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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 30

    My boss kissed me one day and told me he loved me. I was 27 and he was 63. I have a two year old baby now, he is perfect in every sense. The first thing I have to say is wow, sex is amazing. The second thing I have to say, older men can and do have babies. Arm candy, May December, cradle robber, plaything, I've heard it all. I love him now and I'm happy to be his wife and have this beautiful baby boy.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 52

    Ten years ago I was working in this warehouse, it was my second job. I needed the money because I just got divorced. This ebony woman and I got to be friends at the warehouse. She was chubby and very top heavy. I sort of envied her huge breasts. Mine's were C-cup. We would take our breaks together. In the break room we talked about everything.

    Then one day Rose said to me, "I don't screw white men because their dicks isn't big enough." I told her I dated this white guy for awhile mainly because I felt sorry for him. "Why's that hun?" she asked. I told her he was hung like a horse, way too big of a cock for a woman. I couldn't fit it in me, so I kept jerking it and ran my mouth all over it. "You're BS-ing me girl." said Rose. "I'll arrange it so you can see for yourself Rose." I told her. We found a date and time were us three could meet at my place.

    Rose got there first. She was all dolled up. Cleavage that jiggle like jello, tight skirt that enhanced her butt, and tall heels with straps. As we sat waiting for Tom, I started to this strange idea in my head while looking at her. When I let Tom in I gave him a hug and kiss. "Long time no see Babe" he said. I introduced him to Rose. "Damn woman, them tits are begging for a cock!" Tom said. We all went into the bedroom.

    I stood behind Tom and let his dick hang out. "See I was telling the truth Rose." "Damn Girl! I wonder how big it get when it's hard." Rose said. While I watched Rose get it hard and rub it between her tits, I was getting moist. They undressed. Rose rubbed that dick across that belly and breasts of hers. She went to doggy position where Tom slipped that horse dick between her legs and across her pussy. This caused me to take my clothes off. I never been with a woman but Rose turned me on. I had to get under her and work on her breasts. I didn't think Tom's cock would fit into Rose, but she slowly guided it in her. He worked that dick until she loosened up. While watching Tom's cock go in and out of her pussy, it seemed natural to for me to say, "Yeah girl, take that BWC, you want that BWC, you won't enjoy BBC no more! You want to try white pussy?" I straddled across her face. Rose said, "I always enjoy white pussy over black ones." The three of us got along with each other from that day.

    I moved out of town for a good paying job. But always remember Rose and the sexual fun we had.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 47

    I got married at 19 because my husband was going into the service. We had our honeymoon but then he was gone most of the time, I stayed and lived with my parents and went to college. In college I had a lesbian affair with a girl.

    When my husband came home we were lovey dovey, had a couple of kids, bought a house, and got on with being married. My kids had an afternoon babysitter, she was the daughter of the neighbor. She was pretty and all and I got carried away with her and pressured her into sex. She told her mother. I was embarrassed and pretty close to being accused of perversion, but I guess because it was woman to woman they never went through with it.

    Later when my kids were both in school I took a job as part time receptionist for a doctor's office. I ended up in bed with one of the nurses. She had experience and I had my first true lesbian affair, full on sex and full on love affair. My husband was traveling at the time and she spent the night with me. My kids gave me away to my husband. I confessed it all, college, the baby sitter and the nurse. He said to get my head straight or move out.

    For seventeen years I didn't have another lesbian affair. I stayed out of work, and always made sure I had other people around me. I had a thousand crushes, I day dreamed, night dreamed but I kept myself clean. I overdid the sex with my husband, I suppose compensating. Then I met this girl, she worked for an art supply store and I was into being an artist and the next thing you know I am between her legs sucking the life out of her. I immediately went to my husband and confessed. He asked to meet her and said he wanted a piece of her too. She agreed.

    We went into the this year long sex marathon, I don't know if it was three way or two way on steroids. He had his fun but got tired of it and all he wanted was me beside him, cuddled up tight. I never felt more wanted. As to the girl from the art store she went her way.

    All I am saying is that you can love your husband and have a family with him. But you can't be asked to stay away from other women. It doesn't work that way. The seventeen years that I went straight I came close to being crazy. I don't crush, I CRUSH. Now that we are older he says go ahead but be in his bed at night. He has never asked me for another girl to have sex with both of us at the same time. I go 'out' with a lady friend, she is divorced so she knows how a man wants a woman and she understands and makes sure that I am home when I need to be home.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I was 17 years old when I saw a 14 year old boy getting bully stripped and humilited. The boy was so scared and intimidated by the group of older boys that were harrassing him, he never put up much of fight. They did it in a parking lot we used hang out and I wasn't the only girl there looking. I remember he just stood there not knowing what to do embarrassing himself in front of laughing boys and screaming girls. I think waiting to get back his clothes was a better idea than running back home naked. I guess all the teasing girls gave him was the reasone he ended up getting an embarrassing erection. The kid had pretty big dick for a 14 year old boy and must have been dying inside being forced to show it.

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    Straight Female / 43

    Shy Daughter

    I am married for the second time the only problem is my daughter is very she hasn't had a boyfriend doesn't go much with friends, I even asked her if she preferred girls, no she didn't, I looked at her pc history no porn, I was hoping I would find some, I talked to my husband about it, I was surprised by what her had in mind, we are not a nudist family in the house, some are upstairs, he suggested we relax this on his part let her see a naked man in the flesh even with a hard on and may be go in the shower together occasionally, I've seen my dad brother and uncle with hard cocks, I did consider it, I asked my husband if they were in the shower would he fuck her if she wanted it, no he said, I know what is sexual drive is like plus he has a more than average size cock, so I asked him again are you sure you wouldn't fuck her, he admitted he would be tempted as it was only natural, I couldn't deny it, I said I would think about it, in the mean time we are nude upstairs we don't shut bedroom or bathroom doors, I cant decide about him and her in the shower, I know she needs it, but what to do

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    Straight Female / 47

    First I grew up in east Texas, Bible Belt east Texas. Second I am not pretty, and as a teenager suffered from acne. Third I am an only child with an over protective mother. I was still a virgin at 35 reconciled to be perennially single. Oh, I am white.

    I advanced up in my job to Financial Reporting Manager for a publically traded corporation. My Senior Accountant, also white, red hair and green eyes had a black boyfriend. Secret boyfriend. And we hung out with her black boyfriend's crowd. I got lots of attention, and one guy wanted me. I just couldn't but he pursued me.

    I go to lunch with our VP and Controller, business to discuss Q1 results. Somehow he had heard that I was going out wroth my Senior Accountant and her boyfriend. He said 'just so you know, if you fuck a black guy I will fire you'. I guess I shuddered and tried to talk but he cut me off 'look at me woman, you are prohibited to date a black guy, understood!'. I tried again but he put his hand up 'enough'.

    In the car I composed myself and told him I was lonely, I told him I was a virgin. So he drove me to my apartment, I still lived in an apartment close to work. He made me, directed me to open the door and when we were in he said 'show me what you got'. I got nervous and scared, stammered, cried, but he took my clothes off anyway until I was totally naked. He put his hand on my neck and walked me to my bedroom and told me 'spread them I want to see a virgin pussy'.

    He sat me down on the bed and undressed and told me again to spread my legs, he fingered me 'to get me wet' and fucked me. When he was about to cum he asked me if I had ever played Russian roulette and he ejaculated in me until he was empty. He stood up to 'admire' me, naked and scared. "If you fuck a black man I'll kill him'.

    So I had a man in my life, a married man, I got the loaded chamber and had a beautiful white daughter. I moved up and up and became the VP and Controller, he became CEO. My daughter is a Daddy's girl, rich and spoiled, beautiful and intelligent. I set up a house and 'love nest', he relieved his stress with me. I learned that sex was sex, give him what he wants, fuck back, suck cock, put your backside up when he asks. My daughter 'knows' what her 'job' is, no black man or Mexican or Chinese or Vietnamese. Daddy is an east Texas Red Neck, half Cajun.

    Obedience is a Religion. I converted, she believes from birth.

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    Straight Female / 52

    When I was seventeen I traveled overseas to see my relatives. I got lost in Frankfurt and missed my plane and to make it worse I could not find my passport and ticket (they were left in the restroom). I was so upset that I just started crying. A businessman was across from me and he came over and asked what happened.

    The long story short version is that he calmed me down, we went back through all my steps, and we got my passport and ticket back from lost and found at Lufthansa. My next possible connection to Asia was the next day and my now protector decided that we would stay at an airport hotel. You take that bed and I take this bed. In the room he looked at me and said that we might as well get over what we were there to do and to lean back on the bed and he screwed me. Two minutes. I lost my virginity like that quick. After that he said that I should sleep with him. he wanted me close.

    He screwed me again later that night, with lots of foreplay, fingering, sucking, dick in mouth, dick in and out of my vagina and dick in my ass. Never ending kissing and fondling, showering after sex at three a.m., dick sucking in the shower, pussy eating in the shower, another fucking in the shower. The next day he put me on the plane to Asia and told me to call him when I returned to the States. I got on the plane a totally different person than I was 24 hours earlier. I sat back and felt good.

    I called him when I returned and he diverted his business travels so he went through my city and I met him, we had dinner or sometimes we went straight to the hotel to have sex. College time came and I went to college in the city he lived in and he set me up in an apartment complex near him. I did well, I pretended to have scholarships to help pay for my education and I graduated in 1984 with my degree in Sociology. I moved in with him right after college.

    I have never worked, my parents had to accept him, they never knew about Frankfurt as we called it, we have had an active sex life all these years, and when things get boring we check into a no name motel and have anal sex. I love anal, well I really like it and it feels good afterwards. Our children came and went out on the their own, the last one is still in college.

    What bridged the age difference is sex. Active and open sex. And lots of it. I got broken in early is the way I see it. I have never known another man, I don't ask and he doesn't tell if he has known another woman, I really don't care about that. We take an annual holiday and go where there is nothing to do but have sex, lay around a pool, have sex, go down for drinks and dinner, have sex, get some sleep and have more sex.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    as i get older, the more i question if im a lesbian or bi sexual. i crave pussy more and more every day. iâve been with a few girls but iâm in a committed relationship w a man now. i canât syop thinking about pussy. i wish i could find a friend who i could hang out with innocently but lowkey eat her pussy all the time just so i can stop fantasizing about having a juicy fat pussy in my mouth. but then we just b friends and everythingâs normal. i just want a girl to sit on my face and ride my tongue for hours, iâd drink all her pussy juice and have her cum all in my mouth. then iâd eat her ass and let her ride my face however she wants. i need pussy

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    Straight Female / 39

    My situation at this time is that I am 39, I am pregnant, recently married to a divorced man who got me pregnant, with a prenup. I lived in Europe for 15 years and I have a 13 year old girl from my previous marriage. My ex I met in graduate school, he is French and we lived in France where he works for a French bank. He is a die hard soc****st and our relationship deteriorated from day one. Unfortunately my daughter has too many of his thoughts in her head. I returned to the US to be a stranger in my country. I worked in France for the Bank in a communications department but here the only job I could find was working in retail. I met my husband selling him a purse for his daughter.

    My life is so different, I am having trouble with reality. My husband is 61 and he earns a very high salary and he married me because I have a pretty face, but he has voiced disappointment with my breasts, he expected more firmness. I am not 17. He is aggressive and authoritarian and dominant. My ex was also dominant but in a French way but my husband makes him look like a child. My mother assess me as needing a dominant man to keep me. I got pregnant by accident, I truly did not expect that I would be having sex when I went out with him. He married me because I am pregnant and he likes my daughter and he needs to have a woman look after him. I don't kid myself.

    I find that I like sex with him, it is dominant sex but it makes me feel good, I wish he would spank me more often. Truthfully he did that, he spanked me and pushed my nose into the pillow. I try to be a bad girl but I don't like when he pretends to spank me. From time to time I get out of line and he sets me straight, that triggers me to get aroused and want sex. I don't tell him that, it's my secret. I just want a hard spanking right now.

    He does want his cock sucked, something my ex wasn't particular about. I find the whole experience arousing in a very erotic sort of way. I suck his cock in open spaces, the kitchen, the living room, in the car. I get very aroused and sex afterwards makes me tremble inside. It is probably orgasms but trembling orgasms. Or it maybe because I am pregnant that I trigger like that.

    My daughter resents his heavy hand with her but she needs it badly. He put her in a Christian Academy with other little rich girls. She has a friend, a girl who lived for a while in England when her father was stationed there. She resents him but she obeys him. She fought continuously with her father. She has never lived where the man of the house is the 'man of the house'. He knocks her soc****st ideas to the ground and reeducates her. She needs that, I sit and listen, I love how he restates her points and walks her up another ladder with his point of view. When he is done with her she will be a different person. For all her complaining she is very affectionate with him and wants her at all her activities. She calls him Papa, French for daddy.

    I am maybe in a honeymoon phase right now, for the first time in a very long time I like being who I am. I am not as pretty, and my tits are not as firm, but I am still very sexual and he gets the beast in me to come out. Sucking his cock and getting prepared for sex, that is what I am thinking about right now. And if I get a spanking then I will have it all. I guess when he spanked me when he caught me by surprise he liked my reaction, I just can't fake it I want it and it isn't' a surprise. To me a hard spanking is like to him sucking his cock. It's foreplay for adults. If there is one thing I learned in France is to have sex for pleasure, yours, not only his.

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    Straight Female / 26

    Following up on my confession about marrying my first cousin, I was fifteen when I lost it to him and we got married when I was 24 after I finished nursing school. The thing is that I am desperate, if I can use that word, to get pregnant. He is my father's sister's son, we are first cousins. I am a nurse and I know that the hype is that it is all bad but the reality is that it is not, a tiny little bit only. But when I talk about this with my sister for example she is all against it, or says that I should get a donation from a sperm bank.

    I want a baby, well I want several babies, I love my cousin and he is my husband and I want his babies not some weirdo's who dumps his sperm by jerking off in a clinic.

    Our family has always been against us being married, but we are so there is nothing they can say now.

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