITING BUT I HAVE CERTAIN ISSUES WITH THOSE PLACES OF COMFORT...obviously the facebook girl thought we were talking about yoga referring a few websites on her i-pad and that shit was so fucking funny that antwon busted out lol [Laughing Out Loud]...making eye contact with the rican kid i coded...LIL-MAN NOT ALL PLACES PLAY IT LIKE THAT YOUR JUST FLOWING IN PLACES OF AMATEURS...he responded KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE WOULD BE INTERESTING...antwon knowing the game told me to HIT HIM UP...back then my apartment was on the fifth floor and provided me privacy so taking the rican kid there was perfect,naturally it was no surprise he was not impressed with the size of my dick which stood erect at 11 inches but his past experiences with negro brothers made him tense when i locked him down DAMN this kid had a nice fat pussy and i could understand why some motherfucker want to shove they big dick in the rican kid but i went easy letting him adapt to my size and he responded back by gently moving his lubricated pussy on my dick.contrary to kicking and screaming in pain he moaned UUUUUUUUUHHHH-OOOOOOHHHHH THAT FEELS GOOD JUST GO SLOW YEAAAAAH LIKE THAT...having locked him down from behind i'd often let him rest and take the time to re-lubricate his pussy with baby oil which is a far better lubricant than k-y vaseline...truth is vaseline tends to dry often and causes irritation and rashes to develop when you fuck for long periods of time and i agreed with the rican kid that anal sex should be pleasant with the least amount of pain possible.having suffered painful anal sex with others before me the rican kid was sexually grateful to have finally mated with someone who understood him and was impressed that i took the time to get my huge black dick inside his young pussy.the truth is i also enjoyed fucking this rican kid without any hurry or need to feel dominant by fucking him hard and sexually cruel,today three months to the very day i met him we still stay in contact even though i fuck other lil-boys from my hood...note; be safe and use comdoms...THE END

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    Puberty left me with a severe cash of acne . All the girls I tried to date brushed me aside every time,the only women in my life were my mom and 2 sisters. My older brother was a college football star meanwhile as for me I was a nobody. I spent most of my time in the garage pumping steel and getting my body buffed . I avoided crowds most of the time.

    After a couple of years I became something like a hunk but still acne was so severe. Here and there ladies started noticing me. But all that time I was a virgin .

    A couple moved next door just after christmas . The couple was in the early 30's. The lady next door wanted someone who could teach her how to exercise and use the equipment her husband had bought for her in order to help her lose a couple of pounds she gained whilst she was nursing their child. The husband was away most of the time and only came during weekends and public holidays. So most of the time I did handyjobs at the house for no charge.

    A couple of months later , we exercised daily , jogs,hikes and swims together. It became so routine ,we saw each other daily. Up to this time I had never noticed how beautiful my neighbor was! I was at her house to pick her up for a long jog. She usually overslept ,so she would leave the front door open.I went straight to her bedroom ,I was about to knock when the door was opened wide,there she was naked for me to see. I blushed so hard I nearly turned blue . I tried to apologise for burging in but she laughed hard and said don't be a pussy.

    I had never ever seen a female naked and for that matter that close. My head was about to burst with all blood rushing about. She said she wanted to thank me for all the help I gave her whilst she was over weight. She said I looked like a Virgin. I said I was.

    I don't know what happened to the fear I had,all of a sudden she started kissing me strongly,I tried to respond the best way I could but I had never ever kissed anybody before. She took my hands up to her breasts and gently placed them on her nipples and made them cup hear breasts. I came by simply touching her breasts. Suddenly she went down on her Knees undid my track shorts and took off my underwear.She rubbed my dick gently and it became super stiff. She started sucking it slowly ,It felt so pleasant and after afew moments I ejaculated violently in her mouth and she swallowed my sperms and said that was tasty.

    She said if i wanted more I should come back in the evening.I went home happy that morning . The evening came and I was all stiff thinking about what she was going to do with me . We went straight to the bed room were she gave a good blow job,I screemed with pleasure as she sucked me hard and good. She laid on her back and opened her legs like a gymnast, again she took my hands and placed one on her silky smooth thigh and one of her vagina. She folded my fingers and left two , she placed them inside her vagina . It felt warm ,slippery and sticky. She said push your fingers deeper into her. She moaned and groaned.Suddenly milky stuff gushed out of her vagina and she quivered and trembled with pleasure. I asked her what was that milk like fluid and she smiled and said it is called come.

    She introduced me to sex . We fucked for years. And im grateful for all she taught me.

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    Abusive childhood, long story, end result I am crazy for really dominant women, and soon found out that they are usually much older than I am. I'm 18. I answered an ad, which talked about a "powerful woman seeking a young, obedient, submissive single male" and I am still in a state of shock, after our first face-to-face meeting. She is a well-preserved fifty, trim and athletic, a higher-tier manager, degreed, well-read, well-traveled, and works mainly from her home. "I want a pretty boy, just like you, who will want me to dominate him to DEATH! I have such an appetite for sexual pleasure that some would accuse me of being close to clinical nymphomania! I don't know what your views or experiences with bondage are, but any reluctance would be an instant deal-breaker! You say you want to be controlled by a demanding woman, but do you understand what that really entails? That you would have NO say over any aspect of your life - you would even have to seek my permission to relieve yourself, to carry it extremes. Any lack of instant and total obedience would be punished by, oh, I don't know, confinement in a tiny coat-closet for, a weekend, the first offense, a week, the second, a month the third...get the picture?" She smiled at me, but it never reached her pale blue eyes, studying me over the top of her stylish 'business' glasses. "What do you think, so far?" she asked coolly, glancing at her watch. "Sounds exactly what I need!" I said, calmly. "I have to tell you though, I need a merciless woman, who will love me but conditionally, like a faithful dog, or such, and will be okay with keeping me hooded most of the time. I really like to have my head locked into a really heavy leather hood, with only two little air-holes at my nose, no other openings. Padlock at the neck strap. Problem?" She laughed, a sound like glass breaking. "Maybe for you, certainly not for me! But why stop there? Why not total encasement in heavy leather or rubber, every INCH of you, except the parts I may have need of, very regularly! Well? Too rich for you?" "No Ma'am! Sounds wonderful! It's like you know me intimately!" Another harsh laugh. "I know men LIKE you! All my life. I know what makes them tick!" Anyway, more of the same, finished dinner left it with me"sleeping on it"..........Now I'm on the verge of the biggest decision of my life, maybe the last one!

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    When I was a young boy around 11 or 12 I had a best friend that I spent a lot of time with for years. We lived way out in the country and he was always at my house on weekends and during the summers. we were very close and I guess pretty curious and horny because we liked playing with each others dicks and would jack each other off all the time out in the woods on my parents land.
    we spent hours down by the creek stroking and jacking each other off watching each other shoot our cum and we would sometimes cum on each other. It wasn`t no surprise the day he told me we should try sucking each other so we found a nice spot down by the creek and took off all our clothes and he went first. He got on his knees and started to suck my dick and I warned him several times that I was going to cum but he just sucked harder so I came in his mouth and he struggled to swallow my cum but got it down fairly easy. Later on it was my turn and I sucked him off and swallowed his cum. Before the end of the day we figured out how to 69 and two different times we sucked each other off in a 69 and came at the very same time and that was pretty hot for both of us.
    Seems like weeks went by and we were constantly sucking each other off and we enjoyed it very much. One hot summer day we were naked down by the creek and were taking a break after sucking each other off and I took a chance by telling him I had been thinking about doing something else but was afraid to mention it to him. He was anxious to hear what I was thinking and seemed pretty excited to find out what it was that I wanted to do so I told him that I really wanted to see what it might be like if he tried sticking his dick in my ass. He was shocked at first but more than willing to talk about it with me and I told him I liked fingering myself and had even tried sticking a couple of different things in my ass and he wanted to hear all about it and both of us got very hard just talking about it so we decided to try it.
    I will never forget that day. I was face down on the ground and spread my legs and he was on his knees between my legs looking down on me as I reached back with both hands and spread my ass open wide for him to get a good look at my asshole and I remember him leaning out over me grabbing his hard dick and touching it to my tight asshole. He asked if I really wanted to do this and I told him yes go ahead and see if you can stick it in me. It took several tries and he had to work at it but I couldn`t believe how it felt once he got the head of his dick in my tight ass. It stung a bit and both of us got very excited and he slowly pushed it up my ass until his nuts were pressed to mine and both of us were moaning and groaning moving our naked bodies around as he laid on top of me and started to thrust his hard dick up my ass.
    Both of us were pretty excited and he asked if I was OK several times and all I could say was Don`t stop it feels good! Keep going! Do it some more! He got too excited very quickly and started telling me he was about to cum. we had a very brief conversation about him pulling out or leaving it in and it felt too good to me so I asked him to go ahead and cum in me. Wow! what a feeling that was. He really shoved it in me as hard as he could and shot his cum up my ass and during all the excitement after he came inside me he began to fuck me again and it was so much more enjoyable for both of us because his cum made my tight hole very slick and he was able to really fuck me good and for a very long time and we talked to each other the whole time he was fucking me and that made it even more exciting and his cum was all over my nuts as he was fucking me then he told me he was going to cum in me again and really fucked me hard for a few seconds then shoved his dick up my ass as hard as he could and with his nuts against mine he shot a huge warm load deep inside of my ass and kept humping me until his dick went soft and slipped out of my ass and his cum covered dick was on my nuts as we both laid there catching our breath telling each other how good it felt.
    We spent several hours there that day both of us working to get him hard enough to stick it up my ass and fuck me some more and cum inside of me again. from that day on for the next 10 or 12 years he fucked me constantly and shot his cum up my ass 1,000`s of times and the older he got the bigger his dick got and the more cum he shot and the sex was always great and in our early 20`s he had this really thick nearly 9" dick that felt great deep in my ass and he could always cum twice before he lost his erection. we both got married and stopped having sex with each other but it was great for many years.

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    I was 14 years old and my cousin was 13 and we used to mess around a lot, dry humping playing with each other stuff like that, just normal kids exploring. One day she came over to visit and I grabbed my old .22 and asked her she wanted to go for a walk. We set off together and went up an old logging road to a spot I had found earlier, It was an old bear den and quite spacious. We went inside and I lit a candle that I carried just for that purpose. We stripped naked and began to play with each other. I was finger banging her when to my surprise she came! I asked her how it felt and she said to do it again.
    So I decided to try it with my cock instead. I was so clumsy at my attempt that she finally guided the head in and I slowly started to penetrate her pussy. It must have hurt a bit at first because her face was all scrunched up the deeper I went into her. When I was all the way in I pulled back slowly and then started a slow rhythm and gradually went faster and faster! It felt so good! after a few stroke she stiffened up and grabbed me and I shot my first ever load into a pussy! I collapsed on top of her and whispered "Was that fun or what?" Pulling out of her I noticed some blood on my cock and more on her pussy. I used one of my socks to clean myself and she cleaned up with the other.
    She had a scared look on her face after an I asked her what was the matter, she replied, "you gave me sperm what if I become pregnant?" That killed the mood right there. We sat quietly and considered our options which were nil. We were a morose couple that walked home that afternoon. For a week we lived in terror of a teenage pregnancy. The she got her period and we knew we were safe. We had a chat at school during lunch and we decided to keep fooling around but use condoms. I skipped my last class that day and went to buy condoms. I asked her to come to the house for a sleep over when she was done with her period, as I now had condoms.
    After that scare we went a little crazy and started having sex every other day and in different places we were caught twice. Once by her older brother and he said nothing because she let him have a turn. After that he couldn't say a word. The second time was my Aunt, she just smiled and walked away, never said a word to anyone but me after I started fucking her when I turned 16. But getting caught by an adult kind of made us cool down and use the old bear den once a month. Thinking back I wonder if anyone suspected us doing it because we were spending a lot of time together. Maybe that's why Auntie caught us, all she had to do was follow us that day. We were by the river and in a bunch of willows, not easy to find...
    Auntie told me later that she had an idea of what was going on and followed us to see if she was right. After that she kept quiet and fantasized about me fucking her. She waited until I was 16 as she did not want to fuck a kid. She would fantasize about but never do it. I often wonder if I knew then what I know now if I could have started a relationship with Auntie even sooner?

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    Still I struggle with the memories...but there is one time.....

    At the family fishing camp...daddy, Bob, and me...mommy didn't come...before coming...yesterday...I told daddy...he touched me, daddy...I pointed where...I leaned close...lowered my voice...on my pee-wee...daddy hugs me against his chest...strokes my blonde curls...I know,'s okay...but, mommy....shhhhh he says and kisses the boat...I sit next to Bob...the boat's little...daddy sits in front of us...they fish...I watch as they drop their wormy hooks then...pull them up...and drop them again...we're not in the river...but a little one comes's so quiet...just birds and the wind...blowing through the trees...Bob lays his pole in the boat...he hugs me close...I look at daddy...but daddy just fishes...Bob brushes my hair from my eyes...again I glance at daddy...he still fishes...Bob puts his fingers beneath my chin...turns my head...then tilts it up...he's smiling...he kisses me...not on the cheek...but my mouth...I my mouth...I turn toward daddy...our eyes meet...their scary...daddy! I quiet, he tells me...he watches...his elbows braced upon his knees...leaning toward us...Bob lifts me...sits me on his lap...Daddy's right in front of us....staring...Bob's fingers...rubbing on the crotch of my yellow sun suit...dooon't I whine...try to pull his fingers still, daddy tells me...Bob's fingers rub and grope...rub and grope...daddy's rubbing his pants...the same place...the same way...I whimper as I watch Bob's fingers...gather the crotch of my sunsuit and panties...stretch all of the hairless pussy...put on display...for daddy to see...daddy looks hard...rubs hard...Bob holds my the side...his other hand...his index finger...traces my crack...moves up and down...just inside my little slit...It's juicy Bob tells should feel it...You know I can't...but why not, Frank?...she's my daughter...wouldn't be right...but you want to see me do it...daddy nods...stand up, Bob tells me...I slip down between his thighs...stand facing panties are caught in my crack...I unwedge Bob unties my shoulder strings...the little strings dangle...Bob pulls at my sun suit...tugs it yellow cotton panties clothes are a puddle...around my ankles...from there to the top of my head...I'm nude...daddy's eyes ogle my nakedness...Bob pulls me back against him...I feel wetness...then something on my moves...slides between my thighs...I look's sticking out...a round top...purple...touching my pussy...daddy gasps...moans...Oh, Christ! Bob...Bob chuckles...I'm fucking her, Frank...fucking your baby's smooth, bald pussy...he holds my hips...moves me back and forth...the thing moves too...wet and hot...sticky hotness sliding back and forth...daddy watches...plays with his pants...I watch...the knob appears...then disappears...appears...then gone...again it appears...Bob stops...that's what you want Frank...**me get it...daddy stands...moves close...then kneels...his tongue reaches...licks the knob....he pauses...looks up at me...I watch in awe...his tongue licks the knob...Bob disappears...causes daddy to lick my pussy...I jump...Bob chuckles as it appears again...daddy captures it in his lips pressed to my pussy...Bob groans...jerks...daddy sucks hard...he pulls away...a string of goo hangs from his lip.

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