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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 31

    My sister and I were home alone. In the house next door the family had a pool and their son and his friends sometimes went swimming. That afternoon there were several boys using the pool. We could look down at their pool from my sister's room.

    We watched, not having any thing else to do. The boys started playing around and then one by one they took off their swim trunks and were swimming naked. It was really the first time we saw naked boys who were our age. They were all between 14 and 16 and my hand was between my legs fingering myself. I got going pretty heavy and playing with my clitoris, leaning on the window sill watching the boys by the pool. I had this orgasm, first time that I felt the control of my legs go away and my sister had to hold me up.

    It was several weeks later when we were talking to the boy next door that we had seen him and his friends naked. How we got around to asking him to show us his penis I don't really recall. It was a lot of kidding and me offering to pull down my pants if he pulled down his pants. He pulled his pants down first and I had to follow. I touched him, I took his penis in my hand and touched him and asked him if he liked it. I let him touch me, he just put his fingers on the outside. I kicked my pants off and sat on my bed and I put his penis in my mouth and sucked him. He got his pants off and I got up on the bed and laid back and opened my legs and he got on and found my vagina and we had intercourse.

    He didn't pull out, not that I asked him, he just fucked and when it was time for him to cum he came inside. After he pulled out I sucked him again.

    We were not really officially boyfriend and girlfriend, he was in the ninth grade and I was in the seventh. My sister was in the fifth grade. I convinced her to show us her stuff, got her pants off and laid her back on the bed and opened her legs. I put my mouth on her and sucked on her and used my tongue to open her pussy. Her pussy was swollen. Our neighbor was erect again and he got on her and had intercourse with her and like with me, he came inside, pulling out only after he had completely left his load in her.

    He liked having his penis sucked and I told my sister to suck him. Night began to fall and we got dressed before our parents got home. He left out the back door and went around the block back to his house.

    Our adventure that afternoon could not go unsaid, and we told this older girl at church that we had intercourse and were no longer virgins. This girl was in the tenth grade and she was the one that really put the fear of God into us for letting him cum inside of us. My sister wasn't really into her periods yet, although she had them irregularly. My periods were more regular but still not quite every four weeks.

    Starting about three weeks after we had intercourse we started counting days and waiting. I didn't get my period again until almost a month after we had intercourse, my sister went for eight weeks before she got a period again. We gave him blow jobs, anything oral, and let him feel us up and go down on us, we allowed him to penetrate us, but we were careful to just let him penetrate and do a couple of strokes and then pull out and use us to rub his penis on us before he came on our stomachs. Later we learned to lay on our stomach and let him use our butt crack to rub himself into an orgasm.

    At a football game when he was a senior, we got caught with me giving him a hand job in the stands. We got caught and there were lots of people around us, he had his jacket over his lap. After that we had to go public with becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. We went to prom, and were serious daters. By then we had intercourse regularly and he had intercourse with my sister pretty regularly as well. We had gone the route of condoms, but once we got the pill we were 'on' for just about any time and took care of him if we were inconvenienced.

    My sister got pregnant first, she was 22 and had been out of college for a year. Since she was pregnant, they got married. I struggled with getting pregnant or not. He was married to my sister and she was expecting her second child, and I struggled emotionally. When I turned 30 I gave in and finally had my child, by that time we had been having intercourse for more than half my life. What started as a form of dare has become a pretty serious affair. He and my sister are a good couple. I am sure she is a much more committed wife than I would have been.

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    Straight Female / 43

    I had to go back for my wallet.

    I am divorced its just me and my son at home, I was going out for the evening, my son was at home with his girlfriend, I forgot my wallet I was no use without money so I went back home when I entered the front my son was fucking his girlfriend doggy fashion they had there backs to me and must not have herd the door open,
    I hadn't sex for a long time, I know I shouldn't have but I watched for a short time because it looked so good watching live sex, I said sorry, they flinched he pulled his wet penis out of her, I grabbed my wallet and left the house, I sat in the car for a while I couldent move I had had an orgasm I was shaking, I couldent get the image out of my mind of them having sex but most of all my sons wet penis when he pulled it out of his girlfriends vagina,
    I am ashamed to say I wanted it I was jealous of him sticking his penis in her, I kept thinking it should have been me not her, I am thoroughly ashamed of my for wanting my son in that way, but can not rid myself of the image I saw,
    to be honest I don't want to, things have changed at home his girlfriend never came back but he is more pall to me he is hugging and kissing me a lot more, when he hugs I can feel his swelling against me, at times her grabs me from behind, what to do.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    In my sophomore year of college I got pregnant and dropped out for a year after my baby was born. My boyfriend graduated a year earlier than me because of the baby. He took a job in the big city an hour and half from me. He came 'home' every weekend to be with me and the baby. He also paid all the bills, including my school tuition, etc.

    For Christmas break, I went to stay with him for the entire time. I love being a family and Christmas with our baby was important to me. During the break he introduced me to a girl he knew from work. He told me had 'banged' her a couple of times because he was beyond horny and I wasn't there. Leave out my feelings on him cheating, the issue is that she doesn't consider herself as having just been 'banged'. She told me that as she saw it, I am the ex girlfriend, she respected all that and the baby, but now she was with him. He told us to make up and stop making an issue out of it.

    On Christmas Eve she came over and brought a gift for me and one for the baby. She also stayed and told me she wanted to wake up with us and do Christmas together. At 5:00 a.m. she came and go in bed with us because she just did not want to be alone on Christmas morning. When I got up to take care of the baby she moved over and got in the middle. My boyfriend held her and told me to change the baby and come and get in bed and we would all snuggle up. Unbelievably he rolled on top of her and they made love. Christmas was not what I wanted. I threatened to leave and go back to my college apartment. She stayed the whole week between Christmas and New Years and he had sex with her every day, on New Years Eve he had sex with me once my period was over, with her leaning over me and caressing my face and telling me I looked beautiful. I was incredibly horny and I held her head and kissed her.

    I went back to college for the start of my last semester. Half way through the semester, on one of the weekends 'they' came up, because now she came up every weekend with him, they announced that she was pregnant.

    My life from that day on has been about juggling my relationships with both of them, graduating from college, caring for my baby, helping her with her baby, I do the babysitting for both of us. There is three way stuff, not every time but a lot of the time. Believe me I never dreamt that I would be making love with another woman, never. We make love, with him it is a sex thing. But there is none of the laying in bed holding hands and whispers and kisses. It is wham, bang, thank you ma'am.

    When I see him make love to her, have intercourse with her, when she is aroused I am attracted to her in the worst way, it is my turn to caress her face and tell her how beautiful she is and share kisses with her. After intercourse we are usually completely aroused for each other and we make love for a long time, we have our way of achieving climax and only then does the desire dissipate away.

    These last four years have been wild and unexpected. My feelings of who I am are totally different now. Something deep inside of me woke up. I am not ashamed any more to make love with her I won't say I don't like getting 'banged', I do. But slipping away with her under the covers with her gives me peace and fulfillment.

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    Straight Female / 19

    Starting when I was in the sixth grade I started to dress with boys clothes. I didn't have much of anything so boys clothes fit. My hips did get a little bit bigger and my boobs did get a little bit bigger, so I wore loser fitting pants and lose shirts. I didn't like wearing a bra, but I had to use bandaids over my nipples. By the time I was fifteen I was totally boy, I wore my hair in boy's cut and I used a nickname Sam.

    I didn't have any facial hair and I guess I walked wrong or something. At a party for one of my cousins a friend of hers kept hitting on me and calling me all sorts of names, he kept grabbing me by the crotch looking for evidence that I had a set of balls. He kissed me all over my face because my face was soft. He eventually got his hands down my pants and 'proved' I was a girl. He said he wanted to fuck me because he had never fucked a boy/girl.

    He ate me until all I wanted was for him to get on me and get it over with. Fucking was so good. He knew it and we have been in a relationship with each other for the last two years.

    I went to Berkley and at Berkley I met a girl who liked my look and in a quiet moment she whispered what she was dreaming of doing with me. I don't know why but I went along with her play and found myself being kissed and kissing her back. We ended up making girl love and liking it. I hadn't been with anyone since I went to college, and maybe I wanted the physical human contact. Or maybe she made me horny.

    We hung out, I wont say dated, but we hung out and did a lot of things together and we had girl sex.

    My boyfriend came out to see me and it was non stop sex. We talked about staying together and agreed. I even told him that yes I would have children, but after I graduated.

    I think I am basically heterosexual, at least with my boyfriend I am. My playing around feels like a game, a just for fun thing. I do really enjoy the sex, and I don't feel at all uncomfortable being with her. I know it is a loaded question, but what am I? I am indicating I am straight, but can I be straight and like getting it on with a girl?

    Also, for full disclosure, I have only had straight sex with my boyfriend, and girl sex with this one girl at college.

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    Straight Female / 46

    This is something I find hard to think about for the last 20 years. Only two of my friends know what happened to me and I have never told my husband about it out of the pure shame it has left me. In 1997 I went to Las Vagas with a friend planning to stay for a week. We were only there three days when my friend got a call that her grandmother died. She left the next morning insisting I should stay since the room was rented for the week. The second night I was alone I was at a casino bar and even today think I was drugged even though I was drinking quite a bit. I had never been so drunk that I didn't remember going home or back to a room. This night I was in and out of conciousness for what must have been many hours. My first sense of awareness was when I felt myself becoming aroused as someone was performing oral sex on me. I tried to sit up but was push back down on the bed and force to swallow a pill. Thats when I realized there was more than one guy in my room. As one guy was fingering and licking me another had his hand around my throat and began smacking my face forcing me to blow him. I was semi awake but could hardly focus as everything was like a nightmare as I was being forced to have intercouse. Whats most embarrassing thinking about this is that I responded to this abuse sexually and know I orgasmed repeatedly over those hours. I was continually smacked across my face and spanked often and at on time they put a wash rag in my mouth to keep me quiet. Another time it became clear that there were at least three men abusing me or maybe four, I am not certain how many. I was forced to suck these men several times and don't know how many times I had intercouse and anal intercouse with them. At one time I was punched in the eye so bad I passed out. I could hear them talking at times and they spoke of me like a whore calling me all the vile names you could think of. I almost threw up a few times with the taste of semen as they continued slapping and punishing my butt. They were so rough with me I had no control of what they were doing to me. Eventually I must have passed out but there was more embarrassment to come.

    From what I was told the next morning a maid came in my room and found me naked and beat up in bed. What I do remember is a cop touching my face with another cop and the motel manager standing there. Thanfully one of the cops put a sheet over my body and then the rescue squad came in and took me to the hospital. I had no idea what I looked like until later that day when I was able to get out of bed. First I had a black eye, my lip was cut, my brasts were so sore they were painful just touching them. I had bite marks on my breasts and my inner thighs around my vagina and my butt was covered with red and purple welts. It was embarrassing enough that the cops and the motel maid and manager saw me like that but the hospital wasn't any more comforting. My enire body was examined and I was subjected to vaginal and rectal exams and a series of blood tests. A nurse wiped my body cleaning me up some but I knew most of what she was wiping off me was semen. They asked me how many men and what they looked like but I was so weary as they assualted me I didn't know. As I took a shower I cried and my whole body hurt. I had never been subjected to anal sex before and the pain in my anus and rectum lasted for a week. I got out of the hospital the next morning and went back for my bags again being embarrassed just by having to face the motel manager. I was to afraid to stay at that motel and I got a room in another one and slept almost the entire day. The next day I flew back to Ohio and never told anyone about it saying I fell down steps to explain my injuries. The first year I called a detective in Las Vagas many times but they never caught the animals that did that to me. For the longest time I tried to figure out if I was stupid and how did I end up with those men in my room. Its haunts me also how I was able to orgasm as those pigs abused me in every way possible. I was always in a stuppor and can't understand why they would beat me the way they did. It was the most brutal thing that has ever happened to me. One of my biggest fears at the time was the possibility I could get pregnant or contract some type of vanerial infection. Fortunaltly neither occurred but the mental stress continued for years. try not to think about it anymore but still do at times.

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    Straight Female / 34

    An old boyfriend came to see me. He is into nothing, unemployed and never grew up. No reason for anyone to get jealous.

    But my boss came out of his office and told him to leave me alone. In his words to get lost and stay lost. That I was his woman and no one bothered his woman. I didn't know I was his woman.

    After my ex left he called me into my office and told me that I needed to get myself together and that I was not to speak with my ex again. Since I hadn't set boundaries, he was setting the boundaries. I was off limits to my ex.

    What do you say or do? what can you say or do? I went back to my office but couldn't work. A half hour later he came into my office and told me that a man sets limits around his woman, his home and his country, and no m-f was going get close to his woman. Again, what do you do or say? Nothing. You can't say anything. He said it.

    I waited until it was time to go home and I went into his office and I asked him if I had permission to go home, or was I to go home with him. I needed to know. He said since that m-f was in town I was to go home with him.

    I won't pretend that his actions or his words didn't bother me, they did. But being his woman is good. He is gentle and kind and he takes care of me. The sex is good, he is experienced and he knows how to make me want to be with him. He is not overly demanding, learning to live with him took some time, but I think most men are demanding at home. From time to time I get the ownership stuff, but it pretty much roles off my back now. It is what it is.

    How different is it to say that you are a man's wife, or a man's woman. Either way you are saying you are his. In my case he said it first, and I say it now. I don't say I am his woman, I say I am his wife or his girlfriend. I can't hold him off very long for sex, but I have gotten him to say yes that I am his wife before letting him in. Now I need to get the piece of paper. And with the piece of paper then he becomes mine, and he is not too crazy about having to become mine. He knows that his house is mine and his business is mine. I have told him, he declared first, all I am doing it agreeing. I want the piece of paper. With the piece of paper I will be his wife, and not his girlfriend, but still his woman, and he will be my husband, he is already my man.

    I never believed in marriage but I do now.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I thought I was completely straight but at a dinner date with another couple I don't know too well, I had to go to the toilet so I excused myself. The woman with us asked if I wanted company. Inside the lady's room, I noticed she was rubbing her right eye. She said, "Something is in there and it's driving me crazy. I took a tissue out of my purse and said, "let me see." I found an eyelash inside her eye and fished it out. Our faces were almost touching and suddenly she kissed me, open mouthed and I found I loved it. We did it for a few minutes and have since done it all.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I stumbled upon this site by accident which prompted me to confess my amazing same sex experience /seduction by none other than my favourite teacher Ms Jones , by the way she`s 36 while I am 18

    I also happen to be her pet student, we would talk about all kinds of things, even boys & girls, she asked how things were without being to prying, I opened up and felt that I could tell her anything , I soon felt comfortable asking her sex questions and told her about my 3 sex experience 2 with boy and 1 with girl { it was just kissing and fondling } , she confided me that she was into girls, feeling in my stomach spread through my pussy and I boldly asked her if she found me attractive , YES YES was her answer

    We were just 2 of us in her house ,my heart felt like it would burst from my chest, our legs were now touching I closed my eyes and leaned forward, for a second I felt like a fool, then I felt the soft touch of her lips against mine, for about 10 minutes we did nothing but kiss and gently caress each other's Boobs, then her hand dropped to my hip and untied my jeans, I raised my ass up and she pulled the panty out

    Moving to the bed, she threw the pillows off and pulled down the spread, I sat on the edge and she pushed me back onto my back, kneeling by the edge, she place her hands on my inner thighs and spread them, her tongue moved between my legs, I moaned and pushed my pelvis towards her face, her tongue lashed across my pussy , moving to my face she kissed me, I could taste my own juices upon her lips, her leg slid between mine and she ground her pussy against mine, my hands found their way down her back and cupped her ass cheeks

    Switching her body around, she swung her legs over my head and I found myself facing her moist pussy, she lowered her head back into my crotch and I lifted my head to taste her, she tasted sweet and fruity, we were now in a 69 position again, but with me on top, she scooted up a bit and spread my ass cheeks, I shuddered as I felt her tongue probe my puckered ass, gently she rimmed my ass and I ground back towards her, this felt so taboo and forbidden, her fingers plunged into my pussy and I felt another orgasm sweep through me.

    Rolling off her, I pulled her to her hands and knees, I spread her ass and looked at her cute little pucker, I could do this. I wanted to do this, I leaned forward and licked across her ass, it did not feel dirty, she moaned and ground back towards me, I did as she did and put my fingers into her pussy, my tongue stabbed at her asshole

    After several orgasms we both fell back onto the bed and softly kissed each other's lips, Everything felt so right.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I have been the live in girlfriend of a man since I was fourteen. He is twenty five years older. When I was fourteen and fifteen he photographed me around the house, naked in bed , wet out of the tub, naked in the tub, anything naked. None were obscene, artistic, he loved to surprise me and would love on me afterwards.

    I had a baby girl last year, we are married now, and I'm 26 now, and he took out his camera again. He is a great photographer, the baby pictures are just great. I went to the box of those nudes of me, my smile, different hair cut, some are so good. I love them. I would like to frame them, keep them for my daughter and show her mommy back when. One of me in the bathtub I really like and want to put it in a frame in my room, so he remembers me when I was young.

    I shared the pictures with my mom, she agrees they are really good, but she thinks I will get in trouble. To me its art, I know now people are over sensitive, but art is art. None of these were taken maliciously, I was a subject, and I will have them in my home. Is my mom right? I mean, why do I have to keep them in a box?

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