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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    I live in a small rural town, and I am a junior in high school. Usually our gym classes tend to be large, usually containing half the grade, but my gym class happens to be small, containing only ten students, including me. They are all boy excepted for one girl named Sammy.

    Sammy is a nice girl, always smiling. She is also very sexy. She has short blonde hair, perky tits that she almost always keeps covered, but you can still make out their shape as they conter the fabric she wears, and a nice firm looking ass. There are rumors that she does not wear any underwear as well.

    One day in gym class we we're playing volleyball and Sammy walks in wearing a tight fitting gym shirt and even tighter fitting yoga pants. I honestly thought I could see the shape of her pussy. Our gym teach leaves us most days, since we are such a small class, and goes off to do God knows what.

    We had played for a little while, when Sammy said she had to pee. The guys didn't what to stop the game to wait for her. One of them dared her to countinue playing while holding it, and if she made it to the end, he would give her 20 dollars. She accepted.

    As we countinued playing I watched as Sammy held it in, cross her legs this way and that, pushing her hands against her pussy. She looked so cute as she tryed to hold back. Then, when she went back to set set the ball and fell onto her ass. Sammy let out a high pitched moan, and we turned to see her with her legs spread and a wet spot spreading over her crotch, followed by a stream of golden liquid pouring out from the saturated fabric and on to the gym floor.

    I looked at her face as the golden stream countinued to gush. It was red from embarrassment but her expression was that of pure pleasure. After the water works stopped, Sammy stood up and said she guesses she couldn't embarrasse her self any more than she all ready had and proceeded to pull down her wet yoga pants, briefly exposing her bare pussy before her shirt came down to cover it. So the rumors are true.

    She continue playing wearing only her shirt, which for most of the time covered her, but when she would jump to get the ball, her beautiful bottom half would become exposed for all to see. At one point when she jumped I finally got a good look at her pussy. It was a shaved camel toe that was untanned, unlike the rest of her body, and looked so tight, I almost came thinking about slipping my dick into it.

    After we finished our game, Sammy walked in front of me lifted her shirt, showing he smothe round bare tits with pink hard nipples. She said that since she was going to have to take a shower any ways, she might as well get as dirty as possible. She lay down on the floor completely naked and told us to cum on her. We took out our dicks and started jerking off above her, with her open pussy facing me. She looked me in the eyes and mouthed the words "I'm on birth control" and winked at me. Before I knew what I was doing I was thrusting my hard cock into her pale illegal pussy.

    She let out loud moans as I pulled in and out, climaxing when the eight other guys cum plaster Sammy from head to toe from above. It was at that moment, I shot the largest load of my life inside of Sammy. I stood over Sammy thinking about how the innocent virgin high school girl who had walked into this gym only an hour earlier, now lay on the ground, naked and covered in ejaculate from head to toe, and a pussy full of my cum.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 32

    Feeling guilty about my teen years. The gardener one day looked up my dress and pulled me to him. I was ten at the time. When he came I would go out and talk to him and he would ask to see what color panties I had on and I would lift my dress for him to see or open my pants and pulled them down for him to see. He showed me his penis, which he would rub it against my pussy. As I grew older he got more aggressive and he eventually fucked me in the garden shed when I was fourteen. After that he would send me away when I went out to see him and he told me not to behave that way, that's not how girls from my neighborhood behaved.

    But I never got over the feeling of showing my panties. I wore dresses and skirts that were too short, I sat improperly with my legs open in public spaces, I lifted my feet under me on the sofa so that my panties were exposed, on one occasion I opened my pants and pushed my pants and panties down so that the boy could see my pubes, I went commando at the mall, I got braver and braver. And I felt guilty about it afterwards, hurting myself at home, pinching my nipples as hard as I could, I learned to pinch my clit really hard and when I found out I could use these big alligator clips my father had in his office I would clamp my nipples or my clit until I had tears in my eyes. But if I got the urge I would go into a restroom and take off my panties and walk around commando at the mall.

    When I got pulled over by this man at the mall and he asked me if I wanted 'it' I let him fuck me in the service elevator. I went home and I really felt bad, I knew I had gone way over the line and I just quit cold turkey, I stopped flashing and went normal again. Now if I accidently flash I get flushed, considering that I would purposely let men see my naked pussy when I was a teen. I am married now and I have kids and I work as a translator for a hospital (I speak Spanish). I am sure to always cover my daughter's legs with her dress, have her keep her legs crossed and mostly I keep her in pants. She is only nine but I was around that age when I started so I am over sensitive to the issue.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 49

    I am a member of a very wealthy but very conservative family. There are to be no scandals.

    Early on, around sixteen my cousin who is male and my best friend told me he thought that I was a lesbian because I never talked about boys and I was always fantasizing about being friends with this girl or that girl. At that time I had not kissed another girl. In return for me bringing him girls he covered for me and I had sex with another girl when I was in the 11th grade. He was having sex with another girl, both of the girls were from my school so it was sort to of a gang bang or orgy. This took place out at the lake house. He fucked the girl I had sex with later that afternoon before we headed back to town so she wouldn't feel left out. That is the kind of girls I was going to school with. It was my first experience kissing a girl and being totally naked with a girl on a bed together, my first experience touching a girl between her legs, sucking her tits, in my mind she was a regular nice church girl but she was really a little slut in high school and she just got off to having sex with me waiting for her turn with my cousin.

    She liked having sex with me and she and I had sex a whole lot, we both got our first lesbian sex card together and for a long time we couldn't keep our hands off we came so close so many times to being discovered. Yes it was shameful but it felt so good. During one of the lake house trips my cousin went ahead and fucked me too so that I would know the difference. We were not nice kids all we wanted to do was get naked and roll around on the floor together. If my grandfather were to ever know that his first grandfather was getting pussy with another girl he would die.

    When my college days came I went to New York to Columbia. I met a girl there and in the safety of our apartment we had sex all the time. She was from Connecticut and she was very patrician and very beautiful and we could see ourselves walking hand in hand down the Champ Elise in Paris. My cousin continued to provide cover for me, he was at Yale and he brought us over for parties on the excuse that he was bringing a couple of girls down and housing us for the weekend. Under his protection we were able to get nasty, he always had a nasty girl with him and we all got naked like we did in high school at the lake house and he fucked any available hole, if you got your butt up in the air you were likely to get fucked. Always, no exception he brought a girl and he put us all in one room and we had sex together. Those were the weekends when we could really let ourselves do nasty things, real nasty things, the nastier the better. I never thought about it but my girlfriend was just as nasty as we were, she didn't mind having him fuck her and she liked getting her nose down and dirty with me, as long as we could make love she was open to anything he wanted to do with her.

    Our really nasty streak lasted for several years, well after we got out of college. One day he told me had met little Suzie Q, a girl from a well to do family like ours but she was anything but us, she was truly a little virgin girl who had been raised to be a nice little wife and have a family of six kids. She was nineteen and I was 24 and I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. She was my cousin's, he told me she was off limits, she was the marrying girl for him and we needed those types of girls to have the kids, I had to understand that. But none of that kept me from being in love with her.

    My cousin told me that it would be the right thing to do for me to get married, we just needed to find a guy who never knew about our play dates and for me to get serious with him and get married and have kids. We had to cover up, I was 24 and by then I should have been married. I went to my wedding day with a long look at my cousin's fiancée, longing to be with her and facing having to be with my husband who was waiting at the end of the isle. She was really innocent and she patted my hand telling me that I was going to be OK, just close my eyes and it was all going to be over in a minute. My father walked me down the isle, I got married like a rehearsed play, I went on my honeymoon and closed my eyes, every single second of sex with him I could only think of my cousins' fiancée. If I wasn't in love with her when I left on my honeymoon I was totally in love with her when I got back.

    When she finished college she and my cousin got married, I had a kid by then and I was pretty sure I was going to have a second one, I patted her hand and told her to close her eyes and just let it happen. But not before touching her face and telling her I loved her and nothing made me happier than having her in our family.

    I never strayed from my husband, the rules are pretty strict and my cousin enforces them with me. I never fell out of love with his wife, I am just as much in love with her today. We have our families and we are very close. I do have feelings for my husband, but only one person fills my heart. I have never crossed the line with her, the most I have ever done is tell her that I love her. From time to time I remember those days when my cousin and I had our orgies, we were nasty people then. I have never done anything nasty with my husband and I am sure that my cousin has never done anything nasty with his wife. And even though we do from time to time remember and talk about those days with my cousin, they are memories of days that are long gone.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 36

    In my junior year of high school my gym class was large, with a mix of both jocks and nerds. One day there was a substitute, which allowed the jocks to have some fun with one of the nerds, who was named Tim.

    When Tim came out of the locker room, two jocks grabbed him from behind and a third one pulled down his gym shorts and underwear, revealing his pale cock to the entire gym. Tim was a skinny kid, so it was to my surprise that I see a 8 inch hard cock bounce upwards, accompanied by a size able ball sack that dangled in plane view.

    I had to admire his white cut cock, it was just so vainy and girthy. Hell, I'm straight, but I wouldn't mind getting more aquatinted with his crotch.

    There was a group of girls standing around pointing and laughing, when the most whorey of the bunch, a girl named Daisy, said aloud, "let's see if we can make this little boy cum". She walked in front of Tim, lifted her shirt, and showed her large bate breast, jiggling them a bit. I looked at Tom, and I could tell he was holding back his creamy load.

    When that didn't work Daisy took off her top and stripped naked infront of every one. Like I said before, she was a whore. She stared towards Tim, rubbing her shaved pussy. Since things were starting to heat up, and no one was looking my way, I reach into my shorts and started jerking off. When Daisy got to Tom, his penis and her pussy we're only about 6 inches apart. Daisy then bent down, spread her pussy, and licked Tim's head.

    Tom shot his load twice, the first pump flew millimeters from Daisy's pussy hole, and the second hit to the left, dripping off Daisy's fleshy pussy lip. "Guess you don't have good aim" Daisy said, whipeing his ejaculate of her croutch and licking it off her finger. The jocks proceeded to push Tim down to the ground, landing his head in a pubble of freshly made sperm. Daisy then proceeded to stand above him and urinate all over him. Dasiy got dressed and pretended like nothing happened.

    My hand was covered in cum after that spectacle, so let's just say that the game of basketball I went on to play for the rest of class was intersesting.

    As for what happened to Tim, he turned out fine,he went to some prestiges collage some where. As for Daisy, I heard that she did a simular stunt with another nerds, but he happened to have better aim.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    My dad owned a strip club when I was younger (I own and operate it now), and it was set up as a anything goes club. Local PD did not care so long as the right payments were made, along with a complimentary VIP pass to the right people. For the girls, extras were mandatory. Customers were not allowed to take girls home, but anything goes in our VIP rooms, which are on the 2nd floor and ranged from small intimate rooms to large party rooms, complete with their own bar, pool table, stage, and couches. We had cameras in the rooms too, so we could make sure no one messed with the girls, and tapes in case someone wanted to make trouble. I remember going there when I was 12 after school and watching some of the action.

    Anyway, when I was 13, I remember this gorgeous blonde girl who was working one night. I was awkward at that age, but somehow worked up the courage to cop a feel of her ass, and she would up slapping me. I don't know what I expected to happen. She was pretty pissed off and was about to do it again, when one of the other dancers stopped her and said that I was the owner's son. I still remember the look on her face when she was told. She then started begging me not to tell my dad about the slap, and before I knew it, she was dragging me into one of the smaller VIP rooms to "make it up" to me. I will admit I did not last long, but she went for round two in the room, and while awkward, it is one of my best memories.

    People say that after the first time, you are not the same anymore, and that was true for me. I felt a lot more confident, and as I grew up, I used the status as the owner's son to get with quite a few more dancers over the years. I am sure that there was no way my dad did not know, but he did not do a thing to stop it.

    Now, I run the place, and I still take advantage of my dancers. But something interesting has happened. Usually, if you fuck one girl, and do another on the side, they get pissed at you and each other, and it ruins things. But not committing and going after all the girls, they never turn on you. They compete with each other for your attentions. They think fucking me will get them special favors or treats. But one thing my dad did teach me is there are always other girls, never get too attached, and they are all replaceable. What matters more is the money they bring in. Without that, we have nothing. The sex is just a perk.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    One time when I was 15 years old, I went on a day trip into the city with my sister, who was 17, and two of her friends, who were also 17. We had taken the bus in and spent the day seeing the sights. Unfortunately, we missed the last bus that we were going to use to get home. So we had to find another way.

    We stood at the side and of the highway, trying to get someone to stop. One of the girls decided to take her top off, exposing her underaged tits to the on coming cars. When that didn't work, the other girl and my sister took of their tops. The two girls weren't willing to take it any further, but not my sister. Soon enough she was waving to car completely naked, with her young, wet, illeagl pussy fully exposed. She was enjoying this.

    Cars still weren't stopping, and I was the only one still clothed. So I stip down to my underwear, and already my dick was pitching a tent. I pull my underwear down as my heart beat quickens, and the movement of underaged cock flicking upwards nearly causes me to blow a creamy load all over the pavement. Finally, a car stops. The driver is a man in his late 30s. He tells my sister and her friends to sit in the back and has me sit in the passenger seat next to him. Then we are off, all of us still nearly/totally naked.

    As we are driving, I see the man move his hand to change gears, when suddenly he grabs hold of my hard, underaged cock and begins stroking it. This initually scares me but also feels so good. The three girls look away in shock but curiosity eventually gets the best of them and their eyes become focused on the man's hand as it slowly but firmly moves up my shaft, up to my head and then down again.

    As the man countines to stroke my of, I focus on the three girls who all have their tits out still with my sister still naked, sitting in the middle. While the two girls tits look great, my sister are by far the best. Her tits are pearly whites and smooth, topped off with her cherry red nipples. As I am starting at them through the rearview mirror, I let out a groan, and blow a huge load with so much force that it hits the roof of the car and falls back onto my bare chest. My small.cock countined pumping out cum for nearly 10 seconds. Despite the buckets of ejaculate I had shot all over my self and the roof, the man countined stroking me.

    A little while later, my sister asked if we could stop so she could go take a piss, but the man told her she could just pee where she was sitting. At this point I had recovered from my first cum explosion, and watching a golden stream of urine shoot out from my sister's tight pussy was enough for me to blow my second load. This time I got a good amount in my mouth. I ejaculated two more times during the rest of the trip.

    When we arrived close to home, we got out of the car and by this point my whole front (including but not limited to: my legs, crotch, chest, and face) was sticky from all of the cum. The man gave me an entire roll of paper towels to clean off and then he drive away. My sister, her friends, and I never spoke of this event again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I was m****ted at 7 years old by neighborhood teen aged boys and their friends but it got to where I really liked it and needed it sucking cock and feeling them cum in my ass

    I never had to wait to find nice big cocks like in military academy I'd go into the laundry room and find people jacking off and would get on my knees and suck them off and offer my asshole to them and get my fill

    Then in junior high I'd have sleep overs and my friends would jack off thinking I was asleep so I'd grab their cocks and let them fuck me all night long

    Same in military didn't have to look to hard cock always found me and I always sucked em good

    So at 65 I still love cock and taking it up my ass if I can't get it I play with my asshole and shove my fingers then a huge dildo and fuck myself silly

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    So i started getting a little curious about guys when i was younger. I didnât feel i was gay but i would sometimes think about sucking cock while i was jerking off, only to feel ashamed of it after i had blown my load. I didnât find men attractive, so much as I just enjoyed the deviant idea of sucking a guy off.
    This fantasy was expanded on when i discovered the craigslist personals ads. I was amazed at how many local guys were posting for random, anonymous hookups with other guys. I would masturbate while i fantasized about answering these ads or making my own. I decided to create one just to see what kind of response i might get, not expecting much. I was amazed at how many responses i got. It really turned me on hearing about what these guys wanted to do with me, and how hot they thought i was. I started checking it all the time, even getting to recognize the troll/regulars who were on there constantly and where probably bad news.
    Eventually i decided to go through with it, and carefully combed through the ads and responses for a few days. I knew i would have a chance to hook up coming soon and wanted to set something up. I settled on a guy who was white, 42, divorced⦠He was named Jack and had a nice looking cock and a sexy daddy look. He was tall and broad, kinda stocky but not fat, salt and pepper hair and a well trimmed beard. Most importantly, he had a discreet apartment where we could play, and he could pick me up near my home. We talked about what we wanted to do. Mostly i just wanted to start off by sucking his dick, and told him Iâd like to wear some panties/girly stuff while I did it. He was definitely into it too and now i was really excited. I had been experimenting with cross dressing and it always made me super hard. I couldnât wait to be the girl on my knees for this man. We messaged back and forth for over a week, both getting hornier by the day.
    When the day finally came i packed up my girly clothes in a bag and nervously checked my email all morning. My fam was gone for the weekend and no one was going to question what i was doing. When i did get the word that we were still on for the meet i felt a rush of lustful energy run through my body as i realized that today i would finally suck a cock for the first time.
    The plan was to meet at a local shopping center near my home, where Jack could pick me up and take me to his private apartment. I knew what he would be driving, a big, red, quad cab chevy pick up truck, which he parked discreetly in the lot next to a tree. My heart raced as i walked over to his truck, hoping i had the right vehicle, hoping i wouldnât chicken out. As i opened the passenger side door he greeted me with a warm smile and said,
    âHI!, glad you could make it, hope you havenât been waiting long.â
    âNoâ, I said meekly, ânot much of a waitâ
    I was looking down as i spoke to him and couldnât help but notice his left hand resting on an obvious bulge in his jeans. He saw my hungry eyes looking at his lap. He gripped it tighter and i could see his cock throbbing back in response.
    âYo u can check it out if you likeâ Jack said assuringly, âwindows are full tint and no one can see usâ
    He was right, the truck sat up high and the windows were dark. No one could see us. I reached over and gripped his cock through his pants. It jumped in my hand and i was a bit surprised and embarrassed but Jack was cool and helped me out by undoing his fly and shifting his jeans down. He than hooked his thumb in his boxer briefs and pulled down, causing his full erection to pop out right in front of me. It was a great looking penis. Good size, 7 inches long, girthy, cut, with a nice set of balls.
    He told me i could play with it on our way over to his place if i wanted. I very much did and stroked and fondeled the first cock besides my own i had held during the short ride to his apartment. I wanted to go down on him right there and then in the truck but was still just a little nervous about it and also wanted to get changed into my clothes. I was wearing a pair of panties that my dick was already pressing tightly against but besides that i had my girly clothes in my bag. I didnât want him to cum before i got a chance to get changed and fully enjoy it.
    We got to his apartment, a 2 bedroom in a complex that was neither nice nor bad. I followed him to his door where he let me in, cupping my buttocks as i walked past him at the door. He locked the door behind him and for a second i got a little scared then thought i would rather have the door locked tooâ¦so i went back to nervous horniness.
    He asked if i wanted to get dressed and i nodded and said yesâ¦.asked him where the bathroom was and he pointed the way. Once in the bathroom, i took a deep breath and calmed myself down. I opened my bag and got out my girl clothes. Today i had brought some stripped thigh high leggings with a short skirt. On top i wore a pink spaghetti strap tank top. I didnât wear make up or do a full dress up, but I put those clothes on and i felt like a sexy slut ready for action!
    I left the bathroom and walked down the hall to see him sitting on the couch in the living room. He smiled when i walked in, saying
    âyou look really cute!â
    I was happy to hear that and it gave me a little confidence. next he gestured to a whiskey bottle and glasses on the table and asked if i needed an icebreaker. I took the drink, it was awful but i pretended it was good, its warm effect was anyway. I stood there awkwardly for a moment before he asked me if i wanted to come sit with him on the couch. With a nervous laugh i made my way around the coffee table to sit by his left side. He had since changed into a pair of sweat pants which i could see he was grabbing his semi-hard cock through. My own member was surprisingly flaccid. Usually Iâd get hard right away when i put girly clothes on but up to this point the nerves had seemed to keep that in check.
    That changed soon after. As i sat down Jack reached around my back with his big, strong arm and pulled me against him at his side. He was much bigger and taller than me, so i had to turn my head up to look at him. When i did he smiled, pulled me tight to him, cradling me by the small of my back, and leaned down and kissed me.
    At first i was a bit shocked. We had talked about kissing and i was definitely interested to do it but when the time came I wasnât expecting it. That moment of shock faded away pretty quickly however, as i felt my dick grow hard in seconds! I felt a wave of lust and endorphins wash over me as i kissed him back. He reached over with his other hand and gripped my left thigh. From there he slid his hand back and forth on my leg, causing my dick to scream against the panties i was wearing. At one point he brushed against my throbbing penis, causing me to let out a little involuntary girlish moan. I felt slightly embarrassed for a brief moment but by now I had given myself up to him, and my lust.
    My hand found its way to his dick as we made out. It was super hard and leapt up to meet my fingers. I stroked his thick manhood through the sweatpants slowly but with pressure, causing him to moan a bit and grip at me tighter. With the hand at my back he reached further to cup my ass and pull me half on his chest as he leaned back. His other hand ran up the inside of my thigh but this time instead of going back down his hand came to rest on my cock. I thought it was going to explode when he touched it and thrust my hips toward his grip. As he rubbed my cock I laid my head against his chest and looked down at the outline of his hard-on, overcome with the desire to pull it out and pleasure this man.
    As if he was reading my mind he took his hand off my panty restricted penis, and pulled his waistband down, freeing his cock. It sprung out, as before and swung over to rest on his stomach. It looked beautiful. It was big and thick and had a great head on it, the tip of which was glistening with a bit of pre-cum. I wanted to taste that pre-cum, but I had fantasized about this for so long i wanted to fully enjoy it. I grabbed his awesome prick and began to stroke it.
    Very softly, i worked my fingers up and down his pulsating cock, causing it to twitch and jump. I loved it. I had fantasized about this day for so long and now I had this guys dick in my hand. I squeezed him a little tighter as i worked my hand up and down his shaft. In response he started rubbing my ass and gave it a little smack. This really turned me on.
    âOh, yeahâ I whimpered, embarrassed briefly again by being so lusty.
    âYeah? you like that huh?â , He chuckled to me, âyouâve got a great little ass on youâ
    I loved hearing that and it made me feel sexy. He gave it another light smack sending a small euphoric wave through my body. When he reached down under my little skirt to pull my dick out I was already extremely turned on and horny, but it set me over the edge. I wanted this mans cock so badly. I wanted to be a dirty cock slut. I wanted to be this mans girl. I wanted to be sexy. Now i was getting my chance.
    I leaned over to bring my head towards his lap.which also gave him a better angle on my ass. I had tucked my erection between/behind my legs as i shifted, allowing him to reach down and play with my cock and balls as well. With his naked cock in my face i took a brief pause to enjoy the moment before taking his bulbous head into my mouth. I had often fantasized about how i would do that, usually involving teasing up and down the shaft and all that but in the end i didnât even think about it. i just wanted it in my mouth.
    I loved the way the head of his dick felt in my mouth, i just wanted to suckle on it like a lollipop! I sucked at the tip where I had seen his cum oozing up. It was my first taste of cum and i liked it. He moaned a bit when i did that, and started rubbing my body down faster and with more animal lust than before. I could tell he was really getting turned on and it really turned me on to know i could do that. I proceeded to bob my head on his wonderful cock. It was a little difficult to get in my mouth because he was fairly thick so i took it slow at first. Trying to get more and more of it inside me without gagging or scrapping. It was harder than iâd imagined itâd be but it didnât take long before i was getting the hang of it.
    As i began my training as a cock sucker, Jack had gently placed a hand on my head while still leaving the other back at my ass. He began running his finger along my crack, tickling my hole. At one point i felt moisture on my anus and realized he must have wet his finger and was massaging my ass hole. I had limited experience with butt play up to that point. I had experimented with my fingers and a few small items but that was about it. I had been curious about anal and butt play but now that i had someone doing it to me i knew i definitely liked it.
    âmmm, thats nice, youâre so sexyâ Jack said, âYouâve got a nice boypussy!â
    That turned me on so much hearing him say that, i took my mouth off his member for a moment saying,
    âYou like that pussy? that slutty gurl pussy?â
    âFuck yeah i doâ he said, giving it a slap, âYouâre a hot little slut girl!â
    I was super hot for all of this and started trying to take his cock as deep as i could, but only getting a few inches. I was cradling his big balls in my hand while i slurped on his shaft when i felt him starting to put pressure on my hole with a wet finger. I moaned as he slipped the first knuckle in and started to finger my ass. At the same time he reached under and started tugging on my cock slowly. I was loving it to the point where i was neglecting his cock so i started sucking the head while i stroked the shaft. This was easier to maintain so i could fully enjoy these new sensations.
    I was disappointed when he pulled his finger out but that sensation was soon replaced by the feeling of a cool liquid on my hole. I looked back and he showed me a small bottle of KY liquid that he presumably had nearby. I was glad he was prepared even though i came in there with no real expectations. I went to licking his balls as he slid his finger back into my pussy. He quickly worked a few knuckles in me, saying,
    âGood gurl, take that.â
    I was pushing my ass up in the air to him like a needy slut. I had read about anal online before and tried doing what i had seen, relaxing my ass, pushing out etc., a total amateur, but it felt awesome! I was glad I had tried to clean my ass out as best i could with the shower head at home in case we got to this point. Even though Jack had big, thick fingers he seemed to get them in with ease with the lube. As he finger banged my boy hole he used the other hand to alternately rub/smack my ass and play with my cock. I was so turned on and almost came at one point but held back, I didnât want to cum yet. I was kind of afraid that if i came i might not be into it anymore, and i wanted to enjoy finishing him.
    His next move was to get up, pick me up in the process, which i thought was hot, and set me down on the couch. He then spread my legs out and up, elevating my ass on the edge of the couch. I grabbed my legs, with the black and white striped leggings just past the knee, and i pulled them back to give him easy access. He then began to lick my ass which was awesome! he worked his tongue up from my ass, over my taint and balls and up my shaft. I thought i was going to cum right there but he pulled back and started fingering my ass again while licking my balls.
    As he fingered my pussy i felt like i never had before. I knew my place was to be this mans slut girl and i was loving every minute of it. He suddenly took my rigid cock in his mouth and started sucking on it hungrily with a groan. It only took a moment before i was ready to explode, and i told him in a whispered tone that I was about to cum. He took my dick deep in his mouth as i blew, clenching my anus around his thick finger and dumping what felt like the biggest load of my life into his eager mouth. He groaned in approval and greedily drank it all up. He pulled his finger out but continued to nurse my cock a bit.
    As i lay back in ecstasy, i realized that i still needed to get him off. Although i had feared i would feel guilty/bad after i came, i found as i looked down at him pulling on his semi hard prick, that i was still very horny and still desperately wanted to suck my first cock to completion. I wanted to taste his manly cum.
    âwe can take a break if you need toâ he said smiling. âThereâs no rushâ.
    But i was ready. I sat up and grabbed his thick member, pulling it gently toward me, causing him to stand up in front of me. He smiled and moaned as i took the head in my mouth and began working my head back and forth like i had seen in porn. Again, i had to concentrate a bit on my technique around his fat dick, but soon I was working a good rhythm while stroking his shaft with one hand at the same time.
    He started talking dirty to me:
    âyeah, thats a good girl, suck that dickâ, âyouâre a good little slutâ, âyou love being daddies little cocksucker donât you?â
    This all set me off and made me super horny again. I loved being his slut girl. This was everything i had dreamed of. He then held my head still while he began fucking my mouth. I loved feeling his thrusts into my slut mouth, loved being his cum slut. He was really getting into it, bottoming out on the back of my throat, causing me to gag from time to time, which i also thought was hot as hell. I was loving choking on this mans cock. His pace quickened and i thought he must be close when i felt his dick seize up and spasm.
    He gripped my head hard as he shot a big stream of cum into my hungry mouth. I could actually feel the string of cum hitting the back of my throat, warm and heavy. It caused my to gag a bit and pull back, causing the next shot of cum to blast me in the face. It was a huge shot that hit me right between the eyes, but wasnât the last. He jerked his cock in front of my face while letting out a deep, guttural groan, sending blast after blast of heavy man seed onto my slut gurl face. I recovered from the initial shock and greedily took his dick into my mouth so i could taste the rest of his sperm. He still had a bit of his huge load left and finished it off in my girly cocksucker.
    He apologized with a laugh for cumming so suddenly in my mouth without asking, but i told him it was awesome and i liked it. In truth i both wanted to swallow a load and take one on my face and couldnât decide which iâd rather so i was glad he made the choice for me and that he had enough to do both. He said he hadnât cum in over a week and it showed!
    I excused myself to the bathroom to clean the cum off my face. When i got in there i was super turned on by seeing my slutty, gurly self covered in a mans seed in the mirror. I wiped some off and tasted it, committing to memory its sweet taste. I was surprised at how much i liked the taste or i guess that it wasnât totally grossâ¦laughing a bit to myself as i wondered what his diet was like. He knocked on the door after a bit to ask if i needed anything. I told him i was going to shower up before i left and he asked if he could join me.
    This was another fantasy i had so i was happy to oblige since we were there. We showered together, exploring each others bodies and making out. He started fingering my hole a bit again and said he wanted to take my ass. I told him i wasnât really ready for that and that he was probably too big. He laughed it off, saying it was no problem, maybe next time. I did however get on my knees and begin to suck him off again. The water in my face was kind of annoying (shower sex is a bit overrated, lol) but eventually I brought him to orgasm again, this time taking his whole load down to my belly.
    We got out and got dressed with a little smalltalk. He mentioned maybe trying other stuff when iâm ready and meeting up again. I agreed that would be great and was already secretly excited about the next meet. He asked if i wanted to hang out for a while longer but i said i should get going.
    It was getting dark as he drove me home, which made me feel strangely safe, like i had gotten away with something bad. The whole ride back the impact of what i had just done was sinking in. I felt so horny and slutty and girly. I felt proud of myself for doing something i had fantasized about for so long. I wanted to pull his cock out and make him cum again but i resisted, not wanting to seem to eager.
    We parted ways back where i had been picked up. He thanked me for a great time and said we should do it again, to which i wantonly agreed. My cock was rock hard again, and during the short walk home i couldnât stop grabbing at my erection as i replayed the events in my head. I couldnât wait to get home and jerk off while I recalled it. I felt i could still feel where is cum landed on my face, and could still detect the aftertaste of his ejaculate in my mouth.
    As I got to my house i saw the neighbors outside getting ready to go somewhere. They waved in a friendly manner and i got super horny thinking they had no idea what a slut i had been. I ran up to my room, put some panties on and jerked off furiously while reliving my adventure and looking at pictures of Jacks awesome cock.
    That was my first experience, and looking back i think i was lucky to have had such a good one. I was lucky to meet Jack and that he was a hot, chill guy and not some psycho. Iâve had less pleasant experiences since but generally good. That first one was amazing and from that point on i knew i was hooked.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 23

    Its, an opinion I want, when I was naughty as a child and in my early teens more so, my dad usually spanked me I admit I did deserve it to make me think about my actions, I did start to enjoy the part when my dad put me over his knee and pulled my pants down exposing my bare bottom I really liked exposing my arse to my dad, some times I thought I was being spanked for no reason at all and his pants were unzipped, I thought some of his actions were inappropriate, he finger would slip between my legs briefly touching my anus and vagina, he didn't spank me very hard when he had finished he would talk to me telling me I must behave better at the same time his hand would be rubbing my bottom better he said, I think he had an erection as well I could feel him swelling, was it so wrong of me to like my dads inappropriate attention.


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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    When I was a kid and for the longest time I couldn't figure out if I was gay or not but by puberty I came to the conclusion that I was bisexual. I liked boys which is why for a while I thought I was gay. I was told when I was ten that the test was that if you were alone with a really pretty girl then were alone with a really cute boy, which would you prefer to kiss. Well at that age I wanted to kiss a boy more, a very specific boy actually whom I had a crush on for about two years. So I figured I was gay. But then I saw this really pretty girl a year later and I had a crush on her and so I figured I might be going through a stag but it went back and forth and then I heard the term "bisexual" and what it meant so that is what I settled on.

    This happened before I got it figured out.

    I was nine years old when my parents sent me to spend the summer with my aunt and uncle and cousins at their house on the beach. I loved the beach so for me it was a dream come true. We only went to the beach maybe twice each summer. It was like a pilgrimage filled with ritual and pomp. I dreamed of living on the beach. So when my parents announced that my uncle would be dropping by to pick me up Saturday after school let out in mid Jun and that that he was going to return me the Saturday before Labor Day I was beyond excited. The announcement itself came the Wednesday of that week, Friday was the last day so it was less than 72 hours later I was in the back seat of the car wedged between my little five year old cousin who was an adorable little girl who was quiet and just loved to play with her Barbie dolls and my other cousin, a 15 year old Hockey fanatic who couldn't wait for summer to end and the beginning of the hockey season so he could play again and watch his favorite team again. For him there were two seasons: Hockey and Hell. June was the beginning of Hell.

    I could smell the salt in the air half an hour before we reached the beach. As we approached I could hear the surf of the north Atlantic pounding on the sand. It was a particularly turbulent day. It was the kind of day I yearned to experience. It was the kind of day I saw in the movies and it was the kind of day I had never before witnessed. Uncle Bill warned me not to to into the water due to a rip tide. I had heard of rip tides but hadn't a clue what they were only that you couldn't go into the water when there was one.

    Uncle Bill unpacked while my cousin Jimmy got out and sulked his way into the house. He hated the beach. He hated summer. He constantly complained about the heat. He cranked the A.C. in his room until you could nearly see icicles hanging from the ceiling fan. Hannah dragged her harem of half naked Barbie dolls out to the deck that overlooked the surf and sat down and held an impromptu fashion show with her as the only audience. I couldn't wait to get out onto the beach but my cousins seemed bored with the idea and it was only the first day of summer.

    I stripped down to my bathing suit which Uncle Bill suggested I put on under my jeans and took off down the beach to see what treasures had washed up. I spent all afternoon amassing a collection of sea shells, drift wood and starfish. It was only day one and I could fill a large cardboard carton with my collection. I didn't think far enough ahead to wonder how many truck loads I would have amassed by Labor Day.

    Dinner was a picnic on the patio, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw, corn chips and soda. That was more junk food than my parents let me eat in a month. I was truly in kid heaven, or at least my version of it.

    Eventually the sun set. I had never been on a beach at sun set before. I would describe it as pretty close to a religious experience. I could tell you the colors but you would not grasp but a tiny fraction of the beauty of it. Go see one for yourself. I can't explain it to you.

    Darkness fell and we went indoors, Uncle Bill, Aunt Helen, Hannah and me. Jimmy was in his room abstaining from food and praying for the Earth's orbit around the sun to be sped up to make winter happen sooner. We watched TV a little then it was bath time, Hannah first then me.

    The place had but three bedrooms, Uncle Bill and Aunt Helen's room, Jimmy's room and Hannah's room. While Uncle Bill and Aunt Helen originally wanted us segregated by gender, Jimmy was bound and determined come hell or high water that there was absolutely no way on God's green Earth that at any time between now and the end of eternity that he was going to share his bedroom with a little fagot. Said little fagot being me. Hannah very enthusiastically volunteered half her bedroom for me to share for the entire summer. Hannah was as lonely as Jimmy craved solitude. So Uncle Bill took apart the spare bed he had previously assembled in Jimmy's room and dragged it across the hall to Hannah's room and set it up there. All that while I was taking my bath. I preferred baths to showers as I didn't like water dripping down my skull. I liked to luxuriate under the water naked and be completely engulfed by the wet warmth. When I was done sooner than I wanted and later than Aunt Helen wanted I wandered into Hannah's room to find my bed all set up and made up ready for me to crawl in. Hannah and I talked for a while. Aunt Helen walked in to tuck us in and bid us and kiss us good night. Then Hannah and I talked a little while longer. We agreed that we would go for a long walk on the beach together the next day and as many days as we could. I liked my little cousin more and more and I started to wonder what she looked like under her nightie but knew that would be naughty so I purged the thought from my mind and thought pleasant thoughts of shore and shells and starfish.

    I don't know exactly when. The full moon lit up the room so I could clearly see. But that is not what woke me up. What woke me up was the hand inside my pajama bottom. It was a much bigger hand than mine but it wasn't the hand of a full size man. It was a teenager's hand. It was feeling around inside my pajama bottom but mostly it explored my penis and testicles. It played with my penis mostly. My penis became hard. It pulled back my foreskin and began jerking me off. I hadn't ever jerked off before and was unfamiliar with the concept. I was afraid at first to open my eyes. Then I did. It was my cousin Jim. He was leaning down over my bed. He had his penis out and was jerking himself off with the other hand. He kept jerking me off for at least half an hour. I kept my eyes mostly closed because I was afraid of what he might do if he discovered I was awake.

    The thing was it happened to be a very pleasant experience that hand on my junk. It wasn't the rough hand of an adult. It was kind of soft, almost girly. It stroked me gently but steadily, rhythmically. It felt better and better. I felt like I wanted desperately to do something down there but had no idea what. I felt an urgent need to do some mysterious thing I could not describe nor define I only knew I needed to do it but I didn't know what exactly "it" was. Then Jimmy let go of my dick and put his away. He left our room and closed the door. I rolled over and felt something wet on my pillow.

    I went to sleep and had a weird dream that Jimmy was trying to put his thing in my mouth but I bit it off.

    The next day I kept my promise to Hannah which was a fun promise to keep. She turned out to be a very good beach combing partner. I enjoyed her company. I also enjoyed the view of her nearly naked body only partially obscured by about three feet of string and three square inches of a thin shear fabric. It had no business being called a garment but I didn't mind. It meant seeing more of Hannah's beautiful flesh.

    Late Sunday night I was woken up again to find Jimmy's hand exploring my groin again. It was a very pleasant way to wake up even if it was in the middle of the night. His hand went all over my groin and thighs just like the night before. I'm not sure why but he also spent a lot of time gently rubbing his hand in circles around and around my belly. That felt really good. After a while he squirted something gooey out of the end of his penis that landed on my pillow and with one squirt that sprayed across my face. It smelled funny. After that he did himself up and left the room again. I scooped up a finger full of the goo and smelled it. It didn't have much of a smell but I liked it anyways. It hadn't occurred to me to taste it.

    Monday, Hannah accidentally walked in on my while I was sitting on the toilet taking my morning dump. She said "oops!" then ran back out again. My little dick went instantly hard.

    We went beach combing again accumulating exhibit material for my private sea life museum. My Dad was going to have to add a room before I got back.

    Monday night Aunt Helen went to give Hannah a bath but Hannah asked if I could do it. She asked if I would mind and I said no and quickly ran into the bathroom hoping nobody would notice my excessive enthusiasm. While I had not at this point formulated any sort of plan to see or feel my little cousin I also could not get her sweet little body out of my mind. Aunt Closed and locked he bathroom door on the way out ensuring that Hannah and I would have privacy. Now when I was five years old I could give myself a bath and felt insulted if anyone suggested I might need help. So I was surprised to learn that Hannah expected assistance in the bathroom. Of course I didn't question that I was just surprised. I had also been raised that boys don't get to see girls naked and vice versa. Again I did not intend to question it. Hannah insisted I wash everything starting with her hair so I did. I hesitated when it came to her butt and genitals but she insisted I clean her there as well. I soaped up my fingers and washed her little pussy and ass. She just smiled and spread her little legs a little more. After that I was invited into the bathroom every time she took a bath or needed to use the bathroom. By the next day I was wiping her every time she peed. She seemed to love having me touch her.

    Later Monday night after Aunt Helen tucked us in and kissed us good night and closed the door behind her I got out of bed and walked over to Hannah's bed. I softly asked her if I could see her pussy and touch it. She said yes and took the covers off and pulled up her flannel nightie and spread her legs. She giggled as I held her open and looked inside at her hymen. She showed me where the pee comes out of and even explained how babies came out of her vagina and then she went on about eggs and periods and she lost me there. she knew far more about reproduction than I did. She didn't ask to look at my private parts though I would have shown the to her if she had asked. I spent about an hour feeling her up and looking at her. I told her she was beautiful. She smiled and said I could look at her and touch her any time I wanted to. I ended up doing that a lot that summer.

    I got back into bed and fell asleep thinking about Jimmy's hand.

    I woke up to the sensation of Jimmy jerking me off while he rubbed his big hard hairy cock on my face. I pretended to be asleep. Hannah didn't seem to notice anything. Jimmy's hand was more urgent than the previous nights. It felt even better that way. His other hand was just as urgent jerking his cock off as he rubbed it on my face. This time he pushed the end of it between my lips. I wanted to open my mouth though I didn't know why but I was scared and just kept my mouth closed. A few minutes later the pleasure between my legs ended as his sperm sprayed against my teeth. A moment later he was gone leaving a mess on my face. I rolled over and wiped my face on my pillow then turned the pillow over.

    On Tuesday I took Hannah for another beach combing expedition. We were become very good friends. We got to a part of the beach that was very remote and secluded meaning there were not houses or people around. Hannah told me she had to pee and that her mom had taken her up into the dunes before to do that so I thought that was a good idea and so we went into the dunes. Hannah pulled her bikini bottom aside and I sat down in the sand and got my face inches away from her hairless little pussy and watched her pee dribble out of her tiny pee hole. She giggled while I watched her. When she was done I reached up and wiped her gently with the back of my hand. She giggled and told me it tickled. Then she asked me if I had to pee. I hadn't really thought about it but the moment she said that I felt the urge to pee so I took my bathing suit down not thinking to be modest in front of my cousin. I must have subconsciously thought that if I could see her naked she ought to be able to see me naked. So I closed my eyes and tried to relax and a moment later I could feel the pee rushing out the end of my dick. The moment that happened I felt a tiny hand wrap itself around my soft little dick and I heard Hannah giggling. She very excitedly held on to my dick aiming my stream into the sand. A moment later, despite an urgent need to pee I could not manage to piss out another drop. But a moment after she let go I could pee again. It became a game with her. I finally finished peeing and pulled up my bathing suit and we continued our journey.

    Tuesday night I was running Hannah's bath and she was standing there naked brushing her beautiful hair when Aunt Helen walked into the bathroom and suggested that I also rake my clothes off and join my cousin in the bath tub. Hannah perked up and gleefully agreed to the idea. I was outvoted even if I wanted to object which I didn't. A moment later I was a snaked as Hannah and she was brushing my hair while we both sat in the warmth of the bath water. This time after I finished bathing Hannah she bathed me and her tiny hands were enthusiastically thorough.

    After we had dried off and put on our PJ's and gotten into bed and Aunt Helen had tucked us in and bid us good night and left, Hannah and I talked. We talked a lot. Mostly we talked about sex and how much we enjoyed sharing our bodies with each other. She loved the way it felt when we touched each other. She loved my hands on her genitals and I told her I loved he touching me. Then she told me her brother used to touch her but stopped mysteriously about two years earlier.

    I woke up a few hours later to Jimmy's hand jerking me off. I was starting to really like being woken up this way and I really didn't mind when Jimmy tried to put his dick in my mouth. This time I just let my jaw go limp and hoped he would just force it in. I was not disappointed. Jimmy got braver and braver each day. He pushed his cock most of the way in my mouth and I helped it along by opening my mouth just a little bit. Then he fucked my mouth. I didn't help at all after that. I wanted to lick it but I was afraid to. Jimmy fucked my mouth for a while longer then the jerking off of my cock stopped again as he filled my mouth with sperm. He pulled out of my mouth and left my room. Then I swallowed his sperm and decided I liked the way it tasted. A moment later Hannah roused and got out of bed and came over to me. She whispered into my ear: "I think Jimmy likes you more than he likes me." Then she got into bed with me and backed her tiny ass up against my groin. I put my arm around her and slid my hand up her nightie and she spread her legs inviting my hand between them. I slipped a finger partly inside her and she sighed softly. We drifted off to sleep after that.

    I don't know what made me do it but some time later when it was still dark out I woke up and got out of bed. I heard a noise from down the hall. I went down the hall to check it out. It was coming from Jimmy's room. I looked inside and saw Uncle bill with his hand inside a sleeping Jimmy's pajama bottom. He was clearly Jerking off. Aunt Helen was in a corner with her hand up her nightie rubbing her self madly and grunting. I stood there transfixed and aroused. Uncle Bill leaned down and took Jimmy's dick in his mouth and sucked him while Aunt Helen continued to frig herself. Then I put my hand in my pajama bottom and jerked myself off for a few minutes while I watched. I heard Jimmy grunt like he does when he comes on or in my so I realized we were about done. Afraid of getting caught I took off and climbed back into my bed behind Hannah and put my hand back between her legs and buried my face in her mane of soft hair and closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.

    The next day I woke wondering how much of the previous night I had dreamed and how much really happened. I decided it all really happened and I came to the conclusion that I could do almost anything sexually that I might want to and I probably wouldn't get into trouble. So I tried an experiment. While still in bed and while Hannah was still asleep I removed my Pajamas and positioned myself on top of the covers sprawled out naked with my erection pointing straight up and exposed. I then slipped a hand between Hannah's legs and slipped a finger inside her and just waited there for Aunt Helen to come wake us up for breakfast. A while later Aunt Helen came into the room and walked around to me. She gently shook me awake. I wasn't asleep. She said nothing about my nudity or my fingers inside her five year old daughter's pussy.

    At the breakfast table I asked Uncle Bill if a ten year old boy could be sent to jail for walking around naked in public. He said no. He was certain that could not happen. So after breakfast I asked Hannah if she would like to go beach combing naked. A big grin on her face told me her answer. She and I went to the back door which on beach houses is called the front door. we stripped off our clothes and grabbed our beach combing bags and put on our beach combing shoes and strutted out the door naked leaving our clothes and civilization behind. We only saw one other human being on the beach that morning. It was a woman in her fifty who tisk-tisked us but didn't say a word. We walked about a mile then turned around and walked back passing about 40 beach houses along the way. It was summer but it was the middle of the week and most beach goers went on weekends. That was experiment one.

    When we got back we strutted into the house as naked as we left it and didn't bother putting any clothes on. I walked right up to Aunt Helen and kissed her cheek and asked her if she wanted to see the treasures we found. She said yes and looked over our finds and congratulated us on our successful expedition and didn't say one word about us being naked. I had dreams like that but was starting to think I was in a dream or going insane. How was I NOT getting into trouble walking around naked? Maybe nobody cared about a five year old and a ten year old walking around naked.

    That night after Hannah and I took our bath together we toweled each other off and got ourselves dry and we went down stairs into the living room and sat naked on the sofa to watch TV with her parents. While they were fully dressed they said nothing about our state of undress. They acted as if either they didn't notice it or it was perfectly normal for children to go around naked all the time. Hannah and I ran upstairs giggling and then we got into bed naked and wrapped our bodies around each other. That is when she first kissed me. I had never kissed anyone before and neither had Hannah but she decided to try what she saw on TV and I liked it and she liked it back. We played with each other's genitals that way. A while later Aunt Helen walked into the room and found us naked in bed together. She seemed not to notice and tucked us both in together naked and kissed us both good night except this time for the first time she kissed us both on the lips.

    Later Jimmy woke me up again with his hand on my cock which was pushed up against his baby sister's bare ass. He pushed his dick into my mouth. I decided not to pretend and so I grabbed a hold of his dick and I sucked on it. He jerked me off for a while, while I gazed up into his eyes as I tried to swallow his cock partially choking and gagging on it. He came a couple of minutes later and let me lick his dick clean. Then he did something he hadn't done before. he moved his sister's ass and put his mouth on my dick and sucked me for a while. Then he left and went to bed.

    A while later I heard noises coming from his room. I got out of bed and walked down the hall naked but this time instead of just peaking into Jimmy's room I simply strutted in naked and sat down on his bed while Uncle Bill was giving him a blow job. I looked over at Aunt Helen who was frigging herself again but this time she came over and she put her tongue in my mouth and grabbed my cock and jerked me off.

    The next day Hannah and I went down to breakfast naked and played with each other's genitals while we ate. Everyone acted like that was normal. When breakfast was done I decided I wanted to try something else so I went up to Aunt Helen and put my hand inside the top of her nightie and grabbed one of her tits. She pretended nothing was happening while she did the dishes. Uncle Bill seemed not to notice but Jimmy had his hand between his sister's legs.

    That night at the dinner table I asked for Aunt Helen and Uncle Bills permission to r*pe Hannah.

    "Well I suppose but you should really ask Hannah after all it's her c*nt."

    So I didn't wait. I grabbed Hannah and whispered in her ear and asked if I could put my dick in her vagina. She smiled and said yes and so without any further ado I put my dick in her right there in the living room in front of everyone and fucked her. That was the very first time I had an orgasm and she seemed to like it as well. I looked around and everyone else was masturbating.

    Any vestige of pretense was over. I went over to cousin Jimmy and took his hand away and gave him a blow job in front of every one. He came in my mouth and thanked me. He was starting to be much less grumpy

    The next day Jimmy came along with us on our naked beach combing trip. When we got to the end we got into a three way everyone licking and sucking everyone else. Then we went back home again where we found Aunt Helen and Uncle Bill fucking like teenagers.

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