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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 39

    I was cast adrift when I was a teenager. My parents divorced and I lived with my mom. Things were hard and in order to have spending money I took a job at the mall in the food court. The first night after we closed I was told to take the trash out to the dumpster. At the dumpster I was grabbed from behind and lifted and carried back into the mall service corridor and into a door and taken inside. It was dark and his hands was in my shirt and then he shoved it down my pants. I thought my life was supposed to flash before my eyes but it was just dark and he was breathing hard and he pushed my pants down until my bare bottom was exposed and his penis slipped between my legs and he fucked me.

    He left and I got dressed and went back out into the hall and went back towards the store but all the lights were out, so I went out back again where the dumpster was and walked around the mall to where my mom picked me up. She asked me why my hair was a mess and I told her I had to take the trash out and the wind messed it up. At home I spent a while cleaning myself up and I took a bath and soaked for a long time and washed myself out.

    I went to work the next day but I couldn't figure out who it was so I just did my job. I took the trash out many times. I used my first pay check to buy panties, I wanted to be wearing nice panties if it happened again. But it did not happen and I had to work that stupid job.

    At 19 I met this guy and we started going together and one night he was pushing me to have sex, he asked me if I had ever had sex and I said no.

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    Straight Female / 42

    Surprised husband & daughter,
    I came home earlier than normal I had to rush to the toilet only to find my husband washing my daughters back in the bath she wasn't covering her tits up and there was no bath foam so really she was naked you could see her pubic hair.
    normally he always bather her when she very young I didn't know it was happening when she is an adult,
    they both seemed a bit embarrassed and didn't know what to say, I am thinking all sorts, or is it completely innocent.


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    Straight Female / 23


    I met this really handsome, dark and smart guy on a website. Soon we became close and started chatting everyday. I realised that i like hom and the way he talked to me felt i am respected and cared for. But we couldnt meet as we both stayed in different cities. We started sharing our normal photos with each other and i found he was actually a hot but sweet hunk.
    But i never expressed to him how i felt about him. I was confused whether it was pure lust or was something else brewing up in my heart.

    Once i got a chance to meet him as i went travelling to the city where he stayed. He booked a tent for us at a open resort.

    The day we met, it was pouring heavily (just like how it happens in the movies). I saw him and ran towards him to hug him. We both talked for few minutes and immediately left for the couple's campsite.

    When we reached there, we found out that we were the only people other than the staff at the campsite due to the heavy rain. They guided us towards our tent and we got in to escape the ever more thunderous heavy rain. There was no lighting available in our tent it was little far from the Main office of the resort. The only guide for us as a light was the flashlight of out mobile phones.

    Slowly, it started to hit me, that i was with him. Alone. Wet all over my body. In the dark.

    "I know you cannot see me right now, but please close your eyes" said me. He teased me and laughed. Slowly i saw his hand covering his eyes in the dim light. "What if i open my eyes?" "Noooooooooo" I screeched. I slowly pulled up the wet tshirt from my body, and removed my hands from the sleeves. I could hear us breathing heavily. Maybe he was listening tot the cloth sliding away from my body. Slowly i unhooked my bra. I suddenly felt his cold feet touch my toe. He suddenly pulled away and lay still. I dropped my bra which accidently fell on his leg. I went on my knees, turned towards him, unbuckled my buttons and stared continously at him to ensure he was not peeping. But no. he did not peep even once. I immediately removed my pant, wore a short, a bra and loose tshirt and lay next to him, pulling his hand away from his face. He looked at me and gasped. He said "Where is the kiss on my cheek that you had promised me when we were chatting?". I blushed and chuckled and moved forward to kiss him. My wet lips touched his cold smooth skin. The next instant, i see him staring into me in the dim light and without a warning i feel a warmth spreading on my lips. He lips push further into mine and i feel his tongue slightly teasing my lips. He moves away, whispers " You are beautiful"
    He further pushes me down, holds my face and make me lost in his warm, wet and..... I am lost.
    He slowly starts to push his cold hand up my top, Pushes towards my bra and said "May I?" I nod, as each passing moment i start to crave for his hand and lips. He removes my top and unhooks my bra. With his teeth, he pulls my bra away and without any further delay, i feel his warm lips all over my breat. Sucking and biting, pressing his face towards my breast and feeling my smooth skin on his face. Slowly he pushes my shorts down, spreads my leg and i see him licking his lips. I feel the wetness in between my legs as he start to breath heavily as he goes down closer to lips. I feel him spread my lips and slowly feel his tongue going inside me. I feel him kiss me gently on my clit and slowly start to lick my wetness. He comes up gives me a kiss on my lips, i taste me on his lips. His beard wet with my wetness. Before i could think anything else, i feel a sudden pain and a sudden shock of pleasure running over my body. He is big for my small pussy. He moan loudly as he feel hismelf inside me. Slowly he moves himself inside me, making us both crazy, wild and controless. Thanks to the rain, nobody to hear the loud moans and screams escaping from my lips. He soon starts to move inside me fast and i feel his big long shaft deep inside me. He looks at me and kiss my lip now and then and slowly builds up the steam between us. After ramming into my body, he shakes my body with orgasms after orgasms, and i slowly feel myself feeling up from inside with his cum, as he collapses on me and gently kiss my forehead. :)

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    Straight Female / 31

    I'm here to speak out in favor of plural wives. We are happy. We're not jealous. We love him. We 'mother' together. We are each other's keeper. We strive to be 'one' wife, we do not fight, we do not create confusion, we work together. We are 'wives' to each other, only he is husband to us. We are three women who love each other as we love our husband. We are not into shared sex, a man takes his wife, one at a time. We have discovered that being comforted by another 'wife' completes his sex act with us. We are together by choice.

    Thank you,

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    Straight Male / 53


    I have some general sexual questions for women.
    These are questions based mainly from the collective experiences of past wives and girlfriends both before and while knowing me.

    I have had two wives and several girl friends who really liked having cum loads from different guys in their pussy at the same time. It kind of surprised me how many of them did. Most had just never talked about it before with a guy.

    Q.) Do most women like this or at least would like to try it?

    Two of my wives and one of my girlfriends were dancers, one at an all-nude club. Two of the three worked while I was in a relationship with them. I thought it was a turn-on and enjoyed going to the club to watch them perform. In every case, my open acceptance was a huge boost for their self-confidence.

    Q.) Do most women look down on strippers or do they secretly wish to experience being one?
    Q.) Would you get turned on if your husband came to watch you perform?

    I always encourage the expression of fantasies, particularly during sex.
    Most women, when they really open up, have the most creative, extreme, and amazing fantasies to share, if they haven't actually already done some of those things.
    Of the ones I have known, many of these fantasies involved multiple black men. or dogs/horses.

    Q.) Do you regularly have these kind of fantasies? If not, what do you fantasize about most?

    I think women who have sex for money, especially married women whose husbands approve, it really hot.
    I did this myself for awhile with one of my wives and she enjoyed it under those circumstances.
    I truly believe this should not be illegal and women should be able to do whatever they choose with their bodies.
    To me, that is another of the rights that falls under Roe vs. Wade.

    Q.) Do women generally think sex for money is wrong?
    Q.) If not, and if the situation was right, would you have sex for money, especially if you were married?

    At a group party, I did a DVP (double-vaginal penetration) with my then wife and another friend.
    Neither of us had ever done that before and it she went bonkers, having multiple orgasms.
    We did this numerous more times with the same results for her.

    Q.) Do women ever want to try this or know what the experience can be like for them?

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    Straight Female / 22

    Its a question has any girl wrestled playfully with there mum and it has turned in to a bit of sexual activity,
    I know mum and daughter sex relationships are very rare, it was weekend we were due to go to the gym but the car wouldn't start so mum thought of wrestling as an exercise we stripped to under wear it wasn't long before my bra strap was broken plus other sexual moves mum was making on me as if by accident. I am ashamed to admit I enjoyed.
    Is there any one out there who has been sexually involve with there mum I sure there is and I would like your input please.

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    Straight Female / 34

    I was named Eva Danielle when I was born. Growing up I was Dani. Dani was a tomboy, small for his age. He played with the other boys at school, was good at little league and soccer. When Dani went through puberty things got difficult for him. Try as he might, he could not hide the fact that puberty had betrayed him and there were things that the other boys did not have. It was in the seventh grade when Dani first fell in love. Her name was Stephanie, she was cute and smart. She was Dani's favorite person, and try as he might, Stephanie did not return his love. One day, Dani asked Stephanie to go steady with him and Stephanie told Dani that he wasn't a boy. Stephanie pointed out the obvious, Dani had things that boys did not have, and Dani did not have what boys had.

    Dani's love for Stephanie did not diminish, Dani suffered in silence.

    When Dani got to college, Dani met Joan. Joan was from a small town and Joan liked Dani just the way he was. Even, or as Dani would find out, especially because of the parts that Dani did not have. Joan liked Dani a lot, she really liked Dani and Dani found out what it realty meant to have a girlfriend. Joan liked to tell Dani what to do, where they were going, how to dress, how she liked Dani to cut his hair. One day Dani got fed up with being told what to do and he and Joan broke up.

    When Dani decided to go to nursing school, everyone in Dani's family was surprised. Why not become a doctor, or for that matter why not stay in business school and become a CPA. But Dani wanted to become a nurse. His feelings were for a girl named Eileen. Eileen, like Stephanie was very pretty and petite, she was very feminine and liked to dress nice and was soft and pretty. Eileen liked Dani and she accepted Dani the way he was and Dani and Eileen went through nursing school together. When they graduated Dani and Eileen moved in together. No one was surprised they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

    At work Dani met a doctor. And through this doctor Dani met Joe. Joe was an engineer working for a large company and he liked Dani, and Dani found out what Joe liked and Joe wanted to meet Eva. When Joe was with Dani, he would take all of Dani's clothes off and he would see Eva. He liked Eva and insisted that Eva be his girlfriend. He bought things for Eva. Delicate jewelry, delicate underwear, delicate dresses, and he had Eva dress up for him. Whenever he was with Eva he wanted Eva to be his dream girl.

    Dani's haircut was too short, and Dani never wore a bra, and Dani was too bossy. Eva on the other hand was Joe's girlfriend, and Eva started to wear her hair longer and to wear delicate underwear and to wear a bra and to listen to Joe and do what Joe wanted her to do. When Joe got an assignment to move to Singapore Joe told Eve he wanted her to go with him, to be his wife and he wanted Eva to promise him that while they were in Singapore she would have some babies for Joe. Eva had to decide, if she went with Joe, Dani could not go.

    Joe made Eva's body pregnant. Joe put his world around her. Joe made Eva change her name to his. Joe made Eva wear married women's jewelry. Joe made Eva wear a bra every day. Joe made Eva have woman sex with him. Joe told Eva to leave Dani behind.

    By the time Joe's assignment in Singapore was complete, Joe had made Eva's body pregnant three times and he had Eva be the mother and he insisted on being the father. There were three little Eva's and Eva had to teach them how to be little girls. But Eva didn't know how, but daddy Joe insisted and Eva had to try. Eva cried a lot, she missed Dani but Dani couldn't live with her any more and anyway Joe only wanted Eva.

    When Eva returned to the states, she no longer shopped for Dani, she only shopped for Eva and the three little Evas. Joe loved Eva, and he loved his little Evas and Joe bought a big house for Eva so she could take care of the little ones. Joe decided to make Eva's body pregnant again, lest Eva would go and look for Dani.

    Dani would visit Eva from time to time, and Eva bought Dani some clothes. She hid the clothes, she did not want Joe to see Dani. But one day Joe found Dani's clothes and he became very upset and mad and told Eva once and for all that she could never see Dani again.

    Eva loves Joe and Eva loves all the little ones and Eva no longer looks for Dani. Eva only shops for Eva, and Eva likes to wear delicate dresses for Joe, and delicate shoes and delicate jewelry, and Eva never takes off her married woman's jewelry and Eva always wears a bra for Joe. And so, even if Dani did not want it to happen, Eva had to come out and play so she could live with Joe and make Joe happy.

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    Straight Female / 36

    I was married at 18, and divorced before I was 20. We found out that I cannot have children, at that point my "husband" lost interest in me and left. Rather than move back in with my parents, I started hooking. I never got into drugs, but sex for money was my all consuming passion. If you had the time and money, then I wanted to make you happy. It thrilled me that I was getting money for sex, that people actually wanted me enough to pay for it with me.

    I did that for a decade. Ya, I got beat on some, but I stayed away from the pimps and drugs and made a fairly good living on my back and on my knees. After a year of doing it, I started to put some of the money away so I could "get out of the business" some time if I ever wanted to do so. Well, almost 5 years ago now, I decided I wanted out.

    I decided to go to school and become a computer programmer. I always like using the computer and was good at math, so I thought why not make some money at doing something normal for a while. I was not top of my class, but finished respectable, and I didn't sleep with any prof's for grades, and I'm in a good job now with a major company.

    My problem now is that when I get really stressed out working on a project, I start wanting to hook again. I found myself buying cloths for it. I've even dressed and went cruising the bigger city a few miles away, but so far I have been able to talk myself out of it before seriously looking for a john, but if this keeps up, I know it's only a matter of time before I start "pay to play" again.

    Since I was dumped by my ex, I've never wanted to be with one guy for very long, and I still don't. I know there is no house in the country, two cars, and a loving husband for me, but I really don't want to hook again.

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    Straight Female / 23

    A week after breaking up with my BF I was ready for some rebound sex.
    Met this guy on tinder at a bar we drank and talked things were going well I found him attractive, he had a long fringe and well groomed hair, some patchy stubble and nice clothes. We decided we'd go to his place and have some fun.
    He lives alone in an apartment uptown we want in and grabbed a drink chatted for a bit then kissed.
    I was getting turned on as he was kissing me he took off his shirt and I took off mine, he pulled down my jeans and panties and began to eat my pussy.
    It was really really good. I came twice as he expertly licked me.I pulled him up kissed him and slid my hands down his pants to pull out his cock only to my surprise he had no cock. My hands discovered a sweet damp pussy with a large pronounced clit. He whispered to me he was FTM transgender and is this ok? I nodded and decided to go down on him anyway. It was my first time eating pussy, I kicked the hole and sucked his clit, everytime I did he moaned and said yeah baby suck my cock like that.
    He ended up ducking me with a strap on cock and it was fantastic.
    We are going to meet again tonight I'll see where this goes.

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    Straight Male / 29

    I am a straight male but something that really turns me on is a dogs cock I want to play with one and maybe more is there any girls out there that can give me advice on how they feel and so on?

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