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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 23

    A week after breaking up with my BF I was ready for some rebound sex.
    Met this guy on tinder at a bar we drank and talked things were going well I found him attractive, he had a long fringe and well groomed hair, some patchy stubble and nice clothes. We decided we'd go to his place and have some fun.
    He lives alone in an apartment uptown we want in and grabbed a drink chatted for a bit then kissed.
    I was getting turned on as he was kissing me he took off his shirt and I took off mine, he pulled down my jeans and panties and began to eat my pussy.
    It was really really good. I came twice as he expertly licked me.I pulled him up kissed him and slid my hands down his pants to pull out his cock only to my surprise he had no cock. My hands discovered a sweet damp pussy with a large pronounced clit. He whispered to me he was FTM transgender and is this ok? I nodded and decided to go down on him anyway. It was my first time eating pussy, I kicked the hole and sucked his clit, everytime I did he moaned and said yeah baby suck my cock like that.
    He ended up ducking me with a strap on cock and it was fantastic.
    We are going to meet again tonight I'll see where this goes.

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    Straight Male / 29

    I am a straight male but something that really turns me on is a dogs cock I want to play with one and maybe more is there any girls out there that can give me advice on how they feel and so on?

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    Straight Female / 41

    I Shouldn't be letting It Happen

    What I am going to confess I am a bit ashamed of, I am still letting my adult daughter suck my tits when she is upset I hate to say it she is a bit of a wimp she has been mummy's girl, it started when I was getting changed I was naked when she walked in my bedroom crying I cuddled as she told me she had a fight with some other girls at her secondary school, without warning she started sucking my nipple one then the other I was going to stop her but it felt so good I kept thinking this is wrong she is to old to suck on her mother and told her so, she kept taking turns on my nipples she was rubbing her hands up and down my bare back and on my buttocks, I just let her get on with it because I am ashamed to say I was enjoying it so much I was having orgasms, I made her stop and said this can never happen again, a few days later we were along she came to me undid me blouse and I let her have her way again I know its wrong, last time we did it was on the sate at home she put her hand up my skirt there was only my pants between her hand from my vagina I know she could feel my wetness if she had gone further I couldent have stopped her, I feel wicked after. I suppose we will be lesbos eventually


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    Straight Female / 41

    I'm the degenerate, perverted mom in Oregon that has written before. I decided you all were right: I was just indulging my vanity, teasing the boys. I think I really knew they would be coming over and somewhere inside me wanted to be seen in a sexual way again. Once I realized what I was doing I stopped. I quit swimming after school and on weekends when the boys could be around, but that has apparently not stopped my problems.

    As I said: I don't swim any more when the boys could be around. I don't even go out to the pool area when they are here any more. Friday they were over, my son and many of his fiends from the swim team, were having an after school pool party. I stayed in the house and made cookies. I set them on the table along with a couple gallons of milk and glasses so they could have a snack when they were done.

    I heard then down in the kitchen finishing them off. My son found me in my sewing room and told me he and few of his friends were going camping and he'd be back Sunday. Things quieted down and I went down to put away the leftovers. Well, I thought I would, but the cookies were gone, and both gallons of milk were empty. I decided I just needed to relax a bit in the hot tub. I checked the house, and everyone was gone. My son was out with his friends camping--so I decided to take advantage of the time to myself. I collected my thinks and went to the hot tub. Our spa is in a "hidden" location, because of the house and the position of the garage nobody else can see. There is even a privacy fence just to make sure, so I didn't bother with a swim suit. I dropped my robe and climbed in.

    A couple glasses of wine and the hot water swirling around me and it didn't take long to relax. My thoughts became nostalgic thinking of wonderful times my husband and I had in these swirling waters. I closed my eyes and was very much enjoying our memories. I felt his hands caressing my breasts, his manhood slowly easing into me. It was so real it surprised me. My eyes popped open as I was about to climax. It was real!

    The hands caressing me and the manhood inside of me, was not my husband, but the boy that had "saved me in the pool" when I had bumped my head. He put his hands on my hips and held me. I squirmed, but I was impaled on his hardness like I had been so many times before with my husband. At that moment I wanted to be sexual more than anything I've wanted since my husband's passing.

    I looked up at him wanting him to stay with me and complete his desire in me; my look must have said it all. He told me, "I want this too."

    Just a few thrusts and I could feel him complete his desire within me. I held him there with my legs wrapped around him; not ever wanting my depths to be empty again. He started to kiss me. I couldn't stop. My body gave in and my passion for this young man took me away. I squealed, I moaned, a thrashed about; my legs tightened around his chiseled form. I couldn't, I didn't want to stop--it ripped through my soul!

    I wish I could say that was my moment of weakness, but it was not. He took me to my marital bed and did things to me that only my husband had ever done. My body quaked, I cried, I knew what it was to be a sexual, desirable woman again!

    He spent the night. What time or day he left? I could not tell. I lay in my bed, exhausted and aglow with the warmth of knowing I was still a desirable woman.

    I asked him that we should never repeat this, but I know if he wants, my bed will be open to his desires.

    still a degenerate, perverted mom in Oregon.

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    Straight Male / 27

    I am a straight male but something that really turns me on is a dogs cock I want to play with one and maybe more is there any girls out there that can give me advice on how they feel and so on?

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    Pissing My Self

    I am a single bisexual female and a pervert, one of the perverted things I like to do is before I have a shower is stand in the bath with my legs together and piss myself I love to feel the warm piss running down my legs and play with my nipples at the same time, this gives me immense satisfaction, I have been thinking about doing it with my jeans on, the question is am I the only one who has this perversion, I don't think I am, I would like to hear from others who enjoy the same or anything different than the normal.


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    Straight Female / 48

    I married out of loneliness and desperation. I do not love my husband. My husband has a lover, a mistress that he keeps in one of our rent houses. It is no longer a secret, I know when he goes to see her and he tells me if they had sex or not. If they did not have sex he expects me to have sex. I do, but really I would prefer it if he had sex with her every time.

    I don't believe that I am cold. It is just that I never had any feelings for my husband and sex with him is not fulfilling. I do think that he is a lot more romantic with her. If I could I would like to see what he does when he is with her. All I can do is imagine and my fantasies and imagination get pretty wild at times. I really don't believe that she would do the things I imagine, but you never know.

    On one occasion two years ago I went to the house of a coworker and we had sex. He was much more adventurous and demanded a lot more, but I felt guilty to the point of getting sick over it. I don't understand why I feel guilty but I do. I don't feel any jealousy when he is with her. When he comes home and he didn't have sex with her, I ask him what happened and sometimes I get pretty mad with him for not being nicer to her. After all she is his girlfriend and she needs his attention, and his help. If he did not help her I would, I would not want to see her living like she did before she met him.

    I don't have children. I have asked him to see if she wants children. I think a young woman should have the opportunity to have a child. If he is her lover and he supports her then he should also give her the gift of a child. I have decided that if he doesn't speak to her soon, I will. Getting older and alone is not something I wish on anyone, much less this girl. I want her to be happy and have a full life, something I have not had.

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    Straight Female / 48

    I got married at 17 and have been married to the same man for the last 40 years, he is 2 years older than me. When we were going together he made out out my best friend, even though he admitted it and was very sorry, it still pissed me off. So when a boy in my class who flirted with me all of the time chanced to have an opportunity to make out, I thought what the hell, what good for the gander is good for the goose.
    What I didn't realize is how much fun and exciting it was or how much that I enjoyed it. I mean all I was going to to is just kiss and maybe let him feel me up, but the more we made out, the more turned on we got, and the more I wanted him. We ended up having sex, the raw passionate, I shouldn't be doing this teenage sex. It was the hottest sex that I had ever had up to that time in my life.
    It started a clandestine affair that has lasted my entire life. The rest of my senior year, we would sneak off and fuck until we were exhausted. We pleased each other in every conceivable way, I always felt comfortable with him. He was the first man that I enjoyed swallowing, he was my first anal, though it was accidentally at first, I didn't stop him and even coaxed him to continue.
    Now you have thought that we would have dropped our steadies and went off to live happily ever after, but it didn't go that way. I got pregnant, he had serious career wishes that didn't include marriage, abortions just were not that easy at that time, so I married my boyfriend, after all there was a good chance the child was his.
    My husband had a career in the service, and we moved away. I came back home 2 years later as my husband had a remote tour. A month later I was out with my sister and we ran into him. He was home from college, and he sat down with us and had a drink and we caught up with each other. My sister went to the bathroom and he leaned over and ran his hand up my leg and kissed me, I was a bit surprised but didn't resist, we both still felt the electricity and chemistry. I spent the rest of that summer meeting him in secret, the sex was just as incredible as before. Then he went back to college and shortly after I left for my husband's new duty station.
    4 years and 2 children later I went home for a vacation while my husband went to anew base to set up house. I ran into him again. He was home visiting to, he had just finished law school and was going to be a lawyer in another state, he like me hated the little backwater we grew up in. I was determined not to fall into an old habit, and I think that he didn't want to either as he told me that he was engaged, but as we parted, we embraced and I was going to give him a peck on the cheek, but somehow it ended on each other's lips and our mouths parted instinctively, our tongues explored each other and that chemistry was still there. This time the sex was much more mature, still passionate, and oh so comfortable. We lay in bed afterward, we talked, kissed, caressing each other. Neither of us had any expectations of where this was going, just enjoying the moment.
    I had a very satisfying life with my husband and long ago given up any of my girlish fanasties of running off with him had stopped long ago. I used to justify these actions because I wondered if my husband was always faithful to me. He had plenty of young girls that worked for him. A few of them had even told me what a great man that I had. That always made me mixed between being pissed and jealous.
    Still I have hooked up with him several more times. I honestly can say is hat I haven't planned any of the meetings. We have moved back to our hometown, since my husband retired from the service. I wanted my children to be able to get to know their extended family, and after all the time away it isn't as bad as I remember.
    He is a drug that I can't give up and truthfully I don't want to.

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    Straight Male / 30

    I am a straight male but something that really turns me on is a dogs cock I want to play with one and maybe more is there any girls out there that can give me advice on how they feel and so on?

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    Straight Female / 25

    I grew up in a religiously conservative family. I married at 19 to my high school boyfriend. He works in youth ministry after college. He is boring, self absorbed and holier than thou. My two kids can only participate in church daycare.

    My neighbor is a Turkish businessman. He fucks me, he slaps my butt until I am crying, he holds me down until I ask or beg him to complete me. He has given me anal sex and oral sex. My husband only 'copulates'. I hate it.

    I don't believe I should be going to my neighbor's house, but I need to feel myself on fire, I never want him to stop when he is slapping me around. I want to feel my ass burn until I get fucked. He is mean and I like it.

    I used to feel guilty, now I feel released. I want a divorce.

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