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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    I grew up with a large extensive family. We lived in a small rural community, and our family pretty much owned the town.

    When I was 13 my brother and my older cousin decided it was time for me to give them a view and see if I was old enough to fuck. They liked what they saw and asked me how long I had been having my period and when my last period was. We went to this other cousin's house, several of my girl cousins were there just in case, and my brother and my cousin fucked me. After I got fucked my girl cousins took me into the bathroom and washed me out with this douche that they had brought. They asked me about my periods and told me to let them know as soon as I got my next one.

    We all looked forward to it, we all knew it was coming, as soon as we were old enough. Once we had been fucked we were able to hang out with the older kids, we graduated from the kiddie table. Eleven, twelve, thirteen, you waited your time to move up.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    Well im not 18 im 14 and I went to my mates house about a year ago and he was working in the garage with his dad. they were trying to fix the remote plane motor and it took what seemed a long time. I was coming over to have a swim so I ended up just having a swim. His mother hopped in the pool and swam with me. She wore board shorts and a tshirt and you could see her nipples through the shirt. I got an erection looking at her and I think she knew. She lifted her top so I could see her breasts and then quickly pulled down my shorts and pushed me against the steps and lifted my legs to reveal that I had a stiffy and then just sucked my cock until I came. from then I have fucked her but I now know she has fucked at least four other mates and her son. her son does not know we fuck her but I caught him in the act and left before they saw me. I watch porn and I have never seen a woman with a clit that is the size of a small penis but giving her oral is like sucking just that. She gets her son to leave the pool to get her a drink and then I suck her clit.
    I now look at my mum differently as she is really attractive and I get goosebumps when she runs her fingers through my hair or scratches my back. I even masturbate thinking about being with my mother. My mum and dad have been to my mates place for a bbq and swim and my mates mother has played with my cock while they are swimming next to me and I have even masturbated watching my mum in the pool thenking I am fucking her. A year ago I didn't even think about sex but now I live and breath it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    When I was 12 or 13 I spent the night at a classmates house I was totally jazzed because I never spent the night at anyone's house so bedtime came and we were in separate beds everybody thought we were all asleep when his mom came in the room to check on us I shut my eyes like I was asleep and thought she'd leave she was really beautiful big perky tits a small waist and shapely ass

    But what I saw next blew my mind she started playing with his cock and when it was hard she mounted him my little cock was rock hard after they were done she dressed and left the room after a couple minutes I asked him what was going on he said they'd been having sex for a year especially when his dad was on the oil platform
    I told him she was beautiful and she had given me a hard on I asked what her pussy smelled like and if I could smell his dick he looked at me and said yes so I got up naked I had taken off my under ware thinking I was next wishful thinking so I went over to him and smelled his cock for a 12 year old his cock was about 8 inches long and pretty big around I wanted to taste her so I put his cock in my mouth he was really enjoying it playing with his balls and I asked him to fuck me he took out some vaseline and spread it on and in my hole I'd been fucking cock since I was 7 so I was use to it he put it in and it felt good I didn't want him to stop 15minutes later he shot his load in me I went back to my bed and was fingering my ass getting the cum on my fingers and sucking on them till I got all the cum then I realized he was watching me he asked me how long I been doing that I told him since I was 7 and I like it I told him I wanted more if he could keep a secret he got up in the middle of the night and fucked me again I put a washcloth between my legs and kept his cum in me till morning I wanted to do him again but that was the only time we did it but word got around at school and alot of guys wanted me fun

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    When I was around 15 I became close to a mousy classmate in my history class, Emily, who was plain, wore glasses and dressed in dated cotton dresses. She was obviously flat-chested but I noticed, a shapely fanny. Most guys avoided her but she had a fine mind for history and other stuff and was, to me, more interesting than male friends constantly talking about sports or lying about how much ass they were getting.

    When I got my driver's licence my dad bought an old Ford sedan for me and I asked Emily out on dates. We developed a great routine when returning from a data. She lived in a stately house with a curved driveway and there was a spot in he driveway hidden from view from both the house and street. We made out there and she loved it. She took charge almost from the start. We got hot necking and Em would rub my cock through my pants then pull it out and blow me. She really knew how and did it with gusto.

    Abut our fifth date, she blew me then pulled her panties off and mounted me on the seat and began to fuck me. She was close to but not my first one and it was heavenly. We followed this routine for half a year and I learned to let her take the lead. When I was getting close she would whisper, "Are you close?" When I confirmed it, she would pull me out and either take it in her mouth or slip it up her ass. I was in fuck heaven.

    At school, a close buddy asked, "GAWD, what do you SEE in "the Mouse" as some called her. I just smiled quietly.

    Where it became strange, Em and I were necking and starting our routine when we heard the voice of her dad standing near my car. He said, "I know you kids make out here and have for a year or so and it's cold as hell, why not come in and continue in Em'a room? If Em had not spouted out with, "O.k, daddy, will do!" I would have gone into shock.

    We went to Em's room and fucked our hearts out. In time we became ardent lovers in Em's room and often her father would greet us before hand. Then, things got stranger. During our date, Em explained that her daddy had introduced her to sex when she was 13. She said, "It was weird at first but he is so sweet and kind that I did not feel victimized." She also confessed that they still do it once in a while. When we got to her place, she blurted out, "Daddy I told him and he did not freak out." Little did she know what I was feeling inside.

    Instead of our routine, the three of us talked for a couple of hours. In time, her "daddy" convinced me that I would enjoy a three-way between us. Daddy was a potbellied, middle aged man, a widower, bald and also wore glasses. You could never confuse him with anyone like George Clooney, for example. He said, "O.k., don't let this scare you, and dropped his pants, revealing a still soft cock that seemed unreal, it hung so low. Soon it began to stand up and while I did not measure it would bet it was at least nine inches, and stood up like a hook.

    In a short time, I found myself fucking Em missionary with daddy up my ass, sliding in and out with both of them moaning in harmony. Month later, daddy's sister visited from out of town just to meet "Em's beau" and soon enough the four of us were in daddy's sumptuous, king-sized bed fucking each other. I never got to do daddy's ass and never will but I'm glad to do Em and her aunt all they want. When daddy was not fucking someone he was sitting, smiling fucking his hands, which he could do with both hands.

    The bottom line, never judge a mouse book by its cover.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    1 / 41


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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I have spent most of my life insanely horny.

    When I was 12 years old my mom caught me masturbating. It was only the second time ever that I jerked off and I didn't get to finish. She flew into a rage and told me it was evil to do what I was doing. she put me over her knee and gave me a harsh spanking that finished with 20 hard strokes of her hair brush. Then she had my older sister baby sit me while she went out shopping. After a couple of hours she came back and ordered me to strip naked in front of my gorgeous sexy 17 year old sister. Once naked I had a raging hard-on. Then she opened up a package and produced an odd looking device. It was in pieces and so she put it together and ordered me to stand erect with my hands down. then she put the device on my penis and testicles. It was a chastity confinement cage to keep me from touching myself and especially from masturbating. I could wash myself by dipping it in a sink of soapy water then swishing it around and then rinsing it off in the shower and I could piss through the end but I had no access to either my balls or cock. I was doomed. My phys ed teacher was informed that I had a medical condition that required a medical device be worn at all times but that I could shower with the other boys. Our high school was a combined jr high and high school so grades 7-12 took phys ed together. The boys had lots of questions but mostly lots of ridicule like with any other group of boys encountering something strange.

    My mother kept the key with her at all times. She let me date girls but not until I was a senior in high school. My own sister teased me incessantly. My dick ached every day. My balls felt like they weighed a hundred pounds each. When the girl I dated wanted to take things to a "higher level" I had to explain my "medical device." She laughed and told me it wasn't a medical device but a chastity device and she thought it was funny that a 17 year old boy would be required to wear one by his mom. Then she broke up with me because we couldn't have sex together.

    That was my one and only girlfriend before I turned 18 and we only went on a few dates.

    Then I went away to college and got my degree. I dated a few more girls, a couple thought I was cute wearing it and a couple were put off by it and one told me I was a pervert for wearing it and none wanted to date me without sex being involved. I finally graduated with a B.A. in math. I don't know how I managed to study at all. I spent that whole time insanely horny and frustrated sexually. All I could think of every waking moment was ways to remove my chastity device without injuring myself but I never figured it out. My cock spent most of the time swollen up to the maximum size the device would allow for which wasn't much. There were dozens of little spikes inside the cage that hurt like hell but after a while I kind of got used to them jabbing into my penis all the time. The same went for my balls which seemed to have the spikes permanently embedded in them.

    After I got a job teaching middle school students in the next town over my mother introduced me to a sweet little girl. she was 12 years old which was the legal age at that time if the parents consented. The girl's mom was a friend of my mom's and went to the same church my mom did. She installed a chastity belt on her daughter on her tenth birthday and the girl has been wearing it since.

    I fell in love instantly the moment I first laid eyes on her. OK I fell in lust with her first. She was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. It was almost an arranged marriage in that our parents arranged us to meet but we fell in love with each other. She was gorgeous. she was the most beautiful girl I ever saw. I know I already said that. Even though I thought I was too old for her at 22 I also couldn't think of an argument against us getting married. Sure she was only 12 meaning I was ten years older but we were in love and our mothers wanted us together at any cost. So that summer only a few weeks after meeting and a few days after her 13th birthday, we got married. She had to quit middle school the summer before 8th grade but her mom said her primary reason for existence was making babies and she didn't need school for that. She wasn't fond of school so she jumped at the chance to avoid going back.

    On our wedding night her mom told us we would have their house to ourselves. She would spend the two weeks staying with my mom. Our mom's had packed up two weeks worth of groceries and made lots of frozen stuff for us to thaw out and eat.

    I had never seen a naked girl. She had never seen a naked guy. Neither of us had seen porn. I wanted to but we didn't have internet access in our area 20 years ago. She was dressed in a sexy white wedding gown. Underneath she wore garter belt, stockings and panties all in white. NO bra due to the way the gown was made and the fact that she was flat chested as 13 year old girls often are. She wore a long veil. I wore a tux. We both had on our chastity devices. I thought my cock would rip itself apart when we kissed for the first time ever on the alter (we were not permitted to kiss since our mother's were always present) Our first kiss lasted two minutes and the minister had to break us apart.

    So when her mother turned the key to the house over to us she and my mom also handed us the keys to hour chastity devices. Have you ever worn one? OK so imagine a guy who has been under lock and key for TEN YEARS never once cumming because getting hard would injure his cock. Now imagine being constantly teased erotically by a sadistic and sexy older sister and now imagine you are released to fuck as much as you want.

    THe instant the mothers had closed the door behind them we flew upstairs to her bedroom, tore off our clothes literally, we shredded them and I had to pay for that tux afterwards. Then after about five minutes of nervous fumbling we finally got our genitals free. She dove mouth first between my legs and sucked cock for the first time ever. that was when I learned I had a 9 inch cock. I had no idea. I hadn't actually seen it since I was 12 years old. That's right, I hadn't even seen let alone touched my own cock in ten years. Ten long hard years of erotic frustration and agony. My balls felt like they'd been dragging on the ground everywhere I went. My balls weren't just blue. They were a shade of blue that didn't exist in nature. they were an iridescent radioactive blue. I shot my first load right down my 13 year old bride's throat. I could feel myself squirt at least thirty squirts of cum. I had such a pent up load that she told me she could feel solid chunks of sperm pelt the back of her throat. For me I'd felt like my balls had blown themselves up.

    My bride told me she heard a guy can only cum once a day. I had no idea. I had only cum once before in my entire life. I wanted to eat her out and was still very horny so I dove in my turn. I had no idea what I was doing so I figured it must feel good if I licked her. She liked it. she gave me some instruction, faster, slower, a little to the left etc. Soon she had her first orgasm ever. We knew we wanted to fuck but we had both cum. Then I realized that my dick was still hard. It never got soft. So I asked if she wanted to fuck and she said hell yes. I hadn't a clue what to do but I knew my dick went between her legs. While eating her out I discovered she had two small holes. I wasn't sure which one to fuck but when she let me watch her pee I figured it out fast. So it was the other tiny hole that was smaller than her pee hole.

    I told her I didn't think it would fit being my cock was nearly two inches across and that tiny hole in her hymen was less than a quarter inch across. She told me that she was even hornier than before she came and she didn't care if it killed her she needed me to fuck her NOW! so I got on top of her and put my hard dick at her hole and plunged in and and rammed it all the way in to the hilt as hard and fast as I could and I ignored her screams and just r*ped her like crazy. I fucked and fucked and fucked her as hard as I could. I was desperate to cum in her and then I did. I think I fucked her for like maybe two minutes and then came. She just lay there panting and when I came to my senses I asked her how she was. She told me it was even better than when I ate her out. I was confused. She screamed and cried when I was fucking her. She said she didn't understand it either but that the pain from feeling her pussy ripped open actually made her have an orgasm and it was even more intense than the first one.

    It took me ten minutes to recover from my second cum. I was still hard. I hadn't gotten soft since taking off the chastity device and my bride was dripping with pussy juice and cum. As soon as I had caught my breath she told me to do it again. So I got on top again and shoved my cock back into her bleeding pussy. She pushed back and this time it actually took us about five minutes to cum. For some odd reason we came at the exact same time which I have since heard was something not common but highly desired thought I could care less. I was trying to get off and that was all I cared about. In the next several hours I probably came a dozen times in her pussy and she probably had the same number of orgasms give or take. she certainly screamed a lot when we fucked though at the time I figured it was due to me inuring her with my cock though I honestly didn't care if it fucking killed her. That was how insanely horny I was.

    Exhausted we passed out and woke up at the same time late the next morning. I had fallen asleep with my dick still embedded in her pussy and I'm not sure it ever got soft while we slept. I fucked her yet again and we both came and then I examined the damage. I was shocked that it was only some dried blood and that her hymen was now three thin pieces of torn membrane still attached to her inside and was scabbing up already. We ate then fucked some more and ate some more and fucked some more and didn't shower until we noticed we both stunk so then we showered and fucked some more in the shower and then I sat down to take a dump and she climbed in my lap and fucked me as shit was emerging from my ass and splashing in the toilet bowl. We hopped back in the shower and washed off and then fucked again at the bottom of the stairs and then again half way through brunch and then again on the back patio and then again in the downstairs bathroom while she sat there and peed and then again and again and again in her bedroom and we slept and fucked and ate and shit and pissed and showered and fucked some more.

    8.5 months later she gave birth to twins. She was enormous. She turned out to be one of those rare girls who has an orgasm with every contraction. She had her two best orgasms as each baby came out. was with her and held her hand but she kept whispering how horny she was and how she kept cumming with every contraction and said giving birth was the best sex ever. When the twins were cleaned up and snuggling up to their mom she told me she wanted to have more babies right away.

    I'm glad I went back to school to get my PhD. in math and now have a very good job. My wife has been in a permanent state of arousal for years. We have 13 children, 9 girls and 4 boys and we decided early on that we would make them all wear chastity devices at least until they leave home as adults. My wife has also acquired a strong desire for frequent S&M play. Yes I tie her up and torture her frequently. I whip her and jab needles in her sensitive spots and I hook her up to e-stim machines and shock her to orgasm. And guess what? I make her wear a chastity device all the time and only let her cum once a month now for the last seven years. this keeps her insanely horny all the time. She offers to do anything I want if I unlock her. She sucks me off about five times a day and eats out my ass and gives me long massages and waits on me hand and foot and all I do is remind her it's not the first of the month yet. The best is when I take off the chastity device and whip her pussy until she screams through a dozen orgasms. then she climbs on my cock and r*pes me over and over. She's only 32 now and wants more babies but I think 13 is enough. I am still amazed that she had intense orgasms at every contraction and as he gave birth every time she had a baby. But she said the twins were the best because they hurt the most.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 20

    When I was in 9th grade a had a teacher who taught us biology.she had fat ass and busy boobs.

    She used toake me sit in 1st bench. She always used to wear a Saree. Hence I could see her her sexy navel.
    When ever she turned sideways ,I could see her awesome fat huge boobs.
    Moreover she used wear transparent blouse . Hence I could see her bra

    She used to always wear a white or a black! Seeing her boobs like that I would get horny.

    I used to imagine having sex with her during class itself. It's been 6 years still now taught of her makes me horny.even now I imagine having sex with her. Rubing cock between. Those busy boobs. Having anal sex and smacking her ass.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 33

    When I was 12 my parents took in an exchange student from France. She was 18 and in the equivalent of the 12th grade in France so they put her in the senior class here. The program was for one semester which was about two and a half months. The reason my parents got involved was my sister had been an exchange student and went to France for a semester the year before and was now in college. So now it was my parent's turn to host.

    Juliette was a tall statuesque brunette with long hair down to her waist that contrasted with her pail complexion. Her eyes were a piercing blue. She had a long Gallo nose that gave her an air of aristocracy. She had the most delightful French accent that made every word she spoke sound like an angel singing.

    Juliette also wasn't shy. The first night she was with us I accidentally walked in on her while she was stripping down for a bath in the bathroom we shared. Instead of covering herself up or reacting she motioned toward the toilet and asked if I needed to use it. I said yes expecting maybe she would cover herself up and go wait in her room. But she didn't. she simply said she wasn't using the toilet and was about to take a bath. The faucet had been running and the but was nearly filled. She turned and bent over with her back towards me as I was dropping my pajama bottoms and sat down. I could not help but stare. I had never seen a naked girl before. She had a massive bush of black pubic hair that ran up the crack of her ass filling the space between her butt cheeks and continued up to the small of her back. I flowed down her inner thighs nearly reaching her knees. Her mane of black hair tickled the top of her ass as it swung back and forth with her every movement. i was sitting on the toilet forgetting how to poop when she turned around to expose her front side to me as she stepped into the tub. She noticed me staring between her hairy thighs at the massive pubic bush in front that spread to nearly the full width of her hips and ran up six inches above her belly button. She smiled at me as she stepped into the bath and sat down. She took the soap and just began soaping her huge perfectly shaped tits. She was a goddess and she was completely O.K. with me staring at her. Any other girl would be pissed that I had the audacity to steal a tiny glimpse of her naked ankle. Not Juliette. She almost seemed like she was inviting me to gawk at her. She kept smiling and positioning herself as though to ensure me a good view.

    She asked me if I was going to poop. I had forgotten all about why I was there. Then she sat up and looked down between my legs and asked again if I was going to poop. I nodded sheepishly and closed my legs tight. She leaned towards me to get a better view and asked me to spread my legs and show her. How could I refuse such a request from the goddess who was continuously showing me her charms. So I spread my legs embarrassed as hell while she continued to stare. Finally I lost control of my bowels and emptied them into the bowl. She craned her neck for a better view seemingly very interested in my pooping. When I was done I wiped myself clean and pulled up my pajama bottoms but she reached to me and pulled the waistband back down and told me to turn around and bend over. I couldn't say no. She spread my knees and ran a finger up the crack of my ass and then kissed my ass and told me I had a pretty buttocks as she squeezed them. Then she asked me to wash her back and so I did that next. After that she had me it on the toilet seat, I didn't bother putting my bottoms back on and then she finished bathing herself. Afterward she got out, had me help dry her off and then she asked if I would shampoo her hair. She dumped it all in the sink and instructed me talking me through that and when I was done I rinsed her hair off. Then she had me towel dry her hair and then blow dry it and brush it out. The whole time she was completely naked and I kept staring at her huge bush of black pubic hair.

    Juliette invited me into her bedroom to chat while she finished getting ready for bed. I left my pajama bottoms in the bathroom but brought my hard-on into her room with me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    When I was four years old, at preschool, a man pulled me into the closet and kissed me in the dark. It excited me.

    When I was eight, the neighbor began to "groom" me by very slowly seducing me. At first he showed interest in me and it excited me because I wanted to be touched. I would sit on his lap and watch tv in the afternoons. It started slowly, he would caress my leg and rub on me, talking softly. Seducing me.

    I was just a little girl and he wanted me. He would take it farther and farther each day. He kissed me, fondled me, played with me. He brought me along beautifully so I totally enjoyed the attention. I liked it.

    This went on for a few years until he was penetrating me. I was maybe 10. I was always aware that I was young and that this was secret, and not normal but I wanted it and I liked it. At night at home, in bed, I would think about him and play with myself, wishing he was there.

    As I got older I wanted that grooming process and the feelings of being taken advantage of by a grown man. I want edto be m****ted. I wanted it to happen to me.

    I want to be brought along, be taught, be m****ted. I want to be used for a grown man,s pleasure. I want a grown man to crawl into my child's bed when I sleep and fondle me. I want him to masturbate and squirt his cum on me.

    I want his attention and love while he does it. I want him to be imaginative and come up with things I have never thought of like I see on the internet.

    Anyhow that's my confession.


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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    when i was a kid i was put in a childrens home and shared a room with an older lad who was great most of the time but after lights out would get me to wank him of,or a good punch would follow,i did it but it wasn`t long before he was pulling my head down onto his cock which id play with trying to avoid sucking it but i finally gave in ,once i had it was everynight till he`d come in my mouth,He used to love standing over me and strange as it may sound id sometimes get a hard on and hed get behind me with his cock between my legs but thankfully never up me, it was a strange feeling being used like that and sometimes id come which he regarded as me wanting it.maybe after a while i did as right up to i met my wife in my twenties id find it hard to get though several months without having these terrible urges to suck a guy of,i allways made out they were near enough doing me a favour by letting me have this one of experience,some even said they understood and came back for more,outhers were far from keen,Nothink has happened in over 25 years but the guilt still comes to the surface when i have to lie among men knowing iv done it myself

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