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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 19

    My Step dad is horny for me.

    Please don't start giving me crap, cause this is what happened and I never planned it.

    This is not a m****tation story but it's probably just as bad.

    Up until sixth grade, I would sit on his lap to do everything.
    He was kind of my booster seat. I was kind of a needy kid. My real dad had left when I was really young.

    There was a really awkward time that I can clearly remember. It has stayed with me ever since.
    One evening we were watching some zombie movie. I remember being really scared and excited at the same time. I could not sit still. He was wearing sweat pants and a white t-shirt. I was in my baby doll pink shorts and a Sponge Bob shirt that I loved dearly.

    Well these guys were running from these zombies and they were about to get eaten. I was scared and my body was bouncing uncontrollably. I didn't realize just where I was bouncing, I just kept hearing a light "Umph" sound coming from him when I did. I had my hands dug into his knees and I was trying not to scream. I had involuntarily locked my ankles under his thighs and was clenching my entire body.

    That's when I felt the hardness rising from under me, forcing up against my pelvic area. I distinctly remember the warmth and a throbbing. I was still really scared from the movie and part of my butt cheeks were firmly holding his shaft while the head was poking right into my sensitive little mound. For a moment, It was like I was straddling a lead pipe. It was still swelling as I was still clenching. I think he sudden realized what was happening and wasn't his fault, but he suddenly shot up from the couch. I had to pick myself up off the carpet. I was confused thinking I did something wrong.

    Next day it was as if nothing happened and I was happy. We still watched movies and stuff but I usually sat next to him. I thought he forgot all about it.

    The crazy thing was that I found a little box in the garage, up by the Christmas ornaments last year that had a packet of developed photos of me. They were from the back yard when I was sunbathing in my two piece.
    Some were even stuck together with dried cum.

    I can't blame him, though. I'm just a bit conflicted.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    When I was finishing up freshman year at highschool I fell in love with a girl. And being a nerd I asked her if she has seen all the star wars movies. She replied no so I set up a date to watch all of them and we would watch them in order they were released.

    We cuddled on my couch watching them but ran out of time bc her mom didn't want her staying out late so we waited till the following day. As we finish return of the Jedi I had my first kiss as the second death star exploded. And a kiss turned into kissing and kissing into making out.

    As we stopped I put on the... Oh the horor the pReQaLs. But awhile into attack of the clones she stood up and sat on my lap facing me and asked if I wanted to watch this or have fun. I studdered and replied fum. No I didn't just misspell it that's how I said it.

    But first a visual for this. She was fourteen Latina 4.8 and we joked about her boobs bc some adults are jelous of them and and glasses.

    So she took off her shirt showing that she was about to bust out of her bra and we made out for awhile I think I busted a nut in my pants bc like gta strip clubs don't prepare you for that.

    After I'd say 23 minutes of kissing and boob play she took my pants down and while still kissing gave me a hand job. Again I didn't last long at all and she stopped and I said my turn and picked her up and layed her down. I swear I never fumbled more than when I tried to take her pants off. I did eventually tho and I began to finger her to orgasm so we where even.

    We cuddled on my bed the rest of my day there and we continued to do that for awhile never really going further until the fair omg my county was having a fair so we went held hands and junk and then something wack happened she grabbed my hand and ran to my car *I'm 16 at this point she's 15* and got inside and took her shirt off then her pants all while having each other's tounge down our throats and I couldn't take it anymore I was going mad and just ripped her panties off and started fucking we fucked for awhile *with a condom bc miss me with that baby shit* and her tits were going mad and as a consequence I was going mad absolutely tearing into her . Her boobs had so many hiccys but each time I lasted longer but let's be honest I'm a 16 yo nerd.

    I was absolutely in love with her she was my everything until she sent me a snapchat in the middle of math and told me hey we need to break up. I was devastated.

    Absolutely emotionally fucked.

    I found the why bc she didn't tell me why but she had been fucking another dude for awhile but he said she has to break up with me to continue she did. I was depressed for about two months when I realized I need revenge. So I fucked her boyfriend he was loving it and I loved his face on the Snapchat video.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    When I was about 12 or 13 I had my 3 best friends out to my house to camp out over night down in the woods quite a ways from our house. We were all about the same age and late that night things got pretty wild after talking about sex for quite awhile we began to dare each other to do different things and we ended up buck naked and checking out each other. We all had a big hard on and dared each other to jack off.
    Not only did we jack off we jacked each other off after a dare. After we watched each other shoot our loads we were all pretty comfortable being naked in front of each other and were all interested in getting off some more so we dared each other to do other things and the four of us had our hands all over each other in the tent and there was a little sucking going on from time to time and we were all getting off just watching each other naked with each other.
    After watching Mike hump on Steve`s ass I wanted some one to hump me and got Tommy to hump on my ass and we were all laughing and talking while Steve and I got our ass humped on and no one wanted to stop and Steve and I wound up with their cum on our ass and in a minute or two they changed places and we were getting humped on again. Mike kept poking his dick on my asshole over and over and when I didn`t stop him he said he dared me to let him stick it in my ass.
    Before I could say yes or no he was trying to put it in me and with the cum on my ass it wasn`t very hard to get it in me and the other two were watching as he began to fuck me in the ass and before long I was face down in the floor of the tent and Mike was fucking my ass while the other two watched and stroked their dicks already begging me to be next. Mike fucked me good then came in my ass and as soon as he rolled off of me Tommy went next then Steve fucked my ass and all 3 came in my ass and Mike was ready to fuck me again and for several hours the three of them took turns fucking me and my ass was dripping their cum even the next day.
    No one seemed to want to talk about it much the next day and I found that to be a little strange and later on had to ask them why they didn`t want to mention what had happened the night before. They all agreed that we shouldn`t have done it and they were a little ashamed of it and felt like they should not have done such a thing to me. I told them it was OK and to not worry about it and even told them I liked it and really didn`t think it was all that bad. That started the conversation and after we talked about an hour or so about it they seemed a little shy about it but let me know they liked doing it too and then went on t agree that if I ever wanted to try it again that they wouldn`t mind doing it again.
    A couple of hours later we were all walking along a trail in the woods on my Parents land and we came to this place I knew that was under a big shade tree in some pretty thick brush where no one could see us and I asked if any of them might like to try it again and they just looked at each other then said they did so once my clothes were off and they were looking at my young naked ass they began to undress and were all hard as a rock and they took turns on me for quite awhile and it was even better than the night before and they couldn`t stop fucking me and I wanted them to keep it up for as long as they could and once my cum was leaking their cum it was so easy for them to shove their dicks up my asshole and fuck me hard and I really liked being face down in the grass letting my best friends fuck the hell out of me and it felt good when they came balls deep in my ass.
    I caught myself talking to them while they were fucking me even telling them to fuck me harder! saying things like Cum in me again! Oh that feels good give it to me harder! and listening to them all talk while they fucked me up the ass was a huge turn on for me and after that weekend we pretty much had sex together for the rest of our school years and some times only one of them or all of them and they all knew any time they felt like fucking and getting off I was always ready and for several years I let them fuck me in the ass all the time. Once we could drive on weekends we would ride around late at night with me in the back seat naked while they all took turns driving and fucking me in the ass.
    We all played football and were pretty damn tuff guys and no one ever suspected us of ever doing anything like we were doing. Late night drinking out at the Lake always ended up with me bent over the end of one of the concrete picnic tables with them taking turns in my ass. We had a lot of places to go to fuck and it was always good for me and my best friends. Of course as we got older their dicks got bigger and so did their warm loads they put in my ass. Many times I had one in my ass and one in my mouth and eventually I could let them DP me and I could take care of all 3 of them at the same time.
    After years we all moved away and nothing happened for me for years and we all got married and in my mid 30`s this guy I worked with and liked to drink beer with let me know one day that he was Bisexual. He was married like I was but enjoyed to top other guys on occasions. Needless to say the very next day he and I took off for the day and told the wives we were going to go shoot some pool and drink beer. We wound up in my Deer cabin with him fucking me countless times with his huge dick and emptying his nuts in me countless times. Almost every Saturday He and I went to my cabin to fuck and his dick was huge very thick 9" and he came a lot and he loved to suck my dick and swallow my load. We had great sex for two years then he moved away.
    Years later I met this Mexican guy at this bar I liked to stop at after work. It was months after we started drinking together before we discovered we both wouldn`t object to a little private sex with each other. He told me he liked to suck a dick and when I told him I really liked getting my ass fucked he got very excited and told me he never fucked a guy but sure would like to then he went on to tell me that he hoped I could take a fairly large cock. I told him I thought I could so the next weekend He and I went to my Cabin and He sucked my dick really good then used his extremely large brown dick on my white ass and put several very large hot loads of Mexican cum in my ass
    After a couple of years he and his wife moved and since then I have had sex with about 4 other married men but nothing that lasted very long and most of them only one time things. I consider myself straight because I have been married for 20 years but also consider myself Bisexual when it comes to getting my ass fucked. Not much on sucking dick but damn sure like taking it deep in the ass and getting fucked hard and pounded by well hung married men that shoot big thick hot loads. I have actually tried many other ways to enjoy anal sex and enjoy them all. Different objects , toys , dildos , strap on , and really like getting my ass fucked outdoors and also get off watching my ass get fucked in front of a mirror. Seeing my asshole stretched around a nice thick cock or any kind of object and watching it go deep in my ass then out then back in is a huge turn on for me and it always has been.
    I wished I could find a nice married hung guy to hang out and drink beer with that would like to fuck my ass on occasions. Total discrete private sex with any hung married men that live near me. If you are interested let me know.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 38

    Iv never told anyone but when i was a youngster a older guy was very good to me and i started playing with his cock.and he`d come in front of me.Later after id been slipping from a can of drink he had. he got his cock out and i was feeling it harden in my hand. I was then slowly pushed down on my knees facing the head of his cock and his hands on my shoulders,A big loud arr,arr came out his mouth as i sucked his cock and tried to control how hard my own cock was becoming he started to push harder and faster until he was fucking my mouth and id come down my leg quickly followed by his warm spurts in my mouth.After that experience i kept looking down at young guys cocks in showers etc and now and again would end up sucking them of then girls came into my life and i lost all intrest in men

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 38

    One time when I was 15 years old, I went on a day trip into the city with my sister, who was 17, and two of her friends, who were also 17. We had taken the bus in and spent the day seeing the sights. Unfortunately, we missed the last bus that we were going to use to get home. So we had to find another way.

    We stood at the side and of the highway, trying to get someone to stop. One of the girls decided to take her top off, exposing her underaged tits to the on coming cars. When that didn't work, the other girl and my sister took of their tops. The two girls weren't willing to take it any further, but not my sister. Soon enough she was waving to car completely naked, with her young, wet, illeagl pussy fully exposed. She was enjoying this.

    Cars still weren't stopping, and I was the only one still clothed. So I stip down to my underwear, and already my dick was pitching a tent. I pull my underwear down as my heart beat quickens, and the movement of underaged cock flicking upwards nearly causes me to blow a creamy load all over the pavement. Finally, a car stops. The driver is a man in his late 30s. He tells my sister and her friends to sit in the back and has me sit in the passenger seat next to him. Then we are off, all of us still nearly/totally naked.

    As we are driving, I see the man move his hand to change gears, when suddenly he grabs hold of my hard, underaged cock and begins stroking it. This initually scares me but also feels so good. The three girls look away in shock but curiosity eventually gets the best of them and their eyes become focused on the man's hand as it slowly but firmly moves up my shaft, up to my head and then down again.

    As the man countines to stroke my of, I focus on the three girls who all have their tits out still with my sister still naked, sitting in the middle. While the two girls tits look great, my sister are by far the best. Her tits are pearly whites and smooth, topped off with her cherry red nipples. As I am starting at them through the rearview mirror, I let out a groan, and blow a huge load with so much force that it hits the roof of the car and falls back onto my bare chest. My small.cock countined pumping out cum for nearly 10 seconds. Despite the buckets of ejaculate I had shot all over my self and the roof, the man countined stroking me.

    A little while later, my sister asked if we could stop so she could go take a piss, but the man told her she could just pee where she was sitting. At this point I had recovered from my first cum explosion, and watching a golden stream of urine shoot out from my sister's tight pussy was enough for me to blow my second load. This time I got a good amount in my mouth. I ejaculated two more times during the rest of the trip.

    When we arrived close to home, we got out of the car and by this point my whole front (including but not limited to: my legs, crotch, chest, and face) was sticky from all of the cum. The man gave me an entire roll of paper towels to clean off and then he drive away. My sister, her friends, and I never spoke of this event again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    I don't know if 16 can be called "a kid" but I felt that way and that was only nine years ago. At that time I was still in high school and working my butt off to buy an old clunker to drive around town. I did everything for neighbors. A block away an early in her 30s woman hired me to do her lawn and patch up a small garden mesh wall to keep deers from eating all of it. It was summer and my shorts and T-shirt stuck to my body with sweat. The woman had two same age friends over and they were all laughing and making cat-calls about something. I glanced down at my white cotton shorts and could see my entire fairly well-sized junk outlined by my sweaty pants.

    One of the women had a hose in her hand and said, "Would you like to cool off with some nice cold water?" I said, "Sure," and she began to spray me all over, especially on my crotch. They could not stop laughing. The woman's two friends offered to hire me to do their lawns but it was crystal clear they had little or no interest in their lawns. In a short time I fucked them both, once, in the kitchen while the woman's daughter was up in her bedroom. The first one, who hired me, took about two years but she finally got what she wanted. While we were fucking she told me that both her friends had bragged about fucking me and it made her hot for me. She and I lasted a few years until she re-married. She had been my fourth ever sex experience.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    When I was a kid I used to cat-sit for one of my neighbors when they went out of town. I got a decent pay and I would do it every couple months. When I hit puberty and discovered masturbation, I took up the habit to jacking off to the neighborsâ daughter, who was a couple years older than me. I at one point started pulling out her clothes and cumming on them, imagining that she was in them.

    The summer I turned 16, I was asked to watch the neighborsâ cats for a week. I was offered the usual pay, but the mother said that she would âpay me extraâ if I did my job did. Of course my teenage mind knew what she meant, so I made sure to do extra good in feeding their cats. I didnât even jack off to her daughter to prepare for what I knew was coming.

    At the end of the week, the mom credited me for my good work. She paid me my $75, but she also invited me upstairs to see her bedroom. She was in her late 40s and looked good for her age. When I went in there, she was already taking her clothes off. She helped me take my clothes off as well, until we were both standing there completely exposed.

    She walked over to me and threw me onto her bed. My heart was pounding right out of my chest as she slid on top of me and began to fuck me. I think she could tell I was a virgin, because she took it pretty slow to start. After a while, we picked up the pace and I could feel that I was getting close. She said I could cum inside of her, and thatâs exactly what I did. The biggest load of my young life went deep inside of her. It was the best thing I had ever felt at the time. We laid there for a while and fell asleep with my cock still inside of her. When I woke up from that nap, I cleaned up and went home.

    We fucked once more after that, with that session being much more intense than the first one. I also fucked her daughter that same year when she came home from college for winter break.

    Iâve had some good sex in my life before, but nothing beats that very first time when I lost my virginity to the one person I did not expect to lose it to.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    I was a junior boy in high school, and at the time was straight but did have thoughts about other boys. Several times while taking the other bus from school to my uncles house I'd watched some freshmen as well as sophomore, junior and even senior girls sitting on older as well as younger boys laps.

    This was in the back of the bus and I knew what was happening by the movements and seeing the girls faces. There was this one black sophomore boy that had for over a week wanted to fuck me in the shower, and had tried it a few times.

    On the last day of school he was really determined to get it done, he and I as well as a few others were working in the jym putting things away. He tried it three times but we got interrupted each time, the last time was just before the last bell ending the school year. He wanted it, and I was also just about ready when the coach came in and things stopped.

    The bell rang and we headed for the bus, I knew he rode that one, and he motioned me to join him at the back. We were in the very last seat, and all ready a senior girl was getting it from a sophomore boy in the seat in front of us. In the other back seat a freshman girl was impalled on a junior boys dick. and in front of them a freshman boy had a sophomore girl on his lap.

    By the time the bus finished filling the black sophomore stud I was sitting with had me all the way down on his rigid dick. Some kids close saw what was going on, but it was nothing new, a few did make a comment about me getting it, but nothing I could do. And I did get it just like the girls did, as he got close he slid forward, held me back to him and really stuck it to me.

    We just had time to get our jeans pulled up as the bus was stopping at my uncles, so I got off the bus still feeling and knowing what he did. He only lived half a mile from there, and through the summer we got togather several times.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    My first sexual feeling happened when I was fourteen. My cousin, who was sixteen, was laying on the floor in the den. I had a dress on because we had been to church. My mother sent me to get him for lunch. I walked over and stood beside him and he looked up my dress. I never noticed until I moved to return to the kitchen and he grabbed my leg and told me to stand still. After a second he asked me to open my legs because he wanted to look at everything. The moment was ruined when my mother stepped into the room and his arm was all the way up my dress and he was touching my panties with his fingers. My mother yelled at me to go help my aunt. Nothing was said to him, but I got a self respect lecture.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 36

    Our playground for recess was really big, and because it was the 80s the teachers didn't watch us the whole time. In the corner of the field behind the baseball diamond there were some bushes which made great forts and totally hid you from the school.

    I was maybe 7 and I went to the bushes and let 3 boys play with my private parts. I invited them because it made my peepee tingle, so my clitty must have been swollen. While standing I pulled my panties down to my ankles and lifted up my skirt, stretching my panties to open my legs wide.

    I don't remember the boys names. They got real close to see and pulled open my hairless pussylips and looked up my hole. They spent most of the time just rubbing around on my clit and inner flaps, and I remember their hands touching all over my privates. They eventually found my sexhole, and were amazed their fingers disappeared inside. All three boys started pushing their fingers into my cunny at the same time, which hurt cuz it stretched my hole. I remember looking down at the tops of their heads and their hands all over my private girlparts.

    We had to stop pretty quick so I didn't get to see their wieners, but we didn't get caught. I flashed my puss at them on other days later, in the swings or on the tube slid. I have no idea why I did these things. But that was the time 3 boys fingered my virgin cunny.

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