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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Lesbian Female / 32

    My best friend asked me to help her with a lingerie party at her house. There were another six women there and it was fun and everyone had to show off what they were buying and my friend, the owner of the house, decided that she would model some of the lingerie for us, changing into several sets, getting more and more risque as the changes took place. She pushed us all into buying some lingerie that we would probably never wear, who wears that? None of the women are what you may call runway models, and panties without a crotch? And bras with holes for your nipples? But watching her wear them, or rather model them for us, strutting on the top of the dining room table, bending over to touch her toes, cupping her breasts and pinching on her nipples. Buy them, and make your man want you more. Buy them and make your girlfriend want you more. Buy them and wear them and masturbate with them. She had lotions, and several male penis toys of various sizes and colors, she swore to us she had tried them all and all of them fit, take her word for it.

    She sold a lot, some really risque stuff and some stuff that was too small for the buyer but everyone wants to have their boobs held up and everyone wants to feel her lady bits cupped by a tight thong, and some of us wanted to feel what it was like to have crotchless panties on and have our nipples poke through our bras. And some of us bought some of those male penis things, laughing as we selected which size would work best. She gave us a pamphlet on masturbation, going through each page and illustration one by one, including he illustrations on anal plugs which no one bought.

    After everyone left she came out of the room in her crotchless panties and see through nippleless bra. She had a set and asked me to go put them on and we were going to have our own private party, two bitches getting it on, masturbating, fingering and eating each other out. I am just not the type of woman for crotchless panties, and my body type is just not slim, but she helped me change into them, she pushed me on the bed and sucked my nipples and played with my pussy and ate me using one of her penis toys to fuck me. This is the difference between her and me, I just can't get up the never to do things, like wearing those panties, while she can wear them to the mall and eat my pussy before she goes.

    She has a TV in her room and she put on some of our favorite girl stuff and we made out while the show was on, stopping now and again to look at the girls fingering and fucking each other, I have always liked to watch rimming and enjoy it myself, both giving and receiving. There are a million receptors around your hole and you can gently touch her, lick her and kiss her while you finger her or play with her clit and you can excite her into an orgasm, or if she does it to you well then you get to have the orgasm. She had several butt plugs, which are not my favorites but she likes them and with plenty of lube you can pretty much fit any size, just go down on it slowly until it pops in.

    Naked women have always excited me, especially in showers or other non sexual places like saunas. I just like to look, I always have since I was very little, I like pussies and tits and ass and legs and lips and God everything, a pretty naked girl, thinking about juicing up her pussy and sucking her tits always works to help me get off while I masturbate. But, making out with my best friend, the way she eats me out, fucking me with her penis toys, gently licking my butt and rubbing my clit and boom she sends me off to Mars. She knows how to do it, she does it, she smiles and waits for me to come back to her and send her on a first class trip to Mars, I love her pussy and butt, her tits and lips, everything there is, and seeing her in those silly panties and bra just makes me want her that much more.

    Through the gr**evine we know that some of the women that buy her stuff try it on and get their man to come after them, and we hint to them that maybe they need to wear that for their best friend and find out why men like pussy so much, if they try it, maybe they will like it too. Why work so hard for a penis, when you can buy one and play around with your best friend and fly first class to Mars every time. We aren't advocating lesbianism, we are advocating fucking with your best friend, she knows what she likes and you know what you like and who better to have fun with, take a bath together, wear your lingerie for each other, get some lubricants, a penis or two, invite her to suck your pussy and you do it too. It's so much better than a plain old fuck.

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    Straight Female / 26

    My friend and I were running home in the rain when this car stopped and offered us a ride. The guy told us to get in and get out of the rain, he would drive us home. We got in, I got in the front seat and my friend in the back. He asked us where I lived and he took us home. When we got to the house he stopped me from getting out of the car and told me that I should never get in a car with a stranger. I was eleven years old.

    I ran into him several times as I grew older, he worked at this bank and the town was small and I always remembered him and he remembered me. One afternoon I ran into him at the supermarket, I had a my bag of cosmetics and a magazine and he offered to take me home. I got in the car with him and he told me again that I should never get in a car with a stranger. I answered that he wasn't a stranger and he asked me what if he wanted to take me off to someplace and have his pleasure with me. I told him to take me and have his pleasure with me.

    We drove to this house and he parked in the garage and we went into the house. He sat in a chair and told me that he wanted to see if I was ripe enough, he wanted good sized tits a round ass and furry bush and if I wasn't ripe he was taking back to the supermarket and exchange me for a ripe girl. I got undressed, taking all my clothes off and he asked me to turn around for him, he asked me if I had ever gotten dick because once I started I wasn't going to give it up. He got up and took his clothes off and he took me back to his room and we had sex. We stayed on the bed afterwards naked, he took his time asking me to play with his dick, and he played with my pussy and tits. We had sex again before we went and got our clothes in the living room and he drove me home.

    We fucked so much, we would agree on where to meet, he would pick me up and we went to his house and we fucked. He really liked fucking me and I really liked being fucked. I got to the point that being naked with him was natural, letting him touch me felt good and I let him touch anything, including my little butt hole when he kissed me. I dreamt about being married to him, living with him, having kids. When I was at his house I pretended I was his wife. He was very careful and we made sure I didn't get pregnant.

    By the time I was ready to go to college he told me to go to college, and find a young guy who could fuck and become his girlfriend. I told him I was never going to fuck with anyone else. I spent my college years without a college boyfriend, going back home and going over to his house to be with him. He is uncomfortable with me being so attached to him and he remind me that he is a confirmed bachelor and he is too old to get married. I listen but don't pay attention.

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    Straight Female / 39

    When I was 19 I was dancing at men's clubs in the oilfields of Alberta. For extra money you met the guy out back and he got a quick one and you went back in to dance. I met a girl there and she told me that she knew of this doctor who would perform a tubal ligation on you and sterilize you so you wouldn't have to worry about being pregnant. All around us were men who were getting vasectomies and at the time it sounded like the thing to do. By then I had lost count of the number of men I had sex with, most five minute sex, but still I had the problem that I was getting fucked and a pregnancy can ruin your career.

    At 24 one of the men who came by the club and paid for me to go out back with him asked me to move with him overseas. He had gotten a job posted in South America and if I wanted to I could marry him and he would take me with him. I married him and left Canada and lived in several countries in South America and other countries as he went up the ladder in his career. Of course we never had children, he had a vasectomy so he wasn't looking for children.

    In my mid thirties I went through a depression I couldn't shake. I had been contacted by my girlfriend of my dancing days. I asked her to come out and see us while we were in Malaysia. The whole issue of getting my tubes tied came back to me. It really hit me hard, and I had to deal with my past, she had stayed in the business until she was run out and she was jumping from job to job trying to say alive. At a party that we had at out house with my husband's coworkers she got drunk and started talking about when she and I met and told everyone that we danced at clubs, at least she didn't tell everyone that we went out back for a quick fifty bucks.

    My husband told me he knew what I did, he had paid for me and decided to take me anyway, like buying a used car, you took it as is. That didn't help. I had a bust lift when I was 29 in Colombia and I still had my figure. When my husband went offshore I got into an affair with one of his employees who was stationed onshore. I went wild and pretty much gave myself to any man who wanted me. The word got back to my husband and he shipped me back to Edmonton. I needed to make money and I went back into prostitution after hours. My day job was working as a sales clerk at a cosmetic's counter in the mall.

    I am 39 years old. I am alone and I don't have much to show for my life. I wish I had stayed in my small town where I grew up and married some nobody who farmed. I wish I had never become a dancer or had never been a prostitute. I wish I had children. That is all wishes.

    If you want to know I prostitute for old men who want me to dance naked for them, most of the time the only thing they can do is watch, maybe get semi hard from a hand job or a blow job. I masturbate in front of them with various size dildos, some want me to wash the floors on my hands and knees with out any underwear on so they can look up my ass. Some do get hard enough and they do want to fuck, men who are thirty years older than me. I sit on tables so they can eat me with whipped cream or chocolate sauce, I let them see me pee and I stand behind them holding their prick while they pee. I let some men fuck me with my dildos and if they pay extra I let them fuck me in the ass with a dildo. The days of a quick fifty dollar fuck out back are just a memory. Most of the time it is a two or three hour thing with these men, they pay extra for the time. They just want a naked woman with them.

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    Straight Female / 20

    My mother is a daytime maid at the house of this rich family. They also have a full time nanny for their kids, she is a live in. My mom tells me that lots of days when she makes up the nanny's room her sheets have sex stains, but the wife's bed hardly ever has sex stains. The wife doesn't work at a job, mostly she socializes or works charity. When the kids are in school the wife and nanny spend the day together.

    And of course my mom gets paid peanuts and the nanny has a suburban for her use, she eats with the family, socializes with them, goes on vacation with them, and we don't know what her salary is but it's a lot because she is a school teacher that became the nanny after the kids were born. When my mom complains about having to clean up after her she is told that she is the maid for the whole family.

    Yeah, my mom is jealous and feels she is underpaid because she shouldn't have to be the maid for the help.

    Personally I don't get rich people. They treat me all right and when I was young they always sent gifts for my birthday and Christmas and they paid for me to go to a private prep school and are paying my college at Nortwestern. I always get a hug and they are happy to see me, but still I am the maid's daughter, I always have to remember I am not family. I don't feel comfortable sitting in the den with them when my mother is in the kitchen but when I am over there that's what they want me to do.

    Sorry I am just feeling down, of course I appreciate my education, I really do but I know I am not one of the family, I don't have my place at their house, like the nanny. She is family, but not me.

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    Straight Female / 29

    It's not so much a regret, it is more of a memory of when I was growing up. I was fourteen and I let the man of the house I was babysitting at feel me up and get his ding dong in me. I knew what was going on the whole time he was feeling me up, I could feel his ding dong against my leg, at one point I was on my knees against the couch and he was behind me dry humping my ass, he got me naked down to my underwear kissing on my boobs mouth and neck and he got his ding dong out and said it was time. I tried holding on to my panties but he pulled them out of my hands and down my legs. I asked him if he was going to fuck me and he said he had to and he fucked me.

    It was many years later before I got fucked again, like ten years later until after college. When the guy pulled on my panties I got this flashback until I said fuck it and let go of them and he got me naked and shoved himself into me. Twice I got fucked that way. The second time I was a whole lot older and I slapped his ding dong real hard with my hand and when he complained I told him he deserved that and more and not to fuck me.

    I liked getting fucked, the truth is that once I got fucked I liked it when I was babysitting and I liked it when I got fucked right after college. I liked the feeling of it I even liked seeing his hard ding dong and knowing what he was going to do with it. It was like a movie, you know what is going to happen you just have to wait for it to happen.

    The guy I am with now is a pleaser, he is always going around pleasing me, getting things for me, washing my car, helping with the dishes, buying me clothes. I have to take off my panties because he won't. Sex with him is something we talk about first, then we have this ceremony of him kissing me a little and touching my boob. He takes his shirt off which is my signal to take off my shirt and bra, he takes off his underpants and I take off my panties, we stand naked in front of the bed, I turn the bed down and get on my back and he gets between my legs and we have sex. He asked me if I am O.K. afterwards and we get dressed for bed and go to sleep.

    Once only I got on my stomach and told him that if he wanted to have sex he would have to get my panties off and I wasn't going to turn over either. We didn't have sex.

    I don't regret what happened when I was babysitting, in a way I now it was wrong for it to happen but I don't regret it, it is a memory that I have like when I fell off my bike and broke my wrist. It's a memory and I don't have any attachment to it. My one time right after college is a bit different because I sort of liked the guy and I pushed him away.

    I guess you are never happy, I really don't much like the way I have sex now.

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    Straight Female / 28

    I met him, the chemistry is definitely there, but he is from the other side of the political spectrum. I am a feminist, and intensely progressive. He is a lifelong conservative Republican. I work for the county welfare department and he owns a business. He basically puts my ideas aside, it's not so much mansplaining, he parents me.

    I do argue with him and he waits until I am over my rant and he takes all my arguments apart. The worst comment he ever told me was that he had the dick and I had the pussy, enough said. My head tells me I am not going to be happy, my heart tells me its time to adapt. I have never felt lonely before meeting him, now my days are only full when I am with him. I have never been so in love.

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    Straight Female / 23

    After two years of living together I realized I loved him. I told him I love him, he said very little but came back later and asked me if I meant what I said. Still hurt from his first reaction I answered carefully but repeated what I had said. He has since told me he loves me too.

    I just had to say this, guys are pretty stupid.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 53

    Because of being bi-sexual my sex life has messed up many relationships both with men and women. I lost respect of family members and other times when people found out about it. I ended up moving away from my hometown when I was 48 just to get a fresh start and try to meet new friends. I had affairs with three women and two men since I moved here and they also ended badly. It was 20 months ago when I vowed not to get involved romantically ever again. I have a good job and kept to myself for awhile content with satisfying myself sexually. I masturbated daily and pledged not to get into a relationship. I moved into an apartment building close to my job and met Hanna and her son Derek who are down the hall from my apartment. Hanna and I became friends quickly and I mean only friends. She had been divorced for several years and has a boyfriend she dates often. Her son Derek is 24 now and he had his left leg amputated when he was 15 because of a auto accident. He is a short chubby guy and spoiled by his mother not to mention the way he seems to be obnoxious at times. For his age he seemed to be immature yet outspoken not afraid to say almost anything. Hanna is very protective of him and that is the cause of how I have gotten involved with Derek. She goes out with her boyfriend every Saturday night and most of the time doesn't get home until late Sunday mornings. It was July 2017 the first time she asked me to check in on Derek when she is out with her boyfriend and even asked me to watch out for him if they went away on weekends. I have no social life to speak of so I agreed to check in on him. Although Derek is odd he can be assertive, forward and inquisitive. I didn't mind the way he is and began letting him come into my apartment most Saturday nights. He constantly asked questions about my life and family and it soon turned to sexual questions. I thought I would give him a dose of his own questions and began asking him questions. In one night I found out he had never had a girlfriend and that he masturbates and watches porn making me promise not to tell his mother. He got to be so bold around me he asked me let him see my breasts and would like to see me naked. I laughed at first until he said he would show me his penis and just stood up and dropped his pants having no underwear on. I just grinned wondering what this idiot thought I was going to do about it. His penis isn't even close to large and I think the smallest I've ever seen. I just began telling him to pull his pants up but he just stood there and continued talking. Then he began playing with himself and had an erection that is only about 5". He didn't masturbate but stood there for at least ten minutes until it went down. I saw then also how far up his leg had been amputated. I wasn't mad at him and just thought how desperate he is for attention and lack of a sex life. He was like I had become but for different reasons. When I thought about it later it occurred to me that Derek was frustrated with his sex life like me but for different reasons.

    A few weeks went by and Hanna asked me to look in on Derek over the weekend while she went away with her boyfriend. We had keys to each others apartments by then but neither Hanna or Derek had ever used it to get into my apartment. It was about 9pm on that Friday night when I was getting undressed to take a shower that Derek appeared in my doorway which was open. I had panties on but had just taken off my bra. I froze for a second and Derek just kept saying how pretty I am and how nice my boobs are. I had my hands covering my breasts but suppose because of my past experiences wasn't the least bit embarrassed by him seeing me. I think it was a combination of being complimented by him and sense of feeling sorry for him that made me put my hands down. He just stood there with a smile ear to ear and with out him asking I took off my panties letting him see me nude. I said before he could be assertive but never expected him to ask if he could jerk off. I told him to slow down and the next thing I knew he was begging me to be able to masturbate looking at my body. I just said go ahead and he took off his shorts, again no underwear, and stood there masturbating and looking at me up and down. I actually felt myself becoming aroused thinking how could this pathetic kid cause me to feel like that. I don't think he ever saw a woman naked before and the look on his face was unbelievable. Without thinking I began fingering myself and watched as he ejaculated in less than a minute. I sat down on the end of the bed and laid back letting him watch me masturbate and soon orgasmed. As I laid there for a few minutes I couldn't believe what I just let happen as Derek stood there with his eyes fixed on my body. I didn't know how to feel about it and Derek just blurted out how he liked my breasts and how much he liked seeing my pussy shaved. Then I began thinking about Hanna and if she found out about this or if Derek would dare tell her. I put my robe on and Derek put his shorts back on and the first thing I said is not to tell your mother about this. He pleaded with me not to tell her so I was sure he didn't want her to find out either. The next night Hanna was still away and Derek knocked on my door instead of just coming in. I gave him a drink and the first thing he asked me was if we could masturbate together again. I just stood motionless for a moment and figured why not. We went into my living room and Derek was the first to undress as I got some towels for him making sure he didn't ejaculate on my floors again. He sat back in the chair with his prosthetic leg straight out and began masturbating as soon as I got undressed. I also got my vibrator and when I started using it on myself Derek's eyes widened and it seemed like he ejaculated in seconds. I laid on the sofa slowly using my vibrator and he just got up and came close to watch me which got me so aroused I orgasmed twice.

    Beginning last April I began letting Derek masturbate me with my sex toys and allow him to fondle my breasts. He isn't afraid to ask me to do anything and I also let him watch when I shave my pubic area. I started jerking him off that month and its funny in a way because his penis is so small. I only use my two top fingers and my thumb to jerk him off but I know he is well satisfied. I even slow down so he doesn't ejaculate as fast as he use to. By May I let him give me oral sex and I began doing it for him. His penis is so short I can fit it entirely in my mouth. No other guy was I ever able to do that. I tried having intercourse with him a few times but because of his leg and size of his penis it just didn't work out. I don't have to tell him how to use my sex toys anymore and he mostly likes using my vibrator in me. I put conditions on how and when we do this but its usually every Saturday night. Hanna is rarely home then and I don't want Derek here when she is home or coming here during the week. I stress to him its just for sexual satisfaction and that's all it is. Derek I'm afraid will have a hard time ever finding a sex partner since he is not a very good looking guy and has a strange personality. I do get sexual enjoyment with him and know he is having the time of his life the way I treat him. I do feel sorry for him but get satisfaction knowing how happy I make him. Hanna still babies him so its a good thing she don't suspect anything and I'm positive Derek would never her tell her about this. She knows Derek comes to my apartment sometimes but that's the extent of it.

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    Lesbian Female / 30

    Hoy día soy una mujer soltera, lesbiana, Argentina, con título universitario, de 30 años y trabajo con un banco como economista. La relación que tengo es prohibida, es entre familia, con mi prima y su esposo. Por circunstancias cuando estábamos en un fin de semana en la quinta de el termine en la cama con ellos, yo tenía doce años y hacia frio y me dio miedo y ella me invito a dormir con ellos. Allí fue cuando el me hizo el amor por primera vez y ella se solidifico conmigo abrazándome y queriéndome.

    Mi prima siempre se ha sentido enamorada de mí. En la cama ella se pone agresiva y le gusta ‘montarme’ y hacer pasarse como que si ella es hombre. En ese sentido cuando hago el sexo con ella, ella siempre es el hombre y nos disfrutamos con consoladores. En realidad, ella es mi amante y por estar con ella estoy con el cuándo a él se le antoja estar conmigo. En el mundo de lesbianas conozco mas de una que anda casada con un hombre y tiene una amante lesbiana, así estamos mi prima y yo.

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    Straight Female / 24

    My father is a well known public figure. We, his family, are virtually unknown on purpose. Growing up using only our mother's maiden name, living in middle America, our station in life attributed to my Granddad supporting us. Now that I am out of college, actually all three kids are out of college, I find that my Dad is not who people think he is. He is everything but what the public sees, his public image is a persona, to us he is not just Dad he is Daddy.

    I am posting this because public figures adopt a persona, but who they really are is a carefully kept secret. So I am anonymous, if you heard my name you would never put two and two together.

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