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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 29

    I didn't date a lot when I was younger. My first boyfriend had a small cock and really didn't make me cum when he fucked me. A few years later I met a man with a large cock and omg he could make me scream with pleasure. I found out that he was married and had kids, reluctantly I broke off our relationship.

    I got a very good job that involved traveling and long hours. I would get horny and have no one to take care of me. I tried dating but my boyfriends would get pissed off when they could not spend much time together because of my job.

    One night I sat at my laptop in a hotel room and began to look at sexy outfits that I wouldn't have time to wear if I bought them. There was an ad on the page for adult toys and I clicked on the Banner.

    The first thing I saw were pictures of various sex toys, dildo's, etc. I scrolled through the pages and the dildo's seemed to get bigger and longer. Suddenly I realized I was staring a one particular. It was about six inches long and very thick in diameter. I studied it for a few more moments and reached for my debit card and ordered it. I couldn't wait to get back home, it would be delivered by the time I returned.

    It was everything and more. I wasn't happy about having to use it on myself but it filled me up and made me cum hard. Months went by and I used my toy and took it almost everywhere I went for work.

    At my hotel I was online again looking at the adult toys. I decided I wanted to try a dildo that was bigger. I ordered another one and spent the night fucking myself after it arrived and loving the feeling of being stretched.

    Only days gone by and I was back online once again. Buying another dildo that was quite a bit larger than I had tried. When it arrived I was almost tempted to return it. It was huge black phallus and it's thickness was intimidating to hold in my hand.

    Lots of lube, breathing hard, sweating almost. I slowly pushed the huge dildo into my pussy until I was moaning with excitement. I pushed the dildo into my pussy until it was painfully exciting. I was cumming even though it hurt like hell.

    I used that dildo for a quite a while, filling my pussy with that large dildo until I was screaming with pleasure. Weeks later I was Japan with people from work. We ended up in a seedy part of the city. Bars, strippers, and sex toy shops line the street. We walked by a sexy toy shop that the center piece was an extremely huge dildo. It was black, it shined like a diamond. The group I was with made jokes and their laughter faded as I thought about having that large cock inside of my pussy.

    When I returned to the States I got online and after some searching I found what I was looking for. From memory of that night in Japan I knew the dildo I was looking at was pretty much the same size. I had my debit card in hand and flipped it around in my hands as I sat there staring at the picture. It took me a while before I decided to buy it. After seeing the massive phallus in person I knew what to expect when it arrived.

    Several days later the box arrived. I got home from work and I sat it on the table. I ate, showered, watered my plants, putting off opening the box for some reason. I sat down at the table and opened the box when I should be going to bed. It took two hands to hold the massive phallus. It felt rubbery and thick!

    I didn't even have enough lube for this dildo, I would have to buy something else. I put it back in the box and went to bed. During my lunch break the next day I went to the pharmacy and bought a small jar of Vaseline. I could barely concentrate on my work the rest of the day as I kept thinking about that huge cock waiting at home.

    That night I showered and prepared myself, but nothing would prepare me for what I was about to shove inside my pussy. By the time I got the massive cock head into my pussy I was soaked with sweat, my heart beating like a drum rapidly. I just lay on the bed with my hands around the massive shaft to keep it inside of me. I had this idea of falling asleep with this huge cock inside of me but that wasn't going to happen. My pussy was craving release and I had to use it to fuck myself.

    Pain, pleasure, was overwhelming. I was cumming and the pain of being stretched sent me to a new level of orgasms. About 2am I finally had almost half of the massive cock inside of my pussy. When the head pushed against my cervix I saw stars and screamed with pain filled pleasure. I fucked that massive cock on my back and got onto my fours. I couldn't stay on my fours long, my energy being drained as I humped the huge phallus.

    I let go with exhaustion and lay on the bed panting like a dog. The huge cock stayed inside of my pussy until I pushed it out with my vagina muscles. It popped out and lay between my legs coated with Vaseline and my cum. I pulled the covers up and turned off the light. I fell asleep within minutes, exhausted from having so many orgasms. Within a few months I had stretched my pussy to take the massive silicone cock, I loved to have that beast inside of me.

    Then one day I met a guy name Brett. He came to work in our office, we traveled together quite often for business. Within a short time I realized I really liked Brett. He wasn't married but he did have a girlfriend. I would fantasize about Brett when I had my massive cock inside of my pussy.

    Then a few months later Brett made a pass at me while we were in South America. Our group was off Sundays and we toured around the city. We had dinner and drinks, I had worn a over the knee skirt and heels. Brett kissed me at my hotel room door. It had been years since I had been with any guy.

    By the time Brett pulled back my panties were wet. Brett took the card key from my hand and let us in my room. His hands and mouth were all over me before the door slammed shut. I don't even remember getting on the bed, Brett was pushing up my dress and his hot mouth found my engorged clit. I clawed his shoulders and wrapped my legs around him as Brett made me cum within seconds. Brett made me cum two more times with his mouth before pulled down his jeans and freed his cock. Omg his cock was good size, at least 7-8 inches, and thick!

    Brett spread my legs and knelt between them quickly. I wanted him to fuck me raw, I was soaked and ready for his cock. Brett entered me and buried his cock into my wet pussy easily, it was too easy! Brett began to fuck me. his hips thrusting deeply into my drenched pussy but I wasn't feeling much of anything.

    Brett grunted and groaned with pleasure as he fucked me hard, and I wasn't feeling much of anything. Suddenly I realized what was going on. I had stretched my pussy with the enormous dildo, I barely felt anything with his cock inside of me. I began to moan loudly, squirming on the bed. I clawed and cried out with pleasure, I begged Brett to fuck me harder.

    I'm ashamed to say it was all fake! I felt almost nothing, I was not sexually aroused as I should have been. I talked dirty to Brett, told him to fuck me like he owned me, trying to send him over the edge quickly. I begged for his big cock, urged Brett to cum inside of my pussy. It worked, Brett threw back his head, looking almost to the ceiling, he moaned loudly and came inside me a few moments later as he slammed his big cock into my pussy.

    Brett collapsed on top of me, his labored breathing close to my ear. I lay there under Brett thinking about being horny and unfulfilled. I also was thinking he had to notice something wasn't right with my pussy. There wasn't much friction, it was a miracle he was able to cum at all.

    When I got home I used my big dildo on my pussy and thought about Brett fucking me, I had the most intense orgasm. Of course Brett wanted us to be a regular thing sexually and I couldn't say no to him. Time after time I lay there as he fucked me savagely, moaning and begging him to fuck my brains out. Brett tried for sure, but it didn't matter how hard her fucked me my pussy was almost numb to his big cock.

    One night over drinks Brett called me out, he asked me directly why I faked it. I was in shock he asked me straight out, I couldn't even respond to him. I don't know why but I told Brett to follow me to the bedroom. I stood by my dresser and looked at Brett for several moments, he looked at me and waited.

    I opened the drawer to my dresser and pulled out the massive black phallus. Brett's jaw just dropped open when he saw the huge dildo. I stood there in tears and had to tell him everything. Brett was was in shock to say the least. He looked at my petite body and asked me how I got this inside of my pussy. I couldn't respond and I asked him to leave.

    Brett said looked at me and said no he wasn't leaving. He came to me and pulled my body against him. We began to kiss, he fondled my breasts until my nipples were rock hard. Brett took me to bed and his hands and mouth were all over me. His mouth found my clit and soon I was moaning with pleasure. He made me cum once, twice and a few times more. His hand was on my pussy, his probing fingers found my wetness. His fingers probed my pussy, Brett pushed his fingers into me and then he worked his entire hand in my pussy. I cried out as I came all over Brett's hand. He worked my pussy over and over, I screamed from pleasure. I begged Brett to fuck me again this way, he did so willingly.

    My hands tore at the sheets and moaned with intense pleasure and nothing was faked this time with Brett. He understood what I needed and afterwards we would talk about it more. Nothing is a secret with Brett now, he knows how to satisfy me.

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    Straight Female / 33

    I turned 30 without a man in my life. I just could not get a second date. Then one day this woman I work with, we were docents at the museum, told me to stop trying. Also, she told me that I came across as a bitch.

    I got an earful, not aggressive but an earful. She told me that I needed to be more submissive, let the man have the lead and follow. Let him decide. After a while I could suggest, but always let him decide.

    The man I am dating is an older guy in his late forties. He is a 'bad ass', and he doesn't see anything wrong with telling me to mind my own business or shut up. He took my pussy, never asked, he nailed me and then sent me to get him a glass of water. I cook for him, and I do his laundry.

    I am trying to be submissive, it is hard sometimes to shut my mouth. And yes I have been told that the only good time for me to have my mouth open is when I am going to give him a blow job.

    The sex is great, it is often and no holes bared (literally any hole is fair game). I get taken out, we go to a sports bar where it is appropriate for me to listen and answer questions, but not speak up. Mostly I sit with the women and we talk about our men and kids (I get my fair share of questions as to when I am going to get one of my own).

    I do get taken to a nice restaurant from time to time, and he buys me wine and desert. We have been dating going on 18 months, I have met his sister and her husband, and his two kids, who are late teens. I did get him to go with me to a showcase of homes and he let me ramble on about what kind of house I like. I like his home, but really, it is bad enough to get the treatment on the same bed his ex wife got the treatment. I would like a new room and bed of my own. I decided that if what he offers is his current home I will gladly take it, but I do want a home of my own.

    He has a quirk about panties. Not my style, but you wear what he wants to take off. With the panties he likes I get the oral treatment, which at times goes around the world and getting ass licked is a treat. I always make sure that I am nice and clean and washed when I go get beside him and let him undress me.

    I bite my tongue a lot, and more than once I have revived when he is intent of getting a piece. He likes me to give in to him and let him know how much I like it. He likes words, the stupid things I say to keep him pumping away.

    Oh well, I have a man in my life thanks to my coworker. And I do like a hard swat with the belt across my behind, but I don't tell him that, I just take my lickin'.

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    1 / 32

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    Straight Female / 31

    This is a re-post because text formatting was so bad on the original...

    M y First Time...

    I was 23 and in my last few semesters of grad school when I met him. He was a science major at another school. He was here visiting his best friend.

    During his visit, my first noticed that his best friend kept talking about the nice girl he used to see; but she was a virgin and no one has screwed her despite some of their best efforts, including his own.

    One day he showed up at my apt on campus and told me that he wanted to get to know the girl that his best friend may have idiotically let go. My self-esteem was so damaged after several unsuccessful relationships and I was flattered so I agreed to hang out and get to know him during the time he was here.

    During the visit, I cooked dinner and we hung out every day, watched TV, talked about school, our plans after graduation, and our unsuccessful relationships; by the end of the week long visit he told me that his best friend is truly an idiot and he would not make the same mistake. He kissed me and said he wanted to see me again.

    So every break during that year, he would visit me and we would hang out. I suspected he had a girlfriend at his school and had heard the he had 1 or 2 friends with benefits at my school but since we were not having sex and we were not officially dating, I figured I have no right to question him. So, we would just hang out and he would tell me that I was the kind of girl a guy could marry. Eventually, hanging out turned into making out; and making out turned into hot, heavy sessions that stopped just shy of sex.

    Before I knew it, it was summer and we were not going to see each other until the Fall.

    During the summer, I learned that I was the subject of a 'who could get the virgin' betting pool among some of those guys that I knew, including his best friend. I also found out one of his friends with benefits at my school was a friend of mine and he knew that she was a friend. I was emotionally crushed and resolved that I needed to focus on school, myself, and stop pursing relationships altogether. Any feelings I had for him (or residual feelings for his best friend) were gone.

    When the Fall came and he visited again, I was distant and kept the physical contact to a minimum. He tried to resume the making out sessions; but at this point, I was suspicious of his intentions because I knew about the bet and the an arrangement with my friend. So, I pulled back so he could not kiss me. He admitted to having my friend as a fuck buddy, but never mentioned the bet. He tried to reassure me that he might play around, but he was not stupid enough to let me go.

    He then talked me into a single kiss and I gave in. His kiss was deep and felt sincere. As he kissed me, he moved forward, backing me into my room. His hands all over my body felt so familiar, but I stopped him and told him that I still was not ready for sex. He said he understood, he missed me and thought about me all summer, and just wanted to be close to me. We resumed kissing and his hands removed my shirt, then my jeans. He gently squeezed my breasts and began sucking on my nipples. When his hands went for my panties, I stopped him again and told that I am really not ready for sex. He again said he understood and just wanted to feel our naked bodies on each other and that I should trust him. I wanted to believe I could trust him, so I did.

    He laid me down on my bed and got on top of me. He laid there still and motionless for what felt like forever. I felt the full weight of his body on top of me, I could barely move. Then, he began kissing me again. It was pleasant but the position made me very nervous. He used his body weight to writhe his way between my legs and gently used his fingers to rub on my pussy. He was so heavy on top of me, I couldn't move. When he could feel that I was wet, he stroked himself a couple of times and then started pushing his hard cock into me. He pushed and pushed and then it occurred to me what was happening. How did I let it get this far? I thought how stupid I was for trusting him. He pushed until some of my hymen broke. I cried and pushed him off of me.

    He said that now that he was my first, I can not claim to be virgin anymore. He then shared his plan to propose to me on my graduation day.

    I told him never to come near me or speak to me again. We were done. I made him leave and never saw him again.

    To this day, I sometimes wonder if he won the bet.

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    Straight Female / 24

    A year ago I found myself in a compromising situation with a man. He kept asking me if I was able to get pregnant. I said yes I was able but not at that time. Able and willing became the topic, he said he was looking for a girl to get pregnant. At the wrong moment I said some stuff about choice, planning, that it was something you did on purpose. He showed me you don't always have a choice, that night he 'mated' with me, intent on getting me pregnant.

    I wasn't sexually active, I was talking about my cycle, but he was mating with me, he made me ovulate and I got pregnant.

    He is a good baby daddy, keeps me close to home, he has eyes in the back of his head, he is physical in bed, pretty dominant. I went hack to work for a month. But daddy wants mommy to look after his boy, so mommy stays home.

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    Straight Female / 37

    Follow-up to Married but Crushing on a Younger Guy...

    I've had a serious, panties constantly wet, type of crush for months this younger guy that works with my husband.

    Now, I've got a good husband but he has to take meds that have the side effect of keeping him from get fully hard during sex; so if I ever want a little more pounding, I have to use my special 7" toy in the beside table. I still cum, but I miss the days of a real, throbbing hard cock, pounding into me. Which brings me the story of my crush on this young guy...

    My crush is a flirt and I watched him be that way with other women, so I never took him too seriously. We met up at a pub after work to talk some about some work things. And one of the times when we got side-tracked talking about general life stuff, he looked at me very intensely and told me he interested in pursuing me. He said most women worth having are already taken; but that doesn't stop him and he likes a challenge.

    It took me 5 full seconds to realize, I had stopped breathing, my face was on fire and my panties were wet - again. Until that point, I never thought of him as being anymore than my favorite fantasy with my toy.

    I get the feeling that he's serious and he knows that he's piqued my interest, even though I jokingly wished him the best of luck and brought the conversation back to work stuff.

    I got a text the next morning that said, "Challenge accepted".

    Its been a few days but we're meeting a group of people at work social tomorrow, so I'm really anxious to see what tomorrow might bring...

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    Straight Female / 33

    This guy I'm seeing is in his mid 50s. I love being with him. He makes me laugh and everything feels so right when we are together. He is young at heart but uh... uhm... I will put it blatantly... his cock isn't. His erection is solid during foreplay but he can't hold it for long when we have intercourse. Rather than feeling disappointed, I actually feel bad that he is embarrassed about it. He never should apologise for not being hard enough to make me cum vaginally.

    He goes down on me like a champ, I have explosive orgasms just that when we move on to getting his cock in and out of me... it turns soft. It's been 6 months but we only started having sex about 2 months ago. He said that he was never quite sexually driven with his previous partners until he met me. I love to tease him, we enjoy touching each other alot.

    We fit perfectly with his erection. The girth, length... the other night while we were on it, he drove me nuts. We had stimulated my pussy before he fucked me deep inside. I was very close to climax but I couldn't feel him soon after... his dick was limp when he pulled out. We spooned, awkwardly quiet and I know how awful he must've felt.

    He can cum when he jerks himself, occasionally from my bj or sometimes he'd leave it at that. But he always makes sure that I have an orgasm by oral or finger. I don't know if I would ever suggest Viagra, or if I will ever know the right time to mention about this matter without sounding offensive.

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    Straight Female / 43

    I attended a 20th Class college reunion not long ago and found six of my former sorority sisters there, all were in surprisingly good physical condition. After a full day of activities my sisters and I adjourned to our old bar hang-out still there from college days. We searched the table we used to sit in and found it, our names still carved on it. After a few drinks the chatter turned sexual and often funny. We all recall how intimate we were with each other and confessed out loss of virginity, who did it, etc. This time we discussed our married sex lives. Four of the six of us were divorced, one remarried. No one had any kind of meaningful sex life after marriage.

    Three of the six had seen or been flashed by their sons, who apparently were proud of their erections, finding it funny. Two of those said they were "turned on" by their son's erect cocks and one said she actually had sex with her son. Everyone leaned into the table and wanted to hear all the juicy detail. One said she might after he grows up since she can't stop thinking about it. No one in the group had hang-ups about talking about sex. One had sex with her brother-in law, another with a step-father, etc. Two of the six said they had very satisfying lesbian sex.

    After the long week-end reunion I was filled with new memories of my sorority sisters and three of us who live n the same city shared cell phone numbers and plan to stay in touch.

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    Straight Male / 26

    OK my name is D, I have a big secret that only a few people know, some of my ex gfs or female friends only know, but anyway oneday I was laying in my bed with my boxers half way down, Stroking my big d**ck, so I went to this forum website about girls confessiing about letting their dogs lick them out , I thought it was crazy and gross at the time, but the more I read stories about it. I couldn't help but to masturbate, so now every time a women tells me she has a dog , I instantly think she getting a good licking by her pet , some of my home girls admitted they've did it when they were young , most women feel safe telling me their secret, I'll never expose them. and I've also also have a fantasy I wanted to share ,

    I want to use and control a woman , and dominate her body , make her give me all her money , have sex with her whenever I want , call her names, tie a leash around her neck, I want to be called a god , basically just treat her as my little Slave b***h , Humiliate her in public , also I'm a black guy , if interested email me at diplomatic7414 at g m a i m

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    Straight Female / 37

    Married but Crushing on a Younger Guy... I'm not unhappily married but for some reason I have a crush on my husband's, younger co-worker. He's exactly 10 years younger than me and but is oddly mature for his age and quite charming.

    I find myself having shortness of breathe and getting flushed/blushing when he does talks to me. One work social was at a bar near their office. He was sitting across from me and my husband was sitting next to me. We were all talking; but after 1 drink, all I could think about was how bad I wanted to crawl into his lap, straddle him, kiss his neck and grind on his lap until he lost it and took me on the table.

    I got so hot about the thought that I needed to go to the bathroom to calm down. Then, he walked me to the ladies room because I didn't know where it was, which was so unusual but nice. My husband had pointed and given me verbal directions to the bathroom, but wasn't getting up from the table. After he walked me there, I found myself fantasizing about bathroom wall sex (which I've never had). My panties were so wet by the end of the night.

    At first, I wasn't sure that he was interested and thought he was just being polite because he makes it a point to offer an innocent compliment or talk to me at whenever he's around during the weekly work socials. But over the last couple of weeks, he's given me tons of non-verbal signals that he's interested and increased the mild flirtation talk. He even hinted that he like to spend more time with me one-on-one basis and that his place was big and private. This week we agreed to try to go out for drinks and finish our discussion on some organizational psychology issues he's dealing with on his team.

    Part of me wants this to happen so badly... I can't stop the fantasies of how hard he must get and how much stamina he would have. I so want him to take me and then finish me doggy style. But, I've got a lot to lose... my husband is a good guy, good father to our son, and eager to please in bed. My husband is on a special medication that makes our sex lives less intense (he doesn't get fully hard anymore and his doesn't last for too long unless he's been drinking), but he gets creative in making sure that I can cum, so I'm not left unsatisfied.

    I realize I'm flirting with danger; but I can't help it.

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