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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    My parents used to have parties at the house on weekends.
    People would party with them and go home afterwards.
    There was one cousin who fell asleep on the couch. She was 23 and I was 14.
    She was wearing track pants and sweater. I sat beside her and caressing her inside her shirt, I was sliding my hand up inside her bra, her breasts were huge, I felt her hard nipples. I slowly lifted her shirt and bra over her breasts, I got on the couch and laid next to her, and held her arm around me, I started sucking on her breast. She moved on her side and faced me.
    She put her leg around me and pulled me towards her breast.
    After an hour of breastfeeding on her, I moved her on her back.
    I slowly slide my hand inside her pants and panties, she had lots of hair on her pussy.
    I started rubbing my fingers inside her clit.
    She was moaning softly. She was getting wet.
    I took her pants and panties off.
    I undressed and slowly got onto her.
    I pushed my hips into hers.
    First she was going to move on her side, as my penis slowly entered into her, her thighs loosened and I started making love to her, her eyes were closed and she was pushing her hips up to mine.
    Feeling her soft breasts to me, we were making love missionary position.
    She opened her eyes a few times and looked at me, but still pushed her hips against me.
    I ejaculated inside her. My virginity was gone that night with her.
    After making love to her, I laid on the couch with her, and we held each other as I was attached to her soft breasts.
    The next morning they were all sitting in the living room and having a few drinks. She kept staring at me. She knew I was with her all night.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    When I was 15, I used to visit my older cousin, who I thought was very attractive, I started to visit her more often on weekends and week days. We would have coffee or tea and talk about anything.
    She was 19. The first time I stayed with her, we laid down beside each other, and my heart was racing. I laid there and stared at her. She would sometimes move around in her sleep.
    She was laying on her back, thighs opened, I could see her belly button, I slowly moved toward her and caress her soft belly button. She didn't move.
    I gently felt her soft breasts, she was not wearing a bra.
    I would gently squeeze them, she moaned gently and she grabbed my hand and held it to her breast, I was scared she'd wake up. I slowly pulled her shirt up over her breasts,
    They were big and beautiful, I pushed my face against them, she moved on her side, facing me, I started suckling gently, her hips were pushing against me, as she held me against her.
    I slide my hand inside her panties, and felt her pussy hairs for the first time. She moved on her back, slowly I was taking her panties off, and my heart was racing.
    Her shirt was over her breasts and her panties were off.
    I was hard. I undressed and slowly crawling on top of her. I pushed my penis inside her, I didn't have a condom. I started making love to her.
    Eyes closed, her hips started pushing up against mine, it felt so good, I was in heaven.
    I felt my sperm building up as I made love to her. Should I pull out?
    Her legs wrapped around me and squeeze around me, I started to ejaculate into her pussy. I pushed my hips into her, her eyes opened a little, she looked at me, and turned her head to the side.
    After I gently got off, I laid next to her. She moved on her side, facing me.
    She pulled my head to her soft breast. I was sucking on her breasts as she was asleep.
    This happened in 1990. I think her daughter is mine.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 29

    When I was 10, there was a 42yo guy on my street who used to pay boys for sexual favours. There were four of us, aged 9, 10 (me), 10 and 12. Nothing too heavy ever happened, most of the times we'd go to his house and he'd pay us 5 bucks to strip and watch him masturbate and cum. Other times he'd pay us 10 to cum over our asses or cocks and occasionally there was a 15 bucks offer to let him cum on our faces or in our mouths. The security that he wouldn't try fucking us - and the money - was what kept us quiet and coming back.

    After a while he started paying 25 bucks a head if two of us went in together and made a little exhibition for him. He liked to masturbate while watching us explore each other's bodies, grab our asses and limp dicklets, hold each other and kiss a little bit. I liked to pair with the 9yo and the 12yo. The first, I liked because his dicklet would stay totally limp while mine would get hard; his balls were so small, I really loved touching them, and he'd never get hard or cum. The second, I liked because his cock was already big, always fully erect and he'd already cum. I never cared for the 10yo, since he'd only get hard for a few seconds after we'd touch his dicklet and - like me - didin't cum yet. I used to think that apart from me and the 12yo, the other two were in it only for the money.

    Time went by and I was now 12, the 12yo had turned 15 and the other two had split. By this time our daddy was 45 and we were both already sucking him and each other and swallowing everybody's cum. My cock had grown considerably and was now about 5 inches, while the 15yo owned a respectful fat 7 inches. This difference created a rule in which who had the smaller cock would be the trio's girl and would wear panties. It seemed natural to me, since, besides having the smaller cock, I was petite, a little effeminate and crazy for cock. Of course, nothing compared to our daddy's 9 inches of super fat cock. Both of us would have a hard time trying to suck it properly, since my hands wouldn't close around it and our mouths almost couldn't handle to swallow its head. But daddy came heavily despite this, and that's what mattered to us.

    Things got serious one September evening, a few days after the 15yo and me became a couple. Daddy decided it was time for me to lose my cherry to my boyfriend while he'd guide and help us through it. We started by kissing softly and then escalating the intensity until we went into a frenzy of tongue fights, hands exploring our bodies, my hard cock pressed against my panties and my boyfriend's cock bulging his underwear. We undressed and I went right down to sucking that beautiful cock while daddy held my head and made me choke from time to time. After a while, I was laying on my belly and my boyfriend was on his knees enjoying my blowjob, so daddy stood up on the bed and made him suck his cock. My man being someone's girl was a divine vision for me that moment.

    While I was still on my belly, daddy told my boyfriend to go behind, lay on his belly and lick my asshole. Daddy used to do it heavenly, but he taught my man so well I reached a point I had to say "God, stick that tongue in there and make me your slut...". Daddy didn't resist laying on his belly behind my man and licking his asshole too. I'd perk my ass so my boyfriend's tongue went deeper in my hole; he'd perk his so daddy's tongue went deeper in his hole. Then it was my time and daddy told me hoe to lick my man's hole and I webt to town while daddy did the same to me. That first half an hour we spent kissing, sucking and licking did the job to make us never doubt wr needed to fuck for real.

    I was on my fours when daddy started using his fingers and lots of lube to open my hole. Then he got my boyfriend on his fours and did the same to both of us at the same time. We were kisssing and being fingered when daddy came without touching his cock and after a heavy growl. In all those years he had experienced with boys, he had never actually done more than being sucked. His cock softened a little, but daddy was known to cum up to three times in a row and was fully hard again in minutes. By now my boyfriend was fingering me and my hole was ready for its first cock. The tension was building fast while daddy explained to my boyfriend how to enter my virgin ass without hurting me and yet vigorously.

    It was time. I was on my fours and my boyfriend kneeled behind me and positioned his cock head right over my hole. He pushed in and I could feel his cock head going in and stretching me a little. Gosh, his cock was hard! He tried and tried, by my hole didn't seem to be willing to let it slide further than the head. Daddy then told my boyfriend to lie belly up on the bed and let me be on top of him so I could control when and how much would go in at any time. That did the trick and soon enough I had more than half his cock in my ass and it felt amazing. My cock was fully hard and I had a lot of mixed feelings rushing in me. I wanted to masturbate, I wanted to kiss him, I wanted to support myself with both hands on his chest while I pounded my ass on his cock until it went all in. I eventually did all that and sucked daddy's cock to the amazement of both of them.

    Now I could get on my fours and my boyfriend could run the show. He went in deep and started poundind me faster and faster as my hole was loosening up. He went all in and took all out while grunting and saying I was his bitch and that he wanted to fuck my ass everyday, all day long from then on. Things were hot and heavy when my boyfriend froze and let a little girly grunt out. His cock twitched hard and then he let me know daddy was going in his ass. Knowing a lot more than us about fucking, he managed to guide my man on how to relax his hole and let it in, using enough lube to slide his whole cock in the first try. My boyfriend enjoyed having his hole rammed so much, his cock was harder than ever in my ass. He didn't even need to move to fuck me, as daddy's pounding was doing it for him.

    After a while, daddy decided to rest a little and sat on the bed watching us fuck and slowly masturbating. I was belly down on the bed and my boyfriend was over me, pounding my hole deep and hard. He screamed "I'm cumming, bitch!" when he came and I felt the streams of cum flood my hole. I kept pounding my ass against him because I wanted every little drop of cum he could give me until his cock went soft and slided out my hole. As he fell to the side and caught his breath, daddy took his place. His cock felt twice as fat as my man's, but I held tight and relaxed until it started to go in. It hurts like hell and I'm feeling it tear my hole, but the satisfaction coming from both of us was so much greater that I never thought of asking him to stop. I let daddy go deep and hard until his cock head doubles its size inside me and my guts feel the warmth of his seed. Every deep thrust he did, one more jet of cum went in me. I never forgot what and how he said next: "I'm gonna make you both my little girly fuck toys from now on, you little faggots!"

    It's been almost 18 years since daddy said it and we're still a trio. He is now 62, my husband is 33 and I'm 29. Things didn't change a lot, as I'm still wearing panties and being my husband's wife while he's daddy's wife (and wears panties too, when they fuck) and I'm his slutty sister in law. The difference is that now daddy let us fuck his ass and cum inside him or in his mouth too. His cock needs a little assistance to go fully hard, but yet there's nothing two commited sluts like my husband and I can't do to make it work. At the moment we're a family with a grandpa, a father and a mother thinking about adding a 18yo slutty son.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    My first sexual experience was when I was 12 years old with my best friend. He and I had been friends since first grade and both of us talked about what we did in private often. We both jacked off a lot so it was bound to happen so we jacked off together in the bathroom one day while my parents wee out side working in the yard.
    Watching each other was pretty exciting so we took turns touching and stroking each other until we couldn't stop and we made each other cum standing face to face there in the bathroom then quickly cleaned up and got out of there before we got caught. As the day went on we talked a lot about doing it again so late that afternoon we walked down the street to this big wooded area where tis old vacant house was and we went inside and found a nice private spot back in the corner of one of the rooms and we took all our clothes off and quickly started playing with each others dicks and I asked him if he would try sucking with me.
    He said he would if I went first. I was anxious to try it and went to my knees in front of him and had no trouble at all sucking on his dick and he liked it a lot so he traded places with me and sucked my dick then we traded places again and this time he put his hands on my head and worked his dick in and out of my mouth begging me to suck it and telling me not to stop. I got excited listening to him and seeing him so excited and not long at all I found out what it was like to have a mouth full of my best friends cum and it tasted like mine so I swallowed it and sucked his dick until he couldn't take it an longer.
    Not long after us talking about me sucking his dick he wanted to suck mine and got on his knees and I grabbed his head and fucked his mouth like he had done mine and I got him to swallow my cum and he liked it too. We stayed there long enough to suck each other off again then had to get dressed and leave. That night in my bedroom we quietly sucked each other for hours trying to make each other cum as many times we could. By morning both of us had gotten very good at sucking each other off and had tried our first 69 which was almost more than we could stay quiet for. Needless to say getting off in each others throat at he same time was almost enough to make both of us yell out with pleasure.
    The very next day down I the old house I talked him in to fucking me in the ass and we both liked it so much that he fucked me 3 times really fast and came in my asshole each time. We were outside all day long and kept going back down to that old house so he could fuck me and cum in my asshole again. After that I offered him my ass all the time and I liked being fucked as much as he liked fucking me. The more we fucked the better it got and as we got older it got even better and we always enjoyed sucking a load out of each others nuts ever chance we got.
    When he wasn't around I stuck a lot of different things in my ass and would jack off so I could eat my own cum until he could be there to give me his cum. He ate his own um too when he was alone. When we stayed at his parents house they lived way out in the country so we had plenty of private spots to go to outdoors to suck each other and for me to get my ass fucked and filled with my best friends warm cum. It always felt so good to be fucked and have his dick stuck in my asshole. I liked being face down with my legs spread with my hands on my ass spreading myself open for him to put his hard dick in my ass then his naked body on top of mine while he fucked me up the ass. I liked the excitement and feeling his dick swell up inside of me just before he came hard in my ass and the feel of his warm slick cum shot up my ass. It was the best feeling ever.
    After High School He and I got a House out in the country together and we had parties and dated different girls and no one ever suspected us of being anything but jut good friends. No one ever knew we had sex together all those years. We are still very good friends but live very far apart but once or twice a year we get together to hunt and fish together and we still suck and fuck like crazy when we get together. Both of us re married but keep it very private. He and I are both pretty well hung which is great for sucking but his big long fat dick fucking my ass and balls deep in me when he shoots his big load in me is still the best feeling ever. We both still like to 69 force our dicks past each others gag reflex several times make sure we are balls deep in each others throat when we cum. I like ass play and always bring toys for he and I to use on my hungry asshole that never gets enough of things shoved in it. We both like to DP my ass with his dick and a big rubber dick and he really gets off watching me fuck a big fake cock while I suck his dick and put his nuts in my mouth until he cums in my throat. I like to gag on his big dick and he likes to gag on mine also. Getting nasty with my best friend in private is something we both enjoy a lot and when we are drinking and have too much I know he is going to tie me up and r**e my ass and mouth and I always enjoy that. He likes it when I wear sexy panties with a butt plug in my ass with my hands tied behind my back. He likes to put me on my knees and fuck my mouth until he cums in my throat which always makes me cum in my panties.
    We get very wild when we get together and he likes using toys on my ass after he has shot a couple of loads up my ass. We always talk about me getting gang fucked by a pretty large group of hung men and I have always wanted to try 2 or 3 black guys with big fat 12' dicks and see if I can get two in my ass and one in my mouth. Watching big black dicks fuck white ass makes me very horny. My bet friend is the only guy I have ever had sex with but I do have wild fantasies about many men and overly well hung men of any race. I like dick up my ass and to be fucked hard and deep and feel a big pair of nuts explode deep in my ass. I like to be fucked VERY MUCH!!!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    The first time I sucked a cock you ask. Well here is the 100% true story of my first cock sucking experience. I learned of sexuaility earlier than I should have thanks to an Uncle that couldn't keep his hands, or mouth, or cock to himself.

    The first time it happened we were on a camping trip and I was in a pop-up camper asleep. I suppose it was pretty late. I heard the door open and it woke me. I then peaked out from under my covers to see what all of the noise was. I lifted my head to find that it was my Uncle D. He was trying his best to be quiet and like usual he climbed on into the bed with me carfully trying not to wake my two brothers in the other bed in the process.

    He then told me "goodnight" and I drifted back to sleep. I can't say for sure how long after, I woke up again. This time though, he was rubbing my thigh slowly and softly. He'd make his way up to my tighty whities and slowly rub back down. He then asked me "Does it feel good?". I knodded my head up and down. "Can I make it feel even better?", he asked. I said, "Yes Sir." At which point he slid his hand higher and overtop of my underwear. He started to massage and rub my hardening little member.

    He reached into his shorts to do the same to his. His hand felt hot and I was enjoying the way he was touching me. He said to me, "It can feel even better you know." I wasn't sure what he meant and I shrugged. He then proceeded to slide my briefs off of me while repositioning himself lower on the bed. "Are you ready?", he asked whispering. I again shrugged. He took my cock into his mouth.

    I was unable to move or make a sound. Not as a result of fear, rather as result of intense pure pleasure! He sucked me and licked me all over. It was incredible. Then he stopped. He moved back up the bed and said to me, "Your turn.". "Do it just like I did." He slowly slid down his shorts and his cocked kind of popped up from behind them. He grabbed my head by the hair and slowly pulled my face toward his cock.

    I felt it on my lips and it was sticky and leaking slime. I was hesitant. He whispered to me, "Don't you want to make me feel good too?". I trembled a bit and slowly opened my mouth allowing his bulbous slippery mushroom tip into my mouth. I opened wider and wider but still it stretched my mouth and pushed my tongue nearly into the back of my throat. I gasped for air as he began shoving his gooey rod in and out of my mouth.

    He held my face tightly as he thrust deeper and deeper into my neck. He began to softly moan and then it happened. He commenced to erupt in my mouth. The first hot squirt was more than I could hold and it began to run out of my mouth. He held my cheeks tightly together and sternly whispered, "Drink it...". I began to swallow down each spurt as he emptied himself into my belly. When he finished, he pulled out his still pulsing cock and rubbed it on my lips. He pushed the globs that I had spilled over my cheeks and face then back into my mouth.

    This was just the first of many lessons I would learn over the course of the next few years. Rather than see it as a tragic span in my life, I've embraced it for had I not been touched I would have missed out on an entire world of pleasure.
    Anot a year later my older brother, who I'd later find out was also m****ted by the same person; would begin a nearly 10 year i****tuous relationship between us. I also had a few really good friends growing up and we would all take turns at each others houses sleeping over.

    There was normally 3 of us and when the parents of whoever's house we were at would go to sleep; we would sneak around and put in some kind of VHS porn and watch together. We started out just watching, then that led to jerking off in our sleeping bags solo. We would get more brave and brazen as the time went on and we would open our sleeping bags and show each other our cocks.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 44

    My family is from the tiny island of Guam, and family is close. Sometimes too close. My father was in the Navy and he got orders to a ship and so was gone alot. I was 10 years old. I remember my Dad's brother Joaquin, we call Kin for short, would look after our family for my Dad if we needed anything. As it turns out my mom needed help a lot... sex.

    One evening I was supposed to be asleep, and my two siblings were. I came out of the bedroom to get a glass of water. As I walked into the kitchen I could see through the window to the back of our house where the outside laundry area was. There was Uncle Kin, pants down to his ankles, between mmom's spread legs as she was up against the washer. I had never seen sex being done before, Uncle Kin was grunting and gyrating his hips. Mom was sighing and gasping.

    I couldn't see much even as I nestled up against the window in the dark kitchen and they were only about 15 feet away outside. That is until Uncle Kin apparently finished and pulled out. I saw so clearly for the firs time in my life a man's cock, as he disengaged from Mom, his dick dripping semen and Mom's vagina spilling his sperm as she came open.

    My youngest sister is not my Dad's I know this and I know whose she is. I kept this a secret from my Dad but used it against my Mom to keep her from getting on me as I got sexually active at 13 and forced her to let me being boys into my room to fuck.

    It's all good. we close knit families all have secrets!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 22

    When i was young i came home early instead of staying at my friends house and walked in on my mother laying on the carpet in the front room with my sisters 18 year old boyfriend between her legs which were hoisted high up his back and she was gripping his bottom pulling him into her.Looking back i realize it all must have happened on the spur of the moment as she was fully dressed apart from her panties which were still hanging of one leg and he was really thrusting his cock up her as she moaned with pleasure.I called them some really bad things which in my mothers case i knew she was not but i never told my dad or my sister .My mother later said he was so strong and had pulled her panties nearly of over what she thought was an innocent little tease but she admits that once his cock entered her she wanted him to carry on.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    I just found this site! Yay! I was looking for something like this or like a sexual PostSecret.
    Anywho, when I was growing up my parents were rather open about their sex life. Never anything gross or overbearing. Like they never had sex in front of us or anything like that. They would openly talk and I clearly remember one of my Dadâs common sayings whenever he did something good, heâd laugh and say âI better get some pussy for that.â It always cracked me up. Even when I was really young and didnât know what they were even talking about.
    My Dad had a lot of porn magazines. My mom even had a subscription to Playgirl. They never hid them in drawers or under the bed or any of that silliness either. So, early on, I knew about the mechanics of sex pretty well. My Mom still gave me a very explicit âbirds and beesâ talk, though. And I mean very explicit!
    So, skip ahead several years. Iâm now married, in my thirties, two kids. My husband is great and we have a good sex life, however, he is far more reserved than my Dad was. I have to confess I wish he was more sexually expressive. I ask him to talk dirty, but he rarely does. And he would never say pussy or cock or fuck or anything like that near our kids.
    Iâm usually the one that sounds like a potty mouth pervert and I worry about it sometimes. He knows that was how I was raised, and thatâs what I want, but still, heâs just not into it.
    A few times Iâve said things like âcome on, Iâll suck your cock.â or âmy pussy needs a deep dicking.â Itâs fun and sexy and talking like that really turns me on, but it seems to have the opposite reaction to him.
    Anyway, I know itâs not much of a confession, but there it is. Iâm going to go shove a dildo in my tight pussy now ð

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 48

    We were thirteen and I had already had a couple of wet dreams. I was at my friend's house, his father was the town doctor and we were going through his library looking for medical books or magazines that had pictures of naked women. What we found was much worse, or much better, depending your point of view. We found a magazine, in black and white and it had pictures of men with hard dicks, some were leaking cum, others were just hard and others had a guy about to put the dick in his mouth. We thumbed through the magazine from cover to cover and put it right back where it was in his bookshelf.

    My friend told me several years later that he had found another one of those magazines. We went through it, page by page, those enormous dicks with milk covering their dick, some guy holding a dick in his hand and his mouth open, some guy bent over so you could see the crack of his ass, and those beautiful faces made you want to kiss their lips. My dick was really hard and I was leaking and my friend looked at me like what is going on. I asked him if I could keep the magazine and I promised to return it. That night I got into bed and pushed my pajama pants and underwear down and stroked myself as I looked at those pictures, just imagining that I was the one with the dick in my hand about to put it in my mouth. I came so hard, pumped all the way up my chest, I must have had a gallon in there. I took my finger and took my semen and licked my fingers.

    I started to check out the other guys in my class when we showered after gym class. Everyone had small dicks including me, or they looked small compared to the magazine dicks, but they weren't hard so I really couldn't tell. My gym teacher caught me staring and after class he asked me what was going on. I tried to explain but he told me it was ok but I needed to be careful some of the guys may not want me staring at them like that. Several days later I was in the bathroom of gym and the teacher came in and he stood beside me and looked at my dick and asked me if I knew how to whack off. He fiddled with his dick and stood back from the urinal so that I could see his dick and he peed. He let me look all I wanted which was several very long minutes. He put his hand on my head and said I was going to do ok.

    He called me into his office and he talked to me about college and ran his hand through my hair, and down my side and on my hip and then he reached and put his hand over my dick. He talked to me as he used his hand to squeeze my dick in my pants, I got hard and he took my dick in his hand and squeezed it tight, he was looking at me, he was maybe a couple of inches taller and while he held my dick in his hand he kissed me, when I stepped back he told me to stand still and get closer and he kissed me again, a long kiss and I started to cum in my pants. He said it was all right and he unzipped his pants and asked me if I wanted to touch it, to hold it in my hand, and then if I wanted to sit down in his chair and suck his dick for him.

    I ate cum that afternoon, and a couple of days later he treated me to my first fuck. I went off to college that fall and found a group of guys who liked dick and we partied and fucked all through college. My friend from my teen years, the son of the town doctor, I had returned the magazine to him and I never saw another one quite like that. He is straight, married a girl. As to his father the doc, maybe he kept ordering those magazines, if he did I am sure that he jerked off.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    Growing up I had a strange fascination with women's clothing. We lived in a high rise apartment in downtown Detroit with a balcony overlooking the Detroit River and a kaleidoscopic view of Windsor. My parents had divorced when I was still in kindergarten and I have very few memories of my father. My mother was an executive in the banking industry, quite rare for a woman in the 60's. On days when I was home from school and she was at work, I found myself picking my way through her solid clothes hamper, sniffing and licking her soiled panties and hose, her shoes, before dressing up in her clothes and string at myself dressed up as a woman in her full-length mirror. As I grew older, as an adolescent, I would even paint my toenails with her nail polishes, usually various shades of red, but also coral and tangerine, and add mascara and lipstick. With my longish hair and hairless chest and legs, I could have easily passed as a woman if it were not for my penis, which at times like these stood at full attention, flopping to and fro as I walked along in circles wearing my mother's sexy sandals and open-toed mules, unable to stop staring at my sexy reflection, endlessly fascinated by this female self that I kept hidden from my mother, my friends, teachers, and the world at large. I would slowly masturbate myself all the whole staring at the reflection that mirrored myself.

    One morning, as I pranced about naked before the mirror in and out of my mother's bedroom, I heard the sound of a man clearing his throat, and when I turned to look, there was Arthur, the middle-aged black apartment janitor standing on some scaffolding outside on our balcony, with a wiper in his hands. He had been washing windows, and had come upon me in all of my sartorial glory, long hair pulled back in a pony tail, eyes and face fully made up, my feet clad in my mother's spike heeled open toed mules, my lips and toes garishly colored a fire engine red, my cheeks rouged, smoky eye shadow around my eyes, and my long, thick cock bounding this way and that, pointing at the ceiling.

    I had known Arthur my entire life. He used to give me horseback rides, shoot baskets with me in the basketball court on the apartment complex, ask me how my education was going, how my mother was doing, what I wanted to be when I grew up. Arthur had been a foundation of my life, always friendly to me, always there with a smile and a pat on the back.

    Now our eyes locked. I felt like a grasshopper trapped in a spider's web. Arthur gestured at the balcony doors and smiled. I stood frozen to the spot, unable to move, unable to hide, unable to bury myself, unable to make him unsee what he was clearly staring at. Arthur grabbed at the bulge in his pants and gesticulated that I should open the balcony doors and let him in. I was frozen with fear and self-loathing. The was to be my secret. No one was to know the strange desires that lurks in my heart, but now Arthur knew, now the desires were no longer hidden, no longer secreted. The fear made my glorious erection fade quickly until my large penis hung limp between my thighs. Arthur was talking to me know, but between the thick glass doors, the blowing wind outside and the deafening roar in my ears, I couldn't make out what he was saying. Yet, there was no mistaking the leer on his face. It was evident from that leer that he wanted me, sexually. That he viewed me as a sexual plaything, a sexual slave to satisfy his carnal desires. I could make out that he was sporting a large thick erection that was bulging from his crotch upwards and to the left, and just in case, I couldn't make it out, Arthur pulled at the monstrous erection, smiled and nodded again at the door.

    Wordlessly, nakedly, I walked over to the balcony doors and unlocked them. Arthur turned the handle and entered our apartment from the balcony. âI couldnât help but see you through the balcony doors,â he said in his distinctive, resonating bass voice. âLook at you! God, if I didnât know better, I would have mistook you for a woman. A beautiful woman, at that.â He gestured with his hand for me to turn so that he could see the rest of me, and I turned slowly 360Ë until I was again facing him. Arthur smacked his lips and said, âGod, but you look so damn good.â He unzipped his green colored Dickies janitor pants, reached into the crotch and pulled out the biggest cock Iâd ever seen, the thick, veiny shaft and balls, a dark chocolate brown, the head of his cock pink and mushroomed and glistening.

    Arthurâs was the first erect cock Iâd ever seen other than my own, It was magnificent in its turgidity, its regality, its massive presence. I stood transfixed staring at it, unable to look away from it, as if my vision had been entrapped, as if it was tied magnetically to that throbbing, muscled anaconda, as if it were calling to me, and I was powerless before its majestic presence. Arthur stepped over to me and gently pushed down on my quivering shoulder, gently but forcibly pushing me down to my knees so that his cock now danced before my eyes, his huge hanging balls swaying as if laden with an uncomfortable load. He moved forward just a bit so that the glistening head of his penis brushed against my velvety soft lips, wetting them with the slime of his pre-cum and whetting my desire to suck him. âSuck it,â he murmured, âSuck my big black dick,â and as if from his lips to Godâs ears, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the mushroomed head of his cock and began sucking it. Arthur let out a series of groans, âMmmmm. . . yeah, thatâs it. . . Suck it, baby. . . Suck my cock. . . Aw, fuck yeah, suck it. . .â as I stretched my jaws further and further apart, allowing more and more of his cock to enter my mouth, slide against my tongue, and lodge at the rear of my throat. It was difficult to suck him as his cock was larger in circumference than my mouth. His cock tasted smoky, and musky. He placed his hands at the back of my head and began thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth until the head of his cock entered the rear of my throat and choked me. Arthur pushed forward until his cock had entered further and further into my gullet and then he began slowly fucking my stretched open mouth as if it were a womanâs pussy. All the while he held my head as he fucked faster and harder, his thick erection serving as a battering ram of flesh, of muscle, a conquistador. As he fucked my mouth and lips and tongue and throat, Arthur moaned and groaned, until at the end he was grunting, and then in an explosion he shot volley after volley of thick white cum deep down my throat, on my tongue, in my mouth, massive dollops of his seed, seemingly everywhere, and then gradually his thrusts decreased until he had shot out all of his seed and he pulled his semi-hard penis out of my mouth, wiped off its slimy head against my lips and cheeks, and stood there, his face smiling, sweating, sated. âNow that was the way I like having my dick sucked.â

    I kneeled before him, my mouth filled with his cum, my lips and face smeared with his cum, cum in my hair and on my chest. I was exhausted, my lungs burning at the effort, at the inability to breathe as he was thrusting deep into my throat. Arthur pulled me up by my shoulders and said, âLetâs go inside,â before walking me back to my motherâs bedroom. He laid me down on my motherâs perfumed bed, then pulled off his work shirt over his head and pulled off his pants, then naked, with his long thick penis swinging to and fro, he rummaged around in my motherâs dresser drawers until he found what he was looking for: a bottle of Vaseline. He pulled off the blue top and dug two meaty fingers into the yellow colored Vaseline and then removed them slathered in Vaseline. He applied the thick, slippery substance to his massive cock, and then thrust his Vaseline covered fingers at the opening between my butt cheeks, slowly working first one and then the second finger into my rectum. He yanked my legs up over his shoulders and then pushed the head of his now erect cock against my anus and pushed. I felt this intense pressure and then as his cock entered me, a blazing lightning bolt of fiery pain, as if he had pushed a thick cherry red hot poker up my ass, and the further he pushed, the deeper his cock worked inside of me, stretching and even tearing the tissues there, until the pain was blinding me, and yet he was relentless, fucking me, first slowly, and then faster and faster, deeper and deeper, until I felt myself opened wide, yielding, vanquished, his. The fucking was relentless, seemingly endless. The fire stretched from my anal opening up through my rectum. I could feel his pounding penis deep, deep inside of me, deep inside my gut, a part of the reality that I could no longer deny. I donât know how long the fucking lasted but finally I felt his cum inside of me, an endless stream of goo, alleviating but not putting out the fires raging inside of me. When he was done with his thrusting, he pulled out and suddenly I could feel his absence, I could feel a sense of loneliness no longer having his penis deep inside of me, loneliness and relief. I was bleeding from my rectum and later when I looked at my asshole in the mirror, I could see that it was torn and that the flesh was red and pulpy and violated. He wiped his dick off on the bedspread, and I could see the smear of blood and semen and shit. He quickly and wordlessly got himself dressed again, and walked over to the balcony doors, before turning and telling me, âThat was top of the line c**t youâve got there. Every chance I get, I will be tapping that ass of yours.â He winked at me lying naked on the bed, âBye. . . for now.â And then he walked onto the patio and back on his scaffold. I had a few hours to wash out the stains to my motherâs bedspread, and her sheets where the blood had seeped, to wash off the face paints and remove the paint from my toenails, to dress back as a boy, to administer cooling salves to my asshole, to endlessly gargle with mouthwash to try to kill the lingering taste of his cock and cum, and to try to remove the memories of my morning. I successfully washed out the stains, cleaned my face and fingernails and toenails of the eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, rouge and nail polish, and although I walked like John Wayne after a hard three-day horseback ride over the course of the next week, and every time I took a shit, my asshole burned like it was on fire, my mother didnât know what Iâd done, or what had been done to me. But I was never the same after that. Whenever Arthur saw me in the hallways of the apartment, he would wink at me and leer. And if I was alone, heâd ask me if my mother was home and if she wasnât, heâd have me go back up there and dress for him and wait for him, a slave girl awaiting her conquering hero, and when heâd knock, I would open the door, and in heâd stride and I would prostate myself at his feet, sucking his cock and then lay in bed, on my back or on my side or on my stomach with my ass raised and he would mount me, a stallion taking his mare, with towels beneath me to soak up the remnants of his orgasm and the trickle of blood that heâd leave in his wake. I was irrevocably Arthurâs fuck slave, and the knowledge of this filled me with dread and excitement, fear and loathing and desire.

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