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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 29

    I am a 29 years married woman. Married three years ago and I have a beautiful life. I go to gym for my workout everyday as I stay home and get bored. Few days into my gym, on a random day in the gym, a guy came to me out of the blue and started chatting. He introduced himself and I asked him 'What can I do for you?'
    He told me I was very good looking and gorgeous. I liked it, but I simply thanked him and was about to leave. He stopped me again and said if he could ask me something. I said sure. Then I was in shock.
    He asked, if he could have my bra and panties after my workout without washing? I was embarrassed, shocked and afraid. I said 'No' and quickly moved on. But, it didn't leave me. I just couldn't forget that. I was always a naughty woman, aways wanted to explore myself sexually. But, I knew I would never dare to do that with any man other than my husband. Everyone of us have sexual desires, but we don't dare to fulfill them. Extra marital affair, wife swap were my sexual fantasies, I never told my husband. I knew I could never indulge in those, but may be I could spice my life at least with these kind of things. My husband will never know. These thoughts kept running in my mind all day. The next day I was only eager to go to gym and see this guy again. I went to gym immediately after my husband left for work. Thank god, I see him. It is his usual time I guess. He saw me and I smiled at him to give him a clue. He smiled and did nothing. Then I completed my workout and just kept strolling there to let him come to me. I kept watching him and I think he finally got the hint. He came up to me and said hello. I told him I bought an extra pair of lingerie today in case if I lose what I am wearing. He understood and had a huge grin on his face. Then I went to change room, took off my bra and panty and handed them to him. They were full of sweat. He thanked me and shoved them into his gym bag. I out of curious asked him what is he gonna do with them.
    He said, 'I think you know.' I was aroused. I took a breath and asked him if I could see it while he do. He paused for a while and accepted. We sneaked into men's rest room. He sat on the toilet and sniffed my panty. It aroused me instantly and I felt like touching myself. He sniffed my bra and licked the wet part on it that has my sweat. he sniffed my panty crazily. He told me women inner wears drive him crazy. Then I quickly left the rest room and left for home. After that he never appeared in the gym.

    That was my biggest adventure in my life

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    After graduating from high school, i applied for admission to the University of Michigan. I would check the mail daily to see whether I had been admitted. Finally, after a couple of months or so of waiting impatiently, I received a fat envelope from the University including my admission letter, academic scholarship and room and board information. This would have been in the early part of 1974, before I had actually graduated from high school That spring and summer I was consumed with the fact that i had been accepted by such a prestigious school and by the fact that I had been granted what amounted to a full ride scholarship-grant. There was an orientation session that summer, and then in early September, my parents moved me into the dorm. When I arrived at the dorm room, I found that my roomie had not yet arrived. I had wondered what she would be like. Her name was exotic, Amal, but I knew nothing more about her. That night i slept by myself, and dreamed of all the things that I would accomplish in myeline. The future was limitless.

    The following day, around noon, Amal arrived and we became acquainted before walking down to the cafeteria to share the first of countless lunches we ate together. I was just about to turn 18 and Amal was 19. She had flashing black colored eyes and black unkempt hair. She talked about her family in Beirut, Lebanon. She was fluent in English, French, Modern Greek, and, of course, Arabic. Amal was naturally inquisitive in a non-intrusive way. She would ask questions that American girls would never ask, and ask them in a totally innocent and naive manner. Over the course of the next few day, Amal and I had become fast and best friends, sharing everything together, laughing together, discussing our classes, boys, our future lives, our families. We never held anything back from each other.

    Initially, both of us were rather shy about disrobing in front of the other, but that seemed to pass, too. Amal was about 5'4" tall and weighed about 135 pounds. She had lovely pendulous breasts, a shapely bottom, and pretty legs. But her best feature was always her eyes and her heart-melting smile. Her family back in Beirut had sent her to Michigan to obtain an excellent education. Her father's brother was a banker working and living in Birmingham, a plush suburb of Detroit. His name was Mazzin and he repeatedly reminded Amal that if she were ever in need of anything, that he would take care of it. Mazzin would visit us about once a month, always taking us out for a nice lunch or dinner and always insisting that I accompany the two of them, which i did more often than not.

    Ah, the things that Amal and I did together. We would go to movies, parties, dances, together. We would ride our bikes through the cemetery near our dorm together. We made a point of eating as many meals as we could, depending on our class times together. We were like sisters and she made my transition from high school to college, incredibly easy.

    One evening, as we sat on our respective beds, Amal was laughing about a particularly dorky guy that I had seen a couple of times, a true nerd complete with pocket protector and pens in his shirt pocket. Leonard was tall, walked with a bit of a stooped gait, was usually wearing a lab coat and was never to be found without a calculator nearby. He wasn't really my boyfriend, but we did see a couple of movies together and he took me to dinner once or twice. Amal was twisting her pretty face in a contorted manner trying to emulate Leonard, and somehow she grasped his facial tics just right. We both fell into a fevered laughter and neither of us could stop. In fact, each time the laughter started dying down, we would begin laughing hysterically again. Pretty soon both of us had tears in our eyes and she got up from her bed and sat down next to me on my bed, giving me a hug, something we both did a lot. As we sat there next to each other in our bras and panties, the laughter finally died off, and then for the first time, I felt something different, a warmth spreading through my crotch, a longing for Amal, not only as a friend but something far more than that. I let her cradle me, my head and my tousled hair laying against her shoulder, and when i looks up at her, i could see that whatever it was that I was feeling, Amal was feeling, too. As she held me, she leaned down and kissed me, not the sisterly pecks on the cheek and forehead that we had been used to giving each other, but rather her lips against mine, and soon as we held that embrace and that kiss, our mouths opened and her tongue became entwined with mine, and the kiss felt as if it had supplanted everything that had come before, a life changing event.

    That night we fell asleep on my bed together, still wearing our undies, me laying in her arms and Amal laying against me. When I awoke, I saw the Amal was still sleeping, and although i really had to pee, i didn't want to awaken her, i didn't want to spoil the moment. Soon thereafter, Amal awoke and smiled and kissed me. She told me that she loved me and i responded that I loved her, too, and that i always would love her. We undressed each other and made love to each other in a way that women have made love with one another for millennia. We brought each other to repeated orgasms, and found each other's faces soaked with our own shared secretions, our own sexual juices, our own saliva, the fruit of our passion.

    We spent the rest of the day and that night, making love, talking, laughing, crying. For us, for Amal and for me, our lives had undergone a fateful and permanent transformation. Where once we were caterpillars, now we were butterflies and as butterflies we were ready to soar into the remainder of our days, no longer alone, but as lovers.

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    Straight Female / 28

    I left my husband 3 years ago and was able to buy a condo where I now live for the past year with my mother. She's been ill for several years so I never smoke inside and always go out on the back patio at night. The patio next door is separated from mine with a slated fence. There is a cute guy who lives next door who I guess is about 40 years old. I can see into his living room most of the time because he never seems to have his vertical blinds closed tight on his sliding door. The slats are either tilted open or pulled over enough for me to see in. He lives alone and this guy is never dressed at night and 99% of the time he is naked. What is incredible is I can't believe how many times I've watched him masturbate over the last year. When he does he is always laying back on his recliner chair watching tv. I can't see what he is watching but it most assuredly must be porn. I've never seen him with a woman but there is a guy who stays with him some weekends so I suspect he is gay. I have spoken to him occasionally and he seems well educated. He must have a good job because I know he owns a boat and Lexus and goes away almost every weekend. He never comes home from work week days until about 7pm and leaves for work early in the mornings. Shame on me but I began timing him and he's usually naked in his living room from about 8:30 til 11pm when all his lights go out. Monday thru Thursday he masturbates almost every night and is naked most of the time except for the rare nights he wears boxer shorts. The nights he doesn't masturbate he still continuously touches himself and its rare when I don't see him with an erection. I hate to admit this but its become my nightly entertainment. I doubt he has any conception that I am watching him. The rear of our condos is very private and I have never seen anyone out there at night. The only times I see anyone out back is when the landscapers are working there. My mother stays in her room after dinner every night so I keep my living room lights low and never turn on the outside light. I just sit there and watch him, some nights as long as an hour or more. I have to confess there are times I get aroused and have satisfied myself while watching him masturbate. His lights are always on bright enough that I know he can't see me sitting on my side of the fence looking through the slat openings. We both have patio covers which makes it very dark outside even when the moon is bright.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    Since I was very little I have always needed a man in my life, of course when I was little it was my Daddy but when I got older I gravitated to man who would protect me from whatever was out there. In return for being protected I have always been very affectionate, I love hugging and the feeling of skin against me, I like being kissed and caressed, or felt up if you like, I like the feeling of a strong hands on my breasts and buttocks and I like the feeling of a nice cock. With all that I have never understood why sometimes I get this unquenching urge to be with another woman. I go down, I want to tear her breasts off, I want to eat her face and I want to fuck her if only I could. It is not normal and it is never personal, it is just some random woman I happen to have met that falls for me and I can tear her up.

    So when I was with my extended family over Christmas I met this 33 year old woman who is a nurse for the pediatrician in town and she responded to me holding her hand while we talked, my blood was already up and I could feel myself getting very aroused by her and I said excuse me but I have to kiss you and I put her face in my hand and I kissed her. My kiss was long and she opened her mouth just a little for me to savor her lips and she let me slowly move my hand up over her breast and kiss her. We were on the back porch, the night was clear and the weather was not too cold but I was steaming and I told her gently in her ear that she had given me butterflies when she walked in and kissing her was the best Christmas present I could have asked for.

    She is totally given to me now, it has only been a month and already she has flown out to LA to see me and we spent a glorious three day weekend practically in bed making love. Sure I made love to all of her, every little bit of her, but I didn't attack her, or eat her like she was disposable, I didn't just fuck her, I lay on the bed with her and let her touch me and make love back to me. I told her that no one, not ever, had hit me so hard as she did and I didn't want to jump the gun but I was in love with her.

    I have the man in my life. He is a building contractor with a large business here in LA, he is 52 and he is quite a man, divorced with three kids and an ex-wife that feels like even not being married to him she deserves to be kept in the same lifestyle. She really isn't a bitch, but she can be sometimes and she tends to get very sensitive when I am around. She knows that I am the woman that is sleeping with him. They divorced for other reasons, I think mainly because she got so needy and he just needed air to breathe and I don't put those kind of demands on him. And now I have this woman who just popped out of nowhere and I can't get her out of my mind.

    Giving up my man is not something I want to do, when he wants to have sex I get emotional and want to have sex, I like him wanting to have sex with me and like I said he is quite the man and he knows how to play with my buttons. He knows because I have told him that from time to time I go off and have sex with some girl, but I have not told him about Elise partly because I know Elise is the real thing. I just don't want to choose. I don't know if I tell him that Elise is real and that I have feelings for her, first time ever that I have feelings like this, and I want to make it work with her that he won't say well bye bye and go back to his wife. That would devastate me.

    What am I? For the first time in my life I am asking that question. I know that I have always been able to have men like me, I know that I can get men to want to be with me. I know that a man gives me something that I need, I just don't want to be a wife and have all that baggage. I am a good girlfriend. But right now I want to have Elise come out and live with me. She can get a job pretty easily out here and I own my townhouse, thanks to a man I dated ten years ago, and we can make a go of it, at least that is how I am thinking right now. But it has only been a month and that scares me. I am confused. For the first time ever when I was being held by him that I felt trapped and I had to get away to breathe.

    So that is about it. I hurt his feelings, I can't get Elise out of my mind, I sit at home instead of going out and I type on a computer to get my feelings out, trying to rationalize what is happening to me.

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    Straight Female / 26

    I lied to my fiance about how many men I've slept with. I feel horrible about it but can't tell him the truth now.

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    Straight Female / 30

    Unemployed and looking for a temporary place to live an ex-coworker told me that I could stay with him in exchange for housework while I found another job. I didn't like the word housekeeper so at a curbside discussion with one of the neighbors I told her I was a housewife. A big lie, but I wanted to be accepted. The ladies on the block got together for breakfast in a round robin affair and I was invited and I had to host. I made sure that the 'guest' room was totally the 'guest' room cramming everything I owned into a suitcase and placing my toiletries hair dryer and stuff in the master bedroom. Everything went well and I have always liked to host and having a nice big kitchen and dining room made it easy.

    My house husband, ex-coworker got cornered by one of the neighbors and he commented to him that he didn't know he had gotten married. He told him the truth, which got back to me via the man's wife, which put me in the world of being a liar and an imposter. I was called out, but I stuck to my story telling them that the reason I had moved in was to be his wife I was definitely not there as a temporary housekeeper. Whether they believed me or not that is the way I lived, I kept going to the breakfast get togethers I kept having my turn at hosting, I kept the 'guest' room game alive and I told stories of how hard it was to be the housewife, always short of money no matter how big my allowance was. All this conflicted with what he said but somehow they believed me and not him.

    At a dinner with one of our neighbors the wife and mother of the house asked me when I was planning on starting my family and I answered that I was ready. I looked at him with eyes on fire and he chose to back me up. Back at the house he asked me why if I had moved in permanently he was sleeping alone. That night I got my pillow and I went to his room and got in bed with him. Needless to say he waited about twelve seconds before he got his business done.

    I was pregnant with my first child about four months when he took me to Las Vegas to marry me, this was early December. For Christmas cards that year we sent out a picture of me holding my baby belly of seven months by then with his arms around me. They were also wedding confirmations. I had gone from houseguest and housekeeper to housewife and expectant mother in a little over a year. I had just turned 23 when my first son was born. I say first son because I had another one a year later, family meant family, several kids. I had my next two four years later. I am happily married, of course, with four kids and we live in our house on the same block and I continue to host my turn at the breakfast round robin and I am now part of the neighborhood. To the new members of our breakfast club the story does get told of how I moved in, and my answer is well why not.

    How did you meet your husband? It is always a great conversation starter and it breaks the ice with women. How did you meet your husband? Let us know.


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    Straight Female / 24

    I've been meaning to ask this question, when are you the Sugar Baby and not the girlfriend. I got into this relationship because he wanted me and slowly I submitted to him and he started to help me financially, set me up in a nice place, get me a nice car, take me on vacations, buy me nice things. I have been with him for two years and I keep his love nest ready for him, I always have his favorite Scotch, his favorite snacks and his clothes he left from the last time are washed, ironed and put away so that he looks nice the next day when he goes to work. I don't want it to be only about sex, I want him to relax when he comes to see me, to see that I can cook for him and make him comfortable, that I keep a nice place for him and I am always grateful to him. If we go out I am always nicely put together and I am never demanding or make him spend money he shouldn't, I am polite and respectful. I want him to see that I am really a nice girl and not chasing his money.

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    Straight Female / 28

    The truth is that I am bored at home. I have two kids but they are going to school, at least preschool but I drop them off at eight and pick them up at 12:30 after they had lunch. During the day I don't have anything to do, my house is not that big and it takes no time to keep it clean and I am clean anyway so things don't pile up. My husband works as an Electrician for the Power Company and his hours are mostly regular but from time to time he has to work overtime. He earns good money and I don't have to work.

    I offered to work at the public library, I am not black so I didn't get the job, I offered to help with the school but I don't have a teacher's certificate so I am not allowed to teach the children (they are all preschool so I don't get it). My husband put a Trump sign on our lawn as a joke so now my neighbor won't talk to me. I got chased around by the local Sheriff's Deputy and I had to get my husband to tell him to keep his distance. Staying at home is not what I thought it would be.

    I don't like shopping and I don't have that much money to shop for stuff I don't need. I want to go see my mother in Delaware but I would have to take the kids out of school (I might do that anyway they are only in preschool) but my husband wants to know who is going to cook for him (and he pissed off the neighbor so they won't invite him over for dinner anymore).

    Well, good night from Smallsville USA

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    Straight Female / 40

    Another year has gone by. I am now 40 and he is 57 and I have two kids with him and I live in a modest house in a modest neighborhood and he is still married to his wife and he tells me that things are not going to change.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    My marriage was not working. I married young, 22 to a 37 year old man. He wanted children right away and being young I gave in and had two children. At the age of 27 being a housewife I had a short affair with a realtor. More than one day I had sex with both men on the same day. If my lover had been around to see me earlier I refused him performing oral sex on me. I had a lot of sex and became more and more of a nympho. Then my lover left me and I became depressed.

    For several months I froze out my husband until I started seeing a fellow housewife who had just moved into our neighborhood. She initiated it and I went in head over heals and I started having sex with my husband again. I concluded that what I needed was to cheat to make me want mu husband. Pretty stupid really but it worked, especially when I was playing with my housewife friend. I've had had two more women relationships, one with an office nurse and the other with a substitute teacher. I haven't had another affair with a man.

    When I have my special company during the day I am more active at night and I don't mind pleasing him, not just in bed, I like fixing a meal and my house is normally picked up and presentable.

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