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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    When I was 15yo I masturbated every damn day, sometimes two and three times. I learned that the internet would provide me with enough porn I could jerk off until I went blind. I had one sister two years older than me.

    I was always waiting for my mom and my sister to go shopping, our dad was in the military and gone for long periods of time. Once my mom and sister were out the door I was on the computer looking at porn.

    One Saturday my sister had soccer practice and my mom took her. She usually watched the girls practice and I knew I had a couple of hours to do my thing. I had watched them leave, and I was on the computer moments later.

    I had found some DP video and I was stroking my cock watching two guys fill some blonde up in both holes. Just as I reached my climax the door opens up and my sister walks into my bedroom as I'm squirting my load. I was so into the porn video I never heard my mom's car pull into the driveway or the noisy garage door motor.

    Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone standing in the door. I turned to see my sister standing there with her mouth open in disbelief. We just looked at each other in silence for several moments, my spent cock dripping cum all over the floor. She seemed to stare at my cock as the remaining drops of cum dripped out and then looked up at me.

    Finally she backed out the door and closed it behind her. I just stood there in horror, I was just freaking out what she was going to tell our mom? The house was dead silent, I heard the car start inside the garage, the door closing a few moments later. I watched my mom drive down the street and around the corner out of sight.

    For days I waited for my mom to come and have a talk with me of some kind, surely my sister had said something. My mom never spoke of it, my sister never said another word about it, even to this day.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 51

    For my thirteenth birthday my parents gave me permission to bring a friend with me to the beach that year. We were school friends and rode bikes together. We got the one room with two single beds on the second floor. On the first night we were there, when we were unpacking he showed me some magazines he had brought. They only had naked men in them, some oral pictures and a couple of anal sex pictures. All the men were fit and clean shaven. We went through all of the magazines that night, late into the night. We got hard and managed to masturbate and achieve ejaculation. He ran his finger through the semen on the sheet and put his finger to my mouth to taste. We slept naked that night and woke up and looked at the magazines some more before going downstairs for breakfast.

    On the beach during the day we swam, played catch, had a picnic lunch, watched the other kids play, and we lay beside each other on our beach towels and talked about the magazines. I got an erection laying on the sand. That night after we went to bed, we got naked again and pulled out the magazines and went through them, running our fingers over the penises, some erect and some not, we showed each other our erect penises and he offered to suck me. I let him and then asked him to let me suck him. It was hard to know which was better, being sucked or sucking. We sucked and played with out penises until we managed to ejaculate and used our fingers to lick up the sperm on our stomachs. That night we slept in the same bed, totally naked.

    Our routine was the same, we woke up, went through the magazines again, got in the shower together and played with our penises, sucked each other, played like we were fucking, we dried each others penis with the towel, we got on our swim trunks, went down for breakfast and went on with the day's activities, waiting for nightfall, after dinner to go back upstairs and play with our penises. We got better at what we were doing, ejaculating on each other and licking up each other's sperm, sucking and sucking and sucking. Sleeping naked and getting my rear end up against him and feeling his erection against me. He put his erection up against my anus and I put my erection up against his anus, but the truth is that I wanted him to fuck me.

    We tried, but we were not successful, I had to settle for the feeling of his erect penis on me. It was very frustrating, it wasn't the same anymore. I licked his anus and used my hand to jerk on him and he ejaculated onto the sheets, which I promptly licked up. We were on day three and we wee trying to fuck. We focused on the pictures of the two guys having anal sex and imitated them, but we just could not get his penis to go in.

    We spent the last night we were there laying naked under the covers, with our penises in each other's hand, we were face to face so we kissed and then we sucked each other and he got on top of me using my butt crack he humped me until he ejaculated all over my back. I couldn't reach his sperm on my back so he picked it up with his finger and gave it to me lick up. Later that night I humped up against his leg, feeling his penis against my side, until I ejaculated on his leg, he licked it up using his finger and we went to sleep. When my mother woke us up the last morning, we had to get up early so that we could leave, she never said anything about finding us in bed together, and good thing she didn't look under the covers because we were both naked.

    We went back home and it was a couple of months before he spoke to an older boy and he was told that we needed to use something to lubricate me to fuck. We used Vaseline which everyone had around the house in those days and it worked and we fucked from them on. He was my first boyfriend, and we broke the barriers together. The magazines he had found at his uncle's house, and he kept an eye out for new ones that got put out in the garage and when a new one came we would suck and fuck to the pictures. By then we had our routines down.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 55

    Now i can say and take some comfort by saying when this went on it was the 70's although i did not know that those years was as we all know now peedos heaven, i was a quiet kid a bit shy and socially awkward my home life was ok but not either loving or abusive, but always felt and knew that i was just not quiet good enough and always felt that i was a burden so i just kept my self to my self and drifted through each day one at a time, one day at school there was a notice up saying that the st johns ambulance club had openings for ages 10/11 and some others and there was a big thing about how getting all your certificates would mean you would be respected by all and so on, it was open night in the church hall that wed from 7 to 9 for anyone, so to try to make people not look down at me and shake there heads i thought if i did that i would be liked,
    so i went and other boys and girls were there i knew them all some were same age as me some older, we looked around and the boys and girls that were already in their uniform told us about how cool it was and such, and then we had a talk from the leader about it and how even from the first time we attend enrollment and club we would be respected as a life saver and so on, anyone that turned up every week and did as taught and tried their hardest would have the respect of everyone from school friends through to teachers and any official people we came in contact with as soon as they knew we were st johns ambulance they would all treat us with respect, so i asked if i could join but was told that we all had to apply and as there was not loads of space they would let the ones that were chose know, so i left knowing i was not going to get in but i was told by my teacher i had got chosen.
    i was made up and went each week learning how to tie bandages and make splints and other things, i dont know why i did what i did but i soon regreted it, i noticed that the subs tin was kept upstairs in the blankets cupboard so started making sure i was the one folding the blankets at the end of the club, it just started with me taking back my subs, but then more as it seemed so easy and i had seen them just take the tin and empty it into the big bag that was kept inthe leaders safe and never counted whhat was in it, so i thought i was safe,one night as everyone left to go home it always finished at 9.30 the leader asked if i could stay back for a bit and if need be to make sure i didnt get home late they would give me a lift but he wanted a quick word , i said ok not worried a bit, well when everyone had gone , i was alone in the church hall , and he came out of his office and said please follow me , so i did up stairs to the blanket cupboard and said i know you have been stealing and have even got you doing it on cini film and with that ran the projector and on if i could be seen going in the subs tin hidden behind a blanket and not just once but often,i actually did feel shit for doing it but that film hit hard.
    i was told to o home and think about what i had done and we would talk next week and until then he promised not to say anything about this until when we spoke if he felt it was his only choice, but imagine what everyone would think if he had to report me, and with that he said be on time next week and ready to learn not steal. such a long week but then it was time so i went to the club and it was as normal, at some point he said at the end so no one asks what you have done i wont ask you to stay behind but you are to find a way to leave with everyone but come back alone and with no one nowing ok, i nodded so as we all made our way from the church hall to the village and home after a fair bit i said to those i was with that i had left my school uniform behind and needed it for tomorrow so said see you all later i need to run before its locked up and ran off,i got back to the hall and went in not knowing if the police was waiting for me or what was going to happen, i was sniffling as i went in, he was stood there and said stop crying this is all your doing no one else has caused this have they, again he said have they no chief no one, i am so sorry chief, you should have thought of that before you stole from all these good people , you need to know how low and evil just what you have done, stealing money from a charity and that money was to buy uniforms for the new recruits including you, but because of you those boys and girls who earn the privilege of wearing there uniform and proudly show the world they are full st johns medics, will not get that privilege as you have stole their money , are you proud of what you have done and shall i show everyone the secret film of you stealing out of that tin , well shall i he said , i begged not to and kept saying sorry and i would never do it again, then he gave me two choices i could deal with what happens when he releases that film,
    then he gave me another choice, i could choose either number one being reported for stealing from the club or number 2, agree to him choosing my punishment and doing exactly as told without question , and not asking why or refusing or not doing exactly as told and never telling anyone about it and he would never tell anyone what i did or show them, so he said then think now take your chances or agree to do anything you are told by me and not ever say no, and before you choose i shall say this if i show the police and your dad the film you pretty much know what will happen ,inc borstall and shame but if you choose the other choice you have no idea but will know you have agreed to obay, so make your choice, i said what will i have to do if i choose 2, he said no you will find out make your choice or shall i just phone the village bobby, i said 2 please 2. so he ok so from now on and untill you leave school you will do as told when you leave school i will burn the film in front of you but until then you will obay me , do you agree i said yes, then he said well its to late to start now next week miss class tell the others you feel poorly during the daytime so they wont miss you and wait done the road till they all go and when i am alone i will turn the outside lights off then it will be safe for you to come in ,ok i said yes and so i did and went in, he was waiting and had closed all the shutters and most of the lights were off ,he said in my office now ,so i went in him following he closed the door after turning all the other lights in the hall off, then he said remember without question or defiance your first order is undress completely and do it now, i looked at him shocked but got my hair pulled and told you chose 2, now that is the last time you will hesitate do you hear i said yes, and so i did as told not understanding why or anything , i was only about 10 years at that time,so i did and as i stood there he said to me that i will obay him always or my punishment will be hell on earth. and was told to lay across his desk as he spanked me, he did spank a lot but not so hard that it made me cry, i had been hit with a belt harder at school for playing about, but after that he said do not move or else, and i felt cold on my cheeks and then between them and as he put it on said say not one word or else, so i said nothing i felt the i thought cream on my cheeks and then between them but then right between them and then as he was spreading it arond there i felt his hand right against my bum and was scared but said nothing then he pulled away but a few secs later was back and could feel loads of it it was slapped on me , and then his finger was on my bum and he pushed it against me , he got it in me and was pushing it in and out and then i felf another finger he did that untill i think three was going in and out, it was not nice but didnt hurt so much, as he took them out he moved around behind me and i felt my bum with something against it i thought he was using his fingers again but soon realized it wasn't his fingers , but didnt know what, but soon found out what it was as i felt it push inside me and him driving it in and pulling it out for a while then i was told to get up and turn around and face him so i did, and then he sat me on his desk and made sure i knew what was happening and why, funny thing was although i had to do what he said, it wasn't that bad i mean i didnt like it but it didnt bother me either. so i did as told and got very well looked after for doing as told and not crying, i was not going to get done for stealing from the club so as long as no one found out i didnt care about what he told me to do, i got used to doing what i had to, and it meant nothing, but it took no time to be able to see that lookin an eye as a grown up spoke to me or others, i could soon tell who else around us was like him just by looking and hearing all the same things being said to others as had been said to me,lots of grown men that we all was in their company was like that ,i saw it everyday, at school at youth club some of my mates dads even girl mates so many looked the same, but i knew i was his secret as he was mine never did he say anything to anyone that made it clear what was happening, so as time went on and the same thing happened each time only difference was office or upstairs on the balcony. so i decided to see if he wasnt going to show me if i was right about the others i would find out for myself, and i chose to check my theory on my mates dad, i had seen him looking with that look and was sure he was one, i used to stop at his and on a camp bed in his room but the box room was decorated and a bed put in it so his mum said when you stay in future use that room as yours so it will be more comfortable for you and give him more space , so i said ah thanks aunty val, and i stayed a lot, one night i got up to pee and when i went back to my room left the door open a bit enough to be able to see the bed, and with the landing light on the room was lite enough to see in, so i lay on the bed in just my pj bottoms no top and on my back and undid my pj's and had them by my knees as i played with my cock and i was only about 11 then but had seen enough and done enough to know how to do it , and for some reason it got hard as i played and started doing a proper wank on it up and down and twisting it in my hand and i was doing all the ball playing nipple stroking arse hole probing as carefully looking at the door and i knew he had come out of their bedroom and gone to toilet just after me, then i saw him stood back watching as i wanked, so i rolled over still cock in hand and on my knees fucked my hole with my fingers, and as i was he walked in and very quietly said what are you doing and i said sorry i thought i was in private, please dont tell , he said i am shocked so i said can we go down stairs and talk he said yes and when we got there he said i am shocked that you was doing that and i said would you be more shocked if i said i was thinking of you as i was ,or would you like that, he said shocked and like it, so i said well your son does not do that but i do and if you want to you can, he said no , but i said ok then you caught me so tell me what you thought as i saw you watch as i played with it thinking if you liked it and you watched for over 10 mins , and then sat next to him on the settee and pulled it out and played in seconds he had grabbed my hand and guided it to his hard cock and i was right he was the same as he had what he wanted and i said nothing, after that just to know what arsehole grown men were i checked out so many , some really important people, some club members, some police,, some teachers,,, some from church, after a bit it stopped amazing me how many men were fucking boys and girls ,so many were, so many , it happened in school, and at army cadets and at more than one friends house, and a police car once, and lots in the bushes at the park, so i did as told and no questions , just what he said and got used to it he spanked and fucked that arse lots but , as it didnt bother me that much i made sure that i checked out all the perves around and got them all to fuck me, and they did, and that was what happened, i didnt care it was shit, and things only count if you let them get to your emotions i never did

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 50

    I don't know what is making me put these words down but here goes, I was my Grandfathers plaything it started with him giving me horsey rides on his leg which i loved as it made me giggle a lot, He'd always seemed to have done it in fact I can't remember him not giving me a horsey ride he'd often fondle me which as a kid I thought was him just being a nice grandpops as he was gentle and it felt kind of nice and I always felt warm and safe with him, His hand would find it's way up my skirt or dress and rub me through my panties as I bounced up and down on his leg as I giggled, Then one day I noticed the nice tingles as he rubbed me and i asked him to do horsey faster and I felt as if i wanted to pee as he rubbed me faster and harder as I bounced suddenly I clamped my legs tight shut against his leg as the tingles grew and grew feeling wonderful,Those lovely feelings changed my horsey rides they became more intense and sexual and he grew bolder he'd often touch me when nobody was looking and he knew I'd never tell, He'd grab my butt or put his hand up my skirt and feel between my legs I'd giggle and enjoy his attention, One day we were alone and he took my hand and put it on the front of his trousers I'd just turned 10 at the time I could feel a hard lump inside his trousers he told me it was because I made him feel good on his knee and how he'd like to show me what it was that I did to him, I was intrigued and was eager to find out what it was and he showed me only after swearing me to secrecy, He stood up and unzipped his trousers and pulled out the first penis is ever seen and to my eyes it looked huge though with hindsight it probably wasn't, I was amazed at this stiff tube of flesh bobbing gently in front of me and very curious he took my hand and placed it on it, I was amazed at how softly hard it was and at how it twitched in my hand, He asked me if I loved him to which i of course said yes who doesn't love their Grandpa after all?, So he asked me to kiss it to prove I loved him I bent down and gently kissed the purple head and I heard him gasp and say "give it a lick please it feels so hot Sarah" I did tasting it's saltiness for the first time he told me to keep licking and like a good girl I did as his hand slid up my leg and under my dress and slipped inside my panties his finger finding that button I'd played with at night sometimes and slipping between the lips of what i called my "peewee" it felt nice so i continued to lick him gently enjoying the feelings and taste of him, I could hear him breathing heavily as his free hand stroked my hair gently as his finger performed firm circles on my button, He started to repeat the words "Good girl" over and over again until he suddenly grunted and white stuff splashed over my tongue lips and face which made me jump and giggle while he continued to rub me faster and faster as I held on to his throbbing penis I closed my eyes and shut my legs tightly around his hand and I remember saying "Oh grandpops" and gasping loudly the feelings even stronger than ever I was in heaven, After a while we cleaned up he wiped my face clean and zipped himself up and we cuddled for a long time, This happened a lot after that all thoughts of "horsey rides" gone this was much better and was for many years after he took my virginity for my 13th birthday as I'd been asking him about it ever since he showed me some porn magazines of people fucking and pestered him to do it to me it looked like so much fun, It hurt a little but not for long he was gentle and kind and I loved him, We secretly fucked up until i was 20 and he passed away I was devastated but apart from losing my Grandfather I couldn't tell my parents the full reason for my greif I'd lost my lover too, So there it is my deep secret that I was very happy to be a part of I was never forced or coerced in any way and I liked what he did a lot and what he taught me and years later I still miss him he was the best lover I've ever had no other man could live up to him in my eyes.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 20

    When I was 13, I met a 16 year old guy who I had heard of from a former friend. She had dated him and had lost her virginity to him, and being 13, that was a big "Woah" to me. I never cared for him or even knew what he looked like. I just took the info she gave me and never thought of it again. Months later I had a friend request on Facebook and it was his name. I had never heard it since my friend mentioned him but it automatically rang a bell. I accepted and we started talking. I was boy crazy and liked the attention, especially now that me and the girl were no longer friends. We talked only for a couple weeks and I snuck him into my house. I was afraid to have actual intercourse because of fear of getting pregnant but I definitely have him a blowjob the night I met him. He wanted to take my virginity soooo bad but I didn't let him. Instead he went behind me and started to rub his penis over my soaked pussy and in between the lips of it. It felt so good and he definitely got off without even going inside. It was great. And yes, at this point I was still 13

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    we moved to a new neighborhood as my dad had remarried after my mum died in a car crash, they were never horrible or abusive t me, but i was made to feel like a burden , then after a while i was 8 or 9 at the time the neighbors who had become good family friends offered to pay me to help around their house and small holding and ny dad said yes and so did i well i loved it there and soon after i was told that i was going to stop with them some weekends so dad and her could have their time and so i did and it was great fairly soon after being there after work and before w went to the rugger club for the eve she would run me a bath , i was shy and had no real close family relationships but she started coming in and laughing when i covered up , but soon got used to it sometimes she would wash me and dry me off i thought this was normal and my home life wasn't well things moved on and i let them as i was so happy and they were so good to me.

    well by the time the afternoon he came back and caught us i was ok with bathing with her putting lotion on her and doing as she said even though i though it was wrong i didn't say no she had told me all about boys and girls and even boys and boys and had shown me it all and made me do it all and we agreed that i was her special boy and it was our secret, but there he was raging and saying he was calling the police as i was a pervert and i would be put in care and everyone would know i was so bad and dirty. i was crying and out of my mind with fear, then he said go into the spare room and wait there you are going to regret this,
    so i did as told but there was nothing in there to use to cover me up as i was naked this was just after i turned ten and i recently remember this because he said later luckily its Easter holidays so no one will see. she came in and said how angry he was and i said but i was only doing what you told me to do please tell him but she said it wont help now he watched you with your fingers in me and thinks you made me, but he has agreed that if you go to him and say sorry and that you will do anything to gain his trust back for however long that takes and will accept any punishment he decides on and not refuse and after not say anything about it or if you dont want his choice he will call the police and if you dont be good to your word after he will still call them, she said what do you want to do. i immediatly said please dont report me i will do as told, didnt even think what that could be just didnt want to be ruined for ever and called names.

    so with that i had to walk back to their room and stand their naked and beg him to punish me and not report me ,he said first i am going to give you the belt do you understand i said yes, but had never been hit like that before so back to my room this time and he pushed me down over the bed but side to side and pulled me around a bit but wasnt happy then he grabbed ny pillows and lifted my waist up putting them under me making me more of a sharp angel i felt the pillows under my boy area and my feet were just off the floor, then he started and the pain was beyond anything before i tried to reach back and protect my bum so he told her to go round and hold my arms out so she did i was now acreoss the bad and arms out in front as he carried on, i have no idea how many it was i had become numb to it, then he stopped , i thought please no more, all i knew is she was still holding and i could here him behind me even though it was sobbing but holding it in as told, then i felt the familier cold of lotion on my back and bum even tough i couldnt feel it i knew hten it was rubbed around , i thought to take the pain away ,
    the next thing i felt was a hand round the back of my neck pushing me down and my legs kicked open then i knew , just like she taught me, i felt him against me and more pain different but sore i closes my eyes so tight as i felt him pushing at me, he had got it in and started doing it in and out but i dont think he put it all in as it hurt but not like others say when its forced in that went on for a whhile till he took it out and left the room, she then told me how good i was and its all going to be ok and took me back to the bathroom and cleaned me up , we went out that night like nothing had happened and all i was thinking was please dont let anyone find out , well i thought my punishment was done, but next friday eve as i was in bed he came in and got in with me and as he started r****g me again was saying how it was my fault and none would believe me . and i was lucky and will get to love our time together , well i soon stoped caring about it and didnt let it hurt me emotionally or physically, it was like it was happening to someone else and i was watching for about a year after that i did as told when told for them both, i realised hurting me was most of his pleasure so i trained my self not to be hurt by him during but always pretended it really hurt even when i had to act like i wanted him and loved them both not once did i act like it was good, i had learnt to give head and was ery good at it as it was sometimes the quickest way to get it over for the eve. during the first few months they had took pics of me showing all of me but only what i was doing not with who i had no idea till they showed them to me and used them as blackmail, i was owned and knew it ,living two lives one with them and one with mates. and saying nothing. after a year or so he said i was to prove to them that i loved them as much as they loved me and if i did i would do anything they say for them , will i he asked so not that i had much choice i said yes daddy, and was told that later on that eve at 8 pm i would wait in my room and a friend of his would visit me and untill 11pm i was to nake them proud by being nice to him ok , i nodded i felt so low,i didnt know there was other like them. and was shocked when he walked in as i knew him from the club but never thought . so he sat with me and talked and talked and told me so much stuff more than he should telling me how many were in there club 14 , and he wanted me to know he wont hurt me and no matter would tell them i had done them proud. so i didnt get in trouble but he really liked me lots, so then i knew he had the info i needed to find them pics and get free, so decided to see if i could make him want to come back so i could get more info, so i acter like for the first time it was great for me, and blew him away he got everything she had taught me but daddy had never got, it meant nothing to me just the same deadness, but after that he followed me home from school trrying to get me in his car right from the next monday and each day till on friday i said ok to going for a drive to talk all that behind his best mates back .
    and he thought eventually i gave in to his sex appeal,in his car in a feild behind a hedge, i only once made the choice to be fucked by a man and not coz i wanted to be, but for a purpose but it was still hard to say yes by free will and
    he started meeting me in secret every week and i acted like i wanted him to, i didnt think it would take two more years
    to get the info and all the pics so i could finally say fuck off but it did,
    and in place of the pics and negatives i left a unsigned letter telling them about their best friend and details about
    what he ask for and got from me and where, i enjoyed telling them how most fridays since my test right till that wek i had just let him fuck me and then come to there house , i even told them that all the role plays i had to do for him ,i did for him first , and then i walked away , and never went back i took no revenge that is for karma

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 20

    My first memory of being able to make a man pay attention to me I was eight and we were at a birthday party for one of my cousins. My mother's friend, we called him an uncle, was sitting on the couch and I went to sit on the chair and I pulled my feet up onto the chair and I saw my uncle staring at me. Believe me right then I did not even realize that he was seeing my panties until one of my older cousins came in and sang that song about showing my panties and slapped my leg and told me to sit straight. After she left the room I let my legs fall open with my uncle looking at me and I just sat there while he looked at my panties and my open legs. I want to say that I felt something sexual, but I sat there and let him look.

    I started sitting on his lap or jumping up into his arms and wrapping my legs around him. If he held me up with his hands under my bottom I liked it, when he squeezed my cheeks I liked it and if I could feel his fingers close to my pussy I liked it more. Or course at that time I knew the word pussy but with my mom and sister we called it hoochie. His finger slipped into my hoochie and I hugged his neck and let him finger me through my panties. He got erections, I sat on his erections, both facing him and hugging him while I 'rode' him, and sat on his lap facing the room with his erection in my butt crack. I touched his erection and would hold it in my hand and one day I went into the restroom with him and watched him pee into the toilet. I saw his great big penis and I dreamt of his great big penis.

    Sure my mother noticed my unnatural attraction to my 'uncle' and my sister pulled me off his lap so many times telling me that I was not being nice or that I needed to be careful. But if I could get to where I could have my hoochie fingered or sit on his erection I did. I was eleven when I had my first clit experience. I was sitting on his lap as usual and I had on a pair of shorts and his hand got under my shorts and found my clit and he played with my clit until I felt shivers and shock and then I had to get his hand away. But from then on I wanted him to play with my clit.

    I was definitely not a good girl growing up, by the time I was thirteen I was too big to keep sitting on his lap, but not too big to be fingered, by the time I was sixteen I rubbed my boobs against him. I had many orgasms, and some of them laying on my back in my panties having my pussy kissed and my clit rubbed. I was seventeen in the eleventh grade when that great big penis came out and I didn't have to be fingered any more.

    Around me my mom was always very sexually active with him, and my sister got sexually active with a boy at school. I saw my mom naked all the time, she shaved completely and helped me shave completely, it is what the boys wanted so we did it. My mom had reasonably good tits and she hung her tits in his face, and I dreamed of getting her tits, but I ended up like my sister, nice tits but tight against our chest. We never could do the pencil test. I gave my first full on blowjob to a boy in my chemistry class, back behind the bleachers with another girl blowing her boyfriend. I got myself fucked by the same boy not much after that and became sexually active at school. My sister had a bit of a reputation ahead of me and I suppose I followed in her footsteps with more than one invitation to senior prom.

    I enjoy letting guys look up my skirt at my panties. I don't flop open, but I wear short skirts or dresses and sit provocatively and the guys gather around to look. I get whispers from girls that I am being seen, I compose myself but I quickly go back to letting them look. I am not a blowjob girl, I prefer to give hand jobs and work him until he is about to blow and then straddle him. I like the feel of his hard angry penis in my hand and then my pussy.

    I suppose one day I am going to have to settle down. But not yet. My mom is 42 and she looks like a million dollars and my sister and I have all the boyfriends we want. We date together. We both like being naked and we have a friend who has a large sail boat and we go out on the lake and sunbathe naked out there. I love the feeling of a guy staring me between the legs, I like showing him what he can have if he is nice to me. I always have.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 25

    My name is Elizabeth, and when I was 17 years old, my parents and I took a trip down to Florida to see my Aunt,Uncle, and 10 year old cousin named Marco. We stayed at their summer home that sat close to a lake. When we arrive my aunt got us settled in a guest room while Marco was outside playing basketball. Marco was a tall boy for his age, with black hair and a very trim physique.

    After we were settled, we decided to drive to the beach. I put on a tight fitting red bikini that excentuated my D cup breasts. All Marco wearing was a pair of boxer shorts since his did not feel the need for him to wear a bathing suit. When we arrive at the beach I catch Marcos glance go to my boobs, followed by his hands moving to cover his crotch. Then I remember his parents telling my parents that he had just started puberty. This meant that I had given him one of his first erections, which was kinda of weird since we were family, but I found it cute anyways.

    As we stared walking, Marco stared playing in the waves. He would wait and let the waves knock him over and get back up. The at one point when he stood back up, his boxers had been pulled down to his feet, exoposing his young penis to all of us. It was only a second or two before he pulled up his boxers. We all laughed and Marcos blushed.

    That night in bed, I could not stop thinking about Marco's penis. Even though it had been out for only a few seconds, I had capture a clear mental picture if it. It extended out only 3 inches, he had a rossy red head that was covered with smooth pale fleshy foreskin. He was completely hairless down below (I perfered boys who shaved), and his testicles hung down like two ripe cherries inside his sack. As the night went on I thought about how small my vagine was, and I thought to my self,"I coundn't work, could it?" By the time I fell asleep I had a mission: I was going to get Marco's dick inside of me.

    This was a very difficult task, since either my parents or Marco's were always home. I started to not wear underwear, allowing my self to expose my self to Marco when ever I bended over or spread my legs. At some points I would even let my hand rub up against his hard cock.

    Then one night my opportunity came when all of the adults left to go to a dinner and left me to watch over Marco, only if they knew what I had planned. When they left, Marco was taking a shower. I stripped and walked into his room naked l. I opened the shades to make it but more risky, exposing myself to a nearby road. I sat on Marco's bed with my D-cup tits and recently shaved camel toe pussy exposed. Marco finished his shower and walked in with a towel around his waist.

    "Hey Marco, let's have some fun tonight" I said as I walked towards, dragging my finger up the rim of my pussy. He was stunned. Once I reached him, I pulled on his towel, letting it drop and and erection pop up. I went on my knees and started to suck his tiny dick, being able to fit his shaft and balls in my mouth. Then suddenly I feel my mouth fill with a bitter tasting warm liquid, that is not cum. "Sorry" Marco says. I take his dick out of my mouth, swallow his urine, and insert it into my pussy. "Go ahead and finish, pretend I am a urnal" I say. I feel his urine fill my pussy. After he was done I have him start pulling his dick in and out. To help him get aroused I push his face into my tits and reach in to his asshole to stimulate him. I was going to let him pull out, but I decided to let him blow his first load in my pussy, luckily nothing came of it

    Now, many years later, at family reunions you can find us both in the bathroom and let's just say that Marco does not use the toilet to releave himself.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    I am actually only 16 years old, and recently I decided to stream my self on a sex cam site. I started of with me sitting in a chair with the webcam pointed at my crotch in order to conceal my face. I was wearing only a pair of losse fitting boxer shorts and a shirt. Then with much anticipation I hit the broadcast button.

    I wait for five minutes when I then see another user join the chat. My erection visibly pops up. There sunddenly 5 more users join the chat. This gets me excited. So much so that I pull my boxers down to show them my throbbing underage shaft. The begin complimenting me, if only they knew. I then decide to pull my boxers off completely, showing my full illegal cock for them all to see. I then rub out a load and end the broadcast.

    That was one of the greatest sexual experiences if my life.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 35

    When I was 7 years old my parents got a baby sitter named Mandy so they could go out on weekends. She was 5 years older than me and super fun to hang out with. She basically let me do whatever I wanted, which was pretty sweet. She watched me for a couple weekends before one night insisting that she gave me a bath before bed. I loved baths so I was cool with it. She washed my hair and body, which was fine because either my mom or stepdad normally would. Everything was usual until she got to my pussy. She seemed really interested in it and took a long time washing me down there. She told me to lay back and she spread my lips open and ran the wash cloth up and down my slit over and over. Then she started rubbing it lightly over my clit. I was young and didnt know what was happening, but damn I liked that. It felt amazing.
    She said, "that feels good when I run it,huh?" I told her it did. She told me she liked to rub her clit in the bathtub and wanted to make mine feel good too. I let her do it. And she started doing it every time she babysat me. One night my stepdad was giving me a bath when he was home, and not knowing it was weird, I asked him to rub my special spot. He asked what I meant and I showed him my clit. He seemed surprised and asked where I learned to do that, and I told him Mandy showed me. He said that was good, and I was good for letting her do it. He rubbed it for me and it was even better when he did it. My little body almost couldn't stand the pleasure. But he never let me orgasm. A few weeks later, I was getting my clit teased by both mandy and my stepdad. Finally one night my stepdad confronted mandy and told us he would pay us both if we would eat each others pussies while he watched and jerked off. We said yes and he explained what to do. I laid out on the bed naked, my legs wide open, displaying my bald little pussy and hard excited clit. I knew I was about to feel great and I was already horny. Mandy slid her tongue up my slit and I jumped in shock at the sensation. It was the best thing. My stepdad directed her on what ti do, telling her to pay tons of attention to my throbbing little clit. And my God she did. It felt so good when she flicked her tongue over it and ducked on it. Mmmm I couldn't lay still. I had my first orgasm all over her mouth and then I licked her pussy the way she did mine. She loved it too. She came hard and loud and it was amazing. We did it a lot afterwards and they are fondest memories from my childhood.

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