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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 28

    I am 28. I attended a very prestigious school which has gone feminist mad. I tried the Kool Aid but could not drink it. I was approached by many more women than men while I was there. The men I met there were, well not men. I grew up in small ranching town in South Texas, where a cowboy is a cowboy and woman knows who rides who. But I went there because my mother went there and I graduated with my masters degree and returned home.

    At home I got involved with a woman, a maid in our house, who had a man who beat her up. That much I would not accept and I had my father fire him and get rid of him. When the woman pressed charges I had to deal with the Sheriff. Since I was a kid he had his eye on me and he gave me what for, for those of you who are not from South Texas that means he fucked me and put me down and made sure that I only got up when he gave me permission. a South Texas man doesn't take any shit from a woman.

    His wife heard about him giving me what for and she warmed me about coming down with a kid. A South Texas woman doesn't fuck around either. The Sheriff had different ideas and he gave me what for whenever he felt like it and I came down with a kid. But back to the maid, we showed the judge that the idiot man of hers hit her regularly and he granted her a divorce and he got thrown out of town. You don't beat up your women, if they need teaching you give them what for.

    Everyone in town knew that the Sheriff got what he wanted and knew who's dick I sucked and his wife had to put up with it. In South Texas if a man wants a woman he has a woman, it is just the way it is. I named my kid after his father. I want him to be proud of his father and his father to be proud of him.

    A girlfriend from up East came to see me. She always had intentions on me and she was surprised to know that I sucked dick and had a kid. I told her that I sucked dick when I was in college, but I guess up East girls think that you should eat pussy. That is one of the reasons that I could never drink the Kool Aid. She stayed a week, she met the Sheriff and she met my Dad. And she met the Sheriff's wife. She also met my Mom and she met a couple of my girlfriends growing up. In South Texas you suck dick if you are a girl, if you are guy who sucks dick you get run out of town, if your lucky. You don't want to stay in town. If a girl eats pussy things are different. Everyone goes out and finds a man to give her what for and teach her to suck dick. Anyway that is what it is. In South Texas, at least in my town, a woman sucks dick.

    For whatever reason I can't shake off the girl from up East. She clings on and on and on. I tell her that I am a got woman and I have a man and I have a kid and I am not going to move up East. If anything, I want another kid and she can't give me that. But six years up East made me soft and I can't just run her off. She is like my conscience that just won't let me go. I asked her to come here and live with me in South Texas. Maybe she will find a man to make her happy, if not she will just have to live knowing that I suck a man's dick and I want to have another kid. I just can't eat pussy. She can, but I can't. The most I can do is have her live with me and be my conscience.

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    Lesbian Female / 21

    I was a sophomore in college and I met a girl who sat beside me who was visibly pregnant. We sat beside each other three times a week and we got to talking and knowing each other. I got windy one day and I asked how it felt to be pregnant. She went on about it was just like having to take a shit all the time. I learned that she was single and her boyfriend had gotten her pregnant and she chose to stay pregnant.

    I asked her if I could touch her belly and I felt the baby moving and from then on I would touch her belly when we talked. She said she didn't mind, in fact she liked me touching her belly. She got bigger and bigger and I started to rub creams and oils on her belly and she got naked and I massaged her legs and arms and breasts and I peeked at where the baby was going to come out. It was freaky, eight months pregnant and I was softly massaging her pussy area and her breasts. She told me she was always horny and wanted a dick really bad but she wasn't going to ask her asshole boyfriend for that.

    The baby was born and I was over there with her, helping her, taking care of the baby, bathing her and the baby. She was no longer pregnant but she had this delicious baby fat and her pussy was always so amazingly full. The breast milk dripped out of her nipples, the baby felt so good to hold, I wanted to breast feed her but I didn't have any milk to feed her.

    We started kissing, and she started to touch me and play with my breasts and pussy and she asked me to kiss her hole where her baby had come out and from then on we had full sex with long intense kissing sessions, fingering and pussy eating. The more time went by I kept asking her if I should have a baby too and one day she told me that I had to find an inseminator to do it. But yes, get pregnant.

    My inseminator wasn't aware of what my intentions were, he was a senior about to graduate and like most guys he would fuck anything in a skirt, and I spread my legs for him and got him to inseminate me. My pregnancy was easy, I guess it is always easy when you are twenty, and my girlfriend and I reversed roles while I was pregnant and she took care of me. Having my pussy rubbed felt amazing and my breasts were beyond sensitive and she had to touch then and kiss them carefully, pinching my nipples only to make me come.

    Giving birth was an amazing experience, I wanted to go natural all the way but gave in and had an epidural. Now I wish I had pushed her out, but too late, maybe for the next one. The feeling of the baby sucking her milk out of me, the feeling of my girlfriend's hands on me, the feeling of both babies together. I just can't describe how good it feels to have little babies around. I wish that we had been pregnant together, maybe the next time. Right now we are enjoying the babies and being together. That we will graduate I am sure, but when I am not sure. We both work part time and cover each other with the babies for class and work and wait for our quiet time to kiss and make out and put our hands down there where the babies come out. The feel of her pussy in my hand that first time is always there, and I love her playing with my pussy. It must be a girl thing. You just want your pussy touched all the time.

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    Straight Female / 28

    My boss yelled at me and called me a stupid bitch. He made me sit and take it. When it was over and he left my office I realized I was so wet, wetter than I had never been. I would never admit this to any one I know.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34


    I recently came out of prison when I went in I was heterosexual, whilst in I had a full sexual relationship with another man we both agreed not to go with anybody else because of the risk of disease. I am out now but I haven't told my wife, a question to women if your husband confessed to you what would your reaction be.

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    Straight Female / 30

    Two woman I work with and myself began renting a house together almost two years ago for financial reasons. Helen has a son Todd who is 19 now and he sleeps in the first floor den we made into a bedroom. Helen and I share a Jack and Jill bathroom which is perfect for both of us since Helen always works the 3 to 11 shift and I work daytime. Eight or nine months ago I became aware that Todd was going into his mother room at night. Somehow he pried and opening on one side of the door where the molding must be and has been watching me since then. Its embarrassing to admit this but I totally enjoy and am aroused knowing he is watching me. I doubt he knows I can see his eye in the opening and he seems to be so sure he is undetected he doesn't even turn the lights off in Helens room. There has been times Helen has said things in front of both Todd and I mentioning how he leaves her room a mess sometimes. She told him in front of me not to leave his trash or any of his clothes when he is there. Helen really has no inkling why Todd is in her room at night thinking its only because she has a large TV. I assume Todd has been watching me longer than I have known he was and shame on me for never feeling embarrassed or upset about it. I had never before did anything like this and am surprised at myself for my lack of modesty or being humiliated by it. He not only sees me shower but I have no problem using the toilet or even changing a tampon knowing he is looking in at me. I let him watch me masturbate and for many years I have shaved my pubic hair and still do with Todd watching me. I do have a boyfriend and have sex regularly but find I masturbate more when I know Todd is watching. I am so at ease exposing myself to him I find myself positioning my body in ways I never did before allowing him to see me as intimately as possible. I turn my back to him bending down while shaving my legs, exposing my vagina and anus in ways my boyfriend has never seen me. I see and talk to Todd everyday never letting on I know he is watching me most weeknights. I never feel embarrassed by it yet can't think of a reason for letting him see me in every personal thing I do with my body. At times I can hear him breathing or making sounds and I am pretty sure he masturbates often while watching me. He is a laid back type and sort of a wimp around his mother. Has a part time job and goes to community college a few days a week. He is not dumb but when he is in Helens room he is careless and considers himself undetectable even with the lights on. In a way I feel guilty because Helen is such a sweet woman but it arouses me so much I just let it happen. I'm convinced that Todd is confident that I don't know he is watching me so often. He is always smiling when I am downstairs and I have a good idea what he is thinking about me. Its ok with me because he doesn't know how much fun I am having and how arousing it is for me.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    My best friend and I experimented with lesbian sex when we were ten. We knew what we were doing and we knew about stimulating our clit. We didn't have tits yet but flicking and squeezing our nipples felt good. We kissed our coochies.

    Fast forward ten years, we experiment, we stimulate our clits, we pinch our nipples and we kiss our coochies.

    Nothing new, just bigger, rounder, bustier and hotter.

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    Straight Female / 34

    My father was with US AID and we were posted to Costa Rica and lived in San Jose. I was thirteen and my sister was fifteen. We went to an international school. My sister's Biology teacher liked her and fucked her after school. She told me about it and I asked her how it felt, if it felt good. She told me it did feel good, but she didn't think he should be fucking her. Anyway, I went with my sister to talk to him and to tell him not to leave her alone. I got fucked, only he wasn't so nice to me, he tore my shirt and took my pants off and fucked me over a desk. He made me suck his cock afterwards and then made my sister suck him too. He was a real macho man.

    The long and short of it is that we both got pregnant. The school fired him, and we got sent back home to live with our grandparents. The idea was that we give the babies up for adoption, and they were half Cost Rican. The longer we were pregnant the more we thought we wanted to keep the babies and my grandmother convinced my parents that we should keep the babies.

    We both had girls, born two weeks apart. Both girls have dark black hair and are a bit tanned and have dark eyes. As they grew up everyone tried to make them full sisters. It was hard to accept that we were both their mothers. When they grew up and were out on their own we gave them permission to go look up their father. That was a mistake, we started to get all kind of request for money and for us to sponsor him to come live in the States. We broke off all communications with him. He didn't give a shit about them and all he wanted was money.

    They are both in college now, and they got the best looks of Costa Rica with mixed in looks of our family. They are both smart and get good grades. Of all the stupid things we did was letting them go meet their father. That was a mistake.

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    Lesbian Female / 29

    I surrendered to my financial reality. I am not skilled at anything that pays well, I have a degree in Art from a local college. My high school friend got divorced and he told me how much he missed having a woman and not being alone. I offered to live with him if I could live with him rent free. I do most of the housework, and I have let him pull me into his room. I can handle the sex, I don't mind. I live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood and he pays most of the bills. I pay what I can afford which isn't much compared to him. It's an arrangement, the sex is the part that takes the most effort. But I really don't mind, it is pretty easy. I don't have a sweetheart at this time.

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    Straight Female / 33

    Most of the time I consider myself a sex slave. It all started when I quit my relationship I had been in for a while. I moved out and needed a place to stay. I found this cheap, because money was really scarce, cheap one room garage apartment. The owner offered me the place for $250 a month. I was also looking for a job and he said he had an opening at his office for receptionist/clerk, it paid $11 an hour. After I took the job he told me that I could stay in the garage apartment for free and he let me use his car to run errands and he took me to work and back so I wouldn't have to ride the bus.

    When he started to make moves on me I told him I was really a lesbian, but when I told him he got more than just a little upset. He came up to my apartment and asked me to say it slowly and out loud that I was a lesbian. I was as clear as I could be, I made up stories of relationships from high school until the girl I had just broke up with. I told him I was not into dick I was into pussy, when I went to a restaurant I scoped out the girls, I liked girls who were simple and wore dresses, I liked girls who were skinny and wore their hair short, I wasn't into girls with lots of tattoos and I liked girls who were 100% lesbians, I wasn't interested in girls who were experimenting or were bisexual.

    He told me that isn't what he had planned for. I asked him just what had he planned for? He said, he thought that I would move downstairs with him and play house, he thought I was the kind of girl who liked to play house.

    We went to work together, and he loaned me his car and he didn't charge me rent. Then one night he came upstairs to my apartment and walked in. I was ironing. He said we had to change our arrangement. He had found a lady who would rent the apartment for $450 a month and that meant $700 to him, because he was giving me $250 for free. That I could move downstairs with him but he wanted me to play house with him. If I played house then I wouldn't have to go to work. And the lady was moving in over the following weekend.

    Playing house meant that I slept with him, not only taking care of the house. He gave me the left side of the bed because he wanted the right side in case he had to get up and use the bathroom he didn't have to wake me up. He gave me the two top drawers of the dresser and one side of the closet. He wanted me to get used to him having sex with me so not to wear any underwear when I went to bed. If I wore underwear that was a signal to him that I was on my period.

    He had me quit my job and gave it to another girl who applied and I stayed home to play house. At first I thought that I would find a job and leave. For a couple of days I looked for jobs but they were far away and I didn't like them. I went along with his wishes and the new woman who moved in thought I had been there a long time. She worked for the municipal utility district and was divorced. We talked and I ended up telling her what my arrangement was.

    I told her I was a sex slave. If she had never met a sex slave then I was it. Just for her to know. She told me that she hadn't had sex for six years since before she got divorced and she had to keep house and take care of everything else and go to work. I told her it is different when you want to be a sex slave. I have to or I don't have a place to live. That's why it is different.

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    Straight Female / 26

    To make a long story short I ended up moving in with Harry who is a 76 year old friend of my grandfather who died 2 years ago. I knew Harry fairly well since he and my grandfather were very close friends. When my husband of 15 months and I split up Harry took me in. That was this past January when I also lost my job only getting unemployment comp. I began drinking to much, smoking weed along with popping pills. The first few times I didn't remember much but woke up naked in bed some mornings. It really didn't occur to me right away that Harry was undressing me when I past out and a few times probably carried me up to my room. I only weigh a little over 100 lbs. and didn't have any memory of it. I woke up one morning back in March and knew I had orgasms but didn't remember masturbating. About a week after that, I don't know what time it was, I sort of woke up feeling myself becoming aroused. I just laid there not sure if I was dreaming and did orgasm twice that I remember. In the morning things became more clear and I was convinced then that Harry must have masturbated me. He often reminded me how I past out sometimes telling me to be careful of the pills I took. He did tell me he carried me to my room sometimes but never said anything about undressing me. It was the following month that I actually was awake enough to relies Harry was fingering me and I was naked. I felt him hold my breasts and lick them while rubbing my G spot at the same time. I was completely aroused and remember having several orgasms never saying anything to Harry. It was around 2 or 3 am and I just went back to sleep when he left my room. The next day and since then I still have never confronted Harry about it. A few nights after that I had a buzz from the vodka and weed and decided to test Harry. I was sitting on the sofa and pretended I fell asleep which I had done many times unintentionally. I almost gave up at one point because about 30 minutes had past. All the sudden Harry came back into the living room and carried me up to my room. He only turned on the light on my night table after laying me in bed. He left the room but came back a few minutes later and began taking my clothes off. I thought about saying something but was buzzed enough to let him continue and within a few minutes he had me laying naked with my legs spread open. He left the room again and about 5 minutes went by when he came back in only in underwear. He turned the light off and began by slowly fingering me then fondling my breasts. I couldn't believe how easily I got aroused by it and before I knew it he was giving me oral sex which he must have done before without me knowing it. Each time I had an orgasm I let out a moan and wondered if I did that every time he did this. It was dark in the room but before he left he put his penis in my hand for a few minutes. It was sort of a hard on but still soft and I'm not sure why but think because of his age. I don't take the pills as often as I used to but I do still drink to much at times and smoke weed often. Harry thinks he knows when I am high enough for him to come in my room and I just let it continue. It happens at least once every weekend and normally once in the middle of the week. Its always around 2 AM when he comes in and most of the time he gives me oral sex and he always has me hold his penis for a short time. He sometimes touches my breasts with his penis and kind of jerks off but I never saw him cum and wonder if he can. The only time he ever mentions me in bed is to say when he carried me up to my room. I never tell him about being naked in the mornings and even when I go to bed by myself he always takes my PJs off. He either thinks I am stupid or to drunk or high to remember anything. He has never tried to have intercourse with me and I think its because he is not hard enough. He must like giving me oral sex though because he licks me everywhere sometimes even on my anus. I get so aroused from him that I will probably never tell him I know what he is doing. He might be a dirty old man but I'm just as bad for letting him. I started dating a guy last month but I still don't deny Harry coming in my room and often fake being buzzed hoping he will.

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