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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 29

    Basically I am jealous, there should be a jealous category.

    For the past four years I have been my boss' favorite girl, groped, kissed, hugged, grabbed and fucked. I won't say that every time he fucks me that is what I want, sometimes it is a pain having to put up with him, but he does fuck me whether that is my plan or not. I am not really big on quickies because it mostly makes things messy afterwards, but I carry panty liners and have fresh panties at the office. Sometimes they are not so much quickies as nooners, he likes for me to lean on the window sill looking out on the skyline while slowly fucking me and talking to me about nasty things like what I am feeling while he is fucking me. But that's him, he can get really nasty at times and it is quite embarrassing, I don't like it when he wants to touch my asshole and I don't like it when he eats me and lifts my legs and licks my asshole. But he is the man and he does what he wants.

    So getting back to being jealous. This Spring season the company hired a recent graduate from college to come and work in the Marketing department. She is cute and fits all the boxes for Marketing. Because I am in HR it was my job to walk her around and have her meet the staff, including my boss. He scoped her down, head to toe, I know those eyes, she doesn't know but she is dead meat. I am usually ho hum when it comes to him wanting some new girl for a turn or two, I'm the one he fucks at home and he always comes home, always. But this time I got jealous, he looked at her and she is dead meat. I don't want him fucking her, she is not a one timer. I fucked him really hard last night, and I told him to keeps his hands off of her, she is off limits. That's right, I am setting limits, she got under my skin and I don't want her anywhere near him.


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    Straight Female / 31

    Iâve posted this on other confession websites with no advice.

    Iâm looking for opinions as to his feelings towards me as well as, how to progress our situation into something hot and steamy I can confess to later.

    I have this neighbor that lives across the street, we donât talk to often, I mostly talk to his roommates. I am 31 married, he is 28? and single. He does his own thing and isnât home a lot. We have been neighbors for about 4-5 years. Never really do the whole wave and say hi thing, sometimes he does it, and when he does itâs pretty awkward to be honest.

    Now that it is warmer I have been trying to create opportunities where I can interact with him, (pathetic I know, heâs very sexy and I want to ravage his sexy body) it kinda has been working but when he looks at me I go dumb, I canât think, form words, nothing. Heâs the same way though, all he does is smile at me. Iâm thinking maybe he feels the same way as me.... maybe I make him nervous too?? Maybe he just likes to smile....

    He might be finding a new place soon, I need to at the very least give him a blow job.... he works long hours, I wish I could be making dinner for him when he comes home and doing whatever else he wants.

    Thanks for reading....

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    Straight Female / 35

    For my thirty-fifth birthday I gave myself a cruise on the Mediterranean. Traveling alone is never easy, but being alone at home isn't easier. On board I asked if I could join a table, but no one ever sought me out to join them. I went ashore on the various land tours and went to cocktail hour on board.

    I sent my clothes for laundry and my things got back, but not my strapless bra. I had planned on wearing a strapless dress to dinner and facing my situation I tried on the dress braless. What I saw was nipples against the fabric as well as bouncing breasts. The bouncing felt good, the feel of the fabric against my breasts felt good. I searched through my cosmetic bag and taped two band aids over my nipples and walked out. Every step I took I felt my breasts move, as I went passed other guests or staff their eyes followed my chest. I was getting moist, and flush.

    In the cocktail lounge I did my best to sit so my dress hugged my breasts. A older man showed up and offered to buy me a drink, he was with his family following his wife's death. He sent his daughter away, and sat with me and we shared a couple glasses of wine. He invited me to join his family and after dinner to join him in the lounge. He escorted me to my room and his hands maneuvered me out of my dress, laughing as I tore the band aids off.

    He pressed and I gave in, he thanked me for a night away from his family, I didn't thank him for my first time. I spent the remaining three days escorted by him, we spent the nights together. We stay in touch but have not traveled to be together again. For me I finally had a man, for him I suppose twenty five years younger makes me a young chick on a cruise. If I never see him again, I will nonetheless remember him, I don't think it's proper to forget your first.

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    Straight Female / 31

    Being female meant support work at home. I don't really remember not helping in the kitchen, setting the table, help with laundry day, girl scouts, shopping for clothes for the guys. One memory when I was in the seventh grade when I asked my dad what he wanted me to be when I grew up. His answer was quick, a good mom.

    Today I am a mom to two boys. I manage the house, shop for my guys, support them and try to be a good mom and wife. My schooling was pretty good, I went to a nice midsized college, but most importantly my mom prepared me for life. Thank you mom.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 40

    We have been married for nearly 20 yrs now. I am now in 40s and my hubby little bit older. We both are sexually very active. Since we got married I always wanted my hubby to shave my pussy area clean as I felt awkward to shave in certain parts of it, like the lower parts of the lips. My hubby does it nicely. When done, I run my fingers all over my pussy to see the amazing effect. He now does the same around my anal area to right up to the pussy. Interestingly, every session of shaving makes us both horny and I give him nice BJ, and soon after we run to bathroom, fuck like hell in both holes followed by good relaxing shower. I would love to hear from others about their experience and views.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    Sorry for the backstory. My best friend in high school married her sweetheart football player and all around jock. Good-looking, funny and talented. He got into TV and got certified in sound engineering. She had two daughters. All the time she was playing wife and mom I was in college. In my senior year I was called and she told me her husband fell out of their tree trying to build a tree house and broke his neck, he remained a quad.

    She struggled, he got mean and insulted her, she told me he wanted sex but his apparatus was a limp shrunken noodle and had zero sensation and it turned her off completely. She had to quit her job and they lost their house. Well by the time a year had gone by I was the only one that listened, I took their girls out for ice cream, to the park, grocery store. She hated leaving, the old van that had been donated to them worked but was ugly and embarrassing. And her husband was a bigger jerk every day.

    I was at her apartment, I helped put the girls to bed, her husband was put to bed and we were sitting on the couch. She started crying, I held her, hugged her, kissed her gently in a sisterly way, she snuggled her face in my breasts, I rubbed her rump, kissed her in a not so sisterly way, rubbed her breasts, laid her back on the couch and fingered her and played with her until she went into an orgasm. A long kiss and we cuddled up.

    It was a human thing, my first, her first, human physical contact. We were embarrassed and felt bad but we started masturbating and helping each other. But that was not satisfying, hugging and cuddling, kissing and groping, fingering and grinding, mutual orgasms were a lot more satisfying. And so it went, she didn't have intercourse and I found someone to get naked and hot with. Until one day I house sat at my mom's for the air conditioner man. It was hot and sweaty, I waited in work out shorts and a strapless top. He talked after he was done and stared at my crotch. I got hot and got down and sucked his cock, he pushed me on to my back and fucked me on the carpet.

    I wasn't some form of lesbian after all. I told my friend that what she really need was to get laid. Two years after her husband fell out of the tree the air conditioner guy fucked her at my house while her husband was at rehab. Sometimes you just need to get laid. Our cuddle sessions never stopped, you also need to be loved, but a hard cock does something no amount of cuddling can do. Her husband's psychological condition has pushed her away, she is separated and getting a divorce, for her sanity and her girls. Her cock experience broke her guilt about his condition. He is an unbearable jerk. That's why we cuddle.

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    Straight Female / 46

    For the last seven months I have been cheating on my husband with a guy who works in the same building I work in. Eric is 50 and extremely handsome, which is what attracted me to him. I make up excuses for going and staying out late once a week and mostly on Fridays. The sex I have with Eric became a new experience for me just by the way he has used many sex toys to satisfy me. We do have normal intercourse and often perform oral sex on each other but he spends most of our time together stimulating me. I have masturbated over the years and when in my late teens and early twenties did use a dildo. I had never been penetrated with a vibrator until Eric began doing it for me. I also had never been penetrated anally before but now allow Eric to control my orgasms any way he pleases. It takes place over a period of three or four hours and I just continually orgasm with strange looking vibrators and beads. I'm sure by now Eric enjoys displaying my body for his benefit in positions my husband don't ever see me. I am so aroused I never complain and just comply with his wishes. Eric is also married and tells me how he does similar things to his wife. He does tell me it excites him knowing he is able to have me orgasm so often and enjoys seeing the ways I react. He is very gentle as he does these things and is in complete control the entire time. He has no pubic hair and at times squats over my face as his head is at my vagina while using anal and vaginal vibrators. The first few times he did this he literally asked me to lick and suck on his scrotum. I doubt that in the nineteen years I've been married I ever did anything like that for my husband. I do it for Eric and hold his penis as I do. Its sounds disgusting but as I'm doing it I am so stimulated and by the way he has me so aroused I don't mind doing it. I have never been with a guy who is so attentive to my body and is able to have me orgasm so often. I well know I should feel guilty cheating on my husband like this but just don't and perhaps to selfish to stop seeing Eric. I have sex with my husband but not nearly as often as years ago lately only about once a week or less. When I am with Eric I think that's the reason I am so able to climax as often as I do. I was never aware of how many different and strange sex toys are available today. All I can attest to is how pleasant and stimulating they feel and are able to keep me aroused over and over again. The orgasms are not just often but are stronger and more intense.

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    Straight Female / 46

    I have this situation which is too private and embarrassing to mention to my friends, but I would like some input from other girls.

    It all started a few years ago when my husband and I were having fore play. He would be massaging me then I would feel something wet on me then he would lick it. At first I didnât know what he was doing, or didnât want to know, but he was licking his precum off me. I told him to stop, that is was gross, but once in awhile I would notice him doing it again.

    I didnât notice it again for awhile, but then before sex I saw him wipe the end of his penis and lick it. One time when he kissed me and he tasted different, almost like cum on his lips. I asked him what it was , but denied that it was cum.

    Then one day after a few drinks I brought up the conversation of him masturbating. He mentioned one time when he was really getting into it, he was on his back and when he came, he shot on his face and even his in his mouth. I said, thatâs disgusting and he replied it wasnât that bad!
    I know he masturbates, but not sure if he shoots in his mouth or not. Every once in awhile, usually after drinking, iâll be Jerking him off and right before he cums I will tell him we donât have a towel, he says he doesnât care and to point his penis anywhere I want to. I think he wants me to point at his face , but doesnât want to say. He says he gets lost in the moment and doesnât care where the cum goes, face included. I have yet to let him cum on his face.
    Does any one out there jerkoff there boy friend or husband onto there own face or so it lands in there mouth. Let me know.

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    Straight Male / 38

    Ladies, I am curious...

    Whenever I go to the grocery store or the hardware store on the weekends I notice a lot of lovely ladies dressed sexy. I know people dress comfortable and yoga pants and tight thin t shirts as it gets warmer is probably easiest.

    My questions:

    Do you find yourself dressing this way to have a guy interested in you? Maybe talk to you or hit on you?

    If a guy showed interest in you at a store, how would you like to be approached? Or would you prefer they just look, but that's it, just stay to themselves?

    Would you ever let yourself get picked up at a store and have sex with someone you just met? If so, what was the approach that worked?

    A couple of women I've seen lately, one had huge boobs and a skin tight shirt that showed them off. Another a sheer shirt and a thin bra, you could pretty much see her nipples clearly as they poked out. I would have loved to spent "time" with both, they were hot and sexy.

    Just curious. Thanks for reading....

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    Straight Female / 29

    Something I discovered,
    I have been married six years, my husband has a night out once a month with his best friend, they arrive home late when ime in bed, I leave them some sandwiches for supper, I herd them arrive I dozed off and my husband wasn't in bed he sometimes falls asleep so I went down stairs, what I saw was my husband with his pants and underpants down to his ankles his friend was kneeling between his legs sucking his dick, I hear him whispering take your time make it last I don't want to cum yet, I was stirred by what I saw I am no prude, I was asking myself what I wasn't doing right I felt it was an insult him preferring his friend to suck him off, I do deep throat and swallow his spunk, I was upset and insulted I suppose its not as bad as anal penetration, I am at a loss as to what to do,

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