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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 48

    During the late 60's early 70's as a kid you never spike about what some man did to you as usually you weren't believed and things like that were never spoken about, I was used by a neighbour from the age of 8 until i was 15, He lived alone at the end of our road he tricked me into his house one day saying he couldn't find his cat and could I help him find it, After a little while pretending he suddenly accused me of stealing his money and said he'd tell my parents and the police and I'd be put away with all The bad boys, I was really scared and started to cry I was only 8 after all, But he said after a while he wouldn't as long as i did as he told me, That was it as soon as I nodded he had me trapped, He made me undress fully and stated touching me all over his fingers exploring and searching everywhere my bottom took a lot of this while I was bent over his knee his rough fingers pulling and prodding my bum about if i moved he'd slap it hard and tell me to keep still as he explored my bumhole with a wet finger after a while he stood told me to open my mouth wide unzipped his flies and pushed the tip of his dick into my mouth it felt odd and tasted salty as I breathed in his musky smell, He told me to suck it like a lollipop and not to stop unless he said so eventually he came and I coughed and splattered not expecting anything to come out of it except perhaps pee but this wasn't owe it was thick and sticky and quite salty, He told me to stop making a fuss and swallow it which i did, He told me to get dressed and to come back for more the next day or else he'd call the police!, After that day I was his toy his plaything I was spanked used for oral sex dressed up as a girl fingered tied up pissed on and yes fucked, I never dared not to go to him or be late and to make matters worse he took photographs of me dressed as a girl and naked and sucking him which he threatened to show everyone I knew including my parents so they knew what a dirty little boy I was, He became great freinds with my parents who thought he was great and liked him a lot, He even asked to take me on a business trip to Scotland with him and they agreed, He took me only to share me with another man who he warned me that I was to make him happy or else my parents would be shocked about me, So I let this other man use me as photos were taken, As time went on I started to enjoy the sex and even looked forward to it I shot my first load when I was nearly 12 which pleased him no end and after that he was always sucking me to orgasm, By 13 he'd made home movies of me and sold them to freinds of his I was "loaned" to other men who had obviously paid for me once I was even used by a couple she was a bitch who loved to hurt me and would laugh as I sucked her husbands cock she forced me to lick her pussy and her ass and enjoyed watching him fuck me, All of this happened until i was 15 and this now old man died and I was finally free of him, I still liked men oddly enough and found a nice loving guy who taught me how to make love instead if just having sex.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 41

    I want to title this REGRET.

    When I was sixteen my mother and I lived in a small town and she was a waitress at the only decent restaurant. She worked until 10 and usually got home around 11 at night. She went on at five so I had the evenings to myself. Of course I had a curfew and I was told not to let anyone in and all that, but I was sixteen and the property maintenance man knew I was alone and he came over to our apartment and fucked me. Don't get me wrong, I loved getting fucked.

    I could milk him with a blowjob and I liked getting fucked in the ass. I didn't have anything to compare him to at the time, but he had a big and thick dick and I would sit on the couch and he would lower his pants and let his dick hang out and I would suck him and jerk him off and then spread myself for him. The couch was dark but if you looked at it you could see all the left overs of when we fucked on it. We also fucked on my mother's bed because my bed was a single bed.

    She found out about him coming over from the neighbor who told her one day if she was aware that the maintenance man was coming over at night before she got home from work. She confronted me about it and I told her he did come and he fucked me. She asked me if I was OK with that and I told her the truth, I liked it and it felt good. My mother never questioned me again about it, she just got me on the pill.

    On her day off a couple of weeks later she asked him to come and have dinner because she wanted to talk with him about it. It was one of those dinners where she put out a lot of rules, he said he would follow the rules, but in the end he came over and we fucked.

    I grew up and left home with a boy I had met and got into sales and started to make pretty good money, much more than my mother ever made. I met this guy at work who was divorced, we got married and I had a couple of kids. My daughter is now sixteen and I could never imagine her having sex with some forty year old maintenance man. She has all sorts of after school activities and she has been given the blow by blow sex talk. When I was sixteen I felt I was all grown up. She is sixteen and I think of her being too young to decided what to order when we go out.

    My husband doesn't know about my time when I was sixteen and seventeen, and I would never tell him. I also would never tell him that my first lover was quite a bit bigger than my husband is, not that it matters. My mother has either forgotten or doesn't bring any of that time up. She is old, considering the way she had to work, and she is in an apartment at a subsidized housing complex in town. My sixteen year old goes and stays with her after school.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 49

    Growing up gay,

    Back in the day during the summer we sometimes got permission to go to the matinee movie in town. My buddy and I would ride our bikes downtown and go to the movies and if we were lucky we had money to buy something at the candy stand. Midway thru the movie I had to pee so I went down to the bathroom and when I went in this man walked in behind me and told me to hurry up. The bathroom was a one toilet affair and I should have been alone but the man was there pressuring me to go. He got fed up with me and got behind me and pulled my zipper down and took out my penis and held it for me and told me to pee. When I finished he held my penis with his hands and rubbed his fingers up and down holding me tight against him. He then said he had to pee and unzipped his pants and had me stand beside him while he peed into the toilet. He took my hand and he told me to grab his penis and help him squeeze the last drop out. He told me I was a good boy and to go and enjoy the movie.

    My encounter with the man remained a secret for me, good for masturbation at night when I was alone. I can still see in my minds eye his penis in my hand and feel with my memories his hand on my penis. I have masturbated to that memory all my life.

    As I grew up I always took the opportunity to look at other boys' penises or at men when they were in the bathroom. I wasn't ashamed at my small penis, but I relished seeing an older man with a large penis urinate beside me. I had feelings of touching them and even in those days of sucking them. I finally sucked a boy at school one afternoon at his house. He was a little pervert and once I sucked him he bossed me around and invited me to his house to suck his penis in his room. His parents were divorced and he was a latchkey kid and all through the seventh and eighth grade I could go over to his house and suck him. I liked that he bossed me around and other kids would tell me to tell him off. But I liked it and I liked going to his house to suck his penis.

    He and I were out riding our bikes when we came across this man in the park and he told the man to show us his penis. The man did what we asked and he took out his ugly old penis and we got a good look at it and we went right back to his house and I sucked him and had my first wet experience, ejaculating in my pants while I sucked him. On the way back home I rode my bike back thru the park and stopped and talked to the old man. He asked me if I was back because I liked his cock and he walked back into the tree line and I followed him and he took out his penis and he told me I could suck his cock if I wanted to. I don't thing up to then I had ever wanted to suck a penis as bad as I did that evening.

    He was a retired man who lived on the other side of the park and I went to the park to see him and after a while he told me to come over to his house because someone might see us in the park. In his house we were able to suck each other he was able to have sex with me. I liked it more than I can say, I liked it from the very first time and he and I had our time together long after I started driving all the way until I finished high school.

    In college it was my Art History teacher and after college I sucked off the department head at the company I was working for. I lost my job in a layoff, but he put me up at his house and I became his 'house boy' and I got into fitness and training as he had a gym room in his house. The sex was incredible, it was constant and the sky was the limit. He was far more inventive than me or as he would tell me it wasn't his first time so he had seen and done a lot. My stint as a house boy lasted a couple of years and then he got me a job working for one of his friends at this Marketing company where I worked as a proof reader.

    It was hard turning 30 and having to grow up and learn to be on my own, to support myself. My 'daddy' helped me a lot and we stayed tight but as time passed he insisted that I learn to live on what I earned. My relationship with him slowly stopped, I met some of his friends and had some wild experiences and eventually settled down with the man I live with now that I am older. Of all of my experiences the one that stands out the most was that afternoon in the movie theater in our small town. I was a gay boy and I fell in love with cock and I still get a buzz standing beside a man while he pees at a urinal. If the man would let me I would gladly reach over and help him squeeze the last drop out.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 44

    When I was 12 years old, my mother made me have sex with a man who had taken us into his home.
    The man was 27 years old (my mom was 34 at the time) and after 6 months, told my mom that we had to move out.
    She instead offered him us, her 3 daughters, my 16 and 14 year old sisters and myself. She told him that he could have sex with us anytime he wanted just as long as he let us stay

    He agreed, but only if she, my mom was there for the initial act.
    I remember going into the room and him just waiting for me. I stripped and I listened to everything that my mom told me to do.

    When he put his dick in my mouth and told me to suck, I was baffled and in shock. I only knew that a dick went between your legs in to the pussy.
    Never knew about blowjobs and ass fucking, but all of that changed. I was terrified and turns out that I was terrible at sucking dick the first time, but within 3 months I was a very skilled deepthroat artist and learned so much from him and my mother.

    I tell this story now because we lived with this man for 5 years and though he fucked all of us damn near daily, I don't consider him an abuser. Neither does my sister's.

    We all have stayed in constant contact with him and he besides an occasional blowjob has never touched anyone of us again but has been a big financial contributor to us all

    Just last week he bought a car for one of my sisters grandsons so he could drive himself to college.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 22

    I met up with Connie for lunch last week and saw her for the first time in eight years. Between 2008 an 2010 she was my very best friend. Her father was from Germany and had no conscience about anyone seeing him naked or exposed in some way. The more familiar I became at the time with her parents the more I saw this mans privates and he made no effort to cover himself. Connie was so used to it I doubt she payed much attention to him after awhile but me and a few of our other girlfriends were bombarded by his nudity around their house. He would wear a bathrobe most of the time but it was never drawn closed and his genitals were always exposed. He made it seem like it was normal and other girls I knew that saw him like that joked about it behind Connie's back. I remember asking Connie about her father and was he always like that. She assured me he was a great dad but did say she saw him naked all the time and he would shower while she used the toilet and that he saw her naked often. It didn't seem to bother her at all and she denied he ever touched her. If Connie and I were in her bedroom playing, which we were often, I could see into her fathers room where many times he was fully naked. At the time I didn't think about it much but after Connie and her parents moved in 2010 it finally occurred to me how often he had an erection when I looked at him. I'm sure other friends had to see him with erections but I never once ever saw him masturbate. At lunch last week I asked Connie if her dad still went around with his stuff showing. She laughed saying he has never changed and just said he was a riot. Riot is a funny word for an exhibitionist which I am sure that's what he is. I was only 12 to 13 when it went on and remember thinking if I was going to see his penis when I went to see Connie. At that age it was fascinating to me that a man would let everyone see his privates. My dad was the complete opposite of that and I might have seen my dad in underwear but even that was rare. For close to 2 years I saw her fathers genitals almost every time I was there and saw him naked numerous times. Another strange thing is her mother never seemed to care about it either. I never said anything about her father to my parents and knew they would have forbidden me going there. So I must have wanted to look at him in those days but won't admit it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 34

    Tennis was my game when I was twelve years old and my favorite tennis partner was Dennis. He lived a few houses down from me. One morning I went to Dennyâs house to borrow his racquet. I knew he wasnât home but figured his mom would be, and she was. Mrs S. greeted me at the door in her pink robe. She was a tall, full-figured woman with brown hair and a warm smile. She was also from the south and called me âdarlinâ, which I liked.

    She let me in the house and I ran to Dennyâs room to get his racquet. As I was leaving the house I heard swearing from inside the garage. It was Mrs S. She was standing by a wooden bench piled high with newspapers. She explained that Dennis was supposed to put those papers in the trunk of her car so she could take them to the recycling center. I was anxious to play tennis but offered to help put them in the car. She thanked me and told me she would take the papers off the bench, hand them to me so I could stuff them into the trunk. So we did.

    Now, each time Mrs S would grab a pile of newspapers she would hold them tight under her boobs. This would inadvertently push her tits up and they would try to push through the top of her robe. Each time I would turn around to get an armful of newspapers from her, I would be greeted by a small pile of papers beneath these enormous tits trying to escape the top of her robe! And each time Mrs S. turned around the belt on her robe would slacken a little bit. Pretty soon I would turn to look down this silky smooth valley of tremendous breasts. I was dumbstruck. I tried to think of something to say but couldnât...and didnât.

    Then as I was placing a pile of papers in the car trunk I heard a crash (and some swearing) behind me. A pile of newspapers had slid off the bench and onto the floor. As I turned to see what had happened, Mrs S. crouched down and started picking up the spilled papers. When she did, the whole top of her robe opened up. And suddenly I was looking straight down at her completely exposed chest. I saw both her large breasts swaying with each move she made. I saw her large dark nipples as they bounced at the tip of her tremendous chest. Mrs S realized that her robe had opened and quickly pulled the top closed. But as she resumed gathering papers, the top opened back up and once again I was staring at her magnificent chest.

    She eventually gathered the papers from the floor and managed to partially close the top of her robe. We finished putting the papers in the car. She thanked me and gathered me in for a hug. She pulled me right into her chest, right into that exposed valley between her breasts. Her robe was still partially open and my cheek was pressed up against the skin of her chest. I could see her breast inside her robe, her dark aereola and the fullness of her nipple...just inches from my lips. She wispered âThank you darlinââ and kissed the top of my head.

    Without a doubt event turned on my sexual switch. Suddenly tennis wasnât as important as - tits. Iâve relived that morning countless times in my mind and remember it clearly, though it happened over twenty years ago.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    There were these dark days in my house as a kid. My mother belonged to this man. My mother was a nurse and had to go to work early. After my mother went to work I would go sleep with him. He always had morning erections, his penis stood up and he would admire it. I would lay there and admire his penis with him. After a while he would get up to go pee, he was still hard so he peed into the tub and I would watch him pee. I took a shower with him, his penis was chest high to me and I watched him lather himself and then give me the soap to lather myself.

    If my mother had the night shift I slept with him all night. He was always ready and I could feel his hard penis rub against me. He never had a problem with me, I came home after school and did my chores and I got good grades. I got a scholarship to go to college.

    I am grown up now and I date now and then, and we when I am at my mother's house he and I get along fine. We never talk about those dark nights, but I remember them. I just haven't found the right girl. But I confess that when I am with a girl, and I am reaching the point of climax my minds goes back to being in bed while he admired his morning erection. I feel my mouth go over the top of his erection and it makes me climax every time. The memory is very real although I never did it, but I confess that I wanted to.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 31

    My parents broke up when I was about 9 and the one good thing my father did was let my mom keep the house. Other than that my older brother and me hardly ever saw him. Anyway, I was 17 when my brother went into the Army leaving me and my mom in a four bedroom house. My moms friend and co-worker Nora moved in with her bratty daughter who was between 12 and 13 and stayed with us from sometime that June until early that December. Meredith was an arrogant pain in the ass and I couldn't stand her. I was glad my mom gave her the room on the other side of the 2nd floor where she shared the bathroom in Nora's room. There were times almost everyday where I would be home alone with Meredith but I avoided her as much as possible. Then one day at the end of June this kid tells me she saw me naked. I just told her she was full of shit and there is no way she did. She just laughed and walked away from me. Because she was such a little bitch I always locked my bedroom or the bathroom doors. About a week or so went by and I went into the bathroom and got a shower and like I do a couple to a few times a week jerked off using soap. It was about two days later when that brat asked me if I jerked myself and I never heard anyone say it that way before. Then she told me she knows I masturbate and again giggled and went to her room. I knew then somehow she was in the bathroom hiding and the only place she could have been is in where the washer and dryer are. It has folding doors covering them and if she was in there she had to be on top of the washer or dryer. The top of those folding doors had horizontal slats so its probably where she was. I went up to the bathroom, sat on the washer, and when I folded the doors shut I could see clear into the shower sink and toilet. I knew then that little bitch was sneaking into the bathroom to watch me.

    Right away my first thought was to tell my mom and her mom when they got home or to just smack the shit out of her. The more I thought about it she had to know when I was going to shower. My mom had told me a few times in front of Nora and Meredith to get my shower before she gets home from work. It was make sure there would be hot water for her and Nora when they got home. When I thought about it I almost always got a shower between 3 and 4 in the afternoons especially when I got home from playing basketball. The next day after she said that I got home around 2:30 and didn't see Meredith so before I went into the bathroom I stood at my bedroom door. I cracked the door open a hair and sure enough after about 10 minutes Meredith came tip toeing down the hall into the bathroom. I had caught her red handed but instead of confronting her I decided not to. I just figured if she was so anxious to see me bare ass I would give her a show which kind of turned me on. So I gave her a couple minutes to hide and went in an just undressed and peed first before getting in the shower. There is a glass sliding door that is pretty clear with designs in it so I left it halfway closed so she could see me better. I got a hard on right away and made sure I was facing her as I washed myself. I was going to jerk off then I figured doing it different and waited until I got out of the shower. I dried myself off next to the doors and gave her a show she'd never seen me do. I bent over with my one foot on the toilet seat exposing my balls from my back. The whole time I dried myself I had a hard on and then stood by the toilet and jerked off with some of my moms body lotion. The toilet is right in front of the washer and drier so she had a ring side seat watching me. When I ejaculated I aimed it into the toilet. Just for the hell of it I got back in the shower and washed my dick and balls off then dried myself again. I just put a towel around me and went back to my room. I peeked out my door again and within a few minutes Meredith looked out first then scampered back to her room. This went on a minimum of a couple times a week and I jerked off every time I knew she was hiding in there. She only one other time said she knows I jerk myself then never again said anything about it. I have to admit I was disappointed when they moved out that December and had a lot of fun having her watch me. I saw her quite a few times over the next few years then I also went in the Army and have made a career out of it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 24

    About ten years ago I used to take the bus to and from school. The damned bus never waited for us so if we
    were not there it left without us. My g/f Minney and I missed it often so we would hitch hike home. One of those who gave us a lift was Bernie, the old farmer Minney and I knew from his delivery business. One of the features of getting a ride with Bernie was looking at his large pecker that he would pull out each time and stroke while we drove. Mickey began to sit next to him and at one point took Bernie's cock and began stroking it herself.

    I had assumed all men had huge cocks like that but Minney, who had two horny brothers, said, no. Minney jerked his member whenever we took a ride with him and one day, she pulled his handkerchief out of his pocked and held it to his cock. She later explained that he had "come" or ejaculated sperm, as her dad had informed her when he would instruct her on male biology. One day, Minney took Bernie's cock in her mouth and he was moaning loudly, uttering words I did not understand as she blew him.

    No long after that, Minney asked Bernie to pull over by a wooded road and, there, she pulled her pants off and mounted old Bernie. He was groaning loudly. Later, Minney explained that she had fucked old Bernie to assure our ride in the future when we missed our bus. I said, "Ehr, well, thank you." Minney asked if I wanted to suck off or fuck old Bernie and I told her I would wait. Thankfully, she never pursued me to help out. Later, I suspected that she was enjoying that monster cock all the time.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 45

    I was fourteen and I got a ride home from a 16 year old boy with a new driver's license. He didn't take me straight home, we went out to this place that was supposed to be the make out place. We were alone out there because it was still the afternoon. We got out and walked around and he found this place that was hidden from the car and lowered his pants and told me to suck his dick and to take off my panties.

    I sucked his dick and he fucked me. The next day at school I was asked by one of my girlfriends if it was true that I had gone out there with him and I had sex with him. I found a sheet of paper in my book bag with the word WHORE written on it. At lunch I had to go sit beside him. He sat back and I had to open his lunch, unwrap his sandwich, get his drink and desert out and set it all out on the table for him. I also had to clean up after him. It took very little time for me to figure out what it meant to be his girlfriend. Of course I wasn't old enough to date, but that didn't mean he didn't come over. He could drive. I was prohibited from going with him, but I had gone with him that afternoon after school.

    My parents never figured out that I had sex with him. They were blind to that. It was enough that he was two years older and he was college bound and he came from a good family. At fifteen I had pretty much unlimited permission to go with him anywhere, my parents trusted him. He fucked me at his house because my mother didn't work and his did. He liked to watch me make the bed afterwards. He would tell me that he liked sleeping in his bed after I made it for him, he didn't like the way his mother made his bed.

    I say my parents weren't aware that I was sexually active. Maybe they were and never said anything. Or maybe it was not a problem for them. Everyone at school knew we were sexually active, we had sex at parties and many times we had sex in couples at his house. We had blowjob contests, swallowing contests, backing onto his lap and getting it in contests. If you were on your period then you could only suck him off, everyone knew you were on your period because you weren't fucking after school.

    Several girls dropped out because they got pregnant, a couple of the boys ended up in reform school because of drugs. Having sex when you were underage never seemed to be a problem, unless you got caught outside or in a car, then the cops had to do something about it.

    By the time you were ready to graduate you gave him the last thing you had left. It was always doggy style, you had instructions from other girls, you kept your head high, if you dropped your head it meant you liked it. You reported back to your girlfriends, every girl confessed to having dropped her head. To the girls that were still virgin back there you told the most horrific story you could make up, but in the end you confessed that you dropped your head.

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