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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 30

    I want to have an affair so bad, I know it's wrong but the idea of it turns me on, I can't help myself. I think I'm better than average looking... why doesn't a man ever hit on me?? I know women who are far less attractive than me that claim to be hit on all time....

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    Straight Female / 29

    My parents were into the social life and my little sister and I grew up with a nanny. She was nice and all and I have relatively nice memories of her. Today that I am older I am pretty sure she is a lesbian but not one that got out, but she doesn't work for us anymore and growing up that never came up. I wonder if my mother figured out that she left two little girls with a lesbian?

    In any event, I got screwed when I was thirteen. It was uninvited, the man was a nobody who got on the elevator with me and took me off on another floor before I got up to our apartment. It wasn't anything romantic, he took me to the stairwell and screwed me in there. It wasn't even on my back, it was bent over the railing looking down the stairwell, I never saw his penis, I only felt it in me. He did finish because his stuff leaked down my leg.

    That was it, maybe three or five minutes. He let me go and went down the stairwell and I went into the building and back to the elevator and up to our apartment and sat on the toilet but nothing came out. I was into my period at that time, but not regular, but I guess it triggered my period because I had it two days later. I guess my period washed everything out of me. At that time I didn't use tampons only pads.

    But after that I never let my little sister go on the elevator alone. I went everywhere with her, not just to school. It got to be a thing, me and my sister. Dates came to our apartment but I didn't like to go out and I didn't like my little sister going out either. But we had to and when we went out I made sure that we were wearing a pad and I complained about cramps.

    Sure the day had to happen when my sister got screwed, but it wasn't until we were in college. At least she was older and she knew the guy. They went out but never got serious. I got screwed too, I won't say I didn't. The second time I invented all kind of things but in the end I lay back and let him screw me. I say let him because I didn't do anything, I just laid there while he did it.

    I experimented a bit with this girl when I worked on the school paper, we got to second base but somehow I knew that I was never going to go down that road. I resigned myself to my fate and let a guy date me and let him screw me and I did the girlfriend thing, but I never loved him. I never fell in love, I just liked him.

    Later when I was older, I was 27 and this guy came along and he lorded it over me and told me what to do and how to do it and complained that I didn't pay attention to him, he grabbed me and screwed me and ordered me around, and he told everyone that I was wife material, and told my father that I was wife material, before ever speaking to me about it, and I found out that I was going to get married. I really don't remember him asking, but he says he did and I didn't say no.

    After I got married he screwed me all the time. One day he grabbed me while I was in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher, he pushed me around, got my pants down and screwed me over the island in the kitchen. That was my first orgasm, very first. I was 28 years old before I had an orgasm. I never told him about when I was thirteen, he doesn't know. But what he does know is that when he forces me I get hot and sometimes I have an orgasm.
    He just doesn't like doing that, it is not in his nature. So all in all I may have had five orgasms in my life.

    My little sister says she has them all the time, not always with her husband, she can give herself an orgasm. I can't.

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    Straight Female / 46

    I went to the State fair with a guy, he put his arm around my shoulder, held me. We got back to my house and he passed out. I got worried and called an ambulance, he had an allergic reaction from some of the food. After he was released I drove him to his place. Somehow I stuck to him, he took me to a museum. Later I found out some chick artist was supposed to be there but she didn't show.

    He drove slow and was never in a hurry. He liked home cooking and staying home. I had fallen in love so I stayed home with him. One afternoon I was doing some straightening up and I moved his wallet and couldn't resist so I went through it. He had an American Express and a hundred dollars, and he had this piece of paper with the artist chick's name and number. I felt real hurt.

    Whenever we went out he paid, mostly nice places but not over the top. He took me to Vegas, no gambling, a magician show, to this chapel. He had a ring, a nice ring, he never asked just sign here and say yes and go to the room and be the wife. Back home he said he wanted a bigger place, a nice place. We bought a house near SMU, well he bought a house for me. After a couple of months he suggested I quit work at the hotel, he didn't like the hours. I got a job at an oil company working regular hours.

    Everything was so normal, living in the city, until the artist chick showed up. An old flame, but he was over her. She needed money so he gave her money, a whole lot of money. He told her we were married so this was the last time. His name didn't get my attention until after the artist chick came for money. His name was on a building downtown.

    I walked out of a job at a hotel working as a cashier and moved to Highland Park. He loved me too, he still does, we have been married forty years.

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    Straight Female / 27

    The true fact is for me the man has to be in charge of me. Maybe I have unresolved daddy issues, but either you are my daddy and take care of me or I am not interested. I love being your little girl, your favorite little girl. I will cook, clean, no problem. To me that's how you know I love you. I need you to demand from me, I love being walked around, told what to do, where to go. I don't ask permission just because I am your baby but because you are my daddy and you know best.

    My daddy makes me want babies, when my daddy found me I could feel he would make me a mommy. On the first day. My daddy is like no other, no man is his equal. My baby fever is not diminished because I am a mommy, I want more. My daddy is best. I am his baby girl, I feel it every single day.

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    Lesbian Female / 35

    I am an only child and I suppose I grew up pretty spoiled. I did well in school and was accepted to Columbia for college. In college I met Gracie and we became roommates. I am 35 and so is she. We have never had intercourse, we are both Gold Star lesbians. We are not particularly sexual, mostly we enjoy each other's company. We have two rooms but sometimes we sleep together. To me she has very nice breasts and I like seeing them and having her bend over me so that I can softly lick her nipples. My breasts are small and close to my chest so I can't do the same for her and when she sucks on my nipples I grab her head and don't leg go. I should say that when she sucks my nipples I go wet in a second and I want her to eat me. We are different in how we respond. I think she is pretty, I am definitely more plain that she is and I am confused as being the one with the pants in the house, but I am much more submissive to her than she is to me.

    We got married three years ago, we eloped, it is no one else's business. When we did we had a Gold Star tattooed on our breast to remind us that we are not to be touched by man. We are not man haters, not even close, it is just that we do not want our vaginas close to a penis. It is that simple, it is our promise to each other. Ha, ha but we did go on a vacation to Iceland and we went to the penis museum, we could not find a vagina museum.

    To me a woman's sex is much more interesting, go figure. A penis is just not that interesting. We are in a bit of a moment of maturity. We told my mother on her birthday that we were going to have a child each, no penis involved, but from the same sperm. The woman we are going to for insemination expects us both to have healthy pregnancies. It is strange to think of our sexual organs being used to make a baby, but I guess that must be so for all women. I have been fantasizing of where I should breast feed. I have a nice chair in our living room and it looks out on a pond in the back, it is a community pond but I don't think people can see in. I do wish I had bigger breasts for the baby, I know breast size has nothing to do with milk, but to me a baby on a nice big breast looks so nice. I guess I will have to content myself watching Gracie breast feed.

    Now that we are going down the family highway we are going to join names and have one surname. We flipped a coin and she is going to take my family name, the lawyers are fixing the application paperwork. We find it strange that we are choosing a surname, we are not part of a man's house, but the babies will need a surname so we will use my father's name. We will also have to make room for us to live in one bedroom going forward, the other bedroom will be for the babies. We have been together since we were in college and we are just now agreeing to share a room permanently.

    Life has been good to us, we have good jobs but not high paying jobs and we are still on Mom and Dad's payroll for most of our things, including our home which we got when we turned 30. I guess that is why we want to have children, I am an only child, if I don't have a child my mother's line dies out. As a good lesbian I think I should at least extend the female side of the family. My father's brothers all have grandchildren. Of course Gracie is doing the same although her sister has children.

    It is funny, we found this Magazine Modern Living, it doesn't have anything about two lesbians conceiving children without a penis. I can't help it, I still think it is a bit strange to get pregnant and not use a penis, think of all those babies born to lesbians a hundred years ago. I know that some people believe that they hated getting pregnant but if they are like me, the looked forward to it. I am very excited, I can't wait to meet our babies. Must be hormones, but I will take it.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    I spent ten plus years in a lesbian relationship. I got abused by a man I did some work for. After the day I gave into him and let him use me for sex my LT partner left me. I then turned all of my attention on him.

    I don't know if I lied to myself when I lived with my woman partner or I am lying to myself now giving myself to a man.

    I recognize I am a pleaser, particularly to the power person in my life, first with her and now with him. I am good at being the wife in the relationship, something he really likes about me.

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    Lesbian Female / 33

    In the closet, I have only come out to my husband. He is like my father, older and makes all the money. I worked for him, I was his secretary, and he took care of me. When his wife passed away at 38 from a skiing accident he married me to help raise his children. I was 23 and told him my secret before I got married.

    I had a secret friend, she is a free lance writer. Since I was married I went ahead and had two children of my own. Before I had my children my secret friend and I would vacation together but now I have my two and his two to look after. I don't have time to vacation. At first I thought I would sleep in separate bedrooms, then separate beds, but he wants female company so I'm playing the full 360 degree wife. He 'forgets' and wants his wife.

    Today I am very little gay, I would say emotionally gay and very much straight, exclusively his in that way. Maybe becoming mother, or having to look after four children and a husband has changed me. My secret friend is left out, I can be friends with her but no hanky panky. So we have grown apart.

    My husband is 18 years older than me, I feel like his daughter or younger sister, except I sleep in his bed with him. I admit that he has my heart now, one day I just knew I loved him.

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    Straight Female / 32

    I was in my next to last semester of college and I got an internship in town for this company. Everyone told me to take the internship, even if it only gave me six hours credit, I could make up the lost hours in the summer and graduate.

    My job was sorting customer lists, boring but I got paid a little and the internship was supposed to help me when I graduated. On the last week of my internship I went out with some of the people who worked there and some of the women kept pushing me to get together with this guy. I wasn't interested but he was and as soon as he got close he started to paw me and he kissed me. The women coworkers started a chant and he kept on kissing me and when he got my boob in his hand it was clapping and whistling and when he got his hand into my pants they started chanting for him to show me who was the boss.

    I got fingered, groped, kissed and dry humped against the bar. We went to this apartment of one of the women who worked there and she had some condoms and they watched while I put the condom on him and let him fuck me. On my last day I went to lunch, women only and they all told me that I had come to them a sniveling baby but I was going back to college as a grown woman.

    Ten years later, married with children, working part time one of the women from that job came to work at the company where I was working. She remembered me immediately and she started to talk gross and ask me how my husband took care of me, if he took care of me daily, weekly or monthly, was he big or was he one those men who barely made the man list. I told her that it was none of her business. But she started talking and told some of the other coworkers about my night out with them during my internship, except that she told it like I was the one looking to get laid that night, basically making it sound like I was a slut and the story got back to my husband.

    My husband never believed me as to what happened, he still believes the story the way that woman tells it. I got married in the church, I never told my husband that I was true virgin, I was 23 at the time but he says now that the could only assume I was. Basically my husband and I are not getting together anymore, and we are talking with a counselor before going ahead with a divorce. He is just turned off to the idea that some other man had me first.

    Saying he is immature doesn't help, he has made this a deal breaker for our marriage. Yes, my past has come back to haunt me, to use my mother's explanation of the state of affairs with my marriage, even if it wasn't a past that that I initiated.

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    Straight Female / 34

    I've been living with Greg for 6 years and both of us were married and divorced so we decided never to marry each other. There are no kids involved and we both live well with good paying jobs. Our sex life is good and we seldom argue over anything. Greg does travel on business trips monthly anywhere from a couple days to 4 or 5 days. Last May on my birthday a co-worker and friend Laurie, invited me to dinner when Gary was in LA on business. Her boyfriend was also there and we had a surf and turf dinner with a fine wine. They live in a beautiful condo and we ended up in the hot tub out back. She lent me a bikini that fit me and we continued drinking and just having a lot of fun talking. I can't blame being drunk but I did have a buzz when I ended up inside in the shower with both Laurie and her boyfriend. At first I still had the bikini on but as Laurie took off her bikini her boyfriend Todd also took off his bathing suit they began encouraging me to do the same. I still can't explain how I became so bold to take off that bikini. I did meet Todd before but didn't know him that well. It was like some joke at first but as we all dried off things got more serious and I ended up in bed with both of them. I never knew Laurie was bisexual until she began rubbing my breasts. I thought she was just joking around when it started but before I knew it Todd began giving me oral sex.

    For the next hour or two I not only had intercourse with Todd but also gave him a blow job and as I was sucking Todd, Laurie was performing oral sex on me. By the time I got home I felt ashamed of myself and as much as I was humiliated about it I had to admit to myself how much I liked it. I knew I could never tell Gary what happened and promised myself it wouldn't happen again. In work Laurie and I talked about it and I did tell her I couldn't do that again and how unfaithful I felt towards Gary who she met a few times. In June Gary went to Chicago for 3 days and Laurie again persuaded me to come over to their condo and again I had sex with both. That time I not only had Laurie have sex with me but I ended up performing oral sex on both her and Todd. That night is when they introduced the sex toys and I found myself being satisfied and having orgasms with several types of dildos and vibrators. Its become an obsession and every month when Gary goes on his business trip I end up at Laurie's condo with her and Todd. Its not that I no longer enjoy sex with Gary but with Laurie and Todd I am in constant arousal and have never orgasmed as often or strongly. I can't believe how submissive I have become and how I have participated bisexually with Laurie. Its gotten to her using a strap on dildo at times as I'm giving oral sex to Todd. I have also had anal intercourse with Todd a few times which is something I never have with Gary. They both penetrate me with the sex toys vaginally and anally having me orgasm many times. If Gary is away 4 or 5 days any week I end up going over there twice. It now has become like an addiction to me and as much as I feel bad cheating on Gary I can't help it and keep going back for more.

    I keep telling myself to stop doing this but as soon as Gary has to go on a trip I tell Laurie right away. I don't have any attraction towards women but once I'm with them I clearly have bisexual relations with Laurie. Todd is always involved somehow whether its oral sex or intercourse, vaginal or anal. They seem to cater to my desires and keep me aroused most of the time I'm there. I can't believe how explosive my orgasms have become and the frequency of them. They stimulate me with the sex toys to the point where I want to scream at times as I shake with excitement. I jerk off and give oral sex to Todd more than I do to Gary and allow Laurie to have intercourse with me using a strap on. I have even allowed Todd to masturbate using my breasts which again, Gary has never done. I am like a slave when they use vibrators and Todd sees me in ways and positions that Gary never does. I recently mentioned to Gary about getting some sex toys and hope to convince him to do so. I can't tell him the reason for it so I just say I read about them. I do love Gary so I can never tell him about my other sex life. I am slowly being more aggressive when I have sex with Gary and have began giving him blow jobs more often. I've mentioned the sex toys a few times and can't tell if he is interested about them. Laurie and Todd have gotten me so used to them I want more stimulation of them. I did have a vibrator about 10 or 12 years ago but never had anyone use it on me it was always by myself. It is so arousing having someone else do it I can't explain the feelings I get watching them looking at me. I am sorry when it comes to Gary but Laurie and Todd have introduced me to the best sexual experiences I've ever had. Never have I been so completely sexually satisfied when with Laurie and Todd.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I am now 31 and have give birth to four children, two are mine and two who are twins are surrogate children, implanted fertilized eggs of another woman. All feel that all these children are mine, I breast fed them.

    I was 25 when my then boss, and now father of all the children, asked me to meet his wife. She was 29 and worked as a manager in a financial firm. He was my boss and I was an accountant for him. At the meeting with his wife, he left us alone for this meeting, she told me she had lost her cervix and uterus to cancer so she couldn't bear children because she doesn't have a uterus, but she had eggs harvested, lots of them, and she was looking for a woman to carry the children after fertilization with her husband's sperm. And she told me that her husband was fond of me and he had told her that the only woman he was interested in having as a surrogate was me.

    During our conversation which lasted several hours we spoke mostly about how he was fond of me and I was surely fond of him until I confessed that I had feelings for him but I had always maintained a professional distance. She pressed and pressed until I told her yes, if he were available I would probably got to bed with him. She made me tell her that I loved him. Loved him like wanting to get married loved him. When I was all tied up with my feelings being exposed she told me that she wanted me to get pregnant first, to have my own child first, to prove to her that I was going to be around and raise the children I had for her, she wanted her children from an experienced mother who would breastfeed them and stick around to raise them she didn't want a machine having her children.

    In between the lines I felt that she was still scared of the cancer and she wanted to make sure her children would be taken care of. Like I said the conversation lasted over three hours. I did not commit to anything, but when her husband and my boss came back to the house she told him that she wanted me to move in right away.

    In the end I had my child, then I got her eggs implanted and two took and I had twins and then I had another one of mine. Like she asked all children have been breastfed for nine months and I raise them and care for them. She is sill healthy and no indications of a recurring cancer. I am the mother and she is like an aunt to the children, even her own who call me Mommy and call her Aunt Claire. These babies, all of them, came out of me. I can't tell anything about who's egg is the mother, they are my children, mine. I don't even understand that I am supposed to feel like they are not my children. I bathe them, feed them, care for them all day and like I said I breastfed them all.

    I am the Mommy and she is the Aunt, except she is married to their father and I am not. I sleep with him in the house, and she sleeps in the mother in law room across the house. Sure sometimes he visits her, and sometimes she comes and gets in bed with us and sometimes he just takes her to our bed and has sex with her. That's how its been since I moved in, I am the bedded wife and mother she is the other woman, I take care of the home and the kids and she works outside the home.

    When her children call me Mommy my heart goes through all kinds of hoops, when they cling to me when they are tired, or are looking for love and affection. I just know they are my children, from my womb, fed from my breast. You think I am crazy, I know you do, but I took them to my breast for nine months, I carried them in my womb for nine months, I birthed them vaginally, I held them on my chest the minute they were born. There is no difference between how I had my children and hers, none whatsoever. But they are hers too, but she is only the Aunt and I am the mother.

    Sometimes I get depressed, how she lost her uterus to cancer and so young, she was only 27 and to never be able to have her own children and breast feed them. She has never known the feeling of breastfeeding her own children. This whole life is like something I can't explain, except that I can't imagine my life anymore without my children.

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