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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 33

    I am a 33 year old single, never married, accounting manager for a very large corporation. I made friends with a woman my age, married for ten years with a kid. In time I told her I had never really had sex. Never past a goodnight air kiss. She told me she had never been with a man other than her husband, married because of her pregnancy from a party sex encounter. She told me he married her to shut her up. She also told me that he continued to party with other women.

    I didn't know whether to feel bad for myself or for her. To her sex was obligatory, many times after he has sex with another woman. I learned that she was introduced to a girl he brought home. After all his escapades, she was friends with one of his girlfriends, his coworker, 26, single, half Hispanic like her. They supported each other, putting up with him. The two women kept each other company, went out together, they provided each other with the human touch they needed. And they both regularly had sex with her husband.

    To me, alone, I did not even have a friend, some one to go out with, some one to be with, to talk, to share my life, her life was odd but she was never alone. I did not have a child. No one came for me at night, or midafternoon. She was fortunate, she had a child, a deep hearted relationship with her friend, her husband's lover yes, but her soul mate. And she had a husband who came for her.

    I never could become her friend, not like her other friend. They were each other's. She was just my work friend. Nice, she cared, she listened, but when she went home, she went to her child, her soul mate, and her husband. Three people loved her, no one loved me.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I like the freedom of being nude. We built a pool with a high privacy fence. I was catching some sun, totally nude and I looked up and over to my left and two young Hispanic men were on the neighbor's roof, just sitting there looking. I can't properly describe the erotic sensation knowing they were taking it all in.

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    Straight Female / 29

    When my husband married me he was quite vocal that he wanted kids right away. Also, he was quite vocal about me going camping with him. Neither was on my radar. I agreed to the kids, but no camping. After a year I was unable to conceive for him, tons and tons of tears, doctor after doctor. I was told it was most likely him. How do you tell a man he is probably not fertile enough to impregnate you?

    I agreed to one camping adventure. He planned it out, seven days, high country, vistas he wanted me to see. I suffered so much, I hated it, hated it. We had sex once out there, and not my choice or idea. He was grossly aggressive and nothing I said made any difference. I also got pregnant.

    My relationship with him is different. I am, to put it mildly, his baby factory, I am on number three. His bedroom demeanor is also different, no is no longer in my vocabulary. ;

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    As a young teen I wasn't perverted by a dirty old man. I was slowly perverted by my best friend's mother.

    In her mother's bedroom were some black and white pictures of her mother, in the nude, when she was a young woman. And over her bead was a large, blow up picture, of her crotch. It was big, and nasty looking, and you could make out all her parts, she told us that she was twenty when she had that picture taken, she always liked it, and it reminded her of her youth, when she just fucked for fun.

    That picture turned me on. The idea of having your pussy photographed like that, blow up, and put on your bedroom wall over your bed, that was a turn on. And whenever I spent time with my girlfriend, she let me go into her mother's room and look at that picture, and the other ones of her naked, on the wall. I guess if you grow up seeing your mom naked, and seeing her open pussy like that every day, you get used to it. But for me, just seeing her naked turned me on.

    One morning, I had spent the night, we were having breakfast and her mother asked us point blank. No preparation, she asked if we had given a blow job yet. I mean, we were fifteen. We had certainly not given a blow job. She told us that boys like blow jobs, and it didn't matter what else we heard, if you sucked a boy, you kept a boy. The best way to keep a boy to yourself, was to keep his dick in your mouth. Girls were naturals at blow jobs, it was an art, and you had to work his dick in your hand, using your thumb under his dick, to slowly get him real hard and suck down hard on him while you squeezed his dick, and he would blow every time.

    If we were ready to give pussy, then to let her know so she could put us on contraception. She left the table and came back with these condoms and showed them to us. She went and got two bananas and made us slip the condoms over the bananas. She said that if we had a condom over a banana, we could use the banana to fuck ourselves, just saying because sometimes you needed to get fucked. She also told us a fact of life. Guys won't put a condom on, unless it is the only way they can get to your pussy. So every girl had to have her back up plan with her, condoms in her purse and practice on how to get a condom on a dick. We got our first set of condoms to carry in our purse.

    She rented some videos, hard core stuff and she made us watch them with her. She explained what was fake and what was real, and she told us that even the whores that made the movies got wet, but what she needed us to focus on was how the guys dick slipped into her pussy. She brought out these dildos. She took off her panties, sat back on the couch, opened her legs up and inserted this dildo straight up her vagina. She told us to do the same, to stretch our vaginas with the dildos, so when we got fucked it went right in.

    She spread our legs open, with this movie on the television, she wanted to see if we were wet, she fingered me, and then took the dildo and inserted into me and she told me to fuck myself. She turned to her daughter and told her to do the same. We say lots of movies, and a good share of lesbian movies, and a couple of anal movies.

    She told us that when she was in college, that was the time to fuck around with another girl. That is how you got practice and it was safe, and not to turn our noses up to it. A hot wet pussy was something that you had to learn to enjoy, especially if you wanted that rugby player girl to enjoy your hot wet pussy. That afternoon we got hands on instructions, and we got video instructions. And we learned that she did girls, girls were safer and you couldn't get pregnant, so do a girl, until you got married, then if you got pregnant it didn't matter.

    It was just that we were dense. We didn't get it. It just never crossed our minds that her mother wanted us to get together. She told us, when she just broke down and told us to get together and practice, practice, practice. She told us that her first affair was with her girlfriend at school. She was the girl that every jock wanted, but she was the one getting that hot pussy. That some guy fucking you was just that, getting fucked. It was all about him fucking you, not about you. But as girlfriends, then we could really be about making each other feel good. There was only one time when you were going to get a shot at new pussy, and that was when you were new pussy too.

    She had us shower together that night. She told us that we were supposed to lather each other, gets our hands on some tits and ass, to get our tongues together, to makes sure that no other girl was going to be the one getting into our pussies. We did the thing, going down. We did do it. It was different, and we did get wet doing it. We also used the dildos like she told us. But in the end the only part that felt good was sleeping naked.

    It was a long time before we got comfortable being naked, that we got comfortable just touching each other, having our faces caressed by breasts, going down and enjoying her, and her pussy got wet, dripping wet and after I went down on her telling her that I did love her, I mean if I was eating her pussy it was because I did love her.
    It was a long time before we found out how good it felt to just sit and make out on the couch, and get a feel of a boob or a leg or an ass cheek, or get so hot that you pull her down on you. But that took time, like it took us getting to be seventeen, and eighteen and going to college. It was in college where we really let ourselves go, it was in college when we really got down to business and became true lovers. It was also in college where we experimented with some guy fucking us. Yes it was good, yes there was something about it, but no it wasn't what we wanted, not then.

    It wasn't until we were in our late twenties before we got married and got fucked as wives. Being married is OK, it must be something inside of you that tells you to get married. But that does not mean, not by any means, that when it comes time to having real sex, you don't do it with that one girl, that one girl that you have been having sex with since you were fifteen. Because having sex with her, that is what you really want. When you get with her face to face and you tell her you love her, you mean you love her, and when you kiss with her, you kiss with her. And if your stupid husband doesn't get it, doesn't rally understand that the one person for your life, is your girlfriend of when you grew up, well then he is dense. Girlfriend love is forever. That is what her mom knew about us. That crazy woman who fucked men and women, and not always one at a time. That crazy woman who had a crotch shot of her pussy over her bed, to remind her that when it comes to being who you are, there just isn't anything better than pussy. There just isn't.

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    Lesbian Female / 54

    I went to a very conservative mid western state college. A few, but not many, long hair guys and girls in jeans and embroidered shirts, but mostly we were all pretty clean kids. In my sophomore year I had the opportunity to room with these other girls. Unlike my freshman dorm, which was an old style dorm, with a small room for two, and a shower and bathroom down the hall, this time I was in a suite, two bedrooms which were larger, and a bath and shower in between.

    What this meant is that when you showered, you were naked in front of your roommate. You got naked, maybe, if that, wore slippers, you were just naked and you went to the shower and after you were done you brushed your teeth naked, you did your hair naked, you stood around naked, you sat on the bed naked. Did I say naked? Yes, we got naked and we rolled around on the bed naked wrestling with another girl, sucking tits, getting your face down between her legs, or getting in the shower together and soaping each other.

    Once you have been soaped, and your shower partner is soaping your tits and gently playing with your nipples, once your shower partner uses her two fingers to gently wash your pussy, once you lean against the wall and let your shower partner use her fingers to wash your every nook and cranny, once you wash your partner's butt hole, once you lean over and gently use your tongue on her butt hole while the warm water washes down her back, you start to figure out that what you are doing is not just kidding around. Once your roommate gets naked and rests on her bed and opens her legs for you and you go down and love on her with all your might. Once you realize that is the last home football game of the season and you have not gone to a game with anyone other than your roommate, you start asking yourself questions.

    Questions like? What am I going to do for Thanksgiving? Will she come home with me? Will I go home with her? How am I going to tell my Dad that I am going to go spend Thanksgiving with my college roommate? How do you spend Thanksgiving at your roommate's house, when she only has her room and you have to share the bed because there is no guest room, and her Mom asks you if you don't mind? How do you sleep together, when all you want to do is just grab her and hold her when you know that the rooms are right next to each other and any noise you make will be heard by her family. How do you take a shower by yourself, knowing she is waiting for you, and you want her to be with you and you can't shower together?

    How do you sit beside her at Thanksgiving when all you want to do is kiss her and tell her you love her? That you are imagining having a Thanksgiving together when you are older and you can't figure out how there are going to be so many kids and who that man is going to be sitting at the head of the table. Who is that man? How is it going to be? Fixing Thanksgiving dinner together for your family? Your mind is racing while you listen to the prayer, at least your get to hold her hand while her father says the prayer.

    You go for a walk after dinner, just the two of you. You can't hold hands because of the neighbors. So you talk, talk about school and you talk to her about how are you going to have children. Does this mean that we are going to have to get married? Maybe we will live next door to each other. How will we know that our husbands will get along? What if one of the husbands takes a job in another state? We agree that the only thing to do is get married to two brothers.

    Separation was so hard that I cried for days. I was her maid of honor, she married a great guy. We spent our last night together, just the two of us, wrapped in each other's arms and swore that we would never stop loving each other. But the next day she married and he took her with him and they went on a honey moon and I stayed behind.

    My time came several years later, he took me to Hawaii for our honeymoon. I sat and watched the ocean thinking of nothing but her, living with her husband and her kids. Soon, in a year or so I would have my family started. But it is not he same. Thinking that you are going to be fixing Thanksgiving dinner and a man is going to be sitting at the head of the table and you are going to sit alone beside him, with your kids, how many? asking for this and that. Our husbands in different industries, different lives, they could be friends, but we won't even live in the same state.

    It is Thanksgiving that is the hardest. And every other day.

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    Straight Female / 43

    My husband of twenty two years has gone sweet on little miss sunshine at his office. Not only is he jeopardizing his job, he looks ridiculous fawning all over her, not to leave her behavior out of it, clinging to a married man. This is not his first affair, I have told her, but she is so starry eyed over him she does not want to listen.

    His first affair was hard, but now I feel more for the girl, no home, no family, just some sex memories to keep her warm when his eye moves on to his next lady friend to be.

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    Straight Male / 33



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    Straight Female / 23

    My time with a man who came in from the cold. I was a student at a well known university, and I was in Chemistry class, which everyone knew was a killer course, this was the course where they got rid of the freshmen that would not make it. Sitting beside me was a guy, just a guy. But he looked at me in a way that made my insides tremble a bit.

    After several classes, we started to walk together to our next class, and on that late summer day he said "Rebecca?, that is your name, Rebecca", "you know Rebecca is a Jewish name". I said "well, it happens that I am Jewish". He looked at me and said "you know, you have great knocker, I would really like to fuck a Jewish girl". I was 18, and not innocent, but quite frankly I had never been propositioned, I knew I had a 'rack', but Jewish boys where I grew up didn't go around telling you that they wanted to fuck you. He continued and told me that he had worked with a girl from Haifa, she was hard as nails, but she had a rack that wouldn't quit. He had always wanted to fuck her.

    So, I mean there you are, and I said "So, since you couldn't fuck her, you want to fuck me?" He said, "no, I didn't fuck her because I worked with her, I want to fuck you because you look like you would be a great fuck, and I want to get my hands on those tits". After a long silence, he asked "you have been fucked, right?" I said "no, I am Jewish, Jewish girls don't get fucked, they get married and they have intercourse with their husbands". His answer was "bull shit, after I finish fucking you, you'll wish I was your husband so that I would continue fucking you the rest of your life".

    He took my hand and we missed our next class and we went to his apartment and he went on to fuck me. An 18 year old virgin Jewish girl with a 28 year old man with a past. He fucked me many times, and we talked about that girl from Haifa. She was in him, and no matter how much we fucked, she was still in him. But he would never tell me about her, or why they worked together, or where they worked together. Just that it was a job he had to do.

    One day I was going through his clothes in his dresser, girlfriends do go through their boyfriend's clothes because you have to put them away. I found an envelope, and in the envelope was a picture of young woman, with curly hair, in jeans and a shirt. I asked her if this was the girl from Haifa. He said yes, and I said I was sorry he had lost her. Something inside of me went off that afternoon as he sat there holding the picture of the girl from Haifa. Something that Jewish girls feel, it was my job to soothe him, to bring his heart over to me.

    It was a long road, for a long time he fucked her while I lay under him, until one day I asked him to tell me about her, and he said a few words and then clammed up. I asked him if he missed her so much, why he didn't go find her, at least make sure that what he felt was real. He told me she was dead.

    She had died in a bus explosion going to the university one day. Her name was Rebecca. I held this man close to me and let him know that this Jewish girl was going to be with him and this Rebecca was going to be with him. He came in out of the cold. We started to make love, to have intercourse. We never fucked again. A Jewish girl and her husband have intercourse. They don't fuck.

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    Straight Female / 32

    Me divorcie a los 27 con una hija de 2. Me junte con un nuevo novio. Mi exesposo se enojo, me busco y encontro a mi novio en la cama. Me saco a mi y a mi hija de mi departamento y nos llevo de regreso a su casa. Nunca volvi a ver a ese novio, mi exesposo me pego dos hijos mas, y trajo a una nueva esposa a vivir con el. A ella le pego dos hijos antes de que ella se divorciara tambien.

    Nosotras las exesposas nos llevamos y le criamos a sus hijos juntas. El se la pasa de jefe de nosotras, y nosotras le hacemos el truco y lo dejamos. Asi el esta contento y no nos niega lo que le pedimos. Hay que saber como manejar al diablo, porque sera diablo, pero cuando viene a las mujeres es mas nene que hombre, y lo que mas le gusta es saborear la entrepierna y perderse en los pechos de su mujer.

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    Straight Female / 31

    I did everything right, school, clubs, degrees, yet today I do not have my own name, I have been taken far from my birth place, I wear a ring declaring I am owned, I am sentenced to primary child rearing, I am occupied by daily household chores, all because I could not say no to a man. I knew about this condition, I just never thought it would apply to me.

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