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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Not long ago I learned I could get off with my bike seat. That lead to my fucking the shift stick in my b/f's car. I used condoms to help prevent him from discovering he car is fucking me more than he is.

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    Straight Female / 25

    This guy I am dating has a penis about 6 1/2 inches long and a very thick girth. He's a really sweet guy, chilvarous and we started having sexual intercourse for a month now. Quite an animal in bed though.

    I enjoy it mostly but sometimes it feels like my vagina doesn't fit his manhood.

    Last week, as we were getting it on, I quietly told him not to take me so hard and he replied with a grin, "Don't tell me how to fuck you. I will fuck you the way I want to". I was so turned on by that statement, my pussy was soaking. I had intense orgasm one after another.

    Last night, as we were on doggystyle, I was moaning in pleasure and felt pain, so I begged him to stop. He grabbed my hair and asked me repeatedly, "Do you wish that my cock were smaller? Do you? Do you?". I cried, "Yes I do, you're too big!". He held onto my hips and thrusted even deeper, and faster. He shot his load inside me and I came too. I came so hard and today, the entire day I was wet just thinking about the session we had.

    After sex, we always cuddle and he kisses me alot. He'd kiss my forehead and is very affectionate. I suppose it makes up for his sexual aggression. I will meet him again tonight and I actually look forward to having my pussy stretched out.

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    Straight Female / 48

    I'm almost 69 and about to masturbate to orgasm. I'll post on here what I often think about when masturbating. I was 17 and got caught in a terrific downpour on a downtown street not far from my bus stop. The only possible shelter was a phone booth that, looking back, disappeared from the streets years ago. It was midsummer and my thin cotton dress was soaked onto my skin.

    Ducking into the booth, I started to use a little hankie to wipe my face and brow from the water. Suddenly, a middle aged man in a dark suit, wearing glasses and carrying a large black brief case opened the door and ducked in with me. He said, "So sorry, I just cannot let water into my briefcase. It's loaded with work. I said, "No problem."

    I was turned away from him, facing the booth wall next to the phone and saw him looking at my soaked cotton dress seemingly pasted on my ass. The man's eyeglasses fogged up and he put down his brief case, took out a large hankie and wiped them. He immediately started looking at my ass again. I heard him say, "My apologies, I'm obsessed by your backside, young lady." I said, "Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, I get looks now and then."

    He apologized again and said, "Please, I just need to take the pressure off it." I had no idea what he was talking about and then saw him unzip his trousers and pull out his penis that looked fake to me since I had never seen a man's erect penis before just in bio class, in pictures, and soft. His penis was hooked upward and reminded me of a large sausage except for the knob on top of it. I felt my entire body grow weak...and my vagina swelling up and moistening. From that point on it was like a dream.

    The man came up tightly and started humping my ass from behind, slowly. He said, "Do you mind, really?" I gulped, out of breath and said, "No...go ahead." I think he took that to mean he could fuck me but I was lost by then and did not care what he did. As he pulled my dress up, I looked out and the street was still in blowing, torrential rain. I pulled my panties down and said, "I never did before." He said, "I'll be careful," his voice quivering.

    I leaned up and rested my arms on the glass wall to give him good access to my pussy and waited, then feeling the pressure on my hymen, it gave way with a brief sting and soon enough, I felt this enormous sausage-like penis entering my vagina. I moaned loudly and he gasped. He fucked me for a few minutes and said, "Oh God, I'm about to go." I knew enough from class to ask him not to come in me and he pulled out, exploding on the glass wall in white shards, pulsating a great number of times. I was relieved to know all of it was not shooting inside of me.

    He wiped himself with his now wet hankie and said, "I can continue but will have to put on a condom. Do you want me to." Dizzy, I looked out on the empty street and said, "Yes, yes, I'd like more." Trembling, he took out his wallet and pulled out a condom, tore it out of its container and put it on. Soon, he was inside me again, fucking me steadily and deeply. I felt no pain, just full enjoyment of the fuck. He then reached and started rubbing my clit and I felt like I was in heaven. Soon, I started to shake and cried out, "I'm coming" and he started fucking me faster. We had a simultaneous orgasm that I have never forgotten and to which I'm about to bring to full memory. I never saw the man again but my memory is good.

    Years ago, I found a dildo shaped like that man's cock and about the same size, as I best recall, and I'm now inserting it so I will have to stop typing now.

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    Lesbian Female / 46

    When I was 16 my parents invited my older cousin Jessie to come live with us for the summer while she looked for a job in the city we live in. She was 22 and had graduated from college. I was going to have to share my room with her but I said it was fine. I always thought she was cool and well we should help out family, right?

    So I made room for her and she was really sweet and thankful to me. I hadn't seen her a whole lot growing up and I discovered I really liked her. She is really open and warm and makes anyone feel comfortable. I also was amazed immediately at how she didn't seem to have a modest bone in her body. The first morning she took a shower early. I was still in bed and she just came back in the room and dropped her towel. She spent the next ten minutes walking around the room naked. I tried not to look. (Not that she have cared.) I, on the other hand, was pretty shy and always dressed in the bathroom when she was there.

    She found some part time work but we ended up spending a lot of time alone together. My little brothers were away at my grandparents farm for a month and my parents were taking advantage of the situation and spending a lot of time off on their own.

    Jessie was so easy to talk with I found myself really opening up to her. One night we were hanging out together. My parents were away for the weekend. I was asking her about college and dating came up and she said in the most casual way that she had dated more girls than guys. I guess I looked pretty shocked because she laughed. I asked if she was a lesbian and she shrugged said I guess more of a bisexual. Well that led to a longer conversation about human sexuality when out of the blue she asked me if I liked girls. I felt tongue tied. And she said that she thought so. I finally asked her why she thought that and she said a hunch but then added her hunches were usually right. I guess I looked upset because she put her arm around me. She said she was sorry for upsetting me but I said that it was okay and that she was right. I actually started crying and she held me and stroked my hair. I hugged her and buried my face in her neck.

    I swear I don't think she had started out trying to get me in bed that night. I just think it was one of those things. I looked up at her and she wiped the tears from my eyes and the next thing I know we're kissing. It felt so good. But she stopped and asked me if I thought it was wrong? I said no! And then I kissed her again. I had made out with plenty of boys but it never felt like this. Again she seemed to hesitate and asked me if I really wanted this and I said yes. Yes I did! Well that made her smile and she put arms around me and grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against her. We were tongue dancing like crazy. She may have wanted my ass but I wanted her big tits. I brushed my hands along side them and she got the hint. Next thing I know she's pulling her shirt over her head and letting her bra fall. They're all yours she tells me.

    Boy does she have great tits. At first I just played with them but soon I was kissing and sucking on them. She starts pulling my shirt off and I guess I wasn't shy anymore. My tits aren't as big as hers but they're not small.

    Well at this point we took this party upstairs. We finished undressing and I fell into her arms. We licked and sucked each other's tits for what seems like hours. I was having a dream come true and I guess she was in no rush. We were both getting hotter and hotter and wetter and wetter and the smell of our pussies was heavy in the air.

    But then I guess she couldn't wait anymore. She went down and spread my legs apart. A couple of boys have tried lick my pussy but it was a joke compared to what she did. I couldn't believe it. My whole body was shaking. She had her fingers up inside me and was licking my clitty like mad. I came so hard I cried out.

    Then it was my turn. She told me I didn't have to if I didn't want to but I went down between her legs anyway. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. I had sucked a few dicks before although never to completion but this was different. It definitely smelled intense but I liked it. And when I tasted her I liked it even more. She was very encouraging and gave me tips as I went. I knew she liked because she was breathing hard. And then she came and her juices were running and I drank them up.

    Well I didn't put any clothes back on for the rest of the weekend. We just walked around the house naked and pretty much had sex nonstop. It was on Sunday when I had just come out of the shower and was laying on my bed when I found out what she really wanted. I was on my stomach and she was laying on her side next to me. We were just talking when she started caressing my ass cheeks. You've got one pretty little butt she said. I knew it was true and it was certainly what the boys at school commented on about me most. Well she was stroking and squeezing it when she told me she had a dirty little secret. She told me how much she liked girls butts. Well I told her it was all hers. And the next thing I know I'm on my knees and she's licking my butt. Now anal pleasures were not something I was in any way familiar with but boy she gave me feelings I didn't know were possible. She could lick my hole so good she could make me cum.

    So this went on the rest of the summer and then she got her own place I would visit her there. These days I'm pretty much a lesbian but she found a guy she liked and they got married. And no one in our family ever knew.

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    Straight Female / 34

    It is a complicated back story. I was 24 at my first real job and I worked for this woman who had just turned 30. There was way too much information from her about her problems with her husband. She complained incessantly about his sex problem, always wanting sex from her. I listened, and my more or less answer was always the same, she was his wife and part of that deal was having sex with him. She didn't want to hear that, she wanted me to agree that he should sleep in another room.

    During that time my apartment complex had a fire and my apartment was damaged and I pretty much lost everything to smoke and water damage. She offered for me to come stay with her until I found another place. When I moved in her husband was really nice to me, and the three of us went shopping for clothes, he paid for everything. He just paid for everything, never charged me rent, he loaned me his car and drove mine, which he eventually sold and bought another car for me.

    The house wasn't that big that I didn't hear her complain when he wanted to be with her. The next morning she was always a mess, she would cook, that is what she did after he had sex with her, she would cook. We always had these great meals after he had sex with her. The cooked and she complained.

    I had been there six months, we had never gone to look for another place, she got a weekly allowance from him and I got the same allowance, money we got to spend for ourselves, because girls need to have money to buy little things for themselves without having to justify it. I didn't spend any of the money I was earning, I didn't have rent, I didn't have a car note, I didn't pay for groceries, or clothes, or going out, or vacation. If I needed something or wanted something he would buy it for me. The same with his wife, we were pampered and supported, we were totally spoiled.

    One of the many nights when she had problems, she left her bed and came and got in bed with me. He came looking for her, he told me to unlock the door. His voice was different, so I got up to unlock the door. She didn't want to have sex and I told him that maybe if she didn't want sex he should give her a pass. It was her or me, I took my pants off and got on the bed and told him to get on me. I was screwed in a minute. He was pumping so hard, and I got scared that I might get pregnant, so he turned me around and he was completely up my rectum. He told me I had a tight ass, and to milk him with my butt, he wanted to feel me squeeze the milk out of him.

    When he started to ejaculate, he pulled me up really tight against him and told me I was going to be a real good wife for him. My whole body just went limp as he hugged me and came. He fell off my back, I managed to turn over and he put me in a head lock and held me against his chest. He told his wife to go get a wash cloth and wash us.

    He went back to his room and she and I slept in my bed. The next morning she told me that she could never do that, let him get in her like that. I asked her if that is what she didn't like, she said that she just didn't like sex. She asked me if I was ok with him having sex with me like that. I told her it was my first time, but that I liked it, it didn't hurt and I felt really intimate with him. we left it at that and got ready for work.

    I never moved out, it has been ten years. She is more allowing with him now, but he has sex more often with me. I try to make sure that he has sex with her at least twice a month, nothing kinky, just regular loving. I let him have his kinky side, and I have come to really enjoy anal sex with him. We always start vaginally, and if I am really horny we go anal to finish. I am not oral at all, and neither is she. That is not our thing. What makes me feel good is being fully penetrated and held hard against him until he finishes. I like the feeling of him finishing, vaginally it is harder for me to tell when he starts, but with anal sex I can always tell when he is going to cum.

    Both she and I have changed jobs from where we met. We don't work together, it just got to be too much togetherness. We have enough togetherness at home.

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    Straight Female / 47

    Nature has a way of sexually subduing a woman through subliminal conduction of a man's neurotransmitters via his strong, controlling aura to the sense of a woman's emotional best interest. Certainly men know of this assumption to at least some degree. In the quest to quench his powerful libido, man's unique, tactical capacity empowers him to manipulate a woman's emotions resulting from such a interface ; most often rendering us helpless at some point but to comply with his imperative and physically impressive sexual assertion. More often than not, due to being swept up & overwhelmed by his tenacious physicality and the emotional coupling, we can only reflect on what occurred following the completion of our sexual relations.

    To that point, most if not all of us have experienced the above in some form and over various spans of time. Whether he needs us again [most often he does] or not, it causes us to instinctively bond with that man. That process remains to the continuance of our species, for which we should be thankful.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    I was a student of art at the time. Mostly I did female figures, nothing erotic. I just liked females. The word around campus was that I asked girls to pose for me, I took a picture and then would do a painting. The girl's identity was always kept secret, I used techniques to disguise their face. But the rest was real, sometimes I spent weeks getting the breast just right, or the crack and butt, or the suggested slit, I never did anything explicit, I wanted my viewer to look and keep looking for more when they focused on the crotch area of the painting.

    One day a woman came by my small studio and spent quite a bit of time choosing a painting. She finally settled on a painting of a Hispanic girl. I had spent a long time getting the painting right. Her legs were crossed but I wanted a hint of her pussy. The picture didn't capture that, but I wanted it and the woman liked it. She told me she was therapist and this painting would be in her office, as she put it, bountiful breasts for which the girl was proud, and completely modest about having someone look at her pussy.

    When she paid she asked me if I would do a painting of her. She said that she wanted a painting of her pussy, angry, open, as if it was going to swallow you, the antithesis of the painting she was buying.

    She posed, at first pretty much on her back legs open. But she didn't like the pictures. She brought a large dildo, masturbated and when she was fully aroused she would pull the dildo out and I took pictures, her vagina wet and still open from the dildo. We took a hundred pictures, until she chose three pictures, all after she had achieved orgasm, all that clearly had her vagina a dark hole, all three had her anus included.

    I did the painting, a 12 X 14, close up, barely a hint of her thighs, I took great care to show all the underlying folds and colors, a great wide open pussy that had just been fucked. I added semen to the vagina, trickling down on her anus.

    She paid me more than I had asked. She hung it in her office, the patient had to look at it when they met. It became a showpiece, patients went just to see the painting. Her story was, that men had a penis, which had evolved to fuck, but women had a vagina that had evolved to fuck, and she wanted her patients to come to accept that their vaginas were just as powerful as a penis, more powerful, because men wanted to see the Hispanic girl, but when they confronted a fully aroused pussy they turned away.

    That was the last painting I did in that genre. I turned to painting abstracts, I took my hints from nature, from plants and their sexual parts. I fell in love with orchids, which of course, expose to the world what women hide every day.

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    Straight Female / 24

    I have been married for a year now and my husband and I are living with his parents so we can save enough to by a house. My husbands brother Josh, who is 19, also lives here. The problem is that my husband and I share a Jack and Jill bathroom with Josh and about 4 months ago thought I noticed he has been peeping in at me when I shower. I had a feeling he was spying on me but wasn't sure how he did it. Theres was no one home and I went into Josh's room and started looking around by his bathroom door but couldn't see any way he could see into the bathroom. Then I noticed a small nail sticking out of the wooded sash running down the lengh of the door by the doorknob. On his dresser was a little pen knife. The more I looked at the wood peice it seemed like it was loose. I took the pen knife and as soon as I pushed it slightly under the wood it open up leaving a slit about a half inch wide of an opening into the bathroom. When I looked in I could see directly into the shower and now know Josh has been watching me since we moved in. I know this sounds rediculous but it gets me aroused knowing he is watching me and many times I have initiated sex with my husband because of it. I have masturbated at times but never let Josh see me doing that. He does watch me shave my pubic hair and legs but I never let him see me masturbate. Thankfully Josh can't see the toilet from the angle the door is on but he can see the double sinks. Josh always seems to go to his room right before the time I usually get my shower so I know he watches me most of the time especially during the weekdays. I know I'll regret this someday but right now it excites me knowing he is seeing me nude.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    Last night I went out clubbing with a couple of friends, and while they were in freshening up, I watched our drinks. This guy came right up to me and said, "You're hot. Wanna fuck?" I threw my drink in his face.

    I've rubbed myself 3 times this morning thinking about it.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    As i smash my naked body hard and flat against the hot morning glass. It wakes me up quick. My morning breath steams the glass heavy as i pant hard purposely. The smell is ungodly as i keep Fogging up the glass door with my mouth wide open and pressed against it. I perk my sleepy puffy lips out as they flatten hard on the steamy window and kiss. This happens again and again as i keep breathing hard and kissing the glass. My knees, upper legs, thighs, hips, pussy, stomach, tits all leaning in harddd against the glass. Thinking about it makes me exhale harder as my nose flattens against the glass. I peel my face off the glass And print in my steam "exhale hard and kiss". Wich is what i do. I keep kissing the glass leaving smears over and over again. All my windows and mirrors have kiss marks on them. As i grind my hips and pussy into the glass i know im ready for more glassex... Uhhh so horny. Me an my glass door are in for a long sweaty morning ;)

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