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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    I LOST MY VIRGINITY in the most unexpected way never having expected that within my family lurked a sexual predator who proved to be too powerful and extremely manipulative to get his sexual day or night he was a loving,caring thoughtful provider within our family but during the rare few times he found the opportunity to get me alone somewhere including his workshop up in the attic of our home he demonstrated zero tolerance should i ever attempt to deny him any part of my body so much so that he'd often repeated the same sexual acts though he knew i was still too weak to sexually endure anymore of his forced grandfather was a solid man that unknown to my family was still in the prime of his sexual life though he took medication for a knee and shoulder injury he had suffered when he was younger during a burn rubber tour on his motorcycle to help raise money for the cancer foundation.though my grandfather who was 64 years old at the time knew i was no sexual match to actually mate with him i chose to let him due to several reasons and the obvious one's were to keep my family from ever knowing the truth and subjecting me to medical examinations where doctors would discover my grandfathers extreme sexual abuses and perhaps disbelieve that he had only perform these sexual acts on a very few and rare opportunities.when i describe my grandfather as being a solid man it means he was unfortunately well endowed and knew the painful skills to penetrate me as if i were a full grown woman though i was only 14 years old and certainly should have been like any average girl my age out dating boys from my school or neighborhood but i also worried for my younger sister who was 10 years old.she was too young and would shatter like glass if my grandfather were to sexually mate her and knowing she was far more incapable than me my family would have surely found out what was going on within our home.i don't consider money as one of the reasons because it would be inexcusable and just lies that my grandfather who was the main provider in our home had supposedly saved over 10 thousand dollars per each granddaughter with the stipulation that we remain virgins until our weddings tough when he found the opportunity to punish me sexually disregarding any compassion to pleasure me sexually he often said that whatever money that pertained to my future wedding we could somehow work it out for me to find a boyfriend and have the family believe i lost my virginity the natural way.though i was fortunate my grandfather never got me pregnant growing up i often had to pretend to be happy and playful when we were around the family even when my body hurt and had to suffer in silent humiliation my grandfathers enormous amounts of male semen that leaked through my panties.i was living in two separate worlds with my grandfather the one where he was dancing with me at family parties and convincing my parents to let me and my sister invite friends over for sleep over slumber parties yet in our other private world where we were rarely alone no one could begin to imagine the sexual cruelty my grandfather was capable of because he certainly didn't take sexual pleasure from it unless i suffered.the truth is i didn't cry much at his funeral back in 2013 when he died of a heart attack nor do i visit his grave and my part of the inheritance i promised it to my niece since my younger sister didn't marry being a virgin though thankfully it had nothing to do with my grandfather who is buried in puerto rico...true story.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 36

    When I was 13 my closest friend and I were skinny dipping in the creek on my Parents land. It was summer and school was out and we had always swam naked in the creek together and being naked in front of each other was no big deal until that day.
    We were sitting in the shade on our towels talking and both of us were about half hard and I guess the hormones got way out of control because we ended up stroking each other and made each other cum with our hands around each others dicks and we both got some of one another`s cum on our hands and after a dare we each tasted it and then another dare to lick it all off our hands. We both agreed that it wasn`t that bad and then began to wonder how it might be to try sucking each other and taste it that way. we were both pretty anxious but couldn`t decide who would go first so we drew straws and I had to suck his dick first and he got to his feet right away and turned to face me. I took my time but got to my knees and with quite a bit of encouragement from him took his hard dick in my mouth and in a few seconds I was sucking my first dick. I must have been doing a good job because his hands were on my head and he was moaning and trying to fuck my mouth and that made it pretty exciting and my hands went back to his naked as cheeks and I held his ass in my hands and sucked on his dick like crazy then without the slightest warning he pulled my face into his stomach and had his bloated nut sack smashed to my chin and tightened his grip on my head then started to cum in my mouth and tightened his grip on my head and filled my young mouth with his cum which I really had no choice but to swallow and it was not bad at all so I continued to suck on his dick even after he came and things really got out of control then as he pushed me backwards and his dick never came out of my mouth and now he was on top of me fucking my mouth begging me not to stop and just listening to him made me want to keep going and I just laid there on my back with him over the top of me fucking me in the mouth while I sucked like hell on his dick.
    It took him a long time to cum the second time but when he did his nuts were pressed to my chin again and his cum shot right down my throat and made me gag a few times before he got off of me. I had tears in my eyes from gagging like I did and he couldn`t stop talking about how good it felt. I reminded him that he had to suck my dick next and he seemed anxious to return the favor and later on he did and he made me cum twice and swallowed every drop.
    Needless to say we didn`t do a lot of swimming the rest of the day and we sucked each other for hours laying there in the shade hidden in the bushes and we had our first 69 that day. we both liked the 69 way too much and it felt very good to suck and to be sucked at the same time but nothing ever felt so good as when we both came at about the same time and we were both swallowing each others cum at the same time. we couldn`t stop and the more we did the more we wanted to do and we both sucked each others nuts and licked each others dicks and even put our nuts in each others mouths and used our mouths to please each other and make each other feel very good.
    We stayed there until the last minute and had to get back to the house. Late that night back in my bedroom while everyone was sound asleep we went at it again but had to be quiet. I think both of us enjoyed sucking as much as we enjoyed being sucked and swallowing each others warm slick cum was just an added bit of excitement. The next day we were back down on the creek sucking for hours and for the next couple of months we sucked each other off almost every day.
    One day just before school started we were down at the creek again and after sucking each other off a couple of times he asked me if he could fuck me. It took some talking but being so horny and curious I agreed to let him try it and since neither of us had a clue on how to get started I wound up face down legs spread on my towel with him on top of me holding his dick to my virgin asshole and when he couldn`t get it started I reached back and spread my ass open for him and after a bit of pushing his dick head went right in my tight asshole and while I was dealing with the stinging in my ass he pushed it all the way in then just laid on top of me with his nuts touching mine and then he started to fuck me and I can still remember how it felt to lay there and let my best friend fuck me up the ass and the more he fucked me the better it felt and I started talking to him wanting him to go faster and when he came inside of me I came all over my towel and started asking him not to stop. He humped on my ass with his dick still inside of me until he was hard enough to fuck me again and as he was fucking me his cum made my tight asshole very slick and it really got good after that. I remember sticking my ass up towards him asking him to do it harder and faster and kept asking him if he wanted to cum inside of me again.
    He finally came again then went limp and rolled off of me but as soon as we got him hard again I wanted him to fuck me in the ass again and with the cum already in my ass he shoved his dick up my ass very easy and fucked me good that time and several more times that day and came as far up my ass as he could each time and he seemed to enjoy spreading my ass cheeks after he fucked me to see his cum trickle out of my ass and try to tell me how it looked.
    From that day on I was always asking him to fuck me in the ass and he never turned me down except for face down many times. He and I were always together until a couple of years after we got out of High school and he fucked me thousands of times over the years and the older we got the bigger his dick got and the more cum he could shoot up my asshole. On weekends holidays and summers it seemed like his dick was always balls deep in my ass or we were sucking each others dicks swallowing each others load. Not many times but it did happen a few times in the heat of the moment but on several occasions when he would fuck me on my back with my legs up over his shoulders just as he was about to cum in my ass he would get so carried away that he would shove his tongue in my mouth and as his cum went up my ass we would kiss and suck on each others tongues. I never complained but it wasn`t something I really enjoyed a lot but in the heat of the moment as long as he was fucking me I really didn`t care.
    We always had great sex and kept it very private of course and I haven`t seen him in years but if I saw him again today I would have to ask him to have sex with me and fuck me up the ass a few times so I could feel his cum inside of me. I will never forget those days and how it made me feel to let my best friend use my ass and fuck me when ever he wanted and having his cum in my ass all those years. I liked getting fucked so much I often asked him if we could tell a few of our best friends so maybe they would want to join us and see how many of them would fuck me. we talked about it and I told him I wouldn`t mind having a few more guys take turns fucking me and thought it would be hot to be fucked by several guys in front of others and see how many could cum in me at one time. It always made us horny to talk about it but it never happened. I really wished that it would have.
    I still think about being gang fucked by a group of men but it won`t ever happen.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 46

    It started as blackmail I was 12 and I was caught stealing Apples from a neighbours tree, Mr. (Lewins) had caught me red handed, He immediately took me by my ear and lead me into his house, I was very afraid and he started to shout at me saying he should tell my parents or even the police because I was a thief and deserved it, I started to cry and begged him not to saying how sorry I was and that I'd never do it again, He seemed to calm down then in a calm quiet voice he said he didn't know what he was going to do yet but if I wanted a chance to show how sorry I was then I'd have to come back the next day and maybe he might not tell anyone, I left still scared hoping and praying he wouldn't tell anyone, The next day I arrived at his house still scared and hoping there was some way he wouldn't tell on me, He ushered me into the front room he sat down while I stood in front of him, In a gruff voice he told me that if I didn't want him to carry out his threat then I would have to do anything he said, I nodded eagerly keen to be out of trouble, He smiled and said he knew I would and to follow him he lead me upstairs and into a large room where there was a bed with a camera and lights pointing at it, It being the 60's they weren't very sophisticated but hi tech for the time, He looked at me and told me that if I didn't want him to tell anyone I was to undress while he took some photos of me, I was shocked but still scared so I stood there and undressed while he took photos he kept telling me to smile for the camera turn this way or that place my hands here or there until I was fully naked, I was told to get on the bed and he put me in various poses my legs open holding my penis or my balls on my hands and knees with my bottom pointed at the camera holding my bottom cheeks open as he snapped away I felt so humiliated and just wanted it over with he kept touching me to arrange me how he wanted me to pose his hands wandering all over me when I froze he would remind me of what he would do if I didn't behave, His fingers touched me in places no one had before and despite myself my penis although still small at my age began to get hard, He loved seeing me hard and took several photos of just my penis and balls in between stroking it making it even harder, After a while he patted his camera and told me if I didn't want everyone I knew to see these photos I would have to do much more, With that his flies were undone and his penis was pulled out to me it looked big and angry he historical over to the bed and told me to open my mouth and suck it I hesitated and he grabbed my head and forced my face into his crotch I opened my mouth quickly as he was getting cross his penis slipped in its unfamiliar taste on my tongue he told me to suck it hard I obeyed still scared of what he would do, I sucked until my jaw ached then he grunted and my mouth was full of something thick and salty he told me to swallow it harshly I did as I was told, As he zipped up he told me to dress and come back the next day to do some more photos or else, I returned and over the months I began to enjoy what he was doing to me even looking forward to it, He took lots of. photos of me including of me dressed as a scout schoolboy and once as a girl, He even got another boy involved too and photographed us fucking and sucking each other, He even took me to a private photoshoot at a large house where I was photographed with two men both grey haired and fat, This all continued until I moved away with my family at 15 by that time I was hooked on men and cock.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 47

    CALL ME CRAZY BUT even i'm confused with my sudden change of behavior...i've always had this sexual fetish for little girls who play in their panties,the term [playing in their panties] basically means young girls who sit for hours in school,run and play around the park or generally use the bathroom without cleaning themselves.growing up me and my friends would follow some little girl we though might like the touch me there i won't tell little games we played but unlike them who mostly considered it just something to do to entertain ourselves i thought of it as a way to get pussy though as kids we often used the wrong approach to get some of the girls especially when certain girls actually played in their panties for more the 24 hours.young girls like the attention but get angry if embarrassed by some boys whose finger or hand had their dirty little female secrets,only two boys in our group had the courage and confidence to show some random little girl his penis which made me personally envious if the little girl saw it erect.those two boys never actually got any girl to touch it or do something crazy like put it in her mouth and there was this one girl who told one of my friends that her boyfriend who worked in a lamp shop had the biggest boy dick she ever of my friends who was the youngest of the group asked her if her boyfriend ever stick it to her but she told us no because doing that stuff hurt.we grew up but my friends lost interest in touching little girls who smelled dirty in the pussy and had soft pudding up their the time i was 17 years old i had learned how to get my finger up in a little girl but was caught by a school teacher in a catholic school library,the little girl told the principal that i was just being friendly by helping her pull part of her dress that somehow got stuck in the school yard fence but her friend who saw my hand up in the little girls panties told the principal that i had my penis thing in her little friends mouth and my hand up her number two that is used on the toilet.the little girl got mad at her friend and told the principal she would never let anyone touch her back there because girls don't like those things,the school teacher told me to stay away from the yard when the little girls were outside playing but i had already told the little girl to wait for me after school by the fire hydrant way over on the other side of the school.we took a taxi cab back to my small furnished room that legally was a storage room or build to be a walk in closet,the only space i had was for a small twin size bed and tv on an old dusty table with a window by the side of my bed.the little girl had to be home before 3;45 pm and didn't need to be told to get out of her panties and climb into bed but something really strange happened to me when she put her ass up on my bed telling me she wanted to stay a little virgin but i could do something to her back there.i climbed up behind her but found it difficult to get past the funky smell of the little girls privates,i didn't actually complain but i told her she shouldn't play in her panties like she was doing but what really bothered me was i used to love the smell of dirty little girls.her only concern was she had to be home soon and told me she didn't understand what i meant about playing in her panties so using her brown stained moistness as a sexual lubricant i pushed it up her small ass.she cursed and cried out a string of profanities telling me that just because another man got her into sex back there didn't mean my sex was any smaller.i didn't feel like i was fucking her but fucking through all the shit she had in her ass and what annoyed me was how she kept talking about this other man who does it to her with a bigger thing.though i was tempted to get it up in her vagina i only had like 8 minutes before putting her in a cab so i fucked that little girl until i achieved two orgasms.the landlords wife who was sitting outside stared at me and the little girl as we went across the street to get a cab,the cab driver who was hispanic like me kept looking at the little girl who was black asking me in spanish if she was my daughter but i told him she was just a friend a lady i knew.she got off right around the corner of her building so no one would see me with her and when i saw her several days later she told me to just stay away from her...true story.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    My mother had gone into hospital and I was only 11 and I was sent to live with my Aunt for the duration of my mothers hospitalisation, On arrival at her old but well kept house I was greeted by her she was a plump middle aged woman with an easy smile that set me at ease as she hugged me to her ample chest, I was shown my room which was small but warm and comfortable and left to unpack, I was called down for tea an hour later a nice spread of bread and jam with a hot cup of tea, As I ate my Aunt told me there were few rules except one which was to do as I was told as long as I did that we would be fine, She smiled and told me she would run a bath for me while I ate my tea as it was getting late, I finished and headed to the bathroom my Aunt was still there she told me to undress and get into the bath, Very shyly I undressed with my back to her then quickly stepped into the bath she laughed and said there was no need to be shy, She came over to the bath and started to wash my back her hands deftly working the lather over my back as she rinsed my back she told me to stand up I cupped my penis and balls and stood up and she started to wash my bum a thing I hadn't had done in ages as I always washed my of there, Her fingers slick with soap kneaded and washed my buttocks one by one her fingers occasionally brushing my bum hole making me tingle but in a nice way, She rinsed me satisfied with her work then told me to turn around I rid but didn't move my hands from my crotch, She slapped my hands away and said in a cross voice that shyness was not tolerated and to do as I was told, She soaped her hands and then started to wash my small (at that time) penis pulling back the foreskin and washing the head I started to grow hard as her soapy fingers worked on me she chuckled and carried on to soap my balls as her other hand kept soaping my penis, I was fully erect when she suddenly stopped dried her hands and told me to rinse off and dry myself then put only my dressing gown on and meet her in the front room, I did. as she told me and I was soon standing in front of her chair beside her log fire, She told me that she knew all about boys and how dirty they made the bed sheets and there would be none of that in her house as she spoke she quickly undid my dressing gown and took it off so I stood naked in front of her, She took hold of my penis and started to rub it slowly at first then faster as she heard me groan and saw my legs shake I was feeling so good my whole crotch felt tight and warm with. tingles around my balls, She cooed that I was a good boy as her other hand found my bum again this time the fingers went straight to my bum hole, I shut my eyes enjoying the feelings she was making me have, Suddenly I felt weird my whole body stiffened my balls felt tight then it hit me and I grunted I looked down to see white stuff in my Aunts hand I watched as she greedily licked her hand clean, She sighed and sat back smiling then she sent me off to bed, After that it happened every night before I went to bed for the next three months until I went home.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 20

    I was raised by grandparents who were very wealthy. We lived on an enormous estate where I was aloud to run and play as I wished. When I was six, there was a Hispanic gardener who worked for my grandfather. I spent a lot of time following him around and asking questions. One afternoon, I followed him into the musky toolshed where he exposed his cock to me. I stood there fascinated as he played with it. He got it rock hard then asked me to do it for him. So I did. It felt good in my hand and when he asked me to suck it, I put the knob in my mouth. It was so big I couldn't keep it in my mouth, so he pulled it out and blew a huge load on my face. He cleaned my face then stooped down and pulled my play shorts and panties down to my ankles. Putting his big hands onto my ass cheeks he pulled me into his face and sucked and licked my bald 6-year-old pussy until I couldn't stand it anymore. The whole time I was clutching his hair riding his mouth as he gave me the best feelings I had ever experienced. He made me promise not to tell, and, of course, I didn't. As often as possible he would take me to the toolshed and eat me out.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    It took weeks for him to talk me in to this but when I was 13 my friend who was the same age finally talked me in to letting him stick his dick in my ass. He made it sound like the best thing ever and had me convinced that it was the right thing to do.
    We knew I would be at his house for the weekend and both his Parents would be at work all day Saturday. Both of us were pretty anxious and I had talked myself in to giving it a try and really wanted to do it so we both couldn`t wait until Saturday morning and we had talked about it in great detail. I didn`t tell him but I had jacked off several times the week before just thinking about us naked together and knew I liked fingering my ass a lot so I was curious as to what his dick might be like in my ass.
    As soon as his Mom drove off Saturday morning we threw off what clothes we had on and got busy trying to get his dick in my tight ass. He must have given it a lot of thought because as soon as I was bent over the side of his bed he had me spread my ass cheeks and he started to spit in the crack of my ass and rub the head of his dick in his spit until my tight asshole was slick enough to get his dick in me and I just stayed bent over holding my ass cheeks apart while he poked his dick in my ass. It stung a little but not enough to stop and he slowly pushed it all the way up my ass then started to fuck me. It felt pretty good and just about the time I was getting used to having his dick in my ass he came in me.
    We never talked about that and I was pretty pissed at first but the harder he pulled on my hips and the more cum went in my ass the more excited I became and it felt good when it shot up my ass and I started asking him to do it again. He stayed hard enough to keep fucking me and with the cum inside of me it was so slick and warm it felt much better and his dick slipped in and out of me so much easier and he lasted quite awhile before he came in me the next time.
    I couldn`t believe how good it felt and no sooner than he slipped out of my ass I was asking him to stick it back in so the rest of the day he and I got him hard as often as we could so he could fuck me some more. I had quite a bit of his cum inside of me and it leaked out most of the day as we went from room to room trying it in different positions and the more he fucked me the more I wanted him to fuck me and we even did it in front of a couple of mirrors so I could see his dick go in and out of my tight asshole.
    We almost got caught that afternoon when his Mom got home a little earlier than usual. He was fucking me in the bathroom floor and just started to cum in me when we heard the garage door come open. As soon as he finished shooting his cum up my ass he pulled out and we quickly got our clothes on and were sitting in his bedroom like nothing had happened.
    That night in his room he fucked me a few more times but we had to be very quiet. Sunday we walked down the road to this old vacant house and he fucked me several more times at different times that entre day. His Dad was gone fishing and it was hot as hell in that old house so we went back to his house to cool off. His Mom was doing laundry and as soon as she went out to hang the clothes out on the line we hurried back to his room got in his closet and took our pants down just enough for him to fuck me from behind standing in his closet. He came in me we pulled up our pants and had just got to the couch to sit down when she came back in the house.
    weeks later we tried sucking each others dicks out in the tool shed at my house and after sucking each other a few times he begged me to let him cum in my mouth and said he would if I would try it first so I did and it wasn`t bad at all. I managed to hang on long enough for him to cum in my mouth then spit it out. He tried it later on that day and he said it was OK. That night back in my room he asked me to suck his dick again and he really wanted to cum in my mouth again so I let him but it took me awhile to make him cum and this time I just swallowed his cum and sucked his dick for a long time after he came.
    The next day we were at my house alone and we tried our first 69 and we both swallowed the cum and kept sucking each others dicks and it took awhile but we both came and swallowed it again. He fucked the hell out of me several times that day and we even fucked in my parents room on a towel in the floor. He and I sucked each other off a lot for years and there is no telling how many times he fucked me in the ass and he always came inside of me and we had sex until we were out of high school several years then we moved away but it was a fun time in our lives and we both had a lot of good times with each other and I miss it a lot.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 35

    This should be Mr. B's confession instead of mine, but every time my husband and I get a babysitter, he is on my mind.

    When I was 15, I started babysitting for a couple that were friends of my mom and dads. They just had a 2nd baby, and needed a sitter once a week, usually Fridays or Saturdays, for their "date night". I loved being with babies, so I was pretty excited to be able to help them.
    They lived about 15-20 minutes away, and it always seemed the dad (Mr. B) would drive me home after I babysat. He would always make comments about how pretty I looked, or if he was in school with me he would be asking me out all the time. I was pretty naïve, and I did not even realize he was flirting with me.
    When I was 16, I had just got my drivers license, but my parents still did not want me driving late at night, so Mr. B would still always be taking me home. I remember one summer night, I had shorts on, and as we drove Mr.B just put his hand on my bare thigh as we talked. It startled me at first, but then he asked if it was o.k if his hand was there. I told him it was, and for the last few minutes of the drive he kind of rubbed his hand up and down my thigh. I finally realized he was making moves on me, and I was so excited about it! I could not wait for the next time I had to babysit for them.
    I made sure I wore even shorter shorts that next time, and within seconds after we drove away, MR. B had his hand on my thigh and was rubbing me again. Although this time his hand went higher and higher, and when I did not protest, one of his fingers slipped inside my shorts and inside my underwear.
    I considered myself fairly good looking at the time, but I was always shy and being around boys was awkward for me. I had made out a few times, but never went any farther. But here I was, with an older married man driving the car, and his finger was moving around inside my vagina. It felt SO good.
    Mr. B ended up stopping a few blocks from my house and pulling over. He asked if he could kiss me, and I let him. We made-out for a few minutes, before he drove me home.
    Here I was, a young teenage girl, and this older man wanted me. The fact that he was marring did not matter, it as just very exciting for me.
    The next time I babysit, we did not waste any time at all. As soon as we started to drive , I unzipped my shorts for him and he started putting a few fingers in me and rubbing my clit. I was squirming in the passenger seat by his touch alone. I moaned at one point about how good he makes me feel, and that's when he asked if I was willing to make him feel just as good. I pretty much new what that meant, and Mr.B took my hand and placed it on his hard cock. My first cock. I naturally started to stroke it, and he told me that he would not last long and did not want to make a mess in the car. Again he pulled over a few blocks from my house and asked if I would put my mouth on it and swallow. I did not want him to think I had never done that before, so I agreed. Moments after I had my mouth wrapped around the head of his cock, he started to cum. And despite all the horror stories I had read about it, and other girls complaining about how bad it tasted - I did not think it was that bad at all.
    Mr. B reminded me that nobody can ever know what he and I do in the car, and I promised never to tell anyone.
    But from that night on, we developed a routine.
    He would finger me really well for the first 10-15 minutes of the drive, then I would suck him off before he took me home. I did not see the wrong of it at all. I was satisfying another woman's husband. For a teenage girl, that was so thrilling to think about.

    My family had a big 4th of July party that year, and Mr. B and his family were invited. I felt so smug talking to his wife, and her having no idea the things her husband and I had been doing. At one point I was able to whisper to him that I wanted to suck his cock. We managed to find a way to sneak into the upstairs bathroom together, where I gave him a blowjob. Knowing his wife was in the same house was beyond exciting.

    At the end of the summer, Mr. B arranged with my parents for me to babysit for 4 hours on a Saturday night. As always, my parents drove me there, and I walked to the door by myself, where Mr. B met me and waved to my dad from the front door.
    Once I was inside I did not see his wife or the kids right away. That's when Mr. B told me they were gone for the night at her mothers house, so it was just me and him alone there.
    Mr. B said it was time that he made love to me "properly" and took my hand and led me to the bedroom.
    For the next 4 hours, he not only carefully took my virginity, but he made me feel like a real woman. As we had sex, I would close my eyes and pretend I was his wife, and it was my bed not hers. He did not have any condoms, and it was risky, but I let him cum inside me 2 times that night. He kept telling me over and over how my body was so hot, how it feels better than his wife, everything a girl wanted to hear pretty much.
    I remember him taking me home, and he had his arm around me in the car. It was the best night of my life.
    What was even better, was Mr. B remembered that he still had to pay me for "babysitting" So - he gave me 40 dollars.
    I sometimes think about it now, and I basically got paid to have sex with a married man that night.

    Luckily I did not get pregnant - but we both realized I was falling more in love with Mr. B than I should be. I babysat for them less and less, and got more involved with school and boys my own age.

    I am married now with two kids of my own, and as silly as it sounds, I always make sure its ME who drives our babysitter home. I don't want my husband to be another Mr. B

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 19

    GROWING UP I HAD ISSUES WITH MY WEIGHT AND LOOKS and was never that girl who boys in school thought attractive,i often felt so insecure i left my long hair uncombed and sometimes didn't care to take a bath though i dreamed of someday having a boyfriend.though i was never the type to ever consider sex or something crazy with the men in my family i did have one uncle who often looked at me in that special way which clearly meant should i ever want to we could find the time to be alone.what made it special wasn't that he was my uncle but the attention he gave me which was never the same with the boys in school but apart from one incident where my uncle came into my room one day while i was busy looking for a certain book in my schoolbag and put his hand up my school dress to touch and caress the side of my leg he never tried to take it any further.though i was excited and nervous my silence seemed to make him feel uneasy or my mothers voice clearly heard from way over in the kitchen talking to other members of our family made him uncomfortable,after all i was only 14 years old and he was in his early 30's.the one certain attention i did receive often was from adult black males where ever i went but none actually ever approached me until the incident one day when i was sitting at the front of the bus on my way to visit my older sister who lived with her husband in the projects.the bus driver could clearly see me but didn't say anything when two black men sat across from me whom at first weren't paying any attention to me while they talked and laughed about some party they had gone to but i couldn't stop staring at them because one of them was completely bald and sounded african and though i'm not attracted to black boys or men he was a good looking long hair was a mess and i was wearing my catholic school uniform though i was wearing a pair of dark gray panty hose to cover my legs and upper thighs since without them i would certainly attract to much attention from dirty old men which is not the kind of attention i wanted at all.with my duffel schoolbag slung over my back i looked like a fat turtle sitting across from them as they talked and laughed when suddenly they both looked over at me and asked me something though i hadn't heard what they had asked me so i stood there frozen in my seat sounding really stupid when i asked the bald headed one WHAT...really wanting to know what they had asked me but they just stared back at me laughing,the bald headed one suddenly stopped laughing and lean in closer to me to tell me to relax that they were just having fun and wanted to know if i like to dance and i told him that not on a bus which obviously sounded very stupid so they started laughing and i guess because he really did look cute especially when he laughed i kind of looked at him and smiled.his friend perhaps sensing that i wasn't interested in him got off on the next stop and with people getting on and off the bald headed man told me to come sit next to him.due to the other passengers on board he lowered his voice telling me i was a pretty girl and he didn't live too far from the bus stop where he got off and though i know it's common sense to just get off and go straight to my sisters place i stayed on the bus and went back to his apartment.though i was young i was clearly ready and sexually curious to be with this man i didn't even know but felt uncomfortable standing in his bedroom naked as he put his hand up my privates and licked my 14 year old plump breast.he kept going around me in circles to massage and slap my big soft ass and making the clear statement how he was going to get it from me by standing right behind me and putting his big strong arms around my waist and stomach telling me to cooperate.though i was inexperienced sexually i clearly understood he wanted to take me from behind but it also scared me to think if i did not cooperate he meant to take me by force.he talked about his native africa telling me the young black girls about my age usually cooperated but were never capable of getting past the forest of jungle sex which obviously i didn't understand until i saw his friend standing by his bedroom door.the bald headed one put his hand up the back of my naked ass and with his other hand push the back of my shoulders down onto his bed exposing my privates nearby an opened window.i turned to look over at his friend who was just then standing by the door completely naked finally understanding what the bald headed one meant by jungle sex.i was never so shocked or scared to see a man so well endowed thinking back to the time when my sister talked about her honeymoon night describing in detail the events of losing her virginity.the bald headed one behind me sensing i might just lose my courage to cooperate grabbed me by the hair and began using his other hand to sexually m****t and stimulate my vagina and all i could do was watch his friend walk over to join him.they took turns standing back there behind me to touch and stroke my vagina to sexual arousal and orgasm and though it felt really good and intense i couldn't help but feel embarrassed that these two men had witnessed my sexual response as they laughed and talked in their native language.suddenly like two lions in the wild the bald headed one pushed his friend who landed beside me on the bed and they began to argue,i turned back to look at them and was shocked to see both these men standing naked by the opened window with huge erect penises arguing in their african language and both taking turns to walk up between my legs and get their full erection inside of me...obviously the bald headed one won the argument but because he was still angry with his friend he walked up to the bed and grabbed me by the hair demanding that i get back on my knees and cooperate.he entered me from behind with such rage we both collapse onto the bed then it was his friends turn which went on for more than two hours,the scent,sweat and blood of my virginity had these two african men sexually aroused to the point of total exhaustion.though i somehow managed to make it to my sisters place later that afternoon i never went back to that bald headed mans apartment...true story.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 55

    BACK WHEN I WAS AN ASSISTANT funeral director my job was to attend to the grieving relatives and friends of the recently departed,the funeral was a three story tenement with five rooms and one bathroom plus dining room where we served coffee and sandwiches since usually families and friends would be there four hours viewing their beloved ones.the third floor was often closed off and there were times the young kids kept me busy running up there to get them out because should they hurt themselves falling down the stairs or like one incident where a casket nearly fell on a young boy the funeral could face an expensive lawsuit.the majority of kids don't understand the concept of death and grow bored sitting around a funeral home for hours so they run around the halls or in some cases outside without their parents permission.i often felt more like a security guard or babysitter than an assistant funeral director but the job payed very well and i met some interesting people like boxing legend evander holyfield,the reverend al sharpton and the late mayor edward e.koch and of course there was always beautiful woman in attendance but i was always of the opinion that the kids should be left home because parents and relatives are often too busy to go around chasing after them.though rare but it did happen sometimes if i excused myself to certain parents during their time of mourning to inform them that their child was causing too much disruption in the halls or nearby funeral rooms to guest the kid would get a nice but decent slap upside the head and go sit down and behave.but the director considered it wrong if we couldn't handle the situation in a proper manner not that he ever came out of his office to deal with these situations himself advising me to just watch the doors to avoid the kids going outside and check the third floor daily.the director finally put a closed area sign on a velvet link chain at the top of the stairs to the third floor which pretty much stopped the kids from running up there but one day a young black girl about 12 or 13 years old ran up there and bypassed the chain so i followed her up there to bring her back down.the lights were always off up there except the exit light above a backdoor that was a fire department regulation in the event of a fire and each floor had one,and since i had the keys to each room i always ensured the doors were locked except the exit and bathroom.something about cemetaries and haunted house scare kids and adults but a funeral home establishment is considered the contrary perhaps due to all the people in attendance and knowing your loved one's are nearby so walking down the dark hall i could clearly hear the young girl through the closed door of the bathroom grunting and groaning and smiled knowing quite surely she had come upstairs to use the bathroom in private.i called downstairs on my walkie talkie to inform the director that a young girl bypassed the sign on the third floor and was currently using the bathroom knowing the rules were to standby and wait for her to finish and escort her back downstairs.i was suddenly concerned when the young girl was taking too long and sounded desperate and frustrated often using profanities so i knocked on the door identifying myself and asking her was she okay but she called out back to me that she couldn't go...i wasn't quite sure what she meant by that and told her she must hurry up because she wasn't allowed to be up there by herself,she went silent for a few seconds so i once again asked her if she was okay but she responded with a kind of like uncertainty if i could perhaps come in and help her but i told her that was against the rules and to just give me a parent or relatives name she was with so i could go downstairs to informed them...but she called out that it was embarrassing enough with me standing outside the bathroom because she was really having a bad time trying to go and to please just come in to help her promising she wouldn't tell anyone that i had gone in there to help her.i thought this young girl was in a serious situation if she didn't want her own relatives to know so i went in to find her sitting inside the the first stall with the door open.her dress was pushed up past her waist and her panties were down to her feet so out of respect i kept turning away as she explain that she was suffering from constipation and couldn't go,apparently she wasn't aware that by simply inserting one of her fingers up in her rectum she could gradually dislodge the bits and portions of feces that were blocking her passage but when she tried her hand barely reached her private area.she looked at me then closing her eyes she told me to help her if i could so i took a deep breath and got on my knees beside her putting my hand up between her legs feeling like a plumber going to work on a toilet instead of a young girls private area though minutes later she achieved her need to go and though i had barely touched her vaginal area it was clearly moist as well as her panties.the smell of this young girl caused me to achieve a full erection and when i got up to go wash my hands she noticed though she didn't say anything and of course my intentions weren't to engage her in anything sexual in fact once we were cleaned up i took her back downstairs so she could join her relatives and i went back to my duties....true story.

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