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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 47

    One thing I always remember as a kid was when I did something wrong and was going to be punished for it. My dad would be pulling off his belt and telling me to pull my pants and underwear down and to bend over the couch. I would then feel the pain of his belt hitting my bare ass and me begging him to stop. He would only stop after I was crying. He didn't care who was around so many of my relatives, family friends and my friends witnessed this. After my punishment I would be made to stand with my hands on my head and with my pants and underwear still down at my ankles. I always felt very embarrassed and very exposed when he did this in front of girls. He finally stopped punishing me this way when I got a lot older but I still remember a couple of times occurring even after I had turned 17.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    This happened when I was 13 years old.

    I was to stay at my friends house over the weekend since my parents were going away for the weekend. My friend wasn't feeling well so he went to sleep very early. Other times when I had been over it was always him and his younger sister who is 9 years old having a bath together before they go to sleep. His mother wanted me to have a bath before bed, and given the fact my friend was sleeping, she told me that me and his sister would be bathing together. It was going to be awkward since I never bathed with someone before let alone a girl and also was going to be naked at my friends house.

    I undressed in the room I was going to be sleeping in and then walked to the bathroom naked. I walked past his mother naked and then slipped into the tub with his sister who was already in it. She was seeing me naked for the first time which was a little awkward at first. It became a lot more awkward when his older sister, who was 16, came home and walked right into the bathroom along with a girlfriend of hers. His mother came back and make no effort to make them leave. Maybe it was payback as I had gone into the bathroom many times when my friend and his younger sister were bathing. I guess now it was my turn to be seen naked by others. The girls stuck around for our full bath which meant they saw me naked for the full time too. It was the first time I remember being this exposed to anyone especially girls. Even when I change in change-rooms for swimming it was a quick change while here we were in that bath for almost a half hour.

    The next day my friend was still sick so it was bath time again but it was more awkward. Me and the young sister bathed together again but his older sister had more friends over that night. There were 6 of them. Me and the younger sister were naked in the tub and all these girls were in there watching. The mother came by and like the day before made no effort to have them leave. I literally had myself fully exposed to half a dozen girls. Given that I couldn't do much about it I just accepted it and let them see what they came in to see.

    The days that followed had the girls tease me about seeing me naked and seeing my penis.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    It was when I met Old Oscar again at the Library, he was a real sweety, Told me how he lost his wife to a younger guy, she was 49, she was with him for 5 years he started of telling me about the things that she did for him, she cooked for him washed for him, cleaned the house for him, she'd suck his cock all the time, do you know what that is he said to me, I said No, and I'd make love to her all night he said, do you know what
    that is, he asked. Again I said na.
    I could see he was getting excited about the last couple of things. And I went for it, I said if you do what you did to me the last time maybe you can teach me those things. He took me back to his house it was only a short walk from the shops, We got inside he showed me around when we got to this room with a Huge bed with canopy and carved wooden poles like a king and queens bed, Wow I said and ran and jumped up on it, Oh to be a silly little school girl Slut again, I layed there on my back opening and closing my legs and arms feeling the huge space I looked up to see were Oscar was he was standing at the end of the bed, drooling looking at my pussy as my skirt had hitched up a bit and of course I had No panties on. I noticed the bulge straight away, and ever so innocently pulled my legs up until my feet were touching my bottom and said what are you looking at Ossie. Is it Ok if I lay here. He couldn't talk. His lip was trembling I'm thinking he's having a heart attack or something. So I jumped up to give him a hug. He said I'm ok you just reminded me of my wife she was such a slut I came home one day and found her with a young guy in that bed Do you know what a Slut is, it's a bad girl I said, I want to be a bad girl but I don't want you to hate me. He didn't have a bulge anymore so I got on my knees and looking up at him I put my small hands on his crotch remember why we
    are here. Don't you want to lick me again and teach me somethings, I loved it when you licked me that way it felt really naughty, I want to be naughty again. I felt movement in his pants and quickly pulled his fly and big white underpants down. OMG he was huge I wrapped both my hands around his Cock and felt the warmth in my palms as it grew before me, Oohhh he moaned and started to kneel he sort of collapsed but stayed
    upright. He said kneel up on the bed for me, I'm alright I want to lick you now. Oh yeah I thought, he fumbled a bit I remember his hands were cold but it only made me wetter. He eventually got my cheeks spread and worked his magic tongue on my butt hole, I dropped down my chest and stuck my bottom up for him to eat me, I was in a frenzy it felt sooooooo good. He put a couple of his cold fingers on my clit and I was off, I orgasmed at 3 or 5 times in a row. Then just collapsed forward I felt Ossie get on the bedback next to me, are you alright he asked me, Wow, Wow, Wow I said to him. Can you teach me something that will make you as happy as I am right now, I remember asking him. He said do you want to try sucking Cock or I could Fuck you if you want, he asked me are you a virgin
    I think so, then if I Fucked you it would be very messy, you will bleed. I remember thinking oh my god is he going to kill me, he said No No, he explained the whole thing, It made me reassess it, As much as I want to be "Fucked" and I didn't care if it was Ossie or not maybe I should leave it to later as he did suggest. I told you he was a sweety, So I said let's get our clothes off and we can just play with each other then. I want to feel your Huge Cock oz, we got undressed he was in pretty good shape for an old guy, he sucked and played with my titties that felt good, again. Brought back memories of my bus trip. Then I pushed him on his back and said I want to feel it in my mouth and grabbed his big pole, he started giving me instructions but soon realised I was a "natural". We're did I hear that before. I still loved the slurping squishing noises my mouth made as I went up and down his Big old HARD COCK I was using both my hands as well to help, another trick I'd learnt after going back to dad's New porn stuff. Oh daddy I want your Cock too. I took him in my mouth again inching my way down being careful Not to gag, did a couple of times, but it is just practise I think, I soon had his knob in my throat then gagged again, when he said, sit on my face, What??. No squat with your pussy on my mouth, yeah that sounded good I'd thought. It was a bit of a stretch I couldn't get his whole Cock in my mouth now, but he was eating my pussy, his tongue was incredible, I orgasmed about 10 times he stayed hard but Never pissed in my mouth. I got up and said can you lay on me like they do in the magazines I said, he obliged straight away I think. He was a bit heavy I remember, as His big cock was rubbing up along my pussy lips, about 15 minutes later I was getting a bit sore when he really started moaning, Load. Then he just started being silly and made lots of moaning noises and he pissed his white stuff on my tummy then a bit
    more. He was puffing and breathing really heavy I had to push him off me. Then I saw his cock shrivelling up and took him in my mouth again sucking his cock and eating his cum as he called it. We showered together then he walked me home, what a gentleman.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    I have never been a big tough guy , in fact I'm the opposite. I was constantly scrawling through Craigslist ads for m4m . I would masturbate and put various things in my butt . I would lay in bed and dream about sucking men off or getting pounded from behind. One day I decided to answer an ad , he and I started talking. When we met a couple weeks later he had me suck him until he came. It was embarrassing because I came from just giving him head. Later that afternoon he and I were still together at his apartment. He was having me stay naked and finally he took me to the bedroom where he had me lay on my back raised my legs and fucked me. I came all over myself way before he unloaded inside of me. I was partially suprized but not fully suprized when I went back the next day , to find a large group of men in his apartment. It was better than I had ever dreamt of. Amazing and exhilarating. The next week I was there for their pleasure. I still have never had a week with so much sex and fun since then.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    My cousin Sherly and I never talk about it, but we both know what we did when we were kids. I always thought she was pretty because she had everything I like in a girl. Sandy blonde straight hair, blue eyes and nice legs. I never told her I liked her because I was 14, she was 16 and probably interested in older boys. I remember her asking me if I played with my penis thinking of girls. "Don't be embarrassed because I do it myself" she said as I sat blushing next to her. I was stoned when she took her panties off, lifted her skirt and told me to touch her. I remember her guiding my finger over her wet strawberry pussy while unzipping my pants and pulling out my stiff penis. I got so hard feeling her hand around my dick it almost hurt. We both knew we doing something we shoulden't be doing, but that just made even hornier. I remember she stuffed her panties down her blouse, pulled up my pants and underwear in a rush when we beard her parents opening the front door. It was really hard to act like nothing had happed in front of her parents. Best thing she did was taking me out to her back yard so they wouldn't suspect anything. It was a one time fling and we both knew it hsd to be kept secret even when we both wanted to do it again. I just know I can't keep my hand off my dick thinking of her.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 21

    Unlike many of these ridiculous stories this one is ACTUALLY TRUE.

    When I was 13 or 14 my friend introduced me to the site Omegle. For those of you who arent familiar, it is (was?) a video chat site that paired you with a random stranger. 95 percent of time the image on the other was a guy jerking off. You literally had to skip through tens of dicks to actually talk to a person. I pretended to be disgusted but having recently discovered the magic of self touch I secretly couldnt wait to spend some time alone with this. I would take the family laptop into my room, get totally naked and unabashedly rub myself on camera. I would seek out older men specifically, no younger than 25 (an adult to a 13 y/o lol). Id keep the blanket pulled up till I found the right man then go full spread eagle. Id lie and tell them I was ten or in elementary school. Iâd encourage them to record me and to send it to all of their friends. I wanted as many adult men jerking off to me as possible. It kind of makes me sick now thinking that clips of little me are probably traded by creeps to this day. Thank god I was smart enough to hide my face.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 28

    When I was growing up there were very few other girls my age in the small town that I lived in. even when I graduated from jr high I was one of only 16 other girls. Plenty of boys though. So I grew up with boys and delt with their curiosity and perverted ideas. We had a little group of us that lived in a out of the way trailer park on the outskirts of farms. We would go to the creek by the forest and hangout. Being the youngest and only girl they would normally tell me to take my clothes off , which always turned into them touching me all over. This in return started causing rumors at school and all over. I honestly enjoyed the attention it was nice to be popular and desired. My family finally got a financial break and we were able to move far from that town. I had sex with most of the boys in Jr high , some of the boys in highschool , and even quite a few adults in town. I was definitely the town slut and I knew it then and I know it know. When I started telling everyone that we would be moving it was like a competition to see who could do me more than the others. Boys and men were constantly around me and constantly doing something sexual towards me. I'm confessing here because I'm getting married in 3 weeks and he doesn't know about my past but I felt it necessary to tell someone. Thank you for letting me get it off my chest.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 31

    One time when I was 13 years old, I went on a day trip into the city with my sister, who was 15, and two of her friends, who were both 17. We had taken the bus in and spent the day seeing the sights. Unfortunately, we missed the last bus that we were going to use to get home. So we had to find another way.

    We stood at the side and of the highway, trying to get someone to stop. One of the girls decided to take her top off, exposing her underaged tits to the on coming cars. When that didn't work, the other girl and my sister took of their tops. The two girls weren't willing to take it any further, but not my sister. Soon enough she was waving to car completely naked, with her young, wet, illeagl pussy fully exposed. She was enjoying this.

    Cars still weren't stopping, and I was the only one still clothed. So I stip down to my underwear, and already my dick was pitching a tent. I pull my underwear down as my heart beat quickens, and the movement of underaged cock flicking upwards nearly causes me to blow a creamy load all over the pavement. Finally, a car stops. The driver is a man in his late 30s. He tells my sister and her friends to sit in the back and has me sit in the passenger seat next to him. Then we are off, all of us still nearly/totally naked.

    As we are driving, I feel the scratchy leather of the seat pushes up against my clentched ass cheeks. I cover my illegally hard penis with hands, ashamed to have it exposed to this strange man. But as time passes the shame discapates and I become naughty, allowing my hands to fall to myside, opening my croutch to the man. I see the man move his hand to change gears, when suddenly he grabs hold of my hard, underaged cock and begins stroking it. This initually scares me but also feels so good. The three girls look away in shock but curiosity eventually gets the best of them and their eyes become focused on the man's hand as it slowly but firmly moves up my shaft, up to my head and then down again.

    As the man countines to stroke my of, I focus on the three girls who all have their tits out still with my sister still naked, sitting in the middle. While the two girls tits look great, my sister are by far the best. Her tits are pearly whites and smooth, topped off with her cherry red nipples. As I am starting at them through the rearview mirror, I let out a groan, and blow a huge load with so much force that it hits the roof of the car and falls back onto my bare chest. My small.cock countined pumping out cum for nearly 10 seconds. Despite the buckets of ejaculate I had shot all over my self and the roof, the man countined stroking me.

    A little while later, my sister asked if we could stop so she could go take a piss, but the man told her she could just pee where she was sitting. At this point I had recovered from my first cum explosion, and watching a golden stream of urine shoot out from my sister's tight pussy was enough for me to blow my second load. This time I stuck out my tongue and got a good amount in my mouth. I ejaculated two more times during the rest of the trip.

    When we arrived close to home, we got out of the car and by this point my whole front (including but not limited to: my legs, crotch, chest, and face) was sticky from all of the cum. Before the man leaves, he takes several picture of me and my sister, along with some close ups of my sticky little boy cock. Then he proceedes to bend over and lick me all over, staring at my neck line and working his way down my chest, over my nipple and down to my cock and balls. He said my cum tased delicious. The man gave me an entire roll of paper towels to clean off and then he drove away. My sister, her friends, and I never spoke of this event again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    I was not exactly a kid when this happened, as I was 15. It was summer and I had gone camping for a week with friends. One guy had a little accident so we came home a day early. I arrived home at about 10 at night and found my mom was not home. My mom and dad divorced several years back so basically it was just me and her. I was a bit tired so just went to bed. About a half hour went by and I heard my mom arrive home. I got up and dressed and then realized she was talking to someone, and I heard a male voice respond. For some reason, I held back going out of my room. I heard my mom and whoever she was with go into her bedroom. On a spur of the moment decision, I climbed out my bedroom window to the backyard. I creeped up to my moms window and could peek through the bottom where the blinds did not quite cover. I saw a guy I had seen from her work place sitting on her bed, and heard him talking, and her responding from her bathroom. She came out of the bath wearing a lace bra, tiny lace panties, stockings and a garter, all black. My mom is about five foot, slender with little boobs and kind of wide hips with a narrow waist. She has dark hair and her hairy pussy had hair creeping from the sides of her panties.
    She walked over to the guy and he stood up and kissed her, feeling her ass. She kissed him back then she got on her knees and unzipped his pants, pulling them down and grabbed his dick. It was a pretty large cock and she stroked it some, then looking up to him said something and began licking his cock and balls. She put her lips around his head and started sucking him slowly. After a short time, the guy said something to her, and she looked up and laughed, then she started sucking again, but was taking all his big dick down her throat. I saw she had her hand on her pussy as she sucked. Suddenly the guy sat back on the bed and lay back. She stood up, took her panties off and squatted over his cock. She grabbed his dick and guided it in her pussy. He felt her little tits as she rode him, moaning loud enough I could hear her outside. The guy took her bra off, and her little tits popped out and her nipples were standing out from her nearly flat chest. She rode him facing him then she spun around and rode with her butt facing him. After a bit of this, he pushed her forward so she was on all fours and fucked her doggy. I was in a perfect position to see his cock in her pussy lips. She got louder and louder, and told him to fuck her like a whore. She got nastier and nastier in her talking, loudly saying how badly her whore c**t needed dick. The guy moaned and I knew he cam in her, he pulled out and cum dripped from her c**t. She put her fingers inside and then licked them. The guy laughed and said she was such a horny little slut, to which she gave a smile back. She sucked his cock some more, saying something to him I did not quite get, but it got a laugh from the guy. Needless to say, for most of this time I had my dick out stroking. I decided not to say a word about being back from my camping trip, and just slept in the garage that night. I never said a word to her, but she became the number one thing I stroked to after that, thinking about her fucking and sucking cock with more eagerness than I had ever seen.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 54

    My sister and I are Irish twins. We grew up very close, shared a room, were in the same grade. And we are very alike. In any event, during our freshman year at college we 'interviewed' several guys to pop our cherry. This was during the sexual revolution back in the seventies. We settled on a foreign student and we both took his sperm, incubated his sperm and delivered a boy and a girl ten days apart. The donor father never saw us after our one time with him.

    The boy and girl grew up close to each other, they know they share a father and we told them we 'milked' him but never wanted anything to do with him. Well, what with DNA heritage stuff, they figured out his home geography. They checked all the records of our college days on line and in a surprise they hit on who he is. He is an established man, he came from a well to do family and he is now the President of his family's businesses. We are well to do, we were well to do when we pulled our stunt. Money is not something we need or they need and they are both professionals with their own families.

    Both my sister and I married and have other children. We were young, aggressive, spoiled rich kids at UCLA in 1974. Our stunt was misguided but we were excited at having been so naughty, and shocking our parents and family. We were 19. We raised our babies. Now all these years later we are dealing with the consequences of our stunt. We have not confirmed that he is in fact the father. They come from this generation and are hell bent on confronting him to settle their curiosity. For the first time in 45 years my sister and I are nervous about a college stunt.

    Truthfully he was the innocent one that night, happily innocent. He was a freshman too.

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