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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 29

    I don't even know what to call my weakness. I am a sucker for a strong older man. I married one and I like being called pet names, held, kissed and fucked. I get a sort of high when he lifts himself up off me right after he shoots his stuff in me. Sometimes I ask him if he likes fucking his woman. I have never had sex with any other man so I don't really know how I would respond and I am not interested in having sex with another man. He doesn't use harsh words like bitch, he mostly calls me his woman or his baby.

    I think I am kind of pretty, I have a pretty enough face but I am more wholesome than hot, I do have boobs which I feel are bit large for my frame and I feel my hips are a little big too but he seems to like that. I don't have kids but I have been getting more and more into the idea, I don't think I have baby fever yet but maybe I do. I would love to stay home and not work. I have a nice job and I like my coworkers, but I would love to not work at all, just stay home and be a social butterfly for a while, but I guess I would get bored. If I found something I could volunteer for I would definitely want to stay home.

    I met my husband at a reception for the new councilman in our district. He was a large contributor to his candidacy and they go back a long time, they have been friends from college. I was the stupid girl who had been sent by her boss to mingle and get to know people (I work for a bank). I got my first big correction there, in private he didn't embarrass me in public, but my husband was pretty annoyed with me that day for saying something that was an assumption but not a fact. I don't think I heard half of what he said.

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    Straight Female / 34

    Not politically correct but the truth is the truth and my first experience was as a Freshman at a Frat party and I was taken to a bedroom and I lost my innocence, or cherry. How was it? Well to tell the truth it was scary. And I developed a never ending crush on him. And when he dated other girls I was hurt. He put up with me but it wasn't until I was in my late twenties that he more or less started to accept me as an equal. I am one of those women that decided to follow him to the ends of the earth, if he held my hand it was better, if I had to walk behind him so be it. Mostly I walked behind him but he did hold my hand if we were sitting down.

    To me being married and taking his name was not only the thing to do, it is the thing to do. Sure, it took him a lot of messing around with other girls before he came to his senses and married me, but he married me because I never left his side. Of that I am convinced, I never gave up. I got accused of being his puppy dog, of being his useful bitch, of not having a backbone, of being a doormat. He may have had other girlfriends but the girlfriend that domesticated him was me. When some other girl sent him packing he had me to come back to. I didn't like him running around, I have always been jealous and it hurt, but I was a stupid kid in college and he was already a working man and he was out tasting all the fruit but he always came back to me to be comforted.

    Ev eryone has their own path, but I resent being told that I am a doorstop, or his laundry woman, I am his wife. He has his ways, and maybe he goes off now and then, but he is my husband as he is and I am his wife.

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    Straight Female / 29

    I was thirteen when my father divorced my mother and married his nurse receptionist. My mother got child support and alimony and the house and we lived ok, more or less, she didn't work. My father was a doctor so all in all we were ok financially. Then out of the blue several months after he had gotten married he was killed in a car wreck going to work one morning. He had a life insurance policy but he had taken it out in the name of his business because his bank required it so the policy paid the business and the business paid the debts and there wasn't anything left for us or his wife who was pregnant. Without the child support or the alimony and his pregnant wife my mother had to sell the house and everyone moved into this smaller house in a more modest neighborhood.

    I had turned fourteen and I was in the eighth grade and I resented my stepmother's big belly. She is a tiny woman and her belly looked like a huge watermelon and she waked around like she was going to blow up. My mother decided that I was the one to rub oil on her belly to prevent stretch marks so every night after dinner we would watch some tv show and I had to rub oil all over her belly. And it wasn't only her belly because she never wore a bra anymore in the house and she would take off her gown and lay there in nothing but her panties with her boobs the size of big melons and under her belly her panties were rolled up but not above all her pubes. She would take some of the oil and rub it into her boobs until she asked me to do it.

    To say I was traumatized is not enough. We had two bathrooms but she and I shared one bathroom and she had stopped shaving and her wild hair was everywhere, and she may be a petite frame but she is a hairy woman and her hair went almost all the way up to her belly button and down the side of her legs not to mention it was a mass under her panties. She kept telling me that she wanted me to witness the birth, maybe that would be the best birth control for me, once I saw that I wouldn't let a boy within ten feet of me. Why she and my mother decided to have a home birth with a midwife I don't know but I suspect it was to shock me because I was pushed up to help deliver my baby brother. She was right about one thing, any ideas about sex go right out the window once you see that happen.

    Once she was recovered and she was able to work again and my mother got into her job and to be frank my mother's parents helped out with the house and things got a bit easier. My baby brother wasn't as a big a problem as everyone told me he was going to be and I didn't hang out with anyone that had a problem helping me baby sit. Slowly, I got over the trauma delivery and I went out with guys as I got further along in high school and one thing led to another and one night at a party we went all the way. Mind you, I had protection.

    The legacy of all this is that I am an OB Nurse and I attend deliveries. I feel for the moms, when I have them in labor I ask them if they would like me to rub down their bellies which are at the point of blowing up all over the place, I don't do boobs because that is frowned upon, but many moms tell me that is even more relaxing than having their bellies rubbed down. Someplace in my mind I have two images, the image of what I am about to experience when a man is around me and the image about what I have to work with when I help deliver a mom's new baby boy or girl. The two images don't mix. I can go from sex to the delivery room without missing a beat.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    My sweetie and I rub our labia together to work up a foam. We trib for an hour or so and when we are dripping wet, push our pussies hard together, forcing all the air out then we pull them apart to see how loud a sucking noise we can make. This gets us off then we slide our clits back and forth softly until we orgasm. We can also fist each other well.

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    Straight Female / 41

    I confess that I am using my sister to keep my husband satisfied sexually.

    I had our son and our second child, and shortly after my Dr called me in for test. I had pains in strange area of my stomach. I had cancer that required a total hysterectomy. The found some lesions on my vaginal wall, biopsies shown I had vaginal cancer. I had another surgery and treatments. When it was finished I had no sexual desire at, but at the age of thirty four years old.

    I knew my husband could not be a happy man without sex. We were the energizer bunnies when it came to sex. I did not think he would leave me or our kids. I worried he would have an arrangement with a woman at some point. Bigger fear would be him falling in love with her, then being miserable at home.

    My older sister lived at home with my mother and step dad. She was dropped off there when her husband found she could not have children. She was so depressed and then mom got sick. She had to take care of mom and my step dad. Then when I got sick, mom was capable, she would take care of her self now and her husband was better to.

    We ask my sister to come care for our kids. She moved in and became their mother figure. She slept in the spare room and I slept with my husband. The chemo treatments made me very sick and I ask my sister to sleep in my room with my husband, I would take her room. That way both my sister and my husband could sleep without my coughing all night and the vomiting, then the trips to the bathroom.

    My sister said she would sleep on the sofa, I put my foot down. I talked with my sister alone and I told her. She may need to help me with more than just the kids and the house. I needed her to take care of my husband. And I mean take care of his needs. She was not comfortable doing that, she said my husband would never agree to that. I told her that I loved her and I love my husband. I am adult enough to know, our sex life will never be the same again. Would be non existent util the Doctor gave me the green light. That could possible be never.

    I talked with my husband and he did not take it very well either. When I told him that he had my permission to be with my sister, I actually supported a sexual relationship with my sister, He was uncomfortable. I made him promise to think about it, and if they could make it happen soon.

    My sister told me that she spoke with my husband about it. He would not touch her but some mornings she would wake and find she was wrapped in his arms and cuddled. I ask her to get in bed and cuddle to him. That way he sleep better. We had slept wrapped in each other since we married. He did not sleep well while I was in the hospital. She told me she got in bed and she backed up to him, she pulled his arm over her. He tucked his hand under her left breast and pulled her back. They woke up the same way in the morning.

    She got real hot and I found she was wearing full top and bottom pajamas. I ask how she slept in her bed alone, She wore a silk night gown no underwear or bra. I told her to wear that and be cool and comfortable. She did wear it and combined with the cuddling she initiated with my husband, He took it as her opening up to sex. (thats what he told her the nest morning, when they talked about the sex that had the night before) She backed up to him and he wearing nothing buy his under shirts like the silk feel. Liked the baked legs, so he started rubbing her legs and her back and her breast. He never kissed her, but he kissed her neck and her breast after he took her night gown off. She cooperated with him totally, and that night was the first night for them.

    My sister did not want to tell me, but I kept asking. She confessed and told me it was a great physical feeling. She had not been touched in years. Her only lover was her ex husband and he was not very good.

    I know they have sex nearly every night. My husband has a tell when he has had sex in the morning. I would love to be in the bed with them, maybe kiss my husband while he is having sex with my sister. I am just scared that will mess what is working. I sleep in the spare room and that's how I like it. Our kids are happy and our home is always clean and food is always good. My sister is a great cook and makes great deserts. She packs my husband's lunch for work and I get disability payments to help with my husbands income, so we live well.

    We have taken vacation with the kids, we rent a large condo and we make it work. I need to work out something for a vacation with my husband and my sister. We are the family now, I don't want to take him alone, and I don't want to stay home while they travel to Europe or take a cruise. I need to address the sleeping arrangement without destroying their natural flow. I do give my husband oral pleasure now and then, and I have ask him to give me anal. I have no real pleasure from that, but it's nice to have my legs up and hear my husband being satisfied.

    Any ideas would be helpful

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    Straight Female / 28

    This isn't about sex. Sorry.

    When I was nineteen I was in a car wreck. One person died, one person walked away with nothing and I spent a year recovering. For a long time I couldn't walk or move. I had to have someone wipe my butt, change my diaper. In the hospital it was a nurse, someone you don't know. But at home it was my mom or my younger sister. Grown people pooping is not something you want to deal with. Or having your period, even peeing is bad news. My mother did it but mostly she made my little sister do it, who was seventeen at the time. I know my sister is forever psychologically hurt.

    You have to get used to having your private exposed to the air in a room while someone wipes you clean, to be naked while someone bathes you. I spent a lot of time naked because it was so difficult to put a gown on me. My sister sat with me so that I wasn't alone. After school she came into my room to do her homework and sit with me. When I got to the point that I could use a bed pan I still had to have my butt wiped. When I got to the point that I could be walked to the toilet I still had to have my butt wiped. My sister never complained.

    One year of being taken care of. I was able to walk with crutches after one year. I walk with a cane. My sister is my best friend, she is with me all the time, even now that we are much older and the accident is in the past. My sister takes care of me, if we are at the house or she is with me she is always looking out after me. She watches and makes sure that I don't trip or if I have to go down stairs or a curb she holds my hand and helps me.

    I don't know how she does it, how she can be so calm all the time. My accident took away my youth, my face and my ability to walk. The other girl died so I don't complain. The driver walked away, nothing. I don't speak to him because I can't. I don't want to see him. When I look in the mirror I still see who I was when I was a nineteen year old college girl, not the face I have now. Yes, they did wonders, but it is not my face.

    I tend to get into self misery, but really what I want to say is that my little sister has been my guardian angel.

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    Straight Female / 23

    Its been a few months ago when things got intimate with a guy I work with. He is 40 years old and I still can't believe how I let him control me during the sex we have. He is overly dominant but I let him basically abuse my body. It progressed slowly at first but then he began spanking me and without asking began having anal sex with me. When he does these things he has me so aroused I never try to stop him from doing whatever he wants. He has tied me down and blindfolded me and has used sex toys to satisfy me that I never saw or heard of. Its like I'm in a trance and am so aroused the ways I am being stimulated I never object or say no to him. He uses strange looking vibrators both vaginally and anally making me shiver with chills. When he blindfolds me as I'm tied up he first gives me oral sex then I never know what he will do. I'm so turned on by the oral sex he arranges my body in such positions I can't imagine how I am so overwhelmingly aroused. He torments my vagina and rectum to the point where I have mega orgasms. When he has me give him a blow job he's the only guy I ever had sex with who ejaculates in my mouth. I never tasted semen before but still never say anything or tell him not to do that. When he has anal sex with me its usually after he takes the vibrator out and right away rams his penis into me. At times its painful but I still never deny him from doing it. I have sex with him at least twice a week and he controls it in every way possible. As much as I think he is taking advantage of me I continue to let him have domination over me. I am having sex in ways and positions I never thought about and certainly never experienced before. I feel abused at times but continuously orgasm as he does all this to me. In some ways I feel humiliated but never once have I ever complained about anything. A few of my friends have met him but I dare not tell them about the way we have sex. I know he is divorced and can only imagine how he must have had sex with his wife for 4 years and think maybe she wasn't willing to be controlled. I can't say I don't like it because I have never been more sexually satisfied as I am with him.

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    Lesbian Female / 28

    I am going through the biggest test of my life. She is fifteen and I am twenty eight, she is my student and I am in love with her. I am her favorite teacher and she comes home with me every day after school until her mother comes to pick her up. I also sit for her overnight if her mother goes out on a date. I love her in so many ways and I have intimate feelings for her. I keep all this to myself and give her all my love and I am very careful with showing my intimate feelings. I am not public about my orientation for obvious reasons that I am an educator.

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    Straight Female / 30

    I was given a position as an artist in residence at a small private college. Any paying position is a good position. A big donor to the school wanted to meet me. He invited me to parties, introduced me to people in his circle, and he had me stay over at his house. His housekeeper hated me, but he liked me and I moved in and I sleep with him and she has to take care of me. It just feels so good making her fix my meals, clean up my room and do my laundry. I hate her, and she hates me. I love leaving the bed a mess and the evidence that we had sex. She wasn't nice to me, and I don't see why I should be nice to her. I did show her my birthday present and I hope she choked. She is such a bitch.

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    Straight Female / 38

    I got drunk, real drunk and had a threeway with my husband and a guy we barely know after a party. Somewhat we had shared this as a fantasy only only thing in years past but I let it happen. And it was fun and i liked it now but now I feel freaked out. We are acting like it didnt happen. But I so bad want to talk with my husband about it and see if he wants to just fantasize more or talk about the details.

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