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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 30

    Going back to when I was sixteen I became the girlfriend of one of my guy friend's father. I am thirty now and I am still his girlfriend. My parents have become good friends with him. It's not that I am a secret, everyone knows I am his girlfriend. I just got back from a dinner party, five old ladies and me talking about our men, kids and grandkids, and when am I going to bless my parents with the pitter patter of grandbabies.

    I need a drink, I am just not ready for diaper duty.

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    Straight Female / 36

    I have a friend, she and I are in our thirties. We have been friends since we were in junior high. She is never married, she had a bad breakup with a guy and never got together with a guy after that. I was in a bad marriage at the time, my husband had lost interest and I had told her about it. We talked a lot about how in our mid thirties we had less sex than we did when we were teens. The problem was severe enough that I had gone alone to a marriage counselor and she had suggested that it sounded to her like we had just gotten bored and were losing interest in our marriage.

    One weekend during my sessions with the marriage counselor my friend was at my house. My husband was working on the pool and we were in the kitchen watching him. My son was at his friend's house and it was hot outside and on a lark we decided to make it interesting and she and I took our tops off and walked outside to take some sun. We displayed for him. He walked over and asked what this was all about and we told him we needed to be admired, we needed some manly attention and for him to keep working on the pool and come over to look at us from time to time.

    We asked him to come over and be honest and tell us which one of us had better tits. If he was going to fuck one of us which one would he choose. I opened my legs all the way and asked my friend to open her legs all the way and let him choose who he was going to fuck. It wasn't enough so I got up took off my shorts and got completely naked and laid back on the lounge chair and spread open and asked him if that was better. My friend took off her shorts and spread herself on the lounge chair for him as well. For all his manly self he stood there. I sat up and told him I wanted him to fuck me.

    We were going to go get on the bed in our bedroom and we expected him to come right in and start fucking.

    He did come in the house and he did fuck that afternoon. He lost it and we gave him time to recover and had him get going again. By the time I had to go pick up my son we had fucked away the afternoon away and I asked him to fix us something on the grill.

    We had our moment, my husband got more interested in me after that afternoon and I admit I got more interested in having sex too. My friend was a side dish for him when she was at our house. It wasn't like we had free afternoons, but once in a while we did, and a couple of times my friend spent the night with us when my son was at a sleepover. Although it was fun in a way to have sex that way, when she met a man and she got hooked up with him and she didn't need my husband's attention any more she returned to having a sex life of her own. My husband and I began spending a whole lot more time together, we went on a short honeymoon while my mother took care of our son and I quit going to the marriage counselor.

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    Straight Female / 20

    I still live with my parents and for the 4th time since I was 17 my mother found out a male friend of my parents saw me naked. He told his wife about it and his wife told my mom. The other 3 times was another male friend of my parents, two neighborhood boys and the other an older man who works with my dad. I always told my mother it was an accident they saw me but now I think she suspects I do it intentionally. Truth is, if my parents found out how many men or boys saw me naked the last three years they would both have a heart attack. I have done this in many different places even at school and the playground. It makes me aroused when a guy sees me naked and It might have started when I was 16 but it got to be an obsession when I was 17. This last time my mom asked me if I did it on purpose but as usual I said no. My one girlfriend has a pool in her yard and her father has seen me naked twice and her two brothers a few times. I always act like I didn't know they could see me and sometimes apologize. I have had boys see me naked making them seem like it was their fault and just "accidently" let a door open or a curtain not pulled shut. When I was in my senior year of high school I was in the girls locker room after school hours waiting with a towel around me and the door open half way. I was waiting for guys to come down the corridor so I could expose myself. I saw two guys turn the corner and when they got near the doorway I took off the towel letting them see me nude. I never saw who they were first and here it was my English teacher and another teacher I didn't have classes with. I went to his class room the next morning and just said I was so embarrassed and please don't tell anyone about it. I made it a point to bump into the other teacher that day and said the same thing. I know this isn't normal but I get so excited being seen naked by guys. My boyfriend don't know anything about this. I think he finds it strange behavior because I like him watching me masturbate before we have sex. He says he likes watching me but I do it mainly so he can see me naked and exposed so much. Only one other guy has seen me masturbate and that was a neighbor kid when I was 18. I would like more guys to watch me do it but that is hard to arrange. I am more careful at home ever since the last time my parents found out I was seen naked by their friend.

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    Straight Female / 40

    I am forty and I am in an extramarital relationship. I got involved with him in my mid twenties and he was in his late forties. He was bored at home and I was his way of bringing excitement back into his life. I am in this on my own, I love him and so you are the mistress. He is on medication for BP and he hurt his back and is on pain treatment. So he has ED really bad and nothing works, his Dr. says the pain meds are probably the cause. I love him and I can't help him and he is so frustrated. I have to be strong and wear my big girl panties and just love him and reassure him. I really don't care if we can't have sex anymore, I am going to stand by my man regardless.

    I also have to look after his wife, I am praying that she goes into remission but her cancer took everything out of her. I have never been so close to how bad cancer is and the treatments. I pray for her everyday. She needs me right now, and he needs my help. Sometimes it is better for women to take care of women. I took a ninety day leave to look after her and take her to her chemo and sit with her.

    I am just out of energy, I hold myself up, I want him to be proud of me. I want her to get well and stop being sick.

    I am sorry, I just need to cry, I don't want her to die.

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    Straight Female / 37

    Eighth grade and given a ride by a college student to a party. He parked down the street about a block away under a dark tree. He grabbed me and kissed me. He pushed his hand on my pussy. He grabbed my tits. He took out his dick and told me he wanted pussy. He got under my dress and pulled off my panties and I turned towards the window and he fucked me from behind. I sure wasn't thinking of getting pregnant and neither was he. He wanted pussy.

    Maybe it wasn't the best way to lose your virginity. But I was an older girl from then on and I sucked dick and I hung out with the older high school girls and the college guys. He took me to parties and I put out.

    I was lucky I guess that I didn't get pregnant, but if I had I would have just been one of the girls that got pregnant. I used the rhythm and the withdrawal method. There really is no best time, but if I was a day or two before my period I let him give it to me inside, or if I was a day or two after my period I let him give it to me inside. If he wanted it inside and it wasn't a safe day we douched with Coke.

    I don't know if that is why I was always part of the cool crowd, but if you were part of the cool crowd you put out.

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    Straight Female / 48

    This is a bigger problem than you think, being universally pretty. I am the right size and don't need to diet. I am symmetrically pretty, with Nordic features. My mother is Swedish and my father is Danish.

    I won children's pageants, was the beauty queen in my school and I was my province's beauty queen. I met many people all over the world. Doors were opened. However I turned forty and unmarried. I married out of loneliness, my husband married me for the looks. My marriage lasted two and half years.

    I am divorced single, I am unhappy and sad most of the time. I have friends, one couple are true friends, unlike every one else they are not impressed by my looks. I cried with them.

    My biggest regrets include not learning a profession, not having a husband, not having children.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I was raised to go to college find a husband get married have kids go to church join the PTO and be nominated to the women's committee at the country club.

    What happened was I got dumped by my fiancé two months before I was to get married, I got fired from my job for having an affair with a client, I became depressed and lost my car and all my savings and had to return and live with my parents, their house their rules. I am too old to use my parent's membership at the club, I do babysitting for spending money. I am being courted by a fifty six year old man who said I had nice hips for birthing babies.

    I will end up married to man twenty five years older than me with a stepdaughter my age. I can only imagine why he is focused on my baby birthing hips. My parent's can't afford a big wedding now that they are retired so my wedding is going to be in his back yard with his daughter as my maid of honor, no bride's maids. So much for my dream life.

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    Straight Female / 29

    Here is my story. I am currently 29 with an eight year old daughter of a married man. I live close to him for both support and growing up with her father.

    I grew up an only child of a divorced mother. I was always big for my age, chubby. I spent my childhood on diets, doctors, diet suppressant pills, and listening to my mother call me fat and an embarrassment and I couldn't possibly be her daughter. I never dated in high school with only one friend who I later found out was forced to be my friend by her mother who felt sorry for me.

    I went to college and met this other big girl. She told me to fuck the dip shits and work out and get on with my life. She played rugby where big girls made a difference. I worked out and made the team, I got hard, built strength, and turned out to be a good athlete. And all the other girls were big boned, hard bodies, hard drinking assertive girls. I tried out for intramural softball and played catcher.

    My grandfather turned 80 and I went to the family reunion. I wasn't fat, I was built and hard, I felt strong and pushed back. My cousin told me I had grown balls and I was a bitch. After the reunion my mother and I went to spend three days in Cabo. Waiting on my mother in the lobby I met this man who was there with a convention. He talked me up, my mother called and said she wasn't feeling good and we should just order room service. I passed this on to the man and he said it sounded like I was free for dinner.

    Dinner lasted three hours, he admitted he was married but not in Mexico, we had several drinks and when he invited me up to his room I went along. He undressed me quickly, gave me oral for a minute, had me give him oral and had sex with me. Maybe ten minutes after we got into the room. I took the sheet wrapping myself and sat on the chair. Me twenty years old and he a thirty six year old married tax lawyer. I had lost my virginity.

    He asked me to stay, he told me he liked big girls, his wife was five nine and 170. Over night he wanted sex again and told me he wanted to go around the world, which was appropriate for me losing my virginity that night. I learned around the world included mutual oral sex, vaginal and anal sex. I woke up in the morning having lost my virginity all around.

    I saw him again after he was done with his convention, went home with more than a story, I went home expecting a baby. I live close to him, we have visitation and support worked out, his wife and I have a fairly descent relationship, I have gained twenty pounds but continue with gym workouts, and cross fit. I stay fit and play amateur women's rugby. His wife and I stand toe to toe and weigh in around 180 each. He really does like big girls.

    I am dating an ex football player, he is six four and 250 pounds. We met at cross fit. He likes my kid and works in marketing for an equipment manufacturer. He and I are talking marriage. My job is with a child development publisher and I really enjoy and love my job.

    My girl is just right in the middle of the pack.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I have a cousin who is just full bodied and has great boobs. I take after my mother and I am flat chested and tall and naturally thin. I worship my cousin. I worship her boobs. Life just isn't fair. She has so many boyfriends and men piling all over her and I have to struggle to get a conversation going. I offer myself, but I am not that lucky. If I want to find a guy to take me home I have to get him when he is drunk. She just twists her hand in the air, and points to the lucky guy and she goes off with him to tell me the story later.

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    Straight Female / 33

    Do you feel this? I get hugged by a man at work, he always hugs me really hard until my boobs are squished up against him. His hands move around, and they move over my rear. He also touches my face when he talks to me. He calls me sweetie, or calls me honey or calls me baby. I confessed to him when and where I first had sex and with who. I asked him if he really likes getting blowjobs. I have sat on a toilet in front of him at a club house. I like being smothered by him, the best feeling in the world is being held close when he whispers that I am his baby. I am thirty three years old and know better. The most dangerous sex I have had with him was at a party for a couple who got engaged. I wore a dress and he put me up against the counter in the kitchen and lifted my dress and penetrated me. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time for him to finish.

    I send him texts all the time, and some are pretty racy with things I want him to do to me. I am in love, in lust, crazy and cannot control myself. I took my panties off at work and gave them to him to show him I was horny. We work together and he is in a supervisory position with respect to me. I know I have to change jobs but that would mean that I wouldn't see him every day and I am scared that my feelings for him would change if I didn't work with him. Right now all I want is to be with him, to be locked up in his arms and feel his face on mine and hear him call me baby. I need a kiss so bad right now and I need to get back to work.

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