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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 21

    I got on the cheerleaders squad in my sophomore high school year, it was a lot of work, but it was great getting all the attention too. I didn't date at the time, only spent a little time talking to a few of the guys, most of the football jocks thought they were studs, but were really only dicks. My senior year I slowly started getting more interested in the guys, and the one I spent most time with wasn't a jock. He was in most of my classes, he wasn't pushy or big headed like the others, he was fun to be around.

    We started dating just after Christmas break, and didn't have sex till about a month before school was out. The first time was ackward for both of us, a few more times and it didn't get any better for me, but he thought it was the greatest thing. He had this 19 year old black buddy, he was taller than mark, and at least 50 lbs heavier. He always made cute remarks about me, and liked to tease me, and I got to where I liked to tease him also.

    If mark wasn't around, he liked to say sexy things, and I'm sure he could tell that I liked that. And I started teasing him in a sexual way, I had no intentions of ever letting anything happen between us. But I knew that the more I was around him, the more I wanted to be, and it wasn't long till I found myself getting wet when he was close to me. It was hard not to let it show when mark and I were togather, and he showed up, but I was sure that shawn knew that he had got something started by the sly glances he gave me.

    There was only a week of school left, and one night mark and I were at this party, shawn was there too, mark and I hadn't had a fight, but for the past few days he'd acted a little strange, and shortly after getting to the party, I saw him talking to this red head that was a junior, I could tell she was flirting with him, and he seemed to enjoy it. I was talking with some of the girls I cheerleadered with when shawn walked up. After a few minutes he said lets go get some fresh air, and we went outside. It was a beautiful night, it was just me and him, he was standing next to me, and I instantly started to get wet.

    He asked what marks problem was, I said I didn't have a clue, but he seem to be real interested in the readhead. We walked about a block and got in his car. it was dark, and he said you know what, I think you and me should just make out a little. You know, you smell really good, and I don't think mark would mind, especially if he didn't know about it. That made me feel all tingly and I knew I was really wet, but I said, I though you and mark were best of friends. He said well we are, but to tell the truth, he's kinda nerdy, and if he's interested in that other girl, whats wrong with you and me getting to knew each other better.

    Befor e I could give it any thought he leaned over and started kissing my neck, and I just about went into shock. I saw stars, and rainbows, there were giant goose bumps all over my body, I thought I was going to pee right then. His hand was on my thigh, he was moving it back and forth, and then he moved it up to my crotch. I wasn't sure I wanted him to go any farther, but then his lips were on mine, and for a second I tried to push away, but I was helpless to do it. With just little fear inside I found out that I wanted what he was doing, and in a few seconds, I was giving in to him.

    I knew he was un doing my blouse, and his hands were under my bra, then he had my bra off, and he was working on my jeans. I was like no, I shouldn't be letting him do this, he's black its against my parents teaching, no I don't want, but just then his fingers found their way under the leg band of my bikini panties. I don't remember how much longer he played with me, but I do remember him sliding his dick into my throbbing wet pussy. I had to gasp when he did, and I instantly got off, and from then until he pulled out I was in heaven. Later we went back to the party, but mark and the readhead were gone, and shawn ended up taking me home. It wasn't until I walked into the house that I remembered that he had taken me unprotected, but a week later my period started, mark stayed with the readhead, but the strange part is, the next time I saw shawn, he didn't even speak.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 20

    When I was o around 16 years old, I had a fetish for panties and a little anal play. I am sure that im not gay. I had my panty fetish when I was helping my 13 year old friend do her laundry and I remember her suffocating me with her panties. she thought it was funny, but I got a nice inhale of her pussy scent and I was hooked since. I had maybe around 20 pairs stolen from various girls in my school.

    But when I was 16, I remember one of those spencer shops I think. I went in there thinking to buy some gags to bring to school, but when I neared the back of the store my fetish side sorta came out. I spent like 30 minutes inside pretending like I would be deciding on what to buy. I would be at the back looking at a shelf of gag t shirts. But I was secretly sneaking looks behind me and to the side. It was floor to ceiling full of these sexy lingerie, and sex toys. I stashed these pink nylon panties with the crotch missing, but I was interested on the toys. when no one was looking I shoved a box with anal beads inside, then finally I took these vibrating patches meant for girls. they let girls stick 3 pathches on their nipples and one on the clit and it had a remote button that allowed them to be teased in public.

    the very next day at school, I wore the crotchless panties with the anal beads in. I applied a patch on the tip of my cock, one in that area between my balls and ass, then one on my ass. there was 3 settings, normal, high, then random. I kept it on normal and I cam like 5 times in the first block. I removed it since my boxers were completely trashed. The next day I decided that once school ended I would do something special. I usually would take the girls panties from the basketball girls since they practice after school at 5 when no one was around. When they were practicing, I was standing on the sink basin, with my pants off, and I would turn it on high while sniffing some panties, then I would cum all over the mirrors. I only did this once, but there was 2 mirrors, and I coated both. I never wore them to school again but I still wore them in public.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I am a sixty seven year old male.

    I was born in 1946 in a small rural New England town. My parents and grandparents were also all born in that same old rural New England town. In fact my ancestors had lived there for centuries.

    When I was a baby my Dad got a job in Europe. So he packed up the family and we moved there. I don't remember of course. I only remember growing up in Europe in the fifties and sixties. I also remember returning to the U.S. in the early 70s and being a stranger in my own home country.

    It was a shock to learn how sexually repressive the United States is. In my childhood, a typical outing in the summer would be to a beach. All beaches in that country were nude beaches. I remember happily strutting across the lawn to the car naked and being naked for the ride to the beach, approximately half an hour's ride. I remember getting out of the car naked only carrying a towel and walking in my sandals. I remember nearly everyone else was also naked. I never wondered what people looked like naked. I saw naked people all the time. When I got to America I was so dumbfounded as to why people paid extra for magazines depicting naked people. I wondered if anyone had ever seen a naked person before.

    I lost my virginity at the age of 7 to a neighbor who was 17. She was beautiful and nice and always told me how nice I looked and so one day she asked if she could touch me and of course I said yes. She offered me her nipple and I sucked. I was still nursing on my mother so that was no big deal though that girl didn't have any milk to give. But it was the delightful way she played with my flesh that made it different than when my mother nursed me. She asked me to put my hand inside her vagina and it felt hot and soft and wet and tight and very pleasant. I wanted to crawl up inside her and play. She licked her way down to my penis and sucked me. Then she mounted me and put me inside her. It was very pleasant. I did not ejaculate of course and I don't think you could call what I experienced an orgasm. But I liked it a lot. The third time we did that my Dad caught us. He scolded the girl for making me late for dinner but that was it. My Dad told me he was proud of me and said I would be an envied man one day. If that happened in the U.S. today the woman would get 50 years in prison and be on the sex offenders watch list forever.

    In that country, at that time, there were no laws governing consensual sex. If two people had sex, regardless of age, the only way a prosecution would move forward is if one complained to the law that the other had r**ed them. If a 54 year old man was fucking a 5 year old girl on his front porch and a cop came along and the girl was giggling or otherwise indicating she was enjoying herself, he would not have done anything except possibly tell them to take it indoors. Today, in the United States, there are places where a boy, who is three days older than his girlfriend, can be convicted of raping a minor and spend the rest of his life in prison and on the sex offenders watch list for having sex with his girlfriend on his 18th birthday. Such things are ludicrous but that is how sexually repressive this country is.

    When I was in what in the United States would call the 7th grade and 12 years old, I had a minor crush on our gym teacher. He was young and handsome and muscular. We would all shower together after gym and sometimes gym class was conducted entirely naked depending on the activity. Greco-Roman wrestling was always conducted naked because those were the rules. He would demonstrate various holds using students. Of course he was much bigger so he did not put his full weight into it. It was my turn one day to partner with him for demonstration. I felt his erect cock pressing into my crotch. I wanted so badly for him to r**e me in front of the whole class. I didn't care if it hurt. Later he caught me staring at his erection. We were in the showers and I deliberately took my time to be the last one there. He stayed two. It was the last class of the day so I would not be late for any classes if I stayed behind. He asked me if I liked his penis and I said "yes very much" and he told me I could touch it. I held it and it got even bigger. Without asking I bent over and took it in my mouth. He pumped hard and came in my mouth in about a minute. Then he sucked me off. We then did this about once a week for the rest of the school year. He even fucked me in the ass a couple of times. I was 12. To this day I do not consider what he did to me as abuse. I got the same grade in gym class I got every year before and since so it was not as though he was giving me better grades in exchange for sex.

    When I was 17 I met a very nice 10 year old girl. She and I became friends. I helped her with school work. She also was shy and had low self esteem. I told her she was quite beautiful and even sexy. She didn't believe me so to prove the point I offered to kiss her. We kissed and she didn't want to stop for nearly an hour. I told her I wanted to do more with her but would not do more than she wanted to because I wanted her to like me. She said she already liked me. A few days after that her mom caught me masturbating her while we were kissing. Her mother told me to wait until her daughter was 12 before I took her virginity. I agreed but before that happened we each found other love interests. She ended up losing her virginity at 12 to a 32 year old man in our village and I ended up dating another 10 year old. While it is true that I have always found preteens more desirable it is also true that I have mostly dated women closer to my own age. I have even dated a woman that was 15 years older than me.

    My sister used to ride the vacuum around when my mother vacuumed the carpets. My sister was about 3 at the time and I remember that after a while her eyes would role back and she would hump the vacuum and orgasm. She was about 5 years younger than me. She would always stand next to me when I sat on the sofa and hump my knee. She would pull up her dress and expose her naked vagina and rub it on my bare knee and grunt. When I gave her a bath she would hump my hand if it got anywhere near her crotch. My hand spent a lot of time near my sister's crotch. She was quite beautiful and I enjoyed providing her with pleasure. by the time she was 9 she was sleeping with me full time except when my girlfriend slept over.

    When I graduated from college I got a job in the city. I hired a 11 year old housekeeper to keep my place clean. They were very poor so the mother agreed to letting her move in my spare room as partial compensation. I Paid her the equivalent of $25 a week and gave her room and board. She kept my place clean, did my laundry, mended my clothes and prepared my meals and went to market for me. It was not long before she began snuggling up to me in the evening and not long after that, that I took her virginity. She got pregnant so we got married. I wanted to marry her anyways and she felt the same. Her duties didn't change, now she was my wife and that was what wives did in that country in the 70s.

    A couple of years later we had our second child and my wife needed help so I hired her little sister who was 9 at the time. In those days in that country girls usually only went to school for about 3 years just to learn some rudimentary math skills, a little about the history of their country and of course to read and write. Pretty much, three years of education is all one really needs to learn those basics. So my wife's younger sister became our live in housekeeper at 9 and my part time lover. My wife didn't seem to mind to much because being pregnant and having the babies around decreased her interest in sex and I liked it once or twice a day. Her sister got very good at sucking cock.

    A lot of people automatically assume that guys who like little girls, only like little girls. This is not true. When I tell people I enjoy sex with preteens they then disbelieve me when I say I also like sex with 75 year old women. They are more shocked that I like both age groups than that I like preteens. The fact is I am attracted to people of both genders any age from newborn to 80s. Sometimes I am only attracted to one part of them. For example I met a woman with the most amazing hair. It was like silk, straight, blond and about six feet long. The rest of her was ugly as hell but that hair made her very sexy and so I enjoyed fucking her. Another example, I met a guy who was fat, bald and ugly but he had the most amazing cock. It was about a foot long, thick, uncircumcised, beautifully shaped and I enjoyed several occasions sucking him off. I think the reason I like kids slightly more is that like everything else they experience, they experience sex more acutely. When a kid has ice cream, they enjoy it more than when an adult has ice cream. There taste buds have not worn out with age. When you lick a three year old girl's asshole and you do it right, she won't ever let you take your tongue out of that hole. She will scream when you stop licking her. Of course first one must let the 3 year old know that there is nothing wrong with enjoying something that feels so good regardless of how naughty the rest of the world might view it.

    These things I missed terribly when I moved here. Naturally I don't like the prospect of prison so I completely refrained from such activity with children while living here. I am very careful when I return to that country that I don't break U.S. laws. There are plenty of ways to engage with sex with little ones without breaking U.S. laws and there are plenty of ways of doing it without breaking the laws of that country as well. Even though they recently passed an age of consent law, that age is still relatively low and technically one still can't be arrested unless the child or parents want to pursue it. So I visit friends whose children like me and are open to spending a night with an old man's tongue up their sweet asshole. One delightful 7 year old daughter of a friend of mine calls me the naughty toilet. She pees in my mouth and makes me lick her clean and then spanks my groin while calling me a bad man. She giggles the whole time. about 99% of the time we play that game my tongue is up her butt. She has even pooped in my mouth a couple of times.

    My wife and I returned to the old country once a year in the summer so our kids would always know what it is like to be sexually free. That is when my kids got to run around naked in public and have sex in front of strangers without fear of getting in trouble. They would go to church wearing clothes that in the US would be too sexy to wear in a strip club. One of my daughters had an affair with a priest when she was 15. My only concern was that if she got pregnant he would marry her. He agreed but she never got pregnant. Her next affair was with a 12 year old. He wanted to marry her until he got the hots for his 39 year old French teacher.

    The youngest child I ever witnessed initiating a sexual experience on her own was my sister when she was three and humping the vacuum. She thought that one up by herself and not as the result of having been "abused" by an adult. The youngest girl I ever witnessed enjoying sexual pleasure was when I was in my early 20s and still living in the old country. She was 18 months old and I was in the middle of changing her diaper. I got her cleaned up being extra gently I hopes she would enjoy my touch. She did. I took a tentative lick of her anus and her eyes lit up and she smiled the most amazing smile I had witnessed on a baby. I asked if she wanted me to do it again and she just smiled so I dove in and licked her again, this time her eyes rolled back and I thought she was going to die from the pleasure. Then I just went crazy licking her all over her pussy and ass hole. She sighed and moaned and giggled and squealed in delight and thrashed about for those two hours and then the moment I stopped she burst out crying. She didn't want me to stop. So I did it until she fell asleep which took a couple of more hours. I find the only bad thing in doing that is they like to too much and then you have to be careful they don't act out to try to get you to do it more. The youngest boy I ever sucked was five years old and I was in my late teens at the time. I was babysitting him and we got into a playful argument over a board game we were playing and he said "suck my dick!" in response to a move I made in the game that he didn't like. I told him to be careful what he asked for and he then dared me to suck his dick so I told him to take it out and he did and shoved it in my mouth. So I sucked it. A few minutes later he had an orgasm. No sperm of course but he definitely had an orgasm. Then every time I baby sat him he wanted me to suck his dick. When I told him know he offered to suck mine if I agreed to suck his. So I let him. Personally I prefer to be sucked by elderly people with full dentures. They are experts at sucking, are profoundly grateful for the privilege of sucking something a decade younger than they are and, well, until you have gotten sucked off by someone with no teeth who is an expert, you just have never had a real blow job. but, that does not mean I turn down an enthusiastic suck from a pretty child either.

    I just cant do any of this kind of stuff in the U.S. because of the ridiculously repressive laws. Now, before you go off and look for sex with kids overseas you should be warned. You will only get away with any of these things if you are familiar with U.S. law. As it stands since the last time I went over seas, if you visit any country and engage in sex with anyone under 18 and there is a monetary transaction in connection to the sexual activity, for example, prostitution, then you can be prosecuted. Since I only engage in such things with friends who invite me to stay for free with them and no money is exchanged, I have not broken any U.S. laws. Sex tourism, which my activities are not, is highly risky and will land you in jail. So don't bother trying to come to my country looking for sex with 5 year old prostitots. It's not going to happen. Instead, be good friends with some one local, be aware of local customs and be really really nice to little kids. And I mean truly nice not the kind of nice where you walk up to a strange kid and say "can I lick your pussy." You are likely to get lynched. But if you are staying with friends who know and trust you and their kids affectionately begin to snuggle up to you and you know their parents are not going to freak out because they caught you licking their toddlers pussy then I say go for it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    Well, to be honest I am a kid. But not really anymore. That's what my neighbor tells me bow lol.

    He is my friend's dad. They moved in when I was like 3 so my family has known theirs forever. I'm friends with their daughter who is 16, 2 years older than me. We're not close like we were when we were younger but we still talk and hang out sometimes.

    About a year ago, her dad started like talking to me way more than he ever had. At first I was kinda weirded out, but then it started getting like bad and naughty, and it felt good knowing we shouldn't talk like we did. Everything got more and more sexual as time passed. Finally, about 4 months ago, he asked if we could do more than talk. We had already said we wouldn't tell anyone about how we talked & texted. He had been sending me pictures of him like hard, naked, even short videos of him like jerking while watching me with my friends outside. I finally agreed and OMG I was nervous. His wife and daughter went out of town for the weekend for a cheerleading competition and he said for me to sneak over and say i was going out with friends for a while or something. So I did.

    The first couple times we just like kissed and rubbed a little. Then it got to me being all the way naked and like sitting on his lap while he was naked and like grinding him till he got off. I loved playing with and licking his cum when he'd finish. He's the only guy I've ever been with and man was it like exciting. After a few weeks of sneaking over before anyone got home or like on weekends when no one was there, he asked if I'd let him go inside me. Holy shit I was so nervous and horny.

    He put a condom on and layed me on his bed. He rubbed me and fingered me for a long time. Finally he got the lube bottle and like poured so much on me and him. Then he got on top of me and asked me if I was sure. I just nodded yes and h pressed it against me. He had never pointed it into me before, just me sliding along the length like. He pushed in me so slow. Now I've played with myself alot, and already torn my hymen so I wasn't really worried, until the head popped in. It was so much bigger and felt way better than anything I'd ever used. I guess I looked scared and was making like noises cause he just held still for a long time. Every few seconds or minutes or hours, I don't even know, he'd push alittle more in me. After what felt like forever, he hit my cirvix and tried pushing more, but no where else for him to go. I kept feeling his hot heavy balls like swaying and bumping into my butt, knowing he was that deep, not fully for him but completely filling me up made me cum right then.

    He just was smiling down at me and whispered I needed to stop that cause it was gonna make him cum too. I couldn't. He slid back and started like doing little thrust into me a d then he hwent rock hard and like jammed it into me so hard. It hurt but honestly I didn't care. I felt him start throbbing and jumping in me. Then, still barried in me he started like barely bobbong inand out quickly and then I felt it. It was so awesome, a rush of hot, then another jet, and another. He looked so serious and flexed so hard. I grabbed around his neck and told him 'yes, do it. Do it to me'. OMG and he did. He must have been like that for a whole minute.

    After he calmed alittle, he sat up but stayed in me. I could feel his heart beat through his super hard dick still in me. He looked down and then looked back at me with a slight grin and kinda a worried laugh. He pulled out of me and I felt something run down my butt crack. I figured it would have been blood because he pushed so hard. I sat up alittle and didn't see any. It was his cum. Not alot bit a little trickle. I looked at him and he looked down and said 'I put one on, I swear'. I scooted back and we looked on the bed for itfor a few minutes. He told me to lay back, spread my legs and he put his finger i to me. It was super wet. I felt alot more run out of me and then he slid his finger out and had a peice of the condom. I asked where the rest was and he said probably still in me. I took two fingers and reached inside, i felt more. I slid it out, along with more gobs of him. I finally got it all out right when my dad pulled into the driveway.

    He kept apologizing as I quickly got dressed and I kept telling him it was okay. I went home and got in the shower and tried to rinse him out of me. I came thinking that he had just totally came way up in me, but then got immediately scared.

    Over the next month we didn't really do much. Finally after my period came we started playing again. We don't use condoms now cause the next time we did it, he slid out of me and I had like pulled it off him. He says its cause I'm too tight, but I don't care. Makes me feel so much like naughtier and older letting him cum into me, not to mention he likes it too. He started asking me to wear his daughter's clothes and we do it on her bed now too. I love it, and him.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 49

    PHOTOS AND DIRTY PANTIES.... I know i should put my story in the category of [fetishes and kinky sex] but wait because my secret actually belongs here.i've never told anyone because it's weird and embarassing...well some will see it as i have serious issues..some would be start i will say that i'm definitely cursed because i have a small penis..very small at a little less than 3 inches and when erect it's thickness is okay if i were to say have sex with tiny little girls.though i do sexually desire young girls and woman i've never had sexual intercourse EVER and yes i am 49 years old .i've basically been sexually frustrated and often angry through out my entire life due to this condition.medically doctors describe it as a sexual pitutary growth issue and back in the early 90's wanted me to sign legal forms to allow them to write journal documentaries and expose my what they assume to be a rare medical discovery though in india,japan,thailand,mexico,peru these cases are documented with men prone to this condition.we are classified by society as freaks...the legendary andre the giants,hermophradites,tiniest people etc..etc from circuses,ripleys believe it or not,bizarre magazines and guinness world records which is nothing to be proud of when you stand in a negative light and far beyond different than grandfather was a well known famous architect in america and his inheritance helped to hide me in a world of seclusion.the internet and close family is my only source of comfort from the outside world.i love,respect,believe yet loath and detest god,creator or whatever spiritual being who created me yet don't feel ill will nor hatred towards my mother who was just chosen to birth me.due to privacy i live in an undisclosed location outside the united states and throughout the years have grown to literally hate humanity with it's thirst for wars,racisms,violence,guns,corrupt politics,deceptions and own wealth is meaningless because i never worked a day in my life to earn it honestly and proudly so i compensate by donating to cancer research,the make a wish foundation,homeless societies and starving children/families around the world and even then i don't consider myself worthy of their gratefulness because even there i failed.i'm admittedly a hypocrite with the tendencies of a closeted phile,but my only reach and comfort is photos and dirty panties of young little grandfathers money provides me these guilty pleasures because a few select people in my circle desire small riches to sell me my guilt.i pay to have them flown in from japan,china,nigeria with the actual photos and young girls that wear the panties and appear in the photos.they never have the advantage to see me in person as i closely observe them through cameras.among my private hired staff i hired a man from london to attend to these momentary guest in my home.the young girl is escorted to a private room where she is to remove her panties and put them in an envelope that is immediately sealed by my employee and then the request for the photos exchanges guest are then invited to to have a seat and served drinks while my employee brings me the desired items.i only deal with a few that come highly recommended yet before any money exchanges hands i personally verify it's the young girl in the photos.rare is the occasion when the young girl is offered for a night of unknown pleasures but my strict stipulations of no sexual contact is respected.they leave satisfied and several thousands wealthier upon employee and immediate staff are paid extremely well for their silence and service and are required to sign non-disclosure forms adhering to their chosen family members are all kept in the dark and i paid to have my medical records sealed,i am after all my own worst enemy spending hours in my dark room and loneliness to masturbate to photos and savor the aromas and taste of a young girls computers also aids me in seeing the outside world with photos and videos of young girls on youtube and facebook,despite no actual sexual contact with my desires. due to my condition i'v learned to adapt and mentally imagine myself in different scenarios sexually with hundreds of thousands of these young girls.their scent,their beauty and innocences.i am no threat to them as i sit in my dark living hell that is my condition and destiny and wealth is nothing when one lives in misery .

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 24

    I remember going to a party with a high school girlfriend and telling me there would be cute boys there and to dress sexy. I was 16 and my mother used to check out the clothes I was wearing. She always gave me a lecture about shirt skirts and revealing clothing. I said yes to everything she said so she would let me go. Used go to my girlfriends house and change into sexier clothing and then change back to my clothes when I went back. My girlfriend and I had similar bodies and her clothes fit me like a glove. Remember dressing up with a braless top, high heels and asking her if the skirt was to short. "Hey you've got nice legs" she told me. I felt a little self conscious about my nipples showing, skirt up higher than mid thigh, but she convinced to go like that. Discovered there were mostly senior boys and girls there and not all of them from my school. I was and instant success showing up dressed like that, witch made a lot of girls unhappy. There I was 16 years old, with boys looking at me and girls giving me angry looks. I was sitting having a drink, when this bitchy girl came up to me and said "my panties were showing" and lifted up the front of my skirt. I was so embarrassed I went to one of the bedroom bathroom up stairs and found them waiting for me when I came out. Ended up pinned on the edge of the bed with my skirt and top yanked up, panties ripped off and telling four boys that were with them to suck my pussy. "Don't worry your going to like it" holding my legs apart, while boys had a party taking turns sucking my tits and pussy. Remember being total helpless, subdued and girls telling them "suck her hard make her cum" witch eventually it was hard not to have one. An orgasm mixed in with utter humiliation and very embarrassing to have one in front of an audience. I remember fixing myself up in the bathroom when they all left , stuffing my torn panties under my clothes and walking out like nothing had happed. Found my girlfriend in the parking lot, she obviously knew what went on up stairs and decided it was best to leave. "Where were you" she asked me. Save face by lying and telling her I had a little making out with one of the boys. Don't know if she swallowed it but kept sticking to my story.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 55

    This happened when i was 13. my best friend lived across the street, and was gone fishing with his dad. mom was home with his little 7 year old sis, and i didn't know jeff was gone. mom asked me in and soon i had my little 4 inch dick deep inside her pussy, my first time to fuck. i then saw sally looking in through the small opening in the door. that sent me over the top, i shot my load inside their mom. 4 years later i poped sally's cherry, and then found out the little 3 year old boy was mine. sally told me she wanted me to know. we still fuck regulary, and sally wants my baby. i'm 17, she is 11, and i am glad she is too young to have a baby. joined the navy and got the hell out of there.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    When I was three years old my uncle, my Mom's sister's husband, began m****ting me. He did it in a way that made if feel good physically and he was so nice about it that I kind of fell in love with him from the start. He was young and good looking and incredibly gentle.

    Long story short, when I was 9 he got caught m****ting me. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He gets out in one year and I am in love with him and I have invited him to come live with me when he gets out. Problem is the judge who sentenced him ordered him to have no contact with me. We pass letters through his attorney who is also assisting me in trying to convince the judge to reverse his order. I would understand if I was only a kid but I am 23 now and an adult and I take responsibility for my own actions. I liked what he did to me and miss his touch terribly. Every one I have been with since him has been a poor substitute. Everyone told me that my uncle was a phile who only liked little girls sexually. He told me he is in love with me and will love me forever regardless of my age.

    The thing is, I also want to reenact what we did together. I want to be that little girl again and feel his touch. I want him to sneak into my room late at night and steal my virginity.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    During the summer when I was 16 I often went to my girlfriends at the time's house in the daytime when her parents were at work an they left my 14 yr old girlfriend home with her 10 yr old sister. One day I was on top of my girl fucking her brains out when her sister walked in out of curiosity and caught us fucking just stood there in awe. MY girl initially got upset but I told her that her sister just wanted to learn. After that her sister watched us fuck on many occasions.

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    Straight Male / 28

    I am a 28 year old male now. But when I was 13 I was a bit of a wild child and always in some trouble or other. I lived with my mother who was 30 at the time. She was a widow my father died when I was 4 a boating mishap. Mom was left fairly well off by insurance and dads family trust. She is a shy woman of average build and slender. She worked at bookshop part time. Did not go out much. I cause her a lot grief at the time always in some sort of trouble. I was aware of sex and would spy on any female given a chance. I even spied on mom. Poor mom was worried about were I would end up.

    To get to the heart of it. I was horny red headed freckle faced kid a bit of a loner. Always going a bit to far trying to score with the girls. Never rough but a bit pushy . One day in may about 2 weeks before my 14th birthday I was in trouble again. Mom was at her wits end. She told me that I had to change grow up. She said she would do anything for me if I would behave. She told me to go to my room and think about it. In my I sat on my bed read playboys and such magazines. While reading one the magazines I came across a story about turning someone into your sex slave. This got me thinking, being a twisted little prick. I decided to give it a try.

    About 2 hours later mom call me for dinner. I waited for mom to ask want I had decided, so in calm voice I proceeded to tell my problem. That I was highly sexed and would always get into some trouble unless I could reduce the pressure so to speak. She listen as I said if could find someone to drain me regularly. I would a lot calmer and would not get into trouble as much or at all. My school grades would even improve. I never mention that she could do the draining. I planted the seed and waited. About 2 days later she called me into the lounge room. She told me that if behave and got a lot better grades, that she would be my sex toy. But if I got into trouble or my grades did not improve and continue to improve. She would stop and there would no more sex ever.

    That night I was to stay in her room with her. We did have intercourse that night or that first week together. But I got to touch, taste and fondle her body. Then I came home with the first school test results since we made our agreement. I had studied hard and had improved from a C minus average to B minus. I got to fuck my mother that night and almost every night after. When the next test results came I was up to a B average. My mother cut off the sex for a few days. Saying she wanted A's only from then on. It was terrible but I studied harder and got to the top of the class and continued at top even when I went to university. I studied medicine and since qualified as a doctor. All the time I was fucking mom. Even now that I am married and have 2 children. My lives with me and my wife who is also a doctor and bi sexual. Yes we have threesomes with mom.

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