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When I Was A Kid
You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet?

Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now.

Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.
  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 29

    My mother is an artist and has been all of her adult life. When she was 20 her mother married my father and when she was 21 she had me. My mother was banished to the apartment above the stable and I was kept in the house with my grandmother and father. I don't recall all that much of course, but that is how we lived.

    By the time I was seven my father had redone the apartment and made it into a large loft with a studio and work area, small kitchen living and dining area and a bathroom. The only door was to the bathroom, the rest of the loft was open. I was seven and I was upstairs with my mother, she was doing her thing, fixing up a painting for sale. My father came to see her and he sat down and asked her to fix him a snack. While she stood beside him he put his hand up her leg and grabbed her butt with his hand and pulled her to him and started to bite at her boob. After a minute she opened her shirt and he started to suck on her and she kept her hands in his hair. I was sitting there watching and my mother would look at me from time to time and move her head for me to leave. But I didn't leave.

    She got pulled around in front of him and he put his face in her crotch. Now my mother told me to leave, to go downstairs and leave them alone. Then she said something like Oh Shit and What the Hell and she walked back to the bed and opened her legs and my father got in between her legs and ate her out, pulling her panties off and then taking his pants of and he fucked her right there in front of me. He rolled over with his dick on his stomach and my mother laid back with her legs still open.

    She finally got up and went over to me and told me that was the birds and the bees, some girls liked it and some girls didn't like it. She liked it, she wanted me to know that she liked it. Later that night, I ate with her that night she talked to me again. She talked about pussy, about dicks, about men and about women, she talked about how good it felt to be fucked, to be eaten out, that having a hot pussy felt really good. She also told me that she never let any other man touch her, that I had to make sure that I stayed with one man. Don't just let anyone fuck you, make sure you can stay with him.

    I left for college and my mother sat me down and asked me if I remembered that day. I was going off on my own, she said that lots of girls got fucked in college. I had been on the pill for two years but she reminded me to stay on the pill, to not come home pregnant. She told me that men like girls and that men like to fuck girls and I was probably going to get fucked. Not to be scared and to not be scared to grab his dick, men liked that. Let him feel me up until my pussy was so hot that only having him fuck me would make feel better, not to fuck before that. Make him work hard for my pussy and never to give it away.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 31

    I was born into a poor family that used to live out of agriculture. I remember sundays were the only days my brother and I wore clothes because we went to church. The rest of the time she would keep me wearing only panties and my brother these small elastic band shorts. Said clothes were to expensive to wear every day. I was 6 my brother 8 an neither of us were bothered about running around the house or outside in summer almost naked. Our farm had 10 acares and apart from father and the other nearby kids we played with, there were no other people out there. It was not like I felt ashamed of playing with other kids in panties, I was 6 years old and it just wasn't an issue. But things began to get embarrissing as I grew older and my mothers kept me like that till I was 14 and no longer flat chested. My tits were developing and shame began setting in. I was the only girl in just panties among other girls that were fully dressed giggling about boys getting intrested in my chest. My brother didn't have a problem but still joined in with the teasing with other boys about my cup cake bumps on my chest. I remember one of the girls asking me why I even bothered to wear panties just to make me blush. I remember it wasn't by chance that we all ended up by the small creek in our farm. That's were my brother yanked off my panties so boys could have a look at my pussy. I remember girls laughing watching boys spread my pussy lips to look at my pee hole. They were all standing there watching them tuching me saying "don't forget her butt hole" Being held up by my legs with my whole crotch exposed to the world was the most embarrassing thing that ever happed to me. Running around naked trying to snatch back my panties was the worst nighmare of my life. The idea of runing back to the house and my mother seeing me naked just didn't appeal to me. I would have died of shame if she found out what they did. I sopouse if they would have done it at an older age it would have been r**e. But being so young it was just sexy kids play fun for everyone but me. It never happed was just what I kept telling myself.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    My real mother past away when I was 2. My Dad married my stepmother Terri, when I was 6. My Dad and Terri divorced when I was 13. It was really hard when Terri moved away. I didn't like my Dad much ( teenage shit) and I really wanted to be with Terri. Not in a sexual way, I loved her like a mother. She was the only mother I truly ever had.

    Terri was very good at staying in touch with me after the divorce. She even had me come out to California to stay with her for a couple of weeks one summer when I was 14 years old. That is when I started being sexually attracted to her. Terri was only 39 when I visited her that summer. I remember thinking she was the sexiest woman in the world, and I was the center of her attention. One afternoon Terri had to go to the grocery store. I made an excuse to stay home, just so I could snoop through her underwear dresser. She had a ton of lingerie. So much that I knew I could sneak something home with me and she would never know. So in addition to surf tee-shirts, Disney souviners, and dozens of other things she bought me, my prize possession that I brought home was a white pair of Terri's silk panties.

    Although Terri always stayed in contact with me in the years that followed, I didn't see her in person again until I was 17. It was near the end of my senior year in high school, and my Dad had a heart attack and died. I was planning to go to college near my home, but everything seemed in jeopardy. My Aunt ( Dad's sister) was my only living relative. She wanted me to come live with her, not an option in my book. In stepped Terri. She and I worked together and got me into a college in California. I would get to go to college, and my new home would be with Terri.

    I moved out to California in June, right after I graduated from high school. Terri was 41 now, and she never looked better. A compairable comp to Terri is now porn model Kellie O'Brian (without the British accent). Terri had a big round butt like Kellie O'Brian, but Terri had much bigger boobs, like 38DD. Terri was a natural brunette, but she died her hair blonde. She said it was a Califoria thing. Terri was very well off. We lived a very wonderful life.

    Now for what you've been waiting for... Terri and I would sometimes stay up late talking. After a few glasses of wine we would be more open about our feelings. One late night talk fest,I told her that I started having a "crush" on her back when I was 14, the summer I stayed at her house. She said " Oh, you mean when you took my panties home with you". I was so embarrassed. She laughed and said "Don't worry honey, it's no big thing." She told me when she put a gift she got me into my suitcase, she saw her white panties. She told me " I kind of liked that you were thinking of my that way".

    I alway's called Terri by her name, even when I was little. She told me she had an idea. She said "How about we rollplay". She continued, "You can call me Mommy, and tell me what you like most about me." I said, "ok Mommy, I like your big round bottom." She asked me if I would like to see Mommy's bottoom ? I nodded yes. She stood up and bent over the sofa. Her short skirt rode up revealing her big round butt covered in.....white silk pantie. She told me I could touch myself while I looked at her.

    We played this naughty rollplay hundreds of times over. Each time going farther with our desire's. Terri was my naughty Mommy, and I was her obeying son.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 18

    I'm a gay male. I pretty much knew I was gay from my earliest memories. When I was 7 I had a huge crush on my big brother who was 19 at the time. It started when he picked me up and set me in his lap for movie night. He was a freshman in college and was on the swim team. So he had broad muscular shoulders and well pretty much gorgeous muscles everywhere. I could feel his bulge grow in his pants. I'd been Googling gay porn since I was around five years old so I pretty much understood what was going on and I liked it.

    Jacob was always affectionate with me. He never hesitated to think up a reason to hug me. I loved it when he squeezed my butt gently. He even kissed me on the lips though not a lingering romantic kiss though perhaps slightly longer than what most people would call wholesome brotherly kiss. Jacob also let me hang out with him all the time. He always invited me to go with him when he ran an errand.

    I was far to shy and afraid to try to do anything sexual with him but then one day he was invited to a pool party and asked if I wanted to go. There were going to be other kids my age but I didn't care. I just wanted to spend more time with Jacob. When we got there we found out it was a skinny dipping pool party. Jacob didn't know either but then he just shrugged his shoulders and said "time to get naked" and ripped off his clothes and swim suit and stood there naked and glistening with his hands on his hips, stomping his foot playfully while his huge erection throbbed bobbing up and down a little pre cum drooling from the end. I could just die ogling his monster cock from two feet away. "you too Laurie." I know, Mom gave me a girl's name only it was my grandfather's last name and I was named after him, Frank Laurie. But since most of the kids in my first grade class never heard the name they didn't know it was normally a girl's name.

    I was shy as I said so I hesitated but Jacob helped me out of my clothes and I was thrilled at the shock of the back of his fingers brushed my little erection as he grabbed my waistband. I wanted him to grab my cock.

    I could not take my eyes off my naked brother and his naked erection. I wanted to touch it. I wanted to suck it. I wondered what it would feel like to have it up my ass.

    Then it happened. Jacob swam up under me and lifted me partly out of the water. His hand was up under my ass with his fingers holding my little cock and balls. He didn't just hold me. He rubbed his fingers around the area while I sat in his huge hand. He smiled at me and asked "That feel good Laurie?" I just groaned in pleasure. I put my arms around his neck and held on while trying to hump his hand.

    Well that's how it started. That night He came to my room and put his hand inside my shorts. I just took my shorts off and laid there letting him touch me everywhere. Then he even let me kiss him, really kiss him.

    Ever since we've been lovers. Now I'm 18 and he's 30 and we might as well be married. I consider myself his wife.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    My dad used to share my private parts with other men.
    I'd look around the room and there would be four men beating their meat.
    I'd have to pull down my pants and give each of them my nuts.
    Seeing their big dicks flopping around always gave me a woody.
    I'd stand in front of the first man and he would fondle my weewee until his dick squirted all over me.
    Then I'd move onto the next guy who'd do the same thing.
    Sometimes some of them would suck my stiffy too but usually they just felt around.
    Afterwords my weiner and balls would be sore from all the tugging and squeezing.
    Sometimes it would take so long they could cum again and I'd have to let them play with my parts a second time.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 43

    I discovered my testicles when I was a little boy while fucking a high heel shoe in church.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 43

    Is this legal to say here? When I was in grade 3 I'd occasionally get babysat by a cool teenager guy who I really looked up to and admired. One time he touched me and I let him. Then we went to my room and I took off all my clothes and lay on the bed and let him stroke and fondle and play with my genitals. I felt sick about it after, but I also really liked it. I was harder than iron.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    I remember when with I was 13 years old and the girl from next door, who was 14, were playing together. She tells me she found a magazine that we began to look at. It was a porn magazine and after looking at it things turned into show and tell that day. We each ended up undressing and checking each other out. A few days later I was playing with her again and some of her friends came over. There were 9 or them. She tells me that she told them what we did the other day and they wanted to see me naked too. Getting naked for just the girl next door was one thing but for a whole group of them was another so I told them I wasn't going to. One of the girls who looked a lot older than the rest of them told me I was going to or they would make me. I told them again that I wasn't going to. The girl and another one who looked older were bigger and stronger than me and they grabbed and held me. She told the other girls to take my pants off which they began to do as I tried to fight them from doing so. Soon I was bottomless with my penis exposed to the girls. The girls holding me released me and I tried to cover my penis the best I could pleading for my pants back. The older girl seemed to be the ring leader in this whole incident. She was holding my pants, underwear, socks and shoes and told me if I gave her the shirt I was still wearing and let them all see my penis for a minute she would give me all my clothes back. Figuring I didn't have much choice I gave her my shirt and stood there naked in front of all the girls who were looking and making comments. When I figured a minute was up I asked for my clothes back. She told me I would get them back when she decided not me. The girl was being a bitch. She told the girls they could touch me and feeling like I didn't have much of a choice I let them. All of them had a turn touching me and yes I mean my penis. The older girl grabbed me in a more aggressive way. She was stroking me and I felt weird. She let go and I had a huge erection which had the girls intently looking at. It was embarrassing to be seen that way so I put my hands over it to hide it. The older girl yelled at me to take my hands away if I wanted my clothes back, so I did. I stood there fully erect and exposed in front of all the girls who were giggling and laughing at what they were seeing. The older girl then grabbed my penis and began stroking me again. It was embarrassing as I was getting harder and bigger. The girl then told me I better not try to cover myself now or I would never get my clothes back. She continued to stroke me and I then I felt the ultimate embarrassment. I was ejaculating in front of all these girls. I can't explain the expressions on all the girls faces but most were widemouthed open from what they just saw. The older girl told me I could have my clothes back know and she told all the girls it was time to leave and they all did except the girl from next door. She then told me I better get dressed and go home.

    I went home very embarrassed and ashamed. The next day the girl from next door asked for me to come over to play with her and she promised it would only be us two. The first thing she tells me is she liked seeing me yesterday and what happened. She then asked if I wanted to get naked with her like the other day. I was angry with her but when she wanted to get naked with me again the anger went away since I did like seeing her naked. When we were naked she asked if she could do what the older girl did to me yesterday. She was now stroking my penis and before long I was ejaculating. She then asked me to rub her between her legs. I remember feeling wetness and as I rubbed her she was getting wetter until I heard a moan. I stopped and she told me not to stop until she told me to. I started rubbing her again and she was moaning more until I felt a gush of liquid from her. I first thought she pee herself but later realized it from an orgasm.

    With the days that followed we played alone and pushed things further each time. She had some more porn magazines and we started copying what they were doing. We were giving each other oral sex regularly. One day she pulled out a condom and we did it. Basically our playtime became sex time and we were doing at least once a day. Both her parents worked so after school we had a couple of hours of alone time to do whatever we wanted.

    After a few months she moved on to another guy so I was left to take care of myself.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    When I was this blonde girl named Bella who was always posting naked photos of her self on social media. Apparently she didn't get in trouble because the images didn't technically count as c********n, since they just showed her naked but not in a sexual
    manner and that she claimed to be a nudist.

    Obviou sly, she wasn't taking these pictures so that she could express "her nudist lifestyle", she was just a really horny girl who was willing to do anything for pleasure.

    She had been doing this since seventh grade, right before she hit puberty. Therefore, I, along with all the other boy in my grade, got to watch Bella grow and develop from being a flat chested 12 year old girl to a beautiful young women with the most beautiful tits I have ever seen.

    Bella always kept her pussy shaved, a fact that she made sure to make clear in all of her photos. Begining in eighth grade and countinuing through higschool, Bella began dating different boy in our grade. At times she was switching out boyfriend every week. For every boy friend she had, she post an image with them, and for each image she post, it was easy to see her once tight virgin pussy becoming looser and looser.

    As she progressed further through high school, her picture s we're becoming more sexually suggestive. She would be bent over more, with her cute underaged ass facing the camera. one image showed her at the beach with a devilish smile and her bare tits covered with a white fluid. The caption read "Time for sunscreen", it obviously wasn't sunscreen. Another one showed a tiny cactus in a pot in front of her bare pussy that took up most of the frame, it was glistening wet. The caption of that one read "Any thing can give you pleasure if you're brave enough". I believe she actually used it, considering her pussy looked very red in the picture s that followed.

    Once she hit eighteen, she let loose. Her so social media basically became a porn site. You could now her watch get fucked in so manys. It was so satisfying to finally watch the pussy I had grown up jerking off get the beating it deserved.

    I do not know what ever happened to Bella, but I like to think that she went on to become a porn star that I just might happen to come across again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 35

    The thing I remember when I was a kid was time with my friend Sarah. She moved into our neighborhood for just over year but the memories have still stuck with me. We were only 12 at the time but she had an older brother Jim that was 19. They had a swimming pool and the first time using it Sarah and me were getting ready when Jim walked in on us changing. I was only topless but Sarah was naked and was just about to slip her bikini on. They had setup up a change room near the pool and kept their swimsuits and towels out there. Jim undressed, hung his clothes up, slipped his swim trunks on and then left. The vision of Jim naked and seeing his cock was very interesting and made me feel funny inside. Both Jim and Sarah had no concern with seeing each other naked but Jim seeing me topless made me feel a little uncomfortable even though I didn't have much to see. We finished getting into our bikinis and went out for a swim. When we got out of the pool Jim was already out and laying face down on a lounge chair and to my surprise, with his swim trunks off. The pool area was pretty private and not visible to neighbors so the only ones that could see anyone there had to be in the pool area themselves. Sarah grabbed a lounge chair and immediately took off her top. I was a little in shock and for some unknown reason did the same thing. I had never done this before. When Jim rolled over on his back I got a flash of his cock but he quickly placed his swim trunks over it to cover it. I rolled over on my front and Sarah shortly followed suit but she took her bottoms first. Sarah asked if I wanted her to help me off with mine but before I could answer she was pulling mine down. This was a first for me. I had never been outside naked in front of others before. The next thing that happened was a day for me to remember. Jim removed his swim trunks that were covering his cock and lay there with it fully exposed. I surprised myself because right after he did that I rolled over on my back and made no effort to cover myself. Sarah rolled over too but she used her bottoms to cover herself between her legs. Jim was looking at me quite a lot. When Sarah stepped away to use the bathroom he asked me for a quick peek between my legs. I gave him look but it was more than a quick peek. I know I shouldn't have but I had seen some porn magazines before and posed like those women do. My legs were spread and my fingers were spreading my hole open. I saw something from Jim which I hadn't seen yet that day which was a hard-on. Sarah didn't see me do any of this but it felt good seeing him naked and him seeing me.

    Since both their parents worked we had the pool to ourselves most of the time. The first time they were around was another shocker and surprise. Her mother went topless and her father went fully nude. He never put on a suit from the time he came out. Sarah and Jim did as they always did and I followed their lead and went naked even with the parents around. I assumed the family were nudists. The more I did it the more comfortable I became. I asked Sarah and Jim if I needed to wear my bikini at all and was told it was up to me. While they at least put their swimsuits on for the swim I didn't bother. I would undress and walk out wearing nothing and with nothing. My parents knew nothing of this and I don't know if they ever knew or ever found out.

    It was disappointing and sad when my friend moved away. I lost contact with my friend and still have some pictures of them to remember them by and they have some of me.

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