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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

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    Straight Male / 46

    I wonder if I had any effect on Mary's suicide.

    Mary was a foster teen who lived with woman who drove my school bus. A Christian family who had foster children constantly. Mary and her foster sister Virgie were normal girls. Mary was a bit more Tomboy and that could have been from her rough life. Both girls were in my 10th grade classes at school. Mary dated a guy and got pregnant a few months later. The Guy dumped her & wanted nothing to do with the baby. A lesbian English teacher took in Mary and eventually arranged the adoption of her baby to a lesbian couple.

    Rumor suggest the English teacher had a sexual relationship with Mary. Until Mary did not want that and moved back in the foster home. At that time I was miles from a normal student. My friends were all adults, most married. I went to bars on the weekend and drank like an adult. I did not date girls from school, most were adult women who thought me to be an adult. 6 feet 4 and 280lbs in high school I was bigger than the students and teachers.

    My good friend's wife was a foster kids of this bus driver, I arrived at his house one Friday night and Mary was there. She was his wife's guest for the weekend. My buddy and I usually shot pool on Friday night or we went hunting. That night we went coon hunting but came back early when cloud cover went, exposing a bright moon. We got back home finding Mary and my friends wife having a few drinks. Shortly after we got there, my buddy and his wife went to bed. Leaving Mary and me in the living room. The Sofa had been opened to the fold out bed. We talked a bit about who sleeps where, she decided to sleep on the sofa with me.

    I had a few drinks and kissed Mary. We knew each other well, I had been in her class for five years. Mary invited the kiss, she automatically took off her clothes. I had showered and wearing nothing but my undershorts. Her breast were what I would call then perfect. I had seen many pink nipples on both big and small breast. I had never seen nipples that dark. Her pubic hair was black like the hair of her head. Mary was a small girl barely 5 feet tall with a small ass and thin body. I ask for a blow job, She did not object at all pulling my half limp cock out of my shorts and sucking.

    She got me hard and ready, I laid her on the bed and sucked her clit. I noticed the scar where the baby was taken. She could not deliver vaginally. I made her cum and frankly I worried about accomplishing that with my cock. She had a nice body, but her lack of feminine actions fucked with my mind. I found if I closed my eyes and imagined Mary was someone else, I could maintain my hard on. It worked pretty well since her orgasm broke me from the imagination and back to the reality I was fucking a sexual girl, a girl who obviously loved to be fucked, or she was enjoying being fucked right that moment.

    We had sex until I saw the sun coming up through the front window. I knew my buddy's dad would be coming up to check the chickens soon. I told her what I needed to do, She went with me to walk the chicken and adjust the feed line, check water. Watching her walk around in the chicken house I saw the feminine side of her. She had on my buddys wife's shorts her coat. I called her to the feed cart where I backed up against and pulled my cock out. I bent forward, had her wrap her arms around my neck, when i stood up she hung and wrapped her legs around me. Pulling her shorts and underwear to the side, I stood there, she fucked my cock while I put my hand on the cheeks of her ass.

    When she thrust forward taking it her ass got tight. When she backed away it got soft. She soon creamed her self and her vag got very wet. I hung her ass in my hands like a sling, I slam fucked her until she cried out. She came again, as she finished I shot a load up and in her. Juice was running out of her and I joked at the cum dripped on the ground. Thats when my buddy's dad opened the chicken house door. He said OH, oh I am sorry and he walked away. Mary went up to the house and i gave my buddy's dad the dead numbers.

    He told me not to know that little girl up. He wanted more than that out of me. I think he wanted more for me than his own son. Thought I was good for his son, I kept his much older son out of trouble. When I got back up to the house Mary was in the shower. I got in with her to prevent from taking a cold one after. Mary got out early and fixed me breakfast. She told me how this arrangement was great. She had always liked me. I told her that I was not asking for a relationship. To me we were friends having sex. Nothing more nothing less.

    She did not take that very well. Eight years later I saw Mary walking on the hot summer road. I picked her up and offered her a ride. She told about a girl she was trying to be with, that girl had rejected her, had gone back home with her parents. Month later Mary committed suicide in a high end Hotel.

    When I picked hr up I tried to tell her I was sorry if she thought I took advantage of her. She said that was ok. It was not something that she had thought of after. I could tell she was lying.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    when I was 23 I met a girl at work and we became good friends. We hung out together and became roommates. One bedroom roommates. She met a guy, he was a bit older than us, actually about 15 years older than us, and he got to us one night and had sex with both of us. The next morning after we had breakfast he had sex with us again.

    We all moved in together fifteen years ago and we live together. We had kids, we bought a house together, we were the typical family in the suburbs except for that one little thing, we shared a man, or as most people saw it he had two women.

    We don't use the word wife, we use the word girl or girlfriend. Sometimes when he needs us to say it we tell him we are his wives, but that was always private.

    She and I have never had separate bedrooms, as women we have a room for ourselves and if he wants to see us he comes to our room and gets what he can depending on our mood. Believe me, when your significant other is having sexual intercourse beside you, you are ten thousands times closer to her than you can ever imagine. It is far easier to give yourself up for intercourse than to wait for her to be released. But that is something that no one expected. What I know is that the marriage is between us, the girls, we are married to each other. If anything she is my wife and I am her wife.

    We never considered ourselves gay, primarily because we have intercourse with him. It is just that on all other levels we were pretty much gay, we are two women who have given our lives to one another, we share a home, we see our kids as 'our' kids, the birth mother thing is crap, these are our kids, hers and mine. To have them, to afford our home, to have a father for our kids, and to have a man available for us, we have a relationship with him. He has his room, he sleeps alone, he can come and have sex with us, but after sex he goes back to his room, especially after sex. After intercourse is when we have our time together, that is our most precious time, that is when we as wives to each other, hold and caress and love each other. He has to have sex with us for us to want each other. And that may be why we tolerate a man in our bed.

    He came into our lives after we were already living together, and after she and I had already broken the boundary and had given ourselves up to each other. The glue is that without him, we have never been able to reach that total level that we experience after he has intercourse with us. And without him we would not have our kids. So we have a man in our lives.

    P.S. we are not really 'bisexual', we don't know what that means.

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    Straight Female / 35

    I am seven years older than my sister. When I was seventeen I got a boyfriend. She was ten and she would sit on his lap and he would kiss her mouth. She would close her eyes and just get kissed. She liked having her bottom rubbed. She also stuck to me like glue and wherever I went, boyfriend or not she came along. When she went through puberty her hormones were on fire and she would masturbate by riding his leg and rubbing herself silly until she came and then fall into his arms to get kissed. She had developed nicely on top and she liked to sit in his lap and have her boobs held. He would get these raging erections and he would have to through her off and get me and get relief by screwing me. At her age of 15 he couldn't take it any more and he went ahead and screwed her. My little sister has been attached to him from the first day she met him.

    When we got married she came along for our honeymoon. It was her honeymoon too, he screwed her more times than he screwed me. The difference between us is that I went home a new wife and she went home a pregnant teen. Pregnant she moved in with us and she has lived with us ever since. She is 28 now and she has three girls, she lives in our house and my husband is her husband. She manages to get into bed with him and she stays there. If I get in bed, she crawls over me or him to get in the middle. I gave up a long long time ago thinking I could make love with my husband in private, I have been making love with him in front of her since before she went through puberty.

    Her hormones have calmed down a bit, but not nearly enough. She is still getting two from him for every one for me. And she had three girls to my two. She is a good mother, and she is a good wife to him. He likes her a lot, he likes having her around him, he likes holding her and playing with her, and he likes having her in bed to have sex with. He knows that he has to keep her satisfied before he can turn his attention to me. I can't help loving her and I have learned to accept that she is going to be with me and I have to share.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    am 28, Married with no kids. I have my own suburban clothing shop.

    Not long ago, I was on a flight to Thailand. I go there to purchase T-Shirts and tops for my store in bulk from various suppliers. My Husband will keep InTouch with the staff at the store to make sure all is well when I am gone. I usually spend 4-6 days there always looking for good clothing at an economical price.

    I had been served by an attendant a few times for drinks etc etc as they do by a lovely brunette lady. Her name is Sarah, 27 and She was friendly with a big smile. The interaction was simply general and no more to it.

    Once the lights turned off and people settled in she came to me and stood next to me in the aisle and began to chat. I was quite surprised as I wasn't sure if something was up. We began to chat about the flight, her job and travelling in general. After some time I realsied he was moving about as the standing was obviously annoying her. I stood up to chat with her out of decency when she asked if I wanted to sit in the last row which was empty.

    I went and sat with her and I still thought she was just a very friendly lady and we were getting on s o well. We spoke of our families and life in general. We soon realised our hotels were not that too far apart. We also had some girl chat about our past single lives which was funny and that's when she mentioned some old GF's.

    I haven't been with a girl since my teen days when, as we do at that explorative age :) fool around with each other but nothing more. As she mentioned it I soon had a shot of excitement, an aura of erotica tingle through my body. I wanted to know more so I dropped suttle hints in which he picked up and spoke more and we giggled like teenage girls down the back.

    After 2 hours her friend came looking for her to relieve her of duty. They have sleeping quarters up top. As we landed in the early evening she asked me if I wanted to catch up for dinner and a cold drink. I told her I'd love to and she knew where I was staying. She left and I returned to my seat to watch a movie and I dozed of and slept a couple of hours.

    With the lights back on and our late nights drinks/meals being served she briefly spoke to me as she was so busy. When getting off the plane she made her way to me and said I'll see you later at your hotel. Even to this point I still did not truly read anything into it. I just thought we would have a snack, a few drinks and some laughs as we had gotten on so well.

    Once at the hotel I showered and changed into something lighter as it's so hot there. I wore a denim mini with a t-shirt. A short time later the front desk called advising Sarah was down stairs. Up to then I seriously did not think she would actually come.

    As soon as I walked out the lift I was stunned to see this amazingly gorgeous brunnete waiting. She caught my breath at first. She was in body hugging skimpy shorts and a singlet. Her hair was down and I simply thrown by my sudden emotions of seeing her. I struggled to take my eyes off her amazing legs and great looking breasts. Later on Sarah said she must have caught me 100 times just adoring her body. She clearly did not have a bra on which lead to the constant stare at her breasts. LOL

    We went out and ate, had some drinks and laughed so much. I noticed there was more and more touching between us and I didn't do anything to stop it. For me it was such an overwhelming experience to be touched by this amazingly hot woman. We moved closer to each other around a bench seat against the wall. Sarah would place her hand on my leg for short periods of time as we chatted and I had such seductive thoughts ramming through my head, feeling I couldn't explain but I wanted her body close to mine and I adored her every touch. She would softly rub my leg sending erotic shivers through me. I still couldn't convince myself This may lead to something more, Was she just a very friendly gal??? Both of us being married etc etc..

    Sarah said she wanted to leave would walk me to my hotel. We chatted and laughed so much it was so exhilarating being with her. Once there Sarah said I'll come up with you for a quick drink. I was ever so hoping she was going to touch me, all so much so quickly I was seduced in our own little bubble.

    We got into my room and I poured us a cold drink. After some chit chat Sarah grabbed my hand and placed me on the end of the bed. She stood in front of me and we kissed, I was so aroused by her kiss, a soft sensual kiss. I seemed to have blocked everything in the world out of me. She took off her top and exposed the most beautiful breasts I had seen, I really hadn't seen many..LOL My hands instantly began to caress her boobs and hardened nipples. I giggled so much telling her how beautiful she was but how I really hadn't been with a girl since teen days.

    Sarah lifted me up and slowly undressed me. It was the most sensual and erotic experience I had encountered being undressed sexually and sensually by another woman.
    We spent an amazing night together. I was completely lost in heaven. I endured orgasms that seemed to have continued and utterly shook my body. I was quivering so much at times.
    Poor Sarah, it must have been an eternity for her having me explore and caress every inch of her body. I remember her amazing scent the first time I went to her, such warm juices and I devoured her to the point she had to gently push me away. Over the course of our fun countless times I went back down for a quick taste…LOL

    Over the next 2 days that Sarah was on her layover we spent every minute together running around and shopping. Doing some touristy things And yes, lots of sex. ..LOL
    The day that Sara was due to fly back home we discussed many matters including our husbands and her friends at the hotel not missing her being away with me. Sarah advised me of the old adage in the airline industry. 'You're only married when you're home'

    Sarah stated so many Husbands and wives back home truly believe their partner is faithful when away but in essence everyone plays up so no one really notices, cares or says anything when they bring a friend back to the hotel. I didn't really care as I had the time of my life with Sarah and that's all I wanted to think about. We exchanged numbers and she showed me her secondary FB page. It seems most airline staff run second secret FB pages to keep in touch with their "Friends" overseas. I got on with my business over the next 2 odd days and came back home. Sarah and I have kept in touch regularly and have chatted when she is home. Although she lives in the next state.

    I once told my husband I was going away on a girls weekend to her city but I was spending the weekend with her. She had told her hubby she was away with work. We spent it at a hotel in a small rural region outside of the city. Not too long ago my husband was away to see his brother and Sarah came and stayed with me for the weekend at a hotel in town.

    So where will this take us? I don't know but I am loving every minute being with her :)

    I just noticed how much I have written. Sorry if you couldn't read on…LOL

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    Lesbian Female / 24

    Heyyyyaaaa dxxo

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    Straight Female / 22

    Bath Time

    At weekend mum and dad bath together recently they have not shut the door, and mum has called me to bring them towels in, I didn't mind but when I took the towels dad had an erection he wasn't bothering to hide from me his 22 year old daughter, well obviously I had a good look at it thinking that gave me life, I don't know why it did stir me down below, the last time I took he towels mum was wanking dad she carried on for a few seconds and said oh sorry, dad stood up and said pass me a towel he didn't hide it at all his dick was stuck right out in front of me, I got excited and embarrassed and started to leave but mum started talking to me for a while I think she was keeping me there to look at dad, I am guessing it was because she caught me in bed with my brother she didn't freak out which I expected, she wanted to know how long it had been going on she didn't say you must stop, I am thinking the unthinkable, I keep getting excited thinking about what happened, I not sure I could do it

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    Straight Female / 29

    As the second wife my stepkids were ugly and hurtful. then I got my own kids, twin boys. My stepdaughter wanted to babysit, my husbands ex offered to take care of them so I could go back to work. with my second pregnancy I was surrounded by caring women, none of the ugliness. I am totally accepted now, part of my husband's extended family, including his ex, his other kids, with a full women's network.

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    Straight Female / 21

    What he does to me

    I never really new what i wanted in life untell i met kevin. His tanned with dark hair, hazel brown eyes and georgeous face, muscular and hairless body. I swear to god his ass and legs would pass for a chick with ghetto booty. His legs are more sexier then most girls i know. Theres only one problem, he is sadistic and he tortures me sexualy all the time. Theres nothing i can do. If he wants to orgasm he needs to hurt me bad, and he do every day. He lives like a king while i work everyday to pay for bills and the vehicle. He stays home most of the day only wearing a tight white tank top relaxing on my leather couch while his hairless taned ass and legs are completely naked. He also loves my glass chairs and cannot keep them clean. He is so needy and he shops all the time spending my money if i want something i have to ask him first.

    A little while ago he phoned and said to hurry home after work because he bought a new tool he wants to use on my pussy. He told me his gonna hurt me bad with it. Uuuhhhh as long as i keep him happy thats all i care about he might r**e me if im lucky. Lately all he uses is whips, electro rods, over sized dildos and even knifes and it all gets used on my vagina. He ties me so tight to a hard wooden bench even that hurts. He makes me strip and sit in indian style but lid on my back so my pussy is eazy to torture. Then he strips completely naked himself, hhmm wich i love and he tortures me for hours. Uhhh his so hot when he does it its actually AMAZING!!!! His cock gets so fuckin hard its nuts. The harder it is the more agony he sends through my lady sex. The worst is when he fucks me with his electric rod. He gets close to my pussy by crouching naked in a squatt position between my legs. First he runs the metal rod all over my pussy lips and upper thighs shocking me over an over he dows this for a while but then he starts inserting it. Soon his fucking me hard with it jaming it in far in and deep and he lights me up by making my whole body spaz uncontrollably when He holds trigger in the on position for seconds at a time while deep inside. The smell of burnt flesh fills the room as he frys my insides over and over and over, doing it for hours sometimes my pussy hurts so so bad when he does it and he has to keep his thick crouched legs closed with his knees pressed together so his cock dont expload in orgasm while his electrocuting me. Its worth it because he is so hot and sexy and he knows it. He is also 16 years older then me and i always wanted to be controlled by an older man. I have a feeling the new tool he has is a spike dildo because he said he will have one soon. Uhh its gonna hurt so bad....

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    Straight Female / 39

    I was born in 1978 to a military father and a stay at home mother. I am the oldest of three girls. Growing up I refused to wear girl clothes. I had my hair cut short. I never played with dolls or spent time in the kitchen. I would go and sit with the men when they came over. My mother always got my sisters to dress like girls and be girls, she never succeeded with me. In the fourth grade I got in trouble for kissing a girl. Even after I got in trouble and I had to go to counseling, I kissed her and told her to keep her mouth shut. I got between her legs and humped her. She was my girlfriend all the way until we got out of college.

    In college I went to a party in my junior year. The party was at an apartment of some foreign students. One of the guys there literally carried me upstairs and got on me and got my virginity. When I told him he had taken my virginity, he got excited again. In one hour he had taken all three of my virginities. I had leaked all over my legs and his penis was dirty so he took me into the shower to get washed up. He decided I would stay with him that night. To this day I do not understand why he was able to do that, or why in the world I stayed.

    In the morning his roommate's girlfriend was there, and he sent me into the kitchen with her to make breakfast. She was making ham and eggs and she told me to put on the coffee. When breakfast was ready she showed me where the dishes were and told me to set the table. After breakfast she and I cleaned up the kitchen and then cleaned up the apartment from the night before. He took me upstairs again around 10 and had sex with me.

    I spent every weekend with him, and his roommate and girlfriend. She taught me how to grocery shop and how to make a bed properly. He insisted on me wearing earrings and had my ears pierced and I had to wear earrings whenever I went outside. My clothes changed, she took me shopping and I started to wear more traditional women's clothes. I was turning into a girl. I stopped seeing my girlfriend for sex, she was hurt and I told her I didn't know what happened to me, I wanted to be with her, but I had a boyfriend now and he took up all of my free time.

    He finished his graduate degree and I finished my undergraduate at the same time and I moved with him and moved in with him. A year later I had a daughter and two years after that I had a son. I got married when we had been living together for five years.

    My childhood girlfriend is still my closest friend, we don't have 'sex' anymore, it is about being together. We see each other every day and she helps me with my kids. She is their closest 'aunt'.

    I wear a 'rock' because he wants everyone to know I am married to him. I also wear earrings every day, he has bought me a large selection, both every day and some very high end ones.

    I will be forty years old. My life is better than my sisters. One had been married and divorced and we help her out financially. My other sister is a school teacher and she lives OK, but she and her husband don't make that much money. As the older sister I am responsible for them.

    Up until that party night when I met my husband I was on a path with my girlfriend. After that night everything changed forever. I think I am sexually straight, but have latent feelings for my girlfriend. In my heart of hearts she is the closest human being to me. Closer than my parents, children or my sisters. She is far closer to me than my husband, she is the person I parent with and she is the person I see as my partner in life. We have not been apart since we were in the fourth grade, if I hadn't met my husband I am sure she and I would be together for life.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I'm in trouble, I am being blackmailed into serving my moms friend Alison. She caught me with another girl, my family is strictly homophobic and believe it is a sin to be with someone of the same sex.

    I am desperate to leave and live my own life, but they are very controlling.

    She caught me eating out a friend when she popped over to see my mom, no one else was home so we thought we could get away with it. She took a photo on her phone of the two of us, half naked and clearly me going down.

    My friend ran out of the house, leaving me to face Alison alone; she told me straight up that if I did not do as I was told she would tell my father and mom and she knew the hell I would face.

    She told me that if I became her's then she would not tell anyone, I would serve her when needed and do whatever she wanted in the bedroom.

    Now Alison is one hot woman and if this was without blackmail and risk then I would probably have jumped at the idea.

    I was told to go and see her at her home, tomorrow; she would make an excuse with my mom that I would be helping her with some organising. Ali told me not to disappoint and be there on time.

    Mom agreed when asked and knowing I had no choice I went to Alison's the following morning; she answered the door and made it feel like this was just me popping round as usual.

    As soon as the door was shut she took my hand and pulled me to her bedroom.

    I was degraded and humiliated at the things I had to, she put me on a leash and made me walk on all fours, she got me to worship her feet and wash her in the bath.

    I was told that whenever I was here I would be her maid and would do as commanded, whether it be chores or sexual services. I was to keep myself in top form, shaven and waxed and to wear what she told me to.

    I am in trouble, this has now gone on for over a month; I am becoming addicted to her

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