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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 28

    I am 28 years old. I have always felt that my pussy is too big. I have a pronounced mound, which you can definitely see if I am wearing pants, and especially if I have on a bathing suit or tights. My slit reaches up so that even if I am standing straight up you can see my slit. If I bend over I have what I think are large full lips. My lips close tightly around my inner lips and vagina. I have a very dark brown anus which is all you can see when I am bent over.

    I am Hispanic, by both parents. Inside my lips my color is dark, almost purple. There is no pink.

    I have larger than normal breasts for a girl of my frame. I have large dark brown areolas with real nipples, they stand out without needing to get erect.

    My skin tone is light brown. I like the way a man looks at me when he is going to get on me and fuck me. I will do oral sex on a man, but I have to like him and I don't like uncut men. I have never had any kind of sex with an uncut man. In the Hispanic community most men are uncut. My current boyfriend is a 44 year old man who likes Latinas.

    I have let this boyfriend give me anal, I figured I should try. He likes to eat my pussy and plays with my anus with his fingers. After that one time doing anal we haven't gone there again. He likes looking at my pussy. At first he liked me completely shaved and waxed, but now he wants some pubes, enough to give him a mystery moment. He likes having sex with me.

    On one occasion we talked about him liking white pussy or dark pussy. He brought this white girl over, she worked with an escort service, so that I could compare myself to a white pussy. He ate us both and said I tasted better. He let me taste her. I really liked eating her pussy. She has a very nice pussy and her pubes are soft and she tasted very clean. She taught me how to wash myself and what to use to make my pussy taste better.

    She ate me and showed me what to do. She was very nice and enjoyed teaching me how to get it on with her. She said she was naturally bi or lesbian, she only did guys for the money.

    Of all the weird things that I have done, eating her pussy was what I have liked the most. It was very sexy, I got aroused a lot but I did not want sex from him. He tried to fuck me but I said no, so he just let me eat her pussy and finger myself. She took over and made love to me and she got me to orgasm. Like I said, I never thought I would like a lady but I did.

    My job is working for Nordstrom's in downtown Chicago. I work in women's hand bags. I like to look good and I wear clothes that flatter me. I am definitely Latina when it comes to my body shape, I naturally have a big booty.

    I have asked my boyfriend to ask that girl from the escort service to get together with us. He says she is really expensive, that night she cost him eight hundred dollars, because she stayed so long. I guess it was a once in a lifetime experience.

    My name is Yolanda. I trained as an optician assistant, but that job is too boring.

    Now you know all about me, I liked describing my body, I like men to look at me and want to fuck me. Maybe that is why I have had too many boyfriends. Right now, if I could, I would like to be undressed and just lay back and enjoy a long fuck, and if that girl could come over we could really get hot. I would let my boyfriend fuck me afterwards, but he would have to watch and wait for me to be ready, that way he would want me even more.

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    Straight Female / 34

    Where am I in my life. I am pregnant again. I am 34. My son is going to turn two. I am single, never married. My lover is a married man, he is 53. I met him at work and we shared some very harsh words one day, he came to my apartment that evening to apologize and somehow he got into my bed. I did not want to have sex with him, in that sense it was all him, not me. But I was there and he got me on my bed and managed to get my shorts and underwear off and he was on me and there it was, he had sex with me and when he got off I was no longer in charge of my life.

    Being his lover has both good and bad. The good is that I don't have to be the wife. I identify more with her than you can imagine. I would not want to be his wife. The bad is that when you are tied to a man and he wants children from you, you have nowhere to run. You get pregnant. His word is your command. No matter what others say, when he demands his rights, he gets his way.

    Sometimes I look at life and say that what I am has always been and will always be, a mistress on the side, the other woman, the second family, the concubine. I am not abused or mistreated, I am not a kept woman all the way, because I do work. But to some larger degree than I care to admit, I am kept.

    I know a Chinese woman, she is in her early forties, so about ten years older than me. She has been the one to help me live my life the way I do. She understands, what others just condemn. She knows that I am not free. She knows that his wish is my command. She is the one that told me I was a concubine, sounds much better than a mistress to me. She encourages me to maintain a nice home for him to want to come and see me. To take care of his son, so I could get another one.

    Sometimes he comes and wants to relax and play with his son, and be with me. Other times he comes and he wants sex and then go home. I have a policy of never refusing him sex. His wife is going through menopause, and she is not as nice to him. Sometimes he just needs sex. I know I am not supposed to say this, because it is forbidden to be said, but I need sex, I need sex from him. Sometimes, the best thing is for him to come and have sex and then relax and play with his son. I like sex from him.

    For his wife's 50th birthday they went to Paris, France. He said he will take me on my 50th too.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    A simple confession

    I love sex and I love to be fucked. There are four boys in my team who I have sex with regularly. sometimes together and sometimes in ones and twos. I allow one of the boys to control me and it is important for me to please him, I want to please him, he does not force me or ever hurt me but sometimes he makes me do things which challenge me, but always he looks after me.

    He has gone away to university this year so has passed my control to another guy, which is not so nice but okay and I must accept it, he is keeping the team together which is sooo important. He gets me to strip at parties, and I have been spanked by guys I dont know, one time I also had blindfold sex with a couple of guys who he says knew me, but I don't know who they were, that is kind of a pretty weird feeling.

    There is more if you want to know

    I may answer questions if you like xo

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    Straight Female / 32

    Twelve years ago I went to Cancun with several other kids from college. While we were there we did all the stupid stuff, but this one night a girlfriend and I were flirting with a couple of local guys. Too much to drink, hands on our ass, kissed, we allowed ourselves to be picked up and we ended up at this condo. There was a Mexican girl there and she started to give them all kinds of shit and they told her to shut up.

    We knew we were going to get fucked. I won't say we were ready, but we knew that is why they had brought us there. The Mexican woman was told to bring everyone something to drink and to fix something for us to eat. The guy who was paying attention to me grabbed her and spun her around and planted a kiss on her mouth and grabbed her tit. She got away, but not without a hard swat on the ass. When she brought the drinks and food 'my' guy grabbed her again and ran his hand hard up her crotch. She tried to slap him, he caught her hand and slapped her on the face and she let him feel her up and kiss her.

    My friend was looking at me, her guy was already working her blouse. She was pleading for me to intervene, but I didn't. I just watched while he got her shirt off, threw her on the floor and fucked her. My time was coming, but my guy was fucking the Mexican girl, he had her spread out on the floor and he was fucking her. When he got off of her, she was used up and he called me over to give him a blow job. While I was giving him a blow job she grabbed me by the hair and tried to pull me off, but he yelled at her and sent her away and told me to continue with the blow job. He got hard again and I got on the floor for him to fuck me.

    They took us back to our hotel and we thought that was the end of it.

    The next morning, we were a bit hung over, the Mexican girl came to the hotel and started to call me names. She grabbed me by the hair and I had to fight to get her to let go. She was really upset, she spat on me and called me a whore.

    We saw the guys again later in the afternoon, we were by the pool when they came over. They were nice and didn't mention the night before. My guy wanted me to go with him, he wanted me to apologize to his wife. I told him I wasn't about to anything like that, but he had a hold over me and I gave in and I asked my girlfriend to go with us, I didn't want to go alone. We went back to the condo.

    The Mexican girl was there, she was dressed nice and he talked to her and then asked me to apologize. I told her I didn't know she was his wife, I was sorry, it meant nothing to us, were just there for fun. The five of us left and went to dinner. The two guys up front and the three girls in the back seat. She spoke English, she had lived in California for a long time, and she was nice this time. She asked me not to suck her husband. She told me that he was always picking up girls at the local bars and bringing them home to fuck. She didn't care if he fucked me, but not to give him a blow job, she felt I tried to hard to make him my boyfriend the night before.

    The remaining three days we were in Cancun we spent them together, we fucked a lot, I swapped in and out with the Mexican girl, I sucked him a little, but turned him over to her to finish. When we left she gave me a gold necklace with a cross. I gave her my name and address and today we mostly stay in touch via facebook. She came to Boston with him five years ago and the three of us went out to dinner. I wanted to, but we didn't, go back to my apartment to finish what we started in Cancun. But she said she was pregnant and she didn't think we should. She said he wanted to, but she didn't, so we dropped it.

    I think a lot about getting pregnant, but I just don't have anyone I would get pregnant with.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    One winter another couple and my boyfriend and I went to Park City, Utah to ski. We stayed in a motel, and we shared a two bed motel room. I watched while the other couple got it on and I let my boyfriend get it on with me while they watched. It was like a thing, first you take it and I watch, and then I take and she watches. She was laid out on her back after sex, just lying there fully spread out, her pussy was there, all of it, I got on the bed and went down on her and ate until my jaw hurt.

    Her pussy was still full of sperm and I tried to lick it out, but mostly just sucked on her vagina trying to get it out. I know I got some out, I could taste it. That night all I wanted was pussy. When my boyfriend tried to mount me I told him to get off, I didn't want dick that night. I was getting tired of regular sex, and the truth was that I was disappointed after sex, but I felt different after I tried pussy.

    She was more than open to sharing with me and she let me enjoy giving her oral and let me enjoy receiving oral sex from her. After we got back to Salt Lake I ditched my boyfriend. Just don't need him anymore.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 44

    My mother thought I had breast cancer at the age of six, The Dr confirmed those were growing lumps. At age seven I wore a bra and by age eight I wore C cup bra. Two months before my tenth birthday I started my period, I also by then had a thick patch of pubic hair. My two friends were shocked when we changed for the pool. Wanted to touch me and see what it feels like.
    My mother a purely heterosexual woman with a monster sex drive had a bi girl friend. She begged my mother to let her try her out, but my mother wanted no parts of that. That same Bi woman would baby sit me a lot. wanted to see me naked saying it was real strange for a girl my age to develop and start menstruating.
    She talked to me about sexual desire, ask my feelings on the situation. I knew what sex was, I had seen it on porn movies my much older sisters would show.
    Mom's Bi friend laid me on the bed after I showered and ate my pussy. The orgasm was amazing. She showed me how to masturbate by massaging my clitoris. When my best friend came over I then showed her what I had experienced. She repaid the favor to me. We were oral sex partners until we both got serious boyfriends by the age of sixteen. Once I had a guys cock in me, that's want I wanted.

    Had this woman had not shown me how to pleasure my friend orally, sh would not have given my the oral satisfaction for all those years. I would have probably offered my self to much older boys, Probably would have ended up pregnant or with some STD's. I am glad I met me husband. A great man nine years older who knows how to satisfy me. I am glad his ex wife called him sex crazy and ask for a divorce.

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    Straight Female / 36

    I start and stop. I could not go further. I will try again.

    My dad came to my bedroom and used me as a wife. My sister knew it and so did my mom.

    My dad did something awful and he got in trouble and was sent to prison. It didn't have anything to do with me. My mom and sister would go see him, I stayed in the car. My sister was worse than my mother about me not wanting to talk to him.

    I never got close to anyone. One day I went with some work friends to a happy hour for one of the girls at work who was getting married. One of the men there decided to grab me, and he got me from behind and just closed his arms around me and then I just melted and let him grab me and turn me around he kissed me. He kept his arm around my shoulder and when it was time to leave he walked me to his car and drove me to his place. He had sex with me, I let him undress me and when he slipped my panties off I started to get that feeling again and I was so wet when he got on top of me I went into an immediate orgasm when he pushed himself inside of me. He was upset with me because I didn't want any more sex. He tried giving me oral sex, and touching me but I couldn't get turned on again. So after a while he laid me on the bed and he penetrated me until I got moist again and he was able to complete his sex.

    He had sex with me anytime he wanted, he would come over, sometimes we would eat, sometimes we went out, and he always had sex. Always. I learned how to give him oral sex, and I learned how to give him anal sex. For me, I had orgasms when he surprised me and gave me sex on my back. I learned that even after an orgasm, to let him stay inside of me until he completed for himself. One day at an art fair I let him tattoo his name on my ring finger.

    I also let him get me pregnant. I have a son, his name is Mike.

    Breast feeding my son was hard, I had a hard time staying put. But I did it for six months.

    My dad was released from prison and he went back to his parent's house and killed himself.

    That night when I had sex I had what felt like a dozen orgasms, one after the other. I couldn't get enough sex, he had two orgasms and couldn't get up again, I got frustrated at him, I laid on his chest and cried and he was able to have sex with me again and this time we had an orgasm together.

    I had a daughter after that.

    I feel I am normal now, I have regular sex and I look forward to having him. There are times when I just completely surrender to him, I get totally naked and spread myself open on the bed for him. I want him to eat me into an orgasm, and then he can have sex with me anyway he wants, front or back or oral, whatever he wants. At those times I get real horny for anal sex, just shove it in me and go to town until he finishes. I love the feeling of him withdrawing and feeling the wetness between my cheeks. If when I was younger I did not want to get fucked, now I want to get fucked, by him.

    My sister and I have a difficult relationship. She feels I treated my dad wrong. My mom, when I asked her, she made excuses. I am close to my mom though. I look at my daughter and I know her father would kill anyone that touches her. I often think of what it will be like the day he has to walk her down the isle. She is ten so there is no boy right now, but he knows about my dad and his precious girl is his precious girl. It is going to be hard.

    One day I might get married. I just feel it is better if I belong to him because I want to.

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    Straight Female / 30

    In a way it is just that life happens.

    My mother had me when she was 16. She struggled to support me, and when I was around 11 she met a guy who helped her out, and she entertained him. He came over a lot of nights after work to have sex with my mom and he would ask her how much money she needed and they would settle on it and he gave her the money. After he paid her he always grabbed her ass and frenched her. One day he grabbed my ass and French kissed me. It felt real real good. I let him kiss me a lot and rub my ass and push his finger in my crack.

    When I turned 16 my mother gave me to him. She gave me these instructions about holding my legs open flat, not to squeeze my knees, that way he could get in without any problems. She put a condom on him and let him fuck me. It was my 'honeymoon'. Why my mom decided that he should marry me I don't know, but she did and he agreed and with her permission I got married to him.

    Although he had sex with me from time to time, the truth was that my mom was his real wife. She slept with him every day and she cooked and kept house and he moved us to live in a house and I went to a new school. At school no one knew I was married, everyone thought he was my dad. Every now and then he got me and gave me sex, it was like a reminder that I was his wife.

    My mom got pregnant and had a little boy. As I went through high school I never made friends, it was kind of weird bringing someone home to meet my family. I had school friends, but not after school friends.

    At 19 my mom got pregnant again, and this time it hit me hard. I wanted a baby too, and after a lot of discussion, my mom agreed and I got pregnant. My mom took care of her kids and my kid while I went to college, first community college, but then finished at a four year college. For my mom me having a degree was a real big deal, I didn't realize how much it meant to her. My husband was more of like well that is what you do so do it. He never expected anything less.

    I was 26 when I was given the marriage bed. It happened after dinner one night, well you are his wife so you should sleep with him. And I slept with him after that.

    I got another kid and that is how we live. My husband, my mom and me, and our kids. A lesbian lady I met after college, who learned about my set up, said to tell people who criticized us, to f-off. Best advise I got. It works for us, he is a good dad, and he doesn't shirk his responsibilities. I work and my mom stays home.

    Life happens.

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    Straight Male / 53

    Older Straight Male
    Here are a couple of questions for the ladies.

    Have you ever taken cum loads in your pussy from two different guys, each unaware that the any of the other came in you the same day?

    Have you ever taken multiple cum loads in your pussy from different guys at the same time?

    If yes to either question then:

    How many guys ?
    What were their ethnicity ?
    What was the biggest or most interesting cock you recall out of all ?

    Thanks for you output (no pun intended)

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    1 / 31

    Ð§ÐµÑ ;Ñн&Ntild e;й Ñеле Ð¼Ð°Ñ ;ÑÐµÑ ;. ÐоÑквÐ& deg; (926)7978527

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