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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Lesbian Female / 39


    It is an orientation on the asexual spectrum defined as someone who feels little to no desire to receive sexual acts but expresses desire to perform them on someone else.

    It has taken me this long in life to figure out "what" I am, and that there are others like me - that there's not something wrong with me for the ways I feel and act.

    I'm interested in talking to others who identify as lesbian placiosexual, as well as any female who has been or would be willing to be in a relationship with a lesbian placiosexual. Comment and give me some way to contact you. Thank you.

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    Straight Female / 25

    I just spent the afternoon with my husbands other woman. We are friends because she knows my husband from work. When we hug to say hello or goodbye I can smell the perfume on her, the same perfume that my husband comes home with. It is the perfume I smell on my husband when he makes love to me after he has spent some time with her. My husband has the habit of cradling my face into his neck when he is making love to me, I am sure that he does the same with her, her perfume is on his neck, I can smell it on him and I can imagine his penis in her, fucking her while he fucks me. I don't know if I am getting pity sex, or if he is having guilt sex. What I do know is that his penis is covered with her smell, I like to kiss my husband's penis before sex and when he has been seeing her his penis still smells of sex and her aroma. There is something to aphrodisiacs, smells that turn you on, her smell on his penis, her smell on his neck drives me into a wild receptiveness for him. I don't tell her any of this, I just hug her tight when we meet or it is time to part, and smell deeply her perfume, it gets me wet. I wonder if I have a smell that sticks to him, a perfume or a woman smell that she can pick up on? The idea that she can smell me on him when she is having sex, just like me smelling her when I am having sex makes me want to cum.

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    Straight Female / 23

    I am not sure if this the place to open up on this. I am currently sharing a man with another woman. She and I are not intimate in any way but he has us sleep in the same bed, the master bedroom, and he sleeps in one of the other bedrooms. Intimacy is usually one on one, we get to accept or decline, but sometimes he has had us both with him at the same time. I cook and have menu and groceries responsibilities and she has laundry and cleaning. He has us both make our bed and we make his bed too.

    He pays rent and most all other bills, and we both get 200 a week for lunch and spending money. He wants to make sure he supports us, our salaries are mostly saved, or for gifts and when we sneak off to shop for intimate apparel. We go by our first names but he has nicknames for us too. Socially we are housemates, we pretty much never talk about the fact that he has us sharing a bed every night, we have to be careful if we have people over for that reason.

    We all met at work, he is five years older than us, we are recent graduates from college (we are both 23). Kind of young to be living like this. I thought that sharing a bed as a lifestyle with another woman would be hard, but I much prefer to share a room with her than if I slept with a man, other than to please him. We have grown very close. We like living like this, we like it a whole lot, he can be a bother but men are sometimes a bother.

    We don't know what to do about starting a family but it is the go to topic at night, being pregnant together has a lot of appeal. We 'shop' for baby clothes, we both have the fever, some days it is very strong and occupies my mind day and night.

    We know there are others who live together, not counting Mormons or Muslims where it is a way of life for many. We are all Christians and our religion frowns on it, we have to hide it in our church community.

    We have chosen this lifestyle, we have our provider and we are his homemakers.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    Just telling how it is, and was.

    My father died and our lives died with him, we went from middle class to dirt poor. Our mother tried but in the end we were split up and placed in foster care. My life was good, the couple that took me in were good people and they cared, and I was a girl. How important that was escaped me until I was much older. My brothers went from home to home till they aged out, into the streets without jobs. I went to college.

    My foster parents raised me, taught me life skills, sent me to college. I don't have anything to do with my mother or brothers. My guilt is there, but we are not in the same class.

    Now, the girl thing, which is why I landed on this web site to begin with. My foster Dad told me one day when I was 17 that I was going to be a woman. He told me to take care of my body, but don't be stupid, enjoy the hell out of it. You can't process that when you are 17, you have to grow older. I am 31 and I enjoy my body, and being a woman there is a lot to enjoy. Masturbate, every chance you get. Boys are fun, but girls are more fun, so much more to make you happy. Don't be stupid, pick carefully, but pick a girl first, it is emotionally healthier. A boy will do his thing, it feels good, but your girlfriend is going to be the one to hold you.

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    Straight Female / 24

    I am a young wife to a thirty six year old doctor. I met him while on vacation with my parents and he took advantage of me. He fucked me twice that evening, once on my back on the floor and the other time grabbing me from behind and fucking me on the deck over the railing to the beach, it was dark by then and I guess no one saw us. He let me go back to my parent's rented cottage but I took one of his business cards with me.

    I was pregnant, seventeen and pregnant. I called him and told him that he had to come marry me because if not I was going to have a bastard. I was very desperate, I could not tell my parents all I wanted to do was get married. He came to see me and after talking to me for an hour or so he said he would marry me but I had to move with him to Cleveland where he had in practice with two other doctors. He may have been a doctor but he was a perverted man who fucked me and fucked me and fucked me, he fucked me, that's all he did, he fucked me. I looked at him cross eyed so he fucked me again. Any excuse, he fucked me. I finished high school and had my baby which meant that he was out in the cold while I recovered. I had an asshole so he fucked my asshole, I got fucked so much that I just let my legs open or put my ass up for him and he fucked me until he was happy, kissed me and then fucked me again.

    My husband took a trip with two of his friends while I was at home with my baby. My mother came to stay with me because the baby was still only two months old. He came back and fucked me in the vagina, two months after giving birth to my baby, he just fucked me and filled me with his sperm and I got pregnant again and so I had Irish twins, I was nineteen with two babies. But two babies didn't stop him from fucking me, I got fucked with my infant baby in my arms and my eighteen month old on the bed. By that time he wanted to kiss me, to kiss me and kiss me and kiss me, grab my tits and kiss me. It was horrible, if I wasn't getting fucked I was being kissed.

    One Sunday after he had to work to relieve another doctor they had a bad case at the hospital. A lady died who shouldn't have died, she just died and he felt bad and he sat there and asked me for another baby to make up for that lady dying. My baby in my arms was six months old, my other baby was eighteen months old and he wanted me pregnant again. I stopped nursing and it took me three months to get pregnant. While he was getting me pregnant he was nicer to me and he got me hot first and fucked me gently. He kept asking me if I wanted to get pregnant and I would say yes and he would ask why and I would tell him because I was his wife, and I hung onto his neck and told him to fuck me pregnant, I told him that every wife wanted to be pregnant and I was his wife and I wanted to be pregnant. I was telling him this because it made him hot and he fucked harder when I told him these things, but deep down inside I believed what I was saying. I complained and I tried to get away from him but I loved getting fucked, I loved being kissed and right then I loved getting pregnant again.

    My libido is not down and neither is his, we fuck anyway we can. I love the feeling of his dick in me, I don't care if he has to fuck me in the asshole because I am bleeding, just fuck me and fuck me and fuck me. I don't look like I did when I was seventeen, I am 24 now and I have gained thirty pounds but he likes me this way, he likes my big tits and he likes to spread me open before fucking me. His dick is always hard and I like grabbing his dick before he fucks me. I know our relationship is all fucked up. My mother refuses to be around us, she can't handle him grabbing my tit to kiss me, or turning me over and taking me to the bedroom to fuck me, but I love it, my husband fucks me and he likes to fuck me. And it's not because he is a doctor and has a high stress job, he likes to fuck his wife.

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    Lesbian Female / 51

    My lover was murdered. Her maid's boyfriend killed her and they robbed her house. The cameras recorded it, they will never enjoy what they stole. The fact they got caught is irrelevant.

    I met Margo a long time ago, when we were into other things. I loved her, she loved me. We were lovers before the times.

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    Straight Female / 27

    Hi, I am a 27 year old reporter for one of the local television stations. I have a thing going that is naughty and off the radar. I have a relationship with one of my professors from college, he is the one that got me this job. He likes for me to get undressed in front of him until I am totally naked and he sits in his chair and looks at me. I stand there, move around a little, cross my arms and pick up my breasts, open my legs a little, I am completely clean down there, my lips get thick and heavy when I am undressed for him. When I am done I lean over and kiss him on the forehead, I get dressed and fix him tea and I leave to go about my day.

    I have been entertaining him since I was an undergrad.

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    Straight Female / 24

    I wore a dress to work. My boss came to my office and noticed my dress and asked me to 'model' for him, stand up and turn slowly. He told me how attractive I looked, beautiful dress, a bit too short for the office, but a nice dress to go dancing in. When he left my office he caressed my face and told me that he thought I was beautiful, his idea of woman.

    A few minutes later he returned, he apologized for paying attention to me, but I had just touched something in him and showed him and every one else at work what a woman looks like. I told him I was happy I pleased him, I liked being a woman, it felt good. I went dancing with him, he sat down after a while and asked me to twirl for him, to dance for him. I raised my dress to flash my panties for him, he held my arm and asked me to take my panties off and make him a present.

    On my bed later that night he slowly pushed my dress up until my pantiless pussy was exposed, he smelled me with deep breaths, kissed around my lips, rubbed his face in my pussy, clipped my clit with his teeth, then swallowed my pussy with his mouth forcing me to keep my hands by my side. My orgasm came in waves, until I lost control while he held my clit in his teeth.

    Sex came later, after I gave him a dick massage with my pussy, riding him until he pushed me on my back and fucked me. I fell in love, or something stronger. He paid attention to me, I became his favorite employee at work, his lover after work, his midnight pleasure girl. Intense as it was I tried to keep my head and my wits about me but failed. I was his mistress, alive only to please him. My days and nights were only about him.

    I told my friend about my sex life with him, she doesn't believe me but it's true, I can orgasm from just being massaged and having my nipples and clit chewed on with his teeth. Sex is too much, Just the feel of his hand on my cheek, his blue eyes, his smile melts me and I can't breathe.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I am a stage actor and I'm fortunate to have been one of the resident company actors for three years. In real life I am a basket case, I can't buy a bra without approval. When my mentor took me in my life got under control. He is a rock and he takes care of me 24/7. Sometimes I can be a real baby, at other times I feel all grown up.

    I have a couple of kinks. I like being spanked and I like being rocked. The number of times I have been carried to my room and put to bed, I love being tucked in and kissed. I seem to revert to being Daddy's little girl. It's not an act or a role, I really do become Daddy's little girl. If I misbehave I get a spanking, sometimes he pulls my panties down and spanks me until I start crying and then he holds me and rocks me. It's silly and stupid really but I just like being spanked.

    I can be a big girl, have grown up sex, but little girl sex is better and Daddy loving me is just something I really like. And I'm okay with it. Why be a big girl when Daddy wants his little girl to hug his neck and tell him about her day?

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    Straight Female / 25

    Nothing sexual here, just jealousy.

    I am one of three daughters. I married a boy from college and everything was fine when we were in school. But now, that we are both out of school and working he is jealous of my father. My father spoils his 'girls'. We got our first Tiffany studs at 16 and we get a Tiffany box every year under the tree. For my 16th birthday I got a BMW, when we got married I got a condominium in a high rent district, as an investment property. So did my sisters. My father loves his girls and spoils his girls, mother included.

    My husband does not understand, it is nothing about him. So sorry that he doesn't earn enough right now to spoil me properly but he has time ahead for him to work and make money. In the meantime why should I tell my father not to give me gifts? He gave my sister a trip to Europe for the summer when she is on break from teaching, so I pouted and he gave me a trip to Asia (for the fall, these trips have to be booked early). My husband has to work of course so I am going with my little sister.

    He knew my father was rich when he married me, this is no surprise. Rich Daddies spoil their little girls, it's the circle of life. I will have to break down and give him a grand baby one of these days, sooner than later, but right now I have my freedom to just be lazy and be spoiled.

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