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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 28

    First I want to put it out that I am not trying to justify anything. But I need to give some backstory first.

    My father had a stroke when he was forty one and was totally disabled and needed care 24/7. Among other things he lost his job and we ended up on a disability payments. My mother was a flight attendant when she met my father and had us two kids. When my father had his stroke I was sixteen and my sister seventeen. We had to sell the house and move into this small house in a much worse neighborhood, leave our private school where we had been since kindergarten and attend a public school with mostly poor kids. My mother always smoked, but it got worse and she drank. She had always been a bit of a social butterfly but now that we were down and out none of her friends stayed friends with her. Same for my sister and me.

    Next door to where we moved in lived a divorced man who tried to help my mother. Mostly handyman stuff getting the house to be able to maneuver the wheelchair, the lift and other needs. He also build this ramp for us so that we could move him in from the driveway which was easier than the ramp that was built to the backdoor. He liked me from the beginning and I liked him. He asked me to go look after his dog when I got off from school, to feed him and water him and walk him. For a 30 dollars a week. He also introduced me around for babysitting but people in our new neighborhood couldn't pay babysitters, they traded off or didn't use one or had family.

    One afternoon when I was taking care of the dog he kissed me. I was sixteen and virgin all over. It was my first kiss, the first time a man held me like that, the first time a man felt up my boob. He could tell I liked it and he felt me up between my legs. He undid my pants and put his hand in my pants and fingered me. He took out his cock and let me play with it. He gave it to me to suck, he took my shirt and bra off and fucked me on the couch. It felt so good, I am pretty sure I had an orgasm but it is all cloudy all I know is that I liked it and when he finished I didn't want him to stop.

    After that he fucked me a lot. I sucked him a lot. I loved sucking his cock. I don't know if his cock was overly big or not but to me it was so huge, I could get my hand around it and suck on him and lick his cock. When he fucked me it always felt good, no matter how or where we were. We started playing dog and I would get on all fours and crawl around on the floor barking and he would crawl around behind me and get on me and fuck me. His real dog would bark too and follow me around when I was on all fours, barking and he would push the dog off and fuck me. It was a crazy time.

    In the meantime my older sister got involved with the P.E. assistant, a Hispanic woman in her thirties. She was anything but soft, she looked like a man and walked like a man. If you looked real close she had a beard. At the time I didn't know anything about a woman wanting to become a man and hormones, but that is what she was doing, taking male hormones to grow balls. I hated her and I hated that she was doing my sister. In the end we both found inappropriate arms to fall into. My mother became a drunk, one of those drunks that is passed out and can't get out of bed. The day nurse would tell us when we got home but we couldn't do anything about it. We just got fucked.

    I told our neighbor about my sister and he got pissed that she was messing around with the P.E. lady at school. My sister took after my father, she was stocky and tallish and one day my neighbor had to fuck her and he did. I was there, I saw how he fucked her. She didn't like being held by him and she didn't like having him get his dick in her, but he did. She went on about how she was going to tell on him and I told her if she did I would tell on the P.E. teacher. No one said anything, my neighbor fucked her all he wanted and I watched. I would sit on the chair and pet the dog while he fucked her. She hated his dick, she hated it more when he made her suck his dick. Everything I liked she hated, everything she liked I hated. But at least I didn't have to put up with the P.E. teacher.

    My father died in his sleep before I finished high school. I went to junior college for a year. My sister went into the Navy. My mother died of lung cancer three years later. I love to get fucked, I love to suck cock. I love big male dogs. I like sleeping with my dog. I never neutered him, I couldn't do that. I hold him and let him fuck my hand. I like being the bitch and having the man crawl on me from behind. I really like that. My sister likes being in the Navy with all those man looking women. I don't like her friends that she tells me about and I don't even know them. I hate the pictures she sends me. I wish that our neighbor from when we moved could fuck her again.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    Never married, simply because I am bi-sexual and many people believe me strictly gay. I live alone in a large apartment complex and was dating Coleen who is totally gay, only 25 and beautiful. We went to my complex pool a couple times a week and thats where we met Anthony who is a 22 year old guy living with his parents. He was hitting on Coleen until she told him she was gay. I'm sure he took for granted that I was also gay but never tried hitting on me since its clear I am much older. He is an extremely cute guy and has a nice personality so we continued being friendly with him. On July 3rd Coleen informed me she was moving back to Texas with a past girlfriend. I was very upset about it because the sex we had was fantastic together. Anthony was also disappointed since the sight of Coleen in her bikini had to excite any normal guy. As a week or two went by my sexual gratification was limited to masturbation. I continued talking with Anthony a few times a week and one day after having a few Hard ice tea's I obnoxiously asked him to help me masturbate. The look on his face was shock and I remember him saying "your kidding?". I was drunk enough at the time just to say I was horny and need some loving attention. We went back to my apartment and I kept doubting whether it was a good idea to do this. I told Anthony I was gay to purposely let him know he wasn't going to have sex with me. Thankfully it didn't discourage him from going into my apartment. I got us both a drink and with no hesitation took my bikini off. I don't think this kid could believe what I was doing at first. I laid back in my recliner with knees bent up on the foot rest and opened my legs as far as possible. I was totally comfortable exposing myself but it was Anthony who was blushing. All I said to him then was to satisfy me. He gingerly began feeling my breasts then started fingering me. At that point I could see he was enjoying it and I began instructing him how to use my vibrators and dildos. I think it was the first time I was with a guy in over a year and it felt good just having him see me naked. After I orgasmed a few times I told him to take off his bathing suit and although his penis wasn't the biggest I ever saw he had about a 7" hard on. I took a dab of KY and jerked him off but lied telling him I never did that before. He was happy as hell when he left my apartment and told me he'd come over anytime I want. Today is September 9th an so far he has masturbated me 15 times since the first time. I don't have to tell him what to use on me and I have let him shave me 3 times so far and know he loves doing it. He has 4 times given me oral sex and all I ever do is jerk him off each time. In August I meet his parents and they seemed to be very nice people who are clueless to what goes on with their son and I. I didn't want to have intercourse with him at first but now I think about doing it. I think it is safer to let him think I am just gay. He is way to young for me to get to involved with and I am sure I am only a few years younger than his mother.

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    Straight Female / 35

    My husband and me are happy and all that but he told me in bed he wanted to copy the porn films and come on my face. I bartered him down to just over my lips and mouth. I had never watched anyone masturbate that close and it was a turn on but Iâm wondering if this is too trashy for marriage.

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    Straight Female / 41

    Truly never meant to cheat but this happened and I feel awful. My husband and I went out to celebrate a promotion and drank way too much.

    We met these two guys my husbands age and were doing shots. We were too wasted and o drive so this one man gave us a ride. My husband was straight passing out and we got home he was straight on the bed. I walked back out to the garage to close it and the guy was still turning his car around. He yells out the window nightcap.

    And like a fool I was like ok. This guy was married with kids so maybe I just didnât think. Anyhow you can tell the rest. He came in to me and I let him. We have this bonus room above the garage and we went up and he pulled my panties off pushed the skirt off and we did it in the floor.

    Worst part is I did like it. Or worst part is when I told him not to come he did anyway. Or the worst part is I canât get his orgasm out of my mind.

    I have never felt guilt like this because itâs confusing.

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    Straight Female / 28

    The real truth of trying to make it,

    I tried being a comedienne. I got some tries, at clubs but the pay was miserable, and I had to keep a full time job at a boring company to pay the bills. I met a guy, and he offered me a place to stay. As to the rent we negotiated a lower rent if I did the housekeeping. Who would think that two people needed that much housekeeping, or that a man is so messy. It was my first experience at taking care of a man. And he never asked me for the rent.

    I went to bed with him, I was doing everything anyway, I did the shopping, the cleaning, the cooking, the arranging, he let me decorate the place, I went and got in bed with him because I did everything anyway. His first 'act' on me was to put me under him. I told him I was a virgin and he laughed and he made sure I wasn't. It has always been pretty safe stuff, just once I a while he reminders me that he owns 'that' and I agree with him.

    A year had gone by since I had last done a show. Of course no one was calling me to do a show and I just didn't care anymore. I wanted to get off work and go home and cook something. That occupied my mine, what should I cook for dinner. I bought cook books and tried different dishes and he ate them all, only once in a while telling me that once was enough, he liked spaghetti. I could always fix spaghetti for him. But I liked to cook so I tried all sorts of things.

    My house, I called it my house, I lived there. I didn't pay rent, it was my house. I took care of my house. I kept my house. I cooked in my house. I slept in my house. I talked to a contractor to open up the kitchen into the den, I liked to cook but I wanted to see him when I cooked. I wanted to be with him when I cooked. I found the contractor, I negotiated the price, I had him do what I wanted and he changed the way my house looked and opened up my kitchen so that my den and my kitchen were one big room and he just had to look up to see me cooking.

    We ran into a woman from work, an older woman at the mall and I introduced my 'husband' to her. She looked at me and said she didn't know I was married. I said we were, just the modern way, I was a common law wife. When she left he asked me what that was all about and I asked him to just make me an honest woman I didn't like being a common law wife. I arranged everything, the guest list, the venue, the dress, everything. Picked the date. The cake. I got his approval on most things but I picked it. The best day of my life was when my dad walked me down the isle and I got married for real. It was my dad's best day too, or so he says.

    It isn't a joke either, I mean every bit of it. I am not a good feminist. I like to cook and I love my house and I love my husband. My perfect life is being a full time housewife and I am working on that.

    I made it.

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    Straight Female / 33

    I foolishly got married when I was 22 and it ended after only a year and two months. I hardly dated the next year or two and when I was 24 I developed tumors and had to have a hysterectomy. It really upset me for a long time because I always wanted to have a kid or two someday. At 26 I moved to the city and have a great job and nice apartment. That's when I began hanging out at a local pub a night or two during the week and always on weekends. I got to know a lot of the local people and began dating again. Now this is hard for me to admit but I just began sleeping around with guys I hardly knew most of them the bar patrons and a few I met other places. My reputation soon changed from that cute little brunette to Rhea the slut. I never was and still am not into hard drugs but do smoke some weed and do drink often. Between thirty or forty is just an estimate but has to be close to the number of guys I slept with by the time I was thirty. Three years ago is when my insanity became something I'm ashamed of but still participate in. Guys at the bar openly discussed the sex they had with me in front of me and everyone else. Almost everybody at the bar knew I was a whore and I never denied it or stopped going in there. Frankie is the first one who introduced me to two on one sex when he somehow talked me into having sex with him and his friend Russ. We went to Frankie's apartment and from about 2 am until daylight I had sex with both of them often sucking one as the other was having intercourse or anal sex with me. I had no thoughts about them seeing me naked and was constantly aroused having two guys satisfying me. I orgasmed so many times I don't remember how many I had. Once word of this got back to the rest of the guys at the bar it became almost a weekly ritual. It seems like almost every weekend usually after the bar closes on Saturday nights I end up having sex with two guys. I know most of them but there have been quite a few I never knew before. Some are friends, brothers, co workers or cousins of guys I already know. Over the last few years there has probably been a dozen times where there were three guys I had sex with at the same time. I can't think of anything sexual that I haven't experienced over the last three years. Everything from straight and oral sex to sex toys and spankings. Some of the girls at the bar ignore me but a few have asked me why I let this happen and if I truly have fun letting all these guys take advantage of me. The truth is I do and except for a very few times when they were to rough with me I look forward to these weekend romps with the guys. Sometimes they go on well into Sunday afternoon where I am completely exhausted and orgasmed to my limit. I'll be 34 next month and by now can't estimate how many guys I've had sex with. Fortunately my parents, siblings and people I work with no nothing about all of this. I take a train to my job which is about 19 miles away and my parents live over 100 miles from my apartment. I visit my family on holidays and a few other times during the year but when my parents came here a few times I never let them meet anyone from the bar. The only one I ever let them meet was Frankie who I said was my boyfriend and he willingly went along with it. When I'm alone and think of all the sexual encounters I've been in its degrading and somewhat embarrassing. When I'm having sex with a guy or more than one I never feel embarrassed or humiliated by it and honestly crave it. Its so crazy sometimes and I know I have had sex with guys as old as 50ish to guys in there 20's. I know it difficult for any woman with morals to understand this but the sensations and arousal it brings me makes me desire it. It took years for this to develop into what it is now and even I don't fully apprehend why I am so addicted top it.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    In college I met a girl. Her name is Beatriz but she goes by Bibi. She was a junior like me majoring in business and I was majoring in accounting. She was nice and pretty and always dressed so sensual. Or maybe it is the way she walks. We became study friends and hung out between classes. She was a foreign student from Mexico, the first one I really got close to.

    One Saturday I was at her apartment. She shared an apartment with her older brother who was getting his PhD. She had been sent to take care of him. A Mexico thing. Anyway, her brother and I got along, he was always funny in his way, a bit too macho for any American girl and his sister took care of everything for him. I wouldn't but she did. Except that on that Saturday he started to flirt with her, grabbing her, smacking her butt, putting his hand between her legs, he turned her around and holding her by the tits slowly bent her over and started to hump her.

    She looked at me, her eyes rolling around like there was nothing she could do. She reached around her waist and lowered her pants to her knees and he then let go of one her tits and lowered his pants and walking behind her pushed her against the kitchen table and started to fuck her. Her hands reached across the table until she grabbed the edge and he fucked her until he came. After he got off of her she stayed on the table with her bare back open and he went and got a kitchen towel and pushed it up between her legs and then she stood shoving the towel up inside of her.

    She walked over to me, with her pants and underpants still around her knees holding on to the towel and sat down beside me. She opened her legs and took the towel out and touched herself with her fingers and then pulled her underpants and pants back up smiling at me with this pitiful little smile. Her brother called her to make some coffee for him and she got up to go attend to that.

    After than incident Bibi and I had a very strange ongoing relationship. She became very close to me, calling me all day until I just let her come over and stay with me. We went to her brother's apartment, cleaned up, did his laundry, if he came in and wanted her she let him, but she didn't live with him in the apartment. She started to come over and get in bed with me to talk, and one night she told me that she liked it and before she met me she would go get in his bed.

    We slept together a lot, not every night but a lot of nights. I got used to her close to me, sitting beside me, leaning on me, snuggling up in my arms to sleep. My arms and hands didn't have any place to go except around her and hug her and hold her and one day we were in bed she took my hands and put them on her tits and had me squeeze her tits and fondle them. We couldn't have sex but she fingered herself and masturbated until she came. She turned into my arms and went to sleep.

    This behavior continued until it was normal for me to hold her at night and fondle her tits and she would take my hand and stuff it up in between her legs. I won't say I felt her up, it was her pressing my hand against her. We didn't talk about this behavior, it was like a forbidden thing to say. She never went back to her bed anymore.

    One night her brother came over. We hadn't been to his apartment in more than a week and he came to tell us to go over and clean and do laundry. I got up and fixed him something to eat and told him we would go over the next day but not that night. He had to wait. I was in my nightgown in the kitchen and Bibi was in bed. He grabbed me from behind, I felt his hands clamp on to my tits and I knew what he was going to do. After a few moments I reached under my nightgown and pulled down my panties and let him do what he came for. His eggs got cold so after he was done I cooked some more eggs and served him a plate and let him eat.

    I never refused him, not cooking for him or washing his clothes or giving him sex and when the time came to get married I got married and when the time came I moved with him and Bibi to Mexico where I live. Bibi comes over to see me, to help with the kids. I love to put my arms around her and hold Bibi by her tits, I love to slip a hand down and feel her up. I love to suck on her nipples. We kiss now and sometimes we take our clothes off and get naked. Bibi is never going to get married, she is not that kind of girl. She doesn't need to get married, she knows who loves her.

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    Straight Female / 28

    I am 28. I attended a very prestigious school which has gone feminist mad. I tried the Kool Aid but could not drink it. I was approached by many more women than men while I was there. The men I met there were, well not men. I grew up in small ranching town in South Texas, where a cowboy is a cowboy and woman knows who rides who. But I went there because my mother went there and I graduated with my masters degree and returned home.

    At home I got involved with a woman, a maid in our house, who had a man who beat her up. That much I would not accept and I had my father fire him and get rid of him. When the woman pressed charges I had to deal with the Sheriff. Since I was a kid he had his eye on me and he gave me what for, for those of you who are not from South Texas that means he fucked me and put me down and made sure that I only got up when he gave me permission. a South Texas man doesn't take any shit from a woman.

    His wife heard about him giving me what for and she warmed me about coming down with a kid. A South Texas woman doesn't fuck around either. The Sheriff had different ideas and he gave me what for whenever he felt like it and I came down with a kid. But back to the maid, we showed the judge that the idiot man of hers hit her regularly and he granted her a divorce and he got thrown out of town. You don't beat up your women, if they need teaching you give them what for.

    Everyone in town knew that the Sheriff got what he wanted and knew who's dick I sucked and his wife had to put up with it. In South Texas if a man wants a woman he has a woman, it is just the way it is. I named my kid after his father. I want him to be proud of his father and his father to be proud of him.

    A girlfriend from up East came to see me. She always had intentions on me and she was surprised to know that I sucked dick and had a kid. I told her that I sucked dick when I was in college, but I guess up East girls think that you should eat pussy. That is one of the reasons that I could never drink the Kool Aid. She stayed a week, she met the Sheriff and she met my Dad. And she met the Sheriff's wife. She also met my Mom and she met a couple of my girlfriends growing up. In South Texas you suck dick if you are a girl, if you are guy who sucks dick you get run out of town, if your lucky. You don't want to stay in town. If a girl eats pussy things are different. Everyone goes out and finds a man to give her what for and teach her to suck dick. Anyway that is what it is. In South Texas, at least in my town, a woman sucks dick.

    For whatever reason I can't shake off the girl from up East. She clings on and on and on. I tell her that I am a got woman and I have a man and I have a kid and I am not going to move up East. If anything, I want another kid and she can't give me that. But six years up East made me soft and I can't just run her off. She is like my conscience that just won't let me go. I asked her to come here and live with me in South Texas. Maybe she will find a man to make her happy, if not she will just have to live knowing that I suck a man's dick and I want to have another kid. I just can't eat pussy. She can, but I can't. The most I can do is have her live with me and be my conscience.

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    Lesbian Female / 21

    I was a sophomore in college and I met a girl who sat beside me who was visibly pregnant. We sat beside each other three times a week and we got to talking and knowing each other. I got windy one day and I asked how it felt to be pregnant. She went on about it was just like having to take a shit all the time. I learned that she was single and her boyfriend had gotten her pregnant and she chose to stay pregnant.

    I asked her if I could touch her belly and I felt the baby moving and from then on I would touch her belly when we talked. She said she didn't mind, in fact she liked me touching her belly. She got bigger and bigger and I started to rub creams and oils on her belly and she got naked and I massaged her legs and arms and breasts and I peeked at where the baby was going to come out. It was freaky, eight months pregnant and I was softly massaging her pussy area and her breasts. She told me she was always horny and wanted a dick really bad but she wasn't going to ask her asshole boyfriend for that.

    The baby was born and I was over there with her, helping her, taking care of the baby, bathing her and the baby. She was no longer pregnant but she had this delicious baby fat and her pussy was always so amazingly full. The breast milk dripped out of her nipples, the baby felt so good to hold, I wanted to breast feed her but I didn't have any milk to feed her.

    We started kissing, and she started to touch me and play with my breasts and pussy and she asked me to kiss her hole where her baby had come out and from then on we had full sex with long intense kissing sessions, fingering and pussy eating. The more time went by I kept asking her if I should have a baby too and one day she told me that I had to find an inseminator to do it. But yes, get pregnant.

    My inseminator wasn't aware of what my intentions were, he was a senior about to graduate and like most guys he would fuck anything in a skirt, and I spread my legs for him and got him to inseminate me. My pregnancy was easy, I guess it is always easy when you are twenty, and my girlfriend and I reversed roles while I was pregnant and she took care of me. Having my pussy rubbed felt amazing and my breasts were beyond sensitive and she had to touch then and kiss them carefully, pinching my nipples only to make me come.

    Giving birth was an amazing experience, I wanted to go natural all the way but gave in and had an epidural. Now I wish I had pushed her out, but too late, maybe for the next one. The feeling of the baby sucking her milk out of me, the feeling of my girlfriend's hands on me, the feeling of both babies together. I just can't describe how good it feels to have little babies around. I wish that we had been pregnant together, maybe the next time. Right now we are enjoying the babies and being together. That we will graduate I am sure, but when I am not sure. We both work part time and cover each other with the babies for class and work and wait for our quiet time to kiss and make out and put our hands down there where the babies come out. The feel of her pussy in my hand that first time is always there, and I love her playing with my pussy. It must be a girl thing. You just want your pussy touched all the time.

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    Straight Female / 28

    My boss yelled at me and called me a stupid bitch. He made me sit and take it. When it was over and he left my office I realized I was so wet, wetter than I had never been. I would never admit this to any one I know.

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