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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

After all, this section is for ... Women Only.
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    Straight Female / 46

    I have this situation which is too private and embarrassing to mention to my friends, but I would like some input from other girls.

    It all started a few years ago when my husband and I were having fore play. He would be massaging me then I would feel something wet on me then he would lick it. At first I didn’t know what he was doing, or didn’t want to know, but he was licking his precum off me. I told him to stop, that is was gross, but once in awhile I would notice him doing it again.

    I didn’t notice it again for awhile, but then before sex I saw him wipe the end of his penis and lick it. One time when he kissed me and he tasted different, almost like cum on his lips. I asked him what it was , but denied that it was cum.

    Then one day after a few drinks I brought up the conversation of him masturbating. He mentioned one time when he was really getting into it, he was on his back and when he came, he shot on his face and even his in his mouth. I said, that’s disgusting and he replied it wasn’t that bad!
    I know he masturbates, but not sure if he shoots in his mouth or not. Every once in awhile, usually after drinking, i’ll be Jerking him off and right before he cums I will tell him we don’t have a towel, he says he doesn’t care and to point his penis anywhere I want to. I think he wants me to point at his face , but doesn’t want to say. He says he gets lost in the moment and doesn’t care where the cum goes, face included. I have yet to let him cum on his face.
    Does any one out there jerkoff there boy friend or husband onto there own face or so it lands in there mouth. Let me know.

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    Straight Male / 38

    Ladies, I am curious...

    Whenever I go to the grocery store or the hardware store on the weekends I notice a lot of lovely ladies dressed sexy. I know people dress comfortable and yoga pants and tight thin t shirts as it gets warmer is probably easiest.

    My questions:

    Do you find yourself dressing this way to have a guy interested in you? Maybe talk to you or hit on you?

    If a guy showed interest in you at a store, how would you like to be approached? Or would you prefer they just look, but that's it, just stay to themselves?

    Would you ever let yourself get picked up at a store and have sex with someone you just met? If so, what was the approach that worked?

    A couple of women I've seen lately, one had huge boobs and a skin tight shirt that showed them off. Another a sheer shirt and a thin bra, you could pretty much see her nipples clearly as they poked out. I would have loved to spent "time" with both, they were hot and sexy.

    Just curious. Thanks for reading....

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    Straight Female / 29

    Something I discovered,
    I have been married six years, my husband has a night out once a month with his best friend, they arrive home late when ime in bed, I leave them some sandwiches for supper, I herd them arrive I dozed off and my husband wasn't in bed he sometimes falls asleep so I went down stairs, what I saw was my husband with his pants and underpants down to his ankles his friend was kneeling between his legs sucking his dick, I hear him whispering take your time make it last I don't want to cum yet, I was stirred by what I saw I am no prude, I was asking myself what I wasn't doing right I felt it was an insult him preferring his friend to suck him off, I do deep throat and swallow his spunk, I was upset and insulted I suppose its not as bad as anal penetration, I am at a loss as to what to do,

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    Straight Female / 53

    This goes back to when I was younger and I had a job as an accountant in a manufacturing shop. The boss was a man who had flown helicopters in Viet Nam and had been shot down. He lost his 'nut sack', and he got burned. He was a rough man and spent his day feeling up the staff. He took hormones and all but the truth was that he could hardly ever get it up and he had to content himself with a feeling up a girl.

    In any event, we had a new girl start, she was nineteen and he put her to work next to his office catching up on a lot of filing. He grabbed her and she wouldn't let him feel her up and they ended up on the floor and he tried really hard to fuck her but he just couldn't make it work. Don't ask me why but I felt sorry for him, he had no nuts, I went in and took his limp dick and put it in my mouth and started to suck him gently until he settled down and I managed to get him halfway up. Of course even with hormones he never really could cum so there was no danger of that, even if he did fuck you.

    The new girl sat on the floor and watched and I told her to get herself together and suck his dick, he couldn't fuck her. Everyone puts out to him, you're lucky you got your tits and ass and if it gives him a thrill you let him touch, and if he gets uppity like that just suck his dick and he will calm down. Truthfully I was saying things to her I had been thinking all along, I felt sorry for him, a man that could never fuck again.

    Years later I heard that he shot himself. I talked to a friend of mine, she was my age we were thirty five then and we went out to this Japanese Garden and stuck dildos up our pussy and masturbated under the moon. It was a crazy thing to do, laying there with a dildo in me looking up at the moon. I needed to get fucked and so did she so we went to this bar that had all types of guys and some not so nice women and we got picked up by a couple of guys and we went to an apartment and we got fucked by two guys we had never met and would never see again.

    I am an old woman now, I am in my sixties and I think about my boss from so long ago. Don't ask me why. He was all kinds of nasty feeling up the staff the way he did, grabbing ass, grabbing boobs, kissing women on the lips and from time to time like with that young file clerk, he got on a woman and tried to fuck. I sucked his dick because I knew it calmed him down. Even that clerk learned that getting felt up now and then wasn't that bad, he had strong hands and he sure knew how to grab your ass or feel up your boobs. And it felt good to suck his dick and let him at least enjoy that.

    Like I said it was a long time ago now, when I was young.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    For my senior year Spring Break my roommate and I went to Cabo. We purchased a thong bikini and realized we needed to get waxed before wearing the bikinis at the beach. We signed up for a wax at the spa and decided to go duo, side by side. With a silly smile we held hands and let the ladies go to work. Between moments of embarrassment, pain, and guilt we were cleaned up front and back. Laying on my back she got up and touched my pussy. A moment later she bent over and kissed my recently waxed lips. She stood straight and asked me if I liked her clean pussy.

    Paying and going back to our room we changed into our new thong bikinis and headed for the beach. Lots of women wore thongs and we felt self conscious of our pale behinds but we held our heads up and got sunburned. That night we had to lather our butts with cream and decided to stay out of the sun the next day. Bedtime and a long series of looks and sighs I asked her into my bed. She slipped off her panties and asked me for mine and slipped into bed.

    Gently touching our pussies, holding our nipples with our fingers, nose to nose we kissed as we slipped fingers in our pussy. Our sore behinds faded away as we ate pussy, made out until we got close to grind our clits against each other. Following orgasms we cuddled up to sleep.

    Spring Break was our first, for both of us, we followed up many times. After graduation we married sweethearts, had families and remained best friends. Our Spring Break served to open a window we would never open. When we are together, we make love. With my husband, basically he fucks, but I can't say he makes love. And I have to admit, I love seeing my best friend naked, I can't say that about my husband.

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    Straight Female / 23

    My boyfriend is something of an artist and I have modelled for him in the past both naked and semi naked and even a few times for art classes and clubs where he has been tutoring, it always been professional and orderly - well maybe not always when there is just me and him. I really quite enjoy the feeling of being naked and looked at and my boyfriend teases me about it after.

    I wasn't specially surprised when Si my bf started talking to me about body painting. I'd seen pics online, but we'd never done it or even seen it in real life but it seemed cool. He told me he'd been talking to a guy at work abpout it and seen pictures of some of the work Tom had done on some girls like some fantasy or horror and some just painted clothes. Anyhow I asked him if he'd like to try it on me and he said yes, then a bit later said with Tom too because he had the knowledge and equipment - so I realised they had been planning this together and Si had shown Tom pictures of me and my naked body.

    The day arrived that we were going to visit Tom at his home studio, I had a full wax the day before, really from my waist down becuast aparently the paint sticks like glue to hairs and can be painful to get off. I was pretty excited for the experience and I know Si was too.

    I got undressed straight away and the boys talked about what would look best on my shape. I remember they said that my top would need to be dark because my nipples get quite puffy when I am excited and that may look obvious. I liked how Tom looked at me, my thigh gap, butt, tummy, boobs and nipples and touched me freely too. Soon they had come up with a plan, skin tight ripped jeans and a blue and red bra top.

    The painting was a longer time than I expected and not vey interesting but Si and me were both surprised when Tom said that the test would be when we went for a walk down the sea front to see if anyone noticed WHAT ! Si was soon talked into it and then talked me into agreeing if I was happy with how the finished job looked. OMG naked in the street except for paint - they promised they'd have a coat and I'd be quite safe but some people may notice but it would be ok.

    The finished job I have to say was amazing, the detail they did was incredible. I was just wearing flip flop sandles and a little bit of non allergic sticky plaster over my vagina to stop the paint going inside other than that I was just wearing paint. They took some pictures and showed me on the computer and tbh I really looked like I was sexily dressed, I could see the front crack of my pussy but the said it just looked like ultra tight clothing.

    We drove a short way to the sea front to the quieter end, got out of the car and I slipped my coat off and the guys quickly checked the paint for damage, and we set off walking towards the pier where it was much busier. I was scared witless as we passed the first few people either couples walking or people exercising their dogs but no one seemed tand there were a few photos but no one to notice. As there were more people some guys looked but probably because I was dressed sexy anyway. There were a few sly photo's from guys with phones but I never heard the "My god she's naked" as I was draeding.

    On the way back we stopped for a drink in the garden of a bar where people were much closer - some folks here noticed and a few took photos but no one said anything bad or called me out, We quickly left and went back to the car when I told the guys I would soon need to pee.

    We ate a little when we got back and got really friendly, then the guys took me to the bathroom to peel off the paint it felt like a very weird striptease as the paint peeled back, and both guys were touching me all over. It was my biggest sexual high ever without penetration. When the paint was all off and on the large towel on the floor I was left to shower and touch myself. As I was out of the shower and drying of Si came into the bathroom and I confessed how horny I was feeling and wanted a fuck desperately - he just replied "We all do"

    I stopped in my tracks and said what Tom too, with me. I was amazed when Si said yeah it's been fun it'll be the perfect end. I told him I'd not been with anyone else since I met him and he said he knew but it would be cool if I'd agree to it. Tom was my type, and beautifully built, polite, charming I just asked Si if he was sure, which was a big give away I was up for it and he promised me he was more than ok about it.

    The three of us went to the bedroom and they started kissing, licking and touching me and I was touching them and undressing them. Si told Tom he could go first and he was soon naked on the bed. His body was more beautiful naked than clothed and we were kind of rolling together. When Tom was on top of me laying between my legs he told Si he just couldn't do it with another guy watching and asked him to go to the living room which he obediently did after he dropped a pack of condoms on the bed.

    After he'd gone Tom told me he didn't care about another guy watching but he didn't want me to feel inhibited. I said what me here with a stranger between my legs - inhibited lol. He told me this wasn't just opportunistic, he'd wanted me for quite a while and I told him I wanted him too, or he wouldn't be here dong this. After a bit more kissing and whispering he slipped his bare cock inside me, we both ignored the condoms - this was going to be a special one, and it was. After a long while he came right deep inside me and I just layed in his arms. We heard Si approach and Tom said "I want to fuck you again" I whispered on my breath "Yes, me too" as he pulled away he murmerred "Often" I smiled. He disappeared out of the room.

    Si was pissed off when we were alone, specially when he realised we hadn't used a condom, just questions. Why did it take so long, I heard you laughing and moaning. I told him look I've never done casual sex, I can't help but get into it, it's just how I am, he backed off long enough to fuck me and I tried really hard to make it good for hem, but I think we both know he has lost a part of me to Tom.

    Who knows where this goes, I don't. We are back home together and everything is ok, but that's just it, it's OK.

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    Straight Female / 33

    I had one out of body experience. I was a college student and I met a man at a bar, he picked me up and R me. It happened in the parking lot beside his car. During the whole event I felt I was hovering over myself watching myself get R. The memory is vivid, in full color, the smell is with me, damp, dark, pavement, the tire smell, everything. A man's musk brings back the memory. He left me on the side of the parking lot pulling my clothes back on and he left in a black car.

    I call him Joe, my R. I caught a bus and went home and laid on my bed and fell asleep. I never had bad feelings about it, like another night with some guy to get sex.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    When we arrived at Trish's cell this morning, the naked 28-year old was standing in the window waiting for us. Her right hand was cupped between her legs, partially covering her pubic hair and genitals. I chuckled a bit at the unusual sight.

    "Whoa girl, what have you got planned?" I asked.

    "Don't tell me you've gone pussy shy on us now!" yelled Tammy, the guard next to me.

    Trish, an inmate in maximum security isolation, is on full strip status. She sleeps, eats, interacts with guards, and does all her business in her cell in a state of total nudity. Trish has been on strip status for several months now and has actually handled it quite well, which is why her defiant pose surprised me. I asked her again what she was doing.

    Trish pointed to Tammy with her free hand.

    "I decided from now on I'm only gonna show my pussy to people I like and I don't like you!" she declared, confidently. Now I've heard it all!

    "Is that so?" replied Tammy, face flushing with anger. I stepped in to mediate.

    "Trish, you know you can't decide that on your own. Hands at your sides now or you're going in the chair."

    Frustration coursed across Trish's face. Her hand hovered between her legs, as though she were about to pull it back, but then she gripped a handful of pubic hair and stuck her tongue out at me.

    "My pussy my decision!" she yelled. Five minutes later Trish had been carried naked down the hall and placed in the restraint chair.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    I read these confessions every week some are very good some are shit, I am turned on by i****t confessions I have never had an i****tuous relationship I don't know how I would respond if the opportunity arose, I would describe myself as a dirty bitch, because I am reading bestiality confessions at first I thought they were gross reading about a dog licking a woman's c**t, the more I read the more turned on I am, I keep thinking why not it wouldn't do any harm a dog wouldn't tell anybody, its not something you could tell your best and closest friend or even say your interested, the only experience I have had when I was asleep and I awoke to find the dog with his head up my skirt I shooed him off, but now I want the experience but ime a bit scared I have read stories about girls being knotted and caught in that position, how embarrassing, is there a web link, I don't have a dog at the moment I occasionally look after a friends dog, I know I will be called names I don't mind, would anyone like to say anything about my post

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    Straight Female / 28

    Even though I love men and only want to fornicate with a man, I find more pleasure and excitement watching tribbing videos, especially when I can get a good look at a nice set of tits. I don't know what it is about two pussies aggressively rubbing together until one or both women reach a climax, but I guess it's just something different. I have envisioned myself wearing nothing but thick white oversized over-the-calf socks while hitting an older woman from the back by tribbing or using an ejaculating dildo like what's seen in a futunaria porno while rubbing her nipples from underneath. Then, get rid of the dildo and start tribbing her missionary style while flicking my tongue on her nipples and she starts massaging mine while my strokes get faster and moans get louder.

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