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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 42

    This isnât about me being a kid, but my neighborâs son. She is a single mom and her son is infatuated with my wife. She told me about the infatuation, so I told her to have a little fun with the boy. The neighbor had a garage sale and her son was working as the cashier. My wife has 38 f cup breasts and put on a black lace bra. She wore a tank top and bought a few things. When she bent over in front of the kid, he about died. She said when she stood up the kidâs mouth was still open.

    After that the kid comes down to the house when she gets home, which is about 45 minutes before me. She has been torturing the kid. One day she answered the door in a towel. Most days she goes braless with a tank top or a button up top with several buttons unfastened. She loves doing it and gets so turned on when I get home.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 31

    When I was only about 5 or 6 years old I was m****ted by the girl that lived next door to my grandma. She was about 10 years older than me. She was the only " friend " I had when I would visit my grandmas house out of state. For the most part we would just ride bikes in the neighborhood. But every once in awhile she would want to play house but it was always in a closet and she would kiss me and have me take off my pants and she would fondle my little dick and balls. I had repressed all of this for a long time but it has recently came back to me. Last I heard about the girl who did it was that she became a stripper and a drug addict.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Wonât say how old I was but it was right around the time I just started puberty. Was having a sleep over at a friends house. Of course we were in just our tighty whities for bed time since at that age thatâs what our moms bought us.

    Well he turned the tv on HBO and encore and showed me the skin flicks. We saw naked women and guys. Then he turned it to this one station for late night shows and one happened to be a gay one. We both were intrigued by seeing two guys have sex. We wondered how it was done. Neiof us had even masturbated at that point yet.

    The next day he got curious thinking about seeing those two guys have sex and wondered how they did it. We knew about vaginas but didnât know much. So that night when we were in just our underwear we went to his familyâs computer room after everybody went to bed and he typed in gay sex. He pulled a video up and we saw a guys dick going in a guys asshole. We were amazed and especially how hairy those guys were!

    We both had a boner in our tighty whites and he said he wanted to try that. I agreed and we went back to his room. We took our underwear and shirts off and looked at each otherâs hard on. I said those guys used something to get his penis in that other guys butt. He agreed on that and we just put our underwear on and went to sleep.

    A month later I stayed at his house again and that night he said he found something that will work for sex. He showed me an actual bottle of lube he found in his parents room. He took his underwear off a d told me to take mine off and I did. I laid on my back with my legs up as he put lube on my butthole.

    Next he got his cock right up to my hole and pushed it right in. He didnât go slow so it hurt. I laid there biting my lip as he held still in me. He did a good 5 pumps in and he started cumming. That was his first time ever cumming. He moaned out so loud when he cummed.

    His cock was still in me when his mom opened the door. She looked right at us and asked did you two have sex! He pulled his cock out of my butt and his mom told use to put some cloths on. She left to put her robe on and came back to talk to us about sex. She explained anal sex too us and how it was okay we were trying it. Nothing to be ashamed of but she explained lube and condoms were Necessary for sex. She did also tell us that people who are faithful to each other do have sex without condoms as long as they were std free.

    The following day she came back that afternoon to his room with a back from the store. She had a few bottles of lube a two boxes of condoms. She said she knew we most likely were going to continue to have sex so she said itâs better she supply us for that.

    So that began our regular sex. We always used condoms for like two months but weâd have sex so much weâd run out. Eve this mom asked if we planned on only having sex with each other. We said yea and she said just start going bare since youâll end up costing way too much on condom supplies. So depending on the day one of us would have a butt full of cum before or after school. His mom was cool with us being good friends and having sex.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 29

    I went with my older sister to a Hawaiian night pool party. She and her boyfriend wanted to mess around but she didn't want to leave me alone. After a while she told me to go with them but not pay attention. I was eleven and watched my sister and her boyfriend have sex. When we got home she swore me to secrecy. She also gave me a sex talk, not the birds and bees, but how you have intercourse. She opened me and helped me finger myself, she helped me find my clitoris.

    Move forward five years, she had finished college and was working as a flight attendant. For my sixteenth she treated me to an overseas vacation. We stayed at a beach resort, it was mid week and slow. A family of locals showed up and she got into a conversation with the mother. They spoke English, and they were obviously pretty well to do.

    The middle son started talking to me, the other two boys stayed out of the way. They told us that we should go to their city, about a three hour drive, it would be more fun. We hitched a ride, I sat on the boy's lap. We registered at a hotel. We went to dinner at their house. The two older boys took us around the next day. At night they offered to take us out. Basically I was ga ga over the boy. My sister entertained the eldest boy, who was too young for her. She kept him out by the pool and sent me upstairs to become a woman.

    He was so rough, we had sex, and it was over. We went back to the pool. After talking to me she gave me detailed instructions, take him back upstairs, start with a blow job, get him to go down on me, don't let him fuck me until he was begging, show him lots of tits and ass, flash pussy, suck his dick, make him beg.

    Well, he grabbed my ass, sucked my tits, put me on my back, fucked me and it was over. Then I gave him a long blow job, then I gave him tits and ass, I kept his hands out of my pussy, I asked for him to go down on me, then we fucked again.

    That was the night I was made a woman.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    My dad died when I was little so I donât remember him at all. My mom went through two marriages before I was 10 so it was a weird life.

    My mom got married again when I was 12. The guy was nice and all but my mom liked him so thatâs all that mattered.

    Well he became a heavy drinker for some reason. When I was 13 he started m****ting me. He said my mom wouldnât put out and he had taken notice of my ass in bed at night. Heâd wake me up a few times a night by crawling in bed with me, pulling my pjs and my briefs down. Then heâd spit on his cock and do his business inside of me. I never told anyone what happened because I didnât want to be labeled gay.

    This went on till I was 15. A few times a week heâd come in at night and heâd already be naked since he slept naked. Cum in my ass then heâd go back to bed.

    Till one night I was bent over my bed with just my briefs around my ankles and he was fucking me and my mom saw. She called the cops. He got picked up a few countries over. I had to get a r**e kit done and talk to a bunch of people. He got sent many years in prison for what he did.

    Even to this date my mom still cryâs over what happened but I tell her to not worry. I tell her I donât think about it and letâs just move on.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    When I was around 13-14 my older female cousin (one year older than me) and I were really close. She was over at my house many weekends. One Saturday morning we were watching music videos. Some of the girls in the videos were really sexy.and being young and horny I got a raging hard on! I went into the bathroom to jerk off. As I was sitting on the toilet with my pants down and stroking my hard young cock all of a sudden I noticed her long blonde hair peaking from under the large gap under the bathroom door. It was an older house and had a very large door gap. I nearly stopped jerking off as I was startled but then quickly realized that I could see her eyes so that meant she was unaware that I knew she was spying on me. My heart nearly pounded out of my chest as I continued to put on a show for her. I came so hard all over my shirt... it was crazy. We played this game many times, each time I got bolder and bolder. I would lay on the floor with my head near the door, I could her her trying to breath quietly as she watched me jerk off over my shoulder...

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 26

    Most girls have trouble understanding the being used at a young age. Most experiences seem negitive on the girls life. Mine is different. When I was 14 my hormones where getting the best of me. My family lived in a close area of each other. I have this uncle that always spent a lot of time with us. He wasnât ever out of line in anyway with the many kids as we grew up with him. He was in his mid 20s and trying to get a wife. My mom let us dress skimpy, she dress skimpy around home herself. One afternoon while killing time walking around I stopped by to visit with him. I was braless with a tank top and tight shorts on. He got me a glass of tea and I sat beside him on the couch. After talking a while he told me I needed to start wearing a bra. We talked about breast a moment. I raised my top to show him my breast. He got embarrassed but finally reached over and started fondling them. He saw the effect it had on me so he rubbed me through my shorts. I had a massive orgasm. We played at this level a time then it progressed to him fingering me. Then he finally let me see his penis and I learned how to give blow jobs. When I was almost 18 he started doing all with condums. I graduated high school and moved off to college. He finally got a wife and went through 2 boyfriends before I got married. I realize he needed a strong will to turn down my coming on to him. My sisters would ask me why I didnât masturbate but I didnât tell them I was getting the real thing. I was my husbands first sex. He thought my sexual knowledge came from former boyfriends. My uncle and I havenât had sex since I went to college. He moved about 30 minutes from the home place. We visit as close family friends when we have family hangouts. I know why his wife is a happy married lady.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 23

    Hi, my name is Kristen. I just finished college, have my teacher license, and got a 4th grade position to teach at my old grade school where I went. I remember my bus driver,and wondering if he is still here. My 6th grade year, mom changed working hours and made arrangements to have me ride with him to pick up the high school students who stayed after school for sports. Mom got home from work at 8:30 and the bus driver finished with the last run at 7. After a few weeks of this, he would park the bus and make sure that the camera was off. We would set on the bus in the semidark and talk. This led to us getting together and he was teaching me all about sex. I was only 11 when we first had full on intercourse. We would set on the bus in the back, take off all of our clothes and I let him fuck me. We did this 5 night a week the next 3 years. School is back in, I just found out he is here. I will wait to see if he recognize me. More later.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 28

    After my parents got divorced I went with my mother and my brother went with my father. My mother started seeing this man who worked as a welder in a fabrication yard. One night he got angry with my mother, he grabbed me, threw me onto the bed, grabbed my shorts and tore them off. My mother was tried to stop him but he got on top of me and he screwed me. My mother made up with him, and she had sex with him even when he wanted sex in the living room.

    It was several months later, he came into my room and told me to take off my pants and he got on me and had sex again. He screwed me a lot. I always liked it. He would play with my boobs, which I liked too.

    After he and my mother broke up I went through a long period of depression. He was my first man and I stayed in love with him for at least ten years, I still feel his presence around me. In a way I am still in love with him, but I have been able to get together with another man, but it is not the same. I don't think it will ever be the same.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    i gratuated high scool in the year of 85 .i went to whitesburg high school and i had one of the hottest teacher around her name was Connie Lester and i use to stroke my cock under my pants for her all the time . im sure she seen me a few times but it was all good. my facial expression while cumming is propably what gave me away. i once got up the nerve to move on her and it payed off. she sucked my cock so fucking fast i couldnt believe it was happening. i wish i knew were she was now . i would love to try some of her sweet pussy this time. friend always throbbing for you connie . love you !

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