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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 26

    We were in junior school and at a slumber party the topic of sex came up and we all went around the room telling what we had done. Well so and so had been kissed and so and so had been felt up and so and so, you know which one, had held his dick in her hand and had kissed it. No one admitted to actually having sex, intercourse. I had, but I kept my mouth shut. My 'experience' had not been my idea, it felt like my insides were torn apart by a hot knife.
    In high school a friend of mine called me up and told me that she had been fucked by one of her brother's friends. I went over and we talked and I held her and she cried and I told her to be tough, it was just a dick. I whispered to her that I had been fucked many times and I was still alive.

    Later when we were both out of high school and working she told me that she wanted 'it'. But this time, with a guy she liked and would I help her. The guy she liked in my opinion was a nobody and user and I told her that she could do better so I set her up with my brother's friend and he fucked her the first night. She said she didn't like it and she didn't want to see him again. All along I was still with the same man, he had complete 'liberties' with me and I paid attention to him. By then, he had been having sex with me for several years and I was used to it and gave him what he wanted, both in bed and in the house. I whispered to my friend who he was.

    These are secrets between girls, she wanted 'it' bad, all the time but she didn't like it. I told her I didn't like it but I got 'it' all the time. She never liked it and I couldn't really marry the man that had sex with me so we when we decided to leave home and live together that suited us fine. We were 24. I had obligations so I still went to him and gave him what he wanted, I didn't want him coming over to our apartment and seeing her there and she talked about it but never did it. I told her about 'it' when it happened and she cuddled up with her hand between her legs until she fell asleep. My experience never included anything kinky or weird, it is up and up sex between a man and his woman, flat on my back. He is not a kinky man, he just wants his woman.

    I talked her into trying one more time. I introduced her to a man at work, he was older and settled, divorced with no kids and he took her in the apartment and it sounded like it was more than once. The next morning I told her to fix him breakfast, ham and eggs and coffee and show him she could do it all for him. I sent her to his house to pay attention to him, take care of his house, show him she was a woman and all she needed was a man. Just as I do for my man, I am his woman so I guess he is my man, I always, since I first became his woman, fixed him breakfast and paid attention to him. No sense in being a woman for him if you don't baby him, that's what my mother always told me, so I baby him and I told her to baby her new boyfriend.

    I don't say that being a man's woman is the thing to be or not to be, in my case it was never really my choice, I never dated or ever saw another man, I have never touched another man or kissed another man, I don't know what another man would be like. I have a man and I am his woman and I guess that is how I am going to die. My friend who had such a hard time liking it likes it now and she pays attention to him and he has her be his woman and they get along fine. I am pretty sure he is going to marry her, he wants a family and he likes having her pay attention to him. Like my mother says, baby him and he will keep you. My man does and I am sure her man will keep her too.

    Most of our friends from high school are divorced, or single or in bad relationships. I feel sorry for them. I would go crazy if I didn't have a man. It's not about sex, I guess you have to get used to that, it is fixing him ham and eggs and coffee and sitting with him in the morning. I love fixing breakfast for him.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I do have very good sex with my present boyfriend 3 or 4 times a week, who is only the third guy I have had any sex with. I'm not sure if other girls or woman are like me because the nights I am not with my boyfriend I masturbate all the time. What is worse is that there are times I masturbate at work. This past year I have spent well over $200 on 3 separate vibrators and a penis shape dildo but hide them from my boyfriend. What bothers me is that lately I have more orgasms when I masturbate than I do while having sex with him. This is embarrassing to admit but I not only use the vibrators vaginally but have began to use one in both my vagina and anally at the same time. I have a small egg like shaped vibrator I have inserted in me at work more often than ever and there are days I have several orgasms in my office. I do lock the door but it has become compulsive. I'm beginning to think I am over sexed and can't believe how often I am masturbating every week. I kept track of how many times I did last week and it turns out I masturbated 13 times and had sex with my boyfriend 3 times. I am to embarrassed to talk to anyone about it and wonder if other girls are like me or there is something wrong with me.

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    Straight Male / 43

    Ok few thing i want to ask you women that are reading this.
    1.any1 from uk love to gush or squirt, i miss playing with my ex who i use to finger hard untill she gushed on me....i used to stand behind her n slide my thimb up het pussy so it pushed on her g-spot as my for finger would hit her clit n my wrist hit her bum hole n frig her hard .....she came that much once i did this over a beer glas n caught her juices i added vodka n drank it....but i do love a wet pussy riding my face till she cums.mmmm

    2, any females play with me infront of family members descreetly or in ur teen ager kids, id love a 3some with a mother n daughter having both their cum on me.

    3.what are you fantasies?

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    Straight Female / 51

    For example, I never got to choose the man I would belong to, marry, bear children for, keep a home, etc. I was a freshly turned eighteen year old first semester college student when I was taken at a party of upperclassmen and was thrown on a mattress and summarily fucked. Of course he sees it differently. I was from that day to this day 'his'.

    Would I have liked to study something I chose? Yes, of course. Did I study what he wanted me to study? Yes of course. Did I have a career, a professional career? No. My career was right there in front of me, three under the age of three. I really expected to have four under the age of four, but I got a break between number three and number four.

    Sure, he is a top professional and I have had all the creature comforts, nice home, etc. But I was a homemaker, not the nurse I wanted to be. My degree was quite satisfactory for being a mother with several kids, not to mention the several grandchildren we have now. I studied elementary education, but I was more than capable of being a nurse, or even a physician like my husband. But two of us in high stress health care with a large family? Not likely, better learn how to be a teacher.

    My husband has always made it clear, he 'owns' me. I gave up the right to be free to make my own choices one week after my eighteen year old birthday, a freshman who went to a frat house party. Not that he hasn't 'taken care' of me. I just can't complain, but I do complain. This isn't the life I would have chosen.

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    Straight Male / 46

    Ladies, what's your top 3 or 4 kinkiest sexual acts you fantasize about, or 1 or 2 you did that you have absolutely no regrets about the night itself?

    I'm talking about if you had one night where no one knew you, and could do it safely without anyone ever finding out, what's the 3 or 4 things you might contemplate? NSA sex for money, another woman, a gang bang, stripping?

    Just wondering what the big female sexual cravings are, post 50 Shades.

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    Straight Female / 32

    Recently my mother in law and I made plans to do some shopping. She came over to my house and was in my bedroom as I tried on some old clothes to see what I should keep or toss to get an idea of what I might want to buy. I was changing in and out of clothes, so was semi-nude at times, but didn't think much of it as we chatted away. I had a bathing suit I wasn't sure if I should keep, so I stripped down naked to try it on.

    When my MIL saw me, she remarked on my shaved pussy. "I haven't seen a grown woman smooth like that," she said. I was standing near my closet and she came right over and asked if she could touch me. I kind of blushed and said "okay,' not sure what else to do. She ran her hand and fingers over my bald pussy. She asked a few more questions about how it felt, how often I shaved, and kept remarking how nice I looked. The entire time, her fingers were touching me. I kept blushing and giggling a bit as I answered her questions, too polite to tell her to stop.

    Much to my embarrassment, I started to get wet, and she noticed. "Do you like how that feels?" she asked. Now, I really began to blush. I started to stammer and said, "I think so." She kept touching me, running her finger up and down my smooth lips until I was quite wet and then I felt her finger nudge inside of me. I froze, feeling half scared, half excited and having no idea what was going on, or what to do.

    We were standing just inches from each other and she kept stroking her finger in and out of my now very wet pussy. I felt my body surrender to what was happening. I leaned against my closet door and parted my legs slightly, letting her finger me more easily. Very quickly, I felt myself rushing towards an orgasm. I don't remember how long it took. It seemed like forever, yet I know I was gasping and having spasms in just a minute or two. Finally, when I calmed down, my MIL pulled her fingers out of me and sucked on them and then she kissed me. She smiled and said, "next time, it's your turn," and then said we better go.

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    Straight Female / 36

    Cruising through life minding my own business, running my own company, MBA from a top 10 university, 35 employees, 32 years old, just named Woman Entrepreneur of the Year for my town, I fell into the hands of a 52 year old man who destroyed my image of myself, fucked me, put me in a house with all the 'duties', forced me to change my name and got me pregnant to boot.

    I live a double life, I continue my business and have 100% control there, he doesn't interfere, but I come home to be his wife and my daughter's mother, a total submissive behavior, emotional, sexual, roles, the whole nine yards. I love to please him, I love that I have baby girl with him, I love to write out my married in name in script, I introduce myself as Mrs. to my married life friends. I never got to play little girl at home, or to play mommy or anything like that. My mother is self centered concert cellist, my father a lost in space University professor in Sociology. I am sure that every time they see me with my husband their inner self cringes and I take great pleasure in making them cringe.

    And I love that my husband will not back down and tells them how it is.

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    Straight Female / 49

    As we grew older our sex life came to a complete stop. Otherwise our marriage worked, but we became brother and sister. My husband started to fade out, lost in thought. Then slowly to talk about a girl in his office. At the Christmas party he brought her over to our table to meet me. She was nice, a little masculine really, broad shoulders and strong hands, masculine jaw. But she was nice. When she walked back to sit with her coworkers she was unstable on her heels and she looked uncomfortable in her dress. I stared at her all night, I just couldn't put my finger on it.

    As time went on I heard from him that she was a cross fit girl and had been for some time. That was it, her looks and muscles, her face was from supplements. She was growing more and more masculine. I decided on my own to talk to her, find out whether I was right. I admit I was curious, but also worried. She admitted to going to the gym every afternoon, to taking large amounts of supplements, including testosterone to build muscle, for over ten years. She wanted to become a body builder, have a defined physique. I asked her to let me see her naked or in a small bikini. I wanted to examine her, head to toe.

    All along my husband talked about her, he told me he went to the gym to watch her work out. He liked her that way. She on her side worked out to please him. They had been in an affair for three years, since she was 23. When she let me examine her she stood still and let me examine her whole body, including her overactive genital region. I spoke with her and she answered my questions. She hadn't had a regular period in years. I asked my husband to stop encouraging her, let me get her help.

    The doctor I took her to specialized in women who had overwhelmed their bodies with testosterone and supplements, her patients were all body builders who wanted to quit. It took two years to wean her off the supplements, to where her periods were regular and her hormone counts more normal. My husband paid for her treatment. She had quit her job, she was in a clinic for months, and when we took her home she had regained some of her feminine look. And she and my husband had stopped having sex during her treatment.

    Several months into her post addiction my husband told me he wanted to hold her, why couldn't she be with him. I went to her room and asked her if she wanted to go to him, he was waiting for her. She went and I stayed upstairs. My feelings were never hurt, she is getting healthier and healthier, but the effects of her abuse of the supplements and drugs will never all go away, she will always have a masculine jaw line, shoulders and thighs. He seems to like her like that, and she is given to him and I have stepped aside.

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    Straight Female / 39

    I am the 39 year old wife of a younger man I am pretty sure is bi and has sex with men when he travels which is a lot. I have no proof but I read lots of gay stories on here trying to find out more about what seems the thousands of married men who have sex with men when they are away on business. He is very good looking and has a great body. Almost too great if you know what I mean. He buys fitness and mens fashion magazines and works on his tan every weekend, in little tiny skimpy briefs, in summer. He shaves his legs, he says for cycling which he is very competitive in, but really is that necessary? I notice gay looking men looking at him a lot. He will let his guard down one day and let something slip or I will find evidence. I read all about the men, but no women ever comment on here about the terrible lie their husbands might live. All these bi married men have wives. No, I haven't asked him straight out. I am not really sure I want to know the truth. How screwed up is that? He is 6 years younger than me and all my friends think I am lucky to have such a hot husband. At least our sex is good. Tell me if I am really screwed up or should I take the risk and ask?

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    Straight Female / 30

    My husband, Ted, and I decided to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary with a trip to Jamaica. We arrived at our beach-front hotel late on a Sunday with a departure date of the next Saturday.

    Early Monday morning we went for a quick swim before breakfast. After our breakfast we returned to our room for a bit of sex before returning to the beach.

    Once in our room we both got naked very quickly. Ted started to hug me and I could feel his penis getting hard. As he pushed me on to the bed, we were interrupted by a knock on the door. I told Ted to ignore the knock as we were already naked and I was really in the mood for sex. He thought it best to answer the door to make sure we would not be further bothered.

    When Ted opened the door, just a crack, someone pushed the door wide open, and two young black boys rushed in. Ted knocked the one boy down but the other boy hit him in the back of the head with a bottle. The boy that Ted knocked down jumped on the bed and held a knife to my throat while the other boy tied up and gaged Ted.

    I was terrified and thought it was a robbery. That may have been the initial intent but when the boys saw my naked body they decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

    One of the boys stuffed a hanky in my mouth and they then proceeded to remove their clothes. I tried but couldn't avert my eyes as they lowered their shorts. Although I didn't think either boy could be older than 15 or 16 years old, I was shocked at the size of their penis's. Now I had been with a few men before Ted, and I didn't think Ted was any smaller, but both of these boys were much bigger. One boy appeared to be about 7" soft and the other at least 8" soft.

    They didn't stay soft for long once they started to fondle my tits and suck on my nipples. I have always had very large, sensitive nipples, and my painful moaning obviously sent the wrong signal.

    As one boy continued to attack my nipples, the other one started to explore my private area. I don't shave but my clit is pronounced and wasn't difficult for him to find. He then proceeded to tongue my clit.

    Just then Ted regained his senses and started to stare at the bed. He was making noise but couldn't be easily heard due to the gag.

    The attack on my nipples and clit continued for several minutes. Then my attackers took turns at my vagina with their now stiff pricks. Both appeared to be at least 9" erect. I thought I was being torn apart when the first boy violated me. Thankfully, he finished very quickly. I wasn't so lucky with the second boy. Again I thought I was being torn apart, But this assault lasted for at least 10 minutes. I am ashamed to admit that by the time the second boy was starting to cum, I was nearing an orgasm.

    After the attack ended and the boys left, I untied Ted and we called the police. Unfortunately, the boys were never arrested. Needless to say, Ted and I never returned to Jamaica.

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