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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 51

    My name is Lisa and I’m a separated mother of two. My married life ended in a sexless unloving nightmare. It had been almost eighteen years since I had sex. The day my husband moved out, it was like a light switch went on. Immediately I began having sexual desires. These desires were very strong. It started with me sleeping nude. The feeling of being nude was amazing. This also caused my sexual desires to increase. I had masturbated for years, but I found myself masturbating more frequently. Soon, I was masturbating multiple times a day. This in turn caused my sexual desires to increase even more.

    One night after masturbating, I was playing a game on my phone when I saw a pic of a guy. He was very cute, so I decided to flirt. He was more than willing to flirt. He told me his name was Matt and he was divorced. Our flirting that night turned into sharing nude pics the following day. That turned into sharing masturbation videos. We talked throughout the day and into the night. Soon, we knew everything about each other. Our discussions centered on sex and our sexual desires. It was exhilarating.

    A few weeks ago, on a Saturday, I was laying in bed that afternoon masturbating and talking with Matt. I had to stop because my daughter and her college friends came to the house. I got up and threw on some clothes to visit with the kids. There were about eight total. I fixed a snack for them and they went to watch tv. During the day, Matt and I chatted and continued our sexual discussions. As I mentioned, my life changed drastically the day of the separation. Sexual thoughts, urges and desires were being woken up deep inside my body. Matt began asking who was at my house. I told him there were four boys and four girls. He began asking me if I had flirted with the boys. These boys were nineteen and I knew them for years. I never had a thought about them until Matt asked if they flirted with me or I had flirted with them. I told Matt a recent story when I was exercising and a few of the boys came down to talk with me. I have nice C cup breasts and my nipples are always hard. It doesn’t matter the situation, my nipples are erect. I happened to be on the elliptical with out a bra that day. It was fairly obvious I was braless. The boys talked to me a long time. I knew they were looking at me and it embarrassed me. But, when I told Matt the story, he told me that I should tease the boys more. I went along with his idea.

    That night I knew the kids were all watching a movie, so I put on a tight white shirt. My nipples were poking out and the shirt was thin enough that is was bordering on being pornographic. With Matt’s encouragement, I went into the kitchen. One of the boys saw me and asked for a snack. He was obviously looking at my chest. It was exciting, but I was a little embarrassed. After giving him the snack, I hurried back to my room. I contacted Matt and told him what happened. He encouraged me to return and have some fun. I was very excited and masturbated before heading back out. Now I was very excited. I sat on the couch when Ryan, Jax and Logan all walked into the room. Two of the boys sat on the couch on either side of me and the last sat in a chair. I asked why weren’t they watching the movie. Logan said they would rather talk to me. I almost orgasmed right there. I was nervous and trying to control myself. As I began talking to the boys, I noticed they were all looking at my chest. My daughter would have freaked out if she would have caught me. I was nervous, but the sexual desires outweighed my fears of being caught. As we talked, I began getting wet. It got to the point that my panties were soaked. I had to get up and take a shower. I told them I had to shower. Ryan and Jax walked away, while Logan stayed. I was walking to my room when Logan asked if I needed someone to wash my back. Playing dumb, I replied that I would be nude. He just smiled and said that was what he was hoping. I smiled very big, gave him a wink and said maybe another time.

    I told Matt who wanted me to ask Logan in, but even though I was very excited, I knew I would get caught. This is when I realized that I wasn’t worried about theses boys were young or they were my daughter’s friends. My only concern was that I could get caught. I knew right then that I wanted Logan. Later that night all the kids left. The next morning my daughter left to go study with a girlfriend. I was chatting with Matt when it began snowing. Logan texted me and asked if I was home. He claimed that he may have forgotten something. Matt encouraged me to greet Logan at the door wearing a skimpy shirt and no panties. I willingly complied. I opened the door for Logan and he saw me and told me that I looked amazing. I smiled, giggled and told him thanks. Logan walked around th house and found what he forgot. I was standing by the door hoping Logan would make a move. He stood there and was talking when he asked if I wanted him and the other boys to clean out my drive later that day. I was really excited and told him I wanted him to come back and plow my drive then I winked. He knew what I meant. I told him that I walk around nude, so he may want to knock first.

    An hour later, Logan, Ryan and Jax returned. They were scooping snow, so I took off all of my clothes and laid on the couch. As I had hoped, I heard the door open. Into the living room walked all three boys. I didn’t even try to cover up. I did comment that I thought they were going to knock so I could get on clothes. But, Ryan smiled and said that is why they didn’t knock. Logan sat on the couch beside me and began fingering me. I was wet instantly. It took a few minutes before I took him to my room. He took off his clothes and I laid on the bed. Here it was my first sexual experience in almost eighteen years. Logan slid in and with a few pushed he came. I was upset and he was embarrassed. I told him I wanted to do it again. He said he was sorry, but I told him I wanted more. He hurried out of the room as I laid on the bed and wanted to cry. Before I could, Jax walked in. I was shocked. He began taking off his clothes. He was already erect as I got out of bed and began sucking his cock. I stood up and told him I need to use the restroom and said I would be right back. He followed me and I asked for a minute when he pushed me toward the sink. I was bent over and he began fucking me from behind. I still had Logan’s cum inside me and now Jax was fucking me. I began moaning and Jax fucked me harder. I began having an orgasm when Jax came inside of me. Jax walked away and I was able to clean myself out. I heard someone walk in and I looked up to see Ryan. I greater him as he began taking off his clothes. I was very pleased to see Ryan was blessed with a little larger than normal cock.

    Ryan began kissing me and rubbing my breasts. I was getting excited. He began rubbing my clit as I moved to give him head. He pulled me up and continued fingering me. I was excited and when I reached down to stroke his cock, I had an orgasm. Ryan walked me to the bed and I asked to give him head, but he said we will soon. We laid on the bed as we kissed and touched one another all over. As I stroked Ryan, I felt the cum beginning to ooze from his cock. I went down and put his wet cock in my mouth. I could taste the cum and told him that he tasted so good. I was sucking his cock fairly quickly when he told me to slow down. That excited me as I wanted to fuck him slowly. When he was ready, I straddled him and slide in his cock. We smiled at each other as we began having sex. It was very good. He took his time and I thought he was about to cum when he stopped me. I laid down beside him as we kissed. Finally he got up and took me by the hand. My bedroom door was shut and on the other side was Logan and Jax. I asked what we were doing. I was a little concerned. Ryan grabbed me and pinned me against the door. We began kissing passionately. He listed my legs and began risking me while I was pinned against the door. He was fucking me so hard. I thought we were going to break the door. I began moaning and yelled I was cumming. We continued having sex and as I was cumming the second time, I begged Ryan to cum too. He did!!!

    When we were done, Ryan opened the door. We were both nude. He looked at the other guys and told them that is how you fuck a woman. I smiled and agreed. The boys left right after, but I told them to please cum again. I could have never done any of this without the encouragement of Matt. I hope one day to meet Matt and show him my appreciation.

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    Straight Female / 53

    No confession, just putting it out there. I was part of a gang. You did not fuck around on your man. Most of the time he came back to you. But if he came back and he had a chick with him, you let him fuck her. Those were the rules. Men fuck chicks, their own chicks, other men's chicks, chicks they pick up. Me, I was his woman for the entire time. No one fucked with me, except him.

    It is just the way it was.

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    Straight Female / 24

    My memory of that evening was the hand on my thigh. It was a strong hand, a warm hand and I couldn't get it off my thigh. At first it was on top of my thigh, then it started to reach in between my legs. I was using both of my hands to take it off, then a whap on my hands, a stare into my eyes, and his hand back up high on my thighs, turned in fingering me. I kept my hands on his hand while he fingered me trying to listen to his conversation. I got kissed and he told me he was taking me home right then before I had an accident.

    Walking me up the stairs to my apartment he touched my ass, he said it was a great ass and he couldn't wait to get a piece of it. I couldn't work my key. He held me and he used the key to open the door. I turned on the lights and we went straight back to the bed and he took off my panties and ate me out. He stood up looking down on me, told me to keep my legs open that he liked looking at my pussy. He took off his shoes and got off his pants and shirt and told me to give him tits and he fucked me.

    People ask me how I know I am in love with him. When did I know I was in love with him. What were the clues. I can't tell them what happened that night, or that I had only met him one time before, I can't tell them that I had given up when I was sitting beside him while he was working his hand up my thigh to finger me in the bar. Or that he told me that night that a great piece of ass is all a man wants. I can't tell them that he fucked me and I had not even gotten undressed.

    I made up a story, about meeting him, how he made me laugh, and we went out several times, and one night, just one of those nights with a full moon, we ended up kissing on my doorstep. It really doesn't matter, I fell in love, or whatever you want to call it. He doesn't have to feel me up in a public place, he can do that at my apartment. I know girls that had to give hand jobs or blow jobs in bars. I am thankfully not one of those girls.

    I was not a virgin that night. But in many ways I was. I had never been with a man. Not a man, college guy yes, man no. That night I was with a man. He wants a girlfriend, someone to hang on him, sleep with him, pick up his suit at the cleaners. I am not saying this is the type of girlfriend I dreamed of being, but it is the type of girlfriend I am.

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    Lesbian Female / 47

    I went on a school outing, a hike up a mountain with my class. There were other schools there that day as the hike was an organized fund raiser. On the way down the mountain I went the wrong way and was lost. A older guy from another school came along and I got felt up and kissed and eventually screwed by him. After he screwed me he had me give him oral sex. I had never been stripped or screwed. He really liked by tits and he sucked on me for a long while. When we finally got dressed and he escorted me down the mountain we were the last ones to get to the bus parking area. He walked me to my bus and reminded me whose dick I sucked.

    I was 14 and my parents didn't let him see me. I saw him after school, and I had a friend who would invite me over and he would come see me there. At her house he had sex with me. One day my friend asked me how he did it and I told her how he stuck himself in me. I also told her that you could do it from behind. She didn't believe me, but she let him see me at her house.

    When I turned 17 I told my mother that I was having sex and I wanted to get on the pill. At that time the pill was not in general use and girls on the pill were all considered sluts. You never admitted you were on the pill. I told my mother that if she didn't get me on the pill I was just going to go ahead and get pregnant. This was 1973, my senior year in highschool.

    After that conversation with my mother our relationship was never the same again. To her that fact that I had been having sex since I was 14 meant that I was a slut. She had been against me going to college, but after she knew I was a slut she wanted me out of the house. In college I was on the pill and I had sex as often as I could. By then I really liked it, I liked being his girlfriend, and I liked being grown up. Most of the other freshmen were still dating in a serious sort of way, I was sleeping with my boyfriend.

    At a party, I hung out with my boyfriend so most of all the kids we were with were graduate students or already out of college. At this party a girl who was a freshman was taken upstairs by one of the guys. She looked at me, and I felt sorry for her and went to my boyfriend and told him to go get her before that guy screwed her. He got to her in time, and I took her back with me to our apartment and had her sleep with me there. When my boyfriend came he got in bed with both of us but I kept him off of her. Although we were three years apart in age she became my best friend and I kept her from getting hurt.

    When I graduated and it was time to move to a job I asked her to come with me and she could finish at the university in the city I had gotten a job. The university was a commuter school and quite large. During that time she and I became very close and ended up getting intimate together.

    I went on and got married to my boyfriend and she was my maid of honor. I spent my honeymoon night with her, my husband was getting drunk with his friends.

    Fast forward to today, we are now in our sixties and she and I have been together all these years. My husband did his part, and we raised a family. Somewhere a long time ago, on a late night conversation with her after an emotional lovemaking session, that particular night we were hugging each other and didn't want to let go, we admitted that maybe we had deeper feelings for eachother. It was after that night that I gave up pretending. I am pretty sure that my husband had suspicions early on, while we were in college, but it wasn't until we were in our forties that he brought up the subject and said we were lesbians. We didn't say anything, we just didn't disagree.

    Today, I am 67 years old and she is 64, I can still see that look in her eyes as that guy was hauling her upstairs. That is the day that I fell for her. I knew that very day that I had to do something. I am glad I did. I can't imagine her life if that guy had gotten away with what he was going to do. If there is any one thing that sets us into holding eachother it is talking about that night. For us that was our wedding night.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    In college I had a girl friend. She was a little outside of my comfort zone. She liked me and we hung out together. One day she asked me to walk with her back to the dorms instead of taking the bus. During the walk she said she wanted me to hear her out and not get upset, she was going to ask me something that I may not understand right away. She told me she liked me, and not in the friend sort of way, but in the real girlfriend sort of way. She understood if that was not something for me, but she had to ask. She stopped me and asked me if I would let her kiss me, at least one kiss, that she had been dreaming of it for months and she wanted to kiss me and hold me. Her kiss was out in the open, on the sidewalk, between the Chemistry building and the Social Studies building. Her kiss was intense, it didn't stop, and she wanted to hug. It was my first kiss with her. It was my first sexual kiss.

    The kiss ended up with us going to bed. She had experience from when she was in high school and she read a lot about lesbians. She gave me a book to read, it was a love story of two girls who met during the war. Over the time we became a couple, not just friends. Intimacy came easy, almost naturally. We had sex and we made love.

    Along about our senior year a guy started to hit on me. It was more than just a bother, he was intense and he had his hands all over me. I told him I was spoken for, but that didn't stop him. I didn't have a boyfriend to show, and I didn't tell him about my girlfriend relationship. One party he got what he wanted. The next morning when I got home to my girlfriend she was very upset. I was upset. It was my first time. My now boyfriend would not take no for an answer and in order to appease him I gave him sex when he wanted. Until one day my girlfriend said she wanted to try. Why not? Maybe if I liked it she would like it.

    For the rest of the time we were in college we shared him as a boyfriend. Although he lived with two guys, he spent most of his time with us. We had given in to both of us being with him, and that is pretty much how the semester ended.

    When we graduated, he went his way and my girlfriend and I went our way. We stayed together for next couple of years. Until one day he called and he said he had enough of living like he did and wanted to come back to us. He would move, find a job and move in with us. Living together was hard, especially because he wanted to set the rules. At first he had his bedroom, but he wanted the three of us to sleep together and being what it is, we relented and we agreed to sleep together.

    Toda y my girlfriend and I live together. Our boyfriend lives apart from us. He is still our boyfriend. Some nights I feel the bed is empty. Some nights it is nice to have the room to ourselves. At this time we are trying out this separation.

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    Straight Female / 38

    I have been thinking of this for a long time. I am trapped now and there is no reasonable way out.

    I swallowed the cool aid. I went to college, got a business degree, got hired by a Big Four Accounting firm, passed the CPA, worked the 60 to 70 hour weeks. I got promoted on time. I was on the road to become Manager. A client had a man who would talk to me. He always made conversation and it was always about why I wasn't married, that I was a waste because I was unmarried without children. He was touching a button so I always engaged in the dialog, even when it went south and he put me down. One day he asked me if I had even ever had sex, or if I was one of those women who went down on other women. He made me tell him out loud, he held my face with his hand and shook my face and made me tell him I liked dick. I was 30 and I was a virgin.

    He wasn't gentle with me, he forced his dick down my throat, I gagged and vomited. He forced his dick up my ass. He forced his dick in me and he ejaculated without allowing me to have any protection. He made me get pregnant. After I was pregnant my life in the professional world came to an end. For the next four years I was pregnant and taking care of newborn babies.

    With my third baby he allowed me to have some help. I hired a woman, a woman with a degree in education who didn't like working for the school system. My now husband told me she was unfuckable. She was destined to use her maternal instincts on another woman's children. Because she was working for me he wanted me to go another round and have a fourth.

    I am 38 years old now, my four kids are all doing fine. I don't work outside the home. My nanny is still with me, she takes care of most of the hard work with them. She also is there for after school and teaching. My husband is used to her, but he is still of the opinion that she is unfuckable. She has an attitude and she never looks attractive. She is ok around him, but complains about him when he is not there. I tell her that life is what it is, I use to be a career woman and look at me now. I can't explain it, and she shouldn't try.

    After children I have a very high sex drive. Higher than he wants to deal with. I am perpetually feeling unfulfilled. If he didn't work the hours he does, he would probably be able to satisfy me. But as it is I work out at the gym, and use toy friends to pleasure myself when I take a bath. I have this unanswered question, whether my nanny ever gets sex, does she even want sex, or does she have her toys as well? She never talks about sex.

    I have nightmares that one day she is going to walk in on me while I am masturbating. I lock the door, I always have, even when the kids were real little. I bought these clips that I use on my nipples. I am obsessed with them now. I have both a vibrator and a hand held dildo. The vibrator to start but without the hand held dildo for penetration I can't seem to have an orgasm. In the tub I only use the dildo and the nipple clips. I want penetration, the more the better. I mean I want penetration from my husband. My fantasies when I masturbate is that he comes home, finds me doing something he doesn't like, and hauls me off to the bedroom and punishes me.

    The most he ever does is make me sit and listen to his lecture about spending too much money or not taking care of the kids well enough. If I am that bad why doesn't he punish me with his hand. My first orgasm was when he shook my face and made me tell him I wanted dick. He doesn't understand that I need to feel his wrath. He hasn't fucked me in the ass for a long time. I don't like it, but that shouldn't stop him from doing it. He says I am bored. I say I am frustrated, I need more dick. I can say it now, out loud. I can tell him to give me dick.

    I don't understand how my nanny can live without having dick. I can't swear that she has never had sex, but I am about as sure as it can be. As an auditor I would sign the opinion that she is a virgin. I came very close to giving her my dildo and telling her to get some use out of it. Of course I didn't, I kept it for myself.

    One last note, my youngest daughter is going to turn four. I have flushed my birth control down the toilet. What happens happens. I need more dick, if I don't have another baby how am I going to justify my nanny? Really, though I just want to get pregnant. My husband likes me pregnant and I like being pregnant for him.

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    Straight Female / 27

    My father committed suicide two days after he was released from prison. He was a bad man. That night I gave myself completely to my boss. My boss is a good man. I may never completely forget what my father did with me. I want to be a woman for my boss, he wants me to be a woman. Now I am ready to try. He is the man I want to have babies with. I want him to think of me as his woman.

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    Straight Female / 35

    It was an after game party at a lake house. Kids were smoking pot, drinking. Everyone was technically under age. Kids were going back to the bedrooms to have sex. The cops showed up. They were really mean and treated us like dirt. We were all under age and we all got in trouble. My parents had to pay a lawyer to negotiate a deal for me.

    I was stuck at home, the parties were over, it busted up everyone's life. At the party I had witnessed kids having sex, and I became obsessed with it. I started hanging out with my neighbor and I decided that I needed to have sex with him, get it over with. He did have sex with me, but afterwards he treated me really bad. But when he wanted sex and he didn't have a date he called me to go over to his house and he would have sex with me. I always went.

    When I graduated from high school I enrolled in the junior college so that I could stay close to my neighbor. He had finished at the police academy. He gave me the sex I needed, but it was always bad afterwards. We never went out.

    He did finish police academy and became a street cop, but then he took leave to go to college. I followed him. I lived with him, when we left college I lived with him. He never married me. I am 35 years old, I work in retail sales at a nice jewelry store, I have an apartment of my own. He lives in a house. I take care of everything. He has sex when he wants.

    I know I am his doormat, his cleaning lady, his sex doll. I know he is not interested in marrying me. I don't enjoy my life, but I don't want another life. I know ladies in their fifties who are alone. I am going to be one of those ladies, still doing housework for my childhood neighbor, even if he has a wife. I don't know any other life.

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    Straight Female / 30

    Thirty is a good age to be. I now have a job that pays me 70K a year. I admit that I was careless and stupid in my early twenties. I won't go into too many details, but I did not respect myself and I let a lot of things happen that I regret. And for whatever reason, allowing anal sex is way up there in the regret meter. Also, being a slut that was passed around at parties having sex with several men in one night. Nothing nice, and nothing you want to talk about. All this was in college and right after.

    I am now seeing a grown man, a respectable man. He is divorced and he has kids in their twenties. His daughter is three years younger than me. Not quite the step mom image that you think about. She has been my best friend, helping me learn how to be the right person for her father.

    This man is my dream come true. He is smart, real smart. It scares me and it turned me on from the beginning when I met him. He is in my opinion very good looking, very manly. He is 55 and very fit. He is a true lover. He showed me that he could make me have an orgasm without penetration using a feather and blowing on my clitoris. The only thing I had to do was allow myself to be blindfolded. He learned that from a Chinese woman in Singapore. Freaky beyond belief, his words and his denial of giving me penetration drove me up the wall and when I had an orgasm it was unlike anything I had experienced before. It is an oriental thing.

    I am learning several things with him. One, which he holds as a must for a girl, is to know how to entertain. I have a tutor, a woman in her fifties that is teaching me and his daughter the fine art of hosting a party. It is a lot of fun. His daughter and I are also taking lessons on makeup, to look sophisticated. It is like playing dress up, but for real.

    I am also exploring light bondage. Freaky not to be able to get away. I never imagined that being bare butt spanked with his hand would get me aroused, but it did. Learning to let him spank me and touch my butt is also freaky. You are taught all your life not to let yourself be touched like that, and all of a sudden you have to surrender yourself to his hands. He is very experienced, he lived in the Far East for several years and knows things that are new to me. I got a gift of anal beads. I haven't used them, he told me these were for when I was alone.

    He is a love maker, by the time he mounts I am past the point of being able to resist. I have a lot of penis items that he gave me to get familiar with, also from China and Southeast Asia. Carved out of wood and ivory, some are so delicate and others are grotesque. He says they are ancient dildos. Who knew that the Chinese had ivory dildos? You aren't supposed to use them today, he gave them to me to fondle and touch. Sitting naked with him on the bed with a grotesque ancient ivory penis in my hand is a bit freaky as well. He wants me to worship them. His daughter does not know about these.

    Thirty is proving to be a new year for me. I have a nice job, and I met a very interesting man. As a bonus I met his daughter, who is a very good friend. He gave me an engagement ring that is still strange to wear, it is too big. I am getting married to a man in a May September wedding. I fell for him because of the sex, I fell in love with him because of who he is, his money is nice to have but it is the sex that got me, not his money.

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    Lesbian Female / 23

    I am 23. I recently graduated from college. In high school I was the 'younger' girl. The 'other' girl is now 26. She is always on top. When you are the younger girl you have to let her be on top. I am supposed to move in with her. Right now we live in separate places, on purpose.

    Once I move in I know how it is going to go. When I am at her place, it is always the same. She can't keep her hands off my ass. Fortunately in public we are both respectful, we are not that couple which is showing off. But when I am alone with her, she can't keep her hands off my ass. I let her, because what else am I going to do? She likes to put her arms around me, put both hands on my ass, and then kiss. No kiss before she gets her hands on my ass. She has an ass fetish.

    I am naturally passive with her. She is the older one, and I follow. In bed, from way back when we started, it is about having her rub me down, she likes to spend time on my boobs, which I like a whole lot. I also like being on my stomach and have her massage my thighs and buttocks. It feels so good.

    Neither one of is tattooed, which in our world is almost one of a kind. But we do have washable pens, and we draw on each other. It is fun, make believe tattoos. She puts on deep red lipstick and kisses me all over and I wake up with lip marks all over my body. Lipstick takes a long time to wash off. I have to be careful because once while I was still in college I went out with a lipstick kiss on the back of my neck. Explain that to the girl sitting behind you? She kisses me all over.

    We did go and get a marriage license. "I do". It sounds kind of silly. "I do". After we say "I do", I will move in. You don't live together until you are married. Old school mom stuff I know. But that is the way it is. No "I do", no living together.

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