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Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out?

The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting.

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    Straight Female / 24

    I got married at 23, because I was pregnant. After my baby was born, one evening after a very difficult day, I was complaining to my husband and he told me I had it easy. I begged to differ. He said I had it easy, I didn't have to work, I lived in a house, I was well and so was the baby, so I had it easy and to embrace it and shut up.

    Sometime later, the baby was doing a bit better and he came home and told me that he needed my help. I asked what for, and he said, well there is this problem, he has an 18 year old girl pregnant and she is seven months and she doesn't have anywhere to live, she was going from couch to couch at friends. But with the baby due, he wanted her to come live with us.

    I was barely 24, I had a four month old baby, and all of a sudden I get this 18 year old girl who is about to give birth put in my lap and that since I had it really easy when my baby was born and now I had to pay that back and take care of his girlfriend.

    I ran home, he came and got me, he put the girl in my house and now I have a seven month old baby, and new mother and a month old infant to take care of. How am I the one that has it easy?

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    Lesbian Female / 25

    I was 12yo the first time I masturbated. With the bedroom lights off I stacked two bed pillows and straddled them. On my fours, I rubbed my pussy into the pillows and humped my way to my very first orgasm. Since that night I masturbated often and some nights I would masturbate two or three times until I was sexually satisfied.

    When I got older I learned about sex toys but I wasn't able to purchase them. I improvised with things I found around the house. What I realized was the fact I wasn't having a very enjoyable orgasm compared to rubbing my clit in some fashion.

    When I got old enough to date and have sex, it was basically the same lackluster feeling. No matter what size cock the boy had, I wasn't cumming nearly as good. After sex I would go home and masturbate to satisfy my needs. I like being with guys but they don't satisfy me sexually because they want to fuck and I'm just not into that.

    I was invited to a party, I was 22yo. I met another gal named Jenna. She was cute and I saw her eyes on me often during the evening. Halfway through the evening Jenna came over to talk to me. She asked if my boyfriend was there with me and I said I was in between them at the time.

    Jenna smiled and said she was single herself. She followed me around and made small talk until the party was over. We walked outside together and just happened our cars were parked side by side. I could tell Jenna was making more small talk just so I wouldn't leave her so soon.

    Suddenly I had the idea that Jenna was trying to hit on me. I thought about it for a moment and then asked if she wanted to come over to my apartment for a drink? Jenna smiled and said she was hoping I would ask her.

    We got to my apartment just about midnight, I offered her a drink. She accepted a glass of wine and we sat on the sofa and talked. Jenna began to touch my shoulder or my thigh as she laughed at her own stories. During the course of her rambling she managed to slide closer to me on the sofa.

    At first I was kind of entertained by Jenna and when her hand lingered on my thigh I wasn't sure what to think? I asked Jenna if she wanted more wine, she said just a half a glass would be fine.

    I stood at the counter pouring the wine and turned around to find Jenna standing behind me smiling. I opened my mouth to speak when Jenna leaned forward and kissed my lips. I admit to being a bit surprised but I wasn't turned off. Even with heels on Jenna was a little shorter than me, she raised up in her heels to kiss me again.

    The glass of wine I had in my hand was suddenly on the counter, my hands were on Jenna's shoulder's as I let her kiss me again, this time her tongue slipped into my mouth. Within moments my head was spinning, I teetered in my own heels as our tongues teased each other.

    Jenna's hands were undoing the buttons of my blouse as we continued to kiss, I just allowed her to open my blouse. She squeezed my breast through my bra, I could tell my nipples were rock hard already. I leaned against the counter and let Jenna have her way with me. Her soft hands seemed to be everywhere and I could barely stand in my heels.

    Suddenly Jenna whispered about going to the bedroom. I smiled and took her hand and led her to my bed. We kicked off our heels and climbed onto my bed. Jenna had me on my back instantly and was on top of me, her mouth found mine in the darkness. It was a kiss of erotic passion and I began to tingle between my legs.

    At some point Jenna slid off me and her hand went under my summer dress instantly. She began to rub my pussy through my silk panties, I spread my legs for her. Omg she knew how to touch me. Within moments I was soaking wet, Jenna began to pull my panties down and I couldn't wait until they were off.

    Her fingers were magic and I was squirming with pleasure within moments. Unlike being with a guy Jenna just kept rubbing my pussy until I was begging her to make me cum. She leaned over and kissed me deeply and rubbed my clit, her leg was now resting on mine as if to pin me slightly. Her fingers moved quickly and she was almost rough with my clit, I was panting with desire begging her to make me cum.

    She didn't disappoint me, I exploded a few moments later. I was screaming Jenna's name as I climaxed all over her hand. She brought her hand to my lips, they were wet with my juices and I licked her fingers dry.

    Then her fingers were back between the wet folds of my flesh, once again she began to work me up. My body writhed on the bed within a few minutes as I felt her mouth pushed against my pussy a few moments later.

    Jenna's fingers and hot mouth was making me climax over and over like I had never experienced before. I held her head between my legs and unleashed another orgasm all over her mouth. She only gave me a moment to recover before she started on my pussy again. Omg I was sexual heaven with Jenna, she knew exactly what I wanted and needed.

    She moved on top of me, I could feel her thigh pushed against my wet pussy. She brought my leg around and we were entwined in some sexual position I never dreamed of. Our pussies were against each other and Jenna's hips began to move.

    I was insane with pleasure and I fell in love with Jenna for all the wrong reasons right then and I didn't care. I lay there with Jenna between my legs having one orgasm after another, our pussies grinding together and I'm cumming like I never imagined. Jenna was relentless in making me cum, soon I was begging her to stop, she made me cum two more times before she pulled her pussy away from mine.

    The bed sheets were soaked through from my orgasms. Jenna leaned down and kissed me, I pulled her on top of me and kissed her deeply. Jenna slid off me and we cuddled, I was knocked out in only a few moments.

    I woke up the next morning with Jenna between my legs, I felt her magic tongue and fingers working me up again. Within minutes my hips bucked wildly as I climaxed. We showered together and drained the hot water heater. We kissed and humped each others thighs as the water poured over our naked bodies.

    We finally made it out of my apartment and went shopping. We shopped for sexy clothing, lingerie and shoes. We made out in the changing room, I left there with my panties soaking wet. Jenna had me take them off in the car, I was so hot for her I could barely drive to our next destination.

    That night we tried on our purchases and Jenna started on me all over again. All I could remember was cumming and screaming with pleasure. Jenna moved in with me two months later and I'm so happy I found her.

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    Straight Male / 48

    I can't explain or undestand how I, a balding, heavy set and not very handsome man of 69 years old, can completely be trusted by a 28 year old devorcee who is beautiful. I have know Rachael for more than 2 years since we live in the same condo development. By coinsidence the first twelve or more months we both ate at the same diner and began eating together 2 or 3 nights a week. Our conversations at first were just cordial but after we really got to know each other a lot of personal things were discussed. We talked about our families, friends, spouses, jobs and even our sex lives. By the end of last year I knew more about her than some of my close friends and she also knew way to much about me. The fact I was unsuccessfully married twice, that I retired at 62 because I was going to get fired and the worst was telling her how I had a prostate operation in 2015 which left me impotent. Now if any women are reading this is the fact I am unable to get a full erection mean I can be trusted more or that means I supposedly have no sexual interest anymore. This is what I can't understand so I'd like to hear if this is somehow a reason I could be just some old guy who is harmless. Knowing all about my life whether good or bad stuff will that make me more trustworthy or honest to women??? Well in Rachael's case it must be because for the last 10 1/2 months she has given me new life and more that I could ever expect at my age. It happened in a funny way while we we at the diner and that day she found out her devorce was final. She began again talking about her x husband telling me again how he had 2 girlfriends during their 2 year marrage. Then she began telling me things I hadn't heard before how he sometimes would insist on rough sex and how she hated it when he has anal sex with her. She also said he insisted on her jerking him off and giving him blow jobs ejaculating in her mouth. Rachael then told me when she found out about the other girls she also had an affair with a guy she worked with. Then the kicker came when she ended up saying that the only thing she missed was when her husband gave her rub downs. She said how good he was at it because he was a physical therapist and how he would get her aroused. By the time she was done telling me all of this I was speechless and now full with to much information. We just sat there for a minute or two and to break the ice I kiddingly said to her that I was good at giving rub downs if thats her only problem, and we both laughed a little. Not a minute later she said "I might take you up on that".

    Two nights later I was in the diner when in walks Racheal and sits down with me. I already ate so she ordered a salad and the first thing she said was asking if I really was good at rub downs. I really wasn't and far from a professional but didn't want her to know that so I just said that she could tell me how she likes it done. There was no joking and it became apparent to me that she was serious about it (maybe). Now if you saw me standing next to her, anyone with a clear mind would say, whats that pretty girl doing with that old fart. Then I began thinking she was just messing around with me to get a reaction. There simply is no way in the world this gorgeous woman would let me touch her body. Her salad came and she began eating it and I sat there wondering what to say to her. She looked up at me and said "how about tomarrow night" stupid me said what? and she just said "a rub down". I think I blushed and forced down a sip of my coffee still not beleiving she was serious. With the most macho voice I could muster I think I said no problem. Her reply was "my place 8:30 alright" and I said "alright" not knowing what else to say. The next day was a Wednesday and I was a bag of nerves all day wondering what I was in for or what I expected and certainly not confident things would go well. I left my unit at 8:25 walking to her unit which is only about 70 yds. away but seemed like a mile. She opened the door letting me in and poured us a glass of wine. I was waiting for her to say forget it but after a few minutes she just said she was going to change. She went into her bedroom and a few minutes later came out with a leather mat wearing only a white towel that barely covered her breasts down to her upper thighs. I think I almost fainted as she place the mat on her dining table exposing the crack of her butt. She turned to me saying ready and laid down on the table face down. As I walked over to her she handed me a plastic bottle that had an Asian symbol on it but said massage oil. She told me to start at her shouders and the best was yet to come. Like a dope I asked if she just wanted her shoulders and legs rubbed but she smiled and asked me if its ok to take off the towel and all I could do is nod my head. There she was face down naked and she is the one telling me not to be shy. I rubbed her down the best I knew how and a few times she would only say harder. When she turned over the first thing I noticed was her bald vagina and I could feel myself sort of getting an erection which in my case is only half an erection. I put more of the oil on her and started at her shoulders and neck and without thinking about it began rubbing her breasts which are not real big but firm and a perfect size as far as I'm concerened. She only had to say don't be shy one time because now I just began enjoying every minute of looking at her body and especially touching her everywhere and cupping her vagina in my right hand and rubbing in between her thighs. It was the most exciting night I had in years and when I went back to my unit I actually tried to masturbate with no sucsess.

    Since that night we continue to eat at the diner together often and on average I give her rubdowns between 3 and as many as 6 nights every month. I think it was the first week last December when I was so involved in touching her body I somehow took the liberty to insert two of my fingers in her. As soon as I did it I took them out but she grabbed my arm and said it was ok. From then on when ever I give her a rub down I also masturbate her and I love watching her when she orgasms. Often she will have 2 or 3 the same night and I love it most when I stand in between her legs fingering her. I also rub the oil on her anus but she has said a few times she don't like being penetrated there. I've been doing this for a long time and she knows I like standing between her legs and I alwaays rub inside her thighs and over her vagina and can tell when she is aroused. Thats when I begin fingering her standing there with a half erection. When we eat at the diner we hardly ever talk about the rubdown sessions but last Spring one night she ask me if I got enjoyment out of it. She was well aware that I am impotent but for the first time I admitted to her that I was still able to be aroused but that nothing worked right. With that she asked what I meant so I told her how I often tried to masturbate, and that I could only get a very slight erection and unable to ejaculate. The very next time I gave her the rubdown she began asking me more about it. I tried to explain it the best I could and she just told me she felt sorry for me. She was face down as we talked and when she turned over she sat up and asked to see my penis. With the shape of my body I don't even like seeing me naked so I told her I was to embarrassed. She just laughed saying something like here she was naked and I'm afaid to show her my dick. I finally got the courage and undid my pants pulling down my underware with half a hard on. Before I knew it she put some of the massage oil on her hand and began trying to jerk me off. I admit it felt good but unfortunatley it didn't get bigger or harded and when I did cum it was only a drop. All she did was ask if it felt good and the only thing that came to my mind was thank you. So now since Spring when I rub her down and masturbate her I don't have pants or underware on and she does keep trying to jerk me off but its always the same. I do appreciate her doing it but wish I could get a full hard on and cum normally. Rachael is a doll and has made my life much more exciting. She does date a guy who I met once but when she wants a rub down she always tells me so. As long as this has been going on I still can't comprehend why she treats me the way she does. I just don't get it because there are plenty of guys around that could do anything for her and I'm sure if she asked any guy to give her a massage they would jump at the chance. I met her parents a few months ago and I am much older then them and her mother thanked me for being so nice to her daughter. If they ever knew what was going on I'm sure they would try to kill me. I never told any of my friends about this first of all because they would never believe me. I still cant believe it sometimes and tried looking it up on the computer for a reason she would pick a decrepit old man like me. If anyone knows let me know.

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    Straight Female / 46

    I am a shameless widow who for the last two years have selfishly and intentionally let myself be manipulated by my husbands nephew Leo. My husband left me extremely well off finance wise with a payed off house. A little over two years ago Leo's mother and step father moved to San Francisco and Leo was having a hard time. The company he worked for shut down and he couldn't afford his apartment anymore so I let him move in with me. He finally got another job but it was nice having someone living with me even though he is ony 31 and single so I told him to stay. I get very bad migranes and sometimes layed up in my bedroom for days at a time. Leo was here a month or two when I got a real bad one. He came in my room the third day asking how I felt and since it started brought me juice and soup to keep me nourished. That third night he came back in and without asking me said he was going to give me a sponge bath. I was 54 at the time and consider myself attractive for my age but never expect what was about to happen. I was in so much pain I don't think I realized right away that he was completely undressing me. By the time I realized I was naked it was to late and he began washing my head to foot. My first reaction was embarrassment but slowly it felt so good I didn't care. It was the first time in years that any guy had touched my breasts and had their hands washing my vagina and anal area. I felt better the next day and when talking to Leo told him how embarrassed I was. He just looked at me and said no big deal and I could only think of saying thank you. Thats when Leo said for me to just tell him when I get a migrane and that he'll take care of me. About two weeks later it happened again and this time Leo went out and bought me a potty chair to use and prepared food and drinks for me. The second night he came in again with the wash basin and without saying a word began undressing me. I just froze and let him wash me again this time with no embarrassment and admit I enjoyed the attention as well as how he washed my body. This time when he finished he insisted I don't wear anything and he just covered me with a sheet telling me he would bathe me again the next day. I just laid there dumbfonded nodding my head yes and not even thinking what I was allowing him to do. The next day when he got home from work he made me soup and a sandwich telling me he'd be back in a half hour to bathe me. The thing is by now the migrane had subsided but for some reason didn't tell him. I thought about telling him I felt better but subconciously wanted him to bathe me again.

    When he came back with the wash basin is when ir dawned on me that I was still naked under the sheet. Leo first asked if I needed anything and as soon as I said no he pulled the sheet down expoing me entire body and for some reason was not the least bit embarrassed by my nudity in fron of him. As he washed my neck and breasts is when I first felt my nipples harden and by the time he began washing my vagina I was fully aroused. I think Leo realized it just by the smile he had and then he rolled me on my side and the wash cloth was between my legs up into my butt crack. He rinsed me off then dried me and the entire time I was aroused. When he finished he again only covered me with the sheet and said to hollar if I needed anything. As soon as he left I got my vibrator out of my dresser and masturbated myself to two orgasms. From then on I began telling Leo I had a migrane even when I didn't. I never charge Leo rent and when his car broke down last year I bought him a new one. He did have a very pretty girlfriend but I do think he enjoyed seeing and touching my body. The dead give away was when he asked me not to mention that he bathes me in front of her, which made me aware for sure that he liked doing it for me. By the end of last year it became obvious to both Leo and I that the two of us enjoyed it but never admitting anything to each other. Whats crazy is that I am getting less migranes than ever but every week or two let Leo think that I am. There is no doubt in my mind Leo knew for a long time that I was getting aroused even though he never said anything. I woukd try to act like I was in pain but each time I could tell he was intentionally trying to arouse me just by the ways he touched me and insisted I be naked under the sheets.

    It will be eleven months this week that Leo sort of or thinks he has taken control of me. I did have a slight migrane and he came in as usual to bathe me only this time he was more brazen than ever. As he began washing me he started telling me how much more comfortable it would be if I had no pubic hair. I didn't say a word at first until he asked me if I would like him to shave me down there and that he does it for his girlfriend. I was speachless for a short time and just said ok if he wanted to. The next thing I knew was when he first cut some of my hair with scissors and then began covering my pubic area with shave cream. I had never gone without pubic hair and as soon as he touched me down there he immediatley had me aroused. The worst part was I couldn't hide the fact I was turned on and felt myself getting wet and he knew it. I could not stop myself from moaning as he wiped off my vagina and the next thing I felt was Leo's fingers penetrating me. I just became submissive at the time and opened my legs letting him satisfy me having two or three orgasms. As I settled down I could tell Leo was aprehensive as to what just happened. I didn't know what to say and he just bluntly asked if it was ok that he did that and he knew I was aroused. I was ashamed of myself but enjoyed every moment of it. I don't remember exactly what I said to Leo but assured him I wasn't upset or mad about it and subsequently admitted how much I liked it. From that night on Leo masturbates me at least once a week. We talked about it the day after that night and I admitted to Leo that since my husband died he is the only man who has seen me naked and touched my body. I also admitted that I satisfy myself 4 or 5 times a week telling him I have a dildo and vibrator. Then he admitted to me that ever since he began bathing me and seeing me naked that he would jerk off in the bathroom afterwards. We did both agree we would never have intercouse but as of about ten months ago we began masturbating each other and Leo uses my sex toys on me. The only time he bathes me now is when I really do have a migrane and mum is the word when his girlfriend is here. I havn't had pubic hair since that time and now know Leo doesn't either. He continues to shave me often but his girlfriend shaves him.

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    Straight Female / 55

    My name is Rosa and my daughter writes this for me as I tell her. My husband & I are from central America and when we decided to rent a townhouse in a quiet, somewhat rural community, I never imagined how much it would change my life.
    Our new home was next to a older, friendly, generous couple. We were happy to meet them. Like me, the lady is of a Spanish descent, her american husband warm & outwardly captivating. Introducing ourselves, I was immediately taken by the tall, handsome, retired, active man. When our eyes met for the first time, they stayed locked as if we were already connected. When we finally looked away, I found myself emotionally captive to him, as if his eyes had seen inside of me and delivered a message.

    As we continued to talk to our new neighbors, my husband had a few questions regarding the community.
    As our neighbor replied, he spoke with a concise dignity I had not seen in a man. His tone was compelling & deliberate. Uniquely, this man exuded a conquering aura of command and control. It served to boost his appeal.

    Upon parting to our respective homes, my emotions were spinning and I had to sit down.

    In the following, passing weeks, the couple would appear at our kitchen back door, sometimes with food she had made. We were grateful for their generosity.
    Additionally, I would watch out the front window, admiring the mature man as he walked to & from his car. I had become stricken with him and thought of him often, especially as I lay in bed awake mornings. With my husband gone to work, I would lay there alone & imagine my neighbor's warmth as he lied closely with me.

    As the months passed, we would see each other outside & acknowledge warmly. He always gave me a knowing smile as if he knew my emotional feelings. The point is he was mature enough to know he already possessed me. He had accurately read my weakness, expressions & disposition over those months to know. This of course was not anything his wife had perspective on. By the same token, I knew that he might decide to visit me at anytime.

    My husband respected him well. I didn't try to hide my admiration for our neighbor[s].
    I was alone in the house most days as I didn't drive anymore due to my heart disease & medication.
    Furthermore, I'm sure they knew when I was home alone or not. One day when his wife was out, he visited me at the back door :
    I let him in nervously as he asked me for a cup of coffee. As I began preparing it, I started trembling.
    As he approached, I told him I needed my medication upstairs. I left and went to take it. Upon coming out of the bedroom bath, I found he had followed me upstairs in the event I needed help. When he closed the bedroom door & locked it behind him, I knew what that meant ; I was now his captive in my own bedroom!

    I looked in our large bedroom mirror & saw him move toward me with cause and determination. Regardless of my will or choice, we both knew this day would arrive when he would consummate his possession of me. I had never felt this helpless before! It honestly didn't matter ; I accepted my fate. With him being so much taller and agile, I couldn't hope to resist. He grabbed my neck in one hand & turned me with the other. He kissed me long & deeply & I responded. He then twisted me around & kissed the back of my neck. My emotions were melting me. Braless, I suddenly felt my summer dress slip from my shoulders and fall to the floor. He quickly yanked my underwear to my feet. I was naked before him & felt him cup and hold my heavy e_cup breasts in his large hands.

    He steered me to the bed and again with his hand to my throat, forced me onto my back roughly. Disrobing, he revealed his entire male nakedness, which being so different from my husbands, I was amazed to see. Every part of him was more definite and larger ; larger loins, hands, thighs, neck, AND larger penis and larger scrotum. I was nearly terrified and began sobbing as he mounted me and ground his body into mine. As he sucked & kissed my neck, I felt his fully erect, circumcised penis rubbing my parted thighs. I sobbed & cried as he went about fondling & squeezing my breasts, telling me I was now HIS. Fortunately I was wet as he forced his huge penis between my labia and into my vagina.

    As I cried fully now, he went about his manly duty on me to achieve his orgasm & ejaculation. I was in another world, undescribed with emotion. His long, very thick manhood felt like it was everywhere at the same time. I felt it in my toes, in my knees, in my arms, in my hands, and even in my throat as if it was trying to choke me with every thrust he made. Soon my crying became just a part of me accepting his possession of me. At some point I felt his lunge and his warm ejaculate, which seemed endless. My tears somehow felt tied to the lake of semen he left at my cervix. He collapsed with his full weight upon me. At that point we both knew his semen served to cement him possessing me. He told me I was no longer my husband's ; I was HIS.

    Then he told me he would be back for me next week and lifted himself to his knees. He asked me if I understood. When I did not reply, he slapped me twice & said "understand"?? I quickly nodded and pleaded with him.
    As he dressed and left, he removed the house keys from the top of my purse and claimed them for his own.

    From there, he found a way to appear weekly and take me upstairs. Whenever he came over, I would auto matically climb the stairs with him behind me, even when my daughter was there with her children. She understsnds the authority over women that some men command. Sometimes he determines that I must swallow all of his semen, even if I gag on it. He does not care. I am His.

    Sometimes I feel as if my husband knows that our neighbor visits me and why. Since we rarely have marital sexual relations and he feels intimidated by our neighbor, he doesn't care if or how the man exploits me . When they have spoken outside I have heard the 2 men mention my name in conversation and my husband ask about me.

    There is no conclusion or lesson from me here. As women, we cannot always determine our own best interest in our mature years. Some may see this as me being victimized or exploited however I will never second guess my fate. It was determined for me but that determination is what most women need to be made for them as they mature. Mine is what many women do or will wish for as they age. I am 'kept' by two [2] healthy men ; one provides me food, shelter, & dependence while the other provides me with the healthy, emotionally satisfying intimacy that only sexual relations can sustain. I reciprocate by giving one a happy household and the other one and only with the satisfaction of sexual release at any time.

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    Straight Female / 54

    In the early part of my career I was a technical sales associate. I traveled to the customer's location and dealt with customer issues with the installation of new machinery. At this one site, the foreman on the job was a crusty old man. We were in the yard and he stopped, got behind this vehicle and pulled out his tool and peed on the ground. I stared at him the whole time, he had a larger than normal penis. When he finished he called for me to come over and suck him dry.

    There was no one else in the yard. He was standing there with his penis in his hand looking at me. I got this urge to suck him. I kept moving my eyes from his eyes to his penis. He said 'come on honey, make daddy feel good'. I was not in control of myself and I went over and got down and put his penis in my mouth and I sucked him until he started to face fuck me and when he came I got it on my clothes, in my hair on my face and of course in my mouth.

    He was the customer and what I had done was a firing offense. He knew it and he used it. I was asked for by name, and when I went out he always made sure I had a 'win'. But he always made sure he had sex with me. It was a long time before my heat for him went down, over two years. I changed jobs because I didn't know how else to break it off.

    I am far up the ladder now, having spent over 30 years in sales. I know that more and more women are out there and I try to make a point about respecting themselves. I know what can happen. I am not ashamed of what I did and I don't think it changed me too much. If anything it delayed me getting married. I have never been able to give my husband oral sex without thinking about those early days when I was sucking that man and having sex with him.

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    Straight Female / 47

    My moment of truth came when I went to Freshman orientation camp for college. The counselor I was assigned to was a graduate student. On the second night I was there he came to the dorm where I was housed and told the other girl to leave because he needed to talk to me. He told me that it was part of my initiation.

    He took of his pants and worked his penis into an erection and asked me to get my pants off because we didn't have much time. I hesitated and he took me by the head and put his penis up against my lips. I looked up at him, he said to hurry up and open my mouth and get ready to swallow. His penis in my mouth was the moment I stopped being a girl. He shoved it in pretty far, I gagged and he pulled it out and told me to get my pants off. I took my pants off and we had sex on the small bed.

    He was erect in another fifteen minutes. I hadn't put my pants back on, I was lying on the bed beside him with his arm around my neck. He said it was ok, I was going to go around the world and he had me get on my hands and knees. He used my vagina to get my anus wet to shoved it in. It didn't work, and he told me to get on him and lower myself onto his penis. It took a long time to get his whole penis in my rectum, but when I was done I felt the strangest pleasurable sensation. I rocked on him for a few minutes, and he toyed with my clitoris, I didn't want to get off. Then we disconnected, he got on top of my back and this time he ran his penis all the way in without any problem.

    For me that day was my moment of truth. That is the day I went to college and left home. It was the day I stopped being a kid at home.

    I wasn't discarded like lots of girls were. I became his girlfriend which meant that I hung out with grad students. Being an underclassman girlfriend had lots of responsibilities, when he hosted a party I had to do most of the planning and the work. I did the grocery store and most if not all of the cooking. As with the other grad students who had underclassmen girlfriends, we kept the apartments clean and neat. Keeping a dirty and messy apartment for our boyfriends brought a lot of criticism.

    The grad student girlfriends didn't have to do any of that. Their boyfriends had to look after themselves. A grad student without an underclassman girlfriend didn't get many points. And many of the female grad student didn't have boyfriends. It was a stupid rule they had made up.

    I stayed his girlfriend all the way through college, including my grad student days while he finished his phd. I always kept a neat and clean apartment, I didn't subscribe to the grad student girlfriend rule.

    We went to live in Seattle before it was cool. I keep a clean and neat house, I am used to that. And when we have sex, we sometimes go around the world. I do it for my man. I get a lot of pleasure out of it.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    There is so much to say I don't know where to begin.

    At 13 I had a baby by my father. The baby was very cute and adorable and my mother kept him and he has been raised as my mom's son.

    Along the way a girl from the higher grades got interested in me and started to walk me home from school. That day she was lifting my skirt and touching my butt all the way home, she said it was my fault because I had worn a skirt. When we got to my house she went into the house with me. She knew my mother worked and my 'little brother' was at day care. In my room she pulled down her pants and stood naked in front of me and told me it was all mine and she wanted me to eat her until she cried. She goy on my bed and spread her legs out and told me to get down and eat her. I ate her, and didn't stop. Once I got started all I wanted to do was keep eating her. She finally stopped me, and she ate me.

    We ate each other almost every afternoon except for the days we were on our periods.

    In the 10th grade at a basketball game this black guy tried to r**e me. A white guy from my class pushed him away. A fight broke out between the blacks and the whites. After that I was a white man's girlfriend. I had a white man's baby. This time my mom made me raise him.

    I didn't graduate. I did get a GED later on. I work as a receptionist in a company. Everyone knows I got with a white man because of the color of my son, he is very white for a Mexican kid. Since I raised him I gave him his name, same as my father's, Norberto.

    I fuck with the manager, he likes Mexican ladies. I don't love him, and I don't live with him or anything like that. He just fucks me when he wants to. I give him pussy whenever he wants.

    I haven't tried a girl since the day that I became a white man's girlfriend. There is a Mexican lady that works with us. She is in accounts payable. Right now, I would like to eat her pussy, just eat and eat, get face deep in her pussy. She doesn't like ladies like that, but I like her like that. She is divorced so there is no man to get in the way. Too bad I am the manager's woman right now, if not I would go and work on her to fuck with me.

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    Straight Female / 18

    I had sex with my girlfriend yesterday, I am also a girl we go to school together and since we have been on summer break we have nothing to do. my brother has some porn movies and we found one while looking for a real movie so we watched it and well we were so hot after watching it my girlfriend began to ask me if I wanted to try something new, oh yeah I do so she pulled my pants off and I pulled off the rest and she pulled off her cloths and there we both sat completely naked and she leaned over and licked my nipples and I felt that all the way down to my pussy.

    After she was done she moved down there and oh my God I was so wet I could see her face was wet she then moved her body to where we could lick each other and for first timers we ate each other like pros. We tried a move we saw in the movie wich I found out that is called a scissor fuck and her wet pussy against mine rubbing like that made me explode I have never orgasmed like that ever and I finished her off with my finger and my tongue that was the most intense thing I have ever done and I want to do it again so does that make me a Lesbian? and if you're interested we are both 18

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    Straight Female / 33

    At 32 I went to work with an ex boss. He is the CFO and he took me on as analyst.

    At this company he has a favorite, her name is Andrea. At one meeting he tapped his cheek for her kiss.

    After a team building outing at a water park he told me to get over myself. I didn't wear a swimsuit, or participate in the water activities. Andrea hovered around him the whole time and showered him with attention. I got more and more upset, and I decided to leave. I went to say goodbye, he said I had to stay. Stay and watch this woman monopolize him, not to mention display herself in the most unprofessional way.

    At work one day she asked me if I was gay. I'm not, she said I acted gay.

    At the end of a meeting he got his kiss from her, and tapped his cheek for a kiss from me. I refused, I was grabbed and kissed on the mouth, and told not to be so stuck up. It was my first kiss on the mouth. Andrea asked me if I liked it, she said he was a good kisser, and could take me where no man had gone before. I told her I wasn't gay, I just never had time for a relationship.

    Andrea pushed me into having sex with him, she likes me liking it. She draws out of me all the details, and gives me details of when she has sex with him. She kisses my lips now. She wants us to go it alone. Show her who I am inside and she will show me how she really feels about me.

    I don't know where I am going, what I am doing.

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