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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 49

    My husband is a retired forest range. When he was active we lived in a small house provided by the park. School was either go to boarding school, or I suppose go live with a relative, or home schooled with support of learning materials and testing. I chose to home school.

    I found my fourteen year old daughter having sex with the equipment manager of the small town we lived in. My husband took him into the forest and castrated him, then sent him packing. We never heard from him again.

    My daughter is a mother today, her husband is a Biologist with the state forest service. He has no clue of what happened back then, my daughter is unaware of what her father did that night. Her father keeps her very close.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    I don't feel lesbian because I've never fell in love with another woman but I've done stuff with other naked women only for the sexual pleasure I get. I like to repay the orgasms I've received by going down on my partners. I don't mind this, or the kissing, it makes for a good time. I feel warmth and friendship, indeed I quite like them , but love, no it's never happened.

    My first experience was when I was 20 and shared a house with two lesbians. They had the master bedroom and I was in the spare and we all got on well. One friday night we drank some wine and they got me pissed. They dragged me into their bedroom , stripped me naked and opened my legs. We had sex. One sucked on my clit and the other sat on my face. Both of them fucked me with a strap on.

    Next day I was hung over but still remembered what had happened. Despite feelings of anger and resentment I still had that sore feeling from a good fuck.

    Some one said this shaped my feelings towards other women. I want the sexual fun but I don't want to get emotionally close to them because of this resentment. Sounds like it might be right but I can't say for sure.

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    Straight Female / 20

    I know people who read this will think I am some kind of a pathetic loser. The fact is I have never had a real boyfriend. I have had sex with 3 different guys over the last two years. Aside from that the only sexual pleasure I have is from masturbation and for the last 6 months peeking into my neighbors window. Cole is the boy I have been watching a few nights a week. What is terrible is that he is only 15 or 16 and never has his side bedroom window covered and most of the time open on the bottom. He lives in the house in back of mine and I'm not sure if he even knows my name. The first time I peeked in was a fluke because I was only cutting through his yard to get to my friends house. He was not only naked when I looked in but he was laying on his bed jerking off. He is a real cute guy and from then on if I can see his light is on I sneak over and peek in at him. He masturbates a lot and even when I don't see him doing it I usually at least see him naked.

    Now I know this is shameful but I have been wearing a skirt when I go over without any underwear on. I actually stand there watching him and satisfy myself. I love watching him jerk off and it excites me seeing him ejaculate. The last few months I have been taking my dildo with me. After I orgasm and head home I feel like a freak for doing it. I have been having sex with a guy once in awhile for the last few months but I know he only calls me for the sex. He's one of the three I mentioned and between all three of them I think I have only had intercourse less than 20 times. I'm smart enough to know I'm not as pretty as most of the girls I know. The one guy I was going out with last year made it obvious he only wanted me for sex. Most of the time all he wanted was for me to give him blow jobs. So here I am now peeking into a teenagers bedroom and masturbating while I look at him naked, hoping to see him masturbate. I have stooped so low that I began taking pictures of him with my phone several months ago. I have three videos of him jerking off and at home watch them as I masturbate. I've become obsessed with watching him and many times I have had multiple orgasms when I see him jerk off. I so enjoy it while its happening but once its over I feel shameful for doing it. There have been weeks where I check to see if his light is on all seven nights. How desperate have I got to be invading this young guys privacy. I see him around the neighborhood sometimes but have never talked to him. I doubt he knows I even live in the house behind his.

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    Straight Female / 38

    I suppose that now twenty five years later it doesn't matter anymore. At the time I was thirteen, I had just had my birthday, I had my period and I had stained my pants, my brother teased me to death. I had tits, small but tits nonetheless, my mother had finally let me wear a bra. My nipples were very sensitive and I played with them at night. I hand't yet discovered my clit.

    My brother had his friend Paul over after school. They were kidding around and my brother asked Paul if he wanted to see my pussy. They grabbed me and held me down on the carpet in the den. I fought but my brother slapped me and told me to lay still and let them take my pants off. I quit fighting and just let them take my pants off and open my legs and look at my pussy. Then they took my shirt off and looked at my tits.

    From that day on a man's voice has been enough to get me to stop squirming, I will open my mouth and takes his penis, or open my legs and let him fuck me. The only thing that keeps a man at bay is another man who already owns me.

    I got married after college and the man I married is not much of a man. He is nice and makes a good living but he is a wimp. My current neighbor is a man of the world, he has been around and he fucks me all he wants. It's the way he talks to me. I feel bad for my husband but he can't do anything about it, he has to stand by while our neighbor fucks me.

    I had two boys early in my marriage and they are both like their father, not real manly. Very sensitive and have their feelings hurt if they get yelled at or treated poorly. I told them they better never go into the Army. They do what our neighbor tells them to do, they obey him but they argue all night long with their father.

    I know I got imprinted when I was young.

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    Straight Female / 49

    I am divorced, and at the beginning of this past summer, my son – who is over twenty-one and single, and I decided to take a vacation to the beach together. We had a bungalow with two bedrooms, but we shared a common room and the bathroom. Well we arrived that night, and our first morning there we were both still adjusting to arrangements, and he happened to see me naked. It really wasn’t a big deal and I thought that it was sort of funny, and he seemed to enjoy it. And to be honest, I found it to be to be a little unexpectedly thrilling as well as stimulating letting my son see me naked. I teased him and asked if he was going to join me and be naked, too. So he did and once we both got past our initial moment of shyness, never having been naked together before, we both found the situation quite appealing. Without any difficulty this led to our happily having sex. It was playful and fun as well as quite loving. While we were there we made love probably a dozen times.
    When we got home we decided to just continue our mother and son liaison, and we have been thoroughly enjoying letting our relationship have a sexual side to it. I never imagined myself as wanting to have sex with my own son, and saw i****t as something just not done. Now that I have experienced this, though, it has really opened my eyes. Not this is anything that one really talks about or would readily admit to, yet thinking back and judging from what many of friends who also have a son have said, I began to wonder just how many of them have had sexual experiences like this. It would seem quite a few, although of course I don’t now for sure. So I began to look into this and was quite surprised by what research and various reports revealed. It would seem that the incident of sex between a mother and son is much higher than that between a father and daughter. Some reports put mother and son sex at about twenty percent as compared to father and daughter at around ten to twelve per cent. Other reports speculated that sexual relations between a mother and son might well be as high as forty to sixty per cent. Although such figures remain not all together entirely substantiated, either way it would seem that mother and son sex is actually very common. I suppose that I find this to be somewhat reassuring as my son and I have continued to enjoy this and really have no qualms about it whatsoever.

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    Straight Female / 49

    Parenting 101 tells you to pretend all sorts of things with your kids. My daughter was around two when I started to call her 'genitals' pussy. When she was around three and going to preschool I told her she had a pussy and boys had a dick. When she was six and she went to first grade I told her she had a pussy and boys had a dick and boys liked to stick their dick in the girl's pussy and showed her where her vagina was, except I didn't call it vagina I called it her pussy hole.

    When she was eleven I told her that boys liked to have their dicks sucked and when she sucked a dick she had to get in a comfortable position, to hold his dick in her hand and suck on his dick head and stroke him at the same time, when he started to bump to stroke him hard and suck on his dick hard and he would cum, to make sure she sucked him hard and made him cum, if not he was going to want to fuck her pussy and cum inside of her, suck him, don't let him fuck.

    When she was fifteen I put her on the pill, I told her condoms sucked, they ruined the moment and in the moment all she wanted was a hard dick right up her c**t. I told her she had a pussy, but when she wanted to fuck it was called a c**t. I showed her how to shave and keep her pussy looking nice and neat. When to let a boy touch her pussy and when to keep him off. If she had her period to use a large pad so when he got his hand down there he knew she was bleeding and she needed to be left alone. Suck his dick and make him cum.

    In college she told me about the parties, I told her that at those parties not to fuck, she didn't have any idea where that dick had been and she didn't need to get the clap. If she got really horny to find a girl and make out. Girls were soft and sucking on a girls tit felt good and if she really wanted to try something different, get down on a girl and eat her c**t, lick it clean and suck her clit and she was going to be her best friend.

    When she was 25 I told her about a friend of mine in college who liked having her ass licked and fucked. I told her I had never tried that and her father was a prude when it came to that, but if she found a boy who wanted to try to give it a chance, that I had heard that a good ass fucking felt good. She hasn't told me if she found a boy who wants to do that.

    In our house my daughter knew when her father fucked me, she saw me suck his dick. She sucked her first dick when she was twelve, her fourteen year old cousin at the River House for a family reunion. She got her c**t fucked when she was fifteen, right after she went on the pill. She sucked cock in high school and got fucked for prom. In college she experimented, she got around with a girl she liked and they ate c**t. After college she met the man she married, he comes from a conservative family and has a hard time with her talking about fucking and sucking cock. They have a little boy and she calls his dick a dick and wiggles it when she changes him because she know it feels good.

    I have always had a hard time with keeping sex away from kids. It's like drinking, teach them at home and they won't be drunks. Sex is what they are made for, the earlier the better, they just need to know about it before they get surprised. Call me a horny Grandma, but if you sit down and ask my daughter if she likes sex she will tell you she sure does, and licking her girlfriend's wet pussy and sucking her sweet tits is a nice way to pass an afternoon.

    Bend over, hold onto your knees and let him go to town. Your pussy is made for fucking. Enjoy it.

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    Straight Female / 23

    I am not slim but I am cute, I have glue green eyes and I have a pretty face. All my life boys have fallen for me. I grew up to have a largish bosom and good sized hips. My man friend says that I am 'woman' from head to toe. I like to please him, I like doing things for him. I had a hard time letting go in bed, I was pretty shy as a kid and in many ways I still am. He is my one and only, I have never been with another man and don't have any desires to do that either. If I die and I can say on my death bed only one man had my body then I will die happy. I really can't understand how women can let men just have sex with them. I don't do weird things, I am pretty conservative and I am strictly an on my back girl, play with me a little but when it comes to completing the act I want to be on my back with my man friend on top. I work in a construction company in the office. I can't believe how easy some of the women here are with the men who work here. They all seem to be jealous of me because my man friend is a man with money, at least as far as they are concerned. He really is just normal in his group of friends and he wants me to stop working and finish my college degree, he challenged me with a marriage proposal, they day I graduate I walk down the isle.

    My secret is that I read lots of romance novels and I get very turned on to seduction. If that part of the book is really steamy I can read it over and over again. I get very aroused and I sleep in my wet panties and I can get very wet. That's my only secret sex thing. My man friend does not know about this, I am prim and proper and would never do any of the things that the novels talk about, not even if I was a lost virgin in the desert and saved by the Sheik of Arabi.

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    Straight Female / 23

    As a Junior Accountant right after college I shared an office with a Senior Accountant, male, who was responsible for training me. I was alone in the city so he took me under his wing socially, and took care of me. I became his sweetheart employee and I became a woman with him. My life path was tied to his.

    Then his girlfriend from college showed up, she felt she had first rights to him so I should leave. He said fight for my place with him, don't let her win. Easier said than done, he enjoyed her and enjoyed me, he let her get in close and he held me close, he told her it was OK with him if she wanted to live with him and me.

    I tried to fight, to be assertive, to push her away but I failed and he accepted her back. My job became to hard to face and I resigned, leaving my job. I don't like being a quitter and a loser. She wants to be my friend, it is so hard for me to be ugly. I wish I had the confidence to just leave, but I can't. He says I am still his sweetheart, but he lets her live with us. I agree that he wants it both ways.

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    Straight Female / 25

    When I was younger I had a babysitter who was around 50. He was a friend of the family and he would watch me every Saturday because my parents worked on that day. Thinking about it know I was perfectly save from him cause I found out way later that he had Erectile dysfunction so he couldn’t really get at me you know, but he always did something for me on Saturday where he would let me watch him shave his face he was good looking for his age but the oddest thing that got me wet was just hearing him shave, the sound of his facial hair being cut by the lone razor blade I just loved that sound

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    Straight Female / 53

    My home life was Baptist, one brother, one sister both younger. I was in the ninth grade and a new boy liked me and insisted on sitting beside me at lunch, talk to me before the busses came to pick us up, show off to me in gym. The other girls helped him, pushing me into his arms. That's what happened when we went to a varsity basketball game. He came to the game and the girl beside me made room for him. Shoved up against him she took his arm ad put it around my waist. He took that as a yes and he pulled me close with his arm around me.

    At halftime we all went to the lady's room. He was waiting when I came out and my friend pushed me into him and said bye. His arm around my shoulder he walked me outside and stood me against the wall. He wanted a kiss, it was awkward, but he got a kiss. A door opened and a janitor exited ad he reached and caught the door before it closed, he pulled me in behind him. More kisses in the dark, my dress pulled up my panties pushed down and the onto the floor and I was the first girl in my grade to loose my virginity.

    I was his girlfriend, from then and forever. The rest of high school, lots of sex, we had sex like bunnies. He was very careful with me and we had all the dangerous days counted and he pulled out running his juice all over my stomach or my back. I got a promise ring, we were informally engaged, I was in love from my head to my toes. Then everything came to an end.

    His father was accused of helping commit fraud, he was incarcerated, his family was shamed and my parents prohibited any further relationship with him.

    I think of him, he never went to college and worked as a customer representative for the electric company. I went to college and married a boy I met there. But I never stopped loving him. I live in Dallas and he lives in my childhood home town. We don't talk or socialize, my high school friend keeps me posted. That's my sad story.

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