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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 29

    I thought I was grown up. I was 23, I was a college graduate with a good job. I was single and I had moved out of my parent's home into a nice apartment. I paid my bills, I had bought a car.

    The man that came into my apartment just had one thing on his mind. I couldn't act, he acted. He pushed me on my back, he slapped my leg and spread my legs open, I tried to close them and he slapped my leg again and told me to hold my legs open for him. Laying there on my back with my legs open, I had never done that in front of anyone, except the doctor when I was being examined, and there had always been a nurse there. I was worried that my panties were dirty, I hadn't changed before I went out. I wasn't on my period or anything, but I could smell myself.

    He had undone his pants and standing there naked with nothing but his shirt on, he had an erection. The only time I had seen an erection or touched an erection was in high school. But now he was going to use his erection to fuck me. He said he wanted pussy, to get my panties off and spread my legs. He took off his shirt, he was naked, he had his hands on my knees, he told me to move up the bed and take off my top, he wanted tits.

    I was clumsy, I couldn't move up and hold my legs open, I had to sit up to take off my top. He said he wanted a blow job first, to suck him and keep my legs open. He knelt in front of me, between my legs, I sucked him. I had never sucked a penis, I liked sucking him, it felt good in a strange way. I felt his fingers in my pussy. I stopped, but he told to keep sucking him, he fingered me. That felt good too.

    He pushed me back by the forehead on to my back. He told me I was a tease and he was going to fuck me. He leaned over me and he inserted his penis in me, it felt good. Everything felt good. Kissing me, grabbing my tits, fucking me, it all felt good. He pushed back and he put his mouth on me, his tongue went down into my vagina, and then down further between my legs, he pushed my legs up, to hold my legs open so he could lick my asshole. I thought I peed a little, it felt like it. He licked my asshole for few minutes with the point of his tongue and then his whole tongue, then he got on me and finished fucking me.

    I lay awake after he fell asleep. I kept thinking of him licking my asshole, that felt good in a really bad sort of way. I couldn't imagine anyone licking another person's asshole. And he had stuck his tongue in my mouth afterwards. But I had let him while he finished fucking me.

    I got up and went and peed. I straightened out the bed and covers, he didn't wake up. I put on a nightgown because I was cold. He was naked. I feel asleep. He woke me in the morning, he grabbed me by the sides and told me to spread them and weep, I was getting a morning fuck. It was fast and felt good, but as soon as he got off I had to go pee again. When I went back to the room he was on his back and all he said was come suck me baby.

    I think that is when I grew up. Sucking him there in the morning, I had been fucked twice, and I was sucking him. I was grown up now. I was sucking the penis that fucked my pussy. That made me a grown up.

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    Straight Female / 25

    I came back from college without a job. I submitted applications around town but did not land a job. My mother heard of a position for a nanny to a woman who had four children, all preschool age. I went over there on my mother's insistence, and I talked with the woman. She wasn't very old, actually she was 29, her name was Lilian, she was rather pretty, dressed well, was composed but a bit rattled with the kids. She told me during the interview that I needed to understand that her situation was a bit unconventional. The children were all of the same father, and he provided for her and the children, but he wasn't her husband. She was his girlfriend.

    I sat there with my 23 years of experience wondering how a girlfriend had four kids back to back. I asked her, if they were planned. Her answer was short, yes by him. More came out, he was married with a large family of a wife and six kids, and he had her, she had worked for him and he started popping babies with her. She talked, she told me far more than she should have told me. She told me that if he wanted me to have babies then I would have babies. He was that type of man. Wait until I met him and I would see.

    I told her that I wasn't really looking for a nanny job, it is just that I hadn't found anything. I agreed to help her until she found someone permanent or I found a job. She hung on to me, she talked about anything and everything, from the inane to the most intimate. I didn't really want to hear about it, but she told me anyway, about how he had sex with her in his office, how he told her that rarely had he wanted someone so bad as her so he was going to take her. She was there, he wanted her, so he took her.

    Again, she told me once I met him I would understand. You don't say no to him.

    Several weeks passed and I had no luck getting another job. In part because I was spending all day with Lilian, from around 7 a.m. to after 8 at night. I met him, he came over several times before I left. He was just a middle aged man. He was nice to the kids and he seemed nice to her. But she warmed me, just wait until he wanted me.

    The day he took me to be his was like any other normal day. It was just all normal. I had helped the children bathe and get ready for bed, I was helping get their dinner. He was there, he sat at the kitchen table reading the paper. His question came at me without any preparation. "Who owns you?" I said nobody. He answered "well then I own you." I was going to answer something but Lilian interrupted and changed the subject. She helped get the children to bed, I went with her to nurse the baby.

    She just said "you're going to have a baby", "he likes you", "he likes how you take care of the children", and he said "well she will do". "You're going to have a baby".

    I sat in the bedroom across from him, he told me to undress. It was just not going to work, saying no or resisting or anything, I got undressed and let him turn me around and look at me. He really didn't talk that much, other than to tell me what to do. I turned down the bed, I went and got a towel in the bathroom and laid it across the sheets, I got on the towel and laid back on the pillow. When he came across, I opened my legs and I was on my way to becoming a mother for him, to have his next child.

    Children come easy that way, at least for me having the children was easy. Maybe it was easier because I lived with Lilian, maybe it was easier because she had another one. It really didn't matter very much, you have children.

    You just have to know him. Then you will understand.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 39

    I am a 39 year old female family law attorney. I have two secrets. The first is that I have been in an affair with an older married man. This is a plain vanilla submissive mistress affair. My second secret is that I am bisexual. I have a preference for college age girls. It is sex. I offset my submissive persona by being aggressive tops with girls. I ask for and get permission before I engage in sex with a girl, and I report back to him. I have vulva piercings so my vulva can be tied shut, released only for his sex, or when I am with him.

    I have a good practice, I am allowed to represent the husband and have a reputation for obtaining more favorable terms for my clients. I never represent a wife or children.

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    Straight Female / 30

    I was 26 when I first participated in a threesome. The other girl was 23. After sex, we fell asleep, she and I on one side of the bed and he on the other. We have lived together and participate as a threesome on a regular basis. Although we help each other to get sex from him, we had never participated with each other. Except that we slept together, we had our side of the bed and he had his.

    Our boyfriend is big into oral sex. He likes to spend a little too much time down there, even when we are ready to fuck, he keeps his nose down there, and then gets on and fucks away like a mad man. He likes to go from flower to flower, while he is deep into his business, we alternate suckling from his penis. This is mostly how it is, the tender moments are when we shower together, or when he holds us and plays with our breasts.

    On this occasion, the day we tried on our own, he was out of town. We had showered that night, for no particular reason, and as always we showered together. We bantered and played, and touched. And we shared a small kiss. When we got to the bed, she laid herself out and asked me to make her happy. To just pretend I was him, and give her a good eating. It is not that I hadn't seen her pussy open like that, I had many times. It is not that I hadn't ever had my face near her naked pussy, I had swapped out pussy for mouth many times. But now she was asking me to perform.

    I put my hair back in a pony tail, and she asked me to get naked so I did. I started with small kisses but she was too hot and she grabbed my head and I had to get down. She was wet in minute and I did my best to get her ready for an orgasm. In the end she had an orgasm only after we got a sex toy out and we kissed while I used the sex toy on her and she played with her clit. It took a long time.

    When he came home, I let her go first, and watched how he did it. No softness, he was into her like a ravenous wolf, his fingers were in and out of her, he fingered her anus, he bit on her clit, when she was ready to explode he got on and fucked her and they both came. Of course he had been without for several days.

    The thing is I am not a guy, I have to be gentle with her. I want to love her, not consume her. I would rather lay beside her and kiss and hand play than go down on her like that. I tried doing what he does, but it is not the same.

    She had tried on me too, I like her being gentle and caressing. Maybe it is because we have him to get angry and hard on us, but for me, a long lovey session of touching, and gentle pressure is what I want with her. And too spoon afterwards under warm blankets.

    Waiting for him to crawl over me, with his erection ready, is way different that having her crawl over me and feeding me her nipples to suck. It is just not the same. I want to hold her and kiss her.

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    Straight Female / 22

    In my late teens, I was working as a server in a roadside restaurant on the bypass. A customer came in a couple of times a week and whether I served him or not he would put a 20 in my hand when he left. He told me that when he was a young guy he worked as a server and knew just how hard the job was. Sometimes he would hold my hand after he gave me the 20. He would look for my station and sit there and when I served him he would ask me how things were going.

    One day while he was talking to me, he put his hand on my thigh, I didn't even notice until his hand went over my butt. I moved and he grabbed my hand and said that I needed to be nice, to let him touch me and he would be nice to me. He didn't let go of my hand, he pulled me closer and he put his hand on my thigh and told me to stand still and he ran his hand all over my butt, he told me to bend over and give him a kiss.

    I got fired. He said he wanted me to get fired, because how he could take care of me. He wanted me to hold his hand when I was with him, he liked kisses, spontaneous kisses on the cheek, to let him hold my butt, to press my breasts into him when he put his arms around me. To give him nipple peeks. He didn't want the little girl look, to let myself go natural, to just shape and trim a little. To surprise him by going without panties now and then. To flash him.

    He paid for my apartment, my car, gave me money, called me by pet names, he started to spend almost every night with me. He started to kid me at first, but then got more and more insistent that I needed to start thinking about how I wanted to live. Apartment living was OK because I was young, but a man needed more than that. To ask him when I wanted a baby. I was 20 by then, having kids was not something I was even thinking about.

    For my 21st birthday he gave me an engagement ring and told me that he felt I was now old enough to get married.

    I returned the ring to him after a few weeks and told him I had to break it off. I went back to waiting tables and living on what I earned. I moved to a dump apartment, I cried at night. From the frustration of being in love with him. From the frustration of living in a two dollar dump. For a while he called or texted but I wouldn't answer.

    After a year I went to him. But he was with another girl, totally different than me, except for the age. I told him that I was sorry, that I got scared and that I was ready to be with him. But I had my chance, and he was over me and that was that. He told me that I had to grow up, and live with the consequences of my rash decisions. He said he wished me well, but he didn't eat leftovers.

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    Straight Female / 47

    New to the workforce after college I was given to a man, for training and development. I was an honors graduate and expected to move up quickly. He told me it didn't work that way. I wasn't the only one, and there were employees ahead of me, seniority mattered. And he whispered to me that he had not seen women go up just like that, actually not at all. Look around, did I interview with any women? And look around what jobs did women do? Not to get him wrong, he didn't have a problem, but look around. Maybe I should settle in, do a good job, he would look after me, and if a promotion came up, he would take me into consideration.

    The year was 1980, 9 to 5 was in theatres.

    He moved me into Human Resources. He gave me instructions, think T&A, secretaries needed to look the part. Manager title was equivalent to nothing, it was just a title. The day came when he put his around me, demanded a kiss, patted my bottom, and told me to settle down. I was now dating. I was told by an older, more life experienced office manager, this was not someone I wanted to disappoint, and not to be stupid, a smart, educated man, well respected, on senior management, probably partner, track? What was I thinking? I wanted to make sure I was a keeper, with my background and education I was definite marriage material.

    Think of the house, I wouldn't have to work, I could have and raise my kids, don't blow it. She was quite serious when she told me it was easier to fall in love with a rich man than a poor man. You can learn to love a man, especially a man with his background and future.

    Her predictions came to pass, I was chosen for marriage, I quit working after my first son was born, I lived in the right neighborhood, I had the four kids, he made partner, I fit right in, I had the background and education for a partner's wife. But I never fell in love. In like yes, good man yes, nice man yes, good father yes, well to do yes, husband yes, but in love no.

    He still puts his arm around me, demands a kiss, pats my bottom. Still a girl, a 57 year old girl, still not quite there, not quite. Not a man. Girl yes. Maybe if I had fallen in love my days would be easier.

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    Straight Female / 38

    I get criticized pretty heavily by my mother. I am 38 and I have two daughters from my ruined marriage. I have a man who desires me, who makes me feel young again. So what if he has sex with me. So what if he spends the night with me. So what if my daughters know that I am being fucked. Believe me, they are not so stupid as to not know that a man fucks a woman. The man fucks the woman. And to fuck her he gets naked with her. And to fuck her he gets in bed with her. And I tell them that he is fucking me. And I tell them that I want him to fuck me. And I tell them that getting fucked is what it is all about.

    It is give and take. He comes over and part of the deal is that I take care of him, which means that he is the man in the house. Part of the deal is that he gets to kiss me, part of the deal is that he can run his hand up my dress. If you want the man to spend the night, then part of the deal is how you take care of him in the morning. And part of the deal is that he gets to undress me and fuck me. I don't sugar coat it. I made one mistake, I am not going to make two.

    He isn't coming around to read the newspaper, he is coming around for a hot meal and a fuck. I learned my lesson. And who better to teach them. Their mother. Their grandmother's rules got me thrown out and replaced.

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    Straight Female / 29

    When I first met my husband he mentioned, a little too serious, that he wanted lots of kids, that he understood that women today were not into ten, twelve kids. But, what if I shared the responsibility? with my sister. The subject never died and he worked hard to keep her for himself. He broached the subject with her, even before we married. But she was sixteen/seventeen at the time. From the day we married he insisted on having her live with us, until he just stated he was tired of waiting. He wanted her. And he sent me to get her. I did what he asked, I sent her to him, but I got in her bed instead of going with her and waited for her to return, all woman by him.

    She is my sister, she has always been his favorite, from the time she was a little girl. He has what he wants now. I want her to finish college before settling down to have children. I agreed from way back then that I would have a reasonable family size, my sister is the only person I could possibly do this with, because I know she is his 'girl'. She doesn't know any other life, from her earliest adult awareness she only knows she is his. She never questions living together, sharing.

    My home, from the day we married, has been about, him, her and me. I know I sound jealous. Maybe, but just once I would have liked him to carry me, hold me like her. I want to feel what she feels, I want to be 'his' like she is his. She is my baby sister, and now she sits at the table with me talking about wanting to do her share. All adult now, all woman to him. Some days she makes me feel old.

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    Straight Female / 23

    In the tenth grade my best friend and classmate and I kissed for the pleasure of our boyfriend. We kiss, hold hands, lay my head in her lap, share food, dress alike, etc. We were tagged as lesbians in school. Pur boyfriend dated us together, taking us to our junior and senior proms. We went off to college together, favoring our number two school so we would not be separated.

    We are not lesbians, our focus is on him, we love him, we are both his lovers, we live together to be with him together. We will graduate this spring, and intend to go where he chooses to take us. We know where we are going after college.

    We do exhibit affection for each other, because we do love each other. But we are not lesbians, we are like twin sisters. One day in about a year we will all be living together. We would like to work and save for a house so we can have a home and build a family.

    I know there are other families similar to the family we want to have. We are church attending Christian women, we are not perverts and do not engage in same gender sex. We did not hold ourselves sex free until legal marriage, because we consider ourselves married in our heart for some time now. All we want is for people to have an open mind and not jump to conclusions or discriminate against us.

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    Straight Female / 24

    I started to read "Why does he do that?", a book about angry and controlling men. Available online as a free pdf btw. I'm only 20% done the book and it seems every time I pick it up I have a new reason to cry, a new reason to hate my current boyfriend.

    We've been together on and off for over 3 years now. He's an ugly fucker.. greasy, skin littered with pimples and ance scars, fat jowls, thinning hair. He smokes too many cigarettes and too much marijuana. But he's tall and exceptionally strong with a terrifyingly impressive libido.

    I hate having sex with him. I hate it so much. Whenever I see him his 6 inch dick is hard. He literally pins me down, strips my clothes off, and fucks me brutally. I don't get the privilege of being aroused. He just fucks me. And it lasts for 30 minutes to an hour. Sometimes I bleed afterwards and my lower stomach gets cramps. I hate him putting me on top and expecting me to fuck him with enthusiasm, like I wanted to fuck at all. His dick is only 6 inches but it still fucking hurts when it goes deep. When it's dark and he can't see my face I'll just cry. Because I don't want to have Sex. Don't want the pain.

    Last September and October I left him for a few weeks. He texted me and called me crying saying that he would change. That we would intertwine our lives and that he'd die without me. I tried to say no, to get him out of my life. He was storing some of his stuff at my parents house in their garage. I told him to come get it... He came by with a van from his work. He asked me to come sit with him and we could talk some things out.. He started the van and drove down the road a little bit. I said I didn't want to go anywhere. To take me back. But he didn't listen. He groped my breasts first and kissed me on the lips. I didn't kiss back. He begging me to fuck him because it had been so long. I said no, take me back please, I want to go home. Again, he didn't listen and instead forced me into the back. I cried of course. He knelt me over the bench seat and with one hand he undid his pants while holding my one arm behind my back. Then he slid my pants down and fucked me. He kept saying I love you. Don't leave me. And all I could do was cry.

    I guess that was r**e. I don't actually know.. Because each time he fucks me I orgasm.. I can't tell if it's r**e or sex. Seriously. Anyways.. I wasn't on birth control. I planned on staying single until my head could be sorted out. He came inside of me and I got pregnant. I knew that I was pregnant probably two weeks after maybe three. He said let's keep it.. I said no.. He listened to me then.. Because it would benefit him not having a kid. I knew so early on but I stayed pregnant until I was 13 weeks along. I prayed and hoped that I would naturally miscarry so I wouldn't have the shame of an abortion. But God never smiles upon sinners. So I killed our child through abortion. He dropped me off and picked me up from the appointment. At least he has some decency I guess. I wanted that baby badly. I think it was a girl.

    At this point you may say "Just fucking leave him, you stupid bitch". And my response to that is... shouldn't i be obligated to give him sex Whenever? Isn't that the female role? To be submissive...

    I' d love to be in love and to have Sex with someone that I truly cared for each and every day. I masturbate daily so I know I still get aroused but.. I just hate having sex with my boyfriend.

    Anyways. The book I mentioned earlier doesn't get into unwanted sex too much. But I can see how abusive my boyfriend is in not listening to what I want or need. He doesn't care about me bleeding, as long as he's cum then life is great. For any women out there confused about your relationship like me... read this book... it can open your eyes

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