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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 52

    When I was seventeen I traveled overseas to see my relatives. I got lost in Frankfurt and missed my plane and to make it worse I could not find my passport and ticket (they were left in the restroom). I was so upset that I just started crying. A businessman was across from me and he came over and asked what happened.

    The long story short version is that he calmed me down, we went back through all my steps, and we got my passport and ticket back from lost and found at Lufthansa. My next possible connection to Asia was the next day and my now protector decided that we would stay at an airport hotel. You take that bed and I take this bed. In the room he looked at me and said that we might as well get over what we were there to do and to lean back on the bed and he screwed me. Two minutes. I lost my virginity like that quick. After that he said that I should sleep with him. he wanted me close.

    He screwed me again later that night, with lots of foreplay, fingering, sucking, dick in mouth, dick in and out of my vagina and dick in my ass. Never ending kissing and fondling, showering after sex at three a.m., dick sucking in the shower, pussy eating in the shower, another fucking in the shower. The next day he put me on the plane to Asia and told me to call him when I returned to the States. I got on the plane a totally different person than I was 24 hours earlier. I sat back and felt good.

    I called him when I returned and he diverted his business travels so he went through my city and I met him, we had dinner or sometimes we went straight to the hotel to have sex. College time came and I went to college in the city he lived in and he set me up in an apartment complex near him. I did well, I pretended to have scholarships to help pay for my education and I graduated in 1984 with my degree in Sociology. I moved in with him right after college.

    I have never worked, my parents had to accept him, they never knew about Frankfurt as we called it, we have had an active sex life all these years, and when things get boring we check into a no name motel and have anal sex. I love anal, well I really like it and it feels good afterwards. Our children came and went out on the their own, the last one is still in college.

    What bridged the age difference is sex. Active and open sex. And lots of it. I got broken in early is the way I see it. I have never known another man, I don't ask and he doesn't tell if he has known another woman, I really don't care about that. We take an annual holiday and go where there is nothing to do but have sex, lay around a pool, have sex, go down for drinks and dinner, have sex, get some sleep and have more sex.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    as i get older, the more i question if im a lesbian or bi sexual. i crave pussy more and more every day. iâve been with a few girls but iâm in a committed relationship w a man now. i canât syop thinking about pussy. i wish i could find a friend who i could hang out with innocently but lowkey eat her pussy all the time just so i can stop fantasizing about having a juicy fat pussy in my mouth. but then we just b friends and everythingâs normal. i just want a girl to sit on my face and ride my tongue for hours, iâd drink all her pussy juice and have her cum all in my mouth. then iâd eat her ass and let her ride my face however she wants. i need pussy

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    Straight Female / 39

    My situation at this time is that I am 39, I am pregnant, recently married to a divorced man who got me pregnant, with a prenup. I lived in Europe for 15 years and I have a 13 year old girl from my previous marriage. My ex I met in graduate school, he is French and we lived in France where he works for a French bank. He is a die hard soc****st and our relationship deteriorated from day one. Unfortunately my daughter has too many of his thoughts in her head. I returned to the US to be a stranger in my country. I worked in France for the Bank in a communications department but here the only job I could find was working in retail. I met my husband selling him a purse for his daughter.

    My life is so different, I am having trouble with reality. My husband is 61 and he earns a very high salary and he married me because I have a pretty face, but he has voiced disappointment with my breasts, he expected more firmness. I am not 17. He is aggressive and authoritarian and dominant. My ex was also dominant but in a French way but my husband makes him look like a child. My mother assess me as needing a dominant man to keep me. I got pregnant by accident, I truly did not expect that I would be having sex when I went out with him. He married me because I am pregnant and he likes my daughter and he needs to have a woman look after him. I don't kid myself.

    I find that I like sex with him, it is dominant sex but it makes me feel good, I wish he would spank me more often. Truthfully he did that, he spanked me and pushed my nose into the pillow. I try to be a bad girl but I don't like when he pretends to spank me. From time to time I get out of line and he sets me straight, that triggers me to get aroused and want sex. I don't tell him that, it's my secret. I just want a hard spanking right now.

    He does want his cock sucked, something my ex wasn't particular about. I find the whole experience arousing in a very erotic sort of way. I suck his cock in open spaces, the kitchen, the living room, in the car. I get very aroused and sex afterwards makes me tremble inside. It is probably orgasms but trembling orgasms. Or it maybe because I am pregnant that I trigger like that.

    My daughter resents his heavy hand with her but she needs it badly. He put her in a Christian Academy with other little rich girls. She has a friend, a girl who lived for a while in England when her father was stationed there. She resents him but she obeys him. She fought continuously with her father. She has never lived where the man of the house is the 'man of the house'. He knocks her soc****st ideas to the ground and reeducates her. She needs that, I sit and listen, I love how he restates her points and walks her up another ladder with his point of view. When he is done with her she will be a different person. For all her complaining she is very affectionate with him and wants her at all her activities. She calls him Papa, French for daddy.

    I am maybe in a honeymoon phase right now, for the first time in a very long time I like being who I am. I am not as pretty, and my tits are not as firm, but I am still very sexual and he gets the beast in me to come out. Sucking his cock and getting prepared for sex, that is what I am thinking about right now. And if I get a spanking then I will have it all. I guess when he spanked me when he caught me by surprise he liked my reaction, I just can't fake it I want it and it isn't' a surprise. To me a hard spanking is like to him sucking his cock. It's foreplay for adults. If there is one thing I learned in France is to have sex for pleasure, yours, not only his.

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    Straight Female / 26

    Following up on my confession about marrying my first cousin, I was fifteen when I lost it to him and we got married when I was 24 after I finished nursing school. The thing is that I am desperate, if I can use that word, to get pregnant. He is my father's sister's son, we are first cousins. I am a nurse and I know that the hype is that it is all bad but the reality is that it is not, a tiny little bit only. But when I talk about this with my sister for example she is all against it, or says that I should get a donation from a sperm bank.

    I want a baby, well I want several babies, I love my cousin and he is my husband and I want his babies not some weirdo's who dumps his sperm by jerking off in a clinic.

    Our family has always been against us being married, but we are so there is nothing they can say now.

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    Straight Female / 24

    I work with a girl and we have become friends. Although we did not grow up together we have similar backgrounds and we are one year apart. She has a boyfriend who has been around since she was seventeen and she has a seven year old with him. I am at her house and the house is quiet and we are watching lame TV and her boyfriend comes over. She is not interested and he starts to hit on me. One thing led to another and he has me on the couch and he forces his penis in me and lets go of all his junk without pulling out. I am not on anything and the couch incident resulted in me getting pregnant.

    He is a boyfriend, he has his life, his girlfriends from his place at work, he is maybe a part time father but not really, he comes over to get his rocks off and that is what happened that night. He gets his rocks off with us, why I don't know. I cannot for the life of me explain why I let him why I get hot when he gets on me and like a spring my legs fly open. My girlfriend who is also his girlfriend isn't much different, she is much more reserved and maybe she has been with him for so long that she pushes him away unless he gets insistent and then she lets him. We know that he also has other girlfriends. I guess at the moment you never think that maybe he just came over after having some other girl's pussy.

    We don't feed him so it isn't that.

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    Straight Female / 27

    I was 16 when I saw a boy dragged out of school shower completly naked. I was out on the hallway with other girls when some boys embeaassed him just for fun. I remember he had no hands free to cover himself and we all clearly saw his dick waving side to side. Never saw a boy run back inside a shower room so fast, after the dropped on the front lawn. Sexiest thing that ever happed in school.

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    Straight Female / 33

    Basically I trade sex for being supported. I was married for eighteen months but he never manned up and got a real job and Mr. X who I live with told me that he was a screwball and he was living off of me. "Come live with him and see what it was like to live with a man who appreciates a woman", that's what he told me that day. He gave me the key to his house and said move in and make yourself at home.

    After a couple of weeks Mr. X calls me and tells me to "shit or get off the pot", the offer isn't open after that weekend. It pushed me and I packed my clothes and got my birth certificate and showed up at his house. He gives me the tour of the house and 'puts' me in his bedroom and tells me that he is expecting great things from me. After we go out to eat and we are back at his house he gives me the schedule of when to get up and when to go to bed, he sits down and writes out my 'duties', and then asks, no the tells me, "he wants me". There is really no time to get ready, he shoves me onto the bed, rips off what I won't take off and fucks me until he jerks everything into me. "Now that is what you do with a woman, you fuck her".

    The next morning we get up at the time on the schedule and I have my list of morning duties. He tells me that I need to call in and quit my job because I have real responsibilities now and I have lots to do. He doesn't so much as kiss me as he grabs me and shoves his tongue down my throat and tells me that when he gets back he "wants nothing but hot". I quit my job and tell my boss that sorry but no I can't go in, I have things to do. I do everything on the list and get ready for when he comes home. I spend a lot of time getting ready, I want to be "hot" for him when he gets home.

    He pretty much ignores me he just asks what's for dinner and goes into his den and turns of the T.V. and picks up the paper and goes through it while I fix dinner. After dinner I get shoved back onto the bed face down, my pants are torn off of me and I get fucked on my stomach. He gets ready for bed, and it is time to turn off the lights. Everyday is the same thing, ass grab, tongued, duty list, home at six, T.V. and newspaper, fucked before bed time, no kiss, no hug, fucked. Period time comes and I get the week off.

    I have lived with Mr. X for a long time now, years. I don't work, I have duties, I am fucked, he likes me face down but sometimes he turns me over. I have a week off every month, it's on the schedule.

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    Straight Female / 20

    A little over a year ago, I was 18 and got a great job at a fashion house. My boss was demanding as hell, constantly berating anything that any of us did or didn't do. She is a former model, was fairly well known and is still at 48 now, gorgeous with a perfect body that any teen girl would wish for. Her full brown hair falls about 8 inches short of her waist, it's thick, rich and full bodied. One night she told me to come with her to her house and we'd finish up there. We went to her townhouse which was incredible. There we settled into an office room that was bigger than my little one bedroom unit. We were sitting on the couch working for about an hour. She closed up the work papers, and leaned in and kissed me full and bold. It was a lingering kiss then as she opened her mouth I tried to keep mine closed but her tongue found her way in. After I told her I was not lesbian and her reply was that I was a lesbian had just never had the experience. I didn't know what to do and didn't feel that I could up and leave, I was stymied. She took my hand and I stood but resisted her pull. "Lets go upstairs to my bedroom" she said. I told her again that I wasn't a lesbian and she said that I was and pulled again. I wouldn't budge and all of a sudden I saw stars. She hit me so hard with her fist in my face that I didn't know what was going on. She pulled on my arm and I found myself following. "Please don't" was all I could say, at the stairs I hesitate and got hit again. Not as hard but my mouth was bleeding from the left corner. "Get your ass up the stairs, two levels" she pulled me in front of her and I climbed the stairs in tears. She was reaching and feeling my ass as we went up which made me cry even more. I didn't want to get hit again, so I just kept climbing.

    At the level of her bedroom, which took up half of one floor, she stopped, wiped my lip, wiped my tears and kissed me again, my tongue responded to hers out of self-preservation not lust. She stripped me naked leaving my clothes there in the hallway. "Claude will get them in the morning" she said and hand in hand walked me to her bedroom. She left the door open and sat me on the edge of the bed as she got fully undressed. It didn't take much time, she pulled her dress over her head, had on no bra and no panties. She wore a garterbelt and stockings and kicking off her $1000 or more shoes walked to me. "Kiss it" she said. I knew what she wanted, but staring at a perfectly trimmed but very thick haired pussy I just stared. A gentle hand to the side of my face which pulled away suddenly. I flinched. "Don't make me do it again" and I didn't I kissed her pussy. "that's it baby, just do what your lover wants, now take off my stockings". I undid the clasps and rolled down her silk stockings, taking them off her feet. she then turned her backside to me and again told me to take off the garter belt. I did it without question and immediately. Without turning around she said "Kiss it". I leaned forward and lightly kissed one of her buttcheeks, then as she told me not to leave it only half done, I did the same to the other side.

    Lying down she got on top of me, holding my hands together above my head, she kissed me and massaged my tits with her other hand, then moved it down to my pussy. Getting me wet she stuck in two fingers, got them really full of juice and licked them clean. "You taste like a 16 year old" she said. Then she moved up to my face, straddling me and set her pussy on my mouth. I did what I liked when guys did it to me, and she seemed to like it too. Through the night she ate me, I ate her, she scissored her pussy on mine and roughly rubbed us together till she came again. In the middle of the night I was awakened by her rolling me over onto my back and pulling my legs up. I was drowsy and almost thought she brought a man in, but then realized she wore a strapon and was fucking me. The sex continued with intermittent crying on my part, two more slaps from her, until I got some sleep. It was Saturday morning, and about 10am Claude came into the room. The covers were off the bed, I was scrambling for a way to cover myself up. Claude walked in on us both totally naked, and didn't even flinch, nor did my boss. He gave me my perfectly cleaned and pressed clothes. My boss got up naked and told Claude to go to her closet and get a pair of shoes, garter and stockings. She dressed me totally including the garter and silk stocking which she gave me. I found out later that the shoes and handbag she left me with cost over $3,000.00

    I walked to the avenue and hailed a cab. Before I left she told me to meet her at 2pm in the park dressed in jeans, white blouse, no underwear and the heels she gave me. I did it. She r**ed me and I allow it to continue. I don't get hurt anymore, and I'm very used to Claude seeing us both naked and in each others arms. I put straight in the description above, as I really still don't feel I'm a lesbian or even bi. But I did get r**ed by a lesbian, hit by a lesbian, forced into continued lesbian sex and forced into a lesbian life. . . at least for now.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    When I was 16 I volunteered as a junior staff member at a special dance and arts summer camp. At night I would often go jogging with my tent-mate. She was a beautiful staff member who was 17. She and I both taught ballet and dance to younger campers.

    At night after activities were over my tent-mate and I would put on running clothes and shoes. Usually it was just an exercise bra, shorts, socks, and our running shoes. We'd wear LED lights you wear like hats. We ran several miles almost every night. After we ran we would eat a snack and drink liquids. We would go shower, and clean up for bed too.

    One particularly warm night after our run I felt heated with perspiration. I told my tent-mate I was going to go soak in the lake to cool down. We turned off our lights. We quietly went down in the darkness to a remote lake cove. We undressed. We talked, soaked, and swam in the lake.

    The following nights after our runs we made it a practice to get some snacks and drinks from the kitchen (we were allowed to do that). We'd go to our place (that's what we called it). We'd undress, soak and swim in the lake, eat and drink, and talk sometimes for hours. We would cuddle in the water, hold hands, and look at the millions of stars above us. It always felt beautiful and romantic.

    We started realizing after soaking and swimming it was unnecessary to be putting our running clothes and shoes back on. No one could see us. We started wearing only our swim sandals. We'd carry everything back to our tent nude. In our tent we would slip on our bathrobes. We'd grab things we needed at the showers, and clean up for bedtime together.

    It's like every day or so we kept extending what we did. We started kissing in the lake, holding hands tighter, even taking warm showers together. We secretly pushed our beds together at night. We kissed a lot.

    I realized I was in love with my friend but thought about the feelings a lot. I realized I was bisexual years before. I thought it was fine. My friend said she loved me too. We just couldn't always publicly display our love. Camp rules. Sometimes when we weren't alone we'd still hug and kiss.

    At the time we put our beds together we also started not wearing clothes to sleep. I'd wake up feeling longing at night for pleasure. I'd wake up my friend. We'd talk, kiss, pleasure and rub each other. Eventually we were doing everything girl lovers do. We even ordered a small jewelry piece online one weekend.

    One dark starry night my friend and I took blankets and a bunch of other things. We went to the camp waterfront. We checked out a canoe, paddles, PFD's, and other things. We put some things we brought in a giant float bag. We paddled the canoe to our secret cove. We undressed and swam. All I wore was my special baseball cap (I don't know why but I thought it was interesting to wear my favorite hat) and sandals.

    My friend and I didn't wear clothes. We paddled naked in the canoe out to the middle of the lake. The water was like glass. There were some fishing boats on the lake, but the boats were maybe two miles away by the dam.

    My friend and I set out the blankets in the bottom of the canoe. We made a bed. We took out our snacks and drinks. We had a naked picnic in the middle of the lake. We talked and later we snuggled and kissed naked under the heavenly night sky. We pleasured, touched, and caressed each other's body. We sensuously kissed. I kissed my friend everywhere.

    I finally after the longest time sat up. On my knees I gently pushed my friends soft long hair away from her mouth. I could see her lips were becoming swollen from so much of our kissing.

    I gently straddled my friend's face. While my sweet friend softly licked and tongued me in my most private moist area I held on to the sides of the canoe. The canoe I saw rocked gently in the water, producing little baby ripples. The canoe made lapping sounds as I similarly and simultaneously lapped my lady parts against my friend's sweet pretty swollen lips. As my sweety nibbled I told her teeny teeny nibbles, soft soft nibbles.....

    I looked down to see my friend starring at my eyes. She looked so cute! I kept thinking how I was naked in just a baseball hat. I reached back. I pressed my fingers between her legs, exploring. I leaned forward so she had her tongue and lips lightly exploring my most intimate love area too.

    I trembled in excitement. From the inside edges of my sensual pleasure centers I felt it coming. I could tell it was going to happen. I closed my eyes. I opened my eyes to realize my head was tilted toward the stars. My breathing increased. I realized by breasts felt sweaty. I felt a red heat warm my breasts and chest as my face similarly heated in anticipation. I started to shiver it felt that delightful.

    It was joyous rapture I felt that night, one of the happiest memories in my life. I will always feel fortunate. <3 :o>8-<~o>-==

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    Straight Female / 34

    The long story short, I got divorced with two boys, eight and ten. My ex goes off with Miss Honey Bunny and leaves us with nothing but child support. I have no choice but to move out of our small house into an apartment complex so that my boys can stay in the same school district where I teach. I am not depressed but pretty close and I hate my life.

    My friend from school who also teaches there comes to me and says that at her church there is a widower who's wife died in a car accident and he has a big house and she had spoken to him and he told her that for the same rent I could have the upstairs for me and the boys. I am desperate to get out of the apartment complex and I go with my friend to check out the house and discuss the situation wit the widower. The house is large, five bedrooms, a pool, large master and a mother-in-law plan room and on suite bath, three bedrooms upstairs and two complete baths, one on suite, a game room, a huge house on a great street, large lot, garage, laundry on site, great kitchen, and he says that I can move in for the same rent I am paying and I can either go upstairs with the boys or I can have the mother-in-law suite downstairs.

    I move in, the boys love the pool, he has a ground crew do the yard and a pool crew do the pool and he has a maid service twice a month and says he will put them on once a week because I have the boys. After dinner, after the boys get sent upstairs, after the kitchen is cleaned up I am resting on the counter talking to him overseeing the backyard and pool and he gets up and goes to the fridge and then he gets behind me and puts his hand on my back and holds me down and with the other hand rubs my behind and works my shorts down and fucks me right there. The truth is that I did not resist or stop him or do anything other than help him get my shorts and panties down for his dick. He finishes fucking me and says that now the kitchen is mine.

    Well things of course don't end there I get fucked in the living room, in the den upstairs when the boys are at school, on his bed, on the bed in the mother-in-law suite, I get dick out by the pool, I am being fucked two or three times a week, I am totally given to him and whatever he wants wherever he wants he fucks me. We are up late one night in the living room reading and he says come over and suck his dick. As I am sucking his dick he says to me that there is nothing better than a fucked woman and to turn around and as I hold onto the coffee table he fucks me and then fucks my ass, it slow and uncomfortable but he fucks me and pats my back when he is done and says now I am properly fucked.

    Fall turns into winter and spring comes and he is fucking me two or three times a week and on my 'off' week I am sucking him down, it isn't sex, it isn't making love, it is fucking and every so often he slips out and fucks me in the ass, which I also enjoy. To everyone around, at church, at school, in the neighborhood it is obvious that he has his way with me. Last night he grabs me and presses me down onto the bed and fucks me. It is so good, my ex was a total zero when it came to sex, in and out and gone. This man knows what he wants and does it, no questions, no please ma'am, no are you o.k. with it, no sir he fucks me when he wants to. And I want to. Boomerang sex, lust, call it what you want, I wake up feeling so good, I look forward to my day and to come back to the house, I look forward to getting the boys thru the rest of the day and to bed at night and then I am all his for the taking, any way, any where, any time, I guess it is like the saying in New Orleans, Laissez les bons temps rouler.

    I'm alive.

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