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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 24

    I wore a dress to work. My boss came to my office and noticed my dress and asked me to 'model' for him, stand up and turn slowly. He told me how attractive I looked, beautiful dress, a bit too short for the office, but a nice dress to go dancing in. When he left my office he caressed my face and told me that he thought I was beautiful, his idea of woman.

    A few minutes later he returned, he apologized for paying attention to me, but I had just touched something in him and showed him and every one else at work what a woman looks like. I told him I was happy I pleased him, I liked being a woman, it felt good. I went dancing with him, he sat down after a while and asked me to twirl for him, to dance for him. I raised my dress to flash my panties for him, he held my arm and asked me to take my panties off and make him a present.

    On my bed later that night he slowly pushed my dress up until my pantiless pussy was exposed, he smelled me with deep breaths, kissed around my lips, rubbed his face in my pussy, clipped my clit with his teeth, then swallowed my pussy with his mouth forcing me to keep my hands by my side. My orgasm came in waves, until I lost control while he held my clit in his teeth.

    Sex came later, after I gave him a dick massage with my pussy, riding him until he pushed me on my back and fucked me. I fell in love, or something stronger. He paid attention to me, I became his favorite employee at work, his lover after work, his midnight pleasure girl. Intense as it was I tried to keep my head and my wits about me but failed. I was his mistress, alive only to please him. My days and nights were only about him.

    I told my friend about my sex life with him, she doesn't believe me but it's true, I can orgasm from just being massaged and having my nipples and clit chewed on with his teeth. Sex is too much, Just the feel of his hand on my cheek, his blue eyes, his smile melts me and I can't breathe.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I am a stage actor and I'm fortunate to have been one of the resident company actors for three years. In real life I am a basket case, I can't buy a bra without approval. When my mentor took me in my life got under control. He is a rock and he takes care of me 24/7. Sometimes I can be a real baby, at other times I feel all grown up.

    I have a couple of kinks. I like being spanked and I like being rocked. The number of times I have been carried to my room and put to bed, I love being tucked in and kissed. I seem to revert to being Daddy's little girl. It's not an act or a role, I really do become Daddy's little girl. If I misbehave I get a spanking, sometimes he pulls my panties down and spanks me until I start crying and then he holds me and rocks me. It's silly and stupid really but I just like being spanked.

    I can be a big girl, have grown up sex, but little girl sex is better and Daddy loving me is just something I really like. And I'm okay with it. Why be a big girl when Daddy wants his little girl to hug his neck and tell him about her day?

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    Straight Female / 25

    Nothing sexual here, just jealousy.

    I am one of three daughters. I married a boy from college and everything was fine when we were in school. But now, that we are both out of school and working he is jealous of my father. My father spoils his 'girls'. We got our first Tiffany studs at 16 and we get a Tiffany box every year under the tree. For my 16th birthday I got a BMW, when we got married I got a condominium in a high rent district, as an investment property. So did my sisters. My father loves his girls and spoils his girls, mother included.

    My husband does not understand, it is nothing about him. So sorry that he doesn't earn enough right now to spoil me properly but he has time ahead for him to work and make money. In the meantime why should I tell my father not to give me gifts? He gave my sister a trip to Europe for the summer when she is on break from teaching, so I pouted and he gave me a trip to Asia (for the fall, these trips have to be booked early). My husband has to work of course so I am going with my little sister.

    He knew my father was rich when he married me, this is no surprise. Rich Daddies spoil their little girls, it's the circle of life. I will have to break down and give him a grand baby one of these days, sooner than later, but right now I have my freedom to just be lazy and be spoiled.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    I am a 37 year old married woman. We recently moved to an island nation in the South Pacific where my husband has a 3 year contract. I was introduced to a group of expat women soon after arriving. None of us are allowed to work so we have a lot of time to ourselves for getting together. About a month into our posting here I was at a mah-jong morning when one of the girls asked the hostess if she could have a swim. It was a very hot morning. I was a little shocked when she casually undressed on the terrace and got into the pool in the nude.
    Nobody seemed to be at surprised. Angela swam around a bit and then another of the girls joined her, also in the nude. There was a bit of giggling going on and I was quite distracted seeing two attractive women so relaxed together in the pool nude. I was also a little stimulated by it, which really surprised me. The mah-jong came to a halt with the girls up from the table and we all started chatting and everyone then agreed the pool was a much better place to be in the heat. With that everyone including me, undressed and got in the pool, without a care in the world.
    The whole scene really turned me on. Seeing the girls undressing, watching them in their expensive sexy lingerie and then in the nude really aroused me. It was bizarre really.
    We swam and chatted and it was all pretty normal I suppose you could say, until Angela who had been the first into the pool pulled herself up onto the pool edge. She looked pretty gorgeous sitting tanned and nude and glistening in the sun. Within a few minutes one of the girls swam over to her and bewildered me by putting her head between Angela's legs and started to lick her vagina. It was then I felt a hand on my bottom.
    Within a few moments another hand was between my legs and I felt a finger slide into me.
    Pam, the second girl to get in the pool, then just casually said welcome to the mah-jong den of iniquity.
    I was completely in a trance but totally turned on and aroused. I climaxed within seconds of being fingered. As I muttered oh fuck, Pams mouth was on mine and her tongue was playing with mine. My first full on kiss with a woman. And I loved it.
    The casual playfulness of the initial pool antics turned quickly into erotic sex. Kissing, caressing, licking and fingering. Moaning and gasping. Orgasms after orgasms. In the pool, on the loungers and then finally, the hostess took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. We devoured each other. I completely let go as she pleasured me with the tongue and toys.
    Turns out the mah-jong is something of a front. I discovered later that as it was my first attendance they had planned to be quite innocent to test my reaction. Yes there is a bit of serious side to the weekly mah-jong gatherings, but really it is all about the sex. Girl sex.
    Funny thing is the sex with my husband is way better than it used to be, and I am happy to oblige in mutual anal antics. The girls have taught me a lot.
    I wonder if my husband has noticed that I only wear my very sexiest lingerie on Mah-jong days.

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    Lesbian Female / 32

    Just a real life situation. When I was still in college my Dad died and I had to drop out. I got a job as an accounting clerk for a small company. I ran into the owner one night when I was out with my girlfriend with benefits. He horned in and after several drinks he told me he wanted a woman that night, he had me pinned inside a booth and he kissed me while he felt me up. I had never been kissed by a man or gripped like that, I didn't know what to do. He took me to my apartment and made me his woman wife.

    Three years later he moved me into a house. That Christmas my sister had a baby and he asked me for one. I wasn't married so I said no. So he married me just like that so I couldn't refuse him. Next Christmas I had a baby for him, a girl so I knew I had to do it again. My babies, a girl and a boy were born when I was 25 and 27 and then I stayed home.

    I am not a good wife, or mother. My sister is the one that does it all. She is nurturing and affectionate, I am logical and cold. My husband wants sex all the time, I don't refuse him, I don't dislike it but I don't enjoy it. My sister cuddles and loves on her husband but I can't, just getting in bed at night with him is a chore. I do not refuse my husband, I am his wife and it his right, but I can sleep in the guest room just as easily.

    I headed up a fundraiser for playground equipment at my children's school. Another mother and I got real close and we made love. I felt bad and told my husband, I offered him another baby. My new baby is three months old.

    I know I am a lesbian, but I am married and he is my husband. I have permission to be friends with this other Mom, I just have to stay out of bed. My husband is my life, he loves me so much. I really love my children, I just need my sister to help me being a Mom and wife.

    I am 32 now and my husband is 53, sometimes he is very domineering but it is always about me learning something to have a better life. After my Dad died I was lost, he found me and took care of me even though he knew I was sleeping with my girlfriend when I met him.

    I don't want to be a lesbian. I never did. It's just something about me that's always been there and I wish it would go away

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    Straight Female / 38

    I work in an office which primarily employees men, with women in the administrative and accounting departments. I work for the COO, a man who comes straight out of the field and he has told me more than once that women are as useless as tits on a boar hog.

    After many run ins with him I decided to just shut up, he is not going to change and I need the job. As a more compliant employee he is a more understanding boss. I hired a young woman to help me, she is a recent graduate and I liked her from my first interview. She is cute, southern girl cute, and very soft and nice and my boss 'wants' her. He wants her real bad and wants me to set him up with her. Mind you my boss is married for 30 years and his wife and I get along pretty well.

    After one particularly difficult encounter with him over her, telling him to keep his dirty hands off of her as she is a young girl really, he accused me of protecting her which I felt I had to do. He sat back and said 'if not her, then you'. I stood up but he was faster and he got to the door and shut it, locking it and told me to get my shit together and that he wasn't asking for anything any man didn't want. He stood and stared and I stared back, when he spoke he told me take my panties off and go sit on his desk and that he wanted a full plate of oysters as an appetizer before he had his dinner.

    I didn't help him, I let him reach under my dress and pull my panties down, I let him walk me by the wrist to his desk and he cleaned the desk off and told me to sit down and open my legs. His hands on my inner thighs he slobbered around for several long minutes, then he settled down intent on making me orgasm for him. I wasn't in the mood so after another few minutes he just told me to sit tight and got his pants down and leaned against me filling me up. I refused to kiss him on the mouth, he had to kiss my cheeks and my closed lips. When he was done with me, he helped me off the desk and told me he wanted to keep my panties as a memento of the beginning of our affair.

    Many months later, by then I had settled into being his work girlfriend, we used a hotel room near the office for getting together either at noon or after work before he had to go home. My new hire mentioned to me that she never thought that office affairs really happened. As long as I can keep myself between him and her I will be all right, but if he ever touches her I will ruin his marriage and he knows it. She should never know a man like that.

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    Straight Female / 49

    As a young woman I fell in love with my boss at work. He was that man who knew everything, kind to me, parenting me and mentoring me. I had both a love feelings of a girl looking for a carnal lover, and a girl in awe of her father figure. Breaking the barrier between father and lover was pushed by my insatiable desire, I had to be a woman, to be with a man, to be with him.

    The carnal moment came in the form of punishment, correction for misbehavior, the ultimate father proving his live to his daughter. Against my family's wishes, against support of friends and neighbors I went to live with him, and to sleep with him. My feeling of completeness, sexual fulfillment grew until I was free to express that part of me, uninhibited in thought and physical behavior. No feeling is as grand as the feeling of unfettered sex with the man you love, to surrender yourself to your father, in spirit if not by nature, provides the ultimate form of love.

    My recommendations today to young women, do not underestimate the power of love from a man who fathers you, parents you, loves you as if you were his very own flesh and blood. Unpopular to love a man your senior, but if you pay attention to history you will see that a young woman with her father figure is as old as time, no other relationship can fill you as your relationship with such a man.

    Daddy issues are every woman's hidden passion, find your Daddy, and love him as you can love no other.

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    Straight Female / 36

    My neighbor ogled me, in front of my friend. She was uncomfortable but I was lost in his attention. I am just ordinary, but as I've grown older. I am a much more attractive now than I was as a teen. Men look at me and I like it, even if my friend doesn't.

    I would love to be carried away, stolen in the night, waking up to a man who stared at me the night before. I really don't like straight up sex, big deal. On a trip to see my grandmother a man stared at me before boarding, the flight was half full and he came over to talk to me. To stare at my chest, touch my hand, touch my knee, to tell me I had a pretty smile, never taking his eyes off my chest. I liked it, loved it, I touched his hand, laughed with him, let him look as much as he wanted. I am only sorry he went on after I got off.

    I have a big booty, a big caboose, I used to think it was my worst feature but I have come to realize men like women with a nice ass. My chest is nice, since I gained thirty pounds over my teen age weight. I'm curvy now, not a child any more. I have sex with men, not boys, men who like a full figured woman.

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    Lesbian Female / 37

    My SO is another woman. After graduation I was recruited by an energy firm and I moved to Houston to start my job. I was assigned to the accounting department in revenue accounting. I shared an office with another new hire, she was from a small private school and it was her first time away from home. We hung out together, were lunch buddies and got to know each other pretty well. We were the only two women in revenue accounting at the time.

    In our company, which had about 200 people in the main office, Thursday night was titty bar night for the boys. We heard about it because they bragged about it, not meant for our ears but talked about in the hall and the offices next door. What they liked, and how many table dances they had ordered, and who got drunk and who got thrown out for grabbing a girl. Friday morning was always about which girl they liked best at the titty bar.

    Over lunch she told me that she had never been anywhere, she had never been in a bar and the only naked woman she had seen was one of her friends when they had an overnight party and she wanted to go so bad to the men's club, she wanted to see what it was all about and she confessed that she had always had something for women's tits. How so, I asked her and she told me that for example she thought I had nice tits unlike her because she was tall and lean but flat chested, which she was. She begged me to talk to one of the guys and see if he would take us to the titty bar.

    At the titty bar he ordered up every type of woman he could think of, great big tits swinging in our face, small girls with small tits who spent a lot of time swinging their ass in our face. And he brought up girls with nice large tits to slow dance for us, to hang over our face and let their tits rub against our cheeks, with our mouths open they ran their nipples across our lips. One girl leaned over and told us that she preferred to dance for women, in and outside of the club and she knew how to make us happy.

    That night, it lasted a long time and our friend spent over 400 dollars on table dances for us, that night I let my office partner suck on my tits, sitting over her rubbing my naked pussy against her stomach. That night I went down on my office partner, that night my office partner went down on me. That night we had out and out woman on woman sex, that night I gave her an orgasm by twisting and pinching her nipples. She had small tits but she had nice nipples and they were very sensitive to play with. That was the first night that we crossed the line and became lovers and went down the dark path of lesbian life.

    I had been fucked more than once, but that all faded away, we could not keep our hands off of each other and she insisted that I dress for her at work and wear soft tops and easy bras so she could watch my tits move around under my blouse. She sat and drew a pencil drawing of my pussy which she kept in her drawer, and she smiled at me when she opened the drawer to look at it. We got up the nerve and we went to the titty bar by ourselves and we got to know the dancer who had invited us to see her after work. She gave extra special dances for us we lay naked under her on the bed, she had magic hands and a magic tongue, she loved to kiss and be held between us. She was a pure lesbian with lots of experience and she taught us things that only she could teach, she took us under her wing.

    The fire lasted for a very long time, the fire didn't start to die down until long after we had changed jobs and worked in more women friendly jobs, referred to us by other lesbians that we met through our friend who danced at the titty club. The lesbian community was a dark place, most everyone was in the closet and it was preyed upon by dykes and butch women in the professional world. We were a couple and escaped many of the heart breaks that we saw all around us. Now in our early thirties we decided to break out, leave and go to California where it was more friendly. We convinced our friend to come with us and the three of us left Houston and set up house in the suburbs of L.A.

    L.A. wasn't any friendlier to us, we had to take jobs that we didn't like, and for our friend the competition was brutal and she only found gigs dancing at low end clubs. After three months we threw in the towel and returned to our roots, where we knew people and we could get jobs that paid more. The fire in us had almost burned out, what was left of it was stoked daily by our friend, keep it going and you will stay together, let it burn out and you will be miserable and all alone. She met a woman who painted portraits, primarily of children for rich families. She asked her to paint a portrait of us, as a gift to us. We sat for our portrait, we insisted on realistic expressions in our eyes and to emphasize our tits. We have our portrait over our bed in our room, to remind us forever of what we looked like when we were young.

    We live together, three women who can't live apart. In our thirties dancing was out of the question and she turned to yoga as an instructor. She is our lover, she makes sure she makes love to us as often as possible and pushes us to make love together. Life in our world is dark, there is no real way out. We work in small jobs in small offices, making just enough to live. We are part of a community that is never stable and comes and mostly goes away. We just can't hang or become part of a dyke run club, we have our own 'dyke' at home, we go home to her, we don't run around.

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    Straight Female / 20

    I know people who read this will think I am some kind of a pathetic loser. The fact is I have never had a real boyfriend. I have had sex with 3 different guys over the last two years. Aside from that the only sexual pleasure I have is from masturbation and for the last 6 months peeking into my neighbors window. Cole is the boy I have been watching a few nights a week. What is terrible is that he is only 15 or 16 and never has his side bedroom window covered and most of the time open on the bottom. He lives in the house in back of mine and I'm not sure if he even knows my name. The first time I peeked in was a fluke because I was only cutting through his yard to get to my friends house. He was not only naked when I looked in but he was laying on his bed jerking off. He is a real cute guy and from then on if I can see his light is on I sneak over and peek in at him. He masturbates a lot and even when I don't see him doing it I usually at least see him naked.

    Now I know this is shameful but I have been wearing a skirt when I go over without any underwear on. I actually stand there watching him and satisfy myself. I love watching him jerk off and it excites me seeing him ejaculate. The last few months I have been taking my dildo with me. After I orgasm and head home I feel like a freak for doing it. I have been having sex with a guy once in awhile for the last few months but I know he only calls me for the sex. He's one of the three I mentioned and between all three of them I think I have only had intercourse less than 20 times. I'm smart enough to know I'm not as pretty as most of the girls I know. The one guy I was going out with last year made it obvious he only wanted me for sex. Most of the time all he wanted was for me to give him blow jobs. So here I am now peeking into a teenagers bedroom and masturbating while I look at him naked, hoping to see him masturbate. I have stooped so low that I began taking pictures of him with my phone several months ago. I have three videos of him jerking off and at home watch them as I masturbate. I've become obsessed with watching him and many times I have had multiple orgasms when I see him jerk off. I so enjoy it while its happening but once its over I feel shameful for doing it. There have been weeks where I check to see if his light is on all seven nights. How desperate have I got to be invading this young guys privacy. I see him around the neighborhood sometimes but have never talked to him. I doubt he knows I even live in the house behind his.

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