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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 26

    From the age of 6 to about 12, my male adult nextdoor neighbour used to lick and suck on my nipples whenever he could. He often used to babysit, but my parents tended to let me go over to his house as well. He was a bit like an uncle.
    I didn't really understand it at first, but after the first few times it started to feel quite nice and I kinda looked forward to it. He didn't seem to have any interest in doing anything else with my body, as he never touched my pussy or anything, although on a few occasions (when he must've been especially turned on) he did wank into my mouth afterwards (which I recall not being especially bothered by- it was thrilling to see a grown man's penis and even as a little kid, I didn't actually mind the taste). I think he just really got off on the undeveloped chests of pretty little girls.
    He kind of lost interest as my boobs started budding though as I was obviously developing, which was a shame, but there plenty of other boys who liked to play with my boobs after that point, so it was ok. But I do miss those days of being able to help a nice older man with my child's body.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 29

    As a kid I grew up in a run down high rise. The old man that lived across the back alley would masturbate in the window for me. I would sit in front of my window and watch and he would get naked and masturbate.

    The rest of what happened is my secret, all I can say is that I masturbate to the stuff we did back then.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 42

    I miss those days when I used to visit my cousin Marina , and spend nights at her place. I enjoyed holding her, caressing her, breastfeeding on her as she slept.
    She knew I was doing all that to her, and she went along with me. I would proceed to move her on her back, and she laid on her back so I can lift her shirt and bra over her breasts.
    As I attached my mouth to her breast,, she would look down at me and then close her eyes again, and hold her arm around me.
    I would suck gently on her nipples for hours, and she would move onto her side facing me.

    I would then slowly slide her pants down and then her panties.
    I laid there beside her, caressing her tummy, breasts and gently rubbing her clit with my fingers.
    I undressed and laid there a lil while longer. I admired her beautiful naked body, soft hairy pussy.
    She was waiting for me to crawl onto her, so she laid there with her thighs open.

    I crawled on top, my heart was racing, knowing this was my first time having sex, she was 19 at the time, I was 16.
    I pushed my hips into hers. Her thighs would tighten first, then loosen as my penis entered her.
    I made love to her as she was asleep.
    Was she really asleep or pretending?
    As I made love, her hips would push up to mine, I was deep in her.
    I felt my sperm building up inside, and I was going to pull out, but she held her hands on my waist, and wrapped her legs around me, keeping me inside her. I came. Lots.

    I laid on top of her , still inside her, she opened her eyes and looked at me. I didn't know what to say.
    I crawled off her, and laid beside her. She turned and faced me, I moved down and attached my mouth to her breast, and sucked on them gently as she fell asleep, holding me to her, leg around me.

    Her egg as taken my seed inside her, it was amazing.
    I wish I can go back and do this all over again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 19

    Puberty is not something that my parents ever discussed with me. So when I had my first erection, I freaked out but I kept it to myself for fear of getting beaten by my parents. I grew up in a traditional Hispanic home. Sadly, I got my second erection in school while I was wearing my wrestling gear. This time all the boys ran away in fear and I felt like a freak.

    At the time of this event, she had to be in her mid 20's's. I was 9 going on 10. Her name was Stacy. She was single was also very attractive. She was this blonde, green eyed, white women with an incredible body and she would always wear yoga pants or tight low cut yoga shorts. She had the ass and the thick thighs for it. She would always come over to my house after finishing her workouts at her gym. I lived 3 blocks away from the school so I always came home by myself. One day, she made lunch for me but after what happened at school, I decided to take a shower instead. She said ok and she followed me upstairs. She would often follow me upstairs as she has been my babysitter since I was 6 years old. My parents worked double shifts back then.

    It happened again, I got hard and in front of her. I turned away and sat down trying to hide it. It was silent but hand I felt her hand on my shoulder and she said "what's wrong?" Me being young and stupid, I stood up and turned around to face her. My cock almost hit her face she was sitting so close to me, she looked and stared, for a while. I said "everyone is afraid of this, make it go away" She grinned and said, "there's nothing to be afraid of, you're becoming a man, a BIG man too" I thought she was making fun of me so I turned away again. I could see her face. She was curious. She licked her lips and she touched my knee as if she was trying to spread my legs apart. She said, "don't worry, they don't understand. It happens. There's nothing wrong, honest" I trusted her so I turned around again. She said "It's ok. It's big, Be proud." but she never once looked at me though. Only at my cock. She then said "I'm going to clean "it" now. OK? Me, after being told that I was not a freak and not thinking twice about it, I said "Ok" She had done this before only now, she was biting her lower lip and she griping my cock with her hand instead of the wash cloth. Still not caring, she began stroking my cock. I noticed this time and I asked her what was wrong. She again smiled and said "nothing, I'm just cleaning "it" for you sweetheart. Why?" This time she looked up at me with those green eyes of hers, grinning and she said "stand up so I can get the rest"

    I still remember that look on her face after I stood up. I was looking down at her now. Her soft, white hand holding my prepubescent, erected, hispanic brown cock. She was looking directly at me now. I could see down her shirt and she was still stoking my hard cock very slowly and I liked it, a lot! She began to notice. I could see something in her had changed and I liked it. She stood and she picked me up, like a mother would her child after she had given her a bath. My cock was touching her chest as she carried me into my room and she bit her lower lips as she saw this happen. She sat me down on the bed. She placed her hands on my knees and spread my legs apart slowly. My heart was racing and I was a little scared. I screamed "what are you doing?" She took her soft white hand and she gripped by cock while she peeled my foreskin back, she put her face close it, looked at me, kissed my the head of my cock, smiled and said "I'm going to show you how to use THIS" As soon as she said that, she stuck her tongue out and she began licking it all over. I tensed up and came all over her face and in her mouth. It felt incredible. She giggled and said "your first organism? and it was with me? aww baby, mmmm!". After which she stood up and she began to slowly undress herself. She took her shirt off and her tits were lovely. Full and firm. The shirt's she wore really hid them well. She then turned around and put that ass directly in front of my face. She slowly peeled of her yoga pants and that round, plump shaped, white skinned ass was free. She let her blonde hair down and she moved it to the side so I could see that small waist and perfect ass. I was hard again. "hello again" as she said grabbing my cock and putting it in her mouth. Her mouth was amazing. She sucked my cock slow and sensually. I came again.

    She smiled and began stroking me again. She rubbed my cock on her chest and I was hard again. I told her while trying to catch my breath "please don't stop" Her face turned red and she bit her lower lip. "I won't baby, ok Come here?" she said. She bent over and got on all 4's. She spread herself open. I didn't know what I was looking at I just knew I really liked it and that I wanted it, badly. She grabbed my cock and said "put it in baby, right here" I did. I was inside of her and it was so wet. "Now fuck me, papi!" I almost came again but once I looked down and saw that my erect, brown cock was going inside that pink, white pussy, I had to hold out. I didn't want to disappoint her. I wanted this forever. The sight of her beautiful white body bent over while my brown hand is grabbing that thick, lovely white ass drove me insane. As I was thrusting, I heard her screaming and I felt this warm felling on my cock. I pulled it out and this thick white cream like thing all over my cock. "What is this?" "Is it normal?" She smiled and said "your making ME cum, papi. Don't stop baby, please" I stuck my cock back inside her pussy. "Look down. Look at it baby. I'm so wet." I saw my brown cock go in and out of that pink pussy and each time, it came back with more and more cream on it. I came more times that day than I could count but each time, she would make me hard again and we'd fuck again. She got on top of me and rode me. Her mature white body against my 9 year old, skinny, brown hispanic body. Oh the sight!

    I learned a lot that day and we agreed that this would become a regular thing from now on. It did for a while, until I was 15. But by then, my mother didn't work as many hours so Stacy stopped coming over for a while. I'm now 19 and I have recently seen Stacy again and she still looks as attractive as ever. She asked me if I remember all of the times we had together when I was a kid. I could see she was somewhat disturbed. She told me "I'm sorry if I hurt you. I took advantage of you when you were just a boy" I was confused and I assured her that I "enjoyed every minute of it" and that I meant it. I also told her that it was "because of you that I know that I am BIG" She smiled and she put that face that I had not seen in years. that face of curiosity. Without hesitation, she said "can you show me?" We still have sex to this day and I still enjoy her like I did as a kid. She feared that I would turn her in for m****tation but I never did.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    There are some days you remember so clear it feels like you are always in the moment. I was 12 and I was at my older cousin's birthday party. She was 15. She and her friends started to play spin the bottle. She asked me join. All the stuff was pretty stupid, close your eyes and let this or that guy touch your boob, or give you a kiss. When it was my turn I lost, on the other side of the bottle was this boy who was 13, he was one grade ahead of me.

    My cousin asked him if had ever seen or touched a pussy. He was too embarrassed to answer and she said well today is your day, Joana show him your pussy. No way was I going to do that, she grabbed me by the head and told me to pull my pants down so he could see my pussy. When I refused again, she pushed me back down on my back and told me if I didn't take my pants off and show him my pussy she was going to take them off, that everyone, not only him wanted to see my pussy and see if already had pubes.

    I undid my pants and she and two other girls helped take my pants off and I lay on my back with my legs open while they all looked at my pussy. I heard one of the girls tell the boy to come over and touch me, to feel what it was like, to put his hand on me and then move it back and forth front to back until my pussy got wet and opened, then he could see my vagina.

    The boy's penis was hard, I still had my arm over my eyes, but the other kids were kidding him and told him to get it out so they could look at it. Once he had it out my cousin asked me if I wanted to look at it, he was looking at my pussy and feeling me up and if I wanted to I could see him and play with his penis. I said no thank you.

    One of the girls said my pussy was open and for him to get on top of me and put his penis in my vagina. It was hot, and hard, and he tried to get it in but it took him several tries for it to go in all the way. They coached him on how to fuck me and told him to kiss my mouth and told me to take my arm away from my face so I could kiss my boyfriend.

    His lips were wet and I was getting pretty hot from all of his pushing in and out and I just closed my eyes and let him kiss me. He was gentle with me, that is what I remember the most, his movements were so gentle and his lips were so sweet and soft and I gave myself up to the whole thing until he finished and left his boy cum inside of me.

    That was the day we met, it is our day, the day we first became boyfriend and girlfriend, the day we gave up our virginities.

    Sex with him is always so gentle, he is always so careful to make sure I am ok, and he makes me feel like I am the only person alive. Once or twice he has pulled out and ejaculated on my tummy, but I don't like that, I need him to ejaculate the way it was designed to be, to leave all his sperm in me and let it swim around and do what it is going to do. When you have been together so long who cares if you get pregnant again, the good news is that we didn't get pregnant that night when we played spin the bottle.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    Me and a friend I knew back in Jr. High had oral sex one day in the shower at my house while my parents were at work. I don`t know why we tried it but all I know is the subject came up we were both horny enough to try it and no one was aroud but the two of us that day so we did it.
    I went first going to my knees and had his dick in my mouth in no time sucking his dick like crazy until he came and I spit most of it out then he went down on me and let me cum in his mouth. We did it two other times that first day and many times after that and both of us learned to swallow fairly easy.
    I got him to fuck me in the ass one day shortly after we had been sucking each others dicks and it was great. He fucked e on the carpet in his Parents Den face down with my legs spread like a girl. He fucked me good and we both wanted him to cum in me so he did nd it was great.
    He fucked me two times that morning and two more times that afternoon and came in me every time in different positions. Once in the shower from behind as I bent forward and his cum ran down both my legs while he was fucking me. It felt so good that I jacked myself off and ate my cum out of my hand while he came up my ass.
    after that day I was always asking him to fuck my ass and cum in me and for several years he kept my ass full of cum and his older brother caught him fucking me one day in his bedroom. We didn`t hear him come in the house and he watched his brother fuck me and cum in my ass then he said he would tell on us if he didn`t get to do it too so I let him fuck me and he had a big dick that hurt the first few times he fucked me and he came a lot more than his younger brother. Months later his older brother told me he had two friends that wanted to fuck me and I told him no but after e threatened me a few times I agreed to do it and they took me to one of his friends house while no one weas home and all three of them fucked me in the back bedroom more than once each that day and I could hardly walk to the shower after the finished fucking me upthe ass.
    They were much older and had pretty big dicks and came a lot. They made me go back there quite a few times over the next few months then acted like they didn`t evben know me later on. I liked it after the first time and didn`t mind letting them fuck me when ever they wanted to but they just stopped for some reason or another. It was just something that happened when I was younger and it wasn`t that bad.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    Back in the 6th grade I had a friend that lived close to me and we were always together. One day we were outside playing as usual and we went in their storage shed and he got me to take my pants down with him and we showed each other our dicks and he touched mine so I touched his. It felt so good we touched each other and stroked each other for awhile and even touched our dicks together and held onto one another while we rubbed up and down on each other.
    We had to get back outside but went back to do it again that afternoon and several times we did the same thing over the next few days.
    He spent the night at my house that Friday night and after my Parents were sound asleep we took off out shorts and were naked then took turns laying on top of each other rubbing our dicks together. Neither of us could cum yet but the sensation was there. We didn`t get much sleep and our hands were all over each other and we even took turns humping on each others naked ass.
    The next night I spent the night at his house and we were doing the same things and he went under the covers. I thought he was just going to play with my dick and that's what he was doing then he put my dick in his mouth. I was shocked but it felt too good to tell him to stop and after awhile I did the same thing to him. we made each other feel very good that night and we both sucked on each others dicks a lot. We snuck around for weeks sucking each others dicks as often as we could and we both enjoyed sucking and getting sucked so we kept doing it.
    We were both enjoying it and curious as hell so we started playing with each other in different ways sucking each others nuts licking on each other between the legs and even figured out how to 69 even though we didn`t know it was called a 69. Any time we spent the night at beach others house after every one was asleep we got naked and sucked each other and got in to a 69 pretty often. we started playing with each others ass a lot and even tried to finger each others tight little asshole a few times. I didn`t say anything at first but the more he played with my asshole the more I liked it.
    I finally felt like I could tell him how much I liked him touching my asshole so told him. He said he liked playing with it and would do it a lot more if I really liked it that much. I told him he could touch me there again if he wanted to so he told me to roll over on my stomach and when I did he went down under the covers and pushed my legs apart then started rubbing on my ass. Pretty soon his finger was rubbing on my asshole and after awhile it felt so good I helped out by reaching back with both hands to spread my ass cheeks open for him and he took the hint and started poking his finger on my tight little hole.
    Eventually he asked if he could put his finger in it and I told him to go ahead. He went very slow and pushed until it slipped in my ass a little ways. He kept pushing and pushing until it was most of the way up my ass then he started to work it in and out a little and that really felt good. Next thing he did was reach underneath me and grab my dick and while his finger was going in and out of my ass he played with my dick and made me feel very good. Seems like after doing that to me the first time he wanted to play with my ass all the time and since it felt so good I some times would ask him to finger me and he was always glad to do it.
    He wanted to try it too so I fingered his ass a few times but he didn`t enjoy it as much as I did so he played with my ass often. I guess it was only a matter of time before our horny young minds came up with the idea of using his hard little dick instead of his finger so I asked him to try it on me one night back in my bedroom. He got on top of me and tried like hell to stick his dick in my tight asshole but it wasn`t as easy as we thought it would be but we kept trying until he got it in my ass. He started working it in and out as soon as it was inside of me and that started something that lasted for many years. Once we got old enough to cum we both got used to swallowing each others cum but he liked to fuck me and cum in my ass all the time and since I liked it so well I was always willing to let him fuck me upthe ass any time he wanted to.
    He fucked me countless times until we were out of High school and moved apart. I will never forget the things he and I did togeteher or how it all got started but it always felt so good.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    I had a good friend in Jr. High that lived pretty close to me. He and I were always together and spent a lot of time together. One day while walking home from school ha said lets cut thru this vacant lot so we did. We took our time and came to this little trail thru the bushes so I followed him and we ended up in this small little clearing under a huge tree. I started to turn around and head back the way we came and he told me to come back so I did. He was acting strange and began to talk about jacking off. I was a little shocked but since I jacked off all the time I just listened to him and not long after he had been talking he told me he jacked off there all the time and told me he wanted to jack off with me. I didn`t know what to do at first but he had his pants down stroking his big hard dick. I couldn`t stop looking at his dick. It was huge and he was stroking it telling me to take mine out and jack off with him. I didn`t waste any time and was jacking off with him and I came pretty fast then stood there with cum on my hand stroking my dick as I watched him shoot a huge thick load out on the ground and watched it drip off the head of his huge dick.
    We zipped up and walked home. I couldn`t stop thinking about how big his dick was and what really shocked me is I kept thinking about having it in my hand. On the way to school the next morning I asked him if we could jack off together again on the way home and he said sure I liked doing it with you yesterday so lets do it again. I thought about it all day long and I was going to ask him if I could touch his dick. Once we got there that afternoon and had our dicks out stroking them I just had to ask and he said sure touch it all you like. I got my hand around it in a hurry and jacked him off good while he jacked me off and we came on each others dicks standing face to face.
    He asked if I was in a hurry and I told him no I had lot`s of time. He said lets do it again but lets take off our pants this time. We had our pants off pretty quick and had our hands on each others dicks and he started to tell me about his cousin and told me they did this to each other all the time and he has a big dick too. He went on to tell me they did other things to each other and when I asked what they did he said can I just show you. I said sure go ahead. He went to his knees and had my dick in his mouth in a second or two and was sucking me good then grabbed my nuts in one hand then looked up at me took his mouth off my dick just long enough to tell me he wanted to make me cum and he was going to make me feel very good.
    He sucked my dick good and when I told him I was going to cum he just sucked harder and I shot my load in his mouth as he ran his finger between my legs and pressed his finger tip to my asshole and I came some more. He was looking right up at me when ha started to swallow my cum and I couldn`t believe it. Not only did he swallow my cum but he sucked my dick awhile longer with his finger poking at my asshole then he put my nuts in his mouth stroking my dick he stuck his finger up my ass and just moaned out loud with my nuts in his mouth then fingered my asshole and got a little more cum out of me.
    When he finished and stood up he said his cousin taught him how to do that. We talked awhile and he told me he knew other ways to make me feel good if I wanted to find out. I just had to ask and he said his cousin taught him how to do a lot of things with other boys and he would show me if I wanted to know more. Each day after school we went to that little spot in the woods and He had me sucking his dick in a few days and talked me in to letting him cum in my mouth and said it won`t hurt you to swallow it so I did. He even got me to take my pants off and he pulled my shorts down from behind me bent me over then got on his knees behind me and asked me to spread my ass cheeks so I did and he licked my asshole sucked on it then stuck his tongue in me then after awhile stuck his finger up my ass and fingered me while he jacked me off then pulled my dick out between my legs and put the head of it in his mouth and sucked all the cum out of my nuts swallowed it then went right back to licking my asshole. I didn`t want him to stop and let him go on as long as he wanted to. When he stood up he grabbed me and put his big dick on my ass then started to hump me and asked if he could cum on my ass and I let him. He shot a lot of cum on my ass and back then grabbed his dick and rubbed his cum all over me. He bent down licked his cum off my ass then said he had to go but could show me something else after school tomorrow.
    He left and I just stood there with my pants off stroking dick thinking about what he had just done to me and I stuck my finger deep into my ass and jacked off like crazy shooting my cum on the ground. I couldn`t wait until the next day to see what else he was going to do with me but he couldn`t meet me that day but told me to spend the night at his house Friday night.
    I stayed at his house Friday night and we watched TV then went to bed. After his Parents were asleep we sucked each others dicks and swallowed each others cum then he told me his Parents would be gone all day the next day and he wanted to show me something that he really liked to do. He wouldn`t tell me but several times that night I woke up with his finger up my ass and his hand around my hard dick. The next day his Parents left and we were still in bed when he asked if I had ever been fucked in the ass. I told him of course not then he asked if he could fuck me and he talked to me for an hour about how him and his cousin always fucked each other then he told me how his cousin really liked taking his big dick in his ass.
    He had me going and I wanted to try it and said I would at least try it so he went and got the Vaseline and put some up my ass then told me to just relax. He got on top of me and it hurt like hell until it was in my ass a few minutes then he started to fuck me and I started to scream and yell but he was on top of me and I couldn`t do much then he started to tell me how he was going to cum in my ass and how good it would feel and he shot a huge load deep in my ass and just kept fucking me until he came again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    My Cousin and I had a lot of sex together growing up. We started out just playing with our dicks in front of each other but it didn`t take long at all to start jacking each other off and we couldn`t keep our hands off each others dick. We always went down to this big wooded area to jack off and play with each other and make each other cum.
    One day he said we should try sucking each other and after we talked about it we decided it was a great idea. He went first since it was his idea and once he was on his knees licking the head of my dick I was quick to start putting it in his mouth and before long he was sucking my dick and I came so quick he didn`t have much time to back away and some of my cum went in his mouth. He spit it out and began telling me how my dick felt in his mouth and that got me excited so I was pretty anxious to suck on his dick so I got on my knees and didn`t waste any time getting started and he was right it did feel good. Like me he came pretty fast but once he started to cum I let him shoot all of it in my mouth and since I liked the taste of my cum I just swallowed his then couldn`t stop sucking his dick then licked his nuts for awhile stroking his dick.
    we stopped for a while and since no one could see us where we were in the thick bushes he said we should take off all our clothes and do it again. I agreed and we got undressed in a hurry and after playing with each other a minute or two he went to his knees and started to suck my dick again and the longer he sucked the more I tried to talk him into letting me cum in his mouth and I described to him how it felt and told him to at least try it. I guess he was curious enough because when I came he let me shoot every drop in to his mouth as I begged him to just swallow it.
    He finally did and then he sucked me awhile and sucked on my nuts like I did to him earlier. I guess that's about all it took to get both of us interested in wanting more so when he asked if I would let him rub his dick on my ass I let him. I was standing up so I turned around sticking my ass out towards him and held on to a tree limb as I bent forward. He got up behind me and put his dick in the crack of my ass and held on to my hips and started to hump on my ass and it felt too good to stop him so he started doing it faster and grinding his dick hard in to the crack of my ass and I noticed several times the head of his dick not only touched my asshole but a few times it poked my asshole like it was trying to go in my ass.
    I was stroking my dick enjoying what he was doing to me and he must have read my mind because he asked if he could try and stick his dick in my ass. I quickly told him to try it and it took a little work because we didn`t have anything to use for lube but it went in and stung a bit but both of us really wanted his dick up my ass so as I pushed my ass back on his dick he pushed it in to me and together we got all of his dick up my ass and just kept it there a little while before he tried to fuck me. He didn`t work it in and out of my ass but just a few times when I came and jacked my load out on the grass as he was fucking me. I started thinking about what he would do when he started to cum and I didn`t know if he should take it out and cum on my ass or should I let him cum inside of me.
    The more he fucked me the better it felt and when it started to really get good I knew I wanted him to cum in my ass and told him to shoot his cum inside of me. He asked me if I was sure I wanted him to do that and I said I was and told him it felt so good I didn`t want him to stop. He really started to fuck me good right after that and told me he was going to cum. When he said that I shoved my ass back real hard and told him to cum in me and he pulled on my hips as hard as he could and shoved his dick in me until his nuts were pressed tight against mine and then he started to cum and it felt so warm and I could feel his nuts twitch each time his cum shot way up inside of me. He just held on tight moaning out loud grinding his dick around in my ass until his nuts were empty then he leaned forward resting his chest on my upper back still poking his dick up my ass.
    I noticed right away how slick my insides were from the cum he shot up my ass and it felt so much better and I asked him if he could fuck me some more. I tightened my asshole around his dick several times and he said it felt good so I kept doing it then he started fucking me again and after a few strokes in and out of my asshole his cum started coming out of me and made my asshole nice and slick and it started to feel very good. He fucked me for a very long time and there was a little cum dripping off my nuts and it was all in the crack of my ass and I could smell it in the warm summer air. I started to jack myself off and asked him to fuck me harder and faster and he did. It felt great and when I asked him to cum in me several times he got excited and really shoved his dick up my ass hard then squeezed my hips tight and then I felt his warm cum deep inside my ass again.
    He thrust his dick up my ass hard for a few seconds then his nuts were empty and he slowly began to get soft in my ass then it just came out and he stepped back just standing there looking at my ass. He put his ands on my ass then spread my ass cheeks and then told me his cum was dripping out of my ass. I felt it on my nuts then a little trickled ran down my thighs as he took his hands off my ass and I straightened up then turned to face him and saw the cum on his dick.
    Neither of us could stop talking about what we had just done and the longer we talked the more we wanted to do it again. thirty minutes later he was hard again and this time he wanted me to lay face down on the ground on our clothes so I did. I spread my legs for him as he got to his knees then leaned forward holding his dick in his hand. I felt his dick trying to find my asshole and reached back with both hands and spread my ass cheeks wide open and his dick went right up my ass. He laid on top of me and fucked me good and I came all over myself while he fucked me and pulled even more of his cum out of my asshole. I thought he would never stop fucking me that time and he lasted a long time then emptied his nuts deep in my asshole a third time then just laid on top of me with his dick in my ass as we talked and he slowly humped on my naked ass.
    We both wanted to fuck some more and it took awhile for him to get hard again but he did and this time we took our time and tried to see how long we could make it last. He stopped several times just before he came and just laid still on top of me then he would fuck me some more until he couldn`t hold back any longer and he really shot a lot of cum up my as that time and he went limp and slipped out of my ass again and I felt a bunch of warm cum run out of my asshole and across my nuts as he got off of me and I just laid there with my legs spread face down with his cum running out of my ass thinking about how I really wanted him to fuck me again real soon.
    As we got older we tried a lot of different things and once we were able to stay at home by ourselves in the summers when school was out we had all day to run around naked sucking each others dicks and he could fuck me in every room of his house or mine. He liked to lay on his back and let me ride his dick with my back to him so he could see his dick going in and out of my asshole and we sucked and fucked in front of mirrors all the time just so we could watch.
    My Mom and his had small hand held mirrors that I liked to use when he fucked me from behind. I could hold it between my legs and turn it just right so that I could see his dick fucking my asshole and those mirrors got washed a lot because we always got cum on them. We were about 14 one summer and like always we stayed at each others house all the time and did a lot of crazy shit naked. I put on a pair of my Moms used panties one day and the silk felt so good on my naked ass and dick that I wore them all day and he fucked me from behind with them on and had them pulled to the side enough to get his dick in my ass and he made me cum in her panties and the warm slick cum in the silk panties felt good on y dick and balls as I rubbed it around with his cum in my ass.
    That was the same summer I let him start sticking things up my ass and he loved it. We used things around the house and I would get in different positions and let him stick things up my ass then fuck me with them and he liked sucking my dick while he fucked my ass with different things. My Mom had this big kitchen spoon with a very long thick plastic handle and it wasn`t very easy to take in my ass but once it was inside of me it felt so damn good. He stuck a lot of things up my ass and I always liked using the neck of a coke bottle in my ass. I could get on my knees and hold it between my ankles then take it up my ass then fuck myself while he stood in front of me so I could suck his dick. We both liked to make each other gag by sticking our dicks too far in to each others mouths. He always liked for me to get on my knees and bend over the end of the coffee table so he could play with my ass and shove things up my ass then fuck me up the ass.
    I never really snooped around the house much but he and I did one day and in a shoe box way in the back of my Parents closet I found two dildos and both of us could not wait to try them out. One was small and thin and one was long and very thick and both looked like a real dick. He used the smaller one on my ass first then we tried the bigger one but it was just too big to get in my ass at first. Later that afternoon I tried it again while he held it to the floor and I sat down on it. I had quite a bit of cum in my ass by then but it still hurt like hell going in. Once I finally got it in my ass I slowly lowered my ass down on it with him laying on the floor behind me watching it go up my ass. I couldn`t take all of it but took all I could then he got up and stood in front of me and fucked my mouth while I fucked the big dildo. I came without even touching my dick and he came in my throat then I walked around the house with it still stuck up my ass and we went to the bathroom so I could look in the mirror at the big rubber dick stuck up my ass. We washed them off good and put them back like we found them but we played with then a lot.
    Once we got old enough to drive we went a lot of different places to suck and fuck and found some really neat places to get naked together. What we tried one day was my idea and it was a damn good idea. We went out to my Dad`s Deer cabin and I got him to tie me face down on the bed and fuck my ass. After we tried it the first time he wanted to tie me up all the time in different position to fuck me and stick things up my ass.
    We are both married and have kids but we still go fishing and hunting and run around together and no one even knows about our very private but wild kinky sex life with each other. We try to get together about once a month at his cabin or mine for some really wild nasty kinky man to man sex with a lot of dick sucking cum swallowing and my asshole getting used hard filled with cum and toys and he ties me up a few times to fuck me and slap my ass really hard with a dildo stuck up my ass. Over the years we have done some very wild and crazy shit together and I guess we always will because we both like it too much to stop.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    I have a cousin that I grew up with. We were always close and still are today but we don`t do the things we used to as young boys. Like most young boys he and I experimented quite a bit back then. We were always playing with each other feeling all over one another rubbing our dicks on each other humping and what ever else we could dream up. Always curious and trying different things. It was just a matter of time before we tried sucking each other and neither of us could even cum when we started doing that.
    I remember shortly after I started shooting a little cum I just had to taste it and quite often I ate my own cum. He and I used to go way out behind the barn and hide in the trees and take turns sucking each others dicks or any where else where no one would see us. We always took turns getting on our knees to suck each other and one day I was sucking his dick and he shot a little cum in my mouth. I spit it out but the next time I let him shoot all of it in my mouth and since it tasted like my own I just swallowed it. After that he wanted me to suck his dick all the time and liked to hold my head when he came and watch me swallow his cum then hold my head down on his dick while he kept forcing it in to my mouth telling me to suck on it.
    I guess he felt like he was the dominant one after that because he started telling me how to suck his dick and had me licking is nuts and a few times had me spread his ass and lick his asshole while I jacked him off then he would cum in my mouth. He was always the boss when we did anything. One day he got me to go up in the hay loft back in the corner and he told me to take off my pants because he was going to screw me. Once my pants were off and I was naked from the waist down he turned me around and pushed me to my knees then bent me forward so that my ass was pointing towards him then he took his pants down got up behind me and started rubbing his dick in the crack of my ass until he found my asshole then he started to push until his dick went in me then he pushed it all the way up my ass and said he was going to screw me. He didn`t last long before he came in my ass then kept working his dick in and out of my asshole until he was hard again then he screwed me again but much harder that time then came in m e again.
    After that he fucked me all the time and did foor years. He won`t even talk about it now.

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