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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 29

    When my brother, Donnie, was five and I, four, we got a new baby sitter. Maddy. I overheard mom ask did if she was old enough to baby sit at 15. He said he thought so. As time went by Maddy started playing with Donny's little twig, as she called it. I watched and Maddy would suck on it for a long time until Donny would fall asleep.

    When Maddy wasn't there and we were alone, I also started to suck on Donny's twig, We all grew up, Maddy stopped babysitting us but I kept sucking on Donny's twig. We then started other activities and have fun right up to today, even though I'm now married, thanks to Maddy.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    I was 14 when I drugged my lush of a mom with chloroform and had my way with her. But I didn't feel satisfied. I wanted more of a challenge.
    I didn't have to look to far for what I wanted. It was right there beging to be taken. My fathers own big sister. My auntie was 5foot 2 inches tall with fire red hair and a DD chest.... I will admit she had a bit of a tummy, but she was still hot as hell for just turning 47.
    I watched her for a few weeks to find just the right time. My sexy aunt took a sleeping pill each night to help her sleep and she always drink a glass of wine with it. So I found my way in. The pill and wine would weaken her enough for me to render her helpless with the chloroform.
    That night my cousin was out with friends till very late.. So his mom my aunt was all mine. I slipped into her room and soaked the thick wash cloth with the chloroform. I was nervous as hell... What if the pill and wine hadn't weekend her as much as I thought. I knew the chloroform would knock her out...because it had worked on my own mom. I brought the cloth close to her face to let the fumes get a grip on her. I almost pissed myself when she makes a moan and turns her face away. The sudden movement from her caused me the jump the gun and clamp the cloth over her nose and mouth. She started to wake up. I had to think fast. So I shoved my free hand under the bed sheet and under her night gown and to my surprise her red bush was already damp. It was very easy to slip 2 fingers deep inside of her already hot wet pussy. I had forced her to have am orgasm before she passed out. After she was completely helpless I ducked her long and hard. I had to know her back out 6 times before I was to tired to go on. Funny thing was and maybe it's just me but every time I put her back under with the chloroform it seemed she got wetter.
    Does anyone know why she would get so super wet after each dose of chloroform? Maybe she had a true weakness for chloroform.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    I was in Prep school when my dad took on an older partner, a man with a business that made my dad's business more successful. I will call him Mr. B. He could be my own grandfather. Home on vacation, I took daily strolls by myself and one day Mr. B was in the office on the second floor of my large home. He asked if he could join me for at least part way and I agreed.

    After 20 minutes Mr. B pointed out a quiet bench and asked if we could sit for a few minutes. I agreed. After answering idle, boring questions, Mr. B unzipped his pants and took out his penis and smiled at me. I said, "So what?" He asked if I liked it and I said, it was inappropriate on the walk so he laughed. Actually, I liked the strong, big cock but would not say so and I was not a virgin and would not say that either since I was only 17.

    I took his penis in my hand and felt it surge to a harder, larger size, which made me take notice. I had little experience and certainly had not see that before. I jerked him off like I found myself doing for most dates. He liked it and as he was getting close to coming I stopped. He was shocked and said, "Wait a minute," I said, "I'll finish and not tell a soul for $100. He laughed and agreed so I finished him off.

    In future strolls that summer I was gathering a nice nest egg for college in the fall. Mt. B tried to make fuck and suck deals but I told him I was having none of it. He had to settle for the hand jobs. He could go and fuck himself.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    My older sister was at sixteen, already a world-class sadist, who delighted in playing rigorous 'tying-up' games, with me, and sometimes her best-friend. I was twelve at the time, already prone to budding erections, and blessed, (or cursed) with an exceptionally large male organ! This fascinated them, and they played with it incessantly, every chance they got. Our mother was an invalid, and my sister, mature for sixteen, pretty much ran the household, with an iron fist! When I complained loudly about cramps, with rope, she get inventive, and made one of her older parkas into a hooded strait-jacket. "This way we don't have to look at your stupid face anymore!" she giggled nastily, while sentencing me to blackness, and difficulty of breathing, tightly hooded as I was so long, and so often, while they tormented my fully-erect cock, and swollen balls, unhindered, unseen, until I was begging for the release of orgasm, which I had been introduced to, by then, and denied mostly! These witches loved to see me squirm and moan and groan, and beg and plead! By the time was fourteen, and she was eighteen, things had moved along, she used contraception, and mounted me often and endlessly, turning her activities into semi-consensual but highly illegal "r**e". I know I was totally addicted to her, and whatever she chose to do with me, by then, and utterly unready to complain in any shape or form. She seemed attractive to me, but she wore glasses, and boys didn't care for her much - maybe she was too bossy for them - and she just didn't date! She did enjoy a far superior sex-life though, what with being able to dictate and control the action, to suit her every whim. Then she discovered tongue-clit contact, and that was her activity of choice from then on! So the parka/strait-jacket was reversed, back to normal, and the hood now left enough space for my tongue to do its rigorously-trained work, on demand! I experienced every possible humiliation, and different version of a similar confinement, as the months turned into years, and suddenly I was eighteen, our mother passed away, we sold the house and moved to an isolated rural place, and lived as husband and wife from then on, our inheritance being pretty substantial! I was a stay-at-home 'husband' and she went to work, and we discovered the delights of full-body latex confinement, which allowed me to do all the housework, while she was at work, and still allowed her to have whatever she wanted from me, on return. There will be no children, obviously, and neither of us care, really. That brings us up to date.......

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 26

    ten year ago my brother showed me how to sneak into the porn theater (now gone) where we were not allowed in our early teens. Nearly everyone went there to wank or meet with some action. My brother was bi-I guess, I found out in the theater, and he pointed out a good looking man who looked like in his late 20's, wanking away on a gorgeous cock.

    We sat to each of his sides and began by touching his thighs, Then, he let go of his cock and let us have it. Both my brother and I instinctively knew to go down to his lap and start sucking away. He seemed to like my tongue action better because he started to cradle my head when I was on him. He reached down and slid my panties off then I mounted his stern post and slid it all the way into me as I started to ride him. He was truly enjoying it. I was fucking the man right in front of my brother, It was heavenly, my first ever.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    when i was a kid i use to have sex with all three of my stepsisters. i would do one while the other two watched. then i would fuck each of them in turn. it was great! they would ask me questions like whose pussy felt the best, or who was the better cocksucker or how their pussies tasted when i ate them out. i would get them to lie down in a row next to each other and go down the line, sticking my young cock into their tight tiny little pussies one by one. even though they were sisters they each had their own distinct body shape, feel and taste/scent. the twins would tell me that their older sister had questionable hygiene in order to get me to stop fucking her, they were jealous, but she smelled and tasted fine to me. that lasted till high school, then i would only fuck them one at a time on different nights as all of our schedules were different.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    When I was a young teenager I would spy in all my female neighbors windows at night to see them nude. I saw moms grandmas daughters teens and I took pictures of them through the windows and spent hours jerking off looking at them nude. I knew them all and they have no idea that I have seen them nude masturbating having sex showering peeing shaving and I love to talk with them while remembering how they look nude.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    When I was 12 my mom walked in on me having sex with my 17 year old brother's best friend. He on top of me when she walked in and she just cleared he throat while she just stared at us. Ben jumped up in a panic and tried to hide his erection . now his dick was not small it was close to 8 inches and it hurt so much the first time he put it in me the year before when I was 11. But I loved it now.

    I'm getting off subject. She just stood there looking at us and ask what we were doing very calmly. Ben said just playing. My mom said " playing? At 1 am? Naked?" She told us she knew we were having sex. And asked Ben to stand up and come over to her. As soon as he got close she grabbed his dick and started playing with it. She said " now this is a nice cock you have there Ben, I'm amazed my little girl can take such a large cock in her little pussy". " now does my daughter suck this monster too or do y'all just fuck?" Ben was afraid so he shakily said just sex. That is when my mom took off her robe she was wearing revealing her naked body. Now my mom was in amazing shape and had us at a young age so she was still hot.

    My mom said" we need to change that and teach her a new trick to keep you satisfied, no daughter of mine will not keep a dick like this not happy." She had me come over and get on my knees with her and she showed me how to suck his dick. I struggled to get it in my little mouth. But I got the hang of it and before long he was cunning in my mouth. I remember gaging because it was too much. My mom told me to swallow as much as I could and to lick him clean.

    She looked at Ben and asked if he enjoyed that and he nodded yes. Then she said "well it is time for you to satisfy her but first I want you to practice on me." My mom was clean shaved and she laid back on my bed and had him get between her legs and start licking her. She coached him for about 10 minutes when he started getting good my mom said and had me lay down so he could do it to me. It felt so good being licked down there. My mom even told him about my clit. Before long I started to shake and a wave of ecstasy I had never felt before rushed all over my body. My mom told me I had an orgasm. Which till that point didn't know about them.

    Now Ben's dick was rock hard again and my mom said it was time she had a little fun now and she laid him down and climbed on top and started riding him. I watched in amazement and could tell he liked it and I wanted to try it next time we had sex. My mom was trying to not moan too loud as to not wake my brother down the hall asleep. I thought if that happened she might try to get me to fuck him too. But soon Ben came inside my mom and my mom had me come lick her clean. This was the first time I tasted pussy and she actually tasted really good.

    We had a few more lesson with my mom after that. I am married to Ben now. We have an open marriage and it works for us. I mostly share women with Ben but I occasionally fuck other guys.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    Being that my friend and I were to shy to talk to girls we thought weâd never lose our virginity. We were kinda sad about it because everyone else was having sex.

    Around that time is when my mom decided to have a masturbation talk with me. Guess she thought I was at that age where I was thinking about sex and what not. She had already known I had morning erections and hard one at night before bed because I slept in only the white briefs she bought me.

    But during that talk she also said its perfectly natural if I experiment with my own gender sexually. Lots do it. I was kinda confused a d said men donât have vaginas. My mom said yes but oral and anal sex are options too. I was interested now. I asked how would a penis fit in a butthole? My mom said they do, a persons butthole will stretch when a penis is pushed into one. But use lube she said.

    After finding out about that I told my friend. That day we got naked and used Vaseline for lube. We each cummed in each others butts. We ended up having anal sex till we graduated school. Now we each have girlfriends so we moved on from man sex

    My mom knew about us two having sex. She said guys experiment so itâs fine. One day I was wearing boxers and just had sex. Cum was running down my leg as my butt was leaking! My mom straight up told me if your having anal your gonna have to wear briefs afterwards. Need that security of briefs. Said ever wonder why women wear panties and not boxers, semen leaks out after awhile

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    I have a very tame story but still never told anyone.

    I was a horny 14 year old and had sex on my mind constantly. I had recently mastered the art of masturbation and was at it all the time. Our neighbour was my mum's best friend and she had two sons older than me and two daughters younger than me.

    One day after school i was in the bathroom and decided as usual to strip naked and play with myself. I hadn't heard my mum's friend walk in downstairs. Her youngest daughter aged 7 ran upstairs to use the bathroom and burst right in as I hadn't locked the door. I almost died of embarrassment but laura just stood and looked at me. I quckly tried to cover up and left the bathroom

    A few days later i was in the garden and Laura was in hers. She came up to the fence and asked me what I was doing the other day. I was a bit shy to explain at first but she told me that she had seen her older brothers doing it and wanted to know what it was. At that point my mum called me to run to the shop for her and Laura asked her mum if she could go with me to buy Some sweets.

    Off we walked. Laura was asking questions constantly so I told her a few things about what Boys do. She kept coming at me with question after question. She then asked me if I would show her my cock although I remember she called it a winky. We were about to walk past a large overgrown area of bushes that the local kids played in and made dens. So she asked me to show her in there.

    Now being constantly horny I thought I'd show her so in the bushes we went. I undid my jeans and popped out my now hard cock. She looked at it for a while then asked if she could touch it. I nodded and she started handling my cock. To me it felt amazing. The first time I had a girls hand on Me while I was erect.

    She then told me that I can touch her if I wanted to. She lifted her skirt and I slid my hand down her little pants. Eventually we sat side by side playing with each other. My fingers were exploring her pussy as she played with my cock. She opened her legs a little wider and said that her brother had told her that girls like fingers inside them but she had never tried so I slowly slipped my index finger into her pussy. Within seconds I shot my load all over her hands and that was that. The first time I touched a pussy and it was over in seconds

    We went to the shop and back home. No words were spoken. A few days later over the garden fence again she told me how how she liked my winky and having a finger inside her. We often spoke about trying it again but we never did. But to this day it's one of my strongest sexual memories.

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