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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Male / 48

    I am looking for WOMAN who enjoy chatting about sex, past experiences, unfulfilled fantasies or deep dark sexual secrets. Since Craigslist no longer has a personal section, it is difficult finding woman who want to chat. That is all I am looking for. Online chat affair. Safe and anonymous. Not looking for bullshitters. Not looking for guys secretly presenting themselves as women, but 100 percent female that maybe has a slutty side and an unexplored slutty side.

    If this may be of interest to you, email me





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    Straight Female / 18

    I am confused and seeking opinions.

    Since my pregnancy my boyfriend barely touches me. I am overly horny and thinking dirty. His sister lives with us and has been a big help. She likes to rub my tummy and often massages me. It is getting warmer, I get bigger and I find myself getting thoughts of her. I find that I wear less clothing, trying to look sexy in front of her. I am loosing control and don't know what to do.


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    Straight Female / 40

    I have never been married. I am currently with my third husband, another woman's husband.

    I am not and never was what is considered attractive. I suppose I feel more attractive now that I am forty. I was always a skinny kid, with red hair and freckles. I wore glasses and a retainer. My mother worked for the school district so everyone at school new who I was. When puberty hit me I ended up with kind of pointy tits and I suppose from the way I stood I could never quite see my pussy. I could feel it, and I found that I liked feeling it and from fourteen on I masturbated quite a lot.

    I went to a small Christian college which mostly had other girls, a few boys but not any boys you would want to date. I had gotten over my retainer and I had figured out how to comb and tame my hair and I continued to masturbate. We aren't talking about once in a while, I masturbated almost every day. I had also discovered my anus and I enjoyed inserting a thick marker in my anus while I masturbated. I carefully washed my marker and put it away. I liked inserting the marker in my anus and standing up and pressing my butt cheeks together. It never crossed my mind that I could lose the marker up my anus and fortunately I didn't.

    I graduated with an English degree and got a job working for the public utility as a secretary to the Operations Vice President. From the very first day I noticed that he paid a lot of attention to my chest. At that time, I was out of college and paying my own bills I had a series of sex toys that I had acquired including some anal plugs. I worked with an anal plug inserted and liked to wear very shear underwear. I started to wear more revealing tops, including tight sweaters. One day I wore a sheer bra to work and I had sweater on and I stood in his office taking notes for my day's activities. I could feel that my nipples were hard and I could see that he was paying more attention to my nipples than to me.

    After he finished giving me the activities for day I stood there and asked him why he never took advantage of me. Right then I felt bad, he was a fifty something man and I was a 23 year old. But he told me to turn around and see what I had to offer. That afternoon he asked me to go with him to check out a rent house he was thinking of buying. In the empty house he told me to take it all off and see if what I had was worth his time. After I was naked he told me to get down and give him a blow job.

    I ended up being fucked on the carpet and that is how I became his girlfriend on the side. I didn't tell him that day that I had never actually had sex with a man. Nor that I had never been naked in front of a man. I had only masturbated and practiced in my imagination. On our third time, still at the empty rent house, I pushed my back end against him and I had my first anal sex. He was a very experienced man and he was used to having a girlfriend and he was my first lover. There were lots of dos and don'ts, and we started to have sex at a motel and later he helped me move into a better and more private place with a garage. I kept his favorite beer and he bought a television to set up at my place and bought a king size bed. For a year we had sex several times a week.

    One day the Human Resources Director called me. I was totally unprepared and I was laid off. Cut backs. My lover and boss never spoke to me again, he never came for his television or his king size bed. I never spoke to him again. I got laid off, I got a severance and I was looking for a job.

    For the next two jobs I wasn't lucky, but on the third I worked with a man who had a wife and two little kids. His wife had gone cold on him and him and he was more than willing to get involved. I knew what to do about the apartment, I set it up for him and we used it mostly during the lunch hour and sometimes after work before he had to go home. His wife had lost interest in sex. She was an attractive woman and she was very warm and good with the kids. I gave him all the sex he wanted and we stayed lovers for the next ten years, as he rose through the company he pulled me along with him. After ten years he cooled off and wanted to get back with his wife, his kids were now in their early teens and we just agreed to stay friends but stop the affair.

    I am forty now, and I met a man, an insurance executive in his late fifties. He likes things, like anal sex and he likes sex toys. He can get rough, and he does get rough, but I control him. I can only take so much, I don't mind being held down a little but I don't like being tied. I slapped him and he got very aggressive and we ended up on the floor with me sitting over his mouth.

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    Straight Female / 53

    I went away to college never having been in a romantic relationship. All through college I never dated. Towards the end I met this girl, she is French. We got along great. She told me that she was going to do her master's degree in Paris at the Sorbonne. I thought what a great idea, I got my parent's blessing, applied and I got accepted. I moved to Paris and our friendship took off from there.

    We found out that we liked being together, in the bedroom sense. We had a great year, we went from pure novices to quite experienced, and although the times were different we were able to get around quite easily. We finished our degrees and I didn't have a work visa so I had to return home. Separation was hard, a goodbye kiss was not enough. Then the second blast, she sent me a letter letting me know that her family had persuaded her to marry a Psychiatrist friend of their family and she would always love me.

    Loneliness set in and I went into a deep depression. I had a broken heart, but I really couldn't tell anyone that my heart was broken by another girl. Not then. In my loneliness I met a man at work, divorced with children, but quite able to support me well and I married him and had my family.

    I am a widow now, and I went to Paris with a couple of friends of mine and while I was there I had to look up my college era friend. We had not communicated since that letter letting me know she was getting married. We met at this bistro for coffee. All these years, all this life, her sitting in front of me brought out all my feelings from so long ago. I broke down and cried. She moved over and held my hand kissed my cheek. Her husband is quite old now, he is 89. She has three kids of her own, all grown up like mine.

    We spent a couple of hours together, we went for a walk and tried to talk about small things. But in the end, when it was time for her to leave she tiptoed up to me and let me kiss her lips again. Mon cherie and we had to let go.

    I have a couple of pictures of those days in Paris so long ago, we weren't grandmothers then. I'm glad I saw her, we write now, what with all the easy communications. Her husband is not doing very well and he has mobility issues. She needs to spend her time with him now. I tell myself that we are just a couple of old grandmas with a past.

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    Straight Female / 38

    I got my cherry popped in front of my big sister. Her boyfriend at the time was the man on top. She was pissed at me that day, we had a really bad day and her boyfriend was over and he was wanting some from her but she was on her period. She turned to him and told him that he could fuck me if he wanted. She stood over us as he fucked me on the floor telling him to give it to me harder that he wasn't fucking me hard enough.

    Anyway that was my first time. Sweet sixteen.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I met a guy through friends, he asked me out and we went to an air show. On the way home I invited him in for a sandwich and a beer. We were overheated from the day and a bit smitten by him. I undressed and laid out naked on the bed and offered him desert.

    The two things about that afternoon, exposing myself naked to a stranger, it was our first date, was erotic, it felt good in a sexy sort of way. Surrendering myself to him was also a first, I tend to want to set the rules. I never had a chance to set any rules or boundaries.

    He wants to be in charge and I am not used to being led around. It's a bit late to give him my list of dating rules.

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    Straight Female / 36

    For my 36th birthday I gave myself a cruise in the Mediterranean. I didn't have anyone to go with me so I went alone. I flew to Italy and caught the ship there.

    On board the ship I met a gentleman, he danced with me and had dinner with me. He offered me, for a fee, to come to my room and entertain me. I was shocked, he was nice and said that is how he made a living, being nice to ladies like me. I said what the fuck, and agreed to have him come to my room.

    In the room he gave me his rates, so much to suck him, so much for him to fuck me and so much if I wanted to go around the world. I asked what was going around the world. He said he would fuck me in the bottom. I spent 700 Euros that night, I took it all. Granted the bottom fucking scared me the most, but once he did it, it felt the best.

    In the room he asked me to get naked, or if I wanted to I could just lower my pants. It was up to me. Not knowing him I elected to take off only my pants and I got on the bed on my knees and bent over. I guess that is why he kept suggesting to go around the world with me. I just can't get over how good it felt.

    I noticed after he was done and he went into the bathroom to wash up that he didn't use any condoms. I froze. I confronted him and he told me that he only entertained nice ladies like me. I shouldn't worry. I did, for weeks afterwards, but I checked negative for everything.

    Before he left I got completely naked and asked him to look at me. It felt good being naked in front of him.

    I didn't have enough money to be entertained again on that trip. I spent all my reserve money on that night. He was around, and he was polite, but he was intent of making money every night and he was visiting with other ladies on board. The rest of my vacation was somber and I felt alone. All I brought back from my vacation was the memories.

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    Straight Female / 22

    I am putting Straight because I am in a marriage to a man.

    My mother is a journalist. She is the take names type of person, put a mike in their face type of person, she doesn't give a damn who she steps on. She had me as an unfortunate mistake. She didn't want me but she got 'fucked' and that was that. I grew up primarily with my grandmother.

    Well I got 'fucked'. Senior in college, already accepted to graduate school. I got unceremoniously fucked.
    I had gone to my first asshole party, where women are meat, you are there to be fucked. But I didn't know that when I was invited. I was told it was going to wild and I had never been to a wild party. I didn't know I was going to be auctioned off when they found out I was a virgin.

    The guy who won me in the bidding, the guy who fucked me that night and the next, he got me pregnant. I was a virgin that night. Whether it was the first time, or the third time, or the fourth time when he fucked me the following weekend, it didn't matter. I was pregnant. I was graduating and I was going onto grad school and now my life was in his hands. We said the word abortion but it was no way, you get married. That is why I am married. I got married two weeks after my pregnancy was confirmed by my doctor.

    I am pregnant. I am not going to grad school. I have to sit it out. I found out how my mother had her unfortunate mistake. My dad had another girlfriend and he married her and not my mother. I was pregnant. I got married. He wasn't going to run off and marry some other girl. And I wasn't going to be stuck with a baby and my mother wasn't going to help me raise the kid. So I got married, as quick as I could. I have to live up to my responsibilities. He is going to live up to his responsibilities. He wrote his name on my forehead that night, well now he has me with his name on a marriage license, on my driver's license, on the lease of the apartment, and on my Social Security card. And he is going to have his name on this kid.

    There just is not going to be any such thing as an unfortunate mistake. Someday I will go to grad school. Maybe it will be ten years from now. I am not going to have an only child. And I am not going to have them five years apart either. Right now we are getting ready for the baby. My grandmother is helping me manage this. I really don't know what I am doing. My grandmother is going to help me, she will come and stay with me for a couple of weeks or for however long I need her. You see this thing is imminent. Like in the next week. And I don't know how to take care of him either. I have never been around a man.

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    Straight Female / 37

    I am artist by trade, I paint. I have always been a bit of left winger and I did my share with girls along the way. Mostly during the crazy days of college and grad school. One night stands and such. I only really had one long term girlfriend, but she was a bit too far to the left for me, or rather my family, for her and I to stay together. A couple of years out of college and living on a shoe string, or I should say, still on an allowance from my parents I met a man who rejected all my protestations, rejected right out my assurances to him that I swung the other way, pushed away everything I threw in front of him to keep him away, went straight for the prize and screwed me. I got a double dose that afternoon.

    To everyone's surprise, and to my surprise, he now had full rights and took advantage of them. Dose after dose after dose and it wasn't a surprise that I ended up pregnant. Twenty five and pregnant. My parents were elated, I had finally met a man who could keep me in my place and knocked me up. I got a whole lot of I told you so comments, a whole lot of you better get your act together men don't put up with that shit comments, make sure you have on nice clean underwear when he comes to see you. If he doesn't want to crawl all over you when he sees you then you are screwing up. You keep his nose so far up your ass that he can't smell anyone else, the only smell in his nose is you.

    I won't say that I wasn't a bit uncomfortable with my pregnancy, but I blew right through it. I did anything and everything while I was pregnant. I feel I stopped for a couple of days to let the baby out. Lots of pressure to put the baby to the tit. Lots of admonitions about keeping him away until I was ready. I did put the baby on the tit, but I was unable to keep him away and I got pregnant again a couple of months after the baby was born.

    My parents, happy that I was having kids and I had a man looking after me, wanted me out of the house. I needed to set up my own nest and bring the babies over for an hour or so. My mother cut me off cold turkey. One day she just told me that they had rented an apartment for me and I was out. I needed to get him to put me in a suitable house.

    I moved into this house when I was twenty seven. Four bedrooms, two and half baths, large living area, with an open kitchen, and a small den. And a great big garage. He put a swing set in the back yard when we moved in and neither baby could walk. I had a choice, have another baby or start looking for work.

    Against that threat I got pregnant. I never paid any attention to the fact that I was going to have three kids spaced a year apart. If he wanted me pregnant, where do I sign up. I'm going to make the story short here, I had five kids, I turned 32 with five kids. I look like one of those 1950 housewives with five kids. None of them in real school yet. I had gained a little weight, my face was fuller, and I spent my time with other moms in the neighborhood. I don't speak about my college days, because I hide my playing around with other girls. I fend off any questions of that nature with comments like I never found a guy I liked. People find it hard to believe that I wasn't a crush in high school and on the cheerleading squad.

    I love my life. I love being a house wife, homemaker, stay at home mom, soccer mom, minivan mom, wife, chief cook and bottle washer. I have help, I have a maid service that comes twice a week, and I have a full time nanny. And of course I have my mom. But, I can't leave out my husband. I don't think that he had intentions of getting married, neither did I, when we met. He was after the prize, and I wasn't sure of anything. I had never had a man maul me. But nature does what nature does.

    I lie, but in a way I don't even remember me using my maiden name. And I try not remember those days in college when I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. That I regret. I just got sucked into the wrong crowd. And one more regret, the one that makes me cry at night. When I got pregnant the first time my first thought was abortion. Just get an abortion and move on. I shudder when I think that I even thought about it.

    I vote along party lines, my husband's. Isn't that the way it is supposed to be? I am not a Trump person, far from it. But I have to think of my kids. How terrible my life would be if I had chosen to go down the road of an abortion. When I first found out I was pregnant I contemplated it. I was too scared thank God. I can't say I lean to the left anymore. I've grown up. I am happy that the world in the US is turning against abortion. I am sad that other counties are trying to get it approved. When asked, I tell girls, have a baby and then ask if you think abortion is right? Hold your baby and ask yourself, is abortion right? It isn't.

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    Straight Female / 45

    Not content to hang around I convinced my girlfriend that we should save and have a trip to Africa. A picture Safari. We left and met up with a group in Nairobi. We were the only single people, that is we were the only not male female couple. My girlfriend was 36 at the time and I was 32. We are both wholesome looking American Mid West women, not too small, not too tall, blonde and blue eyed.

    Along with us on our trip was a couple. They were wealthy from South America. It was the man. He was very aggressive and he put us in along with his sister who was traveling with him as needing his manly services, protecting us. We were put into his vehicle every day and every day we had dinner together. Everything was going wrong. His advances apparently went over the head of his sister. My girlfriend was furious with his constant attention for me, and his touching, grabbing, groping, staring. He ran his hand up between my legs on one occasion, cupping and holding on to my vulva. I was able only to touch his hand and let him feel me up. On that trip he sat my girlfriend and his sister side by side in the jeep and he sat me beside him.

    He was a master photographer. He saw things I never saw, he showed me the pictures as he took them. He started grabbing my face to point my eyes in the direction he wanted me to see. Back at camp, we had a predinner drink get together with all the other guests on our Safari. He pulled me into the dark around the campfire and put his arms under mine and cupped my breasts and as I pushed his hand away he dropped it and put it between my legs, as I took his hand away from my vulva he cupped my breast. His kiss caught me by surprise. I languished in his arms as he kissed me. He took me by my hand and walked me back to my tent and made love to me. I couldn't resist or say no or do anything other than let him have his way.

    We arrived late to dinner but got served. His sister and my girlfriend had to talk. I wasn't so much embarrassed as overcome. I held onto his hand, even at the table, I listened to everything he said. Every word was magic to me. I went over his pictures with him and asked him to please show me the next day what he saw. From that night on I sat beside him every time.

    Our holiday was six nights in two camps. He made love to me one more time. The second time I was more prepared and made love back to him. I swore myself to him. I asked him why his sister wasn't interfering. He told me that his sister wanted him to meet new women. I wasn't the first, I wasn't the only one. Somehow I knew that if he wanted to make love to me while his sister was in the room she would standby and watch. My girlfriend dropped me, and she left early. I stayed and finished my holiday with them. He bought me tickets back with him via Paris and I spent the proverbial Spring Holiday with them.

    Unlike his other conquests, I brought back a pregnancy from Africa. I imagine that I was as fertile as fertile could be, out there in the wild. I loved my pregnancy. I loved having a child of my own. I sold my belongings and moved to be with him. The baby made all the difference, and that I was not a ship that kept sailing. I moved my life to be with him. Living close to him, married he had me have two more kids. I teach English and Social Studies at the local American School. It is not my profession being a teacher, but I love what I do. My kids are half and half, one foot in and one foot out. I am not alone, a whole lot of other kids at the school I teach are half and half.

    My daughter got my blond hair and clear eyes, but his tone. My number one son is all his son. My son is gregarious, a lady's man although he is just thirteen. My other boy is just four, time will tell. I fell in love in Africa. Fell hard. Tall, dark and handsome and his favorite women are blonde and blue eyed. In Africa I was blonde and blue eyed. He couldn't help but notice me. A couple of times his sister told me that I had him by the horns and not to let him go. Dominalo, she says. Show him that now he had a woman who would make him stay home.

    I travel with him, in the summers, he likes to travel. Sometimes his sister comes along, sometimes we go alone. I really need his sister too help look after my kids. I hope she doesn't tell them how he slipped me away to a tent before dinner. We weren't married then and my kids see me as never having had another life.

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