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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Posted by Anonymous

    Recently this girl has mailed me her photo. We met online and seem to have common interests and her photos show her as very attractive but for one thing. Her pits are unshaven and maybe that is the way it is in Brazil where she came from 6 yrs ago, but I can't "deal with it." So before I just end this now I was thinking I should tell her my feelings. After all, communication is what its all about. Any suggestions as to how I can do this without hurting her feelings?????

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I did originally post this confession in "My Cheatin' Heart", but maybe it comes better under "Women Only". Here it is:

    I had a friend I had known for years who I had met because he had problems and needed to talk to someone. The person he ended up speaking to was me. I didn't mind it so much at first, I was happy to help him, but after a while I began to suspect he wanted more to our friendship than I did. He was phoning me several times a week and sending me letters. He told me he was self-harming which I am aware a lot of people do and I used to do myself a long time ago. But then when he did it, he apologised to me, as if it was my problem.
    Anyway, we had a mutual friend who liked me as more than a friend and I was unaware of this for a while. The screwed up friend was aware of this and insinuated to the one who liked me that there was something between him (the one with problems) and me, when as far as I was concerned there definitely wasn't. Luckily, this didn't deter the one who liked me from pursuing me; in the end I got to know him and we started going out with each other.

    Obviously my friend with problems wasn't happy about this, and started trying to cause problems for us from the word go. He also told lies about me behind my back to some of my other friends, which obviously upset me as I had been there for him for a few months by this time. Nothing was ever really said about all this, although my boyfriend and me sometimes argued after the screwed up one had been causing trouble.

    After a few years, my boyfriend and I split up and I began to see more of my friend with problems. I was prepared to let bygones be bygones and he seemed to have matured a lot by then. We became closer and one night ended up kissing. I wasn't really sure how I felt about him, whether I wanted him as a boyfriend, or whether we should leave things as they were. I fancied and liked him a lot by this time, but I wasn't sure whether it would work out as a relationship between us. I knew how much he thought about me and I thought of him as a great friend, but I knew I would never care or love him as much as he would about me. Plus there was someone else who I had a bit of a thing about. He was unreliable and I knew a relationship with him wouldn't work out, but the chemistry between us was great and although I've not been around much, I was sure a bit of a fling wouldn't do any harm.

    In the end I went out with my friend with problems, and it was nice, but it was apparent to me from quite early on that the chemistry between us just wasn't there. I told him from the start that I wasn't too sure about what I wanted from our relationship, but he said that was fine with him. I was also thinking about the other one that I liked quite a lot. One of the problems I was having in my relationship though was that we were not having sex. My boyfriend had something wrong with him and was physically unable to make love to me. Although we were having oral sex, we never had actual penetration which was extremely frustrating. The lack of physical closeness between us also meant that it was harder to be emotionally close. I wouldn't have minded buying a strap on or something, or using other forms of penetration, but being a virgin he didn't know what he was missing out on, and I didn't know how to approach the subject. He was very sensitive about most issues, and I was afraid of insulting his masculinity. But I did think the world of him, and despite the lack of sex I found myself falling in love with him. I told him this one night which I regretted after what happened next.

    In the end the inevitable happened. The lack of sex was almost killing me, I wanked so much I almost wore out my clitoris, but it still wasn't enough. I used to see quite a lot of the friend I had a crush on, and one night we got drunk and ended up sleeping together. I realised things couldn't go on as they were, I knew that I couldn't stay with my boyfriend if I was going to end up doing this kind of thing to him. I had only had two boyfriends before, but infidelity was something I looked down on and I had never been unfaithful before.

    My boyfriend was devastated when I told him. I didn't tell him the real reason, but told him instead that I didn't want a relationship. He just couldn't understand it when things seemed to him to have been going so well. I made sure I was there for him after we split up as we had agreed to remain friends, and we saw each other at least once a week. In the end though he decided that he just couldn't handle being friends and now we don't see each other at all.

    He says he's lonely, but he tries to make friends with people, especially girls, by telling them all his problems as soon as he meets them. People tend to feel sorry for him from the start, but then he becomes too clingy and that's it, he's there in your face all the time. I know for a fact that sometimes he makes up problems just to get sympathy. I feel sorry for him sometimes, but he does nothing to help himself. He just gets off on sympathy, but can't seem to see this. Or rather, he knows about it but doesn't want to do anything about it. When I started going out with him this was something I thought he had stopped doing, otherwise I would never have become his girlfriend in the first place. I am convinced he decided he "couldn't be friends" with me any more just so he had another problem to add to his list to tell people, which I guess showed he can't have cared that much about me in the first place. I know I was wrong to sleep with someone else, but after I was there for him so many times and all the trouble he caused me when I was with my previous boyfriend I have just lost patience with him and he can fuck off as far as I'm concerned.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I got married when I was 20. Dave was such a nice guy... except when drinking.
    It started with a slap one drunken night. Every drunkfest after, the beating got worse.
    One night he came home and beat me up bad. He went to bed, while I cried in the kitchen with ice packs on my face.
    I decided that was enough. I grabbed Sara, my two year old daughter, & put her in the car seat. I gathered some clothes for her & me.
    I went back into the bedroom with a ball bat and started beating the shit out of the bastard.
    He came to, and lunged out of bed at me. I popped him under his left ear- really hard with the bat. I heard a cracking thud, & he went down.
    I moved 2000 miles away & got divorced. I found out from my friend/ neighbor that Dave spent a lot of time in the hospital, and had to have plastic surgery.
    You know what? I don't care!
    Girls- if your man beats you- get an escape bag ready. Save some money, and remember the bastards have to sleep some time.Get out quick!!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I wanted to get pregnat but my boyfriend said that he wasn't ready for kids. But I know that he would be a great father. He has always told me that he wants kids, but he dosen't know when he would be ready. So I kinda choose a time for him. I poked holes in the condoms we used. And now I'm pregnat. He says he's happy. But I don't know if it was the right thing to do. Should I tell him? Or should I keep the secret. I don't want him to be made at me or resent the baby. what should I do?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I've always have been aware of my vagina. I mean, even as a child I remember rubbing against things, knowing something was happening, but not quite sure.
    As I got older, I would spend time exploring it. As a teenager, I would even prop a hand mirror against the pillow so I could watch myself masturbate.
    I knew what felt good, how I like it, and what it would take to bring me to orgasm.
    I took on younger male lovers, as a way to teach them how to pleasure a woman.
    I took on female lovers as a way to share my love of the female body.
    I am now in my 30's, and totally comfortable with my sex.
    I know how to give great head (so I'm told); I love a hot, hard fuck. I also enjoy the tenderness that a woman can give.
    I hope that every woman and man can take the time to really enjoy the vagina. Don't be in a hurry! Great love making is better enjoyed when you take time to explore your lover.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I am alone and horny I have to masturbate. So I like to put my finer into my pussy and rub my vagina. Its just a great feeling. You just cant get caught......

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One of my earliest sexual experiences was having an orgasm while pressing myself against a washing machine while it was spinning. I read somewhere that quite a few girls have their first orgasm this way.
    One evening last week I remembered this while in the middle of one of my regular knicker wetting sessions. I was already wet between my legs and on the point of losing control completely so, on a sudden whim I turned on my washing machine and switched it to fast spin. Then I hitched up my PVC skirt and gripped one corner of the throbbing monster between my thighs. Almost immediately I began to wet my knickers and black tights and I had an amazing orgasm as my warm pee cascaded down my legs and made a large puddle on the kitchen floor. The vibrating of the machine against my fanny seemed to keep the stream flowing for ever. Even when there was no more pee left I continued to grip the machine tightly against my soaking wet knickers until the cycle ended and the delicious vibrating stopped.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was 13, my cousin would spend the summers with us. Shelley, being from the city, always seemed older, although she was my age.
    One night, we were watching "Roseanne"- the episode where she kissed Mariel Hemingway. I said, "gross!"
    She asked if I ever thought about kissing another girl. I said no. I asked her the same, and she said yes, and had done it a couple of times.
    I asked her what it felt like. She said, "like this", and she proceeded to kiss me.
    I was hesitant, but she was so soft and gentle, we kissed for a couple of minutes.
    We both kinda giggled, and finished watching tv.
    That night, we snuggled in bed, but didn't do anything more than kiss.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    The wait is finally over ... the "Women Only" section is here... enjoy!

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