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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 19

    I grew up in a true sister wives home. All three Moms lived in one home with all the kids. We were also mostly female kids. Our Dad lived in the trailer out back, too much estrogen in the house. Now that I am about to go out into the world I have mentioned to my best friend that I can see us living as sister wives, but we aren't in a relationship with any guy right now. She gets 'nervous' around all us kids and our Moms, but she admits she likes all the noise.

    She also confessed to me that when she mentioned this to her Mom, she was asked if she was 'coming out' to her Mom. My Moms are not gay, far from it, the thing with us is that we haven't experimented but have asked ourselves if we would live together like that. Her Mom is convinced she is gay and she is pretty sure I am too, her radar is on full alert.

    Would that not push us right into a sister wife relationship? I can definitely see myself married with her to our husband, we just need to find Mr. Right for us.

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    Straight Female / 33

    A year ago my boyfriend wanted to take some nude and half nude pics, so we did. I was areful to make him use my camera which was lucky because we broke up.

    Now the guy I sometimes buy pot from is really handsome and I do like him but have never done anything about it. My girlfriend and I got something from him and after he left she agreed he was hot etc.

    So we stayed up late hanging out and at one point she started saying I should send him a pic. I knew it was a bad idea but i did anyway.

    Later that week i textd him and said it was a drunk mistake and basically begged him not to put it on the web or show anyone, and he said "OK, I'll just save it for my private moments.' Quote.

    I have no idea if hes telling the truth, but I have been turned on by the thought of him touching himself.

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    Straight Female / 49

    During our early college days my sister and I decided that men were unnecessary, we could make it alone. School was easy, girl parties were everywhere, life with my sister was great. Then one night she and I were going home from a late night church outing at a country retreat when our car was rear ended. We were hit hard and got out to confront the person that hit us. First her, then me, we were thrown on the ground. A tape gagged us and hood placed over our heads. We were hauled across the ground toward this van.

    First one crack and the guy dragging me let go and fell with a horrible thud and then the other guy yelling and another series of blows. Hands took the hood off of me and ripped the gag off my face, my sister was helped right after. He was a young man with a bat, he asked if we were ok and then went to check on the two men, one was unconscious and the other was badly hurt. He hit him on the knee with the bat so he couldn't run.

    Our car was damaged but drivable and he sent us on our way. Many months later after all the proceedings ended I walked over to him to thank him. He took my hand and said 'Take care, Ma'am'. Ma'am? I was nineteen, I was still a Miss.

    I felt so stupid, for taking that road, and for believing men were unnecessary. I retired after a career in nursing, and after a lifetime of living I have never lost my respect for the men who look after us, fathers and brothers, police and firemen, the men in the service, and a young man who came to us in the dark to send the boogieman away.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 41

    I live in a gorgeous 2 bedroom apartment in Cherry Hill NJ that I share with my aunt Rita's husband Mac. She died 5 years ago right after I had gotten divorced. Two years ago Mac invited me to move in and share rent with him which was convenient for me since close to my job. I have been dating another woman (Joanie) for 4 years and we are together most of the time on weekends which I spend at her house in Delaware. Mac is 73 years old and right from the start when I moved in seemed obsessed with me. He began doing things to see me undressed and was successful a number of times within the first month. I didn't know whether to be offended or flattered just by the way he acted around me. Not sure what I was doing it became fun for me to get his reaction by the things I wore revealing my body to him in some ways. I wore sheer nightgowns without undies and could see how entertained he was looking at my body. Now at the time he was 71 almost 72 and I just considered him an old coot who admittedly was impotent and said he hadn't had an erection in 7 years. When I asked why he kept trying to catch me naked he just said he still liked to look at pretty girls. I'm no beauty but do take care of myself and keep my body in good shape. I have known Mac for many years but we were never to close since I lived in North Jersey most of my life. Within a few months I felt very comfortable having Mac see me in skimpy outfits in particular the nightgowns most very revealing. We sat and talked for hours some nights and I knew more about family things than ever before. He was over complimentary and mention my body parts mostly my breasts and butt telling me how nice they were. As strange as the situation was it was nice to hear and it kind of turned me on. We were in the kitchen one night just talking and out of the blue he said he can hear me when I am masturbating. I almost fell of my chair when he said that and asked what the hell he was talking about. He said he could hear my vibrator and the way I moaned and knew what I was doing. Then without a blink in his eyes he said he would like to watch me sometime then just laughed. I was surprised but not offended at all but he kept the masturbation discussion going asking me how often I did.

    The conversation was comical and without hesitating I just said I do it 3 or 4 times a week and yes I have a vibrator. Again he mentioned he'd like to watch me and at that point I began to blush a bit. For the next 2 or 3 months he started our conversations about my masturbating and my female lover Joanie. He asked me very personal questions which I freely answered for him and gave him some details. He brought up my vibrator one night telling me my aunt never used them and asked to see mine. What got me aroused about our talk I don't know but once I showed the vibrator to him he asked me again to watch me use it on myself. By this time he had seen enough of my body that I was in no way embarrassed around him. I just said come on and he followed me into my bedroom where I had no problem stripping in front of him. I laid down on the bed and first aroused myself with my fingers. With him intently watching me I became aroused quickly and proceeded to use my vibrator. Just the way he looked at my body was a turn on and I orgasmed twice in no time. He began asking me once a week to watch me and now its usually twice a week. Its been close to a year since I began letting him hold and use the vibrator and I let him fondle my breasts. I often ask if it arouses him but he tells me he can't get an erection anymore. I never admit to Joanie that I am letting some really old man masturbate me but in a way don't think she would mind me doing it. Whats funny is how he roots me on to orgasm and seems to be intent on me having many. He openly tells me how he likes the sounds I make and how he enjoys seeing and hearing me orgasm. When he penetrates me with the vibrator he also holds my vagina with his other hand and at times rubs his fingers over my anus and up. I probably should be embarrassed letting him do this but I'm not at all. I like him doing it for me and enjoy the way he looks at me body which makes me all the more excited.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    Hi, my name is Nina. I guess that really doesn't matter, but that's my name. I am learning how to have sex with my girlfriend Aisha. Aisha is Indian, born here but of Indian parents. She and I met at college, Aisha does not like guys and has sworn to me that she will never have a dick up her ass, ever. Don't knock 'till you tried it, but in any event she is 100% sworn never to have a dick in her, anywhere.

    I got dicked pretty bad early on back in high school. I had to give up my ass literally so the jerk could brag to his friends. Giving up my ass was like the worse thing I did, but in college I gave up my pussy and I sucked off guys I dated. No suckie, no fuckie, no date.

    Aisha told me back then, when we were sophomores and juniors and seniors that she would only give up her pussy to me. She had made up her mind. I touched her pussy back them, even fingered her pussy and of course sucked her brown tits. She has been teaching me to like pussy, and to like having her eat my pussy. She eats really hard, sucks hard and gets on my tits and squeezes them really hard. It is like I am going to like it or else. Aisha wants us to get girlfriend tattoos. Some Indian design that she says means love.

    Right now I miss dick. I want a dick so bad but she wants me on a no dick diet. Nothing but pussy, nothing but long black hair, nothing but brown tits, nothing but soft girl cheeks. No dick. It has been six months almost to the day that I gave up dick for her. We went out to eat Indian food, she had some sort of ceremony she invented because I am sure that in India there is no such ceremony where a girl has to swear herself off of dick. She had this dish brought out, which she had shaped like a her pussy. According to her she had the lady who cooks take a mold of her pussy and use it to make the dish for me to eat. To eat her pussy in the restaurant while the Indian woman watched.

    We had some sort of ceremony with some Indian women she hired to dance and she proclaimed that we were married according to some Goddess I never herd of. I found out that this Indian restaurant she took me to is where Indian lesbians go, no men are allowed inside, sort of a like a no dick paradise.

    I don't want to sound like I don't want to be exclusively with Aisha, I do. But one little dick now and then can only add spice. Once you have had dick it is kind of hard to ignore dick. I don't want Indian dick, Indian dicks are gross, I am thinking of a guy who lifts weights, I like big guys like football guys, with lots of hair on his chest, blue eyes and a beard who just wants to slam his dick in me. I can't help thinking about it. Maybe if I never saw him face to face, I don't need to know his name. I just need to feel him grab my ass and shove his dick in me and give me a little taste of what it to grow up in Michigan where the boys take care of their business.

    I am just not good at being Indian.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    I found my sex when I was six. When I was fourteen I had a baby. When I was twenty-one I slept with a woman. Here we are, twenty-four and still not able to figure out who I am.

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    Straight Female / 44

    This is something my husband still knows nothing about and I doubt I will ever tell him. The only person who knows about this is my best friend Gail who I told many years ago. When I was 12 until 15 I spent a little over three years in a foster home where I was abused weekly by Donald M. I did find out he ended up in prison for many years after being convicted of child abuse and died several years ago. It was other kids he abused and I was never contacted or questioned by the authorities. I must have been one of the first he abused so in a way I was fortunate not to have to go into details about what he did to me. I don't think at the time I thought he was abusing me because he was never mean and never beat or hurt me. It was always done when his wife was out of the house or away somewhere. He always gave me a pill which was supposedly a vitamin then subject me to a physical examination. I still don't know what kind of pill he gave me but do remember being relaxed and perfectly compliant. He simply had me take all my clothes off and examine my body. At first it was just that, an examination, until I began experiencing orgasms which he proclaimed where good for me. I don't know when it was done but believe I was 13 when my hymen was penetrated. It didn't occur to me until years after this guy was masturbating me and eventually began having intercourse with me. I don't think I ever saw his penis since he would always have me bent over when he had intercourse with me from the rear. I was always in a fog when he did this which was at least once every week. Once I took the "vitamin pill" he would wait awhile before taking me to my room and having me disrobe. He never took his clothes off in front of me and I had never seen him naked the years I lived there. I doubt I knew what arousal or orgasm meant back then but did know it felt good when he did this to me. His excuse or logic for it was telling me it was a responsibility of a foster parent to do it. For some reason I believed this p**ophile and am just glad he finally got punished and think he was in prison for 7 years. When I was 15 I was taken in by my mothers sister and lived with her until I got out of college. I never spoke about it and kept it to myself all theses years since then. I don't feel any guilt about it and am confident enough to know it was not my fault. The pill he gave me each time had to be some type of a date r**e drug and he knew exactly what he was doing. He probably thought he would never get caught but thankfully he finally did. His wife was a very nice lady who was always good to me and I doubt she knew what he was doing over those years. If I told my husband or for that matter any other friends or family I'm afraid they would think I was stupid for letting it happen. I really don't let it bother much because I know how I was drugged, taken advantage of and know he was completely responsible for it. My friend Gail is the one who found out he died in 2015 because she still lives in that town.

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    Straight Female / 27

    Seventeen and a senior in high school I met this guy who worked at the repair shop down the street. He took me to his place which was a small apartment a couple of blocks towards downtown. After a minute he told me why he had taken me there and wanted it right away. I lost my virginity on his unmade bed and I sucked my first cock. He wasn't mean or anything I just think I didn't know that he was going to hold me down to have sex. I also didn't know how to suck cock, I was pretty naïve.

    He liked me a whole lot and I went to his apartment and learned how to have sex and how to give him blow jobs. The whole time it was really just about sex, we never dated or went anywhere. After sex I always made his bed really nice. Like see, I can be a woman.

    He wasn't anyone I would have dated. I went on to college and when I had sex with a guy I always made his bed afterwards. It's kind of my trademark. If we have sex I make the bed the next morning, if we don't have sex my husband makes the bed.

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    Straight Female / 33

    During Katrina I left Baton Rouge for Houston to stay with some friends. My car broke down east of Beaumont and two guys in a pickup stopped and gave me a lift. In Houston I asked my friends to let them stay since they had helped me out. I had the guest room and they camped out in the living room. I was sound asleep when he woke me up, he kept his hand on my mouth until I agreed not to yell. He got in bed with me and screwed me.

    For the next six days he got in bed with me and his friend slept on the couch. He had sex with me every night. When my friend asked me if I liked 'that' I told her the truth, I did. They left and went to stay with some friends in the Dallas area. We stayed in touch for a while but then moved on.

    But I remember him.

    That's my Katrina story.

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    Straight Female / 22

    New to sex I didn't know that you never take his side of the bed. No one told me, but I learned.

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