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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 51

    Horniness took over. We were at a party at a cu de sac house and we got bored so my sister and I and two guys went out to his car to listen to music. We kissed and they felt us up and my guy asked for tits so I gave him tits and my sister followed and we both got banged in the car. It wasn't the first time we got banged together and it wasn't the first time we got banged by the guys. But we were fourteen and fifteen and the guys were in their mid twenties and we were at the party without permission and the cops caught us naked in the car.

    When the cops found out how old we were the problem went from bad to real bad. Our parents were called and our guys were handcuffed and in the back of the police car, another police car came to help and the party people on the inside were watching everything, and I am sure that every girl got dressed and the alcohol was poured down the drain and M was flushed down the toilet. These parties were of all adults, over 21 we were the only two underage girls there. Buy since we were caught outside the house the cops didn't go into the house.

    Our parents were disappointed in us, not that this was the first time we were caught without our clothes on, but the problem was the guys. Our father was an attorney, he practices corporate law but he had friends and he got them to come to the rescue. The cops did not witness sex, they only witnessed that we were naked, so the charges were dropped to being naked with us and they got probation and a warning. After they were released on bond my sister and I gave them our full attention.

    It was the era of peace and love, and long before the social issues of today. Our parents were not so much OK with it, but they didn't put a lot of store in how bad sex was for kids. We were on the pill and the guys were known to my parents and they had gotten us naked before and you don't get naked to just look. Just keep it within our group.

    We grew up eventually and my sister and I have always enjoyed sex together. Our guys kept us happy for the longest time but we needed more and after we got started with other men our guys said sayonara and they left us. That was a mistake, but once made there was no turning back the clock. We became well known, that was something our parents did not like, but we were well past 21 at that time and who and where we went to get what we needed was our business. We both found husbands in our later twenties and had families and we continued to enjoy sex together, and our husbands learned to make it happen that way.

    We are now going to turning 60 and we still enjoy sex and we enjoy sex together like we always have. We have expanded to other couples and we get together once or twice a month for a group gang bang. We have met couples that are into the same sex thing but we are not, we are strictly men with women. We live in Florida and we have some friends that have a nice pleasure craft and we go out past where the fishing takes place and we enjoy some naked times on board and we taste of the forbidden fruit with other couples. We are all in the same age group between fifty and sixty and it is a far cry from the parties when we got caught naked in the car, but it is a party and we get banged together while the husbands watch.

    We just thought it would be nice to let people know that sex is fun and the more sex you have the more fun it is.

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    Straight Female / 31

    Twelve years ago I was serving tables at a college pizza parlor and a college kid parked with his BMW and walked in. He ordered and he had his pizza and asked a couple of questions. At the end of the meal I asked him if that was his car and he said it was, he had a trust. I didn't know what a trust was so I asked and he spent a couple of minutes explaining to me what it was like to have so much money that you would never have to work, the money was in a TRUST, so he got a distribution once a month while he was in college which was more than either one of my parent's ever made in their life. The whole explanation from him took less than five minutes.

    He asked me to step out and look at his car, maybe it was slow or I was stupid I don't know but I went outside to look at his car. What can I say it was a BMW with everything you wanted and he told me it was the M3 model which meant nothing to me. He told me to get in he would take me for a ride, I told him I was working, he told me working was for poor people, he told me to get in and he would take me for a ride. He opened the door and I had to get in, he got in and we left.

    The short story is that he took me for a ride, my boss told me one more stunt like that and I would be fired. He said that was my problem, being poor and he gave me five hundred dollars in cash and told me to go tell my boss I quit. We got in his car, we went to my apartment and got some clothes and we set off on a road trip. We stopped at several motels and he had fun with me, we kept on driving and we ended up in Nevada and in Reno he just said that we should get married, he might as well marry me and get that over with and anyway I shouldn't have to work I wasn't made for that.

    We got married at this court house, we stopped at a store in California and he bought me a ring to wear, we drove to LA and we dipped our toes in the Pacific Ocean in Ventura and we got in the car and went back to my hometown to finish college only I didn't have to work at the pizza parlor anymore. I don't work, I have a college degree but I don't work.

    He works for his family's business and we live in this big house on the Delaware coast, and I have my own BMW X5 and he is driving a new M series X5. I know a lot about BMWs now, not that it is real useful information but he likes BMWs so I have had to learn. I don't work, that is the part that is still strange. So I had a couple of kids, they are 10 and 7 and I am so bored I want to have another one.

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    Straight Female / 38

    I guess if there was a section for Regrets this would be where I would write this.

    I am 38, divorced with a one year old child. I sell real estate and sometimes things go well but most of the time I barely make enough. The highest paying year for me I earned 83K, last year I earned 66K. Why regret?

    I was showing houses to a man who wanted to buy a house for his little girl who just finished college. He had his list, size, rooms, location, he wanted that special house for his little girl. We looked at several properties, the prices were secondary, he was looking for the right house. I found him looking at me more than the houses. We went on several expeditions, and on the third one he gave me a necklace when we were looking at this house. He said he saw the necklace and he thought of me so he bought me the necklace. Simple, very fine work, 5K dollar necklace from Saks. I knew better but the necklace was just so nice that I accepted it as a nice gift.

    When we got back to the kitchen of the house he put his arms on my shoulders and pushed himself against me trapping me against the island of the kitchen. Maybe a second or less than a second and he had his hands on my boobs and he was pressing himself hard against me so that I felt his erection against my behind. I got fucked in that house. Now everyone knows that as a realtor that is one of the things you are trained for, always keep your distance, always. But that time I did something I should never have done.

    I went out with him, he bought a house for his little girl, he fucked me on the deck of his house overlooking the canyon below, he fucked me in his bed with the large picture window and the moon over the mountain, he fucked me in the kitchen, he fucked me everywhere in his house, every room including the bathroom. Six week he fucked me and then he got tired of me. I have the necklace, I ended up with my son, child support is no big deal to him, he pays it and never says anything negative about it. He sends me business, his little girl loves her house, a house no 23 year old should ever own much less live in.

    I stand in my little kitchen with my baby in his playpen and I can feel his hands on my boobs and his hips against me, but he isn't there, it is just my imagination. I wear the necklace when I show houses, it is the nicest piece of jewelry I have, I feel it helps me sell houses but that is also my imagination.

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    Straight Female / 38

    I have recently moved in with my boyfriend, he has a 14 year old daughter I have met her and we talked about me moving in and sleeping in the same bed with her dad she was ok about it, I know some siblings see this as an intrusion in there home, only one thing seems odd every morning she shower with her dad, I know this happened up to a certain age, I thought 14 was a bit mature to naked in the shower with your parent, she I well developed for 14, I've noticed when they come out his cock is fairly swollen not fully erect there isn't much room in the shower for two it would be very close, maybe I am a prude, opinions please from any parents.

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    Straight Female / 44

    The Country Club,

    I married a man several years my senior, divorcing his wife to marry me. At the time I worked for him in the Marketing Department and I was 27 years old. Like many younger wives I had two kids and settled into the life that he promised me. When my kids got to the age that they were at school all day (I was in my mid thirties then) I spent a lot of time at the Country Club. I wasn't raised with golf, but I tried and played in a foursome with three other women, all older than me. Mildred suggested to me one day that what I needed was private lessons and she could arrange with Joe to take me on as one of his pupils. Joe was the club's golf pro, a man in his mid fifties, very handsome and fit and a very good golfer.

    When I met with him on the putting green he gave me a series of verbal instructions, how to hold the club, how to stand, that sort of thing, he showed me and told me to practice. That was it, ten minutes. The next game with Mildred she asked me if I had met with Joe and I told her I did and what he suggested. She smiled and said something like "Oh, no, sweetie you need private lessons, he can do wonders for your self esteem". She went on that she would talk to Joe. My next lesson he took a bit more time and then suggested that we go inside where we could practice my swing on the simulator. He stood behind me and put his arms around me and held me with his arms helping me maneuver my swing. While I was in his arms like that he told me that part of my problem was that I was too big on top and that was interfering with my swing as he pushed my arms through the swing telling me exactly where my boobs were causing my arms not to swing freely. He didn't let me go, we stood up straight but he kept his arms around me and told me that I may not have the boobs for golf, but I had a great set of boobs, he wanted to see what size they were so he could help me get a sports bra.

    He picked a couple of sports bras off of the sales floor and took me into the dressing room and tried to get my shirt up over my arms. My embarrassment took a hold of me and he quickly said that he had seen so many boobs in his career, boobs were the single biggest reason women couldn't play golf and to tell the truth he really admired a real nice set of boobs and he was sure I wouldn't disappoint him. He got behind me and lifted my shirt again and I had to raise my arms and he took my shirt off, he unid my bra and released my boobs. I covered them with my arms but he took my arms in his hands and pulled them off insisting that he wanted to get a good look at my boobs. With my arms by my side he told me he was a boob man, some men liked legs, some men liked ass, but he liked boobs, nice boobs that fit in a man's hands, boobs that a man could play with, there was nothing worse than a flat chested woman. When he kissed me and I pushed back he told me Mildred had told him to take care of me and no one said no to Mildred.

    He grabbed my skirt and told me to get it off, he wanted the whole thing, every last inch of naked flesh, that I had made him hot and when Joe got hot he went straight for the hole in one. His commands were to get naked, not a stitch on, not even contact lenses, he wanted to enjoy me the way I was born. His erection was real, he was tanned and fit all over, he helped me sit on the dressing bench and he opened my legs and talked about how good it was, better even than the eighteenth hole, he liked it fresh and wet and he stood me up and turned me around and fucked me from behind. It wasn't a little fuck, it was full on fuck, with grabbing and fucking and asking me to give him a blow by blow description of what I was feeling, he put his hands under my arms and grabbed my boobs and pulled me up straight with his cock inside of me and told me that I was great pussy, that Mildred had been right, I was one good piece of ass.

    From then on, after my golf lesson he gave me the keycard to a room in the small hotel attached to the club. I went first and he came after and he fucked me there. There wasn't any use in resisting, it didn't help. I got lessons two times a month and I got fucked two times a month. Always the same but always different, Joe could make me orgasm, Joe could make me stand and wait for him in the room until I was beyond ready when he opened the door. Joe gave private lessons to the ladies, he expected nice tips from them but from me he told me he did it out of sheer pleasure, he liked to fuck me. Mildred had a lesson a couple of times a month, Margaret too. When I heard that Veronica was taking private lessons from him I got jealous, she was younger than me and she had played golf in college and I was scared that she was going to be his pleasure girl. But Veronica wasn't his type, she had small boobs, a great golfer and perpetually fit, but Joe was a boob man and Veronica was flat or pretty close to it. Her boobs didn't interfere with her swing.

    It is too bad that Joe got older and he took retirement when he was 65 and moved to Arizona. On his last day at the club he came to see me in the room and told me it had been a great ride and he was going to miss me. That is the only day that I met Joe in the room and we didn't have sex. We talked and had a great big hug and he left. I miss Joe. I really do. So does Mildred and Margaret, he left behind a dedicated group of girls. So does Veronica, she fought hard for Joe to pay attention to her. She is just so flat chested but a much better golfer than we are.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 35

    This isn't a confession it is an honest question. How do you know if you are a lesbian? I am 35 and I still don't know, I like to mess around with a woman, when I was younger we used to say girl, but I guess now I have no choice but to say woman, mess around and have woman to woman sex. It is sex, not just a kiss or a hug. I am married and what I like is that he takes care of all the financial responsibility. WE work but it is more for something to do because he makes enough for both of us and more. He knows that I am together with this woman and 'play'. We have a pool with a hot tub and our back yard is very private, no overlooking windows so we can basically be out by the pool in the buff. He likes to watch. Curiously I don't much like having my husband go down on me, or for that matter get too touchy feely, I want out right sex with him, fuck me and leave me alone to neck and pet and kiss with my woman friend. She is the same woman, the same one that I called a girl before, we have been 'friends' like this since we were in our early twenties.

    I have been on three trips to Europe, a cruise to Alaska and a trip to China with her. I have only gone to his folks for the holidays with him. For Christmas I shop for her first, for her birthday I have permission to go wild, I love shopping for clothes for her and I love dressing up with her. We are the same age and we both work at these jobs any idiot can do so he basically supports us both, she officially lives in our second home but doesn't have to pay rent.

    We have a spa weekend once a month and a shopping extravaganza once a year. Her picture with me is beside my bed, my picture with him is in his office. So I get back to this, am I, or better said, are we lesbians or are we bisexual? We are not straight, that much I know. I messed around in college but just a little and she basically didn't find herself until we went out together before I got married. Sex is hard wired, I have to have sex with him. I want to have sex with her, but unlike having sex with him I can spend all afternoon with her and just play around. And of course the pool, we can lay out by the pool all afternoon naked and in the buff, when he comes home he comes out to join us, and sometimes we cook outside on the patio and other times we go inside and we fix a quick dinner for us. The last time she slept at her house is a week ago, she sleeps over with me three out of four nights.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I turned 27 yesterday. I have a college degree, my mother died this year, I have a sister and a brother and I sleep with a married man. Everything else everyone understands, but not that I sleep with a married man. He says his wife doesn't know. I want to tell her, I want her to know.

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    Straight Female / 40

    As a child I witnessed an assault on a girl. When I got older I obsessed about it, fantasizing that maybe it would happen to me. I got old enough to ride the bus and the subway by myself. As I rode I closed my eyes and 'felt' it focusing on one man or another. But in spite of all my daydreams nothing ever happened I finished high school never having had a man lay hands on me. I went to work for the gas utility company and one day I got my twenty year award. I lived on my own I bought a small house with the life insurance I received when my father died. Inside my house it looked and felt like a decorating magazine. Everything was normal except for my hundred or so sex novels which I read cover to cover, I can recite passages and when I do I feel hands on me. It was that year that an older plumber came to my house to replace my water heater. He left me in the bathtub, I pulled myself together, got dressed, fixed some hot chocolate and sat in my reading chair to relive the feelings of his hands and his manhood. From that day till this one my books help me relive the feelings,I feel his hands now.

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    Straight Female / 55

    My growing up years were interrupted when my mother died of cancer and my father asked his sister to take care of us. I was fifteen at the time and I had a twelve year old sister. My aunt had two boys of her own, one was fourteen and the other one was eight. Because we had to move in my aunt put my sister and I in one room and she moved my younger cousin in with my older cousin which he resented. We really did get along well but there were also some bad days. I had to help my aunt with the big housework and my younger sister had smaller chores. The boys had no chores, they didn't even make their beds, we made the beds for them before going off to school.

    The day that things got out of hand with my cousin he and I were home alone and my sister and his brother were with my aunt at Sears buying shoes. I had done the laundry and I was folding the clothes while my cousin watched television and he found me folding my panties. He took a pair of my panties and ran it all over his face, smelling it in the crotch, they were clean but he smelled the crotch and said he could smell woman. I was embarrassed and tried to get my panties back from him but he didn't let me. I was pretty upset and he grabbed me and put me on my back on the living room rug and sat on me and held my face and moved it back and forth. He pushed himself back a bit and put his whole hands on my breasts feeling them like when you kneed bread. He didn't say anything he just squeezed and pressed his hands on my breasts and I just lay there quiet without saying a word.

    He got on his knees and crawled backwards and put his hands up under my school uniform and pulled my panties off. At first I tried to hold onto them but then just let him take them off. He pushed my skirt up over my waist and put his nose in my crotch and smelled deep and told me he had never smelled woman before and then he dug his mouth into me and started to lick and kiss me. A couple of times he lifted his head and asked me if I liked it and then he went back to kissing and licking me, he had found my vagina with his tongue and kept inserting his tongue in my vagina. I was very wet and he kept saying how much he liked it. He got up on his knees and undid his pants and lowered them, his penis was at full erection and he just laid down on me and fucked me right there on the living room rug.

    When he was done he got up slowly and pulled my skirt back down over my legs and asked me if I wanted him to kiss me. I said no, not really. I got my panties back and put them back on and I sat down to finish folding the laundry and he laid on the floor watching television and asked me to go get him a piece of cake and a glass of milk. I asked him if he wanted to eat his cake at the table or in the living room and he said to serve him at the table and I sat with him while he ate his cake.

    Unfortunately he got me pregnant and I was supposed to go back and live with my father but my aunt after getting over being upset thought it better that I stay with her, being pregnant and all. I was home schooled from then on using a correspondence course and I took care of my baby. We made love, or had sex, so many more times after that. I learned how to have sex on my hands and knees which he thought funny, but I couldn't let him lay on me when I got big. I loved him so much, as we grew older and we were able to set up our own household and have more children we found a sort of peace being together. In those days the man worked and the mother stayed home, had kids and cooked and cleaned. We were quiet but we had sex a whole lot, especially when we were young. Somedays it was fast and quick, get it in before dinner and other nights after the kids were asleep we had sex for an hour, we were regular bunny rabbits.

    Old age slowed him down but we still found time to get together and work on it, slowly and he was always willing to give me attention with his mouth. I know that he wished he could have given me the attention that he did when we first got started because back then, even when we were prohibited from 'seeing' each other we had sex sometimes two and three times a day. We lived together and our bedrooms were right next door and my sister just had to cover her head with the pillow. Oh it was so much fun, it hurts that he is no longer with me, only the memories but they are great memories.

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    Straight Female / 26

    This is my problem, I like holding a penis and enjoy kissing, licking and sucking a penis. Starting with a limp penis and twirling it around in my mouth while it gets hard gives me a rush. Once it is hard getting my face fucked gets me very horny I can't wait to get fucked. Now that I am working and out in the real world I got called in by one of my bosses and he liked me and called me over to his chair and held my hip while he talked to me. On another occasion he told me that I should be proud of my 'tits' and asked for a peek. While I showed him a little he licked his lips and asked if I enjoyed small kisses and wandering hands. When we were in his car after taking me to a wine bar he unzipped his pants and let me suck his penis. He was rough with me fucking my face and came in my mouth and on my face and I had an orgasm.

    The whole weekend I reflected on what had happened and I told my roommate and she told me to quit, just quit that job before I got in trouble. I just hate having to give up the job but she is right, the last thing I need right now is a relationship with a married man.

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