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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 47

    I was turning fifteen. For my birthday party at the club my mom chose this really horrible dress for me. My uncle saw it and told my mom she was cruel, no one should be made to wear that dress. Anyway he took me to the store and bought me the most beautiful dress and shoes. My mother was so angry and I was so happy. Anyway, I had a great party and I got loads of compliments on my dress.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 48

    Kid stuff. I was on a swim team and we were in the fifth grade and my friend and I had been practicing in the pool and we were in the dressing room and he took off his swimsuit and he had a hard pecker. Not hesitating I took his pecker in my mouth and sucked on him. His pecker was cold from the pool, but it got hot pretty quick and he had a dry orgasm and said his pecker hurt.

    I sucked him so much, almost every day we had practice. He got hard in an instant and he loved being sucked. You get older and you get a guy and all he wants to do is fuck your head off. When we were kids we sucked for fun, and we could get the whole pecker in our mouth and when we learned to cum, it was even better.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35


    When I was 13, at least close to 13, I watched an abnormal amount of porn. Once, while my family was having a cookout, my uncle came in my room and caught me jerking off. I was watching a video with a shemale so he thought I was gay.

    He completely blackmailed me into jerking him off. He told me he would tell my parents if I didnt make him cum.

    I was terrified. I was crying. But he pulled his dick out and stood in front of me. I slowly reach out and grabbed it, I could feel blood pumping into every second.

    To me, it felt gigantic, but I had never felt another one before. I started jerking it. Just like the videos. And after about 2 minutes, he shot a load. First stream landed on my pants, the rest fell to the floor.

    As weird as it is, by the end of it, I was turned on. I had stopped crying, and my dick was as hard as it has ever been. After he left, I decided to finish myself off. All I did was touch it. I shot thick stream after thick stream with more force than Id ever had before.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed sticking many different things up my ass. I started at a very young age and still enjoy anal penetration and fucking myself with all sorts of things and an occasional real cock when I get the opportunity to spread my ass open to take a nice big long hard cock up my ass. I enjoy getting fucked outdoors way out in the woods. I like to take my toys out in the woods strip off naked shove some lube up my ass and spend hours fucking myself hard and deep in the ass and really enjoy eating my own cum when I get really turned on from a very long hard deep fuck.
    I shared this with my cousin when we were 9 or 10 years old and he thought I was crazy but wanted to see me do it so I let him watch me stick this little plastic tube up my ass. We were in the bathroom while no one was home but he and I. He watched a minute or so then took over using his hand to work the tube in and out of my ass and he got so excited he began to rub his dick thru his pants and I was watching him in the mirror. He started trying to get his pants down and as soon as he did he touched his dick to my ass and shot his small warm load in the crack of my ass then with the tube still in my ass he grabbed my hips and humped my naked ass like crazy.
    While he was humping me he asked me if it felt good and of course I told him it felt very good and for him not to stop unless he wanted to. Next thing I hear him say is "Let me stick it in your butt" I really never said yes or no and just let him do what ever he wanted to do to my ass all the while hoping he would stick his dick in my ass. He pulled the tube out and began trying to penetrate me and with a little help from me spreading my ass open he put his dick in my asshole and fucked me for a little while and I watched his face in the mirror as he shot his warm little load up my ass.
    After that we were both hooked on ass fucking and he fucked me all the time for years and a lot of times he fucked me several times a day when we could and he always came in my ass and it felt very good. In high school he talked me in to letting his two best friends fuck me in the woods late one night and once things got started it was great and the three of them fucked me most of the night and shot a huge amount of cum in my ass. After that night the three of them fucked me all the time and I got used to having one in my ass and mouth quite often and after some practice they DP`ed me often getting two dicks in my ass at the same time and I took hundreds of loads in my ass over the years.
    I have managed to keep this a very private secret over the years. The only ones that know are the ones I have let fuck me. A few were just one time things and a few were more than once. I have had a few married friends that were curious and I let them fuck my ass and we had oral sex also. I worked with one Hispanic man that was bisexual and had a bi cousin that I met with several times when we could. Both were very large me with huge cocks and they shot very huge hot loads up my ass many times.
    One time when I was out of town working and drinking in a very up scale bar in my Hotel I got pretty drunk and let a nice looking black man go up to my room for the night and I could hardly walk the next day. He fucked my ass multiple times with the biggest cock that I had ever taken in the ass and he came in me several times and even fucked me tied to my bed face down and took a video of his huge black dick fucking my ass and his cum pouring out of my asshole. When he left the next morning he told me if I was ever back in town he could invite a few friends if I thought I could handle a black gang fuck. I never went back but have always wondered what it would have been like to let a group of black men gang bang me.
    I have always enjoyed anal penetration and getting fucked and some times enjoy fairly large cocks or other objects in my ass. I am fortunate to have a fairly long cock and I like sticking it up my own ass and fucking my self with my own dick and shooting my load up my ass sometimes several times. I enjoy the feel of cum shooting up my ass and feeling it run out of my ass and that slick warm feeling in the crack of my ass. I can take very long thick toys up my ass if I go slow and several times have take 14+ inches up my ass. I have let women fuck me with strap on toys many times and have done some things I would not share with any one. The best times ever was back in my early years getting gang fucked by my cousin and his two friends. They all used to get on top of me with their hard dicks and fuck the hell out of me and cum in my ass many times and I liked being used and filled with cum any time they wanted me.
    I let them r**e me tie me up and fuck me be rough with me and let them cum in me at both ends at the same time when ever they wanted to. I am happily married now and have been for years and at times my sexy wife loves to strap it on and I let her fuck me any way she wants to. How ever I enjoy anal play by myself and enjoy and occasional well hung male that enjoys fucking my ass and dumping a load or two in my ass.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 22

    I shared a room with my sister when we lived in a trailer house. During storms we would crawl into bed together, I was 7 and she was 9. She was surprised the first time I was hard and she felt it, so we started playing explore. We would play suck on moms nipple on her flat chested nipple would get very erect, she said she liked the feeling. She would grip and hold my cock with her hand because she felt sorry for me as I said it hurt sometimes when hard so long. She to then would suck on it like a lolly pop because I said it to felt good. When we got a house a few years later, we still played, but when the folks were gone. She experienced my first cum shot in her hands, so I didn't jack off my first experience, she did. The thing is we fell in love with each other through the sex we shared, and we played and tried everything.

    This has become a problem in both of us trying to have a relationship with others. Through high school, we still had "play" sessions (that is what we called it) even though it was will crazy experimenting sex. She went to college locally, so we could still play. When she knew I dated a girl, she would come around and fuck me and ask the details of the date and what we did. I love my sister, this is bad, I would rather marry her then date. We both don't stay long with whoever we date, they are just that a date. Be careful what you fantasize about, it is a dangerous path.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    I am actually only 16, and I recently decided to steam my self on a sex cam site. I know it illegal, but that is what makes me want to do it even more.

    So I start out with my webcam facing my crotch, I am only wearing a shirt and a pair of boxer briefs. I start the live stream. Eventually, one person joins the stream. My dick gets hard and causes a visual bulge. Suddenly, 5 more people join the stream. My heart starts racing.

    I decided to give these people a show, and pull it off my boxers, and expose my underaged, cut, pale cock. I begin to stroke it intently as they they comment on it. I then blow my load all over my legs and end the show.

    That was one the best sexual experience I have had in my life

    What do you think, is what I am doing really that bad? Have you ever streamed yourself before? Leave a comment.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    I am 16, and I love it when people see me naked.

    I always make opportunities for my family to see my penis in all of it's glory. Whenever I come out of the shower I always drop my towel.

    When my little sister has friends over I always pretend to be getting changed in my room so when they walk by they get to see what a male body looks like.

    At school I stand back from the urinal to expose my penis to other boys. In the locker room I always let my little buddy slip out.

    Do you think what I am doing is bad or harmless? Have you ever done something like this before? Leave a comment.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    I am actually only 14 but I go on this site often and finally decided to write my own confession. Whenever my parents are out of the house I like to walk around in only a shirt with all the shades up. It makes me feel sexy and I love the adrenaline I get from the risk of someone seeing me.

    If a neighbor did see me, they would get to see my 7 inch cut white boy cock sticking straight out from under my shirt and my young ball sack hanging in plain sight, along with my chisled pale ass.

    Sometimes I get so aroused that I take off my shirt and just start jerking underage little buddy right in front of a window, not minding were my white, sweet tasting fluid is sprayed.

    One time a young girl who was walking up the street in a bikini saw me jerking off infront of my house's frount window. I would have stopped, but the girl had enough skin exposed that my mind could fill in the gaps. I shot my load across the window, with the girl watching.

    Have you ever done something like this before? Do you think what I am doing is wrong? Please comment down below.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    I am actually only 16 years old, and recently I decided to stream my self on a sex cam site. I started of with me sitting in a chair with the webcam pointed at my crotch in order to conceal my face. I was wearing only a pair of losse fitting boxer shorts and a shirt. Then with much anticipation I hit the broadcast button.

    I wait for five minutes when I then see another user join the chat. My erection visibly pops up. There sunddenly 5 more users join the chat. This gets me excited. So much so that I pull my boxers down to show them my throbbing underage shaft. The begin complimenting me, if only they knew. I then decide to pull my boxers off completely, showing my full illegal cock for them all to see. I then rub out a load and end the broadcast.

    That was one of the greatest sexual experiences if my life.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 22

    One time when I was 15 years old, I went on a day trip into the city with my sister, who was 17, and two of her friends, who were also 17. We had taken the bus in and spent the day seeing the sights. Unfortunately, we missed the last bus that we were going to use to get home. So we had to find another way.

    We stood at the side and of the highway, trying to get someone to stop. One of the girls decided to take her top off, exposing her underaged tits to the on coming cars. When that didn't work, the other girl and my sister took of their tops. The two girls weren't willing to take it any further, but not my sister. Soon enough she was waving to car completely naked, with her young, wet, illeagl pussy fully exposed. She was enjoying this.

    Cars still weren't stopping, and I was the only one still clothed. So I stip down to my underwear, and already my dick was pitching a tent. I pull my underwear down as my heart beat quickens, and the movement of underaged cock flicking upwards nearly causes me to blow a creamy load all over the pavement. Finally, a car stops. The driver is a man in his late 30s. He tells my sister and her friends to sit in the back and has me sit in the passenger seat next to him. Then we are off, all of us still nearly/totally naked.

    As we are driving, I see the man move his hand to change gears, when suddenly he grabs hold of my hard, underaged cock and begins stroking it. This initually scares me but also feels so good. The three girls look away in shock but curiosity eventually gets the best of them and their eyes become focused on the man's hand as it slowly but firmly moves up my shaft, up to my head and then down again.

    As the man countines to stroke my of, I focus on the three girls who all have their tits out still with my sister still naked, sitting in the middle. While the two girls tits look great, my sister are by far the best. Her tits are pearly whites and smooth, topped off with her cherry red nipples. As I am starting at them through the rearview mirror, I let out a groan, and blow a huge load with so much force that it hits the roof of the car and falls back onto my bare chest. My small.cock countined pumping out cum for nearly 10 seconds. Despite the buckets of ejaculate I had shot all over my self and the roof, the man countined stroking me.

    A little while later, my sister asked if we could stop so she could go take a piss, but the man told her she could just pee where she was sitting. At this point I had recovered from my first cum explosion, and watching a golden stream of urine shoot out from my sister's tight pussy was enough for me to blow my second load. This time I got a good amount in my mouth. I ejaculated two more times during the rest of the trip.

    When we arrived close to home, we got out of the car and by this point my whole front (including but not limited to: my legs, crotch, chest, and face) was sticky from all of the cum. The man gave me an entire roll of paper towels to clean off and then he drive away. My sister, her friends, and I never spoke of this event again.

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