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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 49

    As we grew older our sex life came to a complete stop. Otherwise our marriage worked, but we became brother and sister. My husband started to fade out, lost in thought. Then slowly to talk about a girl in his office. At the Christmas party he brought her over to our table to meet me. She was nice, a little masculine really, broad shoulders and strong hands, masculine jaw. But she was nice. When she walked back to sit with her coworkers she was unstable on her heels and she looked uncomfortable in her dress. I stared at her all night, I just couldn't put my finger on it.

    As time went on I heard from him that she was a cross fit girl and had been for some time. That was it, her looks and muscles, her face was from supplements. She was growing more and more masculine. I decided on my own to talk to her, find out whether I was right. I admit I was curious, but also worried. She admitted to going to the gym every afternoon, to taking large amounts of supplements, including testosterone to build muscle, for over ten years. She wanted to become a body builder, have a defined physique. I asked her to let me see her naked or in a small bikini. I wanted to examine her, head to toe.

    All along my husband talked about her, he told me he went to the gym to watch her work out. He liked her that way. She on her side worked out to please him. They had been in an affair for three years, since she was 23. When she let me examine her she stood still and let me examine her whole body, including her overactive genital region. I spoke with her and she answered my questions. She hadn't had a regular period in years. I asked my husband to stop encouraging her, let me get her help.

    The doctor I took her to specialized in women who had overwhelmed their bodies with testosterone and supplements, her patients were all body builders who wanted to quit. It took two years to wean her off the supplements, to where her periods were regular and her hormone counts more normal. My husband paid for her treatment. She had quit her job, she was in a clinic for months, and when we took her home she had regained some of her feminine look. And she and my husband had stopped having sex during her treatment.

    Several months into her post addiction my husband told me he wanted to hold her, why couldn't she be with him. I went to her room and asked her if she wanted to go to him, he was waiting for her. She went and I stayed upstairs. My feelings were never hurt, she is getting healthier and healthier, but the effects of her abuse of the supplements and drugs will never all go away, she will always have a masculine jaw line, shoulders and thighs. He seems to like her like that, and she is given to him and I have stepped aside.

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    Straight Female / 39

    I am the 39 year old wife of a younger man I am pretty sure is bi and has sex with men when he travels which is a lot. I have no proof but I read lots of gay stories on here trying to find out more about what seems the thousands of married men who have sex with men when they are away on business. He is very good looking and has a great body. Almost too great if you know what I mean. He buys fitness and mens fashion magazines and works on his tan every weekend, in little tiny skimpy briefs, in summer. He shaves his legs, he says for cycling which he is very competitive in, but really is that necessary? I notice gay looking men looking at him a lot. He will let his guard down one day and let something slip or I will find evidence. I read all about the men, but no women ever comment on here about the terrible lie their husbands might live. All these bi married men have wives. No, I haven't asked him straight out. I am not really sure I want to know the truth. How screwed up is that? He is 6 years younger than me and all my friends think I am lucky to have such a hot husband. At least our sex is good. Tell me if I am really screwed up or should I take the risk and ask?

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    Straight Female / 30

    My husband, Ted, and I decided to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary with a trip to Jamaica. We arrived at our beach-front hotel late on a Sunday with a departure date of the next Saturday.

    Early Monday morning we went for a quick swim before breakfast. After our breakfast we returned to our room for a bit of sex before returning to the beach.

    Once in our room we both got naked very quickly. Ted started to hug me and I could feel his penis getting hard. As he pushed me on to the bed, we were interrupted by a knock on the door. I told Ted to ignore the knock as we were already naked and I was really in the mood for sex. He thought it best to answer the door to make sure we would not be further bothered.

    When Ted opened the door, just a crack, someone pushed the door wide open, and two young black boys rushed in. Ted knocked the one boy down but the other boy hit him in the back of the head with a bottle. The boy that Ted knocked down jumped on the bed and held a knife to my throat while the other boy tied up and gaged Ted.

    I was terrified and thought it was a robbery. That may have been the initial intent but when the boys saw my naked body they decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

    One of the boys stuffed a hanky in my mouth and they then proceeded to remove their clothes. I tried but couldn't avert my eyes as they lowered their shorts. Although I didn't think either boy could be older than 15 or 16 years old, I was shocked at the size of their penis's. Now I had been with a few men before Ted, and I didn't think Ted was any smaller, but both of these boys were much bigger. One boy appeared to be about 7" soft and the other at least 8" soft.

    They didn't stay soft for long once they started to fondle my tits and suck on my nipples. I have always had very large, sensitive nipples, and my painful moaning obviously sent the wrong signal.

    As one boy continued to attack my nipples, the other one started to explore my private area. I don't shave but my clit is pronounced and wasn't difficult for him to find. He then proceeded to tongue my clit.

    Just then Ted regained his senses and started to stare at the bed. He was making noise but couldn't be easily heard due to the gag.

    The attack on my nipples and clit continued for several minutes. Then my attackers took turns at my vagina with their now stiff pricks. Both appeared to be at least 9" erect. I thought I was being torn apart when the first boy violated me. Thankfully, he finished very quickly. I wasn't so lucky with the second boy. Again I thought I was being torn apart, But this assault lasted for at least 10 minutes. I am ashamed to admit that by the time the second boy was starting to cum, I was nearing an orgasm.

    After the attack ended and the boys left, I untied Ted and we called the police. Unfortunately, the boys were never arrested. Needless to say, Ted and I never returned to Jamaica.

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    Straight Male / 45

    What is the percent of women who love to suck dick? I know some women love it and must

    suck a dick each and every day of the year. A woman who truly enjoys sucking a dick of

    all kind is a blessing. I use to have a girlfriend in Philadelphia Pa. yes her love

    was sucking my black dick, she lives for sucking very slow. She would start very slow

    and enjoy it like it was her last dick to suck. The question is this. Why do some women

    some of you women love it so much, while other women won,t suck it all. iS IT the smell

    of a male dick ( i hope he is clean, I know mine was very clean ) She wasn't sucking my

    dick, she was making love to it. She would have orgasms from sucking and talk nasty while

    do it. She would eat my cum like it was honey, all of it and drain my balls. Sure do miss

    having someone like that now. So, ladies, I would like to have your input on this

    subject. Just for fun, whoever gives the best answer would win with me licking your pussy


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    Straight Female / 38

    In my late thirties, divorced and without a quotable man around, I hired an 'escort'. He was bisexual if not gay, metrosexual, pretty in a sick way, his gym toned body a total turn off. I turned him away. Why in my mind I was expecting my ex I don't know. 45, beer gut, balding, obstinate, overbearing, self centered and into self gratification using my body and not his hand.

    I called my ex, apologized for the hour, told him what I had done, asked him to forgive me and if I could go see him. The sex was not improved, deja vu all over again, but comforting in a way I didn't expect. I slept with him and we had breakfast together.

    We are now 'fuck buddies', same old same old. Unlike some pretty boy on the clock, I can cuddle up and spend the night.

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    Straight Female / 28

    During my junior year in college I spent a semester in Rome. It was nice in a whole lot of ways but it was also lonely. The roommates I had were both British and we did not get along all that well. So one weekend I decided to go out on my own and took the train to Florence. My first time out, I had my guide book and I had decided on what it was that I should see. I walked around and bumped into the same guy several times. Walking past the Statue of David he approached me and asked my name, he was Italian and a student and gave his name as Paulo.

    He more or less rushed me and sat me down at this small café and ordered a coffee for both of us and while I wasn't looking, just like that he grabbed my purse and ran. My money, passport, my credit card were all in my purse and my ticked back to Rome. About half a block away as he ran a tourist stuck his arm out and knocked him down and when he tried to get up he pushed his head and knocked him out. I got my purse back and couldn't stop myself from crying.

    I thanked him and went back to the station and went back to Rome, scared. My roommates said it happened because I had gone alone. My family in the States told me to come home. I packed and left the program and headed back to the States where I finished college and teach fourth grade in my old elementary school.

    I don't trust men, if I have to get close I seize up. No amount of talking changes the way I feel. I know a man stopped the thief, but the man thief got my purse. I don't trust Grandpas, or college men, or taxi drivers. I spend all my time working out how to get around, how to avoid being around men. I dream about getting r**ed in the middle of the night. I go to work and I always wear a large menstruation pad which if not real I stain in case some man wants to take my pants off he will think I am on my period. I 'feel' men walking behind me and I harden up inside waiting for the hit on the head and being dragged off into a corner. I know I am going to get r**ed, I just don't know where.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I would like to get a women insight on questions, please. Here are the questions.

    What sexual positions gets you going and why. Do you talk nasty during sex. Now that

    summer time is here do you show more of yourself like wearing a short top or short

    dress. Are you forceful during sex, like i want it now and not later.

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    Straight Female / 32

    I'm a 32 year old Mormon housewife. I wasn't Mormon growing up. After I met my husband I converted. My life as a housewife is the best thing that I have done for myself. The kids come with the job. Respecting and obeying your husband comes with the job. Mormon men are not scared of putting their foot down and running their home and family. Maybe my grandfather did that, my father never did and no one in my pre Mormon life ever made me believe they were man enough for me.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 31

    Against the common thought, I am proof that you can be put in your place and kept there. I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice, my goal was to be a police officer. After graduation another female graduate convinced me that we should join the Marines. We joined and were sent to witness all kind of shit and my friend got hurt real bad. She is OK now, but not without a lot of physical therapy and medical attention. When we got back and were discharged I saw an add for the DEA at the base and I applied and got accepted. I went through their training program and I was invited to go overseas. I was attached to the Embassy in a cover role. I was 28 and I was hard as stone, and I walked over anyone that got in my way. I looked back and I hadn't had sex since college, I basically hated men. To me a dick of any kind was useful for one thing, to cut off. I wasn't into women in that way, but all my friends were women and my best friend was my college friend.

    I thought I would do field work but I ended up doing office work. My job was gathering background information for the field teams. You do what you are told to do but it was because I was female. No doubt about that. Lots of people were getting hurt, not just ours but the other side as well. It was a war without being in uniform. After two years I resigned and got a job in security. I kept up my physical training and I was out jogging and a guy came up to me and asked if he could run with me. He was newly assigned and I met him again at one of the briefings. He was a veteran, early fifties, in great shape and he was there to take overall command.

    He fucked me, and not in a nice way. If you got in his way or you didn't do what he said he fucked you, female or male. I found out that if I didn't want to be on the shit list I had to let him fuck me. He was much stronger than me and he used his weight and his strength to put me down and keep me down. After each fucking I went away a tiny bit less pissed off. After a lot of fucking I went away and did what I was told. After that the fuckings were more civil, but man in charge. After the fuckings I was more civil and role played for him. After a lot more fuckings I was totally his and it showed.

    I can't condone it, not in that way. But in the end you just need to meet the man that is going to put you in your place and keep you there. Biology or sociology, if doesn't matter. I quit my job with him for the obvious reasons. I quit, not him. You don't ball bust the man that fucks you.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    My transition from a girl at home to a girl on my own took me through college, losing my lover and loneliness that can't be explained. I took a job at a large upscale department store the summer before college. I was assigned to the frilly lingerie section. Mostly older women who had money went there, you never saw some young college girl there. The department manager was a woman in her late forties who had been a real looker in her youth, I saw the pictures. She prided herself in helping women find the right size and she told me there was no way to know if the bra fit if you didn't squeeze the melons. Always, and she meant always, after you fit her you put your hands under her arms and took her boobs and made sure they were properly supported. And some women liked to get a massage while they were there trying on bras.

    She showed me, she picked out a bra that she said was my size and had me take off my top and bra. She stood me bear breasted in front of the mirror and admired what I had, youth is fleeting she said, one day those nice boobs would be around my knees. She cupped my boobs and played with my nipples and said she was going to give me a massage. She held me tight against her, I could feel her boobs in my back, she used her hands and massaged my bare boobs while we looked in the mirror and she told me secrets of the trade, so many women liked to get her massage. If I learned how to massage boobs I would have a steady clientele of my own. She took off her top and bra and had me stand behind her and she took my hands and put them on her boobs and had me massage her. It was all so wrong and all so right, when she put her hands down my pants to feel if I was happy she laughed and kissed me.

    She really did massage many of her clients, they came in every week and tried on bras. She said she got nice tips from them and would show me the money and she said that a lot of women liked to be happy too and some of them liked to be kissed in their happy place. She put me in in the dressing room a whole lot and massaged me and checked to see just how happy I was, she kissed my happy place and of course kissed my face and my boobs. She didn't just kiss me in the dressing room, she invited me to her apartment and kissed me there too. And she massaged me and I massaged her.

    I went to college a changed girl from when I graduated from college. In college life was so college, friends came and went over the semester and some were closer than others, and one night I told a guy about my summer job and he got out of control and I wasn't a virgin anymore. He also kissed my happy place, except that he had the tool to make my happy place even happier. I liked that a lot. As I went through college I was really not so open, I had two boyfriends, my first one and another one that I met in my senior year. He went his way and I went my way after college.

    I took a job working for a midsized school district in the suburbs and I met a teacher there and we agreed to live together to save money. She had all the wrong bras, I could tell. I bought a bra for her at Macy's and brought it home and forced her to try it on in front of me and I got behind her to adjust the straps and massage her boobs. She was not going to allow that but I was going to massage her boobs anyway and I grabbed her as tight as a I could and crammed my boobs into her and told her that I wasn't going to let go. We stood in front of the mirror while I massaged her boobs and I checked her happy place and then put her on her bed and undressed her and kissed her happy place, her boobs and her face. And then I went down on her until she got real happy.

    Whatever it was inside of me came to the top and I didn't leave her alone and everyday I massaged her boobs before she put on her bra and we got on the bed and make our happy place feel good. I was at home waiting for her and she was late. No call, nothing. I had this real bad feeling and this policeman knocked on the door. I threw up. He told me that she had been rear-ended by a dump truck and had not survived. My world stopped. No one knew, no one so my morning for her was silent and lonely. As far as everyone was concerned I had lost a roommate and a friend and no one understood why I was so lost. I had to quit work, I just couldn't go back to the school where we taught and I got a job working in an office for less pay. I couldn't afford my apartment alone and had to give that up, maybe for the best and moved into a garage apartment that was owned by a widow in her late sixties.

    I ended up confessing everything to her, I just couldn't stop and she listened quietly until I was so drained my head hurt. She told me that love is not something anyone of us understands and that losing your mate is a terrible thing. As we got to know each other I told her about my boss in the lingerie department and she laughed and said she could see how that would happen. You have to enjoy your body and why not enjoy it in a dressing room with a woman who knows how to massage your boobs and make you happy. She really helped me get back on center and move on. As far as I know she had a regular life, met a man and got married and had kids and lived her life with him, pretty boring.

    I got invited by a couple of girls I knew from around to go with them to Todos Santos in Baja and she said to go along and enjoy my body, I needed to get laid by man or woman, but get laid and come back and tell her how it was. I had no desire for a man, although there plenty of willing me around, I talked to a lady I met while bathing in the pool and we got to talking and I felt the need and she got the message and we went up to her room and I got laid, by a woman not a man. I hadn't had an orgasm since my girlfriend died and when she got me there I let go and emptied myself. We played around for the next couple of days, she went home to her husband and her home and I returned to my life, much refreshed and ready to take on the world. I was grown up and on my own.

    I have gained more respect for men, men can make your happy place very happy, it's just the cost of keeping them that makes it expensive emotionally. When I get to feeling lonely or just need to be hugged I find a girl for breast massage and to make our happy place happy. I have a girl who I am talking about living with, I am not sure that I could live everyday with a man. She has nice boobs, I need nice boobs, I love her boobs, her boobs fit in my hands and I can massage her the way I was taught. It's my little secret, I can always get a girl to get happy after a boob massage.

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