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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 47

    My first intercourse was in a car with the older brother one of my friends who gave me a ride home from church. I was 13.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    I spent my childhood years living with an abusive step mother and her two teenage sons. Only family a I had since my parents died in a car accident when I was six years old. Her husband being a truck driver was never home and when he showed up it was only for a day or two. I always felt like I was second fiddle to my step brothers. I couldn"t do anything right and because of it she would use it as and excuse to punish me. It was always me, because in her eyes her two sons couldn't do anything rong. I remember she used to put me over her lap and spank me with my shorts and panties down. She began using the paddle on me in front of her sons not realizing that she was enjoying herself sexually shaming me. I felt more pain than shame because I was just a little girl, not more than 8 years old and my step brothers were 11 and 12 and just laughed. Nudity became sexually humiliting when I turned 13 and she kept doing it in front of her sons, that were then 16 and 17 that didn't do anything else but look at my crotch bent over her lap. I remember my step brothers were so used to seeing me that way, they would forced my clothes off and sexually gropedv me when she left the house. The first time I got held down in the floor of my room stark naked and spread my pussy lips wide open. All of it under the threat of smashing dishes in the kitchen and telling my step mother I did it. That day, after they finger fucked me and took turns liking my pussy, they smashed some dishes anyway and ended up getting punished lock out side in the back yard naked. They out there doubled up in a corner scared stiff about neughbours seeing me. I was sexually abuse almost every time she was out of the house and some time while she was down stair knowing what was going on. Between 13 years old and 17 I lerned more about sex than as grown women. Every thing from having dicks shoved in my mouth, getting my pussy eaten out and even exhibiting myself naked in front of their friends. It only stopped when I was 21, got a job and left the house. Escaped is a better way of putting it. I'm now married and happy, but that part of my remains secret. No used everyone knowing about. People tend to enjoy those kinds of stories and sexually get off hearing all the juicy details.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    This is about the first women I fucked.
    I was only 13 and her super drunk husband came through our yard on his way home and stopped me and a friend that I was playing with and started asking us how much we knew about girls. He asked if I'd ever seen a naked girl and I said yes, having seen my mom naked many times. He asked if I'd ever had any pussy from a girl and I admitted I hadn't. My friend got spooked and left us. "If you wanna see a woman and a girl nekkid then come with me I'll show 'em to you" he said. With a hard on and major curiosity I followed. Looking at it, I shouldn't have for the obvious danger to me, but also due to what happened.

    We got to his house, climbed the back stairs and went in the kitchen door. His wife asked who I was and his daughter came out. I recognized her from school, she was a couple of years younger than me. He said that he promised me I could see a naked woman and girl and commanded them both to strip. The wife protested while the girl was taking off her dress. He smacked the woman and started pulling off his belt and she hurried getting out of her clothes. Neither of them had on any underwear, only a house dress.

    I saw them both, the girl with no tits and no pussy hair, just pretty little pouting lips between her legs and totally flat chest with darker nipples and rings around them. The wife was plain, not ugly but no make up, she was probably 5ft. 6in tall, and had wider hips from having a baby, and floppy tits that I would later realize were about D cups. They hung down a bit, a few inches above her navel, and she had dark areolae and nipples. Her pussy was extremely hairy, and she was hairy beneath her arms, it was almost scary. He was sucking his wifes nipples, and sending the daughter into another room had me start sucking the other tit. He moved her and me into their bedroom. He made her lie down and spread her legs, and gave me detailed reports on her pussy and her tits. He told me to strip and I did, as did he. He then got his cock into her mouth and I watched him fuck her mouth, then he got between her legs and fucked his wife with me watching, telling me how to do it when I was my turn. He shot all over her hairy pussy and told me to take a turn. She begged him not to do it, but he laid one swat of his belt across her tits and she yelped and started crying as I fucked her. It was sloppy, it was wet, she was crying and I came inside her.

    He would let me come in after school before he got home and fuck her some more, then sometimes on weekends we'd both fuck her, or if he couldn't get it up being too drunk he'd make me do things to her while I fucked her. Many times I could see the girl watching me fuck her mother. She never even acknowledged me at school and never said anything about the times I saw her naked. I fucked the hairy woman several times, the husband eventually got so damn drunk he froze to death during a winter snow storm. I realize now that it was r**e. I really didn't know it at the time, but both he and I r**ed his wife. I know I shouldn't have done it now, and wish I'd not. I wish even more as the girl by the time she was 16 was a major hottie, and I'd have loved to dated her but no way after what I did.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 23

    I have a twin sister. She and I joke about us being identical twins though the joke pretty much stopped making sense after we hit puberty. Even though I'm a guy I kept my hair as long as hers and our hair was down to our asses and so I looked like her sister instead of her brother. We had nearly identical faces and were the same height and both of us were skinny. Of course twins who were of two different genders can't actually be identical of course.

    Growing up we didn't have a lot of money. My parents only had the two of us but they also only had two bedrooms but at least we also had two bathrooms. We always bathed together. Even when we were five and stopped needing our parents help in the bathroom, we continued to bathe together and we actually soaped up each other's bodies and shampooed each other's hair.

    As we got older we liked to dress alike and that meant she and I wore both girl and boy clothes. We'd come down to the living room both dressed in identical dresses with our hair in identical pigtails and our parents would try to guess who was who. Naturally when we hit puberty it wasn't much of a guessing game any more. I didn't do it because I think I'm a girl. It was just a fun game.

    We always slept in the same bed as our place was too small to have separate bets. We never stopped taking baths and later showers together. We had seen each other naked from day one and every day and neither thought anything of seeing each other on the toilet. My sister would sit on the tub while I took a dump or vice versa and we just talked. I think around the age of ten we started to wonder about whether siblings to marry each other. My sister hit puberty first. We were 11 and taking a shower and I said "don't look now but I think you're growing boobs." Her nipples were getting a little puffy and her chest was starting to develop slight little cones. We got out of the shower stood side by side naked comparing bodies. We'd done that many times in the past though hadn't in a while. She was about an inch or so taller than me and we hadn't noticed until then. Our parents had explained all the signs of puberty to us so we knew what it was all about.

    She asked if I wanted to touch her boob. So I reached out and felt her puffy nipples. They felt soft and grew as I caressed them. Then my sister pointed out my erection. I had up to then never especially noticed having an erection but I noticed it as soon as my sister pointed it out to me. I asked if she wanted to touch it and she reached out and took it in her hand. I told her it felt really good. Then she asked me to touch her pussy. So I reached between her legs and cupped her pussy. She spread her legs to make it easier.

    We had explored each other's bodies in the past many times. But this was the first time it ever felt sexual to either of us.

    That was the day we became lovers. We didn't actually fuck that day but we sure touched the hell out of each other. We discovered masturbation though we understood the basic mechanics of it before, we just had never tried it because it simply didn't appeal to us. But all of a sudden we both wanted to. First we masturbated in front of each other then we tried masturbating each other. We got into a sort of sixty nine position examining each other's genitals really close up and playing with them.

    We did this every day sometimes for hours but it was almost a year later after turning twelve that we too things a lot further. That's when we decided to try making out and we were both angry with ourselves that we hadn't tried it long before that. It is really awesome making out with your twin sister, especially when she is REALLY pretty. A week later she wanted to find out what the big deal about blow jobs was and so she taught herself to suck my cock. The she insisted that I eat her out which I did and I didn't even mind a mouth full of pubic hair. After all she had swallowed a mouthful of my sperm. Then when we were about twelve and a half she asked me if I wanted to lose my virginity with her. So I accepted her invitation to get on top and between her legs. She took a hold of my cock and guided it inside her and next thing I knew we were fucking. A few minutes later I came inside her. She insisted on licking and sucking her blood and my cum off my cock. I asked if it hurt and she said only slightly and only for a few minutes. She had an orgasm just as I started to shoot my load and had begged me not to stop fucking her even though I'd already cum. turns out I could continue and in fact didnt know at that time that a lot of guys can't keep going after cumming.

    Of course we kept this whole thing a secret right up until a few weeks later we found out my sister was pregnant. We were really scared. She had symptoms of morning sickness and since her periods were really on a whacked out schedule, she'd only actually had 4 so far and not evenly spaced but the she stopped having them as well. So we went to the pharmacy and bought a pregnancy kit. She was positive. She was pregnant.

    We got really scared that our parents were going to get really mad at us. We even discussed the possibility that they would actually murder us. But we had to tell the at some point. Her baby bump started to show just a little and her tits began to swell.

    So we went down stairs and approached our mother first who was the more liberal of our parents. We sat down with Mom and I blurted out "Mom, I r*ped Amy and now she's pregnant." I loved my sister so much I wanted to take all the heat for the situation. After all, Amy was going to have to deal with the consequences a lot more than me.

    My mother sat silently for a moment and then got up and walked over to the sofa where we were sitting. She sat down between us and put her arms around us and told us how much she loved us and that everything was going to be O.K. Then she got up and fetched our Dad who was working outside.

    She said Dad down on the sofa between us and then broke the news to him. I was not expecting his reaction at all. He was actually gleeful. He hugged both of us and told us he loved us and was very excited about being a grand dad. They said absolutely nothing about the fact that we are brother and sister. There was no lecture, no anger between them. They both seemed genuinely overjoyed and happy for us.

    The following week we went to see an OGBYN. Amy got some tests they did an ultra sound and found out she was having twins. A few weeks later we found out it was going to be a girl and a boy. We both rolled our eyes at that.

    From then on we felt free to express our romantic feelings for each other out in the open, at least at home. Our parents would giggle when they caught us making out on the sofa and my mother would talk to me like I was her future son in law. Dad started to build a basement apartment for us. Mom started stockpiling baby things. They didn't bat an eye at our continuing to sleep together. In fact they encouraged our romance. Mom bought Amy sexy lingerie to wear to bed. She took her to the salon to make her pretty and sexy for me though I liked her well enough the way she was. Dad gave me advice on how to pleasure a woman sexually.

    Mom and Dad stopped calling us "the twins" and started calling us "the lovebirds."

    I love Amy so much and love sleeping with my dick in her. I love to sleep in a sixty nine position. I love every naught sexy thing we ever did together.

    While technically we can't get married, our parents told us we were each other's husband and wife as far as they were concerned. Just before the twins were born we moved to a state where inc*st was not illegal. There aren't many. My name is on the birth certificate as their father. I am so glad we could do that and not get into trouble. Of course its still taboo so we don't really tell anyone outside the family. When we told my mom's parents she told us that she and grandpa were first cousins. When we told my Dad's parents they told us they were second cousins. Our parents, we later found out, are fourth cousins. So that is why they were not shocked when we told them Amy was pregnant.

    Since then Amy and I have had two more children, both girls. They were born when Amy was 14 and 16. Our children are now 10, 10, 8 and 6.

    When Amy and I turned 18 our parents invited us to spend the night with them in their bed. We all fucked. I made out with my mom and ate her pussy. Amy sucked Dad's cock and then we got into what mom called a daisy chain. it was awesome eating my mom's pussy while Amy sucked my cock while my dad fucked my mom's mouth as he ate out Amy's pussy. now we do that all the time and we also fuck some of our cousins and I fuck my aunt.

    Since birth, Amy and i have slept in the same bed together and since 11 we have slept naked together every single day. Even when she went into the hospital to have the twins i climbed under the covers with her. We were both naked under the sheets and I spooned her and wrapped myself around her. I love Amy so much and am glad she is my wife and sister.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 29

    I am the middle of three sisters, we are each one year apart. Our mother was a model before getting married and always stayed fit. When we were in our preteens, 10 to 12 years old my folks purchased a home with a swimming pool. In the afternoons during the summer months we went swimming almost everyday. Our mother started to sunbathe topless and soon we were swimming topless. We never even bothered to put a top on, never even took it out to the pool. We played around with the jets in the pool and somewhere during that summer we took off everything and swam naked.

    Our father was the only male in our house and on weekends when he was home we hung out topless or naked, our Mom was always topless which my Dad liked and there was always a pinch or a little peck on her nipples.

    Those memories just seem to stay with me, we are all grown up now and we have nothing to be ashamed of but we just can't come to going topless or swimming in the nude when we go see our folks. The kids are little so that doesn't matter, but there are spouses and that gets in the way. The most I get to being naked like that is taking a long bath alone in the tub and letting the jets of the tub massage me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 43

    I was quite naive when I got to high school. I had study hall with a nice looking Junior who eventually asked me out. We went on a few dates and the next time I went to his house were he seemed to be the only person home. We ended up messing around. We ended up fucking which was my first time. He came in a couple of minutes then said he was going to go get a drink. When he came back he had another hard on so we fucked again. This kept happening over the next couple of weeks. One day at lunch I saw him and his twin brother sitting out on the steps at school. Right then I realized that I had been fucking both of them. I was embarrassed because I thought he was just a great lover who could cum then get it right back up.

    My sister was in college and when I finally told her she said she had a plan. This time I would invite him over to our house. He arrived and we fucked like usual then he left the room to get something. While he was gone I let my sisters gay friend out of the closet. He got into a doggie style position. When he came in I said I always wanted to try it in the butt. I'm lubed up and ready for you. He was fucking away and was about to cum when I said reach down and touch my clit. When he did he got the big surprise. My sister flipped on the light and we all started laughing. He pulled out and ran away. I have wondered to this day if he ever finished his cum.

    I felt bad for the gay friend so I talked my sister into helping me jack him off.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 47

    I grew up with five siblings and little money. My mother stayed home and my father worked at the window factory in town. We lived in small house, the boys in one room in bunkbeds and the two girls in the other room in a queen bed that used to be our parent's bed. I treated my sisters pretty bad and more than once I stripped their clothes off to see them naked. They complained to our mother and she would tell them not to let me. She never told me not to do it.

    My sister was thirteen and she started wearing a bra and she bragged about having gotten her period. In the bathroom was this box of Kotex and one day I asked her how she put them on. She went through this whole thing about how since she was a girl it wasn't that hard because she didn't have a dick, she just put them on with this belt thing with four clips hanging down which held the Kotex in place. I had sat down on the toilet seat while we talked and she held the box of Kotex and I asked her to show me her pussy but to let me see because she always closed her legs when I tried to look. She closed the door to the bathroom and lifted up her dress and pulled her panties down and let me look and touch her. Her pussy was all covered in hair and that day she stood still but didn't open her legs or anything, that happened later that night after we were ready for bed and she opened her legs and she let me look at her pussy with her legs open.

    After that we became close, she looked at and played with my dick, she sucked my dick and I played with her pussy and it wasn't too much later that we were having sex, complete intercourse out in the shed behind the house. I remember my dick being so hard it ached and her pussy was so wet that my dick slipped in and she gave me instructions on how to do it with her. Half way through fucking she would get her tits out and scrunch them in her hands and pinch her nipples. Being a girl she knew about getting pregnant and we practiced the withdrawal method until she got older and got on the pill. We kept it up for a long while, well into our twenties. We were exclusive, neither one of us had sex with anyone else. It was a true romance between us.

    We are now in our mid fifties and the other day she was in the kitchen when I walked in and she told me that she could really use a titi hug. To us a titi hug was getting behind her and holding her by the tits. She has always had tits, and holding her brought back those feelings, I gave her a long titi hug and slipped my hand down between her legs for old times sake. She likes having her pussy rubbed and we stood there for the longest time while I felt up her pussy and got a hard on doing it. We thought about fucking but we shied away from it but that doesn't mean that for a moment there we were both ready for it. I don't think your body ever forgets the woman that you hold when you have sex as a kid. I think it is imprinted in you because it always feels so good to hug her and hold her and she lets me run my hands all over her forbidden parts.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    When I was 11 there was a local girl who I'd heard rumours about from other boys who said she was a bit mad, She was older than me she was about 15 and we will call her pearl to protect her real name, One evening about six I was the last kid left in the play park on the swings, As I swung slowly back and forth Pearl appeared and walked over to me and started chatting she seemed ok to me so i stayed and talked with her, She started to push me gently on the swing from the front by reaching between my legs and grabbing the seat , Her hand would brush against my crotch and she would give an odd little smile, After a while she kept hold of the seat and asked if i wanted to see something very cool, I nodded and she lead me across a nearby field into a small wooded area , She told me to watch as she lifted her skirt showing me her panties I remember they were lilac coloured she pulled the waistband out and told me to look inside I looked to see hair down there I'd never seen what a girl looked like before and I became curious, She let go of her panties and skirt and said it was my turn and she started to undo my jeans and pull them and my underpants down, Her hands were all over me including my bum asking if i liked this or that and she started stroking my penis as she took my hand and shoved it up her skirt and told me to rub her there, Dumbly I did as she asked my mind a whirl of all these new feelings as I started to get hard,Suddenly I giggled and told her that she had peed herself as her knickers were wet, She laughed and told me she hadn't but it was because I made her feel good and it made her get wet and it was ok with that she took her knickers off and showed me by opening herself and telling me to feel how wet she was I was amazed at how wet and soft she felt, She then knelt in front of me and told me to relax and keep still then she suddenly started to lick my penis at first I flinched as I thought she was going to bite me but I relaxed quickly as it felt really good as she pulled my foreskin back and Licked the head before she started to suck me, I saw her hand was up her skirt and moving around a lot and she was breathing very loudly , Suddenly I wanted to pee urgently I told her but she just sucked me harder and rubbed herself faster, I felt my whole crotch tingle and my stomach tighten as my whole body stiffened it felt so good I didn't want it to stop at all, As I relaxed she stopped and asked if i liked it naturally I said yes and she slowly pulled my underpants and jeans up for me, While she put her knickers back on she asked if i wanted to do it again the next day I said yes straight away but before we left the wooded area she made me swear never to tell anyone about what we had just done and I did and I really meant it too, She arranged to meet me at the swings at the same time and with a wave she was gone headed for home, The next day I was at the swings eagerly waiting but Pearl never came or the next day, Then I heard my Mother talking to her freind about Pearl she had been taken into care as her Uncle and Father had been having sex with her, I never saw her again but finally after all these years I can now tell the tail of a lovely girl.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 25

    I was 5-years-old the first time my grandfather sexually touched me.

    That day he came to walk me home from school instead of mother. Mother had to go in to work early and it would be hours before my father came home. Mom always had me change out of my school clothes do I went straight upstairs to change. Grandfather followed me. He helped me to remove my uniform jumper but before I could put on my play jeans, he had me lie down on my bed so we could play this new game. He began rubbing me on my underpants telling me how pretty I was and that I would like this game. He began working my little soft-cotton, flower-print panties down my legs as I lay there perfectly still knowing he shouldn't pull down my panties but I loved him unconditionally and of course trusted him to do the right thing. He pulled my panties off one leg then angled them wide apart. He began rubbing his finger in my pussy-slit which at first was scary but soon when he concentrated just on my baby clitoris I forgot about scary because it felt really good. His tongue soon replaced his finger and that really felt good. Soon he brought me to my first orgasm but he just kept on sucking and licking me until it happened again and again. He sucked me until I was echausted. It felt like my little heart was going to keep out of my chest.

    Then he introduced me to my first cock. He lay down beside me pushed down his pants and briefs then wrapped my little hands around his hard cock. Soon it was in my mouth. I sucked it just like he asked until he began cumming and he jerked my mouth away but still bathed my little face with hot sticky cum. He stayed on my bed playing sex games until about an hour before my father was due home. Grandfather put me in the tub and gave me a bath.

    After that day I became a little sex pervert. I would find ways I could be alone with grandfather so he could eat my pussy again and again. By the time I was eight he was fucking me. Sadly, he died when I was eleven. I missed him so much. Today I often masturbate thinking about his tongue licking my little pussy. I've been eaten many times since but no one could do it like he could. I know people would say I am crazy for saying that but it"s true. I loved every sexual moment I had with him.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 44

    I first ate my cousins pussy during a Thanksgiving Holiday at our Grandparent's house. I won't say how old we were, sufficient to say that neither one of has pubes at the time.

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