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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    when i was 16 i was dragged of camping with my whole family and friends and they all got drunk and we ended up with one tent down as they gave up trying to put it up, it started to rain and thunder and we were all in each outhers tents i had my aunts bum pressed against me and she kept moving and id got a hard on and was trying to move back but she pressed back and i didnt have room to turn over i thought she would move forward a bit as my cock was pressing against her but she kept pressing back on it most of us had shorts on and then i relised she had undone her`s and was inching them down i unzipped my cock and she pressed against it ,it wasnt easy but my cock slipped up her and i gently fucked her it was heaven my first fuck i didnt last long but each time my cock hardened i pushed it back up her and slipped my hand on her tit the outhers were fast asleep yet here was i with my cock sliding in and out of my aunt who suddenly had some sort of hot flush which turned out she`d come as she just held my hand, she was much oider than me but i carried on fucking her till i met my girlfriend who iv now married i like to think my aunt taught me everythink i needed to know and thankfully her husband never found out

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 33

    When i was younger like 13 ish my best friend (let's call him Dan) were playing outside and it was a hot summer in florida. Dan's dad bought him a 2 seater go-kart for his 13th birthday. Back in the mid 90's parts of florida were still developing alot of wilderness and land so we had plenty of riding room.
    So one day we got lost and made a bad turn (he was driving) We both were growing desperate for the bathroom. He ultimately decided it would be a good idea to crawl into one of those big storm drains with the boxy square shaped corridors. Dan was the first to go in and take a piss but i had to go so bad i rushed in past him.

    After i was done and cleaning up our eyes crossed and we both looked down at our members. We still had our childhood innocents so we didn't know the meaning of homosexuality or what it meant before that day. Before that moment i had never seen a penis other than mine and figured they were all the same. I was Dead wrong and at this point we were both hard. he reached his hand nervously over toward mine and stammered
    "c-ccan i t-touch it" with the most adorable face i have ever seen. My life changed that day, a little sigh and a moan escaped as his soft hands explored my erect penis and a wave of pure ecstasy and excitement shook my body everything was a blur as he gave me my first hand job ever!

    After he had seen my reaction he wanted the same. It took me a while to get my bearings after that. I was nervous i slowly took his member and griped it with my right hand and it was soo soft and smelled good. i took my thumb and wiggled the skin at the top until he started getting wet moaning loudly. I was curious about how it tasted and licked my thumb. I got an idea and had him lay down on the curved surface of the pipe and we took off our cloths. I slowly lowered myself down at his waist ( the 69 ) and kissed his penis delicately and passionately. He was getting restless so i started sucking it hard he did the same as he moaned and rocked back and forth with every suck. He looked at me and i could tell he had something important to say. " I feel like im going to explode " he shouted as he shot his load into my mouth and i the same. It started raining and a torrent of water washed away any evidence of that day away as we put on our clothes and got back into the gocart and drove into the start of a beautiful future together!

    Im now 34 and live with my partner in crime ( Dan )
    I don't know what i would do without him, he is my sweetheart and love of my life! We had so many adventures growing up. Anyway thanks for reading Enjoy! :) :) :) <3

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    When I was 16 years old my married neighbor made me a bottom. Mr W and Mrs W moved in next door when I was 15. I started cutting the grass for them getting paid. When Mrs W wasn't around Mr W would curse like a sailor around me. When I turned 16 he showed me girly magazines and let me take them home as long as I brought them back the next day. He started talking about sex with me. He asked if I jerk-off a lot. I told him yes all the time. Then he surprised me by asking if I jerked-off with another guy. I didn't answer right away. He said it's ok if you did it's no big deal. I addmited I have with my best friend Billy. Billy recently moved away he was my age and my best friend. Then he shocked me asked if I had sex with him. I didn't answer him and my face giving it away. I turned bright red in the face. Me and Billy use to suck each other off. Billy and I use to sit around talk about girls and looking at his fathers girly magazines get all horn up and it started out just masturbating together them lead to sucking each other. I said to Mr W I had to go and left.
    2 days latter Mrs W was out of town and Mr W called asking if I could help him with something. I really didn't want to face him again because I knew he had a idea about me and Billy. It was the 70's and gay sex was taboo not as open like it is now. He needed help moving boxes to his cellar. After the last ones were put away he said you know it's ok if you had sex with your friend. I said I didn't know what he was talking about he said yes you do your secrete is safe with me. Then he said I woud never do anything to hurt you you know that right. I nodded my head yes. He then said he has a secrete to and he was going to share it with me if I promised not to tell anybody. Of course I was curious as to what it was. I said I promised he said see that box go over there and open it. I opened the box there was magazines in it. I pulled one out opened it. It was hardcore gay one's. I looked at him he said go on look though it. It had guys sucking guys guys getting fucked all close up shots very hard core. I looked over at him he was rubbing his cock in his pants. I was hard in my jeans and was horny. I liked looking at the cum shots it turned me on. He said want to masturbate together. I nodded yes he said lets go up stairs bring the box.
    We went in to the living room he wasited no time took his shoes off and dropped his pants ans said aren't you going to join me. We both got naked and he sat on the sofa patted it said come sit next to me. I was hard as a rock as I sat next to him. He was semi hard and got my first real look at his cock. He was uncut thick very veiny but not really long but still even soft it was bigger than mine littlt 5 ins. Up to that point I only seen uncut cocs in pics. I watched as he was stroking it. He asked if I wanted to touch it. I didn't want to look so eager but was dieing to play with it. He reached over started sroking mine so I started stroking his. After a little stroking each other he bent over took me in his mouth and sucked me for a while. He then sat up said your turn. I went right down on him. It was different with the skin and tasted different than Billy's. I slide off the sofa was now between his legs licking and sucking his fully hard cock now. He said I see you done this before. He said you know Mrs W won't suck my cock says she dose not like it. I said to bad she dose not know what she's missing. When he was getting close he put his hand on my head and said oh yes thats it suck it make me cum. His hip started to move with my head bobbing up and down his shaft. He exploded in my mouth. I swallowed most of it but some run out down his shaft. It was very thick and very bitter. Big globs of cum.
    He said your turn and I layed back as he went down on me. I was watching as he bounce up and down my shaft. He then wet his finger and pushed it in my ass. I exploded in his mouth he didn't let a drop spill out. Sitting there enjoying the after glow he said this is our secrete no one is to know. I aggreed and we would suck each other every chance we could. Then one day he asked if I would try anal. I said ok as I didn't tell him but I was using my mom's dildo on my self for a year or so. He took me into the master bathroom and gave me a enema filling me up 3 times a first for me. He had me jump in the shower and clean my back side. When I walked in the bedroom he had a pillow with a towel over it took me to lay on the pillow with my ass up. He got on the bed and surprised me buryed his face in my ass. I felt his tongue dart in and out of my hole. Asked if I liked it I said yea feels so good. He got on top of me his knees on the outside of my legs. He was rubbing my ass cheeks and rubbing my hole. He pushed a finger in me I jumpped he said you have to relax let it just happen. I next felt cold as he lubed my hole up. I looked back over my shoulder watching him lube his very hard cock up. I felt his weight on me and he rubbed his very hard cock up and down my hole. I felt pain as he was pushing in me. He said just let it happen don't fight it he said you fell like you have to go to the bathroom but u don't your empty. He kept pushing till he was balls deep in me. I felt his balls on mine. I lost my hard-on and the pain was going away. He did something he never did before kissing my neck and whispering in my ear. He told me I have a ass for fucking it was made for it. He slowly started fucking me. He then picked up the speed till he was pounding me. The room filled with that slapping sound. Then his breathing was heavy and he said he was cumming. I felt a warm feeling inside me as he shot his load. He fell on top of me. He cock slipped out of me he them got off. I didn't move for a few mins. That day I became a bottom and though the years been fucked by others.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I was 13and lived in england ,i passed a toilet block on my way home from school. i would go in the cubical and read the stories on the wall. one day as i went in an older man was about to go in one of the stalls ,he gave me a look that i knew was an invite to join him.
    i didnt hesitate and went in he locked the door and got his prick out and i did the same. he sat on the seat and took my prick in his mouth i was shaking with excitment he stoped and undid my belt and droped my pants and undies .then he sucked me while stroking my arse and caressing my didnt take long when i shot my spunk in his mouth.
    he got up and got me to sit , he droped his pants and i let him fuck my mouth he took longer than me i played with his balls and griped his arse he came which i swallowed . when we were dressed he whispered that he would be there tomorrow and hed bring some lube if i wanted to fuck him ,i nodded now thats another story.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    i was 15 working on a farm my room was seperate from the house but i had to use the main house shower.the boss was away and his wife and i got soaked mustering .we got back to the house i looked after the horses while she went for a shower.
    when i gotitothe house she was in her bathrobe drying her hair. i striped and got in the shower and washing myself when she walked in said she was getting my wet clothes ,she stood looking at me i got brave and started washing my prick she still watched so i kept rubbing it ofcouse i got an erection she droped her robe got in the shower with me and wanked me till i came over her belly that was the start of a great relationship

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    i was 15 and horny kid ,doing a delivery for the shop i worked at on a wet day .the older man who opened the door invited me in he suggested i strip off and he would dry my clothes. i was game when i was naked he gave me a towel to dry me. i was wr****g it round me he said dont and came over held my cock and started mastabating me. i didnt resist he led me to the bedroom striped himself and asked me to fuck him with the aid of some vaseline i got in him and did as i was told he regularly gets deliveries after that and i let him fuck me he was gentle at first . ive many more experiences since there are many of us out there.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 26

    When I was about 10 years old I had a friend that lived closed by, we were both curious about out bodies and each other's.
    One day we were playing hide and seek and we hid together under a porch. No one knew where we were. She started to touch me.
    She put her hand up my shirt and touched my nipple, I had already had an a cup by this age. She lifted my shirt and kissed my breast and sucked on my nipple. I was becoming very moist between my legs.
    I reached over and started feeling her breast and they felt so soft and tasted like candy when I licked them. She asked if we could kiss. So we started out just with regular kissing and she told me she had seen it on tv that people use their tongue. So we slowly began to stick our tongues in each other's mouths and message them. She tastes very yummy.
    She then reached down and felt my pussy through my shorts and felt the moisture. She pushed them a side and my undies and slid her finger in between my pussy lips and touched my clit. She rubbed and than pushed further and put her finger inside me. It felt so good and the pleasure made me moan from her moving it in and out.
    I wanted to try to so I had her pull her pants off. I felt her wet pusdy through her pink undies and then put my hand inside them and found her clit. I had already knew where it was. I rubbed it just like I saw in porn and she made noises that let me know she liked it. I rubbed faster and pushed a finger inside of her too.
    Her pussy was soo wet on my finger.
    We fingered and rubbed for a while, than I asked her if I could kiss her pussy. She said yes . I went between her legs and spread her pussy lips and kisses her, she said I think they use those tongue in the movie. So I licked her, it was the first and only time I did this and she tasted so good. She tasted sweet snd I licked her clit so many times she made a small scream out and her pussy pulsed, we didn't know what happened at first. She was so tender after and didn't want me to stop.
    She asked if she could try too.
    She got between my legs and used her tongue to licked in between my pussy lips, it felt weird and amazing. She pushed my open with her fingers and asked where to lick like I did. I showed her my clit. She than started to slide her tongue on it and fast. She pushed a finger inside me at the same time.
    Her tongue was wet and hot and made me shake. I felt this weird feeling building up inside me. It felt like my body was screaming out than after what seemed like forever of this feeling my pussy exploded and I let out an involuntary scream and it was pulsating like hers did and it was the best feeling in the world.
    After we caught our breath we got dressed and came out from under the porch. No one ever knew what went on and we didn't do it agian but stayed great friends until I moved a year later.
    Today I'm married and have kids but still fantasize all the time about eating another woman's pussy agian.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    I lived with a step-mother and her spoiled brat son, who was fifteen to my eleven. He could do no wrong, and I never could do anything right! He began tying me up, and playing with me, until I began to experience an erection for the first time. It was so intense, it drove me crazy, and I would have stopped it if I could! He was much bigger and heavier than me, just like our "mother" and always got the better of me. Then one day she found us, as we "played". "Cowboys and Indians" explained Cecil, coolly. "Not sure THAT happened between them!" she joked, then asked me "You okay with all this?" "He LOVES it!" cut in her son, and she accepted that, as he could do no wrong, after all. So my confinement grew ever more inventive, and the torment ever more intense, until he had to gag me to keep her away. It was a power thing for him, and he loved my humiliation and discomfort, sadist as he was, ever more fiercely. As she got older and more lonely, he began carrying out his torment right in front of her, forcing me to beg him never to stop, never to let me out of whatever I was tied up in! There were a few mumbled "I'm not sure this is right" and "Are you SURE you're okay with this? addressed to me. As usual I was scared to say anything but the agreed upon "Yes Ma'am!" At eighteen, Cecil actually dominated his Mom, mentally, ordering her about, making her do whatever he said! He demanded that she play with me, and he took polaroid photos of this, and began threatening her blackmailing her, saying he'd take them to the police! After that, weak-willed gullible fool that she was. she allowed him total control in the house, down to the tiniest detail! He began tying us both up then, and leaving us like that for entire nights and weekends. She cried a lot, and the only way I could calm her down was to work my bone-hard erection inside her, which he thought was 'adorable' snapping more pictures! Finally he got a job out of state, and it was just her, and me! Awkwardly, embarrassedly, we agreed that our physical contact was intense enough we wanted it to go on, and so it did! She was claustrophobic, and he always enjoyed roping her up in a sleeping-bag, head first, as he savored her fright and utter helplessness. Only my involuntary attachment to her, kept her sane, I think. To my surprise one day she asked if I would tie her up in the sleeping bag again, explaining that she trusted me, and that was all it took! Soon her claustrophobia faded, and I had a hard job getting he to come out of the bag! It was the happiest I'd seen her for ages, so I made her stay like that, most of the time, as she played with herself endlessly. She breathed through the metal zipper that ran right down the middle of her face, and began insisting that I tied the neck of the bag under her feet, so she was utterly trapped. I could open the double-ended zipper at her face, to feed and hydrate her, before sealing her back inside, as she demanded. I could undo the neck, and sit her on the potty, as required, and like that, had access to her sex too! I fucked her brains out, with the enthusiasm of an eighteen-year-old, and this seemed to make her very happy! Now this was fine and dandy, except I wasn't getting any tying up myself, or forced handjobs! Then one day Cecil returned, job lost, and soon there were two trussed sleeping-bags on the master bed!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 23

    so one day i went in my cousin's room to watch a movie with her, it was just me and her. she was sitting in front of me, about 30 minutes in she reach her hands up my shorts and started to stroke my cock. this went on for about 5 minutes until someone walked and asked if we were hungry.

    later that night, when everyone was asleep i was thinking about her stroking my cock. i just couldn't get the thought out of my head so i walked to her room from my other cousins room. when i got in there i shook her until she woke up. when she got she got up she asked me "What do you want." so i told her she never finished what she started and everyone is asleep and i took my pants down. from there she started to jerk me off again then suddenly my cock got wet and when i opened my eyes i saw she put me in her mouth. this was my first blowjob and it felt so good that i cummed immediately. so much came out and she spit it out.

    30 minutes after i cummed we started up again. she sucked me so good but i lasted longer before i could cum she stopped and said to put my dick in her butt. i was so nervous because i'd never done anything like this before. so i slowly put my dick in because i read to do that on the internet somewhere. when i was fully in it was so tight around my dick and i got harder. then i started to thrust inside her and she started to moan. about 3 minutes in i came just as hard as the first time but on her back. some of it got in her hair so i got a towel and wiped her down. after i wiped her down i started to finger her butt while we made-out. when the sun started to come i went back to the other room.

    ever since then we haven't done anything and we never talked about it but i'll always remember it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 38

    When I was about 11 years old I had a very long bus ride back from school in a rural area. We lived in that place for less than a year, but the entire time the boys would take turns m****ting me. It was an old yellow bus and we'd sit way in the back, and I would scrunch down in the corner of a seat so the bus driver couldn't see me. A boy would sit next to me and lift my shirt to squeeze my boobs. They'd pull my pants down to my knees so my whole body was exposed. Then he would explore my pussy with his fingers while the other boys watched. When the bus would stop to drop a kid off, they would switch places and a new boy would play with me. Sometimes 9 different boys would finger my hole. One boy liked to use both middle fingers inside me so he could slide them in and out alternating. Sometimes they would put things like pens or markers in my hole which made them laugh. They rarely put their cocks inside me because they didn't want to get caught exposed, but some rides a boy would r**e my vagina the entire ride home, blocked from view by his friends and their backpacks. Then I would dress myself and limp home from the bus stop.

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