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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 41

    I was a lonely divorced white female with two kids. I kept the house when I got divorced. My neighbor down the street retired. I have always liked him, he was a wealth of knowledge about everything. I went to his house to ask him if he could watch my four year old son because I had to go to the doctors. When I came back he stood me up against the banister and told me I had to do something because my son was acting like a sissy and he needed to man up. He told me women did more to fuck up a boy than anything else and I was well on the way to making him a sissy.

    My feelings were really hurt, when I got home I cried. What was I supposed to do? My son was with me all day, his brother was in school but I couldn't afford day care for my son. After a few days I went and called on my neighbor and told him I wanted to talk, I needed his help. He wasn't very helpful, telling me only that I needed to get my son around a man with balls to be a role model for him. In my frustration I asked him why he couldn't be the man that my son spent time with, maybe he could spend a couple of hours with him everyday.

    I started to take my son over around ten and pick him up for lunch. And then I started to ask my neighbor to have lunch with us, or I let my neighbor take us out to lunch. At this one lunch, we were at Burger King and my son was in the play area he put his arm around the back of the booth and pulled me in against him. I tried to be soft and took his hand to take it off of me, but he just held me tighter and pulled me up to him this time really tight so I couldn't move. I complained to him, quietly and he told me my son needed to see that his mom was held by a man and that she liked to be held by a man.

    When we got back to our house he told me that he wanted to come in and talk to me while my son took a nap. The conversation was direct and he told me that it was just like that, I needed a man to get into my pants and he wanted to get into my pants and that made it perfect, I got what I needed and he got what he wanted. I stood up and walked away, he stood up and followed me and told me he wanted me to get in his arms and didn't want to feel anything but tits and that my son wasn't going to sleep very long so we didn't have anytime to keep arguing and he was horny and he wanted some right then, we could do it in the kitchen or on my bed but that he wanted some hot sweet pussy.

    I know he was using words to get me worked up and it was working, he told me he wanted me to sit up on the counter and let him eat my pussy. He took out his penis and told me to suck his dick. He picked me up and sat me on the counter and told me he wanted my tits and he wanted my pussy and he wanted me to suck his dick. He took me off the counter and pulled me to the living room sofa and sat down and told me to get down and suck his dick but not to make him cum because he wanted to fuck me. All this talk, all these words he was using and he was saying them in a real dirty tone and he shoved my head down until I started to suck him. Once I started sucking him I gave up. I sucked him for a little while and I told him to take me to my room because we could lock the door and I let him fuck me. There was no love making, just get on me and fuck me.

    He told me that the next time he was going to eat my pussy, he wanted it hot and sweet and juice running down his chin, he wanted his dick in my mouth and when he got through eating me he was going to fuck me. My affair with him went on and on for five years, as he got older we spent a lot more time with oral sex. By then both of my sons were in school so we had all morning and early afternoon to have sex. he liked looking at me and he had me get naked for him and fix lunch for him, or get naked and act out a play, or get naked and do exercises. He liked to sit on the couch and have me bend and twist and watch me. He took his play pills every morning before he came over. The neighbors all around knew that he spent mornings and lunch with me and pretty much knew about the affair.

    My sons were doing OK in school and my younger boy was in little league and doing much better. In spite of the way he spoke to me about sex he was always kind and used proper language with the boys. I really miss that he isn't with me anymore. When he took me in, so to speak, I was struggling I hadn't realized how much I needed him to get into my pants. His voice is in my house, his words are in my head at night. I feel widowed and lonely without him, a loneliness I never felt after I divorced my husband.

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    Straight Female / 51

    I met him at work. He was also a graduate from my University so he invited me to a party at his house for the opening football game. I was the youngest, the most recent graduate. He started to get all over me as the evening went on, trapping me and kissing me. When the party was over he told me to stay and help him clean up. I stayed away from him, keeping myself on the other side of the counter or the table or the furniture. It didn't help, in the end he got me where he wanted me and I spent the night at his house.

    In those days, I was a nice recent graduate from college with very little experience I was unprepared for sex and I told him that he had to pull out because if not he was going to get me pregnant. Well that made him upset with me and he told me to go get on the pill and join the 20th century because he wasn't going to be pulling out every time I went to bed with him. It went over my head the whole thing about every time I went to bed with him. The next time he got to that point and asked me if I was on the pill because he was going let go. I wasn't on the pill but I also wasn't going to tell him to pull out so he let go.

    We got married, my parents weren't to excited because they said he was not the boy next door and I wasn't really his kind. His parents came and it was obvious that we were not their kind. Once married and in the family way we bought a house, nicer than anything I had seen growing up and after we moved in the conversation about me staying home became a steady topic. In the end it was clear to me that he was going to insist that I stay home so I quit talking about it and agreed.

    When our baby girl was three months old we made a trip to meet his family and present the new baby to everyone. I had seen pictures of his grandparents, of his siblings, of his aunts and uncles. But I had no idea where I was going. We stayed at his parents home, a huge place with rooms and rooms and rooms. They had a man and woman who ran the house. As soon as you got into the shower in the morning someone came and picked up your dirty clothes and made the bed. A nanny was hired during our visit. The party to present the baby and me was at the country club.

    We went up to the cabin for the weekend. This was a huge place, and there was a couple there who ran the place. The bedrooms were big, each with its own bathroom. The dining room and living room were bigger than the house I grew up in. I had married into a wealthy family.

    I went on to have my kids. I never worked. In spite of all these years I have never felt comfortable around his family and we live in a far more modest house, but by any measure a huge very nice house. I don't have a couple to run the house for me, but we have a lawn and garden service and we have daytime help. I won't say that I have gotten used to my life. I have grown distant from my family, both from the physical distance because we live across country from them and also because there just isn't any way they can compete. I see them in the summer and my husband is always nice and pleasant, but there is a vacuum between him and them.

    I got the dream home and all. But I miss being around my siblings, even though I can't recreate the feeling when I see them. It is only a dream feeling, but it is not real anymore.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    I love the smell of another persons junk. Iâm in collage getting my doctors degree, and my room mate is a party animal, when she gets back she passes out drunk and I have free reign over her pussy, love the smell of a âwell doneâfucked pussy. Back in highschool I had a boyfriend who worked and every time he come over to my house we would have sex (when my parents were gone lol) I liked to start with oral because I love the smell of his dick, that after work musky dick smell is like a drug to me and if he could stay soft long enough for me to play with it that would be a bonus. Donât know about other girls but Iâd prefer a limp squishy penis to suck on some times itâs just fun for me.

    Any body else out there love the smell of natural raw penis or vagina?

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    Lesbian Female / 34

    I am a breast lover. I am a sucker for breasts a bit bigger than my hands, firm with dark nipples. I love how they look, how they feel when I make love to them. My kind of girl.

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    Lesbian Female / 34

    I am a breast lover. I am a sucker for breasts a bit bigger than my hands, firm with dark nipples. I love how they look, how they feel when I make love to them. My kind of girl.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 39

    My aunt married a man many years older than her. She became a widow in her early forties, by then I was in college. On a visit to see her over spring break she took me to an adult store. To help me buy my first dildo. We settled on a sleek vibrator. Holding my new toy in my hand that night, it was magic. For the first full fledged masturbation with true sense of penetration, stimulating, delicious.

    Over the following years I learned that she was totally open about sex, if you liked it do it. If you were curious try it. Gender? Who cares, if you can reach your goal of achieving complete orgasms, who cares if a penis got you there or a girl's sweet lips. To coopt Nike, just do it.

    I went to my first sex party at her house, I was just 22. A retired cop, an ex ballerina, my aunt, her neighbors from Denmark, little scared me. I had my first girl on girl experience with the ballerina, so fit I felt embarrassed, so masculine for such a thin woman, such strong hands, she wanted to turn me, never find a man attractive again. My aunt, nailed to the sofa by the cop, the Danes in anal coupling. Sex out in the open, naked, raw sex. My toy was replaced.

    For the next ten years I belonged to her club. My taste for women increased, my taste for hard r**e sex came alive. Dark, forbidden sex. She hosted, and there were always new interesting characters, and her close friend the ballerina never missed her chance with me. I loved it.

    I got married at 33 to a salesman. Darker, harder, a later addition to our club. It was by then our club, my aunt's and mine.

    Sex is visceral. It is the ultimate in performance art, her words not mine.

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    Lesbian Female / 30

    There isn't a category for confusion and anxiety, so I am putting down Women because in the end they may understand.

    I am a 30 year old closet lesbian. I live with my mother because of finances. I had a lover in college, but after I moved home I have to be careful. My mother's friend, her age, fucked me one night. I kept it to myself, but I was pregnant and I had to deal with that. I sought out a clinic and I had an abortion. One year later I was consumed by guilt so I became his secret girlfriend and let myself get pregnant again. When he had sex with me I needed to be kissed, when he kissed me it was easier, as long as he kissed me I was good to go.

    The baby was a surprise, and when my mother learned that it was her friend's baby she had a nervous breakdown. Anyway the baby is now three years old and he has all his father's features. I take the baby to daycare during the day and I am working at a gallery which handles budding artists. The manager is a woman in her late thirties and she is very definitely gay. I keep my feelings for her to myself and I make my son's father kiss me. I don't know why when he kisses me it calms down my feelings and makes me want to be with him. I am going to get married to him even if it is a May December marriage. Not just for my son, but for me too.

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    Straight Female / 33

    My brother's best friend had sex with me in the sixth grade. They stripped me naked, opened my legs, made me suck their pricks, and he got on top of me and fucked me. I became his slut, fucking with him every time he wanted. I am a bit scared now because of how I behaved. I have two daughters, they are nine and thirteen. The older one likes male attention, she is a show off, and shows me pictures of animal and human penises. I act like it is no big deal, and help explain to her the differences between the male and female sex organs and how they fit together. I take the opportunity to tell her to keep her legs together. She knows that her father has sex with me, she is always asking questions, some are down right in your face. Like do I 'suck off her father'.

    I am not a prude, witness my puberty, and I do suck off her father and more. I enjoy sex now as much as I did when I was going through puberty, if not more. I want to tell her that she is made to enjoy sex, I don't want her with any hang ups, she is made for sex, and I have her on the pill already. But in today's sexual climate I don't want her getting in trouble or getting some boy in trouble. At her age any boy no matter how consensual is going to get in trouble.

    There is a lot of promiscuity in her grade, and there is a princess list of those girls that have done it.

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    Straight Female / 52

    I was born and raised in a small town in central Texas. The place we hung out in high school was the Dairy Queen. We were there, all the kids that normally went there, and this guy rode up on a motorcycle. The guy was messed up, his hair was messed up and his face was messed up. He ordered and sat down and ate his hamburger. He asked us where there was a motel so he could get some rest. He was on his way to California from Georgia.

    I left with him the next day. I ran away with him. Every time I go into a Dairy Queen I remember him riding up on that motorcycle, his hair all messed up and his face all dirty from the road.

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    Straight Female / 53

    My baby sister is ten years younger than me. I am the oldest. My mother was a strict disciplinarian with us. She was cold and unaffectionate. My father worked long hours, not till much, much later did I understand that he stayed away from my mother. My mother was a puritanical anti sex sorry human being. I could never get past her negative views of sex. I never married, I have never been intimate with a man.

    My baby sister was our cousin's girl. He paid attention to her, escorted her, watched over her. She responded with deep affection for him, always in his arms, hugged, kissed, held, loved by him. My mother turned her back on my baby sister calling her a little whore. I longed to be held, hugged, kissed, loved like her. She lost her virginity to him at fourteen. He made love to her with out a care in the world, wrapped her up and mounting her, he penetrated her with raw abandon. My mother yelled at me telling me she was a whore. I watched, every move, thrust, her body bending under him. Her words were unintelligible, her voice deep, her face lost in her passion. He showed my mother that my baby sister was his for the taking. She showed my mother that at her age she had become a woman, lusting for a man, given to our cousin without a care in the world.

    And me, eyed by my mother, prohibited from feeling, sat desiring to be her. At night, alone in my thoughts, with my baby sister beside me, I felt myself until I had a quiet orgasm, turned and held her close to me and fell asleep. I lived through her. Then my mother died. I was free.

    On the night of my mother's funeral my cousin took my baby sister, stripped her until she was completely naked, put her under him, mounted her and penetrated her telling her she was now all his. My father gave her away. She was fifteen. I stayed to care for my father. My baby sister lived for both of us, I lived through her. Our cousin loved her so deeply, no one loved me.

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