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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 46

    After reading some of the confessions, they brought back a memory from my childhood that I had buried, partly out of shame and guilt. When I was a young girl, I played a lot with my best friend down the street. We lived in a small neighborhood, but there was little adult supervision back then. So, it wasn't unusual to go off and play for an hour or two without reporting back to home and mom.

    One day, we wandered off and ended up in a neighbor's yard. An older man lived in the house. He saw us playing and came out and chatted with us. At some point, he invited us into his house for some milk and cookies. After the snack, he asked if we liked to be tickled. Without really waiting for an answer, he pulled out a long feather and began to run it across our nose and arms. Then he ran the feather up and down our legs. We were both wearing dresses at the time -- typical girls clothes for the 1960s -- so he was able to slide the feather up our inner thighs. My friend found it too ticklish, but I remember the sensation felt good: very light and delicate and I liked it.

    Suddenly, my friend said she had to go home. I left with her, but knowing I didn't really have to or want to go home yet, I decided to return to the man's house on my own. When I got there, he let me back in and asked if I liked the feather tickling and if I wanted to do it some more. I nodded, so he repeated what he did the first time, running the feather over my face and arms and then my legs. He then asked if I would like to be tickled in some special places. Not knowing what he meant, but curious, I nodded. He asked me to lie down in front of him and to lift up my dress, exposing my legs, my tummy and of course my underwear. He ran the feather up and down my legs, paying special attention to my inner thighs, and across my tummy. Then he asked if I was ready for some really nice tickling and when I nodded, he asked that I take off my underwear. I blushed, but was far too curious now to stop. I lay on the floor my lower body now fully exposed. He began to run the feather between my legs. I remember the sensation felt very exciting. My heart started beating faster and I began to breathe deeper as he continued to run the feather over my privates.

    Then he asked me to remove my dress and get on my hands and knees, facing away from him. I did as he asked and soon felt the feather touching my privates and thighs, my ass. He told me to close my eyes and that the tickling would feel even better. He was right, I began to feel waves of pleasure from this. And then I felt his hand on me. It was a very light sensation, almost as light as the feather he had been using. He told me to keep my eyes closed and I could hear him doing something. Next, I felt what I thought was his finger on me, touching my rear, my little pussy and my ass crack. This finger felt warm and I soon could hear him breathing heavily as he moved his thick finger against me, while continuing to caress me with his feather.

    I heard him sigh and felt something warm and wet on my ass. I felt him wipe me, but because my eyes were closed, I had no idea what had just happened. He continued to touch me with the feather for about a minute longer and then said I should open my eyes and put my clothes back on. I did as he asked and before I left, he asked that I keep the feather tickling to myself. I went back to his house several more times, and always the same thing happened.I loved how it felt with the feather and when he pressed his warm,thick "finger" on my body. My eyes were always closed, so I never saw anything. This continued until a neighbor reported to my mother seeing me head over to the man's house. I was told to stay away, and I did.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    This happened when I was 12 to 13 and living in Nevada with my grandmother. Her step granddaughter Coleen was 17 at the time and also had been living there for 4 or 5 years. My grandmother was ill most of the year and 2 months I stayed there and Coleen was basically the one in charge. For some reason I always thought she was much older mainly because she was so tall and looked older than 17. She made my life hell during that time not just by the humiliation I was subjected to but she was just plain cruel to me. She hit me often but the worst thing was when she began spanking me and forcing me to pull down my shorts/pants and underwear. It was humiliating to say the least but 10 times worse when she did it in front of some of her friends. She kept a thin stick by the back shed and I was more often naked when she spanked me. I remember telling my grandmother several times that Coleen spanked me but all she would ask is what I had done. It was clear that Coleen was my grandmothers choice and I do admit Coleen took good care of her. It was about 6 months after I moved in that the humiliation got to the extreme. It was very hot and I know I was sweaty and dirty that afternoon but what Coleen did was beyond embarrassing. Two of her friends were out back and all I had on was shorts and sneakers. She made me strip naked right in front of the other two girls and after she spanked me made me lay on my back on the picnic table. She wouldn't let me cover my genitals even with my hands and began squirting me with the hose. After a short time she made me open my legs wide and began squirting my genitals with a spray of water. I did have erections before but this caused me to get hard and all they did was laugh at me. Coleen actually lifted my leg up and began squirting the spray up the crack of my butt to my scrotum and penis making sure I got an erection from it. She purposely exposed me to these girls just to humiliate me. It continued and today I can't remember how many of her girlfriends watched her doing these things to me but I know there were more than four of them. This treatment and the spankings went on until I finally moved back to LA with my mom. The following year my grandmother died and that was the last time I ever saw Coleen and don't know whatever happened with her. I did find out Coleen's grandfather was dead and her father was in prison. I never did find out anything about her mother. Her grandfather was my grandmothers second husband who I only met once when I was younger. Needless to say Coleen was a bitch and treated me like a dog.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    When I turned 12 years old I got three profound birthday gifts.

    The first was my grandfather's gold pocket watch. He took it to France with him during WWI. The second was my late father's very large stash of porn filling six trunks. Mom saved it for me as Dad had said he wanted me to have it and she felt I was old enough. Most was the more common stuff like my Dad's playboy collection going back to the first issue and a lot of Penthouse, Club, Hustler etc. Then about a quarter of the magazines were hardcore porn showing full insertion and some was gay porn which surprised and intrigued me. There were also about fifty VHS cassette tapes of some pretty intense but standard porn. Some were fetish stuff but most was fairly vanilla. The third profound birthday gift was a video camera, tripod and lighting.

    That was thirty two years ago and five years ago Mom died.

    But I'm getting ahead of myself. At twelve I had long blond hair and was kind of slender and short for my age. I was what Mom called effeminate. She got my both of my ears pierced when few boys had either pierced. I was soft and soft spoken. I had the smallest dick of any boy in my middle school gym class and that included 5th through 8th grade. I was in 7th. I also had a very humiliating pair of ridiculously huge boy boobs. When we played flag football, which seemed nearly every day, I was ALWAYS on the skins team which made it worse. It wasn't a coincidence. The gym teacher preferred to arrange teams by alphabetical order than have two team captains pick the boys for the team. So what that meant was instead of randomly being on the skins team fifty percent of the time I was on it 100% of the time based on the gym teacher deciding at the beginning of the year that boys whose last name begin with the letter "G" are on the skin's team. Despite being slender I had C-cup tits. I know, Mom measured me for a bra at the beginning of the year but I successfully talked her out of making me wear one. The only thing more humiliating for a 12 year old boy in the locker room than having C-cup boy tits bouncing around is taking off a c-cup lace bra to show them off in that gym class.

    Other than the daily humiliation of gym class, school went fairly OK considering I was the permanent butt of all jokes, especially emasculating jokes.

    So my birthday was a welcome distraction. I was permitted to invite girls over for my party for the first time but since most of the girls liked to ridicule my lack of masculinity I declined, except for Jenny. She was really nice to me. While she frequently pointed out my feminine side as she called it and of course my lack of masculinity, she did it in an extremely affectionate and gentle way. Jenny would whisper in my ear and told me I was very pretty that day and she liked the way my hair was styled. It was always in a pony tail but she would gently describe how cute and pretty I would be if I let her put it in pigtails. On one occasion I let her talk me into letting her make-up my face. Mom thought I was pretty and begged me to leave it on for the rest of the day. Since Jenny said she would make out with me if I did I agreed. I think my dick burst into flames the instant I first tasted Jenny's tongue. Now Jenny could have talked me into strutting into the boy's locker room wearing nothing but a pink laced bra, garter belt, fishnets and pink patent leather pumps with make-up on and hair in pigtails announcing free blow jobs as long as I got to make-out with her. She was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen. And trust me I did NOT like that kind of humiliation, she knew it and would never have asked but she sure did tell me how pretty I would look if I did this or that. So she arrived early the morning of my birthday not so much to be the first at the party but to help me get ready. She was as it happened, my best friend or I should say pretty much my only friend.

    She very badly wanted to do me up like a girl but I was having none of that. I'd do it for her alone or maybe her and mom but NOT in front of my grandparents, little sister Hannah and big sister Rose, my aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors and the two boys in school who didn't call me faggot 100 times a day, Bill and Jim.

    We compromised. I let her put my hair up in a single French braid and tie off the end with a black silk ribbon Mom gave her to use. I wore jet studs Mom loaned me as they seemed a bit more masculine than my giant cubic zirconia studs. They looked like two glass paper weights trying desperately to be diamonds. I liked them at first but I felt more and more girly when I wore them and the only other ones I had were to rings that look like pirate earrings and I usually only wore one at a time alternating ears. She insisted upon giving me a manicure but at least she only used clear polish. Then she wanted to touch up my face a little. She used tiny dabs of concealer to cover a handful of blackheads that just wouldn't washout. She blended a couple of lip glosses to apply to my lips which I only agreed to if they were very near to my natural shade. As it happened the result was only a slightly brighter version of my natural lip color. Then she applied a light brown mascara to my blond eye lashes which kept them natural looking but made my eyes pop slightly. She wanted me ready for the red carpet and I think my mom would have agreed but I wanted none at all so we compromised on subtle. Anyone who didn't know me might not have noticed I was wearing make-up but people who knew me might. My two blind buddies didn't notice but then they didn't notice Jenny was female either. Mom noticed and exclaimed I was going to be "The pretties girl at your party, er I mean the cutest boy!" You can't unring a bell. The bell had rung loudly and any concern Jenny had about my pigment being slightly too pale evaporated in an instant.

    Mom likes to throw theme parties so she decided to do a 70's party. I didn't care about theme. She'd dug out her old white polyester bell bottoms and a polyester satin pink paisley blouse for me to wear and a pink patent leather belt that was about two inches wide. Mom said they were all unisex and that both boys and girls wore them. I hoped nobody would notice the buttons and fly were on the wrong side. Everyone noticed. Grandpa, my uncles and my two guy friends asked why I was wearing girl's clothes. Can't unring a bell. There was no point changing out. I wasn't just a faggot I was a sissy faggot. But Jenny's kiss full on the mouth in front of Grandpa and the other guys cleared up my sexual orientation for them, or at least my little erection did. It was tiny but in polyester everything is visible.

    So other than the initial humiliations everything actually went pretty well. Nobody said anything further about my girly appearance except my grandmother pointed out my French braid was coming undone and she and Jenny re did it for me secretly switching my black ribbon for a pink one. I hadn't noticed until I reached around to scratch an itch hours later to discover it felt different and then held it out front and wondered how it turned pink. Nobody'd said a word.

    We had dinner, happy birthday was sung and gifts were given. I loved all three gifts mom gave me, the clothes my grandparents and aunts gave me and I usually don't like getting gifts of clothing but this time I did. Jenny saved her gift for last. My best buds gave me yet more Legos which I had not quite outgrown.

    Jenny gave me her gift when everyone was gone. She and I went up to my bedroom where she turned around and locked the door. She had gotten an idea when she saw my video camera. She made me promise to not show it to anyone and I promised. Then she told me that she would let me make a video of her stripping naked and playing with herself so I could watch it and jerk off to it when I was alone. Those words alone nearly made me cum in my pants. We'd only ever kissed before. But then she made me promise to let her do anything she wanted to me and I had to accept any other gift she wanted to give me and let her use it on me or she wouldn't do it. I'd have agreed to let her cut off one of my balls and thought it a trivial price just to see Jenny naked for the first time ever.

    I put the camera on the tripod and set up the lights and made the video as Jenny did a slow sensuous sexy as hell strip tease. Then, naked she laid down on the bed and spread her legs and went on about how pretty I was and how much she liked seeing me as the girl she knew I truly was and so on and what sexual things she planned to do to my tiny dick and little balls and big sissy tits and on and on as she frigged her self like crazy. Finally she came which almost caused me to cum just from watching.

    I was going to watch that video every night forever. It inspired thousands of cum loads over the next few years.

    After that Jenny told me her price was I had to let her do a real make-over on me and let her make me as girly as she wanted. Small insignificant price to pay for what I had just witnessed. Also she kept reaching down giving my clit size dick a little squeeze. I couldn't say no. An hour later my hair was in pigtails, my face fully made-up, big dangling earrings hanging from my ears, blood red lipstick, darker more defining eye make-up. She opened the door and called to my mom that I was ready. I had sat their shirtless. Mom walked in with more gifts. She had me open them and among the gifts were pink lace bra, panties, garter belt, garters, fishnets, pink patent pumps, a frilly pink satin party dress with puffy sleeves and a big pink petticoat which held the dress out like a big bell. I was spritzed with perfume, handed a pink patent leather purse with $200 in it. Mom then finished off the look with a set of white faux pearls and a rose gold ring with a pink tourmaline heart. Then Jenny ran downstairs and grabbed a suitcase. While Mom and I watched, Jenny stripped naked, remarking it was OK since we were all girls, and I got to see her bare pussy again only this time mom was watching me seeing her bare pussy and said nothing. When Jenny was all dressed again she had a similar pink satin and lace party dress. If you recall, the 1980's were the time of big hair and big flashy clothes. By this time it was nearly midnight and mom announced she had another surprise. We were, that is to say, Jenny and I were going to a midnight show of the Rocky Horror Picture show which I hadn't even heard of but she was an expert on. Jenny knew about it but I was clueless. I was petrified of the idea of anyone seeing me in drag let alone such frilly pink drag. I had nothing to fear. Not only was I not the only dude in drag but I bumped into two of my classmates who insisted I was way prettier than either of them and these were two of the many boys who had on many occasions ridiculed my lace of masculinity in gym class. One of the boys even said he wished he had real boobs like mine so his dress would look fuller. Mom jokingly offered him a couple of socks to stuff his bra with. As I watched the movie I realized that while Jenny had attempted to make me look realistically like a young teenage girl she had opted to make herself deliberately look like a not so subtle drag queen.

    one advantage of wearing a big dress in a darkened movie theater is that nobody notices a hand slide up under your dress. Mom noticed but didn't say anything until she had to wash my cum stain out of the petticoat. And even then she merely mentioned that she was going to give me a box of condoms to jerk off into so I wouldn't make a mess. Mom had never even brought masturbation up as a topic of conversation before and now she was talking about my sexual habits as casually as though she was talking about my favorite foods and which ones she made that I enjoyed the most.

    That night Mom invited Jenny to spend the night and in my room no less, something she'd never done before and despite my feminine guise I was felling very grown up and very very naughty. On prior sleep overs the activities were confined to the living room where Jenny would sleep while I went up to bed in my own room. This time for the first time Mom suggested Jenny sleep in my bed with me "after all that's what two girlfriends do on a sleepover." If I'd known that letting them dress me up in drag would get me in bed with Jenny I'd have done it a long time ago.

    As soon as Mom left the room and locked the door behind her, Jenny insisted I get out the camera again. This time it was my turn to do a strip tease for her. So I did mimicking what she had down as well as I could. I even frigged my little clit size dick instead of jerking it off as I usually did. She joined in a few minutes in and I shot my load just as Genny started grunting out "I want to lick your pussy Missy, the name she had dubbed me when I was fully dressed earlier. Then she got a towel and wiped me off and we took off our dresses and petticoats and kept on the lingerie and cuddled up. I fell asleep with her hand on my "pussy" another on my tit and her tongue in my mouth.

    Mom was a pack rat. I finished growing up with Jenny as my best friend and girl friend. By our senior year things got far more liberal. Jenny insisted I go to school in drag at least once a week. Gym class had evolved from taunts and ridiculed to having seven fellow members of the weekly Rocky Horror Picture Show Drag Review in my gym class and I was regularly voted most feminine queen of the review. Jenny had confessed to me that she was a secret "half Lesbo" as she put it which I think was her self deprecating way of saying she was bi but wanted to only date a guy that looked like a girl. Even by my senior year I hadn't grown much. I was five two and 90lbs and I'd swear half that was in my natural double DD monster boy titties. I stopped worrying about people staring at my cleavage. Periodically guys would ask me for make-up advice which compared to middle school was surreal and at first somewhat awkward but at least the ridicule had by then almost completely stopped except I found I kind of missed it a little. I used to get secret boners when a pretty girl called me a sissy faggot and told me my tits were bigger than her grandmothers and she'd her from her best friend's brother who was in my gym class that I had a clit instead of a dick. She wanted to see it. I thought she was just teasing but she really wanted to see it.

    I graduated and Jenny and I went to the same community college together. I got a general education diploma but took classes that prepared me for a BFA at the state college though I never went. Jenny became an LPN after two and a half years of nursing school.

    Jenny and I moved in together the middle of our first year at the community college. I went to class full on drag every day now but my style had toned down a bit. I still wore pink but a little bit less flamboyant and by this time my hair was down to my knees and I always kept it in a French braid. We didn't have any classes together so we only saw each other in passing throughout each day.

    So all this leads up to five years ago when my Mom passed away. I went to her place to clean out the house and prepare it for sale. I went to my old room and found she kept everything I'd thought she had thrown away including that first dress and petticoat. I found that first vhs tape and looked around and was grateful to find she also kept my first VCR. I looked through the tapes and found that one where I did the strip tease in front of Jenny at 12. I popped it in the VCR and fast forwarded the tape until I got to my strip tease. I had since developed an interest in little boys though hadn't done anything about it. I was curious what a 12 year old sissy in drag would look like jerking off in front of "her" lesbian girlfriend. Today my cock is only a half inch longer than it was that day and that brings it to just under 3 inches. My tits are now EE cup and bounce around in the most delightfully painful way that reminds me of what a sissy faggot I truly am. I watched myself do the strip tease. I was throbbing hard in an instant. Two minutes later I spontaneously ejaculated without even touching myself as I watched a gorgeous little sissy fagot in full make-up and drag and pretty long blond hair jerk off to the instructions of the preteen girl giving her instructions on how and all I could think about was how much I wanted to kidnap and r*pe the living shit out of that gorgeous little preteen faggot. At that moment, for the first time in my life, I really wanted to fuck myself, badly. I am so glad Jenny made that and all the hundreds of other videos of me jerking off, me fucking Jenny me eating her out, me eating her ass, her pissing down my throat, her tying me up and whipping me with the flogger Mom gave her as a birthday gift, her teaching me how to give sister's boyfriend a blow job and on and on. Every day I frig my little "pussy" with Jenny while we watch old home made k********n together and talk about how badly I want to do really bad things to that little sissy faggot on the TV.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    I live in a small rural town, and I am a junior in high school. Usually our gym classes tend to be large, usually containing half the grade, but my gym class happens to be small, containing only ten students, including me. They are all boy excepted for one girl named Sammy.

    Sammy is a nice girl, always smiling. She is also very sexy. She has short blonde hair, perky tits that she almost always keeps covered, but you can still make out their shape as they conter the fabric she wears, and a nice firm looking ass. There are rumors that she does not wear any underwear as well.

    One day in gym class we we're playing volleyball and Sammy walks in wearing a tight fitting gym shirt and even tighter fitting yoga pants. I honestly thought I could see the shape of her pussy. Our gym teach leaves us most days, since we are such a small class, and goes off to do God knows what.

    We had played for a little while, when Sammy said she had to pee. The guys didn't what to stop the game to wait for her. One of them dared her to countinue playing while holding it, and if she made it to the end, he would give her 20 dollars. She accepted.

    As we countinued playing I watched as Sammy held it in, cross her legs this way and that, pushing her hands against her pussy. She looked so cute as she tryed to hold back. Then, when she went back to set set the ball and fell onto her ass. Sammy let out a high pitched moan, and we turned to see her with her legs spread and a wet spot spreading over her crotch, followed by a stream of golden liquid pouring out from the saturated fabric and on to the gym floor.

    I looked at her face as the golden stream countinued to gush. It was red from embarrassment but her expression was that of pure pleasure. After the water works stopped, Sammy stood up and said she guesses she couldn't embarrasse her self any more than she all ready had and proceeded to pull down her wet yoga pants, briefly exposing her bare pussy before her shirt came down to cover it. So the rumors are true.

    She continue playing wearing only her shirt, which for most of the time covered her, but when she would jump to get the ball, her beautiful bottom half would become exposed for all to see. At one point when she jumped I finally got a good look at her pussy. It was a shaved camel toe that was untanned, unlike the rest of her body, and looked so tight, I almost came thinking about slipping my dick into it.

    After we finished our game, Sammy walked in front of us lifted her shirt, treating us to her smoothe round bare tits with pink hard nipples. The image of this naked underaged girl, with her glistening pussy and her perfect tits caused my virgin dick to stretch it self to it's limit. Sammy dropped her shirt and turned around, winking at us over her shoulder. She started to walk towards the locker room with her shy little ass cheeks bouncing up and down as she walked.

    Before I knew what I was doing I ran up behind her, pulled down my gym shorts and boxers ,letting moist cool air kiss my bare crotch, my pink ball sack hang down, and my hard wet cock extend to it's full potential, bent Sammy over with force, and began thrusting my hard cock head deep into her pale illegal pussy.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I have the best Mom ever.

    When I was 12 years old she caught me masturbating. I started to freak when she commanded me in a very stern voice to continue jerking off and not to stop until I came. While I was jerking off she scolded me for being a naughty little pervert then when I started to get close she leaned in, licked my ears and told me all the naughty evil things she had planned for me and my cock and balls. Then just as I started to cum she grabbed me by the balls and gave me a nice tight squeeze. I came harder than a cannon.

    A week later she put a plastic chastity cage on my cock and balls. It hurt deliciously and I got hard and stayed hard for an eternity. She told me that from then on I only got to cum on my birthday. Meanwhile she was going to tease me mercilessly.

    A few weeks before I turned 13 Mom had a construction crew come into the basement to do some work. Then she had some equipment delivered. Some guys came over to set up the equipment. Then two guys came up to my bedroom and grabbed me. They stripped me naked except for the chastity cage and let me to the basement with a leash attached to my collar.

    In the basement was a new room. In the center of the room was a large mechanical chair like device. I was strapped in with more shackles then I'd ever imagined. I was completely helpless. A large fat dildo went up my lubricated ass. Nipple sucking cups were attached to my nipples. My balls were sucked into a cage like device with dozens of little spikes jabbing them. Finally my cock was introduced into a then came the pumping and the vibrating. I was whipped, flogged paddles, electrified and then I had the best cum of my life. I felt like someone set off a bomb of pleasure between my legs.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Today is my 18th birthday.

    I have been turning tricks for the last 9 years.

    I know male hores are unusual but we exist. I probably have the best job I could. I'm 18 and I have more money than God. I have never worked a day in my life so really I just get paid to enjoy myself. I'm selective. I don't do old fags. I built up my clientele on the beach in this college community by hanging out with gay college kids and inevitably one or more will hit on my and then I quote my prices. Typically about half will react by saying they don't do hores. But the other half has tons of trust fund money to throw at me and don't care.

    I usually only target guys who have some feature I find attractive like a pretty face, nice hair, big muscles or a huge cock or some combination of the above.

    So it all started when I was 11 and was hanging out at the skate park at the beach and some really hot 16 year old guy with long blond hair and the pretties blue eyes asked if I wanted to do it with him. I had already jerked off several times while fantasizing about him doing me good and hard so of course I said yes. We went back to his place, which was really his parents place. They weren't home. I wasn't even thinking about money. I was thinking about how hot he was and how I was finally going to suck some cock. His was big but not huge. He taught me how to be his oral cum dumpster. Then he pulls out a stack of twenties and tosses it at me and tells me to come back the next week same time. I got home and counted and it was two hundred dollars. A kid could get used to that kind of gig and I did. By the time I turned 12 I had about 30 regulars including three cops and another 20 a week that I usually only saw once or twice. I had a full time job fucking at 12 and was earning $2000-$4000 a week.

    I've got half a million now and just made my first porn. The best part is I'm probably going to be able to do this until I'm well past 30 since I still look like a little kid.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I was 13 I was staying the night at my friends house his parents where out of town. His older sister was watching us she left to so we where alone we played games then. Nate told me to wait in his room he had something he wanted to show me so I did 15mins later Nate comes in wearing a dress. Confused I ask him what he's doing he looks at me and says I want you to fuck me like a girl he push me down and we kiss he tells me to call him Jenny I kiss his neck I pull the dress off him and the bra playing with his nipples he starts moaning few mins of foreplay. I get up and strip naked he sucks my cock slowly then he pulled out the lube and I lubed my cock up slowly pushing my cock in his ass as deep he was already moaning I started go faster and harder kissing him while I'm balls deep in him 15mins later I pull out and nut on his bed. We kiss some more and but his sisters cloth and wig away well in her room I tell Nate it's my turn to get fucked he throws me on his sisters bed and I suck his cock tell he was hard he lubed his cock and fucked me as I moaned he kissed me he fucked me for 30min and jerked me we both nutted then he nutted we came all on his sisters black blanket we got are cloth on and smoked a cig. We watched some tv for a lil bit but we just ended up fuck again in the living room. Then again in his room his parents room the stairs the kitchen the basement all over his house the next morning I woke up to pee and his sister got home and stoped me and ask me why there where was cum on her blanket. She said fuck it and passed out my heart racing I go in Nates room and tell him his sisters home he rolls over his cock right there I couldn't help my self I started blowing him he woke up and then I bent over and he started fucking me we heard his parents come home and we didn't stop even when they where outside his door they went and passed out we keep going after he finished we kissed and I went home and that night he stayed at my house

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 46

    Im 56 and have a bad heart so I would like to confess a couple things as I don't think I have much time.

    The first one happened when I was 15. My buddy Bob and his little sis Lynne and I were hanging out in the woods by the park smoking and just passing time. Bob was 15 like me and Lynne was 12. They sat on some railroad ties across from me. Lynne wore some old gym shorts that were baggy in the legs so when she parted her legs I got a clear shot of her underpanties.

    I was staring between her legs and when I looked up she was smiling at me. 'hey Bryan can I have a ciggy' she asked me before I could answer Bob said "Its time to get home Lynne so lets go' Ill be homme in a minute Bob' Bob left mad but it was funny watching her stand up to him. I gave her a smoke then she came over and sat by me 'Bryan do you think im pretty?' I looked at her and leaned in kissing her on her lips. she put her arms around my neck holding me tight as she kissed me back. I moved my tongue between her lips flicking at her tongue with mine. 'mmmm Bryan I guess that means yes' I slid my fingers up her shorts tickling her pussy while kissing her sweet mouth. 'Lynne mom wants you home now' Bob yelled. I kissed her one more time and told her. 'meet me here at around mid nite Ill bring a blanket' she said she would.

    I went home ,took a shower and jerked off twice, AT midnight I grabbed A blanket the went to the woods waiting for hershe showed up a half hour later. I laid out the blanket then we laid down kissing and touching one another when Lynne pulled away and said "Bryan" then everything went black.

    When I came too I was lying on my belly with my hands tied to a tree and Lynne wimpering next to me lying on her back with her hands tied to another tree, 'Whats going on' I yelled. I looked back two older men were talking 'which one you want first jack?'? the shorter one asked the tall skinny guy 'Guess Ill take the boy' He said rubbing his cock. 'OK then we can switch' We both started yelling and crying when the shorter one kicked us both threatning to be quiet or he would kill us.

    The tall one came over and knelt beside me then reached under me unbuttoning my pants then pulled them off then pulled off my underwear. 'What are you gonna do ?' I asked as he stripped off his clothes. 'Im gonna fuck you boy' he said as he mounted me. He opened my butt cheeks then spit on my butthole rubbing it in with his cock head. 'This will only hurt a second boy so relax and don't fight it'

    He laid on me then put his dick up to my rectum. 'O k here goes' He said pushing himself into my asshole in one quick thrust. It hurt real bad my butthole was burning as he started fucking me. I heard Lynne cry as the short guy pushed his fat penis in her virgin pussy pounding her hard.
    ' Yeah boy you feel good' he said licking my neck and ears while r**eing my anus.

    All of a sudden he pushed real hard three times then moaned as he shot his cum up in my butthole. ahe pulled his limp cock out of my hole then said 'open up boy I need cleaned up' I did as he said and sucked him clean.

    I looked over at Lynne as the short one finished in her pussy. After about 10 minutes they switched and r**ed us both two more times each then left. when I was sure they were gone I got myself free then went over to lynne,she was out of it as I tried to talk to her.
    I got her up and she begged me not to tell anyone as I walked her home. I didn't see her for a week then she called me and we met in the woods we hugged and talked she gave me head then went home. last I heard she moved to her dads in kentucky

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
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    I still enjoy thinking back on my early years and how much we all enjoyed being naked young boys and how we enjoyed getting each other of and how much fun it was and it was always very exciting for all of us. We had oral sex often jacked each other and when I was about 12 I couldn't take it any loner and told my two best friends how I was curious about putting things in my ass and after telling them my secret they were both very anxious to help me out.
    We got on our bikes and rode down to the woods and went to this place I knew and I was sure e couldn't get caught and for about two hours the three of us were naked and the two of them took turns fucking my ass and I wanted both of them to cum in my ass after the first time they fuck me because it was just too exciting and felt to good to have them pull out and cum on my ass.
    They both said it would be much better and made sure I really wanted them to cum in me and from the on they always came in my ass ad it was great. There were quite a few others that fucked me and I never turned down the opportunity to get fucked up the ass and take a nice warm load in the ass.
    Many times on weekend camp outs we would have group sex and there were six close friends that would group fuck me countless times for hours and it was exciting for me to get fucked so much in front of my friends and to let them use my ass for their enjoyment and pleasure and it was enjoyable for me also.
    As old as I am now I would like to get gang fucked again because thee re times I really enjoy using sex toys and other things in my ass and I am fortunate enough to have a very long dick that I can stick in my own ass and I enjoy fucking myself and shooting my big load up my ass and using my cum for lube for my dildos. Any married big dick guys in South Texas wanting to fuck a tight clean white married ass I sure would like to hear from you.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 42

    When i was 15 i went on a road trip with my aunt who was in her 40s.i remember her stopping by and asking if she could take me with her to parents let me go as we drove we stopped at a few stores packed some snacks and headed out..the sun was setting and she was tired so she pulled into this motel and got a room the man at the desk let her know the water heater was on a last limb and if we would limit the hot water he gave her a discount..we enter the room and began to get are clothes out for the night and for the we talked about what stops we would make she suggested whos going to shower first i suggested one together she laughed and looked at me odd.i then said lets flip a coin good idea she said.i called heads and won.well go ahead PLEASE save me some hot water she i got into the rest room i dropped my clothea i heard the pbone ring and her talking it was the office.she had opened the door catching me nude i didn't have time to grab a towel so i juat stood there her eyes caught a full glimps of me wich didnt seem to bother her.hey we need to shower together so keep you eyes off me and dont tell anyone i agreed as stood waiting for her she got in i was facing her and caught a glimpse her body looked soft her pussy was neatly trimmed and her breast looked amazing i began to get hard.she saw and laughed what are you doing laughing your not supposed to be looking at me she said but at the same time her eyea where looking at me she turns and starts the water we wet are bodys i grab the soap and begin to clean my self she started with her hair as she is covered in shampoo im looking over her rubbing my hard on against her thigh and ass hey you perve stop. You dont know what to do with that i stood silent when she began to clean her self i moved close to rub her again this time. I lined up to her hole and gave it a shove it slipped in and she jumped off i got out the shower dryed my self and just put on some shorts a few seconds later she came out just a t-shirt .....what the hell was you thinking i didn't say much except i was sorry..i promise i wont say a word..later that night laying in bed i could hear her moan and her moving i layed still as she masturbated.her breathing was heavy and i turned and asked if she was ok yes go to sleep she said i layed there a few more minutes before i turned over and let my hard cock press against her.she stopped and i did feel her push back so i reached around her and felt for her titz her hand reached back and pulled my cock out never say a word as she turned to me and began to kiss me her lips moved all around for awhile till she went down and sucked me off i blew my load in her mouth she came back up then slipped me in her wet pussy i moved back and fourtg till i blew another load keep going she moans i roxe her for a few hot hours just cumming and cumming a few months later aunty was showing signs of a baby she had a little girl healthy and 2 more from me no one knows who daddy is but i do take care of them all live in the same house

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