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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 27

    In college two guys fought over me, the one who 'won' left the other guy unconscious and took me away in his car. No one questioned that I was his girlfriend, no one would date me. Even girls kept their distance insisting I get permission before going out. I dropped out of my college and went back home. Everyone in my town knew about the fight, no one dated me. After three weeks my 'boyfriend' came for me and took me back to school. I sat out that semester, finished school a semester late and got married.

    I never understood what the fight was about, I mean it was about me, but why fight like they were going to kill each other. I am married so this is all old news, I have kids now. My husband has never hurt anyone else that I know of, he looks after us. I used to ask him but he would tell me that I wasn't old enough to know. I have friends from that time, we don't talk about it any more. But it is a hole in my life I can't fill.

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    Straight Female / 40

    When I was 17 and still in high school I had an afternoon part time job as a file clerk in an office. The owner of the company liked me and he fucked me in the file room. I was a total virgin at the time, I had never been grabbed by a man or a boy either, I didn't have a father and I lived alone with my mother. I didn't know what a man's hug was, or the smell of a man on top of me or being naked against a man who was sticking his dick in me. He fucked me real hard that day, real hard. I went home and told my mother and all she said was that it was done now so now I knew what it felt like to be a woman.

    Sometimes he fucked me real hard like that day in the file room but other times he made love to me real soft, kissing and hugging me first, feeling me with his hand until I was wet for him and then making love to me, telling me how pretty I was and how much he liked having me. Sometimes he just kissed me telling me that I was his favorite, even more than his youngest daughter. Sometimes he undressed me piece by piece, shoes, and pants and tops and bra and panties until I was totally naked and he would tell me how much he enjoyed looking at me and how I made him happy and that he really enjoyed my body. But sometimes he would fuck me real hard.

    I worked for him all the way through college and through my masters program and I work for him today. Since that day I have was always been his lover, as I got older and I got more experience I knew how to get undressed for him, how to stand and or lay down for him, how to give him sex. I give him sex, the minute he stars to grab me for sex I give him everything. He is sixty years old now and for his birthday I hired a belly dancer I had seen at another party, she is so sensuous, she doesn't wear a bra of any kind and her breast move with her dance so that anyone in the room is either hot for her or jealous of her. At his party I had her dance for him, close and personal, letting her breast flow over him. I know him, he likes for me to cover his face with my breasts and let him nibble on me like eating from a bunch of gr**es.

    That night after his party I danced for him, my breasts just aren't the same but my breasts he can touch and kiss and bite and I let him feel me up with his hand and penetrate me with his fingers. I love the feeling of his hand in me, feeling his beard against me, his lips and his bites. I like getting him aroused, we use pills now all the time, his arousals last a long time and he works himself up until he just fucks me. I like making love, playing and teasing and stuff, but sometimes like after the party I just want him to fuck me one more time.

    I am forty years old now, I have never had another lover, I only know one man. My mother just spent four weeks with me. Sometimes to make her feel weird I tell her what he did with me the night before. That is how I get even with her, I remind her of that evening when I told her he had fucked me in file room, and that now I know what it is feel like a woman. I also tell her that I am not worried, everything is electronic now and there aren't any more file rooms.

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    Straight Female / 47

    The bottom line is that after 25 years of marriage I am the daughter and he is the father. When he has sex with me it feels indecent, like he shouldn't be seeing me naked. I sleep in a separate room from him and take care of all the household needs, he works and pays the bills and I live pretty well. Our house is paid off and our two kids are now college bound. I identify more with my daughter than I do with friends my age and I like being spoiled like her. I try to get up the desire to have sex but I just can't.

    I told him in a round about way that if he found a lady who would give him what he needs I will look the other way. I don't want him to get involved with some slut or woman digging for money. I want the woman to want to be with him, I guess to be in love with him. If she can't support herself properly I am not opposed to some sort of financial arrangement, but I definitely do not want some money digging woman around. The best thing is someone that I could sit down and have a nice morning over coffee conversation. But I don't want it to be any woman that I already know.

    I know I am asking for something that doesn't exist and he is probably more interested in some twenty five year old, but if he is he is paying for her and that is not the relationship I want him to have. I don't want him to pay for whores, the woman should go to him on her own and not be paid for her being with him.

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    Straight Female / 34

    In college in my sophomore year I eloped with a guy I barely knew at the time. We sobered up and knew we had done something stupid. We remained friends but we never divorced or annulled the marriage. Three years after graduation I looked him up and found him living with a girl from his work. Believe me there were no feelings, he and I were friends. He was surprised to see me, I hadn't called first to let him know I was coming to town. When his girlfriend found out that I was married to him she pretty much ended it right there and walked out.

    I don't know today, we are together now ten years and we have two kids, how being married made us get together. We just got together, we were married so we might as well be married. We did fake another wedding for the sake of the parents, but we were legally married at the time so the Minister married us in the 'church'. I sit in my house and wonder what my life would be like if I had not gone to see him, or if his girlfriend had said OK and stayed with him. We celebrate our church wedding as our anniversary, we have to stay very aware not to do anything that would give away that we had eloped. I guess it is a good thing that the kids came after our church wedding and not before.

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    Lesbian Female / 43

    I grew up in Ponce, Puerto Rico. My mother worked in a factory and my father was a police officer and security guard. My father liked me too much and my mother was jealous of me. One day my mother walked in and my father was hugging me and playing with my tits. Don't get me wrong, I liked it when my father hugged me and if he didn't put his hands on my tits I put his hands on my tits. I like having my tits played with. Anyway, my mother in her jealousy sent me to live with my grandmother who lived in San Juan.

    My grandmother was a mean old woman, a woman with more issues than anyone I have known. She was left by her husband when she was young and I'm sure she hadn't had a man since the day her husband walked out. Down the street from her house was a bordello, a strip joint and my grandmother complained all the time. All the girls that worked there had tits, like real tits and I started to imitate them, to show my tits. I would talk to them and make friends with them and they would admire my tits and tell me that I was the type of girl that the manager liked and as soon as I got older I could get a job there.

    I stared dancing at seventeen. The manager had some fake paperwork put together saying that I was nineteen. I made a lot of money, more money than my parents ever made. I loved dancing and being naked with the other girls. I loved watching them dance and I fell in love with this one girl. One day we made love. She showed me how to make love with her. She had shaved that day and she got naked and put this handkerchief over her pussy and told me to undress her and eat her out. It was my first taste of pussy. I loved it and we became lovers.

    She was a true pussy lover, a real true lesbian and she was in love with me. We had been lovers for a couple of years and she told me that she had a cousin in Miami and he would get us jobs and that we should move to Miami. In Miami her cousin got us jobs at this club where they gave him a commission for finding us. We had to work two years there before we could change jobs. We made good money, more money than we had made in Puerto Rico, but we also spent more money. We turned 24 at the club and it was clear that I was getting too old to dance there. My tits were not as firm, and I refused to get surgery so I was asked to leave. My girlfriend left with me.

    Her cousin, who was our manager, got us a job working for another club but the place was even worse and we decided to quit and get regular jobs. My girlfriend got a job as a sales representative at the apartment complex we lived in. I got a job as receptionist at a BMW car dealership. I spoke Spanish and the manager liked to have me out front because they had lots of Latin American clients who liked girls who were proud of their tits. I would have sat out there topless, but of course I had to wear something. We missed the money from dancing, we went from making thousands a week to making hundreds a week. My girlfriend's cousin tried to get us better jobs but everything he found was pretty bad, bad clubs and the girls were expected to be hookers and we weren't hookers.

    At the dealership the service manager started to flirt with me and he made a pass at me and I slapped him on the floor. I got fired. I was 25 and I had nothing, we had spent all the money we had made, we were living on my girlfriend's salary and commissions, we were out and out lesbians. After several months my girlfriend's cousin got me a job working as an accounts payable clerk at this shipping company that did business in Latin America. He told me that the owner had liked me and to be nice to the owner, to give him sex if he wanted it. That I needed to keep a job and I needed to get a breast lift if I wanted to stay in Miami.

    The owner of the business hired me to have sex with me. That was clear from the first day I went to work there. He told me he knew I was a dancer and he wanted a private dance in his office, to take it all off and dance for him. It is the first time I sucked a dick and it is the first time I had a dick stuck in me. I became his honey, and he wanted to move me to an apartment where he could come and see me. After a while we agreed and I moved to this apartment where he wanted me to live. I told him about my girlfriend and he told me that as long as I was fucking a girl he didn't care, but I was his girlfriend.

    He got my girlfriend a better job working for a real estate brokerage and I became his sugar baby and he didn't want me working. I got used to him, I saw him off and on, he wasn't always available, but when he was he wanted to come over and be treated nice. He liked my girlfriend and he liked for both of us to be nice to him and he liked to watch us make love. He bought a chair that he put at the foot of the bed where he could sit and watch us have sex. He paid the bills and we had to have sex with him now and again, dance for him and have sex in front of him. He started to masturbate when we had sex and we would clean him up afterwards. He liked having his dick sucked and he liked to look at our pussy. He paid the bills and he gave us money and he didn't care if we were lesbians. We were his sugar babies for ten years until he had a heart attack and he sold his business and moved to Arizona.

    My girlfriend had gotten her real estate license and she did very well selling real estate. The real estate office that he had set my girlfriend up with took care of rich clients from Mexico and Latin America that bought condos in Florida. My girlfriend and I are better lovers now than we were when we were dancing in Puerto Rico. I never got a tit lift, I like my tits the way they are and my girlfriend likes my tits. I love going topless for her and making love with her. We had a man in our lives for ten years and he helped us get on our feet and from time to time he sends us a gift. We are lesbians and we have been together for twenty five years, since that first job I had in Puerto Rico. I still love looking at girl's tits, I am a tit girl through and through. That's my weakness.

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    Straight Female / 30

    I went away to college with my best friend. After we were installed in our dorm during orientation week she tells me that there is a CW dance hall where all the kids go and she get us some fake IDs and this guy she met will take us. We go to the dance hall, these guys buy is beers and things got rowdy. She is kissing this one guy and this other guy is dancing me around. He takes me by the hand and walks me out into the parking lot to show me his truck. He takes some Duck Tape out of the tool box and cuts off a piece. I am so stupid I ask him what that is for and he tells me to put it over my mouth. He picks me up and puts me in the bed of the truck and we have sex. After he is done he asks me if I want to go home with him. I shook my head no so he drug me off the bed of the truck and stood me up against another truck so I can pull my pants up and we went back inside.

    I managed to get the tape off my mouth and went looking for my friend. She finally showed up after half an hour and we went to the restroom. I still had all of the tape crap on my face and she tells me she got lucky. After looking at my face and asking me what happened she kisses me on the lips and tells me we both got lucky. When we leave the restroom the guy who took me outside is waiting to take me home with him. My friend leaves with the guy she met and I go home with my new boyfriend. He wanted sex all night long.

    My friend has sex with all kinds of guys but I only have sex with my cowboy boyfriend. She has an abortion and later gets a bad case of Chlamydia. I keep my boyfriend clean and make sure he has all he needs and doesn't mess around. I also get on and stay on birth control, after her scare and her abortion I don't want that happening to me. My entire college experience was sex, granted with one guy, but we had sex all day and all night, it was never enough. In our senior year he was killed by a drunk driver.

    I went back home and wasn't able to keep a job. I went through a couple of therapist but that didn't help. Finally at 24 I got a job working for a small company and I met a man who treated me nice and when he wanted to have sex I froze up. I had to close my eyes and grit my teeth while he had sex with me. I only gave him dog sex because I didn't want him to look at my face. It took a long time, I got to the point where I could adopt the position and have him approach me from behind and perform sex and I wasn't closing my eyes. I was 27 when I laid on my back for him. I have never gotten over my boyfriend. I am 30 now and I got married but I don't really love my husband. He is nice and he is a good catch but I miss my boyfriend more than ever.

    I know that first loves are hard to get over. I wish I could feel for my husband what I felt for my boyfriend. I used to have sex with my boyfriend, he was wild and aggressive and knew how to make me have orgasms. My husband is the same every time and it is boring. I want to scream to him to just quit being nice. I start fantasizing with my boyfriend and then it is over. Over, he gets off and goes to sleep. I am all hot and sex is not over for me and I have to masturbate to get an orgasm. I never dreamt that men were so different. My high school friend that I went to college with says I was spoiled by my boyfriend, most guys roll on roll off. That's my husband.

    I don't want to spend the rest of my life wishing for a man again. I have a good life except for that. My husband is a good man, but he makes love to me like I am his mother and he doesn't want to bother me. Sometimes I want to go out and find some cowboy who wants to break me. I am so frustrated it hurts and I am tired of masturbating. I got spoiled but I want to be spoiled again.

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    Straight Female / 54

    In my late teens and early twenties I was a successful athlete, but my career went away. I went from bad job to bad job, sales, promotions until I got a job as a personal trainer in a gym in a small town. I live with an older man I met when I was trying to survive as a personal trainer. I am still fit and athletic but I am a housekeeper slash maid. My biggest failure is not having children. I am too old now and that hurts more than anything. This is a true story.

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    Straight Female / 41

    I was never an attractive girl, big boned, five foot ten, red hair, pale skin. I never dated. One afternoon talking to a coworker, I was thirty-six then, he asked me out to eat. He was having problems with his wife and that day he was staying with a friend. We went for Mexican, we had a booth towards the back and after several margaritas he sat on my side of the booth returning from the restroom. He kept grabbing my hands, touching me, leaning on me and he kissed me sticking his tongue in my mouth.

    He followed me home and came in, he reached behind me cupping my breasts thrusting against me. I was still buzzed and I let him open my shirt, kissing my breasts until he got my bra off. He then went for me, tearing at me, pushing me into my bedroom, getting my pants off, giving me oral sex before having sex with me. That is how I lost my innocence. That night was my sweet sixteen.

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    Straight Female / 41

    I was a lonely divorced white female with two kids. I kept the house when I got divorced. My neighbor down the street retired. I have always liked him, he was a wealth of knowledge about everything. I went to his house to ask him if he could watch my four year old son because I had to go to the doctors. When I came back he stood me up against the banister and told me I had to do something because my son was acting like a sissy and he needed to man up. He told me women did more to fuck up a boy than anything else and I was well on the way to making him a sissy.

    My feelings were really hurt, when I got home I cried. What was I supposed to do? My son was with me all day, his brother was in school but I couldn't afford day care for my son. After a few days I went and called on my neighbor and told him I wanted to talk, I needed his help. He wasn't very helpful, telling me only that I needed to get my son around a man with balls to be a role model for him. In my frustration I asked him why he couldn't be the man that my son spent time with, maybe he could spend a couple of hours with him everyday.

    I started to take my son over around ten and pick him up for lunch. And then I started to ask my neighbor to have lunch with us, or I let my neighbor take us out to lunch. At this one lunch, we were at Burger King and my son was in the play area he put his arm around the back of the booth and pulled me in against him. I tried to be soft and took his hand to take it off of me, but he just held me tighter and pulled me up to him this time really tight so I couldn't move. I complained to him, quietly and he told me my son needed to see that his mom was held by a man and that she liked to be held by a man.

    When we got back to our house he told me that he wanted to come in and talk to me while my son took a nap. The conversation was direct and he told me that it was just like that, I needed a man to get into my pants and he wanted to get into my pants and that made it perfect, I got what I needed and he got what he wanted. I stood up and walked away, he stood up and followed me and told me he wanted me to get in his arms and didn't want to feel anything but tits and that my son wasn't going to sleep very long so we didn't have anytime to keep arguing and he was horny and he wanted some right then, we could do it in the kitchen or on my bed but that he wanted some hot sweet pussy.

    I know he was using words to get me worked up and it was working, he told me he wanted me to sit up on the counter and let him eat my pussy. He took out his penis and told me to suck his dick. He picked me up and sat me on the counter and told me he wanted my tits and he wanted my pussy and he wanted me to suck his dick. He took me off the counter and pulled me to the living room sofa and sat down and told me to get down and suck his dick but not to make him cum because he wanted to fuck me. All this talk, all these words he was using and he was saying them in a real dirty tone and he shoved my head down until I started to suck him. Once I started sucking him I gave up. I sucked him for a little while and I told him to take me to my room because we could lock the door and I let him fuck me. There was no love making, just get on me and fuck me.

    He told me that the next time he was going to eat my pussy, he wanted it hot and sweet and juice running down his chin, he wanted his dick in my mouth and when he got through eating me he was going to fuck me. My affair with him went on and on for five years, as he got older we spent a lot more time with oral sex. By then both of my sons were in school so we had all morning and early afternoon to have sex. he liked looking at me and he had me get naked for him and fix lunch for him, or get naked and act out a play, or get naked and do exercises. He liked to sit on the couch and have me bend and twist and watch me. He took his play pills every morning before he came over. The neighbors all around knew that he spent mornings and lunch with me and pretty much knew about the affair.

    My sons were doing OK in school and my younger boy was in little league and doing much better. In spite of the way he spoke to me about sex he was always kind and used proper language with the boys. I really miss that he isn't with me anymore. When he took me in, so to speak, I was struggling I hadn't realized how much I needed him to get into my pants. His voice is in my house, his words are in my head at night. I feel widowed and lonely without him, a loneliness I never felt after I divorced my husband.

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    Straight Female / 51

    I met him at work. He was also a graduate from my University so he invited me to a party at his house for the opening football game. I was the youngest, the most recent graduate. He started to get all over me as the evening went on, trapping me and kissing me. When the party was over he told me to stay and help him clean up. I stayed away from him, keeping myself on the other side of the counter or the table or the furniture. It didn't help, in the end he got me where he wanted me and I spent the night at his house.

    In those days, I was a nice recent graduate from college with very little experience I was unprepared for sex and I told him that he had to pull out because if not he was going to get me pregnant. Well that made him upset with me and he told me to go get on the pill and join the 20th century because he wasn't going to be pulling out every time I went to bed with him. It went over my head the whole thing about every time I went to bed with him. The next time he got to that point and asked me if I was on the pill because he was going let go. I wasn't on the pill but I also wasn't going to tell him to pull out so he let go.

    We got married, my parents weren't to excited because they said he was not the boy next door and I wasn't really his kind. His parents came and it was obvious that we were not their kind. Once married and in the family way we bought a house, nicer than anything I had seen growing up and after we moved in the conversation about me staying home became a steady topic. In the end it was clear to me that he was going to insist that I stay home so I quit talking about it and agreed.

    When our baby girl was three months old we made a trip to meet his family and present the new baby to everyone. I had seen pictures of his grandparents, of his siblings, of his aunts and uncles. But I had no idea where I was going. We stayed at his parents home, a huge place with rooms and rooms and rooms. They had a man and woman who ran the house. As soon as you got into the shower in the morning someone came and picked up your dirty clothes and made the bed. A nanny was hired during our visit. The party to present the baby and me was at the country club.

    We went up to the cabin for the weekend. This was a huge place, and there was a couple there who ran the place. The bedrooms were big, each with its own bathroom. The dining room and living room were bigger than the house I grew up in. I had married into a wealthy family.

    I went on to have my kids. I never worked. In spite of all these years I have never felt comfortable around his family and we live in a far more modest house, but by any measure a huge very nice house. I don't have a couple to run the house for me, but we have a lawn and garden service and we have daytime help. I won't say that I have gotten used to my life. I have grown distant from my family, both from the physical distance because we live across country from them and also because there just isn't any way they can compete. I see them in the summer and my husband is always nice and pleasant, but there is a vacuum between him and them.

    I got the dream home and all. But I miss being around my siblings, even though I can't recreate the feeling when I see them. It is only a dream feeling, but it is not real anymore.

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