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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 50

    As I was growing up you date and do people the same age as you. Times has changed. Society accepts older men being with young women and young men dating older women. At my age I basically have no sexual interests. I would hear stories from certain women how they let themselves be seduced by younger or they enticed younger to be seduced by them. I figure it's not proper doings. Lately trying not to be bored I get on the internet to find things to do. Now and then I visit a porn site just for the hell of it. I decided to contribute my story so you people get off reading about this sinful granny.
    I have long big breasts, which attracted guys when I was younger. I used to dress sexy for the guys when I was young for them to eye me. Now I'm just a senior granny figure out in public being friendly to others. I shop regularly at this grocery store. Tom, the stock person, and I would chat a bit. We got to know each other. Then one hot day I saw Tom walking. I stopped and he told me his car was in the shop, so I asked if he would be interested in coming over to my place for some cold ice tea. "It's my day off and I have nothing better to do." and he got in the car. I guess I made a mistake of patting him on his bare leg, telling him I enjoy chatting with him at the store. He was wearing shorts. I didn't know my blouse became unbuttoned and he saw my cleavage. He helped me bring in the stuff I had in the car.
    As I poured his ice tea I noticed he was down blousing me. As I coming back from putting away the ice tea, he said my nips was showing from the cold a/c air. He told me he sees a lot of erect nips at the store from the a/c air in there. I was embarrassed. He got up walked around looking at what I had I the house. I noticed he had a boner in his shorts. A dirty thought came in my head, "It would be nice to be pleasured, but he's too young and probably would be interested."
    I sat on the couch holding my ice tea. He sat in the sofa chair across from me. I don't know if he done it on purpose, or was just unaware his boner was showing up his pant leg. I didn't realized I was playing with my erect nipple until Tom said I had great nips. I was so embarrassed. I didn't want to be looking up his shorts, so I told him to sit next to me. He put his arm around me, "You're a cool senior." and kissed me. I wasn't expecting him to be so casual, so I decided to kiss him back and he suddenly wrapped his other arm around me and locked lips with me. I pushed him away and yelled out "Tom!" He said he was sorry and he'll be leaving. I told him that I just wasn't expecting a young guy like him be interested in a granny figure and I was kind of rusty of pleasuring a guy. "You just sit there and let me enjoy you. Your granny tits excites me!" as he felt my breasts and removed my top. He wrapped his mouth on my erect nips. I felt uneasy but turned on. "Let me see you suck your tits" he said. I lifted them up to my mouth. As he watched, he took off his shorts exposing a nice looking cock and started to stroke it. Then he told me to wrap my breasts around his dick, so I did. He told me to get up and remove my bottoms and lean into the couch. My breasts dangled and he started to hold them up with his hands as he was trying to put his cock in me. He finally succeeded and it felt so nice in me that I started to play with my clit as it was in me. He pulled it out and rubbed his cum with penis over my butt checks.
    I dropped Tom off at the repair shop. From that day I stopped shopping at the store that Tom worked at. It was nice to be used by younger, but I rather bare my breasts on web cam which I found is more fun.

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    Straight Female / 19

    Being a woman really sucks. I really miss being a girl.

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    Straight Female / 44

    Is it common for women to shave their pubic hair off? I recently got a divorce and am looking to get back out on the dating scene and a few of my friends have told me that not many women have a full bush like I do anymore. They are surprised I still have one actually.

    Never once have I shaved it off, Iâve just kept my bush since I got it when I was 12 or 13. My exhuband never complained about it, he was fully natural too. The most Ive done is just shave the bikini line when wearing a bikini. Or a few times Iâve buzzed it all one length but never too short, I had the biggest guard in the buzzer.

    Guess Iâve always just assumed lots have a bush. I was with the same guy for 20 years. Growing up I saw my mom naked often and she was never ashamed of her pubic hair. I saw her naked just last month and sheâs still rocking a bush.

    But when two of my friends saw me naked last week they told me Iâm gonna need to shaved my bush off or get waxed if Iâm getting back in the dating scene. Because guys like that area bald. Just wondering how true that is. I have a teenage daughter that like me leaves the area natural, though I was surprised to see she fully shaved last summer.

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    Straight Female / 51

    The corona virus is wonderful - a month without having to put on a bra!

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    Straight Female / 39

    The kinds of sex I really like to have, or want to have would make me such a lousy feminist.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I was homeless and all of 16 when I was sleeping in the alley behind a medical clinic. I had gotten beaten and r**ed by 4 homeless guys that night when the head doctor at the clinic came out back to smoke after everyone had gone home. She didn't smoke in front of anyone, it was her secret. She heard me rustling under my now collapsed box on the other side of the dumpster. Cautious in her approach she saw me and told me to come out. I could barely stand, holding my skirt up with one hand and pulling my ripped bra out from under my shirt she saw my bruised and bleeding face. She took me immediately into the clinic and I told her I didn't have any money to pay for anything and she didn't care. I was embarrassed because I was so dirty and kept apologizing to her about it. After treating me she took me into the shower and undressed me. I told her what had happened and she asked me when my last period was. I hadn't had one in several weeks maybe 3 months but she got me a morning after pill anyway. She started the warm water and other than where it stinged my cuts it felt really good. I was getting a shower for the first time in a long time. C (we'll use that instead of her full name) said that she needed to wash my wounds, but was getting her clothes wet so she stripped and came into the shower with me. I was resigned, I guessed I'd have to "pay her back" for her kindness. I would eventually, but not that day nor too soon. She washed me, taking care of the cuts and bruises, she had me sit on a stool and washed my hair which felt incredible.

    C was 46 years old, no kids, had a sexless marriage to a very rich man she didn't even live with. She was rich in her own right. She owned several clinics in 3 states and took me home in her BMW to what I can only describe as a mansion. I slept naked with her that night as she was naked also, but there was no sex. In the morning, it was a weekend and the clinic was open but she didn't work the weekends. She was up and walking around the room, still nude. She was beautiful not just her face, but her body was perfect. She stood about 5ft. 7 inches tall, was a very dark brown brunette, with very fair skin with not a blemish or mark on her. Her breasts even at her age stood out perfectly and were a full C or D cup. I on the other hand had plenty of scars, was an A cup with dark brown nipples, shapely, but skinny and I had mousy brown hair. I hadn't shaved below since I had been on the street. She saw me awake and opened the bedroom door and called for her butler or whatever he was. He came in and didn't even seem to notice that this gorgeous woman was naked in front of him. She made me get up naked in front of him too. She and I ordered breakfast and he left. She and I went to the dining room naked and ate breakfast, the staff at the house took no notice.

    After a week I was back and healthy. She waited one more week then had me take a blood test. I came back short on some vitamins and minerals which she remedied, but also with no STDs. She had bought me clothes and still continued to sleep naked with me. The weekend after the test results said no STDs, she moved to me in the bed and kissed me. I told her I wasn't lesbian and she said she didn't care, she was lesbian enough for both of us. With that I felt her hand separating my legs and grabbing onto me, rubbing me knowing just how to get me wet and ready. Kissing me more, feeling and kissing my breasts she went down on me to several orgasms. She came up and as she kissed me I could taste my juices on her lips. "I think you are a lesbian" she said. I retorted that it was my first time with another woman and she then told me to go down on her. I couldn't do it. It was then that she slapped me across my face and yelled at me to start in on her or all the clothes, the nice house, the car, everything was gone and I'd be fuckbait on the streets in 5 minutes. I was crying as she told me again to make her feel good. I gave up and did it. I kissed her, did things to her boobs, worked my way down to her pussy and licked her. After a couple of orgasms she rolled over and told me to lick her in the back. I had to rim her, lick her butthole. I did it. After she kissed me and had me lie on my stomach while she did the same to me. I was doing it all with my eyes closed and didn't realize until she pushed it into my butt that she put on a dildo. She was buttfucking me. I never liked it, only had it forced into me 3 times before and she went on for over 30 minutes.

    Now after 2 and 1/2 years I'm still with her. I am her lesbian sex slave. I do anything she wants. I get a mansion to live in, plenty of money, and a porche which is in my name only. I wear $300 blouses and skirts, and lingerie that cost more than my dad made in a week. I do have plenty of orgasms, and in the times when she makes me go with me and watches me I don't enjoy it. I only enjoy sex with her.

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    Straight Female / 37

    One night that is difficult to forget. The evening started with a happy hour, then it moved onto this woman's house. The music was loud, the alcohol was everywhere, there was pot, pills, a girl got pulled down onto the floor, the guy tore her pants off a fucked her right there on the floor. When I looked around a woman was blowing a guy on the couch. Another one was letting her tits out for this guy, a guy grabbed my ass and that's when I went and hid in the bathroom.

    Someone tried to open the door, then banged on the door asking to be let in. It was the girl who was fucked on the floor, she was naked from the waste down holding her pants in her arms. Once in the bathroom she peed, then started to use her finger trying to get the sperm out of her vagina, she asked for help, she wasn't on the pill. We agreed to leave, to go look for some couch. We snuck out the kitchen and went to her car, after driving around for a while we found a 24 hour Walgreen's, we found the douche and went into the bathroom.

    I washed her out with the douche, we paid and left.

    We woke up together at my place, she was embarrassed that I had washed her out with the douche. After a while I caressed her pussy while she was on the bed, she laid back and let me and I massaged her. It is not anything other than curiosity, she liked it and liked how I did it. I still massage her pussy going on two years now, no she wasn't pregnant.

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    Straight Female / 46

    It was the late 1950s and of course the hot topic was flying saucers. Everyone was interest and, at my college, all of the girls no more so. Just for fun we decided to start our own flying saucer club. The idea being that we would clip out newspapers articles and get our binoculars and watch the skies to see if we could make our own sightings.
    Of course, as we realized, the initials of our club âFSCâ humorously cold also stand for âfemale sex club.â Needless to say, as healthy young college women, we were all interested in that and as horny as hell. Although none of us were interested in becoming serious lesbians, there was enough fooling around between girls as it was to make that quite a common practice as well as enjoyable past time.
    So our club decided to secretly and very discretely hold nude meetings. So the six of us began to regularly do this and it was wonderful! We would talk flying saucers and enjoy sex. All of us freely had sex with one another and no one of course had any idea while we went around with a smile on our faces. Ah, those were the days, flying saucers and simple pleasures!

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    Straight Female / 47

    My first time happened on vacation in the Virgin Islands. We were going sailing with mu uncle. The night before we were scheduled to sail I found myself in a conversation with a man at the hot tub by the pool. I was sixteen going on seventeen, he was fifty, the night was warm and the lights were low, I lied telling him I was going to college in the fall giving him the information of my sister's college. When he slipped his hand up between my legs, up to my crotch I let him feel me up. I wanted to slam my legs shut and shove his hand away but I kept my legs open and his hand slipped into my bikini, slipping his finger into me.

    His kiss was a surprise, he took his hand out from between my legs and pushed my top up over my boob holding my boob tight while he kissed me. He whispered that he wanted me to go up to his room with him. We got out of the hot tub and crossed the lawn to his room where he undressed me and laid me out on the bed. He took his trunks off and took my hand and placed it on his cock. I kept bending my back, shoving my hips up, his mouth took my entire pussy in, splitting my lips with his tongue.

    Both of my hands were grabbing his hair when he reached up and mounted over me, slipping his cock into me while
    I said stupid things, one was something about waiting to tell my friends at school. He froze, pulled his cock out and forced me to confess my age. He looked at me with angry eyes, then he slammed me back down on my back and fucked me holding my head in his hands. He got off and told me to get dressed and go back to my room, walk across the lawn first and go back into the hotel through the lobby and up to my room.

    His rejection hurt my feelings so bad I couldn't sleep. My sister who shared my room got the story out of me. I slept with her in her bed. The next day we checked out, packed and got ready to go on the boat. On the way out of the hotel I had to walk past him, he looked at me with an angry face, my sister grabbed my hand and we left for the rest of our vacation.

    It wasn't until I was a senior in college before I had sex again, the boy was not a man. From time to time I find myself in love with my first man again, he is my first true love.

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    Straight Female / 43

    I have discovered something about myself. I work in social services and lecture regularly, I am a feminist to the core in all areas of my life. One thing I do enjoy is gay male porn. There's something about it for me. Recently I have discovered a side of it that, through this link and that, has taken me somewhere where I am not proud of myself. I have come to enjoy abuse, faux r**e gay male porn.

    As a woman I am completely opposed to sexual violence, as I believe all women are, but gay male porn where man is being r**ed is really hot for me. Apparently it's a but of a trope for gay porn to have ersatz gay guy seduced as a story. (Having seen enough of these the same actors always seem to be involved.) Through this I have discovered gay male r**e of straight men fantasy videos.

    I am embarrassed to admit that by steps I have become drawn into the more violent films. If there's slapping, name calling, threats of violence, tears it gets me so wet. I recently saw an actor who really sold it. It was in a consensual non consensual fake gang r**e of a straight man scene. Totally hot and I don't really like that this really pushes a button deep inside me. I love the ones where a man in a suit is slapped and face/anally aped by working class men.

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