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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 27

    When I finally hit puberty around 14 I started masturbating a lot. My friend told me about masturbatimg so one night laying in bed I tried it. Not knowing what I was doing I didnt cum the first time.

    So my friend told me to just keep going until I cummed. So that night I jerked it and the overwhelming feeling of cum was intense!

    I was 14 so like most guys I wore plain tighty whities and id always cum on them and out on a clean pair before bed. I was a virgin all through school so you could imagine how much jerking I did. Always cummed on my tighty whities too. I guess I figured my mom wouldn’t notice the cum on the inside of the front part.

    Well I’m older now and just moved back in with my parents. I’m not a virgin anymore and I have regular sex with my girlfriend. But moving back in I realize my drawer was filled with tighty whities so I occasionally wear them once again. I had been wearing boxers since I moved out at 18.

    Well over the past month I have just been wearing whities and last week my mom brought in my clean laundry into my room. She openly said I remember washing these briefs when you were in middle and high school, they were always jizz covered in the front and I had to use extra bleach! We both laughed and I said I guess I was horny lol. But she did say I don’t care if you use your underwear for that, it’s better your briefs than the nice bath towels!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 26

    As a sixteen year old kid I took on a paper round as a favour for my dad. His friend and golf partner who owned our local newsagent had lost his paper girl when hr family emigrated. I didn't want to do it at first as I thought it was embarrassing, but after only a week I was only too eager to be working for him. That's because on the first Friday, pay day, his wife Helen who's a lot younger than my dads mate, took me into the back store room to sort out my wages.
    As soon as we entered the room she let her dress fall to the floor revealing she was totally naked underneath.
    Asking me if I was a virgin, she told me she liked young men and if I wanted to I could fuck her. I wasn't a virgin, but I'd only been with one other girl and that wasn't a good experience. Even so my cock was rock hard in seconds and Helen had begun to remove my jeans. Squatting down she sucked in my cock and before not too long I was cumming in her mouth. A little annoyed I'd cum so quickly, I then got to do something I'd only heard about, as Helen got me to lick her out. She sat on a pile of old papers and magazines and opened her legs. Guiding me at first I soon picked up on what she wanted and liked and within a few minutes she was bucking on my face as she orgasmed.
    The following week was similar, only I did manage to not cum when she sucked me, and I stuck my dick in her from behind fucking her until we both climaxed. I'm not a guy ith a huge cock, but it does measure nearly eight inches and didn't Helen take advantage of me and it over the next few weeks.
    After about five weeks they got a young girl to the papers, as I began to help out more in the shop. It was as Helen put it, so her husband could play more golf. But in reality it was so we could fuck more often, even if he did go out and play golf. I even began to do some gardening work for them, and that meant we could fuck in their bed or wherever we wanted with her husband out.
    I'd been fucking Helen for around nine months, when she invited me around on a Sunday. My dad was playing golf with her husband so I knew he'd be out at least four to five hours. With my cock balls deep up her arsehole on their bed, I turned round to see him stood i the doorway. We'd not even noticed it was raining hard and there I was was with my cock sticking out of his wife's perfect arse. Thinking I was in trouble, I watched as he turned around, told us he'd put the kettle on and walked away. Helen turned her head round and said "Well come on then fuck me".
    It turned out I wasn't the first young man Helen had seduced and it also turned out her husband got a huge sexual kick out her telling him what she'd been uo to. Finishing off our fuck with Helen sucking and licking my cock clean after I'd cum up her arsehole, we both sat in their kitchen with Helen talking to her husband like it was a totally matter of fact thing that I should be fucking her.
    It was two years leter when I stopped fucking her on a daily/weekly basis. My gather never found out and still doesn't know I was fucking his golf buddy's wife nearly every day. Helen and I just became bored I suppose, and I began to date a girl my age.
    However and why I'm here. Only a few weeks ago I met Helen and her hubby in a hotel I was staying in on Angelsey. We chatted for a while and he suggested when he went to play golf the following day, I have some fum with Helen. It wasn't like old times at all, it was far far better and Helen couldn't have been more of a dirty bitch if she'd have tried. By the time her husband walked into their room, I was fucking her mouth as she was sucking on my cock. All he said was "Nice to see you again l***".
    I'm not in a relationship right now, so for the time being I've been visiting their home a few days a week and banging the shit out of Helen even with her husband present at home. And she just keeps on getting ever more inventive in how she wants fucking.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 43

    In the 5th grade my best friend talked me in to letting him stick his dick in my ass. We always went to his house or mine after school and since all or parents worked we had a few hours of privacy and we experimented often. We both liked being naked and liked touching each other and were just starting to experiment with sucking each other.
    He would always get on top of me when he could and if I let him he would hump on my ass for a long time. It felt good so I always let hi do it to me. One day as I laid on my stomach on the carpet in my bedroom floor he was on top of me humping my naked ass and he started trying to put his dick in me. He poked it against my asshole a few times then asked me if it was OK. I really didn`t say yes or no so he kept trying telling me he really wanted to get it in if he could. I let him keep trying and he finally got it in me and started to moan out loud and fuck me in the ass but he didn`t last long at all and put his tiny load in me.
    I got him to do it to me again before any one got home and we made plans to do it again the next day after school. I thought about it most of the night and got so excited I ended up putting a finger deep in my ass and jacked off and it felt so good I couldn`t hardly wait until after school to let him put his dick in my hot little tight asshole. That's all we did every day after school and the more he fucked me the more I wanted him to and he made it last longer and it felt very good. It just made me feel good to be naked with him on top of me and feeling his dick going in my ass. I liked getting fucked very much and found it exciting for me too when he came in me.
    Months passed and almost every day he fucked me and we both liked doing it a lot. It was just a normal thing between he and I and we both knew after school we were going to get naked and he was going to fuck me in the ass a time or two every day. I had another friend that didn`t know what me and my other friend were doing but one day I took a chance and told him. He didn`t believe me at first and after he got over the shock of me telling him about it he began to ask questions. Every day or so for a couple of weeks he asked me questions and finally asked if I would do it with him.
    I never thought he would try it but when he asked me I told him if he really wanted to I would let him try it. A few days later he and I were at my house alone and I let him do it to me and once he finally got his dick in my ass he liked it and fucked me twice that day and wanted to fuck e all the time. I had no choice but to tell my other friend that I had let Mike do it to me a few times. Once I told Tommy he didn`t seem to mind at all and told me he thought it was OK and wanted us to do it together.
    The first time we all 3 did it together it was a little strange being watched but it got exciting pretty quick. They took turns on me that first afternoon and it was very good because one of them was always hard and anxious to fuck me so they went one right after the other for almost 3 hours. It happened very often after that for a couple of years then Mike moved away but Tommy and I continued to do it even after we got out of High School for another year or so then we moved apart and we never did it again. It was fun growing up with my two horny friends and I will always remember how it felt and how much we all enjoyed it and how much I liked letting them put their dicks in my ass. It always felt so good and I liked having their cum in my ass. We were damn good friends for a lot of years.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 31

    I met Jack, my male "Bestie" when he moved into the neighborhood. He was a sharp kid with a fast line and a wild sense of humor that belied his young age. We were both 14 at the time and my voice had just gone from soprano to baritone. A year after we were hanging out his grandma became a widow and moved in with Jack and his mom. Jack's dad had also passed some years earlier. Jack was so young he scarcely recalled him,

    When I met his grandmother I lost my breath because she was so vividly female and there was an air of magnetic lustiness around her. Her hair was silver going to white and beautifully done in a short cut.

    She stared deeply into my eyes. We never spoke more than a few words but I knew from early on that she was going to introduce me to the word of sex. She eventually did and then some. I was her sexual protege all during college and we eventually were deeply in love. She was 44 years older then me but it never mattered. I had gone through Navy ROTC so I had to stop seeing her so often when I was commissioned and activated.

    She passed not long after that but she will always live in my heart. Don't let age differences keep you from a full life.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 22

    I might sound freaky, but I have been obsessed with the idea of sex ever since I can remember. One of my earliest memories of my childhood is once when I woke up one night to the sounds of my mother gasping and moaning and my father murmuring something to her in heavy breaths. We lived in a small one BHK house then and as my sister and I were too young to sleep alone, we used to sleep with our parents in the room. We siblings slept on the bedroom floor and our parents slept on the bed.

    So, that night hearing my parents speak, I instinctively turned around to look at what my parents were doing. It makes me wonder at my reaction now, but then I only had I had to see my father on top of my mother and I immediately understood everything. I was very little then. I had not even  began keeping a tab of my age too, maybe I was in my kindergarten. But I knew they were making out and as screwed up my mind already was I was not ashamed to look on nor did I find it gross. I was more than interested and looked on. I don't recall exactly what happened but my mother suddenly warned my father to be careful else one of the children may see them in the act. They turned our way just then as caught me watching them.

    My father immediately got off my mother and both seemed to feel awkward. I didn't even panic then or react. I simply turned back and pretended to sleep. I heard my father try to placate my mother that I must have just turned that way that instant and that I was too little so probably I would not have understood anything.

    But I had understood everything. I waited for my parents to fall asleep and then I did the most freaky thing a girl of 5 or 6 years would do. I stripped to naked and toyed with myself till I felt satisfied. I put on my dress back and only then fell again asleep.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 36

    As a teenager I would often take myself off on walks during the summer. I had lots of friends who I hung around with, but I also enjoyed the solitude and the countryside close to my home.
    On one of my walks I was making my way past a farm I'd walked past many many times before. I'd seen the farmer about twenty minutes earlier using a digger to clean out a ditch, getting it ready I later learned for the winter rains. Walking further up the path between the farm and lots of fields, I noticed movement to my left and saw a woman lay in a field playing with herself. Totally shocked I just stood there and watched her finger her own pussy.
    It was after about two to three minutes before she noticed me, but even then she still carried on playing with herself. Shouting at me, I thought she was telling me to fuck off. She wasn't as I listened to her again. She was asking me to climb over the fence and to go to her.

    Seconds later I was stood over her, staring at her beautiful looking pussy. I'd seen lots of womens pussy's in porn mags, but I'd never seen a womans pussy for real. Looking up at me, she smiled and said "kiss it for me". I obviously now know what she wanted, but back then I was clueless. Sitting up a little, she took hold of my hands pulled me down and placed my head between her legs. With my mouth only inches from her soaking wet pussy, she told me to lick her.
    Sticking out my tongue I began to lick her pussy like it was a lollipop. That was until she began to tell me how she liked to be licked and what to do.

    I'm not too sure how long I stayed with my face in between her legs, possibly over quarter of an hour. What I do know is I became erect and I also found myself really enjoying giving her what I later learned was called cunnilingus. I licked, kissed, tongued and sucked away on her pussy lips, her labia's and when she taught me, also her love bud, her clitoris. With her holding my head often and grinding my face into her wet folds, I made her orgasm three times making her juices flow all over my face each time.

    As soon as her last orgasm settled down, she got up, had me remove my jeans and t-shirt and then told me lay back. My dick was rock solid and pointing straight up. She lowered herself and took hold of my cock, and for the very first time in my life my cock entered a womans pussy, as she impaled herself on my fifteen year old dick.
    I'm not going to say I was the worlds best lover, because I wasn't. I was fifteen, in a field on a boiling hot day, with a woman I didn't even know the name off, and she was fucking me. Again I can't remember how long I lasted. I know it wasn't too long before I told her I was ready to cum. As quick as you like, she climbed off my cock spun around and took every inch of my dick down her throat. That was that for me as I came like I'd never cum before. It felt like my whole body was having an orgasm, as I bucked my hips up and down fucking her mouth.

    Lettin g my cock fall from her mouth, she told me her name and told me her husband was working at the other end of the farm, widening a ditch for drainage. I'd just had sex with the farmers wife and I couldn't have been more happy to have lost my virginity to her.

    Rachel wasn't and isn't the best looking woman, but she does have a superb figure and a sex drive to match. She's just recently turned fifty and all these years later I'm still fucking her whenever we get the chance. They still live on the same farm, albeit a smaller farm. And from our first fuck in that field, to last week when I fucked her in her land rover, we've had sex at least once a week.

    I know for sure that her husband knows about us, but he's not in the least bit bothered as they stopped having sex years ago. He's more involved with his dogs than he is with Rachel, which suits me just fine as she's a horny bitch who still loves taking my cock in any hole I now wish to fuck.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 31

    My dad started putting his penis in my mouth as early as I can remember.
    I grew up thinking it was normal but knew to not tell anyone, even mummy, as he said it had to be just between us.
    When I was very little, it was only the tip he could fit in but as I got older he gradually got more of it into my small mouth and he had me suck it as well. I think I was about eight when I was essentially giving him full blowjobs. This was obviously only when we were totally alone together. He would always ejaculate in my mouth and I grew up swallowing my dad's sperm as if it was the most normal thing in the world.
    At puberty he would start rubbing my small growing breasts as well. I started to realise that what he was doing was considered wrong by most people but I was so used to it and never felt like my dad was abusing me even though I suppose he was.
    It all stopped when I went to university.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 29

    I was 12. In some ways I thought I was old enough. But in others I knew I wasn't. I had made a bet with two of my girlfriends and I had lost. The price was to give myself to one of my girlfriend's older brother. He was 19, home from college for the summer.

    At first I was supposed to take off all my clothes, but on that day they let me take off my pants. I stood with a naked butt waiting for him to come into the room. When he came in he lifted my shirt to see my pussy. He told me to get on the bed and work myself up to the pillow and lay back and open my legs.

    He took off his pants, his erection scared me, the biggest thing I had ever inserted in my vagina was my fingers. When he got over me, his sister got on the bed and guided his erection to my vagina. I wasn't wet and it took several minutes to get wet and accommodate his erection. The act itself took a short few minutes, he pulled out before ejaculating and laid hard on my tummy and I felt his warm sperm on my naked stomach.

    Once he got off and he pulled on his pants he asked me to take off my shirt. He walked over and touched my breasts.

    My girlfriends helped me clean his sperm off my stomach, and get dressed. I spent the next hour describing how it felt. They asked me if I was in love with him now. I said yes. If I was his girlfriend, I said yes.

    Over the next days I got older. I felt older. I didn't feel him any more.

    He came to see me the next weekend. My girlfriends were not there and he asked me if I wanted to do it again, this time without my girlfriends. He wanted me totally naked, he got naked, he went down on me. I got hot and he got on me and this time we had real intercourse. Now I felt grown up.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 33

    I grew up in a mid sized town in the mid west, boring from A to Z, nothing to do. As a teen I discovered masturbation and I beat off all the time. My younger sister got a bit bigger, the tittie patrol came and she had tits to show off, she wore these flower panties that somehow I got to see under her nightgown. She was thirteen, and a kid, except for her titties and her hairy pussy under her panties. Oh God, those titties, big nipples on these white delicious titties, and her hairy pussy which I could see against her tight panties.

    One day, she was sitting on the couch watching some idiot show, her feel pulled up on the couch and her pussy showing under her nightgown, no panties. It was all pussy, the first time I saw a real live naked pussy. Her slit was a little open, her hairy pussy all around it. She caught me staring and asked me what I was doing and slammed her legs shut. Man the show was over, I beat off twice that night.

    Somehow we ended up alone in the house, she had brought a sandwich up to the den and I told her to make me one. She said something under her breath, but the answer was no. I pinned her down on the floor. After she stopped struggling I started to pull her pants off. Her naked butt cheeks, they were big really and white, she held on to her pants with her hands, but slowly her pants went down until they were around her knees and then I managed to pull them off. She was on her stomach, her beautiful butt cheeks just there, I grabbed them and felt her up, I found her butt crack and put my thumbs on each cheek and opened her butt to see her ass hole. Her ass hole, and for that matter all the way around to her pussy was hairy. I touched her asshole with my finger, her butt cheeks slammed closed, I opened them again and touched her again, until she let me touch her and feel my finger down under her until I found her vagina.

    She was wriggling on the carpet, moving her hips from side to side and she lifted her hips up when I put two fingers in her vagina and got to finger her. I fingered her for a while, felt up her pussy and her asshole, until with the biggest hard on I had up to then I came in my pants.

    Those years from the ninth through the twelfth I masturbated and fucked my sister. I got to know those titties, great titties, with largish nipples and she got hard nipples. She would get on the bed and open her legs and keep her hands on her knees and I would get between her legs and slip it in all the way, we fucked so much.

    Too bad you have to grow up and get married and all. My wife doesn't get it when my sister and I are together. My sister is naturally affectionate and she is over affectionate with me, and sometimes I get to pull her around so her titties are hard up against me. She has a boyfriend, she scores him for me, to her I am still the best, and from time to time she invites me to have sex with her. She sits back on the bed holding her legs up under her arms, making me peek for her pussy between her legs, and when she sees that I am suffering with a hard on, she lets her legs fall open and we fuck for old time's sake.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 19

    I never knew what masturbation or sex was. I was home schooled and quite sheltered. I'd wake up with a hard on in my briefs but I was launder the impression I just had to pee real bad. Or I'd get random hard ones during the day Zane my always said that's just what a penis does. As a teen I also had wet dreams. I had no idea what they were, I'd just toss my cummed up underwear in the laundry and my mom had a talk with me abthzt one night when I was around 15. She told me that discharge was normal and that's the reason she always had me wear briefs to bed. She did make sure to tell me to clean under my foreskin after wet dreams too

    I'm 19 now and this is my first year of college. I'm laying here in just my briefs after masturbating. Boy was I missing out!

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